Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1855 Page 6
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UWhUW IBBTO BTOT MI. IALE1 IT ACCTIW. "" A I*? ?? NICOLAY, AUCnONEER.-KXTEN^V'E J3L pwkage ?ale of ft Urge lnroice of rmrj ?u^ri?r.? quors, to be delivered from the UnltedSta'** b0BdeJ vutkMM. -Albert H. Nlcolay will sell at auction, on tfetar4er,h*ga?t 14, at 11 o'clock, at hi* spacious sales TOO*. II Broad street, a Terr superior collection of wines, hraaJlM, Carets, hc. , hc,, being the balance of an In ?oio# flriiM of our Urtt importer*, among whicm will i* fcuot Bt. Jultea *?d Chateau Hargaux clareta, verj ??s; itfMhr old sherry, Madeira and port ?ln". *"7 Bae ollv&kfec brandies, both pale and dark, of 1840 Tin tage; %jjf 51^. Haatffcutera* snd other choice wines; rl uli'hwiM sin 8eiitodam schnapps. Mtimm's and other celebrated ehamtMgasa, warranted genuine; Curacoa, Maraschino and absynths cordials; oil re oil; cider and firMchwSe rfaegar, he., he. ; also, a lot of German co icarne, together with 76,000 genuine imported HaTana ae ?in, of varions braada? all of which are to be sold only in the oilglnst packages as imported, and will be delirer ?d frost the United State# bonded warehouse. The abOTO offers unusual inducements to the trade and prirate con stumers. Sale peremptory, and every article la the cata Jogue warranted as represented. Samples ready for exa mination early on morning of sale. COTTON NOTICK?OONTTNTATION SALE? EDWARD Soheack will sell at his sale room, this day, at 16 Wall street, at half-past 10 o'clock, a general assortment of jewelry, consisting of gold hunting, patent leTer, aud lepine watches, diamond rings, pin, void and onyx slecTe buttons, studs, bracelet ii, ear-rings, he. I A UCTION NOTK3E.? TH09. BELL, AUCTIONEER. BY Jrx. BeU It Bash ? This day, at 10% o'clock, in the wliwiomi, a good lot of furniture; all the paintiug* ?ad fixtures ' la the store. The balance of segars, and numerous aoCaa, sofa beds, fee., to make room. Satur day? will be oontiaued the iiule of the Taluable stock of troll assorted dry goods. By order of assignee. A UCmON NOTICE. ? J. BOG ART, AUCTIONEER, BY A. 3. Bogart ? Saturday, to-morrow, at 10^ o'clock, at the aucuoB rooms, corner of FrankJfort nail William streets, mortgage sale of a large and extensive assort ment of rosewood and mahogany furniture, sofas, chairs, bureaus, carpets, oilcloth, mahogany bedsteads, mat tresses, bedroom and kitchen furniture, refrigerators, ft ores, he., he. Auction notice.? j. bogart, auctioneer, by S. Bogart.? This day, at 10 o'clock precisely, at 64 ?nwich street, bakery and household furniture, ba ker's fixtures and utensils, oren, kitchen range, stores, tables, chairs, bedsteads. beds and bedding, bar pictures, tumblers, decanters, he., he. Auction notice.? wm. b. joxes, auctioneer. By rirtue of a chattel mortgage I will sell this day, at 11 A. M., at store 146 Canal street, tho following I goods, tU. Four bedsteads, three feather bods, eight I j?illowf, he., he. Al'Ul'fcTUS JOHNSON, Attorney for Mortgage. BY ELLAS COOMBS. AUCTIONEER.? EXTENSIVE sale at auction, on Friday, August 17, at 10X o'clock, at his spacious sales rooms, 66 Nassau street Rosewood. black -walnut and mahogany parlor suits, aofas, chairs, easy chairs, dressing bureaus, marble top centre tables, mahogany, black walnut and enamelled bedsteads, washstands, rosewood wardrobes, inlaid ta bles and writing dusks, tete-a-tetes, paintings and mir rors, lounges, swing cribs, extension dining tables, work ?taads, mattresses, palliases, feather beds, pillows |and holsters, clocks, rocking chairs, piano, iaralideasy chair; also, a number of lota of second hand furniture and car peting; also, a large iaroice of chairs for shipping; also, an iflToloe oi segars. WP^ WATCH ai "e? ! ^ti^aVii^^ J juwlestone diamond breast pin, 1 do SaS??5?^?" iiJsafrtS to 5 omnibuses, 5 seta double ^rnt? ^o Ur^ fl j SWfAU^fo^rt^g^ ' J0IIN ^ FAR C(^&^a?rchli^e't^'' beddl,n?' "*>*? utensil,, K ??f, Mru^CART^' Auctio^ ? TV P. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER. ? IMPORTANT 8ALB ??*?l?t? TM rdf gany, walnut and maple furniture, will take place with VV I*0"' tponement, to-morrow, (Saturday) Auir 1l' ?t balf-p^t 10 o'clock, from the Urii flre^ ZLZTbafluft D"1r ??U.T ????; pi^Tfori' pier glances, English carpeting, oil D&intinirri honWr*<iA ?is? SonuoUcar;zwn *,r ,of r^L r^f^l" and covered ; variously co Ir rtceP}}0B *n,l other chairs, ia elegant styles ?f finish; large all gpri,lg inTalid ch;ir(, ?i?r?t d?Tw^ r*?,Tin8 fr?nt secretary bookcase, mag Uv^e\?nUv r0w'*ood P^noforte, of aevenSi andTt'ofume^rf ?n ? **"' lnUld ?Ut*' ??d f?r quality and volume of tone is unsurpassed by any ( warranted)' Jfifr rosewood centre and otter tables all with' Tarioui kind* and UatafullV Tarred iLo a few choice oil paintings, by different arflsts; fruit piece nJ hT str,?' /"* l'oiat- bT UcJ, C SthLkL-? T "ti Of Cha rlea X., by Kenny: kn^ ^?f i.i?' riardwick: ?ncient piece, author un S22? '?5!! # ' *fcfmat Pier and oral mirror*, in *nd Uee curtains, ele SSit , a?"' m"*n'tic,'nt Wilton, relret and ^ ,7"" ^rPftin*; chandeliers, ladiea' ^r_.5?*!?yd eacritoir^ finely carved; aide and corner etegeres, Slate aurror back and fronts; a great variety of ornamental articles, tVvrea porcelain va??s, bisque and J if ^K?*' ?t^tu*7- Also, in dining room, larva MMS. wtlamti *E* dinner ^4 J** 1 ?**?? CoaUy allvar plate, cake baaketi. spoons, caatera, *?d **lTrr'. iT07 cutlery. French cut ?y <Hf??Vers, liquor caaea, wines. fee. Also, in chamber J I??<WrB rosewood bedateads, with mar' kle tM and glass bureau*, waahatand*. commodes, ar inoir de giaco wardrobes, fine hair mattresses, counter psa?a, mahogany bureaus, sofas, bedsteads, linei^ fee. FOOLTON, auctioneer.? important 8ALE of ? el3R"t household furniture, carpets, oilcloths, xirmch plate Mirror*. fee.. Ac. ? F. COLTON wUl sell iwl? 7 ' ?^5l* ' at 5^ o'clock, at the auction room, 59 Begimanateeet. aeeod story, a large and general assort m<?nt of new and second-hand furniture, of ererj descrip tion, comprising rosewood and mahognny parlor ?ttiU. in rad ^ cloth ;ro,ewo^;Dd mahogany P dr,e"ln? etegerea. rosewood and mahogany spring seat chairs, Voltaire and easy chairs mahogany rockers, sofas and ?ofa beds, lounges an-i InHhSL^t'^ uk ^l.aatji *nd ?*k ox,cni"'on tables, tnabogany (reueh bedstead*, cottage bedsteads, hair ?r? .1T ros*w?od and m.ihogany cen tre, "He and card table*: book racks, music stands, fancy i^tiri^-' J5 ' ro1*,r2od Aad 08k ?' and aecretanoa, cottage and chamber suites; common bu reaua, maple cane >eat chairs, rosewoo.1 and mahogany marWe top waahstanda, carpet-., oilcloths, French ^Tate mirror*, fee. ; tete-a-teVn, solar lumps, eight day clod - ii'JTlVoirPf "i ^v0, a Ur*? lot of aecond-ha nd furnil lure rrom a family who are removing. Sale nereinntorv and goods must be removed immediately after the sale.' "BlitfE &AIK.? AVCnuN NOTICE.? TTXH MORRELI, J; auc.ioneer, will soil this morning, at lOij o'clock a ^"?nU,y of wk, >o various shed bottles, of superior private purchasers a cC a. o, same time, tiavanu sugars, in lK>xes ol 100, Ac. ? also aecond band desks, table*, stool-. After furniture, by cata a ' . street, rosewood parlor furniture, cover *d -at in brocatel, black walnut and mahogany; also, oak extent .on dining tabies, oval mirrors, oil paintings, ward robes, dress bureaus and wash stand-, marble top,; fete a-te.ea, diva us. rocking and e?