Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6927. MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS BERK WED EVERY DAF. PKBSOJVAla. NNK FROM ASTHIJt IRELAND. WHO arrh I in the De Witt Clinton, 27th Julr last, U an*ioniJ; Mi'ight for by her ?Uter Alict*. Any informa tion of ho "'he rereiTed with Rrtititude at 46 We it Fifteenth r . between Fifth itn<l ?>ixth avenue*. ADOPTION.?, ANY LADY WISHING TO ADOPT A heal' / lemalc infant, live montha old, can liear ol one by uddri'vsinu M. A. M., Herald office. , U MN, WRITE ME, AMI 1H MK KNOW THK iron ( . for l liia nunpeu .e in terrible. i)<> not he no d an not to answer. M * * Y. A D". tutkioi H THORNTON, WHO ADDRESSED A LETTER . to S. O. I- iu relation to a resilience in California, iitating be iM'uld leave in October, will And a reply at the Poat Ottiee. IF MT:. .TAMES GORDIN, WHO WAS AT ST. lotii* i Vny, 1861, and afterward* at ft. Panl'it, nn*?nta. *11) wild hi* addrcmi or caH On M?>?<rn. Jno. Hljfjin Sr G>., No. US and :>7 VVdey dtreet, New York, lie will hear of something to hU advantage. JKFOUKA H?N WANTED? OF JoHN PUMAS', WHO lelt tlie work* of the Panama railroad for the Coiled lies in Dt 18o3. Addreut G. A., box U,99t Pout i )f flee. Information wanted? of mary ct.arkk, of Parish 1 1 l'rumcliff. county Sligo, Ireland, by her haalxuul, lie ilia Oilhin, lately landed, lien w apply at Mr. John R<.' oey'ii, No. 82 Mulberry street. 8nppo?eil to be in Nc? .leraey. ~ AOTKS RECEIVED. I RBTMIKT YOI'R 11,1. ? ueiw. Vnnr pupil to-day at Thirty-fifth afreet. s REWARDS. ?tN y| A I : ! . WARD.? LCOT, ON' Sl'VDAY AFl'EK.VUOS', ?jj/rrv/ in coming from Stnten Inland, in the 0 'a' ? clock bo**. .'i gold patent lever watch and chain. The parlies liriD/iiig the .tame to I/ewisti'racer, 77 Forsyth it., will reoelve the above reward. dficvTTlu WAltD.? UiFT, IX TUK WAT Kit CI-OSiTT ct Crook'* Hotel, a gold hunting watch. John Johnson, L:*. ci pool, maker, with a chain attacks to St reprexi'iuiui' 'he back bono of a snake. Pawnbroker* and jeweller. re requested to ?top it if offered for sale. Any per-'. it 'turning the name at the office of th- lin tel "111 rtc' "C the above reward and the thanks of t he owner. OH ?>A i;' W AM).? LOST, IK GRIFFIN STREET, WB^V/f-'luien Inland, a gold watch, open face, vilh gold and the iiainfl of Philippe Wuagneux on it. The fin der will receive tbe above reward on delivering the abore watch to Mr Itartels, in Griffin street, Htaten Island, or to Lutz Brothers' office, No. 71 Nassau street. (JS"| A 1?: WARD? LOOT, : IN "PAWING THP.nvaii Jrl I " I ton street, near Wtlllnni, to and up Ib-o.irt way to Park place, a morocco porte-tnonnaie, with th? Initials K. H t>. marked on the clasp. containing $l!d in Mile, a 'inai ter-e?gle and about 93 7ft in small silver. The fluder, lv li aving the same at 24 Reade atteet, vrlll be rewarded a* alxive and receive the thank) ot' the owner. Rl .WA dt ? I.OST, ON TTPSDAY, Al'Gl'ST l'OlH tcenth; 1855, a red bull terrier dog. marked. 1'onr itefeetsn.l tip of tail White, and white nrouud lii< neck. Whoe' er will return him to 78 Gold Btieet, will receire the ob* ve reward. SK bkwamd.? dropped, at rabinkai's bath. O on 1 )i" evening of the 13th (Monday), a brown (her porte uionnaie, containing one fair of shirt studs and pi pert if no value but to the owner. The Under will r ere We i Ho above reward on leaving the same .it Rabincan'a b.-<>h, lattery. REW XS ft.? DOG U>ST.? A HMAIJ. YKM nW _ Kcotcli terrier, ears eropped, weighs abotil four aad<, ao*? cis to the name of "(harley," straycu on Sunday evening, Aug. la, from the stable corner ofCcotby ?ndBleecker .Irect*. The finder ? ill receive tbe above r ward by leuving him at the stable oi Wilson A Brother, Or with M. It. lUoom, MS and 25 Hey street. TUB U?i'OE 4iT KSTKV\ CHAMPAfiNK.? J. MEYER. JR., 80LS IMPoRTKlt OF hlUecart almons verxenay champagne, 14 Broadway, Invite* the a' . otlon of the trade tb hla new hhipment'of tii is celebrated brand of wine. Orders filled upon the moat liberal i ' ins, , f^LARl.r WL\? FROM 82 (BOTTLES RITTRN'FJi) to $d; blir k berry brandy, an excellent remedy for durrha-.i; wiii'e brandy, for preserving; Ismdon and Ihib tin poivr, Scotch ales, bran?"es, rum, Schbdnnt nchnnpp, itn I all other imported lliioor, : segnrs, Ac., for sale by I VDKRHlIij A MAlTERflON. 430 Broouie st. I AIU.T VINE. 82, *2 60, #3, *1 60, $?, PER IX ?/. Scotch il?.v London and Dublin poi ter, line ol 1 bundle.'1, ?i-ic-, egars, Ac,, at 'JO per ci nt lev than u' an i other hi ? ? at Plfc.ltSON'F, 18 llleecker stre.", n-a Bowery. LHJCf?H \ BOND. ? WINE*. BRANDIR-, AND <JL\ in paok.ign" of various aizea, with certiSr. ite? tT im porta tin a frcnioostoiu houat, for sale low t>r e??h, 1, *l.<alMJR?)N k 1? Beaver C M a^<??nij.v, RectifYer and THfitiller, 172 South street. New Vork. F omrj', a:.", nnvjt and soi>a watw< m\m i a? tery, wi"i In r-es, wagon" and route, for s.ile rheap for ca h. A" J. e*n 0. , Herald office. No ageney i? e l answer. T>c*i: Wl l> AND UCJf OR.? IN THK OlM'.i.V \l packag ol by the demijohn ; Scotch ule. i id London porter, liy the cask or <!<>?en , various brand- ot Havana *?ga ; tfliaeco, snuff, Ac. : an?n and bli. k , from il cents up. f.r tale lfiW, by C. WARD A ?" im porterti and j?> d,ers, 110 Murray street. rp<) l.lyrO'i I 'KAI.KKS AND GK'K'KHS ? NulH I 1 I herehr given tliat we have now landing from U'V Milton and ).? i' tens, from Bordeaux and Is Rnclo . i' ? ?patior a-toi tine nt of fine wines and brandies which sro er at 1 !ie loin <t market prices, in octaves. i)uart"r< no' half pi|?e-, in the original packages, irom the wharf or United f'ta i'* iMinded warehou?e, each package In iu< occompauii'd by a rei tifirate of importation from th" ( ol lactor of the 1'mt, tliercby avoiding any difficully by the Maine law. Ml articles warranted as repre-ont. I n il ?old on liberal term* by L. H. SIMPSON & SON- 1# lie . ver ntrc"t. TSATBZXKM' ?VI?K. PMKMUE FOR AJ.BANY ANDTRuV, IN OONViA - tion with the New Yoik tvntral and Northerw JUilroads. i aie, M> eent-, lierth, 'Lt cent-; state rum*. 60 cent- The fust steamer ID.R<">, Captain Hanoy, l-iv tlie north tide pf Robinson street pier every fue^la;, Thursday and Punday, st 0 P. M., arriTltjg by I A V STconi.v island and f>TrF Hamilton.- :h. ?tea met N<tRWALK leaves Now Yetk aa tillows;? iter loot of Ann's Btieet at 0>? A. M., ami 12'^ and ' ; P. M.; piir f ' a of Spring street, 9yt A. M., 12 ?; md . I*. M,; pier K> J North river, a? 10 A M.. 1 an I 4 F'. M , Coney 1 land, laat trip, at ill*. 51. Fare to Co ney Diand and I'ort Hamilton u*I back to New \ "rk, %> cents. No L?H price for children. ITIW T' r.K AND l| rotile. On and altei Wf^nemlay. Augo t 15. 