Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 4, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 4, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW T WHOLE NO. 6916. MORNING EDITION ORK HERALD. SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. HIGHLY INTERESTING SUIT IN A PARIS COURT. IktrltiB Heirs to (he Succession of a French Dnchesi* Chapter of Revolutionary History? Inedited Letter of Gen. Washington. I ALIE OF THE RECORDS IS FAMILY BIBLES. Important to Families in Pennsylvania, kO., Sw , to. W.i trax Wat* the folJn wing r-p rt of an important suit Whlehhat been juiit decide 1 b *'orf the Tribunal of the fcltt, free: the J'arii Gd-ri't d't Tribun tuzl received yestt rd? / liy th* Aslv I' concrs'S the fortune* of an Mcitut *nd honorable Philadelphia family, and a*? much that Mill be interesting to tbe antral re*<ler. Tee diririco of tl le su?ce*.iioa o( the late Duche?tde PlkiMQtt vis tt? object Of & nait brought before the tJvil Tribunal of tbe Sxioe bjr Mr*. FJlzatath Chllllag, w'fe of Mr. Fi-'gway, agalest the Due de Valruj end Moo?. IV 1 fry , relative* of the dsceaaed by the patsrnal line. Mm. Bldgway ciaime l the port'ooof tbe rich sue oes.i on b"! ivgiug to tbe ma'einal line; and she .'ouuied her claim on tbe following facts:? Tbe M*rqui* Barbe de Uarbola, father to the Dueheii de Pieisanee, wai bora at Matz to 174S, He ciu?e to America in 1779, In tbe quality of Secretary of Legation under the Chevalier de*rne, and on tbe departure ?f that Minister for Franc* be on:upind the position of Cfcarge d'Afl'alres, which he retained till 1736, at which tlnre he wan promoted to tbe pMt o' In'endant of H e panioli. During bis sojiuru at PhladelpMa be had made the acquaintance of Elizabeth Moore, daughter of William Moore and Sar-' h I.oy4. Tbia William Hotire, who was a rimp'e colonist in bin youth, had distinguish ed himself a the war of the Revolution, bad become tbe frl-ni of Washington, and had been invented with tbe high dignity of PresUent of the Supreme Kxacutire Council of Ptnneylrania. M. Bar'- Marboi* wt> !o?d In 1781 Mis.i Klizabeth Mo< ' 4 two brothen Thomas L yd Moore, one oi ? < toe gri>.:i.:f:?th(>r of tbe plaintiff, wbo would ,u"utJy, second con aio to the I>uchtss de I'ii From the stut?ment of i ufl's counsel w? gather lie following fact;: ? Maiaite Sophie LSarto d* Marboi*, duchess de Plai nance, tiod at Athena on the lull May, lr54, intestate, St>? lelt tiiUtr progenitors, u >r dvaubndunts, nor bro thers, cor sisters, our nephew*, ncr niece* to iiiherit the lar^e prejsrty vbich ah* held In Fr noe. Tbe succes sion. therefore, tVvolv.'d upon thenet-ost collateral re latives In the pa't rn?l ami mat?mai Hues Tie former wi'K rr prtteitec by the defendants, M?s?r<. De.Valmy and De l*rj ; the Uitt-r by ths platntiifs, Americans, and II v - in;: hi tfe Urlted Biatee. On tbe 'Jlnt .luly, thxy pro W tt to ?Ue inventor} oi trie p'opeity without c\Uing in tte mat?-:nal branch, although the Hxiiten-u of re latvvt* b?loTgitg to that branch was tMrtactiy well known; tte lamily paper* coul' l->a*? n i doubt in that regard The division waa t lie ted witu irreat p'esipi tmacr bttvetn Messrs Da Vilm> an 1 I'? l.ery, notvith etauilcgtbt ct'sereetiona o' Mr Ktgault, proTislocl ad bc inijtfator of tbe succession. On the 30tb October, 1851, tie matersal bfirc preasnted their demand for shares. The advocate continued ? In that state of af aftire, gentlemen, tbe only ijuestion tbat you have to fecide U, y tbe plaintilfs justified in their quality *f rtitj ? Tbe defendants respond "No," and affirm that the whole of the sncceetltn belsng* to iham by right of devolvement. Our J unification* are criti cised, on tbie* points only. You do not prove? say they tona? the warriage of WiUUm Moore with Sarah Lloyd on the ICth of Uvoember, 1767. You do net prove the filiation of ihornt* Lloyd M*ore, your pretended strand f attar. Ia tine, you do not prove the filiation of IClira h'th Maorc, wi'e of M. Batbii de Marboi a, mother of the Duchess de Plalsance. Tbe jmtl(ic?tions on the re ma n'sg part of tbe gen*a1ogy are recognized as regular and cerplete. It la true that my client does not prove e .her the reg stry mt marriage of Wm. Moore with Sa rah LJo?d, or the re^iatry of birti of E'lzabeth Moore and her brother Thomas I.loyd Moore. What signifies that tf these three registries can ba'snpplied In the most decisive mistier, in fait and In 1 ?w, by tbe other dccu mwita prodcred ? It la sought to compel us to put in nvtoen :e tlie registry of marriage of Mr Mo >r? and Fatah L'oyd. This demand would b> a<lmi(Stbte If the Carriage Lad been celebrated in Fiance, wher? the keeping of regUrttra of tbe civil State la ptescribed and regulated sy legal irrperious dispositions, to which we ?onform But when a marriage celebrated in a loraign Country is in question, It Is a different matter, for is such a case we must b* content with the froofa admitted ia tba country to substantiate marriages. We w 11 see by and by what the oaages in this matter are In tbe United States, acd particularly In Pennsylvania. Betid**, even In France, and under the French law, article 197 make* an i ai caption to article l'J4. Bat prediely In point is the hypothet's of article 107, for it relates to two persons I ooustuntlj ho'.'licg the poaiticn of legitimate epouse*. R'.ll we be told that article 107 is net applicablt to fo rcijnei' ' lhat would be wrong, for the law mahaa no distinction ; and besides, there is ia each case identity Of motives; or ratber article 197 is applicable a fortinri to fcraigners be'.onginf to a country where tbe registra tion* ef civil condition are not prescribed by law or de flared obligatory upon tbe citixsn*. We bold multiplied proof* tf the marriage of William Moore, celebrated 13'b DecejcNer, 1757, acd of the continuous holding of the married condition; and numerous documents leave no deubt on the ruiea and usages of the county .in Htb aaalttrs. Osr adTfraariea pretend that tb? date of the mirri(vr? hu a great importaace. becaust, compared with the date of the birth, It render* the ehiMrea legitimate er illegitimate aecordiig an thoy axe bora before or after maniage? legitimization by fubeequeot marriage sot aiiating '? the United 8t tea. Bat tbe document* which m produce jtc ve not only tbe fait, bat also the date of jibe marrifjre; and besides, it infflce* for the oertalnty of Ike icaiilage that tee children are reputed legitimate, be eause apparent ly no per ton will admit that there 1* be tween (pome* a legal presumption of concubinage, and against children a It gal presumption of hai-tardy. Tbi* quite gratuitous presumption would be ?o much the more o<?ioue in tbii case, ae it is boiled by the social position cf tlie partiea- WiiUam Moor*, President of the Supreme IxecutiTO Council, aud commander la chief of tbe troops of I'eansylranla? Barb. de llarbois, eoua **U',r to tbe Parliament of Met* Consul Seaerwl of fraaoe, and cherge d' affaire* of his Majesty to the L'nited states of America. It la also beNed by the quality cf the witnesses who assisted at tbe marriage of M Bart de Msrbois and Miss El ttbelh Mcore. And Mm, is not tke lUe/itima-.y of Elizabeth Moore, become Madame Barb de 'Aarbo'.s. highly improbable ? I* there another prcof waaUng If so, li'tea to this letter, wnt ten by the jrreat Washington to William Mo< re ? It 1* with the greatest pleasure that I hare learned ftom you the aew* of ice happy an I sjr*able uoioa wh eh job are on th* vein ?