Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1855 Page 3
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?ntTBESEHT8 EEmSWKIi STEET MT. ?*?H *"?*"?? . A LWrr H. NIOOLAY, AUCTIONEER.? STOCKS ANl) J\. tooda at auction? Regular Sal*.? Albert H. Nic? l ay wil wll, thin day, August 10, at half-j>a?t 1'2 o'clock, ?t, the Merchants' Exchange, foi account of whom it may concern? #11, OOOCrawford County (Pennsylvania) 6 percent bond*. 910, 000 Mercer County (Pennsylvania) 0 per cent bonis, from .9600 to $1,000. $4 600 Mobile and Ohio Railroad 8 per cent income bonds ? 9600 910.000Terre Haute and Alton Railroad 'il mortgage bond) ?1,000 91,000 CUeago and Mississippi Railrood 10 per cent in come bond* 91,000 98,000 Cwington City 8 oercent bond*, due in 1881. ?8,000 rushing RjiilroodTSl mortgage 7 per cent bonds. 180 shar?s Nicaragua Tranult Company 9100 40 do. UticaOty Rank 60 20 do. Republic tire Insurance Company 100 20 do. St. Mark'* Fire Insurance Company 26 20 do. Peter Cooper Fire Insurance Company.., 'M 100 do. North American Kerosene Ga* Light Co.. 25 Terms of sale, 10 per cent this day, and the balance before 2 o'clock to-morrow. The accrued Interest on all the bond* will be charged to the purchaser. Next regu lur qple en Monday, Aug. 20. AJ.BKRT H. NIOOLAY, AUCTIONEER. ? EI TENSIVE package Mile of a large invoice of very superior li quors, to be delivered from the I'nited stales bonded warehouses. ? Albert H. Nicolsy will sell at auction, on Saturday August 18, at 11 o'clock, at hi* spacious sales room, 11 Broad street, a very superior collection of wined, branding, clarets, Ac., Ac,, being the balance of an in voice from one of our first importers, among which will be found St. Jullen aud Chateau Margaux clarnts, very fine; superior old sherry, Madeira and port wines; very fine old C*guac brandies, both pale and dark, of 1846 vin tage; Haut Bar sac, llaut Sauterne and other choice wine*: club house gin, Schiolaiu schnapps, Mumiu's and other celebrated champagne*, warranted genuine; Curacoa. Maraschin* and absynlho cordials; olive oil; cider and French wise vinegar, &c., Ac.; also, a lot of German co logne, together with 75,000 genuine imported Havana se Srs, of various bra nds ? all of which are to be Hold only the original packages as Imported, and will be deliver ed from the I'nited .State* bonded warehouse. The above offers unusual inducements to the trade nod private con sumers. isale peremptory, and every article In the cata logue warranted as represented. Samples ready for exa mination early on morning of iale. A CCTION NOTICE.? U. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER.? J\. Constable's sale, this day, at 11 o'clock, compris ing eight dtcen shovel*, 10,000 segars, Canary birds, Ac.; also, an assortment of furniture, Ac. J. L. LOCKWOOD, Co na table. Auction notice w. a. carter, auctioneer, will sell this (Thursday) morning, at 10 o'clock, at 80 Greenwich street, an iuvoice of fresh and desirable drugs, *and a quantity of groceries, teas, fruits, segars. superfine Hour, Ac., Ac. A CCTION NOTICE PEREMPTORY SAl.E OF THE stock of crockery aud glassware contained in the store No. 16 Cortlandt street, second Hour, will take place to-day, Thursday, 10th Inst., at 10 o'clock A. M. Sale positive. W. A. CARTER. Auctioneer. ucnor NOTICE.? MORTGAGE SALE OF FlfRNI ture, kc JOHN F. RUSSELL, auctioneer, by Day, ituaaell A Co., at 86 Nassau street, to-morrow, Friday, Aug. 17, at 10 o'clock A. M., a quantity of furniture, car pets, Ac., o* chattel mortgage. Also', a large collection of new, haniaome furniture, oil paintings, and mirrors. Sale positive and for cash, by order of H. F. El'STIS, Mortgagee. A CCTION NOTICE.? THOS. BELL, AUCTIONEER.? J\_ By Bel. A Bush, this day, at 10>? o'clock, at 12 North William street, we will sell the balance stock of a clock and watchmaker, including a variety of articles in the line. At tl o'clock will be commenced the sale of a valuable stock of dry goods, hosiery and gentlemen's fur nishing articles ; boots and shoes, children's and other clothing; silk handkerchiefs, laces, mitts, embroideries, shlrtB, Ac. Sties for Friday and Saturday in time. Also, an invoice of legara. Auction votice? j. bogart, auctioneer? by S. Bogart ? Thi* ilay, at 12 o'clock, on the premi iies, corner Forty-fourth street and Ninth avenue, mort gage sale of the above leasehold propcetv. Dr. EDWARD SLAKHLEN, Attorney for Mortgagee, At 11 o'clock, at No. 3 Chambers' street, five gold watches. Auction notice? j. bogart, auctioneer? by S. Bogart ? This day, at 10 o'clock, at the auction room corner Frankfort and William street*, sheriff* sale; large assortment of dry goods, clothing, ladies' and men's boots, shoes, gaiters, calico, muslins, canton flan nel, hosiery, handkrehiefs, showcases, millinery goods, ribbons, boys' and men's caps, Ac THOS. CAHl.IN", Deputy Sheriff. ^ I'CTION NOTK'F?J. BOOAPT m-M. o. oogtrt ? Ttils day, at low o'clock, at the auc tion rooms, by virtue of an execution, 17 bundles Rand, and emery paper, Ac. CHARLES DALY, Countable. Saturday, at 10)* o'clock, large i-alo household furni ture. Auction notice cutmwo, 4t?r.!(i'.nn ? Will Hell this day, at 10)f o'clock. A. M.. at itoro 36 Baxter street, the counters, ibelvlng. awning, 4c., 4c., of said atore. By fjjah cxximbs, auctioneer. ? extensive sale at auction, on Friday, August 17, at 10*i o'clock, at his spacious sales room*, 86 Nassau street ? Rosewood, black walnut and mahogany parlor suits, sofas, chairs, easy chairs, dressing bureaus, marble top centre tables, mahogany, black walnut and enamelled bedsteads, waskstands, rosewood wardrobes, inlaid ta bles and writing desks, tete-a-tete*, paintings and mir- , rors, lounges, siing cribs, extension dining tables, work stands, mattresKM, pallia***, feather beds, pillows |and bolsters, clocks, rocking chairs, piano, invalid easy chair: also, a number ?f lots of second hand furniture and car peting; also, a Urge invoice of chairs for shipping: also, an invoice ot segars. CONTINUATION SALE OF WATCHB--. DIAMONDS, and Jewelry. ? El > WAltl* SCHENCK will sell at auc tion this day, (Thursday,) August 16th. at 10k; o'clock, at his wales room, 10 Wall street, a splendid collec tion of diamonds, watches, and jewelry, consisting of 18 carat goU hunting chronometers, by French. Roulet, Bentler ?nd Heck; patent and detached levers, by Johnson, Kiskell, I lent, and Tobias ; ladies' fine enamelled and diamond watches ; eery flue single stone and cluster diamond rings, pins, studs and bracelets; fine Mcsaic studs, sleeve battens, pins, earrings and bracelets ; One onyx earrings, pins and sleeve buttons : fine gold locket pns, earrlugs, bracelets, rings, vest and guard chain*, kejs, studs, sleeve buttons, Ac., Ac. Posi tively without rfservc. Terms ca-h ? city funds. All goods must positively be cleared on tbe day of sale. CONSTABLE'S fAIX.? BY VIRTUE OF AN EXECUTION, I will expwe for sale, at public vendue, on Thurs day, August 16, 11 o'clock in the forenoon, In front of the court room. No. 3 Chambers street, one door from the corner of Chatham, two ladies' gold watches, one of which has a gold chain and pin attached; also, three gold watches, gentlemen's site. JOHN S. PERAZ, Constable, Office, No. 3 Chambers st. FCOl.TON. AUCTIONEER. ? IMPORTANT SALS OF a elegant household furniture, carpets, oilcloths, 1-rench plate mirrors, Ac., kc.? F. OOLTON will sell on Friday, Aug. 17, at 10U o'clock, at the suction room, 59 Beekmfln street, sscond story, a large and general assort ment of new and second hand furniture, of every descrip tion, compri-ing rssewood and mahogany parlor suits, In aatin. brocatelle. aad hair cloth: rosewood and mahogany marble top dressing bureaus, etefenn, rosewood and mahogany spring seat chairs, Voltaire and easy chairs, mahogany rockers, sofas and sofa beds. lounge", and lounge beds; black walnut and oak extension tables, mahogany Vreuch bedsteads, cottage bedsteads, hair mattresses and pallias-es; rosewood and mahogany cen tre. side and card tables; book racks, music stands fancy tables, work tabl??, rosewood and oak bookcases and .secretaries; cottage and chamber suites; common bu reaus, maple cane ?e?t chairs, rosewood and mahogany marble top washstands, carpets oilcloth- French plate mirrors, kr.