Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1855 Page 5
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ating l. eailes with ttio red men. Theitu treaties ore all bi the olii stereotype form? ''Surrender your homes? ac cept a low trifles in the way of a pre >cut? emigrate west ward to no particular place? die off and disappear- '' This is tbe history of our diplomacy with tin) Indian tribe*, though a Fad commentary it ho upon tho magnanimity and jur tfce of our governineu't. E P. K ? Mnce writing tlio above ( have ascertained that "ecretary Marry has just returned from Old Point, in an? ?*''r to a summons from the President of the Pnlted Stales. Hi* piesence was desired in the settlement of the que* tion a* to whether Kansc.* Hhnll hp governed by .a J-ou'hern or a Northern politician, Dawson having de clined the appointment. The a<lminMratlon is iu innch trouble about it. Ho noon an the question in nettled. Mr. Marcy returns to his favorite retreat. E. I< he a Mamn !? We can hardly nay whether Knox in a Free Mason or not ; but thin we know : he certainly Is a grand tiler. But we think it Blunt be in the universal lodge of humanity, for every one can get of him a tile of the moat superior character, both an regards beauty and durability. KNOX has very extensive stores, both at 2l'? and 533 Broadway, both of which establishments are his. Anson's Daca?mety?fie-liwge sice tor 30 seats, colored and in a nice case, twice the size others take lor 60 cents, and e<[iial in quality and siae to those Blade elsewhere for fi. ANSON, bH'J Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Attractive Auction ?Sale of Choice Bran dies, wines, champagnes, 4c., of a high cost.? AIJ1KUT H. MC(i1jIY will sell on Friday and Saturday, August 10th and lltli, at 11 o'clock each day. at his salesroom, No. 11 Broad street, a fine collection of very superb bran dies, clarets, & c., 4c., being tlio balance of a stock of one ef ear first importing bouses, and are in a pure state, as they are to be sold only in original packages as imported, and delivered from the United States bonded warehouse. Bib sale offers unusual inducements, as it is the closing ??t ef a large invoice, and we recommend the trado ax weB as private consumers to attend it. All the go.xis are to be sold without reserve, and every article warranted as represented in the catalogue. For a more lull deeerip Meo we refer to the advertisement of Mr. Nicolay in another column. Piano*-? Purchasers Desiring a Good In stalment, one guaranteed to givo enure satisfaction or purchase money refunded, at the lowest possible price, should call at the great music and piano store of HORACE WATKRS, 333 Broadway, whose assortment of celebrated pianos is the largest in United States; prices so low as to mtfj conpetliton, and terms so accommodating as to adapt themselves to the condition of all. Bm names of tile following celebrated makers, whom pianos are con stantly in store : ? Horace Waters' modem improved planes; T. Gilbert k Co.'n premium pianos, with or with out the teoUan; Hallett & Cumaton's, Woodward & Btowa's, and Jacob Checkering'! Boston pianos; and in addition thoee of five other New York makers. Second hand pianos at mil bargain*; pianos to rent, and rent aBowed on purchase, Sue agency for the sale of S. D. h H. W. Smith's premium melodeons, tuned the equal temperament. Concert and Ball at Union Kail, Saratoga Springs Mr. WttSE, leader of the band engaged at the above lor this season, would inform his friends on I the public that the annual concert aud ball for the benefit ot his celebrated band takes place on Thursday evening, August 16, on which ocatdou tho large dining room at that hotel will be used Bvani' Clothing Warehouse, 66 and 08 Fallon street. ? Zephyr cassimere suits, $10: check Mar seille suits, >8 40; good linen coats, (1 60; beautiful Marseilles vests, $1; Alpacca coats, 92; fine blue cloth dssss coats, $10, Ac , Aw: ^ Mile*. ? A New Vot ot Cheap Fancy Dmw idlks will be oflered this morning. Also, superior black silks, to which we call the particular attention of our customer*. F. H. IJvAPRKATER h CO., 347 Broadway. Collar*! Collar* 1! Mllaiftlt ? Just received A,tt0 rich embioidered collars, varying in price from Is. ts which is about one half their real value. Also, a large lot of worked hands, lace veils and cambric pocket handkerchiefs, equally cheap. K. H. I.hAI>BKATKR k CO., 347 Broadway. This 18 a Steam and Llghtiilng Ag?.-Wo to tbe t radennan who loiters behind it. 'l'he wiieels of enterpihe will run over him. URKKN, of No. 1 A*tor Ueure, found that out yegrs ago, and charter. -J their as sistance in his tjusinf hc . viz. ; ? " Skill, to cut his p-hirts; InduHtry, to make them; and Punctuality, to carry them home." Carpeting* for Fall Trade, lKM? Smith & l/ICNsHKKY , 446 Broadway, uear <>rand street, linve just i?eeived, per late arrivals, several large invoices of ele gant velvet tapestry and Brussels carpeting, which they are now offering, together with a large and seLe<-t stock of all other goods onnected with the carpet trade, at great Inducements. Look I Look I? Hiram Anderson, \? 09 Howery, is selling splenlid Knglisli velvets, tape<try, Brusoels and three-ply carpets at one half .the real value; beautiful all wool ingrain carpets at 3s. Id. and 4s. per yard. Sleep In Peace? HaslU it's Patent Improved Portable Canopy and Net, a guarantee oupiinst mosqui toes and all insects, combining beauty and cheapness, without obstructing the circulation of air. Its construc tion is simple, fitting closely to the bed by a rubber band, and arranged so as to contract and ex|ianl us necessity requires, thereby affording entire protection against mosquitoes. It enn lie attached to any kind of a bedstead m less than two minutes. Therefore, as a matter of rconomy. and Sir your own comfort, lose no time In pro viding yourself with one of Haskln's Canopy Nets. W. STKATTON, .Solo Agent. U0 Chambers st. Truly EMnonlralUNIm Room* at the ft lobe llt'itel, vt/2 William street, can be had for lii cents p?r bight, (1 AO per week, neat, airy and well ventilated; fcouse contain* 'J60 rooms. Rewtug M? fclMI Great Improve eUxy ? y Mnni ante juat completed? Having beaten th?