Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 9, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 9, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6921. MORNING EDITION OH K HERALD. THURSDAY, AUGUST 9, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED HVKRT DAF.j jTKW publications. T\amh.' i i.ihmans okeat kui htii ok .ici.y ai> 1 / dr(fc, just publUhH Hfi'l fur wile by PI DNKY ft Kl'SKELI., 7# John street, unit all bookseller*. Single copies, cent*; $8 per 100. Eastern war ? JuHt published, pocket edition, for bookstores and agent*. .NEW HHKI.T, KvrjTLKIl LATEST MAI'S A VI) VIEWS OF THE EASTER V WAR; places that arc causing no much excitement throughout the World} from the must authentic lovnuj BM-Atsorol., CRISiltA, HLAl ii. M.ilTIC .?>!> A7/1KF HELS; allowing th<- pie>ent position of the Allie.l Force*, distance-., population, &?'. Pi? of the map iiti by 3i! inches. I'rlce 25 cent*, in obeet or pocket form. A. H. JiX'KI.V.V, 00 Fulton street. Agent* wanted. N. B ? Newspapers copying the Hl>ove and sending the ?ame to the office, w 111 rrcch e three copies. Lli-E IX CALIFORNIA. ? THE EXPRKiS MISSKNGFR will coutain, thin week, u beautiful ougravlug o as encumpnient in Sacramento Valley, ?Wo a ilea of information, as usual, respecting conveyanco to Cali fornia, and fact* incidental to lite in that country. Tim Express Messenger is also an excellent Saturday family pajier, containing a Hue picture each week an I a capital crtory, beside* a muss of amusing Items, the state of the crops, the price* of butter and produce in tho country town*, and a deal of information for the farmer and coun try merchant. Tho Express Messenger will be sent by mail, potitpuid, for two dollar* per year, payable in ad vance. The express agent* in two thousand cities and town* in the United Slates, California, Oregon, .w., will hear witness to the value ami reliability of this popular news[iaper. Subscribers, in order to obtain replies to in quiries respecting the means of goiug to California on tho most favorable term*, should always enclose in their let ter* the stamps requisite to pre pay the postage u(*>n "the reply. Address A. I.. STl.MSoN, publisher Express Messenger, U-'i Broadway. IN spec i al HHHCTM. l J-RW YORK, AV GIST 8- ISM.? 1 fU Ml NO debt* contracted in my name aftor this date. L. CONOVER. "VTono: IS HEREBY CIVKS, THAT ALL PKR-*iN-? _i.l are forbid trusting any person or persons for any articled whatever they may be, for the smack Albion us the owner will not pay for any article whatsorer, from this date. New York, August ft. 18'ij. ANDREW FA^II, Owner. SPECIAL NOTICE? MAII. BAGS PER STEAMER ARIEL for -outhnmpton and Havre will bo mido up nt the office of the Vanderbilt K. S. S. line, No. ft Howling Oreen. on Saturday, August 11. ls-tters prepaid 18fc. jier half or... will be received until 11 A. M. Caution ? Any letter attempted to be sent per Ariel in any other way than through the office, will be seized and re turned. TO LOVERS OF ABUATIC SPORTS? WILI, RK Ex hibited, this day, till 4 o'clock, in front of I.NGKR SOIL'S American boat and oar ba7jiar. a 'il i foot sail boat, u 3(1 foot barge, and a .'!0 foot race boat, all built to order, with 200 other boats. The public are invited to call and examine. 2ft0 South street. Admission free. REWARDS. 1 AAA REWARD, AND NO Qt'E-rno\S A-tKKD. ?? 1 ? \ / v/ V/ Lost, on the morning of the 1st of Aun-wt, a roll ot money containing about five thousand dollars, in < ne hundred dollar bills, principally of the city banks. The above reward will be paid, and no question i whatever asked, on the return of the money to GEO. W. BEEllS, Irving House. AA REWARD? H0R<E AND llt'GOY WAGON stolen, at llaHtijig*, N. Y., on Tuesday night, the 7th ln*t. Horse 10 hand* high, of a dark re I dish gray color, light hind feet, long ligjt colored or sil ver lull, hind hoed' has been cracked and now growing out. l.lght buggy wagon, leather top, made by Stratton, New York, old tiarness, together with a trunk of clo thing. Tho above reward will bo paid for tho recovery of the property, by applying at 11 terry street, Netv York. J. MATflSoN. 1 REWARD? I/WT WITHIN A SHORT DH t.ince of the Hanover Hank, a pocket book, Containing Sol'.!. Whoever will bring the same to tha owner, at Mr. Hale's, 80 Nassau utrOQt, will roceivj the ahove reward. The non-retura of the above will b? ruinous to the loser. $10 REWART? FOR THE RECOVERY OF A Mt? . _ mic breastpin, (gold stone.) lost on Sunday Ji7ght. on the steamship lToanoke, or Im-I w.'ln Robinson and Twenty-eighth street*. Apply at 44 West Twenty cightli street. <2frl A REWARD I/>ST, O.V WKDNE^I 'AY, AfOl'Sr MJ7 J. 1*1, a 1 7 fool tow boat, W owtside, with a jx.i'ow stripe ..round; w hite Inside, re I knrei and yellow eeats, nsmr ! the I'lay Boy oi the Rattery. M. UUGLEY, Battery. <UlCr KKWAHR ? UIHT, OX MOX1UY EVKXTNG, A black nnd tun terrier. S.iid ,1or had dio.t ear* Suit tail one enr shorter than the other, very prominent ?yes and the fore li-gi larg ? an') crooked. Tlie above re ward will be paid if he in returned toll Ea*t Twenty - ninth ft reel, near Fifth avenue. LOST AM) KOi m I*" ?VMi ? I >N THK TTH 09 Al.tHST. A BMM Of A coal kow. name unknown. which the owner can have on t?y ing charges, by calling at&9t!r?enwich street. WM. HAN'LKV Lost ? ox tvehday, ai'oot t, a leather pocket hook. containing paper* of no value to any liut the owner. The Under, by leaving It with A. Ilrett, 14 I*y Ktreei, or Geo. Higif-, 'iO.1 l'ir<t avenue, wilt be liberally rewarded. 3- OCT UX WEDNESDAY F0RKM0OX, AI'lJI'ST _J Eighth, in Houston street, between Alien and Clin ton street*, a general receipt book, of uo me to any one of course except to the owner*. The honest tinder will ple?M* return the same to Messrs. John F. Ac II. Finck 'J)S W'afhington street, where a liberal reward will be paid. *TT OST ? < )X FRIDAY I .AST, BKTWKES TOURTEEXTII 1 i and Xineteenth street*, in Rrondwny, a pointer tlmr: Uver ami wiiitc color ; answer* to the nam* of Minn. A lilier?l reward will be paid lor his delivery to the Cthic Hiu-e, in Third street, below S>uth Avcnth, Williamsburg. LO.