Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 7, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 7, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6H19 MORNING EDITION? TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. CASTLE GARDEN EMIGRANT DEPOT. fflDIOHATIOH MASS MEETING. Five Thousand Citizens on the Battery. ?CMC 1 TO i MX-POiSM* OK MOT. Speeches of Captain Bynders and Hon. David O'Keefe, &c., Ac., Ac. The citizen* of the First Ward, hnstllo to the flutabllfh ment of the emigrant depot In Castle Garden, aaacrahled 'lust evening in macs meeting on the Battery. The follow ing to the call:? Lmhu nation ? Citizens of the Empire City. iwMmbV." In your might, nod vindicate your right*) Citizen* do you wish to hure plagMO and cholera in Tour uiidstt Do you wish to have your childreu laid few with sinall pox and ship fevert American'*, remera Ih that Cattle Garden Is tlie place that wo welcomed our beloted and immortal Washington, And indomitable Jack Hon, and our chivalrous and ever faithful ally in the hour of oped. Lafayette ? have consecrated and hallowed that ever to be remembered and Hai red spot. On How lay evening, Aagu?t 6, at 7 o'clock, the eitUens of the First ward * ill hold a raasa moving on the Battery, for the purpose of adopt ins ouch measures ax will compel the Commissioner* of Emigration to remove the emigMnt de pot nuisance, now lie La at the Cm tie Garden, and to ex press their indignation and contempt for thoae men who would erect a cluiruel house in our midst, in spite of our most urgent wishes, and regardiesa of the health, pros perity and interest of the lower wards of the city. Several eminent speakers wili address the meeting, and wUU lay open to the public the fraud* and impostures of this Castle Garden humbug and monopoly. The histurr of this tut swindle on the poor emigrant will be reveal ed, and how the citizens havn been deceived by a net of rascally knaves and simulators, all under the color of law and the b?ekne\ed term protection of tl?? poor emi grant; and it wili be shown how they Intend to pay large salaries, to the amount of a hundred thousand dollars, which wiU be forced from the poor emigrant by outworn thjete-. speculator* and swindlers. By order of the Citizens ol the First ward. At the hottr appointed ? 7 o'clock P. M. ? thero wis no sign of any incencd citizens of the First or any other ward on or around the platform erected in the uuin a*J nue. opposite Castle Garden gate. Ttie Battery presented Its usual appearance of idle groups of Irishmen and Ger mans, lounging about or enjoying a balmy smoke after the labors of the day. The apple and cake and segar stand- were flourishing in their usual stylo, and hun dredf of bare-headed and bare-footed urchins played and gamboled about, or amused themselves in climbing on the platform. There was pome hope inside tho Garden when 7 X Ckine, and the stand was ?tlll unoccupied, that the Whole affair was to he a fizzle; and It was even suggested that perhaps the platform was not paid for ? but that was more malire. About tbi* hour, however, an excellent band of mode was heard approaching from tho direction of Washington or Grtfmlth street. It vil u bua<l accompanying a par ty formed at soon' rendoivoua in the neighborhood. Hie company marched up to tho main gate of the Bat tery, nod then punted down the avenue. Tho Tanguaril trim formed of Mime eighty or a hundred men In their abort sleeves, with huge pawn; rough looking customer* they were, and etch equal to a good vote ? marching in tiro line!1, and draggiug after them a piece of ordnaneo. The?e were followed by the band , and then, arm la arm, came about a dozen person* of aomcwhat more .importing exterior, who might he tmpposod to be the speakera, by whom the meeting w>a to bo addro.ssed. Then came tho main body of the company, with the national flag and bannera on which were inscribed the sentiment* of the party in EngtUh and German, riome o them road In this way:? //// A JUJUVY rutJTfCTASa flHAU. NOT RIM* X*W YORK. ^ J MMOl X TTIl KMIORITIOJI DYM TO rfOXK L-ILAVD U THK { p..W.< Will TW HAN1KH 1'HtyiDl.M Or T?* UHIU ( AK0C1ATIOS', | { Fl'Blii PAHkfi AND TOO 31 KM ADM! Ml C1TIKN8. > t/?w/ w/ w ?> *? WAIIT TR DOlilUM BWtt HKMOTO TOO* CAgllJI ( <.AKPK>. \ w// // w w // w/w// // o fw m * n rr w/ $ DOW.K 1HIM VaDT lOBKlBK THBOrrill I-W.liSLsrMV HY RHtBOAD WF"'t UtTDIV. h>:wakk or ship kkvlb. When the party got down to tbo flagstaff, the services <( tho pteco of ordnance were called into ro<iuUltlon, and some ten or twelve round* were tired. They then passed ?n ont of the Battery, and circumambulated till half put . ight o'clock . There wa> a good deal of excitement evidently at work in the mhid* of a portion of the party. There were Mime rumor* ot an attack upon the emigrant depot being pro jected, but tho city authorltieH had made efficient prepa ration* to give the expected assailants a warm reception, if anything co rath and Uwl-ss should be attempted. We understood that a number of the emigrant* wore conveyed to some other place of safety, and that tho Castle was garrisoned by some two <ir three hundred of the police force, beside* a Urge platoon which <M kept in reserve out?ide of the citadel ? tho Malakolf of New York. Tho km wk-'lge of tbU strong force being on hand to protect the laws, prevented any ebullition of popular in dignatioo. at least, in a violent shape. At all events, there were but few so interested at to be In duced to t??e (Art in any such lawless proceedings. The e'Mnents of disturbance were apparently confined t" aome two or throe scores of iU-dlsposed persona who liked the ?i>und of the ais-ponoAer. Wheu the procosaion entered the Battery a second it ?a> accompanied by an immense crowd ? at least Ave thou -and strong ? houting and cheering. There was ?!<o a great di-play of lighted torches, skyrockets, roman candle* he., A . Fs-Aldo ru. in Moomt <'alled the meeting u> order. r<? I i he call. M printed above, and nominated aa chairman ex Alderman Joseph Jamison. Tho nomination waa c m irnif I with bpplau-e. 'Die Hixmrr.vitT read tho following list of olllcn of tie nr "ting:? numiv, J'-?.Fll ,i \M1.-"?n. vk* r>urn>E.Mw. W. F. -ehmidi ChArlcs H*i?>r, tjornaiiiit VaaderMIt, J, J. llollestor, George W. C'urti , Samuel Auld, Henry Niehol , .1. Cllty Morrison, ftenhea Whitney. I'eter M. Bayard, Mcholoe IHmond, <"bauncy.St John, Abraham Moore. Arthur GfQmder, Jona* Hertlett, MCMTAJUW. Chinten r?tton. John R. Pryor. Wllliain L. Wiley, Jacob Ro?evelt, William Thopnp?<m .ltm< <i Rlijtt, John fl. Williams, Alfred Crooker. Tie' following set of resolutions wore then r-*<l an 1 ?dopted:? Where**, the Commissioners of Emigration, in c..nnec t on with other speculator* *p,,n public, right* an I f.-i <r? in public pa-turw, have uken posseaaton of Chatle t.arden and the Bntt. ry advent, in deflunre of th ? ?i?bu of ntl/s n- and tho tru>U upon which ?uch property isheM for th' pnMic twmdit ; and * h' re?< the ? hav'- . r. et,<i ther- I,n s nui'inre d?ng#r..u? tsi th' b- alth and destruc tire to th? comfort of all lit ng in the vicinity and sc. ff'ttid} 4rtrlnn to th' business Interests of 'th# city >? Urge, and have wholly destroyed th- Battery nan (.lace of resort fi r health md rteri-stion; and 1 1m ki hej have wioUt'd the pUcr coil*. i-T?t<- 1 by u*t trl amphal event of th- revolution, hallo., t by leal ronn^rt1f?n *ith and lsnfi>%>tUv aud f ^iWirnl to ry fo <A ritU- ti of N?