Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 14, 1855 Page 3
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Omx IndlaM CMmpwrfuwr. Cajooiltok. Ind., June I. WW : The Cotton MtJlt at the WrUand Somth?Are thrg Profitable? You- money articles give us daily assurances of the abundance of capital in your city for all legiti mate investment* that hold oat anything like a cer tain promise of even moderate profits. In your editorials are frequent intimations that yon have, on the seaboard, a surplus of men of energy and skill, who have the confidence of men of capital, jet can not find regular and profitable employment at home. Tour merchants seem to be too abundant; your com merce yields but moderate returns: and there, a* nil over the conutry, tho dividends on existing railroads offer bo encouragement for the construction of more. Allow me, then, to call the attention of such of yoar readers as have more money and energy than can be employed at home, to the certain and large proftt* that now do attend, and, under good manage inent, must always attend, the combination of the surplus labor, surplus coal, and surplua cotton in this valley. New York is now almost as near to the coal beds of the lower Ohio as Boston was Imt ? few years ago to the waterfalls of New England; and New York ens as easily manage cotton mill.-' here as Boston cun manage cotton mills there. The power and surplus labor are here un limited. There, both are costly and unreliable ; we have the material and the market close at hand There, both are remote. When the Cannelton cotton mill was building, wimeof the New England manufacturers took special pains to advise everybody interested in our move ments that we had not the ability to pat up and ope rate a first class cotton mill ; that we could not fill it with reliable " help that we mnst, of necessity, buy our cotton in New Orleans and sell the good* in the seaboard cities ; and therefore could mak<- no saving iu the transit of material or produce. They very nearly accomplished the object they had in view. The reliance placed on their opinions and predictions seriously emlnrrassed the operations of their infant rival here, and nearly strangled it in the cradle. * Onr community, however, are now beginning to understand the true facts in the matter, ltut two first class cotton mills have been put op in the West? one here and the other at licbanoa, Tennessee. The operations of each show a cost of manufacture below the average cost in New England of an equivalent cloth. Each lias obtained its material from the nearest point of its growth, and at an immense saving of cost. Each has sold its product near home at an immense saving of transit expenses; and each has found a great abundance of suitable labor in its immediate neighborhood. Unfortunately, the mill at Lebanon was burnt down last year, yet not until Its operations had folly demonstrated the propriety of taking the loom and the spindle nearer to the cottou. The only first class mill iu the Southern States is at Granite ville, 8. C. In that, the leading facts are the same as here. Mr. Gregg, its founder, knew too much about the business to be frightened from his purpose, while his stockholders, fortunately, had full confidence in his judgment. From Mr. Gregg's last report it appears that the net earnings of that mill were ? Iu 1852 8 per cent. In 1863 11* - " In 1854 over 21 " " and that the company have reason to anticipate larger dividends in future. Before the Isjb.tnon mill was burnt it was earning from 20 to 2."> per cent net. The earnings of the Cannelton cotton mill, since il has been in full operation , have not been made pub lic, bnt it is understood that they are satisfactory to the stockholders. 1 have not the leisure to go into the details of the modua operandi, but I state this proposition with the * utmost confidence? that were the men of business and capital in New York now to occupy the coal fields of Indiana aud Illinois, bordering tne Ohio, in onr free States, or the waterfalls of the Tennessee, in the slave States, and go forward in the manufac ture of cotton with the same energy that the Boston men of business and capital used in building up Lowell, Lawrence, aud Manchester, the accession of wealth to New York, to the country, and to those directly interested in the operation, would be such as has never yet been wituesscd. In a quarter of a century we should have as complete a monopoly of the products of cotton as wl* now have of the cotton itself. We shall, assuredly, monopolize this branch o manufacture. The question is dimply one ol time We have the cheapest material, the cheapest fuel, the cheapest food, the least cost, of transit and th*> lightest direct and indirect taxes of any locality on earth. We must, therefore, manufacture the cheap est goods. Commmmi Pieaa. Before Hod. Jud^i- I>aly . own rOR ATTACHMENT AO *INf T THE KKFR K.'TOK V tiTMwi tx m <usa or "uui" AAtmv ru rOLICK OKF A.BTMENT. At G. 13. ? /?i t\* matter of the a {ration for an a'wh pint ogainrt Wm. Market tar. Timothy WebMrr and Mirhn+I McColm, far a cuntrmpt, in ref veiny to trttifi/ trfore n mm mi tire qf fV Hoard of AlWmrn ? Three several order* baring been mule by Judge Woodruff, requiring the de fendanta to show cause why an attachment should not i? aue again* t <acli of them, purauaal to statute, they hav ing been duly iubporiaed, anil liaving att?nUed before a committee of the Board of Aldom.en and refuted to an- I a wrr certain q'.e?tion? propounded to them by aaideum mittn*. or an* queation* the committee inijht ask them, it i* ordered that the attachment ir-uo, un!e?* tb<- *aid defendant* appear, severally, at the meeting of the .aid committee o! the Boaril of Alleruien upon reeei\ in* one tiay'a notice fioiu the chairman of the committi-*-, and a newer the nuentiona mentioned in the deposition. ext-epi the two questions aaked the witne** Webater, and tbo tbird i|seetion aaked tbe witne* Met ami; and &Uo tint! to and gi\r evifenre respecting th" manors embraced by lie resolution of the Hoard am hm i/tng the committi- to inie*' iga* 4 all fraud* ami corruption* in every branch m the I'ulico IV-pertinent, and iil-rttiTie manner in which lb* Muna 1* ??d h?? been conducted." Common Plena? In (luanbrn. Before Hon. Judge DaJy. k BOW AHONtlVT THE FRENCH KUITOIlfJ? Iflt fOK I.IBKL. AiurfcT in. ? Jo'Xua /feilmait nr. Vi-iur liaron. ? Th* plaintiff in f his eve wai proprietor and publi-lier ot t i'rench piper called I' Prnffre*, and complain- (hit the tleiendan ' , aho had been a^-oclated with htiu publi ln-1 ? docnmeo. purporting to be a suppli-inent of L- Profr'-f in whirh he (Baron) charged pUintiff with in-olvi-nry and other unplcnaantrles. The following i? a translation of part of the ofcnsfye publication stipj lement to the Prreft" of .1 nly It IgVij ? A* the reader* of the Proper' know it nlre*.