# whole -<*wing aehine world before, SLNGKll ban now dlatanced hlinaeU. Ilhe new machine*, ju?t out, run without noise, with lit |u? exertion to the operator, and with double apecd, ho Itliat in a given time twice a* mn h work ??an be MM M IrUh the "Id machine*. The immense superiority ande -o |in?l J of theae machines -an lie hwb and understood at a CaU and examine them. I. M. SINGKK k CO., Za Bruadway. U May be Safely AtarrUd that UiU City ilmumlii with splendid hotel* and elegant boarding iBm I have travelh-d much, but hay never ***n uny equal them. There are many private boarding hou?e.i tb<> city whii'h are Well furnished ami well kept. |ft>ere are two. however, so superior in th"'lr equipment ?d MMfNMMl that th'-y i| rv pwttfttlllr BOtlw. Having been an oeca-ional inmate in both of theiu I [<?ak of uiy own Knowledge. The ladles, who keep thein, lire married: but their hu?bands being merchants the uanag) meat of the houses is left to the ladies. The iouee kept by Mrs. Van Doren is 79 East Fourteenth itreet. and that kept hy Mrs. Allen i" 4-'t West Twenty >econd street. The ladies are unusually pleasing genteel ind intelligent, the tables sumptuous and inviting; the urniture ilch anil tasty ; the servants neat and rajiable; Lnd there is withal an air of nomfnrt, neatness and quiet r'y m>'t with, and imparting a 'Mightfui home eUng. Rhine Wlnra, Landing, ex St. Drnla. In |?s?? of one dozen, comprising the best growths and vin alio, an excellent slock, at ?" a case. Kor sale by JOHN DVNCAN Ic & >SH. 40o Broadway. Cognae Brandlei, Varlooa Vintage*, In |?hth caakt; lueca oil. exquMte. olives, tardea and Im perial. prunes ; all landing, ex Milton, from Bordeaux. For ?!? by JOHN Ul'.Nf'AN k 8 ON*, 405 Broadway. Truth la atx-anger than Fiction, and no pherc can this be applied with more confidence than In ?r<- basing tea" cotfi-es and ang.ira at WW. I.Y.Nt'H'S store, S14 HreenwieU street, corner of rtpriag, lets l at any Other place in the city for ash. Whole ulrrs are invited to ' all and examine his extensive and sil selected Stock of tea*. Batrbelor's llalr Dye, Wlgi and Tonpera .).? best in the world. Nine private rooas for applying fis anrivalled dye Beware of iiultutiun*: they result in Jieule. The large-t utock <>t *igs and toupei < Ln Atue ?M, wholesale and retail, at BATCHBXJR'rt, 'iU liroad? *T Hill 'a Improved Insrtaiitaiieoua Hair Dye, ly lour shillings a box, nio-t natural in *pi**arauct a blark oi brown of any in use. Leave* 'lie l air soft, say. and the dye Is In sting. ~-'s?i.l or apphc 1, prlvate ai No. 1 liar' lay street ,md 4.") Jla? au itreet. Wh laker* or Moutarhr Forced to (irow In i week" by my tfnfuent, which will n it -tain or jure the akin; (1 per bottle; -ent to any part of the untry K. <?. <?KAHAM, Broadway /Jeber. No. 44 nth ibird street, Philadelphia llnggs, No. :)7 Htate I, Albany. |cMreh?H(h Hdvlae. all Wig W rarrri to Kf pine his wigs and t-iopee., ?.th hi- newly ;nv-?nte.l -t in rlaiB. They entirely -upersede the old yatein in their and natural apfmarance. iSOT llfiwlw .y co-nci niton street. it* Mien Hare It ? No p?dl? rs ha*e the grniiine i.yon's powder and pills: Theae famous r< ine.iie? of min* No pedlar ever wee to the signature ? ?? fc. | yon I Hiere'a nothing eis?t you ean rely on. Ihiy no art idea purporting to be I VOX S Magoe-tic ? 'tar and Hlla, for insecta and Termio, unleta th- y ?ea lac aimile of my signature on the wrapp-T and ri. I epot. i'M Itroadway. ir-e Pmblkt, Dreggtata, and Dealer* In t?ene [1. are notibed that > MW? rit,?RkNMb A rnninat?r is the .mly .-ffe. tual arti-le that annthila'ss n? peata, w'tiioiittanger or "ten li Son< jut ut II H)l -fieri Nofalae ???rtinentra use 1 It> s for It I. No pedlars aell it. Try it an I you will ((?.) u srtll its ? eight in gold None genuine >)n|.. . ksRY H Wholes.,;, and r-t*ll depot, "Jt ?d?ay New York. [Dh I. H. Fitch, Author of the - Six lartnrra 1 1 <?auirpti'.n," ofBc? 714 llroaiiway, will t, ? p !<???< i to f,.rd rebel to thoae who have beea lajnr* >r aho have [Vd to be benefi'ted >iy th" ayaclattty ? f IsImMIm ht ,<aes .f tne lungs or thr'iat. '>i? n Ooily , -1 in ' ?ya r?-?pt?<l> from nine t.? lie io.-k !r.n'- n ? i>;,n ptiina, dia?*e??ef '.he heart, and all -hronie ';:s. ??e? .,f and fen^)>s. i nsult*. m fr??. I'r - -1 1 r " "II i ?l?ars at home. ?ml tbera a no person e sew hers, a.'iing < r o'.herwiae, :n *ny -?ay onn? 'ted with h m, ? ? iibo-i/ed bad troia hir oil' e, cr ref?r ?# o fc Rhode*' Fever und tpuc Cure; Or, Antidote 10 11 u.aku (- >{ ually certain an a Frcvcutln or C ONI V REMEDY FRKi: KUOU PultiO.VOt H I . h ' I' B I) 0 F a I VufVtlRK, J' e It, 1?56. I have mode a chemical examination ? rthodes' fevnr and ague cure; or autldoto to mala* ia. 1 id haw te. ted it fur arsenic, mercury, quinine, ami (tiyctmlne, hui have not found a particle of either in it, nor have I fouu 1 any substance in its composition that would prove Injurfc; m to the constitution, JAMBS R. CHILTON, M. !>., Chemist. ijnvMiii'Hii, July 27, 1855. Mr. J. A. Riiomm: Dear Sir? -1 havo but three bottles of your medicine left now, as 1 have been idling it vary tact during thin month. 1 am now perfectly ?aiislied thai it will cure the ague. I have lived here four years, and had Ihe ague all the tiuio till I took your remedy, and I have not had the least symptom of it Miice: ail that use it praUe it as the only thing that will cure it. I shall want Home more as soon an you can send it. liet mo know whether I shall remit to you by mall, or If an agent will call for it. And hoping to receive another lot toon. 1 re main yours, most respectfully, C. K. M'<?INLY. I'i.vk IU .\, Michigan. July .'II. 1845. Ph. J. A. KhoiiB): L'ear Sir ? Your cum for the fever and ague bas thus Car performed wonders. It has not failed in one instance to perform a quick and permanent cure. Some that have been troubled with the dlatr ing disease have been entirely cured by using only one bottle of the cure, Please send ua immediately four doaeti, as we have but three bottle* remaining. Truly yours, LATHROP Sl M.'LEAN. Messrs. Harr & Goulden, Aurora, 111., July 3, 185.1 ad vise that ' The Cu.e is selling very well. We have not lost a case, and consider it u sure thing; also recommend it in preference to anything else." Mr. Cuoopia, Michigan. July '24. MM. Mr. J. A. Runnier ? Dear Sir ? Send me half .1 gnus of your KeVer and Ague Cure, as soon as possible, as 1 hav? neglected to order till 1 sold the last bottle. Yonrs truly, 11. It. BABCOCK. Some of the most remarkable cures made in New York, ba>e been of persons who huve derived only temporary relief from the best of other remedies offered lor sale, and 1 beg leave to suggest to ague sufferers that it is safest to try the only harmless remedy ttrst. For further evidence ot the unvarying efficacy of my "Antidote to Malaria," the public are respectfully referred to every dealer who has sold it. C. 11. King, Esq., 102 llroadway, has retailed large quantities, and not a purchaser has complained, and it is not likely they will. IHrei'tlons are few and simple, but muBt be strictly followed. JAMES A. RHODF&, Providence, R. I. fleo. II. Rates, wholesale agent. llM Water street, and for sale by C. H. King, C. V. CUckener fc t o.. K, Wi lls I: Co.; Brooklyn. Mrs. M. Hayes, und druggists generally throughout the Vnited States und Canada''. ('nation to Southern MerthaiiM. l earning from some of the respectable firms in New Orleans that my Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps is exten sively NuMnM es|x>einlly iu the Western and Southern States, and tlniding that the pirates dariugly udverti?e their pernicious deceptions under the name which belongs to my article, I think it nece-isary to cau tion the community against these venders of poison in disguiae. 