Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 3, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 3, 1855 Page 2
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? h( ntoiwi say dearly lorsd trim* hart Al X?Z-.wkee* only hMm it w?r * steer clear of offlee, mm4 wbe when be bald tbe blgbeot otfioae in the BUM ah iifiiM t?ilM?(ilb*BtkN>;ial;HlkmkHn m. calumniated u eeekiaa film, I luri mm bat ? gallant u<l * skilfnl soldier oiluulaM. I am tbe {TMt wl humane Laid lli|lin, ?Au waa tUtn tbred ?nd wr*icttf?i even to tht very vergetrf Jiegrave. 1 ma theivf ore, that I can feel no disaatMfaetiMi ?nd 110 man tt Ming myaslf thua oalumaiated; but aj^d U> balance my political account with aj calum t^mi j ao aid say to them that I htn be?o able to Maot*, by measures which I have seen adopted, the welfare and advantage, the liberty and prosperity of my ooantry i and in doing to I hare met with many warmly attached and excellent friend a? (boar, bear) ? men of a ?a tare aa noble aa that of any men who hare era* taken part in public Ufa? and I hare thia satisfaction teat, whatever errora I may hare committed ? whatever mistakes I may bare made, I hare always endeavored to satitfy thoao frienda and my own conscience: and, tees afore, I have no reason to be disaatlaflnd with the sosnlt at which I hare arrived, even if that reaalt should bo forever to exclude me from any voioo In the manage aesat of affairs. Whatever, therefore, may be the ro ssit a t the motion of the honorable baronet opposite, I have no doaire that it should bo postponed, and I am moat willing that ho should have tbe full opportunity of making any ehartes against mo which be may think ?eeeaaarj 111 support of the views which be entoztalna. to these observations, sir, I can only add that I am satisfied to abide by the decision of the House. (Hear, bear) The aoblo lord concluded by moving that the orders ?f Ike <!ay be postponed. Jhlwer immediately rose. Tbe celebrated author of "Mharn" will disappoint a spectator for the first few aaessonta. He haa too mneh action; he geetlcalatee, eaoesea his arms, then thumps with bis date; in fact, ho hna a good deal of physical and mental energy in play at tbe same time. He is a thunderstorm individualized? noise a a well as brilliancy, with an occasional thunder >?lt ? whilst a first rate orator is the embodiment of the also trie fluid, which sends silently conviction to tbe hearer along the well tntored smooth wires of eloquence. Jfe made a telling speech last night, aa far aa Lord John ?Si concerned, but failed when ho attacked the rest of Ike ministry. It waa necessary for him to spsak, to via Aeate his motion; but it was kicking a dead lion. His apeaeh is well worth perusal. The pith of his attack is ?attained in this extract from his spteoh: ? WeH, thin statesman (Lord John) is sent to Vloana; apparrn ily *>e ?>ils in bis objsct. Il? returns. Vogue auspicious ereeptcitntbat he wan inclined to a i^eaca on tee terms propored by Austria. An occasion oaoars to dfep* or wjbteiuth-'.'-e suspicions. TU? nobie lord risen; he mikes a spotch to >liS|Ml tliem ? to rlnuir-ate the ruv taie of negotiations? the continuance oi trie war. He doee net ?o?ak of an; Austrian propcsitioc.t them ssivis, but "ha oo ?s t.pc,tk, and with marked dUdaiu, eg proposals which embody lb* m tin principle of nevM rountoipoi-e. that w? hare niw9 lea rut Asutrian piopi-cifinim conKiaed. "After 1 had left Vleaia," salu cfce nobie lo<J, ' answer proposal wan made, in which my right honorable friend (the member for Oxlord) se?rei> to ace h aecuritj ? nacaily, to leave tbe treaty of 1CM aa it now is, but, when Turkey I* ?eaueed, to enu; It her to the fleets of h?r ulllee to h - ?ii-tante, > own I can Boo out very little uu'l ae..t>.y eeeunty in 'hat proposal." Iba noble lord then proeeedeii .liumjihautly to argue for the i&floiute ne aee&ity vf limifrg the (ofeot Russia in tbe Black Sea. Its denounced Um idea of guaritng ?g ilnst tbit fore* by any counWrpoi' e in the ships which the W-<ater.i Swwe.t" might station in those wiUtw, and he pointed ant tbe cortiy and pr*oonterous folly or oar being Intro, teste his own words,' "perpetually defending Turkey'' fell tr* amenta thit a^ply equally ^aiaat the Austrian Copoaaln thin locked within his fcnant) ; and, llnally, wound up with a ?pirit?d imitation of tlia<; tamoni pbl^ippat in which Demouthear* inflamed his ctuatry again irtMiiCtdon by dilating on the corruption which pear.trated every council-hall, and the atnbiMoa which threatened every civilized State. The speech waa imprudent by an extriT igaace of j#al wh!ch made us denpair of tSSIMJ peace ts our generation. (Hear.) Wo pardenod the ox Iravagaaee for the ?ake of its hi^h spirit. "Hero," we "ttinst is one man throughly io earnest for tee wtr " (< he?re.) buddenly the Austrian Minister proclaims to ICurcp" that this very statesman hid not only inclined to n peace which he bad appeared tj us tsd.Knaiitly to scout, but had promwel ?u hie return to i/sadon io back certain terms for that peace in the C?ol ?etwltban hia r>*>*?r The thin,t seem?d inerali jle; tmt tbe question on Friday week wag put to the noolt> lord, ani he Uatn rlb"f, conflrms U?? statosent, an<l In Jonus the Hoose that be had brought 'jack pmposit .ous ol psace which he did oou?i5eution?lr re.'on?m?ud M db?lj to end the war with lioi.or to tl.o Allied Tcwors, and on terms t \kui:tted to aiftua security for the intare, and that, thus thinking peace both piniHn and bonor ?hit, he did. nevertheless, when th? question was for maty breogbt before tbis House, vliile the pea-.e in ques tion was being actively dlscuaeed by the Cabinet, abase fho station he took from the lavor of hia aoverel^o, wad the eomidence the people | Uo.'d in his honest r and truth, snd joined with hia colleagues to si|o us to sacritice the beat blood of Iftwlanl la a war that he ?e?mea no Iocrbt neconsary, and to disdain the peace that lit himself recomt tended. Bnlwsr was followed by Bouver'e, who, a'ler first de nying that bo bad notified l?rd John that a great number of hia friends wouM vote .? gainst him, oontlu.'sd uaidet the general hilarity that he had done so. Patmerston then took up the cudgels for the govern asent, stated that Bulwer (to politer language, but to tho same effect) waa either a liar or a fool, and hit about hten right and left Thia ronsod the author of Ooningsby, (Disraeli,) who made a slashing ironical speech. Id fact, It was a sort ml (mental) pugilistic eneonnttr between him and 1'al naerston. Aa regards I'a'meri. ton's coarse language, JMaraall, amidst immeD?? chi-t-i'sg, said:? It ts no' fitting that the nobi? inr^! should rise and at tempt to atop ducuealon by iangna^e addres^d to try hoa. friend, which 1 will not use aa unparliai sentiry opithel to describe, but certainly not language which I ompeeted from one wuo is not on'y tbe lender of the anwof Commons? wuioh Is an a*oidont of life? but is aht a gentleman. (!?og couliuui d cheeriug.) Roebnck, whose motion o! impeachment of this sain hrtry comes on to-night, Immodlately followed DUr-eli, tH was oneo or twice interrupt#.! in hit sp?e;h by Mmeraton jumping up to coatridiet hii.i, and brought b% guns againit the gcvernment. Hi. Roebuck Mid Lord .John Biue*!th*dl*<l the House to adopt an opinion whlc^ K?re ixjrd Puimtraton alarg* aawjanty, nod h?-l Indued Dub (Mr. Hoebuok) to vKl tak a particular way. He bad pr*ctUieJ n deceit u;>oo him, aad Lord IVImarstoa Lad ?ooeurrwd in it. He wawtsd to know tbe inn torn now In tb* Cabinet. Lor.1 Jttba had not, ta hi* opinion, uone hi* duty to IheTloase, to th* oouatry, ju 1 to hu own honor. Mr G. 6r*y, viho had been named br Mr. Uoebuck do alined to uuw?t ui lut- -rogatory put to him wKhoul a abadcw of ground, i'b* pa per* before I lie Hon. e ifcwWI, he saWl, what UaJ been Jw opinion 0r ihe Obi Mtn tbe lahjret of the proposliiou of Austria, an-1, as ? m saabcr at the CaMart, be was bound by tliatoptul-in. TVe gaminmcnt had com* to the uaafciaioun c. Delation that th*ir -J at 7 to the country req uir?J thr.i the propo *tk>n shook) it r*j#o:fd. and ttie d*s|>v*-h of I?or 5 Cla jaad*n wan ecinniunicaUd to every raeartcr e: thg Caoi ?at b*fc*r* it wan wnt Mr. uladetcoe oiiB?rr*d. It was plain that, as tbe Bnie had oefmte.i tb" subject of the negotiations with imperfect uiforn nt.on, there m'mt be an early op unticitf plven (or Toturulnjo to It. The p?per* re-en'- - Yj laid en the table rji-icu cue o t?'?t:"UJ roupcctio^ which it til desirable that *b? gotvinmeai. khoul l af tod information, with ttg ai . to tb , rule- eop >?abto tu neper* meant to be male toe foundation of debate and dNiuca. Ha pointed out \ annua otu?-r matters In -which 'iplanation waa ne.da<i,a.