Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 8, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 8, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6920. MORNING EDITION ORE HERALD. PRICE TWO CENTS. JlDTE RT1SEHKNTS RENEWED EVBRT PAT, PEHSOSAL. ROUK1. VN ? t'-BWlN W1U. FIND A LETTER Uf the Broadway I'odt Office for him from M? y. WILIJAM k HENRY. IF MK.-,. MARY BYKR8, OF NO. 3fi DEAN SrRKKT, Brooklyn, will return to her dlsconsolata but affec tionate husband and child, Samuel, she will be kind!/ aoceived and at kindly forgiven. Other papera please '"IT IV MR. JAMKS UAKDIN? WHO WAS AT ST. 1/W7W, May, 1801, and afterwards at St. Paul's Minnesota, will ?eDd hi address to, or cull on Messrs. .Ino. Hi^kI'is fit Co., tS and r.7 Yeitey stieet, New York, he will hear o.' .Homethia* to hi-. advantage. IF 1IUS PHOtTD MEET Til!; EYE OF PETER SMITH, forme* iy of New "rlean-, lie U earnestly requested to ?.-?xnaiuni'-ate with his jttect Innate brother, Clarence Brand Sml'h, New York Fmigration Depot. INFORMATION WANTED OP FJJ7A SMTTH? SCI* jHWd to have liwd In fc ou'h Brooklyn. Any infor mation will ht- thankfully lecelved by her husband, THoMAS SMITH, corner of Water and Catherine street*. New York. Mlt JOSEPH A. DOYLE, WHO CAME MBftJKNOKR tor Well*, Fargo A Co., in steamer Northern I ijfht, in May last, will please call at their office, 8J Broad* *y, immediately, ou a matter of importance. "VT MONROE, OF NEWTON, MASS.? ' WILL YOfJ 1\ , ccine aud see me at oncer I have just return"'! from Boston. I hare all the information I need. WU1 you attend to it 1* Jesting is done wllh. HEN It Y. 1MB TURF. TO THJ-: I.OVER8 AND BWBBWBW OF FIN K STOCK? The celebrated thorough bred atalllon Wild Irishman wfU stand t.w a limited number of mar<M the ensuing nea non, at th ? Red House Stable*, at S60 the season. All moneys to lie paid before tterving the mare. All acci di-ut* at Uiu risk of the ownera WILLIAM A. BROWN, Proprietor. ATCW public atio w s. T Maiy Lyndon in an American Jane Eyre, and lier story is totd with a* much vigor, while it i< n-i ori#fin;il and ?i profoundly interesting as MM Bronte's. ? N. Y. Com. Ad*. Just published, MARY LYNDON* ; o?, Jtevinjkttom or a Lot. An autobi ography. In cne l'.iun vol., neatly bound in cloth. Price tl. '? Mary Lyndon in an American Jane Kyre," says ono of "her critu '? and her atory is told with a-, much rigor, wfiile it l< a- original, *s preternatural, and a i profound ly intere-'ing as Mist, Bronte's." It is but justice to the gifted author of Mary Lyndon to say that her book is no inritation. Not only was the life she reveals to us lived, but it whj mostly written before the publication of Jsne Lyre. If Mtv Bronte's book was vividly life like, this U stRl more intense, for it is life Itself. It has more charac ter*, a greater variety, and a more earnest purpose. Equal In Jnae Eyre In literary ability, it has a higher in dividual and social interest in Its truthfulness to lact and lift. Ma rj 1 yndon has placed l?er?elf, her actions, her thought.- and feelings, in the sunlight Of troth, and given Hie wurl d a daguerreotype of herself and thechsnging gr?u|si tvM 'li surrounded her in her journey of smiles and tears, or, ??> ono of her critics remsrks, " through a bell of pa^ion into a heaven of rep oee." lis *urre?? with the ptiWie is justifying every prediction, and the press, far and ne?r, welcomes it as '? a book which comet fully UP to the my ! favorable criticism." STRINGER * TOWNSENP. Publishers. '.222 Broadway. And for -?!e by all booksellers, travelling agents car agents aivl newspaper agents everywhere. N. B. ? Mailed on receipt of price free of postage. THLM.W YORK SHANGHAI ? THIS OEM OF WIT and c<i>>ket of mirth will continue to be issued every Thursday morning, notwithstanding the efforts of an attempted extortioner to break It down. A full account s>f I he M- csl'ed case of " false pretences," involving the history of the home-sick Philadelphia agent, who didn't tind tha office " nice" enough for him. will be given in the nect number, together with the usual amount of comic and entertaining matter; also, a splendid local eogravltig. Single copies one cent; cubscriptlou ttily '?ents a year, iu advance. UEOROE TllOHRjOM, Kditor. nls a year, iu advance, utoiiur. iiv F. HARRIS, Proprietor, 'MS Broadway 8TOUCH GOODS. OfFJCI-. OK THE CHIEE OK POLICE-AUGCST 7, 18W Oaners are wanted at the Third District Colics Court (Ew-S street,) for the following property, all of which i.< *U|>po*ed to bar* been stolsni ? 1 splendid crape nlmwl, rn'Jerj, new -ilTcr spoons and fork*, soino murk is); si Ire r buckle*, 1 box surgical instruments. 1 (told brace let, 3 gold b'eaat pins, 1 K"'d match bos, 1 old fashioned silver u-e l>??ket, handkerchiefs, marked AC; stock in({?, marked C I C; Mirer teaspoons, 1 rcry henry silk ?rlrct mantilla, 2 black luco mantillas, white reila. linen pillow cj <?*. patterns uf dresses, also a large quantity of clo1Wn? and jewelry. GEO. W. MATHKLI., Chief of Police. EXCURSIONS. C1HKA1' KXCl'RtflONS BY LONG ISLAND RAILROAD, / between Orcenport and Sag Harbor and New York. Kareeach wiy 50 cents. Leaves Brooklyn every Tuesdiy, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A.M., l"avea iJreenport ?? cry M< o'Jajr, Wednesday and Kriday, at 10 A- M. I1XCI RrtONS TO THK HSHING BANKS.? THE J atefm?