Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 22, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 22, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6934. MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS CITY POLITICS. Tkt RMultof Ike Whlf F wtmmry *!*???? 'ihe wliigs met at thoir respective ward headquarter* yesterday, to elect delegates to the State Convention, to aeienb'e at Syracuse on the 26th proximo; also, dele gates ??> City, County, Senatorial and Judiciary conten tious, to nominate candidate* to be Toted for next No vember. In mo ! of the wards the issues were purely local nnJ personal La their character, Thu extreme i^wardit's were geneially xnccoFuful, from their control of the(Wurd Uenerul uad State Central committee*, the State patron age, and a portion of the city oftices. But the ' woolly heads " were loo cunning io put their own men forward ?exclusively, and it wIU be noticed that the list given be low include* Mraight-out whig-, republicans, Know No thing* Know Somethings (who are quite strong in the Eighteenth and Third wards), liquor dealer*, and other parties representing diverse and opposing interest*. Among *'i!> delegates elcot arc a number of locsl celebrl tie.?, including Cong, "gsraen, A>-emblyuieu, Aidermeu. bes>ide~ a host of pan-tlsh snd small-potato politicians nnd oftic .eeker*. The elejtioiia were hold at an unusually early hour for the old fogy v higs, who don't relish getting up at sis ? o'clock to do their voting, and. consequently, the more ??\ctise and wide awake politicians had it all their way while the old fellows were asleep and snoring. KE9CXT3 IN THE SEVERAL WARDS. I iw V*' (U>. ? Poll held at Vo 11 Broadway. The ex citement was not great, and but "light opposition was manifested to the ticket headed by Justice Greeu: S?me opposition wa"> manifested to "Bob Collins" ounccount of his be, 13 appointed by the General Committee as In spector to the Eleventh ward election, an undue inter ference, jm his constituents thought, and he was loft at honi". . Sncovn Wij?j>.? ' The regular Williamson, Welsh and Clifton tUkei vm chosen without opposition, as our re port*! t..i ler dood. Tho ticket embraces a fusion of ail the whig elements of thi.s ward, which, though small in population, has made rulte a stir in the political history of the city. The election came off at 22 Ann street. Tbivo Wcid.? Two e!c:tior* were held In this ward. The in' lectors of election appointed by the Ward Com mittee a* first advertised their call for the election to be held at iyler'e, in fit. Peter's place, but the call was amended In some of tl>e wh!i? journals of yesterday by the clnngf ofplace to Co3>gv: plsce, a di \ ision occurring among the e'eetion Inspectors, who bare pretty nearly all to Mkj in * hlg prfmaiies a* well as in of every ?other parly as ot present constituted. Tlie contest in the Third -?a.d has been produced by quarrels of a personal and political nature between M?s?rs. McMulb?n and Coch rane, as the dispensation of the ,?t*te patronage for this elf. The inspectors of election, with their politi cal frieau* aad adher nt", went through the farce of holding two primary ele'tlon* at both the places we have mea^oued. Hon. (ivy R. 1'elton, whig and K. V. Congre-r"Uin e'ect, Is on both tl -kets for the Judiciary Conven'. !<vn. fo is Capt. Robert B. Coleman. foward and anti-Maine law member ol' Aii-cmbly for the Socond district, who is on both tick' ts for the Syracuse Con vention. Koi I'm Ward.? -The MelAtTghlio ticket was as usual -chosen, and .nmong the delegate- elected are William H. Sparks, SI. Jones, and William West, counsel for the ten antry. and quite notorious for some years as an orator of the vror'.mgmen. No opposition of consequence wa? given to this ticket, except by a small number of indi viduals who got hold of nam" of the ticket* used at the late pi iuiery elections of the soft*, and put in a few in order to frighten the election inspectors; but a < the tat ter fuac'io-iaries had considerable experience, and the inside of the track, they were net badly scared. Election held at A'dei nan Baird's, 17 Oak itrcet. Fifth Wauji.? -No opposition in this word to the ticke ??Iccted under the auspice* of ihe ward commit te?. Poll held at 1 IT We?t Broad wy Among the delegates elec ted are Gen. William Hcil, Alfred R. Booth. George J. ?Cornell, Charles 8. Tappen. and Thomas E. Smith. Sunt War?.? The t?:k?t known as the " Jim Tay'.o ? ticket" is elected with bo material opposition, except on one 01 the d< '.cgatii as, where 0. W. Schaff?r had 2.1 votes to 19 lor <?eorge Kavanagb. but was chu<eg. 8rvw.TH W4iu> Tbe Mcrgen woolly ticket elected with int opposition. Eighth WaSD.? The ? alu'.ocfca ticket'' is chose a, with a sligU' opposition, 'ihe ik^gs-Us to the -euatoiial Con vention are understood to be (tvorable to the nominal , on of Hon. Wyllis Bl?:k?tcne. F1 vtlon at Oberle's, in Wooeter street. Ward. ? There were two tickets in the Held here, one known as the long u^iet and the other as the short. The latter p- availed by a -ote of 200 to 40. Hon. <?eorge Brigg*, ex me-.nber of Ccngr?--. was on both tickets for delegate to the State Convention. Election Io the old Bleecker itreet House, cp &t*ir-?. George P. Nelson, Samuel Brevoort, Georg* B Iieene, Jacob Cholwell and Cornelius V. Anderson art aetong ihe delegates chosen. There was nothing particular to note In the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth *ard?, eteept that the woollies were generally ratee^efuL VorinK.sTa Wabd.? hi thi.- sard there *a< a terrible light l>e; ween Ihe adherent* of what was known as the Wood and Mseomber ikk?ts. Ihe dispute sroae out of ihe e?n9l' ting claims 01 c*- w.u parties who wished to go Vo Sjrracm*. There 'was . b<c -oree trouble about the de legation 'hat w.