1855, (?nndays mcep'e 1.) f r Aliiauy and T'oy, leaving depot corn 'i of White ?a 1 t ntic Mai! train . ( *:'0 ATm., stoppings at Willianu' B. i-la o nnd ma.i sti ions north Pa- i n/eis for Ts-banon -prings takingthis t niij arrive at Le>>eaon at 5 P. M. Way expre ; P. M. . stopplni ?? While Plains NVw raatle. Ci ot> n In Us. and nstliw north, ri.nne'iin^ at Chatham I ? .r Corners with Wei iern Railmail expre. - train. ? ' ri< o 4 a l Albany at 10:15 P. M. ? KoM or* ll> I L WAllO>. Miliarton. <t OP M.. stopping at ?B stations. Crotou F.?'J?, al 10 A. M., stopping at all station Croton Fs I at 4 P. M . nU<ptdng at all station atii.e Fordham. ? Whiti- Pl'iina, st .l.-.IO and 6:15 F. M. slopping at York yille ami sti i nn north Will.ams' . Idge. at 7,9- 0 A. M.. liU, 4 0 ' I '. ?> ami 11 P- M. '"PP"1* ?t all way station". i twisty hxtii \k*.jr.\ hathi\. Wiliw . Ilri xe at ? A. M. White PI., ii ai 11:40 A. M. Pa*seog?> nay also procu . ti ket and have t h?-i r baggage ch d for Ptics. Buffalo and etfcef fl?ee? W?*t MM north Ai' iny, at th'' cotnp?ny'? office. . comer of Boweiy an llrontne?lf*el andi oirth a<enn? and Twen ty?ixth air ?emu t" mtw T"hM Mail Ira . i ? >ving East Albany at 5:<4> A ? and I hat ham Fisir i ? < ia at U:lii A M 1 "I t li ? arrival of lii-' tsain leav .> i'itl-neld at ? : to Stopping ?! all flWil sta turns abovi 1 IlianM1 BHllge rirr'.''H^ at ^'ew York at 1:40 P, M Express tin leaves AlfennT at 11 A. M and ( Four Q? i a* 4 P M f' ?*-ngrrs from I/bMA >?prlrig- Wring Ciitaan .t l:i4 i' M. < Bn^etwith th.s tram, st vi. ng.on sitfua' a' si! -tslions above Wil liams' Bri' srnvinv at New York a* 8:55 P >1 5^0 A. from MUierton, s 'ippin/ at all state a. ?b?ive lor. i. ti. arriving ai he, \.irklO:liA ^ d '.O A >1. ' m Croton 1 alia to|>jdng a' ill ??a'. n ?rtr, inn a w Y'.rk at l> A. M 4.J0V. I. hi Croton Kali ?, "topj ing at all stations north of 1 idiirn. ft A M.. and 2 M and 8-10 P M from Wlnte pi. v gtopp ng * '1 stations. From ism Hrldge. at *? -0, 9: 0, and 10:10 A d 1:1*. 5:06. ' I '. 7A5 <nd I' M., whipping at aii-ti iloo- Pa -n rs by the ft) Ht A. M fro.,, W |i ,:n.' Bridge, ai lie 'i: '-0 P M. iro'u Wli'te Plain* ill Ik? land. 'I in 'it rk at Ifc'-' ntj+iilK ??-<? ? ?ti..n mij. sr \P ? T aati.i* * Trains ? I leave for Crotin all* * >d all "at at 8^0 A ,nd 5 P M R.niraa - ?w -n tails ?t 7 A M. s?, ripiajr at all statiow aud 4.38 P. M -M- m At all sta'i n- north of Kordhs a Por W hi o Bridge ami all way < ? 'J'" " ' and I 'M I V. Heluru ng, i?s^ A M ?n I ? M.t atoppin? n " ?'?' ?*? It n I- , , X *4 ? MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS* BOARD OF ALDEBMEN. August 14.? I. uac 0. Barker, D*t., l*re?id?nt iu the chair. HIT (UAMUOlLil.N. A .igt ww received fhm U?) or Wood, nominating for tin- c ffice of City Chamberlain. Robert Kelly, li-q., in plare of Y. W. Edmonds, resigned. Confirmed by a Lti.m'rni'Us vote. -ink. 1 JiUJI.1T 01 lilt ( !TT ro* IMM.U: gt YWOH Plftl'.- IU5j.N0 on Oh OUl'Klt. The Counsel- to Ihe Corporation in nnsy-c to the re o lution ns to '-whether the city is liable for damage* ?tis taint d in consequence of the p.ers being out of repair, la cases where the pier* are under lei\se ? it)i a provision tlia' Die parties holding them shall do all ncces-ary repiimf" rejiorted as follow The identical question stated in the resolution aros J a t lit' case of Ulchurd Taylor vs. the Hay or, Ac,, trie I in Marine Court, before Judge McCarthy, in February lout, in which judgment waa rendered strain^ the city An appeal win immediately taken to the Court of Cnui monHeae. and the ca?e was fully argued before the judges of that Court, whose decbdon i* expected to l? tendered about the lit of next month. I lure entire coniidence that thejudgment will be ri rer ei. The pi'-rs of the city are the private property of ? lie Corporation, as distinguished from tlieir public property In the strec*.. and highways. In regard to the latter, owning *har,-, a trugtees for the public u.-e, they could not li-ase or dls fflW of them, and are bound to keep them in rejiair. In regard to the pier*, they hold them not only as their pri vate property, from which they derive income and proHt, iiut are bound by the amended charter of ltCj.'l. to le?e them at public auction to the highest bidder. 'I heir obligation to keep them In repair, therefore, i uo other thuii the obligation of prt.'ale owner* ni tegard to their private property, which is simply that during the time it remain- in tlieir po*se*.doa md under their control they are' liable to damage* for injuries nrl-ing from want of repair. The liability to damage* dejiendu not upon the ownership, but upon the posses sion of the property, and hence the tenan', nnd not the landlord of the property under lease ia the person who in liable in such case*." Thin was ordered lo be printed. The reiiort on the Mayor in reference to hi- refusal to report particulars respecting police appointments, Imirig culled up by Alderman Wukeman? Aldetman KmXT hoped tlwt the report would li>- on llietiihle, a* the opposition was not present now. He i raited there was magnanimity enough In the Board not to urge it on thii evt iilrig, end he moved that it* con sideration should be )>ostp?.ned until Wednesday evening. Alderman Kly aeeoudea the motion fur postponement. Carried. TIIK PKPOIIT OP TMt < ciMMITTFK ON ORMNAS'IK. The report of the Committee of the Board of Council men ou ij ?????tilling certain ordinances advc-rnc to the opinions of the Mayor, was brought up. Alderman Howat.d moved to lay the report on the talde. Aidet man Ki.y moved the adoption ol the report not with landing the objections of the Mayor. This wit* lost for want of a constitutional vote. A! ler mcn Baird. Howard, and Kelly, voting in the negative. The paper waa reconsidered, aui then laid on tlic table. t-KmK.MX.Vr Of TIIK 8EYN0UM CONTRA<"f. The I uii-ii>iiM announced the Aldetman of the Kiev nth (i-teera), Thirteenth (Biijigs), and Twenty-second il)raVe>, as a special committee on the settlement <d the Ueynedda' oflai contract business, which lias for a long t:me past occupied too much of the atteutlou oi the Hoard and the columns of the newspapers. ?M'VKOPKIAtlO.N roR Till: CKXBtM Ot 18ftj. A communication was received tiom the Comptroller, ftating that there has been presented to the depart ment accounts of it portion of tnc feu. us Mare ha Ll, duly audited by the Supervisors. 'At no provision has ben made In the appropriations for current e*[?cns?-s of the presi nt year to defray this e*|K-nse it will be necea ?ry that honorable Board provide therefor." An appro priation of (flS.OC# wilV probably meet this deflehncy, which amount th.? (i-?t section of the ordiimnce [irovldes for. Concurred in. TDK IRON PAVKXK.NT. the report of the committee in lavor of concurring with the C. 