Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1855 Page 2
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laiEITTSEIEin* RENEWED KTEET PAT. .000, $4,000. ?BW<iing over 300 FOR HALE. . ?A FARM, CONTAINING 2M D1,,1V? J. acres, on Long Uland, thirty -fight from New York; 8ft acre* well cultivated) largo home u>l b*rs, good spring water and an abundance ot fcuit; 19 00 acres htmvily timbered wi?J oak; hickory, ?bvrtcut, Ac., for Rale. Location beaUfcy and pleasant. E. A. BUNCE, 212 Broadway. room No. 3. for Sale? an eixgantly JJN / ?Vv V? (Inishetl three story brick houso, wcatwl in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Brooklyn, marble basement, with all the modern im provement*. SI, 000 only required to be paid down; L,?( on bond and mortgage if desired. Apply to WINCHESTER BRITTON, 37 Wall st. ?A SPLENDID MANUFACTURING _ 't business, withoutoMsompetltion, and __ .irdlng over 300 per cent profit, with a valuable $3,000 contract, will be sold for 94,000, which on examination will be found to be a truly unparalleled bargain. Apply U THOMAS & STREET, 34K Pine street. flQ AAA ?WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUG wO vvU. store, 30 years' established, having all tie benefit of long and excellent management, in a popu lous neighborhood, and the vicinity of the best jobbing part of the city, with ten years' lease; will be sold low as the owner purposes going west. Address A. H. 6., box 1173 Post office. ?FOR SALE, FARM 30 ACRES, TWO ? miles from Middletown Point, near _ ort, N. J. Good buildings, highly cultivated, good ?vcbard, apples, plums, cherries, ic. ; well watered and fenced. Also stock, for 9600. HARTWICK, 208 Broad way, and MELiCK. 94 Seventh avenue. 4b 6) rrAA ?FOR SALE-A COFFEE ROASTING, and spice and feed mills. This is a vJry rare chance for some young man who wishes to get Into business, as it will pay from 92,000 to 93.500 per year profit, with a small capital. The roasting of coffee and grinding of feed will more than pay the whole ex penses of the business. A very good rvason given for sell ing. The mills are all new. Call or address 65 Lewis street. QAA FOR A FARM OF EIGHTEEN ACRES, up l?OVJVJ with good buildings; one of 12>? acres j?od buildings, 91,100; one of 107 n-'re", 95,000; one of 48 acres, with all improvements, $2,600; also, a splendid farm of 60 acrcs, on the Raritan river, cheup; ea?y of ac ?ess to and from the city. Inquire of S, L. JOHNSON, 208 Broadway, room 5. 4jh-| AAA ?FOR SALE, THE STOCK. FIXTURES |D Xo\J V7 Vf ? and lea*e of a gentleman's furnishing store, on Broadway. Location unequalled lor both wholesale and retail. To any person with the above amount this is a rare chance to engage in a proliUble business. Address R. M. T., Herald office. (ftQAA ?FOR SALE, ON EASY TERMS? A FRUIT ?Jp O V? V/? store, situated in one of the be. t business locations in l-'ulton street, Brooklyn, and is now i.oing a I eafe and profitable business. The stock is all fresh und ?well selected. Price $800. for which good endorsed paper will be taken, at three and four months. Address J. S., Herald office, stating when ard'where an intervk w can bt hid. (1I7AA ?FOR SALE? A LIGHT, SAFE, PLEASANT Mp | v v? business, long established; a chance tor asmart buKinesR|man witn a small capital; the <-ash receipts now average $400 per week. For further particu lars, address Business, Herald office. ? ?ONLY 9700 FOR A PRINTING OFFICE, ? worth over $1,000, and situated in one or i localities in the city. There is over $10 worth of work will be guaranteed every week, and 930 monthly. Reason for selling, going South in a week or two. For farther particulars, address G. W. P., Herald office, im mediately. (JfjOAA ? ' WILL BE SOLD, ONE HALF OF A BOOR >|;0 v vi and'newspaper jobbing house, now doing m good cash business. Address Cash, Herald office. A "J <)(? WTLL BUY A FINE SET OF OFFICE FUR ffpA.jUtJ niture, and a good business opening for an roei'getic man ; a capital location for a broker in mer chandize or real estate. Apply to C. STRONG & CO., 308 Broadway. CONFECTIONERY, TOY A.VP FANCY STORE SDR sale. A good business stttU'-J. Inquire at v8}i ath avenue. 4 ' A BOARDING HOUSE FOR SALE? THE FURNITURE _?\_ and interest of an old established house; the house is In good order and rent very low ; it can accommodate Jorty boarders at least; it will be sold at a great bargain. *u< the proprietor has other Wi><u t? to. In quire on the premises, 24 Bowery. B C ftdAbWAY PROPERTY? LEASE FOR SALE CHEAP. _ j An excellent Twatlca lor business, being aaj wrunded by the principal hotel* , &u4 BWfly onn-^t* the St. Nicholas. Apply on the premises, 502 Broadway. flONFECTIONERY STORE FOR SALE? IN ONE OF THE best business locations in the city. Thin is a good importunity for a bu siness person. The owner having ano tfi?r rtcre cannot attend to it. Inquire at 211 First IIWMfc IHOICE BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE, LOW? FIVE lots on Twenty-fourth (street, just west of Fifth ave mue and Madison square; two lots on Fifth avenue, twen ty per cent below the market; alio, one lot on Thirty - aixth street, Murray hill. Apply to ROSWELL G, FIERCE, rine street, corner of Broadway. f~vRUG STORE FOR SALE.? A FIVE OPENING FOR . 1 / druggist or physician; location on o?e of the priti ?ipal ?venues. The store in well fitted up. and now doing a good business. Application m?y be made to C. STRUNG A CO., 206 Broadway. ? -fl-\RUG STORE FOR SALE, IV BROOKLYN? DOING ? f a good prescription business; a good opportunity Sr a young physician wishing to commence busineM, in m rapidly increasing neighborhood; the store is neatly fitted up, and well stocked with drugs Rent low. In quire on the premise", corner of Flushing and Division ?venues. Drug store for sale? old established, situ ated in one of the beat streeta in Jersey City, and now doing a good business. Will be told cheap tor cash. Satisfactory reasons for selling out. Apply at H6 New irk avenue, Jersey City, for two days. T7WR SALE? LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF ONE X. of the best dining, drinking and lodging places in Um cKv, being directly opposite Washington market, an ?ear West street ; this place is new and neatly furnished, Aeing a daily bar business of forty dollars, with thirty Wds. Will be sold at a reasonable price as the owner is Ming In other business. For particulars, Ac., apply to ZESEn D. CLARK, 95 Barclay street. 'OR SALE-EIGHT ACRES OF HIGLY CULTIVATED land, near the village of (irf?jwi!le. 3Vj miles from rsey City. For terms Inquire of JOHN II. MIDMEK, feint Breeze Hotel, near the above premises. FOR SALE.? FLOUR AND FEED STORE. TOGETHER with the fixtures and )ea?e; tern-.s moderate. Ad dress C. F., Broadway Post (((lice. FOR SAIJv? A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL SEr.A!t store, and a good retail tobacco business, un old es tablishment, located in the Ix-dt part ol the City, with ii\ tures and stock, or without stijck. Good rta-ons for ? it can be given, For ^arti -'tlar* iuquiru in ui' jewelry store, 405 Pearl street. FOR SA1.E? A SPLENDID VOCATION? AT HUoWS'rf Point, five minutes' walk from steamboat landing ol Keyport boat, ei<rht acre* of land. with n gool ho w" barn and stable, with a splendid wi ll of water, and t'n ? bathing, together with u tin" selection of various f. and shade trees. This property will be -t/.d in whole, or in part* to ?ult purchaser*. T?rr/is easy. For particular* inquire of JAMES LYON, 331 Fifth street, New York, or as the premises. FOR SAI.F? IN THE MOBT HEALTHY AND PLEA sant |>art ol Drooklyn, two neat cottage built houses and lots, commanding one of the line-t views ! the city; houses two story and basement, hard tlnishe 1 und corniced centre piece-, an-hed parlors; large lots ? .5 by 131. Price only $1.8.M); terms easy; considered cheap; will douhfc in \alue. Apply on the premi?es, Bergen street, between Grand and Ha -son iv.'c je'. Ful ton avenue cars pass within a ?hort distance. FOR SALE? THE CEIJSBRATKD TROTTING STA1. lion John Ferris, five years old, dark ohe-tnut; has trotted a mile in 2:35>{. in public, out of fix, in a rae and his challenge remains open to trot, v> wagons or har i'w, any stallion In the world; warranted sound an I kind, and is a capital road horse for any gentleman For apply to SAMUEL TRUESDELL. 