Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1855 Page 7
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UflUriHtflMTB RtSKKWE!) STEM DAT. kXlrt HjUaMH. A/kA -1"JR BALS? AN Ot.U B-T <.B I? lOiUvvt Itehed bunim",# on the wc-;t sido of the chy, now Join# jv?.f $16 000 worth of tru^lo ntr y~.r, which tan be Ih[iin<1 to almost any amount; profts 35 ,S I ?r cent 00 sales ; about *2,600 cash or go -i paper re^uiieri. Inquire of LNC.AIXS 4 00-i -la Broaiw iy, item 13. <tt}1A AAA ?VALUABLE FARM, CONTAINING up JlU,vH *\"e 285 acres, on Long blond, 38 uilea from Sew \ ork ; 80 acres I! cultivated, balan -n large oak, hickory ;ind chestnut timber. large fiwin buuM iiLa barn, spiing water HD'l fruit in abuiuucd. fifoil very productive, and payments easy. K. A. Bt'NCE. Sai Broa?lw?y, room No. 3. <th o aaa ?a delightful retreat, at !J)OeVr V/VT ? Southampton, 1 ong Island, near 1U0 shore, with u lino view of the Atlantic Uccun; contains iO acres of beautiful land, goo>\ house und ham, ex cellent spring water, mid .1 never falling trout brook on the premise-. Apply to E. A. BONCE, 212 Brotulw.vy. room No. 3. dh A AAA fENTnsr, AND EXCLUSIVE CASH manufacturing business, affording ?Ttr 100 per cent profit, wfrh a valuable contract, stock, teels, Jtc., wll) be sold for f 4 00O, und an exan.inatloo will prove it a chance unparalleled, without humbug or Utlon. Apply to THOMAS & STREET, 34)* I'ine str. ot. tflQ AAA ? FOR SAI.E, A WELL KNOWN AND MHOeWvF old established bar-room, with re-, freshmente connected ; the bar receipts, $10 daily; the location unsurpassed being located down town, iu the hnmediate vicinity of Wall itri>et. Apply .0 C. li. HOWES k 00. , S4 Naesau street. <fil1 ?FOR SALE. THE LEA3E, STOCK AND ?l?fO\/e fixtures of a steam power manufac turing business, long established, good profits. exclusively for cash, $500 down, remainder at three, tlx and nine months: a first rate rhanre to make money; cheap rent, Apply to C. G. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, room No. 7. r/\A ?FOR SALE? A CASH BUSINESS, ? UVv/? with leaso of the store, worth double 1\> aboie amount, Including the gas. store fixtures and good will of the business, which is well established, and will yield a profit of *10,000 yocrly If properly attended to. Another business requires the Immediate attention ef the owner, or he would not take so small a num. Ad drees bo* 706 New York l'otrt oftite. (Ol-J rAA ?A LUMBER YARD AND ALL STOCK. WAtOUvt shede, racks, Rafe, oflice, six years' It-ate, with custom trade eomple, to be sold at half ltd value, for cash, a* the owner- ii ^oing to California. Ad dress Lumber, No* 101 Herald otlice. Itock ?<1 on t of the principal railroad depots. Tho furniture and fixtures are all in excellent order. This iu a rare chance. Apply at 289 Broadway. GEORGE W. MMKRJ. (PtAAA ?FOR PALE? THE LEASH!. FURNITURE ??/'/V/a aud fixtures of? boarding house, situated in the lower part of the city, near Broadwny and tho principal places ol~ Mnusemeut. Tho furniture is m arly ?ew, and in excellent order. Apply at, 289 Broadway, room 10. tiiXJROE W. SIMKRS. ?FOR SAI.F, A DAG17KRREAN AMI > photography gallery, situated in one of tfie leading business avenues in ' lie city. The loase and fixtures, all complete, will Ite st Id at a great Icirg-.iiu, on immediate application on the premises, 105 Eighth avo ?ue, or to C. B. HOWES & CO., W Nassau street. (ft;* A A ?FOR SALE, HIK KIXTURK ANO upO\*\J* l?#fe of ten years of tho confeetionei-y kIoic, with the whole of the hou-c (three ?-tory and at tic.) and rear building 110 Grand street, Wllliamsbnrg. It it well adapted to the baking busine-.-t in connect!' >u with the confectionary. It lias <n fee cream saloon neutly fitted up. also soda water and root beer counter, ga fixto.'C'j. k'\ The ? tore lias a double front, with tw < splendid bow winilow. anil is In the best locality in the city for any kind of lmsine-J. The rout I* very Ww, and along lea^e without ta*o- or asse-sments. The store and hall doors arc fitted with oil cloth; the furniture and fixtures are new, and. with the ieo-o, are selling f ?? le than quarter their va'ue, whieb any person, wishing to purchase, can ascertain by getting them valiied. 'Iliey would not be sold at su< h 1 sacrifice only the owner of the lease Is going to South America. Apply on th" premises. AUo for sale at the above place a -mall li brary of choice books. "| A A HORSE RTKAU EN?INE FO't SAIJ5 ? NEW, Xv' / and made by one of tho best makers, will bo ?old at a bargain; also, a superior sugar mill, fur crush In* sugar i\ane. Apply to PECARE. BUtNSTEDf & ranJJlf, 51 L)b?rty street. A RARE CHANCE.? KOR SAi K. THE STOCK AND flxtu^ ot the old establ:"hed Ijakery 1.0 l ulton ?treet, Brooklyn. Infjuire in tho store. AORKAT BARGAIN. ? i OR .