|y, arbltra tora baee been choaeu to judge Un illy, and vithont any appeal, the diSculties which nroae between Mr. Joshua ffeilman ot th* one part, and Meaari. Malexpin - an'i tt* run of the otbei part in relation to theowner?hip nt th-it paper. After recil a long document of agreement aud arbl t ration, the article goes on to sia'e ? ? Theretore I do invite. in th* name of right and justice, th* -t?b<riiber? to and agent' of the Prvom not u> rend any m'tney to i' may be. and to be deaf to all p??euni?ry ?t?o??nd> and claims made by sell" and alli-ged collector*, who claim bat io the name of tbe mint evident illegality. By paytnfffor their aubeeription* or advertisements. the aubMriber* wil! have 9# chance* out of 100 to be cheated By p?yit? aay sum due to the ?ewspai>er tb'.-y will ex po*>- tbemeelre* to defraud thuae who ultimjit'ly will la iccngnited dellait.vely a* baying right to receive them TtCTtlB HAKuS T'len cowe* an epitaph.? Here lie* a rag which styles! itaelf To be JVench without hHng so, t y Itenrt. ?pirit, or orthography. Neat in the lkrt of complaints ia an advorl. '?*nt - To be ready >-?o. the flogging* or horsewhlifiTi^i re three sceundrcl*. by Victor Darin, (frvm th? ( b late member ot the Republican N>lldiartty. and ot the Marianne, ex -President of the Board for the In .urr- <? i. 'i ?i tbe <te;*rtm. n? of the Cher. j oUtical 9cnTi t; pa o ?Wet in It! mo . price ] ?_> cent*. Pir0 Aaw**Yi^?Xec*eeitf M ?hl? pamphl-t. !?'. i> Ourt.oa in paetry. Ix-tter from the iirre-riai u''orn' . fcrw I?jon. Th?^#nf"**ir of history ?n''. the thn ? leveller* The honeynaofm in INrMnerlasa. Tbr- extlwHtfoa N *sr (Klean* How to r?'' urri tb? row an<'. th* ralf. Kp *to ? ry eei re', rere.atioos of a doctor. Mow. Hosio. T'> d*1)!* of henor. Carton* list. TV- C* ht*r of the /?r r Tier, I B*ucce**ful attempt t? seenre two ?ew*[Aper? The tioreroor Concha. AVp?jW Srtnfiwfre.'.? The wan sery ?t of a ra- cnj. fit >?1 ??c. fn.m a h?d book, or fft|anui> pMategnamist opi Bioa of a kiOower << uryat*r. J- ? and Je. ui*-. I V of t. rf d note*. An inci rre*t an ! er.lgtaatic car r*ir./ H' W they fo< lt-hly s^t ?4T,,OH> ? ad how, from a einip.' ten, to Is e me a rofa*. \ .1* ** ot a litrg? fortune. Bribery of wi'oe*- * sn 1 pMifm n Many an- 1 ?????; suits at law. A dUeipW Of Il??*rme. as to tbe sahacnw* o? a crrtaln ne?.pip*- whir', t.a? Jbe irrpo-ieo'e aad eh*Hrn-l?'?-n*?s to style iw*!f Per rb Hie! republican. fomi the hrenv ilg ? Th*- m *t portlm of the I'.' '1 eotxiplained ef i* l>i* '? lirii:-' ' ? V C r sale *1 a ir.r'hleo ;Hee aecnint of It. panu.-e. a riot- for *..00, e KM r-le4 !>y J^hn n*ilc an lo Victor He on. and due ?in< e the Tth i? Jan* U?' ply t? llen'f M-range attorney sol nvlarj, K " i''imv'i arw I d at >? '**) If r? nrt i sal 'd ?ninlrf - ar-e?' of the dc<*a 'in'., and th- ii -iff hart ? *?ken Mm into ru.?..ty, h* r*. n?r i'W4 tl > ??. !<?" *'.e-t jail, in d*/aai'. ef MOW be-: FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? OHIT lilllT. Mowat, August 13 ? 6 P. K The stock market opened this morning buoyant, with comide ruble activity in some of the most pro minent railroad stocks. Mew York Central nod Heading wo the favorites, anil both improved on price* current at the close on Saturday. Erie was not caiy neglected, but closed heavy ata alight de cline. Railroad bonds were comparatively quiet. At the first beard Illinois Central bonds advanced I per cent ; New York Central 6's, J ; do. 7's, | ; New York Centre! Railroad, |; Beading Railroad, i. Virginia 6 'a declined i per cent ; Cleveland and Pitta bnrg, I ; Michigan Central, 1 ; Wisconsin and Lake Bhoie, 4. All the fancies were dnlL After the adjournment of the board the following sale* of bonds and stocks wer? made at auction by A. H. Nicolsy: ? 96,000 < W'-ay & Mi sUdHpl RR 10' added. 85 'J . hit -e* Erio KaUmu.l 81 ,*?? 11 " J'bomi Hr? lonuraoce Co IM a 01i4 i4 " WUllaraabwf City Fire In*. Co 10O 10 " Cumber'aod Coai Co 29v4" 7 '? " " 28 100 " N. A. Kerosene GuL. Co. (per chare). #0 13 jy " N. V and Shawangunk Mining Co 10c. At the second board there was no material change in prices. A large business was transacted in New York Central at a slight advance. Reading closed a fraction lower. Erf? a quarter lower, with small sales. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to-day were as follow? t'aid on Treasury account *104,iC4 0* Received <n Treasury account 117.100 '*0 Riilanc* on Treasury account S.tl57,717 (it Paid ki Assay Ofltoe 1H,MK 1'nld on ilinuurniug check* 9; . 166 EM> The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 10th inst., were us follows Vi'T ttttMaW] Dej-art-iient 910.000 00 Kor the Inter ior Ikpartmeat ioT.,9ti?t 66 got the CutoaM 16,660 HT> War warrant* received and entered 101.754 1*1 War repay warrants received aud entered.... 2, 402 42 I?rawn on account of the Navy 65,706 00 Covered in from mWellaneoua nourcea 1,590 00 1'i.Tered in from Curtoma 7ft Tit The annexed statement exhibits the gross and net comings of the Reading Railroad Company during the month of July this year and last: ? Pim.AMni-uu a.vd Rtuiirvn RArmoAD. 1854. 1866. Received from coal $347,843 6?> 9>>.'>5.72i 7i ?? merchandise... 14,929 97 21,514 17 " travel, kc 27,900 69 81.031 -.'8 9300,174 22 9408. .C 5 20 Ti uuxportatinn. roadway, dump a>re, renewal iund, and all charge* ? 156,674 16 162,989 80 Not profit f?r the month 9233,500 00 9245 .285 31 for the previous seven months 713,083 8ft 1,189.202 89 Total net profit for 8 month*. 9947,488 92 1.434.678 20 The recent rapid rise in the stock of the Readiug Railroad Company does not surprise in the least those who are Intimately acquainted with its enor mous productiveness. The gross and net earnings of the company daring the present fiscal will compare favorably with the two mammouth r? companies of this State. Eight months of the cur rent fiscal year have elapsed, and from the returns for tbut period it will not be difficult to form a cor rect estimate of the net earnings for the year. The annexed statement will be found about us near the actual result as can well be anticipated Rbaduo Baii.hoad. Tiitnl not eirningH flint 7 months, offlrhit.. .91, ISO, -"92 89 Do. do. July. *eml -official.. . 245,285 :U Total 91,484,678 20 Kutimaled net . arnni;:. for remaining four mouth" 1.2." 