Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1855 Page 7
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iwRKTiSifflm warn itoy m. ' FOB SUE. (Qt-| A AAA ?VALUABLE FARM. CONTAINING vr\Jv/? 285 acres, on Long Inland, 88 mile# from Now York', 86 acres well cultivate.!, butane large oak. hickory and chestnut timber, I.irge far.n bonne and barn, spring water and fruit in abunance. Soil very productive nnd i>aynienU eax y. E. A. BUNCE, 212 Broadway, room No. 3. 1 AAA -FOR SALE? THE LEASE, STOCK HP Is'/ vFv/s ?ml fixture* of a hotel, situated on a peat business thoroughfare, in the neigh torhood of the pi ineipul railroad depot*. The furniture and fixture* are all in excellent order. This is a rare chance. Apiily at 280 Broadway. GEO ROE W. SIMERS. db 1 A A A? K0R THE lease stock AND JjpX^Vf UU fixture* of a bread and cake bakery, Ktag established, now doing a large und profitable busi ness, and idtuated on one of the most business thorough fare* in Brooklyn. Thin is a splendid chance. Apply at 289 Broadway. GEORGE W. SiMERS. (ftQAA ?FOR SALE, an EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS. In which a man of business habit* and energy can eaiiily make' (200 a month. The article Hoid and manufactured meets with ready aale, and 1* patented. An opportunity seldom offer* to the above. Apply to C. B. HOWES & CO., 84 Nassau street. ABPI-ENIiID niAN?T. FOR A SMALL FAMILY.? TO ?ell, tlie leaxe and furniture of a fine three story ot ,o\ige, well situated for renting furnished room* for gentlemen, and i* now lot for that purine. The house contain* eighteen room*, Croton water, bath*, fee., and is in perfect order. The income of the housuat the present time is 1148 per month, $46 over and above the monthly rent. Iho fumilu.e cent over 93,000, and will bo sold at a fair valuation for cash. Best of security must be given tor the rent. Address C. C. C., Herald office, for one week. Books and stationery.? a new and well selected stock fur *ale at coat; also, two handsome ?ide case* with drawers and glaxx who*, 18 and 'JO I'e. t long, nearly new; gas nnd other fixture* for sale, very low. Inquire at 4.18 Broadway, near Howard street. ERUO 0TORE FOR SALE. ? A DRUG STORE, LOCA ted in an exceedingly eligible position, doing a good il and prescription business, will be disposed of at yrtv%to sale on thu most reasonable, terms, as the pro prietor purpose* a chnngo of business. Address A. M. CB1STAI.AK, 23 Bowery. DRUG STORE FOR SALfi-SITUATKD IN ONE OF the best locations In Brooklyn, doing a good pre scription business; it is well fitted up ami stocked; will be sold on reasonable terms, as the proprietor ha* other business to attend to. Apply on thu premise*, corner of Flushing and Division avenues, East Brooklyn. "Pi RUG STORE FOR SALE.? A NEAT, LITTLE I / store, eligibly situated, prettily fitted up, and suf ficiently long established to do a splendid business if pro perly attended to. Win be sold at a decided bargain if applied for immediately. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway, Farm for sale? containing 147 acres, i? of which Is good wood land, situnted within three Sirteis of a mils from White House depot, on the Cen 1 Railroad of New Jersey, two and a half miloi rido from New York; quality of laud and location good; Im provements poor; price (0,500; tonns easy. Inquire soon of R. S. Swackhamer, Navy Agent's office, 123 Chambers street, N. Y. J. K. LARGE, White House depot, N. J. FOR SALE? THE LEASE, FURNITURE AND Fix tures of a three story boarding house, situated at Mo. 73 Seventh street, between First and Second avenue-', and well patronised by the Spaniard* and 1'ortuguose. Most of tho furniture und fixtures are in excellent order. Or said premises will be let furnished till May, with good security, at tho rate of (1,C00 per annum; ami until ?old or let singlo and double rooms will be ranted, with or without board, to families or single gentlemen. For Airther particulars call at the premise* or apply to ANTONIO AltTELLS, 110 Broadwoy, room No. 10. FOR PALE? A SMAI.L FAST STEAMBOAT, FROM eighty to one hundred horse power ; has an excellent condensing engine, und i* very economical in consump tion of fuel; is suitable for towing or freight, and with slight alteiaiinnslbr passengers, Apply to J. POWERS, 432 Tenth street. J^OR SALE?A FORTUNE ON WEST STREET? A wholesale and retail liquor store, one of the best hi the city, with a long lease, fitted up in tho best of manner, ? ith two distinct bars. $1,000 in cash required to buy the lease and fixtures. Address Mr. Corbctt, Ilc ?n Id office. For sale.? isthmus of tehuantepec, great river, Coatxacouloos ? Is uttered for sale, that beautiful and valuable location, called Rirrsgan Tetlan, situated on the left ascending bank of said river Coatncoalcos, about 10 miles from the sea, it being the first and only bluff within 40 miles of the mouth, cxccpt Mtnatitlan. It contains about four cal>allerias, or 420 acres (English) of land, rich and well adapted for cultivation, upon wnich there are now planted a tine lot of pine apples, plantains bananas and orange trees; and on the rear of said land there are extensive prairies of the finest grazing land in all Mcxico. In view of th*eonstruction of the great rail road across the Isthmus, this place offers incomparable advantage*. For further )>nrtlculai* apply to Don POM POSO MALDOHADO, on the premises, or to WEIiUI b AU<KN, at Minatitlnn, Mexico. Bat ragan Titian, July 26, 1856. For sale? tn the most healthy and plea Saut part of Brooklyn t vo neat cottage built houses and lot-, commanding one of the finest view* in the city. Houses two story and basement, hard finished and cor niced cent rc pieces, arched parlors, large lots ? 25x131 price only (1,850. Terms easy? con?iileied cheap? will double In value. Apply on tho premises, Bergen street, between <> ru nd and flawson avenue'. Fullou avenue ear* pass within n short distance. FOR SAJ.K? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A OBO cery stnie now doing a good cash bn-ine?s. The rea.'