-.uld vote for Street Commissi aner. The uCair terminated in ? grand row, in which the ballet boxes were broken. Both tickets, of course, claim to be elected. P?T?.sni Ward.? A r^KO tu?i?n ticket eleeted. So opMNrition. Ann sra W There w*s no opposition t > the ticket ?tMt?st. Among the delegates cho>en are Harrogate Bradford, Hon. Jobs P. Co naming. Kx- Aldermen Sam Delematsr, fieora;* CTar's, Abraham l'e?ree. (the Hartwr .Waiter, > and l'i lliliinan James K. Wood, formerly of t be Third ward. Election at the Cteh House. There was nothing of no** in the upper ward*. Th? worklngmen had to idb? te their bmlncss in the lower part of the city, and the wBMcian* had It all their own way, DXLSOATKS TO THE STATU CONVENTION. The UltovHng Is 1 .sotrj-V' M?t of ihe delegnte* cho-?n : THU. AUernaU t. 0. .Will'azn H. t*2<Mrk' Hennli Mclaughlin ? ..Oiarles S. Tappen. Jeremiah lethrop. % .Hienerer W. Honu< George V. RoMWt. e..Joha J. SUlcocks Wyllis Blackitone. T.. George Br!gg? Nelson D. Thayer. *..Pavid Miller William Allen. f, .Timid Herrick Robert Buckmaster. 11. .David A. Forbes R. H. Richardson ,f Benedict Lewia. Ji William M. Wade. 1Z' ' 1 WHlHun I rons Benjamin W Richard.. 13. .Edwin I* Morgan Henry A. Kerr. U.. Henry C. Miles William Pardon. 1^.. Moses H. C.rlnncll; ) ?Oon'es^ed. The following persOr-> W?ri chosen to assemble in their mpective wards to mee*. in district ronvention to ele.t delegates ts Pyraen?e:? ? rvrtrt 1 it M Wjn! Win Black A.J. Willlemaon ?. .-oaith, M. C. l ordbam J. I'eirlck. Sam. Yetea. O. p. Reynold-. Gideon Clifton J. Parker. John Pecker ?> >d nwtiucT. Tit irxl tlrj Tirlcri. W HcM. Ro'ierl B. Golems e R. B. Coleman John M- Coats, Junto* T. Stajru A. It. Hill. R. latter. W. J. Atwell C. 8. Sloane. Mr. Keeu. Royal G. Millai-'. m tr*ni. 1 eotge W. Williams, Charles B. Foote. ,'anies B. Tiylor, Israe l Willi* ms ? >wen W. Urennan. tkm? nnxut. \-ith Wa,H. 1 <Mh Witt' 1 'f. T. Jaekson, John Hoffman H. J. Armstronc George Foster. Win H. Calkin. Alexander B. Klder John Glililen. ihoma* J. Leather. C n. lletchk:*' Chetle* K. Acker. ?.v>( Want. T>,vM W. C. McUn-ke; John Fen?on John Miller John F. Hevtan l Jeremiah CrvWlev. fOCRTfcrvn. piwr*KT l?Xh Wart. ?? War I. -amuel Te U Ma'ei , Daniel Hoganoamn Georje Cia; k, B- (3erk. Wiu. H. Bull Jaiae* T. ( ouenhoyen Ahrana Pearc ? R- Stewart. r Forshiy James Mll??rd. ?!XTW>'1H OtfJKM. If* Ward. 21 0 W*TJ lame* An4evaoe. M. D. Greene, Henry C Banks Charle? Oedeev ?ieuqis W. Psetey (herlea P. Miller Peter Van >^haack John I'annon. Rufns C. Crane. IVnnis V '('ai?> It is unner?to<?l that these delegvate* are f?-vr?'. - ' 1 pie elee'; ? of Hon. M H. GHnaell foUowing ?re the ticket* etect for the other et? ?entton*:? J r^^^/m ^J,'tdiciary?3ian?'i Graeo/Henry Garlick, J. A. Gardner. Ibunty? T. NeabH, E. doady H Smith &"*? Derrick, J. ParkST CUy-P. Cloaey,"'. T B ?T' """>?*? NwWt. tienalorial ? f&nry B; ^"ho?tte a, John Jack?w G. D. Reynold, ? ,it~. Cr,M,ker> J?naa C. Bartlett, Thomas Coadr Frank A^low, J. Mcfclnney. CharUrlj. I^pJ? f Vl2fcp?. Jacob Roaeyelt, Arthur Boyce Pe L7. ?'? "rTL Lnbb#' J <!. MorrWon. i i Jurgins. Chariot, Earl, Jacob Fritz, O. t. Key F WeymouS? n> Joha TUwnP?(>n! Uri Martin, B. Feoond W Aiat.?Jmlu iaru ? J . H. Welah f R wKaaIa* ? i!'* County ? A. J. Williamson, Juiian Bott?' Jchn Mather, Inaae A vera, J. Merrifiold '***? /hj.. ' Cliffy J ?. Abbe, A H. Wuil?mM)n H. sSit JchS f^Ti i*nato?1?,?C- Boatwick, James C.aUaaher' John Roy IJomt" Hullam. Aurmhli-J. t CurtTj F.tajhty, B. Brower, Sparhawk P,n??,, iTpJ' c ?i u JT ?Joseph Manning, John Hooper, F. Wfndtot Gilbert Graham, Thoa. Roe, Henry W. I'hair M C lord hum. Pam. Yated, 11. Schoonnr.ker ' He?e?eTCic^e:IleC,i0n * l00tMt^ in ,W< ?**? c%Z7r? ?: jZZ?7; <?ATb rnctonal-E McMulW. A. B. sJZ'w,n.f. fe/Tuv'n W S'ttrterant, E. B Mh.,f. for, buv F. 1 clton. ri/^-?John M Conf-i J \i fn? l?ac ^lxnatead J k Ijigl,,,; j,. v. Shcrwlioi'* BuX7' 07,r)'lAn n?& Ja? J M' Whn't"r, |V?I* C. ffggV Cochrane, H. N. Sherwood, ju?. m e M?\Jr"f V',V?? Wm. Rattm. .Swrton^/^Jno E. MtWborter, I) C. H?*ii(k'n<oti, S. W. Stout H IimnM miL Wm. A Archei^Ja". Willis, ?m. Barr, ?m. H. R am. WjtW Ojfirxr*?. S H ohnnk' A^r Ji"U''n' S'; sh*rwood, 1a C. Btrfik^r, R ? hi ok, A. Ccchrone. Mm. A. Archer, John M Coat a II I.onnxbury . Inuac De Gnrmo, Jno. V. MrWhortcr. Denni* Mclj?u<fhlin. Oaniol H lK Jji'iif ?^Wnw ' W//? Bennin McUu?hlin A. L S- ?/ ioh1 Fdwarda, Edward Perrr, M. Jonei. rv 1; sPlrl',,, John Blwnrds, I'eter Jamiton Wm Oreighton. M. *Ugg. tentorial? [?nnU MclAuglUln, gpaAt. ChM. Tapppn. John Borfe. AmMu? it J ? . '? ^,rw*ne. Cieorae Jnyrlin Daniel Murphy, ^iu. Wwt, M. Geo. Sckaff^r, Wm. Spark.M M. Nagg, Wm. Cwighton, Jobn IViyce. Charter? ~\ i?' Tt? H^? ., Waho ? Judiciary ? f eorifo J. Cornell Charity C U?\ ;JJnhr ",aV ? William Wlifam %/ rVt! u a p' Joh" "cwHt, Jr.. Jdme C taft. Citi, ? John M. fJcnnot . j? w. f'arkes Julm stvle? George A. ftnrney, Thomaii E. Smith. .<^io/?rvi/_Jo?eDh' B. Taylor, Iheo. A. Wuril, A. 11. C. Smith. Charles S T-fn L^n" A. 11. Booth, Jame" M. Tutliill. W. f Miller, Charles K. llandolph, James F?lrnun lanM Wil cox. Feter W. Neefus, N. G. \ an Al.l w Th^STa S trJ ' ro^fll. John 1>. Vin-or 'nioh/h (buns it to C Fcn^ia'T?' .'Lf- Ki,b?^- ^ i?n. 1. 1, Curtin , A. I* Decamp. Ninth Couti'H hi*, -let Bobert Iiattu J. s. Heofleld j.,bn ? tyleH, William Decker. Ibilh i'ot'vril J'ithiri- j (; ,"D'r,J'r- ?? Wilson, Jo.. B. Taylor. A. M l i. Hmith John D. Kin.-ey. No oppvnition lor 1? C*E!?wva!%r?- C- Jatnes B. Tay lor, i. C. \anWyek. f ounl\?i\ w Scbaffer (,>or?o havanagh. J?racl Williams. 1'. c. Van Wrck Charles ^ Tn'l;,r- ,'>or'r*' W. William., c! . ' . ! r- Georno Mason. Jotcpli tjarl'slc S>m/i I^-rai l Williams, Lharle? B. Foote. I*. C. v?? \vVck John MeCue A^h, v-Owm- W. Wl.llams, ( harin. B nnw" v "A ^ ,Kr*cl WilHams. Owem W Brcn nan. Churirr ? \. t. Kti rett, Daniel Stanlev Ahrahnt.i llorentlne, Jr., James Barker, C. W S< haffer (ieorifp Carlbde. ? ,'00,?' CcorKe ??"<?"? J'tepli t (W-,?,DT^,",,r"7rV'? M?r*nn Mnrrnn Arrlil ^VV' if '? rw>V>tn- , ' owx'.v ? I>an1el ? o?r Uobert Mwrftj, 1). L. PettW, Jobn L.ivrittin. Heu. J'??k fVw MclhL^,PKe^J;,"n Ur Hrooin^Ln! EVs. 3JC! flersoD, Jc,. \V. Morgans. SmfUorial--^ T vi.-fv <.r. ney, J. F. Edmonds, :vL. Harrigal Wm " Le^tiZ Hoe. G. tec ore. D. Murphv. Thomas j' ^^w H<M >'wt,w11' a"''? W*h' k" Tho .' K- ^ 1 1"^ WlD- A. 1-reelcirn. Terrenre l ynch Matt . Bowe, W . L. Khardlow . Charl'r? Km-irrw \tii ?I i'fyjy Ihttrut ? Snmuel Da won, T. T. Williams i,? Whilmore, Frank (.rc?ory, Eraamaa KuU "VA^ntu -- ^Twk WmL1'' Billcstiorrow. J?