Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1855 Page 5
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Mon month Howe, Onion City, Mew J?nqr< ?This house, so well kept by 8. T. Smith, is ulre*ly near ly filled by a select class of guest*, from Near York city and neighboring place*, who are all in the full enjoyment eff that retirement and comfort go rarely uiet with at ?Unilar watering place*. The worth* host Is very accom modating and attentive to the comfort* of bin boarders, his term* reasonable, and hi* table well provided with the substantial* of life; the sea bathing and Ashing unsur passed. The steamboat Eagle, and the Keyport boats, from foot of Murray street, two or three times dally, offer ready facilities to those desirous of spelling a short time away from the bustle and din of the city, where pure In vigorating air and tranquil enjoyment may be realised. A uUKfi. Dealers In Clothing.? We beg to lnftarm our southern and western merchants and clothiers, that oar stock of fall and winter clothing U now complete, embracing the One and elegant styles of garments for which our bouse Is so well known; as also a large stock of low priced clothing, made to represent our finer de scriptions, at as low prices as any house in the trade. D. DEVLIN k CO., 268, 269 and 260 Broadway. Mlki At Great BsipdnWlut Rectlvcd firom aoction 8,000 yards of rich dress silks, from 4s. to 7s. per yard. Abo, one case fine bombazines at 91, worth II W. k H. LEADBKATEK * CO., 347 Broadway. gmlimXinlna at > Ttrrfit Itirrlflrr TYti irlll ?pen this day a Urge lot of rich collars and embroidered hands, which will be sold very cheap. Also, one case Mack lace veils, from 4s. to $6, worth double the price. E. ji. LEADBKATEK k CO., 347 Broadway. A Pall EeahnCaidBMre Salt at $10, Cluck Marseilles snit for 97 75; blue dress coats, beautifully made, >10; black cloth pants, $3; Marseilles vesta, $1, fee., Jtc., at EVANS' clothing warehouse, 66 and 68 Fulton street. ?stUn Delalnee, Worsted Danuib, Gilt Cor aioes, window shades, Ac? KELTY k KEKGUrtON, No. 9H Broaeway, have just received per steamer a splendid stock of the above goods; some new patterns, very beau MAil and rich; also, the Largest stock of window shades and other window ornaments in New York. We are pre pared to offer inducements to purchasers of the above goods. No. 891 Broadway. To the KadlNsxVut Received? A Large and splendid assortment of shlneal and colored straw trimmings, colored hats, ribbons, flowers, and millinery goods, at WM. 8. IRVINE'S. Cloaks and Mantillas? K. |, Ml lie la now exhibiting his recent importations of l'aris cloaks and saantiUaa, embracing rich and elegant roods, together with a large and splendid assortment of his own manufac ture; black silk mantillas, lined and wadded, from $1 60; cloth talmas, from 92 60; cloth cloaks, from 98 60. Buyers will And it to their advantage to call and examine the stock, as it will be offered at the very lowest manufac turing prices, at 80 and 82 Chambers street, three doors from Broadway. Ladles Going In the Co on try Wishing their supplies of boots and shoes, can find gaiters of all the hankinable styles, from 12s. to 20s. ; slippers, ties, toilet ?Uppers and buskins, from (is. to 10s. per pair, with beys', misses' and children's boots and shoos, at equal ly low prices. Remember J. B. MIUJSK k CO., 134 Canal street. Sleep In Peace , ? Haakina' Improved Por table canopy and net ? a sure guarantee against mus K' oes, combining beauty and cheapness without ob cting the circulation of air. Its construction is sim ple, fitting closely to the bed by a rubber band. It can ?S attached to any bedstead in less than two minutes. W. 3TRATTON, sole agent, 90 Chambers street. Carpeting* for Fall Trade, MNH Smith <t LOUNhBERRY, 46*) Broadway, near (irand street, have ju*t receivd, per late arrivals, several large Invoices or elegant velvet tapestry and- Brusncl* carpeting, which they are now offering, together with a large and select ?tock of all other good* connected with the carpet trade, at great Inducements. Carpeting T? Arthur Donnelly, 96 Bowery, I ha* just opened with one of the most extensive assort ment of carpeting*, oil cloth*, *c.. ever exhibited in this city, which he offer* 20 per cent leu* than any other fcouae in the United State*. ARTHUR D0NNE1XY, 08 Bowery. A Hew and Elegant Article I* Lownd'i Pa Itent pen and pencil rime, made in gold or ailver, com bining great strength and durability with exquisite beau ty of design. Manufactured exclusively and fur sale by W. M. WILMARTH, 44 Maiden lane. BWU and Premti^Jfut Received, and Mr at reduced prices, the choicest selection of taucy Mid also every variety of toy*, dre**ed and un ?4 dolls, game* uf amusement, he., at ROtJKRS' Fan r Bazaar, 449 Broadway. General Engraving and Printing Eitabllsh jaent.? -Orders received by mail for we lding, visiting or Mdre** card*, and every description of engraving and printing, Wil. N. BUNNELL, 196 Broadway, corner of Uey street. Maim Balamandsr Safe*? Robert M, Pat. . la the *ole manufacturer in the I'uited State* of the j celebrated safe*, and patent powder proof defiance i and cro?a bars. Dopot 1W2 Pearl street, one door ' Maiden lane. Herring** Patent Champion Fire and B?r> ? proof safe, with Hall'* patent powder proof lock, 'i received prize medal* at the WorM'a Fair, London, id Crystal Palace, New York, 1663- '64. SILA8 C. HO M CO., 136, 137 and 139 Water *treet, N. Y. The Cry la Still we Come? The Merita of (lUSHTOlt'S pure *oda water and cream syrupy having i freely discussed and judgment rendered according > bet* and fancy, that his cream syrup* are superior to 1 Imitation! Conjointly, he i* stUI endeavoring to im ove them, and find it hs difficult a ta*k as to gild re xe gold, or paint the lily ; therefore, he will be prepar I always to dispose uf 5.UW glasses daily, and as many pore us required, of the richest and most refreshing Irlnk. Only at 10 Antor Mouse, corner Barclay street, 1 417 Broadway, corner Canal street. Hualiton's Pure Sod* 'Water? Soda Water inker* cannot be too careful in obtaiuing it from a re liable source. Tliere cannot be any more pure or better i that prepared by me, at my store*, corner of Broad ay and Barclay street, under tho Astor House, ami 417 proadway, corner of Canal street, whi-re a sample of my ll<ick tin fountain* are exposed lor the inspection of the Lublic, the Gr?t. >uid only ours us< >1 in city. , Batehelor'a Hair Dye, Wig* and Toapeee - I best In the world. Nine private room* tor applying i unrivalled dye Beware of imitations, they result in "sale. The largest stock of wigs nnd toupees in Amn wltolesalo and retail, at BATCHELOR'S, 236 Broad Ice Shave*, only Six Cents? Great Luuriei It HUJJ<, inimitable cutter of hair, No. 1 Barclay street nd 46 Nassau street; curling nnd shampooing. Hair ye only 4 (hilling* a box. Bunt In the world for black ' brown. I Whisker* or Moustaches Forced to Grow In x week*, by my onguent, wl.i -h wiil not stain or Injure le skin. Ha bottle; sent to any j,art ol tLo country. . C. titiAHAM, 686 Broadway; '/.icber, 