\ tetc-a-tetes, solar lamps, eight day clocks, oil paintings. Ac. Also, a large lot of second-hand furni ture from a iamily who are removing Hale peremptory, and goods must be removed immediately after th? sale FrRNITURE SAI.K.? A. M. rp.HTAI.AR. AUCnOOTKER ?Will sell this dav at 10 X o'clock, a large assort ment of furniture, confuting of mahogany sofas, chairs, tables, bureaus, bookcases, bedsteads, looking gla?se?, oil painting-. Brussels and ingrain carpets, 4c. GEORt.E 0001, AUCTIONEER. ? PEREMPTORY PALE of furniture, kc., to-morrow, at 10K o'clock, at salesroomi 301 Broadway. In consequence of removal t? U7 Nassau street, the entire collection of rawwood, ma hogany, walnut am! oak furniture contained in the ab.jye salesrooms will be sold without reser*#. consisting in ?art of elegant parlor suits of rosewood and mahogany In rich and faahienable coverings, marble top, rentre, side and sofa tables, secretaire an 1 library bookcases, ex tension dining tables, sofas, tete-e-tetee, lounges, arm and ea*r chi.ra, spring seat parlor chairs, roeewood and ma hogany bedstead*, marble top bureau* and washstand* Kail gjipnds, wardrobes, ofltoe and counting hou*e desk*, hair ma'itr'asts, 4c. Also, (class and china ware, gilt Fmme mirrors, oil paintings, clocks, #Uver plated ware, table cutlery, 4 c. GRuCERUf BOAT, HEIiARP. RAISIN-, OnFFHC, toanJh-Kriday, 17th August 13 o'clock 67 Dey ?t,ee< corner of (ireenwich? Herring, beef, teas, nuts, ftgs, raisins, prunes, salad oil, knives sei-sors. saws, hammers, H ARnWARK AUCTION HALF.? JNO K VAN ANT p WKRP will se!l, this day, at 10 o'clock at No. aid Pearl street, 'Mi lot* and pe< kage?, comprising a large assortment of hardwve One Knglish arid American table cutlery bjead and taitcher's knives . alo. 2 caaks l.ertnan go<ds, 20 cases cut tacks. 15 cases C. f>. pick axes . gun*, pistols, braes cocks, 4c., also, one triangle amle, beam and pees cotnpletr on* large N'utt stove. Catalogues now ready TOSFJ1I Hf'.KMAN, AltnoNKEI'?FRINAV, Al t. a) 17. a* 10 o'clock A. M., at tbe central salesroom ?fillougbb*, corner of Pearl street Brooklyn? Urge sale ?rfhou>ebo;d furniture, comprising sii mahocanyand wal nnt sofas *nd sofa bed'eads lounges, mahogany Vol'air" rockers and other chairs maple cane seat cottage and at n. chair*, mahrysnjr and walnut plain and marble top dees-, ing bureaus, enclosed and e?he* washstanda, palol..t wardro'ie*, painted chamber fu*aiture, card, eentri Wstt, t^ and dining tnble*. mahogany Kreacb aao Mb ledstead*, Hither bed', rrilis. ba - and husk mattress-, >*ldtng and table tinea, Io?kli^pjla?a?s cook store , rrnelery ?nd k Itch -a utS-ttliU, carpets fc/- , one pa'sr t lusa. d * v na Stir Slot* fit' 'i -ocnten ai'k draws* * running through eieiv'ng aad s*?J: -J JUaA g*ny o<li fis as, IM ?AldEI AT ACCTIOR. JOHN W. flOMFJUNDYKK, AUCTIONEER? STORE corner pf Franklin and Contra streets ? -will Mil to morrow, August IT, at 10 S o'clock, at No. M Greenwich street, the content.-, of a boarding house, cousisting of TO bed ? lead*, feather bed*, counterpane*. blankets, ?beets, Ac., chair*, tables, washstands, settees, bar coun trr and back bar, decanters, glasnes, Ac. JL VAVDKWATKR, AUCTIONEER LARGE SAI.E a of household furniture. ? This day, at 10)? o'clock, at the sales rooui 12 Maideu lane, will be sold au exten sive and varied stock of An* rosewood, mahogany, oak, walnut and enamelled furniture, consisting, In part, of rosewood parlor suit*, covered ? ith rich orocatel and with pi u sh and hair cloth; mahogany sofa* and tete-a tete*. marble top centre and side tables, oak and wal nut extension do., one rosewood and one mahogany pianoforte, due instruments; parlor secretaries, sets of chairs, rockers and easy chairs, bookcases, etegeres, gilt frame mirrors, corner and book stands ladle* ' work do., hall hat do., rosewood and mahogany t renail be Istesds, huge hair mattresses, dresaing and plain bureaus, mar ble tops and without, do. withstands, lounges, toilet set*, wardrobes, complete suits of enamelled chamber furniture, basement and kitchen furniture. At 12 o'clock will be sold ti.OOU segsrs, regalia and others, la boxes of lOOeucli. JMORIARTY WILL SELL, THIS DAY, AT 10 a o'clock, at li:i Chatham square, the furniture of a family going to California, a nice assortment; also from fimilie- removing, various articles of furniture and other goods; also 20 feather beds, Ac. Sale positive, regardless of the weather. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER.? TO-MORROW, FRI 0 day. in house lftrt l.uiren* street, the entire fur niture, consisting of totc-a-tetei, mahogany chairs, cen tre, card and side tables: bureaus, wastistands, crockery, cliiiw and glassware, bedstead* and a large lot of bedding, liair mattresses, piano, kc. - also the kitchen furniture, oilcloth, Ac. Deposits required. Mil. BUTLER, AUCTIONEER.? PUBLIC AOMIVIS ? trator's sale on Thursday, August 10, at 11 o'clock, at Bradley's stable, corner of Eighteenth street and Fourth avenue, one fast, brown mare, buggy top wagon, harness, sleigh, buffalo robe, bells, blankets, Ac., belonging to the estete of Thomas Wkhart, Jr., de ceased. Terms cash, current money. By order of PETER I). SWEENY, Public Administrator. PJ. KELLY, AUCTIONEER.? HRY GOODS AT AUC a Uon. I will commence selling this day at 0% o'clock, on the premises. 31 Catherine street, the balance of the stock of McConviUe & Murphy, consisting chieHy of {all and winter goods. STOCK OF A VARIETY AND TRIMMING STORE? Friday, 17th August, 10X o'clock, 67 D*y street, corner of Greenwich, consisting of hose anil half host, lisle thread and silk gloves, combs, buttons, pocket hand kerchiefs, cravats, Swiss and book muslin, mosquito net ting, nankin, elastics, Ac. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. Tunis morreij., auctioneer.? this morning, at 10){ o'clock, at the moat spacious auction rooms in the city, and at the samu time central location. No. 81 Nassau street, by catalogue and manuscript. Sale will commcuce with second-hand desks, Ac., from ofllces ami Insurance company; also, Iron safe ; also, good article of segars, in large und small lots, After which, by cata logue, rosewood parlor suits of furniture, covered in satin brocatei; black walnut suits, covered with fancy covers; mahogany suits, covored hair seating; mahogany, black walnut and oak extension dining tables- twelve maho gany wardrobes, twenty-live mahoganr bedsteads, mat tresses, sofa*, rockers, centre tables, iancy goods, silver plated carstcrs, forks, spoons, knives snd Jewelry; col lection sent by various parties, including a number of oil paintings, oval mirrors, rich frames; boxing, Ac., done by experienced hands. WS. MKIJ/OR, AUCTIONEER, BY HOUGHTON' k a MKU,OH. ? This day, Thursday, August 16, at half-past ten o'clock, 113 Nassau street, large per emptory auction sale of tho entiro manufactured stock of ? first class Broadway