Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1855 Page 6
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WIITISMWfW IEW1WED HTMI DAT. A* AVCTMWi ALBU<T H. NICjLAY, AUCTIONEER? STOCKS WD BouJ? lit auation. ? Regular sale. Al.BERT 1L NIOO 1 AY wiU ?*!!, this day, August i!7th, at 12)? o'clock, at the Mercliants' Kxchau ge, fur account of whom it may concern. KAca. 99,000 Ohio State 8 per cout. bond*, of 1M0 $1,000 $,?<,000 Great Western (UliuoU) Railroad 1st mort gage 10 per cent, bouds, 1.000 5,000 i '.eveland and Pittsburg Railroad 7 percent. income bonds, 1,000 2,000 Chicago and Mississippi 10 per ccut. income bonds,.;. J.000 2.000 Chicago and Rock l-land lat mortgage 7 per cent, bonds. ofl870y 1,000 j, 700 Crawford Countv, (1't nnsylvania) 6 per cent. bond*. ? lronl *100 to 1.000 10 000 Mercer County. (Pennsylvania) 6 per cent. bond*, from $600 to 1,000 9 Share* I'ni<>n Hank, 50 '10 do. Peonies' lire Insurance Company 50 10 do Williamsburgh City Fire Insurance Com. , 50 40 do. Webster's Fire Insurance Company 50 Al?o, all that ceitain lot of laud situate iu Sergeant ooniJjip. in the County ot McKean, and in the State of IVnnsy'vania, known aa that certain tract of land em graced in a survey and warrant numbered 2.389, subdi vision UU, and containing 34 aoies and 80 perches of land. Terms of Sale. ? Ten per ccut. this day, and the balance I efore two o'clock to-morrow. The accrued interest on ali the bonds will be charged to tho purchaser, with the e toeptioa of the State Ij nds. Next regular rale on Thursday, August 30th. Special Sale on Friday, thei'.lst iiiit.. of 2,841 shares Illinois Central Railroad Stock. Auction notice.? Thos. hell, auciioveer? By bell 4 BUSH. ? The gal# of valuable silk*, 4c., ? * advertised to ha sold on Monday, will take plaoe on V< edsesday, us tliey will not arrive till Mouduy afternoon, ''his day. at 10), o'clock, in our auction rooms, will be ?>wd th- balance ot the hotel furniture, pianoforte, baga telle table, 4c. AUCTION NOTICE. ? 1H0S. B1XL, ADcmO.VKl?? IlldJ, & Bl -II reqV' -t parli< ilir attention to their uoticc of sale, in this paper, or tin- elegantly arranged hotel mtaurant on Tiysdav, at 10.1,/ o'clock, at No. 19 CrQRby street, near Grand ? by Wrlueof a chattel mort gage ? Seven bedrooms, bar and reading room*; the oil cloth, carpets, splendid mirrors, pictures, gaslit'ings, vbaiii, tables, beer pump, 4c., are superior. More par ticulars on day of sale. Auction notice.? thos. hh.i., auctioneer. kv lU LL & BUSH. ? Tuesday, nt 10# o'clock, we will h>-!l by a yirtue of a chattel mortgage, at No. ID Crosby xtreet, near Grand, the entire valuable arrangements of a liotcl restaurant, recently titled up at gnat expense, comprising tho furniture of several l>rd rooms. The bar nau reading rooms are completely arranged. Over 100 >?nij tnglisU oil cloth carpets, splendid mirrors, pic ture-, patent Itlrtlll beer pump, tables, chairs, glasi ware, rasters, kitchen utensils, refrigerator, gas Uttliigs, 4r. I'epo its required. Particulars Mon lny. a UCTI0N NOTICE. ? LARGE AN1> PEREMPTORY sale of crockery und glassware. by J. S. 11. BAilT lJlT, aucitoteer ? Tuesday. Augu-t tiStU, nt 10 o'clock, at C81 Pearl street: a very desirable catalogue sale of all (..nils of white granite, dipt C.C., Hint stone, yellow ware, Ac.; aUo gifts- ware, nil kind*. Auction notice.? j. bogart. auctioneer by P. BOGART ? Monday, at 10,'a o'clock, nt 151 and lav Cedar street, large sale of hotel und household furni ture, consisting iu part of . irg'' quantity of feather beds, bedsteads and bedding, du.iug room and other tables, lK"i Hoi table lineu, bureau, washfttands, sofas, chairs, lo iking glasses, crockery, l<fU"i|uantity of kitchen u ten hilt, kitchen range, bar and larroom Hxturoa, oil paint ? ngs, refrigorutor. 4c. This furniture is in good order ?ul nearly new. Aiction NoncE j. bo .at<t, auctioneer.? by S. BOGART, on Monday, at 10\i o'clock, nt tho ai.cticn rooms corner of Frankfort and William sts., Sheriff'* sale, lot of men's new black hats, moil's and boys' caps, email lot o? dry goods aud fancy goods; also, con stable's sale, a lot ol very superior segars; lot of soda wnler. 4c. NATHANIEL PINCH, Constable. Al'CTTON NOTICE. ? J. BOGART, AUCTIONEER, BY S. BOGART. ? Tuesday, i8th, at 10 J j o'clock, at the auction rooms, corner t rank fort and William streets, a large tud cxtcu 've sale of elegant household and hotel furniture, removed from Union s<(uaro by virtue of nn execution. Parlor suits of furnltnre covere<l iu broca* lei, and costiv mirrors, splendid large oil paintings, setioeh coverod in'crimson civet, large pier glassos, eu ;r?vi-^s, cliandoliers, gas tlstu- <, tete-a-tete, sofas, n-.ahogsny rockers, do. chairs, KnpliMi oilcloth, carpets, silver plated ware, china and crockery, table cutlery, mahogtny French bedsteads, hair mattresses, cut decali ters, tumblers, marble top counter, clock, iron site, ii-"ii?iug and plain bureaus, kitchen furniture and uleu si! -, 4c. Auction notice ? j. booart, auctioneer.? by 8. BcjOABT. ? Wedue day, at 10>? o'clock, at 1101 Wstar stn*t, household furniture, con-lsling of bureaus, table* chairs, cottage bedsteads, feather beds and b<d d eg, looking glas-es, engravings, kitchen furniture, Ac., 4c. Auction notice.? m. doughty, ax'CBonekr? This day, at the store, iiJ Centre street, a large i ii i ei-gant assortment of parlor, chaml>er and dining room t'lirnitare, vii. : ? Suit-, ol bedroom furniture, cna uirlled bureaus, centre tablos. sofas, sofa beds, mahogany chslrt and rockers iron bedsteads, inah<igany do., hair inal're?*cs, 4c.. with a large assortment uf secoud-hand U.rn.iu1 e, carpets, oilcloth i, cliiim, crockery uud glass m'e? worthy attention. Auction salk? this morning, Monday, at 10 o'clock.? JOHN I . RPSSEIJ., auctioneer, will soil a' ifHi Ninth avenue, bet .eon Thirty liith and Thirty w ?'h s'.reets, the .'nrnituru of n small family giving up housekeeping, comprising mahogany sola, rocking and pi.ijr chairs, marble top centrc table, carpets, bed and t?dviing, 4c. DP. NASH, AC (Tli 'NEKR? STORE 310 BROADWAY. 0 ? . herilT's sale of lumber, 4c., nn Monday, August -7, at 10 A. M., at the store, consisting of oak, u*h, coarry, uuthoguny and pine lumber, in boards and plank: VStu e s, sandpaiwr table legs, unfinished tables, exteu hvu tables, ic , 4c. J. T. STEWART, Deputy Sheriff. DP, KAPH. AlCTIONUCR, STORE 010 BROAD ? way. ? Mortgage sale of omnibuses, kc. ? On Thurs day, Auguet '23. at 1? M., at the corner of Hlxty-ninth r1 t-et and Hroadway. conr.uting of live omnibu es. five bp1 a double harness, one feed wagon, &<?. AUo, right, title and interest of Anthony ljxmbieeht,of, in ana to tlie li ie of utiftl knovn as the -tur line. JOHN' It. I'AlUUNd JTUtf, Attorney f>r Mortgagee. The Shore aale is adjourned until Monday, 'J7 1 li Au g" if, at 10 A. M., at No. oil) Urotnlvruy. I^UAS COMB? A?CT1<>ST.KR? AT fc.VI.KS ROOM 0C j Niimv Ktn-et thin day, it 10,'? o'clock, elegant. biuMboU furniture, conM ting of rosewood satin brocatel ar.ts, aifo, damask aud lutircloth suiis, sofa-, tete-a-tetes, l>urea in, tx<uteadu iuittti'>*'iui, ettculoil dining table*, ?? i ?. itMd*, parlor :>nd other clinics, lounge.", <tc Ac. (? i t PA.n t\M?K. ATXTION f'IKK. ? FCItN JTl'RK, AO? f On Tuc-.iav next, a? 10% o'clock, at. the spacious !! ?".- oa, 117 Nuh'uu stmt, near Bookman, it large ?:il ?;>'..ndid assortment ufroaewMt, mnb?*i ny, oak and * furniture cow i -ting oft lejrmt parlor furniture n.fp, of rosewood and mahogany, in brocatel, plush ? i cloth; etfgeres, Freii'h ei ."loires, bookcases; ? ? tip etntrc, fide and sof:i tables- quartette* Mid ? " 'Juicy tablet), music stands, book ami corner \< piano stools. eu?tom made exti n don dining tables ( ' 'i.? waluut and mahogany; dining room niul parlor dtiri, s /?? tete-a-tete*. lounges, rwV an'i arm ' !iair?, .