Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1855 Page 5
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to accommodate *1) public demands, pay the comply twenty-lire thousand dollars per annum, after the explra tton of the (lrift five years of the te**e, aO'i nurratvier ail to the hands of the company at tho end uf litUun >be rood will be put in motion as toon hi the indebte l mm along tbe line is paid off. P?UI?ylT?lU Politic*. PiTOhcbq, August 14, ISM. TM w big Convention of Alleghany county met to-* lay, fend rvsolred to make no nominations, as such action wonW be controlled by tbo Know Nothings. They alio ?eeelved that, aa tbe oners of fun ion with the democratic party were rejected, the whip) would now co-operute with the republican movement. Eight delegates were appointed to the Whig State Convention, to meet at IUr rwmrg on the 11th of rfeptember, and were recommenced to hi Tor the republican organisation. After the appoint ?entof a county committee the convention adjouruel. State Convention of Superintendent* of tUc Poor. UTirA, August 14, 1955, Tho .atate Convention of Superintendents of the Poor Met here to-day. David Kord, of Allsghany, wan chosen president, and N\ B. Converge, of Cayuga, and H. Kill ?mui, of Dutchess, secretaries. S'o business of importance has yet been transacted. i New Orleans. MATHS FROM YELLOW FBTKR? I>BC?ASE OV A PRO XINKNT MERCHANT. Nrw Oauuan, August 13, I860. . The total number of deaths during the past week was including 291 from yellow fever. Sanuel J. Peters, an esteemed merchant of this city, 4fcd on Saturday of disease of the heart. Bottom Weekly Bank Statement. Bono*, Aug. 14. 1885. The following are the footings of our bonk statement for the post week:? Capital stock $32,710,000 Leans and discount* 63. 490, 482 Specie In bank 2,009,919 Amount due from other banks 7,418, 4'JO Amount due to other bank* 6, #80, 427 Deposit- 14,768,471 Circulation 1,319,361 Lorn of the Steamer Kate Swlnney. CiUt-AOO. Aug. 14, 1865. late advices from the I'pper Mi>wouri report the loss of the uteanirr Kate Swinney three hundred miles above Council Bluffs. She struck a "nag. and sunk in eighteen ket of water. She was on her downward trip, and laden with furs and peltries belonging to the American Fur Cempany. The boat and cargo proved a total loss. Robbery of tbe Concord Saving* Bank. Bowov, August 14, 1855. Two men have been arrested at Uilmanton, N. H., charged with robbing tbe Savings Hank in Concord. They are connected with the Hand family, who robbed the Virginia Bank of Portsmouth , about eighteen months ago. Railroad Accident. SrRtvcriKLD, Msis., August 14, 1865. Alfred Hunt, switch tender ut thii h tat ion, on the Con necticut River Itailroad, was run over by the locomotive of a passenger train this forenoon. Both his legs were cut off rtbi vc the tnee. He Ij not expected to recover. Arrival of the NaakvlUe at ( harlmton. Chjirusto.v, S. C., August 14, 1865. Tbe I'nited .State* mail steamship Nashville, Captain Berry, arrived here fiom New York at three o'clock this (Monday) afternoon. Market*. Nkw Onut.v.vs, Au<f. 13, 18.">5. Cotton unchanged, .Sties to-day of 600 bale*. Corn lower ? whita C6c. l'rime barrel lurd 12c. Benin), August 14? 1,:!0 I'.M. Flour ? demand good; market firm. 8uIoi, 1,70.1 bbll. at $8 50 a $8 75 from good to choice new Ohio; 88 41 for extra Mate, und a $U 'J."> for extra old Ohio and Illinois. Wheat ? nothing doing. Corn? demand good and lower. Sales, 36,000 bush at 76c.; onu boat load at 7t\'c. Oats dull. Canal freights easier ? corn, 9o. to Albany and 11}, e. to New York, ijtku imports to-day up to aoon ? Floor, 1,658 bids.; wh'ivt, 1,520 bushel'*; corn, .'M...07 bushtls. Canal exports <?m? time ? Flour, .'<6 bbls. ; Wbcut, 7,100 bushels; corn, 88,085 bushels; oat^, 14, '.'00 buahels. Daguerreotype*, Photograph* and Stereo. acopea. ? MARCCf A. O'BRIEN, ?o Inn, t and favorably known n* principal operator in one of the galleries in the city, would re?pectfully inform hia friends and the Rblic that he htiM taken the lirst cla.? establialnnent own a* linlge'g International Dagucrrean (Jallery, .'ItW Broadway. fir ft dour a hore Taylor'* saloon. Photograph*, from cabinet to life size, taken lc- ' than at any other eetabllshineat In the city. Daguerreotype*, photograph* and rtcreohcopes taken In all kind* of weather. Daguerreotype* Worth Ilnvlng? Llkenesaea in ewrjr atyle of the ai t, are taken daily at KM AI'PS' ce lebrated gallery, 477 Broadway, between Broome and t?rr.nd streets, removed entire to the above number. Likenesses copicd. Price* to suit the tiuies. Brady'* Ambrotypti are a New and Beautl* fill novelty in the world of art. They are taken upon glaas, and are more durable, beautiful and delicate tltau the flneht daguerreotypes. Token instantaneously. and adapted to the production of large group*. Made only at BRil>Y?S,3f>9 Broadway, OWf Thompson's saloon. A Taatefnl Hat.? It Iti worth while to drop in at KNOX'S hat atore, corner of Fulton street and EToudway. and at r?;i3 Broadway, to examine hi* exten t-He assortment ot hats, of every kind of material an<l blisi e. A.< a manufacturer of theso article* he stands un rivaled, and every reason id adding to his reputation. Be n>ay be considered the hatter par excellence of th? city. Plsnm.-Hoincf Watrro' Modern Improved plane*. noaaeaaing iu their improvement of action and ?*ver- itiings a power and compass of ten* < qual to the grand pianos. Sole agency for T. Gilbert k Co.'*, fin I lot t i Cuiuntoa'*, Woodward k Brown '*, and Jacob Oticker Irg's Boatou*; and cook tan' ly iu store piano* from aow live of the Ins' New Vot! namitictore ?*. Kach lo-rlu went guai antecd to give catiro !Ui.tU taction or porch* p money returned. Sec? nd-hand p'&uo* of *U varieties and atgriat bargains. Price* from #ilO to $140; new 01* octave p.eiios. with iron frames, for $150. Pianos to rent, aid n iit allowed on purchaw Pianos for *al<? on monthly pajineets. Pole ngen-y for S. D. <1: H W. Smith's eele bis ted melodeoti', (tnnod the equal temperament.) HORACE WATERS, :s? Broadway. Satin Dclalnti, Worsted IJiinmiki, Cillt Cor nk<?, window shade*, toe. ? Kl.LTY k. FEUdl'SON, Vo. a?l Drcaeway, have just received per ftwiraer a spleudid eW): of ?L ule v e 'foods; *i>;ue new pn'teru*, very !?? m Uf ul and rich ; alio, the largont stock of win low dtado. and o window ornament* iu New York. We ure j . re pa :<d to offer inducement* t > purchasers of tlie above gocdn. No. 291 Broadway. To !