Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 28, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 28, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK WHOLE NO. 6940. XX T? P A T Tl ? ? ? /-*. I ' ? 9 . 28, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETFIT DAT. R1W PliKL If1 ATIOSS. "ITIIU.IMA'S GIFTED AtTHOKESfe'.? A KEW SOYtX, W bj ' tlie Mtbor of "Alone." First edition, lo,ouo copies. Now- ready. THE III HI 'EN PATH : A Novel. Fly ILnuos I?.?w. '.w. Of Richmond, Xa. t)jjf elegant 12mo. vol. 4i>i page-. Price >1 2i. the extraordinary ance- of WW H i Hand 's "Alone''? running through coition nflei ctitltm with g eat rajiid'ty republished in 1'nglaud with n "till larger site, trafxlaed into the French and German lniigtisgvs with marked nac ??.,* ? is perhaps the be <t cvfenre ot |,e originality nod {xij'uUirit v of her writing in tin Inngnag'' > >f an eminent critic, '-Hie way hem-efiili taKo rank among the nio?t hui .e^sful novelUtsof the i'ulted States." J. C'. I'fcRBY, i'u1 iii her, lib \aaaa n street, K. V. rilll l.IPS. hAUi'!-ON & Co., llo-tou. II. Vi. Id' Kit) , i uuinuatl. And lot #ulc Hi wholesale and retail by the pr'nc'pa bookseller# In New York, Raleigh. Nashville, Philadelphia, (Uaileston, LouUril'e. 1'aitiinoie, huv&nnah. St. Louis, Richmond, Mobile, Chicago. Ws iiington. New Orlaon , Ik-trcTl, liuflCulo. and in the principal cities and village- throughout the I'nited States and the Canada.*. single copies ^ui by umil on receipt of the price, Addni- the publisher, J. C. I'KRBY, 119 Nat-iau -treet, N. V. TTffirZSSS 6? iw wcjuLpim i ~it? cevhl \ with remarks npon temperance, fit" foundation.; Intemperance (Its caticsand rcmedlc",} the cul.ure of the gra|>e riue in the I ulted State-., and other matters ol Importance to rich nnd [loor. By John Osborn, of (Jporto, In Portngal, and New York. For sale at No. 44 Ilea mi street, New York, Copies tr:in mitted free to any purt ?of the fnited States on receipt of lifteen cents in po;tagt Btampx. VfTlI.l. BE READY FOR PEUVERY 8KPTEKBEB l^T? J J lipplncott * Pronouncing l>a*ott er of the World. t>r Geographical Dictionary, containing a greater amount ot' matter than any other single volume in the Kngliah language. Edited by J. Thom a -. M.I'. andT. Baldwin, assisted by eeveral other gentlemen. The above work, {upon which over ye.'irw of continued labor and re aeurch, with a Uu,'e outlay of money has been ex pended.) has not hern published merely to supply the deficiencies ol existing Gaxatteers, but to furnish ? Ge< giapfciual Dictionary which should be at com prehensi\e in its de-i^n, as perfect in iU -arrange ment, and ns complete and accurate in ib?- axecutlon a* the bent dictionary of the Knglish language. Among the mau.v claim* to superiorly which this work hss over all others of the kind tire the foliouing : ? 1st. It is a Pronouncing Gazetteer, a fentuie as essential to th<* com pleteness of a Geographical Idctiunary, as to a dictionary bf the Kugiish iangoage. id. It contains al>ove '20,000 more geogn<[>hital name i than any other gazetteer of the world. And the notices ol'all inipoi-Uint pbces aill also be found far more full and satisfactory than in any other similar work. 8d In regard to accarracy and recentnesg of informalion it win be found incmpara'ldy superior to every other. We might luvo hurried tills work through the presji to forestnll others cammenced long after oum Was in progress, but wc could not be terojited to waive a ningle lraturc of excellence requiring tune for Its per fection. The ''Pronouncing t.'azetteer, or Geographical Dictionary," contains above 2.100 pages. Price. In -trong leather binding, fcO. Any person remitting will re ceive the work in two volumes, bound in cloth, free of ofpoitage. J. B. lJPPINCOTri: Cu., (late Lipplncott, ? Cirambo if Co..) publishers, 1'lilia'ltlphla. Order' re.jj?ct uliv soliicited. UBGJUi lOTXCM. 4^1 FBI Ml com.-?} THE MATTER OF "THE KNICK erbocker Bank of the city of New Vork. ? Notice to Stockholder* and creditor*. ? TU>~ receiver of the alrove named bank, b.