172 Mercer etreet, ot JAMRs IRVING '<2 Washington market. ? FOR SALE-1N SHREWSBURY. N. J.. A GOOD TWO ?tory romniiMtious hou?e and outbuildings, with 17 acres of good productive land, a tine orchard garden an 1 yard with over 100 ornamental shade and fruit tre s of ihe km selection. It is altogether one of the m"st plea sant and healthy locations for a famgly residence that can be found In the State Situated on the road leading from Shrewsbury town to l'on Washington. 8 minute-' walk from Shrewsbury river, 3 miles from I^ng Branch. 2!, hours' sad from New York, acre,, ),? -team boats daily. Apply to H. B. TYSON, 403 Oreenwicb s;reet. For sam? a first rate farm, of thikty acres, one mile from Whltlockville station. -We-t rhester county, with fine house, barn, and all n<-ces-ary outbuildings. In perfect order. Pile* $3,700 Stock and farming utensils can nl-o be had if dc-ire l. Apply t<< W. H. J< >HNSON, 346 Fourth avenue, from S to 10 and 3 to 7 -(TV iR ,-aLF ? ONE OF THE BEST GROCERY STORR* r in the city, now doing a business of from M00 to f'.OO per week, situated on .Sixth avenue. For particu lars inquire at 467 Sixth avenue, in the dry go?d* store ot Mr. Bainbridge. FSjoK -AIE? T1 IE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A COR D'-r grocery store in South Brooklyn. The stand is good; stock light; there is a stable for oue horse. It is the only grocery store on the four corners. Will be eold cheap if applied for Wore th? 1st of Septemt>er. Apply at No. 7 'rout -treet, fourth door from Fulton. Brooklyn. T7VJK SAIF ? THE STfK'K AND I IXTI RKS OF A SE; JP gar store, for cash, satisfactory reasons given for wiling. Apply at 20# Ninth avenue, corner of Twenty f"U?1h street. FoA HALE? THE 8IYX5# AND KlXTt Hb- OF A GRo cenr. with four years' lease of the premises, to. gather with good fixtures, gas nlso. a fine h"r * und wagon. Sold on account of the owner going West. Apply at 174 Twenty-fifth street, between First and Se rond avenues, to lAI'KR A BAKU,, or at Sixth ..v.' ?ue. in the basement, to Henry Smith F VOR SALS. PK SAL THBHS STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT . bouse And lot, hnkhed in the b?rt style with the modern improvements; alao, a portion of the furniture. For farther particulars, inquire on the premise*, 19 Boorman pUee, Thirty-third street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. FOB SALE? A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL SEGAR store, and a good retail tobacco business, an old es tablishment, located in the beat part of the city, with fixtures and stock, or without stock. Good reasons for selling it can he (riven. For particulars inquire of C. B. HOWES A CO., M Nassau street. For sale.? mr. h. peugnlt bom to inform the public and his friends that he has not sold hi* institution to any one. His property, 131 feet oa Bank street and 124 on Troy street, is offered for sale. The building*, which were used during twenty yean for a large institution, may be sold, with ?lxtynli fret on each street, and with from one to six more lots, if desired. Tot sale, instruments of natural philosophy. Address H. PEUGNET, No. '11 Bank street. FOR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OK AN OLD established confectionery and toy store, situated at 183 Avenue B. Apply in tile store. FOR SALE? STOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD WILL OF a grocery and liquor store, together with furniture of a bedroom: also a grocery wagon. Will be sold at a sacrifice. Call at 78 Eighth avenue for two days. F-R SALE? ON LONG ISLAND, HALF A MILE FROM shore, a farm of 109 acres, house, barn, fruit, wa ft c.; land level and in good order. One of 30 acres, ditto, $3,000. Several do., at from 8500 to 81,000. Also, in Brooklyn, private residences, stores, &>\, of all locations 'and prices. For sale or exchange by A. KAINETAUX, 181 Fulton street, Brooklyn. ? For sale? a beautiful country residence, within a hour of New York, on Flushing avenue, Newtown, 2>a miles from Feck slip ferry. Stages every, half hour. A handsome dwelling, eleven rooms and two acres under high cultivation, a fino garden, an abun dance of fruit, grapes, shrubbery, fcc. For a residence or for an investment this is is a rare chance, owing to its nearness to New York. Possession immediately. Apply to C. E. FURMAN, No. 1 Park row. OR SALE? A FIRST CLASS GROCERY, WITH large tenant house, paying rent enough to pay rent of atore; this is a good chance for any one ^h'ng to commence business; there is a good trade doing. Address Grocer, Herald office. For sale ? a handsome, modern built frame dwelling house, two stories, bascnv>nt and attic, with Grecian dorrlc columned portico front entrance; interior of building well finished, with mantels, the ground, comprising four lots, well cultivated with bear ing fruit trees of different Mads; also, an arched grape arbor, extending ninety feet through the garden, with young vines therein; also, some ornaments in -a me. The above is In the beautiful and thriving village of l'elham ville, three minutes' walk from the 1 tation, <ind thirty-five minutes' ride from New York. Will be Hold cheap, as the owner is going west. For particulars apply to THOMAS DOYLE, 298 Bowery. For sai.e cheap? a large first class jew cller's'sufe; also the entire fixtures of an ofl'ee; the oflice to let until first of May, 185*}. Inquire of D. BACH ELAR 4 80N, 80 Nassau street. For sale cheap? at very ix>w terms, a small grocery and liquor store, at 355 West Twenty-sixth street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues. Apply on the premises. FOR SALE, A BARGAIN. ? A BEAUTIFUL FARM, OR country seat, of about 100 acres, on l<ong Island Sound: buildings new and commodious land in fine or 4er: old and young orchards, and every variety of fruit, Sahingand fowling in their season, and bathing at all hours; distance 50 miles from New York; access twice a day by railroad; fare 50 cents; steamboat every alternate day; fare 76 cents. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 1 Pine street. For sale or exchange for a faf.m or city property.? A neat hotel near New York, everything in complete order, an elegant billiard room attached, five tables of the best makers. Concern worth 10,000 dollars, 5,000 in cash or trade as above; billiard room will pay all expenses of house. For interview address Robert at this ?flice. ' j "Ir BaIS- or EXCHANGE? A FIRST CLASS BIUCK houst ftnd ?Llr?p l"t, located on Second place, Brook - lvn will he e*chaiuT*',l for ft good houfe and lot in a de sirable situation in .New York, worth from 80.000 to S. PgOT & BASSET, No. 4 Aator place. TJIOR SALE, ONE OR 7\Vt? Jj one hundred feet, situateo ROlJP J JiM* "fT [(ivihir.n avenue < oj Wuharoaburg line,) and within five minutes' walk' of fho ? one oi we mo?t befcUtlful locations in that vicinity. The lota re quire no grading. Terms easy. Apply to JOHN G REGS ION, No. 30:2 South 3d street, Williamsburg, or to Mr. HENRY HEPDKN, 94 Houston strett, New York. For sale or to let? a new first class three story and basement brick hou'-e, fini-heJ in the best style, with all the modern improvements, and desi rably located in South Brooklyn. For particulars, inquire of HERMAN E. SUDEURG, 36 Weil street. Great bargains? one house and lot, 30 amos street, the lot is 37)4 fcet in front nn<l 41 tett wide in rear, by 90 feet deep; one-third Ip&yable in caoh, the balance can remain on bond and mortgage. R. CLA'jHjETT, 36 Wall street, second Hour, rear building. OR=E FOR SALE.? A CRAY PACING PONY, 14& hand" high; can pace In 2:40; kind and good umlr saddle or in harness, will be sold very low for want o use. Apply at 32 Burling slip. ILLINOIS* MICHIGAN OR OTHER WATERS' LANDS wanted, in exchange for valuable Improved proi/erty in this city. .Settled neighborhood preferred. Adored", stating location, price, &c., G. H. A.. Herald office. Property in new york to exchange for property in Westchester county, New Jer-?y, or Long Island.? A first class' four story house and lot, to exchange for a mi all farm of about thirty acres, ou the line of the railroads. Apply at 476 Fourth street. OWE FOR SA1E.?AN OIL AND FLFID RO'TE for sola, with horse, wagon, harness, can*, iic. Apply, after 4 o'clock P. 11., at 47 Norfolk street. TO BLSINfty MEN ? FOR SALF, A RAPIDLY IN I creasing business, oiTering a profitable investment for about t'JO.OOO, which will pay 160 per cent as often as employed, to manufacture, under patent issued July 3, 18fi5. the latest improvement in lightning conductors, which are freo from all former defects. They arc i a de mand in every town In the Enlted States, aud already favorably introduced into six of the Southern stales, with sales in nine months of over t.\000. This conductor has also (obtained first class diplomas wherever exhibited. (8,000 cash required; balance of purchase may remain In the business, on c?n<lition? favoratd" to the buyer. We invite examination. COI.MAN & WILLIAMSON, No. 6 Wall street, for the 1'otentee. O HRfCi.lSTS.? FOR PALE, A 1>RI'G STOKE, MOST eligibly situated on a commanding th>aoughfare in the city, and doing on excellent business. The proprie tor will furnish satisfactory reasons for selling. The chance is a rare ono for a physician or druggist- Address I1KNRY oai J'., Herald office. PAINTERS . ? A CHANCE SEIJmiM TO H'C MET with. ? An old esiabli?he<l paint au 1 sLad? store, in Brooklyn, (I". I'.) will be sold on v?ry reasonable terms, as the proprietor is about leaving the elty. A young man wishing to commence business will find this un op portunity seldom offered, ns there is no opposition In the neighborhood and a flrrt i ate run of Custom. Ad 're m H. S., Ixix 1,210 Post Office, N. Y. TO I 'RINTERS. ? F' dl ,JAl.E ON FA VuRAIH.E TERMS, the job printing office 23 Spruce stre> i : an excel lent opportunity for any one desiring to "liter the busi ness Apply on '.he premises. The fast sahjng boat izaac wai.ton fob sal". ? She is about 24 fret long, I ullt of the best >( mateiial, in June last; she has two sultl of uaiis, and is complete in every respect. She will lie sold cheap If ap plied for immediately. as the owner will leave the city in a few days. Inquire of WM. PETER?, Penny Bridge, Brooklyn, or address b >x 2,824 i'ost Oft', e. \jtT ANTED TO 1- XCHAVMF?FOR A HOtSF AND LOT ?! in or near N""w York, a tract of 400 acres of land in 1 erni? Ivania, tinimproyi). A lease of hw< aud lot in city and one thousand dollars in <ash, altogi ther mak ing amount of 9S./i00. No brokers need apply, nor will anv incumbrance on the property be aeaejitcd. Address J. F. M Hern Id office UESTISTRY. DR. L. ROGERS. 1'F.NTIST, FORMERLY OK ROSTON, isteijuested t" call at H0 Fourth stree*. Williams burg, nt hi- earliest -onvenience, where hi- will hear of something to his rdv.intnge r>.ol(i >: ) r-i llAH fit. I>I7N 1 I I 2'.fl IIl IV-'tN ST , T near Broome ? h?tsblished 1S41 ? Mr. S. has for the pact foniteen years been ? nK??e<i in furni'liingtodcntista in New York and its Ylciuity artificial t< ? th. at about en? half le>s than is usually charged t? their patients, and is now furnishing the tame style of work, (which for beauty, quality, utility, < anuot tie surpassed) to th* public upon the ?*me terms as heretofore charge*! to <!rntists. per sons in want of artificial !? ?tli ate r- -pectlully solicited to rail before making engagements elsewhere. He will be mo?t happy to explain his ryst. in to all who may favor him with a call. A corr<-sp'.ndiiig deduction upon all other operations connected with tho profession. Terms nvarialdy cash Persons' wMifsi.' teeth 'i">Nr on the must scientific principles, will save fifty per cent by call ing en Dr. NAF'UJCIIN I'RETERHE. A full sjt of teeth can be mn>'? without eitmcting the'old ri ots Call and see specimens, at 43S Broadway, corner of Howard at. ?mu pay. VM V W>rNTY LAND AND "EXTRA PAY" OFFICE Jl.1 ?Bounty land and " extra pay" for U. S. Navy, sailors, ftc., In all wars since 17W0? their widows and heirs? promptly obtained and paid. Km Li nee <lti? widows and heirs of deceased V. A sailors and others collected, ml aM kind* of claims against the United States rec vered by EDWARD BISSEIJ., Airent and (lata) Purser V. A Navy, 67 Wall street. MWACTUITI. G1 OslINC.'S NEW AMERICAN, FRENCH AND GEK man restaurant, removed from 17 Na*?au streel t? 306 Broadway, be 'Wi ? u I>uane and I'eat 1 streets, ''pen every day in toe week, for breakrast, d'uner and supper, from ? A. V. to 9 P. V The same moderate chargfs will prevail which have made ih s esiab. brnei t ?o popular thj ooghvut the 1 1 led . "a ? <<. I.i' ; . IV pi *t??r , ^ iHgyiiig. FR UVKRPOOll? TOTTED STATES MAIL 3TEAM ?hJp BALTIC, Job. J. Comstock, commander. This steamship will depart, with the United fUlw mail* for Europe, positively on Wednesday. August 22, at 11 o'clock M. , from her berth, at the foot of Canal street. For freight or pasaage, hairing unequalled accommodation* for ele gance ana comfort, apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, M WaU street. Passenger* are renueated t?'be on hoard at 11 ? o'clock A. M. The steamship Pacific will succeed the Baltic. and aail Sept. 5. Shipper* please take notice "" ntlfci ship* of this line cannot carry any gom contraband flrwar. rpHK BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL 1 ettsxnshipfl. FROM WWW TOE* TO LXTWOOZm Chief cabin passage 9130 Second cabin passage .... ? 76 raojf noeioa to urmrooL. Chief cabin passage $110 Second caWn passage 00 The ships from Boston oall at Halifax. ARABIA- Ospt. Judkina AMERICA, Oapt. Lang. PERSIA, Capt. Ryrie ECROPA, Capt. Shannon. A5L4, fipt. E. G. Lott CANADA, Capt. Stone. A/RICA, Gapt. Harrison ..NIAGARA, Capt. Leitch. These vessels carry a clear, white light at mast head; green on starboard bow ? red on port bow. AMERICA, Lang, leave Boston Wednesday, July IS. CAMADA. Stone " Boston Wednesday, Aug. 1. ARIA. Lott, " Boston Wednesday. ?' 15. AMERICA. Lang, '< Boston Wednesday, " 20. CANADA, Stone " Boston Wednesday, Sept. 12. AFRICA, Harrison,' ' Boston Wednesday, Sept. 20. Berths not secured until paid for. An experienced surgeon on board. Jhe owners of these ships will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, precious stones" or metals, unless bills of lading are cigoad therefor and the value thereof therein expressed. For freight or passage appl* to E. CUNARP, 4 Bowling Green. There will be no steamships of this line from New Tork until further notice. *|70R LIVERPOOL ? STEAM8HIP LEBANON, T. COOK. commander.- Tbi* new and powerful steamer will sail from the British and North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Compaq's dock, at Jersey City, on Saturday, the 26th inst. Parage money for first dw passengers only, for whom there Im excellent accommodations. 