Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1855 Page 5
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C'ele muting Gov. Heedkr'b Rjjmoval.? When the mwi reached the Shawnee miarion that the Pre sident had removed Oovernor Reeder, the legislature minu diatily piuwed the following preamble and re solution:? Whereaa, reliable information has been received of the reaoval of A. H. Iteeder; and, wlicrean this body wishes to make suitable arrangement* for the day we celebrate; therefore, Resolved, That we adjourn. Htta DtMppculngMlt If that KNOX, of No. *12 Fulton street, corner of Broadway, ?ad 5.T3 Brnadwav. ha* (told at leant a million of liats du ring the last tea month*. His summer huts are all the ?4fe, and you will liod th?n everywhere. You will also find a large lot remaining at his store* of at least thirty different kind*. Pwli Soft Ilata? Gentlemen Waiting the arrival of these choice mode colored Parii soft hat-", are notified we received them per Baltic, and this <lay place them on vale. Also I'ai in drew nilk hat* of u<w pat tern*. all direct from our own fabricant. I.EAKY & CO., leader* and introducer* of fashion for gentlumeu'* hats, Astor House. A Toitrful Hat.? It la worth while to drop in at KNOX'S hat store, corner of Fulton street and Broadway, and at 5.13 Broadway, to examine hi* exten sive assortment of hats, of every kind of material and shape As a manufacturer of these articles he stands un rivaled, and every season 1* adding to hi* reputation. Be may be considered the hatter pur exeeileuce of the ?tty. Albert H. Nlcholay will hold his Regular semi-annual auction sale of stocks and bond*, thC day, (IfcuMdey), at 12% o'clock, at the Merchant*' Exchange, for ftiU particulars see his advertisement in another enhunnt Catalogues can be obtained at the office, Ne. 11 Broad rtreet. ' To Straw Bouaet Pealen. ? W? are now paw gared to (hoW a large and complete assortment of the (all rtyto of straw bonnets, consisting In part of the Florence, Mab, English d unstable and split straw bonnets, all of which are of our own manufcoture, and will be sol* at the lowest market price by the case. 'A. 1 .13 AND It CO., No in Pearl street. Dealer* In Clothing? We beg to otur amthern and western merchants and clothiers, that our stock of fall and winter clothing is now complete, embracing the One and elegant styles of garments for which our house is so well known; as alrto a large stock of low priced clothing, made to represent our finer de bcristioug at as low priees as any house in the trade. D. DEVLIN A 00., 366, 250 and 990 Broadway. Whoteaale Clothing WsrehoM* ? Men's yetrth's and boy's clothing, at wholesale prices that defy competition. Merchants are soltcite<l to inspect our stock before purchasing. D. J. At ti. J. LEVY, 76 William street, (*p stairs). Mlha at Great Bargalns-Jaat Received from ?action 3,000 yards of rich dress silks, from 4*. to 7*. per yard. Also, one case fine bombazines at $1, worth 91 60. E. H. LEADBEATER t CO., 347 Broadway. Kmbrolderlea at a Great Sacrifice*? We will open this day a large lot of rich collar* and embroidered band*, which will be sold very cheap. Also, one ease Mach lace veils, from 4s. to JW, worth double the price. E. H. LEADBEATER h CO., 347 Broadway. Rleep In Peace. ? Haaklna' Improved Por table eanopy and net? a sure guarantee against mus qtihoes, combining beanty ana cheapness without ob structing the circulation of air. It* construction is dim ple, fitting closely to tlie bed by a rubber band. It can be attached to any bedstead in le*s than two minutes. W. STHATTON, sole agent, 90 Chamber* atreet. A Poeltlve Fact?That thoie ?3 T3 Boots, made by A. BAKEI^ 16 Ann street, are made of the best French calfskin, with steel shank*, and will wear better than $6orM boots made elsewhere. Best French patent leather boot j, $6 to $7 ; or gents' shoes and gaiter* sell ing off very low. Carpeting* for Pall Trade, 1855.? Smith di LOUNMtEKltY, 46tt Broadway, near (irand street, have just received, per late arrivals, several Urge iuvoices of elegant velvet tapestry and Brussels carpeting, which they are now offering, together with a large and select etock of all other good* connected with the carpet trad*, ?4 great inducements. LoohJ LooU-Hlrun indenon, No. 90 Bow ery, in telling splendid Engliali velvets, tapestry, Brussels and thrte-rdy carpets at one-half the real value, Ueautl ful all wool Ingrain carpet* at Sr. 64. and in. per yard. Otft* and Present*? J oat Reeel-ved, and fcr ??le at reduced price*, tlie choicest selection of lancy food*, and also every variety of toys, dr?**ed and un ?re**ed gam* Of amusement, fee., at ROGERS' Fan cy Baaaar, i? Broadway. * "* * " Om Fixtures, Oaa PlUnm.-We are Mann* Suturing some new style* of chandelier*, bracket*, pen dants, lie., in gilt and in French and artistic bronze, which purclniHer* are Invited to examine. Cl'KTIS A RAY, 10 Canal street, between Broadway and Centre Kt. Rewtng Machlnri, with all tbe Late Im provement* for at itching the finest or coarsest fabrics, with or without a waxed thread, and acknowledged to be ?nperior to all other* by those who have given them a practical test, are to be seen in operation at NICHOLS A til Broadway. Hwmig'i Patent Champion Fire and Bat* |Wr proof safe, with Hall** patent powder proof lock. Both received prise medal* at the World's Fair, London, MM. and Crystal Palace, New York. 1853- 64. SIIA.S tt BEHjUNO k CO., 136, 137 and 130 Water street, N. Y. BihhelMl Hair Dye, Wlp and Tonpeee Ihe best In the world. Nine private room* for applying hi* unrivalled dye Beware or imitations: they result In ridicule. The largest stock of wigs and toupees In Ame rica, wholesale aid retail, at HATCHELOR'd, 2A Broad ?V Whlaker* or Honitarhri Forced to Grow In rix weeks tog my Onguent, which will not stain or injure tbe skin, tl a bottle. Sent to any part of the Ouutry. K. <i. GRAHAM. 