Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1855 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. jajib b gordur bbrrbtv, ICKOPKlErOR AND SDITVB. jmn* n. w. ourn*k of and roLrawara. r sot MS, ?<U& M. HUVUMt* VHl. VAIL r UKRALD - centi p+T copy-V? per tin., a m. IHE HCUt V HERALD carry 8aturdaju ?"? ?'* ??U -'*Wi Europe in cation $4 per <pa ???>, to any p*rc ?{ Orcit Britain or % 6 to anv part of tJU JbiWnr .it. both to include pott. "It. SO NOTICE t'iKcn ?/ i?*otiv*oiM ?m?wn?<U?ni . W? 4* return thoee rejt ted. 4DVKR HSUMtiS i S rnuwj rv?r> J<iy. T?luu? IX... No iiU AMVSRKBNTS THIS KYBN1KQ. NIBLO'S GAROKN. BroAdway? Bohbuiah Gi?l. BOW BET THEATRE, Bawd}? Meadows? Womaa s Wir Hichaad 1(1. ff?OP9 M19STBBL8 MMfcaaie?> HaII? 4>J bMingr, New Yoih, Thursday, ADi(iut it, 1853. The Hews. The steamship Asia irrivel at yesterday, wttb European advices to the 2 1st uit., ono week later than our prtvlens accounts. There appears to he H tie of corueqaencfl irtm the seat of war. The Russians had made several sorties opon the allies, hat were driven feck with cousiderab e loss. The F??aeh confidently predict the early capture of the tbtiakoff. Lord Raglan's remains had been em baited for England, on which occasion the French troops made a grand display, forming an avenue mm tne camp to the ?ea. Toe only intelligence of nkereat fiom Bogland, is the announcement of the defeat of Roebuck's motion of censure, and the tri umph of Lord Falmerstjn by over one hundred majority. Fr jm Spain we learn of the definite set tlement of tne B ack War.-ior dispute, by ths in demnity of one million reals. The Carlista continue thai insurrectionary operations, but their asta appear to oa little batter than those of buiditt!. The ?burch property quntion hid corn / to a bsad, by the Ronati charge df manditg his passports. The wport ot the appuintaeat of DonE'oalavia, as Min ister to oar government in place of M. Oneto, is con dmed. fee Ooites have authorized a treaty with the Dominican republic, the Hint acknowledgment by Bpair. tbat bas be-.n made of Dominican nationality nnce the indepsiuta&ee of the lBlmd. Eheie is nothing of the leiat Importance trom Prance or Germany, exoept that Austria is re ducing her atmy, and is more strongly than ever in ?*tor of peace. In Italy there w*re rumors of insur reeiions, aiid the French army at R:me had baen re. taforced. The Darisn government has replied to the United States with reference to the demand ot <ha latter for the abolition of the Sound due*. Dan nuik thinks the proposition an unreasonable one, aad dee iota to comply. The commercial news present* no feature of importance, fhe markets were generally steady, and consols were quoted at 91. B'tore the receipt ot ?> foreifp news yesterday , iacludtDga lo* not prev-oavly reported, (be saj. of cotton amounted to about 1.000 balei at very ,,(lQ prices, aft*r#ar.1s no sales of tnum-nt trans pi, ed. Flour advanced abou'. V2Kc. to -5c. par Unel. Whfa4. w*? In good dencand, with toiflrabi. eafc. of new S*uth?u Corn de-jltned, and sold at 8C..c.a *7*c. , closing at the inside figure. Poik was rather ?fl#r with further Mien of measa. ?li oO f ct Breton account. Coff* and BUg? Zm. lhe latter was better for high grade. * . We.srs.9tnwt advanced their terms for reftwi H.2H , Freight. wrh.ut cuange ; 20,000 at 2id., and some compressed cotton a- id. There w? a good damiud tor deal freight, to EngU.h ?, ite. Snchis the V:u:ry to get wheat on from the Scutt, that a Baltimore propeller, put in the Charleston trade, was "id to be on lU way from that part for New York, with a cargo of wheat at 108. per bushel f.-eigbt, wnila to Liverpool It was ?agfcged jeatwday at onl y about 5c. per buhel. By the steamship Ociziba, arrived a . _ leans July 2H, we ha?e important ne we from Mexico daW to the 19th ua. Ssnta Anna had, ot nis o*rn Msxnl, proposed tJhe formation and maaguratiin of a re-" coistitniiou, in a clrcolar addreesed to the 1 fiovernor. of the o ff. re at departmsn:. and pro Tt0 ?j. The revolutionary party bad proclaimed ibiaua a sign of weakwss aad ia^curity on the put of H-.i,hre?s, and a sire ounn o. their u^ nateaoeeees: who. most of ^he government news. a?Mia f'.y tha. Oli -nob a subject the opmloa. or festing. oi orpuniz-id banditti were not -^n suited, it was reported thst Gsneral Comonfort had fcad an interview wiwb bkm near ' Sir Iturbe made a and tdlftaMl tic sen to the Legislate Our ell, io "hich he fetched out the uforce weded by Ute its ?e?vple, tn the prentna. of S*nU Aim. Sjbm V111I y Rivds, tb; re ?i| appointed Mtoistor t> the UallJ States, bad set cut for Vera Cruz, en route to Wsntuoiftin, bat it was dmbtcd < our govarn meat co. d receive hue, ?s diplomats rsIatioM b> SIS. Ike couruie. were oroKen off Several oat , Mrca on the property ot can citizen, bid wk.'n plase. Tcebaaa:eof ibe Gsd den t.e?ty j ovsh.Be money was neailj rnn oat ^ ? Tbepoita of Ban U * and hU beat v.jit f? ty a dest!UCUtt3 C'- '," ?Jl" lst of J.?Jy' wLleh s x vcert- dmei a-b,r^ ard totaJy rw Ku^-uowu tkn co k. \ pa ta, tuo A oerLwi el ^er snip War' r Witcu. JMammer. miater. was d?La >NV.-horage and ewe a , to-l vieck. Captain P.umuw, ct tti Water WUb. , m acj iih-f eutff.r OH llM5 Oriz 1 1 1 Br .tmfc tibip Rel JaAet, vita the tor l'DglanO, P^t into TO J >1 m-ro ou tie lOttw ?7?e for soopii<.> and ?i ed the following day. mr, had tluee hundred p ssaupero and vbe immense HO X tf thn-.e m Uton do Jam ia gold, making, with 1 ?*, ?anif?at 0^ the sr.?P Lightning, upward, of , J)w millioos of gold ohii.ped from Australia tor | R?f land withia thirty days. A graphic report of the ce.ebratlon by th* 0 k. .'d pe-ple ot the twentyfiret aanivewvy evtwi citation in u.e British WMtladuHaudBi. '.n to days paper, it will well repay P Its .l?r??y Know Nothing State Coonc.l o omaien'td \t.* w fs''<n3 a* Trent yeaterd ay, an NMluttOBS wf-re adapted protesting again. - twelfth s?