>tr#w Bonnet Dealers.? We are now pre pare 1 to dhow u 1. >ge and complete aasortmnt of the f ill *ty?o ot rtruw bonnet*, consisting in part ot the Ftarenco. PeuaK Kngli.-h rtunstablo and split straw bonnets, ill of wfe-Vh are of our own manufacture, and will be sold at the lowest nu rket price by the ca.-.e. A. UtlAMD k IX No 171 Pearl street. Dealer* In Clothing. ? Wc beg to Inform oar southern *nd \re tej u merchant* and alothlers, ttmt our Htoek of fall and winter t h.tblng li now complete embracing 'be fine and elegant styW ot garment foi which our house is .?o well known; us abio a large > tork of low priced clothing, made to repreaent our ttnttrdo (tcilptioTif at as low prices #s any house in the tiade l>. DkVMN & CO., -m. 2W and MQ Broadway Clfta nnd Prrnenti^Jtut Received, and Cor ?ale at reduced pri< e*, the choicest ?ele< l.nn *f lan' y go"d< and ?l*o every variety of toy? dre^-e-t a id mi Arersrsl dolls, games of amu*euical, 4c., at BOGtltf' \ au ?y l:*zaar. til) Broadway. flmlng'N Patent Champion Fire and Hnt* glar proof faie, with Ball's p . tent powder prool lock. Both reei fved prize med ils at the World's lair, l/m l n Mb.. ft iU Cry dnl Palace, N. w York, 1863-'M. r'H.AH t . lUaiHJ.VU h CU. 138, 137 and 139 Water stie- S. V. DrflanceSaliunander Hafrs^?llob? rt M. Pat. BTCK i? the ioie manolacturer in the I'nitod Htate* of the ? bov<> cei 'braled Hales, and patent powder pro f delian ?> loeii and eru.-s bars, li' p..; J&2 Pearl street, ono d"or below Maiden lane. M hnlctalc Clothing Warehottse?Mfa'a youth'* and boy ' clothing, st trhdrank piloca t int d: w oom petition. Merchautf ?re solicited to lm f*"t; onr ? k bef ?e pureliai lnr. II. J. & O. J, IJA'Y, 7J WM'aitl tr ? {up stalri-J. MU!lrirr? .Milliners-. ? 1Yaiitnl,Tnriily Komi ? iiliLers, st WH. .~. IHVINK'H 11 j Canal street. Whlaher* or .tfonatiu liea Korreil In (<rnw In ?is weuk* by my ?nf. ent, which will not njore tlte ?K n >1 it liotll". sent t j unv . rt 1 at i R. i.KAHAM, Ml limniljlltlll. t* SOI th Third ?treei, I hiladel, Lia Brtggi, .jf HUneelieai Al ?a If l?ar Hair Is ?r?v, or While aa Suou , BALUUUi - dye, wdl it black as e.uw Auburn or Blown it, I you ruay de-n ten i 1 1 , uii ' c ? time is all it trlli?|ia u and toie C S and 'V) He adway. Hate nrlov'a Hat? Dye. Wlga end Toopre? the Iwet In Uie world. >in* private r*?<-rtt^ fin appj*l ?e Ids umiv?iWal dye Bewareef imltatioiks , they r**<uft in ridleme. The Utgw t si<s k of wi*s and t/>upe< < In A'n fie*. ? Loiesal* and reUui, at HAi<.iitX''iC.*l, a.^1 Hrjad Htll'a 'lupiated lintnulaiMOOi Hair l>>e. fiur nhiliitiKs a !x>x? I uiversal favorite l>?-t in b *"'? el for black or biowu e>d"t* uatural, no Ude. .>-oid or ai^ plied at No. 1 Barclay street, and 4A ,va - ? Pi'V r and A(?ih ?nd l)ytpr|Mla.<aPrmtii ?Bating from either (H ?Ue r> di <Tf, ?h?ml i applj m ?ne>i't%t< j for l;of4nbotitb s ' tental bitter- the ?a' medicine new let P' '.'i ? tint will v.T ct I . without poisoning lit ? m tv.e it This n. d. :i .? no catchpenny a genu me re u?ly t' ? will rure nineiy nine case' out ot every hundred vlc-red lions arc Itdl iwed. Tne m' i.ey will lie .-fao ied in all caaea V heie it fa. ? It i- I'l I $1 a lioUl l.y t;... ag< nl, I >? I 111 i' ' v It* s 'i. i ?: i < t f'oi p.n'1 .l.i . cai! and get circular o i ad ertlaeuicnt hi toe \i w York CUpnt. h. ."iOO Pair* H!aeh ( u* Ian re Panl* .Mnnu fcetur.ll lor a Kn ;? laay stare Worth ?I0 <?r ?'-.'.0 blue ,.t?, ?10, >?r.hvr c*.- mere ? ill ?V ' ??Deedi are KrnJfi ? Words bat Lmvh,** ?tri a fa*' ?rll e -aying of the ancient* ; and the LrujMnM who followed hi- Word- . as the fruit follows the leaf, is Hurt to htrr Um moU'ik* of hit eat'oimn Vo. 1 An tor House, never promises wh it bo ? Jinnot p? r. form. Hi* shirta. tbo most bewu<i>ul mude ,n Sew York, arc always "thar'' at the tituo appointed. "Partont poor la lyTta" Is the national tune of France, Whilst LYON'1-' magnetic (>ow 1? i Mai ?a the horrid insect* dunce. His LiiiH destroy rats nod mice, With dslnty bits not over nice. Every one should hur<' a box of pills and fl.-k of pow der. It in harmless to mortal*. hut < loath to rata and every kind of insect*., i'M Broadwc y. Rhodes' FV\ er and Agu Core; Ob, Axtwote to Mslahu. Equally eertu'Q as a Preventive or Cure o.MY jumier rates fbom poisoxols drh;s ! FMOOF81 Nkw Yobk, Jitna 11, 1866. I have made a chemical examination o. Rhodes' fe\*r and ague cure; or antidote to malaria, and have tested it for arsenic, mercury, quinine, and strychnine, hut have not found a particle of either in it, nor liavo I found any aubftance in ita composition that would prove injurious to the constitution. j Amy, n. cuu-ton, m. d., chemut. Lkwuuii. no, July n, I860. Mb. J. A. Rhomb : Dear Sir? I have hut three tattles of your medicine left now, aa 1 have been telling it very that during this month. I am sow perfectly satisfied that it will cure the agar. 1 have lived here four years, and ha<l the ague all the time till 1 took your remedy, and I have not had the least symptom of it ainoe: ail thai use it praise It as the only thing that will cure it. I shall want i some more aa aoon aa you can aead it. I<et me know j whether I shall remit to you by mail, or if an agent will call for it. And hoping to receive another lot soon, I re main yours, moat respectfully, C. R. Mufil.VLY. ram Ken, Michigan, July 31 IBM. DR. J. A. Rlicnm: Dear Sir ? Your cure for too fever and ague has thus Car performed wonders. It has not flailed in one inatanoe to perform a quick and permanent cure. Borne that have been troubled with the distressing disease have been entirely cured by using only one bottle of the enre. Please send us immediately four doien, as we have but three bottle* remaining. Truly yours, LATH HOP 4 MoLKA V. Messrs. Barr k Gouldrn, Aurora, 111., July 3, 1865, ad vise that "The <Ve is setting very well. Wo have not lost a ease, and consider It a sure thing; slso recommend it in preference to anything else." Mt. Cuuhcvs, Michigan, July 24, 1866. Mr. J. A. Rhoi>i?? Dear Sir? .Send mo half a gross of your Fever and Ague Core, as soon as possible, as I have neglected to urder till I sold the last