Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1855 Page 3
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Ik be preserved, in all caw hi of taxation and in Bal polity, A,c." lu that great struggle, the ?riots who conducted it conceded to the British Bl lament the authority to organize colonial ?enments, bv.t denied their right to touch the iu BmI polity of the people; and Tor ihe support of ^ It great principle, denied and derided aw it is now, |v went to war. ? observe tliat a highly respectable and intelligent Btlcman, Gov. Hunt, of N e?r York, in a letter just ?dished, speaks of the Nebraska hill as "ba=ed on I ubHurd theory of territorial sovereignty. I Ber heard a man support that measure, or approve lor riurh n reason. Gov. Hunt has mistaken the Bent of it# enemies for the views of it-? friends B Nebraska bill rests upon no such theory? upon ?theory ot ail, bat upon the stable fougpation or B fedenil constitution, and of the natural rights ot B know of no one who claims sovereignty for the Iriloric-i. All concede their dependence upon the Bited States. Hut within this relation there are Btual rignts and duties, and the questions ? what Ber muv i.ougress lawfully exercise, and are the B]ile of the Territories diverted of all rights? ? must I tetemjluid. not by politico-metaphysical con ?ration* ailslug out or the attribute of sove Bnty, but t>y tho constitution of the United States. I the h?v.-, and to tli* testimony. By that cousti Bon, the general government is a government, not H> of granted, but of limited power.-, and Congress B exercise no authority which is not given by the But charter that brought it into existence. Let I man put his linger upon the clause of tint in lineict which corner* tlii- power of internal inter lace, and I will abandon the principle, long it B been chern-hed by me. And is uuiny years, B ill appear by reference to tb e Gfobt of March Bi&32, which contains un article written by me, ? entitled "A Be view of the Opinion of the Su Bme Court iri the Cherokee Case.'' I*i that article ftserve that the clause of the constitution autho Bng Congie?B " to ill-ij.use of, and make all need ?rules and regulations respecting the territory OT Ber property of the United St.ite.-j, refers to terri Bal right.-, and grants no Jurisdiction over per Bk." Among other tilings 1 say: ? " The power to Boee of, and make needful rules and reun ions respecting tho territory and otner pro Bty of the United Slates, und tho power to Bru-e general jurisdiction over pers >a? Bn it, are essentially different and independent. B former ,is general, and is gives in tho clause Irred to; the latter is special, and is found in an ? r clause, and is confined to the federal tract, ( the Btrict of Columbia,) aiid to places purchased by ? ne rit of the Legislature of the State in Bich the same shall be, for the erection B forts, magazines, urinals, dock yards, I other needful buildings " This is the Be doctrine mb&cquontly advocated, and more By developed in niy Nicholson letter. 1 repeat Bt this power of internal legislation cannot l?j Bud in the constitution, and vain have been the Arts, by pressing into its service a thousand and B expressions in tliat instrument, to prove it to bo Be; n diversity of reference which, of itself, fur lies a strong presumption against the authority, In if then' were no otner ground! of objection. Bulge McLean, of the Supreme Court of the But States, in some considerations published liy I. upon this subject, and to which I have elsewhere Hired, well lemarked, that " there is no specillc Her in the constitution which autliorzes the organi Hon of Territorial governments.'' He udls H this power be implied from tho specific ? er to lcgulate the disposition of the public His, it must, under the above rule, be Hted to means suitable to the end in view. H ongiess go beyond this in the organization of a Hitoriul government, they act without limitation, Humy establish a mouarchy. Admit that they ? organize a government which shall protect the His purcliased, and piovide for the administration Histicc among the settlers, it does by no means Hiw that they may e-italili sli tlntf." Juds[8 ? .can here brings the cimsititutiou of the United ? r*t? the support of the good old revolutionary ? line, that t lie right to establish colonies or ter ? ics doe- not carry with it the just power to ? fere with and regulate the domestic concerns of ? people who inhabit them. lie pronounces ?cry to be one of these concerns, saving that "it ? ? municipal relation of limited extaoi. ami of an ? 1/1. limited origin. It is a domestic relation, > ? u, ), the federal .government can exercise no ; ?inl." 1 ?im- c i ever known the time when the democratic I By wa- called upon by higher considerations to I H re, faithfully and zealously, to their OTganiza ? and their principles, than Vbaj ore at this day. ? cuDfcderatton is pasting through tho most e ? ijial it lias yet undergone. Unceasing elforts ! ? ii, .iking to etKite hostile and sectional fed- | ? against which we were prophetically i Hi> d by the father of Ids country ; i ? j( ihese are mnvessful, the days Hth!-. constitution are numbered- The cou ?rd assaults upon the South, upon its character, ^E'nstitutional rights and its Institutions, and the H'luatie perseverance and the bitter spirit with ^?h these are pur-mod, while they warn the demo H"' partv of the danger, should also incite it to Bil and" vigorous uction. They warn it, too, that H.ime has come when all other differences whi h ? have divided it should give wav to the duty of Hndlng the constitution, and when tlut great Hy. cocval with the government, should be united Hie man for the accomplishment of the work to Hh it is now called, and before it is too late. It He American party, for it has neither sectional H slices nor sectional preferences, and its care and H>lorta extend wherever the constitution of its Htry extends, und with equal regard to the right I Htourti-ts of all. I believe the lute of this great : Hblir is now in its hands, and. so believing, I Hestly hope that its action will be firm, prompt Koited. yielding not one hair's breadth of its H -honored principles, and resisting to the last the Herons cftoi to with wlii< hjwe are menaced ; and, If Hiic victory of the constitution I doobt not will be H?ved. 1 am, sir, respectfully, your obedient ? ,, ( Lewis Cass. ) Vcllow Fucr In Vtrgluln. THE RELlKt' KUND. B following amount of money lias Won ?ent for \ lif of the Rnfforcin by yellow fever in Norfolk, I'ort": b and Gosport:? York ?810.'