Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1855 Page 3
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w*a. tb? calm dignity with which Captain Jolly met the iiumlta of Ca^toiu HoUtoii, and the moderation of oor government, increased the unpopularity of thu act of the President. Doglinh interference not diverting the attention nor exciting the jea lousy of the American public, iu reprobation and ridicule were universal. The witticism of, we be lieve, the Journal of Commtrcr, that President Pierce, " wiahing to light some one, had chosen an opponent of his owu size," expressed a feeling whicb would have been quickly changed, baa our government identified itself with the Cre^town men, ae it hud formerly with the Kin,* of the Mosquitoet Again, there can be no doobt that the Gushing and Marry ministry had made up its mind to acquire Cuba by fair means or foul: doubtless it formed ita plana with the hope that political capital might be created not only out ot its oi'ject, but out of the opposition of Prance and Kng!an<4 to its attainment. Hence the iuault of despatching Mr. Soule ? a notorioos filibustering agitator ? to the Court of Madrid, and hence aUo Inn violence and intrigues, and the absurd Osteinl Conference. Had Hpain retaliated these insults, or rather hud Pronto aud Englai.d encouraged her to do*?, a stnslfive feeling of nationality would now l<e propping up this foolish and falling ministry: as it tun been, thoi gh Louis Napoleon, by bin arrest of Soul** , did alrvxt succeed In giving it such sup port, American good p? use has be*n allowed a fair -chance: and the result is, that from their foreign policy, perhaps more than from any other reasoa, tfc? P'-if e administration is now far more unpopular thau ever it wof popular. I us tend of making the Black Warrior affair a eatiu belli (posjdblv the name Ftack Warrior may have been considered too ominous), the pu<*?;:iciouM - Mr. finil^ has been re called to make way for the pnaceuble Augustus Cssa Dtdft-e: and meant'. ne, his lonrn tcufut, Mr. Perry in '? ac enting the arrangements " proposed by the Spanish Cabinet, " expresses in the name of the President of the United States the rmst fHendlj =entimei t?,und the hope that the conclusion ol the affair will draw closer the relation* between the two countries.'' Possibly the men still in place at Wu?(jington keen oq t]iQ Wtlteh fo; any chin e the J'r'de fir f UV of Spain, of hfr ,?sAgre? tieti*a with her colonists, may give them for war? knoa .ug well that through war alone can they ho;>e toT a frash leare of pover; but we may in great mea sure thank the modeiatlon ou this side of the Atlan tic for the fact, that their constituents are also on thr watch to see that they do not make such chance. We fay, in great measure, because there has been another cause in operation, the existence of which in America may well excite our envy in Kugland. In our last number, the mode w.ts explained by which the republic make* secret diplomacy impossible: certain aa were the deliberations of the Oitend Con to bring ridicule upon all connected with them, they could not lie concealed from the Commit tee of Congress, nor cor^equently from publication. Seeing rbat our Prime Minister na* ventured to tell oar Parliament that, till negotiation- have have re sulted in peace or war, wc are not to know their na tnre or position, it miy be well to try In another European difficulty, whether the American system of publicity might not prevent onr Foreign Minister from having to confess that we have "drifted into war." At any rate, we cannot too strongly in sift on the expediency of the most thorough pub licity In all our dealings with America. Every con cealment on onr pnrt excites their suspicion, and gives a color to the absurd calumnies and ennarJt of the anti-English agitators. If our government act unfairly town i ds America, bv all means let us know what it is doing, in order that we may repu diate or dihinisK it; on the other baud, if it* conduct be fair and just, let the fairness and justice of the American people have the opportunity of a response. In one respect, such response would be more pro bable iu future than it has been of late. Hitherto, onr bitterest enemies in the States have been the Irh-h immigrant". The peasant flying from starva tion takes with hiin his hatred of the Saxon? the iu heritance of generations of oppression aud neglect; the unsuccessful rebel tries to revenge himselt for his defeat by slanders of both the English people and their government. But there is another quality which the Irish have taken with them? that lawless ness, cr rather that facility of organization for dis order, which in former ages has tempted and enabled iih to misgovern them, and which even now makes their good government so difficult. Their experience of what tl.e Celt is in Ame rica. is quickly making the Americans sympathise ml her with the Siixm, and has been the chief in citement to the nt\s political movement wliirhisnow sweeping throughout the Union. Although our ob ject is to discover the foreign jiolicy rather than to diner M the intern..! politics of the republic, yet th'w new " Know Nothing " party is ho likelrto affect the former, that we wm dwell brieflv on ft? origin aud meaning. Few persons will have studied the progress of politic* on the oihei side of the Atlantic, without experiencing n difficulty In distingni^liing the prin cipK-n of the different parties At the tiiue the con >t)t it:on wnn frsmed, ami white the institution* of 'he republic w< re "till developing themselves, the two gieat division* of wbigs and democrat* had a purroe and a use. Iu order to get the States to uuite, it was decc-'ary that there should be demo crat* to vindicate State rights und independence; in order that the Union should be strong. the whips or federalist* were needed to contend for centraliza tion. Now, however, the relation of the whole re public to the different States is so clearly defined and *o fiimlv established, that therein left hardly any margin of uncertainty 1q which to dispute. ft ib'e legislature of N.