-on for selling, the owner don't understand the busi ness. Inquire at 802 Greenwich street, corner of Troy. For saj-e.? a barber shop, doing a good business, which, with the furniture and fixtures will be sold low. Apply to C. B. HOWES Jl CO., No. 84 Nassau St., up stairs. For sale? four milk rounds, at a great sacrifice, belonging to the estate of g. 8. Saldu, de ceased. having the best of custom, and very profitable, established many years since by David S. Mill*, an 1 bought by S. J. t-abiu in 1818, and the books will show of many having taken milk for eighteen years. They will be sold singly or together : If singly. (tSOO for three each, nnd (800 for the best; or together for (2,300. They can be seen by calling on FRANKLIN" J. BEAN, the ad ministrator, northwest corner of Broadway and Thirty ninth street. E0R SALE OR EXCHANGE? A COTTAGE HOUSE and lot of ground, on Fifty filth street; two full lots on Thirty-ninth street; three small bonds and mortgages, well secured and some railroad bonds and bank stock. The above will be sold or exchanged for real estate In this city, in whole or in part. Apply to E. B. KINSH1MER, 310 Fourth avenue. For paie or exchange? for ci/mis, cajwi tdcrca an<l renting? four brown freestone front beuaex, with all the modern Improvement*, at the corner of Third place and Court atroe.t, Brooklyn. <'ne of them furniahea, poaaeaaion of which would be given Immedi ately. Apply at fourth house frouj the corner. ?*or bale or to let, or exchange for ctty property, a splendid country residence, situated on hty-iourth street and Ninth avenue, with a large Hover garden, carriage hooae, hot bouse. he.; every thing in complete order. For a person wiaulng to live a Abort distance from the city, It preeenta a rare opportu nity, an it wtll be sold or let on reaaonable terra*, and ?rlthin ten minute* walk of the IJudeon River cant. Inquire of H. O&TKANDER, 174 Canal atreet, corner of Tariok. FR 3A1JC, OR TRADE FOR CITY PROPERTY on farm ? A neat hotel, worth $10, 000, wUicJj will guar antee at least $6,000 net profit per y ar will be dlapoaed nf, on account of the health of the proprietor and family. It ia oaeieaa to remark further: ?n lntervl-w will give every satilfoctlon. Addreaa Gilbert, Herald office ?t? Ung when and where an interview run be had. LEATHER AM) FINDING HTORE FOR 8A1?? OYKR ten yeara eatabliahed, the owner ia going Went stock amali, and rent low. Inquire at 1X1 Mulberry etreet. C, C. '?TTo. MARBIJ5 MANTKI*, KCT'IJfURED AND PLAIN, lor aale, at a great sacrifice, on account of abosineae ; all got up In the newest style Apply at 17 Broadway. PROPERTY IN NEW YORK TO EXCHANGE FOR property in Westchester county, I/ong Inland, or Ke? Jereey. A first rlasa four story house and lot to ex change for a email (arm. Apply at 470 Fourth atreet. Bark chance? a fir-t clam i?Aot*KiiRF/m-K and photographic guilery, in the Wat l"oatlan In Broadway will !*? aold very low, a? the o%ner ia going to kurope. The gallery ia In the btat working order an I doing an estenme bualnes.. Inquire at the Itogucrrcan gallery Wl Broadway, corner of Duane atreet. TIF. TOO!* AND FDCTCRJB OF A RLAHH COTTER'S ahop for aale or to let. with steum power. Inquire of the engineer, RB Attorney ?tre< ?. T) CAI'TTAIJSTV ?A VERT FINE INVKNTHJ* IS now offered for Inspection' right* for sale_or the patentee will join with a man of capital to manufacture. A very profitable atnek company routd l-e formed I'nr tiee wishing toaee the invention, hv addressing William eon. 10'i Nassau atreet, room 4, w(ll !*? .-ailed upon iin mediately. Tt rvpnn a k era. ? to rf dikpobid of tub atock and fl*tur?? of an undertaker's atore In Ninth avenue. tr.fc?rt!ier with the good will of ? well eatah llehed buainoaa. Te tne moderate and good n n/n ginn for the de?ire to ?< U out. Apply to F. O., Military Ar gua office, V6 Fallon -treet. WILI. TRAPS?ONE HOIS* FOR HARDWARE, two for dry good" two for f irnlture, two for mar ble or Iron mantel ?, ar.rt si* for lota in good location' to improve. Apply at the Broadway I And "the?. J. M ti MEN EI J No. 1 110 Broadway. DEIVTHTRT. NO WOMAN CAN BK VdLY WHO HA" FIVE teeth.? New :<ctk, moet beautiful, nae'al and cheML Inaerted In aa<dld mar.per byOr BArOIjafWf PRE FUtRr". Strict attention pa. ' t> i r '-walating th" defomi". ?? ef the teeth and fa?ture? 4.15 Broadway ?? mer ? II ?? i ?rd etrtef JDOFAKT* BUS HIP SOTIcm. A AAA ?WANTED, A PARTNER (WTrH LV/?UU\/? from $7,000 to $10,(X>0 capita!) in ji bbing and importing bran 'lien and winei, where a safe and profitable in established. No cnrnnfunlcation* noticed except with full name and address. Direct buz loO I'ont Office. djjQAA ? PARTNEIt WANTED IN A BUHNER ?OUv ? that has been established ten years, in it# lower part of the city ; H light, genteel, respectablo and rca'l y rash. To au active, energetic man, who can life on $l,V<K) to $1 , fiOO a year. this oilers great induce ments to get into business. C. B. HOWES & CO., 81 Nassau street. KA ?WANTED IMMEDIATELY A PARTNER, ioXOv/. 'u <he liquor, oyster and restaurant busi ness, by a young man, who in just started in a good lo cality. Apply at the saloon 188 Delancey street. THOMAS GAFFNEY. (&1 f\f\? WANTED? A PARTNER WITH THIS SUM Mr)J|_\_/U to join the advertiser in u very pleasant abd profitable travelling business; something new, and cannot luil to t ealis** $16 or $10 per day. tor particu lar- call on Mr. HENNKTr, at I'etcU k lugaU's Real Estate Office, 346 Broadway. "VTOTICE.? THE COPARTNERSHIP FORMERLY IXI-T tng between James B. Hamilton an>l K/lwnrd 1., Miller L* now dissolved. The business will Ik> hereifter continued by Robert Hamilton and Edward L. Miller, ui der the title, as befoi#, of HAMILTON It MILLER, *> 11 uj gon street. where all kinds of Job printing ? ill beexocuteu with neatness and despatch a-i heretofore. TO BUSINESS MEN.? ANY PERSON DB8IROU8 <>F engaging in a business. one of a substantial character, now in suoeessful operation, requiring a moderate capital, Hill Cod mich an importunity by ?ddroi<?ing Win. Wilki, Broadwuy Post office. N. 1). ? I I vo years' loasu of p o mlses. Capital required, $2,C00. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE KXKTING under the tirni of Barre ft Tuyes Ik this day itl?nlTe4 by mutual consent. J. P. RARR& Now York, Aug. 2S? lf*5. p. T. TUV18. WANTED? A YOL'NO MAN AS PARTNER IN A daguorrean and photograph gallery. Any ponton with $100 cash will find thU one of the rarest opportu nities ever offered, a* a fortune can bo realized, it belu<< in one of the best business locations in Brooklyn. Ad dress Photograph*, Herald office. (EDUCATION. A CARD. ? H. PI.TGNKT HAVING CLOSED HH t\ French boarding and ilay school for young gt?ntb' n,eu,.in w hich I'bave been professor f >r tno la*t three years, I Ug to inform my friend* and the public that I i-hall re open on the lJtU of September next, in the lar^o house 48 Fact Twenty -fourth street, an e*t?blUhineut of a similar character. I'rosp. ctu-u*, w ith full details, re ferenn < , ,.ud a letter from H. Peugnet, to be luwl i>y ad d resell ;.j as above. ElJK CHAKi JKH. French day and boarding school, directed by the late professors of Mr. Feurnet? Messrs. Is ninasM' an<l Smith ? removed from 3'J Hammond stre et to Macdottgal street, corncr of Clinton place, reopens Sep tember ..d. Mrs. mears' trench and English boarding and day school, for youtig ladles, (3'i and 30 West Fif teenth street, below Fifth avnue,) re-opons on Tim rsday, September 6. Mrs. Mears will be at home to receive pa rents and guardians who wish to oomer with her, fron: Monday, September 3. MR. AND MRS. CHARLES CANDA'S HOARDING mid day school for yuung ladies, No. 17 IJAfayette place, will here-opened on Wednesday, September 1??. Spanish american institute, no. its west Twenty-third street. ? In this institution the pupils are olTorcd unusual facilities for acquiring a thorough knowledge of the following: ? Ancient and modem lan guage, mathematics, bookkeeping, music, drawing, fenc ing. gymnastics, and all the branches of the beat educa tion. i'he institution will bo re opened on Monday, tho 2d Hcptembor. J. 1). DE I -AS ClTEvAS. References ? A. Unaga del Valle A Co. ; P. Harmony's Nephews; Come*, Wallis Si Co. ; Elisar Acoata, M. D.St. Dennis Hotel. A ABTROLOOY. Astonishing to aij?? madame morrow.?' nm highly gifted lady is, without exception, the mom wonderlul astrologist in the world, or that has been known. She will tell all the events of life, even the very thoughts, and will cause -peedy marriages, and show ths likenefs of tho intended husbands, to the great aston lahment oi all wbo risit her. No charge, If uot satisfle't. 7ti Broome street, near Cannon. Gentlemen not a>UaU ted. STR0L00Y ? PHREN0I/X5Y. ? TID: CKU"URAT>:it Mrs. FI.M'RY. from Paris, whoso relatiin has kM constantly consulteil by Napoleon L, gives true informa tion on all events of life. Questions are answered by the power of magnetism, at 283 llroom ? street. C1LAIRVOYANCE? MRS. W.TM0CB, MEDICAL AND J buslnees clairvoyant, 110 Spring street, a few doors West of Broadway. All disease* peculiar to females anil children suceetsfuUy treated, a* usual, and satisfaction guaranteed, or no jay. Madame meyer has removed to m seventh avenue, between Twenty-third ami Twenty foiirtk streets. She continues to tell past, present aud future ?vents, likewise marriages journeys, law suits, busin**< prospects, sickness, absent friends, property lost or sto len. Madame Meyer converses in EuglUh, Flench aatf German and girt* guarantee for her arC M A DA ME AI WIN, THE RENOWNED I'HRENOI/XIWr from I'aris ran l>e consulted about love, marriag", business, &c., ami will tell the name of the lady or Mi MM Ihev vffl marry, also the name of her VMM> Residence 2\ Rivington street, near Bowery] EXTRA PAT. Navy bounty land and "extra pay- office ? Bounty land and " extra pay" for U. S. Nary, sailors, Ac., In all wars sinco 1790? their widows aac heirs?promptly obtained and paid. Balance due widows and hairs of deceased 0. S. sailor* and others collected, and all kinds of claims against th# United States recovered by EDWARD BISRKLL, Agent And (late) Point C. 8. Navy, 07 Wall street MIlKEUiAIfEOUR. Bun JB'S OOKPOUND IIAI.-AMIC MIXTT'RE <>K Of. bebs and copaiba cuiubineJ with the alcoholiu ex tract of buchu and sarsaparilla. ? This c< lcbrat<vl scienti fic preparation 1* the well known English specific for the obnoxious and troublesome dischanre-i arising from im prudence. and for this complaint alone it stand* unri valled, especially In recent cases. It cure* lu-ian'ly, and In all ca^es where extracts drops and pills have proved useless, t hi.s mixture infallibly cures. Price $1 per bottle. Sold at No. 115 Franklin street; No. tt? kightb a^euue, and corner Hudson and Hammond sts. DMNFKfTINi; SOLUTION <iF CHIjORIDC Ol S4)DA? Fri m the formula of A. (?. latiuiaque tor destroy ing contagion decomposing pestilential etlluvia in sick room*, hospital*, prisons, ship* and manufactories, pro serving provisions fiom decay, Ac. The vast supeiiorlty oi tills article ?iver every other di-lnfecling ni' iliuia U thoiougly established and s k:i iwlcdgcd. For sal<' by A. B. k It. SAN'ItS. Dinggists. 100 Fulton -t. N. V.. Wholesale agents for all celebrated family uivdicinc aud cli" Uiical preparation-. Dr. JOHN Wn.UAM.-i VETERINARY niioeon. roapetfully inform* hi* friend* and the p itdic that >.?? continue* prvtiaing xircfuifiilly ..n the ? nt dU eaae* incidental to thu- n- hie animal the hot ' , at tin? ?ign nt t lie golden horae, lol 1 'hryntlo atrect, vUr? he had b#en for the laat 28 y< nra re< ' T.ntf ftom e?J to ltK|)t horaea annua 11 7. J>r. t\ llliaiiM1 e * [wrTeuce for examin ing home* lor *oundae*.4, favor* neitiier paiiy, I^NVOLOFTH ? NEW YORK ENVEWHT ' ' lMl'AMY'8 j an pcrlor m.i> iitne made envelope* depot 4) John ?tieet, factory '?1 and 2A Frankfort *treel. llt'?MA^ l>. DtrtjMJtBAi l> ur>paml to ^rlhli, in tnygnaa ? 