'itic.lmcn, to advertise for proposal* to put down iron ps- ?-ti.cnt fi oiu Mai''en lane md Cortlindt rtnet in as in Na?s?u utreet. Hecomini" ???I. A NOVSI. INVlfAfOV. Jnstlce Brennnn ^ent a polite invitation t> the Board tn\i- t the i hi rd district police court room, K- '-x lltrei t, for the purpose of vi' Wiug the condition Oi' ' Us*, and the aci'"iimMxtatk>tu affi nled the justices iu the ad ministrate n "f publi- (l ilies denuindtsl of tUeiu b;-" the ci!ir< n- in b>- above aection uf the city. There \va - nothing -aid In the invitation .<* ?< cUd collation, el# .tpagne a^d rij(ir?; yet the nell Unovn gi tiefifitv and lio.pitalih of jtiMlee Brenn ifl bpin- ?ut rterstcoil by t'i<- Altiertned, ihn inrit?t:o!i \s ?? s aeoepted. AdJ??i ri't'l to Wednes'lay evening, o'clock. HOARD OF COCXCHtMEN. Hi;.- Beard met in their clumber in Uif Cil,t ll iit lr-t uiglii, fix- ia tlit chair. The minute ot the lj?t nu ?t'ag w?e*e rer.d and approved. lYlift'-n- were In order, but nont or toy apecia' iiuportan- e th pnblie were pre'enled. n- :.ud vommuui cation* wor- uc*i ilocfctre-' to i >i f t rt.-T nn i a communication was tend . mtn t-omp triler >1. ?<t, r toomnditi an appripri lion ot $lS,0u<' i ? ] ?; Ihe Cen-us KirntwU. This communication ?a t> . eeei i'd nit In reaolu'ion milking ih^ appropriation re qttf'tfd v.-a? .tdopted. I lie report ot the t'r mmlttee on Street#. t > whom wan referred tlie letitiou* of 1'i-lor Culm, Ch iatian Zelfler, I', .nid John Kelly, contractor* tor cleaning thi .< ntb. Eleventh. Third "nth. ^Seventeenth. f-eeond. lourth, >i*tli. Twentieth and l'went y-swconl wanl* mi iiaie tin- contte"tj( ot tuid ward* cancelled, ?M then railed up for consideration. Thi- report cnim' i fit" tin Boar'. in February Inst, on! w?. referred to the ?'? mmit'ee "f 'It ?" where it l.u- hwi ??vr <lnce, f i ? m tin ?? n> being taken up f>>i a debate 'the repoit iec< mmend-i tin! ibepnyer of the petitioner-" he planted, md that they be relieved from all the oldiiri t ion* of their contract. ftiia report ctine up las*. uigUt a ?> t Vie ^ jH'i t?l < T'ler of the day. It wh arffnol tlmv the whole matter ahonid '? ? left t i the loiaptf Uer tod ','ounvel for tbe Corporation for ad jn d meitt . !n wa ll'i i''y rv ii d that th? rOpo.t of the Committee I ? e< i] >1 :? r.i I ?hi- whole matter Ik refrrret to the t 'mpU' ller and ' lit ? t authorised pint* vred and di reeted to settle and adlant'' thl? tWndnean. liie B< ir. i t) e,-i >f. !?? d it -elf into \ t'omioiitee of t it-# ^htil, C^ndlniii wa t iu the chair. there u farther fcu?iae*? ot any tnpor inure i. him -'-l i?ef' ? 'he ll< aid ?dj< niiivd. COM1I1TTKE ON 1 IJK ?ALARIl>* OF CUlRKS AT Till MAYOR'S OFFICE. 'lie ? i fri il e inTOitlei "f the ('.oinHl'iten, appoltttd to In . - tig. te the ihove 'unttDri i">n 1 ting of Me r> 'a<ea, Wanciell and .-whii brU ? meeting jt the < 1' ? Hull yeaterflay afternoon, and too'; into oonaMeratl>>n t^n resolution* rec ently p "ffd liy the Bonrit, dentin im < of tie O miitroHej f.s wKit f. i. ' h-r* !t j C *?", ho had y.'i'i I C< t l.i.'l Indini'ltula acting ?? rier'.- it the M:?yov office, aa well a* in ether capa'i'loe, hr oftra ?erri?e?, #P'4 ?fl ?it'.V.r JDpOfBtthl by tlf M ? r 1-iioudti'tC'l Iii per'or of Pn??^rrAe ?. VWth regatd t-' Ui* ia*'l?-t iLe eommi'tee ined the au'horft . citel hi tfr VUfg, ''t'i? Ctii < II" 1 at, of chap. 40 ot t)i? oriUnill'.'' "I I'i'ii) end tlmtght tliaf ?h> kci tlon n f< rte 1 to, ai.-'oii a> ? that '? .'*i ad riii'? wtiere the ^fayot -hall order th" a'tendan-' ? ot nfti ear* for the i^'fotttiatu of '.r'Htiary aet ri' in pre?et rinse the jence of 'he city." win not applicable to We ra?? In 'ill' tion at the eterk- wer<- oiupl"- ed in th' j r<- emtio* of the [*are A Mllaiiin "f opini<in wiated re?peetin( th- appwint iiient t>y tb' Wnrorof the Itw jx?ct..r of I 'a wall tbe t ha. m an ii wrt u* that the liw of 1H).'> raferre-1 by II. e ( ? n ptri .ier hi? aothority, had lyen n peah-d by i Mate ea.irtiiM-at a( i^4o tat tbe lulfit ai pi- I la lSjS, Invi ted the ( lef nt I'otice with the pnw?ttf acting a* Jn r r'or of Pa wataokem. On tie tlier "f the e mnft however, waa .my leridwl conchiaion arrived at a? fh.- MMMitte deemed that a more earrft I ' lamination ?,i? iMauiy preri 'if to niukin.' a form.- 1 r>'port Aaother oKetlnf w il l?|| p!a e oa n?(t l'ri.| i . ?fl' it> n"- n at il o'cloeW. FIHF, DEPARTMHNT. Hie Ceaimitlee of th- R |M ? f Ahlerm ?n <>ti ? ,? I i-e Cepaitnent met laat even lag te the IJtrary of fi ' i'.y flail. ( . neide'i' h:- in'er> 1 ? mau f.-a'e<t l.y the m. . r. ofti" **rti i * Are 'omt.tnle? thro-.glie'it ine eifj. latv number ot ?bot? v ? rffteaeB* ?? 'h milij<-ei whi' iiw ie toenjfro- !! a'l'i 'i" oflhe I' ?tnnl"ee, i 1 1 thi >pp- >1 made by l-ugii < ' on. an> Ke II 1" tb" Hoe 4 of AMer m<n frvtn !?>?- dee ?<?>% ot the Ur' t ? urn ??!???<, on tu exjmUii ti < f 'wo ? f tl i raetolv r i, A'i|n> -to* II. 1 an t Fdmuti't It: -: f ? e i?ii(f a rM ?i b lu./lne fVinipaait; So. on ll?' IStli ' f * aj' In :.-oin i to a fl- ?? In Ht.i e reel !he matter * a? -t< i hj th Hoattl te tie ? <no-ii(t'e< . n the f :if 1 e^ ir'ni- t. "(>,e t ~e I that a ?ta 1 > meat *?< i- i \lr Brewer, flie of 'he < -. ineel f.?i r ogin" < -mp in N II, vhteh relltetud upon the efcara<- r of the ( .Oinitt.*- .-ry mo. b M II' "* l( ' he t- I M" '?'? mi-n' from Mr. I I' owu ot- < f 'h' l ire ? utntnienl The ntataaaent ot Mi Brew r n-'iit to av that M. arown Win around rirei latlBg a rep'/rt th?t?hcC"ti"rii' waa ?vih* of innlolltyln -\*mffilii? tb' ? I *i If tlrf r-i-e, tha? tj?e cojnOel ewiployad hy fnelne V" It ?? aa l'-wedto prompt tl. Iw ' <??' ? ? ?*" ' Ihi- fkr!i M? Bi?*w?r himag wore to ?ii< ? m ?f t(x>k Mii t -?W iU** tu Mr lh* v< t * "? ** ??i'! i4??t iu -vOj * * r>r\ 1 1 ? ? VTbK ii? wa* ff ru in ^ " Uii- mu'h .r. A l fl** n If fiR|ta-I>? y? ^ ? hrt ?' ach t ho* <# flu '????*" t w. > Herrick'* favorite hou-e. I n#ver heard the Comraltttf reSected ?:pon l>y anr perimii. Mr. Bhkwkh riiid that when K'. Brown made the re mark ? he alluded to, he wa* Terr much excited. Alderman Howaub wished to know if (here fu any l*r*on in the Imp- crowd present who oonld my any thing against the Committee? lie had taken no notice fur the UhI tvn yeur*. but in future wuuM hold parties re e;i(.n?i1<e who would go about calling him names, or in Miy way reflecting on him p?-r*onellf. Tlie exaaluutloii of witness, was then procccdtG with. No uew tacts were elicib-d. Ci.vDKHKii-\ At Nihi.o'c - -The suace-s etili attending <kt opera i.-t really extraordinary, nor doe* it appear likely to dec tense, if ? e may judge by tho crowded *tate of tlje lioiuc and the TVry hearty ap(>iau?e it m nightly received with. Hi** Louiaa Pynt '* pet tn.