-.w \ irk he whig it assert* its inde pendence ay unflinchingly as it wonld if it were de mocrat: and, on the other hand, a democrat majority of Congress would be equally jealous of its privileges. There certainly is a vague tendency to contervatt 'tn in the one party, und to innovation iu the other: - the desire tor centralization or for a Btroug govern ment tending to the former, the ardi>r for indepen dence to the latter. Bnt fnr the collinii.ii of th em two principles of conservatism and innovation, there is bnt little scope it tie states. W'itli a constitution not seventy yeura old, with universal suffrage, and : with no privileged order, there are few institutions ? to censure, and still fewer changes for a aovereigu people to desire; there are the right* of property cer tainly to protect, but then, as yet, there w hardly any one to attack th> m. The war l>et seen time who have and those who hare not raun<>t ra^e in Ameri ca while the Western prairies remain nntilled. Politicians, therefore, iu \ mericn find themselves at fault for work. There la not, us with us, on the one i hand a power-posse ? sing class who strive to keep their \ position, and on the other hand a power-seeki.:g ciasi ! who seek to share ibis |?wiUon with them, or to drive ' th< m trom it. litem is little for government to do, and (here lore little for the aspirant* to government to -aim at. except to preserve order, ana even th it J the people not reldom prefer to do in a somewhat pe- | culiar la-diion for *L?*t is<'lves. To thi=? rule, how ever, tLerr are two grcit exceptions : there is a | foreign policy to conduct, and there i* the slavery : (iroblt m to solve. But fiiice the wars with England ! and Fiance, the states have been too powerful to ' attack: their potdth n. und the wise counsel* of their I fonnders, have alike pseverved them from European e ntanglemcnt; and therefore nntil recently, when 'he at'gressive desires whleh i\e an- now consider ing began to develope themselves, to ",ondoct their diplomacy has Veen no hard task. Not so the slave que tion ; to answer that is hard enough ? ao hard, that, with the exception of the slavels<ld> rs, who denv the right to ; if. -ilinost every .one con-<pir< s tr> mirk it, and to vote the few almjjtioriist* whop< r sift in raising it, A oui-we. While, however, the objects of politicians ere thus limited, not so U their nnmter. The roiitica! faculty , like all other fu?nl rte?, hungers after exercise; wit while t'to hung.-r is 2>ent i nu prevalent, ;he substantial food is scanty or loriidden. Be nee all manner of garbage is eagerly nought for, or, in other words, parties ceaw- to to lie the embo<llnient of principle*, and be< ome km tor the attainment of personal or sectional o'tjecfa. Hen e t!i" defeneration of the \merican st ttemen, and the abdication by their K-t citizen* ? a 1?k? so evidt at and lamentable-- of the duties of citizenship. Th- on., task which the wise ought to uadeilAe is taUof d from them by their ftar* or pre jndke*. Other fubjeeu, ihey will not touch, becni*e they ate 100 to Is- worth the sarnfi-.e of a?*o c:at ng or conflicting with the crowd. Tlit:* the two grea' psrt'e* become shaft, -ed into an endless utm'* *ofse ??.?,f)ie slang name* of which evidence the little importance of their pro'??*<-d pur p.. e. Tlielr ,t ;l ?lje-:t, however, is to tl? m impor tant enough, though worse than worthies* to the < omnionwealth, viz., the attainment by a clique of the power and emoluments of office. It w... Id puzzle any one to learn how the eflhrts of bird shells < r sort shell*. honkers or iiarnburner* or iocofocos, i- in a. eompiish anything e.vcpt the iuungi ration of -e'i.e P.eric as f'rcsiil ut, sitb hi' tail osodi'? holders. Tl..- *cMdsl svid in.-otivenlenre of s hauze ut h i < ? -)D of o new Prrsi.lent, of all the ndn\ ni>-tn? tion* of the rvp<il4ie>fm,n the Koi retary ot Fort ign ' f fniist.r the mn/ster in I^Hid<?ii,U>tl>e loft.-st cferk in the village PtistOfllce, must cuuti sue sxleag trmains the Aijeet of politic*, and thercfoie patrou..j/e tl?e mean* of pow. r. But if the *tyects s:mf .1 at tie low, sr> tlso w)R be the means of obtaining thrm: ,. n >4 - ander, drunkenness and dnHMdNR ate the it a 1 ne e^'ary instraments of 0>'sk who se?k > er ^v?r i'< ? ?-?e ?"?he not for tlieir oun'ry'* go?vd. ?s. w , J>rt"itm ny of t!?e l.e-t n.en in the Fn, , , s-i tnf- ?-i.-.?t)tc snd of the sols-r ihhuk?i shr .ik from ti tr < tr,o.n t; n. Not *o the im mi grants. To ?1# ' rftiMD, flying fi<>tii d< sfMHism and the ii?pri* ,? ti<>n ? I all jstii'i nl rifht*, the f-x*re|s? t-f t ie-w i. j It -elf pl? is-ire an l s ?err1f.tation, ,;-p ? ,e c.f i ultx: ?. id lo the Iri ' in.m -t is * ill n.ore dc-liMhUn! t-> tind ?ccpe for th? fhcnlties whic u !, ? v I. n ti ii,.i.d by ribbon mi-pl' v ! ?? and repeal i ,n 1'iiuiy tuexpet i<?d 1 1 tl tierf ?rm ..I di.ii- of it-,-'. ?, o: a <ht to ' i ..ns r a ? ,< nj '! ' ? ' ' 'I' or tbi- ? I V 4< rs . t, at ? . a ?i e -:U -? i f tbe ir.' v -kiifo! fist ?. s? 5> >. h <evt ?' ? t'.i i. -t o- lr a-s ... k .. i. ? r.f i..j i? na'/r.