4-1 South Tlii.d et, lhiladelphia, Brtgg*, 31 state stmt, Albany. | Hill'* Improved Inatantaneooa Hair Dye, ply four shilling* a box; blacker bcown , admire<l t>y and gentlemen, nnd recommended by doctor*, sis and editors, for it* superiority over others, iukl at 1 Barclay and 46 N'as.;au street'*. [Tan, Pimple*, KYecklea, Eruption*, Salt" pcum, bites ot mosquitoes, and other venomous liuect* Ered by OOUHAl'U'S Italian medicated ?uap. 1'oudre tbtile uproot* hair from low foreheads or any part of j>? body. Beware of advertised receipt*. Rouge, lily Ibite, hair dye and restorative at the old depot, 07 Walker beet, Cr?t store from Broadway; Callen ler, 8# South Tiird street, Ihiladelphia; Mm. Hey*. Brooklyn, an 1 re ntable druggists. i Oh I Murder Most Foul" 1* done every day, At LYONS' Magnetic Depot, f our and twenty- ton r Broadway; Thounands come from all parts To buy hi* pill and. powder, And now the praisi- on ci "ry tongue, For I .yon'* fain* grow* loader. lib to all rata, mice and Laeeot* efwyfam fay i yon*' Lwlcr and IVpot i'ji llruadway. !Dr. S. S. Filch, Author of the ?*U Lcctsra i Consumption," office 714 llroudwajr, will be pleased to !ord relict to tho") who h?>? been Injured, oi woo have iled to be benefited by the specialty of inhalation, for ?eaee* of \h? lung- open daily (Sunday* ex pted), from 1? to A o'clock. Tr<>a*? eon* u nip lion, aith , disease* of t l.o heart, and ail chroni'; diseasci of land female*, (,'ousultation fce>*. I?r. t>. rt. KITCH* Islways at home, end tht.e is no person ei??*herS, tra iling hi othcrui e in any way connected *..h him, or thorized to bail from hi* <.tu . ... , , ?;ivnts to Astley Cooper1* Mild Aperient Antl iiou* |.il!? hav. a : win tamo I n r.ju,, thu r of bile, gently *? tiug upou*tiie bo wi ., dispersing 4, and giving imwdlats relief fi >ui * i.< etiec'* of an ctlve liver. Sold at cent* '.0 . -ul* snd (1 per |i by A It. k ..i. -<hieifiii> l>i ?*. .? . C. U. , and by tU n -p? iaM?* di ug?ci Nlcl 11 All. km., s.?tr Pr^iwt'jn, 1 onion and .New York. . Persona 1 apply tou rs, too ^n'y eK-:t a r.ire sn-di iU'.' i* ly tbat will where dire* 'indml in all ttU, \ij r p>i i tu'.ari l.i '.Ik Nev ?Ftvtr a*id Ague end Dyspepsia ilf' ring from eitUei >f there di^ei. t t sbou! p.|i?tely for l<o*w?>o.i.n'* Orienurbllt now th* p>.' ,|c tha' ? li . | .bout p< ."| nine." ' e *ho take it Hu J cat' bpveu . V.'. a gfu^ine no . [re ninety -sine ca.** out of every hundred, Lm are foil"***!. TT'e ni(tney X"e w here it /ail*. 11 i* o4>i i V. K. S1HHT iU Btdnao |ll en?l gel ' i ;'*< " ai! i: k I Uputch II ue *1 a >tloM ay'* l*IU*?Thc Finest Family M- II in the wcrld. and arS reeomm.n to stlwho ?uf* ot the liver and r fr< ni dl |l :o u.e |i< .den, New ^ dri.gfi*t*, at 2f> 1 . never Jfervous Sufferer*? A Hellrcd { 'srgy. >red t? heaHh s of j-re*t nervem euB^r rn the mean* of rur*. Wi |u s??d I'heet to lb J i cUtct, Bro<Alyn rr?w tb? V. RJKode*' Pmr and ifM Cure; m Os, Avrnxm to Malahu. Equally certain an a Preventive or Cure MIT KUKSDT FUR IT40M P018UN0C8 DRl'lig I P K 0 0 V 8 I Niw York, J ?ne 11, 1851. I hsve made a chemical examination oi Rhode*' fcv?r and ague cure; or antidote to malaria, and have tested It for arsenic, mercury, quinine, and strychnine, but have not found a particle of either iu it, nor have 1 fouud any substance in its composition that would prove Injurious to the constitution. JAIOH R. CHTLTON, M. I)., Chemist. I jrwiKiti'HQ, July 27, 1856. Mr. J. A. Ruodbb: Dear Sir? I havo bbt three bottles of your medicine left now, a* I have been selling it very but during this month, i am now perfectly satisfied that it will cnre the ague. I have lived here mur year*, and had the ague all the time till I took your remedy, and I have not had the least symptom of it iiince: all that use it praise it as the only thing that will cure It. I ihall want eome more a* aoon an you can send it. Let me know whether I (ball remit to you by mail, or if an agent will e?U for it. And hoping to receive another lot H>on, I re main yours, moat respectfully, C. R. McGlNLY. raw Run, Michigan, July 31. 1865. D*. J. A. Riiodm: Dear Sir? Your cure for the fever and ague baa thua far performed wonders. It has not tailed in one inatanoe to perform a auick and permanent cure, fotne that have been troubled with the distressing disease have been entirely cured by using only one bottle of the cure, Please send ua Immediately four doaea, as we have but three bottles remaining. Truly youra, LATHROP hMci-KAN. Messrs. Barr k Goulden, Aurora, 111., July 8, IMS, ad vise that "The Cu.e Is selling very well. We have not lost a case, and consider it a sure thing; also recommend It la preference to anything else." Mt. Cuomo, Michigan, July 24, 1865. Mr. J. A. Rhodbs ? Dear Sir? Send me half a gross of your Fever and Ague Cure, as soon as possible, as I have neglected to order till I sold the last bottle. Yours truly, H. R. BABCOCK. Borne of the most remarkable cures made in New York, have been of persona who have derived only temporary relief from the best of other remediee offered for sale, and J beg leave to suggest to ague sufferers that it is safest to try the only harmless remedy drat, for further evidence of the unvarying efficacy of my "Antidote to Malaria," the public are respectfully referred to every dealer who has sold it. C. M. Ring, Esq., 1 92 Broadway, has retailed large quantities, and not a purchaser baa complained, and it is not likely they will. Directions are few and simple, but must be strictly followed. JAMES A. RHODES, Providence, R. I. Geo. H. Bates, wholesale agent, 133 Water street, and for sale by C. H. Ring, C. V. Clickener A Co., K. C. Wells A Co. ; Brooklyn, Mrs. M. Hayes, and druggists generally throughout the United States and Canadas. lerofUa, Rksasutiam, *to.? Hyatt'e Lift balsam is as certain to cure tho most painful forms nt these diseases as water is to quench thirst; also, old uloers, fever sores, erysipelas, the worst cases of impurity of the blood, liver and kidneys, general debility, dyspep sia, incipient consumption, piles, Ac., Ac. Principal depot, No. 24?1 Grand street. 76 cents per bottle. Trusts, Shoulder Braces, Ladles' Belts and supporters, instruments for bow legs, club feet, and all deiormities of the body, on band and made to order by Dr. tilvOVER, at the burgeons' Bandage Institute, No. 4 Ann street. Dr. Jn. MrClln lock's Disurhoea Cordial, and his whooping cough remedy, give* instant relief, (and ef fects the most astonishing cures of diarrheas, cholera mor bus and bowel complaints. Also, whooping cough, croup and asthma. Used with immense success in the cholera hospitals and prisons of Philadelphia, durtug the frightful epedemic of 1832. Sold by A. CIMHMA.V, 295 Broadway, aud by all druggists. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. _ PERSONAL. IF^ MTi. JAMK8 OOKDIN, WHO WAS AT St' I/iui* in May, 1861, and afU>rwar<ls at St. Paul'*, Minnesota, will send lite addrea* or e?U oa Me.tsrs. Jno. Higgins k Co., No. St aud 37 ^Hoy iitroet, Now York, he *11] bear of (something to his advantage. IF THE GENTLEMAN WHO CALLED, I .AST EVENING, at 41 Fulton street, about mime Iota in Morriaania, will call again, be will hear of some thing to hi* advan tage. IF CAJT. J. C. IIUNGERFORD, MASTER OK SCOOON er P. M. Sears in 1850, in in the city, he will confer a favor by calling on Bcnner k Deake, 4a South street. Information wanted? of mrs. mary jackson, who arrived here on last Saturday week ; nhe left the Aator House on Wednaadajr, the 8th of August. when last beard from was In the service of Mrs. G. C. Gihhs, of Savannah. Any information of her will be thankfully re ceived on b<>ard ofthe steamboat Catherine, footof Twelfth street, Pry Dock, by John M. Stiles, or Captain Barton. INFORMATION WANTKD-OF MORIAH JANK CONWAY, of Marbletown, Ulster county, N. Y. When la-it heard of was stopping at Mrs. Barton's, Pouglikeepsie. Any in formation respecting her will be thankfully received bv her sIkUt, Susan Catherine l*ne, at' 42 Prince street, N. Y. Country [tapers please copy. MIK8 8. M. R. SHOULD NOT FORGET HER PRO mbes, so recently made, in Roxbury, Mass. He turn to Boston, and all shall be forgiven, or, if not, ap ply to Dr. Dolby, 227 Grand street, New York. Con tide in him, and all will be welL rpHK HEIRS AT LAW IN AMERICA OF JOHN KINO, X late of Yorkshire, England, land agent, deceased, n.ay hear of something lo their advantage by applying to J. A. KNIGHT, European agent. No. &U Broadway. N. B. ? A list of Knglish unclaimed dividend', and advertise mrnts for heirs at law, can be inspected at the above of fice. Fee for search, 91. WHO DID THEY COME TO SEE? POUGHRAlt. EBICATIOS. MTmT MEARS' FRENCH AND ENGLISH BOARDING and day school, for young ladies, (32 and 30 West Fif teenth street, below Fifth avenue,) re-opens on Thursday, September 0. Mrs. Mcars will be at home to receive pa rents and guardians who wish to confer With her, from Monday, September 3. M" i'RRA\rHlLLJBOARniVG AND DAY SCH<X?I. FOR young ladle*. ? Mr-. HOWLAND and daughter-) re ?pertfully inform their friends and the public tlmt their boarding and day school. No. 40 East Thirty fifth street, near Madison avenue, will be re-opeued on Monday, Sep tember 8. A primary department will be added, f*>r the Instruction of rhildren of both sexes. Tuition, $10 per term. The location Is a desirable one, being retired and healthy, with abundant means of access by stage* and cars to all parts of the city. English studie< receive es pecial rare, while French is the common language of the school and lamily. Circulars with complete detail- may lie obtained at the residence of the Principal. Refer to Hon. Henry W. De Suns-ure, Hon. James I- Pettlgru, Rev. Samuel Oilman, 1>. !>., Francis Y. Porcher, M. D., John Holbrook, M. R, St. John Phillips. M. D, Win. fniltnore Him, Esq., and Abraham Moise, Es'i., Charleston, S. C ; Rev. Dr. Bellows, Rev. Samuel Osgood. D. D., Washing ton Irving, Koq-j George P. Morris. N. P. Willi", New York city, Rev. IT. Nott, President of Union College, Schenec tady, N. Y.; I>r. M. B. Anderson. President of the Ho Chester I Diversity ,N. Y: Rev. A. C. Hendrick. Rochester University, N.Y.; Rev. C. J. Bowrn, Williamsburg, I? I.; Colonel J. W. Scott, New Brunswick, New Jersey; Rev. A. A. IJvermore, and K. R. Springer, Esq.. Cincinnati, Ohio; R< v. Andrew A. Liptkuuibe, D. D., Montgomery, Alabama. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICKH. <ttl1 A AAA-Mnp WAsruv-TO Itake * fourth Interest In an e tablishod business, paying 100 per cent per annum. An active business man, with (2,600 cash, an hear of an opportu nity to realise 10>> per cent clear of all expeiues, by ad dressing box 324 Post Office, Chicago, 111. (ttjl AAA ? ?K ADVERTISER. HAVING THIS UpXeVr V/Vre amount, is desirous of engaging in bJIme email profitable bu-'nese. Any one having a busi ness to dispose of, or wishing a partner, will plea .? ad res* J.H. B., Herald office, stating particulars. (W?1 AA OR $200? WANTED? AN 7lSS< x'lATE WITH ifflXvv/ 'hi* amount, in an original, artistic, money Uiaking exhibition, superiur to anything ever exhibited in this country Apply personally, as no letters will be answered. Call after 0 A. M. at 84o Broadway PETCH k INGHJ. l.-fOLI TloN OF COPARTNERSHIP. ? Tllfi" COI'ART nerahip which was re ?> ntlyforwedby *nl between the undersigned, under the style and name of Huoleubeek k Roo m*. in the transaction .if the . otfee and spice boslMK, liar tbi* day been dissolved by the mutual consent of the I artles thereto. All claims against the late ttrm are t'i lie presented to 1'eter Hanleabeek at the United States coffee and spice mills, corner of Twenty-ninth stieel and Eleventh ateuue. where the business will be lon'inued. PETUt HACLENBKBK, CHARUHB O. Wx Jilt s' ew York, August Id, 1865. Vj'ilR > ? T1IK t ' d'AH f\ Kit- Mil' HI IOT'iH >tl R.V J3l istii.g lie'aeen the ?ub?cr|ti.-r*, under the name and hi m of Merry 4c Kouah'son, l? this day dimolved b? mu tual cmaant. MICHAEL MFKRY, .New York. H Angu?t, 1855. J AS, RONAMMON. Ih* business will tie continued by M. Merry, on bis own account, at No. TOO Bleecker street Alt I ,N UK-HIP.? AN INM-ISM^GLV ri.KMAV.~HAY ing an important b n.lon agency in provision*, gisin. dour, kr. but who. on acc-unt of the health of his family i? obliged t'i visit Kurope is anxious to ob tain the *ervtces of a gentleman. ,apal.<e of cmductiog this buslne-s, during his ab-ence. Apply to <>. O., by letter. to the care ol llesar*. Bawdoin llarl-.w k IjirveMtia. solicitor*. Ixcl.snge pla<?, who will ; j nl h particulars to any re-p?'.table applicant. f pi Ml U .1 S t US ?A~ FIRST n A-'.-' Drtl>. ?f AKl X wonl.l like to un.te w.ih a U'ly ? .tab.Uhcl iu the imlllnery bu?1nesa on Broadway W04M pay a fair price for the n o of her r> ?? .n . s an urrangemen' which -*o il i doi.btlrs.. Ve mutually u'lvantag? , us. A Idi e Caroiiua, Herald office. <f>HK 5UBMCKIBER H vs TBIA DAY .f*)CIAt*D X. *Ph him Aaron s. Ite-h. nnder the title of J. Henry % t'o. and will centin ie the e manufacturing at % -on?h Second street. JOHV HKVKY, I'hiladelpliia, Augmt <J 1156. AARON -1. DF.' H. IQIR Ctti'ARTNfctSHIP HFRKToV^uii i- 1-nV'! it. twMt the subscriber- , rvle the firm nam? of Vlfllam 'nilk $ Co. gr ocer? i tb dis..,h-e. hy mutual aonseatl WILLIAM -Willi, v'? York, Angu-1 2, !?&&. I>. Al A ID 1 r?%? t;jh,nT.- AND (tTHKl * ? wTnTfdTa I'ARTNfR, J| to enter in the gi neral gr'n ery hw?ia*-< with a ? spitsl from $2 wo to $?.?*> Any Brfson wl lung t-? *"$*** In tli? above nani?