Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 13, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 13, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6925. A A III KltTISOTSTS HKSEWt B ETtRT HAT. spbctai. BrorrcKs. * POLISH GENTLEMAN. GOING TO EUROPE B' the Baltic, who ia conversant with all the cont.. dental languages and acquainted with iuimI uf thu hunt ? pean capitals. desire* a poult Un us interpreter, courier, or levelling companion, with a gentleman or family rc my audi services. Compensation moderate. ltef<?r ?*nce7c*pt. Comstock, nnd other gentlemen in the city. Address K., 10ft Broadway, room 17. American anp foreign agency, (opposite this I Treasury Department, Washington.) under the <li Tfftlon of AARON HA1GHT I'AI-MI K. Counsellor of Supreme Court of the United Status, and Corn ul-C.cnoral of the licpublie of Ecuador for the I'ulte I States, estab lished for the recovery of claims of American eititens on foreign governments, or against the government of the I'nited States before the new Court of Claims; settlement of accounts or claims on any of the Executive Depart ments Washington; bilht, tlraft*. colloeted, and le gacies ami itihorltaneea reco\ ere 1 in the Coiled States anil foreign countries. Having < tA< lent anil reliable cor respondent- in the several Ma c.t itnd TertitorfcM ot' 'ho I'nlon, nnd in the adjacent British provincej, in file We.t Indies, Mexico, Central and t'outh America, the chief cities of Europe, in Australia, Van Dlemen's I .and, Xc?r Zealand, India. -nil at the consular ports in Chin i the undersigned is prepared to give hit prompt and faithful attention to nil buaines* that may be confided to liiat agency. AARON H. PALMER. OU? JOHN STREET M. F. CHURCH, AVI) FIRST IN the lulled states. ? The m?ml?TS ami congrega tion of this church, ami ail who are In favor of re t i tiling that time honored sanctuary in its present location, will hold a public meeting in the Greene street M. E. church, belweeu Broome and Spring stri-ets, on Thursday eve Tting. August in, at 7J* o'clock, when a full history of the church, including the existing dillicultios occa sioned by an attempt to sell it, will ho given. All the clergy of the city are invited to attend. P. .S. ? ">uit nlde accommodations lor the press. By order of the Committee of Arrangement g. JAMJ-M T. BARNES, Chairman. C. Fnuimv, Secretary. PALESTINE ENCAMPMENT, NO. 18, OF KNIGHTS Templars. ? The member* of this encampment are nnHttd to meet at thn MmiwiIci Dnill| ffnnm of fWr Knight I-eonard, .'At Broadway, on Wednesday evening next, at 8 o'clock, .as business of Importance will be brought before Ihe meeting. JOHN W. TIMS' IN, Or. Commander. H. F. 1'ir.t.i iff, Kecorder. THE CASTLE GARDEN NUISANCE. ? A MEETING will be held this evi ning, on the Batlery, where a mage will be ert c:ed, to protest against the action of thu Imiaigtaut Commission, who, by their recent operation*, have seemed inclined to sow death nnd disonse broadcast through our midst. We. the inhabitants of th>i lower wards, wish it removed elsewhere, and li>r this purpose we call upon all the citizen* of Kings and New York coun ties to assist us In this our sanitary effort. There is al ready cholera and small pox on i astle Garden, and it ahoulil not spread, it will, if not energetic means be taken and we believe such action as we propose to bo those energetic means. We wish the nuisuueo remove I. TV e are then safe. Come at 7>i o'clock. 1'er order of the Committee of Arrangements. CXOTH1HU, ?fcC. CAST OFF CLOTHING OF EVERY MBUHIPMOff wanted. ? Tliv highest price given, and cash paid ia current money. Gentlemen wishing to dispose of cloth ing of a good quality for a liberal cash equivalent, are re quested to call on or address JAMtS MOKONEY, 11 Bax ter, late Ornnge street. CLOTHING.? LABIEH OK GFNTI.EMEN HAVING ANY to dispose of can get the utmost value in cash, by (tending to the store* No. 12 Laurens street, near Canal, or 6. West Broadway, or a letter through tie l ust Ofll e toS. Cohen. ladles attended to by Mr*. Cole u. Mis KM WEOUS. AMEkICAN PLATE Gl ? COMPANY ? FACTOKY Williamsburg Long >aud ? A u now prepared to ?xecute orders for rough i iate glaji:,, suitable for tloors, skylight*. vault and deck light*. Prompt attention will be g en all order* left at their ottlce, 442 Broadway, or w heir agent, J. K. FUIf, i!) Murray street. AMW AND RECENTLY .SELECTED STOCK OF book i and stationery for sale at a bargain; also. 4(1 feet of glass eases, shelves and drawers, nearlynew, with other store fixtures. Inquire at JOHN If. SMITH'S paint gti re, comer of Maiden line and Pearl street. C1 BEAT SAI.K OF CAKPETO. ? THE ENTIRE STOCK r of J. M. GllJ.hSPlE, 161 Bowery, three doors abova Pi oomeetieet, east side. Stock amounting lo over f-0,0U0, 4iU wiii.-h must be chared out to clime up tho buainots, and will lie oUereil at nearly hull puce, nnle to continue from this day until it is entirely disposed of. Great op portunity t<i those that wish to b.iy carpets and oil clolbe at a preat sacrifice. Ketnemher* the No. IhI Bow ery. three doors above Broom? street east aide. The Ihird and Fourth avenue cars pass by the door. N.ll ? More to let ami fixttnee for sale. Inquire in the store. IMPORTANT TO HARDWARE DEAI.F.11S.? NEW YoiUC Superior Cuurt ? gpcclnl term, July 12, 185ft. ? Wil liam Kutcher k Samuel Hutcher, of Sheffield, England, ag.iin.-t Scheldt, of New York. rhe partle* to thi.-i action aie manufacturer* and dealers In hardware and cutlery. Tlii' plaintiff* complain that the defendant bun manufac tured and mil in the market* of the United *tat?? *im rlou? file* and chiscla. purporting to b? of tho manufac ture of the plaintiffs, and wi h the name* an 1 trade mark** of the plaintiff* stamped on the article. Also, that the defendant, without authority, used tho name* and labels ?f the plafotlffr<, and affixed them to mich p.nk?ge? of spurioue go<?l^. The defendant alio vv?d judgment to be taken iigain<l him for the sum of live thousand dollar* damage-, together with a per|>etual In junction cgaiu-t vending or di-<i>o -dug of nuch, or any epuiioue food* with namt (tamps, trademark* or UUmIi of the plaintiff*' thereon. IRON AM) HAIUiWARK, 279 WASHINGTON STRKIff, New York. ? Wo offer ut lowoit market price-, am in iiant it ir>? to mil. round, souarc and liat bar Iron, acroll, band, rod and hoop Iron, horse shoe Iron and mil rt?l*. u*8?, vice*, saws. nails, aXM, shovels, smith'* b lluw*. Mfc, ke. KEMEYS & SA\tl*SOV. JN. GI1CBREDE, HTA1 IONER ANl) EXtJRAVER, ? has ju-t received a choice assortment of the finest Itatioam. direct from l'aris. * Ulch U offered at low price*. N'. II. ? Juat introduced. the cha?te atyle of deli cately colored initial' and creet* on note {taper and en vel< pes. Specimen* sent by mall, on application at bH8 Broadway, Metropolitan Hotel. PREPARE FOK CHOLERA This dreadful ncourge ha* made ltd appearand among ua with fatal effect. Dysentery, diari bum an 1 Ixwel complaint*. arc al-o alarmingly prevalent. All % ho think prevention better care should provide themselve- with a bottU; of the Cholerine Mixture, ten or twelve drop? <if which, if taken u|>on the first indication* ?if an attack. will afford Ipoedv relief, and present any dangerous conaequence-. Price zh and 50 cant* per bot tle. Prepared and no Id by A. It. \ D. SA N i tH, Druggists, 100 Fulton struct EICH OHTKICH PLCMFX, Tll^ AND OEVCIVE marabout*; al*o. I'art* velvet Mower*, in newest de ei^tn* and fabric*; btidal wreath* a* uxual, and baskets with artificial flower* and fruit*, pie trade will find a liberal discount for ca*h, at JAMES TL'CKEK'H, .W7 Broadway, near White street. SWEDISH IJXCIIEK? 