Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 12, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 12, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW TO t " > ' t WHOLE NO. 6924. SUNDAY MORNING, t %*J ? ? * ' * ' RK HEB ins new arson the pmmmc, ?4&B1TAL OF THE EMPIRE CITY, WITH THH 1 1 , frwi fettfenla, Sonth America nod Weal Court of Mrxleo. Interesting from Chili, Bolivia, Peru and Australia. mm Of THE AMERICAN SHIP MANCHESTER, Ac., &c.. 4c. The I'. >S. Jf. steamship Empire City, Copt. Winnie, with the ma^is ft on) California an>l the I'acitic. arrive 1 yester. <)ay morning. She m iled from Akpinwall at 5 o'clock, A. M. , Ax'jfim 2d for Now York ti? Hunan, with the mail*, parsengorH and treasure from P*n Francisco per steamer John 1.. Ptefhens, and arrival at Harana August 6tli, at 11 o'clock A. V., coaled and transferal the New Orleani bui iC- ii ud ;:as?*ng<'ra, ami ?ail?vl for New York at 7 P. M. ?iiuxj dajt. The paiwogcrs are all in excellent lwilth: ? '<b?? ha? not baaa a Mag)-} cute of sickness among them stoce tearlu^Saa HalrtlMi Anions the puiMCngers by the Empire City, are C.ipt. J. Bur-ell, agent for Lloj Umdon; Colonel H. Pearnou, of Sau .iuau; Judge Allies o: .-un Diego; W. B. Van Brunt, agent Pacific Mail Steamship Company at Acapulco; General Wheat of the Alvarez party in Mexico, and Lieut. Wells, r. S. N.. bearer of despatches from Peru. The steamer John L. Stephens sailed from San Francis* vo July 16, at 9 o'clock 1'. M., with the United States mails, 400 passengers, and $1,007,580 65 in treasure, of which $835,060 A6 IMentiued for New York. $177, SOU for England, and $S,00D for Panama. The John L. Stephens landed hor passengers at Panama on ihe 31ft July, at noon, all in excellent health. Ihe P. M. S. Co. 'a steamer Gulden Gate, with the malls and jia.-seiifter* that left New \ork July 5, p#r steamer "George J aw, left Aenpulcn for San Francisco on tlia Sid ult., at 7 o'clock A. M., all on board. The Empire City'* dates from San Francisco were an ticipated hy the Nicaragua steamer Northern litfht. llr. Purser H?U, of the Empire City, will accept our thank* for paper* and other attentions." The fellow ing is the IBE.Uil'BY UBT or TUT. Sit .MISHIT K*PTHK rTTV. .lyinnr 4 Co $0,000 T. k It. Nailson $2,185 Am. kxcii. Dank... 3,500 1/O'iis Negbaur.... 3,700 Bank of America , .. 25,000 Order /. 41,085 C, A. Butgess 3,602 Probst At Munertz ?H. Bleidona 2,434 linden 5.710 A. Baiwin 4,000 Jap. Putrick 5 J. 000 Chambers* Heisbr 6,487 T. W. Riley 14,000 -Chamberlain, Bo- W. SchaU 4 Co.... 5,000 hern it Co.. . . * 7,00o 0. W. Schonkburi;. 0,070 W. T. Coleman & Co. 23.197 P. J. Southworth . . 10,500 Drexcl A Co 100. 000 J. E. Sweetzer 4,021 Cf. Duncan kCo. 14,000 .1. M. Smith kCxn. 8.580 Ihiucan, Sherman G. W. Simmons... 8,000 ACk 11,000 K. h. Taylor 3.-1,000 J. B. llkkiuwm.... 15,814 A. E. tt C. Til Ion.. 10.000 Jno DnntndJtCo.. 12,000 Traadwfill t Co... . 10,000 Urinnell. MUiturn& Tlio*. whit ridge & & Co 4 .925 Co 3..-.00 Wm. HoueirCo,... 10", 000 .?. B. Weir 2">,3H0 W.S. Hansel J 4 Sow J, J SO Chas. Weed 2.58:; Edwd. S. Innesv, . . 18,032 Thos. WaUon It ?. Kelly A Co 50,440 Son? 30,000 ifeclianics*- Hunk.. 1.860 Wolls, Fargo At Co. 132,113 r. *. gontell 12,ooo rotal from San VmueUco $885,080 irrom AnpinwaU ? .\e?mitli 4 sons 10,400 f'nlar. *. 3,0' >0 Total $901,430 NEWS FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC. [From the Panama Hernltl, .Inly 21.1 the K S. N. Cii.'d Itvuiwr Vuldlvia, Capt. F. O. trout, arrived yesterday morning tram the South cmat. Hie fcring* twenty-two paaeenger*. and about 9200.000 iu *|ie ct? nr Engioud. tier date* are ? Valparaiso, June SO; Callao. Julv 11; 1'aila. Juty 16 MRU. We cojyr lie following from the Mrrrv rin <lr! Vap or: ? t'ongrevi is engage)) In preparing and discussing im *)ifant hjiln, having for their object to facilitate the in utriol activity of t lie tuition, and to fill certain want < in the legi -latum of the country, Tho moot noteworthy ,rauui the-e are a project to form a loan office, to faci litate the mi-ing of money on Uu<1k in order to their im provement; a lull to establish a liank of deposit* and discounts at Valparaiso; another regulating the mutual duties and right* of muster* anil workmen, laborers aud apprentice*; another reforming judicial proceeding*; and another refoiming tho system of military pensions Railroad *<? hemes move onward. That, between Valpa raiso and Santiago h? just received two locomotives that haw arrived from Knglaud, to be employed on the work of the line, and In opening the communication a- lar an Jimache, to which point the toad will soon lie completed. I he road from Santiago to Talcn already hat shares subscribed to the amount of a million dollar". The government. It in expected, will subscribe for in much wore. And a* tlio work will not cost over three million*, it may he reckoned sure that It will shortly be com menced. 'Die proprietor* of land through which tho line will pa<s arc disponed to give what may be needed far it, hi considers' luu of the incicaxed value it will confer on their estates. The road lietwecn i aldera aud Copiapn lias suffered aume injury from tho rain*, nothing, however, thai is of v?y moment, or that has not by thin time probably been repaiied. The adt entases experienced In that province from the road have been ilium-nee. The plan of association it gaining ground ,-imong us. The grft in growers at tho South have u project of union in order to i???M the powerful in uiopol) to which ib-y are suljrsied through thr association* .>1 th" miller* 'here. 'Ihe statutes of their Association- I published. On the etenitig of the 18th instant, the Krenr'i war steamer, Frooy, entered our harbor, proce eding from the Tahltiun Islands. Her last stopping place w:i < Oil" Ionia where she rtaved aenventeen month'. It appear* that her arrival i?t Valparaiso has for its object to procure provision- and monitions, and then to proceed north wards. 'Ihe ilark clouds thui surround that horixon, are prcnegiug wad event*. The allies' cannon is iiatl'miif to resouud anew more energetic than it did last yen the shores of Kaintchatka. WRECK OF THE AMRR1CAN *HIP HANC'HEKTKR ? CAP TAIN JJTR f>FREI> BY THE INDIAN* AT CAl'E HORN ? T10K1KEN OF THIS OREW PERlJiHEI) ONLV TWO SAVED. We have been favored with the distressing account of the wreck and total loss of the Manchester, on the i8tii 'if August, last year, in tat. ,S5 S. We pre-tim ? It to Ikj the statement of the < aplaiu's *-m, one of the sni vivor* uf the ill la ted vessel (is IWm k:i Msn-o r-WsR Wktkobo i Dr. n it. V. Martinet, Commander. May ; IS> , 18'?f>. / The American ?hi|> Manchester, ot Nuntuck't, left ><w Yolk foi Vnlpara'-o on tue 7th ef April,, the complement ef hands on hoard t>eing 17, end the captain's wife, one man died ut ?