Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW V WHOLE NO. 6923. ORK HERALD. SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. H tllVmiSKMEim KKSKWKIl KVKKV DAf. WEW PIBLICATIOKS. AHl'KK & BR< ITHKRS? I'earl street, Franklin square, publish this day; i. MIS- WETHER'S LETTERS TO THE PEOPLE. Letter* to the People ou Health and Happiness. By Miss Catherine E. Beecher. With numerous illustrations. 12mo., paper, 87,l?c. ; muslin, fiOc. This work assumes that the American people are now pursuing a course in their own habits and practice that is destructive to health >ind bappinj**, and that they are systematically educat ing their children to become diseased, deformed, and miserable, an much so as it it was their deliberate aim. The work pointi. out the met ho. la by which this i-i pur sued, give . statistics to khow the shocking results, and then poiuts out the remedies fur the evils already done, and the methods of prevention for the future. ii. bcngkner's c< uncil ok trent. History of the Council of Trent. From the French of L. F. huugener. author of "The Priest and the Huguenot." fcdite I from the second English edition, by John M'Clin tock, D.D , l?n?o., muslin. $1. Moat persons know that the CVineil of Trent was u product of the Reformation, but comparatively few, we suspect, know much about ils history. 'I hope who wish to know (and it is a matter - worth know ing) w ill find ample means of information in thin volume. * * He (the author) L- clear in state ment, subtle and consecutive in bis logic, and steers as iiir from dullness as from sourness. ? Perthshire Adver tiser. Harper k Brothers. have now ready? i. WAIKNA ; Or. Adventures on the Mosquito Shore. By Samuel A. Bard, with 1 map ot the Mosquito shore, and sixty orl , jina! illustrations, lttno., muslin, $1 26. THE HEIRESS OF HAUGHTON; Or the Mother's Secret. By the author of "Emilia ?Wyndhim,'1 "Havenscllffe," ' Aubrey," "Castle Avon," Ac. 8vo.. paper, 8?>ic. m. JtmWAN'8 LETTER" TO BISHOP HUGHES. I.ettern to the Right Rev. John Hughes, Catholic Bishop of New York By Kirwan. Revised and enlarged. 12mo., muslin, 75c. IV. JARVES'S ART-HINTS. Architecture, Sculpture and painting. By Jamej Jack son Jarves author of "Parisian Sights and French Prin ciple*." &o , fcc 12mo., muslin, 91 2u. v. CONSTANCE HERBERT. A novel. By Geruldiac E. Jewsbury, author of "Zoo," VThe Adopted Child," <tc. 8vo., paper, 37>?c Memoirs of james go room bennett and his TIMES. Postponement w Pobucatios. The publishers have to announce that they are reluc tantly compelled to postpone the publication of this anxiously expected and important work, until WEDNE-DAY. Al'GLST 18. The demand for the book has already exhausted two large editions, and a third edition of five thou*uud copies additional is now in press, which will enable us to pub U.-h on the above-named day without tail. In one elegant volume of 488 pages, embellished with a Hiw tnedalllon portrait of Mr. Bennett. Price $1 25. STRINGER k TOWNSKNI). Publishers, Broadway. N. B. ? Orders should be forwarded without delay, to tiecure a prompt supply. Circulars furnished on ap plication B^CHEL'S 01OGRAP11Y.? THE AUTHENTIC BIOORA phy of Mile. Rachel, with co temporary criticisms by the njoi-t eminent European writers, and analytical no tices of her most celebrated characters, beautifully illus trated with superb portrait ou steel, executed by the hellogrnpbic process in Paris. Price !St cents. Orders to be addressed to J. DAKCIE, at Hall & Son's, 23S) Broad way, Kw> York. HIH ENGE, AT FIRST THOUGH SWEET, Bitter ere long, back on itself recoils. THE STOLEN CHILD, A Stoby of RkvKNUK, Now Publishing in the 8 INBAY C O V R I E R , t.i i^on, from it'- absorbing interest, to attract univer sal attention. It it-, without doubt, the most exciting ro mance yet given to the public by the weekly press; and its painful details of the wrongs inflicted upon a poor and lovely girl by her wealthy betrayer ? her mysterious dis appearance, the deep-laid plot to accomplish revenge on the par' of lier sister, it<s attainment, her Might, and sub wqoM re-appearance overwhelmed with remorse, and the nMpt*rious career of the frroLKv cbiu>, pre -en? a M-ies of vivid picture* of the most startling rharattev. L-t every romance reader procure the open ing clusters In addition to this new attraction, the next number iM the Courier will contain the continuation of the ' ?. '? OOMWHIOVP or A HATANIC WMTB. in whicii t.ic secret machinery that governs the flash pa pers of Host >n is fearlessly exposed; 7 id co><ht>k>tiai. KxmtrcNOi of a RPiRrrt'Aijur, written by u physician, in which lie explains his experi ments with spiritual gahani-m, and describes an inter view with tue spirit of his father, the various circles in the ctti sailing of a table in the air, spiritual lights and spirit t-iu'l :iud other wonders of these exciting pheno mena ; town ncre a.n d FA.vrn*. conn-ting of local sketches and news paragraphs All HOItTB of anecdote -and satirical squibs; (HIMffl ANU OCISAOB at home and abroad: MTSCIAL rORMI N lt>HRWrON1>*XCI!. ?3XT0&IAUI. Mltar At AN1> IHKATHM'AI ivncism. local Bodkn. n?. t'rice fnree cents per copy. For (ale by all the news agents and news venders throughout the city, Brooklyn, Jersey City, 4c., kc. OfBce of publication, No. 16 Spruce street REUUIOIS IfOTlCEH. E1P1R1T1 'ALISM ? REV. THOMAS L. HARRIS WIIJ. 7 lecture at the Stuyvesant Institute, 609 Broadway, on Sunday morning and evening, at the usual hours. Conference at 3 o'clock P.M. Beats free. ' REWARDS. * dtj 1 I vAA REWARD, AND NO dUBflOHM ASKET). jjp J.f\l\^\/I/)st. on the morning of the let of August, uroll of money containing about Ave thousand doliant, in one htinrtred dollar bills, principally of the city hanks. The above reward will be paia, anil no questions whatever a<iked,>on the return of the money to GEO. W. BEERS, Irving House. REWARD ? HORSE AND BUGGY WAQOV _,_.v v stolen, at Hastings. N. Y., on Tnesday n7gnt, the 7th bast. Horse 16 hands high, of a dark red i fray color, light hind feet, long light colored or sil taU, nind hoof has been cracked and now growing out. light buggy wagon, leather top. made by Stratum, New York, old harness, together with a trunk of clo thing. Tbe above reward will be paid for the recovery of tlw propfrty, by applying at 11 Ferry street, New York. J. KATTISON. AQA MCWARD.? STRAYKD OR STOLEN, ON OR ipOv about tbe let ef August, a bright bay horse tJ\ir year* old, about 14 hands nigh, had black main and long black tail; two hind feet white >ust over the fetlock, one fore foot white just over the hoof, not shod a large star on his forehead, a snib on the nose. The above reward will be paid by Andrew Fitspatrick, 131st street and Sixth avenue, Harlem. dhQ REWARD ? LOOT, ON TUESDAY, A WHITE BULL terrier, with black spot over the eye. and ears not cut. Whoever will return him to No. 84 East Twenty first street will receive the above reward A CARD TO THE PUBLIC.? BEWARE FOK HE come* like a thief in the night. ? Whereas, mum person is in the habit of circulating anonymous ami false communications about me; an<l, whereas, same person, like a asidniaht assassin, is afraid to sign his name, I ?berefore ?frr a reward of ten dollars for any interna ion that wJl lead to his detection. FRANC!