Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1855 Page 7
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MVmiSElOTS B EM WED BFERI DAT. _ KOH HUB. ?AA ? K"R SALE, 1' ARM SO ACRES, TWO lp?J uU.Vt lo'Jes from Middle town Point, near K?yp<. \ H. J. G<k>4 buildings, highly cultivate'!, food ^reliant, tppir?, JiluniH, tklTM, ftc. ; Wfcii w.vtorcd aunl ??need. AW stock, ftir $,>00. HARTW1CK, JOO Broad wuy , and VliUJOK , 64 Seventh i?ve:>'j?. (IhnAA ? rOR 8ALE-A UCHT SAB*, PI.iCASANT ?tj) I v V? burnous, loug oatabiinhed; a good chauo f .r a unart b'-.?inc s|muu with a ntniU capital; the cub receipt* now ?v?-r.?e 8*00 pe.- week, for further particu lar*, ad'irem ItuMne?s, Herald office. ? KOK PAI.E, A CONFECTIONERY AND OE SC/O^mO. n< ral variety *torc, located on a corner, ill a great (juntoes* thornuglifcre down town, now doing u Hofitible hufinci--*; sold for one half Its value, in con nquence of illness in tbo family, and leaving the city. C. B. HOWfH & CO., M Nai^au street. iJJj 'A f\f\ _F0R BALK, OR A PARTNER TAKEN with from tiOO to 8000, la aa old eatab M-bed c"mn)iHxioo hiuinoMt, where from $2,000 to $1,000 profit can ea-lly be made yearly, expenses Tery light: hour* fit m 0 till .V o'clock. There in A large amount of property now on hand, which the nubscribcr cannot at tend to in consequence ol sickness. Such an opportunity ?eldom offers, tor particulars call at '.189 Broudwuy, room 88, third Boor. (jjlQAA ? WT1.L BR SOLD, OVK HALF OK A BOOK jfiOvVi and'aewnpaper jobbing hou*e. now doing a good cabh business. Address Ouh, Herald office. A"f7? ~TO PAINTHW? rOR SALE, A WELL t|9x I established paint shop, io a good location, aiud doing a g>>od business. Inquire of CAMPBELL ft CO., roal '.-state agents, 113 Chamber* street. AIARGK MTOOf OF NEW AND SECOND HAND pianon for wile or to let, with or without the pri?i le*e of purrhiiring, at lower prices than hare orer been ofinredln (hid market, renters and shippers can be sup plied on the most rtueonnble terms, at U06 Allen street., near Housuu. Boat kok aaix.? a twenty foot kkkl. ckdar built sail boat, built by FUh Jt Morton; sne Is in Stod order aud well found. She will be sold cheap, an ?e owner in going to Europe. She la cat rl# and a tint nailer. For further particulars, apply at 10 South street, ?>?r which she can be seen. CONFECTIONERY STORE FOR SALE? IN ONE OF THE boft bo.-ine*s locations in the city. Tliin in a good opportunity fora business person. The owner having ana tlier sf re cannot attend to It. Inquire at 211 First avenne. STORE FOR HAJJC. ? A FINE OPENING FOR A 1 / druggist or physician; location on one of the prin cipal avenue*. Tb? store is well fitted up. and now doing a good business. Application msy be made to C. STRONG ft CO., 208 Broadway. Drug store for ramc, in Brooklyn? doing a good preemption business; a good opportunity *>r a w.ung physician wishing to commence business, In a rapidly toenailing neighborhood; the store is neatly lilted up, and well Stocked with drugs Beat low. In ^uire on the premises, corner of Flushing and Division F? SA1J-" ? A VALI'ABLE PLANTATION IN EAST ern Virginia, belonging to the estate of William Mouth, deceased, Into of Princes* Anne county. The farm known v l?bauon, situated in the county of Prin cess Anne, on Little creek, In full view of Chesapeake bay, and eiglit miles distant from Norfolk. This beauti ft if estate contains 647 acre#, more than two hundred of which are well covered with valuable oak and pine timber. The improvements constat of a comfortable dwelling, a go d barn, and other buildings usual to such an entate, while for beauty and desirableness of location this farm cannot well be surpassed. The land U also of good quali ty, and admirably adapted to the growth of fruit and all the crope incident to tbis climate. An a market farm, none offers printer inducements, a? the earliest v ego hi blw may be grown on it. It lias good range for stock. From the bay in Ticw of which the dwelling stands, the finest fifth and o\ sters may b e taken. Those who may wish to settle in this fiction of Virginia would do well to examine thin farm without delay, ax they can hardly fail to bo f'tafeed irith it. Ai-? for sale, M'2 acres of sand beach on the Cheeapaake buy. in front of and only m Kuted from I^banon by little creek, with several good eriei. For terms, which will be accommodating, ap ply to JAMBS R. ilOBARD, 43 Rank street, Norfolk, Va. For eale? lea??, stock and wxrnuM of one of tbe dinlug, drinking and lodging place* in the city, being directly opposite Washington market, and near Wfmt xtroet; thin place la new and neatly furnished, doing a daily bar businoM of forty dollar*, with thirty bed*. Will be xold at a reasonable price aa the owner u going in other business. For particular*, 4c., apply to feENI.TT U. CLARK, 06 Barclay street. TnOK SALE, A BARGAIN.? A BEACTOXI. FARM OR r country seat, of about 100 arret, on Long Island t??und' buildings new and commodiouji; land In Ane or der; old and young orchards, and every variety of fruit, hatungitnd fowling in their reason, and bathing at all hour*; distance 50 mile* fiom New Turk; access twice a day by railroait , fare M cunts; Hte:imbo*t every alternate day: tare 75 centa. Apply to HOKLR MOIUiAN, No. 1 Fine street. FR FALK OR EXCHANGE? TWO FINE FARMS, ONE of 200 acres, the other of 140 acre-, with Urge or chard, lie., about eighteen miles from the city. Said farm* will be ezchaug< <1 for property in thU city, Brook lyn or Williamsburg. Also a brick house and kit in the city of Rochester, iu a good location, tor property in thi-i city er any of tin adjacent town" or village-). Apply at lift And 111 Nassau stieet, room 3, first floor, rear hall, after twelve o'clock. XiM)R SALE~EI<;HT ACKBS OF HJGLY CfXTTVATED JP land, near the village of Orcea* ills .'IU mile-* from Jeree y City. Tor terra ' Inquire of JOHN H. Feint Breeie li?tel. near the above preml?e*. F>R .SA1.Iv- A VAU'ABLR FARM IN THE STATE OF nuaols. of about &00 acres, n ell diversified with wood ?lid cleared iaixls; location central, near several railroads, smd has about one mile river Croat on Hock river, and is about two hour * ride from Chicago by Railroad; oousid er.ed rne of the beat farms io northern llllnoU. Would rake one half of th<- value In good improved city property In this city. For further particulars Inquire at 11 Fine street, room 14. For saix, one or two lots, twenty -five by one hundre l feet, situated on Rodney street, East Brooklyn, near Oivi'lou avenue, (or Williamsburg line,) and within five minutes' walk of the ferries? one of the BKxrt beautiful lacatheui in that vicinity. The lots re quire uo grading. Term ency. Apidy to JOHN liKftiS lON, No. 3ft! South 8d street. Williamsburg, or to Mr. HENRY HEDDEK, M Houston strft, New York. E)R SALE IN HAST BROOKLYN? TWO LOT* ON SE eond stre< t. and two on South Eleventh street , lag an L. Thece lots ai <* near .the Peck slip ferry, are full site Hie. will be sold low. For good improvement's, a building loan will be made which. witji the purchase money, can remain on bond snd nu>rtg.ige for five years. Apply to D KM ILL k CO. lis Front street FOR SA IF. LOW? THS MANSION HOFSE AND ?AR den, on the south-eaet corner of South F.ighth and Perots! ftreets, one block from the Peck slip ferry, Wil ttaau>burg. A large portion of the purchase money may r? tnnta on bond a?'l mortgage. Tills is a delightful resi dence-. the house is in fln<- condition, aud the garden of thre lots ia well stocked With the fine-t fruit, shrubbery and flowers. AppI) to LF3IIIX k CO., 180 Front street T7?UR 3AI>? A TRAC1 OF A BOLT 200 1/lTf" AND 1# three --tory frame houses, nearly new. on IMvisioa Hushing and Thr?op avenues, and on Thornton, Whi|> pie, Banlett snd Owrry streets bit Brooklyn. Thi y:opeity *111 be sold very low, and upt-u favorabb' t?rm to an Individual or company who mould improve It. A boiWling Iohii of ?.0 000 or *10 (100 will be made in con nection with the -ale. ?vn ! re'.asei giv< n I- seli-s are ma-le by build* 't. Apply to PEMTLI k OO 1M Front ?treet. 