Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD m WHOLE NO. 6939. APfEETlSEMEHTS K?SEtflB^t?irDAT7 SEW Pl/BUCATIO??. f\T IN , EY AJ U >s LS" AMERICA? PRICK 12 H CKNTit I T with remark* upon temperance, (H* foundation,) I intemperance (its caur-e* and remedlee J the culture of lth? grape Tine In the United States, and other matter* of importan. ? to rich and poor. By John Ottborn, of Oporto, in Portugal, and New York. For aale at No. 45 Baa vet ?treet, New York. Copies transmitted free to any part of the United State* on receipt of fifteen cents in po*tag? ?tamp*. *|TriI I. nF. READY F<m DEIJVERY SEPTEMBER 1ST? f ? Lipnincott's Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World, or Geographical Dictionary, containing a greater amount of matter than any other single volume In the English language. Edited by J. Thomas, M. I>. and T. Baldwin, assisted by sereral other gentlemen. The above work, (upon which over five yearn of continued labor and re search, with a Iar?e outlay of money has been ex Bded.) has not been published merely to supply deficiencies of existing Gazattcer*, but to furniah a Geographical Dictionary which should be as com prehend \ c in it* design, as perfect in it* arrange |ment, snd as complete am) accurate Ln its execution ma the best dictionary of the English language. Among the many claims to superiority which thia work has over laU others of the kind are the following : ? 1st. It is a [Pronouncing Gazetteer. ? feature a* essential to the com pleteness of a Geographical Dictionary, a* to a dictionary of the huglisli language. 2il. It contains abort1 20.000 more geographical names than any other gazetteer of the world. And the notice* of all important places will also be found far more full and satisfactory than in any other similar work. 3d In regard to accurracy and recentn?sa lot information it will be found incomparably sujierior to' |erery other. We might bare hurried this work through the press to forestall other* commenced long after ours was in progress, but wo could not be tempted to wairo a |t> ingle leature of excellence reqo.ring time for its per itenon. The ' Pronouncing Gazetteer, or Geographical Dictionary," contain* abwve 4,100 page*. Price, in strong leather binding, $0. Any person remitting $6 will re Iceire the work in two volumes, bound in cloth, free of lof postage. J. B. Limit COOT* CO., (late Upptneott, hiramboiCo. ) publishers, Philadelphia. Orders resiiect ully solllcited. . LEUAL NOT1CK8. ttUPRKMi: OH KT? I.N THE MATTER OF THE KNICK kj erbocker Bank of the city of New York Notice to stockholders and creditors. ? The receiver of the above turned Imnl , having reported to this court a true and Mcurato list and statement ot the person* who, since the lit of January, 1850. were stockholders thereof, thi> nominal amount of stock held by each, and the residence f ench. no fur a* the tame can be ascertained, public lotice is hereby given, th-it the undersigned has been appointed by the Supreme Court, referee, with directions, ?after giving notice to all persons concerned,) to appor tion the debts and liabilities of said bank contracted after lie let of January, It'jO, and remaining unsatisfied fmong the said stockholders rateable in proportion to aelr stock according to the principle* of the statute in uch cure wade and provided. Notice i* also hereby given, that the matter* so refer 4 to me will beTieard at my office, in the Trinity Bulld og, No. Ill Broadway, In the city of New York, on the 8th d*v of September next; at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, t which time I shall proceed to hear the allegation < and ?proofs of nil parties und persons interested in the matter ?referred to me, and particularly to ascertain the persons ?who are chargeable as stockholder* for the debts and Viabilities of J-uid bank, contracted as afore?ud, and the mount chargeable to each, according to the rules and principles declared in the statute. Notice is also hetebv given, that the amount of liabili P"?h thtii' to be apportioned amoug bald htockholders, is 0.246 04, aud that the llatof stockholders, among whom ? Apportionment is to be made, is in my office, subject ?j the examination of all parties interested. Notice is also hereby given, that the following are the ime* of stockholders Contained in the report of thn re ?wl*er, who?e residence Is not ascertained to be within he county of New York, but who are reported as liable o the said apportionment of the debt) and liabilities of he bank:? .Vfcar.i, * Share t. J.M. Atlertoo, Jr.... . 40 Lockwood k Keltli.. .. 100 1. A. T. AMi.? 4 Krurft'riLymajioftioston 141 ugrustu* Allcond 30 Wm. B. Uudrine 40 riQfem Brown 20 John J. Msble 32 '? J- Berger 3 John L. Mandovllle. . . . 8 . B. Brady 4 Benjamin Mclntire.. . . 16 (Brown.l'almer fcDwight 40 Sunuel J. M. Merwin 80 erard R. Beckman. . .. 2o John McClaro 10 Ifohn Butler 20 J.P.Morgan 20 '*?#* Bowers, Jr 4 Paul McHinney 20 Kdward Babcock 41 John Mason 4 Bernard * Rider, or I ? Jacob Miller M ird Ridden J David Montelth 40 8 J. Williams Mead A 200 K. Morris 40 imei royd 30 ? Hector Morrison . 10 ? oortney k McMullin . . 8 Caleb Miller 4 ? . 11 ? McCarthy k Allen 10 ? Clwiriton 4 Co... 10 Maude?! lie. . . . 21 ?vlward B Cobb 40 Philip Meghan 26 ? ooper k Van Zandt. . . 20 Jacob B. Moore 40 Abraham L. fox 80 Etenore Macijuet . . 4 ?Ml Clark 40 Mrs. Jane Maden M ?tnn Augusta Cobb., .. 43 Hannah M Nicholson. 40 VohnH. Clark 40 J. W. Nicholson 4 itxabeth Cram 26 Thomas W. Neubowld . 20 m Chamberlain 40 J. k J. W. Ogdt-u 40 ohn C. Campbell 00 James W. ogden 40 '?trick Callnghan.Trus- Jamet Owens -JO Me 20 E. Orerbaugh 60 My Child* 28 Joseph B. Flnsdu ..... , 4 ?son B. Oineman 50 Peck k Martin 20 ?lixaClineman 44 Alexander W. Palmer. 80 ?avid Coleman 40 Frederick C. Parker... 3 ame* N. Crow . . 10 Kli'ha 11, Phelps.,, 164 8 William Pool *50 ?AKfcaK 'V.v Jnm?? 1'irnle 08 J55PS R t<lark 80 William K. Price 30 Polin B. Cornell 24 Roberts, Wetmore k Co. 4 alM* P. Cunningham. 20 CUrk Hogers 60 - j*- Campbell 60 Theodora Rogers 40 lohn He Ruyster, Jr... 40 Eljenezer Rogers 4 H-forrl* M. Baviilson de- James .' lee ve 20 ceased 20 Francis Rider 40 ?*anae! Pante 100 C. H. Redmond 20 R. Del Yecchio. .2226 John Ross 44) aron lVxter,... 21 Klisha Sherwood 20 ??muel R. Downer... . 40 Catharin- P Smith .... 2tl . R. Dill 40 Piatt Sherrill 4S ? lenry Dubois 400 Robert Smith 20 ? loses C ? si ward h 182 Francis Smith 12 Brands H. Fleming... 5 Adna H. Southw'ick] . . 80 ?me* P. Fish 40 William F. Schmidt 40 ?"inch, Sanderson k Co. 280 George W. Savage .... 150 Inch, Johnson ftShcp- K. B. Strlle 12 80 Joseph W. Saviie .3318 tepben Jl. Gtimstead. 12 I^etitia Savage 222 !. Gibbons.. 8 John J. Schuyler 80 fohn Giileland . . . . ... 40 John Sunibourne ho me* (ireene* Edward Stirling k Waltou .... 