1 introduced the Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps for the purpose of supplying the medical faculty and the whole community with a pure medicinal spirit, which might be prescribed with cunfldenco in all cases where stimulants were required, without produeing the fearful conse quences which invariably result from using adulterated liquor, in order to render assurance doubly sure, I had the article analyzed by chemists of world-wide celebrity, and submitted ft far experiment test T\> thousands ol dis tinguished medical practltipner*. The responses from these sources were of the most unequivocal and satisfac tory character. It is now before the public, surrounded with these guarantees, and bearing these unimpeachable endorsements, nnd 1 '-all upon the community to protect themselves and me, their own health and my reputation, by frowning down and repudiating the piratical specula tors who are peddling their foul commodities under cover of my trademark. No article has ever been lm|Mirtc<l from Holland Into this market, under the name of Schnapps, previous to the appearance of Wolfe's Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps, in this city. The first importation being made into this city In the year eighteen hundred and forty -eight, which be sen by the Custom House books. I deposited my label as a trade mark in the United States District Court of the South) rn district, New York, in the year eighteen hun dred and fifty-one, and have tlie certificate in my posies don ol that date, The great demand which has thus been created for the genuine article, has set the whole hive of counterfeiters in motion, and the duty I owe to my cus tomers and friends, and the public, compels ine to put tin m on their guard against imposition. The genuine Schnapps is put up in quart ami pint bottles, enveloped in yellow paper, with my name on the bottle, curk, and tie simile of my sigtiiture 011 the label. For ale by all the respectable druggists iu the United StaUw. IDOIJHO Wii|J*E, 18. 20 and 22 Beaver street, New York, 26 South Front street, Philadelphia. Owner* of Home* will find Dr. ToblaV liniment, in pint tmtUea, at 50 rente, superior to any thing else for curing colic, swellings, gall", bruises, lumps, lie. Sold by all the storekeepers and druggists. Depot 00 Gortlandt street, New York. Hollowey'i Pills? A Certain Care for Rick headaches and disorders of the stomach. Their virtue in such cases is known in all parts of the world. Those af flicted with liver, bowel complaints and indigestion can not use #0 good a remedy. Sold at the manufactories, 80 Maiden lane, N. Y. , and 244 Strand, I?ndon, and by all druggists, at 25 cents, 02.!,' cents anil $1 per box. Who will Bnftr, when Dr. ToMa,' Cele biated Venetian liniment will immediately cure cholera, eolic, dysentery, vomiting, rheumatism, swellings, ruts, burns, 4c y lie pot <S0 Cortlandt street, New YorK. Sold by all the druggists and storekeepers. Dr. McCUntoek'a Diarrhoea Cordial, aa used in .New <>r|e?ns. ? A correspondent says, keep us well supplied with McClintrx k's I'iarrhcra Cordial at this season, as our citizens heie do not feel safe without it. Sold by I Wright At Co., 151 Cluirtres street, V <)., only. A. CVSH MAN k CO., Proprietors, iD.'i Broadway. Tan, Plmplea, PrerklM, Krnptloni, Bait rheum, ringworm, prickly heat, and all skin delorinltle* pmitlfrlj cured by OOl'iUI'D'S Ittliu meiUettixl mwp, being the very bent shaving compound in um', l'oudre *i. It ik' uproot* tiuir from low forehead i or any part of the body. Never remit a dollar for worthies* re ceipts uf lioumud's preparation', Rouge, lilly white, liair dye and restorative at the old depot, IJ7 Walker *t., lirat atore Iroui Brokdwar; Callender, 88 i^iutb Third st. , ) hiladelphiu. IJute.j.JlUT Washington street, IJoatoa ; Mm. Hayes, ilrooklyu. 91. D'Canwron la the rtrat Practical Per fumer who liar ever attempted to render the uvmt useful receipts of tiii* prof< *?ion available t?> the public general ly Itie enterprise Is a new one, and ait the public. (fain immensely by it, it is a matter of no surprise that the receipt* -nould In- -agerly bought. No better evidence of their merit and in'-ieasiog popularity ran l>e required, thau the Jealousy of the veterau perfumer, exhibited in the Herald of thin week. They comiist of hair dye, liair restorative . an elegant pomade, poudrr nubile, la txdle white, bloom of rosea. freckle lotion, eau |d'tx)quet, den trifle?, fce. For sale at 'l\'l Columliia street, near South ferry, Brooklyn. Seat to any address in tlie ? ity of New York, to )?? {Mitd for on delivery, or forwarded tiy mail to any part of the country. 1'rice, tl. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. I'KHSO V.VI?. IF MR,-. MARY BYER", '<F NO. 36 WCAN dTIUOTT, Brooklyn. will return to her disconsolate but aJTec tiouate huaband arid child. Samuel, -lie will lie kindly received and an kindly forgiven. 'Xher paper* please c?ry IK TIIK PHWIN Wll't fHiK THE lAftYV THI NK from the (tlobe hotel d<>es not return it Immediately, or lc?>* word at the hotel where it may be found, h> will Iks dealt with according to law. a* h- is well known It returned within thie-- day* all tie' e-nry eTpernw-s w.ll be paid. IMPORTANT TO CARMEN ? IF THE CARMAN WHO who moved a pi.ino frotn 075 Green* ich street, on July 2, will call upon J. & P. Walker, piano wareroom. No. ti Astor place, and give information aa to where piano oin be found, he will be mil 'ably rewarded. MBh. aiJ**: HA-iiN?*._ir rBKJu: he a lady of thll nan." in the city of New Vork. or Ita vicini ty. in e xpcc'utioii hf receiving ? ? onsignnnnt of good* 1 liom Leghorn, "he will ple*?e addrena a note to J -ilvey, at >ton?'?lJ'* Hotel Nn. 1^7 I niton afreet, or to J. ly.iCM, i'oun^lltir at law, 15 and 17 He*-km,>n ntre?-t. 0-BoRN.Mll.l.KR YOf'R SFOARCA-E IS AT NO tie Wall street, call and get it. J*. IHOEMX. POUT OITM'K HfOTICRR. 