Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1855 Page 6
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10? 81T(SE?0W REJfEWRD^ETKBT DAL TESt:.TS' BB4JWTER. 1AO MERCKR bTH> F.T.-TO LET A TWO STORY. It If J attic and basemen* brlik house, situated 103 R'ercer street onr I>riiir* tlie house la in good order, *?111 Croton water. kc. aud will be rented to a good ten an< at a moderate rent. Apply at 48 Islington avenue * ,-Ajrim>'ra~To let-in the new and fine J\ ii ii<?d bousa 115 DirUion street, in suites of |>ur ,uid live roam.- inch, with gas, Croton water, ?r i.>hriioui and water closets attached. None but respec lnlUc fauiiliea need apply. References required. For lu thor particulars call or. address K. HYAM8, 68 East itr>adway from 10 to 12 A. M., and from two to five l'.M. SMAi.t, PRIVATE FAMILY WI1J, LET TWO ROOMS oil the Brut floor, and one bedroom on the third door. gas and bath; at -til Twenty-third street. Re ?Ssreuros cxchange-l A HAN JWME St' IT OF FCRNISHED ROOMS, ON the tlrst lloor. to let together or separate, in a pri vate h"UM' with all thr modern improvements. Those <t mi ing the comforts of a home^v ill tlnd it by calling at 1*1 I*ruj?A street, a few docrn west of Broadway. BISK MAN STREET. ? TO LET OR LEASE, THE FIXE store, with basement, nub-cellar and vaults, No. 26 '( ekman street; a desirable location for almost any e Uok'saie btisiuetvt. Also, the upper lolls. Possession csu be had it any time. Apply to JAMES PRICE, '200 Bud on street I|tTUMNG FO! M ANT FACTURINO PURPOSE, WITH > or without stenni power, commodious, well lighted, ud central; will be let low to a good permanent tenant; b.ati.ig nqd dying apparatus, without extra charge. In ?iu-. ?? at 12 and 14 Pitt street. (V Ki\Elt OF BHOAl'WAY AN'D DUANE STREET? ' Utfhl and airy kabcment to let. Inquire of BARNES ft PARK, "04 Broadway, on the premises. PKSCINO SCHOOL AND BALL ROOM. WITH dressing rooms attached. to let, in Jersey City, near the terry 1 ossesvion immediately. Apply at 13 tirand Btr?et, Jersey City IlCnUlSHED HOUSE TO LET. ? A FIRST CLASS FOCR ' story liou^e. located nour Union Park, fully fur nished will be let until May. with furniture, at the rate of $2, COO per annum; or the furniture will be sold if required. Address Fester, Herald office. IjlURNISHF.D ROOMS ? IN THE LUST PA1CT OF A FffR ritshed house, to let, situated on Broadway, in the neighborhood of Tenth street, with flrstclasa accommoda tions for a family wishing to locate for the winter. The apartments consist of two el-giint parlors, with extension room, five sleeplntr rooms, and kitchen. Terms, includ ing attendance, $'.tX> per month. Address a note to box 9'i Broadway Pout Oflloo. HOUSBS TO LET THREE ELEGANT HOUSES IN Rive: terrace Hoboken. three minutes' walk oi tiie frrry, commanding a beautiful viow of the hay and e4'y #1 New York, with bath, gas, hot and cold water, A j , to fauilliea of the first respectability only. Inquire at tlw offi ) Mta-dr of Socoud and Hudson streets, Ilobo k-c j>f EDWARD MARTIN. HOUSES TO IH ? A SMALL GENTEEL HOUSE ON Islington avenue, $riOO; a three story basement house on Fourth avenue, $*i50; a fom story brown stone house on Twenty-eighth street, $1,000; a very nice three Mory house, three rooms deep, on Twenty-sixth street, 3>460, also, u number of furnished house-). Apply te : It KINSIUMER, 319 Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10 A. M., and from 3 to 7 P. M. HOUSE TO LET? IN BROOKLYN, AND FURNITURE for sale suitable for a boarding house or private dwelling The house pays its own rent, nnd is close to the City Hall. Will be cold cheap for cuih. Apply ira niediatoly to F- C., Brooklyn Post office. Hoof, to let? the three story and bask ment brick house !i4 Carrol street, between Henry and H elm, Brooklyn. '1 be house is provided with double <toors and windows for the winter, gas throughout, Dee 1.1'e's i *Dge, tic. The rent Will be reasonable to ii good tenant Carpet* for sale. Apply on the premises, or at 63 Pine street, up stairs, New York. Houston street? broadway.? to let, the spacious dwelling house No. 5f>0 Houston street, just eas<( of Broadway, containing 18 or '^0 rooms, and replete with every modern convenience; very suitable for a genteel boarding house. Also, the premiseo 618 Broad way, v ry near the Metropolitan Hotel; rooms very Urge, and suitable 1'* business purposes; couM tie divided it' ueaired lien's moderate. Apply to JAMES P1UCE, 200 Hudson t-1 rs-< PAitT OF A HOUSE TO LET? IN A 1)1 -SIRABLK neighborhood in Itutp rs slieei. ii ai' Fji-t Hroad ? ?y. conhuting of the second story and front basement, with goa, bath, &c I'eutv.'iy low. Pus^e'slon imuiedi ? dy App'7 at !?'>? Kutgers ^reot. Stoles, ovticr?, Ac., t<> li t.? thi: hne south east corner store on Ilud- m and Canal stree ts, jujt modernirod, withparge show w indows compU le, nn admira ble corner for clotiurm or nardwaro sto.e, al.-o tho a:ljoin ing ^to.'e, in good order; aLso basvmuut Boor, tit for l<iuual>er, trunkmaker, fcc.; r.Iso rr; >m- and offices on i^cond and t'i rd lloorp. Kneh room fronts on the street, ??wid ha ? capital light. Croton water and gas on each floor. Apply to JAMES PRICE. '.'00 Hudson street. 8 TORE TO LET Oil I EASE ? 306 CHATHAM STREET, Chatham square. Inquire of J. LAROCytl), 65 Mer chants' Ixchaige. ni? I >.T ? THE WHOLE OR ONE HALF OF 1 ul'R I three itory houses{in King street, to small geuteel i'diiilie#, th"y have been putln complete repair. Inquire at 29 King street. mO UT? THl: UPPER PART OF THE THREE STORY I house on the southwest corner of Si ring and Elm *'reeU, containing thirteen rooms Incomplete order, with gas and Croton water; po session immediately. Also, howe No. W S[iring street, newly painted and in com plete order. Apply to W. S. JAR VIS, 208 Elm street. T, LET -TWO NE.V THREE AND A HALF STORY housee, withsubcellers eighteen by forty, with all the modern improvements. No. 1 11 and 100 >3 Tweuty-fourik rtrcet, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Possession immediately. Apply to M. WILCOX, corner of Cortlandt Street and Broadway, under tho 'lilsey building. Ti LET? THE FIRST CLASS lllltEi: STORY, BASE ment and sub-cellar hou?>i, IT Dr^aw street, near <'ourt, Brooklyn, with modern improvement*, splendid chandelier* In parlors; alsi>, tlie whole and part of another houae. situated in Lexington avenue, between forty-eighth and Forty-ninth streets, New York. Either of the above will be let very reasonably to a respectable tena nt Apply on the premise <, HTO 1J-T? THK STOKE .NO. 40 READE STREET, F1FIV I feet east of Broadway, oppo? ite Stewart's; rent $50<l per year al/o several rooms, for light manuf'icturlnjf pur poses. in hotu>e 80 Duano street. Ilr^i liouso east from IlroMway Apply at GEMMELH, "02 liroadwsy. rpo LIT? BY THE SUBSCRIBER*. A VERY ELIGIBLE 1 oOije in the frout of the second story of store 81 jvhantrect. EDWARD CQjOtlNO k Co. rpo LET? ON FOrRTEIJNTH S1KIJ.T, AND FURNI .1 tnreforsnle ? An elegsnt lir-t elu- i boarding house, eonlaining about ;i0 rooms Jloca tlon nnd house unaurpMsed in <he city Furnitu e new and ?tyli.-h. IC< nt $.1,000. Apjiiy to K B. KINSIUMER, 310 Fourth aveaue, from 8 to 10, and from 3 to T o'clock. TO IFT? 1 VI 'RY BEAUTIFUIJ.Y FOBNISHED HOUSE, In 1 fm? location in BrooUJrn, a shiirt distance from thoSotitli ferry, new, and litis ull modern iinpii?\e.neiits, the reut would partially be taKeu out in bo trd by the owner a sm^lo gentleman, if mutually agreeable. In quire, personally, between 11 a: d 12 o'cloc!., at 21 Beek uian s'r"et, hrat tloor up staii rpo urr? BEi/tw broom i: sthfj.t. a nick three I story an l basement hou-e, eontainlng 15 rooms, with go<Hl furniture throughout, a portion of which msy be purchaned on easy terni'. Several lirit class boarders will remain Lcut reasonable with lea-e. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 3 )T Broadway. TO UET? SECOND H.OOR OF A HOUSK; HAS l\?CR roni'i, two pantries, with Croton vrater snd wa-tc pipes, all on same floor, wi'h every convenience for a family to lire genteelly; location one of the I est; rent reasonable 1o a good tenant. Apply (o C. KN'APP, comer o' l ourth nvenueaod l.'!tn <m t. T) IJC1 ?A I AR<iE DFMRABIE HOC-E, FURNISHED or uafurnished. or the furniture and les-e will be hold low The present occupant is giving up solely on nc <.!?.? ill health. The house has been newly paint o4 and is in good order, suited lor a boarding house or one or two private families. Enquire at 66 Fulton street, Brool lyn^ Furniture almost new. n% UT?JRONT AND BACK R<H?M, fWO BEDROOM*, 1 two pantriea, and back basement, rent f'200 per an nun^ funiiKhid if required. Inquire at 42 First avenue. rljrr? ' TIil. UkXTAlRANT AND HOIEL KNOWN a<- Ttynbee's, Montague place, Brooklyn. These very deeirable premi-es are otrertsi by Hie subscriber on a lease It a term of years, to a suitable tenant. The hotel i* furnished throughout complete, and the restau rant it weli aud (avorahTy V, iw > n. From its central 110 eition, oppoaite the Uty Hall, it has slsays commanded a flrst class business, h cou-l to none in the city since It was opened. The whole estaMlshnw ut i? in perieet busi ness order for the fall tra.le. To a g. ntleman with a mo derate capital this investmen' pre ems lndacements rare ly oA?red to enter upon a su. .-e-ful business now widl es. isblished For |iartlciiUrs inquire of JA1U> W. SMITH, renter of Oonrt street and Montague pln.-e LTT? IN A RisrW.TABI.E l'Rl\ Art: H.T7 sk. two rooms and pantry (furni.-hed), to s *. ntleman ind wil^ or two ladiee, with privilege to ro. k in tho kitchen, or to two ainglo gentlemen, without Inxid. Kefrrenees required, tkil for one week. Addre-s |i. || , Broadway Poet ( fBcc rl>T? THF, I.ARCE HA1J.. 100 TBB IN DKIT1I 64 Vast Broadway, suitable for public meeting-, milita ry c< oapanles, kr nhH<. a large *ub-ceitar. For further particular* inquire at 64 last Broadway. rl?:? 88 THIHTY sro-sri street, sear lex ingtoa avenn*. a small three story brlek house, bnlshed in the best an'1 hsn t unest msnner, and C im plet* wit h ^41 th* mcxicrii improrcniriit*. At HINT0N"S paper hanging ? a r? bi?u,s, .W 1'ulton street. P'-nt MM per annum rpo us- nm avniUNo jai andw LuntNiot front 1 i?gor ChaaJ and Watu str?. 7<?i. <? , nr.ri, i be whoie bollding is well ad ipted f r an. business ro <uiriw a 0tr*>* light and fhtility for txhilnloi, Will r* let m separate aj artment ? or to-?e-i.<-r, or. If de.ired '.taled i?'o oflkes, roT/ios t'-m. ki .to >uit tenants! >or fc?"ker por?-' Jar- inq- If ot TTIO^. M M'sikik i*? h"* , fJKl rav&jrrs' ^iuivtak. T )" LET? TIIK STORK NO 162 FULTON STREET, FIRST door from Broadway, 32 feet front, wiih three large windows; on e of the moat desirable business stand* in New York. Would be divided, to suit parties. Inquire on the premise*. TO LET ? A OOOI> THREE ."TORY AND ATTIC BRICK bourn- in Woostcr street, near Prince, rent $875; also, a good three story and attic brick house 69 Nasaau street, Brooklyn, rant $460. Inquire of A. M. FANNING, 4o2 liouaton Ktreet. TO LET, IN RBOOKLYN? A GENTKEL SMALL THREE story and basement brick house, desirably located, a few minutes wnlk from South ferry. Rent $ 150. The furniture ia nearly new, and will be gold cheap, if ap plication be made soon, on the premises, No. 3 Harrison place. Brooklyn. mo LET OR LEASE ? THE STORE NO. 301 EAST 1 Broadway, corner of Scaminel street, will be let or leased for a term of years to a good tenant. The location is an excellent one, and has been occupied as a grocery store for the last fifteen years. For terms, Ac., applv to GEORGE J. BROWN. 473 Grand street. TO LET OR LEASE?THE LARGE THREE STORY brick liou?e, !(26 Greenwich street, near Duane; lot 25 by 80 feet : will be leased to a good tenant fur At* or ten years; the location 1* one of the most desirabln in he city for businexi purposes, and the house can readily Ik* altered into a store. Apply to R. JACET, No. 2 Har rison street. T> RENT OR 1 EASE? A FIRST CLASS OFFICE l'ART ly furnished, with good light and excellent safe, un der the Metropolitan Bunk, corner of line street and Uroudway ; also, for a coal yard, or livery stub le, or ina chunic's shops, four or six lots on the corner of Thirty ninth street and Uroudway. Apply to ROSWELL G. PIERCE. Vine street, corner of Broadway. IttlE STORE ANI> DWELLING, 17# Gl(ANI) STREET, Williamsburg. ? The store is handsomely fitted up with glass cases, shehinj?, counters, gas, Ac. ; location in the best purt of WiUiHin-tiujg; rent low; possession immediately. Apply to HCGHfS k GIU .EN, 15.1 Grand street, Williamsburg. TO FISHERMFN? TO LET? A FISH AND OYSTER stand, connected with one of the best markets in Brooklyn, tilted up with everything complete for carry ing on the buMness. Inquire on ttie premise", corner of Henry unil Middugh sts., near the Fulton ferry, Brooklyn. HORSES, CARRldGKS, ?C. A PAIR OF FINE BI.ACK HORSES, SIX YEARS OLD, well broke for all kinds of work, would make a good carriage team- also, a set of double haruesa, auila ble lor a carriage. Any one desiring such a team can see them by calling at 179 Thirty-first street, near Eighth avenue. A GOOD COACH, USED BUT A SHORT TIME. SU1TA ble for city or country use, will be sold cheap, by culling immediately lit 203 Mercer street. CARRIAGES? A GREAT VAIlim', COMPRISING coachees, calashes . bret phaetons, two and three seat rockaways, top and no top wagons, doctors' phictoas, Ac., Ac., at astonishing low prices. M. THOMPSON & CO. C CARRIAGE FOR SALE? A VERY SUPERIOR ARTI J cle, on a new principle, with extra springs, Ac., forming either a barouche or close caniago, made in Vienna and entirely new. It was designed fur city use, but the subscriber ha\ing moved to the country, will dis pOMOfit. Apply to Usnwstcr A Sons, :i9o Broa iwjy . D. D. HOWARD. I10R SALE? A SMALL LINE OF OMNIBUSES, A short distance from the city, now doing a good busi ness; satisfactory reasons given for selling; terms easy. Inquire of t'. B. HOWES k CO., 84 Nufsau street. 171011 SAI.E-A PAIR OF HORSES, (ONE BAY GELD . ing and one gray mare,) upwards of 15 hands high, sound, kind and fust, accustoinod to bo driven together; can trot a mile in three minutes to the pole. The owner U ing out of tow n he has no use for them, and will be fold for a fair price ? say $'i,000; or the gelding will be srld separate, if wanted, at a corresponding price, being the fastest of the pair. Apply ut the stable, 19 West Thirteenth street. FOP. SALE? A FIRST RATE TOP WAGON, BIT little used, und a light conch, in llrst rate order. Apply at REED A TRUHSDIttL'S, 172 Mercer street, be tv een Houston and Bloecker. F>P. SAl.E? A SECOND HAND IXLIPTICAL SPUING frit r, in good condition; may be seen for a few days at PAGAN'S stable, IlIcU.s street, corner of Harrison, South Brooklyn. Price $00. R. C. M. 17*01*. HALE ? A FINE GREY MARE, 15 HANDS HIGH. \ si* years old, warranted perfectly so.ini and Kind in all harness; a fine driver, will stand without tying; ttl'O, a second hand top wagon; sold low for wsnt ol use. inquire at the stable, 201 Bowery. IilOR 8A1.E ? AT STEWART'S WAGON FACTORY. F1F ty-third street, near Broadway, some splendid gro cer'-, plumber's, expros sud every style of business wa gons. You will find this plucc as favorable at any in the ciiy. Horse for sale.? a gray pacing pony, 14 ^ hands high; can pace in 2:40; kind und good under saddle or in harness. Will bo sold very low for want of u se. A pi ily at 32 Burling slip. A VALUABLE FAMILY HORSE CARRIAGE AND J\_ harness, for sale cheap, for want of uso: the horse is sound and kind in all bauuess, and an excellent saddle horse; the carriage is two Heated, in good order, made by Mix, of Broadway. The whole in offered for $390, or will be sold separately if required. Call at thejflrst house from corner Eighty -eighth aud Eighty-ninth streets, in Third avenue. "ITT AN TED TO PURCHASE? A HORSE, BETWEEN If five and eight years old, kind and gentle in har ness, suitable for u doctor's wugun. Price not to exceed $120. A note addressed (pre paid) to I>r. Marphy, 260 .Iny street, Brooklyn, will meet with Immediate attention. M ISCRLL ASEOl 8. CLON E ANODYNE TOOTHACHE DR01S. 