* ?Jlli, ' thrrrforv accessible to any Intrigue, but th *y ?er? sreedily acquire special alms of their own, sod tLerefore ?orce the iittri gnera to bid for their support Thus the German farmers in Western Pennsylvania have eutalled the dls amee and loss of repudiation upon tii* mer fhaub- of Philadelphia; and the system of common ,-chool education, the keystone oftke has been endangered by the plot* wiiieh, bynu nauvring the Iri.'h voUrs, the Roman Catholics have I een able to frame. . The greatest advantage, however, of a demwrac> is, that when at vfl becomes evident to popujar opinion, it tend. i-> bring about its o^rn cura. ^ , dec if ion of some important and elections, by menu* of lore.gnvote# hM aijrawl the native born citizens; and the C 1 the Atlantic because they could not ?a IwtonJ i tl.e Irish, tind their care deafened with the cry^ "America for the Americans. T1. ' f rtU o!U* letter, ot to imitation the idea of a secret society twg H" perhaps it was borrowed ?l?e Jewttlsm against which it contends; m ,? be some pretext for it in the excuse aiieired by the Know Nothing lodges in their mani festo that without -ecrecy in tt* warly formation no vouni Independent party, with independent o'^JecN. tuftSrvive the attackl ?nd allurements -of he old Mrtiea with their selfish objects. Nevertheless, we U-lieve that there is something In the nature of a democracy which gives an ebpecial attraction to se wt societies. There is in them an appearance of ex< HuriveiieftB. an imitation of nriatocracy, !d SurW Howeve r this may >*, the gucc** of ttu? movement. though now apparently on i the wane, has lieeu wonderful. When Mr. Kobert*on w.i i America -little more tlirn ? year ago- the Know Nothings were only Just Ward of; their lodgoa now profess tft tiuml?or many hundreds of thousands of , ? <nru- thrntiah PVOtV Stftto tll6)f WC COlltC4tiilK? I elections, whether for Congress, btatc ^wlatures, or Governorships; and if tbey can agree upon a | candidate tor the Presidency there is a ^-oug P1^ liability that they may i-ecure bis election.So sneedv nnd overpowering a success would nave been j infnossiMe without some real principle were Involved, LiiVhdied there U a principle a^rted by this imrvoiis'it via., the principle of nationality. ^ The | Americana are still so English, that 'f j _ . rai,uot but rejoice over this assertion ol Amen Tan f,Xg; and as Protestants, tt is pleasant for us i m??k a manifestation of Proteatwitianii Never | "rpSu'oVmv'hiv' b?.. ?rdk.?i lu form.- I to the ides of a republic, V?here everv eltiwm .Might to I* rMMDMble to his fellows for tho fulfilment of WacitScSw" .Nor can we believe that the des potlc government to which every secret ^etj murt Resubmitted, nnd which we un i ttUltob v *?< KP mrmt atriuKcnt . will long be wtbniitu.a 10 d> ES JHSaSTw dUWno flimh . w. k. .w toms of crowing insubordination; the lodge mem l'enf wil l not always vote as they arc ordered; and tl e sympathy of thos-e outside supports them agam?t the tires ts and opprobrium of The secrecy, however, may be got rid of, not so, we f? ar, the religions intolerance which seems to be imeusrablc from the principles of the movement. In tfe manifesto above alluded to, this intolerance is indeed den ic d^ne vci the! ess , there is abundant proof of itM uctual n<?t to Bay viiuleut, activity. I?y the tecond article of llio constitution of thc Order. each ire Xr" mil t be a Protestant, born of ProV stant u rents reared utid< r Protestant influence, ftud if united to a Roman Catholic wl'e,'' he Lh not elint >le toany orUe.'1 Tl.e third a- tide define " the \ of ^hls organisation' ' to U-. " U. the insidious i olicv of tbe I'hurcli of R<jme nnd other foreign In tiot nee against the institution or our country, by rdai-ing in all in the gift <?1 the people, or bv Lnnoiutnu nt, none but native born I rotestent u.^ 71-tiv " The onths are m wt solemn ; every Kno.v s f a, i f-anibi-e? wiUb?;an?tunU conseqnence. 'twould i a will however, if political disabilities were all , hat were nS ?it. >Ve ho.e by us many number. Of tie h'ncAr Nothing, or ! I'ostoii no per, whieii professes to the, mont sw-yfit 1 sarA* JsrVA -S SyyaWtaftWl. to exclude nil mthofirs from compai.iori.Mldp i, ml all Irish from employment; and tin- larr.igo ot fanaticism and selfl-huess is made i t lie aboifiinatioriH of eelnmey, wiin a pr ri^c Tllh can only Is eMuaUed u Bagtand by. rovnol s'a " MvsU rios of the Court.' 1 he ettl- t oi tiii'- tcachiug is evident enough in the st>1? and tem per ol the correspondence wbi< li is inserted both in Lroee and verse. It is most sad to see America thus entering upon that course ol polemical conflict winch Las been thecuneoflnland.und Knfland .iL*o. ur exptrierce, instead of being a warning appe.ri to e*( ite them to emulation, and tbe result wilt lie 1 1 !l,? L of ?m be "ffjM" ? inred Believ-inir^ aa WC du ftrml} , tUa lr*m the influence of the lU.mish Church there fo |ows, and always must lollow. so. ml degradation Wid na tional Fiibsei vieney , we mourn overthls sp nto p^r secution, not only because it I- an imitation, but be rouse it will be an aggravation nf Ro",a,{ "rn' Tbe fear of priestly power tn the States, though perhaps not onnatoral, ?? able. "Hie Woman <^athol.cs *re th? **foreit? mlntelv increasing, because of the lortiKn immigrations but the are relatively dimini-hmg t>\ the conversion of many of the unmigrin s. The Uwh.ns they improve in circumstance-', n .t-nou^y , enve, cither them-elir* or their children, to be ?.a tboiic- Archbishop MacHale P^h^ In J^ naupbt airainst the exo jus, lecum-e ol wn.n fie calls .1* irieliitious effect: aud accord r^ to tl^sU tistics of Mr. Mullen, an American pr^t.tbennm 1 er of Roman Catholic* in ib<- Mates is hardly two millions, instead of being a? by rrntnnd should have been, about mir ml'Umia Jte fa i< A which " Protestant as?