*w York for it* tu t'td pMriotfo %?MHsUt(on?? ' w+. th? Aii* f*ff Sfw York, In mmm tlntf ipbM ?!<? nt-%4 Irf. fir-t, That rirw with tvirfHrm I -u thl? nr. ii-fi in th* j?i*rt r?f thr* OonmiMioinr* of Kfoi {rati <fif mhlthp U ?in?i?*r th?? 'i >n to tt?*' j> ir f>ih'nrmrti, U c?nlr A cJiMl in iw?m<? th?* v -bib from lo^ulir Iri1<? !)??? rofnopoly of fni4 t-> bf tli** fmi|r?nt *!???' r*k,*? ' ?vtJ*n. fMWtlfit "Hi*? th^ "iutwr# h at# th'ir C* fl I'A' ?? UN) of '.a-tk Oil den, in thla:thnt the) dcoin] the intent to in4 feed i emigrant* therein, win reas the truth U, the Brit d?y of their use of the prituiaet they did both, and have mvte arrangement* to continue Uir name, and al*o are tualilny free un of the Buttery, an wt-U with carts as without, all which in ill direct violation of their aworn intention*. Revolved, lliat thin iniquity began with a fraud upon the Legislature and the people, by procuring tlie pa-sngu of a law under which the lotablers of it hnd in view the praMpndon ot Castle Garden, that it ha* been allied aud abetted by the personal aerviceii of Thurluw Weed, whom* many daya' time apent in aaaistlng the ConnnU rlontra to determine what forwarding companies ml<iit and what rnlpht not aell tickets to emigrants, entitles him o the lasting giatitude of the protected emigrant and 'he Ci iit rh 1 Itailroad Company. 1'endved, That we n?k the riti?ens ;ind tax payer* of New York to iuquite wh\ it 1* that they hare been paying I'.enry K. Conklln 135,000 a year for tlveyeirs for the Huttery enlargement ? why arv they to pa,) him several bundled thousand more for the ae? wall r Is it that a nuisnnce may t>e -ustained f Why is it that Conklin can give hi.? leaie of t'antle Garden to the CommitaUxitr*, and pay them $10,000 a jear besides, for a he emigrant* while they are ?hut up in the walla of their ending place ?? called t Reanlved, That we demand of the city authorities nt i.'ice to cancel the violated contract* with Conklin iu res pect to the Battery and Otitic Garden, and to eject hi in ir> m the Pattery a* a public nuisance. l;e*<<lved. That we have great distrust of tho propriety of lhat business done in Castle Garden. which Its c. indue tor* seem to think requites for its defence the bravado of carrying to Its aid pistols and Ix.wie knives in an opeu basket, by davHght. resolved. That tli? courage of Commijoiinncr Kennedy, in flourishing hia pi-to] in defence of the poor emigrant, la only equalled by the Imminence of his danger, as ap pears by his published statements in the newspapers. P.erolvvd, That the Mattery ground-, including Castle Garden, have been given to the public for their use, that it la our right to eujjov that use in an unrestricted m in ner: that the establishment of an emigrant depot in Cas tle Garden, as it is in fac t conducted, Is a most danger ous nuinanre. destructive to the health, pence and quiet of the neighborhood; that it needlessly create.* in our niidift a smallpox, ship fever and cholera hospital, and that it might instantly to be abated; and we e?ll upon the Corporation of the city to exert, without delay, its p< wer to remove thla pe-t, which, in it* present place, is a mere private speculation, founded on the plea ot be. uevokaice, and which, thus located, will always be highly detrimental to the general wel&rc and prosperity of the mnst buslne-a part of the city. Reaolved, That we deprecate violence, but we must und will have relief from this great wrong. I /mil cries for " Ryndert," " Rynderi." Captain Etadkm> came forward in response to the call, mid amid luutl cheers, said? Kelb w citliens: I believe I wit* not sot down to speak here to-night, and 1 am sorry mr wilier gentlemen wan not exiled '>n. Hi- understood tin-re w.^re t<> be aome <-ml n?nt speaker* here tonight, and lit- hoped there would be. He regretted there were not nwrc able men to ad dress tlirm. Tiny kept hack because the nubject was nut popular. Cor himself lie <lld not rare a pIpkI" ?tra? whether tin- movement wai popular or vva< not. Ill* addressed them an an independent man, this question Interested every man In the ritv aud county of New York, and every man haviug un interest in that shnuld| rai.-tf his voice against the emigrant depot. He liked to come down and enjoy the sea breere ou the (lat tery. Tiny cannot, however, bribe the Is-glslature to control the w indu, as they may, perhaps, be bribed to do other things. This is one of the strangest ways that ever wan dreamt i>r to improve a city, to put a pent house in their midst. (i-augliter.) Does it adorn the Battery g? fCtles of "No, uo. " ) If it was an ornament, they should Lave put it in Cnion aquare. (laughter and cries of "Aye, among the big bnga."^ We must, however, defend our rights an beat we ran; and I hope they will not fire their guns upon us from the Battery. ftaughter.) He had nothing to say airainat Thurlow Weed or trie Commis sioners of Emigration ; but if they fired upon them from the citadel they would tire hack in return and take Hebaatopol. (laughter.) The authorities quarantine vessels from Southern porta where there may be yeliow fever, and yet they dump down emigrant* from fever ships, herein our midst. They taLe no means to guard agnlnst contagion in the Xirst u a id. lhe IMhaln here detailed a conversation which be had had ?48l an up to\?n gentleman, aud made his audience laugh. He did not counsel violence, but they bad a right to com e lu their primary capacity and approve or disapprove of any public question. And he hoped tho day was far distant when the aristocrats should deprive them of that right. Therefore he hoped they Mould not fire upon them. As to this monopoly of putting the profits from emigration into the pockets of tiie few, it is a deception practised on the emigrant and a fraud on the conuuuuity at large. H i? a fraud to legalise a few men to plunder the emigrants and prevent hundred* who used to do ao without law , from getting a share. ( (.slighter.) Money was spent in the legislature to give to these wv lioj-olUte the exclusive right of robbing the poor emigrant according to law. 'lhere was an arrangement binding the emigrant who goes Into the country to gi the one way, ami at the one prise, and that prise a rather high one too. The endgrunt when he gets to Chicago uuder this sys tem, Hill tiud be has paid more to get there than he V<<uld have done last year. But thank find, there was one honest man in that List I<egi*l?ture who stood up agaiust this iniquity, and that was the Hon. Itavid ti'keefr. (Cheers. I But w hat could he 4n against the money bsgsV After a few more excusatory remarks the Captain withdrew amid much applause. Hon. Iiavw O'Kiatni waa tbe neit speaker. He called jartlrular a:trntlon to the large numberof person" who hare arnmbM together to denounce the outrage which hart been committed upon the people of the first w.vrd. He was not one of those who voted for the hill, which he rigaided as a legislative swindle against the people of New York. If Its true character had been known, it never would have passed through that tnidy. Thl< vl >la tion ef tbe people's rights had no mitigation whatever. It wa.