Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1855 Page 1
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TIIE NEW MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 1855. POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE. PROCEEDiUGS OF HARD SHELL DEH01B1T1C STATE COSTESTIOff. Resolution* and Address of the NationnI Democracy, FUSION MOVEMENTS IN MASB\CIIUSETTS tic., &c., &c. ItillMial Democratic Hnrtl Kliell Convention. BuKiHJjam, August !ia ? 7 :t0 y. M. A large delegation ol hards from New York arrived here tliin mui u ng en rou'e ft i the Hyracuse C invention, nmong whom ?<-re Pehell. Tucker, Sickle*, Mather, llan Uin, Mortor. Went,, Hart, Itiill i jx. Cornell and fifteen or !wti>,v others. The addre-s, which in unite lengthy, is film, resolute honest and to the point. Mr. CicUtKuB will not he president of the Convention, as he 1* now engaged in an important trial in an adjoining county. STRAmnt, Aupu-t 2.1. ISM. Ad informal meeting took place nt nine o'clock this ruorniug, Mr. llerger. of Kings county, Cnnirman. and Messrs. Lyon, of Oneida, und Cook, of Washington, Secretaries. Tlie following officers wore agreed u]<on to be presented to Oie Convention ? Augustus Schell, for temporary chairman; John 8. V. Nafew, of Albany, and Dr. Wilcox, of fhautauque. for temporary secretaries. At the appointed hour the delegates assembled. J. X. Lyon called the Comiyition to order, and propos ed that Augustus Schell lie temporary chairman. Car lied. It was then moved that Messrs. Haskin nnd Obok be appointed n committee to wait upon Mr. ScUell nnd in form him ofhi election. Mr. Ji'afen proposed an amendment, that the commit tee report on the 4th of July next. This amendment was not acted upon. 'Ihe motion was carried, and Mr. Pehell took the chair, j Messrs. Nafew and Wilcox were appointed temporary aecretarie*. Mr. SeuELL, on taking the chair, congratulated the convention upon their patriotism, and wild that their principles wero those upon which the constitution ij hosed and hy which the Vnion is presorted. lie declare 1 that the democratic party were now anil ever had been 3T?inst sumptuary laws, and a^a'" distinctions ou ac count of Wrth p^.'tee. (Applause.) It was then moved that a committee of ei^ht he ap pointed by the Chair, to select permanent officer* tor tbo convention. Carried. The following committee was ?| pointed:? Me r.?. Bo\vne.~of Otsego; Sickles of Xew York; Hooper, Of Jv in^n; Pearson, of Bonssclaer; lister, of Saratoga; Earle, of iierkinier; teyinour, of livings ton, nnd Osborn, of t'lmutau<|ue. Messrs. Yoc and Beardsnll. of We-tchester. both claim ??uig seats. Messrs. Ppencer, Nafew, Tappan, Fowler and l{?* were appointed a committee to decide lx-lwion them. The convention then adjourned to 3 o'clock. Out of 128 members, al>oul llu ?ct< in attendance. AFTERNOON PESP10V. Mr. 8ns?< is, of the Committee on Contested Elections, reported In favor ol receiving both Yoc and Birdsall as Members of the convention. Adopted. Mr. Bowni:. of Otsego, reported the following list of per manent officers of the convention: ? nunnKNT. HENilV W. KOGKKS, of trie. vhe ramniKXTS. H. Bartt. Krv Tort, Wtlliau lewU, fhsvrego, !>. C. Aiken, Bliigr, T.vumn Scovilf, Clcmnng. C. Omat. Kcfcfsriaff, i-'. H. Farkm , Ontario, Isaac Itlood, fnrntoga A. 8. PtflTra. , Wyoming, MOUOMftlW. John P. Snlrw. All nny. J. i . Hneneor, St . T.'iwrcncp, fi. F. Alden, J.'i w York. S. H. Champion, Delaware. ikaiGMAM /ii A?w. ? Jamea Ncabitt. The report v a- nnanlroonaly ndoplcl. Mr. R(K;wt^ < n taking the chai r apologi?od fur hi- luck of parliament. uy knowledge, ami sal Is ? It will be our du ty to reviao afcdperhnp* r< con-tru l our platform, and (-Iiott that we area living moving, national democratic party, baaed <>? the prln^ipie^ of Jefferson and Jackson let us atand by our creed. uud while we invite those who :igr? with unto co-oper itc v, ith mm, let us reject with acorn every proposition to coalesce with any faction for pubic' plunder, l et our motto lie ? 'Tnion for principle*; no coalition fur r;p- .11 " It difference of opinion or clashing of view* ftriK> let there be moderation, conciliation and forbearance. li t the ?invention Maud l?y it* principles, and ho act at to >-how tntt the nation il democratic party etill Uvea. hikI tlial il?- council tire* Mill barn. I/Ct u- so ndhere to our priie ipl? . as to insure, or ut least deserve, success. Mv. Waw>. of Si'* York, moved the appointment of a committee oi one from each Jadicl il district to r p'irt re solutiona. Mr. D. K. Kuxlk- moved to amend, hy inserting two," iii.- lead of "une." The Hmindnirnt w.:j dl-en- ? d by Me -rs Ward. Cut ?tint; Sickles and Clark, and w? lost t.yft7to63. Mr- WaJU''s motion was then p. . ?"??I, and the following member* vrrc upi ..luted on said committee: ? Hr?t district ? fieri. Ward. 2d? C F. Ik Iknap. 3<i ? S. .1 Conrtner. 4tli ? J. (. Sponc -. fdli ? J. A. Greene. ?Hh ? fieo, IVirtlctt. 7th? S. If Parker. 8th? R. H. ijoutoh. Mr. Fowtjm of Orange, mov< i tl"> appointment of a committee of eight to prepare ?nd rejmrt an addrea*. tarried. The following committee v ? then nominated: ? Find district? W. A. Tnrntire. 2d ? K 1'mrte ?. 3d ? E. Hope, 4tl? ? onilli (lark, fi'h? >u. Earle. fiili? F. M. Whitman. 7th? H. M. Hi dr. 8th? II. N. Boghea. (Jen. Oi.uu; declined serving on this committee, awl ?as exenaed;nnd .1. Mood wa* appointed in lii- place. The Convention then took n re< .< until 7 1*. M. EYl.NINU HK.-SIOX. <><??. from tlio Conimittcs on Beaolution-' vc ported thi foiktwli.g:? Ke*?lved. That ti e nat i.inal democratic party of New York hweltv re-osaart their at'herence md devotion to tl?c principle# ?f tin nationnJ democracy 'n ! of the con (dilution; they adhere to. and su-Ufel in the<iry and practice, the reaolotiona of the t)i mocratic Xath?n;il Con Tontiona of If-tS and 1852 a? cont aining the cardinal principle* of th? dMBoeretle party of the I i.ion; they re adopt them wltli heai ty '.oijJ will, h -licvinj "ti n.' and experience hare d'nif. tra I their purity aui aoumlne*#, and the neeewHy for a -trict adlterenco thereto. lli"<olved, T1wt? the 1? s-An of the fath? of demoerncy t- ,?cli fiiigrdity and v.inomy In the reiminiatnitloa id public nfmir*, and tlw'. weadb> r? t- th m ii" endiii-iug !>rtic.ii-a ?.f democratic fiiith. Resolved, Hint we insist, as an article of onr cr< -t, upon the well eatabll'hed <Unini alio doctrteo of m'e riirht-. of a drift conetr irti n ? I the c> ? -titutlen nr.. I *he principle of non-intervention upon all ?oini?iic - ? ?(Uertlniu<; and that the pn e ;r l .uH of th c'?ui;fri lemand that it should be left <?! the (" ??plr ol tlio l'i rf toriea, as it p'rtalna t>> the i . I. * ? , t< .lit n toe all !? < ?i qne*ti?ne flipliidlni.' the ?nl>Jecl n -! m i t? the end th? ' a a nbj- ct ?o . ? m I i?g i i . : n t n t< on 1 Influence mnr be >i. >lljc ei"lu<tisl lr. in Uie Action 'if the g vernment of tb> I aim. Ketetvad, That the nation ' dei icnej i- opp -il to h.l secret p? -i 1 1 : c-il societies, arid that the fir t ; rin ii l?s r?f a tt*<' government domano op nm I t .'i-t i 'ejili maeion In all matttra of nuMie <-nu in tie ?? i:?r anteeaaf freedom, of relwioua taithf. i ! wo:<iiip. -..n Taincit in onrHtate and fe ler il ciMMtuth n*, li-nf the foundation of i.or nationa i< ?