Newspaper of The New York Herald, 25 Ağustos 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 25 Ağustos 1855 Page 3
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YeUaw r?tfr in VIrjMft. Oflt noirou (vllUh SIMM'S *a?u A?g fj. MM '* <?'>?? ?l?ee two o stork Monday ?? the *' tune, with !!*? ? m?rto't y**a 'day, a-* ? Mr. O hxirU Mr Joha ( hrisuan Mr itnhari MflWt. Id wart Sh;ite <jeorwe I4V Mias Caroline K Rum,. ^ , w, *i* tope*, frirni I't.rt-n,. ? b IWored b'?jr oft T. "urner. ? oh-red man of Mr* <;..-d Colored nun of l>r. Cook CoI'tkI nuin of Juo. (.ibtw I'hiiiji, N Tf?r?. I krt butt** ?t0 *90 *f 'Uftir-t victims. . Jame* i;ibbou*. aeed to. H m. Steel. Oldest daughter of R|. h. ; 4 1'iialc rt ?g?-.i U Beoj. V. Tea bout (tlslhrrio. street . Ir n nf Hi m,?? ?ehurrh , ' " ~ Mr*. K I . Jl irjihy, rrpurlnl j?vr Ui fl I a >t be .1 the fi vr. Two ruse- n-i Met calf lane. nam- . not r.p oied The number under treatment at Hospital , I'oint. U tho-e in a state <>f wiwiIikhh al-?tit ? death.1 ? Th" latest intelligence from I'orlsm >ut ?, siiiio-aee. th 'leath of ( apt. rg?- Cham . -his . ri lie- Tfr, in with the disease. I?-. Neho. In M m h h- ?if, has been takr-n with the J'atrit k Williams nnd .?l,i Mr. A-d.ton a? J a-1 i? 1, RlUlaoIy V Camilv ?re iU l.ut|f w.-ll |t i,,T,.? P,. mw"' ' "* Sp," r"llJr /*??<?? t" -u. treat Ibe Nor I oik ffnahf announces thla moenlnjr that it. lh# pre"^ ?' AaoDff the places thiit have revoked their re.-ent or dinauces are Petersburg Hichm nd an I Hainpt-n, and thee who hare thrown op.-n their d<?-r? tv us a.e r?Ti ?Uf? *"d Alexandria, which places are also raisin# contribution*. The visiters at Alleghany Spring- V?., held a n.e.-ting the Joth lout . to ral.e money in behalf of th tier In our place. Dr. Stone, before he left, gave our physicians th.- bene . ot bis professional experience and observation iu vil low fever cases in New Orleans. 3 The disease, although Increasing in the n timber of rise* was renounced on Monday to hoof ales* uiul|mant trt^ I the cu.sea yield more readily to tieatrnent. NORKOIjK. [Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun. 1 NoRFout. Aug. 21 ? lw J?. m 1" gradually waxing warmer, which E tear will tend to Inerentte the cHtes of fe7er for a few aye at le* -t The barometer, liowrerer, Indicates a drr imiing "' <hC Pr0>'P,'c,s ar'" farorable to iu mj enn Vou will have perceived fr. m my report* of death* br l-V. j'. V10 nv,'n4'" mortality lina not Increased eine'e ?ne diM?/e became epidemic, having steadily ranged be ?ween ten t.nd twelve a day. And my r?|?orts are as early true an oun be had, for be* Idet the records of the toward Association, which are embodied in the report of he Board of Health, 1 have auces* to the |mm? book* of he undertakers, and I have yet to hear that anv one Ili* ?en buried without a coffin. ' I forgot to tell you In my last, that some y reckless _ oundrel made an uttempt on Saturday night to add to ? horrors of the pestilence those of coutlagration. The office was set on Urn about 10 o'clock, iu the ?econd story, under the steps leading U> the third. It w>? ?most providential that the tire was discovered U-fore it ?uid got well und?r way, as that port of the citv is almost ? n irelv deterted by its inlial.iUnts, and few there )*> ?mid enough to j.ass throngh its infection at night A-h It ?caR. frieudo arrived in time to quench the and ? he OBly d image sustained was th.- destruction of seven t.r ?"?(flit bundles of paper, which were pil.-d under stepa. Insurance covered the loss, and the Umcvn :'K'? on n? usual. The Howard Association Issued yesterday 190 orders r provisions. Allowing five jsthoth to each family htch is a fair average, you lun e 000 persons who were ?iieved in one day, many of whom, but for that relief, ould now be ?uffering from the gnanings of hunger, orfolk was never go afllicled tH-f.,re. War and pestilence re raged in and around her in days gone by, but hei pie never hud to seek charity in such nuuitiers as v. It wrings one's heart to M-e th.- downcast look and tear the sad (ale sobbed out by those who hc-ptefure ittie U-en wiii to do in tlic world, when they come to au ly for .relief for a suffering family. Verily men ne.-d I V J. h'"u't,s ftnd strong ner?es in th"se days of <-U,e ^tdence tiiat ut noonday." Tl.c number of orders issued up to this time, to-day, is >er 1TO, and will no doubt exceed that or veaterdav It therefore, fair to say that In two days there will have n upwards of . 00(1 persons relievo.1 by the assocla (?od, tlie iiH'.'i n^i arcj at hand, and are duly arreawnff. ' he di-tres- among no class of our population Is ater than among the free negroes, of whom we bate a rgf number in tho city, wbose uhjmI occupations mn raywen or washerwomen and seamstresses h?Ve be.