'lhe excruciating torments of toothache arc speed ily relieved by this remedy without injury to the gums. Eminent dentists have u very high opinion of it, and con stantly recommend it to their patients. Prepared and for sale by A. B. k D. SANDS, druggists. No. 1011 Fulton street, New York. Sold also by druggu-ts generally. DR. JOHN WILLIAMS, VETERINARY SURGEON. rospctfuUy informs his friends and the public that he continues practising successfully on the diiferent dis eases incidental to that noble animal the horse, at the sign id tin- golden horse, 131 Chrystie street, where he lias be< n for the last 28 years, receiving from M'X) to 1U00 horses annually. l*r. Williams' e.\|ieneMe for examin ing horses foi soundness, lavor? neither party. 17LNVOLOPES.? NEW YORK ENVELOPE COMfAMY'S j superior machine made envelopes, depot 41 John stieet, factory 22 and 24 Frankfort street. lliOMA-i IV POU Bl.I JlAY i? prepared to furnlxh, in any quantity, buff, gold, blue and white, laid and wovm cnwlopes, nuide on self-feeding, pasting and counting machines, st the rate of ; 0,000 per day each of ten hours. Also sole agents for Tonne A: to. 's perforated boards. IRON AND HARDWARE, 2T9 WASHINGTON STREET. New \ork. ? We offer at lowest market prices and in quantities to sui I, round, square and flat bar Iron, scroll, band, rod and hoop iron, horse ?hoo iron and nail toils anvils, vices, sav.s, nails, axes, tihovel', smith'* b Hows, k , Ac. KEMLTS k SAMPSON. "Vf EW PAT KM sPEf'f ACIJ0r>, FOR RESTORING SIGHT ?> seeing near and distant objects through one pair, and lasting for life. Solo patentee and maker, Professor 1 RANKS, lecturer on the eye, No. 2 Park row, opp".-ite the Astor House. Attendance daily from 9 A. M. to 0 P. M. BEDDING'S Kl x-dA SALVE ? A BOSTON REMEDY OF thirty years standing. ? A sure an I ly cure for burns, l>oil*. corns, felon- , piles, ehillldalns uud sores of all kinds. Recommended by physician*. 20 cents almx. Sold bv all ilrtigtjists. Boyd & I'nul, C. V. Click ner k (Jo., C. H. King, corner of John -Ireet, New York; John Gil Ix-rt A Co.. Win. B. /ciber. Pliibidelphia. REDPINGk CO., Proprietors, Ik'ston. STEAM 1'lMPf.? THE ATTENTION OF ENGLNEEHS and persons in want is particulai ly cal! d to toe new ami greatly improved patrnt steam pumps, rnanu fa< tured by us and lor sa'e ut our depot, 85 John ulreot, N. Y., or ut otir bctory, at Middletown, Conn. W. * B. DOUGLAS. 8* tion who Invented that most iiui>orts it devi-e in aewing machines, the endless rotary feed motion, or feed ing wheel. letters patent of the I nited States have now been granted therefor on application ol the true invontor, Gotham S. < , mailt. Ills claim is thus stated in raid patent: ? " What 1 claim 'as my invention, and desire to secure by letters (mtent, in an endlesa rotary cloth f-eiler, in combination wi'h a reciprocating nisMle or nee<lles, sub atantially as described." Being now proprietor-, ot this patent. w< have instituted legal prise-- against I. M. Singer A Co.; and without stopping to enter into any newspaper controversy, we -hall proceed as speedily as pon-iMe to -how the public whoa e and who are not in fringer*. All persons are cautioned aga'nst miking, using, or vending any ? ewing inacldie baring ? rotory feed motion, or lei djng whes-i U|kjii it, unless licenced by us. Purchasers can readily diclinguisb the piratical Uiacliincs by observing whether n not they have a rotary feed motion, or ti ed wheel. We trust this e*rly and public statement of our rights will prevent the fur ther sale and purchase of the-e piratical machines, and couseqiiintly suits at law unnecessary against other par ti' s than those already pm?ocuted. natHanex wheeler, OB. P< 'ITER. HRTn'AIJSM. ? MISS SKA BRING, A SUPERIOR TTXT medium; personal circles for inresticati'n tally; also, circle* tor deveiopement of medium* ftursday evening; also, daily fr?m 10 to 12 A. M. ; 3 to A, and 7 to 0 P. ill. Room* 671 Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan HotoL S nmiimRB. C10TTAGE AND FANCY EURNITUIU' WAREH'K>MS? ) At 514 Bnsidwsy opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel. MATIIEWS k SI AO.Y otter for ?ale the most ettensive assortment of fancy cottag, , enamelled and French fur niture in the I'nited State* >t reduced prices, ever) va riity of mattre^ es, palUon-a*, pillows, buUU-rt, 4t- ., at manufacture 'r j rice* ].M"R.MTt HE, A< -It* ,-AI.I (IP A?\ THE Fl RNI ture, Ac . neariv new of a family declining bouse kes-plng Applv st Eightk ?venue, up stairs, from C t ? r M BALKS AT AUCTVOH. Juction notice!? -j. bog art, ^ucitonhhC by . S. BWi ART? This dav, at 10W o'clock, at 41 Frank street, corner of Mm, the genteel household furniture, mahogany sofa*, tables chairs, carpet*, looking glasses, bed*teads, beds and bedding, kitchen furniture; alto gas fixtures, glassware, counter*, 4c. Auction notice.? j. booabt, auctioneer.? by R BOGAKT. ? Monday, at 10^ o'clock, at 161 and 153 Cedar street, large sale of hotel and household furni ture. confuting in |mrt of Urge quantity of feather bed*, bedstead* ?nd bedding, dining room and other tables, bod and table linen, bureau*, wa*h*tand*. *ofas, chair*, looking glasse*. crockery, Urge quantity of kitchen uten sils, kitchen range, bar and barroom fixture*, oil paint ing*, refrigerator, fee. This furniture U in good order and nearly new. Auction notice.? by wm. w. shirley.? stock of rich china tea Ret*, elegant vane*, rich cut glass, white granite, and other crockery and fancy goods. Monday, August 27, at 10 o'clock, at #9 Seventh avenue, near Seventeenth street. The *ale 1* positive, ?tore being let, and the owner declining the business. AUCTION" NOTICE? CONTINUATION SALE.? KDW. WHENCE, will sell on .Saturday, August 26th, at 10,\. o'clock, at 16 Wall stri-et, great Kale of flne old wines, brandies, Ac., belonging to one of our oldeit im porting house*. now closing their business, vis.: bottle* pale Otard I. I>. brandy, private stock do.; pal* and dark Otard Hennessy. Martell and l'inet brandy, Incase* and demijohn* ; Cognac champagne do. ; south side an 1 East India Madeiras, Amontillado. Vlttorlu, Hirmony, anl Duff Gordon pale sherries; l'emartin and Ynnrte brown do.; Hunt A Co., and Otliy ports, tokay, Muscat k Vino de taalvnsia wines, all of Irhich can be relied upon as pure find of the tirnt quality. Also a large Invoice of sujierior ?cgars. Auction notice? m. doughty, auctioneer.? This day, at 10?