Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1855 Page 5
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Gtntitmcn'i Halt, Fall Puhlon for MM, ?UI l? tm i educed by &PENMCHKID ou Saturday th? 15th iiuit . Centlemen .ire solicited to call aiut examine thi* superb fabric at 118 Nassau street, Mar Beekman. While Brandy (French) ? For Preserving fruit. For >*le by JOHN EPNCAN & SONS 400 Broadway. Knapp^ Gallery of DaxiMrrMtyn* remov ed entite to 477 Broadway, near WalUck'i Theatre. Fa aaily groups and single picture* taken daily in every style of the art ; price, including case, 50 cents and up ward*. Likenesses copied. Flanoe.? Horace Waterf Modern Improved ptaaos. poseetwing in their improvement of action and ?nw-?tringH a power and com pane of tone equal to the R pianos. Sole agency for T. Gilbert ft Co.'*, Hallett ?* ton's, Woodward A Brown'*, and Jacob ("hlcker taff*a Boston pianos; and constantly in atore pianos from wane live of the bent New York manufactories Each inirtu aaot guaranteed to give entire satisfaction or purchase 111J returned. Second-hand piano* of all varieties an** atgreat bargains. Price* from *30 to $140, new 6\ octavf plana*. with iron frames, for >160. Pianos to rent, an4 Mt allowed on purchase. Pianos for sale on monthli aayvwnt*. Pole agency for S. D. A H W. Smith's oob tsale 1 atelodeons, (tuned tho equal temperament.) HORACE WATKR8, 333 Broadway Piano* and Melodeono.? XUy & Manger, 519 Broadway, invite the attention of purchaser* from oH sections of the country to thoir large assortment of piano fortes, unsurpassed by any in the city, which they will sell fcr cash at greatly reduced prices. ELY & MUNUER, 619 Broadway, ?he a tine assortment of Carhart, Needhaiu A 0>.'s aselodeon* ? the best la the world. letk?,? W? are Sew Closing Oat. the Re mainder of our summer stock of cJothiug, without regard to profit or cost, a rare chance for gentlemen going South. We arc also getting in fhr our early (all and win ter trade the most elegant assortment of superior cloth tag ever offered In New York, which we expect to sell at ouch low prices a* to command the attention of many ??ore than our hundred thousand customers. DEVLIN k JESEUP, 33 and 36 John street, corner of Nassau. Clothing Merchants from the North and Booth, Fast and West, will Und it is to their advantage to cell ml EVAN 8' clothing vWrehouse, No. 60 and 08 Ful ton street, before making up their minds where to buy. ?ew Silks .?Oil Monday we will open some Very rich dress kilks for tlui (all trade, which we ?rdered before the present advancc in prices, and we will give our customers the advantage. Also superior black aflbs, warrantod to wear well, at the old prices, which are 20 jer cent less than they can be purchased for else where; 3C0 doten ladies' best kid gloves, nt 4s. worth ta. ; also a large lot of embroideries, lace and Hwiss cur tains, shawls, Ac , at great bargain*. K. H. LEADBEATEK A CO., 347 Broadway. New Fall Patterns, at Arthur Donnelly's, 98 Flowery. ? Families about furnishing their houses this tall, will find it to their advantage by calling and ex amining this rich and varied assortment of carpetings, fte., 20 per cent, less than the regular trade pric ss. Beau Mful mosaic patterns of oilcloth, all widths. To the Ladlee.? Just Received, a Large and ?ptaadid assortment of f*hineal and colored straw trlm ?iim, colored bats, ribbons, flowers, and millinery geerfa, atWM. S. lRvlNE'rt, lid Canal st. Wmkl and Mantillas. ? K. I, Mills la now asMtrftlsg his recent importations of Pari* cloaks and a*aatlll*ii, embracing rich and elegant goods, together With a large and ^lendld assortment of hu own mauufaa tasi?; black ilk mantilla*, lined and wadded, from 91 60; aMh talmas, from 9*2 50; cloth cloaks from 93 00. Buyer* wfli find it to their advantage to call and examine the stoofc, as it Will be offered at the vecy lowest mauufac taKtag prices, at 80 and 82 Chambers street, three doors ftMat Broadwuy. We hnow the rffcct* of many things, bat the causes of few. For example, the fashionable world know that (JUKI' N'H shirts, made at No. 1 Astor House, are elegant in style and infallible in their lit. Yet no ?ne, save the manufacturer, is acquainted with the sys tem by which this perfection is produced. Gifts and Presents... ,Just Received and for ?ale at reduced prices, the choicest *election of fiincy ?, and also every variety of toys, dresse I and un ?d dolls, games of amusemonts for ehildren. Ac. , at RQtiEKh' fancy store, 449 Broadway. Carpeting* for Fall Trade, ISM? Smith A 10UN8BEKKY, 460 Broadway, near Grand street, have Jaat received, per la e arrivals, several large invoicos of elegant velvet tapestry and Brussels carpeting, which are now offering, together with a Urge sml select atock of all other gootis connected with the carpet trade, at great Inducements. MmllanccHalaiaandcr Hafcs^Bobert M. Pat. ?XX la the sole manufacturer in tho United HUtes of the afcerve celebrated safes, and patent powder proof defiance ImAs and cross bars. Do pot 192 l'earl street , one door Mow Maiden lane. Sewing Machines.? The public are hereby cautioned against making, using, or vending any sewiiw aaaehinea, having a rotary feed motion, or feeding wheel, mWs licensed by us, as all such machines are infringe Mate upon our right*. See advertisement. NATHA NIEL WHEELEK, No. 34.1 Broadway, O. B. POTTER, No. 406 Broadway. Engraving and Printing*? The Neatest and Biost fathionable styles of cards, seals, circulars, engraved and printed. Order* received by mail for card*, and every vailety of engraving and printing. Specimen* sent by mail. WM. N. I?UN N hLL, 106 Broadway, corner Key street. Charlta' London Cordial Oln? -Distilled In Jxmdon, under supervision of the British government, expressly lor the proprietor. A pure tonic, stimulant and diuretic beverage, pronounced by me li< nl men the moot sanitary alcoholic distillation ever olfered to the public. far superior to the bent of brandy, even in it* pure Mate, and when the difficulty of obtaining that article in ltd purity is considered, this gin ia not ouiy the bent, but the Kafcst liquor which cun be adopted for lamiiy use, as its parity is guaranteed by each bottle being sealed and Isle lied under the proprietor's signature, to counterfeit which ia a felony. Charles' I/mdon Cordial <;in ia totally devoid of that harshness of Savor so pcculiur to every other gtn, but la ao mild and delightful to the taste that persona who never could tolerate any other, never fail to appreciate and reh"h it. Bat apart from those qualities which have no directly tended to bring it into general uae, Charles' London Cor dial Oln is a sovereign remedy us well an preventive in ?umerouK caser of disease. By Its use. those moat ex posed to the distressing effects of fever and ague are to tally exempt from any nurh attack. It promo tea an active digestion, nmh instead of heat ing the system. which it Invariably invigorates, whilst its influence extends to the spirits, which it exhilirates without intoxicating, rendering the deposition happy, and imparting activity and serenity to the mind. liyapepsia, cholera, cliolic, rheumatism, gout, gravel, diseases of the bowels, bladder, tbe kidneys, female