--y chairs, apring. fee. ? halt mattresses, eUver pUied ware, counting ho tae de?ks fcookca^r-s, fancy articles, Ac.. Ac. N. H. ? I'o-ltlvely no attendance of underbidden nor will auctioneer, which ffjvj" the public their right'. Every provision for ship GEOdWE COOK, AlKTIOX EKR. ? ) 'EREll Pit )R Y 8AI.E thi," day' ftt 10 ^ o'clock, at *??'PTwy.-l. ,B oon'cquonca of removal to 5 _s_ eweu ,r*r?*'i the entire collection of roaewood, ma nogany, walaut and oak furniture contained in the above KV'aroooM will be sold without reaerve, consisting in f? w0(^'e,5l,l.p?I1<>,, of ro*wood and mahogany m V IS. Jki?itmh,e covering*, marble top, centre! - a' f1 Ub,e* WcreUire and library bookcases e*! xea^vnd'.ntagtaMe*, sofas, tete-a-tet^. lounges, arm' and yTir* ~>irr,or rb*lrt .nd nil hJ** / -*ads, marblo top bureaus and wash?tands h*i- ^?,c'Jl!Idr2.bM' f>Bc?',?n<l counting house .le-ks frl nts^T'^ ?d china ware, giU <a'>l? cutlery, ie. p,iatin*"- docks, sUverpUte<J ware, GP?Sdv ' ,uX bajsins, shiar^. ef Greenwich c .tfee 'herriSL w ^ corner j-j. c?u, K w A CARTER, Auctioneer. HM V T. irtTlONkPn n\- i- ? ? Lf ft Ox ? This day (Fr'dav) at in'..' ?' Mea rooa?,jW and ? Beekman street, ?,/,?. r* ?* ? torfo aasortment of rosewood p,,i?t an.i lij r^'' i;,u' in.bire eouche*. easy and r.^king chair- lou^. i!'r" iS ^ tables, do. card and centre, wiib nuTbi',. fi?" rham>r fUmlture in suits with and without m?b ,t ?P.; 1 ?P'?did rosewood parlor auit <T pb ce.i P ' ^ rosewood round-end 7 octave nt...' ?u^ bot tb"* ZXhfSZ fci M k C-,T&r> V,U> "< whioh caa ?h'iwi brlj^Luj' !r ? . Vr P^ted war*, parlor chair* ?->4I p'aUunn scale',' w^i Hf^Tloct^WI,R?' ('???*-rin.? DAY, AT ^ ' d and LUle tbr^d gioMT^ZTh ^(,;r"*BW,Qh? <? .n 1 ,-rwiss OMl*li f \ liaI7',W. 'i. ^'f b<ml KoekM> . '0 netti J^sLlk, ' linen J" j-d. <? ban kees&itt., cravats, atocks*A? d g ?>????*, JJ[_^^~?J^^AwiioBeer. ] *<0?JA'I . T, ACCnO V3? T , - " ' ur. *' 10 o'clock, at ao Monroe street.^* fJ? a Ihm T fedn* to Ck;iforaia, a nice assortment if Cha/rs, s^s, ?ab;?l, carpel*, ob cloth ?in, ^?'herbeda, p Irvwa, giraadjis?, riifors fee II] I ' W7?? wVrb H ? ?4Js wU.'P,?: _ |tf**ATAllOnOf. J mm L. VANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER THIS DAT, AUG. | . 17, at 10 S o'clock, at the Mien room 12 Maiden lane, flnegoid jewelry stock, elagant gold and aiirer watches, a valuable assortment, to be sold out, among which Are cluster and single stone diamonds, finger ring*, breast pins and studs, brooches, lockets, fine gold bracelets, guards, fob and vest chains, pencil case* and peas, sleeve buttons, and many other articles of rich jewelry; splen did gold watches, double and single eases, lever and other movements; also silver do., do., all of the best makers. TOHN F. RUSSELL, AUCnONERR.? MOKMAM U sale ? This day, Friday, at 10 o'clock. Day, Russell h Co. will sell at 86 Nassau street, by order of H. P. Eus tis,, mortgagee, a quantity of secondhand farnltarfc, comprising Brussels and other carpets, velvet stair ear net, hearth rags, engraving of United States Senate Chamber, oil fainting or the celebrated Yacht America ; alio, an invoice of iren bedsteads, a large collection of superior new ferniture, comprising rich parlor suits, in French brocateUe, enamelled chamber suits, solas sad chairs, bookcases, bureaus, bedsteads, mattresses, rich framed mirrors and oil painting*, piano stools, marble top centre and other table*, he., he. JB. ABBEE, AUCTIONEER TO BE SOLD FOR a ca.?h, at auction, on the premise.'*, the stock, tools snd fixtures of a bookbindery, on the third floor of 321 Pearl street, on the 18th of August, 1865, at 10 o'clock A. M. By order of GEORGE B. THORNE, Assignee. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER.? THIS DAY, FRI # day, in house 166 Laurens street, the entire fur ?e, consisting or tete-a-tetes, mahogany chairs, cen tre, card and Hide tables; bureaus, washstands. crockery, china and glassware, bedsteads snd a large lot of bedding, hair mattresses, piano, Ac.; also the kitclion furniture, oilcloth, he. Deposits required. Mortgage sale of household furniture.? M. DOUGHTY, .Auctioneer.? On Saturday, 18th inst,. at 10>i o'clock, at the sales room 27 Centre street, consisting of sofas, sofa bedsteads, pier and oval mirrors, French plate bookcase, bureau*, French and cottage bed steads, hair mattresses, feather beds, washstands, card, centre and fancy tables, marble top etegere, comfort or h . i sheets, Ac. Also kitchen furniture, cooking store, china, I crockery and glassware, Ac. J. F. JONKJ, Mortgagee. . Mortgage sale.? john w. somerindyke, auctioneer, store corner Franklin and Centre streets, will eell, tins day, at 10}f o'clock, at 68 Green wich street, bv virtue of a chattel mortgage, the coutenta of a boarding house, consisting of bedsteads, beds, coun terpanes, blankets, sheets, he.; chairs, tables, settees, bar counter and back bar, decanters, glasses, beer pumps, Ac., Ac. CHAS. F. WATTS, Att'y for mortgagee. PJ. KELLY. AUCTIONEER.? DRY GOODS AT AUC ? tion. I will commence selling this day at 6>? o'clock, on the premises, 31 Catherine street, the balance of the stock of McConville h Murphy, consisting chiefly of fall and winter goods. SHERIFF'S SALE.? W. C. ALBURTUS, AUCTIONEER, will sell on Friday, August 17, at 10J? o'clock, No. 18 Court street, Brooklyn, a stable situated on Twentieth street, near Fifth avenue, suitable for a contractor, builder, he., having accommodation for SO horses. John Pikhct, Deputy Sheriff. E. LOTT, Sheriff. WM. .WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON Monday, at 10 o'clock, at the corner of Delancy and Eldridge streets, a large and extensive stock of a grocery and liquor store, consisting of sugarB, teas, flour, 8 ices, pickles, sauces, hams, butter, lard, coffees, wines, juors and segars, store fixtures and everything con nected with a $rst class store; also, a bay mare, one grocery wagon, one light wagon, three sets of harness; store to let. This sale is worthy of the attention of gro cers and others, as the stock is new and good. MSASCIAL. (ftfiAA AAA ? HONEY TO W ANON DIA WO" "e v/""e mouds, watches, jewelry, dry gaud*, legurr, tic., or bought for cash ; stocks, notes, mortgages, 4c.. negotiated. Business confidential and prompt. By THOMPSON & CO., broker* and commiasioa merchants, 102 Nassau street, corner of Ann, room No 2, second floor. dh/i a AAA T0 L0AX 0N diamonds, watch ?Tv?vVU est, jewelry, and every description of merchandise, in large or email fmrns, different to other office*. Apply at 598 Houston street, one block from Broadway. S. MYERS, Agent. dJiQA AAA (Wsc*ancb company funds) iJpOv/e U"U to loan on bond and mortgage; also money to loan, at all times, on stocks and personal pro perty. Charge- moderate. Apply to C. R. TOTTEN, 1U5 Broadway, room 7. ACRES IN IOWA.? WANTED TO PCR chnse Iowa lands located by N. Haight for persons in and vicinity of New York, at $1 'i't per ae.e. Apply to fcj. H. MATTfciON, 3 Nassau street, 3d floor, front room. 3.000 $2 000 ?? *1500 A GENTLEMAN having .000 that amount of money to loan bis em }V"J'er, can secure a permanent situation, with a good salary, as bookkeeper in an old established buslne-M, situated on South street, N. Y. Securitie* for