686 Broadway; Zeiber, 44 South Third street, Philadelphia; Briggs, 37 State street, Albany. Dr. 8. S. ITItth, Anther of the "81* Lettorei ?n Consumption," office 714 Broadway, will beploased to afford relief to those who have been Injured, or who have hlled to be benefited by the specialty of inhalation, for disease* of the lung* or throat. Open daily (Sunday* ex cepted), from 0 to A o'clock. Treat* consumption, asth ma. diseases of the heart, and all chronic di.?ea*e* of male* and female*. Consultation free. I>r. S. S. KITH I I* always at home, and there is no person elsewhere, tra velling or otherwise, in any way connected with him, or aothoriied to hail from bU office or refer patient* to him. Ildtloway'l Ointment. ? Halt Rheum, Scot. butic eruptions, aud scrofula, and in ail rlieumatio case* this reliable ointment should be used as a sovereign re medy, even when all other mean* have been trie! tn vain. Void at the manufactories, 80 Maiden lauc. New York, and 244 ft rand, London, and by all druggists, at 26 cents, 32 % cuts, and 41 per pot. Fewer and Agat and Dyiptpaia. ? Peraona suffering from either of these disease* should apply im mediately for Rusenbourn's Oriental bitters, the only medicine now before the public that will effect a cure Without poisoning those who tike it. This medicine 1 1 bo catchpenny affair, but a genuine remedy that will cure ninety-nine case* out of every hundred, where direc tions are followed. The money will tie refunded in all case* where it fails. It is sold at $1 a bottle, by tho agent, F. S. mUCT, No. 23 Heekman street. For par ticulars, call and get clrouiar, or sec advertisement in the New York Dispatch. Hill'* Hair Oatllng, Curling; and Shampoo ing parlors, No. 1 Barclay street, or 45 Nassau street. Miavmg, si? ??ent*. Special sgeot for Johnson's celebra ted abating and washing soap*. Hair dye, four shilling-' a bos. The Great Inhaling Remedy for Asthma, consumption, and all diseases of the throat an I lung* Dr. Carti*' hygroma. Thou-and* have been restored to health the |>a*t year by the byge.uia. Principal office 343 Broadway, ami sold by C. IT. Ring 106 Broadway. I 'rice only M a package. Itr. CPRT1S will be at the office dally from 10 to a o'clock, where be maybe consulted free of charge. fir Aatlejr Cooper'i Mild Aperient Antl blliou* pills have a world-wide fame for regulating the How of bile, gently a ' 1 . Ii upon the bowels, dispersing , wind, and giving immediate relief from the eHects nf an inactive liver. Sold at lb cent*. 60 cents and tl per box. by A. li. At D. Sau l*. Schieffejln, Bros. & Co., C. H Jiing. and by kll resectable druggists. Mei'iiAll ktU., Sole Proprietors. j Loudon an<l Sew York HU)*a Improved Inotantanenn* flslr Dye, on^y 4 shillings a box, t la' k or hma n. I 'octors, ehem ists, editor*, sod innumerable L-tdfe an ! gentlemen *' 1?>t. ledge it* superiority over aB other*, sold at Wo 1 laccJiy -lreet, or 46 Naesau street. Corn* and Uanlaiu Removed from, the fret without pain, blood or danger, by Or. 1, CL! Tt, I ffic?. M6 Itros.lw.iv a If w doors above White *tr<??, >ew Yuik. luibw-'ilately after the operation the sh.J*s ttiiy to *? rn. with comfort, haeh aura extract*) fifty cents. Krrofbla, IUteuMaaltona, d*?4lyait'* Uft lial sm is as i ertsln to cure the p.uutul bum r ui th? ~e diseases as water Is to ijueneh <hir-t, iho. oC\ ulcer*, hver soraa, ery?ip >ias, tho *or?t .-ase* of itAptirtfy cf the Uood, gvet ami kidneys, g' debility. dyp.-p sis Incipient < ??ti*umptn u. mles Ac, Itc Pnu/ipai d. | ot, So. 24* <7r*nd street ti cent* per txitlle. Epidemic In *ev? Orlc ast? lh . Jmm MK'll'i tock s <U irrlma cor :ial, th> ftmoUrl remedy there, for tl.*nh?e* MMtrt tnorbos, 4y* MHery and supim i com | Laint-'i A eoit*?(?Miden? wH<. s ? - Keen x, veil Mirj.tied with MnOaiiotk * di*rrhaa "orH sC#* thi. -m *. our < iti<en* Vit Jo [i "t (eel sale wlthoW It.'' old by A. Cl^HM Jt&kro Broa'lauy, an.' J "rljjhi k Co, N<w C'rieane ? " Cli I Hnrtlrr Host Foul" ' ll A' m* evrrv d iy ? . Atl Vose Msfixdlc T?- pot, , kwisc arxl tweaty I ur Brtidw.iy Tliouaand* C. n.' fr-mi iH p..rt? 3o buy Ids pill and p> wd< r, K* ' AtA ?>?w tbe prsf-e * .? rv ?"Of e m *-?? >./? AT* i4u*?gr*w. i"ule? HutM. On Mou?Wy wrung. August M, by the Kev. Dr. Mii lett, at bis No. Ill Ka*t Seventeenth tti wi, Mr. Wiuaah IIknk* Rikswku, of Westport, C?un.,toMi** Kmily Jam Sjnworu. of Dover, N. II. Ou Wednesday, All gut, t 15, at Trinity church, by tike Rev. Mr. I ennell. Bkmamin ku?ux URoTUUKdON loMUi As?A KSjtmW, < nly daughter Johu P. Itotiiu -on, formerly of the island ol' Bermuda, W. I. On Wednesday, August 16, liy the K?v. Dr. i'arkh.irat, Mr. IIIGODORU KkXt* a.n to Mis* JoKKPHiXK Willi*, all of thin city. Mi ly they lire long ami be happy. On Wednesday evening. August 16, by the Rot. Mr. Herman Banks, Mr. Jamb< A. CoHin mKK to Miaa Klma i ktii li. ThoiUwn, all of thU city. On Monduy, Augurt 13, by tbe Her. Dr. Spencer, Mr. Coahum C. IttZoriUR, of thin city, to Mia* Maht L., ?e cond daughter of William Babcock, !?><(., of I'aliuyra, Wayne county, S. V. On Tuesday. Aujru <?'. 14, by Her B. Day, at the house of Col. J. Morula, at Nyack, N. Y., Mr. W M. B. Amom to Mill Maht A. i^maii*. Died. On Wednesday. August 16, Madame Pmumw Tarclt, widow ot J?t>eph Lassalte. in ber 80th year. The friends of Charles tawuille and Li* family are re spectfully invited t<> attend the funeral, from hi* resi dence, No. 76 Kranklin street, at one o'clock thl* after noon, whence they trill atart at a quarter to one precisely, for Greenwood Cemetery. On Wednesday, August 16, at half past nine o'clock In the morning, Tnoe. Knvsm, eldest eon of Thomas and Bridget Kennedy, aged 9 yea ra, 8 months and 22 day*. The friends and relatirea of the family are respectfully requested to attend hU funeral, from hia pareuta' resi dence. No. 72 Fifth atreet, thin afternoon at two o'clock. On Tuesday, Aiiguat 14 after a lingering illness, Maria, relict of the late Bernard McCartio. FW, aged 60 year*. The frleo da and acquaintance* of the family are respec t fully invited to attend her funeraL this afternoon, at two o'clock, from her tote residence, No. Ml Clinton afreet. Her remain* will be taken to Greenwood. On Wednesday. Auguet 16, Li-kmer J. H., aon ofChris topher end EHiabetb Belhner, aged 1 /ear, 6 months and The funeral will take place at their miMence, corner of Kleventh avenue and West Twenty-ninth street, this a; ternoon, at two o'clock. On Wedneaday, August 16, Ciiah. Henhy, infant aon of William H. and Saran l.oulae Hotchklas, aged 2 months. The friends of the family am requested to attend hi* fu neral, this afternoon, at half past one o'clock, without further invitation, from the reeidencu of hia parent*, No. 130 Norfolk afreet. On Wednesday, Auguat 16,Jak? H. Tumimt, in the 80th year of hia age. The frienda and acquaintance* of the family, and aUo the police department of the Thirteenth ward,aro respect fully invited to attend hia funeral, thin afternoon, at two o'clock, from hia late reaidence, No. 32 Lb wi s street. Philadelphia and Germantown papers please copy. Suddenly, on Tueaday, August 14, Janb K. Lozikh, wi dow of the late Abraham Loiter, aged 63 jean, 8 mouths and 16 day*. The relatives and friends of the family are re*pr>.