20 ?.?!!beock 34 A. J. Spsrks 20 ?Villus A. C. Green. .. 400 Thomas Sett 30 ?bnnlbal H. Green 4o0 kliza 1*. .Sandford 20 fp. Glblions 40 Thomas Mnith 30 bert Hemming* ay.. 190 Joseph W. Savage, in ?Iter ?. Kurd 50 trust llr 400 w 'Taicott:::; & llliam M. Hosier.... 28 William H. Th orue. 20 ?nhn Hopper 47 Peter D. Tallnun.... 10 enjaniln B. Hosier. . . 16 Charles A. Thompson. 10 phC. Hosier 20 Richard T e*?...... g e* Ha Hoc k 4t) Joseph Thurst^tn 70 llliam Holmes 4 I^vl W. UlT/rd ' 20 enlaminF. Howe.... 60 John Van Bosktrck.'.' 20 B. fljddrt 20 George Van liuaklrk.. 20 hn J. Hicks 20 Jacob Van Wagoner.. 28 H. Jones 1 William Vermilye* . 40 ? ?rri?on Jones 40 Henry A Ventrii.... g \?e 10 George Webb 400 >hn Jackstm 6 Richard Witty 4 slker R. Joluuon.. 60 Samuel Wallace 16 tme* L. Johnson.... 20 Thomas J. Well. 20 ha Johnson 40 (harlei W. Wilson. . 10 lomaa Jennings ... 45 Freder'k W. W?terbury 40 ?>ck.von ft Hopper ... 4 Sarah F. Wheaton ... g +* Jitcason 4 Jobo Williams 4 H. Jones... M Winne k Burgess.,,. 26 "i ? J.'A v. * Cortland, Wood A Co. 200 . H. Keith A Co ... g Maria Waring 1Z 80 MUs Mary Ann Walt-n .16 KeU.W 130 Miss Georgette Walton 36 i*?,* 30 Mis* Catharine J. E. ?Iveoter T. Kellogg 31 Walton.. . 20 <ao* B Iamb?rt. . .. 28 Mis* Sarah Walton.'.' 20 'hn B. lawrence... 40 Agnes Stewart Walker 20 ugaret I.ydecker. .. 16 Voungs k Howell M ?eph Is.ngklng 24 F. Yenln ' 40 hn liddeu 10 William B. Young ... 80 mm Ijiwranc* CO N. B ? The for.gcing contains the names of those |ockholders onlv Who re-H^ out rt the WBI7 of Rn ork, or whose MUHN la unknown and doet not in ttde tho.? *ho-e reMden ?? is known to be in the city J. W. EDMONDS, Referee. Trinity Buildings, 111 Broadway, ?N?w Yo.k. Augu.t 24, 18W. OCtXISTft AHD AURIHT8. )tRIMi MY I.ATK Vl-IT To Kl KOI'K, I OBTAIVKf) aereral new instrument of incalculable vain# in oiy eciallty? Pemarrc'* oplhalinoicope which enable* tb? ullat )o l<i?k Into the intoriorof the eye and ??? the op l wm* and retina la amauro*U. and the lea* in inci eat cataract: the equally extraordinary apeculum It thing into the drum <>f th? ear, the ?unla'hlan tubea d throat needle* for rfliwtfM cataract, with tpaia danger the regulator for nqulntlnf , artificial ?ftoi for InMantly reatorln* hearinr where the it* of tlie ear U perorated or loat; artificial eye*, which r>k an 1 more <n?ctly like 'he natural, fcc. After twenty rear?' eit.-nnlTe practice and experience, Indpally id tLi? city, and my recent <>b?erTat(on? dur f mj foreign tour, I Wa?*. it *111 not he ileetned uaha win* in me to ?T that I c naid~r my -elf competent treat all thoae wbn may place thenivlre* under my re ukUftallr afiit to attend to them every advantage at can be obtained in eithar hemi-phere By meani of r new instrument* each cane become* prteetly ( lain d rleihle Patient* who hare been dUconraged and ?arled trarellinf from one phyaic.ian to ano'h'-r.'may nmilt me with a p?iitive fcMurance, that at all evente ?T Wtll he told with trnthfulne?? what their .|l?c*?? ally l?. and whether curable nj otherwise. At home wn ? to 11 and from 2 to 4 o'clock daily. J AW? W. pown.l., M D., Oeuhat. Anrl.t k , (01 ft-oadtra^ ophite U"t % NijkvlM, ^ WHTIClf* J^?0yAT,O*a AIUSKJCAN " D/OIOORA Cooper fcheril? Cr Stephen V auoatraod Conimis'r of iiej*irs and SappUa* . . ianiel W ^VorrU 'Dr. Wilhelm. Coroners , Dr. August Foresche. ' ' John Brown. ... , Thomas Wheelan governor of Almshouse If tlliam F. Havemeyer ^orporatiou Counsel fheodureli. Tomllnson. ntreet Commissioner j. Meecb Hmr a,y 'n?prctor P. Jehaeon c ? Jt'DOBJ. supreme Court JainesT. Brady. fluperfor Court / Jonas B. 1'hifflpn. ? . . I Richard Husteed. Marine Court Welcome R. Beet*-. ? tourt of Common l"leas George .Shea. sin-atom if. d'*t . I'avid O'Keefe. 6th dist . . K. Arthur Bailer 4th " ..John Commerford. tltli " . . Alexander Ming AflBKMULtMSV lilt di*t . .Michael Ryan. 10th di*t . .Oeorge Weir. :.u ? ?<??/'? McCartb y. lWh " ..Jno. Cunningham VJi. i, ??Cb1'utien Woodruff 14th " , .Tho*. J. Mun.lay ?!h ? :;aWrSS&. 16lh " ArkhurW^ AIUKRMXJV 4th ward, .Bart' w Healer. l?th ward. Wm. J.tfaakett. ' ' M' McLaughlin. 18th '? . .Chie. Partridee 14ui u 201,1 " ? Jobn'wST^ ' MU? ..Micl Tourney. 22d " . . If. IJebeaeau. or ?* Axkiucax D**ooia,t? Adopted by ili n*tt,eu * C?Dtrtil Committee, August 17, 18.55: Where** .Our city. State and I'nlon hit* been brought to a Jv??table condition, the prosperity and peace 0f ^ tn nnd the principle* of our hither ? 11 .Kf . republic ^ government almmt lost night of by eli rating to office corrupt and selfish charlatans, and by a get or fanatic* and unprincipled men, uttering trea sonable sentiment*, and legislating against the moat vilal principle, upon wLich our free Institution* rest.nd where** we hare ample reason to believe that the go ? Europe have been tampering with the cor runt politicians of thui country, U> nrouw the spirit of ret Ifgfous intolerance and national antipathies against those who seek a home upon our shores, in order to prevent the emigration of their working claas, and check the growth of our nation, whose rapid accumulation of me in ner:. an,) the increasing sympathy manifested for our in stitutions, ha* made every monarch tremble upon hi* throne; and, whereas, the time ha* passed away for the tollworn workingmeu to t>e the mere tool* of crafty poli tician*, jobbers of the laborer's *weat and toil, and be i nly beggars upon the outer step* of the temple of liberty and, whereas, the system of conducting the primary elec tions of our city has become so corrupt as to preclude the possibility of securing the nomination of men who respect the ri^ht* of the working claaaeti, or who feel ?n honest infert at in the prosperty of our city and country ,hrrp|,^f Htdf'P< the following resolution* as the basis or our political action:? Resolved, That we stand to-day where all good and true citizens have eve r stood, on the broad platform of the con stitutlon, the holy legacy of our fathers, not knowing bet ter rules of political action than are embraced within it* provisions. 1'erfect iu itself, it require* no implication or construct on-the rights of the people are equally pro tected and in language which cannot be misunderstood, infill ' \C, Imy iitr,ct "'"?"J'fnce to th? *olemn injunction of Washington in hi* farewell address by frow ning indignantly on everything calculated to never the t nion or weaken the bonds which hold the great family of the States together. Resolved, That every one who makes our country his home, sii l? cubes to the constitution, and conform* to the laws of the land, is in the fullest sense a true American and the man who would abridge his fellow this right on account of his nativity or rellgioun faith, connives at the defeat of our liberty, nnd interferes in a matter betwen man and his Kod. teit,ipr federal government nor . tate have nny right to alter, change or restrict the na turalisation law in such a manner as to hinder the immi gration of industrious moral and intelligent foreigners, lhe L'eiiaration of Indejiendence state*, a.