- a gross fraud and the bargain with th<- le??ee of Castle liard-n should never ha*>- been made by the Com mon Council. The Hatterv was intended orbfinally as a place for the citirens to recreate themselves In, ami it wss not supposed then thM it would be converted to -uch a n??, or that the fresh air from the ocean would !> tainted with jxMllential diseases All this was done, It ? as raid, from motives of philanthropy but could this lie the ci se when the poor emigrant would lie confine I in Cartie Warden, ami not allowed t<v >^s,. even his relatives, although ho might be dying t Itwn- rather an attempt to rob hlin tinder the authority of the law The speaker concluded by eihorting the people to petition the Common Conncll to take measure- to have the odious bill abolished, and to preserve the Battery for the hoalth and use of the people A motion was made that the meeting adjourn till noit Monday night, which wa- carried. A proce<?lon ?i< then formed which passed up Broadway, bearlug banner- and torches, and preceded by a band After smi-inir tb-m relve- in this harmless and peaceable m inner, they dis persed quietly to their home Hon. Mike Walsh. I anlel B. Taylor, and The-slorc K. Tornlirison were pre ent ?t the meeting but owing to the latenesn of tbe hour they did not speaV. It is their inten tion, however, to addre>- th" rie*t meeting with the exception ot Mike Walsh who leaves bj the xteamer on Wednesday the Hth Inst., for Kn rope. Aniwrr to (Mvftitor Iteeder's Letter. AfTrso ttvr*rTA*v or andkkw h. hkkokk. l^j-aicrtavT ok f*riTK, t WAMimnro*, .fuly W IMA. f Sn? You r communication of the v'Ath of June ha" been received and submitted to the President. In reply, be directs me to ?ny that after due considera tion of the explanations which you offer in regard to your purchate of Knnsa half-breed land and th- facts in the case aa reported to him, and communicated to you by the I ej irtmeot of the Interior, he finds nothing in tho e explanations to remove the Impressions which he hid previously entertained of tbe cbaraeter of those tran-ac tions. He directs me further to say that your communication is not less unsatisfactory in what it altog'-the- omit* to explain Hie letter addrrs-c*l to you by tut* Iieparttnent on the 11th ult . , distinctly mentioned other grate mil tcrs of accusation of the ?ame rla*. You a>?ume that when circumstances exist, in the conduct of a public of ficer, which require the question of bis from i dice to be considered, it is the dut.i of tbe Kxccutive t<t mske foimal ai?M-ificati</tis of charge and upon this er n.neous presumption vou withhold i xplanation in legard to the matters alluded to, although thev were (.eculiarly within your ow n knoweledge, and you could not but l>e well aware that some of them, more espeeisll) the unde, taking of sundrj arsons, yourself included to lay ou'. new cltie" on military or otni r reservations, In the Terri tory of han?as, were undergoing official investigation w tthin that Territory Ihe incc.jri| letene? - of that investigation, at that time prevented it' tieing sjsjken of eipllcitiy by thi? lieoait ment; but it was taken for granted that you would kiie cheerfully volunteered etplsnations u|M>n this subject, so far aa you weie concerned, more particularly as y?u had summoned the I*gi -lathe A- eioblj of the Territory to me?t at one of the place* reterred to, denouiiriated In your official proclamation, '? Pawnee City." I hare, tkeref'tre. by directtou of the President, to noti fy you that your function* aid authority as tiovernor of tiir Territory of Kansas are hereby terminated. 1 am, air, respectfully, your obedient seriant, WIUJAM firvnot. Acting Heeietery of State Am rkw U. Ilni >r.u l>q., b< vernor of the Territory q Kansas. I>E*T*ccTiri! Frnr w Newark. S. .T. ? A flrt> broke <mt al>oot h&if pnat I'o'cl'K-k thi.-t morning, In the lar^e BMNrfbrtor^ No*. 2!?4, Z oi iirnl 2 Mul iicrry gtrMt. which, with uiw?t of it* ont??nti, w,m fDOMljr destroyed. It wan occupied bv Mr. John H. TtiUJe, axle tnaker ; Mwwrx. [). w. Haker A Brother, 1 jeweler* ; and Mr. M. Price, edgr tool maker, who lost moat of tbeir Ktork and tool*. Mr. Tntlle'a loo* ia estimated at f4,0(>f?, injured for 12,400; Mr. I'rlce'a Ion* ia aboot 14,000. inmired for 18, 000 ; and Meean*. Kaker'a Ion* ia alioat 12,200, injured for ?1.000. The lioUding wtwi owned by Meiars. Vn <?<? \ Tattle, whoae Wmm thereon i* IW.'MX), in*ur?'d for 91,900 : making the total Io*n by the fire | >400. It wa? doubt less caused bv an incendiary, a* Mr. Tattle wa* through tbe bnifding between 7 and H o'cb?rk laat evening, which wa* then all aafe. Pi been no are there sinct- 6 o'clock Saturday aftern >on. wben the engineer swept otit bis furnaces. The fire brv>ke o?it in the rear part of the building, where it wa* thought then- w;i* no eomhuHihte matter Hi ? Hakerw stwed ronmdi-ntble r.f their s''? k in a large awfe, which witt st<??i the action of the fln fnr aevrnJ bouro.? IhnJf Adrtriurr, *>U mat. MUNICIPAL AFFAI&S. BOARD OF 8UPKKVTHORH. Alrirrmnn By in the clutir. The uiinutri of the l*Jt meeting were n*-l anil itpprnvul. thk ream * murium' mix*. Sveral bills from the CVu?u* Manlialx, varying from $'6 to 9200 eacli, were rt-cei ved and referred to the coi?? mittn1. ni* nun: ok c-htitu.vo as kxiitkd o*. Tlie bill of William 11. Heydock. for ax-iixtintg Vrancix MrKmny in rapturing an "excited" ok, Id Mghth aTe nne, D' lvr Jaok*n xqoare, ($60,) ??t referred to Commit tee on Crimiual Conru. X1U. Cut Tilt PKAKt II OV TIU Al IJBIKD BI.VTWIl Of UI1X too LB. There xeemx to l>e no end to the bill* coining In for the different part ion engaged in the pnriuit of l?ui? Baker, chtirg^l witli the homicide of Poole. The bill of <??or;?e I'rwli-riclii for $^00 for tin- nerricex nx xargeon on baard the Imrk Orarwwbot. in xenrcli of Uouix Baker, ?a.< referred to the CcminitU-e on Criminal Court*. Several other bilU were alio referred trt th* renpectlTP committee*. ihx izoal (i>nt*rrri tjon <>* tub iuiahd. A communication wan received from the Corporation Counsel. in anxwer to a resolution of the Board of .Super vU? r.., Nfawttll hix opinion ax to whether the Buard i< legally couirtitutvd and organ lied, and competent to tran>. act any and all buxlnea* proper to come tx-fore them, pro Tided neither the Mayor or Hecorder U preaent. Mr. I illon concludes hi* letter by xtating: "1 am of opinion that the Mayor or Recorder in an integral part of the lioiird of Snpervixora, without whoim presence a meeting of the Board would not be legal." tWK KKMik-OT AT AHMM HIIW7MI TO ITUX.HUI TIIK A.?H+>5IKVT MUA A cotnmunicat Ion wax rweirw) from Ute Tax Commit xlonerx, In anxwefto it revolution of the Hoard raipect. ing the nwcwmtnt rolia, and eucloxing a cop y of a letter froin Comptroller Klagg. iu which that gentleman ?tat#< that, axxumiug that the lJr>urd h.ive confirmed the axxe-x ment rollx, he hud given Inxtructionx to the Clerk of Ar renra to proceed immediately to make the entrle* on the roll*, required by the act extaliUxhing the Bureau of Ar rear*. llie communication wax ordered to be Hind, and the Sergeant at Armx wax ill ne ted to procure the aasexxment roll*, and have them for the Board ot their next meeting. Adjourned to Wednesday next, at 4 o'clock. BOARD OF ALDERMKtf. The Prerideut, leuuc O. Barker, Fjwj., iu the chair. The miuuteii or the bint meeting Hern mid and upprovcd. PAFKM KxmtHB>. Feveral petitions