Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 12, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 12, 1855 Page 6
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WIlMlll Tf T jlllfWtT 1155. JHV Mat of tka fkmi *rmti to ^?WWi ?n AnmtU^Dtcrea^e in Population, mi #e Vatm tf M? I ?$toto? Snake Mountain . Jtiatr Start** ? Migratory Habit* of Rattle titakm Mirlkplatt of Col. Blit* ? Anecdote of Gtn. !>#?. ? TWi place waa termed/ called Skeeneborough, in honor ot Mtfrt Skeene, ?n officer of the British mmj, to who* a patent of the land im granted. ragged aanntaia wbish bounds the village an Af AortiMast iv^Joown as Skcene'a mountain. On iMatdo ot tbio Mountain stood the house in which ?f^er Skeene redded. The site or it la atill pointed ?tit, though it ie now occupied by* more modern dwelling. Aatraage aaory ia told of an ingenious fraud per petrated by Major Skeene. An annuity had been bequeathed in England to hi* wife, to be paid to her. in the language ot the will, ao long aa ahe should remain above ground. It happened one day that Km. Skeene died. Her husband, unwilling to hare the annnit y cease, placed her in a lead coffin, with ? glass plate in it, through which ahe could be been, and kept her in the collar, but "above ground." Once a year he forwarded to Eng land the requisite affidavit of some {tenon that [be lad seen Mrs. Skeene at such a date, and that she was "a bo re ground;'' and the money was according ly paid over. .This fraud was practised a number of yean, until some kind neighbor communicated to the parties interested, in England, the whole story, and the annuity was of course stopped. TV population of this town baa diminished since the last census. and tbe value of real estate is much toe* t*?i formerly. The railroad is the cause of ibi*. Bc-ton thai was built seven hotels did a good fottunM> luiriw Now the number is reduced to two, mo? n Ui> tTHvel push.u<; directly through. But Tr? if*- reu estate in sn< ? .iiajie has diminished in walur farms It tin neiphboraood have increased. JVaiMjN- 11 tni prct* then tu.- really been no depre ciation. What but- been lost to one has been gained another. I have mentioned t iuu there are only two hotels. One of tneee? the Parke House? has recently been taken in charge by tbe proprietor, Mr. John C. Parke, an old resident, and the table is superior to the average of country houses^ Mr. Parke gives bis aknoet undivided attention to the comfort of his guests, and seems to under stand the fundamental rule of hotel keeping, name ly, to supply, rather than to regulate, the wants of his customers. On bis table may be found fresh ve getables, meats of superior quality and in grest va riety, good pastry, and if the tea and cofle are not precisely such as you would hud at a French restau rant, they are as good aa you generally get at a country hoteL It has seemed to me that a hotel might almost make a reputation out of the single fact of always furnishing a first rate cup of tea or coffee. About half a mile north from the village is a mountain, composed principally of a ledge of rocks, noted as the habitation of uluiont all sorts of snakes common to this region. There they congregate in the autumn?the rattlesnake, the black snake, the striped snake? and 1 know not how many other kinds? aud 'lie down, like lion and the lamb in Scripture, to gether. It was a custom to go out on this moun tain, in tbe spring time, and kill the serpents, when, in the first warm sunny days, they crawled out of tbe orevioeu in the rocks. Mr. Parke says that he has of ten caught the rattlesnakes in his hare hands, not even using the piecaution ot' gloves. Many ye.irs ago a man named lieldea was tamous us a snake hunter. 01' a sudden he was missing. Days passed and no tiding* came to his t-tricken family of the lout man. k inally he iva.< found dead, ying near the snake*' uen, his hulf decomposed body covered with rattlesnakes, cut up in pieces, which it was supposed be bad laid on to the bites that ne bad re ceived, te the hope that, in accordance with a pre valent oniiiion, It wuuld extract the poison. An oa mau who lives iu the village, Mays that He veral years ago he saw a ruttlesuakekiii a woo d chuik.un irninal larger round the body than a cat. The snake commenced swallowing hnn ? of course w ithout ma-tication? and at tue end of nine days the prtcet? of deglutiou was complete; the elastic btouuu h and body of the reptile having expanded in that length of time sufficiently to contain a sub- | fltanoe man/ times larger than its own ordinary di- | mentions. 1 onco killed a mottled water-make, in form quite similar to the rattlesnake, and Irom a sack iu its body emerged thirtj -dve young ones. I recollect, too, when a boy , finding a striped snake one day, wlien in company with my brother, just as its yonug were running down its tiiroat. Those inside and out, to gether, numbered thirty-two. It is well known that they art propagated by means of eggs -, but after the eggn natch, the young reptiles, on the approach of danger ran down the mother'* throat into a sack provided by nature, and they tlins protit by the sc penor wisoom of the mother in keeping out of Jourm'g way. A lady at present .residing here, tells me that a cousin of her h, a young lady, who was teaching nchool at the Went, received some extraordinary at tentions from a large black snake. She walked about a mile to the school bouse, which was situated in rather a secluded spot by the roadside. Every day at the do*- 01 school, the snake would come out from his biding place, a few rods from the school bouse, and as the teacher passed he would join her, ud lollow at a short distance behind her until she got turnout home. The next morning, a* she was on her way to school, at the spot where he turned off and lut h?r the evening previous, he woul J again appear tuid regularly follow her to the same point of departure, near the school house. This con tinued some time? the snake never offering to molest her- until, finally, she killed liiin. No mysterious tie bad Urn forced between them; and she suffered no wore inconveuience frota the summary termina tion of the acquaintance than any maiden would from despatching a hoau possef-Jug no power of fascination, by whom she was too Continuously per secuted. Hat ft was a tragic cud for On* who lovivl nr.t * l**ly, but too well The paper* aie dlscus-ing the question whether snakes ever hiss I have heat d them hiss a thousand ttmee, or leas. There is no question about the fact um negative testimony going for uothing, against so much positive evidence in support of my assertion, as can readily be adduced. Speaking of the Snake mountain, or den, near this plaoc , there is another interesting fact to which I will call the attention of natuiallsts. The rattlc eoakoe here migrate acmes i.ake Champlain every spring, and return in the fall. Scarcely one can l>e found cm the mountain in the summer. They may be see* as they Irave in the luring, and come l>acK in tbe autumn, swimming, or floating leisurely ou the lake, with two or three inches of both head and tall erect above tbe sui fiioo. The accomplished scholar and soldier, Col. Bliss, was born in this town, lu the front corner room, on tbe groond floor of a two story wooden house on the east side of tbe river, he first opened his eyes upon the light of this world. There has been consid erable dispute about bis birth place; but an old lady, still living ia this neighborhood, who says that ahe was pn?