9100. in cluding provi?ions and steward's fee, but without win*s or liquors, vhich can be obtained on board. Freight taken at reasonable rate*. Apply to E. CUNARP, No. 4 Bowling Green. FOR LIVERPOOL ? TAPSCOTT'S IJNE. ? TO SAIL ON Saturday, August 18. The very superior clipper ship ALBION, Captain Williams, will sail at above. The ac commodations for passengers on board this vessel are un surpassed. The Albion is one of the fastest vessels afloat. Persons about proceeding to Europe should make early application on board, at pier 34 East river, or to TAPSCOTTt CO. 80 South street. For ltverpooi sr. oeorge's line.? the vs. mailed clipper ship DRIVER, Capt. Holberton, Will positively sail on Wednesday, 22d August. Her ac commodations are superior to any vessel in port for all olaeses of passengers. Apply on board, pl?r 8, North River, or to DEMAREKT & JUNES, 40 South street, and 30 Old Slip. For liverpooi .?the mack ball packet ship ISAAC WEBB, Capt, Bryer, will positively sail this lflth day of August, at 12 o'clock M. Kooin for a few more passengers. For terms apply to JACOB WILSON, 108 South street. First packet for liverpool-to sail this ilay? The splendid new packet ship ORIENT, Capt. Hill, will sail at 12 o'clock. Forpassagf, having superioi state room North river, -ine spienom new pacK-et snip uiukiht, lupi. ail at 12 o'clock. Forpassage. having superior > accommodations, apply on board, pier No. 6 r, or to C. A. TEN tYCK, 67 South street. FR HAVRE VU SOPTHAMPTON.? THE VANDER bllt European line of steamships.? The first-class steamship NORTH STAR, 2,300 tons. Warnock, master, will leave New York from pier 30 North river, foot of Cham bers street, at noon precisely, on Saturday. Sept. 1, for Havre, calling at Southampton to land mails, passengers and specie. First class passage to Havre or Southampton 9110 Second " " " 00 The North Star wll] be followed by the Ariel, Sept. 22. The owner of these rensels will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewellery, precious stones or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed. Specie and goods taken at usual rates. No freight re ceived after noon of the day before sailing. No berth secured nntil paid for. Letters, prepaid 18 V cents per half or., will be received at the office up to 11 A. M, of tile 3*7 of sailing, and will be carried in strong in<Ua hitiWr DMT8< under lock; and on trriralat South ampton and HaTit, Tflj* If ^mediately deposited in post offices there. ich pr jjyp i wo* men tor!? ILh-rb. North Star Sept, 1 NofctJi ^tar Aug. 11 Ariel Sept. SI Ariel Sept. 1 ??? *??'? uken, each ^repald, one dollfti opwarda. North Star Oct, 13 North Star.,,, Ariel Kov. 3 /Uriel. '..O&M North Star Nov. 3 _ Ariel '..Nov. 24 . o?se itesmfhlfs are classed A 1 at the insurance offices, and specie and goods will be insured in them at as low rates of premium aa in any other steamships that cross the orean. For freight er passage, apply to D. TORRANCE, No. 6 Bowling Green, New Tork. ALBERT N. CHRYST IE, No. a Place de la Bourse, Pari*. CHKTSTIE. SCHLOSSMANN, k CO., No. 27 Quai Cassmir Delavigne, Havre. T7WR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE? THE UNITED .r States mail fteamer UNION, R. Adams, commander, will leave fur Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mails and passengers, on Saturday, Augast 26, at 13 o'clock, from pier So. 37 North river, foot of Beach street. Price of passage, first cabin, $180; second flo., $76. Luggage not wanted during the Toy age should be sent on V>uard the day before aalling. marked " below." No freight will be taken after Thursday, August 23. For freight or passage apply to M. LTV1NG8TON, agent, 68 Broadway. The steamer Araga will eucoeed the Union, and sail September 22. THE LIVERPOOL AM) PHnADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company intend sailing their favorite steamships? CITY OF I1ANCH*STER 2,126 tons, Capt Wylie. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new) 2.638 tons, Capt CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 tone, Capt. R. Leitch. Saloon, (00, $06, and $66, according to state rooms. A limited number of third clan passengers will be taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found in provi sions. From Philadelphia, ....$30 | From Liverpool $$40 Put ties wishing to bring out their friends, can obtain certificates of passage and drafts on Liveriiool, in sums of ?1 sterling and upwards. Apply to SAMUKL SMITH, agent, 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, and No. 7 Broad way, New York. E EDUCED PRICE?.? F0CR> HOURS FROM OCEAN TO Ocean, by Panama Railroad. Meals furnished to steerage passengers on the Isthmus free. 100 lbs. bag gage free. Through for California, via Panama Railroad. No cholera on this route. The United States Mail Steam ship Company intend to despatch for Asninwall, on Mon day, Aeg. 20, at 2 o'clock, P. M., precisely, from pier foot of" Warren St., N. K., the well known ami favorite steam ship EMPIRE CITY, ("apt. Windle. Passengers and mails * ill be forwarded by I'snama Kuilroaa, and connect at l'ansma with the Pacific Mail Steamship Company's magnlAcent steamship Golden Age, J. T. Watkins, cem mander, which will be in readiness, and leave immedi ately for San Francisco. The public are Informed that the Pacific Mail Steamship Company always have one or more extra stesioers lying at I'snama ready for se.i, to avoid any possible detention of passengers or mails. For passage, apply to I. W. RAYMOND, at the only office of the Companies, 177 West street, corner of Warren. FOR CALIFORNIA? PASSAGE $60? FURTHER RE duction of tare*? New York and California steam ship line, via Nicaragua Accessory Transit Company, i>1 Nicaragua, proprietors ? Through in advance of the mail ? 700 miles shorter than any other route, avoiding the deadly Panama fever and two miles of dangerous boating in Panama Bay. Rates of fare through to San Francisco, including the Isthmus crossing: ? First cabin, $176; se cond cabin, $126: storage, $60. The splendid double engine steamship NORTHERN LIGHT, 22,600 tons bur den, Captain Tinklep&ugh, will leave pier No. 3 North river, at 3 o'clock P. M. precisely, for" Punta Arenas, on Monday. Aug. 20, 1856, connecting with the steamship Cortes, 2,000 tons burden, over the Nicaragua Transit route, having but twelve miles of land transportation by first clsss carriages. For information or passage at the reduced rates, apply only to C11ARI.ES MORGAN, Agent, No. 2 Bowling Green, letter bags made up at the office! Stamped letters taken for cents each. US. MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY ? FOR HAVANA a and New Orleans. ? On Friday, August 17, at 2 P. M., from pier foot of Warren street. North river, the weU known and favorite steamship CKF^t'EMT CITY, Capt. John MoGowan, having been thoroughly overhauled and ?ut in first class condition, will resume her place In the ne and sail as above. Passage can be secured at the Company's office. Freight to New Orleans, 30 cents per cubic foot. Shippers will l>e supplied with blank bills of lading of the form signed by the Company, on application at their office. No other forms signed and no bills ot lading will be signed after the hour of sailing. For freight or passage, apply at the office of the Company Vo. 17 f West street, corner of Warren. M. O. RoBKRTS. For HAVANA AND NEW ORLEANS? THE UNITED States mail steamship OAIiAWBA, R. W ShufcMt, commander, i? now receiving freight, and will sitll at 12 M. precisely on Saturday, August 'JV, from pier 27 North river. LIVINGSTON, CKOCHKRoX k Co., ;si Broadway. FOR CHARI-k-ToN ANI> FWtRIDA ? SEMI-WEEKLY United States mail line? The new and last goin ; steamer MARION, W. Foster, commander, will leave pier No. 4 N. R., on Saturday, Aug IS, at 4 o'clock P. M. pre cisely. For freight apply on lx>ard, where all hills ot lading will hi- signed, and for |>assage at the office of SPOtTORD, TTLFSToN ft Co., 20 headway Through tickets to Florid* ns follows:? To Jacksonville $11; to Pilatka. The Nashville will succeed and leave on Set unlay, Aug. 26. "V"i mer.? steamship jamkpti >wn. ?in ohnse qneni'e of the quarantine regulations with regard to Norfolk nnd Portsmouth, this ship will - lUeofatur ? lay, Mth Augu't, dire, t lor l!i hmon I without going to Norfolk Passengers for the latter place will !? landed at Old Point Ciimrort. "r they ut pi..,e?,i South, vi:? Pe tersburg, without detention, v.jth as Biuch eipeliti"U And as rlw nply as via Norfolk. Petersburg passengers *111 be sent up r s usual, by railroad from Oty point. Pa"jige and fare fo "Id Piant, fS. to Petersburg or Kicli n on.1 flO stf-e; age lial"' p ? ?' : i.roOfh lirkeV lo I.yneb bnrr. tU: through tl lot" I" tl ? rgin. Spring*. 