\pr*et:iu< a .oat ( whe to v the government had ooevrred the ? eULoas tbey rwed to the H'.um* Tba Motion for poitpcn a/ tb* of tba <Ur till Mtei the notice of motion |t*vi n by H'r 11. Lrttou, wr.s tb?a withdrawn, nod the Ltou-e jiroceeaed to the orders at tb* fay . Semis th* political career of Lo .-4 JcLn Ruascll, un. toe, Phnrni* tike, he afain rtaesfrcm ht* a*h?s 1 44 Mt think Roeback * motion wlil 19.-1 to anyUiing. M Jehn ban ben aairltW to ap^aae public opinion, and tb* preeent mink try will rem--n in. The new Mia Ma* at tha Colonic* ha* not yet b. en aamed. /mim* Mw candidates I tliiek tilt W. Mdaeworlo haa a ehsmia. The ecrreapoudeaee which j*s??d between Ixitd Claieadca tM the British Plenipotentiaries, at the VlraiM Onfrrneii, has been made public. It is very aaediteble to Lard (1ar?nJc.n. Austria hi? al?o da abarad her paaltlon is the whole a Hair to tbe lHet. She feafcurea that nhe (till adhere* to thaprtnslpla of a Unite ton of a preponderance of Raasi*; but did nut think sh* waa bound to g? to war with Russia on an Interpret* tow given to the third point, with which ah* did not feasant will probably b* prerofnad about the 12tk tt Aagmst Tha Queen Koes to Paris on U>? 17th. Hba?e the repute ot the Allies on tba 19 th ofJa*#, ??hl of *T**t ^pwUnee Has takasi plac* ia tbe Was*. The Russian* made a arrW* on tha 14th, acl wmm repulsed with los* tbeR*<Ua has b??& bemtxvrdad, towt aoa*w asiankt has been attesnpte.] Tha aew Fr*neh loan baa b*?a eutb?,i,M. rhe toasa of tha 130.000,000 ar* nearly l '.,BUc?l with tloao af tha iNa for ?iiO,OCO,000 loatiactal at the roiaiatnoo ?Mat of th* yaar. Tba sabecripfcoas, as in tkxt caaa, Ma to ha ia four and a half per crnt* t Uirt ? t*r caat*' at th* option of tha tandara. Tha font aad a hair pet oanta, which ia tha former loaa were lasue-1 at a aet yriea ot s?f. 7e , ara aow to ba i>?a*<l at S?f . 14?. . an a ?fc* three per cents, which w*ra then Q ted at Mt. lie , a** to be at 60f. 37*. Th* avrrsre maiyts of profit, com farad with the exlatlnf quotation* on tha Bours*, la ?ather nnalier on ths prc??nt occasion, as it is a litti* Mow 3 p*r cent, wUU* it thea amounted to a*arly S par c*at, th* aridity of th* public to subacrlb* araa for a larfar sum on lea* favorable condition* baiac ra**oa ably railed upon, from tb* eitent to which th* appUca. Mans for th* pr*r'.oa? loan exctedtd tu* total racjulrad. Tha period of naarly twenty mn?th* allowed forth* aaaapi*ttoa *f tb* instalment* is a favorable feature, as M s**ms to ladieata confl'lenoe that th* reeoorte* of th* (wamMnt may ba sufficient during that time M Is said the Rasslaaa hare been repulsed at Kara, by th* Turks, under t<?a?ral William* Vh* fojawlrg It th* laal lalejrsf hie d**p\kh tecaiv- 1 Fabw, Tom ?**, J?hr IT? 7:80 V. M. Tb* Mtmi i it UMBM that ia* KWitii ol Wm M ? '? u. Tb? nil b**a a romifal one oo tbe tide ?( th* About 1 o'clock the Raaalan* mad* a sortie with Uiim or loo r battalions, ud made vala ?( forte to ca'rj ?a wbiutido on tke g la sis ol th* Mala kofl tow*r I *c*ivsd by a brisk fir* at cles* quarters, ud by the flit cf batteries 16 and Jfl, thoy retreated, ' carrying at?y a number of killed aad wounded. The ground in (rant of tbe ambosoad* waa foaad co vered with mnstete ia tb* moraiag; thor* were also five d*ad boa lee on th* groaad, on* ol which waa that of aa officer Th* eembat was obatlna**, aad do** bono* to tiaaarsl Ubieb, who waa on duty la tha treaeh**, aad to th* Lieutasant Colonel of th* Mth. Our loss wai 0 killed and 11 wooafed. Among th* latter i* Captain Cat*!, of th* Zouav*s of th* Guard. Oad WUUau Farr*n took bis farewell leave of th* stag* lMt night. Farren waa one of th* mo?t fialahed aotora of tb* London atag*, and eomtn*no*d his career a* far bock as 1818 . Hi* two eon* ai* promising acton. Th* b*ws from th* Baltic ta becoming interesting . W* eip?et to hear soon of th* regular bombardment of Cronstadt. Th* reported bombardment of Nystadt aad Lovisa ha* aot been confirmed by detail*. Th* follow ing ia an account of oar firing th* first shot at Ooa Cttdt'.? On th* 6th w* had genual quarters, aad moro exer cise of everj description ; wdsed, It seldom mwi with us, and it will net be through the want of practice If we are not perfect very soen. in the evening the Oom Buin<**r-ia-Cbie( tried the range of a 3"i pound?r gun, which bad been slang in a peculiar manner, at an angle of 46 degrees, in one of th* wood boat* captured a law dajB ?go. Th* boat waa moored across tae stern ef the fUgihlp, and three or lonr shot* fired; the fall ?f th* first in th* water was eag??ly watched for, but it took so long a time before it fell, that it was given up; bat la a few seoond* excla nations of astoBishmeat burst forth aa a im ill column of spray roee U the *ir at a oistance of more than 5,000 yard*, or over three miles; the ffcot took exactly thirty one seconds for its flight. The hoot was then towed a little nearer the short- , opposite oa* of tbe new earthen batteries, near th* Governor's house, and a couple of shots fired to ascertain if tbey were within range. Bath shots went a long way ovar the battery, whioh immedi ately returned aa ia*ff?ctual tiie with morUrs that would not carry tb* distance. These are, perv ips the first shots of an enemy that ev?r alighted on the uilnnd of Croast&<*t Abou an hour before da'* nail i>oat was teen creeping along tbe north shon tawar i St. i'e tersVnrg, two punboata were sent to stop II, and re turned about 11 P U., with it In tow. It contaiaed three tlnliejinen, w'iO weie trying to t&ke three or lour kegs of sprats to market after being examined and c tiouedtbev were ?Uo?ed to go away; bat tals will 'bow j?n ^ ith what vigilance the blo?,?<vJe Is enforce-). 7tL ? At 1 30 P. M. tb* U?rl>a, having on board Vie 1'ienrh and Knul.ah Commanders-in-Chief, proceeded 'o reconnoitre th? joath Passage aud apprMihad witbln 2.8C0 yarns of tUe R'.soank battery, which Arid several sbots at them, but a 1 fell short; one, however, in a good direction, about ItO yards aiterno! t&eveawl The f.unx n the Kronelit Ba'teiy nave been obliged to t>* lemoned, immp to the waits being m sp-.h a state 'if decay Tb? Acmir?ls returned about 6 o'clock. Wail* toey w?r* away, at 4 P U . t#o lUsaian iiunMtli came out of tbe northern pa^ve aud prO'ieece ! alcan the shore to tbe west* axJ. l"h? Magpiu jnl I.ira gua btiu'a went imniediit>?1,v to cat theai off from warning, and ?onld moet probably tiave sncceeded hail their re call u t teen made by the tlig-scip. and enforce! by fevts'i.1 gnoa Tliey, howtver, coutinund tnelr course until w>tb.n range of tbe c'lase, fire : a h.ujIo gun ei:h tttt>i< m end to tue astonishment of nveryboilv famed their beadn round and janie lud ti ta* Iket us !ist as they could, and I hawe no doub'. ?ou will ehort'y heir a Kuisian account nf a defeat fJie (fiiu'>oatl; taey did wrong to jiro/eed at all wbeu their recall wi* made and they i'Ju wroog to lire unieui they mtsndel tabave gnu a on with tbe action. <'iptaina tusUias and UvU, o! tlie Oiloa and Exmouth, wer.' on bourd at tne tima. Th* Koh.?: in toa's < , uietly proceeded Into \ arbor, f1)* doskn 0* both were crowded with people, some in uniform c."3d ?thers in plain clothes. Most like! , they were ex?urhlon lets, wlio out to get a nearer view of tbe fleet There exists still a good deal of excitement In Spain and it is feared blocdgfcsd will take place at Barcelona. Our ParU Corrt ujirvlnice. ?Pakis, Jttl y 14, 1805. Alarming Rfjxrts from Spain- Carlist Intrigues? Ano tlifr Outbreak Expfeted?Imtcurity of Queen Isabella's lhi-"ne?yeic* frota Stlaslopol?Xapcileon and his Watch?Mi LU<r<xry Kcmi nUcfio-s? Queen Victoria.'! i.xjtcdui. 1 iiU?JFvlame Hujhti's Popularity, A private which reach* d me this morning from Barcelona gir*n a lamentable account of tha sti :e or , public feella* in that city. Evory tiling han beei done by the larliata to add fuel to the hot emoera otMnnfs faction that have Ion* htn hurn'og beneath a freasher oua aitlace, ai?d though for the .no me tit a cioviy tran quillity prtva tin, it ia Uia opinion of my informant (a French gentleman rea lent there on comuieroial affairs esptcii'lj coi.nocioi with Uie eity), tint a formidable outbreak ia at hand are confluaiUy arriving ano the difsenUonints, or rewiatioa'jts, or workmen, or whatever m*y be the nam? asslgasd tln-m are temporarily restrained, but the dir:loaur?? wbich lately occurred at Usdrid, of the wukneea of .he government and the Insecurity of the throsw, have not been without their etfeet on the mluJa of the soldiery; and maDy ?