twice the amount of money louned will be given if required. A note addressed to D. Mott, No. 120 Water street, Stating name and address, will be immediately attend ad to. WANTED? IN A WEI J, ESTABLISHED, permanent and safe business, for licit a very liberal compensation will be given, and se curity made perfectly satlsfactfiry. Address A. J. B., box 106 Herald office. djlQr WANTED, CASH, BY A LADY? A NICE FUR. HpOO Dished parlor, in a good central location, will be given for three months, free of charge, as security. An agreeable arrangement would be made with either a lady or a gentleman. AdUrtM B. B., Sun office. Any amount of money, in sums to suit, can be had without delay, on valuables, property, se curities. Ac. Also uncurrent money discounted at lowest rates. Highest prices paid for foreign gold and silver, at the Specie and Exchange Office, 462 Broadway, opposite the I'acittc Ban k, JOHN HOOPE ADAMS. A NY AMOUNT OF CASH LOANED, OR PURCHASED at sight, for tair prices, of diamonds, watches, rich Jewelry, plate, merchandise, and valuable personal pro perty generally, by R. WOOD, 60 Fulton street, second floor, front room, trcm 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. A I ADY WISHES THE LOAN OF $200 FOR ONE year, for which good security will be given, with the use of a furnished room (until paid. Please address Perseverance, Broadway Post Office. A CHOKE SELECTION OF FARMS AND IA.NDS, from 20 to 4,000 acres; city and country property sold and exchanged: mechanics liens and insurance ef fected; money to loan on bond and mortgage; partner ships lonqed, Ac. ; desk room to let. Apply at 81 Nassau street, room No. 0. CASH LIBERALLY ADVANCED, IN SUMS TO SUIT Ap plicants, on watches, jewelry, pianos, furniture, horses, wagons, Ac. Business strictly confidential. Call at 280 Broadway, room 38. third story. ?JtyfARINERS' PAVINGS INSTITUTION? THIRD AVE jjl nue, corner of Ninth street ? For the benefit of all classes of persons. Bank open daily from 0 A. M. to 2 P. M., and on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS from 5 te 8 o'clock. Interest on deposits of 9900 and naier. SIX PER CBNT. ISAAC T. SMlfH, Secretary. Money advanced for short periods on real estate, diamonds, watches, jewelry, plate, piano fortes, dry R><ods, horses, carriages, and every descrip tion of property, by responsible Empire I-oan and Agency Company. C. WIL1,S, Agent, 333 Broadway, opposite the Broadway theatre. ?VJ-EW YORK FLOATING DRY DOCK COMPANY, .1^1 Align -t 7, 1865.? The President and directors have this day declared a quarterly dividend of four per cent, payable on and after the 15th Inst. The transfer boelu will be dosed until the day of payment. By order, ? U. V. MASON, Secretary. WANTED?**) OR 1100 FOR A WIDOW LADY FOR good security, or the above sum may be taken out in board; a comfortable home may be expected. Address Mrs. E. P.. 43 Forsyth st. ~ 8PORTTNO. ~ CANARIES FOR SALE, FIRST RATE SINGERS AL SO, some very hand-ome French lap-dog*. ; just ar rived. l'lea-e call at 57 Robinson street, between Wa?bington and (ireenwich streets. ARTRULOGT. Astonishing to ALL.-MADAin: morrow.?1 rim blqhly gifted lady It, wlthont exception, the most wonderful astrologtst in the world, or that has been known. She will tell all the events of lift, even the very thoughts, and will cavee speedy marriages, and show the likeness of the intended husbands and absent friends, te the great astonishment of all who visit her. No charge, if not satis fled. Apply at 76 Broome street, near Ota ?on. Gentlemen not admitted. CARD ?MADAM PREWPTER RETURNS THANKS TO her friends and pe irons, and begs to say that, after the thousands, both in this city and Philadelphia, who have consulted her with entire satisfaction, she feels con fident that in the qne.*tiu?i of astrology, love and law matter*, and book* or oraelee, as relied on constantly by Napoleon, she hae no equal. She will tell the name of the future husband, and also the name of her visiter. Re sidence 76 Madiaon street, one door from Catherine. BRUCE, THE MYFTERIOCS VEILED IADY. AND . the most wonderful astmloglst In the world, can be consulted with for a short time at her old office, 50 Canal street, two doors east of Broadway, All consulta tions 50 cents. " ADAM HARRIS, THE RENOWNED PHRENOI/K5IST, from I'arU, can be consulted about love, marrisge business, Ac., ami will tell the name of the lady or gen tleman thev will marry; also the name of her visi ters. lli ditence 123 Kigbth street, corner of Fourth av., one block Irom Broadway. SPIRIT! AlJsM? Miss SKABfUNU, A SUPERIOR TFM medium; (?-rsonal circles for investigation daily; alao. circles |..r drvelopement of mediums Thursday evening; also, dally from 10 to Is A. M , 3 to 6 and 7 to ? P. M. Booms 571 Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. GirsEY otrl Kaviau juw Arrtvkd from _ Europe, would respectfully inform her friend* and >e public that she will hold her courts at M BowerT room No. 1, flrst floor, where she caa be consulted la regard to the past, present, an. 5 future 1 * aaJ g?a tlemen wishing to knnsr the rtrturastan<ws Uiat surround them likewise their future p-fsoe"t4 ireaid 1? wri j, <t-^f o* the Cipev , #fe ?mr?acuanuk of thm MrfMi-40 children' house mult have cms a ad bath, *?d be between Fourth and Sixth evenuee, and Bleeeker and Sixteenth streets, from the lit of September tllllst otVtf. Address C. G. F., Braid o?ce. A FURNISHED COTTAGE, THREE MINUTES' WALK J\. {from VandeTbilt LmuUmt, Staten Island, to let from 1st September. Apply at 48 Bichange plaoe. A GOOD BASEMENT TO LET IK GILSEY BUILDING. No. 1 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. A good stand for an j busiMM. Apply to W. B. STRONG, trunk ?tore, 106 Maiden tent. A PRIVATE FAMILY IN BROOKLYN WISHES TO let a suit of apartment*, furnished or unfurnished, constating ot Una pleasant room*. Privilege in kitchen if required. Gas throughout the house. Within ten minutes' walk of an/ of the ferries. Rent moderate. Good reference required. Apply at 08 Dean street, Brooklyn. ASrLENDID LOCATION*.? A BEAUTIFUL STORE, with an elegant show window, to let, at 162 Fulton street ; rent a trifle above nothing- Call early if you want it. Building for manufacturing purposes to let or lease ? Is 50 by 100, well lighted, with heat ing and drying apparatus, an! everything complete, with or without steam power, as may be desired. Inquire ou the premises, 12 and 14 Pitt street, near Grand. Furnished parlors and bedrooms to lt, in a private family, in a pleasant situation near Wash ington square. Gas and baths In the hor -te. Apply at 802 Fourth street. References required. , URNTSHED HOUSE TO LET? FIRST CLASS, IP REE story and basement brick house, handsotflMy fur nished and pleasantly located, in Bloom&eld place, Ho boken, fire minutes' walk from ferry. Rent MOO per annnm. Address or Inquire of I.F.AviVf, WADBWORTH A CO., 168 I'earl street, N. Y. Furnished parlor and bed room to let, with accommodation for servant if required. Most desirably situated, being exactly opposite Nlblo's Garden, 576 Broadway. N. B. Have been occupied by a lady for some years. Also, on* half a capacious bed room, fur nished, to a gentleman. OUSES TO LET.? THREE ELEGANT HOUSES IN River terrace, Hofcikcn. three minutes' walk oi erry. commanding a beautiful view of the bay