Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1855 Page 3
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of Bnl|wtt?i. The Board m#t at 4 ?'?look P. M. Preeeat OomnlA eioaers Verplanck (la the chair), Ouii|u, ComMp, Kelly, Morgan, Purdy, Garrtgue ut Keaaody. MFOB MB At WAIID'fl HLAflP. A spccial meeting of the Board tu held in the morn W. U take laU coaiidermUoa the Manifold deScleaeie* i" Ua government of Ward'a I/U?d Strange ta M y, although the lubject U of tba utmoet importance ta Uw public, an ijuwlif bow tba bueiaeea affair* of tba Coauni*aione?* have beea managed the meetlag tu bold at a time when the reporters could know nothing ?bout it; and whan Commissioner Gar-igue moved, laat evening, that tba m In a tea of the epeaial meeting be read far public information, tba motion tu overruled, with aa tTidtnt desire to keep the matter secret. Our reporter learca that a aotn plate change In the medical departaeeat ww reaolved upon, but what it wa* he U unable ta a ay. IjMit ??enio{[ the following interesting report wm read, On the eubject of retrenching the eip?nse? of the Com mtaaiea, acd wa* ordered to be priated. The resolution* appended were art opted. By the adoption of the repxt one bundled and fifteen person^ are discharged from the employ of the Commiesioners, which will make a Having at nearly >1 ,0<0 par month. Here ii the report ? Nkw York, August 1, 1856, Your aptciil committee to whom g;n referred the eonalderation of the expenditure* ol Tne Board, with the view of s?ee;taining if Mid expenditure* could by any proper meant be fastened, eo aa to cans* th?m to fall with la tbe limit* of the revenue, would respectfully re That tliij have |iTM to the ?ubjcct to referred to them that ctuileratlon ud it'Mtioa which its im portaac* demand*, and report In part. th* following as the Ms nit ot their deliberation*: au-J first, your cost mittee asstinsd that all expenditure* were referable to eoc or other of the following classee, Tls., food, labor and metUciee, Their deliberation* have therefore been directed to the investfcatloB and answer of the follow ing question Can an j plan be d*viaed, and carried i?t? effect, in these three department*, which will tend to bring our expenses within the limit* o> our revenue ? And alter a thorough and patient investigation of the <4 ueetiou so propounded, jour committee feel fuli/ war ranted la giving aa aaiwer in the sfflrmative, believing that proper reforms in the*e different item* of expeaii ture would not only accomplish auch a re*ult, hat the chtngee neceeeary to carry out *uch reform* would he an ebiolute benefit to the weliare of Uuxe placed under our charge, while at the aaiue time it would effect all in a financial point of view, that a pro per spirit el economy would dictate a* our duty in the p remits*. .... a la present's* to you the*e plat* of reform, and our reasons for believing in their efficacy to accomplish the abject contemplated, we would treat them in the following ortler: *irst? Whet can be done la the labor department to make it contribute la accompbthlng the above object!' la reply to this inquiry, your committee believe much, Tery muoh, caa be done; and. Bret, they would reoom mead the entire abolishment of all sinecure offices. Se condly, the substitution of the later of the inmates, where labor is required, and where they are capable of performing it, thereby rendering unnecessary theenor moui CMii outlay which is at pniMt p kid for inch U* jbor. It may ceem strange that therr should he any aineeure office* under a board coastltu'ed as thia is; but, atrange aa it may appear, yoar committee are satisfied that tt is xavertheless true. For Instance? many of the office -i for which salaries are paid, are of such a Itiad that the duties connected with them are either nominal or could be performed just as well by those holding offi ces which ate actually necessary. And your committee are cltarly of the opinion that the interest* of the hoard would not in the least be jeopardised by such a combination. In reference to employing the labor of the Inmates, maay cogent reasons might be assigned: and your com mittee think the following would be among the practical results of such a course:? . , 1. the inmates would receive a practical knowledge or maay thing* of great Importance to rbem, of which there Is much reason to preaums they are almost entire ly igaotant and such knowledge would undoubtedly tender them much more serviceable to those who mignt Mnplcy them, and ultimately result in great benefit- to 2. Labor tttelf would, perhaps, abot% all other means, tend te strengthen and develope the physical powers, and enable them to use superior tothjse diseases which inaction and tte peculiar circumstances of a sea vjy age reader them so liable to. 3. Employment would tend to prevent the formation of ladoUnt" habits in those who are disposed to indnf try, whiie at the same time It would teed to form habits at industry in such as are disponed to be ladoleat. The attainment of these objects is of vast import vnoe to both us and tfcem, a* otherwise they wouli coatutue to be a burthen tc us lor ths whole of the period for which we ace legaUy bound for their support, and afterwards pg the counties of the iitate. The mere mention of the above reason*, without any illustration. It is believed Is sufficient to carry convic tion to the mmos of al'. in regard to the importance of employing tAe.r labor to the farthest extent possible. To temale imu.'grants, especially the knowledge obtained by using their labor in cooking, and other household duties, would be of the utmost value. The klad* of food ace the ptopsr msaner of preparing them for the table, should be a hubject of Immediate attention to th?t class of ImmigrauU, also hablli of order and cleanliness, in which they ate generally so deficient, would also be ac quired. Abu jast In proportioa to the amount of Infor mation that can be communicate! to the immigrant on thete eubject* will our liability for their support be lossnnfi Too much cannot be said, nor can too mush be doae, in order to have them employed, whether ft Is viewed as a tanitary, moral, or finaacial reform Idle ness U the prolific pareat of both bodily and moral die ease. The voice of nature Is aa loud aad explicit aft that of God ia promulgating the law that " those that will net work, should not eat." lHsease and immorality ere the inevitable consequences of its transgression. While the above observations are true in geasral of all the human family, they are particularly so ia regard to that class of person* who ordinarily come under our care. They conaist, generally, of that class of persons who have never enjoyed opportunities of mental, or. perhaps, even moral culture, and whose character and ooaduet. a* a matter of course, will be controlled by habit. Let habits of Idleness be once formed, and thsir itnetlnj foe evil may be considered as fixed. It would, theiefore, be better to have them employed, even If no i advantage would result to us from their labor, than to allew them to form habits of ladolenee. M they find that they can obtain all the required means of subsis tence without any effort or labor on their part, but by simply claiming it from as, tt la no; to be expected that thev would adopt any other