ram plaints, kt 5., are among the many niatiwlic< which find mi antidote in Charles' Uindoq Cordial tiin, in cares of which it has been nsed with immense success hy the medical faculty loth of England and the l'nite.1 Wales. Charier' London Cordial Oln 1a put up in square bottles of one qnart, and may be had of nil druggists and tfro eers ia the United states, i'rice one dollar per bottle or wholesale ol tbe sole Importers. DK VKNOJK K l liAHl.Ks, 138 i'earl street, N Y Wot tee. ? Downing, of No. H Broad Street, has now commenced on some of his choice beds of oysters. If Yon Want to Bee ait Ingenious Piece of workmanidiip, vail at W. M Wllinarth'a 44 Maiden lane and examine the new style of pen and pencil case m-idc by him. called "Lowad's patent." It certainly is the most complete arrangement of a pen and pencil ever ottered for sale. It is made In gold and silver ?MefeeloVi Hair Dyt, Wlp Mad Toapm ft* beat In the world. Nine private rooms for applying Mi aartvalled dye Beware of imitations: they result iu |MI?ala The largest stock of wig* and toupees in Aim ?It*, wholesale and retail, at BATCH?U)B'8, 138 Broad - ?*? Hlll'e Improved Inatantaiieotu Hair Dyt, ?nly four shillings a box, black or brown, soft and glossy. I Beeummcndcd by chemids, doctors and e-utor , as the host ia use. Sokl or applied at 1 Harclaj and 4b Nassau streets. Hill, the Inliuttable'a Hnlr Catting, Curl ing and Sfcanpooiac Tailors, No. 1 Harclay street and 46 Nassau street. Shaving, six cent-, hair dye. only four ?hillings per box, black or brown, best In the worn. Dr. S. I. Pitch, Author of tbe "Six Lex-tares oo Censumption," office 714 Broadway, will bo pleased to aUord relief to tbo*e who have been injured, or who have failed to tie benefitted by the ? pcciallt j of inhalation far diseafti' of the lungs or throat, "pen dally (Sundays excepted.) from # to f> o'clock. Treats consumption, asthma, diseases of the hcai t, and all chronic diseases ot ?tales and females. Coii-ulie'ion free I>r. S. s. Kiteb Is always at heme, and there is no jierson cl-ewl?ere, travelling > r otherwise, in any way tounec'.el with him. or authorized to hail from h.- odtce, or lelei patient* to him. The Bolts mian l?lrl.? C?me, er.i-h the insect tribe And the little mice ao tan I'lace IXlM'S pr wder by their ride And they'll smm )e ijone from the e Tlie msgnetl" powder Is pe-lc. tly harmless to human itr in its ingredients, but ?ure death to tbe irise H llis pills effectually destroy rats and Mice. I>e;s>'. til itioad way , and No. >> Hnath highth street, Philadelphia. deckers' Farina Is Restorative, Nlrrngtli ening the ?ii|f <tivo and sbsorbeat vessels. In dlsoi lered I bowels, even in dierrhsra, dyseatery, and cholera, Karina prepared tinder a Judicious physician, ia soothing, heal lag. aad salutary lo be had of grocers and drugwists; wn?' ? 1 n A BKdfllnt, Croton Mills, Jul Cherry s'i" NrwYoik. The Great Inlialltif? Remidy f?r Astlima, consumption, .'.nd a'l diseases (A the tt o it and lungs l)r. CT'ICT I-' ryif ana, Ih isand* have leen restored to he?nh th<- oast year hy the hypaaa. Principal offi e, M3 Broadway and " I I l?y ' " ''dng, lt?'> Broadway Price obly ?.'! a ; >*fe l?r furti. Will be at tl.e office daily from It to '! o h .'s, where h iney be i.sjlted I free of ' hatg' Rollnway's Oliitiitcnt un?l Fills are Illicitly r> casssr ended or tin ure of ery-li?las rhey a t in nr.i?n ur? n the sy-tem, ? kaneicg and r?"'!" !K th h i od, at d aev? r to euie any >k n di e -.-e. how ver <le?p? r?te tin > k-e m?f te > la 'h? mami'a *? re ? M Maldsn iaae v V., aa4 544 Mrand lei en and hy altdr i.f9 ? rt <i ?, < Sj 'Ots. ?r>d 81 per t- t Tho atari da of Agw Salhrcn Yearly Cm fever and ague lemediee, withofl% knowing that all thoir I strength in owiog to arsenic, quliV* mercury, or other deadly poi/ona, which though ''bre?k tie) cliillc" for a Hhort I i ni ? ? , are Huit to feuiHatioD of wi etched maladies that rente only with hie. But th? unparalleled effioaey of ?? Kill .in I Ague (me, or Antidote to Malaria " is Huuaner only by it* diigi iur innocence; and in proof of thin the foil >wi:ig certificate from the uiostci lebrated chemist in the United State* it attached to every bottle: ? N'ifW York, June It, 185?. I have made a chemical examination of " IUio<l?s' fe ver and Ague Cure or Antidote to Malaria," and have tested it for arsenic, mercury, quinine, and strychnine, but have not found a particle of uithe.' in it, nor have I found any substance in it* composition that would prove injuriou* to the constitution. Jamhh K. Chilton, M. 0., Chemist. Remember, therefore, that this is the only fcver and ague remedy in the world, the innocence of whi .h it proved by such a certificate of chemical -i i, ant the value of which is prove<i by the testimony of all who -??U or use it, ecimens of which aro frequently published. No doubt the public will iradily appreciate the dlffer ence between assertions thus supported by proofs and the incredible bombait indulged in by thot? who have nothing i lfe to rely upon. ??E0. H. BATH1, wholesale ag<nt, 113 Water ?trnet, and for nale by C. H. Ring, C. v. CUck?ner & Co., K. C. Welle A Co.; Brooklyn, Mis. M. Hayes, ami di aggieta generally. Whbkrn or HoiMtachM Forced to draw in oil week* by my Onguent, which will not stain or in jure the akin. $1 a bottle, sent to aiiy part ol' the coun try. K. 0. GRAHAM, ?86 Broadway. Died. On Sunday, August 26, Jovekwiv St, Gwwuik, only son of Michael aud Margaret St. George. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his fancral, from his late residence No. 8 Pearl street, this afternoon, at two o'oiock, without further notice. On Saturday, August 26, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Fanbt Rkvkrk, aged 70 yetrs. Her relative* aud friends are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her daughter. Mr*. C. Thomas, widow of the late John C. Thomas, 185 Bleecker street, corner of Mao lougaL this afternoon, at four o'clock, without further invitation. On Sunday, August 26, Mart Mollbn. The relative* and friends of the family ire respeetlully invited to attend her funeral, from her late resilience, .18 Broome street, to-morrow alta-rnoon, at two o'clock, tier remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery. On Sunday, August 26, from the effects of teething, Jam Hakiup, aged 12 months. Her remains will be taken to tireenwoml, from the resi dence of her parents, John and June Harris. lint avenue, second house above Thirty-fourth street, this afternoon, at half-pant two o'clock. AmjRkw Ki ixkr Kick, infant son of Catherine M. and 1). J. Rice. The friend* of the family are invited t<> attend hit fune ral, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from Washington street, near Adams street, Bush wick, L. I. On Sunday morning, August 96, Anukika, Inlnnt daughter of Ciovanni B. and Louisa PaudolQnl aged 11 months and 18 days. 1 he friends and acquaintances of the family are res pectfully invited to attend her luneral, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from the renidenoe of her parent*, No. 1 West Broadway place. On Sunday, August 36, after a short illness, lloMsim Leonard, late of Rillmore, county Itowommon, Ireland, aged 36 years. The frieDd* of the family, and those of his brother Tho mas, ateo Dennis Manning, are respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, 220 Kllzabeth street. On Friday, August 24, at the residence ot Jamas J. Sluyter, Ksi|., Hell Gate. AMORffrr l/>rwr., daughter of Harvey N. and Louise K. Howe, aged 3 years and ft months. Her remains were taken to Fair Haven, for interment. On Sunday, August 26, Mary Kl*na, infant daughter of John H. and Mary Carls. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this aftei noon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her parents, 28 Hamilton street. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood. California papers please copy. On Saturday, August 26. after a long and lingering Ill ness, Ann O'Brikn, wife of Anetha O'itrien, aged 03 years. Her friends and relatives, and those of her son, Mark O'Brien, So. 21ft llowery, are respectfully invited to attend her luneral, from her late residence, No. 07 Stan ton stieet, without further invitation. (In Saturday, August 26, K atk Hitlfltv, a_\, only daughter of William 11. and Sarah Barrett, aged ft years, ft months and 3 days. The funeral will take place to-morrow morning, at ten o'clock, from the residence of her father, in Atlantic ave nue, near Portland, Brooklyn. In Jersey City, on Saturday evening, August 26, IU'Ukl S., wite of Uaac Morrow, aged 28 years and 10 months. The friend* of the family are respeetlully Invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence, Van Vorst street, Mar Grand. Jersey City, this afternoon, at lour w'clock. At Auburn, N. Y., on Saturday, August 26, Deborah J., wife of Henry M. Barker, in the 36th year of her age. Her remains will be taken to Rye, Westchester county, for iuterment, to day. by the half-past twelve o'clock train of the New Haven Railroad. At Hampton, King* county, Province of New Bruns wick, on Kriday, August 24, .M aria, wife of Dr. S. Z. Kurle, and daughter of the late Win. Hugli*on. of Dutchess county, N. Y. Poughkeepsie paper* please copy. On Fiiday, Aug. 24, at Fairmouiit, Westchester con ntjr, Mrs. Major Ann, wife of Henry A. Holt, in the &8th year ofhersge, ofa protracted illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude. Funeral services at her late resilience, to-day, at 9 A. M. Cariisges will lie in readiness at Twenty-sUth street and Fourth avenue, at half-past ten, to convey the remains to Greenwood. The friend* of the family are re spectfully invited to attend, without further Invitation. On Sunday morning, August 2tl, at Baltimore. Md. Jam w, M only child of Thomas W. and Sarah M. Tlinp scn. aged 7 months and ft days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, to-morrow morning, at ten o'clock, from the residence of James T. Moulton, in West Twenty-flrst street His remains will be taken to Trinity Cemetery fcr interment. At llnddsm, Conn., on Friday, August 24 Mrs Juhk iiiinf. Macon, daughter of James Mason, of New York, aged 26 years and ft months. Weekly Report of Deaths Id the city and county of New Yoik, from th>- l'.'ib tiiy of Augunt to the 25th day of August, 18!}.' Men, 57: womep, 54. lx'j", 24?; (f* r V* , '22S? Total. 58r>. Adultn, 111, rhiklien, 474; malex, 300; female*, 'J&l, color <?<1 periion*, 10. Dmin. . 1 Fever, nearlet Abbess of the nate*. . . Anemi?m..... Apoplexy Apoplexy, mtou* A Minna Mewling Weeding from tang- . . . Bleeding from navel, . 1'leidlng irnm womb* . Bowln, di*ea-e of. . Brain, diweane of llronchitin Horned or m aided Canrer of the faee <'?lir?r of 1 lie womb,., Casualty, (by fall*).. .. Casualty, (hy railroad) Cholera cholera infantum Cholera morbu* < ongegtit n of (train Conge <lii n of long . . COMumBtk n Conrulidon", infantile Convulsion* puerperal Croup I!et'ili1y adult rebllity, infantile I elirium tiemen* I lair ho- a I>rop*y Dropey in the i he-t l>rop?y in the head . . . iTowned. . , I>yi>entery Kpilepejr KryFipeU* Ixpo^ure lever Mliuu* I'eter intermittent .... rPTfr, w-rrtm* Imt purrn-itl lever, remittent Total IMPCAPnt I.ATVIV pone*, Joint*, kr Brain and nerve*. . , . .. ' u Cenerative organ.. ..... Heart and blood ve-.el*. . I l tings thnwt, Ac m1 (>1<I .ge J 14 1 Kever, typhoid 3 3 lever, typhu. i 1 Kraclme of the ckull . . . , 2 'i Fracture of tl?e 'pine. ... 1 1 Fracture of the thi^h... 1 1 Fungu* of the ov.irie. ... 1 1 Gout 1 1 Heart, di?eiirte of 4 2 Hooping rough 13 1 Inflammation ot bowel*. . 4 1 Inflammation of brain 1 , 2 Inflammation of braiu 1 by injury. . ._ 1 1 Inflammation of liver . . . , I 1 Inflammation of lung*. . . II I Inflammation of atonmch. 3 1 Inflammation of throat.. 1 89 Intumuaceptlon ot inte. 2 tlne-i... 1 ft Jaundice (intantile) 3 5 Killed or murdered, by 41 ("tabbing 1 50 l/vk jaw (infantile) 2 1 Malformation of xplrte. . 1 ft Maraatnna, adult '2 1 Mara?tnu* infa nt I le . . . . M 8 Mea.lei 9 1 Mortification 1 18 Old age 3 ft l'al*y 1 1 PrematuiO birth 13 2# l^erofula 3 ft ScutYy 1 30 small t ox 1 2 Softening of Ktomaeh. ... 1 1 Pprne '2 1 Rtillboro 34 1 t-'nn ?tr?ke 1 1 Teething ? 1 ClceratVin of the b'.i?e?. . 1 2 laceration of tUe bowel. 2 1 I'nkuown to the jury I 1 ? M5 -ovKAinat ci.Aienai Stillborn and premature hiilh ...47 Stomaeh, bowel*, ant ot her dige* tive oigan*. 2*3 Uncertain arvi gene ral fever* . Cnkuon n Skin ti and eiuptive fever* 26 Total ? <lf which sixteen weie ftom rllcat > au . e< I nder 1 year . 1 to 2 year". 2 to 5 yearn . 5 to 10 year* . 10 to IS year*. IS to 20 year*. V0 to St yeir* . 2ft 'o 1 0 year*. 'I otal 1 nglalfl I r*nce < e: nuny . Holland Ireland IV lard I ru.'ia .27* .118 :/) to 40 ye i r*. 40 to 50 yearn . 50 to 1 0 year.. ??0 to 70 yeir* 70 i>. 80 jmr> 80 to 00 je.i. ? Unknown . Holland Hwit?ei land I ni'ed w'a!e t'nknown .... Wale. . . Total . 3 I i'.K . 1 . I ri'Wje iMfm-no** AlmrfMti** Blk*'* If Pfilmi HfrfiUl..,. City Bocpit* ' < oloie<! B> Bic Ho* pi Je**' Ho*pital ... I... UnndaJI " ial'd H'll I'o* Hoe'*!, War.l'- I.I. Im ?v llal Hlli - M. g't llo-p Walu?. II 13. 4 ft In' lo'l' Mi Ctty B<?pital 17 ;i!? 25 Jfl t? 25 48 ! * l< ; d II TWO* 1 4 1 5 in 17 18. .. 10 iu I 20 SI in ?a > l' tc , iwiwsmti "t Ich A' B. I'4 Ho p' ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EFERY DAI. raBMWAlk IV Mil. E. COl WEWKKK ASP M. MONNKAU, KOR merly of 111 Na>*au street, are in the city, tin y will please call on J. Murphy k Son, lbO 1 earl street. INFORMATION WANTED OK KDWARU MORAS, ot Augbaward, county [xmgtord, Ireland, wiio Uit't hut father's houw in February Iwl, and nail?<l to New Yoik. Any iufoi motion rex piling him will be most thankfully received by his sifter, Ann Morun at White I'lain*, West, heater county, New York, oorc of l>r Trask. MRS. IDA WMTKIKID. LATELY AT NKW RO dieile, wlli llnd a letter tug her at the Broadway I I out office. Mips li!l* K, WHO CAI.1.K1) AT 40 EAST THIRTY fifth stmt, ainn ruing a situation m governess, ni)l ph &*e cul) a^ain. R? ? * B ' ?? CAIJ. AT THE 1'I.AOh NAMED IV 'l*y at 4 or to-morrow, if It should rain thin af | ternoon. 