*ctioTi ot the 1'niiadelpMa platto.-m, an afialnel the rep".' of vhi Miawuri compromise. The ewe of the fiHbusier nark Magnolia, under teizara a* liobne.naa b-.*n \ik a up tr> the Suprems Csurt, Judge (Uyle ha^i ?? decided that the vessel acd thf arus on l-'axd were not subject to for feiture- to the government. I The counsel fct Passro reW liiamson, '?ktari?ed with abducting C'l. Wue.ier s weat P,iiladet jbia yefl'-erdsy aoplied to the *ipreue Curt for a wiit of b*h a< corpus, wit. the v,ew of bringing >V,li*nr.-0? Oi-loie tb?t Mlbua?l,bat the writ was wtuMd. ... . . . lutceG urtof Cjifma t P>eai f.^rday, .lodje Woodrufi n aaered an elabirat^ decieioo ?p?n a vu\\<.u ;or a new trial, In thfl case of Utrt aol o'h<im sg*(o?t the Hobokea Land aud Im^roveaaat Company, b^iBsj a r lit for d\raa."?? gftjwiogout 0 a ste?m'j -at ollWon on t ??? N irth rivar, s imo amc1. tie mitiou wi. d< niei by '.he Jmlgn "ne twtt. in this c** t?^v? b en h? eiotor i |>ubll*hed ?n Mk 4r#' 00 "i00^, f*oriiliar to etch of ear m srP Intef^stod in maters of the hind. The Board of Education m.-t vi ev., and among other thing* ap^ropri*.' d ten thmmand d 1 ter. tor the expenses of tho F rtc \oaJemy. A pro ^mtioa to e^Bblwb a Utrary for the of tie ?smbers of tnf. Board and the school teachers ?reated oon?id?^ble oissnssion. a?.d wm flaally kid on the table. A moln'ion appoin'tug a c m m to ?vestigve the financial affiirs of tie Bv&rd, with a view to rttreaUHWrt U dlturea, met wttb much opposlUen, particularly Uota members ot the Faanot Committee, who re garded ituu implied condemnation of ticir man ugement; aiid at a convenient momect a sufficient number left the Board to compel an adjournment for want of a quorum. Tnere is utrUinly ave rting auspicious in su h dodginga, aud the Board of Education sionld insist upon tne investigation without delay. A meeting of woikisgmen was held in the Park leak evening. Resulutioiis airong'y condemning tne contract system, aa legalized by tne city charter, and denouncing the sweet sweeping machines, were adopted. Seveial fhrid speeches were made by oia'ors heretofore unknown to fame, and the proceedings were agreeably diversified by a fight on the platform. Our reporters estimate that about three thousand people attended the meeting. The Commissioners of Emigration con<uence3 a series of reforms yesterday they should have con sumated long &k<j. They determined to retrench their expenditures, and struck from their pay roll a number of useless employes wftesa salaries ?mounted in the aggregate to nearly a thousand dollars per month. The oomminjion is now in debt to the amount of $125,000, and the prospect tor its liqnidation is anything bnt flittering. Tnere baa certainly been great carelessness in the man. agement of the funds. This is evident by the fast that instances of mismanagement, and perhaps something worse, have come to light on Ward's Island, and to investigate the matter a sejret mast ing of the Boat d waa held yesterday, from which tie press was excluded. This is an extraordinary proceeding, to ?ay tte least, and lias a most suspi cious look. Publicity can n jver hurt a good caute, though it may expose wrong doing. Will the ocm ntiesicn explain '{ Movements for the Fall Elections. On Tuesday evening the hard shells held their primary elections to choose delegates to the convention which is to meet on the oth September. On the same evening the Liquor Dealers' Association held their elections like wise for the same purpose ; their State Con vention meets at Syracuse on the 6th. The ball is thus fairly set a rolling. The old whigs, having made an assignment of their estate and effects to the republicans, are confident of success in effecting a fusion with the Van Buren free soil era. True, the body is not unanimous in approving the assign, ment. A respectable section of the old line wbigs, under the command of the most ven^ra able patriarchs of the faction, refused to be en dorsed over, and hold themselves alool*. But they constitute a feeble minority. The bulk of the party are in the hands of Seward, Weed, Raymond & Co.. to be welded into a whole to gether with the free soil democrats. Their platform, as arranged at the coalition meeting held at the Astor House, ignores the tempe rance question altogether. They intend to go to the people on the sole issue of anti-slavery, if they can. Now, the question is obviously, "will they be enabled to defeat the liquor dealers by slipping out the liquor question at the elections this tall ? The answer depends on the sagacity of 1he liquor dealers. If they allow the question which h&B been the means of bringing them to gether to be shuffled aside, aud rendered sufjor oinate to the abolition designs of the republi cans, there can be very little doubt but the lit ter will euccted in all their project*. Tne least injurious consequence of such a scheme would be the amendment of the Liquor law in such a manner as to obviate the objections preferred against it by Mr. Hofl'man and the more eminent o 1 the legai counsel who have pro nounced it unconstitutional. On the other hand, it is clear that, by taking advantage of the professed lukewarmneas of the republicans on the liquor questiou. the liquor dealers may, with the exercise of a little sagacity, replace matters oo the looting which they occupied be fore the Prohibitory statute was enacted. Th?;ir policy is to refine to consent, at the bid ding of the republican0, to ignore the liquor question; but on the contrary, to thrust it for word more prominently than any other in the electoral canvass. This will force the Seward leaders back cn their old groand, which in the coming November witl be fouad about as ua cafe as any whbh could be selected. It re mains to be seen whether the liquor dealers possess the tact and the coherence to carry out a plan of this kind. They are now a party wielding great in fluence. and commanding a large