1>iM ofH?T. NoTWT? THE MAIM FoR Ft ROW:, via Southampton ami Hretnen, per 1 S. str*m?r * AMUNttTtlN, will close at thi? othce on Saturday the 11th day of August, at 10', o'clock A.M. ISAAC V FoWl ER, Potttnafter. THK L1UI I/H KI KHTIOH f tl-ARET WlVfy ntoM ?2 < If tTT!i> RfTCRVED) TO t?, l U' kberry trandy >u> tlent r?m?dy for diarrhiva wiiite brandy for preserving, I "udon and Ihib lin porter, Scot -h ales brandies, win'*, rum Scht?dam schnapp'. and -il "ther imported liquor*. ?'f*rs, he... for sale by I M'EKIillJ. k MAn>J(.-"iN, Mu Broome ?trc?t, orner of Crosliy. DRY bOOlM, *0C. \NiXri.N^l\H: ARRIVAl, <|| TRIMMIMiS IN CAM brie, m'iU and -wis* muaiin*, eh>ai?r than hei? tot*. re, tieirig selected by one of the flrtu who is at pre. sent in Kuro|rf ft TV ft R'iRT'.RT" k ,(7r> Broadway 1)ARH "TOAK^ AND MAN Til J AS. ? F. S. MHJv' 1 now prepared to eshibit his fall importations of l*aris e.loaks and mantiilaa, embracing rich snd b-frant g"-?i" which luive J iat teen landed. b*ether with a full one ? of hia own riianufaclure, of every giade and p-!c? Hbtck silk mantillas, lined, wadded sod fully tnmmal ftorn >1 .V) e|?,th talmas sod roatitilla*. of ?v?ry vari. ty of Style and pattern, from 9U AO. -outhcrn and Wcat>-rn iner' hanta aod Jobbers ar? invit?d to eruniii" th?' goo?l? and price#, 80 snd fcj '."hainl- r* ?tr?e' Uiesw doors If'.m Rn.adway. riv > THFRN AND Wt-.'U.I ? Ml.lJNMtS.? Mt 1 A T. JAMlS, form? r y of F- M. Newr an ?, "'W> hi i ad way, has ? large assortment of ladies' t? s ar I soft caps and head dre..?? ?,f the newest style*. *rom to iiO per doten. also, a *"?i variety of mottmlrg lar? and 'leevesj Kaxgues, ic --t ? pv'va'ef< -e "t I b -fc w* ?t . f P" ivdway (SPECIAL !T OTIC EH. ATi, PERSONS WHO HAVE LPOCAOE AT 87 ~WASl" iiiKfon .tieet, are rcqcos'e-' totakfi ftaway. if not, it will bo sold .at auction, immediately, to pa* axDcn*c.-< ' HW'IHY HROS.NAilAN Proprietor'. 1JRISF.NTATION OF WORTH OK (JOI.I) WATCH an<i chain. ? The workmen of the United Htutes bonded iTftrtliuUhi .^t the Atlantic (Jock assembled at].! o- clock on 1 u?v<lay la?t, for th?' purpo-?* of prort' ntino* the above article to their fort iuhd, Mr. John llanibler, ft r hirt unaHhUming ? ti*! geiltfciu&xtly conduct toward a the id I In th? (ii^rbiirKO of hi* duty. M?'-*rH. Sponncr k. \\ al?-b, jf w clb't'f. , ? I Myrtle aveouo, wcr?* t'xpnwsly lor the |nirpoti> of furnishing am h an article ?i would give every satisfaction Tor neatne and durability. 'li t vwirkuian liip. f which i**oe*qnt,it.. that it reflect ere, lit on themselves, and cannot ho *ui passed hv any in the trade. Such a firm living among n*, and known by un, ought to be patronized in preference to those ,,n the op posite side of the river. Mr. George W. Brewster, in behalf ..f bin fellow wort nien, made the presentation in ... no., t and appropriate addri sa, cxpiet -iog the fooling that pronipte 1 them in tf-ndedbg a to *en of the,r ipatltiiHt*, requeuing that ho would remember the workmen under his control. Mr. tlainbler responded:? Gentlemen. taken as Iain by -urpri en this occasion, and receiving from you mi val nable u token of your gratitude and ? -teem, my tongue cannot e-.pre** v.hat my hi.irt feels; permit me to say that Oil* very valuable memento of your kiielaess will never be forgotten by me; receive from mc in return the wannest emotion of a grateful heart, for grateful it must be in recrivinf from you no liberal, no kind, and ge|jer< n -h preseut us that which ha-' been handed to me: iiiul to me it will heasu relic Irotn tho-e whonow..uiToun>i me: for your kindness, accompanied by this watch and chain, is totally unde<erved on my p.rt. In couclu sii 11 allow me to return you all my best respects, wishing you all every happiness and prosperity. SPECIAL NOTICE.? MAIL BA?M 1*ER STEA>fER Alt 1 >? J . for Southampton and Havre will be made up at the office i>f the Vanderbilt K. S. s, line, No. !i IlowUng Green, on Saturday, August 11. letters pr. paid is >4... per half ox., will l?i received until 11 A. M Caigion Any letter attempted to he ?ent per Ariel in any other way than through the office, will bo seUcd "and re turned, rp<i s<u thermos? drinkers <>k o ingiuhs \va X ? We are rclinhly informed that mineral waters, under tb<* name of " Saratoga" water, and salts, under the name of ?' Saratoga" salts, are extensively imposed unon the pulillc In the Southern and Southwestern States, where pet sons buying these articles desire and think they are purchasing Congress Water, 4c , whereas at Saratoga there are water* of all kinds, from Congress down to ditch water; and the articles imposed in this manner on the public are tuo-tly artificial compounds, en tirely worthless, ami often dangerous to persona dedring the cfTcet of Congress Water, the effect ot them being en tlrely dilferent from that of the genuine Congress water, frequently producing griping pains, vertigo, fcc., sometimes i emitting in serious permanent difficulties, by weaken ing the digestive powers and destroying the tone of the stomach and bowels, often rendering a mild case of dys pepsia incurable? the effect being In n<i wise different turn that product by saline cathartics dissolved in ordinary water, while Congress Water produces neither griping nor injurious effect In any case, however debili tated the patient tie, it being tonic as well as cura tive. Tbfc Congress r-pring, as is well known, Is the spring which, during ,-isty-thiee years past, has built up the reputation of Saratoga, yet oine have confounded the name of the spring with that of the place ? thus affording the opportunity for swindler* to foist worthies* articles upon the public on the strength of the reputation ob tained by the Congress spring In a long series of years. The injury thus inflicted upon the public ami ourrelve* i.s double, for on taking these spurious articles, and finding either no effe:t or injurious effects from their u?e, they In future refuse the genuine Congress Water, supposing that they have already tried it. It is not u sufficient guarantee of it* genuineness that it Is in bottles and fe?ve. bearing our names, as the <dd bottles and boxes are greedily bought up by counterfeiters tor the purpose of filling them with their valueless article and selling It as Congre.* or Sara toga water; buy only of those you can rely on ? Congress Water and none other ? and be certain that the cork Is branded, as I* the cork of every bottle of genuine Cnn gres.s Water, viz.: ? ''Congress Wafer ? C. AW." ? if with out theve words, it Is a valueless, dangerous counterfeit. As to the Compound* called Saratoga powder*. Saratoga salt*. A-e., they are not only valueless but injurious, not poshe-??lng i von the virtues of the common -eidlitx pow ders of the shops. That it is impossible to form Oongm?s Water artificially, we have the authority of the celebrated chemist, Sir Humphrey Davy, a* follows: ? >Jt Is impos sible to reenmbine the ingredient* so as to make an arti < le of equal quality, the < ffects of which will l* the same as the natnral water." On writing ns, we will *end you list of price*, -lies and package*; and by ordering trotn us direct, enclosing draft for the amount orderi*!, you can have it safely forwarded to any part of the jvorld. We reiterate our caution, to buy the genuine (.'