1 have Miiui'ttiiQit particular to show you. Wl'Kt l W MOT1CK8. AUENKRAL MKKTrNO UK THK HIXMTKIIOIJJKRHOE the Butcher*' Heal E*tate Hide Association of the city of New York, will bo held at the otBce of the asso,:ia tiou, situate on the corner of Kirxt avenue and 1'ifth street, in the haid city, on Mon<lay, the 10th day of Sep tember next, at half-past a o'clock P. M., wheu a rt*olu tioo will be offered and vot'Xi upon for the denotation of the Mid association. Hy order of the TfutMA, H. P. PATTERBON, President. EDWARD PHH.IJPH, Secretary. CiKOKOK W. CAMPBELL, Treasurer. New York, Angunt 20, 1845. AN APPEAL TO THK BENEVOLENT A WIDOW, with a daughter, having arrUfcl in this eity utterly destitute, without friend* or acquaintances, vontures to appeal thus publicly to the well known sympathies of the intluentiil and humane. She la tar from desiring to become a burden, nor does *lie harbor the idea tliut by soliciting, and perhapa procuring support, she can free herself from personal exertion: her hepe in that this pub He who never yet have been known to turn from the prayer of the distre**?d, would, by their charitable anil prompt aid. enaile her to meet her present alwolute * ant*, until Hhe can procure employment by which *he may ward off that after misery with which she in at the present moment threatened. Her husband and father of her child wu a Kree Mason, and to them she al?> ma ken this appeal. Any information required of her situation, Ac., will be glally furnished, or any donation thankfully received andgratefnlly a. knowledge,! (through the medium of thin paper) by addressing Mm. ti ., Herald oBice. Edward bikseu., m wau, .sTRKEfr^rro kney and eonnaeilor at law, notary public, and late | Purser U. S. navy, devotes his whole attention to cane* coming before li. H. Court of Claims, to the recovery oi claims of all kinds against the t). H., to procuring, buy ing awl selling land warrants, and in :? hours obtain* t . S. pafgport* to travel in foreign countries. IRISH AID SOCIETY ? THK. KINANCK COMMHTEE OK thin Asm >r iik t ion are hereby uotitieil that a meeting of thin Committee will be called noon, at which every member *111 l>e expected to attend, prepared to report his action in the matter, and pay over the land* he may have oollectad. Special attention in called hereto that each may exert himself, in the meantime, to provide means, to enable the Association to forward families now awaiting trans mission to the Kar West. J AMIS Ml'UJtiAN, President. ASONIC NOTICE.? cYrI'S IXUKJK, No. 208 .V. "a7m. The members are requested to be punctual in their attendance on Monday evening, August 27. at 8 o'clock. The grand leelurer. W. B. Colo velotii, Hill be present, by invitation of the lodge. Wll.IJAM IJVINfWnuV, Se. 'y "VT OTKT? TO THK !H)NDU6TI>ER8 oFtHK I'HKMX ll Mining and Manufacturing Gonpany of Virginia.?* 'I hose bondholders who do not accept of the propo-e I ar rangement on or before the 10th day of September next, will then have to depend entirely upon the security they may b&vo under the *up|>o?ed mortgage, at the present proposition will not be continued or tenewed after that date. Kor full particulars apply at No. lit Broadway, between 9 and 12 o'clock. DAVID D. VOOKIIKEV Notice to ii i rn -i i i k a it nn .rst >k ~a< ; ara ment of the Butchem' Hide and Melting Amtocia tion, for the year commencing the first of se|iteml>er next, are now ready at their office, nurner First avenue and Hfth street, for signatures. The butchers of the city of New York and vicinity are invited to Join the association. The election tor trustee* for the eiMuing y< ar will he held at the above pl*c? on Tuesday, 28u instant, at 4 o'clock 1'. M. By order of the hoard. JCSKI'll W. CLINCH, Secretary. PERUV IAN !>KHT~ IN I AVOR OK _N?iw f? KAN' ADA and I'/-uador. ? The nnderaigtwsl flnanciat agents for , the I'eruviau government V-g to notlfv the bondholders [ of the above named debt that in accordance to the stipu lations contained in the ?ame, the -um of twmty live thousand six huadred dollars ?h?ll lie applied on the flth of S-eiitetubcr neat to the redemption of part of the capi tal of $2,6tK),000, for which bonds were Issued in the city of I.fina, on the 20th of September, 1864. According U? the stipulations contained in the l?>n<U, the radempiion ought to Im' made by purchases of bonds at the market price, no long as such a price rosy lie l>elow th/- par value of the same, or hy drawing by lot a quantity of bonds sufficient to absorb all the sinking fun>l when their market value may be abore par. The bonds not having a* yet been put In circulation, the ageney has been here tofore unable toaaceitain their market value, and there fore the t barge d'Affaire* of Peru, taking inrouaideratinn the interests of the I'eruiian government, as well a < those of the bondholder*, hu? directed us to receive aenl fd propoeals for the rerlemption of the bond* to the amount that may lie paid for, with the *26,000, to which the linking fund actually uuiounts it l>eing unierstoo-l that in the proposal the interest 'lire from the 2.'ld of May, 1866, up to the date of the r?.|emption of the bond* shall Ire laid in favor of the government , and tl>at the whole or part of the proposals most favorable to the government fhall lie accepted. And In condderati <ri of the agency h.-ingnware tliat the ar tual holler, of tbe-e I'Onda are residents of tireat britain, the Peruvian l.e/a tion has tier ideal to postpone the re' eption of proposals and the appropriation uf the sinking fund up to the 6th day of October next, at 12 o'clock M. The Committee of Appropriation will be composer) of the Perntian Charge d'Affairen, one of the undersigned and one representative <4 the bondholders, should a majority of them think pro per to a| point any, and before them the proposals shall he opened Tile committee will meet in New York, at No. 6 William street, where the proposals m?y he left from this date up to the 6th ofOelolier next, at 1J o'clock M. The agency beg* to slate that the actual mean > adopted to appropriate the sinking fund shall estub)l>h no precedent for tutuie redemption*, which shall lie made according to tire stipulations in the bond < so soon as they may he put in circulation. Tlic igency request* the bondholders that may not hate collected the in terests due for coupons 1 and 2 to apply at once at No. 5 William street. New York, to receive the same. A pro foin.a of the proposals will be found at foot and the agency requests from the horelholdars or their attor neys to adopt the same, to U> ililate the opt ration. Paltiurore, Aug. Vb, lWrfr. V BaHRIDA fc RROTItKR. The Iii.'le I -ignert pr>'|.f.'C to rrdeein , or any part thereof, of the Peruvian debt in lavoi ot New Uranada ?n<i Kcuttdor in Isrnda of sine No. , at ihe it< of ? ? dollar* for every one hundn I d?ILu - of said iKinda, leaving the intere l earned .. .d May l^f>6, In la' or of the I'eruviau p veiument. New York, 18'.r>, Signjituie. Address. Proposal -e.,led and dm :id to the Cooirnittec to! tin- Appn pr ation of the Inking Fowl lh Peruvian debt in lavor of New <>iana<U . rid Ecuador. ITUWVIU.K HOMKOTEAO ASHfKlATW'V ? AT Till: nrit i<frulHr i?n Mon'tny ???> oinK At-ifu t U7th ?t 8 o'clock at Ain<ri<;in llall, roriiT of I!: ?!*?' way and firand atrwt a plwn will !?? adopted lor the ?li?f ri l.uti> n of the lot" and either Important liroitfht before the meeting. A full and pun< tunJ ittendft nee i? W II. II"TT, Secretary. T< > V.V>1WAI'.Ii HlflTKK.