1 " fold, blue and white laid an l wore enw iopen. made on ^tr-fctkHnf. pa*tlng and counting machine* at the rat* of JO.OOO per 'lay etch of leu hour*. Aiao aole injeiiU lor Towne A Co.'i |4rbriltd boards. SK WING MACHINE*? IT K NO I/>\(JE)[ A QW5S tlou who Invented tliat mont inijortjtit device In *e?ing machine* , the endle** rotary feed in itlon or fced ing wh'-el. I*tter? patent of the I niied State* hare now been granted therefor on application of the troe inventor. I.otimm H. Conant Hie claim i* thu* atatmi in (Aid patent: ? What 1 claim 'a- my Invention, and deair? to secure by letter* patent, la an en le** rotary cloth feeder in combination with a rn iprocating needle or needle*; aub ?turitiaUy a* deaerihed." Kring now prwprtetnra of thi* |?tent, we hare Instituted legal procea* agaiuat I. M. hinger A Co.. and without tivn to enter in'o any newapnper r?ntrover?y, *e proce?i aa apeedlly a* p-.a-ilde to dhow the public who are and wU > are not in fringer". All seraon* a?e cautioned aga n?t making n*>ng, or vending any e. >ng machine having a rou.ry feed motbBl, or M|ti( wheel upon It. tinle*? llcen-ed by ui). I"nr>ha e.-? ran readily diatlofutati tin- pii?ll< *1 machine* by *imply observing whether or no' they |ia?e a rotaiy fe??l motion, ?o t?-e?l wheel. We tru?t thu Wvrly and public rtateni.nt of our right* wiil prevent the fur Uiei hale and pin h*-e of Uie?e pirat.cai loaohlaea, an<t o nfequesUy ?u|t? nt law*.?ry other par tie* than tho-e alnadv prueecuted. N.vntAvn. WHffiU?, 0 B. 1 'OTTER. STI.AW AM> HAY nTTW ? HOVTT k O)., MAKE at the n.anu(act<Ty pric? For ?ale by A. I/iVUtm , M CHS street Corner t ultoti atr?et. S||Mtt | A-l - ' 1MITT A- ll""THEK>?. VAV Fa' tory an: nt, No V(o"i WUIt^n> <tre?t near I rank fort S V an*: a? 7T Wot Tlind 'tret-t (In rlnnatl, Ohio. A lai^e a?* rtui> nt c n?Unlly -m hani; .?M -l ow I a-e- ,-t. n e*. nng< ? ! ' lop*!; ex.. . ?ted M H.VITI k HI'.' '. r" -in d the (,ri?e 1U' t*i at tl>. Ia*t Cincinnati exhibition SmnTAuy* ? insf pf Aitp.rvo, a m i-frior tt-t medinm , perw circle* for inree'igati' u .aily . ?!?", clrelea lor deTelonement of m?tl:;m? n?ur?day eTeni/ig, abio. daily fe^in 10 to 12 A. M. , 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 I". M Rooma 671 i)io?dway, oppoafta the Metropolitan Hotel. ? mon\'NnW AND JAJ'A.V.ST.KS ? WE WT-II V) O.V. J t actf' fH,i?ipn?till??M f r the Mo<r"|?litan Errand Md C?rri*r Fspteaa Oimaaav, to be manufac'urwt ar rordtng to the | att>m rj Hint. ley'* jia'en' p>? etulomn To l*t ?e<n at the prlii. I pa I .,( the (omp.ny, 110 I' roadway. Apply between lo and 3 ?vwi A. M ra.VIUJY, rr*?.deo? inirraw. TTIOB IJVERPOOL.? UNITH) STATRi MAIL STEAM X ahip PACIFIC Ear* Nye. commander. ? TTlia *taam ahip will depart wl li the United State* mad I* for Europe K ait holy on Wednesday, Sent. 6, at 1 $ o'clock li. , m her berth at the foot of Canal street. For freight or passage, Laving unequalled accommoda tions for elegance and comfort, apply to EDWARD K. OOLUN.S, 51 Wall afreet. A ar<' re,iue?ted to be on board at 10 ^o'clock Shippers please take notice that the ships of thia liue cannot curry any good* contraband of war. All Ic.ti'ra 11111.-1 pan* through the Poat Office ? any Others w>U be returned. The steamship Atlantic will aucceed the F cifle, and soil Kept. 19. THK NEW YORK AND IJVERPOOL t'NITKD STAT1-3 mail ateiuners ? The ships compoilug thin line are the following 1 * ATLANTIC Capt. Weat. BALTIC. Ckpt. Corastock. PACIFIC, Cnpt. Hye. ADRIATIC, Capt These ships havo bwn built by contract, expressly for government aerrice. Every caroiVis beeu taken in llieir oonatrnctlon, as alno In their engine*. to ensure strength aud speed, and their aceouimiMtatioiiJMoBjia/MCiigar* are unequalled for elegance and comfort l*rice ot passage from New York to Liverpool in t\r?t claas cabin, (130; tu aeconddo., 916; exclusive use of extra sii" state room, $326; from llrcrpool to Now York, 30 and 'JO guinea*. An experienced surgeon attached to each ahlp. No berth aecured until paid for. rnor<<tua> uirw or siiuwa. num n*w york . moM uwool Wednesday, . .July 26, 188*. Saturday July 2 8, 1S66. We<lne?day... Aug. 8,1856. Saturday, . . .. Aug. 11, 18V). Wedn<*dfly,..Aitg. 82, 1866. Saturday,,. ., Aug. 26, 1865. Wednesday,, .Sept. 6,1866. Saturday,,. , .Sept. 8, 18.55. Wednesday,. .Sept. 10, 1855. .Saturday Sept. 22, 1855. Wednesday ,.. Oct. 3, 1866. Saturday Oct. 8, 1H65. Wednesday,.. Oct. 17, 1866. 8atnrdaj Oct. 20. 1865. Wednesday, ..Oct. 31,1855. t'aturday,.. ..Not. 8, 1HI>">. Wednesday, . . Not. 14, 1855. Saturday Not. 17, 1866. Wednesday,., Not. 28, 1865. Saturday Doc. 1,1865. Wednesday, . . Dec. 12,1855. Saturday, .... Itoc. 15, 1855. Wednesday,. .Dec. 26, 1866. Saturday Dec. 20, 1866. For freight or pannage apply to KDW. K OOIJJNS, No. 5H Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A (X)., Urerpool. ST11 IIKN KKNNARD A Co., 27 Austin Krlari, London. B. G. WAINWR1UHT A CO., Pari*. GEORGE EL DRAPER, IlaTre. The owner* of these ships will not be accountable for gold, ailTer, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious atone*, or metals, unless bills of lading arc signed therefor, aud tho Talue thereof therein expresnejj. Shipper*, please take notice that tho ships of thia line cannot carry any good* contraband of war. Black bai luneof pack its fob ijvkrpool.? The packet chip CoU'MIHA, 3,000 ton*. Captain Hmhii on, will poaitlTely call on Saturday, the Into! September. This whip his superior accominodatiomi tor all clause# of pa engers. For forma apply on board, l'ier 23, foot ol Peekman street, Fast rlTer, or to JACOU WILSON, lt)8 .South street. For UigM)Ouufl| star ijne.? the spien did new packet ship 1.1 CY TH' 'Ml'HON, Pendleton, ma-ter, for UTerpool, will sail on 'Ihursday, August 30, her regular diiy. She has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second cabin and ateerage passengers, wh? will be supplied with cooked provisions. Price of passage : < ?tjin $?0 Second cabin 1 H Steerage * ? ? ? Id For par- age apply on board, pier 40, E. It., or to SAM'L raoUlfiON d NEPHEW, 275 Pearl street. 3710R IJVKftlt ml ST. GEORGE'S LINE,? TltE CE * lelirated clipper thin DRIVER. tons burthen ( apt. Holberton, will poaitlTely sail on Monday, AagUHt 27. For jiaHsnge In cabin, aecond cabin or at*erag<?, hav ing luperlor accommodation* to any vessel in port, apply on board, at pie. 8 North river, or to DKMAltKSl k JONES, 40 South street and .10 old -dip. ITtOR IJVIRPOOIy? HAiffl ON SATTRDAY, SEITKlt . ber Int. at 12 o'clock, the aplmidld new packet ship AUBOflA, (.'apt. Hunting. Fare, aecortd cabin $18 at< eiage, 91t!