>( !? rmmg for M'ss Moore A''houga jou hare gtTtn namn-ons pnofs c' tour pre- | diieet oB and atta'hni*-ui fur this country, th s last act My be r^aiidertd not only as a gran I aet v-n-isr sri t!fi>:s of it hut a so 'he Bio*t sat.afsit.iry an<l mest ?arable. 1h( ncahtira aod ihe -oaaectioaa uf tb'? per proas* sennet fail to reod?r it such. <>n 1h* stbiert of alls happy ercat pies*' to a csp; the f?lid a'.ioai of yes W?shiagi<n aau inr 'aniily. '.V? ni i-t hi n parti r.pste la erer?tbin< whijh roa'-'ht'es to yr w latfl c*sa an# that ot your *m<ahle ?p?u ?+ wh m, ae well as per fsm iy w? have tbe p'easuri of knowing, and to whcci we be? eon to pte*?nt our foroT>'noen1 ' Piaetratad wi<b th*gr*at?>t an1 t .* h'thett bob* w?rali<<a aad ?nti'>ii by tie livrl ?*t desire of setwing mjielf worthy of your frW<l?Hp, I have the honor to he \c A. ? , OKOKllt WAHIKN'JTOX. Tou now understand, geatwtteo. how cUoe* It the 1 ijfpos.tltn which the defeadtoia ? against the farther of tie I?urbe?s <*? I1?l?an'*, for parpos* of Cool, lag thsr t.sre?iiterj eaulum at. aul of adding two million of fraec? to ihe ten million. whkh they hare streaky collected. Po ?? or do m? ait ?itaS .eh tfce a arrlsgt in a legal tnin?e: * We prove the doeu is'tts which ia the Lniteo te*??, and e? penally Id t'eaasslvana. are a.l sultic '#' Ib fich wat'era Th* ? 'ec cat* here c ted eittar'a from '1 u?eot< st.>r r.* 1 1\ <l<e marrisgee, hiitt s atO 'en*! * ar* pro *i ser t>. 'Ve parish re* ?t?r or bt Bi? a^>r n * wittea 1a . ? ;.d >y u Me, aid wl *>e tbs BiM>- a*d t'i* r -giators fail, t it* r i j d?r s ti? ?? o* w ??>?? * 1 i o' ? i tni 'ty >roii t'e?e Oi^!i?>f,t? I' ??*iii'? ? so t .tf j V? '! ? r??"t) <f -' ??? a ? '-a t is 1 ft'? orflfa'ory ?ino? i*fj I' .on ef t-) ti* ro.r c>' tv* ?a rlafe of V' aa ' '?r?: the %ir orata ciUtil th? attention of tha court to tw? ?eta or notoriMj? a !ett?r train the Kr*nch Oonaul ft* I'hihidelpeia, two civil d?po*tt.oai>, % promt** of m?r H??i> VetfTfen M. de Marboi* and KUzaOeth Moor"; the W'H o( 8aiah Moote, dat?d fw *eint*r ti, 1T8T; ao e*tr?ct from the Kemoraoda irnicribfd on the faitily Mtbl? or 'it Mere, and teveral other uocuinea'.a. They <lo ruid of u? (t? continued) prcof of th' filiation of TboniM IJojd Ho?ir, our grandfather, and thvt of J-ZU xnbeth Mccre, become Ma> awe de Barboia, aad they ccc'? no tha1 v* ought to produce the reftittry of oirth I'nt hi u ariic'ea 4f>, 31 w, 3_o atd 333 of the Col* N?p> !?*< r, it rnult* that trKD la Franca it <a pomibie to prove Itg-'t tci.U tiliat'oi. iB'.es.ewVnt of the reentry of birth. Ts? crurt b?? e'r?aoy according to the c?rti(Wt"n of wl: cb I hi v?- r?ar*eitr?cta, that the cuee i? tvidently Ux ??m- is tb>- United M?V? Tha defemauU aay, | i| ?Id: ? You proluee ?ct? taken from the regtatrieii of Ue United :?tate? why do you not pr^Ju-e Uim? whin i w,ll ?jtib' nfc the p*ietit?K? which you cla m ? The ?Dfw< r i? ta ?j : tte r-i.u m;* praluJt exint a^ Acta Of r bin rituie, but the family not h?vio/ alw?y* c*ne?c tie r)gi?traltot of bir'trn, nmrria)p"?i aat deatua, it i* Lot pcHriile to mc<1uo? ('ocumeuts of thui ojar?c ter 'or ail tte birth*, al* the Mirri?ge* nod ell th? i'i 3'h* which hive tak>n i.U< ? in the family. Bn itn. *c cti! toff cur adv?rnar?a* to prove that in Ue^tatec' 1'tDDiylvaiiIa there ??M Co ?mpuranaom of tlf hiitti ol Tboma<t I.loyd Hoars and Kt /.a >?tv Mptrr. Mr I'm : lie t MttU**i by it?duciD|( from ? dtn* aoaib>r of doouereuM, irr'fii'ab*? accnrdlnf to b s. ?f the'e mia*i >o of Kiz itx-th Uiora and ot TinBk.i Moyrf fcu. re, g msdUthir of hiaciieut At the aui .tncA of thu 11th July. Mr Uerryer. cotin >+i ot Mesa: < ce. Wuiy ani de Lrry, preaautad hi* Higumeit ua !yllo*s ? Gentleman. \ou tuk>i- not loat the recollection of what t? ok place at jour jaft audience. My ?.1ver?nry acctt aulntfo tllor* you fiorumxn'a of all kind*, endeavoring to rrew 1 torn tn^m prQbaDLiiue* Hut it ptrtitioa of la hnitanre u not tax ot ilo-w action* which c&n be aaffl e'euf'y cuz-ultel by liraple preeamptioo* Koreun:ea* It rtqoitts poaiuvr title*; and 1 expect that It well be easy for me, cn examining one by out the dllfereut dvcun.t-r.a which have bern placed before you, to de nies btj ate that our ad Ver:?ri?f. have not proved their praltnt.t r. Our t en?ta*cf h?a appealed onfrortby and <J ou< to thorn) who attaok ua . We wUU ? *ty tliay ? to conttue tn au uoju->t po>D?*hion. I rnuat recall the facta to wipe uw ay tluat afperaiona from my client*. Mai'am, the Pachetia de Pla'aance, dl?d at Athena on ttg 14th of May, lsf.4, without defendant* or prognni Urn. M( Ihta. l)e Yalrny aud De Lory ware in-.onte.tioiy btr rtlativee intte decree of aecoad couilna. At the liws of the death ot th* Iiae'ieaa, M Le Vnitny taki* care to rrale known thia *a<J event. Madam *i) inhab.ta i'aria aincea long ?h? aparktea to tbe ? oil- hj bar fortune and null more no by bar charms; ev?rjtlrrg which takes pitire tn the high aociaty in wli oh ale la cot merely admi ted but aoigbt for, ahe i< aoon bms a 'are or Eh* had kno*a tbe life of '? a ?n? <?# in theeaet; b.o liad hear] her great ' r'urt jtktn of ; ahe ceitainly learned of herdrath. Eeaidia, M I>o \ uiuiy whi had had with Madam Kiog way thoie n ati in wblcatxia'a between people moving in ;i'? f ait e apt ft-, die not fail <loubtlei n to la'orm her of It Ihe I>uche..a bad m air> n*. Ir Puria who intomed eqt client? that their na1 d'ed without makiag a will, ted confirmed ttem in th* expectation tbat ahe le'? a large proptrty. The noniiuatija oi a provisional a mir o-tratcr was nec??aary; toe agent of the Ducliam waa nominated to tbeee function*, and received tower to fulfil them Tbe explanation* which be furo cliea, will e*t**h?h clearly fiat there wtt to heir in the maternal line The preliminary Oj-orat xhs are toita, tb( moment ia arrived tor pro rce :og to the diTiaion. !? till, at tn* inoiance of M. 1M ra?niy, uiFuauicn nre taVen to Qnd out heir-i in tbe ma ? real branch. The ^rencb ( in tb! I uited Slate* i- writ'en to and it la di:r<ng the excbMKe of correa pendent* that, at the end of .September, tbe dlriaion of ttte prcjerty la clcacd TwoaHi are.lrawn up? ooe for ihe p>rioDitl prtptri.v, tbe otb"r for tbe i?al eatute. 