-endan<'y and territorial t> runny bnd wound round ti e Celtic heart, l?<vmes loosened \<y the possession of raptibllcau eqo d ty. lttthe l*rotestants of America eract the i?enal laws i f Iteland. or exhibit lt? Oiangism. and the.v will uui' klv ic^tore to the prie-t^ their Influence. I er- , secution is a game by which Romantom is sure to gam. 1 Bi-tt.niing, uowever, to our xuhjcct- vl/,.. the I foreign polio; of the ItapahUc- the Influence upon I it of tlii* new Agitation seem* to M like'y t<> l*? i l.< i.ttlcial. Ii"th the two j>i ui' i|t!c""f tha " Kn> w Not h toga," or, R? torv rail them* I wo, the American party. nre nn< ig<<niatic to annexation, or ratht rtnui'h annexation a-lm* lutelt been in imita tion. Their feeling of nutionaiitv, including a* it aoea a pri?i( of la' e indii-po e? themto admit Mt xican?,or Hj aniarda, or Indiana, ;i? frllow i it;/eii?": th'-irl'ro i?-?-tanti-rii makee them uwrao to form Ktnteiout of t' or Mexico, the representation ot which in <"on gma would probably be Romaniat. Moreover, both the a'vertioii of uattonMltr, and the iie*trn< ti<>n of the old fa< tii nn paitie? arid pew rul ioUr iea, i? un advantage. It ia easier to mi W'th h nation than a clique; douhileaa it ia the more neccaaory for n* to treat the former with due re?peet,and ? 'innid> ration a l ove all. with ?traighf forward op^nne**. But if | we do t-o, we hmr a liyht to ex peel that it will (<how I te?pict to itf-lf. Mr. Sonl?-'a i- reach birth would of ?Kir>e place him under the l>,in ot the Order; but : ( vcn lad lie Ixen a native American, we ah mid have Ik en wnpritv d If a "Know Nothing" I'reaidont | bad ghen him an nfli'c, and we "halt al?? In- aur ! prifed It a "Know Not hing" a<lrainiatration doe* not K'-ep 'loan the tilibtiatereia uith a much atronger hand tliaii doea the pr? ?>?*nt one. Th?* rai*?ion of thia paity. howcvtr, wJi beapeedil) accompttalied; bo'U the . lefjrnand tl <? |opl?h ekinetita of t!.e po(Miia tioti <* ill I e re*?n,;ricU with:n their legitimate limit", and all fctt?mpta to ko f irth'*r will l* reaUjed .<y tieroni.d ?eii e and ?;<<>d f? Hing of tin- country. Aa **?? oa it ha* done ita work, I ke the portiea'it ittilaiea, it wkQ heton.e a mete nnme; aiiditaaoie 'lingerie fnin them *111 l?. that if it-? ?e<*rtiy !i ?'a, it a ill become ? -til! greater atriaaoce. Attain, there will H-maln in reiiiit * only two |?ditira] bar t '-. in the republic the f:ee party and the alave pow '-r. Ill;" ???Ject ?i America-i -'.aretj la #o aorrowf*! and aeau'Oti r the V m i i *r.? arc ao aen?iti*e at it* n ere nu ntirn l.y an l>i<li?i, man. that wa badh <ped to ttv id i'a di>- *n?-lo'i in ttoi- paper; butitiaiin pf anl ie : it recura at rsrry atep of e*ery argument, it entera irtothe Moatderatioa oferttry cotiay cj , The foreign |k,Hi y ol n?D ohH n i* afier nil <io i,< nden* on ita Interml nolir r, and with e ery aM ot the repallie, alaverj iiIbtoI ed How ran it le > t! ( rwl e'' M' re than three 'n(Ui<wi? of natire Ame i.i ;>ii? ?re V.eld ai- < v that la, trr.iU-d *? t) < ugh t'ejr were brnti a, \>y thi.e huad rd and Ml) thou>Miid of tkeir fnln? <01 nt<?men The? e)a^ > -< are Incrc aaiog with fearful rap^Jit/; In tiiiift \eara, at t:.* . nt e ot in* reaae for tin j !a-t fear jtara. tbre win ah#re -it milli >a< of tl'fn. Thf pr ri(?- Of ciriH/iti n ao.l f tl.- rr.r ?I ' iti < d ira'k:t.dui a>.'airif t t tl - LiV'-h ? *>i <1 ti t? ki '.w it. aj>4 t, retort th< y are <ic > I'eit ,it !? ..>? ii a par*, wfekb ha- an ?7 , tie 1 1> -i ivatiou < f tl j a ?1 r>? Ih" ; t' t of lt? n.fmU - 1! tli it i terg;. < f i. jwaf ? "oetabci rl ac' a whlc) mke up I 1 0 ! ? <lr ??? r f tl-Hr r ?, .. j v d l/v fe*? *???(>? lit ir . , ,? l? '. Tl i ?. .? hi idicd . ' !'<? t ? i? d It-" l alu1'. r ii< v at ? V (he twenty-three or twenty-wi million inhabitanta of 1 the Uniten State*. tban bat n the Luidod aristocracy in thai of England. 1" tin . iouth . tli >uvb even there but a small minority, they secure almost ail the other whites, by holding cut to each one of them the chance of poasouiing human property, and by ensur ing to them the luxury of oppressing a black man, even if to poor too own him. By appealiug to the caato-fecling, they enlist the prejudices, and by the work whit n they ?.t their slavea to do, they ' involve the inter -Ma. of both North and Booth on their aide ; and by the compactness of their party organization and the singleness of their object, tliey hold the balance between, and therefore they rule over, every other party in the Union. Every year, however, this predominance is Incoming more difficult to preserve. The public opinion of the world I* having ita influence upon the North if 1 not upon the South; the blave* themselves, in spite of every effort to ki cp them back, are be coming more enlightened, and therefore more dlili t uit to ke?p don n ; even the difference in race and color? the great bulwark of slavery? Is gradually breaking down: races are amalga mating; in 1850 there were above four hundred thousand inula! toes in the Union, and the ratio of their Increase must of course become every year re latively greater. Uardly 'a week elapses without pi oof given in Southern jwpere of the increasing numt er of "white slaves;" end thee win watch the raft-- of the fogi'ives, will find how diflioolt it is for the wbiUw to kv*p as slaves their own children. HUH, as the doom of the system draws near, the iffortri ofits advocate* to maintain and even to ex tend it beoon c more de?)