30,000 EARi.E AND FKIMB _ Swedish leechc* arrived in prime order, per alcain er* Baltic and Washington. For sale by J F. Clil ft CO., #0 and M Maiden lane. QHow ca.hesTI5< n mi i7r V "iiiuVn iek? ~m a srrZi tor)* nnd w*rer<*>ms. No. & North William street, near Frankfort, New York, and at 77 We-t Thirl^treet, Oin- innati. Ohio. ? A large assortment cotwtanily on tiand. Old showcase* taken in exchange, (fr<ter* promptly exe cuted Report of the committee of the last Cfucnoati I ion No. 125 Rosewood ca?e with plate I rail, made by Schmidt k Hro,, and a mahogany showcase, n.ide by the same, are of the most exqttisi'e finish, g ?, up in a Myle of superior taste, the manalaclure is uuei ceptlonalde and wtthout rivalry in the exhibition. For -a hich ^chudiit k Co. were awarded the priae me ial. SHOW f AWii?? Ip7>TMA.N~* ra<l-H, fiMW CASi; ?areroom? 57 Bowery, between Walker and lUya.d street*. (a?e- made la every *tyle silver plated, bras * r< se and aatin Wind, malw^ptny, hit-. N. ti ? tjld e.%toi taken in exchange. Orders promptly executed. Ti rs V A1.1I ? AND l'HYSIClA.NS ? THE INUKK ?igned. a native of Marinnt>ad, liotiemU, lia* re <e.ved a shipment of the calebrule<i and heailh rsdut iug mineral waters? ' Kreuibrunn and I erdinan Ubrnnn . " Tlie roost eminent physician* and chemist', lira H itc land, Heraellu*. Llehig, Ac , and even the great poetand naturalist (ioethe. ha\ e carefully analyasi these tne-ii cinal aprinf* and descrilied their efficacy and favorable resulta. 1be*e waters have attained a very high renown and are exported to all part* of the globe, the di sa?-' I in which experience ba* shown the particular eifica'-y of the h renal ?unn and FerdiuandsUunn. are lh<?? ?>( the pnmae virae, auch as to slime, biie, acidltie- and varuma ailmenta. arising from flatulency an4 habitual costive nesa 2. The itifferent degree* of abdominal plethora, ?M<iige*tion? of blood, kr :i. The anomalies of the bilious imm retion. the polyeholy , fcr,, and all the forms of hem<^. r<odal affeetion* 4 1 he numeroua maladies of the female a?-x, leucorrhea. nertortleal ceaantion* ami nt>*Uuat* stag nations of kc. and all ttie nervous affection* fneu i proc<-eding from a veiuoua cougisitive stale. The water* are of a Ireah tilling. The Jara ate market with the inns-rial stamp aa genuine. Alao, is given to the e nsure r an Fjighsk print, atatlng the m-vti.-al rules, and puMUhed by the imp? rial phyafrian of ttia Mary tjatli. ' Tlie genuine mineral waters can only be ha I of CH J G CENTNER ?7 HtanUm strswt. Agent of the Arm of Ouentner k Co., Marlenbad. S. 1 "AWPf 'ETS ? cmZENi* OF THF. l'~~ WifE a ther native born "r natornllted, who Intend g.dng abroad, should provide themselves with p?'sp,,rt< hef ,rr leaving Uu e. -untry T^iey are furnl-hesi t.v C1IARI>> HOLT. Notary Public. Wall street "lITM'INi. CA1U<- ? I N. <;IMRUFDE, IJ^f'EK OF Vf Ea-hion in card i'ngraving re?pec.tfuHv call* the ntteivt:nn of the potdic to nl* new find beautiful style of wedding cards I-pec.iucuj Mot by uinU \ij ?pplie?tiyn?t I# Hr -ad * ay NEW8 FB OX CUBA. On* Harm* Correspondence. Havana, August 6, 1?65. ! The Phets of Jnterett in the Neighborheml of Ha vana ? Guanabueoa ? Indio ? Cerro ? Pventei Grandit ? The Glorieta ? Marianao ? Santa An na looking Out for Hie Oid Villa? New Joint Stork Company ? Prcpeity Tax About to be Im I pontd Upon the Cubant? Financial Embarrau mtnti of the Government ? Arrival of Pinelo and Cadalxo at Ceuta, frc.. fc. There lieing but little intelligence either of a poli tical cr other character on the tapis here at this m ii win of the year, I hare pawed several afternoons sine* I last hud the pleasure of addressing yon, in viniting various of the little towns within three or lour leagues of this city. The first I went to was across the bay, by a ! t (turner, and theme by railway to (Jnauabucoa. I will aot detain the reader with descriptions of the l ay and steamer, or of the railway and tlie tropical scenery, with all of which I presume him to be fully acquainted. Guanabncoa, then, is sitneted about nine miles from this city. It is far from being a pretty town, yet is somewhat celebrated for its mineral baths. There is to be a grand bazaar at Guanabncoa in the course of a few days, to raise fi uds for some religious purpose, when I shall again v { it that place, until which period permit mo to de fer f urther description of it. I returned in a hired volunte, and wus struck by a particularly floe view of this rity and bay to l>e had from a hill named by the caUicro (postillion) " Indio," about half way between Guaiiabucoa and Regla, which I ought be fore to have stated is a town on the other side of the l ay, opposite this city. Another afternoon I went by omnibns to Cerro, distant about one lea gne hence. There not being any thing particularly worthy of observation there, I took nty fent in another omnibus and proceeded to Fuentes (irandes and Marianao. At PnetitesGnindes I noticed several very txautiful villas, belonging, na I under derstood, to merchants resident in this city. The chief object of attraction, however, is the gloriefa, which is i either more or less than a circular shed, ihe roof of which is supported by pillars, whilst the sides are left unenclosed. This, as you may suppose, when gully decorated with chandeliers brilliantly lighted op and adorned with garlands of flowers, fonna a very beautiful al frteco ball room. Here, I am told, the beauties of the Havana, and its neigh, bo hood, frequently disport themselves in the mazes of the dance. There are, I learn, at present, ball* there each Saturday evening, and having been fa M'ted with a curd of invitation for .Saturday everting next I hope to be enabled to send you a full de scription of it in a future letter. Marianao.which is some live miles lie.vond Fucntcs (itaiules, is really a delightful watering place; a beautiful stream passes close to the town, to the waters of which extraordinary qualities are attri buted. It was nearly evening when I reached Mari anao, and 1 had but time to take a cursory glance at several of the truly beautiful residences it con tains. i noticed several of our most respectable Havana families taking their evening walk, they being resident at Marianao during the warm or rather hot months of the year. There was a gentle man there too, with whom I have the pleasure of U ing on terms of intimacy, who is well known to lea friend of hin "Sere re Highness" of Mexico, Santa Anna, and who was making very particular inquiries respecting the villa at Marianao, formerly occupied by Santa Anna. From a few unguarded observations which ebcoped him, 1 concluded, (tak irg into consideration the present position of Santa \rtna in Mexico,) that it is far from improbable tint Marianao may again be honored, by having his ??Highness" as one of its residents. A new joint stock company, the shareholder of which are wealthy planters, has recently been formed for the erection of an extensive range of the Alma i enes warehouses for the deposit of sugar, uear the Fort A tares, to which a branch line of railway i- to lead. I am told, by I believe reliable authority, that an an fn< ome or "property tax of eight per cent per an m.iii, is about to be imposed in this island. The trea sury Is known to be in a very needy state just uow, so much SO, that contrary to all previous custom, the \>nt? r rate is being demanded for the entire year in advaui e. Another depletion, such as that caused by the frequent removal of troops, arming volun teers, iVc., Ac., during the alleged conspiracy last winter, would almost, I should Fear, cause a public bankruptcy in this i.iland. 