Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1855 Page 7
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iamTHEVENTS RENEWED EVERT BAT. _ 1 OH i U.R. <jh>7 7,-/ 1 UN a?n TERMS ? K HP 4 ? 'Jl /? :hre.. 'to ry ki#h btt-?mcnt and aub (clkr b-.-Ji h ju*, with modern improvement*, shrnti *rj &r , and in goo,] 0rd< r. in Twenty-seventh stres-t, near Lexington .ivnuuf, a thi" anil must healthful situa tion. Inquire ot W. H. BROWNE, a7 Chamber* street. I .lAA BEACTWTU.Y LOCATED 11B-1 *? doi'-r, with teu lota of ground, out tiVflOlnpi. shrubbery, shade ami fruit trees in abun latu'o. tbe houw in !ajge and In good order, having twelve leeimi. situated on Flushing a Ten ue, Utwi en UaspeNi ?nd Meurt Ollvi t avenue*. 2,' , miles from Peck slip ferry, and j'int outside of the <'ity ot Brooklyn, in Q ureas eoua tj- Part of the pur<-bafte money may remain on bond ?uhI toortgr^e. Apply to Bl(>Bi8 k (iREEN, ljtl (Irand WUiiaiLi-t.urc, or to C. t\ l.yon, on the premise. JHj Ai\A ? A SPLENDID MANUriCTl'RLNT. I'U'ineM. without competition, and ?sBero.ncr evi r 100 per cent profit. with a valuable $-'S,rtO<) centra i, w 11 be sold for *4,000, which, on examination, W? be teund t*> be a truly or rmrsllid-l bargain. Apply *? IBOMAri * STHEKT, d4>, Cine street. <fc-| rtAA -toR -ALR-AN OLD ESTABLISHED, and paying $10 to $jf> p?r day. Hie buslsfs* would suit one or two activo BID, u? it can be increased; home, wagon and fixtures 4>T rftore Included: .-.'tiitartorv reason giv< u for selling. Apply to C P. H< >\V?', So. 84 Nassau street. (BTrA -n'" SALE?A KfiHTY YEARS &TAB J(f) f rjlj . li-lnsl t. < d store, on a grea.t thoroughfare uTvine ^iwayndont a cplciidid cash Moms. Also, a su perior gruce ry and liquor store. Thirteenth st..$17fi. Also, a firrt class nmti'' and fancy goods store, Canal street. $'>00. Alec, a op'emUd hat establishment. down town, $.">,000, *11 ran ? prun*-. Apply at 81 Na.-suu street, room Mo. 12. ALR4SE, WITH THE FIRNITCRE OF A SPLENDfD Di.ii.?.oi). with JH aeren ol tine land, situated upon 'h< hanks of Hul-on rive -, in the immediate vicinity of tin* ' rty tt.d within two minutes walk of a railroad depot, fhi h?iis? is large. commodious .md beautifully furnished, i wl it in v v ?? ? a- a select private boarding bouse, lyinj; li'Usi 1 th the best cla?s of boarder' ? the rent of tho reem* amounting to about ?"00 per week. Kor sale low and on fi rui-. l or rgrils of aduii-sion. apply to I'. C. HM.KIJ'T, 49 W?ll i.t. Cb.i-i ment.) A??k>d cha-V'o: n?rt a yoi'\<; max.? FttitSAiJ-v a?ro" ki'fy entablii'hment. I?*t?d in iv city of this vtat? eoBtalnisg l?,00t) inhabitants, and the only one of the kind in the city. J'o a young man, a very favorable ?pportun.ty is hero offered to gn into buhiue^y. Apply to M >?. JAM?.-', 117 itroad 11'reet, up stairs. C0VNTRY RK^PEJiCE FOR SALE AT KM -HIVO, ON W1 t> "tone avenue, one mile from railroad depot, f^tjon of :lie L le re?ideuoe of '.'ardiner (low land, hsq., ??eDtainii.(f atout ten acres with guteol bouse, stable, iutrnt. -ja' riage hou-e, icc ho*i-e an<l tine lawn. Fruit und vhrubbery in abundanee. Apply tP CHAlllJiJj K. '(OY at C. H. s)?eehan It Sons, ft* Maiden lane. DRVO STORE FOR SAI.K.? A M AT DRUG STORE, wing ii good business, situated in n n ry populous neighborhood, w ith a ferry ?t the foot of the street, is ?ffered for saic. the proprietor does not leave the slene tnr waotof liu.-ine.? 1. hut solely on account of the store being too small, and wishing to go heavier into the drug butdneen; it i? a un-t exvellcnt nftantlon for a phjviciau. App y at <CJ Roosevi It street. Ir*>R SALE? THAT DESIRABLE PROPERTY KNOWN 1 as ll'J Cherry strci t, bein^ at the com<>r of Cathe iu>e Kt '????[. Apply to PECARF, BKRX, STEIN h PIDL 01 Liberty street. FiR SALi:? ' THE BEST MATHINO SAUKlV AND barber's shop in <te Seventeenth ward, with long )ei ?? ;tt?d low rents. Tube sold very cheap, as the owner it aiiout leaving for California. Apply to K. S. GEORGE, JUl Houston stieet. I Mill -AI?? TWO nVK SWRY AND BASEMENT brick houses, No. 492 and 4i)4 Water ctreet, in this city. The houses are in perfect order and onty twelve months built. R< nts $2,525 per annum. For further parti uia ts apply to Jiwiio-i, from 10 to 1" A M . or at ad I'ikc street, tromitoO I'. M., or to A. J. Hl.KKCKFJl & CO., No. 7 Broad street. IjHtR SAI.l ?A VAJ.l ABLE ITANTATION IN KAST ein Virginia, lielonging 10 the estate of William , Boush, deceaseil, late ot I'rincesn Anne eounfy. 'Die tarao known w l.elxnon, situated in the county of Prin ?jese Anne, on IJttle erenk^ in full view of t hc-apejike bay and eight miles distant from Norfolk. This beauti ful estate contains 647 acnes, tuore than two hundred of which aie well covered w ith valuable oak and pine tliaber. Tl?e iiopiotcnivnls consist of a eomrortable dwelling, a g?o?l barn, and othi r buildings tisaal to such .in estate, wldle for be#i"ty and desiRablt'nuM of location lliis farm litnno*. well be surpussed. Tho laud is also of good (]uali tv, and a<lmirably adapted to the grow th of fruit and ail the crops incident to this olhnute. As a market (arm, none ofli rs greaivr iuducemonts, as tliu earlic<t vegetu lih-s may be grown on it. It has good range tor stock. From the bay in view of which the dwelling stands, the , tinc-t 8th and oysters maybe taken. Thote who may wiah to settle in this eeclion ot Virginia would do well to ? vaiuine this tiiriu without delay, as they can hardly fail to be pleasod with it. Al>o for sale, 042 acres of sand beach on the Oiesapeuke buy, in front of and only se parated from l^banon by Uttle creek, with several good litthitrief. For terms, which will be accommodating, ap ply to JAMES R. 110BAKI), 4,. Bank street, Norfolk, V'a. I7WR SAI.K ? A SUPERIOR HOfSE OX WF.-T WA-M jnglon place, near the square ? price $11,000; one HO Wcat Twenty-aoventh itnrt, $7,000. thiee <>n Twi iitv ? ighth between Madiaori mii<1 Fourth avenue*, ?T 000; one on Fourth avenue, $7,000; two thm alory houaeii on Klui atreet, $A.000. Apply to F. H. KIN SHIklER, 310 Fourth avenue. from ? to 10. ami from J to 7 o'clock. XJHJR SALE-BOOTH A\TM B .- lORF.? -I' H'K OF a* (fowl", eonai-tlttg prin' ipully of taucy good.a, toy*, ?