bottle. Yours truly, H. It. BABCOCK. Some of the most remarkable cures made in Vew York, have been of persons who haw derived only temporary relief from the best of other remedies offered for sale, and 1 beg leave to suggest to ague sufferers tlmt it is safest to try the only harmless remedy flrst. For further evidence ot the unvarying efficacy of my "Antidote to Malaria," the public are respectfully referred to every dealer who lias sold it. C. II. King, Esq., 192 Broadwr.y, has retailed large quantities, and not a purchaser bas complnined, snd rt is not likely they will. Direction* are few and sin. pie, hut must be strictly followed. JAMES A. RHODE*, Provi.knce, R. I. Geo. H. Bates, wholesale ngent, 13-') Water street, and for sale by C. II. King, C. V. Click "ner k Co.. 1'. C. Welti & Co. ; Brooklyn, Mrs. M. Hayes, and druggists generally threaghont tbo Cnited States and Canadas. Cholera Preventive.? In These Days, When diseate asfails n man at nlmost. every ?t*|>, can ex tend no better advice to our friends than to avail them selves of the preventive propei tie* of a newly discovered niedicntnd , beverage known a* the Cholera Cognac Bit ters, which bas wrought most wonderful cure* iu the Crimea. The depot in this city is at the corner of Nas sau and John streets. Corn* and Bunions Removed from the feet without pain, blood or daug?r, by Dr. I. (T.l'TK, office ^85 Broadway, a few doors above White street, New Yorlt. Immediately after tb? operation the shoes may be worn, with comfort. Each corn extracted lii'fy cents. Bleep tn Peacr. ? If ask inn' Improved Por trble canopy and ne' ? a sure guarantoe sgslnst mus quitoes, combining beauty and cheapness without ob structing the circulation ot air. Its construction Is sim ple, fitting closely to the bed by a rubber bund. It can be attached to any bedstead in less than two minutes. W. STKATION, sole agent, 90 t*hauibers stroet. Holloirifi Pli)?? PowM moat AatonUh ing power in the cure of general debility uml renovating the system. The nurprLdng effect of these wonderful pill* ia aueh us to restore health when it uppers as l(Mt forever. Sold al the manufactories No. 80 Maiden lam', New York, an<l 244 Strand, London, and by all Druggista at 26 cent.', O'Jfi centK, and II per pot or box. Tan, Pimples, Fmklri, Prickly Heat, Bite* of mofuinftori and venomou* insect* positively enro l by GOl'KArD'S Italian medicated soap. Puuifre subtile up root* hair from any part of the body. Beware of woith bue receipt* Rouge, lily white, hair dye, and rentora tiTe, at the old depot, 67 Walker ntreet, (lr*l store from Broaditny; Mrj. Hayc*, BrooklynjCulleuder, 88 South Third stieet, I'hiladelphia; Hate", 129 Washington utroet, Boitoi. Dr. 8. 8. Fitch, Anthor of the "Sis L*ctorr? on Consumption," office 714 Broadway, will be pleased to afford relief to those who have been injured, or who lia . n tailed to be benefited by the Hpeclalty of inliulation, for disease* of the lungs or throat. Open daily (Sunday* ex cepted), from 'J to S o'clock. Treats consumption, mtb ma, dim a*e* of the heart, and all chronic diseases of male* and females. Consultation free. Dr. S. S. FITCH ia alwayi at home, and there ia no person rUewhenO, tra velling or otherwise, in any way connected with him, or authorized to hail from ni* office or refer patient* to him. To Nerroni Sufffrrm^A Retired Clergy. man, reitored to health in a few days, after many Sear* til great nenroua aufferiug, ia auUou* to make nown the nwana of cure. Will neud (free) the procrip tion used. ftrect to He*. JOHN M. DAGNAIJ, No. u 9 Fulton street, Brooklyn. M. D'C'ameron la ttie Oni >' I'rnitlcal Prrfu mer alio ha- adapted the re,eipi? "I l?s profession to general use. enabling eaeli to p.cparo the \"i y teal lotmclies known at an averag" ot one-eighth tlie stoie pilte. Hair dye, hair rentoratlve, an elegant po made, freckle lotion, ia belle white, bloom of rose*, em u'boip et, dentrilico and i>oudre subtile, tic. Three edi tions being Hold, many who wish to purchase can Pud ft frienu to testify to their merits. For cale at !ill Orduin l>ia street, near South ferry, Brooklyn, where ci re ular* ean be had. Sent to any addre-s in the city of New York, or forwarded to any part of the country. Price II. Fits! Flint !? The only Real Remedy for fit* or spiism i the world has ever known, is Dr. Hart's Vegetable V'ltraet. Hundred* hate testified to thin fact' Single paeVage, or four package*, 110. .VII 1' tt' i .1 muirt lie addi cted to Dr. S. IIAKT, UOI Broadway. Who wlU Inlkr, when Dr. Mm' Cele brated Venetian liniment will immediately curi; cholera, folic, dysentery, vomiting, rheumatiirn. ? welling-i, . at* burn*, he f liepot M Cortlandt ?treet, New York, Sold by all the druggUta and utorekeepers. Married. On Wednesday evening, August 8. at the house ot Mr*. J. H.KeiUey, Mr. tinuiuiK FaKai.\a?> to Miss 1/UCna J. Mv.'P. nir, both off ngland. tin Wednesday, August 8, by the l'ev. F. K. Uw.'ctl", Win. S. IIowiji. of ltivei bead, I.. I to MIm I/iils* Kim'., enly daughter ol the late Mr. llenry King, ?f thin <dty. On Saturday, August 11, at Oneida, Madiaon Co., N. V., by the Hev. F. Ireliughuyseu .'udu, 1.1IU1 ol I hi - city, to Maui ( .HtuUMi, daughter ot N. U. Willi"! Isi)., of thcfoiiner place. Died. On Monday, August 13, Mi*. Axvi M , reli:t ot the U '<? Jehn V. B. Vurick, Keq., In her WKh y. ir. The f ends of ihe tumiiy ?r? respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, at the residence of hn sou- in law tJ. V; iu SantVoi'i'd, I i-q., No. ti<> West llevinth street, at t-n 0' clerk en Wednesday inoming, without fuith*'i invita tion. . 4 On luetday. August It at halt past oue o'clock, S?Mt ? tl. S., young'-.-l i laid ol -umuel and Kuitly Wallis lb" li.-ijii and lelatitcs of th< taiiuly are ie?jucte>l to ut f,i)d bis fnuei ai from Vlie (evidence of his pateni*. .So. ml W.'tkei .,1 eets '.hi* atte.i noon a: twu o'i loc'? At 1C?* We.l 'I w ' ilty -eve n*. h ulrn-i . Jt?ia, nwty ..augh le: of Jubn and ,!e <ie Melon'-' ibe will bike |iIhic this aftcruo<in a' two e't lock. < a 'I ? day Aug". ' II, Mrs. |s?r?:tj k IV sin wid"w of tin* tu.i At ? Wo? d. ut the "<Nth yi-ai of tie, il-e lii. o( ti,i imly i. . r?- : r Ity in Vit''d t" if tr|,d hei luue tt. this atterri'sm, at three o'clock, from Hie iv Viiii. i,f | i in-in law, 'lh i*. Kerni"dy, >'? I < . iii ill inf. ''n !