Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1855 Page 5
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potico are vigilant in searching houses, &c., for crimi nal*. (Joe of the convents hot* been subjected to the in ?juisitioD, and several priest* arretted. It is well ascer tained that most of the younger order of priests arc with the liberal* ? the older blahop* hang on to tyranny and U10 abrulutiHui of Sin! a Anna. Die news from the interior, brought here l>y the Eng U*h courier (the latent we have), states that '/-ipatlan el (jrande has been taken and the garrison, some 100 men, joined Alvarez fnroci. These force* were marching on to Guadalajara, which city, by thin time i* probaldy held by them. There in alio a ruuior that (^uanajuata is in poeresnon of the so-called liberating party. lUanou, the Minister of War, has gone in person, commanding the brigade of Xerrs, to light Comonfort; who. however, stands well piej>ap d to give the Minister a warm re ception. A couvov with about one million and a halt' of dot fern, which let't Mexico on the 18th of last month, un 4er an escort of nix hundred men, is detained at 1'uente Nacional, a place half way between Jalapu and thin place. Her Most Serene Highness, Mrs. Santa Anna, and her ?tep-father, his Excellency Vidal y Hi van anil wife, are detained at Julapa, waiting lor tbe reinforcement of 300 picked men, with whom his Most Serene Highness, the President Santa Anna, lias started from the city of Mexi co to see hi* dear relations safely deposited at Vera <"rui. Sr. V. L. Vidal y Kivas, the newly appointed Minister to Washington. I am afraid, will miss the excellent uteamer Orizaba, to take him over to tho country of the barbarians; but an tho whole id the Mexican navy is at anchor off tacriiicio, he and his whole party may avail themselves of this, and direct their course either to Car thagena or to the d ? 1. * * * * ?. e.?' There la a minor in town that the Conducta is taken by the Pronunciados, and about forty of the gov ernment troops killed, and 300 have gone over to the rebels. The merchants are easy about their remittances by tbe Conducta, con tiding entirely to the good faith anil be havior of the chiefs of tbe rebels, who, up to this hour, have not yet committed a single outrage. kprorc piano*, possessing in their improvement of action and ooar-strfngs a power and compass of tone equal to the ?null pianos. Sole agency for T. Gilbert k Co. 'a, llallett ? Camston's, Woodwards Brown's, and Jacob Chlckor kf*! Boston piano* ? and constantly in store pianos from nw five of the bent New York manufactories. Eachinsrtu Mat guaranteed to give entire sattsfcctlon or purchase MM j returned. Second-hand piano* of all varietiea and at great bargain*. Prices from *a0 to $140; new octare planes, witb iron frames, for $150. Pianon to rent, and Mat allowed on purchase. Pianos for salo on monthly KnicntN. Sole agency for 8. D. is H W. Smith's celu ted melodeons, (tuned the equal temperament.) HORACE WATERS, 338 Broadway. Albert H. NkoUy'i RegoUr Semi. Weekly ?action sale of stocks and Imnds, will take place this day, Monday, at 12% o'clock at the Merchant's Kx eaange. For further particulars, see his advertisement ia another column. Catalogues can be obtained at the ?flkee, 11 Broad street. Dtaltw In Clothing. ? We beg to Inform oar ?mthern and western merchants and clothiers, tliat ?or stock of fall and winter clothing is now oomplete, filiating the line and elegant styles of garments for ?Mlb our bouse ia m> well known; as also a large stock Of low priced clothing, made to represent our finer de "wus, at as low prioes ax any house in tlie trade. D. DEVLIN It CO., 268, 209 and 260 Broadway. Kmn'i Shirt and FurnMhlns Store, Wo. 1 Aeter House.? Attention is invited to the superior arti ?tea in the gentlemen's furnishing department. The stock includes every variety of Nplm and gauze f ilk awl merino, lisle thread, shaker, angola undershirts and drawers, ties, cravats, gloves, naif-hose, travelling shawls, gold shirt studs and sleeve buttons, mounted una otherwise, imported for the summer and fall trade. The yrlee* are moderate and the assortment unequalled. Attention ! !? If yon Wont a Beautiful Ze_ pkyreassimere suit for $10, or Marseilles suit for $7 76, or a fine blue dress coat tor $10, or black cloth pant* for $3, call at KVAN8' clothing warehouse, 64 and 68 Ful ton street. Cloaks and Mantillas? B. 8. 91111s Is now ? MMttng his recent importations of Pari* cloaks and ?santillas, embracing rich and elegant goods, together with a large and splendid assortment of hfo own mauul'ac tare; black silk mantillas, lined and wadded, from $1 60; tWk talmas, from $2 60; cloth cloaks, from $3 00. Buyers wflt lad it to their advantage to call and examine the ?leak, as it will be offered at the very lowest manufac turing prices, at 60 and 82 Chambers street, three doors ?two Broadway. To the ladki -Joit Received, a Large and sphnd id assortment of Miineal and colored straw trlui $, colored hats, ribbons, (lowers, and millinery l, at WM. S. LR VINE'S, 112 Canal st. Meep in Peace? Hash In's Improved Canopy aad net, a sure guarantee against mosqultos, combining beauty and cheapness, without obstructing the circula tion ef air. Its construction is simple, titling closely to the bed. by % rubber band; it can be attached to any cad in less than two minutes. W. STRATTt >N, sole agent, 90 ("hamberrf street. Carpeting* for Fall Trade, 1833-8mlth & IXlUNhBEHY, No. 466 Broadway, near Urand street, have just received, per late arrivals several large in voice* of elegant velvet tapenty and l#ar?. l-i carpciing. which they are now offering, together with a large and ?elect stock of all other goods connected with the carpet trade, at great inducements. Otfls and Preaenta^Voat Received and for ?ale. at reduced prices, the choicest selection oi fancy good*. and also every variety of toys, dressed and un dressed dolls, games of amusement for children, Am;., at MMiEKS' fancy iiajuiar, 440 Broadway. S3 75 a Pair for French Calf Boots, Made to order, with rteel shanks, by A. BAKKK, 16 Ann street. Best French patent leather stitched boots, $6 to $7; gents' gaiters and shoes, best quality, 26 to 60 per cent cheaper Ifean elsewhere. _ Dye's Bank Bote Plate Delineator com plete, will be issued the first week in September, ? taining a printed description of each denomination of e?eiy bank doing business in the I nited ."Hates and British North America. Single copies, $2. A'Hres* JdHN S. BYE, 172 Broadway. Stager'* Sewing Machines.? Tlie highest praise lrom the most competent judges. The e<itt?r* of the Scientific Ameiican. who possess unequalled advan tages for knowing everything useful in the wsy of new inventions, in their paper of Aug. 11. in their weekly list ef patent claims, m a note appended to u