manufacturer, consisting of the most fashionable styles of carved rosewood, oak, mahoga ny and walnut furniture, parlor furniture, consisting of several costly covered suits, richly carved etegere*. escrutoires. carved centre and soia tables, writing cabi nets, inlaid fancy tables, Turkish easy chairs, hn<y re ception and Gothic chairs, costly chamber furniture, in rosewood, mahogany, walnut and oak, in suits, with marble tops; several very beautiful enamelled chamber suits, plain and marblo tops; a full assortment of library, diningroom and oftice furniture, including rich bookoa<es, sideboards, several extension dining tables, the most ap proved patents; chairs to match, beaufats in oak and wulnut; a large variety of medium class furniture; also, to pay advances, about tweuty choice oil paintings, eighteen thick French plate pier and oval mirrors, entire ly new and in the most fashionable style of frames. Al?n at 12 o'clock, eight superior toqed new and second hand pianofortes, the property of a dealer leaving the city, together with stools, covers, Ac. We invite the atten tion of country merchants, hotel proprietors, the trade, Ae., Article* can be packed for $557,000 $2,000 FINANCIAL (fcCAA AAA -money to loan on dia Wpv)\_/"a ve monda, watches, jewelry, dry good*, nfgurv, Ac., or bought for cash; stocks, notes, mortgages Ac negotiated. BuHincsH confidential ani prompt. Mr InOMreON A CO.. brokers an<t ??? ? merchant*. loa Nuitu corner or Ana, loom So 2, second U?. . TO 1/>AN? ON WATCHES, 1)1 A _ _ monds, jewelry. nfui, and every description of valuable property, or bought for cash, by J0P. K. ISAAC, basement office, 11 oiambers street, from U till fl. Business prompt and confidential. Old (old and silver bought. N. 11. ? No business transacted ea Saturday. dh A A AAA TO I'0AN 0N DIAMONDS, WATCH OT^"e vf\j|vr ?a, Jewelry, and every description of merchandise, in large or email sums, different to other offices. Apply at 698 Houston itreet, one block from Broadway. 8. MY Kits. Agent. 10 W CASH, TO ADVANCE ON MA Up Jdtj mouds. watches, jewelry, segara. Ac.. bought out on reasonable and confidential terms. Real estate loan* and commission* of nny kind negotiated with promptness at ifl> Ann street, corner of Nassau street, room No. 4. 3 AAA acres IN IOWA.? WANTED TO PUR ?vUU chaae Iowa land* located by N. Haigbt for persons in and vicinity of New York, at $1 38 per ae.e. Apply to 8. H. MAYIlsoN, 3 Nassau street, 3d floor, front room. (Jhf) AAA ()R W-5?0-? A GENTLEMAN HAVING WMil/Uv that amount of money to loan his "m |V"jer, can secure a permanent situation, with a good salary, as bookkeeper in an old established business, situated on South street, N. Y. .Securities for twice the amount of money loaned will be eiren if required. A note addressed to D. Mott, No. 120 Water street, stating name and address, will be immediately attended to. TO L<?AN ? SKCTRED ON FIRST class improve)] property in Now York or Brooklyn. AUo, t'rMM) to loan, secured on property in New York only. Apply to It. C. PIERCE, fine street, corner of Broadway, under the Metropolitan Bank. Any amount of money, in sums to suit, can hf had without delay. <>n valuables. property, .<? rurltie*. Ac. Also uncurr?nt money discounted at lowest rates. Highest prices paid for foreign gold and silver, at the Specie and Exchange office, MU Broadway, opposite the Pacific Hulk, JOHN HOOP* ADAMS. A NY AMOUNT OF CASH LOANED, OR PURCHASED J\_ at sight, for fitir prices, of diamonds, watches, rich jewelry, plate, merchandise, and valuable personal pro perty generally, by R. WOOD, 6M Fulton street, second floor, front room, from 9 A. M. U> 6 P. M. AI.ADY WISHW THE I/)AN OF $300 FOR ONE year, for which goo<l security will !?? given, with the n?e of a furnished room (until paid. I'lea?e address Perse ve ranee, Broadway Poet Office. MARINERS' SAVINGS TNSTmTION? THIRD AVE nue, corner of Nlath street? For the benefit el all classes of persons. Bank open daily from 0 A. M. to 1 P. M.. and on WH1NMDAY and 8ATCRDAY EVENINOsi from 6 u 8 o'clock. Interest on deposits of I MM and nnder SIX PER CENT. ISAAC T. SMITH, Secretory. Money advanced for shout period* on rkai. estate, diamonds, watches, jewelry, plate, piano fortes, dry goods, horses, carriages, and every descrip tion of property, by responsible Empire I?an and Agency Company. C. WIIA?, Agent, 333 Broadway, opposite the Broadway theatre. MMORUAN * SON, M WAIJ. STREET, OFFER a for sale the following bonds: ? State of Tennessee <1 per cent coupon bonds, due in 1HW, interest payable Jannary and Jnly in this city. Cl?y at Memphis ft per cent bonds, due In ISM. the*' bonds are endorsed by the Memphis and Charleston Railroad Company, and interest is parable In Janoary and July la this city Memphis and Charleston Railroad Company first mortgage 7 per rent convertible bonds, do* In 1880, Interest payable May and November In thia eity. T-fW YoRK FT/IATINO PRY DOT* COMPANY, | August 7. 1866.?' The President and director* have s day declared a quarterly dividend of four per cent, payable <? and after the 16th inat. The transfer boaka will be (Mted until the day of j.syroent^Bj order. SPORTINU. REGATTA IN NEW YORK BAY ?A REHATTA WIU. take place off Point Breeee, 3H miles below Jeraey City, on Thursday, 23d August, at 1 o'clock P. M. . free for all jib and mainsail boats under thirty feet. l/sual time given on starting Entrance As JOHN H. HI H MW P..IBt llresie Hotel. SECOND REGATTA AT GLEN COVE ? A REGATTA will tske place at Glen Cove, on Saturday, the l*th Inst., for all yachts of twenty. five tiii tons and under, to be governed by a committee appointed by the owners of the sailing b?>ets and subscriber-. Two prire?, each a richly ornamented silver enp, will be awarded Time of startler II A M Owner* or captains will r?|>ort them selves snd make their entries to the committee at tb? Pax ilion Hotel on or before I'rldsy, the 17th in?t There will lie a third regatta at the same plaee, on Thor-day. the iBid Inst., of tue Harlem Mode! Yacht* 'ah; and on Saturday, the t&tb ln?t , purses f?r s -n'Js four, ?it and e ght- bared boats, ps.-tiuiar. ??' which wtl. be gtvea '"-re ifler. - WT1J1VM V W>3JC-, Chslrm.n Hawrvt Bat/>*CTOT, Secretary, SPORTING ?FOP. HALi, 0N> PMNTEP. THO rr. ighly broke t">? eeS'er dig we. bri4?, *n4? retHewi r, en4 a very larg? and tu Nevf???4;aa* do* , all tor aesc a> the Is aie it to lea re ??? ** ??'?ry Apmy n? 1? H 0< ?" -*e< ftn*fc.;e TKVAjrrr ueivrcR. A NEATLY FURNISHED COTTAGE TO LCT ? AND AS J\_ the pr^aeot ttauit Id about to leers th* State, the furniture, which la new and of the tout qualitr, la fur ?ale. Apply Vo J. M. bouglaas, Weet Hobokco, one mile from the rerry. A PART Or A HOt'Sf., CONSISTING OF THREE OR four farnUhed room s, (a whole Boor preferred ) witli farilitlea for rooking. are wanted by ? aoiall family ol three perrona ? no children; hounc mmtt hare ran and bath, and be between Fourth and Sixth avenue*. and Wrecker and Sixteenth atreeta, from the lit of September till 1st of May. Addrees C. G. F., Herald office. ACORNS STORE TO LET? AND FtXTTRBS FOR ?ale, in a good neighborhood up town; good induce rs1*, r p r!"' *ro<*'r ?"