'ihe Utmaou ou wblcb tbu Court h<ii to-day to itvtrrm'ne, waa c(s.B.fn<(J on the IMtb o? Octobar. Madam ttl-'u way ca'j* hei^elf Pkccud cona>n, but without nplalninx U.e r>iatico?blp Meaira I)n Vaiuiy and Da l>ery imms (Ua'.elj cflfr u aviaicn o.. atnlcab'o term*, on tbe Hole conclt rn that Madam Kid(rway would present her jua t.6cat(Ty tltlea My cliMita could not act more fiirly. Their p.'i 1J neither aeoepted nor rejected; but on tbe 'J'-il f>r 23d o{ lttc?nib?>r tn?y are invited to be prfM nt at the CFponit-ng in tna notary 'a banda of ju^ti Cratory document*. Thfia (locumenta, to tbe numbar of titvtrt, aie extract a from the ragi?tiiaa of I'biladel phia. eatabUtliing tbe fact tbat plaintitf It (*McJnd?d n a direct line trcm Tbotnaa Lloyd Moore, but not prov icg in any w ay tbat Thomaa Lloyd Moora waa tha brother of M.c .m llarbi' de Marboli. That waa, however, the in j.ottaLt thing Ibe fact la noticed; and It n an Etunceu that tne next atcsmrr will briog tm Hitaole docn me tita on tbat point, lbe at'amer brtaqa onlv two acta ot notorittr, tbiee declaratluna of Witneaaea, the copy of 'nacrlptioni written ou the family Uible, a will of Karat lJtyd of the year 1787, and a aecond will of Ihe axae tear. litae at* not the acta which you want. If tbcae acta rxiet, they are to be found cn tiie regiatriia rf Itbiltdelpbia Tbat in what w ? aay to our oppoaeata. At ihe tiiu? of tb ?" new pioduction, they declare to ua tha* they to not intend to furalah any other document*. Mrr iccently, bowuier bva new coramenta are pro doce^; they are inaVoilicant, but they rev?al a d'^oM'gleg ln'rntion. In one o' th?m, which i* a no'e tautu< r>Urs the paternal and maternal rniatire< of the lucbeaa <le Plain, c-e, prep -red by M IM Marb jia, I have reau thrae wnxN, printed In itilica, in oar adrer eniiea' caae ? "lbe Du.e de Valmy dud in ITI6. He has hiraaeif left a eucn jaor, wno baa bten givo to him by a dtriee ct i: t royal court. Ur tbia title he ia my t wn nephew " Do ttey m*an by tb apuraae to caat any doubt on tha rifhta of V l)?Velnjy ? !? wt.ald be audi c'tn: to lead t!-e rrgifliy of bath of I.t fit Vaiuiy, t ) ?in justice to that. Tbii registry iu fact tell) us that "lie tblid ?as jrtieoV ' to the civil g. ale by M. Barbe ' t Marteii hia.aelr. Tbat la not all: M. iiari><' de Mi.rlcU li?i betu, hea'.daa, tbe xoulatuer of my cU*-nt. V< u fee the worin ot t fie docuiuenta pro'uied by ourad vnitflil You f te to what re.'.ulta ;he> arrive when they e; favor tobui'd up ongloa far back bf tbaaidof ..imple probahil.tiea. I^iori' ccmuenci^g toe examiaatloo of all the Corcmmta with wb ch oar adveraariee area.m d agalnat ua let bl caat cureyta, gentlemen, u^on the gerealcglral table wnlch they oppoae to ui. A rapid iliowa u a tbat even auppoaiug the relihonahtp. which w* dexi\ , waa provtii, It wooid atitl be aecetaary to prove the dtceaae of a brother of Mr Thoi Uoji Mc-orv, Mr iUibtrt Ke tey Moore wbo Ugjrea on thu tal le that wooid not be autlicient toe American law Coe? BOta.'nut rrprwa?B*.aUon lor the deacendantH of brothera and 'iatera, no tnat the exiatenee of tbe children oi Itobtrl Ktrney Moore would be an obntacle to the pretention which n raiaedtu day, andit would be int i?pen*at le to demona* rate that ihate are no chillren living o! Kottit Kciney Moo. a Counsel aniv.rg at tte ptlnripal ({tieeUon in dlapute, contended ttat tt e proof tnat the commt a author* lived aa bnaband and wit* ia net admlauble; uch 'ondition ia osl^ auSicitut to prove filia.ioa u> certain caae*; that ia, the oliod who r?eUtma for binualf ia aloae admitted to avail h.m-elf of it. Third part.*' have tot tbe aaaa rlaht are held to ptrciuce acta Bat in Ui'l cwae Thomai I.loyd Mjore Uueelf would not bar* b?eu *bl? to Invoke tlia cohabi tation aa husband aad wife of tboe* whose eoo he cia'ma to be. be?aci? he did not p'ove hia (liiat oo, whi'h abould he eatabliabed before everything. That which lutsnaa 1 lojC Moor* woold oot itave been able to < o aaf urtdfy other* cannot Co Aftet having sought to demoaatrate that the law of l'bilat el;L:a in. po: e? the aam* c*.ndit.?.n a a the Kremb law on thite who wiah to piora their filiation tha <le Andante' ctunael eoatlnned ? W h< n you have tha acta, yen pridnce th?m Since tha daaih of Wn Moor* you prcluce to u* tna -er.ea of all tie birtb.i, the regular e \tracta from all tb?* acta Why tot go fwth?r ' Yon prove every thing except the filiation of Thomaa Lloyd, except tbe marraga of hi< parenti. And jet the ragia trie -tjiftt They have bean reitulailr kept elni a tbe year 17CP. It ia frtm theae nglatii a tnat you draw all your ueelera pioofa, they ate dua.\cn that which it iacf Importance to know. Hut their auAi;e* to prevent yotr being acmUled to raaor. to anv other m(^e of proof Oennael tl.?n examined the proof which the plaint. Mi eeek to da lnee from a famUy iif ol* preaai tad by fl.'ctuird W'U.rg, 2tith January, liibt. ih.a Libia prr.vee nothing, for ah thi ivoicatjciaji vhicb it colLmlm U-fn irrii ttnoLtbe aame day; thty are a.,t eotemrx-raneou* of the ev?nti which t?e> rrcord Wo ioay paaa by tha c(-rtiflc?te en anatirg from a rdlgioua coiajnaaitr ? hirb tbey pteaent from tha axtgeocy of the caae, aa ! w itli r.o rui re than tb'- Hibl?. pfovea aay t blng of the mtrii/je f aa they ruaUia thtaa?lvia on iic'aof noto net;. Not at ail The proof by wun^a-g caa only be r. e? v(d ia the a'eecco of ail other ir.eaaa of aab tan t.atirg lbe trath. Eb?id*?. tha acta produeH dh-p kroen rirrxelr only one fact? the dale of the oeats ct lhoma.? 1 1?; d Moor* It U on y a .oeaao.ily tki.t the ?e? etc are ttat TbcLfc.j IJoyd juoore waa bora of tMllUsc ?n?* Sarah, aad tbat tciae wera m<rrted After bar ng cooler >d a nam: t the value of Mr Ptil'l ilaola 'c'.kn, >ro ol tha act ft marriage ot M iiar'. !e Mar 1 ola tbe cotiorl thti c< ntlB' ?- ? He Have t" reply to i r a. veieai e?, who pretarad they baveeeta1)! *art< that they a ' < gmicite < < -e-n ant? of a ro imt ? aa<*iaicr All typo:^e??a rnu t be parmitl ?! to ua Wh*t ?.ji, in I TIT. vt'Uiaci Moo.-e'' A trader? a oo i Ua^inr t*>? a v*r.tun ua lift af Law roaatr.ea. ent'rt?n ii? with tb i perion asd 'hat f*raco conc < Hon- wh eh onlv ha^t Xf- dnrat ra of h'- eapr e??. fhlktveo t...ght -e' bom o' theia trai .<ct iu*lmaei?a? r h < "r?n devoted, by ?':*ir origin, to otaturity anl foraet'ulae-a. B' t ia 17M tl..sga tad ebr,. re,_the irraie coloaiat haa lia?n er * (red ia tl e war? ne haa '<'ug> t'or tl e in l*p?adea? of hi* ct '.nlry? liberty and *iorj have |ur.ti< ovary i tl> : s Ibtti a'irofthe ban ??. ?n *a>. flm rM the et i p?r.'? n f ' ttaah:rgV n I/t ua it* <or a mo twtt in ti a* time ( ?, . ?! M Baii- de M? bwta a-k Llmeeif wl.ith'r the daughter Cf W m U'tir* might ehaoce'ote t'.legitimata t I.m i l'.Ii r.- t fa:' rnnit i.? j; f by the i(">aa ?fttatiM W'ha* w* ? mar/ | ?t> i f.-'i o i ?'e of the mamag. 1 .ey re?] ->v' that le-aeli ma^y .?to ?< pr>- ?*??<?. tie' tn%; w ioi ?? bW ia i a (m Bif,. wh -u .oaa act x.'aiit tegmai by au'u a. n?nt n ??rl1r? an' b aidea thic.iah r?-->?.'? tw Hi. it a- M - It k^> ' ' r U.e <:?.?; in i ' tl Chi he tad choeea? *eu cau.< ' f ?'<*? a larheiacr I* wr tirr '? Mr li ?