~lfully Invited to attend her funeral, thia afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Klviiut Poole, No. lfti Christopher street, without further Invita tion. On Wedneaday, August 16, at nix o'clock in the after noon, Whjiah Armhtrono, Wte of Castledaweon, county Derry, Ireland. The friends of the family, und thoiae of hia son; John Armstrong. alao Amity I-odge No. 1U A. P. Association, and the order in general, are respectfully invited to at tend hia funeral, from hia late i evidence, No. 70 King street, at two o'clock to-morrow afternoon. Hit remain* will be interred in Greenwood Cemetery. On Wednesday, August, 16, Gnouua .-Till, aged 39 years and 10 days. The relative* nnd frienda of the family are respectfully invited to attend the fnncral, from hia late reaidence, No. 800 Blcecker street, at tlire? o'clock thia afternoon. Ilia remain* will be taken to Greenwood for interment. At Clifton, Maten la land, on WodnetMlay, Auguat UL Pai l Et tiasn, aon of Sophia S. and Antoine B. Janin, aged 14 months. . In Woodbridge, N. J., Wedneaday, August 16, I>AVm Hkrbiot, in the 67th year of hia age, formerly of New York, la Brooklyn, on Wednesday, August 16, SARAH Maria, daughter of \i< boia* Lawrence Mcuhesney, agod 7 ye* ra. The relativea Had frieads of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her uncle, No. 1 Washington place, Pacific street, this after noon, at three o'clock, without farther invitation. I/ong laland papera pieaae copy. In Green Point, on Tueaday evening, August 14, Lharkl C, daughter of franklin and Mary Goo-lwin, ug.-d 3 montha and 14 days. The frienda and acquaintances of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at one o'clock, from the corncr of Meserole u venue and Orchard atreet, Green Point, L. I. The remains will l>e taken to Shrewsbury, N. J., for interment. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETERY DAT. PERMMAL. Anne hjggins, from Antrim, Ireland, who arrived In the Do Witt Clinton, 27th July last, in anxiously sought for by h?r sister Alice . Any informa tion of her will bo received with rratitade at 40 Went t lru-mth street, between Fifth una Sixth mrvnarn. Ge e ? N.? WF. STILI, CONTINUE TO BE "AT." We are nil well and doing well. We trust you are the Mime. For the present, adieu. JOBtjO.V. TNKORMATION WANTED OK WM. PALMES BALDWIN. JL a boy, ten year*' old, black hair and blue eye*; left hiii home on Monday evening. August 13; nupp-i-ed to be gone to Hartford, New Ixindon, or in in New York; had oa black punt*, gieen Jacket, patent leather shoe.*, worn on the fide*; any infirmatioa of him will be thankfully received by hie parents, at 62 Kant Twenty-si*' h atreet. liberal reward will be giver. INFOHHATION WANTED ? OF MRS. JACKSON. WHO arrived here on laet Saturday week. tihe I< ft the ? Aetorllonae on Wednesday, the 7th of August. Any in lonuation of her will lw thankfully receive*! on board the steamboat Calhoun, by Capt. Barton. INFORMATION WANTKII ? OK PATRICK McORMICK, whoee wile went to France five yearn ago. Apply at VI Broadwuy. up stairs. 8. M. R. SHOULD NOT FORGET HKI{ PRO rnUe-, so tecently made, in Koxbury, Main. Ro turn to Roetno, and all shall be forgiven, or, if not, ap ply to l?r. Doloy, 2Vi Grand street, New Vork. (?o(ide In hlin, and all * ill be well. The yocno lady, i.ately from philadlphia, Who called at No. 7 Nasaau street, on Tuextay last, lath inat., enquiring for u Mr Byrne, will pl'-aee oil again, a* she may harn about the person hhc wanted to see. THE TtRP. TO 7HK LOVERtf AND BREEDERS OF FINK STOCK.? The celebrated thorough bred stallion Will Irishsnan wiU stand for i. limited number of mares the euaui.'g nea s<>a, at the Hed House Htables, at t&O the season. AO moneys to be paid before serving the laare. All acci dents *t the risk of the owner* W II.1.IAM A. BROWN, Proprietor. POLITIC AJU B WOLFED, that nut democratic repcuu can electors of seventh ward, friendly to regular nomination* and the uauage? of the party and of the friends of the present administration, are r*.|ue*ted to meet at the Knickerbocker Hall, on Thnreday, thelOlli of August, from I) to 7 o'clock 1*. M., to elect two deWatei to repiei-ent the ward at the Syracuse Convention, to bo hebi on the Nihilist., in conformity to the c.ili of the general committee. WILSON hMAIJ., Chairman W. W. Jvjmuw, Secy. DRY OOOIM, Ac. T> MERCHANT TAILOR.-. ? V KEN ( II VESTING!* AMI) woolli u g>? *1j for pnntalooa-. Ihe subscriber ki' Just opened a large consignment of very Mperior cash mere I n cb< vesting* of the late?t ttyle, and wallen gooda for pantaloon* which he will offer at private sab at half the usual fticM. A. KIYMMKK street, up stalni. PLAYING CAROM. 1)1 AY1NG CARDH OV EVEKY blMCRIPTlON Ft ill -A IE at the tnion ("aid Man ufac Wry, 177 and l"x t>rand rtieet. near Broadway, including single and doutde beads, ornamented and plain, and Spanish earl*. A auparwr artlcle of linen laro card*, well Masoned and warranted not to warp, made ?ipr?e?ly for dealing. PI .AY INC. rAI'.r*.? Tlir. H'BK" HIRERS HAVETHS eicln^ive -ale of A. Dougherty's manufacture <f playing cards, and have constant Iv on hand all the dlf tcicnt grade* i-ic.uiling his c? I.-'. rated liu^n dealing cards. A. \AN VAlJCSJfBI IM.H * 0? , No HW I -,17! -? r?wt, manutactory 7* Cliff ?liavt. MVXIV.ML. a) IUUY? AN ARflKf IN MlHiC. HAVING I f>T T.lK / |i ?Jty f<?r * tint'*', fcttd * Uhinfr to jriw W ?<n? to two *, 4 - < {?* <1< ,-it ?tm ii( Gag with a lady living a few dooeaCtnB) llfadway. wlw-c parlor and piaan .he r;kn u?eKvo4?r three tui?e? a w*?k, i o?.. or tw< hour, In re tOT? for whicli she will1i?tr*'t a ladv in giti'.ir i-inglna or wi* no Reierea ?? ' tc hanged Ad-lr> - D ? Heraia aft*, this week. [ami- I 01- Al.r? AT II . TIUN II A ,1 J\ ? eouM-v n . -.fa 4**1.. A -p.. mi. .1 <i?? - a -i ,n M fc?e order lOvd'i :..t? |?lea: i- w ? |.r|.? a '8<tee at.d r i ? ? ?U4.t U. u. ? c., %?**? ? , llft^ llABKKi' ."'i faxt IkfUenth r!i??? n-?i { U ??l*i AMI ?A -Will [iu>0 MANUKi'i.r.. S ? 'T Yl 1 n' a.taa?, frl ' ic t ? .? ?1 . a ' c) re- 1 I r tl. (iniri?< u. tlifton, /*l .'en l-I^n ! ?ly '|an4 pr." t npn 1 f*i Kt HwrrtKF.. rr>< IM 'A '.I ] SC III. I y KKKI'HU- ? TIH I .lllf fumlMifO of a ' ' a : 1 --14s houjM< fur aale. the hn'.j* U w? !l ?L and i? gi^xl order. A lir.t rate chen-e hi! I ny l?'.y Wieli'iig tci rntf-r th* ho ?lne<? luooiri ?? ?1 i ^<nard "tie. t J> REiWVAW. 81NKKR AND KN'.RA'- ERs?- ii KKW Ml Mklil most tni|-< i tfoll* InfortW ?liia fci?n.t ?r\-l gcaera.