claim of 1. M. linger for another improvement, remark a* fol low* ; ? ?' Mr. finger has become a Ne-tor in tlie dis covery of sewing machine improvements. Hardly a week passe* without the issue of one or more new patents tor hie inventions. His sewing machines have been greatly improved withiu the pasL year, until now they ?re in the highest degree peil'ect. Himself and partner have already mnde large fortunes from the sale of these ?aachln'w and their busine s is rapidly increasing. We are glad ot it. No one man has done so much toward the introduction of the?e great labor saving machine- as Isaac M. Singer. He ought to tie well rewarded." To aoeh an enconium from such a quarter we desire to a- Id nothing except th*t our machines a re exhibited and sold at our office* in N'ew York. Boston, Newark, (il.iversville, Baltimore. i'hiiadelpbia. Cincinnati, and New Orleans. I. M. SINCtER * 00., 338 Broad* ay. Cm Fixture a, (ia* Plxinre*.? We art- Manu hctnring w<me new styles of rhaui^piars, brackets, pen dant*, Ac., in gilt and in French and artistic liron?v which purchaser* are invited .o examine. Ct'RTW Ai KAY, la Canal street, between Broadway and Centre ?t_ New Teeth? Moat Beautlfnl, I'mToI, and cheap, inserted in a solid manner, by I?r. VA1""I?;N' I'RFTEKM"., 436 Broadv.ay. corner of Howard stri<!'. Imitation Brandies of Every Bnuid^St. fVoix and Jamaica rum, Holland gin, Scotch and Hour ben whiskeys, apple js-k, peach, che-ry, rasplierry, Htrawberry, prune, port, Madeira and claret wines; best French coloring for all liquors and wines. The best and cheapest rognac oil, in original 1 quart bottles, for <ale. wttti full directions, in set* or by tlie bottle by l>r. HCOCHIWANOKK, t?8 Maiden lane. Hcrktn' Partna I* Restorative, Strength ening the digertlve and absorbent ve?sc|s. In disordered bowels, even in diarrhosii dysentery, and cholera, Farina prepared under a judicious physician, is sooth ug, tng. and salutary. To Is* had of gr?wer? druggists; wholesale of liKTKKK k BR'/THKR, ? Yoton Milis, J)1 Cherry street. New York. Herring's Patetit Champion Klre and Hot gM prvol sale, with Hall's patent powder proof lock. Both received priie medal* at the World a Fair, 1/Mvlon. IHI, and Crystal I'alace. New York. 1K53- A4. ?yi-AJ* 0. WmtilSi, & CO.. 136, 137 and 13? Water street, N. Y. Dohance Salamander Hofe*.? Robert M. Pat ?UK i* the sole manufacturer in tlie ( tilted states of tiie ?fcovs celebrated ea<e? and patent powder proof dells nee toafes and er<?s bai a. Iftipot 102 I'earl stieet, ens d?-or ?stow Maiden lane. Wlta will SoflVr, when Dr. Toblas' Cele brated Venetian liniment will .rpmedia'eiy cure liolera, et'lkc. dysentery, Vomiting rbeanatittu xwellings, cuts, bum. kr } I'epi t d0t'<>rtlandl street, New Yotk. .Sold by all the druggU'" and storekeepers. Con ia and llunloiia Removed from the fret Without psin, Ideisi or< r, t y l?r. I. l.l 'TK, artbe*- 3W. Ftr<? :w..y, a 'e* doorx aiaive White slreet, Now York. tninie.lia'eiy sf'er ttie . petation the h-oa asy le w< m, with coinf rt. Ka- h coin extracted fifty ewwts. Tan. Pint plea, f'rrrklrs. Sunburn. Halt rlteont prickly lost < ?.?i, A r, J hy M>: KAI 1>'V mat' bl< ?s Itsllao m<dl< a "<l -oat I'o i iie . lb tile upr<.< le ha i limn low foreheads ? aiiy |>?rt ot the Is sly Hoi g> !ilv wl.i-e, lu? 'iye nd ?? it V-? at theoHldep?it ?T V. a'.Ve ^ tir^t .*or"f, ?.e Me i'js.ii ?* lie tide r b* -< Ihird -te- I MUib Ipt is Rii? 1V? Waebintion . t fk?u u. dawhelor's llalr Dye, W lg> and Tonpees ihe be-i In U? s .'ld. Nine privs!. tnr .i, | lyirg fei* snr|v.;iud dye R? w ire I tmtUli. ll? they r v ,,it in ' b? la-f"*t S??r k of wigs and t..ii|- e? in Ajue ?h<. e-?.ie , r?'a! st ItAn'IO'a^lR'S. U?H< ?d - ?ay. Hill * l???|ir?wed Instantaneous Italr live, liov; a I- I ? !? o?a, g'o-'y, v\ii, % . I * . ta.',* f a<'"' ' a:. ' g. ntlene ? Tiei . ts n ?. 'S ?? e,J.?. ;s ;J| e n, .?lei . ... (???!'< ' s- . 1 IL e.lsy or 4.'i '-a i ? - wiiinltrrx lie "fnustw tie* Ported ?o Uwttm In eix seess by toy . or nt, ? i ?t ? B?'t sta.ii or : rij ?* the skin ?l a >of . nt an y '. ? f l.? i. B. It. t.HAIiAM, Ixouwar /e *r. ?' . h I r. Oil as t; I'hiladalploa , ii try o7 lale-lee' A r.rj ? n.y w >'iikni a-lml' M. D'Cuurroii la the only Practical Per* (inner who has adapted tlie receipts of hirt profe*slon to 1 general uw, accompanying them with clear and minute instruction* which enable* every nurcha er to prepare the best cosmetic* known at one-eighth the store piiee. Hair dye, hair reatorntive, an elivmt pomado freckle lotion, la beile white, bloom of rose-, dontritk" powder l mibtle, eau d'boquet, & c. The, meriu of the-e* | are extentively known, an three lai>;o editions ba7? h -en told. Circular*, with certificate*, may l>e hail at the ; office, or will be forwarded to any arid re**. Kor sal ? by M. L'CAMLKON, 212 Columbia, near Atlantic i cot, t'oulh ferry, Brooklyn sent to any addrexH In the ; ty ot New York, or by mail to any part oi the country. Dr. 8. 8. Pitch, Author of the ?Sli Lertum on Consumption, " office 714 Bioa<lway, will be plefc-ed to afford relief to thoite who have been injured, or who have failed to be benefitted by the speciality of inhalation for rii*eare* of the lung* or throat. Mjien daily (Sunday* excepted,) froui 9 to 5 o'clock. Treat* consumption, asthma, aifeare* of the heart, an<l all chronic diseases ot males and female*. Consultation free. l>r. S. S. Kitch i* always at home, and there is no person elsewhere, tiavclling or otherwise, in any way connected with hiin, or authoiiied to hail from his office, or refer patient* to him. Hollovroy'i PI 11a. ? A Care for Sick Head ache*, bill1 and dyspepsia. William Kanver*. of Dov>t, Maine, was ajjreat eulferer from thwte complaint*; he fortunately commenced wring Hollo way 's nill*, and in *ix week* lie thoroughly regained hi* hnuith, when nil other mean* bad failed. Sold at the manufactories, 80 Maiden I.ane, New York, and 244 Strand, London, and by all druggiHt*, at 26 cent*, 02Jj; cent*, and 91 per box. 91,000 for 910 ? Wanted ? Pew Gentlemen In every town and county throughout the Union, to engage in the manufacture and sale of an article upon which, for the outlay of 910, $1 ,000 a year may be made. Thi* article i* one of universal consumption. Thi* i* an oppor tunity that should not lie allowed to e?cape by those who wirh a good remunerative business. Hull particular* will be sent by mail, on the receipt of twelve and a half cent*. Specimen aent when required. Addre** i>rufe**or JAJIKS T. H0RNE, box 4,661, New York I'oat Office. The Only Bflhctnal Kxtrrmlnator, With ?utdanger or stench. ? HKNKY K. CXIKTAK'S effectual rat, cockroach, Ac., exterminator. Wholesale and retail depot. No. 388 Froadway, New Yoik; T. K. Cullender, No. Kl Sonth Third *treet, Philadelphia, agent for Philadelphia, Fenn. Counterfeit* I Look Out! Look Out I? Cheat* and humbug* are about. ? In buying LYONS' magnetic powder and pilla for the destruction of bed bug*, roaches, ant*, rat*, mice. Ac., be sure that hi* signature and the engraving* of four prize medal* are on the wrapper, ilepot 424 Broadway. Married. On Wednesday, August 1, by the Rev. Mr. J. Rnmer, Wiijjajb H. SiikkwooI), of th<> Sib-xian Marble Works, to sakah a. Mmssw*, ail ?