and city of New York, with bath, gas, hot and cold water, fcc., to families of the first respectability only. Inquire at the office corner of Second and Hudson streets, Hobo ken, of EDWARD MARTIN. TTOUSE TO LET.? A HANDSOME THREE STORY JCL brown stone front dwelling, 824 Henry street, Brooklyn, nearly new, having the modern conveniences, with locality unsurpassed, and about eight minutes' walk from the Atlantic ferry. Possession given imme diately. Apply to Mr. John K. Hora, 80 Nassau street, or to Mr. 1'. Brush, 108 Bedford street, New York. House in Brooklyn to let or for salr corner of Columbia and Poplar streets, two min utes' walk from Fulton ferry; prospect beautiful: capital cellars; rent >600. Apply to JAMES SUCH, SO East Fif teenth street, N. Y. A stable in the rear may be had, if required. Large and splendid room to let? in the marble building opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel; J as circumstances prevent the present occupants from re maining in it for a loafer time, it will be let Immediately at a discount from a very cheap rent. Addreas J. M. EMEKSON A CO., No. 1 Spruce stroet. LOW RENTS? TO LET, A NEAT HOUSE IN WEST Thirteenth street; rent $300; also onejn Uelvidere place, West Thirtieth street: rent $400. Apply at 157 South street, up stairs, from 10 A. H. to 4 P. M. OFFICE TO LET? HALF OF FRONT OFFICE 105 Broadway, (the other half occupied by Smith A Eddy;) a very desirable location for a watch importer, or most any other light business purpose. Apply to SMITH & EDDY, on the premises, or to Waterbury Jewelry Com pany, 12 Vesey street. OLD BAKER'S STAND TO LET OR LEASE THE OLD baker'* stand, four stories high, No. ? Sixth ave nue, near the junction of Broadway, to let or lease. None need apply but those who can give good security for rent. Apply to WILLIAM H. RAYNOR, corner of Broadway and West Thirty-fifth at. STEAM POWER TO LET, IN THE DEPOT BUILDINGS, corner of Elm and Franklin streets, one block east of Broadway? Inquire on the premises at the office of E. ANTHONY. fTH) LET? THE WHOIJ! OF ONE HALE OF THE HOUSE 1 80 Varlck street, to a small, genteel family; the house is in complete repair. Inquire on the premises. TO LEI? A FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE HOUSE, with all the modern improvements, (on Murray hill.) in Thirty eighth street, near Fifth avenue. Apply to John W. Miller, 442 Eighth avenue, or to John Router, 171 West street. TO i-ET? A IARGK FURNISHED HOUSE, NEWLY painted, and in good order, suitable for a private family or boarding house. The furniture will be sold at n sacrifice, or the place will be furnished in any way to suit a good tenant. Inquire at 66 Fulton st., Brook - lyn. The lady would board with the tenant If desired. 10 LET? IN JERSEY CITY, A STORE, 22 BY 80.FEET; rent low. Apply at 62 Montgomery street. TO 1?T? THE TWO STORY ATTIC AND BASEMENT house. 1*6 Grand street, near Broadway: rent mode rate, to a good tenant. Apply to J U LIEN CREVIER, 93 Duane street, one door from Broadway. TO LET? TO A PRIVATE FAMILY, THE THREE story brick house, 156 Waverley place, near Sixth avenue. The premises are in fine order, having just been painted: baths, water closets, gas, Ac., Ac. , rent Vow, and possession immediately. Apply to R. L. SUYDAM, 158 Waverley place. TO LET? IN ONE OR TWO APARTMENTS, A LOFT, in house No. 8 North William street, centrally lo cated. and well adapted for a salesroom, or for light ma nufacturing purposes. Inquire at No. 3 Feny street. mo LET? AT RAVENSWOOD, L, I., A SMALL, X neatly furnished cottage; will be let for the winter. Kent moderate. The family now occupying will board with them if desirable. References exchanged. A line of stages run past the door every half hour, and is convenient to the steamboat landing. Address R. S. P., Herald office. TO LET, THE SECOND AND THIRD STORIES (FIVE rooms) of house No. 122 West Thirty-seventh street. Heat. $8 per month. Address, T., Herald office. TO I.ET, ON BROADWAY AND CANAL STREET ? ONE store on Broadway, and one on Canal street to lease. Apply at 144 Chambers street. mO 1JX IN JERSEY an'? ONE OF THOSE BROW N P stone houses fronting Van Vorst square, 25 by 25 feet on the ground, three story and basement; I'assaic water and gas throughout. For style and finish equal to any in Jersey city. Also, at Sherwood, Bergen Heights. 2 miles from the ferry, on an'omnibiy route, a gothic villa, with one'acre of ground attached, rommandingan uninterrupt ed view of the bay, from the Narrowsjto the upper part of New York city. The location is proverblnUy heaithy. The above houses were completed about the mld'lle of May last, and will be rented this year at 60 percent, below their value, with the privilege of one or more years at n fair rent. Inquire of J. It. THOHI"SON. agent for H. S. Gregory and Estate of Henderson, Montgomery street, corner or Hudson street. Jersey city. TO I.ET OR FOR SALE? TWO NEW FOUR STORY brown stone front English basement houses, situate 227 and 22V West Thirty-fourth street. These houses are first class; contain all the extra modern improvements. And are finished In superior style. Apply at 227 West Thirty-fourth street. mO LET OR LEASE FOR FIVE YEARS, THE TWO X haudfome five story stores Nos. 26 and 27 Canal street, near Broadwar, just finished, ami complete in ill respects Apply to' Dl'BOIS A VANDERVOORT, 37 Water st. rRENT? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. AT 498 Brosdway, two spacious parlors, a basement, and Wug apartments If required, at a moderate reut to a tenant. THE FINE LARGE STORE AND BASEMENT 38 CA nal street, 100 feet from Broadway, to let, very cheap, until the first of February naat. Inquire of GROVER. BAKER A CO., 406 Broad waf^ PPER PART OF A SMALL Hoi t^H.VTED? UN furnished or furnished, to dwell In; ovet a store preferred; clean and In gooa order, and where there are Croton water arrangements. Neighborhood of Third, Fourth or Sixth avenues, above Eighth street preferred. Address, stating rent and location, J. D., Herald office. Ul'PF-R PART OF A GENTEEL THREE STiiRY HOUSE to let to a smalt family, in a good neighborhood, containing afl the latest Improvements ? the second floor, i?rt of third, and back basemeut. Gars pass near the house. Inquire on the premise*, 15T West Thirty-sixth street. Reference* exchanged. "If'' AN TEI ? ? TO RENT, BY A SMAI.l. FAMILY. A COM W fortsble house, well situated, near Fulton or Wall street ferries, ia Brooklyn. Possession required by the n(ddl<< otpeptember. Kent moderate. Address, stating particulars, box 4,242, Post Office, N. Y. "\*viTH0lT BOARD? TWO GENTLEMEN' CAN EN TT gage a large front room, nicely fumi-hed and well kept, for $3 per week (lib. each), of a private family, who have more room Than they require. The rent !? only about half price for surb a room Apply at 1JA Forsyth street, near Broome. RB9TAIJBAirrS. Broadway theatre.? parqcite sai/xw, zx Broadway -JTiops. steaks a la Jude, oysters served up at al' hoors in the best style. The suWriber contin c?? to ke?p his bar well supplied with g?uuin? imported liquors and segsr?. fine old ale. Par ey s Dublin brown ate ut and John Jamle?on'? fire year old L L. whiskey. Theatre tickets sold at the bar. OIXW-.H MEIX.0V, Proprietor. s FRENCH ANDGEIV tT ?aau restaurant, removed frotr. 17 Nassau street to MM Broadway, betvnea Duan* and Pear streets. Open every day to Uis wnefc, for breakfast, dinner and snpper. from 6 A. M. to V P M. The same moderate charg. ?? w<ll n<*??f wfc h hare m*-t? lfc-4 MtabUbnea*. *c popular Ui tAs ft*te?. L. CCSUN9, rr;prie'.?e uotmma, wamtkb. AF ARTMENTO (PARLOR AND BEDROOM), NEATLY