1 have even heard it whis peied that a forced loan was in coutemplatioo. It would iequire but some such measure to cause a general throw iug olf of all allegiance to the Spanish crown. The last Spanish mail steamer, which arrived two or three dura since, brought the intelligence of the arrival of iMnelo md Caduizo at Cadiz, where, uj>on their landing. I learn from private letter*, they wore hooted at by the populace. Thev ha*e been taken to the inland of Ceuta, where they were placed in chuittf. (Icner has been permitted to go to his hotel, In orih i to prepare himself for hi* departure to Hpiiln. ltlanchard, tlie young man accused <>f theeinhez zlenentof money at New Orleans. 01 which 1 sent you full {articular* in niy last letter, found hU resi dence here wo very disiigreeuMc, that, with his wife, be took bin departure for New York in the atcamcr United States) on the 2d iui-t. Tbe United St u tea, in leaving this harbor, towed tohcatbe United States ship Kalmouth. Tbeie wax to have been a grand review on Sun day evening liu-t, but at the appointed hour, the " window* of Heaven were opened," and the rain descended as It only can descend in the tropica. The review was of cdurae postponed. Q. B. N. M. Havana, Aug a, 1*55. H: rurui lit a H'intrr Rrtui I fin Inralult fti Unit I Acron.moilationi and ytixln of lArinx-The Mormon Hon It Thr Eurnpran and Amrrtran thirl ? ht Grand'* Brmitrilu * Tlit San Car Urn ? Thr Huvunu Jloutr Thr Rrrrrr Houir ? 'J lit Cvbuno? A Ntirrl Cumj'luint to a l.nnd huli, ? M(/e<mtnt? of Frtnth Shift i of War Thr Sputiiih Bank? Commercial Stvt ? Thr C ho lt ra, fc. I propose to give you u chapter on hotels, and the proposed accommodatiota for utrangers the coming w inter, for the I benefit of those who may travel In this direction for health , burinesa or pleaaure. The palatial eatablbbmenta of the United State* are not | to le found in Cuba; but wit!\ house* adapter I to a climate where fire* art' never a neceaaity, with clean well ventilated apartment*, and tablus spread with choice meats, fowl and fish of every variety, greater evi n than weie coupled otT in the ark. or the water* which itoated it, the moat fastidious and the mo?t deli< ate will lind every poaaible want aumptuuusly provided for. l oi invalids, it has generally been found that the air of our cities, during the prevalence of " north er ," is better than the country, where there U no protection fiom their rude and but too often humid iuUnent e>. Tbe accommodations in the country arc pi.. in and simple, lood wholesome and abundant, at.d, In health, presenting all that the robust and ac tive tra\< ller should care for. Wishing to give no thing more than an introductory glance of our mU blisl nienta, without favor or intere-t, f shall take th' oldeat first. Tbe Mansion House, kept by Win. Fulton, Kof|. the veteran of Cuban landlord*, and a good heart?d Coniface, I" titrated on Taou -tr<-et, but a half *?p. a re front the i'la/a in front of tbe palace of the Captain tieneral. Next in order- uot that I would nay of n^rit, but pretension? cornea tbe Kuropean and American, nitrated upon the t'alle Otitic*, corner of \*\r street . and near to the anchorage of the ateamer* l*at*l and the Bla' k Warrior. I refer to Mr. Wolcott'a pobl -h>d card, which may lie found in the princi pal hotel* of the North, elegantly framed and i <? on board of the pa?<eng?r steuuier Iaa'iel. Here von will And an excellent table and choice wine*. Tbe borate is a little t<rf>far removed from the centre ot lamineasand places of amusement . and aomewliat too near the Kegta ferry stenmer* landing wb- n t wind la fmm tbe north and eaat, imparling a senae of ?nfti .cation which ia not always ?gr?-eable. At la* (.muds. on the pareo. otiUide of the walla, a restaurant, with a few pleasant roq:n- in a delight ful position, one may be very happily situated. It U close to the Taeon an J the coffee doom of Escanrfcu. At Bernardo " Unio. House," on O'Riley street, a convenient distance for gentlemen, the beat cook in the world is to be found. He superintend* the palace tables, and his own cannot fee surpassed any w here. The only want is room to put you to rtrH alter being filled with good things. The San Carlos, on Office street, is a Spanish, house connected with bath*, its ouly recommenda tion. The Havana House, formerly kept by Wolcotf, ia Spaoith, but Letter thau the la?t. Mrs. Raymond's, of the Revere Hoose, on Obra pia street, is a regular omnium gatherum of every Udv fiom everywheie. Though laat? not least, by any means ? I rauat mention the Hittl Cuhmw, kept by Mrs. Sarah K. Brewer. a native of Tennessee; a lady of good family , striving to overcome evil fortunes, which i utm to have beset her lite-path. The hotel is sltu atnl upon Cuba street, No. 3, corner of Tejadillo; is three minntes' milk from the Plaza, in u retired, , and ict central part of the city. The conrt entrance is open ana spacious, and ornamented with a lew shrub* iwid (lowers, giving a freshness to ever; thing which is exceedingly pleasant, indi cating wluit you may expect II Ilernirdo's could be combined With this, it would lie the nt p/u* ultra. At this house thirty to forty gueots cau bo accoiuttu> datcd; the table t nre spread after English and Ame rican customs, with a sprinkling of Spanish and French dishes; a good desseit of pustry and fruits; wines, wbrn requiied, but not obtruded upon you. The company is always select. Invalids, It they cuii gain admission here, are carefully attended to, although it is not au obligation of the house-to pro vide nurses. The <? harm of this house i?, tbe oider and the genteel economy which pervades every where) the ever clean rooms and bedding, and the eompeny. If I could llml anything to sny against th" house, it should be forthcoming; but 1 am very much with a distinguished officer of the uavy, who whs guest for a week or two there, who complained to Mrs. Hrewer when leaving the house, that nhc had deprived him of a sal or'n leares# privilege. In real alarm she inquired "how? how is it possible ' please explain." "Why, madam, you have deprived me of the pleasure or grumbling." There are the usual numl/cr of other resoits for strangers of a lower giadc, which I do not take ujion me to com miuiieute. The French brig of war Orestes, Commander I'ierrct, arrived on the 2*Jth ult , and is still at an chor. The French war steamer Aelieron, Bona christa, commander, left poit on a cruize iu the (in If on the 3d Inst. The Spanish bank, unless tuken by the Iloyal Treasury, will not go into operation. The