>r thin city. Westchester county and Connecticut paper* please copy. Died. On Wednesday evening, 16, by the Rev. Or. Milktt, at hi* residence, 1.1 fcjwt Sev ufc-enth -treet, Mr. .Joein H T. (,'UKKf <>.<!, ni Oakham, Maw., to Mis* Haiua Loruu Pu!iniBW<?, of thin city. On ."-aturday, August 18, Kva Rikienu, only daughter of Seaman K. anil knima C. Fowler, aged 8 mouths. The friends and relative* are respectfully invited to at tend her funeral, thin afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of her parent*, '.80 Urand street. On Wednesday, August 15, ut Mohawk, Herkimer Co., Aakon Notsb, Esq., Toruierly of Newburg, Orange Co., In the 88th year of his age. Hi* remain* were interred in Newburg. On Sunday, August 10, of scarlet fever, Davtd Mwow ilk. eldest ?on of William and Klecta Scott, aged 8 years and 6 months. The friend* and relative* of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from 45 South First street, Brooklyn, (K. D.) On Sunday. August lit, at l'i o'clock M., IIknky, con of Bernhard Bulling, aged 1 year, f> months au<l 1 day. Hi* funeral will telte plitce at 3 o'clock this afternoon, from hi* residence, corner of Fifty-eighth street and Se cond avenue. On Saturdoy evening. August 18, Tmbodork, only child of Theodore und Kliwi liollctihagcn, aged 1 year and 4 month*. The friend* and acquaintances of the family are respect fully invited to atleml her funeral, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from their residence, No. ;i liegraw place, South Brooklyn, without further invitation. The remains will be taken to Greenwood. On Sunday morning, August 19, Rioiarp, aged 37 year*, long and favorably known a* an active friend of Ireland. He leaves a widow and three orphan children to mourn his untimely loss. His friend* and the member* of the hiith Aid Society ate requested to attend his funeral, this iltrrnoon. at 4 o'clock, from 137 Elizabeth street. On Sunday, August 19, (jBoKiia Ijjwih, ion of Ann Eli7a beth and James Murray, aged 1 your, 4 month* and 5 day*. The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon, at 1 o'clock, Irom the residence of hi* father, No. 71 street. The friend* of the family are respectlully invited to attend. On Suuday, August 19, Hannah, aged 23 years, the gentle and belov t-d wile of Thomas Bligh. Funeral to Cyprew Hill Cemetery, from 173 Knet Twen tieth Street, to morrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock. At Newark, on Saturday, August 18, Flotd Smith *on of Alexander B. and Catharine A. Thompson, aged 11 months and 12 days. The friend* o( the family are invited to attend the funeral, thi* afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from 78 Halsey street, Nework. At fioboken, August 19, Aii'i Maky, only daughter of Andrew and Margaret Campbell, agod '20 months and 0 da vs. Her friend* and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, without further notice, from 1.(4 BWwimtield street. At Toronto, Canada, on Saturday, August 18, T. (J. Booth, comedian. His remain* will be brought to this city for interment. The funeral will lake place on Wednesday morning, at 10 o'clock, from 19 Ludlow street, the residence of hi* bt other -in law, John 1-enia. His relations, friends ?nd the drnir otic profesRion generally, are respectlully Invited to attend, without-further notice. We hereby send to our Irieuds and relative* the tristy novelty thai our beloved husband aJid lather died after a lingering sickness ol six week*' duration, on the rooming ol Monday, August 19, between 4 and & o'clock. The funeral will take place this afternoon, at 1 o'clock. The mourning widow, Dorothea Dohrmann, and chil dren. Iloboken Cottage, Hudson street, Hohoken, N. J. ummum umu Krai day. l'KaSVNAL. Ct I ah ran: brooks is reqi'hted to rctikn lm ) mediately, owning to sickness in hi* family. IF MM. JAMK8 JARD1N, WHO WA< AT ST. UHTf, May, 1RM and ufterwarils at St. Pauls, Minnesota, will send his address to or call on. Messrs. .ino. Higglus fc Co.. 36 and U7 Veaey street. New Voik, he will hear of something to his advantage. JTOnCK,? IK JOHN SOMMKRVHXF. SON OF THK l| deceased (ieorge Sommerville, bookbui ier, in Ola" gow. and ol F.llnn Govans hi* sjmuae. and grandson of the dereaeed John Soininerville, snmetime hardware mrr chant in Olnsgow, and latterly residing in Saltinerket ? Ireet of (iLsfrnw, and a number of the Incorporation of CordiuMii i f Glasgow, w ill communicate with Mr Ah lander Rowett, wirecloth worker, 4d Trongatc, (ils-gow. < ne of the executors acting under the -e'tle fnent of the -aid deceased. John SoimiKTViUe, the grand father oi with Hots'rt I -UTiond and .l*ro?-s (to|iMl, writer-. 36 St. Vincent place, Glasgow, he will Iikic ot >?, uietlilnif to In- advantage. Any information rog.mliog the first named John Soniincrvilk will be thunkfully re ceived by thu above parties. Kcee B?*? DO NOT FAIL TO CAIJ. IN UNION 1 square, first < ointment <l?y. THK UUIOH ^t KHTKM. f?WF. IJQl'OR IIFAI.KKS' MiOUV HOLD RKi.l I.AB X meetings at the Odd Fellows' Hall, every Monday evening at 8 o clock, for th'- purpose of di*cu?i>inii and th< transection of general business, when memte-r <re e*. pected to attend. No person admHled withnttt his cjird ol membership. J N. 11AYWAKD 1're-id* nt. S. It. Ul.NCI . Vict I*p -id- u'. l>. S1. T'ainR, Secretary. CtHAMl'AGNK.? J. MKYFH. JR., SOI.K IMI"oRTVR Of ) blllecart salmons vi rienay ? hoinpagn". 14 H road way. invites Uie attention of the tiade to Li* new shipment tin* celebrated brand of wine, t/rdera tilled upon Uia auoel liberal turns. C^IARKT WINTH rP.OM ?2 fffiniJ}' RJ-.TfRVR) ) J to |fl, black be. ry brandy mi ??jc^llent remedy tv diarrho-a , white brandy for preserving, l?ndon sod ihjb lin porter, scotch sles, brandies, rum. .>*'hi?-dam ?ebnaprs. and all Other impoevd lin nor ?eg^rs. A., for sale by I NMRHIIJ, * UAtTKH^iN, 400 Hro?n>? ?t. MUJi! Ol.aiXY. Bectifyer *n<l Distiller, I7'i Sooth flreet, New Vorlr 1 AI/I^K". BRANDIES OISS. KTC.. IV HoNII. IN HA1J ?V pi pes rjuartev casks and o<t?v a, % h knge accompanied with certificate ot importation. For siUe fri nv wharf or from bonded wan b'.ii-. , by f- If -IMts-i 'V k lO\s 19 Reaver street. HIIXMKim. ! IlIU IAKI' TA1UJ?5 ? HAVIMJ IVMVfUt A \KW | J) ? lyl. cu-hi'u , ? " ucte?l si" i-?!y np-n - . n tide ptin<ipl?s, and eotnr??el of threw d ffcr.-ni tnaterials, i wl i I) d n'd change with the weathi , but e?.j-e th< I bull- to rets. und !