< an imrsach ment ofOeorge 111., that "he hat endeavored to prevent the population of these States ? for that purpose obstruct ing the laws of naturalization of foreigners, refusing to pas* others to encourage their migration hither, and rais tng the conditions of new appropriations of lands. Resolved, That the systsm of contracting public work ?fe ?J greatest ei ils against which free labor has to contend ; is u burden to tax-pn/erH, a sinecure and pas ture for corrupt politician* and contractor's to grow fat on public plunder and the earnings of houe?t labor. It ?a ? public nuisance, a legislative swindle, under the false pretext of economy, robs in the moat profligate manner our cltv, State, and national treasuries, and, neverthe less, always furnishes inferior work. This fraudulent system ought to be abolished, and that of perforinlug the work bv day labor substituted in its stead. Resolved, Jh?t while the system of contracting public work continues, contractors should be compiled to pay mechanic* and laborers the standard wages of their trade or calling Resolved, Tint the connection now existing between the present corrupt banking system and the State ought to be dissolved, as an unjust and anti-republican pieroga tive. whose power of mischier is greatly enhancel by the . tate reagnulng bank issues a* money. Resolxea, riiat the Prohibitory liquor law passed by our last legislature is maliciously entrenching on our personal rights, seriously injuring the interest* of ? ^r.Fi*""?fourci,iwDS' an" grossly violating the con Jrtitution. It is the first practical experiment to estab lish a despotic and arbitrary power ; and whatever may be our views upon the subject of using spirituous 'ujuors as a be\erage, it behoove* every good citizen who vahi?? our liberty, to raise his voice :igala,t the propagation of abstinence by the argument offorce Rianlved Ihatth. growth of intemperance mi<rbt waterUUy checked by the enactment of laws rC'/UUifff all in liattor nma* ? ? ? -t , ,,r,'^r1/ '"h*! 'hekind*nd quality of llquorVirby'them0 , HT 'T1' the evil of land monopoly should be ?a'^rwmiM'"1", development by the eimctment of a in*hi^Stau e <1UU" r tbal m*y h#rPttft*r be acquired K'r'r? T,hit th* Sta,? Rhould enact Uws making it Working i^.plc ?u, ?f their just wageM for laf>or p^rform<^l. Resolved, Tliat the existing charter of thi* city is a ?i, .1?, pernicious instrument and should ti ,ub thefotW.-7? new ?Pf , embracing, am rig other things, the foUowing prnpo.itions:-). That the people of this irfe?eoci r.KnT VTir ,,,rn 1,>C&1 from in ' . J , **. ?''? Z Ihat the '"*t?latlve and S depirtaients Is- entirely s<'parated a The heads i of ^departments constitute an l-jiecutive bureau 4. I hat the system < f contracting public work (that can ^ conveniently done by the authorities) be ab dished "f lab"r b* 'nstltu'e d, which shall embrace the various trades necemarv to perform work 'h" r\\J- ,ueh call,n'"fR ">at furnish rsw materUl. when it would I* injudicious f?r the city to P^sejcute B Ih.t.Hfee offices be changed to that of t?rm I ?ret #t "*f'ratf>n ?r the term of the Incumbents at the time of such amend ment bemg edopted^. That the rate of salary, ?r pilb lie offl. ers to range from Who to ?.'1,000 a year, as follow. heads of departments from I'i.UOO to d. puUes from $1,000 to $1 500, pt.licemen, clerks, ami other sub ordinates in the various departments of the cltv government. from $800 to* >1.200 per year ?. Mechanics and laborers employed by the city au thorities to recehe the standard wages paid by the trade or calling: but no laborer to receive less than ?1 60 per ?MIlut 1111 'o establish nvw ferrien, build railroads in thestriets nnd other extensive improve ments by the corporate authorities, or to grant the privilege to private individual- or comt auier , the same shall first receive the approbation of th.- people at the A ?\?r?TU?'4 "" -*'n" "hall Lve uen at Thlt tl.TJT'^1 , b*f"r' ,h"" ("r con?i'teration, 10. U ,0' ?u<1 l"c*'*d in ,l'- city, shall f.Tr d ^ . 7 .1," 7M,'"n ?f hull,ti"*' thereon suitable i?nt PurP*"?? ?nd rented , to, ?cu ?or.h?r tL. .IH !. I'erc, nl the cost of the same. '"X'. may be ,rf revenue and exorWtau^rent??n ^lOinst the increase of already ?trive0to'?flil IiT'si'm iDln.^' "ucc??s, we will 'i offices irlth m^n of uadoubt#*! int^^Htv and sobriety, of ability and nerve, to reOst aff*re?sl,,n upon right come when, where or in what shane It mav 1 r r'c^^ ?>r exw^ftWe offices ****** 4 1 w ch'x?en for their known &hi(ttv Bn.i _ i rectitude, without reference to their political a?',0 daui-a of bias, and our candidate* fur iegi*Uiir* ?f. t1*" Z? ^ above qualifications and al?? subscribe to our principles and will use all possible L.wfu. means to rea!l*e them. i ,Th*t1 w# ltot every dtiien of a republic Is In duty UjuixI to perform whatever service he mar be called upon to discharge and upon this basis we have se lected and will continue to sel- t our candidates R<s.dved That, for these objeeta, vital alike to hu niaoitj and tlir republic, we are read/ to unite with all men, under whaUver name or organization, who will aid us In carrying Into successful operation these great prin C'ptep. r Ren Ived That we will use every means in our power to brand as traitors, and render unsucc^s,fu| all future ob )' cts of those ? h ? prove recreant to the holy -a use of f.eed.m IJUB r,AVU Chairman t. I? Kictmt*. Secretary. PHVIJIO CtBDX. PLAtOMTcARliK >>* K\ KKY niWCRmwi FOB J?AUI at tha I'ftiob < aid Manufactory, ITT and 1TV '.rand ?tract, M%t Broadway. Including ?irijpa wlM* hidi, ornaturnlad and plain. and Ppaniah eardu A *up*rior art*!* of linn faro car da, wfU waMinad and warranted not to warp. mad* ?pra*?lr for dealln# TK W F.tXiKRH' Ul IDK. | CONEY I.-I.AND AND F'tKT HJUBLTON ' ?S AND aft?r Mcnday, Aiifu't '21, *b? *t<-ame' NOHWAI.K will m*ke only two trip* ? day, until tbc 15'h of r^apkrn b*r to F<rt MrnntMon and Coney Uland, l??nn# Am*# ?tri*t atP'4 and 1J{. Sprln* ntf'-t at 9', and '? I' M , M?r No. 3 N. H., at To A M. and 2V, P M . learin* O-atr Mand at 12 and 8<i, touching a' Fort Mamil' u each "ay- Fare for the abole ricunrion 26 "Ute. Kul! Ure for children rR um; BRANCH, r-HRf-W^HCRY. HfURLANtiH, ?nd Ori-nt) Port ?Tli* f?Tirtt? aMmt JAIIO* IJHRI-TtHlIKH l?Mf? Jay atr?*t pier fl?r Ik* abo>* platM on Monday Atim?t 2T. t? g p. tf , Ttie?d*y Wth at 3k P. M.; Wednesday, ?h a* 4 I* M Thuraday ?' ? P M Frl4ay 3\?*, a* ? P M Katim^ig I ?? r?i ( 'ce?t r wt ax'; it h.