electoral vote. It is wholly incomct to represent their strength as coiiflnod to the individuals who profit by the sale of liquor. On the contrary, the party ? politically speaking --com prises not only all the persons engaged in the trade, but a host, who are allied to them by considerations of friendship, and auo ,b>?r large section of in. dividuals who oppose oa principle tyrannical attempts to enforce sumptuary legislation. Each liquor dealer is the nucleus of a little cir cle of persons all of whom ? being comparative ly disinterested in the matter ? will vote to save their frond's livelihood against any party whatsoever. With these and the probable union of the hard shells, the bquor dealers are certain to command one of the strongest partio-3 at trie fall elections. Ex;ept. the Know Nothings they are the strongest political party in tbe State, that is uoconnected with the old parties; it will be their own fault if they throw an ay their power. The Virginia IKir-Sputtkr-< ixd Ore Hards and Soits- Mr. WubCacqht ? It will be remembered that upon the heels of the Vir ginia election the hard shell democracy had a meeting here, and that the soft shells al-o had a meeting of gloriflcatiou over the election of Mr. Wise. It will also be recolleoted that Mr. Wiso wrote a reply to the invitation of the soft shells, declaring that he w<uj tfieirs, "with all his head, all his heart, all bii ?oul, and all bis might." while the poor h ?rds got no letter at all. This snubbing of tha decried hirds appears to have stirred up the fri?'nd? ot Mr. Dickinson in Virginia to demand an explana tion of Mr. Wi-?e7s lett> r. Hia ort; in* have been trying to explain, when a leading hair splitting constitutional Dickinson organ at Hicbm md throws cold water over the whole buHin<"<s in this fashion: ? Tb? afshot o' ibe wbol# mtttor if. tkat Mr. THm bn o>')r ("tl m4 Uw tntk of wbmt til tWNpuiiKnli* , ,!0t,, 0| ft# country kavc (ounJ out loaf ?' t!i*t l??* * m?o ui? Mle< w *h Yor, r< U'.i<-? U? v. tt?r for hi* r?i?ut?tlnn (cr fa?ij man* \o I "'""'J f'"' hvc'* ?r? in th?i torn > ri * jr uulo.'eojrM IT'fv c?n h?)p no <n? *nd tho t ?ft? h*r? inch *n In to.?r*>ii? m-nch ul th? UutUIn pfttform, Mtij'* , .iT'hnrn ?n i th* ?po la about tvm, td?. totorn I t 'IP. t ? h <?'? ti it id lb?;r p?u.?< with h- *1, ?n4 I ?i .. ul ? t? h? borrlbly umitrM ?t d rcnt?it irntf !, ?n to ??? ahtt hnn??t I'r*r .<bt ?Tor no nth,- rr.Pm -.p*n h..0< ff>?, ,, ? ? r?..,T, Pr" Pt oath -ra . i h* I 'xui,' 01 th"m ?? ? ? ?>?* m piMlbl*. with t h? r-H-'t onn. w? !-?<? ofthL htt^r .M of ih.t braacaonbt bar l kadMirt nubifft, ?r* inut, Tor*t#r When th" \ irgini% I'tiT-splitters give up in despair the intricate New York pu/zle of hard shells and soft shells, it Is tlmo for anew shufli<> and deal of th?? cards. Wh-u say the hard sheila? What says Captain Rynderv The News from Europe.? The A ia brings oo new- o any material importance. Politi cally, strategically , and financially matters are as tbey were. It was announced, it wi 1 be re membered, by las mail that the fou th bom bardment of Sebastcpo had taken place ; and several of our L uOon rotemporarics grimly augured from the sententious brevity of Simp son's dwpatchi a that the assault had already commenced. It appears their bum <ne supposi tion was not justified by the tact& W nether the lo.-s of life on the 18th o< Juise has terrified the English and appalled Pelisstier, or w net tier the strength of tbe new works which the Rus sians are erecting behind the Redan and the Mai ak off has convinced tbe Allies that a second assault would be as fruitless as the former one, * hey remain quiet at their posts, and contcnt hentselves with entrenching their position. It se( ms generally understood that the idea of a campaign inland has been definitely abandoned, in consequence of the immense strengtb of the works which crown the defiles in the vicinity of ihe allied camp. Experienced officers hare been understood to declare that it would re quire an army of bait a million of men to force tbe way from the Tchernaya to Simpheropol. The great ? the real problem now involve* in the military operations in the Crimea ? how the Allies, are to get out? appears at last to be en gaging some attention. Study will prove that poor Lord Raglan was, after all, the most sen sible man amor g the officers of the allied army, and that had his advice been followed, tbe troops would long ago have been embarked, and rescued lrom the fate which now threatens them. It is understood that Lord John Russell's place has been filled by the old Colonial Secre tary, Sir William Moleswortb, a politician who held office under Lord Derby. The change is a mere tub to the whale. Man for man, Russell is worth more than Molesworth, and male a better officer. The fact is as we said in the news by the last steamer, the British Parlia ment is so hopelessly sunk in decrepitude, cor ruption and imbecility, that no measures evincing sagacity or even a consciousness of tbe pending cri.-is can be expected of it. A full majority of the members are sold, body and soul, to the aristocracy. They are ready to support any absurdity, to resist any inquiry, to bolster any ministry; so long as they do to in conformity with the wishes of their patrons. Tliey are in fact nothing better than well bred lackey ?, and earn their wages conscientiously. To blame them lor rejecting Mr. Roebuck's motion? in which every man in Eogland con curs?would be like reproving "Jeames" for having the soul of a flunkey. In trade no chaugn his taken place. Consols bad not moved General b jsiness had not re vived, and distrust continuing, money still (?ought investment. Cotton h id been duller, but rallied towards the close of the week. In dian corn continued to fall, at the rate of three (hillings a week: the other classes of bread stuffs were quoted as before. News from Mexico ? Santa Anna's Last Souffle. ? The