Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 3, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 3, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6915 MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-FRIDAY, AUGUST 3, 1355. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE BLACK WARRIOR. Xlxrce Da> * Later from H?v?n? ? Our Cuba Correspondence, The United State* mall steam ? hip Rlack- Warrior, Capt J. D. Bulloch airived yesterday morning from New Or I..-. ^ Havana. She loft Havana on the 28th. Tha L'nitad btate* sloopnofwar Cyane and Falmouth were at Havana ? officers and crew* all wall. The Cyan* wlU leave aoon (or a eruiao in the Gulf. The Kalmouth wou'd remain in port till the lat last. Cept. Graham bad completed all arrangements for the aale of the steamship United State*, and will return to Xew York ?Il?r the exchange of property la effected. The market <ut active, and bright sugars had ad vanced. The weather was favorable for the growing crops, aad tie city was remarkably healthy. Freight* were cot in daniand. The purfr of the Black Warrior will accept our ac knowledges at for file* of Cuba pa;*rs and other favor*. OUtt Cl'BA CORRESPONDENCi:. Hava .va, July 28, W6S. InsytUt (* tU Widovitf rin'a?The Volunteer/? Transfer of Authority? Mr. THrather't Circular an l the Cuban JiMVa ? ?> or mm I of National Shi}*. At the iavitxtlon of a Spanish friend, I dined, a few day* ago, at the celebrated hotel and restaurant near tbe Teatre Tacon, known by the name of It* proprietor, "Le Grand." Sitting at an adjoining table waa ? party of young Hpanish army offiaer*. From their conversa tion, which 1 could not avoid hearing, I learned that the .^enora Pints, widow of the late patriot of that name, wboae present residence la situated near the Castle Prin cipe, had complained to the Governor of that fortress that the soldiery stationed there were in the habit of of fering marked insults to herself and her family; that the Governor of Caatlo Principe bad raturned for answer, "that ho ba>i nothing to do with th* matter of which she complained," and bad added (insultingly of coarse) the question, "why did ehe remain the widow, of auch a fellow as Pinto1" The brutality of this question, to such a woman as the Senora Pinto, cauld alone be equalled by tho laughing jest that was mada of it by the Spanish officers, who mentioned the mattir so publicly at Le Grand's. I have not written you any of the rude jest* or vulgar witticisms that were afterwards bandied from month to mouth among these Spanish o (Tiers ? soldier i they hurely are not? because they are totally anfit to be read or written by any one making the slightest preten tion* to gentlemanly feeling or decency. By an order f.ubUsbed la a recent number of the (fa rela, I obaerve that the volunteers, when arreited, are to bo kept separate from the other priaoner*, and that except in particular cases, they are not to be lmpriaon ed la tho cotumcn jail. In order to preserve tbe health of the volunteers, they are not to be drilled until the month of October ensuing, although to aee that they keep their fixe arm* in perfect order there ia to be a re View In each of the month* of August and September next. By the G<u>ia of jesterday, we are Informed that all tbe faculties pot-seeded by the Captain General are be stowed upon the Oovernor of tbo Oriental Department of this island, ao that it would appear that the cares of managing the affairs of tbe satire I aland press too heavily upou tits brew of General Concha, aad that he has gladly placed a portion of them upon tho shoulder* of hi* "itoysl brother," General Menzand, 1 believe, -Governor of the oriental department. The Diario dt la Marina, of th* 29th mat., publishes What it ca!l* a "Circular letter" from the pen of Mr. John 8. Thrasher, of which, with tbe accompanying ob servations (there not beiog anything of greater import ance stirring here this msrning), 1 mast annex a trans lation. the Diario <U la Marina eajs: ? The circular latter which wegiv* below to our readers is a very coriou* and entertaining document, ao much ?o that we think it will have loit none of it* interest by .being published at ao late a peri >1 alter Its date. Tbe writer is a person wall known in thi* (aland for th* va rletyof oorupatien* in which he was engaged before be Onallv constituted himrelf a politico- belligerent -Mayo*; the?*; ore bis signature i? sufficient excuae for our net entering into further explanations; anl as among the afb-.esald occupet'.ona he tig ore 1 for a short time during bia residence in this laland ax direator of a periodical, there ntceeaartly existed (b-twuen ua) a certain affinity of office, notwithstanding the abeenc < of ether relations and community of ideas. Thia will ex plain Why we have been occasionally favored with hi* cotreependtace, or th* remission ot print* t document*, for which we hsve been a* grateful ax jultic* demanded; and we suppoee to tbe same cause we are to attribute, althongh at a late date, tbe reception of th* csmmuni cation about which we are at pr***nt occupied. True it did not come by the most direct or expeditions route, becau**, pet hap* through inadvertence the address waa not plainly written. Nevertheless, like the dessert after leaner, tbe precious document cam* to hand (for it* absolute and complete authentic!'.# we are ready 1 1 vouch) and we cannot resist th* desire of laying it be fore eur read*'*. Here follow* th* latter, which I a'aa render into K,og Mxh Naw Ohi.iusk, May 4, 1955. Dear Fhmo-II !* with heartfelt * irrow that I ajain writ* to you, alter to long a ilUost. For a time the no bl* and heroic sacrifices of the Cu ha a pUnot< Iniptred me with th? te ief that the country would b? liberated, and Its wui en jo; the fruit* of their h^roiim. !>?onr cm wore abundant, valiant spirits prepared for the con tent; men of power and influence combined, perfested their plane, ami all gave hope* of the mort fl stterin % re sult*. Bat now )t Is my palnfa. tut to *a y that those high hoyee are blasted: the moorces hsv? diminished, and the great man upon whore we counted ha* be?n compelled to return to the Junta the power* with whilst ha bad be* a invested, and to irjtaKte himself from an/ partial pa Uoo in the pUnt of thi? gentlemen. Tn<" ' cause* which influenced thin unfortunate detJrmmation ? had their origin some time baek. '1 n>y Dave been cov tinuad, and constantly fomented b y perMQ?, who, not ' withstanding, claim foe themeelve* the name of patriot*. The dlsnniea which was made kn jwn bv the letter of | Jas*> Hiss Hernandez, published in ' be (}?'