0.090 00 Total $2,484,578 20 Intercut on funded debt $4I?0,(X)0 ."inking fund mid interent 150.000 Four per i ''lit dividend paid Aug. 6 412,700 1,052.700 00 Applicable to dividend in January 1850. .. .91.031, 876 20 January dividend. ??y 10 per cent 91,031,900 Oo Applicable u* ciinUngencie*. . ?93,878 20 1, <'.31,878 20 These figures arc considerably within limits. ]a*i y our the net income of the company amounted to $'2,010, 43k 21. The increase in net income in the Hint eight months of the present year wbhIW.O'.H 2b. Thi? will give for the year |2,4!?7,532 4!), in the event of no inm ate being realized in the laxt four months. In the last four months of 1^54 the net income of the company amounted to 11,126,4.11 35- At the fame rate of increase on this that has been realized daring the first eight months, the net revenue for the lart four months of the current fiscal year will amount to 41 ,803,326 96, which, added to that vrta ally realized in the first eight months, will give for the year as aggregate net income of $3,230,619 ?.?. The Actual result will be something between these totals. The Miner*' (Pottsville) Journal gives the follow ing statement of the anthracite coal business up to the latest dates: ? A.vthhaot* Con Traps? 1856. 7 \,nt. shipped by 1 el* war* and Hudaon Company IMVi.OOU Fares* o?er Uat yetir to lame period..,.. t>8 000 I)n. by I'enn?yl?a nia Coal Company 258 MPJ I'xrfu over liiit year to name period Thin will fire the increase thi" year a* follow*:? 'irmt. I'seesa from Schuylkill region to Augu?t 9 ieH2,VX> I'o. l*hi)fh rift ion to AuguKt 4 52 071 tV>. I1! 1 4Hudiuin Cs. (o July 29 !<8 000 fto. f'enna. Coal Co. to July 20 CO 000 Incresec ?o lar 478,160 From <1 e other region* the increase and d?cre?ne will ? bout b.ilanre each other. The earnings of the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad for July, were ? From j,-a??eiigere Mid mall* $101.7''", AO rttim freight and miscellaneous 48,901 .'18 Total $15:'. MS 52 I anting* in July, MM 114. .42 60 Inrreape $#.315 8fl The annexed statement exhibits the gross re ceipts of the Ilarlcm Railroad Company In esrh of the first ce\cn montlia of the preseut and past two vesrs : ? N..w Yos* and lUnr ?? lUnsOAO. 185-'i ISM 1855. J an imiy $73 792 $7T 7t?r. $tt $0 > I'ebruur* AS ."?eWI 457 7S.IM March. 78 0V! 75.071 85 182 April 73,825 72.710 77 875 May 83.H91 82.1*1 2*8 Jsae 84.M4.". 80.743 87 580 July 8$.ai5 8?.3^J 105 215 Total $549,882 $542,212 9*07 83* The receipts of this company this year are $66,623 toore than they were for the first seven months of last} ear. The receipts for the year will be very near a million ai.d a quarter. The new direction are doing great things for the stockholders ? increasing their rc>? nut and dc '.reasing their mnning expenses , and it they contain* the good work, thus well begun, we tan guarantee their re-election to office. The stock must be selling below its value ? at all events, then* is no msr-nn for s fall, snd It msy bring much higher prices than are now ruling. The present prow perttr is not sito?etber exhibited in the increased gross earnings- Great economy is now practised in the expenditure*. The current expenses have been Isrtrely tetlnced. and the saving per anntun will be ?,nsl to a small dir'<knd on the stock. The Oalveston Houston and Henderson Railroad appear.! lo It unknown imoog stock speculators of Wall street It appears to be the Impression among certain railroad financiers that beranse the company on,' m^de its appearance m Wall street ss borrow ers of xo'y * atut be a bogns concern; tat Wi Cat ,iU, r* those gentlemen that it is aa ar to-U Urn file company, with the necessary re soult m to dMtnct .ts rond without Wall street aid. That m enough in its favor, withont uy-ng anything morn. The rood runs from Galvea. tm ((b? only port on the Gulf of Mexico for nine Iant3rc4 n. t-s, where large vtwela can enter) to Haubton, and thence to Henderson, a dMance of two hundred and twenty miles, through the most fertile and prvi "Ure part of Texas. It intersect! w^h the Hsmshurg road, now completed, and on wli<cb the cars arc running, and with the Red rtver rosd at Hr?.jAon, nearly finished. The cotton freight alocn will pay a profit on the entire cost of the road, and the Mate of Tessa donates ahsoloteiy 10,260 ritfi or tarj tc eaofc Mile <A road 1*4. The ?r<t flection ia now ready to twelve the superstructure, and the iron haa been pure hated, and is now oa its way from England. The reason the enterprise la not known here, ia to be found in the fact that no at tempt baa been made to borrow money in Wall street; but the road and its program are continually referred to and spoken of la the Galreaton papers. The company engaged in tarrying oat this enter prise baa no atock designs, no wish to opecniate in ita bonds, aad only deairea to be allowed to build the road, and not to be inured by th^te who e Uouid be ita friends. This road, when completed will drain the State of Texas, north, east and west; aad to any j one acquainted with ita geography, it will be evident that there can be no more feasible enterprise, or one better calculated to develope the resources of that young aad growing Btatc, than the Galveston, Hous ton and Henderson Railroad. The annexed Ktatement exhibits the average daily movement in the leading departments of the bank* of thia oity, during the week preoediug Saturday morning. August 11, 1855 Nsw Yog* C'rrr FUvti. //Hi &f*eie. Oirc'n. D'-potiU. New York 83,476, 3')6 866, W7 948.716 3,121,412 Manhattaa 5, 03X760 634,707 407, 0 0 3,448,808 Merchants' 4,130, '1*3 1,407,633 229,900 5,019,716 Mechanic*' 4,304,633 765,832 440 077 :; 604,170 I'nlon 3.073.079 1540,838 186,602 2,166,252 America 4,1*6 717 l,3'J6,Ottjl 76,494 5, 130, .".JO Pl.enl* 3.468,431 619, SOT 97,7TB 2.407 914 City l,7eo.804 24'..8f.0 1,300,01.1 North Rhrer l.OOA.194 158,488 174 '.'14 843.471 Tri?<le?mt n'? 1,461,654 103. 388 371. *43 794,333 1 ulton 1,888, 888 264 185 183, 265 1,892,286 Chemlenl 1,44 >,002 386.827 293.064 1.333.471 Mf-rch. F.*eb 2,862,081 4l?:i 131,1112 2.118 508 Nfiti'.nul 1,097,214 288, 888 200,348 1,000,416 Hutfcl>ror 1,558,481) 149,634 tSft,.H4 1, & Mwh, A Traders' 71t.,56:; 6K018 109,106 6:1 002 Creenicicli 671791 28,763 0.HH9 614, <100 lealher 1,018 013 144,117 21 1, 062 1,423,793 favsnth Ward.. .1.188,179 134, 09* 196,686 <0W,5Oi> fc-'tate 3,594.684 815,416 495.033 2,8*6,348 American Kxch. .7,1(19, 090 9f8,r.i'. 