-T-A NOTE, MAI>K BY J SO. TAYLOR, IX FA vor of I/ wln Audenreid Jt Co., dated New York, .Inly 150. payable four months after 'late, for eight hun Ire land ninety-two dollar* and ninety-six cent- The public 1* cautioned aK?in't negotiating said note, payment bavin? lw i n stopped. If found, the finder will confer a favor by returning it to Lewi* Aiulenric.l A Co., 110 Broadway. -r- osT? OX T1IK NItSHT OF THK 8TH Al CI'ST. A 1 j diamond, in the Kighth ward, in going from ILt nwrsley street to Canal. Ten dollar* reward Will be paid by returning the same to AO llamemley street. EDUCATION. AI'KIVATK SCHOOL IX HRO<)K I. YX, WIM, ACCOM in- 'date a lew children with board and tuition, south ?dd? of >ort (ireen, in Portland avenue, one door from I ai layette avenue, on reasonable term*. MR? MEAIt-' FRENCH AVD ENGLISH HOARDING and day -chool, for young ladies (83 and 'M West Fif teenth street, below Fifth avenue,) rc-opens on Thursday, Kept^raber 8. Mrs Hear* will be at homo to receive p? rent* and guardians who wish to confer with her, from .Monday, September 3. WR. AXD MABAMK NOEL BKROIER'S HOARDING and day school for young ladles, ;i00 Second ave nue, between Eighteenth and .Nineteenth (rtreeta. Mr. nnd Mme. Noel Bergier renpectfully inform their friend* and the public generally that their institution will be re opened on Monday, the 10th of .September. A stage is Attached to this establishment, for pupil* at a distance. IXttTRt CTMMT. A CARD ? THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RWEIVE NEW punila daily, this Week, for instruction in penman #ti p. bookkeeping kr . by cla.s* or private instruction. OLIVER B OOLDHMITB, :m Broadway. *XvOlJttAKS ACADEMY, ?09 BROADWAY. CORNER JL " llooston street, I* now open for practical insiruc 4i. n In bookke*|,ing. {snmanship, arithmetic, k . Stu i< nt# entering immediately are guarant'-ed to he ?('i*IIHe<l #<r busfnes. by September 1st, if laired. Private les #ons, in August, without extra charge. FOCTER k DTXOX'8 INITIATORY COl'XTLNt; II "' SK Appletcn's building, 'Mf> Broadway, where adults e<,nver-aut with bu*iar-s may attain a practical know |? |ge <?( bookkeeping and penmanship in the short <pa'-e ?; one Week. Improvement guaranteed. iit r.mxo axp r<*ikk?tin(}? ai? broabway ? \\ "(leut' nien de-irnu* of attaining, without |i?s* of time a ma>terlv knowledge of bookkeeping, eleganoe In ?"'oan hip, kr., are Invited to cat i ai F.HFfit A I-XON - estaMi-hment. Applet-m * Building, inspect sp e C^men> and r>Main references. VE'ANUJt? T<? INPd-.M KVKRYBODY, THAT Wfl, jfl I .u school agency. 9 3 Broa<lway, was Oj^ned 1MT, and is a perjietual ititrixlucer of its patrons. Bring *11 or'tors. vacancies and changes for cbeckholders at on? per lent, suiting nearly every school and family. MATKI.nOHIAU a ?sol xo wik>w lady, jnxmxx ykarh or J\ ?#? of prepo -e ?fog appearance is dedrou< of 7>r-ning the a^ualntan' e et any gentleman wllb a view ?n matWrnony Any good ItKAing gentJemsn answering tfei< <rti' p'e>.? address R no'e to li*m t'oioo ?^u*re THE I0UI8VIHE RIOT. PEACE RESTORED? MORE OF THE ORIGIN OF THE RIOT? OPINIONS OF THE NEW YORK PRESS. I/Onsrnui, August 7?11:10 P. M. Everything In now quiet in thin city. The military are out, but nt present there appear* to be no need of their services. Aroi'ur 8, 185.V ThU morning the Journal states that the recent vlo lence ??? altogether disconnected with the electlou and wan certainly premeditated. It is uLso informed that the ( nthollc Irish in the v irinitv of Quinn's house, in the Hghtli war. I. contemplate*! an attack upon the Amarlcin procession last Saturday night, but were deterred by thn immense number composing it. Two Irish women re ?i<!iiig in tl.e vicinity admit that tljey know this. The Timet denounce* Mr. l'rei.tice for his ?.,**<*, b(. half of Oioir property. opinions of ouR~crry cotemporaiuks. * f*r"Di the Journal of Commerce J ,ll?i,l'lT)l" U"' ,nt of foreigners that land'on our shores. They emerge suddenly from subjection to tv. rannirii) rule, nn'l huhitn otnlavrrv that wnor-itl in* i gjirjot yped into that paradisj 7 tl? thriftj, tin possession of active political rurhts Tlie * ry is familiar to ovary one of ?/ lrisl,m,B w& after regarding tor Home time with wonder a tore!, in* S nvV? ;:'i ; Je'7 w ???* ? f. *!*?, can vote; t*< i crtii !???? ,lMM" ""7 ?"? 'X?, in nelve. a ImfrnlTf ,n?r? ini'l tjian thorn which It U timi.! T "JT ,,f <""? of which it is time that Americans should be OirtiM ashamed, light month* ago the mibj vt of amending mir nnturullwtion law, w?. brought!*^ (W toss* it the'tl.'ne In " I "'"'"'PJ'1 Jteferonc w.? mvle at the time, in our columns, to the aide spewh which he made on that occasion, and hopes w?re entertained tint ^rssrisiuT 1 w,m" '*? "T n'J, f m'T n"r**'irr "mendment*. a ioptM bj tongr egs. It fell, however, to the ground. I'olitleiarn ?ie afraid to meet boldly, either in Congress or the State ii,^n!l'f r which thU question MO n ?? , , "'the country. ,, ??. . ' hey dread the local opposition which advoc.irr lli/niTi nn"i P"!ri'"," "??<"<"<?<>?! reform would -ul.jcT them to. and shrink from being ostracised by foreiirners whose opposition at the poll* might prevent their re-elec tion to othce. The wisdom of the proposal that the term of residence of aliens should be prolonged before thev arepeimd ted to enjoy . very right of Americans born ? recognUed by provident, far-sighted Americans of 'all KJ of' iisnLnt? .rnw"7lb' '<??? Of losing votes, on the pert ol jHpir.intK for office, oppo?e<? more than anvthln* r^tnn?T5^U"! IfffitfUitiria. The in li * crut manner, too, in which foreigners have been con founded by many with the power they wield, and the in MMb^tW V ri' ftU',,l,'^nt' in "" n'"iT" American If not . T' have tended to delay, i.i."t L., ^ imP'"",i"1 ""mination of the son* born a llroa! |* 'l ?" "I'on per piUMiTJ?.15' ?|f 'K'"',lp *"'1 K"v<'rn">fnt of the here ? i'.h I m:' I(' ",,r "h"rcs who come fo rt h en vc" Ii'n 'l' ' ""i "u'ho!,P"*>?r. ??'t to the home >r tin iiimIvi h and education for their children which H,,,( "Unfc thein bv our la? ?. permit tinir them tohnM I" operty and to tnw.sfer it to th,!r rhil'lrS. and eVi? ,o ??.|U re such control over the soil us thev can secure by which ;L"7hC\r h":"U, r'vi4"! however* Tn Lt i himiigrant has ? right to look for ?nd which our laws theoroticallv give are ni.isone an rendered praccallv nugatory t.v the prematur* 11.. i - r'J( ! 'r""m",''l-V "f tU" r'Kht of Huffrairo ilL Irishman ..r t.ennan encounters, as he la mis in our sea ports a monster who j>i w,||v authorize,! t.? obstruct, u i1 h n frei,nently impassable barrier his tiath wny to the happy home to which he in entitled and where he might en, i.,v abundantly the products of "Se of tb t1 ""b,'r 'n<'ustrious denlien nrM i . y,iM >'i"nKter iH p,ditieal temptation. ?!" the C "Vt ' huiiililv-coiiditioiied Irish la Hirer, as well as Clo, hopper socialist from Germany, both sink int.. corruption by our ?? n fault, more |,r theirs. They are at once lnstruete.1 that they m .v vote in six months Thev"^ re K. 'i""4"1 ,?II,f>l".v,??| ?" attain the t, lhey are taught, to consider themselves an army ?.f political invaders, are enlisted either in infidel ass^U. <>r un ler the banners of the rum-selling middle men. ami made to reinforce the vmt floating con.lottleri ta twceii parties, which ..(ton ,.t election* turns the call's in favor of the highest bidder or the latest Uver ., ^ wre>ts j ledges froin candidate. fc.vor ?f inU<t(.| - " tlT'r e.'?,r ",'P"""r Wr","r F?.reigni'rs who ii ii.