>? m snele toangn ??o r<-tij. rh?? m-hlon ha e been eummel by tb? lie ? plai '-r* in the I r ;ed ?'ta'e- and ho rope, and are pr"n ni'.<| t be the ! only correct cushi'iB *?i In V ell 'A, J lluyerN and -sliKin , kee|.-r- and the ptibli' in ieneral, are )-i w ill to cnll ' artd eiaiiiin* them, a twl'lpo , t t'efr id iitsie t. n.,e pm ha- ng "L-ewheie t|*rb' slete and wood bed tal i.- ..f th" !"t- ' sty |. wit! V l-ie i rov n . nt. ah'cl ?et;li' i UI O'I f ??. 10 I" ' tlltk than n ts ti. gtit ebe'ihere. Tiin o. tjg en by ftp'. t? it! pari. the w rl . hv il're. .1 ' >,y Km j OMsn ' intenn -bi' i - ' 'ken it' .i ' ri I sty - jjij t The .1. ?t sh' t icti e. i Mllirii V i'H KK "i Ai t; r ? ii" i\'rn ro kxawivp: ?'> fV t f >?,!: j-d ?al .Je?. with -mr nvd ? n " p- .v? ; men's, for ?hi -h we ? ?? \ *?! a ?i:v?r ne-Ul ai tj.e W' rid s f*!r V?w Vork, Ili4. Also, ba-!s, c ies, cjoUis kc., k , tor sa> at the i iweet e?.b prl'e? ' USuNAKU * U NJAMIN, *2 B.^Iway SITT VTIOVS YV V.VTK I). AKE81KCTABLE HSOTK-TANT UIRL WlMHffl A Si tuation a* nurse ami to do plain sewing. Iiu.4 goo ' city T*fei?n<;e. 1 lease cull at 1^0 West Z7th ft., third floor, front room, for two <tays. k YOUNG LADY WHO HAH BAD LONG EXl'KKlKNi'E as dressmaker, desires to make an engagement with a lew respectable families or la.lien to work by the day or week. l'leace tall or address S. <}., <547 Hudson st. A RESPECTABLE WliOW I.ADY WISHES TO GET wurk by going out to huuw cleaning or taking in wit-hing ami iioning, or duy's work, or live out in a small private family; Iiuh no objection to go a short dis tance id the countiy , can (five good city reference. Can be seen for one week at a5tl 47th st., corner of lltli are. A YOUNG AMERICAN IADY WOULD IJKE A HITVA J\_ tion an housekeeper in a genteel private tauiily. Wishes entire charge. Address Cra- e, Umodway Post Office. A WELL EDUCATED FRENCH IJVDY, WITH GOOD references, teaching, besides her own language, the unual branches of a good education, the rudimcnta of the English and (ierniun language", >lrawlug, able to cut and tit ladies' drMses, wants a situation as governess. Please address C. P. P., Herald office. A RESECTABLE GIRI., OF FIFTEEN OK SIXTEEN years of age, want* a situation to do chamberwork or to mind a baby ; is a good sewer, lies t of city refe rence. Call at 9W Dioome at., coi ner of ShenU', second floor, over the liquor store. Ayoono woman wants a situation as seamstress. I'uilerstands all kinds of family sewing and in willing to make herself useful. Would travel with a family, or go in the country. Can comu well reconi nicnded. l'lease call at 738 3d avenue, near SOth st. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER W1SHHI TO WORK out by the day; one who can give every satisfaction in rutting and tilting ladies ' dresses. Call at 4,ri West Thirteenth *t. A FIRST RATE FRENCH 8EAMHTRE8B WISHES A situation in some good families ; is a neat newer, can cut, Bt and do dressmaking in all its department* in the heat style, lias gi>od recommendations. call or address Margaret, !>1 West 31st at., corner of Hroadway. AYOrNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION As' (XMtK. Understands all kinds of cooking and baking, la an excellent washer and irouer. Good city reference given. 1 lease call for two days at 179 Ijturens at., be tween IlouBton and Bleecker. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG G1KL, 16 YEARS OF age, (a Protestant), is desirous of obtaining a situation as seamstress, and to take care of children in a private family. Can furnish good reference as to character and capability. 1 lease call at 1M> Columbia street, corner of llegTUw street, Brooklyn, at Mr. Fergu son's (try goods store . or address box iOSS, Herald oRic.e. A RESPECTABLE OIRI, WISHES A SITUATION AS good cook and excellent washer and troner. Has two yearn' reference from her last place. No objection to city or country. Apply at I'.'O Amity st., in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED, HY AN AMERICAN YOUNO woman, as cliamberrnald and waiter, or to assist In Hashing and ironing. Tlie best of city reference, tan la' s<m till i ngaged at 65 V'amiam st. A N KNOUfH 1'ROTESTANT YOUNG MAN, WHO IS a good penman and accountant, and willing to make himtM'U generally useful, wishes tn obtain it situation ill any respeclable rapacity In (own or country; no objection to travel aa servant to a single gentlemen. Hood re ference can be given. Address X. Y. care of Mr. W. T. Cooper, Oth St., Is-tween 1st and '2a\ avenues. COOK.? WANTED, A SITUATION AS COOK, HY A very respectable woman, only a few days arrived from Boston; would take a place to sew, and assist in chamberwork no objection to assist, in washing and Iron ing; is a 1'rotestant; wages no object to a comfortable home; understands her business In all Its branches. Four years recommendation from her last nlaco. Can bo seen for two days, at Miss Moore's, 444 4th St. , between 1st and 2d avenues. Dressmaking.? wanted? by a good and ex pcrlcnced dressmaker, work in privat- families, by the day or week. Can give best of city references, if re quired. l'lease call, for three days, at llWl Second ave nue, between 'J4th and 26U> streets, second Moor, front ruom. Inquire for the Dressmaker. NCBSE TO YOl'NO CUII.MItKN, OR ATTK.N'DANT IV a "tore. ? A reepjctable young woman, Catholic, In neidrnug of a aituation in either of the above rapacities. Inquire at 02 Weat 20th ?t. SITUATION WA.NTK.r-HY A VERY EXPERIENCED, io trustworthy rd<I highly recommeuded Scotrh I'ro featant womnn, a* children'* nurne ao<l "eojiiatreca, or chambermaid. Alao. 11 aituation wanted by a neat, very efficient, willing aud well recommended woman, a- rook, la an experienced laundre**. t>r would do genet ulhouae work. Apply at 10 'Hilary ht., near Kulton, Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTED. BY TWO TO.I, RKOOMtfEND ed. trunt-worthy ann competent young women j on* to cook, wa*h ami iron ? i? an excellent. Iruner the oth<*r to do general hon-work or eliambcrwork . llavn no objec ti< n to the rntintry, and have good reference* .I'leaie ral at 1? Myrtle ave., Brooklyn in the haoement. TO HOTEL PROPRIETORS AND OTHERS.? WANTED, a aituation an liarkeeper in aome 11 r?t cl.iaa hotel or restaurant. Had been in one of the Itrat establish menta In the rJty, and ran influence a large amount of ruatom. I'leiiae addrraa C. I>., Ilerald "HW. "ll.r A.NTKD ? A srri ATION' HY AN EXPKIUENCH) IT ccok, one who underi-timd* her buainea* in all H-a branrliea ran make all kinda aoupN and j< II ???? and Ice rreama. flood rlty reference given. Apply at No. 8.1 Wed 18th between Mb and 7th avenue*. "ITT A STEP? BY A M<?