Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 5, 1855 Page 3
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England, Belgium, agd Holland appear at present to be the only countries of Europe in which the corn I crops are in permanent deficiency. In ordinary years, Italy, Switzerland, and France grow enough for themselves; but among the European nations there are three that every year, with favorable har vests, have to procure from abroad at least fifteen millions of hectolitres of wheat. Three others may be equal to their own wants when the harvest u good. The writer then proceeds to examine the resources likely to be found in other countries for satisfying there ascertained standing deficits, with uuch others as will often arise from the casualties of the seasons. Spain has for the two lust years made numerous shipments, and may be expected to con tinue them. The high prices realized by the Span ish growers have rendered them m ire careful in the selection of seeds and the details of cultivation. The accounts from Castile, Biscay, Andalusia, Catalonia, Ac., are of the most satisfactory nature. In St. Se bastian, Seville, Malaga, Barcelona, Sautander. Ac., commercial activity is daily more animated On the Baltic the approaching harvest appears at length to I* regarded as safe. The last advices we have from Berlin, Rostock and Stettin dissipate every feaf; and toe Baltic will be able, as usual, to furnish from 8 to 10 millions of hectolitres. On the other coast of that Hea ? Sweden and Norway? letters from Stockholm of the 22d June state that ship ments commenced immediately alter the re opening or the navigation ; that more than 600.000 tons of different gruin hail already been ex ported; and that enormous q a?ititities still remain ed in store, and holders were hastening to sell, be cause the approaching harvest was of excellent promise. The central ithe ish provinces, Germany and Austria give the prosmctoi as trplus The Grand Duchy of Baden and the basin of the Khine promise an abundant crop. In Moravia, Silesia and Bohe mia the produce will be below au average, aud the rye particularly a failure. The accounts from the two Russian, north and south, are unfavorable. Let ters from liigu of some time back stated that the ground had suffered through the mildness of the winter, the earth having bceu scarcely frozen. On the coasts of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azoff the dry weather had done much injury, and the harvest, generally productive, would this year be very moderate. ?72,832 hectolitres of grain had been despatched since the opening of navigation, and there wan a stock of 321 ,600 hectolitres. The pro duce of Egypt was estimated In June at 18,624.000 hectolitre*.' According to our correspondents, these figures should be distributed as follows : ? hectolitres for the consumption of the towns, from six to seven millions for the interior, and rather more than seven millions for exportation. Finally, says the writer, when the immeu ie territory of the United States is considered, and the number of its inhabitants? now 20 ,000 ,000 ? one is astonished that this vast country, with a soil so fertile, cannot ex poit more than 10,000,000 of hectolitres of all sorts of grain. There is much greater room for astonish ment that at the date of June 27, Genesee wheats were quoted at New York from 40 to 41*75 the hec tolitre of seventy-seven and a half kilos, and Western reds are from 29 to 30-50; whilst according to the last regulating averages in France, the two extreme limits ure 23f. and ;iuf., and the general average 2:t- 86. The CoriMtitutionnel then discusses the causes of this comparative Inferiority of production, and the high prices resulting, wliich are ascrilied to the di version of capital and population to other invest ments? as manufactures, railwuys, and other gigan tic enterprises. Markets. lUvnr. !-atiinhiy, 21i>t July, A. M.? Cotto.s ? I wrote ?ou on Wednesday hint, and forwarded you the uxual weekly report. On Thursday, our cotton market, owing t<> the favorable intelligence received from Liverpool, be came animated, and 2 ftOO bale* changed hands. On Fri day, also less xpirited, there hat again been a good de mand, and 1,500 bales were taken for home use at hteady price*. To-dny, say thin morning, the aspect of the mar ket is the came, with a rogulnr demand. Otiticr Airri ?.*!.?* ? A small lot of American hop* wan hold yestenlay at 1861., and to-day another lot at 170f. The import duty h:is ls'eu reduced to 27f,'25f a 50 kilo. No cbauge in the rate* of allies. lice, Ac. The weather continue- favor able to the crops in general, freight scarce. ? Cummer* i in I. Interesting Trial for Murder In Virginia. SPECIAL TERM OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE CITY OF NORFOLK. Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Join ? Decker, of Sto len Island, JV. V., Charged with the Murder of John Murphy. Hon. Richard H. Raker, Judpo. MORE WITNESSES UPON THE STAND? TESTIMONY OF FJ1W ARD HARRISON CONTINUED FROM TUE HERALD OF YESTERDAY. Q. Where is your house located? A. Oil Met calf's lane. Q. How long have you lived there? A. For two years. Q. Where did yott see the prison cr first on the night of the murder? A. At Mr. Rhea's bar, on Rhea's lane, about 8 or 9 o'c lock; I get all my liquors, Ac., from Rhea: the prisoner asked me to drink with him and 1 did so. Q. Was he drank at that time? A. He was somewhat ex cited by liquor, but not drunk Q. How long after that was it before the prisoner came to your house? A. In about twenty minutes; don't know whether he came alone; I was at the bar, but don't know whether he drank there. Q. Do not persons visit ing your house generally drink there? A. Yes, but frequently do not; I think nothing of it when they do net. Q. How long did the prisoner remain? A. Not long?he soon went out; after a while he returned to my house. Q. Was he drnnk then? A. No, he was not drunk, but had been drinking. Q. When do you consider a man drunk? A. I think ? nun sober when he can attend to his business; he returned to my house about 12 o'clock; prisoner was under the excitement of liquor, but not drunk; be offered to bet 15 that he would whip any man in the hoase, that did not weigh more than 160 lbs; Vaughan asked me to loan him 15; I offered it to him, but pot it back in my pocket; Vaughan wanted to bet on I'atsey; Patsey came to my house drunk. Q. Did you not say before the examining court that there was a Dutchman present also? A. Yes; there was a Dutchman there, but be came to my house drunk, and was asleep ou a settee; be did not get up until next morning. Q Was not a man named Holmes present? A. Yes; Holmes was there; he had been drinking ; Holmes nnd the pri soner were squared off for a fight: I t >ld them they tthould not fight; I saw no blow struck that night; the sqnaring off between Holmes and Decker had uo connection with the other affair. V- Had Dei ker ever been in your house Mm the night of the murder? A. Yes; 1 saw Decker in my UouM aoi-ie three oi fotu' weeks before the thing happened ; I had some conversation with him, and inked him if he knew Capt. Williamson Decker, of Btaten Isl tad . Q Did I understand you to say that you keep a p iV 11c house? A. Yes: I haw a tavern license, y. Do you keep accommodation for travellers? A. Yes. V- How many stables have you '< A. I have no sta bles on my lot . but have made arrangement* with Mr. Rliea to l>< jrcl twelve leraes at his stable* If rn cesearv. i) Have you ever ?-nt< rtained a m m and horse V A. Y<-x; aoow few months since a ma i ap plied for hoard for himself ami home. ami I accom modated him ? Q. How lone did he remain at your house? A. The Isttt part of tin- day long enough to have his horse fed. y. Do you have My perma ment boarders f A. Not always, y Da yon have femftle hoarders as wall as male ' A Yes somet m? ? U. Have yon any female boarders now ? A. Yes 1 have four. Q. Are thev resjwetabie. virtno >* women ' A. 1 decline answering H it question: von have no right to inquire into my private matters. Counsel ? But I insist on your replying t<> t lie tion. A. It Is not a pr?per quest I ii a. el I will n it answer H. (The counsel referred the qaestioa to the Judge, who decided that it wa? a 7>r"p- r oil" and mu.4 be answered.) Q. Mow. then, will you toil me if these female boarder* of yours a?t respectable, virtuous women? A. It is not for me t<> Know it they are respectable; they pay tli?*?r way. {f. Do you ever have any dancing In your bouse 1 A. ~?f,me time*, but I have not hadsnvla'ti lv. if Do the women as well a* the incn, engage in daunng and drinking at the her? A. Yes; they (?'?met m s dnnk and sometimes dance. (J. Does < n h of these feiaale* occupy a separate room' A. Yes. W ?t r.?t? <>f board do thej pay? A. From three to f ?ar dollar- a week. Q. Do yon consider m ? >-rlv h ? . ??? A. Yes: I very seldom have aaj dUturban tlw Q. How many persons vi <it too r h<mse of a night' A. I luve SSSSI as high as three hundred there of a night, when a ship of war has been pa d off. v How many do yon suppose wara in your mm t!ie night of the murder?. A. vvcii j suppo?> there mav have l?en, probably, a hundred. Q.Dld the pr ? >nei ? ?ve his coat on when he came into your hot* a. I cm t <ay whether lie had it off or on when be ? am- f.?r his coat liehind the liar, there were n I more than seven or eight persons in the room; the w< men h.*4 gone to bed; I am as sati?Aed that it wa- Decker'* voice ae that I am no* alive; 1 b*l.? ve he ??.,| ?? . would have his heart's blood, or satisfact f i*. lieve that I said both before the Ma or I think he said both; did n<>* th.tik aajrthtug would come of tlie threats, n I bav fraun* utj tieard them mads by persons un>l- t. . ?% te ?iit of drink. Q. How'long wis it sfc Vnutian iml Mnrpby left vesir house l)efore l/aptnin i. iycaine' A. it may have been half r?r thre< qaartora of aa hour l efcre Captain <.sy came, ?n<i *?. Mi.rphr sas stjbU-d; I >e fore Guy cam ?* two wat? 'a ?" t<> me of It. Q. Ctn yo- not state di'tinrti) * it' (rftbc night it A ( ^u't ?rt* . ? time of the night it ?u when Gajr and the watch came. Q. Did Decker aeem angry with Murphy? A. At the last of the talk Decker apneared to be angry with him; they all seemed to he la a passion; Holmes was at my house when Oaptain Guy came; be wan lying down on the bench. The examination of thin witness closed here, and he left the stand apparently roach relieved; and the evening being advanced, the Coart adjourned until next morning at lo 1-2 o'clock? the jury hiving been put in charge of William K. Storm, I>. 