> ?' lly Mar r iy ri.,m * ft* tamp tr a ?'tie I' w? WM aV* >ha4 W' i maa.-aAj a ai of a diplomats- ?OBT?nttOD Mxltini Hurbv d* Mirboln nhouii) tbriulur* evidently Ware n^ureii la the dtfi ?ion of tie ?aco???ioo U their pretested bro ther, or Id any leial kit, were it ertu u set of rrDUDCiatioD . I put thin to out alTer??ri?^: What ar? jour rights r Ijk u* ?4mit toat the marritgt of 1764 l> proved that tbi blito eubaeiiufut to tain marriage ie eetsblmhed: joj wMI not txs helrj until joa w ll tare abowo youraatvi>? tnca by the death o( Kobert Kersey Moore witnout iaaoe. Let u? admit ?l?o ttat |Ou ba?f made tbi? latt?r pcoof there atlll feurnlm a lM#t? b*t?<t!D tba two fair. lllaa ? t'.e marriage oon tmet of M and Maomun iv M?rboi? celebrated ia 1764. i bin contract oiTld?? tli* iwo fortune*? that of VL de MartoU a?(t tbat of Kilzabctb Moore. The m?ln e'aue* in in riBOn'abca tbat tba collateral baira of Kllzabath da V?Mh'i? ?ball ret bart MT p>*tonO to bare all her right ni thare ia tie common property, but only the raid* of tie froperty and effect* which will ha\e darolvad oa ??.<> llfjf tjr u:em.n of donatioue or heritage*. It r?*ult# f.otu ihif c'a. it that if jou h?v* the right to take tbat which ctn e? finm tha it<!x nt Hub.' da MarboU, jou cantot, at all erenti, touch what M Uarbc de riarloiH leare* after b(m Tb? tribute! rpudered the following ju lgmen'.:? Ccnaldeiltg th- 1 the chief point of ooatroverey bears uj,on tt* prtcf to be nun!* by the apouaaa Kilgway, pis.ntifls, it tbe itgitmtcy of to* oolldren, born of the con; a' on authors , that thon the question to lie resolved Utiknow whrUt^r it b*? bten proved that William Moure ami ?ar?h I'.ojd were, before the birth of their ?cblUliea, uultcd u legl'imtit? marriage ? considering tbat toe fumilie* M'tora end IJoyd were ea'abliihed in Ame:i:a, in tho State of l'ennsy I?anla, anl that their oefcendans, witi- the exception of lli/?b?vtt Moure, be catte a Frenchwoman. have continue ! to reside there: (hat it la, therefore, in accordance with th* m i le of pr< of admitted before the trinuualiof tha'. country, that the fact of tbe marriage of the authors o>uht to be protad? Con?lil?nng tuat there remit* from tiie m**a of certificate* of cuetoan and document* proJu i?fl, that in the In i?d Mal>a ot America, and particularly la Ftnmylvauia, public notoriety is reallr tbe oriinary mo^e of provleg marruires birih- and deaths; that the Inrciiption on a register has never been a rr<ioi ite for maliiv as a nieana of proof winch can l.s suppil?1, and that ft is cootrery to tbe habits of the nation; that the intry la generally presrrred In the family Hlbla or in ant otber book which may Mitre to ksep It; that in de fault of ?ucli entry, recourse is had to eye-witnesses, ? and if a lonx has elapsed or if distance* aro grant, tfcen tbe proof 1s m?'e by witnesses who have hearl it eeid thai the two person* were regularly married, Uvtd md cohabited publicly aa huaband and wife ? cat bidding tbat the *,>i>urf> sRirtgway produsa 1st. An authentic act containing tfce copy o? memoranda written by Wni Moore's hand, la the nook called the Family liible, in which we read " William Moo'o married, lie: 10, 1757, to Sarah Iioyd? and tbe fotoning are llnir clillcien '.?Thomas 1 loyd Moors, born January 'i'.\ 17 (it), on Salurday, at 7 o'clock In tbe morning, and KlUabeta, born Maicb 13. 17G4, at five minutes pait two in the a.Uruoon," I'd, A certificate of comparison attesting thai tbe writing of tlae ?a<d entrita is In the sum hand an that of tbe different document* and signatures of Win. Metre which have been preserved in pnnltc act?? (von (ideiiia that this entry i?nd the asts wblch have for object to ceitify autli<'nticity fotm the prool of marriage of Wm Moore wilb Sarah IJoyd, and ot the Dirlb of Thomas and Elizabeth subsequently to that marriage ? Uiat to corroborate this proof the spouse* Hiitirway pro due tumorous and var.ous accessory document* which all *gree in g.vlng to Narah I.'oyiJ the title and the qua li'j of spoure, *o that in <>f.iult of the more solemn I tcof of tha Family UibJe tbece documents alone would form a complete proof of the notoriety of tbe said nitr nsge? coasit'aung tba: not only all the document* prj <'uc<d by tbe epouiie* Kldjiway are unanimous in attest ing this notoriety, but atilJ that ttirre is no indlea tior. Lot even the slightest, made by tbair advor sums, tending to rake a doubt on the fact of the marriage, or to cast a suspicion oo anr of the acts and evlc"eiie?* invoked by tbe spouses Kidgway ? couriering that although the pro.-! of legitimacy is mace accotcingto tbe French Law oy diilerent means, on account of the regularity whijb Is ooservel In France hj means of tbe regiitry of civil State; ? ncvertteU-s the law substantially repo <?? on the same prtaciplea that it takes care to ><ut require from the parties more than it is possible to produce , that thus to establish filiation, uiticle u!tO moires from toe child only tbe proof of condition ; thai to es'ahlisu hi* legitimacy it is sufficient lor the child to prove that hia parents lived in the oon ('ilion of married persons;? considering that it follows tbervfrcm that tbe plaint ila prove Uie marriage of Wm. M< ore with carah l.loyd, anUrloily to the birth of Thos. 1 loyd Moore aid ot K\i/.ab th Moore; considering that in revard to hol^rt K?rney Moore the plain tiff 4 establish the rlfhts of iht matercal l.of to the inccersion o! t'ie Ubclins t"e Pie sance. and are a t bound to produce proof of the decease o! an heir whs would be netrer in tbe rave Une; that the onus in that raspect lies on tbe t'eleni'ait*? cotlii'.erlng In what regards subsidiary conc'.us one, that the legi-iation of t>ie United Sta'ss tot* ifct regulate the *u;ce?tlon in >.a<stion. conildar ing that the marr age contact of I.h/.abeth Moore enn not be opportd to tbe dcHctn-iiu s of Thorn** l.loyd Moore? Iberefor'. nithont teing stoppeil by tha oppos Log i >gum?nt* rali. ni by de Valiny and de i^ry, which aie iil roucred, the tribunal dedarss tiat the pru' to be ? itablu lied by the spouses Kldgway springs om pl'tely from tbe taper and documents luralshad <onse?|Uently tie court order* that the title of the ir ieiitrry prepared by M. Kould, notary at I'aris, after the Oeccsae at tbe I>ucte?s de l'UUanc#, at to* revues', of tie heirs of the paterial line, bb ra"t Aid in cun furmity eithtteiiKb s and '[uaLitiss of aM partira inla re'ted, tbat toe said inventory be als i reviewed and re collated In presence of M Durint, n<>'.arv at I'aris, and tbat eufry ol the pr?s?nt juogwa'. b* made In the mar g n of tbe m nute of the title of inrri,U>ry It orders trat *11 tbe acts of riotoilety which ra'sbt liave b?eu ir.ada at the request of the heirs of llie pi tetnal line tt rectihad by tbe notary ia conformity with the present jnozmnt It declare- null ami void all net* of division of per renal or real estate which may hava been made bet ween the heira of the pateroul line alone. It or nonius the spouees Kldgway to tha expemo* ai toward- the Willitg heirs, laving to tbra their re.ourca aga'nit 0* Valmy and de Lrry. It condemns de Valmy and de Lcry collestlvely in a'l tie coats Tlie rest of the object* and concluiion* of tha partial it place* omt of tbe cause. Snpitioe lowMpcrlil Term. Bafnefion Jacp Coele*. T UK JOPKPII W4LK1B CAME- THE MOTION FOR A j M AJiDAMV!" AO A I KIT 11IK MAYOR PBNIID. Avu. 3 .?In the iita't r of the fxlHum of l/ryal S. Pond, for a wit of V4n'lamm, to b- Urtcled t? t'rm Wood, .Vay<r ?'A* writ of mADdnmu* *V>uId not Imue except when It 1* aece??ary to anforce the ri(hU of the pAlty eewklng Ma Aid, And la that cJe?