? Ha <h '<? II' bona on the 2Wh March, ult., etlli continue* nor have . the efforts on the parte of lotne persona eeaeed to I Mjiaate the mean* contributed by such noble , aacriSoas on the part of Cuban pattlotism in carrying a j ?nail and unfruitful expedition tj the [aland. Al though the dieuniomlata have not b*?n altla to a plish their puerile intentions, they have succeeded in . diminishing the resources of the conspiracy and of de feating the plan* of the chosen chief of Cuba It in true the American government ha* shown itself op poind to onr movement; but it could not bar* checked It bad It not been for our own weakns**? a co a se quence of dU-unnn and want of concert. produ:ed by son* of the tnomberx of the Junta. Ai I before said, the chief has resigned the powers with which be had been Invested by the Cuban Junta, aa<* eL' co op (ration on til* part of those who hare nU-? ; their coaSien:* tpon tha t.etisral has ceased, with him has been re enaeted the c'rarna that was played between the old Junta and tb? immortal Lope*; bat the General has not nor can he withdraw himself from tfe* high ap pre elation with whicb the public has taoaght proper to distinguish bim.or the interact they all feel In hie wel fare. How and by what means hs put in actioa tha noble thoughts by which ha i* animated I am una ble to iay, bot I have most lively conviction* that they . will not be unprofitable for Cuba In corrobora t.'on ofay op ten I will cite a fact. Vetwlthltaad ing that bU coble heart ha* been made to mfWr fey the opposition he bn encountered, he liai de | term la ed net to make public the ctuiet which in i dnoad a aspiration from the Junta, fearful that such a I revelation m'ght pceslbly be injurious t? the intereets and hoanr of <"ubn? and Cuba will ne day recognize thia noble reslguatlon and abnegatl7a In it* favor. You i my friend, who bnrbor in your breast s'jch ardent sen usaanta la favor of that afflicted country, which we lore with a delirium for Its beautr, its virtues, an-l its euf rerings? yon oan appreciate the pain wliijh reigns in ray ' toaoas, snd which render* me unable to treat of other , thing* *1 mur'u interest Tourtrlenl sat brother, J. R THRASHER. Te the cre^oing is sppended the observations, oi Which the acneitd i* a translation ? Why so large a number of aaid circnlars should litre been separately ??' d.-eeed to ditler*nt individual*, la stead of cal'.irg in th* * slstence of tie press to give it publicity, thereby economising time and labor, n some thing vary difficult for a* tJ etpla'a bnt we navs a sutpieioa that this lyatem ot tcml publicity ws? ' adoftnd beeau n it is not to e**lit or proroke i an open reply, sad (*oea not cart w> broad a lljht upon matters, a petiec* uadaratandinc of which i* not cnirt- 1 ?d. KeT?rt:,''.?s?, our own suiplcion may possibly be erroneous, and tcarefoi* w* thiua It proper to supply the oaalMiuo. as sileaca might lead to sull further error Indaad, the peeudo official journal of the Junta, the Jfco a* ( 'iw. o.' recent data, comet out with an editorial, from which we ma'?e tha following extract -'"It he- been proved to us tbat tfe*Cuban Junta voluntarily lepv rated' Ctnersl <juitman from any participation la he plans formerly pi".ecud In eommoa, and th?t the I cans* of this 'sparation waa that tbey had ioit conU deopa la him? toal a patriotic an I gensvous Cubtn of fend him impellent reanareee to bring the eipadttkm |s ? hand, sr ' tuat nothing was done by him .' The Diar -i d la Ma. na eontlmee ? What taet* I* o! truth in this on'roversy we are una bin te *a/ with certainty but one thing wt do knew, and that is that "the <loctnridl*afTf *."' Wbilst Mr. Thrasher, in ki? semi private communication, 'ell* ui that Ceaersl Qnltman rneigned, the writer in the H ?? affirms, in a mi gisterial toc?. that he was it par a ?<?.', Itailclring thia last word, la ordsv to call attention to it* emphatic sijrniicat: -a f ? an ready to ?ar with Virgil, won /wsirsnn wi tnntnt n^ftmrv 'w ? (It Is not our buslnae* te *et*?e each dispute* among rou ) ?and we are nrash leas !n*lUw<l u naatitute ourselra. a jadge in the matts<r ae the ''.eeixen w?m\t be ef ne eeTthly tn'e (Wt '4 u* that wVob Is ef l?*?rn*t te - * 's 'he waa. of confidence (hat eiists amcnjit them, mJ which th ey vainly endesvor to conctel This dlstvu't is corrobora ted by tbe establishment of en opposition journal in New York, which has declare* war aeralnst th* member* of the Junto, tod in whose coiuain* appear! ths to "tow 'n* bit of advioe: '*We advis? our countrymen motto rottrlbute a aiogl* Cellar, being wfU In for reed ia rela tion to th* tutor? of this roptnre of confidence. and wl oee progress we observe In silence; being able to di>tirgoi?h between the farcical which they wuh to ?0d to it and the truth. Hut that which ia of mon vafte to u* i* the nutty of nfesslcn which they male, yet almost ccccealed beneath the ma** of complain'* and recrlml nstiens. The reflection* which crowd upon our ruin : in regard to thia enbjaet are tco extenriv* for the spac > which we caa dedicate to It to day. For thl* reason Wi ? re compelled to cut *hort the tread of our raW ocioa tlce*." r??r fellow ! what a mm of verbiage, with bo few Ices* ! Be I* fond of quoting Latin, too, to chew hie kainirr. I ?uppoie, therefore, I will not inaptly com pi. re 1 im to the one of whom Horace *?ii? 1 " l'arturiunt'f, vasri/vs ridirulus mus " And with this quota tion i leave the *uhject, pairing onto the other few i'< a. f score like sew* ia my poHsetudon. On the 26th in?t. the Sp?nf*a ship Taclo arrived here ?ri.m .Vpain, bringing two huadredand fifty-two men, to b* add<d to the *r?y of "brav* defender* of Cub* " lhe French steamer Acheron retur-ed here yesterday; and 1be trig* of war belonging to Queen Victoria called the Arab and Oaring, and also th* frigate Eurydice, are sl?o in this harbor. *y politeness has i minced ms to givo the MM to the Allien, and now permit mt to add that the United State* sloops or war cyan* and Falmouth are also here. There ban alio been another arrival, n the American ship Skylark, of upward* ol fire hundred ( hJc'H*. There ie nadu mas, to my knowledge, here on the lapis at all interesting. *** Havana, July 28, 1345. Airitai "f the Empire City without Mails? Compbiirifi 1 >f Churlishness, Ac.? The Sttomer Vni'ed States. The I'nited .state* mail steamer Empire City, Wendle, maater, srrirfd from New York yesterday morntng,with "live stock" for California, but without the mail* far Have na, which U beautifully consistent with part of her business, and very gratifying to ui, we having the knowledge that you had another steamer at Halifax or Boston, which nay bring important commercial i information in private letters, irrespective of the taking of i-fbastopol. Thl* steamer arrived in port at eix o'clock, and through the negligence of the Commandant of th* Inspectors the public visits were not closed until a few minute* before eight o'clock. As the vessel was to sail at nine o'clock, there was no time for passengers to step upon the shore? a loes to the smtll trader* in wears and precerved fruits of at least five thouiaad lollsrs, for the two hours they might have had on nboie, with prompt and eOicient discharge of duty, <n conformity with the spirit of the in ?'auction! and edicts ofGtneral Concha. Persons wish ing to communicate with the steamer, la connection with their legitimate business, were detained alongside fcr two hours by Spanish ofliciai*, and whea the way was cleared by con*ent of royal authority? divine? then "siege and blockade" was put on by the grulT, courteous commander ? a mate stuck out, with orders "to let no one up the gangway." Ho were nearly fifty people dtprived of a morning'* labor, at the coet of some hundred dollars of boat hire, and not allowed thechsnce to beg, buy or steal a Hkrai.h , beside* by tome Inatten tion upwards of eighty passengers, that were to he put oa beard, were prevented from adjustment of small c'e'ms that cid not come under contract ol t'ie agent of the rt<siz:<rt and jet were necesssry for the healtU and ccmfoi t of the passengers entrusted to their care. Th*re wss a churlishness about the proced.ngs with this steamer vesterday morning that ought to be known to passengers fully equal to anything ever exhi bited by the Spaniard. Kven Don Carlos, the water dor of the Captain of the I'ort? or, a? he is more la mliaily called, by familiar spirits, 41 the Captain of the 1 or t Devil "?stood on vantage ground in the presence of superior aanoyance. "Don Carlo*," by tbe way, niay be easily known to strnn^em, be IHM excetoing importance as soon as hi* superior is oat of sight, (a courteous Spanish gentleman,) and If by any camalty, caused t,y the mats of heaven or the igno ranceof parties, (stranger J,) near tbe veHse's under his .