-n token uj. I.y the general desertion and sttsix asion of ttslnew. The fever, too, contrary to experience, pre iiil? among the colored people, though not to so great extent as among the whites. I know of a *r?.t nr sick will it, ttnd of several deaths. There arc- foil my own family, ruie con. ale-cent, whose ca>e wi ' MMular that l>r. Stone, of New tlrleans, was induced visit him. He lav for four days like a tn:in beastly unk, umii.te to articulate more than a few words, and rtectly impenetrable to either persuasion or command fnre yellow jack showed hi* colors. After that It was nty-njr hours before he became conscious. When I h*. vt haW h<" l'"^01'^! a brandy toddy, which act like a charm, and he has been doing well ever since. Itoth Jit. Stone and Dr. I'enUton say that in proportion the number of cases the deaths have been fewer than their practice in New Orleans, und It seems that a ma nly of our doctors follow the same mode of treatinen vogue with them, which consists in the main of th 1 mustard bath In the first instance, calomel and qui ne followed by castor oil and eonsUnt sweating? tn'is td plaster* on the legs and back of the neck, ice to the until the fever Is broken, then small .loses of qui K this prow* 0ucr??fe<ful, careful nurcing U strict enjoined? the lightest gruel or soup, iced lemonade, a tie fruit the only food and drink allows I for several iw. As I said ia a former letter, the fever seems to have read?orth from the Infocted district, and those street* eh connect directly with i\ allowing a free draught ve the greater number of case.* in them. The report* from 1'ortsmouth are still unfavorable. ie mortality there has exceeded tint on this side the ter by three or four a day? caused, doubtless, by the turn ol many persons whose funds did not allow of their malning away until frost. The number of cases in this city nowlunder treatment II range between 22fi and 280. 1 send ynu the follow ll*t of deaths by tho fever for twenty-four hours, end at 1 ,lB I'. W. Mr. O'ltourke, age- 1 fiO, Allynt iwn; boy fummers, 12, lbot (treet: John Christi.-tn, It. Allyn's wa; IH-k Mull i, 4fi. Metctlf's lane: Mr. (iri-enwond. 28, Khe.i's laoe ?gro of Mr*. Good, Church street: Mis* Allele I/- Page,' Main street; Horatio Moore, 54. Ken Church street ? Caroline Kuffin. (a near relation of Thenars Kitchie aae<l,) C0l Main street; negro of Dr. Cook, -JO, Kree on stre<-t ; Mr*. Copes, (from Portsmouth. J 6<J, Kiist oadwater street Total, 12. Besides these, Mr*. K. V. died in child bed, anil tw negroes of old sgc, (iheselier of iiiHamm.-ition of the bowels. ' l?r. Htone, of New titles us, left Norfolk on Monday, king ihe boat for Baltimore. Dr. Wm. II. Freeman, monstrator of ?natomy in the Phila.l?lphia College of psliclue. who arrived in Norfolk on Saturday, and ten red hi? -er> ires as long as desired, has been u-sign.-d to Ity in the city with I>r. Moore. Mi.-s Andrews, of .-j cu e. who has been attending the sick at Julappl Ho? lal, Is now attending the sick family of Captain In rity. The iirrultl ofliie being in the infe ted distru t, proprietor lui. been com] ellc l to retm vc to a mm alth* location, in order to prevent an entire susperi-ion publication. In consequent!" of the removal the raUl W.I not published yesterday. The H-i vn and rn" are 1 till publlahed, and from the thri ;? journal i of e?d?y we select the follorfng it. ins:? 1H*SP < ?? 1HK lhSKASH.? The disease is embraeiug a ler Held than heretofore and some of our mojt estl liirriti en? are f.-Uling victims to it. Six families in n Church street, between Holt M-tin, havo l<e?n ted by It. and in one ot ihem the deatroyer has claim his victim, Mr*. J. fi. H. Hsi ton. Tnr ( OUUOtD Crt a ? Tlie Hoard of Ileal 1)1 have dlrectc 1 pital quarters to be tttte.1 up at lsimbert's I'oint for aed si>. k |*rwin* who require to be moved ? their .ners being held re-isin ible lor the ex[>ense. N?/t fo.MMiton.? Ibllt th? yellow fever Is n"t con io?- is Demonstrated by tb-- experience of all phyni o?. and other attenilants upon the sick in pital* and pritate hon es ir po.,pio will Avoid the allty where It originated, it Is th<- oj.inl .n of those 10 are r? oip.-t.-nt to judge that but little apprehension uid eatArlaim-d or in<lulg -d in. Ifiurm Kxkmit ?-?om ths Hwj u?r-? We have he< n lte.| with ttlis pestilence several times, but it Is known it few v- hxve originated noith of the creek owr ich tJrinhy and Oitharinr streets pass, it is true fhat have ncearred to thn Dortli of thi* creek, but most them were easily tra<ed to imprudent ex|H.otre in info ted region, and It is beli-ved that nearly all h CJ*. - from the nature of the ground and greater rlty of t?w air, were of a mil" ler type, and more under r.ntr.l and skill of the physician, If hi* services were Mly <-*lled in. To the n .rth of tlie cr-ek wo have Und w -II drained, open to the breezes of the south d we -t that sweep over the I sworn of the wide river, and healthful, then again the houses (except a part oftliurch ?'.r<-ot.) are scattered mostly with p stot air* bit*, and a population not In the lea.t w.le.1 1-i liM -e canaes, log. lier with the fact that an *<>nu ? atmosphere is quite limited In its extent, tn.?y s?rrfl-e at all times the cotnn irative health an<l tree m from diweseof this part of the cHy Tw? l\?? W?. l>WT?iiT ? Ne.irlr all of Wide Waterstrect, ' - wding fr-.m <-a*t to ?f-t of th<- city, nn l % small part, eetetu Mam street, ara made that i.< Oiled on long ,ear. with peri-hahle nmterUia, sneh as wlth ,1irt -">? rubbish I mU t^had. thrown in and up-m them, and houses tit tbere>-a Tins is the lnf-et<sj district \ A. . 