Dews from Mexico, whiob will be found elsewhere, is singularly suggestive of the progress which the revolutionists, rebcb, brigands, or whatever else they may be callcd, under Alvarez, axe making. While the gov ernment papers rccord, as usual, the triumphs which the government troops gain over the bandits, Santa Anna himself seems to have got a crotchet in his bead that the country might be better govt- rued than it has hitherto been under his benign sway. And so he convenes his Council and propounds to them three grave questions:? First, whether the time has arrived for establishing an organic law or constitution for the republic? Second, what is the compe tent authority for initiating such fundamental law? And third, what is the political form most suitable to adopt? And the Council, not being able to solve these problems to his or their own satisfaction, he propounds them to the people at large, and tolicits answers to his political conundrum ? through the columns of the press. This is the most remarkable movement which we have seen or recorded for many a day. Like an austere parem, who?e sternness has driven his sons to Bet bis authority at defiance, his Most Serene Highness begins to think, in this his hour of extremity, that he has tightened the rein ovrrmucb. And now he is anxious to make amend. Penitently he cries peccavi, and declares his intention to Bin no mora. He ac knowledges indirectly that he has been a hard piaster ; that after all, these revolutionists have had cause to complain, and insinu ates lhaf he, for his p*rt. is willing to turn a new leaf, and let by gone s be bygones. Tba circular which he has recently caused to be sent to the governors of departments ? and of which we give a translation- is capable of no other construction. That it the lair interpre tation of it. Concealed as its meaning is uudcr the mask of official language, still it Etanda out and meals itselt in spite of ull this dims; covering. # This circular rtvrals the true state of affairs in Mexico. It is more reliable than a hundr<! t despatches announcing, wi'h the usual flou rish of Thus if Lib* r tail, tha total rout aiid annihilation of the insurgents. It is the last make-shift of the Dictator It is thi|despairing cry of "Cataliae is at the gates." But Santa Anna utters it not to urg? to resistance, but to chow the necessity of par 1< y ing and making concessions. He hi?, ruled as a despot; be must now yield as u craven. The despotirm which has led to this revolution ary movement be ia r> a-ly in the < m<rgency to foreswear, and Fro^pero like, to drown his book I>?ep?r 'bin did ?v?r p'nrumet koub'I. He bus suddenly opened hin eyes to tlio beau ties of constitutional government, and has no ' objt c ti on ? now that be canuot rule on au Lmpc ror t<> direct as a President. Tnn press which, two short years ago, ha t.roi upon and either mu/.zlcd or extinguiohed, he is now willing to regard as the great Booth piece of Intelligence; and In Hand and soothm# uc ?*n?s he assures it tbat ir. tb'> apparently a?vere nra-nres which b<- adopted toward* It, m ist only be seen his deep aff'otiou and regard for thai pop alar in sti uiion. Ia a wold, Santa Ann* exhibits, in his lecent constitutional inurement, more ar* tact p>>ltroonry and more shuffling hypocrisy than bis worst enemies would bare ventured to Charge him wlUt. It is hie ;a?t shuttl-), ana the m< ct contemptible one of them all. A Lrrn.B Too Fast? We perceive that the Btffalo litpubtic proposes that the approaching Soft Sh< 11 State Convention shall appoint dele gates from this State to the Democratic Na tional Convention wbieb meets at Cincinnati In May nev. Is not our Buffalo friend a little too Ife-t ? Do not LLv scfie intend first to try for a fusion with the hards ? Or have the former forgotten the Baltimore Convention of 1848, which refused to accept them as the ex clusive New York democracy, and threw them ' back upon Buffa'o ? There is a mistake in the 1 print of our cotemporary thin time. Cincinnati is not tbe locality for the Van Buren free soil ers. Buffalo is the place. Let them stick to thtir principles Yoitno Africa on a Sprek.? Yesterday the free and independent abolitionisms in this city aijd vicinity celebrated the anniversary of British emancipation in tbe West Indies, by an excursion and pic-nic at Flushing, Long Inland. They bad a great time, as will be seen by the report elsewhere. This was a celebration got up by tbe wbite folks, who monopolized all the talk, and dissolved tbe Union several times. Young Attica got np a celebration on its own account at Staten Island, shutting out their white friends, Garrison, Oliver Johnson, Greeley & Co. We regret that we have no report of their doings; but Young Africa did nut adver tise its proceedings in the abolition journals ? tbe Times and Tribune ? which announced the Flushing excursion, for which our reporter duly paid his half dollar, and found his own forar at a further expense of thirty-seven and a half cents, according to the requirements of the official programme. A portion of the city delegation to the cele bration at Staten Island, passed the Herald efflce, in great state, escorted by a military com- , pany, at noon. Here was Young Africa in the ranks and Old Africa on horseback; and the corps really mode a very creditable appear ance. The mounted gentlemen were fully uniform