-* WHITE, i-smphene and lamp store, 218 Canal street. T> CAR !"MK.S ? 810 REWARD.? THE AB<>VE REWARD wil' be paid to the cartmau who cartad safe 6 886 Ifroin 310 B"s?flway. last fall. Ibr inf"rma#in wte n- i' ? was taken The rartinan who t. <>k It from 370 to 310 |Hri adway. will p'.ease cail at IW Water street, anil g*t tils rewar j U)HT AND rOlUD. L0KT-4J* THE #TH IN. si . . A PORTEMONNAIF-? ' ?N _ t nnin< ? cherk ilrawn Uy John fjuwell ft Co., on ,? I'nlon bank for MOf>. paynunt of whi.h tiai tx.'n opf*-t, u ?ra,?ll amount principally in $1 bill*, on the >??? ful, tnjri'thrr with of no value to any but the owner. The tlnWr will he liberally re by ildreaainjr note 10 Imi 3,146 Pout DIB. e. hi: Cr OCT.? A LAROr. <?' 'I.D KINO, WITH A CHANOKARJ.K Li blue ??one. cut in the ?hap?' of a monkey'* lae?. A i?-r:il reward will be paid lor It* return to the owner, lire ? Ix.t No. 875 Po?t ofUee. (M -iiN Tll>. WTH INST., (NKAK THK CORNKIl OF J Fulton ?n<l t?r>-enwlrh ?tre?-t? ) a leather biqj, fun ning wreiil memorandum booka an>l pa^ri of , . mw to the flnd'T A liberal reward will In- |>ald by MtTinff *?id !>?? ?nd content* at VKi Washington xtreet c,,rntr CortUndt J. H. MINIX It out -the ladv who picked rp an inijmd tor. J I J t "le* eliell ?er|ient broach at the corner of Hruadway t.D'l Wivcljr pl*ce yesterday r 'lay ) afternoon. will J.- ple\ H to ret am the name at 1VH W?t Thirty tirnt r?wt, '?nd he will be ?uitiil'ly r>'??r<l<'d It>0< h!T?*>OK I/*T ? ' Hf Till KVKMMi or TIIK Jl 7th t?etween Claremont and ttnrnham ? ? pocket J 4 marked f Hunt, containing from $40 to >fi in I ladelol.u, hank bi lie Any on< Hn-ling ths -?in? un l U'urnin< , ? I II I Qg A. I ' '/'?I Wett Thirty-#, ?t street t? i '??'?'!) rewaikd AW AV FK0M KTON K*H Ht/TV.1.. W ANK Hr*et rv-*r Hud? A b< y nine year* old, by the ?r of Hi-nry Hrnd, ?ith loth jac?e- and T??t, and >led frtnte \o) p-r%-m 'hat wil! b'l i|r hi?? to hie ?4' , / ? s r.-txMfa 'irij MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. BOARD OF ALDERMEN. The Board met at 6 o'clock last eveni ng l?a?c O, Bar ker, Fuq., President , in the chair The minute* were reu?l and approved. JUCPORTN Aiwroai. The re|K?rt of the Committee on Street*, nou -concurring with tlie Board of Council men, to flagTwonty-thlrd street between Madison and Fourth avenues . adopted. Of suine, non-concurring to fence Second and Third avenues, between Thirteentli and Fourteenth street*; adopt ed. .'?everal similar report*, non-concurring with the fkard of CYiunrilmen, were received and adopted. The eport of the Committee on Public Health, in faYor o' concurring to allow the trustees of the Congregation Sbcareth Israel to remove remain* from the burial place, on grounds between Oliver, M.idlscn. Chiitliam and Jane.i >treet?, concurred in. Report of Committee on the Pub lic Health, in favor of concurring to sell the right to all he night ?oU removed from the dtjr, and providing the manner of its removal, concurred in. T1IU HKM WU'AKTMI-NT < n motion of Alderman Howard, the following re sol u tiou was passed: ? Resolved, That the Comptroller be. and he U hereby, au thorized and directed to lease, for the term of ten or twen ty-one year*, the premises known as No. 12 Klui street, lor the umi and occupation of H<?e Company No, BO, if he ?hall deem it Inr Ihe benefit of the city. A1 DIIlUAAI. AlfHoPIUATlOhlJ l\)lt THE toKI'AHTMF.VT Of Ht> faiks a?d srrrut" The Finance Committee recommend. as further appro priations for the Department of Kcpuiaa and Supplies, the sum i'f S65-.361 for the payment of contracts for the erec tion of ^ubltc buildings* made under authority of the Common Council by the Commissioner .of Repairs and rupplios. 'lhat the sum of 932,060 be appropriated for the pay ment of ex|s>uses incurred In the repair* of public build ings, and iii furnishing supplies in accordance with ordi nances and resolutions of the Common Council. 71i it the sum of 926.000 be appropriated to pay any ex penses that may be necessnrlly Incurred In the repairs of pavements and streets for the remainder of the year 18.'?6. That the sum of 916,000 be appropriated for the repairs of mil and avenues. Total, Adopted. COMMCMCATI0:. KHOM TO* COSWUBOOTCR Of OTltHT* A>D LA?n. Mr. Kiiiimi, in answer to a resolution of the Board, ask ing him by whose authority the space under the sheds around Clinton market is occupied by hucksters' stands, to the exclustAn of country people, staler tliat after the passage of a resolution of tith April, 18611, he instructed the Superintendent of Markets to lia\e the stands removed immediately, for the purpose of malting room lor the said market gardeuers, which Instructions the Supcilntcndent report* he has complied with, and I that there isuow, and has been, plenty of room on the Spiiog sheet side of the market tor the country people to extend their produce for sale, and that for Uve day* out of six the sidewalks are principally vacant. a? Saturday I* the day that the gardeners generally come into market. Referred to the Committee on Markets. H?TOHT OK THE < 'OMNIUM! ON TDK I.AW HKTARTMKNT OK TBI. MHVAi.t: I-K'IM TIU! MAYOR MLATIVX TO I xroKM ATION ASKXl) AS TO TIIK M'MIIKI! OP PULHXMKS AWOINTFn HtVCli jan . L IMS, A lengthy document from the Committee on the taw I eparlmenl wa* presented to the Board, reflecting the Mayor's answer to a resolution of the Board, calling upon his' Honor to report the names of all persons appointed to 1 h" Police Department since the 1st of January, W'.V It will be recollected that tlie Mayor refused to comply with 1he request, and denied the right of Ihe Common Council to interfere with the nominations made in the Police Be larliuent, of which he is the head. Ihe ct mmlttfe contend that thf Mayor, a* the head of .the Police Department, i* bound to re port any such information !?? called for. the charter requiring each head of department in the city govern ment to report Information in relation to said depart ment when (.ailed upon in due form. The < ommittee refer to tlie principle established by thr> Mayor in his call laat spring on the (?overnor? of the Almshouse for information. The committee say: ? '1/ the head of the Police Eepartment may deny the authority of this Board to a-k for information, so mar each of tlie other eight departments. Ihe refusal may extend to every request made, and the result would lie that two branches ol the Common Council could obtain no information whatever from the executive deportments. except with the aamo form and delay as in the passage of ordinances. The in dependence of the legislative portion of the city government require* lhat other portions of the message should receive a passing notice ? ? ? o ? ? ? Your committee believe this the 4rst instance on record where an eireciirtve officer hs? Di stuned thus to constitute himself the sole judge as to whether the legislature, in Ihe performance nt it? duties, really lequlres information on a certain subject or D"t. This doctrine once admitted, and the Street Commissioner h nd t he head ot every department and bureau in the city government may, with just the same right, say iu answer to a lesolution of inquiry, "That in our judgment the infoimatiou you ask cannot lie i>-quired to subserve any legislative object, and therefore we respectfully de cline to give it." It is Irtdleved that the bare announce ment of such a doctrine is sufficient to secure it.i univer sal o.udetnmit ion, and t further comment on it is uunecexMirv . The committee, after further argument and quotations ol law, offered the following resolution" : ? lUr'l.ed, If bib Honor the Mayor shall continue in hie lefnsal to comply with the resolution of thi> Board, passed June 12. 