Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1855 Page 3
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Chatenu ABOT*AOT or PR. MAI PWrVKKOCUB'S Or?lCI W. *11 POKT TOtllK BAVAHAS 'lOVKUNUSNT ON CU'K.KBA, NOW ADOPTKI) BY HA ION V, W I UTEMBKKfl , ANO OTH? Kit OBKXAM HTATO. prom our Munich ( >rrritpucd*ut.] Dr. Pettenkofer cxamlnM the localities of very important city in Rav?ri* visited by cholera, theH the locality of ea.'-h street. mil at last the condition of etch hot we, in which e*aratn:ttiou he was assisted l?f several other phv?iciai < aad the police of the place. He found that hie observations agreed en tirely with those made by th? Lo don physicians in l&48aad '49, and with Jan^s >n's report to the medi -cal board at Bomtay. Kiev .it km and drainage are tho beat preventive* a tjainst contagion, as the dor tor illustrates by the oUral lfstsof mortality in each street and in each house, giv u in be pa rate tables in his report. He also shows, from the position of Wurzburg, Rut^bon, Forth, Ac., that cholera never become* epidemic in h mses placed on a rocky foun dation, and that sand undnlnyed with clay form- the worst basis on which b Udlog* may 1* erected Jameson, in his report, m ule , similar oMcmtlou .n India, and observed thst '-cii .Ieni doe-, not see,,, to he food of rocks. ' The I.'mdon report, iu like manner, shows the diminished mortality in elevated . places ; but it b the obs?;T ition of Dr. Pittenk'rfe that elevation is the caueo of greater health only w ten it tacilitau* d;ai igo. Klevation, without drainage, affords no protection against cholera. ThW he proves by the progress of cholera in Kuretnburg, Kigensburg and Freyaing. On rock/ or hard foundations the excreiu'>nts of men and animals are earr ed off without Ik ing de composed ; while ia loose sandy soil, especially when underiaid with cley, thoy a t? irifluitessimally div idrd , and hf the proocss of put-e.-nenco in gaseous form again communicated to the atmosphere, to which they rue by being specifioully lighter than the liquids aith which they are mixed, rhe-e is a specific germ of the disease la all excroueaU proceeding from cholera patients, which is of course transferable to *?y place to which the patient may move or t?e car ried. The disease is not in the air, nor in the water, nor communicated by contact The intensity of the disease in Munich, Angshnrg and every other city examined by Dr. 1'., was in proportion to the drainago. The construction of the privies was in nearly every iustance the index to the malignity of the disease and the number of its victims. A Hrriofl of tables, with the very name* of the victims in each town, with an exact plan of tho streets, and the condition of the houses, furnish con clusive evidence of the Doctor's theory, nc even shows that in one and tho same house poor people were exempt from the disease, while rich and strong people become its victims whenever the fault v construc tion of i#wers promoted the developemen't of the dis ease from the infecting matter being carried thither, either by a person sick with cholera, or with the diarrhu* immediately preceding it, in the progress of an epidemic. In every case the do -tor furnishes positive proof that the disease was first carried to a place hitherto wot infected by a person afflicted with the malady or its premonitory symptoms. Thus he proves that the cholera was flr*t brought to Mu. nkh by strangers from Italy, who came to the exhibi tion ; that the house where the offlcers of the exhibi Hon daily assembled was flnt in showing symptomsof the disease ; that Uwy carried the dlseuse'to the vari ous streets they lived in; and that the houses thus first infected exhibited flrwt the culminating point of the disease, aud were also first exempt from It. This the doctor considers as conclusive of the fact that the disease was carried there by tho said offl.ers, because - >?<"?>??? ?*"- **? At Frc-ysjag, in Bavaria, the extraordinary ca*e Sdir'/fhf rv? i? ra^l,"K mi"'t 0,1 " moun tain (the Domhernberg) aud very UttJe of it in >he valley. On examining the premises, the doc- ! tor found tlao com ai Mountain to ronxist of ter races regularly walled up to prevent the earth from rolling down on an incllnod plane, and the soil to consist of heavy loam and sand. Through this arti ZZJZL* the atmoHpheric precipitates aud tlm imparities of human habitations have be<-n fil tered for yes without regular drainage. The ^o.,WB tl:r0ra "P00*8 ot tb? many large buildings, the residence of the bishop, the semi na rj, Ac., all empty on the open ground, and has to seek its own channel, which is usually wie largest surface. The sewers consist of wooden quadrangular tubes, conducted to the edge of the mountains, whence they are emptied in audi a man Mr that their course sua be traced to the bas? of the monntam. The consequence of this arrangement is, that the ground* are moist aud unheidthy, and the seminary, during the lost four years, liad to be Mspended twice on account of typhus. On another toil, of the same town, the same imperfect drainage ?