-e of opm:on that If a ?teneral riatn* should take place, those tr.v>p? are not to be depends upon. Ffpartero himualf is thoroughly warn oat and disgusted with the Inconsiderate abolition of taxes, which hae compelled tb? imposition of others. Senor Bran, the at" r,?Moe Minister, would fain hare reeailei the de cree which aatriflced the lu direct Lax ex, and deprived the treasury o? an annual receipt of fifty millions of Cniace; but the state of pop Jar fetling waa no' such a. to admit of *0 feariul an eaporiment At Saragoes*, the population arose at matte ti exact th?. execution of s. Catllat conlereed to death, whoae sen tenee had b??n commuted by the Queen. The municipal authorities bad to repulse by force during a irlwle day Vh , furious dcmocstmtioui of the uub, and tbe n.tlonai militia \ery reluctantly did its df.ty. AU Catalonia the moat lnduntrial prtvlnw o' fpUn- has be?m can ru'.ked, nominally on tho ground o< Snndsfpa* wares, but mysterious ? {Itator- kep the raui;.- a of revolution evtr aimmcr'.m>. and few h.Te th<t Uen-ral Zipatero however Intposirg the .'orcee he may ta'.e with him, will ?* h:'1# 10 rM,"r# trauy uility. Bpa'o is as a drunken man lifted on hogback-right h'u on oae aide he slip* ov.r on the other; proven', b'm from t.iin'jUoa forward he roUe c if ?sUm. It is a mere galvanized -ueas, ?ad a few ywars via probably ??*> It tho >rey of foreign vtilturta. * But everywhere there are Increased evlien?e?of tbe *to;m, er w licit the traiflcn.1 e veuu of the la^t ??li*.eea montha m. . be Eimp!; eaa.idtred -u tbe precurajrs. , ,;arv fto!y ? I?* days a . o, som* mfl unt'al pidiee ?ho had ju? arrirel fr( m Napla). 'iftelr opporturJties of fa'.hocj '?'ir r utiic i'tjUng hid been sach as ent'Ue . their r?. >.u? to the utmo-t credit; aaj it wouU aeeu thatp-po )?/ <!uu-5ntent is only kept dnwo by t'?e perpefial Ti(rt. lanccoJ l>0'itliorit ee. Tue Court is det? ted. In the r?-o Sicilies -rifit. aropoir-g on hourly The rec?dt?<uar*-< preventing eem-nunloat!oo a rrirate nature bet<viat forJ3nro..d,. ta.t Xaplea an.', the alud hare b?cn?a?*riy tolo of by the Murut party, a, d it r.'l ? ^ ftt *J! ,nriri~'E? {i ?< -?p a the aai -.Ut ? f ' J*nc* "f ??t.J04;itif.< wh'.ch e?-erT '? too^at out lor. All Hal, |. In tr ith at thi! P14 a 1 rerola i insaiy volcano, .3 1JS . ,r* ,, riTK?KUT^ilu. "7 m,sae'>ti ?1 H..le:zka V. 7r?inj on. for the adJItloail aid of 10,000 moa cr/lc< tel#frr.i,hlc despttsa of .h* 12t'i J? Pv'>',? ed lbl? mormog anniun ea -on tc.i m NachJttoDr, caused by a 1 ?li in t'ufor^ea-i a it ?? ui t ftowtoke fcrn. the admlca^a: iu|j?e!.ad 1 ? ^ tsi recorded Ihts week. I.i9 liaperrr, Ouilafthe al'-^u e of theKajpr * ?]. tXn Vn^V01" *" *l'P**riBce of rta.e. Hu pnra u it 0 e'ei^k ti",:rr?>U u th* ,l<>or #f "?? fuilerte. -i? U ?0"?n?r. ?.wl his llaieety dnvee h m fv "'f ?^'bltton, aai U* "ao"g t* w ^ . ^??terday, aftar 1 .tenUtir to Kt ui rtt 4t,^^?i'jr*u*<i throu<nj-1-. *v ^ etrn a want which their ingtnulty nta>- nppft"4**' I saris ssaairjfM rr* ij o/ whofe Statemenu, it will b? re -o le Ud hal L 1 'o stoutly denied by M Xhier/> - ' ^ I hv ?r? if V'uc7~{ h.r' ,T; '.r-'vr:; !? ??>?. I "Mruiotre.d' I'ar' ant I , ?t\ .1 .v,J"r l*?t iclruiop, ia Bftriio u.'fir w. n ? h rr^ . 4 6 txim QB tbf WMTtnirt of A *? !V? Jmirrii, i rtu??| dUpa^aa ?;> Vm mm M?nr?4 tbit it it i+ry mr to ft'ad in :l?l?Vr,t"eh n,*/ul aaat^ria:. for iho tutor/ .T^o" < fr><h. Ui* saate person whoi* dim \ ? Nib?? J 1 ? f " '?>< s.trpvH ot on* jf U,.'eJ,l or I ?r iulSl'ZZimXC?*1 m '? , .,7 ;V, l0Tl,V w?rld is awfully pnr-M by an latim. ^ b h" tfl the rjuiiih newspaper, ol tae ?^A V .t ift'l 'iot*mU(" }? oo t ie I : tb of the- mritw W** *'??t the l.ith >wt(>, h ?** 10 ? the au pic .us day of her Ma a" at lu orders a, btrlh dav of -t.? ? the 1Mb, which comment ora'ai the wbeth*r at an r Hm? V#P0l^?- , ? ?e a qJ?t,on *eeo at a dUaOvsuitat^iti.1 1 l'*rU ** not In prooesa, ibe pr?i>.,r?t1nrn r*Bt^ ??? drive any ftMODa^XSSw/0/ T'^i*" ?nou?h ta to It a da/ afur tl w ?. of W* ?^t lantpe, painM Har?tafT? ehmtrVn * 6'"wof in plaeter of pari., aa ! tff, '5"'r*;l ^o*"is, ftttuee ao terribly >?n; ? , . toy ahnpa, would be credible, 'it may i.e. ??"' Uf* "?1rt ?? ^" I ?bi.-h have be?a jtv u* ,.n f.t the ??fc r'!?'*,OU- WOTk* still pi oeei dlBg ererj wh-'re .bit aa Vm "* m?y a root: nee a rfabUth-a dav ofr I "?ty. whose uafortuaete cmcm. ha/#TktJ gr evonsiy belabored, tbet If Mb* Balaam'a M M C?|M but ?peak , it *w< bi(inlun cried "belt, imiiD " It Hfmi settled that rtiM?iu U?Q? n does oome, at ? m to tail up b er imUnn at St Cloed. The Bi itt >b (Btait; baa bam fitted ap sumptuously lor the parpoM of ? naming bar Maj*cty to MM a iavaa. In the way of theatrical* a war 1 or two about Rasbal, aa aba la to rUit America, mar bo interacting to your MteL Sb? baa been ptajrloi to crowdad audienees at (M Tbeetie France!*, who have ban delighted to weloome her reajrpearaae* Her performaase af Phi: ire la distinguished by the aama high Intellectual qnalltlen, and la paaeagrs ex pre rat ve of eeorn, hatred or wreng, she aarar fail* to carry tbo public by atorao, but is thoae of teadernee*, leellng and patboa, abo la sot ?o happy. Tba patbatio, indeed, baa never baan her forta. Slnoa tha performance of Pbedre aba baa appeared in " Bar miore and Camilla. ' ' On all oocaaiene her great nvU ^Ignore Hi#* on baa baan present and among tha moat tntbutlaatln in bar applause; and probably owing to thi* preae nca It waa evident to all aeonatouad to tha graat tragedian's acting, that never at any time did aha exart heraelf with inch telling effect ? mm a point net a phrase ware h uttered to be loet. She la a boat to perform j Marie Stuart, and In conaequenee of Riatori'i aucceM is Maria btcarua at the Itahens. the greatest Inters at La excited, the public looaiag at it aa a apeoiea of dual between tha two favor! tea. BEHflK. the war. THE BIEOE OP 8EBAST0P0L. MAJOR GlN&KAl. TOLL KHUN, TBI HEBO OF THE D? PMNOM, WOLUDMD. [From the Iavalide Kuaae, July 0.] Prince Gortachatoff'a diary from June 4 to tha 17 (18 th? 29th) contains additional deUila or tba brillant mannar in which tha aisault on Sevastopol waa repulsed, and reapaetlng the ulterior worka of the besieger*, and tbe m?aann? taken by ua to oppose th?m. Owing to ?be great number of troopa *h, jwb foward by tha enemy, the Impetuosity of t' at ock, and tba obatlnaoy of tha itruggle, the battle of the 6th /18th) of Jnne may be, by the garriaon of Sebaatovol, re^ rded aa one of the inoit heroic acta of our military andala. At daybreak, under coyer of a crushing cannonade, the ana my attempted the assault m tbo firm hope, It ap peara, that the cannonade of the preceding evening had made a breach in oar worka and rendered tbem aacesal ble. Tbeir cette lice embraced an extentof four vents, und tehipd other, columns advanoed, supported by strong reeervw. It was in this crdor that the assailants threw themselves upon tbe fortifications, and commenced a moat sanguinary struggle. The coolnesa and the military talents of Lieutenant General Cbmnleif, the firmness of bis immediate aides, Beer Admiral Panfiielf and Major General Prince Ourous off, as well aa the gallantry of all who too'* part in tbe affair, from tb? jeveral to the private, rendered fruttles? t'ae obstinate oilorta oi the enemy. The brave troop* of .uebartopot uae ?noceeUvd, la the night between the Mi' mil ftli (17thandlH.!i) of Jane In repairing all the damage (tone, under a very heavy fire, and during the assault, having dei> .ted tbe desperate attacka of the iBosulaatt, they pursued somo detachments into their very trenches. the allies ar'i consequently compelled to continue a regular siege; but it will /oubtleas coat them still much iiiu?. and z>e* and ir.o-mous sacrifices. 1 he obstiau^y and duration of tbe assault, during which the entries' nurses had to advance under a mur aeiou* Ire of grape, fuiinot fall to have caused grau.. bavoc in tbeir ranko. If we are to cradlt deserters, tbe f reach live 10,(jCU men put hcru dt combat in killed and wounded. Among the killed they mention Generals Maj ran, Prunet, and Voran. According to tbeir reports tba Fniliah lost 3, too men, among whom GeneriLs Campbell and York have died af their woonds, and a gnat enmbar of officers of all grades. Moreover amocg the GtlQ prisoner* we have tiken, of wbnm3f0are wounded, there were one superior and eleven ur.n commissioned Trench oftloers, and one Eng lish officer o( superior rank. On oi r si'?e, anonit the officers named in tbe report of the 'lb (1 t.t ) or June, we have to regret tbe death o! the ortve Captain Oetrovsky, commander of the Ota ocmpaoy of the her.