Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1855 Page 7
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matmmm igrcwgp mini. roH ma. jkQA AAA -WffiKW IOND8 ? CLEVE fflwl/.UuU. Us4, Okk-Pmou deeiroue of ?<TMta|M?i investment. (Am Pwflding sites,) earn bear ef aa opportunity by addreeeing A. B, Herald ?Am. Title ruiuiwd. Or a ]Ma of 94,004 tar five P? M wool* fa satisfactory. 0J43 fr AA WILL PURCHASE THAT MEW FOUR fflO.OUv itorj English bMtnnt knH, lia *? Thlrtyfourth ittMi, Mtw?? Seventh and Eighth Migiii. ft (? finished In the best mhbw, with all the ?iIii improresoenwi; 94,500 on mortgage '* required. Apply OS ?? flWllM. 0j?* AAA ?A BROADWAY FIKHT CLASS DRINK WO.Uv"' '-K ssjoon, with a soger store atUch ej, ia offered for sals; It la situated in ibe bent part of tfe* and known aa one of the moat fashionable flaw* ol Ibe kind in New York. Apply to 0. B. HOWES h CO., 84 Nassau street. m* a AAA ? k splendid manufacturing ffl4 UUU business, without ecmpeUfea, and avoiding ever 300 per cent profit, with a Tamable *3 600 ?on tract, win be io!d for 94,000, which, on examination, wM he found to ho a truly junpsiralleled bargain. Apply <n Beau k fltreol, 34); Pino street. 4b 1 KAA? roR sat.e, at port Richmond, jpl'pVV. a beautifully situated and much fre Cinted hotel, with lease, furniture, stock, tirturce, Jke., the abore sum, which is 91,080 below its valne? a bargain seldom or erer offered. Apply i tamed lately to C. BTtHOMPtfON, 81 Sum. a itroat, room 7. fti AAA -F0R 8AtJi? lease, stock and BI'VVU. fixtures of an old established bakery, ia eluding excellent heme and wages, located weat of Broadway, and now doing a bueio?sa of twenty barrela per week. Apply at 289 Broadway. GOJOWB W. SIXER ttTAA FOR A F SWUNG OFFICE?' WORTH 2) | \JU over $1,000 there ia alao two weekly and one monthly paper act ap. Reaaon for selling, ioing Seat*. For farther particulars address G. W. S., Herald office. Now ia UM time to get a cheap office. mA c a -for SAX?j FRtnr stoke, wkh boda 0*tOv- water stand, As., at the jQnction of two of the greatest thoronghfarea, one of the heat atanda ior retail basineia in the city; stock is all fresh and in good order. Apply at 280 Broadway. GEORGE W. SIM&RS. A A AA ?FOR dALE, A PROFITABLE CASH BU jB4UUe stnesa, well estabUehed, and which ia ?ew aettiag from 91,200 to 92,000 per annum; sole seaaen for selling ia on account of 111 health of pro prietor. Apply immediately at 289 Broadway, room 10. GE0R9E W. SIMER3. AQAA ? DAGUERREAN GALLERY FOR SALE ?0\/V/- on favorable termd, with apparatus and "peoimens, complete; seven years established. QC1NBV & CO., 385 D.-oadway. ffl "I AA ONLY.? FOB SALE, LEASE, STOCK A\D ffllUv fixtorei of a segar store, located on a great inereaghfare, with low rent; excellent chance for any smart yennp man with imall capital. Apply at 289 Brcaoway, room 10. GEORGE W. SIMEIli. A MILK ROUND AND DEPOT FOR SALE CHEAP. FOR jft cash, now telling over three hundred quarts per Amy, all private sale, with a good horse, wagon and har ness, and ? good snpply of Orange ceanty milk for the wlBtes. 22H Canal street. A BARE CHANCE.? A FIRST CI.AS3 TEMPERANCE grocery store, in a good neighborhood, now doUg a food cash business, will be sold very cheap, aa the owner ia geing to leave the eitj. Apply at 434 Hudson street. A GOOD CHANCE TO PURCHASE A NEWS DEPOT J% thsap. ia offered, if applied for soon; it ia one of the beet in the city, and located to a great thorough fare. Inquire of C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau st. Boor and shoe store for sale.? a rare chanoe to purchase an old established boot and ekee store, one of the best stands In the city, with a fie sis sio-.k of goods. Very little cash required, and the balance on long time to a responsible party. In qwireef J. WRIGHT, 302 Second street. Business chance.? for s \le, the lease and good will of one of the oldest hatting estsbUsh saenta in the city, situated on the most fashionable aa 1 bashers street In the city, and now doing a prosperou* business. Very aatiafactory reasons given by the present proprietor for selling. Address X., box 1,339 Post Offise. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE? AT FLUSHING, Vy en Whiteetone avenue, adjoining the Into resi dence ef Gardiner Hooland, Ksq., one mile from the railroad depot and steamboat landing, containing about teas acres, with genteel house, stable, barn, Ice house, Aa.. fr ait and shrubbery In abundance. For partlsu his apply to CHARGES F. TOY, atC. H. Sheehan k Ba?'s, 97 Maiden lane. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR BALE? THE BKAUTI fal residence af Mrs. G. G. Bcofleld, deceased, is offered far sale, situated at the village of Wsiden, ?range oeunty, about 11 }? milee from Kewburg, by plans road, and 14 from the Erie road at Goshen . The me a sin a house la two stories high, with wings attached , cantatas 11 fine rooms, bealdee kitchen and cellar rooms, and ia supplied with every convenience. There are four acres of land ef the first quality, an orchard ef choice fruits, aad the grenade are well stocked with shrubbery, fruit aad ornamental trees. Few situations offer equal attractions for a country residence. Walden is situated at the falls of the WalkiU, aad the valley of this river Is unrivalled in fertility, health fulness, and beauty of sesnsry. The drives are ine la every direction, and the Inland view from this point, bounded in the distance by the FlehklU Highlands, the Bhawaaguak aad the Catts bil, ia anaurpaaaed . Possesion given at an? time. For torma. he., inquire ef W. H. Scefiold, 39 William street, or ef the subscriber at Shxwanrunk village, Clster. JAMES O. GRAHAM. Exeautor, fcc. Drug store for sai.e-cheap fob cash ? ap ply at 181 Delencey street, corner of Attorney. DRUG STORE FOR BALE? OLD E8LABL18HED AND doing a fir lit rate prescription and retail buaineea, ntuM an tb* wMt aide of the city, in a thickly popu lated aeigkborbool. 8atia factory reaaoue for aeUing. ^^^?eigbborno^^^^^^^W A?wm tbemiat. Herald office. *RH)B SAIJ5? IN THE MOST HEALTHY AND PLEASANT JC part of Brooklyn, four aa?t eottago built houeea ^b!i, coaimaariiBg ona of ftp flnoa t vie we in tho city. | atory im >??mh?1i, bard filiated and cor coat ro ptooea, arched parlors, larre lota, 25 by 131. Mm Mly |1,IM. Taraa auy. considered cheap: wi!l ianlli in va.'ne. Apply on tho premlaea, Bergen afreet, between Grand and (laeeoa arenuaa. Futon avenue em pom within a short dirtanoe. Ml HALE? THREE DfcORABIJ: LOIS, N08. 100, 102 and 1?4 Tbompaoa (treet, between I'rince and ?g atreeta, 26x 90 saeh. The atreot la aewered. To ?e aaM, one with the privilege ef the three, ay A J. ?UDCKDl. at tho Exchange, on tho 3d day of augnat, a* 12 o'eioek ? Three quaitera un reaaain on aMrtgage, Kl &ALE-THE LEAVE AND FIXTURES OF A VERY deeirnhlo atere in Firat BTanne, near Tenth street, tore ia one of tbo beat in tbo avenue, aad fitted ay la aapertor style, aaitable for a hatter, tailor, ahoe Main, o? an/ buaineea requiring a spacious and wall finialisl room. Terma very low for eash. Apply to 0EORGE BROWN, 100 or 10* Firrt arenue. TEK>R 8ALE? 18? SHAPJ 'S 1UFLKB AND 50,000 riX X? ed aaaauDitioo, all in perfect order ; Sharp's car Maee are admitted to be the aaoat formidable weapon in Far aaia at 20 per cent below the manufacturer a Apply to ALBERT H. NICOLA Y, No. 11 Broad a treet. U*?R SA1.K? A WKI.l. ESTABLISHED MANUFACTU JJ ring btrntaeea under a sal'iabl* patent, already fcverably introduced, ami promiaing a lucrative and peeaaaneat Investment. For particuiara apply to HERMANN E. LUDWiO, No ;i4 Wall at. I>R KALI ?A SIX'OND-HAND HOOK AND LADDER F" SeeageH. lanes, <?b;ef Engines Lafey. 