-A IK, THK. 0 K>D V If J , stock and fixtures of a wiioli -ale and retail liquor store, doing a first rate bueino -s, together wd?h the I. of the four st<>ry bouse, ^^<d on one of the b. .or E?rs in the uppor [>art of the city. Apply to A. SKR ?;hANT, 15 Wall street. AcoN'Fccnomaty kor hale an old e-tab li-hed confoctionery situated iu one of the best bu siness thorough tii res in tne city, the lia e. tools, manu fceturing utensils, anil all complete, will W sold on reasonable term- If applied for Immediately. Apply at 130 Spring street on tlie premises, or to C. h. HOWIH k CO., 84 Nassau street. -I AAA ? Ff'll SALE? THE I EASE, ST ? and fixtnres of a hotel, situated (Teat biisini-- thoroughfare, in the neighborhood of CHFA1" AN D CHOICE I.0TS FOR SALE ? THREE LOTS in Fifth avenue, J) per cent below the market price: also eiery vacant lot now in market l? 1 w Fortieth street; al"o, many lots from Twnty -third to Twenty ninth streets, between i'ourth at.d Sixth avenue", in In sive; al-o, several lots and parcel-i 01" lots to sell with a builder's loan; also, lots to *ell on Fifth avi nne, opjiosite the Central park also, l.'.oo eligible lot in the upper part ol the city, at a great bargain; al"o, 300 very fine kits in one body. For fuB particulars apply to ROSWEIJ. O. PIERCE, I'ine street, corner of Broadway, under the Metropolitan Dank. CARMANSVTLLE PROPERTY Fdi: SAI.E.? A HAND some cottagi', with stable attached, will be -old at a bargain. Apt 1y to JOHN D. CREVAIJER, 3G0 Brondwuy. DRUO "TORE FOR KAIE ? A DRCO STtiRE, LOCA ted in an exceedingly eligible position, doing a good retail and presci iptlou business, will be dispose.! of at prtvate sale on tho most reasonable tennj, as the pro prietor purposes a change of bu iaess. Address A. M. qigTALAR. 23 Bowery. Drug store for saix? or a partner who could take the entire charge of the indoor !"i 1 net-s want?sl, in one of the best located stores in the city. The pre prietor hi a practising pbj -iWan, and 1 taring tw . stores, he has more basinet's than his health will admit of. To the right man a great chance Is oSerod. Apply at 1S6 1 ;\l*ion s'ri*et, corner ot Orchard. Dentist rooks? otd extabushetj, with am. all the fixtures, and cheap rent, and extensive pa tronage, for 'ale 011 very rea pable t-rms. Apply at 12>) Division street, corner r# Orchard. Farm for saix? or would bf fxciianokd fou city property it nv rchundi*- ; the Cirm contiiSns 1*13 acres, is in a high state of cultivation, of e.ny n ces ? to and from the ? ity, and is within WO yirds of th" R-iil road, location aie I neighborhoo<l the best in the '? untry and is very healthy. For full description, apply m ad dr??is No. 4 Front street. N. Y. FOR SALE ? THE LEAK FURNITURE and Fix tures of a thre^ story boarding h",i -e, si* u-ue 1 at No. 73 Seventh^t, lietwcf?n Hrwt and Second avennes, and well patre .?e<l by the Spnniar !s and Port.if u?se. Most of the furniture and tu'ir- are in excellent ord* r. Or aaid premi-? s will be let forniihwl till May, w th g <?1 *? urity at the ra'e of tl.COO jnir annum; and until ?ekt or let sii gle and double rooms w.ll b" rental, with or without board, to f.iruili' or single gentlemen. 1 " further rartieulur* call at the prt mises, or apply t> ANTONIO ARTIIXS, 110 Broadway room No. 10. F )R SAIX? THE -T<i<*K AND nxrtTRKH Of rvi: Hotel, corner of lhunmund and Wi <\ Hr((ti, MW doinf 1 Irit rate bu?iiie*s, to ls\ sold in eoimeooenee of the dWlth of the late proprietor, laqnire on the premises or at Z15 Rtvlngt m ?tr, et. FREDERICK IIOL-TliV. Fjr sale.? i-twu s of tehuantepbc, oriat rher. Coauacoalcos ? 1 r t Jfered f-<r ssle, tb?t '? lutif^l and valaahle location e?ll?>.l Harragnn Tetlan, -Has e,| n the left ascending hank iaM river' 'iat.*e.,a!e/?s atxiiit.10 mtVesfiem the sea, it l^-ing the first and only toutf wit tun 40 Bilks of the ni'uith, except Mlnatitlao. It oonusin* about four cabal erlas, or 4JO acres (Kdgll-b) of Isnl, rleb and well adapted for cultivation, upon wulch there ate now planted a fine lot if apples, p'.antalns kansna* and orange trees and on the rear of aaid land there are extvnaive prairies of tho dr.' st grating land In all Mexico. In ilf? of the r.mtru' tlon of the gre?t rail road a* rus* the Isthmus, th s ; Ie^? off, rs in' omperahle advantages. For further particulars apply to l>?n POM Hi uo MALD0NAI>O, on the premiss*, or to WELSH k AIJ EN, at Minatitlan Mexi o Bairagan TitUii, July 25, 1V?.\ IR PAli? A SMAIJ, FAST STFAKBdaT. FROM |jsm rau ? A -iiajj. r/i-j, rrv-n JC eighty to one hundred horse po? er . has an ex elJent condensing engine and Is v yi n- mical in con-ump tl noffu<l; Is snltable f r towing or fre yht and ? 'h eMyM alterations for passengers. Appty to i li>WI3l~ F?? conde tl n ? aHght 41)2 Tenth street Fjr sai f? at a sacrifrt, a iancty -n"i in a goo<! location, doing a go??l cash ^'isir.' ? a go I at?ad for a mliiincr. Must be dl?po?c 1 of tills ruonth, the < wner of it having bss-n unexrec<e<lly detained In Furope. Call or address to No. 3 Sec. nd ?tr*et. "FTKjR ^AI.K ? tT HARI.FV ON .WMTM S|I)K 1M11 r st., If 5 feet west of Fourth avenue, <r.,:tag. house an<l lot of ground, hiu~e contains seten rooms. In cotnpicte ?rder, irarbie manttis. Croh.o w?Vr in the h >u-e, h' risesalon immediately. i?l< A.M. u> 7 M. For furher particulars . iinlrcot ? W VANVOORIuS, 80 Nasaan street. Xj'OR SAIJ^ A GROCERY AND I IQI.'OR W.Rf *m| JU all tho stock and fixture-, d itif a goM basiae-s, wtth the lease for four years to run, at low rent ? a rare rbaace. Apply to II. H A P- UKCN'JW, 2'Z Washington etreet, corner >f Warren. FR SAIJ^-A FINELY lXKATED MANUF ACT "RING business, doing a good w^iol, ^aie arti retail trade, ?etahlirhed ten year', hnr??s 'tki w\g rs, and 'h? whole eetahlishment in good working order. Gijod re*e< r,s f.,r 'all teg and full particulars ma..V hnown r,n atp^^af >.n to f U*ih C, lllKassau ttras'. fOK I7*0R HALE IMMEDIATELY ? A GROCERY STOM, <lown town, or wouid cxchangn for * tnnll house and lot, in Vew York or Brooklyn, and pay the dl.Urenco In each. No objection* to take a tiou.