*rgus watch, his supposed authority is lafringtd. or his dtgr.ity assailed, he boils ovr with a valume of ?cur ti Iocs abuse, laced with th* choicest epithet* of Span ish vu'gsiity. lie wears a blue fro:k, or jacket far clmg*. bin * buttocs, very bright, with a tinsel cheve rcu tpon tie sltevas and a small patch of tbe same upon the ccl'ir, a "cigaritto" in his month, acd moustache upen his uj per lip that curls with consequential disdain 'owsrds heaven. Ibe steswsttp United Sta'es is under cover and pro taction of tbe b'pan sh Hag, having bt*n seid by Captain Mraham to Meeers. Zaugvouiz Brothers, Noriega Olose K Co.. Salvador Sama and I'Vandsco Marty, a naw wit of bol<r* to be famished by the vender wi bin eight monilif, and the price touchee near 91 .'iO, 000. She is to in?ke ronneotion Havana and VeraCrur. The ();e*n Hi: and M lawrtnee are to be put en route between Ni w York and this pert, all to connect with the Hpaolsh I ce r.f ocean steamers, in which tbe partlex psrcuasiag th* I'nited states are largely interested. lliVAHA, July 2S? 11 A. M. 1 ?m iatoroed that it la pomible that there will a?t be ntllclent etcck (ubecribed for the Spaniah llai?k to enable it to go into operation under tha charter Tin BfitUh ?loop of war Farydlce, that laft yeetarday, ii to erulne t) the weetwird, under Information received by the Jtritl'h Connul (ieneral, la March of a r*r<al mp pot-fed to have recs-ntly landed a cargo of nlave* in the vicinity of i:*tia Honda, and which ve*s?l It la ? u p po m<1 bat been abaodonei ? (quite a mistake. for tha wall ilhlMi. a* oka got off tha coa?t within twelre hours after discharge, and will tura up with a c?ri(o of dau< aged jerked beef at ?obi* other part of tha ia anil. ) Hie I uiUd State* *loop Cyan*, Wllaoa, commander, will ?tare cn ? eraine in a da; or two. The Kaltnonth, Shaw, n to rentals until tha lit of Auguat, aad will then, probably, go Nor'h. Tha Preach war ?'.**m?r Acbaroa -ot?r? 1 |ort 24th, at anchor near her fraternal, her Britiafc Maje*ty'* brig of-war .\rab. D. IIatAXa, J a!; 27, 1 t.V'i. Ma km i h'rrt wiih >ht //? ral'l?Th'. Por'o Hi o Dig* 'I ?/. The laat ateamer from S?w York brougbt m* n i He k?ij>, aad 1 ajiaure you 1 fait it* Ion m >?'. *sa?ibly I could aot baliare It. I conl'l aot tHve it up, bat (avert I daya I want aad aeat to the I'oit Office, hoping it hid beta overlooked, aad Would jet tura up, but, ate* n; labor wae fad by diaappoiatmeat? oo Hin n for n?e I then coooladed tha great game waa again la operation, or that tha darkaeei of eppreeaioa waa agaia oarain,; over u? n the form of abutting out light aad know Itdge. 1 find there are hlata ia tha Saw York paper* of tha difficulty at Porto Kico That here it or wae a move meat there!* beyond doubt: aad air lafonaatiaa I* de rived ftom a Utter from thare. There waa a nacre', movement o! troop* hare, and tha boata w?r- taken frum th?ir tripe ?i.d wet* conveying troop* eo newhere. though we do not know where? it w*? done al night Their deed* being aril tbejr love no; '.ha light." it i* sail la this letter a part of tha troop* had oin*4 aom* of tha a:o?t te?pectabla inhabitant* to put down the govt ra meat We do aot know yet tha **qn*l. 1-rery thing ia 14 u >et here, and will for a great while now be more ao, a* the dia of coaunaroa will be huahad? as all the pro fluce U nearlr nana? veaeel* are aow learla< Matanrt* and other port# la ballaat, there bain; do freight for Ibem I'IN'rO. MAMET . B *y<, July 27, lf?6>. .^10 ?* luth iaet , data of oar laat report, a large bull ne?* bee bean doa* In sugar* at price* in ">me in.tauc** to j, real above 00 r iait quotation*. The favorable advice* received from the United !lUk? have Impartal mora fltmneee to holder*, aad It la thought pri^e* will furth*r advance. Tha utock I* eifimat' d to b* now ? oont 116,900 bore* igaiort 1TO.OCO la 1W4, 1:10,000 in 1 <? Ml, and 120,000 boie? la 18*2, same per."l?. TUaia are but few lota of mu**oT*doee remaining for **jlpmenl here and at out poit*. and being la ee--o*d hand* ani (Irmly held, It ia difficult to name their vain* Wt qaote 6 to 6.4 real* for laferler, and 7 to real* for pnm?. Our quotation* are a* lollow* -White*, ooamoa te flor*t?e, I.H to 10 rial*, 3ft*. 7 ,'d. to 29* A ; yellow*, 1o., 7'j to*;; rial*, ?>.*', a. to 2'.*. 7-,d browaa. No. II to 12, ?X to 7 rul?, 21*. 6 :d. to2.'?. . eueu luefcoe. No * to 10, 6 to rial*, 1*?* 7U4. to 20*. fc',d., iiterliag per cwt. fre* oa boarl at 10 par cent prem exchange. M01 iwiii. ? The trae*actiem 'S'lring tlie foriogUt have b?ea -ir*)l at an advanre upon oar laat flotation* We a-ite ralea of clayed at 4<4' aad 4\- rta>, keg. holl er* demand aow ft rial* UuKOTtdo haa been wnbout any oreraMoa* of moBjen-. ltr>i ha* baen la demand, *n i new aail* *t 114 to I ft per pipe. F.aported ein-e I?t Jnnuary, 8, Ml pipe* to -pain, 2,236 (neat Britain, 1,127 FrtBoe, and 1,5W other part*? ia all, 13,607 ripe*. HosM remaiai awfa*t atated. We l,ave not beard of any ??lea; .y* bei.1 at 2 .i te ? rial* per gallon ?rJkitho<it ehante la value Kxpnrte 1 the fortnigb?fll,574 ailie to the 1 n(t*d *tat/e, L9f. > ?.;cat Hi.taia, 1 ,W?7 1 raace, 1,410 Hamburg, 0 I >3S) to other pert*? ia all, t?,37 ) mill*. T"*?< co haa bean la moderate request g.e-1 All fee obta a high prtcee.7 Kaporte 1 dur<Bg the f> rtaight. Ii0,7?.. lbe. to Spain. *1,1/* ft ' nltM **te?, and 107,29c to other pertr ? ia all, Jll,WH lfce. Fx'nA*'.** The *apply of bill* h*viae haen imali aad the demaad active, raw* have gradually advauead, rtoaing a* follow* ? London, 10 per c?a< prem.; l*aiii, :i t* 31, per sent dia. Mew York end North*, n eltle*, t to ear oaat di*. ; >'ew i>rleaa?, abort, par to H per east .iteount. Fao' i*iox?.? Import* haee been Light, aad eale* eery laaigaifteaat, ? leapt larfcad beef, of which the *alee have beeu large. el?. ?3,400 qtl*. per Itfra r, SCO Madeata aad 4,r.C? Rapldo, at 16 rial* arrebe 4,0C0 Autoaieta, 4,000 Antoaian aad ',000 C<peraa.-? a 1". % rUU, 7, rc# Augaetiaa at 17 rial*, aad 4,000 qtl* , nion, laft-ior at I ft rial*, tnaek ia *erood hable 41, 00 .tie R.oa-JW caaaa r-irwlUaa, retailed from itere, at \ 'H riai* arroke: from Hamburg, 116 bag* at II riai*. K7 at 11. tOat 14'., aad 1M at U HaU; from lYaaee, I,*4f bags at IK rto. , aad frees V alemala, 1 ,949 bag* at lll<; at UK eH^Obt U*( r'?< a?W" u* aeie l,t|?ea*h* Ml 7, CIO bag*. Fish? 2tc drum* co4, 14C casks and 140 drums b*.lJoca at %*% qtl , ar 1 141. caaki cod at ??*, 28 toxee and 30 halve* cod at 93 *? ntl. ; and at auction, lb8 tirti (Od at 10l; rU qtl.; 4 at 15 ? I*, qtl. ; 3 at 12 rl*. qtl.; aad 00 hble mackerel at $3, par ?K**a from Nawlouc^unJ. Lard retail j (rem *tora at 916 qtl. ia bWe , aad *\1\ in kegs. Stork 160C bbl*. aad 3.GOO keg* Butter? 