for flagging street*, he., were re. reived and referred. Several memorial* and remon strance* of underwriter* and ship owner*, kc.. agaliiet the removal of the floating dock piece at pier 37 Ku*t river. Rcfiurod to a special committee. Other petition* mere received in faror of the removal. KMSlLl TION*. Alderman W. Ti'CnB offered a resolution directing thn Commissioner of Strict* nnd l*mp? to report to the Board, at it* neit rff%eU ng. by wh'ise authority the spaco around Clinton market is occupied by s tarn Is, to the in clusion of country people. Adopted. Alderman W. Tl'CKKR offbrad another revolution, calling upon the Stri et Commissioner to report the number of permit* granted by him for vault* iu the *treet*, the amount of money receive! for auch permit*, and what I dispoeitioo ha* been made of the same. Adopt' 1. i Alderman Iwaki offered a resolution, directing the Manhattan (ia> Company to lay the mains, and light Broadway from Klfty M'Cond to fifty-ninth street, and Fifty-eighth atreet from Broadway to Ke\entli avenue, forthwith. Adopted. rkhoval <>r on*i mux or A communication was received from the Comptroller, with a proposition for the removal of dead animal*. offal, ic., free ofexpeu-e to the city, anal ordered to Ik- printed, and made the special order tor Thursday next. oonncMuno.N ro* uurwiw. The report of the Finance Committee, concurring to re Biunerate Bat id K. Jessup tor injuries n-celv isl by liim in consequence of being throw n from an omnibus In State street, from the defective *tate of the pavement. The committee recommend the *um of $o<J0 to avuid litiga tion. Concurred In. A MOXCHKNT TO W lHJII?IITOV. Tlie petition of W. lattiug. jf..r public ground on which to erect a Washington monument, was presented by the Alderman of the Twelfth wa.'d, and referred to the Com mittee on 1 and* and 1 lace-. The petitioner suggest* the l attery as a suitable place for ?uch monument. P05ATK1* TO TH* lirmiT MTOUABT. Tlie report of tlie Finance Committee, concurring with tbe Councilmeii to donate the ?uin of $.'>,000 to th ? ilemllt I ispen. ary, *?.' coneurred In. another mac i> hi* irmrrn wai kir a?tai* | The petition of John ti. Wintres ., t > he paid JIW'? aj rvlccs In watching the wreek of tlx' ship Joiepb Walker. Riifemd. titk i fnu.rt ov??tmj ros trait, Tlie petit !?>!! of citlxcn* of the nth ward, opposed to the cleaning of streets by contract. Referred. POSAWON TO WiiMPN* HOWTTAI.. The report of the Finance Committee concurring with the Councilnien to douate 12,600 to the Women'* Hosjd tui. Concurred in. iMvrrATtox Hi rx< i khios. Alt in* itstion for the celebration of the first anniier.a ty of the establishment of the Mechanic*' >hirt Store, by a" grand excursion to Bridgeport on Tue-'lay. the 14th was accepted. ni* rin> iiWAKTwrxT. A communication was received from the Chief Kn gineer, transmitting divisions cd the lire Com missioner'* in rase* suhu itted to them. MKCTIMi* op Til* IKiAKU. Alderman Bltnvv mo\ ed that when the Hoard adjourn it adjourn to meet on Tuesday evening, and every evening except Saturday and Sunday until the session i? completed. Adopted. the Hoard theu pro' '-Med to Ule up paper- from th Councllrnen. Adjnu rned t? T>ie day. BOARD OF COtrXCIl.MKN. The Board of Councilmen commenced theii meetings for the August term last night, at their room* In the j City Hall, the President of the Hoard, 1> D. CVnnover, In the chair. The minuter of the last meeting were read and approved. Petitions were flrst in order but none of any impor tance were presented. Revolution* were next iu order, hut only t*o or thre? were presented, which were in reference to Improve ments In streets. Among the report- presented was one by T>r. S , W. Itauney, chairman of the i |?eelnl committee r>n the Wind Instituton, which will c .^. up for action to- | niKht. From this report it appenre the affairs of this In* I vtitutlofi are in a verr quejrt|r>rwhle con<)ltlen. fh*1 em ployes nnd Superintendent refuse to app> nr l-efore the 0 muiittce and te-tify. The conimlttee have appealed to Mr. liilbm, the Corpora t 'on Counsel, to haveth *r powers defined, and the Counsel make- no answer to the com mittee's appeal np to this time. The chairman of tlu' ci mmittee, f>r Hanney, expre?-e? hii Intention to go to the farthest extent of bis powers in the iuve-ti/ation of the affairs of thi- institution. He is confident of misma nagement in this institution, as said In report. Among the communications pre-ented was the R.llow ing repi.rt of the Chief Fngineer -.? A.NNC4L RKI-OHT O V THK 0BIKP RN?1NKKR. riKi. iHO AirmitsT. Cuid> t Align- 1 I, lSS.'i. ( To Tilt. lI'iS'imAMl Til* I ' vwiiv Oif'M li t? I i S.VTI /Hits I ri accordant with the ordinance direct ing it I re?|. -tfuliy s ubmit my Annual Krport, sUting the nil rater of tire and alarm* th* amount ot damage :n 1 ach month -mce the ia-l rep.,rt. tiic < oiutitlon of th? hou i - and api?r:it?i- the -tjle and calibre ol the engine., when f.nd by whom built K *. Al-o the name, ran*. n-iSnre. and occupation of every member of the ile pertinent nan., ng each company ?? para!' Ijr? tbui -hoi ing 'he number of meu in each organisation. It will i.i eentha' - me e- u.|ieni? hive nearly 'h.-ir full ci mplemen* r,f men while other- have not enough t. I '? t. n eftr.1 lit d'lty Thin may be attributed in a gr at inea.ure, to the large number organUed during the 1 s i>t five year-' to 1h* lieu diaracter and diaorderlv eon duct i t in ii r i > i t th' ir memtier- which I e? ps watt; g ? 1 nn n ft' m ji ii.ii-g the ueparlment and drive. fith?'? Its I rnkn 1/ the law. and ordinances ree.-nrly [?? -e.1 n enforced, and the Ifc-ird of fire t <mmis-i 'ner. folly . u-tained in their efforts to ren< va'e th? dej irtrnen' it Will permanently remove (hi evil* allude) to and plaer it i n a be-ie thet has never be*u attained m this or any other ci'y In the re]-?>rt of l??t vear I ?tated that th" ' ' h' *? was tneofltcient. *1ld that flftv thre<- t1 . twrt wee lequire-t t. gire all th c o.p^n.e. v fullsiiiply, since whicti but twenty th' ? 'i I '? et lo teen f'l rnl?be>l, ronse.{iiently C ere i ' a great " ireitf which ia -everely felt liy the fepartmerit Tti ? '. .'I he renie.iie.1 by >' !-.? t tws .tv ih ; forthwith to prori'le for the eflgencU'. f th c . ng winter lh" fi- e >...-ains in ?? h mj iry t.v and other vet, Id, , pa-sing over it when atretcbe-l in th* -tr*#t? t< r fire j urpos<- 1' met ">??. i ? th .t '?? ? I. ?trov more property thin th> y ? ?? 1 e-w'- w-> -I " h Icing bor?t in this way. to rdiwrue -V .1 1 '?< ;ii'i iite.l I', prevent i? In fot'ire ?Jhe fire alarm teiegrsph. erected by C H< Mnn n, F#'| < ' Ol eet log the -over || tell t ? e-1., w : V. a lio ' . 1 its value becomes m' rs ap|*iiert to t'ie |fc?j>afttn' nt daily A- an additional and important impr v< i.ciit in Its ' ferat.' n I would . t that th' r. -I ie-i- ft-. engtro^ i ? the t?e|l t'-wer- an l .'ip(^ .t j- '-.e, ?.e - o li.rte-l III such a way that ala n an be . in>" ; ate'; given fr< m i.e houne t.. ?aeh of ttie <.t>,i th > ms. -eg ' vi ? ne h'indre.' stations i n 'e, i eight > *t , * " ' It* J Uti of s . 'king to Vie s. rn*-what a" ' '. ? '11 a 't e hreakir / < it th* cf.nitiany l- alel in the v nity will ettiiiguieh It if po??t'le "t?,t if a< tan e I. re^a. ?