|ln Mnlli^n, (;oo. ? I-ewm, Isaac Frit*. Stnrrvni ? (ouncillhxlrtcf. ? Ihoc. Ahem, John Hughes f |i ( t ter, N . K. b. Sneydf r, Andrew Wbltlock . ' Rriri^HrYAK?'~^'i<i''-<tt,? ^ Andrew Hlcaklcr, Johu J. John?' win Iak?- t ?*n<Uoria/?.t?n>n O Moffet, ir-ij w I T* Jo'in I^rd. Joseph R. Koa<>t I( V "17^ l eGamt, N. Johmion, John W Mea<l', ro?'n !iikr' "? N' Mo,t' V- Cirr, James Shaw A Blraklejr. ,/ohn Bradco, Jam#a Shaw 111 A Mayerean, William Eddy. Tho?. Kea.l, William Mono/. r wflillms, n' I ?k<>,r- V"" ^.rv''n* Thomson, S. L!liUv" i" j11*- 1 '''.v? Andrew Bleak ley. Wm. 'ti?MtCrh?,rRh' J<'hn J Sllleock*. Howard Baldwin. tkarUr? H. Stoutenburrh. T. II. Clark I si- rasa N:.MH WaWj ? Juiiit-inry ? Geotve p. SfUnn Samal BreTcort, (.eorge B. I'enta. Ormaty? Cbas Crane Hobt Gunn hi' B?uhiiJ^hn A- c'"ttier- Alexander a! ^{.'-?William H. Albert son, Engeno Ward I?arld ilennloiv James W. harr, Cbarlea Albertaon. Ar*mUu~ Charir* ?' ? i <],.n^'*n B John Armour Q?atleH C. Bn?lon, Mlbert hiHj, Hiram liordett, (j.-orre VoW? r Jf,>rT?1 Berrit'a. Choi well, William fr Noblet (.corgc Colyer, John Nash, 1'dw.ird H. S-nior francis A. Snlffen, Dewltt Sheldon, fimialtrrial John K^y wr , Jimefl Anilorson, Oliver T Warden Willi im II. Gedney, Dnrid H. Dick. WHlilm I, Steph -ni ( w *? V. Anderson, Nelaon D. Thayer, t T.^Ztr., Mrd,<T^,5I"w ^,bb'r WiUiim M. Whitney. John ltcn J*? ?? Hadden. fcwtfy ??jfr</l_Charlea W light, (ieorgp C. Bro?n John I BQ*,aaD- J- ?L- 1- Crawford. lw m<9:tkiril ^, r!TT Kennard. John Hntton, Abraham K a_A 'A Sri6*; Thoinaa SpronU. Twaty- fourth Dit ? SSurKSi^u i,5Sf pA-Z&SiXK w'^AU<>; Wilii,mw "m? N 8 iSwt'ad' r JL F " ^Inlck, T. liallock iJ??h v"."i{, v^'rdI ?"??*?, K-,bert winum il'n" "'vWaii!' WIIl'>? T?y,or' J??? wiuiT AS- jS!t si'raUon Ha^lZ ~i "?'(J0 n1 ' Rho*<1*> """O Hammell. MqU w'lniam n^Ta*- n ^ 'ron. I'eter liammell. SSSn Bl Hnpirr 'ieorge MacClon>l j*?2 5j?? Unders, WllUam Kirton. l/-wU.lone 'U"i''k Northrop W. IMMord. Ihnrfrr ^ .lohn Sypbers, l*aac W LciSP^v fP iv* k ) f' . "'"'A '<??' ?' MV/./t? / A i' " r '*? '?, James Hallirk. 7%ir ^ WIllT'm ?rh4Pl H'^r, John B. Hendrlck fS,Til. W.nT Omnr,l OiMrH-JC ha? Curtia , William Molej, Jonepa Vanderbilt Thirfu i gu?b OiVnkt? Jch n sffiwt'wriUr^ cJta2?w? J.Jd^T Wakeman, Philip ? BetrlvHlor Caiinlcy, Otfy? Nathanial I^we. Wall,' (l.ViZr I 'r? ,'c tei'jr; B. Steele. J. D. l/>rd. D. Ken lrlek, Joseph Croeheron TH,RTK\rR * ^*n- J*d<riant ? A lonz'i Keynoiils.Mitard Coilina. Wm. Brown, (bvniy? Jnhn Cooper. A. Craft Ihom&A a: nnwlf, Joa. Winn, w. Hopb^r. (Htu? -John 11' ?r?r. Darla ,. >?;* . -ward Job^ith Itwteofe ILirney. (Uorin 1 ? T?a ? i 1 1 i'a nn^n it u I atter.on, B. Ha. kali, J. hn Wright A?K, Tvler i'rVebhAh ^ ivj^on.' J. F Webb. Abm Brcen, A. H. sharp, Jame, Uckwood ,"i G?ylor, J. Gorhain, 0. f. I'owell j m u-?ki r' LamNhM. hoUrr-ntrlyMnliUrM-j. *. i M u'^i? on-rT' '*ntl?1' Andrew Grower (' Rev' nold. M, Patten F. C. GouM. Thirtt^fomtA <li*r!Z. John Pcarsall. A. J. Allaire, J. Allen. J A Plnti i 1 ' i John Hamaden 7* .f? *<(* <ii*ri* - V <igler, William S V??vl J.,,in T VCilT 2?.^ E- ^.n",h ,?up,,", " Allen tieorwe MolW^ W dllam M. Wade, Heocdlct Ie?U, Jun JumUv lir Henry B Kent llor*e?V. .SigWr jobn Il<K>r J.^T v Cornell. John RornKh. Uward I). I?wrenee, liartd -<her wood, Tbomaa Crane. Albert Boot. Abraham Pietet. Samuel Brown. Ju.Un.ry- J,.** y. I. awrence, Aibed Hoot fWy.V|i|MB ft, lV,Kld ,,,hn Ho<)pe. B>.|jJamin W. Riobarda, Charles E Snn.h <iui |?, A. Htc.r,. f</t? WlllUm W K'uhn *Cl? u WllHam g^ Wood. William l.ynn. laaae rrret Char'. _ V dialer Jc'bn B R .r..r. I |" n"t*- ? Albert i 'wl,^ u , T1,00,fl' 0r?n* ThirH nifi'l. *r7u. Uwrw>cr Uron ? CbnWd < harl- y. i.> y,*n-TJ>ut*n"y? joaeph B Tarnui ?uel, Joel Lane la-'ioa- ||. IHIk?, ( Varle* II wv" SU^tT^? 'a iH'" William T?yi..r Wm M I^.Wc la.J u ' :,m** W I n^erhdl Uw , ". * V W.:i.a.? W il am .... ?! - -#!?.?? w .i *.V, t.-f/, a. G, Acton, J%mn i McC-irey, Robert T Chapman fl tip fir* dutrv* ? Edgar S. Van Winkle, Jonalha-i Rogera, J?el toater, Thomaa King, John K. Tayior. 1 ff^amWAMD.^/udMnry-i. W. Bradford. L. D?y ^''V ? John McKune. Mow? Jackaon, G. A. BUWbjr, Jn?? Mitchell, George H- Kick*; At *mtly?liua,c Dayton, Mo?m Jaciuon, Jame* Hornby, 0. A. Blakeler, 0. ft. Maekay CoWy? John P Cumuing, Henry Jenkins, F. Forahay, U?ri>afi' Kmra?r, William (rttod. frrWLlorioX ? J amen Horner, John P. Cumming, G. A. Blakelev. Charts ? Krtt dtitrvl ? Edwd. Weeterrelt, Lawrence Kearney, Charles I. Day, Charles C. White, Jamei E. Wood. .StwiKi dirtriU?Vfm. II. Bull, It. C. Wandell, Richard Winthrop, Wm. Jirlion, Lnnia T?jr lor. Third diMrti* ? John McKune, Andrew Bri'lgemsn, V. Korhhay, Kwd. Smith, Geo. limson. J-fnirth ilUbirt? Henry Jenkins, George H. MarUy, r> ruirun Ljhby, J. McCaffrey, laaac Pay ten SKtmnocita Waku ? C Ely, John 8. Belcher, Jolin B. Velsor, Jane-* I,. Berrien, Tnlrou Hill, (harles (3. bean. Aivmhty? lieorge II, Franklin, l> W. C. Berrien, Peter Palm, Jacob H. Winc^ar, William Hart land. Merman Maass, J. M. Brovrer, John Orr, J. Keck ei?sen, JohnT. Underbill, Richard Jackson .luili'-iary? ? Gerard 8tuyre*ant. Cornelia* Minor, A. Dewitl Baldwin. l\>vnt\? ? William H. Itiblet, Charles V,*. I*wret\ce, D. H, Kendall, William Fanlen. Jame-, Robin -on. (Sty ? M R. Hrewer, l ewis J. Kirk, John W Smaller, William Nchaller, William Afhman. Chartrr ? Hrrty-uxth Cmtnril district ? Samuel II. Smith, John C. Noe, Joocph Haight Henry K. I'rewor, W..R. W. Chambers. M>rt,v-.v?*?i//i I'oiirfnl <IU ti k.<? Christopher Perkins, Wm. Fardon. GecirgP^w^niK, William R. I'oty. tbrty-< ijih'h Coimct" diitiu-t?C. Zicglrr, J. Keckeissen, M Welrhb, 0. II. 