coarse. The meaas or preeeat subsistence is all that this elaaa of persons usually deelte; and if that is attainable to aa high a de nby a mode without their own effort aa by one with t is reasonable to suppose that the former method will be adopted. Our present plan of giving them a living without requiring anything from them as aa equivalent, seem* unnatural? giving, aa it were, a Pre mium to aJoth aad Idleaee*, aad inducing such habits or indolence as will naturally tend to maae them graduate* la oar penitentaries and State prisoaa, the ultimate abodea of those who will neither ?? work uor waat. If labor is requited of the immigrants a* a condition for sup nvting tfcem, it will operate as one ot the most power fol motives to provide for themselves by their owe efforts, and will be oae of the moet effectual barrier* la preventing their return when dUm ?s>.d from our oar* as there is much reason tj believe that a P*e*t maay return to be a heavy burthen upon us, who, had they been aware of the fact that they would be obliged to work tor their (upport on their return, would never for one moment entertain the idea of returning. It 1* the knowledge that they lan live ju*t a* well, and per hap* better, without work thaa with tt, thai rendtr* them earele*'' in their efforts to support tbemselve-* by meeas o! their own labor, and present* irresistible in ducemcnts to * return. As ths inland is at present managed, it auy ju.'t.r be regarded as a great lastitutlon, in which the industrious are converted into the ladoleat, aad the indolen' into the irreclaimably lazy. Your committee would farther oall your attention to the fact thst the employ* * are In the babit of havmg their washing icne at the expense of the initiation and trifling a* this may seem to soon* per?on*, it never thelsss form' a very important I Urn la its aggregate, as ws found or sxemioation that toe *u<n of 1.1,000 he>. been expended ia doing the washing of the emplot.-* aloas We also found that some of the employ ? ? were in the habit ot having their chi drea boarded at the ex ?ease ot the no n> mission, which prac in IUelf form* aaothsr v*ry .uiportaat Item o! unnecessary expeatil tare Inasmuch a* the commiesioa givs a more lioeral remuaetato a to the employ* * for their service* than what thev coxid get elsewhere, aad conse i neatly there Isaot the"???fMsoos of a rea*on why the commission should be caucd upon t? pay either of the above aamed items aed jour committee earnestly rerommea*! the; all such pi sct.ces be stopped, aad all such expendituree he imsediatsly cat off. Yoar committee have mbmltted a tcheoule of such aitera'ioas in regard to e.aec ?r* labor, *ufge*tiog to you the same* of sueh persons with who** serrio? *e caa dispense, either en the ground of being aad uacecesKSiy, or oa the grcuao that the labor of the Inmate* caa very properly be *ab*titated To this docu meat we would teepectfully oall your immediate aad carats*, etteotion, beh?vi?g aa we uo. that bv isrng the labor of ths inmates there will be a large saving to the treasury of the Board. ... . .. Yout committee would alao rttommev. that Hon be mace to the Board of Education. requesting them to take the achool oa Ward's Island their care, believing that ?ueh a cooree wo -Id be a greet benefit tc the chllotea la the sshool, aad at t h? same time release the ecmmtsaloa from all liability for ?eacher? salaries. In (oacluttoe, yeur eommitioe would bristly state that they look upoa the plan of laving every oae employed that U able to work, as essentially neee*e*ry to the well being of the iastitution under their ccntrei, and roe tribute lstgely to the welfate ot those who may be its inmste*. farr**tly recommending th * cou*s? we would re spectfully eubmlt the following reeo.ut.m* for rout edoptloa ? Keeolved. That aU persons named ia schela^ A. .re hereby from the pay roll and dismUsed frcm the Islani from aad after this date, except ths wet ?ureee who will remeln oa the island. Resolved, That all per*oa* whe are not regular la taate* on Girl's I*I*ed, and net empley ? on th* earn* be diianrsed from tbe island a^d tha; :be war deabe aad he is hereby, directed U carry the -*??Jutloe into effect, sod leport tbe name* cf ia* ^etsoa* eo dis charged to the Vtee President Resolved. 11 at thesalat e* c! aU tie order. es aaJ nurses shall eot exceed elglit i,?) Coiiar* per -oe*.a re spectively Aom snd after thJ "s'.a, Retolved. That aU the emtUiv t ea (IfWa. wb< have children be charge*! tae ?aa: ef f >ur d?.j-f per month for tL?lr hoard, said aastii*. ti b* d^aetH f-*m their teee*f*ie* *alari*i. K. salved, TVet aU eeelitae*. crde* ies as: **rt*.aa. unrsss he stjl'-ken freet the pay -oil, etd iUM.MOi iron f*e Island, frpm sad atuc -k.J daU Resolved, That WUiitiB )*, ??i I* J *W?V/| requiiaS to perform U is IuUm of heat irtotf, from 114 ?Iter this liu, to addition to his preseatouttss tUaolved, That JohaDanathy to, ud he k b?r?by, re qoired to altoMd to the Crotca water, ia aSdittaa to his prMwt duties, and after tfais date Keaoived, That the practise of to lag the washing *( the employe* ea Ward's lalaad to addition ts their 11 laries. be diacoatiaued froca aad aftar thia date. Resolved, lhat a Heaae of Industry be estebtisfc*4ea Ward's Island, in aneh ballots* u nir be dee Ira* ted b y the Ward'* I aland CommitUa. Kesolvtd, That the banae phnidiii aad aargaoma re port to the warden ewrjr Xoailt;, Wednesday aad Fri day, the names of all convalescent patients who are able to work, aad It shall be feia duty to m that they work mch oumb*i of hours each day a* too Mid heaae someone and physician* ma y destiaate All of which ia r??p?etfullj submitted JOHN B CfTMMING, > t D MORGAN. VOoeamlttse RUDOLPH 0AKR1GUE. j uiacnxAKtiocs. The Vice 1'resideot waa authorised to charfe coo-tut Been #W, hereafter, for the oare of prefnaat female im migrants, ioataed of $24 aa heretofore. Commissioner Pcrdv offered the following, which wa i adopted ? Kliuraaa. At a mte'ing of this Board held on Wednes day. Jiitie 30, 1 864, a communication was receirel fross Dr Kli>ba Harris, nominating Dr Stephen SmiU as Brat assistant physician at the Marine Hospital at Quaran tine, aad wheioaa. subsequently, at a meeting hull oc Wecnraf-ay, Jure 21 , 1816, this Board, by rote, adopted the following resolution:? "Resolved, That the nom na tion of I*. MJpben Smith aa first assistant phyeiciaa of the Marine Hoapltal, in place of Dr. Darting, t? ccntrm ed"; and wheroaa, Know appears that at ttie tin:* the said lit. E. Harris made such nomioat.oa, at weti aa at the time of the adoption of the reai.luUca confirming said Domination, said Dr. Eliaha Harris was net con mi/kioued, nor had he beon in aay other manner duly qualified io enter upon tje dutiea of Physinaa in otiaf of aaid hospital; therefore, Resolvec, That tbe adoption of the resolution coaftru log Dr. Htephen Smith a* flrxt aasiatant ptt/.tcian at Uuarantine, was irregular, invalid and of nt affect, am that tbe same Is hereby declared void. The Board soon alter adjeurnsd. VUILT BOMMART. (migrants arrived to August let, ISi 5 ....... H2 0#4 In same date last year 1W, Dacree>e thi* year 87.098 la Marine HopltaJ 18S t migrant Bel uge 2,29 i Total 2,4S0 Same pfiiod last year 2,513 Decrease 83 Apgreate receipts to August 1st 1299,998 68 Disbursements 367,440 69 Over draft on baak A ?6T,4W 91 Inierwttni from Bnenss Ayr**, INVASION OF THE FRONTIER BY INDIANS ? Rt'FFOBKD TO HE INSTIGATED BY THX OLD FBDBBAL FARTT ? WANT OF EFFICIENCY IN tRMM THRU ? 