stock cannot lie forced uj>on Cuban capitalist-*; the reasons 1 hare previously given you. If it goes to work as a government institution. its bills will not circulate: so ends thnt scheme to tic Cuba again by the neck. Business is dull. Our stock of sugar moving us last ad vised. Freights (o United States 50c. per box. Ex change on New York 2 per cent discount, and very dull. London 10 to 10$ premium, and do. Some rc poits of cholcni among recruits lately arrived; it is rather ship disease. Our city healthy. Crops look ing well. No excitement-. D. Police Intelligence. AI.I.K6ED HIOT IN TI1K SIXTH WART). At n late l.oiir <m Hnturday night, officer* Mai tin .m l (irny, i f Ike ,-ixth ward police, arrested three men, nam ed John ilrennan, I'cter >c?ard and Lawrence Wener, on charge of creating u riot nt the corner of < outre and I rm.kUn atrtuU. The accused, ilia alleged, got into n I glit with seme nu n in a liquor alore la Centre street, and were ejected from the premises. At tlie corner of Ktanklin strci t the tight was again commenced, when the i fVcers making their appearance, prevented any ?c;i ou?. I'nmnge, hy :t i r?-- ting, at they supposed th"' ringlead ir ol tho I int. 'He officers state in their alfi'la . it . that they warned these men to de i-t from any furtlier hrcurh ol the |ie?r<- when Hie tight flr?1 commenced, hut insti-ail of returning lo their homes like peaces ble citl 71 ns. tiny still loitered around the neighborhood with th' < vid> nt intcution of kicking np a r'>w. The j>ri >uer? were ci ui iuit tea lor trial hy Justice Connelly. Dt'sriCION or Ul'KULAHY. S-i me days ago officer Birdsall, of the Eighteenth ward ] ollce, arrested a yonng man named d unes Irving on sus| icion i f hating, in connection with others, burgla i itiurly entered a dwelling in Fourteenth street, hat the U llow marnged to escape hy knocking down the offli-e hat log him in custody. Nmc that time a strict ? urcli has been na e fcr the fugitive, who, I* in- believed. re mained concealed in the city. Yesterday officer hnapp ? .I the Court ' I General ,-e ?ion?. nu' i ecled in discover i g the hl'lli.g place ?,f Irving, and n ? rdlnglv (weed ed to the hou ?? corner of Twentieth Mrs'! anil Third avc nue, wheie he luckily f ? . u n- 1 that jrentleinnn al home, living tr.ed toiM.ipe hy g.-tlii g down a rear flight of lairs, but *a> hotly pursued hy the officer, who ma lieged, alter a gie?: deal of trouble, to secure the accused, Hi?- prUmi r ?n- brought before Justico I'earcy, at the Sicond district policy where he wa committed To prUon lor examination. Irving is represented hy the police ?, Isw.g luiher a dc>i erate young man. AI.LKllKD KKLOX lot's AHHAULT. i John Wil li, a rliiji carpenter. wa* taki-a at" ca*tody yextenlny, ty i hi- Setcn'.h ward ( ? I i ? charged with b*> iug committed rather an a?<uult upon the jemn of Patrick Mullin*. by ntahblng him in tl> ? he?d with a xharp f nlnted file, inflicting a -erer" and painful w ' U ikI 1 he injured man i? at pre-eiit nnabl" to appear before the rniigi*trate f <? prefer a complaint, wi the ic cueed wax Committed for eiamlnation by Justice Wood. KT.ADLY AHSAt'LT WITH A CAKT KCXU. A wrinu* difficulty occorred on Saturday between two men, named Michael f'onnolly and Patrick Murphy, both lal>nri r> while at work ?>n the pier fnot of Clinton *tro t, in which Murphy received a In my blow on th" head with a rait run*, alb-gad to haTi> been in th" hand* of Con nolly. Hie injured man. on bring conveyed t?? tb' 1 .-> t rnth w.i r<l atation hou*e, became insensible. Onexainina - Hon of th"' wound it wax found that tlx- ?kull ha I been fractured by the blow, and Connolly wim arreted almost imfm diatolr after the occurrence and on l>eing brought I., f. re .lu-ti" Wood nt t In- Bon Mark- 1 I'.?h- e >'? urt u ar ci inriiittcd to await the re-ult of Murphy'- Injuriei Brooklyn C'lljr \rn a. A I'lwr* is a Coi.i)RW> (Yivohw.ation. ? The trustee* of Her. Mr WlfUaiiiii' eongreirat ion of the StoivI frolor ed) Congtegulional rhurrh. Ilrldge street and their pa tor, hay got into a leriou* dispute, which remTted in Unking t hi* door* of tb" church upon the ininiter. }?>?? terday morning. It appar* the pn*tor requeued t b trux'e?-? to make a rejxirt to the (Quarterly ('onferen< ? , wbiib they refuxcd to do, whi n )i" told them tliat if they did not ci mply with bin request be would read thorn out of tb" church on lai>t Kabbath morning The trustee* applied to the *e*ton for the keya dnring the latter |url of the week, hut be atated that they were not in hi" po* sewsb Ti Ine fruatee* then a^ki-d legal advice, and were told that tiny could tafc" p?i-i talon of the . burch, a tiustees. which they did. by batfng tbe h.k* taken off the d' or? and putting othera on. <?n ."un'lnv rn <>rniiig when tbe minister arrived at the church, he wa> unable to gain adnnmion; f|Ui:e a crowd (fathered around tin I lac , and tin- friend* of the minister and tru-ti ?-?* spoke to i ne nnoth'T in no >ery amicable term* At thi? June ture of the prw ceding* the police of the f ourth district were -ent for, who toon ilixiierc*! th> crowd from tbe nn'iwalk, and quiet wax re?tor<-<i Noani'iU wereniade but the church wa^ not opened. A (JaxG or KowtW IlkukrM t>. ? f'a ptaln Cmith of he J- imt district police, accotrijanied by tin Mayor mi l a po#?e of police, went on an eiplorlni; expedition on | Saturday aftermx n to the outrklrta of tbe Mxh'b ward for the purpoee of capturing a gang of boy? and girls ??ryinif In age from sixteen to twenty yearn, who are k?ii) to intent the wood* .ind commit ell hind* of depre datlMi" i n the per-on? and property ol the inhabitant* of that locality, who litte importuncl the police to try and put a *t' p to it. After a nevere rfoi^e tiie pollri tiieiie *i*teen arre*t?. among whotn there were three l(lil?. They weie all brought to th" Kir?t di?trict "tattoo, wl i*i e a portion of tbe vounger l*iy? were di* rbaigid. 1h" following were 1 eld for examination ? .'?n,i - ' y'e, Tatrirk I'uff, 'lirl-tlan Hlnkle, Jame* t ?r i.ey. fli>n ibigan Josn/.a Knrrell and Ma-gnn t l?den M< ?t ol the ale ?e are known to the police an I their a( ie-t will prolmbly har> a go<?l effect for ? rni time t" ci me. Mi et-niTT.? -Ike total nnmtier ef death* In thi* city la?t week were 1V8, of which 7.1 were m*l*? aiwl fiO > male- 'if the*'- 101 wer" children and U* adult* Th' ' principal ran** * of dea'b were cholera inhntum. eonrul >l?n* and m? amnu*. I i#ca-e- ? Cancer of breeat, 1 ? hi lera iiilantuBi ,1\ cholera morhua 'i <on/' -tl.<n <f brain, 7 , C' rige-tion of lunif* 1 , con-ump- -n (I c^nt ii cliin*. II croup. 1 debility, 2, dterrh nn ft drop y, v drep?y In head, 7, dyentery 4 >rarle< fewer I tjph Id f'*er I; hnn^trig couth 1 , tnttammatlon ot brain. . do. of bowel#, 1; do of lunifs K; do "f (tomach 1. ma i raimii*. 14 ||| *fe a parturitli 'i, I ? t > ? I t-orn, 7 1 *prue 1, teething . Mtnluh, 1 Total Hi f"nf)i.r.?A j?t ( nii AOO- Tin- f'Wcago Trt/ntnt I i-?J? thai nUiut two week* atfne a 'jUMtitit^ 'if <|n li ed wm remr ved fn-m a ta.ireh- tiae ol t hhag " end alvti'loLtil In the ir.haliituiiU ? I ImtUb* and l> isU'da ?tftefa. The twople rolled U?e l>*freU nt fond t'- th?tr hovel*, mid lived on thesr coiitentt for ae?*