.ingress Water oulv. ot reliable persou*. aid to examine the let tering of the cork brand. ClJkKKK A WHIT E, Congress spring, Saratoga Springs and 1:) i'hamc- -treet, New York city. YoYAtTpT T< ' *1.1 ltul h ? ANY |-E!t?>N~WISHlNU Tt > visit the World'* Kair. in I'ari*, and having u small capital, can have an opportunity to go into a speculation which will clear hi* expense* and pay him well f,,r hia time. Apply to N. DAVIMON, 0 Spruce *treet. POLITICAL. Democratic uki'ibijcan i.knwiai. ouiaanBt, Tammany Hall, August 2, lVifi. Resolved, Tliat the dnnneTatir republican elector* of the different Assembly districts of the city and county of New York In favor of tegular nomiuatloua, the usages of the petty, and -iipjorter* ?f the national administration, tie lequests d to meet si th' plaee* in their respective ward* hereinafter named, on Thursday, the Iflth day of August in-t.. between the hour* of ti and 7 o'clock P. M., (except in the Twelfth ward, tliv elector* of which will meet between the hours of 4 and H o'clock p. M ..) to el>?-t under the in-pection of the Inspector* of the polls of said election hereinafter named, In those w*r<la being one As ? inblj district, two delegates each, to represent sabl A? m mbly districts in the Slate Convention called to he he|.| ut Syracuse on the '.Vth lu*t, and m thos,, wards comp: ising w itli one or two other w ards one A-sembly district, toele t five delegate* each, to meet In A cntbly I'i*trict Conven tion*. to lie held at the time and plac s hereinafter named, for the purpose uf chousing two debg^cs from each of 'aid Assembly di-tricts Ml eompowesl of two or more wardi to represent -aid A? -omhly district in the State Conveu tion aforesaid. Resolved, That in case of the absence of any one or mote of the inspector* hereby appointed from said elec tion poll* win n the sutiu should fa. opened, that th*n In such case the remaining insp.-, tor or in?p?ctors ap| an insjiector or in p?' tor* in th? ir ptaces. H'trrft. In'ifti/r t'lmr* <if AoMin/i Mir! inn 1? William Hut tie . ) John Heed, -110 'ireenwich rtreet. William Korke, i 2 ? t'aniel M?* han, i Jauie* Watson, Id Putch stres-t, I awrence Ktegan, J 4? fk I) Welch, I ? James Uoonry, J-f'or. Rooaevelt k ' ?. A*. James Powers J ? John .-hi rw'.od i James K. Webb. , 107 ; 4 Hudson <treet. Robi'rt Ocnnell. Jr., j ( ? John Quinn, j Edward Aim*. ?47 Rayard street, Patrick Neelus. J 7? Jacob A. Valentine, i Knickerte cker Halt, cor. William 'iayte, > <>ouvern>'ur h Division Thomas l ynch, I street*. ?? James A m*tr< ntr I ,, Job. R. I.J decker, ' : """" " n^' '5 M,"r';'>r Harney Kavenagh, j itreet. f? Albert J. Terb utu, I Robert Lind-ey, -ttilth " Hotel, 00 perry ?t. KenJ. Harrison J 10 ? James Heed, 1 _ ..... . , Wm. < anteraan, l"a1h W""' H*,t*1' 7rT1'T Aaahei R?*t, < Hruoutt and lorsyth *U. 11? William j , ? ? Jackson Yernillvea I' n,"n n?Ui are Wm. Valentine, |nue? and 1-ourtb street. U'? Hla/ios Ryer, | . . M l.ut/ ! l-Uti a Hotel. Manhattan William Webb, J ?'u? 13 ? llr. Edaard Word'-n 1,^. ? ,, ,, ? John Met onnell, ' ' " ? Hall, corner Henry Uwi. j '.rand an<l HinUn .M. 14? Michael Mctirane, i ? Joaepb -hanlK o Jr., '. Kot* r-*o,, *,eorner .ran-l Michael Murphy, j "iaabethata. If? I.. F. Harrisr,n I John H. Ryer. .'Ai Houston *troet. John K R?.-s Jr., t If ? lames I *?-i.|y l Mark R fboniaa, , 17" W. < Sevenf-oath *? I aniel Mcfiwls. J 17? Theodore Kroment, j William Coulter Kinney H7 I3e\<-ntii r". fieo. W ?'chureman, ) 1'? John N'eabitt, | I n.'on Hall, ci.rrver Th! d O. S (llbbard. avenue and Twenty A. J. Mathews. j e^ind sta. IT? 4<e> rge H ler | Mclfennett'* Tavern Vor Jamea Ree<l, ty aecond ?treH. between Roger I'olan I I ur'Ji and Madne.n ?Vs. M ? Ale I Erecman | fiafthvi ' >,er Tloriy William M Simpson r fourth atre? tand .Math James *. Kenny ) avenue H ? Coll. V Caropt?li I llibl-ard k M -f.iy, eor Thoma* M <"? ? nei Eourtli avenue an i Renjamin S. Haigfit j Thirty second street ? M< ULs -eagrtgt, . .. , f'enma E RoSt. MoriveOigbth av.nuaar.d Alexander Ward, j * Raaolved , That the everaJ war ! d? legate* elertel t/j the A??< mbly IHatrlct ConTentjr n me- 1 on th- JO'.h day of Augu -t Inst., at I o'eiv k P. M., at the seeerai pU es below named, for the purpose n hissing .1e|egat-s to re-present thefr Aseembiy di"tri t? in State (invention. Erom Urat and (Second aarda, at No. 110 Uree??ich 'tieet, Pr m Third and ?th aard- at EleV-her's, 2.J, Pulton tr> et. Er<m "ixteentii arel Twentieth war'>. at WUliamaon'* ? orner Twenty seventh "treet and Ninth avenn*. '"'"i and Twenty first warda, at Cnion Hall, corner Third a.enua and Twenty aeeond street. Erom Niu?te?nth. 1 wenty-.e- ond and Iwelftj, ward*, a! "tarr's fin Mile House Third avenue R'WERI KMX V i Ti. me e J iKMI I, ) 1 1 ??uii ' Has.m 1/^. , ?srator? tOAle (?? >AI ? MY "HJi<"7 H Ot l?K MA1JCH A VP M*U. i j rofits ft r caah. I am MMver ng tteet quality red r

wh te a* h "?H eereened, at $A A or in lot* ? Ver tona at fl SA, from my yarda : King ood <jre-n?ich ?t reel ?. Twenty fifth Str set and Ninth a?? nn?. 1 I" in* atrset, near Rroadway. PET?Jt '1 tVT' ?N (v,ai J\Trv ?>t Ml AUTy <>TTtiu/ a ;i, - ? r .r egg ? re ?"* sr reea?1 and datives. Ir go ? d order tr< m 'toder sheda at (A 50 per ton and wfc la ?.h V< '"re ys-' ** I. ? S<se?r Weight and a i \j wa'ranW-i MAT CLL' Tv* ^ALES AT AVCTMON. Albert h. mcolay, AUcno>icia<.~ 4Wkai' am? attra *itve *ale of raiix?rl) litiM- ?"?, under Custom house lock ?ALIGHT H. NlfXH.AY will scil at auction <u triday and r'atur%lay, Aufu 1 1 9th and 1!fh, nt 1 1 *>'cl?w:k ca h ?tav at his r-paciou* *ale?ro? ms, No. 11 liru.t 1 street. a fine "ulltction ?*1 choice htatolit: .vines, el^ei ?, Arc., Ac., t^ing the I alamc ??f a st?-<'k of one of our fli t importing havMM, among which will bo found **t- lulieu and i bateau Maigeauxclarets, v? ry old -uperioi* sherries, fine old p?>rt w in?