Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 14, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 14, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6926. horning YORK HERALD. EDITION-TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 1855. PBIOE TWO CENTS. THE EMIGRATION DEPOT AGAIN. SecMd Indignation Meeting on the Battery. GUNS, tfUStC, TAR BARRELS, TORCHLIGHTS, ETC. Speeches of Hewn. Tomlinaon, Turner, Taylor and Young, Ac., Ac., Sui. A aecoii'l indignation meeting of opponents to the ?establishment of the emigration depot at Castle tardea * us held last evening on the Battery, in pur suance o< (be following call in the morning papers i Shit Kp ?? vr O.iftle <"mkj >*?<.? The citizens of the lower wards feui 'hi* very mneh, and they now call a mating ?of the rut' ? city to their imn-? meeting, which wl'I ho held this ?v/ '.nintf ou tlio Battery, relative to the occupa tion of Ca"')e ':?<!on an an einigcant depot. It will take place at 7- . ? clock precisely. A Mage will b? erected, and ui&ny ;ir?inunent speakers will address the is?em mage. tauten ? placards had nlso been posted through out the cii y, notifying the citizens of the inteuded meeting, m hereon were inscribed in stunning cha racters tie following legend:? (Vraam ? <? iftii First Wabd? Vou harp nobly sustained jour tar tii. in d icputatiun of unanimously rejpondini to the cell ct 4V Committee whom your voice* selec'eT to lead you on to vindicate that noble cause ? the working man'.- righ .1. Citizens and fellow workingmcu! We a 1 <s proud ot tl lienor you conferred upon us. and we pledge oura+vc< dpi it to fnlter in the prreat cnu?e until we have ?l)U uiftd ah ibat you now contend for ? free trade and the people's rigU' ? uppo?ltlou to ruiUoad speculators, and the removal or that obnoxious ? the Can tie (iarden emigrant de;.ot. CltUens! htoce our hut great meeting we ha\e h:"i many good men come forward and promise to give us .ln*)r support In our great work. Thud you nee. my fi ends, we are not alone ? thousands l'rom .ill parts of th. tity will be with us heart and hand. Fellow workingmen lie of good cheer, (jo on with the work you have so not- $ began. Gaihei your friends around you, for we will 'i.ild agieat mas* meeting on Monday eve ning, Aug. .i'., on the Buttery. And then we will bow these ami' ? tyrant*, rich monopolist*, knavish i cian*, railroad speculators, hypocritical blood suckers, and nnpatr- itir desecrators ?>i Kerolntionary retniaU cencen, ihn ? t, e are determined to obtain our lawful right.- ns ei ?ens of tlie Empire CUv. rfcne l) WIUJAM WIUSON, ( hiurinan Committee ol Arrangement. A frail I oking platform wan erected opposite tli? gate of thr Castle, in the same position which it oc cupied ou the evening of the first meeting. He:e, from about 7 I*. M. was stationed a band of music, which pet imed its share in collecting a crowd. Besides th'- attraction there was a piece of caunon statiunedat the water's edge, from which discharges were Arid "if at intervals. And better still, there were half 3 'loaen of tar barrels ignited in front of the s'nutl. with an avenue of blazing torches, which, while the,- uave tho reporters light to take notes, had a higb'y picturesque effect, nnd evinced tact in getting u;i (be uffalr. There was no procession, us on the 00c. 1. -ion of the first meeting, but flags and banners were luing aud stationed on and around the platform. .Many of those banners bore the same inscription < as we have heretofore recorded. Among the novel tie* in that line were the following:? I I * THE COM WIOMIW WOfLD ArY'-WITO MBPtmr rOWKR * J wy in* force or armxd ximojcs. J W/* //// f* 94 *4 ^ J * $ cjgo upjv for a foray ox rniA? rorr are $ * CKiLLIMJ tfiur IN ( ASTUf <?AfCDK\. 5 4 lli-Atr ?..! L WE Ull'JEH K Ol'R I !TY QVMT* " $ t "9 | "^Ti > M-iV'h MOMMX.NT IN CAMELS GARDEN. $ 'i . . ^ ' I / ///////^//^ > WHILt T. 'TV JF ffKAT.THT. GtMKD AOAJ.fHT DURAflE. $ ?/#?#??#??/#??#/?/ Col. We . HOtiTH wan called <>n aud took the chair in tiie al> -ate of the regular chairman. He m.ide do speech, but a call being made tor Tomliusou, that gentleman cure forward. Mr. Thlodoke E. Tomixnson naid? Fellow citi sena: A mi.i w ho speaks on every public occasion is apt either to impair his own influence or injure tiie cause he advocates. I have been admonished not to come and iddreae you; I bare Ijeeu told tliat this was a mee tig of runners, baggage-smashers and thieve?. I ' ' me here to advocate no man who plun ders the eoj';nnnt, but to sn-tuin men engaged in a *t<Hng recognised by the law, and to preserve our beautiful Buttery inviolate. I know that mnch evil is often done under the garb of philanthropy. The Commisno r of Emigration were authorial to locate a bi i'.ding for the accommodation of tmi fp-anta. Tbej might locate it on the Battcnr, in the l'ark, in Union wjuarc; but wherever they located it *OU would hear the protest of the people. If I un derstand tlw vocation of an honest ruuner it is thU: he is the ag ntol'a house, or a steamlio.ii line, compel Jug with other houses and stcambual lint i; and such competition it is right to have. If you place withm Castle Garden one or two railroad enu r prise.- , to the exclusion o.' others, would cot thrlr agents forward the intere"? of their employers at the expense ?( the emigrants? But the.?e Winners are able to spe.ik for therns1 J\ es, and I will only speak in favor of this beautiful spot. Mr. Toulinsoa then provided to etiIo,'i-w the time-Louo' I associations with which the place hud been tonne terl and on retiring, was favored with tbiec chee . Captain James N.Tchnek wis next Introduced and addressed the meeting. He ;ald lie came here to night with the express intention ot giving utterance tonls sent, aents in regard to the indignity c.?-t upon the c iti/ens of New York, antt to join tficm in raising a ji.otcst against thus taking the people's propertj a d appropriating it to a use winch wiB sow dUeac ? and death. But even were it u>>t appro priated to rt li use. he would lusve objected ? , iu Ming taken lrom those uses to which the sp >t had hitherto 1 >? n consecrated. It is high tim?' uow tli it we should devote this sacred *p<>t to the nae* of a graveyard and the next step will t>e to convert vourhou.- into ho-pitaU- (Groans.) If it had been known that Cnatlo Garden would have been 'on verted int < an emigrant depot the law would never have beon tssed. It was pawed by the cflbtta of capitalist- It. was the coatest of money against labor, anu of course capital was ?noceasftd. Diete capitalist '<ntrol the elec.tious and the legislators. They fay. l'he-c runner* divide among them some <300,000 * ar. and we rai^ht asjwell It'.ve that larfc suai >:i our own haiwle- Ami so thev g?