> ties and pro ierity.ti. it liny attempt to abrloge the ,;IT.! .1'- now grant i Ut ?Jlens of becoming cHtiens an ' * ?W of the oil ,>n>ons *i?, latoaflket their righto to .i full an , >i?l pai !? ipation ?D governn.eribit affair , .la defiii' d by tlio con*Utat 'i unil ? xight to be restricted, aa antagonistic*) to Hi _ ilos of ;-epnl.;iean inrtitntions- -and that are, as demo-r^t*, n r-<ni/e. as erisienee of fl?j? Itty < r merit, no ? 1 ' ? : i n c t i e u4 tu'h or rclteious creed. btlievinC K is tl e ml- lot >f tk' damerme> toerrK-lalm and nia nLi'n fh 'gentri in< - *.t civil and leligi.. Ilbert*. and to Uphold and nfo<. the consrt?ut1..u tn Its aul llm. prin. Ij les of jn-ii and equity. Iteaol <e-' Unit w> re/.ird the prohibit >rr H.,'ior i?c? ymaaed )<y the I eglal tnc <d th' "titeat If- 1at<- ? i j' not only vl latlon of the con?t|tntfou hut a' i t ? enlnersiv of j > .->> nal lit* rty aad tho light of priVaW jtropertv, an-' that lt? r< peal la lu our . ptolun lin;* i lively <teaicid. it Ke solve!, Thst alt who ayrce In pilnelpl- np n tii loading psiiKlpI sal the day shouldn't t< Mtlier. re/tn' less of lain - 'on .Mention ?. tha* we MfilUly in. who agree e ith ns in th doctrines here ea?ioVrat>-t . fardlesa of Inrmer association-, t' unite withe, in en *r?ltlog ?hr.n upen the pdlcy of tl>0 fontttry . but it S? npoa prlnetple Iil me that i<< inrit' a Mo. n de noanes' ali c aMtlens of ttioe* holding bo-tile mtta?at? a* unprine'pli il and demoralUing Mr. f ' mjj of Kew York olf.'ri ?! a r- "oloflon in favor ?d intitini/ tl>? c . mention of to (fh" aof t ahelle) t^ unite In i)i< ofii na'ion t t iM platfucra, and ta'^ > I I f the Stele i.Jli i, The tii< vor adv cated thl" pf-Uty In a l* Wthjr an i f iUiiiut rpeech au t w?s f II, wed, in oppci a'lon by M* ?t?, Hyde, of Menben; Beth' , er'Tang"-. an<t IkiWae, of fit* go Mr, liAaii>, of New Yo*t;, nv ted a -?ssjlntU?% highly denunciatory of the present national nduiinistraU .11 nod advocated it* reference to ihc cuDiioittcf1 00 reiiiu tion*. Ho kih followed by Mr. Gmxxs of Onondaga hud' tin ing hi* rtfolulinn and in h JV-ication of mudeniti in. Mr. Fc vij:h. tiom t hi Coinnii tee on tiie Address, p-o posed that net ion on the si'i-olutionf of Messrs. Sic ?d and HackiU" (? deterred until af er the reading of hri address, which he thought would 1 einove the difficult under which the Convention labored. Mr. 1 iMit, ofOiHnge, tillered a resolution denunciatory of h now Notliingihin. 'J he address wax iuiw toad. iu> follows:? APDRE88 TO THE NATIONAL OKMOC'BACr. Tn obedient" to the requirements of a venerated usage and proiupUd by (ho anomalous condition of p iliiic I u*' lnith p the undersigned National democratic delegate fn m the i-cvoinl Assembly districts of the State 01 Sew York, in State CouTeutiun duly convened, h 0' lew t address you up<in subjects of public import. 'llie question of banks, tariffs and independent treasu itc*, v hi eh a lev yearn (..nee divided thi p< ople, and U;> mi which t?" great mid powerful parlies , 0 J ing nnd s manfully rallied, ha.- In en settled a.< v.e tru 1 foit ve.', i accordant e with the democratic principle, by tb> delil* to te nmctiona of the popular judgment, and uui aitcu.11 and hereditary opponent, the oliig.-, lisve paid a M.' tribute to deniociatic integrity by ncijuiesoiug in thi I i.iiiy npen neailv eveiy i ue, uud retiring from Ui t elii to ra'ly their broken and dl.icomiitted forces u|>on dime new nue-'lon which ghi .-i h"pe it no! promise, of -n'cois In the future. hut while most of the rxciting i/stie* of (he pa- 1 have been suffered to go to their icpose, H is obvious that other question*, which in truth more deeply intere t our peo [ ic, which more .' concern the well belli*" of the conft dcrney, and threaten to disturb its integrity, are I re. cut. ii for popular consideration, and issue: are made up which 1 each in thfil inllueie 1 Ihc foiim' 'tion of our m cial ai d political structure. Tie se U-ue< are, if we have rightly understood tin- sigm nnd t"mper of the times, pol't'cnlly speaking, theism of life and detth ; they must he n et atrainut t; ? ten -f old without evasion, nnd fully nnd fairly tried, nnd that n' ii<- distant day, It Cue that tribunal of dernier re-ort, the American peo. ple. The iid vim ,,ig columns of error and delusion, with their 1110 1 ley legions with their nrt' ery ot fanaticism, ui it t) elr tapper - nnd miners of corruption, have already ?! 1 I the citadel of 'he nation If tan only lie rc-e.ied 1 ? ? 111 ihoir contaminating gritpp by meeting them upon he hat tie held ef opinion, armed with the ^word nnd di ? fended hv the shichl of our country's constitution. We 111 ? admonished. fellow -ci'lzens, tha1 we hftYe fallen upi 11 e\ il and alarming times. I'rolc I n in high ph?ee? I as been substituted l?t prnciecw? defee ion lias |iec"i en couraped, fidelity prosi il'ied, and a shallow and tempori zing ex|itdieney. h/i.?c I upon the oxer able doe'rine id < IV in I reward ? for subserviency, ha. Iteen inculcated iu place of the prineiplcM of Jefferson and Jackson, 'Ilv* stem nnd wholesome truths taught and enforced by our lather- h.. ve been igM ri d and veiuidiu'ed. nnd the deliix in;f sysli 111 of spoils held out in tlieir Men t, to tempt the ruci cdtle- ui the longing, and counjii the oa-y virtue of ti e vemtl. The natn ti. I democrat; : ltv of tills State, which h.-s stood Hun nnd unwinding during i". cry vicis situde that has visited t e country, and which f irmed t. ?? sheet nnchor of In ne vhen trcio n r >n- up li'.e hy dias, ha.- !?< 1 11 pursued end in^oeutei1 nn I limit e 1 down by the minion- oi executive .er, bccan ?>- its roeinberR nliiscdto for - ake the worship of their fathers nnd tall down before images of mwiern creait -n ; because they continued to ndhero to the princlj li s of ie constitution, nnd ielii-ed to unite with tlm wor-t cnemiiM of democr* ey in a 1) 1 rdtng mlsccllnncoaa serainlde for spoiN, S 1 long nnd so vindictively have WQ been nssaib d. so indus triously have ourmoli ch been a'p -eil, ourr e'ion falsi tied 11 11I en* r ehn.s eter nan ?.rg iit.witlnn ifclnmnlited Oiat it liee> nies n? to review the history of the tiine> ? to uniou k nnd expo- e the preten ions of1 our ai'cusers, and to a ira u tin in lor trial and condemnation at the bar of j,'ihli< ; 1 Inion ? 'o proclaim nfre-li the pi'lntiplexby which we linve 1 rcn goi erned, (rimi wh! h we have neve- swerv ed, upon which ourfutnre hope repo e?. 1111 1 upon which v?e pio|Ki e to -land he: after, whether good or evil re noi t await - us. 1'iciiii 1!,i adoption r?l l hi I". di nil constitution to about lftt-!, vi )i imrt temporary interruption*, the country l.iul lici n exempt from HM-tlnniil agitation*. Tbe beti-iiil Sti;!