| bu-ineM wii! ple-i-e 'lir*ct a note to Y, box 141 Herat i oft ee, which Will mee pr imp'. attenti>m WAWt A GERMAN LADY, WHO HAB BEEN 10g SIX VXA'U J\ governeaa la ranra, and two year*h> Gtrina-iy, wicbes to be employe-l an Kreneh or Geruun teacher fur two or three hour* In the day, in son* institution or p I vate family in New York. Call at 86 Orchard ?t., roon No. 3. ' AYOCNG SCOTCH WOJIAV WWHRH TO I-3HORATE for California with a respectable family or lady, a* cook or waaher. Reference given from her last employer, by addreusing Q. 8., Herald oilice. A IJkDY, WHO HAS HAO HOME YEARS' EXPERI j\_ eoca in teaching, desires the position of governess in a family; bai no objection* to going abroad or to Cali fornia; reference* of the higlie-it respectability given and required. Address C., box 1,260, Post Omce, sta ting requirements. AI'ROTFXTANT GIRL I?KSIKK>? A sm'ATlON IN A respectable family ax chambermaid and waiter; has no objection to go to the country; has city reference. Call for two day* at No. 86 Went 13th ?t., la ui? l>a?etnent. AN ENOUGH WIDOW l.,U)Y 18 DESIROUS OF OfJ taining a situation an housekeeper to gentlemen keeping bouse, or would ?ak? charge of a widower'* fa mily. To such nh? would be found an able and responsl ble person. Salary not so much an object as to be able to 'retain her only child? sis years old ? with her. Would go to any nart of the Union, town or country. Address one week E. E., In the store, 40H Eighth avenue. A 3 GOVFIINESK ? AN ENGLISH LADY, COMPETENT J\_ to Instruct In uiukIc, (studied in Paris under lt<> selb n,) W. nch, German, a little Italian, and drawing, history, ge?grajdiy, ami Uie branches of education. She was last year in Paris, and haa been much on the continent of Europe. A liberal salary expected. The Siuth or country preferred. Address A. B., bos 'HO I'ost Office, Newport, R. I. ARESPBCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHSH A SITU ation. as chambermaid and waiter ; ia a first rata washer and ironer. Call at 160 Carroll st. , first door from Myrtle a>enue, Brooklyn. A YOUNG FRENCH GIRL, RECENTLY ARRIVED from France, wants a situation to take care of children, in an American family. Apply at UM 45th st., between 8th and Vtb avenues. A FRENCH YOUNG I.ADY, ACCUSTOMED TO Tui tion, wishes to find a situation in a family nr boarding school, to tench her own language, history and geography. Address box 3,764 I'ost Office. A YOUNG MAK1UKD WOMAN WISHKi A BITUA tion an seamstress in a tirst class family, or would travel with a lady going to Pnglund. Please address, for two days, B. L., 183 Wooster st. ARESrECrABIJC MARRIED WOMAN WlriHW A situation as wet nurse in a private family; has lost her own baby one week old. 1'lea-e inquire at 100 Ele venth street, between First and Second avenues, rear building. Can be seen (or one week. City inferences giveu. AN AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION Art NURSE and seamstress, or to do general housework, in a small family, where the washing is light. Good city re ference given. Inquire at 85 4th street. ANY I.ADY REQUIRING A NEAT SEAAHTRBV, WHO also has ex|?rlencc in the m.?n:iK"in-nt and train lug of children, teach them, and take care of their ward robe, may find a well educated Protestant, resectable and trustworthy person, by applying at 16 West Twelfth ?treat, for two days. Has lived fourteen months In her last place. A YOUNG MAN, AT PRESENT EMPLOYED, AND whose engagement will shortly expire. In desirous id obtaining a .-Titular situation. a* assistant bookkeeper or flipping clerk; refers im to character and capability to present employers. Address 0. P. 0., bo* 130 Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED ? DY A YOUNG MAN, AS clerk or salesman, In the hardware or fancy good* trade; he understands the Herman, French, and English language* perfectly; can give the ocit of city refereuce*. Address G. A., Herald office. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED ? HV A SIN fie man; he is ? good manager f horses, a caretul driver, and willing (o make himself generally useful. Re 1 frM to his late employer, 92 We?t street. A CENTS WANTED ? TO SEIX A NEW MAI' OF THE nea of Azoff, Black and Baltic seas, Crimea, new plan of Sevastopol, small map of Europe, Ac. Price 26 cento. A. H. JOGELYN. ?0 Fulton street. Some agent* are niakiny from $6 to $10 per day. BOOKKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED? A GFJt man gentleman of many year*' experience, speak iog the Ingush, French and Cerman languages, and up wards of twenty year* in this country, wishes a situation ait bookkeeper Ui an Insurance office, bank or commercial | house; undoubted reference given. Addrees H. .H. II., [ Herald office. BOY WANTED. ? A SMART, ACTIVE, HONSXT B')Y, about 12 year* old, living with hi* parent*; either tngll.-h or Atnericnn. Salary first ye?r $76. Address Broadway Hook Store, Herald office. C1A1JFORNIA.? A YOUNG IJU?Y, OF OOOD KDUCA J tl<>n, 1* desirous of going to California, either a.* housekeeper to a gentleman or any capacity not meulal. Ad.lie-g for three day*, F. M., Broadway I'ost office. COOK WANTED? ONE THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED ; a good cook, wanher, ironer and baker; alao willing to do tbe general housework of a ?mall private family in Brooklyn ; neat, tidy and of good disposition; can hear of a place by calling at l*fl Chamber* at , second iitory, after 10 o'rlock A. M. And before 1 I'. M. Scotch or colored preferred. C1 Ol'Y 1ST.? WANTED, BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO / write* a handsome and rapid hau l, a situation in ionic respectable office a* a copyist. lia* Imen for *otne years engaged In public writing. Address Copyist, Herald office. COACHMAN WANTED ? AN AMERICAN Wno HAH had experience with floe horses, and U a driver and g form , A competent single man will And a desirable situation. Addre**, with good reference, Speed, Herald < fflce. CHRISTIAN HOME FOB FEMALE SERVANTH, NO. Mi East Thirty eighth street, between Fourth and l.exlngton av>-nue'? Cio\ernes*es, bouwki-ep- 1 <; also, sertants In eve', capacity, supplied from this institution. Drug ci eke wanted.? one who can bring satisfactory reference a* Mug qualified to take charre of a retail drug store, and is of good character, may near of a good and permanent sl'uation by address ing, with references, Druggist, Herald office. Drug ci .err wanted.? a competent gentle man. with unexceptional reference*, in iy hear of a situation by applying at 421 I'earl at., corner of Ro^e. Druggists.? wanted, a situation in a first class store, by a young man. an American of good a?!drees and acti?e business habits; 1* well ijualitiel, from many years' experience in the beat store*. Address Howard, Herald office. HOUSEKEEPER A LADY THoROI'GHLY CoMI'E tent in every respect, having lived in some of the Brst hotels in the city, wishes to meet with in engage merit. Address S. F., T.VJ Broadway, for one week. T^JTRM? AND SEAMSTRESS, AND A OOOD COOK, wanted for the country ? Three English or Scotch chambermaids and waiter*, a 1'rotestant nurse and four cooks, for the city; also a smart (riil f?r housework, at WE- LEY 'S Select Female ? >ffice, 106 7th avenue, near 23d at. A lady In attendance. ?Vr-A'TICA!..? an ENGLISHMAN, A FIRST CLA-? mechanic, who ha* had considerable experience both In l.ondon and New York, wants a permanent rttua tlon, to repair nautical instruments of every description and make chronometer b?xea ha* an ample supply of tools. 1'lease address Nautical, box 1M Herald office. SITUATION W ANTED ? BY \ RVPBCTABLE YOI'NG lady speaking French, German, Italian and Kngliab, as aaleswoman in any kind i>f busings*. liest refersn "e? given. Address 00 White at., Mia* A. Marcillo, three d?y?. SITUATION WANTVP? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO I roteslant German girl; is a g>>od plain cook, end a first-rate wa her and lr>iuer; is willing to mike herself generally useful. Sp?ak? English well. No objection to the country. 1 lease call at 261 Bowery. SITUATION WANTED? BY A I'KSFKVING. NEAT AND well recommended young W"inan, to ci*,; wash an 1 iron in a private family i* a good cook and an ev-ellrnt In n?r, <*n give go<*l reference- , ha- no objection to the country. Apply f^r two day* at 16 Myrtle attnue Brook lyn, in the bisem'tit. SFAMKJUFSS? WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A YOUNO womnn; I* fully cnm| e:< nt to do (hlrtmaklng. Ire.* making, and all kinds of family >ewiug and cutting Is willing to a*si*t in light work, if required; noobje. '.l,n Ui frt iOiL* ennty. Best of city refeieuee. A&lrt ts C.O. MS 1W Herald office^ for 'wo days. SA1EFMAN OF W'JOI I ESS WAMHI, IV AS IMCiRT irg hou>e. ? One of highly respectable character and excellent business capacities must be well a- |ua.o'?l with *he customer* of tbe line. A man of long experience in a dvnieetlc g<x?l* hou-e preferre<|, Addreas letters, with reference*, to W fc Co., lleraM i tli e. SITU Anon WANTED ?A YOUNG MARRIED MAN ol strictly 'emperate bablte, who he* travelled ?^tisW etably tbn n;gh the I nlted ,-ta'iM ami Canada, writes * fnlr band, end I* an ordinary accnuntant, de ire-. Ui a>e>-t an ei.irafenient of a light, eierHsin^ ''haracfer, where he w, ulo make himself generally useful, and where boue>ty temperance and activity would prose esseo'lal a* a re cmmendatlOD. Hem'ineratb n Ncodarr to a pe/nu cent ei.g?ge|.,ent, A line addressed to T. Renliiu Herald effice. will receive attention. T) I'PfSHMAKFHS ? ' WASTED TO REN f. PART OT store or sti..w room, )7etwe<ri I *nsl an 1 II on stierts, on Broadway. A dre 'maker's e?taMI-';ment would be prelerre'l. A-Mre-* A. B. C., Br-ei lway Pi.t

' ffo ?. TU o VARNTSII, INK AND NAIKINO MAV FA' turere.? A gentleman, re?ently from Jraa'e Ink ? nous 'if ma k lag an arrangement < ? in one it all ot the above klnde f business or wl'ti any I erson ftfcanrtal who would wish to en/;i#e hi* *erv c?s lie I# perfectly ac<iualnte<l with the Frwnch m ? -I of niakibg Uiese article* from the mnet c >e,in >B to 'Se tine?t i|i>alit ??. and ? an aatl fy any one a* hi- aMIi'iee. He alao ?' Vrat.ilki* the ?rt o# tdeeehlriir I B?e^l and iUl*r ,i H* * 1 ' make no eagagemto'. < i wpiit aible and nelisfartory party. He can pe^s and wn'e the > i.glfh ?aaf 'H* Addre?e I It li- rald o*>~ WASTt. mO CLOTHING SAl^MJOT? WANTO, IN A WOOL", X clothing b?)iiw, ? salesman,' one wh!> uw 1 v Hue nee Southern ucJ We tern trade, to * ..-ompeUnt p? - ?on tlil* is an opportunity seldom odered, salary b'ing of do confluence, provided be l>* #^i|U?In>M with good tliue buyer .. A<ld.r*, A. B. C., H?raW "ttice. TO HATTERS ? WANTED, A OOVFORMATURE.? XP | ply, for a cMb customer before 12 M. , Saturday, 18 ih i tiwti, to MABIE, KNAI'P & McGOVEJLN, 15 John at., ap , stalls. WET NtJJWE WANTED E<>R A CT11JJ) NINE month* old, to bo taken to bar owa re >itlonc?; one who has lout her own child prefer;?.!. Ad lre .s X. A., Hera 1 J office. WET NUSfE WANTED.? WANTED, A CLEAN' AND beal*by young woman, with a fre h hreast of milk. Apply between i tad 3 o'clock this (Priduy) aftern on, to Dr. Marvin. 100 Henry *t., corne.' ol iinoapple at., Brook lyn. (iooil reference required. WET NUBSE.? WANTED, BY A RBSTOCTABIX LA dy. who bas lost her own baby, and has a fresh breast of milk, a child to nurse at her own house, where them in no annoyance; host of reference given and re quired. Apply at JS.'l 101 h avenue, between ;jJ5d and vUM streets, second floor, front room. WANTED.? A MARRIED IADY WISHEri TO ,-?.VRE the service* of a femule companion. A French lady, or one who can impart a knowIe>ig<* o! Eredh and n.unic, and can give go<>d references n"y addreni H. I-, Herald office. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as chambermaid, or to do plain sewing. Ai i>I v at 64 State street, Brooklyn. WANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A Y<>UN7i GERMAN boy, 18 year* of ago; can writ* a good hand; wo aid prefer an importing house, or aouie good office j It willing to make tupiseM generally useful. Salary not ?o raucfi an object aa a permanent altuation. Address E. W. R., Hcrnkl office. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? fix FANCY FCR CUT tern, to work in the None but good hand*, well recomntcniled, need apply. To such good wages Will be paid, on application to Mark J. King, 147 Water at. Wanted? a smart, thiy <hui^ to cook, wash and iron in a pi irate family in South Brooklyn; alio mult fully understand her business and be able to give good reference In the city from her last place; uo other* need apply. Apply at .'f?0 Henry at., Brooklyn. WANTEP? A SITUATION. IN A TUS-TEfTABI.E EA ndly, aa ehamlierinaid, and to do plain tewing, three years' good reference given. Call at 181 West ?1 street for Are day*. WASITO-i YOUNO IADY IN A EllbT CIA."W MIL linery e?tabliKhinent, to take the full charge or the work reom; nruat I* a good milliner and trimmer. The beat wagea given, and conataat employment the year round. AUo six good bonnet maker*. Address, with tutuie and residence, S. T., Herald oiBoe. WANTED? A GOOD GIMP SPINNER. AI.HO TASSEL makers and gimp weavers. Wood hands will tlud constant employment at U. S. Yates A Co. 's, manufactu rers of upholsterers' and cabinet makers' trimming i, 610 Broadway. WANTED? A WOMAN TO COOK, WA-dC, IRON and do the kitchen wm k ; also a girl to wait and do rhamberwork ; none need apnly unless they umler stand their bn*in??s well and bring good recommenda tion* from their laat place. Apply at 73 East 14th st. w w WANTED? A YOUNO LAI)V, TO ATTEND A OONKKC tloncry atore. Ooa well ac<iualutud with the buai iicnx, no other* need apfily . Inquire from 8 to 11 A. M., at No. 3 Clinton place. WANTED? BY AN HONEST, INDUSTRIOUS OIRL, A situation hh chambermaid and wAni'trcK*. Ileit NklNN gieen. Apply at No. 3 (ireat Jonen Ht., her present place of employment. ANTED ? A HTTPATION, BY A YOUNO WoMAV. an nui>e and xeanmtre**, or chambermaid ami Mamstre**. L'eat of refeience. Plea.-.* call at lofl Jay at., Brooklyn, for two daya. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT (JIRE, a nituation ax chambermaid an>l waiter, or to take cam ofihildren or do the general hou?ew<?rk of a small family. Call at but 14th fit., for two day*, if not en WANTED? A flTl'ATION AH CHAMRERMAIO AND i-eanixtreiui, In a respectable Cajaily, by a pereou of color; the best of refeietiee will be given if required Ap ply at the 1'iilfro House, 167 Church atreet. WANTED? A GERMAN PROTttTANT WOMAN, WHO can *peuk soine Knglinh, a* flrat rate rook, w.i iber mi. I irmier, in a very *mall family, at 1M McDougal ??.. ANTED? A OIRI., TO DO fJENERAI. HOUSEWORK , . . must be able to warb anil iron well, and a good plain cook. A colored girl, or either (ierniau or Kagliah preferred. Apply at 160 ?ltb avenue, corner of 12th ?t. WANTED? BY A REHPECTABIJC YOl*NO WOMAN, a situation an chambermaid ami to a**i*t in wa<h i?g, or to do general housework, in a small family. HnM ' all at No. 306 Hi ?'