*nt on the interesting occasion, is my authority for the statement which 1 nave made. Undoubtedly much of the merit of General Tay lor' a Saisbed and beautiful despatches during Ins Mexican campaign belonged to Oulouel HI is*. Old Zack manifested his esteem for the Colonel, not only by the honors conferred upon him during the war, but by giving him his youngest daughter in mar riaft*. On one occasioa, however, be was reported to have spoken rather di?par*giagly of his eun-iu h?w. It happened in this wise The old flencral, labile occupying tbe White House had purd?*d a W>7 oow. He took great interest in everything pertaining to cattle, as aeil as agriculture, and at tveattf he waa superintending the milking of the flew bow, to we bow much die gave, a load of hay rkawwl to be pa/wing m from ot the public grounds, ami CoJooeJ Bliss, entering by the front gats at the moewel, eaiolemly left it open. The atw was h0B. fry, and la a rtrange place. Seeing the hay passing, with the way clear, she darted towards it, upsetting tbe pail of milk as ahe started. Old Zack followed, bear beaded, bis locks streaming in the wiud, and aome ladies who weir walking by at tbe time he ml him exclaim, " That d d lool of a Hiss ha- left the gate open and made iDe cow spill all her unlk.'' Hsu.? or N*w OactUNS. ? By the report of the Chanty Hospital, the total number of deaths in that iaaUtntloii, for the week ending last evening, Wa> 107, ef which '.<2 wen of yelluw fever. T.iis is a decrease from the previous week of 11 In the total number af deaths, and of 9 ia the deaths by yellow ;Vver. We consider thn under tl* p.v-eut state of flu- wtvather.aa a decideoly lavoraUe indication of |ltf health of tbe city; lor there never \,a.-> more rpi d^rairel weather than we art- having at present. We It r ? p towed to aote this absteim nt of hi, lint.* in our tm>M. and eutertata a nas uul o hope u?.a we will h 'v- no tpidfrni1' to reoonl tb.? (>ri ?n* < '(?errf, A- fcu*< <? Ow AlkMf Cwi iiiywimi. Aiun t, Aug. 1, 1855. Excw* imi m the Bhutto* Rimer? Picnic* *i the Orooe*?HeaU\ful Enjoyrunt Much Indulged m i| People m Ma Region. ItyB to the season for excursion! and picnics. ErVT *y P*rty is on the river. They ere nuwtij church and Sunday school societies, got up ostensibly to give the children an airing on the water during a pleasant day. A small steamer and two or three freight barges are chartered?the latter intended to accommodate the party, at treaty-five or fifty cents a passage. Each family, and some times two or three, join together, furnish their own provender, such as bread, batter, cheese, cooked meats, flee, cakes, and other etceteras of an innocent, palatable quality. The vessels proceed some twenty miles down the Hudson river, near the village of Coxsackie, where the party step ashore into a plea sant grove, open their baskets and carpet bags, re cline a Im Turk apon the grass, under the awning of the thick forest leaves, and partake of their variety of refreshments. The ministers, elders, Sunday school teachers, and other pillars of the church are always indispensably present. With them and their female companions the freedom of the picnic is universal; indeed, the parties who are honored mostly with their presence and their appetite are rendered the happier. There, however, is generally no distiiiction among the society on these happy days. The minister is as well pleased in conversa tion with sinter Lacy, of very recent conversion, as with I?ame Deborah, a mother in Israel? the rollick Lug, frolicksome damsel, castiug sheep:seyes over her shoulder, attracts the attention of the venerable deacons, with gayer couuteu&nces and lighter hearts, than the sober, sedate handmaids who are con stantly watching and praying and sighing over their manifold Bins. And whilst the older class of mothers and fathers are gathered io groups, thanking a merciful Providence for supplying theiu with sueu fine weather and exhiliratiug mountain air, the young oonverts, in pairs, generally agreeably well mated, are tented upon little hillocks in the reargrooud, over the knoll, or in the ravine, near the silvery gurgling rivulet, pouring into each other's ears and ejes the most convincing reasons why their two hearts should be cast into Cupid's ciuciuie and molted into one. The children of smaller growth, not afflicted with the palpitating hearts as yet of their older brothers and sisters, nor care worn concerning a future existence, are employed in skipping, gamboling und frolicking around and amoug the underbush, in the valleys on the hillocks, with the buoyuncy of a balloon, and tue agility of a deer. As no other thoughts enter their childish minds, except the occasion and the d.t>, these Sunday school children return to their homes at twdigh., with renewed health, revived spirits, cheertUl hearts, and enough to talk about uutil the next annual ex cursion and picnic comes around. But these healthful and laudable entertainments are only enjoyed by the children and i amities of the middling ctass of society, those belouging to or as similating with the Methodists and Baptists. TUese cheap excursions for a day are got up by the lead ing members for the beneht ot the poor portion of their congregations. There are no other me.ius within their power of having a single day of recrea tion, during the hot summer months, and with only one in the season they are abuudautly content. The other societies, the Episcopalian, Presbyterian, ard .Reformed Dutch, never think of treating the poorer members of their so cieties to any such entertainment, nor any at alL During the dog days, running into aouie six or eight weeks, most of their clergymen are in the country, at Saratoga, Lake George, Niagara, or at the oatn ing places on the sea coast, Two-thirds of the dea cons and ruling disciples are oil' witn their families during the same time, and their churches remain closed during the " hot season.'' The poor of such societies arc left all the while without the '? bread of life;" and should any be known to enter uuy other church, or enjoy a picnic in compauy witn cue poor Hnpti.