Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1855 Page 7
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AOTllTKElESm 1E1VEWSI KTEiT 111. ft? MLB. CtOA AAA ? WISTEKN L4.NTB? CI.EVB jPijUiUUl/i !*?*. Ohio.? P?mwi dMirous of ? aaaet advaniagesue iawitment, (Bo* building s'.tea, ) MB bNtr of -n epportunltr by addressing A. 8, Herald ?Ac*. Title ru i an teed. Or a loan of $6, 000 for fit* Jtin woald be aatisfaetory. Qj?* ert\f\ WILL PURCHASE THAT VEW FOUR ?0?0ljU story English basement bout*. 143 w??t Thirty-fourth street, between Seventh anil eighth awnuas. it la finished Is the beat manner, with all the M.cJlrn improvements; >4,500 on Mortgage if required. Apply on :be p rami tea. Qlii AAA ? roB A F,NE FARW ?R fflUtUvUt country aeat, containing twenty atras, In Eliiabethtowa, N. J.; Am boltdiaga, fruit, 4c. WW M soil for 91,000 cash, and balance cn mortgage, er axebani ed for good city property or paying ato-kt. Inquire ol 8. F. BARTOL, 102 Fulton itmt. WA A A ? K0R 0-VE 0F fHE largest, ? vUv? boat located and inoat elegantly fitted ?p ttgar stows, In connection with a profitable drinking saloon, li tun ted la Broadway. The drinking saloon if fitted up wi b private rooma, Ac., ail complete. Apply ta C. B. HO01B k 00 , 84 Nassau atreet. A AAA?4 SPLENDID MANUFACTURING ?^ vUU. business, without ecmpeUt'on. and affording over 300 per cent profit, with a valuable $3,600 contract, will be aold for 94,000, wbiih, on examination, w*l be found to bo a truly .unparalleled bargain. Apply te Thomtt ft Street, 34 Pine ttreet. 4A/1A ACHES OF ILLINOIS LAND FOR SALE lUUV or exchange for any kind of merchan iita. a<J0 acre* cf Mississippi lands in exchange for mar ebandiee or fnrniture. IH. 000 of * toe Ik for ?ale, or exchange for other goads W. J. BRL'NDRKD & CO.. 78 Nassau atreet, first floor. (fi!1 A AA at a sacrifice, a ffll,4v' '? beautiful cottage bouae at Mount veraon, suitable for a respectable family: muat be aold tbia <vtek , $300 can remain. Also want*!, a small cot tage bouse in Morriaanla. Alao, nouses for sals or ax i.hiiip* for Weatarn lam'". Apply to C. O. THOMPSON", 81 Naiaau street, room 7. (PlQAA wnL BDY THR STOCK AND FIXTCRB-i t5)0\/W of the best grocery, U<i?or, boarding and !o 'ging bcuae, at the North River, tbe only one ua the , lour corterg. The advertiier la very ill, so he will aell i fry low. Afjiy at. I'll) Division street. Qtn rf\ WILL BI Y AN OLD ESTABLISHED DP.EAD, iJJOOv fake and pie baker v in the Eighth avenue, a?w doint* a good business, and can be in:reaael. a Jaod baker can make money. The beat reasons given >r selling. For particulars apply at 234 Eighth avenje, between Twentv second and Twenty third I'.reeta. ar rr AA -for sale? a cash buslvess, wi-xf. ?OUU ? established, and ia which aa enterprising ? a can mhi z* a fortune in a abort time; aatlsfaettry reaaonrfcr i?iiag. Apply immediately at 280 Broadway. GEO. W. SIMER1 m? A AA ? FOR SALE, ONE-HALF OF A BOOK jpT'Uv# aad eeiripapar businfts, now doing a cash and (-citable trade. For particular* addreau lumo, H> raid olBce. tfiftrA ?FOR SALE CHEAP, THE STOCK, FIX ' e turen anil good will of a first-rate drinking HaJaon, doiog a tip top trainees. Apply at 84 Naaaau Mrttv A RABK CHANCE? FOR SAI.E, THE Wf.LI, KNOWN A. aad long established photograph and dagaerrao w eetabUahmrDt, .So. >i69 Broadway, aaxt door to ntjWr'a saloon. This gallery, including all tbe apaci ?09U> ftxture', be. . ?a now ? (Tared for sale; is dotag a g999 boaiaesa, and ia one of tbe beat stands on Broad way. For farther paiticolara inquire of P. GAiGE, Jd9 Baeadway. A RARE CHANCE. -FOR SVLE, THE GOOD WILL aad fixtures el bouae 97 -l*nit? street, occupied at preeent aa a teamen's boarding bouse. Apply imae diataly aa tbe pivmioei. The ownsr .a leaving the city lea tbe baneflt of bit health. AOO.STKCTlONfcRY AND ICE CREAM SALOON FOR ?al*.? The location unsurpassed, m a great biui net* and fashionable thoroughfare; the 1mm, manufac turing utensils, ersvything complete, will be Mlrt at a bargain. Appiy thi* d&f to C. ?. HOIvEs Aj Co., S4 Nas t?u street. Jk MILK ROC NT) AND DEPOT FOR SALE CHEAP, FOR J%. u?b, bow telling < ver thrse hundred quarto p>r cay, all priTate sale, with a goo-i horse. wagon and har ness, and a goad ?apply of Orange eoanty milk for the n.tur. 228 innal street. ? RARE THANCr ?A FIRST CI. ASS TEMPERANCE gjocery store, d a good aeighborhood, now doiag a good cash ouslnesa, will ba old Tory cheap, u the owner la going to leave the eity. Apply at 434 Hudson ?treat COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SaLE-AT FLliHiNG, on Wbitestona avenue, adjoining the late resi dence of Gardiner Hoelsad, taq.. one in.le from the railroad depot and steamboat landing, containing about ten aciea, with genteel boo se, (table, barn. Ice honee, Ac. frmtand shrubbery In abundance. For partHu lara apply to CHARLES K . TOY, at C. H. Sbeehan h Ban'*, 97 Maiden lane. Drug store for sali; now doing a good busiaeas, with o3i:e practice; so<d only in cor nxjoeace ef the proprietor leaving for Europe. Price M60. Apply at the corner ot Hamilton avenue and Woodhuli itreet, Sooth Brooklyn. I pop. SALE- A BE1 l.flFOIi COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ' ?The subscriber otters for aale, a beautiful real dene* i at Roelyn, I. I , (formerly known aa Hempstea'. liar be; ). It 1* rltuated at the bead of the bay, and within 200 feet or thasbore. The ftt? commtU'U toe entire bay to the l>ong itlaud r?und; the hoaae in in lb? ix. i, r'. perfect i ('.?r, 40 feet afllli; all the oo: baUdings are new, and of the moat convenient character ; there - about 4 aero* of land, and every description or trait of the ?iit;ce?t kfnls, tte ground* are laid out wtth iraveikd waUs throughout, the houn? is fur ni*hed, an>i the T-geteb!? geriien, which is 'arge, Is 10 tbe bet posrlbla state; the whole I* offered for sals for half !ta coit, and pccienion given immediately ; com - m?aicatk.n witu Naw York Ave tree a dny. Apply to CU'? LP. CHARIJ* K, 40th street and 8tb avenue, New Ten. IJHjn SAlJi ? TllE CLOTHING STORK NO. 45 AVENUE JJ (', with lea?e and flvtures, (wl.hout ctoek.) Reason m sale, the proprietor t* k*jd* to California. One of the beat rtacds up vown. Inquire In the at ore for tur the; particular., ef F. HKVM.lN, For ?ALE-4N THE MOST HE VLTBY AND PLEA^UNT part ef Brooklyn, four neat cottage bnilt hou*e? and lots, ccmnanding one of the Cneet tIows in the city. Hnu?es two r'orj and basements, hard finished and cor centre picea, arched pari ore. large iota, 26 hy 131. Prise enly |l,f:M>. It: a* mj. considered ..heap; wi 1 deutie io value. Apply oa the prem '??, Fiirgen street, between <Jr,in<? act) C?