* of c*mn mly do otfctr ?dt'iatt* tamely exUU. Ia this cut* it ii unn*ceif*ry io Inquire wbettcr the order nuc'e by the Superior Uiutt, (Urectini; the Comptroller to procure the warrant, to fc? counteret^nrd by tie Mayor, ?m one wbich the JiAj or liir.nelf waa bound to oVf ; nor it It ntcenery to oetaimtne whHtber an or.Irr c u'iJ properly bt naade for the paynjar.t of mooe) ? luc by lie corporation of tbU city, until euita <?rp >r*iion had ltrelf been mada a ptitj to the proceeding. AT. o( tt(M qntftiona tt<c Sup. ri-^r Court, whicb made the ort'er, can d?ttinlr<< for ileal/ whenever th? ((ar-.'Uon >liAil Alls* before 'hat tribunal It iiau Beirut for AU the purpofca of ttl* motion to ?ey that that eonrt p** ??<>?* ample yowar by proc*M of a'.Uchmant to enfort* ita own order* '1 bat remedy laopea to t be relator h era, prcrtced the crJar ma< o bj li.a rtuperli t Comt 1* one which the Mayor wae bound to obey, la ru'b raee tba t< mcdy of ihi relator in ?ia>ple, direct and eflectWa; and Letrf fo the Itt tin |?r l.ruo lo whicb to enforce tie r |b'.n of tha appUcatt In the one In which bin proceed ing* have ba#u initiated. The p>wera of aootber tri bc.nal abould not be invoked i.nleee t*>e <v?urt haTicj ' cr |ieal itrlidk'.ion *h> nld, from wast of proper au thorlty, tA unable to ?a1w? it* o ?n ' r<*ere o? <leer?a*. E'ea il tbiaarder i* to be refar-'ed aa the ..rde* of Uv Judge a1 I l.anit?7i and not that of tha ipenarr Quirt, jrt. Ijr aect.ou l> J of ?.i.elVie, tneJa :fe e ?*etei witb full b O'l ample au'hor ty to ei/?r<a obel eor* f ? diaper in thu Out* of t Lm Ma> ,r If 1 1 U.e eito?i hand, i a* the re pfucrti* i^Dtesi.'), tbearl" i?l' ? ?e? wtd | tif- a '(urat'tn I l?are to I' ? !w . ky '>.? .?#'"< t (ourV-Uro manl'eetly ?o writ pf bm? t? ? ?' ? 1 Irene f/ou tM? < oort. Iheea^-eoa <f U>* upon the titi* gn uud ?o? r if t> ?.j -if -m \'t)or on re | in. pOy < a'orc*! bj tbe C?? ? f' or *4g? > ? vbfin it ?a? n. . ' 7).ec<oti n c.o?t 1* deal* ; with $l"e?^ ? Tlit Cuban ?fnr>fa to in* *i>rro* or ihk rout. In yc^| irtue f thle s.^ra;n| a comai .sli**tt?? frrxa your coi ?jp',o .?L? ef Marana haa appeere-! wh?m o be tiAB?crtbea Atraaaletioc of a letter pabllehed a '.he I'.a ? * Ir tfarie- ef the Wth nit aixnrd "J **, li " Vthetcar thle r*ntl*uiAA I* or not the real a '.Lor o' ?Al.' kttrr, we CA&nbt but we %*eeft t'etit t< ntA oa ? )?r^pr??ent?tiooa in p'ont of t%f. ?, ?lli ii ? 1 1 U ??} thr pu'.Ilr op4nhn aatray la ih? r ? * Litt ecu aj, r> :ii' n i ,t u.e CTtnta to wn h the aattor r. in 1 he i J. j ate ai I hare on otb*r*orca?Wioe itate-!, I* (.n pi- t|i | k public e?|<"?ure of tl oae evente. M??n el, l?, ? i- pr?v y<u eid jtht t fa'Iare t? eoepetd jrtnt i . tt ?>n the eut e, t uatd we ten be fairly haari. I.' ?(<cl'ol)j ji or n ' ?1 obe1!'.' n. ?> r*?r.t, I Va| il Mr. Hecre1 ?rj of ( ? 'vata. I*:w V .**, Ava ... l?iS. % i ? lota f(*i?l' a. i.iua; r ?-aktv tOfrrsriov. The litertj | rty ot >? ? V oik w>u K*?t In eomeM treat tlx* c. ?i,tc i;, ' ne (lib lay ' f ?efeatar Mil |l I' ocl'fk A M , to t< mla*'* a -"ate tick, t for ?he 'initf r'Ktitn ?-i ) ??> ? o*i ib? ftaet p- n ? a ' tsi'tfil I'n'y, ii ? t?r r i'kt' ?n?u Aff '.At; i t? r ?i a?1 Tte rttkm.'.U) ?c Jt " t' e it1fDl?o'# of the I e 1> ernerrt e<n. nr'tt > 'e'eU. tr r/itiaat ta l'?|rr 'r?r ly 1 1 the iet ?? i uoa'tj pleaaa copy I a to Mla?l'r ,'o'a tl ?*.' ' Ui!Ot| Y ?- (>WI ) J. H K>'\ feat-al Coe. tea. W. CI<AIMA<<, ) Merle* AVeirt' -rejurw.? f *?>we* - raeH^Mir* of t ? prern laere o' y? let 'a??r M ?*? Orl<*ae, tb ? rtfto * *.!| act ear* l?J fjf. eaU. U? UU <>( '|ut. THE GLEH COVE REGATTA. VUit tttunmrr Race of Hi* Raw York Yteht Club. KAXFR or YACHTS AND Kl'UH? TH* HACK AND THK AnKNDU'J tOBWW? A t-LJAMJUl DAY UN TBI tJv.TND? Ti!E KK8ULT OK TO* HACK? GLEN COV* - TH1 TACB7 CLUB AND WM. K. BV* TON. Tbexorning of yenUrday looked cloudy, and ?o did the (Man of thoa? who wera to participate la tba (ilea CoTairgatta, bat by eight o'clock tba beavena cleared up, and gave proaaiae of n beautiful day, a* It after

warda prored to be. A party of nnme hundred pereoni? membera of the New York Yacht Clut>, and the invited k"??U of William E. Burton, on behalf of tba inhabitanta of Qlen Core? ?tarted from Peck klip on the ateamer Cro'.oa, for tbe eeene of tie ptcponed regatta. Among tbe peraona on board we noticed (ieorge Steer*, ex Mayor K'ug<Uo I, I Mac Townccnd, 1'realduut of tbe Alm*laou*e Governor*, and a number of other welt knewu citl??na. Thee* wan a Captain YoUaloff, of Ilia Ruealaa Imperial ftagiaM re, < n the olfambo&t, rrho excited eontiderabb Mtere-it It ?;>peara the O'aptafn hae been aant out to thUoountry to team what he can of the American mode of thlp building, with a rlow, of courae, to reproduce Ainurictn in Russian Riitri. Ia do* tine the bent arrived at the Core, and tbe ncene them preeented waa eertalnly mailt beautiful. Tlie Tilipe I* completely hidden by tbe luxuriant vegeta'.iou, and the contrait batwe*n 1) .'nrWgTwn sihoi o uud tbe placid bay, dotted wltb the v kite aaUa and the itmning pennants of over eaventy veaaela, wee maet *gro?able, and (are an intereat to tbe ipeetacle tt would not otherwlae oosaenn, (>n the arrival of the t'.oton at the dock, a number of tbe tadjr friend* and relative* of tbe member! of tbe club cane on board, also the judgt-e, Wm. K liurton, Cbaa. II. Haawell and A. Rueeell. Tha following named veeael* were lying la tbe bay, read/ to start in tbe face ? Sum' Rig. Tunt Wldgeo? sloop . ... 80 .... W. D, il N.fcR W Kdjar, Ile/.o Schr ....10.... If H lirlBnell. Julia Sloop. . . .10... ,T. M fVaterbury Stella Slooji... bH Meeara. HterooJ" l'i?u fioo.i fiS. . . .It. M ituthertord. . Twilight Hcbr ....18 . , K A Johnaon. Itfij* (lod(..,.4S,,..t. R llawtiaa. JijsUry Vchr 4?I , . . . I)f?!in. SteUon k SUgg. I.'ndlsa Sloop.... S3.... II. C. Itabco k Spray Stlir 17... 3. I>r?|>?r. Sport .feloop,.,.aO..,.T. T Karri* R?j 81o?p.... F. M Rev. Not ma... . . . & br ?JR.... A ft W. il Majer lucky Notp..?17,...l'. r Morton Mar j Hloop. . 17.... 0. C. King*l*nd. Itlp|i<e hloop ...17.. ..A. C. kiag'Uod. Orn. ...... .Slcop .. IB. . C'bai. P. Ive*. Alpha. . .... .Sloop. ... 17. ... M Morn i. Early I;ird . . .Pimp. . . . 