^ ii>- Ibm icm. M' i.w ???? Vi -.O se "1.4-Aoar. ,???? ).? i ?? he o lup: ? I# ? '-rt, I. ft }? ..?? I. <-j.-*?lrv i -lis'1) < o iiftitO. All orders fvnctudly a't-ndel \q. e* WAITS. A (iKKUAN I.Al'Y, WHO HA< Hf.K V K< ; KiX YKAUH j\_ >n France, atvl tv.o y?tr? la Germany, wfibee to be employ*! a* French or German U'k'.her f>r two or three hour* in tire "lay In Mmi' institution or pri- ' vate family iu New York. Call at (Jo Orchard ft., roo3i No. a. A YOUNG SOOlCfl WOMAN WMHEri T?) HfflOKATE for * alifornia * I th a Mpec'ttbiB fiuniiy or lady im took or w a?lier. Reference given from her la.-t employer, by addmNiAg G. 8., Herald olfice. A I.APY, EDUCATED IN EVflLAVD, WLSMN A ** U^verneim or companion; *he N a per r-ngllnhj r tench and l?e: man prholar, and a gou'l mu jidan. Reference given IT required. Aidre,M 'M Ea t 18th ?t. South preferred . AMIDDLR-AGED WOMAN. DESIROUS OF RETURN - ing to Kuropo, v irhw to accompany- a family or ?IngM lady, givin* Iter terviceii a- an e . uivalout for her pa**age. The moat i-alUfactory reference ran Ik* iflyi-ii. Addryaa, or apply to Mary Saulord, 100 King nt. A GERMAN CR< ITR-TANT OIRI, WISHW A HITCA tion a* chambermaid, tine waxher and ironer. The beet of city reierence. inijuire nt 84 I*>onard ?troe1 , near Broadway, for two day*. AS Nl'WE- AN EXPERIENCED COMPETENT FKR-iON, with childien. cpciika French fluently, wishes for a ?iluutlon In tlrin cltv, whore plain sewing only will be required of her. Addreee, for two day?, M. J., box 167 He: aid ofiice. A LADY. WHO HAS HAD SOME YKAHS' EXI'ERl ertce in teaching, rie/dren the position of goverue** in a family; has no objections to g'/lag abroad or to Cali fornia; reference* of the highest respectability given and required. Addremi C., bus 1,260, 1'ost Office, sta ting requirement.". A YOU NO WOMAN B DBflKOl'H or A SITUATION AS teaiuNtrc.-i and to tako care of children, or avam r*re?8 and chambermaid; ha* no objection to travel with * frailly. Can (ire good city referenoa. Apply at her present situation, 110 Bute ?t.. between Oourt and ihuton atrcetc, Brooklyn, for twu days. Arwpectahi.k HEALTHY WOMAN WANTS A si tuation uh wot nurae. Can be seen at No. Woodhull ft; . ?t com-r of Hamilton avenue South Brooklyn, from 0 till i 1'. M. and at 3 1*. M. Can be well recommended. Actuation wanted, by a resvbctabie ?<rl, abo?t* 14 year* of age. Can give go >d city re ten iu", in tiling to take cam of children inu respectable Srlvate family and ran make herwelf generally useful, all for two nay* at 18 Carmine nt. ARBBltCTABLE V'Of NO WOMAN WIHHM A SlTtl ntion ai< plain cook; i? a good washer and ironer miii baker; or would go at lu jndr? ?? In a private tainlly. ('a)l at 1O8 Went l??th nt., be. woou Hth and 7th avenue*, tir.'t hoor, back room, for two day*. Ayhlno woman wavw a sitoatkin as child '? nurnc and chaiuberinaid, and to do platn m v.'ing: ia ?ccualoined to 1 !i? tare of children for ocveral vearr : ba? two ynnt1 city r fureuee. Pieane call at 608 lloiixifin atreet, u> the it .0. A YOU NO WOV.VN WANTS AV OFHORTt'NITY to go to Call. 01 .11* *ltl! a laiudy, ?-> teri-ant. For Uitoimf tiuu nnd re^uieaco Inquire at D.\ Tiif.'n, 140 Broad ft., Newitra, N. J. AStf TCH OIW? C )M l.Ti ST FOR HKR BU3INBM yt 1 hc? a hi 'iHuvr. , t uer a* plain cook, general houee mtrvunt, or tLab>i<erv> >W ai -l v, -niter . I'li'.ncad dretia. bv note, to Margaret, or peritonjillv ?' 'lio Uoral eHtablirhuieni ol Mr. uacham- >, No. V W. l'lh si., uuar 6tb av<nu . A LAITY l.i UKUKOUK 01 OBTAINING A SITUATION for a taiihful girl, iu cook, wn-ti'-r and vroaer, she fiili*1 r?commend?d for hone-ty. lnlu*try, Ice. Apply at m 26th it., hctweon 8th und Wth avenue*, her present (Jm e of employment. ARjaU'ECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AH cook, waaher and ironer In a private family. Okn give good city reference. Wage* not no much an objuct ax a con.fortable home. I'le.uie apply at 486 ltd avenue, b*twe? u 'Alh an. I o6lh etreetH, third door, back room. AREfPElTABLE YOCNG OIRL WINHSX A SITf'A tinn un chambermaid und waiter, or to do (antral koiiHCWork In ? NDiiill family Please mil tor Ihr lay* in |tet|(eu *treet, til* firat houiw at the comer of lliyt ?trect, .South Brooklyn. AYOCNO MARRIED WOMAN, OF GOOD CHARAC tfr, wi*be* a *itontion, In a reape. table gentleman'* bi arding houae or private lamily. a? ebaratieriuaid and waiter; hrr jiuaband would like to hire a room la Um nuie hour*, with or without board, good recomuivieia tiort* from If required. Addre?n C. P. M , Herald oner, for three Wfl. a tovstworthy youno woman desires a urn'- 1 j atlon for general houaework in citjr or country; ran do pluln cooVing, and I* a ?er y good w?-her aii'l ljouor; make* bread and can milk ; wag** %f< per month. Call ai '.?;l hoacry. AIORTFR WANTED ? ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS hi* bu*lne?e, in willing and obliging, tun apply at ?"? e-aa.... u?u Hro?/Jw?? and Prince *treut, after 7 o'clock on Thuri?lay evening. AGENTS WANTKlt? TO hEIJ. A NEW MAI' OF THE pea of Aioff, lUack and Haltir. neu?, CtinMM. new plan of ?eb*xtopol. mi wall tn*p of Europe, kr. price 26 cento. A. H. JOUhi.fN, tlO Pullon (treat. Home agent* are makiny from $6 to $lu per day. AN INFERNAL ILW-Al*, HAVING BEEN ON A anree for the bint three n?k a, ha* come to the conclusion t? reform. Any one demring hi* aerTioo* In the dry gooda, wot good*, or to do with any other gi><>dj, will coufer a Uvor by keeping me out of tiie I'eniteuila rjr Can wake myaelf gene rally unelul at anything not afraid of work, aged att. with go< d adaren*. I *tand & feet 8? I ng enough to if round to the Intcrcat of my empbiyer. Addrtx* L. P., Hi raid office. 00KE SUPER'S SITUATION WANTED ?A OKI t mi.c g? ntleman of many yea re' eiperi< nce, epcak ii, K ti e 1 n ,li*b, Krench and German language*, uim] op ward* of twintr year* in tni* country, wi.ihet a id'uatim a* bookkeeper lit an insurance office, tmn'c or commercial bouM; undoubted reference given Addre-a H. 11. II. , Her ii Id offiia. B BII.IIARD".? A YOfNO MAN WANT* n WHO VN dersl.iinl* keeping (nuie, and can play a lal- game, and to a>-*i*t in lendlm' liar. No one need apply urile** they ?&d?r*tin.> both. To a intlUUe pfrmn d ?