1SS6. requesting certain information tn.ra him in reference to the police department, until tlie expirntinu of ten <l?y from the passagv of this resolution. that then and in that event, the Counsel to the Corporation lie directed to apply far a mandamus, or to take t uch other legal proceeding* as shall be necessary to enforce a eotnpUauM with the termi vtlht resolution above referred to That the Clerk of the Board, upon the pas sage of the (i.tflgfinB, can fl> a copy of i? to be served on his Honor the Mayor. Alderman Wakkma.v mo\ ed for the adoption of til# report. . Alderman Vooiuu.j thought it rhould be at on-e net ed on. Alderman Kmj.Y moved to have it printed. Motion to print carried. a riuiM*!? >rw iwsrr JAIL. The report of the Committee on Repairs and Supplies was received, in favor of concurring to advertise for a lot on which to erect a building for the county jail and Third district court and prison. The committee *tatc that they are convinced of the necessity of immediate action iu relation thereto- that the proaent county jail is totally inadequate for the purpose* f<* which it is in tended; that better and more extensive mcocnmndatlnn* are needed, with cells. Ac. The committee, therefore, in looking for the most suitable accommodations, deem it best to build on property now owned by the Corporation, and situated between I.udlow ami Kssex street*, and be tween tirand and Broom* street*, being 17.1 feet in length by W feet in bread'h. This property might most Judi ciously be appropriated for the wants of t be city. They therefore recommend tliat the Commissioner of Re| airs and Supplies be directed to jdvcrtlse for pUns and specification* fur a building to be constructed on said property. <>n motion of Alderman I>rakk the report wa/> referred to a committee of one, and that such committee fie com ? pojed of the mechanical art and Intelligence of the Alder man of the Ei^tltb ward, (laughter.) Adopted. SP'.j lAt 6IU1KR KO? MONDAY -M'.IIT. The report of the Special Committee, in laror of pernor ing the floating dock from slip between piers VA and :17 la^t river, was ordered to be printed and made tho |*ci*l order for Monday night. iua-ra uoutmox or Tin: alderman of iht tiiihi> wari> The CHAIRMA* announced that lie named the Aldermen of the Seventeenth ward (Klyj, Twelfth ward > Wake man), and Nineteenth *ard (Herrick). a" a specisl com mittee to inquire into the alleged charge, of corruption made against Alderman Mo?er of the Third Ward. Aldernuin Hormm* wished to make an explanation He ?lc.iifd to b ? understood as having said that he had been Informed two months ago of the charge alluded to, by a party who he would tiring forward. Me did not mean to say that h' himself could substantiate the accu sation. lb" Board adjourned to Monday, at 5 o'clock. BOARD OF COUNCILMKN. Tim Hoard mat ye?terilay >rt<>rn?<in it their rinmn to the < It jr Hail, the Praeideat It. I>. ConoTer in the rheir. On motion of Councilman CLA?CT, the Hoard then re aoWed it?elf into Committee of tho Whole. to take up the regular calendar, Councilman \ermilyea in the chair. 1h>' paper" Considered were petition" and report*, all of which hare been referred to Irotn Imie to time a? they have come tip On motion. the committee then roae and organized 'he Board. ?l h Mr. Vermllyea jet in (he chair A resolution ?a? offerwl by Councilman CUkjHT, calling for an ?p|>r< priation of 90.On6 4f> fur the payment of po lice mii(rii"tr*te? f?r fnnday aerTicee from S, 1W2. to May S ihTi.'i Thla re ?nl nt i on waa relerred to the Com mittee on finance. Councilman Jackhox then offered the following:-? He olTed Thai the Comptrolier lie and iehereb) ,re?| neat ed to ptiMi-h in hie aenii annaal report the amount* paid for carriage hire for ki* Honor the Mayor alao the cb-rku in hi* oBlce, If toy, together with the amount an : mium of all other per-on? riding at public ct|.cn-*. Thl? reeohitkn called forth wrae itebete It being con tended that the narn?-? of the member* of the I otainon Council were ptilillehed, wliile the rtairv of the M.i)or waa ?upprc-taul in the CoWptroller'a report and hi" ' ar riage htre charged to clt) expenditure*. Mr. Jack-on oald tbl* waa unfair, na he had u ndemtand the carriage charge to the Mator Smonnted to flOO |>er rnn'h. Thi? reaojfction waa adopted. Ike Hoard th?n adjourned till Monda) Beit at & o'clock. A Fbmalk Companion or .Mi".mw>k A wretched ep<w-tnien of humanity wa? taken to the Fecund liWrkt Maton lUraae on Thuraday evening who?e liMory, U written, w uld furnwh a roiutne che gare her name an Martr Ana Hherwood. t oward of i wenty year* ?ln< e aoelrft tlii* city with Monroe kda?r4* In wba< rap?. ii? ina> really be yrie*?e<1 She wa> then ? fair yoonir (rirl of H, but already hardened ll T?ce cb? ha* returned to the elty, and l.j?- been coaunlMe<i for rattan y. Kn-ti n W al.e give- erirteacta of t a lee' thai might haTe made her an onunaeol of aay drrie, bot ala? ' ber lifr ha? l-?n w-ree than wanted, a ait a)?" o m beyine to rf?p the ffiit- o* h" He* 'aaae ?'?(< _ ,411.1 t Sew York City Cenaraa lUlnnu. BEVENTKKNTH WARD. iHcfllingt. J-Umilin. PiMuta'ivn . 1 2?7 HOT 4,11.*! 2 369 U40 4,7117 8 33fi 1,0ft? 4,66!i * 377 1,870 5,644 6 6 22 1934 10,086 ?* 222 912 4.342 7 418 2.99H 13,136 8 4C2 1,34ft 7,3ft? 9 2HT 62J 1 0 229 638 H.314 Total 3,470 12,526 00,062 TWENTIETH W ARD. 1 4#9 1,044 6,7Gtl * S98 2,180 0.748 1 1 364 949 4,rt?4 4 698 1.918 8.901 6 T.&0 1,189 7,794 ? 36 tf 2,016 9,102 Total 2,927 10,096 46,926 Polk* Intelligence. ARREST OP A LAKUK NUMBER OP CYrBIANB IN THK fourth WARD. On Thursday night the Fourth ward police aconred the ward In M arch of utrrvt walker*. Au<l succeeded, by great txerticns. iu capturing thirty-one unfortunate creatures, varying in age from fifteen to forty years, composed of Iriah, I'utch, Knglish ami American*. They formed a motley crew alien brought before Justice Connolly for disposition. They seemed. a? a general thing, entirely indifferent to their Me, although some of the foreign portion of the prisoner* cried bitterly on hearing tlwat it wan the Intention of the uiagi?tratex to send them all to the lalnnd. Affidavits were made agalust each of the piisoner* by the officer", when Justice Connolly sentenced each ot the unfortunates to three months' imprisonment in the Penitentiary. The Tomb* wan full of a low aet of lawyera, called "skinner*." during the trial of thasa poor creature*. They made a rich haul. Without performing any duty, a* the girl* were all sent up. TUP. I.ATK APPRAY ON BOARD TBI HHII" WA9HINQ TON ? PUKTHKR ARRESTS. Joseph Walker, alia* Nicholaa kuight, and Timothy McCarthy wen- token Into custody by ollirers Travis and Fit/gerald, of the Fourth ward pulioe, charged ? Ith being implicated iu the lute stabbing ca.