Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1855 Page 6
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IDrmisEIENTS RENEWED KYL'RT BAY. rDBUOATlOH. HARPSft'S 8TOBY BOOM, FOR AUGUST.?' EUK per's jtory Books, ' ' innttit; htIm of urrtUrti, bn-gmphise, and tale*, for the iustrujtiou and oaUr WiaMtof tki jniif-br J?uob Abbott ? embellished ?ritb numercuK u4 beautiful eotfrarUj#? T?rmj.? R?oh number of " Harper's Story Bosks" w^li eooUin 160 ptgta In uniill quarto form, vory bean ti'uliy Illustrated, and printed on superfine calsuitrei f fbe aarfos may be obtain*! or boat Milan, peroltsal ageata, and postmasters, or from the publishers, at tbtoa dollar* a rear, or twenty Ave rent* a number, s-ubscrifttoos may comment wit* any number The (Ostage upon " Harper'* .Story Rook*" ? which mult be (?id quarter./ in aJTanoe? 1? two cots. Vet 1 ? ConUiniPK tbe first three aunbari, '? Bruno,'' "Willi#," aid "Strait jaU," taste' ally bound m asualia? price SI. Vol 2 ? Containing " Ths Little Iiouvre," " Pr*ak," and ?' Emma," ? pnoe $1. Vol. 3? Containing "Virginia," '? Timbou and Joliba," and " Timboo and Fenny"? uric* 91. THE NUMBERS NOW READY ARK, 1 ftruaa, or Le neon* of Fidelity, i'a'.ieuc- and Self Denial, tau*bt by a Dog. t W'.l:t* and tbe Mortgage? alio wiAg ho ir much may be accomplished by a boy. 3 Tbe strait Cat*, or the Rule of Exclusion from H Daren 4. Tbe Little I-ouvre, or the Boys' and Girle' Oal 'ery oi lecture*. 5. Prank, or the Philosophy of Tricks and Mischief. 6. fauna, or, the Three Mufortune* of a Belle. " V irginia, or, A little Light on a Very Dark Saying 8. Tim boo and Joliba; or, to* Art of Being Useful. 0. Tim boo aad Fanny; or, the Art of Self -instruct ion. "flat pen' Magazine" and "Harpers' Story Books'" will henceforth be weleoiued as joint visiters In thou sands of families where there are juTsnilt reader* to be pleasad, a* well as adults.? N. Y. Commercial Adver Mm W e ha*e heard *o many fathers aud mothers wbo re eoga:x* tbe pleasant duty or' guioing the minds of their children iu tbe paths of knowledge at home speak la terms of the highest commendation of thin series of books far children, thai we tee! a desire to se* them oalveriai!/ read among children. They ooaatitate the finest aeiiM ot books ior ta? yo.'.ng that we hare seen ? liOuisvilR- Courier. All of Abbott's stirlet are pro. 'erred by children to any others, because the; contain no narratives of im probable ereate, but just whit might have hippaued to smy litl'.e bf>j or girl on any day in tbe year, if parents would place jast such book* as these in the bands of their children they would find leas troubla in governing them. ? Vlctsburg Whig. We caau-n too highly commc nd this series of story books tor children. Mr. Abbott ponsojioj peculiar quali fication* for such compositions, and tbo Christian pa rent may eafely trust blm a s a guide to his little one* la the path of goodness. ? Sou;ft*rn Churchman. These book* have never been surpassed by anything gotten up for the profit and pleasure of the little people. ? Lutheran Observer. HARPER & BROTHERS, Publishers. WILL BE REAI)T AT 11 O'CUHK THIS MORNING, Harpers Mew Monthly Magazine for August. Contesiu. V.rgiaiA Illustrated. ? Adventures of Porta Crayon and his Cousins IUu*trat?<l by twenty-two engravings. Scott's Battles in Mexico. Illustrated by four engra v inss .Sketofces la the East Indies? Pulo Plnaag Illustrated bf tea engravings. The Newootobs ? By W. M. Thackeray, with six illustra tion* by Doyle . Chapter LXV1. In which the Colonel M<1 the Newcome Athenaum are both lectured. Chap tar LXVII. Newcome and liberty. Chapter LXVII1. A Letter and a Reconciliation. Chapter LXIX. Tne Eleo tion. Duke Humphrey's Dinner. The Mysterious Occurrence in Lambeth, by G. P. R. James The Reverend Sydney Smith. The Third Bowl. Acpanticns and Visions, by John W. Draper, 11. D. Hiutie figs; or. Grapes that Urow on Thorns. The Old Man's Ke verge. A Drawiog room Drama Monthly Record of Current Events Literary Notices, Books of the Month. Editor's Table. Editor's Fa ay Chair. Iditor's Drawer. Mr SLm'a Aquatic Experience. Illustrations ? Oa the Beach? At the Oflloe ? Precautions? Directions ? A Diffi culty ? A Da?h for the Water? The Breaker Coining? Met* of the Breaker? High and Dry ? Try it Agaia* Msrmacds ? A Dilemma? Adjustment? Further Difficulty ?A Stnaation? ' The End of it. Fashions for August ?Illustrations (Furnished by Brooie in ai vance of their appearance). ? Ball costume and prtmsnade dress; wreaths; coiffure. Each month it gladdens us and our household, to say nothing of the neighbors who enjoy it with us. Twenty five cents luy^lt? the cheapest, richest, and most last iag luxury for the money that we know. Three dollars aeciits it for one year; and what three dollars erer went ?o far V Put the same amount in clothes, eating, drink ing, furniture, and how mach of a substant nl thing is obtained? If icaas, facta and sentiments hare a mone tary value; above all, if the bum3rthat refreshes, the pleasantries that bring a gentle smile, and brighten the passage of a truth to your brain, and tha luopy combi nation ol th? real and the imaginative, without which ?a one can iive a life above the animtl, are to be put into tio scale opposite to dollars and cents, then yon may be ctrtain that if Harper were three or four times as diar, it would amply repay its price. It Is a Maga zine pioper, with the idea and purpose of a Magazine? not a too*, not a scientific periodical, nor yet a supplier of light gossip and chatty anecdotes? but a Magazlse tbat tikes every form of interesting, dignified and at tractive literature in its grasp ? Southern Times. Terms ?Tha Magazine may be obtained of booksellers, periodical agents, or from tha publishers, at three dollars a year, or twenty-five cents a number The neml annual volumes, ae completed, neatly bound In cloth, are fold at two dollars aacb, and muslin oovers are furnished to those who wish to have their back numbers uniformly bound, at twenty five cents each. Ten volumts are now ready, bound. Tha Publishers will supply specismen numbers gra tu.tous'v to agent* and postmasters, and will maka libe ral arrangements with them for circulating the Man cine. They will also supply clubs of two persons at five dollars a jeer, or live persons at tan dollars. Clergy men supplied at two dollars a year. HARPER k BROTHERS, Publishers. BPUCATl OW. " ~~ ~~ COLUMBIAN COLLEGE, WASHINGTON, D. C.? V i ftav. J. G. Binney, D D., President and Profesear of Intellect ual and Moral Philosophy. William Ruggles, LL.D., Professor of Mechanical Phlo noaby aad Astronomy. ftev. A. J. Huntington, AM , Professor of the Greek and Latin Inngntgas. Ohar'ns C. Jewett, A.M., Professor af Rhetoric aad - Bailee Lettraa. Lewis H. Nteiner, A.M., M l., Professor of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy. E. T. Fr.etoe, A.M., Professor of Mathematics. William E. Jtllson, A.M , Prof, of Modern languages. R. C. Tot, A B.j Tutor in Greek and Latin language* J G. Naah, A.M., Ttacher of Preparatory Department. The nett eession brgins on the last Wednesday in Sep tember, and oontinurs nine months, uatll the last Wed nesday in June. Candidates for admission may be as - touted oa Monday and Tuesdav preceding the ope nine of the sessioa The regular college course requires four yoem for the degree of A B Those wishing to do so, may omit tha ancient languages and pursue a sjienUfis ?5?Brss thrte years for the degree of It. P. An alvaaced course is also provided for the degree of A. M. Students may pursue any particular branches, where they can da so profitably, and will take sufficient studies fully to ae ?opy their time, ant receive a certificate of actual at Uismsat. A preparatory department Is established under the general superviiion of the faculty, with no able and ex perienced teacher, and special attention will be given