>i tip i this mon Though tbi> U a law, i- it ii A Moral Mbrc s Jrist law? (Cries of ' No, no.") Then i ?re miuit take the legitimate snd constitutional ( ?teens ol x*tn"ving the evi' by minting ud pro Seethutaawvi-t it (Hurrah.) Yoi all uuy r- ti led ttuit for yearn past these ground a ad th t , building have been appropriate 1 1 > the pica jui n the people. How w the k ene changed." Who would de 'ie to day to see their childrmi or wive cooie ar. l walk here as in time- pa>?t? (Crietof '?Nobody **) Then ia thia justice? ( N ?.") Iti-a fan io the cj es of Gud, anti sho iltl be to regarded in the eyes o * men. I am told, too, thai thU ( ar tie baa become a i*ortresa. (.shame, -ha ne ) For what? No. to prate ' < migrants, but to prevent honest men from viewing he acts of those who control this matter. The peop;.- at large desire to accommodate emigrants, but not i;i a place where danger and disease wo:ild result to tn< m. In ft eaovenation with oOl ol the* Kmjgr.t n Commissioners, he replied to a geatb man, "Xever mind what the people say tin iaw has giv< ii us the right." (Ginana.) Nert-r imud what th |.topie say. The voice or th - people is puramot ii to every law. Why ia this m? ting neid to-c.. M? (A voice- " To protect the n j!it? of the p*">, W ) It is, that while tlicy acknowledge the supi taaey trf the law, they also in*i<t upon tb< tr right u* p i ot?-st against it. (Cheers.) Tnls aotiun cfthet' imiahiooert ia not just; ami while wee* tend on: >i<>tection to the imiaraot-.w mom al?<? protect ?> r own citizens. But to pass from this. We most tn ? ire up all the glorio<i* remlnisceii <m of the p ' ~honld we not nv;* t the d'-< ds nd r. Ii ^ o< our f e fathers T And U so, why sho ild ?> re ceivi a < *t hottse in on midst. (H irra.; 1 thU up ? ?'ie (ant motneut 'til that hoilditK it . i umituiiinaw, w ) Itojk ,a to these wealthy politicians, who, while they my they give of their wealth to the poor emigrant for nothing but charity's sake, yet happen to get nab on nothingness and build (treat nouses in Fifth avenue. Let us agitate until three emigrants are tuken from thia spot. Unite and raily, and we will soon find the pest-house removed from our midst. At any moment where he (the speaker) could act with the people he would be found with them to the last moment of his life. (Ciner*.) Mr. Dakikl B. Taylor was next introduced to and addressed the meeting. He wild he fclt a prdein meeting them here thm evening on the subject which called them together, for he consider ed that that involved greater interests to the ?itv than any political movement they had bccu engaged in for a quarter of a century. If he understood the call, it bad grown out of the fact that peace and happiness had been invaded and he admitted that the price of peace, like libcrtv, is eternal vigi i lance. We are a law-making and law-abiding peo Sle, and if our sapient city fathers have sent out i leir guardians of the night to- protect this Castle, he could only aoy it waa out carrying out the act i of folly which nad characterized them in thia com munity. (Groans.) He would hazard hia humble refutation that the law under which the Castle was taken u not worth the paper on wbieh it is printed; that be who drew it up knew nothing of constitu tional law, and that the legislators who voted for it were blinded to everything but money. (Cheers.) The only right the Legislature hare for talcing city property is, that it must be for sanitary purported. Those sanitary purposes were carried out at Qua rantine; and once a vessel parses Cuarantine she can land her passengers wherever it is desired. They fay they n re going to place the emigrant* here be cause the Is w gives them the power, lie thought that even if the law had delinitely stated the purpose into which it liart been twisted, it would never have been passed. An action has been brought, he was told, against a sea captain for landing hi* passenger* a little higher up; but he expected that Judge Hoff man world soon deride against the prosocution. When did the sympathy ot these Emigration Com missioners commence ? Were any of tliem beloce they received their appointment noted for philan thropy or love towards Irish or Germans V He never knew one of them to look into anything except the political puzzle box, to see how ma:i> dollars and cents he could draw out ot' it. They are uow getting as inueh money as the/ can possibly squeeze out of the emigrants,' levying head money on them, and Imprisoning them till they can ship them otTto the country. (A Voice? "What about the African slave trade? ') They say their efforts are inade to save the immigrant from the 25,000 run ners, or highwaymen, who infest the city. They will i-oou convert our churches into prisons, as they have taken the most sacred spot on tlicislmd and consecrated it to the meanest of uses. (Cheer?.) We can no longer have the pleasure of our wulkon the Mattery as we ti.-ed to do. We cannot have the Ca.-tlc to resort to for an airy and delightful view. Some years ago, they cried out for an enlargement of the Battery, and' now that the work is nearly finished, they tell us that it is of no use, Unit the Bat tery is a disreputable place, &c. (Cheers.) He hojicd that the able journals would change their tone and not believe all that is told to them about these 20,000 emigrant runners. This great question is about to pass the last tribunal of law. It has not passed the Common Council yet . lie believed that they would step between this manifest wrong and the ]>eople, and see that this building should not lie devoted to this purpose. He Was assured that Mr. Concklin, who first tonic the contract to 'enlarge this Battery, did It for speculative purpofea, audit has since* passed into the hands of Ceo. Law. If two men deserved to be most notorious, they were Concklin and Law. He had heard a gentleman say tha> it all the ls>a> s which (icorge Law had caused to bleach 011 the eatth were gathered, they would make a pyramid as high as Trinity Church steeple. He should have this C'ustle Garden to cap the mouument. (Cheers.) | Onr City Fathers are about to form a park which will cost sonic twenty millions of dollars. Why, a man might sit there tdl he was us gray as a badger before he would inhale as much fresh uir as he would in twenty minutes from a seat iu the Castle. (Hurra !) It is worth a hundred times as much as all tlieir paiks are. Hut there are some big men in the spe -uhi tion who wish to nrcy upon the emigrants, and they have the