ed. and looked big with the dignity of the r.ha peau bras, gold epaulettes, crimson sashes and drees swords. The procession resembled one tbat we have seen of Faustin the First, Empe ror of Hayti, surrounded the Duke de Mar malade, the Baron de uharlotte-Russe, the Viscount de Meringues, and others of the flower (and water) of his nobility, only that our color .cd people looked a little more dignified than Soulouque's newly created dignitaries. We presume that we were specially honored by this procession on account of the consistent course which the New York Herald has al ways pursued with tbe colored man? never swindling him out of his money by false pre tences, as some white editor* do, and always bailing with pleasure any ef fort made to elevate his position in tbe community, when originated by himself and conducted upon correct principles. Young Africa must go ahead and emancipate itself? above all, keeping clear of all wbite poli' icians, swindlers and loafers. Immigration to Africa is the only thing left for the colored man. lie is, like the Indian, becoming a thing of the past in this country. Orn Bt reau ok Correspondence. ? There is do department of the American newspaper so original or so important as the bureau of cor respondence ? local correspondence especially. The New York Herald first directed atten tion to the subject nearly twenty years ago, and its example has been imitated so far that almost every traveller ac*s as a re porter lor bis favorite journal, and jots down In cidents by the way, and general information, which, when properly prepared and revised for the press, is a source of great benefit to the reading public. With our regular correspon dents, aided by the guerilla war kept up by summer skirmishers, we are a'de to spread be fore our readers, almost every day, a great deal of information which could not be obtain, ed elsewhere. Indeed, it is a fact that the inte rior jonrnals often are obliged to copy from the New York papers accounts of matters which have transpired in their own localities, which they have overlooked, while some sharp correspondent has enapped them up for the Herai.i). Jn the European press this com mendable feature is almost unknown. Those who are able to write for \hc press ? a small class? are too lazy ; and the city journals ilis rriss affairs in the iuterior with a brief para graph condensed from the slow country p ip jr. Sometimes, when anything very important takes place, the London Time ? sends a special reporter into the country, but that does not happen very often. To show the amount o! news received through the medium of correspondence at a well rega. lated newspaper office, we may state that there have been published in this journal duriDg the past four days, letters from London, Paris, Vienna, Mexico. Havana. China, Sandwich Island?, Peru. Uruguay. Nicaragua. New Graubda. California, Washington Territory. Kansas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Florida. In diana, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania. Massachusetts. Connecticut, New Hampshire an<l Rhode Island: and, in addition, local corres pondence from all parts of this State, and about forty watering place letters, from sea, lake, spa and mountain side. Many of these were from our regular corn spoadents ? others from volunteers: many were received but not publish ed, for reasons hereafter to be mentioned. All such communications are carefully revised and condensed before going to tho printers. A few of our summer correspondents appear to have fallen into a grave error as to the da ties of their mission, and we find that it is ne cessary for us to say to them what everyone should know by this time, that the Herald is not a vehicle for puffs of steamboat captains, railroad conductors, agents, or superintendents, hotel keepers, clerk-, hostlers, waiters or hack drivers, rt id grnu* omit, however accommo dating, gentlemanly and affectionate they may be. It is their duty to possess aod exercls'- these attributes, and we do not see why the j should l?e puffid for it. At all events, our correspon dents may rave themselves the trouble of writing such notices? they will always be ex cised from the letters, previous to publication. If they discontinue their favors we shall lose nothing, for our best letters never contain pufl t. TN c have good reason to believe tint, in some instances, these puffs are tukcu in part or whole pny for board bi'ls; and we have to request that landlords will charge all person* claiming to be our correspondent, and collect the ca-th In precisely the same Coin or current buik notes which they demand from ordinary mortals. To show what a nuisance this puffing sj?tem has berime. had a letter the orber day ciutain- j ing seven several and distinct complimentary i notices for steamboats and h tels. Yesterday J a tea-side letter contained ? of all things in 1 the world? a puff for some new hithing shanties. 1 aid the "gentlemanly and accoiuiuodatiag'' reero who attended them. We trust tha* our correspondents will make a tote of tb? se things, and profit by the above hint*. So will their letters be made more io temtlng, and the true object of publishing them be more nearly attained. Important Kukctcons To-Day. ? The State elections of Ttnnewee and of North Carolina c<>me off today. Id the former, a Governor, Legit-la tare and members of Congress ore to bo elected ; in the latter, members of Congress only. Io both S'ates the contest is an iaene be tween the American party, or Knov Nothing", and Ibe democracy, and both parties are mui gnine of success. It wonld be folly, meantime, to ppecu ate, wben we shall probably have to night actual returns sufficient ta indie Ue the general result both in Tennessee and Ok] Ilip Van Winkle. Respecting the canvass in Tennessee, which has been a very exciting one, the following let ter tells its own story. Governor Johnson is the democratic candidate for re-election as Go vernor, and Meredith P. Gentry, a conspicuous whig heretofore, is the Know Nothing candi date : ? Coi.kmam Hochk,, July 23, 1156. Col. Gentry- Itear Sir: 1 nu request".! tni morning, by Col. John WUtlam*, to vnit you at jour Hick ro .in; Hi d tpon aolng ?o, 1 a'idcrnUiod yon to e*preM me de tire, in view of jour nerioni inditipomtion, tail the can In which we h?ve txeo engaged shoul 1 L-irminUe *t, tbii p^ace. I have to Hay, that bo^erer goIUsi'oua I may be to (ootinue the r.nvam, and iiolwitbut taking tiie urpent ?r>iloitatton ?.