furnished, In the upper put of the city, irutM, | fur a gentleman and Mr, With full board for the lady, ?? a quiet family, receiving no other boarders. Address K. i ; A. C., I'nion square Post Office. CYLINDER PRESS WANTED? THE ADVERTISER Id in want of a Hoe's large cylinder preaa, No. 1 or 3, with pointing apparatus, for book work. Any one having a second hand article of this description, la good order, can hear of a purchaser, for caah or abort paper, by ad dressing H. J., 16 Beekman atreet, aecond story, within four day*. ? House wanted?a large first class ble gant brown atone front dwelling house, well lo cated, and finished with every modern Improvement, ranging in price from $15,000 to $26,000. The amount over present mortgage to be arranged satisfactorily. Address, stating terms, description, Ac., to A. W., Post Office. H0U8E WANTED TO PURCHASE. ? A THREE STORY and attic house, with modern improvements. Ad dress, with full particulars, S. H., box 827 Pout Office. House wanted? a family of three orow.v persons wish to hire a house, comfortably furnish ed, where the rent or part would be taken in board by a E'ntlemau and wife. References exchanged. For part lou rs inquiu-at 110 Bowery, between 10 and 2 o'clock. House wanted 10 hire? for one small family, a plain two or three story brick house, which must be in good order, in a good location, and at ? moderate rent, in New York or Brooklyn. Address, stating terms, Johnson. Herald office. mO DRUGGISTS? WANTED TO PURCHASE, A RETAIL X drug store, situated in a good neighborhood, at a low rent, and doing at least $5 a day, and which could be increased by attention. Any party having one to dis pone of at a bargain, may hear of a purchaser by ad dressing Pharmacy, Herald office-. WANTED? A HOUSE. IN THE UPPER PART OF THE city, having all the modern improvements, on a lease of three years pr more. Kent $760 a $1,000. Ad dress A. J. T.. box 1,107 Post Office, giving full particulars as to site ana location. WANTED? A MILL AND GEARING AND FOUR RUN of stone; the mill 30 x 44, strong frame, very heavy. Will purcarse the mill separate, or gearing and stone. Any person having such a mill to dispone of may address A. A. D., box 9,991 Post Office. WANTED TO PURCHASE? THE STOCK, FIXTURES, good will, Ac., of a first class temperance gro cery, of good location, in the city of Brooklyn. Any one having a business to dispose of may hear of a purchaser by addressing Grocery, Herald office. WANTED TO HIRE IMMEDIATELY? THE LOWER PART of a small house, in which there will be but two families altogether, and where there will be no interfer ence from any other family; must be good neighborhood, and have Croton; would prefer gas Address Apart ment, box 101 Herald office, for two days. WANTED TO LEASE? FOR A TERM OF YEARS. A modern built house (twenty-five feet front pre ferred), in the upper part of the city, at a yearly rent of from $860 to $1,000. Full particulars requested. Address box 666 Post Office. ANTED TO RENT OR LEASE? A PROVISION PACK ing house, with smoke house attached, in the lower part of the city, near the north side markets. A letter addressed to A. B., and left at the Herald office, will be promptly attended to. HPR8K8, CARRIAGES, AC. A SPLENDID bay saddle mare, kind in all harness, six years old, Bound, and can trot in four minute*; alio, a sorrel borne, 15 hands high, Round and kind, and can trot in 2:60 in harness every day in the week, for gale at 26 Thompson street. Ahorse fob sale.? a stylish bay horse. le hands high, Bound, kind, and perfect; gentle in har ness or under the Middle; in eight years old; can trot in three minutes, and is sold only for want of use. Can be seen by inquiring at corner of 165th street and Tenth avenue. Ahorse and wagon wanted immediately? such as is used to peddle fruit. Ac. about the city. Address W. T. R., Herald office. For sale or exchange, a pair of handsome iron gray horses, 0 years oil, Tory stylish, kind and gentle, guarantee*! by the owner sound. Aluo, a complete set of harness and a carriage, quite new. The whole can be seen at J. Fegan's stable, corner of Hicks and Harrison streets, Brooklyn, and will be sold choap, the presont owner having no further use for tliem. Apply at 41 South William street, up stairs. For pale? a black mare, bred in Vermont, just from the country; ball Black Hawk; six years old; sixteen hands high; of superior style and action; Trry rapid traveller; for style and beauty she has no superior in the city; warranted sound, and kind in all harness; without marks or blemishes. Can be seen at the stable of S. C. PHILLIPS, 169 Fourth street, Williams burg. For saijc? one light two horse feed wagon, new, and made to order; also one second band grocery wagon, strong. Apply at 134 East Twenty sixth street, between Second and Third avenues. For sale? two wagons; one square box plea sure or business wagon, cost 9100, price 960, and one light buggy do., made by Duaenbery k Vanduxer, cost 9180, price 980. quite as good as new. Can be seen at Neville's stable, in Dunham place, close by Peck slip ferry, Williamsburg. For saif., a splendid lady's saddle horse, lf?>i bands high, about 8 years old. A fine stylish driver, in single or double harness, perfectly sound and kind. He is to be sold, as the owner has no further use for him. Apply to D. W. Norris, livery stable, 566 Hous ton st., near Broadway. R SALE? HORSE, WAGON AND HARNESS? THE horse is gray, 8 years old, sound anil kind, and can trot Crist; the wagon is new; the whole making a beauti ful turnout, and will be sold cheap. Apply at the club stable, Downing street, near Bleecker street. TnOR .SALE? A LIGHT TROTTING WAGON, NEARLY " new, with shifting top and back? price 9135. Can be seen at Dickies' riding senool, No. 7 West Thirteenth street. Sold because the owner has no use for it. FOR SALE? a CHETNtJT MARE, TOP WAGON, HAR ucss, saddle and bridle -, mare is about 16 hands, war i anted sound and kind ; will be sold low for cash. Apply to WM. HEJ.l., 170 William street, corner Beekman. For sale? a handsome first ciass shifting top light wagon, built to order for the present owner: has been but little used, and is in perfect order. Inquire 193 Uizabcth street, of WALTER BQWNE, Jb. FOR SALE? AT WOOD k CONKLIN'S LIVERY >? tables. No. 84 Second avenue, corner of Fifth street, a Hotel ?tage and set of harness, made for the siime, all nearly new, aud will be sold cheap, as the owner has no further use for them. FOR SALF? GRAY MARE, WAGON AND HARNESS: mare 16*? hands high, six years' old, stylish, sound and gentle; would make a desirable family or road horse; wsgon has a light shifting top. little used; harness in keeping. Apply to GEORGE W. FARLEY, corner of Mar ket ana Cherry streets. FOR SALE? A SPLENDID MORGAN MARE. SEVEN years old. fifteen hands high, kind and sound, Just from the country, and will be sold very low if applied for immediately, at 168 South street, up stairs. FUR SALE-ONE LOW PRICED BOB-TAILED BAY horse, warranted sound and kind in all harness. 