?, brtwen Otli and 10th avenues, M'cond lioor, front room, for two ?lay. W ANTE/i? BY A ItCPCCTABLE WoMAV, A H.VBY to ntir>? at h- r own houie; "lie ha* lint h< r <WB baby ; the Nat of city referem-e gi vc n . Can be -*en f.r two i lay* at 17 Meadow street, lloboken, N. J. WANTED? A C.lRi. FOR GENERAL HOtVEWoRK; she uiunt be neat and tidy, and bring reference a* to capability anil h?>ne?ty. Inquire at xtore No*. 7 and 0 Baiclay nt.. for Mr. BWW< \\T ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A REsiPKTABEK f f youi g woman, a* cook, <*a*her and ironer, In a private family , ban the liest of city reft rent**. Can be ?een fur two day* at 167 Hiiabeth it., in the rear. WANTED? A ORATION, BV A KKM'tX'i AHI.K gill, a* chambermaid aud to mind ehlllreti, or t<i do housework In a unal) private fan.liy. ( an be turn un til tngjgel at 150 1'lymoufb at., corner of t?oW, Brooklyn in Ht floor. ba<-k ro< ui Wf ANTET? A YOf'NC. C.tRE, TO ATTEND AN ICR ff craam saloon an Ameri. an prelei red. The he- ? of r- lerence will be repair <xl. Addr*** J. ??., lie aid ? Itf", staling rminr and reference. VirANTfr ? 'EVEKAE Yol Nti LADH*. TO KIT KOK f V picture to complete an alb. .in. A iore?* Artl*t. Bioadway Pout Office "fET ANTED ? A (TTt'ATION, BY A YOl'NO WOMAN ?V m chambermaid, or to do pla'.n ?ewing. Oood r,ty nleience*. Apply at frt Htaie st., Brooklyn. "lirANTKI ? A MTI ATIoV. BY AS KX>'ER!KN(13> W took, who unler*t?0'N her bimlne?* in all lit bmrirliei, can make JelJJe?, blanc mange, f e cream nnd pa try. <io>?l leference. Apply at %?i IMth ?t. b?"ween t>th and 7th ava, for two day*. Wj7 AN TED? A MTfAHON, BY A Ri-XlfXTABIE X f woman, ax cook, waeher and Ironer no objection to do (he wnik of u private family. Oood :ity r*-fe < ht Call at No. 6 Marion ?t., near Broome. TIM NT ED? .A ^JAHT, TIDY. ERENCH OR (VEKMAN \\ r<? k in a uma.l private family, one who fuijy nn demtaridn ber bu?iueM in all it* hrancbe* and ran com* well n c mmi nde-i from her last pi*' e none ..ther i.w| apply, mint ifeak some Kngii>h. Apply at 14 Wr*t loth iitrref. "tlTANTH ? A r-lTl AllOV, BY A K*M'K-|AlilE * > V T man, aa i ook. wa?h?r and ironer, or Ui do general houaework lor a private taiiuly, *00.1 city reference. Can l>e cook, wa?h?r and ironer, or to do gem -al private family . good city referen'-e. ("a een fur one day, from 8 A. M. to A I*. M at JW A'latu* Hi i okiyn. ~\\T AN TK J ' ? BY A PJ>PWTABIR (.1IU A >HVATloN Vv a? nur?e and to doj.laln vwiog i* kirxl to children and obliging. He*t of reference < an tw ?een at h" r pre M'nt empWyei 101 Willow ?t.. lirwHyn. WAST}V? BY A REKPECTABIf YOUNO WoMAN. A nitnati' n. to take 'are of children and <!o plain rewmg or to infill with the homework, can be ?*ii f.r two or three day* at 40 King ?tree?: can be recomm-nde I in m Lcr la?t place. WANTW'? BY AN AMERICAN I.ADY, A -IH ATloN aa monthly or weekly n?r?e. or WouM taka a child from it* blrtli, to briDg op tiy hand? -I ty 'ir < un tiy. No objection to travel, (all 'n vfr? ih-rk, ;'&4 Weal ILIrty ?nth nt. until eng.g^i. ?tlTANTn-A YolNO IADY To ATTEND is A W dre-* trimming, ami fan<-y -V re one th*t ha* I ad ripeiiem.e In the bu?lne-? prefeire i. Imfilre at A I airy m] le'?. ?iO.'. 'j Broa'lway WANIED? A filTl ATi'iN, BY A !l?! rXTAHI.K yftung Woman, aa Wet nur*e b-? loft her fli?t (htby <.o??t raferene* given (an b* pe^n for t?'i Lay. at ki 1 l?t ?Tenue, {In the itor* ) between ?<>tb and 'alat Mi W ANTU) ? A YOL'NO WOMAN. AM WAS OR , , Voir H -Ii, to attend to an ?*.-y gwu'.*-e| >, Addle** It. B. B. Her*ld ottce. WANTI D? A PTn'ATION BY A Hhrl WTTABIX ?< man, a* plain '?o?>k *a*h?r and ir-.t.e no jecdon to go a nhort <!l*tanre In the country. f.<a?I Ity refereme. Call at 234 Elizabeth ?t. "TVT ANTED ? A (>IBI.. TIIIRTEEN "p pi;! '.'I1 . Yr.A'.-> VV old. to take .-? e of a ci l!d . ? ?. * ? l; ?iet l en and* , wage.?i a month, and a greet !?? i < <*11 at kX Mnth -treei, the third white home from avenee ?M aide. ' AI/ASU.D? BV A Rii-PWlABlj I K' 'TWTAN1 ? *KK W I en girl, a ?Itiiatloo Id a reepeeto bVe j-va'? fjmfly to d" ge??ial boo?ew iVk t??t *lt? r*f*r*n ?? glvt n Apt Ij at I^K'biw *treet In the bW' ? ?? ' ? ?f -'p ir ad ?j'>* I- (?? llecakl dBlce, |l,r \m ? '?>) ?fir.tMfD-A '?!!'! 7m I" . -*r.Af Rot ff for a 'm*4i brniiy , -It- mi- * . r ? tuL< r and It "t?e r . lo ?vh a'lvetfle (w n"h w-J >* given Apply at 1M III oail *?y w f? lfii'4'S* If*"i ? i uft! t+u*** Aj-Mf air W w A\i> U_iH^>|i MlUJsf None welspply hot * , an >.r - A Y< ' ?. r ai M> .a 441 Paa-i .tvet, m%tt hate a klWkadga I f a V ry re#> _ WAVW. "TIT ANTED? A YtJDNG I.AHY, TO ATTEND a ilJiAK TV ?t<ra, at ; ? Wet Broadway. WAMTO-BY A HfXI'EOTABlJC YOING WOMAN. A aitua inn to iln chamber work and wilting. <>.? to t (n w?-hiug mnt ironing. Good city r"P'r< n ? fioui b?.' l*al plata, wiiere *We h? . lived tbric yuil. A|ipl y ? t No. oVurman atreet, Biooklyn.>-A piti.'ation, by a luriwrABUc wo f f man, a* o.ok or Itouaekeeper, in >i piivate faml'y. C?? give the beat of city referun e l'Ua*? call .it IS ftli ??., Iwlireen lid and Ud ?truuw. < an U- mu for two day*. "TTTANThD? BY A lUKl'BLTAKU: I'RimxiANT Wo W man, a alt nation to ii<> general houtework in a *tu ill family; b> a good auahcr uil lroucr; ha* no ohJ.-d.on to K" '? th? country. Ha < fi?>4 city rwfi're.i o, 1 ' m> call at 'J 00 W. 'Hut *t., in the b.i, euient. WANTJ-D IMMKDIATEI.Y ? AT 408 BROADWAY two experienced milliner* , n< n- ne?d ?< pply uuleta they are fully competent. AI*o, a paraon (<> take charge of a work roi.iu; "lie mual In- orderly and careful, a* the good* luunt be kept in |>erfei t order. A.vni'? a ".-rri ATHiN, ny 4 hks|'K<tahij{ w young woman, a ? nrl nurae; good < ity reft 1 1V6 wu full at lv5 LilU it, 1 betwtvu lat ami ?d avenue*, f>?r two day*. WA.NTH-A MTL'ATloN, IIY A V?HY Rli-TE<TABI.K young Wouiau a* cook, or to <lo the houa?fl?rk of a *ni*ll private fumlly; li a Drat rati- waaher and Ironnr, and uuder*tanda baking unit p.ntry lie-' of city reference. H' aae c all from .'J till 0 o'clock, at JIM K?*t 14th at., riKim 10. WANTKD? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A GERMAN girl whoj uuderaluud* cooking; uiuat be .i Rood waaber and uroner Apply with good recoauueudatino*, at ;*H3 OlMMtek ft. "\%l ANT 1 ll ? BY A WIDOWER, WITH THREE UTrii vV glila, u young or middle aged American w'iimii a* houaekeener. Apply in per .on, thia day, at Siti H>>ux*ou ?t., (run H to 1'2 o clock. City rrferfnr?* required. WANTtD? AN AMKUK'AN, SCOTTH 01t ENt?I.WU (f ill n? rbnmhrrtnaid. Would alio !?? r?(uii??i to aa nifl in the care of < Ulldn ti. t'ndoubte<l city refi'n uce rr<|Uired. Apply thin day at A4 Orange atreet, ltro?klyn WANTKIV? A SITUATION, DY A MVI'WTABl.E young wornao, a? biundrvH<. understood* Huti/ig, and would be willing to do goueial liouaework no oliju tloiiH to go a *hort dirtanre in the Country. Uotxl city reference given to fill both rapacltiiw. I'lea o call at Mi llini' t-n afreet, front room, up atalra. Cau be mko fur two ilaya. "tirvNTED? YOUKO MEN. ?"