-e on board the ahip Washington, the full particular* of which we published In j eaterday '? ilint. Thi* complete* the uuml>er charg eu with the commlision of the double ottencc of laroeay and attempt at murder. Thompson, the w?unled man, now lies lit the New York Hospital in a verytritical situ ation Indeed, it I* the opinion of the doctor* in attend ance that he cannot survive the injuries iutlicled. us he is completely covered with cut* unu bruise.;. BREAKING UP OF A DISORDERLY HOIT8K. On Thursday night officer* Kelly and Marsh, of the Fourth Iiiitrict Police Court, made a dement upon a din orderly houie In Forty-flrat street, neur Sixth avenue, and arrested six female* and the proprietor of the estab lishment. Tlie girl*, on being taken before Justice Pearson, at the Fourth l istrict Police Court, gave their names as F lira both Smith, Kli/abeth Nolan. Uizabeth Mclonaid. Elizabeth Whwler, Anna Ftnlan, and Maria Graham. They were all accommodated w ith a summer's residence on tlic Inland, wh'lc the proprietor of th* house Was held to ball to answer tin charge of keeping a dis orderly house. CHAR4E OP URAND LARCENY. Catherine Itnony. a domestic lately in the employ of Mr. l'eck. of Vew Rochelle. wa- arrested by officers Kelly and Marsh of tliy Fourth District Police Court, charged with having stolen a valuable lot of plate. consisting of knives, tork* anil spoous. the property of her employer, lbe residence of the accused in Klfty-fir?t street, near U?ienth nvent.e, vu- searched by the officers, wh ii twenty -eight pieces of the stolen property were found Concaatod on the premises. Tlie girl wa* conveyed liefore Justice Pearson. who committed hi r for trial ALLKOKD PP.LOKIOrH AKHACLT. John Lilly w an taken into custody yettcrday, charged with having on the night of the 9th Inst., feUmioudy as suited Patrick Corbet t wlih *emc blunt heavy instru ment inflicting a severe wound up<>u the head of the ci mpUlnunt. Hoth partita were on their return from a tire when the difficult} occurred between them. Justice I'eurcj held Lilly to liall in the sum of *2.000 to au??f t. City Intrlllgenrr. CitTTIi (liUliKv Evkiuant Inri/r Ou Thursday last the ship Neptune from Liverpool, landed MM passengers a* tattle Garden. nearly all Irish. They brought with them $13 w :>8 1 n money. The majority of them remained iu the cMj Yesterday the Castl" looked unite empty ; only four or five emigrants were visible. As soma curiosity ha- Iwen muiiitested to kn.'W h"* thioe people, who remain at the ? astli obtain foo.1, it uiav be uell to state that the emi grants aie furnished in the Ca-tle hi the Commissioner, vifh plenty of good biaad, chee-e and" milk at cost price*. The ship West I'oiut from Liverpool, arrived jeilonll} with CM) i'ii cengers. Tin f CifAiu. ? A special meeting of the Kmmet Guard was held on Thursday night, at their armory, .161 Brume t:eet. to elect a Captain la place of the H"n. J<4m Kelly resigned, and a Second I ieuteuant vice Joseph fhann'ti resigned C'ob'iiel Halsey, i>l the 10th Kegiment presided. Mr John Kennedy was unanimously electe I Captain, and Mr. James Gallagher tfrcond Heutenant The e gentlemen have the reputation of lieiug well ver?e I in military affairs and will no doubt, be all their tation reuuiies then^o be. Afler the alection there was n col latii u at the wi?*tch<;<!or IJyu/.e^ at sptechf were made, songs (uiiig Ail,! -eutlmeuv ? glv*n. >iu<iPATio.s to N KiULu-Ka TKHi:rroitT.? NLirk W. Usrd, Goterbor of Nebraska, has appointed William Clancy, formerly a member of the Legiflature of that Territory frrm Poogla* county, m an emigrant og? nt in Ptty. to forward such person* as feel desirous of settling in Ne tir:teka. Ihos* who contempbite migrating to that Ter ritoiy would do well to consult Mr. Clan, y, as he is taml liar with the topography of the country, and can give much u-eful intoiiiuition thereupon. This agenor l? to the one established by the authoritic ? of Wis consin some time since in New York, which ha be< n of great benefit to emigrants. Fik? ia WAMDnmn S-TRnn.? AUiiit hair past 11 o'clock yesterday morning the roof of the dwelling house 842 Washington street was found on fire An engine wa* quickly upon the spot, but the fire was extinguished with a few J.ail* of water before the arrival of the flri-men. No bell abirio was given It originated from some sparks Iron the Chimney of Hlrbeck. Kurman k Co. 's foundry on North Moore Struct. The wire! was blowing very strung ut t h" time. There nre several dwi 11Idk' lo uses on Wash ington street, between North Moore and Franklin street*, whb h sir In imminvnt danger from ls-ing M't on fire by spark* fn in the chimney of this foundry every time there Is wfnd frrm the West, as the rool are made of sblngb - and vsry old and dry I'r<'Wmci>. ? As the Mteward iif the set,i^?ner tiara Jane, laying at Quarantine. ?a* going ashore in the yawl boat, ?he was carrie. I under thn7*>M? of theateamer '.loaephlne and, to avoid tlie wheel, he Jumped overboard and was drofl ne?l Pto> nlrlan to tlie Rmlgraal Hupltal. TO TIIK EDITOR OP TRP HERALD. As the pri*-e?dingii of the (Viminission- rs of Emigration as published on Thursday, the 9th inst . fn several of ihe pa)?r*. made no a candida'e for the office ef Phyidaa in-Chief to the ilo?pitals on Ward's island, yei will oblige me b; publishing the following letter : ? Ai-KXAN l>KK F. VAHIF 1'ut irrx *\*sii co*. Twrs-rr m.irni hthkkt, I Niw Yorx. August fl. 1SS6. ) Mr IfluR Sra ? 1'pon the moit fltlibrrato refaction I < i?* J din* l?ln|f Dii'te a candidate fur the appointment of ll|^idn4-CU?( to tli* Emigrant Hoepltal on Ward'? Inland brcaoM I kno? tluit a publlr uwtitution rannot t* properly or crrdltalily governed unieiw und?-r th>- ?? rluolvc direction of ori* individual. Any othw ?y?tem muM In ID} Ji.rigment, fiUl ?t >11 event*. 1 >u> ronli !i-nt thnt I am totally lnc< mpetent to raaliie with * different oi|r-iairation. the anti-'ipatiune of the Cotaaiiudonera of 1 migration. Kor nt, IbtrHbtf to with nurh OMViOttoaa, mi great a re?poni>ibility, would be a ft- ?* injuntiri' to them a* ?<11*? a (rn-Mt Injury to mr? If In arritit-g at thie conclusion. baaad ou an eiperlen"' of twenty }i-nr?, 1 am certain tbat you nr, will nit thini n?e caption*, or that I ?eek any ?'?limitation to accept ??> di-t.i Riilbi d an office. With ver- great rt-pect I remain truly your frtwn'l, reu'ly t aid you to the extent of koraMir, in all your philanthropic effort* to benefit the CORilM f th"?? who M?-k a h"irw In tb<* v?~t and proaaer country Al-KXANPiJi f. VA' llt To A>Wri w ( , O ioiniMilon*r of Kmiyratr n Ma rtn*1 Dtuutrn. TO THK KHITOK Of Til* IDttLk The dUaater* id the water the prrila a?th* ?*e n