* ! ?h'J w I t'ansnilt Ibe aiartr to the other#, an I ai Uie s': ?? Mo' to the crigins?en and to th* t< W - '.c na'hjn?-*, 'et tn mo'ion by tho atwpi* toi'h fa '?? wi:. ntinne ts> five the Hist, i/t ar. l mn/s ' ? [*| ??? " '? '? 'if the ala-11, f. . oigrii ?? . th' -'a'M '?*, w that ? iaitr^g tafvii?a'i..a? W the locality of the ft re can obtain it by stopping a m -m - it iu front of the liouae of nny ttro company ? tw machine laing *o arranged that it f* rutapaUwrj uu the pi uf those transmitting the alarm to five their own numSi-r, thus fixing on thrm nil rMponaiMlitv. If ? V,"n> "f ?hi* description win adopted. tunny small tire* would be ex languished without ringing the alarm bells, and sen liag the apparatus in every direction to no purpose, while, if Mntfirjr, information would be instantly transmitted to all the companies of the Immediate locality of the Are. and they would pri* eed direct thereto, and consequently reach it iu a much shorter time. There are many advan tage* that woui<! accrue to the Department, an l to th" geiicittlly, li/ th* adoption of this system, whi<-h your honorable l**ly will readily comprehend up >u due consideration of the matter. I trust it Will receive your early alteritiou. The members of the Ia-|iertiiieut residing. and tho*e doing business in the lower part of the city, are sadly in need of u proper nUrm lu-11: the on* on the Post OAc<- la enliit-iy too sniull. aud then- being no lookout to the cupula, I would recommend that a tower If erected iu that vicinity, and supplied with a l>ell. weighing Dot less than 10 000 | sou nils. Mr. Al?r?*l K. Maker, employed by Uie Insurance com panie* to Investigate the origin of fires, report* that during the year ending May ;ij, lMi Are* have been pur pou-ly set. IhU conclusively prove* my previous state local a, that onr half the tires were the w >rk of d<"d|(n. Me alao report* that twenty-bur person* were arrested, all of whom wcie illschai ged except three. The chief cam*- ?*hy HO few arc arrested and convicted. K, that the present Fire Ma ml. nl ha* no authority to act, wept by iu each caseproturing warrant*, kr., from tbe city ma gistrates. Tlie nuinlier of fire* for the peat year 1? much less than for any o! the setcral preceding ones. Thin may lie safely attributed to the fact of a probable luve-iigs ti?n Aa the year advanced the number luta gradually decreased from what they were at it# tieginoiug. Being aatiilled that the investigations of an officer duly authorized to proceed forthwith would be attended with still more 1 i iii-firial reaulta, I would again urgently recommend an ??ailj application to the Legislature, for the appointment of a Fire Marshal, with power to proceed at a magistrate whoae duty it shall la- to thoroughly investigate the cause of ev?rv fire that occur*. The law adopted winter, placing the Department under the supervision of Fire C* i ni ml ?s i one r( , elected by the representative* ot th<- several companies, t?r exceed* in Ita usefulness the moat sanguine expectation* of Ita friend*. The Iloaid ha* been In existence scarcely three months. yet have rid the Depart ntent of a large proportion of the die reputable character* attached thereto , and ere long those that reuiaiu will be reached, utiles' they con duct themselves In a becoming manner. When nUscon duct Ih reported to the Commissioners, they ? with tho function of your honor* bin Ixtdy ? <?* n remove the go 11 ly paitlea, and prevent them from again becoming member* of the Department, Hut here their power end*. The miscreant* who have been removed can ? an-l ra? ay of them d?> ? unite with the runner.* and create disturbances bet w<en companies. A case ot thla kind occurred re cently : a com puny complained of lielng attacked by a toeini'cr of another ; on investigation, it a a* ascertained that the person committing th? a*?ault had been pre Vioualy expelled lor offeiiaea of a aiinilar niture, and l? now but a runner ; the itggrlvved parties, therefore, h id hiin arreated, but by givlriK security in a men- n?tnlnil sum to keep the peace lor a short lime, he was liberated b) the judge. A* It generally occurs that tlieae rowdic* have too luucli political influence to receive their ju*t desert* from our |OVtl} 1 would hugg?-<t ? il PMMUl' tlonul ? that application If made to the l^eglslature to clothe the Fire (.'ommissloneis with full judicial power, to be u-.ed by them only in cases of attack, or otherwise Interfering w Ith firemen while in the discharge ol their duty. '1 he Department la composed ?including twelve engi neer- ? of -',<m men, enrolled iu il> engine companlei. Mi hoa? ciopiiilea, lJ hook and ladder companies, and 4 hydrant companies. 2V engines, ?1 hose carriages, and H hook and laibh r trucks are In g' <>d ord< r. I engine' and 10 Iiom- carriages are iu ordlmtry condition; 2 engines and 3 truck* aie inditfereut, and 11 engine-, f> hose car il.-u.H" and U truck are building Nearly all the compa nies for which apparatus are building, arc usiug old mi'" There Is also 3 good engine- In the public yard, Noi 11, 15, 18, and one building, No. Ml. the rmnpanici of which have all been dlsltanded by tha OmiiuUc loner except No. 18, which wii- previously removed by the Common Coun cil. 'Ihereli in inn- 7'J,t?00 fayt of hose, of which &4.BMJ feet Is in gm>d condition. 1 feel that, in Justice Isj the members of the llepartment, 1 cannot close thl* rejs>rt without saying a word compli mentary to tlie vrry excellent order that a large unjorlty are endaavoiing to maintain, and while the n (mrt shows * ilecrea-e of between three aud fiur hundre l men, yet the la rwrtment ?as never more efficient than at preient. I trust thut the friends of good order will uot weary in well deing. 1 Would urge upon the in'-nilw r* genernlly t? ilwaj* endeavor tu Ih- respectful and courteous to each other when on duty, whatever personal diStrence muy exlat between them, and that by the appointment of Committer a wnr amall grevianc-- or misunderstanding b< tw. en rompaiiK ? may b.- arranged without complaining of each other, and, under no circumstances, to attempt retaliation for any real or siippofH-d injury. Ke?peo!fulty ?ubiiiitted, AUIU-Ji CA1WN, t'Uiel Knguiecr. ?v HXDVLK OK I'lHKM. 1'rar. Month. J-UI* /,<>?? on />/?? or/ Mm. Alarm.' Hiil-lnur mi? August 4:1 2;, tai.mi N-pt?aiih*-r 20 1? m 400 October T, l.i 44 0 M Xi.MQ Novrtubvi X'! l'J M 0T6 t d) J4)l December M U 57,^211 11Z A77 laW? January 17 lit* . WK> HI 1.1.1 February 24 7 W.W1 lot i.ji March 40 11 H.'.'.jH ??> (? ?? April 25 8 4 (Ki'i .,0.7'^? May 27 M 3U.MQ 140 liii June -2 12 12.8A0 41 f.'JO July :X) U 4 tWO 16,'iJQ Total ail 149 ?81S?,7IW iho ik-ard then adJourne<t till thi- evening at fire o'chrt-k. THK BOARD OF HKALTH. !h< P* aril of Health. wliirh ctnpri :~e* nil th* ro*ml>*r of the Common Council, h'11 a mietinK yr-tcrday alter a t) at three u'cli/ck . in the ch:"iil>er of the ! b ><? ril of touncilmen Isaac O. darker the actinir Mayor In (hi rhuir An no per.a?n in the <?( an out -l-!?-r I- allowed to U< pri-ent at the meeting* of thl< Hoard we ar e nnal/le t' furr.lah onr reader* with n report of the pr reeding-* whi<har? alwaya (trtfUlljt frum the public Wi- a c rcdialdy Informed, h?n< ver. that no l>u finrv of much Importance ?-?< tranaa<led inltbat in fact, the meeting if yeeterda) ?ra? little more than an or (fc mzation of th? lloard. The Ntuitary condition of tha city, our informant aa?ure? u?, haa rarely lx*n belter ho C< in| lainte whatever having been made rr?l?it !?