* .. of 1 ! 1 1 ? n.ufviluriicy had ere-tcd, modi lie. I mill nWili bed tlielv dome He in-'.iti' In their own I K'hmI time. without tho olhrion- intervention 01 offensive dictation of nthrr >i>cnil.vrit nt t ho confederacy ; sad nl tliiiiiph fanaticism lt-.ul | ri vion-lv 1 um ( ton ether her yulniie- nnil our political oppom-nta in tt portion of the Mate* had I their annual sails to catch the aboli tion hm'?e, H.ciUm.* party, In oinditnco to the purpi of its tienign i I.Jkion, had remained tree to the con liiu.iov taltUfui to the doctrinc of non-intervention, in j i. it ,i- r.ill :.n i' t i ?ud above nil, to it own in testify, an 1 the hones'. in. - had Uiuuiphuutly ens. talnfdlt. l'ot tli?' yuar lHi4 forim d no*, only a mot but n nuv-t iieiu'i ahlc <?-" politUal liltorv. Il rent u m under 11 ? veil which i d before conccali-d political prrt-'i idet ? from the | abiie. view, ami ex;...-: 1 the dilfc rene belnct'n a rlio r r calculating expediency nn.l n heartfelt devotion to the ireniat spirit of ileinocracy, be. tv.ivn tho*e who 0|ip. -id a .-put tons and i; i'. -ere aboli tionism. because lit > r witli tli" genius of our g-iivcrn - nud destructive of the heat interest) of all, on the cine lit.nd, i: ml on the other those who would footer Its vtn io?? inflienc win nevt r il nhonM proml-e I < renew their I' l-f of power i. I |..ifro!. :'i , i-ln u I licence them to pi i c.tii ? fm tin-, ? ii (Kin i be j ublic . l Ottmirv, or a* a Inst rwm i . i- b i ? : i !? I enable them to id I i.inklfng revenge u)i o 'I ?)< raoeratii: party and tin country. A conspicuous for the I ri m'.lc.iey, who for a tantr period had been the willing . it of tin ch?l<o<t honor- tnd emolument* whi ii political portialit.y co>tId be?.towr, anil v. >'<> had. long h - thee were extt mlcd, p. ?" f? - i?l and prietised democrat!* principle-. ti Idm self i n e\ [K dient ? whi< h had so long ?eri ed him aucccaa ftillv to pnido him ?K'<ln in an inipflrtnii e.nergKi^y . lint i ,'pi iliciit* fa: I. t ? > le...'b tile gi . a principles which Mrriiumied tb qui - 1 ion* pri nent. il, mi in i moment of wenknetiK he ilt-cluml viiu-t the nnn< xa tion nf the ihi n l eptibHe of Ti ta#, now ono ot the brlffhte't -tar- in tb- ft-dcial ooin.tilimti.iii, to the I nil<*I Mi. ? l.-ai-e -In- tolerated w.ihin ier bonier- tile iri-litntion of donierlic wrvilml . i'or tl.?' delllK i ate exprei don . . n opinion niiirow and uw dintcfmanlike, -o ill (he nil, bigoted and intolerant, and v ithal -'i radically ;it wnr with dewoi-ratle tlieorii . with the i-'ii. . temper and inter. -t< of o-n p-. pin, thU e.mdi dnti -.Ml- rejected. i.< lie ..light to ha?e 1 n , liM hutni Intlnif nnd (T.nen policy v?a> jcornluUtr rej.udlnte?l. .n I In i . ? ?. i- p'-i'iied the get in t'l i'rei ilioiili .j i - j.i in tile M.itei fN'ew \ork. till* gave tie i> y nit. tin- mime roim anthema whiefi b ". .iin-o lieen ch.nnte' from Unf lnlo (.. Washington, oi tin- gi..ri.< nnii rrar of free aoll hiiiI lis attending beauties. Thi emlnKlied the follow- r.4 of (bat ? nincnt indl vidu-il, at the tie e, in feeling nol - . iep thy and in eon ? it ngnini-t the pr t eipl. ?nd candidate" of the democratic party; and in 1^17 tl. y took the Old openly iimhT . >? e id | "rganixa tion, w'h the ' Wilni . I | o" r ?. t' I romer -torn " and here O'unmeneo l openly wba' he- 'icen tonne I by tbo? who bavi iimnlferiti .l more v il ib n knowtedfo in our ilotne-tlc atTnir* m nnfortnna ^ <?lvi tt in the detni crntn party when it wr. < at that time, has vi e ' ? en. throogh all it* plia-ei<, and now in n? i.i.ii a nd n- ? I in iwan'on. | atpaide Mbetlnn of fbo- who had p...-. ui ly nete<l with the mpii ratlc r t ? a de"?rtio(i in. i, the d'-ii... rat', 'irganiratloii and It-' prUiript'n to th? hr.Htile rank 1 of free -nil nliolliloiH ,. ,i .. rtlon, too, ! ' in* :!n leii 1 'ri 1 1 1 ?? party Mould not, In imita tion of the Hindoo w h ron>ent to in n l ilie aliol]^ tlon funeral pile K-eniiffe n f. .rue r loader \*'a- no nil" Thi- whs the r . ..f thefr.i ? .i, l'ie ioe .f thl -ta'e. and \ " ri>gri t Urn nie' '| Till n< ' p? . mlt us to tt.ii ?: il j-n^re- - ee.'lin and tall ... w II .? !?? in nr. reetii ti to life, and hope, Hid retc d power f t rn ? htef l.i tin na tli vtin a ministration, pi i . re* ireniar. oalcuint d and 'iesignisl to d (? ' r.-'.-nt ,e' :. ntl. n of Tex.l- In lsll it. ImTal I i :.?? t i? >r< i souubie .lid effniiliajf ti--. I.niofl' it?- d- "? ? t of the dernoeruHe enndldatw In 1H4tt ita . "i !???? i ? . ; "i n o ti e compr. ml iv men ? . ? i . j) it- ? i-i . e ?.. ib. law ft r thi re-toraiion of tugltivi ' ? ? i-.e i'ng tntli plain ie-|iii" ent- ? ? t?-, an i it nnc.n p. s<s-uiing and rer-ngvful cru-adi -mini the i.."n and men sure- #.f the nihti .n^l demoo ,ni - t. nt i ?':>].? mm in on all < ?" i-ion- from lt? <rl^n t" tie p . nt n,' i . nt are wit' n ii| on tbe t\ . f ?" r onotry in letters a ? black .ml lnelTar.-?t In . own p-i'iity a. id ? -t Mrs ,n a \t* v^'id r? , i ? t.riui e up .n every m II int' cmed mind; itlwt have only to r> < 'Int thn.o wh" alfe.'t to regard tbe domestic polities of this te - taiiffhsl, r tri-ato and ny'i lions, I the I r. Mein ispnst s'lhition to . mi" r that th >n mi< ? > liira'iiM to that will, h ?ri?. < wherever l'md jiri'ii I || end tr ensemble here lei rotor >\ eontUet ir .herever fidelity and de'eeti ?? trutii md error iia-.e ulruci le f..r *npi en?iiipf. 11,1 i*. .t I 'eti. il jdrtt, which *r Jiave shown, p n?Kf tip In in.l i?" .fti*. it If fron the demvc jiaity on i,ie sllo.i .r'.-i; ??l*ii? in tl ? p i" dan: x< ? l irxas r. tiist i>- ... .nrinting j int | -erl? 'i t.. 1 ?3, ftn?; iva- ' iT'.ie ,*n ".devtrv be nedl.ythi ??|..rg rrent of pol l! i "nl..n fb 'i snn -i". ' tt-" eotn-ri in. i men ei I* W- and -?> nvVu nd ton. ?'? ? . it nu t I. , .e nuuiii"!, j to ,r inlsa t.ii ?: bet |oi Ht r? end Mi.< -i ?g? nsi-n li.v It il ?< t >'i-, I i lion jn1' i. ti" "i ?' alth' i rh t m; -e rtly rn ' t ?< ii lot. ? v the i?d< ? of th" miti..nal t i- nrv t V M1M . i ? 1 it ? r t- in I j ? , st ? if c nt' It ? / ? l?-na' i. t'y. I nad>du| a tie intl--\av< ry principle; ate' I nio * 'iijrri. t ni.anitni'y tn"<< i 'Im direction will ?VI r b? ?? iise ii sliatl *i pro o, t n . Th r. t i otit eoinaan, e?a? prtsin ? tli" wkoie < f It - I 'tilts I -Im i.'j l.i ilreudy p-ojsi ? ,e i. now t certri* to uii wl 'i tbe oigwtn. ren ain^ofthi latr ? Ig party In '? i . i ?? .t more |. ti. i on n ? anti sbtrery 'an'- il.i- .inii ii will t- b.t' tie fi rnel joiniee i l.aml -w'i.c le arts have l.i-ig In-ea tli i!<xi in ualiol) jt pat! \ kI i dertiaed te t.< centi itnaM I at no ifistint ty .nl t'.e two tinnks " >mp< sed of Mm iNlra ti. n fiard- tecniiti fr>m am r.g ? hilar of ft turn f ' . act . re.. lies aii.; the l i t wh< patrl >'ism Is is "ir l't -t Ottro c. mnii"? ? i? an ! a? endurmir a? ' usti to Ii..n < apts.intiiicnt with th l> r--, in n, ? .ii . 