-?on avenues. f niton avenge mi pant within a short distance. FR AI.E.? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF THE fruit store, corner of Chatham and (.'Limbers street*. A giod ihaace for an enterprising person. FP. taLE-THREE DE-IRABU. 1,018, N03. 100. K- and 104 Thomp-ou street, between Prince and Byting at(*ete, 35x96 ?ach. The street U sewered. To be i ? >d, one with th* privilege of the tnree, by A . J . Bi REOKKR, at tbe Kxcb.tnge, oa the ttd <lay or August, at 13 clock. Three quarters -an renuwn on merlgap, T7*OP. SAI i? THE LEA E AND FIX HTRES OF A VERY JP iefcratjie *'?re in First ?vi*jue, oear Tenth sireet. The store is one of the hen in tue ^reuue, and flttel up. ?n superior tyle, ?ul'ible for a batter, UJir, m r dealer, of ?ny I. is.nOM rtfiulrln^ a sj a- ous and w* tir. ?te i ro-jra. T?rm? very low for eafh. Apply GEOMCA BR'jWS", luo er K>4 llret arenue. FOR - I.) ? 1 ? Ni W IRmV SALAtlANDtlR SAFES, for $6'. and *45 osti Price ia store, $140 an; 170. To h $ seen at t>4 a -eoue A, fj?' floor, up sta'.re. For 9Aijr>? the stock, fixtures and ?;mne8? vf a w ;U I'M !ea< ?stnhllalied mullaery and fans/ sttre. Apply to R. Chspmac 212>i Hieecssr street I>OR .-ALE? EiaP TH AVENUE -TORE? STOCK OF goods, cci?.-" principally of fancy go>. ia, toys, bnektt*. tronkf , to . together with of st??re, at 123 Eighth arsnue, betwesn Twest; ? xth and Teea ty seTsctn Ktreete, w-st tide. Aluo, ttore and dwelling to let. A raie chance for a person wishing to go Into keynote. Ajp'y at above IjHiR SAi E? 1M SHAW"."1 WFLES ASD iO.OOO HX ' ed annjni ticn, all in perfs^t order Sharp's car liMs are admitted to be th' mon formidable weapon in a*e Fer ?ale at M per cent beiww the mennf?3turet'* artte. Apply to AI.BKRT H. NluOLAY, No 11 Bruad street. -rrK.R HUE- A WH.i, MTABl IJlll D MANLTACTU JP ring bu?me?s auj?r a taluabi- patent, already falerakly intr-^cred, sod prrm.s'n.- a lueratiTs ani perssnneat Invest *?nt. Kor part'' ilars apply to HERMANN f Ll'DWK), No So *ail st. TjV* SALt-STOCl AND F1XTI BhS Or .% (.R0CERT J. and lienor st ore, now doing a good rash bnsinees , will be sold m a saerflice, aa the owner wiebee to decline the business. Also, furnl'ure of a bedroom. Call at 78 R.ghth aTeoue, lor teo day*. I?OR SALE? A i/YiNDHAND H(XjK AND LADDER truck and apparatus In good order. Apply to ?leerg' H. Jonae, < hi?f Rogineer. Newark, N J , J, R. I Alt]. 114 Broad street, Vewark, N. J. or to I A WaIJ MUjS, Jr., 21 >1 array street. New York. F'U tAIJ!? A M1I.K DEPOT, DOING GOOD BI'SI oe-s her?? and wagon and tbe route Apple at KM Washington >taset. XJWR BALI? PF/'OND HAND HTE.t M kVOINE ASD JJ loeonkotiTS boiler, band and slid* lathee, planers drilling maebmee, mandnlls, d rifle, reamers black' smiths' tools, to*. Will be cold tn lota to suit pare be sero. nt very low ratee. W J. BKWDRU) h Co.. 74 Saeeau staeet, am ?oor. .-yjR sai.k-lease. fixttres and flrr*ic or '.be eegnr store 54, '4 Canal rtroot, wnnt side of ltrondway. SA1E.-A wteam rsuirt: and bt^i sr, about tea horse power, wflh rump, uenUr pipe*, Ac. Alan, na* largo patent blower. THWabere are all in ? THIT SAIX? A STEAM ESWN1 X? about tea horse power, wflh j Ac. Alan, nae large patent blower complete ruaaing order, and will be eoiO ebeap lor ca?h by aaptying to P. Cnasldy, )M am 1M Plymouth street BrookiTB. rt'ft pjkvm. B SALE.? AH OLD ESTABLl-SED DRUG 3fORE _n a popaiou* Mi| h jeroood, on id* w?*t vde of *J>e city, d. ng a fim '?;? buiicess. Satisfactory rea ?ou for se'ilBg. K'Aitm 'demist, Heraid office. FIR SALE? IN ITHACA, AT A BARGAIN, ON SOUTH Hill Railroad track, (oar and % half acres, wlUi tiro house* wl barn, sxosllent grjuna for railing fruit, or any kind of produce. Km* buu'(ug site*, well aepplled with soft spring water, location tot to be aurpaaaei. It may,kwitii advantage, be divided into village lot*. Price $900, $600 down, with interest, the rsst in two year*. Possess on at once. Apply, in Ithaca, to W. THOMSON, Cliitoc House , or of the owner. No. 90 Fourth avenue, opposite IIev?ntb etrect, New York. For sale-the stock and fix tcreb ok store No. 127 H'alker street, oorner Baxter it. Iaquirs on the pr*mif*c. For 8ai.e ;heap? the stock and fixtures <<f the fruit and candy a tore, now doing a good b jsi d??m at 77 Centre street. with rent low. For further partie ulars apply on the premieea. For hale, cheap? the srocn and fix ti res of a *egar (tore. Aiao, eoda water fixtures. Inquire at 3M Bowery. E OR SALE VEKY CHEAP? A FREQUENTED PORTER honae, with leaee and good tale or U<i aor, at No. 13 North William street; la a gold place for keeping cof fee, cake*, oysters, fcc. fSOR SALE CHEAP, FOR CASH? THK ENTIRE EtfTAB JJ llahmeat of Hough'* original ginger beer minu factory, in Jeraey City, consisting of the b'iv.n?*s I'.oreee, wagona, apparatus, bottle*, ke. This buiioM* baa long been well established, and ia now doing a go>l ,.i.d increasing trade: any Duatnea* man can mate a for n.-nela a few years; thla i* a rare chance. Apply at 179 \awark avenue, Jeraey Ctty. FOR HALE OR TO LET? EMPIRE CUV FOUNDRY, with 'the building* theron, 100 feet front by 103 t??t deep. S etorie* high, fronting on Thirteenth *tr?*t, betwten Ninth and Teeth avenues, with (team engine, boiler, aapola, (halting and otber fixture* ail complete. Per particular* inquire of Mr. E. DONNELL, &00 West street, or Mr. HOMER MORGAN, & Pine *tr*et. The property wiil be let on reasonable terms for any minu faclnrieg business. HOTEL FOR SA..E ? ON THE EUROPEAN PMN, doing a good business, an<l near a public tbo roughfare. Stock and bxtuiea, bed* and bedding, of tbe finest quality. Will be aold at asacrillce, if applied for immediately. Apply at 77 Croiby at reet. HOIWE FOR SALE ? A SPLENDID 0RKY HORMK. 1' . hand* high, kind in all harness, will stand without tying, eight y?aj * old; would auit an express man or any g?otleman wanting a goed family btrae. Ap ply at 182 5 ail oil etrtet. PA1ENT RI.iHT FOR SALE? OF A FAST AND cheaply constructed power pre<*. (for jobbing or other, purposes). No qneation as to its p-aciieab'lity. Can le ?<?> u by addreaaing K. 8. t , hot 117 Henld ofE-e. Will b? sold at oce fourth it* vaiu* ew ng to InabKfty to aanufa'-fcure. STATES' ISLAND ?FOR SALE, FURNISHED OR UN furnished. houae with (tablee, out boa ten and every convenient* of water, situated on Barde avenue, li mlButes' walk from Sailnr's Snug Harbor landing. Poi session immediate. Apply to Dr A. 11 MOrT, torner Of Thompson and Bleeeker street* , or on tbe premiter.. Tens* evsy. TO PHYSICIANS ?A RARE CHANCE LS OU'ERED TO one who c eiiree to settle immediately in a gool practice in tbe country. The preaent occupant ralia qnlshes the profession on account of 111 health. For full Information, inquire of JAMK.