< it consciences were not drugged bv the f.t .l r !l ah'lV<li*. " ,he7 k""B A M ?!"' our politi cal slphnbet or can distinguish betw<?n liberty an I license excitement and disorder, or comprehend t e Koeiet of acqitieseing in the will of the majority? mi?iit l?-ci?M eventually themselve. or thr..u?l, their . riTmsf^T"' r rntkv'1 hT tl.e glitter of gol len hrlhve fre'lTw a "l #T ,"W""rn'1 they spend la ,r\ 1 u P""ilv K?t scijuire habits o"de .i?.L7se;?n^rrnp'riu?^w^^^ and tl eir'7!lV'': 'm"' ,ri ,h' P?Mi^ho"l ?v sir. J i i the gutter, ripen Into that unnatural LmrneltbiPrri'V"i1' ,ln:'^r"u" "f infldel bolC, oM,?r i i ! . r r"'n vocation i- to seduce O hers to sin and misery, and increase a- widely a. t.o.,i hie the realms of moral ruin. si iohil'' hn""' Hnl,'n,n warning, like (he re?ent Hot at Ismisrllle, trouble, the minds of thinkiw ? ni!w" i" S" "ie onimon "now were re garded as impossible, and ?ill then relle,-t on.... ?i s^uenresot alik-de linef.r another -luarfer of . c"n* ,of' ?r "" danger of doi?; is aci'uViTng in Z'cmtnt^ ,h*1 tt i ... f rom tl"- Tribune. 1 Moftw'S.m "SfV^" Americans one ,.fTi ' carriage containing two two Citiu ns Interfe-ed" *nil *thrr'^ A !>""<? m?u and wounded. A crowd 2 ? ?.m a T ?'*!' ,ir-', "? ?"'? the shots wer. Tn^l V.TdT :? wle-ns* in If almost to death Other h/. German* found J-rewery horned, a gjeat in L "r.. """ ;hat ^ an American, bv a shot from'a" "tr!^ n-a'* brewery, the Irishman who ?as said I,! ni '"?rn(l,? Meinwhlle frk.d the' Irish h'oi'Z, ^"""hem on "tire 7^1,^ ?? # . ? Tri?? number roMtH i* . ff'Tii fff t m ?' t f v n.u ?k? !L . re.ult of Mondey't. ,? vL1? "?* ke? n tin* r*-*' ? If*. K J upon hn p<?.,pj#. to notoriety. The ^thont^ s.em ' W'"> tempt to stop th< h|.s,|-h' d untint .. n 00 *t be obserrei! that the riot did not begin .t thT'n, tu is in no *ay conne. t.,1 ?ith th. eh* ",n |K'11*' ?'"1 |?f>m the I'aiiy Time* ? ewardite ) TJIK LOl'lriVILLE MOT*? THE TKtiilC BIDE OP ENOW NOTIIINOIH*. While Ibc Know Nothing* had the pru'lenee and (food ??? I.. Brpwrw their original d>"ign of * aecret nrifiini ratioii. thoy were aerure *t le*?t from personal aMault, If n?t from political defeat I"h*y hal the advantage <iT?r their anta>foni?t? of simmi their Mown from lx>bin<t an impenetrable ehield of wrwy They atood in the ?larknei>? while their adver?a'ie? were e ? I In the light of day There were plenty of rea'ina why they ahould have preaervefl their advantage* of aeere^y und mr?tery. hut they allowed the t?nnt? and jeer? of their allied foea to ilra? them from their -??,*i"U?pol of nerreey , and the eon?e<|oenee? have been defeat in ?lmo?t eve ry encounter they have -I n<-e hart. and the terrible fight in I I/>ui?vil|e w hlrh ha<. reaolted In otie of the m'Mt appal ling tragedlea thai ha* ever attended * popular eleetion in an* part of thf In ion ?in'-" the organitation "f our government. Huch a r?-?u It a" Ihi- melanrholr trnd m??t di?graeef il affair might h??* anticipated hut it la none the le-? daploralle Krotn th' imperfret and ?? truat etaggera ted report" of the telegraph II #ppeir? a? w .nM natn r ? ! ly e the rx <? thai the fir - 1 ft I violence p- --ee |e I fn in a foreigner u r. <l the e . ferilel feeling of the American parti ranr or auti ? atholicv naturally lei to the act* of violeuce. Idoodehed and ar?on witch fol lowed. I ntil we receive more particiUr aecennta of thi? ahock inf affray It will I* ImprmoMe to fon i any correct opln ?on of the relative guilt of thO two partis Hut 'in ?* enough la known to demonstrate the iml* lity "f the fit* author itie- aid the fearful nature of .ieh roll i> too ? a? heated cnnte?ta of rare aod rellgi-.n ar? ?ur? to pro voke Ihe theory of our government la that eiery ritl ?n aubjart of tho law ha? a right to a voie? In making it and any attempt t>, ear), ide any rla*? from tba o?erci?o of thi? rifht < n gnu nil- ritha' of raeo ?r rail* i <n will inetiUMyaro ?? i. pa?,?oaU reaaotn^nl of wTurh tho natural roault i? Ju?t aurh e<Jli<loa? aod Idr^Uhad a* hove diMf-acod "h? e tf of Louiti a:? [Ironi the lhtlly Sewn. Hanj Shell I lomocrat . ] Our render* will, of course pi* oe no reliance white?er upon the Know Nothing reports of the ]/>ulstllle riot 4 sent to tin* associitled pre**, and which. a* we pay for them, we publish in common with other newspaper*. We ehiill have it true >orsion by mail in a few d ay* iu the Isiulaville I. (From the Kxpreaa ? a wouH be Know Nothing organ.1 *???*?? i irst? It is in oti'lpnro that the Americans were inter rupted by the foreigners previous to the election. No matter how " rafcfd 1 may have Iwd the " appeal*" of the Know Nothing orator*, the Irish had nu more right to " interfere" there, in the *tri-ets of |?ul*viUe. thin they hail here, in the city of New York, when the '-rabid appeal*" of the " Angel Gabriel," and hla Mlow atreet preacher* were made the pretext for knocking down American citizen* in the streets, in broad 1 lay light. It if? 11 n>l we trustit will ever Immid American right, and ?n American principle, to maintain thin right and thi* principle, at any and every hazard. They have ilonc mi already ? they will do 10 again. It U too late in the ilny for the f reign legion in the United Statiw to enter upon the experiment of endeavoring to subvert the " right of tin* people to asaenible." If the myrmidon* of (if'iffe the 'ihinl failed in that enterprise, while yet the republic wa* in it- awadilling clothe-, let foreigner*? e^pe -i.illy the minion* of his Holiness of Home? try to accompli Mi the thing, now, when the infant ha.' grown up a young giant. Shame then upon an American journal, that, < f whatever met, party, clique, or faction i* ready to pal Hate public murder, or public murder attempts I, upon any such miserable plea. The Irish t'-atho lic jnui mil*. and the Irish Catholic priests, in this country, are notoriously in the habit of stlgiiiatUtng 11* "rabid," rrotentant clergymen. I'rotes* unt writers. American statesmen. ?nd American Catholic*, even, ?hn will not bow the knee to the Unman Haul? jet, according to the rea oning and logic of the 1'rvt weie these " rabble**' tn he *hot down like dogs, by litem m? in the hands of foreigners the cause must Iks sought toi? uot in the wicked pus-Ion* oftheaas -in*, nor in the cruel hearts of those who prompt then* ? hut "In the intense personal hatred given to noli lien ontr-i xersjr l.y the uihid appeal* of Kuov Nothing orators We have had many exciting political controv -rsles in till* country during the past hall century ? cimtrovcrsie* Into whii li personalities hare cnti-ri <1 probably with a< much rancor and acerbity as that which ha* just been had in Kentucky ? but we never heard of ennnon Mazing in the oil vets, dwelling house- given to the tlame*. terror and anarchy Installed. nor American citizen* slain In rold blood, until the foreign element sought