'lire 'ii i a i nn'j e-iiiio/ ft.r the movement ot tin -'nr. - and hdts, i(;e ? u the meentlioe ea'.. hinir by tie ?vj> ii g ? ? nt of the e n-'.tnp'iv ad.-.ini ??'ation. nnd gat i.ritig ae a reward Crr f rvi - soiieHndt and progtra* t . ' - ppii< an l ter;>((? for a i<? throng i -jti ?l< ? ??' eeapaigna*t tbe democi ttfe party. In toe c< jij iiiir mor nt- tin iuitl ?wl di morrm y, '<?? ?? :?-> i '?? pt t< ? on if ntanct and ref rm front thl - f*. ti'.i , nml ii fl ietir'-d if not Wttlp ' I'* thoM in nr owe i*i - it ho, it is now app' rent, time -erlt rogtt n t. . .1,. rrtion t- t(,. < nerny for a coB*ideratlon e n ? ntr I to ii. He s it b It foi ; h<' estora'i -n of deit.'-e-atlc jjjfojjj. This reutibm M th? [?rt ,f the nati"tuil ien i<raey ?k attempite I in g.ioo fait' .-e: eti ran>li- ! d. '( ? p!aeed in non nation by tht party thn> organiml were t.y w faititf r npr rte-i. In r t. -n, natn net d?n . r?t. e .,el.?' <1 hy the veto* sat) login e? of t ^ ? 1 b i fir?j h. I e;.h,? wbvreTtr they hen "b? National principle* *W derided, covered over an 1 r. pudiated, and finally the frail ligament whic!i b>n al together national democracy ant iiw soil aec'loa nlism and iti* CukIoit U'iiim* nuxi'imiH wan vfolfttHy aevered by the introduction into a .-state c invention, through ? C%?Vom House oOi. i r, by authority, of an orgnnixed lund of armed rufflam to over awe iind control its tng?idxntion, t)jK!*t(' the n prescfon ot ita sentiments and render its action snbser vimt tr> the will ot free hoi! adinlniat ration nfflce hoM< r , tmwa-ht d cl the liulfalo trNwon, und this 1 > u1 rag!1 was aanctloned mad encouraged by the national admlnUtra tion, by the nummary removal abort ly after of an up right public Officer, highly esU-emed tor his moral excel lence hia eminent attainment* and hi* utuwrervi >g de mocracy and devotion to the principle! of the c>n? i.u tion, while discharging the duties ot hi-* utatlon wit'i fidelity, because be reti.aed to regard ItulTalo (ie< , ?liter h. npp< Inting them to, or, in administrate. i? par lance, "totecogniee them In the only aunnt-t calculate! to carry con\Ution with it." Though we h.ive been heme dowe by tlieeootaintoetln? influences ot' an attempted union with this malign elr ntent, pursued nnd persecuted by the national a-linhiis tint ion and it* convenient instrument-. atnl iiMUti [i In n i ptC"CN, and utuuiteined by tli*|s(? whoae conntetinnee we had u i tit til e*[ eet would cheer U| iu such a c>nfli< t. we have maintained our 01 uan znlinn. our principle* mi I out bom r, against the force of a fnlthlr-. national adtni nlst ration ami its suiieraerviceable accomplice In thi* fctate; tlii'uj'h their force* were quickened bv the orticial j tMronagc ami packed by the tr> usuries <>t both govern ments. we gave upward of 1 00,000 vote* for thi national democratic candidate in 1868; and ultho'igli nt the last annual election, by reason of the intervention of an e* Citli-g .-ide fctue. having no relation to general political oj iiaons and the general confusion ron?<^|i eut. our gubci i Mm inl candidate received a diuiiuishe i vote, v 1-t by relen n i to Ibo canv.i ??? for members of C< ngn-as, whit/lt a direct and talr tent oi strength. it will !*? in en that our Vote ol 186" wn- fully s tu lai uv J, an i gi i es earned of an em uragouient Cur the future. The ItiregolrgfuiniHhCs a brief history of tl? national liemocintic parly t inco the free coil defeciinn. '-umnienefug III MM t ??! the defeat and Overthrew of the fret- soil tin ? ti< n. and of the nmana hjr which it v .m restored to lift* ai d animation It is lainetilnhly obvious that the fruits of the gnut \ letory f 1 1950 have been Inst, ^and tiie whole. m tne admoufUous It conv> veil inn rp-tli % und tri-niona* ble faction l,Aie been thrownawn^ . " the ai'eumula tion- of the j.i I hnrc been wnntnty rind ?j ke-lly sijujiu dercd by those to whom the people )iad . nfld. il power; but the hitux is btfiire us, ;ind the git^it 'I'e.ional strug pie is to I t r< en.r te.i 1 hi ;i,i< i.-m. ultfllw, spmious oi trur. knowa no fontldarii's. It cannot be jiostiM Di'd tn suit tin ne. i ."sitie* of the weak or double dealing, nor be turned from l!f dark und turbulent cl .innel by the h. ibery of otBc nl .-pells Tho time ia evidently near at hand when lldelity to the enn at it ii tion will nt t be pc fTi-.l al l?> ^aiu the miles or avert the frowns of poner. and when it ? ill . ? tsinn no embar las-nionl to di-iinguUli between those whu uphold and tlit-se who assail the rights of ao^ereigu St. .i-s. 'Iho COuatry i drMinedlo pas thrnci'/h trial- wlileli will put hei conatilutloB to the test; it will be divided into .two gn at political pnrtle- the oce the national hi 'Cialir, the other lie sectional, anti -lr.i \. under the misnomer of repuhllcaii. ihe lonm r n il) tml.ody all he f. of the constitu tion. Die li. Itorth fictlDiis fanatic ih-inagnguea and eamp ft II . ? era, and .i dtocntc nf sectinnali-in; all other I ..rties and organizations fc ill he "crushed out'' and ab sorbed. ? Fortunately, in preparing f.-r tlv- gr at enufllet, the nationnl democracy have no h*-r. ? i ?- to repudiate no covt it de.M;*r . to di. -guise under double tin-'tning phra c norncwerwds to adiopt, proclaim, nr ini ulrale. Tiny will stand where they have atotsl uphniiiing In tlu^iry ? ?nd e*"( iitiri^ in good I i'.b everv article and provision of the conftitution under which tliey ifve; and that, too, reg*rdle* el th< du. i of the lanatic or the demagi^rae and ngardle** of tl. seduetions of power on tbe one hntid or it , fro?u< on the i t her. They will maUe open and vigorous war ujmri all see. tinnnl diiturtiam will support ami uphold th? doctrine if l-t.'.te i i?ht - in the true constitutional .en?" of tbe term and tt) <>n Tnriitovial ^policy hold hereafter ns they 1 ate held bert toln. . . a i ?>x pi eased in the foil -winiJ r?f <i lution introduced in the Senate of the I'nited State- nn th" lath 1 i ceml ei 1H 1 7, by lKvnii l s, lilcKinaoa, then u Senator in Cong ,m from tliis f-'ut which ate u follow ? ? ? Xeaohed. true policy require* the K v riiment of 1lie t'nitd ;? ativ t? strengthen lt? political and ei imii.-r. ial r>- tious utpoa tbi Jeoutlncnt, by tin- annexation of men conti^uoit! Terri tory as _mav c nduce ti? that cml, au*l eau 1^' justly obtained : . nd (lu>t noi h.-c in ? tic'n a- .|uii i!?..e n.?r in the territoiial oi nlsatttin thereof, can any condition* U imposed, or in Itutiosis bo prorided for or e<tablishid, lie ?< nsi tent with the riirhl i f tho penile thereof to torn a fr? e anver?rf|rn State, wltli thi powers and prWloflWt of the orl -lnnl members of the confi dtwacy. Jton Ived. Tliat in oigaui/'ie;a Terrt .?t lal govi r-imaot fcr Teiritotie# belonging to the I'aticd States ih. prio tlpk- of self.