. Kichmond t\ .500 raw., 10,500 Norfolk :s..'?0*> ielphln ........ 9,000 llrooklyn Navy Yard. 1 <JtO -burg, Vn.... I,.'i00 <1iarle?town N. Yard 1,.V)0 lingteu City.... 4,50t> Othei -ourres 4.000 liburg, Va 1,<>W ? ? . ? ?1 949, 10H OVlt NORFOLK COKREtjfOKDEKCE. Novplk, Au?u?l 24, IMS. oln'ion anil gloom reign bujireme. Our city hnn no one rait cbarnel house, with the dead and \ing. Lamentation and wo on every band, wan affirmed, after tiie rain the dinease incrfax' 1. ' te: day the number of death* amounted to thiity, ef v Lich I announced in my Uu<t letter, t'vr to-day ii<l import the following? it. Pioker?M, dying. derlck lint ertn (lirotiier t? W I?. Robert K?j. ) uand, colored, (l'arkor't Mable".) ?tier V attn, colored. in 'oni ?, coloied. ry i'mitb. i e dm u on Wide Water n'reet, names unknown, in Martin. 13 yearn; Mm. Martin. 36, (wife and f Thp? Martin, rondurtor of the Howard iMudt it. B. lifl'fan, 41 gr Jiitchenn. i8. .n Com ad. 36. in If. , V. Wallad*, Z$. ry Welsh. 6. rge North Ui. it- of William la \ tor 2i>. iy Haywood, 7. unel t onk 9 0. ? HaU. daughter of Kliaa <irey, (died at !t<i?[>it*L) anger, name unknown. elUg* wna nceived here thin morning that one ? aoM of Pnraer de Bree, r. 8, N., bad died of the w tfMr in Haltimore. and that another wa? lying ill It. These young men left our city noma day* ago, itoth in g?"d b? tilth, to eneapo the dlceaw- AUo, M r. tirilhntltarne-, wh ? went in the country two . s go, hadTeen tain n and 'lied. Mr. B. i? well known i? ' ity ?? the enterprising proprietor of a sash and fii'-toiy on Church stieet. ? -Howard AaKOciatton acknowledges the rc*?i|tt of oltr?? ing (.nunc? ?)? rom r. C. t'ooh, >H0, teatrikuN ie vbdtem at Alhyh?ny ?-;irin^-. H.400 from the (CoMBiltwof fkUitimore; f.'lO" through <"huhh k Ittre, Washington, $1'>8 75 through Maj. r J. <t. .n, from the oflr-er* :it Old I'oint, ??'iO from M tali ugh I, ef Washington; au 1 $75 from the otcn of the n-hip ihianoke. * new? troin Portsmouth if very unfavorable Tlie ?eito* are fev , and they are ?lmo?t broken down faligv. and?eniehav? tha f?vi>r. Petition^ lw? ? -eat to Il?ttlnioro for tnedii tl ?hl. The death* yet ?y amoun'e 1 to a< v> lit- ? n. nud many hal been sent e boepital. * Norfolk Ihraltf tgsin made its appearance thin ii!W, ""i ha?: sheet sad protuln. to try and i-Mie trt yor P. P Htubb*. *lfe, two daughter- el-tost eo* ?o servant* are ei< k of tin frrii. Although he, R. tivl d nsh'i r, el? *? it y ur? <d I, are Very 111, hot><-? Dtenattie.l for ti>< Ir reoorry, th- rut, we uo<l.'i I, art out of dunger. i-ini;ih Vanghn. ?!? tl. wa? reported mime ?IT'-, ?he prin<"ljnl witn? a?iaiant <i.-l,n, at nt on tig hit trial icv the ? ity jail, foi the murder and.. i *? .utter t -day i- very w: m therotowieN 'Uaa ti? U g. til the nt'dJe. Bi^giitA Mill i .uUmi Terj ' w. N'jRil/LK om BAMrTON CORUK-<PO<?n**!< HtMPT ON, V.'., 'itg.i.'t St, lKv. ? ffngre from Port -aou \ 1 deem It my duty t? l ? atrnn ut tnatle in yntlf jaotr a lew day ago rel' ? |n Ibo yellow (f?'r tie finj-jcr' ut wbifh w? lb1' the fever Lad r*,u7 abated *"d t,lf merchauU had com. meceed to resume their larious business, which, I as-ure you, wn< not *?. Buainess in Portsmouth, of all deserlp tioos, b now almost entirely suspended, Ihero are but two stores that "pen at ail. and those for ooij a few hour* In the dn v, and most of the citi/ru now there are de pendent uj>on the general provision depot as furaUhed by the humane people at Urge. Hie effort* of your generous poopl# will ever be reruem be red by the citizens of Norfolk and Port: mouth ?30 on in your noble work. I 1 Mir 11 this morning by n worthy citizen direct from Portsmouth. that there were not more th in eight hundred whiten in Portsmouth, and believed there was at leant four hundred cases ye?'en!ay, and nineteen deaths to Hiit knowledge. Amongst the fiulon yesterday wan Capt. fleo. Chambers, Chief of Firo l.jwrtiiieut. A goqtlomau? a valued cHlien. PORTSMOUTH. (From the Norfolk Beacon, August 24.] THE CITY HOSPITAL. The arrangements for the accommodation of the nick hate been completed at the etty hospital at Lamport's Point, mid they are mud" as comfortable as is posuble under the circumstance*. Dr. Wm. M. Wilson. wh> hai much experience In such caaes, and has bten to th? ff??t Indies and to California, ha* the hospital in hi . charge and everything that skill and Indefatigable attention can effect will be done for the sufferer*. 'I he Howard Association are con?tanUy occupied in 'he I erlortuance of their humane and philanthropic offices. Much ciiffi ring is alleviated, and great good is a ''cum plUhed by their uurea-ing effort*. The following in a list of the officers of the MOTard As sociation: ? William H. Ferguson, ('resident. Jame* I. Bloodgood, Vice President. Robert It. Bowden, Treasurer. Juines A. Saunders, Secretary. I in Hon Wl.oelcr, Assistant Secretary. William M. Wilson, Itesid.nt Physician. W. 11. Freeman, Thomas Penniston, and De Ca.'tro, as sintunt physicians. Kcbert VV. Hone, Francis f Biggins and Oeorge I,, I'p shur, visiting physician*. Win. 11. (jnrnett, Aug. B. Cooke? the former engaged By the A**oc(atioii, and the latter by the II wird of Ileiltli ?an assistant* to the Mayor in removing the nick to the hospital. lhomus M. Martin and Thouia* II. Uen'ridge, conduc tor*. J. A. KiikpatHek, W. A. flru/es. A. Dorney, Richard Oalewood, Jr., and Mar-hall Ott receiver*, Ac., ot'ord -rs for provision*, Sic. Ntire* ? Captain Royd, IT. piwlds. Cnrolin ? Hinson, Ju lia l'aitington, P. Handy, A. Ha u 111, I). Tremuyne, C. Weaver, Margaret A. Stewart, Caroline llendernoii, Itavid Swindle, R. Brutnley, Miss l.ucy K. Andrew) and nix Sis ters of Charity. Wm. lllnchinan, driver of provision wagon. John Cavnnagh, cupinin of *i< k ligiiter. Trainer, waterman at the hospital. W. !