*teU' ^ the consequence has been equalliy severe in regard to cholera. Thew is a ditch iato which ?*^the sewers empty , bat the principal street forms than tho level of I the ditch. All the imparities emptied into the lat ter were thus abeorW bsr the ground of the houses ree^' hcu?ff sand and loam, became an active propagator of choier*. Throagh the deep he valley, between the Domhernberg and the ditch, flows a rapid stream, the Mosachbach, and carries with H the eontents of the scwen Md privies of that neighborhood. Here, then, the deepest, and apparently the worst sitnation as re gards sir, the fewmtaases of cholera occurred. In ?loar parU of the v&IWy, whore tho ntream is danaM^ up to prevent Hs overflowing the atreets Iviag below its level, where, consequently, the "* tfTainag? was towards the houses, instea<l of from tben^occarred the woret cases of the disewiind toe greatest number of thorn. ? > There are, however, two ohsemllons which the Joctor considers ronctom? for his theory. They eonrist of two prlaona eollrrjy distinct fn^n one another, srttiatod In d?rent towns, and to which ?he cholera was carried bv prisoners afflicted with : atarrtHra, troin Moaieh. Prisons and b irr.icks it has been observed, are tV U?st cholera he irth-'al] ?ver tie woiid, and the doctor ascribes it to the j ojctreme difficulties with which privies are k?pi ; jfteBa. lu most of those institutions (in iiri^ons i Irom neei -saity.) niabt stootn are kept In the different ' and c^> " pr'ictirc Whieh is in iisvlf ? I iruitnu cause of ilinew, and especially an a<-tive i propagator of cholera lnst?iiMM^s lu?vn oeeurred i Where nothing but this pra. Uos furnish, d the me ,ns ?? ' engrafting and sprwidiog the disease, when llie tillage oi tf<wn wliere the prison wa* situated, r<>- ! mamed cnt.rHy exempt from it The doctor men- j ttons but two ca*es wtikh lurnish the borls for tlds ! theory, nod are iod?yt rwnsrkably comparative Tbe flrst of tix-m Ki Ux" Convent Khrarh , trvu* K?rmed itKn a prinon for a ihooMtnU d< Uu fucati. The cell* rt the pri/wmrs an: provided with night atooto, which tuv emptied into prirkw in I ?rfh ?tlo< y, mi<1 each wurfciutf room (the prteonena to different halK >ic?-ord]nK to their re-<pc"tive J rrndea) has ? door kvuflntf immediately to >? prhy l door. TIk waUa of Wm prtrtc-* are da^p wiJ gT1*# , with moWtme, and eJiaiuT-jl oupcrinfmu h!i iwoit sulphuretted (unrnmifto ?v la all the room- t!i n ?Kuated. Thelrat cholera patient in tLuit prison vfM j * certain f.aurrn'-c Urwe, who vu wnt tliri< front tola cell in Munich. In hi" Munich prl^-n several ?yweaof cholera had itlrtvtdy occurred. He irrirM *t Krhcach on the 20th X-iftyM, Ki4. Afu* j tew ?days he wan reported >4ck with '-holer* , but recover ed. On the 27th of tb" **m?? month, tire who anr<*d flra<wt> fell nek, .ind died with the <l<*en?". On the '.nh. Anna Maria M ey r, of the fern Ik dlrl ?ioa, had a violent attack of < bolera, hut recovered. The epidemic reach" d ifr* hi^h"?-t point in th" m.ilt tlrfoioo < n the 11th, and In tlv female di* uon no the L3th at H*pteml,er. In a Tew week* ten per <-0101 the whole number of prlmneiw, male and female, n il victim* to the dlaeaR*. f.ra-*) wan ronlimd with three other priaonera tn the wtme eel], n aire ol whom wera attacked by the dicea^, In the \ ia a barrack for x> Idler- buJt on ground of the name toil, and Moated precisely iw the pr:-m U iti r> CI to drainage, water arid air. The prlv i? - lu barmk* the doctor Mirvl In n wor*e 'o, |j i?u than thow of the prisoner*. while the aoldW* dt <nk the *anre water. c<mdnci*jd by the nuv aqucdne which fnrnlalwd the drinkliuf water for the pri-onctN The food of the anldiem, ttkv that of tire pri-on# r-, confuted chiefly af brea<l, ajui they are rtu< <H to gether day aad night, aa are the prisoner* in U? rati tent. NotaKhatandtng U>la parity or evcuArt u> i*e? between 1 ? o W*c boihrtng*. la a place otherwi*> too amall to be laid down <rti the map-, thi Imnut ?? of one were decimated, whil? th?*? of Uv o'b.-r ea tin l>- e?? aped, without a untgle attack of the nululy. what, ?~k? the tire <-auMe of thi* dttfrien.-e under Michaiinfl^r cli-ctur?itani x." ? dimply thie: Ut*t a cholera |>atient waa troujtht araorv tli>- prii ukent, and that hta ? xcrciwuta were thrown into the pri <o?