0U3 RELATIONS WITH FABAODAY? UHFITNESd OF THK AMERICAN MlNlHTEll FOR HIM STATION. * [Correspondence of the Boston Traveller J Buenob Ayres, Jane 8, 1855. By letters from tbe Azal of the 13th of M*>', gad Rnjus 9th of same month, we learn that the Indiana have again invaded the frontier, bat with more boldness and better conoerted measures. Many of the white inhabitants have been killed and made prisoner, and a number of cattle andhoraes driven off. lhe principal body constats of the friendly Indians, with no denbt many whites, and report sajs the invasions are promoted bv the old federal party of Rosea, the partisaca of which are In M c?.e video and this place. The affair ia the more serious from the circan s uaoeof their facing the government tro>ps aad in two irttsccee rontiag small parties wb in equal in lumbeis. General Homos ban been ordered with a force of some five hundred in?a to tae South; but I am told tbey c insist of the very wont people in the city, some being j ist re:?in?d irom the prison#. It presents indeed a /erf serious aipeot, and tbe weakness of the government t? made niaiilfeet by no proper measures betug yet taken to maich against the aav Ages, with atoice adequate to intuit) suoceaa. and Headed br a mti experienced ia their species of warfare. Taeoniy one whom all consider competent to lead sun aa expedition ia Don Kugenio Bustus; bat the present government (ears hia, because be belongs to tin opposite party. I have underttood that tie has of- , fertd, ucdtrcertatn conditions, to drive the I adit as bejocti the Rio Ntgro in two >e*rs, and leave the wbo'e fi rutin in a ata'.e of aatiatactory security, but tDe government has not accepted bis oil jr. and eerlaioly it can onl> be attributed to its want of confidence in the man. Something, however, mmt be cone; clamors are load and long, and unless some effectual steps are taken, the next thing we bear will be that the enemy ii in the neighboring dep?t tment ; indeed, there is nothing to prevent their coming. Mucn alarm stQl exist* in Paraguay with respect to tbe manner the United Staies government will view tbe outrages committed on her citizens and flag. There is no douot that an able diplomatist wt uld be able to arrange everything satisfactorily without n sort to arms; but it must bs a person far supeiior to any who have yet been sent hare by tbe government of the United States. ?In a country constant v disturbed by civil wars, ! and wheie outrages are liable to be committed on toe tropeity and persons of foreigners, and where ptndence and tact, with some knowledge of the p*ople aid their language, is absolutely necessary, tbe different Presidents of tbe United States nave vwd with one another la sending men totally aittt for the position thev occupy. The conduct of the prts*nt American Minister can only be exensed on the scon of his being a monomaniac, and sub j*.ct to fits of insanity. His total want or know ledge of tbe language, hs nncoath manner* aad solitary life, keep him In ignorance of many things of importance going on under hia very eyes. Here it is well known that the French Minuter is aware of all hia business wita the government; sad 'L the case of his remonstrance when an Ameri can captain was wounded, it is supposed the answer of the government was submitted to the French man bet me bemg sent to the American Minister. He hss not vet sucoeeded in ratifying the trea ties between tbe governments of tbe United States and that of the Oriental republic of toe Uruguay; aid it ia ahrewdly auspe ted that he is thwarted by Brszlliaf) intrigue, which be hss neither the caoa city nor tte acquirements to OOUtetaet How much trcuble might be avoided by appointing men of education, and bow much advantage would be derived fiom it. does not require any very ptofocmi leflection to see. At a time when important changes are going on in this country? w^en European intrigue .s at wcrk, aid Brazil using every exertion to extend fcer territory and decimate tbeae republics, the Uulfd States is reptesecied here by a gentleoian who is net only unaware of the most important politioai mr vecents going on, but absolutely shuns all means of obtatnieg information. r News has just been received of an attack made by tbe foices of Col. Mltte upon the iLd.atw. even ac oc! ding to tbis cr mmar.der's own statement, he wss I ur 'nccess'.al and was obliged to letiie fcef letbem. This Lut provea what I have stated, that the forie does net oorsist of Indians alone, Kr 1 bel ere that j ciraim tauce of their manning for a me tre, r. I tbe whiles is without a para lel. Tlit H*rir?t in New lark Fxtrart fioiu a latter irom Weyae coua*. <?>?' Ju'-J 'Mi ? Crop# * all klada bare rapidly iaproted w tiwa "we w?tk?. torn, though ? /iii?tbio< Ixinnl time, 11 wmnit lorwir! in > m*oa?r that indicate! a too-', cro; < tod barby wort Beyer better. There mi. be '.wtatn** yield* of j-o'.aW.e*, *bo?M tlwjr eecape the rot. eligV. le meat. on* cf which I regret to eay, >:? already tw. tie The wbe*: crop, though eoioewbat iajuxtd by the iie? aiaa fly. w-.ll be (cod; but aeriou* appreae?aio&? ?f" row lelt that a portion, perbkpe a large will t>e de stroyed by wit w*atlier The groaad m aa'.urated wi'.h water, it hariag raised nearly or |U<te half of the ?'*? for two wteka saat. The berry ia macb aoftened. and id ?< nectae* haa already begun to grow. No'-fcu-g abort of fair wee'.ber aad tbat Insnadiately, wJI eare the cro;. 'torn eatin de-tructioa. Much (lb < hat aiao fceea It; jred or wboliy <".?*trc/e4 by the aaaie eaufe, To day, the weather ia mash t?arvr*d. act more eo ft en ue <-?.l tiUnaxvn of thou whoa* .ut?rn*? are a I fecte-1 thereby Ihe Io*kpcrt f'"unrr of the .V?h ult , aay* ? T\e ha. *??t .a thie eouaty ia bow common :*d !a tarse**. The gentleman ia Te.aawaada baa fall. led h ? cootiact an i baa given uj fair weather, whieh promiae* to be cf acme daratloa. Tae grouad sad grata are rather lasp for eoa eenent working, but the grata being ?or* thaa ripe, reader* the work n?r????rj at one*, en 3 il will be uader tales ia the ta<-* of aU diaadTaatagee. Iadaed n;aa; of otir farmer* commenced cutting yeeteriay, (?"aa'lay.) bndltif fufl iaatificetloB for their conduct ia tb? #mer geac.e* of * be ??*? i friend .nlcrm* ue. that tt wae a bu?y day ia the rurel <ii*trtcU. N?a fj all tae bay haa b?eo eacand '.hat U worth ??t ?ng A large quantity the*, wu cat before -ij? raia, acd ha* lair aut ia it, deetroyed, K'LMFCiriOK n? M*??4cnr?Tr? A Bar* P.t 3'kep? Tbe PHacaal l-berty B U of ?9 tu-. he< ttcflived uiotbdr ir.?rt*d nbaice c the tc u< wit? e'.t*r to tbs (iaveraor, tma tut at :ae pfirnni ?ppo,:,-Ud<'oniinl?< caer ? 1* Hi Ktcd'ury If'nry ./. if fa P ut it <o/(A <ir Ma. i vt ut'Mt:? I bar* rac had the he no* to reeV.T* free ye- a cnaoUaaiM f/uJrrra? IfH me the tpfaWWll ef ( ' r.rai.?e'.orfr ta ????. air*???b'7 to the pri>*lda^? af *f.? retuteaf tuj C?cemeBW>-alth. :?e??i M*? VI 1 Hit. tLti i.?u?l!r caie.! the "I'trwnai iib*rt*- Bi^ A? I coo/iocr iL-a act coafl.eUaf with tae taw ef Ue Cutwi Mate* with refeieare to fo^itiee elerae. I r?i?e't dK ,ae act teg la thU earac:t? aat aerewl'.j :*? U:r the eoaeaiaaiea ta yoar WlUi the greateet reepect far tk* hi^c offlaa af ?eur Fgcallfiey, atd fat yoar dLrliaga-fhad pareoaai ctarne ter, I am your Ma*. ob?di?at aarraat, TIMHjORI 0. MiTHCW F-' i. 