??? particulars apply to If. UftiUM, north-east corner of Eighth avenue aad Sixteenth street. A *15'? CLABB Om(T TO RENT, ON FIRST FLOOR, 2\. W"h a flrst rate 8 re proof safe, and partially furn li-hed, ]ln Hue street, corner of Broadway. Aunlv to KMWnJ, O. 11ERCE, next door to the premises. Bl'II. DING FOR MANUFACTURING PURPOSES TO let or leaae ? Ij? ISO by 100, well lighted, with heat, i tig and drying apparetua, and everything complete, with or without ?te?m power, a? may be deeired. Inquire on tlic premise*, la and 14 Pitt iitreet, near Grand. Furnished pari />rs and bkdroomh to ijct, in a private family, in a pleasant situation near Wa<h inglon square. (.an and baths in the hoiuie. Avoir at WJ Fourth street. Reference* required. Furnished house to ijjt? first class, three story and basement brick houae, Uandaomeij fur* uialied and plaaaantly located, in BloomSeld place, Ho bokeu, Ore minute*' walk from ferry Rent MOO par annum Addr**.i or Inquire af IJCATITT, WADHWOltTH A CO., IM Pearl street, N. Y. TTOt'SEB TO LET. ? THREE EI JOG ANT HOUHJ5S IN XI River terrace, Hoboken, three minutes' walk ol the frrrv, commanding a bekutiful view of the bay and City of New York, with bath, gaa, hot and cold water, Ac., to fainiliea of the tint respectability only. Inquire at the office corner of Second and Hudaon atreota, Hobo ken. of Kb WAiU) MARTIN. TTOU3E TO LET.? A HANDSOME THREE STORY H. brown atone front dwelling, 324 Henry street, Brooklyn, nearly new, hating the modern convenience*, with locality unsnrpaaaed. nad about eight minute*' walk froui the Atlantic ferry, I'oasesnion given imme diately. Apply to Mr. John H. Hora. 80 Naaaau street, or to Mr. I*. Bruah, 100 Bedford atreet, New York. House to let, or for saif?a first ciass three atery brown stone front houae. T7 Tweuty aixth atreet, a few door* from Sixth avenue, with all the modern Improvements, bathing room), water cloaeta. hot and cold water and g?4 throughout; the houae ha* been painted thoroughly, and U in the beat order. Will be let on a leaae if required, to a good tenant. Apply to Win. Paul, 41 Cortlaudt atreet, or Mr. Gregory, 3&J ."Vxth avenne. House in Brooklyn to ijt or for sale? corner of Columbia and Poplar atreeta, two rain ttte*' walk from Fulton ferry, proapect beautiful: capital cellar*; rent WOO. Apply to JAM!* SUCH, M> fiat Fif teenth atreet, N. Y. A atable in the rear may be had, if required. TTOBOKKN. ? TO LET? A IARGK FURNISHED ROOM tjL nnd cloaet, In a pleasant situation. Inquire in Park place, Aftb hou-e from Fourth street, between Fourth and Fifth. Large and splendid room to ij-.t? in the marble buil(lin( opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel; a* circumatnnre* prevent the present oceupania from re maining in it for n longer time, it will be let immediately ut a discount from a vary cheap rent. Aldre*a J. M. EMERUON ft CO., No. 1 Spruce atreet. OFFICE TO LET? HAI.F OF FRONT OFFICE 195 Broadway, (the other half occupied by Smith A Eddy;) a very dealrable location for a watch importer, or root-t any other light buainea* purpose. Apply to SMITH A EDDY, on Die premises, or to Waterbury Jewelry Com pany, 12 Veaey atreet. OLD RAK KIt'S STAND TO J.ET OR LEASE.? THE OLD baker's stand, four atorica high, No. ? Sixth nee nue. near the Junction of Broadway, to let or Irate. None need apply bat tliono who can give rood nocurlty for rent. Apidy to WILLIAM H. RAYNOR, corner of Broadway ana west Thirty-fifth *t. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET ?THE SECOND AND third atorle* of a hand.ome three atory honae. be tween Fourth and Eighth atreeta, two blocks from Broad way. in ;> (rent eel location. Rent 91150. Apply to R. D. GOODWIN, 806 Broadway, next door to Grace church. QTEAM POWER TO LET. IN THE DEPOT BCILDIwa CCmr wl Ll... au<> eranaiin atreet*. An* Wock ea*t of Broadway. Inquire on the preuil?e* at the office of K. AUTHONY. STORK AND DWKUJNG IX EATCHE8TER, WE-T cheeter county, with 3\ acr*? of l?n<). The oM ?i tabliahed ntore forme-ly occupied liy Fayle, dpc*a*?d. commanding a flrat rat* w""''/ ?r*d?, iio*<**aiua ? ?nuia aiateiy. will be leaaod for Of v ? A. II. Ill VfYilIP''. iciiU/itcr, by letter or p*raonaliy , or to F- ??? ."mTtII, *toro "27 Broadway. Take the New litTM Kallroad and atop at Mount Voi non atati<m, one mile from Eaatcbeiter. Kent of the entire |>roi?rty 1200 per year. SEVEBAl. I.0TS TO IJXSE? AT LOW I'RICfX, ON Broadway, between Thlrty-<dghth and Thirty-ninth Bt?. Alao aevYrnl lot* on tlie atreet*. Apply to RlMWQX 0. HWCE, Pincfitreet corner ol Broadeay.under the Me tropolitan Bank. T) UCT ? SEVERAL ROOMS, FOR LIOHT MAN!' factoring purpoae*. very deairably located, being In bonne No. id Ihiane atrret, fifty (ret ea*t of Broad fray. Apply to UUilOX, No. 302 Broadway T) ut? the ifrot part or a nornjc, io? wash ington atreet, Jereey City, al?a?antly located, con Hinting of two parlora, four bedroom*, an ewllent kttcben, baaeinent, and good coal boner. R<>nt $175. AUo, two workahon*, at M York atreet, auitahlr for jew eller*. or other light manufacturing purpoee*. The ahopa are IS by 30 feet each, with window* on throe aidea. 1 There ii a (team power in tbe baaeinent, which can tie ured. if required. Apply to A. COX, 1M Washington atreet, Jersey City. rlJET? THF. ITPKR PART OK HOI'S R 103 KIM atreet, to a re?pectable family Inquire on the preiniae*. mo i rr? the wnour. of one hale of the hocse JL V?Hck atreet, to a *mall. genteel (amity. th* houae i? incomplete repair. Inquire on the premise*. T) I AT? APARTMENT* IN HOl'HK NO. 8? W&.T Fortieth atreet, coaxlallng of a parlor, two bedroom*, and a kitchen; the bnunc tahandaomely flnlabad with marble mantel*, water, ga*. and all modern improve ment*. Rent from ?!<) to $23 per month. Inquire on the premlre*. from 8 till 12 o'clock noon. To let? a riRfrr cijlsh brown j?tone housf.. with all the modern Improvement*, (on Murray hill.) in Thirty eighth atreet, near Fifth avenue. Apply to John W. Miller. 442 Eighth avenue, or to John Rorner. 1T1 Went atreet. TO IJ.T.? A l AR'iE FPRN1SHEI) HOtSE, NEWI.V painted, ami in good order, auitatd* for a private family or boarding houae. lb'' furniture will be ?ol<l at a aaeriftee, or the place will be furnlahed in any way to nuit a go?*l tenant. Inquire ut M Fulton at., Brook 1) n. The lady would board with the tenant If cleared. ) I ET? HOt'-E '3 WE.-T TWENTY SHOTT third bou*e from Dorthweat corner of Simth avenue. In perfect order, with all m'?lern impmvi ni--nta. hum* dlate poweeaion. Inquire of Et'UENK FKRR1J*, #2 Na<?an atreet bootmaker. O llaToN MROAOWAY AND CANA1. STKEVT? ONE ?tore on Broadway, and one on Canal atreet to le*-c Apply at 144 Chamber* atreet. > !>.T IN JERSEY (TTY ? ONE ?>F TIH ?SK. IUl> i* S" atone holme* fronting Van Vorat aquare. 2.'i by 2ft feet on the ground, three atory and ba*em<*nt; I'aaaair water and ga* throughout. For atyl? and flniah equal to any In Jeraey.citv. Alao, at Kharwood. Hergen Heights 2 milea from the frrry. on an omnibna route, a gothic villa, with one'arre i t ground attached. < ommandliqran uMnterrupt e*l via* of the bay, from th? Narrowifto the upprr part of Mew Y"rk city Tlie location U proverbially heaitliy. The aboV' bou<"' wer* compl>-ted about th* a>4dilti> of Mny laat and will be rental tliia yeor at 60 fr cant. l<e!< 1 w their value, with th?* privilege of one or more ye-iia at a f?ir rent In?|uire of J. R. TIIOHl"X"N agrnt ft.r D. !? (iregory and Eatate of Henderaon, Montgomery *tie*t corner of Hud'on atreet. Jeraey city. TO IJT (iR F<iiTsAlJ!. ? TWO SMAlX H'lt'.-EH JI'.