- ? TKAV-CifKI AlloN Hilllmort and Ohio I'.allrond lialtuii >re AuguM 1ft. 1166.? la con?*|u*ri' ? of great mini eiireaen lation* hating beta :a?(ie by inUireati-d pauie* I i~k >' int^nh tha public that the (di^ln obat ruction on thi? road, at hir>g?<'<<<l Tunnel. i* now entirel? and that freight (a* well an pa-wng' r?) la now foi warded In both direction. promptly on nchedulc fine Tin- confine* tlon of tbin deopetcn in en- ured by the b'lildlutf of an ad ?jitionel road over the hill at Kingvood, by wlilci the u?e of i ?? li unci will le avoided, unlil it* winning and arrh inn rn flniahed. 'Oi la new l? now In im*. TV- bu?i n?i 'immunity I* confidently n??iire?i that 1 h freight M?>rn the feior great Atlantic '?it!*-' and the We-t w|B I* tran?|iort< 'l by thW road, and It* comnctin.i in i n at leant a' abort, at a? low and with aa m >rh pi-ti' tal -atiofan lion a ? l>jr any olber nrot? .-iiip,# ? al New York are rtl'rro) to our >|*nt, 11 ti . filoVtWKlJ. nflce of Baltimore Uam-hlp rorner "f W??!n.i?- ?..? .ie, mo MAI' HBI H-HF.H- AM' CWI I AT l"UI .A aabacriher u prarll il . \r la ,i '/ ? mi menred a aunriy ? here u mail nnde parti .l? nt'lii ?tanrM, i< laurii a ;iri'< d and ?b? li ? n w I! ? tainljr pay ot > r I OOfl pi t * < at |>r 'fi! in a nli ' ! una, ? i an he baa not MifTieicnt ti ? in - to < .,rry it I hi "U? i -si . liki to icakr anai>ff< ni> nt? witfe aorae part ? to tele bold of It m modara'e ttrioi. fitrr am? third i th> ? >rk i? Hone, and tb< nittrrilKi ii vi'' aiijr in !<??? - < I to Uam purtirular bjr ad lr. 4ng A V II i B I ??y Poet ' flue. WATt IIRH, JKMM.HI, *tA . CAIIKOKMA MAMONIW, Bgl A! IN HI'.II.MAV' T and ap|M-a>an'-c to tha r< al diain?rxl alo?!f r Bin<, with chain, ir^nta' rlm'K pin' ?dih''iit cliain. M, f^tita' nlftf!* at< n> ?ari<"i? ?tyl"? M to ladiaa' Cariidfa, elurtrr arid nngU- ?'"n* J > hi t/'i Udi??' pluatar pin?. t^nitllnl ?tvl?? IIJ to (;'< r ua<* el??trr, niafla and tnr-a ?< n?<, ?<i to ( at-- r- *?? ?tods, ?:??*!? bnttonn, bnt- > lru, kr TI ir a'>-<?* a twK" ate all ni'.anlail la finhlwn -aiat po.d ?nd wuran*' W? Uirltn ev?rjr mm to call and -?? tbctn. tiyility U nvti cur luwn grali?. dciia'l. r, a ptrrncH i re liant. ATI* ny ?tmt? Joils II i*?NI Ma'irr of Trana|? . i <Uon 1*1. JA'CHH. 4?7 ? 'war U RKMOVAM. RM'lVAI ?I'. II Aft sitl |i* fti H, % i from No. 60 i ia?atit"t l>> N i" l r< i mo. ; RKKTA I'K l ITU. HELP WM TED. An ? vkhklxm boy. about seventeen years ild, i* wanted, 1 1 ?ct u i page to a lady and gentle umn trm?il(p| h ? iu?- . poM<'?< a knonle .??? uf ttor#M nc nderst id dr vm;;. Addrek* t"h>lder*, lie aid uf fie< , atatiiu; wiien and #h?ire he may bn even. None >?*? c? pt iUcm Co' i(? teat, ind of the required age, uard an . ?or. BOOK KEKI'INO ? A SITUATION WANTKD BY A I .A ?ly , vth" i" mi ex client ??hirographiat, ami thorough ly ..mltfut'Hi'lK bookkeeping In ail ita branch**, either by double or ulngli) "til ij. ;:nd ran furl>i<1i tli? beat roferen cp- of Hla'Ktinfr, Ao. .^he prefer* a wholo*ale or coinmia eion hou*c. which will require exeJiKive attention to th? book*. Adtlrou M. K. C., Herald oflice. BAJtKI H'KR WANTED-A MAN TO TKNP BAR IN a rentaumt, he rnimt perfectly fhe luirincf* and have iiin|Ue-<tionaMe city referent In quiry tOtf Ifroadway, baaement. Walter* wanted also, apply an above. TJ JOY WANTED? IN TIIK DRY GOODS JOBBING 1) boiiinAHN, who live* with bli parent*. Injure of 'I racy, Irwin Si Co., ZA and 230 Broadway. C100K WANTKD 1MMKDIATK1.Y ? WHO UNDKR j *tand* her bu*inea*, and in willing to a**l?t in watli ing and ironing. Apply at DM We*t 28th *t., uear 8th avenue. DAUCEKRKANS. ? WANTKD 1MMKDIATKI.Y, TWO flr*t-rate o|>eratora. None other* uwl apply at I/HJKWOOW, corner Fight h avimc and Fourteenth Hi. DRUQ Cl.KRK WANTED.? A GERMAN YOUNG man preferred, well acquainted with the rwli mid ? hurt credit, and ??ity and country caatomer* ; mint write well and apeak the Engliah language correctly. After it trial, II ratiafactory, a liberal xaXary will lie paid. Addre**, for oue week, with real name and reference*, J-. I". , Herald ofltce. KIJ' WANTKD? A 'iHWD COOK, WA?HKR~ AND ironer; al?o a chamliermaid who miderKtandji wall iug at table. Thoa* not afraid of work can apply iu tbe baxement, 60 Franklin at. Mil LINERS WANTKD ? AND AN FJCI'EKIKN(?KD trimmer. Al*o, a good cap maker. Apply at Mm. K. SMYTIIE'S, 673 Broadway, on Monday. MILLINER WANTKD? A PERSON OOMPkTKNT To take charge of a amall eetatili-hm'iit. in Jerney City; none but u tir*t rate hand need apply; (o *uch the i"it nation may be permanent, Reference required. Ap ply at "b'i Grove utroet, Jerney City, neat door to l>r. Jacobe' drug store. SAU^MAN WANTKD? AN KXI'KIUK-NOD YOlNtl man, in the homta of an importer ?l uph'iletery giMide. Apjly, by letter, to Y. f1., cure of 11. Arthur It Co., iit) Nai-ran ft. T) KAMIUW IN THE SOUTHERN HTATErt. ? AN KiirIIhIi la<ly, of c.onitiiterahltt eipt'rienrn in tuition, wirhert for an eti)riigt'ment aa resident governe** in a geti tleman'a family. Hlie inntructa in th>' u?ual branr.hea ?f an liigliHb education, with French, niuelc. and xinging, and tli" rudiineuta ol' Italian and tier man Addr<'*< F B. Ileddoroe, l.nnd<in l'oat UO?e, Canada WeM. TO Mil J J VKItS. ? W ANTED, A FRENCH MIU.INKIt, wlio in capable of undertaking th" management of a city mllliuery bunlne-H. Kbe muat perfectly und-rxtand her buaincHe In ull it* branch**. One who hai Imvm en gaged lu bufdncan preferred. None but the l?eit of refer ence will lie receiyed. Apply at 110 llloeeker *treet, be tween 0 and 1. rpFAClHBH WANTED? A I'EIWON OF EXI'KRIENCK, J to take charge of a aehonl; Hilary $000 p?>r nnuuui. Alao, a lady a* a*aiitant ; Milary Apply iierronally to Mr. Imihc I tear 106 avenue D, New York, or addre.a John K. Jo|KHin, ilartlord, Conn. ANTFF? A NUMBKR OF 0<K)l) ClvOAK M A K W IS. l'leAfO apply at 27 Walker at. WANTKD? A MIDDI.K Ai.H> I.AIiY, WHO WOU1J) be willing to take <haigc ?l thiee ?mall chlMren, viz., ww for them, and educate tbeni in the lirnt ruiii menta i f the Knglleb education. one wiabing a imn fortablo b> me, a obori distance from the city, would lind till* nil (die could deeire. Addrenn. ntatlng when and wheie an intcrriew may be bad, C. C., Herald ofllce. ANTED ? BY A FAMII.Y, RFVIIlES'T AT KARATOOA FprlngK, an excellent ?J?n"l re?K, who ia capobbi of making drenxe* fur tbe lady and ebildien. Apply, with proper tenHinonlalx an to chaiactci and dlnpoeitlon, at 74 Amity xtieet, aft< r 10 A M. WANTED?TO (JO OCT WF><T, TO IOWA, TO RE tide on a farm, near a birge town, a girl who can wu-h. cook, and make herwlf generally useful; au F^ig linh girl, and a Protectant, would b? preferre?l; n"<p<?cta ble relen nee required. Apply at 101 Faxt Itroadway. "11T ANTFD ? A PKRH5CT HAND To MAKK UP FAN f \ cy (roo'iii and head <1re?te?. None but,thov yery well acquainted with *uch work nee?l apply. Henry Rice. 74 Canal utreet. w w "11 r ANTED ? A UIRJ. TO 00 IN THE CWMKV WHO Vy underatand" milking and general hou-< work. Ap ply for two day* at 140 Madl*on at. W A STEP? 100 PLAIN HKWERS, Ct'TTKHH AND cloak maker* wanted at fill Madi*on avenue, corner ot '.Hth at. WANTS'? A YOCNU PROTFHTANT WOMAN, To do the houaework of a ?mail private family ; niu*t undertoand plain cooking, al*<> Im' a good Waaher and ironer. City reference required. Apply at .V<0 Houston at. "1KTANTW ? A WOMAN C<a>K, WHO TllolKit'GIH.V W understand* all kind* of meat and pu*try cookin<; and can conic well recommended from her laxt employer* Apply at the I'ni <n Hotel, U7U Hud*on afreet. I.F.WW P. DKXTKK Proprietor "*? r ANTFJ ' ? A RWPECTABI>: PROTWTANT OIRI., W to do general houaework. The be?t of city refri. dice given I'leaee addrea* M. Ixn 1W Herald office for two day*. ?mAwnuAflMiiBm miitw wraaooo VV reference* (no other* n<-ed apply), for the dry g<M>da bu loe** at T. BKRMN'S, IS# Atlante *tri'et Brooklyn, \tT AN1V? A SMART HI SINKHH MAN. C-ED TO W making Out drxir -ale< <V.mmi*?ion* lib?,ral. No capital ie<julred, but reference nece^?ary Apply to Muitln k Johnson. 