Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1855 Page 6
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IBfliTOEMKHTg BKJTEWED ETEET BAT. IAUH AT A tCTIOJf. "T uhebt h . nicolay, auctioneer, walatu- at _A_ auctinu, "t? Wcdne-rflay, August 16, 1864, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, Kew York, ? good ?ubstantiaJ double ft mme dwelling house, used as * hotel, situate on th< Newtown plank road, I/mg Island, about art- "?"?? from P*k Slip ferry, and three quarters of a mile seat Kiank Monteverde's hot*!- There U goqd > tabling new >hed, tlXty fri t in length, with a one and a half story buil!!ng adjoining for kitchen and sleeping rooms; also, good cellar! under the eutire main building. Attached to the premises are tive acres of land, in?ludiag ? re ry largo and tine locust grove of trees. forming a beautiful shade retreat for : 000 person*; a shooting gal lery is partly flnjiiod in thU grove, with an excellent well of water. The whole will be (-old in one lot. The a bore ia a very d?sirnble place for the hotel business or A? a private resiiienoe. By tbe l>lnnd City ferry boat, from Fuiton f?rry, Vow York, and the oars from Hunter's Landing, East rivr, it can be reached in forty minute*, Mix time* a day, and the Hushing stage* pwh the front of (he house from d o'clock A. M. to 9 o'clock P. M., every ?JO minutes, the Turners' Society, numbering 3,000, have used thin place. It ia a fine bummer retreat for large and email j?rties. Terms easy and tide perfect. Possession may be had Immediately after the sale, if de aired. Further condition* at the sale. About $4,800 can remain. For further information, upplv to JOHN N. WALTER, on the premise, or to JOHN , COOK k SON, counselors at law. 111 Nassau street. New York, or to \LBRkT H. N1COLAY, Auctioneer, No. 11 Broad street, New York. ? -? AUCTION NOTICE.? H. WTI^ON, AUCnONKiOt.? Magnificent rosewood furniture, tapestry carpets, pier glasses, pianoforte, silverware, 4c. This, Wednes day morning, at 10?i o'clock precisely, at No. 168 West Twenty-fourth street, a few doors from light h avenue, comprising a splendid collection of rich household goods. A portion <itf the contents is subjoined: ? I!o*ewood piano forte, full seven octave, richly carve, 1 esse, cost $400; solid rosewood br,vatel furniture., en suite, very expen sively carved, and covered with the richest mate rials, without regard to cost; large pier and oval mirrors; mar ble top rosewood centre, side and sofe tables; elegant rosewood etegere, marble top, with heavy plate gUss doors and hack, wade to order, cost 912ft; about !160 yard ? tapestry carpets, in excellent order; splendid rosowood bookcase, very hu ge, cost >200; rosewood comer etegures and corner ?tand?, beautiful and heavily embroidered white lace window curtains, rich brocatei curtains and cornices for four windows; large Gothic reception nnd easy chairs, in '-ilk and embroidered brocade; oil paint ings, among whi-'h may be found a choice collection by modern artists; French porcelain decorations and v.ises, finished and painted in a high state of perfection; heavy rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, both of the modern and antique style;, with very elegant marble top dressing bureaus and wa> lu-tands to match ; pure curled hair mat tresses, beds, bolsters and pillows: mahogany and maple chairs, sofas and lounges, heavy mahogany ten-fret ex tension table, walnut do. ; tea and dining tables, china tea seU, very expensively decorated; elegant man tel clocks, common crockery and glai ,vrare, in basement; a large assortment of silverware, sp^ni, forks, heavily plated casters, with cut bottles, bluer tea service, ele gantly chased end engraved; large salvers, with solid sil ver edges, her. or ivory cutlery, {tc. The furniture is nearly new, and of tbe fluent description. 4 ucnos NOnCR? CONTTS CATION SALE OF CHOICE jf\_ wines, liquon, groceries and segars, by order of the Hieriff? On W-dnesday, August 15, at 10K o'clock, at store No. l ine street, by HENRY B. HERTS, Jr., auctioneer, choice wlnee, braudies, gin, in bond; groce ries, teas, coffee, sugar, candles, sardines, olive oil, tigs, raisins, Mnraschln. r-Jiampagnea, and Hock, Sautcrne and other Rhine wine*; Howard. Madeira, London dock port, Amontellado, D-.ff (Gordon sherries, Otard, Cognac and Prtlerosen brandies, in] cases, demijohns and casks to suit; London porter, Muir It Sons' Edinburgh ale; also 200,000 Havana *ep?rg, of various brands; the balance of the stock left from last sale. Catalogues and goods ready lor examination day previous to sale. A deposit required ?of every purchaser. By order of FREDK. L. VCTT.TE, Deputy Sheriff. Auction notice.? tun? morreli., auctioneer ? New ?toe',. of furniture, 4c., this morning, av 10k o'clock, at SI Nassau street, embracing a catalogue ofall description* of superior furniture, inadc of rose wood, black walnut, mnliogany , Ac., fur parlor*, cham bers, dining ro outs, Ac. More lnlly described in cata logue, which can be had early this 'moruiug to examine. I'very facility to shippers in boxing, Ac. Also, oil paint ings and mirrors with gilt fro uieg; also silver plutodware, hair, -ogars. Ac. N. B? Advances being made compels htcrihcea more than usual. Remember that >? pa?t 10 i-alt' commences. Auction notice.? thos. bbli.. auctioneer? by Bell & Bush, this day, at 10V. o'clock, in our uuc Tion rooms, 12 North William street, will be sold as fol lows: ? Int. n lot of Rood second hand furniture, 27 beau tiful paintings and trench colored engravings. fivuey :\nd riclily framed. At 11 o'clock by order of the Marshal, counting boute fiirriilure, desks, maps, chairs, a vuliia ble iron safe , teMea Ac. At lMf o'clock, 'J trunks dry goods, ehowcese- ' splendid watches: 17 beautiful clocks and watchmaker* article*. At 1" o'clock, we will at U to the highest bolder lit" boxes prime sejars, various brands. AN- , ? ?ujierior piaimforle. in good order, on account of it former purchaser Frl'lay and Saturday articles from the (>y?tal I'alace. A POTION NOTICE. ? WM. B. .10NFX. AUCTIONEER? By virtue of an execution. I will sell, thij d:iy. at stoie 145 Canal street, at lOJj o'clock A. M., a large js sortment of household furniture, consisting of live l* steads, four beds, fi^ht looking glu -nes, double and single mnttrei>eo*. feather and hair pillows, dining and other allies, solas. chairs. . arpet* ,Vc. Ac. . alJo n large l it o' ciockery. Mt positive. HTLTIAM Q. MUTTON, Constable. Auction notice? to whom it may concern ? W. C. AI-BI Kirs, Auctioneer, will sell on Wedu"n i day, An* fust 15, at 12 o'clock, at No. 11 .CotnmorciiJ stores, Atlantic dock, South Brooklyn, '?n" superior grain dryer, together with the machinery, belts, pullio* and everything appertaining thereto. AM. CRIST ALAR, AUCTIONEER, WII.I. SELL. a this day. August lo, at 10 >J o'clock, at 116 West Fifteenth street, ihe whole aud eutire turnlture contain ed in said hou-e. consisting in part ol' rosewood and ma hogany chairs, dining, centre, card an.l pier tables, tete s tetes, divans, mirrors, Brussels and ingrain rarpetiug*. French bedsteads. dressing bureaus, washstauds, bets and bedding, Ac. ; also, two splendid ro >wood pianos, made by well known makers This^kale if well worthy the Attention of the trade and others. Auction notice? toward schvnck, will sua, this day, August IS, h? 10^ o'clock, a Urge in voice of dlarnor. '>, watches, jewelry, Ac., tic., consisting in part of brilliant cluater and single stone pins, rin^s and earrings, la .lies' watche-. enamelled and set with dia monds; also "thers, vii: ? ind-ieiident seewnds. double timekeepers, 15 day patent and detached levers, fcv. made by the be" makers in Europe, all in heavy 18 carot gold cases; gold sr.ites ot bracelets. ;.tn and ear r inn-., brooches, broa*-p)Bs, gold, stone aud mosaic sleeve but tons, studs, sea! ting', gold vest, fob and guard chains, pencil pen*, ea.