>e rate. for a time, this de-? pt ration may appear to succeed, but evory effort in c eases the power of their opponent*. The Fugitive slave law made many abolitionists; the Nebraska act n. any more; the Misi-ouri invsuton of Kansas, even it it succeed i in adding one to the slave States, will thereby inflict fur greater loss on tLe slave power in the free States. Hie South at first greedily seixed hold of this " Know Nothing imitation," in the hope that it might divert the North from the advocacy of freedom. Spite, however, of the efforts of many of its lender* to shirk or | o?1|h>uc the slavery question, already the Amerlenu rnrty is divided upon it. In the South they sre, or court*, pro-slavery men ; in the Kotth, the Know Nothing lodge* of New Hamp shire?Pierre'* own State? have lately recorded their unanimous disapproval of the Nebraska net ; and Wilson, the Know Nothing Senator of Massa chusetts, has declared, in his place in the Capitol, what slavery bus to expect fmm the North, with a confidence of power which towed into civility even the hot headed Southerners. The North is freeing itself, and the South knows it. The foreign p >llcy of the South , therefore, is to idemnify the power aeainst the Icm i f Northern support; to tliia object alone does the Sooth confine its' If, and every year will the foreign )>olicy of the North he more and more refctrieted to a counteraction of these ef forts of the South. Amid, however, all the fear nil uneeitainties of this question, of one fact we have little doubt. There can be no interference by America in European affairs until the slavery pro blem be solved; even if the slave party had the will to fight for European freedom, which it baa not, however loi.d ita professions, neither the slave nor the ficc party have the power. AU the energies of both will be absorbed in their mntual conflict, and all the strength of the commonwealth will be needed to prevent this conflict from causing its disruption. There may lie, there will be, an alliance between the governments of Great Britain and of the United tutes; our mutual interests and relationship will prevent n rupture; but there will be no mtentr r or rftn/f. How tan there be while America has a Rus sia within her borders? Let that Amerii an Russia l.e frtid, and then we shall indeed have an "Anglo American alliance" more powerful and beneficial than Koesnth has ever dreamt of; then may we trust that the sympathy in action and in feeling of the two members o! the Anglo-Saxon family, possessing as they will, so large a portion of the eartn, will lie but a prelude to the meeting of the nations ?'In (he I'urll.usu n1 oi mnn, ? the Federation of the World." Kn pert or t'oort? In Chomiifri. Before noli. Judge Holfhinn. UNPEft Tit* 'IV/tn PECTION OF TIIE ( Ol>K. Aro. 14 ? Mcrtimrr Portrr r?. Sum' I E. fsnt. - The mituinonft in for tin re'icf demanded in the com plaint, in cape of u n< ,"lect of the defendant to an swer. The < u: e made by ti e complaint in, that the di-Uiidtint tt.iK an agent for the collection of reutx l.elor ging to the plaintiff: payment 1 on n count aie ptated, and a request that the defendant would furnish a full a< count of, hia dealing*; hi? re fusal; the inability of the plaintiff to etate the precipe pum due, hut that he lielieven nut-It bulam e 1* at lea>t The demand to for a diacovcry a'id account, and for judgment for ouch Mini ax Hhall be lound due upon the said n counting, with interest and coats of the action. The defendant has not ap peared, and application is made for judgment under the 24Gth flection of the ('ode. The plaintiff pro posep to take jndgment for the anrn of IS30. Th ccmplaint tow-rifled. 1 do not think anch a jnd g incnt to warranted by the Code. The (ln>t ituhdi viaion elearh doc* not apply. Under that the mim monp trjuft ccntain the unount of the monev do niuuhd? certainly rmdr-r the flrnt clause; probably in all the cape* wubin that aection. And again, the cane ia not within the aecond daa-e of anrhftrnt ?<><? tlon, l?caupe the complaint to pworn to. Under the i second mi! -division the Court to to lie applied to for j the lelief demanded in the complaint; ami here the ' 276tb t-e< tion 1- of importance. The relief to I* | grantee), if tlwre ia no answer, cannot ex- \ ceed that win. Ii to demanded in the com plaint. In other cat** any relief may be granted which to rnnatotent with the c a*e in ide. The pecoid subdivision | rovidea that in oth?r uc - tiona the { laii.tili maj apply to the court f..r the re lief ditiuitided in the complaint. If the taking of an ore omit or the proof of any fact I* Dece-mary to enable the court to give judgment, or to tarry the ji. dement into < !&?< t, the court may take the account, or heur the proof, or may, in it* diwr-etion, order a reference for that purpoee. The relief then demamF id In the c'<>mphiiut defii ea and limit." the pov ? r Of the court ac to the judgment to I* given. It to n< t the tsi-o miide, l>ut the judgment asked f<ar, wlii< h control*. In the present instance thin to for an ai< oimt and payment of the toil am e,to be aver tu ned npon it. I think ther?