(overnmeti( opr.n whb'h our frd* ratlve sv stoni ro*'s will lie best proimited thetrm , Irlt arid meaning of tho Constittrtitui l>e nhRsrud, and the eonfedernry si cnglltennd. by leaving all qneatlons concerning th>' ?ii nn . tic p>.licy therein to the i^MFlida ture nliw n bv the In theri I if. 1 hey willre ist in n mini r spirit that odiona off apring of anchnt feiicrallam th*- Int-ilbreiire of fHirat . llicei in -l it i b rliniis whenever or wherever |K>wer may thus exMbll ii ir. ? .1. nr*. w hether such interf. ence if .tith or without till nee. or whelher ' by authority " or voluntary. In the domcl : ' policy oft he government In all its i|c parfmenta, they ..ill advocate r frugal admlnUtraHon, with atrii t and ?p?< dy aceountnbility in a'l public ser vii nt s, and *iill . ? r ? j m ?- ? .s peruicliui", unjust and I' mo ralirfnf, all monopoly and elas? legislation- and la our f'*ii*ign relations v ill ' claim nothing but what It clearly litclit and will iiibndt lo n'.thini; ? ..n ?. ' 'Jhe_, will aaaert tiie right and tlei.nffr.e o|sn dls cus-ii n on ?!i a alters ot j ubllc , rieern, that the rights ot r. im .jiro and the feeisl 'in of religious taith are gna? rantei-d aliki. by the mlrlt 't lllierty ?s by thi written constitution, lut't that the inqnlry, ? i- he imnest. . spa ll.- aud faithful i.i tie- constitution ? . ? j |r] constitute the true test of i i -rit, and not the fortuitous cir- im ? tanei -i nl blrtll or t at itage III Slate (oiiiy thiv will eta lid I >? the anc ? ni trine- of the par'y ? economy, ace. e.nt-i .oil lining government to n? Ii gitlrnate apherr I repudiating op I' ingand't otint-nno' nig ail alien. ;,ta ' .-i eating tmd ?nforchi .' atalntei v -t iielards nl ; , ,f morality by ex pet i mental Jegf-l?tion. Hy ill' e piiiicl;.!" -. Ion tide. I In ihe ess, neo n| Jin ti. ?. ' Hualilyi ind truth tiav l>een gni.bsi heretofore |-i [oi to itanl upiiti tin in h.-ieafli'i I nd are ileslrotta that all who a'-r ? vtflhusin If I. -ufipurl aid ujtllo with u- in one /treat (.ni l/. , 'lb. pilnei| ? i t i broad M. l c'-mpr !i?-n ? !v* , Lit form. up.. n wh 'eh all theft-fen of the constltut ion ran stand It -CI tin r; a platform ere? i> I ly the <? nju, <>f ? Jef. ferson, and adorn. -n, i-inbeUiahe<l end ircngthiuied t v tfie ints s'ity of,- .la- I n. It Contains no apni ioit?, decaying o> ? t prs-ry i at r rial. ? e\i fence will U? i-Hlarli. n truth, ant its strength ate' I a- ty v. ' i I neri-nsewith *>ara. It *111 prove In lt< di ill osioi.1 neither toollni' <d In i> length * ? r its br< adth. bat. th whole f.'-j.,. -f ? e It. ait, tt-iy, f the entiri i-.a n? nt, may ).- ? ;.-n It :n al' y. ivitl. nit wdant" 'Injr it str, ,i iki .'dng it foundations. I'm* exten l<-d in | tim ? to nihrr clfmea, wh r er civlh .lion .el ii. telilgi tee hive *1 eitod, in tinui' .tion o< lie n. 'I. nail. . ^h Is of man ami m-r n It the <tn, ..n m l or,,. . . . . f . t. h - ? l.ild ?i n may find m i .. .. ar I prot ^tlon .'h' ?- a U e prlocl; le- oi the n.-ui '-t Inoc " - - o V.v ' ..i I ? p r.,p(... through weal oi w ? va -y or ?ft. f? rewar-iir punisl ment. I) <y ? . ri aig no Mys'e

ri. ?. I ay rent In 111. ri-mnsif -ti r-.v "um-nt in I Ii- moni/i ii!h Hi sy ? ...tie .1 fian > I- .f th. u .lution. Ihy ?. ? nor irt.t nn for ion, like a I I da gan-e -It wll'- th y be ta ' a si e hue n I. ..<?:? th OC I - t ill . V. I . We .|c?ir<u tn.-.t .-II who 1 . i r i - U|, principle* oi this sitoj yi t .. il ..II.'- Cf. 1 .1 >1 .lit . lti l!,. with U.- in'it. "I.f'.rt -ndti.ii rl, rcj. rdle?a oi dlvisa-n/, i. c t i -ally tci er t a ight i.-nd t r- 1 -.w-hip t?)i?' tin \ loay iiuikc cot -in ? i j - ^ i to s;.ii , ' tbo-e i.ho . n-t ti l.y a S tii.n. ' .../?. till- n t . |e - rurtioa of Irta | . it. -i| a - ,i ? i,-i i an ii- it ion ?> '! ? - -till Inl to truth? I. - fin i "I i'1't Hefuinge -ry !.???? c i ,pii i ? ur praise Ithln. above .an tr t-' Ami li e and die in " If- reliance. Mr. W i I of S s i ..rl. i ? r ? ?ed I a n '???nut in i ? \ i.r t irt -.I) Pi ? : |.r I h' .? .1 ml".*. v- - ?. ? > i? '?* * n? ? >o '?!?(?? ? i" ti'l in' m I t- i t .? tl.< i ? ?? luii' ? in ? r< ? iuti. ti I...), Ml.l'lt' . wltji ii. 1 ' i ? 1. ? j-.> .!.?? Ml. ? lot I.J I'".'"", "? J 1" Mt |: -? ? T' *rl . ?r, I it t.. tl> tli r! r< nlti.ii ? ' Thi.t 1h" K?n/ ??Nft'iiioka bill tj* ?ppr<f ?! .ti.l I iff it t tv ''?!< Ill" ill"-' ir ? ? -?lit:-* '? .||?<M|lt?T?* ? t . i, Ui> r?t!r IX lUv i n' ti ? rtj?ur- * : >? r irn." ".V'IJi.i rn.' "PrrTl< ?n f|iit li.n" >f Tli? f.r?Tiou? (in ' loll ??? nrvl t !*<? mi u'ln.i n' Wii . | Tli ?li rr?)ln?l i? fro 1 tto* fVifiwnltt#* w ?> Vi ?>? u f. ? f't ?r?l Um ?'l*. *? ?? i ?'l It *b? Mm mMiii. ht, *n t tin- rot.ruiitl "n vljon-nWl 1 >2 I'tgUt oV"C\ t-. (I f * .11 .rni < <"l( > t'? IIM< i ll TH fl.>VIOHIAk WWBICr tit w V' >hk, A 'J# 'A IW ?. rnr urM (ik rirr inmn, I *i-h you t.i r< r? et k tint mmt ir.iwU l.jr y<nr r?. rt i v In rt l(rerK? to 0. ? jji-neryvlin#.. of t|i>- tilth u*u>ri*l ( i?i". ? rtlti htlA 'a W'ln? -hy erpnifiif .\ujom &? H? ?tat** Hie lblr1|?-?h ballot wm n* f. lUm:? J?rr.**1'n ft H(>M< r V Wi ',r .. ?! 5 IhiMnn' 8 Ihu. I? hhX rcrtvrt Hi< Oitrt|*tu |u>U'<*. ? ?? ?? t l? 1. w?> W..g?>*i*?l ,...7 !!? M-r 2 Mr. u?t? wk> k- t Wnr* t>.<^BV u .liml* i?? 1* ?? KM Vf!T WX'iS On UliHlf of tli' Nimli W?/d 1?1<U' lr n. ' r ' * f ? Jl'.fK ' i'. N H iM p" tjt II ' ; I I a r. n n <f t},|? l<t !ft. MT -TrklOlT* XOMIMATIKMW. V ' < ' * 'i.' ' "t Ttq of V -J[i? .1 ,] ^ ill |m ixl?nt Americans, field nomcwhere on Wrdneada/ evening laid, the following ticket *?/ nominated y\ir OrniftrolUr ? J. I*epey?ter Ogdeu. fnr.Hrtti ttmmi'Htmrr ? fcdwara Merrltt. ,Snf*rinti-iiiUiU of Itryiairt and <illb?rt A ? />?? Ct-vnly Ch-rk ? Edwin If. Corey. H i Xturijj ? Walter Brlgga. ffrr City mipnt'ir ? I>octor Knney. H. Brown ??? President, mid George St. Pooglaeii secre tary of this nominating convention. The remaining ran dldftlcs will be nominated in a day or two. CANDIDATES FOR NOMrNATTOJt. C i r'ttrrT?hT. A. 8. Jones, Fifteenth ward, and Br. John C?o!:e, Sixteenth wnrd. ft ?? Main' Court ? Judge BiHUall. fivcilt? 3. Br. H. II. Chllds, or J. Phillip* Pha-nix; 4. 1 add A. I'firlx F, or M. H. Brewer; 5. Horatio N. Wild. P. f,. Mafmber is not a candidate. A *if ? f. lelerll. Vnn Houtten, J. M. tJrltHn and Jo*cj b A. Gardner ? the two Litter on In-half of the cen eu? inariiialfl. Kobert S. CoUlua, an "independent Union anil-Maine law candidate." CpttMy Clerf ? He-idee tieorge K. Sherwood, it In mport cd that t.rorgc M. P.iMet, -tamuel Brevoort and Douglas 1 eflingwclt arc also candidate*. tih<-> iff ? Will. f. I'ukt, (whig and liquor interest.) C, ) 'n>l'>r ? Fx-Venator t'ooley, (haul sin 11 and t). I . A.) Jirjmht mi'l NvjjAvt ? Councilniau Seely, (hard and ?>??> King* County Polltice. M'l KUATK8 TO TIIK SOFT HHELL HTATK CONVKNTIOH. Ti (- following delegate- were elect rd in the different 1 A.""! iul>ly District* nf Kings, on Tuesday night, to attond tlii St nte t i nreutiiin nt .