243 Uisn S? Orleans at >'20 qtl Cfctoea ? 140 boit* Dutch a ad 6C l'ata?raa at 920 qtl Hami ? 725 WtMphalia at 922 qtl., aad 46 bbla. New Orl?aaa at $14 T?ilaw? 32 bbla. New Orleaa* at 916^ qtl., and 20 at $16. Oil? 10 bbU. refined whale retailed at "HX rial* arrobe. Lcmhkk Cooraur.K Stock. ?Plteh Plaa? 90,000 f*et savannah at 9'JS, aod 103, 0<? *eet Georgetown at 929. White pine boa ft a 140,000 t*?t Bangor at 9'-S ; 1 7.W/0 f?t eaetem at 921, and 46.000 feet Buth at tU> HV<. slio?,'.s are plant; and dull, no tale tiu tranapirad. Hoops dull at 94t' for 12 fnet.aad 945for 11 foet. Kmpty Qii'le.. 1,( 19 r econd band motaasae retailed at t!t. Sugar U.i ni l.i. I f oo 'rom etcr* brought 0 rl?. , they are now being ottered ?n contract for Luture delivery at * tL?. CO t'!E*. Fx* turns continue to decline: 4 v?aa*l* hare bean chartered for Ka.raouth and a market, 1 of 2,500 boxea at ?1 Ifg ; 1 or <,bC0, 1 of l,3fcu aod 1 of 1, COO at ?1 lfia., 1 of 1.C0C for Cork or londou at ?1 lo?. a ?1 15*.; 2 o 1,610 to load mahogany and cedar on the coaat for l.l? erpcaloi I.r.rcou at ti- 1 of f.00 hbda. molaasei for the C vile at ?1 It a Kor the United Statai, 1 of 1.40'j bo\e? foi Boston at 6 1? tin , and 1 of 1,200 for Philadelphia at S (U. . BiMlah Gnlnrni Our files of remaraiti paper* are to Ju Ij 12. Tlie Rii/aJ (lazttu of .1 uly 10 ha* the tollowlag summary ? The weather during the last fortnight ban btea very wet; tt* ra.u baa fallen ia Terr heavy shower*, some of tbeai cf Icig continuance , but, upoo the whole, the weather f.? not ua'avorable to the growth of the eaae cn the lighter aoila. On the estate* on tkeoastcoait tie canes exhibit a thriving appearance, aad, judging frcaa preeeut appearances, there ia every reaaon to hope that tie return* from tne growing crop will be favor able. On Uie clay aolla at l#guan, Wakenaam, aad the Arabian coast, the progress of the plant* baa been re tar led by t'.ie excMair* rain. Trad* la very dull among the merchant* In Water street, and eeveral vessel* hare left lu ballast for want of f rcduce. lte Court of Policy ha* adjourned titu- tlie, anl it ia nnceistcod that the member* will not meet again until August. Knee the departure of tVe laat mill the court ha* b?*n *ngaK?d in legislating npon aeveral matter* of much Important*. Among tte mart important we may inantlen the ne? bill for regulating the distillation and tal* of rum, which wiil come into operation in ou* month frtm tlje date of lt? publication. lli? Li ! la ?trlDgant in lt> proriiionH. lbe oatUlatitm of apirit* ficna other aubitanc** than the produce of Ui* (ugar can* 1* strictly prohibited, eic? pt for medical purpnat' >. The rem c.'ionot be riu.ov<"t from aoy r? gUtered i-tora without a permit. 1h* mlnidnm quantity that ctn be aoid whnlecale la for ty fire (allocs for couanmption in the oolony, anl twenty JpllMM for exportation , but no rum can be de livered for conaumptloa in lit* coony without lieing flrat c'epcaiteil In the Colonial Donded Warahoune, and the duty cf niaety ( ?nte per gallon paid thereon. No manager la allowed to have any rum in lita house with out tte permission of the controller of rum dutiea. anil the quantity which lie can have in tt* cour** of the V ar ia limited to fifty galiocs. This clauae is v*ry un palatable to fiie manager*, who are by no means pieaaed with til* restriction upon ite r creature comfort* and fli's legislative Interference with their domeitii regula tion*. Another peculiar feature of the ordinance is, that it rendtr.i the possesion of more than two gallon* of rum br any unlicenred person illegal, unlee* by the rpecial permi-iion of thacoauolier of rum dutie*. Ihe New Yotfc Statr Cenau*. MK1F YOU* CITT. winrm waRi>. Liilri'ts. Ijh*U tngt. t'amilttt. i'npuUtl'n. 1 1.210 ?.160 8 261 1,102 ft 142 9 201 5,561 4 lit 4W :i.0M f 168 770 3,7t>4 I?'al* 1,177 4,fl**?> 23, fllO b&ooki.vh crrir. lbe census returns of the six foVowlug wardahave thus far bell tiled ia the Connty flerk'* ofllc*. They are <mbrcae<l witliin tt* limits of the old city ? IHf :i, l?".o. Inert on. let ward 6,4^2 rt.( fi2 3U0 3d 41 0 Sfi H,74'.? 6?:| 41 h " Jj..'8S 11.013 1 36d Mb " If, 110 13 wa 2*37 7th " 12 150 n;.171 ft,T70 "th " 5,813 2,5V> 2,733 Total ?,?? l.J,ai? FLATBi'SM. Kr trill sh, Aug. 3, 1166. ?to nir. imtob or riu lirani n The Hi iui.o of tills morning notic** the present csn ? usof > lathuib, King* oocnty, a* 1,701, and that of 1S60, aa 3,177, and g'.rea some gue?-es at the raanon. In U'iO, the town of Flatbunh romprlaed the preaent town of New 1/Otts, which waa set ofl in 1062. Both the pre sent towi* of New l/ilti sn.l Klatbuah have inrreased in population ilace lt<&0, and are nearly equal In siie. Coi oners' Inqneat*. Sri< irr mt TtiiMi Iui HAxm? Coroner Wilhelm bell an iaqueit at tba New York Jl??;>ital, upon tba body of of a nan nam? 1 John iWvrD, who committed auieide by awallowlog a quantity cf laulanum. The d iceaael, it appeared, reaiued at flo I'niveraity place, an ! for many year* pant had tx?n addicted to e?a too frre u*a of lj toiicatlrg liquor*. Bin wlfa wa* obliged to l*ave him on account of tba violent manner in wbieh ha acted wn*n under 111* influence of drink lie had al*o bewn attark ed with temporary ft!* of insanity, in whl?b ba often at tempted to pat an end to hia emtenee, but waa alwaya prevmted l>y bta wife. About two weea* previoui to the rotniaalon of tba raeh act hli wlfa ?ent to tire at het en ter'*, but *l?itfd d*c?ae?d almn*' every day. On vlaitin* 1. rn on We<Ue?'ay taornirgb' Infjimvd her that he ha ! taken tha pif*cn for tba purnotaof **lf den! ruction an) would h>"d be numbered with tha .leal Mra. ' aid wail imm?c'lat*lv procured medi al ai l, and bad him ??ntt<> the lioepital, but it waa too lata, aa he aoon e plrel De cree*') waa a native of Ireland, and waa thirty f?nr yeara obi. Kii.lip ht F?U.ijig no* a Bi n.w>c ? Uir >ur O'lHm c*U he'd aa ia<ju*et ycatarliiy uyin tba body of a man named f?*orge Keya?r. who waa kilitd by accidentally falling ft on the buil'llng Sc. 1?0 Broadway, where h? wa i engaged at work a- a laborer The de<!?aa*4 waa eaiployad !n Ikying tha beam* <,n tba tfth floor of tha building, wlian ha wh p**c|piut?d to the grouad be nea'h br the giving way of one of the old beam* on which be waa aitting at tha time. The uafjrtunat* man, on b*lnr picked ap, waa found to ha ln*ea*tMa. lie died in a few momenta after being raieed froiu tha Hoor Tha jury rendered a verdict of death by emeu* alon of the brain, cau?*d by a ft'.l received from the fifth atr.ry of the building No 1V> Broadway. I eraaaed waa a aatlv* cf '?ermaay, and waa -? yeara of age. He raaided in Fifty third >U**t. n?ar Kigh'h avrna*, where ha l**v?* a wife and child to lament bia ?udden derate*. For.'n Daowvgs ?Tha body oi an nnaao'va maa, about Myeare of age waa f<jur4 drowned oft the Bat t<*ry yeatarlay morntrg. f'?r<ner ODooaell held an inqceat, on tha body, when tha jury r?n<lerad a rar lict of anptoeed drowning. Pace aaed waa f> feet 9X lache* in height bad brown liair, hia whiakere were aligbtly gray were a blue ?blrt and anna! underahlrt of th? ?anie color, and black "loth pant* 11- ha ) th? ap?**r area of b*(nj a 'loni"h?i?riian. He ha ^peen in the water about three wrath*. Fatal Ar<trii*r ro ? BoT ? ? ercner O'lionneil held aa ii?i)ue?t upon the bedy of a boy. 14 year* of ag*. oamwl ' Jf ha Fie d who di>d frum di ?a-e of the tpiaai oolamn. | produced by a fall, received no the 20tli alt , from a u?