8., and the prisoner remanded to jail. Wednesday; July 25, 1*M. Court met according to adjournment; the oourt room being thronged with anxious and excited spec tators. The prisoner was brought in, aud in a few minutes his mother came into court and took a seat by hi-i side. He shook hands with her, and bore evi dent marks of anxiety and agitation. The jury ap peared fatigued, but were very attentive and or derly. The witnesses and jurors having been called, and j replied to their name", Jerry Vaughan whs brought to the stand anil sworn* He testified an follows:? On the night of the murder Murphy came to my house, between eight and nine o'clock, and propo-cd to tue to take a walk ; 1 told him 1 could not go at that time; about ten or eleven o'clock we led my house together, and went to the Viigmia and North Carolina Hotel, where we took a drink', after walk ing around for some time, stopping occasionally to pet something to drink, 1 said to him, "It's getting lute, let's go home;" he replied, "No, let's go around to Harrison's, slid see what * going on;" went with him to Harrison's, where we met the prisoner; after wmie little talk, prisoner ottered to bet tlut he co ild run a hundred yards in fifteen seroud-"; I said I would take the bet, when be barked o it. but said he would bet on seventeen seconds; I told hnn 1 wotld not bet on that, for 1 knew a young man tlut could run it in sixteen and a half seconds; 1 win standing in front of and leaning on the counter; Decker wa< standing immediately in front of me, al?o leaning on the counter; we were standing (M to face; Decker then ofleied to l**t live dollars that he could whip any man in the house tlut did not weigh more than a hundred and fifty pounds. Harrison then interfered aud said there should be no fighting in his house; Decker and Nil/ WMM ft candle to go into the bnck yard and fight; Isit Har rison refused it, and said there shouhi Is1 no fighting on his premises; after ft while Dd ker remarked to me, "You arc going to have an election here in Vir ginia, shortly;" i replied, "Ye-. anil I think the Know Nothings w ill give them beans;" he then *aid, 1 "To hell w ith the Know Nothings and the Virginian* too, you are all mongrels, and not the clean grit; ; there's not a man nor boy over twelve year* of age that don't carry weapons;1' 1 said, "That aintso.and run my hand into mv pocket and pulled out my knife." (the same knife that 1 have now, showing a small penknife,) and said, "this is all the weapon I carry;" Decker then called me a damned Mar, and I called him one; he then called me a damned lying son of a , nud struck me, knocking my hat off1, and making a bruise on my nose; Murphy, who was at my back, then stepped to mv right, and struck Decker; i did not see any blood from the blow; Har rison then interfered, ana said that there should be no fighting iu his house; and the fuss was all over; Decker then resumed the conversation about running a hundred yards in fifteen seconds; just then (io?e line came up and said to Murphy, "What did you f trike him for?" (meaningDecker) ; Murphy replied, I didn't strike you, did IV" and then Decker exclaimed, "I'll have revenge before morning;" Decker and Uoseline then left the house; in about ten or fif teen minutes Murphy and myself feft, and 1 pro posed to go home; Murphy replied, "Let's go down to ISani Rea's, and get a drink;" we went down Main street, and when we got to Rea's lane I looked I down and saw that his lamp before his door was out; i I told Murphy that Rea was closed; he then said, | "Well, let's go down to Pepper's;" on onr way down, j just as we got to McKeever s lane, I heard a footstep i and saw Decker come out of the lane; 1 said to him, | "What do \ oil want here?" he replied, "Nothing much ! ? nothing With yon; but that damned son of a , 111 have Tits heart's blood before morning," (mean- ] ing Murphy); Goseliue then came up ami said, "Give it to him now," he replied, "No, I'll give it to huu another time, when I have a better opportunity;" i then run my hand in my overcoat po< ket, thinking to intimidate him, and said, "Yon had better go aboard and go to sleep;" they then went down the lane, and Murphy and myself walked down the street together to Heiuiau'- corner, and stood talking a few minutes; Murphy told uie that he was going to sell ? beer in the market again, and that Harrison was going to loon him the money to start with; I remark ed to him, "It's lute and I am going home, ami .yon I iiad better go too;" I said, "You had better not go up town any more, for if you meet those fellows (meaning Decker and Goseline) they'll l>eat you like the devil;" I said, "Yon had better go through Talbot | street, and go home that way;" he said be would; I replied, "Well, go on, and 1 11 stand here und watch you:" i wat? lied him until he crossed the street and turned down Freeman's corner; when he wa< out ol sight I immediately left, went straight home and went to bed: after I was undressed 1 looked at the < lock, it lacked three miuutes of two o'clock; that's all 1 know about the matter; heard nothing more of it until I was roused by the officer. Q. Did you say that Decker went dow'n McKeever's lane? A. He went into the lane, but how far down I don't know. y. Are you certain that Decker is one of the men that met yon at the head of the lane ? A. Yes; 1 saw him and talked with him; there is a lamp at the head of the lane. Q. What kind of a hat did he have on ? A. A whitish hat, with a black ribl>on around it. Q. Did you see Murphy after his death? A. Yes. Q. Did he have any bruise on , him? A Yes; a bruise over one of his eyes, but I ! don't rememlier which. Q. Did you see any weapon in Decker's hands? A. No. <J. How long were you with Murphy, that night? A. From half-past ten to eleven o'clock until 1 parted with him at Herman's corner. Q. Do you rememlier how he was dressed ? A. He had ou a brown coat. Q. Do you think von could recognize the clothing if you were to see them? A. I tnink 1 could. (The