-r ng", locket-. A'-. tale positive. Auction notice.? m. dough it, auctioneer.? IhL- dsy. s*. 10)^ ..'clock. it fbe sales rm i ST (>ntre strce', genteel fionsehold furniture, consi.?,.ng ?f library and secretary bookcases, solas, teto-a-tete?, sofa andlounge h*d tViuH bureau*, washitsnds french and cottage beds'evN, extension, dining and tea table *,chins, crockery ?u<! kIu 'ware, sejra r* , trunks, parasols, Ac.; I *k>, on Thursday by virtue <?! in eX"C'ttion. 8 d ucn tuels. I Auction N*<">n< k? j., ai'ctionbbr.? I By C. BOGART.? This ilay, t?? HI Si o'clock, at No. als IV#rl ??..?i.-et near P'-ck lip, sloe', ami fixtures I of a clothing stert ? frock and sac. coats, Monkey J.'iok"ts | **simere pantai^'iiis, sn tin and other vests, caps flan- j nel and cotion rder shirts, lir^n shirts, pocket hnnd i kerchiefs, carp*' bags, hosiery, Xv.. A'. Auction n<itht j. ivs.ak , auction^r.? I By H. IVt'iART ? Thui-dsy, at 10o'cbtck,at the suction" rooms, corner f rsnkfurt and William streo**. -'het ill's ule ot i. Is rgf assortnieu' of fa ney and staple dry fords? lot of 1 1, tiling. Iioot-sml -.hix's; snd Saturday st o'clock, at 'h*' auction rooms, large and extensiv* assortment of p. lor. bedrorin and kitchen furnitoie. A UCTION NOTICE. ? W A. ('.ARTEC., AUCTTON'KKR. will sell thi- fWedn' m1s?) nu rnbig. atH'J(!reen sich street, ?t 10 o'clock, all the household snd kitchen tbrnlture of an 1? ariling house, with gi' In tures, bar and drtures. eounter*. <t' Tcruts cash, and goods to be i em >ved tlirough !h? *lsf . CON^TAlllJC'S HALE. ? HY VIRTI*Kt>! AN lLVBt l TIOV, I will expose for sale, at public v. .idue, on Thti'-s dny , August 1?. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. In front of 'lie couil room, No. il Chambers ,?lrt?i, one door from the corner of Chatham, two lu-? e?' g.dd wait h.-s, one of " lilch l as u g. 'id chain snd pin a* ; ached also, three ?'M watche* g?ntlemen'? ? l?o. JOHN t<. vl KA'/, Constable Odice, >o. o Chsmtjer- st. Dl' NA-ll, AUCTION Kl-TR. STORK 310 /?ROAD . way? <m niV,o* for sale ?Oil Nedue Jsy. August 16. at 10 o'c1?. ? A. \1 at ^10 Broa-'way, < ne light M psssenger emui ,ii?, recently retltted with V"W wheels, new brake, si <1 painted an w Al?", a letter pre. i, frnall iron sallp, truck, .Wk -i>ia, cha ? Ac. EU6ENT. B FRANK! JN AUfTiONIER? BY ERAMIt IIN A M< li^lh.- ih; - d*y, (We,'.nesday,) at WM o'clock at 78 Nassau street. b< wen Fulton and John etreete, a large Taris?i an . sp!f n lid assortment of household furniture.- corn i risi-ig ?-iil t.-.agt.iilreat ro?e wood rvlnr a Urge r?ti*y ,, c( n l risnd fnniture, *<*ll -sorthy tb' attsjv 0r houseV:e?per? and denlers also, sit in o lo k, 'be i-* ?. 0ee2 in?i.ien street ft?mt the p.f .ent da'e to Ms; 1, lvi# r.>c?r(;s(l |D the Rsflirter's olBee of the city of New Y -k. ihraiy f>72 at ceoeysnces, psg* 419. 'IV-s^s i n((iM ??f temWI out Terir' ? Cash rn day ot ?%ie, or m sal?. Also, a Isrjfe con ignaienl o: Haeana M<gsrs. El V AA1MJN AUCTIONS R, WT :-U 1 AT lO^j ja e'eWk. thi- day, at 'be '"es -ocm, "7 Ns -m street a spier.. Hd a-oc rtment of fine gold watcbe*, .ieh ?ilamttids and jewelry, together with a large a ?o i.ieot ef fancy ??. ds si- pi, eke! ?nd tible cutiery without reserve, lor cash afi. HORTON. AC TION! ' I WIM, SKI I. TMI." o day. at 11 -i, l; si"tb avenue, th > furni ture of a boar hug house, retr ? >d f.>r convenience of sale. AIM., a lot < f t ?o'h an"! I air lirnsljes romn wont am. a> r-j ? ,t _T)( K,nAV ? I Angust t?, a< hslf-' *st 1 n ' 1v>k f M ore plv, j* the corner of I* KsH< avonuc and I" ??' street tile silancif tf stock and fixtures ef ? g- r-rj - ore rori i rtein* s general aeeortn eot With the gs? fist ire. nlei iwwf herw. Ci Vewtd grower's m ?it' i. ' o'f 1 ir n?t* atJ oilsietli coeer; flslf^ tut <u-> ?,?irt?n?s' t -On IAUCI ATACCTIOW. J J. WALDROtf, AUOTONTXR. ? I'EKEMFTORV a bu> of th? stock of crockery and gU?*war* con tained in the store M Cortiandt street, n-miI floor, will tak? place on rbu.-fday, the 18th inst., at 10 o'clock A. M. Sale positive, for cash in bankable money. MORTGAGEES sale OF household furniture, Ac ? JOHN F. RCsskjElL, auctionehr. By Day, Russell k Co., at 85 Nassau street, on Friday, August 17, at 10 o'clock A.M., a large collection of furniture, Brus sels and other enrpeU, mirrors, oil painting*, kt. Hold on a chattel mortgage, by order of H. F. Curtis, Es j., mortgagee. Removed for convenience of tale. ~\T B. BUTLER, ArCTTOSEi-K. ? PCBLIC ADM1NIS JjJLa trator's sale on Thursday, August 14, at 11 o'clock, at Bradley'it stable, corner of Eighteenth street and Fourth avenu e, one ta?t. brown maro, buggy top wagon, harnesit, sleigh, buffalo robe, bells, blankets, Ac., belonging to the e?tete of Thomas Lockhart, Jr.. de ceased. Terras cash, current money. By order of I'ETEH a SWEENY. Public Administrator. PI. KELLY, AUCTIONEER? DBY GOODS AT AIT , tion. 1 will commence selling thii day at o'clock, on the premises. 31 Catherine street, the balance of the stock of McConriUe A Murphy, consisting chiefly of tall and winter goods. T?ICHARD WALTERS. AICTIOSEER THW DAY, AT XV half-past 10 o'clock, A. M., Me-sru. Caffray A IV alters will pell at their Ruction room. 2* Catherine trect, hardware, mechanics' tools, table cutlery, build ers' hardware, foucy and tov goods and gloss ware, weg worthy the attention of the trade. The above bein ftock In trade of anVitensive hardware store, dale i pane tual, and without reSi-rve. WS. MKIJ.OR, AUCTIONEER, BV HOUGHTON A 0 MET. I. OK ? Thursday, August 10, at 10>? o'clock, at the spacious salesroom 113 Nassau street, large per emptory auction sale of the entire manufactured stock of a ilrst class Broadway manufacturer, consisting of the most fashionable styles of carred rosewood, oak, mahoga ny and walnut furniture, parlor furniture, confuting of soveral costly covered suits, richly carved etegeres, eseiutoires, carved centre and sofa tables, wri'ing cabi nets, inlaid fancy tables, Turkish easy chairs, fancy re ception and Gothic chair*, costly chamber furniture, in rosewood, nuihoganv, walnut and oak. In suits, with marble tops; several very beautiful em moiled chamber suits, plain and marble tops; a full assortment of library, diningroom and office furniture, including rich bookanios, sideboards, several extension dining tnbles, the most ap proved patents; chairs to match, beuafiit,- in oak and walnut; a large variety of medium class furniture; also, to pay advances, about twenty choke oil paintings, eighteen thick French plate pier and oval mirrors, entire ly new and in the most fashionable Btyle of frames. Also at 12 o'clock, will be sold, to pay advances, eight superior toned new and second hand pianofortes, the property of a dealer leaving the city, together with stools, covers, Ac. We invite the attention of country merchants, hotel proprietors, the trade, Ac., n? tho whole will positively be sold. Catalogues now ready, and the goods on exhibi tion. Articles can be packed for shipping. FDfA!ICI?JL ih^AA AAA ?money to loan on du vf ? mouds, watches, jewelry, dry goods, segars, fee., or bought for cash; stocks, notes, mortgages, fee., negotiated. Business confidential ana prompt. By THOMPSON A CO., brokers and commission merchants, 102 Nassau street, corner of Ann, room No 2, second floor. (&{?