*hleM, trunk*, Ac., together with fixtures m atnre, tit .'l?j light h avenue, between Twenty-alxth an I Twenty M-wenth atreeta, weat aide. AI*o atnre and dwelling to let. A rare chance for * pet ?on wi-hlng to go iuto bu*i ueaa. Apply aa above. For SA1.F? A STIJ^niD C0FNTRV SEAT, TWKXTY eight ac.rea of (food land, large new houac, twlva i?*im?, burn, carriage and icehouae, anil a aiwg t? mint bonce, all in goml order, one mile from depot Call on F. HHOWN, v'7 Fulton atreet; U. Thorn, or J. C. Huff, So. 17 or &0 Waahiugton mat ket, or S. Vail, I'laiiitield Mli FOR SAi.F? A KEAT <OTTA<il', WiTH LARtiE garden and ten vm-ant lota, Ix-uutifully located on lali-ade avenue, WeatHoboWrn, neatly oppoalte T wcnty nnrt street; ?tiigc? run regularly from llobokcn ferry will la- fold it liargaia it applied fur anon. Iwfnirc ot A. H. WATSON', at Warm r It laaip'a 19 Karclay street, FOR BAKE? A RARKCHAXCE for HAIR DRESSERS? The utofk, flituiea and buaine?a of the oldest eatab .abed hair ilri aaing mloon in lirooklyn. To a practical man of amaU lueaw, thin afl' trdK an excellent opportunity if going into bcnunc?*. Apply at '.'77 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn, up flair*. Fo?! sale? a \krv mcat hook, xo. tu sot rn Fourth atreet. Williainahurg, only iJ.jOU, i? rented to pay l.'i |:<t cent. To let, in N>w York, act-ond floor of hou>e ill \.ii'ick airier iiWn. am. ill -lore* and | mem* Api ly to ~ C. SMITH, U Nott itrffl. FR SAIE cheap? ax OIJ? ?TABUSHB? III MM "hop, in a (rood location, and out doing a lair bu-i D?a*. Inquire on the ptemiaea. li'JO I {Joe. krr atre. n< ..r AlS'f. rnwi SAIJ: OB iM'HA.Vtii Foil RKAl. KfJXK IN I r Now York or a tnrni 11 the omtitry, a o.nt li ?????!. every thing complete, mid worth $10,000, .1-..!.^ Ut^iin-.i nt b unt $&,$00 per year, ni t prvhta, or no ml" I ?ijr kittard room attached. A'klrea? A. II. L\, lie. aid office, ?dating where an interview can be had. IjtOR SAI.K AM' lo J.KI'.? \ siof'K OF ''Horn ' gro.;? riea, and i .-t-e of atme. corner of Eldri'lge itit i.laney i-treeta; baa been doing ? good ?utl < i "n*i'.o ? ualiwa. If not a.dd ?t private nh In six day* I om, it will be m)M at pitblie .Mil lion For i> i> ? ipply to JOHN Kljtlt, Ttl nnd .V. l,i'onn"d -tret-t. / 1 RKAT BARtiAl.vs ? AN I.X( I.M.I NT fT)MMo|l|of > houae, c*Bt rally -itUiited in tbi- city. I?i ile ut i y luw prii-?' on< third (ay.iole in f i .h and the U? Inn- ?? Ion remain on bond and mortgage atao, four on ? olotr.on the moat t" )>ri'-e atvl Apply to R. tlJMitlKTr Il'i W ill -icrt ???< ti l nfj, rear btiilding rociw AM) LOT FOR li. \ , HI Eight ward, in the city of Hrooklvn on I ? b< twivtn I- it lb nnd .-ntli :iv<nue?. io be - il ! < ? ea-li, if applied lor aooo aa the owner oialtya t ?'i |ctO the I.ountr) , hoii.r i-y two a ?ry. wit . ?. tin ? ; 1U0 te< t deep, with garden and (rait tre*a attached |ur Hi tlx t |.at i ? < and pine apply on the pt m AMI' AM> CR0CKKRT KTOM F0K SAIX? I5TAB | J taf liila l twenty yi ir? ;ti "to i.' the In ?t I.Uiim ? ationa ui New Y ? n' ? TUia it g?od opening t r burineaa tn ao. I'lie pr'ipiiet'ir baring another lore cannot attend the tiuaiui aa AMret^ A /. lathMin ~<|tiare I'oat Olhre ?I.FA-I Ri: BOAT Hit: -A1.! M'Hi. iNIi; thirty lo t long jmtent Mo ? in< br - i.1. . ^trpn-" nnd everything n ? onipn !e ot . "Jaj rei-t H lair 1,MW l'o?t 1 >fli ? |)Horn:n in m u \id!^i'i F vr h a n? . t i~T; l 1. 1" fly to H e?t, tiefjer iin'i i. New .1 ? . . V I cL ?a f'ttir atory faults and lot to cxcikituge a II brill ofiihoul thiity acre-. Apply at 47f. I .>urtb t .\F>: jOR ~A1>.. ? I'M, nv -tfai; s- \ MARTIN - oB)> :'?| ?" "n*l" in It-., wt!' '?.. |.(?Jd I lie . \ ?ii tTAKK' ' ? -trent, up "taira ^iRVIMi J t ill i'"1' -Al l? I.K.HI ivcil ? s tre- o 1 ' ??! wi:!i baca g. ?? ? ,<! ... hil,lr, kr #1? ? nine in- . c -pper l-otl?r thitt; in. tie I ? Miitahte lor e*|ientiien?- i ".rtn>.U torg? awl ,i,r|i at In r t<ad- Apply *" AI.I.FN A >n>- . Haven depot Wiiil<lin;'< l ianklin atreet. p*vo viij.uf ):i>H'K,N' pit: -AU.? 'Vi i\ M ui.l Vernoa price J00 the Oilier ill |',,r| ?er Wntckmlfi iouoty having I 'i aeri of g. .Min i ?Md"l with the houae, pru e a.', y w iiiQ < itea Ititrj p'ai < at Vew < anaatt t. nt p. ? $ I ton . f I I MA' lei ,\ HA.-- FI No. 4 Aat. t pl*e, . ?aiht ion "ai>:.-a -rj'FKiOR wpi>kr fas tene.! /acht, 'M feet keel, $}, feet beam, fiiii-1/f l in vat n inri? r, and a line ni?alel. Apply to N'FW MA N I . !4 A Front Mraft AI>o, WliMehall If-ia, ?,f c|c 'rated fjpiM. IVH SAXJC. THUMB.? THE cCKSOUHEH OFFERS |\,R S UJ, A? h<* place, thirty-flee mi its from "s'cw Ye' ., ou tho i?ng i-jand Sound, the following varieties of ti iter ?el -ord wwl, wia. : ? Locuet and chestnut po? ts, .. id ar^e locuat for sli'P timber ; whit*, bia'k, pin and red oak . f r plank a or doc* spiles; very large black Walnut, c le* nut hickory, Ac.; 1.000 to it, 000 <"0'd? of wood, coes stli g o utik, chestnut and hickory, plied and ready for uumedtate delivery. Steamer Glen Cove, lenviug 1'ek slip, New York, daily, nt 4 P. M., stop* ut this p!a< e. HENRY lJL/DYl). lioyd'a Minor, ns uuuty, I . I. OTSCEIXA.VEUrs. A MER1CAN PLATS GLASS COMPANY? FACTORY J\_ Williamsburg, Long Ialund ? A re now pceparod to execute ordc* for rough [ 'ate glam, mutable for door*, akyiighta, vault and <ie<:k lights. Prompt attention will he given to all order* left at their office, 444 Broadway, or with their agent, J. R. PLATT, 79 Murray atreet. Blackberry, whortucberrifs, tomatoes, or any other fruit or vegetable, may lor years bo pin. served in a fre-h state with natural flavor and color, by the tine of SPKATTS patent tun*, accompanying wbi.~h are explicit direotkin* lor pre-ervJng. fhi y are easily opened or closed without the application of heat, by u patent screw attachment. The genuine <e.lf-sc.aiiiig ca is hare ca- 1 in letter* on the cap; -Spruit's patent." 1 nis much is mentioned to prevent imposition ui>on the public by wny spurious or worthless article in iiuitation. !'<?. .-ale by the proprietor*, WE1JJS As PROVOST, -i*l I'earl ? Gt RKAT SAIJ* OP CARPETS.? THE ENTIRE .ST' X .