>. Seymour, F. and John Belany. R. Woodward, J. K. Hodges, Elliott, and several other*, keeper* of provi sion ntoro. The above is a* nearly correct a* It Is ,>os*lble now to r< port. Nurses are hourly icportlng, und iu a lew days tl.eie will be no lack ol them. OFF!' R of TH* Ro.?nn oc Hfaith, > Nokfoik, August St, 1H56. j Report of deaths by fever for the 24 h.uitn eudng this ?lav at 2 P. M. \\ illiani Seath, aged 40, Reld'a lnne; Indiana Scott, .';0, Church street; James Gibbons 60, I'nion street; Mr. Stone. 40, Holt street; Caroline Huddle-tone, 20, Breiver street, William Insell, 46, Mai" street: child of Johu Fish- 1 er, 8, Concord street; negro. Church street; Edmund, (?lave) SO, llappei < stables; Henry Archer, 25. Ouke sheet; Robert Hurst. 40, Cumberland street ; William < liristian, 14, Marsh street; John Jones (mulatto). 2f>, King's lane; llcury (negro), 12, Mam street; I.uev Smith (fiee negro), 60," Addlngton's line; Mr* Bailey, CO, Church stieet. Total, l.r>. Oil" death in hospital. Ill /T.I A I. OK THE DEAD. The manner iu which the ilead arc buried in the Ilrn wood Cemetery call* for the severest reprobation. We are informed, on the most reliable authority, that tiie 1 collins are not more than six inches below the surface of the earth. Such neglect must not be allowed. There is a plenty of able l>odic<l men who, deprived of their usual employment, would be glad to earn their dully bread by digging giave*. It is the duty of the keeper of the Alms house to employ such, and to set) that the graves ire dug sufficiently deep. CCHTOM norsr KEMOVKn. In tlie height of ilio present panic Collector Sawyer re moved the Custom House to his lesirtenee on Freemason stieet, and in ? few days after was nan esMnesntm, hav | ing sioped wilhout notice to parts unknown, the ghost of : yellow iack pressinn close on his heel llis whereabouts is not yet |r>cate<l with ceriainty. In 1 the m< ant in e, the nestilence spreads throughput the city, aid 'hcJDeputy Colin-tor, left to his own discre I >11, di>fer I mines to remove the archive- and deoo-itos to ll impt .11. i Tl'.s Custom House (hr the ports o JT'irfolU and I' rts mouth to he removed *o a town out of the district! i>ar ! certutnly <lo?s make men perform some tdnguUr ant. j i t times, but we v> nture to ?ay (hat su- h au one as this I wus never seen before. [Correspondence of the RaUJinore Suu.l Noifolk, Aujr. 21, 1856. H is still cloudy, damp and suitry, an 1 it is thought 1 that the number id'ca os of fevei has rteudilv increase I. , Amorg lhe new eases reported this mominv l< l>r. K. 1. Higgius, one of our most prominent physicians, and whose practice during the present season has been so cond to that of none of his city eo temporaries. Many u snflt-iing patieut will loisa hi- attendance to-day. Ilr I'cni ton, of New Orleans, was immediately caUe i iu t > Lim, and he is thus far doing well. What the result may l.e it is lieyond th? skill of mortals yet to nrodict. A. F. Ij'onard. fc?i , the wlitor of the Aif7in, who lias so gallantly held bis post In themidrtof the "iote -ind district. Is also ilck, not of the lever, however, hut too unwell to lie out. the editors of the //eivnu are tin- only ini mbcrs i f the city press now at their post, the ll'ruUl fcavirat been cempell?Hl to suppi soil au l tlie editor o the AV|"? having left the city. Yesterday afternoon Captain I'. B. Fergumn, Pre-iM'-n'. of the Howard Association, took me along with him to \ i ? i t the hospital at Julappl. It is but four miles from the city, an excellent road leads to it, and the change In iiu tue gloom and desolation of the city to the puie air of the country, with its waving ioreats und corn field* glittering in the sunlight, was truly exhilarating. Kre in riving there, the broad expanse of our noble roa I nlead hretk* upon the 1 lew, and thefre-hsea breeze Inns the brow with ita f-agrant au l health giving breath. We made the rounds with Dr. Wm. M. Wil on, the resident, and *?w cases of the fever iu every stage. The upper story of the club-house, form ing ? room of about fio to 70 eet in length, by 15 or in width, Is filled with cots in two row.i, for tl.e i. ronimodation of the sick. The lower story i* appropriated to the convalescents. Tlie ten-pin alley 1* also occupied by th ? siek, an 1 affords them very comfortable quarters. Br. W gave me a list of . W s|.;k and 47 conrales' ents und< r his charge. B>~ddes tlicse there are :.0 children. Indeed one woul I think on 111 living there that he wa* in a village. The great m.i jnrity of the patient* are doing well, and, with the ex ceptmn Hi two, wboee removal from the city deferred t<,o long will doubtl* -a recover. M jr attention wn oiled to on* of the patient*, Mi .? ITiur-ton, a ri r y itMpeetalde nn<l certuiuly pretty girl, wbo-e clmn ?< * !? >r reeoy.-r/ were conMih ie<f an aliin a few day* nine*, that her eoHn ba<l liern twice ordered. ? Her'* is a genuine yellow finer ca>e. !-hi i* hi yellniv an saffron, but the fo\ er hn . left her unit ahe in Oonahlered out of danger There were only two other cane* lilio hern, the r?-?t of the patient* > till pren iyitig their natural color. Tlie >i-i? re of Charity, of whom there are Ave or *i\ in atieinlance, are delighted with thilr al'w.'lon. i'he lYichm ** aii'i ijiilet calm of the country are il"ubtle"i *<? iateil in their tnimU with day* of yore, when a* happy cbUdi'n they played among the green leave*. and ch i-' d ilie butterfly th rough the sunlit field-, with tin 'l-iy* when their heart* were tilled with the lore of parent* and illation*, helore tuey dedicated tbemarlveato iit?i aerviee ? .I the i>reat father of tin all. They are IndefaMgiblo lo 'lie i '.tI.m nuince i f their duties, and no b-*a ekiilul tlmu IwUuitigable, ailr.iltiUUiing a* well to the bodleit a- ho imnial want* of Uie patient*. Uod only know* what I ! would have become of tbe poor wretrlw* but for them. I All the amwgi ment? foi the accommodation of the m<-V ! | ai? net jet rimi|4eied. More room will a'mn be require! ? how much more who can tell? And every effort i- fx- ? ) ing made by the pr<*ideut 01 the Howard A**oclati'> i to I meet any emt igenry, in that re-pt?-t, 1hnt nnv art.- ? j By to-morrow, one of the large *t?Ue? will t?