Erie liailroad and the New Tork Central Railroad to patronize. (G roans.) He came from Thirteenth street to-night bec ause he felt that his enjoyment was to lie cut oil if that Castle is retained as a hospital for emigrants. He did tot believe that emigrants should be locked up there, and handed in droves to the tender mercies ot railroad and steamboat companies, and hurtled away from the city before they had time to see its beauties. In couc'lusion, he deprecated the idea of his being supposed to have a motive to injure the emigrant; but when he saw men put on the livery of heaven to serve the devil in, he would raise hia voice against it. The next speaker was Cant. Wta. Young, of the Mexican Volunteers. He said they had met here to express their indignation against the foul demon who had taken possession of the most glorious spot on the face of the earth. (Hurra.) And so he went on to express his indignation. The meeting adjourned immediately afterwards. Theatres and KihlMtlons. Beoadwat Thjatke.? Tin- Brand comic f.ilry Cttomime of I ho "Green Eyed Monster,'' which h.ia n produced in pn-at splendor, is announced again for thin evening ? Gabriel Ravel ait the White Knight, supported iu the Other characters l?y Meuar*. < imfi, Henry Well.-', Collet, Clarke and the Murtinetti fatnl Ijr. The taiict of action called the " Captive," will alto be K'fV'ii, which will introduce Milt. (Jele^tiuu Franck, Miss Frances and M. Collet. Niui.o'a Gaki?*j>.? The great comedian, Mr. Bur ton, ia pnouuMed to appear this evening in the " Breach ol l'romise-" an Kbonezer Sudden, Jordan ah Jabber. Mr.->. France an Mra. Trapjier. The other character" br Mrs. Stevens, Mr?. Conover, Mra.. Hoi man, and other arto-tn of ? elchrit , . The innch ad mired farce called the " Wandering Minstrel" will conclude the amusements ? Burtou a* Jom Bags. Bowkhy Thkatki:. ? This evening the grand bifto lieal spectacle called the " Invasion o( Britain, or tbcS'a Kiupr'a Vow,'' will J* presented, with new scenery, new cottaM, and even- thing necemary to make it ettective. Mr. K. Jokuton an Herew.ird, and Mr. K. S. Biuwue a* Withkind. The entertain ment* wl!l commence with the "Terrific, Tragedian" and the '? \ttractive .A' trese."' Mrrr.oroi.iTAN Theatre. ? Th:s Win*? the but wtek of the French and Spanish dancers, and of the French vaudeville company, tbote who have not -ceil Uiem aliould to all meuna go.aa 'hey will enjoy the amwemenbt. Thcdanetog isexqtmn* and the dramatic pieces very good. The piece called "La Kille de Dominique" and "Li Derniera Ileum de Mal tllater. ' and the Spanish baJlet, "La Maju de Se veihe, will coniiiilae the entertainments. Kenorita Hota aud M'lle. Yictorine Franck will appear. Wallace's Thkatbe. ? The dramatic compliment to Mr. ( ban. T- P. Ware mine* off on Wednsadny evening. The "Hunchback," with Mr. War>- ? Matter Walter. Mini Ada < loee a* Julia, Mine Je*?ie McLean as Helen, Mr. Bennett a* Clifford, and Mr. Vnderhill aa Modos. The "ll.,iigh Dianund'' will al.o he played. Beside*. there will be anextraordi nary mwdoal no\elty given by a < German amateur, tilt nil , the Dutch comedlau, w i,l deliver a kctoreton lager bier. Mr. Wan- ha* many claim- on tbe dra matic imblic? let them do their duty to-morrow eve ning by crowding the hour*. Wood's MrefTRLLS- llii* hand, under the able management of Mr. (Henrr Wood. I* drawing im meaae hotMa every nlgbt. The in aaquerade ball which ha- bcea trranged by Mr. Warden, excite' the ntn.n?t laughter evenr evcnlnc. Mr. Howwra <loe. h.a ;?rt well, an tin Mr. ramplf II aud Mr. War Jen. j A fine bill for thin evening. The Late C'okcj r. i at N ewtokt. ? In a notice of the con< ert fot th benefit of the r? w B?maa fatholh ( hapel at Mtwpoit, paLU died In ? letter from one of rait cWTssp'indents at that place, a piano nolo w <-rto;.i-ou.Jy attributed t,? Mr. Millet, which wa? pia^i d l>y Otfui. The former gen tleman aimpl; acted aa rondi t >r, ind performed uo acparate piece. We learn that hignor Her. veutuiio, vlyi iiax l*en no favorably kuowa in the community *? a hanloa aincer, ba? been fega*''f] u> r-mg at the i heat r# In Madrid. Hi* engagement date* from the dr-it ??r October and continues for Me moatns. He to tor* i clve thirty tfcmu?ad tranc* for the term. The Republic of !.!??? fin. Advices received per the (With*, hy Mr Coppin fr> -r, i>f the Colonization oftice in Philadelphia 4at? thai a treat) of amity, commerce and navlirati m w-- hibumI on the 2''tfi May luct. In f/)ndon, b> ?> raid Batxton, Kaq., a* Plenipotentiary yrnhat ri<f of the Liberiau Kejmblic, nnd the Cbevafter dc C-olq'ie benn, Plenipotenttarr ?if the Hawattr l/engne lie j ub ica o( lail-ec. !{,>mlang, and Bremen. The treaty i* artno*ince?l to he similar to the ooe m>?d* I with <;rvat Itrltam. The independence of Liberia m riow a? kiioa tc ilgrxi hy the eight governments uf I ( Britain, France, l*, Ketglnm, Kra/.ll. I<o | taf. Ham I urg, aed K-eraen, iur' Mr. Ifai^'n ex I'iunkU.. t .>njiiieot bop'- tnat ijef ort many mie'lia I !i <>e i vj .i d. ti *i?. ,jrt a til ba> ? b^tt fc lea d L-i t" 4 U<?< ' Prohibitory U^nor Uw> ABMat!* i0E ?*OHCAT?OII TESTKBDAr. There wen' 3* *"Mts loc intoxication yesterday, as follows: 1st District boL ;cc court ( Jjatice Connoly. 6 2d do. do. do. (Justice Darisom 16 34 do. do. do. (Justice Brennaa) 12 Total 34 I>TtVm *XCK IK BROOKLYN. The police of the Western district of Brooklyn Bade 12 arrest* for i* toxkation on Sunday night, I a* follows: l*t Dlwtrtct - 3 2d do \ 2 3d do ...\ ? 4th do 2 ToUl 1? AMB IV WILI^, Yesterday morning, Hugh M'Ok *?d Phillip Taggart, arrested for drunkenness T Pith <Hh trict police, were tukeu before Justice ' Jacobs, who booked them for the penitentiary. In\ 148 Sixth dis trict, where lager bier predominates, tba watl not n single arrest for intoxication. In the lth police district, Green Point, there has not been a " arrest for drunkenness during the past four wtn4s Potlc? Intelligence. ?OLOKKD CVrniAMd IN THOOBLE. At u Into hour on Sunday night Lieutenant Mai ' tin, of the Fifth ward police, aided by a platoon of men under his command, made a descent upon the colored folk* of the liouae No. !) Thomaa street, und arrested all the inmates? the males a<t being disor derly persons, and the females an prostitutes. In the rear premises, occupied by an individual named Buffalo Hill, were found five white girlf, while is the front house were assembled a Urge number of dui-ky females of very doubtful reputation. All tlie prisoners, including the proprietor* of the premi ses, weie brought before Justice Connolly, at the Lower Police Conrt, where thev were committed to prison lor examination. The Tombs, us ia usuul on Hiii h occasion#, wan crowded with a rapacious aet of lawyer, whose disgraceful acta in the pursuit of theu' profession have earned for themselves the aj> propuute appellation of "skiunerH." 