311, WO 8.464.018 Mechanic*' A*. . .1,339,876 121.304 194,783 901,192 Commerce ?,877,12* 1,110,302 ltio 5 MVS, 181 llowery 1,081,734 lO^.tli, 178,:"?I 8.", 4,;, 81 Broadway 1,453,902 l'jO,K8? 307,393 1,343,658 Ocean 1,307,802* 101,340 113,71* ftOft . tSi Mercantile 2.243.645 313,304 4 1,800,833 I'aciflc 038,306 55.917 11H.010 ?3;1.:B1 Republic 8.294,029 841,1V. 115,0*1 3,618,467 <"hathiwn ?8.\709 67,716 103,425 412,618 l'eople'H 850,732 Mv?! 124,247 ?13,?27 North America.. 1,69c, 101 113,732 W1,H0? 1.274,07(1 Hanover 1,321,931 f.0,703 114,036 (177, (W14 Irving 622.548 63,536 103,767 446,091 Mfin.pi.liUu 6, 177, 306 1.131.914 101 .147 6,050,415 Citizen-' 7(11, :U4 52 366 165.451 Ml, 827 Crooeta' 699.183 126,080 Oft 34? ?MM,f.37 Kaaaau 1,074,15.'. 107,263 121,117 938,735 Fast River f.7fl,uOT! 62,858 96,440 322.381 Market 1,193.9(19 07,940 120,623 942.721 St. Niehola* ??,778 34,349 61,352 410,773 Hit* ft l eather. .1.003,869 89,602 109,663 706,339 Com Kxcliange.. 1.470. ?'(? 100,077 81, OH I 11137,413 Continental 3,802, !>?7 195 175 67 818 1,071,962 Commonwealth.. 1.140, 382 140,140 07, .'07 901,383 Oriental 677,568 30,687 07,67(? 373,148 Marine 8(>7,876 64,865 9 6,356 670,613 Atiautic 484.102 (',8,550 06 *31 .'104,331 inland City 402,180 38.107 95,804 239,523 N. Y. DryPook.. 400,852 36,363 64,300 140,660 N. Y. exchange. 192,316 10,313 114,'.KI8 107,8"li Bui I > Head 247.656 13,823 07,041 142,618 N. Y. County.... 144,406 9.008 ? 84,828 Total *100,774 30916.1:80,669 7,714,401 8:1.141, 120 Cikamm) Iiornt Ta*N?*fvio\a. Kxrliange* for week ending August H fl04,f>9R,402 ?' " '? " 13 101,348,. WT Balaaaei for the week ending Augurt 0 6,723,3^6 '? " '? " 13 6,003,152 The above aggregate*, compared with thone for previous weeks, present the annexed statement: ? N?w Yoki Cm Bankm {sum. (SitiiVn. Dee. 20, '64.. $81 .663,637 12,076,147 7,076,880 V2.828.0iil Jsn. 6. '(.f. 83,344.70ft in 69A.96S 7 04?,t?82 64,983,158 J?n. 18, "66.. ft-*, 07ft, 081 15,488. 5r. 6, <'*6,461 67,??W,30? .Inn. '.0 T>?. 85 447 098 1? 872,127 6 681,Sf.5 ft9.647,<5lH Jan. 27, '55.. 6?. 464, 667 16,?W7,'J60 7S.186.ftl8 Fek. '56. . 88,146,607 17.4 iV?. IM? 7,000,706 72 923.417 Feb. 10. '65.. 81.8?e2l77 17,124,394 ? 9<W,111 73,794, HI leh. 17. 90,860.081 17,:t;9,U?6 6.1*41,606 76,193,1^4 Ksl). 1!4, 01,690,504 lu,370 875 6,963,662 71,f.U TL'l Mar. 3, '65.. 92,386,136 16,631,271 7.108 .710 76,968, :*4 Mar. 10, T.5., 02, 3:il, 789 lfl 870, (V!t 7,181,9mR 7<I,'.'il? 1HH Mar. 17, '66 . . 92.447,345 16.04:: 9:12 7.061, 018 71,M4.3--t i Mar. 24, '65 . . 03,050.773 16,602,728 7,452,231 70,36?,!>33 Uar. SI, '55.. 83,634,041 IK, 018, 104 7,337.681 7'i,600 I^! April 7, '66 04 489,394 14 808,004 7,771,634 77.1113,008 April 14 '6:... 94,140 .U9 14,890,979 7,52.1, ViS 77.262 24i April 21, *66.. 93,6:12 Wl 14,856,041 7,610,124 76,744 921 April 28, '65. . 03,606,051 14,382.424 7,610, 986 7.V2lw,*.l May 5, *55,. 9.1,093.24.': 1 4 . ; . 2.*, . 0." 0 8 (?87,60:? 7X.214 'o'l May 12. '5">,. 91.642 4?8 14.686,036 7 804,917 7 '.,a.,0 592 Majr IU, '65.. 91,676,600 15,236,860 7,?:8.IWO 77,361,216 May 26 "66 01,1(0.618 15,814,533 7 IM0 ?7 7-V76.V740 Jnns 3, '56. . 01.107,t6.1 16,^97,674 7,556,609 71,14,1 S'.li June 0, '55.. 92 100,097 16,005,155 7,502.618 77,1.8.:*.? June 17, '65 93,100 185 H. 978,6^4 7,462.181 77,649 4.1 June 33, '56.. 94 029 4^6 14.706,729 7,336,66.1 70 11 1 186 Jm.e '56,. 95,577 'i!2 1 5 041,070 7,3'>4 0ft4 81/W8 0?r, July 7, '66.. 97.862,491 16.481. 0'J.'i 7,74:i,Ortli AS, (147, 2 P July 14. '66.. 08.415.432 l6.663.;.i? 7,616,724 85,110 Jol? 21. '56.. 09,1*J*.147 15,918,099 7,407 061 82 079 690 J'lljr 28. '55.. 90,083,700 15,930,976 7,4<*,498 81,6.55 .81 Kx'f 4, '56.. 100, 118, 568 16,298,366 7/42,9Ui At, 270, 990 Aug. 11, 'St.. 100, 774.280 15,380 669 7,714,401 83 141,::2 The Inst returns, compnred with those lor the pre vious week, chow in lesion and diacnunt* an lucrea^ or 8665 640 Spei ie n dacreaae at,,,, 17,G8'( Clrcahtkm an io<*rean- ot 71 408 DepOKlta a decteaw of UA.670 Compared with the returns tor a corresponding period in each of the previous two years, they give this result: ? l/<n tjr. Cirr'n. Au?. 18. 1853. N, 683. 377 10154.618 9 11 94- 58.168 713 Aug. 12. 1864 . 88,435.067 13,522,093 $ ?17,179 74,626, :i89 Aujr 11. 1855.100.774 209 15,280 669 7,714.400 83 141. :30 The variations In the aggregates last week are not of much importance. The line of discounts eontiauea to increase. Thia movement, in the face of a de crease in specie and deposits, does not look welL Compared with the returna for the aame week last >ear, we find an increase in loans of more than nevcn millions of dollars, and an increase of only ooe and three-quarters million of specie. If these insti tutions consider specie a basis for snch credits, thia roiiipar iaon is not a favorable one. *1000 K?nlnck* ?'*. 102 ",?<*> Vi/gin ??< ? *M 'A '76 112 1000 H?r 2.1 Mtg?- t>d? M roon I nc ivu <>f '75?n ?i % r.oou vl *, MOO do *90 CIS moo <b. . . wso ?.'??; 6000 HludlltftbdMa 77', MM d?. M 77 ?? 1000 111 Ob RK bd?. M', 10000 d<. e 88', r-ooo d<i . ...bao tt)4 10?0 N York On V*. N :/U>? Y YCRBubbJn *7 VTOflO \ V On 7> at) |04 1000 K J Clafcmtawbtf I* S 2-'i ?h? O m Husk ... 200 Mc Tr?n Ob a3. . . aoo do e 41 P?on Coal Gi.... 4M lUrlrru KK. . . .r 400 do \A0 200 Cxim Coal Co ?00 48 N Y C KR.. ..op 100 100 Mock Kuiun|t. M >M>?T. A'ljni?t 13, 1A6A. 0M >U HrW RR. bflO M \ 100 do ?1<) " M d<, bu 20 n% KK. ?:a too J 9 1, IPS ioes ?'? 10 do ?M 102 S do. . , ,?4ni 102 d" ? 10al1 I0j?t do 1^1 102'. do ?90 lft-. ^ do op? do ??0 102 \ do bMW do opt ions do no ina d#> .. . ,?S t*t 1?>-: >. do lf?lt 210 few Pailroad alt .V "00 do .00 aoo no M>< .on ijo bao ms II &a otif w4 '*>, 98 1., MS 90 S U8 <#8 :>8 M #7 Hi Kli 41 41 S, 41 S li*. loo <00 do 200 do 100 do... [ifld? aw do ... . bio 32A do. 200 do *."<0 ?0O do i,10 100 do e 12ft tlln Ontral KK :*> do ; 70 >n I! KK !?9 <?? wo w do Kifl W*So*M. KK. '<?o la; -J? <ln Mo l?l '?? do 10?V 10H.w?A.VIn(on. 90 2 71 I'trtBtna RH.... 10.^ V> (Jttl* Mi?mi KK. 9.1 207 (>? * PKU UH 7j M do >,n o 7; s 100 do,..,.?4n? 74 1?" 4" 1)40 78 20 Her A r >1 KK r 9.' s J?? do <rj v 100 do.. MO ?! CM do .. b00 Ir; litf> do <nu 22ft Chic * R b KK. b3 94 s 2o do W)i, 106 MI* (^-n IW. p 101 100 do .. 101 \ 1?) do .lam 100 ?< WU iMkrfhi.r* r. M 2ft do Vi\' MHOWD BntnO. ?T4?o Ml/wonrl 6 ..b? ?C , M.T0 Krw bd?of T? 91 \