<? to It Ihl" tfrtnlaljr |a a Mc??In* during th'* preaent aeaao n. in I aho-jra the vigilance and ear* nnrl wl hy the C?tni?il? aiinrra of Health and the Mood etteete that follow frmn the clean condition in which the -its h-?? liaen ktpt lately t otlng Uw oMliM ?f the Ikmrd yeateriay a reflation wna 1 1? >sed requiring the member* t ? inert every Miit.r. afternoon. Ho lice Intelligent*. wholmulk AnnKHT or AUKtoru vovierr hmtviu. S>ni?- day? ago Juatice Hr.-nnan. of the Third DMrtct folice Court, rewlwd Information that there eil?t< -1 in fullivan utreet an *xten?ivc ({an* of counterfeiter* who purpoMd circulating threea on the Mercantile (lank of Providence, R. L Accordli j(!y, on Sunday night he de apalrl.ed i flicera Martin Mct'lurky and Campbell .f the Third District Court, with a warrant for the *rr**t of the (Uinatea of rear botw No. IDMIIfan ?tnol The < fli cera proceeding to th- -tot, arre-t?d John <? nway I atrick Murphy and Catharine Manning "n ??-archlii/ their per-ona, t fi?- .(Hn-ra found one of the counterfeit* In Mtirphy'a pocket, which he endeavored unaucee. .fjtly to ?wallow. While thla work w?< go<nj( on io?idc the pre, aonie one put hla head inaide the door, and *'? ?* I fig th> fdRcvra there, immediately atarted off but waa caught by officer Martin before he had made much progrea.. ||< w >a then Identified a> the hiwioa fewtnard f*?vi.e wlio had frequently b"oti in trouble t*f>re for b<iiiK en(f?(?,<J |n the dan* roua bu-ln a of eon n tiTfeltine:. The oWcera frt^m thU place proceeded to No. 40 n"o*trr ?treet, where three a trieo, riane 1 Mar jf?r"t< alUltan, Marfan t Kller auo Mar|(arrt l^rey, ?fe alro arretted ?ti u?piel< n of ladnjj ? nynije l in Uw }???? in^ of -purlutia bill*. I r< iu lufotiitatlon <>t>taine<t from ..|4e of t.'ie... wi/Bien U?e oflt -era pr.<-- led to tl?e d?. Ilinrf place > f a w .nian nami'l Kjleti Ta^art, No. 4 J flactr r rla'e ttraiijfe) atreft, wlUi a pro-p< ct of niaki/if a 'la'il of th* counterfeit at i If, hut in thl* th< y r tiwpp i ?U l. ?? ?rrrytbimt atxmt Kllen'a ? UM! ol \>ii ?e.| p f> ?Mly fn i- fi> m jutlt Ti e ofll ra ay t, at while tl.' _v wri makinK the arreata hi "'iilllTati ?tr? ' Mf Ta*/a ' received wordfr m one i,t the party to hl'b ? hat K-./ i ? rn ii< y >h" had ui her In- ? the fh ? r ? p- i bly pay a vleit. AJ1 lir pri" ? ? r? arr. b' te Juetlce |tr< noan yeata i'iay in at th^ f. ? Varkel lu|c? Ci.-irt, when ,otf ? ?? i..u-i ? M f it amlnat>> n Tb?# prU ru r?, It la ? ,pp.. el. U?e f Ut la^i rltrndwlj ' iiifttfi'i clrc latin/ c*>oritarlelt t?llla on '! ' v* Hitik of tlii?clty, Tra<!' -m Itor. ? t I laii>lphia rant '4 W>e, -ter , aiet tU Jtercantlle l ank < f I r- vMenca, KhicV Irland. ? nt?or or rALKC rr.rrtM r? aoai Hit aw kkit*)*. Vf1er :ij af er?r,,n. Pr< -c t | llarrit ed ' r and pr'priet'r t-f th* SKtntth 1 1 t w-kly ?*???' l.mlUat In dlmenai' n and '?i r ^ Ut . o wa? arreted rn?ch?'f? fd? fimndir f I'hilip ( Carwitaen < ?? r.f TV n uipiaia aiit ?.. '#? ? ' hat h> waa rr^fair ! '?> Hairla t/ ( ? On a j ?l< ,?,*?? >h* -'W-ftth - iuly aa ?'.<w< to..' - a ?'?*' and 'ake charm < f a at -ck . f ate) ???? awle | agent f or the .Vann|/lk<tij that he (fcie the m ia?t IVi aa ?ecir.ty i hat wharn he arrival at lit Jadel^.h a la f >a4 oti< 'ha' 'he reprraa^nta'.' na n.a?1e hy H?rr?? w. ? (al?e and fraudulent and made wl h th? n'eot to ct,?at and defraud c. n, j Uinaet. The aeeu^ed In hla *%?? .'na?l- 1 ala'ed that he waa <iu|t* w.iJine In *a* farwitken up la t uaineae In Philadelphia If he w iM 'mly t ll?er? Jr.' -t'.'i^y he Id the afetiaed Vo t%tl 111 lv lua f ? VKl ?, aoawwt ^ e.te- day <'a|'?m l#tta i, f th< ?*??? ntli war I f aided by "fl|e#r fHiflott made a decent apa IU pr? rnleea No IS ?tra?t aad arreatad two fmag tmu ( * n( U.'i' naaMa aa Jnt.n Van Patven aad Jaaeph .hemp" 1 aaaptei.* r,? heief Var*ta?? lnth?!?f"??? If. -.1 ? Ol'tiii, f i, rl?, ?ai nature suitable for the lit t ici^c out of inf amount of bur glars There u?n aim a lot of valuable goods, consisting * t *ilk* and jewelry, found ou the premises. which it i Mjppo>*d arc the proceeds of some burglary. Tin* ?rcu ?ed weie brought before Justice Wood. who coinmitUwi thcui for examination. t riAKOK or 8TKALIN0 4 IIOtWB AND WAOON. Thf ii a** and Timothy Collin* were wreated yoater?1ay, ? harped with stealing a horse and a agon vmluod at $'M0, I the property of Michaet huffy, of Ftf y-flrst street and Second avenue 'iht pr ?j?*rtv wan found in the poseaa* slon of Uii* accused, who, on Umhk changed with the lar. r*ny, statod that thev had found the hor?e going a?tray, And 'mere alamt driving it to wmie livery stable where proper care would Ik* taken uf the e?tabh*hiuciit until (he owner wh found Held to bail in the sum of #JlK) to nn^wer. EXAMINATION ON Cff AB0K Of UMH&LhVOmrU*. Yesterday. Coroner Hilton proceeded to ttie city prison and duly examined the c lored woman, M?ir> Isiuibert, on 4 charge i f manslaughter. It will be remembered that she stabbed Oscar 8 no wd en in the abdomen, her paramour, while quarrelling v ith him at No. 09 Mott itrM, about four weelca ago. The prisoner in answer to the usual ijuentlnu* put to her relative to what she had t ? -ay in referetieo to the charge nr? -fur rod against, her, eald: 41 1 ctnuniUcd th? act In s?If defence." She was committed U> jfflacn to await the action of the <?rarid Jury. AN AM.KUKD !>!HOt?!>KK!?V HOtW At a late hour on Sunday night, Captain Turnhull, of the Eighth ward police, aided ly a h<}ujm! of own under hU i*< zninand, made h descent upon the prendre- of Mary Morence. No. i;Wi Mercer street, and arrested all the in mates of the houae, including the lair pmpriutre**. The primmer h, coniprtitg about a do/.en individuals of Imtfi fexes, were oommited for fismtmitioij b) Justice I'earey. ALLFGKH VKLOKlOITV AKHAITLT. Two men. nnmed Henry KcbttWrt and IVter K. Ihim blain, were arreted on a charge of committing a felo nious aaaault upon the person ??f Oustln Hegi, by, 'stab hlng hltn in the thigh with a dirk knife, inflicting a se vere and fraiaful wound. The accused, HchuWrt, doe* not deny tie stabbing part i?l the performance, but nays It win; done altogether with a view of "raving bin owu bacon," a* Hegi was the a*?aUunt In the ea-e The a cu"wl were held to bail, '-a'-h, in the mini of fAOO to answer. Lati-r from Havana. The etenmahip Inited Matew arrived lad night from Havana, \?hich jjort ahe left ou the 2d in?t. There wan nothing of importance atirring at Ha\ana. Health o| iha city good. bualneff> dull; fro gh h lo?r. I'eter Mitchell, of Now York, a (terman by biith, micomi cr ok of the steamer. 'Ued of in'Ormitteut f<*v#r on the paaaage. Tl?e aloop^of war t'almouth, Com. T. 1>. ^ha^ !a?und on a ciuu?a, was towed to aen on the 'id ia-t. t?y tha t nito-t State#. 'MTleern and crew all veil. The bark I,; ra nailed for New York on tho l?l lo t. from Ha? jua. Ol'B HAVANA COlCHF^rONUKSt K. Havana, Aufuwt 'J, 1865. Arrest of <t AVic Origins Clerk i'harfpit with Kmkruirwuni , by Ihr .VFoop *rf War Cytinc?I'romotian of thr 1'rmtvl dr. I mippo?-e your reader* are already up are of theclreum htance^ c?f the recent New Orlaaiu* ernliewlenwrit affjir. Tlie victim Mr. Ide^uey, reached thi*. accompanied by a friend, named Walter Wakefield, on Haturdav I?ct, on t?