-nianre vf Cinderella it admirable, not alone as a One din play of vocaHain, but her acting i? ao naiiv, dimple and natural that it lend additional lustre tothe character, andivnua appladseereu from the moat ci It leal. We have alittad/apnkeo interna* of de-erred praise of the beautiful aoenery and rontume iot'idured lii tUI? opera; tliey are really eaecllent, bu *t regret to *ee that many of the finest e Beets ere marred or utterly destroyed by the bungling- ot thooe who work thtm. Tkere waa n Mid inelttcieney in thw respect on Monday evening which tended to destroy the elfcct of the opera grctilly . We hope this wlH be remedied to night, for, with tiii- exception, "Cinderella" Is aplendidly I iiidurvd and udmlrubly performed, and would doubtless crowd Niblo'e Oarrten for many nights. Cenrt ef Nperlai Hcaalona Tnr ARREST FOR PF.LLINO DOMESTIC UfCOR. Ti ? Court i f (Jeneral Sessions was yesterday oponed by .tud(Z" I'll;-, of tlie Court of Common l'lcas, the ?lckm"s id ,'udg,- ttu.irt .till continuing, 'flic ca?e of Jaann-i Wal bee. under b,<ll, charged with -elliug domestic li?|Uor, wa c.illed en pursuant to adjournment. and the- hearing pof tfn nci until T?n-sday next, wln-n the power of the Court to allow tb ? case to l?e carried before a jury at gvneial -e*si?n?, will be argued. Some titty ordinary lace* of ?*ault? and petit larceniei wrre tallW up aud dl'poscd if and the court then adjourned. Police Intelligence. THJ; PROHIBITORY LIQl'OK LAW? AKKKsl'J tOR IN TOXICATION YK8TKRDAY. lh"re were thirty-one arrests tor drunkonaesi yeu terday a* follows:? JUaffiMro'rt. CoMuiUmrntji. First Id. trlct Police Cour! ? Alderman Haird 11 !-'ec? nd " " ? JuiMice IhivUon. 10 Ihird " " ? Justice llreiiaun 10 Ti tol t'QAKQE Og OltANXI LARCENY. J?me* lk-iinger ami John Horun were arretted yester day by officer McChiaky, of the Th'tril Iiiatrict Police Court, cluirged with baring picked the pocket of Mm. Anue I Unuigun of a portemonaale containing $VMJ Tlie complainant ullegei- tbut yc.-.teidny morning flip received the nbore cum from tier hu*haud, with biatructioiM to ha.c it deposited in the Parings Hint ; tlimt *ho careless ly wmt out into the utmet with the* money in her noH.set elon for tlie purpose oi pur>h.i-iog Minit fieh from ? wngi n that war standing iu Iron* ofhAi dooor, and while hete bin-gaining ?l'h the fishmonger, the occulted. it i? m I)< k ? d. rami' up, and puahing agnin.-t the woman ex tracted, aa abc belief e*, the pork"t-book tVom her dr#aa. Tliepri < uern. who are quite young, irere comniitte<l for evimlnat im by Juatlcc Connolly. The money wa ? not recovered, although the accused were tuken into en* tody very (>< on after th" occuitrnce. ?iitimel Kinney waa arreatml by oflic T Folic, rh irgi-'l villi grand larceny in having idolcn, tk* It in alleged, Jtj from It. I. Archibald, of No. 38 Lewi* atrei-t. The atruM-d, it U charged. boaidcJ at the hou?e of tlie comjdRlnant for the past aix month*, aiol on Sun day, the lilli teat., he procured lh" key of Mr. Aiihl hahi'* trunk, under Hie pretence of g. itlnV >-<>u>e trivial article* from the atne, atid rilled the che?t Of all the money contained therein, 'lhe accu?c<l ?at commit'.* 1 for examination by Juatice Hrniiuu, of the K- *ox Mark t Police Court. ALLEGED MOMBfcHV OK A COUNTRYMAN. Murj Mol'oniiell and Margaret Crcen were arreated by officer Mel'onnell. of the Fourth ward police, charged wiih baring atok n 9M fr om Wlliam IHmgl i?? of M; ?tir, C'o.ui. lhe complain a nt alleged that lie met Mary M Don m 'I a' 'he co. ner of Chili-Jim and Oliver atreet-, and wha induced by hf - to g > to a h' one of prostitution in Water itiH, where the money. in bank bill* on th" Myalls Dank oft nan., wna atolen from him by one of Mary'* ?c lhe oeeu?ed v -re brought l.efore Jimtle ? Connolly at the how r Polite Court. yeatorday morning, but thr. igb Hi ? exertion* (d a couplo ot aklnneri ?uc reeded in gett'ng claar. They were ub-e (iiently aire-t id, ho?ev r and committed b y Alderman Balrd ?> a/.ut a. i nanltulion. CHAJ<OE 01 KAre. A ir. n iuBt"l Jim* Tracrj' wa? taken Into ru-t *ly yeaterday '<y officer Paoeney, of the Lower I'oliee Court, bnrg ! wi'h hiring, the Sth ln*t., v iolated th" ^et n oi I at) a ino Mu 11. a girl 18 year- of age redding at ICS C i"?nr r?> t. The priaoner wu? brought bf4hre Aider man Palrt at t'ic Vlrnt Iditrlrt Police t'oort, where he ? n r< ;nm<ttei for examination. CaI rt'BE or Att.EOKH PICKPOt KKT!>. . (>!>u lob nan (colored; and Uluriii' iUttil were ar lected by oS er CaulCeld. of tke Urit ward police while in liie net <l picking theporket of a lady named Mr*. MotTut wl ?)ie ? a? going on Imard tlie ."[uten Inland f';'V b< i1 ;,t f >ot (d Whitehall street. The acQMed V ? ' brougl i to th" I owi'r Polii e Cjui t wh"i<- they wer?> e?ili nii":<d in I 'ill for trial. TO 1 II K EDITO* or rim bkrald. *ii article katM S'liid.iv Amu'em-nt ' in th.' I mAin of I'm the Hih in t. garea deacriptioii of a rt.i gli and : unble I'gut that came off at pier No. h Nortb i t ? A- pier No. H i< in thi < di.-trfct, 1 bare mad" inquiry roiu thi' re?iiient* in the neighborhood, an '? tli^o n . -ion of the affair I- ie follow : ? Abont half j'B? eight o'e'' i. ? n unday inor ning, t-' o young men, . rati - . )? i fii - -? o low n -a il pier V' near th'' "nd, ?',i. i off, ana fought for about two minnte-i and thoa reiwrjse*) p ' / < jile*-eno per-on present but tb,% com Hl?ntn ao th?-ii two fitend^. ><> .|ti,ek and aiiently * a- the wli I ?? el/rid icted. that eteral per n? who w?i ?tlinit en ti,e piei at the time neither baard nor naw anything of it. By inserting the atx>ra y?m will "bltg" MM II- Hll PIN, Captain of Pnttce. JttMjr t'lty Tnv?. il:-i. M. of IOT Cowxo ("i .1 ? A regular meeting of tin .'(? < ity Cmnnw u Conn d ? i held le t erening at the ( it; ' rk'a r ? Mderw hi l.yonlB the ehalr. A' r t| o i* 'i > h ? -ual preliminary 'ni-ine??, the ClWPlU" "!i i u'.oi (.- 'jndaand lluUdinga to * h'>m 1 ad bet ii u' u 1 '??' V ruhfeet of a City Hall and Mar ket. lip it? I m in ot put liAting "W of V?o r,l ;t? o' groupd ri#. ? Three lot- on the -onth -iJe of S'ewnk iTcnii-. "* " and 79 oil SO fee' by MfiJt r!"i|, f\ n lot ? oanec*">i the ewftT fronT< ting en H> io>' M ?treef, iw nty feet front by ?i*ty Iu iie^' ?Wa iiroperty '" b.nga to Ji lin M. Bro i?, a?l can !e put h ' ' foi *" 000.,'. a five j ar- l i e. fhe other ?it eh 'ig i 1>. ? Gregory and eonaiat ?{ four lot*, i a< ii lot v. nty fret hi nt by n Jin 'y (eat in depth at the tout! -<a ' i rai l it t.'nsfiry and Henderson -tieeti Ihi ? k r' [ erty ' an '? nnri I a ?e<l fi?r $7 JftO on gte vear t me. He report wa< rerei *|, and with mnitll?a< air ompaeyiUT antfccnr og tbl* pi -eha?" waa Md upon the t? ! e. A le.olut n reoatHng at all bill* oi ?"