-T Bni-h'-l. with all the modern ImproTi'nMnt* 10#', and 111 Weat Twenty >>urtb atraet, l>atween Mialh and Herenth ? venu*a. Alao, a cottage and (table, arlth 11 lota of ground, at Eight v eighth atreot between Hlo'im infdale rood and tl>0 (irventh avenue Apply to M. H IlJ*>N, corner of Cortlondt and Broadway, ucvW th* (iileay (building. The above property can be hod with immediate poaaeaaloa. mo i J~r or ixaST iok five yea km, tiif twd X handeome #re atory atoroa No? V> a nd 21 ("anal elrvet near Broadway, jiiet Aniabed, an-t rr?m*ile4^ in all reaoert. Apply to IWB * VAM)ERV<>?R1 37 Waler at. rpo LEASl FOK A TERM OF Y>A1W?TW>> VH* A. vith the baiidiag* titaraun. la Thirty ??? owl atreet, between Islington and Third afenn*? lota Mil 71 (cot deep ?nitable T<r a aorpen'?r or a piaa'iforta maker or Would mate o coal yard. In juir* of H. P. I.KAIF, 136 lanrena atreet. rpm ?TNE I.AR'.E STr?R>: AVI? HA-EVf'T \ J nal atreet, IV I feot from Rroadwar to l?t e?rv ??heap, unnl th* ftr?t ot tebrwary n*tt. in>(u.ra <?t CROMER, BAKU', k CO., 406 Hro*<lway Uira paw oi a .-mau. h?h>e *a*an ted ? i; v fornl^lied or furnlahe<|, to dwell In, nv?r a tor* prrfcrred; ' tan and in g<>od order, and wb< -* tly*? are Creton water orrangetneata, *.?,*hb'irhyyl of 1 h : i. Four: h or Ki*?h *venne?. ab?*r Eghth -t ??t j>re<?rre't Addie-a, atating rent an I local '.yj J. D . IVre'-d - COAla. Can; ai* oo.u t c-srv ? t > . v>\i at / the Inarii oktrkel p*i'? fo? ea?h \erT lant fed a?h ati ve (J '-fx H i?) Ite,,aer?4 in *<^?4 ">? W t"-ru (.nda* V.. renta '.tm? to gf*e- ano par e? tat aj h" U??* and We'gn* and qia. te airriaM. r.'l ViAHIt (lIMfX, r.'*t ifnue. ^ro?r o' i Jtant. ?jtfiw toff YAAD-n vw~>s~msm XI ii * Iha.lM *?** -^ l?f7 i am vm pr?por- 4 V U>* We', qaality *f f>a^)i rrrti?j*l r -4 a<< a? 1 wtk.u aah igg an! *tr% ??? U^.r to* ??Mat warVM'ot :: 'ori#\ M*i T h (&QAA ?WANTED TO HIRE, HIX ROOMS IN A I]/4m vl/t good location, with til Ik' famiture i?e. c<*aary to commence housekeeping, for which tJOU (uti will be paid. Add re** D. L, box ftl Herald office, with tMl mum ud situatioa of the bouse. House wavtib> ? a large raw? ciass eijc gant brown atone front dwelling house, well lo cated, and finished witb e> err modern improvement, ranging in prim from $16000 to $-'6,U00 The amount over present mortgage to be arranged satisfactorily. Address, stating terms, description, mc., to A. If., Po?t Office. House wanted to Irani ask a THRKKSTwr and attic house, wlUt modern improvements. Ad dresa, with full particulars, S. H.. bus t'iT Post Office. WANTED TO PURCHASE ? A SMALL THREE STORY bouse, in the upper part of the city. Price not to exceed $7,000 to M,000. Address box 8,368 Post Offioe, ?fating location and price. WANTED TO RENT OR LEASE.? A PROVISION PACK Ing house, with smoke house attached, in th? lower part of the city, near the north ?itle markets. A letter addressed to A. B., ami left at the Herald office, will be promptly attended to. WANTED TO I J-'. ASK ? FOR A TERM OK YEARS, A modern built bouse itwenty-Bve fleet front pre ferred), in the upper i*rt of the city, at a ye arljr rent of from $8?I0 to $1,0U0. Vull particular* requested. Address box MC Poat Office. Wanted? a smaij. hocsf. (furnished pre ferred), In HrtxjUjn near the ferries, or not higher up town than Thirtieth street; rent about $3?>0 per an num. Address, Mating where the house ran be seen, witb full particulars, none other will be noticed. M. A., box 71B Post Office. WANTED-A IN THE UPPER PART Of THE city, having all the modern Improvement*, on a lease of three yearn or more. Kent $760 a 01,000. Ad dress A* J. T.. bill 1.107 Po*t Office, firing full particular* a* to alxe ana location. WANTED-A STEAM ENGINE OK 100 TO 12ft HORSE, power, short stroke, to make 50 to 60 revolution* per minute. R. SAN'KORD, 159 Maiden lane. WANTCD IN BROADWAY? DI9SK ROOM. WITH privilege of exhibiting a new invention. Room re quired, 8 by 10 fat, on the flrat Boot Location we*t aide, between Chamber* and Grand itrseU. Address It. 0. L. Co., Herald office. Wanted to purchase ? the stick, fixtures, good will, fcc., of a flrst cla?a temperance gro cery, of good location, in the city of Brooklyn. Any one having a bnsine** to dispose of may hear of a purcluser by adareaalng Grocery, Herald office. HORHKH, t \RIlI \(iKI?, At . ASPIJCNDID BAY SADDI.K MARK. KIND IN Al.l. bainesa, aix years old, amind, and can trot In four mlnutea, also, a sorrel horse, If) baud* high, sound and kind, and can trot in '2:50 in harness etery day in the week, for aale at 20 Thompson street. A GENTLEMAN, ABOtT LEAVING FOR ETR0FE. desires to di*|>o*c of hi* carriage, two horses, luir ness, Ac. The same are to be seen at Mr. llICKKL'S ri ding school. J?'o* 7, 0 and 11 Thirteenth street, between Hfth and Sixth avenues. Ahorse for saif? a stylish bay horse, in handa high, aound, kind, and perfect; gentle in har ness or under the saddle, Ik elifht years old; ran trot In three minutes, and Is sold only for want of use. Can be seen by inquiring at corner of 166th street and Tenth avenue. FR PALE? ONE LIGHT TWO HORSE FEED sagoa, new, and mads to order; also one second hand grocery wagon, strong. Apply at 134 Ka*t Twenty sixth ?treet, between Seeond and Tuird avenues. R SAIF? A KPLENIKD RIDING PUNY, JET black, kind and gentle, 7 years old, well a>laptcd for ladies nnd children. Price ?'iOfl. Apply at Henry tSderd'* stables, No. ti East Twenty eighth street. FOR HALE? A DOCTOR'S BUGGY, IN EXCKM.EVT condition. Imiuire at stable of Ryerson A Howard, corner of Broadway and Thirteenth street. IjlOR SALE.? TWO WAGONS ; ONE WARE BOX PI.EA *ure or business wngnn. cost $100, price $S0, and onu light buggy do., made by ihiaenbery h Vanduaev, cost $1H0, price $90, quite a* goad as new. Can be seen at KetlUi-'* stal le, In Dunham place, close by Peek slip ?frry, Williamsburg. "T710R SAI.K? A BI.ACK MARK. BRED IN' VERMONT a jult from the country ; half Hlsck Hawk; ail years old; sfxteen hand* hljh; of superior *tyle and action; very rapid traveller; for atyle and beauty aba ha* no ?uperior In the city , warranted souud. and kind in all barne?a; without marks or blemishes. Can be seen at the stable of H. C. 1'HllJJl'H, 10W Fourth street. William* bnrg. ~~ .,i.r-A HA.MWIMK nim CI. ASS flfUTI NO I ? "ion light wagon, liuilt to order ft>r the pre tent owner, lias been l>ut little time used, and is in perfect order. Inquire 1WS Mixabt-tb stieet, of WAI.TK.Il BOWNE Jr. For pau?a rhj-nmd doi-ruc heatkd iw>x *?(' n with ahifting aeata ami top, tnude tn order, will lie aold h bargain; m-rrr been Uaed, owner having no u if for it. Apply at 110 Warren ?tre?t, up aUi r?. FOR HAIX- A HANDSOMi: youno BI.ACK BKAR, ? bout xlx month* old, <julte taiue. For particular! inquire at 42 Roach atrwt. XJIOR I* AIT. ? A mtr. GRAY MARK WARRAN'TKP JC perfectly aound and kind e*err way, ?iz yaam old, flfteen handa high, a One driTer, will utiind without tyiag, and ran tw relied ui*m a? a wry valuable animal want of uae naton for aelling . Can be ?cen at the aUble J01 Bowery For haijc or exchange, for a huumjc hor?uv? a pair of well matched blood be/ hor?e?, wn and eight year* old, a Is torn hand* high, (food dri?ar?, aound ? nd kind. Inuulre at Noirla' atebie, 6?'> i llouaton ?t r?*?-t , or of Wallace Vail, I'lalntleld. .V. J , where they ran be unn la-ate New York, pier 2, North river, at ? o'clock, and return at IJ? Car* 81. TT < )RrfK. WAGON AND HARN'kXS FOR HA IX? A Jti k>ri||Tit bay horae, p<fny built atxmt 14 X hand* high. aound and kind, atyliah driver, and not o?er eight year* old. Al/to a flr?t rata aecond band top wag'in. hi good running order, and a <at of harnea* nearly n?*. Will l.e a<dd together or aeparately. Inquire at (JOOl'Eit'ri atahlea. Charlea at. HORj-W, WAGONS AND HARN18B.? FOR XAI.F-. 1weo1y-fl*e hor?e?, *ome amall pool*- forty ll^ht plenauie wagon* of dlflprant kind', ?? ?!!??? *ee?nd liiand. Apply at No. 8 Nevina atreet n*ar Fulton avenue llr>a>k 'in. LIGHT WAGON FOR HAUL? A IUNT**)MK IJGHT pleaaure wagon, with egtenaion top, auitatiV' for e plopiclan or prirate gentleman, nearly new and *old for want <4 nae; Will lie aold low If applied for immediately. Can l>e aecn at 108 Mirier atreet. Applj at 10 U?