(?? 7 AAA T0 LOAN? ON WATCHES. DIA I ?vUv mouds, jewelry, segars, and every description of valuable property, or bought for cash, *>y J OP. K L-AA(. basement office, 11 Chambers street, from 9 till 0. Business prompt and confidential. OH gold and silver bought. N. B. ? No business transacted Saturday. 3 AAA ACRiS IN IOWA. ? WANTED TO ITU ? vJv/V/ chase Iowa binds located by N. Haight for persons in anil vicinity of New York, at $1 25 per ac.e. Apply to S. H. MATTISON, 3 Nassau street, 3d lloor, front room. ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY, IN SUMS TO SUIT. CAN be had without delsy, on valuables, property, se curities, Ac. Also uncurrent money discounted at lowest rates. Highest prices paid for foreign gold and silver, at t be Specie and Exchange Oflioe, 46:' Ilroadway, opposite the Pacific Bank, JOHN HOOPE ADAMS. ANY AMOUNT OF CASH LOANED, OR PURCHASED at sight, for fair prices, of diamonds, watches, rich jewelry, plate, merchandise, and valuable personal pro perty generally, bv R. WOOD, 69 Fulton street, second floor, tront room, from 9 A. M. to & P. M. M' ARI NEBS' PAYINGS INSTITUTION?' THIRD AVE nue, corner of Ninth street ? For the benefit of all classes of persons. Bank open daily from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M., and on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS from 5 to 8 o'clock. Intei est on deposits of $300 and under, nix. PER CENT. ISAAC T. SMITH, Secretary. MONEY ADVANCED FOR SHORT PERIODS ON REAL estate, diamonds, watches, jewelry, plate, piano fortes, dry goods, horses, carriages, and every descrip tion of property, by responsible Empire Ijoan and Agency Company. C. WILLS, Agent, 883 Broadway, opposite the Broadway theatre. "V"EW YORE FLOATING DRY DOCK COMPANY, August 7, 1866. ? Hie President and directors havt this day declared a quarterly dividend of four per cent, jin.vsblc on and ufter the 16th inst. Tlie transfer books will be Closed until the day of payment. By order, ? H. V. MASON, Secretary. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. | (?(1 A AAA ? PARTNER wanted? TO TAKE 1 w!7l"?Wv/. a fourth interest in un established business, paying 100 per cent per annum. An active business man, with >2,500 cash, t an hear of an opportu nity to realize 100 per cent clear of all expensos, by ad dreVsiug box 324 Post Office, Chicago, 111. A AAA ~ A SPLENDID MANUF ACTURINfi business, without competition, and aV ii ding over :i00 per cent, profit, with a valuable $3,000 contract, will lie sold for 94,000, uhich, on examination, will be found toa be truly unparalleled bargain. Apply to THOMAS A STREET, 34,^ Pine street. AAA ? A SMAHT< ACm-E MAN, W v/Wvf ? can influence a considerable amount if trade, wishes to invest from >1.000 to >2,000 in a pro duce coiiiuil'sion business, already established noar the North river. Apply to W. J. BKI NDKED A CO, 78 Nas k?u otreet. CiOAA ? A PARTNER WANTED IN A BUSINESS established several years, and payng >4 000 to $6,b00 a year: the tiuslness Is cash, and may be extended to .i mueh larger amount. Knit particulars on application to C. B. Howl's A CO., 81 Nassau street. 4ilQAA ? A partner wanted, with this I*oUI/i Hinount, to join the advertiser, who fur t.f-ijes the same, to purchase a manufacturing business without competition, where from $4,000 to $6,000 per \ ear profit can be realiiei'. Call on W. Lyons, at A. ubjMI Ai I'o.'s, 118 Chambers street. (SjQnA ?A PARTNER WANTED IN A DRUG . store, with $200 to $. 00. or will sell out at u gr sacrifice: reason other business, (Jrand location, an extra chance for a young nutn. with or without know ledge of the trade. Address Dr. Adams, Herald office. (IS "| TO *300? A PERSON WANTED. WITH ij) I.Ov/ thi- amount, to Join the advertiser, and a tend to the financial ntlsirs of a highly respectable, safe and profitable travelling enterprise, which is with . ut competition: the investment will be perfectly safe. ? all to-day on Mr. .-Immenet at l'etet h Ingnli's. ;t4.r> Broadway. DISSOLUTION OI COPARTNERSHIP.? THE Co partnership heretofore existing between the subscri bers, under the firm of John T. I Vila ft At Sons, i? this day dissolved by mutual consent. Henry IKdan will sign In liquidation' and will continue the business in his own Hume. JOHN T. IHlI, AN. PITER DOLAN. New York Aiig. 18. 1365. HENRY DPI AN. THE SUBSCRIBER IUS THIS DAY ASSOCIATED with him Aaron S. I'ecL uuler the title of J. Henry A- Co.. and wiU contii.uc the watcbcsse manufacturing at 92 South Sccond street JOHN HENRY, Philadelphia. At gu?t 6, 1S65. AARON S. DSCH. IsOfeT AJTD FOlTiD. L((vT? TMi t.lNriEMAN WHO CALLED AT 40.' Broadway, in March <if the owner of a bundle foiiuM iu a stage ysstordiy wi'l advertised in yesterday's Herald, will please -ea<i his address to Groves, Baker A Co., 406 Broadway Lost >s ri esday forenoon, probably in a Sixth ?venu? ctage. l>etvteen Seventh and Thirty etghth st'i et*. a pair < (gold spectacles. in a red morocco case, having the name of * > |iure A Istuder, Fulton st.,'' narked on the c*?e. If the tinder will return the same to Mrs. Scott a: the Water Cure, comer Thirty-eighth street and sixth avenue or address a note to her, In forming her wh ,-e to *ead toa it. he will be liberally re warded ' LOsl ON IRjDAt I^s- ihE ion, CfSTANT. BE tween the Mechanics' PiuLiO* Association snd the PherMTa <?ffiee in Brooklyn. to 7 in thrj- bills of *he above narred bank vir 1 $?'<) t $.', and 1 $2 The finder will be libe-a'ly rew?rded on returning the same to the pay ing teller of -aid bank, No. 36 WaU -treet. STRAVET' OR FT "EN? FROM THE PARK IS CEN tre street an M i. toy afternoon, the luth inst.. a black marc and buggy A Itbers! reward will be paid for the re. overy of the aoo*e by J. Sharp, 806 We?t Ligh teen'h strict. DRY POODS, AC. V| i ( ^?KOTNEWCOODBAREARr.lTI.VfJBT er -h s'-in ?r, being the purcha-eof Mr. Roberts, who ii- a' pre ent in Europe Seieral case, hat ? Just l>eei ej? ae i iaimng real Valencl'nne laces, all widths al?o P' . 1 . nt ti:iipure and Honitf n goods of evr ry de?erip'. a IV is embr IderlM ?e y cheap. IT.TTit lu >II1-?ITS A do.. 37fi Broadway. playing ( tam, IJIAVTNf. ( AWIh 0? KVEP.Y DR^UPTION F 'K at the I nion ( art! Man factory 177 and 179 Grand hticd, newt Prtiadwaj incl >> -' t?g single an Idouiile he?d? OTTsru n'e t snd | l.on snd S ani^h rvrdt A ?tif^rinr sHspie<< I aeitUr., eanjs vnu ?.o^and n'rwM trx lo wfc.--, ti-aiie e*;.e Jy fo. d^l^g TMAWTr MgOTEfc AUOfS, WITH THE iTHMTTRK OF A SPIA'NDID tnaaaioe, with 22 MIT* of fin* Und, ?tu?le.l up<ia banks tK Hudson rim, in the immediate vicinity of the eity and within two miuute* walk of a railroad d"fOt. The kMK t? large, commodious and beautifully furnished, sad i? now used u a select private boarding house, Mo* 1M with the boat class of border* the not of the room* amounting to about 9700 per week. For sale low and on easy terms. Kor cards of admission, apply to P. C. Bl'LKLEY, 40 Wall ?t., (baseuwnu) A Bf) ARM SO HOUSE TO LET.? HAVING BERN oc cupied for three yt rs a? such ? tlie lady now cc cupying ft i* going to Cub .'or la on the 2Uth instant, and wiiue* to se'.l uui ; the bt>? ulers wishing to stay if ar rangements can be made with the purch uter to <lo so; ?t oruart of the furniture with tiie house. of Mn. DITRE, K ! 