27 Heekmun ?t., up *talr?. TKTAN1EP? TWf) MKN TO CANVAIW Ff)R A 1?EM?> VV crallc (>erl<*lical IJ)>eral wage, will tie given to thr mi only who rill prove tbem-elre* esperienred and re?[.?m*ible Plrect Iwi* 3,008 Po?t Office. M T A ITEIl WANTKD ? IN AN ICE CRF.AM SALOON married man preferred 1H<>Mm>N, 20 Clinton - trei t Brooklyn ANTKD? TO ATTVXIl A URoCKItY Kltiltt . Vy -mart active young iiull, (r?m H to i0 ymr? i>jre He iini*t uiider?tandtbe bvelitra*, and e?me w? lU ?m i mnietdol for bone-ty and ca|*ibility fr< in bi* U employer. Apply at 56 4tli ?t., after S o'clock A. M. w T ANTEI^? RFj^ I 'KCTAB1 JC YOUTH", ABOf 'T Fol R teen y> ara tf age, ma caah bny?. Apply A. f, STEWART k Off., /tro^i wtjr \Kf AN TED ? IN' A riif NK IMPORriNO AND Hl.TA/i Yf bu?iiie*? up town, in i!roadway,on a< live an I *inai t boy, from I to IS yiara of age li< ?t of iele in" re ?{uired. I'licet to b/M '?',10l< Font Office, -tatiog e*jiee tat. on- a> to aalary HitMtion pcrmameit. . MlTlilNU, *C. (tu i III. Mi ? I A ML- OR (>KN 1 1 i MKN' HAV1NO A ? J of ihe ?ame to dlapooe of, can obtain a tan and ca*h price by ?endi>ig f< r the KuWriber, at bi* r' deuce. No 12 lAuren* atreet, or .'<2 We- 1 Itmidway or through the Poet Ofcce. w. '">llf v. ladtex attended by Mi?. Ccd en. HJCWARDfl. <J)l ?? f\f\ KKWARD.? ON MOVfiAV, AIM -T kj) I"/"* '.Oth, a [>"f ternouiiaia training t-'P) all in ?Too Mil" , it la n i+tct* lo?? to the owner IV tto'lrr ? III receive tha above reward by returning tl?" hiup to 1 T-i H/'h aYeniic i,nd the grateful think" of Mi* owner (jlAA Kk WARD ? Kfl?l>:N TI>.-|?AV Aftif-T B1WU M Irmtht >t< II <|| IIIOMA HARWfcTf vTl llti h'iwujr (10,000 of ?ewln? n< e Il< ?, \ Any [*? ft, '*tnrfiio|r the 'nine In (f""l condition ?hall reeei a tin al?o*e reward. (Nl /V KkWAKR? l/*T0ft !-7?t|>.S, I..1-T WJJlVK ' O III '.ay "?enin|r, Aujpi?t U at t).< entr??aa nt On i nTiinlway liiejitre a gentleman'" p>H U r-r *?t. Ii J <? J' ti maker, liTerpool, No 21. MO The flnde w 1 . m ? .re tha above reward and tbank* of ih* nwntt by i I : ? 'UK h to W PlRKV, 'i'Jft Water aireet. ^4* RI.WAKD ? UMt ON H MiAY MOHMMI, II') ahiul !l a'tlMk, II Kiglith a*enne Twenty eighth i i 7 K i lleth at: eel ?lnle going t? tbealai m >?# ftr# ill tl*a> ? 1 1 <?nd rtMrlet, a drab Hre eoat, With ? rr. ill hoae WT?tf ti ii, Tha fitc ?t a* Hi rare ?e the ab?? rew??l oa iet' rnlng it to the S>w llaven Hotil rarw I' ' ' h a?e i. ? and 'I wentr M-renth ?fr*?t, or tl?e in ot l!a?iiK < i mi any Ka. UHT AMD KOI 'WD. I- r*T ? A l*Ot'KKT I **?;. (OVTAIMNU I MUtV > fuje ? uitd two draft* '!'..wn ari'l i rnlur-' Uy J ; u ?fl an Mi ltb ar.d a"e[.'ad hy - ? r ? 'I I Mi' Mil fitted Auir. 1* IW>ft at *ta m/riil." U i II IH XI anl Anf '#? ? t .1 irn nthr, for |I i'fl THe ; H?.I|. ??uM ml | a ' ?! n?g> tiatlr (? IO(h dr.?f!' ) meiit of tt." ??||| 4f '?**'> f *?' p; * d Hi' ftnd" ? II ?ul?a'.ir rew fde1 \ty ?<"tt?r?ilt g the miM t? J ri VAtllAV VMTTM 18 Wall t Mtnnnui PIRI> I ) 1KT ? M ftKWAKI>_n?'Ami frMn lift* 'iijf* '??? Mill lw?* > thw?tf will r*tdrn U )*?> |t*i? ??- r*y I'f'H wif iff Iff th* r?w?"l ftM th* thi nk? f N* ori? r ? i net i iVkmTTi Tin. i< -T fr, "1. ' ?? ? tt ? |i|l.ik Off Urt ?? I if D*t t ' f IkliM ? ifH#1 }'??*>??# ih' * h ' b ? >1 t, IriJ I'liUftid CV'Wi^an it f??r i'? MS Pfi^nii ? Iff #r? I, fbHt *r?l *A>>t ! *?/ i? I / If liwWr ?n*y rv?<- ? ? ' t? * ? #W Vfft |4? O# ' r ?m tk tHNlA4(., f?* f? J I *l> v) l liu*f? i? kiN hi* < ' r?i#i ? ' A IK A ? ?' ?'t . (Mr I1 N ;? H ? HITtJATlOJIH WAVTED. \IIIMII.Y K^I'UfTAIU.K AMERICAN Clltl. WI^KE"1 a ailuation In a nice family, to do ip"ie-i>l ho.i-w Milk; In a good cook. IiimhI reference finin h#i" l**t I !?. f ' anle aern for two dayn ut i'7'J 1st avenu", In the tmfectloncry *toie. Vroim GIRL WlKHfc \ -IT! VTI'.N TI? l*> cbamberwork ami waiting. or |,ialn itewlng; lit* no iihiKlliin l<> town or country, awl an (five m<it te i?vt> u I <!? - lefirrence. Can be men, until * lited, at l? ltulti<- <tt , Ilrooklyn. AVi I M, WOMAN KJNiM H tiTI ANI' H liKMllolS of obtaining 4 nituatlnn a* wanuli "?k and rhtm> i.ei maid in it iff i ectabta family. Ajiply at Mr?. Hcntt'a, llll Centre utreet. A ROTATION WANTVD ? I1V A HJWWTAI1IA: jM'UDK Woman, a* i haintw I and waiter, nr tl? do general honor work in n amnll private family tiuud city reference. t'nn beaeen for two iUy? at 30 4^<1 ?t. , be t w en Mb andflth uvenuoi. AMTI'ATION WANTKD ? BY A RBHPBOTABIJC yourg woman. ?? i\li*mb?nulil and waiter, or to do general hnunewni k in a finall )>rlvate family. (loot ritv reference. C?n beaeen for two day. I'lia* call :st4 Hth ft. in the r.'ar Wwifti avenue* II and C. An amkkican yuiino lady wihhks th attend a confectionary bakery, <ir any iMMcUbla ftore; g' ?*! <lty reference given. HMMMll at 102 K**t l-ltn f tr??t,j|fffond tloor. AKRHI'KCIAHUt MUJTKHTANT CIKL WaVTS a aituation a* iiurtu*, und to do plafta newing. I"b? tn-at of city refetenoe given. I'leaae e?U at 120 Wont '27th itnrt, betwe< u 7th and Nth avenue*, 3d Hoor, front rot m. t un tut fecu for two da)?. A OHtMAN GIRL WIPHEM A HUATION AS SKAM j\ ntrt'Ml or chanbei nut id in a ritDWUbll private family Cun lie Mt-n at her NiiilfNrl, lf?i I'rince ulreet, corner ofhuilivan atreet, lor one day. AflTCATION WANTKil AH WOT NfllWK-JW A RK ipectable woman, with it freah Infant of milk. Ku quire ut lHfl Twelfth utrcet, lietween l?t and id avenoe*. AHrriJATlON WANTED ? MY A XTVADY WoMAS, to do cooking and aMiat in washing and ironing good IPlerenca given. Can tie forn at 107 Vj??t l.lth ft., lor two day*. AYoFmj AMKKIcanIaDY wants A -ITI'Ari'iV in a private family, an <trea?maker{ would piefor giiug V'outh. Addrenit A. M., 14/i laurena it. mvjmott. ah good hah cms, <;<k?d oaiher and Ironer, in a ?nmil private tinoly, wanted, by a reepeftable wiinutn. liaa g'>o<l eity reference May befeeii for two day? ut lflfi lluwery, In the iear, i lint Uoor. A ARKKI HTAMJ-: WOMAN WA ST# A RAJIV To WPT Durm* At Lit own bou*??; good rity r*W<*nr*. < *11 i twodn/H?it 110 7(h Avenue, iH twvu 17th and 18U? Mtrcet0. Avorwi W(?MAN WANTS A ^ITt'ATloN AHdllUVil nurff and rhauiliermaid. or to do Unf w.txliing and ? raiting, liun txf n afi'iMtomed to t)ie care id children for iho liiot eight yeure. llat two yfara' rity reference from her lu*t plare. tun be feen for two dnya nt IMlH II" -' ?t., in the ntore. AH?CKCTABIJC WOMAN WlKHtt* 1<) O child to wet nurar, Hf *he lia< loft her >? l>ut re>pfrtable persona need apply, at "tiS Hi of Mrf. |ti ) an. AnnrxoTABUi raomvAirr mahbi w"?a.v winhrti to get u Hitiiittlou an Wet nurae ha iig a lifnh breaat of milk after her firi-t baby. Mie ran !