*w building in Iaxln;ton a*enue. The l*c**?ed, along with e?r?* other youtna, waa engiged In meting op piecea r.f wood is tha terond "toty, aun l? rail thro go lha team* to thebaa^ment b?n. aih, Injuring hia back ?o **Tar<ly that ha waa confined to hia bod uatil lea'.k r? llarad k<m of hia anfferinra. The jury ren'inred a ver dict of ae?ldental death r>eceaae<l waa a native of <;*r ?*?r Brooklyn City Sew*. Tin Bii" *t> A>BCl BcsDAt HWii ? Tlie annual pirnie eteoraion of tha Bedford Aveaua ? aday >-h'>ot Uok J iaca Weda aaday, and the oocaeion waa '?elabratwl m Brevr^tfa Qrova, at Bedford. Tke aahoai formed ta piocee-toa at tha church, la '.he taom of , jnd?r the aaperviaioa of tfea anperlnteodant, Mr * I t-vreuc#, and marched to tba ground ?, w tiara ereryluiag wa? prepared for thetr >njoymaat A aumptuoi* dinner t waaaotrtdap at ocoa by th? '"?maa It tee of .tnaoge , ?rntf, en?aUtlBf of Maaer- Ftiaa, i'ack aad M jrpt?? Aa addraaa waa delivered >n tba afteraooa by Rav Mr Kaanington, tba pa.tor of tha noagiegauoa, followed with alaftng by tha aebcol, after whieb they forme') ir to line ac<t marc'.-d to tha chureb, where tney ware diraiaaad. A boot l/CQ per-?n* of both aetea and all agea war* praaaat i^mor* Amnrrr . ? A farmer named IhimMet n wa aerioualy injured oa Tue*day night, while br. aging la a k)*4 of rrulnce for tha aaarket. Hia hnraoe took frigh; lo Faltoa at reel, aad maniac to tk* ferry, aaav* ia violeat eoctact with the gate poeta Mr. I nimbi* ton waa prew*itate4 to the paveaitai. He waa ptcaa 1 up it,aea*lbl*. aad takwa to th* Frank. .a l!a?a?. whe*r* h* wa* tonve;ed to bla reaidenc* ia Hodfnrd by Caroaar

Keddlaf, Th* i in Rrataaae ?All th* afcoe* oena?t*4 with tha dty g*veraaa*at will el* * at 1'i * eiaeh, aooa, of *?ah day. after whteb a* bualae* ? la tranaaeVed Thia la t* ron'.aue vatfl th* aoeand ia hMUmber Th* [ ,'ajtieaa hare an >p*?4ed *fvU luUtaa dar ag ta* m >* k ?fA tut, ail tkrvfvn aytVaa ki> .e*M'MeUi 1 to \f, Cttjr InlrillftnM. Bo! D Arrrarr at Bciujr.ART? Wh*k? wim m l'o uosf? Yesterday morning, about 7 o'clock, m Mr. Mar em ?u taring bi* re*IJ*nee la Variek street, he du ctweil two ?u? piciou* looking fellow* trying to effect ?n MtniM Into the bawraeat of hi* neighbor'* pr* mine*, L. F., Dtdganier, Mo. 'JO V* rick atreet, whoa* family were abaent from th* city. il* It one* want in ?earch of th* police, bat could find mm In th* ?Iclnitjr, until gnng up Went Kroadwa* h* met offloer Martindile. of lb* Third wwo, to whom he oratiioel th* clream irtnnr*?, aid who acsompan'ed him to the pitoUm, and at once prore*oed to aecure tUe follow*, which wan done alt*r a i&ort *cuffle, in which Mr. Marco* r*ceir?d a f*w heavy I law- and a torn coat. Th* officer undertook to carry them to th* Third ward atatioa bouts, but at tlio corner of Thoma* atraet and Went Broadwiy one or th* fellow* Ingeniously managed to cat clear, by ilip E'ng oft liia coat aad v?*t and taking to hi* heel* Mr. . followed the runaway for some <li*tance, but baring on hi* slipper* only, waa unable to ortrtak* him. TUe other wa> taken to me itatJoa houM, aad gar* hi* name a* John Frtaman, wb<>, with bia companion, are well known to the police, tne two, It 1* aald, b?in< a part of a gang cf pickpocket* who were arr?*led by Captain Tainbull at Kiagitou daring th* late aMunpment of the rent., regiment at which <tme MnBoii hid a good U?x at thim, a n4 wa* tbu* enabled to turn H to Cood ac const on tbia occaiion. A cbiael and pair of ?y nipperx were found on the prisoner, who wa* fully committed by Juste* Oaborn* Wh*re were th* Fifth ward jiolir*, that tliey ahould allow tliia dario; attempt at burglary at auch a time of day? Thk Coixy Ism.m) Calamity? 8k rrnt or thk larn ok Rkv, Joas n. Kiiiot.? A correapoodent fuml*h*i ax with ?ome facta concerning tbe hiatory of John H. KI Uot, who lost hi* life In the lata Coney Island diiaater. Mr. El'l?t was boru at I'lymoutb, Kogland, and cam* to ',bi* country ar the age of ID yaara and 7 month*, wt'h a **a captain, who wa* a personal friend of hi* fathrr'i; he travailed through the United Htatef far th* opace of aeven montba, ana then returned to England with bis friend, but having a ite*lre for a reafirlng life returned to thi* country, being two year* ateei ? then at the ag* of m_or 17 ? determined to mak* Aroe.'iea h * borne. The knowledge b* at tbla time gained of the liabit* and want* of *eam*n, Induced bim for ever after to take th? deep lnteraet He alway* tnatiift Mte-1 in their welfare, by eMliblUblng beaerok'nt and other nccle'iee for their benefit About th(* time be becaice aci|oalot*d with and married bin present wile, MIp? Miry Croft, then a young and handsome lad,', at tbe age of atoat 111 year*. Twelve children were llie fruit of the union, five of whom are now Itv log. Mr*. ^ lliot !a th* slater of Mr. June* (.'roft, of New York, and Capt. M N, Croft, of Brooklyn. AnorT.soni! MotTO and Dian.MPXRinj Cows ?A di? temper ia now prevaleat in Harlem, cauaed, It I* sup posed, by the ui* of the tnlik of diseased cow*. It ap pear* the** animal* ate allowed to raa at large, and they find their way to tbe *alt meadow* near the river aad eat the rank gr**re*t which are Impregnated with the arrli! <tnd poUonou* *ub*taace* that there abound. The milk of tht?e .inlmale 1* ol couth* affected, ml it i> found that great nunabtr* of people are complaining of roremouth, andeiuptlon and Irritation on the palate, ticgue and lip* It U notice '1 particularly in o'nldren. It t* raid, moreover, that thayouag ladle* au Her 'Nome, ' and the Uneing buaiaee* ha* consequently baea HeriouJ ly all?cte<l thereby, and beaux from the city flu I their itwnoraiai with nwollen toogue* and diuoiorel lip?. and hare been decidedly disgusted thereat Our II ir lem friends ahould look aft* r ili%lr cowa, and *?? ibat they foo t go to gra**? that i?, to rank grA?* -aa l let the glil* look oat for the milk. A>?1 At PVj-MO* OV THK Gkakd Iaimix or SOCTngRil M* Vork I. O. or O. F.? Tbe annual kuIod of the Grind lodge of tbe Souther* district of th* Kate of New York commenced on Wedaeiday '?*t, n Odd Fellow*' Bill. Th* only but.aen* of importance trauaacted, waa the aloptloa of a ie* conxtltution, wbich provide* that hareafter, Paat Urac il m good standing aball have a *?at La the (Iran 1 I /id i;e. But it l? alao provided that tbe representative* I of any Ure ludgea may demand a vote by lodge*, *u a* to j pravtrt an un.lue accnaulatloa of power in th* hand* of the clear ledga*, who** l'a*t (iraada are atweaiartly | rery anmerou*. The new eonatltutloa waa adopted b.r a tula of R1 to ^0. t lection for officer* for th* euaulog i year wa* held laat evening. KJrrrto* or Cot.osr.t. is Tin RtuiMJVT N. Y. S. M ? A mealing of the afliceri of the Twelfth regiment wu? bal l cn W*d?e*day traaiuj, at lb* Maretr Houae, to elect a Colonel la placa oft' A Ptebblna, teaUaed Tbe fl|rt>n i??ultrdln lb* choice of Captain Kl> htrd I r?ncS . Wa underxtand tba feeling to the regimeut it ?lulte farorabla to Captain French, and iboulc bo necept, lb* rt~|lm?at will no doubt noon bold the flr*t rank ??