! and up 7 a tic |.t fm th. - of eity o0u-e, fioli. ? tn ?. watchmen, and ,itnpl.ght<r- -'..all '?? ceitifie-l upo <at)ib) lb ..rt ? pie i-ntlng 1 hem . w< pre-Mted a"d In,) i| ti.i ? hi. At' i ft rthei t?u-ln?? the P ar>! *o>?Mle<l. In.". . li t f"V iv P Kite". H"?i Hi -T'e w?roa eri ?< ng } ? ' ; h ? young nien ^i'.n *<??! an i?*l er *i t-rig man Wfe bad i young w-man with hint, in the i vatan I leida and 'oat rn ani cowiii' i-d an ont ut ( b 'to i?ii|[ ? loan I hey were ? i r ?t?l aiel taken m ? .< ?(!'? B"i' rd #m ?*amliiali?n. Th*y * ? eit tl*t tlie) ha . pierloa.J? * ? t mpi |/i iet|e on ttie I'.. ' i i ui r oug :im man. '4*1' ? i It-ei 't Ba-X Rati. A tn?'cb game Dgta-C'-n ele-en r< ni r.otl,. m4 ?>t?if kMlaan p " ? i i e. .1 '.e played thi? ?fteraoon tt and II ? ? ? ? n i lay w'd eotuiu' ace at 4 o' e , 1 I ? ?At tt.e a ? me- . of the f ire lh I?rt i,. ' \ i it i, , i ^ \s it I'unnln/ ? , I r, -it ' t|. ? ? at i t;r?rr#? i . u i i I. . j, , .a '..f . | u r i Ir of *b In Impart men* ? i ei# tlai* ^nilltf t'e niniitli 4 Drtofjer **it, Kl* I Put ?A new Art I! ??lgh'"g 1' hnn ?t ? p< 1,11 wt' ' I l-i.. '-I', f?t ? ? H 'y of Ho* b?.! o ?. trte-l ye-t< > fl wa- b. .id In J-r -y < tty. ai ' uret , al the die I ? pi ? - . ? < f . wbirh repanel in I aate to HcV.ita to i> t Iu < a.tii*o abing the 'ippw*?d aitorli Walra. I ' ? -i. inn Aug 14 ? ' ' " K n k Taylor ? > to "ft ..1 Mfi'j (. . 9n>, ' '0*i f am A tin 1:1! ?' * 1, sr v i?a> i niori f nal ? - ''6 ' 3.000 iio, h'i

? ??? Pama I - at * i '**1 ? k,', I (??> AJ t 1 o ? ? kieilen "f 1 , 'am t ea n. I P <> ? 'I 10 >h? Marri* (haal, biarw. I ft; M *>, t two. M>* 100 do. ' '*? ! t* I ? ' Ba I i. II II I Ia?i. f)i Naa , ?T IV i?,, t wn, H7; i.HI % e '''-.i a!'" ?*)<'., ' ? 'a . afdl do, Iw, ft f <#1 'i ''Ip, It Heating PJt, 4* ,t iv?nk e' i>nru p.o i, " 'i '.I I tw y I t.'STth ~\\ ,if*\ \\ tfr h' * 9 aA? 'i 7^' O -ha M'V (i>m! a, v ? >. o t i n i n > ?A 'j n>ai i i A ' . i! ? *6;?,tt*'lenn.rt. g;u J i**i AM<*r < ? ' te-, , i, R1JH1GH ATION OF TOR WfT CSiMMHILAfN, F. W. KUMONP9? rairinnr Arrvtrntmr. By the aul.joined corr?npo?<Iencc it will be ee ra that Mr. K. W. tOraumU ha* reaijpvel the o?re of City Cbasi berlain, and that the recent rum<<rn, cUarging b?na with barlof |>aid money to certain official* for the purpoer o4 aecorlag the city deioait* to the Mechanic*' Il?nk w?r not tousled in truth. Mr. Hubert Kelly, of No. 9 Six- | teenth ?tre?t, hoa been appointed in bia Mead, ??oe? | into offic by (tie Mayor, and giveo bia Imnib. (26,0X0. Mr. Wm. kt'liy ana Mr. Win. ChusiberUin being W? boudjmil-n: ? N'cw York, Auguit 13, 18.V., Pr.AK Sir ? Ii Retng tuntourtry for tl?e Chamberlain io be an oflker of >.oa?* one of our city tianka. aud having retlgned the office- I heldin the Meclianii*' Bank, I <fVtn it proper to tvuder my remgnation <m> City Chamberlain front' thi* date. My account- wiU be (trand to correspond with theac count* in the Comptralirr'ii I'opartmvut. and to Diet other I |M'g to icfer you fur a confirmation of Uieir cor rei-tne-* mid accuracy. Very renpectfally, your obodunt (errant: F. W. LUMOMJH. To the Hon.>o Woon, Mayor. Mayok's <vnnv?, Niivr Yohk, Aug 1*, lt55. JifA* ft* ? Your tWw ef the lKth instant. tendering your resignation of the ??ee <if City (liamUtlain, n?<l j stating that your account* will be found correct, U re ceived. In accepting thia roftignatioa, I be<{ to ainure you that, in youi ciuneclMm ?t'b> the city Quauce*, nothing Uhh tianapired to impair the conti<ience which ?m plaiod in ynu at the tin.e of your anointment. Your account* hare be -n properly kept, and wry dol lar entrusted to you. custody hint been ;anbt'u'ly ac counted for. Hut a? It is not only curt miary, but a!nio?t in dlapenu Ml-, that thi ? olti< e ?boul t \ie Idled by a pcr*in couuei-to I * ith Mime one of the large moneyed imitifutionii of tbi* city, I readily appreciate your motive for reKjuing when no longer in poaition. With thi kindeni feeling* toward* you per-onally, and the tie?t wl-hoi lor jour futme prosperity I am, eery tiulv. your-, ' KKKNAMK) WttAl*. llayor. To K W. I'l-NOM*, E*q., New Vork. MOKK REHrtCTINO l tit VORKIOK F.MUIR VTION. Sine curious not I'm are evidently entertained con cern. ng the atepe taken by the Mayor aad t'oininineioneri of Fmlgrnt ion to prevent th* ahipping to thi* country of perwna who might become a charge up<>u the city, aud probaidy. In a ui out many >u*Uiice.i. an iindf*imble ad ditioii tn t be pb-utifiil ntock of thievon nud v?ga!i'oid-i with which tliLi goodly nietropoliluu city i* hie ..-ed. Tor eurli ii a Imagine that hi! etrlgruutii who are not abl" to tdiow a certain amount of uinney or pro|icrty arc ex cluded by the emigration Iiwh from tlac country, the unn'exe<1 letter of Hon V. ^ra'eni, I'maMan Chaise il'AITrilie" in thi* city, and the explanation of M .y^ir Wood, ? ill be read With iuttireat:? I'm wun Lhiatmv, Nrw Y.>aK, I New York Hctki July 21, 1HG.V f MIt? I bog leave in reference tu our eonvernatlon of itii* iimrniug. to atate the i|ur*Uon about which you would kuid enough to inform w a. follow.; ? Iii t lie nUmuaiun of rmifranta arriving from foreign countrtae at the port of N't-n Vork auliject to legal re atrielionv and lo which? Ami more purticulnrly ? Will it In' rii(Ulrrd flint Miirh emigrant*. on their arri val. have to ?li'iw ii certain amount of money or proper - ty. of which they arc poeaeeaed. not to iucur the rink to i el urn back" 1 he friendly relatione dialing 1x1 ween the t'nltrd Stuti-H and the kingdom if I'rua.lii make il the nMreiliolrt lilt- to me be fully informed about th? ubnv" quntiiin , m il to l>c enabled to pit-vent a* fiir As in my power nnr ilifllnil'y which might arlni' t liroiifrh iin.irquaint.-mee wltu the law rule- and nnula'inn* funcri nlng immigration in your Male and f-ity. I bavp tin- honor to I*, air. umat ie?*j>ectfully. your obi client acivanf. V. (iKAlKIY t liaige d'AflairP*. Hon. 1m 'i.MMi Woon. Mayor ol the city of Nrw Vork. MAron'* <>m?T, Aug. 7, IS'-S. I I'Al! Hie ? Your communication of thp iltt would haw rrret\ed an curlier reply but fur aliaenc" fii-m the cil) , uail more iium<-dialrly preaaiug cugage mi u' a. II i ie are no recent enactment* gn\ernlng tb" intro duction i f < nilginiit* Into thle port. Th- aame liwe re gu'etc iniiyi atToti now at did Whip tlir eommrnnrinent 1 1 ii. y term i f "flic" In January la -t. anl which of cour?e in c familiar ?' your government. Tlir uvire tatthful rn forcement of ?-%i?ting In w? hi., been mlatukcn for the adoption of lie'' ami more atringent irgi.latinn. It in tiiio tint ai-ino reciit U-jrialation* on the part of the Eml grunt toinnii -i. nem in th'-i; department, and hy my -elf id tii i nr. I nvi- n.utr; ie'ly oli.'