to become what it i* still desperately straggling to become?' power in the Stute. These arc incontrovertible and undeniable truth-', which we dine say oven the tophi-try of the J'nst will hardly dare to challenge. It may, therefore, be safely asserted, as a general principle, that American election- were always free from such scenes until the '? Irish " and " Ger mans " came to the polls as such, professedly to op pose American citizen- on their own soil, mid not only by the ballot box, but by the cartridge box. Kenittmher, that nt Louisville " It wss a foreigner that tired the lir-t gun Who that particular foreigner was ? or who his counsellor* and advisers ? remain to t>e seen. Rememlier, too, that (we i(U?te now the telegraphic statement) "while the election was quietly going on, an American was in ulird. Htabbeil. and lieaten, until it was supposed he wa* dead by a party of Irishmen." Again : ? '? In the afternoon, three Americans were lirrd upon, while quietly panning a German brewery . " One of these wa? ' a gentleman accompanied liy his wife." "Shot and bullets came from the windows of the German house* in showers." "The foreigners Been in the whole vicinity were aimed, mid attempted the indiscriminate slaughter of the Americans!" ^ et, we are told, that for all these murderous assaults, only American* are to blame I In Kentucky, a* well u.h In this State, and throughout (he whole I'nion, for that matter, there have not lieen want ing demagogue* ? American born dcmag"giicii. wc mean to stimulate the Irish to outrage* o! this oharacter for purpose* purely sclfl-h and mercenary hut the most ig norant of this class of foreigners by this time should Ik sulltclenlly Intelligent to discern the dangerous use* to Which these unprincipled tricksters are willing to put them, simply tiiut they may ride into public '411 oe, over their backs. The O/uiirr and Bn/piirrr, and Sun. have hel l over a day to cogitate upon the subject. OPINIONS OF THE GERMAN PRESS. (From the New Yorker Staats Zeitung.) MOT IN LOUIHVlbLK ? CANNIUAMHM OK THE NA TIVES ? yOHKTAHTE OF THE (KJXtNATlOK Of TIIE KNOW NOTHINOH. We don 't know if it ha* been the con*e |uence of an er ror or an inti ntlonal act, that we did not receive f ir our I 'sue of yesterday the news of a frightful riot at Isiui' vlllc, Kentucky, which w?i published by the Anglo-Ame rican newspapers. < ur reader* are aware that In that city the Inimlty o political pn tlo* lias attained an extraordinary height. The Know Nothing Journal doe* not oeglcct any ni"au*to Instigate the brawling natives to violence*, when fana tical language fallod. it took recourse to misrepresenta tion* and calumny. It ha* sown tli" wind and r'-a|>ed the whirlwind. Tho*- who had occasion recently to observe the Indications of public feeling In Ismisville and how It was reflected by the newspapers, were compelled to ap prebend a disturbance at tlie election time. Hut although i oulsville va.' formerly notorious lor the pa*wion with which Die (lections are eondncted there, the B"W* of so much bloodshed and such results ol the cannihali-m 'if ti e natives wa- not to be eiper t"-t Kor several da) a past the l-oul-ville Cnurirr wrote H* follows: ? *? It seems that many Know Nothings are not frig)iton"1 back by anything, however mean and contemptible It may l e. if it serve* to attain their object. They write letter* which they place under the doors of the Get man*. [ arid wherein they threaten that If they come to the polU. It will be at the risk of their live*." The telegraph, it is true announce* that the flr?l shot has been Bred by a foreigner at a considerable distance from the poll*, but we know by experience what reliance can lie placed in audi intelligence We await with the greatest anxiety the detail* of this blmsly riot. [Kroia the New Yonker Abend Zeltung.J ELECTION RIOT. We give in another column a telegraphic despatch from Ijiubville. in which it will Ik- seen that yesterday ? bloody battle was fought between th" Know Nothing* and the Irish, on account of the elections. The attitude of tlie newspaper* of louis* Ule recently. gi>?iU* the t ight to u^n ffrounu, \u*t iM by th? AfiHTimnji. Jhat thtr were tlt? eg^rpusoiM *p |H?? r? o|K*iily from the f*et tbut the Irnh tlre*l from the windows of th? ir dwellin^n-? t li?*v inunt b*ve forc?*<l to defend thfmeelvi**. Th?* enrnity muj?t h?%?- l^'eri v?*rjr jfn at, for th'* Amerlennf* hung no IrUhman whom Ihrjr had trtk?'f? Such f?ct.? have iif?t oecurred f??r M'>?Tal In the tumulto of ? lectiori.? of this kind. It i* Heurceljr po*i?il?le that tb?* rioting t* riuin.?te<i ye^ter day. uw AVtff Vorlvr Democrat eontentn itielf by giving th^ teli-f ruphic de?|?ntcb. OPINIONS OF THE FRENCH PRESS. [From I* I'mgre*.] The riot of I/iui?villr (ui- w - - >i 1 1 i?wl the proportion* of ?n iriteatini' wrir. mid the late-t di-armteh, which wr (fit# below. loreahadow* Hint thoee |ailnfiil ewnta are not yrt ?t mi wid which ?<!?? the -jic rM Miil of Ii b?Tt y , where the right of voting ahould forever precluib- the uae <if hi in*. fFrom I* (V>nrri?r de* Ktat* I'nU.] > me month* ?tf" win n .erioii - di't'irbnricea broke on t nt Cincinnati, St. 1/oui* and NewOrIe?n?, ?? e*prc??-d our affliction* to *> <? riot* entering gradually in th* politi cal cuatom* of the ( nion A new event of the antne ch* ? j meter. but which ? cm* to gn beyond all other* by It* coti?e>| nence* and importance ha* Ju*t ahown that our h nr* were unfortunati ly not vlamnary Mmyor'a Of He* KXTHA PAY For I'LKHXH. In nrcor'liinri* with * revolution pn*?e 1 by the Hoard of Councllmen, Mr. Comptroller Plagg hi* a*nt in a com munication to the Hoard, atatlng the mini* pal l to W. M. ( ook and <i. F. Conklin, clerk* at the Mayor'* office, and other official*, for extra aervicea, and the authority of law under *hi<h the aame Km been paid. The amount of money pai l to rlerk* of the M.ij>or'? office he repll**, 1* 901 4 ja. 'I he nth M-ction, title 1 of chap. 40 of the or dinance of lMV h* further antra, I* a* foll 'Wa: ? In all ca-eir where the Mayor ahnll orter the attendance of offl ier* for the |#rformance of extraordinary aervic**, In priM'rTlnn the |iearc of the city, be may allow for *urh attendance < mm not exceeding i * |ier day for every 12 houra, arid >o for every 12 at night and at the anon- rat* lor n Integer or ahorter tinie, whi^h r otnpenaation ahall be allowed, and pai l hy the Comptroller, on the wrtiacaU of the Mayor. Oar I.onif Inland Comipotidrnre, BOHV OK AN CKKNOWN MAN. Krrtnw, ft ?T<itJt Co., I. I., Aug * 1H'5 The body of an unknown man waa foun 1 on the t?ach Ixtvmi Crane Neck and Old Held light. I/>ng laland -otind, laat evening It appear* to have been in the water fntne day*, and la very much decoro|>one 1 Pi f ? lre.? la a check cotton ablrt, plaid raaalmere pantaloon* bin. k frock coat, with fri-ga In front, a *outhwe?ter tied