- ami fouud in a HN'ral auppN of p. 'O vision# by tho ahlp for cabin, recoud cabin or ateerage p-t- uig". Apply on board. I ier No. 20, Ka-<t rive--, foot of flurliii? Blip, or to the ugent, TlioMA? C. BOdlS* 83 S<) ith 't. "VftmtF.? FIR^T PACKET FOR UVERITOL^-PACKEr J3l 27 th August ? The aplendld fn-' sailing p?cl "t -hlji loNSTH.U'lION, Captnin Allen, ? ill j?i-itlve|y ? .11 c.i Monday, 27th at 12 o'clock. The a' -I i-ioni for all claaaee of | .iBsengera are un*urpn>ied. I pa -i nage apply ou board, at pier 4"> l^si rlyer or to TAPSCOTT A CO., 8'i s.,uth ? et. For iia\*rk ma soctha ?rro.v ,_ti i b vavder bilt Korupoun line of Btcanialilps. ? l'ie InWhii Bteamshlp NORllI '"TAR, 2,:W) tons. Warnock, n i-ler, *:l| leave New York from pi- r 30 North rirer, foot of 'Itna bera street, at noon precisely, on Satur'Uy, Sept. 1, for Havre, calling at bo^'hampl* n to land, ;k?m ii? .a and ajiecle. ftrtt cla'S paasage to Rivvre or Soutbaropton $110 second ?' " ? B0 Tl\e North Ptur will be loIlowM by the Ariel, Sept. ?X Tlie owner of tliese veesel.1 will not bo acountatile for goUl, allM'r, bulli<m, apeoie, jewellery, MtdM s stone- i metala. unless bills of ladlnjg are itgued thwrCi r, aud Hie .-nlue therivif therein expressed. Specie and good* taken at nsuiil rare*. No freight re oeived after noon of the day l ofore anillrg. No berth secured antU paid for. Letter*, prepaid l'V ent* per halt ox., will t>e re> ei> <-' at the ont o up to 11 A. M. of the day of sailing, and will be carried in ttrong India rubber bags, un ter lock; and on arrival at South anipton an 1 liave, will be iauxwliatel/ dep< slte<2 in p<xt office* there. Parcel* taken, each prepaid, one doHar auj aprr.vrda. mm oan kajuvo. mow rrw tors. mow junta. North Star Sept. 1 North Sur ........ A tg. 11 Ariel Sept. 22 Ariel S?-| t. 1 North Star Oct. 13 North .Star ..Sept. 22 Ariel Not. t Ariel Oct. 13 North Star N'ut. 3 Ariel ... Not. 24 Theae ateamahlpa are elasaed A 1 it the insurance ofllcee, and ape>-ie and goo>la will Lr losured in then at a* low rates of premium a* in any other aUiamahlpa that oroaa the <wean. For freight or pa* "age, apply to I). TORRAMn, No. 6 Bowling Oreen, New Tort AIJ1ERT N. CHRFSTIK, No. 1 Place de la Bourse, Pari*. CnRYSTIF, SCirtXESPMANN, k CO.. No. 27 yual C Wl* Nm(M liavre. FfIR BRP.MFV. VIA 80PTHAMPT0N? THE I NITO) statea mail steamship HERMANN, K. ILggina, commander, will sail for Bremen, t.iuchin^at .Southamp ton to land the mall* and passengers for England and France on Saturday. September 8, at 12 o clock, M., from pier No. 37 North rirer. IIUIl or rAHfJkt ?. IKOM >tw TOKK TO Wlt'TIUllI'TO.V OR RHK HEX. In flra' cabin, main saloon $1.10 In first cabin, lowei aaloon,,,, 110 In second cabin fj? All experienced surgeon la attached to eaeh steamer. Specie deilve; i-d in ilnvrn or l/>ndon. All letters must pass .hrough the Post office. For pa?*?(reor freight, ap ply to (. II. SAND, Agnfit. 11 South WUliain street. 'The M earner Warhiugtou will aucc"#d the lierwann, and aall Oct. 4. rruiK uvkrtool and nnuu'Fjj'fnA .?nr.Ainifrp I Company Intend ? ailing lh? lr hiurttt ataamahlpa? . CIXT OF MANCMKHTKR 8,126 ton?, rapt WylW. CITY OF BA1.TIU0KE, (new) 2,IU?tMui, < apt. ? CITY or WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 ton*, Capt. R. lyltcb. tikUxm, WO, $?'A, and (Ml. n-conllnf to ?W ? rooms. A lin.iied number of third cia?* |ia"-?rigi m will ba laken {rota ITilladelplila and livtrjmol, aud (ound la protl tbomi. From PUUjuWIpbU, .... HO | From IJrerpool $??<> Partlm wUt.Ing to bring out their friend*, can obtain wriltli *te* of p?? if* and draft* >>n liter pool. In ?<nna of 11 nUrling and upward*. A[ ply to SAW H, J-MITH, Hft nt, 17 VS alnut *Uw\ rkiladeli.Ua, and So. 7 Broao any, New Vara I *011 CAliF< >HNIA ? I'A-v-AfiE $60 ? I I ItTIIKR Rfc dneliott of faret. ? New York and California (taain ? hip line, via Nicaragua A"e?*"ry Tranall Company of Nicaragua, pK'prklw* ? Through !n adTanra of Urn mail ?700 mll?? ?h"r1?r than any o'her rout* nv idlng tha diadly i'anania |pt|t and two mile* of daagarooa in l a a* me Hay. Ratea of faro tl. rough to rt* > F ranel*?<>. inrludi'g tlx- Wilinmi erovdng ? Find caMn, $17V *eeond rubln |1L'6, *i?t-ragi- %!AI. Th- aplcn !>d d ruble engine Kifjiii?hip t^TAK OF 1 HE WWr, 22 &")0 ton* bur dm (*pt?lu Turner, will leiT* pn- r No. 3 North river, at 3 o'eWwk P. M. maelaely fit Pun'a Ainwi m V,'edn<;iM!?) . September o, IHIVV Conner < . rig with tha atiaroaldp <<>rtee 2,009 toiia burden, ut?r the Nicaragua lranut route, baring I ut mile* of Ian I transpor tation by finK cla><* carriage*. For lnf>-rnahn 't ..... ? age at tl.p redured rat?- apply only to (HA."'. MORftAN, Agtsnt. No. 2 lia.wling <.pen l^'ter likga made up at the off. Bt? ?ped Itlliri tak? tir 8*4 lUtKSb. ACPTJUIJA? PIOWECT LINE? CARRTOfl T1IK V. r?. Mail The aew and Vautiful clip|*-r alna | fU HEA, D f ate ma*t?r,iviw at ber b? rth, po-r W, S. K , will poaitirely aail > n or Wora lat ^pt"int>?r Tha ' arcimniadatloiui a Ihnitwl num'^r cf [wn.-art aia ] on thi nwal appr./rrd prlndpl?? f'ir !lgb' T^nUla'-i nan'1 or njf rt, b? !!.?? all on d?"-k. Tha f IIm fi >a<ar ilna ttnrr ila flrat ??lat?ll*hny nt Innr y?nr- a/<i la p?-hnf? Bn^rae'-denti-d? no raiiona ar'i 1- nt haTlng oceuri"l, aid ?>> claim having t?>u nuvir n tha mf iran^a a, ahtja arri'ing lh? tlionaaa>la o I paa-nnttm a?i".ln??ly o i <t<-kmaa ha> l<wn knova Th' a<l?Tiniac a i t ?mpl ying flrat rlaaa alilpa an ?! Mparlenf I r.<nnoau l?n 1* tlru. u? tratct by tlia f allowing rvmarkabla iia^age n> ?i-r ?, .al V<! from thia ?'? jntry ? r'Kipa 'Vyan "f-l M lay ? , Hyitog Srud. TH day?, Windward, *7 'lar?, N /!,* u*la, T4d*ya, (?*rtrnda, (10 'lay* The Kla'k w ,'i ?>* ay j 1 by tb* f-Mpper baik Nluir-?l, "? h?r thir l T?yar* to aail mi <* l-t f lat of iJetobrr. Th<* fa>< ?a. n ? > | Van lalba f< r Sy '.n#*, wilh lmij>??liata tfapab i n *^1 i?ir at piar 12, K. r. For fr? i/ht or i*?~?4<a apply un bc*r<! or to H W. CAtfUUiN. 6 'iro^n IT Nnr.l) KI ATI- MAM fll AM-H1I' O.VPAN Y ?V 'H ) llaaaun and Naw <trl*?n? ? "n Mondar -?p*"n.t^-r 3. at 2 I' M., ft- m pWr f?