114 Broad i treet, Newark, N. J.; or to J. WAUMON, Jr., 21 Murray ? treet. New York. truck aad apparatna In good urder. Apply to *, Newark, N. J.; J. R. ?W7WR RaIJv-THF. PIJCAIANTLY SITUATED SMALL JP brt.-k house aad lot, with aaodern improvement*, Re. 18 Parry Urset, oomer of Waverley place, with im mediate pcsaeaelon, Ac. Apply at 1?2 Broadway, from 11 to 12 o'clock, or at 93 Kurt Twenty eeveath i treet, of PETER A. H. JACKSON. 1JH)R SALE? THK HANDSOME AND W>:iL BUILT J* ple??ure yacht I l.'K\ her tackle. apparel an J ?ernituro, new lying at Hobeken. She ia about 100 tone bwrtbaa, schooner rigged, and well fonad in every parti ?alar, making her a very deelrable pleasure yacht. She caa be aeea oa application to Daniel McMlilen, on board. Kbe will he eeld very lew. Apply to J AS. M. STACK. 40 Wall etreet, basement laeurance bulldinga. FR SaLE?AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR aa eaterprialBR mu. A batcher'a aland, with good will, an excellent muni of easterners, horeee, wa gon* aad all the atensila for an extensive buetneas, eit natedlnthe flourishing village e( Newtown, I. I. Ran nan far eel liar ill health. Inquire of 1. F. RAI'KLYK, Newtown village, L I I OR SALE ? A SM IX FARM OF iS'JCr 22 H ACRE* ef lan.i, in the township of Jtmaica, one mile from v llare The lan ! under culUva:.on .a in tret rate order, been need for gardening pirpoeee for live ?fare, there ia aa orchard, with all kinds of fruit, a good heuae, barn, and firat rate well ef water. The place will be eeld very lew, aa the owaer haa other bus-. noes m view. Inquire at tho Pbn-nli I'hemlral Work, Fort Ureen, or ef RICHARD PERRIS, oa the premiae*. FK 9 ALE ? THE ?WK AND FIXTURES OF A waUhmtler and jewelry flora, No. 296 Ninth aveaie: rent cheap, and leaae of the pramiaea for two yeara more. The owaer waatv to go tj the eouatry. AD watrhee and arti lea of jewelry left with me far re pairing, are ta l a called for a month after thia date <>r 1 aha; cot be reaponalbla. J"3>:PH FISHES. TpOR ROE? DA'iUKRREAN, I'HOTO'iRAI'HIC ASD J SUrecjtcopic gallery, f! road way location aad ex teaaire buaineia, aet aurpaaaed ia thia eity, muat bo aoid, aa the owner ia going to F.urepe. Alan, a ?patloua an iplendidly located hoa?e aad ^roanda. Aleo, exten afve practtce, celebrated phtalclan, with drag etore at tached, Troy, V Y., rare chance thia? all for ?l,7l?>_ Ml half It# worth. Apply at *1 Naaaau at., room la. Fm HAI.K AS OLD ^TABLI-HKI? LIQlOR - f" iKE, fitted up In the bert etyle . n uat be sold aa the pro eeat rwaer hae etfctr b<i(lne?a to attend to. Thii ta a good opportunity for a man wlfhing inch a place, aa It la en a eeraer 0/ nae of the greatest hoaiueaa streets ? New York. Veaey 'an be made by haying the same tpply en the i-emieee. inmlr Of Cathar ns and Uefcr; fW?wU, to 0 R?j:j.T, TOR SALE-A VALUABLE OOUN7RY RESIDENCE. X with 24 km ef Had attached, which li n tki highest itat* ef cultiraUea, improvement* ef ilw styW. ml b*autifuCj situated In the (Uuol Mil hMM> valley ol New Providence, Es**x coast/, N. J., two mil** fro? th* Morris ud Emi Railroad drpot, 1J? hour*' ride, by cat, from Now York; a stage liat run daily to depot, to moot each tnll. Th* dwelling how* ia Mine ud coauaodious ; a w?0 ud rood spring of water near the door ; choice fruit and shade tr**e, ud every thing ia perfect order, aad not to bo iinwMd by aay location ia tho coon try. For further particular* laqulre of JOHN S. VAN KIRK, oa tho premiae*. Directioaa for reachiag tho fitauNi: take ticketa at tha foot of Cort laadt (treat, N. Y., far Summit, N. J., via Msrris aad Essex Railroad, and a stage will convey yoa to aatd place. F? SALE-A FIRST <_LA8S LARGE JEWELLER'S ?afe, nearly mt. Inquire of D. BACHELARD A SON, 80 Ka?aao ct. R SALE? TWO SMALL HOUSES, 234 SOUR! Fourth (treat, Williamsburg. Tha rentwill _pay 16 Fi Cr e oat. To let, ia Now York, ~fcouse 70 Weat fhirty (t (treet; haa all the mod era improvements Alao, hooaa No 4 Varick ? treet. Apply to S. C. KMITH, IS Mott etreet. ' FOR SALE.? A FINE MEDICINE CHE3T, OF FIRST rata aiaka, for MO. Apply at No. 2 Qaaover square, office 7. FR SALE? A TWO STORY FRAME HO'OBE AND lot. with (tor* front, and two large bttesseats, each ib)i feet wide, by 40 feat deep, mutable for any manufacturing pmr posts. Inquire oa the premises, oa Third av*nue, corner of Savsnty-iixth street. TPOR SALE CHEAP, FOR CASH? THE ENTIRE E3TAB Jj lishmentef Hough'* original ginger beer manu factory, ia J*r*ey City, consisting of th* buslatsa, borne*, wagons, apparatus. bottlee, Ac. rhi* buiiaeai baa toag been well **tabii?ned, aad 1* aow doing a g-j?l aad iacrcae'Bg trad*; aaT O'lnoes* man can m i*? a for tune ia a few j?*r?; this 1* a rare cb \?c*. Apply at 179 Newark irmi, JtHty City. TTWR BALE OR TO LIT? EMPIRE CITY FOUNDRY. F with 'the building* theroa, 100 feet front by 103 feet deep, 3 (tori** high, froatiag oa Thirteenth (treet, betweea Ninth aad Teath avian**, with steam engine, bailer, eapola, abaftlag aad ottier fixture* all complete. For particular* Inquire of Mr. E. DONNELL, 000 Wert etreet, or Mr. HOMER MORGAN, 5 Plae street. The property will be let oa reasonatle term* for aay aw factoring bullae**. For .sale or exchange? a small steamboat, about forty horse power, entirely new. Apply iu clothing aiore of C. G. aILEN [ft SON, 148 Fulton etreet. F OR EXCHANGE-FOR. A LARGE BOUSE If TEHS city, a farm of ninety %erta in Oraage county, near Turaer station on th* Erie railroad. Any pirty having a large sized house ia this oity will find ia the above a good exchange. E. B. KiNSHIMER, 319 Fourth arena*, 3 to 7 P.M., aad 8 to 10 A. M. Hotel eor sale-on tiie european plan, doing a good busloees, aad oear a public tho roaghfare. Stock and fiatuiee, bed* aad beddlag, of th* liaeet quality. Will be sold at a sacrifice, if applied for immediately. Apply at 17 Crosby street. Hotel for sale? the old established house kaowa as th* Three Pigeoas, New Durham, N. J., ,t*d three mile* from Hobokea, oa the Haskeaqack plank road, doiaga first rata boaine**. Thp house is replete with every conveaience; superior stabling, gar den, Ac. laqulre of 6. 3AYTLLE. oa the premise*. Stages leave the house ten times p?r day, to aad from Hackeniack. PRINTING AND EMBOS3KG PRK3S FOR SALK? One of Gordon's alligator printing premie h aad aa embossing pros* for sal*, Tow. Apply to WEST & BER LIN, 120 William street. STATEN ISLAND ?FOR SATJ3, FURNISHED OR UN furnished, bouie with stabl?