tal data. Soon th"?e who had eaten the fUh began tit k few d?ya fifteen |xr?on? hftd ex IMid aud matij m< ?e Were f?Ull> ?f k, numlier o\ tig e>ery day. <>r?*t tlarm had ?r- -ith .tu tfii inhahitnrit' of that ?t'i"nyf ti.?- ? wl,. j American CtnTmllon M Oolubw, Ohio. nomination or oor. thimblb ? rksolutions, BPKKfHMS, KTC. (From the Cincinnati Enquirer, Aug. 10. J The- 1 *11 for a muh meeting of the American par ty of die State of Ohio, to nominate a candidate fur ? ioventw , ha* stirred up nil tlie abolition elements of the State, nod nothing W been left undone by them to thwart tbe movement and to bring into the Clms* mnks the thousands of Know Nothings and old line whiff* bitterly oppowd to his election It is aaid that Tom Hpocner has been busily enga ged here for upwards of a week adddressingfletters to all the Know Nothing council itml prominent ci in fected men of the State, urging them to the support of Chare. The executive enamittee of the Nnow Nothing or der ha* been in section, and Hdopted a auric* of re solutions repudiating the platform of tho National Convention at Philmlelphia. The follow ing resolution was adopted by the com mittee:? I Huolrfil, Ttint, under eaUtlngetreom-tiincen, we ile?-in It Inexpedient to nominate k *lale ticket fur the ?(>? pnuicliliig election, 'jut lea\e the matter for each m?inl?T nf tho uriler tn vote u> his i uuacleuue ami ju'lgment irny dictate. This amounts to an emphatic assertion the Know Nothing order is in nowise responsible lor the nomination of ( 'has*. Another resolution, which is evidently the work of Torn Snoouer. was adopted, which given Pap Taylor una the Timet the go-by, and assuming the ]ioeitiou that the order Is not responsible for its self-constituted organ*. It reads as follows : ? Whmiii, t>rt?iu newspaper* are constantly limiting Tnmgraphs nail wiilimi'Ut" from pa|*'r* which they tLaige a* being nur iuviiih, ami thereby endeavor tu n.ikr uh rrnjion^ibli fur their sentiments; tw U therefore, ltesvlietl. llist the American order in trtulo h?* no ? ?ignti. ami due* not M Itself responsible for my m-ntl mi nt# or prim i|ile?, except thou- published urn the ?lg nature* of otUrers uf the State riiuncil. We have seen larger assemblage* in Columbus on the occasiou of conventions ; but, takiug Into con sideration the briefness of the call, and the undue measures used to defeut it, this convention was large, and shortly liefore twelve o'clock the con vention assembled at the spacious City Hall, which was tilled. On motion of T. C. Ware, of Hamilton county, Mr. Ira Kelly, of Cuyahoga cowity, was appointed temporary < hainnan. Mr. Kelly stated that the convention assembled in pursuance of a call for a mass meeting of the citi zens of Ohio, for the purpose of nomiiiati..g an lion est mun for (Sovernor? a man without se<-tional pre judices. and free from corruption a man who would go for tbe country, the whole country, and nothing but the country. Mr. J. O. Kanney, of Columbus, was appointed secretary. On motion, it was resolved that a committee of the be uppointi d to nominate permanent officers. The Chair appointed the following committee: J. H. Heard, ot Hamilton county; J. A. Trimble, ol Highland; M. L. Hatcher, of lielmout; C.S. llennctt, of Knox; E. I* llutehlnson, of Madison. On motion, the convention then adjuurned until half past tw o o'clock. A &TKKNOON SESSION. The convention assembled at three o'clock. The comtuittcc on permanent offlcern, through ilt chaiiniun, Mr. J. 11. Ucurd, teportcd tlie following, which were accepted:? J'ruii/iiil?Hna. JipIiii I a\enp"rt, of Belmont. IVr I'nntL H. H. Hurt II. llolllster, T. li. Kddv. M I. Cook, Jl 1' Mnrtin V/. I v?v 1-r T. J. Mwirc, 1 I'. Ware, A, Worthlngti.n, Samuel Pettlt, J. A. Trimble, J W. M< lb-til, Albert l>mininif J II. Jamen. Jnme . V. n uiett. I>. Humphrey*. Kll M. l*ennl?on. J. II. June-, Dr. A. Hall, Ira Kelly, John I 'unwell. tfn irlarirt l>. H. Bailey , J. < >. Kinney, Ognml Mile ey, M. T. llri ler. The President, on taking hW Heat. ?ai<l lie wan 11 ware that the motives fur which the convention wua called together would he jitvi rteii and distorted, and it? niemu-ts tennod " dianrg&,'' " Union savetv,'' and " douph-tacv*," which certain l'a< delight to aiigmulixe all thorn win do not Imiw down before their rod. He referred to the nomination ot' < hire. ai 'l i<l it was the nomination of a man not lit to be made. The inople luid not forgotten the ur.k-ccikntx ot Chai-e, and hi.i election to otllce some yeurx ago, which wuh brought about by a corrupt |x>titi? ut roniblnation. The sneaker said there are mm in Ohio who believe that the honor of the office in ght to be conferred on an Imnext and honorable mini. Tite work for the nomiuatiou of Chitae hid I U en going on for monthx, and it wan done with a view to the future looking to the Presidency. It miimi move to divide tile North and the South ; but there wan a large portion of the people of Ohio who would repudiate the combination. They wanted a muli to vote for who, w hen he lake* the oath of o(Hi e atnl ?m eai? to support the Constitution, will do it without mental i*m nation. On motion ol Mr. E. I'. Norton, it was Hpjihwl, 'that B cmimUtce !??- Hppoiuteal to draft ro?> lotlonn lor Hit action i.l the couvumiun. The Chair niipointed a committee, au<l during iU iiWeme, the Hon. Wm. Htauberry wan called for, ai.d nddr' d the meeting, lie com menu d by *ay iug that he did not come to the Convention to make a apt-cell; lie wan kick and tin d of stump s|>e.ikihg, mid it' tin (Convention concluded U> nominate a (lov einor, he hoped the* would leave stumping to their Bdver?arieh. He (the speuker) luid lived In Ohio lifts years. and had come to the Convention t ? nave, it possible, the State trom lieing disgraced by an abolition Coventor. Slavery wan established and authorized by the government, and be (Mr. U'ii^ ) wits not disposed to trespass on the constitu tional light- ol the South. If slavery wa* an ev il,il w.i- an evil to the South and an unmitigated benefit to the North. The speaker then went into u compa rt-on <?! tin- expoit* and trade of the South and North, demons! rating that the North live. I by the labor ol the South, and the latter wax the sour- e of the prosperity of the former. Hi* speech wax In I giciil, dear and eloquent, and wan heartily re nived. The Committee on lb-solutions then re timed arid lerioitnl through tlicir Chuirman. K. 1*. Norton, the lollowiog ? Wheieaa, we telieve that llif per at ti?? arrived when ?11 ?lio rherinh Hi* permanence and integrity "I 'be union of our common country, and have u regard for He lot at eats of the Mate o( Ohio, mi ("OR m?l ?i deeply in jmeil, ?houtd iHatlnctiv mid tu.lemnly announce their ?t-he- and opinion* "nierefore, );r*a.lvnl, Tjint w'th leverentlal nwiirit we a* <-ept the nalnu niti. n > f the lather of our Country t?i hew?re nf ici-ilinal )?. rt i- utterly repudiate a- tinmorthy of ll.e i-< nftdMire of the j,?-?.pLi- ?.f i Ihln the party inaugur* Inl .u ? in M:> e under the lUaplre- nf the taiavemi'in of ll.e Kith July laat the gieat objeet of which I- to array i ne ?e.-il< n i.| ?ur t 'nlrni dim n?t the other Ke-tdtcd, That in common with the vaat majority nf the (*? pi* ol Ohio, *1' < < n-i'ler (he repeal of the MI'*ourl n mpfrtiil-e h tlagiant violation of a oimj*. t l?tw"n il.e North and rouih. e-tal'llidied hy "Ule-ineri that I la .entnrr.t ion la demanded hjr the pUiii"-t ill. tale# of ho not and pa. lie*. 