-k Infantry regiment, wbo, at the bee a of b)F> company, charged the enemy who had en tare! tbe Otrvaia Battary. and the following officers have b"1'* vfounwd, namel>- : ?Captain Kiallnsky, of the navy. Aim -da-Camp of the Kmperor; Major Boudanovsky, of t)u >Un?k rtgiment; Lioutanant Colonel N'itikine, of the Od?a a 'Jhaasvara; and Ueutenant-Colonal Prince Bag? tion. of the Yaletfi regiment. S ice their repulse, the allies have continued their nia(fe worta as follows: ? ITem the 7th to tbe 15th (19th to 27th) of June tbey have lengthened the approaches againvt. tha Cemetery, Raation 6, and t^>e Bchwar^ Kadouot; tbey have .joined by a trench tbe tielinghinsk and A clbin'a Kedoubts; they have pushed forward aa approach S'arting fiom the Kamtscnatka Lunette, and have ronstructec a battery to the lett of the SeliDgbiaak lladoubt, on the incline towards the bay: but &U theae wurt >? are so 'tupeced b / the well directed fire of oar ar t-Lory that an attempt made by the enemy to open a 'ranch on the loth (22d) of June against the Pt-ro"*yp a?as completely stopped by one of our neareet bttteries -.uJ thu attempt hat not since been renewed. jho eurtny is mining against Bastion No. 4; we ues > moli a balls against them with effect. Since the 7th (19th) ol June tke fire of the bealegern had Lh en tiraduaUy CimlDLshing, and so have our loiaen Oik the itn (,19th) tf June we counted 6'2 killed and '202 '.\ oun^?d Since then, up to the 11th (23d), there were onlv 7 men killed and 27 wouoded. Among the la'.tar ?ve have unhappily to regret Major General Todlaban vho received p. builet through the calf of his lac on the 4th (2ttb), which, however, doos not prevent him from directing the works of defence as usual. During this period we haTe been |chiefly ooeupied lii clearing out our dltrbea and increasing the height of aad stran^tb'ninf our defences. D??p,ta the graat heat, which has qu'.te hardened the 4*ioudo during the last month, an! which renders work pry diBicult, thanks to the unexampled rail of tne gar rison of tebasiopol, we have succeeded in repairing all r.ur works, i>ud preparing ??w means to defend them stoutly We find in the Moniieur dc la Flollc , the following let ter- dated Knmiesob, JGth ult. Our navy received some day* ago a fresh testimonial, the moie nattering as It came from oce af our most la rt tar ate enemien You, are aware that at the last armis tice granted to bury the dead, General Tedlebeu, who organised a&d dlracts the enar?etic defence of 8ebo ito pel, presii'ad. on the side of the Ruaelans, at that sat! ceremony. He is a line looking man, about 39 years of a? 1, of goo-l address and manners. He exchanged a few words with tha French General commanding the working party, and having perceived one of oar a.val lieutenants attested to the batteries, who assisted li the mournful op' ration, he sainted him aad said to him, '?Ycu belong, sir, to a corps wliijh does htaor to your country. The French navy is adm rably r*ptMante<i before Hebastopol, and we know that wherever it j>ra aanta itself, as recea'ly at Kertch, it la faithful to noble ar:<i generous tradition*. '' These few words were rpoken in French, and wttbcui tbe least acoent. General Toil teben appears to be beloved by the Huasian soldi -rs, out ia an ol>je;t of jealouay with the officers, on as count, no dour.t, of b > rapid promctiou. THK WAR IN ASIA. We have received (be St. I*?teraburg journals of the 7th ot July. T>e Invalid* Ktimr 1 u Wishes the fo'lowlng ? Jlid'! c* i*Bf titn'ml Uouravieif bu ssut the fol lowing CettUa, dated htb (17th) ai June, from tl*? 'amp BMr tne viilagA ?f Adja-Kaia, on tbe r:vsr Kar> i etui ?? 'ile resu't of the adraDoe of Gene-al Kovalevaicy jn Arrlaban vii, that the Turkish mikua, es'. aate-i ?e about OOOt rrcn, who *?r? ssiemb'inp in the n.ugU.or lag u-uHjui*, oupersed an J retnrnto to their homes. T*o rt-gisienta of regular eawiiiry wbici were .uartered In tbe .1)1* je of Dekan, near that fortr??a, left it short ly trio ro the arr.yal of (.rneral K oral" v sky, add rejoin ed the main bony of tl s Tur'.'-th army at Kara. AM re iferOa (be fi regular loiuntry <oich had rdmaiBsd at At dohaa, It withdrew with tho i'aaca. and bus prjcc?d?' It is i*i 9, to Olta. To er able tbcm >nor? ear >ly to carry a irij ft>e pravl ?Iod *toies end other things trim Ar?J ahau. the k'nrk I 1 taken all the carta In tlx o?i . 'iior lag villages before otr arr'.\a), ao that ourlng the much ol Oen?-*l K va levakj from ArUhsn to 7a a, lb-re were no beasts of burdrn beinral Kovalsvsky, with the deti?hic' _it ' ader b's rO'jM. codieting ot the lalan.ry re<i menl hiezaa as t 'oa Wilsa Chasseurs, with IV pie' >a of arttlle: j as.! hv.i sotnin of tbe Dvn ' -Macks, rejoined on tte 3d (16th. of June, a* Ze/au the aunt garde ctrps o' operates*, t* also tbe detaebment of Major ?;?uer?i BakUaofT. Yesterday. tb? 4 :h (10th) of Joae, I ra\de %r ji notsaence with a portion of he troops in 1'ie dlrejvoa of Kara I'igh, du-icg wh-eh a sotaia of oar mrjatM militia <>p?oed a iusilade with tL? "aril h lrrJguiar caTA.rj, boblau which tc could see two re# cents of Turkish Wu-era dr* wo up io eolumae. Th- enemy on the Hark waa drn cn back by fix setmae of tbe 91 regl msnt of the ioMarka of the Caucasus list, Bluer tns rooirbaod of folooel Kumkoff, whom I anpporUd with *-ui sraa^r jss of drsgoone and fonr pine ? a of hora* t r tiller^ Tbt remainder o< the t. oops imt drawn a,j lo order of battle at <,ur rcrsta fram Kara liajb The eneoar had satiety becuma aware of the morain?ot .11 tee'tu agaukt 'ucra, rh n tbe Uublh^onkt die pried, ??*] the rep ilar Tork sU aatalry oa mentfd letioaUiig slowly. pu.-aaM by tbe Cossa-: ta. They tocn got into a trot, the U?t rank enly re torolnf oor ftre. TaUng aoranUge of 'he opporiu tonlty, Coioael ha.mkotT' tharMd wltn hia Co jum atd peee^?t?0 intc tbe eentro rf the enetpy'i <v>lumo. rn? drrbenikatr ictel?, and two from 3tarropol, ehar^d at it gall >p Ibe lest Uosa raaks of the eo?my ; the eutnlaa ri tbe tii a ?? iso*. of tbe Kuban, and of tb- mcuntaina, pursued 'be anemy and aabrtdtVam wHhout mer.-r; the Turkish borwm?T> left their horati by (*o-ea? to con:s<ii thrmselTe* In tbo high graes. Carried on by t!i? rapi dity of th? porrult, ti-> Oosanoks pail oo attention to the Are opoiwC npno tn?m by tbe batt?H?"of Kirn T>agb, and ih-sy only sV>pped in fiont of the battary of tb* retrenched camp, sit late near the town, bar tad wulob the Tut*i*h Infaatiy form?d, and tbe fiftUraa found support. Kro'oblen*.' by tho elalnlty of thstr nialo 1-ody tbe arts Mt>' jjpt-s ' to take tbe off. DSiTe, bat t ? j o' rockets trooi tbe csr^lry detaibmect iintar IJant Ou>scif stoppad then. I tben or loroj Cjcut Vy ro?l toadv^aee w'tb the c ivalry reserfe, sod t > cill to I' h?r the different detaAbmnnte la adTlneo, who re tarnsd la ricellant ordar. t)ur lose r?nalst?<l of four Coesac'.s kllle<l, one Coa s,iek officer, ten Ooaaacka. and tbrea m Uttam^n wounded Peaplie tbe biiak cannonade from the tow* only two of our men www hit. Tha Ooj.vdkg brought bae* eeren prisoner*, two of whom were lancers, and they brought awey all their killed anl wounded, with the exception of a subitum, who had gone too fax, .tnd waa cut .down la the rery centre of the enemy's ooluica, close to tbe camp A great ntim b?r of Turkwh killed aad wounded ware left oa the field ol battle, but. as tbey were aa !er cover of tMr batte ?l?s, It waa impossible to oount thsm. Toju'ge. tew i rtr, from tbe cumber ol horeee, weapons ?nd r?tha,< carried off. and by the blood etalaed swordi of the (v? tacka and militiamen, the loea of the Turk.* my b* ts ;lmiled at #0 men, which eatiaiatton waa con firm- 1 oa tbe Mb (17th) by xplee, who laforaed oa that tbe 7utk'a losa waa l!> killed aad A7 wounded. f>anag the combat a ?w>s!l deUihmeat of the enemy Ka<e itaapM*naoe on our right Btak, but waa imme diately repulead. We afterwardj learaea that It w'aa commanded by an Kagliab effloer. la Ui>* nihil tht.C v??Kai ef tbe 'I u . whon tlx tun call a MNlw (**?*????). ??p*yo* C **9* #rty Pirn aotnlas finui, ??? in haad, 10# ?? y BiKitl and two H|bHkU ef ?|?1*' osTafcryi "P*? the Are of the MMf'i artillery, driving them ^ ^ *ei t is to the thafar eimp. . Poring this ntODBtiNMM ? epeciU detachment kM te>o MDt to lioost Malj.: Vigor, ?H>m ?hleh pokat the oflicers of tbe iwff took without hiadraaoo ? topogra phical plaa oftM localities. About 2 P. M. tho uoops returned to cany. PROBABILITY OP TAKING CB0N8TADT. [Off Cronitadt (July 9.j Correepoodeaoe of the Leaden The season for active operations la the Bal'lo See is of ihort dnratien ; it Iimw far aflvai aoed, an". will rapidly glide away. I'p to the present date aothing else than the annihilation of Ul ma ri time ocmmerce ef the sne in j baa been aoocmphahed, and it la vary yrobabli that the fleet will again return to Kaglaad without haviag eBected the ail kapcr??at object? that of greatly dlmf aiahiag, if net of effectually ertuhiag, toe power of Rnaaia in her northern territories The mortar vesseU wbleh have recently arrived a the Baltio are un%uea tlonably rateable reinforcements, but their nun bare Mast be considerably augmented ere they eaa be pro ductive ot any important results. They may harraes sod aasoy the foe by tbrowiag abella iato Cronstodt aad H?b Infers, but are quite inadequate, from their present limited number, to destroy the large oatteri?s and earth works by wbloh theae stronghold* are defended, to effect