te fitting pupils to enter College With a fail and able faculty, students are with coofl denee invited to the usual benefits of our best iiwtita tioas, with those advantages peculiar to the teat of the general goverumsnt. Circulars, with all neoded information, may be received b j applying personally or by lettsr to the President. Ecccatios ? a french lady dknirbs to meet with n situation, either in a school or family, to tench music, drawing and the modern languages ; best references given; no objection to so South. Address A. L , S3 Amity place, between Amity and Bleecuer st. II '?ANTED? AN ACCOMPLISHED PROfK-iTANT E'J fV topean lady, conpetent to teach instrumental music, Fresch aad Osrman well, havisg an oxpsri?ncs ot several years tuition, donres to find a situation in a first class female semlniary in New York or its violnity . Best rs'trenoe given. Address L. A , box 2,319 Post office. " WATCHES, JBWBLRY, dfcc. CtAUFORNU DIAMONDS.? THOSE ABOCT PCRCHAS ) ing jewelry would find it to their interest to cell no. I see this new and beautiful article; they are equal In briiioacy to the real diamond, and at prices within the reacli of every one. L * J. JACOB*, 407 Broadway. C< OLD GUARD CHAINS f Wold curb guard chains from ?!? te 7S ?? Adelaide guard chains from Id to 86 ?' flat curb " " from 10 te 44 " Waraaw pattern guard chains, from U to 64 '< wove pattern guard chains from 15 to W '? aqaare four link pattern from 1? to 4 i " round chaia, with hollow link from 19 to 4S no * all Other styles, for sals very low , at wholesale and retail. . C. ALLEN, No. 11 Wall st. , second deer. C~ 01.0 CHAT1LEINF: CHALNS, FOR LADm 1 Gold enrb ohatelelne chains, with scroll pia freva ?? te ??? Oe d carb ehateleine chaias, with enamel pias. frsm tlttelli. Oe<d Adelaide ehateleine chains, with flewer plaa. fren ?17 to MO Gold AdSUiie. doable strand, with leaf plas, from %ia te 49. Veld wire ehateleine elains. with rich bar pias, from tlt'oW. Oett nets son chaUleine chains, with gald fruit pin. from 916 to t32 . Mpiendid Freaoh chatelelae ?olid. 1A earat. from 12; to Mi. 0eld ehateleine chaias, lat link, 18 carat, from t-'l to 944 and nU Otnoi etvlss ot ehatelsiae chaias, for ladiee, lor sal* enry low. wbo'eeale aad retail. (/HI C. AMIS, 11 Wall street, seaoad dour. COAL. g ?;t ,M'l kK~C0AL DKALkR^. ? MtNf TOUCSaM* i * ?oi s ere nnnuaHf snM at flush n<. i. i , |r?e?t fr'ce Is V> Irom the , ??..* 0 t) 9.'| v's .?*? vKRirrr wnonrrHK. mBRO.UlffiY. ? FURNISHED PARLOR AND three sleeping apartments to tot, be twee a street ud Washington place, ? fsw flton from ths New York hotel. No boarder* u the Una**. Beth, pt, Ac Ksferepois eichenged. A gentleman whose family will be absent ? bout 8 or 10 weeks, would like to r?at a furslthtl oottage bonse, In Brooklyn, retaining on* room for his own um. To a small iamily, without children, who would not misuse the furniture, a merely aoniui rent would be required. For furihsr particular*, add re m B. C. W. , Herald office, box 177 . Barber? soda.? a small stork to let chkap, under the Globe Hotel, Inside entrance from the Lotel, well adapted for a barber or sola shop. Apply cotter ol Frankfort and William street*. CORNER STORE TO LET.? A FINK CORNER STORE to tot, eorner ol Frankfort and William atreete, hat!n? several large front window*. Pouetr-ca imme diate!/. ENGLIrH BASEMENT HOUSE, NO. 242 WEST Thirty second strtet, to let; is now being painted. Also, ble Ne. 21 Weat Tweol/1 second etroet. Apply to J i (IN B. MURRAY, 44 Wall atreet, over Bank of North America. HOl'. ES TO UET.? THREE ELEGANT HOUSES ? River terrace. Hotakm, three miantes' walk of the ferry, ootnjianiui^ a beautiful view of the bay and city ef New York, with bath, ga a, hot and cold water, so., to families of the hrat respectability only. Inquire at the offioe corner of Second and Hudson atreeta, He boket, of EDWARD tfAUttN. HOl'fcE TO LET? FCBNUBEB, ON BROOKLYN lie gits, within a few minrtes' walk of Wall titet fe try. Bent $KC0, until May next. AdJress box c,232. Coot Office. OFFICE TO LET.? HALF OF FRONT OFFICE IN HE. cond story t'ranklla BaiUtug, 1SS Broadway, cor ner ol 1 k> v street , a very desirable location for almost any light business purpose. Apply to Waterbury Jewel tj Company, on the piemiaeo, or at No. 12 Veeey street. OFFICES TO LET, A1 NO. 7 CHAMBER STREET? Inquire on the premises, from 12 M. to 1 P. M., daily OF1 ICE TO LET. ADJOWIN'G WALL 3TREE T ? TO LKT, the eligible office in the splendid brovu sioue build ing No. 4 llroud ntreet, next to the corner of Wall street, considered one of the beat locationa in the city for an in surance com p? iii ; possession immediately Apply to ALBERT H HICOLAY, No. 11 Broad street. Booms to let? a small family, without children, occupying a first cluss bouse, wish to rent the sejond floor, 10 gentlemen, without board. The house is pleasantly situated, half way between South and Wall street ferries. Apply at 177 Henry street, Kicoklyn. STOP.E-", ETC., TO LET OR LEASE ? THE FINE STORE on the ccrner of Canal and Hudson streets, just mo dernized, with large show windows, &e., complete, suit able tor a clothing, hat or boot atore. Also, the two am nil stores ac joining, suitable for cap or fancy stores. Also, the Urge corner basement? would make a good trunk or basket establishment. Also, rooms and offices on 2d and Hd floors; each room fionts on the street, and haa capital light. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson atreet. SiTORE 10 LET? NO. 15 ANN STREET, NEAR BROAD 3 way. A gcod location for any kind of business. Rent, $a00 per year. Possession immediately. Inquire on the premises . mo LET? THE DWELLING PART OF HOUSE NO. 134 _L Grand street, one block east of Broadway. Tha consist of thro* an tire floor*, an reoentlyput Io perfect condition. C'roton and gas in the house. in quire of BACON' & HAVEN, ICS Grand street. mO LET? THE STORE AND DWELLING, 49 PRE5I JL d? at street, Brooklyn; an excellent stand for a grocery or bakery. Alao, tbe aacond story of bonse, corner of Avenue A and K'eventh a treat, Alao, the store and bakery, corner of Johnaon and Smith street, Brooklyn. E. D. Apply to D. O'CONOR, 1-6 First a yen ue, New York. TO LET ? THK TWO FOUR STORV DWELLING HOUSES 115', and 117 Grand atreet, near Broadway, well calculated for bonding houses; will be let separate or together. Apply, between 10 and 12 o'clock, to S. B. HUICUINGS, 36 John atreet. mo LET? UPPER PART OF NORTHWEST CORNER JL of Pearl and F rank fort street, consisting of 12 rooma. suitable (or a boarding house; will be let low to a good tenant. Apply at 27 Barclay atreet, from 1 to 2> j, P. M. JOHN M. BOARD. TO LET?' THK UPPER I' ART OF HOUSE 387 BROOME ntreet. Inquire on the premlaea, from 10 till 4. Poaneaaion Immediately. mo LET? A SUIT OF ROOMS. UNFURNISHED, TO A X email gtnteel family, ai 411 Greenwich atreet. Terms reasonable. mO LET? THE STORE, NO. 40, READE STREET, 1 fifty f<at from Broadway, east aide, opposite Stewart's; haa two large bow window*; a very desirable location. Also, several rooma in boose No. 86 Ouane street, eaat aide, within fifty feet of Broadway; very deairable for an; light manufacturing business. Apply at GEM MEL'S, No. 302 Broadway. TO IBT? A FOUR STORY HOUSE ON PRINCE street, between Macdougal and Sullivan streets; houae in fine order, gaa, bath, hot and oold water, he. R?nt 98(0. Alao, a dwelling part, 12 rooms, rent 9450, on Fourth arenas. E. B. KINSHIMER, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 . IO LET.? THE TWO STORY BRICK DWELLING house, No It Walker atreet. Woald be leased for manufacturing purposes, to a very desirable tenant; lot is 107 z 20 feet. Apply to L. B. Binnse. 