< f of J. >f. i?II.I.K-il'IK, lrtl Howery. three doors a bo v. Hrooinestreet.eiistside. <tock amonnlingtoover $'JM,?0Q all ? hi?h nn?t be clear*"! out, to clone up the bualne* , and will lie offeree! at nearly halt prii e. little to continue from thi* day until it ia entirely disposed of. tjreat op portunity U> those that Miali to buy carpet* and oil cloth* at a great laeriflce. taHnblr ihe No. 1CX Bow ery. three doora above BrOome street, east aide, l'be third and fourth avenue cars pass by the door. N.B ? Store to let ii nd furniture for sale. Inquire in the atore. GK.W UNKH ? .It'ST ARRIVED AND FOR SALE, I4!i nttie< of Chinese g'a-s lines, at J. tt J. 0. CON ROY S fishing talkie establishment, tlo Fulton street. JN. 01MBREDK, STATIONER AND ENGRAVER, a ba* Just received a choice assortment of the finest stationery, dircct from I'aria, * Iik-Ii i* offered at low priced. N. B. ? lust introduced, thtcbuttityli) of deli cately colored initial* and erect* on note paper and ?? velope-'. Specimens sent by mail, on appli atlen at 588 Broadway, Metropolitan Hotel. MO.-'wl rrOFi5 AND 1 [J&S? i>:k k oj.-s i:ai n w niy. window MUDi?; Oram hu nk, m ., And mow, uito ro<nus, & c., iiinniibiciur*'d to order of any size, and elegantly painted with any Landscape, letters, or iinvd''ie< required 'ipon them. I'b< y obitruct the iiew Iroin, and admit the vie vt to the atreet; they also admit llr liL'hl and nir, and keep out tlie* and mosijui toes. >o. .>0# Bteec.ker atreet. P AIM. SI I'ACCTM! ? FOR Bl'IUILVliS, FENCES, KOOI-V, ti"., at 1 ceiit a pound white lead, 7 cenN do.; nine, Beeut*; Pittbto'a boiled oil al "5 centa a gallon, oil for tencen, roofr, 4c., 50 centa a gallon; \aiuii(he.s of e\eiy tlc-t: itiriou at 11U Maiden lane. JOHN H. SMITH, Ayent. IJATKNTEl) 18M? WARRAV IKI? Ni:W YORK ltlllCK niouH* r.? -l ive men. with a Uorae to griud the clay, run urn I. c with .!0,t)00 lirlck per day, superior to iui nd made. For inachisiss or circular- apply tori. 0, KII'I.I.V, s, ? York, Clilengo, III., l.oula, Mo., ort'Ui cinnatl, Ohio Price $100. Weight U"i Ibt. Prepare i or nir>i>:RA.? Ibis dri'udful scourge haa made iis appearance among us with fatal effeet. Dyteutery, diarrhnaa and bowel oanplaints, are also alarmingly jirevalent. All v ho think prevention hetter than cure nliould provide tliem -elves with a bottli ol the Cholerine Mixture, t< u or twelve drops of which, il taken upon the lirat indicatlona of an attack, will afford upeody relief, and prevent any dangerous iv?nso<jnrn<'e.s. Price 2b and 50 cents per bot tie. Prepared and sold by A. II. \ I). SAN'Ort, Droggiats, 100 I'ullon atl i et. Kiddiws privsia halve? a Boston remedy of thirty years' standing, ? A sure mid .speedy euro lor burns, boil , corn*, felons, piles, chillbtains andaorea of all kind- liecoimneniled by pliysi' ians. i" i cents a box. Hold by all druggiata. Boyd it Paul, C. V. t'lick ener & Co.. t'. II. Itin? corner ol John atrei t, N< York ; John Uilbert &.t'o.. Win. B. '/i"ber, I'hiladoipliia. l!KT)PIN(i A <1> , Proprietors, Boston. Swedish i^ihes.? i.aruf and fresh Swedish leeches arrived, iu prime order, per aten.ui ers Baltic and Washlngtou. l or sale by J. I1'. CI.KU ft CO., W) and Mablen lane, rpu CI.OTHINC HOI SEB AND TA 1 1 -BOA I IDS OS I whi"h '.'oola have been rolled, such as caaalmercs, merin Ac, bouuht in any i|u?ntlt,v at HAIJSHrilY'S dry i(ood- iidlniohing establishoii nt, W7 Kjehange place. fill) IXVAI.IDS AND PHYPBIAVS.? TifE ISDER I aignecl, a. of Marienbnd, Bohemia, haa re ( ClVOd a shipment of the s?|ebriitt'd and health restoring mineral watei ? '-Kreusbrunn and IcriilnaudHbrunn.'' The most eminent physician* and chemiats, Dm. Hufe liind lU'r/.elius liebig, fcc , and even the great poetand naturalist, tioethe, hme carefully analysed these mtill cinal aprinj;.' nnd descrilied their elflcacy anil favorable lesulls. Ibcse waters lia*e attaineda very hl(fh renown, and ore exported to all paita of the globe. The di-oaaes In which experience bus ah own the particular eflicacy of the KreuxhruMl and I'ordinandsbrunn. are those of the priinae virae. aueh aa to slioie bile, a< iditles and various ailments, arising from flatulency and habitual eo-iUve nesa. il. The different degrees of abdominal plethora, congestions of 'blood. Ac. 5. The anomalies id the biiloua secretion, the polychuly, Ac., ami all th> forms of heinor roidal a Sections. 4 Ihe numerous muli.die- of the female sex. Icucorrhca periodical ccaaatlon* and ol.stin 'te stag nations of , Ac., and ail the nervous affc 'tionii Oicu roses) proceeiliog lioin a veioous congestive state The wateis arc of a tieali filling. "I"he jars are marked with the ini|ieiial stamp aa K< nuine. Also, ,s given to the consumer ,?n I'.mrlish print, stating tl* medical rules .and published by the jmpe rial physician of tlte "Masy bath.'' Tbejenuine inintrai watera can ouljrtie had of I'll. J. Ol'KNTNEH, t>7 Stanton street, Agent of the firm of (Juentner A Co., Msirienbud. ? 1 "|K,FEDDIN0 CARDP ? J. N. CIMBKEId', 1EAI?KJ{ OF ?f fashion in card engi aving, re-pecUully calls .lie attention of flic public to Uis u<'w and Is autilul style ol wedding curds Spec>u>eoa >?ut by mail ?>y application at 688 Rioad'A.ay. PLA1TSU CtRIM. I>IjtYIN0 CARDS OF KVERV HH-rftlPt ln\ | oliSA! K al the I'niou Card Manutactory. ITT and lTOCiatui stieef, near Hroad^ay. Inel'iding single aaddouble ! ada. orWmcnted and plain, and Spanish cards. A - i(?-r.or article of linen taro card', well aea-onedaad aa , snte4 not to warp, made e';fie?dy lor deaJin^ < OP ARTA EKUUP NOmCKS. AAA ? A (Jf S I l.l MAS' HWINO THISM'M M "I/# and nidong to embark in a proti fable Mt.iglilv respecfal'le bn-ims, ill opportuni ty that is seldom offered. I iv?i thousand dollirs p ** year can be re ih . 0 without risk, or gm*l scurity ?vi!l Is* g vt-n Heaee call on KB. HI HSKIJ., at I'eteh A Ipgill's ! real i t.*te ofliee si.? Broadway. w>)n(k - \ mavi.nh v i^xin j\ ** *? [irni't'fi ?>M g???l to l?? ;h?rnt it .in tl?'J c. t y a li-H ? >\ h ? vi 'iy mouth on <>thi>r Uu-inww, desires to ronniH't ^ i f ! him *om** medical man ui|*tl>ta ot tn kinjr -I*.*' i in I fth?rcin?? w f would lx- willing to fuy ? t? % iiun- iril iiolUn-4 Wit an ? <,Uui intfrent in hm jirariic . \l 1* , liOt 100 I i?