- must l>e a reference to tnKe the io cornt a* nOuKbt. Attention Ii.h to ? n called to the Mlth rule of the Supreme Court, an im plying thai applications of thin nature mint lie made nt ppe< ml term, in the caac, abo, of Rvnn vh. Me Ian*vell (1 s.inriford I>- Hep. 7n:>) ;? ?l.nil ir view wap taken: and the 47th(prev?nt 37th) ?c?fion of the Code wan referred to. wliFh dire t* that judg ment* tip-n apj enl* shall 1* given at the general turn, and all other* at the *)ie< in! term. Thecve in lat Kandford wua decided in l*i*. In In.'.1) thto coort ad> pted, among oth< ra, the fifth rule, nnviding that n tii ni-meratid motion* will l,e lie heard hy one o! theJi'Ptlir ? at the apeeial terra room and the chamfers daily, ?iib certain excentk>np. For* <h motionp. and fcr the purpose of makiag all ner?*?>*ry order* ;.nd giving jm'crmcnt* in ikw* nderrhatitcr fin-t of title eight of the n < ond tmrt of Ute C?ide. a Ijoialtfim will 1* held e\erv day iluring the v?<-a tion at 10 o'< lot k A. M. Thto ehiuiter romprbt* the 24fi*h. ?4r>\h and '247th pefiion-. of the Code, and ji rlgn.tnto ol t hi - nature are now warranted. ljt< f'olil llinn ra. MicHail Dootly and Jacob Xigtr.- The a< t:< n wiu mn of cbira and delivery to re> over certain ajtitien of fnruitnre and picture*, *tth itamagev for the detention. The defendant ap f eared find demanded a < >py of the complaint. Thla wn? duly ferved, .md the limp for nnaweriag <?r d. murrirg to abown t?. have expired. Kiglit d >y*' ! n. tiee of an application for the rrlief demanded, h.n Uen duly perved. ll.e pummoni was for the relief demanded in tl.e cmp alnt. The l*?t elm-* of the M-<ond pnb-di\ i?i< n of pe< tion 241 govern* the case, 'lhe action to for the recovery of <!*?> iii n-d j"-'" nil pio|p rtf , with du>a|ti lor the withholding tharrof. The damiige* in pueh a < a-* are to lie aaaewed l<> a jurj-. i r if the examination of a lor.jr a< < <,ur.t he in *oMid. by a retereiice. 1 <anoot direct a mfereoce nn ae!.ed for. There to no account Involved. 1 agr?* that the plaintiff may take jndrrmeiit for the delivery of the urticlea, if he' waive* the claim for danunre?; (.tberwiac a jury tru?t a--eaa th'-m. 'Ih< re^nl-tr e?^irae to t i diri-et an a--<-~-ment l>v the -li'r.ff* ii, r>. (.1 I'r. liep. 1 t iato Rep. 117.) ?*Kh will 1* the order in the prc-ent j?pc. Naitnf Court. rv ?? Hon J., if* n ??u *(Tto\ ron iMPaiPo.vMPN r. Smrnh M> > kit by kn n?xf #Viewd rf. F.rnrd Stark. Thi- waa a aiiit for damage* for fal*e imprtoon Kent. It a pi red in evidence that the plai:tiA waa ?i reat?d on auapii ion Of stealing w.itche- that ibe a aa brought to the station tuy.*e and di- Uarge i i.rxt momlng by Ju?ti.-e Pear?'?y. The polk r officer ataUd that the defemtont rave no difKtiani 1 1 u ri 't the plaintiff. Htark Went to the atatioo l<o i?e in Forty eighth sticet, 1. t raii-le rwrhirge agaFt-t 'he plalr. Iff. Witncna ar^ted the wo din hi:aa^'f. on pun) i< lr>n. frt m inform ation H' ark ga^ himatomt l'?ing tt.e aa^hix The n*W w< "? re ' red after th? imatof the plaiitlff f pi' ft?r F f -i ?*ai t e ovmI tor a nona. It. which tt>? t'? rt gr d a rh 110 it' ta. It'f i(r an?' Ap{lJ,rr e ? JtnAir,i. ?> f-n PIT f r the I *i of a h'>r* ahieh d t !r "i g fir vet t ? rtpi Uy or 'hi Fo- rlh of Ja'y \w ' m ? ? V?'k titU'tfy |.t. .] T1-.' I w.,t t? ?' f.i fi that ti^ dei.lli ol toe 1 ?i. i , I I y c "crrt, i, K* ? ; ' j t.eo? f<;? p, m ? kmvnwnm remwu efeby eat. I'iaca qf kotiling KU-tian >110 (iwnwif'i at reel. >1.1 Out oh atreet. > Kg Murray iUMl. i < >r. Ko?>evell k <>*V *1< 107 Hudauu *tre< t. POUTJCAL. T\iaiociunc RHTtwcA?r oeoeral cxMOfrrrar., U Iknmiif Hall, AlfUl t, 1864. Heeolved, That the democratic rry?Uiun alec torn pt the difrraul lumUj diatricU of ihe city nod couatf of New York in bwr of regular nomination*. tkt axfu of Uir parly, and anpporter* af the national adminlatratiiu, he requested to meet at the plt(M in tbelr wirdi hereinafter named, on iLurxIa/, the 10th day of Augval inat., between the hoar* of 0 and 7 o'clock P. M.. (exreat in the Twelfth ward, the electora of which wtM meet between the boar* of 4 and 8 o'clock P. M.. ) to elect under the inspection ul the Inspector* of the poll* of uld election hereinafter named, in those warrla taing one A? aembly district, two dihgate* each, to represent aaid A M mbly dlntHcth In the Mate Convention called to be held at t?yi*cuae on the Writ inxt, and in tlioee want* compriaing j^jyjue or two other ward* one Aaaembly dUtrict, lo elect WlHwcgalea each, to meet in Aaaembly Hiatrii-t t'onven tiona, to te held ?t the time and plac- s hereinafter named, for the purpore of <-hno*lng twn delerrilcs from each ai Mild Aaaembly diitricta no composed of two or more ward* to repratent >aid Ajucuibly district in the State Conven tion Resolved, That in cn?e of the abxetice of a if one or more ol the inaptctor* hereby (ppointed from hmkI clii tion poll# wheu th?- naif nhnul.l be opened, that then iu aurh riw the remaining Inapt . 'or or iimpecUira appoint an ina|>acU>r or inapevtorii in thrir place* Wanli Injfirrtnrt. 1? William Muni*, .lehn IM, William ltorke,