43 John street, between b and 6 o'clock, P. M. rro iirr? at 564 pearl street, near broad I way, the dwelling Dart of the three and a half story house; ten rooms and front and rear basement, aub oel la r, Croton water, bath room, &c., suitable for a board log house or other. Alao, front and back parlor and bed room on one floor. Also, at 218 Seventh avenue, large store, and three rooma on the third fljor, croton water, &c. Apply to GILLESPIE, 564 Pearl street, or 218 Se venth avenue. rro LET? THE SMALL THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, I No. b Cardan row, K'eventh street neat sinli ave nue. at low rent A rare chance for a small family to obtain a whole house. I'oeaession immediately. Inquire of D W. FENTON, 167 Broadway, np stairs. mo LET ?RESPECTABLE APARTMENTS TO LET, JL cheap, at 164 Chambers street. Rent irom 112 to ? 16 per month. Inquire on the premise*. mo LF.T? A STORE ROOM AND TWO BED ROOMS I and cellar. Good stand for grocery or Uqnors. lunt, $0 per month. Inqulie at 332 West '-"?th street. mo LET? 1 HE STORE AND TWO ROOM?, AT 178 X JL Mulberry street, above Broome, Possesion given 1st August. "Apply at 500 Houston street, from 8 until 10, and after 4 o'clock P. M IO I.KI ? IfiE TWO STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 4S Henry ntreet. Has been newly painted and lixed up in first rate style, with all the moiera improvements Inquire of T. COLEM.vN, 29 Roosevelt atreet. XO LET, IN BROOKLYN? THE HAND30ME THREE story brown stone front houae, a70 Pacific atreet, tbe fifth bouse from the corner of Bond street, in a row ot similar houses, in perfect order. Bath, f?a? and wa ter fixtures. Possession irameciats. Rent low tj a good tenant. Apply to J. COCKKK Ai CO., 84 John street, New York. TO LIT OR I EASE ? THK 1. 1 VERY 8 1 ABLE. NOW IS cour-e of erection, in Bergen street, eighty feet from Court street, Brooklyn, to t>? 40 by HO feet, and ca pable ot hoi dog fifty horses; to have windows on one aide, and well veetiUted, Ac. The location cannot be surpassed lor tiac tlnf, ?sles, or boar ding puruoses. By applying eai I y at corner of Bergen atreet, and Vaader hilt avenue. Brooklyn, the lessee can hare the privilege of fitting up tbe interior to bis own taste. mo LEASE? THE NEW BUILDING ERE 7 TED FOR A JL hotel, near Madison square, corner ot Fil th avenue, Broadway, and Twenty second street. This hotel is built on tbe European plan but with special reference to the convenience of families. It contains, indtpen ?lent of stores, oflices and public rooms. 120 beJroonn and parlors. The whole will be rented with or without tbe stores, barber's and confectionary rooma. Toe stores ant eonfectiooarv are now to r?-ot. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW, II Wall and 2 New streets. TO LET, OR FOR SAI.F.-TWO ELEGANTLY -FIN iahed brown atone English basement bouts* Nos. 227 and '.Uf West Thirty fourth street, containing all modern improvements. Situatlsn unsurpassed, and to a good tenant will be rented t>w. Apply at the touaes, or aadress Owner, box 2.4 >.' Post ORW. The upper p art of a house to let? convicting of four rooma. on second tloor, and back htsstoent, gas, bath and range in tbe bouse, everything in perfect otJer. stages ami car- paas near the door every fire minutes. Tbe houae is three atones, and occupied only by my own family, consisting of four persons To an agrttable family tbe rtn. will be moderate, references exchatged; possession immediately. Inquire on tbe premise*, If f West Thirty aulh atreet, between Seventh and Plghth arennee, north side c ourt y rd front, and rood yard in the rear; location and neigUborhoii first class. mo RENT? 1HF. SECOND, IHIRD, F0UR1H A.V!> FIFTH JL i-torea pf the large, nsw, and wall lifbW elegant ini spacious store, 08 Bowery. One of the most central anl convenient sites for bustneas in tbia city. 1h? up per story Is adapted for a studio or dagusTrean gal ery. Ecr a xentrel buainesa these rooms have no superior. vpply immediately to J. PURDY fcSON'3, 206 Eldridge 1 attest Tows asp < ountiiy.? small, genteel fa ?lly-ro let in WUliamabnrf, a bennttful alH of roowis, 7 in namber, water. gas, chandeliers, every modern laaproreir.ent, IS minutes' walk from the ferry states pas* the door; beautiful proepeet. Ieqaire at W?Wm atreet. Williamsburg. Rent 1140 per aaaum T) MANUFACTURER* EXTENSIVE FACTORY AC commodatona, ?ith ateam power, to let, at the stone and marble works foot of Fifty first street. North river, adapted to any large heavv hasine** also superior rooms, with or without power for purposes leta eaten ?**?? {VtJ ^ Tnatty Building. KJ K "TwiVi; on the premises lo > THr v ? BClLDflfG, 13 vv East S ' ? *s ?? the <??, or 10 *>. ?'? T nMAIW WARi WHuLE 0* Part OF A MODERN HOtJsE, X furnished or ua'urnlshed, in Bond street, or with in oof block of it, wantet by Ut lit of October. Ad drtN Delia field. Broadway roit Office. Hie am iUU mi ticulare. WANTED? TO LET, IX BROOKLYN, PART OF A house, to a finally without children; the second floor and ? basement cm bo given, and one or tiro roan* on the third floor, if required, the house being occupied by only two parsons 112 Sands street, Broody a. telegraphs. MAGNETIC TELEGRAPH.? M0B6E LINE BETWEEN Now York, PhfUdelphia, Baltimore, Washington and intermediate static nr. Six wiree and two liaei of poles Out entire distance, and seven wiree between Xeir York and Philadelphia. Rates reduced and messages In sured. Shortest a is patch increased from tan to twenty wordi. The Horse line of mtgaeUc telegraph from Washington to Mew York, ia the flret company telegraph line ever constructed in tuts country, and believed (o be the mxt efficient wortir g line in the world. It has more wires and greater facilities for telegraphing than any other in the United states. With a view to render itevery more reliable, the limit to the shortest dispatob has b?*n bird at I treaty words, instead of ten as heretofore, thai removing the inoacement of those using the telegraph sotoab idg* -.heir dispatches as often to render them unintelligible. These undue abbreviations often hare led to error :n the transmission of dispatches, rssultiug in Ion to the parties initiated and in discredit to ths telegraph, which is too frequently ohargad toe er rors of careless wi iters and bad chirography. TAHV? OF CUARCJEtf. t'acS Ad lirtt Twenty ditiunal H'or>it. Word. From New Ycri to Jersey City 30 cents. 1 cent. Do. Newsra SO ? 1 ?' Do. New brunswick. 30 " 1 " bo. Princeton 30 " 1 " 1)0. Trenton 36 " 1 ?' I.o. New Hope 36 " 1 " Do Philadelphia.... 40 " i! " Do. Wilmington 60 " 3 11 l/o. Fort Dt posit.,,. 60 ?? 3 " Do. Havre de Grace. 00 " 3 14 Do. Balt'more 75 " 3 " I>?. Washington.... HO <? 4 " From Jtifcy City and Newark, Kama as New York. No charge lor t. roress and signature, whieh It u desir able to hare full and complete. MIWUOW Ml A FOBKKiM LAXG I' A(iK OR IN CYPIMR. All meesagds written in whole or in part in a torsign lacgusge or in cipher, or composed wholly or in p*rt of words, ligures or lettai? intended to oonvey a meaning understood only by the person* whi invent or agree to ow them, will be eharg*i fifty per cent above ths ortli nary raten. Figures are allowed only in the address and signature of a luehsajte. All numbers in the boJy of a msaaage must bo written In words at fnll length. RXrKATXD AND i.NHURKtl M*?8AOIM, The public are resptctfully informed, that in order to provide against mistakes in the transmission of mas eagte by the Magnetic Telegraph Company, every mes sage of consequence ought to be repeated, by being tent back from the office at wbicn it is to be re set red u the office from which it is originally sent. Double the usual price ol transmission will be charged when the message is eo repeated, and a report made by speotnl messenger to the party sending the same, whether it has been re oelved by the party to whom it was sent, and if not, why not? Or hfty per cent in addition to the usual rates will be charged for either repeating or reporting only. The company will not be liable for any loss or damige that may ensue by reason of any