17 {Ink of AlMtirj 11.'. MCb?0db1Co 2t M do . bkO ? V M < ?Bt?.n e 'fl\ 40 c-?? ft To; KK. . ?!s 1ft N Y C KK 10CJ ? 109 df>.,..pir 103 t 1060 rio i>|f l(X' s 100 do om 100*h ?.'? do .... bw int. \ loo ?o <M ioa tluo NYC Ril 103', ?oo d. . wto i*i^ U? do .... M0 IB', .'V. lit Muml Kit 14 A U> Kfi? !*d 1^0 ft.-, . M do ?*1 !,:% 440 Koftdiac m H i ?7S MW no .... MM 90 ?A? do ?S 97 S 100 With Ob RK K! lom loo do vn ioi\ ao Hud R iu: 41 s T. Ki?UT, la?tit IS? fl P. M. **?.?*??>? o( boU were m*d? Bt 4S<<< tBd ? Bt t'Se Bauwri ???.- T<wr- Tho nterkM ?m Arm BtHBtar d?y'n '|iw>Utto?ui wttb B fa.f Bitionnt t4 IrBKWtioB^. IV (Bin < nibr*r*d Bboot A 000 B 7,000 bM?. ta^hiV* ib ?bi'h ??r? tafrrtoc or bofu braada Bt 17 7ft a $7 17. f- 'O.u* a to MBd ?trB%bt braoda Bt M a ft Jfi. *a ! Uff ?n?l ?iUb at <8 87 a M 7?. Wmura m?a4 aad fkw ? ?? f 8 1/0 B Caaadiaa ?a< Rnnw, ?ltb ?,-?k TOObbla vrro anld at $0 a tin S7 ~*ai<tb*ra vu dil 'b? Uk-i?d*d aboat 700 Br MO bbU , itMV)aWV'U r mmoo to rV>i<"? braod*; Uary Bad Bitra brand* r . ^r~l ????m WWH I $10 M Rf? Oaar aad cora anaa 1 ? vitAont f and inartlra. VWt ? TV? ?a ?? ??> brw*d abo?l M OM NiMi. hcl?4la( Hua<lx>a rad. ?l ft! 80 for ' ' rriiw>n . a?d 11 W <hr c?a4 aad w ,f. ?? %t f IT n> irmao. aad #2 )t a fti 'JObr (air t? Mia. i t?. 1f <y?T>? ????? r?a?4wd aB?at Tt.tOO ? BO M0 . fTMtaro pinad a* M^ alaata^ afui nlbrr > Li > Bv> If< a* aak*d *T-_ TS? IB! iw<?M a ?? ' ^ic?< vtiioh ???? bbiUH a? km ?*#?.?' fr^>a. Ky?? -M bu*hfJ- were anld at the market price. Oat* wrrt <HU1 at 60c. a He. for J-U1# aod Co*roL?Th? bhM dm lute*. and transactions I. united. A IHr hundred hajr "f Kio war* on term* not atatod, aud 80di>. ft. Domingo, at #|{e.alOc., and *60 main Jay*. At 14 Wo. CmT-ltei^ footed about 1*1,0 ? baloa In M-S wtiUa ttu- MikM elnaed Ann. FmaMHfflk? ' To lirvrpnol about 1,000 bate* of oott >11 were engaged ati-3!M. a 8-HV1 (or cttnprwmed and no cotuprVMH^. 10,000 buidieU of grata wort oifaK^l "a priraVr term*, and l.fcOO boxea chcaaa, at bar K<a. To Ixmdoa 160 bbl?. roatn ?t?rf e&faged a' l?. 0d., anl* lot of cbwrt- at 'J?. To lire men ; i) Lhdo. tobacco were tukon at 17*. ed. . M U>n/i tne??itremeBt ?ood?, at 16*. ; 10,000 lb*, bene, at J^c.; and 160 bbl?. v?ot a?he?, at 16'. A *a*eel, t? carry atxmt 26.000 or 30.000 feet ot lumbar, ; wa? etiarterrd (or the Itlu UCUtu, at tlT, and 6 per I cent i i '.mage. The bark laur.-ai wan noJd by Uagtr * Co., i j a whale h?u**, 6<r $H,000. IUr ? Nomlrjil at (1 U6 tor old IngrKxI order. Riot* were fl:-raly held, which had a Unite noy to check ealee. Sale* of !lu> G i ando "lib*, were nude at Sic. le** I per cent ; Orinoco '.<1 lb* at 21%-., and I 'or to Cabello 2:: lb*, at 1"*?C | ?lx menUm. IftON ? Kirm ft>r Scotch pig without wlM of m . inoo! . 1 i.'nin ? 'the market c? a tinned llrni, with an upward tendency u? price*. Tl, i tiock wa* li<(ht, and a**"ru?<mt indifferent. Good hcmli-ck Uinn?d wan hold at 24c. ? Sale* of :nf. bU*. Now Or loan* were made at S 6c. Navil Swot were doll. About *K> bbl?. ?pirit* tnr pentine were made a 41, Sc. a 42c. twx<la and turpentine ?<ie qutot. fHCYU u i*f. ? Fort w?? firmer. The aalo* embraced abont 1,000 a 1,:D0 bids., including m< ??, al $)'.? T6, ix-w prijnc war at 110 76, and oi-1 at H'JOT; and lt>0 do. prime n cm fold nl (18 tt'J(ilty). Uecf? The ?alc^ were conflni-d to 100 or 'J00 bbU. country me?# m I priuie at Hatun'aj '* |rlce-. Other dewriptiunx of biwf went quiet and nucha rigid Cut meat* aer-flrm with li?lit f.ili K at 8>jC B t1* lor aliou ldcr*, and 10c. ? 10, S, ? lor ham*, lard. ? >h!ii of 100 n 600 flblv wore at 10', c. a ll\c. Ilntter nu in vine Ix-'W-r demand, ?-itlioiit clianf^' >u piirt* (lierac ran|p<d from Re a l?\V, Rick. ? Th* roar) wai tirrn at IV. ? ttyir. Hi'UMU*. ? lite Mile embraced. 4?>ut 760 a btO hljdx. Cnlia nuticoiiidii, at ti^t. a 7a. including ? iimall lot ol I'nrta IticuH at 7l4c. WineKKT. ? The iuiIa* Ajalxaireit about .100 bbla. K. and I>. at 41c., an'l 160 do. prixon if I 40\c. a 41c. THE LATF5ST ADVICKS eeravKD At rni WKW tORK UKRALD OKFICR, AUOI'rT 10, 1 Anpulro. Met Jul* 0\ u i /*u?dJJI?, p. a. July 1M C1'6* -.Aur 6 aes^.^-d I ftsswraas Bajifa. Il/.iil Aftfoa lane ? Hirliailotw , Jolr Ik A ??''??? ft Datnru. j*v* . :viH o 'i -'ui> ? Ifc liw, Hon JulJ ? 9uh* Inly -J8 ftrwuda . ;" j "y ? i''1"" "V ,ir?'4"? 1 k*-.u, n. <;...: ;! w.t H !*''? /lr*zjl !?'y ?? 'J{ ? SEK^ii-iiS ? iSis'Si? eHSfJBsieBN fximlnlcn W. I... |?rr *7 uili i -l1 . -V ?!"' 4 Kara], Aiore. v\. ,. L*}1 \mk* *7 May 31 oiUituT fitt ,s ? V" ,ul> 35 nattm, liavti ' July 17 v' rr* O0'' Jnu" ^ y J'Tu'i *v ? assays? i ?! i 18^:53 Hiuiolulu, h.V.. . . Jubr S v ?!'; ?"? ' " ??>/ S .t;:;;'."":1 sn? }H i2K::!:;:;:;^$ W?SdM iluUri Vf'-j 'u|y ? Trinidad <i?. C*?al> a July *ZA S:!rr.""" i:: ; ssrv,-,- -?J2 eatSiPSS >? ', M*r- I- WhamiKM .... Mai 9 ?'?y i? /a. .??,.? i? i ?, ..3 " AWERflSKiVKflTfl RIMWKD EfJ.BF KAL TK.\AirrH' R?tiUTtk A H<'AI:i,.1^<i '"">*? III 1.CT? MAVI.V<; Jd i-s ,* ./* cup'Wi for tl.rfp y#ir> m <?i??h n, i i or,:?,,:?.K?r l" w"h "? ? p"Th*.,r f,. jk j, m v.k ?',i,fH,",f;, n^,Vi'.?f*'?V'r<,, i..i" '''' ** ol Mfv /sw : >?,*?. h*w,a 1-f.o, , ?^prin/ A ravin fA MIT, llAVINt; Mul l K.M.y TllAS ,cLir ss,"". v 5 _7Ul I'Twmi, , PJ> 1 * A :i 1 I1M.II. -I ,1 <.? H (? v'-MMi l.'iHI- WITII Ajpcz-z&z !!y;r^;. **> - ?>?.?. Hwmiiwav? noOToN* KTcnrr Itm iTr ~ nir l?rg?aii.| c mimxlu n buiMIn^ !* , nU n- i .H*.,' ^ni'O ^?ry ?uitAhUi for t>Uaia?*? puipuMi w..ut I Ik> A u"' 1 "" U'** b-..* V, U& .uV^r nr:*l[w%'' e"^lat >Un " *"*T zit*:" TppTytr ,mpr "e""nu A"J^ 'JO# ffu'i Mtri ?tr*?t. riBrAP KKATV-TO I Jr. TWO njxw HRTV j ^ , wuf*r Ulh ?!*' ? bM>wti ...>4 l.?rl ntrn-1 n<?r Br<?<l ir?jr , 4l?'i ? l?. ? i? .. ?"' ??KTr Ittitjrplari ?o.| a U,z.- ?t.,r. ?t ? D" ?AlT.ljr ti. (,([ l>M-rr:, 6AI c?*rl Fv r ARI.OR1 A.vr? To r f-r fv ? ir, in -I, w h I1'""!1"1' ???: b*th' In the h?<,?- 4 . ni. ? Kr-f.--.n-, ir,,u'rM| Ap"' w F' kH'hT' T" IKr- H""M wihkwm^b X ?.?* ~ n. Wilb "f ry r?n?fTii <tn?- f..r k~,?nj r l'ri? ? , Af.p.r ,t IV ; wv? J, T"' *-x">'h Al ... p,'t,? . Jr'tZ . ":r/h;/r""r ^ ""r p"rt om^ <-arrt uf ?<1dry t| or ? "? ' "' ;:,:k;v*- ?? 'k* ? : *ftWAJH> MAM IN. Hon?E wa vmi.-A fsro ?for?i iv v? cr buU-lir, lot*, i? , ,ei ,an-r ?K' WrtuHng Mock. A-M%? (, m,,,u frtlwibr., fo m?t ?|.h ?0 . firing Uor* To 1:rr ~* VWY rivi; H?M wTirn^m. ha> '-.y Vu: ""MA of fara/tar* f.,f M*i| WJV, M0? Jjr?*/tw??"?r*! ? *pp)r '" H " __ . ? *"*?"?? J, n?it t? (imr" rbureh H^U? "J-A HAMw.HK T?IK?; yfiHr brows ?b/n* fr-,nt dweitj,^, 3-^4 ..._ OWCE TO l*T.? HAI.K <>?? ?HliST OW>. J?'. (lk? <ith?r h?ll Mnf <1 by ffuith A lii/ I ? i"7 o*?ir?W? l for ? w?l'b trn|?>n?r ?? w?l 19; otW l^t kiMiMW y?rt?f Apply ?'? I'MfTH k KI'I'V, ni U.< pr*mtmt or W vtirrhir/ J^irvtry Oxa p*jty 12 Vr?*y itrMl. ]>akt or a won*? or)N? or "t* w* irlth ??? of Wtkrona. f>r ? f??ily <?? | ctaidrrs) UlfWij lltuitin ?n4 T??lk .Vr??'