-.?wood and mahoguny b. d-u- ads of" ih I lizabeth hi, X!V. end other fashionable etyl* pallia 'e* and hair mattro-ises, marble top, plain mid dressing bureau* , C)'andit and comiuodes. cane and rush seat l?Ai..-s, rockers. Ac. Also, u"t Uaiuo mirror-, oil puint ??g?, stlrw plated ware, table cutlery, china and gins ?? are, 4sc. Catalogues on the morning of sale. Krery t-i illty afforded purchasers for boxing and shipping. G1 KOCKRHS, MACKKRM. CAHTf. WAGONS. HAU f" new. ? Tuesday. August '2S. it JO'; o'clock, at 57 "ey ?!reot, corner Greenwich, -oap, tobacco, M-gsrs, >'auiin.~>, Age, note, t-tarcb ilaret, champagne, brandy, kiiiven and forks, aeisjors saw < dies, eliltels, coats, p?o i fo'.Iara, stocks, handkerehlef*. clocks. W. A. CAhukii, Auctioneer. GO. HORTON, Al'CTIOXKKR, WIIX flCI.U, ON r. Tui>-lay, at 10 o'clock, atXi3Glght<'euth utre'l. i ??,- N ,-itb arenue, the ?t<s-k and fixture* of a grocery. of sugars, tea*, niola-see, epiee*, aoap<, cau i "it, li |'iors, furniture, and large refrigerator. TTBBY B. HERT-, JR., A0CTIONERR.? ON WH> XI. noiiday, August '.H. at lrti, o'clock, nt the "tore Fo. by, Itnc street, a large stock of haberdashery, laces, i-nibrr>4i?rie?, hosiery, ribbnn-, insertions J ieonet tnus Un?, <3rj goods, combs, brushes, fans, |>orteiiionnaiei. Can cm g'snlii. Ac., also HxiureJ, glass esse*, c<w?ters, slell <tc., removed for convenience ot -ah<, term' casii. t sttelogue* on morning of sale. J J WA1PRON, ArtTIoMlKK ?SJX"' ?\|? LAIUiK . sale of crockery, china, gla. s and hardware.?' Tues day, August -8. by lU-N'RV G O'ANs, No. m I 'earl street. New Vork. Cltv and country merchant- will llnd It to tliflr interest to attend these ??Uis, as the wares offered will m>W) in lot* to -uit ihe tra-h1, from the helve* or by the package MORTCAGK 8AJ1? M. TKiK.HTV, Al CTIONRKK ? To-morrow, Tuesday, at the ftore ','7 Centre street, Hi lti.l* o'clock, the content* of a m gar and tobac-o store show case, tobacco, snuff, segar ea.??-? and lio'i?e i?-j\ng, indianQgure, largo si/e. w WVXTOOTT, Al'LTIOVKKR.? \i (Tt'iN IV sai" ?f the entire handsome furniture of a house - I', W W iXITXIT will M II, without reserve, this Monday, A ?T'.h at 10 \ o'clock, at 7? l lghth avenoe, a few iujrs f ">Ui fourteenth street, it large and valuable n J eor'm of etegunt rosewood and mahogany furniture of vrry dsM-riptlon l?eii^f the whole furniture of sixteen r^owta; oonsisung in |mrt of two large and elegant French pier gta?n<w, UlxS'), lelvet, Urussel" and Wilton carpets; one enperb iiimoAirte and stool fn u?e but six month*, toil ! r ww'"<i ;?r!or suit, corere-l In salln bro cade, two soth? four <u.0ii. nisi ?>acl( parlor chairs, largs arwi -bhlr, and lady's reception cliair; one chair In hair l>tb, mirror front r.-ewssi e'egere, ciarbl ' top centre ml k?4i Ubld card an<l work tabb ?, mnrble clorka, can 3 ?!<*??, elegant va>-fls, urtn chslrs ro<ke't brocatel th.1 hu\ curtain*, ?lth n n'iml#t ra|nt;n^, jn rich rosewood anl mahogany bod-teaO- l"rge litlr i-ettr*?? ee. eofw. loung" ?, ?piing-eat ai.d fir.' hairs, Ux* mmw. gtlt mirroi ?, rosew.sii and mah.g r , top bcreeti' , marble top waa.ietands, cbli.a . %< . wlUi tl.e bneiment ar t kltcb. u c tlna, dsaing and breslfa-t 'ahla-, cut i w,. re f ^rator, be Hp po-t|s,noro" i' D?f >e' r - - ,i ^ pTr*b*nn IALBI AT AVCTUXI. JOSEPH HEOKMAN, ACCTIONiiEH ? MONDAY, AU gust 27, at 3 o'clock P. M. precisely, at No. S40 At lautic strict, between Hoyt and Bond bt recti, Brooklyn, a small quantity ol household furniture, velvet tapestry carpet, mahogany bedstead, marble top and plain bu reau*. marble top washstand, two lounge*, cane neat chairs, rocker, lookirg glasses, centre table, stoves, crockery, 4c. Mortgage sale ? joits w. somf.rindyke auc tlonecr, atore corner of Frnnklin and Clarke streets, will sell this day, August '27, at 11 o'clock, by virtue of a chattel mertgage . at 181 Fulton street, Brook lv n. one of Uoe It CVs. new job printing machined. siie bed 13 by 20 inches, complete. JU11 V W. SOMElUN- : DYKE, Attorney for Mortgagees. "prPSELL W. WKSTCoTT, AUCTIONEER ? MAGNIFI XI cent and costly household furniture, splendid trench mirrors, velvet carpets, rosewood parlor suits, elegant painting", rosewood pianoforte, rich chandeliers, &c., at the residence 162 West Twenty-first street, Seventh avenue. R. W. Weetcott will will unreservedly, on Wednesday, August '29th, at 10J? o'clock, the entire elegant furultu e of the above first class house, which is replete with cost ly untique and modern furniture of every description, 'lhe sale will be positive without regard to weather, ca talogues of which will be ready on Monday, and can be obtaiued at Mr. K. V. Huughwout's, 501 Broadway. Psc !ors ? Two magnificent Ftouch pier mirrors, 28x103; ele gant rosi wood pianoforte, stool and cover, aublsson and velvet carpots, English imported chandeliers, solid ro e wood panor suli, sola, six medallion back parlor chair*, large arm chair with slip covers, in oiubrol lered bro cade; one do. imported from France; sofa, four cushion ed back chairs, large arm-chair and reception chair in tapestry, very rich with sllu rovers ro-ewuod mirror front und back etcgcre, brocade and lace curtains, costly lady's escritoire fine I with satluwood, imported; soli 1 rosewood reception chairs, in tapestry and satin; rose v o. d music cabinet, rosewood centre and pier table, with statuary marble top*, costly mantel va-t?s, bronze and ormolu clock.-, with a number of rich imported par lor oraa mcutf. elegant chandeliers and ipis fixture-;; also, a valuable und costly collection of oil paintings foreign and home soeuery, historical paintings, tVuit and flower pieces, marine views, winter scenery, rural and architectural views, ,Vc., from the hand* >f eminent to. reign and native artists. Chamber furniture ? Magnifi cent enrved rosewood ami mahogany bedsteads, thirteen pure hair mattresses, beds, ic. superb rosewood and make gany bureaus, rosewood washstands. china toilet set-;, oval mlirors, rosewood and mahogany tetc a-tetea, sofas, marble top secretary bookcase, ?uk IX>rary do., with a large and elegant variety of diuing room and lia cuient Fumituie oak extension table, cost $90; Eng lisli oilcloth, oak arm-chairs, carved oak sideboard, rich . ilvwr ttare crystal cut glas.-. ware; ivory cutlery, mag nificeut cliiuu dinner -i t, ISO pieces. tc? do.; mahogany and l'rinch chairs. with a splendid vaiiety of kitchen furniture of every description. A deposit will bo re quired of i very purchaser. So postponement. QPECIA1. SAIE. ? TUN 18 MOR11ELL, AUCTIONEER.? Tuesday, August >8, nt 10^ o'clock, will be >old a valuable stock of furniture, &c. , at No. 81 Nassau street. Strangers and citizens will do well to attend, as it is the determination of tho auctioneer to give Iris attention only to actual suction bales, v-here goods are not limited to retail prices. The stock of furniture, paintings, mir rors, Ac., in Tuesday's sale, is to bo sold at a great sacri fice, limitation having expired, lor particulars examine catahgues, now ready at auction room. Many valuable articles, quite an object to purchasers, will a No be sold during lhe time of sale. At private < ale, under limita tion furniture, &c., at prices much below usual prices at manufactory. N. B. ? No piivato factory renders bet ter facilities to" shop furniture. Ate., as the proprietor has been an extensive manufacturer in this city for many years. His old customers will favor him with their i.ivors, which he will acknowledge satisfactorily. Wll. WlfTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON MON <Lay, at 10>, o'clock, at No. 4 Varick street, all the genteel household furniture in the above house, consisting of one suit of mahogany furniture, in hair cloth, French plate pier glasses, splendid paintings and engravings, oi e elegant one wood pianoforte, window curtains, Brus sels anu ingrain carpets, oilcloths, bedsteads, hair mat tresses, bedding, bureaus, washstands, toilet .sets, dining room and kitchen l'urnitur", &c. "Iir S. MF.LLOR, AUCTION lUK. ?BY HOUGHTON k V T ? M EI. I X> It. ? Tuesday, Aug. 28, at 10), o'clock, at 11U Nassau street, a large and peremptory .