2 ? I'amel M-t-han, .fame# WaUon, Lawrence Ketvun, C ? Joaeph ilarrirun, R. H. Oroaby. John I'owntll, 4 ? Benjamin I' Welch, ,'uiuA* Moonoy, Jaunt, I'cwen, 6? John Hterwood, .fame* 1 Webb, Robert Heum-ll, Jr., C? John Qoinn, Kdwat d /ilma, Patricr. Nt-elua, 7? Jacob A. Valentine, William ti'uylo, Ihiinaa l ynch, 8. ? Jaritt-* Armatronif, John R. I.ydockr r, Harney Kavmiagti, P? Albert J. Terhnue, Robert IJndKey Ben). Hanson, K) ? Jniuea Reed, Win. C'anti rnian, Aaahel Reed, 11? William H,w Jackaon \ emiilyea Wm. Valentine,' 1? ? Marina Ryer, M. I.utf, Wllllaio Webb. 1? ? l?r. Ktlward Wnrden, ?lohn MeConnell, llenry I<ewla, 14? Michael McOrane, Joaeph Shannon. Jr., Michael Murphy, 16 ? 1 . F. liarrlkoo, John R. Ryer, John K. ltoaa Jr., If? JjniM Casaidy, Mark R Thoma*, l>aniej MeCoole, 17 ? ^The??lore Kroment, Wlllinm Coulter, <?eo. W. Sell u reman, 15? John Ni?bi(t , 0 h llibbfird, A. J. MathewH, IP ? (leorge \S ler, Jainen I teed, Rifer I >ola u. VC ? Arel Freeman, illiam M. Sim|>?<>n, Jamea H. Kenny, 2! ? Coll. N. Camplicl', Thoma* MK'nv, Reiijaniltt H. liai^ht, C ? Nicljulaa t^-aifrist, 1 ennla Y. l!<<it, AU-Tnniler Wai'l, j !-47 Dayard street, | KrtieWerbocker IliiU, cor, V (Jourerneur k Diriniua ) atreete. I lloene'a Hnt.'l, 70 Mercer i" itreet j. Smith'a Hotel 90 Perry at ( Tenth Ward Ilolel, cornet f Itroonie and I'orayth ata. irnion HhII, Curner are nae C and Fourth atreet. I.uta'a Hotel, M.mUaMun j" Ylllc. I <>nd? rdonk'a Hall, cornet i (irand andtllntoO ata. ! Kohertaon'a.eornei firai?4 i and HifAlX'th ita. ' .'iflC Houiton ati eet. ? 17u We?t ^-reiiteeoth at Klnney'a S7 Heventh at | I'nion Hall corner Third > atenue and Twpnty ) ecarf ata. | Mcllennatt 'a Tavern, Kor j-tjr-#ee .ndatreet. between ) l-ourtli and Madiium Northneat turner Thirty fourth atreet and Ninth avenue. Hlbbard A McCoy, cor r- ner Kourth avenue atwl ) Thirty -tacond atreet. (Corner Klffhth avenue *ni | Korty eighth atreet. ric?,lvcd, Thnt the HTml *ar>l delegate* elected to the A> ctnMy IH?tiict Convention, met on th Wth .lay of Au|(iiat iu*t.. a! S o'clock P. M. at the aeveral pla.*a Ix lov rained, for tl.c purpoae of chooaing two deieg:>tn to iepri -i ut their Assembly <liatrb:lt In -tat.- Convention. Fr? m I lr*t and Sec ml ward*, at No. 110 tire n^ich at re< ; . 1 r< tn 'lliird and flth *ard?. ut Kli-Uher'a, 2IA 1 niton at i eet . from ! iiteenth and Twentieth warda a' Uilliuun'*, corn'T Ti- 1 nty-oixih ctreet ami Seventh avenue. From I i^b'ernth and T?ent)- tlrat ward*, at Unlno Ball, cot net 1 hird avenue anl Twenty aecund ?tt> et lYorn S'lnelf-enth Iwi titr-aCcond an ! Twelfth ward-, at Starr'a Fife Milt House, Tfii > ?! avenue RuIiMJI KK11.Y, Chairman. jAf? L Rtshikt, ) AiiiaUuxsiui, / r caeielariei Ittd l.i-ll WAI 1) IRIMARY EI.WTItiN HtK l-l l.t g/ile? to SyraciuH'.? In purauence 'if tlo- '-allot the 1 i n cera tic Republican (< I ominit|t% tield at I nn ni. ny Hall en the I'd inat , the democr.i*lc re|.oMo m elector* ol Ihe Third Aaaenjbly dletrlct inbvnroi tli< riatl' ru.1 ndn.lniatrutloo, will )>lea?c attend a primary (Mil ii lor tito <)< legale- and t x^MMern.ito to th<. lie in< cratie Reptlldican -"late Ci>nwnN<l, t" l>e held on the 9Vlb inct at PyiaaMV. Ibe elect on to lie heid on Ihursday, the H th inat at the corner ot Ho eiell aod I ak *ttirl?, lietween the boor- of A ?r?d 7 o'ebw 1> I" M lly or<ler of the Ward C< inmittn T. W ftAKI 1"^" Chairman t.nmm w. Rav, i <.m>hi K Usui. >s, ( ce. ret i iie< WATCHKM, JKUKLKY, 4* . C1AI.IK<<KMA MAMOMIC, kyl'AI IN IWII.I.IANt V t nnd nj>prariincc to the real diamond. ? l'rice* ? i>uta' cluater ).lii ?, with rhaln, AS; g<nt?' rliuter wttboat cliain. $4; gent,' single ?t?n* ?arii.u? II to til; Indie* fining*, (luattr ?ml magi* atuue |f> to I'J-1 . la>H<V clttatei pii?? IxHuitifol 11(1 in tifi rin/" ilunier, hiukIi- and tin"- atatiea. tt> fit t ?U? cn>??n, Mud*, alee?e l>uttony brarele!*, Ac Tbf n'owe article* at# ?ll mounted in eighteen <arat gold and warranted invite aierjr uw to call m l ?<*- th*ni. CtlUlt} to nun i>urcba?*i ? giatia. L ll .!,V '.It- 407 ?d??T C1AI.mHiN'rA WAKONl* ? THOflK ABOI T ifRCHA j Ing jeealry would rti.'t il to their inte m' to cal! and ??e U?i? new ami Unutiful article. they are e<|tial In btil llancy to the real diamond, and at pcSoe* within the '??< b of ?Tory oM. I., t J, JAIlilti, 407 U<o*d*ty. C1 (Hi/ H'8 CHAW.? I ( '.Id curb fob chain* .ft ??> 11. t" 9 100 <?<?!?! beaded pattern chain* ???*... t > t/> Hold ?{iarf u4 N|Nn<t link chain*... 'VP- 1 > f> Cold e-igravad narrow link ch.iirn . .. " W ' > 4o Cob: (.Ikin flat link, with alg?. ? to no (> 1' plain l?ne link f.>b rlunwi I.' to 8* li< |<l plain a'jil engr-awel link chain* J.'i t . Mt Gold U rig link. filled pattern " 1A to 44 (,<!<: oi.KrdVKl link pattern. 34 to V. An.. all ' tlie- etyle of f I >-ha'n?, f r aale at !??< t tan the ueual pr>c ??. ?)j' le?ale ai 1 ratal! c AITKN u Wall (.trmo- ??c 1 (I i Gt < I l> Vf>: CHAW ? I f.Mci-l. ?<-.t ch? n? f- m M* ? t.i I I V *(??? j-ttai n "ham " I# t'l if (it ' I ,)?i ny I jud pattern I > to I'. linld b?MNd |?tt?rn " Ut i Sj Cold octagon M|tie.e link 1- t > 0 Hold rriaVc pe'te t> ' 14 to ? m94mHp?w% " M to t.tiM A<l?Ui< * pat'?rii 1U ' > r VI rplamU I n il t If rarat ttI clia ? .H i *' t.nW wi>t? pa'.iarn vent > haul* " tto 't!> Ar. l all other atvla* i.f rliaji'. I r ? at *i lli*B t <? oatial pricaa, a'. ?h< In il? and r"4t.l l.k >. K. A! ' K.N , 11 Wall ?!-.? H?c? n 1 fl >*, n'af Tlr iat?? G1 ?)IJ? <;f Ai fi 1 MAIN - f MifWl Iftiard rh*in? 51'. ici'ii /. not. ? *?a: v r'KS'14 k .? >M,t: i* ? ?i ?? ? b-st. i .#? ? 