-j o'clock, at the store 27 Centre street, a large assortment of furniture, removed from Thirty-seventh street, by virtue of an execution, Viz.:? Mahogany sofas and chairs, rockers, sofa beds, bureaus, withstands, enamelled chnniberjraita, iron and mahogany French ami cottage hedriteads", hair, husk aud straw matt reuses; large and smnll mirrors, extension table, china, crockery ami glass ware, stove*, Ac., Ac. Also, the balance of furniture left at Eighty-seventh street sale; carpets, oilcloths, Ac J. T. LOCKWOOD, Constable. Auction notice ? continuation rale oe household furniture. &c. ? DAY, RUSSEIJ, A CO. will continue the sale which commenced yesterday, at 80 Nassau street, at 10<? o'clock this morning. The collec tion comprises a general assortment of modern house hold furniture, which will lie sold without reserve. Goods purchased to leave the city can be packed on the premise*; will ulso be gold, several iron bedstead*. Terms, rash. Auction notice j. l. smith, auctioneer, will tell this (Saturday) morning, at 10}? o'clock, the splendid household furniture contained in the large four story house 70 Franklin at., fourth houso west of Broad way, consisting in part of one richly carved superior made rosewood parlor suite, In satlu; cpaewood centre and side tallies, large mirrors, brocatelle ami lace curtain*, rich rosewood etegere with mirror backs; ottoman*, re ception and arm cnairs, costly tapestry anil ingralu car pets. oil paintings, rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, bureaus and wnsTistands to match; hair mattresses, beds, bolster* and pillow*, china vases, dinner and tea gets, gilver tea service, casters, salvers, spoons, ladle*, fork*, crockery, cut glassware, ivory cutlery, mahogany ami black walnut extension, (lining and tea tables; maple, mahogany and cottage chairs, sofa*, clocks, work ta bles, SC. Auction notice.? tchis morreli,, auctioneer, commences at 81 Nassau street, at 10W this morn ing, under the arches, which will be sold, with an invoice of segars, giving the privilege to wholesale or retail at same time; jewelry; also, 2 beautiful pedestals, with fi gures of halls, Ac.; 2 spring mattresses, 4-1 and 3-1; oil painting.- will then follow, of various Attractive scenery in this country and abroad; also, heads, horses, &e., Ac". After which two rich paintings from the pencil of E. C. Coats. Esq., richly framed. The catalogue of furniture will then be sold, embracing rosewood parlor suits, black walnut parlor suits, mahogany pnrlor suits, rosewood chamber suits, oak. mahogany mid black walnut exten sion dining tables, dress bureaus, washsianda, centre, side and sofa tables, hair matt res -en, large and small wardrobe*, tote a-tetes, Arc., in all a very desirable stock, which has been mostly advanced upon and Hold without reserve. As the salesroom Is very large, Ac., ladles and gentlemen will be comfortable in attending. Auction notice? w. a. carter, auctioneer, will sell this Saturday, at 10 o'clock, at 80 (Ireeu wtch street, a stock of groceries, teas, ship bread, super fine flour, segars, soup, starch, raison*. Ac. Auction notice.?1 thos belt,, auction-err. by HHJ; A ItlfH. ? This day, at 10>j o'clock, in our sales rooms. No. 12 North William street, will he sold a valuable variety of good household furniture of all de scription*. Brussels carpets, beadsteads, beds, bedding ami numerous] articles iu the housekeeping line; also a lot of trunks, and content", keys, bagatelle table. &<j., from n Hotel. At 11 o'chick will be sold a splendid 7 octave rosewood piano forte, nearly new, cost $325. Monday, we will sell a valuable consignment of rich good* trom l'hlladelphia : silks, Italian sewings, splenlid gold and silver pencil cases, jewelry; also counters, tai lors' cutting table, kc. 1'articulnrs Monday morning. Auction notice thos. bell, auctioneer, by BkLI A RUSH. ? Tuesday, at 10,li o'clock, we will sell by a virtue of a chattel mortgage, at No. 19 Crosby street, near Grand, the entire valuable arrangements of a hotel restaurant, recently fitted up at great expense, comprising the furniture of several bod room*. The bar and reading rooinN are completely arranged. Over 100 yard* English oil cloth carpets, splendid mirrors, pic tures, putcnt I ngli h beer pump, table*, chairs, glass ware, rasters, kMchcn utensil*, refrigerator, gas fittings, Ac. Deposits required. 1'articulars Monday. Auction sale oe dry goods ? thos. bell. Auctioneer. ? Will be sold, on Monday, Aug. 27, and following days, t he entire stork of fall and winter dry goods contuined in the store 407 Eighth avenue, between Ihlrty-fourth and Thirty-tlfth street*. Sale to commence at 10 A. M. T. BYRNE, Agent. DC. DAVIS, AUCTIONEER.? BY W. W. BOWIJH a this day, at itore 10 Spruce street, assignee's sale of furniture, consisting of mahogany and other bed steads, mattresses, sofas, teto-a.tetes, mahogany e. s. chairs, extension table in oak and walnut, lounge*, do. I. beds, secretarj . bookcase*, bureaus, oil paintings, look ing glasses, carjiets, window shades, fancy boxes and desks; also, an invoice of silver ware, refrigerators, Ac. Catalogues on the luornlug of sale. DO. NASH. AUCTIONEER? STORE 310 BROADWAY. a ? Mortgage sale of horses, trucks, Ac., tbis itsy, Saturday, August -i6, st 10 A. M., at the Hippodrome, corner of Twenty-third street and Broadway, three horses, three carts, three truck*, three sets of cart liar ness, three sets of truck harness, one light wagon, and one set ot light harness. DP. NASH, AUCTIONEER? STORE 310 BROADWAY. ?? Sheriff's sale of lumber. Ac., en Monday. August ^7, at 10 A. M., at the store, consisting ot oak. ash, cherry, mahogany uud pine lumber, iu boards and plank; veneers, sandpaper, table legs, unfinished tablet, exten sion tables, Ac., Ac. J T. STEWART, Deputy Sheriff. DS. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER. ? THE ATTENTION ( of the housekeeping public is directed to the Urge sule of household furniture and furnishing article*, com bining u e with chgancc, to-morrow, Saturday m .ruing, a? 10*-;; A. M.. at IV Warron street, near Colb-ge place. 'Ihe furniture comprise* elegant rosewood bookcases, rose wood pai lor fur ullure eu suite, centro tables, side and fancy do., bisik shel?e*, inlaitl tables, rosewood and nn hognnj bedstead- , marble top bureaus, wash Mauds, coin modes, amoir de Rlace, Ac.; cosily framed French mirrors and oil painting*, lace and muslin curtain*, shades. A; fine English velvet and tapestry carpeting), on floor and stair? ; superb grand action rosewood seven (.clave pi*no forte, in elegantly curved case. AL-hi, a vast quautity ot china and cut glass, silver spoons and forks, tea sets, ivory knives, cantors kc. ; bed nnd table lin. n, mattress es of floo curled balr, looking glass?!, sofas, chairs, din ing and tea tables, extension do. Sale positive. Cata logue* rem'i DS. IIOUtiQ, AUCTIONEER CHEAT aAI.B OF ? substantial and ebgant solid rosewood, mahogany walnut and ma| lo furniture, will take place without any postponement. This day, haturdav, at 10>) o'clock, from the large t story residence No. 7t* Wmrcn St., pianoforte, pier glaNses. English carpeting( oil p.iiu.1, gs, bookcase ele gant solid rosewood suits of 'e make, sump tuotisiy carved, upholstered and CO'V. d; variously co vered easy, reception and other chair , n elegant sty lis of finish; large nil spring invalid c. a s, massive and costly rosewood revolving front secrets ?? bookcase, mag nificent double action rosewood piani r ie, of seven oc taves, elegantly carved, pgarl inUid pi* > and for quality and volume ot tone is unsurpassed by * y (warranted) ; a numlxT of rosewood centre and oth, all with marble tojis, various kind* and tastefu l/ carved. Also, a few choice oil paintings, by different artists; fruit piece for a mantle, by Street; West I'oint, by Iacruix; Crow N?>st, by the same: Chateau of Charles X., by Renny; Sylvan Sunset, by Hard wick; ancient piece, anthor un known, and others; elifant pier and oval mirrors, in heavy gold frames; rich and heavy Urn curtains, ele gantly painted shades, magnificent Wilton, velvet and tapestry stair *ml floor carpeting; chandeliers, ladies' inlaid rosewood escritoire, finely carved; sid" aud corner etegeres, plate mirror back and fronts; a great variety of ornamental article*, Sevres porcclaln va cs, bisque and I'arian figures, statuary. Also, in dining room, large fourteen frel extension table, wnlnut; china dinner and tea set*, costly silver plate, r?ke baskets, spoons, c? Hers, forks, tea services and salver, Ivory caucry. French cot glass decanters, liquor esse*, wines, fco. Also, in chamber ber, anrii nt and modern rosewood bedsteads, with mar ble top and glass bureaus, washstand*. commode., ar moir de glace wardrobes, flne hair mattres?e.) counter panes, mahogany bureaus, soflis, bedsteads, linen, Jkc. IMJA^ COM I!S, AUCTIONEER ? >A1JS ROOM Oti J Nassau street. ? Rich and splendid furnituie at auc tion, this day, consisting of ro-ewood parlor suits, covored in rich crimson satin brocatel; blick walnut aud rna hocany Suites, covered in damask and haircloth; bureaus, bedsteads, washstand*, mattresses, feather bod?, pillow-, bolsters, palliasse, *eg*r?, Ac.. I EXECUTION AND ASSIGNEE'S SAU.-JOHN W. j SOMEKI NDY h K , auctioneer ? store corner of Frank lie snd Centre streets? will sell, by virtue of an ss.ign nient and execution, on Wedne?.iay, August 2ti, at 10 V o'clock, at th?' National theatre, Chatham street, all the right, title and Interest of A H. I'urdy in the lea-e of