-ale of ele gsnt cabinet furniture, nine rosewood pianofortes, new and second hand; ten thick 1 rcneh plato pier and oval min ors, in the most fiu hionaldo style of frames; forty oil | nintln; , in richly ornamented frames; thirty pair < f 1 icnch china vases, richly decorated, sold to pay ad vances; cabinet furniture, consisting of the stock of a lii t class cabinet maker, removed for the convenience of sale, sold to pay advances and make room for other sales. vi7. : ten solid rosewood parlor suits, covered in the most fashionable style with costly materials; ntegeres, writirg d'^Us cabinets, centre tables, Turkish ana easy ( hairs, corner stands, rich Inlaid tables. The chamber ftuniture will include rosewood, mahogany, walnut and oak, plain and with marble tops, in suits to match; ilch'y caivcd oak and walrul dining room and .library furniture in great variety; several superior made ex tension tables, dining chairs, tic. ; also a large assort ment oi medium class furniture, tele-a-tetos, bedsteads, parloi nnd rooking chairs, carvod fancy tables, ward robes bureaus, sideboards, fancy stands, mattresses, palliasses, Jtc. Catalogues on the moraine of Kule. foods can be packed for shipping on tho premises. The tiade and country merchants are invited to attend. ExcirataoKsT (fc~l A PREMIUM EXCURSION EXCURSION TO THE I V/ Fishing Banks. The steamer GOLDEN GATE, (Tiarles Anderson, formerly captain of the steain' r Laura Knapp, will make a frip to the Fishing Banks, on Sun day. the 2(>th. I/i ving Amos street, at 7 o'clock; Spring street, 7.i.<; I'eek slip 8; Broome street, 8J?; pier No. if North river, at P. Cnptsin Anderson wlil give $10 for the largest ti-h caught on the bout by any paying pas senger. Weather permitting. IjlXCl RSION8 TO KEYPORT. ? THE STEAMER GOLDEN 'j GATE, Captain Charles Anderson, former captain of the steamer lanra Knapp, will make regular trips to Koyport every day. Sundays excepted, leaving foot ef Murray street at 8 V,' o'clock, pier 3, 9 o'clock A. M., nnd returning leave Kcyport at 3 o'clock P. M. A cotillon band will bo on board. IIXCIT.-ION TO FISHING BANKS. ? THE STEAMER 'j 1.AUKA KNAPP, Captain N. Anderson, Jr., will make excursions to the Fishlug Banks daily, leaving Spring street at 7'i, Brooine street 8, and plei 3, N. R., at 9 o'clock A. M. J7MHK1' ANNUAL MOON1 JGHT AND COTILLON EXCl lt J sion of the Washington Star Association, up the Hudson river, on Thursday evening, Augu.-l ".0- The mte and ci miuodious steamer Mnsnachusetts, nnd barge, 1. a* e been chartered for the occasion. Dudworth'w eele bra ted cotillon band, of thirty performers, have Icen engaged. In every respect the tymmltfee ]iledge Ihem to make this the most dcHb.'ul exeuivion of the seat on, The > oat will leave iHLiu streei, Kjist river, nt 7 1 , o'clock: l'ulton street, Brooklyn, T)l o'cloc'.; pier No. ;? North river. 8,'-, o'clock; Spring ^tree' . 8,'j o'clock; Amos street, 9 o'clock P. M. Ttcket", admitting a gen th man and ladies, fl ? to bo had of any of the commit tee or at the St. Nicholas Hotel; ltabioeau's saloon. C hambers street ; Mercer House; t lark's Hotel, corner of .'ny and Washington streets; anilat Itielly's Hotel, corner of West Broadway and Franklin street. No inloxicatiiig li^'iov sold on any part of the boat or barge. CH.\S. F. OJN.VOlt, Chairman. (1 RAM) I'A'CTRSIOJf AROUND STATES' ISLAND, Jf lnmlingnt Key port. ? Tho lunji and commodious double engine steamer WM. GAUK, Gipt. I 'uac O. I'hU lips, will make ? grand oxcurbion around Htaten I.-la.ul on Hundnv, Atigtift 20, 1855, stopping at Keyport, giving ample time to the piu>*encers to dine at tho hotel una bauic; leaving n? follow.-: ? Amu< streot, N. K., 8)< ?'rlock A. M.; Spring street. 8%; pier No 3, 9; Broome - t cot K. B., 9)4; Market Mreet, 9,1,: Fulton ferry Brook. l>n, 10. !!? fre.shnionts furnished ou board. Vure for the trip to Keyport and back to New York twenty-Are cent tor which a return ticket will be (firm. N'OTICF.? THE lXtTRSloN OF rORT RICHMOND Vire liglne Company No. 3, of Staten Inland, in | cnMOtilablj postponed until Thursday, August .10, 1855. I.. 11. HAGGARTY, Secretary. 1 'fir t Richmond, S. I., August 27. 185?i. SECOND ANNUAL l'IC-NIC AND COTIUON KXCUR cion of the In impendent Washington Continental (iiiarti, to Ihey Hook, on Tuesday, August 28, 1853. Ticket", one dollar, to admit a genlieman and lady. Ad ditional ladies ' ticket*. 50 rent*. To he had of the fol lowing Committee of Arrangement*:? John T. Iimsing, 478 Grand street , George l'hllUpa, 163 We*t street; Wm. >. Moni*. N Horatio street; John h C. William*, 112 Wan en street; Wm. Y. I'l.iok, 1M i*ro?pect street, Brook lyn. Boat leaven foot of Broome street. E. R., at 7 o'clock; Fulton fi rry, Brooklyn, 7 ; pier No. 3 N. R., at 8*4 ; foot of Spring ati eet, 8\ ; Amo# strict, 9\ A. M. TO CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS? THE PATE ASM &>mmodl?na double engine steamer MA.SSACHU [ fl'.TIS, E. R. lUnks, commander, being now in complete i order, can l>e chartered for excoreiona. She U the large*! and molt elegant steamer offered for the purpose. hav ing a large dancing saloon 112 (tat long. Appl v on bear*, at the foot of Amos street, N. R.; or to L. iL UHOVBL lcVi Broadway, up stair*. HOTELS AND BVHMBR RETREATS. Coijjns nnrra, MrnjATro "x*/r of cava! ?treet, and directly opposite Collins' Liverpool lii^ of steamers, with a full view of New York Iwr and har bor. The pleaaantest location for families in New York, and wtll let to permanent or transient, ou most reaeoe alne Utm.<, with parlor suits or single rooms. TAIJ.VIAND kiATl>. Proprietors. HOI DRIDOE'S HOTOk 7 1ST AND 75# BROADWAY ? Handsomely furnished, airy and neatly kept apart ments ran now be obtained, with or without bwtr< 1, hy thr meal, day or week, served in dining or private roouia, on the inost reasonable lAms. Rooms rent from $2 to ?TO per week. No charge for bath*. VTtTOT THE PROPRIETOR OF RICHMOND HILT. Hotel, Sta'en I.- bind. begs to inform the publlr that the house will be kept open for the accommodation of jartie visiting the island during the fail ?<*n?on. B?ard wlil !*}()? week; children ami servants, >3 50; horse., >4 50 Particulars at S. W. Benedict's s'ore. No. 5 Wall street. New York. The Richmond stage at VaudcrbHt's landing meet* ih# t.tand street 9 o clock boat in the i moining, and it it, 4 and 5 o'clock in thecvpning j .' P. KKLUTT. | rVRJHTlRE. CtOTTAGE AND EANCY HTKNITI RK W AR/:1U?U.-I? / Al 514 Rr. adwjy, opposite U)? Si Nicholas HoteL V All'KWh A is 1 A(.n >fler far sale i lie most extensive a, sort meat of fancy, cottage, eaau<4ied and French Air nitni* In the I fetitos st ttxliic**! prices; evo v riety of mat'rt* <s t*i'ia> -<*, i illows, hototei, ki. a* maiiufaHure. '? J rices. TBimr uonnu. A SMA1X PRIVATE FAMILY WruT LET TWO ROOiM on the first floor, and one bedroom on the third floor; gas and bath ; at J01 Ewt Twenty-third street. Re fcre-ice? exchanged A HOUSE TO 1ST AT 400 EIGHTH AVENUK-NEAT, convenient and a good yard attached. A lease for live yearn, if desired. For a fa mil/ wishing for a perms n-nt home and cheap rent, no better place can be found. Inquire on tlio premises, or of L. REANNEY, at 40 East Twenty eighth atreet. A PRIVATE FAMILY IN' BROOKLYN WISHES TO LET a suite of apartments, con listing of (Ire pleasant looms, furnished <.r unfurnished. Privilege la the kitch en, If required, (.as throughout the house. Within ten minutes' walk of any of the ferries. Term* mode rate. Apply at 98 Dean street, Ilrooklyn. Good refer ent i's necessary. Al'A RTMF.NTS TO I j-ji- IN THE NEW AND FINE Unit-lied houM\ lid Division street, in suits of four und five rooms, each with gas. marble mantels. Croton water, wash rooms and water closets attached, references required. Apply or address K. Hyams, 68 East Broad way, from 10 to 12 A. M., and 2 to 6 1'. M. Afi rnishfd house to let-a three story et ntaiuing twelve rooms, completely furnished, and in ? good location, with gas, water. 