IBM. |>re?ent a aad catalogue of death, tufferlng and lo On* of > ur a??i?'nnt? ha< been MVM matin ron*Untiy engatrnl la compiling the account* of *hipv re> * and I -* of Uir aod property oa the >? >*n in tbe year 1H44. Iln maauw-ript ; age* already numWr t*?lv? hundred aad ?? ty t.?* (l.Mo). exrlumvi- of th>?eofa lar*' r< lumr '?T> r rd hy <h? Iri li-i. The number of ve??eU wUirh have n loat or Injured are flrf tlx ueatid three hundred are! eighty two i!i,.'i*'i> ? Xi-lnidve of nVam-r- aad (v-ai* oa lb- ?<?? aad ilnn, y*t to I* ad de-l which will tweil tl.* *<gr* ?Ste ta al-out Mi.,-i.and '*? 000 Tb< Imw of llf- aa< l<een *? ry fteat and will >xre?4 nine th' m and (9 0001 per?< n * a?d t be low ?>l |ro|*rty saaf W* a?tirnated la r u nd nuiolera at forty rutlli* na of *if4aar? The lereral and n?f*i tt?? ra~ ? '4 i,mm are l?-tac riaeei "id and ari*r,.-<d 'itader >#farale be* , efflbraria,' !??? 1; t, I ftr?a lillktatag Bff by *pr nlai*" ??? emtaM-.t n t r* f 'n oti>er rau ea, !>?? by Ice by c< Iib4> a b> a?? na, be ?tii i? will ?- ?" ar-nnf-! ??! >iale?l a# b pee i e facta in ia ln*tro' ftvta b?* II may rev,'iire ?ir i iii'ef i ? 'tine lie* ?ee?t ??,?. ia the i ,??tl <A ? I >?? ? v m;hmw AllifHl Attempt at Wife fllarJer In thr TWrtrrnth Ward. AlM>ut 9'^ o'clock, laat night, the intahiUnt ? of Coerck street were thrown into a great atnte "f Mflli'mml by ud attempt lit w ife inu rdrr, perpetrate I b) n man named Owen Murray, residing at No. 70 lioerrk atreet 11 ap |>tara, n far a* we could uacertiiin, that on Thursday ? afternoon Murray w.m nm-atcd at tlie iutiaM of hi? w'*e, Mar), on a charge of diaordorly conduct ami drun kcnneaa The priaoner wan brought before J uatice Wood, at the Emm Market Police Court, where, unluckily, lie wan dlwiiargod on Ills promising to ''go "nd *'n no more." Murray, it is aaid, awore vengeance on hi* unfortunate wife for incarcerating him, and declared that just a* aoon an he got home he wouM ehaa ti-e her. (.in Friday (yesterday) afternoon being libe rated by the juatice, he niaile hi- way home, and com menced, it i* alleged aim tug hi; wile for disgracing him. SI be termed it. After a bitter quarrel of word*, Mur ray, at it ia charged, drew out a large jack knife, and couimeuced an indiscriminate aaaault u|K>n the poor wo man. .tabbing her in the alidocnen, cheat and lower et tremitie*. The cr 'f^ of the woman attracted the atten tion of one of Hie occupant* of the b?u*c, named William Hubert*, who rtiabed into the room. and endeavored to re?rue her from the grasp of her Infu riated husband, when the latter ruahed upon him, and aaaaulted him with the knib. He then atarted out of the house and ran down the atreet, enduavoring to escape; but Hubert*, although ?everely wounded, kept cIom* behind hi a, and did net give up the cliase until the arrival of aome of the Eleventh and Thirteenth ward police. Came to lib. aid. The aecuaed wna captured and taken to till K**? Marke* jail, to await an emminatiou. The wounded woman wua taken to Hellcvue Hospital for medical treatment, where slv now Ui** in ? critical *itua tion. Mr, Huberts \* 111 not differ long from the clleet* of hi* wound*, a* they aie. fortunately for him, not very never*. Flaw In City Hall Plare. EXTRAORDINARY OP a riHKMAN ? 8KVKKAL PKKttONM HAVED FROM BCPPOC ATIOH ? Yesterday morning between 4 and & o'clock a Are broke out in the baeemeut of bou*e No. 32 fit % Hall place. The firemen worn very quick at the prcmi >e? and extinguUhc t the ttaine* before they extended beyond the basemeut Two familiea occupied the upper purt of the houae. The third floor rear ?a* occupied by a tiernian and fmnll) . n n*i*ting of hi* wife, three children and maid acrvunt. Mr. Cliarle* Neary, foreman of lire engine 111, re*ideii in the iuiiuediule vicinity of the fire, and no Hooner wa* the alarm given than he hurried to the acene. lie found tiie entry of the houae no densely filled with *nioke that it wa* impoa?lble for per*nn* to make their way either up or down ataira without auffocating However, Mr. Neary thruat a handkerchief into hi mouth, and like a fire demon forced lib pa rage through the entry into the yard; here he found a piazza. extend ing near to the aecond atory window, and having been in humed that famlliea were in thr upper room*, he mount ed the fence, and from thence to the roof of the pUrza. In the i-econd atory room he found n female greatly alarmed; he conducted her to the front wiudow, whence *he va* convcyed down the firemen '? ladder to a pUce of H.fety. Mi. Neary next directed hi* attention to the third floor back window, and to reach it he readily aeiied hold <4 the window blind of the aecond atory window, re moved it frmn tlie hinge*, and placed it against the wall of an adjoining building Hie roof of which extended to about tin centre of thr third atorj window On thl* blliul lie clamtierrd up. and, by hitching 111* fee) iulo a cre\ ice of the brickwork bi tween the two building ?, *uc reeded In reaching the roof of the adjoining hou?r He win- no* in a po*itlon to give ussiatam-e to tlie affrighted family In the third *torv, and one by one he extricated them from their perilou* situation and landed thetn on the roof of the adjoining house, from whi-li they acre conveyed aately hv other fireineu to the atreet. Mr. Nf.iry 1* a tall, athletic young man, full of daring coinage. Iwiug eviileutly untolling to wait for a ladder, femii'g ii might arrive {'mi late, nod the human beluga aulfix.ite, lie reined the only mean* within III* power, Which he curried uut inoat rui i c-afully. aud that too, at the imminent peril of hi* own life. f<> look at the place, aiuce the orcuirenrr peo 4e would think It linpoaalbl* to accoainlirh tuck a feat, ,.nd It to doubtful if the aame tlifnifTon'rt be again peifitrmed, unle.. under r imilar ex citing circumstance*. The damage will amount to about $1M>. There I* an lti?nrnnri on the household property to the amount of R.M0 in the New York I'lre and Murine InMirance Com pany. In the name of John tvhoenfeld. who hold' a mirt g?|o i n the proporty for I'J.tOO. The origin of the fire la at pr< ?ent a myatery. The caae * ill n'-i doubt le- tho roughly investigated by the hire Marshal The Prohibitory" Liquor Law. ARKKsTX rOH INTOXICATION t K8TBRDAV. Hi. re \f?n a marked decrease in the number of arre t* for drnnki finest yesterday a* will be aeeen fiouj the bil lowing figure*: ? Hr*t district Police Court.. Justice Connolly . .10 .second do. do. do... .Iiirtice I'curcy R Ihird do, do. do luatiee Wood 4 Total ti INTOXICATION IN BHOOgLYN. The police of the Weatern district of Brooklyn made alitewn arrests for intoxication on Thursday night, only two of the number paid their fine. The remainder were committed for ten daya. J irst district 2 refCRd " V Ihird " * Vi urth " 1 To 18 Mayor'* Uflrr. THK DAMJhlt OK BKI.NO IN TOO OKKAT A HL'KRT. Note itlict.inding th* precaution* Ukra to prrrmt tin* ifcnrrnrf of Mrldi nU from j u ni['i ng on the front ?f railr' ?d r ?ra, and the frequent warning- gl?en 1o |*opt< aearceljr u <Uy pa?ea orer without our lulling to chrrnl'lr r?iiir ilriadful casualty. gnnaed in nine i wh out of ten by the rtubborniie** or hwdlwii fondint of the aulTrrrri. thi-met-lre*. Yeatrrday ;i Mr Kooney , whllr in the art of jumping on the front of onr of the Alh.iny mid liarl'm ear- tt tM WfMf ol Uraod and ( ?atre atr.-eu, waa whirled If th* motion of the nr under t h?- wheali, anil had hi< li-g *en rely injured, t h<? calf bring horribly rnt and (MBfled. Hi' '?*?? takru up by (.'apt. Kianer. wfeo procured me4t<al aaetatanc*, and after hi* ?nuti<> (>< dre-.-ed had him cornered to bt< realdgn't on a Utter. (< rnj.laint* from aj <?< tatora mm! the xflri'ti atta h?