the downfall of which a flu tills comprising one hundred gasboet*, fifty mortir Teasels, sn1 as many Boating battel its, cons true <1 oa sounl principles, are neoee "56. great a.dv? . of a Linre force of these vessels J of war waa manlioat during the campaign ef 18M; It waa stroeely recommended to >ba aerioua cooperation of the be mo government by the then Commander-in Chief, vet during th? long Interval wbish hse elapsed, with all the resources which tt>e neval authorities have at their rummand a mere fraction of this valuable sad indispensable suxlliarv to the fleet has beta furnished. There has tr*n more than ampin time to hare bulht snl '"quippw* ruuh s squadron of this description as would bars schleved a decisive victory in the Baltic. No Com mas der- in Chief, however well* convolved may be bis p s ns of operstioo, however gifted he may be with the energy and decision requisite to carry them out to a sue otBKlu/iatue, could hope to vanqu'suthe foe, prepared an he is to resist most strcnoously an attack ui any quarter, with the present means aad appliances afforded him. Daily *re seen large numbers of the Russians busily employed la still further increasing the defenits of Oonstadt. On every available plot of ground facing the sea bat teries are In coarse ef construction; even the Isot rest ing! places 01 taj dead are now included in tbe !.-*? < f fortifications of th?t it load. Thus bai a want of for? sight oa the part of Ihoen intrusted with the eon-itirt of the war enali'ea Russia to assume ho strong :t d lenuve poe'tioo as almost to niil {eftaacu to tho combined liec's of tbe two great nations whose hostility she bat pro vok'd. Ancerdlpg to the latest ad vices, the Rasnlaa military authorities eccourigo a? touJi as possible tbe immigT* ti"n into the intexic^of tbe intubttsits of t&e IHitic poi ei peci?Jly lhOfi> k .lilag at A!>0 au<l n*l?ir,g'ors. 1 ho artisans ana tbe poortr ck-sros aro eompelie I to re Bi?ln to obtain the ca'uu of ? j1*'. teoce. Thronghont the entire len*Ci ot the Golf of I >;? !, especially on the main road froal BaWaglMf towards ht Pet^sb-irg, tt e encmj 'e troops aro constantly rociiring remlorce u.eats. A Cossack sergosnt, 'wlio bod been itoventeeu y^arti in the Russian army, and wuo deuerted a few oi(?nti s'pee from tbt gan-iei'B of CrenstS(*t, states that the ri sret>0. 00<> well direiplined boldivrsoa that island, lO.tCO of them bela* Po'es. I be incatvie Kutte pnblighes the r .Uowicg: ? Krem tbe lAth to the -1st of June, ( Jnue 27 t j July 3,) thoenecr.y'a (loet, at anchor before C?omtadt, con fined itself to a<?ndlng guabosts in pursuit of Finnish veisols that tmprrdeatly left the co.*.st. and to the de struction of telegraphs. On? of thei s expeditions took place on the StOto o; June, ( July 2,) aga'ant vessels at anchor iu frost of he ri'lage of Vioisch^is Ijorskaie, (ten verets !nm Or -nicabattm,; und sgalcst the tele graph ol KrasDaia-Oorka. On that d'.y, at 2 A V , two gunboats having left thi enemy's fleet, appeared bo lore the rii'tge of Bolruh^ia Ijoreks'is anl opened lire upoa four Teasels sncborod at ? short dlittnce <r<.m tho coast. Having sink one, tho gunboats re. lomod their squadron for s time, ?n3tht>n, it 7 A.M., they steered for Kra?nai'a-Gorka. preceded by a beat taking soundings, and probab'y with a view to destroy tbe telegraph at Knisns ia Gorua. Tbe post there, consisting of tho fourth compeny of the Hrena dlers of Reserve of the l.imallOTsky iUriraent, having formed an ae?but>, allowed tbo boat to come within musket range, ssd thon o^sned s are upon It, compel llcg it to rejoin the gunboats, which tuen commenced csn'.onsding the telegraph sad the wood, tiring about tbrio hundred fhot. They sot fue to the ' rood behind the rillago. and knorVcd m tho roo'n of th" bamchn an n?"t?d to the tolotxaph station. M'Autime two oompanles of the l?iraUo?sky Guards had come up with two piece* of artillery , rmd look up a poriikn behind tho village, l.ieuten int ' ??ro,--> , in c jm. msnd ot toe artillery, having waited for a propitious mo iuent, 3 red three shots into the gunboats, which for a moment compelled tben> to "Vvaeu tire and retire, pro bably oi. account of damage -lone to them. At 11:30 / M. the cannonade cease*. The su?mv had not done us much harm; our whvto less coasii'ed of <nie artillery man vounded. AUSTRIA AND T11K GERMAN DIRT, lb# /??'? ptnJanu Brlgt publishes the foil'! win# as the text of tLa luat <3?cUr*Uotm made by Austria. tv the 1 i?Lkfort Diet ; ? a be Conferoucss are cloned wi.-Unut th . result ex pee' eo from tLem . In pretence o thu failure of the work of peace, the A neurit a government thinks it ii 'htfr?nfc Ir to explain to the Plet the real atato of tho q ?eition, lo iDdUate her future attitude and to e ubaiit to it uie resolution* which ?? will hn\n to aJ<pt. The Impcr'al (fovtrnmanc will be ba >p - to loara that it* confederate* nipreeia.' e thr. devo' ion with which it h.irf taken the dolence of tu? interest* of l-'uropa an I of Oermao; Tie evacuation of tiie Prineii ?}it'ej, the oxup&tion of which by the Kuaoiann waa tne pr-nurj caoae of the war, nod '.he chance* of peace which then uUtel im poaed * Ccubie las'- upon Austria. Otk it* vie hand abe had to rover ber frontier touch irg upontbe theatre of war. to ahield Herman tnte-esvi on is* Lower DubIk, and lo tualo pure of the auppor of iier Herman conl?Jern.tes; on the other hand. (he 1**4 a4 heart to lacili'ate and beaten ihe reaumption ef an gotiatlona between the belUgeient Towers. Ruergutt cally to support ber proposes, h^e'd upon equity, ac.l of a nature to guarantee Kurop<> ;g Jnat a repetition of similar couipiic*tl?<i* Aualria sought the aseiataiw of her eonfed< ;-atea, wuich w&a nicf J to li*r lj tl.e al ditionnl article 01 tuj 2tk.i 01 Xoveuoer and by the ft ieral d ctei of the ' i ot "t.-tnUr . Ite dorawots which will be laid upon the table of th* .VnaemVy by the J'rvi>.deui (*ext of the treaty ?' the Sfctli ot r*e?Di'-er and ptot -oU I to 14 of the (Jon 'ermcei) a! ow lha peree rating o.*.gy ill placed Ly Austia in ber eutienvorc to proctiM Franee and l ing Ian I declared at the commence mint of tba w ar b-y a aoiemo tin ty that tli j would no; seek to derive acy uidtviuual adv* ie note* ef th* >tb of Angus'., in th^ r tnrn, drew up the bases of a (JrTubit pe ce fur Ane'rii, tterir>.*iiy, and Knrop*. At a later period an understanding wa* oome to respecting the four poibto of guarantee. The metr.lcrs of ;he Diet wit! U>arn bow \a appreciate the dignified L'?gua?e of the lir^crta'. Cabinet a*, the Conference, the aMKjTiitiGu and e^aitj it uixplajeu in the aohitioa of the \a ^iooa die'u?^e<). IT c goveromcut ui h l >(aje> tj d. ?e cot liiuk it ncnea aar>- 1<> glvu fiptsnaUoaa r*sv>?wilnjt proto^ole aub ailiMd to the Diet. Th* Auatriaa Mcnip^ien'iiolei ex p alned e-iar!y enough Uic policy ot tlic.r oa?>(tt'. In tlte of the Omi>r?3ce?. 'he Diet will lino hy piftoetlf I. to V. tha' the neg.v ;i?*.ioaa ku tv ,i satiif . u/,y ie_aii m regard* tbe t?rv firft pr:n:a. Ha coneeatinna obuloed on th* two Orat polat^> eon cert-ir < the Dana1 c a. i the i'riu.ip^li.!?? Cue lo tb? Inltiai'v* of Aartrla. Tbe^n'gotiat! >na failed in the third point. It it trie that if tind< nUn^'-g wai. com* to re^pfc'iax a fonnu 1? "n the *nbje?t ( ' toe fnte,- ty c* th? 'tttoois'i etcpu-c by means o. a note of c?llec-.:t? guirin'-ee: hut .oa^r?** ?n?tt oe c!ite.'B( ' iui whirls th* mnuu of petting an en! to the t.r*po?.W-aae ? of Ruac'a ia the Bltck -ea. Vitatrla n .it inti-'eulatbj solutioa of tbat f.nntkin aa of the ct' er poiLtt, for rha that \j? derelopnert of tbe u\*at r rce? of I'aaai* in Ute T'o Ine wp.*;? perpetrqj m*a?o< a<fk:n?'. Turkey. It w?f for the nam f vri't- fir- tt eiplaic thtaielre* tn tf ?? c<" I'ltiona of that gu^rart ?. Auetrfa a -reed with the Wtnirrn Power* before t; e op?i?l?i of Uie negcilaf onf th- 1 the ta?i**fth? *o lutien only rhfuld r>e dw?l: on,M tb? aal^Uoa it??.If de I ?n<?e<! lot niicb upon the ve-taof th* war to b* O* lined beforthanu Tie j>rep*iitM>n* brought forvaid turn by the pl*Blpo**rtt*r!*4 of >Tance and Iluglaad and by Uie r? prw?nti.tive* of Hur^i* tnl having U<lto auy UTango- j meat, Anit'ut Ivad to coDi. it with be r alUee on the pro potala to bo o^O* to Hu>t.ia. Ihe nrt,otiaff?na bet> <t?n the lmr?rial |ror?nuatn'. aad I (he Ca'.>in*t* of Looi'ov and 1'ari* were long and la botioua. Tbey 0U1 not lend lo an undera landing. The Court of Vl*nn* did not think It Incumbent npoii it t* jo n in r. war en acoount o! an*pr*t*i.on of th* third po'nt, which it did not apptove, and woish did not appear to it tj reaponl to ibo iiMre?V* of l-'urop*. All that remained tor Austria to do was to tank* a la*t effort at conciliation. ?h* found the element* for It in th* at gotlat.oee which had preceded. When, Anally, ,tb* p'?i of the Western rovera demanded th* i Sit 'log of the conference*, the government of his Ma iesty c^diared that it woull al*?