'gfo*-* jfejy it, IKS. Cara^'pag ij ragujj wtt* graaA rtatenea atC r^tluMa T i "*'/ e*m" Mfij ?Kwrtl ? hi rm l'ht CUf Wd Prwilce lNOc?Uf. We gave rNtvd*/ the e*mf*riNM Mvhi Mr. iiMt B. OUf, Mi o( Heary CUf, end Qearge D. IYm tM, editor of tU Uaiirlfa Journal, l? vkiek tba (k mar to hold Mr. I* r eat Ice pmiullf reapanaibta for MM rwifki he bad stilt la hi* journal ia regard to the tearing Co** o f Km old mantles at Aehlaad We aow give Mr CU7'e cam to the pubhe, toother with Mr. PzaaUeo'a reply ? TO TSK PUBLIC. It la alway ? a tank, tettoo ciUxoaa, revoltlag to a private individual, if he Bar* proper eenaibiliiwa, to Obtrude few piivata affair* upoa (h* aott so ot h ? leaioer men Hut there ere oocaeltB* tbrt he may ten biui eeU ooupeliel, be never disagreeable it oiay bo, te ' adopt euct a couxee, and be jaeUlied IB oiaiiaiag puiae , attcotua. Ileal my teif pUoad, by tne editor of the , Louionlie Journal, lo auch a poaitioa, and appeal m toe triMuil e< your caim ud dUpeaeioaato juogmeat the mote ooaiiaeatiy, u I think tbat 70 ur liberty Boa bee* a?**J-d ia my pttHOB lavaduig tBe eacctity of private life, rt-t(aiOiPH? of the feeling* of a metier of eeveaty tiva jeexe ot age, the widow oi toe aia of Aahlaad, wbeti'i o* a cry Lb ha/ pretended almoet to idolize, that ooitor bar oo? .empled, through the column* of hia paper, to bu<a up bio aod bar eoo ea aa oojoct for tba *c< -0 an i lOdiKaet'on o< hia oauntrym?a Wb> u it Uiat I have beea no aaaailedr Wa a it tbat I bad i>?reooally olleoded tbo editor of tbo l<ou.?vide Journal? Nat ?o Never ie the whole eouree ot my life had I given biaa the teaat oauae of otfence, aod if taare win. an; public f r'at in the laaa iron wbteb 1 oa^ht leant to have expected euch attack*, the Umiovillo Jour nal wma tbat ooe. Wa it that 1 had beea guilty oi a 07 act which any oae of you, placed m eimilar dream etanoee won <J have hta.tated to have done r I bOigbt Aalilaaa, ae I have heretofore xail, at the deaire of both nay father eod Mother, I determined to do with it a* I tbrimht beet tor tbo interett as I comfort of my fais If. It a' corded bettor with my judgment t> rebuild my ra ther'* bouan upoa tba same uuor <a ite oon ('.ruotioo e??-ry parlicie of the old material ? atoae, brick. or wood? tBat would aaawer. tuna to leave atant log aa o>u maamoo through which the water coureod, aad wLcao walte were crackec lo eucli ao extent aa to rec d? It positively unaafe a* a barbor (or rata and are bOvt for tb.evea anil runaway aegroea. It ia tr ie taat I d J adverttev .a the Oburvrr nn.l Itrynrfer newepepir, a? <be editor af the Jourruil * Lata* In hu, letter of tba 2I?t laitaat tbat I wished to eell cartata p:rt oai a.' the old material, but I epeclQed la that advertieeaaent, it ??ra, fin Ac., which were utterly uaelaea te me I wue cot aa fortuaete ea te Sad a par cbaaer for ft oiagle article tbat I deeired to ae L aad the oooeequence U, that a large quantity of old rubbuh encumber* M7 place, wblch I *b*U have to get rid of by rnakiag a boollit It waa aot the oiler to hoII eu:h aid rubbub tbat waa referral tola t in fir*t artleii* iu the Journal attacking me. It waa a ver / OilT-reot Utisg with which I waa merged. It waa that, knowing th?m to b' hallowl by aaaueiatioa with my father a name. I either waa or bad beea. aelilag far my Srtvalfl profit tbe btama raftera, poa^a, he. , of aia oiJ weUln? houae, to bt ciaoe intoaticaa aouff baxea, hi. , A x In bt u'rn whi>-b waa publitbed 10 bta paper, I gnve Huchiaiormatlon reapocting ar private adaira an : ttoujtht would have aatiag^d any caadid aad reaaoaa ble tbat be bad done me injaaiici; It U true tbat I ueeO language wh eh waa bar?b, but I did aot ooeoeiva it to be too much to towarda the author of aaoti aa at tach upon me. In making hia attaoka upon me, the editor of tho Ixtuiarlll* Jmimal waa BOt laatigated by any ofTen-e which I hadgnvea h.m peraonail7, and my conduct with roepoct to m? private property waa but a pretext tie taa eltat'v ehown that he cared little for 07 fatner'a name, bia fame, or tia family. The true ea aae, lellow citir.ena. of thoae attacka, waa that I hod dared to eier cu'e ooe of tbe righto of a freemta . aad bad been gu I17 of tbo ooormouc olfeoco of making a public addmu to m7 follow citizen* around 107 e on home, in oppnxition to tbo pnnipKi of a party to which be waa attached. I appeal to yoa if th:? wm not tte aoie re ieo. lo at tack !e? Bie for iucb reatOB.yonr liberty aad tbat of ev. ry lb the land wa" aaaallaO in my peraun Tbe reply which 1 thought rigbt te make to the ptra ^raph in the I ouiavill* Journal of tbe 18tli laa'.ant, waa publixbeU ia tbat pa|>er, aa I accompanied ?y an artfc> of ita editor a column ia l^ogth, more rioleat aad uojuatibuble than tbe firat bad been. I felt tbat it >'id cot boiome uie to ao-iwer it bv a new publication, end that I *boi Id be wantica 10 aelf reepoet did I tin." iy aulfer ay uan.e to be hebl up ia auch mnnuei bel .re tbe public I accoi Iicgl7 Cteme i it my duty to addr?? to the editor a note, .hroBgh the baacs of a frend, aim j p?y making tbe wbetuer be hald m?,? f peraoa 1 a > reapt.n.'ible. a> a gentleman for publlcatioa* at- ' t art in^ private 10 ivi.lua.*, mad* ia Ire newapaper I 1 received through the |inet uibce. on tbe 2;id iuataot, a r? ply from him date.) the "let in wbi-li h? relu>?? to bold b mealf r?*ponaib)e, a* u gentleman, to me, ned 1 with a liendiab baneaeae. wholly unpara l*le<l in the h e tpi/ o< any intercour-e between LOi orable men. with . tl? aole fuzfiit "till lurtber to barrow my feelings, all'ide* to an a'lair with which I had notli.og to to, aai of which I am wholly and entirely iga >raat Having tbu* place'l himNll without that pale rocog 1 niud by ail hototable gmtlemea, ia thia region at leaat, 1 can never agaio, at any time, or upoa any prv I text or occaaloa, coa^etcond to take tbe leaat of | anything whatsoever that mar emat.ate from the editor of the I<ou>*v:lje Jounuit, either ia hia puohe capaclt7 or aa a private maa I have though it right, aa I have been publlol7 per | eecutad. to plane, in a puolic maliner, all tbe fact* aad cbrcum?taacei before m7 tellow couatr7mea. Tbe lir?t altack of tba Journal ? ay reply to it ? the renewal aa 1 eauit of ita editor upoa me? my Bote to him through tbe haada of a friend and hia reply thraaoh t.'ie piat Office, will appaer under th<* aame cover of thia art nla it the tuileet continence that a g.ovroua pabiit will pardon me for tbua again bringing myaelf before tte no tite. I euba-ribe myaelf with great t?*pect. ita obe<h?at aervaBt, JAM it. CLA f. Asuuixii, Jul7 24, 1856. RUCIMISK OF MH- f BKNTIC1. We art quite a* willing for tbia eorieapondoaoe to (? || tb* public ** Mr Jaa. B (9 ay can b?. If oo review isg bin Bote, we had round a K> nlltmu of tor party to eipree* the oplaloa that we outfit, under the drone* atancoa, to n.