'Frsnklin, Peter Taylor. Htrty-ninth Council di/trict ? John I.ynes, Arthur McAllister, D. W. C. Berrien, William Marshall, George i.yne?. Fiftieth Counril dUtnii~V>. T, ?Mai hirlan, C, I.. Dean, W. J Robinson. T. BodgWS, 3. W. Hurriaon. Kioiitkkmii Wahd ? .hut (rial ? Homer Frviklln. F.. Dela fleld Smith, Jonathan Nathan. Cbtmlg ? John H. Burin jkiP> David Perrin, James M. Thompson, < hsrle-i Mason, RufusA Crane. ( ttu ? K. Iielafield ,-mith. William Knrle, Leidy Bilger, James Britt, Samuel Brower. Senatorial ? James M. Thomson, John Ridley, Georg>> W. l'earcr. AttrmWji ? William Hoie*. Wm. E. Jones, William Sarie, Timothy G. Churchill, John Sampson I'ldirr Jiitlirr? I^idr Bilger, Geor|(e(>. BelloirH. David I'. Itunlue, Chaa. G. Murch, James Hohiuxon. Chaiirr? t'tfly-tirih dintrirt ? John H. Burleaon, William I'arle, John 'sampoon, Wm. U. Adams. I'ijtu-wrtilh duirul ? I'eter Van Sliaack, Homer Franklin, llk'huel (I. Hart, Peter \ an Outeateep. NiNBncrni Waihv ? rtulUiary? Wm. B. Rockwell, Georgo W Truss. William Wright. Crniniy ? I Awreuce B. Kerr, Hiram A Mnynard, John H. Van Tassel, Elias G, llaviland, Thuiuas Maxwell. (Sty ? Henry W. Genet, Wm, A. Pooler. (Jeor^e MgaMpy. Isaiah Ki yser, Charles Mc Cartj?. *$??ati/riat ? J Sti. Lightbo<lv' l-'red'k. I,. Seelj-, (ieoioe W. Bif tte. A?rmlJ<f ? (io urge J. Gregory, Joliu Colvin. Prancia B. Ball, Georji'- C. Conrad. ' Charloa Clark. Charier ? Ch.iHtiao S*ehwart?, John B. Dlnaledein, L'avld H. tenhroeck, Fdward W. (iennet. J-vmc P, Web ber, lliomas Mcknight, (J. W. I>eUhunt, Thomas Ik-o, Cnrneliua-C. Reed. Iliram Doty. John I*. Ketcliam, Ilcnn Petterman, John G. Havi'laml, Jamps S. Ri?lev, V. B Pell. Twkmutji W.itui Jv Unary ? Wm. R. Siow.irt, Wel come R. Beel>e, Robert Taylor. City- ? J. T. C"tienl.uven, F. H. Head, John Brady, D. D. OonoTi-r, John Kic'mrd .on. Attmihl'i ? John Willium-i, Henry Wright, (Jeorje I Adoo, Robert Smith. Peter Voorhisg. H/ty-JIm/ Cwtncilidit hiri?John Riehar<lson, John MrKimmln, Wm. J. Wil liamson, John Braily. Jr.. Janio< Kenrney l t'min'ii?C. H. Tucker. John V. Gridley, K. M. Curry, Wm. II. Henlxdy. l'ranklin (ireeg. Sniotnrinl ? ' Thonm - Chllds, Jr., Win Hanlv, C. II. Tucket, fffty-tecond t'm'nri I dithif! ? W. H. Wii^lii, I'.tniel Hogancamp. John Willi:>m? D. S. Young, Houter Johiixon. h\t'lit-third Cnumil ditti ic/?' Thomas < hilds, Jr.. John Brady. K. S. Miller Angus McDouald, George W. White. Tw*\TT-Fntr WAnn.?Judtrfary ? A. Oakey Ilall. Wm. P. Gregory, F. A. Tallinadgr. Ootmljt- Thomas ?). Da tIh, Samuel H. C?oper. W. II. Browne, Richard Darling, IlijahT. Mott. City ? Cliarle* P. Miller. I>ennis M'Cab*-. Jus. M. (idell. U. D. Greene, Chaa. Gedney. Ih*ri>i Jwli <iitry ConveMtUm ? Sam'l H. Cooper. T. J. Garland, Jas. ||. '"dell. Charles (le^lney, I)ennls SleCabe. Smutorial ? Wm. S. Gn gory. M. D. (treene. JAu Henders. AmfmUif? llenrv Tyson, Win. Marsh. Jacob Sieight, Henry Kraieer, Wm. Tliomas. Chartrr ? Nimnel II. Co<ipi r. ll. H. Rice, Janii s M. Odell. Francta I.. Ilarri". Dnnnii M't'?tie Thtxi dore Allen, Lewis S. Hiomas, Elijah T. Mott. T. O. Paris, John Herring. TW?.MY.8W0\D W.?bi> tvdii-iary ? Peter C.Male, Fre-1 exick W. Cbnke. I'eter TUroop. Cbsm'y ? Renben T. Johnson. Charles WlUmot. James K. Cnnlter, James tireer, John Ilnnter. Citjt Jnmes M. Byrne. Charles Walerbury, William V. I^ggett, Holier! Mackey Billings Drake. S mi'itrial ? Pa via B. Kerr, George Connack, Nathaniel S. Wing. XvmNjf ? Robert n. Shannon An thony King. Henry T. Jollle, Alexander Hla< k, William llakhn. Charter ? Junes Bowler, Martin Cisco, John Coi mack, George Feitner, I'eter Van Riper. Haumel Wal laro, George H hitman, I'eter Furger-e-n. diaries Will mot. Henry Snyder, Hobert Mackey. Wbl|| Comity Womliiatlon*. It in u id , liy the knowing onea, that (ho election* yei terd*y ludiciitc the following candidate* at utandlng the beat . hauce of being nominated I >y I hi- whig*, unle* '-the delegate* change their mind* lietucen now ami the meeting of the nominating conTcntlon-." ' Politic* are mighty uncertain Skfi iff. ? Aldermen Drake. Rirnaha- W. Oaltorn, or .lame* Kellj. VouMji fieri*. ? licorge K. Sherwood. Corontrt. ? ( baric* .Misalng, I>r. A. W. Perry. I)r. P. C. Van Wye k. I?r. John We*. City Inrjmii.r. ? (ieorge W. Morion, or Charte* Riddle, Stretl Ctmntiv inner .lo?eph 8. Taylor ? sure Ommktfouer ?f Kr/ntirs and Supptii Jacob I,. lodge. On partition Con n/-/.? Theodore F. Tomlinnon, or Ofden Hcthnan. OmjinMlrr.? ,lo-epli Pinckney Robert T. Haw*, or Nathan C. My. are mentioned. (Jmrnor rf Almthmr'. ? There i* a host of candidate*. I'orter II. Hhcriuan in pretty prominent. Junti'r of Svprrm e Court. ? Kdward I'. Cowle*. Jiutn/s of tK>- Superior Court. ? Murray Hoffman. Uwii 1'. Woodruff. (tmmrn t'Unj ? lUiheri II. Hhannon. I'-lvr Jut/in. Kn)ht"itik and Twenty firtt WitnU. ? J.u. P. Klandtenn. Kuthing definite rant* ascertained of th'' senatorial and other local nomination'. Delegate* from King* Coanty to Mm Hard IheU Con rent Ion. Tie dlfftr'nt Aaeembly dlatrict* of King* county */?? netiibled in convention yeaterd*y afternoon a ad elected tbc following delegate* to the State Convention *t Syra cuse. on the 23d in*t. Tlie Firat Awu-mbiy district met at Klatbuah, and Tuni* <?. Peifen. of New Utrecht, wan electml delegate, and Robert W. Allen of the Thirteenth ward, an alternate. The Keeond A-.M-mbly district met at the Eagle Hotel, in Pulton ."treet. nad Parid C. Atkinx wa* elected dele gate, and Patrick Mooo?y a* alternate. The Third A? embly district met at the bou?* of K. langwteS 171 Myrtle avenue, and Charle* Hooper, of 'he Heveath want. w?? ehcled delegate. AH rf the above gerrbtnen are prominent hatd *he||*. Marine AAlra. .-WP Lai n< i' - Yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock, a bark wna latin hen from the WcatarreM chip yard, foot of Ho u "ton *u?l Thirl *treet? An unu*ual Urge anm l ?r ot ?pertat<-T- ?'T' pre-ent, am. ng whom were many ladies and "W of our tlr?t mfr hunt - and ?hipnuMt?r<i. Th'' launch we* *? ?ueer ?*ful *? could \r wl-h*>i by the many adaiirera of the beautifully modelled tfemel. 8 u* i- named the Zephyr, nnd w?i built for Me* r*. (Tiamlier lain, I'.obia-on A Co., for the Mediterranean trad* and twen contracted upon a new and novel plan, which jt )* anticipated *111 make her a- fari a* any te?-el afloat. Pl?e it 1J.'< firt l'.nf, 27 feet bCJm, l.? f*et depth of hold *nd about WO ton c?ri*i#?'- mn?urfmiinl. lb r bul wark* are ?olid. and h?re four i>cit* on each >ide. Her chock hu'cb c.i nihing* 4c., are all of African m*h?g?ny. j whll?! b- r bull i* built of Maryland white oak and tamarae. The poop d?' k i? e1efjt?<l two feet .ibore the 5,?ln d'-ck, and hfr cabin i? "*"ry n??t. and well (J<?*i|ne<l for ecmforl and con- enlencc flor celling* are front eight to ten Jla< he* thick, and the outride plank from three and a half (? ai* and a half inchc* *11 of whit* oak: 'lamp*. *1* in-hce. ?'ho ha ? a full net of kn?** and estra iet of btam? and kne< ", fore and aft Th* rooking ariaiifrement* in th* galb t arecompb te In orery rr?p*rt and a ?t*t<- -< <-m la *tt?rh< d to It f<rr the ?'?w*r t fl.e ?*iior* will h*T?> nothing to Wl?li for a* their romlort baa been -tudi?i by the ete< tlon of * h"ii?e for them on de< k. shv wa? bailt under th" auj-nrin'-ndenee oi C?pt.