coat and vest of the unfortunate man were here produced, and recognized by the witness; they were stained with blood, and cut in several places in the breast and back.) Q. Did you drink at Harrison's? A. No. y. What time was it when Murphy and your self went to Harrison's ? A. I think it was aliout one o'clock; Murphy proposed to go to Harrison's to ?eewliat was going on, und I agreed. Q. When I >e< ker struck von, why did you not return the blow? I A. I should have done so, but Harrison interfered, an I said there should l?e no lighting in his house. if. I>id yon see anything of an attempted light lie'ween Holmes and Decker? A. No, Q. How long was it alter Decker struck vou l*iote lie left Harrison 'a ? A. It might have li.i v ?? Iieen ten or fifteen minute*: I did not *ee them when ther left: Pecker got hw coat down from lie hind the Dar, and went oat. if. Did the blow that Mmpli.v gave Decker miw i? bruise ' A. So. I think not, I did not ?ee any bruise. if. Did you wee I loan lying on u settee at Harrison's : A. 1 *iw a iium ly.njr there, hot. <lon 't know who h* win. if. When ymi met Decker ?t MrKeeverV line, who ujtoke li'r-t ? A. I m?oke tint; Mnrphy did not speak til all- if. Did yon think Decker intended to kill Mtirphy > A. No; 1 thonght he was going to beat him only. if. What waa the precise remark that he made.' A. He Mill, "That d ? d son of ab ? h, I'll have ln< beurt'i blood before morning." if. Was thin f iid In in angry manner? (The counsel for the deb-nee objected' to the question, on the groand that tin- ( omnionwealth hud only to produce fnctx, and mi'ct not allow the witne?? to state what he tbouiclit the manner of the accu-ed. The Court thought tl.r manner of the accused, when he mude the threat, w-m in Important fact, and decided that the i, ; ? .t ion w a correct one ) A. This was said in an ? n/ry excited tone: and he then remarked, never mind, I'll find a better opportunity. if. Mi?ht not a fight. ?r an attempt to fight, have Iieen made by Hoii ??? 'fid Decker :it If&rneon's without you seeinif t * A. It might; the rrsmi l? a large one; It tuight h ve |n*n fifteen minutes more or lean lietween the tin* Murphy iitid I went into Harrison* and the (?low: ban M<'U acquainted with Murphy several ??!????: * .? intimate with him be ?i< ? very pmreti Ur ? .n.and I wu? surprised when he struck Decker. | V- IHd I mxhltand yon to say that iIith was a la: p a tli?- bead of M- Kccver's lanef A. Y?-s just ? U> the lane. if- Could you see down the !?W A. Yea, some dtetafKe' if. Did th< nriaooer wtn to lie *kulkwg < t liid.tig' A. No. if. Hnw l?mg w?? it after Murphy <*tru' k l^nki-v: was It l#fore De<k?r left Harrison 'a * A. A 'pent ten minutes if. What til r *a< h when y mi heard of Murphy's tsdnf A. A Unit four o'< lock that morning I ??? roii -? d by tlx- watch, and aent with th>-m to il? wjti hli'.u? ." tf y. ii k<*p a public how | f>r llrti ' A. I d<>. if. Why was it then that wl??*n Mnrphy fame to your h?"i*e on the nijfht of the ninr l* r. jou went to Mr?. Harmorwn * to drink. In st> id <<f dri.ik.n*: at your own house ? A. lk<auae we 1-th wanted job p? and my Ice was out. Alexander V' lv??*vcr . ?worn : ? I k?*ep a liar and |>i, li< h'"i?4> on Main street and Hard s lane; at m??ul half pa<t < irven orloek. the prisoner was at mi ltouw i r< atinir a di?tur'*n<e: a man liy the rum? ?,H ...?el|in w?s*ltli hiiu: tliey seemed to much ex< Itr-d ; they stnuk the door, and broke tin- oil elu'h of Hie inner ?b*?r: after a while tbey left m >' Iv.i-. . ?nd I went to lo?ik for the< hm?n to hire tiiem *,rr?t?d I saw n man and I aaked him if If kr.< ? where I r>,uld find thewatrh: he replied that Le a.i< i ? ?ti hman I tol l hlin th it if he had h ?-n 1 att- .img t4? hia fioairutw h< would have arr" ?t?d the taen wIki lutd i?rn making a row In mj hou*?- he *? dd Im- IukI Iteard no row oui would go and look for tfw m?i and arreat them then; I w?-nt with him; wi- went among other pla >?*. to Haniain'a, ' o? rc-iUI IWt ht.d tlieir. , and I retnrt?* ' home if. f ii.i |in If mrrr> ' A. He ae^Tie-l to h' i-\ X fif*iti?j D 4 tliey d isk jt ) a; house? A. I did not aee thera driuk anything. Q. What is the width of Hardy's lane? A. About twenty feet; Decker and (loaeiine ore the men who kicked op the row, and they were the two men that 1 wanted arretted. Thomaa Hpratt, Bworn ? I am a huckster, and deal ' in vegetables, fish, Ac. On the morning of the mur- , der 1 waa coining down town to buy fiah for Mr. Walter's and Mr. Cain'a taverns; I had procniaed to buy them Home; aa I waa poaaing the new Baptist church the town clock Htrutk two; vslnle I waa pass- 1 ing down Market square, on my way to the fish ! market, I Haw two men running and approaching me from the other aide; 1 thought that they were fiah boys going to look for coffee; there u a coffee cellar on the aide of the square near where I was; the hindmost of them (Decker) said to the other, i "That 'a not the man;" we ware ail three near toge ther, about ten feet apart; I huw them face to face; the pnaouer is certainly one ofth<- men ; they then left me, and crossed the aquare towards the shoe atore; I went down to the foot of the market, and while I was talking with aome peraona, and telliug them about it, iu about ten or twenty minute*, it may have been more than twenty, I heard aome one running flown Wide Water atreet; first Haw them about Vesey's atore; Voaelinc waa ahead; aome one aiid " There's a race;" they turned around Reid's corner, and run dowu to the ferry wharf; 1 did uot ace them jump