>em' aiult, while no <-? h [wiH-nl wa~ btrv<l iced mto the harntck* Hnt how. aaka the doder. ?r * th>* diaenai '0 th pd?en enrHed from the nta- dc'iertmentto tir n male oaet Hale* and fe*n:!>'? ar? r>et pennjit ?>! to ?rork totf flier, and the n>:*u- drptirtrncnt 1* -> p?r?i< .l !nmi the f 1 reajo department b) a my 1 arf? afMCf , weewpted by the offlr? -s cf Ihv f>ri*>n (V,r th< ir jn. ll wit*. iomI hy a mi?rf1 of ahurdn-d aoldierH ? .N ?o? ut' o'fl, cm, uo?a of the?* "wJ '/i a<w? atkwk* I h> the difteafp; the officer* of the prison wily bv a nli^bt choleruia. Id du^pgular coarar of Infection the dbri? must have travelled from the male de partment through the room* occupied by the ofBcer and soldiers, to the female portion of the prison; hut in tliia raw it jumped from one place to the other, omitting the Intermediate apace. The doctor then made inquiry a* to the female prisoner, Anna If aria Meyer, who was first attacked by the disease, and the result wan us follows:? It is customary in the prison to take off and waih the soiled clothes of every new comer, label it and return it to tho prisoner ou hi* leaving the institution. The female prisoners are detailed for that service in couples, which relieve each other from time to time. Names and dates are reg-ilari*- inscribed in a book: and on examining that book It was found that when Grasses clothes were washed, which was on the '.Mat of Angust, tho day of b'w arrival In prison, (the '20th of August) being a Sunday, it w?s Anna Maria Meyer's turn, and it waa she who of all the female prisoners, wits ttr.-t sent to the hospital. Grasa?< fisd been alHicted with diarrheea before hi- arrived in prison, and his clothe* were soiled. The doctor nays: I was led to this examination by the report ou the mortality of cholera, Ac., London, l?f>2, where it is said that it wan without danger to wash the clothe* of cholera patients. The same was observed in India. The doctor then mentions the parallel case of the prison at Kaisheim, filled lu general like the prison of Krbrach, with a thousand prisoners, fed and em ployed exactly like those at Erbmeh, with night stools and privies just as defective, and into which a prisoner waa brought from Munich, who was shortly afterwards attacked with cholcra, from which h? died. Not one other case occurred ?not a single pri soner out of n thousand took tho disease. The doc tor at once reported the ease to the government ut Munich, and received peremptory orders to examine the premises. He did so, und discovered from I>r. Schmidt, the physician of the institution, who nude a written report on the subject : ? "That the prisoner, George Wendle, came with thirty other prisonera from the prison at Munich, and wus with hia companions sent to the hospital of the prison as coming from an infected place. There they ate and slepUogetber.but perfectly separate from all other prisoners. The diet was that of healthy |x-o pie, cooked in iron pots. An overseer was ordered to watch them and report the first symptom of disease on the spot. The work of the prisoners consisted in spinning. All declared themselves perfectly well. Wendle afterwards grew sick, and died of cholera in seven hours. He was, from the first mo ment of his being taken, carried to a separate room, and not a single stool of the sufferer was ertyticd without being first disinfected with a solution of chloride of lime, which process waa repeated several times bcloro they were finally deposited in a privy which was not much used, though communicating with the sink of tho prison. Turpentine was spread on paper in the room where he died, and in tho ad joining corridor. Hhlrt , undershirt , neckcloth und socks were baried with the dead. Tho straw on which he had slept was buried at u distance from the houses where the straw of those infected with the itch is usually buried. The empty sack and pillows, the blanket and other clothes of the deceased, were spread in a comer of the garden, and exposed for weeks to the action of the atmosphere. Including the rein. They were then washed by the same apparatus which is used in tho manufacture of woollen goods. The other clothes of the deceased, pillowcase and straw sack, were not washed with the common wash, and have not yet been used." l)r. Schmidt concludes his report by expressing his belief that J all these precautions would have, availed nothing if j the tirat f. tools of the deceased had not beeu iho- 1 roughly disinfected before being emptied. On tli ese, and a mass of simllsr indices, Doctor I Pettenkofer establishes his theory that the cholera i agro.i Is contained in the excrements of the dis- I eased; that, in consequence, It is transferable from ' one place to auother, without personal contact; and I that, consequently, localities nuiv become the means j of spreading the contagion. The theory sngKc?ts itself the means of preventing the progress of the contagion, while, at the aMDO time, il, explains the inefficiency of the usual modes of quarantine in either preventing or arresting the contagion. 