**??? and board will be iriM'ii. Apply to J"bn Berrlan, No. 8 Ann at., after 9 o'clock A M. Bl.'flNFf-S MEN WANTWi TWO JNDCiWRIOW men, who ar? ac<|uaiiit<-d with city bu*ln<-"<, and ranghe good'refert-nr*, v. ill (ind p?rman> nt employment and good pay by addr? --ing K. S.. b?x 4,7 It l'o?t tiro. e, BOY WANTED? IN AN IMPORTING HOCSE; ONE *ho re?We? with hi* [arent* preferre<l. Apply at 148 Pearl etreei. CIOOK WANTED ? ONE WHO F0IXY / ti e bnaioea*, and can c?. me well Ap(dy at 4# Murray ?tr?'' t A lima girl ab .ut fourU en y> ar* old, to attend door and do light waiting (100K, NT'RtiE CHAMRLHMAID AND LAKY'fl j m*ld are wanted immediately In a gentleman'* fa mil> . Ihf c>ok niu*t tlioroiiir'ily under ?t*nd her bu-l lie** in all lit kranchc* Wag < fr<mi 810 t< ? $11 IliD pluiercan be *een from 10 to 1?' o'clock at Hit Grand utreM. ClOPYPT.? WANTU>, BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO ) write* a baudroBie i>nd rapid han l, t -It'iiiion In come riv| ei-tal.le office m a copy i?;. Ha* iK'eii for n'lino year* engaged In public .>rit;n|f Addre** CflpyM, H'rald oB'ce. CtOAOIMAN? -Hi VTION WAN'TV3> ItV A R^PRl.'l \ / bW and indu?tiiuii* younx nun. p. rferlly u?l?r ?ran<'.ing the car? and inan:i?[eiiient of hor*e* k ? ; al?> * good and -nfa driver, well acqnaint*<l with the eity for tin; la*t ll^e year* the t>??t <ifeity ,nd coi ntry referenco w '.ll l>e given, by u l>tr? ?lng |J ' H. H. box Wl HvraW odice. Ctf iniMAN WASTE!'-- Of AllKRU AN WHO 1US Lad e?p?iefcc?- *it) line hor??<, ai?J U K driver and gioom. A c inpr-t'ut in.. n will Oril a daMrabb ni dation. AJdrr??, witli good rel(Keu??, Fpe. d, lb ral-1 -|Y*t. 1RAINU1 WANT1JI, iHK Ai'ldtE-S CO A d<ig ralner, with reHwno Gentlemen on who?e (?aid* vaT abi* dug- Ir- i .enUy Dewj n t apply a* thity art ail known. C.b r? nwy ,i<idr< ? b'.x I .i4tf. l'o*t Wlte. I : inioii? a f 111 J10I1? \ .-rv i| ( li I ADY. Wi-IO* I 'l RKTUKN J in Euiof-r I* accn?i. nol u> the c?/? o' ao luvali l. .. a o?M lak* ike ei'tii" l aige >.f children . ri?l'-i i aixi oWigmg ol city rfert ice giver, i froii ?e? ah-knec. /Hie., or . [iply 'ill milr.-l a' *1 < ii? ber? *?.. aivotd t'#>r > r I'j7 Urtngiton 't., Hr /k lA'iaONABlK 1 tti. .l.'.hM WAVT- V ?' f" i. dr-a r- ? ' *bw Mnottlla ? Ibrte EaAiie, and all aludt >1 pi'Wrti In Hie n ? aupirior FreEch glv? 1 u aid thabiftuf ity Al'p'T it 191 r.j?-.'?? h ire- ' twt?.e;i ftf. t'o* imd F>0 ? WA^Tflj A I'ltftWH .V*!"-YOM ni to making fhthl'mabU fcn4 rW-h Ml vt-xti 'I o entpeWe . www *Mp! y ?Mrt wl8 b? given. lpt?> to it*.' aidly ?o the HmtAlji. HkaaL Ul AtUn > 're '. h- uf. Jt o. I*n. vrixt Wa.ii wlio a trxm pi<rvrp. and ^alu- 'i i. ?e neM *;r? ,f bpt *'mnn of W*m hab ??, at 1..C iVmrt, n<Ar I?*?f?e "'feet, Brooklyn (?li'alTWV W/NT*8k-BY A f' MPF .f < i KMfK k? aoj wntu r * general ,rk ? i. er^i" nn-'ftl ? i Ike ^ ()?!??' (/fh?. dad . y- II t? fi. in : ?t' ? re- ? ml (alllfiil ? i hi .*iigt?* the I < ?? nf r-o en v ill*- 8' A{.||c at 4'- H'h ir- n ie. m ?h" ka erne;,* '?ta^1 i tlx dt v gi . <i-? ai d rluihlng -lure Sltl AH<| . R A'.ffJWn- A lO-^HCTAf!! i WTHAN, M .n expi ruuim <t e.?,?, , per<*??|r.\ii,dei-'lan ? pi- try ar.?t k iu? ; I . a v ?**?> tv-h* Uie imat of Xl'??a> ?e glei-n . t'gll J. r two day ? ?t H )lnnr>* ?i S' S ijloj* A HI *, gni v#; ^ n tMj ?,*mi!|? / k I tie ?? A ng ??. I lm<t ' M^'allw'neawrn: of eAnren-v irtv* !"? f >.ija. 'i*j *.aa , ? imuelli il., irur- ? ?*' tv" /iAHfl ^ K y?1 AN' . 1NTWJ }H>W ? I y .. W^i?ii??M4a laatniul a*??e <1 r * ? kr . ? .ia m%n ?).]> and HJ. ng Aj p. ) at 47 pl?ce.

WAWTS. Srrt'ATioN wantw? by a niw.visu. neat and w?*U reccmuieuded yuan# woiimu*. to o>?>k, >*?'! lion, in a piivate lankily, ,s .* goo<'. oo. ./. au 1 wn ? x ,4*U?ut, Irotiei , c?.u gi ? K' od cry rvf? enc - I ft < no ubj set ion to the oountiv. Apply k>r t?<> <U y? at 1<> Myrtle avenue llr<">kly n, la the ! tnotMl. SITTATION WA'-TED ? BY A RR'I'FCTABIX YOtNC. _ lady, speaking Ftench. limnu, Italian, und ! JiglUU, as kuIi ni?n iu uiiy kind of bisiticsa. lleit rei r <n-e? ?given. Addruut tO White ft. , MIiu A. Mnrcillo, tluce Uy ?. | To VARNISH. INK AMI M.A<'kIN<; UAM l'A< tutor* ? A gentleman, recently from France, It ?le ?irous of making an arrangement with pfcrtifli engaged Ui one or all of tin' above kinds of butduos, or with any | itr-on of capital who would wish to hi* -ervice<?. Jo in perfectly acquainted with tht) French ui-thxl nf j uiakiug there article* from the most r.>nnnon to the Uio -it ; qualities, and can satisfy any on1.1 an to ilia Abilities. lie also understands the art of bleaching lin*eed aa<l other oils. lie will nutie no cng.igeinent except with a respon sible and satisfactory party. Ha an hpeuk and write the Fnglish language. Address K. H., Herald office. TO CLOTHING KAIi*MEN.? WANTED, IN A WHOUC s*le rlothinf house. * salesman. one who can in fluence Niutheru and Western trade to a competent per f<>n thin is au opportunity seldom offered; salary being of uo consequence. provided he be aiyjualnted with good time buyers. Address A. B. C., Herald office. mo ENGRAVER-.? A BOY, 18 YEARS OK AGE, X want* to learn a trade. ICngraver preferred. Best of reference given. Address T. T., bo* I Jtt, Herald office. TEA DEALER* AND GROCEB& ? WANTED, AN EN gage in a tea store, or a Hrst class grocery and wine house, t>y a competent counter hand. A line addressed to H. J., Herald office, will be Attended to. BOSfi CARPENTER*. -A YOCNO MAN", WHO HAS . servpd two year* at the carpenter business, would e to get a r expectable boss to finish hid time, according W agree meat. Add r cm B. B. J. , box Post Office. WANTKD? A rROTFSTANT WIDOW WOMAN, CN der 40 year* of age, capable of taking the entire charge of an infant from birth, and it* clothing, can hear of a situation offering a home for life, with moder ate compensation, where ner duties will lie in the nur sery alone, by applving at No. 8 Second place, Brooklyn, fourth house front ilenry it. W ANTED? A r.OOD COOK, WA8HER AND 1RONEK, ? ? to go in the count?. Call at -M Went 28th utreet, between 9 and 12 A. M. WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN LADY, A SITUATION an housekeeper in a gentleman's family, either fn the city or oountry. She is a thorough housekeeper, with a good deal of experience, and can bring the best of tewtimoulalM as to character and capacity. Addre-a or call at 18 Hfth street. WET NCRiQC WANTED FOR A CHUJQ NINE months old, to be taken to her own residence; one who has loet her own child preferred. Ad: re -is X. A., Herald office. WANTKI'? DV A VERY NEAT, 710Y YOCNO W > man. a situation ai nurie; is very fund of chil dren, is of a good disposition, and in willing to do eiutm berwork and waiting Has the very bei<t of city refer ence. Has no objection to go into the country or t rat el with a lady. Can bu oetin two duyi at 87 We-,1 19th at., front room. "**T ANTED.? A MAItlUED IADY WISHEH TuS?VRE VY tlie service* of a female companion. A