-te and Methodists, a severe reprimand, and perhaps an expulsion to the " outer temple ' for a season, would likely be the conse quence. Whilst tho weather remains clear, warm and ple> ernnt, it is hoped these entertainments may be con tinued. They are conducive to the healtii of the body, invigorating to the constitution, retre^biug to the* mind, and congeuial with nature. Children, especially, should very frequently be exposed to the balmy breeze ot the waters and the refreshing shades of the mountain groves. Onr NlMlHlppI Correspondence. Hinds Countv, Miss., July ID, 1855 The Capital of the State ? Its Public Building* ? The Vicktburg and Brandon Railroad ? Cooper '? tVellt ? Remarkable Dream? A Southern Water ing Place, Qc. Compelled by circumstances to be a sojourner iu this delightful portion of Mississippi, aud having some little leisure at my command, 1 have thought a hurried sketch of some of the more prominent characteristics of this county would not be an alto gether unacceptable contribution to the Hkkald and without interest to its thousands of readers. The location of Hinds is ceutral, and It ranks de servedly high among the other counties of the State ?whether reference is had to the fertility of the soil, salubrity of the climate, or the geueral intclli gence of the citizens. Jackson, the capital of the State, an improving, business place, is located in this county. The Slate House, occupying a beauti ful eminence, handsomely ornamented with walks, trees and sward, and inclosed by a neat iron paling, presents a commanding appearance, and greets the vision lrom every part of ^ie city. The City Hall? a large, commodious building ? is now under going thorough repairs, aud when completed will be one of the handsomest ornaments of the city. The Executive muiwion, delightful ly situated in a charming grove of graceful phade trees, iy one of the few costly buildings of which Jackson can boast, and a lit dwelling for the Governor of a great State. Four or live newspapers, all edited With considerable ability und enjoying a lib* rat patronage, are published here; some oi tneiu are stiuulaid authorities with the partisan m d 10b rent parts ot the Union on the respective sides in jioli-ica which they espouse. The citizens of Jack son enjoy a high reputation for hospitality and a due regai d for those amenities aud courtesies so esaeniiai to social enjoyment; indeed, it Is a ut.aler of doabt, whether more brilliancy, talent and reiinement are embraced within the social circle of any place at equal size. At this writing Jackson is dependant, for transportation facilities upon the Viok-ourg aud Krandon Kail road, with the prospect of at.ll greater when the New Orleans and Jackson road reaches that point, which it will doubtless do at souie future day. Senator Drown is at this time lending tns powerful aid to that kn|tortant enterprise, making speeches along the line, enlisting the people iu its favor and netting sub-criptions to it. It is said he meets with the most grati lying success every where. A part of his plan is to get tne counties Interested in its completion to submit to a tax for the purpose of bmiuing it it .scouts to be almost reduced to a certainty tuat this rich and intelligent country will autnorue tne Uourd of Police to subscribe one uiiudred thousand dollars to a project so important to the convenience and in dependence of it* eitizeu*. K few days stnee a beginning was made in laying the tracn upon the Jackson and i'unton ltailr?ad, some thirty utiles long, which will be ready eaily in the fall to trans port merchandize, produce, ac., and will add also to the facilities of the ^tatc c tpiUl. Tnib is mteuded as an extension of the gnat Jackson aud New Or leans Railroad, and taps a m.l ><hi of country rich in ?11 the elements of traffic, /ho leading den^auna tions of Christisn* have churches here, a <<ple aud commodious, which are nlled upon each returning Sabbath with large aud attentive congregations. At tention is also paid to the cd.icatiouai interests of the people, though the eliorta to build up and sustain large schools have not, 1 believe, been as sucoessml as was desired. Cooper s Wells? ? place of great report, not only for the health and pleasure seeking eituens ot tins but of nearly all the Southern tsates, j istly cole hrttid for the medicinal qualities ot its wa ters, and rapidly advancing to the front raua among the most popular watering places iu tne country, North or South? are situated in this county, about ten miles from Jackson. far<ou Coop er, trom whom the wells- lor arv two, nulphur and chalyleate ? < 'ake their name, a Metho dt-t minister of goodvtaudlng, was tod uy a leuiark al l" diTHm. fi i-'(iientl) tepeateii, to dig tue wed. tne waters of which are moat eagerly sought &f*tsr, ac ct mpanled with the aasurain e mat be aoulu .ot Ji + in vain. This dream was often told t-? ins ueig ibu * I before he dug. i?r i understand no nc^at wdu' very I reluctantly. The ot ids dicing ti ijfc ,..n ' realised bi? expectations, and tio* huntfrods v> ti > i bate been relieved nudt.irig tad .c><t? | Lisitli by drinking of the Water i*i, m ra ... ? j thu Parson SXinSTl^Ti^ ^ du* 4,1 "*"* ?* **h J??f* ?** ?MIM Urn addition* UvB betn mfcde to the tmpt?rement?, which we now ^^^M25?da6^nf tw hundred gflfr enefcwd, sad we bein< laid f& . ^f^?e wa&f. ?M"rwl* onum'nted. ?^S^!L.re2D,VjrJJlt^,W,?d- the improve ?t^"^oper ? wW compare favorably with , other summer resort* with whish the public have been longer acquttlnted. And since the medlataal w ib ntcr ii MMIbM beyond a doubt, KllfLr?001!, * &Md frtct' iU> improvements ? morepeimanent and oruamen taJ character. The facetious "Dr. 8am" is the pr* aiding genius of the wells, and dispenses its health restoring waters with untiring assiduity, no doubt being tally persuaded in liis own mind that Par-ion Cooper and himself are the two greatest benefactor* now living. Anther feature which very justly deserves to be noticed among the characteristics of this county in ?* ^ at HPrinK Rid'je. by Dr. HotaeH, tor the treatment of diseases of the womb. The Doctor haw attained acknowledged emi Df?nc pro/ewdon by the success which has attended his practice in thin particular bran .h, and now has under bis eharge quite a number o ladic < PaU*ng fa"". yveral 0, the Houtuern State*. H u ibluUfi! I 5 disease, now so common in M^2&h*'iB*Pentd?*1 ot wUttt i? original with ?^UTi^g ^ 'mP")ve?tint uP?n that course reo.n y yVKhl?11*^d olber ?*audi?rd author i. Hi , fFon^fvh *? ,w!"ch..,? constantly m vkin? ,iddi ^ 0 P?ttk? widens it plea ttlM2l',pou^ %U"W ridge, noted for its ji if? fjTE? and?good WHter- miles from s?? agisted by his father, in which water is applied in !tvi! oU f'eni . disease alter the most improved 11P >?**{%? .The water cure estab S In well,.BUPP??l with nnrees, gymu i i un, bowling alle>, A*c., and is rapidly growing in t'ie tuvor and confidence ot the public. There are otber feat ires which I had intended no ' ?. ch*rafterl"ticH of Hind ( comity; 1 1,ave ?Iread3' trespassed sufficiently ipon jour columns, and will, therefore, bring this letter to a close. At another time I may, with yo ir per mission, renew the subject, and introduce tu your consideration some other things worthy of notice. Sojouunhb. New Patent* Issued. IJst of pat on U isaued from the United State- Patent Office for the week coding August 7, 1865-eacli tearing that date: * Jo^S^rJb'nf^v' <rjfir'nhtDk Wor1"- Qreat Britain, and in ?"'U41,orn,0fWU' MH8S ' for i?Proirement8 raUr^fei',0n,hiUdeIl,hia'Pa-'for 'mPr0*ement in irou LmT'' ?fNeW Y?rk' N- Y-' for imP?wnfnt in I zander W. Boynton, of Worcester, Mass., for improve ment in machines tor preparing flocks. Leonard Biiiley, of Wincliester, Ma-*., for pbine scraper, in loom" ' k GroTe' K^' for ta,.roTcmeut Jnmes Conner and Thos. Ncwby, of Richmond, Ind., for im|?rcm*mpnt iti urn chine drills. Robert t'ochrnn, of Cincinnati, 0., for improve ! method of haugiiig mill stones. Dewitt C. Cummingg, of Fulton, K, V for improvement in Htraw ruttci-K. 1 ? pu fillip, of Concord, N. H., for imurored cuttor lH'uil for Jrr^ul/ir fbrnip. vJ^lr WV>.enWldh "f?r??kI/n, N. v., and Bclnbold inters ^ lur iml)roTem,'nt in corn Aldon Grahnm, of Roxbury Mass-, lor Improved wrench. John .N. (iamewcll, of Camden, K C., tor improvement, in ap)>ai?tUN for diNclmrging ? mo^pheric electricity from J to? Js,ealeu iu September l.i, A. 1*. Orap and J. C. Kluclicr, of Tliibodeau.x, Iji., for fuagt aliiirl:meut for hand ???. I iveras Hull, of Chat lestown, Mass., for imi>roveine>it iu hiaidn.g machines. John 1, Irwin, oi Krj.nklin, Ala., for impri>reJ mole of Rceunng lyres upon wheels. ? 