-ivlnjr reported to thi- court n true and accurate list and atMomrnt of the person* who, nin^e the lit of Jauuarv, 1850, were stockholders thereof. the nominal amount of *to< K held by each and the residence of each nofirM the be ascertained. public notice i* hereby given, that the undersigned lia* been appointed by the Supreme Court referee, with directions {attrr giving notice to uil pcr-<>ii- concerned.) to appor tlon the debts and liabilities of *aid bank contracted after tiR- l*t of January, I860, and remaining un-atl-fn d ?muD^ the *aid stockholders rateable in proportions their Mock, according to the principles of the -tatutc in Such fa so made and provided, Is'stlcr Is alao hereby jriven. lUattlie matter* so refer red to we will be limni at in;. office, in IheTrinitv Build ing. No. Ill BroadT.iy in the city of New Vork". on the 20th day of Beptcinbvr next, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, at which time I *h*H proceed to hear the allegations and proof* of all parties and persons interested in the matter referred to me. and partlcot'ily to ascertain the person* who are chargeable us litoc.uoldcrs for the debt* and liabilities of raid bank. con. ractod ?? aforesaid. and the ?mount chargeable to ? ach, according lo the rules and jirlmlpi? declared in the statute. Notice is alio hereby given. that the amount of liabili ties thac to be apportioned suioug ? aid atuckholder*. is 3W,2-l u 04. and that the list of stockholder* among whom the apportionment is to I*' made Is in my olticc. subject to the examination of ail |?irtie< interested. Notice i? also hereby given, thai tin- follow lug are the Hume- of stockholder* contained In the report of the re ceiver. whose iSsidcnco I* not aaccrtalned to lie within the county of New Vork. bnt who are re|iorted ?* liable to the *aid apportionment ol the debts and liabilities of the bank Shnr*. Shnrn. A. II. Allert'in. Jr 4o Jame* Ijwrenee 20 W. A. T. Aldis . . . . 4 Lockwood k Keith . Augustus Allcoud AO Kn?*falym*n l?io*hen 141 William Hrown 2') Wm. B. landrlne 40 ,1. W. K. Bromley . . . . . 4 John J. Mnbie Jofcn 1 Itruen 120 John I- Manlnville.., T. J. Berger ?'! Benjamin Mclntire... J. it. Hrady 4 rtimnel J. M. Merwin. Brow u.l'?lmer ttDwight 40 John Met live Cerard B. Beekmau . John Hutler James Bowers. Jr . . . Edward Bsbcock 41 Bernsid k Plder, or > 4(l Bernard Hidden ) John 1'eadell H ?. Morgan. 2't Paul Mchlnney 20 4 John Mil -on 4 Jacob Mill r 6t> David Mont el th 40 J. William - Mead "JO K. Morris 40 Iboma* Boyd 20o Hector Morrison 10 James Boyd U" Court net k McMullin.. Caleb Miller. McCarthy At Allen. John Casey 6 June* *fandeville.... . 21 tl?y,Charlton A Co... 10 Philip Mcighan , fcdward B Cobb O np> ? k Van Zsndt 40 Jacob B. Moore 40 SO Ktenore Macquat ...... 4 Abraham I* Co* 80 Mr*. Jane Maden 20 Aaron Clark.... Ann Aug' Ma Cobb.. John 11. liark. 40 Hannah N. Nicholson. 40 4:1 J. W, Nicholson 4 40 Thomas W. Ne it book). ??> 40 44> i i/a' eth Cram. 2?> 3. k J. W. Ogilen Chamberlain 4"J JameeW. t>gden John C. Campbell Ct James < i\r n FntrickCaUaghan.T i m- E. ' >rerba ugh tet 'JO Joseph H. Pur ^lee Mary Chtlds 28 Peck * Martin J;L*on B. Clineman. . . . ft# Aleran le- W. I'almer. Kllza (lineman........ 41 Frederick Parker... 20 69 4 40 a 40 Klisha U. Phelps 114 60 Da rid Coleman., Jame* N. Crow 10 VIEtm Pontl George Colver. 8 Jumei Plroie I harlev 1. Cook '20 William 11. Prince (Icorge B. tlark. . ,. (?> Ri>l*>rts, Wetniore k Co Job n I*. Cornell 20 Jamr ? P. Cunnlnfliam. <'. W. Campbell John I>< Buyster. Jr. . Morri* M. David-, n dc cva i<1 klanucl Dante V)1 J*me I!. Del Vecchio. Aaron I tester 3imiiei K. lk?wnei .. M. R. Mil Hem-y I>ul>ois Mo*e* C. 1'ilwsri:-! 1 Francis II. Heniiu D. FDh Finch, Sandereon k Co. 'iSil Fiuch. Jobn*on 4. Sl?ep WMm Bu-plu n il. 0rim*tea<l. B. (ilbbtmH John (iiUeUnd J?mi ?? lireen< k ! ? ??. *rd liabciK-k TttlHa* A. C. <;r<s-n. . . . IL.naibul B. J. ?. 0ibbon< Alb< rt Besnmlngu .if . . WaHer f, Hurd Cha.U-s p. Hue William M Hofbr.... ?l tlark l'.oger* 20 Theodore itogora 40 UO Kbaaeser Itngera 4 40 James lleeve 20 Francis lUder 40 C. H. Kcdmond... 20 John Kohs 40 Kli.'iui Sherwood 20 10 Csthsrino P. Bmith.... 2o 4n I'latt Sherrlil. . ft.) U? Boliert Hmlth 2" 40n Franci- Smith 12 A'tua 1C. '"ottthwi.'k.. . 8J W U Ham F. Sclimidt., . 40 40 Gcirge W. J"ar?g? I.ri0 * r? It. HtHle 13 JoKph VV. Savage 2.118 80 I/ titia ~aT*ge 222 12 John J. HchuyWr.,,,.. 80 8 John fwinboume 80 40 Stirling k W.ilto*..,. , 20 A. J. "perks 20 ?J4 Thomas u< ott .'10 400 Kim P. Han. if rd 20 4.*? rhottias Smiih 30 Joseph W. Savage, in John nopner i II. Bo U . . B< iijamln Jo*, pb C. Hosier J' Jaiocs C. Hallock William Hobn< B rijaai n F. Bvft.. 40 l'JO ?r?0 I >* n i.'l W. i'alcott... 4oo William S. 1 borne... ','H Peter D. T.tllm in . , . 47 Charl" ? A. Th ot|?on M Ml hard Te??.! ? 20 10 10 8 loseph Thnraton 70 40 Is vi W. ritord. 