French lady, or one n ho can impart a kuowle<lge of French and music, ami ran give good reference*, may ad<tresi II. 1?, 11< raid oOtce. w WANTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE G1IU., A SITI'A tlon, in a food cook, ww?ber and ironnr; <ati?bi: fa.iory city refeience given. Call at 16't Tillary at., Brooklyn, between I'rluee nud Gold, for two duyit. WASTFJl? A fflTl ATION. BY A RETPBCTABLK young woman, ax chamber maid and waiter, and to aeaL-t '? waahing md Ironing. The Wit of city reference. Can bo ><e?n until engaged at 11 Statu at., Brooklyn. WASmV?AS AMERICAN" OK OKKMAN GIICI? (none other n>ed apply,) to ?!?? the general homework of a nntall family. Muat be a IT' *?d cook and waalier and lroner. Itcferinco required. Apply to Mr*. Vanderbllt, Colon avenue, between II and I at fa, Gttenpolnt. WANTKT?A MTCATION, BY A YOCNti WOMAN, a* chambermaid, or to do pluiu ???win/. Apply at 64 Mate Mrv? t. Brooklyn. ANTFJi ? A IMITATION, BY A YoUNtl GERMAN boy. IN yrar* of ?fe;cao write a *"**1 hand; Would prefer 10 importing tmurc. or eome good oftre; la wiliinx to make htinaelf feudally u-eful. Salary not ao much nn nbje?.t an a permanent altualion. Addreaa F W. It., Herald office. ?tlTAVIUx? A rin-ATIOV A? ' ts K MlttATE ff fcmllj, by a rcxpertable ailddU-aged woman, who thoroughly uuderitan-ta her bualne?a. with good rity refereucee. and belong* to the Eugltah church. 1'ltaee call at lfci.S, Weat t h ??r*et. WANTFD? A HFAMSTRIB* AND DRI^MAKhh. nvr who understand* her buaimaa perfectly ?he inuat b* capable of ratting and fitting boy*' eloth/iig, and en deratand embroidering. City referen-aa required. Moat be a very neat, flu* ?ewer. Apply for two day* at ill!# 19tb afreet, at Uie baaement door. "IIT ANTKI* ? A SITUATION, BY A Y017MJ WoMAV A ff 1'rotentabt a* a good plain cook. (>oo<l < lty refer ence riven. Apply at $44 ttth avenue, in the rear, for two day*. "II f ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WoMAN A SITP f f atlon .?>? wet u irae, or woul I have n<i objection to take a buby to her own The beet of r*Ier.!n"e giv? n. I leu M all .1 Varl<-k atreet. "IITANTICD? A PtTT'ATlON A.'' GOOD 000K , UNDER ff d<r-tand-> t-aklng In .ill Ha hudrn; n tinu to araml iu weahmg and ironing. I* >t < ity rtlfien jiven. Call at 13'2 Weal 16th tit., near 7th a*., w.oud fl<?ir. fiont room. w "l IT A NTFI > ? A ?mATI<>V. BY A HWWTAIU.K TT J",up* wuoian, ?? ' hamliemiaUl, uu 1 tn do Hoe waehirjr and lronin|[; in an eiretlent pl?in , h*? thn moet satijfactory city rrtm w? an to hontety and <-a|^. I.illty. Gun l<e -ecu at JC2 'Jd avenue, corner of 23>l ?t., room Nn. 0. "1 1 r A.vni) ? A SITUATION. BY A Yol'VtJ WuMAS", TV a^ laundreea. In a private lamily, or rb*nil>?r maid, and to twlti n tu? wanliirig. |wnl city refer?-ne?' Apply at Vo. 270 dth at , between Arena* l) and I-ewin el. Can be eeeo for tao >laya if not engage !. ITAV)H>? A mviim BY A MEBPBCTABUE , |f girl M flats eoak, food nMr and Iron, r d<> general hon?ework; no objection to the country. Re ferencen from her U?t | !?<??. Can be Keen for two day* at 28 Barrow atri-et, near BV e. ker. "YI/ANTFD? A SITIAflON, BY A RWRCIASLE vv ynnBK w?Baan, to do the general houxeweik of a email private family , if ? *'?~l plain cook, waaher and ir?ncr, l? very induatrioua and agreeable. I'm be -ecu for two day? at 174 Idvielon -treet ri ?r rouin. "tlTANTEP? BY A "MART FROTI>TAVT FN<iU-U ff woman, a eltuaHon a< nurae and to lo plalu xewirg la .-apable ol 'ailng ? barge >.f an inUnl fr'.m ita birth; aould have no ehjeetion to go to tlji (uwtci. Can be ??en till ?ulted at 101 Greenwich atraet, in uie * t ore "li 'AMHi? BY A HKhPbTARI.F vTirNfl" <7|lll , A^'l W teation a? ? h.unl-' ru.aH >>r waiter, or to lo plain eeeir?, thoroughly i.-rub-rataiida her buainea- l< welt re c gimendad from her laet place, tail at 171 ka<t 1 1 Mi r' >? tween i?veu?e? A and 14, tnlrd Boo r, front ro-m; na et> Jacilou to a luaU dl'tan ? In the country "Vt r AN Ttl ?A cIH AIl'iN, BY A lUa-I'W fAlUX ff I'rotealant Scotch girl, a? nur-e and a>-arriatre?j or w -'ild tr*?il Willi a reape. tahle fjimlly B?-?t <f re frrVnre Et??n. Call oi addre** %.h V> e?'. Ir.ih at., tm'w<->-n xtQ 1,111! Vth avenue* , third fl'iur back r"/m for two I taid on .>|>pU' .ltIoa ' r I IT AN nc? BY A 1:} f r a ei'outioti a < g*jr i q it'.n# i , ba- no ? i?>a rrrxn TsnrmTATriT? rtx fav^y rm n-r Urt t-? wvrk im lk* thvi i *Mity To rnth J I wjI> id. t?n appUcati<Ni to J K4r*r 147 W?l? r ??( Yorvi;"" Homav goeel pia<ri C'?Ji it ;t ) w>?ll"l ?k^*. li?D to do h-'UM W' ra tri k <uvUI piiinte fan JJy B- <t rf <|fj i<t- rer, * f.otn L-r 1*-', place. Can be - ?e , f< r two d4r? at the gr-r .t/eiv f- *n (.?Hi /e ?t . in IUUry ?U| ..[.p-y ?- Uti uug ?< ere. U i ? lyo II'AMJ I'-.V ..JUIU, IU'Y t.iiU, IV oa?K. WA II ff and iron In a pi Ivate fan.wy in -anit/i lb .kiju. the rnuat fully undere'etirl t- i-r lnMn'o tu I ^ ?r|e g ?e irut,4 r. 14 11 nee ta the Chjr ' r**m bar lA?tpla ?': no i t,th#i- Beid apply ai ?1 li'm / at ikowi)ti. j M'A>1i.l? A elT'/AI loN HV A KKsTTCTA m.K 1 J| wrnrtan, ac ?-(k la a r e. klaak. an . nil ) r?'a vaaher aad Irrmer: ar?e> r- '? i*e'. g.-.-n ' ,d be e ? w lyr k? a <tayt at l'Jit Wwt J7tl? at b#t?ae.? T'h I !>? t^e,, | Yl? .NTEi? Ilk A lU.iK^fAWJv M. *?)**?< { f 1 * tf'j'i ff) -lo }. I ? 'c . ./ ? M')'#- i lluf f? f *. *nu I vrt.fcl*r??<f1lv eiifi nn*' V j I ??? ,V>)?X -\a ?ko Inr (MM 0?.J f?r J at llkfi OiL ^-4 * j lirt .la A *U>ATlu5 W A lUWrJCTAI'UC VA ' f V. (r ff* ?? ? ?kU'i *?#??'* pUulwiw * lhr?? #r <?? riff it if! Wf-t ?rXl i?y. i , "\|fAVnl'-HT A Y#>? v.; W -MA* A i ' ATI V fV ,v .?? iuunberwrirk, ..nd to 'a wa-1 ' 1 fr?t??/ aqd wtliiog lo r?J tkr Jie'v *& , ?t?ai.ln # - j t..'?f fit) . f? -??. raj, hr e? f . a s:i ttA ^e?t, toatween#tlj fcod Ifrt a*er.'ia? ' \tijMMU-A M ^ 'o ? - . ' ff ^*'tar>>? tr. Ue? Ui/ .ernan A > a *? ? ' 'e br -*e? -tree^ u-i t ?*" i "l t *AN Jkle? <A V* ,rTW?? 1.APY f? 4 f ' ? -* *" ( VV J '. '>b ??)??.?? I, ??, I a(f lb ft' fimtf"' < !?. 1 ?an ,->? ?r ?^<4( 1 ii .1< r, ?a 1. Ik ,.?"t tw# w agfew ^e??. IM a?Hi#??.?t? ?M ft. ft-'} eewr 4 1* I t g Jtty, Igl J?a*er?/ Arl ?H'e' I ??' ??.*', J T He-, . i ? 1 ? . . ?Ji 1? t.tJLA . . ? ? i|'^ a?k?h tli rvd AiK 1M4? ? Si*w25y#<W'/ttir*-M" - - r+t* 'A wpb"1*'*: f * ' * $&)?>&* \ Wilt ' ' *; -? f WAKTS. ~\\T ANTIT? A SIT" ATltiN BY ? I'lUflW-lVT GIKU W ?i* ebaiiitie' maul iiwt M,ttn 'irfnf ii u pi 'v.iio linn ly Hah no ot>)??Mion to the '?un ry. The l-eit of city rrfi r> nee. < ? u In .itu .t *3 Liu iu 11 a'- , in th' ?'???r, till fisK.iaeil WANT lit'? BY A K!