(, outhonies and every coavtalaaca of wator. situated oa Barde avenue, IS mlant**' walk from Sailer'* Sang Harbor landing. Pos MMion immediate. Apply to Dr. A. B. MO IT, corner of Thompsoa aad Bleecker ? treet*, or oa tb* premises . Term* easy. mo BELL OR 1JTT IN WILLI AM-BURG.? THAT ex X oelleat store corner of North Teath aad Firat st*. Several respectable house*, at aay price they will bring. Also, a piece of ground, 70 by 84 feat, withia eae block of the dock. THOMAS A. DEVYR, North Teath, near First (tr**t, Wllliamabarg. TO MILLINERS AND DRESSMAKERS. ? $150 WILL buy a butiuesa, profit* 918 per week; hoasa rant 9450, let for $336; some furniture aad fixtures accessary for business inehided. Immediate possession. Apply at the store, 98 Myrtle avenaa, Brooklyn. TO DRUGGISTS.? FOR SALE, A KIRril CLASS RK taii aad prescription drug store, situated in a aeigh boriag city. To an energetic aad thorough practical druggist, this ia a most deairabl* opportunity, as it does a very Urge prescriptioa business, that piys wall. The proprietor wiahea to give ap bnaiaesa altogether, which is the reason far offering hi* store for *a)e. For particu lar* iaquir* of F. HtTNN, 10 Gold (traet, N. Y. T) BAKERS OR OTHERS ? MUST BE SOLD THIS DA Y.? Bakery for sale; oa* of the beet chances ever ottered to any person who wishes to *agag* ia a safe cash bo ?laaes, in oa* of the beat avenue*, or a partner will b* taken; lease offonr year*; cneap rent- living apirt m*nts attached to (tor*. Iaquira at 246 Eighth avaaue VALUABLE PATENT FX)R SAI.E-OF A FAST AND cheaply coastrusted power printing press, suited to aay slae. No <iue*tioa aa to Ita work, a* oae caa be **en in operation. Will be aold at oa* fourth Ita ap praised value. Address E. B. T., hex 117 Herald o(Be*. WOOD LAND FOR 8ALK? 200 ACRES OF WOOD laad. la Herkimer county, thirty mile* fro* I'tl ca, oa which is a large house, new, aad a mill ?>te. Will be aold far $8 par acre cash. Apply at 840 Grsad street, Williamsburg, er at l'*Ck dip fsrry. WM. FREESTONE. WILLIAMgRCRO PROPEKTY FOR 8ALK, CHKAP, if applied for immediately ? Two oMt cottar* boa mi, built la modern ityl*. laqolr* of O D< >YLE, Builder, Fifth atreet, between North Fifth and North Sixth itreet*. Term* eaiy. ?XTACBT FOR HALE-THE HANDNOMK AND WEU. JL built pleMure yacht L'l.TRA, her tackle, apparel and furniture, bow lyiag at Hoboltea. She ia aboat 100 tone burthea, aehoeaer rigged, aad well fouad ia every particular, making bar a very dealrable pleasure yacht She can be MM oa application to Daniel McMlllea, >m board. She will be void very low. Apply to JAMR4 M. STARK, 40 Wall atreet, baaemeat Inauraao* buildinga. hot?x? uro renHEH Rimm Ot^RY BOARD AT YONKERi ? PER90NH WISH lag good accommodation*, with *pl*adi<l country *ceaery and view o t the Hudeon, alio handy to depot aad steamboat landing, aad good bathuig, may apply to Jamea Youmana, Warbuitoa avenue, aear lamartlar. GREEN OROVK MANSION, KEYPORT? SITUATED on the Loekport road, aad not more tbaa fivemin ntea' walk from the landing. Cheapeat hotel ia the (Ja lea, aad rapertorfaetlitieiforbethiag, fishing aad aboot iag. Single pereoaa aad (amiliea 14 per week. Tran sient baardera will alio be accommodated oa reasonable term*. Applieatiea to be mad* at 140 Fraaklia atreet, New York, or oa the premlaaa. F. N. ARMSTRONG, Proprietor. High briduk hotki, wb^tchjuhtkr sidk.? Boarding for the aummer. ? fhii eetabiiahmeat i* aew opea for the reception of permaaeat or traaeteat boarder*. oa the moat reaaoaable terma. Ite eaey ac eeaa to the city by the Harlem Railroad every hour, aad the apleadid scenery, with ten aerea of fruit, reader* it oae of the moat 'ieelrable re*ort* ia the vicinity of New York, eepecially for the health aad aafety of children. Inquire ef THw. JONkS. HOLDBIDGK.S ncrra., 717 AND 783 HftOADWAY ? flaadaomely furalabe<l, airy aad aeatly kept anart mints can aow be obtained, with or without boar*. by the meal, day or week, serve.! in dln'njor pr*. at* rooms, oa the moat reasonable terma. Rooma rent from %1 to ?60 par week. No charge for bathi. KW~ YORK BAY~jlJn-X, J* Ml US- r>OM JKR aey City ferry, oa Bergen Polat plank road. Tke no?t beautiful aummer reeideaee iatbe Mtate. Flitpajr, bathing, boating. I Hanaro aad anppora at aa hour* nolle*. Private eerriagee to and from the boaae te city. Now opea for peraaaeat and t raaataat guests. Apply at the boaae, or to Captain Peat < >111 a*, Jerfej Oty. AITRnUWT. AHSTONIFHINO to AM ? MADAME MQMtOW.? TH11 h'ghly giftod lady ia, without exception, theiaoet woadarful aatrotoglat in tbe world, or that baa beoa known. She will tell all the ereata ef life, *v*n tfcs very tboaghU. aad will cauae speedy marriage*, aa? show the nkaaeaa of the intended huaMad* aad abannt friend*, to tbe great aa^miabntent of all that viait her N* charge. If not vatiafled Apply at 74 Broome atreet. aear Caaaoa. Geatleinea aot admitted A~ 8TRoi/x;y ? and PHiucNoi/x;Y~friE crai: | brated Mn FIEI'KY, from Carta, whose relation bae been constantly consulted by Napoleon I. give* true Information on all event* or lite, yuertiona arr answered by the power of maxaotiam, at JA-', llroome street. AP.D ? MAIiAM r'RKWJ-'TKK Rf n.'RSH- TH aNKH TO her friend* aad patrnaa, aad bege to a* y that, after tbe thousand*, both ia this city aad Philadelphia, aim bere/ioaaulted bar with entire aatsfecUoa^ihe leela'ooa M?nt that la the qussUona of aatroiogv, love aad law matters, and books or ora?lee, a a r*LW on eoaataafly by Napoleon, aha ha* ao equal. She wil tell the nam* or the future bu'oaad, aad also the awe of her v writer R*eld*nc* 76 Madiaoa atreat oae door from < e'hesi a*. CLmjIIKVOYaNT iX\Mlisr.tTTOS^.-MP^.* II\Y1>~H | tbia eity, poaecaaaa woadsrful elairvoyaat poarrs She ia, without ? I'-eption. 'be beet alsirvovaa'. ?? have In tli.a country. H*r examination* are true aad cor rect, and her preecriptioaa core after all othara hera failed. Perfect satisfactiou giv*a, or no pay. Oflic*, 178 Graad itiwt MhSadame hark if, rkvowved pii fiom Paris, raa b* ooaaulud about tov?, marriage, buaiaeaa, As., and will t*U tb? nam* of tb* My or **a tleman thay will marry, also the name of her fttwtt. Reeideaee, 12S Kiehth street, comer of fourth aveaoe, oae block from Broadway. "m* Ai)AM>: MEYER HA." RIKOVKD TO 1? HEYRVTB lTA avaana between Tweaty thlr 1 aad Twenty fonrtk -treeta , a be coatiaas* to tall pact, proaeal aad fetors eveata likewise marriages, (ouraeys law aaita, bus aesa pre* pacta, *i??naaa, abeaat frleada. p roper y loet es ?'ekea- Madaai* Meyar eoavero** ie fagllsb, ?/???* aaJ oemaa, aad giv*a gvaiVrs for h*r art. F! 7V R LIVERPOOL-- UNITED BTATB9 Kin STSAMk ATLANTIC, Jaa. Weet, toaamaadsr. Thiaateam will depart with the United Statea maib for Ihiiii "Ij ?? Wedneeday, A>(ut I, at 12o'UoekM, her berth at the foot of Cbaal atreet. Fat freight or pamp, Urhf imulU aeeommodatkma for ele gance and comfort, apply to IDWABD K. COLLINS. M WiDAimL Paaaeagera ate reqaerted to be oo hoard at WJ< M. The BALTIC rill raeaeed the Atlantic, aad aail Aomt 31 Shipper* will pleaee take notice that the ahlp* of tbl* line cannot carry u> good* contraband of war. All letter* muit pea* t&rough Una Peat affloa: in other* wUl he returned. rfc J*rw YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITKD Statee aail ateaaaera.? Tk* Ulil eompoelng thi* ?ne are the foUowlag:? Cap*, Waat BALTIC, Oaat. Ctomiteek. PACIFIC, OipC Kji. ADRIATIC, Chat. ? ? . *blp* k.n been bet* by contract, e/preeely for governmeat aarriae. Iwrj eare baa baa* takes is their construction, a* aJto in thalr caiglnce, to en*ure ?tiength aad ipwd, and their acooaunedatioaa far aae ?eagera are aneqaaued fer elegaaa* aad comfort. Prloe ?* pa**ag* from New Yeik to LtiwpouL la drat claae enbin,81.)0; ia aaoood de,, $75; exclueive nee of extra *i** atate room, $336, from Liverpool to New fork, 30 v^.