<atd the lUi'k Warrior. fn?m Sea Orleans. It wa*t ktiewu the young man mimed <Tu*rlep lUan tmrd. who hud e(nl*erzled the Urge amount of $11,000 from Mr. ftlcerey, aiti? hi ' aife acre cm t?oard the ?>cbooner <?. H. Montague, vhirh had not then arrived from New Orleans. Mr. Iflea**4.y in ron*e'|uence. acrom(tanicd t?^ Wakeftedand ruptalii Munrta*, of the rteutner I nite^l Htaliv. went on txmrd the \\ S. b,loop i?f w*r l aliuouth then and now in thU p? rt, with the h<*pe ??f inducing Ciitnmander Hhaw, her c-mniander t<. g?? outside atid lnter? ej.t ibe a? h?>oner H. Montague: hut. t o tl.rlr s?irpri?e C'inmii?dfr .whaa mM it wa* a mere c*m- pf bro.*ch of truat with which he could not interfere, 'llitre notlx ing any treaty between tt?e t'nitc I an I Hpafo with an evtraditbm ciauaeiuit, it wa- ?*t course known ii I'lirieliard Mir. reeded in eathing this litrUir he could n> t ?c touched KortunatWv. h? wcv? r the t niteil Stat sloop-of ? %r franc, (V: nmandcr V% II >n wa a) > in fhi -port anion t'omnuiiider .^tia * rc^n^ing to interfere Mr. Ilie '-v. wifti his friends went ^n b'?ard the Cyane. CmnmiO'lrr Wil en ts*ing made a?ai< of the fact* of tho matt' r it t^dng th u lati In the aft* moon I f* iro?tantly ff?v. order Cur arranceno lit/- I ? u<N<i< to pro* iwd to Mm neat io??rn iif a t 'l*\ light, u hen the Cyane *? nt out of fhi* harbor la'. ift^Mr WukeH* id, alio knew HbineliarO and wao had iiecn der?utl/e?i )#% I tj*- \ uit??t states Mar*hat at Ne w (tiktie. ? u b**ard In the c-.uih ??< tt?e ?iay Ii**- t ya??? called tie < li M'-ntague to hea/e to. H li/ JUaie h ? r 1 an- not mie-ted I am not i? ?re. the (Vane not h*wh?z feturn? d to this poi i hut 1 suppose it *%a t?er#u *e h? (r^ve up more than li <s*? in gold and bill* of e *h ? >.%* < ii this city. Toward* evening the ?<>hoorier <#. II Montague Into this hatt*or. snd Mi. Hles*ey ai tbei%u4?og 1 la* ? rer*dy to ree?-lve !?i- runaway ? lerk ilisre hard A4 the latter stepj>? d on ah ? r? iti# ? n c*ught that of Mr Htes-cy to whom h? aalk<^i Up and held out hi- hand, which the latter. ap(*arentiy in a inonten* "( htfg tful* Ii? m, t' ?-k, hut in?t * ntly rt? ollrrtlng hltn If ?iald lou did not cvpe< K to ini-et me h? re Hlamtiard'. A ttt ? -f tn rnbliog then came over hlanchaid; his kne* ^. and he af ta e > <1 likely t ? n. he, however managd to ray, f did not, pir.*' and adding, I ?m v r y 111 " sunk on a bench near by, where afo r remaining sone f* w rninut* he. hsving rerovered him" If ae^on, ? anb-d by hi' wif. bs?k hi* departure. Ti?at * v> rdi^ .ml th* o? it he ?n*l i.o wife were to I* ? ' n at the la minleM all i<er?ons taking a (t'?A look at them, th* lady w .?ni'g her hair in ringlet a? HI dlff'-rent style from that i?oa f ??til -n able here. I regrftUil to s*" the first e\cnieg in tin* <v<mpaay a gentleman l"f?g resident here, who nts mo\ed l/i <% f sjapetable circle, but w< most not condemn V*- hvstiiv i'"a*ibly he was not aware of all thr HrojonUurea under which tilaijc hard and his wife had arrt?e?l here and ?? in doty h'sund, w is *' doing tt*e honors ' to Ids neaiy arrived countryman. li.e Kiench hrlg-of-war orevtea ;4rri?e?t hereon the jAttb ult. (r- m Mtrtlnique Monsiour '.alliard <1/ Kerrv wti*# h?s t^?eri aome tini-* irench f ? ns.i! General In tl is city has received th" aj? fK-intmcnt ?-f Krencb t??sul tlouera) at l/mdom His influence of Mad." me te >errv, ?*?? in i'aris rumor sa>s, has (fHniii^l for her *b?eiii bualmmi this n*w and tmp??r tant spi^-intment. flKt f f to mi: EMTO* or tiik iieh?ii>. miiwirl <nmii<i4W ? Nrw S'oU \ igum\ #, 1*41. I W> arritH h?r? t <!?/ aftar a | >av.nt ??! f>?ir day?, froi.i WMlat in lUiaiu ar r ?nf?r.'?tf,la <a? r? m?<l? l>jr Mr. J. bn Graham U> r.n ? tii?.ntbl/ lice >.f C>tn>?r? N?t Vi?k an' I Havana |.ir.,n na<t at the latter j*?rt with a I n<- 1 4 ?t#am?ni t > th< I'.arlng frit in Mfiin. (<? all hv Vr- a Crt I atpl Ta/iu/lr" Tl.a ? l?urh >1 Itf af . aalrl porta both g (if an't OtofO OC. ?" tlia tna.n and 1*H> lion ? ill with Ih* na* a'*nr?talu'< IN-?*n lu.'t 2 ' n? an-1 I >w ? '?*??* I n l?H tafaa, 1,600 l"fi# ll? laltar atup ? II at < swr?Ml<t on t??rj IW * boilrra ?blrh .ra r?-<*l/ ?.r bar ?b? ? III al*< l? r?> r<.[ j?r??l an l tl* r<. r?iv>T*U?l ?nl <n?<la in ai r < 'bar [aitir iUf a.nt*t> f r U?? (rvta ?? fNibw a?>l,. am! *>11 ?? . f .r M< tie . ? la II* lU'iil th' tnl'Mi* "f rwalnn'-ar >4 aWJt h</waiar ?lua Wit I"- a 1 1 1 la ?m?h m li?a | |.flo*a Kaa; ?-rtf' llr fnrt WW ? IH'JtlN- Tu'aar -. f. \> ? lark ( lly ? anMM. m?n.r>?Tri waro. Total JV4 7.MI ?? v. i In li'4 ll.? lifhtmilli waH f n *iw< a [' t o <f 11 U* lb Taantj drat a?M f r rr-M fr . ,tn tb? Ht?.t?ai?'l? ward Uklx (r< m U ?' ft Vn tntwaM. Unt? Tba ' ? rraka <# <k'?i ?t Ilk i??" lr'<? UMI 'in : Of. Mtv Hb'taixUoc tha ?llalri. n f ti?? * ??4 ll#ur>lal>n 1 II) *?w?. >t*K?ra mm tsi <w *r*>* ? 1 Tb* ?V.W ? .? m, fm't fit i*t?* tla *>????? diatrxrl tbi* etl/ a a' at 1 ' "??*! ? r'. ? <na f- U?,a?,? r?r?< 4?tr?< 7 t?m*4 ?' .. I 1?t?H " .. II l.irlh ? i (i.ui ?? n T ?wl , ?? 1h#r ?i?|""?4 ?* fmut ?Imy ???'??? ng *>11. ?>? aa? al (Mm. I r?* ? ? f r? Vrf.Va fr<?1 "i> M Maj B lf> ? K ?a ? t>> 1k aa? K?ll? tr> W*i . " t, .* ?? |i >w >? '>tf> 'tbM it) laxlj >4 Iba I ' "h 4 j<' -? ^r. 1!?? I a-M#- f'l m ly > Itr ?? a a> n ' ???! ?' aa?4 ' k ?. U ? ? < -V . TBI CHATH&JR ITUXT CiTiWlW. CortMifr'i Inqoril upon U*r BodlM Um Of* irunUThr PliMMirr ProtM M AlfM, Mi la IniniiiMUAnollifr Vlr(te-OMiNa?a ?T lit* Injamt fortlrt. Tbegreateat uritnwm prtvnilMt in th? lowwr part of tb? riljr in ron?<M|uanre of th? dreadful Mh tnttjr that oeenrrad on Huaday nt?ht by the burning oC th* rlothinp atora in Chatham utreet soil th* !'??> of l*t li?*a in lb* llaniaa Th* priaonar. laiuir Jacob*. whn ?a confined In the Hith ward atatlon boat* ??? parmNM to a** hl? w Mk- wb<> waa lylnjr In the Himpiui Thr liter ytrm waa not marked with feeling* of Joy on th* part ? lb* prisoner, who teenied entirely iti?r.,?wt,,ua of tlM dreadful ridatnHy that bail |i*tal1*n Mm and hia hrniw hold Many aupp"*ed that th* ih?<t had i?prtTi?l Ua i'f hi* r*aaoninjr faeultlr* aa hi* nmiiavr on l*4i<-l'tlw bia wife nnd rhlldrea lyln f alrk wall nigh unto 'loath m un natural, at (singly betokening a d*r?med miM INQt'KXT. Coron<T"'r><.nn?lt (irwroM to UieF'oiirth ward ttaUai hour*, and bald an iniiueat upon th" I??dlaa < I tha twe boy* Jacob at>l Doodlnan Jaf'ha, alien th* foUavtag l?r*><na wri# empannelled to dla|M*e oT tha *ee* Mward Hutlet of 417 I'eail afreet t bar lea I. Vaupel, 1*4 Wi?l? alrat-t, i ennla Caaaia, IH MiilWrr; atioet, It?l<ert I'ayne, Hnmhljn. Andriw Kopke, :i(M IVnrl alreet Win. Morgan. Pearl alreet, John M. Kolhnrd, .'W2 I'earl atieet Ilif prlaonrr ?>n pieaeul during tbu laeoaUgaUcek, u4 ui-mlfe*ti<d lb* in. .at |>otgiinat grief at tha awful nMtr tuna that he hivl mat with. Ha la a young man, ne* mora than twi-ntj -aevea year* of age. and U quit* p?? pnaiaaaiag ta appearance. Iha ?rat vilaaaa a*?orn and rtnuvioed waa flaarg II. Iluelrt. who d'poaed that ha resided at Na. :i3n I rail itntl , a toot tea b'aloek Uat alght, I *at Mandrn# at tha eoruer of IVerl an# t*batham alieeta, and whila there heard mt alairn ot lii. . I ran up Oialhain *tr**t and aaw liiax laming Ir is Hi* door of Hi* h<'U?