-i GOlDEN GATE, Captain Charles Andersom ^formerly ( iptain ol Am steanjer I -? . .i Knapp, ) wti continue her regular trip* to the Banks erery day, (Sun day* excepted.) leading Amoi street at 7 o'clock A. M.; .^>rinff at! eet, TJ? ; Kulton ferry. Brooklyn. 7 >j, ; I'eck slip, 8; Broome street, 8>4j pier 3 North rirer. 9. Klslilng t-ickle, bat' and refreshment* furnished on board. Co tillon on board. % fOB 1^-lONG BANK 3. ?THE STEAMBOAT MERCURY, f* Con's in Itichard Yates, wiii leave for the Kishlng Hanks every day, (Sunday excepted,) touching at Kort Ha milton each way, from the following place*, via. : ? Jackson street, 1-jMt river., 6 o'clock ; South Third street, WUliaau burg, <S o'clock; Kulton street. Brooklyn, 7 o'clock; Peck "I'P, 7)i o'clock; Gunard Wharf, Jersey City, o'clock; spring street, North river, 8 o'clock . pier No. 4 North o'clock. KMiiog tackle bait furnished oa board. Cotillon band ac:omp*ni'-H the aoat each trip, i arc 50 cent*. ORAM) I'IC-NIC UK 1HL SUNPJHWXiftOL AT ta< lied to tlie Church of "-'ale. I Tiarlei Uorronvo, Brooklyn, to Kairy Grcve, Thursday August 9th. 18M. I ha band ol the National Guards will accompany the ex caraloo, and wagons have be*n engaged to conrey the lu>4els Itoni the binding to the Grore. Boat leaves foot o< .South Third street, Vi UHair.-t-urfr at 0,S A M. , Kulton /erry, Brooklyn, 7; Montague ferry. Cler 3, North rire'r, New Vork, 8; and J?y street, New Vork, 8H o'clock. Tickets, 60 cents. Ct PANI> MOONLIGHT EXCVKMON CP THK HCDHON f rtTrr, on Wednesday evening August 8, by the aak and xmimodious double engine steamer MA^A'TfC W.TTS, I . It. Hanks, commander? leaving pier 3, N. R., art 7; Murray street, 7}?; Spring street. 8; Amos stree^ 8', o'cloc',. IXreshi. ? nt? and feiusloon board. Tickets $1, admitting a gentleman and two ladies, to be had on board, 0! at the gangway, on the ercning of the escor Gt RAM? PRIZE EXCCRM?>N in THE KWHINtJ BANKS T on Wednesday August 8 I86 ?. ? Twelre prise* of rich and elegant Jewelry ?<o*r'.ufi ot breastpins, shirt sltod*, eai i iugr . finger ring". k>--, will be <iiatiU>uted to the holders of certain numbered ? . k?ll {itir-hastsl for this ex urnloa. This f"atare rf the 'X ursion will be xadcr the sol* managr ax ut et the pa-^'ngers they ap pointing a ? oturulttce to arry out the liberal intentions of Ca|d Hanks. Kare fllty cenU By the ?a> and com modioli ~ 'UiuUle engine suam'r MA^AClfl'-'hTI J n. R. Hanks. C'Hiiinander, IraTirg pier l<*?t of King street at 8 o'clock, au<l jiicr No. rt. V It,, at'i A. M l'i?Din< ta- il? aud but to board. A ' an^. ef rnualc in atuadance. rfllAKm KOIl BXCCR-luSfl? THE HAKE AVD c<.n)iiiodio?ia double engine steamer MA.-.SA" lltf ^J-.TTS, 1. I! Hanks, c>mmaa<lcr, ' sing now in complete order, can lie chartered f< r ? scurtwjn/. She la the Urgent and m< st elegant steanier oft red for the purpose, hav ing a Uirge danring aal'^on Hi fee', long. A rare chanoa is offer** I to the pnbUc. Appl/ on board, at the foot ?rf King street, K. K. , or to L H. GROVKR, 141 Broadway, Up Staiisl. ?BflTAVMAJfM* KtlTl^l'A KXCHANtlE IH Townaend'" tiUiidij.?, M K a ?>??<! ?tre.'t . eeiuarairr, M??m a>u oa At m wot nr. ladie- ?nd g.-nt!?-ui. n ri?i'in|r he i y temp' rarlly on testo'** ot ptasnre, will find l is a pi's-^nt plac to (jrealrfa ? :md dine. A bar has bean Opened in the Ro ?.and* wit ii the An-xt (juaiity of wti>c- and import "d ^quor* a,?'n an >-nlir !y n<w >pt'?i. N. B. ? Kirst. rate 1 i.mdy at 10 cent* j*-r gia?s; ailc tbei win?-? and lienor' i cents. B1UJ VR1M. rhILLlAMi IAI?l.i> l'"K -A!> ? A m i'KRKiR ARTT J| c^n alwaj b' had ..t the old ~'.'nd '<0 Ann .tieei, ?iU? the only p*tant el.isti; c i-M^n- al*o trim mlaj- ol i fciy d- ::ip!l"> in th* traJSe t?n p?r oent chespe. thsn en V. ' ^^}t k ?y KKIt chtyntvm, in:. Aw <dv cumnNO <* toy i^ na-ms C/ wanted -The highe-t pri. ? g.vwn, and cash t* d 'a , urreot money OentW n wi>h,n? to dl.po-e ol -loth na of a good ouality for a liberal -aeh ? ?luirslent are i?. ^featU Tcall on ? address JAMW MoH-'NEY II B? tf*. late Orange street. _______ (tl/mnvt. ? I AlHBt Oft r.rNTLEMEN HA VINO ASY j to dispone of can g?H the utmoet Tains In ca^h t.y ? .11^. to Uie stores No. U laarwna street, near t^onal or m Wee? Broadway, or a letter through ?Ne Post 0?' " in Looiivim mxov. Details of the Conflict Between the Americans and Foreigners. mux!! OB mm num shot. TWELVE WILDINGS DESTROYED BY FIRE. 1 Ifwfctr <f Bbbmb Betoga FcriAci la tfee flasMs* THE FOREIGNERS LEAVING THE CITY. QUIET FINALLY RESTORED. The Military Ordered Oot to Prenerve the Peaee, **; &*>., 4fC. Locvvnu, (Ky.,) Auguat 7?12 M. la the First ward, about nine o'clock yesterday morn ing. white the election was going quietly on, some dis turbance arose at the poll*. Mr. Burg", an American, | was insulted, stabbed and beaten until it was supposed he was dead, by a party of Irishmen. The assaulters i were immediately arrested and lodged in Jail. Iu the af ternoon three Americans were flre?l upon while quietly pacing a German brewery, several squares from the |>?lls. One gentleman, who wan riding quietly along with his wife, was fired on at the same time several I squares below. A perfect shower of shot and bullets wai rained from the windows of Herman houses, and t many people were wounded. Tho foreigners seen in the whole vicinity were armed, and attempted