into a boat, but heard a uoiae, like *oroe one jumping into a boat; I remarked, "They are the name men who met me a while ago, and they have done Home mischief;" I thought m ?ybe they had net home house on fire, and I was going to look for the watch, when I met two watchmen, who told me that a man had Iwen stubited on Main street, aad that they were looking for the man that did it ; I was standing on the wharf when Capt. Guy brought the men ashore, and recognized the prisoner as one of the men; be is one of the wtmu men that met mc on Market i-qcare ? the i-ame that I aaw running down Wide Water atieot, and the Name that Capt. Guy am-ntcd, a< sure as there Is a God iu hearcu ; after the/ were lirought ashore, I went up with tbem to the watchbouae, and remarked to Decker ; "You saved iny 111' ' (Mta|NUl remar k that I wi* the wrong man); and he replied, "I'm glad that I've done one g?o<l deed among ho many evil cue* when I tin-' Haw them th? v were CHWll| M irk. t -qua re towards mo, and a little ahead of mt>; lire) I HmM m the pavement ibMl ten leet ahead of me; (i?m*lin waa wuliin six leet ol mc, when Decker called out, " That's the wrong man ;" 1 never Haw ! either of them tofore; when Decker Mid," That's the wrong man," 1 looked wilfully at him; when 1 they lt*f i nn'. they were in a brink walk-? a kind of a run ; I looked to sec which way they went ; they cro*?ed the aqnarf, towards the shoe stupe; Docker : had on a tap or hat tlnAlnoked lightish. (J. What kind of a coat did jMm on? A. I had on one ; prtltj much the W us this that 1 now have ' on (Howl), y. Was tWi-e auy difference in the ?ire of the men ' A. The one who was next to me was shorter and stouter than the other; he | had projecting teeth, and I took him to be I au Irishman (J. Were the lamps iu the market house lit ? A. I Oti.ik tlu y were; it was lighter there J than any where else. Q. when you first huw them j from what direction did they come? A. From ti> warda htcveu'a hat store, or further down. V. When you w re >~t< by the two men did you feel fright I emd ? A. Not much; I frequently when out at night i meet parties of yoaug men on s spree, they all know me; sometimes they atopuud catch hold of me : aud auk who is thla; I th< n replv noliody hut Kpratt, aiid tin o they let roe pas*, y. Did you s/>e any wca j pons upon either of them ' A. Noue at all. Q. Were I you aloue ? A. M> little nephew wan with rue all the ! time. Maurice Kitzgihlion iiwori? I ama ph ,*ician; mv i (Bee i* on M <in i!ni', nearly oppo*it<- Walter'# tel; about two o'clock on the morning of the l.itbv May, I wa* arouaed b itotne penaiu^ who told m? that a m?u bad been atahbed; i immediately coin infix ed ilit**lng. a?jd without wuiti.ig to put ou nil my clothe*, *tart< it, t .kinjf it lamp with me, m* the rt ()i e*t (>r the jh r*> u* wli i laid come; 1 found tiie own I." log in tie gutter at the bead of lletcalfa lane; i>]M'ii examination I found ? aeri ms and mortal wound iii the left bre i <t. he had on two shirt*; Ixiih were perfectly *n',nr?i'd with blood as far down an the liottoin o| the la II; : I found another wound on the ripht l.mi-i whi. u did not pem tmte the cavity ; foi.ud two other* in the back, one of which penetra t< <1; Mood and air <??* aix d therefrom, which indica ted that the cavity hail lieeu p< ni trated; I entertain ed no hope* of hi* lif<- from tne Hr?t, but told thuae Mandiuu l>v to net ?? door 01 wide piank and carry liini home; they went off and procured what i think wH-the bottom of a Coffin, lifted the man on and carried liim home; I went with him; 1 remained with him Hom?' time, and tindiog that he waa finking lapidly . and that hi- mm r>a.?t human aid, I left him and went home; I left liefore he died; it wa* no day h hen 1 at rived home; I cannot my distinctly m tint the preclfe hour win when i aa* called on, a 1 did not carry my< h; I remained with him in the afreet about hall an hour, aud prolabiy Wit* with him at hla home, from half hour t<> an hour. t/. I lid Murphv *peak HfU-r %ou aaw him ? A. Some one a*ked fiini who had nakhtd him. and he replied he did not know: I do not think that he waa con*clou that he bad lieen atabbed; i think from hi- rannne that he wa* drunk: aoeu after he aecmed to n-wg nl*e the voice of *ome one in the crowd, and aaid. "Take me home, l>avy;" aeemed to lie uncon aclou* of hi* *ltuation; after h<- trot home hi* mind did not aeem to lie any better: he wewd more con fdoua of hi* *u fieri ritf?, and *aid it would I*' worth *ome large *um, probably ten tbnu*and dollar*, to lay on hi* breaet: he 'probably did not live more than two houra after he w*? carried home. 1 don't think he wa* ooondooi at all; hr did not n-e.ogni** hla alfc. Q. Do you think the atab* were all made by the eame Inatri'imeut ? A. Fhey wi re evidently made by the name, or exactly ?imilar ln*>rument*; each edge of the wound" wa* *m<*>th and plainly do fined, and muat hare t*-en made with a knife -harp on lajth edge*. Vueation by ttie oour< Miirht not the wound* have la-en made with a dli k knife ? A. They might have been, if the blade -harp on both edge* for any length; my iaprewdon l-> that they were made by a )<owie knife. Benjamin Peddle. *wort ? I keep# i. -taurint "tj Church *treet, opja>site the National Hotel: on fh ? morning of the IHth May, I clo-ed ra\ house at live minutea to two o'clock; *top|>ed at the corner of the National Hotel, and looking down Main nti?et I -iw a man coming out of Metcalf* lane, and immediately following were two men; jn*t a* they got to Main *trcet they attacked him and kin* ked liim down *?