8rNDA Y AMl'NEMKNT. John Clifford and William Puttie were arrestedon Sunday by officer Gilleu, of the Second ward police, charged with being engaged in a rough and tumble fight with themselves and others on pier No 8, North river. Caj>t. Leonard, in his report to the Chief of Police yesterday, wiyi: ?"Puttie and Clif ford met by uppointiuent at pier No. 8, North river, lor the jwirpoNc of having a fight. Here they col lected a va>t number of rowdies, and ufter fighting for about thirty minute", withdrew from Lbo buttle ground- Puttie's friends being stronger than Clif ford's, the latter had to leave. Capt. I>-oiiard h wir ing of the occurrence, ordered officer (iilleu to ur ristthe accused, when they were taken Is/ore Jus tice Connolly at the Lower Police Court. The magistrate held Puttie to bail in the sunt of $A0<) to keep the peace. Clifford wu-s discharged on his proini.-ing to go to sea and sin no more. DiSBIROVIt HKOHT. Francis Williams and Johu Winters, the former :t wheelwright, aud the latter a sailor, got into a light with each other on a tloat lying alongside of tlu: wreck of the ship Joseph Walker, and concluded the entertiinment by rolling overboard. In the water, the animosity of the individuals was not iu Ute least abated, as each tried bard to exhaust the other by the ducking process, Before, however, they had be come exhausted, officer Conkiev . of thu Fourth ward, made his appearance, and halting the combatant* out of the water, brought them belore Justice Con nolly, at the First District Police Coo rt, on cliaige of uiaordeily conduct. The magistrate, howevef, finding that no harm had been done, discharged the prisoners, after giving them a wholesome lecture on I the uncertainty of positions jii life, imd the necessity of a mole pioper ofcsei vanee of the S,tbl?ath on tln-fr | JJUit. tijk r.n-t: cts or kkkpinu ba? company. Three yonug men, named Peter Smith, John Kve rard, und Charles Brown, Mere arrested yesteidnjr by offieer Miller, of the Sixteenth ward polk"*, charged with having stolen I6'J from Robert Smith, of 114 Seventh avenue. The flirt mentioned of the** prisoner-! I* the son of the complainant, and nay* he was induced to rob his parent ut the urgent solicitations of hi* companion*. The money w.h taken from a trunk in the house of Mr. Smith, und hid away in a sale place by the trio. Young Smith becoming somewhat lepeutiint, confessed the entire plot to his litther, and revealed the nlare where the treasure * a:< concealed. Officer Miller succeeded in recovering the amount. The young scupegraces were committed for examination" by Joatfce Darld* son, of the Second District Police Court. The ion of the complainant la only 11 years of age hut is quite a preocious youth, and one that will require fctrict watching at the hands of hia parents. CHAUOE OK BCBOLAKY. Thomas Klannigau was taken into custody by officer Meyer, of the Fourteenth ward jsjlice, on a charge of burglary. The accused, it is alleged, for cibly eutertd the dwelling house of Mi. J. M. Perry, of 52 SptluK street, and atole from the premise* a valuable lot of clothing and a gold watch. The bur glary was effected by breaking open a window in the rear of the house to which there was entianro b > au alley way leading to the street. The prison* r was taken ls-lore Justice Hreunan. at Hie Third I)i~ trict Police Court, where he was committed for fur ther examination. ALLfcUfcO M I.ONloU* AKHAn.T. John Driscole was arrested by officer Lord, of the Lower Police Court, charged with having, on Oth instant, feloniously assaulted Maurice Zoeiiner, of ~>H Oak street, with a knife, inflicting severe injuries upon the head of the latter. The prisoner was brought before Ju< tico Connolly, at the First Pistri t Police Court, where he was committed for trial in default of bail. Zoeiiner, although confined to his lied, is not dangerously wounded, the injuries la-iiig ccniiuui altogether to his sculp. Intrn itlnn Hebrew Circular. TO Til MMTOK or THK HUH AM). >rw Tons, Au* 13. IIH Hi anaesxl Is a copj of a printe I circular eitensif-iy eirculalol auioii^ onr J*?i?h population ?? *4Uua il Its si " (Tran/' I'MSt I* wi'h Israel.] In 'lit- n* ii.' of ?Jel>*'*?b, Israel 4 (.<* .11 J in the BSiiie uf In . ii i ? li'iljr religkia, the mi 1. - 1. , mbtM an<l dehraton of -hi bri'lUllb congregation* ?r>- most f ? fecifully requested to n? ' mbli in a "<af n ? to take j lare the I7lh '"ay * 1 't'tober iii"xl V1IS A M m the t1t]i iifdtti'lud chin, to ?WIiIm rate a tin fallowing I < Intf ? l. nn tl e t'ni<.n of Amrrw .10 l#ra?l In oigaime a "permjii. n' " cHfula. ?/nod or ' in b'il rin. H. On a plan fi t rrli/i'/iih an-t ? b> lai'lt ?? lu? ?1ioo 4. fin .11 iilli r i?a item of impoftaao' 1 r?'far?l '?> J t ri* : m hifh .nfty I# brought f* tltf nfWfi' t ! Rjr < t?t? f ?,f Hi** prriYi-' ty ?nrth#?lHti of Aments a KibMf* V?r. I r C 4-lin AH/nrir f-** I >r. kftli#ti fVrrtond i rr, |>r - .u? nzburv. Hft!*. Rrr. f>r ii^r, N V ):nr. l^r iJ ow) M. l>r I>r Wi ?*, ? ri W llll.tnvhurK f If y hrn ,V*imcvt ?A* out 10 o'clock oo^uii<i*y in /'it 111# ?\ , <?#t Witt bo*t Cayui r* caw into tii* "Up, ? o! Vy n on- timit bvtvwn thi pilot j *1 fii'i- nioift tb^ tin if wiih a ?! njt Uig \ht> hiiiigf* t?< ft r*f!><4<l**rab!? ?**'? nt A R?r j lu ji ?$r tfi?k?r ? 'tnf ut No %I0 (irtorl *tf? < ?? * 4 i th i . n mth grfu rl?,!#r?f< from *h ?? )???' | I , ?Of] fKcetTr t *+ri*w* irii*-ritf?J Hvan#i akt ? Th? ?>1 I'ntHeit I^nn ?*i rr>t *K*r of s nth Flrnl rtwt" W* h' 'K' i ri'. a -I/ nigl.t nn4 >a |10 .1 of n?-rt!il* %4 f UJn A?>ti K*i>v <huum7 %fov???TU4 4'" octit^ of ??r?1 b*'M m* ** U*l Wt+k ftO'i f??rn?d?d m win o, Witb ? ?*rw of rrrHfitcfwrMnv th^ ififl in**)#'#- of ft, 4 Ki)"? S'?Uilr<f or^i r*i iilwn in tKat ?jfd. Hit# lifxii1 Vioci* ? ? vonnf U'iy '^injir to ? rv "t tl.r ftr?t to ? iftrk-riiw 1> uiiOH - * 'i* "? ? vt?it t?? a \u Bklmrn )tut\ I* ?'fi 9*+*r* ! 'Uy*. ft Mr ^ ?( hi flft -1n <? mle f?r ? n*# ?itn" h*r p i"# if* $\ met or ?n'. in Inmif* n h?r aim *?? ? i'h ft nVrl# !/ fftrr; hor I %? trs* h' * ?' ?* *r ft' b?r ^ *Jbf Fl'.t tf|'' vl of f* il "* 'j i J3' l#r; r.m. >- ?>*Ai^t MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. A tro. 13. ? His Honor the Major in the Chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved CKNSl'8 MARSHALS. The petitions of sundry ccnsu* mar.-h.ils, for pay for services were received and referred. THE RCTOKT OK TBE COHMITTKK OK COUNTY OHIIK KBHrCCTINO TDK CKN80S MARSHALS' BILLS. The report of the Committee on County OBI cm. in relation to the bills of the census uia?-8hal(, was received and read. The committor sa y that the great difltreuce on the amount claimed by the marshal* for compara tively the same service*, rendered it very embarr.m. ing for the committee to settle upon a *ati?tfa< tory tory basis upon which to audit the several bills re ferred to them. These bills vary in amount from about