1 ha\e now givi-n yon the substance of a neatly printed volume of "?70 pa^es, with maps and illus trations withont number. It is the official rp|>ort of an experienced physician, who has labored under governmental order*, amtwho h;vs bad nil the mili tary, civil und judicial authorities of the kingdom to aid him in his investigations, other governments have adopted hid views, and the sanitary regulation* i of Dresden have just ls*en ordered to tic inj<1c, con- | formal ly t<i his theory. The work lias been dis- j tributed among the magistrates of towns and v il- i luges, and improvements have U-en ordered in tho j drainage and sewerage of nil public, buildings, Srisons, liiirni' L.-', <%<'., with the most entire conti enco of success. 1 know that I could have spoken of many more agreeable subiects, In regard to which 1 might have employed politer t> rms and a more agreeable phraseology. Hut I doubt whether 1 could have chosen a subject more, deeply interesting to science and tho community at large. In short, I deemed it my duly to communicat* instruction so essential, and derived from so authentic a source, through a Journal so widely spread as the IIkkald, and have no further apology to oiler for the want of aesthetics! refinement in tne employment of terms, I Khali be ?-atMed if physician-' profit by the hint. The Pacific. Railroad. TO THK KDITOH OV THK HtKAI.Il. The opportunity we jino-w call* upon im as a nation to achieve one of the grandest ente rptiae* for nnLalning and civilUing tin* world that. was ever oflewl to man. I refrr to the building of the Atlan tic and Pacific railway. Even the Union itaelf, from one extreme to the other, cannot long he pre served without it. It uu ii* be done. Hut why harp we not yet set about it/ The reason in, I think, to be found in tiu> impractical nature of the acheme* propoaed for it* accomplishment. 'I he Whitney scheme demands that its inventor tjiail be made a nabob by public grunt of a princely domain, sixty mdes wide aud t*o thouivand rullc* long, and re quire-* at leant, two hundred year# for its com pie* lion. The proportion if alwird. This glorloii* work ahoeid 1k? morn national, mor? repnhllea'i, . more deniornttic Uiaa that, A joint atoek company might be formed, to have a capital oi, nay one hun dred million* of dolljiiv. Th?i t,aLnc< of the stock not taken by individual* to b?- all aub?crlhed by the United Htatia gov^rnna ul, which .should, iu addi tion thereto, jnijntiit.-e an annual dividend of >>ix per cent to all individual xtockhidd'T*. to be pa'd out of Ihe national treasury. The mild land t..h>-ii for the roadway t > U- vnln"' ?) .md tak-n m part ol tiie government arihacription. \ temporary lion track to lie imin<-dLite)y bud without waiting to have it graded, with "tatiouan -uam power wle-rever nectary to old in the construction of tbe perma nent tiark, and for tho tran?|M>rl.*tion of material-', provl?iout), workmen, paMwiigcra. Ac. A line r>v telegmph rbould al>o he provided fi>r. \ ?lnnie pcrmaucnt truck, d and well constructed, to 1* next b>id down f.-oin, my Council lindVa to Km T-'rara*^), with a branch from , V'tah to Oregon. ^ double track to lie con-lnvU-d afte? tho tiret has Urn pv; .n operation. <e>v- ? ei anient to no oftc for the -iJ? and tmuv fir of a'ock iu aOH'ints not ken than 11,000,r.nd to | idler it* ?tock for -ale ao lor. j ** .iny rr-nuin* on bind, j Ktwkhuldciw to be c,utitlod to a lumber of vote-, ac cording to the nam'*1* <if share* h?ld f?j each. Cost grt*? to elect directors for the r tad annually on its pert, according to th; n?iial>er of government hluinn. The rot of the dtr ctor* to la- eircted in *to< kLi^ei*' meeting, by th#- individual *focKh>>ld cr*. Tlie l*re*k}-ut 0' th? United Statcn might nlso i.e a director ex nfflrio, Holoug ?- government ahoold J be a stockholder. Treasury not,*, p?y ?We ondeintnd nt tho various ?J>tr? amir** *, might '>e authorized to le.eiiml.aud a iieruiiucnt l"?n ?!^-o >,btain"d to wMt th<in when onire?l, ajidto aid in th'' coi^trr' fl?-o of r>wd. SolrvrHptioHf' to the -t/e k to 1^ raid into, and all payment* to I*' made fr mj, 'bit tuh d r-'jitcH t i*n-er> . rotH t be Hui4t(em>-nt of th* road ahaJl \n- rohm? eorr^ndaned to the Compa ny. Hy llirae nvaoff tii?