1S....T. flrvaeon. Ku jdld sloop. . ..M....8. W. T batcher. Ibulollowitg wore the ruleaol tbe rase, wlitch It will be K?en gave tbe advantage of twenty (Ire* tlin* j tr ten, for tnunage, to tlie unnller yac.ota ? Them will be two pm<-?, (riven by tbe citizen* of (lien Cove, 1.1. A ve?a*l will be moored abreuat of the wharf at (Jleu Cove, on the we>t *1 le of whicb tbi yacht* will ancb >r, bna<l to wind, at intervale of 1U<I ytrda, tommn ? rig with tbe jiaobta of leaat tonnage ueareat to theaWka boat Vacbt* rray have tln-lr m?icaa<Ia, or fore and m*;n a* Lie, (accordini i to th* r r'K,) holated, and gall lopaail* net. 'tbe oommltten rraaivlng the power, Dowever, of mdering *11 aeiia to be lowered be' ore "tirtimt, orof adopting Kty mode of ataitln^ that tbey may deem pro per, ahould clrcumotancei render aoy rbanxa n*0M*ary. lbe coiuaea of the race w!U benrounl a ?Uki- boat o IT Tbrogg'a Neck l ight, pianing it to tbe nortnward. thence around a atabe beat off Matlnnlrack l'olnt, pie lug it to the northward; thence back to the point of atarticp. p*p*h>g to tbi> rant of tbe atake boat. in gotag and icturnlr^ the onrae la to be ouUI '.a of tbe "ftt^plcg Stonea '? Tbe me'iauremant of tonnage to be glv?n In by the own?r* o! tbe r?apectlve yacht* bitan ling to C'.uipet* for tbi (c jrli?* to tbe Commt'e* of Arr*B|[*ui?a(<i, at OI?n I'-ove, rn or btfore Thursday evening, th# ae-oad proximo, it nine o'closk, *fu r which bo alteration of aty infrlption a flee 'Jag the dlapla^enent of tbe veenala ?ball be luid e. Tt ere are to be no rea'rie'.iona on aaliathatmay be carried by tbeyacbt* rente iidleg for theae prize*. (be jecbta will be alloeed In carry mtn for tonnage by Cuatem liouae meaatirrm*ut. 'l"be iliatance mark?l v?t by tbecnamai ylven i? about 'it nil ?? end yacbt* will be allowed 2*> aerond* time p?? ton tor toeaejie lb? prl/?* will ba awar led to the two yanhl* making tt* al.< r ' at i hp, and tbe time In wbieb tbe race mu*t le an-oii.p'iabed i* Hied at nine boura from the time of ?'art log Tl.e > tend log reg'ilationa of the elub are to govern in all tmif lbe aignal? for atartiiig will be two dU liarge* of a guo I rum the run mitt#*'* alearaboet ? tbe tire*, at pre (.eretory, <Iiacbarga l>elng about five mln'il<-a UilWe live feronil, or alar'tog, i iarbtr,'". If any error should occur la tha time of dinclianrea of the nun, a third dlacli.irge, or -urrin< within Ova min ute* after th* laat, will u* a lignal of recall Tbe yacht* thrn will *tar*. from a line to tbe weatof the commit Ua'a atrauiboat, about bait a m.le further out of tha bay, an 1 tbeir time of paaaDg tbla Uae will be noted by tl ? c<,n,n.itt< e . WM. E. IU'KTi iN, | A. D. Ill HilXti, S*Ull?(C committal. CHA& II. hAsWRIJj,} All being !o rtadlo***, the ju? gun wan lire,!, (tbil via at 11 15 A. M ,) an'l'up wf nt mamaall Mil topsail, jib ud galT, and off ilaabed the litti* flaet onifer the ira l.olAe glr*n by * floe nit knottra*'*, which w*? blowing up tilt bay. The start *n pronounced the ttne*t arer wltsciMd la oar water*, to **en'y did tl.* re^neU ^111* Irom their anchor*.# the only *icM*nt that happen* 1 wa* the Hpiay loo*?aii.g a Mp*ail, which checked h?r court* for a tin*. At thla lima tba scene from the itaamlioat which !*1 th* rae* wa* moat animating ? the weather was all that could b* d? tired. Tue gr**n ihore on either aide, f1*-ked with white Mad *ad brown bluff, forming tU* cove, up which from *l*ty to aaventy biaalilully mtdallad **? aeia, with while nail* net and gay pennon* streaming, w*tw cniTattiag and prancing and foaming lit ? ap.rtad herns ua-kr th* rata of a '-Li.'ful ri ler. At flr*t the Itay *Dl Alpha took the load, fa/lowed floe* t; Ue Hare *n>l Una, wbi'e far down Ui* cot* w*t? stretched the othsr fesael* at !nt?r?*J/i Be for* arriving at Hand '?< I' I 'ght Houee. the Wl<tg? ' d , cd board of which wa* l^mmod'jra ivlg ar U(r?n to pull op, ar,'l kept parsing ????ii after '?'?! until ah* neared the I'aa rut liay which were then aired. 1 he Julia alio, which bad lagged behind fr m th* ?tart, loomed out and run near' nhom, an'! aoou her black plow w*a white with fn*m. Hut aa tie fleet p? taad the po.ut tie brxre befan to die away, ar.d faar? were aipie*?*d that a dead calm aould enxae. The smaller r< ? -??!?, wl leh w? re far ia the r ear, now began to pull up. aad the llttl* t-poit and other* run lightly forwir 1, but the Wl""a*"? ^7 tlila time had paised tf-e Ray anJ tli? lla i*, ac 1 wa* aertral 'ergtha ;<he* l of th* I na In tbi- way tA* raca wa? eoati-ije.l with jtryltx fortune, U.e W.'gtoa, U< eerer. generally levling until th* ?e? eaiaau at tU Drat stale beat off Ttirog;; a Va:k l ight IIou*a As tie (oontrjux'n had ta!.en grea' interest in tbl* a'sir Ui* l-oun.| fairly swarmed wi'h b>>at? fl'ol with ? t. rtk'*d*d I ' og !->a!fn, an i lw io< ng rt*y rh?e?e! eonntrt ^Irla all of wh'jm nianif??t.: l t'jetr - * i(ht If shout t>x until they weff Una/ * an 1 To. eat ? g?tt!rg w. tba *ay of tb* ja-bte with th* iieet ?tec! n to dtni^lt, but with ino?t unhappy raiult* / r. . ?n -ular era"* aiai 0* them w?:4 ? mar. v of ibvtn ?art n eotilad after tb* uki t anti ,u? aifl i.nhiar! of yatlMQS cA centra it* 1 o .iy th-- eiegent and ?h'-wy lacht* that war* 'port ng aroun I tbem IV: /g' ? 1'nlat waa Uilt>Dg?<l with 1% 11#? aal g*n'!>< uen to w,tx.<?? tb* y aehta aw, a? arnut.'l tt.e Br?t alak* batt. 1 1 e t ti < /t at Oil* tir.-.e * aa julte light ac 1 It wa* r,ot t-pp??ed that ajy eij^rt twrtoir could ba Ci piay to wi :'a ?w?ep>n^ arouad tna btc. t. 2 . t* w??. On ram* the Wtogtoa, foioweo c't e f ? Uw Katr : I, when th* .*>?l<a, wbitb wai rWe b*h inri. b/kc * HmWiim rae A n**r lb* kfe.t ar.d r't.'. the fclmi tirWt, aani4 louJIi /'>? Th* fol'.i wing ia tb* a* th* ** rati t# |aa<*>: the atakf ?. f he r*a>''r wi'J boar la m'm' ' >? th?>.j?ala start- u at U 15 M // Mi" Urn ?;.ui Vi ? ? f.M t *t I J ? IT " Aat?<b M f't *0 ?' ir?i? I. M a ?? Sffe::: :: I::::;::::;:;;;::::: :::: 8 " s ' luiT.v.-.'.'X*:::.:::::;::: ? ::::: I i toikj... I i to " l. tX. . 1 % ?* " ... 1 ? '.o ? Iitlt.* 1 II .1 " ?-r.s I 17 I '? *?> * 1 IT I ' 1 IT U " Hi tt?r l^ata wtr* far ?' alnd i. ? An', c* wat t . *. c "If a. . t?? rg th* >ta?* the ?la4, w> . ? a*. iMikn*t (ga'an* nte;e*i#, aa1 aaase a.oit e t<i " if w>* wtt*e< ?< Now ?,< aa.t ? ' ?ii?. t ? i ? i ? r, ti* * Icte- a AaWvfef a .II let *g i'.?n ail. M'. t at a?ttn? :,t tat itatad ' ? it c i I?rb?r *LUI rafh *g a fa'arah ? bfe???, in > ' < 4 ' f aetetal 'aaf lit ? ar' ta ite II \t a u'u*n' ?*?' la'igoat i'B ?' Ite r Of- i^aau aa4 i* t1.* k'?at ? ?????? ?fc? ?d a tosat* ? 1 . -<i > ia el* sad "?f#< *'*??? ? r '' * '? "b* wt?d a?Vt tae kit' ??hm be . . ??ee?e >r 4*?fr*<- .le f a e?l e'?la, 1 * It H M-di.tti* |*'*i 'e?; VAa U?a . aa. i,*a Wwn e??.,*j ? riWfc* fell lahliid. The pUot b*t limit >Mt:w M'l in <h* raf.? and mala gool time Al Matbne?o-.k I o'nt *?? bi-iBK au!? tha Julia t?gaa to p. ill uo, tal h*fur? it waa rtached ah* was ahead. Tiio ?ina w*? fr?M>rn>r{, and tba large boa'.a wait du n< balt-r, ttnurB the little Katy didand .