.ruc'ed the lacilily with which ? reihiiu thi.- o| emigrant* deemed highly objre ttooaVta have found logrea* Into thla port, but tun Lii'.'le ?! nolawa jaiHiTby ('ongre ? or hy the legislature of tlil< .fctitp throwing .my didirul'y in the e.i y of proper tniigraliit' to thla POuntry. In tetlj to your mtr: rogatory it ia icnrerly neeeiM.-y lor mi lo odd that riuigiaula. on their arrival at tin* port, will not bn ''ie<|Uii?d to exhibit a ciUin amount of money, or propeity of which they are poeac<-ed, not to incur the riak of bring rent beck." There ii n-> audi condition iu the la era or in the r-gulatlon of the ComuiN'i' ncr A a furtl ei uji^T'tao 'lug of thla a'lhjn t an l ?? -how ing Jit* much interest the a'lthorltle* and prople ot t!ii>? ' (iu n try lake In the promotion of tue i ight kind ofeinl grnllon I g to em lone a reply nuxto hy me In M?yl.?at to a ri.inmonir ition on the nam* aoWrd, from tb' Hon. Theodore i*. Kay, 1". H. diarg"- d'Affalrrn at Ih-rne. I'e .?Miied that the authontie- id ihi? city fully apprr riati tlir reutiiiiriit? e*pre??r?l by yoj, ahoaing the in tere^t taken hy your government in preTruting iny dif Crulty gioeing out of a violation ol thi emiarstion law-. 1 hate llir honor to If. Air IXltNAsl*) W<K?1> l?o?.V. tittaian t'h;ir(f?> d'AIT(i''re?. Prnxla. Drtiokly n CMjr Hum*. Ti r B"'?o tie &' rrnrn i w ? At a me'tin^ of the board ye-tei ay the l'ri>Vi4i nt, A. I*. Stanton, announeed the Rtanditig i'"iiirnittee-i for tlir euauing year, aa l.iiloe : ? t>n *t 'ount< of -upri Intemten* of I'ooi tiilwoll llritori and l;yder:r n a< onntaof Gmntjr Treaaurer Wool forth MiddMoti nml l-arrril . on I'mti'd -".tat".! llepoait Fund, Mjyker. Undaay and 1'irrel: on Kqualttaliou of .V un til lh lie Mil man, Ji-wiil. Nolantl, Drnikr audThur-by; ? ii Arconnti1, Iteig.-n Itradfotd anl Bennett; on .la J Hitir-by Km eund Jewell on Aim -lion r It- girt, Ryder and '? 1 1 In oil <n erfnl and 1/^-al i'a*r All' u. <?ai land i nd Woodwor'h; on General TtJlea, Un l??j Ik^fait and J*eh< < nm.iki i , on law and Application to l^'gi'laturr Kenton, l'i adford ii.d Hall un aalnrte*, ll atou. iiimn m and Noland ; on Couita. Moldi'-'ou teuton mid ('alloeii on l.unaii' .i-ylum, Mowr, .?'irirl.i r and Mh'?ui maker , on graiii i> l'?i;nett, Karreil HirlliddMin On moth. n .,f Miprrinlentfent i'' gin the liota of tlir (Jrand Jurori of ll'r ijfferi nt eerdi and town* aerr read aud ajiprornl, nd tin I Jrif rd il.r old dii'-fi I to I1|r loe Uat Iu lh<' C'oi nty ( Irik V < flic. I I. xi'ii.iv. ? Ihr Willrr of 'hr tk'i- 'nri di'tri't of T.n oklju inad'' the followteg arre i? on M lay nl/ht fue ? ' i un! r'liio' ? ? I i;ai di trl t ft hrri nd 3 Third .. Kouith 2. Total 13 t eroncn' In<|neata. A.I t's- SOWS M*"- I" Mi i)lo?M |i ? < Oj rir.r (> INii in II held un ln<|ueat yc*trr<lajr at I'.- II< t Hoapi'.U up ? n 'h*- b f i f an unknown man about t*. i v -flee j i ? i h i f if*-, w I o * aa found dro* nnl ' the l-wil #f \ wen t; ?!* h jt et I ?. tiitl Ihe i!C'?h ed tea* ah ut flee f(-i't <? ght in^r? in hetftl^wa W"'.l built had lark aaidy, ai ! goktte ot the-,, -olor vr "? i blark ?!? a'en r<At an I tt't, bla k cttji'i i ant to te.| h.?,t iii'l grtfty woollrn eh.nfe Ptrtonkl InteMlyrnte. All KIT 4 LA. Attie At- r ll< tMlJM^< ?' ' ha?fr, J P . ? r ?n !!?<?' on: ? |i I. ink 0- r, H "'II V Vt Mnl Atolairi, T II M u'l.i-r H i> RoMn*oDi fowh t'arotlaa: l\o I K Ml bill. I b')ad?lp, ?; J. II L>ill, fMli|il A Kteka.da. H- e<< i. A l o) - i r. >! A' I ? Inh i* lo i "?Hon. ,tae? i. HreoiM, Pa ; Ool Abrr rut,, I' A < .i|-' Hot r V. t A , II K Miinaiii, s I'aeen W H (leo'der Iktrtraie; I Me?;ul!"U<ht IM , W C, eir.i'h . jr.; i* OW'ealt, HaMmor'' A' tl.'- Sr. 'i main Uo i?r? 1|. |i era i kiln. ProeMmr* W A li -nry tmtH.~ i..?n loaoi-i r Weoliiiia'rmi W K T< rri-:i. N. I l arir I, M K la. I > r ul ilmrce ?> ir.oarit, Vi iid I V l .r ft Wk* fprtneflrM. Ill . K It t a,oa?. .a Tl ? 11.1, .Jrtai. ? W 1 . It W C-4>- nao. fi ttt. Reb i -? o. I?r J K. lowei- o't. It * , Ita/ir Itvil mai W> ,-Ihi.. . ? Atlhe How aid :!i?hI? Bya. U M Mm rill, *a|i.' !'-? A H ?*i?|tdl, t, ? r It ? T r tttr- .1 ? it> ?? Oil. I \ < ? i ?'4<r N r? I V. \\ * tnrk, Kr>|. Mo. .?. I. i Itil/ar l. I e I'aaal lhB~re> ; He J t l''i.. I Wa?ikwi?*'in t-rt r AIKS, tellliaiiiaj A it K ?| , llo#ten, II l# i.-?iil 1 o . A|>U' -a?: H r. !'? d... t<). ,*a , . loun I' ?> r- ? Ale It It Ullbfrl 3. A ' r. I un I'rera foeUrteam rod Hari'a in -??! i I* ?I* He. M ?.< I) 'irfit , it rb <1 v- . i A I ho. .ul Mra UarMiiii r IA H* -i It' t I' - ? 1 1 1 1 *- and laia- ? r l-j?r lad j and db'iabr Win K^'-rna' an*' i.rir ebialrru K ' Maeenek. H 1h*>r ??: I. IV rr '.'mm i it K r?i I ? to >>rr J W Uihuiii VI ^.a Hn'"a ' I . r > tt-tt ? ' VS . .1^1 K H keiteli, V I. '..All M, >1 .A.airti-'uld Mr. <?:#?? a-1 ? . ,d J I K ? . V'/'.I Mr Venn In ?. I.u >, # Be h and w ?* I* *<' f" I" It- .. " ?? M II' r V Kir.NI, VV i) Ii. w X -Maraud *Ur HiwMnr ai>. ? - 4 J t.xUa, K Hi"- an J M?r i.'n?. > .A I.. . V n . I'lt?lri, Mi - i an. '.-'I r, 1 e. t.kl.r! II A^anri -ii 1 Cobra* Vr I , Jii. %?. .1. K< "? 4?a M?m 1 Mora ? i, J I- .'I,, Hi-MM fh.'i* ??? <'*rr? K Ne> an4 *bi' o .'I dr I r? ? f f t in** A I/O ?? M. Ula. <1 A hi;. ? ' d, ? h r vb' J I ? >?"> I. v a J ("rw Var' r ? na r ' w M k ? n J U Meta Mr? A Vai . a.dr-hf.l O f, hbl It M . JM re I M. '?a*. M Kaiia4e. V Tea fa, g H e < ? v ' w ? n *ul, Ivkriena. II t Ha.'l J * ir /I a ma' . i? 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NAMK^ ANI> IIKMV14 CfcKCEfl Ot THK AC'C t'CKl). ferpeant Maore, of t lis foou<l District Police toi i ?idrd by U'l cert |{i>u mid t ?ierhtU, HtrmiM, afte- * p !v t ictit loietitiK alien and troublesome neardi, in am rt 'n*. in William* mrg ye tenia*, twelve tmllvlduaW charged with coualarfeiling on a liirjf ?'?!? 'he ''I"" "f I the Ocean IUul, to Dim city . Ifany of (be purtiei are taltl to be old ulTendri*, aatl *oiue lw\e an many (liferent altanrx to their name* Uimt they caanot b? aurUy bl*u Hfled except by i<erw>n*? inspection. ! The rumie* of the par*e? in ca*to+r are a? i< I'owv? I 1. l>ter Smith. i'. Anne Shepherd, aliaw Water* '4. Barker, (cbrl<iHtf? nume not | vr1>. 4. William llaker. ft. ltiillip Hnnen. ?. Henry IVnnU ( color e<l ; . 1. Janri-M l i-rgi win. S Samuel ItpolutOn. V, J?lm Connor. 1ft. Margaret Manning. tl. Catli. f ulli. m 1?. Mary Bnttu, alia* Moore, al>;t* Stone Of t&U j?rl y, Peter Siuith I. known an an o*4 <H*-nrter. He ?at arre*te?l by ? Ulcer tloora gome jearn Hi nee for counterfeiting bilU of the CtmMmi B?uw, ami wax taken up onrcbefore. iu 184."., for koiuc ulnilUr ofTeuce. Mrtr^nret Manning Hnd Catharine Nilliritn inure been id cuatsKy belore i being concerned in <:"Uirterfiitiiig ob the On iDiral autl Granatin Hank*. Mary Ktone, alia* Moore, alia* Beawiui, wa? ai*o under arre*t ir? 1A4>: for ?