the India ! criminate slaughter of Americans. An immense crowd of infuriated Americans assembled, nnd were fired at from tie windows, when they burned the German brewery and sacked several houses. The most serious rioting occurred in the Eighth ward. About 0 P. M., as three Americans W'-re quietly pushing along Main street, they were sot on by ten Irishmen, and fifteen shots were fired by the latter. One American, named Rhodes, was killed, and both the others were wounded. The Iri?h then took refuge in a house on the corner of Chappcll and Market streets, whence they tired, and wounded several Americans, and killed two, named Graham and Hobson. The firing from the houses was continued for half an hoar, until the Americans procured arms and reinforcements, and broke open the house*. They succeeded in capturing the murderer of Graham, and immediately hung him. A policeman cut bim down while still living, but be died this morning. In the meantime there waa a perfect fusilade from rifioe snd guns from a row of Irish houses on the cornor of Eleventh and Main strecU, on all parsing Ame ricans, several of whom were badly wounded.? The whole row, known as Quinn's Row, was filled with Irish, all armed. A crowd of American* assembled, snd failing to dislodge them, fired one of the house* and sent for reinforcements, which soon arrived with muskets and a cannon. Several Irishmen in the burning building were shot and other" captured. Report* were heard in the burning buildings, but no attempt was made to put out the fire, and two or three blnek? wet# burned down. Several other tires sUi occurreS last night. On leaving the Eighth ward, the infuriated mob marched to the Timet office, which was only .ived frurn demolition by the efforts of Mr. Prentice and other < of the American party. This morning there were rumors of more disturbance, and large crowds were aaaembled in the streets. About 11 o'clock a mob started to the levee and attacki-d a row of lruih houses, whence it wss reported shots were tired this morning. The crowd, however, were restrained, and every effort is being made to restore peace. riiRKK O'Cux*. P. M. The city remains quiet. Fifty extra police haw b'?'? sworn in. Judge Bullock and others have made speeches at the Court House to the mob, which have tended to calm the excitement. It is rumored that two or three have been killed to dsy. Ftv*0'Cuxx, P. M. i Another outbreak is feared to-night , in consequent of a large quantity of gunpowder having been found in possession of the Irish in the Eighth ward. l-arg?- nuui ber* of Irish are leaving the city. The mob finally dispersed last night, after burning the sign board of the Timet office. There ha* been do issue of the Tinie.< this morning. The aeconnta trom the scene of riot are most horrible There were in all about twenty |>?r*ons kill") ' elides ? great many badly wounded. Twelve building* were burn?'d. and -<V'r?l efc.,rred human bodies were taken from 'be ruins There is a large crowd at the Court Hou e thi? morn ing. where the dead bodies are collect- d. FURTHER PARTICULARS. IyorilTiux, AnguH 7, 1W?< We h?Te nut been able to procure many additional par UtuUr* in rejard to the commencement of the riot k c It >u cau*ed thna: ? In the Flrat ward, aa two (p n'lmx n were riding hi j rarrijif. tbey wera Hred ot from * hou-e e< ntainlng i>r. ntaa< or lil?b 'n? n?oU? waa woun<l<>l and the tiring wa? repeated when Kdwnrd William watchman of lb'1 ward. Jo??ph Mymgr and John l-aiu. Am-ri c Mat. wont to the wo* of the trouble and th'y al-o were tired ?t lattta had bi? lef UadJjr ...altered by a riio-li't tall, and Helrejfe and Wllllrm* were ?l?o wound ed. ? lefgcratrd report" tfc'U ?|.r?ad to the lnw??r jarta of the dtjf in r'lfard to lh? affair, ??nwinf i br|? (fond to ?mwdIi1i,i thirling for r*Tenjpv Th-y gathered around the hoti** fr< m wh. re the flrinp had .ommen-ed took two German* from U and b??t tl.eui -o biidly that th-lr IWOTtrf l? cn-ider .1 f t y <1. <. ? i ul The hone wax then complet-iy ?ark*d The crowd th< n proceeded to th? hou?e? on the i-orne of Shd'-y and Kadi^ n rtrreH, from whence <j<-roi*n had been -eeu firing. rlMM two grr ? erlea a how and ??? hoii"-*. iB own<d and f ctpfed by <Jemwn?, ar.d Injuicd -?f rely -eTCTnl of tl Hr Inmat ? TVy t)i?n wi.t to Jefferoq etr'et wfcer- a J?xty of ,<<0<)>men c? (hIdk Into the city bad be- o Sred uf* n fr-m a lanr* br< w> ry ?e< ked the hou^e* around It burn*d th-' hrew ? ty and 'oat a nuw.ber of 'lernvn ?h. m they cp terribly anl al?o -hot an ?ho 'lied Uile ???? ? In* In the .'reel b?|ow an Air'-rlcan wa? "ilrhtly Injured by a -hot when the lri?l>m?n who ti "d it wao c?