down over the hea.l, and a cotton atring round the waiat, and a |air of |*wri- 1 ?hi"'* Nuppo.ed to be tha' of a captain of aome ve?*el The Corolla- r ha* been aent for. Hie verdict I will >end you aa aoon a rendered. Pnllllral Intelltgciiee. A tnaaa meeting of the American party, eon "ting of i nc hundred anil fifty. wa? held in I'ittaburg oa the 4tb In t.?nt which the /'oaf *ay? frit up mainly for tin purpoae of alWwing )i?mtnr Jobhaton toejplaln hia rou r*e on the *krery noenlion in the ltiilad<dph)a and Heading I oun< iia. Krom th* reaolntloaa which were pa??e.l we ?b' uld 11, ink It waa a man rne*tlr^ of <*v hundred and ftfty ?oiid al*.llttoni*ta for the re?oIre? do not ' on lain one W( rd a>*?ut American principle but a ra ti,n u*ho'it i|e nuo'-tatory of Honih?rn aUrery the f-ifl live alaTe a? the Nebra*ka act and the platform of the Kri w Sotbiaf (oonell at Ckila/lalrtliia. tua -esolutp-n a*** rt" that t' O fr?-? ha? the ' n?t'tnti'rnal right to rrfuae the ad(ni>" a of any new ftale whl<-h toi?rate. *la??ry Ha? not f>? (Treaa we would aak. the *ame right Wi rtliur the admU aion of a free Mate t The I'ortla?d Mai/ ?T Mi\ nt at ate* (hat C,-r*w Mor rill ha* puMlclr givHi a ehaiietm* to Wall* ? tae*t hint in pTibilc la tV 4i?Cia<U>? <A ;?? ?'?? ?? ? *a. pt i?V> <A Ihr MMm li?. The Prohibitory Uqoor Law . AKJiKKTh VOU MIVNKKNNKH8 VKHTKKPAV. Thfn- wan a ?lig lit in the number of arr??*t* for in1o*icnti?>n yeeterday. Thirty unfortunate made their ftppeaiance before the various police roagi-t rut en, a* triM t?e aeen from the following table:? Maffidrdtr*. Commi/m'f*. First I>i*trict Potior Court ? Jnat ire CJonolIy 13 Second Dintrict Police Court-? Justice Penrey ^ Third I'istrict Poller Court? Justice Wood ?* Total INTOXICATION IN BBOOKLVN. 1 he police of the Western district of Brooklyn made th frd lowing number of nrrr*trf for drunkrnnea* during Turn day night They were disponed of by Justice* Smith, Cur tin and' lilev, with the usual fine and yfiltie*.:? First district . 2 Second *? '# 3 Third 44 1 Fourth " V 14 lighth " 1 Total 1& City Intelllnenee. The Guy Cow Rixutta. ? A communication appeared in yesterday'* Urn aid, without signature, in which our reporter is charged with inaccuracy in stating that ,4to Mr. Wm. K. Burton the people of Glen ove were indebt ed for the regatta, and to hi* liberality the affair owed it# su rre*s." In t lifn our reporter Ma t what was simply true, and it would have been much better for the getter* up of this contradiction had they provoked no contro x . my, aa there are certain faetn in connection with the ltgutta that reflect but little credit on the partie* to w hose hand* the treatment of the gueata wan confided. In the first place, th?* race would not nave come off at Glen Cove were it not that Mr. Burton extended the invitation. He also procured the pri?M and the hand at hi* own ex pense, and entertained the member* of the club at hi* villa the day follow injr the regatta. Ife al*n give order* for an unlimited supply of good thing * for the entertain uk nt of the guextM on hoard the Proton, a* it wa* likely that *ix hour* Hinting would give every one on hoard an excellent appetite. The good things supplied by the committee were an nnlimit<M quantity of *u?pteinus looking l*?ef. a limited supply of bread, (ft run out in an hour,} nud a nn*tcriou* intoxicating and unpalatable compound, digniti**! with the oriental appellation of Arrack Pundit, and ? that'* all. Much di-*atl*fiK'tlon w ah e*pre**ed at the short provender. In thit we would not be underatood an reflecting in the nllffhlrst degree on the inhabitant* of Glen Cove. They performed th??ir part gracefully, and liberally aei*ond?**l Mr. Burton*# effort* to bring the affair to a successful l*?uo. The pemon* who took it on thi*m<elve* to conduct the arrangement* were non-re*Menf*, who were stopping nt the hoteln. We make thli rejoinder an an act or justice to the Yacht Club, to Mr. Burton, to ourteporter, and to the committee. MjLRCANTll-K I.1HRARY ArtfiHIATIO* ? TlfAfKKHAY ACJAJ.Y TO iJftYt RK kok I'H, ? We learn from the quarterly report of the New York Mercantile IJbrary Association, that during the htat quarter some twenty lire thousand volume- have been taleu out by the member* of th* a*-oeiation. Thin is a large circulation for the summer month*. when com paratively little reading ia done. Monday* and Satur days are the hu*y day*, when all other buaine**i in the city flag*. In the evening*, especially, the library and Hading room prenent an animated scene, being tilled with tlioM* who are anxiously inquiring after "new l?>ok ? " ??r eagerly perusing the latent periodical". During the pa-t three month* there have been over twenty two thousand reader# vinitiritf the reading lOoru. There have been over eleven thousand call* for hook*. at?o, at the down be n office. No, 1 Na -nau r.tre**t betwci'u which and the libra ry in A*tor place a regular communication i" Wept up four time# a day. A ladiea' reading ro<?m i* al*o open for the accommodation of tho^e who may wl?h tojoiu the rt ^ociation. with all the privihg* - fit in? mb' r *hfp except that <?f Voting. It H hoj?ed that large number# of the fair ?ex w ill ?v*il thern-flve* of the privilege* ?o freely offered by t hi * arrangement. Mr. Thaektuav !???* b "ii engaged to didiver n cour*e of |< ? -ture* la-fore th1* .i ? elation; al^o Mr. <?eo. II. Curt!*. Cahik ( i AKi'K > Vmiokam l^fT' >t. ? Th"St. l^>ut* arrhinl yeaterday frrm Ha\re, with 170 pas-enger* on board, | inontly German ami Jew*. The America arrived the day U'fort from 1 Ivvrpopl, with 254 pa?***ngera who brought with them 7^ ?n a < crag, of nearly i'J f -r earhman, woman and child landed. It appear* tha* Captain llilton, of the hip Wabarna, violate! th ? law and Liiide<l hi* emigrant* at ni-r IA, North river, in 'tea <f Cantle Garden. Hi* \en?*<d w a* attached for noifp:iv merit ' f commutation tax to the amount of ^1Ih<**> U*ing i-Hn) each for 330 pa ^cnger*. The Captain wa ar re.-ted. I 'If AT II or Chaklh* WAMAfTI. ? Charle* Wullack, *ori o ( .Ii.m< K Wallack, died ye*ter<lay verj *udleuly, while In ? hath. .Mr. Wallack l?a* for aome time |??t la*e;? th ac t.og fu*?ur?r of W*Utt?*k'? ilMM*lre, ai?U *?? wmI known in dramatic and musical circle llrooftilyn City !Vr%r?. Tur Boa mi or Hut < vn<?\ ?At a meeting ??f the floar I o Fueatton ??n Ttre*day evening, two report*? ? majority Mid minority report? were pre ente 1 from tlie Tevher?* t innutter, >?y Judge C opland, on the resolution d rctinr the app?untment of a main teacher, to *upply any vae.i ncy caused by the aickne-n, resignation, r., St' if any male prin cipal in the public nchead*. The majority report oppoaed the appointment of mich an officer, and the minority t? vore?