4 John Van Boikerek. ? ieorge Van Mu?kirk. E, N. Hedden, , . . , , ,, 20 J?? .t> Van WagoiWf. John J. ilirkK D. H. J mes.. Harrin.n Jour- 40 ftc Uliam Vcrmilyea . . . Henry A Ventrls 1-aac Inni* John Jack -on Walker I:. Joi.u., Janx i 1.. Johnson J. lin Johnaon .... Thomi.s Jennings Jackson k Hi pi ei .. Webb 10 llichard Witty.. 6 vamuel Wsilace. '*.0 ihomas J. WelN 2D ( lories W. Willi 20 20 20 28 40 ? 40) 4 18 20 10 40 Freder'k W. Waterbury 40 43 Paiah F. Wbeaton . 4 John William* , Jsnrf-s Jwk?< n 4 Winne k Burg ? H. II. Jones Char lei King M. H. Keith k Co. 8 4 .... 215 40 Cortland Wood k ('*>. . 2>H) 4 M*ua Waring 12 MD- Mary Ann Walton M Tl.ruitl Keech 80 Miss Georgette Walton a? K Keil>n 120 Mis* Catharine J. k. Kill?y k aloane..., l^De-ter T. Kell. gg Ahim It lambert.. John B Iawrenic. Margaret I.vd.cker 20 Walt 31 Mi*a fa rah Walton 28 Ague* Stewart Wslker 20 4'i Votings k Howell.,.. 20 1ft F. Vennl 40 Jo*?nh I^ngking 24 William B. Young.,,, 80 John IJddril 10 K. B? The foregoing fontalos the name- of tboae St. ckholder* only who reside ont ?if tl.e eouaty of Sew York, or whose reai tence I* unknown, and doe- n >t in fiude tho?e who*e reahlenre i? known to !*? In the rlty, J. W. ED WONT*. Referee, Trinity BuluUog-, 111 Broad Kfw York, Ai'|u*< 24, 11^. IFICC1AL VOIICM. , A GENERAL MEETING OF THK KIvjcKHOI^EKa OF the Butcher*' Hon I h^Ute Hide A?*oclatfon <>f the city of New York, will be held at the office of the Hon, situate on the corner of First avenue and iVth ?treet, in the said city, on Monday, the 10th day- of He1'* tember oeit, at half-past 3 o'clock P. M , when areeolu ti"?? will be offered ami voted upon for the dl solution of the aal'i association. By order of the Traateei, S. P. PATTEB80N, l-resident. KDWAKD I'lillJ.ll*^, (Secretary GBOBGE W. CAMPBELL, Treasurer. New York, August 90, 1865 An Am al to the BrarKVOi err ?a widow, with a daughter, l aving arrive I lu tbla city utterly de*tHnte, without friend:' or acquaintance*, venture i to np[e*l thui publicly to the well khown sympathies of the Inllucntial und huxiAuc. Hheia Car from de*irlagto become a burden, nor doe* alio har'oor <be idea that by rolicitiii#, and peihnps procuriug nupport, elic can free he' -elf from person:!! exertion; h'-r U. )>C it- that thl* pub lic vlio ri-T'T yet have been known to turn from the player of the OwtrcMed. would by their charitable and prompt aid, enaMe her to meet her pr??ent absolute van' until she can procure employment by which ?ht< may ward olf tl at after muery with w.iih she I* at the present moment threatc -icd. Her l.u?l>?nd and father of hfr child w:i? a 1 ree Mar-on, mid to them *he also mxU n thl- appeal. An>. Information rvsjuirfl of her situation he,, will be gla Ily furnished, ir uny d< nation thankfully revived audgrfttetolU acknowledged (through the medium of this pajfri b\ itiMresatug Mr*. Q ,, Herald office, A 7CR 1 XTElfc-TfT/''N<; DKR N(XTHI.EH?EN t tL xfn Eeutcbncu von Norfolk uud Fort trouth, V*. ? Gie \ erhcprungeu des p. lbcn i-iebers in Norfolk, Va., und I'mgebung haben an^h unsere IwtM whneti'len Staaitneegenoe'en nnd war um so halter gctrotren, *ft dl< sel'en ihrer weit pro- -eren Zahl imrh der unbemit telfen KLvne angeborcn und durch fngewohntaein de* Kliuin* den Elnfiussen d< r *chrecklichen Kranlvheit urn Icuhter tugangllch Rind. l as durch ailgemt-ine Ver dlenitloslgkelt bewirkt-' Mend liefert der i'T'idcmlf t.-ijr lich nCue ? ?pfi-r ; viele li mitten find Uirer rirnrihrer be raulit, und Hunger und l'est etreiten firtj uui die flerr cchaft. Die I'nterieichneten wenden Mich vert rauens vol! iin 1!' hewahrte MUdthntigkeit d?r dentachen Itowohner New York*, uio den bedrangten I njrhickllrhen elne I'nterjtutzung 7U Temhallen. lieitrage werden h"ute I ienetag undMittWOch entgegen gonommen durcb H( rrn J. Windmuller hi der Office der Ilerren K. A. fc 0. 11. Wltthau*, No, 61 Exchange place, und In der Olflre der N. Y. Staats-7eitung, N'o. -11 William atreet. Oelriclu ft Co., I/>eschlgk We.iendoacU ft Ferdinand Karrk, Co. I^-npoid Blerwltb, Spie.-, Christ and .lay, Wlndmm lier, A. ltoelker ft Moellminn, Fredk. A'ietcr ft Aeh> li - . A. H. Wltthnuh. IiliNKVOUiNT HXIETT 01 r VlTKIi SON> Ol ERIN. > A special meeting of the above aocleta will be held at lb'' National Hall, lorty-fonrth street on (tht?) Tu' fday eiening, Aogu^i ill, lit ft o'clock. All tnember^ are requested to attend, a* t>u=ine?? of importance I" *o be laid before the meeting Bv order of THOMAd EGAS, I*rr-.iden?. Jobn CfAHRKiAN Becording b"c'y., pro t^m TJWENCB AN" 1 1 GERMAN?'i'RANHI \TIN(i ? THE I N X? dernigned, favorably known for year* for hi* pt"feii hinn:.l c?mf?