*. i ict r a mu IMPORTANT Fi rOHL MEXICO. TBICIPH OF THE BSYOLUTKWAM PABTY. Abdication and Plight 4>f Santo Ana, Ar., <fcc~, Ate. A,Sjr, rr, by ** ^ (he o, A.ptawaU, late and Important ?i>. from the went coaat of Mexico; And by tkr t il r ? i \ , - lean- .uu I . - wire* fcwo New Or lean*. *MU later and more Important InMJmr. r th.Citj of Mexico ha, reached T """^ce Crou, ?.? '"rt> ??""> con.ple^rju0co*fuj, nod ? anta Anna ban abdicated and fled to ISivana. On* A< ?p^forrMponA.w,. Aturvux), Moxioo, August 6, 1A4 Owipl* 7WumpA o/ thr W-wfu/.on, , WkiCh ' had preprwod for thi* a* in a grea t miwur? been frt.*trated by the "??*?' Thia morning, at one o'clo.fc, I ?a, rou.*i trMa my loU<ikaocki?*? ~r door, Which for a ?,o .UrUed me m to iu cau*e. When In repiy to mr 'Z rX,' ^a*r?l ??* Thoma, Moreno, Coloa2 J.m?' tHoU t' T M"rU,K> Mi"ko,,R' and ? boat of pa ? W',h tlw Wril k??? ??????. ..oral ' Th"door being opened-a word-* ge following grea I and gtoriou, ?. denli " 'n thB,,and"?rf /our old corre*pou the Nubatance baa been publiahed in an -extra - hi t ; thu- '? iu>w? ??? follow. "? lraU8Uti"n "f ?? Curding it , authenticity Z rr ^rr j- ?*; - In thi* port, N.nce the publication of the new. we hare had nothing but rejoicing, and aaiute.. While' wr|?l the * hole city Illuminated, and the delighted and w' IS>SG L1VK IJBXBTT AND Til* UrtTOLK I TBJUMlfi OF TUB REVOLUTION ! new. ol the pronunciaminto ? thT^jfe thT^ Oonzale* taking dXtnof the ?^e aW trooris. on th? 24th of i..u t ul 1 ?? w,fh ?" Ilia 1 xceiirncy, tile tieneral-in-Chier t Alvarei. h** ? ?^! ,'f0 '?r1e"m,nun,ra,ion fr"? '?? capita) ?f ?Hal ?)* *' ','m *? ni*rch promptly toward* the nrVrZ' "V?r f "bi?? sss?.^ the tny'iant,r"1,'"1('d #,>lMt tbr red?i'!r? rr"Utl0n m*y ^ conaldered terminated. It bein* dteio^n? ;irrti,,n ".f ? fow day., when a complete , . ? ^,s "V'tj, de?i>otic and arbiUry ad ) , i Whi?1' f,,r ^epa?t two yearn by miXtuw ho* reigned oyer the Mexican people, will be ended. leato. rf Tlu W d*r" I" ,rUin*. ?i"l we hope the I our u ,?loriou" 'solution, which reatore. to ui our libertle. and |gusrante*? that hare been unurped by the administration of Hanta Anna, will continuMheiJ i I n i 'i* * "''nation of the country r?iuireo to ea sisry^isisr" 2 **?? lo?<> un umamr. I <wtm hjit? I will commi.nicat* full particular* of im jwrtance by the next steamer. AMJ^aV Af imro, Mexico, Aug. t ? 8 o'clock P M. '?eneral Montleana ha* thia mr ment arrived with an ekcort of fifty dragooh* from General Comonfort'* heod suartera, with extraordinary deapatch and newn of a i iuh It iniBorten* Situri, th? particular* of which hav? Z r/r tr"n"pi'^- "t.rted for General Aly IZ b" ;r,r,m' TU' "> town ia thj.t he, proportion to Aly.rei for a new Pre.ident and Cabinet for hi. approval. Should A Ira ret communicaU- to me the particular* in tin.e forthU rtenmer, I will pi.r, ,hMn before you. If not, you .hall receive then, by the next bo,t- AMDUCU& THE LATEST. TE LKOIl ATHIt FROM NEW ORLEANS. Nsw OBUUXa, Augu t 26, 1?4J. Ti.e 'tehmer Oriiaba ha* arr.ved here, with dite? from Vera Cruz to the 22d iwt. Santa Anna left the city of Mexico on th? 9th .n*t. -I h an e-cort <*2,500 men. and *lg?H hi* abdication at IbwL ernbnr!"'?, 01> 'he 17th at Vera Crui f,r Two day. aft, r he left Mexico ^veB or eight hundred S? ,77! rjr km"* 0n" of officer - y lh, n joined the in*urgenta. The Alva re. putfor*. ha* been adopt-l. General '"rr" l" r" "'?r?al I'reaident of Mexico and U Vea. 0,mm?n<ler in-Chief of the army. All the Stat* prW er* had been liberated. A nv.b had gutted a Urge number of houae-, including that of Santa Anna'* mother -in-law. The appointment of Senor Vldal a* minister to the tu ted State* (who come, a pa-*eng?r in the (Mia ba; I* revoked. A fight *curreJ ?t Vera Cruz between two revolted battalion* ,Dd a regiment that continued t?ithf..l to Santa Anna. The former were beaten and left for the mounUip*. fifteen or twenty were kUled before ord,r ? a* re*tore<). THE VERY LATB8T. UK 7 II KB I' AHTIC't'L AHH OK flA.*TA A SUA * AUDICA TI01*. Srw (/huum, 25, ISM. KuU< r adrloe* from Mexico inform tu that ranta Anna Ml tha rapttel on 'be pretence of preceding in i*r?on to quell tbe rt-T"luUon in Vera Crui. "n th?' 13'h inet the citiienji of Mexico adopted the I Ian of AyutLa. Itirinf the witenjcnt following HuU Annan desertion. th? office of the Cninrst ne*i<peper, and upward* of forty othrr bulldinfa, men- iletnoiiahed I he military interfered, killing forty i^nxmx and wounl it>? niai ?y moie. IVirgnte* mrt in the city of Mexioo n the 10th >n?t in ronf'rirlt/ with a requeet of the Proi iaionai finrnm'n'. tn<l cb>?? Carro I'rniMent fur nix month*, The/ ai>o | ordained the freedom of the pre** Th? atntue of "-.i n'a inca va* trampled upon by the populace Oir Heytt Correspondence. At x Ciia Hitn August 12, W* Tbi* Knipire or Ulan ! at the pr*wnt time In in a eery un?ettl?d erndiib.n, and ncarcel y wa* it e~er wor?" when under it* republican form of p ?ernjnent except that law I* nvre punctually obeerwd, ?nd for life aad pro perty a better necurtty atf<.rd*"i Money la \ttj aenrce and aoar* eoffee^and the t?o principal object* of egportation. Tb? ?ff?t U bw n Uouom, and in tli? Houth ind .South*"**, of the ?land the yield will nut approach auyttilnjf like ?n *i er**? I "Ue which will aurely affect the commerce next ??a?- o in whaterer part of the ialand you rUt, American pro Ti?4i>n* are do abundant that, in *??en caw* out of ten, the; aeli f.,r fr< ight an<l dut.e? Fltb I* a 4fti( in market. Hie r, mmerei il community wnuid b? greatly bene8t?i by ?K?r'nnnif If the law appertaining to the f**- and ijlarle^ <d fVnaul? and commercial agent", which w?nt into effect July 1, lftM, ???u nded to Hayti, a* (h? acting cmmKrcial ?r?nt b?re denioe baring resetted any in atrnrtiona from hi- g>>< rrnmeBt. and ia <Vtormln?d to cbarg* ?* bere'.ofot*, which la a frteemja and unjuat irn j> ?t ti? th?r with tbrea dollar* f ir eertlfyliig aa in n.ife. lheu and dutiea ahoald be printed jkx'M j In put li' and r?oH?e a general aUtrtlci'i .ti for tu* i rote'ti'n of apfauu and ahipowaere J H V OMlaary, Mr* ( <?*?? reUct of He* Joseph K.rrar died arn near Ma? , on the J4-I. r..' Oyara, 8 m -nth* and 30 4*/ a Hke aoatained he' ?? au abnut the h m -? ant ua UiKinl haaiUi US1 I , ._ M.?a itof a ?n bM Dramatic m4 Mwteal H*U?n. IHitr l*i .at Warn Mi. ? gome three m?attu a<\ Mr. Barney William*, the very ?uc<?*?ful IrUb comedian, issued a " proclamation, " of which the *ul?)0tn"d it a (rue copy:? Tu Dramatic ArnKxw.? Tbp uaiUnigtri prom act to th* dramatic author* in the United states I* invito thrir exertion* in behalf of the drama, to a romprWtiun for the following;? t'cr the bent faroe, in which an Mali in.^e and Yankee Ivraale character sliall be the leading <(?