- lo^motive could u n^nt t/iioo^h to CuIi/oru.? ;n a -i?,gjc tra^k, in Ic* , than three yrtt< The lmB'dUt<> li^loi.' of a u-mporary I track, rongliiy graded, would iVilftale Ui' d?ii\eryof men and MippJx * at .Li nrt"??'aor p-?irt*', and afp?rd a [ toJenJWe runic t/)Ui<- p It wotrld rapidly bolM up a bo-ine*w b^e the na.1, by inducing -< Ule | DN titM nJonc :ta:i iti-. Th.' wl?o|4 ?,f l?w re rm.mcnt trai k co*Jd 1^5 put omler ??(,otr.?c? \*> dlff-n-nt < ty ? tiwtoro at o?xe, uid p*#wa*""H >a* -xm ? arrle.1 W> I Cadfoniut In tiie 'pa- ? of a aeek, a? 'bo rat<- of our I < nt per mile, and >> '. pay ic ?a1 Jhidcnda. 'i'liere | wtxiid )"? n.t lack 'if mWrilXTa to th'1 at<e k, an I In , ' a very few join eo?M nrmiwf Mm j ! manageicet.t the rosul ' O'lniy to the ? oinjuny. j i Tlie ???? k could n>rer dejwiac, and Ukj company j n?-cd cvotrnc* uo j**ni?neo?. dcht. Tho I iht C<U* pei'i b> no\t tlinv I>? <?? the at?>"k 1 In Ukia aonl?i be a > har<o a^sdnat Uie .-em nauv, wltli other *xp? u* -, lett Oiture pr-?tfte I and acwi'ea In 'arrfln* tie m-iil, X~.. w.add ' i?nc? l iho iWbt. Tlie ilae ot land* on th- i-ajt.t 1 wouki nxwe U ui pay ti?- <:? ?t' 'be arh.ile nauL 1 CeiUonaa aral MUni-UppI ralk > , w.aild prollt J eiK)?a)?ju?ly l>y ti?e trad". tJiat w^ibl "tidng up. ?nd the eooUHerVi) of Uie arorld wradd pourfhr i^b A me j rie-n ehtintH I*, and ita w .i!th ?-...Id UU the lap ol i he. Amervvan Unio<i- " fU? fac HaJt" H"H?ld heeo'm: J "li>e tax Wet," Tb? N?'W Wortd W T.'.d "?<n be f ; Muull to C'na.r.u ec. and oar ' nt/ rnrlc ar- old m.ik" i titeahTaof Aula rea<-aud, and ita "wdd< t?e?? t<? ; bamim ?m tiv- roa(*'' He- iroii tr f k and tin- Mar 'h i >4 fr?-e inet)t?itio?M> witnkl piofrt-ie until it 'u?l rr*o | lutionixed the whoU earth, and thua \aia. and even j Kurr-pe, wiaild beitaiw det ux i itlc and r> pulda an. | IWn, a mUr-t.uma r trip to lit. 0',rtii |v>le, aould Le > lajt a 1 1' <ie?.n ejHumion. aruJ tao ,n Uutr an rtha I ai uij uin|Jc Cue eo..u,ti for* voyage nro,r>l the i id V, A. IU latacvW, IMi** FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. VORIT HAKBBT . MohDAr, August 20? V P. M. Quotation* for Btocte took t tarn downward this morning. The docline was general, bo* there vm no great preawre o? the market. There ?m no particular movement ia my particular stocks. At It* Srst board Eiif botdf 1871 fell off j per cont ; IJIinoia Central bonds. J ; Nicaragua, Tra*rit, 4; Gaa ton Co., Cumberland, N, Y. Central Railroad, Illinois Central Railroad, {? Erie Railroad. 4; Harlem, 4; Reading Raifroad, A; Cleveland and Pitta bur k, j. The market was, on the whole, doll and stupid. Monday, at this season, is usually a heavy day at the board in consequence of the ab sence of many operator*. After the adjournment of the board the- following sales of bonds and stocks were made at auction by Albert H. Nicolay: ? Xi, 000 Crawford C?, h Wtwt Int. added 77 W 7.C00 Mereer (bflnt v. la. do j? 74 16,000 Chicago and MiwdMtipfM R. R. loM. . . . . .'.da HC il.Otf) Chicago and Roel. l?laoii R. R. 1m 9U f,000 i'unania R. R. l?t lusue, da 109W r.,000 Mich. Hcatfcern R. R. Jark.tta Branch . . . ! do SU VI 000 Illinois tVutr?l R. R. 1 rr*lan I bouda do 13 share* Harlem Railroad a?? Wmeon Draper's regular Demi-weekly auction "ale of stocks and bonds will take place to-morrow, 22d inst., at half pwt twelve o'clock, at the Mer chants' Exchange. At the m-eond board to-day the market for some stocks was slightly better, while in others the ten dency continued downward. New York Central advanced 4 percent; Erie, Heading, {; Cumber land, 4' Cleveland and Toledo declined It per cent. All Western railroad stocks are dull and neglected. Theeflk-t of gnat receipts during the fall months on the stocks of the-* railroad companies has al ready l*>en anticipated, and we should not be sur prised to see an unfavorable reaction in all of them. Home of them have been bolstered up beyond all reason, and great disappointment wiH be expe rienced when holders commence to figure up about the next divide ml. It is with the deepest sorrow thai we record the decease of Mr. Charles A. O'Brien, of the firm of W. A J. O'Brien. For some weeks he has been linger ing under an attack of hemorrhage of the longs. The hope th ;t his life would be prolonged until the re turn of that portion of the family now in Europe was entertained until within a day or two, but in vain. He rapidly dcelined, and died this morning. Young, active and enterprising, it was hard to be thus cut down at the commencement of a career which opened so bright and bid fair to be a highly honorable and successful one. The many who for years have been in the habit of transacting lsi?inesM daily with the firm of which he was a member will not noon forget his prompt and active attention, his mild and conciliating manners, and the sincerity and candor which marked his intercourse with all. We deeply sympathise with his family in their be reavement. Although prepared for such an evcut, it ! has not by familiarity lost any of its poignancy. To ) hi- brother* it must seem like withdrawing the lirst ! link from a chain which until now h as been one perfect whole. The trsiieitctions at the Assistant Treasurer's ofllce to-day wen1 as follows:- - I' lid <-u Iri afurjr neevrut #84. .'182 'JO received <lo. '.MS, 00.. llO I Im lam* d<>. t lil.Osl ,V< I'aid for A*-a/ ofllee lti.KMt {J, 1 aid ou dlabu ruing cle-clu- \ l'.K>,6TV Ul Th?