3d streot , corner of 1st avenue. A NEATLY Fl'RMSHED COTTAGE TO MX? A YD AH the preseut tenant is about to lc?w> the tittle, tho furniture, which is new and of the boot quality, is f ?r mile. Apply to J. M. Douglass, Weat tloboken, oue mile from the rerry. APART OK A HOCSE, CONSISTING OF TUKKE OH foi-r furnished rooms, (a whole floor p:eforred, with ffctilitlee for cooking, are wanted by a sunU hmlly of three (leisone ? no children; house must have gm and bath, and be between Fourth and Sixth avenue, and Itlevcker and Sixteenth streets, from the lat of September till let of May. Address C. G. F., Herald office. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN MAY BE AOCV?IMO dated with a furnished bedroom in n private fami ly, on Brool lyn Heights, within three inlauten' walk of Hilton or Wall street ferries. Terms *5 per month tn advance. Apply at 36 Willow street, Bi.wktvn. A NEATLY FURNISHED COTTAGE TO LET? VND AS J\_ the present tenant i? about to leave the State, the furniture, which in new and of the be it quality, is fir sale. Apply to J. M. Douglass, West Hoboken, one mil* from the ferry. A FURNISHED COTTAGE, THREE MINCTKS1 WA1.K Wrom Vanderbilt landing, Staten Inland, to let from 1st .September. Apply at 43 Exchange place. A PRIVATE FAMILY WWII TO LET A FEVf FUTl nished rooms, without board. Apply at 105 Greene street, between Prince and Spring. Rofereuces require 1. A RARE CHANCE FOR A GOOD LOCATION* AND cheap rent ? A rmall store, a few doors from Broad way, with ii splendid show window, will be let exreediag ly cheap if applied for immediately. Call and examine, at 162 Fulton street. BROADWAY? HOC-TON STREET. ? TO LET, THE large and commodious building, No. 018 Broadway, t:8xC0, very suitable for bunine?s purposes, would be di vided to suit; also the large dwelling house No. 6ft8 Houston street, clone to Broadway, contain* about twenty rooms, and hos all the modern improvement.-; and conve niences complete. Apply to JAM1* PRICE, 200 Hudson street. CIHAP RENTS.? TO LET, TWO FLOORS, SEVEN rooms. Croton water, bath, Ac . also a basement, at 064 Pearl street, near Brcadway ; also a two story house and store, at 62 Trinity place, and a large store at 218 Seventh avenue. Apply to GILLESPIE, 654 Pearl st Furnished parlors and bedrooms to let, in a private family, in a pleasant situation near Wash ington square, Ga < and baths in the house. Apply at 30U Fourth street. References required. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? ROOM, BEDROOM AND kitchen, witli every convenience for keeping house, at reduced prices. Apply at 123 West Twenty-fourth ?treet, near Seventh avenue. Also, part ut' a first class house, the greater or lesser part furnished or not. For card ot address, apply as above. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? A PRIVATE FAMILY would let a parlor an>t bedroom adjoining, together or separate, to one or two gentlemen, with or without breakfast and tea. The house is furnished with givs and baths. The location central, only two blocks west of Broadway. .Apply it 103 Greene street, near Spring. For rkxt, to a gentleman? a beautiful new medium brown stone house, 109},' St. Mark's plucc; inquire next door. Also, a two story and atlic house, in perfect order, 667 Grcenv. ich street. Rent for the re mainder of the year. $460. Also, a coupe, nearly now. Cost $C00, ty ill be .sold for 9360, for want of u-e. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, in a most desirable situation, with a private family, with or without partial board. The house is convent nt to three ferries, and cars pass the door. Apply at 221 Court street, South Brooklyn. HOUSES TO LKT. ? THREE ELEGANT HOUSES IN River terrace, U ?boken, three minutes' walk oi the ferry, comma ndi up a beautiful view of the bay aud city of Hew York. with bath, gas, hot and cold water, Ac., to families of the first respectability only. Inquire at the office corner of Second and Hudson streets. Hobo ken, of EDWARD MARTIN. House to let.? a handsome three story brown stone front dwelling, 324 Henry street, Brooklyn. nearly new. having the modern conveniences, with locality unsurpassed, uad about fight minutes' walk from the Atlantic ferry. Possession given imme diately. Apply to Mr. John K. Horn, bO Nassau street, or to Mr. P. Urusli, 108 Bedford street, New Vork. House to let. or for sale? a first ciass three story brown stone front bouse, 77 Twenty sixth street, a few doors from Sixth avenue, with all the modern improvements, bathing rooms, water closets, hot and cold water and gss throughout; the house has been painted thoroughly, and is in the best order. Will be let on a leaso if required, to a good tenunt. Apply to Wm. Paul, 41 Cortlandt street, or Mr. Gregory, 388 .Sixth avenne. OFFICE 10 LET. ? HAIF OF FRONT OFFICE 196 Broadway. (the <>thor half occupicd by Smith A Eddy:) a very desirable location for a watch importer, or most any other light business purpose. Apply to SMITH & H)I>Y, on the premises, or to Waterbury Jewelry Com pany, 12 Vesey street. OIJ> BAKER'S STAND TO I JOT OR LEASE.? THE OLD baker's stand, four stories high, No. ? Sixth ave nue. near the junction of Broadway, to let or lease. None need apply hut tl o e who can give goo<i security for rent. Apply to WILLIAM H. RAYNOK, corner of Broadway and West Thirty-fifth st. Rooms to a smaix family without chil dren. occupying a Arst class house, wish to rent the second floor to gentlemen, without board. The house Is pleasantly situated, half way between South and Wall street ferries. Apply at 177 Henry street, Brooklyn. STORE AND DWEJJJNG IX EASTCHESTER, Win chester county, with 3^ acres of land. The old es tablished store formerly occupied by G. Fayle, deceased commanding a first rate country tiade, possession iuune diately. will tie leased for one or more years. Inquire of A. H. DI NC'iMBK. EasU'hester. by letter or personally: or to F. B. SMITH, store 727 Broad **y. Take the New Haven Railroad and stop at fU>unt \ e'rnon station. no> mile fri m Fastchester. Rent 9f the entire propei ly HM per year. STEAM TO LET. IN THF. DEPOT BUILDINGS corner ofEJm and Franklin streets, one Meek east of Broadway, inquire on Uw yualwftl the sfld ot K. ANTHONY. rpu IJ-.T, ON BROADWAY AND CANAL STREET? ON [" X store on Broadway, aud onc on Canal street to lease. Apply at 144 Chambers street. The fine;f store avd basement m ca nal street. lt>' feet from Broadway, to let, Very cheap, until the first of February next. Inquire ol GK0\ KR, RAKFR A: CO.. 406 Broadway. Town and oounthy to genteel familif* studying economy ? To let. in Grand street, Wil liani.sburg a comfortable suit of rooms, -even in number, wster gs- chandeliers: In a new elegant brick hou.-e. singe- pa?s the d> or. r?nt $116 per nnuuui. Inquire at 462 Grand treet W illlamshurfr Tt LKT SEVERAL ROOMS FOR LIWI MANU factoring purposes, > ery desirably located beinp in house No. it* Ituane ?treet, tifty feet east of Broadway Apply to GEMMEL. No. 302 Broadway. TO I .FT? A IARGE BRICK SHOP ON SPRUCF street. Iielow William, in the re.?r, with wide en trance. suitable for a carpenter's shop or parking box manufactory. Rent moderate. E. R. KIVS1IIMFR. 31? Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. TO I FT ? THF: IT BUC HOUSE 372 FOURTH A WIT. al?.ve Twenty -seventh street, a dinlug **14M on first floor, with ten room* above, gas bath, 4c. Rent low on a lease. E. B. KlN'mMER, M Fourth avenue, 8 to 7 I*. M. TO U.1 0B FOR 5AU..-TWO SMAI.I. Hol SKP. JUrT finished, with all the modern improvements. 