*a?er at. Mll.FR ANT) HORJ*W ? THI? ADVKRTWHW wi-ii to buy either a hrat rate hor?e -mi.i.u. for any kind of work or a pair of mule*. Add*ea? R. A 1? , lie. raM olBee, for one week. STRAYn^A P<?RRFJ. MARK. AtWIT 1A HANDS high, twitch tail, lia* a mark on the left hind leg firm a kick. 86 will In- |*ld for Information where ah>? can la- found. J. < AKI1AKT, >o. 6 Niuth ."?Cond atreet. Willianmburg ~\tT ANTKD ? A 1/)W I'RICKD ROOKAWAY WA'KIN, Yf * i 'h two *euti. AddreaK W , Herald offlra, ?<atin< wlitre the raiuc can be <?en and tba lo?aat price AHON FOR HAI.F ? A HANDBOMF IJOJIT rR'lT W maker more K HrooWljn tin* wagon, with ahlftlng aumiu>r top, OHver, u e.| iiiilv a few tlm>-?; price 81 ?'??'?. Apply at ??H k Jnrrie' otsblaa Hicka atreet, neaf Atlantle at WATt HEl, JKWKLHY. 4M\ CUIJIOR.NU DUMONfJH, 1^1 Al. I S MBXUNCY / and appearance to the real diamond ? Prtcea 'i'-nta' clnater pin? with chain, 86; g?nta' clurter pina, vtthoot rhain. 84, genU' aingle at.ioe, varioaa atflea, 84 to 812, ladiea earrlnga, eluat*r and ilatla I'mt, IS to 82A ladlea' clnater pina, baautifal "tyUa, 8K to 826; ringa. tluater, alnfla and tltra* atanea, |i tu 821, alao. eroaa?<a, atoda. aieewe buttona. bracelet", Ac. TV atm?* nrtlrle* are all monnted la eighteen <?rat gobl and warrants). We invite every ooe to call and ?ee tbem. CtTillty to nun purchaoera gratia I- k J. JACOBS, 1*7 Broad tray. CtAUFuRMA IllAMOMW. ? TH'MK ArfiLT PL'Mf3IA / ing Jewelry would lr<4 it to ibfir laMreat to caU and >e? thia new and beautiful article they rt ar(nal In hril baary Vo the real Onmrnd, and at prteaawMhla the reach of etery on*. K h J. JAUJflK, Wl Broadway. 01 Oil) Gt AJU) (liAl.SH.? | <>old curb guard ehaine from W to 7^ Adelaide guard ehaine froaa 1* to " (at car b " ' from lh to 44 Waraaw pattern guard abakM froaa 18 ta 44 wore patWn guard rhaiaa frecn 14 ta Jt " aq ua re four li ak patter*.. , . , . frean M to 42 round rhate. with hoUaw Oak freaa M ta M and all other atylea, (e* aaia reey low at whntaaa* aa-t retail. GUI C A1JXN, No. il Wallet , ae?jm4 >oor ? 1 Iitjl CHATrUlfnt 1HAI>" FUR IAMW ? Ijr Gold caibahateMoe thataa, with a?r?J; pan li?n MM in 828. <;<? d rurb cheteieiaa rhama.wtth eaamei pia< from 81 ? to %7t t.o.d A4?laale chateMoe rha aa ws'k p<a?. tr->m ?17 to 840. Gold Adelaide, Aauhle at-aad, ?* b p>a>. flow 838 to 848 (?old wtr* chateleane rha.a< *ah rxb Oar p ai, In a ?14 to a*r. Ot.)4 ae'agr? ehateWiae cba ia w. b g*kl fruit |,ia. frr m %1A t<! 4 ; - 1 endid 1 ?r% % i ha'< > ?a ?> d H 't at , from %'H to 8"> ? , ! cb*)* ? ?? ')u in ^a" lio'a, H ?ar?t f ewi8it*o VU aa) a> ?<ber a' y!?a of - ha'e^ f tciaat f ^4 f r a*i# fe*y b/W, *h ?aa.e mad re'a?a ( U) C AL1XS, 11 WW. e* A ?*>' ."-v at a ?At* 7fh" *1 It, ?*D 'tial Al fT ?*, waVbea at ?IO w?', h?. ||? .at a ?.' r ! v? '.!*?? a' IV C?'-,4') | <-t. tr? 4m ?? ? ? A ? ?? 8<^ ??.%?. M ?M ?' I <18 I ? . .a. 4W?, at I pn it ??, ?UARona aivd ixnwno. BIU. AHWAV ? Kl H.VMHJCU KARIX'K AND threw ''wciuituituiMU to let, *U>Te Iwurlfc Btieet, n few d?ot ' ??*"> <?* N?w York kfUi. No War4 era in the botih* Uoua* oontaina balb, 0W. *c. Refer - ?c? nduupd. >1 1 ?7 ur<x>mk roouh, on first *?? 1. J end ?wmil Hour, wv''? or without partial IwOrd, tO l?t to gentlemen FOCRTH OTRKCT, NKAR i.AKAYCTIV It.ArX f) | ? l>gmnU\ furnished aparVment* aud aingte ttwui. In n Grat cla?a genteel pwnW h"Urf, with i>r .A f ?. ? - A K'tli without board. Teraw rrr y reaaoaable. 1 a pj wdhon tmucrr, krontinu ht. johv-s Arr I pwrk ? )? urabhrri room to let. with boar.l, to ?ingle gerit^awii and their wirea, al?o, a handwrneiy rurnnkd bath parlor, Iwum nrwl; furuiah ed, with ail thai Modern improv cae-nt* for permanent and traiudtot boarder*. 1?>6) IJEKINGTDN AVKNl'E ? TWO OK TJIItKK ?K*. ' tletueu will (lad goed itceoroiiftodatioa in a art *ate family, witU full or partial l?>ar>'; alao an unfur niahad room f?r a gentleman and l.wlv. |M and bath, r?lerence eachanged. 1 Afr WAYHU.KY PLACE, Til I HO DOOR WIM Of ll't) Waahlngton park, a ph-aaant front room to i at, with board: alao a Miiali room. A front baaement to let to a phyelcian Iaxatlon delightful Tcriiu motif rale. Reference* ctrb?iige<l (? r AMI 6T VM TWENTY -THIRD ffMMK, ? A KEW 00 Klect families undKCBtkuii-urun l?> nceommoda led with auitr? or aingle room*, with fuli or partial board lo that eligible browu ?tour building, which la eligibly located, containing all the modern improventa, and caunot be aurpaancd by convenience to ear* and at age*, being located between lboadtruy and Kiith amtiiu. laoiilies aod gentlemen of the Oral respectability ma/ now bare a ohoice of room a. FV\ EAST KHTKINTH .STREET? A CHulCB OK */ V* room* can uow be obtained by person* about to locate for the winter. Tlie liouae U desirably located be twven I'ulon M|uare and Irviug place, convenient to buat ne?n l>* rara and atefn*. A Q WRRAY KTRKET.? HOARD FOR GCNTIJCMK.* T"?/ and their wire* and aingle gentlemen. A baud home)* furnished arcond atory front room to let, with board, (iaa and Croton water in the room. The houae ha* all the modern Improvement*. 20 GROVE CTRKFT? TO LiTT, WITH BOARD, A ? ) front room fhrnl!th4'd; the family U araatl, knuaa ??* , containing all the raodurn iinprorenwaU, rvterenraa ?xahaiiRitl. ytaft-K and rara within a block of the houae. Thoae w inhing a ijulot home will call. ?J CARROT. HI APR, RIJCW'KKR HTRKCT? A OK N 1 \ / tlemnn and hia wife, and two or three ainfli' fen tlemen.rno l?e (ri'llteelljr accomniodatail, withverjr deafra ble and hamUoiuelf futni>he>l nvimi with |?rmanent or t ranalcnt board Dinner at tl o'clock. Referenda changed . 3AH1UJ.ND lIAtVl. I'KRRY HTRKCT A VMT eeleet families, or ainfrle gentli-men ran !>? i^om modateil with atiiten or tingle roomn, with full or partial board. Houae new, four atory, harmg all the inodsru Improrementa. Aceeaa by Siitn avenue < ar? and Ainlty Htreet atavea. 1'erinanept arrangements tuade. Refer encea etrni.nged. Apply a? above, AWIIOW IADY WOULD 1AT TO ONK OR TWO ?ingle gentlemen furnlahe-l room a, with our with out partiul txiatd. Rath aud gaa. location vary retired and pleaiuint. Apply at 1W Wuterley place, near Anion at reel. Aium?b ?oo* to uer to oin or two gentlemen In a private family. The room la large and pWaant. Kent >7 |?r month. Apply at V6 K. 26th at. Any orntuci. i-rivatk kamii.y, dkxjroin ok reducing their espenaea by renting to a gentlemen and hla wife a furnlahed room, with good board, may hear of an opportunity by addrcaning Rirhaid, llerald ofltee. SMAII. PRIVATK KAMII.Y WOOLD IJfT. WITH i lioaid a fine nnfurniahe<l parlor and badnnim, to gi titer or aeparately, to a gentleman and wile. Ilouae j flrat cl?aa, with all the modern conieniencee, clun/lalieia, . hot and rohl wafer, kr. in the rmma. Term* moderate. I location Weat Taeutieth alreet. Addie-a W H, A., I Herald ofltc*. Af I'lTK OK KUKNIHI IEI ? R00M8 To I.KT? IS nitOAf> wi.y, near the Ht. Nicholas Hotel auitablc for ain gle gentlemen. Apply at MM Hroad way { Al'ARTT OK Tim 0KSTI>*MFV, OH OWTUfc I man and lady, wiahing haml-xiuie a|.a' tinenta,with I partial laiard, can find a aulte of r'aiuia, l*rk and front , room, folding doora, pantries l>etwecn. and bedroom con necting l>ath room, nod water cloaet on aame Uoor, with ( hot asd cold water alio uae of library and piano, on ret ?ou th|e term?, by applying at IU We?t twenty third ?treet Aleo two pleaaant roomH on third Uoor, amiable lor aingle gentb men ? ? : jrT.