( i . imds tout I Hhould fill tie r-> mfcinlDg appointmtn J >.m cc. nit rained br a nm of j ro; i r cou?t?sj to ho opponent to yi?ld ti your desire. bare 'he honor to M, &c., ANDREW JOHNSON. This is certainly an improvement upon the eourtesies lately interchanged between Gen. Pillow and Major Donelson. We avait the re sult. " Sam," notwithstanding his failnre in Virgil ia, ought to bo able to make his mark in Tennestee and North Carolina. Governor Trocp's Presidential Classifica tion. ? The vemrablt ex Governor Troup, of Georgia, is out with u prodigious letter, laud ing Gen. Pierce to the skies, and declaring that bis "is the least exceptionable oi all the admin istrations we ever had ? Washington's, Jeffer son's and Polk's not excepted." This is cutting it thick? very thick? almost too thick even for the soft shell 8 of Tammany Hall. Our Georgia enthusiast overlooks old Hickory, ignores Van Buren, forgets Gen. Harrison, Gen. Taylor, and Millard Fillmore, and gives the premium to Mr Pierce even over the head of Captain John Ty ler. Make room for ex- Gov. Tronp. Let Mr. John Cochrane, who is pledged to "carry the President in his aims,'' give way to his friend from Georgia. THE LATEST NE W I; BY MAGNETIC I NO PRINTING TELEGRAPH!, " From Washington. CAUBE OF GOV&HNOK BEEDBH M &KHOVAL? AMOUNT OF MOM.Y IN THE TKJKABl'KT, KTC. Washington, Auguxt 1, 1856. My desia'cb announcing the removal of Governor Reeder and the appointment of Mr. D&waon in hit place, having betn impliedly contradicted in same quar ten, I think it right to assert without qualification that my original statement ii entirely correct. A ? the public pree* and pnblic are not agreed regard' icg the cauiie ot Governor Reeder'a removal, it must be recollected that with the correspondence between him and Commissioner Mant penny, covering charges by the former against G. W. Clark, Indian -tgent, and Clark'* reply, all heretofore published, was a letter from the Secretary of State, Inform'ng Governor Reeder substan tially that without satisfactory explanations relative to hie land transaction* in Kanaaa, hin official relations with the govern Bent must terminate. It is understood theie explanations were received here a week or two tgo, and, according to a telegraphic despatch, have ju-t be<n published In the West. They were entirely uosa tie factory to tb^ Executive; and hence Governor Header's removal oa the 28tb af July. We presume the letter of dumirsal, and other official papers on the subjoct, will shortly be given to tbe public. The amount subject to drift in the United State* Treasury on the 23d ult was eighteen million six hun dred thousand dollars. Jobn Wilson, exCoumiscioner of the I And Office, ha* [ been eleetcd by tbe managers of the National Monument Scciety their ag?nt. j Mr. 'Wheeler, Minis'ertaNicaragna, and Col. Fremont, are b?re. Jndge Mlnot enured ou the dusies of Commissioner of the I sod Oilice this morning. The Nejv Jemy Know Sotliing State Council. T8k?to\, August 1, 1855, The Htat* Council rf Know Nothings met here to Uy, onetonffred aud fifty m?n:b*-'S being present. J. II. I.yos prsaifed After a l?ngtby discussion, resolutions were adopted, protesting sgainst tbe twslftn section (slavery) or tbe PbiUdelphit platform, as no'.. In- ng * part of American principles. The* also protested against the repeal of tbe Missouri compromise The Kar.sns Legislature. Chjcaoo, August 1, 1855. The proceedings of 'he Kansas legislature up to tbe 2fith ult. have been received here, but they a^peutirely local and dtrotd of general interest. AnntMl Hess ton ot the Teachers' Association. Utha, N. Y., August 1, 1855. Ti e tenth at nual session of the teachers' Ahsociation commenced hare this morniag, at Meebanics' hail, K. L. Jones, Feq., of Kocbeater, presiding The attendance was large, including many ladles, After prayer, tbe ore or of business was announced, and the friends*? education from other State* invited to participate In the ' prroefdlrg*. A committee of eight was appointed to repcit piogTess in thi* legislation required bytbeadusa 1 ima I mtfrest* of tbe State. Ileputy 8 IftHntendent Smith, of Foch's'er, addressed the convent on in the afternoon, and Iteiident Jon> * delivered an able and eloquen a'Mress in tbe evening. The convention has sgreed to adjourn ? n Friday. Departure of the Canada. Bo?tos, August 1, 1R55. The Canada left her dock about half past two o'clock this afternoon, but ctme to anchor outside the lower light and remained there until a quarter to seven, at which hour the steamer Knoih Train' placed oa board rievpttches received here this af tern noon by the New Haven train. The Canada then proceeded on her vo*age. lb* 1 >Da<*a has 130 passenger* for Liverpool, and 9 for Halifax, and takes out i>A\t>U0 in specie. The Yellow Fever at Qoaport, Va. Baltimore, August 1, 1^5. Yesterday there seer* ten new cases of ytUow fever at Gospert, Va., and three deaths. The Wttleyan Cnlveisity CommenceMent, KaWtUOWH, Com , August 1. 1H66. At the annual cos rorncem?nt of tbe Wealejaa I'nl versity to d?y. twenty eight student* graduated. Toe degree of I.1..I) was conferred oa tbe Hon. Win. T. Minor, tioseicor of tb * Sta'e. This afternoon about two hundred of tb* alumni an*, down to a most sumptuous dinner. ? use of the Hark Msgnolla. BAiritfont, Aug. 1, 1S.'>5. In the rise of the flllbusterinf bars Magnolia. eeixsrt at Mobile, .Inc** <;*yle bas deetded that tb* fter* and *' ro? on board ara not forfeited to the ?ovsrnment. The cast had been carried te tbe Supreme Court. The Ship Cavalier Aahorr. August 1, 1**6, Tbe ship f'avalirr Jnr'an, from St Jobn. N B, for TomUn, Is siIjot* on Grand Nemsn near St Jobn. and fnli rf wa'er. M,e i? a n*w eblp, thirteen hundred ton* buitb.n md vd* making her second voyage. She is neortd l.eie Art Irnf ot tur Kuoxwllle at gavannah. Sav UKAB, July 31, 1855. TV* Mesniship Knexvtlle h?