109>? and 111 West Twenty-fourth street, between Sixth and Seventh nvenue> Also, a cottage and stable, with 11 lots of ground, at Eighty eighth street between Bloom Ingdale road and the Eleventh s venue. Apply to M WtliK>N. corner of Cor t land t and Hi >adway, under the Gllsay building. The above propei ly can be had with immediate possession. T> IJT? THE LITER PART OF A Hoi -i. 10$ WASH inft'on stieet Jersey Ctty. plea-antly located, eon listing of two parlors four liedr.-.m-, an excel!, nt kitchen. Ia?ement. and gtod coal house. Rent $176. Also, two workshops, at M Vork street suitable for Jew ellers. or other light manufacturing t urp>.?r<. !lie sh?p< are 18 by !K> feet each, with windows on three side?. There is'a steam power In the bssei.i'nt which can he n-?d K required. Apply to A. COX. 10$ Washington street. Jersey City. IET? IN JERj-EY HIV A .-JuRF 2a BV 80 FEET rent low. Apply at 62 M< ntgom. ry ? veet. * TO LF*T? TH1 UPFER PART -OF 1 111 THREE STORV h'. use, No 46 Amos street, with all modern im pror, ments posse.,i, n on 1st Se t.->mlier. Rent low to s (pod 'enant for the balance oi the ve??. Inquire t? taeen 5 and 6 P. M. TO 1ST IN BROOKLYN? UPPER PART MK Hot 'si ! in Cumberland stieet, between Fulton aud Atlanti ' avenues, ei nsi-tln* of four rr ims on second story, ami two lirge snd one smtll t.edr'?.m on tnird s!f ry. Pent $1.6 a yesr f, -stoe house t .sards > lantif avenue c' r w with front pis re. f|w? UT-THI'. VH'iR l A'fT Ol lt^ ' I M | **rfef, to a r.? pe-t%ble fstr y lnqaise oo the < :r Isos mo lit? TBC w?oi* o> oni half or the hou? I I | * , f . ?uA . ir.s is to ocasplc'a rwpalr Inquire oo ihs pr-a.*s ? 4BW PfBLlcmOSS. ANEW HOOK? 1 Hi. MA11HI AliKt. L'IDK , OK PAMIl.Y Medical a Ad Pbyviolngical Instructor. Specially for the married or ibote intending to marry. By I>r P. ?. llollick, the author and lecturer. Hunlrud'h edition; live hundred p??" , colored plates. Price one dollar. Published by T. W. HTHONt;, No. U8 Nassau street, Ne-r York, who will forward by mail, free on receipt of one dtillar and address. "The most extraordinary bojk we ever read. One feature wblch particularly dutinMi bee this Uok from all other* of (lie kind, It the peculiar <oa? of morality which pervade* 11 ell through." ? Medical and Surgical lu-ricw. BODENltAMER ON THE PILES.? NOW READY.? Practical observations on some of the disease* of the rectum, unus, aud continuous textures ? giving '.heir na ture, not, causes, symptoms, consequences and preven tion : especially addressed to non- medical readers. Hy W . Bodeubaiuer, M. I*. Fecond "ditlon, with plates, fcc. 8vo. VI. J. is. lUJJl IUJ), 34 Beuhmm at. J 1st puhl^hfd? the riveiidale schoytisch, by Julius Mots, 25 cents. We consider this the prettiest Schottisch we bare published fur a long time Mut'ic teacher*, by calling, or sending their e<i* Is, will receive a copy gratis. Cards from the country must be accompanied wl'.h three cents, to pay the postage. COOK k BHO., Music Dealers, 343 Broadway. RACHEL'S BlOOUAPHY.? THE AUTHENTIC BIOGRA pby of Mile. Hachel, with coteinporary criticism i by the moat eminent Kuroj?an writers, aud analytlsat no tices of ber most celebrated character*, beautliiilly Ulus i rat e<l with superb portrait un steel, executed by the 1 keliogiaphic process in Purls. Price 26 cent* Orders to I f adilrc>sed to J. DAKC1E, at Ilall h Son's, 230 Bruad *tt, New York. - 1 The mem out at last. I care for no man's friendship or enmity. If I can not stand on my own merits lot me full. ? J. 0. Bennett. Published this morning : MEMOIR? 0V JAMI'.S GORDON BENNETT AND HMTIME-'. BY A JOt'B\AIJW. With a fine Medallion Portrait; 4B& pages. Price $1 25. remarkable book l<at> bet a delayed a few woeki, in order to supply the orders received in advance. Two Luge editions have been engaged, and a third lias Voeu prepared. Further preparation! are being made to pre vent disappointment In th" future. Tin raomsBNT pcbuc jocrnaubi, whf-o whole carter lias been carefully traced in these png.-s, has had ?II STICK lKlNE TO HIS EYTKRPIUSE AVt> COCRAdi by au impartial hand. The simple, uncontroverted, and INfOSTROVKKTOI! I! TUfTO IB TOU>. The author has said that he sincerely trusts that Tins F1KHCK WAH OK JOI R.VAUPM may terminate, but the public are yet to discover whether or not this desire will be gratified. The true intent and importance of tbe work will best be obtained from a careful rSRSONAL PKRCRAI, OF Tint VOLUME. No written analysis of it can possibly convey to the reader a complete knowledge of its style, contents, and sliarncler. Tin: opinions or the pities present a variety of statement's, remarkable for their en tirely contradictory character. In a few day* the views of T'lK citt HOOT will be given in contrast to those of other cities. In the meantime the public are invited to examine the pages of TH1H VALUABLE VOLUME. written to do justice to the character of journalism and the leudicg journalist of the United States. TTIK WHOLE SECRET OK ANTAOO.V10* 10 Mr. Bennett is unmasked, and hi.) character is placed h a proper light before the public, by an ARRAY OK IVMSPCTAHLE FACTS. The author has declared hip entire confidence in TI1K PI HI. 10 VERDICT w this work, which Is the true source from wliich to ob tdn a thorough comprehension of its value as an IMPARTIAL BIiXSRAPHY. 9TRINOER fc TOWN SEND, Publishers, 222 Broadway, And for sale by all bookacllcra, travelling agents, car agents, newspaper agents and carriers everywhere. N. B.? Circulars furnished on application. SPKCIAXa NOTICES. At a meeting* of thm new york young jusn'B Roman Cutliolic Benevolent Association, hold Aigust lit. 1856, the following preuiublc Hod resolutions w.'re unuriimously adopted: ? Whereas, it has pleased an all wise Providence to re move front our midst brother William J. McGann. whom wt nil esteemed and respected for his many good nuali ties; and whereas. the occasion demauds from us an ex pression of respect for his memory, and sympathy with he family and friend-- In the loan they have sustained; tlerefore l>c it Resolved, That in the early death of brother William McGann, the Association sincerely mourns the loss of oie who was always upright and unassuming in his course tlrough life, we mouru that he should be called to hia H'eount at such an early period of hl? life, just entering iito manhood, but we trust that in losing him, our loss Will be hi - gain. Resolved, ' a copy of the above resolution be pre sented to thefan.ily of the deceased, signed by the Presi dent, and attested by the Secretary. .laires C. Ryan, John 1). Crowe, Jeremiah ? Committee. From the minutes. TIMOTHY LYNCH, President. Jot-KPU Gjukhn, Corresponding Secretary. EM 11KT MUTUAL B. B. SOCIKTV. ? .THE MEMBERS of this apciety are hereby notified to attend the regular meeting on Wednesday, If 'h Inst., at their meet ing room, 4'2 l'rince street, as the new bylaws will be submitted to the meeting. JAMES HARRINGTON, President. JotLN J. Gract, Kecording Secretary. 10. 