> ? ix so Aa((urt II Kiiajiiii -on of .lo'ni a:d V u i y Ann 1'heta'i, ,.g I 1 \e?r. ^ month an I I'i . . * 1 ii 'i' i' i '? I i'i.iiri'nnce. oi ihe ti.mily *rc ri"p" f'lliy Ii.vlti d I'ten I tue 'unersl, I. imi m-| uiei.t v -ii Wi ? ? rwenytdih -trt-et. i om?'. o! ,< mrn ii, tliip *"? n on. at three o'clock, lb i ie nil - ,d 'e iWt'* .el i a :l,c fd. verith street i eiiV'te i . t nkM ' ? < < t s lit ?: n , I'lip* ? s j.Pti- ** copy if ?i nipt I ? ? i M*i Kim I hwa (?aAifta. Hie e ii- it; .. i be i e rc pi lolly il.vl'i- i to .''ill be I. IV ?! ttiii u'te. noon, at thiee o'eb'k, fii i h'i ii "I'jacr, ligtity. Ills' trcet, be tw??n -m le1 in-! rl ir'i nver.iiev. ' n'fi < >?, Argu "t 14, a.'er a , hot t l?u! nvri-> e illnc ??, I a: hi If y . i" ' n i f u t and Anna latnb, ige | I jr., jl'il .. II ? ? ti - ? leisn y > e te.pecttaliy Iariled In jt tend 11 It t>e- . I fioiiilh' e ? ;t?ii e of hl? pareni , No. ti'J i*'e?t tie-t ilo ? afte. noon, at two n rl'K k. ? In T( ' Augq.t II of r u ir?ip i m A'.t. wife of l'?*rley M cells n, in ber 24 h yeai "Ibe fiirtjit* of the ismlly ami those of hi- hr other V llli im i>e e pe< (fully renu> 'el ?? atti-ad ttie faneral, fr m her !?'* ' i'leo f Vn. l.t., Mulbei ry at iee> . to-iii >. raw morning at ten oVl'**. in denly of hem"' . h?ge ?.( the l v?r, us . Iki\ai o ,'O'f in :Ue I. d year of hi .ge ibefiien sir! In t ?).??? ot the family, ml tho-f olio brother-in-law, Henjnrnln I vich, re 1 1 ? ?' .illy inrt cd to 'end hi* foneial to 'ire* naoo?l to o* r iw i. f frn' no .t two oMoek. fotn hi- la'e re ilence So 111 firs' ?' i is', without fur tb' notice In BfixMyn. oo Mou U; raorn ig, A gu-t 1 t ?tHr gi ?, da'e of Anuiug " arid Jul s A I I 'l ien aged ye-irs, I month* arid -7 days. .ii hi'i-fiklyn on |l J"it. Hi" m the reth jrar of hii nge Iti frlen is and thoee of I . on John 1*.,. lift a I I'aniel ..nd tdward, and tb?*e ofh < ?"n in-law, issi Ii Coops' , aie ICS| ectlmly invl'ed to atla i l 1 1< tuneral t'n io>. ?? I WAjrn. A A HtEOLK WOMAN WANTS AN ENK AOh'VKVT nim Iwlr ?r fuiilly, to return to on.' ol U?e windward Ilritiab Wwt India Inlands. Addrcx* M. Me!-, Ilrrald office. A HERMAN LADY, WHO HA.4 BEEN FOR SIX YEAIW (MtHMM in France, and two yearn in t?'rniiny, wiahea to be employed as Kreu.-h or lieriaiin teacher for two or three hours in t In' day. in some institution or pri vate family in New York. Call ,?t 8A Orchard at., room No. 3. A YOCNO AND INTELLIGENT IADY DB31RK3 AN appointment an prhate secretary or confldential agent. Thoae needing her tmirN can rely on aoere-y au<l promptnesa. For pa> Ocular* addiea* Carrie X. C* ineron, Broadway 1'ost < itfine. A RESECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN W1SIUH A situation a.s cook in a respectable family; lun no ob jection to thu country; und.-rnUuds tullk and butter. Good r?fetcn?e if required. i'leaw call at 310 Mott St., between Houston and Bleecktr st*., fourth floor, for two day*. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WI.sHhM A situation aa wet nurse in a private family; ha* lost her own baby one week old. I'leuse inquire at lot) 1 1 tJk at., 1st and 2d avenues, rear btiiMlng- Can b< . ein for one ?cek. A HEAJ.THY YOCNO PROTIMTANT WOMAN ft IM1IR: j\, a situation an wet nurae, in a respectable family, baa no objection to town or country. Can bo seen tor out week at 1M l!tth at., between lat and 2d avenues. WET NCRSE WANTS A SITUATION IN A IB spec fable family. The milk la one month old. HMt city reference. ("San be aet-n for three day* only, if not engaged, at .')18 Mb at., between ?venue* B and C, top floor, front room. APKOTKSMMT UIRL WANTS A H1TUAT10M iii chambermaid and waiter, or to do tho gcnetal homework <.f a amall family. Call at the drettsmakecw, No. o Fourth street, all thia week. A RESPECTABLE PROTHTANT GIIU, WISHtH A situation in a amall private family. U a gotd plain cook, nnd a brut-rate washer and ironer. Can to seen lor two diiya, at Wl lat a\euue, 3d floor. i YOCNO GIRL WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION j\_ to do house work or chamber work, and assist m washing and ironing. Can do plain sewing and needle work. Has good reference. Cau be ?een for two ilayi, if not engaged. I'leace call at No. 124 Wojt Tbirtfctb street, near 7th avenue. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A *Tl.' at ion art nurse, and to do plain sewing. Beit ?ity reference ran bo given. Pleaae call at .No. 1'20 Vest Twenty-seventh street, belweeu 7th and 8lb aveuuel, Jd floor front room. Can be seen for two ilayx. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN' WL-TDM A SIT A tion ax chambermaid and waiter. Is willing to make herself agreeable with the family, 'food city re lerence. No objection to go a abort distance in the country. Can be seen Cor two day*. I'l' u.e call H 48 Eorsytii ntreet, in the rear, firxt floor. A RESPECTABLE PERSON WANTS A SITUATION, in a private family, aa wum tri w, and to* tend upon a lady. Ian be seen for two "lay-", from 10 to 1 '1 o'clock, at t>8 Willi't at., Hi t lloor, flout i oom . minire for E. S. A HIGHLY EDI CATE1) GERMAN 1.ADY, ft il<> HAS b?'en in the country lor aome time, and ia fanlhar with the Lnglish language, ia desirous of a situaUn ax governess, iu a seminary or private family. She ta.ohi'-, bealdcH her native laoguuge, the common Ingli-h hranrlien, drawing and embroidery. The t>i- t ?> I r?;> r encoa cun be gi\cu. Addreaa box .1,4^1 Poet OBIc*. AYOLNG 1ABY, WISHING To SPEND Tit: WIV tcr at tho South, would like to meet with a ?uip"c'. able family, to whom ?he might lie a enmpantm; she would give Icattonx on tha piano aud ringing. Pfuuiary cour.idi iutii.nn of a neoondnry nature, h". olijeciheing a winter's residence In a Southern State, Cuba, or d lUninh Island. Addrets W. II. I.., boi f>6C Poit office. A Wl-T NURSE W ANTED? KOR A (W?of>, HUALTIIV i\ child, e'ght months old. To one li"?lthy, Jicrlul, un l cleanly, good wagea will b<' given. Apply iuineiihttc ly at the diy gouda store, 28.V Fulton strnct, Brooklyn. An JJORfCUUf u*r, who is v(?r ,w> Turned iuyeura, wlahc* u ?ituntion hi housekeeper in a hotel or a gentleman'* family, where ahe eould lie (reutcil an one of tii< family ; having Icon oecn4'iiiifv| to dnmeatic duties and thccnieof acrvauta, fceht compe tent to' the diitic* of housekeeper; rfcreiioe wlllbe^iTen Plrint addrem for three days L. A. I.',, Hern Id office. A YOl'Nti SCOTCH W'?MAN WBHKH TO KWJRATK for California with 11 respectable family or lady in i ook or washer. Reference given from her lint employer, hy uddicmting (>. 