-T KfXPKTAHl >: Y'll SG Wo T T man a aituation an rouk. wa?hei ant trailer in a fmall private family, fan be Men lor two day from 10 o'clock till 4, if not rngugnd, at 78 Waaliliirfton utreet, Brooklyn. ""tTETAHTEC? A SITUATION BY A ROTCUU w<i it man, an chamber maid waiter or nurse. flood re ference . haa lived in her la t plare eight Jf?ara. fan be >ern for two day at l&l 1Mb at. between 7th and 8th ?venue*. "flT ANTl.r ? A 8IT1' ATION, BY A KK-I'WTABIJC TT young girl, to do general bouaework in i private family . If a good plain rook, Ji ret rale wa-h' i and Ironer and good baker, fun be area fur two day- at 140 Wc<t U2d at., fecund floor, front room. "irrA.NTKH? A MTI ATIO.V, BY A YOI'Vf, Wn\IAV TT a* chambermaid and waiter. Good city reference. Apply at '.60 Mott at . third tlooi front iw iu, for two day?. ?fETANTEI'? A MTIATpiN, BY A RB^'MTABI-E TT yung womon, a? coi.k, wuaber and IfOlter in a reapertabie private family. I?< o I rlfy reference given. I'leuae call for two day at AO Mantnn -t Brooklyn. 1*7 AN IU? A HTn'ATloV, BY A RKSI KTABI.K TT Fmteatant girl to do general bouaework. in a una 1 1 private family. fho l? a K'hmI wmh'i and iron* r and lir?t rale (.lain rook. Ilaa U>e be-t of reference from her lint | lace. Can be area for one day ml 200 K.u?t l.'ith at,, neat hv nne B. "IY7 ANTED ? BY A RKWRCTABI.K WIIKiW Woman TT a situation ** nurne. ' !au take charge of a haby from it* birth, fan do | lain ?ewing. If required, ran pti dure good city reference. Apply at 17.'>, corner of Concord and Jay ?t- , Brooklyn. -II'ANTET? A Ytd NO AMIUlfAS I.AI'Y R MO. TT of oblitining a situation in u aehonl or j.rivAte family where ?he cnu teach the rudlmenta of :in i-duratlon. Hbe would willing to a-?l?t with the family ?'?ing u nil to make b"raelf g> ii' i.Uy useful tddn-a II. }l.. l'.i Ki nren at. Brooklyn. 1l'A\Tii_iiY A ROnCUM YOCXCJ A Tv aituation ac > ook or to *a?i t in wa-hiof and Iron iiiR haa no objection to do rh*mt>?rwork ari l wa-hing r waiting, haa three yeara and a half reference from her l.'i-t place- hna left in ^.nieijuenre of the family break ng up liouaekeeping. fan U- aeen for two daya if not angagid. (all at 120 S venth avenue, one door a^;v 10th it. "II* AN I KI' ? BY A 1UM HTABI.K HCOtCR OIRI. A TT ?iti|*tion a? c<?.k or to do geni ral hon ewi rk. fall a! mi Weft 'ittb -t in the rear between ttb and 7fh avenue*. W TITANTH? BY A IU.-PH1 ABI.K YOI NO f.mi. Tv a situation oa - iiauila*nnald or wa.ter, or ha- no ' fjertion to do general bouaework. lb" bent of refarenre from bvr la>t place. Apply for two day at 103 M \t at., In the rear. ANTED? A -rrt" ATION BY A PKH HITAHl.l yohn* woman, a* ijianil-* rmaid -md would iio w ithii p or 4o wait on two young ladle f?oo?lcttv rffer*nrr A) ply at 1)1, 'j'. '4th ^t t?#tw*en '''.U aA>l 7tft avenue- thif') floor fri.rit ror?m fn II k two

dsya. ? ii w rn-HY a mfHTAiRi yw*n? coo. TT ? ituati n a tuiiul? riuaid and wn i< r and ha no ? I je -tion to be in out lioqae together. H> ' .if r?-te. n n given Apr lj fo: t?o day?, al III M -' ? ? t in the rear. "tlrANTI f? * -III tnov B> A I'll"! Hf \ T VV 'nan to do ireu -r.i: b'u <? k Apply ?' No '.,4 ' lith lr<*'. it III' f>ai. <"?n b? ? ? n .-two day? If not engaged tJo'id ty r- n N lij"< ll? n to go n th- r?,untry. "ii^ANTir? a -rtTATT<iv by < fuvruntiif Tv ?'inan to dot!" 'eking wnalong <1 i og in a aruail pilvat- family in the city. Voo' j"' n 'u lo e. ru ral le i" ><?fk Ap[ y t N.i, Ufl fa-wl< 1 ? iween H1*n'"n an?l If'inat in ?tre? t?# '.if, i- ? r, fo two day? ??!"? : re f - n ' . w WTl-r?A flTt'Ant'N BY k W:hmav <#ii; family, Un ii i f ^-n' giv- n ? ' ?t l.'fj 1* In the r* ,r. a?e nd fl<* - - t* <!?' ? \\ V f IN Ti l ? HY < I!t> I'M ri ?If woman vtn?tion .< i- ?? jin-ti- -? I t" ? tw l?j ? 1M? I ftVTIr- A elTtMlov Hi *f ( Riirr htm* i lay ?? No 0 1 ?? At' AMFI A Ml: at Tv if to by a re- 1 ? t ? Ith g<>< 'I e,i| Iefer< r, ? fcr tw !aj> SITv VriO** WANTKD. -tlTA.VIHi.? AS AMI IU' AN LA1JY WISHRJ AHJTUA VV tlon j* hi.u: eke<-per, monthly or w?e?ljjr ourno, or would Ink'' a 'lill.l#toiii (U birtb to bring up by hand ( ity or country. No objection to travel. taUon Mri. Eeck, i56 *'i t ? th atreet. until engaged. "flTANTKr? A "TTCaTKV. UY A RBJPBCTABIJ: VV ?< in. ill li - i ah" understand* her buitiueto thoroughly; I""* ?' ! ?".! ? t knowledge oi French M'l hi* licb cooking, ami la tl?> u good baker. t.'ood cily re!, rente. Can bo .. cu for two day- a So. 3 t'ni-n court 1 niveialty place. WAMKl!? A SITUATION, AS tXM'K, WASIIKK ANI? ironer, do general housework, or a.* chambermaid and waller, or uumi' mil aeamatreaa, by a young woman who ha? lived three ycara in her lo*t place. So objec tlon (o go in tti?* country. Apply at 'Jl?4 Mulber?y ?t., corner of Houston, in the Unaemcnt. WANTKI? BY A KKH'KVIABI X YoUNO WiiMaV, a situation. in a reaper table private family a* laundress or chaluberinuiil. Is a good plain Hewer, t he bent of city reiereuces given froin fier last place, ? an be Keen for twe doya at 'J'M 13tli at., between 1st avenue am! nnui A. TTJTANIRI'? A CtTl'AHON, BY A RlfPMTA 111 J? VV woman an cook , I ? a ffood baker of pa*try, Apr. Good city reference. Can aasiat in the,' Apply at Sft'I Bowery, corner of 4th Ht. Can be ?e?u for two day*. WANTKI'? A HTI'ATION, T<t HOOK AND ASt?TST IN washing, fay a re?|>oe table Amem-an woman. Pleace call at Urn. Kennedy's, 471 4tli at., between Ut ami i!d atenuea, in the rear. WANTKI? BY A MotiT K?PECT'AB1.E MARHIEI) woman, who ban lately lost her tuiby, a situation aa wet nurse. Tlie bent of city reference given. No ob jection to go a abort distance m the country. I'leavu <-*11 for two <laya, at 140 lOtli at., beween Broadway and 4tli avenue. TXT A NTH' ? A HlTl'ATl'iN, BY A YOTNO WOMAN, VV aa nurae and rhauitiermiiid, and to do plain sew ing: ihe is acruatomed t?> the care oi children lor the butt uiiw year*; can produce the beat of city reference if re quired. I leaae call at 'iOB Houaton iitreet, in the a tore, between Broadway ami Bowery, lor two daya. WANTKI >? MTIATI O N S , BY TWO PROTBfTANT young women, aiater*, to do general housework no objection to go a ahort distance in the country ; the beet of reference given. App'y at I/O Hott wtreet. be tween Heater and liran^until engaged. WAVIilHUT J |*|'1XTAB1.K I'HOTRTANT Scotch VMrf&^^BBtloii aa goo<l plain c<M>k, and to aaaiat in *ilH||56w'onlng in a private family. Please rail at 10 Charles ?r7jfor two day. WAMKl'? a MTI'ATION, BY A KKKPtXTABLE young girl to do rhainberwork and waitiug, or take cure ol children; no objuctlotia to do genoral houae work. Beat city reference can lie given, and th" lady can be aeen with whom I lived. Can be a' 'en for two ilaya, at 49 Fleet atreet . ?firANTKI)? A SITl Alios, BY A 1'ltOTBfAVT WO W man; i* a gixxl cook ; iindenctanda paatry; la ab?o a good laundreaa. liowl reference. Apply at II Clark von atreet, back rraiin, accoud Ibxir, between Varl. k and lludaon atreeta. None need apply but a Protectant fa mily. "\JLT AN'TT.D? A VITI ATION'. BY A YOl'NO WOMAN, W to do general hou*?work in a auiall privaW- fami ly. ia a good oiain cook, and an excellent waahnr and Irener. (Jood reference from her laat place. I'lea-*' call at M> Spring *t.. between Broadway and Bowery, !