>< Eg '.bo militiary Of tbe ciiy. CoMMirm ow Anmiml Taxk* or riir Boiait n. ?rrm \l?ow ?Tlila committee, ooaalatlng of Aldermen Kal !y, Ixrd and Iiotfmlrw, mat jea'erJay afternoon in t City Hall, for the purpura of acting upon patitionn to remit taie* of lart jear. Aldermen Kelly and Ifolfmire onl y wire preeeat. HaTeral papar* ware prtaeau-d, bat none of inportaace vara acted upon. Ihe commit toe denied in furor of r*mi*?ion of tax** In ca*?ta of corporation', where tba eiear Incoma wa* ?bown to be lire per c?at uptn tbe capital atO'.k, In ran'* differing from tb ? the law of .luly 21, XkW, airacta tba committar Firn i.i IV^mtiMiTo* Srnitin.? laat night, heteeeo 10 ? el 11 o'clock, an alarm of Ore wa* ftraek for tb* I ightb district, cauaed hy careleaaly tearing a caapbene leap to bain agaimt tba boarded ceiling of a l*g?r hier aa- | locn in lha hanament of No. 1 ?$7 Wa'hin.fton etraat. Tba ?n)"ka rauaed by fba > timing of tbe anl a por Una of tba beam, penetrated itaalf Into tb" *U>rea abova, giving tbe alami that tba preiou** abire war* on tire The flr?m?n atooi randy with tbelr water to put on tbe Inotent the (Ira Could be found Sarert.1 ?t?re do? r? were l.roken open, but no Bra ecald be discovered. ( apt. t l<-n<1'r?, of the Inevran ? petrol, ultimately dia. jeered 'be iir* hunilai: la tbe ceil ng of the lager bier ealuon, and with a MM or wat?r pat it ,t oot, lad Iku <nd?d tbe alarm. Ihe ealuon K Lept by Itlchard I'urr, who aayi be bad no ineurance. anl further, that be don't intend Ut burn any mora campb?oe lamp* No damage. .Ni'KT*wanmi\ Di?nr>ii.alii ? The report for July ia ??* follow* ? Number of new patiente, 1,21* treat*] at their borne*, 'i>H. treatadlet the Ihapanaary, 1,'xli Oui ? Heart, lung*, A? , 11'-, bead aad ab)<>m-a, -!?' eye, <ar, ?od -urgery 141 . ??in and vaocinatkn, 40. woman and children. 278 minor *urgery, 20', mil**, Jf' f* ma'**, *">1 Nativity ? I'mWd r'U'ee, Ireland, Hb.'l other eouatrlea, M. Rrenlta? tTall or r-dlavad, 1,117. hoepltal. 10 died, 13, under treatment, 1". s slb*r of prescription*, 2,270; largeat number In on* da_t, I 10 ereraga, M Holler IntellligMire. 1UL 01X7 II WARD AH IT IB? KOW 4 T Tllg HVE POHIT*. At an aaaiy bour yeaterday motniag a <l**perate *?? coulter too'a batwe*n a D'jnUr of per* >aa reatdiag in that daliybtf'il locality termed "Cow lUy. ' in whioh clula, g lager pef. and -ar aparllla bittl'* were m 'i? nm. oataly ????!, and with t?u!??n*cl too A mm nam?l J?.oi> ? llougl** waa te>en to th* Na* York Hoapital, .ijlerlng Irom a wterw wound m the heai<, r*cei?e?l oa ih* ha;ipy occ*?ior.. Tba police *rreat*l no per*on for tbeoT-n'e ?>u >ua 'a) motiiing a party of An booy atreet who ba<l bean trarel.'ioc on a druci en aprw* thro ghout tba fia'h ward "ia-e the prniou? .!ay, eateied lb" I lm etre* t ehareb while tbe *? nidation we ?earagad n the worahlp of an! tommtn e<) dlalarh'n^ tba Mlgtoua eeremcniea Tali a?m* pirt> of rofllana urn lei <eatre ?treet on Saturday la*t, with club* In tt'~lr ba?*l', anl inaaltad and ab ;ead ?rery oa? who *aa jnlO'-ay aao ~gh toc?a*?tb*lr p*th Kor many year? th!a iii'amo i* g?ng bar* done / -t a* tbey plearel la tbi* warl h fa T. 'gh tin.? ta? tbat * ?top wer* put to *ucb practedtag* ritr svootixo irnur ik thi ;*>wtkrv. Y**t*rday Joba l . Warden, arraat* I lor at'aapbng 1 to kill Jamet r, Unn by Ar ng a platol at bin., wai, \>y cr.e-en' of the f?i#tr:et Attoraay, admitted o ba.! a .he aura of ??,&'*> to iD'wer. J?me? F. IVrl'.aa aad i.e^ige 1* tfar^ec -the laUer a brtb*r of th* pr1*on*r b* hi* bendamen t? th* ato?a amoaat. to III tr~rjoi Of Thi Nr? Yoni, t ig i, 1 1 | lo joqr r< per' of the / ttan-.p-. at murd*-- committed , hy Joha C. Harden agalaat ma, it la atated tbat I Lad robbad him of th* partner of hi* /<y>, aa I tuet abe a*d I aougb! ai. alter la ' ae b?-i*e of ti?* cvmplaiuaot. No*, air. ?? I do oot wi -h U< la al>r?j rear n'e.| befo- * tbe public, I teg ijI yoa to p tii ab the follow / *l?\' mt.'. ia juatica to ma I wa? introduce! r "'r Aarten to ; | hi* wtfa. aa ! wa* urt*at<y r?',ua>'.ad ij h/in to ac-xn | l*r.y M wl.*ra>ar ?ta ttlM Iw go, and , ba ? f I act' tba J -?tt of a gen'J- a tow '? "? i? ? I *.06 ? > a 0 the *aahi-.g eha.tei a r t ' " '* " ' '** | ta.a.jr aaairor, -al bate ao hwi*?. o iW oat p??* oa yonr or i*ek * fit ? la y nr ?aM*bla .otjiaal ild 1 no*, bcow } hi dee rr to ??* ?t: e i>* a 1 I ail cajee, v Tliealr'* a*'l f thlWHotu S'?l r>'? i. >?r~?-? - Hit- I/-. ii ?- i yn-, >? ;?>?* Mr llarrlaoa, Mr. Ijorraa;, at, ? : a ?? \*r pi u-lpa aaaaibar* ( I af tbe Kngilah ? pera trou|' a i *pi<e- r *?*?.??? , [ Autwr * "Oicwb I Ham a la lurin . i o>> ? r*? of tt?a 1 opera. I* J'eUU 5an'?a will .aU'Aiii-e. ]lM>ta'a 'M? hiated air anl tart*tl' o?. wti.cb u< ? aJwaj* a~*a l a | t??e! to wltt rap'.ur*, and rawafVed * . h I??arvjr aad J nc?ra apalaqaa by the aiidi<n-?e '!.? atteode-l the pr* ' > f.oea parfortitaarea of "trowa Kimo* To wr row t en ag th* ' I'aughter af tba .1g <n?.it I 1*M ! g*. *ea and o? Mon>!at alng vb* a a l? ;; ape U< :arf ? (la raja wii'hapt ? ' -*? ?r*t tiwi* at ^tVo'a la Fnglieb &/??**? Tt.'jrta ? Iba bill of " ir>?at f a '? a .- ?' ( aar an^*a th* benefl; ..f Mr I race 1 -tew tad '.h? p?t > f< imaara af lkr*? good ptaoao f<<f that ?"?**<? Mr f. J'l natoa, Mr. It '* b .^b, aad ti.a ? ,f* ?* tb* V?a* ?c?ry, Mr*, i ra ik iJrrm ara 1. appea.- a ar?e a' tbe- r ?o*t popular cU?raebar* Tba pt ?*? ta ba ptayad *?? tba diaaui of " >a*b*r aad ' ll?? l?aaUla.' o< tba ?? Wk.U llerw of tbe i**|pera," aad Aa <?fc(a?t of lataraat. ' Mr (>i?aa *lla&* M*aefeMt M a rnyg1 id plar* t* attlag tfaow'a Ifrawraai ' flea, tbU araaiag, tba aa-wa bar lefj J*, tb* " faat'oe ng MtaatrM bat ?1? t UUli diiaraat *ba*?* la Ue e?e%i a-1 MTUM'il Ctanbuof A regular tn eating of th* (liinMr c( Ctnnicct *u bald yeatan!ay noon, at the Merchant*' Beak, I'olaUea PerU, Enq., I'reeldeot, la U>? chair. Th* minute* of th* laat mMUo| we* read end con firmed, after which II r. K. M. Vonaf ?u ele*t*d by ballot, at a member of the Arbitration Coamitt**, vie* Mr. Arthur l*ary, whoa* term expired . The rexigaatioa of Captain Cart aright a* Maria* Sur rajor, wan recalred, and Mr Oldeon fountain, lata Har bor Mauler, wai elected to fill tha vacancy. The President than banded io tb* following comma uication from aliipaaaatarn at the part o( Bombay, rata tlra to tliair guidance while etayieg at that depot ? Uoaaar, M*yM, itu, To tii ? How Cuaaaarn or Coamcai-r ui Nrw Ifoaa (i? UTi.rNi m? Tha uaderel<nad, oaptalae ol American ?hipe, anil Americana, now la Bombay. be* to lay baf.rn your heborebio body tba praeant piu'Ibr etate of afteue r<,*rJloft tlm manner la which eaeietaace or protection 1* rcfuecd by tha novel lnuent of Indie ta tho united Statin I'oraul nt thie part, and tbrou|(b him to Amrrlcea Ilia and property. English abip* arrirtna at thie port aro, In caee ol mutiny, or refuaal ol duty on the part of their crewe, proloe-.ed by the pollen aa thonuee, who iiupneca tba men an ebore, wh>-rea? Aio'-n ran ehipe under tlx- aaitm i Iroumetaocee are refae>?d all prnt-eutlon f r relief from tha local euthorltiee whatever, and are often prevented or detorrel from uein< aucb meant on board aettia eeeurity of the live* of the ollo.ire er eafety ot I lm ?hi|> and cer*o demaada 'l!ie abi|i Mapcieoa, Capt. Chatfletd, of llee'.on, arrived at thif port on tha 2!itb day of May, lttol. and wua afterwarde tha oiu? refuted duty union a month's cay waa (Ivan thtrn and liberty to k? on abero for a few days. Tina, ol course, wee refuted, but the eraw, wbs bad ehlpped ta Bos ton to ptrfortn the whole voyage, now instated upon bavin* their discbarin. and tha oaptain