|''ured beaten and Jiof. I*k'rta had b?e? fired from *11 tfcr bo??e? whJ h *"re attacked TV crowd now talked of aarkiax tike 'at* oil cti?r?k it ??? rn?i-w4 >rearm? bad b??? ae^e#^ , Mayor Barbee ?q<1 other- pleaded witJi Utem not to Uo no, and prevailed upon them to leave h ulnae. The diaturbuuce* were now ?up|w.ed to be over, at the crowd hn<! marched to an engine bou'-e In the l-"ifth ward with their cannon, and were beginning to ?lJa perae ; but after awhile it wan learned that while th" trouble hud born going on in the upper part o'lHe ci tjr, several persons had been fired on in the lower part of Main street. and that at about fire o'clock in the after noon, two Americans had been shot at from an Irl?h bouse on the corner of Main nnd Chapel street*, and thii without the slightest provocation l> intt given on their part, a* far a* could be learned; and this started the djituibaoces afresh. The Irishman aha nhot Rhodes ??? theu taken, and iinmciiatcly Uung, but waicut down before life Ix-eamc cxtinrf Thiity or more shots were fired from the Iri*h house on the corutr ol Main and Chapel streets, and it is im possible to ascertain the number that Were wounded. The inmates ol a row of Iiish house*, owned liy a man named Quiun, fired on a jiarty who were p**dng b y, whin lluy turned upon their assailants, burned their houses. and killed aeveral, all of whom were Irishmen. F' me r.f the Irishmen in these houses wore burned to death. A woman and Quinn are among those who were killed. Eight to ten houses were destroyed, and the num ber burned to death and killed I" said to be from fifteen t i twenty. To-day Uie excitement was very great, nod warlike niovetiv nt<t were observable, but the crow I Unallr dis persed, and it in hoped that peace ha<at laitb-i-n ob tained. A Urge extra police force ha* been put on duty, and the Major ha* kaued the usual proclamation. Bishop ^paulding published :i card disclaiming any con nection with the rioter-*, and calling upon hi s flock to be peaceable, orderly and quiet. Ihe keys of the Roman Catholic Cathedral hare lieen placed in the hand s of the Mayor by Di?bop Spaulding. The city I* now quiet, ami it i* thought there will be no more illeturbanie*. The fighting was all at a dirtance from the polls. No cause can lie assigned for the as saults. The riot originated, in the flrat place with a lew drunken men. LATEST DESPATCH. the cndkk arm:*. lax LM ii ix, August 7, 18.V?. Two companiea of armed voluleei* are now marching to the Eighth ward. It l? feared there l^ g<>ing'o b? tnore dli-luibunecs. THE RIOT ANTICIPATED. [From the 1-oul-ville Democrat, (anti-Naow Nothing), August 4.) O ui trailer* will remember that a committee of two IV' ni i h< h ward in this city was appointed a few days since, bv the Know Nothings, to confer with the execu tive authorities of the Know Nothing councils In refer ence to the adoption of mcaaurea to protect the right of miffrngn from apprehended interruption by the ui"b spirit which has prevailed for months Last. It wan Ix'lieved that the appointment of a suitable number of cititans Ci< m each party, whose social position would command miivernal respect and confidence, would egarciaB a moral intlii' nee on peraons disponed to ha disorderly more p? tent than any other means that could be adopted, and give satisfaction to all. We hare understood fr nn gen tl< men from New Orleans, that such a plan was adopted there with the happic?t results in restraining the rioton* and dieordei It port ion of their population. It la under ?total ftiat the Know Nothing* have declined any confer ence ? n the subject. Wo mueh regret to hear It, beeaua* we have no doubt that much, it not all. ot the violence uml |s rhaps bloodshed, with which we are threatened euuld l?e prevt nted by a eoncillutory and just arrange went between the p?rticK. The rt ison a-signed try the Know Nothings for reject ing all mgotlation on the subject is. that the eity autho ritie* have appointed an extra police force, which they deem amply sulBcient for the emcrijiney, and mure . ff.v ttial than individual* selected for their Weight ot i ham ter alone, having uo offi. lsI authority. We rtmik other Wise. Th? JWeaenre of such eitiiens at the polls as representatives of the mass of the two parties, would indicate their dcniic and deti rnnnation to cause the laws to be r spicti d. and would no doubt accomplish the oh jeet here, as it bns done eUewher?\ Moreover, it i* well known that l?ui?ville is under the ? illcial dominion of Know Nothings in ail the departnv nt-i, judicial and ejrecutive. and tliat this power has not lieen exerei^e(t hitherto in iuch a manner as to command the contidl ore of th? ir oj .pouents. The spring elections for loeal (.llleers were atteruhd wit li exhihitiont of violence more atrocious than had ever before tai n wltm-taetl In our city, and numbers of these Know Nothing po lice ? lilcers, whose duty it wa? to have pre erved the peace, were among the mo*t parti elf ants in tlioae scenes of disorder Kverytaxly known that some ol the elections were decjite.1 t,y mob law. little or no attend' n has hs-en pai'l to outrages of the most flagrant nature perpetrated at that time and siaee and there guilty police ottcera are still retained in com missi Oft- Vlliat encouragement is there to expect at the ei ming elcctii n, especially when we have seen .lu'lge tiarland appoiut f.Te-sixth* of the judges an I Other offi ??era in charg ? ot the pills from the Know Nothing r inks, in 'leh.f nee of the plainest dictates of justice iiiyl right. With sti' h arrangements as thee showing a determi nation to take the elm-tfi n under their own exclasiTe eott trol, and the demonstrations heretofore made of the Utter ahecno of ail on"1 of duty on the pert of the police olB errs, we think ne hare no reason to otpect .my tiling but ? rejetith n of similar scenes ot disorder, riot and blood shed, to tho?fl which occurred last spring, only much ?ore iiki aTsted by ths imp'irtance of the i-etyiieg con ? ttst, anil