^ HUNT, lb (Centre street. WILL B2 BOLD AT A IURGA1N? A KIR^P grocery (tore, well *etabdsh?J, and doing a goad bnetneee, with horse, wagen, harneae, Ac ; a rare chance to uy one wishing to engage ia the busiaee*. Iaqilra at No. 384 Fourth avenue. MISCEUAIEOUS. American plate glass company? factory KlUlamabarg, Long Island ? Are now prepared to exaente order- for rough plate glaa*, eultable for floor*. ?kyligLt*, vault an t deck light*. Prompt attention will be given to all orders left at their oflee, 442 Broadway, or with their agent, J. R. IUlIT, 79 Murray street, AM>iUTAN CITIZENS' C. S. PAS8P( RK, TO .SIT foreign -< furnished in two days, by EDWARD B138ELL, Notary Public, 67 Wall street (basement), CI ARDS? VISITING, WEDDIN't, AI?DRf>.S, AT HOME, ) and busineas cards engraved and printed at Win N. DnnaeU'a, 10 . Broadway. Orders raeeived by mall. WM. N. I'U.NNEI I , l?o Br?adway. Every man his own engraver, or a cheap and elmpVs process, by which to multiply to any extent portraits, address cards, drawings, maps, written circular*, letters, Ac., the proofs of which will be equal to copperplate engraving. This lnvaluab'e and profitable art cao be learned in a few days from priated circulars, which, upon the receipt of II, will be forwarded to acy lady or gentleman Address J. Z. .Sawyer, Post Office, New York. IRON' WORK FOR Bl'ILDING8 ? Bl LDKKS, AND thoee deiigniag to build, are re*pecLfally inritedjto iiucict oar ttoek of iron work for bonding*. The mora r**<ly adaptation of iron work to any Ityle of arohltoe ture? aad its luperiority in point of itrength and eh*ap bom, hare in a great neaiurt *up*r*ed*d the su of brown (ton*. Tho iaereaaing demand, mar* particularly for window lintel* and ailu, nu Induced tb* aub*mib*ra to get up an additional * umber of now pattern*, now numbering alitoon in all, of different itylei, the coat of which betae a Do at oxithuik mi ntK'i or nnow* to-v*, Cot in the *ame manner. Tke following building* In New York crty and otter placer, hate boea faraiaMd with enr lintei* ? Mr. W. B. Aator* bnudlnft, 167 Greenwich itreet. Mr. Pater Cooper'* buiW cgi, Lexington avenue and 2-id itreet. Mr. O. Bluat'* tuildingi, 60 Hunt; and 6 2 Ioonard ?trett. Mr Jamea Bnoraan'* buftdiag*. 125 Chamber* itreet. Mr. J. Matt* building*, 72 Murray and 100 lireenwich itreeta. ???"?. J. ft J. W. Meeki' building, 24, 20, and 28 Teiey itreet, Mr. CJ. Bridge*', white mar; ie front, 18 Bey itreet. Mr. P. Goeirti' building*, 26th itreet and 4th arena*, and 29th ?treet an J 4th arenae. Grocer'* Bank, College place, Barclay itreet. New York City Hour Mill*, Broom* and Lewi* ?tr?et*. Mr Devaa. 168 Chatham itreet Corner of Church and Warren, 163 Barclay, an'l 10(2 Broadway R. L. Starena' 18 baildiagi, corner River a . 4'*1 itreet*. HoV-oken Odd Fellows' Hall, Wa?b!agton itreet, Hobeken The "0>lecn," South Fourth aad Fifth street*, H i Uamabnrr kc . Ac. Al?o Corinthian, Ionic, an '. "Tower of Wlad"eap!tt a of T*riou* afaia, ',-om ?u to fort* two inch** %?, neck, m prices infini.ely lea* than wood, Drown itoaa, or gian'te. y>lao. comics and lintel course*, box, 0, and round toi imcr, trim**, raalt *nd trail girder*, ftc. Special-* can alao be ?e*n at the ? tliee of the foundry. J. 1 JACKSON, BRO. 4 00,. Iron Work* r>5, 67, 69, 61, 63, and 66 Ooerck itreet. NP.W PATF> r spwtaclb FOR IMPROVING VI ?ion and i*eing near aad diataal object* threagto only". i'rof***or FRANKS, *ale patentee aad maker, 2 '1'ara row. Ofllco bouri fro* W AM. to 6 P. M. SEWING M .CHINK DEPOT, 346 BROADWAY? F 9. OOATHK&CO.. <>ajer< la ??wiag machine* of ail id*. Hewing machines improved and repaired oa 10 mo?t r*a*onav->ie term*. Se?>g naachlaee *old oa < fi|i miclon. a large >r(ortmeat ol needle* aad itlk for i. Vf SAND} ^[.1 RHfX'M REM1DY. Cut neou* a'. action* or d.aea*e* of the akin, a! though a*, am ok* form*, are usually te-mel as,t rheum for tie ap+*ly and permanent eure of which a I j i llcioa* u?e of thia remedy will oarer fall to *fT*ct a 1 f?edy and peraaaoeu" cure a fact at tea 1*1 hyorer 15. | (AO j#r?oui. ITepareJ aad for aala by * B isl). SANDP, I ^ho.eaale Ituggirte, 100 Fultoa *t , cor William. 1T.1?KMAR ? TIIE ORKAT EUROPEAN DU- OVKKY ^ l'rotected by Koyal lotfr* !'a:aat of Knglaal, and a*.-nr*d ky the aeaU of the Kcol<- de I'harmi-ia ? Pari* and the Imperial College of Medicine, Y,r ?*,? Trf?*?, No. 1, i* the remit.iy for gen-raJ dooi.fty, lhattared conatituuoae. and all the di?tre?e!ng conar qi.?ncr* arlaiag from early abuat, kc. , IU effect* are eflcai'lona la youth, iraaboodnni old age, indeed tb< cQDititution would not ?.?-ome impaired, area in the .<l?c'.iae of ufe, It theTrieaem** w?re anlveraally ? !opt*i Ail phyaieal Impedimenta ranlab like magic before it* Influenae, thu* rendering It* uao Inralaatile to thoe - to tencg the aurrlage atate. Triaaetnar No. 2, ompletaly aa<l entirely eradicate* all trie** of thnae !l*ora*ra whirh rf pa: ua and cubebe hare *o long hoea though', aa antidote (or, 1<j the ruia of thebeilth of a raat p ? -,n of the population Trta?emar, No. 3. it the ireat Kur > pe?u remofly for tliat e^e? of Jieorder* which, uafort i tiately, tb* r ngiiali fhye'-'ian traata mercury, to the in^Titab'.e jeetro lion of t>ie pa J*at'* eoMtitlUoa, and which all the earaaparilla la the world eanoot re not. Trieaeaar, >oe 1, 2 aad ara alike deroM of taate or ?well, and of all eaaMahng qaalitle*. iti*y may lay on tb* 'oilot table wttboit thoir uee being *>m parttd. Hold ia tin cat**, at 64 each, divided m o ae Iarate doae*. aa a ImmifUred by Vaipoau, I.aliemand, tool, To be bad, who'eaale and retail, of Mr. H. A. BABHOW, 31 <ireet.e atraet, r.ear < anal, N. Y , e?p? 'ally atpointol by the proprietor and patentee ae ag*ut for ua T utted -tatev, and erary other part of Immediately on racwiring a naittance, Mr. Barrow wUI forward the Triaeemar to aay part of tb* world, eecare ly packed, and addr. a??d a- -or .lng to the taelra'Uom of the writer. Kotall agent* raqatrad. Teraui cath KIAXTRoTw KtriCAB. BATft". NO. JW V Sixth avano* ? Tbeaa ba'.h* are praparod expraaaly for the cure of dhwaaae arWiag from the aae o' marcary *n<! tiie aba?upti<?n of tba different m?'a. r ?ub*ttn-w< They are frtianortead to oar* apaedllr aad permaaently the painter ! colic, load colic, and ail '.be d.ieaaaa that paiaterr. plambera aad wortBMn n metal* are aubjort to, *< wall aa paralyatu, rheumatlim, dyipopaia, **mia?l weaknea*. aad all tho ?a r'am femai* die aaaea I rof Veignia. U?e In venter, aad Dr Heakaeoa, give thmr Kraal attantlon aad t'Haco to all paileata rV ?*? ry asplalaad to ttudeata SNKit'-- PATENT W^^Hl/R. THIS [s A <?