1* it h in the Richmond .Uted rcU-rshurx gust 21 *ay*v? 'rtv*t? let'er. recel.i-d here fr.?u Norfolk, represent ? state (A affairs ?* truly alarming. Ye^terda* morn [? lighter full of patients left the wharf forth- hosnj at JuUppt. Mrs W. H. Mur( by, a well known m.m. r of Nor? Ik. died vest' rday. ? l**>ri -mouth the d.-atbs snd new cases are increas [. A strong appeal from l?r. Trug- -,n reached her* ? aftetn.x n for Petersburg physician* to come <iiwu it aid them Tb' i* are but three physicians on dot* ('??rt?n?rtith H* ?ajs>? IWeono :|ennf thine- In 1 ?> -townalr < nt Is rn ' se us ai d alarmlrg. leathi are occiirrlng all around us, fa* are multiplying I.00. ty , .n I our meinsof t n-atlng m are h- nrly ?I'niinisnlng. I>r? Hat ton and Ilolge. 'he ...,!y physltiana n<?w up. sides my s-lf, and at I re e?i ' v-.i-ug |h<- I*'te- gentleman it absent in at : ?1*0 up 1 1..1 family, wh are in the c- antrj u -r- s. 11,, llowsi.t Asaoeta lion acknowli ig the ?? en the ris', m KM from New York, through J a* T SwitWc. 9400, from Philadelphia, $10, (rem W. It in wit OJumbw, OfcK *100 from W. K Taylor, of )bU til/ H, from ti. A. Fauquier, of New Vork, two flM t>l?cu It, fr?<*? Hultimore; 128, from H. Z. ~>hir I Newport, R.I.} $(J0, from J. Vlckery, of this ri" $1? from f Fakes, ft# New York: $20, from Jtunei I- I interna New T#?W; $10, from Capt. Carpenter, of l 1 ? rtty , !' Main-m k Co., Baltimore have sent a liberal ??lplr of meal anonymous, $20; Willard k Brother, Waal i*1'W, U1 Wingftied. $200- Musdey, $100 $tO0 hare tw n r>etved in all from Wa-hiiigt.ia, and $1,800 frini I fcUadt-lphiii I'xm i>r.J With painful regret we record to-day tbr <V?lh bv feri-r of a most exemplary sister and daugMa r, bribed by umny friends lino relation*, Hi - *.!.?)?? !?? I'm* |Ur ?l-'tfr l.uevnla preceded h?r a t -w b.ur. t 'that bourn. frum whence no traveller re tarwa," an-i ju?t her death on* of her brother* ?a* taken d"?n with thedi-ease. May the l>ord healthe 1 tnkew he*M?l family , ami end the ravages of the moo ter am- t?jj tbewv k t-\ rRtmnoK or ykliow ikvebos cholera.? ircirr for xakiro chlorine. live "uor- mi m table xait, one ounce peroiyd maiiirtix < M i ihi together until tliey IN ?e. in \i .1, and then pitaa the mixture through a fiaa f.iwn. i (? little ?t a time, for fear of choking ti <? tube i into a wttie or porter tiottle. Take then he!' aa ewace (by mea'tirei of Hutphurle aeld, and add to It Hirt ? ounce of water. Four thl* also into tl.e l-oMle and ?h?ke it moderately (without tip I <r?r it e<> aa t ?rpumti' Ihe Ingredient* i and chlorine ? til btgin to I-?ue from the bottle In eufli.-lant <4U*ntitiri> <?> di^'Dt -et the atnio-phere of u room. Afu-r an boor or tw", tt ran be removed to another room, and so ? a until every room. ?h*d, nut-house, Ac., has been |*i 1 1 M. It i- l? Wi-ver, thought to be Niiflicicnt to con line tt to tlo -e room* that are ronntiintly ioliabited. It in ?>Uto?hak' the iKittle three or more time- a day. The ?Im ve ?ii| lurnob a -npply of chlorine for at lea?1 twen l? tun iii l. rt; i i-ht (tour* It you will luive a hole in the cork ot the bottle. It la Ik lined that thin alutple and cheap receipt 0t 'inij admuate to the protertiow of any dwi-llinff Inim yell' w f ver, rln I' rn or any epidemic, provided the occu |nrr? avoid uabr"es*.iry eipoaure. bath- olteu, and pay dut atti Utioii die' j,nd dij(e?tioB. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONET MAHKKT. Pridat, Auguat U? G P.M. 'ilierrwa* utiJifi a Lloe mttrket ut the opening tliie morning. Tlici .? uppeam! lo be a geueral di* pOHition to lfuli/o, anil Ihe offering* were tiniHoally lupgc. At the liret UKird Uliuoiit Central bonds de clined ^ per rent; Canton Company, 4: Nlearagtia Tnuwit. 4; Cumberland Coal, 1; New Vork Central Itullrvad, J ; Krie lUilroatl, 4; Harlem, 4; Reading Railroad, Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 1^. The transaction* in each were large, a large portion of which wa* for coitli. Hellora of Western railroad Ktockit were plenty, but there wan an absence of buy er?. Cleveland and Toledo and Cleveland and PitU bnrg were cmwded off in large lota at the best prices current. The tendency wax downward throughout, and at the cloee Mocks weiv freely offered at a fur ther decline, without tlnding buyer*. At the second lioard there wax a moderate panic in Cleveland and Toledo, and large quanlititvt of stock were pressing for sale. It was sold dowu to |?r cent. That is altogether too much for it, and those who pot out at anything like that rate will be much better off than those who hold on for better prices. The stock market has evidently been stretc hed to ita utmost tension. Prices have been so much inflated that all the floating capital has been absorbed, ond there was no alternative but a decline when holdera commenced realizing. The really got*! stocks have been affected moderately by this influence, but those gtork.i which have advanced withont real basis ? which have been sustained solely b\ th? operations of speculators? must fall back again to the points from w hich they started, and take their place again among the class of second or third rate fancies. Cleveland and Toledo fell off this afternoon 24 per cent; Reading, 4; Erie Railroad, 4; Harlcra, J: Nicaragua Transit, J; Cuml>erland Coal, J. The steamer I<ebonon, from this port for Liver pool tomorrow, will take out about half a million dollars in c-i?c< je. The steamship Union, for Havre, will also t,ikc out a small amount. The shipment* from IJoston next week will bo light. Both steam ers from California are now fully dne. We shall pro bably receive by the two about two millions of dol lars in gold. Our next advices will be to the 1st instant. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurers oflice to-day were as follows: ? Paid on Trra?ury nci-ount 41 Hec*i\ed do .'l.'iti.HIM 70 llnl.inre do 4,&9e,027 ill l'.'lid for Aitsay Itffice Ml B1 1'uid on dmbursing checks 19,010 rtO The receipts to-day include $100,000 front the West. The wai rants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 21st Inst., were as follows:? For the Treasury Department $>.0ol <15 For the Interior Department l?7,8!?l 81 For tlieCuntoms 7,.'ni9 82 War warrants received and entered 88, '.''17 17 War topny ?arr?nU received and entered. . . . 27 Dra?u on account of the Nary 171,771 00 Covered in from inincellaneous nourcee 94 The earnings of the Chicago, Alton and St. Louis Railroad, for the second week in August, were as follows: ? Atignit, 18W>. $/T,85'? 08 " 1M4 17, Wo TO Increase $lu.:ii:s U8 The earnings and expenses of the Watcrtown and Rome Railroad Company, for the months of July, 1854 and 1M.1, were as foliaws: ? UM> I ? H Farniiifra $.';0,!>'.m ??; $.'H),ltMl 71 l-X|>eneee IS 16,11# $13,70rt 74 %M),m 17 Incroaee. eainingx $'.,107 So Decrease, elpetuea 1,?7H 58 Nat gain $7,084 4:; The following Is a statement of the meipu of the Monis Canal ft<r the present season, to the l?th imt.: ? Total to August 11, 18'if. $l.V,,M)u 71 Ve<k eniling August 18, 1866 8,007 4!, *ld4>VJ 10 Total to Angnst 12, 1S.M $126.Hl.t 61 Wt?k ending Augtt * 1?, 1854.... 7,&8i? .'.8 1 "4,1 82 90 Ineitaie in I8.V1 $.10,770 n We are at nil times disponed to do justice t<> all parties. 11 we have made a mistake or mis state - merit, we are not only disposed, but anxious to make a correction. A stockholder in the Cleveland and Toledo llailroud Company calls us to an account f >r making what he calls a mere assertion, and fin l? fault with us for making statements not founded, he says, on fact. tVe publish his communication so that lie may see we have no detiirt to do lum or the company injustice: ? Cirvruxv />t> Tmrtxt lUiutoto Osr . m To ti:i iJitT" s or rrti llw;<iji: ? ? Your article of a day or tw 1 since, in an wi-r to ' A Stockholder," contains -u?-h ? a<ue of whoh -ale ?? fertion that, in the ahuence ot ir .eply Irom him I b' c to ?siy ? 1. In order to bolster tip yntir ti ?: ntatemen' that the enj itu 1 wan $7 000, Ors), you are en: (.ellcil t,i ?et down the floating <te|jt at over $600,000. kvhoreac it in a m il known fnct thut the very bondayie mintlon a? having been ?olii lid Wlnt'-r wa- for the 1 re?? purp-i?.. til pnj. inp oil the floating debt of the company. ?Z. Although you express a belief that the company will pay a dividend ot 6 per ceut <1 talx r I.t, you 'they will not do it from their net riming*. " thut enother iseue of bond* will hate to be made Jb-.; In otbi.rwt.rils, you would -ay that a divbtend wllj' !><? patched up for the fjike of keeping up the atock. I ?ould simply my th t all thl? it mere a- ertion, without tie alightt-at pruot or foun<tation. and It should he no Mfraideti by tin public; and I would eu(?jf ?t tliat in a c< inmercial article an editor thould c nfin? blm^elt to Licts .tin I ftjrti re? and not deal so largely in fiction AC'.ckt, 24, lHWt. ANtiTIUJt HTttCKllDl DKR. If the writer of the above had been thoroughly posted up relative to the affairs of the Cleveland arid Toledo Railroad Company, he never wonJd have been a stockholder, and from the moment he informs himself of the company's position he will cease to hold a single sb.ireof ?tock. It w.^s intended by the management that the issue of btmds ehottid (my off the floating debt; and it might have done so at Unit time, had the bonds brought any k;nd of a | price, but they were sold so low (about 66 per tint) Uutt the proceeds were not sufficient for tlut purpose. There was therefore a floating debt of w ine magnitude left at that Urae, six month* ?lu'>, a nd it has since been steadily Increasing. It Is now nearly as large as it was liefote tbe i-wieof thcbmLs referred to. The reduced price at which the bonds were sold was mlnou* enough to the company, but the fact that they were parcelled oat priv.ilely, with ov.t U.e fint wr-rd of notice le .ig given to tlif storkbolderw, U enough to oouviuc any one that the real intcreau oi the romp*#^ * not much considered by the board of management. The writer of the above communication moat not suppose for a m< ment that we hare auy desire to make any misstatement regarding this or any other railroad company. We generally are pretty well posted about railroad eompaniea before we make any assertion relative to their financial affairs. Stockholders who have no more sense than to placs implicit confidence in, and be governed by, the reports which from time to time emanate from the