*a la-lore we arrived at Monte video, whicn pmt we put into on the 44th of July, I8."i4, and ogain htl on ihe ^tth for Valparaiso >if er having ?nipped foe. r extra ham' at Montevideo (in <he iStli <if August, after having pris ed ? '.i Horn the ?hi|> ?tiurlc en a sunken rock in about iat. W< - mil to the westward of tbe Ca|ie. the land tsing distant ? bout thirty miles. Not lieimc able to Leep !ier free with 'he f.umpi got the boats out, which were short ly afterward* stove, and afterwards the utsm ina<t cut away. At 1# o'clock the <ame night sh" *as full of wat. ., but ? ontinaed to drift until ft in the morninrof the *J?th. when, after passing a small Hand she grounded and in lea* than twenty minute* o|<-ntd in two parts and .all on boaid were immer?ed in toe water. The captain and his wife clun2 together, hut by torn" chance they got separated, and the raptain alone to-<- to the surface he iimniiliately ^ei/isl upon a pi-.oi. , nnd suc ceeded hi res -uing his *iu. on wliich they drif ,ed to the stern fMt "t the vwiael, wh^ie they remainnil nntll sun net. having concluded thi y were the only "ur> ivors ol the ill late I vi-. el. They then managed to get ash >m on t)t* ? ?land, whvretbey fourd i in' liarrel of bi*i? l and auotbor if flour. Four day* after the second mate and one ?ci man *r rived at tlic island on a raft tliey had con<tru<-te<i on another Ui.nrl on wheli they wem cast di-tant about two and a half miles. Here we remained while the cap tain was building a b. it. Having .ill cr>s*e1 on the r?|t to the i-laort on which tlie second mate tlr-i where was much ot th'- w ri-ok of Uie ship and cargo arid piovisi' ns, on the 8d of November, the second nis'e died, b< ing completely ? tbaosted. Hi* naatt was IHivkI Jfeese F.\ a?" a native of South Wales "n the Ifh i>f November we tirst saw some of the na tlves, men *nd three women, Invtn/ laude I from a ea Boe. We had just finished onr boat, and were re:idy tor starting Th" l?iinns having at tirst rece,ve! wh?? ceuld lie spareil to them of our clothe' & retirnl and alteraatd* returned with bludgeon', an I imintod apon stripfing u?. Thiee attacked the captain and three Ihe eeanian who, having dl-a1 led two of them fled to the boat In which the l?iy alr> >dy was. CtifnrtunHtely tbe car'ain n-eeivi d a bl"W which mnst bare in-ianily killed him Ihe boy re- elei-d two arrows in hi? js -ket b?te?,Bpe<l unbnrt. We landed on the island, where pmt of the week still riiniain>il , we returned in the ?Tuning and found the c*pta.n> Ixe.'y laying nske.1 on the rocks unit i,uite dead. Not 'taring to remain w.- took two barrets ot liread and jnroped to toe wreck. re maining some day*? Indeed -ever*! days? we ventured ?i*>ngih- i oa st in our boat. At the end of etauit sit wcck? we (oo'ii! 'he pr risioni ?)1 cip??led. and submitt ed on soi h sjicil ftsh a we ro : d g?t er *m"?gst the A TPf ?(rn*ie of any means of Hubeixting for a mouth at least, ?W?pt raw shell <ah, we gmre ourwlm op to Che law*, ??d bav tag nothing to excite their cupidity, tlie* babartd very kindly to us, and with them we have ,-etnaiued up to this present time, having never once w?o ? until ? steamer puwod ? few days ?in re. but h?d no communica tion witli Iter. I haw only to add, that our eternal gratitude is d*e to Ihe captain of the Mcteoro. who bun not only taken 11H on board. fed and clothed ua, but in uianjr In-tauces fulflled the promise* made by us to to tlie India in to in duce tlictn to t&ka us ou board. Our hblp wn? culled the Manchester, of Nantucket, faptain Ales. 11*11 Coflln. from New York, bound to Y/Wparttiinj, with n ciugu of Coala and lumber irouj the fiiui ol Cartwrlght & HarrUon, of New Yo-k. ? Saved, llui. lidnard loflla. tlie captain'* son and Itobeit Wi'lN, ,-canmn. of Boston The commander of the Chilian t\ ir vcs-iei Meteoro says, that i|i his passage froui tin Coiomj, iu the M rait a, havingfuuebored in 1'ort t.'allaiit (Foite?ecu Bayt during the night of the 24th Ma y lunt, ou the 29th seiernl In dian iam?n came alongside, amongst whotn were two Americana, lit* rail/ as naked as thenuelvex. He took them 011 beard and brought them t 0 Valparaiso, ful filing, fur hi? part, a duty imposed ou iiitu by < !i -.tiau Itjr uud humanity. BOLIVIA. All were taken ap tri! 1 lie election of t're.M"it. The candidature of <i aera! .-i?nta Cru* was neariy discardnd. That of Dr. I inares is increasingly popular. 'Ihe govern | meut, fhoAever, sustnin?. gen* 1 Cordova. hod .n Uw o Belau. The press, however, speaks out with a degree of freedom far from usual an that country. Belzu haa concentrated the army at (hu>|ui?icu, wrtli out leaving u soldier in any other part of the republic. It ia thought that he seeks to make (ien. Cordova , hi-i son in-lnw, President by force, but He. Linares it the |K>|iular candidate, and it U probable that the tutiou will sustain hint. PKK0. There la uo m wi of importunes, and this unfortunate republic appears to be bnt little improved by her cluing of rulern. We hen r of more gold mining expedition*. One party started on the 11th, and the American company wn tu leave in about a month. The government had issued tho order* to supply them with firearm*, Including two pieces of i-styion. ammunition. provision* mules, lie. On tMfc Mb a tierman company returned from a proa peeling tour near theCerro Pasco, for the pur|s>?e of so liciling the government to give tliem u guard for their j protection. Castilla, it is supposed. will be clected President. The V, !*. skip of War Independence was met by the Valdiyia on the 11th, about HO miles north of Callau. HIVMt PLATE PBOVINCKf. 'ihe poet hn? not e?me from beyond the Ande- The last dates left pending the (|ue?tion tietneen Brazil and I'nriigtiay. ktill it w as thoogbt peace would ho preserved. To this end Paraguay will have vent a minister to ltragil. l iTPTeKeeU of the Imperial R(|iiadron had entered the Water* of the rnragimy. The object Is uncertain. The free navigation of the river* for all Hag*, w ill probably he the lui?U of nrtjotiatlon. from Ihe other prorinees we hare no new < of moment. LATER FIIOM AUSTRALIA. The II' rctiiio of Valparaiso pnbllsh"s news received from Sydney to the lath of May, received by tb" Ameri can ?hlp Rorivr Uride. Biisinesa was generally better, and higher p-iee< were obtained for almost every description of Dierehandise. < hile Hour in Sydney ranged from ?.1!i lfis. to K.'m) 16*. ; In Victoria, from ?41 to iti'l (per ton), and at lieelong from JE-I.'l lor Colonial to ?40 for Chile. In Melbourne all classes of provision* were rising in price. In Victoria, the miner'* license hnd b" n done away with, to the jjreat <Ma>iati*faqtV)n of the people, liuinf gration was ?n the increase. City fntelllgeiirc. Tmt CtiATiUM stiiwt Calamity ? Asonrn Okatii.? -'In Friday night, Marcus Se^msn, the cnttor in Mr. Jacobs' store, No. 53 >< Cliatkim utrect, died in the New York Hospital from the injune* received at the time of the tire, on lust Sunday night, lie was a (iermanty birth, 45 years of age. Ha has left ? wife and family in t?er mtiny. This makes the sixth life sacriticod by this tire It is doubtful if the infant servlire* the injury. AtONTTDtofK I/lTOt? ATTTMrT TO KXTORT MovKY PHOM a Yoon (ilB!