- s be ready to (ir* lie ? jetgetic support to an/ *rptt*bl* proposal, from what erer gu-.rter it Bight *ia?..-t?. Tt l# with regret, and thui regret waa shared by the C?r?".n gov^rsments, that Austria saw the hop,; ah* had founced upon the conferences rsn'sh On en exing * Dtm situation slie m?d* a **rer**x. amiuatJoi. of the obligattotu prf**nt etrcur.istaao** lut p m<\ upon ber. Mie will frank <y explUn to her German confederate* wh*t vi?iw e^e take* of ber portion, end I iw ah* wiibe* all parties to nndarrtand hir. lb' ; ? waa a diflarenee of optnioa ket?*e* Austria and the Courte of Paria and LonOon on a question of .ipp!i c.tirn , but the prisclplea eetablia'tnd in cemmon lout nothing of their foroe. Toe bonda of the aliiaaca con tint'* to exist, and in theeyea of the Imperial Cabinet no change ba* taken place in the relation* cf the alUod Powers between themeelvee The Emperor did sot think it waa la the interest of bi* country to take up arm* for the interprets ticn given by Franca and England to tbe third po nt. The belli cerent Power* exercise the?r rtfht ; the viawa of Be >U Jeety reepecting the object to be obtain) J in ooeamon re main the eaire. Iteaolred to persevere in the ac'ual C'h, Auatria will invariably maintain the r*co<niTed ee for peace, she will aupiK?rt them, eoeimenaurately with the obligation* she haa contracted, with all her Influence and all her farce. A peace which would not aaanre the carrying out of the four peinta of guarantee as denned (/?.?, t, at the Ccnference would not offer sufficient guarantees to A us Uia lor the fntt re tranquillity of Kurupe iuetria conaidsrs. then,ae an acquired fact th* agree aaent (-nfente) on the Ant two nois e. Fh* h*a jointed out a tce*na for the iettl*men'. of the tUrl point; it la Mceteary that thi* iuo?t?.0 sUiiU teeefve a clear and precise solution aaeariag the aesuri *y cf Eu*<p*m iatereata hut Uie acsejvjnce of wfciah aboal* Mi W ?flaariv* *? the *f my of th* itrtrit Im timl h >?r taterveattoa kn nib tapes tarns tbe I* the integrity if the Otteoaan tapDt; she will alio for U? future pwwww to flu? lutqr under ? naml ul eMeeeioti* iuiuin, Nt? only will ib? bsrelf niptet Uuit (itrtatM, bat she win kMw how, U bmmmij, t# male it respected by ?then. Already dees she consider h?rseif, by th* position ah* )u uiuiud on the Danube, called upon to watch onr tbe maintenance of that principle. Her troops wili re ?iiu ia the Principalities until the conclusion of paaoe, and rfce hopes to be able to I ulOl her aiiaaioa to the end. As regard* th* fourth point, Austria refer* to the sympathies of Eaiope for the Christians placed uniw the rule of tbe Ottoman empire. Bh? doee act douot that when the momeat shall hav* soma all tha Powers will take to heart the lntereete of the Christiana ia the East. with due i taped always to the sovereign right* of tbeSnltaa. The Emperor would feel happy if, la a proximate fu ture, tha work of peaM ooul t ho resumed. Ho had it declared ia tbe cin'erencee that he would not ask for any thing la hia own personal interest*, but that he would support any demand mule with a view to the general in terests lie will remain ia the present attitude as long as he eaa retain the hope of obtaining the object of his pacific endeavors. . ? In this state or things his Majesty has thought fit to lighten the burdens which weigh upon this oountry. Ne vertbelcsa, la consequence of the uncertainty whiih pre vail* In the situation ot affairs, the measures taken wll be inch a* to leave preparation for every eventuality. Change* will take place in the position of tbe troops who ale on a war footing, but they will be no combined a* to allow the army te resume it* former positions within the shortest possible delay. .Austria arks tbe (ie/manlc Confederation to maintain tbe attitude it hag assumed ia oonsequence of tie rete ntions of the Diet of tbe 9th of Decent jer and the Mh of February, f-'be hop* a that the devotion with which she has aefended the interests of Uermpsy will entitle her to the esteem of ber confederates. Che reply of the Diet was one of approval. Lord John Rsuaoll'a DtpIomaey_TlM Morality of Aristocracy. [from the Louden Times, July 18.] We hope I, ore Jo n Ra.?eli his done making statements', at any rate, statement* on the Vienna o?a fereiicrs. ill has by the admission of his attacked friend and late coLeagu*, Sir George Grey, already stated the ca>>e against bimsel' as stroagly as possible; Indeed, in a manner which, had the person concerned Men any n o else, would have b<en considered absolutely mallg natiU Let him b? content with mi t triumphs, &ul nenne* the vsia attempt to make the ease agaijst hi* own roDdnct stronger thuu be has mad* It already. Toe ismp ol saTlfi e is brurnt to tbe dregs, and Ion hlmoel' could do no mote in tbe way of eeL'icinw'atlcn. StUI, betnre we dismiss the huVject, we feel called upon to add eomethmg to tbe very meagre an 1 unsatisfactory analysis which the late debate afforded of lord Joan' s uTvetdiDgs, snd to show Dow utterly Inconsistent hid latest and most advised exposition is both with former expoeiti- ill i ??3 with a?oen? ne-1 facts. l ord John Rurseil".) ' that tbe rtsnlt of thadi^ cunloc&lc the Cablurt was that t!n?e propositi o.i were not k'lopted by the government of ths country, and tint ein tus h 'slices aro*e in the coarw. of those disetmsions which made it appear to bis mind itipoemhle to urgitns acceptance of those propositions." This me. n.', if woxjs bate meaning, that I or 3 Ji.-Un Russell was aa as senting ps rty to the opinion of the Cabinet?that op', r, Ion b?iii|r u feet, unanimous Ou t'le 7th ef July this name Lord John Russell nald ? I silted to my govern ? at every <!< tail of tbe propositions j( which I wan tr.o bearer.'I must ray that, the propositions were deliberately roatudtrtd by the Cabinet. Everything that I atated bad, I must: Buy, due weight, and fair:. - place 1 iu opposition to t'ne difeadvantaf es o' such a pleac*. 'ia* governruent came to the canilualoa that the pin c propose d vxuid iiot lie a t?fe peaoe, and that they roii't rot recotnsir>nd it.) adoption. l):>o? sot tfcin ciearly Imply that Ixnl John UuiKieU dig. tinted frcm tbe majority of tfte Cabinet? But the matter does Co- test thery. Further on cays, but I ma?t ?ay, if i thought that having eM that opinion, and bt lpg overrolou on a question of such great Importance, It was my duty to leader my resignation to JI?r M^jestv, I contider tbe (->3um4ta&euri of the time would have for bldeen my dclog so. H?ve is ? pu?le for the lutare histoiiae. In two speeches, made wfthia ten days of ea<-h other with the utmost dvlDoralioo, Lird John Kus seli aaseits that he assented to, and that he diivaeated from, the very srrue resolution. Ag?in, i^rd John Husssli states on the 16th of July, that by this proposition of counterpoise, security would L? cb aired for the future pence of Europe, wills on Juno tbe Oth he aJdressed fo the Rouse uf Commons an elaborate argument, la which he seemed to exhaust aU the piojoriti^ns for peace, though he cur* folly sap pi?Bt. d from the list the very proposition which hs brought (rem Vienna, and which be is of opinion wonld have given security to Europe the proposition* wMeh he enun, rates are the two proposed by the Al ius ? that the Black Sea should be neutral, or that tbe Russian force in tl-e Black Sea should be limited, and the two propesed by Russia ? the lirit for openiag, and the "scond for closing tbe Darda&eDes . Russia would rot Dstea to the tirat two j^'nts, and the Allies could not accept the other tiro, we quite admit that a minis ter is not btund ta wear his heart upon his sleevo, or tske the Hou^e of Commons into bis secret oonfldeace; but t* is equally clear that he is bound not to deceive or mislead tbe House, either by aulfiog statements that are not tin*, or by stating wbat, though true ia itself, is sure to m alcad his audience because It Is not the wbole trnth. Ia thin ease, when Lird John Russell cutis lour means of accommodation, negatives tbein ail, and then asks how then is peece to be procured, It Is just the name as ji be had said ''rhtre are osly four ?tt\ ?? oi toAking p?ace aud the systi-a of counterpoise Is utterly lLa'imisslble." V" ferht itr to press the obvious inference from such a coo Ismoo. l/3rd John Rasaell ssvs be should hare b.en gjbameu of himwdf i! he had deaird what he had Cone. H* hag denied what he has done apd, so far from belap shba n,ed of bimielf, he "la nit diesatiafled" at the result it ?? Inch he has amved.