-.i ? jt i r. t Afiii. i ? ??o? i.ii i.r.i i<? iw > J\_ or three aingl'- gentlemen only, furnished rooma, with breataat and tea, or furnished roorne without boaid. The bouae la in a pleasant and i(uiet ue|ghla>rh>a>d of the Ninth ward, aud haa gaa, l>alh rootna kr , * tag'-a paas e*ery four uiinute>. (ieutlemen who *l?h an agre?aW' home, and one far different from an ordinary tioarding Iiouee, w ill please adili erne Ihix 'i , -7 7 la>wer I'oat Office, atating where an luteryiew may be had, ami will be |-n iiH-'ial' ly called upon. Tei ins made aa 1 1> factory. Re frrencea gin n and reqatred. AIA1)Y. HAVING A KINK HOI MK. IN A CENTRAL location, on the we^t aide of the . ity, would gi?e board to a party that would adtanee bar the anui of 9100 for a abort tune. Addieaa C.( ilroadway I'oat Office. AIJDV ami i;KNTI.*:MAN, WMHISO TO UVE quiet an>1 retired wh't? the comfort* ?f ? home amy be rrallied, ran obtain a inllji luroi.hwl room In a ?mall family wit/i full b<?rd (or the lady, at uiodrraUr terra*, il' nif lla? pa rnd l*lk> and la re? trail/ lo cated. Aildreaa Mm. I, , brim dway I'uri "tJl< AgtlXttXP WIT Of Ft HSMIO) KOOMf, wm I brdr<x>m> atla< h<?l to let toff iher or aeparaU, in a private Jinoae, with all the modrrn Improvm-iiU A p)i/?irian ?111 find it ft rare rhftnre. A|ply at W I'tisc ?treet, a lew door* weat of llroadwiy. BO AJM> ? A IM)Y, RMIHNO At/JNE, WHO KOH /earn ha* been a''ru?toined to Ui" rf^ulrnmnU of the nick, would arroinruo<lat4 a It 1/ with board, ourainf and rkilful ?tt?inlaiirr, previous to and during roallaa uieot Addreea A friend, 'Tiathaui a.(uara I'oat ilif, tair- of A. SwftrU. BOAHD ? ONK (Ill TWO KI ITO W lUKlM* Koll gentlemen an I th'-lr wire*. and ?l?o t?> ?ingle ?? n tlrmrn with all modem ligpioirmral*, ran I,* ob talm-d at 44 Wwl lainty third ?treet Kefrreti< ea e? changed "I l'MKIi ? J.N A I'KIVATK KAMII.Y, Willi PIJtAHANT J| roMM, ftwfaind or unfurnf?lie-l tkw n (m ?ingl?' gentlemen ran be ari-omtuo'late?| with partial b<iard at No -Ot ottnK'- jlace, Ik-Iwi n Hon (? n an I lll? < kei itrttll. BOAItP? A I'ltlVA IF. KAMII.Y, H\VIMJ MOKI room than they re<|tiirr, will lei a comfortable fur ni'ln d rix in to a (feol Ian, an at the late of gi par week, nr would arronimodate (wo rentl'uwn In '??? f?mmi $?1 A If-', e-mail f'??t parlor to l?' ?ait able for a i b> ?Irlftn'a ofli> e (aqalre at 83 l.'ith atreel Hmtrtrw* i ? ?iulr?-?1 Board tony ok h ? > u- ?ok i awiijk or -is f If (p-nllemen ran l-e obteinel bt eppltlrut #t 12 Sri. on J'lare, one door belo* Ith at., o|.p?-|te |>r M. in iirr'a church. iOaiiD' an tnt obtain ki> v?k two? hiuhua is B Hoaro is bh'x'Kj.v.v ?to i j-rr a laju.i krost ro-rn fvr?>l?b?d aattaMa for um or tw . g*u''*n,tn ro tali ledr turn la a g/?* rlaae hooae awl m ?t aKuft'loaa la ?? ? a ja '??taw* W|? anO A a re-|.ert? farnllr "f adnlta r>-*l'llnf IB a hnllby " aullrul i art of WntrJ and I rautlfnl 1 aft of WawUkaater . ? -r jr ?"?< ible by rftilr* td l.? (i-k wlthlo two ntnntaa Walk of the de|*r' Addreaa A VI , Hroadway I'oit f.,r thraa day Hoaiui iv a vrivatt, rAMii y? with vkky ria aaiit, larre aod airy rwifna, rab lie l.a-l on applira tl> o at Nil. I'r!' Wrat Twinty a?\entb atri-at, a f?? d'<or> weat (if fliclith ?Teste A anlt of room* J dr-ired IV/ti ?? roataina toe twlrru IrnfiroT'-wv nt? (onreolent Waor? and a tag fa. Boaiui ik mux?i.TN.? noon* ks mi m: im nUhed or unf'irnlabe>J, lot (awiliea aiao, t?mtn tor ce'tlenen ai.'l their wUea an I autfle iffalla^new Wl a Drat rlaaa honae near Wall atrewt (? fry Ap{*. a'loa at the bouae In Morila#>ie alraet ?*? U'l duor ?a -t ./ r lla?'"ii at.-eet, or lUca I.'. I>. . llerftM o?ee, will have at Uatiaa m Allan ftlao. tw tli* Itr.. tie atreei Vrrira I ioo<-r oa tha a' tatli A^ f'y at CMatoa atree* | BOAHI? AT HIKI/iAT*? OM H4< TW<? riX ?urn or a faiaily of (roaa |<f*w.ri? luajr obtain b-ar I at * larre a.ry rwjftry re.,'e?re la ft.'f'illf, 1?? ratwl aa tlua laat nrer with ??!'?<?*? frouada. w>4l aluniid ba'h ho*?e k M|kl(Mi a r r a^a rooaaVaa had A'l-raa to the ' My eeery ?ar ratnute* "W >n4 Third a ad lou/th atarwi ??r Ad-lra. a Wufttur^tia. I BWt a<joftr* I'fiat <l?*f Soaki) t?f me ? i.yn ? ma - Mm <?v the aaeond 8/-*, wMh or ?i'.,. i?t MnalW '?ra and We rl aeta. aolu>? Irr faxuija- - r 'katlf t??U*?wi#a ta ? aa?*t da- rabl? tltuali'iu a art oiUna bT? mrki.Vea ? a. a '4 U," t'oltoa ferry wa; ba o?i'a ne4 br ap!Jt?kt ?? a* (TO Wftakiac,"n Ml Ml U'j.uui At iuau.r?f iiiisr a nw nmuj <?? . i tiam< a or gn.t^Maen aa1 ibar raa be a< f' MV' dft'ed at' k | tea act rwal and Var*t ky aK ifltl t/> Jobs W Rarard, at tfcr a'<r*' plae? kr-rm a i*a?< aaery bonr >a <ke day by a- >a??v.ale froaa [ ?r No. t I ft ' fl?e? aa I be a?af?a f.. Vr.ey H'y JOIfi M l?TAUt, Harfaa lata* S J. Tl1/# Jr ft A.NftJt? .T> Tw 0 V >I faFVTIJW.S, la a r-a" ? ? Tate la.a ; < t f as l, yt*i- ? >?4 ( ? r.i* W .? /H?-y af~-' Hia-.iya 7- i^u..i. I44'?a It e h - -a J far two feya ? ? > ? , ? Tarafte lanVrtle Ad4ra " " ' * HoiWi .1 l-Alltftri?0 ??!%# >_. ?y "? <.k'- ?.-ia?iy.Jw a r.a n ea'e la rv?4 I"-.- ?Mi?n AM Ia?i ?M fae* 'H*-a Hi'.?xj ? -a .^.n7,?uu> a?i, p. I ?' ma Wit* keeaftfae* oa. ; ia a / ?> ? iwr ar la Ay ?k?^ l? raa ?*>ay tar 'a*. I -? '4 a ?.*>. ?'Jy? J leeateara ad yaxaf ai?>>*/ tee>w, r "a *a *4 W pr ?'fa 4 5 1 --a T *./? ^ a -a 1^ M J I BOAJLonto * ? -wVrtAkn wTvwCw ? OnUHl AND Ufc K Z . \ ??? *7 ona o( tl? b*a? JL9 ??', >n Hcwiff tin ? i.i?. JL ,. M K BuUara in tba I Dit<TSutw. Addr*?B ?????. *. ?? Uriilii/. ? ??_? ' TJOAJU) WANTTO-KOR A (JKNTt-KMAS, |J"< M> and B l?y, nlnf j??r? old, io ? plaiu, r**>t ? hour*, Dot aboir Twfntrflfth atroat, and nr?r Ai\? fiotenth ?mu?. Addreaa H. U , liar aid uAc* atatt^ term* Md locality, for two <k?y?. BOAKKINC JMMHWATK VICINITY 0? B110A* way, 157 UN CV?T atrMt, ritralarfr auit* f# ruO? ca thr atroad floor; ?? adranUfaoui. ?rrin|mut rmm id* ba mad* f?r tha lat of Srptarnbar. Kmrnn fur >ln0a ffnttwa alao doubla tmwar. Kvouu on Uw aaeoad aaA third fliwrt, ?t M draw rtn?t. TJOAKW.Vf..? TWO f? TITO FX GK.STIJ.MAV CAN MR J > ar.omm.-dalod with rootaa with or without board, tLr limiw u U?bt#d with fa* , bath* tor tt?a ax of Uia ?ccupaata. Mr?. >1 El >11 1' HOT. MX HouatOfcatrasI B<1AW<IN<. -TWO MING I ? tiKNTMOHKV CAN I* arMnmMiial with romfortabta board Bad MidM, at a mudsrata prt>-a, ami ?h*'tr bo <?th at boardara ot (tl rtrPB arc krpt I1hm applv in at.?a? SO Waat R'faA atrrat, brtvrru Hfih amd ,-iitli ttraun, all ttiia ?Nt. SO 4 AXTOR riUflL? Mt Thlx I* Bffflod aic-Hun for procuring hoarder*, ?? w? BavaappUoatlnaa for b??rd continually and ?umI ba Jbra long to bar* a ru.h Itraoaa wUhi,* bc?o?im C tioM l.< >ht. city Hrooblyn. ?r tha couBtry, may ba mwm aultad har*. tafuniatinn fm ' PKMAWW h HA-W*. |Ol NTRY IW<AKI> AT K.M KAWAY, U |_mr ?c ?u,, b?,hi,1? A '? ? ?*!??< t faoUliiM will tad Ibia a , delightful .umiiirr retreat K,<r particular* Ml] A 157 Bleacher atreat, oppoalte liepau row. I.M K MSI IKK ROOM? WITH fClLOR PARTLAI. MAJW ftirffentlaaMB and tbnr wire. or atr^la a? may be obtained at M We?t Wanhiagton plat*. K?^' eo?<? FRKMH HOAIU) WANTKD? IN A ltU<1'W,7AH? BrWata I rrncb fa mil; . I>j B frnUmu>? an* bit wM*( fi <?n lat or Biiridl* of Srptrml^r. whar* all ' - nalma of a hi.raf mlfbt l?a prrBUBanll; aajoyad. Addraaa A. M. , Ilnald oBra, alitiof term#, tocaliun, he. IVfl of r*4ac rarna fftrea aadrrqalrrd. HOUOKKV ? SI'ACIOI H AMI ObMTOKTABLK ?1W Bi?i<?<l room*, with par tlnl board, may lx- obtalaaA on inrxlarata (anna. I<r two or tbrea |t?iitl?man (a a ni Aalohrd huti?< and plraaant l?oati?B. oitb *i*tj ttauraMa oooirurl Applj at 'JU4 Wa?blngt?n alr??t Hoboian. Jot rfRNWHiD? a? nruioN wmiO'Tr. two imkmm t?