-? A young und rather pretty girl, named .lane (iunuboiough, came to this country from Scotkind some time eince, but not bnding auitnble employment, determined to return t<i her native bind. Walking one evening on the Battery sh" Was a r coated by a person calling him*elf William Brown, to whom, after Mime eoniersation, she confided her situation, whereupon he offered to asai*t her, and said if *h? went with hiai to Altiaay he would pfocure her a good situation. The girl believed him, and the same evening they started for Albany. Ihe girl paid f?r Brown'* passage and supper, but refused bis solicitations to hand over her numey to him for safe keeping. o? arriving, in Albany. Brown /.tarted 01 t anil went to the police ofllee. and swore that the girl hndj stolen 937 front him. Tbt- girl was brought up. but proved the charge false, and was discharged, 'ibis is the worst attempt at black mail we have heard id for siime tltn?. Writ Fmwoua KxrtoDK * ? Another Kxns*<to\ i'*kv Pot Whoxm. ? *>n the loth of June tint, altout 7 o'clock in the morniug. It will be rooollecteJ thut u terri ble explosion of fireworks look place iu the a tore of i>un kiu ti bobbins, No. 10 Maideu lane, causing tin* death o Wr. Philip Jeanneret. The Hre Marshal's investigation at that timy ahowed that the explosion started Irora a co li ri'il pot wheel manufactured by Mr. liadflMrt, of WHliatns burg, ami ulao that colored Urea were all Ha hie to tpon taneous combustion at certuln temperatures of the at iih apln re. It ippnri that on rMurday morning last, about ball paat ;j o'clock, a colored pot wheel *p mtan? oualy exploded, r-ottlnn (Ire to the confectionary r.ior>- No. 245 llghth avenue kept by Mr. Michael M*Mj;iu The presence of mind of Hn. McManu* aaved the nreniM* from deal ruction; i-h<* ruahexi to the exploding wheel, and unaided. succeeded In subduing the lire, not, however, until a part ol the tail way wan burnt and property to the amount of t.",0 deatioyed. Mr. M cMann -> ,ny^ Hut the pot-wheel belonged to Dunkln k liobbins, of Maiden lini", nn<l that the day be tore the explosion he b id set tled up bi< liUMiie x with 'hem, and requested them to Kond tor 'he wheel, whi' h they promised to do in a Cew day*, (hi last Saturday morning the temperature, I' Mtm>, mi auitablu for combustion, an<l the p<it -wheel look lire. There were no other lirnworki- in tlie house anil of court* there u a- no doubt but the colored wheel caused the explosion. The case w lender the Pre Mar bal's Investigation. Piatt in ("liniTT-mirut PHBR.? -The tire whieli burnt do* n the foundry building* "? the Hth instant. at tb" coiner of Thirty-third street and hl"ventli areniot wa< umli ubtedlv the work of nn incendiary. The machinery and building* b?louged to the (iold Quarts Machin" Com I any, wh<? bought the premise* last March, at a dttnee -ale of the eld company in which Mr. Kobort .Schuyler was one of 'lie managers. They e?timate their |w< at tweori 112,600 and 916 000: no immram-e. It wilt coat thi m niueli more to te-huild it, as the plaee originally coat about IW.000. The I. re ia undergoing un inv Ktl< ? tion by the Kin Mar- ha I. hi k B fiOMt Mien. ? Al.out half- past 10 o-< Ira k on Saturduy morning a lite was iljtroi ered In the i >mi of Mi. > Ui wn, in tli" third story ef dwelling hou-e No 2 Stone at reef, ft *pp*ara 'tat when Mr? Ih own ?' ot do an in'o the yard to do some washing she left her little lay. aged about Hw<- year-, in the room. It is sup wised that lh< child, in playing with some mat lies, set * lot of abaving* on Are that irci> under the bed When the flie broke out It was auppo-ed the child m in tie r<s m. ami for a short time quite an exviUmt'Ht pi' lalb"' lhe child was not injured. Through the prompt arrival "f the Bremen the fire wa- soon eUnigmaiied. Mr Brown loet all hia bedding and clo ly*4, valued a' almot J. o ii" insurance. 'IliebulMing is otnisl by Mr. Wa. J. 1'iuldlng, iind if damaged alwut five dollars. A**i?t a ConoWa WawaM ? lalt eveaing '4pt t nrf-enter. of the Klfth ward, arrival in t??n from rtonit out bav-nit in enatody a young man uani?*d John H Heritt wh*?tMda ebarged l>y ibe fimting of a ( nr-ner's jury, be fiure Coroner O'ltunoell, with liein^c n ee sory to 'he homicide of one Thotna Kelly, who eome to his d?at i by drowning l.y '?i:ins< from the N-amhoiit -pb ndid, nuining between thi city .ind itoudoui. In m < ins that the de. laaed wsa In Hqnor on board said li?at. and wa making n great nojj.. in the raiiin, when he w*? onb-re.1 on deca by Mr Scott. He n-m?ine<i <m derk until arrtv iurat tlm dock, fool of lhune street, when, it ?< '^o- he fell overboard and w:#? drowned. Male Pali* for IHM. Vermont,.. fiullnud, Hept. II to 11 New Hi;iii|t?diire, Sept u t<? H f Sttcra'iietiUi City, Se|?t. . <"ana<la Kurt, >h?rb?ooke, . s*pt. II to 14 ?.w York, . .Mmirn, Oct. 2 to .? i>hio, . . CnlttmhtiH, Hept. IH to '.'I Connecticut,.. Hertford, f>ct. <tioll Maryland. Hnltim rp, <)et. ao Canada We?t, .CVihurf , .. Oct. '? lo 12 Indiana, lniliunapolii<, ? ?. Oct. 17 to !!> Illlnoia, ( bicago, ? N>w Jern y, Camden, .. . ? Kentucky , , Pari*, . Sept. '?"> to 2S North ( ?n>lma^ Itnieigli^. Oct. I?i to 1H Oe?irgia, ...... Atalanta. Sept. 1(? Virginia, Wheeling, . Sept. 27 to n Virginia, Richmond, . Michigan,. . Dotmit,.1 .. Oct. 2 to Alabama, Montgomery, Oct. M fo 2*1 fcaat Tenne-aee^ Ixjmlon, . .. Oct. 2 i to 2S i'eiiuxvlvatiid^ Harriahufg. Sept. 2 > to 2H Philadelphia Society f?t: the Promotion of Agri cnltnre. - Philadelphia, at l'uwelton, ^it. II, 12, 13, 14. Tnr Crown Whkat ix Nrw Yang ? The Llring itmi Hfnhlirun myn near two-thirdn of the wh'at crop In that couut j ha* Utn aecured, aft<l ,?tkl* " Hom?; of thr forme n l*gln to think their wheal i? not ii jured aa much a* they thought for, ind it i? rra?on'?? l? to t?rMu?ne that when it i^ nurki *e?!, no ??ne W4 Lav ^rown Crimean EUeniUnf In Hfnr KXTtt AOKIH.N AR V ADVKKTl'llt^ OF A ' ? row na wax kidvapted in <M TAX KM TO KT. JOHN, X. B. Our readers are aware that atrnauuu made by ogenta of the British (WWUll inO'* <?>"> try to enlist ret ; uits tor the war ut Ute Orfcai*. , cruiting station* hare beta oyMcd ta eU tU, ?H|?iipa> cities of the I'niCD, and it U supposed quite ft jyunbar of pecsons have been shipped to Canada. and 'roe# thence to the seat of war. Ow n/ to the ?H|K5mee the tfflcern of the general government the enlisting ha. Iteen done secretly, and, ai will be seeu by the knotted statement, unfair and vlt.ieat mean* are sometimes used to swell the ranka of the Liritlth army, the following in teresting sccnttnt baa been furnished n? by a New YorV compositor, whose unw, at hi* reqned, we suppress. as he fear* the authorities may eau-e him snuoyance by c? iii| eilmg him to ap; ea; in court to teatif'y against hi* kidnappers. It neem." that the ei>mi??iifor? who, by the way, work* in the largest nv'paper office inNew York? in occasionally inclined to Uke something stronger then water as ? beverage, and la liable, e? *11 men are wh<> do I suci? thing*. t<. become slightly obfuscated. Being eon - I* stitutionslly week, he was in the hit bit of occasionally indulging In a liquid inhpreutly strong, a* a corrective, and at the time hit story begins was overcome by what has bwn de IgnateJ a "strong weakne?." It oppenrs that he commenced his libations to Bachus ou laal Fourth of and continued in au oblivious state of mind for thror ?