delay or mistakes in the transmission or delivery or from non delivery of an repeated messages, but only engage to refund the amount paid, and to um reasonable effort* to secure the services of competent and reliable employes, so as to have their business transacted in good faith. Nor will tbe company be responsible for mistakes in the trans mitsion, nor lor delsy in the transmission or delivery, nor for non transmission or non delivery of any repeated message to any extant beyonu ten dollars, unless it be iMuitd. Correctness In the transmission of messages between anr two cffices of this company can be insured at the following rates, in additioo to the charge for repeating and reporting es above. For any sum up to one hundred dollars, one dollar, and to* dollar for every one hundred dollars, or fraction of one hundrad dollars above that sum; and the com pany niU tot be responsible for any amount beyend the damage sustained by reason or the error or delay, and in no cafe for any sum exseeding that for wnich tbe message is iosuredf and the rates paid. Nor in any case for Oelays arising from interruptions in working their telegraph . ? Notice? Messages destined for any plaea beyond this company's line, will be delivered from the terminal office to tbe proper parties there having control of the further means of forwarding the same; bnt the company in no case hold themselves respontibla for the correct trans mission or prompt delivery of any message beyond such luminal office Tbe company 'a offices will be open daily, Sundav's ex cepted, from April 1 to November 1, fr m 7 A. M to 10 1*. M ; (rem November 1 to April 1, from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. On Sundays they will be open twice, namely, from 1 to 2 P.M. and 7 to 9 evening 1h? above regulations to go into effect on the 1st day Of August, lHfifi. July, 1866. WILLIAM M. SWAIN', President. NhW YORK AND WASHINGTON PRINTING TELE graph Company Her^E i inf. KCMBKR or WORKS I>CREA8kb TO TWKSTY. HMUOb IHMIIRID. la consequence of the public demand for greater faci litiea of teleffiaphing, combined with superior accuracy and despatch, tbe fNew Vork and Washingtoa Printing TelegraphCompany bare resolved U+ncrease tbe limit of tbe shortest message from t?n to twenty word*, at reduc ed rates, and to introduced system of ineortncs against mistakes and delay in the transmission and deliver/ of messages. 7artil of charges, to go Into efleet Angust 1, 1858: ? First Kadi 20 mrdt. Add' I Word. From New York to Patereon..,. 30 cents. 1 cent. Do. do. Irenton 3.1 do. 1 do. 1)0. Co Philadelphia 40 do. 2 do. i Do. do. Wilmington. 60 do. 3 do Do. do. Baltimore... 76 do. 3 do. t'o. do. Washington 80 do. 4 do. Frcm Paterson the same as from New York. From Irenton to Philadelphia.. . 30 do. 1 do. L'o. do. Wilmington. 40 do. 1 do. Do. do. Baltimore... 60 do. 3 do. IH>. do. Washington 76 do. 3 do. Frcm Philadel'a to Wilmington. 30 do. 1 do. Do. do. Baltimore... 40 do. 2 do. Iu>. do. Washington. 60 do. 2 do. From Wllming'n to Baltimore. .. 36 do 1 do. lio. do. Washington 40 do. 2 do. Fnm Baltimore to Washington 30 do. 1 do. No charge lor address and signature. KKTKATKD A\D I.VSURSD KH8AOK9. The public me respectfully informed, that in order to provide against m? take* In traPMnismon of messages by tbe New Yoik and Washington Pilntiog Telepaph Com pan*, every meesage ol consequence ought to be repeat ed, by being sent back from tbe office at which it is to be received, to the office trom which it is originally lent, rouble the usual price for transmission will be charge), when a uiweage is so repealed and a report mada, by special mesFen*er, to tbe party aendlng the same whs tner it baa been received by ib? patty to whom it was seat sod il not, wny not Or fifty per cent in ad lition to tbe usual rates will be charged for eitlur repeating or repot t og only The company will not be liable for any loss or damage that may ensue by reason of any ilelay or mistakes in tte transmisaion orde'ivery, or trom non-delivery of ua tepeated meases, but cniy engage to use ltasooable eiloitn to secure tlie services of competent and r?li?bl? employes, sofas to bave their business transacted in g< od taitii. Nor will tbe company be responsible for mistakes in tbe transmission, nor for delay In the transmlaaion or delivery, nor for boo transmiisicn or non-deli vary of soy iep?at?j message, in any extent beyond ten doliurs, unlets it be insured. Conectnese in tbe transmission of messages, between ? ny two offices o'. thin company, can be insured ut the n. lowing rates, in addition to tba charge for repealing and repotting as aboee For any sum up* to one hundred dollars, one du^K sad < ne (.oiler fcr e.ery one hundred dollars, or fraeODh 01 on* hundred dollars, above that sum And tbe company wi'l not be responsible for any amount beyond the damage sustained by reason of the eiror, or delay, and in no case for any sum exceeding that fcr which the message is insured and the rates pre-paid n<r in any rase lor Jehus arisiog from inter ruptions in working their telegraph Tbe company's offices will be open iaily (Sundays ex. cepted). from S A. M to 10 P. M. On Sundays fro<n 1 to 2 r. kl , and from 7 to V 1*. M. F MORRIS, President. IMSTKCCTIO*. Ai A ?BOOKKEEPING. 11MK l NJ IMITI i)_ svitir ?XV/# '"*> W. twelve lessons ? Teachers as wellaa pupils in want of a systematic aid expeditou* hand writing or thorough instruction in bookiieping during vacation, should make Immediate application at M. 3 I'AINES' room*, now open, 233 Grand street, corner of Bowery 1W> Fuitoa sttset, Brooklyn. Mr P nas the recommendations at hia rooms oi nearly io? tetcliers, who bave attended these lessons within a few month* jaat, from New York and Brooklyn. S10. BOOKKKF.PING; $2 50, WRITING BEAR'S Academy, 608 Broadway. Stujente may secure eeats for this course, commencing 1st of Augvat, by immediate application, and be qualified to keep any set of books by double entry, and write an ale ,mt hand, t.y the let M xipteinSer. ACARD.-THF SIWRIBER WUX RE/I.IVF. NEW pupils daily, this weak, for ins ruction ia penman ?nip. bookkeeping Ac . by class or prira'e itmra-Uoa. OLIvFR B. GOLDsMirfl, u6- Broadway. ttk^ier & dTxox'S lvitt ATo^TSicvrr no house, 1? Appleton'a building, 346 Broadway, where adults ronveraant with business may attain a practical know tedge of bookkeeping and prnmeoahlp in the short apaoe of om WMk. Improvement guaranteed. rl. ( H iXi "IS I AND hHORTKST \ W \Y Oi I.FaRN leg the Spanish and Kreneb languages Iioth Ian gua|es may be acquired in a course of sixty lsseoneeach. Terms, %l'i each course, or >20 for both at tbe same time subscription book already opened. The course to commence on the second Mondav of A a runt. Num ber of scholar* limited to twelve i<e*sons tour times a week? from 7 to P M. For further parti-ulara apply personally to Professor TOILS', ."44 (.resnwich street