-yraeusc : ? Kir*' A- etnMy Id.strict ? Stephen S. Podge an?I S4Wartf Krv ilU*. n 'Ud Assembly District ? Jainc* H. Cornell and 'jsiu.'t K. Johnson. TO TI1E EPITOtt OP TtlK I1KKALD. HkikikiTX, August -fit, lM*k Yemr notice of this dny in relation to the King - (Vieuity Solt shell Cenvenii li is Inaccurate in regard to the pn> ce-odin; : had in the Thlid (second) Assembly district. You nay yeu wore informed 'that hut two were presont ? hu left without doing anything." This was not ?o. Tim convention met at the lioiife of P. Fox, in WykolT atreot, (?nmtiu nt to call. There wei e bet w eu one ami I w> linn I du d present, v- near as 1 could ,i udge. The following named ge ntlemen wen- selected an delegate* to Syracuse, v'/. . ? 1'. D. Briggs aid Daiiit-l liioeu. Please correct ONE PKKSKNI. Tilt rropfiwil FiiiIiiii of llw- AIhiIUVuii Si-c ? Iohh In Mnaaiwliuartta. [From the lioaton Atlas. August IE!.] Tfce committee* ol the Chapman Hail meeting, of the ! Know St thing, Know Something and re|iuhl* ui> |u? iies, j ne t at the I idled Slates Hotel yesterday, 'i ke attendance was laige, nml much Interest was manifested in the suc c< i of the meeting. Puling the |irclljmn?iy arrnngi' ments each commit1' e occujiied a ???piirate room ') he i ac. ie y in Ihe l ')ia|<nian iiall Committee, ocea -ini.fil hy the resignation ol Hon. Kranltlln Ikller, was el )'i ihe election of illiani llrigluno, ot itoston. il l fnlloKiiig gentlemen were cuii.-vUutivt a cmnnilttee e,i one fn ni tiich fseljr, to Inform the others thilthey were realy to proceed to hnsinessj? I.non Something-. W. S. King, of Itmhury; Know No i hi r ps }h n P>. It. Hit II. of IT.vtitoutb. Chapman II.ill, C. . MacV, oflkulon; )>? puhlicuus, Itobert Cai ter, ol'Can? l/rklge 1 he following gentlemen were con Unite! commit t'-* i f tin ' e each b< dy, to meet together for the purpmus i f fixing n|.on some definite place of action: ? l> now Nothing ? Hon. K. C. Bakov. of Medtoid; iV>n. 1 . P. Hull, id 1 ly mouth; Jonathan K. Monill. of fall It.ycr. know tucthuig ? J. M. (lark, of Itoston P. F. Al l rich, of Worcester, S. 1*. Adatns. ot Isiwell. Chapman Hull? C. V. Adams, of Q'llney; tieo. S. Bout tiri ti it Clee . Bti* ol R pringf'o Id. lU jiul 'i ui ? !<din I. Baser, of Ik verly Aimuia Walker, of Nortli Itiooklield , . W . It. Sponner, of Ito tuik. 1 i:! ?e l onnoittafH met, h 't were Iinalile tu u ;ree upon a single point. Ho- t. now Nothings, with one others, itis'. <i d n)s>n a del . ale conventi -u while tie- 1 hiptivx (l Hall f'oiiimlttee fntiiid themci lves In uiel hy the lei tor of Uieir In tractions to iiitl-l upon ? popular iua?s convi n | iii ol. hi the tiflerno n a general nn-eting of all the com ml tli , -jiu s Ltkt U;'. C%ihu*4 iiii-i -it tlw Usie. Aguoel dial of di "u?floii en ued. prfnHpallj' ari'fn^ from Ihe ilifi renci of opinion aiiiTei indicated. A propo-iUini I- M S mini to put lh? n?iestion t<> vote, Imt the ch.iirman did i.ot fit I that th? were autlioii/i il to transact husincss in thai w?y. Hoaliy, after display of feeling, the Chapion'i llall com initti"* withdrew md. alter soldi ?ulmet|nebt consultation, ago ? ? 1 upi n tJie iolloaing in'.drv s ? to the rK.ori.K of nr. irrra. Ih?- in< i? ??-?? <f l! - -I: ? | ;?uli?ti n In f hf.? miintry. to tllC Itttl n III M I tin* ih i t Hi ? pnliti<?il p??u.r.f ?|;iv*ry long ? ! of th ? p?*op|< A- to 1 h#? lfiBfx ?r <;.lv < ??! thi -<? far t 1 ami ? . : In- !-?? f ri; ? I - * ? f ?;? nling with tl?* (??. m*-u hute Ueretofor .? v?ri 'i-l; r?liiitf to th?*?r ?afT**ri*nt -iati' u* nr I hi !? :,n ot mln?l Hut th?* * xjk i i*-nce of lli?* la* t 1 f\'irv in<l e*p*rlally th#? t ?'!>? rtl <?( 'h- Mi? ouri '?"! ; nii*I th?? v.-nH r ,n met*-' ? :h ".ho -tru .vh* f? rf > ? <l??m ?<n tie < il "f K m ?? m ? c w <1 to h.iv pr? 't in .1 .. fi#?ral run * i- * ? ? ri in Mm f r <? ? Mat? thkt thMlm*- ha f ?lily eom?* wb? n i unitf ! an<l ?.? ?* ?min<"l rev*!: inr?* im'i- M?" ik ii!" to th* ?v/r? - ion? - t the ulave pom*r% !? ? t *h"?il I h? 0 i< ?ni i ..i tn.l ? i <1 m ?h* - . ? ?'?fit i . ??*? In 0?- " p'i Ml< iw- tlif' u?pu hli", It-# II h? ?*? '!?? I?i I " w r in tt ta milf ? t tuition*. Ill f?It (tint (In* i- tin :? "!? i *4 ti< -il "? r* -p' liriff "I'M ml mil" (U in of ? o,lorn Iir, t lav - v. hut n j.r .* h il - ? tlofi of ftnmMiAU' Itnmin^t iind Apj i ny muntl* tt. < ii , i litifal '.i;* 'ion. (??)>?? km t i ? other i,tix n ' >y ii' - tii ii -?n th** miII'i'miI 1 ?!?!. fhoio*ig!i fit us, . u-?uii political men l 1 he ? < f thi?* in ? m. unfr> p ili.irly fi r ri li ? t?> i.. h .ii t* *f 'o t ! ii. in mI th' ' ?t?* it ii-ri'iv, to* mhor* th?- nM f ?; (i? Iwv in in ? n?*ft (?r^ai.i7;ition wiiiith?*r -t ?n irm "* ( ? (*.?? u . f \S i ?*i( ' ? rut r 1 ! ? - f- ? ? "I tl?* ' !?]<??' iti- ii-'' f ? 1 I f 'ilif-y on ? hi i the ir ??. ? may t -w 'lit: ? ? 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Ut) >UT'' t hf -t%n- of p rf.' ? ? 1 ? ?t ? Ii iin^tior . point to thn lat^? r - .u?*"r i?' ? ?i't??r ' ? li' at?l'\ l?ri- ?! I* i?i?** Iminjf UI"10 !':?!- ir,' ffn'.t n i" an- 1 ?la*.'(?T* i? % i - ??< . i*lani" ? ?? the n i.iM t Wi. Im ' of I'l^mh'f of till- ^ ??r r i nf x.? ? 1 . ?r? * 11 tl'#? ?*? t ?<ii ? j?iertj?le a pn 11 11 ? ? t ti' ir.i* ? -.| ? ? ( ? .1 jf .. ti If ill In IV - t**r- .?ri !?',;? :it' , ( /? 1 t 1 "ii "? ' ' . p ? ? 1 1 ? ? ? ?' " ') I hi' ? 4 I ? K'e-I ?- ' ' ?i-M'* ' '? ? ? ' ? ? , , . ' p ., 1. r 1' ? p- irfK. . w 1 v " ? ' 1 ' ?/ ii. ij,?m * * i ! . ? 1 i n ? ft 1 i ' , / ' n ? ? ?ir ? n ? J 1 ' . ? r ? 1 t>. ??? -v | . ' ' ai ill ' {? ('-? V ? f' 'h I V ? "V .1 ' .' Mi -11 ?i '.!*? '#( '!??'- to .0 of 0 ?* ?h.v? \ w# r It i J < p? ? (? i"'- i ? t i 1." ' -;-i|i'. ? '*1 ? u ? r i- . ? t & u ? ? 1 1 ?? r it p ?ii- < .( 1) , . '??i ri - ' ?- > r. ? i, - ' j ? - ?>'I 'j?i I*'" m ) , 1 ? 5 ,? m v .1 r ? ??\ . I 1*. ? ?*,???. ' - ' - ifj 1 ' ' ? t ?<;.[> 1 ? /, wi' ? iv ? . U? ? J ' ' ' ? il.t '? * I 1 " 1 ' ' * ' ? ! 1 ??t th# . .V.thwiiifh ee'h irmiM rrjol^#* p; jn#? hi<* "tri v* ? ai. y "f t Iii- -i ?> '..p i v Mr j, ?r . t ' .? I ' ? ' f " 1 1 '"J pr" ^ Mii.'?if|i,it^ .1 I * ?. ? n . r >>?' ?; ?/ ? Lvjk ! ' ? prt ?l ? *? ' -!?- .!f | if V' ? . rr'' /#? no AtU?mfvt of th it klmt on the otMff 1 . ? ()? 1 . a t.y 'ii"' In/ in th? ? 1 t> .? ,y -I .. i'i '4 .ff"l .?r ?r ? I tl ? if) )w ; ma < ? <?f *'?* !.' I t r p. iti? *) >?> 'i#?n, \S> f-u.? r no *ll# inpt U O mii tn' o? ? 'J?r(. fthi* trimftiifnt nn., laofr ? . If ti pf VI. t -*al# #if ffftM; tt;? ??* , *' \) p-.-t n*l *h? pf??p#*rtg r/f thrtfuti ' \ ?.??* ?? n <o ? ??/ i.iif li?r 'Ha/if' ? niHit to 1" t t- th< 'tor ?? r 1,1.1 h* "17^'vo !? *n > Vf.l ? t . y, -? t p III o; (>?* I t ' ?<- ? '? ( Ai ?'? #?n.r ? ! m-. ' u'\ | citl3o n ?'fme ?i? iio< . a. , r)? t' iimh in th: r. ,1*1 ?' I riif f lh*t ptr^^4 fo TT.? 'lama ? of. 1 r?_ on t? ' ?''th#f opt# rnh^r ni \|f at t* n W?< '* ? M N t /? . liiii mil ?