*-??-" 'trt;Ufc?*er?J try punch and patriot lam. ButTto hi- own ?t?r?, which commences on July 7: ? "The Urst thing I r<"ine?uher wa- waking up with a very confused Idea of where 1 was. 1 round uij ell lay itig on some barrel- marked "Ocn- ^ee l lour, ' an I around uie, in the gray Ughl of the morning sailors wort* hurry ing to and fro, and troiu the sound of creaking rOp?*s, Hupping soil* end rushing nat'T. 1 began I" realize that I was on board a ves?el. And so it proved. I u ?ked a r ullor, who came towards ine, v here 1 was. uu'i he replied that I was ou beard the brignmin, Isui.ib Captain All nifin, bound for M. John, N. B , and, moreover, that I bad been shipped with n squad ?>f leeruil' t'i enli't in tbe British aim) for tbe Crimea; whereat I expressed great astonishment and indignation, as I had n" idea ot emburking on any sut h eX|?edltlon. But no one on tlie vessel could give uie nn> susti taction, or tell me who btm |ilit me aboard, or by what means I found myself in mv pre. out situation. The party that accompanied me piovel lobe composed ot eight pe-r'ou ? -i\ t.eriiiuri ., one Frenchman aud myself ? att of whom were shipped ior tbe Citmea. Oue ot the tlerman. had been inveigled ?? losrd under 1st e prctew e He was from Schenectady, and ha- 1 come to New York to tlnd employment, on in (lulling at an Intelligence oHice, ho v. a- promised a berth aboard a \cwel, where he was tol l be would have good pay and lip,bt work; ami his surpiise way be juduol whan lie fouud himself bound for tbe seat of war. Another ot the (iei roans bud formerly been an occupant ot 111* k ?wcll's fs land? Indeed, he ?a but one remove from .mi.liot, and nas Iniupublo of doing anything ev-ept eit, niiac con.plishment he excelled in. for lie .-let mlly put more victuals out. of sight than did all the >c t ot tho s.juad. He was coveted with vermin and tilth-.- in the ettryie, limt -\?e uert^onipelled to pertorin the most menial oln> o for him t# uutke his pieseocc euduiuide. Tlic Krfncho?ftto ImiUfl iiUM-Wwall a and wa - mi in<M?rrigiWe till 1. lie ?cine. I to IiaJ'' a mania tor stealing, and his hiding pi re fonnd tilled ?ith nails, old boots, sou I', i'. nd sny <|U ihtlty ot n?itoss trinkets, of no sort Of value to him or any >.ne et- ? It *aw ovct -forty of fi'i hi thr A a?' Hue wtir, wb?re he r-eehed ?evcr?l wound-. I ns.. til constantly speaking of Napoleon, we g??e him that .i nie and I knt!? Itlin by no other. <?ut ?l ?!'?? 1 < outit 'not s).< ul> a word of l.nglish, siut su >th w ? . . :*ppr-n ticeln Brooklyn, sn.i had liten -rni sl?>aid hy In > ? Tbote who were rugulsrl) enlisted in Nt>w > "r ? " ' ,sl to K ( Che othce ou their arri il In the Irjii^ i ?"? - fr'nohmun had l>ecn proml-cd fWend s g<dd ws'cl ? to tin t, the recruiting officers seene-d unite pr?tu- ? In ' Our treatment "n board wa- shsnvfnl As to the (??<? I. I cannot do It Jestiie. for It ?i ot a vei ? dlUerenl hit a< ti r trom thai sewud up at Sweeney s mid t-unU-r -. at t e modern to >tim of s?*-pence a plate. It e?m"lst<- >' ><>'? cwits, made venerable, but impalitahh and .oo-ty, by use no la-.-es of an unsiit-hailne flavor, and b . t "f au IIXI etxllngly firm texture, which It was iuip.--.ible U dlge-t. To add t?onr mllTt", we wsr ? ?oi.<|?d)rd to sleep ,m burr*!*, and w<*r otberwfs* roogiily ? -?t. Alter a st.uiny passage ot ten daya we wri?il at John. N. H. I wa- in n" euviable tatei^ tonsl, a. I lisM left a wi'.o and tsindy In Ne ' \ "rk. who mu ? ' arily reel ile, ?ply dlstiesfced at my sudden di-apis-artii.e tlie morning alter our nriival I ti Jed to get a v ay in n b >jt; bat the mate had ?>rd?rs fiotn the eat t ilu not <.? let m - leave and I was compelled to day onb -iM . Initnj evening I determined to swim a- Wore, snd >"a ?tri|ir"'d tor tbnt purpose whi*? I v. -: d. eove.e.1 sml prevonied from doing so. I was Md tlm' no d nibt I would l? et off when I got ou shore, as tbe sptani eate<l ah..ut wa* my passage tnonny u d the ti"iiu? b<i *?- t - tr" ?' the leiruits; and a^ ttur, seemed prolmlne I tmii?ve?l it Presently we 'a t a party of sol i ? - on tlie -hoie, surrounded hy the |Si|iuIum'. and ?i thin v;a- a r amei in the barboi we snpi- ee they wer<- g. oig but on entcilng the tasrt Hirv pulh-1 towar<1- our ve.s?l ?and .ante on deck. lh? sotdle, . ti-r tin. looking fel low f uD'i wlicti our ?wkti*ar?! - ? 4 1 ? i? ' ^11 uj? it <? . cited eonsidotable merriment atnone t t li.-i ?. ' ii? ? ?'? " quite taceti' iis and mad? no Uttle tun o' th'-l'uU- men. We terP taken iislioie I prote^tiiw th *dnl" u.-ani ' what 1 deeim-l an out, s^e. We ?>m nn I to tbe hsrrtcks and drawn up helm ? the t do: I -1 ? . did not learn, who Interr.v ,t,-.t us ? by <aie I fob. liim mv story ? howlwa kldn.ipp'd ami u?< uiiwllhn.' ne S as an American eitwen to serve u to ? armle. ol tier Hrfttinnb Majesty, lie replied tl?at u ? . ahaMri-e bat he could IWt interfere until lie rew? de?pat- -u tr.-m the governtnent ottners in Ha lUa a !. ??? u i.erinau do' tor . vTiohad ejuiniineo mo. Inter. .1 t ?n>l I ?" an lttiian. upon wbicli I told him be lie. t. 1 1 . .. - tette I then.) and Informed tbe folomd l??' ' ~ inan by biith and an Ameriivnt by adoption V c s-r. then treated to a dlnnet wh eb- m the onlj dscent flMhl I had eaten since I I- f* V-? Vork Tt.e - nt-b- ?er. giv'n ordai not to allow ? oi l-ine the t.arract, but I '?? .te termine-l toKetaway, siel fo;ttittitsl . ue- wd i.? oni |,HOiol hy the froi i ?'ebwiet l*?l.? *bom I have already uent onxl We tl n in.ot.- ,, n ? h> " an other W of the city v.l ,Wf I v.. 'o, ?.enata enoagh to seeure work tn a printlnaois * 1 ? ?" man who. sixtei n year, f't" ? Work ?? i ? ? im r barer estsblisbment I ladonted to a' ? ? " At work it, K ten days I mn'e enough IU<II > to J "JT I'lV pi* sago to \< w Ygr'k . b. '..?i of tlos?0il. n.l I armed l.oiiMj August J, niuih to the .urpri ? au-l l"j *?' '".v tannlj iml tricn li, wbo bad suppo-sd me S*U'li is the -tatenient of the eotnpn- " ind <n * ordinary on* it is. It 1 ? that i 1 t it ?? m 1 1 ' " kidnapped in tbe veiy jst i ? ??te ot N ?w ^ or . t . n o^ board .1 vessel m.mrb:.rts.i treat, " hi. r. ,.ri . r on the lOjage, and compelh^l joim ths irm "4 of I itphitvl agu n?t his will, allot nppar. ? tl) , with the i ounivanec and by the e<.n?ent * b- .fll. ial of He llr,t -h governieent ^ ' r'1 thi - .nan a ir -t ami 'i ? kidna|,| <trs J-'outliefner. It vonld . m- riots an l popul'V ? iiniutatioti, ami some of the dally io iru. la soul I i ? .<? With article" etpie-eiitg t?i ? hot iarllgoi, .. . < the e.n? urn nit)", but thi- Individ 'ml b ?? ?be ,?.tutt. to ?? white and the sff, v.'d '"I- ""I", i m .il- I,. O. We have 0W n tin- ? \ all fisrtlculatity. and will v?ei '?r ,' ? ? " A", It may If thai o'. 1., i m n ' ' ' ,, . ,., | u . nner wl.o met* n? ' ? " the- wheal' gives to stro-i* ? ik ? '? * ? n . uits t the ta.e oi tl"1 unfoi ' ' ? * v t ?" * Tltr ftlowi Kif>< ((' I i ' tul' tic- <>t Mil I ? . ? ' I.K A VKN WM1 K, K, T , ? ' '? ? ? In <Kiiirinli-'iii' timi In lu' ?( ?.!?-? ?>! ? UMii*