| the project, ?t?ting their view# at great length Both report* were laid up??n the table He?otution* au thorixing the repairing of different achool houi?e* durini( the * acation. and placing lightning r??d? on the n.?uie w ere aleo panned. f IKK ? A alight fire broke out in No M Wafren atre?*t? ??n Tuenday night, ftbout 12 oVl?K-k. owned t^r Thoma ^ Moran. It Wfi? eitlnguinhe*! by noroe of ih' Biird dl? uict police and the oecopftate Of the premUe* I?ama?: ab?-ut No iu<*urance. Hrnuonr Cor nr. Miwiai. Ticnv .^fudgr Rockwell held a | special term on Tuesday laat A large number of rsjutr K motion* wete dl*p??aed of, when contented motion* wen beard. No argument wa* heard without the conannt of both parlie* Alter tran*actlng e<?n*id?mt?|e t#?j"iriep? tbe (oirt adjourned tiii the ?ec? yd Tac?day in ^ pteml^er Mti. Jf l*.r Ci nwC* SaUAT ? At the meeting of the n,ar;l of Supervinor*. on Tuesday ia*f. .uup. fienike read a com munieat ion from the County Treasurer stating thnt #r. riirtjitig to the renolution panned by the Board, be had re fused to pay Judge Culver hi* nalary an City Judge, and in action had n brought against him and a wwl i mu? applied for He therefore winh^d the B>.ard to g V him |4?ner to emidoy counnel for the defence A resolution aut|>orifing hirn to employ counnel wa* p*?-"-d Ba*n?ai.T!* I hPPKtPAav ?There liave h*'en treated at this inrtitution dur.rig the month ending July 31st. 7 pa tlents. of which there were male* 22!* feomles I for eigne m 370. native* of the Cnlted States 1ST The nam !?? r <?f prfnrriptionn gratuitously dispense*! during the name time U 1 (<40 Thf TunR-Kong-Toti* ( omp?ri) to Tiir kihto* or Tiir. hkralk. Jn iin article from the China Mtil <it April 19 ?n>l pgblltM In y?-*ter<lay'* I notice my Mn>* ronnrrtnl 1HII1 w?ml chair'" wbJeb arc un<|tiallfl<* lly falee in every particular To prerent any further ml* Inkc I aill aimply ?tate the fa^t* In relation to my con Section ? IOi the C'liinew llnnilllr <'?.tnp any 1 ?a? the iluljr appoint*-! agent of a joint *t/x k com pany *rirani?e.| in tlie city nfHan Kranrlwo, for the pur |>om of . loaing a rontra't with the Chinaae Itramati> C< mpany for ten month*. to appear in Nh Y'trk <iurintr tl.f ?umm*r nionth? of after wlu< b they were to gn to ?uch place* in the I iilte-| -tatee a* the Hoarl of Manav'to) tit inl|r)it iliiect Hai l ronfra< ? w?? mat" to !i >t ami, with their ? .n>' nt by me a i|frie.| to *al<l ?tork rt.nipany after which th?y acre pai l ten tb'-a<aa4 dollar* Hrfore leawlnfl H?n Kr?ii' i?t I Iloar'l of Maiiaffero'nt wa- al?o <luly elected a ho were (? bare the cntrol an)'t'irDt of the affair* of the company 1 **? uppnintol aff*n' t< am.rapany ?ai<l 'hit *? >tti >any \n New York an l ?(?life- iV . "ret !?. !b ?? I V'ir'l of M?rtafr> m<-nt. Onmyaninl in New York with ?? i i ' -mpanr I de ll* ere<I tiicm orer !<? rail IV -ar-l *?f Manager ,ent a hen my rinnaction with *atd dnuali' > rnpany entirely cea*e?t. TVie rontraet ai*.h Wt Sibl > m* - *7 ?ai i I* *ird f ?Urw*ement f harmfr no r.,niK ? ' n ? 'h It abatere. B"l lwt? I ere? re<-eire.| i t,- i)*r from th- re Mpl? from Mr Mblo or from any t .''Nee p?rty or part e. redly or Indirectly connected wi'h 'hem N r hare I fter r< ' Cire.l one '.loll*' -4 the hu-. " t at. 1 o n*t? nine >ti>Uara and t aent < lire . nt? 1 paid from tiy ?n tr irate fond* before defiri rin* tb? in "< ef to ?atl H ?*' ' "f lanagetnent. t,|nKM w I?: *111 r i/> Iiwt ' >a#ri/7 of A'?* I " ? '?e -tf W Mr* 1 Ne lt?ir Iw te HM> U lyr -worn ilfth *e|? ? ?V. >ay that the llo?e ?latetnent l?y bim ?uWril?-l i> true n a n?wi.rK ? t? 1* i*. f?tr~l New York Ai if # IV lloknkrn Intel licence T?i Hot#? or a l M>w?ri) larirr Im ?i> ?A *ew d?r? | I ?iti-e ?Uii? Mr I'atri'k itiniip* <A N?w Y'ora ?a? '<? a ; #u?t al < f, up tke Hut" ?' h'. r.f.r.t <U ft,'" | ? lootu* a- 'I4eatallf leu t/*e?- a'! ?' | waa <lr</wn?^ The t/"iy wa* Ml n ? rere4 at Ike !it?^ bat wae fouwl *'?tiaf la tb* wa'?r near lb* ?t.ipyaH ia H- 1? kca ?^i Tae day Ja*ttn* Kotwter h? .: an ? ^e< <t orer 'be to?ly ?tvi a WJkt of a- >ent?. 4?tb ? " ten i5ere>: !>?"? ? A larje t rjuhe' - ' apr ?' ? ? ' * ? ? we" ya*'? ? 'ay ma . War ? ? .? ?? ?' 7h> f witir i- ? ? >?t r ? 'c ! ? "--a ' ? t,, *en for 'nt. aa arera* ?'?>?.? ? hv>? ?"*?? ' f .nibv ? \' lt . I. r ?atpre?. ? m f'/l ?b-. '???* V7 & ?S'| city Po'ltlr* In necordjinc* with the requirement* of the Mate run ?titutlou, of the Know Nothing". John Bullock, iw| I>eputy lor lUc county of s r* York, prertou? o>>t l?*?> having bu n given to the revpral nubordlnate (Vuncll? t<> elect each three delegate*. convened a county convention la?t evening at No 187 Itowery, composed of *Uty-*ii iiieuil?T? or delegates, to il?rW the mode and arrange the time of holding the county nominating convention! ot the American party. Judge Maynard, ot the Fifth ward, wan appointed Pre aident; |)r ltHiiway, of tlif KrrrnlmiUi ward, Vlcfl'r* eldent unit J II. I'ollock, )'?<( , ot tli* Twentieth waft. Secretary. After ?n interesting anil harmonioui te?*i?n of tour hour*, the convention adjourned to meet n,?\inon Friday evening, having previounly, l>y a very ilccinive vote, iletrrininril to lioM a nepurate tud di?tlii<t convcn tinn. to Ih' rompoiu-0 of t)ir< 1 deli ite# from ench aubor ilinute Council for every oJtice to In' Allot on the tir?t Tumday ia November next. In other w U nl. ? <ti 4 tinctive 1 (invention* are to V*? held at the aiiinc hour ?<?d on the witne day liy Hio Aiaarican parly uf the city and county of New York. A? the caadiiliitiu are numcroun, the |inr|?iM' w*mi to he to promt to each one a lair flcM. and t>? prevent the log rolling or wire pulling incident to other parti** Tit v predominant t'-eling in the purty i* to prepare for end *11 limit to the |H.pular mifli.ige a ticket rtrong an I powerful in all the element* of uiental and worth, power and greutnenn. Pollrr ltilclUgfiirf. COAROK OK BITKtiLAHr. Three persona, named William*, l>*wi* lledford ilkd Vmm* Mfillurrt, were into r?i*tody yesterday, charged with haeitig bttn Impllcotod in a burglary upon the premiee of itoliert Tohiiu* clothier, of 1*7 Ouitluio atreet. on the 20th of July la?t, on which occa*ion $'W0 worth of coat*. pautii am! rent* were carried off from the above prerabur*. The evidence againct the iccuwl I* to the effect that on the olght In ijuenttan, after Mr TuhitH had cloned hi* *tore. t J it* a'vuaed. wiio lived ?t 2'VI Wil liam i?t ??*??? . iu the rear of Mr Tobi;t?' pUoe, entered hi* ((lot v by una n* of prying off om? of the abutter* of the rear wiudow leading to the utore. mi l <tt? *!? the above nmount of good* The chief witie m ttgnin d the prisoner# fMutlldu 1'aer,) wit* a domeatb? i?? the employ ol the ?? meed. and on the ne<vt*ion of the burglary. wa* it vitoeo to the entire traneni tion. The pri?xn*rit were brought bHTuie Justice Connolly at the Iaiwci Vollce Court, whert they were committed foj further examination. TI1K KMH: AO A IN. Peter Tin* et, a hoy about 15 year- of age wn? tn!?eii intoruhtni^ by the Fourteenth ward police, charged with having in an altercation with Henry Scrnuder, ataMi*4 him in the ahottUWr it It u ?iit U knile inflicting a j.tvlu'ul (but happily not a djuiferon*) wound. Tlie youthful a pi runt to the Marble Putin e win committed fur trial by J on tire Wood, on charge of felonious i?