M to $230, aud embrace charge* not only for per sonal aerrices, the only item clearly rerogniaed by law under which the marshals were appointed, but for copying, for the services of an interpreter, fur stage and railroad fares, for boat hire, stationery and incidental*. Tbe committee tind it im|tottsil>le for them to make a satisfactory report upon all the bill* referred to them, until they hare time to make further inquiry into the propriety of the charges but they hare ne ) lecteu from the nan referred such bills a.s appear reaaonable ami junt upon their luce, und having de , ducted from the same auch item* aa they do not feel ? <tbori*ed to allow, tli*- recommend the adoption of following renolut m# IU That the liillj %f ?hi" foil"* in^ named ren?u? nt?i *" h? aadftail unit allowed at the suu>- vt opvu nitv I hi '? re*pfclive ornae*:? (Her* follow* the liat wntying fr?n *M to *1U.| TIm? Kimuiitl^ 'h?t m' h payment . ahull (><? ia full ?f all t laiiH* again* t the i uuuty lot tiiUaj; th ? ceo*us for Uie year Saperviitot How Aim Mid if he understood the re port It would * (ppcai' thai the committee retuaed to allow the expel of interpreter*. Mow, by a coin iiiuniculkon Irwm the Secretary of Male, it appeared that it waa there l 'UffKe*ted that interuceterv would be necexMnry in inn uy instance*, utid Unit the Hoard of iBMuervbirn i-hoiii'd allow tor hucIi ex^nxe-i. He moved that the repon li" upon the table. Supeivison- IIch'k k aud Illy Miook tliw head* in rtapowe. Supervisor Dk akk HU|?>- orte<l the view* of Mr. How ard, of the Suth waid, aiki aerondcd the notion to lay the report on the tabic. Ku?crvir?or Ely ?aid that the committee- 'mil al lowed ail that could be allowed to the cemtua inar hiialH, on a lair and liberal construction of tie law. . He legretted that their pay wa?; not M a day. If 1 the law warranted that cum. the committee would uladly have icpoited in favor of its payment. He hoped the report would be ic eived, and the resolu tion adopted. isu|fuvi'4ir H tin kick caid (he committee foumt no authority* in the law to pay tor copyMs clerks or interpreters employed by the ceriMi* uiun-hals. Supervisor William Tccbkb hiiw no nece**ity for laying the re|>ort on the table, and he hoped tl?e bill would !>?' paid. Mope! viHor Wakkma.v was o|>wined to the economy J of the 1 .legislature in restiicifne the < omfieiieatloii of the marshal* to K! a day, aiuil he objected to the report of the committee which refo-ed to allow them tor the e incidental expense* to which they ueie auljected in the |terlonuance of their dutiea. Si?|iei viKor VooMiitr thought the r)-|iort ?hunhl M adopted: be gave the committee (treat credit lor their repoit, and he thought that as the ceiuei* miindmi* ucoepti'd the aitoation at fhe> id'oiild now lie initialled vit h that compensation. Hi and other metnlier* of 1 1 it* itoaid were aaked day dlVr day to obtain Hituation* for men on railroad" and in other employment* where they would I"- j? t<> Ret Vw lve > iiillmyH .i day. He hoped lite report of | llw> ommitli e wuald U- adopted. Snpei visor Hhown anpjtoited the adaption of the retxal. but i'i an 'A? r to >ii|iei vi*or \V altenmn lie admitted that lie did no* < ouoiler t'l a day -ulle tat coliijieiinai u>n hi I :.!. hujiei vi- ir U' vki ? \n t ie a miivi I that tie latter |xirtion of the leuort. whlth lect-mmeniU tha' the liuynients he < otiaidrrod to Ins ia full ol all dcnnOiLs ou the cit; f.e strlekeu our. 6npervi-or Kt.v iliKii^lit that bei.'*< en hoiK ruble me" fucb a precaution win m>t ue?-mmy, and lie wot, Id nas that it the Huper* is<ir of the Twelfth mmmI (M'ukcinan^ would draw op a r-*oiuti< u t ? the etlect thiii unt wiilf-taiidiiiK the pitMaage of tins ic? lution the (eiiiij.i mar*hafi? xhuuld ma be del tarred from any further oompeiiaalion the la^idaUin felt dispi-ed to allow Uo?in. he (.-u;>er> iw>r Ely) would conwat to it. The motion ti?tril?( out wa< lost, by u vote of 13 tu The report wa? then adxptco, by a vote of Ih to Supoivhor W.ik. j a' then moved the following: fte-M'ivtsl. ilul lie, hiii? ? at i.n -d ai tic ra^irr >A tlie ti ii mitti pen \ airily Hfle i tin- l.\ - 1 a mar >br'l?. lutl! I>e i i it' ' i? ? Hi: .? f ' r r ?tl cluiitK which th<-y Tnay i-.i . ? -\te. < nai 'end In takiBf lh? l*l?> ri n?'i? laii?l ou 'he table. Adjourr.ed to We Ine- lay. FHMftn or w.dkrmkn. The 1'ri-iiknt , liua' O. Hmk -r, Fi-q.. iu the < !u?ir. The minuti-- of the l.i-t utcetitiJ were r?u?l sumI ap proved. MAYOR Win fi' F.irLAXATION AROCT T H ' RKOAfe tv <r OMVinr ? -/:h. M\r?r'it <)??<? Vff V'nV 1 H.'i.'i Tn inn Hov Tin Kiiid Of AlDWuf* ? livruw ? Arrcmifmn tn* b-t? with i- in apf llrati'i i Irnni tiwart Mar h-i!! [iropilrti r 1 lit* .thiii" A lii? i.fflwgt asi't i miii>''ti?n?ly I- litlon. n king that (list lln<' ruaj b? | < uilttml to ,,lii j. rt ?f il? roui?>, ft turn- ?ri.ili'ig "Hit i I ibrii .{? |.. t -..ii'Ii !-rrf Tin- r?- Mir? ?<!! i-'mn >1.1* of till- ritr Iikti Mi i., i :ili- I' i I'll1 I (ill/"". .1 i" < III i ll l*ny, th?* iiw ? trhirh IwiM./i .vi iln-n ?ucli i ouinni nil ?r<i? hnriuy 1 ?-i ii n ? ntljr \.it)i I. i?r> Mm <? li?- In t of Jmiinr* If" M.f - !?.. ? Im-nwl'li ? lr**n fr< in <h?? rtmii n:rn n( '"itli ?? <ri .in tin l???r | ai ! ui l?i'? !* Ill r r lin< 'i rid fm'j .it ?? ml I u??r-, hy Ihe 1Wi11141u.1l 1.1' iit lb" <- routi' jr Uie pro jir|ftor?. Th ?- -?? withdrawal* h**<* no I .rily ? u* 'I from llir rUrcDM' 1 .1 ti-rn iTtion 11I th" ?*i ? jr ihi* u?u?l la< illtjr fur i' .11 liine il - 1???? |'?rt <>' Hum iwaj. liut K.ira ?l*o rm t. .ill* i ?tir-l Ihi- iiMm"'?-i ' 1, ' ?'.i 'irf runiiiux nn tl>. ? 1 Rti-nt thornugli'are. II 1 1" mi i? mi i-.?i??liy li n ? u' iTi-nti* A and th<- I fi?t mul .-'n? gil .mnii' - nil ri .? Uf? tlic ??mi- op|iuitiinitt> fr r r> ? 'tilnjc hi ill Kerry, ?? the /I ?iil<-nl. I.I r\rrt uthei >. i-iii ii 1 4 sl.? r it; A' pri-? ut On rout* ui lli? .!?? in r A lin - tn ???.? iut i llr ia.l tinea! the Mn-i'Uni and to rju*- llr"?'l?ajr at lult' O atiiet wbl Ii ?dd? inal'iialW to tlii- mtiuua ubatruc 'inti it tlut p'dtit. in my i.|imiii, tu p rmit t?n "f h -<??fi*? 