-port w ere Inaplog alon< at a tin* pae?. lbe beat* rounded tba ftaka la g?l'aat slyl*, Bail la tte following orcer:? If. Mm, Srr. Juiu a m sa c.M. Katydid 3 2* U " flat* a -M 40 " Wjc*ji*pb a :?o 2 " Una 3 :;3 3 M Kay 3 32 1* ?' Italic.......... S a:i '>4 " ?Siella 3 M 17 '? lately............ ... a 37 1ft " Sport 3 M 1 " Mja'aty 3 a* 63 " Mary 3 3l? 'JO " Lnu.n* 3 40 13 " Klppe 3 41 66 " .spray, 3 i't 40 Orirt 3 43 30 <? lbt- Julia ht.rr rou?dlDg the boat bora immediately fur uba ?tartixaK point, while tbx Wiugrun rrco in towards nut, lolloweo br tba other yaelita, anf it i? supposed tbla tack lokt the WiJgaou tha ra a. Ilia Jul a eocn distanced b?r competitors, and It win atip po*td ou all aliita aha bad woo tna MM. A* tha boats vara craricg tlm lent "take great noiUihent wan manifested by tbono oa board ilia alaam boat, a.'il tha fiUu of tii? Heveral biata canvaiaed with Kreat eaiuealntas, it bniag known that IV pr./.t would not be for tbv own'. ant but for tba mo>l rupid tu propor lion tu tonnage. Aaay upe.l ibe yacht* r..?njio^ at tha bows an I laavlrg a white Una oa tb? Sound id th?ir track. Ihe Sport, whoee cbauce for tba rivca araa ax jel lent, run egamat a aloop and wa? disabled, With* grief n? b?r wellwii-lierii, of whom there was a good many oa tbo tVoton. lhe lent point km reached in th* following tunc ? th* dlaUuc* iud being tweuty H r ? njih-a ? II Aim iS?\ Juii* 4 i& : j p.m. Wi.goon 4 S3 04 " I'd* 4 57 ?? ju? * ai co <? Katydid 4 *7 !16 " Irene I 5M to " Stella 4 -ii 4T ?? llay 4 H-f CO ? Me ry 4 IT 44 < V'ndina 4 UO 15 ? I ucl.j 1 40 47 " Kippl* 4 44 45 ? 4 41 lo " Cere* t 64 OS " The Jalia ran tbe <ii? 'aace? twaaty fir* ^nlee-in lire hour* atd UiJity two aeroui' ? After rugti titrable fVnrirg, it w;i* At length ill/ covered that In ecconan-a *ithth? rtiUe, the Katydid w a* entitled to th* lint piwe, u<! th* lucky ?>? fortuoa'eenougb to i?iur? tb*> ?eoond Th* r?? ? *? an *iceedini(ly clo<? on*, and * ?it eald to be th* inoit int*r**tinff on?, on that A3 count, evtr b?'M. The flint pure wan a One ?llr?r vaie, curtoualy ehaa*d, and rannounte?l by a haiidnoa-e reprtaeiilaUoa of a yacht in fuli aail Valued at ?160, 1 tr rfcon-1 pH*e waa n ((oblet born* by a *<?? nyjnph, the cup of which repreaented the eornucop a, or born of plenty. an I the baae wan forn"*l of nee ?b'-il> and cora1, <cgMii>>tiH)y aorl.ed, Coit flOO. lo Mr. Will am K. Hujton tu? people of f!l*n Cjre *'<i imtelite<l lot tbia rare I w*? tie wna induce I ti.e clu'? to race at Mint place on ! to hi liberality l..e a'lair owe* its aucocii* Tl?e InbaMtan't of tilaa <ore an i he wrre in a kind of |.*rtni't?l>.p tliejr to ik tiM WMII tl i- illair, and he pith) the money 71 e a Hair wouni! up appropriately by a (jran I t?*J at tl i I'avilion il itel iaat evening, which n ia well ? ttea-la-l, ?ul Have yreat eati*?action. I'arbapa no regalt t that ?vertcok place Rave more pleanira 1 1 all concerned Tbe *dmli< n of ttaJulU, ?li? Wldgoo aa l the II tie were aatlafled with t'-o p-rformaoce ? of ilie'r favor t*i, and attubu td tl .eir 111 luck to tbe light winda. who won tbo pi \ut% ware aatiifled, iu were alao tan** I wbo did cot. lie people of 'Ilea Cove may eoDrra'ulata \ naive* on the notoriety they bare aeruit 1 f ir their milly ba*ut.iul village. U tn .acielibl* that our elnui will go a tl.onanad Dill?a( away front !i i city in *>i<a mer limit to p an. j tha*. liarn n<ith't>( like t,!i? nit iral ?(<Tart?K?.i of lilia t ore. It ia a charm r,< *,ki?? It in wo:lh a % I. it If < ?ty to sea the country TtlU of Sir n<?r ton 'Hie Katyji<l and l.ucky were bothbuilt by Me??r? Kt>h an<l Uor'. . mof till* etty. Ctorg* Mt?et*' >>? wete fully ?>|tial t" their repntnt on Ikaaealel t';e Oiat tumm'-r tegittaof tli* Kew tork \ acht Club. ?Uy we ? ooo reo iti !jk ? aifina. Ctli laa t MARH1TD Tf. N1N0LE MIMH1.". 01 HT. OWillljiV# CI.fl!. Tlii* club plnyt'l tbe ntuiu mitcb yen'.erlay, llobokea. Hcn>? encaK?m< nU calliuj ^reral m 'm'<e?-i away, tliey could not fiol*h the match, oo'e^oently it wuxieeliled by tbe fir-t inn of* in ffvor of the eia sen. bj 124 run-i. Tbe ?la(le men were alaj Tlct irita* in '-he J! rat maicb, playeJ in June, by twenty ruun and one ier.lOK*. 7b* married m?n won th* rhoioe, and cemawnred with -barpe aoJ Jomra, Ixitb <4 whom 1' ")1 hot ent for two run? rharpw, wbo U a beautiful n*l I, did leiur in th* rectal Inniogn hi bat. San H rijcbt did the aame Ha faced . harpe, aal tbey kept | Kettit.4 run* tigeUiiir, *o that wlien 'aril we*t nut they had am* ton each. Cam mad* a (?o 1 Vt for thiee, and aaotber atralfht cat for thrre lU.ley l ad no lu :< We ?:.ould like to hare aeen nuuia b' ).i? e aihioK pity T. WaUir lua'.a taentj ou? anl u-.t rut It.o^Uain ?u\ Harnett thowed eosne beautiful cri .etiof. the former Mat hi ' ball clean up th* htil for four, while ll.rnett got thie* fuura In (ailant *tyl* (ilbb*a playe.1 very atradily, and waa perfect!/ a*toniab?l to Qnd be had actiMd nearly ?n n.xny aa th* lint Inmnfa of th* mar red m*n bia bowling waa lieKatifal. lT>p*r, who ?<? med Ilk* a new nan. m a food crlek*t*r, l<<rth in bat tlr>K and bowl Bif. Tinaon ma e t' e ent of the day a (nod ?',uare bit for D?e. I?a?la o* tb>' i re* tnadamy, placed ly*autlfuli/, and Improrea amarix. I/. The ae re la a* follow* ? mi'tiKii aiiic. f'irtt Inningl. .h-xn/l htnmy . V '?<> FKarj* b fiibbea 0 b. Olbb**.,.. ... VI Ul Jonra c (Jibliee b I>r* aot?xit 1 n/r iTaper A not out 14 Krl*bt b I?r*per 1 ?. liltil/** b. !>rapei lw .'7 It. Wa'l.rb liraper. .. l ? % lialley rua out 10 c Huirettb Mb)j*? 1 II T Waller not out UI It g h.wiriat b. I';a > niodbiugb run oat... 0 e act b. fiibt>?*. . . 1 I Inolowb l>ibb?? 0 0 Crown c Uibb** b lira per. t f'atiorn c. Walktr h, liiblie* 1 1 llyta, 2, will**, < l<y*e, 1 wldee, R. 14 ToUl H Total. M 1 19 eiiil. M*na c. Fbarp* b. Wiiabt 4 Coo ( r*T* c. I!all?y b. Il Wall*r 't llinghtm b Waller H fiibi.e* b. J'i a?? ?*> Wafaer ?? Wriabi h. It. Welie- 0 HuTnett e andb. II H alter : i Draper e. '</ne? I. Wn*ftt T aaon ?. 7. Waller b. Mi .-St I i I ?rl? not ont 1 >*un i?i ? ilKb. Wrlfbt. . . , . float b Hell**.. . J. |!y-a I , W 'e Italia, " 1) Total ? I? ll.? Albany tr<at' 'i ? il ?ot a J* pla. ? vtMin, :*y '.(? Km f>i*4 Knlllli al I ntf lltareni e. TDK *1 ' /**<?* r KIO?' INrrMINO OI'VCIL. Ibe toi-vwtBf : e oluUon/ were ad 'fve-l by the ? a < < nt or ? Khtlta' I * W- I'o .n'il of v *w ]*' ^*j waa ??e of ?he *ariie-t 'a .a and *m < tba pr ?:.ptea of tb* AK'licaa |*ar1r, ae ' h*? ?<??.a ooe of tbe m ?t (B'if*t!e ill (ftiibla! adaocataaof \k' nae a?l 'A fc? raa?. It ha* er?r ' <'-? tlia opiai a ?! tie U'e tVitfitil 'bat '.be An.? rvtan party waa f??-wMd for p-jip'-ae of carrying c-ut certain ?p*> p: n"l| ?e i.?m?lj ? U> lea-at itaiVt <4 'ba nia paliey of iba'b-.iehot I'.oaae af on a-r rwpn' .'*a nt i-.'i*i to at tU.a the 'iBi-aof .l?a ct?t? tr/, to v rat" tie native l?