-,?. ? n' 1 p t) ? ti i, ,? ? , ? i Ul t 1 'UMit ' ( -f . )r?" f ?'hrl'tij?! t'< r* ?**r% * t p p? r* *i? < i * 10 ?o n n M ? 'f?."ti' vl n'-? f ?ftriip'flH P' f ; ? ? r -1 * ? I . h t' ' 1 ? '?* " H, ? !>'? ? I , 1 ?r - ? f a??i. i 0tt4 ftt-* $fnu ? %it r 1 ? "? 1 In fiiifrnt^ifi f*> ,;h' ?????( I 1 a ' rffti o' hta?f* ?.*>.' r? at th rl jla?- wit^ ?h I ' !? - n?W* -th' I. ? "? ? ? t 4 1|4. ? ? 1 1 \> * mfh I* r?* nta' r? t' wMrl, ? t i- % r, ?? rlt/ \ ?-n 1 , 0.1 tba tn'^uth/n ,'*ir I Ihi# it wiU mi'# I t a vna?? Aonvf>nth>fi of th * 1 j "t j h ? n VOth * -p't-nit- n i* ????!%, . r" t? r ruff 'Imis! V-jiV lot. h? M .* lb#- p*. r? fto.* 1^ I pLi The 1 ?tl. ti>e ? |tuit i? ? tij t>? W >**} in ! if'# itajrt ffxtihtd *4 Ilw9 Mbwr er^imJt4' *h?, w nn'Wo^ai* * H I ? I ftf? I)# li * f A ? ? ' 4 , i - IwrH ft* a?wv?. Til* T.l.fimr Uw In NmmuIimHU i k (on> M ?> ?? <11, /. i? of ibr ?. ,ir. m '! I ?-# ?H ?ijinfl#.. 7, 'id- f ? ?.f u" ? ? r,i,1(? 1 " / " 'I " -? M ^r, A * ? 7 > f .? '?r ? . f , i/l) ? . ?? . ?,r| ? V.. ? . " ? *' I II ? * I . ? f ' t? H/ f ? . I v., ? ^ ? ? ? S ? ???? nr- ' A'i?( - * ? 'I'' . ' I J. f ? I ?, ' ' -i : 'oi'.." . f uu' et '?! eeentatlree to wblcb U ey ar aaUUrd to the . e Ki?.jit re. annc umwrrm. I ic 1MV right, Ia'Sinytou- ?' *>?( ii M"lbrook, Concord, ?lojin T. Ilmrd, 1 W?#< I Mien port. ) ? , h? I!. H IttaiHind. W. K. Carrier, .? _li(jrl ,li t!n J' n?*, . Mww M. Hoe*. } A Itoyden, .1 II tftiMfy, lp?*icli> John It. tfeilth, Cal?h Wiley, I -you llrnrjt l-owrjr, Lowll. Tlioa. J. Punter, Ito*bi,ry. J<'.-r( h li.iit.he, 8rigbt*n. Urml. I.. Wtlit, lUn lolpU. <? I In; *? , Kklflimii. W. II. Ilowo, I J- A. (illeon, I Charted- S. V. Htoiio, ? Worcester, i A., ) town. W. t '.Clark, ) l ul l Wj mtii, Jr., H Oim. Kiru Perkln", Klug'ton. POSTSCRIPT. FRIDAY, FOUR OULDC.K A. M NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of tin Htruuthip NorlH H(?r. Till; COMBAUPMirST OV MVVAltOttO? l>KMOI.fTIO?J OK Til K ?'<>4TI VTt'ATIDNK AT ANAPA ? M I KKICTX, R r Tli? *Ua.n uip North \mr, \Vauia.A from Havre and .-'outh.iiiipto? whored a! Lriarantiiu-at on# o'cioi it iliix nn niiiitj, Mir tort tlii' latter port at II I'.M of th llili inMiwt, n;i>< eon>e<]iteni . ljr l? ing? inteltig nee ? few bi ui> lafir than the mtricej received by tin I'aciflo. Tl. e Noi tll Man brought i no hmtdreil ami twenty pa* eettgei-amt four hundred ton* <m" freight. wl lopirtx kpo ng an Iceberg 200 feet li.-u COO fee uh tg, on the 10th liH" inV in tat. 4i> 48 long. 44 '2b The L'liiti t Mate* mail Htcarnaliip Aut"" arrived at Havre ! i ? in Vtw York on tho evening "f the Ikli. Inii lligiDee from tlu< battle rftale< millionth lusliuit the l'nglbh n n?t a poitri hi of tho Krenoh (lent weighed fi .iii Narg.n nn4 anchoied tho Kivme .lay ol[ hweabotg. <>u the ?th the two fliwt* were ?trawn up In fron' of -'wteWg all' I Hip bouibardimni w?? to coin mt-nce tbe ???? afternoon. Via Tt.e?le, we Imrn that the Kmnch and Kn{lih woo denioUahiac tlie t'.rtltteaUon. 'if. Anapa, c< atrary In th? vrl he* of the OrcaMbun, who wero, l.owvv, unable to <, I j i *e tlie lleet. t.on. Vivien lia.t g< no to. the Ittnek Hen to ehoote a landing J lac for troop. aomewhote near l!a toum. The Woith Mar tiling' 1|y? itecoivl nditfcjti of the l^>n don Tiauii of the 11th iu*t. In tlic lunury market, Co?i ?4iN ou 1 lie 1 1 tli. Ml to lil l r money, ami '.'l lo 91 fur filh N | li mlier. Alter leguhir houra Iran -net ion toi.k plate at ii further a<lT*nce f l4. Omnium doted nt lo4ft, piein. Until. Vk ^11 t? Kiche.pior bill*, tf> to 'Of. loreijrn .erurit e < were nteady, with an en tai|*e<| amount i.l bu fiiB"* '. 'I lie coin meikiM wii - <|iilet, a Ith n WtiM' ca>?w a reeo leryi flx. 1b? liverpool eottou inark?t f"r he aiwl,, d< ? itb*?t a better tone, with no ch.iii ?" In i>iw' A goi 'l liti-hn ?i tr#n*aet('l on the luth, in ) the jib-it ieiiehe>l 10 '?I bale- "..WKIoiirJ' <"iil..!'iin :m ! f r.p I, 1'iice^ u ehade higher. IMPROVEMENTS \\ THE METROPOLIS, PTOpri *h i?u?1 W iK-ri uhnnlii of Nrw IliilMlng* In llir City of New York. At wp have remarked on u former occasion, | mi ticy enn now be ol.tuiind at aeven per ''wit ou ? ruln <lc-cripllon? of ml eatate. Tit tffi-ct of thi> lm- l>c< n to Btflti into life und activity li)>>- the waking into life of bear ?i afti r hila mnti>m tnoxt of the balld'M, carpenter* and rninnin In the city Man> of Hu m have in tlu iiiaelvi * pecuniary strength enough to buy the lot" ami grapple uu.j )<!?'< I with j tho teapomdhiJitie* of building. Othcra, like thnm* smaller veil* I* which keep near nIiotc, in ap prtben ionof i-tirma they cannot weatker, aeek for lot with a loan. .Ml urn now seeking for Job*. Wf plojKiwe DW to - briefly -omc of the In calrtn t where improTinieiit* h.?ve alri '1^ 11 cot/inunird. P rev ion* to this t-ea*' n !i< waa .1 hol.l man who dared to build a first cla.--< houw above Thirty M veiitt) ?treet. in! w<' know niuiy on sad belour tbiit utrrtt, ffhi) 1) .'.It lii-t claaa hniwea vho have (dntf wi-hed they b i<l pnid more for lot* and liuilt k;wcf down to* n. They have di-ruM-retl that n>' n, like other animla, ure exi eedingly grega> ri? ' ? II' iiM lad ween Fifth atid rMxih avenue* bare not hitherto nu t with any ready sale above Thirty mn-nnd dreet. \ n<l it haa ten thought tb'- re .eon was that it wu* " too high up tow a.'* TIi'm Ik not the n a! re* ?n. The true object Inn fsthnt it la anew country, thinly settled, and contain* few o( the old Knickerbocker familiea, few of the wealthy nabob* distinguished me:, hant prino ?, and <>t!iei of that da-*. In a word, the <t recta ;? r?- not built np, ih< n> aro a groat many \.ii- i.t to > , \ ? i don't kuuwhow tb< no vacant ictani t y !*? improved, v>*i like to know who or- ?,'oing to Ik* your n< '?hb ir* b ? If yon boy next to a vacant lot you don't know but a stable, .1 hntcherV diop I yard, or n or c 'ban nil. a ten merit lion ? , m:i> j?rln :r up ritthl uraler th?* vt , 11. ?? of your dignity. 1 1 <> th'1 M< ? r*? re*tric!e/|( v> rnn?ilo title, to first 1 las* improvement* ; b it - .n< n.' n d<?n't mind taking tlie t* of r> ?tnction ? !q tinr*r ti ' th, i i d Mddtng defl m<< t'i In-* dilvi i*. Tblrt ciKhth irect to I'ori >nd ?ir?*,t ii tb? region d 1 'iintry where the Cryatal I'.n.. >? f> \er rijp. il *0 budly nd rarri'd 'if inch tuunlwra, many <it whom have m-ver heen b- trd of air l'ntil thin im 11 Above Koftj - ? "0d ntrM ( no him* ' 1 -* 'honght of i-ii' b a thin 7 ? >aiildl.>g 1 fir?t r' i li"0K', and mat>y pe<iplc v> -p- Ii, d , ibt wh< re th?- ari-Uarney wire (/-in g i? aftt" | ,u t] it hoii daty. Thiiig* did l>-ok ?' i'>?<'i?? wi- < > ? for tho -r ri -p? < table p'-opl< . After paxalng Forty ? or?l >tre?'t, <whi h i? in ?*? '! .?? -?-< r on b od r?-d fw* wide) the tlr ? thing they ?l.d wm.lo l>* t-i run their 1." >d ? IKoiaat .in t?; bun on < ? >" , -tfii.- 1 n .'I Forty -fourth nireeta- und if tin y I tnr tl < ' 11 tb' v.onld plon / < , r b?- a i r- 1 ' 1 I th#> yrenl hog awaah !) og ?