1 * 1 tf h ? -i .? , t -ym Ml ? i'? ' . ellth Me I v. , a Mr* HMn v.,1 It U' m.'l# HuttfM im ( Vv ava>?t Ml r. >*j, ? ?j????i)<?r Mf ANT s ij HIJtfitK a d 4a/ . kul l*f f * l?il?a fc?a, '??th a> ? . ? ??-ai t it V4?. *< ?4 ?V f ./ rv(- .1 f iof ? ?k ? p>.ui> r ???U) ti ?? \w>< v " t""4a/, ? i' -V . I ? ' ? 'is-* m'?> from >9 tn Ti A l< Said' guard rliati* fi ?iu l'1 t *k " ttat curb * * 1 ff ?? 10 1 > 41 " W*r?aw pattern guard ? haln< f ?m ]4toK4 " ?or? |>*tt?f n g?. rd rlmiB* . . fi'nn ll> A " a^ua'" f< r link j?' m from Id ' 4; ' rr nnd 'hain, with h"l ?w link from 10 t" 4A and *11 other atj.??, for a?l* t*-jr U.*, ?*. ?b ? ???l# an. retail. ?f?? < All KV, N#. llWai. .--mll o-. (~1 M J? C7IA1TI HM fUAIJ." l UHlACII^ Jf C?14 cult ctateieiiM chata . Wi'h t?ri in IV 1' ?J J. <<r ld i u'b rha!r!?in<* 'ha n ? ?> irh 'D< aal p i >'?' ? 1 ' ti. ML tioM AdriaUl* rht'e^- ne 'I ? n- w !> 1'iwf piB' fr ? n I1T tr M0 t.i 'd Ad-la^le, igiiUl *i i p!?< ' >"> I' tr I I.M wit rAa'r.r |r 'ha'fi W.tfc b ?r J n, ' i ? J I ?. *(?. f<i'l4 Oftagna rhiVran rhalj^, w b g/ ' j<b fn t. ?1?. to ? -J -| icadid i r*a b rk?>.< ?(?#, ar,l:^ H ?? ?' '? i. I.. m?. ( rha' rhain", (!?' L- > II '?*a' ' W and *li t.1 hf atyl ? i/ rh?' l? i 'h? -i* ? '? ? >, lor uk.t t nj |nw, w|m/Im?i> and #te t.l?? t AIJ1*'. 11 Wal ?? , iw ?n S oof -tl'AKW/- AT A IT AT* >1 AT A/ WAf' ilk ?7 Yl IT la rhf a* >10 w\ --h- ? a* fl ?? at 111 * -d vat'h"- at ?. ), AO I ? >?< ?tA ?0 Hi. *t> |e. I ?:v ??"" k1* *>u, ?? . II ?' 11 1 i and II -jr>, at I kj J. V), H I*r A"mo>->-iAJDv < fAi-n - ? <?> - T? tkiMW'l Jlnr wat-b?? ti A ii.rti?|'.-? II" f>14 chain at hxH p ?. ? p. ?''4 > b# u fit a a??y W wa"b'> The r-jal ?tiU cr.. r. ? ! f l< -".ia n ? ttd?, and Jaceix ?f-..r: a . . IS .*? t/ I. ? il > Onf.Bl. S- A J. .'Af !??? 1 ?. ?rupf?n*(?. l Fk unipooi irtimaf m\nx iuii erf** *i>ip Hil nr, Ji>i J. ('?ranWk cmnovr Thta ?tMinahip will depart, with tlio I n.t?d fHaW* nuiiia for lUiroya, H*tt?*?l/ on Wwlnaarit) Aujfi .! 22, at HoViuck M., fro?u be* ??rth, ai the f. ,.< i.v Cau*! atrae' K-r oi paaaage. lihrin g un?ri?lW ? <-o?nnio.Utimi* for *b gance and eo?if<>rt. to M/WAKJ, K. <xni is-i n,, w?lj afeot. Farwogrra ara mjuc-tft' to 1* < n Wit ?t 11 t, r>\ l,*-k A. M. Trie ?t?nrr,?hip l'*cl(1c will auee>-e>! the Hnltic, .rat ?Ulfapfc 6. pU ?.?.?.? ? thtttUiOi . ttiia line cannot carry nay good* Cuo rai ul m^r THK V?W YORK AND JJVIIlPOOI. I.snirt MAn.i ?Mil .? ' Tl?e r 'hit hil- I ^ (he Mtanalng ? MUKTIO, Tap! . W??t. IUI TIC, rap* Cmmum*. rMOMI,?ip(.K> ADKUTKl, Okpt The?e have been built by contract ?tj?re?aty for government ?er*i<-?. I'?ery cere ha* teen (?J.i-n in their conati netiuu, aa aUu in Uietr engine*, t?? euture at rengi i Mid ?|iw4, ??H llntr ??oi?imJ"l*t<un? (or paa*eng< t a aia uiif<|aal!rd f?r elegance *1x1 eimtort Price of j *?*u? fr? m New Vork tolJrerpool is Ural rlto ratlin, H'lO in ae>ond dn , $15, tlckdrt <ue of ectra ?? room 18'-' j. fr< hi lltcrpool to Ne? York. an awl 'JO f i w An Uperlenoed amgeon tUtrbid to t?nh ahip- No berth eecnred uatU paid lor rsnroaiai mni nr *?ru> <j. ntoM w t?>rk. rm i i.rvmrrvM Wedneaday, . . July IMA iAtunlay July J1, IMO. I Wediieedny,. . Aug. ?, IM*. Saturday, Aug II IMS Wedn#.'ay ... Aug 28, 1M?. Saturday Aug ift, 1?.'.S WedrHday, .. J-epI 6, IBM. J-'atunley I, IW.V Wednm-day, ..." ept. Itf, !*.>.'> t-'a'urday .....'?Wpt 'ft MM WrdMadhy. . . (Kit . 3, ISM. KolttriUy, .. IM <? IMA Wftdnoxlajr, ..Oct. 17, IMS. Haturd^y, ...itri 'jj 1KA' Wadiwwlay.. Ort. 31, ItiAfi. ,-?lurd?y S?r H It',:, WHin-?d*y, . . Not. 14, IMA' !^lurd*? ...No* 17 IMA Wrdor<da>.. N'o? 'J?, 1*66 !S?turdn> IW I, IH.V WfdiM>MUy ..Itw. l'A 18M. >*tur<lay !?<>? 16, W?4M?l*r. Irr 9n 1KM. Sitiuday ....JW ?, IK*. Kor frfiglit or apl'ly lo l-UW. H. ?'< IJJV* No. IM> Wall utrp. ?, \#W Vulk. ihw<wn, a i?? . uwpooi fTKIHKW KKWARI> A . ZT Aii^tln KrUx I on l-m. B. n WAJNWKK.UT A at . I'a.ia. (iKOHfiK li. MtAI'kK Kavia The ownria at Iheaa ahi|ia w''l not ba f o?iital>> for j gold atlrc , bulili* apacla, Jawalry, piwioua or uialala, unlaoa I, ilia of ladlug arr aignwi thrrvior, and tha vulur lhairoi Uiarrin axpraa cd .vklpp?ra, pWaa take aofloc tliat the .hi;>i of lii.a linn eannul cany any gooda contiabaud ol ??i Fob havi:k via fot'niA mtov. ? tiik vavhw bllt Kuro|*an liar of ataai'uiiip*.? Tlie Aral < W< aleainaiii|, N'Oll* il ,-TAH, 'J,;4)0'"ma, Warn i< k matter, will lea . r Kaw Vork from j,ler 30 \orti. rlrnr, foot raf t'liam- , bar* atraet, at noon prcriaely, on Hatarday, (^?pt. I, f>,r i Havre, calling at i^uthauiptuii Ui land tuatl/, paa-?'nit''ra and aperia. 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From l*l?Uinl?lp1iU $ 0 ( From fiv^rpoo! ??.f*40 I'Hrtii" 1 1*-1 itif (o bilngoat their filrn?i* ran obtain certiorate- of | i* * gr i?ti<l tltaf'11 oti LitrrtMXif, iu mmu of ?1 i<<m li'<jf ufi<l hi w.inl? Apply to .-'AMI!.! Mli'lf, ftgv-fit. 17 Vnlnut at-it**!, I'ltiia'trlphL*, uii'i No, 7 lir-ivt way, Nrw Vwk. F^Oli I -TJ.UMIJJ* VJtBAVOV, rvi|f riiaiKh't . ? ThU n?'W md powerful i-t? .???? <?r w. 1 ?*ii from III** JititJali ami North Ani?i.'.n ilojMi Af ? ) 1 St* *?*? I'urkot G>in[*ny* tl'?rk, u t Jvt ? r i if jr. <?n or iftfiut H? tunliy, thp 1 Ht )? of Attguit. |V?.ig?* tmrov for Mr *, cia* pa*#Migri* ofiljr. for wl. -m thr <0 are ilriit n rotntpcrfatjori* $110 iri? Jmling pr?>vi?i"fH ami il f4r<J ^ fit' Imt wltlwrflt Vui fi or lujitoi*. Woieh rail l*e 1 Ob boaid. ftfrlfht talfrn r?r rr**o rift hfr ra tr*. Appfj fo K ft >AK/? 4 Ht>wUng f.'fwn. I*pO|? PorTlfAIIVTON AND HlVRF ? 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