1.^0H RALf .? FUtVK AND FES) .STORE, TOGETHER . with the fittui-e* snd lease; terms moderate. Ad dress C. F.. Browdway Post Ofilce. IXlR ?A!> .? TWO WAfJONH; ONE SQt AHK PIAiA ( ?.ore or buslnens wagon, eo?t 1100 prlre >60, and ?ne light buirtry do., m ide by fhuenbery k Vandurer, cc?t $1?W, price ?M0. quits as good *m n? w. Can be seen at Neville's hUM* in Ihinhsni place, close by Peck slip ferry, Williamsburg. IXiR HAiX-THl: ?T'?C"< ANT) FIXTT RKi OK A ?XIT 1 aad sho? -tore in a good location, oa the Eighth ?M-aue, anil nos doing a good >-? h bu?ine><, will be old eh>-*p for cash. Addre^? Io* Ik, -aid ? (B -e, with real ?a me. I^OR ?AIF? K WIIOI.fNAI I. AMI RCTAI1. SKJAR j store and s good retail tot-acro bnsiaws, sn old i-s tablislmieiit, to<'ated in Ui" t-e*' pert of the city, with fix- | turee and stork, or without stock Go<m1 reason* for sell iag it can W given For particular* Inquire in the jewelry "tope, 40."> I'eail street. I[*OR >?A1 K CIIFAP? AT TI-HV LOW TKHMS, A SMALL grocery and liquor store, at 'M West Tvsntytill'A etrtet, betw?*i f<nth and Elevet th av-au'S. Apply un the prrmiMie. 1JH>R SAI i:? A SI'IJ:N|HD LOCATION? AT HR/iWS'8 J Point, fi . e minut?--' walk from U landing of Meyport boat eii{h< aeres of laud, with a good house, '?is aad stable, ? i b ? .tpleuditf wetl of water, and fla buthing, together with a Un" seb-ctioa of various fruit and shade trees. Thi* property will he old fa whole, or parte to suit p?irctia?et j, T.-rn.s ?a.?y. For partl>-uUrs inquire ot JAMLfl LYON, i'!l Fifth etreet, New York ?? on the preuiises. 17K)|t SALE.? A ^ All. HUAT, TWENTY FliT tDSi aii l sev a breadth. aoMnar "t'rn, eut ng w -b e.hor, oers an I boat lio> k, srjli be sold for MU. A'idre-s H . bo* S 5M Po*t - 9lce. PR *AJJK? IN THE MOPT IOUU.THV AND PIJIA Mat part of Brooklyn, two neat cottage bui.'t house aad lot*, cmuian ling one of the tine>t view* in the eity. hons?-~ two story and bn*e?ent, hard flnlihcd i>nd 'orniced centre pieces arched parlors, Urge lots? ift ty lal. Price only I1W0; term* easy; -oasldered rheap; will double in value. Apply on th* premises Pcgon street, between tirand and <Ta-?-n avaue- Ful i on aveaod cart paM within a short iBstance. Fr paix-the ceijwutv:i> TBOTITNO .-TAlZ lion John Ferris, Bve year" old, ?lark che?taut, has trotted a milt in 2 -34 Hi >? public, out of fii. la a race, end his challenge remains open U trot, to Wagons or har. r ewi, aay stallion n the world, warranted >ouad and kind, acd ia a cap tal roaH h?'cse for any g*nt>m<n I or term*, apply to HAM1KI. TKrWUFlX, I7J M'r^r stmt, or .'AMer . aa FOR SALE# T7H>R SULK? A DRl'O STORK, IN aOtTJl BROO C r Ijn, now <knug a good f unity miU pre c.iptiuu busi no.-a. whi'-h might be greatly iuerej^e.l, butovrluK to lit J? alth, the proprietor U not able to give it (he te^uirei Uteution. Address S. W., Brooklyn i'ost Office. "I-XIR 8A11? A NEW 7 OCTAVE PIANOF> ?RTE, FOUR r round corners, (hushed in the highest style, with all the modern improvements -tod fully warranted, h?i never been used, price i-ib, at 22J Chrystie ?trcet. Fr half, or exchange for crrv propkrty? a handsomely improved farm of &l acres, at Nor walk, Conn., only a quarter of a mile lroni the village Price, $9,000 Also a farm of 'JO acre* In Morris county, near Madison, N. J., for $6, iOO. Apply to W. H. JOHN SON, 34b Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10 and 3 to 7. PR SALE OR TO LET? A NKW FIRST CLASS THREE story and basement brick huuse, flubbed in the bent Mjrle, with all the modern improvement*, and <leni rutily located in South Brooklyn. For particular*, inquire ol' HERMAN K. HUDEl'ltO, 36 WuU street. FR SALE? IN SHREWSBURY, N. J.t A GOOD TWO story commodious houi-e and outbuilding*, with 17 acres of good productive land, a One orchard, gnrdenand yard with over 100 ornamental shade and fruit tree* of the bent selection. It in altogether one ?f the ro.wt plea sant and healthy location* for a family residence that can be found in the State. Situated on the road leading from Shrewsbury town to Port W.udiington, 8 minute*' walk Irom Shrewsbury river, 3 miles from Long Branch, hours' itail from New York: access by steam boats dally. Apply to B. B. TYSON, 400 Greenwich street. ER SALE? A FIRST RATK FARM, OF THrRTY acres, one mile from WhitlockvtUo station, -Welt er county, with due house, barn, and all ueoeesary outbuildings, iu perfect order. Price 83,700. Stock and fai mine utensils can also be had if desired. Apply to W. H. JOHNSON, 346 .Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10 and 3 to 7 TTtUH SALE? ONE OF THE BEST GROCERY UTORIH r In the city, now doing a business of $600 to $700 per week, situiUed on Sixth avenue, for particu lars inquire at 467 Sixth avenue, is the dry goods store Of Mr. Paint) ridge. IVtR BALE? HOCSE AND LOT NO. M rfPTH -fltKCT, near the Bowery; ?lr.e 26x100: price |n,000. Also, three story and basement house No. En t Thirty first street, ln Ufon Lexington and Fourth aveuuee, with all the modern improvements; price $8,000. W.H.JOHN 80N, 346 Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10 and 3 to 7 o'clock. TjlOR SAIF ? A SUPERIOR HOUSE ON WEKT WASH JO ingtou place, near the square ? price $11,000; one en West Twenty-seventh street, $7,000, three on Twenty eighth street, between Madison and Fourth avsnuns, $7,000; one on Fourth avenue, $7,000; two three story houses on Elm street, $6,000. Apply to K. B. KIN SIIIMhR, 310 Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10, and frum 3 to 7 o'clock . IjV)R SALE? MUSIC ANI> FANCY GOOI>S STORE, ON il'aiuil, near Broudway, Will #.'