4tc. ; will be rented to a genteel family, or n lady wishing to^keep a few select bon rders. The owner would retain one room and board in the family, if agreeable. To an acceptable pary this would be a tine chance as u permanent arrangement is desired. Apply ut 65 Grand street, between 10 and 12 o'clock. BEEKMAN STREET? TO LFT OR LEASE, THE FIVE store, with basement, suit-cellar and vaults, No. 26 Iscj'kman street; a desirable location fur almost any wholesale business. Also, the upper lofts. Possession cat. be had at any time. Apply to JAUErf I'RICE, 200 Hudson street. Ct MINER OF BROADWAY AND DUANE STREET ? / l.kcht and airy basement to let. Inquire of BAitN'ES & PARK, ;04 Broadway, on the premises. Fl'RNb-IIED ROOMS? OR THE Bl-ST PART OF A FUR uished house, to let, situated on Broadway, in the neighborhood of Tenth street, with first class accommoda tions tor a family wishing to locate for the winter. The apartmeate eoam of two elegant parlors, with extension tooiu, five sleeping rooms, and kitchen. Turms, includ ing attendance, $200 per month. Address a note to box 92 Broadway l ost Oilice. FlRNlfrHED ROOMS? OR THE BFST PART OF A furnished house to let, in Brr;idwuy, tear the Union l'utk, with first class accommodations for a family wish ing to locate for the winter; consisting of two elegant parlors, and five sleeping rooms, with exclusive kitchen attemlHiice, and all that is nece-sary to keep house. For full particular*, call at 112 Blcecker street, in the store. Houses to let.? three elegant houses in River terraie, Hoboken, throe minutes' walk ot '.he ferry, commanding a beautiful view of the bay and city of New York, wi.h bath, gas, hot aud cold water, Ac. , to families of the fi rat respectability only. Imiulrt at the office corner of A'coad a ad Hudson streets, Hobo ken. of EDWARD MARTIN, House to let? the three story and base meut hrick house 94 Oarrol Btreet, between Henry and Hicks, Brooklyn. The house is provided with double doors and windows for the winter, gas throughout, Bee bee's range, &c. The rent will be reasonable to a good tenant. Carpets for sale. Apply on the premises, or at C3 i'ine street, up stairs, New York. House to i.kt.? the house 33 Hubert street to let; possession immediately. Apply at 222 1 runkliu street, n<-ar West, Houses and parts of houses to let, in va rious sections of the city. Furniture, entirely new, of a whole house for sale; furniture of part of a liou.-e, suitable for a small family, for sale; also, a board ing house to sell out. DEMAREST & BASSET, 4 Astor place. TT OUSTON STREET ? BROADWAY. ? TO LET, THE JLL spacious dwelling house No. 656 Houston street, Juat east of Broadway, containing 18 or 20 rooms, and replete with every modern coi'veufenco; very suitable for a genteel boarding house. Also, the premises 018 Broad way, very near the Metropolitan Hotel; rooms very large, and suitable lor business purposes; could be divided if desired. Rents moderate. Apply to JAM12S PRICE, 200 Hudson street. House in Brooklyn to let.? a house suit able for a small family to bo let in Clinton st., Brooklyn, betv .ten Baltic and Harrison. Rent $530. The furniture, quite new. will bo sold to tho incoming tenant, if dl lred. Apply to F. SCllNTTZSl AHN, 133 1 carl st. PART OF A MODERN HOUSE TO LET? 251 WEST '1 hiity -fourth street, contnlning gas and fixtures, bath, lauudiy, and water throughout; is newly painted and in first iate order; from four to six rooms; rent mo derate to a snfkU resjionslbli! family; possession immedi ately ; is convenient to stages and curs. Apply on the premises. STOKES, OFFICES, &c., TO IET. ? THE FINE SOUTII east corner store on Hudson and Canal streets, just modernized, withjarge show w indows complete, an admira ble corner for clothing or hardware store; also the adjoin ing store, in good order; also basement floor, At for plumber, trniikniaker, Kc. ; also rooms and ofllqes on second and tlilrd floors. Each room fronts on the street, and has capital light. Croton water and gas on each Uoor. Apply to JAMES I'RICE, 200 Huns on street. STORE TO LET OR LEASE? 20? CHATHAM STREET, Chatham square. Inquire of J. LAROCQC'l', 65 Mer chants' Exchange. S1TATEN ISLAND TO I^ET, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, 7 near 1'ort l.ichmond ferry, a bedroom and use of par lor, with or without board: delicate or aged person, or a few children, would tcceive kind attention. Please address Mrs. W. H. Bailey, l'ort Richmond, S. I. Refer ences exchanged. TO IET? THE STORE NO. 40 READE STREET, FIFTY fret east of Broadway, opposite Stewart's; rent $500 per year; also several rooms, for light manufacturing pur poses, in house 86 Duane street, first houie east from Broadway. Apjdy at UEMMEL'S, 302 Broadway. TO LET? BY TIIE SUBSCRIBERS, A VERY ELIGIBLE I oiHce In the front of the second story of store 81 John street. EDWARD CORNING & CO. TO LET? A LARGE, DESIRABLE HOUSE. FURNISHED or unfurnished, or the furniture anil lease will be sold low. The present occupant is giving up solely on ac count of ill health. The house has been newly painted and is in good order, suited for a boarding house or one or two private families. Enquire at 60 Fulton street, Brooklyn^ Furniture almost new. TO LET? A GOOD THREE STORY AND ATTIC BRICK house in Wooster street, near l?rince, rent $075; ulro. a good three story and attic brick house, 69 Nassau strict, Brooklyn, rent $460. Inquire of A. M. FANNING, 4?2 Houston street, or ut house No. 105 Wooster st. rfW) LET? A VFRY BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED HOUSE, I in a fine location in Brooklyn, a short distance from the South ferry, now, and has all modern improvement* the rent would partially be taken out in board by the owner, a single gentleman, if mutually agreeable. In quire, personally, between 11 and 12 o'clock, at 27 Beck aian street, first floor, up stairs. To I.wr? SECOND VI/tOR OK A HOUSE, CORNER Of l'ourth avenue and Thirteenth ?treet: liah four ronu iiu<t two pantries, with Croton aiel vacio pipes, all on Mime Uoor; one of the bent locations in the city. Rout reasonable to a (rood tenant. Apply aa abov? to 0. KNAPP. AIho, a shop to let. TO U.T? APARTMENTS IN IIOIHE 80 WK<T FOR tieth street, between Broadway an<i Sixth avenue, e< nesting of a parlor, two bedroom* and kitchen. The house it handsomely linished witli marble innntnla, wa ter, gas, and all the modern improvements. Rent mo derate, inquire on the premises. TO LIT? A TWO STORY COTTAGE AND BASEMEN T house (87 Ciasson ?venue); the Myrtle and Kluahlng af*-iiue cars pans within a short dii-'H nee; rent 9100 per onnoni. Inquire at 238 Kulton street, Brooklyn. TO LTT? VERY PESIPABLI APARTMENTS, AND KCR niture for sale cheap. House aud furniture all new, ami in Rood order. CtUI on the premises, 1(1 Kulton avenue, Brooklyn. rno I?T? BELOW BROOME STREET, A NICE THREE 1 atory and basement house, containing 16 rooms, with good furniture throughout, a portion of which may lie purchased on easy terms, Several ttrat class boarders Will leinain. Rent reasonable with loaae. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 301 Broadway. TO I ITT, IN RBOOKI.YN? A GENTEEL SMALL THREE atory and basement brick house, de-drably located, a few minutes walk from South ferry. Rent 1 150. The furniture i* nearly new, and wW be sold che.ip if ap plication be made soon, on the prentices, No. o liariiaon place, Brooklyn. mo I.KT AT WILUAMBBOM ? THE BEAtTMTI OOT X tsge No St>8 Grand street, in One order. Rent |JA0. Also, store and dwelling comer of Graham atenue and rowers street, long established as a meat market, .with two lots. Rent Apply at 4W Orand street, Wil liamsburg. mo 1>.T. AND IMMKT4ATK POMMftMf <,irKX_A _1 nest three atory dwelling house, on the northerly side of Thirty-Brat street, with Croton water, gas, 4r. Rent 9G60 per annum. Apply to GEORGE IIARGAN, No. 72 Wall ?tre?t, third atory. mo urr or lease ? the large three story I brick house, 326 Greenwich atreet, near Puane, lot 26 by 80 f'?t , will be leased to a good tenant fvr five or ten yeara, the location is one of the moat desirable in