<?H WIIAMN*! VoY T V ?g'* Adeaaee allowal of front |M to 976 to out fit. Alv> wauUxl, coopeix. <-aij>?utert and black unitbs. Apply all tbU w< ek to KAMIAI.I. k 161 %ulh atreet, corner I'eck nlip, up alalia. WANTE1*? A flTI'ATlON, ?Y A YOUNO^I mail, aa dry gta>da clark, or in any other capneity Whareby itn honeat llvelihiMMl cau tie obtained. Ad Ire** J. F- , ll Woo<lhuU at., tviuth Brooklyn, or box 1U lie .-aid office. WANTE1X? BY A COMPETENT MAN, A srrt ATloN aa ngent for aouie manufacturing "atabil <tim<*nt, having U?n etnfloyed in that capacity for eight year*. Addrena II., Chatliuui a<|UBre I'oat OtUce. WANTW'? A hMAMT, ACTIVE YOl'NH MAN. AS partner in a light, protltahlo bualnexa , he will l>e required to Invent t"o or a S100 in the bunlna> i. Addrean 3. 1". B., bo* m Herald i fllw. WANTKP? A .SITUATION. BY A rtTEAOY, KK-I'KCT alil? man, aa |iorter in a atore or tavern haa the b?at of city referenci-. Addreaa M. C. G., boi 187 Herald office, for two day*. WANTHV- TWO OR THKtX XMAKT, ENEItomC young men, in a light and ?gre<-i?ble bu?tne?i, with a capital el to $1&; uUo two on aalnry; aalary $J0 to $40 per month, clear. For particular* apply at 3-V4 l!madw.iy, room Ng II. from H A. V(. U> I' V. W a nth'? two vorst; on Minni>: a<;kii ui- v of giMHi a<ldie>a, and active bu?tn??a habi'a, to aolicit or'lera for our rlcguntly Ulu'traN-d '.laniard wnrka. CVmmiaalon liberal. Keferrncea nece-?ttry. Apply to Martin k Johnaon, ?7 lleekman atreet, up Htali*. WANTKI'? IIY A YOI NO MAN OK UOOI) ADI'KK-K and of thori ugh bualuea* habit* nn-l etparlcnca, aallualloii in a wlndeaale or retail dry gi^ala *ttu* a? -ale man or ai> Ktaut bookk< e|>er , he write* a *??? I hand and I* well veraed in bookkeeping, and can alro proluca an uneiie|.ti<>n*b>e iccommendatioa for aix yur> aervl cea ftom Ida laal employer*. Salary not *o raueb "f an object aa a p?'luuu<-ut rltualioo. Adil.e?a G. C. II' r.ild of. ca. WANTkl'? Uil It MEN OK GOOD A1WTU>*, TO iii?p<.ae nf a ne v manufacture I article in the city, luquireajl Buune atreet, aecond atory. ?tl/AITVlt WAMITi? AT THE SMITHS >NI AS' H<?l - V II line who fully under at?n<l* hi* bu*iiiee*, none other* nerd apply < all alter 10 o'clock. WANrfJi? AN AMERICAN BOY, TO A1TEND IS ?lining laloon, .10 l enrl *t ; one about fifteen year* old. aa miikt unmikiw, nm:iw ami -tihti <t* wanted, at IIWiA'li abirV lo.iiiolae'ory . No. 114 I'ultun atreet. Nona l.,it 0?< vaiy a< all' it of ?titcheni and b< at of ac'.. era need ap| ly. To tb'>*e con *tant employment and the higbent price* paid. t)n? BltOAIlWAY, (WRNWt REAIIE rTltEKf ? AT JjO I MORRW * COUNtJtTV ran be had Kiigll.h, Scutch, l.erman and iriah help, for hot'l* an I private fauiihee, alao, wal'en, poriera, roorbinen garilrneri. farmer* and roerbauif* it tin* or the bran h ofB-* 10 J Greenwich ?treet. THK TRAOM. VUACMCMJK WANTH A - ; t ! A i ; OS -A itfU m>n, who tin rmiirhl/ uwWri ' nu !? hia hi-im ., ?n th* "?><* of jjri*nhou?e pUnfn, tlow*r<, ?nl ? ? ir*t*t?|a?, ai.'l lh? lading ilowu of gruuii'l*, A ??*? pi'?l i * th* mint i ?( i' fit I or* rrfrrrww for i *1, ut ility aii't ??iilurl if rn|?liHl. ?.Him J. M., (inpltuif, bo* 1IW H* ill') ? IB< *, for Uim day*. Vi;l:l(?A.V, I IKKMTt.Y Alt^l AlNlU) Willi rm: fanry i linln b*i ? in*a? basin? !*?*? furatnan lor two )??!? In < in of 111* flmt )*wrlry factor!**, ?anl. a part B*r with |fi 000 < r 000 rapltal, lb* haat r*f*n n<**? will k* glirn for bio ability . nM 'baract*r. AiMi*-" I T, Pi at ? NVwarb N.J. d 1 l>II) PKN Vi A K KR.U . ? W A N'Thl), T)lli> K KlHrT RATK \Jf b?D'l? to aurh *b* hiffb*?t pile* will b* (-ai.!, an I .trail, employment by th* y*ar gl??n Al?o, two flr.t ra'? |? n< il itM iiiakna W?nt*4 A-l>li*?? ItnltiinoTa n- !?( Bn noil (until can* wannf*' t ry .''I Hnl'iinof ? ?<<?? aiylaoil. LlTHmillAlMY ? A VOI N<1 MAS WHIIB4 A -IMA tlon mh lithographer, *itb*r in to?n ? . ountr* ran <lo *IOi*r drawing or writing, r*ry low w *. ? *ill aulllc*; Ml only d*?lr* h<-iaf for a eomfoitnM* pin < ll> ? ill ahow rp*?iin*n? of hia Work. A<llr??* . II. H , fti* i ighth a**nue. rrvj PH< T I H ) II A) '111KIK. ? A l'KH."*J\ COMTICTTN I TO I tal* i-harrr of tbla 'l*[?rlm*nt of an *?tabli?linr?*ut btiD'.rJ, Nona but a thoroughly <"tnj<*t*nt mnin??l apply. A'l-lr*- Artlat, UaraM ofli'# mo HHXOWH ma k nits,? wa vrt i> iwo wood X ban'!* to go lo Philadelphia Jmax 'Ut*ly Apply t JTC^rictat, 121 I'iiC in <4Rl- ?pli W*?t, 81 An ,'y at T) BAKKKH ? WAnTKIi A HKTT RATK MAS' To tnlr i bar If* I b* brut of rrf*rr nr* r*r|uir* I b/th a* to M^brU ty an I a tboiou(h kuowl*-l(r* of tb* bu-.n* - no rith?r? n?*<1 apply (all at AM I'Mrl ?tr*?t Mtw**n < *n tr* ?H<1 CliathaUJ. 1'" I!"-- I'AlYIt W WAMTKV, 8TKA1>Y RUPl.iY men! a< | alnf#r au'l ifrain <r. So obj* i">. .? Ui* country. Inquire for thru itoya at 1A Imimi i'-m II \TfAM> I'? AN KS'fVt'A Vf'K AVI? CH \-f 'f < I .'I W Ti *lry. Hratn?r4 A Uaffrof , N?> 10 'orUan-H nt , up ntalra xttKno iJMH^rAa. v? I'V A -n v. lui ?T uTfur TT anrl tan ?lra* bat trinuarra T-> >viiii|*t*al ban<1r K""d w*|f** an l p*nnan?<it *nipl"yio?nt w il t ? firm. Appir In T. S. I *nn?ll? MIAtMH* <t t??t???n (lint on an<l Ilmry t? llfook'tn "ii/ANTJI- |n,|i i-Kti'vKTo HW> ? T> - ? " -7 W hp* ii, on ?id r?l>io#t uaUilnf Aj-p 7 a'. l!rJ t'*ntr? at , or W an<l a ( anal at. "If rA>"I U'~ HfM?HArKI.V~A Kl lt<l~KATr II il i JJ ?h'rfr, who uifUratanl* hia l.^.r.r \ a I an 1 >-an roto* ?*'! r* oiown-lad N i otb*r n*' ! apply I.'.tira ' f Ml' bar: Mini ? *, *ari- 11 ?tr**r i. -?y I it. Tip AS .71 A 'TI AllON^A' ?lAIUif.J 1 l:V A I TT y '"HI '"an Who p^rVtiy ii?4*r?UoU h ? ? . i b*aa in all Ita '>tan li??, alwi tb* aia-ia^ti,' n* f a farui I lb* rar* <4 rattl* i>nl b'lrua.MWtll 'Hnaf? aol fc m?')f u?*f'-l fa a ' m* ?all ra"<?n">ar. V*1 Irntn lil. laat ? m l I jtt, Ca. 1 tw .a*u for H/'? ln/? ora>!<) -? I A M. It 31 /obn at., itMltort. THK Tt'*K. , |,?I! Ali~ H? (UJIIKATKJI TWrniS'. :ai ' ,1/ 'ii J 'ktl'irn ?i?* yanra <a- . >.< 'ni' < ?? I T'"ol a 11 .' u .i, , lii fukl. -it of :.? 11 1 >> I ami hi? of* ramaina ? p?o to trot, t" wag> . *.? 1 r?*?a, asy ?tal!Kin In 'h* ?mH miti.!*! <?<in'l ??l 1 Vin-1 all ia 1 rapitai !??.< I b' " for any ???U- uann ' lor tarina, ?ft-ly to rAMtKI. IH-i :.J H'li-ai j .t(**t . r J A flK- IK'. IM. '.iWnai ngt^n O^i.-I. ' rr?? mrTiirrrji~A>i7 i?iww< ??? v ? j J| Tha rUbtal??l ?b"''i*(r1i br*^ ??aJi.'-ri #il 1 I humt, ' wUl a'nr.4 for a nuM>ip*r wf ?a"? -b* ? rung ?*? Km, at i)K ll'ii** MabWa, at |At lb* .-a* n Au { <r. *) I lot* Mi'l b*(ur? wrr-rig tk* man. Ail a <t ? ?> r.U at lika iul cf tb* ?wu WIIiiAM A rani**, I i->;>t#<r. Ki*r. a m?. kAIJ VWtlf IOW- A "TA ? AHi OA m I ' >,n?t it tin ??* *'? l? A.("o . .f th I' -*apl? I' l alafl, nr'a'tnTt ???? ? ???? ? r la :? | mil ! u . i,'4.", at tfc* at . .*> m Wat a ? 1 V; f??t Mtll.M WWII*. . . H~ \ IW. ???? i.r I' l l . . I It ,?'f Ai w-*' *aot*4 a II I (. art I'- '' 1 Mark*- 1 I 1 a ?wi *1 * tn a' tita ?? *. (' r ? fi'?w p? r aa*.| h?t?i Iwit.r* umn, lew A ?-bO. W. tUX/US.. < HI*i ?f PfU*. POLITIC AX. ' T^'XTIiiV lou roUfSHt.