'o ' iinllntii' mi duwtf f!r< I.lwfly ti? (Ji* -<mtli t'i ity ?lll l? lr?? <il??tru'-tliin th?u tlirtr rr^iing H' M'1 ??)r at tint |*i.ut I'M till- i-n..?lufof the a 1 ??(>?? urn) nll 'r ?rhlrI?-? ?t lli' .rm <;f f'nlt..u tf^t ?n>l llmil ? m li?t 't tt-' ifimt <if ?h# dill' ijll|n? m th# utrM't in tlmt trkmhy. i brrvfnr*. in > n>i> ' ration nf tb*->- heU, I i?i-i tjiirn i. k r-'inii-luuifi- *''li '? !i* #1 'ifw of Mr M*r kliall nri'l the f?*. Mlnnrr* tu tli# ? nf '?n ?'?(!'?? Very n-ni?ft!ully VKItsAM" ' Win ?|i fitjr ir 'Il.e un--u(r?i tefcrrt tl to (be CoutmUtM oo Street*. TMK VI KK MAHrlUL M hK *?| A NSI aL ICPllKT. Alfr?-<l K liakirr, the fc'ire UitnJul of the City of Sew Voik, i^-itt iu lti? M-iiii ariaiuil report , the wife -tan< e tl whV h brf* ?|ri*tl v :i)ij>e!iri il tu the II k it a 1. 11. The rejiort ? t ordered ua fl!e. ^^:TIT10^^ til > KRKD. Of fe?nleitta mid jrrojjertv I'WTiert of the Ki?h ti 1 iitli Twenty-flint *.ir to lu^e w>me of tlie A'frioe A line of i-tsMP* run tothe Hootli ferry. Of t ?o*r?l ("?rnonit for rt>mi??iOii of t?*. r?U FOR OflRIOR. M >rnniii W. Tt??re ofl? ?? I 1 t'-*ii' 'urn tin' ?tn ( iaitiM-1 .nform till' IV r?t whMhi-r i f th pr< ~ -it ? 'i.nte. ny il?-|i,,ittt.etit <a ofii ? r t.-ien .f, u :iutlr>r /n| to niitir e*p< tn* *ft' r the ?tipni(iri?t.'in fi?r ' Ii <l?}i?rtritent t?*t< wlwlhrr tb?- ?h\> i <if ? >'h exfMMulttitre nhutl l aw- Ix-i n or?jere?l by tii? (V tnmoti < o?nrtl r.r r?.t. A?l??p'ei|. COMHI'MIOWRK' I F nel fw. The report of the < omnr'l'- < n -Mleriwond Ol tU ??*. npp<>iritln({ ?lxty new CorBim??e-n*r% of ()**?!>. ?tfl lei' forfJ--thre?-of tU o UI |i?t, wrf pn# ated .1111! order??t t?i I* printed. rruTtmn, convkntiom Foe rnt ov eoticr. ri.KRI*. Alderman Fo> oftk-red w (re?ilutW?ii , mv Jinir t ! Mi-. or to nwt thl* Hmrd In . 'invention, n?> tlie tirw*. T e?da% In tv-ptemb?r. at 1 f*. M , for tie fn.rp? *? '?f kppoli tin* ? I'nlire f ?^irt el< nr. to AD ?waft''y. Aftet the tiwual di?e?M*i< ti 1 u th< Milijer t. tlie r< ? ? tjon wan a<k>pt< <l. ri^)ATt*?i UOfM The majority ao<l mlrorit* report* r?Utl?* V- '* rtf/?tiig the floating d?w|t fr>m twtwem pv-rv S /? m nnd 17. V-a?t rtvrr.wir* prijt-enl firmten), ??d ma/le the *p> - tal < rder for the Ur't M'n.da^ u? (*e;? temlier. rmt rr<rro?t:r> iumii.^t to ??-*. w(*htu Th?- rear., tion Ui aon.'i *"1', In 1 ?>?. Wnth w*e la 1 ftn the tal'ie anil <#r s < * -?l to le |i*tn'e?!. i 'v ? > J 1 ,?i * l?'-t fa i4?k> | BOARD OK COUNCILMAN. This Board met yesterday afternoon at Uwir chambers In the City Hall? the Pn*l lent in thf chair. The minute* of the hurt meeting wire real and approved. Petition* were Arwt in order, but only two were presented, neither of which wea* of any imj>ort;in< '? to the ptiplic. Resolution* were next in order, and Uuionp tboae prewntcd were the following^. Itac.ved, TUiit all tboM part* mn p u . 1*1. o' the speritx-ation* and rraolutiun* r?wp?rtlng * iinmuiiiant to Major (i?wernl Worth, heretofore by the t?o ?u<t approred by the Mayor, rel it? lu tl?? ftmy*u Nation of Jumr* H. Itatlenmn. tl<? ilfwifior *w! erohft?rt of Koid monument, t*", Mid the xm? are hrrr-l.v, n>p<i.i| and veacfoted. Re*olv*<l. That the fomminAionci of l>juir> *rnl -up plie? be dlr?cti*t t" withdraw hi* u'l< "TtU'inm*- 1 ?> |Ou |x?.a;n for thia monument, M heretofore nud? ?U'tW ve-tt* anew. The above leaolutioua wen- adopted >*ud i .-ported tn the Board by tbeKpecia) Cbuitnltt' e on the Worth Monument, which met in tbe City Hail iu the after noon. The :to*rd a dotted t!iu resolution* without debate. A Htilciuent wtw then presented from Hueated & Krohl in regard to the contract accorded them by the two Itoiirda foe blunting Diamond Heel, iuuI vetoed by the Mayor. Thif atatement wiw referred to the Committee on Wliarvi ?, Piers an 1 Slip*. Tiie resolution* of Omnriluian Pinrlsmv, oflerrd nt a ia'i' mi eting, for rrdi*trittiiiB the eitv for tli* election ol ouncllineii, w>ii tl?ei? cjl!'?t nj. and adopted. Councilman Coxovkk then ottered th: follow ing:? hrsolrtii, lh?t the Committee in ?- ant they are hereby, lUrec.ted u> iniji, re by t?W nulht-i'. the I- iglith Avenue Railroad Iv'tipany ref-..- i.< ndni.t |?**riiKi>r? In Oi?e(p* plaea, from hctar i' ?t . ot ?u>l Mobioron alret-'., to tlieir tn minus The foregoing reiuditii on wj . adopted. A long report wae IUcu pitxnt-d by hr. J. W. Ttonney on heli ' If of the Committee on llciitU, nd vene to the actum ot tin- Hoard of Aldermen in re lation to tlie ?nt> of ( aMIo Uurden im u;i enn . dapot, HUil wjh ijinde the btMiuua-i for next Wcdnemlay. A resolution vniatlten ofTi-retf rlmt the ordinance ui relation to coiuhuh, prv-<-i?W to the Hoard ii? May I lot and vetoed h\ hia Hoik* the Mjivor in Job lant, L? adopted, notivithxtuiiilirif: the oOjccliuu* ol the Mayor. ThI* resolution wan adopted ov a Luge majority, without liny debute. The vote wii.?. affir mative, 41; negative. Gouty. The report of the Committee hi Market to nh<>m ?< .) referred o 'jimtihicationa from IiLh Honor the Mayor, several petition* and the rejwrt fr<>in a eirnilar (iniinitU-e of the Hoard of A alernieri, rela tive tn eUiMi.4 und wugon.a which mctipv the land we-t o W. ht atreet, Mild a portion of taneial at recti about W axliiagtou market, for Helling produce to onr < itlzenx w?m then railed op for CBiwddrmtion. '1 hie report w?i presented U> the Hoard in .Inly last, and cam* up lart evening aa the ape, iai ofiioi <if the' da.\. It i* ui f(4io?H: ? It KPOltT. ThU Mihj?i I la-lag nu important one h?? rereirad due Illlen ii.ii M.i.l J ill nlmiilttea, *!?>. ?n,. ii llna. ugh i in ? 'i.: i . e-n would preaenl llie fnllowfit^ laefa witfi .,u a.-i ? mpnnymjr rei , tun irmla linn. Ihi I U" -fieri i. IipIh'H'B f.u iotm or |iiw|<iitn, an I market n ? n. le i-ied deali , 1 t,r UMgaiii, te ... Hie i >.. J. I t i* II.. t readily JKI . .-lvo<1 Iinit fr mi 1 1t.- ft 1. 1 id n ... urn iu?e i.itVion, tlie popular nita t at .hi ? ?? '.i'l i-i e p.,i.-c tl.e mi. ?? i.l lie tjrin t Ilk to-llf ! t' Ire. tllan IX lldlll..|| of people lt,{? :y| u|h.u the Sea Vorl. market* for atipplu ?. If tbeicfii.c laigu a hodi uj paontaurc to lie arti-ctc l b* a ehim*. in the market hyatem, aittiniiifli it Mi"v thm inaterui'i imjir' vniK'ntl ttae.tu.1 un.1 i ui> I. .t tu.n. d, J?t ??'?? ? ruouot l* ipvett I H (Ue winlit | ' iiji -I K- t -n e frisia littut; <|. n ,.( l.u, fin*, 'eirlti 0. ?!iii Ii l!i#lt.|e ti . inolfj 111 nut mnte^iaMy ?ill . t the in > -? . f o.i jm . [.(? Vi.ur r. -i . pi, j, . ?? ranin^a anr ?l te.iill..,, . . n. l.t ? firln. In l i t, tie m il he' ..1 t . ;i.u(:;il, nnd ttn-y tiu?l );i,]?i Uill). ? ' Ii* > Ii1 ii tlio jH'ttllun cun.r, i re tlM<-4* at ?? n fri tiud the r't in < 'm .