said theatre. t<g?iher with all th< furniture, scenery, apparatus, books. k(., k< . By orile of tl.e a denee CH.V.-. F W\n\ O nsUWe. G( HORTON AUCnONVML? TIII>I DAt AT II r , . 'ciock at L*. Sistb aveaue, lot of h?| fntiiin-e and handseme gold jewelry, kc .. brush"-, scis.orn, hat., nispeod^rw, segnrs, ?c lAlaoS AT Al'CTIOa. GROCERY AT AUCTION 300 WEST TWENTY ninth street, between Tenth and FJeventh nrenuei.? H.J A. PERRY, Auctioneer ? (by Barns A Perry)? will m il on Saturday, August 26th, at 11 o'clock, all the gro ceries In the above store; also t ho fixtures, which are first rate; good will of same, fce.; aUo a first rate spring cart, but little used, all In lota to suit, without resttrve. Owner retiring from business. TTENRY B. HERTS, JR., AUCTIONEER ON WED Xf. tiesday, August 29, at 10*f o'clock, at the store No. 6 Vj line street, a large stock of haberdashery, laces, embrodieries, hosii.-y, ribbons, insertions, jaconet mus lins, dry goods, combs, brushes, fans, poiteau.aimie.-. fan cy goods, &c., also fixtures, glass cases, counters, slell Ting, Ac., removed for convenience of sale; terms caih. Catalogues on morning of sale. JL. VANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER.? ASSIGNEE'S a sale of fine gold and diamond jewelry, gold and silver watcher.? This day, Saturday, August 26. at lU){ o'clock, at the salesroom, 12 Maiden lane, will be soli ? valuable, well assorted stock of fine gold and diamond jewelry, elegant gold and silver watches, both ladies' aud Sentlcmcn's, to close out the whole according to the or ers of the assignees of Troy, among which are costly cutter ami single stone brilliants and linger rings, breast pins and studs; ladies' rich gold suit* iu cases, eardrops, brooches, lockets, sleeve buttons, bracelets, massive fine gold guard vest and fob chains, l tdies' do., heavy gold pencils and pens, and many other rich articles; English lever, double and single case gold watches, and others of the best makers; ladies' beautiful erumelled single and double cuse watches; silver levers, aud others of the best description. A highly favorable opportunity for all is now presented. J MORI ARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS PAY, a at 10 o'clock, at 173 Chatham square, the entire furniture of a family going South ? a good assortment; also, feather beds, carpets, btoves, Ac.; also 00 bsgs tine Milt, Ac. MORIARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON MONDAY, STth inst., at 10 o'clock, at 42>?' Hamilton street, the furniture contained t herein ;inahoguuy chairs, tables liedsteads, carpets, oil paintings and a good many ver v lloo feather beds, bedding, Ac. ; also, the kitchen furni ture, with which the sale will commence. Mortgage sale john w. somerindyke auc tioiieer, store corner of Franklin and Clarke streets, will sell on Monday, August 27, at 11 o'clock, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, at 181 Fulton street, Brook lyn, one of Hoe A Go's, new job printing machines, size bi d 13 by 20 inches, complete. JOHN W. SOMERIN DYKE, Attorney for Mortgagees. ECSSFIA W. V E3TC0TT, AUCTIONEER. ? AUCTION ?ale of the entire handsome furniture of a house ? K. W. WlStCon will sell, without reserve, on Monday, August 27th. at 10,V o'clock, at 7- Eighth avenue, a few doors from Fourteenth street, n large and valuable as sortment of elegant rosewood and mahogany furniture of every description, being the whole furniture of sixteen rooms; consisting in part of two large and elegant French pier glasses, 2flx80; velvet, Brussels and Wilton carpets; one superb rosewood pianoforte and stool, in use but six months; solid rosewood parlor suit, covered in satin bro cade; two solas, four cushioned bock parlor chairs, large arm chair, and lady's reception chair; one chair in hair cloth, mirror front rosewood etegere, marble top centre and , ota tables, card and work tables, marble clocks, can delcbras, elegant vases, arm chairs, rockers, brocutel and lace curtains, vith a number of oil paintings iu rich frames; rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, large h iir mattresses, SO&M. lounges, spring seat and cottage chairs, book case, gilt mirrors, rosewood and mahogany marble top bureaus, marble lop wushstands, chiua toilet sets, Ac.; with the basement and kitchen furniture, china, dining and breakfast tables, cut glassware, stoves, re frigerator, Jvc. No postponement. Deposit required of purchasers. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON MOV day, at 10% o'clock, at No. 4 Vai ick street, all the genteel household furniture in the above house, consisting of one suit of mahogany furniture, in hair cloth, French plate pier glasses, splendid paintings and eng 'livings, one elegant rosowood pianoforte, winilon curtains. Brus sols au<l ingrain carpets, oilcloths, bedsteads, hair mat tresses bedding, bureaus, wnshstands, toilet sets, dining room and kitchen furniture, Ac. "TTTM. DUM0NT, AUCTIONEER.? UNITED STATES fV ship Southampton ? Wm. Dumont will ncll at auction, by order of the Na\y Agent, on Saturday, Sept. 16, nt 12 o'clock, nt the Navy Yard Brooklyn, the Uni ted States ship Southampton, as she now lies at the Na vy Yard, Brooklyn, 677 tou.4, coppered and copper (lis tened, built of white oak and hard pine. The hull \\ ith one set of spars, will be sold, and the ves el ready for in spection one week previous to the day of sale. The spars are iu the Navy Yard, and must be removed with the hull within one week after the tale at the expense of the purchaser, a copy of the inventory can he obtained of the auctioneer, No. 4 Wull street. Terms, cash on the day of sale. TIT*. B. JONES, At CTIONEER ? MOTGAGK SALE OF IT two defiance lalamander safes, Nos. 6,339 ond 5,474, medium sire, fitted to order with jeweller's cn .es, on Saturday, September 1, at 10 A. M.. on the premises No. 02 Cannon street. AUGUSTUS JOHNSON, Attorney for Mortgagee. DRY 0001)8, AC. B ROME'S FALL CIX>AE?.? GEORGE BRODIE, NO. 61 Canal ann oo. unpens ra street, nas now in store a large assortment of novelties in velvet, cloth and moire antique clonks and mantillas, to which he invites the insptetiojvjjf wholesale cash and short time buyers. I- AIM*' EI .EG ANT EMBROIDERED COLLARS, AT J hulf prices.? Just received from auction, 700 Swiss and cambric collars, from 7s. to 12s. each; also, 600 embroidered bands, four yards long. 10s. each. 260, at 2s. fid. each. N i. second price. JAH. MADDEN, WJ Broadway, second door above Bleecker street. mo MODISTES AND THE TRADE ONLY, FOR CASH.? 1 JAMES TUCKER will hare, per Ericcson steamer, from Havre, three cartonB of I'aris hats from the leading establishments in Rue de lu l'alx. ~*>on as cleare<l from customs will be chronicled by circular, for inspection. Rich flowers, ss usual, at 387 Broadway. COPARTNERSHIP VOTICKS. dh K AAA ?WANTED, A PARTNER, WHO CAN N[)t)e\/ vv'e purchase one-half of tho stock in a K' cd and safe business, in oue of the best location? in Broadway ; none but those who can give the best of re. fere nee as to character need notice this. For further particulars address Edward C., Herald office. djt>| AAA T0 16,000? ANY PERSON WISHING Mp*X# to embark in a lucrative manufactur ing business, can do so with the above amount, by coll ing at the corner of White and Elui streets, second floer, room No. 44. The business is an exclusive monopoly secured by letters patent which have twelve years tc run. Call from 9 to 12 o'clock, and 2 to 6 P. M., for throe days only. dhl AAA To $6,000 WANTED. ? CENTUM EN ffl/XsVvy with this amount to enter into business with houses of the utmost respectability, and with first class city references. Persons who can give good re feicnces only, limy call at loom No. 0, 81 Nassau street. dhAAA ?A PARTNER WANTED? Of A BOS ' ? uess established several ; ears, and pny ii.p a handsome income. The business i , ,>nnec;od with the building and lumber trade. Full an. I . atisEoctory in formation will be given on immediate application to C. B. HOWES A CO., 81 Nassau street djTr A A ?WANTED, A PUSHING, ACTIYE, BUSI i^fJv'v'e no"'' man, wl"' knows how to use the (wwers of i peech fluently, to take an active share in au established business where he can make $2,000 |s-r an num. A respectable man only need apply at 81 .'