8 PORTICO. ? ? ? ? ? For PAfi: ? ??; i i?'M t? ? bk mfi with, a minor bird in full plumage; taUa plain aal stags we! L Apply at 2S* Frtnt street. T~"o jj|,ORTv*,,'s i"'?R DALE. A SETTER 1??G, btoie. trial given, 'f required AUc a fine fo\ hoond. well x'so ayo-nr?ett-rs'.ut '.re ti. .4,. .:.i* UJ '? wt ; sh ni . i*\a ?oauuuumunwffA HUDSON BTRSKT, FRONTING ST. JOtDPi ?ark? furnished nosoui to let, with boer4. t ? single pailnM, or gentleman m-I tbotr wives, else, ? keadmeet/ famished baefe parlor; house newly fu nished, with eh the modem uaprarcnraU for perm* ?Mt end transient bo ardor*. /?6> HUDSON STREET, HEAR CHAMBERS? A GKN tleman and kit family can Had a pleasant autt of room, oa the eeootwi floor, with pantries together or separate. Aiao, two or three single gentlemen caa And room*. BLKECKER STREET.? PARLORS AND BEDROOM.S to let, with board, to gentleman and their wives Alao. * Ingle room for gentlemen, with full or partial hoard- Gen and bath in the houae. Appl y as above. air BOND STREET ?TO LKT, UNFVRNISHED, THE l) third floor, to gentlemen; no meala given; hou e Elvataand tent low, payable quarterly. Possession mediately Appl) on the premises ar GREENE STREET ? GENTLEMEN AND THEIR wires or ? ingle gentlemen, can bo accommoda ted with handsomely furnished rooms on first, second or third floors, and (nil or partial board ; hot and cold baths. References exchanged. A WIDOW LADY WOULD LET, TO ONE OR TWO /\ gentlemen, furnished rooms, with or without board, location very pleasant, convenient to stages and cars. Bath and gas in the houae. Apply at 19 Waverley place, sear Amu street. A SINGLE LADY WISHES BOARD IN A PRIVATE family, where there are few board era. References giran and required. Address I I , Broadway Past Office. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING A PEW ROOMS TO ?part*, would acoommodate a gentleman and his wife or a cou?le of tingle gentlemen with board; the lioune has all the modern improvements, such as gas, bath, Ac. References exchanged. Il quire at 123 1 wenty-jecood g trees, between Sixth and Seventh ayenuea. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE /\ gentlemen, can b> a^sommoaated with board at 14o West Eleventh street. The house is newaudctn tains all the modern improvements. Price reasonable. Unexceptionable reference required and givon. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM TII.VN they require, would like to let a large square front pleasant room, steely furnished, to two gentlemen, without board. To those looting for comfurtaole and well kept s part in en ;? a good chance oilers, by calling at 120 Forsyth afreet. Rent $300, 12s. each per week AblNGLE OKN1LEMAN IS DESIROUS OK TAK ing his meals in Third avenue, between Seven Uenth and Twei>ty fourth streets, at some respectable boa-ding hcuc- Address, stating terms, hours, &3,, B. R. V., I'faicu ;>!ac<' Post OIE ce. A NEATLY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM to let, ou the teccnd floor, with tbe privilege of rocking, to a ii-ut'emaa and hi* wife or two single gen tit men, at thite collars per week. The house is plea santly situated and hau no boarders. Inquire' at 104 Pronpect St., Brooklyn. A SMALL PRlVnTE FAMILY WISHES TO I. EC AS elegant suit of rooms, unfurnished, with eervaat's room and kitchen, it deelrtd, in Clinton plioo, near Fifth avenue. None but those willing to pay a liberal remu neration need apply. Address A. B. C , Herald office. A PLEASANT ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH B'JARD, for a gentleman and wife; also, two single rooms, tor gentlemen, in a beautiful and convenient location for st hb es a nd cars; baths and ga a; private family. Apply at 67 Perry street, between Uleecier and Fourth street*. BOaRD ?AN UNFURNISHED ROOM, GOOD SIZE, with or without ooaid, wanted in a good neigh borhood, south of Grand st. Address Wm. H., box 178 Her a la office. ROARD-NEAR ST. JOHN'S PARK, IN A F4MILY who hsve more room than required. Second story room, with pantry and wardrobes, and other rcoirs, comfortably furnished, for a gentleman and wifa without children, or lor gentlemen. Bath and gai; key to tbe Park. References exchanged. Apply at Id Varick street. Board for children? parents or guardi&ns may obtain ! or thrir children board, with all the comforts of a home, combined with a good education, ff required, by applying ts Miss Antiseil, Port Richmond, Staten Island. Board in Brooklyn ? pleasant front rooms, for a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, in a leliftbiful location, within bve minutes' walk of the South terry may be obtained by applying at 46 Congress street, ^outh Brooklyn . Board in Brooklyn? near the south and Wall street ferries; single gentlemen desirous of obtaining pleasant rooms with or without board, can be accommodated on very moderate terms, in a genteel lo cation, at !?! State street. Board in hobokkv? to let, on very low terms, a well furnished parlor and bedroom, in an elegant house in lino f on street, Hoboken. Any gentleman desiring comfortable acccommodatlon, who is willing to loan $150 on ample security, will finl this a very dexirable opportunity. Address S. A., Hoboken, box 1C0 Herald cffice. Board wanied-for a gentleman" and lady, in a email private family, where there are no other boarders. West side preferred, not higher up than Eighth street Terms must be reasonable. Ad* drees M. J , Broadway Post Office, post-paid. Board wanted ts new york or br?oklyn, (New York preferred,; for a lady and gentlsman. t u'l board for the lady only, if a desirable location is oflered will be permanent. Use of bath, and gas light preferred Addtess P. Nelson, Broadway Post Office, for three days. BOARD WANTED-BY TWO SI3rER3, WHO WILL furnish their own room; a place where they can have the privilege of practice on a piano oocastonally, preferred. Address M. M , Herald office. Board wanted? is a private family, in the neighbethood of the Bible House and Ninth street ana Broadway, for a gentleman and wife. Terms must be moderate Partial board for gentleman, or dinner at six. Can partly fnrnlsb apartment Address, stating terms, V. R. S., Herald office. Board wanted? for a little boy, ax years old, within 15 miles of New Vork, in a private family, where he would bare good care and in the neigh borhood of a gocd xobool. Inquire at 90 Oliver st., cor ner of Water, In the grocery store. Boarding? a few boarders cgN be Ac commodated at Sheep'H Head Bay; also, to let, ad joining. a cottage bouse, to one or two families. For particulars inquire at No. 1 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, or at Atlantic Hotel, Sheep's Head Bay. 1HOS. COS1IOAN, Proprietor. IkOARDING? AT 122 CHAMBERS STREET.? PLEA II nint newly furnished rooms to let, for f*mtli*?, *llh ever y convenience Single gentlemen mil *1*0 find pieasant rooms ?t modem* prices. Dar boarJers i ?a be aocommodated ?l?o. Reference required. BOAKDING ? IOR SAI.E, THE LEASE A.VD FTRNI ture of a lint rate boarding home, below Cinal street and w*?t of Broadway. Auj person wishing to luTmt from $3t0 to 9600, ma/ address Cash, Herald < Dice. BOARDING, NEAR WASHINGTON PARK.? THE EH tire 2d floor, thre* roim^deep, with pantries, bed lnomt, batba, gaa, fco., and elegantly furnished, will be l?t to ? genteel family, or to single gentlemen Inquire at No. 10 Nelson place, ?ne bio 3k troin liroadway, b* tween Eighth street and Warerlcy place. Boarding in hoboken.? two large airy and comfortably lurn>*b?d rouius, oo senond Hoar, ?>tli gss, suitable tor a gintleman and bis wife or single gtntltmen, in a prirate :amily, a few minute* walk fiom the ferry, may be obtained by applying *t2l Irring piece, Garotn strtet, He token Termi moderate. fpVRN'lSMP OR UNFURNISHED ROoMi TO LET? ! With board, in the new tuuse. 660 Purl street, ? lew doors from Broalway. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOYIMo oatnl with boaid and pleasant airy rooms in a imvate family. Inquire at 14 < S>uth Third street, Wil liamsburg PERMANENT BOARD WANTED? B? A MARWED couple and child, three year* old, with * furnished loom, in a plain, respectable family. Pleass address, With particulars and terms, which mast not *xc**d $:Ju per calendar month, bos 286 Pott OfHc*. PRIVATE BOARD WANTED? IN AN ENGLISH OR American private family, by * young <>erman, who is engaged uown town . either up town partial or down town till] toard. Pi ice from 13 to I'd >4 per week. It is tbe wish of the advertiser to perfect himself ia th? Eng li.