*" experienced surgeon attached to each (hip. No berth eecured until paid foe. noroasD Djrm or bjiujki. noit k*w tori. raox uvaarooi. Wedneeday.. J a ly 38, 1866. Betauday . . . . July 38, 1868. Wedaeaday.. Aug. 8,1866. Baturdey ... Aug. 11, 1S>66, Wedneeday.. Aug. 33, 1866. Saturday.... Apr 36, 1866. Wedaeaday.. Sept. 8,1866. Saturday.... Sept. 8,1066. Wedaeaday . . Sept. 18,1865. Saturday.... Sept. 22, 1866. Wedaeaday.. Oct. 3, 1856. Saturday .... Oct. 8,1805. Wedaeaday.. Oct. 17, 1865. Malurla*. . . .Oot. 30, 1866. Wedaeaday.. Oct. 31, 1866. Saturday.... Not. 8,1855. Wedaeaday.. Nor. 14, 1836. Sat?rda*....Nov. 17, 1856. Wedaeaday.. Not. 28, 1855. ?atur<iay Dee. 1,1856. Wedneeday. . Dee. 12, 1866. Saturday .... Dec. 16, 1866. Wedn?*da*.Dec. 38, 1866. Saturday.... Dee. 26, 1866. For freight or paeeage apply to EDW. K. OOIXINS, No. 60 Wall atreet, New York. BROWN. KHIPIJCY k CO.. Liverpool. STEPHEN KEN SARD k OO , 27 Auitia Friar*, London. b. o. WAmwRKttrr & co., rah*. GEORGE H. DRAPER, HaTre. The owaera of theee ahlpa will not be a?*e an table for gold, ailver. bullion, Fpecle. ;ei?el-y, pi?cioua atocee or metal d, nnleae bill* of lading are aigaed therefor, aad the value thereof therein expieeeed. Shipper* please take notice that the tbipe of tkia line cannot carry any good* contraband o* war. FOR I.IYF.RFOOL?THE SPI.EN'KID CLIPPER PACKET ship JOHN RL'TLKlKiK, (2,600 ton*,) Capt. Kellay, will *ail to morrow, at 12 o'clock. The w jud cabin %nd rUerage pauenger* will be found in a libera! aapply of cooked proviiloDi, by the ibip. For uuuie apply oa board, pier 14, foot of Wall atreet, or to GRP. LOGAN, at) South street. T7HJR LIVERPOOL ? Bl-AC'K STAR LINK. ?II I E SPLEN Jj did sew packet ?hip JEREMIAH THOMPSON, Blake, master, will aail Friday, 10th, an! ha* an Hurpanwd accommodation* for cabin, aecond cabin aad ?tcerage pa**eeaer*. Second cabin and ateerage pai>*en ger* by thi* line of packet* an furniahed with cooked provUIona, Price or paaaage: cabin. $75; aetoud cabin. 818: ateerage, 10. For ptxage apply on board Pier 30 E. R., or to SAMUEL THOMPSON 'd nephew, 276 Pearl atreet. FOR LIVERPOOL ? SAILS TO-DAY? THK PACKET ?hip CONST aNI'INK. The second cabin and (tear age paiaenger* are found in cooked proTiaioa* by the ?hip. Apply on board, pier 'JO K.a?t river, or to THOS. C. ltOCllE, HJ South atreet. -\T "TICK- FIRST PACRET SII1P KoH l.lVKRI'OOI, Tbe ipleadld packet nhip ARC! IC, Caplaln /.arega, will Mil on Saturday, Aotruat 4, at 12 o'clock M. For paatage apply on board, pier 14 Eaat river, or to TAPtsGOTr At CO., SO South atreet. XTOR U>N DON -SAILS ON FRIDAY, ACGCHT 3, J? tbe packet ahlp PATRICK IIEN'RY. .Second cabin and iteerage paxaengern will be foand la a liberal (ap ply of provlalona ?y the ahlp. Fare? Sicon J cabin, glH, ateerage, 918. Apply to TH03. C. ROCHE, 83 South it. TT*OR HAVRE VIA SOUTHAMPTON.? THE VANDKR. X! bilt European line of etoaaaahlpa.? The flrat elaa* aaw ateamehtp ARIRL, 2,300 toa?, lolevre, master, will leare New York from pier 30 North rlTar, foot of Cham bora Rtreet, at aooa preeiaely, on Satarday. Aug, 11, for Havre, calling at Soathamptoa to laad maJJq^paieongen aad apeota. flrat data paaaage to Ham or Soathamptoa 8110 Second '? " " 00 Tbe Ariel wUl be followed by the North Star, Sept. 1. The owner of theee veeeela will not be accountable for gold, allver. bullion, apeeie. jewelry, prwciou* atone* ^>r metal*. unJeae bllla of ladii ig are aigaed therefor, Bbd tbe ralae thereof therein expreeeod. Spade aad good* taken at aoual ratee. No freight reeeiTed after noon Of the day before aail lag. No berth **enred antil paid for. Letter*, prepaid 18 V eeata per half ot., will bo received at the office up to 11 A. M. of the day of aadliac, aad will be carried la etroog India rubber bag*, ander look; and oa arrival at aoulh amptoa aad Ham, win be immediately depoelted la poet officii thtrf. Parcel* taken, eaah prepaid, one dollar aad upward*, ruin niTM or MBJMk FROM 5SW YORK. FRO* iUTRl. Artel Aug. 11 Norta Star Aug. 11 North Star Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 32 North Star .Sept. 22 North Star Oet. 18 Ariel Oet 13 Ariel Not. ? North Star Not. 3 Ariel Not. 34 Theee iteamahlpe are elaaeed^ 1 at the laeuranee oAoea, and *pecie and good* will W laaured la theaa at aa low ratea tt premium aa la aay ?ha? rteamiblpe that eroo* the oeeaa. For freight or paaaage, apply ta V. TORRANCE, No. 8 Bow Hag Green, New Yock. SUMNER, MO.N'TANT k DRAPFR, No. 36 Rue N. D., dee Vlctolrea, Paita. CHRYST1E, HCHLQCaSMANir* CO.. No. StQual CaaUalr Delavigae, Ham Tjwr Southampton and havkf.-thk united JC MtUi Mil itMBMr UNION, H. Adam, CMBudii, wUl War* for Havre, touching it Southampton, to land the malls sad puHftri, on ^Saturday, Aujuit 26, it 12 ?'?lock, from pier No. 31 North rlrar, foot of Reach ?troat. Prlca of passage, flrrt cabin, $130; aacond do., $76. I.uggase aot wasted during tha v oyaga should be Mat oi board ths day bafora sailing, raul?l "below." No freight will b* taken after Thursday, Auuit %i For freight or passage apply to M. LIVINGSTON. agent, $3 Bioadwaj. The ateamer Arago wiU sacoeod the Union, and Mil Hoptsmbsr 22. BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON? THE UNITED ^totsa Ball sleamalilp WASHINGTON, E? Cavendy, commander, will call for Br ?men touching at rtsuthamp ton, to land the stalls and pasasngsia for England and France, on ^turdaj, Anguat 11, at 12 o'clock M , from pier 37 North river. Price of passage from New York U Southampton or Bwm ? In ftiet cabin, main ealoon $1.10 In Brat eabln, lower saloon 110 In eeoond cabin 00 An experienced asrgson ii attached to each steamer. upeoie delivered I* Harm or l/m lon. A!) lettere mu t pass through the Post Office. For passage or freight ap ply to C. H7 HaM), agent, 11 South William atreeC The eteamer liermaan will suooeod the WasliB%ton, and aaU September 8. ffOOC LTWPOUL. AND PHILADELPHIA HTEAHRHIP 1 Coanpaay intend ml, tag their favorite uteamacps - CITY OF Man<HK-TKB 2.126 tons, Capt. Wylto. CITY OK BAl/rilfOKK, (new) 2,fc.'lk tone, ',-apt CITY U*' WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 tone, Oapt. R. Leitah Haloon $00, $06. and $66, aocordlag te itate room* A limited number of third eiaee passengers will he takes from Philadelphia and Lirorpool, and foand In provisions From Philadelphia. .... $30 | from Uverpool $41 I'artlee wishing to bring oat their friends, eaa obtain serti flea tee of postage and dfb/U on liierpool, in earn* of 1 1 sterling and upward" Apply to HaMI'm. .-itUTH, Agent, 17 Walnnt strsst, Philadelphia, and No. 1 Broad way, Now York. TjlOR CALIFORNIA ? PACKAGE $60. ? FI'ltTHKR Rfc J; Auction of tareo.? Now York and C-aUlorala it*aa ?hip Une, rla Nicaragua Aceeeory Traneit Company, of Nicaragua, propneters ? Threogk in a.! Tance of the ?all ? I'M mllee shorter than aay other route, avotding the deadly I'anama fever, and two milaa of dang?roas in I'eaaina Bay. Rate* of fare through te Han Francisco, including the Isthmus crosang ? Eirst cabin. $176; eeeond cabin, $126, steerage, $60. Tbo splendti double engine steamship DANU2. <6 I.B*TER, I *0u tone harden, Captain turner, will lea re pier No. 3 North river, at 3 o'clock P. M precisely. for i'uata Arena*, on Monday, Aug. fl, lfc66. eonntcttag with the steemshlpfi erra Nevada, 2.WXI ten* b?rdan,over the vicaragua Tran nit roato, having bat Iwelre miles of land transport* tion by fretcUa eairiajet. Kor information or pae ?age at the reduce* ratee, apply only to CIIaRLM MORGAN, agent, No. 2 Howling Greon. Utter bag* Made op at the offlse. gtempod let'em lakes for < ? eante each. Reduced priceh.? ioo r.m. baggage free;? Four hour* from oeean to ocean by I'anama rmi. rand. No exposure to tropiaal >ui and rsma So wait ing in the mad arousd iboale and rapida. No r.ver fever and ague No cholera on this route. Through for 1'aU I ornia via Panaaaa Railroad. The United Htstsw Ma.l Hteamship Company will despatch (or Aep.swal! on Monday, August 0, at tso o'clock, P. M , p re?