* r;? 1?1 ofhc?*. Cl *>7 w I' i f f7'T\ i r l~U' A\ ra?. A MAN ? v.itlt a' t*a?t tii.- Huvunt wi?<? w?iiM / it t?i I 'UHiiif ii ?? iU?- hu^im- - a- a f??rtt.? r tint ilrmti* alt l?i? 1 iiiic* ti? lb** working |?ar;. A<l?li ???*?? until r? ?? t*nr?% <?-rtvi> ilrralit 4illlc?' l??!* tht>?* 'i.ijr 0*>i I i\ ro <?<?<?- \ I > w a v ! U?. i" ) >: jt M F in ? i?*ii mom y arm lung i#?i - u A ?? t. bttahiit ami jnyinu irmn OW ?<? $'? *X>0 jri arly. *??<<! )mt an man -? , ai In aft' n'M/ii i PHjuircil. Jm fmrticuiar* .ijijiljr to .\<'A\irHk,l.l. A.(" , 1 1?4 rhkmlnTH Mr ?*? * . Cioi'A i:tn er?mi i\? -thT" >i iwi : i mki: -"Tw v ? vA<> / Ha;/ 1 th<ni>u'lr?- in hu*im uixirr tb'- n.*m?* ?/ ( f-Jicii A. ."ouTii. for the |>itrro**? of" trHU*k?t 'in|f tin wor*tr<l ? u'l <t:< ??- u imming <#u-aoc*? v. tUo itort I.: John Mm* t -tgm-l. f'AMhl. .v rOHl.N \r* V h Augu-t ? liv,-. MO-HS /A [vT"~i riMs. _i hk i <~i~tflr\Ka;tur TikkkF"' / f. .r .? < \i- f i r?n kinwri ilte Kiib*rribet?, under t li? myl> ami Iiiiu ot l>. .ml (?> tt.i- 'lay 'li?*ol*> . b? intitui.' >i ?? ?! ?. I <?'..??> ng j? li<|iikiali?ti Aii .iahiliti* due liy the firinuptn thi? <Uli' to bf pi id }ij 0 1 uhi-n on jne i utatioii J>A,\ I. I!()|(KN New Yoi? A flint 7, IS/*. 1,1 IL-ll'iS OOMl.W 1 1 lo.V-Tlii; f ? I'AJiTN WCHIJ" hi:i:(.i-7 t /ir i ti tlin' i .1 J > -i n/ ^ < ?i , ji thi- dijr ,.i . miIti u ti K."Uo? > tiring ' ? m Ibe eoc'irrii Tin liu iif-? ? ill iiiIb i? l ?' JM M j'lw*y iJn?le tli ~ tin ii (iIm! Hth "f itie I'lii' "i? li 'i' tie v ition, wlieie \ii' )ie?i itl xiri'l Li"' I bier -* ? l ! )> ki f ? m dranf t All III" i uli'ia I- iiulelitt I '<? 'ue ?Ihim> iirni will fMJ lie ir I'ii 1. 1 tU.- mi' 1 1 u" ' lily A -TK\ |_N - I > \ i : 1 vwt w.t NTl:i~- a iit >ix?S "Iiak, wi m a J ? tJ.iV ? ? ? ? I. 1?KI . .D li.i ? nn in t< I' I lu nil ' tit II m ?tl<l 1 ? .III liii-.?. . }\ wt.'.h a |.>rtu?>" mi* h>- rntHil I in >??* )?*<>. .WVIr' -a ri. bi?, w 3 k>s f i?t op. Sit KN r'l'AUlM I: "W .uiu" W I II A (A.-H CAIT (ul ii. Irmn -J- . . 1 1? *? in * IKK) to . n(it|rn u ?rhoi< -ale n -tin ..rlMi I. . . f i - I,, i.inbeil. A n -- J| J Her?l or. <? rpHt -m -i "in 7 inT^ \--i * 'i.trKP I ' lih Itint - I '? ? Ii hi'!'" 'tie till'' irt J II in / ,V i . ill * ill <"?' tini i I hi- Mifl.1 ?e rui'iii' I'furiuy ,t -omh - -tru t .Ii ill v HKVP.V n.iliii I phi.' \tijf'?-t ? IIM AAK'tN f. I'M II "IJ'ANrUt? A fAKlM!"wrnt A CAM CAPITAL VV "f two hi. ii- 1 '"i '.I' * l? enU'i tui' a l.itii i" < whi'ieht h- * ? ? " lh' .i till. unt imyiag 100 |e-t ??? ii (hit tj il i y Ai'it' V i' H ?ld ntfl' i mi. i.i \rim. BfJI )Al!l> IA?>? I lit -AI.K? A -I CHil'tR Ai'.lf c)''. rin I" lmd ?t tli* ?ld *Und Kl Ami ctrfet, with ttf I'tiljr |' iit ?la-tli? ru-hJiM &J.*0 ti Ua minijii of i ?. rjr il< v-'ipti'in in tli* trt'i- t< n ;? r Ml ch< ?|*r tlutu i.? a h* faouvlit el*?where. OBUTITH * IiHTiER. Till BI.-T ami I HI A I 'FKI~ m rr I A K 1 r "r AuT PjMV tin I ri't'd '?telt-n are >iddat 41 Annatreet (rtnlh men ??fii-tif tal.lea *re tnvlleil to - alt te-fore purrha'inir *0?1 tide' ft> tll'RIMllM. QMl!# 'UM, I cbeiw fu I'll 1 . I?) I" r*' II ' riinnla r y'CVS.NUB I lOtLLSl'hi. 4 Mo rt|w*t. gmWCTQ. F,u 1 1VW100I? VNITED HTATB1 Hill. STEAM Khio BA1.1?, Jw- J Oomrftock, commaivier. Thi* ?ikhiD wi:l *P*rt. w'lb United HU?M mail* for W-lu-luy. AugurfM, M from her berth, at the loot of Cfcnal street. ioTtreigtit or pa**age having unequalled *<-oomm?latiotu? for ? i? e-'^courfort^y^ OOIJ.INH, M Wall HtKft. Passenger* ore requested to be on board at 11 >? o'ekrk j j. m. ifo *team?h? Pacific will ?ueci?d the Baltic, and will ?ept. !>? Shipper* please take uotioe that the *hip? ol t hi* line cannot carry any g'Hsla contraband of war. rpHK British and north american royal.maii. I it< ui?'bi|)x. MIOM S1W TOM TO L!YW?i>'>L Chief cabin paa*am> *1" Second cabin pa*?an?.... - F*t>* HomoN to uvmpoou Chief esbta pnaeage ?' Second cabin pa????? ??????;? The xhiiui from Boston esll at Halifax. ARABIA. Capt. Judkiu* AMERICA, Ckpt. Lang. PERSIA, (apt- Kjrie nTRill'A, <ap* AH IA. ( apt. E. <!? 1-ott CANADA. Capt. AFRICA. (apt. llarriiKin NIAOARA, Capt. I*1** Thenevesse la carry a clear, white light at ma?t bead, ire?-B on utarboard bow; red on port bow. 4Ml.RU A. lang, leave Boston. . ?. . . Wednesday, July 18. CAM ADA. Mono " Bo?t<>n Wednea?lay , Aug. 1. ASIA. Lott, " Barton We.lneH.tey, M. AMI IUCA. '*ng, " Boston Wr.tiie?lay, ??? CANADA Stone " Boston Wedne?day, Sept. 11 AFRK A, Harrison, ' ' B"*t' m W ednmday , Sept . Jb. Bertha not secured until paid for. An eiperienced surgeon on board. The owner* of theae ship* will uot be accountable for gold, rilT?r. bullion, ?pecie, jewelry, P" ??"??? metals. unk'*n bill* of lading ari signed therufor and the Talue thereof therein tinned. For freight or pa?*gc apply to^ , ^ There wiU he no .teamabipa of U?i? line from New York until further notice IjOR UVKRWMd^OTUliW IXBANON, j.?0*", ? mander? Thl* now und powerful ateamer Will sail from the British and North American Royal ^. team Packet Company'* dock, at Jeifey City, on or about Sa turday. the 18th of August. Pnssago money f" *?1 eliis* uawenger* only, for whom ther.i aro excellent ac ronmi'idation*. ?H0, Including '"'L'Xui^d fro but without Wine, or Uquore, Which ?an be obtldued , n hiv rd i ri iirht taW^n At Mtt? n. AppiJ w on boi,rd. re guv ^ pf SARD, 4 Rowling (ircen. I"^t?R I.IVF.RI'OOIv? ^AllX THlrf DAY, A''ft- 10, TI1>. r well known packet .Mp ROSCICS -?,??00 ton*, <?!>< C. Merrlbew. The eecowl cnbin U BtuM up in .mall Htaterooroa, to nuit fcmllle*. second cubtn, ?1H . *te _r ,igr #ia, and found in a liberal supply <>l Pr0;i'l"tt* ^y the dhip. The unual klndneiw and attenU^n of the tttin to the pa*iengera reedH no pran?). Vor raliin, second cabin or steerage pa-?ge, apply ? board pier of Wall (itreet; or to \he ngent, IHOs. t. 1WH UK, SJ.-miuiii Mreet. OR 1 .1 YUV'.l '? K?I , ? THK HPI.ENDII) HKACKBAl.r. packet ahip l-AAC WKBU, t'aptain Bryef, wiU n.i.itiT' ly Hail on the Will of August. lhn ?Uip haa ku nerior accoininodatinnH for all"^e* <d punncngera. Y '>r vrn-a arply <?