1 ? -olvcl i lint *e 'unlet coti-en' to the ?l.?n<l .tirn< ri' i.l the | t.i? i| !? - of i he Amere mi jmrly, ?n<t ?h .|l n til. ue io icMiitRln I hern ao long ?- there ri-imin. ? tk ij.e of ih*1 iiuilijrn foreign il.ttuniire uhlch th/i?t< i,? ui r Institution 1 e. .)?< cl I hut the inter.! ~f ||,e pe [.leofol . re ?jiiiie n rlmnge In the f tin. I ormnl' law of tl.e -lute regardii <( our enrr?-ti. y ?u?l taxaiion ?y?teui, till! li lt ?e a. II en ie..T r to obuin the m op-ratlnu . f i,i r rliijena ot all j.urlh 1 Ui etutt ??< h ref .rni I e . li>- . 1 hat * hili we leii .li''- t:.> itrnfe. th it i uv> if i Ileal If i he |,u.>?ga of the Ne(,ra-? a aiel Kan > a ' ? II . ? tul ?!? ma i '1 fr' el all ' !?? rt ma nt ? <>! the .alu.ij ?! C ?erniu. nt tha |>r> erv .tiori nf the Uw- >n i the tmni-h i.e nt 1 1 all who liarii|>le upon them, we will never ei ? Ith an ultia aeelional party, whi'h for the i."-, nipll I u.e. it of lla erxl> prorlaima lla iWtermlnate n to re.|.| llae Lawa ul the lao'l ami ma.e toeni v.l.l i,.l in ? jefallve, Ileal, 'I hat ?inr? the orraniration of o r govern iik ul aanaililatea inr i.ovwiy.r hat* been ?elee|?- 1 s. ,i,e II ^reen'allve m noftheir [airty an-l thMr frienl. ai.-l ll at a- Hon. "atmoj, (fia-e may repr. ' ot toe a li >l< m?ta if < hio. ami II' n Wm Meiilll. the . miM rat* nf nur Mate le th "f then ai?' the fartjiaat fWrni iDiparM.Dailng ..ur palltleal k: ?- a/. I tha- t .e H<> Alien lilo.hle a favorite oa'Vern r of our -tatt ri Uia# * *h?n a thill gill nf (llaubioii waa ahtiorraol aa a rri ne ? i ? naif loft) perM.nalrhara' ter ml a nf ir ??ly in lellea t. |a (,ur rh< iew for l,overr?o* ufllhln, arel w* thane, fiif# li' nolo. f# h in aa a ranali i*(e for tha! "ffi'~e The rtMalutiona were ib?er*?l througfumt <lur:n tlielr reuajiiig, ??,d, at the roiicliiaiofi, were ?ln)iM Mial ifiiot.-I) . with the moat 'fitlin- ?-tk appUnae. J. It SUuilierry tb? n a4dx*"??d the c/uventiofl. and 'ii copied tta attention tor three qiutrtera ..f 411 I J?or, duririg which he gave ( h&ne 4 unal atrtrear 1 U.iiig, uetMitiiicing htm aa a bitter opoortent of the gnat Afteiican party, and a d^boooraW |?.! t, lao. K I'. Norton, of ('ir>< intiati, followed the alnve -leaker in a br ef ?j*ef.h, in wluch l# aaid that they lint) -elected ;t camii'late who would not ctw nge hi* o) iiiHih* and ignore principle- evi rv yeir or tw i fur ' W.ce. Tbe foa.onieta would pUc? their 11 an in the 'it.verBoi a chair to ril/nk' the south not from love o; coui.try, but from bitU riaew" of feeling and rntli/ nity. 1 4rt ua derive our aplrit from the tew lunga of the fathrra o( our country , and reouk' tha--e uei labatiex o( tlie North who want Vn divide the t (ion. The Hon. irad Kelly next addrt-*ed tl?e m?-et:i,g. He thought tbey ha<l nominated an Uone-t f >r tioveriior. It waa no pwked ioorenta?ri it w?> a free ?i|n-~iori of tlie lie knew Tr, nb?. waa hi t a t haae or (lidding* mar. and 1! waa ale-, -t a ?in to mention Trimlar ? ntnir rm the nme day that <4 ( baa*. The ape-wkercon' iuded try nam pi:n ei.tlfir 'be 1 nominee. '?lie 1 hp 1 r 1 ^ r? r , ?. nt^ w .jt Pa?,!'y ta-'.U Ufi, auu aavuCMXd tnv Aa'^t h few preliminary remark*, be mid they had not rime bete like U>oee of the Convention of the lath of July. They ull came hungry H"d all looked mean. Cha*e In- denounced n* ? political haftnrd, nud naid n ? ho neat man could vofe for him without Incline a tiuge on hi* check. Said hi*, we are not liero to fu*e, and if they did fuse, it would not be with a thiug they deapine. The speaker compared the nomination* of the lKth of July to a uplenrfhl *tew mtdr of One fume Mtf&irrelii, raid at*. wnodrocka, quail*. turkey*, c.? und ?oni? one coming along und. pitching .i ttkunk Into the pot hide, hair, amelliug bottle and oil. il Ik apeecn wa* cutting, wver- ami *nrc?-ttic, and lib< raking down of the antecedent* of Ohaae and liin political corruption* wan greeted throughout with unplauxr. A. rktnnit g Norton, editor < >f the Continental, next uddreniieri the meeting, lie defined hiii po*i tii'U at* MiMaiuing the American party and it* prin ciple*, and aakl that he would vute for no man who would not Murtuln them- H<- urged the member* of tlie American party to organize throughout the White, an<l nmki* their voice* heard in supporting their romliiation. Mr. Norton then oflfered the fullowing: ? K(nMilv(fit, That w# rec?win?ad the appointment of a Mate Central Committee who aboil be f u liy ewpov**rcd to act in ull matter* [>ertailiing I" lUo wtdfare and in terert* of the American party of Ohio. The resolution wa* adopted. The following committee- ws* nnnointed: A. 11. Norton, Ik 1 . Martin, J. 0. Itarry, of Franklin; Bu.nh? ncll White. Cuyahoga; T.J. Search, Prehle; H. H. Morton, Krie; Daniel Mnrohy, Uniting; J. A. Tremble, 'Higiiliuid; M. Ik. Hatcher, llehnont; T. C. Wur?. Hamilton; J.T. Kracber, Kalrflem ; O. T. Fi/hhtick, Clermont: J. Davenport. lielmont A committee confuting of frad Kelly, K. 1*. Nor ton, A. H. Norton und J. Ik Htanberrv were ni tool til ed to wait on (iovcruor Trimble and inform liim of bis nomination. On motion, the Convention then adjourned, after giving nine hearty and enthiwWtie cheew for (iover nor Trimble, and three prolonged and heart rending gum Dm for Tom Spoon t r. City Intrlllgrnen. TlW WKATiriot ? A IlKMOtrrvri. St Miay The wnatlnw yentefday wan charming ? bright ami nunuy. but pie*, ?aiitly cool, with ju?t enough of breeze alining to put the leave* of t lie tree* In motion, and gently rullb the aurlkre of tlie iher* and buy. Not a aloud *?>< to I hi m en in tbc *ky, anii Die nun ahona witb thai tuallow ra diance wbirh betoken* the near approach of auliuau. Indeed, there w*h a alight cldll In the air. quite ?uggi" tlve of the " ?ere and yellow leal " and pedeatilan* ?? they lnM'nritbly quickened their paco, were n-uiiiclel ti nt rumtner, with it" fruit* and flower*, at?l llniti of WatiiiK grain, wan I. i t ilrawmir to u cbiae, mil a more aotnbrv peiiod of the year ap|>roarhitu: Aiih>u<li it b pic* timed that ull who have any prateoMoni tofMhl'm 01 Importance in New Vork are out of town at ?en *|ile. bill aide or rpil. our atrectn were thioiiK>"l wilbgallyal tired people, enjoying the delightful weather, and io.<i, ing the muni of our Iiietropolhun .~al>l>at:i .tn 1 < < rlaiu Ij Itruadwuy preaent* ? oio?t Iniliinnt apoclat lu. on u line Minday like je-lerdny. wli -n lliu young .m l old of l> lib iex<? me i ui promenading In their bolliday attire, l>ent"n >eelnj: an I t'eing ai-en. To ha flu re you notice tunny |>er*oti4 who ate uverdiored, other < ?ln> are rarale>dy iiren'?d, and a fbw , alaa ! whoce attire betray* poverty and lliib but then If i - w illi no i-iuall 'h-gi ih* ol pride that a ?? Anion ? can* ean rlajui, that ill no great city in t In- world, oat of the t'nited --late.., can b*' c?n ?o inany elflanljr, nay, >i ni|tn<>Ufiy dre*ue I people, New V"rk can niiow on a line Sunii iy, awl thi*. 1 00. hi a n-a- 'ti when ogr *?>? called fu -hionabi** woohl not lie " < u in the dreet* s, f.,r ?e ban had "an unu?uaUy cool and rally xuuini r Willi lie eseefdlon id a lew unj'h'a.antly wa,m day- iowariln the etui of Jun", an-1 a f, w mire In tie ixgimiuig of July, New Vork )><< l?i n mm h mote endurable than many famed Waterlog pl?