boards of directors, must not be astonished at any rrpotS that may be made. It is really astonishing how littlo stockholders in in corporated companies generally know of the cha racter of their investments. It is not at all surpris ing that such facts as we have lately presented for the consideration of those interested in the Cleve land and Toledo Railroad, should create ooustcrna tion and alarm. Those who doubt 'their truth, and rest qniet holders of its stock, will, one ofthese days, when too late, see their mistake. One of the most absurd theories promulgated by financial writers, 1b, that the stocks of the Erie and New York Central roads would be enhanced in value by an "understandiug" between the companies, ia other words, by a huge combination at the expense of travel. The Central passes through a thickly populated country, almost created by the Erie canal. It has a certain and reliable source of income, in creased or lessened by its rates of fare. Their pre sent rates fill the trains. A road accomplishing this much sought for object by railway economists, is doing pretty well. That their engine* might drsw more loads, is possible, but not without risk of do ranging time. The Erie pauses through an improving country, but is, in local travel, far behind the Ceutral; its through business is important, hence this anxiety for un "understanding," so much desired by capa cious |iockots filled with Kriecertificates"for a rise." This alliance would hurt the Central, but wojld it help the ErieV Certainly not, for it would lessen the travel without reducing the number of trains. They rna-t keep up the number and expenses still the aoaie. Competition creates travel, insures to the public civil treatment, courteous conductors, exact ncss of time, all of which contribute to the economical working of railways, and to their profit, by the saving of projierty and lives. Both roads are now better run and more regularly "on time" than ever before. A person leaving here to-morrow morning, can know the minute of his arrival ot Buffalo. This exactness is the result of care, which is the child of competi tion. The poor stockholders, in all roads engaged in competition, must look out for themselves. The travelling public must be accommodated first The following table shows the quantity of some of the principal articles of produce left at tide water from the commencement of navigation to tb?> 22d of August, Inclusive, during the years 1*63, 11" days; 1V>4, 107 days, and 18o5, 108 days:? Racmrv ok I'Koni'cs at Tidkwatw. 1888. 1854. 1855. Canal tjpen. A/ml 20. J /<?y 1. Mi iu 1. Flour, Mil* 1,312.168 601.200 491,017 Wheal, bu fails.. . 2.408. HMO 2.:>2fl,707 087,065 Com, do 1.875,617 4.236,828 6, 71ft, aid llartey, do 170,617 264,?.'5 60,777 Itve, do 47,646 66, MO 70.122 Other graina, do. . 1,7.'I8.546 3,083, 246 1.700,002 r>o*f. hl.Is 26,121 0,668 IMi(S) l'ork, do 06,834 64 ."lOH Aflirt. 22,411 1 1 , H 1 i> D,1M> Bntter, lb* 314,288 .113,632 Urd, Uo 14,812,48a 8,0Ot,5ft3 Cheese, do 222,637 138,2.16 127,8(19 Wool, do 4, .107, 601 1,304,87;: 2,687,860 Baron, do 17,7!>7,7:.U 10,847,078 7,044,426 The quantity of flonr, wheat, corn and barley le.'t at tidewater during the third wi-ek i.i August, in the years l*M and 1955 was as follows: ? Fltnir, tMl. tt'htit f. bu. (' HarUn 1K4 9,897 <>2,041 100,06' 22,080 1866 10,412 2,507 511.12.. locren e... 0,616 ! <r ..TO,:: W hM.<M5,0<3 I e<- 22,089 The aggregate quantity of the same articles left at tidewater from the commencement of navigation to the 22d of August, inclusive, during the year 1W>4 and 1P66, was as follows: ? /tow, Mil, H ?/<< Cnm, hu. Ikirt'y.hv IS-! rot, 209 2 326,787 4, 235, 8# 251,926 1866 4t*l 047 1*87,95.'. 6,719,21ft .'0,777 f n rc-ase .110.16'-' IY.1,838,812 tne.l 18.:.,'iPl n*c.00l,14S The aggregate quantity of the same articles left at tidewater from the commencement of navigation to the 22d of August inclusive, during the years WU and 1H55, was as follons: ? Flour, Hii. Whrttf, Iai Ci/rn, bit. IhirUy. bti 1863.... 1,312.368 ?,4fi.'!.8S? 1,867.617 17 ft, 617 1865.. . . 491,(47 ft87,t'85 6 71!', 213 00,777 Ike. 8i!l,6ll De. 1,606 934 In. 4,361,702 Dc. 128,740 Ily reducing the wheat to flour, the quantity of the latter left at tidewater this year, compared with the corresponding period of last year, shows a de crease of 377/i24 bbls.of flour. The directors of the Ohio and Mississippi Kuilroad Company, (Ohio and Indiana division,) hare issued to the sto< Uiolders a circular explaining the present condition of its affair* ? its liabilities, assets, amount of stock issued. and the method by which they pro p<*c to i oinplete the road to Vlncennes, to meet the Western division, now finished to that point. The Cincinnati (JasttU says: ? The | tan |>ropt ted U to i<n>ue to the ii'.oekholder t: 540,000 of bonds, oae l.alf <?( whirl, are inri'tne nn-t iih-i U'ngc I "ivu, Wfltrfd by a (bird mortgage on the rr u I |>>r >1 .'O.OoO, nn l h irurt luod <>( 86,000 payable Monthly to tmitW' Thi nd? ?te pajahle in twenty jrriio, with MD,i-ki>anal e<ni|x.ii? for tfae rale of interest, wfaii h I- 7 for r.-ni pr annum, mil payable in Vw ^ *u k Tb* I'tlirr 81,750,000 t . payable In 'Vx-k at |.?r. In t?md- ts irit,- 10 [*i rent n?tei-?t p'-r timu, t'i?