town -For t Lcaveuwortb > <<?? ?-Mh . H ? pi ?- j Miits a aunt livcl) iw|,e<-' > ? ? i ? ?? ? ? ' tbc new cavalry n jr>!i!< it < ' ? t ? . . . - .1 r and the fitting out of )!:?* S?ri- t i-\|i-?liU?m. .mt i OeneraJ Martiev. Thi* <oroi ? u?-J .*ill -t.vrt on i , r ItriltlM M tlit 4tb ImWi to* niih the l< rmtr tint it I* ao luU? in the -? im>ii it ,1 lit; t- r rKuflhiT , curi l? expo ted tbi? yi <r, uijl> > '? lii'i 1 ? ?il<l io.:kf u i>ti<i)<l, which, it w tvu'i-il '! if wi'l n fii ' when thejr -nrh ?n < .? ? - >< <>? u? t!i? *>? ?> try. They wtl! douhth -?? -< ????! <?>, r the pi iir*i ?. >mll liiiw, ll vhidi ia<? w I >>>. ? .?? ? m l> tint the m|i|m-m' 'f c ol , Cirri II i .1 ml ; irann^vt Uw-in *ill lia?' i nv-i * J u '? t, for , they imajrine that the IToMed Ktn?> ? > u i ^ to | milwnMu la to their ' oTntry then > now at Fcrt* Ijimnie 4 rid Ki-uroe: . 1 t W to n- ; <|?i>il, I however. that <;?iioral ll itn. y ronld ii'it turn ftme iiixiii Ihr urelrir* eerly U?i *)King; but ax Coegrtv* did nut antl^er/a ti ? ral-ini/ of ?n additional fore until tin Unri ot M?tIi, It wia tmpoMihlc to oomplete prep ? 'ii*m aoonrr. In make a ?ucreaafvl expedition .icr th<- <fnx living nliifiK tlie laae of the Ho?'kv mountain*,, <W>'*iit ovi-t eifiht hundred mile* from tbi* frtntler, t*#?.|H?h???i|i? knve ber* Uy the roi<l<lle ot May, at l? -t. tHwtw> know anything of th?- pnlm s know thi< rid ?? i? lolly to expect an^thioK im><' from i for ? rtirl ingm> late in thr ?von a? the fln>t of Am- <t. * n 1 <?'?11. Herncy'a <<mitiTi<l t* not l*ri<i n,nt i ?'? tltr Indiana that i'hart?M>m< at thvy 4wur*i. en tfr* tlr* with only about f*0 m-a. Il? tbi hair tMa forte, *t> ae to ffri'-'rfiiU' tb<? ? oautry with f<mr drtetbrncow '.f aonn 0?t m i ??i h. By i bu? mean* the lndi?r,? * ciol'4 I* rd< r< <?(.? rd. (M the fort* ov? huttriitf i}>< ii?i>| <t*. <? d- /e?l atiy i/.mU" m lo4<.w . i1 >yr' l? NffMrt ~T-irr*---g*-*-- In Ik* NWKwnOi W?<Iiii twunm' >m? ' 1 <>n Sunday night u?t. a fight took ptec* between two named Jubm liiuu.4 Timothy Duskier, w id ug in tfctatiahborhoodar Forty-eighth ntnei and Fourth ??? ?nljlwiMrti thr former received a wnff Mow oi> the hide (TIMlwl with a etob, alleged to have been in flic toil hjr He letter. Burn* Wki lion*. and uVthough attend ed by ? dot! nr. died on til* following Tue*Li/. Captain kwdwig, of thr XlwUtiulh ward police, w?y lie aotltied tho C'orouii of the occurrence. yet no iwjurvt had been ; li?M up to I'ridny. The ptdie*, in ku rwport to tho Chief of PeHce, eoy*; ? ' 1 The Coroner w?? not'.flrd on Tuewlay fturning. end on Thuraday morn iug ? jx>t< lHarfrm exauunatiou wan made. On I'rl'Uy the inque-t w?? to have been held, but although the jury wer? in atti-niiaure, and waited for some time, the t'cftoa <c tailed to make hi* appearttucc. The body remain* ol thr hoaae, exjuwed to the he:it of the ! miii, nud the titcneh from theearac U insufferable. TV people of tho neighborhood are maklug great eon pleinti of the neglect of the Coroner." We would -tote here iu ju-ttcetoCoeoner O'Donueil, that he was engaged oil day on Kridny to holding tb? in iltieit upon the man Kelly, deterred to in another por turn of to-daj ? t aper, and could not poa-Ibly attend to manilamhter ej At owe yesterday minting, how ever, the Coroner (illVmneii/ proceeded to the reei denee -it the$end held an imjueit npon the body, wlujJUe fnlUiwinjf ^timoiiy wo* elieitcd, going to ini JilVWTfllf V?u*. ov-^ Anne Burn-, the wife of tlis tlwea-ixi, te.lillrd that mi Saturday uight last, one week ago, nh<* ami decoawit were at the hou-" of Mii'bai'l Hickey, iu Kortjr-eiglitJi ?ttret, where a number of people male and (? ninfo, were Colieeted, dhncint; and drinking tint idie nud deceased returned to their hnroe ?t llo'elork thai night. and that deceased procured i> bottle i f lirandy. which he took hark to Ui"k"> ' < Iioiikc; m)i" went to tied H<>?n after, and wa.? annuo <1 tiy a noi-e at her d'?ir; ?be got up and ioi her huidiand lying on the i-tn et and a man li.r the name (if Kuekley pumping on h us head and body: sin* tli-n lutd ' him uwv?l to In* beil nud attended hy phy dcian* mini he dint, on Wednesday afternoon U-i, Johann Hkkey, the n'l'.'t witne"?, teaURed thot d< ? cea-ed ws?at ber ltouae on *?i?t night. th:tt hcvitmI men (among*' who. n wan Timothy Buckley, I and youug Wo ni? n ??re 11U0 present : one young woman wa? Kinging, when ?he wa* laierruptid tiy tiiedociaai'd; Buckley called npondeccaKedto " kiep?llll," whereupeondeoeare<leiiUetl In in a blackguard; UucKley then tluen den-uHixt against a bureau, den-asi <1 got up ami utarti-d out of tlu' houae ?ay in J lie would gi't hi? pistol and buyom-t and '? kill them ail " der?i?ed did i?ttirtr with hi< bajjoaot. tnii wa- ini t at the door l>y Buckley and 114' key. who removed the bayonet Irom lil* handa and tiirew It nrrovi th?' Held; decfoaed then twrnod to go linmi . when Bnrkley picked ii |> a atone which hethr>'? at decraacd and Buckicy then picked up I lie rooiof Aliee u hirh lay on the Hour ?, and i^uni'lei Bui ai, hitting him cm the lieud and knocking hint down lie ntrurk him again after he hod fallen, and then jumped ou hii body ; no other per -iii uted liny vtolcitc" tnvarda dwen-"d luit Buckley MkfVI Al TBTIMONT. Rnb< rt .lotnikton, >1 l>., being Kworn ?oid? I re^ido at .' Ha 'Ihlrd areaiie; I *n< called to vl.iit ilecea-oit ou M'in iliiy la ?t; I I miid hua slightly deliriou : he ii id wifral hrii'M d over Iiih IkmI) ? oiali in the lott xhoukler, and u j ?cal|i wound en the left nidi' of the head; )i? lit'C line CO ?WtoMi next day, nud continued mo until he die I, ou Wcr| ne'i'a v; I madu u pout mortem eK.nuinatioa of the l?H|y i n 'Ihtirwltty i iglit, and found a fmcture of the left |?wi" tal lionc a bout one inch and a half in diameter, nt the anterior and anperlor am;le <i| the tmne; mi rwinovutj the iiknll I tVnind e*ir iv.'Imi 'Wn of tdoiel. with aorom ellu don the eigne ui re iii i healthy ooDdt! ion; I am ol opinion that 'tenth wa ? caiued by the eltrctH ol tlie frac ture ol I he skull. John l'< tguvm, M I> , le ing KWorit, taid ?[ r raid* on the t orut'i ? f l orty cconil mrc-t and Tliirl av -nnn I ??? |ii"i i-rnt at lh' ]K>at mortem exainiual ou md I i in cur in the testimony ot IT. .loliuooit. ? eral other wiln ?- were ' famine I, who rorrotiora ti i ih" li -"in' nv 1 1 Vr lliM.e% and Mi i. Burn' andth" Jury, uftei a h' rt delllieratiiifi ri nd'-red the following vntnn t. e Hnd i hat th" -ai l John Burn* ' mie Ui hi- d".ith by Ii x tin i of tlie ak nil. ! ttiieted with the root ol ? tree In tbohnndaet timothy liuvklev Ouckli'j v ii- a young map, ant worked on tli" Harlem Kail, oiid. He hm U"t lieen neard of kIiicc the orenri iiii'-e a!"ii! iiUuded to. A Win ant hit been i<med 1?i h^ ?r ii'-t lij tYiin r ? >'?>onii"ll Police lntellUcenr*. HF'.??>VIBY OF Alf.HUJV KTOI.kN PBOPKRT\ ? AKftK?T OF THE HriTI*B1> TIIIKK ! .n t ttlffli t , between eight und nfne o\ lock off! rem Wfc'b?ter arid * In 1 1* ? ol rh<* Fifili wsfd, arretted n ymng ji nn rolling Ihw-t/lf l?eorge ^'irtvn, hMviri^ iu {jit pno * in pet bag mill a bucket containing valuable property. ft appear* er e biter fit it *aw the ucruHti Willi i>u ;?r? onipi ice, at tin* corner o Antbi nf atrcct end We?t II/. adwajr. fine of tliifo \\*nt Info ii liotji"* < ? 