*a t him is tbe bald, wo might have beea weak eoough to forvgo oar own optnioa aad our on principle of action aud to (It* * diftenint aaewer. Pro babiy wo wara g *ilty of a weakneaa In aaklng advice at all. Mr. J B. Clay complain* in tba Introduction to hi* pamphlet, that wa have held op tba conduct of the eon o( the aged widow of Henry Clay to public eonlemne Won, and tbu* wounded her teelinfe. Sueb whining U breath the dignity of a fentleaan and the en if reepect of a man. We nerer till bow heard of n min e urging the fact of hi* having a mother ai a reaaon why hta con duct ihould not be criticiaed when he porp*tratee an outrage upon the aeatltneat* and tbe eenaibilitte* of n nation. The fact of a nun * baring a living mother U no rea?oa why ho *hould not be condemned for choiring himaell de*tituto ol veneration for hie dead father. We have no doubt that the heart of tba renerabla widow of Henry Clay wa* far more deeply ehoeked and wounded by her aon'* demolition of tbe old edifice In wnlch ahe and her immortal ouaband had paaaed *o much of tlielr Urea, and in which all their (una and their daughter had bttn bom, than it could be b; any public critici-m apoa tbe act. Mr. J. B C , la addition to the r?*aon* prenouaiy *>ven (or tL? destruction of bU latbar * m-inaion, *aye that it was ao oid act decayed a* to b? a retort for thieve* aad runaway aegrooe " duch an aaaoit on can caly provoke derioion Ka4 Wltf |t. Wi can ecarcel/ cocce'.ve what it maanf. If tliare were no ioeha upon the ctort. kfr. J. B Clay might tare bought eome. if | the locka were oot for I, br might havr purchase! Ml ter on*? and, If the d<*>t * were not atrong eacugb, be c. ght harr *trengthe./*d tb?m There would have been { no mor* difficulty in *buttlng thieve* and runnway no groea out ot that oil brick hou a than out of a new one; aad '.be i ea of It* having b?*a dm '. while be and hta family were living in it, a* a den of thieve* and runaway ntgroea, ta too abaur 1 for notice. Tn.? reaaon fur tear lag down tbe bouae la of * pUeo with a reaaon aaaign*'! by him .n hi* coon.unlc*tion to tha Journal ? that pen p it stmt tha re and atole ?brub* and (lower* II* lid t- t ex; la.' a bow tbe '???ruct'on of th* manaion ?a.< to prevent 'be *teaJsg of the ah.'nbe anil flower* bat we ?jppo?* h * (bought waa, tba' when tbe old bouse >a no !oog*r ataa'.iog, there would be oo object tbere to attiact tL? admit ing aod entbualaatic countryman ot Herry llay. and Hat tbe Hon*- would tbu* oe **'* Aad we are informed oo good authority, that, whilit ? he Ci bona* rttod, be complained o> t?rly Uut ?o anay to )ook at it n l aaaagn t<\ thia' an: th * o*l J, ?? tha i?a^on why be wool! demolieh It. Tbe fact that cat q aad women trim ..II pnrta of the 1'aited State*, and *mr all -he BJwt 1**1 portion* of the earth, I came to fata with feeling* of reverence ao '. awe upoa [ ta? o'.d hcuke of tb* w eric * bra*e*t aad greitoat chMB |<icn of ft?*<am wa* the very reaeon f ten by the \ -*c:e*nt aod unnatural ion of tha departed aage and ; ?trict *cl *ut**min tor de*trojtog every *aatl*? o( ! tbe ba!o?*J odlftce. He deatrojvd it not because It . wai a r*fn*e c! thlev?* anrt runtway negroee bu". bo r?n*e i* wa* tl?e reaort of the wor?hipjer* of bi? dead father'* ?ren;oe?* an-1 glory 11* ? f r?*oi*a?l 'ba4. ac'.hlng tb- uld be left to attract the pilgrim of froa dim. Mr. J H C. la hia article which wa publtebed, W. gtetiaetly ?ay thethnught of aueh a tbutg aa coil sg a?e 'pot:lo? of tiiO lumbar of hia father * houae aavvr oecurred to U^m natU much of I'. had te?a a'olan. aod that a* then had it *o'.d only for a eharita b e ob.ect. And ho that l: b? ba : :<eea capable M aril bh on* inch cf it for profit be ihould f*o! blx?elf ' unworthy to be a KenVB'l.Ua. aad At only V' 9y to tbe eoda of (he earth 'to bUe bla vil* and ^uhonrred h?ad. But he doliborately reeolvad, bafor* toortag the hot-ae down to eeh the material for p-oflt. lie pob i.*h*d thi* advert.ivKent ta tha I't.Dg'oa of the Ith of July. IMOi - Nan The *uhaent?T will have l<it *? a iarg? , i\a'Jty of eld materia f*a-b*a, doore, Me , h\) now itt a * dwi ;..ta at A?, which he *ip*;t* V laka 'ova in Anguat Aaj oaa wanting euok matorial can re* a bargain by acvlyiag oo the* A.iUod, July ?? J >MJC- B. CI.AV fc aemnl w?e.* bofor* toarag down the bouae he

;cbii%; advert. >e' hia 4et*rniinatina to **!'. (he mato r ai to whatever tuatoBnen might apy ly, aad tc let io*ai jav* ?? t<arga oe '' \ ?? trnw he *ey* that the charge tba*. be uaa .o 1 on* inch of the M*er*j^ tor profit la unqualifiedly 'alee It he didn't aoil it in parauanee of hta *dvertl*en.?nt, it tri<t tare been bocauee he could Bai ao emtomera. If ectsallr <ofllsg f at a "bargain" wt _id make bun ur.ff to t?all la a -l'(- utd .aa'., aad CTeirblf kea4 wl'.ia rUrnaw aad dietioaor how can be hoid ay teat vtlo and 1*htaert: Lead ta a ctrC**4 aa ' alter bar ag patii'l/ adver* mA to Mil ft at a t .rji ? " I m'tbe ad??*t'? ug of tt fe- eaie a( a ' t*rgva lavolwe a* mi.tb vueae** ind hiaLooor ae'.he a^t.t. ?* ?araa n' wo-.ll" Vr. i. A C eara that, 'a pobii-'y r;5e-lng "o eaU "a ia- ;v , ;aat.*.y af ?ld ^.vtntlai (*a#j, loora *? ,*??" f-?-a t a fa'We boo* , he 0 d n?' w.?ea taat he we*;!^ *C '1* bets-* rafter*, ft* What a p'^lfil and wvoftb ??* d.s'.tr-tna 1' In ?*?*k at of ttx ''!a--ge qcaatity of lilt^rlal,' he partl'aiar'.aa>: taeh. docee, 4< , Ac ,ltwae b -:e-n* he faaclod (bat "*aah doe'* k' , tt-. wetl i be r *t I'Xfly toeovmaad'-lantftia* He 4ee* eM ?ea/ , Uha' ? wm eailen- to eeli "a large <) naat ty of ( *e eld ?iW a. *a?li. dorr* kr . Ac " at ? bi/ga^j ye* be aa; * that, if be had raid awn i*r t ti tae team, r ?_'>*? p- ta, A< , "kaooljjtlin to be ha*e?ro^ ty aete'.e rf'Jt M (iU?t a aa?M b* *~M (t ?; *nm. thf (M? of iuuW heo*aidooll?ho "4aona?d th* mAm," he , to bo uaod. if tk? wnkiM ?i it aa door* mm! Hibti o t a ntgro bat, far thay war* aot "b*l owt-d bv aaaocialua " w1?b hU hie father's mm*. but if be had *<>?? mm Inch of tbo b*?m?, te? ho woald i be o vile oad dirfcou red wretch, fur they who ' ho* lowod by eaeocietloa" with bit fatter* mm la fcla i ?l?t, bu father* Mm* hallowed o put of the old b*IM it<r. But eoulda't hallow the rest ft ooald hollo* Ilia 1 iiftwi thirty ?f*t above bu ha*J, bat wholly 10 sufdeieBt to bellow tbe doom toroogh which he ee cft?a paaoed. Not oo? lueb uf the hallowed rafter* could o* eold for profit, according to J B 0 . without ditfeoaor end degradation but (be unhallowed door* aad I eeefaee, aad a largo quantity o I oth?r unboUowod me to : tial, oould very properly be eoltl at a ''bargain" to "?p | pucanta upon the premi#e* " Wo aek n each pretext* no hi* part ?ie or.t too contemuMWe for area the ooa temptuous aotioe wa are glrio^ttar H* staU* that he n?e<*, ia making bbt new houxe, all the malaria la of the Old OBe eurb M rr*n.? i> t-ra brWk, he., tb*t lie cci'lil. If *o, I* ose (imply bec*u*e be failed, a* bo itaya be did, to tvrelre appiloant* for "bargains upio tbo prt mite* " Noi hern* ah a to eeM the old Material lor uiocey, be wax tlt-tcitnined t? eare money b> making old stuff aer*e lintexl o new He tell* u? tlat ho ittnau Baking a boctir? r4 a)' thofrid retina ooo let I on tbe ore n.lne* llr <1?nbl? ilj 6rr cr a r in a fro biief ninn-oH, obiiterite al> <b?l rraa t. ? of tt>e e?cro<l houie of ll-ary C'ay but all ' lj 6r?? ni *urtb a id air x>uld But burn tl>? memory of J. H Clav'a n'ril?it? fi ca man'* nml?. 1* woe simply ehsurc iot tbu- >oiio< man to imtgia* that wa ahou ? esteem it oi.r duty V. accept a challenge from him on ecvjuut oi our *niaxeiit< o( the