-tency, c<'nt!niie? to give privnt" in<tructi( n In the above lunguaL" and lite ratnre, ?- alto the rin^tic* and Englinh branches, ut his room* 4Ri droadway, near B;' (me street, or tiiOKe of hie pupil*. E. TEI<I<E8IN<1. ?VTOTICE? 1(? THE IMjSUHOI J*EB8 01 Till Fftf.NIX Mining and Manufuetocing Company of Virginia. ? 'I lK*fco bondholder* who do not ?< < ept of the propo-e i ar ninp.-ment on or ln fori tin 10th day of Septamber nett wiil then have to de; end entirely upon the *ecurity they may ha?e tinder the ?uppo id moitirigc. a> the pr< <eiit proposition will not be rontinni lor renewed after that date, l or full particular* apply at No III Broadway between 9 and 12 o'clock. l'.W'II) !? V00HHE1-"'. 0 1. A.? THI MI JtBiJtS OF NATI'tXAI CHA1TKR ? No. 18, O. i . A., ore re^ueMed to at'eod a meeting at the'r room*. No. li* Bow r\ . on Thnwdav evening, AugiuitM, 1855, at 8 o'chx-is, a* bu*ine*?of Importance U to come l^efoi" the meeting. Bv order of A H. i>' l'l.FV, Kachrm. TO WJBTWAItB Sllll'i'WtS. _ Tl;AN-spOBTATl"5 C'ffi'-e. Baltimore and Ohio liallroad Baltimcre, Autru -t If', 18i."'.? In con^cjuenee of great mlarepreaen talions having been madi t.? interejtra i>artie? 1 beg V; Inform the public th:.t the ?light ob* traction on thi* road, st Kingwood Tunnel, U no* entirely removed: and tha' freight (as well a- p*?*eng>Tti i? now forwarded in l-ota directions promptly on icheuule time. Tht conttnaa tion of thi* despatch U eu*ured by thi buiidiug of an ad ditional road tvei the bid a". i*.iry;?oou, bv widoh the ntt of the ttinnei will l.e avoided, until its widening and arch ing is Dnb.he-1. This new trail; la nor in u*e. The bn si ne** community is confidently in-sured that tiieir freight tK-tween the foiir great Atlan'tb- ? itles an' the Wnt wiii fx- transported by thi* road, and it* connecti<<n* In Urn* at least as *hoit, M rate* a- low. and with a* mn<.l. pene.-al >aticfactl?. u af by any other route. Shipper* ai Nnv York are referred to ' ur agent, H B. CROVCWEI '? office of lialllmorc steam-hip corner of Wa*hingtoQ ?cj Albany street *. JOHN. U. IIONE, lla-ter of Tran*portat!i n. POLITIC AI*. Ijmrr ^kmmi.y ih.'Tkkt ok we^tchmh k have ' fleeted a? Mniitn to Syracu*e (aitin l'r' -t and 1 1 inch) I^ikin. ana I . J. ll->rton and John Carpen ter as alternates. VIT YORK, Ai (.1 -T ^7, 18&0? T<i THI till/1 N of the Fourteenth ward.? S*oiae mallelou* politic* 1 trlrknters li;ne tx-en laboring to prejudice the people airainst my election h ? Aldermm by circulaliog a report tturt I am a Know Nolliing. and have received m> n? i*1 nation by that t rdes whii-ii aisei-tionl hereby pronounce to be a gi* * and malieiioa* tiil-chuo>l. as I have no a "" elation or aym pa thy for m< traitcrou- a m< lenient. The ?ho would prove tha* recreant to the cau-e of ju tice must be destitute , f all the finer fe< ling* ol humvn it v, and be an en< my to the caute of liberty. A "OBi mittic of wotting men. known as the ?? America* demo cracy," h.tV? be<-u pteaaeil to nominate me as a candi date for Alderman without any *ollcitation < n in part, and a greater evidtn" of my opi? sition to the Order of Know- N'cthiugUm or Maine law unaticUm could not l>e prodtMtd tiian the piatform of the American dem cracy, as it tales a most decided *1 irtd again-t tlio.e de<poti< movement*. I have ai.-?< iK-en infortm-1 b\ the committee that one of the piincl^fll re:i-,on* of their organizing a new party Is in conect^uenee of the Know N"thin<s hating to<< mueh iudoenc in making nomination^ f'r the other partiea. Tmur obedient ?triaut, MICH Alii Tf'OMEY, TO THE INDKI'EM'RNT EI.EfTORF '?* TI'K F<i I I'TIf ward.? Through the argent eolicitHtioa of numfrou* ftiindu 1 have ron*ente?t to place m> nine befori (lie public a? an in<ir|H n<tent eandidati- fur Alderman "f nM ?ard. and ?boob I 1 he eleete<l I pleiljre my honor t'> prove true to food old democrat!'" principle*, and to op|x.-e with all my heart ami aonl that lufirieto- i ri?.tn,cnr t' e STain^ liquor la*. jA^tO Mt'RPHY. 37 Olirer ?treet. THE (fcUKSTlOlk. CIIAMI'AtiXK ? J. MI'VKR, JR., BOLE Dn'OimCP. Of Mlleeart ?almon? Ter*<-nay champagne 14 Broadway uirites the attention of tlie trad? to Li* new .hlpinent art thla celebrated brand of ?in?. Order* b'.lml upon Um noat liberal tertni K. M TOMI'KIN-. A?ent. Pllll A I'Fl I H1A I AC.ER BO K, FOF. I t'BIJt SAMKHW anil pii?ate l.ini iiec, buttled. Imlf iint?, per down; pint a. 4?. per doten. In kef- for Ihe neli vered t? order, lit. IU'EIUXO. corner of ('live.