- *.?. ? \a Uent old cogn&<* bran<liAH both jaie and dark , of lH4d vintage, Haul Hariac, Sauterne and other celebrated a iue* ; Club-house gin S<;heldam schnapps, Miunm's and other celebrated champagnes, marachino, Cnrac? a and absynth cordials; olive oil French wine viutgar; also, some imported German eo 1< gne, together with 100,000 Havana segars, various brand*, all of which are to las sold only In the original ptt'k/ic< h as imported, and delivered trom the I nited wtutc* bonded warehouse. The tead? and private 'run sinners are respectfully Invited to attend the Kale, an it effort unequal induo meuta. Ternw cash, In bankable money. tale peremptory, and all article on the cata logue warranted an represented. {-'ample* ready tor ex amination early on morning of aula. VM. i KbTAJ.AH, ACtTIONKKK, WIU< SKI.I. 0 on Tuesday, August 14, at 10*^ o'clock, at 13ft Iblrd avenue, the slock and fixture* of a grocery store, consisting of sugars, teas, coffees, groceries, At-'.; also, six cases of indigo blue, (it t quality, A M. CRLSTAI.AK, ACCTloNFKn, WIM, SKI.k ON j\_ 0 Monday, August l.'l, at 10'.. o'cl??ck. ut 110 We.t fifteenth street, the whole and entire lurnitur*' c-ntaiu ed in said house, consisting in | rt of rosewood and ma hogany chair*, dining, centre, eurd and pier tables, tete a-tete*, divans, mirrors, Rrusselr and ingrain carpeting*, French bedsteads, dreeing bureuu* withstands, bols and bedding, A ; al?<? ?f two ?pb ndid rosewood pianos, made by w? II known makers. This ale i* well worthy the attention of the trade and other*. VI.mON N t iTICK. ? W ATCf IKH, MAMONIarf AND Jewelry FDWAHD H71ENCK will sell this day, August 11th. at >? in sales rooms, Id Wall street, at 10>o o'clock, a splendid collection of diamonds, wat- he* and jewelry, conristing oi eighteen carat gold hunting chro nometer*, by French. Koulet, Rent lev, and Ik ck ; patent detached levers, bv Johnson, Ronkell, Di'nt, an<l Tubiao; ladies' fine enamelled diamond Hatches, v?ry line single stone and cluster ring *, pins, studs, bracelet*, tine chafed studs, sleeve buttons, pins, earrings and bracelet*, fine gold lockets, pins, earrings, bracelet*, rings, v**-?t and guard chains, keys and stud*, tdeeve buttons, Ac , PoeHhrely wt^hont n rve. nmiCMh elty ftu^le? All goods must positively :>e cleared on the day of Hale. \lHT!ON SuliCF. ? M. DOt'iJIITY. AUCTION KKU, will sell this day, ,-aturdnv, at 10*: oVlock, at the sales room, '11 Centre str? ?-t, a largo anagcnersl a^nort nient eicelh-nt parlor, chamber and dining room fur uiture in walnut, ro> ewood and mahogany; library and fecretaiy bo??kcaM'H, French bwlKteads, hali mattresses, i?u?h< g:my "chairs, bureaus, oval and gilt mirrors, heeond hand furniture, piano, carpets ??il cloths, < hina, crock ery and glassware. VI CTION N<?TKK .1. IK HJAHT, AI'iTION'IrlWt. ? BV S. Ifogart ? ThU day, at lOt.j o'f look, at the auction tocms coiner of Frauktort and WiUUiii Mtreets, hirge and ? xtenfiv** at*Mtrtut? nt of househ?dd furniture, fcc., l?y virtue <d a chattel mortgage, consisting in part of sofa*, lounges, mahogany and cane ?**at <haii .^. rockets; marble j top, dr? <tsiitg ami plain tiureaus; maho^uny French and : patent ts?dh leads, .Jofa tabU ", marble t??p dres>tnMf and plain bureaus, mahogany wa?h stamls, carjwit* .nd oil J 'loth, ntantel clocks, writing det-ks; laige assiiitioent. of superior table cutlery, phi ted ware, looking gla> mis j as sortment of crockery and glass ware, four refrigerator*, bar counter, cooking stoves, kitchen uten-iL* ? also one lithogroph printing pre ^ ; al-o a lot of ?egkrs; also ?>n? hngateilo table, one cabinet maker's bench, kc. Stile, pejiinptory. N'ATIlAl. FINCH, (instable and Attorney for Mortgagee. A I ( I !? 'N NuTK'l . ? I. ilo?,Ain\ ArcflONWiil? FIV J\ rt. Ik>gart, Monday, at 10^ o'clock, at 179 Cham ber* street, the contents of a boarding house, tables, cbalrs bedstead*, beds and N'dding, kitchen turnlture, bar room furniture, hr , Ac, A r*TWS NOTICF. ? 7 IIOMAM HKIJ., ACTH IOVW-.R? J\ liy Bell /t Hu-h This day, at 10 S,' o'clock, in the ? ah** rooms, 12 North William str?*et, we will sella fine assortment of excellent furniture of all descriptions, sofa*, sofa beds, French bedsteads, and other articlo* In the line too numerous to advertise; si o, thirty *et* splendid French china vaM of the u???-t (Mtautifiil de .?eriplion; also, a stock of dry goods, set en show cases, fl>e splendid watches, rich jeaelrv, London gun-, three Me gan rifles, kc. At II' o'clock 210 boxen choica segar* Itc. Notice. < m W< dne?4ay, Tltur>*day and Frl day, wr will h 11 as ab?>vo splendid valuable and unique articles from various parts o; the world, which bav** ts>*?n on exhibition in the Crystal I'ulace. W? will endeavor to give st me j urttculars of i\n >nl in time. A i ( ni.N nonet? W, A. CARTICR. aoctionbr. j\_ will s#?ll for acVonnt of concernwl. at No. HO t?re?fiwieh atreet, this Saturday, at 10 o'clock, a quan tity of damaged and sound tlour, suit, cigars, olive oil, teas, matches, walnuts, Ac., Ki . (10NTTN CATION ?A IX lOHN HK!H>IMi, AVG j tioneer, will sell this day, at 10 v_. o'clock A. M.. on tlie pn-inii es, 1,104 Hroudwav, the residue of the utock and fixtures remaining unsold since la-t s;ile, on the 8th instant. Dr*. HOCGH, ACCTK ?N?1K. ? IMl^ UtTANT HAI.K # of sul^stantial and elegant solid rosewood, m tho gany. wnlnut and mapb> furniture, will take place with out any po*tpom m?*nt. this day (St *?trdav'>. Aug. II at half pant 10 o'clock, front th? large five *t<?ry r? ?Ulen ? e 7W Warreii ? treet, n?-ar College place; piaiiofoite, pier glaf few. fjigU^h carpeting, oil painting*, book?'a*e. gant s<.lid ro*?*wo<Kt ?uits of tasitionable make, sump tuously carved, upholstered and covered; variomdy ? o v< red ea-y reception and other chair*, in elegant styles of finish, large all spring invalid chair* ma?slve an 1 costly rosewo<sl revolving frtsrit ^e^retary book<u*?'. uwtg nifU eut double action rot^i-ss^M pian<?f'<rt<', of seven o - taves. ? b gHfitly carved, |**i I inlaid plat?- and for quality and volume of tone U unsurpasaed hjr any (warrant* 1? a number of roaewmi*! centre and other tabU , all with marble tops various kind4 and tastefully carved. AUo, a f? w choice oil painting-, bv diEerent artiste, fruit pi*"-* for a mantle, byHtreet, We-?t Point, by l<a< roil ; Ctow Nest, by the ?ame; Chateau <?f Charb s X by li' nny; Sylvan Minuet, by Hard wick ; ancient piere author tin known, and others; elewnnt pier and oval mirrois. in h? avv gold frames; u< h and heavy Ivf curtains, ele gantly paititeil ahaden n.Hgnitic?*nt Wilton velv t and tapestry ftair and H<?*ir carpeting; chandeliers, Ladies' iitlaid rosewood escritoire, flmdy carved; side aud corner etegeres. pUte mirror back and fronts; a great variety of ornamental articles, Sevres ^trcelatn v?*e* .bisque and I arian figures, statuary. Also in dining room, Urge fourteen feet extension table walnut; chlua dinner and t*a seta, costly silv#-r plate, cake baskets spwitis carters, forks, tea serVicen and salver tv^?rv cutlery. F-? nctt ut gla.sde <*ntir? Hfju'irrnn*. win" f Mr Al?o, In < lumhf, 0?T, anrii-nt *n<l Ci?vli rn ro ? wiwwl boMnut with tiuir bli' top tlrf (H't-4 ^urrau- WKuh^tMldr comaod^., ?r moir da |tU' ?? wnrdrolH". Bu. lu<ir innttf -wuntrr (Mtin. undi"gftii, bureau*, ??!