- ? T?? Thl fi.E j Xi ,1" (i,y ?>?? ? ( ?"</ ol New V , ?Ota Menno? 1 Ha%lrf t**n aoltcltM by many Initio n'lal fr? U- Jt, r iu> ??lF to your ci n idcraHou 6>r tha ?i?c? of one >.rtb* | lour On u< r . to t.e ele -'ed next MnvemUir, and t?.*kng Nvu uneuied that I ha>a atrenu'm* uppuilcrc ,n i every aaid In tin' city I l.a?e willingly cnnieulfcl ' > lay ?7 eltliii* tw^M tbi> dtiwKitlli uriy, ?ln.? mtiioci. ! In* null uniii'u ed advocate [ I atu u-en for n?*rly twenty jrnr*. 'ILcie an- rvi<aiii rnjutHii.anU i?actMa > my in ordtr to be rlli^ihie for ?. rh mi oINoe, md Ihoar 1 1 (*! I 1 | in'i'M la HiO :lrsl uUi-i', 1 aui a ( ut two year*' rturfy (a the llnyal Cullcfe l*? lun.i, and four In the I'nlvnalty of Saw Yt,ik haying giadiuted uw!rr Mr*. Mott, foal, lalter-on, liedford, I raper, I'aynr am) Hckaon, and t Lough laat, not Umi, ! m.dcr tin d tlrtgulabad auat.'iniat, Dr WlUUni Darling I I hate aUo recelT.d much Inat diction troiu tha able cot, mil if l>r J 1". tinrrlali, of tide elljr. In ftait place, 1 lave a'tidled law lor I wo yeara (it Uu? city, witk a g> ml< who now (Ilia a high po-ltlon at tM bar Iherefore | |.iniiuir (o n? ?ny ijuaHUaatlolie aia Uldl> putal lv I liuta tx I'D jl? a_\ > ready at a rail to go forfai'l to?v? iy M.-Iium in the city lo aid th.t boiMMt lato Krai, and to >u| port thu.e ptlncfplea whicti land to tha parfa lully 1.1 ti e c* u> Ulutn.ii aa l.aud< d down by lather* of the i:e\"lulii.n. I thmliiro pla.ia lurielf bvfora the elector* of New Y .rk a> a cau<li<la'? for tie position ?f I on nt-r. My principle* anl my politic* ar? tli't ?m* aay-'u l.aie ever knows tlmn, 1 am a, foe to op pi. ,- i.i, fn rult- ttii niisonaney in tUla fia* land, wd.w tba liiguot . (fli t in the Mate la acccaail<l> to all da*f? Ii gun n, ami I am n (w to (anailciam, whether If I* ax h(T>lt<-d In tin- at t'itrary . im. .,( i?rrupt l*slal? linn, or lu no Ignirant, a ilark, and tw .uiug* rwia pro heilptlon ufan^r rnltgluii <?? country. If, Ui?n, ttia 'Wn tor? ofNrw ^ ork beliafr 1 . tln< u?i > >arjr i| ratlnna to dUcliargi- tin- 4uliri >?( Dih olbca I a*rk at tlMiir lianda, I rlalni tlndr aupport ? and liuuUt I ti? rl?ct cd, 1 trunt that the fiildlnu'iit of the dulli-4 of eH'e ihiill not only b? pli^xiiig V> ib> own f.^Uugn. but rr?l llalda to my c<?iatitu?iicy. with <tv<tv avnUaMnt "I rniiNl. I rruniin, gantl'iiicn, vmtr <lcot<"t iVUow d> iuo<iat, U>WA1U) l?. OIVVKHY M. H 1H1 .traat. 8>:Ci).VD WAHU IN Pra-rANt K OF A CAIX ok _ the I'fijiiM-ratlo Kapubllcan Uanaral Oumittw of iannttany Knit, ftir lhn purpn>? of clcciitu ihlxgut' i to th* AkKvmbly Con*' ntlon, to I*1 hejd tit 110 Un-rnwlch atrrct, on tin' lOlh itay of AiiKu?t. at t o i'Io ? 1'. M., au rlartinn *a. bald at I t Dutch atrci't, nu Tliuri lay r*?n inir Angurt 11, IMS, whan tb<* following tlck< t a..n duly tii-ctid: ? A. < hueaUor, Jum Mi lVnn, A. I! UiUcr, Michaid Water" Jaim" Wataoo. IUMCI. WI.I.II AV, ) JAMKH WAl tiN, Vln?p?ct'>ra. I.AI OHIJN KKJCtiAN, | rpiUKD WAIUt.? AT AV KUCLTtOV ID.U) AT hf> J Murray alteet, piirmtant to a c ill of th" '.aiicial ( onunittiK' of Taruuiany Hall, tin- following ti -kct ?a< elrrta<l : ? J'eU'gataii ? rhomaa Monroe, 1". ?. Malony John McfVir, I'anlcl M'-ony. It (1 t'ro<liv. JOPKIH HAKKIAtfJ,) H. H. iriUMiY, >ln?ja-Vm lllitMAH MI VK'>K J SKVENTH W All 1 1 -AT AV HJCfTlON HV.1 I) A !' rth KnMierbnckcr llall, on Thursday ? railing 14th in pumuanM of Ihe call of the Iirm -rattc ij. ncral 'km mlttue of Tammany Hall, tlie fnllowlog feotleimu w*:? ale<'t?x( 4elagat?a ta vba ftata tAinvcntlon to I * liaUl at 3nru.n M tkr 'Mk liut : ? Wllwui final), ,1ainc< Mur ly alternate* Win (Jal'?i, I'aillel M? JAIKM r. VAIJMINK i THO.-. l.VSfil via ii. WM OATnt, I ATA IH1MAHY KUOltiN. IIKI.I) IN 1HK 1 !? IfTII J\ wind, on Tliur ilay cTenliig, Anfuat !<? at Ita ?>* * Itotrl, t*6 M< rrer ?tia?' , lit pur>tian<? to a <*tl < f the I ttni^-iatlc republlran ?ieu*ral ("??niml'tn- of fair 'nany llall. on lliurmlay t'Tanllig \ tig i t -'I tin- tl-ke: wa? iirai.lnioiirly elected flgliili ?arddrhgtt*? (o tl ? late Conerution tA !?? held at ,-yracuix'. g i ' '."(th HIM I rlrgaliii, fVnlamln Mf? !?*!, It . W. I4 |t>n?e'.l Aif'i^'.e* AllmtW vm i th Mali WilHrUbi m J. P f.YTHEf'KKH, i JAM^l AltM-lK'iVr: ' Ifi,|^ t .? KCMUKA CAVANKK ) TIHKTKKMH WABH?AT a I'M tf IRV H.K.TiQN In Id at <?n Icrdoitk'a llall lOruer i>rct)*! andt'l ntoft ? trwta, mi lliuraday iTcning, Auguat It, In put .r.nre of the ri ci i..incndatfon of th* Tw.n?. . mile l.?| ut. .au General Qnnr .tt?i^ at Taininaiiy flail. tb? (bli .wlng i*r n n? were el< ? (cl b> a majorltr < f 170 *?/<? - ? C. IIK'ouni'll, fr-ia. I? II ii'Kn'. A tr:i?'M ?John tirr liewy l#wl.. I mVAHJ) \V"ltl>l V JnllS M-'t'VVKM., IHAiRY li WL* Sinn?m V Mtli. ? AT A I'lUMARY UJ^TH)**, held at Itreallu'a )tl6 Weal tVTantwntll tre t In purat.ance of tlie rail of the In on., r uti |(?pttl..i m <i?n. cral < oiomltti e of laiouiany llall <)?? f .;i..w.i.g il ket waa elrct?i wUbmit oppaaltlonw^Uteatitti vw<l worli Ingtt.i I*'* O. kr t Koartaaath A-?* oil?ly IMitiH Oanvaa linn- Mwar'l Kill y. Ilii.ry lloaohoe, Tatrl.-k lynch A? chlhald Nohle Clia r l< > N lul-iv n with |a v*r ol - it? atHutlo*. H'WAHII IXtSNHl.lT i M AUK It TIIOM AS Vln-|* Ion l'ASIM. M<<n*i|>:, J>KVTH WAJtfWYlUn I l>. V. x llATI <ON ta ntlnn ? At a primary ? te> ti. n h<'.' 1 a'. I'i .? ti Hu tal, llilrtl ateuiie, corner of I- ? nl tr?. on 1 hurndnr eei'tifrg Angi. tit 1 1.V> pi ' ? jinit to the r?.l <1 the Ian n.aiiy Hall (latieral t'ouindt'c. the f>/low'ng ticket wa> drclared rlactal tii f\if. .w i. gate* fr?i yi? cu?e In He Miteenth A?aen,bly dial let o> anUMi ? - Al no. I Hatftel'l Anunlua Malh'-w ,J J I't ??r h HelrWnl I' hum Jul IS Sl>l;!T. i t) H IIMtHVItli .li..,t n,n A J MATHKWH I ?JkJIM f?KTH WAKf? JIKIClU'Y HH l Alff ? V krt J?'bn K < uniiiitgh tin fvi fhrr, hiHD? KuM-i-fth, UHirlli/, MniUiii *.'? %*\i *-j?, ? 12 * ti ti 1 1# /Irk. riu* t sim ii u Aid u > tmk ' % i ' ' . Jj <?( 1I?? ? ntrtli ? 'fjrnrr uf b ? 1 1 N'iri!h *r?n j* lr? the- lirrr?^?Hh wht<) Jfl, )*?', tl>? IiOum (>f0th4 7 ?#*rl'?rk I' M., *o ? %il <t( the r ? in? <ratk i &? sn.r . %\ < 4>inJii't*r? Tuu n noy Ifftli. ? tl Au|.?tv Jfc/.fc to ? l?*ri -if I tgA tM Uf In w??h a Jon '.!?? f.t Utnih w?4*1, st MilU-tiMin 0 ^.ru?r f Tir^n' ? ffg'h ?ir^t iiiuj t'4 Vfuth ?v? u??*. < ?? Vl' ii .rtf, Aug i?t I^A, to ? !??* t ?n?l ti\t^rr)h\>-* Ut rlj '"Ci th" h'urt' nth AmuihM/ ? i*l#ip| In *%'? 1 t. > tri e Ut !?? h? H rii' <im ftri lh* -ifli -if A?ir .< 4*? h#r?t?)r Uittt U.?* n- ??? r? tftari' I>i?>>i*?y l?*(, H? wSX: T'.vitih* !*?? ??! l> K*rw ri^dv J'h*-) h John U Th^nibu n ? i. r' n. A/H HtKHlAV, 1 WM M'4i *'.V ? J/LUPr I SI.N .IY ) M?K.< U(i KOTKT.*. Mrj? AMI!> IJItKAkY A.-* *t A ! ?? <Tt< T. Tlf library atxl 4??u !?*? <>?<? >li) t* lo^l f> r Ibr ?| af# ? f tW'j * ? fr rM M- 11 Ut ftir :*rl. It ?' f'> feturitar, I?l I t t? ? (. 1 1?/?? f rkmi nr k' Th? mull#f t< < ui will f M ? ,< f i ?l? til lar?h*r Mli ?. J V MAM*' W? <1l*lrtnAu lil>r?7 ? ir?u.M'?? \?h i- M-tv. it to** kx in < id .Iff fari'V I y !? ? 'r. f- n? 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