- an . Henry afree^f, "TrriXKH, BBAITW& (,I\S. 1TC-, Of IP Sl'.tS HUT ff pip** q Barter c? - k- and octa?' ?; ea<h pvk?s< accompanied ?ith eertiiicate of importation. For fate from w!iarf or from b< n'led Wlreh' u?e. by 2 . H. SOWtlM k SON'?, 1? Be* ?er -treet. AIAHV WrWU' IJKF To IN-THier IN VOTAl. and lj -truii, ental mu dc In a family ?here It w old I*- con-idered n imutx riM' n for board h'flie t refer enee# f iT.n and required lle?,e a Mre-a liftru< tre - Broadaay Po^t office. M'B/)t>E<?.N~ Ml ASV KXIIiBIMfp.s fUl tlereland ' hi ?. bavin? been th"roi>yhlv ven Iv ted. pain'ed and repaired * lib new ie> r (tr .. i? to let b) the day wtel, month or yeur , or u?.*nl.l. term* ma'le with band* of mirvtrel M all kin ' of eghi'.itlon >, by the pro] rtetor, Ad !r< M< I !e >n CVretand Ohl ?. 1)1 A Vf /FORTB- ?A HWl t<ll>"~M YKS~~0< IAVI. plane COM will be -old lor $300, ha' l>ei n u-e<i but a le? month.* a'"> Te al for $140. |U0 IIM and flTft. warranto! iu t reiy re'j-e t. In (ulit at > p i i ufr atreet, 1>IA.\o. HARI AXt> <;l im<: ? IHtAKO WAJflt 7>T\ N< * Votk i f Bri oklyw by 1?<!t and pntlean harlnf the alW'Te iB-triimi nl' wh? ? iney eovM pay part In ln?tr?ctloi.- on e<1h? ' or In -li (rlnf r?pM pri'gre-* in-nr?'l. Ad<lr> no Mr. - 'ir ri. 17ft HMmis "t. -?rIxra>~iiT~ a- ^ tin a v ~w sorR." ("?r'i'TvE ff eapuei'ie :< eituati<.'i in a ebnrch ehoir. For partlrolw apply t'i narfent^rf k Lule, 7<W Drwdtar. K RKNOVAU. KWMVA1 ? D. H. AftNOU'ft U). IIAVJ lt|Af??VO? fri tn No. no line etreet to Ho. IB Broadway TRAVEIXERS' (HIDE. Ifl AND AM' yf'HT HAMILTON ? ON A N l> #i?r Monday , Avirott *T, the ?t<-?mer VM;WAllv wtll make only two trip* a day to Fort Hamilton and Coney l?land loavinf Am-'" ftreet at v?"% an4 I'i *prin? afreet ?' 9f{ and 2 I'. M pier No. 3 V K , a' 10 A v and SS I' M.; Ii-avfrm Coa*]T l?lati l at 12 *nd 5W tMtk Itif at I'ort Hamilton '-aeh ?ar la-e f-r tb? *br !? 'f rnraioB -Jt cent*. Foil fa e (br ehlldrttt. F~ WiMo'misca. mhu-wsbi r\ "nii.m avi?-. and CVeau I'ort.? The b.?<rtt? at amN JAMKr> CMOMKOrBLK lei. re. J?j atrewt pier lor tl?? ?hr?e ( a"? on Monday, Anm*1 27, at 0 T M , Toeadaf, V<fth, nt y.H Wednesday. 2tnh at 4 I' M , Th 'ira-lay ;KK?, at 4 r. M ? Friday, 31^ af 4 I' M He-ara ag. >???, (;{?l wWtiA.ii. fMtrHxtt*. ^ VERY LATE FROM CUBA. Arrival or the Qrtuisda ? One Werk M?r from Huv una? Arrival at llw BrMhh 8)??mt-r at Havana from Vera t'l W'm Santa Anna on Board 1 Tlie moll ateauitihip (?ranada, Cupt. (IrifBn, oriived lait night from Havana. whence the bailed on the 28tf i ait ? The Bntiah mail ateamaliip W yo, which loft \ era Cruf (D tlie JTtli Inst., left Ha 'ana on the -"3d for Southamp ton, Fngl:in<5 Although no ou>- on board the Granada Lnev whether f uot .?ui*a Anna had arrived at Havana in the Wye, j. t he wa-> prdtmbly a pawnger In her The m >\ em? nti o( |a?<engrra like Kinta An ua an not w? qiiivklv tn i K' kiv.wnat ?utli a pUte a- Havana a- at New Vor >. it will be *e> n from th? le'ters publiatied below ?hat hi* f were e?|*TU'"d *y the Vye. Ajtropot of tii jt : a J-j'imi.'b war h< c am r left Havana <>n tlte ?fcl init. ft>r Vera Ciii*. He ?lci>ne>? of Havana woo on the inrrwe, tho ftil-r ?aa coetiL^l piincipally ta the avldier* who livl b?n r?*m ? ve i into tho country . the viJuntewn reSeviag tLfin on guatd. by onler of I'iptain (Jetieral Conrha. It in pef-vtauently determined th:it the black military or gaaUMtlon, f< tlu* def-uce of tho Ialaud, f-li'ill continue, and that they will UOt liav<' a national N?nk established in Cuba. Sugar bavera were fi"tiv<?, a'lmlttinn advanced rat*? The ntoc\ atj'he nl of the *eeK bad p"b*bly dlmiriUbed t ?-> 90 000 bov-?. Molas ?a acaree. und at high pi !ce* Frf ijfht ? Mot any to pay. No dlfrturbanre i ? ?o termed ? but a gO'A i-van; '<oa?t f?: a relation*; in re in number thannnual in auchdull timea. Nu''prot ?" veaaoU in pott, ml gi-ne down t>? h '.p i-.irita A ana run nwar. Ided, Autftint 2., on boaid tin* f.rana(l? J. hn llaxter, agM30}< ?nr?, ofdU a-eoftne Ueatt; li<- wa- buried at. OUrt U AY ANA COKHl .'POSl'i-NCK. ll\ in i, August 20, I8.1.I Brtg-ff -War at Vrrri Ct>: Waiting to takt Skints J'ino on SnanifA Mtaw) t*nt to \.t Atrisiance ??"* ' 'i j awmp tb ?? Trooji/, ,t ?., tf*\ Although our journals there i o'Hhing impor tant 'T tlie British eleume*, we be/in t get items of klexl an wvr* from Vera Ofiu 6U1 August, and New Orleans lt'th. We had quartern prepared tor Sautu Anau lure. who was expected t-. arrive by the Wye The British brlg-of-war Paring wa* waiting ot Vera Cru/. to take him on board. In every distracted ? ountry, kugliiml ba<- always ? look out along shore to date- high placed vi'Iliny, and prevent (lie punishment which ha* been turned in crime. Ic It (o couiiicnwre for the mi'ch'ef t!ir> nurture* through h< r political agents > The new . vegitliorfr m the fnlteJ States i- such a* to make tu look with g tat Interest for tLe next Lite lligtuie from the seat of war. It I* said that th* Sp.