* tuie>? - one hundred and Bfly dollars. For the dra- , ma, in tfare? act*, with so Irish mate and Yankee lemale character? thiee hundred dollar*. Kor the best coetr^ij ill three or five acta, In which an IrUh male and Van lure 6- male chaiacter ahull be the mow! prominent ? (Ve Iftindred dollar*. Ihcae nuni wtll be paid to the *ue ceatful author a respectively. Tb* decl.nioa* will be wt4h by a competent, disinterested committee of fire gentle man Tne laleM leim for the reception of the play* which arr to Ik- *ent to tiie suhserfber, 102 Ra*t Nine tcentli street, or Oie Broaden* theatre, is tbe first da/ of Augast neat. The subscriber deem* hioatWf ca ll'-d upou by ttie rerenl wholesale piracy of his private mano nciipt*, to make th* *bove prt atma!*, ia tut- hope that heiea/ter he may bt-sble to protect authors aiul artist* in ? mr mt value, fri'tt the uupriioiuled u?e of individual pro|ierfy. BARNKY WlLIJA?, CmnwKan. The widest publicity m given to the abort' manifesto It wa? read erarywher*. frotu Maine to (;>?*f^av dmrant ?*! upon and criticised ly the newspaper*, talked about la the green rovmn, and rarneatly d ac us* ed in literary coterie*. Fverybody who Could writ ? knew, then, that Barney William* would giwe tire humh-ed .lollxr-: for an effective play, adapted tu the specialty which' ho ha* taken up and made so proltable. Tlio offer was a fair one; perhap*, coiwidedng the work to he done, tha bMt ever made In thin country. The result ton* been the ext? culien of twelve tniuiuscrlp*. play*, Incladlug.foua tow dies, ?ach in D?e acts, three in three acta, two it> two net*, and two fcroea in one art. Three gentlemen, two liJ.<ra/wrx and one aeter ruwi manager, were chosen a* the awful tribunal to decide the fates of the oontv*teaW ? to award the laurel orown ?*>d to distribute the tank nnt?? They secluded themselves from society, and, with "one wild bound," plunged u?to the sea of manuscript which **, placed la-fore than). The y rarely appeared among theli Icllow mru during Uie terrible Interval which occurred bet wean t hr?-.omtneiir e meiit autl contusion of thia, tbe thirteenth labor of Hercules. They were UVe the Kn?w Notlung* men tl' DMl in Macbeth, and never were "uooe seen to smile." 1 W vi ul Manager C. to tha writer, I ?1 did try to laotfli nt car joke ? the Brat in that five act c< metly, and mar the end of It ? but I could not, my fa cultlc* were uot equal to tbe tank I'' These thiee patriot* dually emerged to tbolight <A day, and In a abort time were able to converse- rationally wltli their friend*. It 1* doubtful, however, whether they will evar again recover the gaiety (hey wt-re wont to have. They decided that not one of the twelve play * wua fit to be performed, and recommended that Mr. Wll llama should decline paying for thorn, en tfto ground of their ulter worthleMues*. We bad th? " plea* u re" to examine them; and mint, with all due deference to the authors, acknowledge that the decision ia a juat one. They are, generally, moat extraordinary specimen' ofllteratura, dramatic and otherwise. Written to unit the speciality of Mr. and Mr- . Ilainey William*, not one of them contains Irifh or Yankee dialogue (so called) properly written, and where refined Kngliah ia atteaipted, tbe reault la a melancholy failure. In one play tbe Irishman and Yan kee girl talk to each other in a aort of mongiel blank verse, while, ia the last scene of another, all the charac ters lake themselves off and Wave a disciple of Young Africa to ' tag" the piece. The end of the wholr affair will probably be that Mr William* will be obliged to ordar some pieces, as he orders his trooaera from soma of the dramatic tailors of the day. A little French cloth with Irish triuim>nga, tewed with Yankee thread, will produce something to amuse an idle hour or two. It may be ??ked why wa* the priia buslne** a failure? Thi re are several reasons. In the flr*t place, a* we hav said before, dramatic writing requires a greal ileal of pr?c tice. tnd no small uumber of popular authors have Called in thsir first attempts. Niribe, tbe inost wealthiest drsmitUt of th* day, la a case ia point. But he par<e yfred, because there was a reward for ultimate sucoew. Such i* not the caae here. There is no protection for the author or th* owner of the play whereas in England an 1 France there * a special law on the subject. In th*?e ct untric? an author never lo?ea his (kroport* In hi* p1 ,y He may sell it to one Ismdon ?Vl? tnaoafa<, giving him the exclusive -',gnt to pl?y It iu tbe Oity hilt the provincial jjju*t pay ine author *0 mucji p*r nl* -? As an iastance of this, when Mr Forrest went to Fnffland, b* Could hot play in the " l*<ly of I.yotii," or " Richelietj," without Mr. Bulwer I.ytton't permlaston, snd the permission being tield at rather a high pri e was not purc>ia*eil. In fiict there will lie no dramatic authorship here until it pays better than other literary labor. M'lle RACtno. bm been pretty well chronicled end bio graphed in all the paper* ? weekly and Sunday Tt.i mmiagi-r of her performance* hn* earefully e?'h?wiil ail U.e old humbug*, ?nd the ircy-l i"?n< ha-- *lri -t!y ad h< red to licr original mtcn'ion of ^inj "'f'Ct pilvat-y i.fhcr hum'- Ths HraiAtj) of to-day contain* lb" official in.iounnment of tlie priii-i which have here tofore git en. A Urge number of ? have already been taken. I iieit k Cotbjrn have iaaurd three of the play* in which Hnrhel I* to apjiear? namely, 'Horace," Th# dre" tnd ' Joan of Arc.' Tlu-/ are in tiie ?tyle of the opera book*. a nd will lx- *dd ut the name pri . *? twenly-five cent*. At the RfUDW.iT TllXAnt*. the Rareii headed bjr <i i brlel? who feem* to hawfoun 1 the Oriental wnter of life and renewed hla youth? have continue*! their engage ment to w> full house* that they will remain during thM ?eek. Thi* evening U ?et apart fir the benefit of Henry Wi il* ami a choice bill U announced, ifc" regular M>a win will cr.rnrnenc e on the loth September Mr C. Mar. ? ball will probably arrive from Europg about the let proximo. At Nint/Vs t;*Rp r* Burton ?nl " Cfnl?r*Ua" have filled th houae nery night Mr Burton * lienefit on Thursday wn? a crti-h'-r, the groi* receipt* bein? over one thousand dollar*. " Cinderella" will Ik- given thl< evening. On Wednesday night la t Mr Harrison I wing ? iiddenly taken ill, wa* arml/Ie U> appear, when M*. 0. If innii took the part of the Rrinee, at very abort notice and utii-'ained It very creditably At the MWiMWU Tiik (??. thi* efening. Mr Hack et* playi Fal*!?IT In the "Merry Wlve? of Wlndnor Mr. Hacked'* performance* here will po>itiveiy clone on Saturday evening n**t. At the iiowmv riikATWK the pantomimic Antra* 4i The Haven of the Tintw " and The Carpenter of Rouen. " wiU leglien thin evening. Mrmri Wieth iff G W Mni'.b and Mr. K. Ju hn?tou *u*tain the principal p*rt*i The Wood Mi.vfnt*:;' No. 47J ,'lroadway announce a go. d programme tbl* eienin? The HciTUT Mintkb* re-open for th- *ea?on at th -ir hall. No Broadway, thi* evening They announce ncvera! novelt;?? Tint A*?tv a l lMi ? The Yoang Mi-n'? f>r*m?tu- A* (Kxjia'i -n who*? performancea we have before had oca dun to commend announce a performance p.r to night it the Krookiyn Mimurn The hi.: 1? * g....d -,n? V.i New York I'rania'ic Society will shortly gtv. <? U-?' ?