*4 to the tnriou* railroad companies ha c b? n err; alnn taut of late, from wlil-h it appear* that (ha people Ibnwflm aie tin- WMt to blame. .Not very | airo a rmumulea tion Waa aent in to the Mayor reapectlng the frrqimt aeridenta rau-ed by men and bnya i-pringing "n the rara of th** llud-on Klx r Kailroad whan leaving Chamber* Itirrt In aurh numkr. a< to render opponiliwn p^rfe. ily ureleea on th< part "f Hi* eonductori . wiaO are oal.le to ta dUH.irged iVthey allow au'h prori i-dlng ? aul yet arr held |?|mwilil( lor any arrilint ahl- h might ? ur If they di?< liwige iheir dntler Th. Mayor ?? are glad MM.' ha# already tafc'U the matter into Ma own ban 1* and adoptid a plan which it i? to be lioped , will iu /in" measure check the ClU alluded to llrVri liaTf be? n laeufd by hiui to tin police, Marreat all |>er una di'OTcr rd juni| ing ? n any ot tin* railroad eara m!?k Uwy be I aae**fer>. Several arieda bare alriady been made for thl" ntien' " by tht different polb . m n rtailoaed along the line of tlx HuiImhi Hirer Itailroad W'll.M ('run AM ALL WiKD liWlHUHl l,? R'rWK. About half-pact 10 o'clock on llnir -lay uurht a deal nt we niade u|*<n a puhli' bouae rltaatel at No. 4.M Broome atr?-et, an<l flee jouiw girl- of doubtful i liare' ter, t? |fi tber witli the proprietor* Mr. M m. T Valentine and La rid Mattbewa w<tr* arretted i-arrii-1 bi the >'our t?-enth ??rd uth i) houae and t..eri VI' ? Tini'-la ted with Kl'ie? for I l.i n iir 1. 1 . A lomi'iaint l ?l pri ri<ma|y l?-n niJidi- ale.ut tbia houae, ae being j re?>rt for tip pler dmnkarde, c<4Mnon proatltuu-a and er>r> n-rf. of itejirar-'i rbararter . In non?n|nene* of whieh ter had lie* n i? ni"l to k>i p a wat' ii ? u 'he place ar?' t" n..i k ' irie?ta a atxivi ile?rrtl?d Juati" ? "nil" y. having beard of the traaanetion immediataly pro laiel frtm 1 1- hou?? la ^'urty -eighth -t'>wt to lb' atatton how ?nd ot'lered tne liami a. *ff the arr* -teii |ar1l>- whleli waa ln>taatiy ibejred hy t'aptain hi* i ft V> ?!? nlajr morning if rnrer, m a^'l??r riik . tbe ? i-b? ? of the Mayor laatiil lllinnan (??U'-d a ?ar rant loi th' arteetof \al ntln' Matt! ?? and tin glila, *h b waa epeedlly -*eeute4 by an e|R. unt (V? > The i ?? i Hi ? .r? were held to bail ? ?'b in tin ??a ' ( a Wi hut the glfla were ill liilw i >1 a* the "ffi'<"r ? "ild Dot t> -ny to || iving '~-u arij Unrig WTvag in tl.eir wha rb r ?t tl<e tii(?.. .,1 Uieir agreat CIAWI or gWIWULIWO AOAIN-T A* laTM IJO! *' * ornrg. T?' men Mr ffiti and Mr Ml yet keepera gene* oAeea In l."?n?i'h itf? eere arrested f- eater rtay by < Hirer lloje, rhargnl by one >re?ieri k H* . ? f with la'i'g Inpafl tii?t. bin. by pf mi in* ?o g?* b m a ait'jatioa In tl.r? . j a tor ?*.? ?'.?oaf A ?*t war t/ alwt* ten or twel . fen Hi"* to w 1 m i?e #rrt a;> EIia.1 ?? pl hi* a aitiaatien he waa hr ug t by II 't U. leyer- who kevpa at /.? l?re*t.wKii 'rawt Here f ? i loon'! a Oian namad T Ka'ter a ?tii*ruj*ead? nt oa the Kin 1 ?aal ?alargMlwef with wh'ia lie pwie *n ?? j?g? ii. rnt t? Kt u I n tnt'l f?, ?ana n on hi* aaetieo* ?? ?>? a aiiiiit.'iit! nomhrr n> workiif n ei.abl b> ut -%>? d Meyeia waa lnatrw'te<1 |,j H.'.'er not to tea! Ilauaer until he r? cei> further inatl n? Hon Tea daya ?'??? ? ? Hautar ?? '<^d bye. iae ? tv la Meyer* iffi'e *i at Ki"e? Wat ?' < 'oeida an-1 wtabed him t< an . n t . him M f I waa th< a <> maiwled of I. mi f. r a railr< ad H'ke' whiah In l*W ?*e a lea aekeai f ? tl.e >**>.? i. ha aj pr ' a. r ? ? ! ? a. tbe ? 'oaten whleb he r?t,w4 U. [?> k .* <nr a a>l ?,a',~1 f r< r?eM. W!i? nU arfi >e-l at ' *'at } l*-? I IMer reread ti mi I* ? I ia Hi r-taocv lathe ''iy ?i. : m -tt ftit oat Meyer*, aui *W4 v. aati^aeikatf Tbe a' '"iaW w*ee n ?.tait'r?l In d*'?ai* *4 bwil ^ ~*?he? H? ia Thf Hhrtlrr Hl*?? Cm* In PMladrlphl.* DmMoii of Jniitf Krlley. OIJAHTKK HBBMIONH? JUHO* r _ Aug H ?.lame* I'. Itraddoek. John HnlUrU, W ?? ?? tlx. Win Mill, Jttinen Martin and la?i*h ralgned on the .barge ..f riot, and committing an a?a .?? J I and buttery <>u Col John Wheeler, and nil plead.d u guilty nith the . v ?pti. n of Win Mill, who ??- ?>"< P"' fent Mi-aer. Vandyke and Weh-tcr app. .red f r cm inonwealth, and W. I'lcree tor del. nd??J Mr. 11. icv coiineel lor defendant. ?.ked tin. I ? " r? I* p.*.ti*.n.d, l*cau*e th- pro, rod,.*. had been I.'-'* uix'n tUm with .. g'"t deal of hai-le That th. M against then- partiea wan found hot > j,,' (.mud J urt . I hat one of the defendant.. ? n 1. Mi l w? not LttKUt. That cuutuel had But time to Ifie. tlw consideration which th.- merit* of the caa? f That the enunael tor thr Comraonwoa th hay. ^ th'lr u tin net to ngilatr, nnd ?.fully, ? "J? thei.-uei. inv. lved and l? I- iuv.-W^l ? ^ rantirg thr right >4 thr delendant. to have nil thr ? n....rarv to counteract an excited public f?nUn*.Tha it miirht la> neeeiwary to aecure the prr?en r of tin man Jane and her t/o children though ??he ^y ^Ut of the joriMtiction of the court. There are alao ?ltnr*.e. "ju'lg.? When did the par tier here enter their rarugul " M r!*W ebater? On the 14th of July by Alderman Krea man. If the drtmce are not Inlry Win. . UU. we can wiatnoac that particular caic. The defrudanta couiim-I had notice given U?em that the defendant* WonM bo tried fo-<l?y It .. lie. . wary, becau.c Mr Whr-ef Itaa order* from thr government to leatrr fnr . ' * ,,5^' We have alM. a wltnr? Iron. New Jereev. in the army ?>f the I ailed Mato*, who may at any nm went be called away. The ground upon wldch .coatl unaine i? aakwl by Mr llerce haa ncter been .Ir. ioeU auffl. lent by the Court lie the public mind ei. iW or not, the judge ami the Jury are at all time. ?J,'IU* meet auch exigencies The right of challenge can be ' ' "judge ? I held the Guirt during the prraent week fnr the pnrpo.. of clran.lng the pricon. If Ihe ' * " tor lie. will tell me whet h? thia ca?e will emolude tbo trial of the pri.ou ca-e., 1 will be better prepared to an Kwcr the attention. .. Mr. Maun replied that it wnnld not interfere ?ith the urlaon . ae??. 11>at he had gl?en the drfeodaut notir. that he Would call up thU raae to-<iay. Judge? Til* deten.fanta will plra?- put their moUou t .r a continuiittcr u|<on legal gruunda. Mr. I ieiee here rxainlu.d Mr. J. Mchlmra, wli > ? that h^ had telegiaphe.1 to New York to gentlemen wn i were cognteant of eome of the moat important fact of the CUM- . that he recrl.wl no anawrr to tlie deapat. h. Win. Mill (colored) wa. alao examined and -Id that he hi.d Imporunt wlmraiu-- who were ?'-enr (It her a of the defendant* t.atlfle.1 t.. matten. of aimiUr ""itrPwebater aald tliut not to try the coat inow would I- ? denial and raehrat of Ju.tlcr I ' . 'm theae partler were bound over, due dllllgen. t^ n mndw coll'-ct tli?* witneu^. Mr. 1 lercf w?? nbout ? f??r When the Judge declined to t,e?r him and made a tew reinai k?. lie aald? In declining t" bear the conn-el f^r the application for continuance, I ha.e of cour--- ileci. the lolnt. and will ghe my reaa-w ?|?m which Jha decision real a In the Ural place, l h?TO "ani feated n dlatlnct indUpo?itlon to try thin " thU time. It i? known to the bar "^. during the month of July. I ha^. iH-en prrfi irmlng Ui. dutv ot nn Invalid brother. The month -Ju'J perlial of \acatlon, apd I g??r It up to tl.r pu reaumrd thr dutle. of my brother Alflann ? hatar?0 *1 to hi. Iioum. by .ere affliction. Tl.r ?n!y , of \i? cation for tnynfU ww* to inak*4 f><** ? mnf the public might not aulf. r and that thow- ?h? wer^ ?? titled to an ?r.|.ilttal ahould l?- relieved. I took it uiya. If to caU upon Ihe reporter, and r~|.i-< thrm Uln^ ,.rt iu their p.