<wuit and battery. HCAPICJON O V BCHflLAHr. Two young men who *.iy they follow the M**t<<r a living (rather a wild goo#?e cha-e. ) were brought before Jn?tice 1'earcy. I?y officer WUeon, of Hie Wghteonth ward police, under very auspicious citcutm tance* The accused were found in a hotj-e In Hghteenth street near .we< ond are nue. baring in their jhiimicakIihi a hunch of akelcton kern and other articles u uully employ**) by buqfUni In rati Iviir their way Into duelling* store* and t?a?k* The magistrate thought that an airing ? n llli< kwetl'i Maud would Im ot great nerrb e to tiiem *o he *ent them to that location for alx months. CU AIMi Kl> WITII FKLONIOUMLV AH14 AUL'IINU AN OK VlCKtt. On Tuesday afternoon a officer Hiiott, of th Twelfth ward police wa* taking a drunken man, Buim^d WlUlam Chamhret , t?? the Police Court, he wm nuddenly ?*-auU ed by the Utter with a l?m(t knife. T>?e prisoner cut th? f?oli< etnun M-yerely i?er<*-* the head, hut w?? a?*ciired be ore h?* eoul'l '-ofiirnlt nuy further v? ? ?!??#??*'? The pr -oner w?i* ' "ii oiltted f??r trial on rh?rjf?* of f bmiott* n?*itu|t ii nd battery by Justice lYurnon of the f ourth JHitrie Police < ou 1 1 The Torf. CKNTHV.VILLt trtlUR^K, L. I - TttOTTIKU. A race fa tween two hor lifloiiffing t?? "-taten UUnd came off on Monday iiftemoori, over the Centre* il|e f'ourM*. The race wa> mile h? a'*, b? tt thrte in flte, f ?r $ 1.000. The wlnaer of the race, a beautiful daj-j-le grny mare. r?f fine proportion own^d by A. llrif ? n, Jr., +.u> hnridfraj'ped to a lb. wa|T"n and driver, the oih r, a brown mare, called Nancy ffay, wa? to itilkey. TV ? riMf* Irottei) a race a)>out two m^ki aince over the riro ? Crtirae. eijualiy riggwl, on which r?cc??*i.?fi fhe ffray mure w?n In three xtraifiht heat ? very handily. Both naf* w **r fi e?h from the plough at that time and ha ng d ?n? - well, their reiij-i-rti' ?? owner* concluded to put them in I the handi of trainer* IW lie of Richmond wa* fivea to I Ja* Whfdpley and I?. Kflfer t ?k#U chargi* f Nan**y lUy | The n hft4 I m pro ?ed Mtli#&ictority and llr. flritton w?- ? plea-e?| with hid Heiie, that he matched her a|(4?rMt th* j brown mare m the way ate. %etu?nt> n?M. It waa at cI hm' a haridfap could ltavo po**ibly li#n ioad? . Tlie brown mare wa - the favorite at two to one previous the ^.lait and after winning the ftnt heat th*1 ^Ida w* r. much higher The m-* ' nd heat ?i? a neck and DM affair for thr?? quarU*ra of ? mile ?heri the brown mar** I bffantogive way and the gray w n the heat. Thta ; jb#t?|rd the \x\luy tv v ;U< v( ^ laie;.?r? of I tlie r a y fi.are lieeam^ <j 't*' ????ted. fcfii had the r,i!! Ijefore Mtartinir again. I he third h? *t wa? a? cl"# a* th* prerioua one until they rtmchwd the Ifrm atretrh, wb?*n the gray mare broke tip and fell h*h<nd th*- l*rown mare winning by a cupU -f i? n*tln The fin?ncM:r? wero then In a qn*rM4r}? trotting a>' U tit a!! dlrtetl o? lovlk ' f f??r an op|#ortun>ty to Itedge their heta, ?#? aK t" bretk a lightly a? (eieiolile. Tlie fae?^ ??f the t**etter* of th gtwy mare were ra' Iter eloti^a* d. but utill they ?t --I up to fhe rack and to >k long '?dd?? when Th * f - irth hea? wa- ae fi'tce ?t w*? efrtt?ng? liar and e!b?.t? from heftnaifif to end -the fray mate winning the throw The financier# now *?? rned entirely farwildi red-~-^"W?pb'te I? in a I'-g -e#?tiie winhlng they had and other? wi?hmg they had not alter* 1 their original Inveatmenta. HU1J, it wm a f 1 doubt a? to the ie?i.< if ?each t.'?g h* . ir?g Won two heata the ru it wa* to decide the affair ' *ff therg>? ? thr gray mare taMng tin outode f an <-h " "rt?? / t > I Imn Brid h?i?l around tfc? hj ;??' turn *??! <1 ?n lh ? trrtrh In thf halT milr U- y >? 1 i ti? ? ??'? lin n hift'i t/i .|| ? hi"- lui'l in Fr'.nt? -?h? If*"" ? Itttl* m i' ?ruMMt Itw iniii r turn /it/ hi ? hrr t? l in 1 1?. W' . ?if thr tifdtn miri1 |"< mir* <-n *h" I. ft >.tri-ti-ti rt??r ??n (In In.i'U iiwl Vtn* On hr*t tiy ? Unfit, i,r ovir inaliln? <.n? <4 lb? moat rseiling r*e.-? >?.< t ? Tb? ( I ? nig w ? .'.imn >') Mmdat Aug fl.? Matfh. $1 nn!. h<?*? .t tfiri. in #?? J Wbalplry narni rl y m l)?ll? >4 F.i- b Utond (t'? 200 Ih. ??(? in | 2 1 I I I !? Iftfrr ran.i'l tir. Ri S ?nrj llaf (in UrMM) 12123 Hmr 2 U>? 2 W? 2 II? 1 44 ? 3.M Jr rar y C'lfyr lnUltl|rn?* Sun *>? to I rr <>ri 'TIM ? Hy tb' mUrj or inan*' ?li;rh ??* I** ? ly th? r?mm n ?n Tav.tay rr.nlnf tl.? jay t On ffl- iat* f Ji r.'jr llty t a a. f I low. IV 'ifiler %f/fi Wfatt ^'iVitnUi n*f laii r,tf (Vrk I vn I II h.f r H r? l*v rt Vt ? < .l? Mar.UI V? M. I ? . *0 > Oly OniptrilW . 47j tufnirflbm . Mi < itj Trra.urrr V*\ I'olV- U.f ??' Tai?. UH hi h'.ii rit.iiS?-fit ] I iptam irf Vti'li y* f 'ity lliy.i^ian J* i mi-nth V> I riff.iratWin Al'"f[?*) A..|.t i af^t? > ri 'I - I ir.fWI I 0 of I'f.i. . ( l Wfl U .iihriKn -tn Iti ' 'itwriol n< Carrla* !<?? Pr- rmirn p*r * met IT?n \lft ilay I'j T)i? O rt?.r?tinn l'ri?t?r r? *i??" nil frf y r?r an! li . pet lloa f'*? talili- lam|i fiit?r? < t M j*' rifMh l"i ??h Ultifi Hw ?*!>?? i. Hd-w ? TS? n?ar1*?ly fp-r\ ?* K*. - Wf ' iittrf 1 1 Jffi.r I 'f i|kii> tbi *'ital mimi*i'l ?r".!> (i.r lb. 1h?. n>''A*li. I" har. TT4 aryl Uaa t.-lal i? i-i |'l. ' it Rom itiM>va1 u. SI 'lU* I M4t tm T*ut? ? T?h flly 4**Ur< y?.-.' ?la* Iia4 ? ll??' IHf '?*"?? lb? Krv./f ?.< f-,r Ml Inf ? t?. I.u'l lu-atiM Witt M . ..I.r ??. i f... u>! : ti,. ii >ial An. >if |I0 II *i lul. t ?... '.if. >/ ?nl IM?.nflh??? ?l i/Jrid H' ?>' Iw1 I# f onrl of (trwral Nraaton*. frOr Jl > Arj/ 1 h- i < t- ?... k .4. y*al. ? Uy Iri'rfi'.r^f br J ?rt butn^anH a ' '??4 |u fc.' i^y arv.?l?*a Ia^4 a-fc r?? l'?? 4 Ta|,|r a. Willla I k n.% ?T,arW.I J- l<n y, if 'iwy |> HaM* a hirlmi-'ai Maritaa A?I Wf?* I. h Dr J'- at an Ha?fa<!l< Iraa' a I>laa4 H .'.rl II ?r? M*R lattrf J # 'ah ' IjfrrtM Ma If !#i.a Df M> It *M?'afi' II' nr ? '|af?t4 M'aia.r. *i?.. H lai -ir T> ? J i4t* rt-aH" a ?>?< r1 rbarff* U> I t? Jury uaalrv4 lint In tM- If l?t ?? aa jar'it* ?ft?r a I. 'I. tti/r r?t V' ^ Ubflr v/t k iary ?a? U.a ?t', {-??>%?. I M !? ? t?? In lb? p*4*j rlarfr* IW ' a i 1" a 4a f Im lb* 4a. The 'W aaa*l ta*?* aaf* er^a en# 9 m th #*? tb? tk* ?o ?