-? formance t,f the *ea*nn. Mf. l'at > *T"?rr ?Thi< gentleman ? w. ?n.?n 1 jr ll?h actnr va? the ? genteel comedi in ? the fi-. ton tiientfe .e,.. n and recei . n.-.rh p.' i. ? from ? he Athenian rr ? -* fa ring the coming on >n he ?.,l pUy ?hot ? eng?g? tuenta in tJae aetern! < itie? and 'own- .f the I j. i* i ? ie mpnni?4 ky M? K/1?%- V- ?li h?. n ev^. .-n' I ng..?h rej.n'atiea aat wh h?- n< t ye1 j-. .y? 1 m thi* coun'ry. Mr RMneeforf and MU? h'wa- :< will appear In new pleee* chiefly cornel.. -? aui abound h?vw $ fair hearing ao . Judgment I ? AM AT ?TV? Ml?? l>?ran I ? *ttf4 fed a' Burton * theatre, whoh will open ne*t Monday night __MU% Kewtherv^or vocaiiat and 'oenedint!' fff?n lAnd' n, ant aald to ry go.^1 la ?nno?n<?d a' en gnge>l a' WaUach'a? Mr add Mr*. >i orenee wu> irave to#n U-day for 'Virago to ?i/tni?e?c? U.eir arnual barring t our The Nation* theatre Hoaton, will be opened for ti>* ae??on thi* even tag Ml** Je^ie M t*an t? ? ng*g?-: for tke Uatatjr l-.?a tre, New OrUaa* ??Mr aa t Mr* i J. I'rt?r are en gaged ?t the Pravtdanee theatre ? The Artb *'.iee? thea'r* H.iia4.e.|b a opened (or tbe wvaon oa * atu/day week to a crowded bouee Mr Hrb*a,l?y I* now !ee aee a*d manage- At the and of the ptay be wai nailed bef .re th* eurtain and in tbe ooar** of hi* remara* *a?d that whi> be ah"*.d wet e?cia4e foretgw taieat fr o?a h < theatre, be ah wl a.waya be ready and aaalaae to gl** ut.rt -a oj;? r'.ia-'l U U Laa.4. TVu ea oouacemaat ^ received with uomenee appUu-e Hf Cbaafrau J. B. Robert* and MUe tfwm are "W1 to at the Troy MiiMfum. Hr Oirmu is m the ??? pany The H. LooU tbaatra baa be?o opened by v liar. Mliw Auneitf lace I* tber* ''op*. M,u'' Duvernay and Mm. looth are in CI* atock. Oouldook u ? aged there. Mr. (.<???!? H. Barrett hiu retired to a lai m at t-outh !? idr, Long, and wi'? ?W0 ?*r I year peuaion (cm (he Amortean framatir Kufld A*?o | elation. At the .Uflgeatioa of the Major ol Buffalo a complimentary benefit i* to be give n in that rity for the ,\j.?Utanre of the family of the Inte T. f. Booth, oodfdten. Mr. Carr, the mannfer, Mr. K.W j. now .tarring theve, Mr. Md Mr*. Keat. A. ??rt the member* <4 tile coinpi?f > tendered rteir hervice? ?tvJ aabeeribed the of WO Ca ft*' general iUuJ. A committee of citizen. ha*' been appointed, and tbe benefit w?* ^"d f"r to-morrow w,eniag The Pr.*i<We (K. I.) Ih-mtT* will ba open M for the rr^nUr *oa*oi? ?o Monday, >?ptemhcr 8. un <W? the man?*?ment of M'. Kwrbe.. Ttw Itavel* cl.m* at the Walaof "irfrt theater I'hlladolpWa on Satuniay nc*t. l'uey Bw.-rt', the dan?o*e ha. Jmoed th<> troupe. Hie regular *c*aun of tin Walnut tw?nni''? Sap* the 6, with Mr. and Mln Riehinfa. Mr. lTkrrlw.n Mll*rd, of Boaitm, g?ve u getiiie. Mu.1 cale" ft the Ocean HmiM, Ne?v?t. on Vt-'iday la*t a* aUted \>j Mi** Ueneier, sigtor fnullo, and "be' arti*U. The duofrom "II Trrnltore," by Mi*. H aiurMr Millard, whh ve ?*mently etvaored. Ma.feme legra.*- ? concert at the *amc place h?*t evening, by ? number the opena troupe. She Cermuua.. Muaical Society ??<? ? fonccrt there or Wed n. -lay e?euin* lagt Tbe People'* theatre, in St. I*??i-* "P*?>cd r"r ,b,i phhsuo ON 1bu:r.t.y la.t. with Mi** WoUe Brut*' a* the ?tftfa . ... * . ? ? CauroaM* ? 'Mr. Buchanan ?alle.I f?r < ^Iff' rnla in .?? ateemer ?mi*lrti Wy 1??< Monday The la* ap|?-ar anra of Mia., laura K?ne in San KranrUco wa. an nounrcd to take place at the American th-atr* on the evening of U* 28th of July She pUyrd on tl?e ,*-ea.l.-n IT, WoffBit. . and U.dy Eteabeth freelore 18th of Auguft, the Awrican wn? the only th.atre open, ai?l tlal only foe one ul?bt. foi a le-neflt. Ihe Mtw?? Ooafenheim had arrtved, and the Metropolitan U?w,tie ??? to be oj?i.d ?>i them Mr. Teorge U*r got up a ball rowiplimentary to the oflicera of the Vj?*U?h and Vr<mcJ> A new company, made up of a portion of thelaU membei ? or the An?erlcan company, ?i?> Mr. hdwtn Ilooth and Miw-K^teUe l'ott4T at .iU h.*l. were playing at the Sa'-ramento theatre. A Pan t'ranciMO (?pcr ^aya -Tbe wlert.. of our mi?lu? tectlou of country. ? It m-e?e by the haterior pa^ra, b overrun by .troUing l^ayera of every ?r?-?" ?n l d.acrip ti> D Trtt|H7' t"rr*? k*11'"k' *u'1 * **'" ,.l ml.ture of aJlare given. The paper* denounce t1? lanrcr portion of these rrform.n-? nud p.'rf..rinancc* a* arrant humbug- Mr*. Sinclair and her company do not aeem to have been particularly well receive.), while 'Mae of the mountain pa,?r* ?. into ..Ucle* over th^r fortuance. of Mia? Katrfla I'ottet, a.d Mr. and Mr. rtUrk haVH le e,, .,.lte aucceaafol in catering to the t.Me. of our mountain theatre goem. ..... .. K'ORDO.V ? Ibare I* nwthiag new in Ix>ndon th??trical Die leceipta <rf the theatre* and other place* A public aniuncment in 1'ari* conaMrrably dlmlniahe.1 d.*ing July. The ?mount reeved -a. l.lW/JWr. l' tf 061ft W.P. 1?? 'ban tn the month of June. H.U diminution u. con.ldered to be U.o reault of the heat i? cid. ntal t? the P1 a.-?t?t Mir gart SrBTo M?rtier tn the Tenth W-H. COHONC& H INQUEHT. Hfforf Coroner lilltou. About 12 o'clock on Saturday nl#ht, two coi^-1 men well ad?anced In year*, named ltob-f ? liKtnilt. n, became embroiled In a dMtcuUj while Ui .h gruceiy atore of Uarmana l'.artojnn, ?orn?r o! <>**/. th. and Delancy .etreet*, wher, Vgb ??td* ?ud hi ? <*? exel ang> d. ll*milton r.^rt?t.--l fr?<i* the ?t<v<, f,.lb???d by Hod?oll aitha'.^Tge eh<"?a knit* In b'* bsn " ,,n reaching the "f 'he ?tree*. H i to" rarne U]i witb Hamilton aiM pl .nged the (nMtramm*i Into the hack of h^j? ti?ck , aeveriwr prjD,.|p,| artery and ran* ing d.valh in * minute* afterward*, officer I'utf', jt the 'Icutb jw.llce who happened to c..n.e along at thi* bit meat, arreated Hudson ant Uiok bun to the ta^ tion tiouae. Yeatetday Coroner Uiltoo ;r'X tde<l to the Teulh ward aiailoa UdW and h -M an inqne.t upon the body of thf drccaM*d man Hamilton, w'en It apj^arel that both the priaoner and decea*ed were old frland*. nal had been in tue habit of paving aim ?et nightly viaita to thi* gt'^ery *t?re, where they UM-d to ci einl their eiening" talking and Joking t.*ether On 'he n'gt.t in ,?e*tion the partle* met a* n?ual in th.a ??(.If wbtn a nuariel .piung ut> l*twe?n lb?n - au,?-l 1,V the .Ucea-et lUt'.wing a rli-e touiat.. at I Uu<b.'.n ?bi h dirtied hi* coat and *o aan-yed him that he pick up the ? h.*.e k. ile and ran out alter . n. wh,, h?d eiartfd af"?' the .t.e^t in order to ?cape Ui. re ..f t he enrage 1 men But the priaoner -oon ...ert.e'ii him awl *?e he had leache 1 the o, .!*?!?.' tde.ulh new u|e.? h-n knife in band, and in an m 'aut plung^ ?t up ? 