-.nMi war steamer which got to tea at 6 o'clock yesterda; afternoon lins order* to pro ceed to Vera Cti.* and to take iich part as may I* pro ? cer to sata Hnnta Anna, or aid in his escape ettoufil it I,.;, nr.'f.sjrr. The f ar in <r I- that ho has n I been per mitted by bis ft lends t" leuTe them to answer to tbe #i ileral party, or be would have shown hi* leg in our "pits" before this by the aid of the lirltlsh brij-ot-war I :u ing roti' ot the Mexican steamer*. The Reamer Ww, which left f.r St Thomas yesterday nioi ilng sold pec lip liere at I pci ccut premium. 'Ilie Cre ? ent Ci'j ha* not arrived from New York. The steamer U Iiorado will leave toi Aspinwall to-day. aud th? (Itottje Law, which wc were advlatd by the ?R?aiU wCm-d be here on tLe 21 t, ?c aro no* told will probably he here the 2.'>tli thtr steam communication i% mu'ti taterrujted, hut a* long ? Sebash pol remain* I ?'.ijj.o-/%wi !,.? f i ? right to c lajteln \Ve 'mve Mckin ?? among th troop* v. Mcb have lately anirt i in tbe country, but uoegossive mortality: am) it Is snpp <e<l that ttelr withdrawal from the ci:y will stnv the plag e. Our bn >-ni-- iu sugar, tb<* stock of w!i*i h Is much f duccil. ht>? teen v?r\ actlvc through lb?> l?-t week :it advari cil -peeulatlve rate K\< lianga? j Nr* Vol!:, ' ? to 1 di tOuut. l/.ndoa. 11 preoiluin. Kifig'i! ? I". |i< i h. x ngat . M hh I. tnou-- ? I. [C-.-t. i o! i m e f.f the (Tin rl< >t?n Standard. ? Uav ivi Auf. 17, IM It would be '|iii to ii ? it- ;. attempt MivtMn/ in ti c a.iy of p<.lit'cal news ;? tlve pre*< nt time. I do not know ert-n tbe <'/if,taln f.'enersi iw|wt? a conspiracy O'fi ' rt- > Ms i!e :it the present tiuie Indeed thnttnnt tionaij "ti:..1 b 'Vi iettleil himself 4own ba ihei itd"! of an hit re<iible quiet in bode, mind and soul. He (we frar i. i ' I into, and be cannot tell any more nnplea?ant Ifu*"-, lie bas iloue th ? snuie for btrumpes, and the till* bu-t".-' in the t'nlted Stat-s are terrified in fnct, h< )in? crunbed the conspiracy that threatened to dUturti the ordain' I condition of thing' on the ever-faithful Ulaiol; an what more nee>i he accuiplisb' He h;^ tioni this ic' only to hi* own attraction but to the satisfaction of beadqua tei - In Sptiin. Ite l^nr-en has traaamitted to him. tbroogh the .^'- of the Trcasnry at Ma'tri ), an i trial appri bntion of hi general course in tlie sup pre ? -Ion of th" conspiracy, and hi* patting mueketi- Into the bauds of the blacks in partloular. Tbe Corte- al>o i-xprc-se.l to bim an approta) of all that he had done. Concha ?j- -o*iil a I is Had witti this U-t that he raide ibe ptellmioary arrangements for a gr.>nd parage in honoi of it, to come of on tin oth inst. A ratlier (larce storm. lio.? i v. r. rendeiod ncli a display itupirftCtleabla. and he accordingly ? ?? content to lii-clate bis gone for tune to his sutyert* through ihe ? Uimn< of the Mario, accompanying the information with an address to the me i who La<l set T'd him which no one will say i not sufficiently jatriotlr. Tlo folk>? ing are the d><u meats The Pecretaries of lb* Constituent Cortes intorm me (tlie Secretary of Stnt i that in ihe s ??i'>n of the date (29th J' ne; the following proposition has been appro*e<l. We ask the Cor le- to be plea-cd to dedara that lieuto nun ? ?iCne'-;il I" . rti la Con' ' a < #o\ ernor and I aptain tie neral of the Inland of Cuba has .le^erri"! well of tbs conn try in t'ie dlHrult ci'cim^tanee through which that An tliia b'u >d, a" well as the authorities tbe army, tie niTy and the Toluwti cr militia that I a\c seconded him. and t.'.e iu! a Wit ant - e ho have presented him '*ith an otic ot their property to sustain tbe national luteg rity. f'" ?M? VotrviVTHi T.ritvtte of thnTik" which you h' ?ejii-' henflis th< solemn espreaalonof tin- coun try pl> tued it your loyalty and service. It will bean gruren on < ur heart* indelfibly : wll%in' rease. If t".?-ible. onr resolution, and will Tnultlpjy our valor \o defend nn t i'.l leatb, awordlng to our oath the glorious bauueruf [ Cas'ilr. Th' worthy rcprr-rntatrvf-s of tlir nation may reit as snte l that *c dial) kuov how, at ecerv baMTu, to pie serve f .i' f snd to affl'inc- more find more the conserva tion of this up' tint part of th" -|,nnlsli Territory, i sliii. thns reip. u t rtipeetfully to ih' Qu'-en snd the ua llona representation toh?i?<g t > their sovereign notl'e the prrf'und gra'ltndi wlthwbichonr hearts are filled for the rem . rkabh- distinction which il,e\ bate ileigi. e*', toconfcr uj 'U us. Fie if /ii' i i'.i i/i Ansa .' .m-l Id I \ COS'CHA. After the publication ofth i.ln.vr the Captain <.cn? tal received the C'liigratubtlona of tlie aaittlary nfllcer , little and large. Tbe well known buiMIng occupied as the great restau rant of thr r|!r the l*ominicR, ha-- hrcii s?,|d to th< Bishop of lt:i? df. cess, (tbe {*|iers b* ing made out in I