-b lanirunge, and be would therefore b* willing to gire sny mrtuber of the family leseons In the l^ruita lan guage. Address, for two days, G., H>-rali ofli.e. HMM2R BOARD.? HOTEL MORRKtNU, AT THR >3 the depot ? Ibe distance 1* but tan miles from tbe City Hall. Th* Harlem railroad train* arrit* and J apart a moat Uourlv. Tbe last train learee New York at 11 o'clock P. M Hood stabling? horse* taken on l.Tfry. HENRY Dl'RELL. TWO UNFURNISHED P.OOMS TO LET? WITH OR without boarl. Apply at 1 13 Woos'er street. T'lltY PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH OR WITH<KT > bosrf, lor a i{tnUematt, in a ?m\il genteel fam ly, wb*re tke comfort* of a home can be had. Apply SSSixtli itttM AN 111? BYTB RW YOISGGKNTLEMEN, BOARD in a atrictly respectable boarding or private hoase. Ntns others need apply. Ideation below Ctnal street sn<l west of Broswlway. References exchanged Address J. F , box 2,679 Post Offlce. BILLIAROfil. bILl.I VRD TABU'S. WHICB KOR KLIGANCt. Of AP Iterance, strength and correctness are un Quailed, wear* wow selling at the lowest cash prices, iwtry article in Hie trade we *ell of th* be?t quality only , at price* which wjl be charged for Inferior arti cles elaewnere . Call and see. 0 CONNOP * COl.'.F.NDER, 41 Ana *t B~ ILLIaBIIP.? GRIFI'ITH A DEC'KKR, 01 NO ^"a7v strtet, fta?e f n hand a tiee stoc* of table* with Ut? r newly iBvented cu*k'.on? Buyers will do wall to rail and iiii " before fi"ir:haiu?g *l*e< her*. Two fetr*J banJ takle* f?* ??'#, with * <it.? rto<!* ?f trim n iff*. 9AMM.9 A* AVCTOM. A LBERT H. NICOLA Y. AjCnOKEKK? JEXTEMIVIi il, ?i?*t bondad win** ud braadiaa, of superior qu.Lty. AJtart H. N\coi*j will sell, jb Tuesday, July 31, at the a*!eti room. 11 Broad *tr*? t, at 11 e^ctock, a Large vaitety of booded wine* ul btullu oomtktukj in part of? 800 cms* of Bt. Juii*a claret. 250 am Chateau Mar?aui ciare1.. 100 ctMi Htu. Btnic 1P0 cm? Haul Saut*ra. 20 oetiTM dark cognac brandy. 15 do. pal* ao. oo 2 balf pipe* dark cognac brandy. 4 quarter pip** pal* do.. d*. 10 octaves grap* l*ropri*tor*' brandy, pat*. 5 quarter pip** do. do. * do da ii half pip** do. da. do. do. 4 quarter pipe* do. do. do. d*rx. 2 octaves do. do. do. do. 25 ba*k*t* royal grape ccampagae , alio ab?ut 30,000 otoiaf segat* of favorite brand* . ? Tbe abort* liquor* ar* warranted to b* precisely a* re pretested, and will be delivered in the 11 original pack age#" from tbe United State* Bouded >Vareiiou?e, Term* ca^fa, in ba*x*V.le f uu<5*. CaUtloguM may be had at th* aales room, 11 Broad at, A UOTION NOTICE.? GREAT SALE OF GENUINE fit A. ported win "* and liquors in bond AUo, olive oB?, sardines, Havana ?eg*-"*, tie. EDWARD sJJUKNUK will veil at auction, at his sales room, So. 18 Walt atre?t, on Thursday, Augu?i 2d. an invoiee from on* of the laigeet city importing house*, consisting in part of champagnes of various branda, hocks, madeiras, sher rib*, sau terse* and claiet* in cases; pinet, cant Jioo and otard brandies. A 1*0, sard.nes in ; t and boi-R olive oil* in basket*, and a large invoice of tirst quality Ha vana ?egarn, of tbe moat favorite branda. To sold n lota to auit purchaser* No other Liquor* ai'.ioittid n this sale. Term* ? Under $100, cash; $200, 8J days; $400, 90 days; $500, four month*' appro rod endon.ea P?P*t ? 1 CCTTIO.V NOnCF? GREAT BALE OK JEWELRY, J? watchea and diamoada.?EDWARD hCHENCK wi'l ?eu at auction, ou Tuesday, July 31, at 10 >? o'clock, at tbe saltsrcom, 16 Wall street, a large MiaoHiaent o dia mond jewelry, watches, &c., consisting of elegar' dU rnoud pins and earrings, breastpins. elegant clust* and single stone tings and pins, earrings, he , uiim* watchen, enamelled and set on bothsidM rti ? v, ?n<is; also otbera, viz.: independent seconds, double tiia- <-ep era, fifteen day, EngiUh patent and rietacued iev<r. ito., all in heavy eighteen carat gold can**, go <1 j ??f*lry, consisting ot sutta o( bracelets, pin and earring, b' -uchen, breaatpiuF seal rings, gold otone sleeve buttons, ditto studs, gold pencil cases, lockets, &c. Bale podtire. AUCnON NOTICE -JOHN Hot OH, AUCIIONKI'R,? Magnificent hou**notd furniture, roatwoad piano lort*, pier and oval mirrors, velvet oarpeu, *il paint lAgs. statuary, fc:.. to t>e sola to-morrow. We Tuesday, at 10, A. M. precisely. Then* good* are the untir* spiim did oontente of the first class four story dwelling No. 70 Murray street, and ar* to b* aold without raaerve. A part, but not minute, li*t is annexed :? Parlota ? One mag nificent rosewood suit, counting *f seven pieces, tbe frames of whioh ar* solid rosewood, elaborately carved ana uphoUter*d, la crimson and maroon brocatal, rosewood s*ven octave pianofsrte, of beautiful ton*, and fully warranted; massive rosewood bookcase, ?ar ved rosewood *t*gere, with plate glass doors and back; elegant ladies' *serutoire, inlaid beautUolly throughout; carved rosewood oeatre tables, with statuary mar ale top*: heavy French plat* pier guuues. rosewood baffet, beat ilnlly decorated china v?m?, marble statuary, some very flat d*sign?; an excellent collect' on of oil paint ings, by artists of acknowledged talent ; royal tapeatry velvet carpet, alabaster, marbla and Gothic Inlaid clocks ; *l*gaat lac* curtain*, eernices, shades, ko. Dining room? Solid mahogany extension table, with carved f**t; mahogany tea and br?akfa*t tables, maho gany cushioned chairs, decorated china dinner and tea set*, silver tea s*tvioe*, oasters, cake baskets, torU*. spoon*, &c. ; cut glass, win**, goblets, preserves, fruit disbe*, Ate; ivory cutlery, engraved decant*!-*, silver napkin rings, &e. , ko. Chamber*? Rosewood and ma hogany bedstead*, bureaus, washstands and card tables, rosewood suit in hair oloth, mahogany do., ta pestry, Brussels and ingrain carpets; pier and oval mirror*. palUasnen, gar* curled hair mattresses, fea ther pillows and bolsters, Uars*ill?s counterpanes, lace and muslin window drapery, cornices, shades, toilet nets, engravings, Ac., ft*. Catalogued at tli* houi*. Sal* witiiout regard to weather. * CC1ION NOTICE.? A GRAM) CHANCE TO MAKE J\_ money. ? Fcr sale, the a too- , lease and fixture* of the old established oyster and dicing saloon, now doing a first rate business, situated at so 1,104 Broalway. next door to the Sixth Judicial District Court. If not sold on or before tbe 30th inet , it wUl t>* soil at auction ou the 30th, at 2 P. M. For particulars, apply to WM. B. JONES, 145 Canal street, or on the premise*. A ucrip.v NOTICE? M. T. DOl'GH FY, ACCnONEKR ? J\_ Mortgage sale of cabinet maker's stock, on Tues day, (lo- morrow ,) at tb* sale* room, 27 C*ntr? atreet, near the City Hall, at 10% o'clock, compriting ten dozen mahogany paTlor chair*, 10 sotas and sofa bed steads, lounged, maple chairs, dress and plain bureau*, matble top wasiistandi, mahogany, rosewood and wal nut secretary and library bookcases; several full size French bedsteads with goo<l hair mattrtises, mahogany and. walnut easy cha<rs in hair cloth and brocatele. mahogany rockers, &0 mahogany frame mirrors, s*r*ral size*; oval and gilt mirrors, clocks, writing d**ks, ma hogany lyre bureaus, mahogany etegera, walnut do.; alio a Urge and good assortment of *econd hand furni tuie Irom a family : dress and plain bureaus, thr** ply sna ingrain carpet*, china, crosaary and glaswware, to gether with 10,000 segars, to pay advance, parasols, 12 new trunks, he. Good* to be r*mored same day and depo-its required. DAVID H. JONES, Attorney for Mortgage*. AUCTION 8AI.F ? THE STOCK AND FIXTURE? OF an ol'i established grocery and feed store, Includ ing tiorte, wagon, sleigh, barnesa, Sc., will be toll at auction on Tuesday, July SI, at 10 o'clock. By order of DANIEL F. HILL, .Assign**. Auction noi ice ? cpockery, glass and chi na. ? J. 8. H BAR ILETT, auctioneer, will sell, on Wednesday, August 1, at 10 o'clock, at 281 Pearl street, a large assortment of w. g., flowa bine and common war*, French china, hall lanterns, Ac , worthy the notice ol dealers and country merchants. Good* well packed fur chipping at moderate charges. AUCTION' NOTICE.? W. A. CARTER, AUCTIONEER, wiU sell at 80 Greenwich serset, this day, (Tuea day,) at 10 o'clock, an invoice of fresh drugs and uy*'s, ct luistisg in pu:t of ?erd*gr<s, cochineal, borax, Prussiate of pot ash, indigo, salts, As., Ac. Also, a stojk of groceries, ric*, fish, tea, salts, irgars, &e. a UtfflON NOTICE.? J. BOGART, AUCTIONEER.? /X By S. Bogart ? Wednesday, the 1st prox., at 10 >{ o'clock, at the anction rooms, corner Frankfort an 1 W aiiam street*. large variety sale of household furni ture, removed for convenience of sale; also, 108 stone butter pots, with covers; large refrigerator. Also, the eflVcts of a hat manufactory; also a stock of clothing, lot dry goods, Ao. a UClION NOUCK -TH03 BEI.L, AUCriONEr-R l\_ Bell and Bush will sell, this day, at 10>? o'clock, in our tales rooms. 