J. 11. T'?ona. and H-fl^t* mueh ciwtlt upon him for to* taate he ba? exhibited In h<-r aiifierlor nt'xlel nd fwrV ( nub and the young and r-aterprUing Mr?- ? W .-r ?elt, her builder*, may wrdl frel proud of her. *- b*iat one of ihrnm -t *p.- im?n? ? f n*Tal arcbl?ei-t> re ?* ..?? May ?ncceaa attend her. Karal Intelligence . The r . ?l<K>p of war ''yaw, eonmanJai WiU"? a ilred at Pen^aenhi on the afternoon et ti?e *tb i* t from llarana. Tir* S'?w I f, Hrtitrntir Mm* nn *?i? 'rrwia \'wvw ? We barn that th* Ixiilera and uvi< bin* ry "f thla ?hip Ix-lug con> true ted at the Ouirle-t rwn (M??*. i M*?y Yard an- all on board an l l?eing pi <ce 1 in p<*lti >n Ihe *r-"al 'HI t>e ready to go to *e? n* early a* t?? Utter p*n of 'Mobff It 4* thought at the Kavy bepartioent th?t Ik* rl* te?e<<f the yellow fever at Norfolk * ml PorW'.u'b ? Itb th. atti ttdtng cir' nm*tanee. ni<i t n*M-?-*rlir V lay the Anal r?i*|.MIe* of ail tbe I ? hii? be*t? <? * atructcd tlier* at lenat *ix mooiu* ? iro>l.*t+m .?<* At'!,. '-? I -. H*1 ??***!> ?TV- ? H. I naetiof .hi;. P*? at Hortlan u.t w*ek. and waa rtftterf oa . I i ,i lector (iarter an 1 aor-rai othe geut.ewn " ? ?I1 fra? that pur' on, T? Mw>oa ? >!f*r^n <m w?'j *v. ? r'l < f {.??? 1 .1 > a.**.: k*? ?.!? a *U POSTSCRIPT. IVKDHESDA Y, 7 34 O CLOCK A. M. ARRIVAL. OF TBI) PACIFIC. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE* NOTHING NEW FROM THE CRIMEA. Bombardment of Yagmnroff SPAIN SENDS 25,000 !W* TO THK *AK. Arrival of Madame Rachel. CONSOLS ?l. # Cotton Steady? Breadituif* Duil, Ac., ?:? The I Sited Htates mail m \icl.i' tV< u 'iwr pool, Saturday, Aufu it 11, uttrel it tkin ;?ort *1 ltalf jiast 6 o'clock tJiU moi mug. M'lle Itachrl and aulte ?r > paiwngef!!. The l'atfflc arrived out on .-audit) ntorniug toe i?tli ni 15 minute* |>e?l two 0'cltcis. The steamship Arago arrived o? (owes nt It) o'cl the mornlug of Friday, t'i<- 10th, The news -by this arrival li unsatisfying ? :nany rn m<?ra anil teufcrfi j. Votbinff definite trout the Crimea. I rlvatc adviceOuj 1'iat the bombardment lmd bent re atoned, hut H> yet we do not know with what efli-ct. t merflTlarkham is spoken of in certain circled as likely in kitci <m 1 to the co. intand: bat the atntmeut Is doubtful. Hr Colin Campbell's appointment would b more popular. Tin' Queen la iloelroti* t" nominate the Duke of t'ainbr idge. but lir prudt-ull) deelint-a the honor, offering, however, to go out a< second in comma ml. Meantime General Kiajwon cnlinue* with the army, t Ficlu U uppolutcd cnmutandeilnehhr of the Turks in A-Ih. Pome operation*. of it" great moment, have been executed by the allies in the Sea of Ar.nff. The Black h'i n fleet is ."till concentrated for onte gn Mt move ment. A tovp ?fe mo in In confidently expected (n the Rili ic. Ninety hips nre a??embled at Xargan, nn 1 opla iuiih on boord nre divider ?s to whether their destination He ltevtd or Hweaborg ? most probably the latter. The well Informed I'arls correspondent of the I<on<loa Tit* -> Mute- thai Austria has just mude spontaneous ? <? vancea ot mote friendly te'.allun. toward-* the We-ttern ? Powers. Ixrrd I'almerston. in Parliament, ?onveyt \ i similar meaning, but the public uie alow to holier ' iu Austrian friendship. Furls correspondence is foil of allusion to what It termed a "legitimist conspiracy." Tlie sum and rub stance of the affair seems to be thai two frenchmen 1(11. DTuctn anil Ohapot, have t>een In communication with tl-e Count of UoatwuUtD, with the ^nunelWto view of encouraging the Cur list insurrection in Kpnln. and the ulterior ltoje* of bringing about a h vciable cl atace for Henry V., no railed Hn- ian c nil pllHty Is proved fn the matter, and the French gow . n ment ha - eagerly scixed the opportunity- of making po lltical capital both at home and in Spulu. Gluseiy t'ol lowing on the exposure of thia ' conspiracy '' la an in nouc cement that Spain will definitely contribute a!i, 00 1 n;en to the allle*, (to tje jwild by France and England.) and that France agree* to uphold thr throne of Inabelln agalnut all danger faoui whalerer aourcn. Thia Intelli gence i* alateil In poaiti?e form, but rcjuitea furtioir confirmation. IJypipool cotfn market wa< reported -teidy at p. e vioni ratef. I'readntufT. dull and lower, an 1 aeatbei again farorable. Money tighter, fori ol? 01. American aecuritlea quiet, mostly unchanged. Tweiity aTerhoelotofaiaeartlnuake were .'ell a' Bro't . ?a. AUl el-Kadir U nM. Qen. Canrober' hai embarked for France, Tlie Ruaniana have bmu>d all the leinaioiug nloii - ? f grain ami to prevent ezportktion by the M.lli-. Volumlnotm correspondence In publii>he<l innpei llan th' Ilango affair? including the letter of Ifeut. <Jeoe?te TIIK WAB. HIEGE ??l-' SBBAHTOPO!/? LATEST 1)1'.-. PATCHEH. .It IT ? '.'en, h'iinp?on telegraphs- ? .^in' my despatch of the 24th I ha<e notltioi< of impoitanc to re late. We continue to strengthen and improve i u - advanced woiVf. which are now ro clo?? to the ennny's defence# that 1 legret to say oar casualtlen areneee-sarlly cun-lderabl. The eneni> exhibit great activity in a<ldiog to and improving their defences, anil the conveyance of military store* froui the not fh to the south ?ide is in creasing. Cholera ha* mailv iea-i-4 In the tanks of the army." Ai or t 2. Kvenlng. 1'rince Sorter*' altoff ?riU-< ?Nothing of tmportalice U going on. Ilei'gorof the (Ru--ian) 8 re prevents the works of tl e >)e? egera fn di advsnelng, sad thWi tue t? weaker. Avom i tMft. fien. Siupsvu ie.s*>aph.< tluit th? Knssians iumts ? night sortie on 'l.e Woronxoff road, a* far ns the c),i \eui defriee. bnl were r? pulsid without trouble. Arorw 7, 10 1'. U ? rehaaier telegraphs. Nothing of interest to communicate. Th< enemy liaa not undortaki u anything against our trenr'n ? ume c.i?es of ch"l( -a h?re ret[ pi ar- d. TTRKKIKH CAMP ABOVE KAMARA. JjftltMx <f 'late the 2ltli J ily, mention that the Kr? n- h c?mp o u lie Tcbernn; a, ?