.assa i street, room 9, lrom 10 A. M. to 4 M., to-day. dJtQAA TO W00.? ANY PERSON HAVING THIS kpOv'\7 amount can now hue an opportunity of ; .. realising one halt or the whole of ons of the iK-yt eat ing nnd dunking saloons in this city. The location in u usurps H. For particulars apply Immediately to I LTC1I A 1NGALLS, M'.< lire adway. Q 1 fC A ? WANTED IMMI DIATELY A PARTNER, ?JP-LtlV/. in the liquor, oyster and restaurant bu.-i i.iss, by :i young nian, who i jn?t started in a good lo cality. Apply at the -aloon 138 1H-Innc?y street. THt ?MAS GAFFNEY. (JtlAA -WANTED. A GENTLEMAN WITH THIS ?pj." V/e ? "tn to join the advertiser in a pleasant ai.d very profitable travelling business ? sonvtbing new and cannot fail to realize less th in ?10 a da y, clear of i Tpen-es. For particulars please call on Mr. llennett, at 1 l it II A INGAI.L'S, real estate stents 346 Broadway. 1JARTNER WANTED.? A LADY, HAVING A FIRST cla s house elegantly furnished, in a good location, and full of boarders, i ' desirous of obtaining a partner oil ihe 1st of Septouibi r, to take the entire control. Address f ox, Herald oflicc, immediately. IJARTNER WANTED.? A YOUNG MAN HAVING some ?? t.0 to $40:t, is anxions to engage in some buslnr-s, mechanical or other, already esUblished, that would aflord at least a fair remuneration for capital In vested and services ren tered. Any one having such busi ness, and wishing a partner, will plea -e address box .'WW lien, Id office. SPECIAL PARTNER WANTED.? THE ADVF'.RTISER IS in ?Mit of a sjss ial partner, vith M.IXSJ to >6.0UU capital, in the wins' tea and grocery business, store situ ste>l in one of the leading s; he hasbtx-n many years engage! in the bitsine.s, and will ftirnlsh the bigl.i'tbtestiwi>niiil ? for chtiracter and ability Addresi Box 4,168 Post tffice. Ct FECIAL PARTNER.? WANTED, IN A TOBACCO AND fcpar house has a heav) VV ? stern and Canada tmde i stablished. a special partner with 86.000 to $10,0U0 capital. Address T. P., Btrald office. rarrumr. G? FORGE P HfTlAEEFR, Di .IT, HI WV ST., f neat Broome ? Mlbllthi ' !1 ? Mr. S. has for the I ust fouitxn years bes'n engap ? furnishing todentists in N< w York nnd ita vicinity arliti. 1 ,1 t.^eth, at about on# half l.-s than is usually Charged to I ir patients, and is now furnishing, the same stylo of woi .. . (which for beauty, quality, utility, ear not be .urpaSM o the public upon U.e ssniti terms as heretofore charg< i i dentists. Por mws In want af artificial teeth are i ectfully solicited to call before making engagements el *h. r?. II.- wil U' mi*t happy to e?pLaui his s) stem t<> ? who may far f liim with n csll. A ?orre-ipondtng d t.i tion u|kih ?u ether opeiations counect-sd witl. the pi se>n. 'lertas nvariably cssli rpo CCBANii- cunANs he^rous oi lkarvino I d.^itl'try Will be taught all the various branches fi.1 fit in tuyito (list, by A. W. JOVKM, .*.01 Hr< a.iw ir ror mr(.t iH sni stree1 (.IBce hones from U A M. ti'l 4 P. M. ?o/utoom AJTD LODUlHb. tj ee\ ukoai.way? ro let, an elegantly 4 t)? fu-nlshed suite of room* oil the first floor, to a family or i Ingle gentlemen. Private table only ; the house is first class. ?*A Q BROADWAY E1.EGANT SUITh OK ROOM*. 0~*0 embracing front parlors, for families; also rooms for single gentlemen. Transient boarders accom modated. Modern improvements throughout the house. f)/?1 FOURTH AVENUE, THIRD DOOR FROM iJOA Twenty-first street, very pleasantly furnlsliel rooms to let, single or in suite*, with or without boird; the house has all the modern improvement*; the location healthy and easy of access to the lower part of the city. f\f? TWELFTH STREET, SEOOND BLOCK FROM t/O Broadway, between Third and Fourth avenues. ? A gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen, can find first class accommodations in every particular, with board; rooms are furnished, and aituated on first ami second plories, front and back, and contain hot and cold water, gas and bath. Terms reasonable; references exchanged fTff AND f>7 WEST TWENTY-THIRB STREET A OO few select families and gentlemen of the first re spectaMlity, enn now be accommodated with suit or single rooms, with full or partial board, in that eligible brown stone building, which is delightfully located, as it is situated between Broadway and Sixth avenue; it is on? of the broadest stieets in the city. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO <>R THRFK single gentlemen, can obtain rooms, with bo,?rd, in a private family, where there lj every comfort and con venience, by applying at 48 West Thirty -second street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. A FEW AGREEABLE PERSONS, WITH SATCSKACTO ry reference, can be accommodated with pleasant and handsomely furnished rooms with full or partial b> aid, in a private family, in a first c!m* house, with all the modern improvements. Inquire at 08 St. Mark'* place, Eighth street. A PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY, OCCUPYING A plen.-ant house situated 08 White street, can ac Commodata a family or single gentlemen with elegant furnished rooms, and board if wished. Inquire at ssid house. A GENTLEMAN IS DESIROUS OF OBTAINING A nicely furnished room and bedroom, with gas, bath, tic., in a private family where he could enjoy the com forts ot a home, and where there are no other boarders. Locution up town, and convenient to stages. Please ad dress, stating full particulars, A. C. M., Broadway Post office. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS BOARD IN A SMALL private family, not above Eighth st-eet. Terms moderate. Address W. W., Broadway Port Office. AWILOW I.AUY, LIVING WEST OF BROADWAY, in the vicinity of St. John's park, would accommo date a lady and gentleman with a handsome front parlor on second floor; full board for the lady; the house con tains baths, gas, tie. ; family small and quiet. Address Widow, Broadway Post office. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN good BOARD and pleai-ant room on third iloor, with a comforta ble home. 1'rlce (.'! 60 per week. location good, and midway between Wall street and Fulton ferries. Apply at ?6 Henry street, Brooklyn. Board ?to ikt to a gentleman and his wife, a second story front room, handsomely furnished: also a large room to two gentlemen, with partial board for the gentlemen, the house and location could not be more desirable. Apply at 284 East Twelfth street, third block from Broadway BOARD? A SUIT OF WELL F0KN1SHED ROOMS, OR an entire floor with every convenience, suitable tor a party of gentlemen, with or without breakfast, In a private family, at 251 Fourth avenue, near Union square, and convenient to the new Union Club House. References required. IJOARD. ? A IJUJY AND GENTLEMAN OF RE3PEC > tuliility may meet with board in a private family, in Hoboken, a few minutes' walk from the ferry, where they will secure the comforts of a home. Address box 2,1B0 Post Office, New York. Board? a very large, handsome front room on sccond floor, with pantries and bedroom attached, to let, furnished or unfurnished, with board. In a private house; also, a single room, gas and bath in the house, opposite St. John's park. Apply at No. 8 Bench street. Board.? one or two suits of rooms for gen tlemen and their wives, and also for singlo gentle men, with till the modern improvements, CHn be ob tained at No. 44 Weat Twenty-third street. References exchanged. Board.? ladies and gentlemen, desirous to obtain board or boarders, are politely invited to call at my office, 80S Broadway. It is the only w.iy to gf-t suited. Bonrdors are correctly Informed, free of churge, of boarding places in city or country. R. D. GOODWIN". Board ? wanted a plainly furnished room with l?