*??, Uiwii, k r'oiiBH, AreriovnER? ' wn.i. fri i. OR ha jiuf'nj Alljrui"* II, ?t j No M W. <t l*?nljr four1h im Ninth itium, ut 10 o'elork, hjr orricr of on* fln? younf ii< rr^- on' I on? yo'inn mmc. both f??t tf*>i ll?r? an<t nirp driver,. ?eli trained in ra'ldlo *nd blWIl AUo. on r t?ro horM hiir MM. on. ?1i>kIc do our t?o hurw mrr.jgp. ari l onn cin flc do., tind on. f.ntrjr rol>. IjWKNflivif Arcno.v hv iojas myip ait. *j tloMfr, in bl"fidii v Auriot 13. *t 110 f.rand -trw ?t 10^ o'ekx k ? iiHitf i furnitur., ron/i-ting In port of Biul.' (tanjr rttttn. rl,?lr?. Wil l**. WW . tetM in?l,-g?ny and bUck ?r?lnut hedntcinl, murbl. t?[> wotlifUmd, mirror^, c?rp.tiij|r ruj>?. Imlr nttrwnf, tun* Beat c*air?, ?to?f-. lautrn kltclien ut?M?ll, erwJiWf and SO (T*? <*liand?'lt.r< and numerOM otb.'r artl r.<< -?l<> j.'HWtlrp < AtnU^r.-f will br ready on Satnr '?J, and rin 1* had at thr aiil^u-oam, ftfl Rmmh ?tr?et G? U. HoKfiN A I'f.TH >NKKK Wll.l -Kl.l I 111 - I)A V. I , at 11 o'clock at l.i ~*i *tli ? i,n* light " for Whom it may concrn, tU "p'lug r?rl a u<l harna al?o furniture. B. moi, AticMMttjL-jnr ilk. ums> ii ? Co.. on fr'atur'lay, Aug 11, ?t Ii t/' lo- k in front i>l nlt> room, 1W utmi, k brown hor**, ?Uxit 15 h?D'l? high, eight Jf?*m old, ? g'**! traveller w?rran'?l ?oon<l aivl kiml in *11 h.irn?-?, la an umlinl m<HI? bnrao, w? 11 *ntt<"l f< r k Lm ! J Sold on icru ui)t the ?VIM* U-artng town HOOF A F 77 i Ai'M AI M <TI"S WIIJ ll>- -ilji, at tiublleaoetion m Tkinxlt; AurnatSSd kuim t!i? hour* of 1 anl i "'clock 1*. M at tb? hou? of I?n?c In| |.ttn, the hou?# and farm and 'rfcipia*! brblni. aliuated InltirfieM, ii*m turd'* Cur oar t?iwn-hip <.( w. and county of Htd4lr>< > fh' farm r ,i, '?ln? 15 acre? of (r>??l Und go<.d <!?? I liny an ! "it lulldlrg* a g"od w U of *atrr, audar*ri>ty <.f f-ult tr?*? -urh ?i> p?-acli. cherry, apple. |lum *c It !? 11 r< ?- u>llo and K hall froan I'erth Arobo) * nil two mlkaa fr<m M?tul.?ri dapot *n<: IImmi tlk* cr roa4? Iflaarilog fr'?i V?w Hrnr>a?>ck t? ).*hw y. an<l fnrtk Aanlioy to Hound Hr?.k. It M l baudaonio ?itua'.i'O (la f^un try na' moklaIkty. Aftniivvyii? h iij. 5ku. FTm day ?t 10 '.'dork, at ITT! Ilntka' ? r?, U# iitnlt*f of ' IwUy froa TinttiW't'l ?tr>*t, a mc? a?*ort|M(it lb" furniture tr"tn a ftiog h" <m>r| ahiih ar?- ?r?mr jr- ? ?1 fiathi-r bed- l?M:ng [lUowa. ><? IflEMflM I * Hiu?r?i a tcn< jtT~wiiT% . on M'Dlay. I. 'till in-' at V ni at 4M Third tffwar Jhr c nUnt? rf a bwk. flatlnery an I ttwy i -?< r? '? ii m^n'lng a' th* al?r? bull ' U ?*? >? "lay mitJ J tlw 1?tlr? ?1iW k U Id. | SlIiAR" *11 J. V.IJI nuj M' 'K.N AT I'M, ' o'rlorja, tn lot? to ?att phnb-?ir an! r'tall iVnn | rf. Tarl"U klitili javt rw?l?<-4 Out k> /it?ogr^at ?tl?t?rii.^i A- ? hly a kb' rt tl?>? -?0 1* glT?f. to t j artlr). pvn.*t?.ality to th* Ub<? l? r?(i.>at?4 .?*?> . at . fartlaor ? ??! of >f>r? n MS* MOMRKIJ., Au'U. t.~~ M *<a*^j ftravt 1~*rsTt- V..RW0X, ai ? "t i< > y wi1 ? t itir mt> hh.*y | mi.'t ?* *t M1! <i flrrli at tl ?* ' rt"^t< nf laUtat fomiitir* ail ktt?d? j>t? '/?'I | Inf %d<*n " ?nd moat l?a m.Ui ' b?n ? t?> por'haa* ??? ft;' l?a: alav> ke*d*n:i* "it join* *-i t "it' r.,r? rufWd lialrflMtrwN, bIm t??^?t; *t? pt <?? >4 I iitfi.'h Hr .??l? 'arj*tlng, iaa alam twiri 'h tlr to f'^tr jrard# at? f^antln lka?** d**a* at?t >?'?? l^att?n' | 'ig mi ' y ? ho'ir will M H ?&> ,'k?n? "? k ? >1 >* f?r?t<fcM wtth b>.?.'>g U'k wrrmv Irchositjt will ~k; ; <n K'.n ff ?l?y 10", o'i:J.?-k a I* ' ?/mI m lorr , ? odgMi'??l *""? rUiitmi -A ko?nk)>''t '<ar?lt?r? "f ?>??f :?>'rl(,ti ri a ">t'?#? P?at>' alw < ra? w tnaMM, | '?!a?. Haair? WU, Wvitiiag g1?. ? <?!?'*, ! r^ralo <W|4li marbl* V>p4r??-in* l?ui?a ;? ?o? wa-h?Uax; - t<dkat ? 1 '?aarb a?l ' ttag* UhlMM-W, hair ??<<?? w rklta* gt**a I platBil wa" <* ?-.fir ? . w aaw! klvltam ' ?> -mlt ?i ? ? l?f WAVTK A ?TPATKiN W ANTKT>? BY* A WWBC^uT.^ "**' nod tidy young wotuM ih > liamhAmi i I iml to takeehargv of cl.ildi?n, "i t?(lo U? general lux . v . .. ?(l>ntll (ililt family. Can he ? tt :W0 or 37 i S' ? >t.. Brooklyn her re ?mt pl.u .? of vrheiv >.?<? la-en employed neaily \ y"ur and u hall. a lUKWUHJE AMERICAN WOMAN, sTIlltTl.Y trusty, and a utcf tiakiruil iron?r, u> tnkc ti e v raelilnf of a fi vv geutlemi u or tamUu or would no * k by the day. Hww rail or addraa ? Ru?oitat at lC3tiucrck nt., neai the I'ilit liver oppi ?iU< iron ?..vk? VN ITALIAN |.AI?Y, SPKAKINfJ TIfK ERENdl language. nn<l understanding UHMk, wlnhei to flu* a situation in a family going to Han I iaU''im o. Addri ? pre- J >a i<l, Signora Soma, 501 Houaton atftet, 0a e ot VI. - dttno Cuppa. i mm TOKJVa KADY, A0CTVPOME0 Tt? TCI* j \ lion, wNliex t<> tiii'l a idfuation in a family or hoarding nchool, ta h'l'ijli own hiflory tad (<'< grAphy. .wrvt i box 3,7ft! J'o?t < Jtii * KIR-T RATE TRIMMER WANTKD, A NUMBER OP j\_ good milliner* and apprentlooa, ?un .i ali>?wonu?n accuntomfd to the llroadwuv trade. Ap| ly at llr?. (W ter'i, ftlW Broadway. A MAN AND BB HH? WANT MM ATM )NB? 1 UK j\ wife in hnueekceper, and the man .i> bookkeeper or ?U'wan), either in the city or country. Would go to t ali fnt nia. AddrM* I. 11., Humid office. A SMART ROOKKEEffiB, WHO CAN CORRRB'pNI) iu (Jeiinan and Krench, <?an find u pAittrriciif l!t ia tion liy a ddi easing a line, dialing rtjlcr<i(ilft4 at> Jfc?rta?. -* lar*. letter box 2,1M l'o t Ottice. American star hi>: works, wii.uam?d< kg, l. I ? Wanted, one (ingle hand forg%f. o?e liardeuer , ?ts tuj e cutter*, Mix i> ill file and bMtWv cutter*, an t one giiitdar. Uood workmen may have xtcady employ. BM-nt by applying to Mr. GUlKliK HANDVKiiOll, Mann ger, at ih<* Work*, lot It at rfret,, or to Samuel I'. Wlllmott, at hl-> S?w and II la depot, 4 li berty *tr*?t, New York. A 0G0D CHANCE KIR YOl'NG MBUU-wTsTKlt A i V number of laudi*u>?n. American*. Al-o. cooper*, carjieBtora, blacksmith* cook*. Vtewaril* and l>outi|t#?ror, for ?hip n"W titling. AU clothing furn(?lied tor the ?ny age. Inquire at the o(pe>' of t^O vtri|iaiW', ?Cree< , corner Cedar, up ntujrn, oyji^Mo ;iioi ^ ^ A N AMERICAN BOY* AOED tm'SHtOM \ KMi?r V. ai hen to learu tKi' tln>>iiiillL, pluai' Uig w iiyf othir r< <p< ct.itda trad.v ' Addee*^ f. "wl-ilTIM^a'. ANo a Nituation wauU-d hy. a j<di prlutcr<' Aniii*<"lf .m<' ? NH It huv?'. 5 ? ' ,> i A N AMERICAN IK)V, AI^uLY Yi'.AKK* old, - vvn ute*l to act a* |r!?ri' Ui a latlv mail travelling; he inn*t BMW -? a kiioirladgn 7[*h t e* and antoltiat driOng. Addiex ^luU'lerH' ftiriil'lof ticc. tatln^ when u ud where h<- may he man. Nime ?i. CC|>t tl.o-e compet?nt and of the I' nulie l a;{t' need an awer. VliKNTS WANTK1' ? To SK1.I. A NKW 1IAI' OK THK ,-ea of A/off, lllack and ltaHI<' Scad frlnn i new I Iiiii ot retaiiUipol. Kinall malt of f!urofM>, &?. Pri- e ^.'i ceiit?. A. II. JofKI.YN, #0 K niton ntnet. Some agente a:e making from th to $10 per day. HOOKKKKI'KH WANTKn? TOKREP A SIT 1KXIK.S by douiile entry for a rarriago mandfi -tory . one lionrn' rlile l>y railroad from thin ejiy ;Me will.l>e r?