< e< wiii-it ti l- wet weather, lite uioniuliiei and the lieU ot flitMli dei lii.jMl i >i u> h of the pleanure and made th -rmt vi-itei ? wi-h In lie ? ? ioiine airain ' It t? with n i ? >r llo i Ijr piraaure thJ ? nelook hack i,ii tin* ?uinin< r aaeiun|>arf>>l with fmniei k n It' teeming lagetaUmi, the earth now hlg ? I'll tlie abundant lio I > -t ate! the brl/nU-m I h"i*a with which all ctaa?-< of the romm unity biek for. waid to tlie coming t ill a a M-acmol plenty atidgmt Lufii.e.- |-r ? ]?'' makej the i ?? t r< ? ? t ? i. y dl .i i ? u In in wl. at the "heated term" of U?t yeai -u^, *1 in* One weather jri*e? e??fy indication of conUnuan- . May ita prumiae la- fulfilled I'Mlrtl i KiUiT (o-Ml'A>Y KMri'fTi:*? -Tlfi:: ft ItKIIAVfoR To 1 V n? ~1h*t? huM? \ti* u \ liny comjilatiata of Uu* touching tlic* ri rtdit' t of < ertum of tin 1 HI ?u K?*rrjr Co i j.auy cin{itf')? ?. to the |n M on thf? U t K!r#r b?rry beat*. A gentleman iD(?ni)? u* that omj ev.-aing l.v* t, to k, i n the f oil < i? lorry, one of lh?*ni k?*j?t the ehahi hint M<mo titfi<* after t 1m* h it * a nn?! r? n tjj *|iiie ? ta# ?>r two pet "on* who were in a hu* iy, and #.?? n r* t'i< n?tr..ti?l %ith, ueed violent ,?u?l ah*i*ii?- Uu/u^jf?- - f it rh.-u i? l?'r unfit to U* hmrd by tin* hi J on* ? u< tin mi' t in* r ocra*ioti. i ne a f our reporter* I >i? 1 <?> i-i -n to Ittfjuiic ?<? to thi* truth of mi jo cident wui > * ?? ru fhoied to ) hVi- <>? OI|l#*d oil th?* fell/ U hell b?l W?< f? j.iiNihI ri.rii'h mil! th? dtirirH Information ref u?f*o |t? . < ur* mid ( h> i huh a iohihh r thn* hi* >>elf re*p< < t w ?M |. t a)2? w him to I'tirmi' th?* nuift?*r any lo'tb^r a l?<i.t in that quarter IU'?.i hi* left Mm b<mt a Udy ami jrentleman ma?!e their appearance, and the former . ? about into tbt aaloon, v hru the pernor* who dbl the un ami a Me t?? our rej#ort?r toM lb* gen th mmi t< g? to tht* other fI-I** ?>i t !?*? boat ttut ) *? iijjiht t?< kii'-w better than k* ej? a **?/**? in lit* mouth M-ar tlii* In 11* rnhin Thi* tot! in<i' ti more vi* mill In a very oft mlr? tone and manmr. TU?* gentle man remonstrated and dated that he hadiuut lit t !.?? ? gar to < -i ape flu* offen*I\e arotna ?<f the .<?? W < and had in t I'll ?<*) to j >?* to th? other ??f the Imat wfeeo hi lady wii ttaherrd into the*aMn. but th* MU?ch? hu< tied bim a? rt" thi* UmI without H?t? niug to tip* ft I bi nation whirh tht* (t? iiOrinan ir?A Dttur-1 t ntir.fU to i ITifr, lliougti ii rtitlnly un l?*r no oMiy%tiou to i|o m> W'f luitfht uicntUm oU??*t r.? ??? hut tti#-.<* wilt NUffo-e It wouVt )*? vn II tor tl??- ?>"' j?of>!?* to r?*m<tnt**r that tin- Ir b?*injf attarhrd to n |*>w itul contiiaQy ?l ?? not n? <r ? */ai?)r *)? lt?? th? ni from th?- *lu* jr all m?*n i h' Ji othrr to I** kin?S an*1 r??n*i'h r:*t?- no matter what thrlr Ht nation in li> may \ *? !n??*U*n<-?* and rud?- w ?? < arc reiif#*h?*n?ihlr' in ?njf f'ation hut atw ' kallr r'?n l?iii|?t(hlf and ri?JiMil"U' in moali ? ffi- .al-, tth?HU^r on lioard It try in it* or ? l?? ^ to i**. CaKnr itaanrs 7 T>k*i?* w r 11 ar rtral- at th#* Cattle tinriU n ft *\rr lay or a'ur L?r and Ihfi1 arc r -n*? 'jnrntlj lint f?*a y In the <i<tp4 f?* fld< - th?* ffnplo}^4 c?f thi ''"iiimo'/ionrr# 'Dm* i?ar ii-n didn't <lrai* liQftlilllf iilt* tfi?* h"oM*n it ?!i j ?l nrfntf tfi#? ?hnnjr liad ftmtrt a fa? t howrt<*r m do not m**ti^pri t<# throw any dlfMit on It ? ma na^nn nt, th*ifhtb? vnr "0 it* fart I* to k?^p out a? mmtty a* p^Nuibl** No on** 1* alli'Moi to ffttcr ? f ? "j*t tho?a wo<? l?a%c o?j ?*!'?' ? (<r wh<> l? m w?> a [a** fr?nn th' ( 4in?mi>*i"fM,r? a'lfrtt'*.n| thftoin t uHmi? |? r#on?ar' put to thHr aiU' ??* ! t?. obtain an tntranc> amJ dhhonawt ir??*an< art aitotym1-! UW^l to rlrrnmirnt th?* *if??at ?&#f*rk ^j?* r ?-?*. ' 'Wlm h i? f<.r th? t??rty ?h?irin|f ?*Uaittanrf u? pretend hafinf a a Conner ti< ii with th?* IhiHtiJf >>r f< I 1 ?orn* ms?) connected with tl, ? pf*" M**r??tire* will uin-n to I ut a (top to thi* hermfler T< nl/h? a m* ? tii.jf olt^o^ ? ] |4mH| to the |#nnarim< e^tat-lifbioefit >>f an **oiigrant d* | ? t at the t a*'!** i>.ir4* u *111 tie h?-ld on tt?e )Wtt? rj / V w>ry A<? M.wri ? A v* rtt Ham ri^ri* wAU'Ut ejtfht o*?1ih k y**t# r?1ay looming an ar-? i<t4nt ?y~ rurr*dontbe New Vori ii4?' of the lioboktn f'*rry. by aiiirb a li<>o? an ?*ff n nlk i t?'< men wer?* thrown I into fh# W?ter. an the boat wa? 'turttn/, two old mm eh'i had ? wag* n Um*\ "1 fruit, with that fboli'h I ha*te and ferkle- ru ?? ff llie who fi la *'?o '/fie'i ? <U>e<*r>) n * 1 ,?) | farrte* M'ewiii'ed to ?iriee ? n t>*e t*>at THey 101 r.a??d t?? f? t tt." I or?? <>u. hot th* ?a?fofi ?au> *tJIJ ?n ?,? >?'./? when <h* boat ?farted ant flora# *?w n ? ?#i and fn.ji W*-t<* J?r<*l{/lla?el IfiUi tl*e ?a *er 1 r?e m^n wer* immasxiiataly re^t "i by the #-ffori- #*f th* -?** pren'-n* an I 1} , |s. .. * . f.iuiliy r ' ut ??y h'Veriug th? brl % ant drawing buu u^mlt. Tb#* wagon ttiak ?rii t#.? frwit i > ??ai#*'i.g of jea^he* *r? I m?tori? g'tat#*! > ?? <Lg to th'iN> a bo ao fra*jo?t)t|y to ar* the or ten riiiriut' - tiiae *t the riek |{"?r^| lalo etarnlt f. ?#/"*!> AvK>fK f'iiiaoAn? An arrangemwat *#flt f# in*'# ' j>e;a'? a 'o ' y - n *l?e ? *.nA a Wen## ratlrr^t *y vht* h tii# cari f*?r 1'offcrtlb* asi fiarietn will ?tart frow the 4#pot at 1 orty ??"'ftd *i*rj tm NiiAutM aftrf t ) 1 (Hp ?HI b* *? fr>'?n l> n alip U? Hftrifftn in *1/1 'j'.'*" 1)ii? ????<????' <#?? will I" UMltl villi i j i|,? ratmrhaa ? >m ti? ?*.i ?i i? >4 ? <w ?n ?> M.?)r k*l* I ' t???i ???)??' ? ?? r?-l l?r*i ? ?ne<j.i ? In ? *>??)?>?'* >>f Ilk* iri?fu ? lpit>l*>li(| h ??!? ? ? tin* f ?< H* r.*.' ) |? m I v ? n?l ? ? Th? f.wl (?- k#t> 4) I ? ? !>*?? ??* >B "?> <rnr pnH?w** l"?l I. In |<iU in fttmi ? f fi/l- ' ? A/.' '???' Im<1 t roll ? 1 WIU ?Mt??'"l?'if"?i fci? ??>' f14 - ??' M' ) W .->,?1 I ?f<l h? . ? |? ? B<" '* W ?? >????? I n, bl? !*/? -?? ?b'.' ' ? >'of? ?>#'.! at (ha ">!??? ?f I ?.j- *aa"? ?' Bf ? A jml*. 4 a'l ,?f a>? aata l*ar?l < f Tlv p '? ?b"?M I# av<-? atiaat %? b<?^W fi'1' ,fc* l"'?l ll ??*?? ??? ' ?'.a ,* ,.t ?< IH? ' .ay? ?rli fafaaa fv ?'? I f? H ' ll>? ? |M <4 lb* m h ? r*-T flar.Jiw hr 'irtiM t frnaa Utai ?,,, ? !?i a?>i^ -a '?#! ?'? allli t m il?auiiy J.. t,l,iu? ??? .??-<" ?*! mnt. a* at Q-aa'M'lw ii. in ?A a??''b ? I ??*;?! at BbMMitu b; lat*?4a 11^ VratrV *a ! N#f T'/fl Oafo. WHH? ?.,! t# | iM ?? ?' "bl?b thna ????uu -;??? t'? Mora eh ? A tuanaalH ? < ? , IMi ?ai ?? a?^ li,? mi. ^ If ? A 'rt. fc'tf Ua >>< fw'a? jr a^frfa-l la lb?' vh ? i i?* b?ar? Mb* a lay ? ?>??, ua*--.* vl"* ?? ?f?? A' Vliltmaalk tba ?pxi'j?>i ??>? aw > *f?a b' lal? f 4?? '?y. <h- tM aa ' a*a? >-^af? ?h? hal *'*1ay lb? #aiM>'t**f laH'' a* * ? b"?f> ?k? #?a Hay* ?iwl rilaa lv? A' b-<rth * ir. I * a ? t ? * ; -}<?? ?f 'W u.j * f i* ??;. THE WATERING PLACE8. Lib at a r??Mnn?Wr Walorlni Ptaw Mt of Um Vubtonabla Hotala-MrM of Real B*? l*i?