-c in Mount Vernon or Morri-ania. Apply to C. 0. THOMPSON, 91 Noeeau street, rocm No. 7. IjlOB PALE IN EAST BROOKLYN? TWO U>TS ON ?E eond ?tieet, and two on South i.leventh street, forming an I.. These lot* aro near the Feck clip ferry, arc full atse and wilt b< sold low. ("or good Improvements, a building loan will bo made which, with the purchase money. cau remain on bond and mortgago for tlvo Jeari. Apj ly to I>KM1LL 4 CO., 180 Front street 3710R SALE LOW? THE MANSION HOUSE AVI) GAR ; <U>n, on the south-nant corner of South Eighth and Eeceod atreits, one block from the l"*ck alip ferry, Wil liamsburg. A large portion of the pdhhaso money may remain on bond and mortgage. TbUura delightful re,. dcnco; the houiw ih In fine condition, *d the gardeu of fir.' lott is well stocked with the finest fruit, shrubbery and lower*. Apply to UEM1LL k 00., lBd Front street. I>?K ;-ai at LOW PRICES ? t FOr.'B STORY FIB8T I .-laes brown stono hewo, in Went Thirty fourth street, ids' 6, well located ou north aide of streot; alto, tlte four st> ry English basement brick house, 67 Wert Thirty-sixlh street, alio 20x60; also, three storv :riok hour? in East Twenty-eighth street, near Malison avenue; alao at a bargain, a choice corner on (.'anal street, west of Broadway, size, 100x120, now pu; 'nif a fair pvr cent. For full particulars and admixiion to p.e misca, apply to ROSWEIX 0. PIERCE, Cine -troet, coi nor of Broadway, under Metropolitan Bank. For sai.k on exchange? a oorrAGE hoi ?e and lot of ground, on Fifty-fifth street; two full 1 its uii Tt irty-niuth street; three 'mall bonds and mortgag. <, well secured. and some railroad bonds and bank stock. Tho above w ill be sold or exchanged for real estate in this city, in wholo or in part. Apply to K. B. K1NSU1MKR, 310 Fourth avenue. For bale or to, or exchange for city property, a splendid country residence, situated on Eighty fourth street and Ninth avenue, with a largo flower garden, carriage liouso, hot house, fcc. ; every thing in oompletu order. For a person winning to live a short distance from tho city, it presents a rare opportu nity, as it will be sold or let on reasonable "irmi, and within ten minutes walk of the liulson River cars. Inquire of H. OSTRANUKR, 174 Canal street, corner of i Varick. j For sai.k, or to let? the three htory, attic, and basement bouse, 133 Clinton place, complete with till the modern improvements, plate glae* and cli'iu delier?. 1'ost.o.? ion to be had immediately. Apply to C. A. ROBERT, 35 liberty street, up stairs. OR -ALE OR TO LET? A VERY DKMRABl.E COUN try residence at Jamaica, Long Island, situated a IV* rods fr in Cypress station, I>ong inland Railroad. A tine garden, well watirod, good barn, stable and out build ings Inquire at 14ft I'earl street. ]7H 1! JAEE OR TO LET? THE VERY DESIRABIE . residence oftho subscriber atsing Sing, comprising l>j ics of ground, with house, out houses and tables, pn'i'ii, Ac., complete for a good Bleed family. The fmit tri e# c mj rise the choicest fruits in abundance, and nothing to oQVnd the eye. Al<o, the spacious houso and two icres of ground, known oh the spot where Major An dre was captured. at Tarrytown. House finished in th - in atuianni-r, with stable and out houses complete. |Also, house and lot south side of Thirty eighth street, between >cconl and Third avenues, suitable for a mechanic, hav ing a back building; now re. its tor &160. This property will be sold low, or exchanged for Improved property be low or at Fort Washington. For further particulars In quire of HENRY STOIIMS, real estate agency, Wi Fulton street. ]7?0 R SALE, OR TRADE FOR CITY 1'ROI'KRTY OR * furin? A ii. -at hotel, worth $10,000, which will guar antee at least $.',000 n< t profit per year, will be disposed of on accoun' of the health of the proprietor on I family. It is useless to remark further; an Interview will give 1 every satUfaction. Address Gilbert, Herald oflic, -la tinir when and where an int?'rview can be had. HAllBWARF ? THF LEASE, >T<J< K AND FIXTl RES of a retail hardware store doing a good buiini s in < ne of the best locations in Jersey City, will bo din posed of on reasonable terms. Api 'y to W. SANDERSON, 48 Cliff street, New York. I UMBER, HARDWARE, MARBLE MANTELS, OR J iron railing. ? Three or four first class houae* in hrooklyn to exchange for the above named merchandise. Apply to <?. B. MASK FLf., real estate broker, No, 14 J'tuo street, corner of Nas-au. Marbij: mantels, sci i.i*tired and ilaiv, tor sale, at a great >acrifice, on account of cliang ing business ; all got up in the newest style. Apply at 1,157 Broadway. PKOl ERTY IN NEW YORK To EX CHAN'. K FOR property in Westchester county, lx>ng Island or New Jersey. A first class four story house and lot to exchange tor a small farm of about fifty acres. Apply at 4*8 Fourth street. Bare chance? for any person wishing to establish hiuis"ll* in tlio jewelry bui-ine^<. To bo aokl, n ten years' )..?*?, and HTturos, 6l tho well Known and old established stand of M BKM'.OICI', S76 Bowery, consis'ing of \ery tine show cases, fire and burglar pro<.; Iron safe, two regulators, one in the store an I tho other outside; the latter is well known as the Bowery ?'