1 1 tha .?t into the ne. k of the ui.f irtnnate nv.n The w^ind ; > - ?f tha' d.cea*.d Lr r,: m.tur ? a- 'the wmk .4 *n ln*t.nt .he J.ry j.n b-5r,;xr;^r?r^r;ub .. the "hturQ year, old and a " ihaVge prefer' red ^gain't'hl n/ ?.d ?Z'iTn PH t'llj r luftlHg* nr?. DllfcACJlL *TAT r. tit TH1K0H IM THE KlfTH WaKB ? wiimt akb rur. rot-ici ? W* jjira balow ? Irttar from a raaMant ? f lb* f f-h Ward wi?o U> tliink h? Ilraa in a t>a4 nr.gttb< >r h'rfMi ? ?l>rr? r< (pi?? anl htir*!?ra ara p ;r 'I I r *n 1 poiira man ?<arc* A* lb* of on: rorrrip'm't'nt ftm* to b# aubalantlata'i by facta it v-mM bo well t >r til* l[usr<li?u? <>( Ufa ?i?<t pfop#rty in th*t war t t<> l>a a Uttla mr r<* a'tire, iui ?'."p tha u? ---itjr f<r lu'.U Via j.iain'i In futur< ? m rim kj> to* ,,r nri w*w r ar rr*?u:> Hi* ? Within )h? (???! tiro m otha th< u'^fli.a/rh *1 of ft. John * park >i?ii iKtr'niia loha'n) with ? of pirk pwkata, burfiara, atraat wal ?*ra an I ?a(f">ii'.? to an "l t??? bafor* unknown to tha rv.M-iita f that Iwfora .iul?t *??! r?tha<t i.^illtr Wuhin tha juirt waaii or tw-. 'Hto ha>? toft ???????! nt borjta-y ona of * h h vu MUwij bold th* attempt la r>* fua-'a in J*n ?lay at tha ra.Man<v of tha Ilrar.ilan ? rw ( mily wara ?t tha tlm? abwnt I" m t b?ci?y;) tha fall- wa waff ra' offr<t/i-<i aa '.;.J otir'D'Sara, an 1 war* w?*il known to th" poll'* "na of avapa"! hli ??y *o tha at?M. n bonw an<l tl.a oth*r an to zn'v t fraa aftara?a*ka ?t?*ant!<n Wit bin a ?a*k ar:< rwa/>U a raailan'* In franklin atr?*t o*ar Wra* Mroa4w?y waa antafM aO'i roMcd of ? lor** jrnount of taM* tail b*-l, lm*n u*ar nj appar*/ ?il ?r wara ? i? 1 otbar aaluablaa without any elu* bwtrif ba>l to Ibl 1'irg 1 ??t ?a?k ? n ?t*an<j<t ??a al'o n a !?? '? an'?- tlw ?I** rm? in Inrh from tba ;aar In ft J' bn'i lana aivl ? a lhufa4ay la*t at t &'fi"'-k A W whliat If fliriil ?a * , * t ? , ......1. ? w.i a^ro'k by ??"' I" -I'J'Ii* M u uM ? '.,mr. m-l fraftura nt tha ??n!l, trria wh. h It ia ha will not rr- .,\er H w ! ff t.ila aUta of t oMmoa I' a (ijaa'ion tb* nllmil|nf that n?*?lib'?r!i?*>1 ontl li?? to Vtata aa'.tat*' torl.y an*a^r??j--(of wtjit rt'y l? lh?f? tut llfr an'' pf'-par?y aa rnat'*?? now ?tai ' lor in n<>r<* of tha lnat?n??? ?b"?a rl'a^ vara fTi* ')?? n>?pt ia '?*a n-'an" (n't r??i than tl>a an-l* c<f Ju?tl* w.nM h??a >>wt) a? full/ aarrvl If ba ha<1 laau a! aM t<< ? f'>r th? '.fao^ Jut/r tnfn"4 bin Umm* V> * r T hk? han i a#a n It iroa r , ' t?a ap|*?r?~1 afainat him b?t war ? ??<,?? (aa ^4 '?r ? Ka ?t'Iiaa?a? Itiay wa(a not, n tha ? "'^ay kww B thw ( of what likd l?aao <1 Ifi' ?" f 1h*m mat tit* Tlibaa tv to (W a ia nfii <!?/ '? fb'wt'ay j i*t>t ?ba (iraai Jury b*4, I tnink aU?hv J."** ' .7.1^ th?? fat low ? ?at? arraat#^ t iraly tl?a?a ? ntnatMnf ia faoma^k " 1 *'u?? b?aa?wr tb? a^antMo of t.<- | rofi?r aoth a? w' ?<>? ba ^?ar, v. ;a 'tapi-.r% lil* ?h*a**v! atata of tbta?>. ?M that IW '|?a?i, ? ? bar* ara 11m i?iWa f oa~t a>A t* i.??l wtOi ao Kitta ?a* ?'? t. r> in tha t fth aw 1 aa i< ha< I?mi of au ?,nt I ti'i. a 'i ?'ira tnr tha l*?'a? t.r 'aalt'a of llfa a?t ar >. ll^ ' i* i? *w n tr*a' r ' ally haaa rawJrwt t pt * < t t>.*T??'l*W? ?? t>.a filiat" artrafr..ty W M M I 'M 1 l'-m T?rt ?"?*? ? Itat a >a? oea u>4 t a *> e . - a ? ?*uMl w-tti nf a ?rw hfyia ^t la aa u? ' an| wl akaat; att -at?i "? fi/ty tbiH ?t/aal aaar ba ^Hh aro. .a 1>1? tftJRM wa?a am? <tiarn?wrMt Ml iba f? w at?i?p.l-k*' '<?*? '? tba Utvilif ? aa ;awt/?ya4 la m*(a about ? J, n' laaaraA'a lb* a^a'y l?.V/of?t v M;ay r?a !!r# w enpywd V. ba ?*?. y aa <? Police lnl#IUfMir?. ?R*r*T>f FOR INTOXICATION DCRINO THE fK.rf > IIKTY KI4JHT HOTEM. The numlie ? ofgrrenta for Intoxfoatioa durfof Hi* piuH l rl> eight hoi ??? eicea-d* by a large per r?nU|? tb* uauai rf^rn .lirre wrrr no leu than nor hundred aiU tbraa- p?- i?ns coin. 'lilted to ptUoo fur tlUa offeuog, ?4 fij loWN Mofrutritlf. 0NMlhlM(l Hrst I Hnf riot Colue Co *jrt . ..IumIw C.innolfy 6if Hwcond HHrl-l Pnlb-eCajWrt. Jitatir# Dailann ... .14 Thud I utt'ot Cullre t ouTl Juatfc-e Woart . . ..If ToU! _ 103 A CDK10DI AFV &1K IM ? XJiTIlK 0T1UUCT A MAN tUBOW* OITT o.? A VTIMI WW. On Saturday nig'it, at an haair, a row t.ofc place In tbn Mvtmd alory of tlas- liouaa- to. IK (Voir* etir.-t, Im-Ibci i? t flip' men, win u ? ??! th. ? Jatty, lumnl Charles ('trruniwa* pitched out <?/" thai eiaidow to thr sidi walk below a .Hut-ince nf ttfta-e n <, lijr efiu-b hi* re eeiar.1 nerrre liijwrtm The wuundeai'maii wm. - -weAr.) up by one of tin- >r?l*r ward polx-e. afcu ha# torn ron *eyed to the Now York lt?*,irt?l fur me.t>ral treatment. Onrrt/ai. alfk?u?h badly halrt. In ?ut f? f ?J1y Injured, an7 wtH. with proper <*??, a o*m Vi-atrrrfay we rfaitad th* injured mat. at the IvaapttaJ. when h<- info mud a* that hr had. aaitia.nil a iluul I, bma jruahed out < f the window. Cur rum faHm lu (rani* in Ihia *tafa ami wa* on a vtait *? hie hrofemr lii tWaeity, when th* unfortunate occur i wire took A-th'Mtgh no born**, willl ?*pt fori of lbi? wriat wer# lirukrn by th* (all, at ill ha id aulitring In great agony The Math aswrd pelW. thinking Oia raw nw o f a KiiaplrlniiK nature, arroeted Charles M K repple oaiaita mi-ii a of being Implicate*! In th"' asaault upon Cormia. M ? *?? committed fi r rnatainalinn tiy Juatn-e tkmuaUy ALLLOKP KKl.OtXIKIW AMAITLT HT A *<*?((*? A young man name! I'atrr Miulh waa arvrrly atalM ia tlw tUnmrn, yr*t?r<l*y mornlnir. by lila ytmn^qt larw t.iri , J aniea, while In ww rndrarntlnff to brlag.ths latter L .nia to hia nwl'IniM. at N'o. (1 KeoUir atrrrt., tram ? >i?ii> had run nway I'eter, wiio la about cightorai faua ol air*' "i"t hla truant hr>4hor at |>ier III SjtUt rt??r, and wlillr rnd laaeriiijf to ruinat him ta th'< laaaa <4 b i - parrnta, ?aa dnl?>i^-l In th? abdom<'ri noil ti*(t urn Tli? ?m)ndr.| l^krty hm ron\?yrd to thr N?-w Vorfc tfoe plta^thnai h? Wax ?tt?ndrd liy lh Tliur^t'in, aWaaa ?o0m< i* hliu out iJ i*n?a>r. Jkidm haa nut }?t l?? u rratid although tj* |m .lira- ?r? afti-r him lt? La ualf lWtU?a yrara old llltHIl Of ATTKWrr AT BtlH. k a'agr driver, uni"l bMla* Cvuu, waa laion >at? <a?t<Mty yratetday, tiy Ha-in??at Moore, ?f tha saroavA IHatrict I'ollra < 'v?aart , the r<?nplamt << Hta own aiTe, wtlli lax ion al'eiiiylirl to roinmlt a !?)??? o|?a? the |<eiaon ut h>* ate) -daitalMr, Anna Kl|i|<, a U'tto iftrt about l'a! jreara af n^'- Tliu- rom|<Uiimnt, who kr?|M * inilllnery a ton at No -i.'UI I'Mirth Ati-tni* allaKea that ? he ranglit tin aeruxat <n.t a??iu Ihr to violr.te <he |eraie other daughter 1 he |.t l -?l<-r waa lit might tx -true Jim tire I'earry , wbo hi-ld him. to anawer tli<- rh.-ir<a< prrter red agalna bun CHAROK Op KKFI'ltd A PMlKJiEIH.V BOtrwlt. On Katuiitay night. Captain Tixnbuil, ol the lughtfc Ward police, aa*f>tcd I./ a poaai- if rn ";| nun la a !'