|e-r. that tl.r (oi art wq MM a. u?ual. on <he brat Monday In Augu-t ^ tiei|uenlly - a 11-1 upon by member, ot the bur ?n inl r. Baled uie n tlie queatlun, I have .inlfort.,1? atated that n.fha.l ? .mi. alMiuld be trle.1 In exclu.lon ot prtaon ca?; How fa. Unit might ha.e had it. i- fluenc f. mrwhi.t h:id practice, in reCeu nce to thl. or any o Hi I do not k??w, but it bayerWnly ha- the 'l ^ ^of li.aklng the Court look with ? tt?oral.le eye upon >1 , li. ;.tii,n. t<* continuance In ball ca -? A. ?o the 'l'"''!.'' J ot eirlteui -nt, 1 I-n-I lion*', nor do I think auy juior in I ?...* would feel It. It i- an ordinary ran' whether ,.r n .t u certain number of colors! pM><.n? eoinmltte a ? r tali. Offence, alleged in the bfil of Indictment, and only i ereon. of extreme opinion ar. excited aU.ut it. )he | gt. at miM of the community are frrr from cm i but tl.ete are two rircley who are no doubt ? JT?' ' * ' e.cli.d. and wle do not ...mprlee th' r,H>plr Ih- ref. ie, the question of i *eltemrn ha n , K em WJ ndnd in ? motion fr* tb? w.iitinuane- .1 ,h?, a u? J^aiu, I he I. legrapl. c c.unniunl. atinn. ? in of lei irtrle iin| ..! t..n- ? by llu lf There ahould hav txen pi e\ Mil - cor, e -ponden-e a II h the *-;o"e,nen n. me. and arriiOgi uivnl. ahould have la . n tn?d? with th. ctnii u on here at tb" ? arli<v.t I I hi- A Minpl" e> 'li ling Ol a t. l.^rra. hie di-|.??. ?l tell ng Ih. I., to when the had tod l.. en iH-tore Informal t| at Ih... w.n! I I. wanld. ? old weigh nothing " ' ?t.e now the real ground, for a mnt'n in.? mid flrall" me consider the ground prenenlr.! !?? tlo- man. wb.>? nail ? i. Mill, or rather the apalicatUm of eliich i? th H. l-lnth. bill . f Indietinenl and Ihe .|<l Ii n i. a?k< d, .hall Ihe ra?e le continued, I- a i rat that one .< Hie.r n ,r^r, "h' will u ncoiiitted. and ?h?? innoc. ... all lw .1 'hat he I. entitled to - ueh n- lolH"! ? |. ii r 1 v that will la* an lm|.?rt .nt wltneilloi tti-ui' .^U* th- queaiion wa. put Ih. i.jt ? 1 lo whether thai I . i nt had la en decided I rannot |. >lnl to *l.y ihci I deci'd.'D, but I Call recur to th- f-ct and th. dally pra. tin no' often ri;.o|'ed hut which Ualw... piinied.m motion, tor continuance It li n ? u.ual f..r applic .tlo-i? lo l e made to tbi. ? ourt up. n precl.- ly -iiniUi I th- alltg-itlon h.*ing tint the wln.?v ? htd '-r-, . :n hi nerd In the Mil for t|.? purpo** of rxcl.idlng them !>? m the *itr.c*? *1 r. n<1 . Iind thnt they had not b-en art <1-1 wilh the intention of trying th.-in Where th- IH'trh t Atlorm y I eci me* lmpr>- < d with the |.|ea that 'h-r> It truth in that he may either enter a ??*/!' ?? to the slleg'^l Witn*a*e. or put all the partle* on trial it one tin.e or on the other I and whore th?y ar- trl. I ? I arately or iC i .rty can U a wltn-r f.r th- ..'h-r bi,dm Mill 1.M been about the city during th- lr? ! ter m between the conuniMion ot the alleged off-nc an1 the pre lent time, and hat not l*en u|-.n aoy w?r i ant L-ned ?nd therefore h l? not prepare 1 Un hi. trial, end .houll hav- that 'l.o-ri-n .lm llut thl* continual** do., aj.t re?t although It l.a- it. aelfht Tl.- other .lef. n I .nt. ? ? >' di.tin. tly tl.rir inability lo pr.aln.e their wltn^' who tliev <>. will la. Important to thrlr defen- <? and wl I. "i where t. .tlne-ny thry eann-.t ?al-ly go ?o trial , |.?.d that thev were Ix.und to make pr?p?ratl.m? * r during their at an -a.le r tluw tla.n , m ? r day evening the tlu.e the, did begin In .trl t?. .. of law the party i' l^und to la- l-ady for trial wl.*n >" * nlrnace I* due? the fir.t day of th. l-rm but tai tiM rnttM* i??? and !???? "f '?fn? w hav. K>T,n th* pnrty until th# tliro ? OrMluf ' r ut. or at any rate until th- term i? a Tarir.d to bring In their wline- "ueh ^-ui rtn practlci -.uch ' - ih- pra-tic wl*n t .? U.' tta ,r. - uti .n oecoplcl Mi Mann', po-lllw.-and ^h .u M ? Mann', practice unllornnly ?.i?Mi.?i -I > y t lie (ourt There wa. a pn?.u ? ... up only a l-w lay ,?ir whlrh, on *r< rruot ??f tlo *r?- n ? <* ? * f ? ssrsnr. rrz, ? th. (emmon wealth wa ready to j r. < tie I' r. ? In hi. place and .aid that Important wttn-a. ? him had not l*?n brought In. Ih* <jB*?tlon +' a* why h. had not mentioned It ? u '?'? of -h- tw>. i .lay and he aa.lgo. d . ,.U?*lhle r- ? n. A u >1 ?na WK. then giv. .. with an . fli er U ?? .** ? a.U. ? .gt. )? bad had t.? Uy- w.lhn whj'b to m-r.tlo? ill and a* lielulgen. e i. alway. prartlwd during ?h 0 I ^ Ibetein. Mat ?galn they wera not I ? I. r trial he-au- that ha I not l*> n n-rtlfl-d thro ,g . toe I ?,a-r. that ball '.?? *"wH J" JT,h wIat'Z were m.till*d on I th?v In , .-! . -e ntj work i.tetarmg for trial. A?.ln Ihe It"*' 1 A ' ^ inf"rti>?-4 th^ ?oun??l I"' r w"' '** u tried tat. rc the .Ob a ad t|^rr? ra h. - ?? not t, ta In t. . line- and on hi. .how ng 'hat be f re.t i* !?;.a."?e.. a he ha. don. th- - ^ ^ ' I i/ tn' !' ? ? ' :?r': ft" ' ' '' ' ' ,bu, it. mo.t import*. 1 wttne.. ' ut aa la a.l? I thr hamam ma^m ik,- ?n - >4 r*Tha,? la tV ,t*t ite law, bu? Wbkh ,h? lav at n u iw* tar th.' nlaety nine gutity ne-n .l^ruld e .(? vbao . n? lan.^ent m.?b ?b. uM mff- r .' T),e <a?e wa* pat|?nol till Mefejif TTtk ia?t Thrafr** anil K.i HIM float*. ItluiAlrVAf Tir?ar*? ? I1ii? ihrntu- U ? I ntf 1?r} f?? tl l'B? !.<? ?t>4 ? *1.1 <.,.?? l? >mi.< i ? I 4ttiM j? r> * ? ?? t?.? | ?)> I Im't , i.i?r ' <li? !*>.?? -?? ? ?.? - *t Ma/ .if ? ili U iirwmlM. with h tli rial Kaaai ? iff M> ? 1,1 Mr H'-nry Walia ?a M. (?rt I'lU l? , (?fjtl'llr'ikr bt I'hillli Jawn ar.<l Wua-t ? iMttl arvi V ???. A TV* u> ? |4?-? vlk'l luif 1/ 1 ir? il l ? ? I* I i ?? M >>?t I ?' ?t l>; llll' Ff ?rif . . V;hi/i'i? i.itrm ? ???i U th# linm <4 "f>g ?'??1 f -?! <'? ?mIm |?rf*ri**m ? ? r - alirnc V r"?4 11. ? tl. 'iv*)* t?nr? Mfl.l/ <W,|fhU?> ?r.h Ui? '.I'n-'f ? rnlfk* tU n -4 Via li'UiM l*7?? **4 lk? |i?i< ''?k ab?i.l/ a# I Ml iMirlan 1 ? Vlr H . "? "> ?H? ? ?? Jtui i >*n In tl># ' W?Mtrrlnf N!m">I ?- Ur Mbf In i II*' *??>' if |4'r? ll.f T'^-n ' II" ?l;! I* na , *1.1.4 k? a rrty g -A ? mp^iif ? ' n*4nr? K?i?r 1 ??*;*? ? 1fci? ? ?r,lr# ?? annr??i?"-?t ?? U?? U>i ' f th? ?< Mr - * <?.?na art Mr t r%nk I I f?? lb? ;rama ?f II* !??! ' "IU ??an ? ? Ik* j Mr J- dna. ? u !'*>? I'MiWi Mr '.:?nri ? >|J?I I'll Mr l>r?a w ^Kfa^lw NlW'lr ! 7f>? 4' ? n> ?<< Kefcarl tjnw ?tll foil"* ? ?'rank llrra 1 ?? lV?<y ai?4 Mr <?ria?fc? .? H/iUrt lanw (V. !?? 1 1** Uj#?' ?|il ? ?an?ljr 'i* am) l,r> ' ii.(, irlni ? b*. ii.i- i-i'l I. Ma m<? 'ix liiturfiilu l>uf>K ?TV taint fiuap* 4 frrn-h l?4 Vaii'?r? *tArt ll? B>*ipni>M of M rV?? ? r>4 '!?* frtfli ?a .4?<u.' ??|a?f an nnj n?M r? irtiM an* t>]r lilfli,; iiaftUi* 1 **1U V & It. a?.fca?wnl? ' ?n?*"??'a all*. I*.. r* I* I lann <V 1-rV.* ?."'f ?hHi t>? Uaiwt a* la liH?aa >r,.W "h? taauUfitl 4*ar|?g 4 v? . u Fa' a ?? ? Vki-rla* fr.atl W< ?ma? M li mar. ?arf Ml#t ?r'au III r?1 ratauttf T1^ I^w >aa. I la l?* b>?>* 4? Maiftalfa *a>4 ? ba.*r ?? r> ?a lb* am i?aitai> H ?irt * irtnn*. ? ' Tl ? to*! ' r.Wji In t. H' i?