- in riuli nr*a to receive the black*, many of whom haviiv> b>-*n I left at home by their refugee ownera have - itTrred gi ,?? - ly for want i f projer attendance In other re-]>eet? tlie , wnnta of the |*tienta are lib) i ally and judicioualy *up plied by the Ar .relation, and Mure tho appoint" nt <>t j br. Wilaon, a* the reniilciit. and |n lire of tlie liixmU! hi* j been entirely le-oriianiuM. Ihe ai*ter* have rnmfrrrtable ijnnrter* in Hie d* lit ? ' liouH'? -foimeily the etab houae. of the Jul.p,,!> ? in \hlcli aie alro the atore room~, wh'.e hr. Wtl*on ln< th" home of Mr I'arker, about a quarter of a mile diila-it. WUle I wan at the Hoapital, I er tieoeli, of Kichmo<vl, came <<own to *** and learn ??imethmg of the fever. Qulto a nt. "t>er of ca>e? liave broken out In tliiv city among )* i*on* who fled from (loaport ami t or tm >uth an I ! a? the fever is an unknown di" nao in that hilly conn . fir. ti. <-?Tie down tn conault with liia more experlcan I brethren hcc. Contribution* ?tlll | our in from all quarter* for the u * of tL Howard A?e<? latum, e?ery m. nil^r of whlc'i t? bn?y the livelong day. Preildent Prof. 1'erguaon n th< -luty < ' ti If a doeeo men. If .ie arid hii h. r<r, tough a* they both are, don't break down befur - the tn.e-* of our ttr, able are over, it will be a w >nder. He will, bow ctt, I* rell~T??l of part of hi* oaeroua do-y in ? f w day*, by th* treaaurer of the aw -elation . f'ap'. Bowlen who e recovery i? nearly complete, an I who#- energy and <h riri<-n of < harneter are well kn< arn We hare now nei I ank director* nor councilman, an t aa far a? tl.r I city la coorimed Major Wo?*li? ia (l* ?"le repraaentatlio-. liut fi r the llowa d A.?x<ciation our condition, <li*tre * i ing a* it i#, would truly awful. Altl cugh my citimate of the uuuberof en?e' of "in i 'heci'y wa* f. rne<l on conaultation arilh *e?< ral leaum/ I physician*, who agreid with ine, I am notr in' linod to i tl nl it wi> too Moall. l>r. liiggin* y-aterday p-i I I ?? ) ; aui: , and there are *> .er?l oUier di*-tor? wno? pr.o- ! Tin ia equally a* eiten.ivc aa hi* live hundmi c?.. . j would not be t'*i many to r< porta* the number uodi-r , treatment In the city. Nor i* the end yet So llttl | warning d'^- the m oeter give of hi* approac h that n me of u* cau t'?il who tray be hi' neat victim, la many ia *tanc<? whole lamihen are in hi? clutchea at the *aroe time. The r< jiorta fi"tn rnrteniouth t?-<Uy ind|rat? an a' a'.e neat of the mortality, though I a in aorry to -.ay lat Wlnrhe-tcr WatU, taq., the l*re?i<tent of the C in.uon Council of that t"WO. ha* been taken to the naval h' ?pi tal. He b not firk of fever, but Wnut ont with h.4 coo ?tant effort* to, elk-re hi* a u IT- ring fellow -cn.'en i ? Inn in I'ort'inO'ith ha? labore>l mere ' g *1 r: u*e It thought a few day* of r*<t will ej^lil* r^m to re*ume the dutie* of hl< ut-^ation I I lea i n from ?ereral of rmr doctor . wt'h w -if li?? ? i ji "t 'alk?-d, that It the j -e? nl tale >4 thin -? < c mt; i , I tl cy will i.oi t?? able to itteoil tnthernnme oa paueu j (me of lite mer. hera of to llo-n ,1 ,f hiwlt,. ? i.l *r u . i .rgly n."V at the n -eitng t?b> 1 M! t-.-'U' UaK ti . I toll and favar.jaa be re. to *en I c ? > i *' I their I^yvleiar Awf ,1 iu teenl, art th' lUn ? ? r. lit-! Howard A>aociafl'n of f.'ertolk actn.iwi>t' t I !*<?? p* f^o i' ( . I J ike. VI C J ltflSO** ! 't. ?? ? er? at Alleghany bprlegi; $1,400 from Relief Coamltte* of Baltimore; of >900 through Chubb k Brother*, of Washington; of I1M 75 through Muj'ir J. Q. M irlin, fr oin the officer# at Old Point; of &0 from Kl?7.hug',i Coyle. of Washington, and of 916 from the officer* of the tlttm <hip Roanoke. The follow mj, ?ey* the Brocm, present* n m?i>t <1 U treeing picture of the condition of I'orUmonth I'oirrniicMmi, August 21. Supposed to be about four hundred ca.e* in town and on Increase daily. Mortality about donbte what It wu a week Bluer, and steadily lucrea-nn-.;. Ye.terday, teven teen deaths a?c*rtslaod up to n'glit, and from that time to nine o'clock this morning ten death.*. J. ?. H0T.ljH?AV. The Portsmouth Trrotsrn'/y, of Thurrfdny, say< tiiefmer U on the increase, If anything, and that the town pre sents a truly glootny aepect. only one drug s* , .re l< open in the whole ,ilace, and there W Jjfreat want of medi-al assistance. Mr. Beard. of Wilmington, 1 H?l . sa l Dr. Leon (ielbert, have ai rived there and ten '.ere! their *er Tice <. Ihc Tranu-ni-t mentions in hig.i te ios the Mr rices rendered by CV.l. Watt*, l're-ldeut of the Council, James <>. Holl.iday, (hq., the lute Captain Chambers, ex Mayor Koakes, oud Jas. W. Matthew*, town dorguaat. A letter In the Kltliniund Ditpalck, dated Sort Ik, Au gust Ti, says: ? % Tlie following |^r?ons who have been auQe lug With lb f.rer are c<\?Tencent and recovei in* ? Mr. H. Howard Mi-. UnlV.t, tTfhe tirm of Hson & llaKolt, snd his wife Cant. Cuy, of the police, hU daughter and her three children Stubbs, Esq., wife and several children: Mrs. Dr. Ilarrauil; Mis. A. W. small, Mrs. Minnis; Ceorgs I ruinmond; Miss Martin Moore, daughter of Henry V o.e, 1 -q.; Mr. T. O. Young; Mr*. N. C. Carrier; ?on .if J. Mcheliau, daughter > I t> og.. Millar. The following w<*i (? 'al on p i ?? with the fever y<Mterliy Mi*" Henderson, sister of the lute ' ' p'aln He idor'on; It. Lor", sealer oi vci^hU and mea.<nu"< .'olin llaldry plat to re r; Mi-.. FaUuin, Bnm itreel Mr.. Mitchell Bute striet, John K. Itmlder, -'tllmakoi-, and oai of hlj uppientice b"y?, Mrs. James (J. VVhllo, Church street. 1 here ares great many others, bat the e are the only p.'ominect i nes k now Know of. Among the i.hiid inn., honorable men'ion should be mad" of l>r*. Upshur, Iliggin i, Tun.tall, tiranler, Wright, Kreiman, Moore, .Stone, and Th"?. t'. Constable, who ?ai en a \i*ii to the I-prlnc* wht n I lie disease broke out, an i to In-, credit tie it said, iclurnd to his post of dues <e and danger. Therein great scarcity of gravr dig,"g^rs, notwith^'An I ing very hiub prices are oflered. Many liodii . are barlei) ncaroel y n loot ben atli ihe surface of the earth. 'I lie *;< amer Sea Bird arrived at lUciinmnd nn Thurs day night, with 150 po^sengem from Norfolk, hanng been chartered for I' e trip. Hie Catliolic church in Mdnoy, Shelby county, Oh' ?, was blown up with gun powder on the l&ih instant. The building v*a* reduced to u heap of ruins. Tho City Council* of 1 blladelphia haV ' passed a re.