1 1 th" coru?T with tho ear p*o I jjf < *?? I I ?;i *kct, while tin- other k<*pt. watch at tl.e '?oor. Shortly after Wnrrcn canui out of th* bou?o with *ut t lio property; tlio ofllcer then madi' up f iwnrda tl.wm t ? iimk1' tl t'rr f. when they* both *t;? ted ..ff on u titrj The ofR^er pursued th'ru. ' >m* o**cap#i, nn<l thu ?>r?e ?*-?UJng htni-ell Wirn?n wm captured t?y <bh? ? Web Mi?r ?1 t and Anthony *ffe?'t- On -*???% i *1% ing the prifon* ;u the rttfttioi) hmu*e two bv ilver #1**9' \\(*ir (blind in h JM* k*t, tWu pftBetl CH<*' MM* -liter fioit Unit**, lit** pea : I atud*, and tla*t k > of a car pet "i>n ah o a geld wutchrgawrd hoo};. After tak ng t tlij prisoner the otto ft we nt bftrk to the hou??? 'In* Warren ntu to enli i . Here they found iji?* \ 1 4 s* t and j<?-t t asr on t lio ha*k of the *< Mttjc. lb' 7 *? !?* br??? gl*.t to the *t itlon houne and ftetoin"'!, and *4iut)il 1u '- iiu.ii the fuiluwing article*-, of w* .iung I One v? blti* ground b romde -ilk <lre**< with a- ?pi 'ff. Tiff white j?*tln itrew* pl?*u. I wo Mink mi Ik dr? *r?, pUJn. <* if b?nrr hfovn nilk. **l rlf ?*<, w?'h r^l ?fiol". <?tu; nky bltip "kill fir*** ftttt-rn. </0?- n?i ?!??<! nilk biu^ui- wai^i* ,? u t l?ro?u ?trijx * f>?' bli' k filk <?;it sin?i r i|,i* ) * TU" *\Vt*T lublt* Mfioon, broke, innrkoil VI h H. tf i -i ? on b; ??k<" murki'l i , < Iwoiwj: ?ll sr?'M fa<1i ' pen? it ? * On#? Mlhrer fruit knit*-. f?? ail b;?n?lb'. Kin p4*?rl Uik gold b?K#k k^I'Jiig^ to t ?b ' L/iiiJ. t?w IwMtlc l ew ti?.p *<n?? \f Ub w t nmiked IV" H II u # 1c r tb? li<t. t ?tih mr | ?*t Imr, '1 h# ri* ?' Y r ry litlle i|im?>t but ?!t tb<? <? ?|r<" lit ? ? l> I* n nnd no dmibi but vrty ir/^ntly, pr*?b?h(y ?>n Jf?t "%eulnj( T)"1 ? u tKi " i f'?r t<l"iititb atiou it tb?* J* ii r? %afil "?Ti?t i' n Imii <? So. 4H I ftitixnl -t rt*t 1 HHOWINO VITKfOI. O'C TH* r.M WT. A f'-miib* rtai mr rl II?mr>t fa V?n Ihwn, r> ^Uliruf ??) o 1b* I iflb wi?r?i. w?* t *k?n tuUi <-u<t<-dy ? n Fr i!*y ni/bt by olti? *r W'bb, of th? '?w? r Police (> ur* (biiigfd witji b iVifig attempt***! to #1 -truy Ui? ?' J" thing of ii rival iituu**! ( J.j 4 Wf #t by throw iik h ledtl^ "f fi'iuil id )ur. Tb" -;'wl '<i?l **i?#*e<f' 4 in a mtu# r<* itt is polling -fc lvr?f?Vy <b'Uiv dr?M, rerKtering f '*ra p ftli-i lnrl) iiiif rjibb- f? r fir runainde -f tb ? i tening 1b? arc ii '?l wfi - brought b**for#* .fu-Mc** < onnoUv *? iti* I a w?t Po|i<*?* i our* "lii" ?be w?i ? ominlttM t ? tria' ? n ? < bn i ft of ina irbm uu?rbief hi default of ball. HliF.I i* TIIK HI XTHKST. At i Ut?* Jiour ??n Friday night ** >? young i *u (n??t w??ll ifj|n?intf?! > 'b tb# w?jrn ' of th?- elty f na tried lb nHth ll' ttintr r '-aiding ?t No 'ino |> |/i nry v?a?i on h tour ff ob- o?tbm to Fourtfl ward, V* wj?? ln? durwt by a t> u?a|< to <*oti r th?* boafM* So. ?)|bi?r *tr#'*t. Il^olng litt-i n? f f r o lung in'lliM r<M?m of t!j' frail on when lier Lu-?! .trji, b?n!fng with rage. ru?b??*l in ?ith ? turgrknif' n hi- \ #n<? and ?t ? ? rf niW^M-iil lUr**U,. ed todt v?* t lb?* '/> ? n on** of id* * ii#|p. Aft**r #?? -ttiog ^ *?*-?*. i < . ? . , nUliing ti< irvtle* < ho-lw?i tli" uu ftntnrji^e youth ? ??f*d t<? lh* *tr*Ht nuni* uU bat ?o?t ai'>1 On M .-tniftg bl? paMal -?n f??r gobl It a4 he b:?d ??i hi* poek**t>< he a.M tbo/nb i *trt?ek to find fh*t f I* or.rt m> 'final* '-'>ntalning fKurtr W*l ) wk! vari-h< d. Oftiwr Driy, of the Konrtb w^rd p tiif- h**t >' '4 (4* th# wr.'ti fUO'. p*o? < ' "*i f-? f <*e hif'J** i/idi* by 'b- fmnipHlnunt* ?nd irr? nt^f tb^ iy?;i ?t*l bin ii ?m?| Irjiin - f i< t t* ry H -y ? t- br urM b- t t* J irf < ? nnoily. v !)? r*- ti*? v ??**' tt?ei? - ** Jo be ?od < obJy Iri'ib rirk -. fb? v ***??' <;? mioiUwf by the u it#? ' n ||m> eliar ? of e?itn?t > m y to t*>\> fb? ote^*: *4 ?)??? prl f ?#- r? ?.?? -t *1) m? r o? v??r t ? >? 5*he?i no toe of Ute rui^lntr ijol I ood tli* p . **t b?*l *+i* , ciwrf] In t'j ? tneti <-f tb** m*? prl?'?tirr wm ' ?o I ^1-i In id, wltieb h? h i ) probably i*? *? < ? UHW I ?* ? ill ? *?e b?* Ahonid t** n> rr<*t " Mr oo lily ii flly liitrlll^niM. I ?A lit* brf*+r out In tho outer r?* rt ru I he ^iftth aid i oora.nir ? 3 ?> ?'? ? ?? * - tory Oothb* u#?^T nt f> *>** it >* ofr?tn #1l%p #nd ft ?b\# Tin* buti<Un| w?** ?< % iv*4l hfAfM*'" H?d don, *f No. 1 H vger-* s V , %i>*L w*# urn' * ? of tiKi^rnf/ ?V- ' V?y ' be W'-fkmfi who #?? ? . ? loj%d ? ?'! b dldfr ^ ?' d* ? or * Iie0*e "0 th"> *N??Wfcrt l? ? f* ? ?? entirety ? on tioitd, ? ?ib *U iu ofi.euU wl^' b ,s"W ?MM ii ViJl*i i.g ^ I/w ?k?*ul ln**i nfww, ff any, tw* Jiar^'H^fne^t I Wo fcttriupiA wet* o<ad* on b rulmf $ft* ttttmri, f*. tb** bou#^ gf |l' <*r**g<* In <i %t..' ! ?, fV'll H V< T: ? lUlt t|* U OVW ? it bod wto *ay t*"riwo? b?ft4trty. ? *??? nw*-)*! *?}# ? th# 'vrtani |;f ? ??* i)ff*uopH/ . i^rij^d t o'? A ??able N-b. ejr^^g tw 1 ? I n wk ?nn-i.inar I'wr^la*. m** **r, :?? ?? IrvU) ?*? *? r? ? ??< le?y* {s ? jinn a|fl? ma ten** I* wa* ritmgwi'b^l ? -<m? re?tdtng in tb ?. a^fhVoiH^d l?mt|* * j tftii f NvvfW,M t yo'irw '4 lb? r r V hit?m '* n da?<M |Ai */*?-- * far *aU ? a : * w frt-t- v nighf follow* ? . ft tal ' i? y t rw ?t t# c ,. ; tg? . fi,a rt # r ^ f4}l 1%* i* .v4ii*d- f w NOTICES OF HEW PUBLICATIONS. The Nation.* or Rt ww* a?D' TCTuncr ahoTu ik Dkstint, by Ivan Ooiovin. The author <4 Uhc interesting volume* belongs to a distinguished Russian family -the Jftlncw Horn*. Hia brother is a general commanding * cavaiiy brigade atlKt. Petersburg, i*ad his uncle was for flv year* corttnander-in^chief ?f the Itusalan forces In the Caucasua. Notwithstanding hi* aristo cratic Ur'h and associations, Iran (iolovin in aa ardent dvswrrat from principle, and haH proved hi* devotion to the causc of liberty by the heavy per sonal sacrifices ho ha* tiuide for it. When a student in Gemiony, he acquired the habits of independent thought, whi?b have rendered him the object of ao much pen-ecotion by the Hussion government. After pushing some time in the Russian Foreign Office he got tired of the ineutal trammel* iu which it held him, and visited I'ariB, a city congenial to the literary and artistic tuatN which he bud con. traded in his stud* nt life. Here he prepared, and W3H on the point ol' publishing, hit* " Spirit of I'o Htieul Economy,'' when be received au order from M. Petersburg U> suppress th? work and return home. He rebelled against his arbitrary couunstid, and wa a accordingly sentenced by the Russian government to the deprivation of his political rights. He replied to this despotic proceeding by the well known work, " Russia tinder Nicho las,'' which win translated into several lan guage*, and produced, a wide sprewi sensation in Eurofie. He then proceeded to Engluud, and took out his letter* of m turalizatlon as a Uritish subject , after which be relunwd to France and published theie bit "Revolutionary Europe." The Russian government, howevnr, followed hiin up witli IU hos tility, and, notwithstanding his English pnasport, he was compelled, by its lnterforem e wiib the French authorities, to quit that country. He thi-u visited itelgium and Piedmont, and edited lor some months the Jovntol dr Turin. Hera, however, tie was uguiu mad*- au obje.ct of persecution through the in trigues of the Russian agsnta, mid be Dually tis>k up his lesidente in England, us the only European couutry in which he could etyoy the liberty of ex pressing his political opin'onn uumolested. In this < on< lusiou, however, he soon found he was mistaken. The war against Hussia, based as It was upon selfish interests uud false pretence*, if il did not prodm e u change iu his opinion-! us re gards the des|M)tism ot tin Muscovite system ol gov ernment, modified in some degree his admiration for the constitutional system of England. The death of Nicholas, nn4 his personul acquaintance with the Emperor Alexander, also contributed to soften the bitterness of his animosity against the reigumg dy nasty. 