-t*eJy, from pier foot of Warren utreet, North river, the aew and ?plead,! steamship GEmKGE iaW, 2,400 tone burtfceo Peaaesgari and aaaile will be forwtrled by i'anama railroad, and aonnaa* at Paaaau with the Pa- It' Ma,i Htoaaaehip Coapnay'i magniil'cat eteamebip Joha I. fltephena, 8,000 tone b iethes, ?'? I.tsp<dge, < ->m masder, wh.cb will be in raadiaeex and Usve Immodi atoly for San fmneison. The public are informal that the 1'aclBc Mall ?H*ain*hip < ompany alwaya bare one or more oztra (teamen lying at Paaema, ready for eaa. Ui avoid any poatible detention of p*-*oager? or mails For passage apply to I. W HaV moND at the oaly n/t.nm of Um< ompany 's, 17" West ttnat, corner of Warren. t\h"patch iine for ?an nuNOfx)? 'jcara v I J toad to tail on or before W?1aee^.ay, Aagutt 16 ? 1ne oaleoratod clipper abtp OC3CAN rPIA(.KAI'H, Willis, maeter la now rapioly leadlag at pier 1* East river, and will positively sail at abova. .-<blpp?r? are ptrtisu larty ra<| nested to send their freight promptlr osi b^art. and complete their sagagemente by W-inesday, the 1th of August, Handing m their Mils nf iad'ag for stgaa lore. This faaaoua clipper made the onatnallad ran from Callao te New York tn tfty eight days, xtabUehiag a reputation for sailing q uali' es ansarpaaead by aay ?hip afloat. The magaiSrent A 1 first class clipper >bip KM" OAI NTLET, Andrews, master, will feC>* at an tarly day fjigagemeals are now maklag at faverabla rates W'"TTT)JT A OO., ?*A -outb ?tr?s- ?'i" F>r ?<ai?-a www bi rtii ik nsr. or thv beet stat*rw>nui on boar<) tea ?tsnmsh:p AtlaaUc. en ber net*, passage from New York to Uv?rpaol, August >th. ln .c^re at 66 Dey streev ap iteir* uur j h po?s<m, XT & *jjl gnui^Hir com/ ant. -for Havana U ? Ml New (Mwn-Oi Buih;, a*3 ML, tnm ptm fuel af Vnm Mml M. t, (ki Hi iMn i?4 hwik -*-rr'-*r BRAN ADA, CbgMa 8. P. Ctifla, wM mOI aa tWn. Paaeage eaa m MeuH at tUOtSMIl'lotM. IMMtt NMOllMMNMlti p ?r nm fwt Maaday, Jihf 90. Wwn will be mhM wttA Math Ml* ? ladiag of tt? rara aigned by IM Ceaapaay. upilMtlM at Jmir o?ee. No other (nw algaeo, ud a* Mil* af l? dlag wtO be tigaed after the hour af aalMag. Wm N?M er Map apply at tbe oAea af tka Oampaay. Ml Wart rtm^ una e< ffirw. M. 0. KOBBttS. on VfELBO CRNE. - LN DH'EN DENT MUTUAL USB, to Ball Saf urday, AnguaA 4.? The tpleaiid A 1 par ihip MITBOPOLBVl H. Jay, ii? nto, will poartiveiy clur ea Satarday, 4tb prom. Al geade mat be on board by Wedaeeday, tba It*, Thia ahip baa an parlor acoommodetiooe far a fa w mora flret and aeeead eabia puHittri, far which , or freight, aptly on board, at plar 17, Eeat river. ar to MAlIJi& k LOFtD, KM Wall itgaat, or ARRICL A El J JOT. ltd rail etreet. Shippere wftt piaaaa aaad la their Mil* af lading for ngnatare, aad clear tbalr good a at tba carton bona*. AUSHULIA? PIONEER 1JNE-CARRY1NU TBS V. & Mail ? Tha aew aad beautiful clipper ablp CK SEA. D. Cata, laaatar aaw at bar berth, plat ft. N. B., will poeftively aail aa or bafara lat September. Tba accotamedaUo aa for a Eaatted a am bar af yaaaoagera art en tba Mat approved priaciplaa for Ifbt, veatilatioo aad ctaafwl, being all aa deek. Tba anaoaaa af tha Po aaar lino alnce its flrat eotabliahmeot four yeare afa, it porhape unprecedented? aa aarioua acoidant having oc curred, and ao claim ha nag baaa made oa tba iitu ranee ofBcea, whilst t>aaoag tba tbetiaaada of paaeoaKeea abaolately no alckneaa baa been knowa. Tba advaa tag** ?* employing flrat elaae ablpa aad esparieaeed commandera ia demonatrated by tbe foiowing remarka ble paeaage-, navel eqnaBed from thia country ?>'h< pa Ooeaa 8?*ed, 88 data; Hjtag Scad, 76 daye; Wadward, 87 days; Nightingale, 74 day a; Gertrude, 90 daya. Tbe Ulaek Sea will be ancceeded by tbe clipper bark Nlm red, ea bar third voyage, to anil ea or before lit ef Oc tober. The faat tailing ablp Vandalia far Sydaer, with immediate ditpateb, aew loading at pier 12, & R. 1'er freight or paaiage apply en board or to R. W. CAMERON, bio. d ?r??n. Australia ? passengers ph mi' metropo lis will pleate hire their baggage en board eo Friday, aa the ihip win eel) oa Saturday, Aagaat 4th. ,-ix mare berth* for tale. Apply en baard er Ve If AIIJ.KR k LORD. 108 Well ?ti*et. ARKELL ft KLUOf, 14? Pearl ttreet. For Havana and new orij%avs,_tiie d. s. m attamahip (A1UWTIA, R. W, com mander, will cemaaenee receiving freight en Monilav, .\ugoit 8, and aail from pier '27, North r.ver, at 12 ? , precitelv, on 1'nday, Aognnt 10. lUVINOrtTON, WHIHIIIHW A CO., !1 Rroa'waj -TftOR SAVANNAH A.VD n>iRiI)A? U.NiTRl) STATES r mall tine. ? Tbe aew and elegant ataaiaablp ALA RAMA, Captain George R Scbrnek, will leave New Yerh for Savaanaa on sataroav. Aug. 4, freaa pier ^o. *, U K, at 4 e'elock P. M.' P.illa ef ladiag tignrd on buai<l For freight apply on board, er lor paaauge <a SAMITP1, 1- MITX-HIIX, 13 Broadway. Ker llOTida, tick eta from Mew York to Jackaonviile, VII : PilaUa, ? ti. The Knexvlde, CaptaiaC'. D. Ladlow, will aucceel, aad leave oa Satanlay, July 28. TTftOR 8AVANNA11? KARJC REDUCED? THE CNITH31 r Utotea mail ?teaaaahlp KEY-' TON K STATE, Captain K. Bardie, will l?ave Philadelphia (or Savaaaab on WmI sea day, Augual 8, at 10 o'clock A. M. Pare, I JO ateer age, li8. Tbe Keyatone State will leave again a* ahove on Wednea<lay, Aogmt '22. AgentaiaNew Yorn, SCRAN TON fc TAI JJaAN, 19 Old ahp, where atate rooma may be aecared. UWR CHARLtSTO.N AVD fLOKIDA- SKW WKEKI.Y JP United Statee mail line. ? Tbe new and fan to ng tteamer MARION. W. Potter, commander, will leave pier No. 4, North river, oa Batarday, Aogoat 4, at 1 o'clock, P. M , precisely. Per freight apply eo board, where all btlla ef lading will be aigned, and for paaeage, ?t tbe offlee of HIHJFFOIU), ni>?TOWN k CO , 29 Braad way. Through ticketa to Florida, aa folio wa ?r* Jack aonviHe, ?31 , to PilaUa, ?.u. NOTICK.? HTKAMHHIP JAMNBToWN? IN 00N3E 'luence of tb? quarantine rtgulatione with regard to Norfolk aa<] Portamouth, this *hip will Mil on "*tur day, 4th Auguat, diioct for Richmond, wl'biut going to Norfolk . Paaaaagera for tho latter place will be landed at Old I'oiat Comfort, or they caa proceed Saatb, ria I'e teraburg, without detention, with aa much eipedltioa and a* cheaply aa ria Norfolk, Peterabarg pcxaeager* will be sent ap u a me), by railroad from City I'oiat. Paanaga aad faro to Old Point, II; to Petarefcnrg or Richmond. $10; itaerage hair price. Through Uoiete to Lynchburg, $14; through ticket* to the Virginia Springe. LUDl.AM k PLEASANTS, .1 i Broadway. No freight caa be raceired for Norfolk. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLIARM FOR MSI) State room, with two berth* la the mvln atlooo, on lUUMr Ariel for Havre, Auguat 11th, In for eala at 1. BRANDKJ3 k CO., 72 William ?t. IIORSKI, CAiUU ac?KM, AC. ADOI7B1X HORSE RCK KAWAY FOR SALE; HAH been a?ed two yearn. bat not abn*ad; la la gaol condition, not too heavy for tbeeosntry, cmiMW), will be eolJ for ISM. Aluo a good raddle horee. epirltad, but aot vlcioua; will drive tingle ordanbla. Priee 9100 Apply at OOif Broadway, corner of Fourth atreet, la the book (tore. A HOR.-K WANTED IN EXCHANGE I OR A OOL^ hunting i ??