-o lut'on extending the of city to the Mayor ?nd Common Council of llocliester, who latend visiting Philadelphia on Aloniiay next. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HO SET MARKET. Sunday, Aug. 20 ? c P. M. During the pant week there has been no chuu^p in financial affairs. Money eoutimics abundant at the lowest rates of interest, ami the deman'i does not increase. The stock market hax been from nome cniuie unfavorabljr e (Tec ted. Quotations have been grudnully iwt steadily settling down, excopt for the fancies, which have fluctuated iuo e rapidly. '1 ho thatigcs in the market rulue of ftUickH hav e been can?:d more by the movements of ii.dh iuuU th in by any chuii({e8 in money matterii. I'lkeH had be come very mui h intlated, and the maximum point haviiiR be* ii readied a reaction naturally followed. The claxs of good, sound stocks ha? not receded much, while tlio fancied have fa!leu largolv . nud miust fall to a much lower level. New York Control hits touched newly j>ar again. It may possibly pats 1 eiow that point. Heading hah declined between two and three per 'tut, but move* dow n very slowly. Ei io ton< Led 61 per cent during the week, ut which price the bear* put out heavy contracts for f ituro delhi ry. Galena and Chicago ha* been maintained bot'er than any other r ilroad ito-k on the mnr'.et. Very little ol the stock ii Offering. Oth>r good V estern railroad itocks Invo lit-en much ii" ;lecte.! ihiring the past week. Cleveland and l'itt <!?,:rg h i been active at lower prices, and the operationa in C'levehit.d and T<>le<lo have been auoxually large. In Isiih ol there t'. k- the tran^actioiis ?re pur< ) j sjiecnlutive. Bpe^iators hold the b;nk <d the Hto.'k , ai d are triving t > distribute i' amoag out -iderrf and copitilii-ls. The e i- not a railroad stock on the list which lian b(en inHatid ."o fiirb(>.uid til rea ;on u-i CUvehud and Toledo. It shotild n r tie at a friction ahove Ere, for it in not a fraction 1 otter. The ten per cent dividend paid last April did the, but if the Moctvi tiprrandi by which that dividend was paid was generally known, it would have depre-wed tne stock instead of inflating it. A more oat and Peter Funk dividend never wan declared hy any rail road in lids < ountry before. Not even by the Erie. We have Kivcu nothing but facts and figures in our statements, and our sole object hns l>een to protect innocent parties, who have been deceived into the purchase of the stock. Our statements inve been I'ftM-d entirely upon official reports and published re. ceiptH oi the company, aad when we s.iy thai the company for Ihe current ~ix months are not eirnin/ a single cent, we sir ply refer to the figures In cor roberation. It is now within five weeks of dividend day. find v.e do not see where the company have ac tually earned a dc liar. Making a liWral allowance for this month and ne\t, the receipts will Is? less than foi r hundred tlumsand dollars. Take from tins fifty per cent for expenses, say J'-Mo.noo, interest on bonded debt, *124,0<X), ii U>re^t on fl< itini: debt and finam leriug. $20,O(?0, and we have left the sum of ?5fi,lK'0 for the October divide d That thcra ' in Is no d Is pate aboot tbe?-e fi/rnrcs wi give the ie turn* of. earnings in em h of Ihe flnrt four ol the ur rent six months, out of whii.h the Ovtober di :dend must come if paid. fine ? earning" iri April H1>. I'C. ill May 7rt !?-W5 I'o. iu June 6S 7U? lui. In July 4- IM riO. in Anga-I "mI.iii.i ' I .".0 01/ I v. iu -tp:cii. vi . ! 0 1 Total earning. . . < *7 Carrent operatfogexpenre-, '.0 p r ? ?l I . lut*re?t on fanlM debl 1.1 lo Inleient ou 'ifbt ?>' .l -'O' : : d financiering 1 ? ?'? Total net ruin'tig nil month- ... f I The capital ?V>ck in M.irrh laat amounted to 13,000,000. ft will, therefore, require the in. of fl&O.OOO t'i pay ? ca h dividend of five p?r rent. The net income in oa the firxt of October will I e If ?h than two per rent on the capital, ap-.n the extremely favorable cticulatiom made al.ove for correal c/j e rating expen-e*. It i.-. the opinion of tbote UiOht intimately acqnajaUKl with the :uuli and tbe d ^advantage** under which it la o;>erated, that the expend are not a fraction iei* than aixty per cent of the Rrf *- receipt*. That rate woaid nae tip all the rapl"1*, and len\? tiotuinir f?r diri dend?. To make "or ftgure* perfectly reliable, we give the company the fi.U benefit of th* low es timate. In nla/t.t week* Ot financier* imnt jir : tLi< r??ad will meet, cn< h with hi* (Jute and pe.enl in Imnd, and Kt al<ent figuring up a dividend for f)( toler. It in our iroprea?'oo th*i tliey will iia.o t-? rul 01 1 and runmni' * '"gain i v >< d many t me?.n'id finally gHe U upaaabadjob. We have a W^'h opinion of their ?kin. and UHeve if ltl*poi<il>l t ? ah'w that a dividend it four or fhe per cent b:i? N*e>i earned, they will do *>. i l>ry made o?t ;.retty wel laM Morrh, and the ?'<? khol.ler. believed they b 1 1 a j.i rmi?.ieDt ten per cot dividend paying t k | Tliey do not think mo now , an. I it will, therefore, b? more difticult to deceive them i >":< >nd tiwe. Thr* | manager* will r*ivr I w do-v ly wm '.ted. T ,i<> and a meant of hondx in existence in Mareh Ia?* ? ill ' !*? i? n.i in u. nd, nud t!>e floating d t/t <!y booked afler. It will be recollected that within tin p*>t week it haa tneu oPR< tally ataied the c?.n p-n y had no flo*',WiK iieot. \ ? ? it the middle ?( At.guei, 1K.15, the tu?n.tgem*i.t d ? r.y thee?;*t< 1. <? ' f a f.ojtii ^ deV>t i fe* )kn *t. We ?h?:l a> ?' w' . i lew w. U I. . m tut- la An, 1 d'-fMor ?' . ( ?'? '(*k : ?? fit . , **l<Q0 Kn !*???' ...? T ?. ?. ?< v. A ? 1 ? } "?] ' j f T ' m' ' dtot: " a AH '* ' t. r.t . It it i. O ' ' '?