?V'ibitor. al-o, part ot the stock will be -old if desired. For further psrticular*, apply at the store No. 276 Bowery. Lone uo time. F SEGAR STtiRE FOK - AIJC.. tures of < ne of the handsomest fitted up segur stores, wit h privuto saloon, attache.! in the city. Best location on Broadway, west side in the Immediate neighborhood of the fashionable hotels, now doing a gool bun&ess, and can be greatly increased. To be sold fir ash or approv ed paper. fatMactory reasons glveu for scllinif Ad dress with real tuuic Espinola,llerald oflce, for three days. SlTRAW AND HAY ( t TTKRS. ? H0\"EY k CO., MAK K j at the loanufactory price- For s?|e by I'. A. LOCGETT, Cliff st r<-et. Corner Fulton street. TO PI GAR PIJINTERS AND CI BANS.? FOR BALE, an Improved and powerful sugar cane cru-her, which will extract every | artlclo of juice from the cane; alao attached to it a hundred hor-e power steam engine, made by one of the )>ei t Ix>ndon makers. The whole will be sold at a great bargain. Apply to PEC ARE, BERNSTEIN & PHILLIPS, 51 liberty ?treet. T> WATCHMAK ERf ? THE STOCK, FTXTCRBl AND goo?l will of a well established Jewelry store, In > country village of 7,000 Inhabitants; no other one in the I lace, within fifteen miles of New York. Apply at jot Broadway, room No. 8. TO CNDERTAKERS TO BK DISPOSED OF THE ?tuck .md fixtures of an undi-rtaker's stop-, consist ing of ci. flins, hearse, lumber, kr., togi-ther with th" good will of a well eftablished undertoktug bustooss. leinn moderate, and goo.1 reaaoa /i.< n for the desire to sellout. For particulars apply to Military Argu ettUe, tj Fult'in street. rpo CAPITALIST*.? A VERY KiNI INVENTION 1 J. bow offere<l for inspection, rights for -ale. or the patentee will join with a man of capital to manulacture. A very profitable s;ock coaapany could t.irnie<l. I'at tie wtsning to nee the invention, by addressing Wu. ini ?oii. 103 Nas-au street, room 4, will be called op n Un mediately. mo EXCHANflf 10R AN IVSRt>\EI> FARM NEAit 1 Si w York ? 41.000 rash, a v.iinable lease of ho is. snd factory, and 415 arras ..t uolmpro.ed land, within one hundred miles of New York all making ao amount equal to #8, ."><10. A full d I scr.ption and price addressed to F J. lltt Fast Tx- uty third utreet. Ag?-nts neod not ?PI'ly THE -Tt)CK AND FlMt RES OF t i.RiXI I'.Y fiKf for pale, orn> r <if Bridge and High streets Bi volt lyn. Beas .ii for -?-Ulnur, the own* r ;s going to lalifortda. riHIK TOOLS AM' FIXTCKiM ?'l A (U.A <1 ITKlt - J sh"p for sale or to b . with -team power. Inquire ?? i th<- engineer, .'.'I Attorney .tre. t, "liril.l TRADB^iNK HOl'-E K'R HARDWARt \\ two for drygoo-l-, two for furniture, two for ble or iron mar. 'els, and six for 1 te in g'sal loCOtio impiove Ap, ly at the Broadway lind Office J. M. GKF.NKIX, No. 1,110 Bros W %y HOrELS A \U 1CMMER RKTllBAI'f. kt'ARD. ? THE AMERICAN HOTEL, 117 CI u A I: street, is n>jw open fur the reception of hoarder* in s house is con venb-nt to all the railroad*, California and other steamboat landing*. Board, per .lay ? n? d 1 la' Paths free ANDREW WAIT C10IJ.INS H'>rn^ flTCATFD KOfrr (IT CANAt ) street, and directly opp<?it? Coillns' fiverpexd line of stoam-rs, with a full rlew n 1 New York bay and bar bor. I'lie plea-ant. st location for fsruUies la New York, and wll) let t?> perman?-nt "r transient, on inoet reoaen able terms, parlor suit* r single rooms. TAJ JAlANt) k MAPK?. I ropr.etora. G1 RAMnVY PABK H r -K ? TT1K I ROPP.IFT/R ul f This hotel would respeetfuBy inform lis pa'ron aad frieti'U 'hat he .s now ready to let suites of room t r fandlies for tho eoming leaaon. His bouse is now in complete or !er, and tho large addition on Twi-niy fir* street and Gromercy j^irk pUw- is now being refltt.d and fui ui-hed in most elegai t style. Families wi-hing a quiet afid retired hotel with all the advantages of a home will find this house the most desirable in the city. The bouse extends from fast Twentieth to VAst Twenty firs' street, with wings on both streets and fronting on 'Ira ir mar moreypaik, it Is onveniuQt t'? cars ?nd stages to an4 from all parts of the cltv CHARlJJi vVKRilir, I At" of the ! ?farg>' House, Proprietor. HOIJ)RIDOE fl H '/TO.. 757 AVD 75# BROADWAY ? Handsomely furnished, aiiy and neatly kept apart ifcenta can new be obtained wkh or without boardTby the meal, day or waak. s^ved (a or private r<s,ma. on th* moat reasonable ^ma. K<joma rant from tt u> WO per week. No charge for bath*. VTKW HOCHX1.I.K PAVIUmS? PaRTH. WISHING P) i.1 sp< nd ,a dsy i,r s?k ?il! find thle a Very >Ugbt tul and convenient location T'nns very rswsonable. Access by Sew Haven ars e*?ry hour; aiso by stsam boat John Hart, from i atherine if-r y ialiv at c '? k on romdajs ,t l|v Fin' (To?> picnfo parties. PtAYWO C tRDI. PLATTN i A^.rw or r\ ERv i'f><.Kn'n?N w*?Aii at the Cnlr.n Card Manobct ry. ITT and 19 0raa> street, near Broadway. iKludings ngls aadd-iUe bea ts RMMM and plola on ) fj^rUeb c ird*. \ ipertot ort.rla .f linen Xro ear ls well ~a -ned ac i war-ant*' act to nr? made ?x;-eerly fn deakag ?airrisu. F ut HSfSS ^ATm MAIL.fiTK.4M 1 Fit, fjra Wye, commander. ? Thia "team ?'