-Pro>l?bI? HprrnUtlwu ? The Fifth A??nn? of Vrwporf and IuBmMmiU-AMip dcl Marine Villa? The ?Woiri Heefa" and "UimI'i Kml".XMMthlim about AnklUir Inrr lbum of Mi aara. Ranmft, Wtttiw*, Dr It hum, Wolfr, Htialen, and Othew-IV rallarlUeaor the Noll and Cttmnto? Marfceta, Taiatloi>-The People** Htght mt Way Dlr |>utrd -Hlie and Prafprcaa of lawpart aa a Watering; Place, Ac., Ate, The hiatory of Newport la both pWuwnt to toU and inte renting to In ar. It ia On* <i<|>itul npot of an ifluml ubout a* large an Manhattan. whb it* north erly point renting mi the Inkoiii of NurTaganartt Uay-~ita eanterly ibOMcniwHd with Uie vornal height* of Moiuit Hope- ItaWL-alerncoaak waahed by Long Inland Sound , und it* Moutlierii extremity a rocky potut agmnat which tUw>mi w&vea beat over more. Ju water* ubound in Mi? from eeary point the eye i? giv icd with n marine riew of ex | reeding beauty, and the climate l*ar* out the rnpo i tut ion of the Mediterranean |uii.*iiaii from which tho Inland lukea it* Kngliah name. What wonder la it, then, that with ull tboae nata | ral ud\ ii idagcH Newport about A be a famoua watering I place, und that Km an miner floating population of three or four thooaaNd HhoulJ be mnde up of dele gate on from all riuawa of aerial.) unci ail parU of tho continent, and that though there may lm well grooad rd complaint* in regard to minor matter*, yet that there ahould be but oue ojdnton aa to the mortti of the place. Alwaya popular ai way* arlatocratio in ita tendencies, Newport went to aleep about Mie year of grace xcventeuu burnt red and eighty, and waked up to u new and a aortof diaoipatod Ufa about cixty yeara afte rwurda. Krorn laiing a thriviug oom mercial town, with a foreign trade long exceed in k tluit of New York, it tiecamit the Brighton of America, the rcaort V> which oi>i and young <amc for a few wri k< of bathing, liirtiug, ruling, Aahing, and other ?port.< mow or lea* moral, healthful, dele teiuum, frivoloua or llccntioua. The principal hotel*, although expeuaiye enough, were not mlirlu' tor* to t)i' M? whoeqjoytd the cwmfoita which modern h< ien< e given to the wealthy i-ltixen, and the little, im ouvement < hainlie r* vn r? exceedingly nnromfortililc when coni|?red with the Npleodul xtiitei of rooma whii h the ptrwun neekwr? too well n memliored in their city homr-. 'I'tiay waight a ?jllift r|H>t, und found IberMlve* ill the rwid-t of noi-e nun (onfmdon. At about the time that tliinga became regulated to the hotola they werv ready to c]o?e for Uie itaaon. The next year a new aet of a*? ei tant.' c?me, nn<l the acme dlfflrnltiea were met, and only mil-mounted ill part. There were many other riaai.oa wbj Mime of the more wealthy fre quenter* of Newport dr?erted tie bote U, but Uley arr not un|iortant to 1 v mi ntl'mol bcre. When one ha? plenty of money and plenty of lebnre be i? foolili if lie dura not lakn the t* k of freeing loin elf horn ln< onvenlennm inUi hi* own huuda. The "Old Uuard" of New port viMtero believed in tl??- foregoing axiom, and, about live jear* ago commenced the erection or Hpui ioiix, HiiliMt iiilial, and elegant luurtie villaa.ceT t.iinly unex* riled und we tidnk him <|ualled? by any thing o( tin kind in the world. It i< lr.?m thin point that we ar<- now v.i ?i nig la?biunnbk life in Ni wpurt. Find, a little t ipographjr. The N< wp?irt touri t i- land<-d on ttie W'-?tcrly dd" of the town, among dingy , tumble down warrboua?, decayed whnrve?, flillinf iioaU, qoerr titUe atreeU ttlii il with odd old buildiug" which alm'?<l ?-em ta meet c,n i outia head, - 'i lunrow u?e the arennea la which t(i' / iui dtu^U'd .1 d i iri-xi- ollirr debrta of u ow v floariehinf bat ix>w Uilid < omuier i;U town lie iK luttlid Uirough the>> little ktniU up a high hill into ID IVKIHM which, If the afU ruoon l? pi' t ant. > filled wtlli ilubilif toni 'iiti, from ? trotting Uk> if). to the Ntately famiJ/ idiriage. and iu (>n> n enaib-a thionge<l with gayly ilroaai'd pedcdiiana. Here thlcga ai> more modern everything la light, gay and ph-anant ? ao tint the town realty pre<rola the apfiearancc >/ an old !?? .'i who hv put or t)?e i|i'th>- of a voting i?u< and who t eiel. .<voiing to uiake people Imllrrt th ?t there t* realty if great difference between cixty llve ai.d laenty two. Titer* tc an lno< h di?Unettoii l>etweeu the N? wpurt of ixwi t.< and tin N'Wportof fu-hlon a- then Ubrtrrra thei.i-t and tin weat ?i<li ? of S'ew Y'rtk city below I <>urt< ' titli atrw t. Tlif Fifth ava&nr, nr Bmdvijr of ft 1 -maMa Kt?|firl, *<< Ktii* al Ihr xtii'lT) hii) mm 1m aoulli Msrty Uo mlk ?. DoarMwtUiilfwt, rullxl IMIrrnr avmiif, arr (Ik prlnnp.*] It ?U>U, to Wit til- O' < :i|i H'.ii <?, the lU'llr* l> Ifouar I'm* AUuti' , Aquklftoek , and t * 'i ? 1 r h'tunr <, and U4, but not leant, llif v ii <?lrt If itiw, h nil tnd )?? ,>t >n thr- Kon plan. I >J our r?t<< m?-d fWetid, U'-irpr T. Ih wtilnjr, eolorrd man, aril aopp >rta? of ttv tfuHitf Young \Mr*. Aim, uji 'ii tlii- ?<r"-t are th?* aplrndld ffiiirtri'- villa* that trr liar* fit rrrd t<> at*. re. Kor*frlf Mr!lr* i? only i nd' -1 to n abort dltUBci' Iwlow tti<* (lr"?n II , li .t nli.ul t'vr ytr* tiro a Himkr of irralltiwit tw /'it lh? l?n<l at ? vi-ry < h> iji r*t?\ and o|r?MWi? aramn wrtr .< rrili'1 further, to tli?- ? xlrmv aotitharljr ;?'dnt ?<f Ui?- Maud. or l?t>d ? Knd, a? II l? on itir old No frradln* wa? rwjutn-d TV ?Viatt '? of tin iod ??? Ju?t aufflrkrat 1 1 *ira ? c-iti' ?1 '(?? for a lawn, to IV rm4 on o r t* ?l'l* and t ? th<- ?r* ?h"fr on tit* otli'r. Tie bouaaa ar*f? tr?t?rall}' placed abort mid*-) IrttM* tlir riad and Uf aborr. Mr Jam' ? Wi*l*n, of N?-w } -irk, I?,c<tor Orrvrral uf if* Aca i< my "f M-flfl, wm of tfi* flnrt ball dm opon th" jx?t ?it r^rlalnly t!>? pUmhriti ?t loration In Xrt|iMl Mr. f'h A?i< l??ll upon th* r ttrrre^ p- lot, and Hla to?*r aaart'^ka th/> lir<#od < ? f th* .tUantk w ?n I ' land op (.'?if to Ua ia < 'ape PlnlaVtra, whlrh l"r ilitjr lo in* m th'fiwfid m id o9, h?- rm'ri A r >nr+ iilrritl_\ ???, on a ' .*?r da> . T?>? f?n?? <?f l?nd'a Knd, and th# ?jd< ndM ?ht> h i io*aa It, drew Imiidr^da of fi?Jilon?W?- t" f'!* ?* "? ?<ailUr fdl flr?? wrr?' whrwH aJ 04 tt?? r'?wl. Tit?" land wan ftrbl at f>rr?t> h t'h ptU?m, and tin rh**p kowta fx. Id bo: It ?<!> ?u<h ' ipmlrt hits, Thrrt- la fton* of thi? land i n t>" rnarkul at pr<-?rnt, w? l#Um llwaax i'lt r*? ?tr?f? for ?tM? Uumtmn <l d-^'ar* an if fr> "i ?li 'h |T>" it row* to ft*r tb^juui N' * it <?>' '<M I# hi4 at that priot. *1*# *? of a a.artw ?1B% at m ?na af nn 1 oonei u.tti raila hia enttar" at lb- Hi|rb!<adi 1 Mjirtsrti.#- t*ttrr> w ?M a* tarWfloM* ?aprr> ? rnMbaMjtbt&ir.froai a flatting ?b?rli l*? ? ? lik^ amnSaUd UaU m* ?hrd up V- ? ?j? ? ? i?*< ?'i qeWa ??jo?! lot I tfUi itt-uttr tmUc* *h*h l??? w.?t bai.dreda of IbaaiM*. < >r,< ? ( ti<* Srw T?rk fa?0 UitkmhltMi, mift i?rr.M.'f? tliKlpWt flow lkM4, ara tli .t a h"?i#r at .V#?por1 '? ? ? ait/*Mh?r >? yond th* meb of a n.aai ?i?A a ? "J- raU- kaeotm. If b) tbia I* ttn-MM a b> ?? a? tb-*- laU' r atari ad oft k* r?ii?fl i? i?rf ??? U) rtrt. *?fryV. 0# tbat looftajr, ai Wd py?Vrn tr +ttf* . ??ild a/?-n.|?;?*b baa ba*n ?W<r>? U> makr 0,?i! ornirwidtofta, fntit and Immi' .faal, *%d t.w .< rJ.arri #d " lib a ?^tr d?ll*)it at r lu'%. w itb'art a?*rd>o|| tba palm ?f aprMlf to ? ?? ' n U<* ifriili, ?? aar Uial ?? ?ro ;-*r l ?' ? plaaaad wtOi U# " ltr*f? a ?? ?'?< ?? laMf b) Mf. f bri?t/'|.l ?-r W<Jf? a hnr-1 ?i r* i/*rtbant. of Kra V*k< t <? t?k?-? tta Bar; ? fwm IU faH t) i t t* r??*a rtw <*?t ??f U* ??, )?>t para!>l add vitbin a >(i?1 ?l??ta?" ?rf darv ? ?,f Mr. W-if? ? * -a>n IV Mia -?d? ? q a*r*a *4 #te?l!?nt l? d ?*< ??