1.1 !>? I AM *PL*AeAN rv . Pn- ? ? 'rl ? t-.p I# re OR CHARTER ? THE SPLENDID AND FAST STEAMER CROTON cad be chartered for excureiona. Apply

to Cap FR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA-UNITED STATES Mai) Line.? The new and elegant steamship ALA BAMA, Capt. Geo. R. Schenck, will leave New York for Savannah on Saturday, August 18, from pier Ho. 4 North river, at 4 o'clock P. M. nils of Uilag signed onboard. For freight apply on hoard, or for passage to SAMUEL L. ME. CHILL, la Broadway. For Florida, through tickets from New York to Jacksonville, $31 ; Pilatka, $33. F to WILLIAM 0. LOCK WOOD, 37 South street, or to tip tain William H. Wood, on board the boat, at the foot of Twelfth street, East river. FOR SALE? AT A DISCOUNT, ONE FIRST CLASS cabin passage per steamship Baltic for Liverpool, to sail on 22d Inst. Inquire of BOWMAN, SELLERS ft CO., MX Pine st. HOTBXt AMD SVMMER RK TREATS. COLIJNS HOTEL, SITUATED FOOT OF CANAL street, and directly opposite Collins' Liverpool line of steamers, with a full view of New York hay and har bor. The pleasantest location for families in New York, and will let to permanent or transient, on most reason able tonus, with parlor suits or single rooms. TALLMAND ft MAPB3, Proprietor*. HOLDRIDGE'S HOTEL, 767 AND 769 BROADWAY.? Handsomely furnished, airy and neatly kept apart ment* can now be obtained, with or without board, by the meal, day or week, served in dining or private rooms, on the most reasonable terms. Rooms rent from $2 to $60 per week. No charge for baths. -\TKW YORK BAY HOTEL, 9X MILES FROM JER *ey City ferry, on Bergen Point plank road. The most beautiful summer residence in the State. Fishing, bathing, boating. Tinners and suppers at an hour's notice. Private carriages to and from the house to eity. Now open for permanent and transient guests. Apply at the house, or to Captain LEKSE, Post Office, Jersey City. WAVERLY HOUSE-CORNER OF BROADWAY AND Fourth street, conducted on the European plan, ia now prepared to furnish very superior accommoda tions to families or single gentlemen, with or without board. C. H. SHELLEY. ASTBOLOO Y. mil A" STROLOGY AND PHRENOLOGY.? THE CELEBRA ted Mr#. FLEURY, from Carls, whose relation was constantly consulted by Napoleon I., gives true informa tion on all events of life. Questions answered by the power of maguoti^in, at 203 Broome street. CARD? MADAM PRFWSTER RETURNS THANKS TO her friends and patrons, and begs to say that, after the thousands, both in this city and Philadelphia, who hare consulted her with entire satisfaction, she feela con fident that in the questions of astrology, love and law matrters, and books or oracles, as relied on constantly by Napoleon, she has no equal. She will tell the name of the future husband, and also the name of her visiter. Re sidence 76 Madison street, one door from Catherine. CLAIRVOYANT EXAMINATIONS. ? MRS. HAYES, OF thi* city, possesses wonderful medical clairvoyant powrs. She enn tell the cause, nature and locality of persons' diseases better than any other clairvoyant in America. Persons who wish to consult a good clairvoy ant should consult Mrs. HAYES, office 176 Grand street. BRUCE. THE MYSTERIOUS VEILED LADY, AND . the most wonderful astrologist in the world, can be consulted with for a short time at her old office, 60 Canal street, two doors east oi Broadway, All consulta tions 60 cents. Madame meyer has removed to isi seventh avenue, between Twenty-third and Twentvfourtk streets. She continues to tell past, present and fatur* events, likewise marriages, journeys, law suits, businesi prospects, sickness, absent friends, property lost or sto len. Madame Meyer converses in English, French German and gives guarantee for her art. Madame Harris, the renowned phrenolo gist, from Paris, can be consulted about love, mar riage, business, ftc., and will tell the name of the lady or Rjntleman they will marry, also the names of her visiters, esldenco l-'3 Eighth street, corner of Fourth avenue, one block from Broadway, mHE GIPSEY GIRL HAVING JUST ARRIVED FROM J? Europe, would respectfully inform her friend ?? the public that she will hold her court* ln room No. 1, first floor, where ctn be" consulted & *nd rutur#- l*"" ">* li^i fa0* ^ circumstances that surround fat?1? prospects, would do weU cy calling on the Gipsy. ' snsc^tLAiraoOT. A "{T8. qwOT- FAC^QCT ?~..? Loeg taiana? Are now prepares U. ..jH Ordere for rough plate glaM, iui table for floor*, ?kylights, Teult and deck light*. Prompt attention will be given to all orders left at their office, 442 Broadway, or with their agent, J. R. PLAIT, 70 Murray street. A FAMILY, KEEPING A COW, WOULD DISPOSE OF two or three quarts of milk dally. Address M. L., Metropolitan Pout Office. Brushes of every .description, at the brush factory, 337 Pearl atreet, Franklin square. All ar ticles told at the lowest factory prices. Paint brushes ot a superior quality constantly on hand. Machine brushes Made to order. JOHN K. HOI'PEL. Everybody ought to read it? cash paid for old newspapers in any auantity, old pamphlet* of any kind, old writing paper, old blank books, old school books, eKl paper from schools, libraries or seminaries, or waste paper of all aorts and sixes. J. CHAUNCEY STOCK - WELL, 26 Ann street, basement. Freeman * co. will send thor next ex preases to California, Oregon, Sandwich Islands and west coast of South America, on Monday, August 'JO, per steamers Empire City, via Panama, and Northern Light, Tia Nicaragua, in charge of special meeeeogerg, as usual. Freights taken at reduced rates. FREEMAN k CO., 60 Broadway. IRON AND HARDWARE, 279 WASHINGTON STREET. New York.? We offer at lowest market prices, and in Quantities to suit, round, souare and Sat bar iron, scroll, band, rod and hoop Iron, none shoe iron and nail rods, anvils, rices, saws, nails, axes, shovels, smith's fallows, Ac., Ac. KKMEVS A SAMPSON. McMINN'S ELIXIR OF OPIUM. The puro extract of the native drug, highly con centrated and separated from all those deleterious prin ciples which render laudanum, paregoric, morphine and other preparations of opium objectionable. For sal* by A. B. m D. SANDS, 100 Fulton etrect. Sold ulso by drug gists generally. PRESERVE YOUR FRUITS BY USING SPRATT'S patent pelf-sealing cans, by which fruit und vegeta bles can be kept in a fresh state, with their natural flavor, without the addition of sugar or any other pre servative property. The cans may be used year at' er year, and are easily opened or closed by a simple screw attachment. N. B. ? The genuine self-scaling cans have cast in letters on the cap, "Spratt's