Barer of the sifter of hi- revcrenoe, however.) for ttie um of >4'i (ssi Th ? must t*> a very guod bargain for tlie building bring* ?VS) iint per month or M (XH f>er an nii'n. ti reasons tile i?r cent ujh n the (?rlo'-iatl b?ve?ted I'll" ' ft i? not si'uatr | in the I rii'^l Vfaw*s and !l*at aisV.'> r? -1 glit <I1IT"!< n ?* in income. The Italian f*pera Company is yot be e but not eith r< n.trkal'le sucf -s. Tin brig Adela arriT' d from Charleston on the ltth, and rem'>i'i- stoat. t?h' ?old her rice to day, but the terms of the alfbaien" b"n ??>]? public. I em !o- you an ?.fh< ial return of tbe drawing of the n.yal lottery, a pan the t th Inst. 1 here wae coiMeta , Me exctU-n?e?t upon the d*v follow, n* '!??? drawing? It ha ring been repmrt#?l that th" blglieet prli' draws by No. '^CQCfi. waa taven by *ooio halt ilo/f<i negr<M wIk. accorndiog "i a ctttmofl custom lie" had onlt<d their slender mes nw to pttrebaae a whole ticket Ho rue of the i.nfortiiniite i ne- were so Terr un" .sonat>le as u gmsi ? Ic i aaslderablj that so large an amount of aonoy shooit iu!l into the b''> mds of darsl'-s Tbe ?1'isTt howeeer, proved to hare U<\i ?tiri.-t without snv n t?' ? n. This Bomber Is b?ld t>y some one nut of tlx City, I be tieve and I l av not fieatd thut it has yet u? n claiaed. Ibe health of tl.' Htj Ic go?"l Thee ba?e Iccn -oirve Cf* rn rrf yelioa ferer, t.ut not eoongh towsrrsn' sny terror ?.n acr-f nnt of them either h"re ?.r mye'i' re el?e [f <>rr?".r>-indei ' i of the ' 1 arleston Cooris r.l 11 < ? * ?. Augn?! IT, iMf. lb? choir* a ?tpeor? de'evm ?>' I to "make It* ms-k" looie 'eglbly bemrelt tal.' ? i'a dej*rtnre There were I learn fr' m the lest authority, no le than n < ?> i um' i g-t ouf ritirena yesterday. I ?m unable t ? 'ate the nt.rol>ei o# dea'b* ft r ail such matter - sr' > ? p sciet as and tlo i? I erbap? an a ?' ? f w( iien a? we well know that 'lurtBT th? pre alene' '? flu leca. feat occasions at ka? ti many deatb* ? 'lie M ? ittase it < if. S'f.Trie iw. t r ttiree r?-giin?'nt? '-f tl.e reg'i lar r'^lijlers bare ' eea >eot Into tt *? country, ati'l I hav ?bsen?'I orm of tk> tlhwtif rs per (or ruing a portket ot tbe duty of this garrl ? n for a <lay oi twvpaet. The only inuuiripol t?*'ih'i n that bistieen ad"pta.l to pr event theapread <f th? cholera ia aa order b rt<td ? 'ng tbe keeoing of p',- in stol.let k- withia Ihe city or its in. m< i late r.etjrbli' i hood. Tliere Sating t.een ?ev rat person- |w l ae I ft in rcr '.Izrt- In the ice ert sm sli<p|,? tn i nlcr ha? U?a I* ue?l f>>' * idding tie Me of e> pj-< ' uten ii? In >11 sor b |.!*C" also in pi tillc ealing bou?es hr fiur *tre*ts are in a ?r.ill> ftl'hy c.n'! 'ion aid 'he st ent* emitted by the drains ?r>- tno ? odorwr"e< If the?w. do n'd Increase the si rewl afrh l'-ra iuour ui 'l*t I know not what *111. A duel was fought rcently he'-reen two fcdlrees ? ' tf>? f-^-inish armjr Yftey Wtre tiotb repo ' -sr- ? t 4?sd lh? Brltl-h l.rlg f.f war Ara' wa olf tbl* hsrtesr y?? '? 't 'si A '??*' r .n?e on shore fr m he', althowgti "he ?"<1 n- ? enter th* pr"t )tc? n ,nd ('"uteaaot ?li"??i' < ? ?> - re rep, rta-1 he; b^ eaje leaaed ery !i??ry ? *s tber at sr* S n.1 snaW-'v >?< vpei en ) f .r th* safety of tk- IM t, h ri a l stesmer Wy? r.-'W o ' n ? dar? crentae fr ee Vera r ? "h* fsivi.. y tA i*an?a Aaaa u nyttwi hers ilid t frjia Met! A ttva'J Ut bees v ti -imi B, (rtMt W T??M Matanur. to arrange hl? affair*. at the expiration <?. wtilrb tlint- it la understood he will jVw-eed to Spun '<? f*crt the term ot bauirhuieat, in ai^wdaoce ?ith Mir restturii i ru .id upon Li in. Mr?. Kobert ?.n, tho wifc ofCo'onil R?.^>ert*oii, a-'inj CuittdMatea Consul beie, ?a? ??feljr deiimred ,e.<t?i j?jr NttrnJn# Of a female child, who, with the liV' -W, I nut b?H'7 iv add i? doing well. M AILKKTH, Bj?< \>k, Au*. IT. 18&0.? " ugara are eery Arm pr|r?