con-eiincutly inc. m-.d excitement. He sincerely la ait ut this -'at' of thiim*, but if it is so rettleil by those who have it in their |>ower to order it otherwise, It becomes our fri'-nda to do the tyst theyc?n, tiut by all means to do nothing themselves to proroke Juet ofli m-e from their opje nenis. [Kn m the I/iuUville Junrnal, fKnow Nothing! Aug I ) From all quarters we hear of prepura'lons mad' on the anti Aim ricnn side for a reaort to violence at the polle. We hear, from a hundred sources, of organixed isinds of linlUe", wiio, it is said, are to receive eitraor dinary prices for theii roffianVy -ervices We h?ar of -y-tematlc artangetneuts of imcign ta>rn is-r-oos, led on tiy nfitive bom ,-ag Nichts to take forcible pos-ession of the polla on Monday morning or -unday nitrht and to L.eep forcible pos-essloja of thero natil all the Hag-Nlcht voies hall !? poil'd. We p*y very little heed Ui such rep -rts, and ?e hope that eir Vmetican frli-nds will pay n" b'?d to th'-m We ei.rne?'tr hope 'h-s* oar friends will n"t anticipate a eolHsb t> . ' force a* the nulla, and tkat t bey will make n> i fnj*i?i on tor soy ?n?h eontia gency. 1 et every true Airene-n goto the place 'A voting, de iri iM only of exercising hi can r i:fh? and of en coiirag ng ail others, of whatever political party, t" ex ? tci-e theirs We do not d-<m it n> c n? to exhott the native bom American cltiaens, n'.< t' allow themselves to lie deprived of even the ks t "t their rights by any ariav of li"?'ile strvng'h, for the '-ire suggestion of the pos-i'Mllty of their doing Hi ao ild Is ? a inauU that they .night well re.cut The idi a "f oatiV' Is. in Any/Ion ''i/ens permitting th-niselves to be exclodid fr? iii the | "lis Ivy any thsioght < r any reality ol rlut* pietoi- le ?ie kuivs sword*, illlis'o iiidii n is t'si monstrously absurd to Is- enter tained for one nv n -nt by say umi 'hat uadervlandt the Anvei ican ehatacti r. Wi would by all meaaa soothe rath' r '.n?n laflame the wbUc feelitig for it i- I y far V.o MBch irllsin' d already We d. aeacate a collision of force as one of the greatest ' vfls thnt couM befall our Hty It would b? better fcr iMlavlllk that -h* ahould have no r'^W aentattve in Con ?ress. N tier that sh should have no r-'pressmtativee in the .-tai? N-gl-latuii anil bettcj tha* -li ? should have rei vi Ii e in th" e|e. thn of th' *'ate tl. let, than sh' ? b' uid. on the day of the e|ei tton be the thsiatre of su' h a Moflil -trifr- aa sonic of our ?t ponen'a profi-aa to anM ? ipeti hnry man who shall encourage or provoke ?*ii;e, will l>e acting 'he part ot a traitor to hi* country sad her tnititntions l^t u? l?-ar tn m od 'hat ir?ry human Itfo aacritod to a - pi ? ft of poetical vbdeer'* or ti-ris-lt), may involve the misery ?nd deetitatioa of a iaigc sad inniscnt family Th* t>KMs HcDo?t*Ln Catamvopo- Mo*r Hd MKe Eot'KP. ? The IxxtVe <>f tho virtlma by the kite ctMwttjr at the lazaretto an- now being f'MUid a* Uiejr are fl"?tlna with the current of the river, near ' hea ter. Mr. Wm. H. Flavin, of * heater, iiif-rm* >? that liet | \ rnlug the laidlea of AlUotl R. W inalnw. late 'tciylit ayrent o?i the Baltimore Kailr'stii. and Chaa. liuti hlow.n a resident of thia city, who leave* a wife and two i hlldren, were picked nn laat evening n??ar 'hat place by aome watermen. Mr. Hotchtnaon kept the >annera' Inn. In Tttaoa atres-t, balow Hoath. The Ix djr of Mr. DbuglaMi, late an agent of < *? uinn'a Kxpreee, waa found noar the aame place Last ? Tening. The Coroter had l#en an masoned to hold an in<4teat, bt.t aa hla reaideme waa aeveral m et in the cirtiBtty, h< had Dot arrived thia morning. The 1/ d'.i-a remain at Cheater. Tin- ftien<!a of Mr. John G. Kae helm ore have re ongnlyed hia hodir In the uae whkh it was atatod fl. ted .' at <;he?ter r?n Hunday, The statement > i ' rrect, aa Mr. K.'a rrwialna were f'MUi i at Ihr ] " 'ver'a lalaad. In a portion of the * <nft. IUDWMiM. ? i*k\laA*4fln.i ?a/lrfv?. 1 Brookly n CI* r Hews. HIMfl* COUNT* BO 4KB Or SCrt?v ISOHH Ail <iODU ii ii.-etm g of tlit Kiwi C'oun'y ftstrd of Su< peivi*or< wis h'-'d at the Owatjr Jiiil yesterday A. I" Stanton was chairman. and H. t). clerk cil the hoard. Th<- following report wi?? received from Tlioin u Turner, io?id> n' pliy-iciati nr King> Count/ Hosoit-al. t?r tin* y>*?r < ndlng July 31 lfii:? Number i)l patients remaining in hospital Aug 1, 1P54 437 Admitted d ucug the year 1,38# Total nmnb'-r under treatment 4,GTfl Of this number there hurt- liwn di*<harL"-d, r.-eoverod, 3, ITS improved. : ?4 "> ; unimproved 113; died, 420; toUl, diechirijed, 4,2i>4; r>-innini'i,( July 31, I H.V> 42".!. Them have been trent-dduring the year 44". more than ill- pn vious ye <r. Tin' fallowing r.-por ' from K. A. lll.incliard, resident physician of tli-- 1 < in. 1 1 i c >t.-jr!uiu, *???> rend: ? Number o<