lsth u^on hi- tetter He 1 nt te I b r?lel? cDn.en to euter the (laid of cwwapacer c. ntro*ere? e*tb ua and hie article wa luuD|?itbl) mote pt-inuual ut ta>a ?itlii'KXi orig> 3*1 p *ritgratib or (Mir ffJj ?a? toward bin lo hia ?l'Uper?t?Te wpi-f-. ?? v>. r?p\t>! IB nail' J?Otlcn?ble lan guage ot,'y > pn* charge*, winch, a* be hiaa aatr adac>tti-d n! n l>"?b owe *KUBel Mm hofora bo'o publ'Ciy ai t priratrly all' which be aalit bo wat K'at of the opv<"'?D<t< c *o?w*i u* WHli all ble *19 ' " c t ?i'up-r?'ioi b- got 'n- wir-t of lb- eaexiater id tbe tfe-U e<>UB'*ril< eotere-: hr h'mxeif, enl then be waritad to if in wouK'u'* mvet liim iu auoib'-r field. We ecorw and abhor tbe Wbule mfamuttn cole Ct tfoellial* If. at our pretoct ep we war* to allow eurralvon to (Ubt ? dnol with Mr J B. (Jhj on aceoaut of our oomm'Bta uuoa 1 1* abualia arti ala recntly pubi'*ai?l by u?, we ?i.cuitl |e*i aa tliout(b Wn ba>' foritiiwv all eUln.? to n mjl,in?r? reaper! an l our owq Yet wa i]o not call cor^alre* dob com'iatanta. If ?nj man fteli> r inm-U oorttlly oftirrieTed at aay pu '>11 ra'ioc of oar*, he knowi. wbk'lier we accept a cba leage firoui him or o< t, ?b-ic to Qml u?. aad tut may leak ui v bea and hnw he plea^ca We hold ooraolrea reipoaai ble for what we wiite If we tblol. we bare gireu aay mas ju?t eau*e to wek our Ufa, wa wfll either permit him to tel.e it without roaiMtatca. or, rrimiaal aa th* act. may be, ?tny hia call to the Held, and. if aay racof ai/kd geatlemao luea uu no il?a 11 v as injury aa to make Be 'birat for bia blon<3, end we ruiont neB'l hloi to tbe (tilowf, w* will luanoo him to tb* field? an.l if. in poea a caee, tb* lunmnci he iiabaedsd, we will poiee Our?elrea upon our owu wilt ?"<J a*ek reireea wherever we ca a Sad It. Tit* Tu.r. O^NTIIKV iLf.K COttHHI- , 1? f.? TEOTTINO, A two mUe race ti wi^ona, for t2,0UC, betwaen r m t?if Kraeklin ao l b ?. t'tuoaf* Jack, oame oft Oa M >a day afternoon at the Ceat,>rille Ouuree. l^dy Franklia wis Tbo attandaac* waa not aa large on waa antici pated from the character of tb* rac* aad tb* fame of tb* o*f ? eoga^eO , bat thie mar be aecountod for from the uaefttled atate of the w< atd*r duriB( tbe morning. Bid the indicatiooa of rain about boob, whleh deterred great Bumbeta from venturing out. Thoaa who were bold tnough to riak a act jael.- 1 to wltnea* a good race ? ? ad they mutter rt*y itrobg ia thin commuaity ? were at tbe>r poeta at the appointed time, dUcuuiagth* oh an see of the r**p*?UTC nage. I ady Kranklin appeared to have the (.all lo th* bettug, aad th* odd* rta up to two to oa* oo ber belor* either of the cam* on the track. Mr l-olf, lauly from (^alilorola, dror* Chicago Ja'l. , llir.iu WoodrulF taking cbaige of Ijidy KtaaM.a. i'be bone- veined tu capital cjooinon, oipabi* of ealuiiog toy amouat of fatigu* aad more elaatic and open in ia tLur elri?'* then w? i,ver *tw tbam bt^fe. Good ? r ? ii.i liKited lor, but not ao faat aa waa uieda, tw) iiea c L*mg Joae in b 11, wbicli u tbe very bent aver mad* in aucMMion. Flora Ten<ple tiolU.I oa* heat ia btr race with .SoaUg in t> hi, but ?li* did aot repeat. TH* opi ui( a itemed to prevail Uiat l/?dy t'renkiin could b?r* p-r oriou her e?c(,LJ heat in tbU race throe or foar aeroaca faa'.<r. had ahe boea arpt up to bar ep*ed Iron tbe diawa* e to tue - ah i ;>bt u a ittla creature, an ! while ahe i< melne with Hiram, w.ll b* fovkJ a mat'.h lor any hone m the world at two mil* at '>t? to weguai Mrif lltai ?Laily Franklia wna tbe ineide poaitioa. TLe Ore', liuie tuej came for tne woia It wee giveu. and tit oagH darbea awa| at a gallant rav*. Ihe say lnone up be! o<e n* got around the uppir tura, and tbe ui tr* ltd him to iii* ijuoitar pole tare* lengilie. In torty eeioada, ami keeping th* gap opwn w? it t tothehelf mike pc.* ib 1 1HV Jaua noee.1 on ber around th* lowtr turu and op tbe bomeelretJi, noiag but a liagtb tiatud ? ben th*y came to tbe acor*. "lime, 'I. <11. Oa the tpper turn traikilu thot away rap dly from tb* ait ) waa four or live tvngtba aheoti at toe quarter ! po e (Jb Ur backatrvtch, I?ily Kraaklin broke an and Jack got a little i loevr he tueu brtjaa up, and then we* j not ro cio-e. balnging aiouad the lower tura, ho'h wi ui aatonuh1! giy taet J?ek gaia<Dg 'in the mare at erny etr.t *. Wb>u on tb* hOAretretcb tb* moat luteo^e esc u u.tfct peir*t:ec the crowd, wbirh lacrweaad until tb* ocr?ra cioaeed tb* acor* The brut waa aoctoae, ti at ma* t?i>ih? of the looker* oa sauld not Ull t J winch it wonld be awarded. Kranklin waa doclaretl the wiittr by a thnatlatch, ia 6.11. The laat mil* we* tiotted In - Hie )a*t ball mile In 1 In. Stent! //??'.- tloth bore** sweat out nicely, am! dried up w*ll by the time they were called for, and a tleiperaU brat wa a anticipated. Tbe friend* of Yr anklln "till olleied two toot* that ah* would wir, aad the friead* of Jack took It They were etart*d nioely, bat Jaik brok* up *oon *ft*r leeving the ac>r*; tb* more h*M f >r him. parnag the quaibr pole a length ahead, In forty ?*C"bdi. Tn* gelding brok* again on th* harkatratch, and tbe mar* lad him a coupi* of leagtba to t)i? half mil* pal*, in 1:18 Thar* waa bo chaoga of poeltion oa th* iow*r tura. but coming up tb* bom**tr*ieb Jack made a gallant bra?h for tba l*a<l, and raash?l th* stand a neck ahead of the mare, which *o much aletod hi* backers, that tb*y *rr*ecli*d Ilk* mel men. This IrightenM th* bora* aad he brnk* up, loalag fifty yards befor* b* ogaia aattlxl, loavlag L?dy i raaklia to go oo and win. Th* first mil* of thl* heat waa amda ia J. 34, and the nerond la 2 .14 The followlag ia a summary ? MoMtAT, July 30 ? Match, 92,UU0, two mil* boats, t* WSgOBS. H. woodruff aamed r. m. I ady Kranklla 1 1 C. EoO aamed b. g. < bicago Jaoa 2 'J nas. A't r>< II tni On <m<i Heat. Ki rat mile.,,.,.. 1 U7 '1 Hd Second mil* 2 M S .lb ToUl 1:11 5 11. FINANCIAL ANO COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. WiDMCJtDAr, August 1?0 P. M. We eee do rtvai to Changs tae opinion* bere'.o fote txprtaaed aatotbe future courae of the atack market. The bankx, It ta true, continue to cater 1 1 tte ?j.ocu.'ative tendenclea of our people. The mrney of depoaitora in fieely loeaed on all kind* of itccka tod bond*. The proepecta of an abundant bamet have ripened into certainty. H ><ne demand fur our aecuritlee extatu on the o'Jier aide of the water.'Many ttiM(a coaaplra to aoatain public on <kLce , butmtwitlutanllog thia apparent pro?j?