* a#H at the Turkt?h ami Jar ')to|*n c? ntinfent?. Iia<l been kept for mm ie dara on the alert, in e >sfd|iflK' of ? report that th* Ku?-faii? w >-r* ?bout to attack the Tel crnajra line. 7 ha nUrtn, hot ever, jk> *eA '.If. lb'' -'arlinUns contiuu* t? oe>npF TchfTgotiB. which tlieyha^e Itruaftffortttte-t. tin- Xr? n >, ai,.\ Kngti-li cavalry, ami, re<'?ltlr, a Tnrki-li ?Jetarh. ir.ent are in the willey Of Bablar. HEA OP AZttPy. A dr.patcli I' piibllehed ?> follow. in the I'* i 1 . ? X'Wnliae \#< n raeeWud, tla Vienna, from Taf?tti<.? iUHh "{ July. la|[aiir< ^ ha-l b<en t?ioi>?ar ? mm* 'lay* by the ?ll(e<| ?bl[ - An I'ngtiab ???%.? .1 , j, ba<1 ( t n -b'.re jn'l <?> bnrn?1 jr t?>? Ri- ?{ i the crew e^enpfvl. JV town of JVrillan-k '?? the f. ?,i A^.r ui i\ ,if?ln '*>tnl?nle,t, i he r'uma.-;- ?t?>n" Vr tb? ?HU-? i >r aMeraMa. ASIA THK XIWJK *4H? l.atterf from Kan at* in Jaly It. Tl. ? i - ?. > t< 'h i the report of tha ?f ?xliauiyl ?(<!* I " F/etw-'H the "tli M*) 14th, ftt| >ral ain-jenn' t . ? place b? ??"n the a-lraiK jx?i?a near K ? <>? '!"? "V i the ma<V a -?r< nt o-roflno*. nnaa ai.4 an >? ea?*fol aitaek ?*aln?t K?ra Ifcfh. an-: n ti,< I'.'h ia< ? ? equally un-u- ????i I>ti re ? anvaa -a 'iyon I- )<*> ' al im Ibe 12th tiny pr'i?<--- <?l In tie lu- ' >n ? Krzeraaai, tmt an a-'.ranee-l marl "'mi i jaw iA <*ara bat oa Ike l-'Mh a-raia ! the city wttU git I 'tr H>?r? 1 la"? tfcre* e<ilcrr,#?> of *t ftimi' 1 tiia re?.r??. A'tr ea '? aroriag by ? ?>. 'b' OitaiMi tt ?>(?? >u. their 'a'.i'nehment* by ]??' W) - i t'. t?.<ir f n- 'k? l:a?laaa reta>a> I la tif ??? atat ' thHr rberib I aaha ha-t abawlmx-i M? ? the Wtaaea Kar? ati ' tV altle- are 4e,i*.h?tiat tb* lonlt- < >' ? -f A>. f* l? tl?a ?i?b af Ik* I kcaa*u)lt> I. a \>vWa l<?? f n* to ?*!*'* a Ual. >? f- * a- ar Hat?wa> I awr Ta'lia ?? aj?p.-li?trH (xarw-n-W *t *e T< rit-h ar?? la A'la ?f r?er TSR RAl.TIi. IWra i? e???T tMo atl? a a n**f + a?a ? 1n V a' ir*.;t*4 aj? n' as* 5f ^ t * Walt;- A^^ the khip* of boll: Ceeta ?*Ueet<M at Xarfen and letter, meution a go lie r*. anticipatigu t'mt Swe.iliorg aud Heitiugton will I*' muHutiav "1* attacked A rumor, afterward* contradictor, ?k> current that Itorcl had h tu ill; been bombarded ? ith aucccai, IVupuli'ted bare be< u reeeivi <1 tri1 ill ('apt l(lffrt?D relatea, that ou the iUiiii of Jul. he took po?e?i*?li'U of the iaUnd of Kotla, without mhUsn1, H'l dwtwyrt the fortification , uud *tore?, the garti-"'i ' i'UC e??cu ateil. THE WHITE SKA. I!u*?iaii account* of the movement* of the aiiic I ?(8J* dron in the White Sea are publu iw t. On the 9th ot July an Krgllnh ateamrr approached the village ot U*nit?a in the district, and aent tdwrt bttr kmti fith a "whi'eand re4 fliijr." hut the inhabitant* fliod upon the boat and cauaed them to return to the ?leainer, whleh theu tired three hotira upon the place. Two boeia again otti mpti <] to land, but were again poaijiellod to retire. Neat morning (he xteani'T put to ,>ea. of the Kng U li HheiM tell without berating, .mil the )ea*auta ph ked up nbi > a Utty. The \ ilia i (r** w?- nut uiucti damaged. On the ?8th June an Ku^li h ?team i ut the i 'aud i-f .Solon (*, and carried off uuf -lie-ip .*hmI on tli" dO:h two ktiiMf.* it(-ol .? ?liore ? ! >;? i! he Kousoff ialiida, to terry off Rome reindeer. t'n tti!!> .a Fng'.iih Meaner loaded a achoone- .. I igl'tg hi a wo WiMwj in the Citiif i f finest. with fire oft' I and I'mnl tliri and took it Iva; . RUSSIAN C1RCUT AUTO i ItllAWA POWERS. TI.e Ru? -ian government ha- f> 10 't? miniater* at foreign court* i circular do *. < <t Ju.e 'it in reply to I old Ca en.!. nV not* of June <i alii'-li n ' If ? i :? r?* |?ly to a l Ian docRW ut . of date May 10 Th" objert of loth the rn-.;?ii circuit*; . it ti nuuou 'Kf> to friendly [Hiwnrn that RiimIi edherci to the doctrine tVlat "the Hag ei vi in the eirgo," hut that Itritnin h ? infi Inge t on and icpndlale 1 that principle. (irrat Britain. i n the fih the (.aeon reviev.ed the I'utclgt log ion it .-hoi ii? < llfT- , ami immediately afterward* 1.000 men of the Column regimeul were ordered to the teal of war. I'arliument ?u expected to ctoee On M n<l?y, tin- 13th. the tjuceu would not prorogue the h?nw in Nothing of much Intercut h.n occurred in I'arlbimont during tlie week '1 In limitul liability bill vm read a v md tine in th" llou'f of 1,01 'in. In llir Common a the lull for creation ot ?",0<a),i(u<i dterling exchequer bill* wa read a third time. On the order fur the third nailing of the Conanliibitcd Kuieltilll, Loid .Mm Ru.i.ii'11, purauant Id iuiit.ttion he hail ginn tn advert to the elate of Italy, jiroei ede<l (ij i .-view the con ilutl of the war, and tl.en ad'erted to the oonditicn of the Italfmi kiofrili'iii". In .Va[.li'n, hi ?hM, (lie tin' men were pining lu Impriaomnvnt. In T'?i-i my the old ?(eni of religion* toleration iuul haon nuktopd for ;i .y ten i f persecution whirh i a iliegrarc t? the ( country. And what agfrarateil the matter ?a that tin hi evil? were nininly In eon?e?jnence of one of Hip principal atata? of Italy?ti e J'atntea ofl th*' t Imreli? In ing in ? ccupation of Austrian and I ranch troop* eatia ing the fopa to bo I'.i-ni'nil -nt on ota oi i-ilier if ihi?-e foieign powvr*. If thl* w gnnatlim cnntlnued la4Unit'slf llii Po^r lunut emu to lie ?u liid'-peudint prince, and there would l?e adlaturbance oi tli" iialancn of purer lu l uro|e. Wna it mil po ? h i l ? I ? fot llo I'Jigllnh governiuint, in concert witli rranii' nml Aran1 1. to devi*e ? nr aye tem i.f government ft>r the Kotnan St ite* eoommant >*ifli the ln*?ie?lii ut thi' p*""| I4' and w ii h tli- ? t lemi nt - ot }n liet llu eaUcd the attention of th<- gu^emm?nt lolhbt subject, and he could not but think tiuit the Flop' i or i f the l'i<nch *oold be happy in ..ueert With Knglaad acme av Mem it gorernment i.hich would admit ot the withdmual ..I the l u nch troop? from I :>>? .... I ,ord I' wet ?I"\ leplleal to l^.rd John Kuiom II and threw Out nine .tinning alluab iiK to l.unl lohn'x recent toil rue ot conduct. With ret'eri ni to hli iKn- i|1'?j ie?ukrl>. on tin ui-mafim'-nt ot the ??i and the tctnt* < u rhUh p' > e "hmilil l.e aecered hi f Pataneratotii mtiiadi<4 hiia that th?' olijr. t< ot the war ?i ri- wi.irr than the mere protection of Turkey, ami thercftin rnrkey ooubl not ile. ii|#? to the temi'.of fieece. The protection ? f Til rley km eiean* to an end* hut Inliiod t tin t protection w?? ih" gra^ie one U>.i"l n lii'""h>jf Ihr gr ^piaa uutbiliun ot it ? ? -ijn An-ith' w*? flail to ??y that a |.