12 North William street, the valua ble assortment of boux*hold furniture, from a Urge establishment, comprising housekeeping art.cles of alt dr-ciipiions; a'so, a variety of goon from the Cryatal Palace, not cabled tor, but ou which Jeponits have been n ade, will not be kept any longrr; also, painting*, t ought by Mr. H'n., who has not com* up; also, bed*, hair mattrrss**, Ar ; also, two trunks dry Sovds, millinery, hats. kc. We will, In future, insl.nt on epotits, as we settle our sales promptly. Wedne-tiay, lsrye rales cf furniture. Friday and Saturday, s ilea of choice foreign good*: have been exhibited in the Crystal Palace. Auction notice ?john k ius-ki.l, auctios eer ?Catalogue sale of household furniture, &?, -PAY, Rl'S^F.Il, k CO. w II sell, tbta day( Tuesday), at 10>j o'clock, A. M., at the salesroom, 8S Nassau street, near Kulton, a large collection of handsome household 'i.rnt'ure. comprising parlor and chamber suit-**, sofas, i hairs, bcokcase*, bureaus. bednteads, beddiog, ward robes, Kasbstands, etegerer, mirrors, oil paintings, car pets, second hand furniture, with which the rat* will ccmmtnre. Terms ? Under $100, cash; $100 to J 100, three months: >:.00 and upwsres, four months, approv ed paper. "Taction notice? wm. b. jones, Ai orioNf.KR, will sell, this day, at 10, 'i A.M., at No. .??#?* T\nrd avenue. between oDth and 40th streets , the con tents of a bakery establishment , consist ng at counters, scales, weights, troughs, bread panv Ac. A'so. a let ot furniture, beds, bedding, carpets, oil cloth*. A)., with five years' leas* of premisas. Hale positive. B~~ Y~JO!-ri'H HE<;EM.\N, AfCnONEKR ? WKDNK-i . t ay. August. 1. at 11 o'clock A. M , at 24 Sackett street, between Smith and Conrt, Brooklyn, household turniture. carpets, oilcloths, chairs, table*, bureaus, bedsteads, mattresses, he. Same day, at 2 o'clock I' M , at 12 Columbia street, between Congress and Warren, South Brooklyn, house hold furniture, carpet*, chairs, tables, bedstead*, bed clng. bureaus, washstands, crockery, cooking stove and kiHhen furmtnre HA. CHILTON. AUC IIONKKR. ? BY COLE k CHIL . TON' ? Tuesday, July 31, at 11 o'clock, at the In ternatloDal Dining' >aioon, corner of Broad and Pesrl ?'net*, the entire fixture* of said saloon, consisting ot dining tables, cbaii*, cas'ors, knives and forks, bar as tute*, cooking utensils, Ac., Ac. Alss, at 12 o'clock, one splendid cooking stove (Great Western), which oost ?70. All to be sold withiut reserve, with privilege of occupying, at $18 per month. C. DAVIS, AUCTIONEER.? BY D. C. DAVH A a CO.? Assignee's sal* of furniture this day at 10 a o clock, at the bouse 338 Fourth street, all the furniture contained in the above house, consisting of parlor, ehitm ber and bedrccm furniture, worthy of the attention of honsek*ep*r*, dealers and the trade. D. NASH, AUCTIONS* K?rtIt)RE ^10 BKUAI) . way.? ^ heriiT aale on Wedneeday, August 1. at 10 o'clock A. M . at 396 Broad way, third story, consist ing of a lot of furniture, carpet. ??., together with all the right, title *nd .interest o'?l'r -?r H. Hiauvelt, of, in and to th* daguerreotype apparatus property in said piemises. beiag hi* portion and ii >-r??t in the copert nersbtp property of wtlmarth k His unit. H. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER? 1't-tHCRE YACHT . Ultra at Auction. E. H. LUDLOW will **U Ht auction, on Tueeday, July 31, at 12}, .i clock, at th* M**ehnnt*' Exchang*. by order of *xec.*>r, the hand some and wall built jacnt Ultra, h*r U. I* anparel and furniture, fio'^ken, and fdrmeito belonging to Chrietopbor Miller, deceased Hhe I* a?.??t 100 tons burtbso, schooner rigged and well found la every par ticnlar. making her a very desirable plen?ure ya'ht. le he seen cm application to Daniel MeMnllss, on board. Ter?n? cash, or approved notes at four months, with in terest. ___ E~F~ AAHON, ACCnOYKER, WTI.L SH.I.'_THJS # day, |Tae?daj.) July 31, at 10v,' o'cIock, at the tnUe ro<is* 6T Naeesu str?et. a splrndiil assortment of fine jol.t ws'ohes, . ewelry eo-1 rich dlamonls, fancy ir???cod wotkbexes sol writing desks, fancy euaro: ae? <va?lr.og aol 2v, >. 0 wirtt-'. **{*M, far cash! Bag W AT Avmum. T^UOfcNKB FKAMiL?, At'CnOMCKK ? BT FRANK Ti LlN k NICHOLb. ? To- mono v, Wedaeiday, it 10>t o'clock, at 79 Nm.hh *tr**t. between f usion and Jeha atreets, ? large and var'ed *toci of |i a uMho'ul furaiture, comprising *ev*r*l spieadld snito o( richiy curved case wood parlor furaiture, coveted is brocatol, plush, &*? bookcases, wardrobes, sofas, chain, bedstead*, burtaus, wnsLatands, eKtenaion, centre, pi*r aad safe tables, ib great varisty; large gilt frame p*r and anal miirore, oil p?iotiags;a beautify variety of silver piaUd wace, comprising tea *?t*. cut bottle castor*, oak* baa ? fceta, Rol.eti, Ac. Without reaerr*. Catalog a*s on Uu of morning **!*. EfcOKNE B FRtNKLLV, AUCTIONEER.? BY FRANK LIN k NICHOLS - -Horee, wagon ond harness at auction, to morrow, at 12 o'clock, in front of *tore7? Nassau frees, between Fulton ujiiJota TUehoneU e'ght yeait. old, kind m all heroes*, a al 1* a good faioi ly hcrf*. GC. UORTON, AUC IIONEEE-? -ON TUESDAY, AT . 10 o'clcck A. M , at oOQ Eighth arenas, txesk ?n<i dxturta of a grocer/, consisting oi tea*, sujara, ?osp, canolee, horse, covered cart, light wagon aad bartet*. B FORGE COOK, AUCnofTEET. ? ELEGAN f NEW aad faabiouable furniture, ttein day, Tuesday, a* 10>i o'clock, at seJ<-a room, 104 Br oadway, corner M Duaae street, a large assortment of roKfiro?d, aalaut and mahrgaoy furniture, consisting of r-M'wood and mahogany pailor furniture, en suite, in a variety of civeiings, uiarble top tablea, extension uiaio^ table*, sofas, tete a tetea, chairs, louage*, roskere, oookcase^ wardrobea, bedsteads, bureau, washstands, bed), mat tico?es, kc. George cook, auctioneer, will sell on Wednesday, Augast 1, at 10},; o'cbcV, at 075 (irtecwicb slie?t. near (Jhris'.op'jer, ti? ta'ire furai ture contained in the three story rtsi deuce at above, e<aa si.-.icg of tablea, chairs, sofas, carpet. i, mirrors, bed steads, bedding, kitchen arllclos, crocitery, Ac. Sale positive. Groceries, sfgars, nails, stork fixtures, counters ?This day, it 11U? o'cioct, at CT f)ey street, comer of Greenwich, woocen ware, rairina, Ggx, ptuaee, tcaa. maccaionl, aweet oil, pickle*, herriags, gla-s cases, eight day clock*, cutlery, hardware. W. A. CAT. rvR, Anctioaetr.57 Dey street. Hotel furniture.? wednff hay acgust i, at 106 Greenwich street, 10C feather beds, bedstead* and bedding, iplendid musical cloc*, piano, mirror*, crrpets, tola*, cnaira, tables, stoves, bsr fixture*, ksuvm and foika, table linen, Ac. Tepnaiu roqairid. W. A. CARTER, Au'?tion?er, 67 I>ey Btreet HT. IJED3, AUCTIONEER.? MORTGAGEE'S 81LE Bot ebj.Witt(-ttkeho;d furniture, this day, lueidaf, K'>, o'clock, at houn N'>. 00 Broome atrea'., corner ef laurene.? SYLVESTER SI OVER 4 CO wiU eell as abeve the'eatize furniture of a fam;ly rel.OTuishicg bouneaeap ing. coneist'Dg of one spiendtn rosewood eaaeVanoforte, mac* by one of the beet city mannfactnrere, la ia the meet perfect order, having been used but a few mentha; one beautiful rosewood parlor suit, !u sttla brocatel, one richly oarved wa' aut parlor nuit, in ta>estry; marbla top centre and sofa tables, rosewood card tables, royal Wilton, velvet, Brussels and ingrain carpeta; nebly de corated china vases, French an. at el alock aud oiaa ments, Fiench plate pier ((las.