-nnir from n aim: t -lt? * in file e'iBiKry '<? ? , . t/?i. ? n e.nin' v, <iran - n l \ . n l?er*, Stl I ueelit, h . mid aha QMUl gi<.nel vi' h it n nihil Inadequate to i ,, n |" t" >" ? tlie.r ).r.?'ure f..t air. ttiev . mp: t ft* I*'' '*'11' t1 >u, ?.!$?' J abk* J?|I4 A , I/O til ?<*! tin 1' e-t if We- 1 ?ti.'.| In A', tnei f iii c. rt n it' l<. Ku 1 ( ri ' n ? . (i. at" el 1 1. I ? -ll? 1 1 'reef r?? n ., tbat tli ?r all?f i I. m i * ifliri^i n.-dlier i ? -! , cinm nii.. a unit alifo.d lie. Ilia ab ? c?i ijrinint mi tbe par: i>f t*r.rr? th it tlie t ine 111 V . '!i.?*ij I J>.,1 M, iirimt, and ih t tu.-v >>. itiivati e o lii lu .? ii f rl.n.n* t,'. ,;i |,< ? i.'<li*i, pnali.i ?lU'li.tiii,,,,, nr.j , on^Jr-l o. ?eli to the a! any j.; ? Ii, piefeienca t? taidiw tf.eir tr'.'B'e fci-n ahe.e ,t ?,ndd tie of nc e ?? , i i ? lie vulnt nnd i i.riaiketsble. It I* an ineoiitrnvertlbie bi ' that the imnaat it ,.r ilere bniu/trt by tin- In n* In Uiia rreal r?-r?.iri (f J.- p ,? lit W??l n||!oi? Iirilket U bnt II tithe ..f Hn. ?in.. nut n ? to ?U|.fty enu the eltueu of Nair York ?ri'h j,r. du. e ?i?i yet ii .... eliy aiif.p'ie In |*rl inai.f of in n. glllee In/ i Itli ?. (liana kl.d lid ft; ?J?,. |l.?l,,f| hutWMi k> , rcMlve a faate, amt ia .. i uiea?nrs j i ' r'K'ilati d In t|,i lr ma. keU I \ i|( , ;?? ,,f ,v? \?ri I an i be ie IfrbtN.i ii-j fun ??: t -? |lh , ,.a>. u hnrwrty II pla.n nt tj.edeale-. nd dertte their r-nio* >1. ..r thrlr t?ta^ i "uBned arltbln rnr i.w l><.iiada crn'ri ttnj trwl Undtil.f Iliair ai.'lUia* wle II tl r. tie 'leak ar. tli? y ir ir iea nliii ..fen o !?. i( a Itadrl ?.r la.nkit for tlie ?all >.f .,,1 p. 1 .dure til. I inn I, ||. ghi t? ,,u, rli . ' it - i i Ji.? at to a II tliat tb? Caitrierawb imtill'ii arenn aid tout. thi N ? 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That m ten thousand tbi?"- bundrwl and fifty pi t.itia and B>a thouaand Bv< b>.n.ji?l aflel f< rt l?r? la aim <4 timati?a lia.t lieet. reeetvi-l from ikrrtau'la p tn the "tli i,f Jt-ne itmli g thia ..<?*< <u In m au. hU?t? a. tin r it i? r?*.llly peicoiia-.l that the .:?.il* a do f td?;?nd ..nth. luMna- I (fa/I" Mr a around Se V'nrk ?fi -ruin h i (e.itl >o f t|? pi - 1 -e for lb- lr atipjdle If the million of panplc 'I'je-rvl'Tit on the \*w York market 1"t pii.lin'-, a era- I ty Of iiWervan*l'-n of the *Wal era e? mpej, al to pay an lin n a-"! ..inonot for ,.i -a|,i .? vrbi b ? .a tn< light I.jr til- tarnnrra i ti^< <UinUy <n S- ? York, 'l.eli llwl.aal l|,<- , it (. |,. ? ? I . I I*, ,,j. , tu | the aid .-f U.i tin lie n Ci'ui.r.l ?ii uid let ilii aad t?r t oBt ealiraiy an aiii? hat thia tinpi.-a i -u . n ?i . ,| ,? Blftfiy. /? ? Hi Be< 0" I1.? -le-ijer er'atc ?.tn|< till -n liv >,r)',/1n^ U : ? t'.a rna'k.t pr-<tl|ie ll Ifra^lar I'.vltiea f ?: r ? iB ' 'ti?i|' : Pkm i.laaya rranlt. In la-ltrtimi of ? t ? hene. III. tana-At ti. tlie ,-l'laen Mr.r?- i* * ? m evktene* ia He . ? u n,.' 'ea- M.a? the lar-iae- ? a I .,'e<|rea| t? >a I to 4>v. if ra fi.-a--. ,.r |i a! taili^la ee.l ti} wk'>l?*ala a.i..- - e n>tii , II v ' - 1 *itt ' Le} r* II to ti*a tltli'ii a ? ia 'a y * Itla the dealt i a f '! I ' ha e i.i t ha ta u.e. - n ., ' , at* 1 1 t>, the e|Hr# -ia ,r?- . - ? , tlaa'. u 1 1 ? ? In tha accaitnBanilr.,- r< lamm Vakt fr m hta the Via i - ? 'l?a (adi ? f re*?'aril*K |a ti,f? "the* th. |. ple '1 H I rilf f. i u (- p, , . i.m- , h, h p leea ? , Hie!" if ?t?tal+i -n-i fri t h M a' I In k ?' pi'.loeli. f.a (or Ike a ?-ll eia I la/a a r, * 'ka preavf ia?,t at pi. a-?a u?.d far hair ? -,itl??l, ? t Ihie. tinv ? ahat It ?aa Ua y?r.r- ./ ?,,ii? lo-?>*---t tie in t? ?? I m alia w?f# b? ft**? **r, '?M hlfr ?M # * , 11m /iff - * 9k Wf V, 'h .iff a Us*t r? %*f> ? v ?"? ''?'?* r.^ 1? iW< Irtf* <knt if t**A f'i /nl (? tlM ?ti'' '' *m -my i#? 0 r ffl'i- ' i"' f H ? Ifjf'H ? is' ?? M *?.-* **" ** *4 phvAum-: Ua- |C ?l fll-'f- ?? '/*"?? 'Hj U tie fr# ? Uitr*' it ?? at *1* *-+l> B r ? O * ? Ntfi' <+* *%..? am|k v ?, i fimA by ?* 99 ???> ? mm*. m\4 %li* -??f Ii /* ' < HI fmt ?aa#) ?nr, 1 ntljf ii- ^ rf k t # ?? "4 |?? rh *? ' *? f 'b ?? ?4f%? ?if mi I * tt ynt. kfttffltlWtfW* i4 4 ?4JNMSk ?( ibm? than twenty-all tfc' uMiut cluIUn. m t*' r of tba dealer*. Th. country wafTM. at pWiWt. UnTr lb* nf i.t prWII?j? remain on the block ol ground w^Ud w" ' atr*et ?? pre rDl all il*.r, but br th# rrnilufliflPHbiitei by tba W?r.t ill Al'Wrni^n on thf 4th ol Jump. 1 1 |*Mt ? b> Un- CmuaM>n l i.uorJ Ui? fai i*t? will be ?W?"I ?? leave at 11 A \t , thU blwV, a* at present iliayoaed. w? ?reonmorfale twn hundred and flfty wa^nim, aaip t] Mit fluent to atcvhifiixjit'r nil lh? tarmoni aulincnueaf to U?* ' "jf l|??7 ?r? t<i (rare Ilia utreaU. mote <*M rially it ?)!i?e>i ti imuln in the ittnit th ? ll<tb* 1 mfr period than that at jireeut m-uaiuiuatfiJ, a*U a* U p?* p. mmI bj yvut tsuiiuilw tot tfjP heller ttytilaii u of ?urli ma'kat waK"UP m* may come In town after * A \l rur eotnntiftff <P>uW remark that Ibey ahould I* pU<-?.| ?a th- Mo. h ?mi <if *e-t I"tri?(' jrcur committer then* te nubnal. that tb? rib-olution adopted hy the Hoard nf A Mermen he ni>n oam eurred In, aud the I 41owia( leao.utKmaloptad in U*u tlurci I: ? Reao.rad, That thU Boned imn <-..n with <!>? Itoarff , of AiJr iiicn in tin1 taduptlim of ;ii? r>? olt.t*'ti pended to th.' report of ?afl body, and ahichia beret? annexed He*.|re<l That the ta ni?'? XBi| mnrkM van hf lagii^r I* tht nlj i'f N?f Vwl produce In euunli; ?)|u?i tr<im 1 An? t*l.\iy1 Tf?t' lnntw county airl .l?. ???, W are lereby |*nniiled la oeeupy the at roe t* and' frr<>?>a4 baieinafU- muuti<?ed? tne ?> -I ol W<-t alr*?i (ram Cwtlaolt to IVyi.treel.aUb, th .?e?; ?ile uf Wet atreat. from llnrr'ny In I "hn miter* atrv.-f' aT- i one nrm la t km centre of Iwv atiect, fuitn M'nl to < ?i e.-n'?:r|| atrial, aav mg a i rxrcptiiiff th'' iuterx- <ioo o! . aad Dtu||a Way In th'- plert. until H L A V ml tliat al n>?;k?* in< n ramiaii'.iiR alter K'o eiotU' A. M oi that may arrive e(t*t wml hour, aliall oe pia< ed on (bat Motion <<f Ilia blot I. ?r<! of Wi -I <tfeel. nl or. rut <? nipi? t !? r tb? Jaruiera, i.nd M"-I|i>n hhall ri.nHnue allntinl la tljc fairtii'r* dbitu^ t ie entire da? for tbe fttandin^ ? " ij' iu Io'l< n willi oi o jure, au'l tba CoituniaalMiar <? ."?in cU nnO I ,tinii? I' in r?t,v^lp.1 tu l.are nai l l.loek lerel'.Nl fnHhwttn Ile.M?erl Hit |i*rtnl*.>lnil l< lierehy ft^nle.! to Ifce i leMUt u.arki t Bien, to pUee thalr wafoa< in Um> *M oil' if i/i ? (I ie puliU' niaikeo. In the uiiper ?e< lion a f ! he < (.H'ht i.S n.l>Ti>S HIANi V M rt'KKV jniiN w i van Kit r. w Arswiiu.ifr I 'mil in t1ee on Maiket* Ccin' omo Cosrtrnt to th* r?