< rtJ t I'tunimltv nnih-?? point a o \i?ti lil w een i In iib.n t* of i'ranne anil Kngland it might I e wii I the iv o nati 'O" hjd but ?ne jbinet, of whii h li.ilf tlie ninmbei net in f'ari? 'nd half hi lx>nd' a. Aa regarded the condition of Italv. It an ? ? miliject din . alt to ih'tl with, the number "I Anetiian fr??p? in Italy ha I not 1" ? n IU--I "J d, Old there I no indi ite n thai the 1 1 .Hey of An-trll h. * change. I t.?w<iit? !ln till. Whether Anatria will, at i future tin-' take tlji. n ut with th' allies uj.iv dejw imI on .'licumatam ? V't lie fl'almei i<m) wai ?atla|nd ?h? wmiM iierir i?;. i.,? Held againat them. flii- occupation oi Rome l.r tl.e Ficnch tea at lea tprodtu ed ?. 'm md. ? . foieigo troupe to withdraw^ the Iranaitiou fr< in li.* 1 ffivrrniornt to good I- tij no neana ea?y. No oppi.rt nlty woobl lie . at to cun?lder the aubjeet on the)., ligUnl ?nd h' thought h might ? iy 'he tan..' <> Ii^nce. The au'.ject then dropj.eil. Miat of till p< ? f . .j.'. i ? ? John ItiMaell'a reniar. Io jij.. umi Krt?iM*. II U (ir.f f won' ?l?iwl that Ih* r>wt>i>?ii of (lit J'n tu-ii |? rnrn.i/'. riD'l I) r |{t t fa<"t baa (>? ? Cttnuatilllculi 4 Wr tat Ion* c!i|>lou ? '?<? to U-i-ir foTTuni' ui ( <>n?ii'?r?M*- ba*i l*?n fiv.ii (?> u it lreilimif t fin?)ili'i rr, in arblcb lb* ovrrthro* ?>) ilia lkinapartl.' ?. a ln>urr?wtion in spin an I tli?* (rami trli tn|li of Rua?fe rrtrywbr ?? nr 'iinnl'if I ? mlsrd ? i' Afrtr*. ^ A ? 'in1' fi< m iH'Mirlrta, "t ?! ? -'?th ?fit. ?U'< 'h,i the VI' ? <>?) b??I rator?*t from bi.a r u if .fn.t t)i> I!' 'U.iiln , ?Iki b.vl ina'la Ibalr ?nl<iiil'?ion. Laril<-r* trmn Trlj*U M tba ?itb ult tut# th? r< i."au-- 'I ? I urkhh ?ro?f- ba<l r.-lnrmM tbaf.. wl l? nnttMr lb* A??l>? rainam nu.'?t? Mall IWa ontitr "-pt 'ha wbl<*)i >;?? ??n' t.i <<' wi?wi I ) .?? J rot' alb n ? 1 1 '? dli"" ?>f lk? -nl'.n T?>< ijigli !? l mi -ill Urti' i?l ?l iiin?i? ?!aa<1 i|t> .. ttf ? <1 i.?i>. W m. |V|.. i i i-fi tpj int"l bjr <b- Biln b *?'.i.i/' ki offatiUa tb?- Italian b?? arrlri- 1 at T'lHii A V l<- ? *j> ib-a J ?'?'.? tali that lllr Crip* .r S?j \p <n ) ??. mii'la an i 'If <b n ? ? iv I that 'b? (' j* h U raf iii i?imI ?' 1'a ? .?? l.l? g.>?auiii?? m w. b ih.- ita* -a rAtu"!; In? ? ;?>' ?' ?' '?*'? "? ?*?** ?iufcm in th' ? <?( *Vitc!i )?'. ? ... h. . ? j,ri ? , f , . ' i .?! .. iH'l.a Ui?* ra.|.t?'.i Xarkrli mi h Ai' nr*rr i?r n*. 1 1 (( |ji|?r?n A"f <" In l? ?>< \ttj > '?tj r li?? ba*?- fclba ???*? "?r laal. ?te<i ,r.- rrfoit") ?? u.n.-h UU lkrw(h?"t 'b* . ..?i.. try. %>-!? fl?? kwarriw, *r# 6w whb ? ??m ?'iii Inn' Tb> eontlmir.1 (*?', a??ib< r 'ia- ha-' no Hl-f' n "U' i'? ? l<>r <(V< fl'rir. any Inluan ? ? n,.<|i! h?* li. baa.r.u ? n b?nUraH/il If lh? b< a> jr ? In y! M ^ ,.ne *?' U'n 'ay an-t th? /'n^rtl .:?li . ;n , ii- 1 raark/'f". ' l ??*? #'**T b'.!4' r* '/ aJ. at ?ab ralttM ??? I. rf?'ijttl/^i of (-"f tci?h 4#<t a fair I a#l i,.. ?? In ? (i.<< ?>>??? ? if im in ? -'-1 ? r?.|,|| I' ?.)?>. h a. *.? ?? ??! a '? ? 'aj ???!>??? fa. -??In a|>* 1(1 it l? p? r ???*'. I ! '. an <?*???? In 'air a? :*? fcf m m< | ?- ilk la titnl hut !? fH ii iw?l i* '?ie? 'h't t-f mi -lay . f> . ''t iT' - 7 ? B|aa l^ft^ai *aa a(VO ?'!? I n?a(a,' ? U-dina <H 4 . ?a ?'?4 "''II "jra!? ila ?b T? tall.'. fa*??<-? I. rr * '*>Rf " ' 1 "? a<. *? r V.W. ? ?*"'-? if ?? ? b? Tarttaa CV/I ? 'b" 4a^i'a?4 liaa '.I ?n " r.i ?lif ? ? n ? >+ >af <4 hftW? f t> f ?? ?# t B'.i ) * 'li ' ' f , l?ar._w. baaa ?? to ?" ? !? I^T"* "?'* ptH rn! I? ioo>!#r<t#, t?.i fa "?? | rwiolfa lir.i.n'uatala P<W i' fWl1'' If I"" ik?T" la w^?? ?cll'itj' Ij*?' fti'f I" lr.?. I. ? 1 *, ? >? ? ? ?' 1 - ^ t In Wi*mn m ? I" ' ; lf " ?,r<, r"-l ?*-* ***** ?**'? '?? 1 1 WrtA- ?**? *" ?,,* "?? , ,,! ,, ,, ( v?rvftf> ?a-fl^# * ' f ?(, }m llrXl ' ?' : : % | * t* r**' .i '?? am ?,?. " ..*?? -."Hat tb??9Z ??< ? ?arl'?. .?,) tV ????. 4.^1^*1' ***?? la , ? ?t m n? * * M*? Wl' 1 ?al? <? <r*l'aaM?la^ot|. r >t' '<* ? "?*? Wf?- a?knaa< >tnifi : ??'>? ?? ??a ??-a Jkmm'nm b?^? **rf A?? ?b ^ l? J? , , , faitiM*. Hriaaral'V i:i? >?ia a?*? ? ' -it I* ?aal*afc4WW aK^#* '""a'" * S 51 t<+ ???H. *>4^^ l 4' 't.a r??'? aaltJlw. ?>???<? 'fc' a^laf ' t *a? a.?#> ?u?i?4 .?? -"" a i>?;?!Wb** , .* ..<>*. ??? ?? ??'??*'? "? * ' " "* |*?l~ 1kar*M?*r* ? *? Th* lll?h?*) lUWtarj' MwHtm ?? llant*r*s COKONES'H IWTIWTIOkTtOh. Wat-> attamoon th* toqu*.t <>n th# bod.* Ry*r th* hi?hw~.) robbar. who wai killaa ?> 1 Volnt, on .-un'lay u^hl whilr with two acci'?#""** attainting to rob u Hwlaa pedlnr, took plac >t Astoria b?'f<>r* Juati' * John lloyd, am) th* folbrwtaf jury.? Jfcr tin WUlla, Jacob Hrwrolf, J. J. Hallatt, *?. f. Biort?, C. W. Ih.ll. tt, Will I. Ajraa B. W. ll?pp*r, ?"? I'av id U. Putull. TV* mitamint oeciiaiixiad by th1* trlfwlf, wlli*b tcrniinatrd in ao aingular a inatini'r <U*W tng>d?i*r ijuil# a large number ot ap*<-tator? Th't* la no dimbt luat the thrc* men who war* e?gaR*.l in tin. a S*", bar* ri'iiiailttfJ number of burglarl*-. in and about Aat. ru? within a abort p*riod. 'I ha I"' "l" r Wt? <-rann. had . ? a coat, pnntalouna and rraral that ?m atol-u f -- the r*ahl*nca of Mr. K. lU.binaow on Thurad>.y nigh t... Th* follow, ug t-atlmony w?a Ultra ? f'utrlrk Mnlth awom? I r*?l<to at Huntor-a Point -a Informed by my urtoht-m that th*y b*nrd a?r pr.?w ?rroanlng down in thr orchard; . *01* out ot V"*?*"! fud ah! heard it; w* want d.wnto theorcharl y\ fhundd*. .-???<??, lie wan th*n aUviv and aak.-dftwwatat . a-L(dwb*rf he w*? alabbed. hu pointed U. ho. bf-aat I ..i.l tt,. i i iiarlrh Mier-. ambliatl linn. aft'T ?^n.? railing for <al?r, hi aald il* M"* ' -* K',rb*r n?*r? n'-\b. frfgh -worn? I met J..?ph T,TM;r *' ^ brldav ill Hunt*. . I'olnt , hr Wka talking ta Mr liar ti I could tiot und'-ntand him he pu? hi* '?..n.i ' 'i>io hu b.B.I it aanlarfc, a Uttle b*fiw* * o cloak . h* po"** ilii* o'reliaid, . put "P hi" ?hr?