1 ?11ei n\Jft<,|",0"> of sew York? N- V., for improvement in sliips winciies. William J. Mclntlre, of New York. N. Y-, for imiirov? m-ntin propclUng vessels by the direct action of steam on the water. John C. McVair, of West Farms. N. Y., fer improvo Die nt in manufacturing carpets. i 1.0t kinH> ^ Home, N. Y., for improvement in dentil chair*. Charles A. l'ost ley, of 1'hlliwlelphla, l'a., for Improved marlin e lor measuring and weigning grain. Charles 1C l arker, ot Jloaton, Mass., aud Joseph San ger, of Vatertown, Mass., for improved mode uf a ljust ing blinds to windows, kc. M. K Harkhurst, of Mrunswlck, Mc., for ma< Hine fox sawing lumber. Kdwaid i age, of Worcester, Mass., for improvement In molasses pitchers. Wlas U. Ilaiidell and James H. Jones, of Ilorkton III. for improvemeut In seed planters. Amnsa Hone, ot Philadelphia, l'a., for improvement in forming screw threads, Ate-, in the necks of glass bodies and similar articles. t.eo. W. iSniith, ot Xanticoke, \. V., for improvement in tanning apparitns. Addison >paulding, of 1/iwell, Mass., for improvement in the construction of artificial legs. /Temple, of Princeton, Mass., for improveed sell adjusting tongue iron. James M. Thompson, ot Holroke, Mass., for improve ment Id oil drippers. John B. Tay, of North Woburu, Mass., for improvo ment in the b.-.I spring of leather splitting ruaihlnes. Win. Van Anden, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., lor apoke machine. ' 1 Addison Ctpron, of AtOeboro', Mais., and Joseph P. lennis ot Somerville, Mass., assignors to ihemsi'lvei a ad rjenry M. Kichardt*. ot Attleboro1 aforesaid, tor initroTed macltine for attaching hooks aud cje* to cards. llalvor Halvorson, of Cambridge, Mass., assignor to Horace Barnes, ot Jioiilon, Mt*i*., tor imiirovement $n rna nufactare of dignerreotjne caw. I'hilllpe btengtr, of Philadelphia, Pa., a^ignor to Pa*. caJ Yearidejr, ot ^aino place, for improTtmeut in the ma nuluctuicot plate glass. Ixiuls Koch, of New York, N. Y., assignor to Pe.ter B. . wecney and Michael I acmir, of same place, for ImproVi ment in machinery tor making pa|>er pulp. J?"ies '^mith, ot Uurel, Md., assignor to himself and inTemXt"'C,,m'rard t0UU,r' ^ ' f?r -U-re.uent lHsigii._Win. A. K<?ers, of Decatur, Ala., for design lor labels on bottles ami jars. Matrimomai. Iki-idkmtt ? Spirittal Philo sophy. ? We luuein the following case, reported by the Koohester Union, a ittir exhibition of the truiu of sensual philosophy inculcated in "M.iry Lyn* den." ? A somewhat singular ense flame up nt the police office yesterday. A man about ibrty-five yeais of age, named Patten, wns brought up, chained with ue-ertiug his family, bis wile appearing an tiie com plainant. The fail uly consisted of the wii'C and three children, one an' minnt. The wile stated that Patten had left her without support, and wus co habiting with another .eniale, somewhat her junior, i'atten did not deny that he had t eased to live with hiH wife, aud had taken to his bosom another woman; b\t he attempted to show that his conduct had bo? n pioper. He then went on to state that many years since ? when tlr?t married ? he and his wife lived fcv gether in harmony, because their views on spiritual 1 1 in tu is coincided. He said, when the Becond Ad vent doctrine ? which the vulgar called Millerism? whs preached, he anil his wile both embraced the taith oi the Haviour. in later years, he became con vinced thai the seventh instead of the flrat day of the week was the Sabbath, and on this point his wile haimotiized, and all went on smoothly. About a year ago, a question came up as to th* re mii lection, and on this point they could not agree, lie concluded, after closely consulting hi* Bible, ihht the remriee.tion was ouly a spiritual one. Hih wile insisted that the body was to be raised also. Hew there wits an irreconcilable difference, aud one that I'atten thi.njfbt was sufficient to lead to a sepa ration. He said that he could not live with a wo man who did not harmonize with hi .a in his views on spiritual matters, and had, therefore, forsake;, his wife, aud found a female who thought as he did on this point Here the wife, who had list^'.ieJ 1 1 his statement vuy patiently, interrupted him, by saying that she thought the newly found fcnale flft'reeu with bim quite as well on carnal as on spirit ual matter*. Fatten said that could not be shown by evidence, and went on with his narrative, concluding by as serting that there must be harmony on spiritual things between man and wife to enable them to lire together. h< said he would not i.vt with a woman who did not ihink aa he did on religious {Ue-tioiia. 1 he magistrate required hiin to give bail for the ninintrnaice of his wife aud children, and threatened him wiUi another kind of punishment it he-violated the law in order to lire in "spiritual harmony" with a woman not his wile. Lut or the Dkad at Portsmouth amp Nor rot.E 1 he eonwjioudeui uf the Peters jurg Ex lirtu continue* the list of the dead at Purt?.noiitb and Norfolk: Mr*.Capt. hamoel Barron, aifeof Capt. IturTon. uf the Nary; Mrs. Morris, mother of ,4r vV. H. Morris. n^Tchnnt; Mrs. Saunders; Mr<( Harrison's child, B. l>e, asm, a clerk in the .vtvy; Anna O Uoake; Ueo. Hill's child, Mary H eb-aer; Joseph Ki>ach; SOran Kemp: Mrs. O Jonolme; Aira. Havnl I. i. ii y ; ntid William, a si ve, b louring to rt. 0 fteill. Mrs. Francis Herbert's oide t sou, who lot town last werk, has ni.ii.edwd >f the I'erar at I'ltncew Anre. Total 14, which adoed .o the OB pitvioutfy Heit,make<8o. He give? the naraei of the lollowir.g who are Ijing ui or the ever.? Cap' ."sn.Lei Lanor , o'i the Navy i'ard, is lying ill ai ihi Im spital. also hi'. K'<ond d?Li,<bter; tue Wne of Mr. J-runi la lleiWrt, mtr taM, in d.ving; mo ,vl>o is Mr. J,ii.e? ToUern..leV grewn daughter: I c. ,t. II 1 aikvr ia very ill. la" mil .wo uaj," .ter< lire wo , ink , J. K. Wil-io u^d W.J: ( oui - ( n ev ? k, b:l k rriru*' ?? -irr sod Ihk.<p iniliie (< tL vr y *i i ^ FINANOIAL AND COMMERCIAL KOKIT MARKET. Batubdat, August 11?4 P. M. There m h alight reaction in the stock market U-dny. With a more limited demand for the leading securities, quotations were lower. At the first board ludiauu 6's declined 4 per cent; Mlssoori i; New York Central 7's, j; Cumberland Coal, 4; New \ork Central Railroad, 4; Erie Railroad, i; Harlem, i, Michigan Southern, J; Galena and Chi cago, 1; Cleveland and Pitt* burg, 1; Cleveland and Toledo, 4; Chicago and Rock Island, Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati advanced i per cent; Reuding Raiiruud, 4> There appears to be a slight puutc in the movements of buyera, which gives wiletx un opportunity to come in and provide for scuib of their bhorUi. The bean feel that the/ hare a fine harvest in the prospective, and therefore pat out t outracis fearlessly. The recent rise was too rapid; it storied suddenly, and in some of the stocks tl tie will le a nudden collapse, while in others the advance may be biwtained after several alight reac tions. At tue second board the market was compara tlul\ quiet, hut privet were well sustained. Read irg tdtaoced i, per icut; New York Central, 4; Ga lu u iuid Chicago, Michigan Central fell off 4 I ,ci cent; Michigan Southern, k. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's of fice to-day were as follows: ? I'ii ill on Treasury account $111,418 87 1 ett iwu do. do 175,02'J 00 Vi'.lnutt- do. do. 3,616,-71 58 ] u'.(t tor Assay ofllce 7,031 B9 I aid on Hiibursing ehecka 36,334 15 l'ulaucc to credit of all accounts 7,591,166 <12 Ibi warrants entered at tho Treasury Department on the i'th inst., were: ? For the redemption of mock $13,684 24 1'or i ho Treasury i;ejiartment 15,621 61 h l ' tin- Interior I>ej aliment 20,222 54 I'cr the Custom* TW* 6,210 05 t>?i wan ante received and entered 10.1770 00 lnle>ior repay warrant* 2.120 47 J 'law n on account ot the Navy 15,240 00 Covered in from miscellaneous sources 118 00 The steanu-hips Washington and Ariel, from this port lor Southampton to-day, carried out $42!) ,870 4'1 In fptde, principally gold bare, and the steamship Crcwient City, at this port from Aipinwall, brought about one million of gold on freight from California. Stock Exchange. tfATi'Rn.iv, August 11, 1865. $10w0 Til (J'p '47 ... . 106 400 shs NYC Co.b60 102 200G0 I ud St 6's . . . , 3 m 95 VMiO lonn 6'n '90. . . 6000 di sOO 60000 Vlrgt.'? tlSO 3000 Riwourl 6'i.. e 6(00 (<il. 7'* '70.... 8000 Kile bds '',5.s3 4C00 (josh line bds. 600 1U ( en KK bda. 10000 do no KM) do b3 do c do bt;0 1600G 111 rrl'd bdi b20 MOO do c 600 NY Ten 0'n.... 1KOOO do 100 do opg 101% 32 do pki- lOljg 60 Erie . b30

6000 64000 IKi'M) COoo 95,'a' 87 ?1? 92 88 88 >% 88>4 88 \ 88^ 88 ?3>i 93>4 oi v do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. .blO .1)15 60 50 361 100 800 200 60 100 100 200 Harlem HK....b3 360 Heading RU. . . ?3 .bliO . S.'IO . .k3 ...t>3 ,K?0 ? bfiO 6000 NY Gen 7's. boo 108)4 7000 TerHteAAl'4 m b 82>j 00 tih' Mecli R-nk. . 116 60 Aierrh Jx Ilk. . . . 107 10 Metropolitan Bk. 109)4 60 .Varkei Bank.... 108\ 36 Corn I'&Rk . . . . b3 102 10 lclkliudCau Co. 131 V 60 di 132 17 Canton Oo b44 28 '.OONic. Tiau Co...c 19?j 100 do b:iO 10 14 75 di 19)4 100 19 U 60 I'enn O nl Co 106)4 *60 ( umb Coal C'o. . c 2'J', IOC" do b 1 5 20f4 100 29)4 100 do bbO 20 Si 100 do 1,3 20 36 MaJ.y & B Co?l 10 46 125 N V Con Kit.. opg 102 100 do....,.st>0 101 V 60 do KIO 10.. i, 100 do 1. 10 102 _ SECOND $1000 NY Con*7 'h . . . . 103 ?. 1C00 1'an I>ds2<] is.. 109>i 3Mt ^lln Nic Tian Co. . la'' ? 106("Lm (1 Co... . btiO 29V 600 Heading UK 97 1 do 1,30 98?, BONY Cen HK..opg 102 SO do opg 102'^ 100 do sdO 102 150 do 102 400 do s.'io 102 6'1?? 527. 53 j, 62? 62% 62J4 63 '1 20^ 07 06 ?h 97 Ju M <17 ' ,' h3 97 97 97.'*' 4Hi 41 H 41 .btiO ..r3 10 do 100 do 150 do 100 do 250 do. 400 do *3 500 do 030 100 Hud Rlv KK. ,b30 60 do s3 112 do *3 13 Mich Cen 11K....C 102 37 Mich .? & N la K 105,^ 60 do 1 05 hi 50 do I0b)i 200 Panama Kit..b3 lOJ'i 26 (lev. Col k (Sn.. 107 144 111 Cen KH..snwk 97 200 do b:j 97JT 500 do 1,60 977, 60C.ul k Chi KK.bS 11a V 25 do W)0 112 60 do Ill 60 Clcy k l'itts K.boO 77 100 do 76 U 100 do 76 150 CleT k Tul li. 1,110 93 60 do t>3 92 ? 50 Chi fc Kk Is. , blO 99 W 60 do 98 BOARP. 105 shiNYCenRR 1>60 102? i5 Chle k ltk lsl KK 98?i 11 do 98' 10 Krie KR 63 76 do 52^ 50 do blO 53 100 do 1,3 53 100 do b30 53',' f5 (>al k Chic KK... Ill 14 60 Mich SokN ImlRK 105 200 Mich Gen RK .... 101 CITY TKAJJE HEPOET. SSan Riiav. Aug. 11?8 P. M. Awn* were nt %tf 12 a $rt 26, with small mile.-1 of pot* and pearls. The stock on hand thin morning embraced 1.C88 bbls. pots. und '215 bkl?. pearl*? total, 1,U01 bbl*. 15ui.M*?rrKFe. ? Hour ? The sales were to a lair extent, Without* of moment In prlren. T?e fjansactkma embraced 6,000 a 7,000 bbl*., including common State, at 98; fancy and extra do., at $8 40 a *8 t52l,. Bogus, or very interior grade*, were sold as low m 97 76 a #7 87. Wee tern common to choice do Id at $8 60 a $ t?; Canadian at ?8 76 a 910 25 0 ir the range; and Southern at 98 02 0 96 (12 for common to good, and 90 7ft a 910 50 for fancy and extra. Kye Hour wax scarce and firm, at 98 50 a 98 50 for fine and superfine. Corn meal Wax unchanged, und quiet. Wheat ? Hie market *n lower. The aalcs era braced about 8.000 a W.000 buxhclx, Including new South ern red, at 91 82 >j a 91 1*0, and common whitfrat 9'i 10, and good do. at 9* IS. The sale* embraced some lots for e.xj ort. ? orn was easier, with Kales of about 35,000 a 40,000 bushels, at 8flc. a 88c. for Western mixed, which clos-d at Me. a H7c. for good sound Into. Rye? AlmutftOO bushel* were sold, at it 30. OatA? State and We.stern were nellit g at 60c. a Sftc. Corm -ale? of 800 mat* of .lava were made at 14,VTc. : fOO begs IHaracnibo were cold. part at private ternu an-l tlie remainder rt 1V."?C. Cormx. ? The .mles reached about 800 a 1,000 bales, without change iu price*. FrtKHniw. ? lo IJ? erpool about 500 bales of cotton were engaged, *, ;i-ltSd. for compre?*d and uticomprcgrfed, and '.oo hbN. oil ut 16s. To London, 000 M>U. of nil were en Kitged at 17?. There wu no rhang" to notice in rales for I'avre. To California rates ranged from 3'2c. a 3ftc,., per foot. hurrr. ? About '200 bag" Brazil nuts were gold at private terms. JUT wn? f|Uiet at 91 '25 for old, in prime order. I ami There was said to be so-ne feeling on the part of holders, but mn Kales of moment transpired. Moijuew. ? otfh bbls. Texa- and 100 hh<ls. Neuvita.* syrup were solo at private terms. Nxm were tueany. but no transactions of mo ment were nqiorted. 1hc\p>kj.>k ? The market was firmer and tolerably ac tive. '1 he aalts embraced 700 a 800 bbls., including new mega nt 910 (8 a 910 75; new prime at *17. Included In !he sales were 500 bbls. new mess, deliverable in ;i0days buyers 'option, *t91W 81. Heel' continued nrm, with sales 1 f -00 a <Xl0 bbls. 911 a 913 for country mess and 9-' 76 a 910 it for prime ditto. Repacked Chicago was at 915 50 a 91ft. Cut ineato were qnite firm, an l shim 11 sales wero made at 10c. a lOtje. for hams and 8}$e. a tfc. for shoul ders. lard continued firtn wlih sales of ;I00 a 400 bbls., in lot- at lOJfc. a 11 V' Hie latter llg.ire for strictly prime, flutter and ciiee-e were unchanged. l!it* ? I he market waa tirm, with small sales at 8 '? a e. a Ofcc. M <.*w. ? The market continued firm, and the sales "ra brncc<i about Sou a 900 hhda. Cuba muscovado at O^c., including 140 bdds. prime quality at 7 cent*. WUKOT. ? 7 he sales emb. viced '200 bhl i. Ohio at 40c. a 40,c., 150 do. State I'rl.on at 41e., and 100 lidd*. Drudge at 41c. (<ui. ? Sales of 150 ton* Jlaliburton'* Liverpool at 0, 4 month*. Demritlr Market*. N'kw Itimi-nari oil iLtaarr, August 8.? Sperm? There is considerable inquiry for sperm, bat xalee ti a limited exu nt otily have been made, is consequence of joI.I.ts not being inclined to sell at the present prices, j he tiansaetion* since our last Include sales of bbls. from right whale hhips at 91 72 S, and So bbls. ofa spe.