* arrived here, after a rat-Mgoif ttttj ttrie hour* from New York, with all on Njsra well. Anlvnl of tlte Nashvtlle at Charleston. Ciuhlstos, Jaiyai, 1855 Tbe steampship Naaitville, Ceptata M. Berry, arrived b?re frem New lork at 2 o'clock this (Mooday) after noon. _______ Markets. CitAKt wtfiN, July :K), 1V5. We have no change to report In cur iHt.oo mirke', tt da>? the sales add op 428 bales, at pri es rang a%- ron He. a lie. Riumlo, Aug 1? 0.3IP, M. FVitir i* ?till quiet, but tbe ro&r?et clO '>d firm, fales ?f ??< 0 bM*. were mad* at IH a ?# for c immua !.i extia 1V1 noi? snd Miction. Wh^at unc.lmagK I; ru ^p'.y light; sales of 9.C0J bu*n?ls at fl 50 forT"p;,er Ij?k> sir'ng, sno tl for a*w IlHnoit winter, t'o-n dull an lower sales of US, 000 bushels at Vie a 73c. Oa * oo ti S[? t 1 eld at former prices, sales of 200.000 >>u<h. ls for delivery in all A uguet, at 4'c. Cinvl fre gbts dull eo n atl??,c to New York Import* to day? Flour, 211 hb?? wheat. 2.3' 2 hnshels oat*. 28.817 bnenels Ctnal ex tors to ("ay? Kleur, 1,7!H bbi* ; wheat, 8,722 basbels; con, 44,410 tu>b?ls, oats, 5,8 cusb?U IVaval IolalUgciee. The United S'ates frigate Potomac, bearing the broaJ jxnnaot o! Com B<r?m PtnUltf, comm in Jcg the home tqnadron, arrived )rnm isorfolk last night, ul anchored outside th? bar rhe foil" "1<>K in a list of her ollijete;? - Ijtila It. I'owoll, cmnmeiid og; J?men L. Lar^ner, fleet cip'aln. Lito'tiivu^' MelAi'ClDon Bsitii, WUIiah L. Ii?indnn, L. B. Ave y, I) t* Fairfax. Fdw, Brinley. Maxwell Wocdbuil II .g lieuteB*n'. FIOoC Sarge<>n? Thoe. Ilil'arii. I'ur??r? H M Hl'ttllL Cbajl*in- ? Mo sea B. Chute. Mi?*t*r? < eo. E Morgan. IJ*v, 4?nUt?nt ^urjieow ? Wm. A Barr'i", Her.ry O, M*yo C .jUIn lienj M?f(inib?r. curnn ?v< ?z Murine Suird. ^eecxid. J. i?u tenant? (J?r.rK> 1'- Gfatam. CorumoJure'l ttrj ? (t . org ' M. Hnbtmon Pint M.a- iiipme j.? loseph S. Ste-rett, F U. <ien?o?(, .Ie??e Taylor, J '.wen 6. M%*. well. Ilea ry E? ben. Mid-Hymen ? \l. sicaH, ('. S. Nor ton, H 11 Dalt< o, Ed ?.r<l Lei Captains iwr't? ltobt.. W. Tuektr. Pu't?-r b Cl?rk ? fJeorlqu?tt. &j?tgwain ? Amo? Coli-on. Gunner ? Woo. H. HaoailU) > Carpenter ? J. O ihoxoae. K?>loi*kei ? Jan. tergu*<n. The P, come* to i>ew York to refit. Corouvra' Inqueats, Fatal Acctwi?r o? tiir Ht DwoN Rjypr Rah road, ? Coroner Wilkelm b?ld an inquest yester>'.*y, at the Hudson Blv?r Bal road depot, upon the bldy of William Fitz^er&ld. a brakeman in tfce employ of the Hudson River Railroad Company, who was accideoU'ly killed by coming in collleion with tho Warkhoiuo Bridge, in be neighborhood o' Ft. otbth utreet. 'rho d?oea;e.], it appeared, went upon th? roof of ih- car?, a* they w?re <,n tbeir way to tbia city, for the pur^oto o' taking in the bell corn. When the tram pans rt tbrougu tho bridge deceased's bead f truck the cUmework ol' the etracture. The jury rendetef a verdict of death by frasture of tho skull, received a* ahrve stated. Oeeeaeod wi? * native of Ireiand, and wa < twenty nine year* ot age. Ho loavee a wife and family behind bin, at l'ougu>ee>Hie, to la ment his lota. Tun Coofkr Insttti tb Accident ?Coronor Wilhtlot held an inquest jest-Kay upoa th* bodies of ijeergo Stanley and Joseph Reed, who? as we announced In yesterday's paper? had fallen from tho third story of the Coopeur Institute at the corner of Fourth avenue and Eighth stieet where they were employed aa work men. Heed, it seems, died from compression of tho brkin, while t- tan ley eip'rod trom internal injuries. Tbe jury in both cases rendered a verdict of acnldental death. Reed was twenty-lour yoara of age sadwaa ? native of Iieland, while Stanley via twenty-one yearn old, and was alio born in Ireland. Opmia at Viblo'k. ? The Pyne and Harrison opera iroupe will give, tin* evening, Balfe'a opera of tha "Bo hemian Girl " Mlea L Py ae baa quit* recovered from her hoarsenes* , and again watblee aa brilliantly aa her own native " skylark." The L<aat to Hcinai. ? Mince Knox hu open ed hu n?w and epienoid aiore, on tho corner of Kulton ?tre?t and Broadway, ho ha* been b*?t.ej*d *-ith cus tomers, attracted thither by tha large and elegant dis play of bat*, cap*, tic , wh-ch can ba seen ia hit *how witidowa. Hl? sumner ?tyle? are unsurpassed for gracefulness and beauty of finish, and no gentleman can consider himself d re sued without a genuine Knox on his head. KNOX'S other store la at 533 Broadway. Amldon'a New Style Straw lI?U.-Jnit re ceived by steamer, from Havre, a fresh Bupply of thoie rich brown and white vari*gat?rd atraw bat*, so much in demand the prerent season. Just the tii?g for tho sweltering mentis of Anguat and 8epe*?a?er. F. H, AMlDoN, fashionable batter. 649 Broadway. Che New Ait of Amt rot y ping ta Practiced in Mew York only at BKADY'S, 359 Broadway. The specimens are superior to anything we have ever seen; tney combine accuracy of the daguerreo .jj* with the most exquisite ri 'hn?r? of tone and delicacy of shading. Call and examine them over Thompson's talocn. Ptanoa? ? Hoi ac? Water*, 333 Bruailway, baa the sole agency for the sal* ot C. Gilbert & Co.'i, Hal lett & Cumston's, Woodward k Brown's, and Jacob ?bickering'* Rostoo pisnos: and hi* is the only houae whan can be obuJaeu tee celebrated modern unproved Borate Waters' pianos, with over strings. I'r.ce* let* ihan can be hao elite where. and wiiicb defy competition Fianos to rent, and rent allowed on purchase. Piano* for sale on monthly payments. Sole ugtazy for S. D. ti H. W. Smith's oelet?*ted melodeone tuued the equal temperament. New t'.>; octave pianos, with iron fraroeaj for albO. Second twnr] pianos from HU to $140 Hew niMle ? "?Irnnie Haiui, of Cherry Vale lay." Sopg and chorus. VS ores by O. f. Morris, fcq.; music ?