> board, foot of Beekn.nn street, U t , iv, r, or to JACXjB WUXiS. \W ^outli street. I7HJR L1VERP001. ? ST. CRORUK'S IJNK? THE t'l'J.l'; i brated clipper *hip DRIVER, Holberton, Master wilt h*ve imiiiediiite ,ll-put.:li anil Hail an alxire. >or jwasage upply o? board, pier 8 North ^ 40 South at roc t., and ,Hi old siip. TTVJR LIVKBIWH .-TAPHOOTPS UNF.-T.) HA1I. <>N F -uturday . Aucurt 18 The rery aupcrior clipiier -hip aT.B1< IN, Captain WiUUmia, will anil ??< alwTe. lheuc for p?a enjiera on b.?rd ve?icl u.n ? AIMc n \n one of the TenneiM a 11 oat. ler^on* about to Kuio|?' ahould i, nike early application on board, at pier Fuist river, or to TAJWH' & <X)., 8'i South atr.-et I JIM I'ACKIT FOB IJVKRl'OOI. TO cAU.P<)smyE I Iv A tutu l Ulh. ? The ta*orit? now packet ship Orient, i 'ant' Hill, has superior aUterooui accommodation" for ?U . laaae* of pn? ..gera. Apply on board 6, North Kivr, or to C. A. TEN FYIK, No -ootli street. ?Tn7\iTvU SOC-lIAMl'TON.-rilK VAVBHt p Ult Kurorwm ttM ot The dr?t cIam new st. ninship .. l":i, 8, "?00 tona l^v^ n^ter wUl l?ne \4>w York vmii pier 0 North river, foot of t,r is street, at noon pre' isely, on t<aturday, Aug. Jlavre, .ailing at rfouttiampton to lan?l mail", paaaengera H.'ltTu^'paa age to RaV re or Ponthamjiton ?i!0 111.' riel niu >'C Wluwe-l by tbo North HU.r, >"pt. 1. . .wtk-i if tliese vesa*!* will not be accountable tor ?old fiher, bullion, ?i>ei le, jewellery, prmioua atone* i or metals, unless iilli -? la-liiig are slgne l theref?>r, and the *nlue tltreof therein expressed. S-oo- io and taken at usual ratjw. No freight r# cei?ed after noon of tl>e day before sailing. No bcth aeeurcd nntil pail for. letters, prepaid % recta ner half or., will be received at the oBice up to 11 A V. of the day of sailing, and will be tarried in auong India robber bags, under lock . and on arrival at South impton and Havre, ?U1 be immediately Jep??itediu poat ""l'arcii* taken, e-irh prepaid, one dollar and upward*, nxili ii a v h ok tuiuw. nuH vf.'tg TORK. mo* BIT**. Ariel Aug. 11 North SUr Aug. 11 NorlU htar fei*. J| v !l V 'p Hunt" ?2 Ar\v\ Sept. tr- North nur -- North Star!! <?, t. i:i Ariel Oct. 1J Artel .. Nov. J North Star Nov. J Ariel Not. H Tliese Steamship* are classed A 1 at the li.urance a.nd sii-' le and go.als will ?*? in?ure l In O.e.n at as low rata* of premium a* in any uther at^mahip* that cr<>?* the ocean. Foe freight or pas-age, No. ft Bowling (ireen, New York. A! BERT N. CflRVSTIK, No. 0 I'bwe .1p la H.iurse, I'aii*. CURYSTTE, srmflSVMANN, k ??.. No. J7 vtuai ( assnur IHdavigne, Havre. T^OR KJl THAMPT<fN AND HAVRE.? THE I N"rnT> I ossss? waarsja ?*nt on boaid the .lay l^fore filing marked No ft eight will I* UU-ii .fH.rTliur.iUT. Auir..-t^: ^ * (trhl or t>a ? ?hi>) y to M. LIN ng i < BrcSiway. ll^te^ir Araga wtU succeed the Lnion, and hail September ?i. BKKJ.KN, VIA .WTHAtflTov.? TIIE I'VfTKD I hlatPn itm il etenaa?ln'p WISIUVOTDS, K. ('.tteudy, comin.inder, will mil ibr Hiemen, touching at Snutlnunp t?u 10 l.i nd tlx- tn.uli ?ml p4ta?eoger? (l>r t-ngland acl Fmnc- on Saturday Auguat 11, at I- o'clock M., from pier ;;7 .North riiir. I'rioe of fruai New Yurk to Southampton or Bi?uen;? ? lu Ar?t nHn, tn.iln aaloon. Ill# lo Hi it cut-lii. lo*<*r ?alo<?n 110 In ?econd rabin Ul An e*p'r',<ir*d auigenn n atim:lwd to aUMme-. ?pe. ie delivered l.i Hi?re or I"n'l<m. All leltera must |m-? through th? I'ont For (uu-iiga or freight ap ply tot'. II SAYP, agent, 11 '?S'Uth William <m*t. ? neaBtter Heminan will iiucfteed the Wa-Jiiug'on, and nail Scpla-mber 8. ImiTT m krF'ii. ami iwi.AnKi.rinA stkamsihp ? >nt in ? n>l ? .1 ili:i)( h' lr fatorite ?iiuinihipa? ? 1 1 % V MANt HK-1K1! - l'.'i ton* ? apt Wylio. I'lV .?! IUI.TIMOKI , (ne* ; v? urna, ?'?pt. t IT <11 WASHIM>I< ?> .1. . -.'TOO ton. ? "apt It. I<rlVh. Si.- ' il, $W0. $'*.V aiel * ? i' -riling tu "tatit room*. A itmilol mirm-ei Jrii <!??< pa*arBget * will be la I.' ii f /'in I'biU'b Ipl,* a.4li ?? |<i?l ami found in pioti MO' ??. From Philadelphia, *it) | from 1in?n?r.l *?I0 ! - vi l ing to lmng< til their frl'H'l*, mo obtain rr: 1 ill' at i ? o| pa^-age and draftn on IJfcrpool, In ?uim of JE1 ??? s ling ..ud upward- Apply lu .MMI'IX SMI .'II, agent 17 Walnut itract I'Miadelphiu, and No. 7 Hr t'i wny. Sew York. IJK>i ?"TYlXvol'NIA? 1A. s.t'.K $,hj ? ' -KTIfKfi KK, ^ dtf tlon "f li. '? -Sew Yot k and California atwam* li': |> : i?- * Ji N|? n rac'in A'cc- ly ( outpany .of M' .. .igua |.v .prtoto. ?? Through in advance of the mail ?f*0 ritii?-- *h" ter than ; t other route, avoiding tha ?fetidly I'luiama l?trr and tw? milei of danverou* b.*tin ; m I'.ii, -in Mat. Kate -f Oir? tli'ough V> San J ranrlaco. in' iii?i;iw tt* i?tbmu? rro rnr ? hu-t cabin M75 w i". r.ii' n, r ?? -j'lendM doul< ? fnirln* flnafbtp Ni*l TliMC^ lJf?lir. 1M.M10 too" bttr di n, tfl|.t.iin liiiklopauifb ? ill Ivata | .cr V ;; North riiT, ut .'I o'tlfx-k I' M. |?reci?ely, for ' Tunta Artut, on M nony, Aug iO 1*.V>, connecting aitli the it?ini?h p to ti- 1**1 ton- burden, ov?r ti??- Mi-atafnia Tran?it r '^itc, li iMlijr but tw*U* intlf* of l:i: ? 1 trainy 'itation t>y flirt > l.i ?? r?rrl?ffn> For informution or ^ at the rednotd rote", apply only to I'1IA1'.1? MOI'JiAN. Ajrenl, No ?' IVmlinir !.??-? n I etter l.a(r? nude up at tb? o(Bo? -taaif ed 1 ? tak< n fi r ?' >, ? ? ut? wh rsirAi.iA? 1'iiisB . UNK? i AitiiviM. rnfl7 Vail - lTie n?'w ind t.'aiilif il rlip(i"r -hip III AOC ,?I A, I> < ?/!?? m??t' r.i"K at h? r Ijerth, pier <>, N !t will p"?it ite.y >ail on or l<ef it' l?t -eplein'ier Die accbtritji?' itioo? for a limited Btini'ier of p?* en/er ? are ? u lh' n-.oat ?pprote'l p' inriple? for ll^ht testllali' a and c mt'irt ' n i njr all on deck. 'Ilie ? ire??of the lloneer line ?m' e ita #!?t < <l?l''."bui' nt f" ir yeai < a,' < l? perhaj* unpin ? ?!. n'< "i ? B. ?eri'itjn a^eidenr hatinir w ~ur<~l au 1 n < iaiin hatinir h'en made '.n the m? atiie idfiree, wbile among Iho IhouMKl* "f pa?-< n?(er. ab-'dutely n > airline. . ha? been kn' an The al??n nt<- - of ftnployilM! drat rla?? ?lil(? an eipenen'ed ? "nimnn lvr* U 'i- at .n frat'd t y Uie Hi r'-iriarliatile paiw^e n?rter e?|iia ? led ft >ni th ? co atry ? shipa <><??