> w them atoop over him and *aw the motion of their hand*. btit cannot tell whether th-'v were atrikingor atnbbing him; 1 heaid him exclaim. "Don't atrlke me;'* he waa apparently l<*>king Udiin<l,and a* h< uttered theae word* th- y l*<th rnahed ufHnlum: I called "Watch! Watch!" when two wat hni'-n i .in v> ward* liim; the twomen ran down l^iyall'alane. ind the * itchmen nnnmed them to the IkimI of tin lane and returned; 1 aaked tlu;m why they did aot pur?u* the mm and remarked, ' Thi* one i an't v' aw.?v when I eot to him h>* wa* in a looping j>o.t in h th hi* hand* on tlie curl urtone, and ap|>ar? ri?l> trying t<> get up; flaw a bruiee on hi* toienead aad lenurk ed. "See where they hit him;" I then terognued him n? John Murphy, and *orn" j* -on put hi- < in ntound liim and endeavored to mi-" him to hi- f?*et; I heard a ru-tlinfr aound and auid, "That man ? ?tat - l?ed; " laui hun iIom n again, unii -aw that h.< *hut wa? full of l.lood; I u*ked him who >*talilied him .ind he aald, "No one ha? ntabbed mo.'' aud then 1 dnted; after the doc tot cane he aeemt'd to revive, and r< cogniiU'd the voice of Minic<m<- of tb<* iM-ixiaaid Hid ing around, and aald "Davy, take m> (torn " *"? n afterward" I '? waa carried boine. National Co.wkktioh or Ursrmn iw f'nti.* iHLrntA-- fnr-ninnt to a call pabliaheil win* week* ago, delesati - to a convention of dentbrt* from a. I part* of tlx Union met for the flrat time in thl* city je-terilay afternoon. The deh-gatea numliered era! hundred, and include mont of the dlatlnguiahed dentiata of th<- country. Th?- meeting wa< informal and private, held at the Aiv^emhly lliiildiritr* . for the nione ?f adopting the preliminaric- to a regular on. We understand that It I* propo?-d to di-*ig nate the convention m a "National C'.ngrea* of l?cn ti*ta." The liodv will a**? mble at the *arne place thl." morning, at 10 o'clock, to orirani?' and proceed to buaineas. It expected tluit matter* of the hlglieat Intercut to the profe -wlon *11! !*? brought la-fon- the convention. ? I'hilndrtfihui Ons'Ht .lu gutt 3. The Ccnaaa of New Vork. TKOT. 1850 UU. Fir?t ward 4.03'i * 'ii'? .'woo i ward *.za? 4.877 Tktra ?ar<1 2, TIM Foartb ward 4.0B4 ?.1JJ

rdtki ward 1 Hl? ;.7fc l*i(th ward 4.1S9I '-')?? Math ward.. ? i .^?vantb ward 4.MC I :.W! l?Dlh ward ? J .,S7 i Kighth ward 2,741 . tTS Oraaa Ulaad (*?t.) 15*. .. MO Total* ....ltW) r.? 7TI Total lacr?ar? ta fl?? ytar^ t,h;4 ftOCKUTU. Tb* followlBf *r? tb* c.ob;U?? r?tarti ef tioo ef Reche*wr ? m:o iv* Ftr?t ward 1..T*# Mirowd ward C.Ste ' Third ward 4,4* ?.??' Focrth ward C.n Ftf'.li w?r4 4,711 .7W Mi'.b ward t,iV> 7,0?t .*???? th W*r4 4 f X *? tia^'k ward ,?4T N.avkwapi 7.*.' ?.4>4 tutk war I 4.7S1 T<Ul .. 44 4... ?M> t a a 16 tri j'Ut , ft Voting Africa. LKTTUI FKOM LgWIS H. I'UTWAM, COUMHRt BAN. 1" TIIH IOmTOB Of THK IIKKAJ U. As the editorial article in thellgxALn.a short time since,, under the above head, in reference t? me, makes it necessary for me to give it Home attention, from the impression it created upon the mind* of some of lit* readers, 1 beg the favor to submit thia for the in formation of the public. Aa the success of the plan to encourage emigration to Liberia depends upon ita merits on one hand, and the confidence of the public on the other, ] am sure, air, you will appreciate the mofi*e*and the importance of thia communication As the force of prejudice has neutralized the sym pathy of manj for the colored man, it is a task of no ordinary magnitude for him to reach a favorable position before the public, from the fact that his merits are carefully concealed or turned into ridicule. But us the IIkkald is fully committed in favor of emigration to Liberia, it cannot consistently oppose the plan to make the American peo|4e a party to it ax the elevation of tin* colored people depends upon their united support. If the State of Maryland can give $10,000 per annum, for fifteen year*? -malting $150,000 ? the State of New York ought to do m >re or a* much, to advance their condition. The propo sition lor nix million* of dollars, ($6,000,000), to e* titlilinb fains in Lilierlu, u based upon the act o the Legislature ol Virginia, gruntiuff $200,000 In five instalments of Mo, (too per annum. It is the colored man'* platform, to lie carried out in each Htate, un der the supervision of the executive, by a board of comminfionerM. The object is tu create a diversion in the public mind upon the Htate right principle, and bring out the disposition to aid the colored peo ple. The question of African emigration did not origi nate with tin* colored people, but from those who ls? lieve that the black man cannot be elevated in this country. Mote than one million live hundred thou sand dollars, ($1,600,000) has been expended for that purpose in thirty-eight fears; and yet, such is the poverty of the country that the emigrants have made no progress in agriculture. The remedy for this dif ficulty lies i/i the Treasuries of the State and ge neral governments. The fact that three thousand clergymen in New England propose to give sixty thou sand dollars to aid emigration to Kansas and Ne braska is sufficient Uisliow that emigration to Li beria ought to demand the most serious attention of those who are in favor of it. The election in 1^4^, ami fourteen years experience in the political org?" uizittioasof the colored people in the city of New York, have satisfied me that tiu-ir elevation lies in another direction. Their influence ??? politicians is insufficient to create an* respect for them. My plan is the solution of the difficulty; and for this purpose it has been submitted to the Legislatures of live slave states and three tree Stiites, and the views of distin guished men canvassed in reference to its merits and willingness to support it, and the result will lie made known at the pro|ier time. The object is not only to create a position lor the colore* 1 people, but to secure their loyalty to the country. It there has been any fault in this respect, it Owed its existence to the un natural persecution to winch they are exposed in this country, aud we must appeal to it for redress. I-ouih H Putnam. BrnroRD, I? I., Augm-t 3, lfc56. FINANCIAL AND COMMERC IAL MONEY NABKKTi Sati/Kiiav, August 4? C !'