* " '? - "t v>- * riy ; til dir#t'<>d tijKi tt'- tpptoach of dMJe: | 0 t>? fvi ;tt <li?. J' ' 1" I- en ' vi i / tnU) e<,f i?t ? i ai *' ' : ? r i<i o: a f ;.e kd or ^?bt, i it li capital stock, (bat we like to keep pasted relative to this department of financiering. Th'Ste who bave watched oar course in relation to the E-He Railroad bave seen ali our statement 4 verified. For years before tliAt company collapsed we predicted t-ucli a result. For years before it sosprudod the payment of dividends we stated that tlrey were not earned, ami a committee of investigation ronliTutvd the truth of all our statements. Solitary and aiooe we continually cautioned the public against tlvut in vestment. For yearn the management financiered so skillfully that the public wan deceived. Th*> stock ran op to within a few per cent of par, and for a long time the tide net strongly against our pre dictions. Finally the company's embarrassments and financial difficulties could be no longer dis guided, and fee bubble hurst- The stock run d iwn to thirty per cent, and should be there now. It does not earn half of its t inking fund, and never will cam a dividend on its stock. The Cleveland and Toledo will follow in the same footsteps, hut at a more rapid rate. Tluftvad has already coat doable what it should, and it is not yet uear completion. For ita length It cost (4 much is tho Erie, while iU earnings in proportion are considerably le.s. Albert H. Nicolay's regular semi-weekly auctioa sale of stocks and bonds will take place on Monday, 27th in?t., at 12.J o'clock, at the Merchants' Kxcban.-e The exportation of specie irom this port last week * as as follow*: ? (.K St./ "h IK' M TUT I'.IUT I'V N T.W YoSK J-fumor ltaltlc, Liverpool, Aim ilran got 1. . S(0," 17p 00 44 *' ,4 g"M lUMi 11 l% 44 ?|J m ruin '? 4' ?? Koiflioii Hilvcr,. . '? . " " K"W ? ? ? ? '? I.'lunon, i, ,s V:m Ai t'l.brs t ni- n, llntr,-, coin " " " " burs T< tal for <bc w-k . . H, &..?,? A it I'revloualy liO,!i0l,XHl as T ital f'T 1850 ?^,l&8,av!0 4'.t The last two steamer.] frmn California bro.igiit about Il,s0(',000 id specie. Since their arrival we ha\c shipped j:t, 000,000, or }1, 200, 000 more than we received. The George Law brought $l,3(j0,000, which just uliout places us when; we were two weeks since. The Daniel Webster, from Nicaragua, may bring enough to provide for the exportation of the present week. The receipts on the Long Inland Railroad for the month of July, 18."if>, as compared with July. IHot, wer" as follows. Jn.'j, ISM *13,0:7 03 July, 18'.'. U,19a l? Increase >1,201 85 Evi ry preceding month of this year, as compared with the corresponding month last year, shows a very ( nsfderuble increase in favor of the months of the tire cot year. The cause of the falling off in July, wc have heard attributed to a steamboat line, recently established, to compete for the trade here tof"^e exclusively enjoyed by the railroad. The Washington Union publishes an ofllelal utate m nt of the merchandise imported into or exported from the United States, daring the quarter ending 30th June lust. The totals are as follows : ? ( w ki ? i. or tub t'smui .St tr^s. in ptjiit. fiptc , toW, t?t trw goo<U other tlmi sjs'clo 1 5.0 ?H, .? .? > l'utlnlue 4?l, till lu'i Total ?* /s/vrt*. Fi . Igfn ? M . K- 1. X't ? pe. 1 'Uliill>Jc. ao h! foreign ' I Mervbavl To-sJc^r: Ti ' nl luspor ' ? txC'Ht. C* |tnr'., m.-r Import i during the ' uirt i ? ?.1,601,751 The antbrut ite coal trade continues ae'Jve, 7 'to Kbipnients on tbeSchnylkiil Navigation for the week ? tolin^ on Tho sd y lrt-?t, were 20,916 tons, and foi tin ? . . m, ,<(.; > tt,.f again-l So >,227 tons to tl.e s..rn< tinne lu^t tear. The coal to nage of the - ing iillp ad f<ir t!ie week ending nn Thursday, was r.s.227 tons, and tor the year 1, Ms, 151 ton?, against J ,.'(C-,17'.' tons to corresponding time last year. Tin hiiijiini nis of etui tipon the I^ hlgh for the week ending with Saturday last, wiih li!,02.'t tons, against tons lor corresponding we?*k of last yur; for the < a*t n, 72 '.O'.j t^ns, against 6ilt,12u tons to the sum* time last year. The demand for ship mint continues vtiy active, but the supply of ves seN is insufficient. The retail market hat shown considerable animation during the past wc< k. The pcri'.d of greatest languor and depression has appa rently been passed, and the trade miyts' expected to exhibit a steady improvement as the season ap proaches its termination. Holders of Erie Railroad stock who iitsi it upon it~. \alue, Mem to buse their arguments on the fato riii ie compari-von of receipt# with the Central road, forgetting that the width of the tra< k, although affording comfort to ]taflseug?rs, has largely iticrea ? ed the ce.'t of the ro;id lis well as subsequent n fu rs Twenty-eight j r cer.t additional width in construction is ft'llowcd to the ?ume extent in the rolling stoek . without corresponding lieneflt to the > lock holder t, f< r no more weight can tie put upon a car than eight whcel< nil! snstain, no matter how v, ide oi Iari,e tl.e/ n.s y be. Oin ;oid a quarter t io? t eu :h wheel is th" usual e .tiii:ate of the "trenjrtli ol a i .t wheel- onse<]wntly a heavy carnage les t>eu* the freight capacity of the running g"ar, and j tl ? er glut- draws an tind> e weight of t.-aln instead ; of remnneratiog freight; Issldei the additional width oflVrs met .? -i atuviipberic re^i.stanre, and no ,jit.r<- ; as --n^'-rs a tnuu ported in a wide cat on ]

tl. i re 'ln.n r n the narrow gttage of tbe Central ' s t'. it . the receipts of tbe Hrie sppn xlmatc t j ti ' Central its exjienses mn'4 ba rartly greater. i iiii ..nii a Jstutcmcnti hibits tbe quantity and > m cirt . iji .irt. !?s exported frsin th.? port dnr.r.g the wt < k ending and inelndlng FrMa;-, Aug. ?ji lH<id, distingnlshirtg the destination and extent ; ol 'I ipmtutsto each place:? 1.' * i oj T )? :t . i .* v > . -\ i. unwooL. Ytiit U'i'i ' ft.1 | (. t n, i, wi. iU. ?,ib? e ? - n '.?? t . fVirn . I i .'4 iO ' 7 4 fibli. Jl>> !' I7tl ? t 1 (S. 10, i/_? .s7 IU>?ia. ... . Hi, 1 0>? l r it i ? 7 1 W1 hbrllv ,, & l.i'J r'w>.ffc^ -W 7.: 071 . f>.ti Oi j i'-aii'.tb . . It 1 \V?ich mo. - ? 1 4 sj It. ? 1 r>" >o Other artlr! . ? r^i l ! .. 1 to*) ?7t.m ii uonnv. i ? ? on, t . i' I1J t ??'<*> - n fi* J. . 's 7,]?' AtJ ?!'??; J? . . . " I ) ;? l inent" t .? S')l 1,(N Hiifars bl. . 1 7". ? i ? t] , 10. 7,,i 1- i'<U 'Hlci'.'.h', f r fi ? s s ? ? I <{* 1 ' ! l'?) r, if ') t arri??{.. . 1 . i) I't. i|U<- ? :0 1"7 Oiitnii >4f- 1ft V> ' c?.. ?> 6)7 Miter 1 , >.<? - l?> < t. !? ','t '?-*> *_ik rinti- :r 4 19ft II. 1 IW hMMea r*t, l.i . Ill I .?), ry < 1 l.