* n M <iay? flying -end. *? day. Windward, HT 'lat? Nlgbtimrai* 74 day 1 'le, Wl'lay Tbe Bla^k will b0 anc* I < ee?led | y tlie elipj^ r tiaik Niinr' J "O tier third t'.ya*" to **il r>B ?r tiefur* l?t of lH-tnbef. Tb? f??t uilio.' ?h:p \andaba for .-ylnev. with imnydia'e dl"j*t<-li n ? ! ?'l a,' at pier lr, I ft l< r freiifhi >* |*v?wirfe apply in l??/d or In K W fAitUt'A II Ik ?I n< t.reen f sntAIJA ? MS/'ATfll UsJr-lliZY ~Vh<-U fi ?ail. The majrri.lieer' Sew York ti .i t elipp?r ?Jup IfJA*. now blading at ptr t.'i l*<t riTer t t ?t W<t| ? ?rec) tiaTing two thi d? of h?t carg ? e-(gage?l witl hatre imniwHat* di?t*ateji ftir Mtltiourne iler aer"nan)'><lati"n? f. a few flr-t and are. rwt cabin pa.?eriger? are un?-|ua.led l.y tb<"j> <?( ant Ml* te?M-l in the tr?<le Intending pe ' tiger - ara te?pia?!^d t'i aiannne ber l?eto '? '-n^.ig' og el*ewherr Kor f"?rbi < < pa->ag' appiy to tiToidif. llAMKK* No. S "iiutli tR loaiu atieel IJCI tea d to C HA Hit Y J" ^11 ion I t ?! I ?>11 ?AV I'HAMT^o ? wr?-f J Mi|[i 1 A1 t .t eUaa 'l pi?r .hip KWKJAI vTI t l An rfreea. in. ?r ? ill r"-''tr?|jr ami on or bei e lue-ay A 'irnrt .'1 -I I t ? W II pleaa* haie all tUftf bir iaiurr lu<-^ay ?*h HHftN k(^ m ??if*!. SHiFPma. THIRST PACKET SHIP roR LIVERPOOL.? THE RIO I XL Ur Mack Star packet ehip JERKMl.UI VHoKPjejV Captain Make, ?ill positively Mill on MomUy ntorung at 9 o'clock, when the pa??eng?ra mu*t be on board, ut pit r 3tf, Ka-t rifrr. The J. T. ha-> ac.'ou.m-elel* -n* I or a few more cabin, second ??ab.n and ste. r.ig.i Apply ou board, or to SAML. THOMPSON'S NEPHEW. 27 ft Pearl *t. REDUCED PRICK? FOCR HOCRH FltOM iXTCAN TO Ocean, by Panama IUi.ilro.iil. Meals furn stic I to steerage passenger* on the lothmu* free. 100 Ih- hag gag" free. Through for California, via Panama Hail road No '-hnli'm on thU rout#. The I'nitcd fttites Mail Slew ahip Company inland to despatch for Aspinwall, on Hon day, August 20tb, at 2 o'"Wk, P.M., precisely from piei foot of Wurren street, North rl\er, the we II known and fuvnrlto steamship ILLINOIS. Ptttm|m and mails will be forwarded by Panama Railroad, .???? 1 connect at Panama with the PfcoUW: Mail Steamship Company'* magnificent steamship (ioiden Age, J. T. Watkms, c*i? mander, which will lie in rcodinesa, and le.*ve iiniuedi ately for !i*n Francisco. The public are Informed Uiat the 1''tc Mail Steamship Cbmpany alway* have one or wore extra steamer* lying at )*aiioina r< ady Cor mm, to ?>Oid nny possible detention of pesscngur* or mills. 1'or passage, apply to L W. RAYMOND, ut the only office of the Companies, 177 Went (treet, corner of Warren. US. MAIL STEAM SHIP COMPANY ? FOR HAVANA 0 and New Orleans. ? *<ii I'ridav, August 17, at 'J P. M., from jiier kxit of Warren irt reet, Siorth river. the Well ktu.iMv aud favorite steamship Cft?><>'N' 1' CITY, I'npt. John McGowan, having lieen thoroughly overhauled and fiut in lirnt da-* condition, will reewne her place in the iuo and null us a I " i ve> Passage can be secured at the C inpuny n office. Freight to New Orleans, .10 cent* per cubic foot. Shipper* will bo supplied with blank bill* of lading of the form signed by the Company, on application at office. No other form* signeil and no bill* of hiding will be > ij.-iied utter the hour of railing, l or frwitrht or passage, apply at the office of the Company No. 177 Went afreet, corner of Warren. M. O. ROBERTO. Foil SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA I'NITKD STATU* uiuil line. ? Thenew and elegant steamship FLORI DA, Captain M. S. Woodhull, will leave New York lor Savannah on Sutui ?lay, Augu<t 11, from pier 4 N. R., at 4 o'clock P. M. Kills of Tailing Mgned on board. For freight apply ou board, or for iiarsage to SAMl'KI. U MliCllll.U I t Broadway. For Kloi Ida, through ticket* from New York to Jackrunt ille. HI; Pilatka, $.*). lite Augukta, Capt. Thou. J. yon, will tucceed, and ?ail en Wednesday, ir>th inrt. FOR CHARLfr-roN AND F1XIRIDA? SKMI-WEKKl.Y n. H. Mail Steaniahiii l.iue. ? The n<-w ami T'''y fart going Htcumer NA^IIVIl l.K, 11. B?'rry, t>iniinaiid< r, will leave pier No, 4, North Kivcr, on Saturday, Augunt 11, at 4 o'clock P. M., preeieely. For freight apply on board, where all bill* of latliug will tx> ?igi? d, aud lor paiww at the effice of Sl*OFF<ilU), THJ>0t?N 1 U)., Broadway. Through ticket* to Florida a* fellowt: ? Iu Jackitouviiiu $;u, to Pilatka $;ui. 17*011 niARIJXToN AND FIOHIKA ? CEMI WW.KI.Y " I nltiil ytatei Mail IJne. ? The ?tejiinihip SOI Tll HtNKU, T. Kwan. coninianiler, will Ir.iee pfc r No. 4 N. K., on Wednofdny. August lft, at four o'clock P. M pri' cUely. For freight apply on board, nrle-re all b'.lh ol lading will be ?A(no't and for pa--.ige at the oHice oi Sl'OFFORH. TllJOSTON k CO., 'i9 Hrootoe it. Th'ough lii-Wet* to Florida in follow*: ? Tu Jack .ouvill". WO; to I ilutka. ?US. The MAKIoN will mwm!, and l"avc on Saturday, Augiiht Id. N otice.? kikamhbip soi tmhinkk fx>r cr.iri j>v ton. ? Tlie ubove teamer having resumed hcc place in Iho Une, will tx' ready to receive freight on Moa day, Anguht 13. and will leave pier No. 4, N. R., on We<lnei'day. 16th in*t., at 4 o'clock P. M . precisely, is above. SPOFFOKD, TIlJKTON k fS)., 'it llroadway. "vtotict. gTF^ Mami' jamkbtown.? in const. J^l i|uence of tlie quarantine regulations with regard U> Norfolk and Portsmouth, thi* ship will *?ll iii Situr ilay, lltli August, direct lor Richmond, without g> iug to Norfolk. I'liiM ngerf lor the latter place will Iw Inu krl at Old Point Comfort, or they can proceed South, via l'o temhurg, without detention, with aw much espelltion and a* cheaply a* via Norfolk. Petersburg passenger* will l>e *ent upns usual, by rmllroml from City Point. Paaaage and fare to old Point, M: to Petersburg or Rich mond, *10; steerage half pi ice. Through ticket* to Lynch burg, $14; through ticket* to the Virginia Spring*. 1,1'H I AM A I'lJ'LASAN IV, ,'i J Oroadwuy. No Ireight can be rc ceivrd fur Norlolk. IN CONW^JfKVt F OF THEsK KNJXS PRKVAfUS'O AT New Orleana, the ateitner ( AUAWUA will not leaie un<il August 2ft. IJVINOKl'ON, CROCHKRON * 00., 30 BroMway. 1 _ K. t UITR12CTIOK. AC'AltD. ? THE SI'BHt'ltlHW WIU. ItFiVJVK N1*W pupil* daily, thin week, for instruction in penman ?hlp, ke , by cln-.