Patent ??' Wells A Provost, proprietors. Full directions for use accompany the cans. WELLS ft PROVOST, sole proprietors, No. 321 Pearl street, near Franklin square. R USSIA FEATHERS ? By the single Imle. For sale by Dili. A KKOKHI,, 266 Pearl street. The only effectual exterminator, without danger or stenrh ? HENKY R. (XSTAR'S effectual rat, cockroach, Ac., exterminator. Wholesale and retail depot. .TM Broadway. New York; T. R. Calif nder, 88 South Third street, Philadelphia, agent for Philadelphia. Penna. TO WESTERN SHIPPERS.? THE BALTIMORE AND Ohio Railroad is now in good working condition, and freights are passing Without any delay. All ship pers by this line may rely on the greatest despatch ; freights guaranteed to Cincinnati in ten days. Mark Roods New York mil Wheeling line and ship at pier 13 North rirer. H. B. CROMWELL, corner of Albany and Washington streets. THE UNDERSIGNED EXPECTS to make a business tour through Europe during the coming autumn, to leave the United Stales on the ViiM September, and will take charge of any business entrusted him. relating to the collection of claims, procuring and dispositions of pa tents, or the disposition of estates. I<etters may lie di rected to Washington. until the 21st September, and at tcr that to London, England, care of Geo. I'eabody, Keq. JOS. C. G. KENNEDY, Washington, D. C. Trie turf oii^-for sores of every kind which mar the form of man or beast ? Eureka of medicines for every creature that moves on the tvrf. For sale by SCHEFFE1JN k HROS. k CO., 40 Reek man street; Dush A Dale. 180 Oreenwich street F. C. WelU At Co., 116 Franklin street. Edgar k Mcf'orkle A Co., H i Water street, sole agents for New York. r TEACHERS SCHOOL DESKS AND SEATS KOK sale cheap, mahogany, very handsome, tiearlj w. 1 aton's manufacture, his latest improvement; al- ? i.rrg>' . . p|y tj) hou^e from kltiare. I aion s manuiociure. ins laiesi inija vi men; . a outline maps for teaching geography. Am I IIAItKMK. fiO last Fifteenth street, third bo Inionffiiuere. VERON1P' ELECTRO-CHKMICAL BATHS, 200 SIXTH svssiue ? These baths are prepared expre?ly for the cure of diseases arising from the use of mercury and the absorption of the different metallic substance*. They are guaranteed to cure ipeedilv and permanently the lainter't colic, lead colic, and all di>ea-e' th?t painters plumliers and workmen In metals are subject to, as well a* paralysis, rheumatism, dys|ie|nle, seminal aeakne i, and all the various female disease*. Prof. Vergni*. the inventor, snd Itr. Henklnson, give their personal atton ti. n end advice to all patients. N. P. ? Theory explained to students. MEDK'tb. Dn. COOPER, 14 Dl'ANE STREET, SO I/j.VG KNOWN to the cltiiens of New York as the mo-t successful practitioner this Couutry ran boast of, continues to |>e consulted at his old office. r< llevln? the unfortunate, and fl\tng eonselation to many an aching heart. N. B. Dr. . gun ran tees a cure In all cases undertaken. MIARMONT, PARIS AMD LONDON PHYSICIAN , and Surgeon, author of the ?' Medical Adviser and Wantage Guide," :vy> pages, 75 sngravings, (mailed, iwaled closely, for ?1,) is consulted at 42 tttw-le stieet. corner of Broadway, fr<>ui 11 A. M. to 2 and from ft to 8 P W , Sundays excepted Those at a distance treated by mail and express. We coecur with other papers in recommending Dr. L. and his treatise ? Courier de Etat# Ires, Day Bt'uk, -tints Zeiturg, National I>eiBo?rat, Ac 5: 3} ROADWAY THMAIRE. ? E. A. mawhham SOLE J> Lessee ? Doora open at Titf ; to aommence at T\. Thux?day ereninjAoguiit 16, will performed . , fWCH IN QOOb HUMOR, la which M. Julian Martinetti will appear in his Feats upon the Stilt*. Exbbcibbh or rax Mystic Rinup, by the MARTINETn BROTHERS. THE GREEN MONSTER. White Night ? Gabriel Ravel De Miroque A. OroMi I Maroc Collet Le Grand P. Martinetti I lAuidlady.Mme.j. Martinetti Green Monster Ignacio | Roaaile Mine. Delict JkOWHlV THEATRE.? PROPRIETOR AND MANAGUA > I, P. Waldron; Staflf MWnager. 8. H. Griffith. Pricel Admission? Boxes ,.25 cents; Hi. 12X cents; Gallery 12K cents. Private Boxes $6. Thursday evening, Au gust 10, will be performed? DAMON AND PYTHIAS. Damon Mr. R. Johnston INVASION OF BRITAIN, GEO. CHRISTY * WOOD'S MNSTREM, 472 BROAD way, above Grand street. OPEM EVERY EVENING. For this week? Ethiopian Minstrelsy, Dancing, *c., concluding with the new MASQUERADE BAIJ.E. Doors open at 1% o'clock; to commence at 8. Tickets... 25cent?. All business transacted by H. Wood. Bowery theatre.? proprietor and manager, I. P. Waldron; Stage Manager, G. H. Griffith. Prices of Admission: ? Boxes 26 cents; Pit, 1 '1% cents; Gallsry, 12 K cents; Private Boxes, 96. Ox Monday, Anonsrr IS, and every evening till further not ice, will be presented A GRAND HISTORICAL MILITARY SPECTACLE, OF U*bquixo MiainncBseB and Dramatic Effort, which lias been some time in preparation, and to give due effect to which TWO HUNDRED AUXHIARIES have been added to the company now performing at this popular establishment. New Scenery by Messrs. Thorne and Culbert New Costumes by Mr. Reed and Assistants Machinery by Mr. Sanders Music by Mr. Rieff 1": Aijx'rtiea by J. Roberts This beautiful effort of dramatic genius is entitled THE INVASION OF BRITAIN; Or, Thx Ska '8 Vow. Hereward, a Saxon Chieftain Mr, R. Johnston Thin piece abounds in Tableaux of the most beautiful description, and S'oenery mewt extensive, among wUicb the following deserve particulur mention: ? tub ncAMncvrr of tub danm. TBI CATXR.N8 OF TUB IHLBB. TUB RU1NXD TKMFU and ANOINT RAXQOar HALL. The incidents, also, are of the greatest interest, em bracing SOLITARY BVOITOONB OF TUB AMAZONIAN BAND. Till RATTLB OF THE CAVBB. TUB TRIPKPJIAL PROCW-fSlON, and last, not least, THE BROKEN BANQUET. Tbe Spectacle will be preceded each erenlng by A Favoritb Pibcb. "> MR. AND MRS. W. T. FLORENCE, The successful American representative* of IRISH AND YANKEE, Are in the city, and will remain a few days preparatory to commencing their FALL AND WINTER TOUR. All communications, ho., should hejaddressod W. J. FLORENCE. 430 Grand street. First appearance of um teresa parodi in New York, since her return from Europe.? Grand concert for the relief of the sufferers from yellow fevor in Norfolk. M'lle. Teresa Parodi, asxisted by Mad'e. Amalia Patti Strakosch, Maurice Strakosch, and other eminent artists, will give a grand concert, the receipts of which are to be appropriated for the relief of the sufferers from the epidemic in Norfolk, on Ttbsdat, Ararat 28. Particulars in future advertisements. JOHN R. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OF EUROPE AND SIEGE OF SEBASTOPOL, At Chinas AjSB&ly Room, MOBroadwat, shOW<ng O.VB HUNDRXD YOWB, forty leet wide, of the principal CITIES AND OBJECTS OF INTHU5BT INT EUROPE. Every evening, at 8 o'clock; and every Saturday after noon, at 8. The music by Mr. Alwyn Field, of London. Admiring thousands nightly testify that this is The largest, most i ate resting and elegant entertainment ia New York. Its success has been moat wonderful. Admission cents KEHEARSAL NOTICE.? MISS ID FOLLE'S BEN'EF' f Bowery theatre ? The mammoth rehearsals b? on Thursday and Friday. Ausrust 10 and 17, Friday evening, August l'7. Franklin museum, no. m bowery ne^rlt opposite the Bowery tbsatre.-Perfc,rmMleM , afternoon at 3. and evening at 8. N. P. ?Strangers win observe that the Franklin Museum i> tie on]. pia^ (D the United State* where the Model Artist* are exhibited, with other original enterUinmf, Remember, No. W Bowery. THE GERMAN AMATEUR CLUB "HUMOR."