|abl<,lu f iiir ? ,ti In thirty yn ?, with lat**rest . ?*mi annually, tut ih- rcmpaay r- ?erve t). rigli- to redw hi the aam*> wtthii' tvo;i?r ( in i ' the ts>n<lj>. The flrnt i U ? t ? i. ? un- ?lli r< d U> U>? stockh' Mern ontyHt 66'. r rm', j ? t-,. ? in n.i tilhly en-h liwtiJwaii a? tfae ?,ti i .11. i i 'h* i Im,I the ? utirc amount rao i:' t t? -'.I > ?tv <<t until the <|jr?tioo if Mi month* J ?? '. b-eHU r for the tir?l > I* ? of tout mu - 1 14k-' nn ??> I >?:. < :.i cf 'Ih .-i-t I. < al">, ?urriol'rtnn llu-'t 1 no e^na) h'umut ?S k *t [ ai ? r? <-eliiu< b .ivt? t iief'.r at j ?1 an I ? 11 !>? en it J 1 only to m h 'in > tint * befaii> paid In caifa fcw fa?ods <4 t..e Brtt clam. '1 he Minoxe<i at.iu-aent exbil>its the t|uantity and value of fon ,/n dry good* ent r. d at thi:. p ?rt for ociisuin|rfian, fet wareh<-tiae, and wUotlu withdraw als fiom wan bOOM, during the we -h ending and in chiiliiiji Thi;r-?Uy, the d ofAofoat, 1n4.'?4p Mi-? aula in iv ?<*iuo> !>?? ?i oooa. t ? f'<r #' ? f Vu-iutt, r*tf. >'?iitfact<!rr? <1 W* ! I l'?7 84&V M7 <??*<?.? .. 1 rut rrt ?6? s.i. I 131 <I70,4'W llai SJ7 M.w .Una IS 206 irj 5 SO Total ?t "IU.S18 <11 1, f n MantOfarttKMof W<k>I. . ... -? 86*0*4 C-M?n W* U> '1I6 -iia *4- f|, Ml ttai to-.' tft !it4 IJl-celfaneou# "I S.6S0 Total 8X4,17-'. I i.nJ*rmi f?- Wtr'hm a' ilautifaetu.** of W>kJ 71 II - li". Qatfn 14 7 irj? * mi* '* Mt i?- 1*4 Tvt?l 161 Value prnt nn tl.n inark'-< .)u-. i*t fa# wtmk ( I 7* The prrw-Bt week hae l^en qmte an an mat* I one in the dry good* trade, srul lawmen, t? *h auemg impofUra and jobU-nt, ha* been active, it bring toe height of the Southern trade for the aotumn ae*? ?. The hotels, and even many private hoarding ho . have been well filled with bn,-.n. -* mea from all parts of the country, gathered here t> mak- their (innnal ptirrhaaea. Owing to tfie exto wton of rati rosd fik- llitiei at the Sooth and Wext, is r <nn? ria-o with tinea of steamer* rtinnlng tx-tween thin eity aiid Savannah and CharU-<t ?n, mrr faanto in that dimction are enabled to make thi ir u?m1 por< h?? of fall and winter stocks to mu h lat?r period* ia the at aeon. Those who bought <arij last )'?r, dul ao a hen gooda were high, and which before th* tio?e of the aeaaon d<<eiit?ed, by far ? f anetioa ?l ?, Ml twenty-five per cent; whil* ttt .?? who en tered the market late had the adraol?7e of buying theaper gotxta, whl'e ? h > lioogbt tariy wiff red by iL This >ear the reverse baa ccirred. Thtj?e who bought early hara 1 ?ISnii-.-d u?e l?* l>ar ;aiiwi. while #oae who h?*e r'/tM) 1' U> msrket late ha.e had to pay !.!g'.?r pnccx for many de-tnpitona r 4 g <oda f'rea h M.ka %wl mer-at't have '*"?we arai-jf. and pr.oe? have improved. The importation for tbf season continue to be tight, and under the amount of tb?* introduced in the pa-', year or two, at the name sea son. There continues to be a good basine** d?ne among the clothier*, and the trade from the interior Ik purchasing aborted lob rather more freely, tbe present season, than nsual. Rich fancy draw French silks are sold readily at full price* Itibbons and trimming* are al*o in good demand at uteady prices. Broch? rhawU of desirable pattern* and co birn are held higher, and are in light supply. English goods in every line arc doing well, and at remunerative rate-. Woollen plaid* and pure (klaiuea are in good demand, and extremely scarre. English stuff gooda have al-o improved, nnd Hell freely. Li nen gotda, with a fair demand, Hold to a moderate ex tent, witbont improvement in price*. Finer qualities are rather slow of sale. Fancy vesting* are q nick at full prices. Assortment* of fancy cam-iinere* are ware*, and selected style* are difficult to be had. ex cept at considerably enhanced price-i. Itoeskln* sell at about ti 26 a II 60; heavy grades for overcoat* are in good demand, ('oaner grade* of bo*iery are offering more freely, but well made heavy good-t are still in good demsud. Pome- tic good-t are vl-n> mure active; the supplies of cotton fabrics, however, keep in full stock, and rather in exec** of the deraund, while price* since our l*>t report haw not exhibited material variation. Mouseliue tie lalnes continue to Hell at previf'us price*. la i. ton 11 tumid* continue firm. Denim* aiv ol .o firm. Drill* are in fair de mand for export. Tweeds and Kentucky continue dull. Flannel* bring better price* lilan ket* are firmer, willi a tendency to higher price.*. Katinetis al*oh*\c:tn improving tendency. Fancy cassimcre* are wiling more fn-ely at satisfactory price*. Hhawl* are in full Mtpply aud sell fr ely. a* the assortment* are *uch ai to meet every t i?te. Cotton sail duck continm s in gooO demand at fuj price*. Upon the whole, the week's trade ha* l*t*n a lively and satisfactory oni- in nearly all it ? branches. HUm b Kirlusi*. IHJIUY, A tgu.t M. l*.>i laOOOl'PB's'Mooup 11RV llo b-NYOulUt Jul , &<X>oc t*6'* 'b7.... ms i&oKjk iih.. i*> :.-s 1600 N Y 6'* '5* lOf. lo >1 ? f..C, 1000 Ohio ft 'If. . 113 loTO .1 . 53?, MOO la State 6's M s# *. 140 4a . . .1" 10000 Virginia b'*.. . Mfc 4oo da.... Mo i '.000 <1(. KiO IM, ..?*) .1 b 0 ? 