the city for business purposes, and the houaa can refill)/ be altered Into a store. Apply to R. JACET, No. 2 Har i it n atr??t. mo IKT OR I ORSA1J? A VERY BRArTDTLLY KTTR. ? niahed bouso, in a Allocation in Brooklyn, a short distance from the South ferry, new, aud haa all modern improvemeiita. None but responsible families will in quire. [H-monall). between 11 and 12 o'clock, at 27 Beek mm K'rcot, Brut floor, up stair*. fTUIE STORE ANIt nWKUJNO, li? ORAM* STRKKT .1 WtlUsmahtirg.? "Wie atora li han ls.,me jr n-.Wt'up witli irlaax ca.<?i, shtMnc, eoantcrs, g??, Ac., Igcatl? ia tlx beat part e< Wrlllannbu^g, rent l ^w, ?.<?. |.,0 immediately. Ajv'r <<? BOOBSb A GRF-EN, fjj Grand ?tied, Wtliwr 'trary> rflO RENT? A SPLENDID MEDIUM NEW BROWN I stone 1,0.180. 109^ St. Mark's place; inquire nut door. Also, a pu tty two story and attic house, 667 Greenwich street, in perfect order. Rent for remainder of the year, 8460. Omnibuses every 8 minutes. BET OOOD8, 4IP. 2 CASES OK ALL WOOL FRENCH i>g LAINE3, VERY rich designs, will be opened this morning. I BSDELL, PEIRSON ic LAKE, 471 Broadway. BRODIK'S FALL CLOAKS ? GEORGE BROIUE, NO. 61 Canal and t*3 lispenard street. has now in ..tore a large assortment of novelUes in velvet, cloth and moire antique cloak* and mant ill&s, to whlctt he invites the inspectipp of wholesale cash and short flhe buyers. Embroideries and lace goods peter RO BERTS & CO., 375 Broadway, respectfully beg to in form the ladies that they are receiving, by every steam er, the purchases of Mr. Roberta, who, lieing in Europe, bn- selected the latest novelties in lioniton, point, Brus sels. Maltese and Guipure lutes. Rich embroide.eil muslin sets, handkerchief.!, sleeves and collars just re ceived. N. B. ? A fresh stock of Valencienucs laces, from 12 cents upwards. Fall miy coods AT ROTAIT, ARNOLD CONSTABLE & CO., 82 Cnual street. Will effer, on Monday, the ?7Ui instant, their linporta tinu of lich French slid British dry goods at retail. CitlzcnB and strangers visiting the city will find at their house a rich und beautiful stock ot fancy and staple fabrics. Dress silks from low prired to the most mtgnili cent imported, {-ilk robes from the simplest to the most gorgeous styles, l'rinted de luines from cliasto to potnpi dour stales, tcgetlier with French prints, merinos, cash meres, Paris embroideries, real lu.'es und luce goods; hosiery, whito goods, linen-;, sheeting.', blanket.*, and every description of housekeeping dry goods. N. 11. ? Sin ill garments, suitable for the present sea -ion, both ot French and our own manufacture, will be ready for ex hibition en Monday, the od of Septem ? 'r. 371AI.L DRESS GOODS.? U11SDELL. PE1R30N & LAKE ; would respectfully Inform their customers und transient visiters from other fctates thot they will open this morning an elegant assortment of rich dress good*, de igned for the lull trade, consisting of flounced silk robes, brocade, striped an I plaid silks, by the yard; shawls, cashmeres and de laines; pUid good* of every description, French merinos, velvets, calico* , 4c., &c. I BM F.1X, PEIRSON & 1A.KE, 47 1 Broadway. Lacks and EMBitoiDEiaES 1,000 fine French litimls; 1,000 French embroidered oollurs ; 1,00.) pairs of sle<". Cb to match ; fiO donen of embiojlercl hand kerchiefs, just received, und will lie opened on Mon lay, August 27th. Al-o a new lot of Valenciennes edging, at Is. per yard, by the piece. UENlN'S Bnzuar, St. Nicholas Hotel, C13 Broadway. I ACTS AND EMBROIDERIES.? THAT LADIES VISIT J ing this city may have the benefit of the full fa-hions, (?I.XIN intends opening, on Monday, August 27th, and following days, ft superb stock of lact\? und embroideries, at 1< wer prices than ever yot offered. CENTO'S Eotaur, St. Nicholas Hotel, 513 Broadway. LAMES' HJiGANT EMBROIDERED COLLARS, AT half prices Just received from auction, 700 Swiss and cumbrlc collars, from 7s. to 12s. each , also, embroidered bunds, four yards luig, 10.-. each, 260, at 2s. Cd. each. No second price. JAS. MAI>DEN, 04^ Broadway, second door above Lieecker street. MANTFAI X CASTOR.? ON MONDAY, AU0UST 27TH, A. T. Mic WART & CO. iriUopcn a ease of these fash ionable elaaks, suitable for traveling and for the sea shore, entirely new in style, and at moderate prices. Broadway, Chambers, und Reudc streets: Moire antique silks.? m? pieces of the rich est quality manufactured, of cvirry sliude of color, very cheap, will be opened tliis morning and cut in any length, to suit purchasers. I'BSDELL, 1'EIRSON & LAKE, 471 Broadway. OPENING OF FALL GOODS, AT RE! All A. T. STEWART k CO., desirous of accommodating their customer*, who are about to leave the city, will open, on Monday, August 27th, a superb assortment of entirely new dices goods embroideiiot), shawls, &c., he., he., just received by the I'acific. Broadw ly, Chambers, nntl Pcade streets. OPENING OF FALL MIUJNLRY GOODS. We shnll open for exhibition to tho millinory trale, on Monday, August 27, the largest ami best assortment of rich Paris foutheis, flowers and (lower material*, toge ther with straw braids and bonnets, to be found in mar ket ot this time. Our Mock having been imported ex preesly to suit our trade, will be ottered for salu at ex ceedingly low priccs, on our usual trrms. Cash without discount. HOMl'.K A: KETCHUM, 61 and 06 John street, Corner of William. TO WHOLESALE BUYER8-0PENING, AT MUCH rcduced prices, of 200 ca:es ofsplenlld new fall rib bons, rich millinery goods, bonnet materials, dre.,s and cloak trimmings ostiich foathers, French flowers, on Monday, August -7, by 11. H. LICHTEN STEIN, 5*0 Bowery, corner of Hester street. HORSES, C\11RUGKS, d ?C. At the iiazaar, si chosby street? will be s Id at auction, every Monday and Wednesday, at 12 o'clock, u number of horses, suitable for all purposes; also, new and second h'ind wagons, hmnr .s, saddle*, &c. JOHN H. GATFIKU), Proprietor. AVALUABIE 1AMII.Y HORSE CARRIAGE AND harness, for Mile cheap, for want of use: tho liorr-e is sound and kiad in all haancss, and an excellent ssddlo horse: the carriage is two seated, in good order, made by Mix, oi Broudway. The whole is offered for $M0, or will be told separately if required. Call at the flrst house from corner Eighty -eighth and Eighty-ninth streets, in Third avenue. CARRIAGE FOR SALE-A VFRY SUPERIOR ARTI clo, on a new principle, with extra springs, &<?., forming either a barouche or close carriage, made in Vienna and entirely new. It was designed for city use, but tlie subscriber huving moved to the country, will dis pose of it. Apply to Brewster & Son*, 1100 Broadvny . D. D. HOWAlvD. C1ARRIAGF, FOR SALE.? A ONE HORSE FAMILY / carriage, in flrst rate order; it woull suit the country. It will be sold h w as the owner has no further u.