0. F? THE R. W. GRAND LODGE OF 80UTH ? ern New York, will hold an adjourned meeting of its annual session, at room 0. F. Hall, corner of Grand ?nd Centre streets, on Wednesday evening, 16th inst., at S o'clock. By order. JOHN J. DA VIES, Grand Secretary. Oil) JOHN STREET M. E. CHURCH, AND FIRST IN the United States. ? The members and congrega tion of this church, and all who are In favor of retaining that time honored sanctuary in its present location, will hold n public meeting in the Greene street, M. E. church, between Broome and tyring streets, on Thursday eve ning, August 10, at 7>i o'clock, when a full history of the, church, including the existing difficulties occa sioned by an attempt to sell it, will be given. All the clergy of the elty arc invited to attend. P. S. ? Suit able accommodations for the press. By order of the Committee of Arrangements. JAMES T. BARNES, Chairman. C. Firovkon, Secretary. PALESTINE ENCAMPMENT, NO. 18, OF KNIGHTS Templars.? The members of this encampment are requested to meet at the Masonic Heading Room of Sir Knight I^onard, S8S Broadway, on Wednesday evening next, at 8 o'clock, as business of importance will be brought before the meeting. JOHN w. TIMSON, Gr. Commander. H. F. Phjuiw, Recorder. THE TBADE9. Adam* press feeders wanted, at 97 cuff St.. to-day. JOHN A GRAY. Ct ITERS WANTED TWO CUTTERS WANTED, ONE for pantaloons and one for coats. Apply to Adler 8t New bower, 51 Cedar st. Lithography.? a young man wishes a srrt'A tion as lithographer, either in town or cuuntry can do either drawing or writing; very low w.'ges will suffice; his only desire being for a comfortable place. He will show specimens of his work. Address S. B. B., f>28 Eighth avenue. Trunk makers wanted.? also a good trunk cover maker. Apply at 177 Broadway RULLMAN it IXX'KW(hH). TO GOIJ) PEN MAKER-".? WANTED, A FIR-T RATE grinder nnd finisher; al 'o, three boys w'10 hive had seme experience In the bu'inesa Apply to Brown A Wiley, 121 Nassau street. T) CA1JC0 PRINTERS AND IMPORTERS? A Y^bVG msn, at prseent employed as bookkeeper in an i>n forting house in this city, desires a situation in a calico or deluine printwork; has had twelve years experience In (woof the first print works in Scotland, and is inti mately senuaiuted with styles and colors; has also some useful cnlculstions connected therewith. Importers or agents in the above line would find in the advertiser a useful assistant. Has liberty to refer to his present em plover", ii tsn testimonials of the firat class will be fur niahed. Address J. F.. Herald office. "I*rANlEP ? AN ARTESIAN WEU. BORER ONF. ? f who can furnish his own tool* preferred. Depth liore will probably not exeeed one hundred feet, aud very likely much lev. Employment within live miles of New York elty Address Artesian Well, Herald office. "llfANTfr? AN ENGRAVER AND CHASER OF JEW Vf eliy. Brainerd A Geffroy. No. 10 C'ortUndt St., up stairs. T*r ANTED? A COMPETENT BAR KEEPER. APPLY VY at No. 208 Madison st? from 12 M to ;; P. M., thl? day. BTCRICAIm Bargains?? one haujt davb a co s seven oi favo piano, r^arly new, cost 8800 for 8150; one 0111*1 1 s, 81 W, 81 -ft and 8100 each; one Chickeriug's, 81V&. Melodeon* at 836 840 and 8(0, all la perfect or der. Pianos and melodeons to rent at low prijes. liar n ooeuu- aud leed crfan< for churches. S. T. QOK1/ON, 287 Bro*lt?ay. MUSIC.? INSTRUCTION ON THE nANOFORTE WILL tie riven fn any lady who, being handy with lier n.olle will give an h> tir or two in the neek to the ca. e of a grntb man's wajdrobe. Add r? ss W. W. P. lit raid office. " BDJ.IARUB. GUI] I nil ft DECKER? TW ONLY CORRECT B(I/ liard table ci.?l,i> u mansfsctnrcrs. Buyers will do vill tn rail and t \?minc our eteck of tables cloths, hall - end other trimmings for sale 11 jier c?n' less than can be hot ght el wh? re. f.KIl Frni A l>H Mil. (M Ann street. THI Bl. I A VP CHEAfENT BILLIARD TABI.O IN t) el i.iteJ States art- sold at 41 Aau street GenU.-nv n warning tables ar< inv^M t?> call before pnreh.i lug a-id I udp for t htm (He*. CMh> , cues, Re. chc.?p for cash. I vn't to g"t Hi i n<ltnl?r. i, i ?\ v 1 1 . ! (HI I. i '? T't ... 11 Ann -? n. 11'! invite n h .? ? u -- ro examine o-;it ? ft ! .'It. i.e. wit, oni mode ?? mptmve n : i. ? f ' * hie h we ee ?d ? silver medal ?t Uic 'si :r,b'* ) r! IW A 1 Isills, ciei, cloths, be . 4^., i.-- ?ak *? 1 * ?- ? re LKOFAilD ii W. J AX1N, .^"2 F.rc^!?ny BOAHPiaq MP IiQDBBO. m BROADWAY.? FURNISHED PARLOR AND three sleep iug apartment* to let, Above Koirtta ?tieet, t few doors fn^n tie New York hotel. No board er* in the hmiio. House contain.- bath, gas, Ac. Refer ences exchanged. A 1*7 BROOME. ? ITTKNTKRF3) ROOMS, ON WW fx J I and second floor, with or without partial board, to let to gentlemen. OA1 fOCHTH AVENUE, THIRD DOOR FROM ?') L Twentjr-flrst street. ? Pleasant furnlihel rooms, single or in suits, to let, with or without hoard; the home ha* all the modern improvement*. and tlie location ve ry convenient to the lower p.irt of the city. ?t A ft HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S _L~r| l'Brk- ? Furniabed room* to let. with board, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives; also, a handsomely furnished back parlor; bouse newly famish ed, with all the modern Improvements for permanent aud transient boarders. 1 IF NINTH STREET. ? A SUIT OK HANDSOMELY _|_ T"0 furnished ri?oia? to let, on second floor, to a family, with private table if preferred; al -to, two room*. Kelt able for single gcntLuucu, with full or partial board. House firt t class and cfWTniently located. -| Af? WAVFRLEY PLACE, THIRD DOOR WKriT OK _X UO Washington |>ark, a pleasant front room to let, with hoard; also a small room. A front basement to let to a physician. Location delightful. Term* mode rate. References exchanged. l~(T AND 67 WI-MT TWENTY-THIRD STREET ? A FEW 00 Mint families and gentlemen can he accomm "da ted with suites or single rooms, with fnll or partial board, 'n that eligible brown stone building, which is eligibly located, containing all the modern Improvents. and cannot be surpassed by convenience to cars and sta^e*, being located between Broadway aud Sixth avenue*. Families and gentlemen of the first respectability may now hare a choice of room*. tf f* WTST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET ? SINGLE OEV ( O tlemen or gentlemen and their wives ran be hand s' mely accommodated with board in a first class house, on n stage and car ronte, a few step* from Sixth avenue, where but few boarder* will be accommodated. /> r SECOND AVENUE? nfcXS KVRNpim Oft ON' Dl) furnished, with or without hoard, for families or tingle gentlemen; the house has bath and gas. U GREENE STREET. ? A PLEASANT FRONT AND back room, on the vocond floor, furnished, with hoard, to a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; water and gns In both room"; also, a single lady can be accommodated. 1 ?ARROL PI ACE, BLEKCKKR STRKEX-A GEN JL V/ tlemau and his wife, anil two or the? single gen t lemon, can be genteelly accommodated, with very desira ble nnd handsomely furnished rooms, with permanent or transient board Dinner at 6 o'clock. References ex changed. A WIDOW LADY WOUIJ) LET TO ONE OR TWO single gentlemen furnished rooms, with our with out partial board. Bath and gas. Location very retired and pleasant. Apply at 192 Waverley place, near Amo* street. ANY GENTEEL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING a handsomely furnished modern house, in a desira ble location, desirous of reducing their expenses, by renting to a gentleman and hi* wife, the second floor (with private table), may hear of nu opportunity by ad dressing H. C. M., box 440 Post Office. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET TO ONE OR TWO gentlemen in a private family. The room is large and pleasant. Kent $7 per month. Apply at 06 E. 26th st. 4 MMAIX. GENTEEL AMERICAN FAMTLY, OCCl'j'Y Kent about $18 per month. Apply to KNAl r, ?" uru way. References exchanged. - "7 lady AT PRESENT RESIDING AT A HOTEI-, M A desirous of procuring ? parlor and chamber with onboard, In a gcnk-el boarding house, wher^^? J JX^he cnmfoSta of a home. location preferred ?n Broadway, between Houston street LX'Llwoy ^ ' for any of the cross streets went of and near y. which accommodations a reasonable pi ice will l>c pal i, Address E. M., Herald office, stating terms. . FAM1LY OF THE HIGHEST ? REHPECTABII JTY desires to obtain, for the fall and winter, a suit of furnished rooms, with board, in a house where thore are* and will be, no other hoarders. The location must tie between Eighth and Fourteenth street*, and 1")nr^h ami Fifth avenues; or the east side of Cnion square, tween Fourteenth and ^Tcnt^nth BtrMts ^eMOceH required and given. Address A. A. A., HeraM o<nc ? a GENTIEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR TWO SIN^ A glr gentlemen, can be nicely accommodated with ia f^nii.5?ed room and board: house has the modirn im provements. Apply aj- 1?^ Thompson st. ArvK tt V"M AK AND WIFE. OR SINGI?R GKN1LE wen can be accommodated with P1^118?111 r0??" ln*rd in a small private familr, at 74 (old nu-n^r 88) West Twenty-&ccond street. Tn* house contain* . modern improvements, and i? convenient to cars an stages. ? SUITE OF ROOMS. HANDSOMELY Fl'RM^HED, suituble for a gentleman and wife, or single gontle wii I, full or partial board; also, several small rooms caB*i>e had, by applying at 32 Ninth street. References oxchsnged. A gentleman ani> his wire, ANDTWO OR THREE single gentlemen, can be accommodated with go<Ki board and very nice pleasant rooms, in adel i?h t ful situa tion, by applying at 36 Concord street, Brooklyn. APARTMENTS, WITH GOOD ACCOM MODATIONS FOR rermament and transient boarders; a Je"*htfullo cation^ the summer, bring situated near the Hudson car* aud atageH pas* to aU parta of the city. Aj P J No 4 Abingdon square, west side, two door, from Bond street- - 4 FKW RESPECTABIJC MFXTUN'ira ^N BF. AC A commodated with board in a private family. Ame Hwns preferred. Inquire at No. 71 Prospect street, Brooklyn Board wanted? by two yocnq gentlemen, in a genteel private family (French Purred), In .ear Willoughhy street Brooklyn. Term# moderate. Address H. W-. Brooklyn i'o?t Office for two days. TfeOARDIK BROOKLYN. ? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE T) can have a large, unfurnished room, on ?eco?<1 i^or, with partial board for gentle man. in a l,)' cation, five minutes' WaU from h ulton ferry . A' " " room (or a single gentlenran. Terms m-slcra^. J ???y private, Mea-o apply at No. 64 High street, corncr o Adams. ? ? .p., hkvvrAL PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH 5 bowid. may be had at the eligibly located <>w?'ttiag No. 14i LighUi stieet, opposite the Morcantlle Library. References exchanged. B ~OARDING. ?TWO OR THREE YOCNG MEN CAN W. arr- mmodated with good l>oard nnd plea*.int r<;oms at -?FDing'.on street, at *>.nd*l 50 per week. I one block from the Bonerv. Also, lor one young lady. B' OARD IN BROOKLYN. ? A GENTLEMAN' AND IIIH wife, or two single gentlemen, can he ilaied with pleasant rooms, with board. replete w 1th gas, and hot and cold baths. Applv at - J> Waabiugton *t. OARD IN CHAMBERS tfTRFEI ?AW JM '.it 'l^inNS with l<oard. for ? gentleman and wife or a few slo. gle gentlemen, transient or permanent, at U1 <- hambiw street. Reference* required. OARD? AGKNTI EMAN AND Hl~ WIFE, CAN ilAVV n handsomely furnished room or soil# of rooms, , in a small quiet fandlv on i easonuble t . rms. Hon* P*? tint lv located in West Thirty second t,tre?t, No w?. c >n venlent to the Sixth avenue ran-; also aUges to all part* of the city- ? BFACTI FILLY FURNISHED P.iHtMS TO LET? TO single gentlemen of high re-rectabilitjr, inn prjvate lamily, *ith or without board; Aie house and furniture new and lit st class In every |*rticular. Applj at 119 1, Ninth street, five doors west ot II. ^ .?.iy. OARDINtl. ? A t.KN-iLKMAN' AND HI- Wil E. OR TWO orthn-esing: gentlemen, can*.! witli neatly furnished rooms, without board, la a private rarai iy location, 8f> Grand street. *m of Broads ay. no parlors on first floor, if desired. B~OARI'-A PRIVATE FAMILY HAYING MORE P.'X>M than they re<|uire. are desirous of vVtaintng .? gen tleman and hi? wife Vt a It* ?ingle gentlcmeu to b<>?rd The hov.fce is a first class one. with all f^e ?"J?? ? provements; is convenient to the Th.rd and lour h '? ^ buss. Terson. wishu.? the comfort, ot a home, would do well to address A. M . Herald office. BICARB IN BROOKLYN? FAMILIES WIfflM TO obtain b<'ard for the einter will find Pj'?*?nt rooms with the comforts of a home; the Louse 1- '^ fi: 11 v situated and has all the mod. rn n-^rorem^t. al^ a tew gentlemen can be accomodated- APM ?? Washington street, near 1 ul'x>p and ^a. f rnei. Board? asm Ail- qviot family, having m-)?j ii?di than ther want. wiH take to board a stngl gentlemsn; neighborhood good; ih.ou*\t'^ Wdwsy' tas, l>nih /tc. 1'leaae iw.nire at Ml ta?l Brjadwa, Best ot reference given -vanARDIVG ?TO LIT. A IAR'JF BACK PARI -OR. B furnUed. suited for a gent ,? anl wt ? or Jiwo innglc ger.tlemcn, wi-h n%e of front P?t!ot also a ,w y durable room en secor.d Poof, on vej ^erale tfrrM House *ith rno tern Improvement, and ItrieUy P"'a Apply al 'Mii hoUivan .treat, neat B.eecker. -w-fcrTarP A lAJ^Y RI-IMNG ALOKK? WHO lOR the sick, wetild awomm-idate a lady c?,.iae tare i f A Saerts. 1 ? ~ "TTrvT- at t ? *Mi in CHAMBKRS HHIEEI ? rt ria..?t>r"<-'?- Da> boerde^ ??eemw.J?.ed al-o I'?fer? uces ?t?tulred^ . ? ?p" Ts br^^ITN? : iX)MS EN KCITK, 1-i'H h n'lehe.1 or ,, for fsm.llei, aNo, r,?m. if, V ntl. men s.,d tl.elr wive* ands, , .?gent4 M,e.! In a . i.. I rv f nenr Wall street f' rry. at ';;V' ; . ..nrue ,m, ? ,.t.: c .tefcu i'? , , JV - ? './> . I., II' Vi wv, wOl have K ?OASJNUO AID BOARDING. ? A GENTTaKKAN ANO H:H W3*. OK two single ?entlemen, run b? acc*>in.O ?d.ited wit b k room, with cioeet ; who, n siug(? room at ti West Twenty-second street, fcttween Fifth nnd Sixtl ev lnu'?t. Boarding.? two or three wtviijcma-h can w: accommodated with rooms, with or wit boat board ?the hour* is lighted with pin; baths t >r th? u*e of th ? ccfuj>ral8< Mrs. MI 641 Honttvi sfwt. 0ARD IN" HOBOlfcN.? A ROOM, SUITABLE !*/?< a gentleman, nuw vacant it No. i place. Board wantft-by a gentleman- and wife, in a pleasant part of Brooklyn, near tlie rallro.uJ ; a room ami bedroom. furnished or unfurnished. fn a pri ?ate or flmt class boarding hou^ AddiDM W. p. H. Ht-rald office. BI.OOMFIFLD ACADEMY.? BOARDING AND DAY school for both aexes, pleasantly and healtlilly situated, corner of liloomfield and Virft aireelg, HoboW'-n, N. J,, will commence its next term August 21. N umlhT of Fcbolar* limited. Circulars nt Westertnan's, 'I'M B. on-l way, N. Y., or ??y ED. HCLDNER, I'ri-icipat. Boarding 8 cits ok ituxi-hft* ou unfcr niahed rooms for families or finale gf ntleiuen. in a first claBa house, with the oonvfuiiui"'." of wardrob"-, bath, rax, Ac. Terms rtaaonable. Appt) at 31 CUuton place, Eighth at. Board at bkrgkn point.? a i-ew single gen tluucn, or gentlemen and the ir wive*, can be commodated with pleasant* and board by applying to Jolin M. Enyard, at the above plrwc. Access *lm.