Mti: nts rcnuiiniurf In asylum Julj 31, 1854. 78 male* and 11 0 females; tuti! 178; riuml>erndmitl<-d during th" year ending July ?1, tut ni il~* and W4 femal"* total, lftt>, total num'T tr> it<d dnrine; th'' year, 144 m ile" and 1M I in.ilm. total, KM, unmlx-r .?f paii.-nu discharged, 113; du 4. 10. total number ? d.-aths and discharges, 163. re mamlug in tin- asylum July ;il, 1 H.V. . lH.i. 1 hi- follow ing in t hi- annual report of the Superintend ents of th" I'oor of King ? County: ? Whole uumle-rof per t.u0? relieved or support! 1,, 618; temporarily rei|evi>d in the cii) o! Hreokiyn, (Vi'. l>.) 10,1)70, l>,i stern IH? trict. 7,f<M, county towns, .'123; total, 18,807. Money expended fur temporary tellef in llroeklyn, (W. f>. ) ?11, 01 33; in th- I- astern IWstriet, 610, '.00 (to county towns, fcfr.8 B'? 1'T the general support ol th" fr'.Olt. tvOO '.'4 Total Amount eapen'led for th/t poor, f'-"..'i,-17 8?>. leaving i In lance on hand, 1 7 'J 00 nx tow. Ha Line- on liand, Auguil 1st, 1H>4 K'il M Received from drafts on County Treainrer . 17. '.,04 1 no *' C?mur is-i-?i>-r ot Kuiigration. . 12,684 31 for| ? t LlNttMM . 1,870 TO frotn putative fathers ot bat'aida . . 300 00 " produce ?o|d 730 18 " iound in p'M'k trt of ditWHed p- rM>ne TS -A for empty bojen, tiarr'-U, 4.c l^Wi It " board of mii?U i?>\ pati-n'*.. . . 4H 00 " alock .old 74 00 interest from Win* >urg String* Ilk. HOH 00 ou account of tein|Hirary relief .... 1 > 000 00 To ?1 trjn :v?o :s l-jftitnated amount of p<M>r lalior Jl.'i OOOOO, estimated ainoutit MTfd in conae^uenee of khhI lalmr. $10,000 00, ?*17.750 M whs expended lor the aupfwirt of patienU in the l>o-]>itnl :ind nnwll p ? house, which, d)?id?d by the averayo nunilx-r ol |?tients in those buildings during the yew. gives tl4> K5, ot $'1 04 per w?vk as tue Mtoal C's<t ofeiich patient. Ilie amount applic'i'ile to th- support of the |.oor, di vidtsl by th" a?er^ig" pay of th" pauper* Uept In th" Alms house, l unatic Asylum irnd Nur.wiy I'Uildings gives ?7.'l TJ i er annum, or $1 10 per week us the actual cost of each. The roat of la n't and the (jrectionji ihereun w in original ly $33o,000. l>t?m itod value now. >108,000 Whole number of pauper* la the Almahnuae, Hospital, Lunatic Asjlum and Nur?eiy on the Jlat ot July 1854. was 1.1MJ; admitted during %l?e year, H.37H; t>orn in the Aims II'. u -e, 152. Total, 7,(41. I>Urharged during the year, 5.064; died 41; bound out. 5; out on trial, 31. To tal remaining July ;tl?t, 18&&, l,-">3r>. (*f tlia*s' thent are nia!?a over the ii(je of lu yea ra, 504; under 1>! yeara, 223: females over lByeMr?, 5U7; under 111 rears, l.:7; o.arail male. 1; colored fenialaa, 4 ; colored clilldren, 7. Total, 1,6S1?. CM tln -e, there are toreigners !?21; lunatics. 18.') Ksi iniates for 185tifr? Tuial ainonnt neeemmry, ?'J06, 108 10. The a^propristioii of $J6. 000 will li'i a "late all outstanding claims, Buoom.TN Cn Riomiii Co*r*NT ? K eomraunicaUan frmn thu- eemptiny. (inl.uig to b* wraipicd fr,.m paying tales on the Assessor's books for the year 1 8.*?4, except fur teal estate, lia?ea their clalni '>n the following stateni-ut- ? Capital atork paid in. tU0^,*VI7 "^); lis-" valuation of estate, IWOJ.'iO, bab?n"S, $J?t2,8?7 M). (iroaa mrlyta for the yaareadlng July 1st, H.'.!?, 630A, Oil 11, ei|etM*i Ihr tlw rame time, $270, V21 23; exrsm of rereljits, K8M 77. The maMer was referred to Com mittee tn tirneral Taie?. fti|srrlior Rntttv ofbrrr J a reaolu* ,n direrting the fcperi lam of the ditT?r"nt wards and t"wus tu pr omt a list of Otand Juror at the ii"it lu ^'l'ig, *h>ch wav adopt dl. 'flu- 1 1* r. lU ?"t? pi- ftite4 '>y ^upfVintenJi).!! Berjtn, and were retell Hi. A o luniunieatioB was reeelred from tilt Meelianici' ItnBk of Willi:, w-burif asttlug to be llelu'it trom ta*l-f. llelei ii-d. The f'.llowin/ are the dirf'-r. nt amounts anditH by tlie O muiittev' cn Account* duiinu the U?t yon \? I- *J eiiM-s of Courts *12.(187 02 l'"llce 3,521 4? Jail (12 IVnilentiary 1 1.^47 28 Military (i-tit>|.ies>.inj{ riots) .".,;f43 t>7 Lunatic 40,00.) Ott Almshouse 8.433 29 I'riiitinu dig 7'.t OnMlrCwrk and i(e<fUt"r 0,210 57 Mi-. ' Ifineoue 12 saw h.'. Bttpprrlsori 4.22!? 17 -urn^ate ,':,8!ai (1M * '< r< net ? 4 .231 01 Total InltrMlJng from TriM. 'A a I1.1Y1' (ialveatun dktn> to ?!.?? Jlttli u'.t. l-vi-ry day the appearand' of the cmpi lnpr?Tf<. They rim' jm u I -e of a harvest. fh? ti-Uvantcm ' tri'ittn, In it* coniiMr< UI arti'le <late<t '.SS'Ii nit., Mijrr ? In IvIdmiW been light, aal while ra ???*! 1 1 1 hare been small, mir port Is nearly empty of vi-s r?l a. A large uumt?*r of merchant* from the Intfrlor <>J th" *? ? oil am Iroiii tlit place, hare ilin Ij lett for tb' ir iiiirnial visit North Ki< rn 111" rivera we have nothing interesting l!i(i,rth from the country ar?* ?? yrt favorable, but fr< m ti?' oicr abundance of raina, acompaiiie-l ?l*h thun-'ai storm*, whirb Wt had during Ihe wee), here, gTrat danger for cotton la apprehended. This la tl>e aca ron of imnual be irr raina on 'he ?h"ie. of the On If nii'l it may Ic hoped tliat the uiioeci ?.ary prntiisi..o of wet weather may remain "?nt)n<st to the lnum'tiata e?a>t. In ;i U w place* only an ?nr!y -tend of mtlaa ha? li?cn obtained and from reliable reporhl from all aeetion ? of ib>' ."-late It may l? a Iduced on tlie atwa^e, '??itlori is fully three *rpfc, lri-bjnd m T' .j- WtaparM T.ltliih" two | ill Manon*. Iliislne*? at Honat n la di -crllx-l i? (|niH. raeWpla of cotton l?"ini fti-arlv cotittnrd to arrivala ? >( f-ama irotn a ,rr> at distance. lb< a?lranr"l ?? a-'m ha a eatu-d imny of the wagonera to al>aod"n luulln g lb" health <1 our city la unaeiially ?'> l The ship Middle#** arrived at Araii?a^ ?rh mr IM I Hied Slates renuita who, under tb"1 C'm-iderate ,r rang*m? nt? of Major < bapmaii (hiartrroia 'er. ? ere for waided direct from 'h? ship to ('orpin f%ii?