? TO THE votaries of social amusemeots and diversions.? About a year ago, a society, styling itself Humor, organ ized a German amateur theatre lor the purpose of be guiling a lew of the lingering evening hour* of winter by dramatic performances. Encouragod by the successor its incipient enterprise, this society nuw proposes to extend its operations in the way of uiirtU and hilarity by establish ing* club with ample accommodation* for its members and subscribers to assemble every evening for the various amusements of reading and conversation, or a game of whist, or of chess, in addition to their dramatic perfor mance*. The society having been offered a suitable room of a central location, and not feeling warranted in en larging its arrangements without an adequate increase of its number, H taxes this way of enlisting the interest of the friends of social mirth and humor in behalf of the contemplated extension of ita sphere. For further par ticular* and lists of subscribers please apply at C. Bre ti ling's music store, 701 Broadway ; B. Westermann k Co.'*. 200 Broadway: J. H. Behrena', 86 West street, and J. AW. Knaap's, 131 Bowery ? Committee of the ??Hu mor." Theatrical notice.? managers willing to engage with Miss FANNY MORANT, the favorite comedienne, will please address the subscriber, stating time, he. THOt). McKfAiN, Theatrical Agent, box 9M I'ost Office, Philadelphia. rF. MEIjODEON MUSICAL AND EXHIBITION HALL, Cleveland, Ohio, having been thoroughly ventilated, painted, repaired, and new scenery and drop curtain ad ded, is to let by the day, week, month or year, or favora ble term* will he made with bands of minstrels and all kinds of exhibition*, by the proprietor. Address Melode on, Cleveland, Ohio. . MEDICAL. DR. CORBfTT, 1? DUANE STREET, MAY BE CON suited with confidence on certain diseases. Twen ty-four years in this speciality enables him to guarantee permanent cures. Ilia treatment la the same as that practised by Ricord, of I'aris. N. B. ? Dr. C. 'a diploma, as member of the New York University, may be aeen ia his office. ?R. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S FRIEND, $1, WITB a book.? Ju?t what those want who have contracted me*; namely, a cure at once, and no delay and mnrt expense. Greatest cure In the world by Dr. Ward'* "Un fortunate's Friend." Afflicted take notica? no other re medies ran cure you radically. Slight case* cured in a few hours ; nothing else does it. No. 00 Canal street, on* door eait of of Broadway, ia the place to get this rapid and thorough remedy? nowhere else in New York. A cure warranted by Wr. Ward. I'atient* anxious for re lief may rely on a rapid cure by hi* treatment, without taxing the system. IMPORTANT TO DOCTOR"5. ? WANDERFUL DISCO, very t No humbug ! Certain cure of Asiatic cholera dysentery, chollc, fcc., tbc stronge-t attack stopped in a few hours, to be dispose of. For further particulars address at L. CONTENAN, 103 Front t treet. RICORD'S PKACTICE? WJTICE OF REMOVAL.? TH* undersigned, formerly a pupil with Kicord, of Paris and with the celebrated surgeons of this city, I>rs, Car nocban and Mott, inform* the public that be hies removed and permanently established his consulting and di*|>en.i ing room* at file Broadway, for the cure of diieasee. H? tender* to all afflicted poeitlve assurance of relief, anc those who have been aboard by " specifics," antidotes, little books, "no mercruy," and like iffuelon* of theuu meious medical charlatans of the day, may rely ou hav ing their cases treated effectually, no matter how compli cated they may spi>eer. His extended observations it the famous Hospital dn Midi, hi Paris, under Ricord him self, ti gether with the many new and efficient remedies of this eminent stirgeen, render failure impnsattile. It may be mentioned, lor the information of patients resid ing in the country er distant cities.' that they can at any time consult the subscriber by letter, giving a plait, statement of their ease, when the necessary medicines adapted to it will lie prepared and sent to them. Recent can s cured without any delay. Charge* quite moderate, and the moat candid information given in every Instance. Ilia treatment of constitutional, scrofulous, mercurla and nei vous difeases is l>ased entirely on the modera an< improved science of medicine, and has been eminently s< cressM. Consultation* en Fraugais. Office hour* from 8 to 3 and from 8 te 9. C. It. HAMMOND, M. P., Surgeon, Author of Medical Information fir the Million^ fcc. , fee , No. 616 Broadway, opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. PHIt ATE CONSULTATIONS.? DR. WATSON OR-'IFtR-1 | to inform the public that he continues to treat pine class of disease with a certainty of success, from upwards of twenty. fire years' experience, during which time he has cured more than twenty thousand eases. Persons whose complaint has been made worse by certain rhnilatans, and who have beea deceived by their pro mise", are esjieelally requested to ^all. I>r. Watson uae? very little mcdlcino, and of a nature which never confines the patient, or exposes him to detection. Ordinary rases cured in twenty-four hours. Debility, from effects of climate or ether causes, effectually removed. Semi lor It. Watson * work? "The Cause aud the Cure," with upwards of sixty anatomical pbites and drawings of disease-. Price $1. W11J.IAM WATSON, M. P., IjO Walker street, a few doors west of Broadway. 8URK CURE? OR. WARD'S CNFORTI 7N ATF.'S friend now ia used before every other remedy. Th? only certain cure known. Do not be deceived. It is th? only remedy that will not disappoint. Quit# original, without mereury or mineral poisons. No one ever trieO the Unfortunate's Friend but expressed his admiration of It* effect? equally pleasant as salutary. Many ar? cu red by SM doee. office Canal street, one door east of Broad* ay. N unriEMEirw. IBLO 'S GARDEN MB. BURTON IN THREE PIECES A GREAT NIGHT FOR FUN. TKUMBAT Rvbiso. Acorn 18, 1866. BLUE DEVILS. Hfgrim Mr. Burton James Mr. Moor? I Annette Mrs. ? c-tephom POOR PILLICODDY. John Peter Pillicoddy Mr. Burton O'Scuttle Mr. Russell I Mrs . Pillicoddy .Mre. Oonover Mr*. O'Scuttle Mrs. France Sarah Mre. Stephen* TURNING THE TABLES. Jack Humphries Mr. Burton Jeremiah Bump* T, Mr. Jenlan Patty I.arkins Mrs. Stephen* Fkidat ? PVNE AND HARRISON OPERA COMPANY in CINDERELLA. ? Mr BI"RTON in Comedy and Farce. Doors open at 7; Overture to commence at 7Jtf; curtaia risee at 8 o'clock precisely. Tickets 80 oenta Private Boxes .89 Orchestra Seats .....81 Box offlce open daily, from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M-, far ** curing Orchestra Seate and Prirate Boxes only. EACHEL'S FIRST APPEARANCE -will take place on September 1, at the MKntOPOLITAN THEATRE. Person* vitbitig to secure place* for the first night, or to nubscribe for any number of representation*, are re Suested to make early application at AJfSKEi'8 Omu AND Co.MTWT TICKET Oftice, Jouii's Mo bicStoio, St. Nicholas Hotel. Now ready, the Rachel Biography, with portrait, 26 cents, and the authorized editions of the plays, in French and English. METROPOLITAN THEAT Ox na lar or ; the eminent French Tragedienne, RACHEL. supported by a company of distinguished Artists from Paris, will make her Flral Appearance in America. RACHEL DRAifflTlC COMPANY, under the management of Raphael FHUZ MADEMOISELLE {RACHEL. Mile. SARAH, from the Comcdle Fron^alse, Pari*, Mile. LLA, from the Porte St. Martin, Paris. Mile. Dl'RREY, from the Comedie Francaiae, Paris. Mile. FINAH, from the Odeon, Paris. Mile. BRIARD. from the Imperial Theatre, St. Petersburg. Mme. LATOUCHE. from the Grand Theatre, Lyons. Mesars. RANDOUX. fiom the Comedie Francaise, Pari*. CHERY. Aine, from the Comedie Frangaiae, Paris. LATOUCHE, from the Imperial Theatre, St. Petersburg BFATTVA1.I JOT (Leon), from the Odion, Paris. DEEUDONNE, from