>s? every hour in the day, by steamboat* from pier No. I Fast river, and by stage* from .lei ?cy ctty. ; JOHN M. ENYAltD. Bergan I'olnt, b. ? Board in Brooklyn? near south and wall street fehrles. Persons dextrous of obtaining pl? i i-ant rooms. in a Renteel location, with pnrtiu board, can be accommodated, on very modentte terms, at 01 Htut** street. Boarding ?to let, two handsome pari/>rs. with bedrooms, also two single rooms, all furuiM ed, with or without board, in tlio tir? tLw house li State street, fronting on thf lottery. Reference* re Quired. App'J fin uifi }rtans&. Board.? a single gentleman tan be accom moduted with hoavd; tilso two or three gentlemen with meal-. Inquire >i! iy Second strict. BOARD IN BROOKLYN? TWO OR THREE GENTLE men, or a uiurried couple, enn tludgood board, in a very desirable location, two minutes' walk from 1'ultou ferry, where there ore but few taken, and all tlie coin forts of a home may be round. Apply at 46 High street, uear Washington. Board wanted? in iama rtinf. plact., (twf\ ty-ninth street.) or immediate vicinity, 'oy s gen tlcinan, with two children :ind nurse. Private Lamilj preferred. Mease address A. M., box 261 I'o. t Oftiu. BOARD.? 648 BROADWAY, SITIS OF ROOMS, WITH front parlors; also room* for single gentlemea, with full board. Transient boarders accommodated on reasonable terms. Boarding? one or two GENnjaypr can be accommodated with pleasant rootnfT with break - tiast and tea, by applying at 68 Sixth street, between First and Second avenues. OARD IN H0B0KEN.? A GENTLEMAN AND HIS wile, or a few single gentlemen, can lie accommo dated with neatly furnished rooms and partial board, by applying in Hudson street, Hoboken. Third house above Second street. References exchanged. Board wanted? for a young iady in a pri. vate family, where the terms would be reasonable. Hoarding houses need not answer. Address L. S., stating terms, box 158 Herald office. Boarding.? a large pleasant room on second floor, with pantry attached, to let, with board, ton. gentleman and his wife, where the. comforts of a hom< inay be enjoyed. Also a room suitable for two single gen tlemen. Apply at 83 Henry nt. Desirable and convenient ujcation? two or three single gentlemen can be accommodated with newly furnished rooms, and partial or full board, if required, in a private family. Inquire at 2& North Mooro street. Reference required. French board.? gentlemen who wish t<? learn French by practice, can apply to a teacher of French, ioW Tenth utreet, near Second avenue. Tbi.n Ian guage Ik only spoken by his family, who, as well ?s him ?elf. are from l'arie. The term* trill include all the ne ceKsary instruction and board. Furnished room? with ft ilor partial hoard, for gentlemen awl their wives, or nlngle gentlemen, may lie obtained at 46 West Washington place. Refei enees exclianged. URMSHED ROOMS? NEWLY PAPERED AND PALM ed. with use of bath, at 18 li*|>enard streets B F FURNisrBED ROOM?? A PHIYATF. FAMILY OF THREE persons (English) desire to reut two rooms On a second floor, to which a small upper room could t>? added, to two or three gentlemen. Brenkft&t. If desired ; and no other imnates will be received,, one block from Broadwny. between Nlblo's and New York Hotel. Addre?s M. J., Box l>864, Poit Office. Gentlemen seeking a home, and wishing comforts of one. a lady now offers such: the house is elegant and airy, and, on inspection, will be found to have all it professes. Apply at 107 West Twelfth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. References required. Rooms to let? with board, at ui muhth street, opposite Clinton Hall: suitable acconrio dation* for the winter tor familiea and singh gentlemen. mWO GENTLEMEN* CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH 1 pleasant rooms and board with a private fn.nlly at No. 37 West Washington place. Hef-rence- exchanged. mo LET, WITH BOARD? A PLEASANT FRO XT ROOM JL on tho aceand story, at 13:2 BlwcUr street. The room is lighted with g*a and has a large pantry. THE ENTIRE THIRD FLOOR OF THE HR.'-T CLAHS honxe 38 Great Jones atreet can I* obtained, vritli board, on moderate terms by tho?e who wish to be per manent; also, two single rooms on fourth floor suitabl for gentlemen. 38 Great Jones street. near I.ifuyctt* place. TO LET? WITH BOARD. A IJLRGK rw rRNL-liKD room and bedroom adjoining, on the thiol floor, front; gas and bat ha tn the bouse-, also, a accmU st/.rj ball bedroom, furnished; reference required. Eor terra.- , fcc,, apply at 57 Rleecker street, two n tor t-aat of Broad way. TO BOARDING HOCSF. KEEPERS.? THE ENTIRE furniture of n boarding bouse lot -ule; fie h<>uw Is well furnished and in g?o<l order. A first rate chance for any lady wishing to enter the busines*. Inquire at M Leonard atreet. HOVSBS, ROOMS, ?fcc\, WAVTHD. HOVS'i: WANTED TO I'lT.t HASK? A THREE HTOP.V and attic house, with modern 'uiprovimcnts Ad dress with full particulars. K H.. bos 8-7 Post Ollcc. Hot Sf. WANTED? A FURNISHED HOOK, WEfl OF Broadway, and not above >pritig st reel. Addrcs- , muting full particular* Lysaoder (Vik H"ruld oBioe. PART OK A HOCSF. W ANTED? CONHrTTSG Of SIK roc mo, with nae of batbr< om, for :i genteel (j?mily ( no children), between ltoiinton and Tenth -dreets, wot ?b>. Kent not to excced *. -00 AJdres *t*;ing [ articular*, C. A. K., Herald office. QTORF WANTED? 81TTAB1E FOR THE CLOTHING O bu?ine??, in Gtcnw^ch street, on the busincs In of Ihe way. betae. n !V>y and Warren street. Any person hating auch an ? ne to leate, for a lertn of tbre* or Hvi years, can hear of a good tenant bj ,iddrc*.-'ug (mm' diutely W. H G. A Co., Chatham square I'osl Oflit-e. ?\1T ANTED TO ITRCHACF. ? A PMAT.L .HiiKV t^TORf f f house, in the npper part ot'the el'y. Price tioi to exceed fT.UOO to M. 000. Addre-s bjX JJ,o,'>8 IW. Ufl: r, B.atlug location and price, "l][ r ANTED TO RENT OR l?A?F.~ %A I'ROVls;os PACK ff ing house, with unoVe bouse attached, in til lower part of the eliy near the north -l !?- ? <t*. A letter addro??ed to A. B. ait ivft a' ihf H* .? in, will be promptly at i ended to. "tl^ANTPlt TO I.EAHF? FOf A Tl*5!M OF VKA'tf. A f f modern built house tw a'y fiv fee' fr.u pre ferred), in the uriT^er part of the city" at i v'jly . ??n*. 'if f '.m >860 to >1 000 1 ull (tiitlctilurs eque. ted. A-id-?-* l-ox fiflfl Po?t Office "IE r ANTED? A MfAIJ., CONVENIENT 'iV>FMi T ff fl ?; a iam.iy of tfcft* ,? rs. ?-,? g a.;- 1 ? to Wife a I servint. T/tcatim between Honaton street ?:<d 1 n n a-H-are, end nut beyond KIgli'ii avenue; ha ?? ai'.O.w modern hn?ro?rme*ita; rent not to i t ??' .1 $-'"?> ' -? > ,a harlng snrh apeifne'i-s ?i. tm- 1 < ? pBtttl 'en ant t.y atld/tseing H H H., Herald oH> " ?\*^A\lFDTf) I R(HA--V? A<;t?'H'0?'i.SK.;.u',jri ff t% ? dd ft' - ?? ?'?-?-? ? w. . .,4 eotmter*-. the bufine?? )?? o> theleghtii. or : -i.-'h sterues preferred; t.nt any go ?! at ?to-; in % tf. >? n^utirs wi u'd si ?W?-e. Addn-s* Ah . di-nlj ?#ce n g fu'J partU ulhrs and loweet ti ??" "VH.r ANTH4 ? A JtKAU. > i'.Vff. irf?i f ? ff ferre 1>, in Broo' 'yn near the fe- -li . or not ?aj< tcsrn than ftiirtleth si. r??t; rent i^iit vw pir stj II T Ad !-??? -!.?? V ' . ! ean ' ? ? ? ., w'*i f?lJ i.-rll<-<il.?e?, fti.-o o'ber w*l' b' ro-eed. M t ( bo* Tlt> l ost Office COAX. CtOAT ? vi-i-v iu-xr <jCA).ny o> j?u ? amt, !<tovt* / or egtr sit- -oal, eii<vi s-. I rtelitmrei, Ary ?? <1 ' (^?r(? or r-r, frr m under sr. ?!/ a b0 pc- ton sod t?hi-.t ??' fi'.ii^ardM '? ? -ek ?i e?t W -ighta-. ? , n? t) warranted r . ? i.'.i-)'. (^"Al A1 l-TV? DOl ? ARis I ''.i 70N OF T*0 'in i ) rai.d'Nt., ed ai.-l wh'*e a?1), eg* and t'nr ??< lite-ed f-o? the eb( ap ca'h coal yar-: ;g Lu .|| J ctweet. B ? ' S id ' a; ? 1. S or is j-n t, , . ./ i.t yt ur air er sapf'/. Vartl, 78 J udlow ?;rt>?t, VI W CttAI. VAHr? \? V.iV I if.Hl. 'i, B v if r. ar Ilamii'Li a* n<i.*f.-ir/ I a ,i ,i ? , , j .. ... I) !-bcst, sidy t I, k , , , . , , ?l >'< a b (tJt ?Jt ?u ?(??*?, at . ,? . tm ? mtt it* .. l .41 v J.l

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