?n-a upon the premiaea or a Kien I- Woman u/unr-l (VroJiae llrutiha, aituntrd In Mrrr<-r unax ilo?v' "treat. Hotf ar reated 'Jie proprletiM* and all htnalea. iU*>aiderl; rl^i ac tcra. The pf,l<on>'f a aere I roi^jlii I. afire .'uatire IK>Un?, at t!la f-e. ond d'e' r irt |'o|l> a < nurt ye?terd?y naataittf, ah'i held the lani^rjy to bell lit tike r um of H>M Ul an ?W1I therharpi- -f kreplr,|^ a dlaiar.terly hotiae, a>l.u* the gtr'ja ?? rt- < arh wot to the I' rn'.iary for %fae lerta of ?jt m< nth", uulaar the Tag< atit aoA. * VAMIifl) >ttl.t)NU>Ot ARMAVIR. ( lemrntlii? Tbbmp^on, alltu Mary Jaiw l^awrenre, a. :e?i. la nt of tlia I n- I'ointa, waa ta'.au into rua t<?% ymterdaj hyofltier Bradly tif thi M*th ward |iolie*t i harje.1 with hanrn '.'<oai?ltte<l (a !ebi?<<*aa aaaaul'. with, a knife apoti tht i-atawn <,f Kllan hi??i, ra?id.n?k<. thrt eorni r '.f Afethutiy and UttW Water airaeta. "Hie (a rm of the <_">),,WJnaL t pttatutni a rathai UihkIt appearanrw, proiit.iA.l_ fc, i,y uandr y throat' '?( a peaa k?Me tu tht b'.in4r fcf MetnenUka. Tha?? l?-:la it appa?ra haea fur k< tiiuo paat tyen < u bad t- rm? alth one aiioUier, ?hli U l?i m'.ia'td on Saturday tiifht in the f-tiial?a aua 'j?|r tt. hu- wa. f lemi-ntine being aime'l ha t the fight ?M het u? n wav, to th?- gu%t dUeotufiture i?l Uite JuaUee trolly r. mrnitta-d the prtaonef for trUl on the charge Id frk utou- ?a*?ult. ( oronr r?' InqnMii MIOflINO (iriCIPR IN MRRfFR HTIiRT. Coroner O'lionneil h?U an Imioeal yratctitajr, et N'o 8 Mi rrer atrea-t, upon thr bo>!y of a KrrnchttUMi, nanieal Juh-a I'efplrrrO", who rommittrd aulrid" on Haturdaf night, At hit rraidencr by bjoalu^ Itla btaitu out ?ith ? nlatol, while la ho ring under a (It of trmporary mtanity Kioto thr tr#(in>"ny takrn l*(iim the i'uri oar, if appaya that the dnvaant bad for n'.mr month* paat |/-tgra| aloM with Fredrrlek Itralnard .it tb" ato?# hoot* II- hia4 ba-rri etnployeal la making (am y picture (ramea In the rr.' nth of Itera-mber Uat( hr rcu'eted hia room male to Uvy iiiU IvUiV p-^w.'-r tod haila aa h wia),e | tu athmrt .<n.i liltda Alter obtaining tlie aame, h? ataiv d t*if wild n hia manner*, ao mu'h ao that bta ri mpeiti in atu lecled h? waa alexit to commit aulci'U an 1 ar ?rdiogty he watrt.eal him and aurrredrd in getting a loaded gain away (r ? m bim. iua' aa he wa* abojt Ui nunmii *ul<-fde. Mace thai tltne Ida fro-ri la i:b*ered him up an I etade* rored to make him oomfortable In lite , hut thr >!?*? *a>a?4 arrtt.ed T'-iy l> w "pirlted lie n ntloue-l Wi.rklng al hia luaiima a n?e that r-urrant ? until within the paet month, when there t.emg little or m thing to do ha wee, t<> all intents and pin (o-< > th" ?n out of emi>!</ymen* He no' poait|?r-ly In dl?trr-? aa hr r'-uld obtain rri' ney fr- rn bia fronda ? h* n? ro he fa- 1 1 ao iifline-t Inirirg the paat two ?iek? he waa raty alrk whl h hrounit at/out a nn lari< holy tnrn of mind "n -"etur^ay ati-nltig hla rr? m iiiate l.aaai l the rep.itt of a platol m the tiedr'pa.m of the <ta.i?.et Tha< wittteu ran into the r>x tn, :i nd there fi. md him lyng proatra'e n thr floor with hi ?d r > T< rltig the anti I ? upper t art of hia Ix-dr A platol aa- found lying natar bin. who h laa t erideBtly Juat |.e<-u di-- barged iTaa l? raaed Waa ijnite dead fhe akull "?? |*rtly Mow* -fr "h e'ng ' 'tael . ? ITl iy thftt 'he tnoule t the pUtol >?*') liern I'U ed in the Diou'h of <|eceaaed wlx n <!ia< tiatg*-!. causing ii<*eo tar.eom death A la-ttrr dlter'r?t te hia lir"'b' r In Carta Waa t ond la hia p-raea aluch being traua ated i?*i!a ?I f"ll' wa ? Nrw Vob* Aug M. iv, a My dear g1" t Itroilier? Plrd<>n toe . o l rrnWare rair g- d mother f w and tb) a.'a aal nj a|?t*ra I trlah Miai th< hagrin I > auae thee here may be forgotten." lb# ije.-a asa-d wa? ' yea ra of age and was a natiee ?af > ranr?- Jle was iuuih rrajerlrl by ail wlw kites him fie had iately ra-t'irna>d from a il"(t hi 'TurVat tj, M I whither I wen' I r 'hr purf**' ni praaruring a l-aati hit ? as una T>ie Jury In tbia a?? r- n )rrad a ??? dirt of o"?'h lay aairlilr. xii tag f A>l or |t.rrj'.'?'. f' Jaiartr ? 'i. -*? it !a y aten t g a rran bi ra*d William M <j?tk ran lata> tl ? griirery at the r'iriiaf '4 Cimt'n and Mad.' n atrewta# hleedlog rery frerly from the mo i'h In * fealiir fia he a>kad (or a lump of aait whii-b lie aa a. lowed lb 'arlaar, aa waa ?upjy?ed to at' p the (!> w tf bl -o-l la a faw minutes aft* r-varda h* <w< ai*ed and fe. ln' i th* .? n?s >4 Mr ll'dilia who an prynt where lis dle?| without a struggle Tlia hAj of toe -Jew*a?-1 eaa lit vug la*. 1 1 the t-aarntb ward *? at I'D b' o?e by ' P, ?r Austin, <ah?re i, In' est waa held yao'erda/ \.y Ca.rotiet Wilheita, *k>? It appeared that tie deee**?al ha-t Lately returtae! frtaau a r'jaga Id or># .'the I olted tatatrs N'??r vaeeals ml sinrsa that tltfae aa* iffa. te-1 with a eeerra aoogli and ble'-llng of (fee lutiga I ? - aaaa <t ' J re-! at V 1 AA k? r-e I rad. aa* a natlre if Ira- ao! at?l ?aa aUret J* years of age lhe Jury, ujr n tin etlilari's eli/ited |*rt." .laalr that if I r llaaae ?ho maate an atain iialla n '/ the Waits aaf ka rra- d, f.r. lare.| a asr-1 tt <.f -eath t y b!a?dJtig fr-dh the lur.g* '* ? K;un> it rtuim r?"? <<? ? W:*?>rrtr ? ' ? * ? ? .*4 Lift >.?14 an ?<? U>? *??? '> ?? k li< -pita), n tW >?<)f ?/f ? wn, run.*! M rb*> ' > f? MMil. ??1? 'r< rn <h? of won inigit?? T?I "6 Kfil r??# ? *. ? j f? 'Hf ? ' of *>?? tbir4 ?' ? rjr ? r> v,? - ' fcU ?i > ft, n'hft.'rfttif SO < r1n-?? !* ? * r?? ?nn'. ft ?*<*?? (r*. >?r. t !? ? .ku' . f < t* ?hi-h In L? 4m4 ta Um lltMl i*?ntj 4i ??' kMM fct? '?iv v< 1 b? )?"?!<'? 1 rv ?? "? ' ** ????> ??< -trt tA ?<- >?!??<? 1 -U? k /ft <-???-) "M Mf ?f? ?nl ? of * Au l^ju?ftt ?>' h*l n '-Uf miming \tj <">:n*4 (/?mill* '!.? "If >A ? m?u mb?I !>ftai*. M iiyti^, t... 'ir.? ?l lid K nll? ?Vo >w *e*i't**a?*IJf :ri,?&?<l <?< 'b? KM ???' , tf lb* <A \h? tlnnf II r?H ftl ' )?? f"? "f T??i?f ?ft' -fxl ?!/-?< tort lt>1 7),? ?? 1 * $ t 4 In ?io? lb?l ll<? Ml'n *u Imirif ?'?? )? 'J ft **r4)'t i"?< itagtf. *ft* ft M-.Vft -if llft.ftM ftlkit ft ft* U ;ftti? 4 ?f A lU? lis ? "f U>? MCMrtt Uft ? u tnp^.1 ti ? hft:>it ft ?r1lU , An WiMrt MM Vy ''<??'?#?? WltSrtm u;?A tt>* ??^JI "f ft m?r> Ian*! Alrfftlftit!, WftA<*.?:; w),'. ft ftl it .??/.! \f . lift.) OH ftPUy to?ht kfW ?r ?' -Ml l i ft rmi >/f ?. ft i'?ftis.m vat w?v? Tfc? 'k' <w ?> ftft"j ?'? f. ?u<t If 14 on U?ft j%- ' r '** ?*?ftiU? ??r<l |ai4W> vita l. m ?<? t?? ??*< ? ?>,?. ft to !/??(!*??? ? ftj (??.,) T?| JH ?"?? trtllfti '.??!* TJk* (>MM rf n? of D VAN !?*? V".ii?fi?'??kf 'Ik liwftvm ftb! ? "?? "* "? ' '?* TV*r4 ? ?f-U ??? aUft I In T?i? M ft/ ? U.ft fft'.ft'lM ? M'? W?H 1\*4 W,tr4 r-i rv win ?!???? ?W*? ?"<??*? m m* r? rft*'*n .WU mm** ?** '?3> ;-r?C? ahlt* h1? 1? Ml 1 1 Sorft-I ami** ? , "J Okrjat ftaflM ? T '?< ;? {*?*'? ? tit? Ik* iki.!-?? ?ti mtUr* ft*#*** *? H'0 ITH ^ w l *' - - J?* 0* pf ^r\r* *** _

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