-m whal er's ce.go at a price not made public. Whale is al.o in goi d < emand and holder* firm. Hale* for the week are ?Mt bbls. for hone consumption, and 800 bbla. for export, all upon private term*. 1ft bale bone ? Tlie market is quite a slight advance in prices; tiam-tciion* in clude . W.000 lbe. Kehomk at Ml^c. ; 3,000 lbs. Northwest at 4fte; 7,000 de. Jo. and 6,000 do. Artie the prices of wnicb we do not learn. A0VbETI8LKi.NT8 RKNEWlO liVERf l).U. KDt'CATI OW. Brvi3u.Y iN.-TrnTf? n>H a uscrrai ni mbj^of boy*, fourteen mile* above i'hibi lelphia. and ac <?? sible by :.teai..hoat and railroad, re opens .vptemimr a. >or circular*. a<ldre** Bev. M. 1- HuKKuKti, A. M., 1 rincipal, Beverly, N. 4. BI/KjIIUHJ) ACAJDKM Y . ? IK ) A KM .V(? AND DAT school for both sexe*. pleasantly and hsalUidy ?iuaW, corner of I2<x-ni field ?i?l First streets, Hob >ki?, N. J., will commence iu negt term August 21. NiiinS>*r of ?ohe'ai* limited. Circulars at We-tet nun's 200 i). >ad w^y, N. T., or by KD. 1*J,1?N'KK, l'rincip?l. Ml^. MFARS' FRENCH AND FNfilX^M HOAIU>lVO and .i*y school, for youughwlie.s, (J* mi.l ;to Weatflf '<en'h '"-eet. below Fifth .ivmne ) re-npen- on i nui-sday, ?s j emler 6. Mrs. Me?r? *iU be a> h?',ne to ,e .-ive pa ent* an<l guardiitn-1 who wish to cooler wlui her. from M'-idaj , Fep<etn?er S. Mn. and madamf wmx Boton^'s boarihno and day school fory-oing ladies. .>00 ."VeoaJ are. ?ifci, hetw??f l\J?e--n1h *' o N"inetM-<iJi ?t,>*>i?. Mr. itu Kmc. No?l ?k ;p t rs swfally inform Uvit frt-nd? ti >l the pi.ldlc c""r "''r " -? ?' lastltn'iiHi trill M re * <" ? pw ifli'W. a ? i?js t ' . "i. pupils *t ? .iuU ao>. BDABIMOK) MB LOBSOO. fiQi) AND ?t4 BWOAHWAV. BtfrWKES HOUSTON \s+J ?i and Bl toMMr stress. ? Viret elas* accommoda tion* for permaneut and transient boarder*. Term* rea sonable. tW^-OTDfON HBWX-rD?ouBLK rooms for of *i?&e gentlemen, or families, can be oMajoit at (b? abovo place; kou? with modern improve ments; location pleasant, near St. John's park. Refer ent exchanged. QtST. MARK'S PLACE.? GENOME* AND THEIR OO or (ingle gentlemen, can obtain furnished rooms, wtth full or partial board, a? above. The houso replete witli gas, Croton water, closets, Ac. A FAMILY OK THE HIGlfl&ff RESPECTABILITY Mn* to obtain, for the tall and winter, a unit of well furnisliod rooms, with bourd, in a house where there are, and ?U1 bo, no other boarders. The location must be between Eighth and Fourteenth streets, and Fourth and Hfth nmuw , or the east side of Union square, be tween Fourteenth ami Seventeenth street*, ltefcreaces required anu given. Address A. A. A., Herald office. A WIDOW IADY, HAVING A HANDSOME FIRST class house, near Broadway awl Madison .-Square, would accommodate, with full or partial board, a part/ of gentlemen, or two email select families. No other boarder* would be taken. The comfort* of home will be found. Address L. E. L., liox 3,601, Post Office. Board? a iady, residing ai-one. who for year* had been accustomed to the r'<juireraenU of the nick, would accommodate a lady with board, nursing and akill'ul attendance, previou* to and during confine mint. Address A Friend, Chatham square Post Office, care of A. Hwarts. Board? with hanwomklv furnished room, at very reduced rate, by advancing S1Q0 to r>20t). Security given, if required, Parties wishing to secure cheap board will find this a rare chance. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and iiis wife, or a few single gentlemen, can be accommo dated With pleasant rooms, with or without board, in a respectable private family. Apply at US Court atreet, near City Hall. References required. BOARD IN BROOKLYN? WITHIN FIVE MINUTES' walk of Fulton ferry. A gentleman ami his wile can be accommodated with a pleasant room on the second floor. Apply at 130 Henry street, between 1'ierrepont and Clark streets. Board in Brooklyn? two or three single gentlemen can be accommodated with board, with all the comforts of a quiet home, at '201 Bridge street. Terms moderate. Board in Brooklyn.? a private family having t?kt u a new house, pleasantly located near the South and Wall street ferries, can arc unmodate two or three gentlemen with board. Every attention paid to their cumlort. Idnner at half-past six. Apply at No. 43 Congress street, three doors below Henry. Board at hurlgate? two or three gex tlcmen, or a family of grown persons, may obtain board, with fine large rooms, in a private house, desira bly located iu full view of the East river, ??vith extensive grounds, bath houso. Ac. Stable and carriage room can be had. Access to the city every five minute*, by Second, Third and Fourth avenue cars. Address River Side, Union Sqttaro Post Ofice. Board wanted.? if you want boarders for the fall, send your address early; very many are now applying for board; do not be mistaken; my office is the plare to tlnd them, 808 Broadway, near Grace church; boarders directed free of chargc, by letter or otherwise. R. D. GOODWIN. Board wanted.? an unfurnished parlor and bod room, in or near Fourteenth atreet, for a gen tleman, wite aud servant, in a private family or small boarding house; dinnor at 0 o'clock. Address J. II., Box I'., Herald office, stating terms, Ac., which must be mod erate. OARI) WAN'lED? BY A IAI>Y, THAT WORKS IN A store; near Broadway and Bleecker street, preferred, 'lenns must be moderate. Address M. F., lie, aid office. Boarding? at 120 and 122 chambers street Fine pleasant newly furnished rooms for families, with every convenience; also single rooms for gentlemen, at reasonable prices. Day boarders accommodated also. References required. Boarding? a large pleasant room, with pantry attached, to let, with board; to a gentleman and his wife, where the comforts of a home miy be en joyed. Also a room suitable for a couple of single gentle men. Apply at 83 Henry straet. Boarding ? a private family, having more room than they require, would let two or three handsomely furnished rooms to single gentlemen, with out board, in a quiet and respectable neighborhood, con venient to cars and stages. For particulars apply to W. H. P., No. 1 Maiden lane. Boarding, near Washington park a small genteel family will let their entire second floor, three rooms deep, with bedrooms, pan' ries, baths, gn3, Ac., and elegantly furnished, to desirable |>ersous. In quire at 10 Nelson place, one bluok from Broadway, be tween Eighth street and Waverley place. Boarding and sea bahiing on state* Island, five miles from V underbill's landing, four iiiiliK by stages. The house Is mramnni jUh and well shaded, the ground.1* extensive; luith house aud fine sandy beach, with fine land and sen Tlewrf, making It a very plea Rant summer residence. Inquire at J. 8. Lawrence, at Mr. Mulr's, No. 9 John Btrcei. ECRNISHED ROOMS FOR SINGLE GENTLEMEN, with brcakfost and tea if required, in a small Ame rican family, where there ore no boarder*. Address J. E. B., 20 Stanton street. French board. ? gentlemen who wish~~to lonrn frtmeh by praetloe, can apply to a teacher of kreneh. 