* ?Ma waahtub, witbla which 1* a aimple aaatn vaeee for rabMag '.ho rJotbe*. It wilt not .ajure the flaoet fabric, aao will a<* at laact three foerth* of tb* Ume and labor eouuaoaiy empfcyed ia waahto*. ? ia tho oaly ma?blaa for tble purpoea vhl* ataad* tb* tuet of u*0 I'm pfleo !* *o low that It I* wl^bia the roach of erotw family, "poeiataa. *>hiWtod aad rder* reoelved at 267 Broadway L A. HB?D, agrat V H.-llea ee call aad eiam**e "170* LIVERPOOL? UNITED 8TAIW M4.IL STKaU ? *hip ATLANHC, Ja* W**t, comnarler. Tbiaataam ahip will depart with the United Statoa mull for Ear op* poeltively OB W'dneedty, August 8, It 12 o'clock If . from b?r berth at the foot of (lutl *treet. For frair* ' or (Hupi having dd?h|u>H?) kccomin.Mkikmi tot d? (MM kail comfort, appi y to EDWARD K. 00LLIN3. id Wall etreot. hiMD|C:i are reqneated to bo oo board at 10 S A. M. The B A LT1< wl'l eucoeed tb* AtUnti*, ud Mil Aoguat "2 Shipper! will f't'ff*1 toko notice that the eh I pa ol tbia line cannot carry any goods contraband of war. All letter* nuit pan through the Poet offlse; any other* will bo returned. THE NEW YORK ANI) 1JVKRP00L UNITED fcuie* Ball steamers.? The ehJp* eompoalng tbi* line are toe following ? ATLANTIC. Capt, Weet. BALTIC, Oapt. Oomatoek. PACIFR', (ipt Nye. ADRI ATIC, Oapt. Tbeeo nhip* bare bean built by contract, exptesaiy for government service. Hv ery care baa been taken in their construction, a* also In thakr engine*, to ennuro ?t* ?ugtb and apeed. and their accommodationa for pae ?engere are unequalled for ele^enae and comfort. Prloo of paaaags from New York to Liverpool, in flr*t da** cabin, 1130; in socoad da , ITS; ex .'usive use of extra alio state room, $325; from Liverpool to Now Tore. 30 and 20 guineaa. An experienced surgeon attached to each chip. No berth eecared until paid for. PHorOMKU DiTtt or IUIUJ?). taou srw york. from Livmrooi.. Wednesday .. July ?;&, 1855. Saturday.. ..July 28, 1 6*?6. Wedneaday.. Aug. 8, 1M'6. Saturday.... Aug. 11, 1865, Wednesday . . Aug. 22, 1866. Saturday .... Apg. 2f>, 1855. Wednesday. Sept 6, 1866. Haturlay... .Sept. 8, 18.'i&. Wedneecay . .Sept. 19, 1856, Saturday... .Sept. 22, 1866. Wedneaday.. Oct. 3,1856. Saturday.... Oct. 0, 18.'>6. Wed?e-d?y . . Oct. 17, 1866. Saturday ....0:t. 20, 1855. Wednesday.. Oct. 31, 1806. Saturday ... No*, a, 18 >5. Wedneaday .. Nov . 14, 186C. Saturday.... Nov. IT, 1866. W edaaaday.. Nov. ':8, 1865. Saturday .. . . Dec. 1,1856. Wednesday.. Dec. 12,1866. Saturday .... I >oe. 16, 1866. Wedneaday. . Dee. 2#, 1865. Saturday ....Dec. 29, 1866. For freight or paaoage apply to KDW. K. 001. UN. S, No. 66 Wall atroet, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Uversool. STEPHEN RENNARD A CO , 27 Austin Friar*, London. B. G. WAlNWRHiUT A CO., Parii. GEORGE 11. DRAPER, Havre. The owner* of theae ahip* will not be aoviuatable for gold, allver, ballion, apoclo, jewelry, precious atone* or melaia, unless bllla of lading are signed therefor, anu the value thereof therein expressed. ?Shipper* pleaae take notice that the ablpa of thle Hue cannot carry any good a contraband of war. >R UVERPOOI TO HAtl. Otf TUEHIUY, JULY " tb* packet ablp CONSrANITNib. Kor second ER or East n or ateerage paasagts apply on board, at r'er 2U ; river, or to THUS. 0. ROCHE, 83 South at. I7<OR UVERPOOL.? THE SPi-ENDU) PACKET SHIP ? JOHN RUfLEDGE, Captain A. Kalley, will aail on ?dnesday, Auguat 1. For aeoend caoin or aUcr^a pnaaage apply to DEMARE3T A JON KS, 40 South atr??i, corner Old ahp. FOR LIVERPOOL. ? THE BLACK BALI. PAOKEl ship HARVEST (JUEKN, Captain Yuuui(, w.ll poii tlrely autl on the tut of August. Thin ? hip ha* superior accommodation* for all claaeea of paaaeagera. lor lcrm< apply to JACOB Wll.^ON, 108 south street. ZI.1NE OF LIVERPOOL PACE EI?. ? PACKET JULY 31. ? The splendid new and faat sailing packet ship AK< TIC, Capt. Zerega, will poaiUveiy aan on Tuesday July 31, her regnlar day. The accommodation* for all claaaen cf paaasngers are unsurpassed, the second cabin being aplendldly fitted np with private rooms to aecom modate small families lAtly application* to secure bertha .hould be made on boar 1, at pi*r 14 East river, or to TAPSCOiT A CO., 08 South street. For Havre via Southampton.? the vander bilt European line of steamship*.? The drat olass new steamship ARIEL, 2,300 tons, lAfevro, master, will leave New York from pier 30 North river, foot of Cham bora -tree*, at noon precisely, on Saturday. Aug. 11, for Havro, calling at Southampton to land mails, paaaingera and apeclo. I.rit class passage to Havro or Southampton 1110 IMM " ?* ? 80 The Ariel will be followed by tb* North Star, Sept. 1. The owner of theao vessel* will not b* nooountabl* for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, prociena aton** or metal*, unless oills of lading are aignod tbarefor, and the valae thereof therein *? praised. Specie and goods taken at usual rate*. No freight received aftar noon ol tbo day before aailing. No berth secured soul paid for. letters, prepaid 18\ cent* per half oc., will be received at the office up to 11 A. M. of the day of aailing, and wi'i carried in atrong India rubbar bags, nndarlock; and on nrrival at Mutb ampton and Havre, will bo immediately deposited in port ofticea there. Pare*]* taken, *acb prepaid, one dollar and upward*, nisi) DATm or nuuxu. mon mrw tokk. num tuvna. Ariel Aug. 11 Nortn Star Aug. 11 North Star.., Sept. 1 Ariel ..Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 22 North Star Sept. 22 North Star Oct. 13 Ariel Oct. 13 Ariel Nov. S North Star Nor. 3 Anal Nov. 24 The** staamships ar* elasseib^ 1 at tb* inrarnnc* offlces, and apecie and gooda will H insured la tbam at as low rat** *f premium as in any othar iteamihlp* that crnse tb* ooean. Tot freight or paaemge, apply to D. TORRANCE, No. ft Bowling Green, Now York. SUMNER, MONrANTA URAI'FK, No. 26 Rue N. D., do* Vlctoir**, Pari*. CHRYST1E. SCBi/K-4-MANfA'A 00 , No. 27 Qua! Caaimir Dalavlgn*, Havre. Bremen, via aoiTHiicrrox.? thk united Statea mail ?t?am"li!p WASHINGTON, kXAvendy. commander, will Mil fur Hnmeo, teaching at HouUiamp Urn, to land the mail* and piunpri (or England an I Franco, on Saturday, Auguet 11, i( l'i o'clock M , from pier 37 North river. Price of puiifi from New York to -outhemptcn or Bremen ? In Hut cabin, main an loon ...9130 In firat cabin. lower aalooo 1 1U !o a* end obis M An experienced aurgeon 1? attached to each atoamer. Specie delivered m Havre er I,oo<!on. All lettoremut paaa through the Poet Office. For paaaage or freight ap pi J to C. H. BAND, agent, 11 Souto WiiUam atreet. The etetmer Hermann will eaeoood tbe Wa*iiington. and eall September I. fTWE UVmi-OUL AND PHILADELPHIA HTKAlCatP J (Jompany intend nailing their favorite atoamehina? CTfY OF MAX "HESTER 'J12i ton*, Capt. Wylio. CirY OF BALTTHORE, (new I 2,838 too., 'Apt. ? . CITY (if * AttiHNGTON. do 2,700 ton*, Capt. H. Uitoh. Saloon (M), l'J>. and itb, according ? e atate room* A limted nun.ber of third cLaaa paaxoager* will be taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and foaad m Krlaiona. m Philadelphia. .... 