>00. Any smart man can clear yearly $1,600. Rent, $200. Also, an extensive millinery store, Houston stroet. employing 26 girls constantly, price $100 only. Will be sold to day. owing to sickness. Apply at 81 Nas au street, room 12. I10R PALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A OOR 1 acr grocery store in South Brooklyn. Tin' stand is good; stock light; there ia a stable fur one horse. It Li the only grocery store on the four corner*. Will be Hold cheap if applied for before the 1st of September. Apply at No. 7 Front street, fourth door from Fultou, Brooklyn. For sale? one or two lots, twenty-five by one hundred feet, situated on Rodney street Ka-t Brooklyn, near Division avenue, (or Williamsburg line,), and within live minutes' walk of tlie ferries ? one of the most benutilul locations in that vicinity. The lots re quire no grading. Term* easy. Apply to JOHN OREO.-'. TON, 002 South Third street, Williamsburg, or to Mr. HENRY HEDDEN, 94 Houtiton street, New York. IJOR SALE CHEAP? A LARGE FIRST CLASS JEW ' eilcr's'safe; also the entire fixtures of un office; the oflice to let until first of May, 186A. Inquire of 1). BACH PAR A 80N, 80 Noaaau street. HOTEL FOR SAIJC OR TO LET.? ANY PERSON wishing to engago in this business can have an opportunity that is seldom offered. The building* are good and of the most convenient character; the house in well furnished; a large vegetable garden; fruit of every description of the choicest kiuds. Said hotel U Ixiauti fully located and doing a good business. Price $6,000; K*,U00 cash, the balance can remain on mortgage for a to i m of years. Apply to PETCH k INGALIi*, real estate ?(rats, 346 Broadway. PAINT SHOP FOR SALE.? THE STOCK, FIXTURES and lease of an old establishiM) paint sijop. down town, in building 70 West, corner Carlisle street. Apply on the premises. r CAPITALISTS. ? FOR SAI>:, A RAPIDLY IS creasing business, offering a profitable investment for about $20,000, which will pay 160 per rent a* otteu ax employed, to manufacture, under patent issued July 3, IMS, the latest Improvement in lightning conductors, which are free from all former defects. They are in de mand in every town in the United "tates. ana are already favorably introduced into six of the Southern Stales, with sales In nine months of over $5,000. Thia conductor has ulsojnbtained first class diploma* wherever exhibited. $6,000 cash required: balance of purchase may remain in the business, on conditions favorable to the buyer. We intite examination. COI.MAN h WILLIAMSON, No. I Wall street, for the Patentee. mo DRVOGISTS FOR SALE, A DRt'U STORE, MOST J. eligibly situated on a commanding thoroughfare in the city, and doing an excellent business. The proprie tor wifl furnish satisfactory reasons for selling. The chanee is a rare one for a physician or druggist. Address HENRY GALE, Herald office. Timber ? the subscriber offers for sale, at his place, thirty. Ave miles from N'ew York, on the Lung Island Souad, the following varieties of timber and cord wood, via. ; ? Locust and chestnut posts, and large locuat for ship timber; white, black, pin and red oak, lor planka or dock spilea, very large black walnut, chestnut hickory, Ac.; 1,000 to 2,000 eords of wood, consisting o oak, chestnut and hickory, piled and ready for immediate delivery. Steamer Glen Cart, leaving Peck slip. New Vork, daily, at 4 P. M , stops at this pLu?. HENRY LLOVI). Lloyd's Manor, Queens county, 17. I. rBE SOLD? THE IJBASE, STOCK AND F1XTUREB of a corner liquor store, situated in one of the bust locations on the east side nf the city, and now doing a g"od cash trade. Will be antd chcnp, as the owner is en gaging in other business. Apply at 43 Rldfe street, near Delancey. WILLIAMSBURG PROPERTY FOR SAM? CHEAP. IF applied for immediately.?' Two neat cottage houses, built in modern style. Inquire of OVA). DOYLE. Builder, Fifth street, between North Fifth and North Sixth streets. Terms easy. WONDERFULLY CHEAP PIANO. ? FOR SAUJ, A most beautiful <<)? octate rosew hxI pianoforte, is new and in good order; made by one of the (test city makers; will be soM at about half cost, If applied for Im mediately, at 18ff Waverley place, late Factory street. ?WrONhERS.? FOR HA I JO, A FIRST HASS NEW 1 bouse, with the modern improvements, half an iC-r of ground, ornamented with -hade and fruit trees. Also, in Italian cottage, just finished. Apply to JAMU* YOUMANS, on the premises, Warbnrton avenue, or Yonkers Post Office. Good view of the Hudson. ANTHOLOGY. ^ ASTONIfTONG TO AJJ ? MADAME MORROW? THB highly gifted lady Is, without exception, the moot wondeiful astrologist in the world, or that has been known. She will tel) all the events of life, even the very thoughts, and will cause speedy marriages, and show ths likeness of the Intended husbands and absent friends, te 'he great astonishment of all who visit her. No chs -g^ if not satisfied. Apply at 78 Broome street, near Can ' non. Gentlemen not admitted. Madame Harris, the renowned phruwolo gist, from Poris, e*n lie con' ilted about love,tu?r riage, business, Ac.; and will tell the name of the I?dy or gentleman they will roary. al-o the iuijfio, of her visiters. Hesidenee 123 Eighth street, corner of louilh avt-nu* one block from Broadway. M BRUCE, THE MYtfTON it's VEILED I.ADY, AND . the m??t wonderful astrol<igi?t in the world, Oan be consnlted with for a short time at her old '(Bee, .?0 i Canal street two doors f turn Broadway All consulta tion* SA cents. (1IAIKVOYANCE, DISEASE, MEDICINE.? MRS. HAYTO4, J of this city, possesses superior clarvotant power*. Ladies troubled with inward weakness, disease, of the throat, chest, lungs, heart, liver Ac., should < "ih'iK Mrs. Hayes at once I Ad let can hear of their absent flrleods. " Office 176 Grand street Dr Hayes cieofrician Madame meyer has removed to m sEvmTB avenue, N tVSen Twenty-third ami Twenty fourti strei ts. She continue* to teu past, present and futurt events likewise marriages journey*, taw *utts, bu^uess prospects, sickness, absent friends, property hut or sto len. Madame Meyer converse* la English, French ea4 German and gives guarantee for her art. rpHE GIPFKY GIKL HAVING JUST ARRIVED FROM JL Furope, would r'spsWInlly inform ber friends aud th< public that she wtll bold her courts at 40 Bowery, room No. I, first floor, Where ofce can be consulted in regard to the past, prnrent, and future. Ladle* and gen tlemen wishing to know the circumstance* that surround thetu hkewHe their future prospect*, should call ??rly. Consultation* 00 cents. KINK AKTM. A CHANCE TO ARTISTS ? DURING M1JF. RACHEL'S performances at the Metropolitan theatre, on aod alter the 1st of September next, a beautkfal promenade and refre-hment sa?'>on will be opened to U?e public ar ranged according to French taobion, and ia a style to rival the most epleodld ' foyers" of the Parisian theatre*. Artist*. et^pav?'?. owners of photegraphie and dague* ,e otyj* galleries are respectfully informed that they wfM without any charge to exhlb.t such pw:turw>, sfaroMnnt works of art ia general aa they may <te?. re vi present to the inspection of a select publb A '-..'Alogue of the objects thus exhibited, with the prices and names of the exhibitors, wtll be printed distributed to appli cant* For further particulars apply at the agency "f the Rachel Dramatic Company Vt Wail street, room 'A, from 1 P. M. to S P. M. , every day "lirEDWNG CAltDS -J. N GIMBREDK, LEADER 0? Yf loshion la card engraving, respectfully calls the attention of the public to his aew and beautiful style of weAding cards. Hpeciata* sent by mail by application at M%M?