applied to the (,'onaul for aasistanoe. The Consul, in turn, applied t? the local aa thnritlee, but waa refused any aaalaiaaoa whatever, and, in the meantime, the crew had pmoured li-innr and became rioteue on board 1 hay atiaultad the eaptaia, and tnai treated him eev*r?dr, compelled the second mate ta aava hie life by jumping ovemoard. and t"ek mutinous poeaeaaiou of the aliip. The Conaul theu applied to the Commander la Chlol or the Indian Navy, who, aa a matter of eoarteey, ???nt a file nt merit aa on board, and had four of the rlat leaders put la cloae Irone end removed oa board one of tb* rblp? or war. Tha Conaul altcrwarde paid tba pet?a(e of thim four men to Cat lutta out of hie o* n private putae with the aiprutation of the t'ouaul at that port forwardin* Mieni to ti n Unii. I .Statea for trial Tl a ablp David Urown. of New York, Captain Brewster, arrivtd at Hoinlay oa the Hth May mutant, and tha day foi low in* the crew, aithonah they Iia1 einn'd artklm m l.oa dnn lo rt turn to a port of diacharg* In Ilia ahip, yet, kno e iu< '.litre waa no aaalrlacon (rant d t itha m>al-r or ('aiaol, reloeed (artier duty without any cauaa ?ha'.avar In tbia ca e the Coaaol, with tha aa?i?tence of eiveral Am'rcan ahlpmaalera In port, aurcoednd lu runiiniui tbun all in krone ou toa'd tha ahip, until they were wiillax to r?tiira to their duty | but tbia cotiree aleo * ea att?a led ? ith taii'-h loaa to the ahlii, in tlo rctardiua of tha work, ai. I employment of native laborera and watchman frrnn tho ahora. In view ol the incraaainp nnuil>er of Aineri^an ahipaeialt inn tbia port, we venture, ta behalf of the romuieroinl late re.'ta ot the I'nlteit #tat? ?, to call your at*?nUon to the a I urea and n< ulect ? hlr h cur eaid iiitnreat aufTore la thla |nrt, and ? hleh, If lafferad 'a rontinre, mnat Rreatl* embarrat< our intercourao with all parte of I ndla atiMert to tha aame toverument, ly reider na oa, aa maitara, liable to xr?at danxor and abBoyance, and our abl|>a, your |irap?rtr,to haavtr and ne?dle?a cape r.>a in prvcurinn naw erne a. or ruin ous delay in waiting, for ctawa often ara not to ba be t at any retool wa?'< lb? objecte >.f a vorp/a are thu? eftan com pletely frnairateil. ae, in oaae of tha ahlpmant of a native ettw, ?? are Bound by government, under haevy Sond< lo return theeeaumn to Inlia, wblob, ?f eearae. crlpplee ot in purruing ai > voyano we may think liaat for Vba intereeta of the oa iii 'a. M n therefore, pray that y^'i wil' eonanlt ytor owo la tereet. ai well aa tha intareat of the entire cimm-mlty of t he I. n it v d Matce, by pr' ?elnit u[on onr eminent the nereeelty of immediately nff.- tin(! a - -maolar eoneeatlon between the frovariiinente ot tha I oited Ktataa end Ureet Biitain, l-y which room ami. la powera may be conferred upon the L bited Htatea conaola in the Jomlmona ? f the Eaet Imlla ( onil-ai.y, aad more aeaiftanoe araatnl tiuuroom m<-r< a in the porta eul Jnct t? that pnofnoenl. We all unite In paying a tribute of roapeet ' o Kdwarl lily, Xa i . the rutted Male* t'nn?u1 at th a port, far the aieady aid del el timed manner in wbich he bee trauttd u? all tin enp port and a?eiatar< ? in lua rawer; and we eanaider that if hie powere wera mi.ra uatlmited, much of the preeenl abaaa of our intereeta wo ild be remedied, and th? honor el the I'niteJ Statea aovarninant tu-jre fully inatalaed l'ia)ii.t that you will etva thie eue|eei yonr evraeat attention, we remain (ent\ea>ea. Tnar obcoiant aarraata, tJIO. n. ItKK W.-TKR ahip Daeid llrown. Saw V -rk II. M . TV K IB ehip Seailew. Naw Vofk K LfltH BROWN, Hew Vork JlijlN tl Vr.NI>I,KTON, bark Joha <5ar dner Baatva. l.|('NAIt)> OAV. abip Itamnat Adenu. Cae'lna. M-. r)l l.l> M iOHI. Icn bout*, Bombay. T MARKIOTT, Baltimore On notice of Mr. IUaktow, it ?u r**olr*<l to trine mil th* er mmuniration to th* herr?tary of -'ate, to be *rcon,pani?il bv a auitabla In'.ter duly aathantieaUd by tli* ofln era cl the lloaid. Tha Iktrd then adjourned. Ilir New Yolk llthlc Boaletjr, A <>-(uUir mealing of tba Bo?r I of Mftaagara of th? New VorU Itibla t'oeWty. piiraoant to anomiacamnQl, vim bald Hit CTtaing at tha Amtrlcaa Hibl? Society ? houee, Aatur I'laca. Mr A M. Ktngalay, the I'raai laot opened III* pro rea^lnp ? with tha of a chapter from the Hi bit, at tar which, in iba ab?ro ce of tba raf alar rtaacratary, J*m*m C. Holder) Mr t artar waeelactal JUrordlBif HeTetary pro Urn, an 1 proeeaded to /a a<1 tin miantea ol tba liat nut itm, which were uaaoimoualy approved Neport* ImIbk IB order, tha Traaaurar'e repair' for Jul/ aa ? than baa>'?d la, from which wa Irani tb?t tie re colpta 'lurlaK tha laat month aaounta<t to t477 '!>, an I that tha balance remainu^ la tba 'raeaury. after tb* pa t aiatit el n peine* la #70 19. Iba uaual buaiaaae waa hare ?u?p?ndel lor a white to ?aal>;? Mr Wataon. one of tba mena^ere, to read eome extraeta Irta hle.oarnal Mr Waleoa <l?t?> tba*. ba baa flatted 4?i ax J mly, l,07<?fam;lie? , of wbicti ITi, or 12 >? par 1 ?ot, waia found entirely laetituta of tha h<>ly rTiptum* Of thaaae 100 or HO par neat, were etipplla I ty /lit or -ale I'.' w?r* laft uaanpplia: to ' whom 1 U a aadv poeaaeaed tba .New Teatr treat) , 1 'famr .a? refiaa-l tha Libia. Of tt.a aaUttee eupolted, all hot -d were'.rr man* "f tlioea euppliad io Juna. all bat * ?t? Oar man*. Twenty three llibl-a were *l?aa or aol.J to lo ll rMaala, i?d I'll New ieatamanta were glreu or aold to fin-ali*- or Indtrid iale, rhiefly to <>errnaa children or aalnlta !< >rnfag oar la?KO?ge. T7ie ainouat rajaivad for -alaa la J'. ? <H, whole Burr bar o ? ilu m* - dielriba U> ?!, it fba trl(;-ant <"<n>mltt *? n?it <are'b.i , report, la which It i' ?At l that f <ur I 'Iblaa and tbraa raataaiaata by aal?, an l tbr<e Mibla? and 304 l?atta?oot? by doaa ? tfla, bar* b":a dltlri ? u Ud aw at -migrant* Tha ' ' mmittr" oa llamas* and Cr.i aal luitJtat'uaa raportad tba dMrlbatii'O '?( '.aalra (!im#? and twaatr four Ta?'*mant a la tba Va,"!alaaa A tyi i>n Tbo Coaa?lttaa on Appiicatiaa* r< ?on?d tba fallaw tog 1/ia Am duriB( ih* maatb uf Joljr lo Arar. .<"aa KoraifB '"br ?llan I'aloti an Illblaa fo. Ha|r.b<i'kii by J M' rrar aa? of tbalr aeaoti to Mr. .1. B. / ouaf, .'.0 Hi <l?a fo ci-tributioa aod r?r uaa in ? b leiuati lal a-t > ol To J'-oar llajt l"i i"n Jada?*fia: an< M'aoaa -*boal. SO T-atanan'a fo W B Mitrl'li T>a r^Urprlaa bit tlia ta-itJi"" I ant of K". I fa. . aWi'J aad ilatuxi and H?r Ma?*r > W-aU?tt, U.\ atta, ao! Mc rafor <>B appMeatWi Of Mr l?ri". i> O Jti?..a 4aV ha b ?' h'pol of M'th' -lial Fpl? o;>al ebarrb, 1 >aa ?tr??'. Ta ' *? C. Ij., ,{?. Bib a an i oaa ?aaiah Taa tanMBt far ?ilatj.l> .tioa br > Im Io K*? Ur > .tra^a, or tea i itl>?rao f:bur'.b f *a 1 all . tifiiaii T<.a>> ?nti, making 1 i? Mi!?< and U Ttltt: tali. Tate), 1** roltitiMa. at a cat af MfeMl iV' lb' abor* loflai*' ! tba (raata >ada If ti?? (???r?J ? l<ot at 1 1.? I - poa<'.?rjr Tba f'jil ? n< ? a - r??'l a? tbaaiaaua Bf tha aw Yorb ilbla j or. at J for J jijr 1-'^ /i.U ? 7 ? i t a^iM To Mtr i? CuKBiltM 1H 2, v* ? i Tofr^.?raat !? . l'> ?1* I'M*'' 7o Ward do ? ' I" OaawitW* or AapUca .oaa.. > 4) I <4 oa 1' .maa* CrliaiMl lBa(.t'.'ii.>ia H it i o oB ' a?ai Utior.a ?? II . ? o'd f< r 'aab ?'* III Tatel. agnail . fo? ? uai>ad .... a4& Id) Taataar-aata < tin I- a?4aaaaa .... 