^> JU o*. 1 ? > I rot rut. ft' ' J'" 41 H*M), ')%! . g 1, lf?, 194 iMi'Hii libL s Ml h *iat> '-"A67a Total ?? uaao>. . ? i ? a;. tot w bsoi j . h ?: <? - -. t.-p ?-?> ?* 3 7 u. ?? m niaai. 'Mi lju.. ?I t.U'i HS4 1 Hyan t y,t 7 IV) . ?? IV# MA as ?> '*U M . p t* .1 Ik. ^44 ' I'ltiir, tf> '^^t 1 i IO 1 .**1 w t r- ? <?? ., t ?aa lot M0 V. K< ur Ih. I, ft n t. ! '?. V f, , , tfti i- . . . 1 ? _ . ? M , Cotton, ba . 220 lard, U?. .21, Ttt I l'ota?b, bbla.. ?83 W, bono, lb*'J>708 I uni"il?, ten. 700 1!??1 oil, gut* 2,744 Hunry, tibia. . 80 f. tar II., bbla. 60 turn. Tot J. ?UOOBI #0,361 I. It. good.. r? 40 2,623 lol^cco, blot* 24 10.0?l Tobacco Iba. 11,374 14 104 232 7,'il2 Matche*, ci . XI 1,440 Htaioa ..... 4,000 1,144 l.uiuber, It. .01 800 700 Starr*, ft.. 18,000 Total 81,604 lumber. . .180,000 800,-78 >8. lft) 89,004 ttivHont, R<*iu, bbl*. 1,109 82,<>7l >pm o(i, gU. #2 1.20 T?r bJ3 2,260 Sure* 4,000 IWi ?j>. turpAltiur 10 206 ? T?t?l MAJtHKll.l *a. IVef, bbia.... 815 810,022 >b?iil<l*r*,cka 10 8*20 hp. turpfiiUii* l?) 2,600 ?? .rk, bbl*. . 2W3 3,380 lard, U^..'i.>iO 2, UtO Mu. (?*.... 'it, 000 1,070 II. mm 4,600 u70 . Total 822,012 flUTMJ MIKTN AUKRI' l> (WUMIIH. I l"ur, bbl-i..4,8!<? 840,483 i irpeiiUua . . 1 1)7 no ao 8K '-?0 I'urk Corn inral .. . Tobtcco, bxi Tea, ch Hum, pun. . . G-Uieot, bbl. 260 lu.-r lo Tobacco, lb*. 60J Alcohol. bbl*. 4 T?'U1 l,;ioi i. in i-?.i dti ,# i 1,014 Cora, iiiinb . 1*00 MO Hardware, c* 2 03 Tobacuo, Uh* 3 1,4 <'H I'll rui' urfl, c 9 1J 260 I .'ether, *ill*i 100 ?. >i l fti lluur, bbU '.'ii 1 i h uudi ftp ? 1?!7 flour, bbla. <121 ( '< i ii, bti*li . . 1, 1 -0 1'ork, bbU., . 00 .v<'.'l|>, bin 131 ImmUmi 178 I ????!, I til* .... 02 Milwcco, IUh . ' . ,0-4* > Batter 2 f 71 1>| -ill, bbb?. . 140 1 > mi atica, oah l'*> 'fur, bbla 60 Fitch Mi Tu rjiom inn . . . fi < lite (?. lb*. , l.Bil Coin mi itl, bbl 1)8 Itay, bule*... J.u Itye flour, bbU To 1 CUM'... 1 Hire, tierce*. . 6 Total MUTDUI Wltil IWDH&*. $6,162 March, bmfi. J-'i ."22 lard, Iba,,, ,0,416 I.'.iim Al", caalu . . . , )?) 1 a*l?.l . . 1 ? ?14 .su<ar, bbl*.. 11 74.1 Wine, ir? lluoi 27 4 '"1 I opt*, i-nU." ... 42 662 (/ten 24 8/3 Mieap. 12 6,? ?o ' ?l\?a, u* . , , 2 1.17 WtrtHlvmrp, C4 81 110 I irj gnu<U .... 2 210 VVuni4#w *h'a. 2 160 llntn >, lb*,. . . 'Jll .178 Kum, bbl*.., 0 720 Tm, cheat*.,, 4 fill'.' I'll, til, <41 H,, 2 126 Huadiis.' ? 2u0 .820,110 Hour, iibb ??( rk 1'reail N-.lp I x*. I md, lb*.. ? UK"', bin, . . Ill ut*, CS lint* ... Mfi rui*, box . ]'? f. bbla.... 1 ollH ' ' II, 111 ? . 2. Xi utka. I fimenUoK IU Uuv tlx CaodlM, i'X . 408 . 20 . 100 . :i;io 7 i uAti, tv i . "00 1 ?:<? o :i l< du 600 Ko*ln, bliU , . . jm J-cji1< ?, bo*. . . 3 I'boti g'b ', C*. Om'-iit. bbla. 10 hliiTikA ill t tH ? hii.r'. I . . 77 Mr* tii'iri" 22 Hor il.t wat. ci ?,ri I iij f r, |hi*. . I ,iHi6 'I ra , f . i . . .1) Wood wnic, ch .01 Lumber, ft. SO, 1. '2 Total. r T'll VKr'l iVPOf. ^.,li'0 HutU'r, III" .1,175 avO l " ii tli ? , ?iiln.< an 470 Hk?, bbla.... H :i?4 Tobacco, bin). 1 201 11i>Ih>, coll* . . . 20 115 ' ii ion*, bbl*. . 21 HO lotitix 27 08 (HUM), bm . ai f>2 lift-, bbla 1H L41 ,l-<"gRr*, b <*. . . 60 001 h,.?r? 40 72 I,jiiib?>r, ft.. . 1 ?!>) 020 ? IiOi i'M TotftL rKU ?,l'AAAl>4. *1 160 <>irt I A- W!ig. . 1H 7'iO I'ru^lnoii*. |ik 105 f>50 hundrici.. ... ? liai lir'igH, bx?. . , 112 180 Aiii?il, 40 66 liunnj: lig",ilo. 10 1H4 l*.ok., rnKoa.. '1 87 1 ( )oal, Uiu* 210 1,01 r> ^'irg in?t'?,c? I 081 Pry guoibt. c*. 1 ao.'i Su^ai , bbi i . . lo 21 J III 'tff, lb*. . . 3IMI 880 Bit H 880 801 MunJri'"* ? Maiki t^, c C..?. tie-, bbl 1 obex C', Klul* li< u . Kum, puu .. I < utpr ligi 1, lo'.al I irk. bbl- . I? k.i, m Ale lli . : II ? I, I.a ii 87, i. ., ? K 1 1 1 Klcc, bag..., W,M , I r>*r* Ii . i - baic 1 ri g*. ca.... At.m. a, 1 In, In. i I ...i ? . ik. tl-i, it , : anil I,. < i' ' I-*, ? . , . , t ha i i ' 0,rd;.jfi". ???.. II. rila.iri', r? . a | ? . <ii ii tUHlIC*, I*,-. 1 uium > ? <>ai k / > K<* 'U '?*. M lie I N ... a h ii lull i ?? Total w iwr * ha. r Ariica. 15 { I") In n lump* bd* 40 1 1,<vi*I liardwara, c* 5 10 I ? 54 I m ,ii i, ba 1 -8 il *ik ... c.i. . .. l'.Nt .itx irk'.* .... ? > I 192 610 i 00 i'.o H) 15 14 1 :n tvfi ,'iOO 4 12 tm r,D..: ;? i Ui 81:: 107 1...1 177 10 II V 7! 1 'at'*-*, Mil* uln'y, b> .i HI.*, bill*., i, bbl ,. i". : li.i .ol nil 1 J. t.. p, bbl 4 1' \V I Vfn in, r* I 6' 1 lilti nr.. . MO \ , ?, ball i . In., luillt, pkg?.. ?M ! lulling, i oil. 3tjt 1 < a: in, bulpi 11 i ' I' / ,11 I*. r i 1 Hui tor, lb i. .2 118 H ? ba, c* ... 8.'"t I i .itber , . . , 8,i.6t Trunin 2 ' 1 till clotti V'04 Dixit tr ?!* . . 10? Oiiatiaj. 1'i.u Matting mil* 160 llat*. <?? 284 200 ao 45 4 O'l 18 1 Ml Ii 14 a 1 ;.o 2 ,6'iu IT 60 Irt 1 I AO t'i ' on, ba! *. Tobac 11m. .24 ...... i,in**i i *i'. in 8708 HaiH 478 ao7n I l?,68l 8*0 60 10.8J-I 63.1 :u) .8-7,217 819!) 2,184 1 1/0 71 116 4 18 Oil ? ?;> | :: i i loo a. 2 Hi 310 104 ? ii <iV5 501 2, iaw .us 850 180 1 a) 2 18 200 ?i?,.<oo 10*1 aoo a -n in 2 2& Ublakr*. .U*. ho. ii...... .. ! ? gara, t ai-i"* . t imeat, li'ili*. Hard* are, ? ?. ('a i riiiRp? .... I olMtrra, ba*. .-cttb-. ra-ea. It I luting | n,.?, 1 <li>tk?. <?M - V) I 'ip< r, bale . . V". Riii.ii. bbla. . . 60 < Il 'tiling, r- . . 1 Ij iv 12 I I 1 1 ' I a * i . V 1 I imber. f> 1 18,8;t2 AtU.KftlMH ilKli Ml I' 82.708 Varninh, bbla. 0 7.8S^ la. k-, HO 3V0 riialr*, caiw 101 ISO Wi?d?ork... 20 1,'tU Iticf, l?u? . ?KI I 163 I uml*r,ft 633.008 1 18 Itullit mat . 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An noon umr j Im.-vr-t- Inve l*-en properly *?<-ar*4, lb* arrival^ of , n-w wheat hint fl-ar will roniMnr? with wA ' ! b're, iimI our mspjilie* uicr*v? no rapxily ? to fur t n: ii mater n fr r Mf*>rt?tk(n. 1 he n|. .riat.'-n* of nontrai t&*rciwnii?*<' into Un? j- rt la*t w?ek were *? follow*: < ?* */?? v ?.? tt?? l'o*t a- Vrw Yaw? V*i./ * m l?r.*r? : ^ ?<.?/ ft ;? ' /?),, r-.-'., 1 K*r.?t"t.. IWi (>10 ItrJia rubier 3 ?* <*( !'?? > Vi 222 Mumoil IimIi. i4 1 / * I ? '>r ? <?) >*u*l' it <i<. t wr , i 4?k4 . . fit r',<iiT ' 'pU'Aj 'W# .s i /2 | K I L. ? 4ot Jr*?t/r U 14 ? J iv s :;i "t: p?'at jf*? w tui I l? ?? 141 Wu<arvc.< U?> * 11' I'm r 7 Hi M-..U rt T 114 j t'? ? ? t "14 * ? ? ? 1 ?? ?? o a, :* !,??