8., Herald office. ARFSPKCTTABIJC YOUNO MAN WANTS A S1T1A lion a* Walter in a private tarnily; in a l'r?te?uinl. Can bebeheardof lor three days, from V2 to lio'elock. Apply at P8 Willett :<t. fcfW. C., lir t tloor trim room, up atairx. Al'HOTOUHAl'HKIt KWENTI.Y ARKIVH) KROM Kurope, wishes to ttnd u aituation, or to t* a part ner in a photographic trallcry. Addnas W. I'., [iwtadway Pm t obm< AtiAHUKNKR WANTS A XIVATloN? A UJCJUt man one who thoroughly untie r it and ?? hU Inline", Tlx., the rare of greet! hou-e plant*, Mower and vejruia blca, and the laying downof grounds, Ac. cau pro luct) the most mtUfnetory testimonials for c apohility und con duct, and reference, if required fl<-,i?e uddiei j. J I., gaideucr, bo* 1M |{cral<l office. A < I FNTH WAVTKO? TH HKI.l, A NEW MAI' OK THK J\_ a of Aroff. IUa<*l> and Halllc ea?, Critcea, ne<v plan ot -etia?to(Kil, -mall map of hurope, Arc. I'rice 2U cent*. A II. 'OC >1 YN, *0 Kultoa ?trret. 'ntgeoti die uiaUuy from |A to lift per day. \l K1 Of n.N DOIJUlRS WIIJ. HK I' MD HV THK i de> rtuMi to any person who can jp-l |tmu a ?>tua tion ?s 'aiei-maii in :> stove and tiu store, or wnuM g > n< liehl (orter hoi! |?< ker n aom? whole vale l> n-.U' <?, the !)? t of Mir leieienre it re>[iiirod. Addre-t /. W Carson, BroefcJ] ii i '> I 0 iw< AlHolMVIl Slot* MAKERS WANTED? FftlC?} rained. Ihe abow number of hamU . n liori con stant and th* >?*st pi. id work at 1 00 Hroadway. V. H. Only eiprrieiK-ed hand* need upply BK H N MI MER B1U JTOK1W. ? EMTKMANOl HIOROl (;>I IH'S|NKSS HAI^? nnd long > xperience in dry gomW, wl- hea to make an ru^t'ic iient with a lirm in the .-ouili or Weit. The lieat <H'clty icference gf "ti. Apply to A. H., 15" Clum ber* street. . Boy and ( i.kkk wanted.-- a -m.vkt, istkijj ({en t bojr that can come well d; one that hii^ -onie experience in nature; al??, n jr ?! clerk well ue>|nain!eil with < ity trade. Apply to J. I. ( 'OH WIN, .07 -i*th tieuut, rviwf ot Nineteenth ' e! T>oY WANTKD ? IN IIIK ?ilt'KKKY STORt:, ( oitNKR _gf of Jefferson and Henry 't'^et*. Apply l>e!o e i ght o clock A. M , or after ouc o'uluck I' M. A / V."iK, WA-HKU ANI) HlOXH! WANTKD AT VO HI V - K*.t 13th lit. None but tho?c of flrit rate rap<e ity , Uuviog tiwi beet recoamenda'ioM for boneaty ?ohiiety and ?o?id nature, need apply. CtOl NTHY Dltl l.'.l-T- AND OTIIKI'J".? A YOI V(i J nail, ?!th liahlta of |>er>e( erauce arid In luatr/, d< a.'rca rnipiowueut in the country, he h^ t,e-n in the wbole-ae and relaildr utj bn-!ie-? the lnpt t ??!?? y'r<; would pr? fer an engag>'ment in aonie other i.ipa<:ty, ? hi re he could |l e of -creiee to hi* entple . er r? ! i ll a |il>< iri litjrg for hlm-i f mi l ail' groi city <? n > Add re a i'17 Vari. k ' (tun WMH'-I J! an IHAV M A OOOD I J man, to a.-aiat o < opting a ?<-t t,f t?....k Apply tiii.- day at f. H. Ke n'.n < oaf oih.? m the J?arcy H vj *';'y (?"A< I1MAN W ANTK1K? A I lli.-1 I! A IT, SIViil K MAN _J who thoroughly under t.>ml< hia ba-tne?J to go to -tateu Iciau 1 Appl) at ;>-> Broadway, /elweon 'J and 10 A. M. I vl'l i; l I KI'.K WANT ill ? AT Mi. I.MIf AVK ?/ ut:e None Imt thttr" who fun furni?li ,411 .ry Hlerenre a to h'?tu *tj re " I apply. TVRCG GtXRK? A HU.HI.Y BH'CATVX) YOt c VAN I / 1 ntly from I'tivl-Miit, d* it e. . , . 1 n ? whole. ale oitlblo' ioeiit lit' Itaa lie* 1 10 y 1 in , 1 'h1: ho aliie c "il l pof < ? ? a thoi ? tgh knowle<lge '>< i' r t ?cry Innntli, 1 an re(. i to bi< ? ?? nt "inpl^er In tlic city. Addieae Whol -al> liri rv Il< raid office. |\m?. tu.i K v a ? 1 iii, ? a < "\?i Kif ? r ? n n MJ tt'ti with ho i' ? , I'ahle i<ft'i,<e> iti'.yh'i ? I a fit* u'iun by " l*T?l> (>??. ?' I'-l I enil .1 ? .roe !(?/< M'te-TI I It WAM1.P? O .i: WHO I- A CO-M IdllVrT. mhI waab> ( . none n u jpplj hit a mar "I' te n P'l att liaUt', at 1-ii t 'flirt, m ;*r 'man* *trewl( liiooklyn 1] II I I tallr nvpttisl (o taaek mm iml trtvU ki iltli gt-. 70 to the South t'reVrwu-e Wteild l.<- gn?n t 1 t n< r |,o la like* a? p e*it in limj and 1 nrll h itiia jot. rtg lady in ^t I* ay od f'a'Jt >.i ?, re. n- \fi to fppiy irnmediatelr to M*?nl P u g->n U H t <? lftl t ultou utreet, near lit 4 jy. Mii.u.vkky -an rxvrvwrrr, miujnkr who ha? g< e 1 ni her Mj .r e ?? . 1 t? t,'4?'ii *h? iaaui>ta< tiuiiig of Uoiae*,' ? f" ?<>?<' - t> tiade Addie,. fax I, Kit, Po?t Oil..' 0\ T1 ft rmX W V.vrH'? NTVt AND MAN|e*t\|t afld ix * more than ?'rcn fee long n <" b ?? kh'tn li?? f?e*. Apply afte II cl'. . t M !?? the -I. t%?rl? ? IT f. < a-le ?? co, nr. f,' |j ni 1 -t t Ai -i"3E A N ! t . f AWKI M I., Prop 1 .< tor, a ? ? " S' feimiJv i fwl!? 1 I b' ? ^rrr .Mh ?s w.witr*? m as ISWQ-IMVX n f ' r ^ !u. f y f .'in 'II \ > n U rt ? ?? i 1 ntHi?n? ?nd nuftu. ? f X ^ ^ *rhn n^r* 8 Mlt ?A ? ? ? I - . \ . I U - H l-l-M 1. . . a ?- -i r .-> < . < l?t|t thirty year. .1 a f >m- wn b?- ha 1 ?*,<? ien-<- .0 ltL.Miae*? |, efew ' . nae ai,'. ? ,n turn ti ?al lata- t*?* f -enew may ..Main a je'inkn V iaii > 1 ? ? op* fi "* >**? T tareea'a, Ko I aawrr H 'W?e ^ y***1* _ SriTATMN WANTED-BY A VKK. 'U Ir'TAHU: 1 Protectant woman la a good plaint. '? ? I b ' *r, , and in a lirxt rate wn?ber aod roner. ia willing to gtneral h.uaework ; uu objection to the -oiintry. ( .ill at 261 i SnrUATKJV WANTED ? BY A YOl'NG MAN, WHO can luiK',,h .. nd <j' rmnii language*, write* J i good band, and ia wiliiug to make hiiuMlI geuerullv ' UM'fnl. P!i*h?< *ll at 141 lk:lauc?y ?>?. op ataira, for K link ley. Would I* willing to learn the carver'i or v. > engraver'# trade. SITUATIONS WANTED ? BY TWO mWPBCTABLK ! young women ? One t i* oook, wu h'T, and I roner, aud I the vtbrr as chambermaid and j.laiu newer. Good reconi- ) mediation from their last place*. Can b? ieen at 166 I Hudion aienue, between High and Naa>au ata., Brooklyn | Situation wanted? by a respectable yopn<? I lady, ?i caking French, Her man, Italian, aud Fugliah, na *ale?woiuan in any kind of buataMa. llMt tefer?nce >