1 Uese alterations in his views, slight as they were, drew upon him the hostility o( the radical por tion of the Bullish prrv. I 'uu i>U- to di eliminate be tween the motives that induced to wage ait un compromising wnr with the government of Nietm Uis and thane which ltd Into to claim for that of Alexunder i* lair trial, tlie-c }ou*nali a ? n-?s| hlru ol a! amloninx the disitocrstic cs'tvo. lit this conn try.^rbere the true chars i tei of tlio?>i-<tcm quustiin and the hypo< rltieal pnatencea of the A into- French sMtance are diflpasstonatelf Hpprei latcl, it will be i nuidllv understood that there w nothing incon- ! sixtent in a itussiatt lihetal refusing to ie. o guise the ' <jia:tn< put loiih by those povernrnsiit" to a dialnte tsHted desire to promote the < ;vu?e ol European liiiert.. . uud protect t weak uyaiii.t He- strong. M. (iolovin, vith that inaaly lodepcpdenct which bps always distinguished Ins v. riun?u and hi* 'lotion*, did no < hi i'. .* to denounce tbose pIllOllllS with til" r ifne t" 1 1 * li" bull ais'.. tested in bis i U.*.?ri.- in elw < > ?potiani of his oim goveromiiU. The r'neiru ent e v it. i| i. . the course wlih It he Uiok on this <, < <tii?.'i i s,i >-f.l him to gieat personal uiiuh.ii h e; ai*l, di> ?u-'i-l I y tbo little toleration of opiblou ptriulttcii even in a so-called eonatitntioual county. In > ? I to vNlt the I 'lilted .States, alii tn nuli/.e lure, If I1 , his ideal of lilmty. Whatever < ..< otloii* a ilitle and mi t i|ibyidciil mind like In- r/u; tuk' to the working of si, ire- i<nr inR'itutii.n-.. v->- .r> nuch mis taken if he dirf s not !i'?d nmnagxt m an stui'Mploie congenial to hla view Hire, at ?:i events, be m?) gtM expression to his opinions on au; of the gr at piilltiral question* vhisb are nuw sgitatlug Ian pe, without any fesi of his motivi * b* -nj.- utii'inderhtofML We sh ill not, foi ? *i< ple.tllltik hiin the |i -< ?Li< -ri in his di m's ralic prole ?-iyns, il in ? ie, /el ??ildly >-ii-lain the cause of l!> ?> ia agnlnet the M In tibia pus !i\ Itiaaof the Hih Alliutne. Iii tin- woik befori v it i in.. I i xjwti'd frmi w.'.ut we have Ju*t ntftt' U, M. Holo* In U not 'irtr In <it J(t;ent to the moth*-* tint In) In tbe |*t? nt i-lami-m anil Nujii 'iint-iii tin no; * < m to lilm i (*? aytinnjiua fur fri-i-dotn ami < . . >Ji/.i i >u. Ha think* that Hi'?i? will r line t; iunijihant ? it of Uh' t < k if ? . fi<r,tt?hc (jiitiiutl; twmgli < v ;?n < It , . liaim uiiio; a* I'. i'l..rii| ban ->i. (?? . - ? ul a? iiiaD.i bone* a* England I .? i>?">. A? ? I ?n<?\ hIi< U too diatant front bi t frootk-i to li>[?? loeirry on thin atruggle with fu r k< iut ni'-d <r <<l f ninur lle-iile*. the hi'4tV? of tli ???? n its ? .f ti'>( in tii> rufitr? t. ft i* (l onfllct'ii ambition* iiii' r. <i i, and Mftli'sg moii-. Ii nch ? ititi thW;." tin ttil) ut>l gigantic ui'Mciit f.,i i of Itn >i4pi OVei tl:i' inrohi-r.i' ?li<l iintii;''iui?t ' IDi .t i that hav? 1< en brought to btai ;iKi?i t U< Himtoit or TIK Cofki IL or Till 1 ' I . r Iklll f?i tr. Hann r 4 Brottu-i*. l?f. BnngetJfl in twill iMifi Vt< i Ii PrKwUiii writ' in ml I k> nil lli'- <'!<! ll ;<f not dl twea 111* wtrrk* arr di ttingiiinhcl m ra by w-ri.irt.ut hiiW tn than by blatotlcal impartial!* . Tli ?uiije?t of tb>- pf?' nt [?ubll< .iiion offering a wi<b p 'd for tli* hiilnlji' n< <? #f tin* ! t. (? n> . ha i i be I <tn?iai<i tnini'l to v wi.ii by bint, n tin ? x.i vi^mtl-ni o: aiiluitt' '1 M?bje?'t* of '-tii-iirc i:i<l tli< ii i- . p|i-*< ?. Utkn o( vurh if ,i* m di-i..*n*lble. Ii i tho iinpMloaofriii&l -in "f A"/tV t rt 'In' tbn 1 vxrVxik tb' i hi n in ' hi ? i ' 'l m >t ? ? the t ii.'t of ?IjI? b thi / brut. A I ? -v.tii ?i i madid 'ittnltitloa of then i' H . ? -ji? ?-? - 1 h' i/i*r ri % '? at I'' j'latm * ? f <? i.- In i ?? will- Ii I* In I {? n ? ible > j In-*' iii-..! an i?r i v. t mi* ) Pin t! .? |?t Buog'-i'-'" I* ln< ipilib of ev< n r*< ? n ? th<- nj?r? <||.||? lIlUI riMTt/Ml TV >li??-iM?y -f hi- rr| / .?? ' pr ejvdb ? ?? ? trrtea away wM 1 I' i|fh?- p- r-i Ttfurati' n whiib a man o' ?-li iri>n*n\0 x?i|C*i* pf"?< to J o- ... Is tbr i JHiii!? ? of thi ho*tititv whlrfa he .|-;ih?t. i "?*r 4* ''>(l*li ' <l>vi. hi- uentraltovi tV ?!.)' ' of hi- !*>>o r ' I. t?> ru?. ri'iftl o Hmi, i ??!? Hiea rj?r-? l?y ? urimii' l>'?-!n r. IUr,-< A Itn <i r | Thi* i? ? ?*rj ?nvlliie and flrtertjr *r ' liulc work <#ti UM !*? i tb -t ;?> <>L?t I un jn fe.tb' a i that i?-?lt front iMr fWaliow, tumd Ur- ren -.lie* I that -?klK' l?a? |?rft?lded f?T th*? lli'rei* l?t i lmw that ut I- <:*Ur<i ict -4llj w* m t . tmt <- a | ? .ink onatwu of all th? Jill- "'Ul imlAt ?Uof>* that I lim - pj,' ? r?'J a)'* tba* *!'>??"> ? A k? ei.Utted Ut 1 ertdit for tb? ?kt# with wb < a it "mptlng. TV ! li.Hrnaiii | fart ?f tin '>"? w. tiiamr, tbit ' wbi?b r?ii i' ? t? tb- f?4r k?">iV a?wii V)MWi<trr?. Kr<- i Mir ?*?.t Mat I * ii??f"4?'lit tbirtMW I ?I'h ?bli*b' ? ota %nd [p*n u j W> #1 i** ? .er? kmd *4 iim^m?1 tr^ti, tut. hrr 1 1 i bi%* in- eaiitled tai attewUo.i. TVy may. I tvr(, afl b" up (a tbe ? iwy iu. >n jl ? h?< a I *' hat** W-ait ??a uti??4, tbat Ut we wt re t ? mavit j " im wt ?W kl ta. .? t/? r?o* U? ? ' * ?! ?*?al InirllU^M*. I ??????'? .rt,f wet i'/ ak-w ? OmWi ? '-? ? i I'* I t, IfW , t *1 AFFAIRS IN EUKOPE. Our Llrrrpool 0?W|MiiMr e. Lnmnrooi., iuiy W, MM. Progress of (he Hrmr- Parliamentary tUmtghtrr I*' Imutrenu?Qovmn Dvfffl Retreat from Irriamd - Sir Jukn Hani #> Co.'i Affatrt? P+hce D*V+ hern in England Gbttip about Cheap Jtfnotpm pm? Newt from Auetraiut. Well, here we or*, now getting up totes MBit* ?ince the allied fore en had lln+r Oral Imli WHh th? "borburir hordes" of Kuaala au the lWlBI of tb? Alma, and yet fcebuatopol u not raptured, DOT can the eagtft of civil and military inthorrtie* fix ? Me when. To John Hull ltiu< u tuoxf provokfig, wMkt tie Inpatient and ever rajti trench have boon take* aba*. k by the courage, dogged iM-rx**?ra?re. ami oai Utary skill and tactic* of (be enemy. Many a new thaptau haa been taken from the hat at> and adorned the cranium of the gambler who taut bw wager ngahi.H the entry of the Allien into nW u termed the "doomed city" before "St. Kvttheiv" day The obstinacy Of the enemy, the coot bee very, the atrtegth ami durability of Ihh detencea, are mat tern that a*t<uWi botl* the 1 left, alt aM the French, partk-ulftrly a* Uie giriwai u? preMlnn tu that the f? ?cw of tlie two naX?ne had only to ahow tltemnelvea before the gate* of He bajdopol, summon it* garrison to surrender. i*k! ttf without let or hindrance proceed to plant gpoo the city wall* the HtamL.rilH of the two rbuntnea. The ! piixt history of thin ruetnoaahU- campaign nhowa hew futile and ill founded wan such an Idnt. Our last telegraphic a< nwnli informs on that a grand >u?d lioth by era ami .