930 ) Tnm liver pool 940 I'irtlee wlahinf to brine oat their friend*, can obtain oertif cat** of pa*>ag*aau dra/ta on Liverpool, in aaoia of ?1 ater'.lng tad n [ ward* Appl y to HA M I EL S Hi TU, Agont, 17 WaJnot atreet, Philadelphia, and No. 7 Braad way, Now York. The steamer calhoun, about aoo tons bi p.. then, will leave the foot of Twelftn e'.reet, Eaat r.vvr, on Wedntaday, Anguat at H o clock, A. M , for Halifax. Cap* lire ton, I*nn"a Kdeard l?!ana a, and Newfoundland. w1t?j a party of ladiaa end gent ennn to be pr?*ent at the laying of tbe aubmartne te'egraph ca ble, to i onneet C?pe Brotoo with Newfoundland. Price for the excuralon, ene hundred dollar* Pereon? who wiab to avail tbemeelve* of tbia opportunity tu partici pate in one of the moat delightful eicerviona of tbe eta */>?, will pleaae app.y at once to WM. II BROWN, 'oot ot Twelfth atreet, laat river; or Peter Cooper, 17 liar ling aiip. T."ViK I AIJfoHNlA- PAHKAO?". IM -I I RillKK J? duettoa o' faro*.? Now York and I'altfornia atoa? ?hip Line, via Nicaragua Acceeaory Traneit < ompany, ?f Maragua, proprietor*. ? Through in advance of the ?ail ? 1 00 & ilea aborter than any other route, avoiding the deadly I inaaa fover, and two nulea of dangerou* boating In Panama Ray. Ratea of fare through to Han V ranclaco, .aciudleg the Isthmua croaa ng ?Pint caV.n, 917t; eecond cabin, 912$: ataerafo, 980. The aplendtd double aagme iteamahi? DANIEL ffFf rot, 1,800 toaa burden, lactam Tumor, will leave pier No. 3 North river, at 3 o clock P If. procleely. for Puata Arenae, ot, Monday, A or. <>, 1M8, eonaecUng w.ta tbe ateamahlp -I erra Nevada, J.Vu ten a burdea,ovor tbe Nicaragua rraa ?it route, having but twelve alle* of load trauporta tioo by ftratcla** untai'l. Per .nforcr.att in or par aar? at the reduce* ratea, apply only to ClftRI.Krt MORGAN, agent, No. : i Howliag <>r*en latter bag* made up at the office. Stamped lotter* taken for ?>? eon'e each. BEnt'fTO PRICKS -100 l.m. BA(X.AOE PttKtt? I Kour hour* from ocean to ocean by Panama rail roal. No e*po<ure *x> tropical ?un and raina No walk mg in the mod around ahoala and rapid*. A1) river fover and aguo. No cholera on t hi* ro i> Thnagb for all forma via Panama Railroad. The United state* Mali Staarmbip 'Company will ilea patch ftr A*p.n wail "o Monday, Atigaal ?, at two o'clock. P. M . precisely, from pi tr foot of Warrwo atroot, .'?rth rivar. tbe new and I aplendid iteamahip f ? K' i K ' ?F! J.AW, 'i.&O"! tona burtboe Peeeangera awl mail* will bo forwarle<l by Pana-aa railroad, and connect at Panama with tbe Pace- Mail ' .-Vamabip <>vnpaay'a magniff >nt atoamahip John I. Stepkena, 8 0u0 t?? bnrthm, Wm. l atp^lga, com mander, which will bo in rea>! n?? and kt?ina? ': atoly for Sa* 1 -arciaco Tbe puhlifl a*e^tn/ormed that the PaciHi Mail rt? amahip i cmpany alwaya na?? on* or more eitra etaemer* lying at Panama, rtady tor *oa to avoid aay poaaibl* detention of eaaaonger* or maRe | for paaaag* apply to I W RAYMOND at tbe '?oly office | of the i ompaay *, 177 Waet euaot, corner of Warrea. a ctfTRAU *? noNin !J*E? CaUKTIXO rift. U. A. N MaU ?The new and boaati/al clipper ahio 1 rTa< "K SKA, l? ? a to nam m oow at her berth, p4or % > R, ?tii poonivoif ?? m or Mm lot BMtemwr fk* | aw? mmodaUona for a i m tod eambor of peeaengere are on tbe moot approve*, p'-a'ip'^e for Ught. veaUUuoai j aad opaafort beia<r a. I eo 4eea Tta ?u-caa- ef *?e ?*> aoor Uao aloe* i to Bret eoUMa'. moat foor yeara ago i< , porhap* nnprecodeatod-ao eerioae aml4?M having o- j mtfM, aa?l no -iaiai i.a> .ag b~n maA* M ttM iaoo ranee oArae, whtlet aaoaf the tkouaa ad* of pa*eea?*r? ' aboolotoly no rckaeae ha* boon known. Tbe ad res tageaof employ lag ftrrt claeo ahlpe aad oip*riea?ad ?ommandet* it Aeawnwtratod by the f' tewtng ivnuia Wo poeeeco*, nevwt e^aaBed from tola oountor -cttpe ftoeaa Hte^. to daya Hylag -*oad. 7* dava W.adward, ; (7 day*: Nigh ting ale, 74 day* Qertr-ed*, to daya fVe HlacA Soa will bo eaccoeded by '.ta Zipper bart Vim rod, on her third vog ago, to a?J oa or b^ore let <4 Or tober. Tbe feat aailtog eblp Vaadaba for Hy<iaer, wl>b mmodiate diopateh, naw toadiag at ptor IX E. K lev fr?'|bt or paaoege aaAty ea beard * % IT W.TAMWvtN, Wm laal<l <*mm. 1;<? iiavak. a ani) nvw qmxank.? ntK c n. H | eteamehlp I Ail a* ft K ? -hafeWt, eowi maado*, *UI waaaaeo reca,-. .ng frotfbt oa Moaday, ?o? .rt 6, aad |ai! fJnaa p?ev T. BorUi nvev at 12 M, preciaeir. oe >?dey ignit 14 |l ITOCWW 'XfrlWS k CO , JI Rroafwa j wnppwo. "pVEBPAtCH IINE M>K BAN rRAKCUSO-OL'AR.VN I / tee- -jo avl ob or before Wecneevlay, k-t-?t IS.? Tpe celeerated riipper ahip OMAN rULKJRAi'lT, WtlMa, Miter. la sow r?,iM?)y landing at p er 10 Suit rrver,

and will poeitlve ly aall ?* above. Hhlppera art pir'.tiu tailj requested to Mod thilr freight prompt'* on board, and complete theu engagement* ?y Wecaeecar, Um Hth of Aufukt, handing ib :^?ir biil* of lad ng for e.gna tan. Tht* faaaou* clipper made t?e une<\euied ran (rem Call ao to New Yon lb Sfty tight daya, ntabii?hiog n rvpntation for tailing q ualiue* nnaurpaaaed by any *blp afloat. The magnificent A 1 fir*', ell'.u clipper *btp RED (J A I NTLKT, Andrew*, mailer, will fellow, at as early day nwemnU ui uo? m?king at Uy v-a'ile rate# -THON k CO., 68 .South atreet, oorner V> all. FOR Mil BOURNE.? lUPETEs'DtN r MUTOAL line, to aaii 'atuidey, AogueV 4 ? 1 be apleodid A 1 ellpper ih!p MKrnOI oUH, T u. Jay, <*>romaait?r, will positively cieer on Saturday, 4th prox. Ail KOJdi muit be on board by Wednesday, the lit. ThU ahrp ha* in parlor accommodation* for a fen in ire flrrt and aecond cabin paaiengera, for whirl), or tr?wbt, apaly n buri. at pier 17, tilt river, or to MAIlXMt A: i-ORD, 10$ Wall (treat, or ARKKL k El.l IUT, 14" I'aarl atreet. Sblppar* will piaaae send in their bfUe or lading (or >lgnat are, and clear thm gooc'n at the ruatom bone*. C1URACOA AND Sr. THOII VS.? T1TE HC ltW 8TKAM ) er VICE ADMIRAL RYK, eill eafl between the above perte. an follow* ? 