*ioliiU?i (0!i?iin"rj in the itlxivi- r*|iort, und ifllrt'il tbr Ml luirliid m .t ?nli?tlt'ite It. < !v. Tlu' tlii miiket men or fatntam mlu't'tf t ii li:< l i ii, ! ? 'li llie r ? nj'Ui? ij Canal a*ri^4. tii m the Ilnfl-i n rtver a- !:? r ?> It ?iiy V" 'tm ooa aide 'if the ?ti* -t ?mly, tU! lOorl-i kA W foonrflmiUi 5'hv.ntii f. ulijocU'il to t!>u? auleiMtuA*. Hp >Miii] tin wujfonii raiuht ui well U'lilaoM ?? (irfonpo'.nt a well on 7'?:nl etrwt. rlieiv n *? roi'tn rnimgh for thwe w*afm? In \Vi-*t ? tree! , mU fhut niii< tin- )ironi't jil.uc for them. In CouaI ntrret thi'7 witi* mit i if t!i>' way.lM tnki luml<en ift uji <ma of the fluent atrci't* in tlu- city. ('otinrMh.un ('ovovrn mnvoit tint lh?* whnl* anliject U- icfcrml l ack to tin- ('?ntuittee ?m M.? kef*. f nunr ilnton Ci :rroy boprd thl? rootimi ii> h?r!t wihiM not nreni). Ife fiml nut lie^rd ? good nrffii merit .'iffiilmt tlil?ri-piirf? no', one. ft wa? tiioc fnoiijrh for Flit* fu/ra^r-Mt" uo u(> town when fl.f pco pie aanVd tlinn the e. Tip- tniirliet ?r*H the pro per pl.ire fur t bene tra^i .'iA, flier U-liijr a p*rt ami jiiiirilff mnrket I'liniiii'^. Ifc aml ilne.l the n*o llltlon i f the C'onnr ilman f*!?**nr?" a^siin took tbe flf>or. m4 tnovi il. a? ii i- .Utitufe that the wl)?le m.ittcr lie r* f erred to .i apr ? t il i oriitntttt*- of five. Thi* m itiiM Wfli not ifeiiuded. rotr *? ? tin n 1??id upon Mr. Oonorrr'a m? t.'-n to I ftck to r.'m.iilttre, which wan lout. Tli?- rote tltr-ii ii[> upon Mr. i'ono\>-r's tint rewJirtioa, tlxiny > an il ctrcrt at tin- plate for larm wnprnn*. Thr ?ra . ?.< follow*- -AfnrmaUtn 11 . negative 7*1. Th" ??il?*tit ttr ww drrla rv<l |f*A. Thr vi tr w;i Am taken v|>oii th- miffltiiU re?<4a tlon*)>r??pp?nl in th* rrj?oTtof thr rnronuttrr.ahtab *?h n tlop ted, thr 4ot? In-lnn a* Mb#**: At1trHfat.v? 'i'l m "<>olv. The ItiMfd tUm udjotirtu tl. COlIKCII.Mt.y ? COMMITTEE Off WffAKVKn, AND hi. II*. T.( < '.i.i iU. <>? Wutrrea, undMipa of the lioard ol < ooik itei? n. 'net yr?U?rday afternoon In tor i.i,. Li'i'-i. M - n. <>ray . Jackaon, JraklM aod Baruej ntt ri.e cJulr wh? tnUi at half part three o'i kxk ?1* i li.i' ini-irn 1 ot thr committee v ,i ? ccmnt* .I. ed. After ??iiir rt#ll'w?rnt h i nuiltiltM d''?ide<l OS reporting to th Hot J !n '-vorof grunting Mr. Jeha Ha t ton fhe ev It ir.r of Mi- nc t?-rlv aide of pin N i. '.'J, Kim rlrcf, f >r the irr or/jinodjiioo of tbf Ifndtfi [tort. A>'*or i iBd other lsmx '-' nil rrtrai Uint*. AI*o it fuvor nf (frt'itin.!? t? M r**r. lltKkly mm4 Ward!' the rx'lnatrr r e of thr nr.-* ?ldr of pier .N .. VI I-. .t rivi-r, und oil i l?tt'f <J l?.lhli.nd krtwMi pier ? .No. '_?<* ai.d 21. Alvi in lat?r of frr?ot!mr I', i-rnru ll. M latent * To. ( X'luidve njn- of pier So. I <. and raat half of pier 20 foil r VI r, w t I l.'i'kl ' id IrtwrfM. for ft*e Tim rvniiiiiU' i; tltru lwirn..| a < onim in*ratMti frorn Mr. Ili-rt li, I', ititllTi to tkt nfiuil of tin Ooroptttil'.i r to mwi t. in liitn a l?-ate of p*r* No. 4" North river it foot i?f *tt? atiert, winch Lr pun I a??t from the 1 it) n? M?) U-t.tor a teem uf ll\i ji itra, nod the lOb'iitU ua ot ninth I' a* lui u *4 duly fulfil!. 4 TV eowmltt'-^ pwH a rraotntloa to inquire of Mr. HagR b\ what lOthuut) be w ttbli"ld tlir lm*e fn in Mr I'unlj Tin < mntlttn- tin u nwd, lu ordei to r jkitI to thi Hoard. Prv|?niil ( ll) iMprvttawilj. TO till LDITI'M or Till Ml a If thr prt.jxi-rd i ilr .i - wi of CbM.'ulirr- atr :?t ia l\>e uul) Iinpiovemrnt m-<dr>i .n the Komtii nnl, it V'uld thrn !? wrll fx put it l.irtnigu without up |o?itn.ii liut f In r ?? .? i lyti.i'i uii't tnip</rta<.t lu.j*T??t OMt- :i?m? ai> ihat <? ul In tiB?< . Mt 4<t a K.ty made. li.?trad of ilir propenrd f IlrtiaiM of ('ham^wti -ti< i-t, wl>ii li will Mil - fl no wttll all tin Worill thr ugh wli> h ? pi i tdflof ihroj/h th?aiha/'> nally, I would ?u(t|ir t t.iit <*hamUrn> 'trr-i h- Irt. Into Iwian?- ?trr?t, l,_ taking off t!ir 'orm-r of th< ' 1... 'I.ani lljhk btnldiujf, tb' 0 to wldrn I'uaur ?tri*t on the opp>irile able and to cit'nd it in a tr*./hl litw to I'rafikhn -piarr and ft'.rn lh< fi. > (hfo.ifh Iliwrr ?<??4 t to thr fta t rurr- thu? hx a f tf dr?trat)lr a^^nm frciu thr K art to thr *rth itm. I w.?iid thcfi ??i?ir?--i t(?- widmlac of M ?? from Inmiir ?t??rt i?. Madiaou utrr^t, wl.tth i? i-f it ?? If a nr. aurine. Thaw widen Hamrwk, Jttwm, OUvrr m4 f 'athntiM .irreu from W?di?o? ?*/?^t nr let the^e he ?id*-ne<i into l'ir n? m Barter < t iir i IniptwriiK-; Im wi th mmkinir and ?'<il l l#rri<*5 (?e maiif. TtK/' ?rr oif^r i?urv?m <? i? ilial ?a/ br Mic|()ii>l?d. whl'h will no ib iM I'AUrw M/ im i.r'm Ihat may now Im i?..|i- fur Iw'&n cr, tl.e wi.kiiifiK and rjrttnawti "I 4 nil m?i . ?t/eet inio Jari.ei 'lr?-ei, and froiw liiU. J*ib< -I |i t iM* w <!" niu/f of Hankfort drift, a/?i. "iWt <!??./ .?I4#> ?n|ir li.ri t ?!. ? h will ??*?rr Lai ^ r I ?. s.wle. fh' ii ?ln ?h"ukl in a?*?ie 1 1? ih?- fbntMiiliiai. rrteixlcai, tor n? ? e"-it) far wtn h iuf be roparwd ?d, and wL b. .<? t- H? . I?iv. ? an m^*jr unAr ? raMjr -hup- i l ?'l> ?? f "" * torwujjl ?ttbo fif?l .<?.?? ? .i.i,' ?? I "prutjr of do m -o' ii . ?? .< . hi/fhi d tin T'ttlU'iO I 'rth I Hi ri> ? ' f ? I > i '?er? in. t I nUMH f? t? ||H?l?. lliilMil .','iil ril I kroner lUla i bell . i UM(iM : ?< Uiii*} at tin X?v V' rk Ui^-ptLa- f?? tl> body of Adol|.h teDentofKh.a native of '.er a any, ? bo umh) from .n,t rum r?.?e i?^4 ?</ i? > r to* 'H ion tb?' Mar!<m tad*>ad, ne?/ H^i'i fl*<^n,<M U ? "lb in TIm Jtr; l| Uii . MI'tt'M ? I " d.< t?f acrwie Dial 4r*tk. Ib< ?? *m?<bI wa? 'i JHii of alp. Tlit cofoiiaf .. ? that < w "** I ? <i the d< ' ' i^d *rjk< u l tl?*t ?? bad. an ^utifhMt r<MH ! '? tint of t'jr ?" "le?lt. w he had a r' W aat/h <vi l-^1 wh?? laat ?*a ailte, pr*rto?M Vi M>a <*rmr ?????? ^ tha f ito1. I ?t *L A' ' I TO * ' an ' <r?^ar ij^.'iKi be 4 an laqur-.t ?*??? toa i>"dj 'f a Mid fo?f ..oar* ?d a?*. us' i J'1 -* fucwt. i?ad ii? an A hrr parvMa Market utrai, who ? wan> to hat d<*U> from rapt ? af tb^ li?r,ai<u ai?t tajurvr. a>? ?i.i.'al'.. t' tivad kj ihe (ailing nf aa aarhr.i l #r wt |iUjln* in front of ibr ?toe* N% tttl M rkM ?? *'t,?n. ihr lutb I'.aUi,' Vefd ? at '*>J ? e!?, l? ? ?*<! *a> % iu(,u of Ywl. Callthal lat*U1|tnn. i ?f.- <.~i 'iota i?r>wi tM jft, ia 'M > "ia ' t-?" M'l" ?' N ??wf t? >!? t<? tmr Vf *4 'twaftuai ,*?. *r 4 ? . ??'<? *u >wa i '.j ? "**?ir.a? la atk?w ka ffce ?.?t ^ ta? laa- i- '? r Itai ???>#{?... v? 4afci?-l an U# i. ??'/?J ??? '?* ?I ?4 I', .Jrf , kWM, v( . vt*'.' Im* -^e a# ? A* ? ?.? f ?? wettu ba??aa-? u in ??.??% TV? e '? ? ? ~ 'J "?-?'? . ffdl lb . aK4 lM L i iW?