*a|. HOTELS AMI* g? MMKR HBTRKATS. 4 TIJlVHC VILLA, LONG HRaVC'H, X. j.?TWa houte U situated within bah a mile of thu aaa shore. affording One surf bathing; the room* :ire large and airy, pienty of *hade, line drives, good dahiug and rhootlng. Term* moderate. Apply to AMO.H It. HTHXKNWK7. Communication daily by steamer* Ja*. Christopher un-1 Oceun Wave, foot of Jay <treet, R, R. "IltHNtlW HOTCJ., BKRNEiU STR4BT. LONDON.? I* VUiter* to England will 11 nd at the above hotel ho ndnonie apai tments, moderate ch.irge*, and every at tention to tM comfort* of those who may faror Mrs. At-UTON with iheix patronage. COLLINS MOTEL, S1TUATKD YDCTT OF CANAL street, acd directly opposito Collins' Liverpool lino of uteamrra, witha full view of N"w York bav and har bor. The ) 1< asuntest location for families la flew York, and will let to permanent or traJUwnt, on niout reasou able terms, with parlor suits or "ingle rooms. TA1.1.MANO It itAfm, Proprietor*. G1 FORGE OnX'8 OOMMRWIAI. HOTEL, 68 GLiSSFORD T street, Glasgow, (Gotland. G? I / JBE HOTKI , 20U W1 1 J JA M STRUT ?NO CLEA VER, I more airy rooms, to be found in the city, and the price only 26 cent* per day. II in per week. Open until a o'clock, A. M. r N~ ~KW YORK BAY HOTKL, MILKS FROM JKK aey City ferry, on bergen Poiat plank road. The Moat beautiful summer reaidenoe in the Htate. Fishing, battling, boating. 1' inner a and supper* at an hour'* ">ot lee. ^ l'rirate cjirriagee to and from the houae to city. Now open for permanent and transient gueat*. Apply at the houae, or to plain LE?<fc, Poet Offlce, Jersey City. SIMMKR RKTRRAT.? THK MKDHlRlST FARM, AT Ccntrt port, L I. ? This bountiful and healthy retreat baa superior accommodations for three or four non board era. The lamg Island Railroad, at a quarter past four o'clock every afternoon, taken you direct to the house. Fare 60 cent*. The laland Helle, every Tuesday, Ihursday and Saturday, at 9 o'clock A. II., for North port. Htage* always in reaillnwia for Ceutrepoit (only two miles). For further particular* please applv to Mr. A. CADIF., Ill Fulton street, or Hr?. MFDHCfcT, Ml Houston street. XTORK FAMILY H</TFL NEW BRIDGE STREET, 1 I.udjrate hill, London.? Tha abovs house Is cen trally situated, has an eioellent coffee room, teu or twvlve private sitting rooms, between forty and fifty Ii?ltt, al y bedrooms, a good smoking rnotn; warm, coi-l an . shower bulbs always ready. A night porter iu attendance. A Hied charge for set.auts. The New York Her.ild Is 111. .1. THUMAS ylAKTKKMAINK (also proprietor of the Crown and Sceptre, and ship taTerns, Greenwich ) ten Icrs hi* grateful thanks to his American friends for the favor* he hi* so long enjoyed at their hand*, .in I solicits their continued patronage and recommewlation. INKTRl't THIIV. ' A^m card. ? thk sihscjciukr will mam vi:w pupil* daily, tbi* week, for Instruction in penman ahip, bookkeeping, Ac , by class or private instruction. OIJVKK B. OOlJKMrni, Ml Broadway. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, MKMHKR OF THE tTVI versity of France, wishes to give hysons in French, in a boarding scheol < r private faniilio*. No objection to go In the country. Terms moderate. The best of re fc-rences given. Address C. V. , Herald ofice. DANCING ? CONTINENTAL HALL, CORNER ElfillT) Jj man and liml to let i J'"-*] ring academy, occupied as such last ? ? n. Hull is w< ? arranged for ?Hitouibllrs soiree* > Term* ti i> j - i rate. Apply to T. MAN BON, :tk ( Dancing academy, ?>. OHO ha< the honor friends that he will (five next a splendid hull tor his pupil", pay at the door. VaY ? Mil. I'KRA i his pupls and o\oning, IHlh lu-t., Ti tor gentlemen, $1 I FRENCH IANOUAOE.? A PROm-OR OK THE French language ? a Frenchman ? who b in lauglit in France and io England for neTcral years, would be glad to make an engagement in a i-chool either in New V nrk or in Ihe vicinity. Good testimonials and reference ghrn. I'lea't address li. B. H., Herald offlce. Spanish and frf.nch iangiia<:?<.? a pkofbx sor who has some experience ia teaching, and can give th"' best references, Will gin' private lessons in the above Itrgtiuges, by au easy method, at eery moderate term*. Any person of common abilities, by laLin ; a lei- son dally in three numtha. will be able to tead write and apeak Jfpanich or French tolerably well. Address frim 9 o'clock A.M. until 4 o'clock I'.M.. S|?ai/*h leather, Jiukson Hotel, all and Ml Spring street. WRITINO AND W>OKKmTNO? .144 BROADWAY.? Gentlemen d<> irons of attaining, without loss <it time, a masterly knowledge of bookkeeping. elegant in penmanship, Sc., art invited to call at FtMTER k DIXON'S establishment, Appleton'a Building, Inspect spe cimen* and obtain referonces. HORHK8, CARRUGER, dM . A SPLENDID DAV SADDLE MAKE KIND IS AM. harness, nix years old, sound, and eau trot in four minute*; alio, a sorrel bora*. 1ft hand* high, aouii'l and kind, and can trot In 2:ft0 in harneaa over/ day iu the wo k. for aale at 'M Thompson atreet. A GENTLEMAN', ADOl'T LEAVING F??R ITROPE, desires to dispose of hia carriage, two horses, bar neaa, Ac, 'ihe tamr are to be wrn at Mr. UCUKL'f) ri ding school, Noa 7, 0 and 11 Thirteenth street, between iifth and Sixth iveuurs. AT THE BA7AAR, 31 CROSBY STREET, WIIJ. BE sold, r\ ery Monday and WedMsday, at auction, a number of horre.?, carriages, aingle aad double harness, Ac. JOHN II . 0ATF1K1J>, I'mprlotor. For saix or exchangr, for a cingle horse? a pair of well matched blood bay horses, atvco and eight yea ra old, aix'ern handa high, good driver*, sound and kind. Inquire at Norrta' atable, !V5& Houston street, or of Wallace Vail, i'Uintield, N. J., where they can Ik> seen. I/eave Nrw York, pier U, North river, at 8 o'clock, and return at V2 ? fare tl. For samv-a sorrel how<k fifteen luvrn high four yeara old; warranted aotiod ami kind; an <zi client horse for fumily use, or a doctor. Apply at 88 Mulberry stiret. HOPj-E FOR PAIA-AKPIJENDTD IRON GRAY. 10 H hand* high, eight years old will stand aitbout tying, kind and g? utle. H" will salt a csruian. etprca-. man, or for family use Any person wantiug a g m>J horse may apply at 18/ Suffolk atreet SORHv WAGON' AND HARVttW FOR SALE? A bright bay borae, pony built, about 14', hands , eound and kind, atylwh driver, and not oiar eight yi araold. Alao a flr't rat? aecond band top wagon in ified running order, and a ^t of harne-a n' i ij m ?. Will I* ?ol 1 together or aeparately. Inquire at QtOMER'H stables. Charlw ?t. HORSW FOR SAI E? A PAIR OF .?ftP.BO. PftVIIV, 14 hands high, long tails, 0 and 7 tears old, can go in : alao. wage n and harness. Inomrs at Kemsou's stable, corner Court aad In ion rtreets, Brooklyn HOR-K AND WAGON FOR SAf.E ? A GRAY MAHE. six yi-ars old, apirltad. last, and kind; is perfectly sound, and 16k hands high, accustoms 1 to both harness and saddle Also a light wagon and harness, both nearly new. ."old for want of use. Can be ?een at Nodlne's stables, l'xl iieipont street, near Court, Brooklyn. Fir paix?one MMrr two horme feed augon, new, and made to order; ?Uo second hand groccry aagon. strong. Apply at 1&4 Fast Taenty ?Ixth atreet. between '-'econd and Third a?enao?. Ir*OR 3AIE fHF.AP-H0P.SK CART AND GOOD WILL ' of tlie work Hold on account of leaving the city Inquire at '.01 Knlton street Terms i nsli N B. ? Those wlsbiug to buy would do well t-> ai>|>ly t? Mi d lately. F'iR ?AIE ? A KfPUlK'R IXAn*<>iai SPRING On Vfreil wagon, nearly new, adapte t f..r either a team or single horse. Applt U. HEUUSO BROTHERS , Forty flrst etieet ruar Tlurd s'tmie. F)R SAti? A BFAlTDri. MoROAN MAIG W?SIIT years' old fifteen hands high ean trot in war rented sound and kind. Anply at the An a le stuMes m flWll ftllJ i t re* ' near the - i h uvenue IjV.R f Ai.E ? A SPU VMN RIDINt; Ifi.N'v, JfT black, kind and gi nt la 7 y?