*? *t <4 Warrao ?tta? ? N' H faal ami faro'll* atraruahlp (iHAXAKA, > a; 'aln " I' (?tiflin, will aaU aa aW*? 1 aaaaga an ? >ir??1 at tlf 'VnpanyV ..(B< ?. Kralght to S> ? Orlaan* ?'*/ ?? Uff ruldr Ci.ot. r"?U<-d Thurxlay, Aog :>t O hlpp?r- w I* <uppl.< d With blank killa of kuling of Ui? f rm ?igrw?1 ty th'- ''"mpany. on apyliraiioii at ib?lr o#i e No ?'h>rfoim- i*i.< ??!. and no Mlla <?f Udlng will '? ?ig"*l af'? r 'If hour of ?ailing. Pot IrntgVit r i-aaoag* appT? at 'li? of th? ("tnpany, 1T7 H eat >ir?rt - ?niar ?f Warren M ?>. JWiBFXT* VI ST1'A! JA W- PATTH l .| SI; HR-T VBM3 TWK aea an- a?aci.iftr?nt ellppwr ahip T>JCAJ will p>-4 viTt y ?ail "n tfce ?? ?t "f na?t moo'h fr-cu p>r \\ I < *. of Wa'l ?*ree* an a?< ' inmcdatf ?1? n-, ,m !* ??/> ?? f< r whx h "t haJux^of frH^fbt apply toO tnVJ.f. ItASlH/1, So I fii uilt MiUiMO <tra?t, or .& hwi (o C Barry auimive. EKDUCTJ) PRICK* ?FOUR BUPIH FROM OCEAN to Oeean, by I'anaina (fcllro* I ? M< .?li llllfclri to ateerage paaaenyera on the DiMw free? t>ne hundred )b?. baggafre fr.e ? l'hroufb for California, tl* Panama Kailrood? No cholera on thla route. ? The United ^tatea Mail htuunahip Company intend to dc .j atch for Aapln wall, on Wedneaday, r*pt. S,ut 2 o'clock I'. U. prel-nily, from pier foot of Warren afreet. North riv>r, tb" weft kuo\rn and favorite ?tO!iiiuliip GM >l?iF. I.AW Captain A. G.firay l'aaaeriger* un<l mall* will tie forwarded by I'aiuima liailroad and fcuuwtat I aim ma with one .if the I'acitic Mail fteamahip Company '? mngnlltcent i-teaniahipa whi h will be in readineaa awl leave Immediately for Siu Kraoclaco they will enbark free of expnnao from the new pie. of the Hailroad Company. The pul.Uc are Informed that the P. M. H. H. Company alwayx lwro one or more >'itra ?teamen lying at Panama ready for "?a, to avoid any pomible detention of pa?ieugera or muila. For pa^ya^e apply to I. W. ItAYMONl), at the only ofllee of tb. com paoiea, No. 177 We?t atreet, corner or Warn u, Vow York. CiTAK LINK FUR PAN FRANCLSCO.? TIIK SI'LKNIHD ? clipper ship FMII.Y FARNVM, l'arker, commander, in now ut her berth, pier ti, K R, receiving cargo, ami having a good portion on board and large cngageu>euta, will meet ulth carl/ despatch. Shipper* wiil pirate beer In mind that thU in one of tieo. Kayoe'a ce.WbreU-d white oak chip", combining great strength, with beauty of mod*-!, apeed and very tmperior ventilation, and ?he cannot fail to make a very ({iiick paiuiagc, and deliver her cargo In fine order. We invite ahippera to ?,ee her, and examine her thoroughly before making engagi menta ebiewhere. Freight*, for a few ilaya, will lie taken at low ratfcF. Apply to Wlf. T. OOLKMAN k CO. , 91 Wall atreet STFAMS11I1' QU A K FR CITY T1IK AMERICAN STFJtM chlp Company offer for aalf tlwir auperlor -ddewheel atenmahip Quaker City, built in 18S4. The hull, by Vauglian k I.ynn, in diagonally In ai-ed throughout, and copper faatened. length of deck SKI Ait, reriitor inra Hurenieut 1,UI B> MmII, The ma. hin.-ry by Merrick k i-'oQit. 1 ho engine li a low preenure aide lever mai ine. Cylinilrr S5 In. hea In diameter, eight feet atroke; four iron tubular boiler*, and ut furnii-hed with Pinaou'e fr??b water comlvnaer. I ncconim'xlatloija of the mo?t ele. gaiit description*, with largo and airy atateroouu; la pro vided with life laiata, life preaervera, Ac., in accorihtuco with acta of Congree* relating thereto. For, natety and Comfort ahe ia e>|Ual to any ateamahip in the United Stalea, aa no e*,.cn?e ha* l>een (pared to make her lirat clitna in her construction. Sh? la now in order for Imiii. iliate h'ivI e. Fi r further particular*, inquire of Cupt. J AM I'M II. lKUtiDO.N. Ihc "M.Y aothorixod agent f..r the aale on la.urd the ahip, abuve \ me atieet, in tho port of 1 .ill Al'l-.l I I MIA. 1710R 8AVANNAH? VAIUC REDOOCO.? THE CNfTED ; ~-tatea mail ateamahip I ATK <?F (?l> tlWH A, Cupt. J..', Garvin, will liav<? I hiW<lpbU for Savannah on We-lne d.iy, Aug. at a*. 10 O'clock A. M. F.I e ?ai, uteeiage, in The KFYhRlNF. STA I I' will lra>c a ihove on Wednemlay . m pt. .i. A^enia in Now \ -irk, f^t.'KAN TON k TA1XMAN, l'.1 ' 'l't r ' . ^ where 'Uiteiooui . n^iy bo aecured. 1AOR : AVANN'AH AND KI.ORUtA t'Nfl' VM TAT I. , Mail Line ? The new and elegant ateam-Uip 1. 1 >TA, '?pt I'hoa. I.yon, will leave N. w \ ork to. "... vamiah on WednemUy, Augoat ifl, lr"iu pier No. 4 North river, at 4 o < I k, I'. M. lillle of hiding Mignod on board 1 or freight 0|>p!) >n bo.ird, or for pai' >?4?e to KAMI Kl. I.. MITt lill. I , L> liroaduay. For Florida, through thki-t froifl New York to Jack ? nvtli* . l-Hi Fiiatka, $ . t. Hi'' Alal'uaa, tiao. K.^Schtnck, will 'U .;e<'.| and leave on Mi turday, M'ept. 1. ]710R < HALT FM'oN AND I 'XHtliM? SEMJ-WKKKLV _ i'liiiiil ^t.iii< ma. I line? Die ateam.'iiip I^ll'l'll Kl'NFIt, T. I v. all, C imniali.k : , will h iive pier No, 4, North river, ori Weilneaday, Augu?t "JO. it I o'elock I'. II. precj.fiy. F..r neigh;, apply on IcMrd. where all billfi i I lu. ling wiil be ?igneil, arid lor puaaige a the o/llc of SpriFFORJt, lll.K-ii'.V A- CO., ._m Hro.idwuv Through tieketis Mi Hori 1a a follow* ? To jRcaaonvllle, $ J1 to 1'ilatl.a Id . The MAJUMN will ruccimi and le aVu on Hnturdny. September 1 , cabin p ? - igc $."i. ?VTOIICE ? -IFAM-H1I' "1MIANOKK ?IN 00.VSK .al |iiinc< of tlie niiar, .ntiim ngulutioii. w ill regard tv Norfolk and I'oitamou'h, tli " ahlp will eil on U'o.l needey, .Hth of Ai gunt, direct f.r Fefrabni?. I'.i a. n gera lor Norfolk wili !/< ian" I iituid I'oiut l oinfort, or they can procte<l S'oulb, v! i Peter?l urg *ith na inu?-li expedition and n cheaply i ? via Norfolk fllehmond iui-,rngi ra will be -' ut up "ual by railroad from City i oint. Cmhi andf '.M' t? I I' ai.t fH tq l'i 'ernlrirg or l.lchmond ?10; " ee"-.'ig.' hulf r rice lHirotigl ttol;<"ta to Lynabbutg *11 rhrough ticket t'i th" Virginia h'piliif. LI Dt AM fc ll F.MASiy . II ? I way. No freight can V" received for N> rfolk . 17>(jR niARTl.R. ? T1!K KIM ENMDaND I A.-T -TKAM131 ('HlrltiN i n <?* eharUr.d f. . eji.-urai. ma. Apply to WILLIAM ?1. liOCKWOOl), JJ S.'hatnet, or to C?p tain Wiiham 11. Wood on boa d the boat, at llut toot of rw. 