<! ai'int* tap i >.rt) ?trret" ar I t i>n with a >? >;'bt i r ' r.'ht ib. v * nki rli.ffipac in araitii'r , ? l.'i. In Htitutlm i Fiftieth a&d YV\y a ' <\t ft,. t! it k 11" k' d 1*m1 and -< -r f ?L< u Lai It I a l Th? - < '|ti'we>h I irth hi d -1 >th a.eftin-. Writ of Hixth a'.<nce notrt.' " '.il l like* to ?wl-n. }<>?' i. N 1 ton Ian, ' ven u.i .i'b t ?< > mi of Hr< a(I? ?y. Tiarre ia a t/antitul uritrj l> :<g in tbl tr an^J 1 k 1 nU'.'d on the ' i-t mI ttortli t<> llro?d. ? > Wt -t' y ttie l.lghth iittw, and i???th t1)', ?i? HfUetb tr.>i 1 1 road way mil tlx t gLth ? lift* ninth wbi h t? tl* ?? lb- f < ,f tl C'.tr-.i 1'atk. IU'k mintrdi.' I '.rth o< i tfty third trwt ?/,'l A of laaWk a? r, e There are many attrv t a'? t t'.Ji imrt <M I be ?ity. Ground .!? - ?b"Bt o t -r?d > %?ily tironght Into Improver;# t ri r I "? '?ay urrf Kig.ith i*'irt.e. whkbi ;?" > ? l*e bu^a/aa a*etiM?>fth* ' ;t) Ha ' d ru ? I ta> tbt .h to M 1 in"''" l? -? I l*?ifce pr. r, 1 ! 1"' ?e ?-n In the oi" '?e 'b'a>'t.<-?l (,?v 1' 1 tadl' ? d"?e? I " ' ' ' ' ** v '"'IdlBga of'tl ttoHk 1 H"?+ "?d -'reH, tut e?*t ?g I Ma U 111 ? aime on <*?? " ?' rf ? li-hlh w . , ) ? ? -ntt nfl "Mtd "ft'l PMftkinl atreefe. na4?.w in I 'ear "f tla e tio? H ?t-i, hltwa < the ^>?tli *de ?-( i d' ?? ?>ird ?tr??' U* .??. U *i j f t *?d ftaelv I ? e )?>?' 1 r> k?-ri f'/t * r> w ? f , n?? i ?<"v m t aril aie^uit ??Uagr hadt f"* . I - <y fi M iteaAMf taaek ?; II ?? from th* etr?e' fik iwirl yard, ?fir '-' ' I f. in alt' Ac., in fn?t. *r laiff ae<l !?'??? ? ?> at! '< %n |f 'fee 'It; for ?"k hottM-H bit g really wanted. I<oU here are work I2/i(K), aud these hou*c? will b0 ralucd at about ?7,000. FORTY HKVENT1I BTBEItT. On the Month aide of tin# atreet, botw?4n Hlitk and Heventh avenuea, Mr. r.eorge W. W eat brook, the mwrtang liniment man we believe, to Jitf couumnclng twenty bri< k houaea, 1H:9 by if, two atones, and hi^h Itum-mont and aubcellar? all the modem lmpnivement*~net back 33 fee*, court in front, with fountain*, ahrubtwjr, Ac.; cottage atile. Theae hnuhen ha\e al*o grown oat of the article* ?c have written, riviimmcndlfHf moic value In the (fr ond and lrw in the house. The>e lot* ate ?uhied at alHMit I'.'/iiM); h"tiM-?,whe? dot c, lit Notwitlmtimdilig all tlu'-r thing*. tliix property mM .i?'n ?!? t of Sixth avenue, and U v?ry high up town. 1< irtnaiaa to *rr Hh;it tint iirlt-tooury ami llirlr iml luton win do, but we think tliey in .?t idtbnaifly rotnc to the etmrhmion tlml ?e?t*. nl the empire. I rniiH. <'ei tainly ubovr Fifty ninth atreet, Uy h^*** m.mcHt part ?i the inland lie* along tip the line ? *** liloomlngiule roaH, wbi.h i* ull wa?t ?* unl even of Kiglith aveaae*. 'IhingH il?? niit lonk 11 diiliioim thin *e?*on am (u*t. The atrceta running through the k"g Mwa?h ?l?ove , alluded to kave I ren fllli'd up i?r?4 graded. The ground* of f'nlnmhla Collej/e art- being brought into a condition for Improvement. Tbev Me between the Fifth and Sixth ovenne* and Forty-aeaant'i aiid Fifty ?trond ntreela. l.otn all along, fr"i!i Forty-flftli to Fifty fourth ntreeta, in the tieighU>rbooiof Ht l,uke'< lf<?p!tal. are vnlued by the holdorn at about H.nOO, mid many will not well at that jiri' e, although we know of point* l"tM lu that locality which have l-eea Held within the ln?t fix month* a* low an 1 1 . 31V#. Other l"ti- ii* hifh np a? the liuvs been wold for I'.' ,('00. Hut the l>*Ht thiiiR yet done, ub'ivc Forty *co<m4 ?fleet, w tlie improvement* now goin< lx*iiril w Forty fcootid, Forty-third iind Forty fi.ui'Ji Htr?eU, between hixtb avenue and Broadway to wit- - lORTV-rKCOM) HTItKKT. ' Mi the ninth aide ofthla htrect, t )?? l.niUierti Vf. H. and It Hurtoii now building live brown ?too? 1 *> by a, with It M fe-texUm i-wt. f< nr htoilc"! and high banetneut, and Mib-uall&r. Tht* n.ay |? regarded a* the ? , n, me, , cement of ii>. t ehw? iDij.nivimi i.m on hi:.-, t. although ftomethtnc w?? do,,,- |u.t K?.i?on by Meoon. Hoag ?,4 j.riltl and others in the n. ighborhood or KlghUi nvenu* In the Mfbtar* of the time., however, h.-t y,ur tbt* ??flori ?ux pM Biutnrc. and the luiu-c .old wttb ?hf. II. iilt>. They were n t only l- , high up to*.,. I,:* too Inr we t. The It , whi(h the Ifcrton- are now building are valued ut u.nt*,. More i',4",k, ?> f 1' t" ulong then*, although the actual < iit-h value in probably m.rn.-thing ),M< "" u* ??* "r ?<"> f^tKtmto. ulwav* com,,. uid ? I. n. j r?l,.e u III tie above th. teal Wl?, h wUt Ulfl rr..,,uty will artnaily )t(1d in th. way of ,enC >ext w.-t or the Itnrtona. it In Miiid Kd-nund I**!! "T " ,"t *Mcb U *" lmpio*? | ?'* ^ ?*x4 **? Barton. an-t, arc three mom loU, on which Mi. John Mlhlr. n. U about to rot*, m-ncc mcUnga d...,,pUon m ho,.- >,.r> \\ irti 4? and Mldom if f,fl x,, u fl)(l?d_WB menu n tim e ntoiy and high b..^ ment, t, I'""*, which he dealgna to offer ul th. town* p?. -?M?- tlgure, H?y ale. it J I i jhxi, ?r ?.v,.? (?*, |f do ,t. and ^ve him, elf. Thin i? alrnoet lb. |jr* attempt we have heard of to reduce the co* ?? ? ! wenty flvo frit rro..t to ?nnethin* the - net of the lot r, thin- have r< and ear r..,lly n-<otttn.iid?d. 'II,.- ,n?rt ah.mld I .?"nraffed. It I ^em r.?lly U. ,, -o|.j->^| tiuit it low prh-ed llnitcla-, hon mo.t nec, 4 ,mly I* n ,mrTtm hlU'llxli IwMeinejt ho., c. Tw,.,,t> .ti^r fr. t f|?, , j h. n -. -i .,re n ru rally i(,<m roar -to , * ,,r' *n h,""e' !""1 ?'? ^ ' d. . p, tlmy .iH'uitly r<mt iron, 'ln,ot n to </t 000 to KuJhl, and cannot tm at ford. .1 much I.-* than (Zh.ihmk Hot \/r. Miidium i> .1 ?/ -< -1 to try th.- c^i^riirenl, In ao-ordarre with . ur-ujf . .lion*, Of wiiietiiuff the f'OJit, rhortetitu* ? I" depth, and ImlldinR ti?. ,H| ,1m| Kronnd and I. .1. .. nlU )(f]J))J ... .by ?J. il.r.e -t.,rU;. amlbrick. The ,tmt ot mck a hotue b. build will ut,<?,t fl flint. "PlW-ute Bait., rut' at. t*., new m.l neirly /ini?b c| I r.'wii at. .? hon*. , ?n ,jf,e lot, va?.^ at ?boi* t" '"") each, llii- i* a itiiwl of h</ua? that baa t**n tlb -i a riumU-i of ??n. ^ Ti? re ,n r.,ur ..n th? -""I , ?,.! of 1 w My u y, nth .treet Mween Hljrth and low jo-t n.,i h.^t two on , -th .id, Thirty for, ith at,.. t, ? the b.oiler, Cohurn'- blo.k, hrtwreo H^veeth and Ki"hth avenue; and H)nut h.i two ,, early done "" "f I ? Ai'i?t<?ii arenue, l-etw.*n Teeatr ninth and Thirtieth utr.-u. I tut th.u?b th.y rei tohrab/y welJ.r.* lifc. rauu, ,fl I hey art hard to .11, and It I. dlfflrolt to borT-jw mo "" tb: ' '* h ?' ?" 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MIMy ta It .t hetf. *?> *o liiia article Ui proa* that ?U;i ?/tb?r ' ffrtc . r,t# wb h we bar- nr4 h. * d at ?;i w ;j heft?. Tbt prr^ra^. of New 1 ?"* I* r"?''d ??.! maKBtflceot ftwadred* ?f <aj4 u.' u i k' '?*> ?.? H. A^r, with rv/re or l?**< Ui, are retrn?etir,r U.efr araoa. lore r? )a rwei ??'a'e. Of c<ira i*>pn.i?awbt oat |>r>:.e4 It 1 e op wad -a' ,0, !? Art.aaei ??ii *. ?* ?i? . ar re. . ?ew la mw jlafM t u ftjK u t.^% m hbi* wr?a Ua Waka 1 1 tbo T+Ttf '