*rity ~ rxtmtairtanding the imuienae effort* of beak offl cera and bank diractora? there are unm'aUkeabie ivTdetcea cf comity Reorder, liquidation, anl lower prlcea. Tie railroad aecuritie* of the country are again icHa>d, while the economic# promised ia the (all of K>4 are disregarded - in fact, forgotten . Tne New York Central Kaflroad Company have Juat divided 4 per oent to their atock holdera, "out of the piofita of the laat aJx month*. ' Tne manager* pre tend to nbow a aurplua over thia aum of tome half per cent, on hand. The running expenaee are at* led to be per cent of the recelpta, and wlta tbia atatement the whole enbject ia dlamiaaed, aa being all thai la Lfceeaary for the ate* k holder* to undereUnd. Ff the fignrea Uioe haatllj thrown out are reliable, Urn it would appear to lie material that a mire eare ul exhibit abould have been made, and that it ihcald have bean auatalbed by other erldeawe than the etgnaturee of tne existing management- It '.a a time when auch facta would be imtaenaeiy etr \iceabie. Tbey would be calculated to etrengthea pabUc coLfidence in otser reijoad enterprlaea, aid do away, in a meae-ire. with the daep conoera which tie expte*'- of lait fall ao widely iw?wnlrufc l. It ?jt fU-a that do auch atatement ae the ote referred to can be eoatalae;. The Central road >a not earn eg iu * per oern on Ita tweat; five million* of > apt tai, and It ia equally plaui that the future will dccroaetrate, tn a way that caaaot be miaaoder atoc/d what the Board of Managere have not ye', cad the eotuage to av >*. In the courae of tlda .ttrpaay nay be traced not oaiy that of every other work cf the kind, bat the coiina of that portion of ;he c mmaolty wb? are employed in ' working f materia, to attract the alteaMon of ia veal** and ap 'aEata. When money l<abeB<iant from tnjrvj* ?:. -n ft-me* the etragele ta bcilj up and puab off ho is a prv!eea U griag forward with accelerated at thj t-ma. Kaaagrra of railroad atocka ? a^aggered a. aaoai to i ;?a grotudia the autama 'L?al year, are ar.agtbelr l<eet effort* to g*i off ? mr r i** e-.r.z? trite tcryorary *b..-.leere of a. c*y Bank* are ^aahJig ahead in the rvw of n; oca J getting, re . ardkea of the affecU whlc b their wr -^danoe mart pr?d->o*. hyacalat <jre taetxaa art ivvBiai la tfaLatraet, aad natag the farilMtea ao ?%?4aa:y prahed at than, wiihoW. athe^ghtaf U 9f nm ? f A?c? M MM f?M?t, ?^4 fee aetote floaaotere who Rfutitt the opuuooa of en > cotenperanee, blow a d&'.ly blaat ao the trim pet of IzllfttiM, and labor a ?t Indutrioaal/ to bting t ??tber ?peculator* fro* all paru, to help ?I oeg toe great work of txputkioo. Wall etreel te - ia vast of ricttai, tad toe procuiera ui hard at work dimffglag thon la. At toe Ant board to-day, Vtrgiuiab'i advanced I per cent; Ohio 6'?, 4; IUia<w Central Haa4?, J; Cvfaberiaid CctU; New York Central UtUroad, |; l&ie Railroad, |: Harlem, 4; Rtadiog Utdroai, : |; Iludaoa Rmr llutroad. i, CUsvelnaa and Pitta buig Railroad, 2: CUvelaad aad Toledo ltuir*d,| WlacMftia Mil Lake Bbore declined 1 per cant. There wh an aottre aoremtot in ail toe leading Mock*. aod a very buoyant (wllng prevailed. The advance appear to hare Ukea a Hodden ntrt, nad we muat look for a eadden eoUapte. It U aa infla tion upo?. en utlUioa, and muit ?o>a explode. At t?e atcood board, tb? market ?m better thitx gloat. Kne advanced 4 per cent; lUlaola Ceotrtl Bnda ): Nicaragua travail, }; New York Get, tret Railioao, 4; Ilea :ag Rii/io*d, J. Tlx* tr?Maf<t"M at rh> Aanuat Treamirer'a cflio* b>??a>, wtie m lo*i ? u - : ? I'Md on Tt*??ur; aceou'it f17,H<2 lti w, Imaui; ??cuuat -I'.Ioj J. L 11* ta<? oc, Tr?? ury ?rciust 3, Irt'i li# fit t'n ??? fir Apt*y office 107. i 'O 'i'.< P?U oo Aubuteltg CMDCkn US, 2 JI 12 01 <ie r* t?pt# to d?j $.00 000 "*j f: >jn Itubu {tie. T it w?irai t? eateted ou tiu> 'M h, we f K r Ihf Tr*??uij I >?n*i tm?n< $4 ItjU 26 for ?h? itutiltF U.I'IX <M Wii vxiuti iw?i??: ui) nit*r~t . '??'<(> 24 ??rr?i)t<i n>r?iT?,i nuJ Mt-iml. 4.0 . t t'oi the U unot Ifepartwat 117 . :i^5 liitrnor r?p?r (imo'i ( <><?ttd in 'toa ou?twau 1,2-tt Hi'/ 32 Go necoubt tf then ?vy 7 I 3? Tbe rmcont sutyeet to dratt in the IT r fM 3UtM Tr?e*uiy, oo toe '.'3d alt, woe e'^titen ?<: m aL\ buiored tfaouawd doi]?rc B^tteDM-at of bo-tun j at the I ^i>d Anaay Oflioe at Mew Yotk, for the m?ta ealtof .inly .11, 1K66:? IfefXWlt* ? Kot* t ? 00,11 ? ? fr(>t?l,(B bullioa IT.iVO | loi'MJ Stata* buiiiou (of wtii'-b *..'i (H.0 dki Cahtoroia mint bar* I f-'T,OCO 1,T1?,7*> I Hapoatt# of aflvnf? t'orH^a I.Wt Koiti^t) hulnon #,VOO C. K bulloa (contained in g<>lo). li.Mi') ? 81,100 Total d?p<?it* $1,740,100 I'ajkM* la burn 1,7/V " I'BTBbU IS cania 11 1"0 ' 11,740,100 (iaJd bar* lUmp*d $l,7Mlbl2 Tbe nWnmahlp Ahi?, *t Halifax, from 1,'verpool, biingii aevtn dji>* Uter new* Iron Kar>pe. Njtalng of importance bad traiwpirtvl in potitic%i, tioatuial or commeictal affair*. The muke.t retnt,n un changed a* rt?fjard* prtcea, tad n?tbiug had oo cuirtd in tbe way of traiiaactioL* of the alightent ibtcrrnt. Cotton had been in moderate requeet, without variation inprtcee. Breade'ufft were steady, ! but the tecdtnoy cf nomi description* we* down wurti. the wmtbcr continued favorable for the hajvcet. ginUtioin for oooaoia were the aame ea r?|Kiited by J?ot etiauier, and the money market* wtieeaay. The ndvloea generally do not p< **e*a the leant lnurcat. I'jiltlcal affair* remain aUout the H?me. The tew city bank, alia ie^ a few day* ainoe, bait beon earned tho " Impuiteia and rradera Bank," with a capital of one million ol d >11 an. Tbe directi la nauieJ are Moeer*. A . Arnold. L. B. Ward, A. Htudwell, I), n. WcUtinck. Joi-4 I'al.iounr. Cberlea Wed, H. C. llerrtng, W H. Mclntlre, H. Ball, W. H. Melien, A. B H >pe, Thom*? lti?ue/., ?? A. Conovtr, W. H. ApplKoti, Uco-Kf and E. H. Bproull. Tt?e Ita; include* thrnw gentlemen wbo w?ie tjectad at th*Uat tJectioooT dire tir?of Ibe Broadway H*nk by the mano-ivriug of iu Pn hidett. Tbe gniount of dutlea collec'el at tie Caefxn llouee of I'hUtdi ipbia duriug tbe month of Juoe waa $311,648 66, e?aln*t $4*5,163 r,0 for thraana month la*t yew. total collected thin yoar to Augutt lit, 11,974,177 71, again* t $2,N7H,S37 37 to the aane date laat y?a r. The operatione of tbe t'nited Btatae Mint, Phila delphia, for the month of July vera quite amall. Hie depoelte of gold were 1221,330, and of ailrer bollion f 4 3ti,<)fl0, making Use entire dapoaite of the m>nth $< 57, 130. The gold ciinaije wh Hly In doo ble eagiea and gold dollar >, amounted to only $'-'*?),? 380; ibe silver coinage, wholly In quarter de tare, waa only $156,000. The total number of plecM coined during the nmtb waa 6M.7KH, of tha value of $436. 3H& Thla la an unnaually light bualneM. It la proper to renuuk, however, that tb' ' oln?<e operatlona were auapendtd oo tha 2\n inat., pre I?r*tory to the coarn?no?meBt of tbe altaraUutia Decenary to mnke tbe Mint building fireproof. The Chkngo I'rtii of tbe '.'7th ult. aaya: IW He*. tiWia< of Nb? Yort, ?l oth?r MB?y b??B guu* into tb? 'oni^y ?bi h tiadn cb?r*? tb? impro??in?Bt of tb? l'o? ri?#r aal It* roas*etloa* la WUcoobIb. It in ??UibbUI taal tb? 'not iiinf will h?*? a ?arpla? o( (roat ?n? milii >a uj li.Uaa hondrad thcuiaad aeran of U?a Uad *pproprt?U.l by IW|M. afUr ro?pUvlD? tb? Hnprot?m?Bt. lbu Hi* priipoMd to put isto a railro*<l b?twa?a M I'aul a?l Mat. Hi* road ?tli ba la tha Tiainitv of Bra hue dri"! milta la l?s|tli. aa.l aa tba laada am (oeaU.1 ta Iba j.lnan?? of oonhatii WuroMlo, tbay will go far U-w*nl tba ooaaplatioo of tba road. Tie Bmk of tbe IteimbiJe pay a live per cent; the Manintten Bank, four per (^nt; tbe Broikiyn B&nk, five per cent; tbe Fo?t I'lalna (iank, five j?er cent; tbe Kim Bank, New Havoo, fwr j?r cen'.. Moth Karliangr Wu">a<i>iv, A un 1, ls6t IIM/0 Vlrji.nta ft ? . . W, ft ?b? HIT C KH. aW a<*0(el 7? '70. ... W, l'? -lo....p*c 2?0 do.... b? *7 13 do ....p%f Wi WO?bio?'a l'?'. '00 "? ??? "M w V*?0Ibi1 rtt?U ?'? "?'? ??"? K* h"'' ? lson lad H fi?r et M f>40 do M 1000 I oula'a o a.b-' W>X '>? *1? lfitct Uiaaourl 6'?. . . W '? 10? d'i blO a. ?,><000 do.... b?0 U4) do.... aW t,2 1000 S Urtlioa b'a W Z>n do ... k'.O Vi , tAA/0 Hud R*dMB a:l W0 do b-^l I.0t0 lUUnKKB' - ? "7 V, M) to '*> VI l/AJH ... b"0 **', J" ?