*low Canal, a jn<o<l ai^Bd front room, anltablr for tmm IT^iitlaniAB. bIko. on* onllablr for two. arparala bod*, with or vlikaat board. Tarau ra oWBtr lUbraBm ra (juiiad MO. 6 hT MARKx- FTJIOK ?A (STITF. OK IUMML with board, <u thr a rat rlj?a houar No. b .H. lUrtr plBoa. OSt ok TWO (iKNTIJbMCN AM) TIIWR WIVH, OK two a<?gl? avnllanon rau l?t arr.,ini?i?tala?l wldk r<"nn? and Iw.H in u<?x1 ?<yta aod at b raoaonablt prim, what* thrra Bra no otlisr boardora Tba bouaa la aaarW furniahad. aud <?"atalriN all lha niodaru iniirofmraC Apply Bt 40 Woat Niorti-) nth ntrwi, tx-twr^a 6th a ad bill arcnura Eoomhto ijt _a hmai.i, kamii.y wmiorr c?? draa. oeciipyln^ a drat atoaa boon* wlab to rOaA tba adrond fl<?>r to cnl lamaa. wlthoat lioard. TWa bouaa la plaaaaotly ?lt<ia*?<l half war kalwaan Houth and WaA atiBBl terrier Apply at ITT Ifatitj atrBBl llrooklya SOOMB TO IJT, WITH < ?K WTTBOtT ItOAKIt A gentaal prWala family wnnld IU<* t? lat a frw rnnma, lalii'd or unfurnl-hml In aulla or ain^lr; thr bouaa arid fDriillurr arc nr?, with kb?, hot ari l sold batba. h<k, loratliin In Illri .krr itrwl a f?w iloora wr?i of llroBdway. All rxri'llrot opportunll) rorooaor two married coaoio, who awk BBBtuoM, comfort and Noway, For partiru la i <? nd'liru It?--p<-< talillily. Il<-rald ofllc. Tl KRENCIt KAMIliM<.? I'ARTIAi. BoAKU Wa.STM^, I>t a nullrmiS in a raapa'-lahlr- I rrnrh (amlljr Ad drt>>". |h ?t paid, b<<t ?'! T10 ml OAca, ntalinj l-rm? aa4 looauon. Tw<< ni! tmurt; bmii omnuatm ca?. m ac r?minodat?"l wlUr plraaant roonia and partial boar^ In a priralr lainily, wlu< alt th? ? onT^Biaaro and r<tm ? foita of b home by "pplying nt 41 W ? >1 3'Jii at , battraaa iiroa<lway and Mh Ti ur, wrtii iKiAiu>- a )'i.rahant ituint r'MM on tlir wc'Bil atory, at 1 Hi Hlwlii'r atrrot. TWa loom !? lightrd With K"" and baa a lary pantry. To i>rr? wrni boari). a iamk rsmtsw f < ni a if 1 t?<lro"in Bdjolulnff on tha third 'a float, K?? ali i I ?th? In ll?- bona"', ?U" a a*ioad ?V hall iHtlriNiiu, fur n i - lit-.l , r'l"t>o ? r?<aiiir?d. ?or ' h< . apply at 57 ltlw? b ?? r atrci two <loora aaa* of Bfaad ??r - ? WANTKT? mr Tin l*r ni ^KITWHW, A WIUJ^ furrilahol f<?d >l?"l room, with pantry, by B(BB tlrnnn and wifa, dinner l?r lb'- lady, and dmnrr for tw* Ki ntlr'liian on Hnrxlay If afrtritld" l,riw?rii II ,ntt/in bm4 I anal atfWdta; prlrala rarnlly |irrfarrH K#f>r?BMt |r?fii and r<.|ultid. Addr< -? until Id lay ?r*BiBf, <i. K. T llrtaM i>ltl< ?? ?IoIIkk t< nm Bicnuiwa. Exn iciov T<? Knrr??RT.? nrr mrKA*rn <-<?i i?i% liiTK. l'?|<Uln Hiirln Aii'l>i?>n, Imiwrl; vt IwitoMwr laur* Kua|i|i, alll maka regular Irlpa !? Kwrjxjit *T*ry .lay ^utwlaya air.ptad. l>-av1iif tla? ?it Murray atra*t at o'il"fk. |.l?f Nu l?t ? o'clacfc. A futlll.p bud ?U1 I* <10 boar! F?t mmrw>nrKV. iikanmi, inuhijinuh, Hilvar fatal, and <fc-a-ao I'nrt ? Tba pop-ilar iWwr, JaMY> I IIHJ.-Tt it'll* II, l?a*aa fay atraait j.l?r for Ifo* aliarar faalilonaMa aafaaring hla- aa mi Ttjaaday, W?4m? 4*7, Mil TJi?r?.lay, UtJ>, IMij, arvl lOib of /?Jr, M 4 o'rloefc, f. M Krnlay 171b, at 6, I- M Ka>taraiag W?M lima Port on tb* xn* .lay ?! 7 i, oVWk, A M 11m*, HKeiaM Ha* air and a?a bathing uaaf ?*Ua4 Twm0j Oral claaa but* la an* is lull oparatio*. IM* h.-iiis<; ffl-*"' umi nr. <a|.Uin Hi b:u 1 Vala? *UI U-a?i(ui ikr tutuaa I'alika r??ry ilay (l*tiri.Jaj a?ra-jila<1 lou'l.lng at l?i Hainiltoa wli way, from W.? lot). wing plaraa, Hi Jarkin.n atri-- t, SAM, Hi ? n>a ali*?t A M , Puk a lip, 7 A M.. Pfirltig alia*!, N II ,1 A M , pur I, N. R., *\ A. M. flahinc la' kl# an-1 ball fmralabnaf. Mia air agf ?<>..mpany tk> l?at oc aa. h trip. Kara M Mala f 1 HASP FW?. KX'"* KKIOX _TII* tfTKAMWI IjkfK* VJT KJ?AIT. < apt S Aiflaraoa, J aal *01 maka aa curat. .o? to tba ttabing liank?, <m Tu??4ay, ThuraAay anil Krtijay. W-aa ng |/l?r 3 North ri*?r, at ? o'r lork A. u. >.1 *11) ba aaar.Wf fi?r tha larga-at flab an-'. tl f>?? Oa amallaat, <auglit by any paying paa??ugar ua U.? baat, aa<h 'laj /T hY at I'Hl/V EXit |\ T" TlfV h miv<, hankA, Vjl ori >'rMay Aug 17 ? k"tirla?n magnlfl<-a*l prtaaaa ' I rirli and rjryaui jranlry *111 liat rlbutaa.) la Mm boidara of certain ninh*ra-<1 ikkaU pu"ba<?4 far IMa alrur.lnn TTilafaa'arr of Ui* rcuratno *111 b? mila tba a" la loana*. n 'nt ?f tba |??"Hf?ra tk<-y appeaeWa? a flliaillw <o rarrr <#'i? lri? a ?m> Kara M . aula tf II. a >a(r an<l '"ti m.^Kua < ryfli?? ''ftnet NA.fU HII -1TI" K H llank> *?aau?lai |a?ainf put M <f AB.oa at ? ?-at ? I . at.'l | ?>? i S- ' S K ?( ? A M. Flaklai Urkla aa4 tall >'> buar<l A l<a lad uf utrnMr im allraianaa T?AMKK <"Kirr"N -i.KfAT IKl/t ' T0 IL'hilirr Hank! Cm dollar* J'?aii III (? A* laija-l dab lav 4- liara pr?M.I?n> f>? 11. a ai?al>a?t lak. Kara !4> oala Tl.a atx>*a pramiuma aa ill h- |?i.j by lb* apl? 4a4 aaffc an l fa-' a(?auiar < fU/T"^ William H Wo?i r ?f'la<v, a* bar lrl|< !<? tlaa 1 labia* Ita nk a n IrMaf, AiMal IT Uaraa M u( Hiwaaa alra>? brillaai ?! ' '? ? M II'iuiiiWI al 7 M " !>?* allp 7 M ?' r|ii.n( a(i??t nfrr al ( AO " Maaua auaa' (It " IWr ?, ?.* " I'.af r?>kn Mi'a fabirif 'rtla a mA ball foraaateat a* K- a/< A ba?'i ? ( u Ifl ?Ui a"a? ipak/ lla? l?aa' 1V> IHAXTTK Kl( 1 lCt<??aK-ni?. f-Ail A* e>.aia>'?1Waa 4' uLla raKMaa alaaaiai KirtUlM fLTT?, K H Haaki, ?'mruaa<l?T, >aa?( ao* ta i ?)!?>< ?r4ar. r?a M ti>arur(4 k/r auam v HM M IM U>|aM and na<*1 alayul rlaamM > lrra?l lor U>a f?'paa laa* tag a Urf?<taaalaf aai?ot> Hi V^ag ApWr "* baaH, at Iba foot af Aaoa alraal, N It , ar la L II lalWTIk, IU Br'^lwaj, up lta.fl T'liiT" CThj jjfT. *TT t<> rm T^iiisir *i*i ? TT?. ataaawr <?<' IJ'f V 'iATk' *l'J ?l?/a? baa (aataaal arai'i I tan I Iba ? .) ii< liana- 'ia 7aa?4af Aug 71. ?b?n bar fa raa ail trip Mil ba ana4a In laaalag Ifoa roia'a tba aadai.lgaa^ a Valla b maatf of a l?(-V7 ? ppa* taaltjr at tkaaklng bla aam*"iaa f ? ?*?!? ?Vj baa* boa"?a4 biaa *ttb 'half aea-narageanaek Aarlag <*? ?mm mar Tliau >| pfoaal baa l*a? M,a laaa' Itaall im MB HI.. ?t ka baa rna4a aa4 It la bia ?a/a??* *lab Ibal ka *<B l<# fuaad > ? a fatar* vaa .? aal aaaartl.; ?l Ika klal pa*f?a?fl* ).? 'oaaa<1 Uaa1 aa < a f'aoa if ?ha laai.a Kaapf. ia 1*4-4 aa l r"ba t?n '?a'a la 1K& It la baa aa'aari aiak tba t aMI raaa*r akak b* la (?a la ba agaan lavli lot tba I laaa a CI a itaunaf ?>>aag aiplat a a?a na<4|tk?l<iliariMM< aal iwifa ab*a4%a< a?aa? la# I. a af.paa'i'attoa of tb?r ralta' aa |a i4aa a. Ikal *ni b* ail*. a aal many .pp- 'Md'aa ?f afara^ag bla f*tf>Ka<f ? ItAJUJJ- ANMK.-0'- < ?pWa. A tAI?. -I'/ HtUJAM Itirw -VICHATL MU 1 ?O'-X r-ap?"falljr la#' naa b.a faaaada aaf taa ?. aalla ak?i aaa u??*raa'a4 ia tlaa M,i.a(4 taua aa?' ba baa or**aa1 tba Ipaa.aa ba.. ^ 'taaaaraaa al/aa*. aai t la> A-. rta a a Ib'a'ra * <b a aaaatbat kU? aku4>? btlllar<l labkaa, bath tut *th >*'?"+ aa4 praaalaa, akaa* ga*l>*>aa ?w..rv<a of ta. n* <:,a naa'iU >4 Ika" lalW aaa fcaaaaa ?afnrt,?n? af ^ w ao aal aaa; r?-jr baa?a prwaipt a?1 p. k- atlaa'i>? TV- a t^iaa. '*m k?aa 4a baat p>-a.t. .< iV Irawk '?< ak taUaa, aaat ?ra b- '? ?aW tHa paa--aa ??A ZrTtaaaa ?< ika ?a?laf.-a^ 1 aaaf a?? a-ipam la aar rMUw?t?Ma< T? J?a ?..a?, aaaa aaa a* aayla-a* rwaaatad a tb w ?-l? ?' " K "?(?'"*. kf orAatlagaf M)'1t>Al n?Uj??- ? ? baaabaaa C.ral THI IW>n is: < ' r # a ?KT fMI A ?bj?ljm*?. . I M -1 ria'aa^aa.-a) ?' <1 A'.aa'raat taaax aaa.- a aaa'.ag Ia?><a ar" ? . a* i Irtva pa a , l 4f- fc* la?aaaa?aaa t'a'al ' .?? >r a?Hf ba (*a ' lata t U>r' '*? ????** O tW^-oH % C4jr JUT ?1 ?m a*fta> 'im rr wuamcm W a - a fv . a-'^J laa ia *?? ?aaa ??? ak* aa r>aaaaa< a r'4'abk "aa Ifaik. ItM Aaa*. WLa, >a4a. i k ,ia. aaa* al Uka U*a*i >a a jpaa -? Ur9"K*V % \ S % aal 'a/

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