<-d watch? a good free driver. no objection it ten or twelve yeare old, if tmid. Plieaee call or addroea A. BLAKH-'LKK, 247 Waahiagtoa (treat. rR HALK ? F#L'R HORSC AND CARW, WITH THE good will of tho wort of are etnre* , the preeeat owner l? going la the country Inquire of Henry Kva rett, at IHlloa'a eottoa pre**, M aad M fierliag afip. For hale? a hor*, top bcooy wa<;on, har note, blaaketa, ke~ , complete St oat, beloagiag to a gentleman having no farther ace for them. Tlx horee U cheetnat, lA>a hand* high, aad a geol traveller. The wa?on, Ac. nearly aew. The intire eatabliabment will be (old for IM. Can be aeea for three day* at tier Kemaen'a (table, oo rner of Laien aad Court etraata, Draoklya. Inquire either at the (table or at the lnepe< tion yard, foot af Dagraw etreet. E>R BALE ? A DOR.HK, WAttON, HARNfSM, RI.AN k*ti, (hoeta aad a complete (It oat. The horee i* i, ponr built and very (tjrl^h, ha* tretted a mtk In three mlaatee. The wagon la very light aad<|oita new. having boon ran bat a few Uaaea. ."tM ewtlie ea tabllabmaat will be eald very low, by applying at J. k J. Klag'a (table, ooraar of Fourth (treat acd Lafayette place. F)R hALK? a 1 IK'iK rAMILT C \RR1AGE. LN PER fret order. Will be nM AMf for ca*h, ore* ' banged for a hcr?e and light wagon. tb? owner hutag no further u*e for the carriage VW"7 ??'. "* addree* I.*., Adriatic Hotel, earner of Hulaoo aad Barrow etr*eta. or nMJh?faMk rAHT~iiornNO_HoRfflw, jTvrr from the country, well broke and gentle, of good atyla and action, aad warranted perfe<rt la every r? ?poet. Worthy the attxatlaa of aay iceatleawa whe want* a good bora*. Apj.'y a 1<W Wulbarry atrret. For -alb? a oood family horse, jix years old, over 11 haad( high, of good a[??d. an I right la every way , color bay. Price libu. Apply at 40.) Weal etreet, n-ar Charlee. ItOR A I.E ? A BAY HORH K, FIFTEEN HAND! HI ill, black tail, maae aad lege, peny built; ran trot a in Ui la four minute* warranted noaad aad Llnd la all aaraeaa Hold becau** the owner la going to r.urope. Caa be *een at Fagaa'a e'able, . orner af Hick* aad liar ri?on atreeta, HwS Brooklyn. OR SAlJC? A B\Y HOR-E, SIXTH.* "h VI hltfb. faet travellee, perfectly geatla aud kind a ?addle or harnaea, 7 j?m eld, warranted, the p-operty of a gcntlaman. teoaatly de-.eeaed. Aloe, a wagon an I bars***. Apply to KIS'OPI-EY A so\( 7. Rea-le (treat TTtOR HAIJt-A LARoI" BROWN Hum, fiROCKRY " wagun and barne*", either *eparaM or together, for ca-h cheap Apply at i.raad <trr?t, Wllllaei-^erg or Peck alip ferry. WM. r?-? For PAi-K?TWEWf y iior^s, ncrriiBrx for thi road, or aay batiae** alao a large lot of light carriage*, roekawaya, top aad opea bnegiee, wliio w.ll be rold low to cloea up the apr ng trade, at No* * and 10 NevMa ?treet, earner of Faiton avenue, llrooklya. OR HALR? A~lTlttHT HHStIMT" roP~WA?."oNTRY one of the f<eet maker* , to be aeea at Sylvee ter'( (labia*, Ki Weat Tweaty fourth cr*et, tetr ia'.h avrnne. Pice $12*. HOR.-PH AND I ARRIAOK I.N KXCHANlil I <11 A houae aad lot In RrooMya ? The b'iaee muet a* eii4ibly located, of modern *tyle, an I wall hu ll Trie dift?renca between the horee* aad carriage aa 1 'be honee will be paid la eauh . Addraaa boi M4 Poet o tk-m ORhfc FOR H A I JT. ? ~->I . RK Y HOR4E, 11.', band* hlefH, will *taa<l without tyiag. eight year* old; woukI lull *(pr*eara?n. eaal f a: 1, or >ar f?rtca wanting a good hor>? will e> ae the owa<r hae oo further uae for him. Apply at lii ?treat. \T HmORT HO MICH, A. -TEN VKRY *1 COUOR \ jceeg Morgaa h<?raa* ?'tned and lnn1 in ??*?; war three of them are eery feet trotter" a fair of ? te?eaUy matched bay* acd etraral taper or etagte hor*ee, for aaie at verv low prteaa. A g??d > *r??t tw . ?eat r'?kaway will be sought for aa>h or ?sa'iaagwl Addroea or apply at 21 Boaram rtreet, Hr-j?aiya HOliKI, KOU?, AC- WAITKDi WASTUi TO It RCHAW-a I^?T Of flOOD Hi Ixaaiago iifnum?:t? Addreaa ?H Dom'ago, I oel oBoa. 1*rAVTTO-T?-> tMAJoTo* l.rt~A no V. !'? HR <*r- i TV lya It toe '.a n< ele<?a reowia, a a "./)*? ne ar-a parlor*, with aiarbla mao'ele. faafcioaable grata> the b<xi>e ta nevrir papered aad paia imSj a few mtmwtm' walk from I Jtoa ferry, ta i very gae>el aaighWhoeJ, ! 121 ^aada atieet or woaid .et a part u> a ?ma.l fam>ly, | reat low. aHVU-a w?1l nRHiMfiff) not 'i; #im madera improvemeata, la or aeer Kaat Broedway . above Pike aad kelow ties veTaear atrael. Tobe^ ? ??i&tr. mmeiilauly by a a mall fan . y Addreaa eel 1 481 Poet i Oftce. WA N TUt TO CHARlbu>A MM A|il STEAMBOAT Of light draft af etlar, te rat tke^l II a le> H* I ?e?, aitltebia for a pMe*nger boaL Apply V< WRr J | HrTt", !%eal> rtraat <^m>TA~i?Ai.i IjMBByMB *nni board, by a raaag ;ady, 'a a <,?.** fa -a * t 'r'm '<? "o ? i pat week. Aldrw #. f lr*a.tway ' f oe* **Sc*. ft *pa.4 . I) ROADWAY THKlTIUi > a A. MAMHAIX, SOL ? L0NK rka HM|U kti Ik* ytauor* t* n-Tininm ? HHORr KMOAQtOIDfT hmMiHoi MONDAY, AWD5J ? iW* Witt that urinM artiat, OABRIKL RATIL Ail hi* MkVnwd TRUDPG OF PANTOMIMlSTH OeniUtlag of Ue 1 MARTWrm FAMILY. Tlx accompllahid Iuiionl M'lXK CEIJWITNE FRANK Hn bit *| The AmiMiD B u?r. ur.i J-n 1 1 ?' '< rr\ Hor Avtt ftminaM la Ntw York for uu*o jt*? . i daoMUM, MMJ FRANCE, MONK 001 LEV, Principal dancer acd Ballet Hiitir, MR. H. WEl.lrt, the dUUagulahed l'antemimiat, with other Maiaeat performer*. and a complete CORPS DK, Ciuxat or Pwokmaxci Kvnr Rvmrivo. Box aheet epea aa JUrvmnay, Angoat Ath, when mala may ba aecuied for thraa daji in advance. Notwitn ataadiag th* grant outlay attendant upon tba repreaea tatlon* of ibla great troupa af artiat*, tha price* of ad miiiion will remain aa usual. Hoi and par <| oat 10 casta. I'pper bo i a a 2.SeaaU. Prtnt* bauit liud It GEO. CHRISTY * WOOD'S MLWRXU), 47'i BROAD way, above Grand itiaat. OPEN EVERY EVEN INC. For thia week? Ethiopian MlaatreUy, dancing, *o., concluding with A FAVORITE FAR* 15. Door* open at o'clock ; to eoajmaaca at 0. Ticket* SI ceata All bnaiaeie transacted hj H. Wood. KEMBM.'H TROUPE ARK fOMINU.? KKMBIJ'S MatropoUtaa Mlnatrel* and Variety Troup*, conpriaiag aa eflciaat eorpa of talented performera, twiive la number, selected from tha baat oompaalea North and Houth, will *I?a two of thalr parlor an tar tainmenU at tba Odaon, WUliainaburg, on Tburada* aad Friday erealag*, Augnat -'<1 and 3d, whan tti*y will in trodnea new aong*, dancea aod burlea^u**, <(o**r and ijua.nt layiagx, Ar. Ticket* '.:!i cent* Door* open at 7 o'clock; parformanca* commence at 8 praeiaaly. H 0L1DAY STREET THEATRE, BALTIMORE. MR MR. AND MRS. W. J. FLORENCE. d paraonator* of IRISH AND YAMKKE COMEDY hare been Induced by their bnlli nt aud unprecedented ? occara during tba past fortnight, to continue thair ca fagement far TIIK THIRD WEEK. Buccal* I* tba graat and only practical taut of talent, and aa unlnterrupte 1 annc*aau>n of crowded BOOBS proven tbnm Uin moat talantad and popnlar atar< ta their poouliar lta*? in the I'nlon. Tba fanioua Yank** tunc, "BOHBINU AROUND," la nightly received with a-reama of ?pplauaa. The word* and maiio of thl* long war* written *i pMMh for Mia. Kloranc* by her U? whim it eicluiivcly lon^a. Franklin museum, 63 BowrrtY ?TiitiWAY, Auguit 2 ? Oula attraction*, lielni; th* Ugt but tiro of the iee?on, and benefit of Miaa ^inlth, whao tiiirty young ladlaa will appear la th* "Model Art.itee," with other entertainment*. HJCMOVAJLS. Notice of removal.? Walter i.ociwood ha h returned to hi* eld atand, 'M Greenwich a treat, between Barclay and ltobinaoa, occupied by him fer n?any yeara previoua to the lit of May 1 ait, w liar* he will be happy to aee hia old frinnda and cuitomera lie ba* on hand a large and general aaaortmaut of gosda, and intend* to keephla atock replenished with the neweat and a>o*t desirable it I lei of gj.