-ee, oil p:iintlng4, wladow thadee and enrtaine. Dining room furniture? Ectensiea table, sofa, arm chair*, superior china and g'axs ware , sideboard, silver plated ware, fine table cutlery, hall lumiture, hall stand and cbairs to matoh, table, lamp, oilcloth, atatr carpet and rod*. Chamber ft rait are? Elegantly oarved roaewood and mahogany bedstead*, at the Elizabethian aad Louis XIV. atylee ; marble top dreaa ing 'bureaus and waehstandt, commoles, cottage aad fancy chairs, ia tatia brocade ; lounges, easy chair*, richly gilt and decorated china toilet sets, beat lire geese leather beds, pore horse hair maltreat**, paili ataaa: bolster* and pt lowi, beddiag, Ac. Also, a larfe assortment of kitchen furniture. The whole to be a*U without reserve, by order of die mortgagee. A caah de posit will be required of every pnrcnaaer; gooda to ba removed on the day of aale Catalogue* can be had early on the morning of sale at,:;04 Broadway, 103 Canal street, and at the bouse. Henry t. leeds, auctioneer. ? as3iunees' nale of s ock of china and giaasware. As., Tues day, July 31?t, 1866, at 10)? o'clock, at store No. 419 Smh avenue, between 26th and 26th streets, by order of aseigneeH, without reserve, all the contents of the above etore, consisting of dining and tea sets, in white sod gilt ehina, richly decorated t?a aad toilet aets, win* decanters, goblets, tumblers, champagnes, win**, kitchen ctockery, Ac., all well worthy the attention *f hotel and house keepers. Sale, rain or shtae, without reserve. JL. VANBEWATER, AUCTIONEER ? THLS DAY, ? Tuesday, July ol, at lO,^ o'clock, at 167 Eighth avenue, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth Ntreota? Sale of household furniture, all the furniture contained in the house, conaiiiing In part of mahogany sofa*, par lor chair*, rockera and eaay cbairs, tea and d>niag tables, mlrrois, carpets, drugget*, mantel ornament*, lounge*, mahogany and walnut bureau* and washstand*, toilet sets bedhead*, mattresses, bolster*, pill in, aad all the bedding: walnut and maple caned chair* and roc tare, Ac., kitchen furniture, rocking atoves and fixtures, par lor do., crockery, floor oilcloth, window shad**, Ac. dale without regard to weather. J MORI ARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THiS D\K, a at tea o'clock, at 173 Caatham Squar*, the fur niture from famili** leaving the city, a good aa*ortaa*at of bureau*, chair*, table*, carpet*, clock*, faatber oed. mattraas, one piaao forte by a good maker ; alio a variety of other good*. Sale positive. Mortgage sale or machinery, ac ? john h. SGMERINDYKE, auctioneer, will Mil, by virtu* of a chattel mortgage, at No. 46 Veeey *traet, thi k da y, Jul/ 31*t, at 10>4 o'clock, 3 machine* : om* embos sing preaa, one i tending do., oh rolling machine. Also, all tha atock and tool* uaod la thi ha^Maliu busineia. CHARLES CRUZ, attorney for mx t,fa{0?. Mark wbay, auctioneer?grocery stock at auction, on Wednesday, August 1, at 10 Vj v ?~ck, on the premieea No. 403 Broom* atreet, corner Centre. II. Wra y will tell the entire atock of choice family groceries contained la the above stare, compe ting in part, tea*, cofftas, sugar*, apicea, acalea, eaak*, horse cart, hame*a. flxturea, and laaaa of tha entire bnildiog Sal* positive. Depoalte required. MD0UGH1Y, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS ? day, at 1Q>? o'olook, the flxtnra* of a gro cery , counter*, ahow caaea, refrigerator, oil, rats, tea*, ?eg*?, iic., Ac.; also, blacksmith'* tools, a* vita, rioea, hammer* and tonga, file*. Ac., tie. On Wednaaday, tha furni'ur* of a gentleman, viz : marble top tab lee, ?Irei-a bureaus, feather bed* and bedding, iron bedsteads spring mattreaaea, chaira, sofas, stoves and kitchaa furniture. PA J. A CORN, AUCTIONEERS, WILL, THIS DaT*. ? at 10>i o'clock, tbe atock and fiztnrea of tho grocery and feed store southwest corner of Bayard and Mulberry strut*, including horse, wagon, aletgh, har neas, Ac. By order of DANIEL F. HILL, aasign**. elBFRIFF'S SALE? 1HI9 DAY, TUESDAY, JULY 31, ? in*t , at No. 307 Broadway, an assortment of clotha, csssinif res, vesting?. Also, iron safe, counter-, Ac., Ac. IU'MS MORhELL, AUCTIONEER. ? SAI.R THIS MORN ing, at 10>i o'olock, at 81 Nassau street, of furni tuie, oil painting*, mirrors, mattreaaea, Ac , all of ex cellent quality. by catalogue, which ar* ready, contain ins full particulars? come early and examine ? contain ing all condition* of sale. which will be eatlsfactory to ilraler* aa well an private partie*. By involc*, jewelry ol various kinds; aegarx alao, in large or small lot*, with ration* artlcioa of value not on catalogue, sent In to ha aold without any reserve. The largeat manufac turer! of furniture in th'a country contribute to this auction bcuse. Alao, carpeting Irom the a<eat of Eng lish factory. WS. M ELIXIR, AUCTIONEER.? BY HOUGHTON A * ME1.LOI! ? This day, July 31, at 10>? o'clock, at 113 N???au nrect. closing summer trade sale of sabinat 'urmture. rich housekeeping article*, nine auperiar t' ned (i\ and 7 octave pianoforte*, malodeon, h o. : alao, oil pain ings, Fr? neb plate mirror*, Ac. We invite th* trad*, country mtrclianta and thoa* about refurnishing, to the pale, a* the who's will positively b? aold b? order ot the manufacturer*, and to make room for axfensiv* alterations. <ioo a* can be packed for shipping on th* piemise* at a reasonable charge. Cabinet furniture ?ill coiaist in part, viz. Eight elaborately carved loaewood parlor suites, covered in the moat fashionable > of material, viz.. aataa brocade, bmcatel, figured re I a. aatln d* chic*, Kng Mi pluib and hair cloth: trench plate mirror front armor*; thre* richly oarvad ?ak and roaawood beau fete; several of th* most ap proved extension dining table*. 14 feet l*og; dining room chair*, in pluab and hair cloth: Turkiah and miza l?thsn *tjl* chaira, spring seat parlor and raceptisa chair*, several auita of chamber furnitur*; alao Bv* li brary and secretary boolica***, wardrobe*, etegera*, \c together with an enclest variety of medium claaa furniture. Pianoforte* will be hold at 12 o'clock CIiOTHIIO, AC. ______ CAST OFF CliOTBING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION waited? The higbeat price given, and cash paid in current money. Uant'aman wishing to dispoae of cloth ing of a good quality for a liberal caah equivalent, ar* requesteo to call on or addreaa JAMES MORON'EY, 11 Raxter atreet (lata Orange atreet). CL?THING.? LADI18 OR GKNT1.EMKH HATING A5TY to dlspo** of can raaeiv* a fair cash prlc* by aaad iag to th* ator**, No*. 12 Lauraa* street or 52 Want Broadway, or by latter through th* Pott Offloe Ladia* attested by M r*. Oohaa. 8. 00 HEN CLOTHING AND FURNITURE.? LADIES OR naea having any to diapo** of can receive a fair cath prio* lor th* earn* by Mailing to M. S. COHEN, 101 Chatham, or M Elm >tr**t. N. B. ? ladia* attended to by Mr*. C UnrRNITUBi. AND CI/rrHING.? PETHONB HAVING any of th* abov* to diapo** of can i?r*ir* th* ut most value in caah, by aendiag to I.. M. DC3SEI.DORV, 13 F3a *tr**t. N. B ?ladia* attea4*d to by Mr* D EtPREMEl FREEMAN A Co.'S 1 RE1GHT, PACKAGE, PARCTX aod letter Expreaa, to California. Oragpa, Haad wich Island* ami west coaat of .N>uth Am?ric*. oflkca M? Ilioadway. (hjr t*xt expie**** will b* Ai*;ateh*d a* abov* via Panama and Nicaragua rou1*a, par *taamar* (??org* law and Da?i*l W*b*tar, on Monday, Augast 6, W>6. KxptMa via Panama cloaa* at on*, and via Niea tagua at two P. M. Freight taken at raducad ratea; gcodi eMpped in bond An *xpr**? latter bag will ba ir-K'r up *nd forwarded in charge of special mawteagar, through <o destination by each route. Iiettara maat b* tnciofid in g< irramnt ten cant *cv*kp*e Rat* fa* e Cfi* letteit, 12 >, cent* each, prevail govercoMat *i v%lrpe* ceo U piocured at our <?o*. I P^ I WIN % CO., 6? Hroadway.