<tuilar practice-, nod ii now rixognvd by the <Wltcer? ?.? an old ' Bender Ann> >he| hi-rd, alia* Water*, U eliter-tn-hM* of Iht celebrated Honora Shepherd, and i* well kn->wn to th? city poll*; ami Mary Stone i found ? > We a atep ai?;er of tbe famon* Honora. 1 he whole gang were brought t?efore Justice Pearev, at the Jefferaon Market l'< tire Court ant eoouaitted for further examination. A btrge amount ol rouute, frit bill* of the Ocean flunk ?>< fouml on an ma of the prl foner*. The money wa< principally in flee dollar bill-. It I raqueated that any perMina ?li ? U.i*e I, .id nny rurb bill* pnaecd on tbein. will eull at the Jet^niu Mar ket Police Court, where they can nee the pri*naer?, and obtain a. I inftirma'i'n from the offleer', by ?h"in thU important arrest vu? made &'? w Yook City Criuni. K I IS KT KENT II Vf Atlfl. Ulackwtll'a I-lalut ? ? 'J,! 'total f'6M 8,02 1 |H HI City I?lttllgfiift> Pikibtok * Immi Hin n. ? BciMifu Ikaud 12 o'clock la?t crwjiiijr. Captain I'll belt, oflbo Komth ward polloo, with a- popw of hi* men, ni*Jc a d??-ai>t on the lmt>!i dancr fcounr No I'M William utrert, n<?l arr<it"-l J iliu Voi L tlio prupiietor of (lip placo. ft wiP !*? rom?ml4irc.| that U wa* in tliin home that John Uwjoy wai fiUlly h'abkrd. a tow ilium nince, by IVtrr S-rl r. Do place ?iv tH-eo narked ah disorderly lor ?omo time put I'jr tli* poljie, nn<l bi?t nij<lit the .<???. t?nl wu? made by ixproM "?nli t? of the Miyoi t'oinoilm?ll llaillrb nui to th# oaip'a'nt, unit te?i|lle>l that ha ??? a number ol dm imputable woman in It In Um aacly p.ul ol the rvaiiiiif, but If th<y *?i' tii tin' hou?e, they lul l i?!.eu the alar in, md had disappeared tiy Did time t ln? oflro,? i.m.Ic tli. ir apicaranre. VkIi ??? lioke.l op Cir tin* n.^M, nii'l * ill I* taken to (la- Touili* for elimination lb - m..riilng Eur mmin o? ma Umiutia' Phuci A>??* i*imv ? Tb , otimncr Miixarbunott- Irft tbb fit) yesterday, with 'ha Mechanic*' Hhlrt A'oielatbHi on an twurnbai to Now llati n. Tli?- pint} r inrliM of lim it ono tli >u >nd nn n, wnr-n mill ihl10r*n After dinner the M ?tarted on lier return to New York, whi-n, owing In the low ll to, *)"? grounded on tlii* har, v loop ?h*? would l?o rotn|?*!tod to rrmaln t II) ten o'rlofk 1 1 1 night delaying her arrival here till till" morning There eere, ol ivmrw, ijtillo noinlH r ol noxi?i.? lamlllti ill town U <t night K?i.(t I!. ft it ' i ii in Wiiij* 4 Htt.k?t Hr*mu>o 0 Ji 1 n ! ovi joy, llto man i? Uo ?n ^eterrly ?'abb"d on the night oi th<' 4th Snu'imt, in a Lij r bin fl<>.u at Vi. SM William tiret, illo-l ?? the ? i Y . k Ibmpitol on kfon.iay ufulit, 1. 1 in Uo i'lfr< b of iujiirtr n i-lrnj "1 ibat or< ?utoii. I'c.or lovko-. nu It *!Jm. in n r?r* re*H*d. nod Im w w In f?rl*oii .1! th** YwiriU v v<! 'i liourf, ? I;argf*'l fth fl >? coiirnlr i'?u ?? t |}i?? nil' ! i <?. I' >ro u#*r 0'f)<?nr??-l! nill b<?id un In<iti?* t ti|K?ri th- >? y ??* t? ?? dc-f'-n fd lo-t'*iv Ij f jny No, f>6 Ho < fit in nhfiif^' l? I ?? fun* r * 1 will t?U* t'tiriti.v K:* in KNtfi STTtrrr ? -Af- 'M* morning u Hi?* wim vvrf?l in th th >*d > *nry ?.f th** biick huiMififf, No 11? Wrtl 1 *fht' f-tiOi Uci?t. 'Ini flor/f mwl w^r#* o< tui?M by Mr J. ium - M? rrh i btiUdrr, who II ?? iMiU Uiig * bleb I* 'taim,.' I nhoij! f.'AM) , i* ii ? i .ii- ? r ?*? I j n th" M v*wh"Ui< In tixrrt ('< injifinv tor M Mrrrlrk'-' I ? < un ?!?? ! 1 l*r. A.'." hr 'h i ^ v. ill l<> a!. .,n? f.-iO I ?^"U I *n I lhii-1 ^torie v*' !? M-ru;il?"l hjr Ur** vi # K Venr-ou n ? % Tab!? cloth iiimjnfo vrf??> h ?th -it %*? 'Hflc *?n th? third wh' M th'*y ?h??r..T#?n d t ; < ?? Hr? jrhi' li "ttym ?*?* t from r? f??rn?irc '?n which wf ? )*<??|io^ *or?i?* ? ? t*i|i' ?-iti ii ft i? ?? ? i ? i?d that n dmfl of w ; n*) hlfw tb** i lot h < tgnhtit ihf ?t"Vf and th'i ti.< rn *i tire t.iciiire*' At J 'rir on f.-titimt* th< ?r l"" ill i)*i*it tlify lw? ID iimiM I'm* is t'.irr iwuu rW'i \l*mt h?lf j 10 ?# / on ndajr rnorninjf ? fir* hrol.** .? a lot <<i I.* mp in ii "h'-d it 1 1 m ' )i ?*< i ? > th" of ? Krau--^ on Fifty third *t"t? Ih.|**^c*i Ninth 4fi 1 T^n' ? ?t? ntM'f ft wit :? ' h u ***d Uy a l)(fht d jiljw* Wlnjf jdir*-* i tipoti tho h#iup Uiimutfi ;i)fOtit $ft no Irintirtii''* tiAMft* kMHitwr h*Y*n ? n-"r?? ?*a? "iily "ii? art in) yf-Uiday nt tl?<* d^pot, vhirh t!?# tv?n< ? A I'm !fr ?*r ??f Ijvi-f jM*. 1 ?ih>< )i land* 1 40'1 ? irl?h 7h- in?iifrin? huilii?*? I - %*ry dull j?j?t now t| make onfy ow arrival n four daya f aTli A< * M'K.NT ??> till If <HI f it tO It i"Af* ?A flM I li ? ???*d *rd 1a|fjf ?rt u tir ?k<?(nan n Oi? J(^? h'fii JUif/ >it ?ra* Install Ujr UiJ'*hI ? rMord iv r?? .n ah ?%? lt*f Itm ft ? f?f ? ? ? that a? nn? f th*? r?''* * o iwrlfch*- t >fF drat ih'-di jol hi-f? i .i -H- ?h?* whi^f ? h h j r ' ? t di m'ilv oTfr l?i lw?!y Mltin^ nim It toMtntoh) ?-?d i. in 1 h ? r d %\?nur ?h i? ri uijO ? will bt held l? JT l?y J?f Coroftc. A?'?|o ?T V* A ~U.> >f **'??*! >'??? >* l.*V " Hirijitophor, v*ln h left >'?? V??jk i I 1* 11 for ?>????? y* ri *n 1 "tl *r landlii/- -f. t w th *r? ?^I'l^t -?fl ? ry+? t^ir '] t>y t uir hff h al >'*rt d 'h- jno # p+r* v ? ? t r i* n ? f' ,-d t? Ii #t^imhi?*t :in f.r h<^ I f ft ?h'* r* oiaiot r ram* "p wltn ti< * hrl?* ? h under eft/y -ft atn, * ? ih# ? ity afrith?| at ] V * i* VI Th?ntr<? and KililMf Ion*. T<roai,wat ' m at a* ? 1bl? i? cr? wd^t ro/h'lv ?<? >ve tin- l<wl ? and j.l a'.nw uou-ftrun** <>' i +>,r1r; I . . ? ?In tf?iili:Mi! fattitif CfW'itu* ' ? t'." iliiwtiw Hi < J ran ? M ( ll. ( airl Mr llnr/ it I Ihf n uilr I?. i r I :<n' "intn. ? ? f ll|r I|(?I| W uwU-r df 't !n a -ty!o I m*/a '!<??? <? ? 'i ? "I ? ;l an?in I* crM??t*4t? slgliM abri?l a* IU<-- Wbl h'o'ffef 1 b'" to 'I' V I. ' I'l.lo Ii It fllfd ll h ? ' ?'l Kl' ' rl-"? rf >1,1 M>?tir I'fni* ?lll ?l-o l? {trru i*l 7hT*T?r ?11k ru>? >iiac>all< up ??<*?-!? f*:i~f ?.f Ibllaio' U drawing f fl I**.*-* tn thl ? ) f, r ll.ot'O Mi ? oly at (hi> f?<i?m ?I-J' I ' '*? M | ill. - ' f Mi W> i*ron wl> . !? ??ll i ik ? o t? i fc~ | r.r ? > i ??*"??!.* rrrty \ u, 1 ipi /jiiif'tnof 'ha allEowi'T ih?ir? t? .441' r of 'I'sni't. a'?il I ytbta* '' an*t I bo Inr ?.rti -if I ' Jibii>i?n ? !>??. f> and Mor. wai ! <??.< t* tMitl ?II lb* ? -<t <?>,.- to and h o??l Bow tl o oi l IS .1 1 ?. mac*. M.o f. f?. ?*?lo ' I '<* iliafwtip H.i , . ?,.? ' v V Ii -i an. M Cbf" M ^l | aft .1 ' i| <!? <??? ? "?? ? - " !? f. 1 f'.t YH 1 ??? 1 t i? ? ?. 1' >-f ?? ?i ; pair n i' 1 a* iiu 7 I'' " '?"??'? ?' ^-o ? t.wd-ittoo.0*^.. t T*ry ? .| ? *ii;>ti?? a|.Mnr ? .1 ry ? ?? . ? I ? rt'lo | ? mint .? ?Nd I a l "1 l- I ? ?)?> 'bo '? IW?a ?' t !4r 'to* N rm> ' a?>t I a Ma.a d* Fot .to*'? ? I H?