the Conservatoire, Paris. CHERY, Jeuno, from the Ambigu, Paris. BELUTVAULT. from the Itoyal Theatro, Brussels. PELLEI1KR, from the Ambigu, Pari*. REPERTOIRE of the principal pieces to be performed by the RacheT ? Dramatic Compact In the principal cities of the Unite* States:? ANCIENT TRAGEDUOS? HORACES and POLYEUCTE, by Cokneuae; l'HEDRE, RAJAZKT and ANDROMAQUE, by RiUM. MODERN TRAGEDIES ? MARIE STUART, by IJSKC* ; JEANNE D'ARC, by So truer; LUCRECE, by Po.vbam); VIRGINIE, by Latour St. Ybam. DRAMAS? AiiRlENNE LBCOUVREUR, by Sew? and Ijpooi'VE; ANGEI.O, by Victob Ht'OO' M'UJ-; DE BELLH1 ISLE, by Alexandre Dtvab; LADY TARTUFFE, and LA JOIE FAIT PEUR. by Madams DeGiraRDW. COMEDIES ? TARTUFFE. by Mouebe; DEP1T AMOU REUX, by Mini ere; LE CAPRICE, by Alf*ei> de Mteeer; LRS DROITS DE L'HOMME, by jVUB OS Pax XAKAT; LE MAR I DE LA VEUVE, Ac., ftc. RACHEL'S BIOGRAPHY. The authentic Biography oCMllr. Rachel, with cot em ? pcrary criticism" by the most eminent European writers, ufiu ftnaWtio&l notices of her moat celebrated characters. Beautifully illustrated with superb Portrait on steel, exe cuted by the Heliographic process, in l'arta. Price 2!S cents. Order* to be addreaaed to J. DA1U1E, at Ball & Son's, 230 Broadway, New York. Metropolitan theatre, Broadway, opposite Bond street. BALLET TROUPE OF FRENCH AND SPANISH DANCER-J AND FRENCH VAUDEVILLE COMPANY, by several artiats from the French Theatre, New Orleans. The Ballet will include the following eminent artiats:? - Penorita SOTO, MUe. V1CTORINE FRANCE, Mile. NA TALIE TILMAN, MUe. HENRI, Mona. CARRftffi, Mons. L. HLMAN, Mvn*. YAim with a full Corps de Ballet. ONLY FIFTY CENTS Twb FVkjfBro, A trocar 16, to commence the vaudeville, in one act, ' LE I'HH.TRE CHAMl'ENOIS. *i"b' To be followed by the baU?t. L'lSLE DES NYMPHEf?. The whole to conclude with, first time, AH ! QUEL PLAISIR D'ETRE UARCON. by all the Artists. ycr -v- ???<* aA? wiu ftf tha thc&ttCi Doors open at 7 ; performances commence at 7 W. Grand Ballet and Vaudeville every night this week. BUCKLEY'S SERENADERS? THIS CELEBRATED troupe will open in Boston, at the Howard Athe DKum, en Monday, August 13. where they will (ire a series of their Grand IiurWjue Operas, commencing with SONNAMBULA, after which time they will return to New York, and eomasenee the aeaaon with entirely original production*. riUKHMONTAL BENEFIT.? THE FRIENDS OF CHARI.K* JL PARKS will meet at the Cooper Hotse on Saturday evening, August 18, at 8 o'clock, for the purpoee of mak king suitable arrangements for the benefit of our worthy ana esteemed friend. Academy of music.? the establishment will be let, antil the 'ommencement of the regular sea son, for concert*, oratorio*, lecture*, fcc. Apply to Mr. TUN1SON, at the stage door of the Academy, Fourteenth ?treat. Managers of theatres wishi>g a leading heavy man, and a juvenile tragedy and fore* actsess, will please address JOSEPH IJTTKLL, Bedlbrd avenue, between Myrtle and Willoughby, Brooklyn. mifE MAMMOTH TREE OF CAIJTORNIA.? 1HDS X monarch of the forest, whose si** ha* never been equalled, will be exhibited for a short tide at the Crys tal Palace, previous to it* departure for the Cryatal Pa lace at Sydenham, England. It* height was 303 feet, it* diameter 30 feet, or nearly MO in cirmmforeace. The painting*, statuary, and a vast collection of other curkxtines. are stIU on exhibition. Doom opes* from 9 A. M. until 7 P. M. Admission 26 cent*, children price. mHE W A I. KINO AND SPEAKING AUTOMATON, OR X Machine Man, u on exhibition for a few weekn more *t the Anatomical Museum. Hours of exhibition for both ladies and gentlemen, 8 o'clock and 8 o'clock. Admission 26 cents. MKDIC4I* ANEW BOOK? TBI MARRJAOKGHDE; OR FAMII.Y Medical and Physiological Instructor. Specially ler the married or (boo* intending to marry. By D r P. F. Hollick, the author and lecturer. Hundredth edition; fivo hundred pages: colored plated. I'rVce one dollar. Published by T. W. STRONO, No. 68 Nusau street, New York, who will forward by mail, free on receiptor on* dollar and addreoe. "The ino-t extrao-dinary book we ever read, One feature which particularly <!l.itlngui*he* tbi* book from all others of the kind, i? the peculiar tone of morality which pervades It all through."? Medical and Surgical Hcvtew . ARCANTM NOW at I AST DISCOVERED.? MY PRE scriptlon and treatment will cute every kind of di* \ ttf-c on tne face, such as freckle* and wrinkles, and (ire it the appearance of youth and render the skin as smooth ** velvet; in a word! give back the qualities of youth to ' I*dle* and gentlemen, office hours between 10 A. M. and 2 !'. M., and d and 8 o'clock 1'. M.; on Wednesday be tween ft and B o'clock. (No fee till cured.) Apply at 341 Fourth *tie? t, corner of Kroadway, to MICHAKLLS, I'rofesMor of Chemistry. DR. WARD'S CELEBRATED FEMAU? REMBDIE?, the greate?t blearing* of the age, affording infalli ble relief in all 'he peculiar complaints of females. Ilia ladies' Tonic Periodic Tills utvor fail to restore the monthly turns. Office, Canal itieet, two door* east of Broadway. IN THE TIME OF TRIBCLATION, THE BIST WAY for either ?ex I* to confide their ca*o to such a physi cian as Br. I olJJY. 22 7 liraud street (near the Bowery), New York. His exalted European and American repnta lion gives a guarantee for the performance of whatever he promises. A female physician, with rultable board, nnrsing, fee , are provlled lor kdie*. Dr. Dclhy'a rheu mat ic pill*, arid PmAmOT McDtvftt's fever exterminator, with other oppro\ed medicine, constantly on hand. DR. HUNTER. NO. 3 DIYMI0.V STREET, NEW YORE, *o long ai.d 'avorably known to the public, may be consult' d at hi* old established office, where ha ha* practised in one branch of medicine for the laat 24 years, and made more curt* than auy other man In the city, In many inMance* of person* oon-ddered incurable, s< tne of whirli be ha* ptraUm to refer to at heretofore. < liarge* moderate, and In all cases a cure guaranteed. Caution.? My great remedy. Hunter'* rod drop, that cure* certain diseases without drying its poison in the Mood, can only be bad a* a bore. Prlci 91. Gall and get the Monitor of Health. T\P.. JOHXPON, 10 DCAVE STREET, HAS PERFORM | ) ed more cures than any other medical nwn In New Virk. Dr. J.'* treatment is safe and expeditiou*; hi* medicine* can be "a^en without fear of detection, (hatges moderate, and the money refunded if satis faction is not glvea. Important to i km ales.? dr. mhois* office? Agency for the exclusive treatment or all disease* incident to females. No. 8d Islington avenue, near Ka?t Twenty-seventh itrect and Fourth avenue. Kemediee for female derangement* from fl to $.'> Adrice gratis. C'onsnltation* and letters confidential. Mail letters, eon tainingtft. >erved with advice and medicine by return post. Relief guarantied in all ea*e*. Patients from a distance provided with eligible board, nursing, and at tendance, with <xclu*lve apartments. SPECIAL MEDICAL NOTICE.? MRS CROCK tR, IA dies' physician office KRO Houston street, second door west of Broadway. ladie* who are suffering frntn the many distressing roroplaint* to wliicli our sex is subject, will find sp<e>!y and permanent relief by con sulting Mr*. Crocker, a* slie has paid particular atten Hon to female diseases of every deerrlpttoa. (,'euerat weaknee*, ily*pep-ia, liver eomplaint, scrofula. Ac , treated with skill. Aim, attendance particularly no lartie* in confinement in Sew York and jnc.nity an that they can aecure the advantage* of experience, and at tho ? an?e time the delicate attention* of their own sex K S.? All letter* addreoeed to Mt*. Cro. her, at tier office ?ill receive pruopt attention open from in a M tlli to r. M,