4 b>.l . amain*ir n la pa a Itt, - a igun lat, ? t?la? . . lo (>,? do Taataaaaata I 71b Atli-i 'ha abota a motioa waa aata to ad.oo'a, aktib )>ata( aff*d t>. Uaa roaatiar - roka ip aftar 'ba a*/?f laf of a naa.a ? tba moKtMrra f.r?aaat lira r om an I M4ua> ra A tba I Ira (jHuaMWra wa- tat aa'ai'fa'. ??.#>. '(Baa a Ha'l 'oatwi aaioa?r 1 ? tba * air. aa al tba isar?t>?f? ;??b' Iba r-'ipWint of hoaa> C<.u.paay II, a?' 10 ta raa<? iM <a4 ??? '.tamjaaa-l tba lataa'4 1?N aarrra ') r*( riBMBa'a-! 'J ' b? ' Mu Tb* pa'-'o^fs of Mr ' rw-at, a?k Bf l*? *>0 p# aa'ato-l aa a m*n>:*r u4 Ho?? ? omraa/ lb ??? rwi^awd 1?aU r? "ay aa to^ba^a'Vr ? ? a iakaa a ad 4#a **'?<?? p '^at ] T>,? f ' n ?* Wr Vartla ca-5 jaba-'fof tb* ? r#N.? %? . t,. n (.a n I n| ?? I wraa- ?? U?a *.?,? pi.'# of < , la I <fia'??''a' ?:a?a< aa J .a'aa' |a' ? <u haA ' aa (a tf>* ?ba-a?-a* o' ? ; i I*' -4o* ra atraad _ t " "fla i". ?ia i; *:? '?/ ' ' t.' ' 1 rf1** o?np* ar 44 a?a B?t tba (nfiaan o! aa ' fan/, f t a I.( a Vja.1 a larr ia a ">b'?. "< tha 'IT t ra-aa*. f la i? ? 1.1 "-a*f ? II. a baa 'iay '4 aitV w? y, *4 ? . aa?t maa* f t ?a4 'ba Ib>ar4 ad mat ?ri|inni< I aait Iprrlal Tmm Uatora Mow Jaiga aant ti < .( f ?/.a y ?( tkr Amsrf-n - / ?r ' ilft/r ?; ? ?? ?5 ban naa doabta wiatV. I ih'. t'l ba 'a ?i. ?aaaa4 U?aai auiU t u,wt ?a.'a t *a *lawla, aat waia tha ^aa allow bow tofvra raa. attb ?a 4C Uaa te tbat ajaaauoa aJraalf I ?i ! ra ilaw w.y tertatos la tfcat raayact, Vajt m ? 4a o aa baa W? w^a.'a I aaa Ib^aH V> taaTW I* U It >t? -aft ilaa-a, .at a- . ?-( an tba runs I ?I'-al-a par r?f^? b^r?H ABB17AL PF THE WASHINGTON. AURIFAL OF TtfE ASIA'S MAILS. Some ?r i he Drtails of (he Kurapni Ntwt. OUR LONDON ANO PARIS CORRESPONDENCE, *0-, - Jbc, Ao. Tha t.'nitad Htataa mail ntaamaMp Waohlagtaa, ft ft CMMrfy, fro* ft uUitnpUo, ot Jul/ 11th, trrirtt it thla port yaatarday morula*. Tha Canard ataamalilp Aula arrltad a\ iVtrt IS o'clock yeatordar Tha Saw York aad Hauthar* ? ? - war* forwarded In tba aftarncoa train, and rwfkH ttoa ?arty thla morning Tba I/ondon Timet, of tha lateat data, tar* ? " Wm hara graat plaaaura la annoaacinc that Hlr wn? Molaa worth la to aueeaad I-ocd John Ruaaall is tha Mtm tion of tha Colonial Ofloa " Baaldaa th* 1 ,610 Carman* oollactad naar itUjiH Uttrm ara al?o about 1 ,0f,0 Swlaa at Porar? ao that tha Kerafgn Isgiso now mnrltr a forca of '2,600 ma*, ta a rrry raapactal.i* atata of diacipliBa Tha Turklab I-oan Mil paaaad tba Ctnmini aa fM" day night by a rota of 136 to 1.12. Tba II- raid claim* tha am*U majority of thrM a rirtnal dafaat of tba gorarnmant. Tba J Vm? ra marking apon Urn uni, ?a/i ? " Wa ?-an acarcaly baliara that within no ahort a Uw, tka rf llanea with Fraoca, tba proapaat* of tba war, ami Mm rwy aiiatanca of Turkay abould hava baan aarad fra? tba moat aarlaua rlak by tba narrow majority af 19k to 132.'* Tha I'trii SW' aaya that tha programma* of fi'ft to oa'abration of Quaaa Victoria's tlait will aoon ba pah liab*d. 1ba/r >i bag in Auguat IT, ao<l will laat a tal night A bill to glra ?fl*et to a eoaranUon batwaaa "-^nf and tba Lnitad Htata* of Aouriri waa brought lata Mm houaaa of I'artlamaut. An aifxdltlon aant In II M. ataamahlp tha Taaaar, to com pal tha ehiaf Itambo Munch flaka to fulBI tba traaty antarad into batwaan bint and < ommandar Halwya, a# tba aUamaioop I'roinathatia, In which tha ehiaf praMtoct to nay an indaroalty of ?1,080 for iojnry dona to tba Hrl Uab, bad fallad. Tha RrlUah had two oM ear* k Iliad, aatf two aaamto. ba>ldaa otbara wttundad. Of tha 164 rmk and Ilia of tba Waat India raglaiant, forming tha atpadl tion, 77 wara kiilad, woun<ta4 and tnlaalng, A lattar from tba Ilaltic flaat announoaa tba iatMf gaaca that on tha night of tba 'i3<l and it lb Juaa, It. M. ablp llairiat, wbllat lying al Mlpla Wabaa, daatroyad fcr b?r boat* 47 Ituaalan ablpa, araraglng from 7<M ta IM tona aach, which oomprlaaa tba whola of tba Nyatod ? hipping, probably amoaotng to upwarda of '^W# last. Wa hara rcalrtd a Ala of papara from tha Cay* *t Hood llopa to tha 12tfc of Juna hrarything waa ga*( an aatiafactorily at tba colony . Jan lioMiak fratoaatar, of Amatardam, who afc acmdad raeanlly with Dutch aacaritiaa ta tha filtaaf CM*, waa apprahaadad, Iflth alt., la Mrarpral laaa af tar baring ehangrdtha aotaa at a brakar'a la that tow*. Ila waa takan to th* llrtdawall, whara ha eaatrfrrad to haag himaalf ta tha ataaiau. IaUan ffvm tba Hardin ian arm/ la th? Crimaa had baan raeairad In Tnria to tha 80th of Jnna. Tbaf ra MBiilala ton* r? ry much tha eorra?pon lanra fram fea Eagllah army at Vuni laat yaar Thay complaia af tka baat, tba laaaeta, tha commlaaariat aad tba cbatara, but, abora all, of thalr Iaa^Urlty. Tha rholara bad al moat di**ppear*<l, but alill tbara wa? a gool daalaf at ok ? aaaa In tha canp, and It waa ea leu la tad tbara wara up warda of 2, 0C>0 ui> n in boa pita) wb*n tha laat areamat* laft Major (ranaral 1<* i a?aio bad baaa aamad ta Ua# conimand af tba raaarra br-^ada, vacant by tba 4aaUa of Major ttanartl Aataldi A lattar from Alataodiia. undar data of July t. aa.ta ? Tha AiebOub* ttailm laa. brothar ti tbt tap** or af Anatila, if ri *' I /i#ro i?i> r 1?/ from tit* rut'' of H;n*. an'. t? aoa tb* Vlcaroy, u?<N lk? a?luta at (un> an ? military t? T" inwrnf t b* Arr^Mk*f LolliiM .t*unt?'l by tb* h*at tb* loss*** of Ik* Nl?. Hi I tb* prairalani-* of to ' '*'ra, a ad llt?oc? |>*rhap? to I j't>?r Ifypt. M ? arrtral ta Alaiaa ?Irfa ? ?* prar-a^ad by ta* aMruH Inta tlj* harbor af thna <or?atta?, tbra* frtir?t*a, an brlf* aad tin* at*?ra ir.'*t?*. <v?e?tuitln* alum it tb* *atira taibiaa MT), uiKt lb* clijirl of tbl* ililt ? n<i 4>iuM tiktUM for m* pclitlial purl* ?* i'rttat* IttWrt fr?n n t. 1 'aUraburf, datad t ta :tb alt , nidation that I'tlar* UortJ b abort baa written t? hU|* raiBinaal 'o aay tbat up lo tb* -"th o I Jaaa ba bai ra -*W*'l tb* (taatat part of bta r?i Q(o?-?m*aU, **4 Ifeal b* *?pac'*?1 tba r*?t la ' ha Brat day* of July lla ba m.4 t? aiprara tba lu.wl -y.uf.1anr* >u tb* - icm a t hi* *tt?>rt* to d*f*nd aoaatapoi A'!<lr*a fr' ia I .i?b" a of Jely 0 aut* that tb* Mialaiara HU??*<i ta t/ila( f"t?*H * bill la r*ffulata tb* r*a*?y ? aa * ot I'nrtogaaaa *nii<iariVa to tba Urania, "bub ha* ip?ciime a matur of u/(*nt a*'*aalty, lb* ml**ry ulalil la aoaaa aaa* b*.aj *-,u*l to that a.' tb* alar* trada La aa* of tba moat r* <-ut -that of tb* I'ortuf a*?* brif Ot ?*naora? forty **r*n daaUa from bunj*f. tbliat a ad bad tr*at*i.*ot ?*r* raportad aat of lao haadrad aa) aK%t? trafaat* d'lrltc a abort y*** *?* from "j??r ta ta Para. Uui I<nml4n < orrtipondriwa. J<t If 17, 7 V /,? i.ufrt Jokp? MtmmrU Wraaiwi ? /?*< J fx ? i*/nr < Ak "( :rr ( /* lu Off* *afJ //a/tar H'l'ft ? ll it iitMu* K yl?a (to iv'Afr ?// r-IKan u #W ?r /.iar, ' b<*? 'ba I yl /' -inwri'M it A / a tfaaflMHas /'oltft aJ />??'* 'f lA'tJ 7' i JMaaa 4bitrva ? /'.i T>? ''fiarl ? T*' )*<a fr<mi b /**? ? //<?? Iff ft'itf n .W< - "X fV IIM /*/| MMM H'yMUtd-T (la (? d?< '?'?! ? 7k< litttt. . Ph* hl*|i>^ ?itl in a.l ri'ibaUnijr, alraady Uava tipriMkl |?a ?l tb# r?nifrWt ? a ?' l?td Jtka KaaaaH, ? >.//al<?*it ?at b**a doa* . air ?*?' latt?r at?al blr* |t*(*r*d yo i '? *t ?-:t It Tba lafai?*i*taaf f a< hla m.ikJu- t witl* r*far-i tn I. ? , i**ti*a ?f c*?<a aad ?ar ? II I Ufrial tu ??-a bit vartnaal partnaa* atllt IW 'aapt'Ortl I? lit! nwo {>"<*/? , Ba? "rl* far* blaa '"J,* rru*:?ft cat of *ii ba< la*taat of fo- '-?4 toa r*baa wltb |fac?, *a . ? i^.* m 04 /. 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