.ip wUi de|art wl h the Uui.o-l States mails fur Kurope fnalllval/ on Wcdneeduy, fi. pt. ft, at i2 ./dock M. fr< in her Wrth ut the foot of UjuI ntroot? . >or f" ''fhl or having un<> luallwl accommoda tion* fur elegance and .'unifort, ?i?ly to , UPWARD K. OoUiNVi, M Wall street. ^ I uaengcr<* aro requested to bo on boajdat 10>, o'clock Shippers ploase take notice that the aliipa of this line **? ?i? i carry l"y ^ntraband or war. h? aTl the Poet Offioo ? any other* w ill be returned. The f.Uatiithlp Atomic * ill aucco.d the !' v iflr, and eatl cept. l'J. ' TirE NEW YORK A.VD LIVERPOOL I'NITKn ?TATKS lue fo" o wi tig411 D'e r* ? 'hips composing thia line are t?pt. We*t., <\pt. Oorastock. ? ' v.ap V Ny*- A1 (lUAtrc, CWpt . These shipa ha to been built by contract, expressly for government aervice. Every r*r? ha* been taken In their r'T "lV?n' V.?.'' in th*,r Pugines, to eniure strength and speed and tbrlr accommodation* for possengftra are oneq "ailed for elegu nee and comfort. Price ofpaasagc ?e"l A V i'l'a to ,T,TP??l in firHt rUl" ??hin, *130^ ?*??"? d?., 114; cxcluaive oce or e*tra ?i?> state room, ?326, from Liverpool to New York, 30 and 20 guinea*. An experienced surgeon attached to each ship. No berth secured until paid (or. rnomtm Dtrm or niruxa. r*"1' *?* tout. rw>u urmroou Wednesday,..^!, jj, 186ft. Saturday July 28, 1854. Wednesday,.. Aug. 8,1866. Saturday... ..Aug. 11, 18A6. W? J'frf T> JS68- s*,,lr<i''T,.. ..Aug. 26, 1856. Wednesday,.. s,pl. 6, 186*. Saturday .. . .Hop". 8, 1856. Wednesday, . . Sept. 19, 1866. Sat. inlay .Sept. 22, 1866. Jcdnecday , . . Oct . 3, 1866. Saturday Oct. 8, 1865. Wednesday... Oct. 17, 186ft. Saturday, . . . .Oct. 20 1855 Wedneeday,.. Oct. 31 186ft. Saturday, .... Not. 8 1 855. Widueeday, ..Not. 14, 185ft. Saturday Not. 17 1866. Wednesday,.. Not. 28, 1856. .Saturday, .... Dee. 1 1846 ' ' V,""' ni' IS.?- \?'urilay !>oc. 16) 185ft! ? ? Saturday, ., . ,l>ec. 21# 1866 For freight or pasaage apply to ' brown, smrij^iookf utc^T1' New York" i^?.IWAi^Rimrr)44 ca>lruu"Utt FfUr,> u,nAon UEOROE U. IiRAl'KIt, Havre. The owners of I hone ships will not be aceouutablo Tor i J?*?lry, procioiM x toner or niauui, unl?i? t.Ulrt of lading are niguvd therefor, and the ?aluo thereof theit'in exprenhed. Mtippern, pltai-e take notice that tho shlpn of thi4 Uue eammt cany any goods contraband of *ar. For iJVERPooir? .steamship ictavov, t. cwk eommander ? Tli- now and powerful it toain-r niU -ali aom the Brltlah and North Aiuoi lean lU>al Mail St?-ani ?.C. ? ?""r*n> " dock. J??ey City, on Sutur lay, the ,;b , ' ' money for first clan* pMsctignm .)Ulr, for ?h<>m thi ro [? excellont accoinmodatiMnn, 1100. in duing pr.ivi nmt and uteward'* fee, bat without wiuwi or lwjuora, which can bo obtained gl board. Froij/ht taken at JWa^ nabJ.) rat?-?. Anniy to K. CVNARl), No. 4 Bowllmj (Jreon. For ijveupooi.? bla(*k star i r>T.? tup; spijcn <h.l uew packet ?hip LCCY HIOKI'SON, I'mdl.-tou master, for UVeip.Mil, will sail on lhu.-?.lay Auif.^t .To! bcr regular day. Sho haa uiikui panned accomnu?latlonn lor cabin, nocond cabin and at.'crago p^seng- rd, who *iii be ouppUcd with oooked pjovi?tlon/< Prieoof pmr' V'oin r Tfl., Second cabin .a st-orago ? ;;; ; ; ; ; jj; Kor ja?>ugc apply on board", plVr'io,' ,'i' it.) or' td ' ' SAM't THOMPSON'S NKI IH W, 27ft Pearl utrcet. I>'R I.iwatpool ? ST. r,Et>Rf!E'S I, INF.? TUB CK lebratcd riipj^r ?hip DIUVKlt, 2,60 0 totn burthen vapt. Holberton, will positively nail on ilomlay, Aiufuct *"7. I or panf?i(fe in cabin, Hpcond cabin or Htecr.igc hav ing superior accommodation* t o any \ c-w-1 in port, aonlr on board at pier 8 .Vorth river, or to XiKMAUfKl It JO.Vl>, 40 South street and .'Id Old slip, "XT OTirr . ? FIRST PACKhT KoR UVHtPOOI^-I'.U.'KET mIvJI-, i f"-' "al,,nK p"?*et,hip CON. TKl.l.AlIi i.\. ( ?ptain Allen, will positively all on Monday 2?th iiw(., at 12 o'clock. H.o accorutuo dationn lor all clasnei ol passengers arc unsurpasse.!, K0r ltui sage apply on board, at pier 4ft }Jt-t river or to TAPSOOrr ft C<?., South ?troet. For hayrb via holtuamityi v titk vAvnra bllt European line of steamship-.? The Orst-cbms steamship NOR'lll STAR, 2,300 tons, Warnoek, master will lca\e New York from pier 10 North river, fo<it of ciani hers street, at noon precisely, on Saturday, Sept. 1, for /lA\re, calling Sou*hamuton to Uovi and ' r ^ Flr?t class i assag* to Havre or Southampton >110 second " ?? i< ^ 3? " Nor,h ?91? be fallowed by the Ariel," Sent.' 22. Tho owner of these ves?b, will not bo a "ounUble for gold , slhcr, bullion, sneclw, jewellery, procioiu atonw or (setrua, unless lilils ollaAittg aro siguud lUtrelor, %uu the value thereof tliereln espresaed. Hjie ie and good* taken at nsus] rate?. No freight r* ??i^e<l after noon of the Hay l?fore sailing. No berth s?cur?-.l nntl) paid for. iaitters, prepaid 18V ^en's ji4t half or., will ?>? melted at the office up to 11 A. *1. Of u, ? Oa/ or raU>u# , nUl uv .^T 1 i U ^rr?ng 1d<1U rubber un<ler au l on arrival at .South ampton and Ua?r?, wlii b? imaje-liate.'y <!epo?it?d in p?,/t offices titers. r FarcuU taken, e*eh prepaid, one dollar and npwarda. rum pars <n hajuxii. nan nrw tori. n?