>>r two daya. No nbjectlona to tin- country. \irKT sntsi WANTED, BY A RBBFBCTABLE VV healthy married woman, with a good breaet of milk, who loat her baby (only live daya old) a few day* ago, a situation aa wet tnir-e. Apply at 1H.'? We-t 'Jlith at., between 8th and Uth avennoa, rear houae, Ur-i Hoor. WASTKI) ? A SITUATION BY A RBSPBCfABLE young girl, aa eeauiatreaa. i hamlierinaid aud wait er ; or to take rare of children ; or a a g* ueral houaemaid In a fmall family. Apply at her preaent. pla'-e of employ, incut, U10 < 'on it atrei't, near Ik'graw, South Brook)} u. WANTKI'? A SIT CATION BY A liK-l'H'TAKI K W(? man. u* houaekeejier or aeuiuatread; ha< no ofijw tlon to making her?elf uat'ful. Kel< ren ?e < an I-" gi en. Can be aeen for two da_y a ut 14-> Centre ?treef. TI^ANTKI? A SIH ATI' 'N BY A SIM -MAI'.T TII'Y VV girl, to take care of children or do the chamber work and waiting m a private family. Can givo the lieot reference tu rn her la-t place. Can l?' Ma'ii for tbrw .1.1) a at '.51 Kli'/ubeth at. "IV^AMKU ? A BITLATION HY A )U>.1>V fAHl>". T T young ?OBian t?? <1" general hou?>'work in u inall family. or um rbiiUiU-t and waiti'i , or ran do plain *< aIuk and mind cbihlnn , tlv beat Of <!ity r? liTWrc aa (h <'?M trt1 M-eti I?ir two das - al N". *Z24 Hutlivall ? 1 r?<?* t room So. IB. T1TANTH' ? BY A lll.-l'KfTAHI.K. YOl'Mt i.IKI . A TT situation. #- | la in <"""V . h i -it rat* w;t?t>er un) In n?r ' I lie ? f city rtfrreDC. Apply at :i77 Kawl i'Jlb hi., tl>lr<l floor, front room. a WW OKNTMOIEK'8 WAXHINU BY TT ? rfi?|>?-rtahl<* woman, who nill t?k? Dm Ik H ?( mtp of tin in. lnf|uiri* nt fiN ftth at. 7ANTKT? A sm ATHtN HY A < AI'A SI .K WOMAN hh it profekM-d rook and liakrr, und<.r?tMiida a! w k hkIh of paltry and confectionery; alao a M i ? t rate hou** keeper; having many y??ar*' experiene". Hotel p(?-f er red. flood rewrpOft'A. Apply at 2^6 BJ? e? ker "lITAN'rH ? A MTT'ATION, HY A H)*<m TAIH J*: WO IF man, to tak?* . i r? ot ? h?M?*r* or to do h?iti*"w<ivk , good rrf??Mn<*?*. Call hi ltfM 22d <f ., near the lwt a%< irAS'TKi'- a srn ati on. by a yoi m; woman Ff a* chambei maid and < biidren a nurn and plain aewer. Inquire for two d ny* ut )0> i Mott ' t. \\TASTt r? a" sfrr ATfov.^HV "~A~~!0v<rK4 -tabu ff younjr woman; a* cook ?n I to a"*ia i h? the waab in# and ir< ning. in a private (Minify ('ah *een f two day* at Id ?v?m e, corner of ?ld *t,, Hint H or baek loom. l'au n?v?* good ? ity referent. Tir f rSTK.^>A V( ir.Vi: MABUIKH AW KirAN w?? Vf man having loat her child, thre# *?fk old d# ? I ?ake u child to Burnt) at her own n *d?leu? e, No. ?>??! W? VJUth *t., third floor. <?ood r*fer"no? cti WASTKI^A "ftrATION, HY A HIM'MTAii! I ? f h'cotrh ici r I ; 4n u K?od "M?k, Wi4>h#*r and iron? h.* ? no <?bj< rti< n 10 do fr* n* r?il housework in a cntaU fa r.iih tall at V60 Mott nl l*Hn'*e and lt..n?t.n, -* ???i rtoor. Bc?t c ity r? ii rcn? ?- gifcn if re jutiM, T?f A NTkT-^A HfTl'AT U >S *A<~ TFIA bJi, TS k HANK ?? ?-r l??nkii r hou ??, by a ynonv nun ^tperi^ii^'d in unct<nenl ni'Hicy bu*>in? Addte ?* It W. I*. U * 40?i i rwt t ftl' . ? WAMKP ?TO Mill* OWNRRH AM) Br-fN?J MJ?; n?*rfilly ? An ? n#?ri' ? ?l fhifinaft^r, out ?-f i??n plofiiM-nt solicit'* a ?>iip #.r an o?i|4i?or air? nr? or ' n^f" iu an ?fl\ce. A?Mr? ?? J. If. !!?*? vld < th? t??r t Is r?-? ilay*. ?iitanth ?i i v~ /Tuv>n .rrAin>: yoi s?i man n FF ?ituati<>n an cli*rk in a fouutiiif 1iuum> m ? ? n if aid |>< nroao arid a quirk and rof >? t ucniiinUirit. ( an tui iu*h giant l?*?tiiiion{iii? a? t<? rh/irm'tcr tod rmi* fity from h r?>?pfH'fabt< ofti ? in tliit city whcr#* h* lut? }*?> n fur tb^ la-t tbr?? ynr* ?m|tl?>y?il. Addr????? bo* 1<*. If<*i aid utb' \|/fiNTH --Thy ~a kkvi-h iai'i i i fuTn^rAVT IF yotmt( man a situation a-? fr<KiM an>l * ??? lintati ii? a ?oo<! groom and *-tjib*h dnw lb no<<if,.? ti?.r? to go iii fb'' country, an t U willing to niako i.Im - If jr*?n? i ally u-^ful t-? bi- HBfdny**r t'au jr ?" nndouN'? l rt firt'Wf. ( all or addn- a lim to No. ?' near Brc*adway, for two ?l?y? TlTANn nf by rwo voi \ iV~ m icv ~ - in a n' > v* - ? ? f one a?< nal^^iiian or |-'?rt?T inadiy r^od* of t \h? r putabiithment ; th* other an drirar or [*?f!#?r, or wiuWi ha glad of any employment at abi t they cook] in ?k? * living ara not afraid to work. A4dr? ? U igU? * Ik r i oflre or T'nion *quarc oince. HPKctAL %<yrtcKn. Io t? a i.Ai:i.K I'f.srii, -fci wrni j to pa- either in Rev Mr. I u'-i- Chnr h ir? ll'i?n mrf* t, or ?n from tbe ?b?ir'h tkroufh A n to IIe?tiT, throiijrh II* -ter to HnfTolk T1?e ftnder *?ll \* ivuitably r?*war?ied by r?*turtnnn it ?o 4.t Water "t. MA>'OMf nvvnM. vonrr^rm: Vf3fB^>* <?i John l?. Willard N" - 4) ? K A. M ?< r f^ntly re*ju^*te/i to t?e pon^tn^l in atteii'iame ??n X'.oday evenlnf, A*i>r .0 at their iodfe r^im nt 7 J4 ? - ? It pf* rlwly, m bupin#*" if fr^iit Itnpnrtan^e will t-# i?r -? ^ * t before 1h? \jy\f By order of WM. r> HTV'OV W "XJKW YORK VOI Nf; \|K\> ROHAN < ATlfoM' I'J netfUnt A?eo? iati'.rj.? A ?! n*??Mn^of tKia A?aoeiation will be h**ld t iii - i\t"fida%') *\t nin# *t ?b#?\ n ? iu-, 10>i Bowery, at H o>l >*? k pre* ? ly M? ;i?t^ r ?rr t* 'jiie?trd to punctiuil in att^iMian' *- .??? t?u ?!?? ?? of t* p>r*??re i? to be ti?n*a?*tf i ftj order riM'rnfY i.vvrrr ?>r dent Jfi -am Ca iTtv Corre --pond imt "e rr*ary TO fiW\KR- l'Bol'P3?TY IN M \\ lurk Br?" kjy n or Wililar .* bo'it r - ivn i u.n?i ?That I aid pfefared to evemrnte enrth lA< 4<~ [ Ml "Uikken lot# d<efc?. At?*. n ttie tr'?*t re.i ?> ,a? ,? tesus* >ati?tae!ory referen*' afitreti, 1 1 r?-,*iir"! Uiat ? ?? ?fi k ?? t l ? ? d'-n* ? ? ? ' i ? J 4 ? ? l ? f i A \ , . -r 1 e ! *o < '.nfraetoi at the ft ? ** y -U re n ?!?*? -?-t ? | ? f ^??\eoth j?v?no? and 1?e ty fittb etr'et ?iU b" { j-.' < n- Uw .*ten< ?*? t/ TlffK MJMYIM1. |/KKWANA?.H I'.H I I'.I i< AS ?.? AM II li^ kt* ? r ^ Un* *|K?Te ?? iop?n> are r%4?*#i.t^l <?, ?ti. n i iw-eWftf . to ta lt#-ld at fla<iwi' k 16 J w*/uth ?trw? t .ri?- d?) ? X'nirt, A k . ?: T *?? . p..? ' tt? nda?#e h rer^f -?#*! My -d Iff ; fiHI M 111 < m 'a r, J ?*w rmnwi J>*? Hitiok N?in i.t Aitii A rtf Ma 1 ? rf* M???rf|eu|i >-*'? ? ? : - y. ? t"H ".I \ HI ? n? ' mii! tw t .M i. ' 'if I' <b? ?%* tk H. ndar ?*. . * u ? a. t >?'?? ?? "? ? . <?* ?*.?.*? at*.*. |(arad?. I ? ? 1 . ????(.. ? III.I.P WANTED. Alton hhVK.NTEEN Yl.AH J\ okl, I wanted, b ac( un page to * l.idy ..ud ffviiliu man tra ellli g, l.e murl ? ? :.ti ? W<f if borw* aut! cftiftnltml drhlig Addreaa lialder , Herald >f flee, '.vit'jr and wlicie he i'\*v be *'<?11 Nop -'X eept tin. .nip-tent, anil of the required ?lf IU ?Ufr. (110IK MAivii HANTS), A PtOUUN Of TA91C ?in ! i'l j.i-i ii'iiri' U. mi and mu| "rin'eud .1 ilea ami Uiant ,IL oiabll-UiiKii To ft . 