-? feen for two day* at 107 l.lth ft., between Ikt and 4tii ave nuei. oof> n 1'iAfN cook wast* a nrrrAnoN rs~ a ? mail family ; in a good weaber and ironer. < Jood < ity reference. 1 1< um> rail nt liU> wth at., betwoen .'H and 4lli avi mien, In the rear, for two day*. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A Ml I AllON AS CilAM liernuid; would aRiiat with the waaliing and Iron ing. i?ii" d rlly rt'fervnce*. < uii le' Men for two dayt, at U0 2Stl atreet, lietween iat and 2d avenue*, third lloor bark room No 3, AN KXOl l.KWT f?HI> MAREll W??I IJ> IJKK To aork out by tlie day, ? lie ban Witrkel for mum of tbe firft fauiilit h in the " ity, win. are ut preiu-nl out of town, ilttie etll at tt Went l.lth it ?? ond li<> frout riK m in the rear, Ar.hMT<TANl.K (.11(1. WAST- A fffTUATHM AS i hii iiii? tn. nid and plain Mw?r. ttty n teron* *?< tf ie<]uired Imiuiie at lull Viift 10th fl reel Avot-Mi II A N WANTS A KITt'ATION AS Ktr.TKR in a wboleculf and retail ftoie, ??r to drive a Itorre and ?ag"ti. (iimmI city reference In w 'II ar ?|uaiiitfl with the city, ami I- temperate. No ?b> "i lona to the country 1 1< a e addu - J I' twi? I7fi II' aid ?Sice 8* mull, am rhft!i)l>*rnmift mo>I WAhi^r. 01 w"ul<) tUi ihf* l.oop?*Hoik of >t pruuil fmnll)'. I'Ii jim* ? Aii at bfi jirr-w nt 770 IiroH<lw*y. sr c m| <*t? nt. trustworthy nw\ h lihi g y?uuit ??nwn to of ok, ?A*h uri'l iron, nh#* i? An nt?<t In n? r, And a |<1ai n r? ok und^rnlAiidi kitrbMi work I borough)/. Man K*x*\ * ity M'fcrtnct*. Apj ly At In Myi t)f a?enu?> Drooklyn, in th< NuN'ttiful Sni'AIION WAVTTJi ? ftV A TUiV, WW.I. KIX'oll tn^tidrd fii t, to do ? o?kitig, *?A-h.r*K mi?t irotiiog < ?n cook. VAikh ?n<t iron, ao-( t*Ak?* |? c ?> t r?*t?- (^ndI - ity rt'lrrfiirr gtvru I M-a?? caII a! No. I Hi* iikgfon ?t. for t WO i'aJTH. I'M I KAM AM. I't Wo> > S A' i I'AKI > I I i - A % \J on in, All^m&tid ? t TAtifrU. ? j a mI?.? ii?? nt ,i, - ? I Uctr comm* f? rnm?' ?1? tn - (f on ?u*("fw,r ?? ?U?<n (UbfriMn iu^c ^nfArit- rlW* fonnAlt a I ft AUfM fturt <tu tn<-nuf?'. HIc j?#?m t foiirnlr ?t?- fniriri^ r+ ( * torn* ndAUon*. f'? ut ? 1 1 ?* turn i+twUu* tr/n* |o t* *ti No. 1W1 Tni?? A*f ??utrp Ia 'l> ro# * t 24 n** t. [TNE FHA.NCAI.-K I'K-IKMCAIT TtHHNKH VS KM J | If I f!*n-' tin niApA'iin, on om* Kn.ili#*, < omaM Ictriii c do ?*l?Arnl' ? on bono* d ? til*iil? b |v-n dirit tr?ji# joum uu N?? 2/M > liiu?M-tli i?t forwr f?l ton. Xrs t: jtrst. ; hue hi avai ki?k-ii i o kjic^k J f? n.ri.? pour dVnfAnt on rill* ?U- fh?ui?,r? .w 'Aor<*AM*r No. 'J46 4/iiih ??t , I'titr* 1# 8t|j 'nl* I on pfjur d?*itx jour*. 1m I'lUNCH' A I> Ol HCH< * ?J >.?A."' KXVr.HlKS* tD f?ii*h?r fff in I axm, re iituiux hi* with ? f hf iiN roii Id di?i?f>'? of thf*'lA)4 in i>.i- ?A k Ut gir> I'M' d* fa New Vorf ??r Uro' klyn ?*r iTAt#- y?uj#?U *Uo Attfi.dfd. Addj # ?? ^ r:tu< ai? MitmI'I ' Aoi'. "II ' AMI P ? BY A HI IKTAP.I K VOl'Mi W'?v( \N If 1^ } PlirH of BP' a ni'UAt' *? . ultAllkb^f Iffcti 1 *nt *iilt?-r, or to t?hr ?*m of ? )>>!? r^ri or to do th<* |f? ^ hot nt*w>rk "I ii ?>o*!l fnmllv ; w? ol?! d?? iinybtOf fpiirrd r ;*II f??r t?o<U>>* j?t V?? 1 W fFi rf'Th+r of liod^n NVw Y??rfc A I ' AN 1 1 I -flV A mMl.TAWJ niatHA ? I H" f f t? ?t*nt U' tf.?<U ?? Ait < A'?..|i . y?i? Ifi a unai) ptivi<? t. nitly I Allhr k t'. oM't ?iOi v? i. n/ , un ft?"?tA|id* In i l?Ue.| ' ?fll IQlf-Ali hAkr. < ah I* f| for two dAv? At '&> '> Nullittry t fjr?t iU >or In tb#* ? * tr II "AM H A Mil \7IUV It V A >of N<; W- | ff a* i? pfO'-d | lain rook, Ai>d U j food ?i ? t>- mi iff a< i f* <i rrfrr?f f r utud* i (??? ? t -<tk Aj'i Ijr a! V49 MuIU ry -1 * ??? f < t w r of Print** ( ?o \r* n for two day*. TITlNTir-BY A ft^PK.'IAlili: Vof St. WoMAV. if ft ?HuaO"D. roofc WA?b And lr >n or pMio nw n* fififiK tL' t-^^t <#f rity rt?f*r' nt*- A*i?i#? ? oi < J?u P i ? P ( ail it., Ifrookhn Ki"bAf<l WsUb lr ANTf f ? A -111 ATIOV A" CHAMW'.VtAlli ASfr ? ? ?*.. i. ? tr < or r|,ild ? n i" ?*?.| t.jr a ji i'tiK t'Ruii ?ho urw>r?>tA??fi# h#r p*th ? Ur iil?f? uii<!< r KfAnd^ vai* tig iutt U At 112 I th i-Auf <.?? i r>? i<b -11'AMil M AD ll'l III! Men TANT tM? IT .. Ii trWBWu?rit? tfcwixilUWtlWM ? 4* ?">? : >? <? >i.'i on l? --?! ?i!v i?f- !?>,., It tit. hind (#11 ? I tl ?' ?f>'l (.?"? it ?t< . #, I 7 )' .<-1 t? ?t , ' ' 'I. I; ' ? ' '?'i -tl' M II A IT ATH'N BY A n?."WTA?l.? Wo II ?? [ ;?ln r'">k, ???lirr ?r>'1 IftJMBf WMl Mh him' ill IJW 1'lh ?! Mini Mli ?ii? 7Ut i,T>-| ? '? ??tt >* ?*? '? If >?'? '!*f? tit a ?'Ui? ?v a imwiT iwiriif 9 GtQtjpm gl i ii *? "it lit mil r. ? rk; r< Immt* M 4? ?> n A|?| 4 j il AM l?u>. ? j ?? gtfrfti 4ru| Mi tr 1 > II f? 1t>:i? ?trA' 1H-IH k nmiOtAMM TWVU wiUav ? T ? ? t)*?x n i ? a f -*?! J-U.ii i ??* . ? . ? ? ?? . . i r n I lnt,?r >!?? nt U'ti I* gn % ?l. l ? ?n ? ? I. ; ? lij Mm g<**\ ill ufnMK? I ?!!??/-* "(ill ?' Mb ?r.'l 9th ?"?'i" c II 'AMU ItV IWfM'.Ui nKM V > W *v f? r/ft? m 1ft/ ? HumJiM Mtmti'HM ? rr ?! r,? Ik lb' M?I"I loufi ? ??? ? il't*t*liiul4, akd la <V' Hm ? ??lill./ ?fl !??? ?* U Ii* i hr f - I i^iHf i**M?"tl. iilwl **l |h ? t l>i ? ? oil U. i \mti <J?j? ?l lac WmI WUi ?< \l* ?: III :l* ATU ? Hi TW" I 1 ' M ) i / ? * ?k4 I -xt II ? itilin "I iro.1 l),? 'llet l"4 ? Wit' ik *|<'I |>ia'i I ?lf I "> '' < 'klWiM 'k? Iwt tl c ii/ r?>! ?.??? ??u ?? ii IM> Uurt l-l? 't I in/* r*& sl I - ? < * 4*i l ?? 'i , lifoo* Ifh tlwr4 tori ( [ml ??? m : W'!>. I WT*. 'ANT ?.<??? >| . ?,??.!< '?l ? I ?' ...? ir .. ,.,?.??? rr?- . I' Ith'f I J#*# 1*11 till * ? !*?*? wi.t ftr?-Alj* K A Vlfl || A/.lt? W?.*AV, A v TTA .,<? ?,4>. fcwi???rt l? I XHtl krltah J I " I ? -I ' Ul. I* ?*** I " !*(, ,f n??C ?;-l*'??l I III, *| l?1*> -n *?. ,v| I,. M II* ' r r r" i< r ??. , , , \? . i 'lull ,?,'?/ .1^ i< f?, -I, , , u ?* Alfilf ll M ft -ifxr, fill' vv AMI I'- ? I ; I AT? *t IO 4 I'" 4? f" ih >? ? r?? * ' 'A | ? *?? A|if SnVATIOWS W/INTKD, WAimV MY AN i.m,i I M i i ? n i ? tast onti a aitualion to <lo general houanwork in * amali family or lake care of cblldrcu an 1 do |ilitlti *a *> nig I Mil )? m in for 'i daya. Call at : I eabi "?>??? ??(., m tbr rmr, fn Dt rn? m WANTTP? A HFTTATIon, BV A RKHl'WTARlJC filling ?omtii. ?? f nd plain cook, waahor ud irnror. or to do rilaniborwuik mi l Una w Hilling, IV11 b* >rrn at h?' preaeat place, No. W- it Jilh m. Beit o , ity ri frp no*. I II T ANTKr? f?Y A RKWKTAlWJC WOMAN A Km'* W Hon in a prleat" family t? do chamber amrk and watting, or chanibcrwork tad a< Wing I'loa-o call *1 N'o. 4 Howling Orwa, l'u lit ^?*n (>r two il?jrt, ~\IT ANim_l1Y A YOITNO WOMAN, A NAT1VK OF VV t-rolland a altuation In a private family. j* drfaw maker or general ntontnlrira ? understand* fully Uw bu?i <f <-uttlng tad tilting lii<|nli<> ut tier present place of < mpUi)uivi>t 44 laigbt ?t., r>pp?atte M. John'* park ?fl^ANTtl*? A K|Tt ATION, II V A lUVI'BTABI JC f f young woman, tn do g< neral housework In a a mall family or a* , baml?rmal 1 and waller, or t?i do plain to* tug ami mind children. IU??- 1 of city rofercnea IC?