>>* iuvu. North sur Sept. 1 North Star Aug. 11 Vlel fi^t. 22 Ariel Selft 1 North aur (let. 13 North Star Sent. 22 ^*1*1 Nov. i Ariel Oct. 13 North Star Nov. 3 _ . Ariel Nov. 24 Theee ?team, Hp. are eUsse-i a 1 at the lu-irance ? IBrK., and spe-le and g?io?ls will bo Insured lu them at as low rales of premium aa lu any ether I'.itainnhlns tka> ero?H the o<-eao. For freight or passage, app|r to ?. TVlRWANm, No. 6 Bewllng lireen, New Yor%. AliliiT N. OiHV-frlK. No. C PU-? de la R?nr*e, Parta. CIIP.YKTTF. STTfTXFSPMANN, ft ?i. No. 27 Qua! Oassrni r Delavigne, itarr*. For bremi'v, \ia soi ttiamiton? tiik 1'nitkd States mall ste?msl,lp HERMANN, y_ JUggi,,, commander, will ?ailfor Hr-w n, touching at SoutSmpl ton to land the mails and peas. ng?r? lor Jjigland and h lance on Saturday, heptriuber 8, at 12 o'clock M from pier No. 37 North river. ' kw<k or ra*>u<ii nuj* >rw vobk to sot nuxiTos ok i i*k ac?. In Bret cabin, mnin saloon In tlr-t cabin, lower saloon ).') , " jj0 In ??econd caliln i ' " to An ejpe !, uce.1 "tir^. u is attached ui e?cii ?t. -imer vr*'i' >l.liv.!< 1 in lluro or I/.n. Ion. All letters must pasi through th" Post Otboe. For pa??a?e ?r freight an ply to i 11. SANK, Agent. 11 South Wlhia.ri ?tr.-?'t. The a)eur - r Washington ?LU ?uoce?.l the Hermann an?l Kail Oct, 6. F)R S'llTHAMITON AND BAVRP. ? T1IK CNITin) Plates maU .tean,. r L'MO.V, R. A da ma, com,nand?r, wtu ieare for Havre, touching at .Soathampt<,? to Unij the malls and paeeengers, on Sritur.lay, August lift at 12 ocloek, from pier So. 37 North rW, tun t of Hea^h ? Ueet. Price -.f [*-age, ?rst cabin, *10 <ww..nd do. ?76. l.'iggrige not wanted during the voyage ?h.,uld t* ?ent on Wa d ibe day tie<orc selling, marke.1 "tiebiw." >io freight will b? taken after Thursday, August 23 f or freight or parage apply to M. UVINfJrtToV, sger,t, M Broadway. The steamer Araga wlii aucenni vhe L'nion and sail September 22. ' J1K IJV>JUt.s?I. ANI) PITH JU)Q J'HTA STTAICTOP , Company intend sailing their faToril- it<*inshib?? J" i't ?ASj( HK-THt 2,1'Ji -on., ? ,pt Wylh,. fT 2^'^M' ?PK, (new) 2,.'?.*J( ton?, ' apt. . CirT Ok WAMIHNOTO.V, do. ?' ,700 ions, dpt. R. Is. Itch. Sal<K/B (90. ?<?6. and iM, acorirding to st..t? rooms. A ilnd'.-d numlier of third cla?s paaaengers will be rii n ? ^llxlelphlaacdUnrpooi, and i>.andiupro?t Ft om Phi la del; hta ?10 ( fVom Urerr^ol . |f to . I'?^>es wlalilng ?> brir^out their frb n ls, can obtain cerUBcatee ol pas^ge ,n.i draft, on IJ.erpo.,1, in snnyi f ?! s erUng and upwards Apply to -AVI I.I. SMITH, ? gent. 17 Halnat street, lltiladelpUa, and No. 7 RroaJ m*f, New York. CAIJF'iRNTA ? I'A^AOK K0-l' RTHt7l P.B duetlon of fares. ? New V< rk and ( alifornia* sU'am ?hip line, via Nicaragua A?C*s-o ry rransit 'ornpany, of Nicaragua proprietor ? rhrough in ? !ran ? ol the uutil ? 7')0 mil' s shorter any other route, aT'dd.ig t!.e deadly lanattia fever and two miles oi danger- is boating in 1 an/.ma Pay. Ka'e? fare through *.7Hai, p, ?nrwe IncluditiK the I Bius erasing ? 1 irst C;il<in, ?l7.r. aeeond eabtn. ll'Ji ????? rag? ?.'*). The aplandfl d ?u |e engine sieanishfp MAR 'if I1IE W>K1 i.' t/4 ton* biiid' O i aptain Ttirts-r, will leave pier No. I North riser, at 3 o 'chick I' W. pre<-is.>)y, for Ptin'a A i- n*? n Wednesday, Sept em I er ?, la.V?. wuh th* steamship ( ortes, 2 W) tons t urden >ser the N'l -arag .a 1rae> it route, having but t?<ilv< mii'? .f land trans,-, tatl' n by first class carriage. For iaf' <ma', n or pat >ag? at the ro.l'iced rat. t apply only u. CHAS. W tikJA.V, Agent, No. 2 Howling 'Irsen l>*tt?'r t^i^rs .uad up at tli# office. Stamps 1 letters tak. n lor ent? a h. ACPTRA1JA? PI0N1XR IJVfc- f. ARRVINO Til.. I S. Mail? The nsw anl oeaotiful ?l.p|?r ahia IllA'V SEA, I), (ate, maetar u, w at her berth put f#, R . ?l!l p<aitively sail .? rr IV re 1st 4cptamber. The aec mmedati.-na for a lin..'- <1 numbs r < f pasaonw* arc on 'he m st appr>rve?l principles f r light vrntllation and e> mfort, being all to leek. The aue?e?? ,.f '.h*- neer Jne slkte Ita first cctabUahmeat f. ,ir yiaraikgo la perbape anpr*cMent?d ? & o serloua ac i.lent hav'ng <>? ured, and O" ela.m having been ma-le n ths in a r.nje ..fficea, ? hlle th" Uiouaamla of paa??ng>ra absolute]/ no ?Wknees baa be? o known The advao'e^ea of empe , ing flrat claas ahipa anl experienced eommarel?rs la l'aa..n? trated by the following remarkable [ a?*age nersr Meal ed fr"tn Una coiintry ? Hhi|? Oc.-an ^teod 88 dare ' /'?* Scud. 76 days w.ndeai l, 87 lava .ftghtiagaie ^4 days. Uertrudc, t?0 day*. The Ifla. ? ftm w.ii be r,?! eacded by the clipper 'ark Nlmrud, on her third v ya*e to sail or ' Lefrwe let <fOe(..h?r The last aail.i^r sh e an>talia t>rr "ydnev, with* 4iapat"i, n-.w I ?<i ?* P'er 12, t R. fur freight r ,-.?a? are apt ly aa b<**d er to a. W. CAMtROM. 6 IV.w'.ng <.re.?, rVITEI> <-TAT? MAM n. t M HIP TV .yp \ vv_r>iH Havana and New Orlean*,? 'in M r> 'sy p ,? <*-r 8 at 2 P. M., ft' tn pier foot >.f Warren -tre.^ V H the fast and fae.,rlte stean.-hlp <?RAN'AI?A, <aptal i " P ?.ri<nn, will sail as above P* an he - rH at the