- a-iy, he deems his nre sent pof iticn cue so favorable fiat he avatla hii.aelf ?f it to proro'tnee a ?niobium on himself; and,' having a little sutMi floows cnlKto spare, condeeseotii to bee tow a part o! it on I?r4 Althcrp and Eord Raglaa. Ia. ?eed, so D?DSt/?ted is I/>rd John Russell with tho gran oeur of the mortl pcsttioa he hi* obtained, that he talks of tbe uiaiace of bis calumniatr-*, and deals out cjq trspt to those -.vto have been ucahi* to ga along with him 'O his recent T<|ari*s; as if theio were aavthtag saaliclous, raluuinloas. or contemptible In refusing to toUow any farther the career of a man eoavkted rut of bis c""n mouth of the most reckless statements, the meat tiUiOftnuos suppression, and tbe most unpatdrnaWe betrayal of contldctxce. It sho-^s what siistocratic position snd the long habit of purtv obsc'iesoe will do when a statesman proved fnUty of h.u thare things apon evidence furui.-bsd by i-imself, til* assm results of which he does not even venture to dis pute, take* Loin bins the attltuie or Cerlulanos to the uiob, and fulminates apon his juCges noaater aceu** tk/n? of malicj and calumny, ana this withont incurring uca ;bs popular assembly be a-Jdresses any strongly narked enlaces of disapprobation. lord Jofia RusaeU bu fctatad, at dilftrent times, to Sir John Walsh that Ceuct iiuoi'a statement was oonect to Hr. Milaar Gib tea that in repeating it be entirely misrepresented him, agoia to it* X-iner u.Uon tha' be dil not inlsNpreaeut liioi at al', and but that a au-teriel statement made la answer to llr. Cilxen? the statement, namely, that be t?a* ovvrrraled in the Cabinet? was untrue. lxrS John bas denjunced as Russian the plan of ?t. 01?'lst?ne, which so nearly res?mhV 1 his own in allessen'ial paiUculirf, tsappressi ng tbe fact that ho j bvl ?lTocati(l su'h a pau no has Jfared peace las- i possible except on terms of limitation, while he himself Ix of vpinicii iDit peace couU bs eMecte<l by counter ;<0i i- iie dcui i ti at he has changed his opinion, but ctaims tbe r.jht to retain oiBce iaa gcrcramast opposed to th^t opiilon, eel that on groutd.-i the most extranr ilinar/ an. I unsatisfactory. First he rays the question was 'or the govorument, and not,for the plenipotentiary, to dtclde, a? If be hixugsll were not a niember ot that Kovemment, sm! n?jt, be -aus* his ?s iroation would be 10.prions to tb* character of public n <>n, aa if It were the resignation, sod net the <tts<-r*?iU^'re conduct tha4 has fd to it, tbat would do tlie miscbtef? as If tbe 0 trace were in tbe s?Btsn?e and aot in Hie offence. Whwt could U> t'one by Lord Joha Russell to Injure the chi 11.cter of public men has been dose, and we accept his '?:dgn?tioa as some slight and tardy atonement to the oirtcdoi motal sense of the community. The Mew Flench Lonn>R?port to the Km pcror. [Frr? tbe Pari* Monit?nr,.!u,y 14. J S'r**? Your M?j?sty has aifMu ap;e*)?d to tbe eountry (? wt ih' m?an" of continuing the ktrjgflle so glorioaily tun. a? ir.ed By our Tsliant arm;, (n ? mauner worth; of Fi?rc? and of tbe object in tIojt. TuiWul laterprevrt of tbb naiiontl 'eeltng. \h? Senate a~<5 l^NUtl?? 'otps, ha* it nt a to leply to tho Km per or'* appeal by aalhom lr? Mm to procure from the treasury Ij tlie Isssbe of tintr* th<s itc ot HO,QOO,OGQf. Tbo time, manner, and coalition of the loan having been Wft to tte fr<e et olee of Lhe government, I eon to take yccr Majss'v's orders oa thos* points. The state of trie treasury and tie rftcuzce* at com msud would dvnbtfcu aFow it to prsvide for still msny meatbs for all public eipensee, an ) your Majesty might, therefore, la thla rcrpect, po?tpca* ustog the powers placed in your bands. But it la tbe doty of a provident a <miaii?traU?a to be i always provided before hand, and to be ready foe every eventuality. Mjreovsr, on the first aaaouaoemeat of tbe loan, the capital to be employed la le was Imme diately pre pared and set aside. A delay woald cause saspense. might be detrimental to affairs ia general, end even to tbe loin itaalf, for which reasons I have the hoaor to propose to your Majesty that It be iaeoed at ?ace. H appears to me needleee to dlecuas the aumerous ajsUms which h?ve of late been proposed. the na tional subscription has been tried. It Is to be reoom m<aC<d for it* nnqutstloaable Impartiality, aod the brtlHaat success with which It hai rt~ently been crown fd fully justifies the preference g rea to it by youx Msjesty. la tfcc two last loaas the subscriber* had the cboioe tttween the Four- aad a- Half aad Three per Gest*. I st e no reason a Uy they should not igtia hare the Mire. I piopore to your Majesty to decide that the Four and s Ila'f per Cent* Rente shall bo fire* to then at 9!f. S8c , with enjoyment from the 22 3 of Mareb last: snd the Tbrte per t'eato at 66f. 114c., Croat the 22d of Jui.e. Tbat the capital subacrfbad shall be paid aa fol lows ? One teeth at the time of subscribing, awl the rtmi.^ndtr in monthly iestalmeata la elghtoea e?,nal S.rte, o! which the first shall be due aa the "tn of Hep mti r aest ibiie eond>tfoBs will g're the subscriber* dlflereat ad vintage*, which are easily dleoernible. At the Pouree, to < ay, the last quotation of the Fonr and a Half per Onti Rente was P2f. 75c., and of tbe Three per Osnts. C6f, 00c? lb*?e a notations, compared with the parchaea pr*<-e, aire to the subscriber wlready a profit of tOe for the Four aad a -Half per oeata, and of 96c. for the Three per e+nt*' But the main advantage consists la the delay of aear ly twaty moot he graated to the eabecriheni, dating (rem the sahecrtottoa day, aad la the date from wbleh the arrears of the Ren tea wiU he paid to them. Thie plsn, which yreeum by uticipatfen tbe iat?r?it of the capital ntauiM, la equivalent ta a Bew diminution of 3f. 79c. oa tbe Four- aaa-a- Bali par aaata, aad of If. 08c. an Um Aim par ceaie Those wbo pej up at aaaa will receive a dlseoaat eoai nlnt to Ikl* profit Ail Um* combined advantages reduce in reality lb* price of tba Four and -a Half pat cent* to Mf. Mo., and that of the Three per centa to 03f. 37?., and, e<apu*i] a 1th the lest quotations on 'Change, procure te the sub scriber a piaftt of 81 39c on the former, anj af 2f . 83c. on the latter? a profit the value of wolch ja increased when It la considered that for ten* day* tba Bearae baa been laflaenoed by the expe?ntion of the loan, and tba weakoeca of tba last quotation* la only due to as acci dental depredation _ .. , In case tha amount subscribed should exceed the sum required, I piopot ? that your Majeaty ahould decide that the subscriptions of Wf. of Rente and be lew it shall alone be exempt from redaction, ana that all thee* above 6CI. shall undergo a proportionate redaction. nil maaaure appears to aw juat; by assuring a por tion to all tha subscribers, whatever may be the amount of tha sums *ubscrioea, tha auooaaa of tha operation will certainly bo onhaBced. As ia the former loan*, and to make plaaa foa tha smelt capitalists, the minimum of tha sobaerlpttM will be lowered to lOf . of Renta. Such are, Hire, the coni Itiona which I hav* tha honor to submit to your Kajeaty 'a approbation . Tha advanta |tf that result therefrom for siiIiBmHhh are evrtaialy considerable, but at all time* advantage* ware deemed iadlspsnslble to a**ure tha^ucceaa af nag o tiationa. The olc system had tha faulHpf reeerviag tba advaatages exclusively to a few. Tha merit of a public subscription, inaugurated by your Ibj/ttjr, consist* la offering tbtm to all, and, by throwing open tha Rest*, in enlarging the boKia of tba credit of the Etata. I am. with tha mo*t profound renpact, Sire, your M? jeaty'* very humble and very obadieatseivaut and faith ful aubject. P MAGNF, An Impepal decree fo'lowa the report, authorizing tha lean on the cooditions proposed. The Peekaklll M order. Ha follow!? i particulars of tba horrid murder near PeekektH, an account of which wa* given yesterday by our cwrespoadsut, we copy from the Pe*k&kil] Rtpu Wi c?ii of the 81at ult. ? It appear* that on FriJay afternoon !a?t, June* Con at)) j, a iaborer employed on tb* brickyard ef Mr. J aha f-tinron, of Verplanek'*, and hia *on, a hid aged about ! 