* or privr.te instruction. OUVF.K B. OOlDSMini, 'Ml Broadway. A CAItD ? H. I'M tJNCT IIAVINIS <T A HDD HIS J\ French boanllng n lid day nchool for yonng gentle men, in which I have In-en pr?>(e**or foi the la* I three ycot *, 1 lug to Inloran my Iricod* and the public that I *hull re-Open on the Kth ot September next, in the large hou e 48 raot Twenty-fourth etcert, an rstablishtoent <>f a idinllar character. Pro*pc tu*u* with full dotalla, re lereto es, and a letter fioin H. 1'eqgnet, to ta< ha<l by ad dreading a* alaive. KLIE CHAItlJI-^t. IN -Tl!l< "IK tN. ?IK >AKD AN I > IN?T! ? *1 i< ?\ I ttlCCKILO ren. at tlie plea -nut find healthy village of S>w Durham. ;>>, mjh from lloboken by the lia' kensa*!. plank road Rue elutde, extensive grounds, motherly cj?rc, good table, and a L i u d in*tiuctor. I'.anolorte, Ac Applv <m the premise* to II. F. PKItKY. Mil L. DE ?RANT<sVAL'8 tlJWBCAU KNCUSiq French and Spaniah iU>arding ln?tltnt?, liu<Unn iimt Washington terrace*, !!? U.ken, N. J. ? A first claae liiBtliutlon. with a full corp* of efficient iuntrtietor*, and etery re<|iii*lle for health aud cowifort. Jteference* ; ? Me> *m. t bamelani and I'onteit, 07 Water aiic*r,and Mr. E. I'lunkett, No. 0 Bn*ul street. rl:IVA lEINVlltl t'IlON ? A 1.IIEKAIIV (il'N I I.EMAN. who Is educating his own aon, to avoid for hlin the conOuement to *rh<*il r?miia, would recen C two other bo) with him; very superior a>l> tillages nri* nffercsl latin, fireefc, French, t.ertnan, Ii..lurnl aeienee*, and I ngll-h branches II **i *teil by in truuient*, clmrts lee ture* and oral Instruction. Iti Ii reuees to any -lieni lo the llr?t literary gentlemen iu the country. Terms t.UO per Hnnum. Addre s Doctor, I'nioii ?>|iiar? Pout <?fll> e Ke-idcncc near Fifth awenue and I nion square. S- PANIHH AMERICAN fN-TtTl TV NO. 143 W>XT Twenty-third *tr?Pt ? In this institution th" pu|*l< Hie o||ei>*l unusual fnriliti' s tor ui'|uiiiug .? tboiougli kn' wledgj of the following. -An- not aO'l mmlern lan guage. malhematic*, liookkwping music, diawmg i?n< ing. gymnastic*, and all the ioaik he* ol th" best educa tion I lo- institution will lie re opened on Monday the !M September. J D. DF. l^-S CTEV A"'. Heterenees ? A !>n*gn <lel VtlltfcCo.. )'. ilananay') Nephews Come/., W.iMl- k: l'o 1.1 ' "S I Acosta, M. 1 1. St. I*imi Hotel. XITRITINO AND IMX^KTO'JNO-^-Ufi BIHADWAY ? f\ Uentleimn de< Irons of attaining without lo<* o I time, a masterly knowledge of bofikkeeiang. el.^an,* m peninsiisblp. Ac., are invited to 'all at F'l-TKR to DIXON'S estabUnJunent.'Appleton's lieildiug, lu*|>e-:t*p* cimens and obtain refereie <?'. "tl/l'niv; ?1? MR DOI.RMR, ??? UrtOADWAV, W mt ii?r ?>l Miiuntmi ?trif* mnieit- all fhii ?rl?ii I" join Iiia annual Aujfiirt 1* ? iik) bitn hu ?!<' Kant liaml tor *1 ut apply tlj i - <lny . a ? only 'iQ pupil* mil ie<?iT?l at thJ> Ion pri'-r. I :< rn'-/u i?- 1 UiU '..iy ia .-<?1 in'tojr. TR.tVKIXKHH' UllOK. 1VJI<< <INKY IM.AVO AND K? HIT HAM11 T<>S._ I'HK ?tiamer NtiKWAI.K lm<M New Y ork an loll wn ? I i ar foot of Aim a itr?rt at A. M , . ml |j>4 ami >4 )' )l. (/ter foot of "priiyj a'r?>ett ll'j A. M , Uji in I . IS, I" M. pier .No. ?'! North nur, at 10 A. M . I ami 4 IV M , liitviiiK I on?*y {aland, Iiat trip, at 6 1'. M. I are to Cu ney Ma mi ami Kort llainllt. ?? n n<l to New York, ii rtata. No lialf pri<-? t"r ihlWlreti |.Vi!t ?Hi;nVMH'KY IAINO HHANiH HICIIl.A < Ik ^ I it t la- -ilvi-r Point ?mt "'??an I'ort ? T ><? p"i> ilu 'Kami r Jaiur* I'hiiatopher Will Unre Jay . t r?-? ' pi< r t r t)i< iti.ry pia'va on III r?ilay A'lgn'i Mtli, at I P \l . Friday, 101 i. II' M -iatni'lay lltli I'jP M -urni-ty I'Jth H A M Momlay. l llli it'. A M iu><1 ?<', !' M l et ii r li Mijc leafe* Orrari fort "f> Yr I'tay, lOtli, at 7 A M -aturUv lltli i't A tf ami 7 H M J<imlay, 1'Jtti ( I' M M> mlay 1 till ? A. *1 lure 17,'., ? Tit ?? -< a aJr ami batliinu uim *'?< HM-I'l-AR I?AY ItoAT t-'ilt Al.RANY, I tVf'IM. A[ \ .inker- V%i it I'omt Sent. u p I' .nrli ; ? i liinilierk ? atal. ill ami Hud- n. Jleii: ? >? vi> -i . ,n >, I ),e ?ti-arrii r MKTKt/ltllJTAN', f'apt. I I'-illo-mM*, w<ll N. V, V rk , fiom pier loot <t .lav at ?? ft <??> y <! Way, We<!nenlay and 1'riilay, all cifUk A VI .??r< nr a' Alluny " turn' for the car* Ki-ltiminjr. "ill le.i?< A Ilia n; ? fu-'lay, Hiiua't.iy ami -ntu-ilar I - f. Hier j a r t i ' ular- in>{tiir?' at KM W<^t atr'-et near Jay SI Nit AY IK'AT JOR ti|?N??i\K I A*MMi AT J?T'V.lllJ'rrt 81) Nrw Itf.'loll" .? ? (ft'lt II' ?? ?'< am< r 1 II1 tIA '? H tl'.ll l wili )? ??" r. ir ilarly 'lnriiw( t ?? aeax-n from Nwtli Moori ?trn't N'.rtli ri*< " at 1 A v pier No Nortli rin't, it t:K> <atl . rm. viarv ? clip, at H 4"' 1* lau" y atieet, ftt 9 l?eltl|| ?tre?-1 it i? 1.1 aud riiiit) -fourth ?tr?*t, at 9 *?. 1. M cjimm Tt'.il' Tn NF.WBi'Rii, *t.-i rxisr ?vn n CoU -i'Unf. lan'liii(f a' i tin ? ?? . ? />. I>?tih?' t i-rry, Tarrytnwii f'inic "inK l(??er?t/a? Veiplaii' ^ ? I'olit tal<'*ell weat Point ao<l <>4d "pfnir toaclitna at Am'"1 atr'?" ea^h wa? . Hie la V'irita -teauwt TH"M A y. Ill l^-l mil leive froni f'ait 'if Jay ?t<*et t-?'*ry * tyl ay ornitir a' 7'i o'elc k, f..r tlx ?!???>? placer I et n ifi^, lea "? ^ewt'iirf ?t 1 ' , J' W i?l VI'AV TRI1* TO f.|>NOiV| s A RlKUrU' ^ ami ? atter?|airt A f ?' 1211. ? T ?? ' ? K I *?< . I J||| II- i i pi ,l?ne? Kent?e.|y, mil !???? I'reA aJIp. 1 rl?er, at I A M tlaih^riw ttreei at * I, . <?r???d atrea-i ?t*'t. Tenth ?Ireel, at * f?enty ?iEtl? atr< et at M ami III. "J Mirth at e. ? a' S", ntu "w* fr ?il l.leti ? o?e at .1 I' tl Ne? It'a-Jielle, ami ''tfatt* n(^<rt ? I' M A> f r MaiHh, -ern^ty, ?e,, l-a'4'.| kr ! ila ? tl.e ni"*t <V ?.'??<le trip ti rr t >??? e?'j N It A f ?-) .?,.,,ly of yi 't refff-hri ' Tit? ? n loard ^ a r * to -t?tt? por' 13 ? R'-'betle ?u>l idem ? ? '!!*? N1H)HT?U. 11' ANTH f" ?< Y A t WIHI Mil A -!? I ' I' n? . >> inoattia ?I4. MgH** ' ?' - * V'A'Htlv -UAN hi* MIltKti HV Mil IAV J axli I *ale *?ry r- ly a Urn ? -or yarht of at- it f"rty tOM, a la?t aal.- 1 ao4 ( ??1 ?a boat ailh pl'a'ari' <al"?a larjulre on la*r(J >?a Ita .ao .treet '/U'b Ui'latopfcer ??r? ? f.rt* ?M>, li bAW*. v* mi i a akwen 3 HH. BVtiTOS TO NI'-BT, In fh? D<l? ful Ttag?