<# < b>* ? It Ibatxf M ? t.V* J < k l> !?) Hep. I ' ?M | <hl ? ? I i*#U>?< U ' . 7 i * *.* n?B U 44" ? i'miI V 4 t I i 14. . 44 *MUk *' ? 1 r . . >?. ? "> 1*741 l b l i.l/> t a4f? -I ~ HUT ri>.'. - 1?4 I* ir takry im *;;; f. I I Z IU J"? ? Ul WO' j? 677 cute* ?< k ' "??' .. 174 . ). I.9W Nw41? . ... 1? 1 ' A Mil <w . . V) <? ^ L.IW ' i ?.Ubi.... ft 7 1 ?< lli ' ??? .. **> 7."? ? > lw 1- I U.Mt t,*.* 1.1,4 It 'I I*. tf.,fr ?il ?,l i ?<?!'<?< I I 4 ??i ? Ifc UM | <?) ? ?? ? l,7'7 ;*Wat. fc/r? ? ?'0 ?.'?! f4 #4 l ?? Cw Nxla aab IOj 1m4 tin* at Vflfc Kalaod*.... ISO e,7?1 Ma<lilui'<* S 61* Iff - bftflt . .. 110 2,2H1 hivldtrry % Other aeti.'lea ? - 1,911 I'ircu??rap< T | lUS I'/cvWMt*, palnU. k<-. tla'cl war?. 7 ?joa Arg"U 03 3,918 6b ttl good* r, l'*n ('ariniut1 . . ,, . 3 4?>n (rtd metal ?.!,??% Fua'fe ...... . ? 8,672 MllUtoiim ... IfJO 2 300 Imllg.i 10 VMt Marble ja |? I/ifwortd. .... ? 0,0*2 IVatatuarj R fM Madder 11 CP0 Mubiaaea Mil II Tto oil... '?l 34,0.8 I'apc 72 6,541 I arlt white . IB 102 Paper h'gtnga A 0.H t lira marine 13 Ml Perfumery. . . v 1,6 i nn Fruity, dbU, Ac ? lip** 6 Ml hnucM. 20 M1 Haafer 4M6 4 M Ct'r-u 20 W.H lUga 360 1.** C?.rranta .... a? 4.2V8 Hpb-aa 018 6,586 Nata ? *07 .>*? 3 144 Iluma 17 Hul .salt ? 1.121 Tamarind,. . . 270 PUti onerr.... 69 12, 38* Ki irrarlngi. . h 4 0 8 ftigar, hh>U. 2.218 129, TT4 ?? ;nl .To bo*r. WO 16.30# lartlienwuri- .114 16 .10 Fperin nil . . . *1 8,012 ' 18 10, >06 T.lacro 00 60t I (in* fixture*. . 2 too T i??.. ;n? 1,888 0.389 11,471) Vanulrelii ... a 618 lilariaare... 8;i U'ntrln 24 28,400 I'l.ite gin n . 134 8 178 Wlnng 142 | T0? Mirror |>l?t??*. 4o n 270 Wnoda, Fan.-y fowl*. . 41 (l,77>l Mnln^au/ , ? 3.480 Hum j ii hair.. I T7.. Odir 215 902 Ilcni| 12 4?n Willow ? . ;i :u# Hatter* good* 1- 3,140 VI ,'li .... |]H |'m# llnney 13 lov I <u in bar .. . ? 1,114 Khali* 2 122 IXVr artiule* ? a, *40 VjiIiim of marehandlae put on On- market dur lag the week ... ?l. 096.980 !><'. dry good* do. ilo 2221, 790 Total importation 8 1, ''17,70b The principal item* of import during the weak were n* follow*: ? Cofl.*<>, $'232,407; I in. red oU, %M, O'JH; undrfH-ed ekin*. 1.51,467; cutlery >37, <573; iroa, Jl.H'iO, tin, $44,3*3, lead, $3x.7tt.5; au^ar, $143,140. The total value of the foreign exports from the port of Hallituore tu*t week, amount* to $20;>,I7#. Aaxn# the prinripol srlMrH exported were 11, Hit bo ml a wlieut flour; 1,13m liiiMhelrt wheat; 452 bar tula and 70 lihdit. roe-.U; 1.4U0 IhihIii 1h corn; 6H? Im/tcL) and 1<K) Ijuk* liruud; 450 barrels {Mirk; IS* l>artvli4 1'ccf; 1,002 boveo caudlew; and khda. to bacco. Tite llflftoa I'tfl ffivcM the fojlowilix fact* rtb nj ortinif tlio roranerre of that port. During the fiscal yenr ending June .30, Ih.56, the foUowinf merchandise, lx>ing Uu- piin< ipal aiticlea of export c? .o-Im i c. *iw ( Uwred ut the ctixtom houie for New Orkvttui: ? I ijrhl) t* 'agricultural nufJilai , rt,f)17 .In. tinplixnenta^ 1 f? ah'! rhOM 'AT |XifKj%|j.*4 r.iidag^ 4,7f.7 t< ?c r .it. li'i, fi.VO | rk >?> a Intiiatle t, '.'Aft drum*, ?\,:ia3 In. ret* and '. 1,433 txixen 0-fc, 1.. 74ft pwbni Cut ill' ore, r?.?4vt t>lnek?, ^ 1 ti>?< 18, Mtt bat?? |nM>)r tlotb, (.til* dn. il<i. lw|?, fco,?7:i t??i> l< ?, 31,188 n?ithu<lli4 (umlNcrlM), 14 X2-1 k?a? >i%iU, | w M0Vl |?|". 4,4 1 | l u|(tk*, H Hll r % ill 4 pi kla^ 17, t>. l?a ?*p, U,86 i bunitti'* aliuvela'iO liairelj Wgllalbi., 17, Ui pn< me ? wiHiiii-nware, 2 rhureh o* Ham , h' i i?>Ki fi.rtet I i nctirli'. "f Import from New Orleana, enteral at tli. fu to?n linuee during (lie name yi-ar;? | l K68 <H-k.i haeoa, R HI7 bbU. t>J0 t?? tMief, l3.',4AA bal<? cottnn, ! 0,260 bug- rorn, 60 .'Utl libl Hour, B.75 ) li<tnp, I 40,'I.M I t--,M 73.1 Mi'. .In,, 4,517 tea I, am-, 2b, 116 h-?rmt I 8 070 krgn, n.TJIl bbl4. f.,111* to., lard. 60.267 jHtfn lw?C ! '.4 #?6 Mi ll. W l lilid. rtialaaM'a, 2.746 bWa lard nil, (4, M I (Kifk, t 740 hli't*. C"(f?r, M.'M rta ?.-v 2T0 hint a. | t Iwrril, ilM lain wool, 1,003 l.l.l ?hi>ke/, l,4IUaarkji wl.e.i'. Art.cle' . Iear> <t at lb.' curt ni houee, ll..?t..ii, during tlia lit al T"?r f.i Mobil.' ? 671 n apple', UK nfrleultaral ImplemeaU, 2.12T raaea J" -I and enix ., l">4i a e? au.l bal." duiiKMlicn, 44 eaaaa ill .no Mil-. rM |.*g? fiirnltar# 1 .'!4'i i.?lna g.ia i y a. lb, 7 pli . en mult.', 7,073 I. ma loe, 17,470 paga. , ;.'.K I 30 I n>. miK'li in ry, 4.1-t p < 04 l?n? mar bb . 1,10'.! I. F" ria l', '1.040 bu?l>ala oat>, 1 151 I'kfi. I - ill -, 141 plnngli- II pianofoHea, i'CM lel'a "h".??*l? 068 Li/ . ,nnp ' 791 pi i'. 16 t. tut rtfatttbl.*, Wlb pkg< mmti riiwn i e Ai". >nt i'-I #' the rn-tijw Itouae dnrbig the Aaea8 )t ?i IR66, hi in M -bile - ? 0 .80 bnl" r-. 1!mi I -vH J. idi'". 0 bale* '.*iH,0I8 ft. lumber, '."fl pkjfn ni'l i 40 bbl . 901 libl r.?ta, 17,4/.; ?lu? e> . Ktorh Kifhangr. ban wit, An/tv t 28 lUt tl0t4^0lnt*lat>'6,i> liftO W 400 abaKtU-IUl \Ai MU MtiO Ti tm f.'a '90. W.', aw I>>M{ |.?0 di. U?v '.Ol dn ?kI0 61 M" 0*. \ i*nin.**/w.t.' o bH'.^ 2100 .t'? ... . U3 63 W?K0 tm 17'? UVI tin A 63 MOO Ml?ar.urW*a.M0 NX 8?W do 8f? bin (?t Va '70... *7 J,t do M0 HW H-Willtii lat M llftr. >1)4 IWO Hi rlem III! W\ 1U .I I rle lilt ? f.f '76 bt l'?i 4* alo S' ?*l IUdK34MB.b0O 70S 80 t.liir k lUc I.I I Itlt t**2 Co. . . . . 7ft1, 10 III Central ltl(. '.??) I an IMa la< I*. Wl % 4M l ading Hit MiO teilj ll.'XHl IlllmlUi Ivl- H.., 1M do .. ... 9 <li 10TKO do WO HI 'JUi do ?<)V HHI) An *3 HftS JK'/i do Oft |H<K) do tu: :uu .111 . ?'? UT) loco Hud M lat M II KWI, loo do . ...a80 90 8000 (M * II I KM It bt '.'00 do b.'. Oft',' HXA) T II A Alt ..I'll! H i i^ 300 do l,.'g? lMt? '.Ml < lei A I I'ir II hi 60 llu.1 II Uli .1*0 41% 6 ahaa Ml A Hart I: 127 '.'M do 41 60<.inl<n?o liaj <l? 41 6" 4o .. r 20 s 160 4a.,,, 610 4! V 60 do , ? 0 2IIU h>l do.. MtO 41 C 160 Mr Tran (lo. Mfi 10 10 MJrh Dm HH .. 100 1. 60 do.. .**> 10,', 176 "lo.... ,. I.<0 ???? do bio I'#', 200 do on 100 70 l>afl (VmiI 'o I'Xi MMIOiSiHSIjIII: 1?V 600 do . MX) lo) 1IK) do Iu3)i lOM I i. -rib < ? :J Ob., SOU to do I9i 1(0 d" h3 W)2 7 MlrhMoh N la('<>? 98|j Ml do . .. ?.'? .A I, ]*? 1'aaaitM Itlt. aQO 101W V00 do Mm in1, \X, do 107 M) do WO 110fVv?hint?4iat. 70 '.00 do l>10 2* , ? (.al k (Tile Hit . . 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