? M. Th.- stock market opened heavy thin morning. The Halt s wetc large al the decliue. and the beat* Here free fellers on time, any way, to unit pur < IriM rH. At the first board Illinois Central Honda declined 1-4 j>er cent; Cnmlterianfl Coal, 1-2; lending Railroad. 1-4; Panama Railroad, 3 4; Illi nois Centra! Railroad, 1-4; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad. 1-4. Illinois central free land bond* ad vanced 12 jer cent; Wisconsin and l^?k<- Shore UaiLioud, 1-2; Cleveland and I'ittsl.urg Railroad, 1 1-2. Fn>m the opening to the clone, the decline vraa gradual. fctaVe atoclu were iu active demand, a' price* jnevtoualy current. The tnuuttioiu 4un up more than eighth thousand dollar*, principally for cash. At the second board the market wan a shad.- bet ter. Reading went tip 1-4 percent; Erie, 1-rf; Cum I-erlmd. 1-4; Galena and Chicago. I; Cleveland and Toledo, 1-4. The shipments of specie frt>tn tids port las' wet k amounted to 121.420. The value of imports into this |K>rt during the month of July amounted to ?I0.3<M,'<47, against I20.22fl.360 for the corresponding month last year The total importation from January 1st to August 1st this year was f84.2.">C .376, against $116,041,725 for the same time last year. The exports for July, this year, aie valued at $7,379,968, against #7.1 74 1 for tiie same month last year. The total ex]s>rtati>?n from January lot to August 1st, this year, wao ?6? ,786.686, against $67,876,732 for the correspond ing period last year. The Mi< higan Central Railroad earned t3flM3 in the third week of July, ugsiust 126,670 in the cor responding week of 1864. The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart ment. Wellington , ou the 2d Inst., were as fol lows;-? It* the T, m'ury I'epur'mrnt *4}!J J,' I the rel'inptioB "I stork ''U ?>* t th. Interior iN-pnrlnieut -i K?.i th. < "J '"'1 W,.' ?i,n ,Dt- re --n-l en?er"1 *-VI W.,. ( | i. ?,<rr?nt. relied ?iel eim-re-l . . . . H.'*-- ?? C.iered In frmii mi-^ll*n- "u< source. I ^ 1, ?? 76 The New York Fire anil Marine Insurance ' om pony have declared a semi-annual dividend of ten l*r eenv The llufl.ilo Drmorrary says the foiloiving taoif Will show the receipts by lake of a few ol the lead lag art ;<m at that poit from the opening up t> the I ol Auju-t, for two j ears. ? l*r,? 1?' Vl<#ur WU t K,Z * Ku<ev ??/.? i ' H:'' vi. , . . t 11222 B XV\ H'/l * 37S s..i . i US I 'i ' , "/ ? ii ??>*? 09. WW 4? fi*(l TU total receipt* frain Iha, far II -ZZ2Z :: : : ? ' fl*r **?* t?ji? *> en: . on.pnwi with taut. I *>,417 11 This dec rea <? ,t will be a. en Is principally in the art. le of o?t?, tor th re is a bam'^oroe increa*- in wheat and a vi-rj Urge in< rt<*? in '?ru. Misk K*? lmi'l?r. ."if inil Auf I ? ' *?"' r.o?> vi im1' . .*<? ?U'Cum' ?<>' "?>" t IQOOQ I?4 (?'a'4 S 00 'JO" ?*" jJJ a lt/ooo ?t" ...Ml aa>, <!'? .. .. MOO Mi-?"wrt a - .. t*S " ?'*' fj* |<Y>0Q I*>aUlaa* r> . f'* ? " ,l s 4 MOW <*> -jr. Hu ! Hit CI' ! U- 4i linen I il 1'*, *N Is. "" t* ?> M)n t Hy 6's, .. " * 1 1 " * 1WC0 Its' 1 *? '? '4l * e<( k1* i>^. s %' tVi.t t i v* ? 'jjfM Fxta H? "it "" ,5 ? llu'l K 3m K- . W H +? . ,, ??:* 100(1 lt?<lR '1 m It* 7* "?*> |Qt/(jO III C HR B- ?? *1\ 1 *? HK ???? *? toon ** *? ,*fli? 4a. ....? ?*T. '? 'Jv !<??' * i1,? ' 8WW <t". ..??./? ss V" I ?hig't' " '' 12000 i.i rxi ftt. - ?* ? .<?*) In k T'i 1 ft. Ii> M't ??? ?? . ? *| ? .'OH I > A I'ttlv*. up *0 I * . ?? J" 's SOWI.t W* ?: iwoo <i?. ? ? ; ? 100 ?h? M??h Ift. ..11 '>?' ' , ? 1VI Jt?Si IJfc - - ,/ 40 Mi ''??in. 1"' '? ' ' ,'li' V) < lijithiiu Hi ^ ton ' * 2.VH ?ati? Ct? S 10?l 'l'l.. . "I ^ ' * ' . ' . ' j- I s> T- V . **' o ? t ' s IJ0 <to aM ?? Li" "k* S5 104 ?'??? ' *> ' - ' '* L ' , , * ICO -t" t?S ? 'i? ' , JL .. ?400 1. aid <??>?'! Ma I i 4" ^ "* * ?'" , ?t? -<*l 1 1 ? ' . . |MO?l.lkt' 1st MS) '-*?< li ?? ' * ??<? do WV ptt'inv aoA*t>. *1 Ten '00 >C< 1W >h? ? t r" ' 4S)'aitSI> ?... " Vi i ? Hit m . IKtC V: * n a ' ? . l(Olt< etl i' n * ? icmo J'r 'rt Bt ? V \ ia; ? ? J!s.-iO 4t>...,V 30 I 'I "t '' ... w 100 * ... ??O ' ?,'> I IT. II. *0 "* ?? * moo <"n a: iw) t"? "?^o " f ) , iNl Tf tv t-0 , 30 fcft'K 4' , v, ,-r. ?,*? |?i., II l^Uol^ . ? a 'W> < sat a (>?.., >**> *7?, I* 0? ? S ?JKi ('? "-""H " t- '?? if Ol M<V? 7 t ? " ' ? 1(39 ' ?0 O , Ml e<s. ? " M, f.j ClhCINK AtTf iSTOVt HALKM H\ Hfw cm d for fhr uwA' nuhf'J Au&ut ? ?2,000 Cot ami I** Kit Cu,2<i M rt 7 prct Hda.looditft 6,4)00 (ttuoand Minn ItR Co, 2d Mort 7 pr c? ltd- da 7,000 Oltr of Co* ^ pr ct Mi*, due 1 ,t Sep 1866. da 85 2.000 HilUlmrn' mill Cio lilt Co, 1 ,t Mort lid do 69i| , 1,MN) Co% And U'j KK Co, 10 pr rt Income H4> do 0# 1 20 aha Gtacin and Chirago ItKCu (?ud mtlll 27 I'm., llmo aud l?ajt.?n UK Co $4 64 Covington and Uxingt >n JUtCo (anl int);# SO t?>lumhu? and Xem* Kit C?