gfven. Addrce* (10 White ft., Mian A. Marcllio, three day*. SAlt)ON tilKI. WANTED? AT WARN HUM MARKET Hotel dining aaloon, No*. 17 and 10 Catherine li| Moat lie perfectly u<qunintet with tin- bualncaa. Aj-p'y Iwtwecu the houra of 0>j ami 11 A. M. thia <Uy. SEAMPTP.ttW WANTEP? A 8TKADY WOMAN, (AHA bin of cutting and fitting dreaeea, to travel with a lady and take cure of a baby. One with aaUafhctory city reference* may apply at 11 3d at., after 10 o'clock A. M SITUATION WANTl'.D? BY A RmPECTABI.E YOt.'NC Herman. aa naichoian ; can give the neat of city in ference. and has no objection to go tn the country. Ap ply at :iy6 8th ?<*nue, between 36th tod !i7tb ?t*., for two daya. Situation haniu>-by a young man, to at tend bar. Beat ol inference given. Apply at 32 Old alip. SAI.1-MIKN WANTED ? SKVFHAI. EXPERIENCED DRY good* -?)*-n,en wanted at U<ur? Hrutliera, 4?> Broadway. TWO HtSKKt l'ABt.K FEMALH5 WANT SITUATIONS; one aacook, woither and ironer, the other a* cham bermaid and aeamitreax, or aaklat in washing and iron ing. The beat of city reference can be given, I'le.i*e call at 10>J 10th at., between 6th and 7th avenue*. Can be reen for two day*. T> WHOI.FjJAI.R DRIGGIHTH.? WANTED, A Kirt'A tl?>n, by a pharmaceutical chemiet of great experi ence. Heat ol' reference driven. Hpe.ike French, Eugliah and German. None but a tirst .la** Uoum nee I reply. Addrega S .1. It., 480 Uroadway, lor three day*. TO PHOTOGRAI'lUKIN.? A PERSON OOMPETEN T TO take charge of tliia department of an oatabliah mcnt i* wanted. Vane but a thoroughly competent man need apply. A.lilre'i* A i tint . Ilenild office. rno VAJINIHH, INK AM) BLACKING M ANITA1' 1 tuier*. ? A gentleman, recently from France, i* de alroua of making an arrangement with parties engaged in one or all of the above kind* of bu*in**H, or with any peraon of capital who would wiah to engage' hi* >ar vice*. Ho ia perfectly acquainted with tin1 French method of making theaii article* from Ibe moat common to the tlnoat qualities, and can aatl fy any one aa to hi* nldlitic. lie nlao understand* tba art of bleaching lin?eod and other oila. He will make no ? iigageinant enccpt with a reapon ?iblc and paliafactory pjirty. lie can "peak ami write the Kngliah language. AddreaeK. 11,, Herald office. rpt) Mil I.INEW WANTED A .-'1TUAT10N, AS Mil. I liner an<l *aleswoman, by a young girl, who ha* worked ill one ol the lir. t c?taldiahmeut* in the city. Sati.dactory ret?ren? e will l*> giten and required. Addre .a M. A. H., Herald office, for two uay?, atatmg realdence, wblcli will be attended tn. rpo ITOTHING XAIJSKMBN ? WAN TEJt, IN A WIKll.K I wale clothing houae. a t.ileaman, one who un hi tluc nee rtouthern and Western trade; to a competent p r kon Oil* ia an opportunity aeldom ulTered; aalary being of no|ni nce, providi d he Ive aei|uaiut?d with good time buyer*. Addreta A. 11. Herald otH -e ITNK VI I.I .K FltAVCAlhK, DOIKE HE PIACEK, COM I nie boune d'entaut*, on aervlre a tublo; peut don tier de bonne n commendation*. S'adroa* an 'Auie, 'J rue Hagnt. UNE Ft I. IK l'lt<r|? CANT. FHANCAIHK, DESIRE ME placer ootnme (illedc cliaiubreM bonne d'eulunt* On peut la voir a 104 liiat 'Jl'Ji at. F. Oein. WANTED? H|X ODOI'KIlii ? STKADY WOJtK KV. quire at N'o. 1'1 lletliuno afreet, li?t?ecii lirvrn wlcli Ami Wanhin^tun iilmte. WANTED? A liAJtDKVKR. ? A MAS NOT Ah It All* to work, ? In Knt>wa bow Id take can> ?i fa liorM! an<l cow. Qon*faiit employment to a good iiuii Unit >-*n bring ??! infa^tnry reoommnnilatioa?. Kmniire of .".in ford, 2-1 and > 1'ry street up mUiIm. "IIT A VTKD ? A -rriATH'V, BY A IUWPWT *BIJ, YV y??t?ntf woman, a? chambermaid or One wmln'r ami ironer, or to ilo conking and to ax-lit in washing ami Ironing In a private family. Good city reference. I'lnw rail, for ti?o day a, at No l!atl lSlh atiMt, Jut atenue un<l aveimo A, '2.1 Boor, back room. "IIT ANTED? A mVAftON AS CHAMBERMAID WIl.t, W noxint I n* nailing and Ironing or will t*ka rluirgn of children. Apply at 17 City Hall I'laa-e, in tho r?*r, rCCutld floor for two liaya. WANTKD? A r.lKI., AIWH.T 14 Yl'AIW UK AOE, TO attend no ' h ildrr-n. Moue hut tboan bringing ipmd r?<'i'Uiiiirnilatii>UM ncril apply at No. 1 UommiirM rlrnt!, cornet of Diet ? ker. WASTO?? A Ml (fill OS A" (IHIK Oil OKNEHAl. houaeworkor. by a rm|*xtabli) girt, witb ?nei';?p t.onable . ?ty reference*. 1? be Kern lor tiro dnyi at 1.1 1 l'2th rtrret. KmI, iKItmn l?t ?ud 2d uii-nuea, on Ural floor. WAMiu?? UY a i;KsiiMT..m.i: c;nu, A situation to . 'k ?'* b and iion, or would do go nrral hotjaework lor a rmall prirato family. i.ood . ity re>ii in * gl?i n. I l-as.i appiy ?' il ** *'?t 28lh 1 1 r?*? i be t*c?-n 6th and 7th it?nuf>, "fir ANTED? A il/iAH AM* X INTH.IaA CI 17) 31 IT r? mm who utvi. rata*!* Um; bwalnen, and rax cut ?rooouii. ally tlcbit I Wag*"! wiil b?" /!*? n. Appli 1.. I YON l-IA*', N?, ft Hyi-Io-i afreet WANTH>? HY A I'll' r)?T ANT VlM'NO WOMAN * ?situation a? Cook would h??e no objwii'ii.i to ' > ? Balling, lo a ( mail tauiily understand* cooking In l lis (tan-hen, ii a mo- 1 KMvUent wn her and (row 'Pie n.o?t ..ati-la- U?rj ? ;ty r-'iinnw an ho gifn I'lm* uppl) at No. 2 Arto. pv c. n the dyer'* ofliee, tt r -.wo ^ - "tlTAMlT? A Mil ATM IN" BY A Y'lt'SO WOMAN T I a? ehaaib* u * il,tr l>i t.ikeare ut . hlldren and d? plain 'ca.rg; !>? ' <n lor two day a at 1?J Mutt tit , itt ibf i" vr. "1ITA NThl>? by i RKrtl'KfTABLl Y'H Vf; tjiHi., AS ?T pUini'oik. WH^ItCr nud IriMMii or would 4? g' ne ral boi. j ?i i1 f. i >v aukkll krU*U> (annly , gool city ref. . enr*. t'tt'iat 1JU W#-; 27 tli b. tW'"H 7lb i.ut Hth ktrMM. \]tr AST?J'? KV A I I.-II I ABII MAIUUH) WOXJAV Tw li baby lo wet tiur*"' w be own rr i I. :i e jh * lout b' i bab) at Ma birUi. CallalTT Wont 39tk ?t !?? tw?w Cl It atvi 7tU ar. line i. "WET AN'TKIV? A .-III ATION, Bl A PtfX'f ' TAWt.l. If Proteatant >onrig woman, tin lauQ'ln ?- an I m ii a i i . 'an giv tlx l?*-l nt . r^lkfrn^ byraliin^it l.< laii ? uifiojer 10U Wli I licl v ? n H. 'i jwaj ? o ' I n ter- ny |ib''< . "ll'AN IH ? A I. ATM'M, BY A Il>- d'? ? TT AM>. Tl woman aaco*iU, w.iftlier anil i ? nt, i. " nl plain cook and a llr>l rilr *? In r nod Ir ntr . ? a1 ??> .i t"? ? I bread 'akei, b?- g ".*1 '-ily r tie ? fan In - o lor iwo daya at W 7lb n're* , f<* ou | Hi* ? f Vi<;k oom. "ll^AS'TKl*? i-! ! I ATloM, RY A MSmVTAHU: If ?')ih?n u ? flnti -Hlei'ftrr " r .;-tv >?l? <ir? x-iiuitt ir**' ? . r??) till** dbirtliuUillg WnM )'?? o V ?*jr tbcdny ?t . ? ?r? .iu?kr v?ov^ > > ?