*an I an be m. ?? for two ,Uy? ?t 3MtMUtan ?t. room 14 w TANTKT? MV A Kl*l MTAIII.K YOfJNfi WOMAN J a aituatlon to do general 1. ? n or aa gixal plain '-ooh la a good aaahnr .1 lit Ironer, and ran giro tbe beet ol city lafe an,-.. If required. fkn be mn lor two day* at wt We.t |?th at. Mo objactloo to go a abort diatam-e in tbe country. WANT?r->rri aii'inh iiv two kk-i htahij' young women ? om mi good plain cook : la a first rat# waahcr and irogar. in WB ^tUeiit bn?d and |??try (?akrr, the other a* chauhB^ribi and wait re*. both froteatanta, would wtab N> fel ono liouae ti^etiaer , hare (food i lly reference no objarlinn to tl . to th. ? ounlry. Can b? raon for two darn at .'lull M?-tt ?t , tti?t Moor, lirtwmj lloualon anil Hlmitr. Wantwv_my a lUtHi-HTAHi.E wmn ?-ium> taut irtrl, a aituation aa waltrr or rhainbrrmatit, or to aaamt in washing, IroiiInK or aowing. (f>??l Iff ra t?iM? a jlv< n Apply at 70 Cha'iaa it., iWciinl floor. WANT?D -A WTVJATHlN, MY A KKM'WTTABIJC woman, aa <-<Hik and tn uaaiat In waahlntf and iron In#, undaratanda bar bn?ln< aa wall Tha rvry l?at of city refrraii' fin n Can la- arm for two ilaya at lUiwrry, i-ornrr of Kuurth atrrrl WANTkP? BY A YOlIRi MAN, ?IHl WRtTH-' a food hand ami baa hail two ymr?' hi<twihw in a large wholi -alrgiooaiy a ailiiatioii. langiri' tha baat of iclrrrnar. Would prafrr arll?t' ami hafl work . Ad diraaO. II , ll?rald ofllra WANTV.I' ? BY A wrii. KM rAirn, INKI'-TKJOI K young man, a aituation, aa In or out donr i lrrk, light pottrr or aa any otbat kind <>r all aaaiatant, In a aholaitaic builm < ratahliahmriit l(a la abir and aril ling to work ana would apply all Ida rnargiaa to tha pro motion ol Ma rmnloyar'a Inli taai - l n< v rptionabbi ?dty rafrranaoa can Ik- fu rnlal a l Apply to T 1 itagarald, baaamcnt, >orn?>r Maiden Ui.. uid Bro.idway, loi thrr? day*, I r A N't Kt' IV <N AMEKK AN YfH'NO MAN, A KT1 VV nation lii \ tea aiorc ? r anr othar wlirrc ha <'an ika himialf ua^ful. fall or addrraatoH. W. 1% <lra?n wlcb . V nua, In tba furtillura alora Uorxl lalrrancn II' \STKD? IIY A YlM Nli .'WIKH MAN, WHO yy apraka i ri'nch anil KuglUh, a ut nation In a ra "(??ctubb- family. In<|uliaat Vlr. Vuargnoi'a, 74 loonaid trarl, for un>> w^k II' ANTKI' Kon AN oltniAS imY, SINK Y KAKrt yy of aga, a hi mm- In a moral faintly that will yt>a h in an iMlucalion and a g' '-1 trad.' I'laaan call or ad di aa* to .'iftO Wrat iNtli alrrat, mar I Ith aTOnna. TIIIC numci. (1 < IJ) l>Jt)' rtTTKMh WAN II I' ? AT 11IK HANI' M lac to ry, 41* It . I - ri ? A l?w lanr^l in Ilia huainai-a ? an find permanent employmant 1'l.AN |' k Htm HAT TIIIMMIdtH WAN1J3> ? '<IX MRT ItA'lK Ion, n ? an l.a\a ronatant i mplnymant ' y applying at tiia OHM I of Haymond and Iti.tlvai ata , Ibooklyn. WANTH A MH ATMiS A*i I. AKI'ENKK, BY A n.aii alio thoroughly uudaratanda tha hu>la?aaln all Ita brun> baa , ia rapabl* of taking < harga of a fan t la tran a faint and acting aa e< a tiliian I all glra Uir baat of city rataran a. I 'lea -a addteaa A A , t>l IM llarakd oftiea. TirANTID IMtlKdAIH \ A Hlt-r KAfl llU'k yy rmith who utidar alan-l- be bu?lrie?a wall, and alio ran lake al>aigc of a aliop al-o a II rat ra a hmaa "la>ar, who i,ndai*tanda hia buallM aa inuat coo a wall raomi n.rndad none othara nead a] ply In ulrr ol M . t-a- I Man na. Waiian at , Jrlaa-y I it > INTKIXUiRMf K OKKK K*. Ttlll ? fhKH IkH IN WANT ol i,n i|i Hfl I' Will. X 1 do wall by calling at No J ty It- ?a?y wb* ra a good aelaet ion ol cook* laundia^ea, rhamlior iiiaoia, waltaia, nuro a and general hou>eii.awla can l>a f 'uud I b aia ' ail and aaa l^tm* M tebU p r yfar ntli- rana i.'i < enta I )?</I?TAN7 -KKVAST WASfUi- pill H Iiaiw J ill nur-aa thrt^ aallar girl., one man waiter alao ?riber damaaUcat f?r rarloua atatlona In raajwa labia ia$ni llaa, i il? aiol country A| pl? al to la?t f o i?tcauih alirat I tlliiti a^nare with giM?d tiy "Himari<La't'ma. WASIlf IHIf- l?AV A 7 Wl.-I JTY'H ?-PJ I T VY. mab o|h<* loft 7th liner naar 7M at two ? ??manor fngtlab ixIh (1'iot >uta), la i'ro*aatanl Chamber a a da and wait era. litre nu?'i, two ? an< atiea>ea a ad ? n n la r of (mart gtila ?? hiuaarvurk lllgl eat wagea ami e'eady pla>aa to tba ' <m|atiu A lady la att'ndaic a. ' ASTVJt ? Hn'ATIONH hl li f dl.V riKKtllUUIAf IT No. 4 I aat llnaiifa^, (bawmaat), rjaiha, -ali l,aik*e|?ia, porters for ?tor?. anil bole u, ??7? ft r w?U?r?, 4 * ( girim *m rM>km. ilikitiUiiiAt'U, itfi n A|?? \y to Ml. fittil'. 1 T1IR Tl Hk. u i.?1 nunm.w -mm ) Aui? *1 . ?i vH utii* h**'* l?* 9\ tin ??? In fiv?, U> i? if jrifkg h? 'Vflhl M W*xMtni<f fvikfi*#* r m lit) Wi?? VV*r?a*c* batik** ? m l-?nnl hit AW A W Ml II . ft* p fTHiTlYK U/VMKH A#V HM fl S* -T?4'W.? J ("K* <3>|rtM ?k%*4 rUlh'tfll Will If hr> mm toti! #?????! ***r * UiiiiM mm^r of thm #??*?# f'A, At ti*4 HUbki, ?' l"l wiwim, AO m? tdi I,* brtnt* ftvr f \h* ?-?'* A-' mmM ;?nt# ?' If# - m uf iUf "W ftm W1UJA* A ft*" H* r .t, .'*m KVUJAIUII. I M ' | M H I I'WCltlT J I II ? ' IT 4 . J Mli1fA>r I'HH an I . .?< hiJUi l UI?M( ? a/I lii- ll'V ' ? fiiNl?*H' IJ ' ft t> #? nfilf ? f,t wt* f ?"?*!? ? tk*t "f #?' I a r # I < a ; *1 W r*r?t U* Hut ft'* i Ji 'f*im ??o *f?'i ^ ^ 'Uf?i N"n"> IT HA Vf ?<J <* n I > i" r _ f| * f ? f , ? | , ? ? \ . ? v ? 'ur -tjiJ# ??f ' ?pfikm in WAUrUl ?f?sl th ? iK/tir ?? l? t'? r<?titkpfi i/?|f (|? (rtilmr ?o '!###? v* 4 by ?Ii. ^vtiiWtrK'iU frm ??r>' who hnf< i?'i *4 til# mi# ifftyniif > f '?! ?kw, fcr*it m f?. 'II IfilW mvN '>f IbH ?* r fli# puhl Ik.ttgtb* Uff/' rmii if* 'iffjr In the I f it? 1 ^t*14M "f w in ' Iq furnish m* *4# w? if? i*l? trKl ? t Hwy* ? 'nu ut*"#* irrMfnf * it'*"! UU?, ?**' fc hjr ? wfckfc ?? ?!?' if*i| 'tr'tni Trtmm nff >t ?t tl * krvt* 1"? 'h wrW?? Offltr- l?y nwiil t/- <*hlHT7H 4 lHhW i ? *1" H*?uf*'-tir#r? *)kuu*'r~\ Sri,) mu I II : lii /' U/tl H7/H it H i !#?? " ?l ?w e Ui? v?l vllh MUttr?ftl e*'? tr U4 - Ut i ??|r ??* ?? ?t !!?? r^ ,l/li*fc"1 m?fnsh ''p>y v4 t) f l? ??.*** 4 ' "| Ji Si KJ< 41 A?*i? ?t##?t. OffW r? l/f ft.*!! pv (?? |4lf ? * 1 "ii rK ivvrrr. ht/ha^jv v> kia* is* mn ff >+i4 U ??? ?ll* ??jr !>.'<)? ?? xipfrw R'lill ?l>i?A ?? ? ?l)*?r i?i?<UI *1 tU ?> rM ? Mr ? V< '* lv.? il? l?!U, cms, ?k.tU. ks , br. U it ml* *? Uw> '4-li i rt?Mp Ma R"*4vm TMK 1.1*4 ? I'M (|<rUT10? 4 r a ? > ? ? tiii i jv' "W l'? ai nv*1 -in i> ijr k?M .(<???? II <"?11*11 >m M*?4 jr llMi JW. I i ??? '? ???t '>.??? tli' I.'*? "(T-Ur <?aatt a* <*l ?:?f ?!'?<; 'fcw -I l? k?M (I i?Vi Mil'**' lb <? ? .t K f> r l? *+fl*mt+r I ?? IUVOIIUi V fc HI ?.'? \ I ?> I i ? a*?. /'ii** *' '?r J mm ji ?>ir mcufwi ?* \ W!M?, 'h.n UfM >t IH' ?4?>y. ii???? il.? .???niW.. .4 it# t/?4> U lit i #? .t.jM??at U ? ? a tiM i*i' ,?> * ??? -f ? tfc* W?t (II# tW |< r?M 1>IHIUIHIiHU I i< ni H>> 'All*#** iM hn> v I. Ilt-I n?" * p*# ?W i?ti via'# l? !?? 4 -a ;>.??*? ft* <M< ???..! U. II |. ??(>??? ?.<-? 1 '4?M t?t ll-n?> drwto 1I IM ? > * ?? If' ? I* M- If H4i # >> , -I -?'?? ? . fc ,r . #4 ? ><?. ?? O* ??.v i??-l n I'M ?? ., ? f??? "? -I *?#???*??? I, |( rljmcflt 4 .. . |i|i??>< ?!>?#(, MNwrmii, | >? < ? ? ' ! ? ??,?.!? I ? *! I > ?- <"?k> ?< 't# i#< Ul f '"?l iWl H.1 l?l*ll. '*00 '# ill >u M fti'M ??* at t?? <W}? a" ?W '^k#l l?kf? I kit lal rtti iM? < /. * ?? - *?># ?#-4 V 1 <*<1 ??,?# ???* ' > 'Hj, | ' v th.y~.ktf , I ? If' '?*? I J I ... || e ? m # > | MR l ??<.'?! >J .... ^ I - -# *0 -r

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