?, w-?t > 4* H>nt witliU'-^ $nw. AMr??, fU'lM t^rUmlAf*. C. A r., Hor?M TfrtUP, nr . TO 1JTT O* IJA4 thk n.w ?. r. eoraor ?< Caaai u4 ll?4?>n rtwu, j<Ml ?>Ht tj?1 ?!tb WrvtiW. .IMo., Md A? fm ifloU M 'ft4a. ?W* liallw for % rl?tktaf Wt or f?r*H?r? ?l*>, <k? ttro (?*u m?|tm limn IB parfor* ??, *foi bmwM I ??<! for ? v-??* 8 truk of ? H frtim4 1*4 VMM Soots, ofory r?.u frusu ?? lw rrvot ?a4 Iim IMM, r^v la tr?rWoM *4tfc kypif U> JkMOf l kM\ m H M? Stow, tii ij<r? arr mrntr. AW?vr ?oc?r? ?aitalA* for ?fmt ?<?*?, vyrt fr?it, or u rovpftabl* vo?l4 aiak* a |Wi4 < fra, r-o'. m.^arala , foi foal<wi f-? *?.ar? A' fif a! 1M riit-m nr 1 am> a nrr xf .1 m r*r m aarf folfmi at^*M| am Um I* 1 I ? , ||'?< o? ?*' Wlki ia lb Ihv , ala, i ??wl "W.ry t^^na fa-aialM" ro^air*A I* v ?>? A. ar'<| at ?T *.r+*y tot Aaon >o? *< IWoa^ rv jnriMjrrr rhoistml j fJV) I XT ? THE LABO* HaIX, 7? DOT DHW, NO. I J. W * MMckar rtmt, ruitafel* for aocirtia*, *r. Kant ?MM) Alw lh? tLrw aiurr brick bouae and >b>rt corner Thirty -eighth Dtrtwt and KighUi avenue Kent %000. J- PCS MAM. K>ch"a*w^. cum?r loth at. | mO IJW.? WCTKRAL J' AKIN OK HOcJzH AND 1 _1 apartment* auitabl* k>r fniuilix of mpp UM? me < hnoii j, ti. tin lower p?rt of tha Kighth ward. the I *\? ' Uod u woi th all tha dUfaiwar* IB Che ao-oallad r h<?p rent* in the ouUklrta of tb* cltv. Apply to J A VI lis PRICE. -J? Hndaontraat rpo LOT-TO A KES1WTAW>. FAMILY, THK HTUTN 1 did two atnry and attic Nigtlah o?t brick houaa 48 limn tlnit, having beaa culiitl| paiatrd thioufliout. and *1* tha nnxlHrn Improvement* , hot, told ka>\ Tapor hatha . aWw> (a a throv gtiout thi> houoe. wiUi tea ro-m attached Ub be aat a trotu 9 VU1 li A M. and 2 till P. M. ? ; Ti I IT. ON BKOAPW AY AVnOASAJ. OTOnrT? ONK atorv on Hn-adway, an-' our o? Canal ctroet toloaae. Ap| !j at 144 (VimU'r* at re*' . Thi: fine lauok omul and sahjiknt sm ua ! nalt'reet, 10U fea t frvtn (troadway, to let, wry [ cheap. until th- Aral ol February wit. IU'{Uiro ol GKOVr K, HAhUt A CO.. 406 H.oadway | PfK)WN AMI OOt'NTllV. ? TO OBMlttX FAMII4KN I atudyinr? economy ? To let, ia Orand ?tre?*t, Wll 1 Immature, a comfortable xult of rooov, *even In number; water, gild, ehiindoliera, iu a new, elegant brict hnuae a'.agcn the door; r>nt $1?.' j> r annum. Inquire at 46'. <;ran?i atroet, W illiamakurg TIO FAST KAllJVfJ IK) AT 1/JtAC WAl.TON FOR | kal>'. ? ."lie i* about -4 fret l>*mr, built of tha liemt of mut'iiul, in Jiini' la <t , alie ban taro aulta of xaili, aud U , ci niplete in every reapeet. Xhe will b? <*<>l<t cJi?ap if ap piled lor iDin eilialrly, aa tfie owner will lean- the city la a fe * days. Inquire of WV 1'cnny Hi el*", Itro. I lyu, or ad<lie^i> box V,824 l'oat Utiico. TO 1 NT. ? mVKRAl. ItOOMK 4 Till L'Oirr M.tvr ! factor iur uuriMiKee, \er> deairahl/ located, beiu^ , iu lioliee V- M i'lijiiie tre< ? fiftr fri'l mt ol liioi>il#ay A|<rljr 4o4.RMMKI No .102 Itroadway I Tout? tjie kmaij. thkkk jtwiv hkick unvst: ' No a <;?rd, u Row, iii KJcrenth ntre<t, near South- I weet Corner of >-i?lh avenue The boiiao will b" let oa . rcanonaliU' tcima lo a mo ill fatnll*. I'oiweaKlon Rireu imme<liately. lni|Ujt* of D. W. FKVTtlN', lilT Hruadway, n; etalrn rpo ) J.7 ? A lARtiK lmiCK fflOl* DN SIHUCT" A i-lriHt, brlow William, in I lie rur, Willi rl'li- >n ' tianre, auiia)>lr lor a carpenter Vi ahop oi lu k nt lm ; tnanufLetory. Ib'til moderate 4 H KfKSlllMKR Ml> Kourili a?? niif, J to 7 1' M ! Tu umb rmioBoon m nt am Aran ?? aboTK Twenty -?eTi nlli ilrNl, n diuuiit Ajtl H>n on llr?l floor, wtlb ten room* aboT<>, Ifat batb, ki- ll -nt ' li'W on a loa?e. K. II. KINfHIMKK, j I'V* Fourth avenue, tu 1 I'. M. To LCt? TBECFflR PAW "l A Hut |L 00MBD Mig of front barU bud tea room on ?<?< oud floor, one room on third floor, back baiemeut, with hut and cold ?ater tbrouKh the tiotuM', cookiUK lauK" and bath* at tached. Ka nt UK 7ft p?-r month. Alao the furnitura- foi raU' cheap. To U' reen Ipctween the bourn of 12 and 1, or ft and tl I'.M., at 77 Tliorapaon atn-et. rpo I.KT? THK I.'iWKH I* ART OK A MODKHK HOUilk l\ X Oi* v i initr of tt Jolin'? park, firaiiliod or unfm ainliad; alio, tba ?ld aatahli-hed publifl houna, knuwa aa th* (irapaa, T, Janiat alraat, with lx>wliB( allaya aad Ui tnraa attached. Apply to K I'M.'MK, tt tirauil alrael rpo 1J..T-A MCW niRW HTORV AMI BA8FMKNT X houae. up (own. ?lth all the modern improvement* will be r?t? d low to a amall fp ali-el family, and lb" rent piirlly or v holly taken in board. Addrea^ A. 0 , lieraM offlc*. TO LKT OK K<>Jt f AO'. ? TWO 8MAIJ. IfyOSW, JUST hni"li"l, wi'h all the luodarn improve merit ,, IOiO, ? till fit W t I 1 *>???/ 'fourth atrei'f, f,.-t *r*ii fluth an-J j-vumth BTetme- Afao, a cottage and "table, with II hit* of ground, at highly eighth ntre?t brtKNo HI mi itifduh- road ami tha KJerotilh iirenu j. Apply to M WIlJ-ON, eortier of Cortland! and Hroed?i?y. ?U'lrr tlaa < . it' -j hii filling. Tin- abutru piopa-My ran lie h* I wiUi inimpilliitu |ioa-r?.?lon. rn<> i kt_i 1 1 cobbed *v ran rasa rat hch i I keeping i? pleaeaut unit of rumni, tiie entire MMkl flour, altli rlth?r the front or bark b% <tin ut lla-n' MO per wi-ek , 11 ? situation u ?fn' ?,l itriaadwaj, a alam t liiatuuci from 'it. JoI.u k part II. W. Hit 1IARI*1, DOT Bwt<w| ffM) m:i -ai'ahi'mkmv is n? ?t -j HO M v. v. t 1 Ki rticlli alrea-t n n Wting ' I a (mr'nn, t?.. l.ndr'.iii. and a kitchen; tin* hoime i handxomcly dnlaWd, with marble mun'cbi, *atar, gai, and alt modi-m improve infui l.iutfri uiHO to ??:; |.?r in nth Iniiiitrni on the jirutnl'i ?. Iri in ** ill! I'i n'elaa W noon. rrw MAjn rirn'KKBR.? * vox iktrtid s>w 1 building f?0*10tl, Willi hi-atli.* and drying apparta tua ami riM-i villi n(( coinplala, wltii nr without aU-aiii pover, ?il. 1*> lit or ii-a*cit:|t e.?n Ire adajitael to uiit p<? pott. Inqulrt mi ttio j>niniK? lJ and 14 lilt ?ti??*t , nea: <?< ainl "11 ' ANTf'3' fO\ VI.MEVt Al'AKTMKNTH I'olt A IA Yf tnflj of two jeraona mum ! ? i? * t> modern Impr .re mental locatin* not al?iT> t'nttrlwitli iitreal, rent not to lltiM ?l'"i |<*i anri'iiu f'areoin hating miih npa-i menta will II rid good, per mai eut tenant by addraaaljir iinf .rdlrati-h , ft. It., lleiiald ofllce II ANTKI'?A Hltt ClimiMIII 1KSKMKVT. T? foi .1 U'.ii'y I.f thr'e |H-r?on?, gi'Otl' nn n Wdr and ?? i < ant I it'll on M vVfD Houafon atr?-#t an#t I ni >n ?quart, mul n I hi'joDil Kltfhth aira'ir, m i?t haia modern Ittinrotrmmitc r>-ir not to Mmif IVraona l.aTii if au< ii apartment* till ttn-l a ir?<d and (cnt?