1 i nt (Hv-i.u uli*1 tal ralaiy will be nin-ii. Add u J. M'xirli u- , iiinad ?ay I'oat Office. / (li AKllAKMt* WANTKI).? A i-AHiik ni'Uiikk l.r \ g'od cloak hand* an- wauled at 11. Uell 1 ,kna| alieet. Apply immediately. BOOCLIU WANTS) .? WQt U1.AI 1 in, : 1.0 av? am' I I 1. CLVUI ViMBWCAWAOIOKy IU^ JL 7 fin nee rrijuiiBd an to character Mid nualitl. 41 . . im Apply at 170 <>rund utrwl, WilUfcmaburg. Tvlil'U CLEKK WANT! 1) ? A COMI'ETKNT tiKNIIJC I / n an, with uncxreplinrnhle reference ., mat hiitr 11 f a ?Iluuli1.11 liy applying iiiiiui diiitely to Jamea V .e* t.'Z4 UuilM'll *tl ?M't . KV GOODH SA1.K-MKN WANTKI >. ? AI'I'I.V Til C. li. 1 look , Mi llo?ery. HAKi WA1I1 CGUBtK WANTED WHO M m V aint id with the general hardware buainean, 1H m JU yeaie if a(5*. write* a talr kiand, good ?ale?..u?n, active and honert . To *uch a on"1, and who will be att'-ntlve 1. . IiIh bu*lue??, a "-alary of toUO per year will Ire iriven, In a hurdaaie irtore 111 the we-torn purl 01 lla--.ieiiik.elti. Apply at the Inventor* office baarineut 08 Wall ntreet, Item 10 A. M to '?! M. J) D HI 1.1' WASTKl' ? A GOOD SHIRT C( ITIUt VVAMUl km a ho ban had experience fu tli* bu*im ? an i?*t a food and permanent rrttiiiiil.n by applying to Jui kMin k I imty, Vhl Hi midway. Al-o .1 few II 11 (J Tilrt hnlr-hcr*. llllKT MAKKHM AM) ri.AIN" WANTKU AT Oenlna' Ha/aai M.'. Hioadwav. K SI vi 8MALLQIRLB WANTED TO LEAHN Oi)U>% _ injf. Apply at 24 lk<?kmaii Nlnvt, nvcond fliHir. IIAILORIHIS WANTKD ? THI>SK THAT I H I Htund thi'ir buMUfM* pmfrm I. Apply to 1HH llo* trr at., in the rear. WANTFP? A HHHT ItATK MIUJNEK, lit ti<> .Siuth, yry liberal wagoa will iN-jfivi'n. N'outi WAMIT-A IIIOT ItATK MII.IJNKK, I South, Trry liberal waxm will tx*yi*i-n. but the nnwt coiniH'fi-at m'"d iinjulr*. tall at tin of W. W. 1'eiiMO ft ? ?., 108 Chamber* *t. WAKTKD? IWti YtHlNti lAld^ IN AilSMFOUffi millinfry imlabUabnient, to take tbe I ill charge of the w or k room, limit l>e n ml In. anil maki-m and trim inert; brut rate wages given are ?ni|.l'>y<?l tb? year round. Mx fiXMl buniH't uuikrr< alio wanml. Addioni t , , V* t llriald office, with name and aildiw. Wf ANTU? ? flVTY titHU) CI, OAK MAKE1W. TIIK VV b<'*t of wane* and innntant emplnyment given. Apply, lr< m tt to 't o'clock thi< day iHt We t '?td "t., ttrrl door weet of of 8th avenue. "IJL'AN'IH'-TWO IUM fcCTAHU) l.AldM Hi ATM VI) VY a fur utore. Tb<?e accuatomed ?'> llin/r furn 01 luaiilUlaa and milllnory |?<?<m1h prrteriel. Il'.uii ol at U udance ftoin 8 to 0 o'clock. Apply Vo I W. !?.;* k Eon, lu Julm *t. WAKTID? TWO r.lltl.-i ON K. T< ? (>)')K WA?II and iron, and anxmt in honnewnrk au l the otlu r to mind rhildrcn, e>'?. and imai.t in i liauilrerwork. A |> pl) ai'ta rec.umiue mtaUona, at t i Ia>t X8H1 <\. neur tlti uvi nue. ~\\jr A NT IT-- A HIOT HAT! look 111 VC-TIN W ileretnml rn.ikn.g pantry and |ne?ei uy/. if well a* plain i iHikmg, andmuxt be a lircl 1 ate wanhei m l 1 1 oner Apply at Wj Hergru atreet, llro. klyn. "%Jkf A >TKI' ? A FRENCH <URL AM KURKE AVD W M'ain?tro?n, to go a nhoi t distance iu the i-ouutry One experienced in the careot children preleni"). AppiyL mi Tueeduy between tiie bourn ul 10 ami J ui "jjlj I : I ? ...'W.i> ~\\.r ANTT.l ? A tiKltMAN oil KUKNCII (illtl., AIMI T W "* or 20 year* old. to iniml \ haby, and t > a. it in light htMiKcwotk one acc:u?tomed to 11 . ml plain M'wing pnferri-d. Apply, thin day at 01 Mclaiu. |r,al Min t, b* tweeu tie bouia ol 'J to .1 o'clork. TITAMKI? TO LO 'tlXK OKNKIIAl. llol -KWoKK o> VV a iamlly ol thrw, 111 Brooklyn, heoteh l.i;g'.^h ' l.' l man, or eoloi I d prelerred. AU ? a g> lit* * i j in 1 c?|?i ity of >?? niuftii ?? and mime, Aun rlc.un prefer ri<l. Apply il.i* nay and to-morrow to JOHN MIA1NKN Hall etreet lerry, llrooklyn. 11 ' AMI I ? A i.lltl |o ATI I. h |? A MAKLi'.i 1")1 W i.nd make her>ell geneinlW u?elul. Apply at Myrtle (.venue, llrooklyn ~WJ ASTtt?A VKRY NICK, HOY 0IKL Wlio CNldTt VV rtanila poifei lly to take rare rd an infant, f i nch, < .ei ruan or I ngliali preli riiwt. Ap, lj I 2 da) h between 0 And .1 o elorli at llamiiMind at. \\r ANTV.I' ? A I-Mtrw I AMI IDMI'iriT NT HOOK. VV A I rotc-tiirit An.cili in or t.ernian only nee I a|.pl) Ali.1 a young girl to take ? are of a fiiild and do pbun riving Ap^ly in the forenoon at .1 <1iu*on pi*, e, 8th ?t. "11 ' AMI I' ? A NKAT, TIDY OiHI lo f*> OFSKiUJ. ff houn work in n prtautf* tatmly a j?r? fanxt. mitbgoirti r??l< ri'fn ??. imjitir* sit 9 Vt'uo'lhuJ! *f rv?ur llAriiiltoti avft.uc -#?u f I* firooklyn IFAVnr-A su I dKSTf KL V#H NO H V! AS, \j who ui?<)?r > < >mriib?*r? ?rli ihorou^lity, * *n r|? oi'itl tn waAhinjr if?*1 Ironing nn<\ w **1t uf>o.? ?.?!)?? , anil mftWe I. ???*??!( k" ?m* rally UA*ftit, ?*?* ttii* fttml/ i? ? mail, < ah h* * r <>f * *U MfrtibU* pit u*t i>?ri it'jlatf'oi ijnm?t, toy '.iHtn# at th* M? f r> ? |> liUn Hotel room No. I UJ. Ap I lv rnmciiatAly .Vcmr hut 0?? ->?? vtuorati bring O * *r,'r/ 0>t i? ftr. ? li? # ?? tttwl ajj'ly \lrAN:TI? A l.Ai?V T?? AXh >?T A US! Hi A! THY f T 1+1 f)j Ns il)lan< flw in <Uhn ol?t bom in *? V York (?'*v ) ln?iU.i?* <it I r IMby JX7 f?i?. r?d ?t "II r A VTI !' ? WVM'AI. OIK l> A- (I?t hr A si) ? V r]inrri^ni?*ii?L* .t vn.rnlM r for f*r>f-ral )?f.i|>.< worn uud ?n?jft II pi. U to tak? '*.#< of chlMi(*n, a Mr* liuct '? ofl,r? 1 040 Hffu 'jtHh aim! 30iU *t* \r A Vf*H ?-KVKHAI. vol NO f.AOlh in VV <n 'h* *!?!/> Kt tti* ?ifiiWhu iv.w iy Aftphr 1* lw? ? r* ,u?'J I . ? lor It tin- itl'tix-u u> ? H 11 A j mj.iii f. 11 r AS-n f-A (.(xiit imi \mrAi. ofM; noit or in ff jf? ii H.l i n - * ?!,/ mi' ?u jf* li*?|?ii . * a* J] llu'laoi) M. AM H> IMKHUATtJ.Y -I.UJ'.Ai. U'KiIi ( ! AK n.*k? r ' I J"t ? . ? ? tt ?*< It' \ . i I \ - ?M Wllu I TT J* M#fr #*?| n, M # ? ,if *?? r*.i ? (f ??, ? nn ui"?' #ptiofi*M# Ii hi 1 w !< ? fhoft iu U*" OuliOy roftj If ?f >i? ' .? i ?< o lj> #'??.. n ? it.g < 'iiiutrjr, li* ?4i 1 ofli' ?? irAMKI - A< Iivr OliUi HAS, A i'J TT \ ??f i ? fi?- ?'< ??? li'UM I f?i f ? *?u . ? |r?'i > ? l?? A r# i W ? ? !4'1 /? I- lit. ,#*u< Ati"U till hrf ? jj, Af i'ly, ' ??rtt 1. simI i .? J7 Oil >*-y UiuUhvr amu a roMi ? n r i'.\ mmh al-? a , 'O 4il'l f ' w fl .4 f'lil&A rr f ?. f U** Thry rnn?t Tr- ^ *? *.?> full* ? ? ? *wt .* i aprr if D# ? c .i. *J.? N.??ri?' ao I Wf II m n?r??lf Apjlynt 1 . -n-l 1 '? >'o>4 v, #*>t W/i. .? bury. fc. L ft!' tUILlt. r A * 'ill ON (A. TWO ( M K \\ A Hi All diy ffo' H' 1? i* 1 1.- y mi. ? o f .u?? l th? >? ?, Aft'ir* B !lii? ?if.? tffUi ?ft.'h t ^ !i.' 6' ?f? . w w w 1IrAN;?l \?KU YOI 'NO HKS V> YSt*A*.l A IT K W. ?* ? i if ? IVi . i . - y i> H ?Uy ?* ? ft| Ha! of ?? to if |ul#?* ! A|<j 1? a .? ? u h?i f .1 ? ? t rtf in 'J up i ?u HrAM H> MmMATII.Y? A lift -^T 141*1 lll^ll* n tf. who t f??if r*tfto4? w-/ it <r? f w .fir *.ffl ?o B?it f A t f* h? ; '*h"f?r . ?bl p n,?