|f?nr.'rnM I ' <k> ?? .. a'rj . v> In Mn<v? an M?w 4af ?a i*? , ?ar a* '^#?a a* aaainMa " V IA I , ? I-* a K ? * ^ SUMMER RESORTS. Life at the American and EnglMk Watering Places* INTERESTING GOSSIPING LETTERS KHOM Krvaatafc, Lkag Braack, R?4 B uk, Qm?m, Balk, CUrraioa, Nrwpart, New Kathode, taratofa, Mwm? Lake (iaarfa, (ape Bay, White Mulphar Hyilm aai BM r?M Caarfart, Va. ENGLISH SUMMER RETREAT8 Lnrntoffl, Yarmouth. Walton on tlae Miutr , Wrprnmlk, Um> lit* or Wlfkt, Chrltwkam, Mil Both, Ac., Ac., Ac. CORRESPONDENCE OF THE NEW YORK MEWMJ. HIGHLANDS OK NKVAHINK. TaoMrwiN'ii Atlantic Pavilion, j Hiohlanm or Nbtamink, N. J., Aug.!', I*6.r?.( A (irate ami Mrlanrholy Chapter of l.yft on M< J ere* y Am Short? Sarvot* Hirape from wrttk ? Hop * Ctmrerit, /la lit ? Fnttrrunn fur lAa IV inter Campaign tfc. Tv?" thin*- br?-?k th ? monotony An AiUatlr trip, Houil-UIDM, |Uh ( )??U kliipt *+n And ? m*?* a *hip And varioua thing* brrak the monotony of life along tin**- Jeraey ahoraa -the morning l>oat <Wwa from New York, with the IIkkald, ami a new net of v loiter* ? the morning boat up louring *ome of tlx- oM one* nwny. The afternoon boat down , with *till farther accraelon*, and the even^pfc boat up with other de parture*. Am lii the tufV'i natural panorama of Mat U th, they ? /l Com* 1U*? *lik<to?a, a? dejiart And aiirh la llfMtwny from home fidgety. fu/ajr. rentier** ? witkjlhe name aucceaaion of exi>edicnU to kill time, though the long and lingering day. And that'* W 1*1 me vulgar practice of en ting form* aurh 11 ronxplinoua und important item in thedi/'aMa tory^t our aummer rewort*. Here, t>? the rowing mj?. the fait water, the ocean air, th*- tinhtng, aad -tiding. and exploration* on foot umong th'??e wood land bill*, give a keen edge to the ap|M*titr. which niake* even delicate people rat ah fn*t and heartflf tin wood chopper*. Thin landing <>1 the Highland* la aome aix mlM nmth of the extreme point of the Uthmua ?! Handy Hook? thai ia, aix mile*, more or lr*a. according to the atate of th> tide, l.ant Hater day, Tor example, it wn? e<|ual to thirty, from our detention In a aand liar. It wan the alearaee Orron Wave, with almut Ave hundred paixrngeea, iMnnewliat liehlnd time in getting Into thi inlet, far tlie tide had run out. We "got Hturk," in th* new* bo ?* have it-, when woori came a little auxiliary *tec? dinner, like the Three Hell to our n lief. Hhe ruunik-d to, and taking ofl about two hundred pa* Hengera for tbi* locality, art off atraigbt over the challowit for Thompnon'a, three mile* up xtreain I 'rawing onh thlrteeii irirbi-* w iter, the eaptala are me d to rel.i ujkiii hi* boat and to have no fear of the |teril> ln-fnre 11- . Iiut he wu? rniit.i ken. tieitiag lot* twelve inrhea, lie errnped the l*>ttom, undo ten wa* f**t in the aand. lie bar ked, and twiat ed and pulled ahead but it t?a* a dead halt. There w< were. Night iiune down open 11* with a thunder ?torm, and the **11 boat' that tadtwn^lo rearh u* ran aground, and had to haul of) bupperl?*< ,ind hungry there we were. Hut tlif-re i* a tide ia tbi* river, which taken on th' rtf lead* up ta ThouipMin'a: an at length we got into port, wlthoot *hlp wreck, or the l??w of a aincle r> avenger. kilf***f , ? 1 unded or rni*elt>g. The captain of uur little ?tem ebawr, :?? the dark ne*? raine on< alepped over the tefftilt. andl' ttlng InniM It down intii the water, wided ulxiut for tin* to try the aounding*; thi n making a lire line, he htnirk for the neare-t nh'ire, half a mile off, wm loxt ?ight of in Of fathering gloom, and we liave not wen him from that day tithia. I 'rrhap. he may have gone "a ilimming," bat they do nay be ohtpped aboard n/ain. and tiroughf ua up to our de"tinatli?n. made u? fhel bad U> think that a *ea raptaln. with hi* > < m?el iitrar ded, could l?e ao liarbaroua a* to de?ert hi* p?? M-rigeni, ndl lip hi* bre<- he*, and with hi* rv*t uptjm hi? aim, delileratel^ walk aahore. Hut the terror* "f the ni^ht wre iwifi. |J< d down on arriving at Th< io^^ii * where upwardaid a hua died of th"' re*- oed *at di;wri to a *<>l,d h'^ iuppef , :ii" 'hiding among the broth d and fried. M>me of tboae r ire blur lieb, wenk tl*h, and "w* l<aa?to pall," wMk whW'b theae waler* abound. The re?t of our B?e hundred f^ilowid u* up In the W*v* and were die (xxird at the Sr a Virw, and *?tli*-r | la-e- hard h) . or <n route to l?ng itran li, ?<itiie nevi ll mile* l<el'/W. Aftt r aupper wi had a bop, rate of Umim anoalaiieoaa hope,* bleb Ilk* a rattling <.ff Mjnd ?jwt h if often Oi' ie inlrie*tmg than a regular deliberate aiTair of dm* and ?erem<>ny. And her- hmh fn>m the ct'irm.iuid ??ir nnrrow <? frdu eh pwr*- k the 1 burin* the *roil?e. the wll?? ?nd gra'<-? of the "w?>u,m f?lk? wt-r* a* er.iiefi.l ,f? th'- r'*y light '4 eun ri'ing t" the l?ewi|il? rrd martri'-r arri -tin the breaker*. The hop w?? ke|?t ut. t !! midnight a* near a* we >fa>ld guiw I'll tne >1 k 1, id run d^wa. tlte wat<he* of th< ? oinp*Jiy bad ?t>p |<rd, and we r<Mild not l.<-ar tor *hriil 1 Urioa of Uie warning f-mU-rm in the k jard. tm it wa? ilrr?wn? I to the r ?r ?if tl?e wlrid* and waiew, the rrarkiiig "f j"ke?. tlje flopping ? f rb?nj|i?gfte. the at r*ptng of *lip|ier* and < algut ?' d th? f'in a?4 fr> Ik that ral? d tlx |?a**irig b-eir Wh*' a rhang* ? What a 'OOtrn-t with o r 1 ?ll -n ( 1 f' w *hr?1 Ii<?ur> t?f?-n>, wb*n tin- ' a pt? 1 u l? f ? - ''runWI and pot ll> w*lki d a?b ore! ?irt I rlda/ nijrlit ?? U*d * ? "? >*r ? jHajiI* ? ? fr?< r?.|< rut ArmrVnri pt?n??t h'#i "#f Y'mmhi Afrka and Ma t?o mu4#l ln/'!*r? r?Kal?d ?? whS < jfw mt?? if' rim ami |.laM?n fi 'h"M? in v*rjr g>?4 ?frlr ?lii' b ? !<<<?? thai iK? !iau4<iaJ ' apaMliU** of tli? K'ht'/| ?ai - arc t>"i lluif.' d Ui thr banjo. 7 J .. >? wi ti* l a t?U b'4 a ft t i',i 1 1 ?nd ff-w th? Ww. t* l>er>' k a, J <rfv?' , M<?ri ?. o??-an ll'ruv, |v.rt Wa-liiriftofi. liWr > IIU , l/.ti(.- h a/?l all th*- < <>?antr> r<mr>d at?*rt, ?? /.iirwra ai.d '.S(/?-r?a *? . Lall) thr Ud* ? >uv to t f?? It: ( aii?l ? loarrWd a/>4 ai/jfri* , tail and *k nilrr and ?h'.rt a/td plump K .?? k ?j>? a r>1 Wi*? hurt f ajr ?ili|K it* i * ? tin ik- ,-r 4., K<|> UtRr ?fW Una affair It wa* ult . J?a, ??rll? t. to dr<-.m -f ?r /'.hutg ?l?? l*.t U.? arr .tl.iiMr arm* and r ?"??' "??? ndnirM In Um d?r. < ?.r | , m ? I If" a<wi4ta| ??a. >-r ainMiff U* ?!??? 'f >>? - awd Ulrica ? f tka' kind And Tfi nrf-" rt I k' ' ard Ri?r "to rin i (rrat " And* . ?? >"?? "?*? l?urt n, I Uunk tt 1a ?l^., ?? th* wif-tumal* T??lt#-a la p*r? mini I / a r*rtai!i 71 ? l? and T * tar, ? bo, In a rllmal of r?r' la. ma ' darari TV/tup a> ?. ' Hi.t il ?aa n? I J>' Tf. -f n|>? a. Twidbi, ?/V? ttot lall, wilt a ( U?? " !?<*? <W in ?-r?? I.jii.4 d ? (-.aJ' of auft rr%km Ir. Uv ?"uM t??i? d '*ji hurrah f r Tli J ?4 II,- r . .rr Ur ' f 'al P*'!'* IT' "??! fcf-nia ?b< .????* f?l J" !?!' * ' '???" f -f 7>. wr""' I .k# J ? li*/.k-|.h ?< |>a<M??c aorlarva* ,j.f? ' :? i. U. ?t* . t/.,*. ? f , ,n t>M fc"f? i/furtl nrM arxl (f<, <J utvrr ) ai-d' > f* I ?>* f??.t Itrr? .nri++ ,4 hi , u r?M mill rirry II r **?> a v ulrt 'ai?| a >ar n n ???? > #k J m* fat :? ???? ?> It *>?yialU?|ikMn>aar +m. * ? I MM ti- w t r ill Aiupat tr-m IA? f >* J?f ? m?-rrnr?)r )#<at tW 'en# *a?? 4"W? U? I tl.? . walrra ai.4 th? rar- W. I /<?? l.rub'li 0)f in Uv ?t? r?| at. .fWriara I Wat ll?? Jam<? fbrUVjptff ?Mll HiiWM H Mw? I ?onirtftc. and ?' Imw* ?twk ??? ?*** Uin maw. ? ? * aa >>n Ibr i? nkaoa tid awf <jl n > pr*>t ?? k?w 1 ?j??rr i?a. A ntA>*r I:*4 < r t?> I " n U? rikal | i- *? ff a | >r,k r*.t . < ? ti < ? 1.1 n ? lf?? "' V Jc*n. *: iJ t. . . "ft-* fP|