11 jeniH, started on their journey to thl* village. A I short clirtxno* from tlfclr tome they wera joined by M'uhsel Kenny, and a little farther oa by William Ken ny. Tbey not hh far as the Lower Do:k, where they obtained two glasses of brandy each: they then proceed ed to another bouse, where they obtained bojoc more liquor. alter wheh they separated, Couuslly and hia sub coal tag up into the vitlsge, and after travelling around for sometime tuoy started for heme. Oa their way ?own tney met the Keccys, when the tragedy oc curred, which ia narrated la the testimony of Caaneilja ?oi?: ? i'atrick Connelly Kworn, say*? I am the son of tb* d? ceased; 1 live on Verplau'k's Point; my father 's name waa Jtmes Connelly; lived on the Point; he worked l or Jobn Stirioo at t;e brick business; I whj with him last night; 1 went to PeeltskCl a little attor 5 o'cloik irth him, I eot home at 12; it was after dark when we left j reskSRili; Mlo)>a?l Keuny w?at to l'eekslwil witn u?; me sudmy father lelt PtekiiMH alone; went by the post 1 road to a barn v. herr 'he dog* were; w* tr.rned off of tb* | poet road on tier. - Ml; we die not go mi far a* tba bridge; we went up the rtllroau uaill met Michael K'ury acd TVUUam Ir.'eouj s.tting down; thsy had a bot tic w i'-b gin in it; they spoke to my father, aad we sat down with them; thsy sat there six or sovea minutes ; tLtv rrana it ai.'; my father dr?nk a little, they got up & '.A west down the railroad, tailing aVaut lighting, loud; they did not go very far, when they began to figiit: JUichatl Kerny hit icy father with hu" fist ia the face, and Wulkim Kenny hit my father iu tno face with the bottle acd broke tt'e bottle; I then raa when I see then, licking my father; I was aboat hall an hour getting home; these men told ma if I did nU go home tbey would hck me; that waa before I star tea , I came hack ? i'.h Matthew F stry, Frank i'arry and Dennis MeQulre. and saw my la<h*r cut a-id laying iead on tbe sice of the track; when we nnre coining back the cars were coming from Peek st ill; Michael Kenny worked on the sam-i yard with my lather; my mother is living; I have two blathers and four sls>ers; we found my father dead a little far ther down the ip*d from where I lelt them fighting; wLea they tlruck my father thsy knocked him down; I (I'd net see get up, they wiuli not let him, the/ wrre lic>iug him in the face; he hat two dollar* whoa be csmo to Pcskslclii; we nerts in C?**idy'?; Michael waa with ua: thsy drsiik twice at C*s*ldy's; 1 sat WUMata Keuny la Pcekskill in a house; they drant brtndv twiee; doa't know whose house: me ami my fatlnr left am! wer.t up strtst, M<cha<il was with us; me aad my fnU' t-r t?t>l for home and Ult Mfchaet 'a ahoueeup stieet; my fs;htr hallooed whtn they had him 'o^a to let him up; tisy did cut have ui>;hlug la handa when they wrr* t.eatlng blm, except th>> bottle thaf. Yi'iVUin h*.d; c'd not see any mora of these juen after i ran away from my father; tb?y staggerwl when thew gat up;'never knew Michael or Wham quarrel with my father hslote; Muhsol aad my father were good friend*. After the little fellow started for home, ths/ continued beating Cor nelly until It I* auppoeed he win ?e%d, when thi'j conceivcil the project of leaving him on the track, so that the ntit tram, which was almost due, would run over him, and thus help to ehleld tbem from t b e charge f murder. The milk Irala shortly after cvae along nd ran over tbe body, completely cuttlag oil the head. W? subjoin the follow ng teatimony of th? Hogiaear:? Jacob R. Melui* swern ? 1 live la New Tcra; lames iastr oa tbe Hudson Klrsr 1^11 road; en t-s oown milk traia down last night, we lefe Peekskili forty three minute* paat eleven o'clock; Jam** Boyle i* firemaa oa hat train; about a mile down 1 thought I saw a man laying across tbe track ,fwe wera within two rod* whan 1 tret saw him; we wera running, perhapa, twenty mdea a hour; taw no motion: I Mowed to break, immediate y , wa itoppad In tbe neighborhood of Ufteen or twenty iooi; I took tho light, went back aad saw the body lay ngon the west track, with hi* bead off t ^ae or four <et from the track: did not take hold of t;>e *o.i> ? tha ' rale men took hnu off tbe traek; tha bivil wnanp plsg when raised up; I think he l.iy bout oa the spot 1 first saw bim: tb* body was laid out line of tbe track; the conductor, tiayl*-, wa* tc*re and the Vrakemen , we tbea backed down ta faasnk:U station ?nd reported to Mr. Walker; we then went dowa with tha train to Maw York; I think the breaks (track tba wh*el* before we struck the maa; It was raining a little; I think be *m 1> lag oa hi* bar* ; I think he lay Marly straight with hir. head outside of the traek ; his bead wa* four or Ave fee-t from the bc.iy ; his bead was takea off cle* e to hi* shoulder*; w* felt the Jar a* we went ever bim; <lid not examlae whether hia leg* ware mangled S Judged tbe head was eut off by tha car wheels; I saw two sea ten or nfteoc rods beHw or south of tb* body; cne wa* sitting on stone steps, the ether staaclug by him; I spoke to thsm after I Sad beea to the body; the one (Wm. Kency) is the oae that wa# standing up; 1 asted them if there was any body with them, they said lo, I told tbem tb^re was a aas killed; be said it wa* all right then tf he wae killed: the men see&ed to be intoxicated, aad I esuld aot get aay ratisfacucn out of them; we l*ft tbem there and backed doua to 1'eeWshlli ; when we went on agaia I did act see tbtm, we staye.d la Peekskili not farfraa half an hour: Went 1 lurtitth street. 265, I re aide. Oa laiurd?y morn ng toe prisoners were arreated and a Coroner'* jury empannelled, who, after examining wltaesn**, reuosred a verdict to tb* *uect that the de ceased came t? hi* death by "blews 'n?i;ted by tha bauds ef Mitha -1 Kenny aud William Kenny, an-! being placed by them (whilst 1a a state of inseasibllity, or dei- il,) on th* Hudson River Pallroad track, ia *usa a petition a* to be run ov*r by the traia of eara ea said joud. by which traia he wa* zaa aver aad h ^ head waa thereby tal en off." The prlaoaer* were thea eommittea to the lockca until Movda/, wberi tbey had a h*arisg before H. W. Ilnrd, Liq , Jurtice of tee Peaoe, wbo eammittad thsm to the county Jail, to await tasix trial oa the cbarf* jf *a?hlaught?r. Marine Court. Tie fort Uou. Judge Mc<arlb?. Ju!y 81. ? Burd^rJ .Utujntt erf Lc J tint. vt. H'. A. Sniff. ? Thl* (*??, reported a few days line*, was in action Mr tulUiM of board end extra* (err di'*nd^nt aad hi* adopted daughter, Mill Claranlun. The moo oat *ooght waa 1195 80. Tl ft? wa* an oftaet of mo-jay ? pc>d by de frucant (or plaiatUT and thn Court gar* a dacre* for f lain Ml fox ilT Mi, which glrn* torts to ?.h* defradaat. fltbltittl <f Nc*>("j, m. i/. J/. J3Uwan.-lb.jt wai aa ac tion 'o r*o*?r tbe vaiu* of ccrlaia oil cloth talea Iim lit* bona* cororr of i'ourth aranae aad thirty mead ainel by d*fe??ant. It appear* tbat 'he bona* WM tr. i-erly kept by oa* H. S. Can, ami that t? gar* a totrtgag* of all furniture to tb* hem* to on* (iarriok 1). CUrK. Amnaji' othir article* meu*>lon*4 war* tear C<m of tfl cloth. Clark foredoaed hi* marine*, aad ed tbe buUdisg and turaitura to tb* plaitUff*, wba row ina a* bailee* the dcu&iat bad a ; adgweat meala*' Carr and ?old out hi* right, till* an I int?M?1 lb tie property is queatlon. lb* vl*:*i.daat lraUtad that there w*re (even pi*e?* of oil cloth ia tbe baa** aid tbat h* bad a right to all *ac*pt four. I'UiatUbgar* evidence to ehow that the mutgag* ?m iatendeiltp eoT*r iwj thing in th* hoaa* aad that th* elotb oa each atory waa hut on* pt*c*, tbe Ooort ao b*M and tar* judgment for plaintiff* for 9(0 aad coat . Ltunard L. F. Applet)/ again*' Fder Lutz ? Afltien t# recover 9671 60 for rent of pran^ae* la Seventh avenue, b tar Thirty ninth atreat, for fl'teea month*, due let May, lh;>4. lb* d*f*ad*at hired nader a l*a*e for three yeara, at WW (and Qroton water rant) per year. The plalm* tiff aflag** that th* la*t Are quarter* are unpaid. Do (?ix? ant provel pajment aa to l*t February, W53, la fall, aad 9f>70 i>9 ainee lie Court (are jadgattnt for defeadaat for $7 *9 and eoete. Qi fsTio* or jpniroiOTiON. J'inift B. Suydafn "gains' John Oner , Sktriff. de ?? Tbi* 1* an aetkn against the Sheriff for not retaraiaf an txacv lea i***i?d (aad delivered to hl*a) oa a Judg neat In favor of th* plaiatiff, ageiaat oae Jaate* irwia, Nccrired in tb* Karia* Q?urt a f*w month* age. Tbe council for deftaee con tare dad that thl* eeart had no isiiadteUoii cn tb* action; that tha only action* K ctui'i try are **rou>?rat*d ia aeetioa 66 of th* eode, aad In th* aet of July, IMS; that aad*r th* old *y*tem at plaaliair thla would be an action on tbe eaa?, and It ia not ?( auch a natur* aa waa e*ate*pl*te<l by the !*gte V.ora when they paaiad the ood* or tb* aet of 1 MO". Tie l oan *o held, and 4laarie**U th* proeeediag*. Superior Court- General Term 1'iMtat, Ck*r Jiutice Oaaley. and Judge* Du*r aad Hod* naa. Arrrw 1. ? V. r. B. Morn w. F. O. J. .VmliA.?im thla long litigated teh rrapb ease the Omit directed that thg oi&tr be ?*tU?d at rp>>ciai ten*. Bafor" Hon. Jodge Holfasnn. J. II h'ta! h. AiaritiJi Booay ami ottert ? Coaplaiat dUaiiaiwd, with coats. The Ctiitri McU'i Trivt Company of N<* Fork-, rtetttb ert. ft. Vt*nn Harris and ctkrrt. ? ladgaMat fo* tha ?in render and aatUfactioa of tb* toad aad mortgage, npon tbe deftadant gtvtag up tb* o*rti0c*'?4 of rtoek prodne*d at the hfartrg by tha defeadaot Uurii, Tbe coitfi to be paid eat of the faad la baad. l.itrgr Slairr ri. Punit J tut ten and UXtri ? Order td be aittled at apoaial term jmninpt rt. /?' ??<??.? Order discharging pu/chaeer, hot Without w ? ?v