+ t*nj * ?* 4 1 thf tU W 'k U?r ^ Ury ' I Wic * J ?f,yl*4?jr II r.'JM A * M <* I I mr> " H N "I HiHA,*!n" ff ?? * ?l |f A ; C ? v mil -.1 0*0 tt. k 0 't H* eku #ti ? f II 'A. JiJM A t> I h* %A \*A 1 K Wi ff ? U ? RmTi. !o . l?f ? - - , ? ?L# Up a tt* lif J? * fr?t .. A il?*, Aj> A H > ft ? ?! , bf?t l-xti lfoi.1 r?M?o A\ 'A-I(IV';_-AS vr?l? IJk' VI *! Ii?> I !"'*?? in ?'??., , ?' >i 1 1 1? ii i a ? ?rk<iila( ->? h<< ufKl? ?'?ndr -hift? ?<>. I ? ???kiof ^K'/ >' <71 4lh ??., r. Ik< t?? (?'!?? ll'if U ? .1 .1 l*Tf-:U.IMKK< K om( KM. 4 1 I r < V. A i IU? J UiT f (? ? < 1 i'7) *J> ! ? t !b ? '? ' |i?Bkt ?'! i' ?rf' ?I?! W ailrrr, f ' I .t ?? h?f ?(*>1 lr r>''? ???: ? fimbr' ?# ? ,?-f <? ia <?: ir' ?'???: ????> a ia|>'''?B ?.1 l!(< Wllf a? .?!? .11 I .Vlll 1 A U. 'Ill i U.S.T AM 'AASHJ' Til fiAV ? * tl?f ts ?i,' O.- 'u'A 14' ? t,> ftf. ? n ? ,?? ? ? * ? "? l'> T I' ' ft ? f !0 t#r fifl. .ll#.l/holh '* <?? A?' ' 'i>s'nb*T M M . ? > r- ? r ,f A' ? ' I >o?m 1 M-t fa ! ? - W.l.!-! ?? I mfi.tb ?>( li'UMI I ? HI* J .| I , , . i ? >? aa-i ? ; ?? twi>m ! ? i it. >4 . M ) I (II I' > ? i? A. AN n< Pi: f1' , , ? 1 , I f ? . a .IU'7' a * ? / '? ' ? F . ' Jn j k m ( . A I' li*. * f.T ' m '?>i. m4 lrS*li L> b ?/l*t mm !?'<' TRIP* FOR FRESH IIK. The y|fi>, Ihr Srai-Snlf, Ui?* the Miiinuix Mnr.nt ittmiis CUR CCRfilSFC'NCENCE FROM WATERING PLACtS. Anient an Foahionrtbl Life Dunng the 44 Heated m. " U(ltn from l.??K Hrnnth, Hmy linmb. Ki ?* |)Oli, Humlofeii, lellowr "prtAfc?. Wrvaalnlt, Ablfn N|>rli.*, (?rrcuport, Ktrkf Ity K|,rli>Km and Moul^ain try Wlill< Mul |ih UK Wh FANCY UKLNS HALL AT SAHATfMJI, dir., iV. NKVAhlNK 1 1 1 < > 1 1 1 . A N I >S. 1 1 HIIII. A Mm (IK Nkvahiwk, N. J. I Thompson'*, Aug. Ih, 1HA&. | Tht I'vitiy oj'tht Shuirthuiy Hirer, und tkt Sta and 0* UlHt, umi tiu Wixxli, utul tht J.,ui,r?,a>ut tht Ftth and the Oyitrf a. I have Li I'D down at Kulltv hi'n I J.n i|, where the l*iUleht of breaker* do play , in a lint of white aurf ou the inland aliore, ere Ihe.v pu-x tm<> t 'harlc*ii>ii buy. 1 have been to the *j ring* of Virginia, -ur rounded by mountain* *o high; ntill rUin^ till in the h< riy.on, they irr mixed with the cloud* in the nk>. I have lieeii up that beautiful valley, <1owq win- h How* tin: bright Shenando. und once every "umtner should go there, If it w ere c onvenient to go. For tlore on that bright chining liver, w itli th<- nii.n llldgt half rin ling the tale, of the tijiritsgn tliaL (lot* down through meadow* , i* thut Eden like ajnt, Shunnondale. May I never lorgot the awed memo rien, that linger aruuud Sbunuoudule. I have bei'u to the Kt-ntu< ky Klue l.i< Wm, ami hove thought mj *ell handM>iuc arid lucky, In winning the mailiK of the fuire*t of all the xveft u'irln n 1 Kditixky. I have l*cii ut the watera of Hedford, among Uie Rountaiim <>f " old IViinaylvania ln.t. there I n..:de hut a chort vinit , lor the weather wim iliHical and rainy. Yet I thought the locality striking, and the water ??? . ?*i ll> line; .iod tmiue of the Nile* of thoee mountain- are by many rouaidcn d divine. I have been all al> iik chore ou l>mg uf"' . und down the Connecticut aide; and op the Connocti i ut river, ai.d have made it a holiday ride tlte rufct to Moimt Washington'* aummil , und down W> the v.* I ley whi re go the Kuco and clear A nionuoeur, n different direction* l*?low. J have been to the great taken, I reckon, and there are no other* (inch to be found? in their purity , frv*lun;?- and vaxlne**, thungh you travel the wide world a mind. I have lingered around dmud Niagara 1 have linie red by oifrbi. and by day, wiUi emotion* oi am ,uid of rupture, which will ia*t to my dying day And thy tbouauud green inland*, Ht. l.iwnn e. I have |>a*pt'd by the light <>l the moon with a 'miii finny of fair fellow-traveller*, and ble^t with Uie rephyra of Jone. I have run down tlioae terribie nipid*, of that mighty, t< ruble river, and fivv>- won ib red if *uch an ocean like etn am could roll on loi ever and fu r. I liave voya?> d the length 'if t'liam pluin, and I. ivr flopped ut old Tn 'Midrroga, | aim ny the way 1 1 l ake tieorge l i Uie waU in of fair haratoga. vndaafor thi H bland* <it II d^xi, I ugree that Uiry are very fliH , awl !?< k tint iin u? tii* and rnwa, to Iwnir <nl the bill- of tbe Hhitic. And iiow we are down ut tltc*c Mi^hUnd*, wIm-.c Irom our luiiy./A we li^ik. on the ocean in front, and away V> the U ft, i* that wiiKiy (ilaee railed ^andy I Hook. Right liclow n? i* Khre?"*^?ory riee r, an in b t ? iil'JH d in from the ot eali . and 1 1 ? ?in whi' li cut i tt by a e? l\age of ?and, Irom tbe Athuito * lli>? aw tul couiRMitmu. Ill'lllnd II- Uie l>o| I wooded hicb land*; i.nd mailered, ton. all iiIoiik xl.'irr, are nu mi roue ii'fcort* lor the aunwirr, >oine twenty ? i ilnrty or Hot we have put up b< ?? *< Tbomi aon a. with a grove loi tin? < bildreu to ( l-ty ,n, and in which wberi the weather 1? y ' i.ia. '.h'' lit' h' onex all | aiw till* day in. We b ive xtiil w*t< I athiiif I elow ii*. and tie ?? irf. Uci, |u?t over tm lur, and tiching, and i laiitUiiii|< ai?. crahfiiiu/ " ' (.'tula* you II find "an> alar.' H', have two m tlirie boaU Irom the ? l?y ai>d back u> tli. city ea b duv ; i. ml we really do think it a pltv, l.'tat you on take a ihniicr thin way. Is <H.n will I*- late in the ?. ,1400. ? , r ,me while i dill i? in bbot; for the uir of t)up inomlng lore warn* on that the Miimiiiei will ri"t alwa\a <>t; that U.e beau lie* uid glorie* around u < wul in a ? w<<k? fit! away; eo ,1 yi,u would " e theliJ. deal V *i!i I J lirt ci/lne Iilonx down while they ?t.i' We lave beantitul woo. en unringuii' an.i < n? n I puiliii.iar hot *t?|' tbe bitdle ba> -tni a ?? a I foJka. i lx) we miiet go join ill the h'j,?. V. j TmumfponV Ilium, aid I'atii. kin, i \ (roirnrrf Slnlt <,f U.r ff/Jtli Htgatlii rt t'.t /limn Akiiiwii an / I'leaiurr t H 'Jttnttl, k' , 4". Om hol?l- mil irmalu ir wil< I ti',wi ht-n K* l> fiitliilK*! tli?! mihi ? l? It, J i <) with 1**1 i Tl ?? Mu Hi otir !??!, n?< kltil ihi *l> with Mil, ? ' mur mi.i* ut. (I trlirt< n* in tin iun, ? hl> fli?tlii|r i?> t?< hi I iui and Mur tmn thr flah h wk divi? * '????. Th# qi.Ut Shrrwabur) rivtr, al?o r>t < ? ?<t, (iMi'H .If.ll n.i.ifirWiK III mil' :;/ lh" RM-i'ii hili" itoafy h<ilki?? I'tul wtill meadow*, until It t- i/mt to ? -?rti* u tlii l,?i/y iti?tmni, ati?? >t?jr thf lilu ?!) ftp j? h or 'Iwidf iiAbku '<,riillrlil?, ,ii n |?" tn?ioo jat ' I ill {?!? urn uKrijr it* ibor^. N< w Jiiwji, though rt> U in fruit* ?ii<J ? ? ha* i?<>t )*? r< *?r)r < nl? ijhi- '1* in inii*olli? n.. t h r>, 0in< i f which I w.|| iianic ? m'bt 14 nr T'l il.nj'. frj/nHui- do, to iltrv ?! I hr mii nit <? < .ijiiii it i, ? of ?iiH. 11 ,'*??? /'It I hr y ?(/.. . l<l ?# t 0CI1I' i.mi' > il \i) rxny fiitiktauutly . ami Si ? 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