> ? ttCvrft <*o blO *7 % io ? H % lOtO do b?f) *7 J* ICO do *''1 ? 7W0 <*0 ?7\ *0 !o b.T0 4/S 1 -M4 0 do *7H 100 flatieta HH. *"'? uj/O do 17 *? t<?J do bOO TJ vato d?>. & ?' ? * "*rt K,! 4/H0 to,.'.'. **'? IM ftaadiag KR a < K100 do M '? fc?o do ... a?0 7fJ0O IU Krab.a.1 l?d? Vl\ ?*0 u> ? ais rati da . .^3 ^ . . t# 4 K KM NVOaKRHde. M ', Ull *J '? it/) SYl*a1i IC-'t 40 Ha 1 Rlrat BH 41*. lOtO < i#?*.7olI t?? "?'> o . b i 41 10 pU? ?Woli/**T?o W M Hick Cta W k3 16 lik of Commare* I0B i e?) *7 , lnO Xt itaaraa HH .... 1<<4 300C8VW I ? Ha *? d 101 , ^ 111 t?atral *7 *, I no Caatoa < ? a*H to .aftO '7 100 do b*/ Th 'lOIJavRH UaHK b.iO 6' . jori do a3 87 ?? K> bio b?H ]00 M Jaraay 'Umt > o ? X *" do . 'itO tiafd (>oid M'aa I '?A *>. ... *0 j(0 do .. bit I , 100 4. VKJ eov yyti |h i? Ttaaatt Ga. . IV 7 i,ai#aa k ' a' KM 1'*- ? |f0 d#i .. a?u It'i ?> ilatfcToi HI*. a?? *> 10b do ....aeo 1? d<? *10 ?l ugs Cum 'Mi bo? 2? A o a.". 'I '* 100 4o t*\i M ? bi 4 H 1*1 d K* I ?7 1?? do . . , a3 OT', !? W^fAbW<UoraKH *4', 'pt 0 do ...,b*a? 14 do .... ^ 10O do *.? W. * 4u 100 do. . b? OT a lUBMrfb-ibMaHH^ l>*' 4 :m da b? ?-? I0?"> M*ar>. iwoe I*?l*iaaa ? a ?*" ? 8* ?b? raaa?.? H* 1'^ 1M<i0 Obko ft a '70 HI , 1 <1 (? M VfA l*aa Hd* ibt la 1* S iV# fU 'aa HJl IV* m s W f *W " ? ar<o do ... , *4<J ** S ' f* ?* II WO ?o 1 " **m ** ? ? ??'XjO ?<! aeo M , Aa ... ?* U + 10-/ ibllM'W'.k*" ? >? *** to iV) . **> r. , v> aiMkk'ian M wj 4- WK j rjo ^ iH WS W R&. IWi 100 do ...WO OT', 1IW *t\ ?A d? OT* we do....... W y> Vie Traai ' ol b'? 1?'? ?*"' M* ^ . 100 Aa..,,. '? . tolU'aaRIt at: ?- ^ 'J 7' KH (41% iRfcM axrORT. WmaniiT, Aafaat 1 ?4 ?' R wtn laaim ta * Ult. ft'J at |4 V0 li*jL,-<?r- ? '**Jf --Tba naaraa* f? '"-mm .a r"?*a* lewved ll ne. ta TRa ?" kbi , e?IUau.|?.*' ,n>i aba-i' I1H' VW. Tba aaUa *?> . -a-od ? to a fc",U , iactt!i*( 'aaato&a aad ulra Mat*, ?i ?? a pa- b? W*?1a??, aaaaoar* V' .- *< ? ?' tial?4'iv, UaaeuaMinda4 Mi a HM '?? teeuwe ta?WM*?>* wi.*a?%^? ?*A a Ill? nolaaata fcfa low ?H <|uM, at fr ? M Tt. Dawilia' ' Jraaaj IM *o4d it #4 si Vk, Uraa*pw?o at ??. Whaai *u la |**1 4?m?u4, *1. rathai Tattar prtoN TW ?Ih takriotl ?t*it 11.000 1 u,?ot Mk ate dh Twbwwi Ml MMr Sovthaca ?Mtl m Lt?a ? l?c., whtfo MufUal iu at lav ? jwva - -*-i| Kpa *v ,???, ui baU 41 13Ui a i.1&? Cara-twa DurUt w>< *a?i*r lb* aate* taabracad about .X J?? ? 10,000 buahata W?M miiad, at Kflv.e a H* , <jtw* id# al tba la aid* fttfu m doaia piucbaaa* war* u?il? for aipatt Oata van tilt at 66c a 6w, -TLa market niaUauad ta ba i<ut* drat though ta.aa wm Um actiro .Sou* MO a rt0-? ti?(? Ka **>?? aoll at fali prwwi '-".U bag* Mtra-?.oi * Mi *1 10s? a 11V-, aw mat* Jaaa at ll\;* , so ?a(i U ?ujra at Ul?c , an 1 HO do. *u:?ad dt ltuiula<o at ?Se. motor ?The market coa'iaaad <jui?o fi'ca wi'h ?ataa twloi* Ut ua*? ot about 1,MM> oalm taeiutia| MaiWI mAC ? ir< tl? ptiriMJ report, butaol otad* t>'Ot>c ' Kui.iiri ? lo>((>ool about 20, 000 mtV af **?'? **t* ?oa*K?<i. ii?,( wh*ai aad 'ha reastia'lar rtrm, a* 2Se ?" )"U .ik* baiaa of corner** ia4 ealUta. at '?U , au ! a lot al u* r ?l< of aboa j??m at la par Bhi Wa t.l*?sow, MO * nifc, b?!? ti'?ur w?r? n<i(U al h Ta llr>u.n,U< fj4 tuiigi war* eo(*f?d at V'* 6 aaaaai waa '?<?. t'. tu?.| at fit Jiitia ? 'vr Huolertaal wttb >J*ala at id Us '?*r k 01 u purr taaa I a* Arthur Imij at p t , .a. ,.uU ? ..J (a* toe* buitti.n Hit ? Iba marfc?i ?*' mm aai 'or <>>d*U'i raoff><l llom ?l '_t a II . : > , Moi.akm** wa* 1/ui aad Ui<u?r, 1 't s?,? Sea vara toll a? .6c 1' 0 <? l.ia* al p t ,at M saia. I uUt Biu*ra*aiio at .?c. Nit AL Hplrt'i ?* ? >| utat a'. a ttn ant l.W- bbla luaiu rotl at |i p?, UJiaa * Ol^KHfri " Oili ? Pltik ao-1 ?p*?m wi*? uicbio^'i, I .?#^a4 im bru ' <im ?toi?, *n law at \rl* > y ,<? I'Movi.-ios* ? Iba ?*(??? '??jtao'i 7(M b>>U , laeUliaa Br* m>*a a) lilt ' ? a tlU "J, aal lift VI a tin lb (a* prtna. K*?lran?.l ta 'hn ??U<? war* 4 *- lo |? '? biv aa ibatao arroti 1.1 , ?\ |IT v> 5W! ??. a ?Aa ma dtiata aalao ot ootmtry *1 un'-b%u/*?! pri -4 Taura *aa ratbar n?.<i? ta |utry '< r aattall a >tia? ' >r * 1 \i?<? . wt'.ch warr mm i'riai* tnr? raDK?l fnai 1:1 ta IVtl. Rk?i b?ni. *>rra itu I al Kc ? tfl'. Oat .a?at* ?*?a Aim ?ot la K'*"1 ra<jua?t ?! He a*s?? for *U>td 4h*?, ??? 1 ' a 1 0. fot ham* Ur4 w?? auatat rb*n?r *1 it ?4ia? ol aliout 3tM> bhU ail \ ? a 1 1 ?o Id* toi'o'su^ tb? <|aaat|t< a( p >rW ttfi i??a< i? New York aul lirojklj n ua tti* lat al Aaga*i ? f t?K .V'i. To'il L W 1 f., I '-or <??ar M M* tW 112 I Ml Uaaa I KM II, Mi Ifl T' 5 1 1 ? ?.) K.aM Ibta ima* 8, tit i,iJ0 l.WT J. Ill Itnaam ? 4,16 I / K 6,1 'iT 1 J'M n*ot. ?? IU 119 n 1 14? I'rtata 'it'i S.'iU A. 7 1 .1 IJ.Jf# Kumpa It IT i 4*T <W>? ft, alt Rafuta . . 3.4 !? J.60T 2.IM 4 ,<M l o prist' it; I ,'*U t 1.1*70 1 .Jtl i i 1M Ourritf^* 1 19 li,u I. jit 2,011 I. alt (oioapr. 'tt ft I t Ml 110 0 Is tn>M Tata?a U M,41l <t-t , 4tf,MI 1j<>? uisr. 'it J a.??a II It U It IT! Ito p< a* ? 27' JT? 3 Mi U I'.?pa. W<Kl n?aa l',l I .7 1 4 146 l.tul I.IHtl itu ' hir?K? liu ? 1,870 I, lijt) ?, M I 0 i?t| lUtltoad <v*. t . ? fit %>? IW at llaluaa ot***.... 2M lis 3.. J Put llo pttma. V I 4 1.! LU ttttar rt'iuaa.... 30 * 1 1.4 1 ti7 k/iS Tra. |rtbw turaa ? 1 WJ 1,071 'l,t 7S 1,4<M CciUDtr; ?>*??. . 14 2 74" 1,7S1 2, >it 1,0M lk>. ( ttui* . . ? 1*1 III M M Ua)D>paet?d .... ? l.H 1? OO/i an Total*. 4'tT 14,022 10 110 2 ',Ms ll.iri Km K. ? Hia uiarkat ta firm, wits *ala? of I 0 esa*? ot M?c. afit.i IM itoct, a< ma'aup to l*/, wta afllf atwotoox third of what It w** laat yaar Tula (aat m?ln tha itriBfipal lioloar* look for hi^s pr<~*a aa*a M tiAttx ri'iitiu'ia.'. ti/m, wits aa ad*?ai' <14 toaleatp 10 prlraa, which rathar rlioraa-l Ua?Mrli?o? T't* liiu ?tt.itra'*<i about "W a l<0 lilii'.a ( tli? m taca'ala at f '4e a ' \c , with a antail lot of ititcii; pr aa aal liaodfliiaDa al 7 t*i- , aad &4 lo Iaia< oa p t Tb* fal lowiBg ait thr |iilr?* a*ta!>ltab*'l ?,o tU* lat Au4u*t bp 11 I. A. A Mu?rl, raSawr* wairh iIm* aaailaaata ? Ivubla ralloaij Iraf *ii|(ar. par lb , doubl* rilaal rru*b?d *u(*r, t*',' srouo'l * igar, l\e cinila I rru*l>ad *U(*r, f . c aitra iua It/ ^roaai *a^ar. u^a. Taixttw w*? *'a?<jjr, at 1 1 \c a lac. aaaatl, Sur --M boi?? wara tal 1 *t 1 >4r Wt'iHirr A Itaut 200 bhla wwr. aold, larlul <?k?a at 41e. an. I ht*u prima at 41 liiNtt* o.? th* ai?r*at *?* witi.aut ebanf* T'aa?iaUk uu lh? lat Ai.(ti*t traa a* followa Ku I tJSC Otto. T *41. Mm k .lu' y 1 , bbd* 4,01 'iU t 1., t,;?th r?e?i*?<t aia> ? 724 t? ? TM 4 7M 318 I i.JSt llalivtiad alara..,. Ill 111 II Sft Meek Aujuat 1 4,t)li IjJ '1 t ill Nrn tulk ( atllt Uwkrt. WltiilUtf, AU|<iltl 1444 At Allartna'a? we found 2 ?M cattle lor the lif, an<. S,O.M?lur U?a waai , witb a darnae a( t'niil s* pw lb la prtcte Il<? enppllee came cbufl; Itoi i.Ikmi. ii>* ateiaga ta about 0c. ai?i tbe tea*" T i,?. a lie I., cow* abl calva* ??!"? ?U'I we bin aa imi,. milt i ku>(< to ttottae IB pit mm VhI Mi*M -aiA to a mwj< nU flat*at at (nil tirlea*. Mwlo* w?re in; t <1, and tba prieee hiv('? au?lua. I'm rt IW?f atlle, eitr* lual.ty, (?r 100 tlx 11 1 boa III M l<o jcwl .(iialsty J Mi I* M Do. . oiumoa 4 bo a I M I'o. Inlr-rior ' Ml AM (?*ii?l nlru.tiln ftOMa MM Do. good. 40 Ow a ? fa. commr n 21 Vi* MM V*ala 4a A Do. eatra. . 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