1'rom Cureooa on the 12th and 27th of each month: from tit. Tbomae, after the arrival of the European steamer*, hot no* UUr than tho ftth and '20th of each month. ; rice of pe***fe-fl'it ctaie, 50 guilder*, and throe guilder* per day for maala; deck Siaage, -6 guilder*, and one guJiler pier day for meala. ildrra and eervanta hall price. KieighV of apeele aud bullion, one-quarter per oen .. Consulate <i?uenl of the Netherlands, New Y on, July 23, 106 ft. UP. MAII. STEAMSHIP COM "ANY. ? >X)R HAVANA s and Sew Orleans.? On rhuraday, Au^ua* V, at - P. M., from plar foot of Warren street, N. R., the wall known and favorite c.eamship UR\N ADA. Captain fl. P. Uiiffia, will *ail aa above. Passage san be acured at the Company'* office. 1'relgh*. to <'tw Orleans :W> cante per cubic root, received Monday. July 30. Shipper* will be supplied with blank billa ot lading of tho form ?ignetl by uie Company, on application at 'heir o*<lce. No other forma ai|rned, and no bill* of will be ligned after the hour of *ai!ing. Tor fr*igbt or paaiage apply nt the office of the Company, 1T7 Weatatreet, corner ef Warren. M. 0. ROBERF3. TJ'OR SAVANNAH AND F!.< >RiDA ? UNlTrl? STATK8 1/ null line ?The new ar 1 elegant attamahlp Al. V BAMA, Captain (George R. S.b<a':k. will leave New Yerk forSnTannan on Hataraar, Aair. 4, from pier No. 4, N. R., at 4 o'clock P. M. Hill* of ladlxg ngne i on bo<wd Kor freight apply on board, or fur i ?autre M XAUVEL 1.. MIT< 111 I.I., 1.1 ilroadeay Kor Horiiia, through t'ck eta from New York to JackaoDtille, ?".l I'ilatka, The KaaiTllie, Captain I ' D. I ud.ow, wiJ luxmj, and leave oa Snturday. July SB, ER CHARLESTON AND ft ORIDA? l-WEKK'.Y ( nlted sta'.er ma.l line. ? The new and fan go:i>* ler MARION, W. Foiter, comintnder, w. 11 )?.?* pier Nc. 4. North river, ti Saturday, Augoat 4, at 4 o'clock, P. M , precinely. For freifrlit pply on board, where^U bill* of lading will be ai^nad. and for ptaaagi , at the office of HPOKFOKD. TIOSTOWN -V 00 , 29 ;ir?*d way. Through tiekutn to Vlorida, aa followa ? Te Jac aonviOe, $31 , to Pilatka, $33. J^OR NORFOIJt, PETKRSm Rw, AND RICHMOND.? < the United 4utee Mail ceamer HOAKCK K, T inner, commander, will leave Pier 13, Nona near, on Wedneedaj, Aag l.tft 4 e'eloea P. M.; will arrive at Norfolk the Beat afternoon, at I'eWraberg aad HieUmood the following Morning. Prom ^orfeft. paeeengera fer the South proceed by railroad direc)^nitu throng b ticket* from Weldca te Wilmington, ORn**ton, fee CnUa pnaaage and far* to Norfolk $h - to Pnterabnrg .iad Riehmead $10; to Lynchburg $14. LliDl.AM * PIJCA HANTS. 92 Broadway. N. B ? Through tlaket* to fie Sprinfi. The Reaaek* take* no faeight for ONBOARD -rEAM PLKASL'BE YAHir PKrREl. AT *ea, off l ong Branch, N. J., July HO, 1H66. ? At u meeting of pleatcre aeekere ea heard iliia flee v*a*al. Charlee L. Chnrch wna called to the chair, and V D. Failing acted M Secretary. The following reeoluJotu were unan oioualy adopted ? Keaolvd, That for pleaiure ?<wkera no finer nor it er craft can be found than the I'etrel Reaolved, That to Com. J. R Terry, for the mtnne- In which be roadncted everything on the trip; to C ilef Engineer V. R. Terrr, Jr , for bia maiterly mun^ge meat of the eoglne to I 'apl. Church, for the auperb balm of tillead rbowcer with ?hi:h we were refreahed to Chap. Jewell, for nl* spiritual rommunlcation*. fr? >iuen*. and oft repeated; and to the "old salt," fui hi* knowledge of the grouoi*. and aieo for hie aoperior (kill in taking ba*e, iikawUe for bi* ai'.e.leat advtoe to yonng Dabermen. A very handwme flahing tackle w? preaanted by the party to Mr Wm. Cony fer the Brit tian taken on thl* ecraalon. The warmeat thanta of thin company are dne, and are hereby gratefully tindered CHAi. I. CHI R' U, I'reaident. Wm. IX I.a Mim, Treaaurer. A. D. Fiiuxa, Secretary. ONE HINDREI) AND FIFTY DOLLARS KOK <*NK Ht*W> room, ?ith two barlha o tha miln atluoa, en itenaier Ariel for llarre, . uk nt 11th, In for inla at L. RRANDFJb a CO., 73 WUilim it FR &AI.E, AT A DWOOI tf-ii FIR-IT < MS* CA '.tforoU ticket, the owner bolng unable to iin It m preaent. Apply at (Jould'i li >>1, 144 Fulton ? ;reat. i?, mediately. FK PETKR801 Hi; AND NORFOLK. ? T1IK HIMAM ?hip ROANOKE. <%ptain (thinner, ta aow loaning at 7'ler 1* N. R , for I'eteribarg and Ncrlolk, aad will lenr# oa Wa4nae<lny afteraoar at 4 o ' lo<-k UHUV k MJMMf fi. K BrW.wnr. BOTKLI AMD RUMJfKK JUCTHJCAT*. BRIHlKS OID STAR HOT KJ , MAS DM MRPENATO ? traet Jlroadwny, on tba Kuropaaa plan ? < tioloa winaa, iptriw, alee, ttftn. kc. . br??*ta?t, dinner aad IttMbM. >.??*l t?<i* ft , aaata and 10 caatt [?r a.ght, or fi aa'l (3 per weak. JOSW'H BROOK-1, I'ropr.-Urr, lata of Cincinnati, and formerly of Manroaetar, Koglan<l High bmdgf. hotel, wb^tohrtkb sidf. Boarding for tba ?unncr ? / ula eatabltahmaat ia new open for Vba at cr pica of parmiaent or trana?eat hoarders. on Uia moat reaaoaahw tenaa Ita tu; ao oaaa to tba city by tba Harlem Railroad erary hoar, and tba tpiaodld aeanery, with too aorta of fruit, randan It oaa or Uta Boat daairable rtaorta n tba rl-la'ty of law York, eapeclally for tba haalib aad aafat y of child; ta 1 1 1 ? ?- JONCK HOMJRI IMF'S ROTRL 107 AMI 7*9 BROADWAT ? Hao'taomaly farnUhad, airy aad itatiy aept apart rntati can now b* obtained, with or without board. o y tha meal. day or waak, aor iad in dla ag or prtrata rooam on tba Boat reasonable Urn, a Kooma rant from %2 to $j0 par waak. So charg* for hatha. S^tw y-RK bay Horn., mi *y Firm jkh. ( aay city ferry, oa Hergaa I'olat piaak road raa moat banntlfnl tninaier reaMenre la tha JUW fialyoi, bathing, boating. IHauera and atippera at aa boar> notlaa I Virata carrlag?a to and iron tba tiouea to rlty. Nov <>pan for parmaaant aad '.raarttat gu?a'? Apply at the bonae, or to Cap lata Poat ntbee, Jar fay ' Ity. ?\j ational Horn. ? washiN'. ion, h ly m, iu> .1.1 ? 1 lav iar >a?*4 tha National lleVil, aa'l .o rd?r to enable it to ha made mora ruaifor^bla, 'a alta-. In prora and rolnrniah It, It w 11 k?> -)oa-d oathalatof Aufuit and ra opanad for tha tocmmxiau >n of *.ua publl' oa tba ZOtD ->pt?ict?ar nait. KM. 01 Y. Smithsonian ho' ~k HtiOar * at, Omvrv tir HararO* Hraan, IIS THK hi KOI KAN Pias Rooma at all pri-aa, from 'A eanta 'o It a day aa>: kowar than any otbar flrv. a'aaa boata la tha -Jtj , a< rommodataa four bund-? ' guatta. .-Diitbaoc aa Hoa?t laatatirant - ?!no? Vo. "ifl Rroadwaj, with pntaia rooir.a aiioin'a^ All tha a?t> itaatlala a^<l lmrriaa of tba ul uia'. at(.o*n town prlcaa. Mni:tb?' nian (louaa llathi - -Vioon for gantlamao Xa. 604 liroadoay, hot, told ?r.d abowar sUoiahM roppar taba.a'l oa? ??l claaa. A> e*aU. (?<liaa ?tr? af atara, No WtRreadway. K'lPMAV HORMfCM, CAJCK1 AOh>M, ?V. AIIAND-OMK I HIIIM T MARI >"R aAlK, mr. jaara old, n'ta*a baata high, kind n ? ngi* or <i,ubW harnaaa, or will ba ?i tuogai fur a g'iol ?'