-ars old, well a iapt'-l tor ladies and cbiUiren Price |W00. Apply at H>-nrr i'J<ierd's stables, No. ft last Twenty eighth street. i^iR ,-AI.F ? A PA IK BH'iWV HOKr'K WTWEf'N li and 11 hands high tire year* old thi- fall, warrant ed sound and kind aud will make a very go' A r a.lhor'r, ?*ol'i far the ?ant of u?e. Apply at 111 aTs.rme (," t?' *??n (he hours of 7 and DAM aud 1> and 2 o clock, P M IV) R SAIF.? A VERY FIVE CHK-TNTT -^iRREI. ninre eri years' old she Is one ? f the Pold.rated W< rgan stock and wa?hrou ght In from tbe <-ouritry ye? leriiay.very suitable for a I'hy'iciau or pei.on am. tings nice nrnilly horse; al?o a shifting t> p wag n and harness ingoodrrd < r. Also, a di"fna?te'1 schO'ii#', rarrie 1*0 '. on , aad is "ullat.le lor a tow barge Apply ?< I'VI Couth ?treet, upstairs. Light wagon* for ^ai f? <>s-i niaiu.y sew rhiftirig toj. wagon w. igiis J,', it ? ont ??- .t<l .an t (igbt aagon, lit> It*, one second hand light ?ag<wt K.'< lbs and one sec nd hand light wagon etlpt.r ?i nr? 1W> 'tis. Inquire at the carnage aiannfacti t\ of I At III OAI.Y, 14 High street Brooklyn ___ ROCKAWAY WAVTFD- T?i R) VF' I S>inare top in iforid order, for one Imr e rxrrj tour pe-?r ri? to depot" and ba'k I/ivk' cash pr -e and where It < an be eiaiuined Add re ? ? v x ?"J I'u-t ( 'flier ??nUVEI-A SOflRFL MARE AB"' I 14 HA le k5 bigh; switch tail, has a mark on the l>U bind leg 'r<.ni a kick lb will !?? paid for .a^>rwiation w' ?r*?h" '*n l>e found. J. CAHHAKT, No .1 -<0'jUi ~+^ ft' .'reel * illlaai?bi;rg UPOHTfWO. OI'fiRlIX;,? HiR SALE, <iNF P?iINf>J? r?e. TH" O rotiglily brr-ke one setter deg well broke, and a go?-d retriever, and a very large ami tine N'??f MdlMd dog, all for sale. s> the owner ia ab^ut to leas tb< r?' mtry. Apply at 49 Bond street, Brooklyn d 1"3f/.ATI A IN N Hf Yf'RK BAY -A KI/iATTA WILL A. tak' place off Point Rrseae. 3\ in.W bet,* J. -vr ty on TKursday 'JM August at 1 oetock p * '?/, tor all jlh aad mainenll honta under tkrrty feet. ('*nal time gtvet 08 starting. r>>trnnee |A J"JS* P Poi?' B:?'fe II, ,1, MINCKLL V.TKOCM. American Purnt gla? ouupast ?wxcm >kt JPlUUuneburg, Isag Inland ? Are flow prepared tu eaeeuto orders tor rough plate gLa?, Mltftblo Cor tioora. skylight*. vault ana ilecli light*. Prompt attention will beg) ten to ail orders left at their office, 442 Hroaiway, or with their ageat, J. R. PLAIT, 70 Hurra/ atreat. COMMISSION* ?THE ADVERTISER HAS A rtTORE located in tfao central part of Phihuklpliia, near th? fcxehange, suitable for thr ??!'? of patent medicine*, or any light article for wbirh tb?r? U a itanud. He wi-Lld be pleated to well articles of lid* kind on ootnmla alon if the manufacturer* think it would Increase their wilea. Ad ires* Hotxrt MiU>-r. Exttmng* Coffee Houae, Philadelphia, or he rouy be nwo at Mr. ilaceni, 1M Wil liam street, New York, Thursday ix it, Augiut 10, after CLOVE ANODYNE? TVOTHACHE DROPS.

The excruciating torment* of Uinthaehe are apee.Uly relieved by the um) of this remedy. kliuiaent iteuiint* l.uTt- a high opinion of it, and euunUutly recommend it to their patient*. Prepiir??d and soMby A. H. A D. hAN'lJH, Druffiiita, 100 Pulton ?tre?t, Now York: aold also by druggie to g*ne rally. Everybody oiwirr to read it? cash paid tor old newspaper* in any ouuntlty, old pamphlet* of any kiwi, old writing paper old bLink book*, old *?bool book*, em paper from ?c hoow, libraries or *?ininaru>*, or wugte paier of all aorts and *u?f. J. CHAVNCET STOCK WFIL, 26 Ann street, ba?en>ent. FREEMAN & CO. WILL SEND THEIR NEST EX presren t? California, Oregon, Sandwich Island* and went eonit of S<roth America, on Monday, August 20, Cir steamer* Empire City, via Panama, and Northern {>h( , via Si' aragua, in onarg? of apocial m?w ngers, usual. Freight* taken at reduced ruto*. KKEIIMAN A CO., an Broadway. GOII> AMAir.AM.tTOR,? PERSONS INTk'RfXTED LI gold <|uart/ mining oprraUon* are invited to exam ine one of ADDISON'S pate nt Mir acting gold umilgimu tor* of hi* nrw pattern, now just completed at tho ma chine *hop of Imnkln A Van Siokiin, corner of Twenty seventh afreet and Eleventh avenue, N. It. Tlii* unique machine will lie ?Mppe<l on Satur'lay to a well known gold Biine in Virginia by order, one of *iinilar pattern buMiig been practically worked here and found to save more gold than any other machine yet Invented. IRON AND HARDWARE, 278 WAHHTNtiTON STRUT. New York.? W? uilur at lowait market prioci, anJ ta Quantities to *uit, round, aouare and bur iron, no mil , band, rod and hoop Iron, home dime iron and nail rod*, anvils, vice*, nails. aie*, ahnveU, smith'* b llowa, he , kf. KEuYB ft MJTMPMUN. JN. OtMUREDE, STATIONEJ< AN'U ENGRAVER, 9 haa ju*t received a ? hou-e a?aortment of Urn tine-'t atatiooery direet from I'arU, which is offered ut low piieea. >. 1} ? Juat tut toducod, the chaate atylo of deli cately colored initial* and crista ou not?' paper and en relopea. f-'tK-clmenn ?ent by mall, on application at WW Hrnadway, Metropolitan Hotel. 11GIITK, NEWTON k BRADBURY'S l/NIUVAt.KD j pianoforte*. Uoodmuu k Baldwin's double bttnkud lutdodeon*. C'Ol.UL'KN ii N'A-ll, 4!.'( Ilr uul^ay. New Yokk, Jun<> 'jo, IMS. Monsrd. Colburn & Vuoh: ? I havo mvo and li?*ar I *ete ral of jour tnelodeons, manufactured by <!oodin.?n k Bald win, and eon*ider them to he neat and expre.-dvo ln*tri| ments, of plnn>dni{ and delicate tone, well calculated ba the nccouipauiinont of voice* in the performance of *a ? <1 music, nn<l adapted to serve u* precursor* nf organ* in churcbo* where want of funis or of ? pace will not yet i rtult t) c introduction of thnrc more orthodox ami poo derouii piece- of mUHiciti meolutniMin. EDWARD HOIXiFS, Mux Doc Organi*t otul IHrectorol the Mimic ntTrinlty Church, N" Y Mercantile, commercial and ordinary business printing of erery description, together with all hinds of pli*ln or fancy card printing, hand sornt lv 0*1 euted, at low prices, at the ?ul>.?criber'? old established printing office, 142 Fulton street. IlloMAH R. >-CTT< >N. Printer. 1JRESERVK YOCR FROTH BY CS1NO SPIUTT"H potent ?elf settling can*, hy which fruit and vege.tu bleu can be kept lit a freah *tate, with their natural flavor, without the addition of sugar or any other pre negative pioperty. The can* may tie uaeT yeir after year, and aie ily ors-nod or cloned by a simple *-rew attachment. N. B. ? 