-e for it. Apply a! 68 Fifth street. For SALE? TWELYE CAYUGA ft TAXIS 00. houses of superior style and action, four of them warrantee to trot one mile in three minutes, in single ordouble har ness. To be seen at the Hlppona stables, 65 anl 07 Watts street, corner of Canal. ITtOR SALE? A LARGE LOT OF EXPRESS WAGONS, . large and Muall. Apply It BTUDLKY'S, 87 Oanal s t . HORSES. WAGONS AND HARNESS.? WANKD, FOR Immediate use, by the Metropolitan Errand and Carrier Expie^s Com puny, fifty good hordes, fifty express wagons, and lifty set of harness. Contractors please ap ply between the hours of 10 and 8, at the principal office of the company, 110 Broadway. A. M. HINKLEY, President. S (LEIGH? ANY PERSON HAVING A < O0D SECOND ) hand sleigh, to seat two persons, to ?!': .pof-e of clie ip, will find a cash customer by a ! lressino; n .oteto W. T. M., Herald oflice, stating price, and where to be seen. nrmiivcTioi. . <1111 <?) ? R(M,K KKEPINO, arithmetic AM) writing. ? "While Mr. RKNVll.IJF, VSl* Broal *ry, recedes new ftudents upon lower terms than any o(ber teacber, hit method of instruction 1* un. h-alled; reference will bo given to hundreds in this city who hare been Uught by him during the pant ton yearn. dlt I f\ ? BOOKKEEF INT., WRITING, &C.? I iOI, BEAR'S KjJiXI *? academy. 009 Broadway, earner of Houston s..eet, in nowopeu. A few more students may commute for lessons at tho reduced August terms Those who enter on Monday se< uro private scats without extra charge. N. U. ? l'i i\ ate rooms for ladies, day au<] even ing. INSTRUCTION'.? A IjVDV EXPFRIKNCED IN TE/.CH ing, wishes for a tuition In '.he afternoon to teach Ingliah, French and inuxie. Unexceptionable city refer ences. Address Tuition. 36T Tenth street. INSTRUCTION.? MI!. L. DE GRAND- VAI.j} CLASSIC al KDglinh, French, and Spanish Boarding Institute, Hudson and Wushlngtoo terraces, Hoboken, N. J. ? A first class institution, with a full corps of efficient in structors, and every requisite for health and cumfort. Circulars, references, &c., at tho institution. PRIVATE IJffSON^ IV THK"\RT"oF HALF DKKKNTK. ?Hie veteran, Ceo. Ken^ett, announces to the gen tlemen of New York tliat lie has arranged with Professor Watson, the well known tearlier of the art of self-defence and swordsman, who will, in conjunction with the vete ran, open a private gymnasium at his hou-e, jflj Waller stmt. A thorougn knowledge of this noble art taught in ? few lessons. Terms moderate. For particular* ap ly to G. K. or the Professor. The room will be open on September 3d. WRITING ANlT SW BR/>AI>WA1T. Gentlemen desirous of attaining without loss o> time, a masterly knowledge of bookkeootna elegance U senmanablp, Ac., are tuvUed to call a*. KOcCKR k DIXON'S establishirient, Appletou's Building. injoeot spe elmena and obtain references. j? ? 9PIAN0r08TEB AN I' 1 CARHART MKU BKON~IO rent, at $3, >1 axkd 96 a month; or for sale at great liarssins, prices 975, $100 in') Il2>'i, and 2 of St'-dart & Dunham's at 9116 each. I : of. Ill M.SDA^ , 226 Grand street, near Bowery. Eightf, newtona bra i ?? ry-s ckmvallkd pi iii forte* Goodman A tdwin's double hinkpd inelodeoDs. CVi-BtR.v AMI, 42.1 Brr a I ?ay f \ <>an, Jun< 'iO, lgjft. Messrs. Colbnrn h Nash:? I 1. 'ecn ?od liesrj p?u ml of your mel <ie?ns, n.nnu ?d by Goodman k Baldwin, and consider them to be and expre?ivc in strnments, of pleesliig md dell? ' ? Wi ll ralciitat'- , for the accow; animcnt of voice- he perforin ice el sacred music, and adapted to sen ;.-ec >r- ?? t.f ..t giju in churciie*, where want of I .i? r ? ' spare w|r not yet permit the totrod?e:ion of i,, ? r# c.-th U . and poii'to. ous i iec - " <f imoic. I ineci ^ EDWARI) II-' M i- line. Orfrar i-' sn^ Wrr?tor of Music s '"utirch, I. Wan m? at ?? orand hk ?.i ?\T,h~o. Ki>V, on ?i'? MMy's C i'j'ea ?( \ni,t one barj't-t, o< o g a- ' ( > Hi. . t anl i ue boi<e.?t. ( '*Jl' i; 1 ? ma.' i.i I, ?? \ ' t o'clock !'? M. ?UARune am UMJuoru. BROADWAV? TO LET, AN ELEGANTLY I lJ& furnished suite of room< on the first floor, to o family cr single gentlemen. Private table only; the house i? first clans. Ill ilace ? BROADWAY ? ONE rAia.Ort ASI> three bleeping apartments to let. betweeu Washington Eace and tourth street, a few doors from New York otel. No bourders or lo*lgers in the bouse, and con tain* bath, gas Ac. References exchanged. AOO 624 BROADWAY, BETWEH? HOUSTON and IIle?eckcr streets. First chess accommoda tions fur gentlemen and futnllies wlthotit children. 0?1 FOrRTH avenue, third door from jjV) 1 Twenty-first street, very pleasantly furnNhel rooms to let, single or in sujtes, with or without board; the h" U?e has all the modern improvements; t lie location healthy and easy of acce ?? to the lower part of the city. ~t AIJ HUDSON STREET. FRONTING .ST. JOHN'S Xrr I park ? Furnished rooms to let, with bourd, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wires; also u handsomely furnished front room and bedroom on the second story. House newly furnished, with all the tnolern improvements. 1 fvT BLEEOKER STREET, OPPOSITE DEPAU ROW? J.O I Eligible location near Broadway ? boarding, with superior suite of rooms on the second flour, for gentle tn .n and wife ; also rooais for single gentlemen ; also rooms for a gentleman and lady, oreingfe gentlemen, at No. 46 Grove street, near llieecker. References ex changed. 1 A K NINTH STREET.? a SUITE OF HANDSOMELY l'Tt) furnished looms to let, on second floor, to a family, with private table, if desired; also two room., suitable for single gentlemen, with full or p.irti il boar I, in the above Crst class house, pleasantly located, near Broadway. 1 f\7 STREET? ELEGANTLY FURNISHED 1 v | apartments, suitable for geutlmnen and their ?iv?'s or single gentlemen, with or without boa .'el. House flist class; gas and bath. f? A WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET A VERYDE3IRA I t: hie suit of rooms, com prising the whole of the scoond floor, iro,. consisting of two large rooms and two b 'd rooms, with pantries, suitable for a gentleman an 1 lii -< family, or two gentlemen and their wires, may b" ob tained with ]?i irate table if desired Also, uno large room on third floor. WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET BOARDING? | vJ Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with full or partial board, in a first class house, with bath, gas, kc. ; references exchanged. C*f\ ANI) 02 VArucK STREET, ST. JOHN' S PARK.? \}v ' Handsomely furnished rooms, in suites or sepa rately, with pt irate baths, Ac., attached, to let, with board, to families or single gentlemen. First clu-s ac commodations. Inquire as above. 6)/* AMITY PI ACE, ONE DOOR FROM BLEECKER jU\J street, a little west of Broadway. ? Elegantly fur nished parlors and separate bedrooms to let. to gentle men, with breakfast and tea if desired. The house is very neat, and the family is small. M GREEN STREET ? FOUR GENTLEMEN, OR TWO geatlexnen and their "Wires can have desirable ac commodations on the second floor, and realize the com forts of n home, in a family where but u few partial boarders are taken. Gas and Croton water through the house, bath, Ac. Terms moderate. A FEW AGREEABLE PERSONS, WITH SATISFACTO ly reference, can be accommodated with pleasant and handsomely furnished rooms, with full or partial board, in a private family, in a first class house, with all the modern improvements. Inquire at 68 St. Mark's place, Eighth street. A GENTLEMAN IS DESIROUS OF OBTAINING A nicely furnished room and bedroom, with gas, bath, &c., in a private family where ho could enjoy the com forts ot a home, and where there aro no other boarders, location up town, and convenient In stages. Please ad dress, stating full particulars, A. C. M., Broadway Post office. A HANDSOME UNFURNISHED PARLOR, WITH BED. room adjoining, to let to a gentleman and his wife or one or two single gentlemen, without board, withiu five or six minutes' walk Irom Peck Slip ferry, Williams burg. For particulars address 0. R. P., Herald office. Rent $G per month. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY? OCCUPYING A HOUSE between Eitth avenue and Broadway, would rent a lioor to two or three single gentlemen of thu first re spectability, either with or without breskfmt and. tea; the house has all the modern improvements; references . exchanged. Please inquire at No* ill West Thirty-diet stieet. A PAKTMENTS SUITABLE FOR FAMILIES OR SINGLE J. a. gentlemen, in a first class private boarding house, up town: cars and stuges pass to all parts of the city. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square, west side, two dotrs from Bank pt. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES BOARD WITH AN ENG J\_ lish family. Location east of the Itowery. not be low Second or above Nineteenth street. Address Princi pal. Herald office. A FURNIsHED ROOM OR ROOMS TO LEI', WITH hoard, in a genteel family, to a gentleman nnd lady, or one or two gentlemen; locution. 120 West Sixteeuth street; house contains all improvements ; reference* given and required. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR SINGLE GENTIJ,. man, ran be accommodated with pleasant rooms with hoard in a small private family at 74 fold No. 88) West Twenty-second street. The house contains the m< ? dern improvements, and is convenient to cars and stages A RESPECTABLE PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, with or withont partial board, a Urge, lofty, fur Luhed room, on second tlonr, to two single gentleman. Also, one or two nice attic rooms. None but th'no who respect the Sabbath need apply, at 384 Broome -t >ct. A HANDSOME SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS. ON THE first floor, to l>e let together or separate, iu a pri vate house with all the modern Improvements. Those desiring the comforts of a home will find it by calling at 86 Prince street, a few doors west of Broadway. BOARD? A SllT OF WELL FCRN1SHED ROOM.S, OK mi entire floor with every convenience. suitable lor a party of gentlemen, with or without breakfast, in ? private family, at 254 Fourth avenue, near L'uL>n *< |uare, and convenient to the new I'nlon Club Uou.-e. inferences required. BOARP? 106 AND 108 EAST FOCRTEENTH STREET. A few i"<ima in suites or single, with board, may now btwRiml from the flr-t of September. Single gcntl>> men, or families (without children,) in the above deslra. Lie location. The house ar>- newly finished and luruish ed with all modern improvement*, conveniences, Ac, Reference exchang' '1 BOARD ?ITRNL-nED R'-'M-, Willi OR WITHOUT partial b"?rd, cun be hud at 109 Uraml street, first block ?W of Broadway, Board. ? a pmall private family, ha vino more room than they wi*h to occupy, will accom modate thri'O or four rorj-cctnbln person'. with plea-ant rooms, furnish' . 1 or uufurni-hed. with full or j artial li< aid, at 17'- West Thirty -seventh .street. 1 1 o ti ? o con tains I'Bth au'l gas throughout, and i* convenient to curs tind^bige*. Terms moderate. Board row* town.? gentlemen and their wires, also *lng'.e gentlemen, can obtsin good b. a rt and vary comfortable nrartmeutu, by applying at No. 6 liroadway.the large white house op[ osito Bowuug Green. Transient boarders taken. Board at 41 ea.-t twenty -eighth street? Handsomely furnished rooms, in nuit? or plnjjia, with or without board, in a ptivat. family where there are but few boarders taken, house Las all the modern improvement*; is situated between Fourth and Madison hveuuec. Gill nud see ihe rooms. Board in chambers strut? a iarge par lor, vith pantry attached, unliable for a gentle i,iaii aiidhli wife, or'a few single gentlesMO, to let. with board, on application at 121 Chamber* street. Reference result ed. Board wrm a private family in Brooklyn. ? Two gentlemen can obtain a pleasant room, where tLey can hnd the C( mforts of a home, at Zll> Alain* sued, near John n. Legation Li convenient to either V, u !1 ot Fulton ferries. Board in Brooklyn? room.* en fitte, fcr Dished or unfurnished, for (amlilo*, alio single room* lor gent!?men and their wives or single gentleman, in a lir*; class h u-e, near Wall *tri-ot ferry. Apply at the house in Montague afrert, second dvor e?jt of Clin ton, scuth aide. Board in Brooklyn, ? a small private fa d ily, residing within two minntei' walk of til* bcuth ferry, wouM be h/tpfy to receive as Inmates for the winter a gentleman and hi* wife, rr two tingle gentle men. Ihf y would find all the comfort? of a rejpectat l? hom*. French a? well as English spokan by th>- family. Apply at 27 PaclQo atiee'., bt tweet. Henry and Hicks, Board in Brooklyn.? a gkntuman a\d wile, or two < r three gentlemen can be ples antly aceommo?latc<l with rooms, in a private family, at ttChwver plare between Harriton and D."graw streets; reference* ear-hanged; bath, gaa, Ac. Board in brook i7vv?m iTiu>S desiring b< ard fi>r thewinter can obtain plessant rooms or r uits ot ri'-mo, in a delightfully ?ituat?d house, with all the modern improvement* ami home comfnrta Al*o a fe? rimrl" gentlemen can be arc >mmodat?d. Apply '.DO Washington street, only a tew minutes' walk from Fulton or V'aU street ferrlea. Board in Brooklyn.? a large front pari or, al*oab:nk parlor with bedroom attached, wiih whole or parital board, can be had in a prliate family, up n moderate terms. The h -ute I* well fUrattheil tli.oogbout. and every convenience can be obtained to n>ahe It both plea-ant "and ag"*e?bl* Apply a? 4ft High atrcet. TJOARD IN BROOKI ^ N ? TWO GKNTLKKFN CAN R (p accommodated with brsrd and pi "itsant rooms, at W t aelflc s rcet corn#f of Henry, Brooklyn Board' on Brooklyn hei g hl*.?Fi rnisuied rv mh to l#t, with t^ard, hulttlfh tor a K*nUon?an and wile or nn,. . gaotleiiien, at 07 Item .-n alrvet, Brooklyn. Boa i d in 5 ii i .'/am ^:wZ2fiTwBfoi ?? r,7? with O.elr wives < r * f ?? siaele |-cn!l?o> >n, c? j ha hfjc.r r. ."?dati <1 W'U board ai. '. pi i ? it r jomiatOft ioutb Tt>: 1 street. P le ? n-oa pe<)ulrv4. ?OJkKIMBb ASO UMNiKHOt BOARD WANTED? BY a LADY TWO^CTlLOHHf and Kervant, in a private fa mil/, where there are few or no other boarders Location west of Broad war, between Bleecker and Tenth or Twelfth streets. Add rest box 1,404 I'ost office, stating location, terms, he., fee. BOARD WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, I* a private family, a bore Bleecker and below T*ta. tieth street, weit of Br >adway. Address, stating t enas, location, kc., W. W., box 114 Herald office. A quiet lo cation preferred. BOARD WAITED? FOR A WIDOW IADY, WITH AW unfurnished room and pantry, in n genteel private family; a widow lady preferred. Addre*sS M. L., Herald office, for three days, stating terms, which must be mo derate. Board wanted? by a gentleman and lady, with a small family where there are no other board em, widow lady preferred, full loard for the lady, only, which will be paid in advance. Address Speer, Union Square 1'ost office, stating location and terms. Board wanted? by a gentleman and his wife, in a private family ; u second :-tory front room, ana bedroom adjoining, in a modern built house; will be re quired, unfurnished, location between Fourth anl Four teenth streets, iind west ol Brontway. Parties w In can give the above accommodation, far which ft reasonable price will be paid, may address C. S., Herald office with terms. BOARDING? AT 120 AND 122 CHAMBERS STREET, pleasant newly furnished rooms, for faiullie ana single gentlemen. Day boarders can be accommodated also refer cuce required. BOARDING.? VERY PLEASANT SINGLE R0OM4 AND suites of rooms, with board, ran be obtained at 109 Tenth street; bouse now and location unsurpassed in this city. Boarding.? a suite of rooms to let, bitita ble lor a porty of three