.roig wnrl ng boraa Apply at tha eornar of Woodbull ?tr<w and ilasilton araoBt, Mouth Rrovklyn Iv>r s wx? a Bf'ixvriiri nux>r> bay uh'l aaddla mar a, at yaarat>l4? oaiad aad kiad. la 'julra at SA Tbompaon atraot f'(?R KAlJ',? A Uf.lir BOX WAli'lS. M AliV. BY <>Nr of tba ba?' matara aad warran'-ad It la an! raly a?w aad ?UI ba ao.d iow. Apply at Sr>. Hi lafapatta placa I^'iRi-AIE- A 11AV MARK, f 1 X TKK ^ IMS'' Ifl'.H Karrantad aoan4. t n't aB'l faat I'r.ct $K-'> ?p ply at Ml Waa* Twenty l.fib ?tr??t FO? RAIJt? FOt R BOVtaB ASfi C *KTH, WITH II. goad will of tha wer. of 6?a tba prm-ml owner ,a g< ,ng ia Ui? toaatry. In,., ra ? H?ary V ?a rati, at (hlloa a eotua praaa, sk an<j 10 DarUng ?l'p For kai.k? onf bay a Bfun mi H' >r.-f. w baada b^Mi, aoaad and klad caa trot in 3 10 U> a raad wagon aK>, ? oa Lay m>ra, wagoa aad h?rnaa> Apply at Ik Jay atiwe', eiraar '.f?aawi h I^OR HAl K? AS VI KG AWT f> I', B' II f Bv ? k font of th;a dty aaarly aaw, aa t aaitabla for oaa Or t?o bur-** A.?'J, ao?>gao? I,a'r of ir.a*',ifci b</raea, warranted aoaad aa4 k nJ pply at . JV 7aatb atraat. aart <A tw/m< 1 aaeana T"P Bi WAOO* r<R -All AT ?IW) il 'oat tWft, at O* karty fourth atr~t ba'waow faath aad KWvaatfc aiaaaa*. A VFRM'iRT HOWtH. kt ? TT> V1>.T * fWM'rf. r??a? Morgan bo?Ma a-,-, a-". a*d > ad m aaary way tkraa wf taaaa aia ttry faat tiroUera a pair ft ? ?agaatly aww*ad baya aa-1 araaral aapar^i a^afta horaaa, for aaia at v*rr tew frt/ea. A g?r1 kg at 1 ? , aaat roakaway vlU be iowfii'. for taak or 'taAaagal Ad 'ra-a or apply at >1 Bear ,m itraat, I'rual^n ?t?r A"?TH> mMFf lAT?T T? T*<< nF T R*ni ,ff*t F YT ?baara aad ow# r.?ij?r >c-.i aa4a?Maa4 va??? ? a ?aeaa 4hU alao two bay* ta laara tba tViaatk Irata 1 aad twa ta laara tha w>aelwrt*v t r%to Ale* ?gt, 1 aa a "t aad banteea for ah, ?' tba aaaa'aolort g} ' VnNAll HrU/JKI *?#rwa t/aa* /eraay O y, i*n?c?xm BMtftlT THEATRE--*, A MA WHALL, ?OIJC r !???? l>m o-^n a: l',;wr uaMit 7 V AADutl b?ii?lltc[ tM I'oor eewera ?o 1 illetil, tail lift uigUt o( uie *m?. Ttodl/ etealBtr. Jul? 31, wtli ij# p- 'o. tn?l? . THK IW 'BDKK'.S Wit i Larry 0 Otf. .. .Mi Miruey W.'llaio* O'l LaNNIUAN AND TUh TAIKIK./ ?l a 0 Eleanlgan Mr. IWrner Wiliiame j |1o/<B>ua Mr V.ncaat lUtr'n U-.Ojr Wrifbt | d*ry M ?. llou^L HIDE AVD BEEK. Gapt Holding Mr. Ceo <11 Charlee Mr. <.ro.< .?eaer I "luioa Mr. WUMsg -J|- M;? llougl, | h ... Mr*, ^jtoear lOWIQtY ITIKArHR-l'llOPHICrOB AMD MANAUKit, r " " "i?th. Vricei ?dU, (ieile-y, rj?i/ ji. f K r.f I1EK IN INDIA.' A MODEL OK A WIKK A HAY IN I'AKli PEK8BCUTI D Dl fiTJN.AN. I?OWiatV 1HEAIML? PROPK1ETOR ASID > 1. V. W JCoa, *.*?? MuH?r, O. li-dP* admiaeloo ?ifoitr. v:< miU, Pit, litfSin I2)i c?aU; Prftaui ioiae, IV? Turedajfja ??0. CHHIKfY * WOOD'S MINSTRKla, i'3 Bl'.OAO w ay, abOY^ Or*2'i nrwt. OPEN KVERY EVENING. for Ihir week, htbioplaa M'aatreley, Daooag, **-i w eluding wrt^ t?* A FAVORITE FA ACE. Doera cpea, 6 X, vhhmhmi, 8 o'eioc*. Tickets 2# (Wti Ail ba&lneea trajeacted hy H. Wood. WHITE'S OnOU *008*.? NOVELTY AWDfALCNT of every deacr ption, calculated for '.he e*p<? i'y o' ib.? eatabliabuieat, wilt he liberally encouraged Ap Bllea'loa* mm', be maJe to 0 WHITE prior to tbe open mg HUjo, wbleb will com men -e Uo-*tay, August ft. FRalNKLIN Ml'WM, NO. 63 BOWERY, NEAKl.t o p jkj?1 la tbe rtmrery Tbei. t r?. I'erfonaanrea run afternoon .1, and areaiag at & S. B Mrangera wll ot>eer>e tkat lb* Kr?n*Ua Miiueum la the only place a the I tiled K'atea where lb*- Model Art.atx are exhibited, with ether origin*! ^ntartaiameata. KentatLhei, Na M Bowery. THK Ma MM' >111 TREE OK CALIFORNIA,? TON monarch of the foreat, whot.e hIm hae never Mr a ?qtUkOad, will b# on eibllrttloa tor a ahor: time MttM f'ryntal I'llfr, orevtona to Ite depiutur* for the ''ryetal Pllatait Mydeah*m, I .n* land. Iti heighl *n feat, it a diameter .'IU feat, or nearly liOla -IrrBn/ereara Tba paiBttngH, atatuary, and a rut <'uU?<Htoa other LiirloiitMa-ara atill uo ?xb|!utkon Lk>.r? open fman C A M. until 7. P. M. Admtaaion eenta. ch.Mron half pr'.ca. Holqut aim tbmatbm, baltwom, md.? 1UL AND MH?. W .). Kl fiREM K. lha?? talented iwraonatsn of illl ll ANI) IfASlt ? l CI h'i hare been ln<lu ;e<1 t ? th t'r hrillnut an 1 uopre. eilenteit ?neraea during tin r ?t .ortn <ht, to coBtln le ibair en g ig?n?nt for TDK THIRD WEEK tfurceM la th? gr>at and only pr^clisal tart of talent, and an uBtntamipieri ?ueca**lon .f ? ROW DIJ5 Iior-TM prereH thcra tne moni tilente 1 and popular utarx in '.heir pa:ulltr llaea to th" t'sioo. l~he taroo ia Yaiikea a?n<, ?? UORBINO ARi il'ND," la alghtl; re aivad with acreana of applaura The rorla and muair of thin aoog war* written et preaalj for Mra Kloranca by her huabeud, to ?b >m it eaclukivtly belocga. I>ARNEY WILtJAM-5' D^MATK I'dEMICMl? MO > tice.? la <?! mpUan-e with lha wlaltia of eevtral eompatitara for the prlzea ottered by Mr. Wllliama for tbe Mat ona, two, th rea or Ore acc piasaa, auitabla to Mr. and Mro. Harney William*, tba oomm ttaa hara de Urunotd to ax'and tba tirna of receiving ir?nu?eript* until A i. gnat II, lht&. FRANKLIN MISEI M, NO. W) BOWKRT,? TIWDAV aftersoou and eTenio/, and ia?t day ><ut three of thereaaos, ia for the benefit of M ?a Kaany i'o <??, when oeer llfty MM ia?llj? wi!l appear, ta'e "M'Miel Ar tlatea, ' aad other ecUirtalauenla. FOR HALE? f *00.? A MOST I'OI'UI.AIt AND PRO Htable enbiMtioa. It baa beea presented ia thrae citiea with 'ilatm^inkhed anceeaa. Satiafaotory raaeoaa will be |fiTfa why the Breaeat oener la detirou* or d a pr.alog of tba aanie. Addraaa K. 0. J , I'ailadeipbia ! eat Ofl ce. " " ' MCWMMWH "" XCtRfflONS.? THR WELL KMIWN *\).\WvA E AMKRlt a, and barge 00XAA<'k*!E Vo let for aicnr i. Kor part'euiara aad maaiag euati aioaa. Kor part'eoiara aad making cuatracta, ra^^u.reof C'aj-t. Levi Krellgh, oa board a'uaaaaar America, foot ?f Jay itieet. IUCV'RtfN/N Ri.tiAriA OF THE NEW YoKK YACHI j Club ? Tb* rtgatta of th* '<?? York Ya-bt <\tb will lake pla** al t.l*nCo??, on Kitda/, Augoat .1. To* vteatcer CRUToS W. M ?my, nvttr, will Ink Ni? York from fork Blip, Auguat 3, at 8 A. M , tourbiag ut )'nu.? ? tloeh, Wtilt??Um*, aa<) will laud bar fw<io??ri at ;)*n Cot*. Raturoiag oa the ?*ma t ay, aba wtlJ laaae (?Ian Cot* at at*.jt nix P. M., fur Wbltea.oaa, 1'rlroaa I'o-? and Saw York. Th* Write ami (juan did iteaaaer ULKN GOVS, Captain John Germain, will leat* i *ck (Up, Saw York, Anguat 3. ai W>, A. M , for ti)*a ' ore, ai?l will arrive th*r? n tlm* for th* raw. Tbl? itHi?r will touch at OUa Cora, aad taking M b pa?a*ng?r* at may wtab to witnraa th* race, will ac-em pacjr tha rarl, t? inttl 2 o'clock I' M, ? I, on , ? ? * 1,1 touch at (iltn Cora aail retuja to V*w York. arrirla? tharoat I'. II. (>o Uia arrival of 'b* Cratoo at (ilaa Cot*. at* elal b* at t'ua diapoaal of tha i?m<alt'.?e of arraagamaata. aad auch of b?r p?r-?o/ara a< ma/ ? ub to attond tha race will be takas by the ituni'r (?l?a Oova So freight will bo takaa oa tbaa* trip*. I'ar* to <il?a Obva, of cent* Fare from (iiaa '.?i*e ?? ?c? topaty th- r -hU, M oaata Kara from 'Jlaa '^?e t" Saw York, 33 , c* n?a. Tha atatmar Croton will tu* paaaaegara from Men Co** to WhlleeVoae, Irunaa Dm* ao<l New Yark en har return at 0 1'. M I>XO KSlONd TJ T1IK KMHlSi; BANKS. _ TUB j ataain'r G'lT.lJhN UATK, (attain <'baria? An>r xa. (former!