238^Tenth street, near SeoonA avenue. This lan guage in only spoken by his family, who. as well as him ?elf. are from Pari*. The terms will include all the oe cWMfcry instruction anA board. FURNISHED BEDROOMS TO LET, WITH OR WITHOtT parlors, in a Preach family, with all the mo il t-rn improvements, ?as. bath, Ac. Apply at 86 F?t Twenty -second street , near Fourth avenue. G1ENTLKMEN KEEKING A HOME, AND WISHTVG I" comforts of one, h lady now offers such; the house Is elegant and airy, and, on inspection, will be foand to luve all it proiesse-. Apply at 107 West Twelfth street, between 1 ifth und .-i.\.th avenues. References required. G1 ENTTJsMEN AND THEIR WIVES, OR SINGLE GEN T tlemeo, may obtain pxxl board with pleasant ac commodjitions. by applying at 234 Henry street, next to tlie corner of Amity. Brooklyn. FLEA8ANT BOOM DOWN TOWN? TOR TWO OR three gentlemen and their ladle* ? board for tallies only ? with a widow lady, In a quiet houso. No other tx arderx taken. One I "lock from Broadway, in the vi cinity of the St. Nicholas Hotel. Address Mrs. H. M., Broadway Post Office. EOOMS WANTED.? WANTED, A WELL Kf'RVlSHEI) parlor and bedroom adjoining, for a lody and gen tleman, with full board for tue lady only, served In the room, in a house where there are few or "no other board ers. Address for three ilays, stating locality, 4c., A. H. W., I'niou Sjnare Post Office. "IITA-NTI II? A ROOM. WITH BoAUIt, FOR A GEN f f tit man and wife, from the 10th of September ne*t, down town ami west of Broadway. Best of references given and required. Addret* 1'. K. C. , Herald office. TTT ANTED? T NFCRNBffltD ROOM AND BEDROOM fV >? a private family; for a gentleman and wife, with or without board, betwoen Franklin and Fourteenth streets. Address W. H. H., Broadway Poet Office, stating terms, which must be moderate. Wf ANTE! ' ? BY A GENTLEMAN AND IJU)Y, A PAR W lor, or parlor and bedroom, with full board for the lady. , State location, terms, Ac., and address Cossack, I mon square Post office. EictRaim. I^XCl ItSloNS? THE COMMODIOUS BARGE IRENE, TO J charter bv the day or week. A.iply to Capt. 8NY 1 1 Jt, on board, toot of Adams street, Brooklyn. A Com modious steamer furnished if required. IV in FISHING BANKS ? THE STEAMBOAT MERCURY, Captain Richard Yates, will leave for the Fishing uanks every day, Sundays excepted, touching at Fort Hamilton each way, from the following places, viz.:? Jackson street, E. K., at fl oVloek; South Third street, Williamsburg, fcjf o'clock ; Fulton street. Brooklyn, 7 o'clock: Peck slip, 7)i o'clock. Ounard Wharf, Jersey City, 7 V o'clook; .-priug street. N. K.. 9 o'clock; pier No. 4N. R.. 8X o'clock. Pishing tackle and bait fur nished on board. Cotillon band accompanies the boat each trip. Fare 60 cents. Gt RAND EXCLUSION TO THE FUSING BAN KM ON T Minday, August 12, IMA. Fare 60 cents. By the ?aie and commodtoos double engine steamer MAHSACHI' SE'llS, E. H. Hanks, commander, leaving pier foot of Amos street at H o'clock, and pier No. '4 North river at 9 A. M. hUhing tackle and bait on board. A band of music will be in attendance. Grand premium excursion to the fuming Banks, and 60 miles to sea ? Monday, August 13. The steamer 111 MR!*'.-', Capt. tnls F. Morrell, will leave leek slip, at 7 o'clock; Spring street, at 7)tf o'clock; pier No. 3, North river, at 8 o'cE>ek, A.M. Should the wea thor prove unbvorable, the excursion will take place the n< xt fair day. Ticae?s can be obtained at the i.looe I ining Niioon, corner of Fulton and Front streets, at 111 t-outh street, at the Island t.lty. corner of Whitehall and .-s.uth streets, ar.d < n the boat on the morning of the ei cursion. Tickets (fir gentlemen only,) II. Refresh ments and bait furnished on board. ?PI>:ND1D SUNDAY FXCl.TtSlON, TO LONG BRANCH, Shrewsbury, Ac. ? llie popular steamer JAD>S RIslol HER will leave Jay street pier this morning, August 12, at P o'clock, for the above places. Returning, haves Ocean Port at 4 P. M., Ocean House and Highland dock at 1P.M. J are 87 >4 cents. f|\0 CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS? THF SAFF AND X commodious double engine steaaer MA-WA^HL' SI. ilS, K R. Hanks, com.uander, being now in complete order, can 1? rliartered for excursions, nit U the larg>?t and uvst elegsnt swsmer otfrred for the purpose, na> in?r a IsrtrodenclT^rsaioori I li feet long Apply on 'loani. *1 ti e l??'t ef An. . street, N. P.., vr to 1.. H. OliOVER, l(. hi"euWKa, ?.] stair*. raURCIAL. (b^AA AAA -"WWW LOAN OH MA MnOiJw* v v/v/? woftrts watches, jewelry, fin 4m, etgar*, Ik., or bought fur cash , utockx, M(k niortstMn-x. *<??, negotiated. Business conOdeaual edl prompt. By THOMPSON k CO., broker* awl "?-) ? fm*? i merchants. 10 J Nassau street, coruer of Ann, rvmm H? if, second Boor. <tb /? A AAA 10 I^AN? OX DIAMOND?, ViTCH JM4U?UUU ?. Jewelry, dry goodt and f-vrry4a, cFitption of merchandise. hurtled wUhW to oktate loans can be accommodated in large or small amount*, different to other offices, by apt-lying at 606 HousUm tliciit, one block from Broadway. ME1 (XB, Agent. A NY AMOl'NT OK CASH LOANED. OR PCItCHA<<I? A at sight, for fair price*, of diamond*, watche-., rich Jewelry, plate, merchandise, and valuable personal pro perty generally, by R. WOOD, 89 Fulton street, second Hour, front room, from 0 A. M. to 6 1'. M. /"HASH IOANED IN ANY AMOUNT, OB PPBftlW 1 V> at tight for fair prices, diamonds, watches, rfcffi jewelry, plate. merchandise arid valuable personal pro perly, by R. WOOD, 00 Fulton street, second floor, frenA room, ft mu S A. M. to 5 I'. M. DIVIDEND.? OFFICE OF THE STUYVE3AMT IN s u ranee Company, 1&.'J Bowery, August #, 1866. ? Tiie Board of Directors liave this day declared a uroii -an nual Dividend of five (5) per cent , ]?> ablu on and after tho 151 h lust. lite transfer bonk will be cloned until that da?e. BENJAMIN J. PEXTZ, Secretary. "\jT ARlNERS' SAVING? INSTTrUTlON? THIRD ATE 11L nue, ooruer of Ninth itreet? For the beueflt of all clause* of perrons. Bank ojn-n daily front t A. M. triP. It, anal *a WI-DNISDAY end SA1TKDAY EVENLNGrt from 6 to 8 o'clock. Interest on deposits of $600 and under, SIX PEK (KMT. L-AAC T. SMITH, Secretary. Money advanced for short period^ on real estate, diamonds, watches, jewelry, pln'e, piano lortex, dry goods, horses, carriages, and every de iertp tion of property, by responsible Empire Loan nnd Agency Company. C., Airent, 333 Broadway, opposite the Broadway theatre. NEW YORK FLOATING DRY DOCK COMPANY, August 7. 1866. ? The President and directors hare thin day declared a quarterly dividend of four per eeoft, payable on and after the 16th Inst. The transfer bedka will be flJWeU until the day of payment. By order, II. V. MASON, becretaiy. IIOISKH, ROOMS, &C., WASTED. OUSB WANT;:!)? (IX A LEASE OF THREE TO HVB years, in a good neigliborhood. Rent not to n $400. No objection to Brooklyn or Williamsburg, If convenient of access. Address M. S. S.. Herald Office, stilting particulars. EOOM WANTED. ? A GENTLEMAN WHO RESIDE- IN the country, wi'hes to hire a furnished room, that he can call his own, in a house that is retired and family small; widow lady preferred. Address A. J. P., Herald office, before 12 o'clock on Monday. WANTED? A FURNISHED HOUSE FOR THE WINTER, situated between Eighth nnd Twenty-sixth streets, and between Broadway anil Sixth a\enue. Apply, With full particulars, to J. KIERA, 'J6 South street. WANTED? PART OF A SMALL COMFORTABLE HOUHF, in a respectable neighborhood, below Fourteenth street, by a small, quiet (amity. Kent, which mast be moderate, will be punctually paid. Plea*e address G.