* No Chathaaa atr*el at thi* tiun- the Aam*a bad not mad* much pre f iff , I went through tha atora n**t door b4o# tffee bnralait buibtJnir; on K'ln>r to tlo r*ar I m*t a auto wtui had a child In bU aima, coming down atalra from ttia burninx boUM* . tln-ra w*r?- two or thrw |>*raoiui wKh ar, and w* tor* down tlir ft neat a? a< to n<-t through aarik baT* fr** ajrr<?? to th* bona*; wb*n In th* act of *at*r> inc lb* boui" ?n Ar*, wa aa> t a tuan wbo told na thai ha ba-l b**ii up atalra, aud tbat tb*r* n<> ?a* 141 than ; w* th*n w*tii bark Into tb<- yard, and wlill* tltaaa a man ram* tniiilillnK do* n Iroin th* r<*i( of lb* bona*, w* Im tn*d(atrly plrkol IJui up off lb* ground, wli*u be told u* Hial tin r>' ?i r* other p*i-on* up atalr- w* tb*a atart*4 to jfo up atalra, but aa w* bad no liirUU w* hfcd U> waK until t'apt Wtthett, ol the >ourtb wardpoikea, name wttfe a lantern ?h*n wa reached Hi* tlilr-J ft' -or I aa* aotae |*raona bilnifliv "Ut tti?" Iwallaa of i?u 1 liOdraa and a w< Irom a room I thai lb* rhUdren awa dead, s* llley <Hd i?>'t ?|^wk tb- aoaun groaned aa dif tor (n tbt frrtnni'tf una Nimh 1 VnrTibum, n+*i4U,$ %\ S->. 3 VftHrk J OA*# W*i*( ? worn il?po??-it hn %!)??? I urn mi Ao?l?t?i>t K?|jitx*r of the Flrr iVpirlment, I ??? *t th" Initio* of Hook to?4 I ?ildi r r? ni|*n/ N??. 1. lo ('b4U>t*-r? atrott. ImI fUgiit wb?fi the uUrio of Are o^runrwi I ImtnwtUt*!/ prnrxAH to fliathmii atrrrf, wbir? I ph? tb'- ?r*t floor of bo<**o (.n Ht<- ?ti|*|MM?lug tl.T* mlgbt I* ??**** tm 1>ir- bulMiny 1 t?r?\rr*?1 Ho<>k *n?t ! r < "loj.tonjr 1 lu mi a* tb?*lr lafM?*ra ayainat Ihr lr??til wall of ?%14 boB4> in# whi)* thr La'Irlrrw tJ-fp l? lnjf raU?-<l th# ntoi* A /ww a ? broken of*i?n. a mi thm th* florin* bunt ont, ll?#o ('? mpfifijr So. 1 **? tb*n c)Jr*rt*4 !?? f*r?? t Mr boo* j4po Into tl;* pt*?rr. thr Uildrr in tb* rn*?ijtiru# l.i^n# n<?Ju*tr<t |<? thr im roml *ii>rr i?ln<J<?? J fuii'ivrxt tf*to iurtnt>*rH rf f !<?* ?k an<l 1 ?4<t*e ('??wifwaj' V?? 1 <??? tbw building n ? 1 re * li? 1 tb* window I uv t to man to kid tin- to* tb< U'I'Urf n*ar*r th * wimtow, to It vrrr b"t ao'1 h*? ?an'-il t?? got out, two fni nN*ra of Ih i mn> 1 i.uUW <'??! \-%ny S?? 1 tb**i brufco Htm !!??? door i" lb? Unking of U?? ?uUrw*p I thru m?? ti.* fir? Ijh'1 up tb'-?Uirw?t into Htm ?tO#, ? b< n nrdrwl f ng"fn* i "juj??tni No ',?1 #<? '*ring liiWr |4p WJ> tbr IifM.'f lr?ti? 9ht *titry wbArn tbajr <H# mriJ<*iih*trh I! *y <<<?? j-Mf <>t?| th?* fin on tb# rttofr w?y, noil I ortl?*f?-l tl.t-tn to mittp thrir **i+r $n M f u" t tli?< !?? ?> into I U" litlir on tb?? tlUfl *t+p *"?*?# tiif? I l< un l lh?* i#f lit'* * l? il?l | '?ttfid fIjfilfCN'H 1/irif on bi# fwHt fjull# ).l# I f.-lhr* ail burn# i ?4f bl<??. !b# b?*?t^ v?> ??Urk M?| I'Mfnol I Mr i ?*ooi u #?f Ho>A I mt<U r ( S?. | t tk# tMMitp W? lint first f - ?r , | i|um ? ' ?t to (h< fr??nt ?l#* i ? ?ff tb? ^>?4 ?. ? t?- mr<?i tbo irx iobtr* W- ytl lb* l^r?? | i|>< i.p iol4i ?tt ' a?t# r /. wbli* ???%?*'!. iHf b?r* | mm* thr f??r? io i '? ' f II'- - *r*'t I Afldfr ? "in f*?j No I brining rf. wr. ? *? :i?an ?n h?? ?rn?? fr??oi !!?? Aiiir kmu, vn |u)lr?l thi b ? * |? th? ?!toir' 1 tfeuMl a*w ?'>!*>?* t \b#i f>f? nni totnj Sn nr i *?? btkt^tutf ?1*?*i? ? o*Abi vt?moiA(Urktl>l ibri?> ?m runuhf ft w tlM of rjfcii it w li< ? wm I vbrn Urn' -1 r?j ?( trillion to jititl tig out lh* Mri? m ? n? It ?? * n< I ritlk't < tof 1 ti? b< tt # . ttrotl n t- tbt <-b?M tbto* Mr. ( ftunon bil l I?fl io tb* ffo^tit r '>? lit nh'Uu t hi- fikbb Ji'bn litoiibh r ?'! M lr?nkM ?to?t U-o^ it* I.-' "Hint o?* W,t* ton ANiiftttont hifiowr ul tb* *?*w V'i? l^|wrtm#ut ?*t t /h< itpmi t?? ?M<tk wbUf I w** in h?*4 %?!??? y I !?**r i tbt 11*11 t?HI ? nk? b n tiltoili) C? ??? Hr? I got ut* l? io*"*!!*'* if ?o4 <1rr^# tog fl./ 4-lf W ! ,t f It tbr? ftrr In ( bto'bAOl iffMt N I ? u w ? l.-?r |f? t-,.^ of tiff iMioftg f ? rr. Ik' #*'.r?k I un'b rMiw.*! Ih' n t)Mt Ko gme+t Hurnlntii vft" tt|> iUi.i, io I ! wa<* 'V vo ?ttoU* toBnt to ? rtirt. ?wj thf tottrt?U*'f) ?.f tti?i i, ?.? nv> jfnUhi'f Uwi ft r ?' in tb#1 lirft ?' ty voich tbejr mi- t? <t^ng toln ut twenty miout^to nf er tb^ h*? li**! b**? 'Hit I w fat to tb< ?t ?? & n't th> ?? ? <? '9 i h? bwnH I > f tb# *W" ? ( ldf? n who w r* t><lir i Mil ftiin*. rnw audl I tool Hiuh w- i4 l*i f^r#ntb ?!??' ? ?g ? w< rn. A+y ??**!- Tb?t b- rU.? <n ?( ? U*on?a ?!? eifty th h hih u r*rf | 1 1 * n* nifh', tt H o't "???' k wr mi l S? '/j < ?o?l ?tr?^t I *?w Mr. Jf'U tb priiMif#r *b ' ro* i* too * "? *-f \h>? M-i?t^r ait#'! to!wtoj? i? . * ? i n >c?jr * fbt b% > i ?? V tot ' tii^tug- t 'IM not n??t rtonytb 'gu' ?tito2 n hw ^ |-r?rno i tbt of tb*1 Hw+fi' k W* > rti/o??ri' tot t? n flnlnntrto t?*t % ?<Vk*rb ?,# rtfitinH tlrnv wiik ?? to r til tof *r 10 ? . lor ? wb?*n tb* J/>- *gr v?? #! *? !, Mr Jii' V Mb ??* m?* * 4 ^b*- 0/rnpr> > i < ? ?-0g r??/*toiff th*n ^riif??!H t . lb# nttitlict "f fa* *!/???' tn ^to*k*v ?tr?HM n*?r<*nt?? w* 'H? ? ?? ?it tb?*- ,ii*'1?'? < f ?n b ur , to?? l tb*w w*nt to^*) tht? ??r rtl 10^ i. ' Io/ k , M' ,!&/ U tb* jp ;?? oi-f Wto# not out <4 mjr " mpttn/ U?t oight l#'w*?i tb* b i? i tovl l**w >? ' i- -k, Inflow* I b??* ki.' vn bim tboot * y*to? towt ? btoif, *r? l Ui.'i1* b in lo >?? n t'H* tof<4 f?* og I b ??* M fff!k kim on flfttonjr *"tiM w hUnfif tt'i f hirs? ?r?*b to Uvit*tr*4 4? t*? ito*b b? I* ? t# to|j0fftti irtftii to* bto? * totojr* w I t'?t ht? Utu i t f V*nj ef b*f/w *i? < <k(>"?i4 ? T)i?i k* vac ?"? ?#-. trvj ?|fb tb* N? # > - to hr* Nftoft# f t "?? ?if y<mr* I btorto r#*?rfe?^t ?ttntotl' o to Ul Ik* l*to?l w ' r y * < **l ' u i>.*? to* * n #r, 1 f* ? * ' ** tbto !??*# t|| <; 'OMNwrUfiS ?Mhjuft *1 I wi- n i? tot % i?to Ht?*)lo4 l*t f* ? r? I U-f omt-4 to j?4 'i M >sy iito*if l*f' Tt tb* I4? ?* ?t ?to^ < ??? r#4 tl * llrto f'i|tort(j #?? 1** !f#ttffi"Wt Mag u ti' 'W?l ' ? rio>f < ? I k no*li o4* 4'NiwI lb* J? / In ? f fn.lto? f.-tooo* i "K1* **?* l*U>' t*l ??<? ?!! ??tewbl^ fUl i- ft* w?-|k 7 .to;a?f fcfftof tt* hot i t tt* 'ro* *' rH?r?M ??l i U- i ? r*M' r, I nil, *?> ? orv ?' S' '? , ^.tolU? tfr*w4 " n*p til V ' ? %' i ft '*? ' t'<lt ''J I" ?' 'I ?" '?. /<. '!"?* ??> !?*?? W?- .Jhl b> U?l iftlwi kls M ili* nti ??'( fi it? tail 'k< t'<?ln ?. ? f t? * ??< ?! ?? ? *? i?1 Nt ?|{*"w4 j|> Ml nttll il* ?. t|,? i ? r.?r ? M i' ? j i ry >m UtMf Ma tif* all ' IM ' ?kl'T i I ? f I I ? f Ik* IIMI? fif I Aw It Ht?kl 41#^ %? ? mw \ ik U'.-<WI, f. mtb?i4br ??'(IV <t < fl Um ut* ? ft f ?? ?t? or dm APUtn nr< nr. nigtat ? W?'ii M>? H?-* ? ? ?< ib ? f' ?'.(?'? wl>r*fi |l V ? (lull ? in ?' 'i|l?W ? l# ? f llf H<m h?l. |l*r 'hlbt In U ? I .-?? ?< ?f? <-???- n *m Ji'i.U ??4 Mr !#???'? ,i.? ui|?'?4 i'. ?? ntetttl w.'wim Mf> JtMH Im It t nr^ Hiwai ?*> ? '? *? 'fc?* UfimUmmlt I ?h fc?? n?4l ? ?"? >U- I .1 '?>? War* 1*1 <h?' ?k> ?if?i ?>'<ii k- la??4 **4 ? ??f ? Vittilntmn '?!??? /?????< ?*ii !*? ifciM .1- ry io- ?? I ??'??'!? ?to H to l?> ?th1 ?.'??. r AH ' i?. 'b- ir^? - ' ? '?>>? ??>?????? ??? ? tr,t ^ *- kl 'k? f*+t 1 ? ' '*" < n?(1 (flMMral I i, . i . ,ri? ?? 1?4 - lO'x.'to fc.? lh* M>4Mk ft ? i '" Ui. J?*V* '"?i-"" >?'*>???, ? ? >4* h ??'?. I ????>?! ? 'w of Uk* ?>>*????? t til ? > J tt". k>. 1 (?? ' h' '? ? ? f * >*f f tvr ?f i ?"'tor' ? ? Ut ? J*- ? ? ? >v1 J 'tl ?^? ? ?t.? . ? r. ..?*??? "< Mi f ??-*. i ( ? w, '?? ?.*???!? J ?? ? ? ?* I '4 4 ikxi ?? *- ? ??"' ? ?? ? ?? ? ? ? VltfVT m ? It ?' fM r

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