->|Silie<l to atti iid to the oliippitig and takinti a iW'?f i tpV'jiJ ptMff tiagei i urchaw d and manufactured, paying Ilia man, he., it will lie deeirahle for him to haw wnw knowicig" (IrnnlaRea. Such a num. fully coui|*'t?nt to ait< iel to ui li dotle*. ran ha\e Hteady ciuploymeiit, with good salary. Addre** Imix 1,78'i l'o?t oBice. ftatlnx c*panlli lien, wlicie can lx> accn, with relet euce, age, A'!. R?'ply within three day of thi* date. "I lOOKKKKl'KR'K SITT'ATKtN WANTEI? A t.KNTIJC J) man of many yesra1 es|*rtonee wi<be? a oituktion a? l>ookke?|?r. (ioiMl r?terence?. Addrioa II, N S., ill* Greenwich atreet. . Boy WANTW? IN A WHoi!>AI>: DRY tiOoIlS ?tore. Salary $M) t h?- flrnt year. AdJr? ~ t John 'on, bo* I'll 1'oat < flltee. Boy wanttj) kor tjce <>ki k'uiy bi'sinbm.? a?' I ly at the corner of Ad"lphi atraet uiid Itlantic INtM, Hrooklfn. Mr MoOClRMICE DHIt; (I>:uh* WAVTETt.? ONE WKIJ. AttytJAINTED with the city r? tall trade, and fully coinp>-tent to rarry on tlei hu?ine?it. may hear of a dritrable " bj aiiili" nig 1>. K. II' raid ogier. Dim; OXRE WANTVJ) ? A I'WtSON HAVLSU A thorough knowli Ige of the Lu?lrieii, niili uot c* ptkmalile n h rcncei mny apply to J nun I'. M M Dry oik?i?s sai?man wantw^-at iu -I'Risw utrcet. The applicant moat haw good < ity refer ence ?nd a thorough knowh >lge of hi? bUfili'T. / i IBM WAM1BD?OOOD HAKIM, To mak> PAPER lj boxei*. Call immediately at the fa't' ry, *7 1'ul ton at. MUUNIStH.? WANTED, A 0?MI'Kr?*?NT ^AIJ^WO man. AImi, etperieneeil mlllln< r?. Apply at Mrn. luilong'a. 4A3 Hro.idway up alaira. IM.INJJW WA.NTKI-? WORK ?JIVKN ot I Al'fl Y Imioedtafely at iMi liar' lay utrmt up ?Uair*. KAT CfKiE WAVn.1i IMVKI'IATHY ? APPLY A f the ..fllce of lloldrr Ige , Hotel 7 M Iti -a lw?s and ?>u. 1 ( linton place. ON I'KMANT >-l M. Kit A S'CAN! of ?UM?I qui p?rl?? !??? dfus Uutftj#'4 { -our rtr?- <l*i t ivoir noio <ki fufjintB, H ??wt qtjt-ljf rtrliit c?u<ir?* *?t fMn* !??? Iu?hllji*m?,nt M I'?ib Ikibm rrcotiim? a?t*lion , i'oo ?*' pa* i'un' 1* iiiin#* <(Ui .* moinrt 'if ?? fi- . f* V!r?"v???r 479 llniA 1 way, ?V 2 a 4 hforM. SHIRTMAKEKH. f'lJilS 4.WAV t> TOKvM MEM W*nh'<l iuitu*<lint'ly a\ t 'tiiu * IUtj/%nr *11 R r<>,v\ SlkW.UtDfcNN? WAXrKf*. My A i4 VI ART, A?TIVK joiiBf v?imtii who 1* thorouft*!/ ?|u*lin^.i t<r th* ttttl<n k ** *1i-wmr4*'i* ?o t^r-l ) ??i?l nil )r |r thl? port mid iJvt rp*>ol. Will fir# nn^i i ? ptiotaiibto r*fori*DfHi. * ?!! ?t '+'& SKWINI; MAOIINK ? o!'KRAT< WANTO> ?A KltoT rut* ) i m ia'1 . and uth i*r nM npplv a* gt*A wi^> < Will b* (.itid. ) til' ?l ? I f. .'#1 * ?Ii J <lr^r! fpo lillM ERU ? A VOfNi; MAN, MVKTKKN YVJU& J of iijff ii <|f<?irouA ? f pM'Mjrnijr ? -itunt ^ n ** ' 1?tW ? i? a f(Tt>ci ry U< iq tl?p bu*? mix y*-?r? lh ?? \? "X ctf r? f m%< *? frf?m l*^"t tmpli')er, 4 A<Mr**? >1. J kx I7W ll? f; M * ft *' Vr IM'IlNll 'iOVBtVKs - A V??l Vi; I UiY *11 ? linn (>???? (n>?d teacher it) >o a adMny, and al?" In fumU.f*, alalia* l"r ?ri ati/ayi-ow-iit a? r(th? In >Vir York or llr-t'ihlj a t? r')lti(? tut In luri/n> ' in wu*k, 1'fnrli ? ri'l tli? ordinary (jwli<li Iranli-. 11mh? IJ. f . Hot-rum tirn i Br> d'?>ri ff jm \t in!; liwt Rrwkl|n. TlfASTH -A Mil ATK/V, A- (JoVKKVlX* HOI ??> I TT K<#j.?i of "unpaalu Q, la ? i til* l by g/i in j Mltirrot Ainai loan Ia<iy la# anvil. I bur* u? ?i )*? tl< n to the roagtnr or to trsvaJIln# and r>;Hl4 It *UJii( la ? 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Irotiiac, w a f..?l bakrr audi * Mlnf I" ???*? h#r~4f u?f?J nfcinw I rtTrn it ra<|ulr"-l fi- rn both '<tf and ouutry < all at M Ninth atrtit* II'AMW-A ?m ATIDV, HY A WW1/TAIU1 1 f f W' fr in .? wi* aura Wlt/i U.r Op ? ??y g r# lmv? Ua l- ??*n <"? U"? day a' ? fax JH/, ?t and Wi ttta' third l?* fmnt run. II 'AMU rW'i A'TItV V'lt v?, | Al>i).' T'i * \rr Tf i/n th? 'h? labia at Uta '?ft Raflaad I ? i? iw ? ?% |f?>?i ><? W ? .rr?a i t l ?IJ ?arly \1 ? \ ?? r?3 - A WOVAM, feODUk ??*?? AM' fi?r% ; TT l/i# I i"li *v >t/M, ..t i.arrr,, ?: j iH?'??d al- ? gli 11 ">r 1# yrar< ? f ac t? it. ?j t?- art vttjbf->?t tj r?f?rrn'? A | ) iy a I ^ *?t fTth ?t U,rAM>J? r<>? K HM HAT! HffJJMil -AIA"V Mi ? bjre' A; jJy at 111 laiui ' t/*?t A-? a *??*ll rti ff Ul b? di?|?^?-d uf ?ith ?t<?'? aM ?!"?'?? a' ? r*? a< t.aM> >?t* A V<H-M. Mfry T?? ATTIMI A Hit f\ lin?ry ?v.r? ?ftWf?4 m liiii''" if>! a tfln.iri#r ft r? l/?t r'ifiif* u?t Ua4* a^1 *fp J * * f*" irl ' ? *' Apl y a' %'i I anal vtraat ?tl'ANTW-. 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W'iXlH- A XITTAUmN. HY A HOBK8, HTKAOf mall n* ? I' rk in ft wl If ill. (frii ? ry or provi* i, ? tote; i willil /r'" li' tiiiiH to i I'rnpli /. r'-i tercet. < i ii i city rarumtn. uUtioM ; f? n ,i - bMMHty ft.-. A4dr." Wui. .? i 1 !!? .iM < it. . , wl.rli K ill In' fttti'inlf*! to for t??i r,i ?flTAS M ? A BOOKkKKl Ml <>1 I P i, \\i VV HlWjr, having n kunwl. I . ? .ij un m v dilrexn. willi rtfareMe i t miw * M? ,il ?.alaiy i> I lio jflvrn. Ad'lrt * A Is., .11 IIMMU'-IIY A OlMTAHU Vol v . i>, A T V ?i(aft<tnD In ??ni' ?h' li-?ili> k1 ? - ? ?lUii.g I.I work til till- W ?t lilt, r>--n 'i! hi" atnploy. r; .k K"' 'I k ? in . n, mill iiu ii .it lipui' i ? On gl.e tin) b> ?? ri-'inii. .. ? p M>rurlty it nn|uln- l nut ?<? wu li fti! I. I.ui t >vi. li ,, j,.rt?lil>- it'll 111 ? Mi'i.w ilri- - la:ii c v Si n Mid win -i ,>n iulrnit* . i> ?? tUMi liuluatry, lli ml't i itiii f..r two dii)?. ' \MU'-A MTI ATlu! UJNU MBff, T T I" niftk* . 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A m?-K'T.\Hl>: Y'll Nti MAN, nK'.tx I? V? a.l.lri-?? to f.M iln n.l?.-rti ???iiiiTit? for a in w j?d??r tiaing mroiuin It U hlyblr r?-?p" tabli- and (f ? ?? ?1 trru," aould bo off >? red to ? roiiip.-toiit {x-iaon. wlio > liuH inaki a handa. mi- mini afU-r four or ?l* ?i?>? A'1'U??? t*i? .01 ll.'rutd uttrr. /lirANtKiviMMyiiiAinA a v?rv, in ai ?. Jj 1 Mud Ih h fjtortry on# wb<? lbc>r?<ii|rhl/ ur? a lil wh'? ? &j) giv? r*f*r*i ?* , ovn?Y \i> tnl m , . ? r i '. ? 1 1 .7 -t up i t .XjLfv iMET? A ii??v IN AN OKKll'K. AI?I?U}-VH - ? . -/Ty | ^ >n > M? nOy ? nly uflt.-r \itjLr A Vrt ,'l? A t Kf A |(T C\n-J!i<.r\T lw?Y. VJ Tf ?i? r r ? kt* ro..ui4 |{. mit t \* n "prrm ti aitd ^mtw* n A| p!y ;\i Kibt)f ? 4*7 uttrr K ??V!?m>W A Si irAMM' A |to\ M'.'.rr \ . o\\ \t\ VKAl;- ??j if uir#, t<> i<t'? nd n i?<i( On - wko Ka.4 ?Mitik** l< l)f t|??* bu?tlM .<* J r ? f? 1 JI A N?I||? buv it UU W ?l j-ljr Il#-t r * < r?r ?? M'l") 1 ^ ? 1 ItU nt. , from 10 to 1'J A. M. 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