-) Tbcmaa liater Price 26 cents A iitt * gem, bath w?i<)a ana music charming for their simplicity. Tfcemrlidy is exceedingly pretty, and *?.eiiy caught, ft Biiist ?oon it as popular as "Our Beys, ' by the lame som poser. ll> K*CK WATERS, 333 Broadway. Albert II. IlMoisy'i Regular ml- Weekly auction sale of hto ks and bends will cuke place thit day, (Ihureday.) at 1 2 \ o'clock, at toe Mer h?ots' E? change. For further particulars see bis snetlsement in another column Catalogues can ba ob*u ued at the cfBce, No. 11 Broad itrett. Large Sale ufa Superior Collection of Wind and brandies ? We < enr? to call attec.; ?c ta the sale of the choice liquors 'o t>e mace to-taorroe, (Triday,) Aug. 3, at II o'clock, at ro? sales ro .tn, No 11 Bro?(J street, by ALPKKi H NICOLAY, auev^ueer. The goods sie to be ?oId in tbe orijr n^l package?, ?s md vorted and delivered from the United St?te? Bonded Warehouse. * Cheek Karartlla* liulls |S50; Zephyr (.'a?1? mere suits fill, oesutifnl dr li pant* 9'1 50. line blue dress coats $10, Ac , at KVAN8' Clotnin.; V-AreSouae, 66 and 68 Kulton am*;. hummer Dreea (iomli at Hetlwil Price*.? We will oiler this <)?y our entire stoc* of -a-ege-and printed muehns st^res'ly lednced priee*, to mate room for our tall goods. We are also aelilog worked bull, collaars and oncer bsn-ieiebte's at crest hvrgtia*. E. H. I.E.mHKaTEK A: CO., 317 Broidway. To Rtr? w Dealer*. ? We Are flow prepared to show a large and complete assortment ?/ the fall etyle of strew bciigets, cjnm<tia<( >a ptrt of Ibe Florence. PtdaJe, Eng. I ?unstable, an I split straw oonnets, all of wbirj art of our own man u'jkC lure, and will be sold at the lowest market nri^e. by tbe case. A. I.Kl A: 1) A: CO., lil f'eari street. Lace CmtnliiB, Window Shtule*. .tr.~flnyer* have a gnat a<.vsutsi(e n cialiug with large e'tabltah ments, tor th? more ?*ao?ive the bu'invs the smaller the per rentage. Hence, in buying late cirHfas, cor au-es and window shades of first cla&a importing *n4 mslfactuilf rucuns like thst of KELTY k FKB'ON, No iM Drr.aoway, the purehaa*- practice* a wi e ecoBctny, as well as eojovs the opportunity of re hcting firm un extensive stock. For Protertlon Against Mosqalloee and alt insects.? Haaklna' pat nt improved canopy and net, combining beau'y, ch?spaese, and ea'ire security again't ineecta, ni'hout obstruc'ing the circulation of air. It ia con strut-, ted s-? i hst it will ttt aay betateao, and the net is so orrangeil that it will contract and ex pend by mean* o' ni'ber bral' e;lt will ti secure!? at alf time* and un all bcCs'eaoa. tberehj alfurd ng entire pro tection agsinat in>ecti It can be attic ieil te the bed stead in l??e th?n tro m-nutes, and tnea down ia an equally short spurt of ;im*. Yet, while it affords tbe pretecMon eonght. it ia a beauti'nl sad ehts'.e ornament to the bed I'arttculsr attention paid to order*. W. STKATION. Sfile .Agen', flo Chambers street, \\ Y. It >( indi?p>osable to invalids not only by n ght but during tbe day. Wedding (a?l?.-va Aaaortmrnt of Ever* dell's 'legantly engraved at home notes, welding carls, envekiper, Ac., c>n *>e bad on application or <ent by post to any part oi the country Katabdaned 1HU). JAME-J EVERDEU., 3:.2 Broalway, earner o! Daice street. Claret Wince from ?4 I dot t lea Retnrnett } to $6. Blackberry brandy, an eicel't-B.'. reaedy for dlairfc'ra; whit* branry for preserving; London and liuhliu porter, Sentcjj ales, brandies, w s?s, ruma, bled aril schnapps, and all other Imported liquor a, legara, Jte , for sale by IMiEHHiU. M KtiTTMOX, 430 Broome street, corner Crosby . l.r. Watburg'a Fever l>rop* ? r.egltlnalely emp'oyetl In tbe Crimea, admitted by toe Austrian and British codes as a pharmaceutical ptepirition. All tbe l.r i don tot pi' si jhvs cians, aa I>r HaV .ngion, Sir ? Halllday, Mr James Clark: In 45 Auatma hoapitala, and by the pbys eians and the kings of Holland asd Bel gium, are using this infallible intermittent, aed chill end fever eradicator; likewise recommenced ia cholera and malignant Oysen'ery Kor sale by Da. L. Fetch f w an okr, 9? Maiden laae. Wiener's Patent 1% aati Tab ? Washes Clothea without tea.-ing them, or treating tbe bu'.'ona, and saves three four')-* of tbe time and labor. Ite cheap oera bringe it within the reaeb of every (am'ly. ITeaae call and examine. I. A. HEAl'. Agent, ?CT Broelway. Dr. a.S. Fltclk Author of the "?l* f^ectareta ?n consumption," office 714 Broadway, w.!l be pleased ko aflord relief to those who nave been '.njureJ, or wno have failed to be benefitted by tbe eptciuity of labala Won, for dleesees of the lungs or Upo*: < pea daily (Snndaja excepted) from 9 to &o'a oc*. Treat* ton sumption, aetbma, iflr.eesesof tbe beart, and all cnrooio Mseaee* of male* an>t females. Consultation free. The Sight of tbe A?cd may be Greatly 'motored by tncreaeinn the circulation of elwi ,D ti, retire, which is dene * It tout pain by Dr. Bi.UN'd p?. tent stlmulatcr, 132 Troadway. Indigestion. Liver Complaint*, anil their Cure. ? HOLlXitt AY pill* quicaly renjve obnui <>u? matter frcm the blond, aau thoroughly --lesii*, io4 rencvat* the ?y stem. lk?te pilli are a certain remedy for dUesses ol llie stomach and bowels. :lool at the mannfactortea No. >i0 Me-sn lane. Naw Yor' , sn 1 \o. 244 Hieatd. Londoc hni by all drugglitt at 3.?e., ?,?^c and tl per bottle. D. Cameron'* Heeipe* are the .W-st Rcono ?Jcal tbingv of the cay. They contain everything iha' Is needed to heighten or preiarve the rea-.'y, eu?o;.oe ?eery one to make tb' >r awn cosmetics at * a^eia. 0? from 500 to 1,000 per cent Sold by M. lt^"4UEi:i>V 21^ Columbia street, oee uoot from Atlantic (Uif| sida)' Brooklyn one minute's wal* from tfc* r*rrj , urica ll' forwarded by mail to any part of the l'ni> i States. ' Tbe Great ?-?'?""? Remeajy f?r Aethm., aoaaampt oa, aad all disease* ef the thr*M t ir,. .. UK ( i Mf Hygeaoa Ihousanda h?v? bean re.tired' oi k eel th tbe peat year by the hygeso* ?'r.o?iBtl o?l e No M.1 Broadway, and sold by C. H. Rine Vo iuv Breadway. Trioe oply IS a package lh- ' urus will be at the oftee daily rroai 10 w> 3 o'eittk, el.ere he mar be &M 9t Charp. , wl. r? ne^ay