*T" -t V ? Mr * ??o ? Jiro ?| ill !>? ? ? >nd " >n a gt*?o ii o ?? ton- ,n t ?a? I ? ilgt.t.d It.o | .'0. ?.!<?!? ? ? tkr "? ?,???!'? " * Vl?< Ada < la>? a - Jo. 1 1^1 I * *' nf ?' ' M.lran a? 1. b ? H' lonnat' aifllw ' Hon I. a Will? *r ' '? *?-l" * " , ' ' " ' ao (r *<? * ? If u"' " ' ' '* *?'f *' u i. ,, ki. .o. . !-i n?- ? ? i #*? r * to War j"' m ? / # ? ? **7 r ? ?|, n tl # d ' 1 - ) ?? L?# a'ir* h** wi tf*n a 4 f j 1 ? ?- ' ? l J *a? V ?t Hi III. r ' y -I ^ tr4at;t, M I# *1** t'? '*%## lrt|? a f ? ? iiwia?t'f M wtfi *f#^ t af I 'tm't'i ? tc44v1 it fViAi ? Tb* Tttrfa NEWS F BOM CUBA. Krrirmi ?? Ike CMMflt CHf-Oi* Hnrwiw (OdWfMlftM*. My the aeriraJ of the ateunu&p Craaceni City we have rrreived flktj of Humni pnwern npto AMgimt \ Tfct Viarir dt la Mar inn of that <fi\te cMtrfiutm o?rml do. urarwit (ram the WecrrUr/ of the Tw wiry at Mudi i?i, coa\??yynK the >H-enV approbation <* Uif Captain Orsnnri in arvLif the free : peojile of color. The do< umen*i ?w a<t folio an* ? M??t KX'iuan > K>*t^ Quoaw ivihwm t..?t utMtDi ium I t . Irtt ar "? ,M.?7 11 ?-<. in which, i oa tli* ta ?ou liy imoIuIm u n> 'JA >i-t>rumj. tu pn.r?*l flo ila* k< tiling of two ftom Hi" Wf lh? fv? a ?upl? of color, you gm- an *? '<n?t of tin- in Mn*r n v?i^ jrou lia** thmiflit |iropri (i <h*f) out tH? w?ht ??*! her Maj?*ty, lalotiurd oTHh* haw a<l 'ffc-*! t>r jmt Ka i#i!^?j, ???<( perauadiit <?( 'ha jitonn^li oCalYitta '^a^ frree tfcwchararter of tuH'tai mM k tiaW:; [>???'% m whlla tUalr aatite ??r>li-e* ??er a?t r^ui ?4, iwoisjKiAu it will k<* UM Mpruciva. luvM^-on p?-ua?fl 4a .i.iw\-,* * all It* part*, thr terui.' ailotMnl l.y you ? ???? ll?.i tj It carrying out audi iiiMturo- the ?rcatiif Valine m'thfe* hp* Inat Motion held* plant! ip?a ?>??? cirt <M i?a'i?-t hf yiur >xt?lfi-ocy, without pK-Jan !<?<?. bit ?aT*r n clhrr liriarbn of thr iwr*i'-?v fv.i.imuntraiAl ti> jroar Kxtal tvi f.n ro W?r'n?ti#e*; and rutuo^Mll irtiuo. The Diarim dr la Manna apfH-ada to 'the f^ne #oing the circular alluded to, which irai >f the Captai?<ieu?ral on nth April laat. The Cup*aia-<,.HM iul alao rommunteaW ? to tbe ilat?nt'*c, through Uic roluinu* of the fh<-mo. th?? approvsil of kta conduit l?y thr I orte*. wh ah wan mode known in Uimr term* :? 'Ihr <?f ihf CuiuiUtucut (ViriM tofi to> mo {thr .<->rrrt?iijr ??< >tnt?) thai la (h?- ol i'JMth June t th* following f>rop<i?iti'ta !<?? b?9ij ?[?p?w4 vV> tit?* (VtrtflM to (n <WN'Ure lluit <??ncr?l l*uu J'*9v 'if U <4'iu h?, (<oTtut?"r arid (' pl*>* (icucrtai t.f l Un I of Culm, M* d# rrr?d wi'll i-f th* roiinlrj in th? tliffiruU fiirum4f?i?c?M through An^ifU hit* tii %?rll ?" Ihl itilliontJM, tl?% ?rn?|"t thr niiy, mrl th?* vtihiotf^r RiiMMa Um( him. m l th?< lklmMtai|U wh" luirr |>pf^fit?<<4 him with ah < ftrt uf thru I'l/^ptrty to ?ti4tal u tUr rwi tioimi iutrgt it jr. The fori'KotttK Bp|itovul k;ii to Uuvo Imu made ttw (M-rantou for u KriiuU purudr of thr whole itui naoti an httnday, the 6lU AiiKaat, in the Champ dc Mara ol Havana, Imt a tri nii-ndmia atotin preveoted the dl-^tlay. The fart wnt tbi'rrfore <omraunlrate<l m Um- ahaix* of a Ri'norul order, with the following addrt*M from the CaptaiiH ieneral :? Nil iiikiw 4'<I> Vim i .TJOTK- ? Tliat roUi.f thaak* ?hl?-h yau havr Junt liraril U theiu.lemn Pl|>rra>i>ui ul tlir roun'ry, plaaied at yaur loyalty ?ad wrrlwi It ?lll b? mi i'Or I tear t* iii>l?llbl/ *1/1 tnimm, 11 o?> rrwilutloa, mu! will niulii|>ly our rain' to clrtoa<), uoM miilii, occurdliitf In our >?th, Iho gl urt'iin bino'*r at ? ?Mil.' Tlir vnrthy raotrvoUflTM uf th" nali"ia rnir ra?i ?> nuint I hut w? ?li ill Lnoo h<>?. at < r*ry lianra. to p*t #?!??? fMf? sad tu afliinir roor* anil more tJi* r?>u?? Tatlnn ?f thl* Impoitant put of tli" "jiaoiah lerrtt utj I ?>i.ill thua mpml rrai" rtfull; In Hi* t/u'^a an<l lb n? lluiial ippraariklaliiio. i .I .ihx In Ihfli wrprf||a H"Mra tin prnfiMiiiil rratitixla *lth whi>.li n<ir htaMa arc lil"^ IS'r lot- Iiniarli'tr <ll?tiiictiini ?hiih tha/ ra <lei^'ia4 lo ooufi'r np"ti ii w fil l Ltf tttxii ' f'ftt ii Ki"'!' The /Jiarw adila : - Tlic officer* of nil (ltr corp? of the ffanlaon and of tbo volunteer* proceeded a* Monday morning to felicitate tin- Captain <t?<i?rat on the well merited distinction of which lie l?'t l?e?? the objeet. 11n* volunteer offlr<-r? being preae&t?4 la turn* by Hub Ii>a|hi t??r Mroebero, hia Kcreben/-y addmaad ih'-m briefly, repeating tn hla own ntnr and that of tlie Corten, thank* fot lUc conduct o*> wvfd by their coq.a during tlrti patl < rlat< lb wuirne?t recognition of the aervieei rwmiered, an* lli?' moat ii ii 1 Hiu lull d cotilideno in th'' prrj?etii:il in thttrianm which animate* all to euatein th? rau.'e of on; n<< tonality. All {invent latin*- j>< a - trntul with tl ? b. ;.<?t joy fur tlu< hl?heai n nerd hi . retired, note Ih.m ? tr rr unite I toalied, il r, the iMt drop ti>?-.i blood a listen' ut * !i ui^% int?t?"itj. VAV 'ulijuln 01 I II A V ? > V I </*ar?-?Sf>* ' Hav IKk, Aug. 8, l"' '? 7 hf /tut, i / I th tij 7Vr-'?- . f? Etr\t ?t?Htral /* ? ^>n?e '/A* Italian tijMrti- /.<Tf ft Artihtw" I * Utt Vo/tn til .Hi htm. The (iarrta of the 7th inateni ? Ufvaine#*. wlii % va?tdi jl of [pomp and rerciiionr, a rlrrnmxtan'-e that wum patent to lite puh.ii o/ tbi* rity for at lea* twenty-fiMir houra pievlou* l< ita |aihttrate>n in thai. literal nn?l enllghtem d j.sim , I th?l Hm> Captain General ??( < k.? l?4 1 < i r uapl.iii' ntcd he tte Hpaninh ff"\?irini'iit with * "mAk ul tba-iki f<a hating l eeii the mera- of pr<Kwreinj| Cuba to tije Hptiniab diadem. J' mm nil the *wtt>t** ?f Itifoema tioti at m > roniinaiid I havi indaoed t? ain<e nt the opinion that Mr. << ii tary Marey la, with ' '??;il Concha, rritilied !?, a Hpanlab "r<i?riM lhaiik? lot 111 - clreii|ilt>t:ilire. I *h<>uld f?Ot, la deed, he aurpri-ed to learn that ao TO*- aneh Crtlipti Bent had lee.j conveyed to the KerreUrfr o( tale fur the L'nited hUte? an-l 'hit In order tl <bi r M h?nor to lieneraH If the nait < oreo ( oBt< e *1 earner j that arrives from w-re t* hrlnx tb< jnnouu' emeot that oni r .putn ti'nirat had i?N-n cri itcd < nude <Je lNilvaeli<ri <?r ww otlca equally ultfuitlcadt title. Tfic Mlaiiop of thw dl'? e*? h,i<i frrn'lr f fin la ?t for fl'l/K>0 the fdilldirjK tn **h?b th'- f?r Itm^i "( < ii,iiteti,i known a/i th? I^/niinl -a," I* ke^t the lent of which la ?'>'*' I <1 OMltll. Th' tit e ?teaala Itari Ixeli'aLuin the ri. ic of 'ty ?t?tci <t hi* tevetenn ttuhop. All th? militiiry officer*, Inrh dlng tb'? t -- 1 iri^ to the V'duntwri, w#|le?| ni??i the f'ap<atu General two or tbn? &ax* *$>>, to tender him t<.e<T COIUrttUation* oj/ou lite vote- of thanka be ha 1 fee e i vi (J. The Kieoclt h ir of w <i Of 4 went <?> ?c? on t!?e "ih I oat. 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