* to th?" )*ro(Hnt?r<l ?)iij? b \>1 > ?* M f Ih? l'JO MfraH ??ft i# ? ?.r n| *1 1? ? 1 N5- il t. lirA^TfD? A -III UID.n 4 UAMBM ?A'|I A ? l? ? f toft 1. ? with Jh'* * tiinjt an 1 ? ?.*??<, <r k? ,? hour* work; t ?? iimkr >?? r?? it ;*< ik?T*Uy i? ? ? I ?n4 pkiM* Icr frr |?}<r^rr ifi?"*nyt* !???? t. 14% v*'> It- y iflfit'ti i t**. }'}> a r all or wl'lf 117 V*??t i .iii ?f "tir.kNin? A IIOI^MANT wmov, W ?MVV, I S' ff .J#r 40 t #)?r? of ..i"1 ? of lahir.^ i ? ha'f ??f f?n infartt from t. r ? It ?n t Jl* rVi?t|? t^, # l?#ar ot a iluiilkm ? ITtiim a h ? !*??? f?>r Hfti, w?*n m ?l ? at* 'oriij* oration, win r b# ?tnt will *+> Iq U ?i?h ? ij *)<m> by apj 1* iog a* # s*- ??' t j,Ui ??, llf.>okl/n fourth from Itrnrj i. WANTKP? HY A HK-I'P I AHIJ. VmI'M; WOMA"* t ? Hfiatioii aa *"hiIi wa?-h**r ir t<i ftw t? i houar work ot a j ? faml'jr tw? cilj rf Hr^nct frunt 1**1 ?1t ?!???*? Api ly al No ? 0 Moyt ?t , ln.|??n Bull' aud l>"ag!<? 'I- ? ud Braif Eolith >1" ok l*n "iir a.nt>j) ? a momm by a raawaM 1 1 mb tV to do '?liaiiilirrwi rk an' flam ae^a.'i* i a ?i# in tbewndklng and iron :?g ha the b< ?t of i*ily f? feienre ( all ?t itTi' W. "r ?' "1BTAMTD ? MY a IAIIY Al> I i YKAKH'tV A<-> If to g j wi'h Mmie ia<lt I" < al l"rOia w >ukl g ? ?alt on h'" an?t d<> plain ^?i .g or a? w. ? n? ' ? ? e MM t< r one ?cek at <14 Ww?l 11th ?t. "lt'A.NTKI'? A .-|T1. ATM IN', Mi A l">l'? ? f A H? ? " y?.og woman a ? ' Uaoib^r .*< ' arwl w? l?r mi 'inn to d . gf-nr ra> II- m a null pr' rat# la inlly . I?.,t o< Hi ? irf' rr .re gir^n 'all I" l?i <pt a* l?? lAV-t y, ,i fl..| (,B,k ?%wrAsm>? a fi'K?n "?"h m 10 a ?!? If rale ? gahr ami If.r.. * ??rr* *7 " "? " Oi Appier attli g*r -I ii^ianryU'r-w M'wegii |'i i j4 I', w'efc t.k, at l't'l Weal 21 ti -t. I Vt'AMM ^uy A NKAT ' If: A I I.A K M !?? I 1 1 g! III a: Il .iij I Wa .|| a ad I . I.' I ? a ' >ppi/ ? ' * " 1' 1 '2 V' I Imp al li' v . . 1 1. ... a rrjuNcn yrrvr t?? Takk ? \it>. [ rl an JnlaMt arid <hi >n - mm ?? I M <i1?4 I. I 4l?ply <? fl...i?ai r?.| I iM.j 'rr . 10 A M ''/ U I' U at a> Weat | 7th at UrAJflKT-A MTVATWN, HY A IHOTfWANr ??MO ?.<? lUnt U ' .ml r-?l ,n ( taenia paatry TV of ? -y ti**i--r | >ia? ?inry ut.* / ? . WAjrra. UMWJ)- A MTI'AIION, BY A I'ROTVJVI >'.T TT young, *o tuka care of rVM ?n ti?l <bj tc?iiig. J la* goo l city ro/ercuc. ''?U1 K.' ?wo ?'?/? at 349 (!i'ii?nh >t., Ii ft Hour, Urkwiw. WANTKD? TWO I'HOTBn'ANT OKI: MV ?illtU, one to do the "ioklng and w.i?hlrjg 'Heoth^r an flliiri.'.' iunH noil t.? ilo wwiDf. Ajijily at S'u. 7 Went WT-A HHP (111 ABM KIUnJKTAVT tlIRL, , , i Uer tier uian or Kngllah, ft.r i>uu?cw\>rk j other* i'?~d apply A j T>ly at W> i4'h at. , between IHh ?&<> 10th uvenurv (un tie *i?*u f,,T two day* WAV :ki> ? uv a v?>i v. >v iiiAir, A -rrt Anus to. <?i general housework in a <ro?ll private t. milj ; l? n good plain cook, and an excellent wa?h<n ?ui [ion er; ban good tefereuce Iroiu her la?t pU e. l allai If.J I liiatM-tli Hi reel, between Hi come and ."piing u too day*. No objection to the country. WAMKD? A OOOD C(h;K W.WIKK AM> IHost.i: to go in the rimiitrjr Call at II W. . t 'Jtth tree he! ween U and 1 '2 A M. WANTKD? A SI1 CATION, HY A UMI'I fl \HU. young woman, a < chambermaid and luiindreaa. ?l,i tboiougbly under* UnU "a thing and Ironing, t,'oo I city reference. No objection to go ? abort dlatiin** n the country ('an lie eren foe taro d iy-t at '.'M l'/th av. a u- lw l*?'n 1, Hi and IHrti itlMll. WANTKIV-BY A riUfNChTAST UJRU A ?JTCATION to <lo housework, in a small tanuljr or to do ? ham bcr work, and a?<<i?t in wa-hlng and irutunn, li??t ? ity reference given. Can be ?i*o at No. ,a W.itti at., tor vw-> day*. WANTKD? A SITUATJ6N, HY A l'H<vr?>rA\r ?fo man, a* wet kuite, who lo t luir bnbj a'xtut ten day* ago; in of a healthy conatituliou. Can tie ?ecu ^<n three day* at 3M W. 17th ?t., Unit floor, t*<k room. WIMKIUDY A KUtl'MTABU'.- Y0CN0 MAS', A situation, in iv wholesale dry gikid* ? to; e, u? ilerk or utlemuau, c?u gi\e fo-^l city reference. Add-r.t X. Y., Herald office. ANTKD ? A SI-R ATION, BY A RWJ HmBI.K youn to do housework lu n "null |>ri ?mt? I utml j or chamlierwork and |ilai u >ft Inf. good city reference given. I'll *ae call for two ilayn at W3 4tli?t., third floor, fmnt room. ANTED? BY A fltiSrhCTAIUJi PROTECTANT MKL a initiation to do general bourn-work : no ol\|" I n to go to the country gi? .d city reference, tio for two day* at '.'ill 7th avenue, near 2S!h ?' ood floor, hack room. w w WANTFIV-HY AV A MKRKAS LAI'Y A STTCATMN ai housekeeper In a ^? ntlcoian '? family either In the eily or country, .""he ;1 a thorough IciMifke jxt, with a good deal or cipa-i icO' ?, and can hring the !?? ,t ? if teatliuoniaU at to character uud cnpai ity. Addre a or ? all nt 18 Kilt It flue! WANTKI'? A ItlM'KTAliI.K YOI'NO MAV <1XTKI*N or eight?"?l yean nt aire, fur a fancy hueine**, iireferrcl wlio lim ti. rn in that )ia>iu<"<a, and H\inff ni'h hi? pi'icnle, in WilHaiimhuiK. releranca re.niireT. in i|ulre of M. Ohlinami't It Co ?>'> l.ilierty at. S. Y . m IK'i tirand nt., Willinmihuix ?\t7ASnV-A I'.fMI'WrAUl HS'.l.Ml tV?)MA\' tY want* a aituktion a? aune and aeau><iUe'? ? Mi mime i eaf^i labl" family, with go>?l city rihrt ?. Hi b?' ree n , for two day?, at No. U75 OrwuaicU ntrei-1. WANTOV-A SITUATION, HY A KM?'K? I' Ull K I'ruteatent wumntl to cook aaali mid iron n * private family. Oood city referanco. I'nu Ih' -<>e? .. t >'.7 tlth RTr , bi:t*<en 'Z.d md UUd ?U., thud ton fioiil room, for two day? WAVrtll? IN A PK(/I>*TANT AKUIKARY, IN Mitryland, a teacher of Oaruwn and l-'ri n' li iun^na gen lie uiuat Ik- it c.nipetent dLictiilioiirian. Ja.. ry iitOO for the feaabm of ten months, with r-t . A '. Ap ply at (ilunlord Al Sword*' Uii7 ihoadway. Iwt*> -n I.' ..n l 2 o'clock . WA VTKP ? HY A HfXI'fXTAHlJC I'lV iTUHtA VT 01 III., ii Hituation aa ??nnxtren; run out and It' l,Kl.e? dnma, and in a good abirt maker. I'all for two &iy*. al (SOMlMJf ?l. Ihucklyn. "IITANTKD?A OIHI., T<? DO t.KNUIAI. II'MVC W aork, cook w.',<h and iron, in u | ri\ - e . n. > Apply, with iccomrneudationa, at 4.? l)a?t J> I. f , mar 4th avenue. WANTM'? BY A KKHl'W'rABI K AMKItlCAN ? alt nation a? rhamlwrmnid and walti' , tin ob jection to go a abort ilutitnce In the country. ay rrfrrrnot. fall for tw> d?y?, at HW itb ?' , Oct*' nu*? nu' H B and in tin; MMMi VANTKD? A HlTl'ATION, l*V A VI AT, TlfiY ? ilU . with i'V*Uf lit city rcicrwncn, n* cltamlwtrii.a.d ..??