>ar<l for a Indy. Terms muat lie moderate. ).<>rall('n between Twenty-third and Thirty-fourth street# r referred. Address atatW terms B. G. II., Herald office. BOARI) ? Sl lTS OF FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH Ex tension bookcases and sideboard, bedsteads, and ail the modern improvements, either for single persons, or a gentler.. un and his wife, with or without board, in a desirable and beautiful location, between Second and Ihird avenues. Price low. Apply at 19Stuyvesant st. Board.?1 three or four gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms, with or with out board; one single front room. Prices from three to four dollars. Reference required. 200 Hudson street, two doors below C.inal. Board down town.? two or three genti-e men can bo accomtnoilated with board at 172 Dtianc street, near Hudson, opposite the Duanc street pork. Board ln Brooklyn? rooms en suite, fur nished or unfurnished, for families, also single rooms lor gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen, in a first class house, near Wall street ferry. Apply at the house in Montague street, second door coat of Clin ton, south side. Board in Brooklyn? within three minutfs' walk of South nnd Wall atlWl ferries. ? A gentle, man and w ite nnd two single gentleman can find a quiet home at No. 1 Willow Place, corner of Jaroletnan street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.? a few young gentle. men be accommodated with pleasant rooms, w ith breakfast mid tea, in a private family. Inquire at Of 1 Ineapple street. between Wall and Fulton ferries. Board in wiijjamsburg? three gentlemen, with their wives, or a few single gentlemen, can bo accommodated with board and pleasant rooms, at P6 Mmth Third street. References required. Board wanted.? furnished room rwrra board, is wanted by a foreign g< ntleman, who speaks very little Kngli>-h, in ? private and lcgpcitablc family, where lie tan practice the English language, in a convenient location and where there are no other boarders. Ad dress F. ('., bo* JAl H?rald oflice. BOARD WA I? i;V A LADY, TWO CHILDREN a ' rvat.t, in ? prlva family, where there are few or no other boarders. Location west of Broadway. 1st ween i.l -ecker and Tenth or Twelf.h street.. Addresa box l,-lt>4 I ost cilice, stating location, terms, Ac., Ac. Board wanted? by a gentleman and lady, (b. ard for the lady only,) in a house with modern Improvements, in a genteel, quiet family, where there aiouo other boniders. A widow ludy preferred, Loca tion above Bleecker, but not above Tenth st. Terms must be reasonable. Address E. L. T., Broadway Post oflice. t Board wanted, for two i.adif.-? an unfur nished room and largo closet, witli full boatd; price en a week for lioth; references exchanged. Address Hi therand Daughter, Herald office. Board wanted ln Brooklyn? by two german gentlemen, In a private family. French family pre tencd. Parlor and bedroom, with breakfast aud tea. Address S. and W., Herald oflice. Board wanted in Brooklyn.? a gentleman, wile and son do. ire board, in a genteel family, con m nil nt to the ferries. Addri n? II. W.t Brooklyn Post Office. Boarding? <4 west .fourteenth street.? gen tlemen and their wives desiring haml-ome large rooms, furnished or unfurnishe<l, in a first class hou<e, < nn obtain a choice of rooms on early application. A few single gentlemen can be neatly accommodated. No. 04 st Fourteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Boarding,? a pleaaant furnished front ro<im, on the second floor, to let, with board; also rooms suitable for single gentlemen, on moderate terms. Apply at 112 .Mal.ou street, between Catherine and Market. Boarding.? two or three gentleman can iw accommodated with rooms, with or without board; tho house is lighted with gtt. hatha for the use ?f the occupants. Mr*. MIlDHI'Rm, 641 Houston street. T) HARDING. ? A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET A J) large front room, or room and bedroom, to gentle men, or a gentleman and wlie, with partial board. No. 1* Kant Eighteenth street, enn Mock above Union square, '?tween Broadway and Fifth avenue, conveniently locat ed for cars or stagr?. T>OARDING. ? A SMAUs GENTKKL PRIVATE FAMILY, J > will let their entire second floor, three rooms deep, with all modern Improvements, and splendidly furnished, to a reportable party, but one block from Broadway, Ixtween IJghth st eet and Waverley place, lnquiro at No. 10 Nelson place. HOARMNG? TWO OR THREE YOUNG MEN CAN have board and pleasant rooms at 2fl Rivington stieet, fne block from the Bowery. Terms three dollars nnd three dollars and a half per wifk. BOARDING? AT 120 AND 1M CBAMRERH STREET, pleasant i.ewly furnished room for bmilie? and single gentlemen. Dav boarders can be aceot,,.notlaled al!<o reference res^uirod. Hoarding and undoing at i?o iiknpy stiiekt.? A poiitletnsn and ?ite, rr'fmall f?mi^ rs 'flnd peasant rooms, furnt?h'-d or unftirnlshM, ?it|l hoard in a genteel privite fsistlly Tlie house has ?u <h" mnd rn i-nprovcTiente IWf, nro'e cXch?inire<V W/OUNHa AH II LQDODA, F F BOAMHNO? SINGLB GENTLIMEN AND LADIIW or gentlemen and their wired, can get furnished lOOQVH, with or without board, (full or partial,) at W Howard street BOARDING ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS. ?GENTLEMEN and their wire*, or single gentlemen, can securo choice of room*, furnished or unfit rnished, in suit* or niriglo, at 138 Remncn street, uear CUnton, Brooklyn. FURNISHED APARTMENTS TO LET ? SEVERAL well furidshed apartments, with bathrooms, gas, and nil the modern improvement#, at 768 Broadway, l>? tween Eighth and Ninth street*. AMILIKS AND SINK IE GENTI EMKN CAN BE AC _ commodated with full or partial board at No. U University place, corner of Eighth street. First claaa reference required. Furnished rooms to let, with or wttoowt board, in a private French family, with all tht modern improvements, gas, bath. Ac., within reatii earn and stages. Apply at 06 East Twenty-second it. Furnished rooms to ijct for thk winter? For gentlemen and their wives, hoard for the ladiee only: also, n fen young gentlemen, with partial board: At 156 Ijiwrence r.treet, near Hous'on ? to commence at the 1st of September. Inquire at 35 Bedford street, ciraer of Carmine. Fcrnkbed rooms.? A SUITE OF FURNISHES rooms to let to one or more gentlemen, with bi?ak Ihst, if re^uire<l; also single room*. Apply at 141 Ninth street, third door east of Broadway, and No. 6 College place. Furnished rooms, with full or 1'arhai. hoard, for gentlemen nnd their wives, or single gen tlemen, en n be obtained at 40 West Washington place. Reference* exchanged. ll'RNlSHED ROOMS TO LET TO SINGLE GENTLE men, without hoard, at No. Z Bond street. FRONT AND RACK ROOMS, ON SECOND FI<OOR, TO let, wilh hoard, in a private family. Please apply at 227 West Fourteenth street. References exchanged. GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES, AND SINGLE gentlemen, may be accommodated with board and pleasant room*, by applying at 234 Henry street, next to the corner of Amity, South Brooklyn. References re uuired. G1 ENTIEMEN AND THEIR WIVES, AND A