fsmpany'. office. Prejg^t to N.w w e?,, peT cubWfosrt, reeaivadTkureday A , 0 -bitper- wOl l* ,?PP"?<1 With blank b(La of f th' f -r . . swl by the tv-cr.pcny, ?o .pp!.. ation at their offl e N'.? "th ?f r#r tr.m *n*i d> hj.i* nt if ham ? J r# ?iff*#*' aPer -he boor f..l i0g P?f, ?Kf, at tbc office e* (??tt.pan/ 177 ?- ra?t n-'m' k. 9 ^ j T UiUVUIO. EKDOCED I TIICRJ FOUR 1IOCRH FROM mUN to 0<-eau. by I muiitii Railroad* ? M>al. f^roi bo I to I'.eerage pa.v*i ^rn on tin. Utbio i* <>n" haoditd Ibn. baggage free? Through f r Cuiif ma. >U l'aiuuiia Kalkoaa? -No cholera on thi* route Th*' t'niU'i ? lu(<? Mai! iltuuhlp Company Intea I to de?p*t h for A. i pin wall, on Wednesday, fcept. 5, it 2 o ' lock P. M. jire ly, fiom |Jur foot of Wan en ?traet North rir> r, the well known an.l fuvnri.e ?tcain-hip GK6R0S LAW. CkpUiii A. G.Gray. Paaacngera jod mail* ?111 U forward'*! by I'aiuuua Huilroad and connect at 1'auama with onouf the Pacific Ma il H'uumhlp Company'* magnificent <te.uaahJ|>i1 which Will ba In rou'llnfrvi and leave UiiuMdlately fur rtm Kruu. Uco, they will embark frm of ex pen e from the n w pi' of the Railroad Company. The public arc Inform" I that the P. M. S. S. Company always linvt- one or mure > itra ataawern lying at I'hmiiii ready for -.a, to avo.d any poaeilde detention of paaMllgar * 01 nuiU. Kor jut -? ?<<? apply to I. W. RAY HON 1 1, at tin' only utUcc of tli<- 'Oin panic*, No. 177 Went afreet, corner of Warren, Near York. First cuitek kor has riUNnsoo? otARAN tecd to nail on or before Tuesday, the 4th of -Wifh tembor. ? The splendid A1 first ela?* -clipper fdilp lit At'K WARRIOR, Murphy, master, it now rapidly loading at Pier No. 8, taut river, and will positively hjuI an at?>v>*. Shippers arc reuuciitcd to complete their eng;igemcnU befure Turtday, 28th Aupu?t., on tbo fbip i* expect ed to flninh 1" I'lin/ on or before that lay. BUTTON k CO., 58 South street, corner of Wall. STAR I.INF KOR SAN FRANCISCO ' TUB Hl'LENDID clipper thip KMII.Y FARNl'M, Parker, commander, ic now at her berth, pier T.', K. It receiving cargo, and having a Kood portion on board and large engagement*, wili meet with early de-patch. Shipper* will plea** bear la mind that, lli i.s iii one of l?eo. llayne'i celebrated white ouk ' lilp*, combining groat ?trenglh. with beauty ol model, npecd and % cry superior ventilation, and *he cunnot fail to make a \ery ijuick pa?o?tf'', and 1 liver h-r cargo iu tine order. Wn Invite -hippeiH to .-eo hor, and examine bei thoroughly Itefoie making engagement)* ebt-where. freight*, for a few ilayM, will lx! taken at low rate*. Apply to WM. T. COLKMAN fc 00. , HI Wall it reel. STEAMSHIP Qt AKKK CITY THK AMERICAN STEAM *blp Conij any offer lor dale tlieir stijx'rlor aldewheal Hteaniahlp Quaker City, built in 1864. The bull, by Vatighun ft I.ynn, it diiigoojilly braced throughout, and copper (a tened. I<ength or deek '2MI f"?t, ri-ginter ima ? uri'inent 1 4?8 tO-l)f> toif. The maohinerv by Merrick It Soli". Ilia engine la a low preeoure *ido fever mariuw. Cylinder 8& Intliea In diameter, eight feet xtrokn. four iron tubular boiler*, ;tnd Li furnialied with I'lMttou'ii frtwb wati r ronileutcr. Cabin accommodation* ol the mo-t ele gant deitcriptlotm, with large and diry itaterooia'<; 1? pro vided with lile boatn, Hfe pro .errent, Ji.v , in accordance with acta of CongtoM relating thereto, Kor speed, safety and comfort ?be is e jual to any steamship iu the CniUid Ktates, as no expense has been spared to make her Ural class in her construction. She N no* in order for imme diate service. Kor further particular*, Inquire of Capt. J .A MLS H. lltil^IKtN, tlio ONLY aiilliorix?"l agent for the ?l?, on board Ihn ship, tbove > lue itroel, iu tbo port of I'llil.AlH.l 1 I I1IA. IMS HAVANA ANI) MEW f)RIJCANH TI1K I'VITKD 1 State* mail irteamahlu CAIIAWIIA, H. W Sliufcldt, commander, is now receiving freight, and will sail at I' ll. precisely on aturdav, August ^6, fr-nn pier 21 North rivtr. U\ 1NGST0N, CRlM lIUtON k CO., J1 Uroadway. N'(/T1(T.? T<> ACCOM MODATK SIUPPWW TII>: STE.VM sliip CAIIAWIIA will not rail until it o'clock P. VI., Instead of 1'^ M., her UMial hour. IJWR SAVANNAH ASIt FL0RID4 omss STATW Mnil I inc. ? 11,0 new %nd elegant steamship fl / ? KlbA, Capt. M. S. Woodbull, will U-ato N'<w York Tor Savannah on Saturday, August 26, from pier No. 4 North river, at 4 o'clock P. M. IrtlU of lading si^rne 1 on bmrd. Kor freight apply on b< ard. or for passage to S.V.MI 13. 1.. Mli.CI.'il.I., lii liroadway. For Klori'lo, through tickets from New York to Jacksonvillo, $-11 , I'Uatka, l-U. The Augusta sill Micu-cd and leave on We?'.u'*>l.iy, Aug. 20. FOR SAVANNAH ? KARK HHICfll). ? THK U.VITD States mail ateaiushlp -TATE OF OIJOH0IA, ('apt .1 .t (jarvin, will Icive I hllad-ltihin for uvanuah on Wwlne dav, Aug. 2C. at 10 "'' lock A. M. Fare, tJ) steerage, M. Iho KK.Y-TONK HTAT1 wlllleaveai on Wednesday. Hept ft. Agents In Sew York, SCRAN' TlA' A- TAiJJtAN, l'? Old -lip, v, hero -uter'siin ? ui.iy b?' secured. IV?R CIlARUJ Tt?V ami I l/illIKA.? KKMI-WEKKI.Y ( nited States Mail liti''. ? The n- w nuigolncent and very fast going ateainer NA-HV]I.1>.. VI lierry, eorn mander, will leave pier No. 4 It., on sa'urda.v, Aug. ili> at 4 o'clock, P. M., precisely, lor freight apply on board, where ail hills of lading will be signe<l, an 1 for panuige (b' r acoiuimodalions for ili gaie-e and comfort iwiiig u 1 1* oiiallisl;, al Uio i Hice of S1*<J| l'< )RI>, l llji- p IN k CO., 2U liroadway. Tiirough tickets to Florlila as fol low a : ? To Jacksonville, to I'Uatka, V~i. Thefloatb erner, T. l'.wan '"omiuaiider, will hu>. :'s>i an I l?i\? on Wednesday, SV'th. "Vrt/riCK SI KA MSHII' JAMJMIOWN IN (XiVSF. ^31 ouence of the quarantine regulations with regard to N< rtnlk and i'ortsmoatb, this ship will sail nil ?'atur day, ?">th Augict, mrei t for I'ichiuoud without g'ling t" Norfolk. Passengera lor the latter place mill l? laii'led it Old Point < "uji rt, or they e.?