> la In the market, all of which will be aold at Che very loweel market pn-e, fer Eemovai a. drpmmond wocuj respbt tolly laform hi* friend* and the pablle, that he ha* removed hi* apothecary aVire to .107 ilroadway, where he ha* opened with a new, complete, and well ?elected a**ortm*at of drug*, medUlnei, perfumery, bruihe*, aoapa, fancy art it- lea, As., Ac. f'li y ?> . m ? preacrlptiona accurately prepared A luperior >|uality of brandy, old .) amaioa iplrfta, pure wine*, Ac., ceo itaatly on hand for medicinal purpoea*. B. DRUMMOND, Apothecary, 307 Broadway. BfRDlCAla. 4NKW BOOK.? THR MhRRUUE OCTDK; OR, Family Medical and I'hyaio :l*Uy lor tb* married or tboa* Kemlly Medical and I'hyaioloflaal Iaatructor? ally (or lb* married or Ihoae InUadta* la marry. By lir. 1'. V. HoIllck,th* author aod lecturer. Ilaadredth edition , lira hundred pagan ; colored plataa. 1'risa on# dollar. Publlibad by ?! W. RrROVtt. No. ?H Nuoo atreet, New York, who will forward ty mall, free, ante airing oaa dollar and aildrea*. " Tba moat eitrnordi oary book wa erar raad. <me feature whl^ta particularly diabafniahe* tbn book from all otbara of the klad, f* tba peculiar tooa of morality which prrtadea It all through."? Medical sad Surgical Review. Dh. cob b lit, iu ltt'A.VK sTitracr, mat bk wjh rulta I with rontldeaee oa nertela dleeeaaa , 'M yaan Mi eae apaeUlity of tha arefaaaioa, lublta kia M guarantee permanent cnraa. Hla traatmeat 1* tba ?al aa that practiced by tba greet Rlearrl, af Pari*. N. B ? Dr. C diploma, a a member af tha N. T. Calrantty May be aeon at hla oSea. Dr. oooj'ks, u w ave minr, so i/osa kaowa to tka cttiuaj af Raw Yark aa tba moetaaa raaafal praetitloaar thta eauatry caa boaat *{. oaa tlaaea ta ba eoaaaRad at bla aid aAoa, relieving tka aa fort a Bate, Bad (1'iaf eoaeoiatioa to maay a% aahiag heart. V. 1.-1*. C. (iirutaaa a aa n 1* all aaaaa aa dartahea. K. J OHM WIN, 1? DCANf. BTHBTT, RAB rmnfltfl. ad BMra aaraa tbaa aay other medla^ aaaa la Naw . I*. Johaeao'* traataaaat la aafe aad ???"** hla aae<hcioee aaa ba Uhaa wttbeat faar af (%a*?? wxxtaraAa, aad tba waity nfavM U Uaa la act gtvea. u aahMeu. itlatkaa. n B. WAUj'H CNTORTTNATT.Ti ITUKMP. ?1, W1TM a hook.? Jaat what tboaa waat whabaraaaataaat dleeaaae, aaataly, tun at aaaa, aad aa data* aad mar* ai plana. bnaiMflRi la tba aarld by Dr. Ward'* '?(.'afortaaete'a friend." Afflleted Uka Botha aa other remedial oaa eura ywa radtaally. KRgh^M aorwd la a law hoara . aathlag ekm daaa It. No. kOCaaaJ ?treat, oaa door eaat of HroadMy, la Lha plea* ta n* tbla rapM tad thorough niaiiy ? oawlxaa alaa ta N* w Yark. A aara warraatad by Dr. Word. Pa ilea w aarloua far rahar mar rely oa a rapid acra by bla tree*, ?ant, without tailng the nyatem. TAB. HVNTKR, NO lhl VPION^KKI^ICW YOU, I / aataaf aad favorably kaawa la wl ?a*U, may Saeoaaaltad at bia old aotabllahed oKca, where ha haa praettaed ta oaa braaah af awdUtaa for lha U?t id yaara, aad aaa<la aaora rnraa tbaa aay othar aaa .a tha r#t t . u> aaay laaUacaa of paraoaa ennaidarao ia?aaabla, aoaaaof w tilth ba haa panalaaloa to rafar <?> aa harwtofara. Ckargaa BKxlarata. aad la all t aaaa a eara (uaraataad. ChaUaa ? My g ra*t iaa?a ly, Haatar'a rad dray, that aaraa aartalo dla aaaaa wltbaul dryla( 11a piWaaa U A* blow), aaa aa ly ha had aa a bar a. f'rlaa fl. Call a ad (at tha Maaihar of liaalth. D~r. "haT^ i-TFr o?ticc% roc thk TR^mcvT aapa-mlly taa M ??>ara >a 1 caaaa, So H.: Huaatua atraat, naar Waoatar (lanra ?f coaaultatlon from 'J to UAH aad 0 U? '# I'. M , Sua 'laya aira^iwi rT" warhiT" CTUdKATri) i kmaij! rkmrw, a/lord lafalllUla fallal la aU 'ompluata pa ullar to lamalaa. Ilia loatr partodloal p.lla Qatar fail to ?ur* aappiaaaian tl p*r boi. oSea, to Caaal atraat. \JT I aRMoNT, I'At'JH 'AND U>H IrflN 1T1YHOIAM l?l s aad Hartaam, aathor of tba " Mad.aai Adrlaar aad Marrta^a Valda," Ml f*f, 11 aafra r i ara, flaaiai, aaalad eioaaly, lot 91 <) b aoaaulM at I. Haa da atraat. aoraar of Broadway, from II A M. to 'x, aad fram 4 ha a 1*. M. ftait-'aya acaptad. 1b?-aa at a diataaaa Waatad by mall aad ai iraa* Wa aoaaar with athar yaym la raca.maMadia< l?r. I- Cfcd bia traatiy* ? Oa via* 4a Suva I aaa. I?y Boob. : taaU Zaila ag, Nik'/uJ iMmorrat ha iiooiu>'? 1'KAcrrf BHI or nmov au?tiu ttadara(a>d, formerly a p?p<l with lUaoaa, af fan a, and with tba aalebratad nrrani af mm ?fy, lira. UarnAehaa aad Mott, laforwta tha pabtte that ha haa ramotad aad parmaaoa'ly aatabHahad Ma aaa lalUaf aad -t.apaaalag rnami at Ma 610 Hna4*?f. fa* tba a nr* of dlaaaaaa. Ha taadara ta all afflirted pmmtUn aaimraoaa of rahaf, aad tboaa wlao bar* jaaa ab '?poelflaa," aalinotaa, IIIMa bao*a " ao maraary, _ hka ?ffaaaaaaof thaaaaaaroaaa^diaal aha/UUaa af tha day atft raly oa hav'air tbair aaaa* traalad aSaatwaDy aa maiur hew aomplicatad thay aay aapaar Hla aa vaadad obaarraUaaa la lha faaaoaa noapflai da Midi, la rarta, an4ar Maard blmaalf, ta?atha* wlU tha aaa> aaw aad aAelaat nanillaa af thl* ami aaa t *ai?aaa rwadar fail are tmpoaaola It mar ba maatlaaal, (ar thi 'aformatiaa af patieata raatd!a< In lha aaaaay a* dta taat eltlaa, that thay aaa at aay time aaaaa II tha ?ah acrlbar by letter, r? at a pLala ?tatam?rt of tW.raaaa. whan tha aa'aaaary axdiaaaa adap'^d ta M mil ba pra parad aad aaat ta Ibam Ranaat aaaaa aarad w'Uoal an t d*ky I "aarft- a vita a>o4arata. aad tha moat aaa I didlaformatloa (liaa ka rrary laataaaa Uaavaa-aiaf ' aaaatnutlooal. aarofaloaa, mar ra rial aa? aarr^w imaa a*> baaad aatiaaly aa lha me ' ?*? aad Impaaiad ariaaae I af raadiclaa, aad baa baaeemlaeeUy saeeaeefal Ma aaa) UUaaa ta I raaaala <>Maa kmn frmn ? Vi ? aad frwaa ? ta* C D HAMM'<M>, M I) Maryaaa, A i tha' 1 Madtaal lafaramMoa far 'ba Miniea. b- ha., K*. hit Broadway, apf aalVe H N^halaa lh? al SOW cruf^ r?T *" ward-s """rvr*?i?n' wjw i Prtaad aaw ii a aad bafara arary #>bar '*awdr TTm I aaJy rartala rare kaawa 1? aat ba -1 1 nt?i 1. It la Lha ?air ramaffy that alii aat <Uaappo4at VatW anylaai. I w.thaat marrwry ar mia ar%: poMbu "<? <>aa arm trta* ' tha I afor'aaau a Prtaad kat t yrmt?] k* yiaaiaaWra I af Ita ad a?l ? a ,ul r aiaaa>at aa aaaatary Ma ay am r a rad by am* daaa 'MSa* (aaal awaat. oaa daa* aaat af ?raad way. I ff Hi 'lifiFiNO o? ma? i-? ?' v j<,rrf?" i*V 1 J. arary "oa ?? a -baarfaJ cJ *<a a^ a rod, by tha , sa* of -?r A nlar f'aapar ? >?? Id ajaw-a". aat) bOW a* Miia, a ia?d.-i-a orf tra-i ?#?y, of faiaem *. taa * tad a ? poraVac p??partiaa, aa ?*AaowWl*ad Aaa vtamaahir I aad a mifl, yat *?' .*at apar^at fbia aant amaaUaa' madW aa ciraa am* au r?l.?f from tha a?r?rta of aa nvastlea nrar ?u*h aa paia la Usa a-de a* rhaa* or aadar ? ha .b? /Aat blada, dyioapala, rddiaoaa, aua haada-ba f-ppt aaaaa a/tor ?.?? ? l aartbum epa-ma ha par*. . prad ?yaad ta apopiaiy, e?h>a*t ta draw*, aaa- ?; r-? a>aa of tha Waia. h? ahoaM take taa a* thraa a? tbaa* 14 a 'wa la a waab aw baa day* thay waa A **14'>m -a aalra aay "'her aadMa*. aad thaaa <aa?aat i? ayajp law* wo??d *r?d aad* dlaaapaai Pr*para>t fr-ai tha rvipa af tha tab* dbmawalahad phya^taa aa) anfia, ?. A*Uay ' aoaar Bald la baiaa, at lb aoaia V? -wa-a, ? ad ?1 aacb ba K b Ii daada. C II K>a?. C. V CM aaar b 'a aad at tha daaota lM'Hford at-ao*, laadna, aad 110 W *a>t)awt Naw Yark. (naapataa w lh *%t tha {m ? a.