(^ tho* avoiding 'he customary iuatanre- of drunken>a< d" nr ti ii and drowning. ConaideraM" slckneaa prevailed during >b? mon'h ot June, especially among unacclima'ed settler g-neially in >be country; hut reliable report* from the interior now ?late that It wa< ahatrd, and tb?'ia(* it pte-enl vrry little ?ItliHM if any -ort. The Austin Stat* Tin\'! gire- i aer.innt of tha Indian depredation- on tb" fronii* r- |i -aya Major Neighlwr ? in'erlalae the opinion tha'. the Indian -n ih Rf>?l ration could t<e made available In del. rting and cap tnring tht marauding band- which atlark the frontier settlers. T here are now 449 Comanche* on 'be Raaenra tlon They are never left wit ha at men to loafc .?ft?rth?m and they are under regulations which allow tbaui lit t:< opportunity to steal The limm ?nr>: ? Major Neighbor - will offer emry utility fa aid in pnn i?l ,/rg a fa''/ Indiana who hav ioad?- foray iip/.n tin -??tilem?nt? lla will lurniah gul>lea aivl ini >rimi ion It la ahr> wdly cn-f/ef te.l there are other' hewjdea Indians rg. K igi'd n the late murdcra and theftp." Tb< rn ar<- a aninber of Oei aaa trader* among the ( ? manchea, froai whom atol*-n h??r aa liavi ' ' n l?ki n "llM-y supply tin In liana with p?>wder ind lead jiyl i-ju ? ? gi*at ''eal of trouble i n wliat K railed th*1 l/laef Ksx-rvation tjier*> ?re ab>. ?t i* hua4ietl Indians Tli'-y have near (our bun dc ! aei? of corn in rultivation an'l the proaper 1 of mnUirg their own br<a4 la fair. With thr-e people the l?-?-ding (ohiy" work- wi-U Motet mot l*en*e haa is*ue<l * proclamation 'iff'-rmg a n iidof t hri a bnndn >l dollar - for the arrest John Baritb, wlMilaebarged wlib tta murd r aflaaaaW Wi, ?? n I it' ity awunty. lite O-ntral 7^>m atate* tha' a letter rerejr ^l >? ta dars'ifi fri iu Monatoti annntio" - tliat ef 4cn"Tri" Vt eel ( ?. withdrawn troaa the gulie?n?t?irlal fanr?- ? T ' ? Hunt 'Villa- H ta a? ile? tluii Hon J II R/?heri-<-n declinea >eing ? 'ao-lida"* for lieunaant '.?r?'r?> ? 'hi ? sih (I* loughly opp'^-ed to the hiv* Viith ng an I '1 ?? *ta' sys|<m Mr Kole itx/o wl*lt*? la p' ? drti'i' n '( 'he <)>-moerattc vor< 1 ha .-?B Vat'.nlo Prin of tha Mb, aay? ? Wratern T"*aa baa he?n i'?'d' d (iy n'taae I if > a ? < ( late i-wt wv bar* that in many pla s it| a iajwta(tW ? ott< ? crop i <? r mitli ariiv d >a -an tnt< n i nn M od?yJ??t *?nd ??- graa<a4 by a aalate oftlilrtmi (ana. W<- Ivara frt^m the s.n An' o. . Is <<kt that f-a tb- 19th ?ilt , J'lin I4, rhs-han, late rt-r* r? thai' H i/naf-f rra tar'a tepariment In that rl'y, a?t a rr-ate?l sal bald tn tail Is tia >am <4 n a ebarg 4 larc. ny ??( aa ? n ?nt 'xeee^ing W wi Tb-i artlm ataor darrra ? -i ikt h m.oa aaeh r?f wbich le- ?as held t*i bail h? llm Ihe - an Aatoaio Tnrr m tA tha |Wb aaya >. Twea'y twa lua<t<M wac<.a? ar? mrw in <mr elty >m thair ?ay to Kaaaaa, uadar -'era f t*iw Kara- 1 . aad we l.ara that tber- ac 'f >i|kt mava hagjra** 'ha' Will ba h? ra I* a I lays tor tb' aaflte iW>tlM'i m Tte II" ??on T4*grnyk ,4 tha .'itb ah ?a?? - It l? C rr? r 'ly rapoviad ?a4 g r.- iallj '*a.vs J i?<!,a ? ,re. '. bat at a nw -ling of the Ka<a <fathinir> V 1 ) a III' eaer' >-osi"- ? tbla ptaae "B lloaday a rht the CA nil , 'bat Wing of ilia party which waa 'irtginalty orr* *1, 1 H-Kl'la U/oketaoa ritual diaa?,lv! fey af'aal ' ?? *' Fl'no what wa caa gatbae the latnandta'e '?< a of <tlsa#*e* a rier out o< th? aa'* lalMf proelt vH e? of he rr?e?> I bUa^> kphia ( <?ve?ltr>?. ablch , ? "?rM'lr' aatnr? the aiaaatr r? bate wera aaa,;?,oa t. R'lheeriba to | iliet<- la h' fivi affathev w r. ? '4 Ihe par-? whaaa n< I?T? ar? Vartawlr e.ttaw-4 at bmm mrti-j -wa l? i..ind aa4 Mt; wSub .taade up 'a ??,. |<h-saM|>a-a TV T <ff?ha tTth. r?pwa?a bat wHwt<h?taft4 ng U ? "*"a ?st afea? '(>? llnm Hess Mala u - .'7 POSTS C R I PT. WEItXDSDA 1 . 7 1 J OCLOCf, A. H ARRIVAL OF THE BALTIC. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. No Important Movement In the Crimea. Bmnored iwlfMWw of fits. ao4 Our Pirlu. NEW PLAN OF ATTACK ON SEBASTOPOL*. DEATH OF ADMIRAL NACHIMOFF K*rr?* Imi|N) ?f the BrMhk lUrtrf the TarkMi Uu BJU. REVOLT OF HIE MUSH IT 1KIPHLI. conoi MK-HMTfl Lorn, CONSOLS 91. Ac., 4c., Ac. ii . I ,?,al .v.,mu,tp ^ , | *??? WtfMtt.' M ?2r ? ??"" ? ' TCie lialtir irrirp.1 wut on la,hy ,.u i t* Un<> ? f"ri o?X'ii, I,. ? , ,r, ml tiniiiM unt.i.l \tj ft^,) , ? h.t out off llolyht ad, ,t UU ,H.t lu o'clock. nigm ?f Uy Jl?tin,t., , luring,, t?,lrU ft* the Haiti fainhAineelKoner, (loo ton. , taking >Llf, .. (l , (<>r t<> llrf tol. All oa j mcluUin* * ? lie u art- I 'it (1h ?<?;?.. pirk,..| up bjr the .chonner ??. nippo,..! U?. hU?k bi|( # ? It. mard. foond art..,! n ii< I int? ,,?rl ? , ,p|i With the grneroalty ? hlch dUtlf.Tui,(,-M An, rie.,? t|,, world owr, the p,..,.,,#.,, oft),.. j ,|,|e pr.-w.ntH th? K.r V Ith two hundred ,u.| ?,H CP'. , Ml. lb, re hundred ?lollar^, Tlint'uuard.teau,, , Ar .bu "tr.n.port \? fti") .mharked dragoon* ?,.| ho,,.. from fJ pool V4th ult. tor the frlm-a. H-ienil other ?. I.tpa were rmlmrking i i-inforeement -. The new ?(? mii-tiiji Hit barm, tn run hateeen Uy .-rp-ol and ?p?ni, li,i> ramlr l,..r tri .l 1i p |n n?. M. , running th- roea-tutt-l di-lanre u ,Q ^ utea, with f.7 rero!ution? ..I tb. wheel. per minute The clipper ?bip lied -U.ket, ("apt . MHIward .irrlT.-d at UtfTpotjl jutliult.. HI day* from MfllMxitjjr orjo ounce*.,! g?!d, h .tidinK t?? nugget,, ,bi?,Kr.