'fth atreet, Fa-t river. iiotHCii, hoojum, ai\ w.tmu. C)r COVNTKR-' any PARTY R AVISO dry guoda foi ui era lot -i.e ?. U- up with o with out dia vi ra, rai. ho 1 a o iri lia-et b, X' l1 . ** - ug * ? -in ter, II. ral I cBlee. ImaMdBXD hul>e wAvn.ii? any facty hay . x i wt \\ f hit*-*, t * . t at li ?i?'l JiTimue*, net nl?ov?' Tuyrntv tJiir-', ? ?r l^lo-v i'l* ? } u<! rm | tico sM? Jtuiiul by iiikli' Mfiiiig b??x 3,7 .0 I'wt oAic?s. TOTAlfK H A K t.J U-' ? W A N TT3 ?, A JLAVD cylii??lvr n a 'inn in ^ i -r< ? , nvi i than lUijr In^hfn: nl?o, oij' or two enfiw - about JfrO ^nawU \?pa ritj, a tt? I a n\$ r utt'T. A .?lrv MmUi r, 10 i l!"i aM ofTir< moi KOpKKTY OWNERS.? W A VTVJ) TO ftl-rvr OR TO h i" a In hall, nr . Uti/- h? u for >%, vwimu. nw/ln, ?ituafr<l fr'ui r <?>; rth to T?*nth Six or Fighth w I' ? -? K. B O., lirrald "0*.o. TITAimr)? with ivfMKpfA rv iwimhv a ?nr If of riiorrn* up town, in a ? *' r?? ghNirho?.<l . or third floor, f?>ur < ? Cv^ r< with kitclu n, Cro t?m, kr.t eofiirnunicatlnir; frith pr* Itrut n<it Uj v 1 $150 per unnuai. A in-* II K , H?raM uflic#'. lirWTFM IMMM'IATI XV? TlfK Wifolj; ?>R iaUT Vf !?( ft h' nj> town. In ft n' n? ?n*i . 1 . ?r hooH, w?*Ht of Fourth av^uu?% With bath, At/* for i -mull fniuilr "f ifr- wn w t-mq- "l r? ? r? n ?? ?*. w .wi i f ay thr#e n.onth^ In a/hun It I' luirci; r' Ql not V) i'i c<r?i | A<Wr?-f* U?x P<M 0fR< ? . ?\rAMH? IO KXniAS'CjK? A F1VK M W Yni n ff ?ttorjr f^ri^k h ?'j^- "hun'wl tip to*u in Ui? - ly f N? w Y?fk. ira fanu t,r fount ry M-nt. within tif tofn mi'ri 1 1 the' t jr an 1 n? ?r a railr<?a<l 'i?-p?jt or tx at lan?ti /. Any party hartn^ "u ti proprity to #?i ehiioge may ? .aU m diiect a noUt pout pHt<l; to M. I'or tot*, 4 H 15- >i.(1way up iU.r?. nvAicut. Mfpfcru, Ac., or f??r mortgug*"?. It'., negntiat' *1. Bonn*'* c^oftdcBtiai ?o4 prompt. By T!iOMl*WjN %<*)., brolitra ?n'l ronuol^i'ts m*rrnant?, l?r. N **** u ?tje?t, coruar cf Ann, room No X, ?M'onti mmr. T" *' *?<-' '* WATCH B*. DIA | "" " ' monda jew>d ind erary li ntrilfllui of *?luable property, or ' i ugl't r"T ' ^7 J' ' . r. I ."A AC, baa'-im lit offl e, 11 <diainti?r? >lr??*., ft. i. it till fl. Bu.lni"< prompt ai d cinM"iitlal. Id a d ?ilrer bought. N. it.? No buMie*# traoneeted ee "v ' 'trdny. StM.OOO' V - . " I "?e?l property in U U ni. A' ? >, *.i U\r-\ i-j r a r?*?on?l>rf? dUe-xin*. Apply to IV>a & 4 A AAl \ T0 ,/,AS" 0,1 DUMovra, w \Tifi " ' *? j< w?Irr, ?rnl fT?Tjr >- -rlptlon mavbaixtl 1 in li<7? nun." dMw?iiit to lihm rffi" A] ply at b'.'to IIm '.''u ifawt, ww Modi ftwi !!ro?<iw?y. f MYKK- A?ot C<i>r I"* CAW, 1<) ADVASO ON )?" f\/' J dUni?n<1< wa'<-h<? ?<?/!. Ac . ?r l?ou?l,t ?iu' 'in rMMMbU ud *i*L*t i?m. 1(1 bonflit an'I M, M><1 e - t? rr.l-? l-.u f i- r* fully n*goti.*i?ri ?iih primpln*M> it .'j Aon (trail r' 1 in No. 4. 4!lA AAA wAimaD TOR a wsa ttrm <>? n')i' 'l /U y??'* . >'< vl Vrl n<- " jfU 1 ? uloci.mlxnid ^liy j,r ojwi fy. A'l!r*-? 1/ 1 ? ? ' 'I '.ft, . at ib* I ally lt?ce? ?tatin<r *h< ? ?n >u ?<? ha'* Cl 1 AAA? RMEIVTI'. '?> 1IH<AT1 <>? 110 1 ?" M ( ?.rn r..?-i .y i' .1 ? f S'< > .)? - 1 1 I ? >'h Amb- y, for >alt by flitUIJ t XO'KiXV !*? h Vny amocm or m-? i/)amo>, op, rt.TUIlA tt ?' ?lfbt for hi f prlc<?, M fjl ? ?!? w?' h?~ ti 1 1 jrwlry, JilaU o>"rr)i?n<li** and rtlnftliW (*! pf? g r'y IT' 1" rtlly, by It WIX<I> (W f |I' |? ?v??l n ?? ? C r, ffiTit fwiiu, uom u A M to 4 I'. M t NV IULmjN tiLliMO ft fAVoK A I.ADY [* bwl .f , trbo i <ro? a ? I. ' "? ? ? lit ll 'ilith*, f t %bili |<ivl m ?< < ? ? ?fwt ? w< uUl jf 1 **n . < r *00 M r ? W ? ?t J l-<ral?l t?>n< ? ?h or Mlk'.ut ?i ?' a? li. a; kuyiuhl Wtli kditrtM I?? Hi' a ?ay ( 01 * (1A.-H liBKXAU.Y Af?VAV<TJ? ox j 1 ii?ttnr?- ' i't ;i%i''nV? ? .?f ;Ui? rr. ?fxl *urr'r<-l (*?? ? in ? ???>??(? Uiato, <lty a?d > 4? - fij-U-i. ( (?? ?? r.?i rti or Itot.gbl f r * M*! Ulgrt w tlr'Mkl. it Tf> (aUtrili* ??i ?t t<? M ? A?KHA . k WAl.TUt4-', A .ctinn *a l < uasruiMt'^a Mt iuiiU. MoM.Y AIA A VO O VOft l?0RTm.l"|r O- ''J .If 4Un^KMla, ?ai'l*?? )???)> f [!?'? ; i?a l,:r**a, 4>y jr'-H#, c?rr\mv an, ?r?'y 1* rij ,ri t,r- i?njf I; tb? lu> \> >? '/?i ! kt' j '^.mpai.y 1 Wll /,?. 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MDW M)ltU PTWB will Introduce. on the c*i niuga of Miimut, Vu mmuy axd Fuur, Benedict'* !? autlful aong of (lit 8KYL1RK, and on the t\> nin^r* of IVWIMV, T?iikw.iT 4M -ATTKCAT, Bishop* charming ballad nf "I.O! HERE THE OEVTIJC f.ARK." The UDnctdi'uttd *ueo*?* of ttuM ti"autlful compo-i lionH ia belli* el l<> be without parallel in the muilcal world. Ti wiut? nM'EKKI.M, " Lo ! II?'t ?? t tin (Inii la Ijirk," ami tbfl PYNE AND HARRISON OPERA OJMl'ANT Ik>< r? open iit 7; (Torture lo coinuiuuce at "i\ ; curtain rlaea at 8 o'clock prn i*?%. Ticket* #. M oenta Private Ik'Xea ? y> Orcheatra Seat* .<1 Bex ufflii open daily, from 8 A. M. to 4 I'. M., fur *e euring < irche. tra .-cat* and I'i Ivato Boxen < nty. "|>A< nn 'H DRAMATiC nnfi'ANY. I I I I" k rc-jiectfliUy to Inform the public ol S'ew York that M in RA< irn - nr.-r performance will irn voi .Jily tai ? i l?cn on Mi'Muv nut tuh'Iii i 1 1 tkm 1 1 r It will ron?l*t i f Coruellle'a tragedy ? utltle 1 II <1 It A i I . M'lle Ruhr will api < ur in <"amh i i He ix-rfuraianc will ln'inu at 7,', o'clock pre i -? ! v , with Jule* de I'romaray'* new ??umc Ijr, In two act*, m which tbe Thwj: Sinrjgitti ol M'llo JUiim will appeal Tlic second |ierfnrm*nco will take pla " on tu< lib i f ?eptcinber, ? ben Racine'* tragedy, I' II K II I! K. Wi'l 1'C nr. i iiied, ?iih Hl'lle HiCUIl it fliniRK. The il i i il performance on Tlmr-day, tlu' flth I ~<<i ? m In r, wken A II R II N N F I. ECO I! V R E t R w 111 I e presented with Mil Fa'iir. Aon i m ml ?)??? fourth performance on I i Hay , the 7' b ol ""ep'emln'r will com ist ? f *1 A 1! I F HT C A RT, ntiagnly \>y l.eli n, wi'li SI .1" lUuin m M.?Ii;i'. I'l'.n >n on Aii'ii M. ,i Ti' M'i.ij: Rxiik.i l I'n.Hiii i v i. | in Nirw Yi if . lltchi ?lra fenli, I'ai jiuilte and I'ar^uett* Cli 1' Kirat tlrclc . . . . , .$'? | I'pper Circle tl Ihc Fronceninni lk>x* In .'linliii| eight ? it" and tin I'.ilecny Hom- wlil' U Will be art ingwl unew, and hiihIhi of ritbei ton i nr ix e.itH may l? enjpK'''! Iij applyinx lit Mr. Ru)ip' lb" 1 1 eumii ?