- warrants entered at the Treasury Department , Washington, on the 17th inst., wero as follows: ? For the Treasury Dpjmrl mcot $'J,0T0 lit l or the redemption of rtock 4, I'd OS i Tor the euxtnms t!l 297 10 Kor the Interior Department ?4s r>S i Interior refa/ wurrantA WO1! j War warrant* received and entered '?*',07'2 1 Itrnwn ou account of tlie iu?y> ,101. 4. rj 14 I!e|i?/ wnrrunt- on account "f the nary ('? I'M* 14 j The New Albany and Salem Railroad Company 1 earned in July fjO/jll 24, against CJl-31 71 for j the same mouth last year, showing an increase of $l?,'-/>fl 53 for the month tliis year. Wo annex the kiws Income for July of the three principal railroads, the stocks of whieli are operated in daily to (tome extent at the Boa id of Brokers; ? ?. ! <--?( A vii Nrr Ivumi: o* TUtUB Uaji koaiw, Jt_ r V 18- W July fire* J 'tin ,\V txirniw. linnw{i'. New York I'tatml. 8.'M, 600,000 ?4?Si,4J2 V. w York ami Ki ie . .TO, '.00,000 .'t7?,yOft 187, #0 I *l:e?<l'|r IS MH.'M) 40* J4 . JH We have no ofl'ieial returns showing the expenses for the month of the Central or Erie roads. The curient expenses, therefore, of tlicee companies are i pot down ut fifty per cent. According to this, the j net income of the Central in July w*? M'.'.OO j le?athaatb? Reading, and the Erie $^7,fis? less. . When we consider that the cost of the Erie and j Central is eark double that of the Resding, tbe<-om- i pa rati ve productiveness of es^h ' an he easily fig ued j out. The Reading Company earned a larger son ; net in .July on ninety-three miles of road, than the i Central did on about thire hundred aud fitly mile* j of road. (i>>riM> ivn Toije?? IUiukii Totvx Kanv'a <.k nt> lluuio: ? Id votir in lick- "f tlii- luni you ?tnle If. nt ih* (IcrrUitd sad Toledo RaOri?<t to bo about >7 .000,000 1 ).<jj to icform you lliat jro?i me in ? rri't by ?l Wa t W> n mtllii.n of dollars. Moefc. Aoffu-t W *.',004,U4 i 1Viu|? of all iptlotui , ... . ;i..V?t issj 1 T' < 1 1 Ml4S I'iO Vou Ntut# M', 'h?f tlj# ?l?rk I- . n ?' irilUu <J fcjr ' Tlilo 1 ? *0 !>?? ,iv>ih*r error H." |, rrk? ?i Mil-. -?..I'll l>*?e t*.'n In ? h'\ in.iin. UJ> n onM '.?? "TiJ< it mi<1 for iii\< .<>tinrn*. .n l <v? r< * I* li**? i Urj^t- imnUi of nlnrUinldm, ^ ? >u will flr"J 11 p "ii f * auiir'.i tuia that, tlu - L "n<< of 1 i/' t< -t r^ida in the omtry, nn>l -?? r- (<i j?.?y II t r<- ?il >r 1 1 if miui' il ml ? I i < r ? '.t. .o, ie ... a .-r<x Kitotwa. | We Rite plf' t<> tlu alien ootninunlcB tt<xi men- j ly to chow tlx; ui/MJidity i?f miiw ol it* rUtcBPUl#. ! The loaded debt and ? 'ork ro.<y bono I'rgrr than nj<ni -il by the nrili r, bnt ? h<- floating d< lit will muk<? the Ag?n'ftato Kr' t?l*r than the figure we named, ?nfur Uji- number of stockholder*, i * ra.itier unknown even to the bo;ird of m<nt. >>? Iwii^xc th< r- ure u nouberof Htorkholdrm.l'Ut nif'i; than on* linlf of the stork li li^ld by ru tin rikji <?J rp?- ij^tori in Wall Htr*?"<. Tli<; m \t n: KiiUi ?'uii-ni.nujl dividend <>f live jwr rent, th/> writer ??>?)?, l? r"n u> b* paid. We ntvi r doubted it; btit.m the jiitmry, full/ njcr*'- *><h "A Kto-k holder." It will not l>e paid, howwrer, out of the ci.n.r iny'a net turning*., tlut i* certain. Another i^MtC of bond* w ill br required ti> privi.1" lb* land*, Hod the probability h? tlu>t I hi- i?.?uo will lie at r<?t< * l*krw the !a?C An taane of bond* *t nlxty-fiv* per ccnt, to pay di?ld< fid?, IB' *t ron nptbe .on.tru Uon Mcriunt ntpidJy. I jukv lot" of tl* -tork now on the market, whirh uperniator* *r trhfng logrt rid j i>f, w> r* I* ')?d on ron* rwd b >?vdi?, *old + time -Ui'-e at *b?i4il hixty Hv prr rent H-iid. r* of tin? lion?b-t o)yt?inrd ?t i^irh n mjrrirtre. f? wrtl HIT rd to feed the nutrkrt with suvk tt imythin^ like iiir n nt prlre^p Wbrn we the iid tiond.-* i4 t i railroad < uu\\uoy -rlbut h! - tenty f'?r p?-< rent, j and tlm ttfjck *t uine?T, ih?-?r nw^' be iciM'Uiin^ : wronj^ Tlir w nrk > t !<;: Cniiihc riknd C ?i ?' ?-k -r'-n?.? ! (Inx^.nx and di-pf-*!**!, niid f'jrr? <~ n - whi''hitl? i diflirnit Uj d< line. Although thert h-i? n"' l^en Ui? | distal mand tuf the (Ml of (be Cnn>l*rU/wl ; l/T WiD>e <,t (Xir ores ii uteHaer*-- they t/ In i< with | Irnwn from cur tmd?, nod u?ed for the porp -< ? o the war in }!ar<p<^-?ad A?r wt uutoufc'Uv Ag Inter ?Km, ?UU tho tivw rhanai'bt into vh,.