>l I ' A1 ' I MIDI>1.E-A<.ED ??uu<i', 4 ailuaUvn u u?t?' in of i.,ku?' cluug* "f u liul-y from it * bUtb. i v at 7tli UVCDLt'. "\KT ANTED ? A SJTT'A HON, BV A KM'm I aHI.IT TT voting woman, u-t fit at rate ? ooL ?^k<r an I lr?.n er. '.ood city tele ten e. Apply *1 Ut< M av., wlwvo -lie In ? been Ihlng. "\ET ANTED?A WOMAN, Ti) IK) CENKKAI. HOTSE Vf w<tI , muat have good city reference, aud n.t u aim I<1 of work wage* f" ? moiitli. Aj>| ly ut Un< cnwr of ( Uiubei land atn ft ani l^if.iyitu avenue, Brooklyn, in llio liakery. _ - - " "\WT ANTED ? A WOMAN TO r?*>K, WA-ll, IRON TT and do the kitchen work , al?oa girl to wait and ilo chamberwork: none ncid Apply unT *? lliojr under ataud their buaiue ? utllanl bung gix?l recoiuinciula tlornt from their luat place. Apply at 7.'> Kant 14th <t. "YXT ANTKD ? A SITUATION, BY A HMI'KCTAHl.K T T young woman, to do ganerml housework for a email family . 1? a good cook wa-ber ami trmirr; city rek-rnce from b?T hint plncv gi>en ("ail at MB Greenwich ut., cot ncr of Charlton, (or two day?. "lETANTED? BY A HI' JULY RRJ1-BCTAIII.K YOl'NG TT woman, a situation an cook, w.ifh.t ami irooer; one that underidamlit her limine*" perfectly; ahe under - r!an<lr bread. biacuit and pantry nutkiug, he-t city refer ence, If reoulred. I'leiute call at 'J7'J lOUi at., between lit. avenue and Aveuui- A. 1 irw NTROTNG WANTED BY a HEALTJfY YOC.Va TT Froteetant woman with ? good brtaul of milk, .good reference given. Apply at IIM) (irand ft. "117 ANTED? A WTCATIOH, BY A RJWfXTABIJC TT youuf woman. a? #e*iu?ire??, la a food cutter and litter. Fliaae call at 163 Ulial*th at., in the rear. WANTED? A rROTkHTANT UIKi., TO Di? GENERAL houncwork ; mu?t tie a good Washer and irourr. Inquire alter 10 o'clock at 42 McDougal at. ? "E? f ANTEi>? A SITVATION, BY A -MART YOI'NG ft .firl, to tab* c \re of children; U rrty fond of chil dren ; ?hc would be willing to maka lieraelf fi'nerally nac jul. livaae call at lit ltMh it., near l*t arenua; age 16. ANTKD ? A KITl'ATltJN ItY A I'Ki iTHfTAVT Wt> M man, a* cook and lauudre-a; undar^ -uniU baking and pantry. Tlie beat of city reference giTeu ami requir ed. Calf at 7U Morton ?t., Irvnt Waenwut. The country preferred. WANTEP? A fm'ATION. BY A RWl'WTAUI.E young woman, an wet nurne h?r flrxt bahv good referenra given. Ilarnt call for two daya at No. 4 Or chard atreet. "II f ANTED? .1 YOCNO I-ADY, TO ATTEND A BAk TT in aaioon No. 23 M> utreet. Inquire aftar 10 o 'clock. Mm. KI'rtSELI "11 r ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A NUT YOITNfJ W girl, sixteen yearn of age, a< nurae and chamlwr maid, O) aa chuiiila rmairt and to a?n<t with light work, i? neat, and willing to wall on a lady and do neat aewing: wagen M a month. Excellent city reference. Call at 1M >aat Ti <1 ?t., aacond Roor. WANTKD? A M&PBCTAnLE WOMAN WLSlltN A altuation, on BurM; lima b?cn arrualnmed to tb* cure of rl.iidrou (or natural yarn, and can take full rbaigw nt an liifWnt. Can produ<-? thr lumt of city r?fi?r mca. Can b* m tutor two 0*> ? at Uk wuaic atorf So. 7H Bhirtw at. \tf ANTKD? A ROTATION, IIY A HKHIl.Y IliXl'BO VY laid* youuf girl, nlit?rn yviir* of ajf, iu a r?- - j. ? ? tablr private fiuniljr. to titkr vara <>f children, or to do plain acwing or chamberwork City reference* givru. I Icaae call at 10V Uowvry, for two day*. WA.VTH) ? A YOC.VU LADY, TO ATTKNIl A OoNTHO th.uiry atorr. Onr well acquainted with tits bual neaa, do otbera need apply lujulre froui 8 to 11 A. M , at No. 3 Clinton place. WANTED? foR A WIDOW IjUlY AND HUt DALflll t rr, parinaii'-nt board in a rmpectal.le prfvato (, rriddliiff lu a healthy aud ajfrwabl* nrifhborliood, Within Bftr mllea i f New York. lirin* nnut b>- Dulr talc. AdariB* bo* 1 07fl hwtOSM, N.?4'. "II T ANTW ? HY TWO YorNO AMKKIf'AV WIDOW V T ladle*, eituatl'tia an houaeketpera, or a* ruujiian lour t'leaae a<idre?e, for two da/a, J. A. Jaini-?, I'oal <ifltr?. ll'ASlll'-A MTI A'noN IIY A KK-IWl A?U W young, our who nnihTaiandyi cuMbijf aod lUtlog ladlaa' dreaa?? , ha? no ol.jKtli'i t" lake rUanp' of H bali> a lady ???>?* fc.nlti In ti?>. t?ll |.??t?ii*d. <'">0 city (.all, to' two <!*}*, *t No. 62 ?'j.rlnf ?t , baaftntnt. WANTED? A srri Alios, IIY A HBOTLTAtLK W<> nun, a? e> >k , wa?h< r and ln>n?r; no ul.jatlnn W> K<> a* lauodreaa; (p-iid ell/ ??I>tvuc?. floaa* -all al ltfl I art l' ltl ?t. -lir ANTED?BY A KK-ftCl AW1JC Womav a M'a Tf tlon, aa Aral rate rook one wh'i pi-rf-rtly umlT ataidn b?'r burlne - In all It- branrhea n. ni- but tin- li??t of lamiliea need apply, aa ah<- baa Uw?-d with tha in xt re ? pec table (amiib a, and fan pr"d>ue the l>? ? I of rlty re It-r from liri Uat place. I'leaae lafulic at No. ?4 MtiiiK'"|i at., rear bouar. T A NITJJ? TWKNTY-FIVE 0IHI>, HUiM 10 T*? II jrara at 41 lli-nry <tra?t, llrriklin. w "11 r AM U'? AN AIUCHKUN YOUSO IJkUY, oy UKS ff t??*l a r it u< ? tn *ft< n-l *n i > r t-r? %m *nl'">n *nt coiitirctkjDety A pflf a.f t*-r 10 A. at '^1 lla 1 "O i *1., uud l*u u*?* 'Wf AMhT? A M H ATI Sf HV A Hi#Y Y<HSH Wt> ? ? rrmn rh -iO'l w iiUr, .ail U> *-*??' In tin* n?!.lnjr ?ix1 Ire h\tiu "t U? ?lo l< ??? tork In a "mall fnu \Sy . IU -t in rlty r+fi r*ut+ at **01 7th vrnuf!, and ?4th W ANT1J-? AN AMk.ltlCAS l*)Y, Hf>W MXTKIS4 Tt? f r.igb'.wn y??r* of in tli' tlut* of ? UMti-tfae Ing ^'wilier and irjttun dra(> r. (Ji?e that i* i|uIb? ?od c?'H' <;t at ll)Ciit?a and a n<>-id p? nm?? N.,nr rVtiK ? v4 ajjlj Ad'lrwa wl<h i-f???'i':? In baud wrltlot? of apyli raiit, bcii a. ttwl Vo?t otn<-?. "|ir%Nin ? YOI S?i MKN, ItiK WllAliMii Vfi V V \ a (if A'lltK' Ali'fWad "f from f.'?0 In t76 U> 'iit> fit. Ala" wattod, conpm'. rajpi-atxr. an4 b.a^?nnttti.. Apply all tliiawnk to KaMiaLI. 4 luilt-'iN, l.'al ry>uil> atr??t, cornrr I'Kk ahp, up *talra "Il^AXrEf <~A KJTCATION, HY A YOTVO KVi.NI IT man, aa dry (f??"la cl?fk. or lo any oilier -aiwi'ity wirr> by an biitM-at liir*liti'?id can bo obtained. AdlrMM 11 Wo<^iliuU ?*., Niutli llriKiklf a, M boa 1M II'* aid < n^r. "it r AMTIl1 ? A BITVATIOK, HIT A YuVNt; MAS' AS WT portrr or a"?l?tant In a ?t' r?, ha< a c < I kinw !"(*?< I bualn?*a In iranrral W'Uldt* vtllin? tonal* blpiaalf tiwfol In aii / employ man', an aa to fiuhlr blm 11 aa f o a liridlbi ?id Can [ r^Klif '-*? t h haat of u.'lm- nlal* a?Mo iba acli t, 4c AMiaa* J. M, Mrraid fcr IMit di>ya, ?til r A NT? l"-A T-It v<. MAW.IKD MAV, Of (,'a?D W* bo iiu- ? ijualltlfaU' i)? tvl an ?? all' ut ah wn. ?Uliriw a >liaatl<in In ? g ?>d 1nrrran<tb> lion <?, wtif ? b>' aquld bia tuna aud W tba liit?"*t "1 hl? ? tni li<7?r ; ?u?