-i . 4.1 Wall ?.irci-t, loom No. 28, mi and aftei Wcdne day next, the !idth Imt., from !?> to S o'clock. I'rlriktp Hoxe* rau?t lw tak n entire. In null i lo giro tn nil pereno* deijroo* "I ledng pi e cnt ut M lie lla< helN iierfnrutance <, without employing lie nilc al auction, the abu ?e? of whl'h hftT" Wxm milong Impimcil opnn the public, I l'?g t" anauna ?? that 1 lmv< 1nl in cflicient ineiiHureii l"i I he nelilnK, In advaiMC, of tbe tli l.i t ut u.lral<*l"ii at the above price Tlie i fllce will lie openeit on Tliurn.l.iy ii"*t ..I 41? Wall vt ret , :i nd at the Met rnpolltan Tl mt e, nn -aturlay tlie l?t nf -i ptiinliir, fin tli" nil" of uunilM-red Mialii u' IL" nln ve priceii, with a i-rnall additlntl of twenty lift M ill* per neat, to enter tli" "Xii.i ranii< h nf bouklllir, 'til other* incurred br the putting in practice of thl< new fy-lcni ?*? . Ilinjf ticket at a iletennlned pii e. I mii ri.iM Ni 'TM t.? Vom of the ticket "?'llei'i hnv" any right wiialerer to chnrgo wore Ihan tli" above price* ?ith the additional clung" of twenty Ure cent*, and hmild uny i in nf them atTompt to txae.t inn ", I -li ni l li el Imh hti-d t^ th< i ulnic foi Rivin/ me i.otl " nf it. HAI'IIAKl. I KIJX M mager nf tlic Ha li"l Company. New Turk, Angliet ?"i lift.' V. II. ? Khth Ijwt.? Mitora and perun i mm' -t?d with the prei-i * ill receiri letter- nf n Irnl inn l?*'f**r*. tia> I-t fit' r. In cane if onn- i. ti, au ' n ly ap|d a'loti will be promptly alt' ndcl to. MJTR<il'i'l.irA.N TIIEATHE, BROADWAY, ol'l tirTTK Bond r?r? '. I i It I W i r I V 1 1. II T* i 1 nut. ha' Kirr pi l< r to || dep.irtur' again lor Europe In eonM?| ei..? < f i lii uii iliUed ap| rot>at>"i|, ''''Ttoim ?Atiyhet'n n and i"ai "f Li ightor I ?* tow*'l ip <n M,e cly < t I he Ml 111 Y W IVC (it W I N ! ? Ol! It will I ? ii | "ali-<l ' n Mi MuT, Ai "t -1 27. Mr. Ilii'-kelt. .... I i!-l ill in I>ive Mi ? I mny Morant a* Mr*. I rd Af'er * In I , i In f. '? of tli< NISS F'H ;MAN". B"l ||> Break ? n.|. ? . M I .\ Vine nt TrwIMT ? Mi 1IAI KKl l i > i a f!. m an |ri*h geni i* on HI I A I II'.-'. en I ?!? .'I llet, an ? ?lie I Fiench tjffiei al? to "le l ole with A MOHM Vi i A I . I . Mr? Chiliingtoii . Mlaa Fanny Morant Mr. II IWKTT will Iiorfnrm on We 'rn ??!?? and Tno' ? Uc. and al'i' nn Frnl*\ ii'-xt, tor hi* I ?? t . ? H t Doing m.wi |hi-1 lively hi* la ' apf'Uiam' "lien he will reifTc In. oilginal nad formerly p jitiln c!>ar* '*i of kium..* ?w.ii' writti n by hilii-elf and th< lir?t Yankee kn ?n to tin Ann in i n ?l?g' Bl fKl.n - ?FHFVA!*.l:- 1MB RROAD1TAY ??Kami luctirrsmo l)li i elebraU ! < "mpaay will re open on W imijt fcitwi, Altiin 27. i<heii will I ' prodMPd a in w c< mi' ? pera . | ? c m titled the *? I* 1 K I T R A P PI X ii 1, ? I'arade "p*ra," il t?" ;? < t - win ten by . Cf?l'*bf ?!???. roiti jM.Mf of lb ? ??ity. th?' oti*ra SH;Ho MlV lllfl.sY of n i*up?'i r ordfi ? -till iti# to thi* '??rtnp*D) oriffinni titnllo, n s wrmorr w uurrry F f.orn fijf n ut 7, <?.rir#rt rotnmefi' ?? ? -*? v <? Ux'k . Tif ki'Ui t *> nil |?*rt? of IU* b'M?f . . Zb Raciiki - t u KKT<?ma ^ mu?Ai>w^Y h??rao WATI, H>' ttiu*i' for ? hol? ? ?'it? tn l l>r ? v?* t?' will I* ? it nrvi tbi* ?U j UAM(IB? ACADKMIFJ. PANriM. AUI<KMV.-L I ?>! 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U?a|?'a! j lint' lla<-*-. a ' nf I- ii'wlljr In alt ? '??!.?? 11 Hula* D ?1 ? ?at v >at< ? ntiai. i (.,i U't.r MEDICAL. KicorD's nu<Ti<T? sornw. <>r Rwn Ar-no urM?r?.jnM. 1 rwi\j * p?i|>il ?ith of I'aaU, , ftnd nth Vh? "-alaatalaal ? i g?'.n? -f ihi? ??ty, ll?. Qb>- | 0'-rl,?i. ai.'l Kstl, iiifnna lit- jrib lie U?at ha laa* ranv.aad |4ltitl?liOj MltlilitM ?? aa.ilttr * aa l *1i?i?na i ing ror.mi ?' Hi Il? a*J??/, f'<r U?a ra arf -Haaaaaa II* (ri, to kit Hl!iet<-<1 ja"? Ufa a?aarar.aa >,f ratlaf. at, 4 | U.'.aa wiio l,a?a Iwn ?>j a|i*wHI*a," ani.liaa, iiui* k?><.fc* HitKrif,'1 t?4 h? ? ?<F ia <?i* <if u>> no nM rtl aha< '1 Uaa ia jr. naap aalji un ha* '.i * tl.<ir '*"?? tfa%ta~l ' ally ex- matta r h'.ar U <*?' d lti?y || ?T II* ?ii'ixM '4ri?U"M I* tlx lab.' - II' ? i t'.al 4u IMi in Itila. iu<Vi Hi'nrd k <a m If lifkl ?><h ll?? mXiJ Vf wi afll. rut inwlM r,f Uti* aa. r.?nt r.i('?a ar><Vr fclliia .u.^aai'k*, H b? mnllnt*!. fc>f lit lafcitllm oi (atim'f rnli 1 if.f n 'li? 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A fAKI'.'iW I ( aaia ?Va?? 1 aar <v?l. ka? *aa?, aat#?- aT-f ?( T ?? ??l l7 tha |ir jiavi afl j?'ar.!aa at afar.' fr* 'M rS"?4 *?a a< >M a'arf *U>aa (?rt M A a| f aa. !???? a- ia'aia 1 raa* I a raaa '. -a ? aa 4 ? Harf fa ? t> r aa"! tl a * aM>-aar '<1 a< f ,a t af Jaa ? . M a?ai. ?* 7 Iaa??l arat aV.ian?< *a-a-a ">m1r r, ?aaa ?A ?4 wmm Mai.if?aUrani a< '*WM iuniE.usn. BJOAOWAT TI1KAV1U? r. A. HAIWHLAlV WL1 Lrweee ? /koia upvn al 7 5, ; U miiiimum ot 7 V Henettt ?l Mr. II. nrr Welta. Moods/ msla(i Auffunt -ft , will b? porfbrmcd JUCAO. Jocko i;*t.rK i ru\- 1 Child,,. U*ur|e Flat>r (.orruMi A. (ir<w?i I IVdro Jul** M Well" I ?'<,ra U'lle IVil r A grand ninom^vKKr TMK URi> UNOMK. TIm- I' intent Worrinr.. Itabr?x| IUv> I V.<d ? r . P. MnrtifXPtti | Alfrcl H. W?.)l* v ..nllla Mi? i Pr?o.-< < T>OWKttT IHKATRK, .1 * <'n M.?i>at ?*i) Ti ?iMY, At'?, 17 imi'4, w II be in ? x" ntr.l the bouiitUul iwmtuminie ot til* K A V K N n| T H K f U M H H , in whkh 1Kb . <1*1. rated t aut. mliniaU MONK, WUCIllwt AND Mil. O. SMITH, will a|?ix-?r. New fci*nery by Mr <rulb<.rt. Macinui'iy bjr Mr. andora, and I to; rrUo? liy Mr. Holiorto. ( li'Taner Hat iaM,,, .... ? mMM* Mw?, in* MTT&nt, altar ? a> 4a flown KinlUt, ? young |x n Hint i.i lUrltxiain. 0. 1 Julio after* aid? I'l liimliiiK' Mtao I* fottr Maiulm. tl.r Karen .,r the Tuinha Mr. UIHimmM Tlii* liutgulllcetit cgiuu toman*:" WU originally Mf> f ru>? i by tin' ri i?>i,rut# I lUiu in.. cm oyer ninlc, ami will be I'-rlm im-d rjiWiMi tiii ,-i.tTUi mrrna. t>U Mnniloy Mid Tuetxl*) tUr <4. ? . Uuiiumuta Hill w n menrr with THK OARl'l-VI** ur U'lVKV. Midi ah ......... Mi'. It. Iiihnnwn Vi^tMdiijr. Aug. b< ncilt of Mr. II . CriMiha. C1IO. CHKI>TY A- Wi? 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