1(000 do b&0 fH', 1*0 4a *J0 4.?, fiOOOO do htS) 871, 12ft 4<t MS WOO Mimouri ()'? .nil W1, .? Wl? t. kf h I'.lt K.. 60C0 4. (US UMtttuMtt,,., T? 1M0CU TS 10.... t>7 ? ? m Hsrlc 11 -V, 0000 EriO Om bdsl 1 So', '-"7 ? 2V 1.'.000 do . MO So ;?X) 4.. .. I. 1000 Uuil 1< 1*1 m bK 10. ?; ItlO l,. :wk? Hurt K 2<i mtb* ?f> iivriut - n<4 16000 Had K U nt ks t%H '.**> 4u... MO fifi MOOlUOnRKbu.b 0 87 , 1V*I0 4.1 S7 126000 ?lo bOO 87 \ IN .1 W 14000 do 87 S 200 4o b3 87'. 1000 .VY Cen lUt b?.#3 01 loo ? -lo ?; nooo te M K? 4? . 'i 87 s UOOOffalkRMlR b* C7 \ 200 ?lo.,.. trio t?7 v, 1000 < levfcTt.|4i? b* HI 200 %!.? . ... ?I0 W7\ ;oPjvridfcii?dfcsii? i::-j loo .to .... bio V7<, SO Merchants few. 107\ M 4s . . . 87?, I* lit of Q in. . ,.M 110 li*l H?4sM K M r 41 S i Jli'frf* lu* Co. . . . d'J 6D 1'aimina Kit ... b'T t, SWOuton Co... boo ?7 in 4o i"- ? 400 4') MO 2iV\ lOtVvC k tin .. lo* 160 do t.:i V?S 100 O k Ittln KR HW 71 1200 Nte TranCo.bOO an MO <i 71 s SOO do Mt 30 Ml ilii Ti 160 do 10% 100 do bilO 71 IMOObbOm) Oe.sS S8,S 100 4s T8V ?.Oo do hS i*S 0?0 CTev A Tol ItK H7 ' , ?.tio 4" Slit 700 do. Mo M :i?0 1-10 200 4" I.IW *7', 10( do bio 90S 100 <li>

?6 N Y Ora RR. lo-.s loo 4a.. .-??? *>: , ;o d<>. io. S lo (ii a Kiaiii i;k . tm> 4?> 4n 10-.! 64 I ial k Ode RR bf!0 11 1 100 (111 bOO lO-.'V *0 do lit 60 do 101 S BKCOMR BOAHIt. >lW?Ti:.n f? *90... 100?b*H:irtm>RR 1.. ?? 4000 leou <V'? 'CR. .. W>S 60 4?> tcai > .'000 ln.l Hl?t?- 6 V. St.*, 400 llud 1'. RR. . 1. 0 41', lt< 0 llud It S4 nit I- Hf. aoo Krle 1:1! Ml ' , 6000 Krl? Con b< '02 H7S 200 <i > ?<io f?.ts 6000 III Cen lilt 1?1h. 87'. 60 IVadlnf 1!K.. . t?7 S 200 duCWatrCo.. , loo 4o v: ,i. ?. nRR i.. beo loi v 4>st .i" . m , IGOCutnb Co?! Co. . VRS 10IUC<nKU .... 100 do vs1, 10 Clara * Toi RR *?. 7(0 4o 28* 100 do btO >oi :?0 do 1.1(1 28 S -OO llo HAS '.00 Nir Tritnl' >..1*0 20 326 .lo K.'. 10" 1H<^ 200 .lo <1 Kt( r. Uk of S Atti'-rlfa. 1(?6 64) ilo b'*) H??V| 100 lUb-iii hit ?S -j? C'lTV TRADR RKPOIVT. ClUMT, August M? 4 r H /trim ? of '<0 a CO bbl*. war# ntvie wi I h o n t change tn price*. Itiojtiwn iw. ? Hour ? The market was without rii utp of moment, * hilt' Kile* were only t<< h Isir extent. em brae ing 7,000 n H.(dX) Mil" , iw hiding common to cliol unit f*tr? brnnda of.Mute. at >7 87 a >H 2/i, wi;h some In torltc brand" nt higher figure*. We?t< rn miii-d, in choice brand*, at >* vS< a >1* 28. Included iri lit* **!'?* "f rooDidn Stilr vrri' mil loin fur expert. Canadian, eith uiodi rate nali . wa* unchanged. Southern common brand* wete ra-icr, while fun ry and e*tr? grade* ?> re sternly. .-'a lex i I t'.'OO a 1,?00 bbl*. win- mode ?t (4 .'i0 a 110 1 OCO bid*. common Mat* X7<t? wild, tleMvcrnhlc in November, at >7 12J?. Wheel ? Tb? sale- Included about 1;' 00O a l.*i,000 bushel* Southern. >?? I'ulin.' u.*} ordinary to food, at lhHo. \ iHOr 000 do. Marshall white, slightly damr-ged, at lOHc TennMaee and tleor gia>' wilt at '.00c.. V0 V . and '-10. , n4M Coin ? The receipt* being limited. sale* * nc rea'rteted to about 20 I**) a 25,000 Im I .el* Western mil'd, at !"?<? a Ulijc., cloelri g Inactive, howercr, at thn Lut figure lUe ?** latJn r firmer and Mill" of 1,200 bushels scr made nt 106c. ? ??!* were at W*. n Mr. with a tair demand for -'ate nn>l Wratern; Southern nc* were 42e. a 4#' and .tereey a* W >c. a (Vii nr ? The market ?n? actlre and firm, the '.?le. etn braced al i ut t'>,0H0 bug* of Kin, .1 of whn li brmigM 11c a ll \c , find till' remainder fl'.r. for I' tnmon up toller, for prime; 200 mat# Jara wild at 14f.,e., baif" 1 ngtiyaru at 11 ' , r . Cum a The sales mm confined to a few hund toil I ?l*o, without farther rhftftg'- in prices. n?erc wt re no lniK<' lot# JircwinK upon tii?- market. > KJOMTTW. ? To Ufrpool, almut In, WW a lf> ?"0 basin 1 1 corn awl wheat, in ba^j-i, vera ? n<riit''?l at 4Wd. a 4' ,d Cotton v. n < at .'-.'Jd for com pre <??^?*1 , mid 1 I'bl ' n-lii at led ; l.fAJO Idilx ro?tn ^i-re ifi^i*.'t'?l at 1*. M jwr Va'i |H'iilwl?, lM> ton* oil cake at 17?. I'd., aii'l H0l> Ix'Xi chi'i' a* To l!a?re rate- * ft* ?' ban/" i. ind rHnir?,*l a' "^c. t. ? cotton, ^e. I r t'on'- I' .and i! t? c &mi> r, 1 7 for rii < and for bark. Tlvr' ?>.< u "tlno? now for California I!*r. ? I)..-! ? I Mm Dhifftag ? I ni 7'*r i ? "* i' ? I t- at 7.".c a h'<c I'" ? . - i . : / a ' 1 . ?> f >r Well pi* in nuall It.. 1 :t ? -fue* nt 1 . V/i pur - (.alena were ma>l? ?t #i4i' I fttah. M lAtrn ?a? firm, a i.n>all lot of 'j0 bbli .SVir <?r \<\t im hi. xd*l at 37c. N*?4i : l *cre ijuiet. without diangi' in pri' e ? ml. ? liOMiil ni nominal and i]ul?l at !>< '**> 1 ? pilm oil Kill, to arrire, at \ ?> monti. - a .dlJ. 0U? tl. , on tbe aji'.t t htfl'tC. iadi, all duly paid and I n borne u*i rkriVMoa-' ? Iv.rl Tlie market w?- qii'1" actire and ? t a further decided advance in price*. Tb" ero ) ha ol ft Im 'ii ! f>, 000 hide, , iwtliidiiif n(w two at Ml | h Itfl 87, f.00 h '14 at bnyerK' option dillieraldi In M I ? liij at >83. and 2,00f> a i',000 bbl d-hy rat.lo all t.iln j ear, >elle?a' ipti n, at I'J), new prim* a uiatSIf, an I tmw* at IVO (0. I)o?if continued Arm, with?aii? of ?M> W4? , Ire Iodine countiy rr.e<->, at 111 1h a II i, and t rimc d" at HI, W i ?tern iepa< ki?l prime nie> < :? nd l<a?f Lam* were unchanged. Cut me ata c.?ntloued firm. I Aid . ? fan# .00 a f b!4?. were made at 1 1 all^c. | Pwtter a/.d cbi* e wee unc)ian*-d, I fai 1.7*i?