<ind wiu? about to bw made, when 6,000 rannon will momentarily hrlrb forth the# metallic mi**ile< of d<-aUi and dentrrKtiou, alter which another grand assault will l>e made, andtb# place captured. failing thl?, the combined armjr u to take tin- Held, and Ulna endeavor lo make thetw Helves master* of tli" ('rime ?. lint thi* lv water a?td than done, for It la not at all improbable hut IUumbm reiuforreincnU may arrive In anfBcient tlm" to make a very favorable diversion ii> fvror of Osteu 'HUrkea in Kchastopoi. According to rumors whicli prevailed in l/ondae during the week, the <'orumujider-ln f'hief <vt the Hardinian contingent, General Delia Marmo ra, baa expressed in an official rej-ort that SeliiiHfopol in impregnable-. and that to iu vent it round mid round, no a* to atarv* the garriaon out, it won Id take a ^landing army of 600,000 to <lo ao. Everything con#d ered, England and I'rnnre have plenty of work before them ere th(?y <?n di< tate term? to the Ccar. Mr*a time no email anxiety begina to He fell fed the Kite nionx make a ancroasfVil moii* in At la, ami tbrm steal a march upon the enemy, at a time and in ? tpiaifer least expected. Besides all thia, the atti tude of A hhIHii and I*niMie are i?"t relinked, and the timM and the doubtful, now termed " croakers,'" although approving of the war Bid' it* object*, t<e?in to dealrc peace. The j?o -?|> of an imtaeoraMn harvest, dt-ar provUtens, an iiiar'ne ttade, and m increuaed tjixetlnn, are likely to Itrinff witb thenr w train -of hoc lal trviln skd pniiiieal di?<niietod'- wliue the toleoKt atutmmail of the a if-, 01 the popularity, dt?er\edl) n- it la, numot avert or ie.ip pre?a. I'ailiarneut ia atill aiitloir, l*it no linaini' i of rml ini|>ortiitue is tmnear ted. Miut*ter? un lo'ikin? for ward to the wldtc fwlt dinner ut (Jreenwieb, the pre cflraor ol the pmr??.iitfon,wlt!i impntleni e,for inde pendent of the Maine aa that await* them on that ancient {i-*tite n> c??i on there wDl he a ??!e i ?? fraw? the inreamuit t udjrerinj' of the np|Kto4ion, and lh? hled?e Imnunrr Itvcritrr of the |? ten jmity %g \ nal the war peiity ut the l'alm<'rati>n C^I.uhH, (>? I W< dneadiy, the a?tnl Hnnual "liauflUT of the mne 1 1 rite" l?K>k (iIik e in lh>' lloune of i mumirn ? , thet la, e n imU rof tbe proje> ted mea?tir?<lx night m?nj nfli'-t and eecaQd time, ulUtoujrk held up a a of the Itat im) ortaiK e to th- ? ominunit v, were linnyiu;'v <y>n flgned to ibo "tomb of the < 'apulet. Mr. Hey w >ed, mortd by the ardm tive apjieia! <d U?<? Attorney < lem i?l, tonaanled to withdraw Ina ttani v??- law auireid ment a< t, and tb< n hv liuve man) n Juiuw l T? j.nw i ? Ui.ugM At. wiili i(/> aiu'lj' ir 'p, Illw ^>1 ii ica ra i mmiimmiI hiuiliuw ?! gri'l TV HlMu bii)| Wurka, A< biii + v* thrown ? Imt lurv .-??'. rw r?,iil<l nut tak< Um< , ai aaib a* r il villi' i il of III' it, to tiuM a '4 it* prna> TtO'b'i^i iukwi-j, tin i/wumI >urjr,an<J af> utlicr hill w ma il?i ?li?l?fi|. Tn Iv.orn upr <ou Urn in tlm ? ommoMi'if of I'ar ,*ni. ui <a? gi t tlir<M|iti h itval of bimMM It > > hurt Una, 4 ut without tail li later; bat " ' li ? tutorial mrnt- am not m?i li tt-lU(tf4 liy Ui* pMptt. Mr. (Jaru iHitly , If. I'. f< r lioaa, anltbafar faiiiMi iilitor tiiii |>r?)ir ?y>r <if U?? Itabltn .Yu/mhi, 1i?? tnaUc Bp lit* mliiil to n il/. from flllU'D'*!, ami, It la aakl, trj hi* 'oftrniM al tli'' anUfaxIt#. at l.?fiii>t?r, In Aii'iralU. II.. lotalligru. '' ba* cau ?*f no ninall .i.irf.i.nt of mil MMMrMa a/. tl> - i?jujr< turn whi- It MO all -it a? U? liii noi4i\i-? ?fri< li <Mil<i iMttti a tte li?uou4il> K?i)tJciiiaa t>ua<- u li ? ; ?if|i Mi. I>'iff) i? i ?'ini|iirf'i mmk Th< pin ?- .1 1 Ma liiatory arr i.ot o?,| . aon4rrtul, l>ut w?ii* srii??*. b>t'i < laiat?lon a aild tew fik v?-<i a Jrw 'a i- ? 1 ? 1 wi*li t li ni of ti ik-.Ii m |-t~, I ?u lit, laxil itt,' tn^t) l.aft!"-l (tM cflotl tlaat I'ni.lin ' **t. make. aiIm rr| ? ita<t irtit* !*? u> ? t h ? > < | ? !julMr.| to ?. i| hU ft'iic r. al what >'i l#r t< t < li' tl'illg < U* lii ? j?-nN ul m Ti)?e*'i ?< Pa?l, Mnliui A i '?, U?(||r?i. both in tli* ? ourt ni H?r*krnptf . ati< 1. ?? ln? natrWi'.-iia, uk Dow Voai. ,*? sihi-U n,? IrflkjtMl i ? I ulv< r-tll) trli 'l flf, tfcr 10 . 1' ?f pi- 4f. el. Ui?j? \inm-i4Ui- | ?ni ? Itnpli ?t? 1 ! will not l ?? ' tnnifti ?!??,- u< th#r r*?iV-t> of ?'.? H>, a* H r?-l*'?? an ' < of ?h H ha? ju?t Hconr'l wcirt'iy ^ ? ?i I ? ? inMt iM) T /?? ri'ity n.w> rg fullown \ k "Ha r in? iBl< t ?f a <u'? liir firm, ttta prtorlp it of ?|,, :? I . <-ni* ???* t?> u ? lifin iin IfHr.pri 'I lUtikt',, * f am ? ?aHril 1 .i I .nul I w.rta, U. !<[<? na to l? ?/!i?t ??( 1*0 n??a 1 PM a? an n,?' ' ',r. .'a th< 'l?r? ?|j>n li<> MuDiyril lo < oinMo* tt>?- of rjpifM- wttf. I?" i f aaartity |< ?*it a l? '*'? 1 ?itilai.' tii ?..fV '?'hto.-Tli (*n ii, V?tl.< Ijtli'iUhr 1 "UitiiH'i < ia th' r-tfl?tl< Kuixl, t Hufltai i< ii I !'??#. Wli'niK' Icaiil >1 ?? 1 ? ' ? ftitm iitaaV'tlx 4 C ?lnt*r.> '? '.1 ili?- i-d' ?< ''rate, a abarp |it< t ? a'< r alo rUM ttw ' mw U pW tun atiii <l> K*>1 ! V. awrh if -o '#I?f/|-at' <1 ' .1 ? <.M aa > " ? }" "i 'I tHa Man Mi ?f tM ? ?? ? *"#li of art. ?k> h iit iin 0*1 , .uW ?!? Ifa iv <>r4mg||i laatrK' tl. aMl n..w tV ;?IMIii| l? ?jklillillt4 in a U'i? Iw ?t of t na??<t I , f ?<hil m* tiojui 'taar* Okamii?MaiiH aiih a lilal - 'in ? "ft^i Ihm t 'at |4rU> f |? ||jr ?*, rk of Nf '?*a II l'?i . li** ifc^' ?,???!? .ml li* th.f t/ww ? <>,U wt , Ui b?. ??U.I/.ti' n in ll>l ?f tfj<- j.j' . tj fa*!#. Tbi? I ii./i.i< a cm UJnaW' tromi < J ?'??.! I tte|4el*ir*da*ler,a wte*wa, || ? ? . t < 1. f.Hr r ?hfh ! aiold fit l*t pa.-l Su? ? 1* hf >0* 'Ah*? 1 Uaekaa *n?) ; ?? aai ji.'l.- mm 1 il" feMaeMfc j whahtfela tiilli ? ;<! I ?o?l tL? Nftitfn ? itfi ?/: * ? fMMi Ika 1 imi.i-j mw# U> ;< a' 1 ? ? ? <*"< '<? lu? a/ : iiiibitirti. Nut ""k I ate! b ? * i?ia*i.'o mAv ?? ] I" mi lAtitt U^lUt* fif U tor'iioa/y ; '30? ?l?? a . <iftr*ra, '/* 14' "Wf. a ft t Ik hA" inlt,' Ifl I ("mu'i at fba ? "l iimmrrtlni 4 'kaintn I Mmaiateut ik"0Utt r>0>Mry . ANteweh N>. Jate >l?A U ? ? ?l? a V# rt/ Win* 1 ci' ?t< r* ka u aafc 1 i'J I'. 4 |>J i- .J, |, .1 Ma # i.h1> (a r tu rv ???l ?tet of hwu or ? TV 1 HjJa I'i'k 1 U'ta >u>nrtimrt. ai ?>?. ||iaafl|[ ta l?,*t j ?.?,y of Um- ?' rai ??Mw< nt um Lmokai aM % 1 i !*?- iU'i pJ**. aad 1 hat a*/,# ?**-./) a af ??cfrn*' I tlolrac- aaatiaaa bj tl>a pcrb<? arlt'i \Wi ?a t' <w?" \ft?ttai) lt??t( aa? j wo l > I"Ule? ' o?u/?*?rt' r. 00^ (/ v?a?r m* ?Amm u t br taf^a r, 1 o tl< Mia rtUr Hid U< r.t of Uia l*? l>i to*. aa i?j?i ki'? - ' t" laana or6ra ttel laiU aK' W tr, kn ai> partrtM ?n?i?4, .y b- -..^4 tfi an a?a? a.u <4 Ui* lata I?r4 War .' ? M a , 0i attl <*. ?o** tite*.ia4itNbiiflU kr te> b. ?' r<%!j ui? ftc I- f**?4 1 I .? j..- ?.a rt '? * ?<r* >