* rptli.tiabU r?f?r< ur? ?l*?n ? >mH ii^VjerVmu ta KO waat. Adi r??' C. K. II.. Ilai aM oAra "tk'AMU -A". AC'IIVK Vol. ,M; MAN '(K?.-ai|< Uf Yl ?lu? ? I. at it? t i n.gmji- In u m\*ij v? t^nwia* Addi??a ? n..t< t'. 1%tU. I!? tald <.9>. ? 7A*TM>-fliro ok ntnry. kvaht, rvchj.rni' ywuuf tuau In a Mfht And airraawM* WalMaa , rwp( tal I U? ?.o; iht , tw ?! oti .ataf) .alary 990 to 9W i-?r n ri?*i >?.r parliculata, tp[>ly at .'Wi4 Hri.adwojr t hi 1 It '?i , i ??/(!? 1 J i.0m a If ??a, f A. M t* fc r. M \IFI? TH '. 41t ATI' .V, A W inw '? l ? % ?atr fa mily by a ??' la I '..All m i tlifbaat of cit/ ? il, no ? .? : ? ill, a I|??||. to any par! of iba wa*M t,a- a k o-.wU I,-" (Jrai^b ai^t lUMau. Aa jraaa J. J.. IllPIra'. ???a?a 'ATTta VY A VOtN'rf HA ', J Akitl V?D lr> m tb? 'lit),, a -I'^a'J n; u a ?)?,? aaia d>y fob ki<?? ran -"irjnai 1 ? |'??1 V llli'ii ilita '<a4-f K w|lH?/ t" w ?k? Wir"'.r* .' .Ty . f ; A. './??? I.. N iiM a?'. "1] 'ASlVii IMM*i>Uftl.Y-A Y?K*rt'? MAN II A \i pabif'bti.ft "fl." wn -a ? i ?a 1?J? "awp-irof tk9 ut ft N' ua ' vil a > bovaat lal rf?l f"vn? i.m anl ?|i| ly !>???? If bA a |< i <i.?a>al >M?a'Mwi, a-?l tibial ?tf*< V f r Ma. > la, pV'l.aUa . A It |a4a?; 'asuj-hk a Hvrvnwix wv a ?*tva W* ui Ml Hit' ?t at at. aw l|M tialf aa (w<n?< / I.t.f V ? l<al ? t r'y. lain ? gt*?nlrw v?k*at? ?.? A 4 * ? .* W /l?r?.4 o(B. ? [rAfll II? A "Tlf AT'af BY A s'MA/ir, A^.'fi'- K l*? Mvaarw'.l* lit I I In a aiftiw hu tlii k??< ?( dtj r?l?rt "> (?,g m ?a a ?' ta La II t*J> (Jilt at T \^rA.'i>l-A J?iV <>? Si/t>'J MAN IV A am Tf rtti a'- f Oua ai^i au< ?ia?- t w1i|? tfc' p" ? i j n V ?g ajpjy ?|1*Ca ?fcaxnaal . nf ilai u?*i L A A. RAkU^ SKi"! ?IU. I* fllON T? A*/ mt-"Y Wffi ak F f < l*r u.i-alfcj a> a ?Mrk ?aff r* "?a- ?* ' ? i?rl??r'<B a?J fAii'road. A'.Af '*? t M- f'?< OC* 7 ?"aiiWay t'lfi'rf ?it 1:1 fhJt.i. vl ?9 f M1 I Ml * A "II - tw ?* T,vS Ka^b.^ V p rpMUi ant lM4i kale tm an-* p< < 1, aUo, w jt-ra <ai?Wi . ? ana >??-' ' at t It* ft tl?a W* A aA ? !?/? wii; iiiTM. Ml X>ki3n..?v? i > Hint lam-A ?TA*r?t*V Ma f > I laM? Vftv l? 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H.vtlfvi and IHxltlU>r, U'Zttialk ulrwl, ( N?w York. AM, HI Hi ANN SODA WATKK ifANIVA < for y, wiili hw < 1 , w?i-<?u ?!,<( route. lur -<?l? cbaati mriiwh. Addu.a (? UrtitUI ofHrr. No .g. u. y ?.?.! aii'Wvi. ^ ' rpo i.iqi'oh rr. a 1 kiv* axi> (iiuxTifw.? N?mnc W \ ben by * ?? n IUI ?? ha*r now Uri'lin* from ?hip? Milton and wturm* In. m Hor<l< am and l.i Koeballa. a ?u|?rlor knaortmrnt o( Bn? ? Inc. and bunilM, which ?>? ofli r ?t tb? Wiwmt market pilr ? In wUom, ?|U?rt?,r? an-l half In IU original pnrl-iigar Ir.Hn tb? wliarf, or VtiM Mataa bond?M wnrthouar. aarh bong a?-<-oroj>am*?l by a cartlflfata uf lni|?irUtt?u Iroui lha CoT Itttor of tb? Vurt, thi n by a*oldlug any dlltloill Main* Uw. All arllrlaa Warrant^ a* r?|irw*an told as Mural tcmva ly K II. HIMIxiN fc *(>NA m ilnrt. thbVbai?k?. A""- j-B<>T?K;iiArun?! RWhvn.Y AiuuYta> rnuu Kuroi? wi?bM to Bad ? aftuatiun 01 to ?? a part n?r. i? a jihutofrajihlc ffaUrry. A VJnM w. I'., Bronlway I'ont Oflke. Gi AKl'NKK WANTS A fOT ATIOS ? A MAIUUrj< f man, wllb nipiU (atuUjr, ?u K^igU-hiuun. <>u? wl>. thoroughly undiTufaniU ?hr rulturr atvl uiauayviiwat uf jfrapBrfc and |fr?>'liboUKa tiUaU, llkewi* a tboruugh Inowb-'tfte of Wud?ca('rtar<Uulnc. Artlrivv C. J., at A. .-inlUi'n, HfdnnuiB M W Lit* ?trf*l. AilJCRU WAJrmv-A KI MBKH (fT NAtLBW AID fmliri eat) flud ?taady ami Uyincot by ?(i|ityiaa at tli? ( timbai land Nail aivl Iron Worki, RH4f*t- n, GimT?r land county N. J. "tt^ASTO) ? AN ARTOIAV WUJ. |K?KJCK -OVf fT who ran fnrnUb bl? Otrn tooJn pri-frrrnl. Urpth l-orr will probably not riffol otm> bundind f??*t , and r?ry llkdy much I<mw Kmj.loyn??nf within flro ml!<'< uf Nm York dty Addrara Arirr lau Wall, Harald WANTO? AN CN011AVIK ANJ> OBANKIl Of J>TW airy Rialnrri) k flrtfroy Nu 10 'Vrtlaiidt ?f . op flair*. WANTW-A flTfATl'iN, A J- aAKNOOER MY A^ Intrllifnit man of artWr, tnduntrtoua babtta, wh U i*rfrrtly ar<|uaint>d w<tl> bia tiualna?a Any irraiW limn wanting 11 f?r>l?nn ? 111 Bwl adviTtia^r a lratr?bb? jwraon, will drvnta bta ttn>? to tb? Iniarwut of bla am (iloyr , tha moat natlafart. ry ratr 1 aiwM <i?n In* (ft??n on a|i|iUcatlon to Mi?r? MdWaln K. Young, "?tul-inrit *0^ Uurlata, No. 7 Job* ?tr?-?t, for two daya y by tbi u?l. an 1 . 10 Haa IHtTRt'CTIOII. I CARP? THK Ht'flKVtltKK WIIJ, KXVJVK NKW ?V. putitU daily , thla wrrk fur UiatriacUon In penman kip, bookkvepxig 4' , b) rl*M> or pri?at? iuatrurUiia. OUVUt H Ma Broadway. A HU NCH OKKTUCMAN, MKMRKH OK TJIK I'N'I trr-Ujr of Kranrr wi'he* I? fin Iriuiaji in Kranrh In a boarding at-houl or [irltala familiar No olijtvllori in jp?? In Iba country T< rm< toodarata Tlir r?- ?t of r ?? If n>nf? Aililma C, V,, llt-raM oftwo IlHXhfll IASOV AUK.? A I'lVMXn/U or Tiu: I'rt-nrb iawuafo ? ? Prrnrbnian ? aba baa lauahi tn Kranra ami la rjifmnl for aarrral yratrw, w.iill tap flail to rnaka an infafrmmt In a arUtwil rltbrr In Now Turk or In tb'1 virlolty. tiood t. ?i irn..i,UJ> aivl rafarrarr K*yt>- I1MW uIiIkm li II II, llrnliloAr* WRITING AMI) l"">K K KEl'lNU ? 346 RHOAIlWAY ? CrntU-UMn dr> ot atlaliUnf vtlfcrat loan tf Ulna, a maatarly knimMfr of Inokkwiilv alrgan a In ??oriaianahlp, kr., a ra Invttad to pall at I^HflQI t lilldNf HtebllaliMiit Am*lat"u'i BaUdlac, liup?rt?f> clturaa and obtain rafnuna ~~ '''" _ rumimo, *u . CUJTMINU LAmn* OK OrSTtJUKN IIATINO AMY to dtapoaa of ran fat tba itiwat Taina In ra*b Vy ?railM tfitboattiraa No l2U*n?><trt?t, anar iVaaal, ot VI Waal Broadway, or a latter Oinmwti Uia I'oat OAca to* Colioa. ImHm attra<U4 to by Mr*. tlnlio*. C1AKT O rt tumi INO or tVWY IWKIITltiN J wantad ? Th? titfkrat prtca ft raw, and na?h ]?14 la luiut laoary <;?atl?iu?a wt?Uiu( to dl-jnaa of rlnlb ftj <*a 4 l<,l?tiwlf '* ?** '? to i-au on fl mIimi 7l?0 IflwWiT.II lit tar, lata Oranfa ?tr*rt - (K'VUm AID AVHJtrm. DCrinu m\ ijvti. vt-rr to w mmi; i uBfAtnu* ?<??1 ral nrw {Mtrtmi nt? of Ini-aU-uUtU" *?(?<? In my ?p.?-laHfy ? I1*- ?ar re ? fip*, rtti~ji maklai tb# oruliat to look lnt<i thr interior uf thr 'r" an lM tbr i. tii iciTi and rrUna in ai laurnar. aou U?r Uut< la 'a/ plrnt ratarart, thr ? jually rifraintlnat j ?p?? ilari. f<.r (???king Into thr ri' um of tb? aor, Uir a-iata, lilan tai'a** aad throat, Jacob'* nardira f ,r rrm Tiiw ca<ar?<A. with out |<a<n or rlai r> r thr rrfaUlu' f,r vtflTnflr^, artlfelaf lytnpanl for iii-ltmtly mti>p( wUtrn U? drum of thr tar In p. rf'.ratad ? Ift . a'ttO'lal 'tfl, okfcit Jo< k and ??' T>- riirtly !Ur thr uaturai h> . 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