-.p , tWely 43 mi l 47 pound*. |? Oi- ehann.-l ah. ran... In roll ia ion witWhi- Am-riran park, t t-^ncrnl l, rau.injf ttv y. to put put back to J iv, rpool with lo.? .1 l?.waprit k lb?. gr,-* amount of fr-ifht an l -? ^ ?u,n?, ol K*l Jack M, 1< o?i r tl'J OOO ntrrllnr Thi r.- in ? total abj- uc ot any u. . ot ??|w,i?K, (rouith"i" ?t of ?ar. It rurn n'ljr r. p,.,t.-i u,.t (Antral S(mP?on h?.I tiTcn lu hi* ririgmHkit ,u>i oaly i rtaln'l rotnntan'l aotil th.' of ? c^.,w The Kn nch utra.llly puiihnl lh- ir apprnarl, - towar.U tU<> MaUkoff which Hi Itn ... f?rltl forttfyiitjc. TlirTurki.b, 7:. .liuian, t? ?.?),. aril ltuMian futei-H In tlir li|.| r.-inain.- i u. at uMt a*frtr* 4 I'l. lutrationa rontinne D>r ? . .mpalgn on III? (?.nufc. ??i for a rnaiatlni^ i ip?|ition? .lr?iinm,?,i oja raUon. in tl.r ,4 .\,?n *?) l? tj,. i?,y, l?. n unimportant. Ihr Hu.?.a in Am . rr 1 ntar hitr?, but liar., not ?? t t|? , An in^nrrrclion of Ar.b. in Trip..!, b,- ,f,0K,n. , tbt forfeit of t?w V?j *nt| llimtt. o- troubl. 0 t,?. )??,( The H??hi.Parouk* at roti.tantluoj.l- h-. ,r |,? l ? ,1 I br< i'.? r?f nn?t n?ur?i? r. Ilir jh -ition ??f <JiplMir?;4r) 1 < /, 11, j |? .1.1. n l in* It. r n-utral p. 1 lion 1I1J a'lt mr?-? tow ir<l? ICnriia .li?iiti|rtu,|, 'lb.' Kf nt h loan i? mor? lb >.t I <k 11 The British;, after lh. karr.x r,,>? ?? Ttitkinh (lUars. tttee 1 . . 1 1 ^,ll ... , f t .in their J ' ire.. Ilrllan rnt will be prirt^nnl on or tj? |,?h mutant. if WUI am * ol?- f.rth i> tl"flnilelr apfn<lnle>t Col. tiU I Si tfUrt. I i- ri.n-lilu ult >?' -fl-.ith ? .rk lu\r n, .1, re.t.luti<n jeet gnl-ing hioi a. ' ibf right ma?'ia tb. I if ht plat. " It remain* f.^ the < ()l> ???rdift. IJ>rrjw**l rotton nurk l hulvn ?(t? i+t ,? j Iow?*r ^ I ??j?i and flfitir ?| ?r? ! nii< h -J J .,,j rorn in lettrrdnran l ,\..t mttr|( doi,^ m prm,....,,. laid firm, end d??rer. Weather ?-r m.,. |n morr tletnanl but rale, unrhanifr.l rhwl at "?l ! me can wruriile. aetira but the r > at adranee i n iaii??7? rart. ly maintain--*! An .... n I? r?rr. fit tlia? an vlnnrr .4 |u p , will t?- irti|K*M| oa Import datiee. ?n-l tfan-artj,,#. bar# takrn plate with tbr riew of ?nti,ipal,?f t?? rrr??e?l tat. THK WAR HRFORK HKBAHToi'of 7ha lol lowing are the daily dw.p?tch?i fnnu the r,; ' JtlTlO? t.f> -in.paon rock.-' , tk* rtlai n ?| r? >a| lie. to the Vh -if July, rrffrrtu tb?? ?t? .? I, ivy ,1, k,). .j and wo.,n.|e.t ?t?te. tha fanrr .1 health of the artnf I. good and anno in>e< thai at hv n'rUtrk nm th-- it rmtr of tin 10?h a heavy Arc wan op-oi~| ..a tb- iw , .t ,, tllixl l-atl?r e? ?ft IT II ? i#ort -- 1. . w - -ft ' ? 1- /raph- ? Tha #ti lJt neaed 1 > -t.r. >? . .nn-^tada Y< .trt.Uy ' It ? \ I talral Virion.. If reeeire>t a er?r? wo-m-t i?-t 1. ... die-l I nt|| fiirtfcrr "rder? Admiral I'aaAI. If ; p. f-i-or.e .| f ha .1^ ea ed aa rtfmioa (ider of t|ja ?..?,! ? - 1 f i- 011 and r t nn-1 Military I itrtint .4 at . . .1 JrirJ _17 Rm-1 . .>rmptm.Wtit Irlt.. la th Itn -?*. ? I- pt up a tr**tneri-lo.ia Qrr I atn I ay that ill! laitt- r> whirh fhe fr- n'h -m? . , tw?"? tbr Matr.>l?n ?n-t th? Halakolf haa la?n ,h? . ,,j to pi..<? l-y thr p>,vr HI flrrofth- Uttrr f.rt A rol<mr| -tn<' thirty flft-era ai*4 m'n a ,? p<it A tbr ?>r*. wH? tatr fvHtal a -wtdad rb?-ii In f, , a< tl. lOln idntM In Ik' artial **w?a e# t' ,, iliey ninat ? *(? 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Ill- Kngtiaati arr colliding Urjf anpplia** at ??'Inojw TIIK ATTITI'PK OF AUSTRIA. 1 h> t<- ia r?'nMni to ba llet < that>at the prc- nt mniem tin- attitude of Att.Uia ia rwatomi ? him anxiety, if not I .o?Hi m ili*<tuietuda-, Ui thr Wc.trrn l'ibin<*t?. Krer >lnc? tlna ii rr of the \ ia-ntut Conference I In- uumnroua itu ajput* at > iriiaa h??* labored with r?-?l iibled energy to detach Au.tria completely from l'.n|l.ini| u4 I rutr lhirtng tin* pa.t lortuight nun Ii prngreaniiaM bean made, but particularly during tin* paat -ii or eight da/a th* rv aidt* are more and irloie oha*rtaM> At ':t 1'rlir .liur^ llir moat frii iiilly Ma iai n-iiiti "in are again e*tind?d t.? t Ian Auntr'an Amha**ador au<l but countryman who wera prcvioiial) treated ?Ilb wore than hnutrur. 'lU*r* u no truth in the atstrmmt rwntly put forth that fraud* act r.ii*tati t lia t u-nt ? ri-ttlar to th* l??r nmn court. announnng that tb? 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I;<it |h ait Wc< Mn l'*l??, Mt ?lid H J Ki-ll'H. itaUKlitrr an! a*JU. Mr and Mr> I M I irabia and aefiant, Mr and Mr . W M M'atrrhury , *lr an I ttr ? Joa (area nt>p| if, t ? iiUdrrti a ad ?i 1 ant, Mr ami Mta If H} Mi an ! Ura <1 W Toiand, Mr and V|r? I W lifM, Xratoj Mra It II na, Mr* ll< rrj and two ehildrrn, Jm1(< Henry < aiM-.n, Mra I'arl '.m, Mia* Wittbanl Utaa taif'iilnff Mi and Wra it i' /Vir man Mr ind Mr? M d* to i -onrla t?o rhildren and ?**r ant. Mi?a I. lay. I Ian aiat Mr* k 11 bio*. Wiaa Kaaa*nan. Mc aii'l Mi. li H iV-ith, ehll.1 aitd aa 1 ? ant Mr an t Mra t; T alt W, Mr illr. b.ll. Mr and Mi. W M I. row, Mr ar. l Ml J"i?n fa oyi A l?i ilo.-^r. It I ' Marvin, Mi-?f*ro loan Mra f ta. I ' * yr , Mra mood md rhaid, ?li , 1. 1 ? llao.ti. Mi* - lb ii'!- i*o*( Mr- It.^a Mr. I. i k, ? tbria* rbfllren and ar rrawt I'rll II -mllh , < nlnwtt 1 oil, 1 apt - I' Oai-.ii' r * ap* W It )*'t, vii,a. 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