16)? bands high, eight year* old, price, 986; also, a handsome liay pony, six years old, 14 W bands high, warranted as above, price 9110, fa-t traveller. Apply at 7?J West Se venteenth street, near Sixth avenue. Horse for sale.? a gray pacing pony, 14x hand* high; can pneo in 2:40; kind and good under Is or in harness. Will be sold very low for want of use. Apply at 32 Burling slip. Horhe for sale? a splendid dion gray. i?x bands high, eight years old, will stand without tying, kind and gentle. Be will suit a carman, express man, or for family use. Any person wanting a good horse may apply at 182 Suffolk street. Horse for sale? a splendid jet black French horse, only four years old. sixteen hands high; stylish driver and fast; well broke and free from all tricks; warranted sound in every respect. Sold only on account of the owner's going abroad. Address (3, W, R., box 591 Post Office. Light wagon for sale?a handsome light pleasure wagon, with extension top, suitable for ? physician or private gentleman; nearly new and sold for want of use; will be sold low If applied for Immediately. Cod be seen at 168 Mercer street. Apply at 19 Beaver st. Mt'IXB AND HORSES? THE ADVERTISERS WISH to buy either a first rate horse, suitable for any kind of work, or a pair of males. Address R. kL, He rald office, for one week. STABLE TO LET.? A GOOD STABLE TO LET. NEAR Chambers and Reade streets. Apply at 290 Broad way, room 9, third story, from 10 to 12 o'clock. WAGON FOR SALE? A HANDSOME LIGHT TROT ting wagon. with shifting summer ton, Oliver maker; used only a few times; price 9155. Apply at (ill' more k Jartis' stables, Hicks street, aear Atlantic st., Rtooklyn. LEGAL KOTICKM. T Ml "OUT ANT TO HARDWARE DEALERS ? NEW YORK X Superior Court? Special term, July 12, 19..J W||. liam Butcher k Samuel Butcher, or Sheffield, fegUnd again." t Scheldt, of New York. The parties to this action are manufacturers and dealer* in hardware and cutlery. The plaintiffs complain that the defendant has manufac tured and sold in the markets of the United states spu rious files and chisel^, purposing to be ef the minu&e ture of the plaintiffs, and with the names and trade marks of the plaintiff* stamped on the artiele, Al*o, that the defendant, without au'herity, t:??d the names and labels ef the plslntits. ant affix -o them to such Erkages of spurious good*. The defradan' allowed ?Igment to be taken ifunt him fir the sua fl?? ou?and do. ? damages, together with ? perpetual In Junction again*' ?t>a ting or du,>o*.^| of au A, or any spi.rWui gnsxle wt?h nomas, stamp* I aJ> eaa- ^ , f; *%??*.' ?. he tht^vp I f*AQ broadway.-suits or ROOMS, suitable vtO tot fcwlBw, with full board; ilis, tnwlett borders icwwwuiiiM on wntniMt term*. A -fly BROOME.? FURNISHKD ROOMS, ON FIRST ?rll *o?l socond floor, with or without partial board, to 1ft to gentlemen. . 1 JI9 HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S JL4 1 park.? Furnished room to tot. with board, to rfiqto gentlemen, or h*U?mo a ad their wire*; alao, a handsomely furnished back parlor; houaa newt y furnish ed, with all the modem Improvement* (be permanent and transient boarder*. ?g A \ EIGHTH STREET, OPPOSITE CLINTON HALL? X4i Rooms to tot. with board. Suitable accommo dations for the winter for families and single gentlemen. fr?b WEST TWENTY -SIXTH STREET. ? SINGLE GEN a Q tlemen or gentlemen and their wives can be hand somely accommodated with board in a first class house, on a stage and car route, a few atepa from Sixth avenue, where but few boarder* will be accommodated. n A WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A VERY I?E i 4r sirabto suit of rooms on the second floor, consist mg of one large bedroom, with pantries attached, and one large i?rlor, with full or partial board, may be obtained; alio a large front room on the third floor. QQ GROVE STREET? TO LET, WITH BOARD, A 20 front room furnished ; the frmlly is small, house new, containing all the modern improvements: references exchanged. Stages and oars within a block of the house. Those wishing a quiet homo, will call. A WIDOW LADY WOULD LET TO ONE OR TWO single gentlemen furnished rooms, with our with out partial board. Bath and gas. Location very retired and pleaaant. Apply at 192 Waverley place, near Amos street. 1 SUITE OF FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? IN BROAD J\_ way, near the St. Nicholas Hotel, suitable for sin gle gentlemen. Apply at 602 Broadway. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO MEET WITH A GENTLE man who w ould occupy a very handsomely fur nished parlor in a house with all the modern Improve ments, accessible either by cars or stages, west side of town. For further particulars address Heloise, Union sqtiure I'ost Oflice, for three days. A CHOICE OF APARTMENTS MAY BE OBTAINED with board, in a private first class house in 'lwenty-thlrd street, between Fifth and Lexington ave nue*. Parties wishing to make arrangements for the autumn and winter, will please addross Mrs. L. H., Union square Post Office. A private table if required. A GENTLEMAN IS DESIROUS OF OBTAINING FULL board in a social private family, or a first class boarding house, either in New York or Brooklyn. Unex ceptionable references given. Address T., box 2,723 N. Y. Post Office, with full particulars. None others will re ceive attention. A GENTLEMAN, OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, wishing a suite of handsome furnished rooms, with ertial board, in a respectable private family, and where ?re are no other boarders taken, Will please call at 104 Perry street. A WIDOW LADY, WITH TWO YOUNG DAUGHTERS, desire to obtain board, with parlor and bedrooms, for the fall and winter, in a respectable and genteel family, where they may enjoy the comforts of a home, and where there will be but few or no other boarders; latter preferred. Address W. B., with price and particu lars, box 116 Post Office. A GENTLEMAN CAN BK ACCOMMODATED WITH board and a single front room, furnished, la a pri vate family, by applying at 02 Barrow street, second door west of Hudson. A BOOM AND BEDROOM, WITH BOARD, IS WANT ed, by an elderly lady and servant, in a small gen teel private family, in the vicinity of Grand street and East Broadway. Apply at 67 Columbia street. A SUITE OF FURNISHED ROOMS WANTED, WITH bath, gas. and an extra room for servant and child; board for lady, servant and child odty. Location to bo near Broadway, between Bleecker and Tenth streets. A lair price will be paid for such accommodations, in ad vance if required. Please address Marble Head, Herald office. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN GOOD BOARD J\_ and pleasant room on third floor, with a com fortable home, Price $3 50 per week, location good, and midway between Wall street and Folton ferries. Apply at 66. Henry street, Brooklyn. A GOOD SIZED ROOM. WITH BOARD, MAY BE HAD at No. 10 West Eleventh street. Dinner at six o'clock. Gas, baths, ic. References exchanged. A FEW RESPECTABIJC YOUNG MEN CAN BE Ac commodated with good l>otird by applying at 13S Baxter street, a few doors from the corner of Hester. Board? a ijj>y, residing alone, who for years has been accustomed to the requirements of the airk, would accommodate a lady with board, nursing and ukilful attcwltiuw, provloua tn and daring confine ment. Address A Friend, Chatham eqoare Post Office, care of A. Swarts. Board.? to urr, a front furnished room. with use of bath, with or without board. Inquire at 140 Spring street. Bakers? wanted, at the corner of Baltic and Hoyt streets, Brooklyn, a bread and cake baker. Board? a lady can be accommodated with board and a pleasant furnished room. Apply at No. 38 Hubert street. Board.? a very large, handsome front room and bedroAm, famished or unfurnished, to let, with board, in a private house, also, a single room. Gas and bath in the house. Apply at 8 Beach street,' op posite St. John's park. Board can be obtained for two children in a respectable family of adult* residing in a healthy and beautiful part of Westchester, very accessible by railroad, being witliin two minutes' walk of the depot. Address A. M., Broadway I'ost Office, for three days. Board in ninth street, between fifth and Sixth avenues.? Elegant suits of rooms, with pri vate table or not, furnished or unfurnished; every cum fort Of a private family ; home given for a moderate price, if the best reference is given. Address, with name and number, M. A., Astor place Post Office. Board down town.? two or three gentle men can be accommodated with board at 172 1 mane street, near Hudson, opposite the Duane street park. Board down town.? one or two single gen tlemen can be accommodated with furnished rooms and board, by calling at 126 Chambers street. Re. fereace required. Board in Brooklyn rooms en suite, fur nished or unfurnished, for families; also, rooms for gentlemen and their wives, and single gentlemen, in a Brat class house, near Wall ateeet ferry. Application at the house in Montague street, second door east of Clinton street, or address C. D., Herald office, will have at tention. Board in Brooklyn.? a small private fa niilv. residing within two minutes' walk of the South ferry, would be happy to receive as inmates for the winter a gentleman and his wife, or two single gentle men. They would find all the comforts of a respectable home. French as well as English spoken by the family. Apply at 37 I'nciflc street, between Henry and Hicks. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and ins wife, or a family, also a few single gentleman, can be accommodated with fall or partial oonrd, at 147 Hicks street, Brooklyn Heights, within two minutes' walk of Wall street ferry. Board in Brooklyn.? very desirable rooms, with partial board for single gentlemen nnd gen tlemen and their wives, at 186 Washington street, about Ave minutes' walk from the Fulton terry. The house being situated very fine, offers the accommodation of a bath and gas. Terms moderate. Board in rrooklyn? two or three gentle. men. or a married couple, can And good board, in a very desirable location, two minutes' walk from Fulton ferry, where there are but few taken, and all the com forts of a home mny be fonnd. Apply at 45 High street, near Washington. Board wanted? by two young gentlemen, in a genteel private fkmlly (French preferred), in or near Willoucrhby street. Brooklyn. Terma moderate. AddiV H. W., BrobUyV Post Office, for two day*. Board wanted? in lamartine place, (twen. ty-nintk street,) or Immediate vicinity, by a gen lan. with two children and nurse. Private family preferred. Pleaae address A. M., box 264 Post Office. Board wanted?with breakfast and supper, for a single gentleman; location, eaat side of Broed wa v, between Tenth and Twenty-second streets ; terras not to exceed $7 per week. Address box 3,222. Board wanted? by a gentllman and hi* wife, in exchange for a piano by one of the best makers in the United States. Address W. B. M., No. 333 Broadway. Board wanted- by a young widow, in a very small family; terms not to exceed <12 per month. Address Mrs. M. A. Sinclair, Newark, N. J. Board wanted? in Brooklyn or new york by a gentleman, wife and two children and servant, where the comforts of a home caa be had. It muit bain a)tmall family where there are no other boarders. Re feienee required end given. location, if In Brooklyn, we?t of Bridge street, between Fulton and South ferry, if in New York, between Fourth and Sixth avenues, not higher than Twentieth utreet. N. B.? Good living and liberal pay. Address board, box 100 Herald office. Board wanted? for a i adv. in a respectable family, where there are few or no other boarders. Addro-s E. L. M., 136 Bowery. Boarding.? two or gentleman can re accommodated with room*, with or without board, th? nouee ij lighted with gas: baths for the use or the eeciipsn"'! Mrs. IHBhiiWi, Ml Houston street. B0ATD VG ?TWO OR THROT I A INT > CAN' QVTAIN beerdiae eres~ p>iv?te fun.: , p.A**ant rxwa., )?-*' a very eonvwileoV A^i; at ths ?nw -/ H?>?? V:v;>? s'nt- S en ?- r,e-j wjuuhho iurpiiOMara. B~OAKDING AND LODGING Df HARLEM OB YORK rille.? Wanted, by a gentleman, tiro well furnish ed room*, with dinner, near the railroad station. Bale rence wanted. Address 1*. C. R., Herald oflice. lEAlTIFIIXV FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? TO ) tingle gentlemen of high respectability, in a prtvate lily with or without board; the house aud furniture new, and fint class in every particular. Apply at U?H Ninth street, fire door* west of Broadway, T"\E8IRAK? ROOMS.? TWO OR THREE GENTLEMBK I f cm obtain very desirable suites of roomt, or etagl* rooaiN, with partial board, if required, in a Bwt olase brown atone front bouse, with all the modern improve ment*, convenient to the cart and stages. No. T1 Wort fourteenth street, iTet house weet of Sixth avenue. ? LEO ANT ROOMS. FRONTING WASHINGTON SQUARE. ?A strictly private family, occupying a splendid ate residence, a few doors west of Broadway, near Ihe Breroort House, would let permanently to one or two Rntlemen, one entire floor, richly furnished, with partial ard, served in their parlors. Address Box 1,131 Post Office. TTtRENCH BOARD.? GENTLEMEN WHO WISH TO JJ learn French by practice, can apply to a teacher of French, 23#,Tenth street, near .Second avenue. This lan guage is only spoken by his family, who, as well as hisa self, are from Paris. liie terms will include all the at oesxary instruction and board. FURNISHES) ROOMS? NEWLY PAPERED AND PAINT ed, with use of bath, at 18 Liepenard street. URNISHED ROOM?? -A PRIVATE FAMILY Of THREE persons (English) desire to rent two rooms on a second floor, to which a small upper room eould be added, to two or three gentlemen. Breakfast, if desired, and no other inmates will be received. Location, one block from Broadway, between Nlblo's and New YoA Hotel. Address M. J., Box 3854, Poit Office. URNISHED ROOM? WITH FULL OR PARTIAL BOAR*, for gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, may be obtained at 46 West Washington place. Refer ences exchanged. Handsomely furnlshed rooms for ge.vtlk men, in a delightful location, with nil the modern improvements. Call at 62 Ninth street, third white house from Fifth avenue, west side. Handsomely furnished room* for ladies anb gentlemen, board for the ladies only, in a delight ful location. Address A. C., Broadway Post Offlce. HOBOKE.V? ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN can obtain handsomely furnished rooms, with par tial board, in a first class house, No. 3 Hudson place, op posite Franklin terrace. TO LET? WITH BOARD, A LARGE UNFURNISHHi room and bedroom adjoining, on the third floor, front; gas and baths in the house; also, a second stocy hall bedroom, furnished; reference required. For terms, Ac., apply at 57 Bleecker street, a fjw doors east of Broad ly WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN. A ROOM WITH board, in a private family, in Brooklyn, not toe far from the ferries. Address box 2,823 Post OlBce. ANTED? A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH BOARD for a lady, where the comforts of a home may be W had. Brooklyn preferred. Terms not to exceed $6. Ad Z., Broadway Post Office. dress Y. WANTED? FOR A WIDOW LADY AND HER DAUGH ter, permanent board in a respectable private family, residing in a healthy and agree ible neighbor hood, within fifty miles of New York. Terms must be moderate. Address box 1,070 Poet Offlce, N. Y. "|TT ANTED ? COMFORTABLY FURNISHED PARLOR T f and bed room, with partial board for two gentle men. Locaiion, near Union square ; with bath and gne. Private family would be preferred. References ex changed. Address box No. 4008, Poet Offlce. EXCURSIONS. CAMP MEETING AT SING SING.? FAKE 25 CE STO ? the favorite steamer THOS. E. Hl'LSE, Capt. G. O. House, will leave New York, from pier foot of Jay street, second pier above Chambers street, every (lav, kt I o'clock P. hi., (Sundays excepted,) making the usual landings. Returning, will leave Sing Sing every day at 0)j A.M. The camp meeting will continue for one week, commencing August 20. The steamer METROPOLITAN, for Albany and inter mediate landings, will also land at Sing Sing daring camp meeting, leaving New York from foot of Jay street every Monday, Wednesday and ?iday, at 7 o'clock A. M. Re turning, will leave Sing Sing every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock P. M. Fare 26 cents. Excursion to keyport.? the stkamer golden GATE, Captain Charles Anderson, formerly captain of the steamer Laura Knapp, will make regular tri ps t? Keyport every day. Sundays excepted, leaving the foak of Murray street at 8X o'clock, pier No. 3 at H o'clock. A cotillon band will be on board. For fishing banks? the steamboat mercury, Captain Richard Yates, will leave for the Fishing Banks every day (Sunday excepted), touching at Fort Hamilton each way, from the following places, vis. J? Jackson street, 8 A.M.; Broome street, 6X A.M. ; Peck ? lip, 7 A. M. : Spring street, N. R.t 8 A M.; pier 4, N. R., 8% A. M. Wishing tackle and bait tarnished. Music will accompany the boat on each trip. Fare 60 cents. Great prize excursion to the fishing banks, on Friday, Aug. 17 ? Fourteen magnificent prise* of rich and elegant jewelry will be distributed to the holders of certain numbered tickets purchased for this excursion, litis feature of the excursion will be under the sole management of the passengers, they appointing a committee to carry out the same. Fare 50 cents, by the safe and commodious double engine steamer MASSA CHUSETTS, E. H. Hanks, commander, leaving pier foot of Amos streetat 8 o'clock, and pier No. 3 N. K., at 0 A. M. Fishing tackle and bait on board. A band of muslo in attendance. RAM) EXCURSION AROUND STATEN ISLAND.? The splendid steamer WM. GAGE, Captain J. O. Phillips, will make a grand excursion around Htaten Island, landing at Coney Island, on Sunday, August 19, 1805, giving the passengers ample time for bathii^, leav ing as follows:? Foot of Eighth street. East river, at eight o'clock A. M. Williamsburg " " 8% " ?? Foot of Broome street, " " 8)5 " 44 Foot of Amos street, North river, " " " Foot of Spring street, 44 " 9 J? " " Pier No. 3 North river ?' ltK *' " Fare for the excursion. 50 cents. Refreshments fur nished on board. STEAMER CROTON.? GREAT PRIZE EXCURSION 1* the Fishing Hanks. Five dollars premium for the largest fish-, two dollars premium for the smallest Ash. Fare 50 cents. The above premiums will be paid by the splendid safe ami fa.-t steamer CROTON, William H. Wood, captain, en her trip to the Fishing Banks on Friday, August IT. Leaves foot of Broome street, East river, at 7 KM A. M. 44 Gouvemcur St., " 7:1ft " 14 Peck slip, ?' 7:30 " " Spring strong Korth river, at 8:00 " " Robinson stWR, " 8:15 44 " Her No. 4, ?' 8:30 44 Refreshments, fishing tackle and bait furnished 9* board. A band of music will accompany the beat. mo CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS? THE SAFE AMD JL commodious double etyine steamer MASSACHU SETTS, E. R. Hanks, commander, being now In complete order, can be chartered for excursions. She is the largeet and mint elegant steamer offered for the purpose, hav ing a Urge dancing saloon 112 feet long. Apply on board, at the foot of Amos street, N. R. ; or to L. H. GROVES, 163 Broadway, np stairs. FCMimE. COTTAGE AND FANCY FURNITURE WAREKoo.MS? At 514 Broadway, opposite tbe St. Nicholas Hotel. MATHEWS k STACEY offer for sale the most extensive assortment of fancy, rottsge, enamelled and French ftir niture in the United States, at reduced prices; every va riety of mattresses, palliasses, pillows, bolsters, Sc., at manufacturer's prices. T 10 BOARDING HOUSE KKETERS. ? THE r.NTTRF, _ furniture of a boarding house for ante; the house is well furnished, and in good order. A first rate chance for any lady wishing to enter the business. Inquire at 01 I^onard street. ^ KATSDHmiAL. MATRIMONIAL ? A GENTIEMAN WISHF.- To MAKE the acquaintance of a young lady, not over twenty years of age. of prepossessing nppes ranee and amiable disposition. Please address A. C. M,, box 120 Metropoli tan Post f>ffice, stating a here an interview may be had. BOXIARDI. BII.UARD TABIDS ? WE OFFER FOR SAIE THE oifly correct cushion billiatd table now manufac tured in tb? Unlled States. Balls cues, and other trim ming* for ?sl<- 10 per cent. lev tbsn can be bonght else ? here. GBTTVITH * DI-XKER. 00 Ann street. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST BUJUARD TABI-EsTn tbe United States a^aold at 41 Ann street. Gentlemen wanting tables are iiffWd to call before purchasing, and judge for themselves. Ooths, cues, Ik. . cheap fur cash. Don't forget the number. O'CONNOR * OOLLENDER, 41 Ann street. E INVITE PURCHASERS TO EXAMINE OUR stock ofbllliard tables, with our modern improve ments. fbr which we received a silver medal at A* world's (sir, New York, 18M. Also, balls, cues, clothe, Sc., Sc., for sale at tbe lowest cash prices. LEONARD S BENJAMIN, 332 Broadway. " A61MY ===== American and foreign agency, (ohtxitv: thh Treasury Department. Washington.) under tbe di rection of AARON HAKrlli PAIM13, Counsellor of the Supreme Court of Ihe United States and (V>nsul-<;?neml of the Republic of Ecuador for the United State*, estab lished for the recovery of claims of American riii?en? en foreign governments, or again*t tli<* government o i the United .Tt^tes before tbe new Court of Claims- settlement of accounts or claims o:i any of the Executive Depart - meats, Washington; MUs, tl rails, Sc., eofteeted, and le gs ries and inheritances rceo?ere?l in t hr- Uni'ed h'ates and foreign countries. Having e?rlent and reliable oer respondents in the sevSril States and Te> ritoriea of th? Union, and la the adjaee^l British prr/vt^**., la the West ladies, Mexico, <.eotra< and Soiitb America, tha chiaf ri ' l?v> o'F-m>pe, in Aim' ral'a, V*a btemen's land, Nst 7<eai >r?d, IndJt, at?t a! 'he consoler ports ia China the an4?-*og i,d ?? ;? <-o?r?d tog hie p nop* tad fai'fcfal at*'<si'*j'> a. hi. l i*<i Uv? iu[ tm -entiled Is )ua Lf?n-f dA^N a Pi ~jm