->w'.e. at auction ? One vacant IM, "oroer ? f I ifth rti tin* and llf'th ' tri-et, 'if> II ?l'*l >110. 1^' I waa ftrwi, with Kmall ?*le?, at fl',c H flWc M.jlBi ? 1 lie market waa unite flrtn with ante of ?I' tit W kh4i>. t'nla mue m.i lo #t b^'c.a 7'jc.,with hi. prime qnall'y I'nrto Klco at dc , an I 'if) hff HP I 1 i'W ? In Wa< llx rlty rend?r??l wr a ".Id at 11V loi ?. >o ?We l.jti a (food inquiry and price* remain fuwi The ?al< ? rorr.priaetl IB hhd? Kentucky and Mary ?Till* at lO^c a; 12 bales llaraoa, 2*c a S.V i'ti bAi*> t t.liw, prleale tcrine. !?) t?l< ? Vura, pri?at? terma. If.i caee# (Wn leaf, 6^ ? It' , It bal'? ?tern?. |irt*??e terma. V t*4. Tl." m?r'*e> lhi> week baa )<*? o something b*< \er In .IrtEand but a littla leaa in i.riee# buyer- are ?k.i<( f- r lower price*, and haye in aorne inctan f<4.nd thrra The a ale-* for th' we?k are ateiut l'*l li* flei-e a' 'Mr. a ,'M. nnd 40,000 ll? pulled, at fJfV". a V '* l*ie. e?tr? l<Ji, brought 17 \ri,o time and (41 U00 r< n n.-.n b a ota primle term* family Karlietin(. mttiirtniiir rami mown, at wanhinoto* UMfr. Meat ad* ?i?'i?l cne and two cent* per lb. ?ity* l*?t r?; rl M the tntmi nunanoBly uaed rarteti*>. I? I* hard t* u>Ar^? d why aattla ?t?o. id ft any 'Ve*r?r In <lew of th- at* wding gra a nod fod4> r rrojM nf tl?? p>e?<"it ? I! tu.nrf-w?e eroja of frnae, clotcr awl" ?n>) corn .u aa;to.rg t^wwrda making meat cheaper, certainly u(t tail we tl*'! ha We leif axi I mutton a?l nal at low rale* I eultry fabaiUM attrc* aad ?W Ihera \r* a te? wt.'l l ?l In Uflit? ?l|e. w*ic?tk, piovwr and the llk<? hw* el. tufkeya ami dwek* are scarce frf Mane i teh art )4>nUf J aad rfcewp hnlaaoa his d.s ? pi eared. Th?a is ?c* wwk new to note In r'fla tf" l.*ee advanced a dollar a t?rr?l owing to Ihsirpe""* atfaiaan of the ret Lhr'.^So'it the kkiu I try (f tnfuwd ?4'k tkr p*iN r/ lest sprtug, hoeee-r, tl.ey ar? i j *.[ Tl. iv e t(,g ta #?.' W' < (* * 'j'.** * ' ? t>" if t?i A t * | iakn^, T>"? MTkrt te tai'ty gta<ls4 with ?pp*e . I pa% lv' | ??. t es 7>-?y g wwt the ey? la eratws, t?. | a . ' ? ? ? . ??! ., * .? g ? and mjua'li ciet we *e<> (he ground, iteeyaher* aud all over Of oour*e, there art \ ??t quanUtb < unlit U> cat, but ?tlll there are aoair tin* fru.l* to be w rn A ? for pe*rlii<e. it L- ukcIcm t<J qnote them no widely dn th<> prlre* differ Tti^yran be Itadfmni 18c toiaper bank >t The inelo tribe ar' nlco quite abunilaut la other a nothing particular to trnte MATH Bee'? Sirloin rna<t, p*r lb ....... .. 0 1 1 ltib, roaat, prune ? Itib, chuck ? Hiliin *tr?ak<i 0 16 1 i>rti<rh<tu*e ftiaka 0 l? Kunip aleak* 0 1 J 1 late* f\nd na*eU, coined 0 08 Muttt'in, per lb 0 10 per cai '??**. pt r lb... 0 07 I-amb ? " " 0 00 per lb 0 US Veal- '? 0M Vtai, for* quarter*, per lb ? Hind quarter* " ? Veal cutlet* " ? 1'ork, fie.h, per lb 0 10 iianj. mioked [*r I'? 0 18 0 0J 0 07 Shoulder* H1I01 Nden, pickled Jowl* Suioked 1 iff Faut-aK** 1< l"Kna isao-iip-* liil* laid . '? ? PtlULTRV AM* O A MX. Turkey*, per lb 0 16 l,i** e, " 0 l'i liucka, tam*. |ier |ialr 0 75 Chicken*. |#r niiir , 0 60 I owl., " 0 74 (?tilnea du. , '* ... 0 76 hi l>iu*. jier do* 0 T6 tVixtaleoek, 44 ? W ild pldgi-on per dir. , . Snipe, " I lover, '? FISH. .*11 r.ked^alinon [?er lb . lla", " I 'I oi l ah " H eakt i>b, *? Halibut " I i4il*li, ' ' Sttllge.m " y< u. " Wue4Wi, *? H< .under a, ' I urglea. ? ? , .-all markerel, " ."?all aha<l, '? Mnuki <1 ) allbill ' I llitfli r?l, " S u lute and b.ti(fuea. pel lb....,.,,, rru< ked ahad, 14 ."?<;M'd eaiinou. |>er ean MihiLii) naiiuoti per lb... Iij ni'lfuli, 14 ,,,, SlIKM.KMlf . tiyaii r?? 1'rinc'M ba y, p r 100 0 82*, 1 SO 1 00 0 IK 0 00 0 0?? 0 12 0 m, 0 ID 0 u 0 ON 0 li ?J 00 0 10 0 01 0 10 0 15 0 10 ? 17 0 'JO 0 If. 0 1* 0 12 0 OX 0 11 ? 13 0 14 0 OH 0 12 0 III 0 12 0 14 0 1* 0 12 0 10 IV os? 0 12 0 (? 0 26 0 Oft 0 1-2 0 1 H 0 JO 1 0* 1 26 1 00 0 ?7 K 4 IS 1 75 I 60 4 00 0 -.-9 0 10 II IIS It OH 0 OH 0 05 0 10 0 10 0 0,'i V 0.> \ Ug.ila f lam ? - I'm w?bury |#r loo little S?eA, 41 l/katm per lb Ciafca, iwr dwo...., 4- *ofl ah*U |<ei d r ii mom. 1'. ielii ?. j?r banaet, llotie-1 John*. 44 (Ui 1-Mrly 1 rawford'*, d'? Apple*, new bnlfpeck..,, Nackbe 0 fl'.!4, 0 M 1 00 0 0:. 0 75 0 (12 ? Ml 0 IK 0 12 0 IN lilackl ?i ri? *, r i|uart I 'en in per lull peck Apt leotn j *r dor-iii... ? Muah tti' I"- ? e*i h 0 00 Water ffduan . 0 20 Whortb bei rie*. per quart 0 12 I llime hall p*-ej> ? < fcrrant* jiei lit ? ni'TTri!, t'IJ f ?J?, ETC Hutter? t-tate, pi r lb ? tritiige, 11 ,,,, 1'elaware 44 ? b< < e tei lb rutfliili. per ll> I in< appb' each " lift." per ili 1 Vi:<IKTAII|,KM. |*i.tatif? I ' 'if Kiand, |i?i oM 44 |er balf-|?ek Ihrmuda, per bid ?' l.aU j^-i k ? I *rle?t D pot bbl I ttriiii Vrn tie* 1"' d"? . Hiring bean*. I.a'f |?<k j-iuni't4", Jier d"?. 1 <u tin ?, par ball peek Cftbliafev? new < aeli . a' < y eat l-af' pi , 1? pri d<>r < arrnte 44 .-abid,**' h (ireeo cm, per d?* ( nulltlriwer*, e*rb <?*rliek per bunch Pailt l.n, r bunch ToinaliH" half |?eek lei k* 41 )m |il? nt. per do* Turnip". White, par d t I Jin* l? aim, ?|' ? 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