/ra Anintui p*upia lit* eianaf*a*<rat all caauol OS 'h' '/ owa pmitnnMit an-1 tbat ite iiai tad pt. ? |* of tbe party are mi w'Mil a?r iwt lat nat <<?*! and r? ittn ina w 'a ttpr I ow n at l, W It* Nal'aaa' <*c,ar<l at lb ia?l i* Ir'eiv* *tbd uj'.n oaf political ?r*<-" aa i**w aaa.* f tfc* aubja *? o' !a?>ry wl.eb had B??"r l??"Af* t>y Vfce a*tu*<ere ??f tbe'-' ,*r, w.i-b ka eitra to Ite oa.e^-U t ad a -.?- aad la fe.-trd I w> rb ae ?*?aj tka . ig'it (if the Sat '-wa ' ' ? a- y eha?r i , K*' ,*? or a? ?*?!?? le ? *< ? t . " ' f ' tr ? ^ a u< utoa lb* iadi> aal ?:ea.'*re of 1 a a er mr n * a???a'?' to ?>'<r ?i|* ta?: ly '.b? ?!<?? '.oay eater i tf * ?'r"?r , a?> , alt; tl.aj ' ' !??? *r 'laie-U of lha I'.tb e*?tW/? M tt* atatfrt* fM W*t eel <?*<e ' ? are lit ,*>.? <4 t ? " llriii ' i ? y ? t1 * tfc?f< rf, yif a-? .y 'L* I dltl'1,11 ere''<e? - IomIh 11*' >? a ;4 w|ib t*e wa/iaawt aad wxt kaaii| eaxaTal. aait* ti~ri rt* r*~* ? * aal aeit aa ? 1 . . .?!???- aa *f p< I I'ai pr it - *U* ettr pe*t>w?e-| |j? tt aa/ aa loa ll-a f ?" -ai #' tSa Natiaaal ! a tm ' i '' t- ' "4. r * r. a . *. ? r? el' i*""-en/an?0i?i, U, i,".^ ? r ?< >m t r*. ^ ? o tola aad a ael atMl ?4 i> a - ,>k?ia Uaama .a a c i i f ? lea <* tr bat we * ia> '.'re i* ;b? t.'-K.t! jereeeara 'a ?a? a* ear* ?a 1 1, . a * a 1 a af I ? <atf tie >an ? . ? ** at?l aie kan h< ??*'? t < a ? r ? ?r ? ?a*a w ia ?4e ?'?> ?- |e a?"j V< < ? ??*' ' ? i > i*? ?( !..' 6f t a t. ( , ??', ? Mi* Htwntl compromise a aalatary act of ?UW rotmhip. diflwo by patriotic and wlM ??? ta mMl M titimttitr; and threatening e*tg*ncjr , ant that br lb* rftnn ot of th* country fwnm than thirty jhh.J bed .um u, o, , ?iipl l?rr.j in the light af ? <"o?paal, end ?? >oi h th* **ttle ! uatioaal poller. b4a4l?g tha taith ?( tha naUan , that the repeal Of U?i? wlaa Mt af ?tat* vmanebip *?? an inoona dtrat* otitra#n upos |Hl faith, and iDtemoua t?rau** it un*ettlej the paaoa mmt quiet of tbe country, ant haa plura l It lata ? a? <1 Hon or Oicitf in?ot ilttpniin to 'be I'dIoi, for th* pal try moUf? of tha p*r?onal political a?f raaduaaaeet af Ita nriglaetora heeolred, that thla State < omcil denoaacoa uy ail liation with any party whic i la aaeVtooal ta IU a?ter% ?ad which < 'altra to t? a No' there party or a "tee tha? party, but diaMactiy avow* it* ot>j?c.v v>> t ? thoroughly national and Amarran. The Prohllrtlary lA<|?aor Uw. AIUIK.VT M roil INTOXICATION lmrTBRDAT. Thrre araa a alight Increase ia tba anaH>?* of tha aa fortunat<-? arrta'.ad i nt?rut; Tba returua aba* tha* forty pari.uu* wne brought tip for ??aui.?*Uoe, u f* Iowa ? M iyi? t ntri f'tmntUmmttf" 0 Klrat dietrlct 1'oiiceCotirt Juit r Wal.tta It l-?onl iltatrtct I'ollra Court .. Juatiee Krwty U Jiiird di.tricl I'olica Court.. .Juatiee llrenaaa It Total M aMtK^TR ron INTOXICATION IN BltOOII.rtt. T?n err eat it for driinkcm.e' a w? re reported by tha pa lira yeaterd?> morning Tbay wir? taken into euata^y by tli* pa, He* ? f Ilia folloatng dlatrlctg, ead diapo#a4 af ia tba uaual maanar ? Kirat oiairict J Sroond " ? Third ?< a Kiitb ?? I Total I? TUB AUUANT Lli^'OU CtlKN. Tha Albany K\-m\ng Iranio/' aay*-- I'roeecnWHM tiara laa rtmtnaored against Jualica Cole all I'laaMP 1* Wiljiaiui. for f*l>e tuii.r aonairat, ta aauatng tba a* raatof William on, for aa alia*' ?! violation af torn Prohibitory la* tha raid l*ndoa aftar trial by jup being acquitted ol tba ch*rg* 1 ha object of the** pre ??rut on* ia u> brlkg tha whole ia*t'*r bafere i*a ? nurta for adjudication - tba I araoo l*aaui he flag ha dined taca rrj tba raaa to tha I ourt of Tppaala. Poller I >? ?? I ll(jr hre. t H K MOT OtUK Hl tCKH n'L. Hamual Ilan>i?ond, lata of UinaKaota T ?rritarT , Vat a% pr*a?at ato|pi?K at tli* Farmara' llottl, Waable<t* #tfi?t. m rnult for l'al>f?rnu, appaarad hafaia JaaMna Wt?!?h yaatatday n( ruing, at tba U>?ar I'oUca t.'aart, and itatnd that ha bad beau avuid'a i aut af 144 bp tha drcp game, Tha complainant allcp?? that ycalardagr irornlog, about all t 'clock, while ha waa ataadisg at iba corner of Cortlan !t \V.-at rtraeta, a ?a? aaaaa4 t.Mirga I i.lry approA 'had him, and poioUag ta aa laM tldual who waa rro a#:ag tha atreat, (aid, ? I here gwea a n aii who lua louti I a valutble po bat l,?jb ? I guaaa III guafttrtlm ' liobjr and the c mplaunal fali<ive4 *ha y rbetlooa Under and after a abort c baae rauta ap vMh I'm the cnuotr.) tuan waa tb?n ii'ur' l to part with ? *0 in gi ia lor tba ptirkatboi.h aril Ita roateata, Which lailcy aald were worth n?arly a tbouaaad dell are. Aftrr l.aaiiiag near tba i*n doubla aaglae ta lha ><rang>r, Vr liaunnond wrut on hu wap r? }oitl?y at lua m-o.1 lurk In pro-a'tug as fiJuakie a waliat fr< m one whrm I n 'iipixj a i In !?* a 41abaaaai man, at an *tu4l> a racrlftca ll? ?* n f .und out, hew erer. that lha contetita of the purae ware ai uagataar woitbitaa an<< t bat he ha<t beta imp ,*ed a pea ta t*a nnoat abaa.aful manirr (>y pork?t-ook flroppara. Aa bearing b>a < inn plaint Juetice W rlah Uauad a aatriat for the airaat ?f l'ol<-j a><l b a aaaactatel Tba Bret af thai a gat,' ia a i a w?a aro ala.i ami <aa t*iaa tabaa begava the magiatrata, waa a<>u<nltved lo tba loath* for auai nation. AI'l'ReT 01 *N ALlh<<Bli ?t'i?ITlVB I'HOM PW.AWiM Y*aUlday, Captain Uarpmtar, of Iba I illb wargpaUaa, ? rieetad a yo?.ng a*nad Clarl'* A. WdtarA, charged witb bait g a fugitive frerr (Nilawara, wbara ha atatid* thargad wttb haa rg atolan aaraa gold WBtchaa, ?.dued at liui, tmj >.>') aoitb of other e>'a ef jew tl* pio|.wty ot l'.ajrBi"ti4 Hwrr, in ahoaa ampiey ht wat a', th* tin* of tin alia gad tl.eft In ordar ta reeeear 11 a pli p'-i'y , a ararrb entrant waa ia?na.l by Jaettoa Helab, whan Ibe aU.ia* of loh.aa I you of No M tfaat haul lUnt. and the paep i|ra of himpeoa, la tha ?aatralK*' were at ? icbtd Mr I yon a'lrakf'ad bkrtag bougiat aooia of iba ; inparty but tai l be hvt aac* of it Um << hia po?"> i?lue How?**r, be aaid he waul 4 ti?k? good ttia ?1I.< nv to U>* oanar A' vrapna'a a ttaii pogllen of ttajaaairy *l" fano-) wkl'b wu n e'.vtrtd. ^ *?'! waa aan ? r ta to la iawara aa a twjat aition niada on t>or*/aor Cliiie, of thia ^Ute ALibtiib iitmutur or II .'?>? vai.i k op rn Tb-Kukarh. Yralard*/ morning, al>uu '. II a 'lo-L, -rgaaat Itew y?r at tha < biel'a oil. a ra< ai?r I a t*'ag>*p*le daepatnH fn m I'l l., hi topaia to Uie *0act that a feiluw (Mn-ge w. ItioiLpaon ii*l*i 11,'iW, in hank a> ?? a r. |c,J a., n, from a <?c',? i.awd 7 beauM ? art that tha for on r -aaa on b a way te New h.a in t^.a ?taarmoa' All}*, then hourly e?p?ete4. '?ergraat Ha<wy?r III ?> I a'ely < lea pa' oaat efBuev Mil Uaraoa tu lha laod u< pie a of tb? tlbta wi'.n lortrttt ta Ui arreat bim a aa a aa peaaa bla Ihla offirar ?u-ce -ie>l la taking Mr Tb iMpaaa lotaeuaio'y Juat a* he waa a l.ont ' "? laaia b.a -np? fiou, tba boat. tH ola ba mg takari to tha ' i,.a| a aBal ? ri't *>?; hit], itr II h' 0 aaa fou r' o t a |<>a*aa*Wk^ ahicil It la aappoeet la a j^/r4. n r.l t>,a pr a? 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