(i pre i-e>l South, via I'n tersliurg, aithout deUntion, aitli a* much eij*Illion and ns cheaply a* Via Norfolk. Paterslmrg passengers v* ill bo ?eot upas usual, by railroad Irom City I'mut. lw?|r ?nd fare to i>|.l rolul, ?s to r?U ,-W* ?r McU mond, $10; Peerage ball price, lluough tickew to l.ytich long, >14; through tickets to the V irgiui i Spi ? ''g?. 1. 1 1? l^A'l k II J -AS A. NTS, o . Uroait>iay. No fiei^bt ? >u l?? r? ceheii for N< rfolk. IrtoR aoHufB sruantDMrn fast n?un 1 OKXfOH cj,n I* chartered fur WMtVioM> A,. ply to WIIJJAM IjOGKWOOD, 17 South .tre< t or to I ,p 'am William II. Wood, on board the boat, at the foot of Twelfth street, Ka?t river. HOI/MKM, ROOM*, AM'., WA>TKl>. ijSCi / 1/ ki i "K MO-OOO? WANTKD. TO 1*1 R rtiaur, n u'\r?\y l frw? ?U?n<* front nutaiulng th? a Improw u?nt? mi'i Jn ? ir*x>d I'x alilv |.?r whirli will f<? given in |wvni? nf C'H^h $'J ?)0?? rrmly iind?> rl? .tliinjr 4-1 00" un l morttfi?jfw for li.? btUtcc Apply to ) IIAW.V, Oreeo? i''h -tr? * t . 4 iiKNTl.KMAN', IIH WCfK AMI ISKAST WANT JV. ? r? oin *n>l uufarrit*<h*-'l, *h?r? Hut* 1* i??it mort than on# f?r tw?? fauiili* - in the how*", an i in Hi* lower Ifxirt 'it tbc citj A'l lio ???4} stji?-iri|( t. rni wbl<-h n?ui?t iiio?lfr?tr, ?tid 1< nation ?uit, N. .X N H? r.i!?l ? U <?. A1^I?Y WOULD LIKE TO RKNT A llol vF or V K? atktnftQ, who ?<>uM o? i'm?y |#art "f ft f'?r tli* rent un?l hin b<>?rd. A?Mr*-- A. N. Hrovlwtir JVm! oll re, with r?al name ami fU?f?*r*iK? < r?'<juir* I I^l HNMIKh mim WANTKJ^IN A >1Xt$AHT . n*)g]tbOfh<H><). A iinall .m l nemUjr furrw*h?i b > in tVi* 'ij'p* r part ? f 11 * city, wbi' h x pric* will Lm <>? Would )iurr|tih. ?? Hou?<? tu<l furtiUur*- ?->r nii-li, if tioM !? w. AddrcM fiuwlaii'l ofljr#*, "fatiii* location an?J tfrm*. I>AiU Of A mvm WANTKD.? WAXTKO, BV A u'U uitui an<1 1 i? wif* without family, t!i?? im ,??<! Door of a bona* in a lo< itfty tfi? ^uutwritb or fr ight**ntt? *?riln pi*?f'rr?^l K+t*rvwi ? i hx?ri/? I A'!4r*-<. Mtaticg tern ? an?l locati ?n, I'. V It ft*,* I ^i7 l 'o*f o/ffr*. IJAKT Oh A Ho! -K WANTWwa -MALI, FAMILV of tfrowri person* wi h U\ obtain four or eiv?? r<'?^rIi^ I u a r*?y-?etabla mi|flifiorho<Kl tu tr th?? ??nti ?? f city. A'i?ira?e, l?fatin^ tenia wh.- h in i?t N n. Wr%u ?, I ' in* tic, car* of Aaron -warta, Cbath.fin re !**#?? \ itan n i1 ? a smali . r !>.** m km nv ? M If ?il to ? ijcht r? oil! - 1' ati'?t? 111 |i ? . yn i * f tl t* ii or Wall tr*?-* f*rria^? a ?'|ttiet laeati<m an* f <?' 1 n? i?hU>rh< M. Apf.iy min?**?liat? ly *t It *>j?*r? 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II AC K I TT - in ?onic Of lilH original and ni.iet popular character* f^r ii few uighLa, and prior to hi* departure ag.iin for l.urop. . TUIH Kvkxino, At'Ot'W 1 IjIVI N??.in ??? JUtf VAN W INKLE and TIIK KENTI'OKIAH. Mowvat? MKKRY WIVW OF WINDSOR, and U?t night |?,t four of the far?*. il engagement of Mr. ????*** '? Ticket* M cent*. For nartlenlari ??? ?ma? bill*. Pour* open at 7 , performance ..?mmeiioea at IV _ M~ KTKOI'OIJTAN THKAIItK. *KW V-I1K. ON TltK an "I MriMMBiTl Un- eminent French Trajpdi^nn#, HA* II Mm . . . f I dupt^rte.1 hj a full company of <lb.ti' ngtiji * *A Kr\ ?f th? prtn'-iral pi?'"? <o Im< p?i formed by th? HK4?Ar? ConrA>T in the i,riuci|*l eiUe* of th? I uit* I State*. __ ? 1)1 >UAl*FH and POl.YKt 1 1 K ?,y C<)K.>?ilx?i rlUJlKK, BAJAZiit aud AMlUOUA^It h,w?nLs Tit AGKI'iro ? MAKII -Tt AUT, by lJ?-r, J KANSK U'AK<\ by Soi*rr; YIH*?INlt-, byl^TOtu Y MUM A--AI.K.IXSE 1.W ^ ^"I'UUXK Uixit VK, AXUFJit, by V,.T,H 11 lul l. v Ai?AM.R?i In ?*!?; IAUY TAItit-ns an \jt Wfait IH H. by ?u?r. C0MFJ.IK5WTAUU IFF, otiiY ?,v MouKHis, KK f-Anu' ?s r>y /1" Ml Jn fix I>nori>i UK l.'ll'-MMF, by JlUM on I ?? "xSVi'lJC MAUI UK M VKFU: .*r.,kc. Full partkulam of tbe llrtt ,? rf .ruianc, prl ? million, Ac., will b? given In a !? ? 't?y?. Lt'ITI.K ( OKDEUA HOWARD |V rvcu; V >M CAWV At tlx- ItnOOKI.YN Ml .-Ft M, lue-.Uy. *'K' ,H?.ed b y I.e. par-n.-, Mi .and Mr-. tlo?a.d, M. in, I j|r- H. Wiatt. Mr. r. V ..x and c>ni|-any 17XTRA AllVFJni.-l Ml N'T i. NIHl.oS oAKI'IN. . In eon -eq lien re of the ImnKU* SujC, cf the .niUi R,m.nticl.lryO^.NOfKKKLIA( r'I>'' '"y'^'y^si/HAiUa-'iN ?'iVM'A\V, it v,l!l bi" t? rftvruu on uti I r \! A'i*f ? -* ?'? K\Vi i'y kmSimj III lilV'. THi: ITtRAKH i W V 1 v' N" H',V" ' rallelpd attraction* for -at<ir>.?y at in night A u '"jJj v, |. V I r <il' Ml-.' FA s N Y ? ? 't !>'. . n ?l 1 h occasion a <i*bi l,i:- I: '** f!* . ' r f I JTV Y<M NO Midi - Will r In the Model Artlrt.- and ??' ? ? teen '?Oiiginal Mting I 0 1. a..v . ' ^ ' ) ' ?lirii k ' haj pb". "l anlora * . ' , ^ lor tli i- -e ? a-l"ti only Uemeinb. r t.? da>? all ru 3, evening at 'i before ?? t v. r? i 1 1 I \ wemi-T- oi tl.e .'irty aret. ? - ? d '? " ' I '? tually at 4^0 Mro'i'iaay '{>' ? ???X > , w ; "? , ? cju i -!? ??- ? > r.^r lue-di.) evening, ^1 ? >> ^^;.ry ^|7~MAMM<mi Tl? W CAUVnHN-IA-ma -.-w tax: - ?? Juri. lU.'". are -HHon -hiUU-n. Door, own from ? A M. unli' 7 ?'? M. AdinU?lon ib e?uU, thU .ten b*l pri'#. G"( RA5D hTHIQ.T II A 1 1 .. VX <iHAN'D ?JTHWI r f, . I .-.I tlUMMIt Vi ' ' ?<?.!>? I> gr at , ! ntvbt Al O, lu...' .rol'a "? "V " ; I anee- Tl e llungarUn Wartd. i - the * bp. ? ui ? n?. iKi'e lepf.4 de Ollva, .ill. rro?de.l h.iu ?' r j the j.ei fmn?l.ce Keuuiou U II""'' <**? 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