> _ ^1 W C'duiMbua nud Xeuin Hit Co 91 ID little Miami iUt Co 280 Ohio and Mi?ninaipp4 Haiiroad Co , &nd latiMV 90 14 da Mk 41 ?' 44 " da 14* 1W> 44 " 44 44 do 13W 4 City ton nnd Cin Slmrt l^ne Kit 2:1 46 l-armcr m' IVtnk of Krutuek)' 100 CITY TRADE BKPOIIT. Satukuat, August 4?6 I* M 1 A?W.? The ealea embraced about 12J bbl*. pot* at pi 25. BuKAUW'tii ? The market m itfiidr, without change in tir iot*#. the aale* embraced about 6,000 * 7,000 Ubla., including common State, (it $8 26 a fW for taa?*j and extta Canadian. We*t?*rn common <0 fia^y Mitd at M I a Canadian ?a? tu good demau t, and the market ruled (Irtn . the fuilea were about I 000 a 1,200 hbl* at $M 62 11 $10 tor comm< n to cxtrn Southern wan a 11 fair rwjuwt, vt> itli nalea of 1,200 a 1,&00 hbla at $8 7 ? a #'<* far inferior to common, ami $0 12 h $10 tor good Alexandria and tie* rgetowu. and *10 a $11 toi fancy and cltri do., including a lew hundred l?r import It/e Houi ranged tr? in 50 a 7f? f ?r line and aupertiue t ?>rn meal wiirt dull and nominal at 9>4 t>-S Wbeot ? Thf mar ket aatfearler, the *;?len emt?ra ed J 1,000 a 14,000 bushela Teniieaeee and other South#*? n at IHOe a 190r for red, and , l> 1 hiimil lot* 01 gi??*l m hite. (V?in w an lower The*aie< tfmbraceit almut 4/i.U00 a *?0 OOObuxbcin We?te n mixed at K.;o. h We and 84 y, c , cio-m^ut 8 >. a andaoiu# jmr* elia-e- ivoiema?le loreafiort. Kye w ndui!and pru,e4noan ttiil . < ':it^ f hiciigu saito mill] a* Mk*. tb" ?f State a fid We-?ern mri'd^l .0,000 a '0.000 bu bt?i.< 1 6-k?. a 07c., chterty at f oe. a Tm c 0 Tffje market wm ? flrtn tint le .* AT*ire nale^ of 400 a 000 b ijjt 1 !i? ? weir made a' lO^c a lie., and *>o0 d?>. , ( aj-e a? lO'^c. ra h C'< <rn a 1h* of 1 fi00 bale, were made, the market closing f j rin. Hii.K irrv. ? To Liverpool 10 000 hunhelii of <? rt? w??re engaged in lOnp'M tiag^ at 4?-, t , an-l4.U(N)do t-? nil iiji at 4d. For the aitich* ?n hulk f?d. w.i ? naked, and 5-*J2il a ltkl. for rot ton. There wati n %<Mni demand f?*r d'*al fieigbta fi< m tb?' Iirit><di l'r?.\ lurew t.? I n^luii porta, and higher rati* were atJ ' d A t li < ? n< r, ?>( about 4.000 buabfda rapaeity w?^ eii.n ti red t?> bung wheat fr??ni Ocrncoke, N . at l'Jeent,, (>??? bu b- 1. and m-ne were Wanti**!, made neo? h ary t?? Avoid ?(uarantine bj taking m rtargo at Nurf dk. Tle re w>e no ebange t>p notice in I a t ? m f.?r II i \ re or California Hay ?I In- market v a? i|uiet a* M *2*> a $1 - u*kod ? .*ales ol C'ul/? mo eav,? |o wert? made a? ile. Naval Stuuj*. ? AlK>ut 50 hbU. ??jil r . were hiid a' 41 cent*, and 100 bbl?. Ofnnjue r"-in at 1 i'o\ 1'ork? 'Hie ^ale?? cmbs ace ! abou* 000 bliU., including cliirtiy new me? at $10* :^ ? new pHnic at Willi. ^ tu ^16 7 ? 11 m*? v*a. a? #1W ;;7. There were -*ile >00 a 44X) bnU. nour me at #17 aud of Miur prime >?t yj.i f?4j !!*?<>( ? iteidy li? \ 'J0*l hbU. were , including country prime, at hi 7.? a $10 26, and nie?- <|o. .? t ell a #? 1 J , U*?-| Imiiii nominal at $1A 1 >ld, and prime m- i at ft..! h Cut II cata steady , Allien, ].p>0 paek?"tg?*i at ill pri.-iM, Uird la lair demand, with n.ile- of about .00 lib!.. 1 ' 10*{ ? II ftut'er in fair demand, at 15- a 1H> t'-r Oiiio, and 17c. a 21c. for #?t-*it??. I L %"*' unrhaitgi'd. Hit K. ? -*"'i ie ? <f 10*) ? i^krt wer ? uta- a' >* ? *? 1 . Ratt-an*? <?0,000 Ibn were eoid at p t i Srt'Aiv ? ?Thi- nalei rmbra' -'d about >00 Cjba muacov.ido at f< a 0^e Mi l W>) bog"* l> mtu H.i iui at 7e. WiUMifcY ? Tli- nalea embranxl 200 ? iOOMiIi Ohio at. 41c. , and State pr 1 -on at 41 *?,< ADIER1MIKIT8 Rl'NEWKD KVKBV l)A\. SALEH AT AllTlOlt. A I JUKI II. MOOLAV, At I'll ,.M ? ?A KINK b !>??, f lr?M pl;?# I lj i.n? ?* ft;*' ?n, K Albert H McoLty v it! |o?U &1 auction on Tu^rf'biy, Auj(u*t 7, ?? \1 o'cl < t. , in front of hi* * il<* in No 11 J I 1 *t !????*, i fine lirnwfi lior*o, yi?a ? a old, kill'! fin I w.un't -in fill 1 lameiia, :??i l ai?t f" '?? ? trot *t*r, ir?d fiat AJeo, ji rm?f m ?>/? i?t nearly n?-vr, mi I a *??!. ? f plat.* 1 htr lie**, but very lit 1 1<* iimnJ ? the wholf forming i/ine e?*nO liniment, an *2 worthy f li?* ij < I my . ? ? u * ?i?f of niv #? 1 1 ? h Ih'-y .?!#? lh? property of a i'l??unn ?b ? eeli* Mi.fh f rii vi Hit of u*?? n :i . v . h'iit re*.o v itio.i. to 111' bv?M t !. I I'M AUlMfT II NH'nlJkV, At ?i/KAT AND attri>< *!fi* ot H ijM b li'ju >n u;i l?'i <*<???., ??? ) loueo lock Aib*vt II Nicolay v ill *?? ?iif u?m?, on luiwlny, A'tiiuti 7, it 11 o'clock, at bo* a io'T #om, 11 j It: o.i h* the entire *'?, of h of our ti V. import in# ho tint***, ? 'tkAi*4iintt i pi t of ho ' ? ?r?l * if** o?r 1 ? ?.n ' '.*??> i-Ucrr .?*, MnUirt h A. ? ?, l.OtiO ? ? e? v Julian HfiO ?*e* < li.i M ?i i, ,'??'? u ' H4) o' t.iv?* vim ? ' h pei . ?r berry, tin.- M port t**?n ?* till - nil ??'??' n:o hi *i ii 11' a, !? ?th p 1 |e h n? i l.u!., of IH4'> v.n#a/* II . it l .iru SiutTij #TiJ otbi'i Holland in, h'M'l.un M hrU'Tp#, I ? /* bn.-<U?*t*, *uperi?i olive oil. c I -r an<1 I noi' li v mi*, vim .vim, in barrel* and en*.'* champagne of vi r io?n braioi*. AU", about 7 ?,0U0 Havana ne/ar*. ? * I of v b < h m t v U in th<- ?? ^m i' par'. ?#?*.- h ? t?*l, uinl ?li'iiv? r? I f-i TH tb?* ' niti' l lbiri?IH Wnr boio* T?*rtn* ? t?*h, in hiirik&b&?* rnowj. NiU* p?rempt'?ry, un i fiTrt irt* '** on tb?' r?itaU^c?i?? Hfir ? fit<*?I ?* i??pf ? -? nt?-l f iiiijil^ n a h for f**}ii.ih ?n enrly on rn )rnin* "f m? l#> AII7I??N .\f.F~m OHIIKH Till MiKKin - On Wf'lfi#-*?!.i \ , A ij tr*? - 1 H at 10l| o'cl ?^k, at #*t- ?r?* No. 6 1, / in.- *li? . t Hv llhSlC^i H. 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