-h it !u^ found lt-< wwy more thftA RUiko* up u>e drllrleory, Hi W Ibid tLe louwgt i t the re((ton in ;?d%?i rt of -??w p?-rk<d Uit j< *r Ml f WWO ton*, ft Nit to believe thikt with </>ir abundant h^rrr-t .u>l alm^rt pMhortt <>f money, ??r tn*nai?rnuin* ii?ta r> f*<e w1W ? twin be in ?he m?/kH fortliHr *'4>ply, wb n I ? hot ? hole n-Rlon will be taxed n# it? utiuoet to fur | t?i*h Uk ?<oMint i4 orml f-quln-d. In view of the a* j it ?? ?tr?ni(<- t<? ilt th?t tbe *U>- * of "*t* of thc>?' ron)|?nW-H iibo<ild be ?o m'e'h drpr?-?"e<). J Th' ''?"nl^rt?iid CV?ip?Ay 4a. . the flr^l lay of 1.1 an ?>!> butt lot# OMbed iutd wnt U, m <rk< t IOS>M t' m?. nnd wiil V^/Wlfe* rbw U>e ymr with f>T?* M ?>JM u*A. Tbk, ?? the a??1<rnt< jk tft <* n "i\ Wt ? - j vJd n?< ?cl/< Uj i> , rWfAt>y of t1 or 3 per T*it on the pur of it* of ??ck , and yti W*to*t U Meli:ntf#t from M8 to 929 per nLtr? Woof thr 1*H)>hiw> 0?*i and iron Company. H4d< ?> If twwwi openUumx it tana mined out ami aeni to market 33,73d tooa, and Ha yanra t>a?ine*a will ?oeplderaJbijr exceed 100,000 V>na If we accord to it tlw tin profit per too w to >1* Cnn??efiand, ita btuioew will net at W>V the mi.ti of MRJDOO- warty four per eeot oa the nominal par ?f ita stock, and on the original coot to- the Htoekhrtrier* 120 per nbar?? wsriy 20 per cent -and yet tto priot of It* ?dock npon the stock board u? far below ita origluwl Nd Tlif annexed atate meat exhibit* the average daily movement in the leading department* of thr I. an Ita of thia city, during the week precediug Saturday morning, Augunt If), 1 i*M: ? Nmr i oiu Orr JUv Ituan*. ^nv. NewYert 8;.,r.l0,l?.:9 87tt6,1r27 Manhattan 4.S90 ,2.19 640,114 UMCtumtit' 4,LA<t^' Mechanic* Union Ahmtu * . . , , Mbcoix at y North Rift>r Trvkrmnu'n k'ultvn .4.412,6.17 14 2 560 .2,764,906 aio.Tv.1 .4,i?4i,'ii4 I.wltoo .2,668,327 829, 9in Xtm.VM . 1.013.VM I 4<'41.IM.', . 1,640, Wit. . 1 , 404,062 Merfh. I'jielunigiv 2,877.066 NnUounJ I ,1)21,209 Hub LeiV A I>. Meoti. A/Tmdim 0?p?Tiwic)i 1 <*?1 ijf r Miinuf. . ISivwilh Waril . . 8t* t* Am. Ixriuiive. M. B. A>~oc.uliou. 1 ,24,1,8.11 Oimineicc Itowry . . . Rriiiiln/ 652,171 . 7\SV5T1 041, Hi.. l.vm.-.-.iD X827.G6A 7,2H1,70T ilM.oui 146,1*2 1?>1,7I? '239,669 Ifcxl.l 46 2S2,8no 162,716 06,270 ;h"i,4M? UW.lfc! 101, KM 4Hrt,,')7H 9.18,180 H4,M h,17w,oi?7 i,i?4,rrr I OW 111 76. Hi <>oea? Mercantile 1'iuiflo It?|mblir ........ I Imthn ui I'mptm ' North Anmrirn . . Hanover IrTlnjf Metropolitan . . . CHumin'.,,. .... UrowiV NbUMll Km* Rirer MurVi'l St. M<-bol?M. ... hh<M> k iMtbisr. Corn Kxrhanftp. t ootiiM'ntnJ Common wealth . OriiotaJ Vltu-ine Atlantic blaad *'iiy I>ry Ikx-k N. V. KxrlMUMp'. BoU'allead N. V. County. . . Total.. l, , 1.2W.HM 2,269,764 962,478 3,666,1.4 686, 260 K||.(WT 1,602, 919 1,301,807 mam 8,420,788 749, ltM rAH,r,:i6 1,066,329 662,896 ,1,176,067 676,33# 1,01 . am 1,482,434 2,727,196 l,l?7,;tt" . 681,791 , hc:i,<mo . r.iH,a? . 401,2:9 . 4?7,li.U . KM, 718 . 2-'W,2?4 . 147,467 181,1 50 114, 253 226,681 72,977 6M,(l|?i tVJ.n.i 73,002 ?JOO !W?i 8 68,663 w,:ilu Ml, 780 107,606 148.916 M.SM0 92,086 47,0191 64,:tl6 120,229 219,706 117,4l?.V 43, two 70,70!) &7,7?a 44,025 10 ,489 18,242 7, KM IX. Cirrul'n ?KM, 71.1 W.fcM 411,410 urloftt 80,131 101. tr/n 66,809 17H 816 'MX 1(0 l.'M,Sfi'. 294,148 l'>. C9 imi.rtoo (!."., 01| 101. 982 10 4m9 191,901 1)0 1 o>> w 106,010 KIf. 178.4!l7 2U6,om LlU.'iHft W.K71 U7,^> 111,706 10.!, 424 120. 01H (16.7*7 11 >1,292 i<v. >,7r. 103,407 154,191 89.471 l2l,l?8; 1 -'1,422 ?o,.w, 100.410

82,01 >8 ;?7,(w?> UI.HD7 t?4 IXM w.imr, ?1,W?1 1M.471 07, HA] >2 IMII.OiJ :^aj?.44.'i 4,778,470 ",42?i,171 2.?M,177 6,0*1, tiOS 2.4AH.70* I, ?'.72,6 m tiO.H'. mi4,47U 1,67::,h17 ",16<I,1S l,O.',7,0? ifry^rt ??M2, 1 <i ?or,K74 l.4n?,w^ e?2,6'W 0.4--s,115 ?V'l,;;lo S. i.'? H'28, 7fW? 1,272,441 747,K,rt 1 , i'K'.l H * ?f0 'Ml ." 417,210 | 4?'7,!>JO i '?Ml 122 1,2117 Wi t 1 Mlt 1,900 1 436,873 i,0*n,0'.:4 I ?oi,:i4 a | 011,2)10 I ttil,87;! ? 4)1 Hit. 914.1*16 4?2,W7R ?7?,M?2 1 ,'166,020 1,801. oar H?1 771 .?*o,li; OWJ.HrtT 224,870 HCl,.'.70 ion ...02 l.'12,(18? 87.770 ,9101,lM,Mi014.fi40,'2M7,R10,liM 81,W8.?71 Cuuiu w IIktkh Thj?nhaitio\x. Kxrlmafr^H h<r *rwl. tn.ilnjf Anjf. l.l *101,:. IK, '.27 " " ?' '20 M. 022,608 !'?Iji\<vm " " l:t S.OWi 161 " " " 20 6,412,074 Tli*! annexed ?t.?u:nieut vxitililU a (-ompnri*<io of th? lcfldiiifc dejinrtnient^ of the b.iuk* of uhin city lro u ific flr-t np to the la*t weekly returns: N l*vr Vob* I 'mr UiMUl. IaOh*. &im it. ( irml'it. fhtidttiU. $K1 Kj.