>ly of vilQk;n< \m> hi- mVA' 1KM BAOW, THK WANDKKr ?i WIN And the IMM? 'KTA1. T- ??PI>y . HAITMUf, ACot-T I! IV '< W A N t? K K 1 N li M 1 M ?? r U t ' Mr. f rlu- un-... Mr. Hu,-.ll | IWt, ?.?%??? Wj ???."? ?j .Iru I ?g? v( iih i??trti mental *oi*>? the 1 AttKMARlK AM? tin *.1 l*MiV ? * V1U-1KIN* AS1> HH l>IN 411 Mr,, trlucuin. Mr-. Mr- - ^ Mr. hi,' movb.m-thk i-ynk am? ,,AKI^aX|!ntntV I'ANY .a the grand romantl ' ,a Poor* open at T , <)*e'tuia to coBWU' " ??? ? ? rim nt 8 o'clock preciaely . Ticket* v- (5 Private lime* * II ?? i- 4 M f - curing Or. bestru S ?t? uud Private '|o*c- "**?? KraOptHJlAN THKATRE, BROAlTOAY, _j n:wTyli ..K 1 I'.KMII AND A - I-i 1 DAN"*Li ' AND KJUCNCH VAI DKVUJJ: COMPANY. bT ? eve nil ?rti-1. from 'I..' ?>.?..;??. Vheatre Sr. "'I?' the Hallrt will include ill1* lolloai.MC * * * ?toonU sJiO. Sui*. M.-ltmiNK KKAM-K. Mik V tai IK Til MAN' Mile. IH.NKI, Moo-. ' AI. J. ? ? TTl Al AN' M' |ii YATty. with * fu'! Corp* de Wallet. TON^iih*Wtoif tb. inrurrwl ? orrtimirT rombinatUm and r. ?? hercbe ??>??.' r.umu.t. pri.-e .,Y *ilmi-?IoB to the IVrqttotw, lUcaj mu. I*.*' wiU bo only ni-TVCSKW. Tin* K> *>'*<>. Ai ui m 11, After which, I he -pauiah ball*>?. I , A t# I i A > A . Af\? r whi?*h th?* vuiuicfHle, Urnt tiin?\ iUdiWyKUIK DE 1/AMKUW I To., include with * Ihurw Divwi ? J all ^'character. and Inckb nH -co WIN of the Door. ot>"U at 7 ; perloMiiaiice. ??unuwn'f > at ? ? .rami ItaUet ?i?>t W-'ViU* "Tery night 'hk. w?k. _ M- lTKuroi.rrAS Tin-uruK. n^v vuHk. ik i iiv im ?>?' tl.e.-n.ine"tl,e?d.Tr^nn^ ^upiiortfil >>y ? Ml '?oii'l'iiny of 'li- linguMv-.. t ? ?l <?<" luri-, "HI " ??"?? y"Hi A?*IK".r"i"'w? ?vv " KACTIKI. UKAMAtH.' 0?M1 VNY . i Tl'iel' the ??? IMIV'"" nl nl IUHUKI 1 >11* stii**. iunn.1 M'le **ARAU, from the Coiueitie Vi-if^iu^. I'arn. MH<>. ma, from the i'oit' V i.lui I an-.. Mile 1>I KRKY. froi.i the tonw-Ole V *ne? l ? ?. >1lli HINA1I from 111- < -on ? ' Mile. HUIARD. from tin I'>M" W "H'ejitr- ' I'- l?-r- ? v Mine. I ATI H Oil" from tin- <.i..inl 1 ????- 1 1 ?? I yon Me??rH. RAN|K)I X, from tli" (Yim/'ili"^ I i mt: i J *' I'lIKH^ . Aine iVomtbotV.nii*ll??rM?y..r; M liii i'llK. from the lmp< i-ii?l llnjttr*. m. 1 HI-LA.' VAl 1 JTi l'""> the ? Henn. i ?rL-. 1 1| | ( IMlVNl'., uoin the < 'on?enr? I an*. ClIfflY, J> nnf, from the Ambi#". r?ri*. Hi'1 1 1' VAl 1 .1 tinni the 1 loyal Theatre, Hru?" I?. I'Kl.l FHKll, from the AroblKU, l ac.-^ WaijjiK'-; iniAntK -innnTiiiN i?r mu. a ? thimy. ? umnedi, 11 Aoiit, ?M, gramle renr. -?? ?? tation ntMOrillnaire ?u hi'tu " J'1 ^ iT^nvX iti> Hienfaiminc-". ayee 1- i:0iK0ur* <1" >lo'U> ;< tal?ul -l> MU" '/XX . I A I'lUlTWiEK -ANS !>. >A\nll., eo.ii.nhe Tauit?v ill' i>n no aete ).nr Mr. Serlbe Mile hw remiilira le rule il'Hi-lenp. U-i autre" role- wrout Jou. p?r IM Anthony, l .-on I'atn-. K.lgnr.1, I ro-i- r ?t ?ri l. rl>. I NK VANTHUil; l'K JAVA, ^au ,n un ncU;. MU. 0,.eil?> rcro|>lim l? principal r61?-. l>-i 1 , i ? I.OTI?. po.'liatie non-pollll<|ue, ell on nete. ?. I' >n 1'ntre remplira 1? priuefpttl rale. I /> |4u? !>???? p?y* '1" c.hi.nnounetto eomlqtie. ? * t.." !?" ?? lji Ma.lul. nu. rrumi )>?? l-fi?a?iiol, ilamo | ir Mlli '* linii. vie tie liial'i.nt, .ompJiilnte ajl uaaf? J<* mere lie t ami III rii'-ont.-e par M JaeqoM. fyl bare-U* .? Io*'ati0fi M ront oavi-rtH le SrnneOi -le N heurea du matin ? 4 henn a .In mi, i. i'n . otnm-n?r? a ? b-ure# pr"<H"e. l'our 1'- ik tail* votr I'alliolie et lea J""r- _ eovcitioii. HKVKRl.Y 1N<T1T1 'TF-FUK A I BHTKH VI MIlKKuK hoy? fourtoen tnilfv ?kore I'biU'lelphia, and . eMHhl* iiv rl.nn and railroad, re . ,,*n? ; ;i. Vnr . ireular-, u.lilr< ?? l>?. M. I.. HOU-OIU), A. M, I'rin.-ipnl. IkiTerly . N. .1. . Mru MEATW KIlKNC'll ANU KN'tJIASli HtlARtHVl I. young Ivlle., and :*> We-t Hf trenth Ktreet, l- low t ilth ????,) re-open- on Itiur-lay, pt?nl>er 6. M: MiniW V.-JU he at home to re< e|v? |N. rentaand KnanUan. who ?i?h to confer with lie,-, from Monday, ^pieniWr fl. MH AND MAI'AMI- N"W. BKUOIKHM IK?*IUUVO and day ? I. ? 1 f?r y-uu. Lull. -, 8(J0 Ne.-.,ud .?? 0U? betW".n Kiihteenth ami Nineteenth ?treeL. Mr. and Mine. No. 1 W rgier .e^pectfully inform thnr fn- n-l. ??il the pobl; ? K< n. tally that their inat.tutlon will he re^ ...H ne-lon Mouilay, thelOthnt *epum *r. A '!*?? I? atta. h? d to thia MtahUabment, for puplla atadi- Uoce. MKDICAIm ? kit. Ill Siyj' S<>- 3 I'lVM'i.V "-TIO-J-T. Nl-rw Y'lKK, 1/ m. |,,nc and favoraMy known to the pul>ll<\ may ? I d at hi- old ea?aWi.hed <*r? where h" haa niartlMd in < ne hran.:h o( meiheiiie for the la?t 1* ?e?ia and made n.ore iure. than any other man in th ill* in n.any in-tan e? of nerxm- ewtuddered luc?M??>le, ?oii.i> of wbi' h h' ha? f? rml??l'.n to t'4<v to a-, heretofore, t-har..'- nwaierat", and in all e?.e? a cure fuarMt?-l; tanlton ? My (f' eat remedy. Hi,nt<ir < led dr.'P- that r.irra rtain dl-< a '? ?lth..ut d.yliMf it- 1 ." 'h* . an oidy I - had a. abun I'riewtl. t^U and get the Monitor ol lieaiih. ___________ R C0RBK1T, 19 DCA.VK pTJU?T, MAY ?OCW tilted with ronOdtm * on ewrtain di?e#.?? '""i- I tt fotir f ar J in thin ?pe< iality enahle- him to gu?rai,te? unuMIt e?re. Hi. treatment to ?b< a. U?at miet^l ?v Kleo.d, ?f Pari.. N R.? Dr. T a ,ll,.lo,.M, nitn.lx r ol tiie ,N?? ^ork I uitet?ity, may t? ?eeu W> hi. uflii-e. I) T \lt. J01IN -i iN 10 Dl AM. - nu>*r HAH I KJIK?)RM e?! ui'.reeme. th. n ?nj other iue4i. ul man Iu New York. |ir. J. 'a lieatinw.t la ?ale and ?ij^ditiou. hut inedleinea can he taken a.thout fear of >leb<rtion I ha'fe. mo<!i i*te, and the nu tiey ie<uu<i?<l If Ka'.UU' tioo U not git en. | |R frX)im, 14 DI'AKK "TKKCT, t*i f/IVU KNOWN J / to the ^Itinena ol New York a. the mo>i ? (jrartltloner tbta country ean l?oa?t of e??nllnuea to I* .-onaohMl af hi. ??!?! <.gl<-e, relieving the untortuoate. an<l gUing owolatlon to many an aching heart. N. li. ? Dr. (' xuarante?< a eiue in all caae. undertaken. | I tit. waiii>\~ o.iKWtAim i>w.ui Ki MU'ih \f th? fiaata-t Mr?a|nj.i nf llir aw *ftnr>tlng Inf.ilU ?iT<" relief In all I r<.in['Uifif - ?>( (? mah? Hia lidlm' Tonic |Vri<?U?5 1*1 ? J ^ n>?er 1*11 l<> the m'Xilhl) turn* oiHce Canal ?tfe*t tarn tkw.ra ra?t it Hr<>*il?iijr DR. 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