'Ihe genuine self callng cans have raft In letter* on the tap, " Hpratt'a Paten';" Wella A Pruvogt, proprietor*. I nil direction* for u?c accompany the eun*. WEI.I>' k I'HOVOT, ?olo proprietor*, No. 3'JI I'earl street, uear Frsukliu ?<juare. Rial ostrich flcxm, nn and genctnr marabouts: also, I'ari* velvet llowera. in newest de sign! and fabric*, btiilal wre.Vh? a* ti*ual, and ba<kete With artificial tower* and fruit*. The trade will Und a literal disAunt for ca,h, a? JAMM TCCKER'H, :?7 Hmadway, near White ill Ml, KFWIA H-'ATJIVjy ? by the aingl? hide. lor sal* by Mi l. \ KltoKllI., 2M Pearl street SHOW CAW.? HOFFMAN * FKBWH, SHOW <A*<R wureroomi, fi7 Bowery, between Walker and Huyard streets Ca?e* made in ev? i v *tyle. silver platod, bra?". roae and aatin Wood, mahiiguny, Ac. N. II. ? ' 1 ?ld cast < taken in exchange. ONW promptly rjfutHl. milK ONLY mHTI AI, EXTERMINATOR, WITHOCT A danger or stencl ? HI.NRY R <XWTAR'S effectual rat, cockroach, Ac., exterminator. Wholesale and retail depot, SB# Broadway NVw York . T. It t'allender, B8 -oiith Tbird (ttect, Vhiladelplila agi ut for Philadelphia, I'mue. TO WEJfTEBN lsllll'HFJ<H TKK HAI.nMuKK ANO Ohio Railroad i now in good working condition, and freight* are without any <leley. All ehip iier'i by thi* line in*y rely on the greatest dewpatch; freight* guaraut?'-d to Cincinnati In ten dny*. Mark X<Kid* New York uud Wheeling liue and ?hip at pier 13 North lirer. Jl B CROMWKM., corner <?( Alliany and Washington -tre^t*. IMIKfNDHiitltJNEO ?I'WTH TO MaKK A Bl'SINIMR tour through l.urope during the coming autumn, to leave the Cnited Htate* on the ?4d September, and will take charge of any bu?iiie?* eatruated him, reka'tng to ih> coUei lion ol claima, procuring and dlvpoeition* of pa tent*. or the dl*|Mi*l'iun of eatate* letter* may be di i? ?i d *o Washington uutil th' 'il*t r'eptembor. and al ter that to I*nnl< n, KngUnd. care nf 'im. I'oahndy, l?j. J<*<. C. O. KKNVUtY, Washington, D. C. XJBWhW EXCTRO CHKMlf AI. BATHS, 300 SIXTH V avenue ? Thete hatha are prepared eipreeely for the cure nf d?iaa ?i ariaiag from Ute uee of mercury aad the abeorptiva of the different rfffe'all'c eubataneea They are guaraaUed to cure ?;>eedtir and permanently the painter'* colic, lend exilic and all duaaiaa that paLnt?r*, plumber* and workmen in melala are *ubjeot to. aa well aa paralyse, rhe imatiim. drai^e^ia, Mtnlnal waakna^a, and all the various lemale di*ea*ea Prof Vergnie, the inventor, and Dr. lieukia*on, give their per*ooal at ten ten and advice to all pfttient*. .V. H ? Theory eiplamed to itudMla. RKNTAIHtm. T>K0AI?WAY T11HATRK. ? I AR^KITK HAI4J0N, IM Ml Broadway. ? < hop*, strska a la Jude, oyster- ???ve<l up at all b' or" in the h?*t styU- The ?o'"<criber contin uc? to keep hi* bar wi II *uppl>eil with gcriuitH- imported hi|Uora and wgar*, ho * old ale, lurey'. ftublui hiwwn itout and John Jamie >-on'? H?e year old 1. L whiskey Theatre tii ke' - sold at the bar. tilJdtt.i: MKIJ/)N, ProprieHr. Gltuf-IJNO'S NEW AMIJUt AV FRJCNCH AND OER f man reatautant, removed fiom 17 Sa?san street te SOO Br' adway . betwi en l>uan* and P?arl *troet*. ??pea every day in the week, for bnaklaet, dinner and aupt?T. from SAM to V I'. M. Tb* itm? n>" >rale ? tu?ig? ?> wiU pievaLl wbi' h have made this **tabi ?hin> tit ao popular ? hi ougho'A the I nitrd Stale - L. COBUNO, Propi ieter BOCDfCAIi. IN 11IK TUO- "V TP.Htl'l ATION. T11K 1!WT WAY 1 for eliber *et is to < nnftd' the'.f e-?*e to such ^ phy-i ? ianaa Dr. Iml BY 'Ml '.rati 1 street ? near the Mowary) New York ilu exalted 1 nropean an 1 Am-rl an T*pnta tion give* a guarantee for 'be perfnrmsn'e of wb*t?v?r he proraiaes A (emale phyei -ian, with suitable Iwid, 1 nuraing. Ar . att' pioibled for la>iie*. Or Iiolby'* rheu ?atleMlla and Prr.fe?sor M-Ilevitc* fever ertermiiukter with other approved me-iicine constantly ou hstid. ( FT <iTi remaVT I.vftiAV laa'-ntV.-i wil l. pica/.' call at C. liaflerty > S.. 77 lulU>n stre,'. N, Y. where -be wtll hern o! *o-o?'lilug to t>or a lran t?ge P.. oiKBrrr. l? dcam: mav wr. aalted wttb ronfldei ca on certain <lia<a*e* Twen ly-fonr year ? in thi* ? i*.t an y tuaUav him to gnaqkntee permanent cure*. Ilia treatment >a th* aanta a* that ptaetlsed by I'.kord. of l'arl?. N. ?. ? l?r. C.'a dipk.ina, aa niember oi Jtu New Voik Co. .eraity, may be aeao ia hi- offioa. TKIRTKMAR ? THX GREAT Cf'ROfTAN Itl ?<VHtY - Prefee'ed by BovnJ leit#rs Patent uf hngland aid ?ecu red by the seals of the I5? - la da fha inacie m Carle, ana the laiperial Cc>ling* ?( Medicine. Vienna ? Tr.e?ejr?ar, No. 1, la the ren.ety for general de*>lily, ahat*er*d eonellt i turns, and all the Jwtrexing e>> iae q .encea arising fn/m aa ly ai, . -e A *. Ita ?o< ? > a- a alf.cacio.a la youth, manhood at! ? . ?g* lol'?d the constitution would not kecotae in>|%. e-1 e>*n m the de? line of bfe, if the v * -uisersnUy ado;-t*t All phyatcal in fed a<ents varlal h?e -nagi' 'efora >?* infloerx-e In al aUe tathoaeei teirrg the marriage sta'e fr.??e?ar No. % "snplcfely and entirely erad ca'e- a', trace* <? t U>."? dleordarv wl.ieh cm ai>? ai d enlski's !?a*e to I" * l?an Ih. ngtit an ant-dote for to the ruin of the Ueai.ti a u?' p<i'U?a of the imputation. Tr>-euiar, No. 3 ta tha great Karo lean remedy for that 'iaes of di? '4er sr) h uet .rt i aataiy, the i^tclish tree'.* wiU> Mercury, u> the m*i itable liest/uction of the pertaul'a eontUluUu*, and which all (be <eraa| arilla io the w>^V4 nanaot ,e m< ?e. Ttieaeinar, No* 1, 'i and are aAss dai 'Ad of taste or emeii aud of ail na seat. >g quaotie* ^?y nay b? laid on the toJal ta>4e w u. - t thear aee ?t.speeled. Ndd ,a Un ease* I"! each dioded >alo ?? raiata doeea aa edn. n.? tared by Va>;<eai, laiiemar.d I'-en* ?c To be had eVI+nh and re?er ><f Mr M A. BABIMrW, 31 Oraeae alreet near tAmu Saw Voek. esjecinlly api^otnted by the ptnf neior and petan'ae aa agent tor the I nitad "U'e* and a ery other ;ert -A Ana rvta. laMdtataly on reoemag a Mr Ha' row will forward tAe lr meaner to any r?rt of tAe sec urely Daeked and addrewaed aceo diag ? ? the icatr-.' tar. ii a ef the write* Retail agents refVlrM. Ttmaeaad ntmm;u DO ami mrH F har rovtMiM ad awre curea than any other awlir*! tun ia Nee 1. Dr J.'e treatment ia aak and etpwl.tio-j. kas (aedicinee can he taken wltAont fear ef let"ta-c Chaieee ir^sdrrata, and t|M ref.eded Ma*:iel?rti ow | ta fl*aa. I vwrwHRirn. NEB !/)'-? tiARDKN. Crow da nightly to ?e+ \he Ir&ad Romantic Kairy Opera of CINDERELLA, an rtmktM by tb? renowned PYNK AND HAIUU.-ON 01 UU COMPANY, with lit attendant* of OOROEOW SCENERY, RICH <\*-T fMEP MFCHAN'KAI. CHAN<1k> AND SO.N'K' ILLUSIONS. Wu.Mjmat, Ai'.wt IS. )K>4 CIS OtRKLLA. Princ? Pall* Mr W llarriaon Cinderella Ui>a UjuIj* Pyne in which the will mtroduou the b?auuf<il wu of " Lo I Urfl Um <?entle hark.'' dorlnda Mlaa Pyte I Fairy 0ue?n .Mr?. ?v>plwna ThUbe Mr*. Hnlman Alldoro.... ...Mr. thdman Daudini Mr. Borrani | 1'uvipolino. Mr. Hurnriulh* Pedro Mr. (Jeo. Holland , TMimuiay tad t\?Tt koav? Mr. HlltTON 10 < ?u.