\ KM 12,078,147 7,07'. K:ui 62.K2H.O30 HS, 244, 706 l!l,6??i,U6:i 7.040,982 IH.9K2.I/.8 K!l, 076,081 l:.,4KK,r,2? ?,!*? 4iil 67,!IO!(,:tM K6.447 ,90K 1(1,872. 127 6,6K1,!166 ?1?,<V47,?1K 86,664,667 10,6?7,2H0 6,?VW,8rt 70,1.-16.?I8 KH, 1 16,607 17,4.19, 1 !M 7,000,766 72.IKS1..117 bw 862,177 17,1'J4,::U? ?!.(W0,lll 7,1, 794,: 14 2 90.ho0 0.11 17, .1^9,06.. B, 041,006 7.'., !9,'.,i-;t. 91, 690, MM 16, .'.70, 876 6,W?:,/h12 74 644.721 92. 126 18,6.11.271 7,106,710 76,968.!'44 92,!'JM,789 l?,tnO,<W? 7,lni,90H 76,269, IHH 02,4 47, aifc 7,001,018 76,624,227 flfl,OW?,77!l 16,602,720 7,46 ' *11 76,289,03.1 o;;,?.>?,oii iiv,0iH,l0i> 7,.!!(7.iui 711.1100 1 hm 94, 499, .HIM 14, 9* iM, 004 7.771..V14 77,!t!:t,90? 144, 140. ,^>9 14.890,879 7 62:1, 628 77.2M2.242 o:i,6!r:,8?l H.^mi 7,610,124 70,744.s?.:l 9'2.bor>,Ml 14,262 121 7,*10,n6.ri 76.219,061 . u;;, <19,1,24:1 14,:i2^>.UM K,0H7,??i9 78,214, IMI . 91,042,1'.'8 14.664,626 7,801,917 7.'i,860,6t?2 91,676,600 16.Wft.066 7.Wt,*!M? 77, ?"/?I, 218 . 91,lt0,t>16 I?, <l4>t2 7,46B,?l!(7 76,76?'.,74il 91 ,197,65.1 1 '.,':liT,t.74 7, o'Ci 76.343, ZM 02,10il.irn ir.,i?6,1U 7,602.368 77,1 7*? . 9 . 1??? ".Jt6 II 976, ',.<6 7,462/1 ?',! 77.HI9.464 . 94 o-.n I .;, 14 706,729 7,'Vl&6.V. 7'.?,ll :.16? . 96, 877. .12 16.641.070 7, .".04,964 8l,9ftl,9H8 07 - 16 IK1 o-f 7,7 4 1 OtMl 86,647,249 415,452 11, 6< I.!, 766 7,616,724 K.i(?|i).6:iS 90,0iRI,147 15,918,999 7,407,080 82,079,690 09,08.'., 799 16,920,976 7,4o9,<'??? H1.H'2\7M Kn.llM.6e9 16.2K8,: . J 7,612,99:: 8.1,270,000 106,774 Af.* 16.90.6<? 7,714, 4?1 s.1141,12' 101 I5l0<10 U, 640, 'M 7.610 KM Kl,lM8,67l TIm- ln??t n tnrtiK comparrd i%ith iL'mw fur the pir \ I0H8 wn k nIiow In I '?u? ao'l Jl^oount/ ? ?n in nt *.!7'' 8 .1 Fj**li ? ? ?!? crwt.4' of I'.ll , 124 ? "1 161,296 1 ?{ g?h?? h 6" rr? ? "1 1.102,64'l A r^wpNrU'Hi of >h^ returns for th<' third week io August, in 01 Ujr [M?-t thr?"?) prwwotK the l<>Uowing fUtPBicnt ? Lmi>i. . Cirrul'n. Drpnril*. Aug. 20, 1?T^J9ll,WM.079 1 1, 00-2. 66J 0,414,006 :JI,?l7,718 Aur. 10, 18W. 92,690,10.1 14,2-Ml 072 8,6 7!l,8il4..V9l A:* 18, 1865.101,154 ?<0 14,649,245 7,610.106 81,04* ?71 Tl.e beak rrtorriH for I irt wrek an: not roaiu<lerp<l latovebJe. TLrrr Into ly cn ? dwrr?^ In tvrrj ile p*rti!Knt but dlArnuntn. Compared with tlv rv Kirn8 f^ir th' *?me tlmf Lwt. j*nr, we hare an in ommc in dl*rovnt* ?f more Uinn eight million* of (Wlara. opou an Ini-rcdrw "f only about lit htindrad ilt/MiMaa>l dollar* in ?p<< ie. The dAcn?w in de jxoit^ f xhjliit/yl in tlw l*Ht Wfk'* rrt'irn*, iK indi rni nf of * nwie acfl*c d<.nmuil for raoiu >. IVo. ','4 Jan. 6, \'> 6 Jim. 1.1, of, .l*n, VO, '66 Am. 27, '66 refc. a, '45 I oh. lo, '66 !>!., 17, '66 ><1. 24. '66 Vi. r. 3, '56, *'?r. In. 'Ja V.v . 17, ?.V. M#r. 24 '.V, Mm . 1, -l?, April 7, '56 A/>rl1 II April 21, April M., 6. ?: MfJ 12. 'l',y Mor 19, '.'1 M?> 2(1, '5. 2, ' >i Jimr 9, 'Mi J'iu?> 17, '.V June 2!l '61 Juim *J '6,1 Jul/ 7, '6.1 July 11, J"ly 21, .Inly .8, '.65 A'>if 4, '56 A>y. 1) ,'IJt IK, 66 Murk KlrhMfr, yAW t>6- ^7..t^ uOOli I n't i;*njo 6 -, l.,jut >'?? ? * ? 1 J i?'". 1 \*yo <jr4*>o "? !jOOU " \ i.iio 11 r. 21 ^ -1 '.<^KI II It "1 U 'UlU indu ii'e. . a ***, 111 r hu t-? " <v* ? I MifUAA' ,l i' ' ?^011 li l""'iv 1./00 d" ???; v: O-h. V.vl.. ? 10 I4.I A llort (To :, li I t.iuuw r ? WiM'ToW '? ? ? 10 <Jo 1 I "' 1 ft O.Dih ( * ?' ? lufl L ro 100 ?? s VIA *? 117', KM W loo1 ll*Ha ul I <1 V M??U4T, A?h J) 1" 216 K? .'41 1 m ; loo II 1 luO i; 14) mn V Yi'<n 1U do ?>rtO Io riu I < -n lilt.. IhiO do 1*10 1 Ai Ilk I l(K. . . t. 1U! 10!! 1 02 \ 102.S 1W) <rr 77 ">i V 1 *) ^7 ?j '?I 74 74 K 116'., 1 15 no lu S" l?S in/) ?>'. 6<>,. An . . <ln . lOO do 60 IL< . v m I: .??W ;.ho 10 Vlt V llm t UK VnO I'.** Inic l it. WJ lit Au -1 du ^ 0-. . .~2 10 loo 100 loo 100 100 tl I lilo 62 'i SB '? 29 \ 20 1 . 2?* 126 '?11 (6 96 v, 96 ^ ' i !>? KV. ViO <to . . , >ae ?u>. <a 26S 108 ?* IO -frtli A? lilt '?6? I i-T k |. I l.iO 4i ISO Win l^tie ln> II. 22 CV-T A I t' n i-rr<iv7? boa mi*. 9 IOTjNjO UI - I ,1m> :JTUJ Jo... .till 'M ' ><?>... *:ie of. _r?J0 'In '*J >?*, if* ll In lm -tt, 17 lOot. 1? >tV) 111 t > ? UK IV- T,\ loo l w 6W0UR.14Mt 19 7d-, i'**ie <>,n i^to :7 600 V V I tl Ha is. 92 loco .lo... ... nlv '/*6 ij#>. , , //*> N Y r.ty ioo '1* < sin CI to bio VM >10 It) H Y O 'lo . <)? I Ml "I lo4 ?> sn* ?'* \ ?60 1V-..IK* I'Jl 100 do ... 100 4e ... ? (rti k Ow UK won * i.ii u? Mi i>> 13$ Un llk.S in. 101 186 61 98 'i 110V ?o '2 f8 In. 100 II, i-! Jtl* ,'J! 100 X'l o k N ),i 'Jt < m THAW. ItKKUHT. H?M?f tu* 20? AP H. -*?>? of 76 l.?.l(?. i^U. ?t 4d 'Jf. p*?/U Ht 4?i T (tl u/?l'o?? IT.i 11? r KW?"n (rd^i 6u!l*od .Ulfc^M.l 4 ?J?- jt "*tur-Uy '? 18* ul? (flilmMd ilnot K 'CO ? 8, Mi Ml/.. 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