single gontlemen. fnrnlslied or unfurnished, with full or partial board, at 8 J Fourth avenue, pleasantly located, ouo short square from Broad way. and in rear of Ortcc church. But few hoarders tal cu. Boarding.? a small, genteel pshvate family, will lot their entire second floor, three room* deep, with all modern Impro.emonU, and splou'lidly furnished, to a respectable party; but one block from Broadway, betwoen Eighth street and WaWrley place. Inquire at No. 10 Nelson place. BOARDING ? A NEAT FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM on the second floor, with gas, batli, &c., to let, t? a gentleman and wife, with full >r pa:tlal board. In quire of Doctor STEWART, 92 Kast Twenty-eighth street, between Ix-xicgtou ami Third avenues. Also, a small room for a single gcutlcinan. Boarding.? suits of rooms on second and third floors. R:u k palor and enclosed rerandnh. Also single rooms to let with or without board. Cioseta, wardrobes, bath and gas in the house. Apply at No. 31 CUnton place, Eighth st. Boarding two or three young men can be accommodated with full or partial board at 26 Rir ington street, one block from the Bowery. Also, a mm and his wife aud a few day boarders. Terms reasonable. Boarding.? a very pleasant suit of rooms. on the second and third floors, for gentlemen and their wives or for single gentlemen, also a room for* single geutlerxan. at 07 Clinton place. Boarding and lodging at mo henry street A gentleman and wife, or small family, can find pleasant rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with board, in n genteel private family. The house has all the modern improvements. Reference exchanged. Beautifully furnished rooms to to single pentlemen.,wl'h or without board; ill .? pri vate family; the house and furniture new, and first class in every particular; location very desirable. Apply at 110>g Ninth street, five doors west of Broadway. Boarding exchange, no, 4 astor place.? Citizens and strangers wilhlng accommodations are respectfully invited to make their selection from the goodly variety of boarding places on our regis'er. In formation and direction gratis. On the other hand, per sons de-iring to procure boarders may also be supplied here. DEMAR&T & BASSET. C10UNTRY BOARDING AT ROCKAWAY, L. I ? FIHE ; fishing and bathing; a few select families wlU And this a delightful summer r< '.real. For particulars call at 157 Bleecker fit. , opposite Dcpau Row. DEOTABIJ; ROOMS? TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN Can obtain very desirable Fuiu of rooms, or single rums, with partial board, if required, in r\ flrst cla*sbro?n stone front house, with all the modern improvements, convenient to the ears and stages. No. 71 West Four teenth street, first house west of i-ivtli avenue. BURNISHED ROOMS TO I.ET TO SINGLE GESTLF men, without board, at No. 6 Bond street. FURNISHED ROOMS TO I AT.? SEVERAL HANDSOME ly furni lied apartment- in a pleasant situation, near Washington square. Bath and ga- in the house. Fami ly private. Ap| ly at 3')2 Fourth street. ITWRNBBED ROOMS.? A SUITE OF FURNISHED ' rooms to let to one or more gentlemen, with break - last, if required; also single rooms. Apply at 141 Ninth street, third door east of Broadway, and No. 0 College place. Front and back rooms, on second fi/>or, to let, with board, in n private family. Please apply at 227 West Fourteenth street. References exchanged. Gentlemen and their wms, and single gentlemen, may l>e accommodated with board and pleasant rooms, by applying at 204 Henry street, next te the corner of Amitjr, South Brooklyn. References rc uuired. Gentucmen and their wives, and a few single gentlemen, can now be accommodated with Sleasant rooms and good board, at 7T Cranberry street, etween Hicks and Henry, Brooklyn, ucar Fulton and Wall street ferries. Gas in the house. LOUGINGS WANTED, NEAR BROADWAY, ABOVE Spring st., by a single gentleman; payment weekly, it desired. Address P. L. C.( Herald office. NO. 21 LAFAYETTE I'I ACE, BETWEEN FOURTH street and Astor place. ? Rooms in suits, or separ ately, with board; a house strictly flrst class. ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN rooms, with partial board, in a private family, by applying at 12 1 eroy place, in Bleecker st. PARTIAL BOARD, WITH FURNISHED ROOMS IN suite or otherwise, may bo obtained at 01 East Thirteenth street, by gentlemen desiring first class ac commodations permanently, in a small family. Uotute has ail the modern improvement*. I)R1VATK I'ARTIAI. BOARD.? AN EXOTJSH KAMi'IT tcetipylnff a h&ndaotne h<>use with modern Improre menti. Id the bent locality of .-outh Brooklyn, within fif teen minute*' walk of Hamilton ferry, can accommodate i. gentleman. Kulton and Hamilton terry car* pain every ten minute*. Reference* exchaogi-d. Addroaa A. O., box Po?t Office. I> CM >M W.VNTTP ? FOR A (.F.NTI.FMAN UESIBIVG \ permanently here, with or without briakfatt, a l.nrdromely and comfort# My furclalied room, faring the couth, (ont with a (deepine alcove off preferred.) in a cmm? containing all the modern iiaprOTemcn'^, and loca ted near l".roadwa> , bet w< en Hon 1 and Twenty-third al rectt. Addrest R.r box 2,969 I'oet efllci*, alating terms, Ac. OIM.IK CEXTTJUK." CAN UK ATOMMOOATRD ^ with furniahed or unfomiahed room*, with par tial board, in a amall family, wher" there are but few boarder". The Uouee i? pl'neantly Incited, contains bath. gn?, ht. Ktap?a and cars comeuii-nt. Apply at No. 58 Went Twelfth *tre"t, between SUtb and hi???nth avenue*. Reference*! excluiogoi. fTIO SINGLE (. FNTI >M ' V ? TWO P'X)MS TO IJT, JL. wit*> boar J, in a private fauii'y, at UO Uudaon at. Two PARU'Ra, vrrru hkdrooms attache, (FI/r Bifched or tinlurnijhed), alao tlireo alngle room*, t-uilabie for gentlemen. can be obtained on rca-ionablft term* by tl.oac who wiah to be permanent, in the flrat clii*t h'-une 33 li'eat Jon--* afreet, near latayctle place. TO I AT, WITH Hc.ABD? A NKATJ.Y FVKMKHH) room, with pantry attached, aullable for a gentle man and hia wi'o or two alnci>- gentlemen, at the pine untly altua'.ed bou?? No. North Moore atreet, near St. .'olin'a park. Batlu in the houxe. \rKRY BUPKUOR ACCOMMODATION FOR FAMIIJKI and alngle persona can l>e fonnd at the Brereort Jlouae, Hfth avenue corner of lighth ?treet; kept npoa the Kuropean plan, r-?oni? aro offered at rodueed ratew fninthe prieo* of la*'. ??*.?- .ii. Al.llKK't CI ARK, pre p. ietw. "1 1" A NT* I' -BY A V.i! .?{, t! A.N* BOARD IN A PRI Tf rate fi.-nily , eith?r in .terary City or New York t' rina not to eic-ed *! 60 or >i per "week. Breakfa?t ikI aupi-er ia all that w>uU l>e required Address R. V., b"K KO lien Id IJPKRSftK4. S" TCMJCf '8 HKH tIAVEM RAlIJtOAI) BAG '? AGP. I *jre??, for the erri'i?lre run ranre of bagrag* t? andfrrm the ram and ateamboatr; alao to and from Brooklyn, ("Merger* arrvrng in New York by railroad* or ateamboata, will do well by tearing their c'.ecka and order" at Hndley 'a F>j.rea< "(Mr". So 4 Kinda "tree', Brooklyn; No o7Can*'v ?tr?et nut Twentj With atreci and Kou.-tb arenne^, New Yori COAL COAU? R>J) AND WlirrF A'll ?Of; A\D eere^ne-l a*id d li |n good <?rd.-T frwuyarda or boata, at the Uwea'. market prb e, for rauli at I-M Kll?k betb and SS Wanton atreet by T. ,t f <**1 if. CCOK-A RKK.'BCTAir J. "?< MAN OV foHKR AM? "tea'! hAbtt*, wUheo (> aituati?u m profe'^od in a io?poctal..e (amUy. ' n It la?J? [>r? ?M-*ing and pick'Jng. The r<?y b.-t of city I'-f rra-. tan bo giTi>T. I lM?e apply in lion' rr, '<? PW?*tl#r?ltk 1' ?' t, L'l fi I Cth tmi'iiW, fcr two day?. 1>mvioN OML row pit"' ' ? '* rir C< *1 t? OlifroDln <>f t t !> , i^,pl r 3 witk tLI* ruf^rlw r*^;,?? 1 !J dniigern! t? 'i.-f! I.?.i j [oMOf lu.) bar tor f <m cer.aj bna'a of ?>ouV l.f tin tirliini . Mnrfjlraiia Ceal C011 " * of Br*. i??y anl WaU a'.ree'.