FEW IT single gentlemen, can now he aceommodated with pleasant rooms and good board , at 77 Cranberry street, between Hicks and Henry. Brooklyn, near Fulton and Wall street fen ies. Gas in the house. IN DOBB'S IERRY, TO LET WITH BOARD, FROM September^, until spring, or longer, a large apart ment, capable of accommodating three persons, in a house pleasantly situated, within five minutes' walk from the railroad station. Address A. B.. box 3,040 New York 1'ost office. ?VTO. 40 WEST TWENTY-rotR STREET ? A PARLOR J3I and sleeping rooms be had In this new built and s? front house, situated in a genteel neighborhood, near Fifth avenue. Inquire as above, or at 36 Reekmon street, up stairs. "vp. 21 LAFAYrrm: piace, between fourth JA street and Astor place Room;: in suite, Or separ ately, with board; a l^use strictly first class. ON THE BATTERY? FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH board for lamilieo or single gentlemen, in the first clan house No. 15 State street. References required. ONE OR TWO ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD, TO A family, or single gentlemen, up town Apply at 106 West Twenty-second street, between Sixth andSe venth avenues. PARTIAL BOARD, WITH FURNISHED ROOMS, IN suite or otherwise, may bo obtained at 91 East Thirteenth street, by gentlemen desiring first class ac commodations permanently, in a small family. House hah all the modern improvements. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED? AN UNFURNISHED room wanted, with board. for a lady and a little boy four years of age. Terms not to exceed $4 a week. Re ferences given if required. Address S. T. B., Broadway Post office. EOOMS, WITH BOARD, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY.? A fine suite of furnished or unfurnished rooms may bo secured by a genteel family in the finely locnted houso 02 lust Sixteenth street, near Union square. House con tains all modern improvements. Reference given and ? required. I > Of >MH TO I JT ? LV FORTY-NINTH STREET, BK V tween Broadway nnd Eighth avenue. ? A parlor and liedroora adjoining, with marble inantel, hot a cold water, bath, Ac., will be let to a gentb ;nan and wife or two sin gle gentlemen, with board, furnished or unfurnished, in ? pi irate family, where there lire no other boarders. Address Antelope, Herald office. SINGLE GENTIEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with furnished or unfurnished rooms, with par ial board, in a small family, where there are but few boarders. The house is pl'-a antly loca led, contains bath, gas. Ac. Stages and ours convenient. Apply at No. W West Twelfth stre?t, between Sixth au 1 Seventh avenues. References exchanged. St INGLE GENTI EM EN CAN HAVE PARTIAL BOARD ) in n small Ctniily at 58 West Twelfth street ; house pleasantly located; line airy rooms, bath, gas, tic.; stage* ami cars convenient ; references eiehanged. A front par lor mid bedroom, unfurnished, to let, with or without board. rINTH STREET.? A IADY HAVING TAKEN A HOUHE pleasantly situated, wilh the advantage of extension rooms, bath, gas and furnace, is desirous or letting rooms with board, to single gentlemen and small families, jrhero children will be no objection. References required. Ap ply at 230 Tenth street. T 10 PI NT. IE GENTLEMEN? TWO ROOMS TO LHT with board, in a private family, at 110 Hudson at! TO LET, WITTI BOARD ? A NEATLY FURNISHER room, with pantry attached, suitable for a gentle man and his wire or two single gentlemen, at the plea santly situated bouse No. 27 North Moore street, near St. John's park. Baths in the house. cTi J 7T? WITH" BOARD, A LARGE FRONT ROOM AND bedroom, to a gentleman and lady; board for the lady only; with gss, bath, Ac. lTice moderate. Address D> l\. Brwtdwa; Poilt Office. TO IJT? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, A BACK room on the second floor, suitable for one or two gentlemen. Inquire at the corner of Canal and Greene street, over Tate-' dry goods Ktorc. Ntne but respect*, ble persons need apply. "V ERY SUPERIOR AOCOMMODATIO.N FOR FAMILIES . and single persons csn be found at the Brevoort Hou?o, Fifth avenue, corner of Eighth street; kept upon the Furupcsn plan; rooms are offered at reduced rates fr< m the prices of last season. ALBERT CLARK, pro prietor. TIr AN TT D ? BY A GKVTI.KMAN, ONE BEDROOM T ? and sitting room, for him?elf and his wife, situated between White und Broome streets, west of B.-oadway. Hoard lor the lady only; must l<e highly respectable. Ad dress Particular, Herald ofilce, for three days. I COAX" ~~~ C1 >AL A3 KEDCCED PRICES.? WL ARi: Pi'.WAKKD ) to deliver coal of the following kind* at the prices ennexed, in New York or Brooklyn, from yard, vi* v? \Miite nsh, any si/e, >0 50; red ash or peach orchard, any si e, 9ft 80; I ehUh, Haze Hon, any mm, |l; do. L>cust ii. i untttin, any ilae. Liverpool orrel. screened, $11, do. carnal do. Til OS. ADAMS L CO., 71 Wall street. I>nfsT0N COAL FOR SHIPPING^ 4' '.-^SHIPPERS OF cool to California can be supplied with this superior ronl, of all size.-! delivered to vessels in any part of the barter from canal floats of about 120 tons burthen. Pennsylvania Coal Company, corner of Broadway and Wall street. AflTROLOOY. ASTONISHING Tt) AiL.- MADAME MORROW.?' TTO highly gifted lady is, without exception, the mo?t s-ondertiil aatrologist in the world, or that has beaa known. She will tell all the events of life, even the very thoughts, and will cause speedy marriages, and show thie likeni ss of the Intendc I hu -binds, to the great aston ishment ot all who visit her. No charge, if oot satisfied. 7r> Broome street, near Cannon. Gentlemen not aloiit ted. SIROLOtiV AND I'HIlENOl/MiY. ? THE CELKBRAT ed Mrs. Fleury, fr'>ra l aris, who?e relations hare fiwn constantly consulted by Napoleon I., given true In formation on all events of life. yue tions are amwerod by the power of magnetism, at 263 Broome street. C~ TlAIRVOYANCE ? MRS. SEYMOUR, MEDICAL AND / business clairvoyant, 110 Spring street, a frw doors we-t of Iiroa<lwny. All di-cnse? |ieeuliar to fr males and children successfully treated, as usual, and eatljCactloa guaranteed, or no pay. L^IRVOYANT- EXAMINATIONsT" BY MRS. nAYK ? (>ne ot the best seeing and Speaking clairvoyant me dium.1 we have in this country. Mrs. Hayes possesses clear seeing power heretofore unequalled. Office ITS' (.rand street, two doors east of Centre market. Doctor Ifajes, electrician and psy chologi - 1 ? CARD.? MAD Am SiEWKTBR R1TURNS THANKS TU her friends and pat rons, and hegs to any that, afler tha thousands, both ia this city and Philadelphia, who have consulted her with entire satisfaction, she feels con fident that In tho questioBi of astrology, love and law matters, and books or oraeles, as relied on constantly by Napoleon, she hoe no equal. She will tell the name of the future husband, and also the name of her visiter. Re sidence 70 Madison street, one door from Catherine. Sf- BRUCE, "TOE MYHTERlOt.'T VKHJCD LADY, AND L - tho most wonderful astrologist in the world, oaa consulted with for a short time at her old office, M Canal street, two d^ors east of Broadway. AH ooosnM* tions 60 cent*. Madamf, the renowned i'Hilenouxhkt Dera Paris, can be ronsultvid about lore, snarriage, business, 4c., and will tell the name of the lady or gen tleman tliey wilf mart j, also the name of her visiters. Residence 21 Rinngton street, nesr BoweryJ Pn R1NOW NED GIPHT 'iJIRL? TIIH I "V I IvHK ATF3> Fgtftlaa palmist, having ^ust returne<l fmm a mist surcesulu I Uiur through the prineiaal ettle? in Kuropn, cso now be consulted at i'?n Mo. 1, No #0 llowsry, fnr a fivr .lays only, she hi ?in* arecpt?-.l ifnmsnnis Invlta tli n? to visit Ifeston and olinr cities iminedlately. She i the seventh daigbtei of a seventh ilanghtor un.| ti? inoe' gihed ot he trfti% ami with tie greatest ease lay Uie f-??t as well as efea t/? her vl iters. Cons'iJU Una csn'".