*af tru aot by addrr?nnf li II. II , liriaJd oidc \?'A.NTI.I? ? TWO UK.VT1.I JIC.V HIMKK A ?'Altl//R ?! an t tn*<lriMiiji, with hath atta he*l, without hoard; h cation katwern Fourth an I fourteenth ?tre?t? nnr Hroadwaf lloar'ilnf h"n-i hi*ff>er* nee<J nut a nfWtt. A<l<lre?a M It l< for !?o ila/a, r<>ati?(!)re MOtlKB, IUH)MS, M ., WA^fTKO. (ft I r /-\-WA>TK|) TO HJRI. HA1J 0^ A lltil ?K iO 1 / In a rea portable pirt of th. < t y ?lth fural tlTre to the amount of II'pO. fur wht^h i aah will tie pant Ail'' -f - bin 121 Meralil ufli ?, with real name an I U > tlnn of hoaoe or It will not h?- i-.tfied HOBHK WANTKJt ? A i.OOH MoR-K, l-'i IIAM?- | or <r*er. of ir'?>d ?tjrle and art ion In exrhaa<? f t HimM linpurf-l a<K?r< hnunrc ur a (fowl not? 4 m .nth* | wither without wag' n arid barn "i Apply at Vo , Wanhingtun atreat. ??i'i of llairla/, up a'^Jra ST<>R> WAVTW>? miTAMJ: VttR TJIK nowivfi i baaine*- In 'Irn-aWteh ?tre?t, on Ui<- bu<ior<> at<!e | of the ?aT. het we,-. He, and Warrru ?treet An/ |ier?on i haitng Mirh an nui' l? Iwm ( r a term nt Uirev or die /ear?, mo h"ir of a go-id tenant b/ addr?---log imm? iliatel, W II (J. A I <1., Il.athan. a>|uare 1'ott <ith<-? -*i'antm' a n i:\Mii n iokthf wsck, ff >lt 'ated be*wi-t-n I lgtith an4 Twenty ?lilh ?trew4a, and lietvevn ftroadwat and ? t?'h a<>'iiu?. Ap| j, with full parllriiUi", to .1 lUKI'.A. iilftmith atree*. ANTirt? a not "vr in rm rnui ihrt <w no city , ha' itig ail the mod' rn lmrroe?aieat? on a tewr of tlirrf ;r?t> u n? r> ll< n' liMJa (1'WI Ad diet - A J T , <t 1,1#T l'*?t fXlre, full parUroiara at tn ?i<e and b <atli o w tlfAM>Jl To I'lTtCJU'l- A ?*II fMitr> ri,HY Tf houae Ictl n|.p< i pari of the ei j Prl n-A ta ? ?r<- d to |* 000 Ad'. e?a I rfu ?! . 1 l'i/?t Ot>"-, atat n g location ami prlee. lIrA>T>l? A ROOM AVI> TWO HHtflOOV- WHII f f fiimi* be*l wl n mule n mfr itnunih ? ! prt? legea In the aitr-beti ,o the up|*'r |.ar^ of ther'-f n"t etatof lUrd a>WM Terin? lit |?r ralrn uar i?-.r,th Adi'reaa |i. It. W Herald tCct ?flfANTM ? RY A HUAI.I. tAHII.V . ffn RrjOMK AV0 Tf had room OW ? ih- It'ior, tri t|?r ^'jgh'h >rr > tjr j ten th waid? mil'' n-4 (>e wf than o< e . thar family In ! the In. i, r Aay "Oe harlna aaeh apartifaU t* <llif ?? j of wtU add re? Aogiiat Herald Otfl ?. fur t? . d?y? ? fating fmrtl ulai" K?derene?w glten and ra^afred I "ilTAVm) l*> H? 'K< >Kir?, A MAI J. VUT ll'lt I f | u' t a?or' Uim ?!>? intnaW walk fruf.. th* ferry amtahle for a lunilt <"ftlir<? or f. ir g ? wn parwai h? poaala f/imi N -i?h lt? - Alyt, or Will a?.>t>?rg will iw ? ?a ' ?i'lered lei mu-l h* inn'.r raU Addiraa 4 h I A llerald nflt'e r-r : r t=: ? " ~ ? . - KXirKJMON*. Bwt>ss? tmf. OMMfimi/CH raw. i in/ r> i j eharter ?,y t ? iUy ae ai'li Ai-piy to < a; KM'T I'lR oa toward t'-d at Adawta lb <oh> y? A run a.^wiia ataamrr tnralahad if ri>|?lra4. I^iit f-HRrweiit nr.~ i/TvT; kkVsoi mk.ih amc "i.'ter C' ot aad aa I'ort Ibep-.( iLar rW>v JAMI> I HltfyfirlllWl, l*atwa Jay itrwi |4rr f the j al-.f la/i .'n.?le ?al<-r uf ii'?i 'ft T*<?daf Mtalwaa day, aad T1.ara.tay, 14th 1 '.th an ! 14th of /aly. at 4 1 o*clagh. P M li 'lay I'lli at fc, f M )>'?? >( ????? n.rlat tia ?aaw lay at 7 o>l-w? A ? la-' TJ fW air aad e? lalKlnf ??t-- >4 Tarwty Aral rlaaa h'rtaia a- w a I all - y?rat -<a I > -VAT> MfiiWltlQHF MBCjiwOtN A?p AgPiUP X ?" aeeil . Tha preaewt n?a.ita* io,v t? t?. ?? a>oea grf>t!< aea ta'airy awt the aW-ee. -t -VVy yr-aa'-a Tirheia la he ariW h? th* '? -mm tt?e a*d waftar t/aly The rampaay to baad at Tar-yv-wa t-< ??tf llqai'a'd M the bar fa. Addreae . ?rwa< Maaafe-, TT'/Oraawwaah draat Ct KAMI nti/J' IJl< f ?rl< ?? TIO I.JkHr* I it IU f i?VAn.<ap? * An >? a JiJ. w J naa4# eg rirvaa W i be l aMn f%ai < T u ? a4a y Tharadae at.d I r'.day Uaaa r| J rtfer. at i??v^wa A M |lt will he aaw4a l la? (ha ,af*>t Id). a<M fl far tha ?a aUaat < aa?tat by May paytaf pa**? ?t aa laa haat, .?it. nay rj? cwaRT** i"* an wi?t.nit. kaik a#? 1 fumm 4Um? d??hla eawtaa MSaaaar M AlfAni 117% |L R. Maaaa, ? a?ialit, 'at at aat ta '^apaw -rV r, ota ha r Wtarad ha aararflwaa ?ha U taa U?>aat aad a<at ?*ja?< *aaea i< nd h> tha (aryiaa. Car tag a Umttadgfilm IllhWlwi Ayf-r a t,?r4. at 'ha M af Aaaaa Hraat, VR. at k L 1 1 ?, |r Rradaay, ipMaut COAL. lw f oaj r*M>~u fwnt wnorr ?ve?, / aa*r llaaaJh'a aawaaa krry I a?a *?* pe p?nl "? Uae haat * aH'y ?> raae* (MM 4 ??* a*a ak ta aa? ^ot aa* *a*t ta? >1 ! H a*r uaa m"j* ?att??VK i W|K Mi f i- UM?'j N POLITICAL. TVavemATK' WCTOUUCJif OKNBUl. UMUTtK, W 9 Twnny Hail, August t, 1144 KMOlnd, That the AnaocraUc republican ?Ut*?M tf the lt?r*a? Assembly lUitrvts ol the city u4 eoutf sT Now Tark in fawor of r?fular aamlnationa, the aiUH *( I b? party, aad supporters af tkr national admiaistraMB*. l? r*<jaswi*d to mwt M U>? place* la their i iapoi4l?* wards hereinafter aajaad, oo 1W?4?) the 14th 4a/ 0t August ixutt. . between th* boon tt ? sod 1 to'c lor* P. (ex real ia the Twelfth wart, 1h* elector* af wlueb w u??t Wtweea the hoar* of 4 and S o'clock I*. M . > to thx* under the iu*pe. tion of the laapaotora of the palls af *at? eiectioo b< mnaltar named, la thoae wards being oaa 4* M-mbly district, two delegate* aacb, to mp* leant said As M-mblj district. in the State Convention tall. <4 to ha bM at rtyracu>e on the jBtta iaat, tad in Ifeaaa wards romp rUan* with out or two other ward* one Assembly district, to riaoL dt !<?*?< '? h, U> meat In Assembly Diatrict C tiona. to be held at the time aad place*! for the purp??<- nf rliuoainf tww delagi ^ ?a.d A*?r?iiU)r Ji,Ui. t? ro composed of two on to r*pi?*ont aaid Asermbly district in the Htai* tion aforesaid. lW4y*d, That In <-a*e o( the sboaaee of aaf aaa ?r ?tow of the iii.p.-U>T. appointed fiora aaM alar, tion pol . wIimi the >. iiiifl nhonUi br opaned. that ' surli rate tlm remaining in.pevtor or inspector* I su Inapactoi or iwparutia lu their r" ***** I'lom hKdmt MteKm*. 1? WHUam tfera* t Jotta Head. ' HO fireauwicli ?t#eet, WUliain Koike. J S? Daniel Meebsn Jamas Katson, ' 1 , Dutch street, I mrrwe Keer* n ) ? Joseph Harrison. i H H. Croaby, . 41 Murray sti?et John lliwii.11, I 4 ? Het jamin II Welrta, | James Mooaey, >Cor. Rooaevelt h '**? sis. Jamea fewer*, ) 6 ? John ,-dieiw**!. I .lame* I . Wobb. \ !#*,'; Hiidaoo street Kobert Donnrll Jt , J t ? John Qniari, I Iduard Aims. '-47 Hsysr^ street, l**tru i Neeius. I ' ? Ja?<ib A tslenliue t KoKkerbooker HaM, osr. William (e (ianverararA Oiriaia* ihonias l.ynrh. I streets I B.te* s Hotel 74 Msroar ?lokn IM.yO.xier w Harnar kavr-na^ti, I l< ? Albart J. tsrbuae, ? ilutaert linUsey ? 