^ *f A* aabtlv* ^ 'k* *'*,r I * V;. I OLO " OAXBBN? OPERA NIOBT, TaraiittAT A iwifT 2. 1?H, latfa'a (?wth op.r? aatitlad tha BOHEMIAN li IRL, Br tba Konowaad FYVK AND HARM -WN OPKRA COMFANT. Artfa Laolaa I fbad<laua Mr. H. HarrMaa DarOakaaf.. Mr. Horaoaatla [ Clpaay Qaiaa. Hum Pjm CtiitAilMBlii. Borraal | Kloraatlaa . . . 1 f l)a hB? ? Kmdat ? Pyao aad Harriaon Oparm OnuiT% ia. b?r'? "<Vowa Dtaaaoada " Birmrit? Pyao ud Harrlaoa Campaaj. Mr. lutoa'a Mil alght? Iua?day. TVkata M MM Orcbaatra SmIi II | Prhrala B raw v.|? Hu tfti dally. from ? A. M. to 4 P. M., M f H. aunag ?f {)nkwfe? SmH u<l lYIvata lm oa^jr. JJwn apan || t| f METROPOLITAN theatre? t'.Ai UKl., vba ?miD'Bt Kmth tl<|ril|UlL Mf portad >j a eoaipaay 0f r.rman artlata, wiB ? %r |HC i. but on Iba In of s?rUn>b*r Kf.n K T O I R E . AN. TEST TRAMMHICS? HORACEtf ts4 K I.TfOmL tyOMaaixa; PUEDRE, UAJaZEr i?] A-VDROMAOUB, by Ran**. mookrn trai;f.dikj? marif. wart. t* JEANNE D'AivC, by Sutaar, UCRttT bl VIRnmiR. br lurora t*r Ymaba ^ ^ DRAMaA-ADRIKNNF: Uatil VRKlH by Hnan Hi Lauovta; ANtiEMJ, by Vhtob Hcoo. UK (? 1HIJC, by AurXiNbKi Dmaa; LADY TAUTUITB ]jt JOIEKAIT PKt'R, by Madam diOiuum. < OMKI)IKB-TART( rt-K bj Moum, DE PTT A*0C RX.UX, bjr Ma hiv ? i' 1 , Li: 1 AI'HH T., by tirurti Mr wit; i.RB DRortB dk.i.'iiommb, BT Jcuw aa ru< mam at LB MARI I>K I -A vMTVB. lu , Aa. All toe piaoaa to ba porformad by Kachal ktw bMa aipreaaly trutltlW into KaglUb, and tba ar^taal u4 traualation prlntod on oppoaita for tba artaaaaa datlon af th? Amarlean pohhr. Thay win ba >aarty Mr aala la a faw daya, and will ba found at tba Matraaali tan tbaatra box affiaa, and at tba agaacy af tba RatM Dramatic Company, 49 Wall atraat BICKIKYX MKKKNADKRy, FROM Bl'OHIjrVH Opara lleuaa, 6U.1 Hrnadway, ara saw aa tAabr ra tarn to tba city, whara thay ra opan caaraMuttfafl 2<)th af Angaat. Tbay perform la Watarfewa oa Mali and 4tb 01 Augaat. unit > (?*"?? in Albany ?ltb Utah rraa4 bnrloaqaa a para oa tba ?tb of Auguat, altar wbnb lhaf rlalt aama of tba Km tar a eltlaa. JOHN B. SMITH'S ORANO TtK'R OF BCROFB AMI HlK'iK OF HKBAHTtlPOl, AT Chxm Awumhi.t Room, MO BmjbwaV, abeatag an m iiius Tint, forty (aat vtAa, af tba prlaalpal ClTlM AM.) OBJWTrt o/lMTRRZ?r IN TBIWTB. Erary arcnlaf. at S o'cjx-k, aad arary IbtMuii taraova, at I. Aa aiaala hp Mr. Aiaya ItoM, a< 1m4 daa AdMtrtag tbamaaada al?bt!y taaMty Uat tola la largaat, aaaat laWraatin? aad ai***at aatartaisaaaat Na? York, lta lacoaaa baa baaa aaoat waste rfmt AitmlraMa W The ciiarmki) giki. and knakr, from <>Uaoaatoa S It. , ran ba aaaa at tba ACADKtfY OK 1>I>1UN Ma IIRUADWAY, far a faw daya only, comrnf&oinc Aug uat 3, totwai husrh af 10 aad 12 A. M., and 3 aad 6 1'. M, WANTED? TO OOMI'IJCTK. A TRAVEI UNO COM aaa* far Viriclala and Nortli ? araliaa. lUrttag oa ar aaaat tba lat of Oetobar? a juvanlla .?ir, tbaa bcnaald, walbiag (antlaaaan aad gaaaral iruJl ity MM. Apply laimadlataTr at TAYI/IR>H Intaraa. aaal llotaf, No. 90, batwaaa tba boara of 4 aad 0. Wanted, to travu^-bavjo, v 101. cm an? bona* , alao a folUriit. Nona ?Mi app'y MM tboaa wbo nndaratanO tbalr hualoaaa. Apply at Ma W l.ollow at., nma 10 A- M. to a P. M. WATC11KB, JEWBLBY, AC. CAHKORNIA DIAMONDK? TII<>rtE AIKJI'T F'.'RCBAS tag jawalry would find It to tbatr tataraat la all and aoo tbla aaw aaA UwaUful arUcla. toay aiaa<rwaf fa brlUlaaoy to tba raal llnaoal, and at prvaa aiUua tba raacb of ovary ana. f? A J JA'OHH, Ml Braalway. G1 OUi UliAHD CIIAINB? | Wold curb guard chalM. fra^ ttfto TB " Adalikida guard chalaa fr+m 14 la IB ?< flat aarb ?? fra* M to 44 Waraaw pattara guard chalaa . fraaa U to M " wora pattara gaard abalM fraaa lb to to '? aqaara four llab pattara fraaa It ta 41 roaad abala, with ballow llab. . fraaa It to 4B aad all at bar atylaa, lor aala van lea , at wMMalb Mat ratail. UBO. C. AIJAN. No. 11 Wall at. , aiai Um. CHATBJDSK CllAISA FOR I.AMM4. U <>otd aarb abatalalaa rbuM, wltb xrall |ta, fir MB to %'i?. Moid earb abatalalaa abalaa, with aaamaJ i a?, fNto tl'a ta *23. 4 ? ol?l AdaUxIa rbatalalaa abain, with Co war ptaa, htW $11 ta M<) ??aid Adalalda, daabla atraad, with iaaf plM, fMa IM ta 48. Oald wlra abatalaina abalni. with riab bar ptM, f rato ?14 taMT. tiald aatagoa abatalalaa cbaiM, with gald fraM )M, fro* ??? ta?S2. tplaadld Fraaah abatalalaa, aahd, II aarat, fraaa Mi to Mb. Void abatalalaa abalM, flat Hab, 1* aarat, turn IM to t?4, aat<l an athat atylaa af abatalalaa ahaiaa, far ' far aala racy law, wbalaoala aad ratail. UM). C. AUJLN. 11 WaU atraat, 1 CI NIC AHTfl. IMTMY MAN HIM OWN BMIAVPL Oft A (law 'j a* 1 ataapka pr<K?a, b? wbiak t. to aa j ??teal ywUun, mUmi ew?, dnvlifi, mm, *iWm irnltri, Iwttora, *?? Ik* fMfiof wblck wUI ka if il to aopyarplftto aogrartag. fki* laraluakla m4 piilUlll art mi M ImtmI la ft faw 4>|> frtaan prWM4 Mtllwt, wkiak, ipot Um rwdfi af II, will ba krrtrM m*| lady or gauttoaaa Addroa* L fmt OS**, Sran it, cit rrowr. axd noa- it? law tub for ftU klada of aM *twiy?f<ri, old jiw|k)ato, ?M it kwki, aid writiog boaka of aa/ kto*l, w llwlll, or w;UU( that ta o!4 papa*. Now ?* jomr Uaaa ta f?Uk ft aloag aed got tka cook. No. 3* Am itoti, Uooaoat. J I MAIN' , Y >T0UIWELL KIPHICMKI. Fnn.MAN AlU.1l KRKN.HT l'A<?KA4?E, fAlUTX. aad I ottor Ii/raaa, to Calk/oraia, Oinw, %aA_ w?. k lalaada aad ?aat coaat o 4 : onth Aa?ria. <4toa kl Hrotdiar (Air aott oiarooooa Mil bo a# ot^.ro rU I'Mtaa aad Nicaragua rwjtoo, |?r alaaaaara Waorgo law tad Itaalal Wakatar, an Miatty. A ifHt I. I ?.'?A lapraao rla I'auu aloaaa at oaa, aad ria Wtaa ragaa at two P." M. > nl|M takaa at raKail rata* ; rood a aki^fad !? boaJ Aa aiyraa? Lai tor tog atl ka ?ado a (j aad for war lad (a charga of ffjJ ? n ? gai , tkrougk la Aootiaatioa by aaek rooto I at tor; aaaal ba ? arloood la goraraaaoat taa oaat aaraloya^. Rata 'or am | la lattara, 1 ; ? , uiU rack. fra^aU, |ira?l *? ralepoa eaa bo {>roc a rod at our '.ff.oo> kOO , t? n-aa#?fty. y Tl I I * Y'f Mrw V'iKK AVfi Iliua/KI.YN ? <AA?il O l?pr?a?? Bara your n?e*r u4 aw4 to vAu ai ? f/raaa ta taAa your baggaga to U.o -vara a* oaa to Ttoa ? ipraaa rUocti baggaga at Um .?a ;B >.o 4 ha4< ?'root, Itroaklya .7 ? aaol atiaot, aad Twoaty alroot aad F</artb aranua, Mow York. OtVI4AT? AMD AlUfflt. C~T>'|. Ml WIlKKJ >Jt, ll ?' l_-nr, ?M) LV)? ;'?A V, dava'aa kla attaa'.o* to dlaaaaaa of tko aya, aad k; b ? n.ikJ troa'aaaot, 'brw.tiy ffaanaaaHaataf '.aa a ra Ilda. or aaro oyaa, l.o-wa?ar !oa* aland ag, aa bo a /??? taally <-arod 1,'mJ aj?. aa, A<- roeaiwl witatl ra> gtcal oyarat.'ia Offira baura M to f P. if. art A< ?/ ?Jia loaartad Tilt Al.fc Ol IIA.V'.rjt/;L3 A?-D apar ilatWiaa ? 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A kaa, attaalaaaa j vt ui 1 aa ad taa >a aoft' aaiaaat ta taw Yark aad ts.mlj aa t&at tka/ 'aa aa^ara tka a4oaatagaa af aiyarkaaaa aad tfc a aaaaa ! aa tka dakaata alkolMftt af tkafr aara Ml f. AU ?tura ai'draaaod to Wr? < ****** at fcrr adlaa. a.:rK?t?a pia/t altoata* < >aa fr>aa WA H. ' ? l? t M tati* ladlaa Koad TWaaW-Tka *^aa i> w>a la' a* fill. Wag a aafa, aot or fa.- ag, ,a??jm*b?a naada fa* *fta?tol ifragalariUaa aad atftar duaiaa la wk-ab faaaaia* ara aa fra^aaaM/ llaM (rum atpaa** aad aMg laast, la ,aot|j laaarnag I akka a'Vaauoa Atwf rava af aiiari? I la bar aad xawl. ikia f?a' "aaidr ua raagkly VwVad ta haadratfa af naaaa, aaa'i aa aOW ro '?aaeaede?lee ka* Ma - wa ?jo'-ft rrataa "ka^aa 'aa aai; to ^raaw* t It* -Vs k?, W UtMl ^rr*V

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