| tkr??. r*our? TH>: PYNE A.VD HAiJUSON COMPANY la CIKMRIIJ I Door* open at 7; Overture to commence at TJf; eartaia rlee* At I o'clock precisely. Ticket* M> centa Private Bniea $6 Orchestra P>-at? II Box oflca open daily, f.-?m k A. M. to 4 I'. M., for M curing Orchestra Htalu axi l Private Hole* only. MFTROPOIJTAN THTATRE, BROADWAY, 0P1*0HITK Bond Itmi BALLET TRulTE Or FRENCH AND SPANISH DANCERS AND FRENCH VAlDtVTLLT OnMT'AVf, by ? ever* I .-vrti^tn from the Kr?uch Theatre, New Orleans. The Ballet will include the following iinitxut art lata: ? Peoorita KOTti. Mile. VICTOBINE KRANl'H, Mile. NA T A I.IK H1JMAN, Mile. HENRI, Mon*. CAKK?K, Mon?. I. Ill ALAN, Mob* YAT?, with a full Corn* Jc Uoilct. UNLY HITY CUNTS. Tuts Knorroo, Arotrr 15, t? cotrmenea with the vaudeville, In *ae act, I A riUJC I>K DOWNIQl'K. Alter which, flrat time, the (rand Lallet, I. IWJC DIM NYMPHLf, To be follow*.! by the r>pasiah ballet, LA MAJA UK >KVIIJ.K. The whole to conclude with. Brrt time, LA P ARTIE 1)K PlQlS?r, by all the Arllata. For character* and Incident* *e* bUl< of the theatre. Doora open at 7 ; performan.-oe commence at 7 ><? Urand Ballet and Vaudevillu every night thia weak. METROPOLITAN THI ATRE.? TT1K I't'BUC ARK RB Informed that, the lUtlngaiehad Ain.-rl can Comedian, MB. HACKETT, before departing again *>r I'urope, haa been perauaded to perform here a few of hi- moat popular . baia' tera, com m< ming on M?miit Siart, At ?? wr 40 wheu thla theatre will t e re ,.lM ii, for i|*\en drain ttlc pvrfoimai.caa only, taruunatitiu posltUi iy on the 3lat of Auguat Ui?t. The company are r?, ie tc?l to met I upon the -Ui/e on Thursday ne*t, 10th in?t. II J. CUVWAV, A ting an<l Htage Manikger. RACHH.'S 1TK?T APPKAHANCB VI ill take place on Sopt<-iru|'-r 1. at the WKTlU tl'Ol .IT AN I lit ATKI . Persona wixhiiift to aecure pla' ea for tlie tlrat night or to nubacrlbo for any number of reprCicntatloiia, ari' re nueate<l to make early Application (t 0.wrnii.N'a Tirhtt limit .louia'w Mat f?r. SKmua llor el. Now ready, the Rnchel Mi'igraphy. Willi p<irtralt, 11 i?enta. and the auth?)r|j;ed edition 1 of th' playa, iu French and Kii?li>li MCTllOPOUTAN THEATBE, NEW YORK. On run 1 m or : Kt-nouant, the eminent French Trage.lienne, I A C 1 R I.. supported by a ?omrany of diaUngMiehed ArtUta from Parla, will make her Pint Apprarauce In America. HAC1QU. DRAMATIC COMPANY, under the tnanageiornl of Raruan Faux MAi>KMoisia.i.i: i kai mj.. Mile. SABAII, from the f'ofin dia l>ancui??, Pari*. Mile. 1 JA. from the I'orte ?t. Martin, I'arU. Mile. lit lUtKY, from the Oomadia Krancn iam, I'aria. Mile. I IlN All, from the OdiKin, rat i?. Mile. BRIA1UI, from the Imperial Theatte, St. Peterabarg. Mme. iJiTul'CtiK, from tin* <iian<l lTtealre, Lyona. Meeara. BANUUrX, from the Come<lie Fran^alee, Parts. <1lFJtY, Aine, riom the Conv die I'ranuai-n, Parla, JjtrOi:<llR from 'be Impetial Theatra, Mt. I'eterabarg lUIAl'VAi-1 >X (l>o?1, from the Od<on Paria. DtKl'PONNJt, from the (>in<enratoir?, Parla. (1H1BY, J'-une, from th* Amlilgu, Pan*. IlKl J JTVAI'I.T. from the Royal llieatre, Bruaaela, PKUA.IU.R, from the Ambigu, I'arU. REPERTOIRE of the principal piecea to lie perfonn"! by the Kai iml. I>Raaali< ( .mi ut in the principal cltx a of the 1'n te l -'tat<a:? AVtlKNT TFAUKIiII1?* ? JIORACR and POEYETOTE, by Cohosh j jt , lTTVJmK, HAJA/.IT u?rt a.siiR"MAV(I l:, >.y Rirtxv. M"l kKN TRAOEDIB'? MARIi: '?TCART, by iMt'v; JEANNE D'AIIC, by Hoiairr, LL'Cltl .< K, by PoaaaaK; VI It' JIN I K. by luTom Ht. Vaiaa I >1 1 AM AS? AIiRIEN N E HX) ilTRfX*R. by '?v-niia and Inmin, ANCFIX), by Vmto* Hum. M'lJ.E 1>K HI-3J.K ISLE, by AmaMuia IHMaH, I_AUY TAKTl'U K, and 1.A JOIt. FAIT PEl'M. by Mapain MHiiJuant*. Cf>MEDIB? ? TAKTl.'IIE. by MnuBU; DEPIT AMOC IU l"X, by M'li imt. I.K CAPKK'K. by Ai#?a> !>? Mi swt fjy IiRfJlTH DR l. Ht?MMI., by Jium na I*kb njiut U: MAK1 UK IA VKL'VK. Ik., Ac. KAI IilJ/S llPNiKAPllY. The anlhenUc Biography of Mija. IU'iud, with cotem p.. i a ry rriticiami by the inoet emlneot European writer", and ai alr'Kal uoticea of her mo- 1 celebrated aharactere Beautifufiy llluatraled with auperb Portrait on ateel, et* cnted by the IleU>TfraphJc prix eaa, la Parla. Price 'Hi croli. f'rdera to be addreaeed to J. ItAK'TE, at Hall k Son'", Broadway, New York. Bn-KJ-KYV .SHlKNADfJV -THlh t>3.K8HATn> troupe will HMD la Bo* ton, at the Howard Alhe oiruio, on Monday, AutpM IS. where tlj?y will gW? a ?eriaa of their Grand Butleaqne Oj>eraa, <?< inmaitelng with nONNAMHt 'Uk, altar which tlu.a U>*jr ?rtU return to N*w York, uud coinibtDee the VUh eniirrly original pradastloM. The MAUMtrru tuff. ? or cahtorma.? nro ?nomnkol the foie?t. nkoM tin hu w??r be*B ??ItmlM, ?U1 b* eihltittod lot a ahort time el Um Ore t?l I'aUrc, preiiou* to it* departure for tb? f'ryatal r? U' ?? at Syili uhnui, hi.glawl. IU height twWIfNtJ'j klun.Ki i :a fv< or nearly 100 in cir'-t.infrreti'-e. TUa |?i!>tiu(?, ktaluary, end k till roIle>-tioo of other ruiio.ltl*?, %'f atlll on exhibition. luntt op?-n from II AW. uiitu 7 I". M. AdmWou Jb cluti, children half pri'?. A N ANoUXVKb MUTING Of MI-.J FA H*Y rV Of bora* * tiirnil? will !?? held In room Sn & lit* Hotel, <oiti< r of Howard f,tr*<-' and llroadway lhl? fWr t iK-ujf) evening, lh? 1Mb ln?t at ? nVI? k pre'-iaely when d.floll* -trrangr- merit- will bemad* In r*Uti'<n to her tx n< b*. II. SKAWAV, Secretary pr?4?-rn T^ATIONAI. THKATK*:, BOrTON.? TUK NUT Kl/.f Ur ilraraalir n-?<un of liiia >ery pupulai MUMlib meat will < bHuinrr <n the H'tb mat W. M. HJ MIWO, I 'll ? ana Wanage Af apkmy or ww -tto wtahi jwuplvt will be let, until thr tonumn' anient of ikn rtfiilu ????? ????ti, for <*?t.rert#, rratorioa, ler'aree, kr. Apply t" M'. Tl MfoV, at Hie afage door of (be Academy, VourUwoth atraet. M asai. in. or tiikatkiv wi-iiimi a ir.Ainxo hear? man, an<l a Invent!* (?af?<ir an't f?"? art.e?e, will plre" ?ddr*>? J"-WM IJTfHJ IV If n 1 avenue, b*twe*n Myrtl* an'l Willoughby, Br<?oklyri rpHK OKKMAN AMAIKI Rd.l'll III M"H ?T'l ill! J. votane* of eorial aaueeiaetite an t tlaacvm ? M "ut k y*ar *4* a M?rl*ty, at) ling U-*lf IfttMr, orgk'i i? \ a <?? rm;>n amateur theatre f'.r th? |mrau?e '-fie H'lllio* ^ (ew < f the Un(rrin( < Itoum of ?lnt?t (if' peif' t mao' ?? Kii<-"'ira$*.1 hy the aaeeMaaf H ? i?i' >pi?n< *n(erf.T iw thin aorletjr n-.w arnpnae* |a e?l? ,1 'taopri Atlonn il tb# ? ajf 'f lult tl. and bllatr it jr by wtaklilk iB(k < lull aithkmpl" a> ' oai(o?tati?nalor I'a no uibrr a an 1 ?ub.rrtb?t? t" ??'<biM? ??trerjr *tea>uf kit the |ariui< jiniiM-u.'ni ? of rea<li og *o l aoavraat ion or a /?m? of wbmt, or f.f iu addition to th< ?IraOkatl' for uian<*> Th< aoeletj harlag i*?n atbral a ?ultal<l> tann of aceatral t i?/ri act aot l n( warrari'*') in a* atK'Dtr it* a* rangeuirot ? wlih' of an a^equa'* la^rea-e f it< It laT*? lhi? ?af of ?o'l*4Jrig Mi* io'*r**t </f the frietxla of .. <l?l nilith and li'im<ir In F>rhaif of lb* <?