( box 1.839 Post OUice, stating location, rent and conve niences. ANTED? A HOUSE. IN THE UPPER PART 01' TOE city, having all the modern improvements, oa ? w lease of three years or more. I tent (760 a 91,000. Ad dress A. J. T., box 1,W7 Post Office, giving full particulars as to site ana location. WANTED? LV HOBOKEN, A SMALL NEAT HOUSE, not more than live minutes' walk from the ferry, suitable for a family of three or four irrown persons. Pro posals from South Brooklyn or Williamsburg will be con sidered. Rent must be moderate. Address A. B. C.f Herald office. \KJ- ANTED TO RENT ? IN SOME QEIFTT Y1I. LAG F, Tf within 20 or 26 miles of this city, of easy access, a small house. Address W. R., Herald oiHce. WANTED TO PURCHASE ? A SMAIJ. THREE STOKY \ V house, in the utipcr part of tho city. Price not te exceed $7,000 to $8,000. Address box 3,Uo8 Post Office, stating location and price. HKSTAtJIlAJVTS. Gosijncs Nfw amekican, French and oeR man restaurant, removed from 17 Nassau street to UMI Broadway, between Duano and Pearl streets. Open every day in the week, fur breakfast, dinner and sapper, fr( in 6 A. II. to 9 P. M. The sanio moderate charge* will pievail which have made this establishment so popular throughout the United State*. L. GOSLING, Proprietor EOTUNDA EXOHAN'GK ? DR. TOWNSENB'S BUILD InR, 82 Xu'miu street. ? This model restaurant In now open for the reception of company. The object of the proprietor in fitting up this splendid c-tabli-hment Was to accommodate ladies, a.- well as gen ilemen, that visit the lower part of the cliy, and those who rlait the city temporarily on business from the country, <i.k breakfast. dinner and tea. and such other refrc?hm?at* an the market ulforih-. i Icing in tho centre of the busi ness part of the city, (between John and Fulton Streets,) the proprietor presume* it will be found convenient, and he hopes desirable. an a refreshment place. ^ MISCEUAXEOl'l. American piatk ouas compant? factory Williamsburg, I<ong Island ? Are now prepared to execute orders for rough plate glass, suitable fur floor*, skylights, vault and deck lights. Prompt attention will be given to nil orders left at their office, 443 Broadway. or with their agent, J. R. PLATT, 79 Murray street. BRUSHES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION", AT THE BRUSH factory, 337 Pearl street. Franklin sonar*. All ar ticles wold at the lowest factory prices. Paint brushes of a s?i*rior Quality constantly on hand. Machine brushes made to ordei. JOHN K. HOPPKL. 1US8 LINIS.? JUST ARRIVE? ANI) FOR SAIF, \JI .49 catties of Chinese grass lines, at J. A J. C. OON BOVtj fishing tackle establishment, CS Fulton street. IRON AND HARDWARF. 279 WAHHWOTON STREET, New York.? Wo offer at lowest market prices, and in quantities to suit, round, square and Hat bar iron. mci isI, baud, rod a ad hoop iron, horse shoe iron and n*U roda, anvils, vice.-1, saws, nails, axes, shovels, smith's h- Uows, Ac., Ac. KEMETS & SAMPSON. N. G1MHRKDK, STATIONER AND ENGRAVER. ? has Just received a choice assortment of the finest stationery, direct from Paris, which is offered at low prices. N. B.? Jnst intioduced. the chaste styla of deli cately colored initials and crests on note paper and en velopes. Specimen* sent by mail, on application at (M Broadway, Metropolitan Hotel. M- tLEB OTtKIIXY, Rectifycr and Distiller, 17- South street. New York. RIO! I rSTIlICII 11.1 MKP, TIP* AND GENUINE marabouts ; also. Paris velvet flowers, in newest de sign* and fabrics; hiblal wreaths as usual, and baskets with artificial flowers and fiuit*. The trade will And a l.lieral discount for cash, at lAKfi* TUCKER'H, 887 Broadway, near White street. SWEDISH lEETHR5.? 00.000 IAROF AND FRR0H Swedish leeches arrived, in prime order, per steam ers Baltic and Washington. For sale by J. F. ilJeX A CXI., 90 and 9*2 Maiden lane. DWIV <AM> -,-<aiMII/r A WV>TIU;iis- ~MAN UFAC O tory and ware rooms, No. 6 North William street, near Frankfort, New York, and at 77 West Third street, Cincinnati, Ohio. ? A large assortment constantly on hand. Old showcas'-s taken in exchange, ftrder* promptly exe cuted. K< |x?rt of tho rommitiee of the last Cincinnati Inhibition: ? No. 12a. Rosewood case with plated rail, made by Schmidt A Hro., and a mahogany showcase, inude by the same, are of the most exquisite finish, got op in ? style of superior taste, the man* tact lire is nnrx ciptlonable. and without rivalry in the exhibition. For which Schmidt A Co. were awarded the priw medal. True n" rf on,? for sorjS~of? evkkt kind which mar the form of man or beast ? Eureka of medicines for every creature that moves on the turf. For sale by KHEKFELIN A HK< M. A CO., 40 lWkuiaa street Rush A Gale. 180 Greenwich street. F. ('. Wells A Co., lit Franklin street, Kdgar ft McOorkle A Co., 146 Water street, sole agents for New York. ) INVALIDS AND I IIYSK1AN.-- ? THE U.VI?K signed, a native of Marienbad, Bohemia, has re ceived a shipment of the celebrated and health restoring mineral waters? ''Kreiubrunn and Ferdinandsbruna. " Tlie moot eminent physicians and chemists. I>rs Uaft< land. Berrelius. lJebig, Ac., and even the great poet sod naturalist. Goethe, have carefully aoalyied these medl cinal springs and ileecribed their efficacy and fltrorahie results. Ihese waters have attained a very high renown, and are exported to all parts of the (lobe. The dueaase in which experience has shown the particular efficacy of the Kreuibrunn nad Ferdinands beium, are those of the primae vtrae, such as to sliroo, bile, e?idlUe? and various ailments, arising from flatuleaey aad habitual rostiva nesa. *. The different degrees rf abdominal plethora, digestions of blood, Ae. d. The anomalies of the bilious secretion, the polycholy, he., and all the forms of k>?iir ruidal aBtcttona. 4. The natoerotu maladies vf the ?weele ! w X, leueorrbea. periodical C Mirations and obstinate stag j nations of ? ? . *c., aad all the nerroas affections (nea. 1 roses) proceeding from a telnous *ougestlve state. The I waters are of a freah tiling. The jars are marked with ; the Imperial stamp aa genuine. Also, is given to the consumer an Knplish print, stating the medical rules I and published by the imperial physician of the "Mary* bath. '' The genuine mineral water* can only be W4 ?f | Cll. J. UUKNTNER, 07 Stanton street, Agent of the Arm of Uueatner A Co., Marieahad. VERGNTS' EIJCTRO CHEWCAL BATHS. 300 SIXTH arenns. ? Th??s baths are prepared expressly far the cure of dUes^os arising from tha use of mereary aai the alianrption of the diuecent metallie substances. Taey are guamnteed to cure speedilr aad permsnsatiy the fainter'* colic, lead colic and all disease-' that painters, t '1 u niters and workmen in metal* are snbjeet to, aa well as paralysis, rheumatism, dyspepsia seminal -infra* ~ awi all the vanons female di. sa*e?. Prof. Vargas, the inventor, and br Henkias<-n give their personal atten tion aa<l edvice tu ail patient* N. H ? i'bsory StpiaiMd to students. "tlTla lHN<fcAIU^ -J. K GIMBRM?, uuMoTor |1 (a h>on In card engraving, r> spu- uulr calia lbs atteaUon o< the puniic to bis near and b-watiful style ef nsWw ea <l> .-(sseimsns sect by ma* aw caiteaat b? llrra'fwa