> iti t, or ?i ? haui'H-rinnld atul uar .??; in a neat wa-li'T ?nd noni r, or ?? gi nvral Ikiuw nuiid . in a u.?U '?o. I) ( wng<* in n prnmucnt aituntlou. I'uil a'. I'M l*?t ?.'<l , Mwond floor front room. lirAVTKD? WJTATtONH, BY TWO K?*Pj> . lAIIIJ". W glrli, In a |irlvat?- family; on?* to <U> tb?> ??"<?? ii.g, waahiog and iroiiiii# tli? olhar a? <? h;imli< riu ?! . n I waiter; tbpy bavr goo?l ?-it jr rrfcnwo. Mfa/*? .1 ? VJ ItbaVrnur. Can b-> -cm for tw.> daya. If n- t riipr.-g.-:. WANTED? A MTt'ATIOV, l!V 4 ItMWIAIIi.l yonriK woman a* cook, w.i-h'r and irona- . t (>j do H'-ix-ial hnun-x ork, in a aniall |i vat* fan.i'jr; n ???! pity r< fccucc from bet la*t pine*. A f'fly a t ?. ton atrft. "11 r AM I'D? A -rHAilov, BV a % ? > MB .1 W younK woman aa chamlwrni Id md ? ?au.""i ?? und* a'and* all kiud* of lainily w*in? and en.l-r. !<W ry lh'?t of rcfar rnc<* gi fit. Apply (or two Jm) i at 17* W? >' 1Kb ft. wn: WASTE!* MV A K A M) 7 mIV W"nt * iiii<HI - ?gr l m>?uino *h? jm?M? t!) i. ? tard* thi- carp of ivUn' - Mini ? Li) ir? u. I ?#? -l.? woman .?!;?! willing to m?kr t.#*f g* n ?? ?' ply la day and to toorrow iMttfn n tl boitra >4 1 1 id to T. I". *t tli* ..flic >rt th* -l. Mi b' Ho'*l. ' ' "d n In nri * iadi?p*n?ablt% ptkd? a 0000 nonnixT <iri , t?? i?> ,nr kitchen ?orW a ?mall u '? A <J ' la n L'oofc, ?a>bn and i oin i, ij a) ply av .1 u. jfti <? af1"i nine oVIo. k. iit \sitd -a ?,ti:t i <ih < .m i mi ir.n l I*- able tu *?-h M1<1 !;ob ??ll, and ? plain ? ? ok. *> t< ? t !h a* \ 1 ' /. sTV'.tt? A WTOATIOK, BY A RE'PKTABJ Jl W?? Jl iwd, ? riwk a.'.' r ?; '' ' ?? 1 n1 Vp| I) at 107 1 tti -i , I. ?wn 'I M l I'll a ? n II i??r. i'?u u "?hi ? '* ? i '.j ? t ."it ? m /? ; ' ? ?: a good lial < r. miTA-Vtir? A -III ArTf BY \ > ' ' a fj I It., Tf tf?tau! yo ;?/ wim '.1 ? ? a n wai'.n^ and in bin/ "r to < -hi. <?! ? ?. all | rml'' i ly I'iiii ly r i ' i 1 1 > I'lfa tl lv ?* pU. <? \'u 70l .ll. w g) iktiallj Bt'fM ?!? u 'I ? / - ? ? - ? it y i ' , ?-n' ? fi ? ? ' 1 W < ?' I I?m n ,'ifb t lid i rii v. Tl I ?A HI V VD I T I f V i l ';?l ?V i I '.rotlo* ?( ? in*"'' ' ' IM tijr < ?... k? tM \v AMU A I il'i\ A * It Mr !?/ . ? i ? ? . ' t in( ? o ?*li" ' f ' w i.'t* I - i l.ii'.i.i ? i i o o i nd ?tr*? r ?M" I hi * ".i. i ?< : \ 'i W trnr.' r. *?.?! f ? r, V n?|f *^0 * I y-r* fi * ? ; l? frv ? *???*??? I. h# t n . U? .ti *1 ' i? i - * ir AMU ?* N ?'>'!% r. AMI! V A > ? f? pulo 'fc <??. , ' fiiV )in? f.f'? W NSlit l'i A> -Hi* II .d li r 'o t? 1 an 1 * w ' 1 r - bo lit * I IW , ?t w ?ami I ?.. . I , ? li'i ? b, 1 ? ' '1 . -.4 ' 14 <Li a ? 1 . .. .a b V ?l I ' IK1. 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I il4"n. la ?nta # 1 ' a I / r| -? >f a 'i <?l I > ? ; U ? Ui I? I r,l.^? t>4"'ktai ?* I t? ,,r, ,\Xl b??f<il II a * ??>' a. -7 w- t ,11* r*,? tm n nil 7 ? l * ?* W *? ? 1*41* ?* ?..? r ?Hf f ?? ft* WANT*. \V 11 f *? .V| - A IT nm? a i ?l.i'i - <^a h <hI bar* t'rV an.l tin MM ' ti?? iu> nljjrtllut to , with a lady. < ?? n br ?*n t > trout f ?iui WAN ikJ> ? A MTt'ATI (irtgiun ?i.yi?n %ti It* I rani b**. I'l. * ? r.?ll ? , in the r?ar. AVOfild WOMAN V. i-aain. traaa and to d .larnanda diritaaukiuf, wl At l1.*.' Put ?.'Oth ?t. Avor vo WOMAN, ?VH< . U' family in dl?W>? tloti ,i ..v,|r, wii.licrHii.l |r?i, *< ?1, <>r ?? banilwrmi i t -'?i i (??? So iil'jl-rtl n Hi ll'i rry ronirr of Hou> Vri:Ore^tt> UOl'h .? f utlriiiati 4 tauill.t I r?n h and Vnffliah eoukli nn.l |< ultry jrllw. uud rn . <"oo.. i.l<4,| nil ANlKT? A Hm A ' 1 i . . yi'tlllg wonuin, Ii. huiiMi??rii, lu ? ?inull Ui.u >'l?n?a rail fir two ilayi m -|VA\TkiV_A SHVAl ff girl to do < hainbn w and imali.v, ur wa llnf, i>r r hi aJ f.. Th?i br- i.i I Imi'c i jII at 190 (fonui . i/ and 1<<) *r< aii**. ?|i rAVl>T? A HITV \T ? H f utiag woman. iw tu. iran'rut hon ?w?rk, in ? fan-nn- if ie<iuli*<l. ? 'all Houtnn. \\r AMM? HY A HK IT ? ailtialion aa cliam ? ? .? ? kMiill pi trwtr lamil) Hrat rity ii-f? raiw? from i.e. t.. RriwMyn, third (ti. .r, t IMU A MTI A Ho. 4i> C'*k, M-hrr ?:< I |.. i r?*a In ?|t Ita brnurtuM. 4o ?? |nii?t" family H??t of tor two ijijr- at Mai Ho'.-to, bath, iu !'? i!rjr Rood' "ton (TAN IKK A MAKJtl' ? In" f?i vjrra of i> N lady, or "no aim ran imi.a ' ?naai'- ano i an iri r>- ? W 1 1 IV Vol '"!? WO ' .? iv f?? t .1 .1.1 ? . iliiag 1.. do hrfiu *?a?t of oitv rr'i r * eounlri o.- } ratal y? ?i hi wMt m.i, , MY A RK-i | . t am v I' ?t nwV rm.H H u ?u ii 'Uya at 'J4 ! .iviaytwii t. -nVATK>\ AM ' nl^'rwu1 '* -h<> tiu ?afrrraea. I'laaa* all >' KP TMRIO VK/ N IS meltiaM wi-ln-. a i* ?o 'to |Mh ' ul hou '? arm ar, or nu- -i- in) ?? 'iwi'r y. Aprl) *? -"W ' flu' haocuii'ut t.t A aWUATJo.V IS ?i Manda ail l inU" of liif and lanlinir Kanw, ? I tu nrwllfa t |*?i ry ?iti at. for thirt' ..ijr* . V A I'lMdl.-l WT rork and wait.njf, or ??. 01 oUjr r?trt ura. a > at., HruoUljrn. a ufsi'M waalat in Uia w..?tun( ln? houwwurk of i? i" > ^han If r, , i.!, m4. *.h at., l? twi i ii 24 w Hrrkld "8i. a. ? A MMMBCi mhj: "1 or waiter, or to ?)?> ?ua family tin i rr Viu.ow at., I^ors.'r of E YfK Stl H'iUajm, i .ir to do Imuarw .rV .lain ai wine n'.illy. a. ??L at lift t.urt m. UMMaTABiJ-: liiiu,, uii'lrnlan.ia her i,.u>i n to do hnuaow. ili In ?rati' i". t an l?? -arn *.*n Matt ano H /a Wl Tt? ?l ? I R> iiipanlun Alinih almljr- of fr rarh and it aiay adilia^a II. I , w AMU' ? B) itllat |"i| Wn ka old. t 'an I llu tlie I ' it city Wl'1 MAI.IUWfW' .AN' ha? loat har 'i.'igr r tUn fll No, ? Si.'H "lirASIUl A H1TI Alio W u an ^flrl r- ...,, a ? i^.ili r'.od ? ng'i Nr?. )0 1 i r? y ?t rom* f ?'i i l? \\ V s I P ? A felTl . . If yniinR ^ ?.??!???? .? ? U it "t . ity r%f' i r ni ? Un II. U? ti'B at. WAsTf-rv-A PA IK It \\ tw?!vr .nrh uilli.,^ ' i " Uiu> h ( o., lti kii?*. lUAVTH'-A MP All" f V "?ootar '1 r! K'Wid iif.nn Kwrr, or v ?'ait of cilflilrro. liroil nil U 'I di J - at No. H Haiti t Mn (I. mi. I < .'nit ?l 11 r AN TV. 1 1 ? A unit.H'N ? i A njiV Kl i';> ff toi' youiiK woi in. I* 'miiulri ??, ia a rv | ' far 1} liiidcrtlaixlt all llu-l ?inll/ "?"? 'njf ,i?l i It# id' rlnic no oh)rr:i"ii i.?* lul ' n ?m ii ' i ; if' < t- , i'? ? ." < ii ??? ii ?i?4 ?' ibiid t li..nt it* ?r. , 'or Iwn ilcjr* .1 I'li'-a-iAM" ? - HH ant Ironvr hi ''an rrn tivan. tail ?t !o A IU. 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