/ Captain of tba ataainar laura Kaapp. ; will ?Mtiaua har '"guitr trip* || tb* lUaka aaarr da/, (fundari ricaptad.) Wring Amoa atrwat at 7 o e!> ? a M spring street,!* 1 , ; Vntv.o farr/, ftroikl/n, 7 f l'*ek Mip. S Urooaaa atrext, piar J North r.?*r, > Hahing tack!*, bait aad trfr^ti&tata f.irn.tbe-1 on hoard. E r o *y*+ V ? . ntari aa M ran ? wa n-HIN<i HA'< KM ? TlfK WTKAMWIAf HFV.i'1 RY, JP (ap'.aia Richard V*taa, will laara for < )>a K.ahla< Haaka a?ar/ da/, (foa 'a/ *i3*pt*d.; touckla/ at Korl Han. Itoa aaeb ?ay, from tba followiag pla:*a, i t ? Jack* d ?traat, K h , 6 o'clock, Sooth Iblr<l atra?t Wuliamat'org, t, i, o'clock. Folioa atraat IU> ekl/a, 1 o'?k>:k. I'ack alip, . o'cU>ck Cnnard Wfcu f Jataa/ ftj? "V o'clock, ^(.rtDK atraat. .S. R.. H c clo-a piai No. 4 M. R , ?> ?, o'clock y lah.Dg t*c?'o aad halt far alahaO oa boA'd I'oUUoe baad ac< rupaataa tkaa boat aachtr.p. >aiiSUr?g4. G1 BK.AT ATrRAf-TIfN I ? liRANP B00MW n? TlfK r r?k.J? llaaka, CD Catur la/, in laj a?id Tut* tj Jul/ and .'ll at? Kara 40 ??ata b? IM .a'a ao>( xmrao^loua doubla aaflaa ataaoiar MAH4ACIIl*4Cf fM, K It Hauka. rommao.'r. I^avlaf par foot of K,a< ?*.r?a*. at ^ o clock ai. 1 jl?r No > !?oi ih r tar at ? A M >iah.aj U kit and la.t oa boasd A baad o I aauatc WIM r?o la atUnJai a. All tha tlcacta auld oa lj*larwlll t# aua barad A r<,m mttaa will 'a a;,po ot?l b/ tha }.a-ari?er> an>! tit* hol lar of a carta. a aumbar will ra ctirt a B.a(B.(ic*at (oil watch, with guard aad ka/ 1>'?sn'0sni ON AO'ilW THt WH1UW - McKielight at \tr?:oo up lha ll ilaoa n?ar. Tkii w.ll ba tba ia "at i'i,<bt'ul ?? oraioo of tha aaa*. u Th* Ma?aach a*tta baa a ilanciog aa U*.a ll'i Vat I- ng Th* ?af> act c >Din<odtr>tt doubla -ng i.a a)*am>! Ut "it'll I v' IT F. R. llanka, ?<jrj>ri.a/vtar. will a< Ha aicorileo aa a bora, oa liaada/, Jult il. 1M'> (w*a lh*r p*rm t! ng, ) I'atlo^ >ort>? rl??r, 7 >t Hrorrtoa, I mj ' r.*ar, I, l iar J, Nortn n?*r, a , Marraf, North ruar, 'J Jataa/ 'It/ (Cunar<l a l>o-.?,i '? , Asia ? traat, Worth mar '"j. Kafra*h?aan'^ to ba> had > a '?ott 1 'Jrl/t th a '?labrat* i m.Ltar/ aod , ladrllW bao : w-.n ho a atVB'lan a TVkata II , fiurftt og a g*a . a man aad two ladi*a, to b* tat at th'- prla^.pal t>o'.*]?. I>RfcHir?i ut< CNM ru tbi. VMBW ramic - I ** loUar* pramlum ba p?, ' b/ tb* aWaanar ( K"TO^ to tha par?< i ? .?b?.! rta'.-b tta 'argaat fiab, aad *i.a diJtr U> tb* parw o who aha, I c*tck tli* iaa'1 ?at rah TV a ar.i?r !I1 faa' aad aafa a*a a'aaitnar w|U mak* a trip to 'h* tablng fcaaka "? Ttiurala/ Aug in a aat.til a> foil' "a - 1 IT lOH aLr?*t. > R , 7 A H Oontwraeer afreet, 7 >4 f?- talip 1 ^ ?r n g atraat . R , * Robiaeue atiawt, a ^ l"*r Ne |, S " , * S It* fr*ahm*ats, (labia* t*-k>e aad WK fa relabel oa boar 1. A baa : >f " jaic will *-'? npaa/ tba U^t. Hb* will mat* *o tr.p oa Irida / o' thaa ? **a b-jt will r*a ima ?.*r tr1^a aa r:a y a i *-i I u**^a/ aa<l f/Ma/ ef aatt wa*a N ft,? Tb' *laar*ar ' r?t?B ran ba - barWr* t fiw ? t ?r? i,%m fm wbicb har atra aad ?p?a^ k?r p*^ iliarl/ ttkad Ajpi/ f? * <? I/* >.?(*>&, <7 ? .th atrwet.of te tba cap'-aw ' n boa/'l X'A'irr rxwHMoiri ? o* i? hihku bt -ifi J la/ ?r week a r*a*oaable tarni a 'eat aa a^ /acbt, ef at- it fen/ U.oa, wtlh pleaaaet eat ?n. ar. (?*<1 aNaita?lt' or.a, for par *w ar *l* '? Appl/ ua >'*ar<l, at tb* foot of Marrow atreet, Jt*r*.h r"*r WK I bttto*. <*pt, a IHAVKU.KIU CM II>?. Cm Af FAR* ON TJO H':nf B?mT '?n th > rtter lor Alvaa/ aad Tre/ -Far*, Ba.; Mkt 2*c. , a'at* ra*?at, ftO* Tba aitee'lal atwa-rrr MM, 'apt. Hanaea iaa*a* anrtb >4 Mia* * atreet |-* ararj ? *a*-%/ rka-a<U/. aad faadar a! ? I M ar > < M ,V|R ?(Mt :. ,.A.Si. A.-4, >. 1 ? HA If: T? * -flit ?taaaa?r <>(ir*a.i Baae* '??? Tart aa fetlew* ? ?set wf Aaeaa atreet at A If aa4 li% a*< IK F. If p*er font uf ' |ra? ftra*t a ^ a M llKea||i( r M Ne ? ?"*ta *ta*r- at lb A M I a *4 4 F ? laarbf (]*??/ fatead. laet trtp at ^ r M I are W '? ?par lauut' aad fort ilaaetlie* aad te Ne? Twt. M ?eate fea half prtee for ab.ldrea V. I. F"Y P<i W A bit F?/KT HA*. I T?iN ? THF N'fw aad fe?*. (Waabaat kf.ThiFI bane .4* Yo> a, e' Karre/ ?trae*, 4adi/ ? eadape eiawywd, at 4 *???? JUrpm* at 1m ?u* ?*???? K*/pa>rt at e alaak raaaa 4Mn?a ef affta< Ma of tba meet k*aJtb/ Bad kaat batkiag pta*?e la Aa n *kan/ of New T?v* ?C. tad II at Ka/pert. amd ^i-n-M m*a ?aa be ta '?w YatH k?? ?* A. M a MM 4 F ? I> ' I?* ? *?*t FOB AIDANT, 1.4?fDIN<? AT Xl Yea* or* Waal FotaA, NewVar|, f o .gb.*.,- . Qb4b IS aad lt*daa*. Moat* aerred aa baurd Tb* ibteai lirrvt/ttHJT'f, 'apt I g*j!*r trtae frowi New Yoft ta AIM) -m if**, Ja/ *m paar ?my Mb *ia/, Bedaeeda/ aad Frt4e/, at 7 a ?kr*a ? * arrlalag at AAaBr BteebrUMaM. IU?, .il leave Al ?/ *'*r/ T?ew"*/, TkaraBa* aad av.f.t, ?*r f.r ' parWulara a'tUta at BVS W?r. a?.rawt aev Ja/ . N IBLOU Oa?U..N ? UK. BURTON, that frtat *u-l In ailabl* actor, will a) >/<?.? is c a <v U4 !UM *hl? rcMiui Kvkhiwo Ji l* 31, 1W8 Pai I. I*KV. ' ?ui Prj. . . . ? ... i'.i. H.iM > liarry S?anl*y M. (?. Joria ? Mr. Pnbtl*.. Mr*. Kranr* | bi M r*. o? DKKIW OK UHKAKKUJ. MifK. Mr Krljlit Vu'.uo Mr. rr*mur Mr. Moor* | vu!f*m Mr ilslcoat Mr*. 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Tba mu*i* by Mr. Ala;a Iflald, <* I < *? do* A'nlrlaf tho*?an<l? algbtly t**Mly that t??U la larg**t, awl lnt*ra*ting aad olajraat NttrU.>MM N*w Yort. Ita i*e. ??*? ba* barn moat woarftofu. Vdiuairicn. A wtu< W.\LLACK>STHBATKK-Tt MDaY.JCLY l*r, lkia. Ir?nrb vbu')w?U'? ii?bt, IhlN n?* |i*??a. lour a-t? UvMtanf. Ht. Antrouy, ob?f d'oronxty, Mr. I xnbHu. lo !."? lltui font eulotto*, p< -'iau? **>o Mlltiijun an ui acta, par Mr. M?r*au ?*> I Htl n l'< 4ui*'.ii(u*?, >audaTilk< *u itaui aatao, pr Ur I'naaa oolr. .a coi?p?irnl* rntli r<- Jnn*ra ilaua ' ?"?> ( ? ??. Jo. Indiana *t ' 'hari*ui*gii*, vku-UtiJU no aa i ?/ M . Ilaynr'1. On wnmri < ?r? a S b*ur?a. I?a t raaai it ineatun *?ront uur?it? <!? H A. M a 4 P. b V?ir I'afl cb* da j*ur. METROI-0UTAN IIIKATKK - KA< 11KI., tba ?iinbrnt I rtinh tr?*? um (<i : portal by a (.oinpan; ol l'arixtan artitVa, ? .1 tn??* t c but bo tba l*i of S?pt*nit.?r. R K I K KTOI ? K . Ijsr TRA<;ki)|JW IIUIU' ?-l anO 1 i.NT ? .MIIP liiK.UKK, IIAJA/Kr an ! 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