/ ntonipla'. d ? ?l*o?l n of Ita apb*r* K?f f jrUier at tic ulars ao'l li?ta o* ?ub?eril?r? -pp'r at I Ht < -Iltg ? ni' >.e "tore T01 !Jr *.)w? ? |i W' olu rmaoan A U7> .W> ll/ue-l-aj J If. M?h?ro? *4 W? t atrael >o! I A W ? I I Ho?m/ ? ' ri'Oull<? ' f tW II annr " tl.. f Mit'HTA '? I TO IIVAIJH.-UL M M #|v onv tr ? Art' r 'or Ihe eirJoaWe trea'roent '<f ail di**<??> ir.' .dent U female* So. te lenafi"a are?ae, a -a r >?.i Iterntf .?T?u'b ?t;?et aod fuufh ?V*na* Ha>oe)t*< faf feinai* <W rangrr- ?ofa fr ??. II to A'!r! a (ral.< I - r..?i)tati' na and >Mtr r- r, nfi '.atillai Mail letter* ^.a latoiaf M ?**t*4 wttfi a-lrl/* aad KedUlaa )>y r*l?r? (?et Ftei*e' eiiarani*?d In all -a-" Paf^ati fi-m a 4i*lahra |>roril?d vith eligible b*^rd, buoiu| aad at tendait", wt?b etriualee k|?r>aa?-a'? Df Obomt. 14 IK A.VK "TKIOrr, KV U. the r Hraeua of New Yorh ae U? **r-\ ????*?? ?f . I praetMk>ner tb?? r'/uril?/ 'aa bea?t of <-'/o(<o>,?? t?. ba (Mu*He4 *? lua old 'dh>e -al,# ,o# th* aa/?rt?nate ail *i ? i. -if e?.? * lafi -ri to n<ai r an a'hTug b**ri .V H -Or. " f *rae'ee< > ru-a la all r.aa*< ande lab*' * lit \ Al - I AfHU- >"K?'1I ViTA A KJ?|VU> rfrne^j /frcU'U<l hy W*ieri |aW*i ael oa' ?T a*'l kt IU kiril* de Kiavue, Herb, a/ ?? ae a aab abd .afaUlbi* ctM fci aufprMo- a* lull iln" Um ia Infli'b f</rwai4*/ 'O rwy Kl Mreti, I* ferry ?/*?' * haatlia ?treei V y, Dr. rnurr, 9t numcii?* <*noat7. kkak tayi?m h ?klmw aaay be Miaeattad n?aM*ailaUy Mrat^p-ia r*?| .ir? a ?>?1j*at adruet m?/ d*p>iad wp?'j )>' i?-. *).!? ir. ala>>at In f .? 'h* ?c~.t f??> lK.?ai ? lia??^ r?e >Af toi Iraali ln?tp>lariiia. I'rit* ti Dk. Uiiffti. Mi. 1 tmrwmM (*ifiBTW!WTojSr ao l' ?t a?4 -ee'-aUy k?."?a U the pa'-tt* may Or ?. n*o ed at bi* oid **'al/ltahed wW-r* it* haa yrar'i*^ in <e? branch ef aaedVJae f?> the la>< el 7'ar? aad a*-V ax** 'ar*e than aa; o'Jaer bum ia the rlijr ia at any la'taar** ef a*r??ae oow*d*r?4 la*nra'4*, - of wWh he ba? penalatl'* te r.'.r U> a* h*'*VAe* ' ha'f*? a>??i*rala aad ia ail ra*ae a ?ar* f?a/aai?*-l taa'fc-o ? *f f?aat liaidf Haaier'a red drop ikal r?'M **n atx. dlaaaee* atth/a! drying lie pie* la tae 'aa < aJ; be had ae aboee triv $ I fab aad f h* M-tt'or U*a' t AW^MIKn*. Bk< apway rm-AT w.-r. a makulaix, sol> l**,..* _I>o<,r? opt? at 1u , u. ?oniiiMaoaat 1%. * . r*. US|, Aigunt U, Will b? informal I'L'SQl IN <.UOI) HUMO* ta ?Lkch M J ' .t u KarUOttU will apwai ,u Kla Pr it* upon the Pttlu. (JOi'sta or thk Mr^nc fry thr MARTINI Tu BHorHKRi1 THi; O H I tS MONbTKR White Vlfht (labriel Ra*< D? Mimuue A. <:rx?l I Mara- OilU 1 41 (.rami P. Martiuettl landlady Mnte.J VUfUn?C. tireeu M??-t*r Iyu?< .o | Ko-.ul* Km. Benin BO WIRY THIATT.1l.? PROJ'KICTVU AVD MANAGER (. P. Waldron, ytage Ma.i afr, W. II lir.fflth. Prlr? of A'Jnlaeioa ? Bolt", JS re.'lt*, PM, 1 2% COUU, Gtllir) r?'\ cent*, i'nf kto Ho*** 96. On Mo*f>**, Arorur Ifl, and ? terf Mwning till far(Ji?r uotW. will b? prmient'd A i.RXSU H&T0R1CAL MDJTARk XfbCUC*. 09 Ckwai in amb Dkuuiw Krrota, wlnrh ha* Wn come tilua In preparation, ud to gi?# du? t-ffecl tu whi h t*.. ptstred innxAWW bat* Wn ui the oiii| apy now parlormlag >1 Utia popular e- tabU?hiu? at. Srw Pwrj by ... Mr~*r* Thorn* mm! Calbarl New l'o,(usi?? ),y Mr. llfc.i ud jjlWllli Marbuiaty by Mr. Haodar* Mvalr by | |f fUeff frow-nU b?. .... V.'. .. . .'.J. Robert* Thla beautiful rffurt of diamatir ^n,|o? la entitled 1UK INVASION l?K UKITAI.V; OB, Tut Kti Kjki'c Vow Hncward, a ?aion O .wftain Mr, R. Johaatoa Thl* |>liw* ab#>und> in r^iuiMi of til* moat baaotUa) 4??<-rlptlnn, and N>H) > ry tlMulw among Wtuck till following iltKiw particular mi-ation ? tm a?i.*ar?i?i o> m> oi*m. lua <>r ni? wtun. 1U? kt !>?> nana And 4?.-v>pT a??<jr*r ball Tlir iarl?lfut?, ?Uo, at* of tho grra'.wt InUmt, ata biavl?| ?uniBt atmr-rum o? no. AMA/.O.MAN UAND. imh a>rrt; f>? mr u??. thk auwnui. nuouui, mmI ??#' . not lc*?t THE BIUiKKV HAVQCrr, Tb< ::j*. w.U I* pi?,?x>l*d rftca rwulng b J A Mm II** Gt MO. nilllrTY * WfJOIi'8 MLNdTRiJ^, 47U UAOAO ( wn*. *6?Tt< Onii'l Of KN KThJU I.TENTNO. For UiU ww-k.? I.tluopua Mliu'lttX<f, !%adnf, kf , concluding w>lh Ihorrw MAM/I'W!APF MA I J T. Poor* op< n ?t " >4 o clovk, to *t V> c*nt*. All lunlriiM \<j II. lVoo<l. Mh. avd miv v. j n/miscK, Til* >ir'twAil Awri'HIi rrPrfwiiUUr** "t rw-ji ami va.vku; Arr fn tb? -It j, *n-t *UI r'luin n f?w <im/? preparatory to ruiuuua h?ir VAI I AVD WtVTW Tul ll All I'umn umrHtl n- A/ , rim >ld i?|k'l<lri'iiaMl u j rv>HB<qt, 4M$ Qnmt tUmt. fVltAMATTf OOMVMMirM OIAfU>?T. V. WAfVU. \ f at W?llvW * TV? >?t >? on ?-T*dnf, Anj ad't iratiln >iUy M tl>?< lltiurjiWk, tb nlilrli Mr. W?r?> ? il p. r?. i.itn ?!>? vharaetar of Mn*V*r Walter. Jul. a, MW? Ada < lar? U> tan, Ml*a J**a* Mr I ton ? aiipi- r'?<t \,j tl.p following t*l<utal w?tU?? W. H?nnrt1. I??|. ai'ftfford, K H. hoJUi, m KaUxxn, ? T. t 'nd? rbiU, ?? H'xl .?. "i* I* Manna, On >durloi vf U? or> ba>tra. To l? followrd by a rntx' hUrarliv* no \?'Uy ?> d<1 otli*r *t\t? ikii.nivi.t*. Tw liriji i titaiuod at J> U c ?, Ht. N''rli?>U* Hot# I, and W lLa.ll * .ton'*, ?f> Broadway. Ifc i Uol on iluiiday tti* 13Ut tMt F ^kavkiin vc ?r>' vi> t.o no* i ?v.? rujvn' da). Auk ?t IV ? < . < ? . can of thi NKW O VI'ASV <1 UiJVO. AK1I-TK'. Double Attrn'M'-n I r tkli Aflcrnoou tol I rcmng FiFItOK- Vrw Tiluj?f? LEA'S fTMAtr. "II PA FTUIITK ? W^-bt^aa larger, iklitt Omfiliy ailfjtiip V#w Bo r If* i nr AfitrpU e. Klh<o|>lan ?*r*na<l?r? Hrin- uiM >u M H '.<iy ifhrc/ ill at <1, ?rrnl?c at 8. JOHN R. ,-HITlPS fJRAVp TtiPft ny Lt'ltorr A.VU ^ ir< ? I. "I ^TA'TOIt'l At '*:? ?!? A???viot fix**, ]w ,a?wai, ?bowing a ?t n?.?J? ?UT?a, forty fo? t w1?t? '/ tl? t<f itflitul cnu* ami oiukA^> ?jm3t?T if mior*. fury rvtmng. at t ?'rlM?k, and m'.y Saturday altar noon, at 3. It* u ual< by Mi Al*yn I1"l of Ixxi-ton A tmiring tMaaaaia > g).'iy wUtf Qwt thu la fb* targ*ft, moit iii'.?rt* ai. 1 rltgaat rnVartahnmrat U Nrw York. It* ?a ?< ? La* Uan lax?t won<karfal. Admlaaiou Mtfati l-M'.AMtm M< - ' ' If, M' U BfiWU'.y, V7JMU.T JP oppoiit* ifco y tkaalio ? I'tiiuiqiaucaa ?var* af'.rrao?<n ?>' 3. *m. ? "i .en *' *. N I' "'r?ag*r? wit that lb* I mallin Mu*.- im >a <U" oaly pU<-? In thi- I'nltiHl Vtat#? ihiit 'h* M#-dal AriMe arf tiMWtiwf, alth oUier <j| ? n . U.i uu nU. IUtu< :utiat, Ha. H Boarry. ' N ATli'VAl rillAIRK -VHA'TM . N. Y ? * I Matheai A Morgan, \+*'e*n ao*t Minay^i .? tTaa' wl. for tha a) oT* tk'atrx, f< r a ??-.n of fn av<nlA? rouimi ni-ing !*ft*uUr I \ tady to pl?y "old wuaMa and ' be-?y bn !a#-? * g?id " ufi i ? t y M ly," ?ad a good "utility inati A'l<lrin?< I. MAlUkW-i Htagr M*a>f r, T1m utra, ' yra> n*? S. Y T>Ro"KI YN ift -I 1 V H^-nTT W LTlftnt J.J and >' Trevor, on alii h rx-eaal'a th* <?lakratad priuta ilonna MU* H< tain ihiikn l Wilt Tlh* her Aral and only afii*ar*a-a in flr"4tya, fn lb* 0(<f a of " IUI Hoy. ' iui l tin- ?< -b>; a't " f'r% tHamio, aaalatad by Mr. If fHaiol and Mr It. Ku-mwI, of H .[lea'i Ttwatu and a koit of ta.'int 1 1 - fc ?-t ? 21 rant*. Till MH/^R'N Mt^H AI. AST) rXmilTTHMI MALI.. (Vralaad Ohm hating Wl IfeocofUly ?n?MtaWd. 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