-* linf"' hi. w*. (, ,u ba innda ?Jgn* t" l", l,'"Iov wb. n h. pulled ou' Unlf*; wbeu '? ' '"?< r'" 7^ nn.i >na'i" to?ard hrnic, I uudr *\*n* h, " ' VC th* hr 'tf'- on going liono- *'? haaid |fn-iii? 'loan i? '? orchard I ?? M d.*i> to ?h* orvbar.l ?llh 1'atn.k Lnd !!.d?rt t . *.??.'? <??""' ? '> ^ ? l.f,t -I >b*d him an I h" mr wrn;l t^.artoa Mywa. La Uitt hi. .??. wa* r?n-.r pyt r i -;f " dov t. id thr and. an I aft*r?aid hrtp< 'I to *? 'vH^t |t"#h?'?u, ?ot n ? I ra.l.i> >'? ?>'" J ?" ^ ? ih. Ci. < nrv? lnt Hr on Hutoday ?truing afl*r ? o M.irV Joarph TaTb.r . anw' to th- th, ?.r i t-a dr.u^t f?l lull ot Dim: l?* had a pl?- ?*?' I ?? *}? ??? ' ^ l'? B in to rr* and mak* ?'*"? "? m<> , ,b*i?*'l I .ii?p**t* I that all waa not rigW, J'" un .i.Dl*Hlbf- b"y t*?Wii4| at ill) houa*, whit* I w?4 wauinS lor th* l? * ? ">?? r?'"" ?n *hl: "lh''r ^ . ^ tiir<t to ir l through th- piW.n*r r*r. **???.! Shu u n'l 1 wnt or. r ami h**l him uaUl th- oiheatcam' amllhrn ?*?<? th?m UiU, uptohh.i ,.od ^1.* to* thw. > *?> ?ba Mat!"' lion.*; J.?*ph T?)lor -ajd U?t ?a< <wi. of i h** m*n. and w*nt o**r to ?.r**n* ami KLl.. him t.. ?* If 1>* W rut lh* P'l.??'"?;"?" airthTm In an augry to.., -Wh .< tur* I *ot h^OBgtn, U'?X',\ Mink aworr.? I r*"t.l* ill th. of tl.p rity of Itrookljn; kno* th* pti -'U*r. "u Sratlaaa oftbmi Waa on th* aouih ...I* of N*wt?w? I h.Il- ??? ailiacl"' th*r* by l??id lalkiruf ?<"U'I Tay I,!? on'* \ ????? : rl-oni r. making I,"" /???? ' 7'"1/ t-T un lerataii'l - k">'1*i.iM J* Trr htohwar v?ul,i'c,. I HiaV." Il. it rUiit... au-l " ' , U.a? I him t.. go along wttb in* b Iomi l.i*? ? mm.1 ? -pin-io t,,k.. htm U>. an-t what ?. r I IM that h* ImanP tb? ebarr- th-t wa. mad* J.t , ' > m and that I ahonkl I.L- h?i. J. . thr atattoj. " " ?* I l-V Tat l"r with ? ? ?f,'r 1 ^ ;,v*n .aid Ih it (.* narrr hat a w id wit, any P"*'"-" thru a-l' d l ? rr'n nhrr. ha g. t that '?t from t? "?? I.. hi-ahlrt. hr aruW*r?d thai U? ' had had <i,i ia I bad c> lurlb*r *onw-?U?>n with Ih* rnM I l?.n'.l*d hlin oier t.. ihr A-LUot t aptnln at tha ?toti^ ^Joiulhan t'.ayn* .?orn-l r?.?. at llunl*.'. I'otut , j.,?^rtrnln??l-.ot ? o'.b.W oto- of m* ni*n ' am* t'? lay l.oU an t -?t'l that a man waol*1 ? *? H-ri. and .o,, .. brandy and pr^^l. d t. th. pl? ^f'.u?'l ,h- man lyln* '?>' th* gr-und "^* J*' !m iod^fir* in Mr. Willi ?" pr?o?*t to th* fwrja aodgw* in riEK c,r..:s atsa ';,L" ami h. imi ? h .T. '.llbd the and rh'ia*d rn? In dirk , h* Ih. irl.t lb ?' br nm?t liai* *nt lb" m?u ih?t r^n awar ?iii..t ih.,^ w.t<- thr** mm tliat atla*i*d lum, th and that tfc i?* w;-i ?njM . ^ th|lt mwuf l;ira* man ?a . prta?,n*r ilr*^ ?aa in ? "t ' ^i k XI n'b"i* and U- ti? t.4d blm that. tb*y would On.l .???-* V"<-n ^ he roBM f ? itrtnn $auf tbrtn, mu \ ?> ^ !m ?< ,fc" i',r" '"*ck^ b,tn DrU'-rtnan and am ?(atlon*.l at th- f't ry, I anw tfc* Mu, r? v;n ;? r r.rr r d" b ,Tm* I n "nt r.W?l. li- ra" T T ,V'' t ' ,' u, ' "u- ii i,r??fi aaJ pmum ' ;;,:r |iai< *?r*|<d batkowl f-.r him t?' "hi. a*nt ai< und thr n?w balldlng ar*t uplftward tb? >r?t anb.idg* th ,.*r.. n that ' I.Tth' S'\. 'J 'on ? VU'V ^ h*n**t m 'III ? |irf(h? ,-4 ,tird I t.?ind a !*r.' 4. . , T, ,,-.i ?ith bl*?4 and dirt, weabad It S ondthai Ih. 'df* IS In^U*., ?b' la .Vi'h " ! l ife ' " ' ? r*r? -ho *n.*d aU U. ,.^r - ,t ,,, iba i mt?. f wont_?rmu- < * Aatorii hHug vorn a !tot*T atar -t W-Wf In an l^tan f. ,. u ,1,' . ? .1 ?">' w Vork , I l-? l-t Hi* card and li. 1. I b.1 1 an ga lit Iwaa ta ilngwtib '? "j. irrai al 't ? 'hr?w fr-.m bla heaHlag i?an op thai .? ?. '? IjJ* , .ith b aa h? w. ull ?h?w ia* a ' I | . > ,Tl th* watch. thU wa? '?i *.ii . , ',ii . .' < rturk I want to tha bona* Wtth th* < *yf ?*'* * * ,l# mc*?w! 0<*l man nuw ?J''* ' ' , If M iu? tmai aU Ifttgw.l wat h r.ff m-o *r awl Ih* n*f< ?"1 , " Z Xr U . W am* bUT V M ? W Taan.!!,! o.rhti.. !n* Oil" r1*"' wblrh wn a U ?*? r).a w.. . p ? mil* tbr.^igti U>* tif. V'm 'a'."' ?*? * 'l!?a a..^ bi.n^ .^,r; tSr-v^'S llw 'bat - -? u |U, vu tU. w?<h" ,r:,b* ? (ti; "?*? ?? ? " 'h- w.t.b - fr.^1 'b*f- W? all w'Jnt.o -l5 ?' "* ???? ?' .a^h.-M-o^ and ^ ?i;v ,?T; Kr . . ? *?* >a U. tb* bridga-, ft wa* abawl W. .r. ..dfb* (rrry .Jnant *aa , , . , ih*r? U a htfdi l^uk aUmg '??? - ill ?m ih?v *. tfi? brldr*. *' wbfb ?ima ll??? ,7. a U ?(" . Ut^g.h* 'wltf* ?.,y tarnadj U.^ *. ". ,? T o ?) . *ht .gain ?t I ta < pi** wbr-* ,n , , x), , Luprd d?,an (Mil Or??<i '^r' 7* ..iVubadi ,nd trtppuy Ara-^ tl r nd oTr? 'h <? *h'? l^iad i .,??< ri %>?' aiy ?*at aod ran .4 hi r. u. ;~> J ;;,h; ?,? tb. V-d 4? "? t * i I tlk*r* wrrw any ?*??* ^ * I .kJI' ...II-.1 U? wr '?,rfc >abi^J uaa-ry I ,h'" ''"*?L,7.ti.V?a?M waa.tiUa.?. ' ' ' '' , .TL mr h'*d d^?; abllad* I w*ot -w. "? f; M ??t to thV ?!/.Va? ^.ri ???- t-r iLl .'h u t aad .'??* tba watcb I " * ,, Man Ira I ih?y wnU nnt. wa?>' tt>? tolaf* * .j r> p i* ?er iirwe eaw n ? 'ab-l i?' ? ? .t.^.1 ti^l ba waa ana a* ?Wrt?r '!? > I -,?t* i t... t? t?m arwnnd to ard*. b> |*"' ??' ' . ,m ^ aatd I bat hn 'ta U>". ' ' , ma on* <? ttr. ^aaawaa ''' ? ad !>?? tbrr* I w?a? to tba ' t i " || hI'i-wi ! wtat aa> ? tkli lM? .? .??"*? I ? ( at lb* aan?? km* ' < * atoi' ??" ??*%? ^n-a, !, * ,. ? ba' I wwold b* hnag , , y,. ns?f ?a> b*?* r*atod and tb- inrr wa*? ta ,',,1*4 a. ? bair i jttat by Jn?tb ? fl?>y4 j. . - a'.?^ni atirut Ira aa.wat* ? WW |MllMl ,ua M.- fv-awlng rid 't, wtibb gaf "irmr.^r nr-r ra- to **? , r ' a '7J taBl, f Jaa> I'b ,a??l ?? ' .r a kfc-?' tn k* ^ ,.Tw%> ; . , , a lb* ">? * ? * ir-4 aat lb.t tba n> ?^*J tta l*"b >>ar '* *"* ,t(tf ^ ?? h*> a?d wawnd^ w o?. t. *k * ^ ^ Ujtnr It'lltintwiaa* *' tl ???- *a I. A* ra. J J lu- ' II. W ilaaan , f i / ' " 'r>IUll V, * -1 't. < a - ??) \t mn t mm U* tan*. Arm v '* . g>*g M tbt'- <m to l^at pb-< a^ and tba prtaaMa Id aan a-.?>. i* l Jnatiaa Hayd wba laaa abaarwul in#m va. mwiiJ tMawm r? -ad> . ? ?.' f of titi^irV. ba?a ba*n .animtnad On ? r wa? a? ? p ?baJa'^Ui'^n k "t**? . U'n Ma (aian < , na<4 ? ? Hajd? f (.??, w1m? -TM wv a d lk?! ? illf . . _ I h. ? ft . ii ta V*. ,v?t ^a JvyJ-.? o ?<? didna. ' al I ? I a r * ? '^jaanai - a In tW- fda ?* . a Ikar^af rda? t la*. .?a dl' ? ? atwinft ??dant ^ It ?a lk> _ Mi. eaynawN dw^.i?* ?w tanti 1 w Itoiaitt ntobt ?' " ' ? ????? anaw '.MMid i?l.|..Jti"k?'",.i?H? , . TW . a.i, . n# ?.r?-w ? ??? rbn??a? * togwwa*