'nutli's Hotel, >9 1'trtytf. BraJ Hsrriaoa | lu? JaaK? Kami { Teeth Ward Butsl, eorear | Broome an I l areyth abi. 11 ? William Hog, J p , lui, r^rnrt a?p osrJxzr "-SVX?" Will is ui Wei.b# I *'U* lleniT I'tris j ?.?an.i sad fUataa aU. U.rW4 Murph,. f rl.'lWi.... 16-1.. F. Harrtson | John H llyer , '? MVj Huus'.oW street. John I !'."?? J I 1C? J4uien I'asnHy I Mark K Tb?m?. ; 1T5 West VrenVatk at i aaM \ 17? T>ie?do ra Vroin'O1 | WIlUsoi Ormltar, ' Kinney a. V7 Msraathoi. t.<*<i w MimM ) It ? John NasUtt, I t'aioa Hall, corasr TU>4 (> H. Hlbtsird arenaa and Twealy A. J. MaUiear ) aeaood sta. (t'?l.rorge Wlei | Slc)t-auet"?Ta?ern. >'?r Jnioee Kaed te second streot. betwsaa ltrfer |v>lsn I Koortfaand Madlanaava. Aael Krrainsu. i North***! rorn?r Tblr% Will sn. M BimpsOfl > lourih ntre^t and MmK Jsmea S. h. nny. ) svenue. ? t . - 1 CaniptM-ll, I lllbbsrd k M<-0oy, c ar il. > i M ' "J, oer Kourtli ttenot nm4 I'eiijami'i H Hsi?li< \ Tlilrty vuad straat I firmer Hi(blh a?enuaaa4 Vr^tlvad, Titat the sever*) ward 4e|?(ate> alerted I* the A? > inbly l>Utnet t'oawrntlnn aieet on the JOth ttf ? I Aujint ini.t at * n'rlml I' M.. *1 the eeTeraJ plaeaa IhiIk* named, for the parpoee of r.ln,..,iuj two ?al*g?sa to repu M iit tbHr Ar^ernbly <1 atrii t? in -"-?!? t'?a*aat*aa I r <au Ktrat and J?ron4 w?t-l?. at Vi 110*?Hk atreet . I n>m 1 bird an>t fltli * ail - at n*teb?r*t 'Ate I altia atr??t I ioni ^ itrt-ntli and Tweatieth ward, at WUIiaiaaaa'*, t'litm Twenty uth >li?t aa'l Sintb itriw. lima liflli'.eanlh aad Twroty first aarda. *1 Qo<aa llall. < or n?-r Third a<ena* anl Twet.ty aeraad street t tow Nlnatnautb l*??ty <>erood arul Iwalftb ward*, at "in a ^ iTa Mile llitid at'ttu. ItmBRiri KKIJ.V, '"H?.'o>?o J .?* L |MH ? . Auaati < Ha hi rum ) Her ? eta' I* ? IIVWTHI (TKM. A IADKMV t l VI -l< AMI 1111 I ? A< ^l?.a J\ t II f'Al 1WKJ.I. te?|<*- tlnlif m' in. Hie 'i'ltxa ? f Tfr??').lyii. that on (lie 'W Aiuf'i't ln>t ?>?? W- op* | an A<a<leri>} for In-fi m-tion In the Kjigti.b uoi all otliey i losro lie. <4 eOocat.on ""he will be a*' -ted by a'kiei* e<l^l talen' <4 Die hlfhe-t or<|er. Hnvlnff been a he ! li r many year, .be l> |>rr|*aied tofivi- tSe nvl salted* lory leatlriumUU of her ability Term, rua'le 1 n w j a | the A' adrrny. hn *J09 I'a'lii' et'er' n' > Jlojt lb#e ren ra llrr^.k Irn ? I ?? II f'ullen. tllnton .t'^t. carta#. I rf Monta*ir , Iter. It Maahaai. Ilenr/ ? I reel iter Dr. I Uk. HyiTney J. ?r<> near Jar->l<->ri'in \r? i'url? Bit. I>r. Ilooghton No I lot Twenty ninth ?treei K? I fa Ctimminga. Twenty omth strrat, naa l#nm< >a araa ia. It Win |I e?ne:UI KKj Mnth str^r' Mrr*r. II h 4 Klt.|r*lanH M> Hr ad ?t re^ t . (it Trrnor So I I nx-.Mta jlaie, | It Win >te.ln?an <wnnaa'"0 N ( I>? T L < nldvai! luols.tlie Ky Wn. >y> l .{ NaeHWSl.e, Tenn . tirer- H |?un-ao i Judf "Itnoti S eta < >rtaaa?, ia., lion ? < J till ' 'II li n lia?m>n>) laadry I naldairi. la Dr l-awoel lUnry lit k?. i Or IV l.ynrh, Hon Jmlfr I'.i' e <1iar!e?toii f t CARD.? THK PlTWltlBXk WIU. KWTJT lk.9 pnpila daily th ? we*k. I't iaat ruction peavaa abi*. bookkeeplnf he by cl?aa or pr<rat? Inttr ? rfa. i " A UUV> It ll MiUJHMtfM, r/rt MraaAway F [WDVOJ AJTO OKXXAX? TRA.NKI.ATTXr? rBU L > ?lerai^*'-d faeri-.l.'y Iri 'Wri ' .r yawra roa' auaa ta receive ae* puptla ( <r yrlaafe .n?'-uft ?o .a lUe abaea lsocuac-a sn f li''rstnre .. alar, the . a-?ic. sad .' aft hrsnchea. I'aaMal on flie coat inoai of it*- freat J>'Terain?u' ? xaminaiioa i TYlA.KJ'l\ii tii Urwa4 way uear Hrooinr aliift ItiKDll I'lWO M'lV-ltl H MA'UI HflUX 11V? fe?~.r of the Krenrh 1 1 n( tgr r**p~-Ujl r I ifortni la>. friends m I {?"P' ?*, and 'h? (.nMic la |>a"i: that b* lia. rrmowwd to A'4 llroadw.y at lb- M i.??(r ll/t/., aad 1. prrpara<l to ri ?uW' bia l?itr?Ci .*i ot' eaV-vetea (Hiup- Hla classea will ? 'rwuoeace ljth ,f >^'ealM I r ) die. aad leinra'e hxira lor f-n' prifa'aia etrnclira or rl*?.e? at tbe (?aj .? narf*ve. w... ba j rr/ni|.tly at'eoded t'i TW . *r?ni .f? ? the ?a?k wiU ko re- - r???i for aracticul i rrrer. a' ltu aad r"adi-?f d'aasaW cal ?orka ehe ? Udi?- aod (em'.to>u artll i<a ii^yetaar loil'ed to take each a clte'a' r?r oat -.' TW -*>bt4 ha- :<eao 'h> m- .1 ?arrwiful neaa- lor p'ipi!. W< taara 1o?j.caa a. lb TarilMy. aad >>p j >r<M ?'!?< *?> -te. ta *4a irant iar>4f afe will be 'b /r ./b: S"JM red is a film of t wo i|'ra MB I Irt (.HAM' \ V * (" vv 1< a: Ks<,U-iIQ ??><! K;n.i?fc Hmi<t W IfuaMtr.t* l< tn? ??I W t ?w> imiMi .s J ?A 6m >iw tMf*t 4 iMtriM 'it \ ?u ?'"J l?"i !??' ! "*!'li ??>?! r. ui* r1 Nafaraaa-aa 1-? W'a?ta <S*> alalia ?-,rt I'lmtHi 41 W? ? | |?4 M? > s. ft h' |4 .-fa* mHf itiyju'tyr am> rtu.ut* | Ik* u>4 Uif iifM ? Mil ia*y l<? a a tmrtr l( rlllr ?N?? ? *a* A I ?" tJ. ??rb (MIM "f I V trr U/ih ? ' th' ?- 1*1* ti?? ril|>IM? >**.? tlr?4; ' (r ??-) TV fl l? ? r.? lh? ?<I.?(I M' #!?; A ?M? I S>.OT'?>? vf ?" * #?*/? llmllxl U> ???.?? Iw/M * H?i*a ? ?"k ?I *? I* t* >' M I -f ^atJ. ibn f "" I? I J U mr U4JJS 4*1 HitMltli ti''Krnv. ii *n i*nMAn '?? h/vauwai If id HullK ? llf?' ?l!l ?-???? a <?? ??? Mi* Oil 4*7 for hu ?HQ *1 A'ff' II 'H?i 1 ? tm vtn m?W Ihi# ilif mi; UW IhHf at | >lia?iar? A (?* ??'?ol i<-?1a in ISm> f?'< ?w? ? \i'HiTi>?ii axi. *>? itntxri .<> -wa h?/'a;*wat ? V| OmlMMII *-? - ?!? all* m nf W?V fc??l Uaa ?r tin* I UlUll; W *' UWta* v> r?Ti at hKTJ! ft eliaaaa* a?4 ifbu-a laVraij aa A AITMLOUT. jw/ !/?,-, a ??< : HK r?(/u?,T - nil o:j u/u l< f'? I*' 7 ' .? H?fi. ? r- aU' , W w* " /"'a*. r ' fcy sapo?--. I, fit., I.,,. La lva?'(?'<a. ar??l?a< li?? i^ata-i ?>. a.* ?>?r?a" ftp (>? |?a?f iif ai.fw1.ijn t y. M>? wa? ?? ?. A>r-,t; iON'i to A1 ~MAUAH> ?.'..%#?? -TBI f .I*' M. aitWaat ??(??' ?a Uka ???* ? varfarfv" aa-fnd^^i la tfca vwrM a Ifca' ku M *????. ffet ?UJ t*j] ?U V a?**U I. a ?<?? 'M ?ry 'fc ?ckta, *j?i ail, Kaoaa ?(???'/ xw ?<*< ''?* *A? Uaum o' iIm ia<atlart >t?l?ati im* a>-?a?< ' ifj> t? Ik'ro' u1' taUmi ?< a!' ?aH W ?> 'Wp J ?"?! a*tt.?M A|^ ' ai T< !?>?>*? MH, mm OH mum. Cttm?i ? ??i >4a."ai rf"1AP.P ? MAi'AJf rif*<TT Ml W< TNAJ?&*T? V-/ fc?i r>-M?W a?l <? an tkal, aT^a Ifc- IW ?a%*< ka*h ? U ? aa< !">..? Up** ?*.. ka -a - ?*? >?f ? ?? ??*'? ?? aha Ma an M??? IW ? ?V ????? ?? ?> o** ' "'any . !?*? ^ ??<<?'? ? M ia,*! n ^ ? .A-M. ?? ?ia? -h- ?H XI u? M?a ? ttaa 'a??fa fc.aaaaa' aM him t*a mm** ?.a? a^'aa a? aa va^a T? ??* f* *'mi, -?a km f?vo, m atK)'' w? Tcrruu r ammbwbi f '' ' Ul ak> <a? U -IU..U4 taval V -? w. Hi waa tW ??.!<?? arf 'a- tkw aaa4 a#'?? <* II* L,.bM>l ? . up. a. 4. -W1 <? ?M M* MAi iA?* irrriTi ka* r.- ? itw m i? *r*w*m ? < ??.?, W T* a'; w, ?< Ml 7w?a?f >l a. a"a^a M . <atl.t*M la U ^aa' ? ??a? ui Mas ?<?'?*? Uaaawaa au ? ;r? ? a?>fa. Ia? >ay Mdav C'^a'a Max ' >a?4? W k Katia. ?r -* .iwia "4 ?>, ' M k t?M m? f. im'W IOI l >