|J? # ARRIVAL OF THE BALTIC. ONE WEEK LATEB FROM EUROPE. NO NEWS Of IMPORTANCE FROM THE CRIMEA. Tbt rr*fc*M* RmtmuUlMi tf ?M. ?m* tair ruha, Admiral NacUmof and the ??n. Todtleben Bead. THE POSITION OF AUSTRIA. Ramv Imi^c *f Um Brtthh Mattry uta Tarlkk Lou H. Sonlouqae'a Co . Tiiuionera to the Palate do l'^nuostrie. TROUBLE AMONG THE SOLDIERS AT TRIPOLI. Our London, Pari*, Madrid, Virnna and Frank fort Corrrspondtnr*. STATU OF THE MARKETS, Ac., Ac., Ac. Thr t'nltrd Ftatoa mall .tram.bip llaltir I'aptain I'm ttnrk, from IJrrrpool at 10 40 A M of Saturday, Ihr'iMk alt . arrlrrd fntonlijr morning at 7 o'rlork. H,. Itnltlr out on Hunday, '.KM, tarnly minutra brloff onr O'cIik V furrnoon ( having bM n ditalnrd *rr* ral hour. outalrtr l>y fog. t <'n h<-r rnlnnl abra off Hot/band, at half paat 10 o'clock nljrhl of Haturdag, 21M uit.. duilnjr a thick fog Ibr llultlr ran dowa th n afhnom-r wnrali Ann. (100 Inn- ) taking .latra from Ihn for to lliiatnl. All on board Including a IHUr girt, thr naitn'i daughter. jiicknl up by thr Kaltir. %it4 tin' arlioonar ?a? .uppo.i'l t? hare .link, bat wn* all< rw.ird* found and In km Into pott a* ? drr?41'd Villi lh>' (wnwitf vhirk dlatlngulahr* Atnrrlraua Mm ?orM ovit. thr paaarngaf* of Ihf llaltir pri-*rntrd thu girl ? Itli tun hundred and thr >m ? aiththrrr bunlrn4 dollar.. Th' re l? no (!<??? of important* fri'm the ?rat of war. It an* currently repotted that Hi n< rul ?-inipton had gl??? In III. resignation and only retain I rommaml until tw n|'|rfifn'iiii*nl of a iuw i? or. Hi Harry -inlth la talkad of a> thr new t innnnndrrdn chlrf. Tin Krrntli ateaUl) pu<M forward tloir approarhna toward, the Malakoff alil'li th- Huaalaoa wrrr furthta f.?rl tfy ? njf Thr Turklal. -ardlnUn I mo- Ii t ngli.h a?4 ltuarian force. In th' grid, rrmaln a. ai laat adflrra. I'm | aratioM continue for a campaign on Ihr Danulr ai?4 for a maritime ? ?j?dltlon? Ir.tlnalton *rcrrt. The I oftdtm /tandari, of July TTlb. aayaj?Adrlrra froaa ? Mr.. a roiiHrtn the tart of lo ot ral T'tdt|rl?rn'a death. aa4 annnvnor that tirnaral Melulkoff hat bran appoints Mi hi. room to takr clwrgi of Ibr ilitrrnal drfrnea of t-?'baa topol. ? ijk'i >tion? in th* "f Atoll and In Ibr llaltlc bar a been unimportant. T1i< Itaa'laiM m A'n ..rt m(amp4 nrar Kar- but bar* not yrt Inmtrl N* nty A Irttei from W u.iv> aaya that 1'rlncr I'aakiraltrli 14 ni out tor<- timr Um rommaml at thr Ru*.iaa troop* aa tlir UanuMni ftnaltM, at til" u if Hi " '|ur?t of tb* or* I mprrur The f unm! .tr im' Arabia i noa "|raa*port N'a gV > t lnl .? k <1 tUafoona and hor ?, au l . I liom U?r? |Mtol .41 li uit for II. 1 riui< > - ? < ral olbri ?Iraiu.lop* rrrr rmbarklnff K inlot < uit nl An .n.nirf lion of A' In Tripoli Iw >?rrpo*'*r4 III! f un - of tlir |W-y all ! tbn itrn? troublr lo lb? I'art* 71r- |i.i-h ikwoa at i Wru.tMOtinoplr Im,. Iu4 aa aal. ban ?. nt rapiw ?u0 uiur Irf Tin pwlllMI of 'llpl? inry ritlim unrlumH I'ru.^a d- h n ? ii," lo r ni ulral |h.*H on an I An iru n. >rr np>? a Tat i ? l?? arita Uuaat* #ao ng di* |UI* In I* 1 1., l-rrnrb loan I. Mori Ibao tak' n Tin llri'| Ii initi lf,> af' r tb narrov ? ?-?p* on ?4^ TuiLi.h Cuftfunti-i I II a II not pr .l.aMy l>? aM* I# t. tun tlinr pL farllaturnt a... I.' pr " fiiH - n r *'< ? it ll?r I0tl? t?ata?t Mr William Mot* Wottb i< d< finll. y an?^ri'r.l <? innial C- rriary 111. " a.tHur?la o< -?utb* 'k baia pa.Mrl a r i uliUiio ii fi, bun a br ? (b< man In 111'' ri?bi pltfr It ;*-n?alu? I <h tb< (iilvtlM to ee4ofe* tb* rrrd;'-t. H?r pr'M ? 'hint in th. IIohm i.( I '.'nii.- ni /ia tb* tAlli ult.aith r.-pii-t lo th. MB* to* limiting liability a*4 am?t? l i.( Ihr i i ara of partlirr'lilp ontf l o, ?<? h dlaa p point roOii! !n 'lly .'trlr. It tn ii.t br tm(U w. I tiiA .pirltnl lr?l?rat.on of l?r?l f*aloirf.* thA* p.?llammt ?bo U 1,1 nif '.nu* to antll thr Mill pa>Mri, rnn<T~* ?omraf thr .u.pi I III tbal ha. kllbrrto a".-?od la hi* ? ondur t In r*f ?rl ' p Ibrar BM ? nr. W),< il.-r hi- drrla - ration la Ihr riprn. ?n of * irllbt aiiipf. ?r a mm* rbullltion of t< rnprr < yrt la \* "? i tn It uit at V>ria* in min i thai thr T pf?r HooM ha. lo l? ?on? 1 (a lb? mattrr II It nol hoarrar, to l>* pi' < . i?rl tha' Ibr llmi<? id 1/w !i till pro** datltrtt*. Ill tb>. matl.r aa It ii I I?rby Ita. alrt y on n-.rr.i or t.l i* i irt'.g tha pii ifit m'I'ib tin ftit Ibr (HT'lion un W tlir "> ..l l*ra Uon of tbrir |hf'*?bip* aa-1 apou ll?r a hoi" ?, .1 oyt hi?n. f* ?',* .bla to lb* rliang* 'if Ibr la* Tli* llalv/Variaa < iablar' ?ilh lb? rirrpti 'n -4 II, ? War Mih.-'rr (M Hint. > | baa tralflurd arrt a n* a on* ha> brrn appoint. r. of fal, i*llag mrtalirr* ? ? mt fc rlmanoargga flaan ? fount lr?al'n forr^a Alt. '. M lv,!i?> Int.r ? K Ifcitl.mrr l'uld> W'?r.hip, M llraii i. Wat. and fount ? "ii Jw<^' I' i? *a prtrl tbil Ibr Kla( * U ?b r lly grant a i-. n.lila t. n thr prr**ttt oi>< liar >.g to i'h il 'a- .fan. t -i In Ihr publ ' roiad A 'rlr?, frotn War- ? .t ? rp k of lb? rain .??.-'.a' tl.? la.'ittr- ? tor.. In '? Ma ay of u? li.fl ..nti.1 iaa<*w b'tar." and op' |ti i,t wait ? Irft o? aa?. f" p.tlofl laar. tba? Hty WW '**> Vf? r*?i. Ka ! )**a *|lli'tra*n from < If <il*U"B an Ikanun ? ?r tb. aork >Mf p? p?i-.ti.rti b. *??n r*.|? -I to b" p*l*~ >a?rt'y li t f rati' b lo* n I. prorrr n,f m?" f.? '* r abUi ?111 ?o <kr?'4 ka all tafcra ..p 1a hi'." ai ta irport la ii 'lr- ulat ia that aftotb.f ?U1 ta Vto^kl ln.aH la i amk' r. Tt^ Va'atlofi /rflb. ftar^k l??ioe.l of ?'ata aaa la ConMaMta <m Ibr Htb aftbla OfOiM. aad la kralatt# na thr Iktb af Itrtobr. T,- 0>?rl ? ' tt, Ti." ha. f *? tnto ir.-taro ' { f.? U r. h ) ? on a"i>niil */ tb* *.'h *4 tl>. I'rlt>'.aa larbq IVmapattt T1?r .? ' n i' f tti r.--.?nt ba. rwaJk ml lb. rl(^i? of ? rr.,.' ? i Tirri Manila 'a .). *>> a abort ti M ?J l*i" H in 1*4* M^tktlipp *1 Mar $ at.' tl ? f ti?ati/<?i i4 a Kpabtt. In tba Aatt a, ' ly al Ham1 ,t.. . IU fllgbt of Ihr l-op. la l?l b? bad l^i, . i- ' a t*r A tbr FlMW?Ml V?NrMW?l It tk4a(M la' (i ? t . 4 ikkk br I r*i In at 1* In l'a> . '? ?* !'?? till !k4T * l.r* b? Vftl ta Kuar I ? ? t'.? . lr*o a ?Irf ImkIi |at Ktio. Mao ?> . (..? i> I ' ' "? and anal.; lir^ ?? hat. r* ? ?. llr- 'at ? ? |'?alH t?. bim bat lor tapp"*. ' '* ? f" t>-?pla. a * ba* W*f ttml rba^t** ? I ' '? ?*! k*** " **?*' ?"?" of bat ft .r. ? In' y ?*"? T**" '? war* b* 0a. ? > ? . lr.? II ? i ' f" ' ? ' ?' : >art Tb# I'ar . ' ??-' ?* > ) * ?f?t? (/araa t 'tor a ? naak* bar talraar* ?? |'|ti. by <1 . i?m , -4 I . Itii ? a lb ir ... ? r Ar>t ?/ tn*?l. ? r ?%a4a * '. 'i ? t a!k/? lb. I f train to pa>> alt', t .1 ipfxt / f> -a tl- s.?-H*'?t !W ? atliarg ttn. A ? r* ft ' fo'tagal lain to tb* 1 '*b <?f ?iy ta. ? - ?? MlMgafptllU^llalr a-*- j""4 at j^a'r a Tba i -yal la* ? a. ?rU a. I?* ? ?' ?, I,. ."!?< itra l Wi. ti. ?> l/iimi" ?''?a I a' ' *-ial o< tit'a'Kt?a a .?? kr *? ta I ,fc.v?4 p?.t % taar a It aa <f >**1+ tb? r 'arfi at*1 p^tr-^f... lao- tk?* I /-?V>?i ^aa" ' ' k ?Hi Ii ^rtijn 1 1 I II ?* lb* i a t/ ifc? U .? ,'ainty baiataai tb* ?*? M'.aa TW* waaal Ita.' ? ' I < ?b ' *?" . 4 ? " + la , t* >? ? .??* ?*? '? <a - *4 "*?

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