* are gradaaty advancing . Speculator* burin; up o*?rJ lliioj; i'Vrii*{. 'lUe atock in Kit much reduced, ?*? bore mul nt Matau.'Jii, to about in nil 110.000 boxes. I iju<<e the eunaut iwicei": ? WWte- inferior to auperhn? w? 10.H rialc. S<>-. 1.1 to 16 J>. 3., Ji. i8rl?U; Nc?. m to 18 II. s- , (*' , * 8'^' rtaU; browni, No?. II to 12 l> R, 7?, cact"'itriio?, Nw. 6 to 10 6*4. Murcora do- ? N? ntuc> tin 1 n? operation*. Clayed molnm** very ? rarc? ? lit f> rtn'? per keir. MiimothUo ? none Hum i? in lew dc tund ? #iH\e declined a llltl* ?ai from t-M to $?' 0 ]-*r pipe. without caak. and |?4 to$.'U? aiih cu'ka. froleh'- ?ontin -tvcry ?1tiM. I oucHetn f-ur< ?.<? ,X>- . to 3f>?. To the l .-dtn' M./tt .< , * ?V per bo* ?ml f". SO j?e; hhd. ?u (tai?, and 11 Mill. mo la* if- Lxcbanaea have at. upward tendency? 4hf In t ?por?t|on>. reported mere done an Loa dan. at II to 11' r<*r eeiil premium. On New VeiU, at 1 |r?T cent d vji.hi Tobacco ? "Hie i?irki?t ft.r aoia* Ht tl<* time j 'i ' ha- l*en i?upplic.' with the d(IR rent ^i "'ii>- or I *rttd<?., ami Bit- lovaer and middling grndV of Vuella AUi.lo In tlie product ?if ttiir In t ill iricl tlm dcmtnd tula net continued *o jel price* have i?l glrea trai . I miote neai ljr a* po*?lble an c*r uiv hot lepo-l, iav }10&to & JOO for w, Jr.* and 'ta; $100, 4u; $W' to MM. 5a ? a and Cardura, according to aclection, finality, Ac i , I >%rc beard In hrvie inMancra of er> n high, i iale- lliarv the ft>regoln;r hawing been paid. Out ol oi.r -Met' humeri Pr exportation to the l ulled h'atea ha? returned to t)>at country, and le-< animation exi?t ? for exportation: rate- , hom ier, coivtlnac firm a? before. ] (|Uo:c $Wl to $100 tor la. Sn and '%la i<*> 4? $1* to > T?, 6a; #10 to >.0, (a . according to <j UHlity and .*>itlon. fcegar*. ? 'the Ti ry hcfh rate* obtained, owuyr to llwKieut ? cnrrtty ol ? p. d aintorliil mitiMr fi r manufacture, bavo Induced o am manufacturer- to eeace manubetur lug ntO ii ?? crop cun be made available. Tin- tUy n.cnt? ol fine aiirar i fur Krnnce conllnue aomewbal < x Im-lvely, aim nflord the cnlal source of employment to tl'O-e ot our rainufifturtt ? who keep hand" employed. Afffctra tn ttir FMth Ward. to liu. H'lnm of tuk hkiuli*. la j. Urday't tt c< unuiaicaUon app*arn. ?igt.e.l R ? M. M., thai demand* from me a reply, 'hat the pu'wlic n * know whether tli'.' cliM-g< tliereiu t "ii tn ?j el i pal 't the j.i lire* of ll f? v aid ate utrtetly ti ue or in accordant* *rh tali and impartial Jimtlce. It charge* '? ti.rit St. JoliTj' Turk ha* become infected with n net of |?i' k | ocket bin (f'ai n. ativet walker* nun Tagi nut*. to an ntcnt heft r uttkuowii to t li<- reident- of that before quiet mi ) retired locality." Now, at to pickpocket- unit burgh. ' ki' liuTC It" information i?t the station house of auv I'epredatlona hat ing been committed a'?mt that lu oil ; lij i. i'li character a? to warrant Mich it conclu sion, le;i?t t.f nil such a sweeping H-scrtion. ludeel, crime of l lia t nature, tlii- run! hii ? been r< r\ free from ft r tlii' lust ?enr, and it ha* bHt a cour*e of mutual <">i? gratulutlon among our -elves tint ? ao few burglaries w< rt con ii lifted In tlit* fifth ward, while ?> many were taking In *11 direct!' ?*; unit without wlthlng to dlH liny Itili'lM'U * rnUipaiUoU* w ilhothor ward-, we felt eonsrlou." 11 at thp duties impotted an uit werp diichuiged as faith fully ft mi vigihri'l* a- in an* other Kurd in the clfy, unit we we'# and are m* Iron- of hat ing the conDdencc of oar It Hi w clh/Oiin. We are al*o charged with being ami * iu our iMity iu allow ing an attempt nt burglary upon the houi.e 0( tlie lhaJlinn CeiiMlI. which Oi i UIied in th" morning he. twd'ii *lx ii oil i even r> clock. One i f t lie olfrndci s In thl irii wn ai ie?ted In a Third ward i-flVcer, who war* pa it f at he tin e, while th' mew'ier* of nil rnmnwad were hwd In re'*rn> in tie atktlen houw>, It hi >np tbeocca -Ion of * I . ?? i ? l? ? i ntii ti i i the anion' ip?tlo? ?>l ?ti\. cry in tlo l i ti"h Wi ? Indie*, t p n diligent inquiries uf these living in l??'h f net , bordering on St. John'* Line, I ri nnnt hear ? ? t Mt I He a't-mp' h i\ ; n it \>ci ti made Iu that ti' mlt> . and n. doubt the sconndr. I ?*u frustrate I in tl - at t< nipt l.v tlit app Ii uf the poftf etna u ?nth>t pi !. The ii i'.? 't in KisnMIn ntreet. near tl'? t Itrnail w.iv. uiltideti l" Ia V* . M. M. lut* nut t?o<*ii i < p?.i ted t<> the at ion lore, i 1 learn hjr m^uli ing "I the tn Ighlmr ? iu I* '.ukkiit f t ofattt auvh rnM>erj', Smtlj theeotn ptainnnt W'lT.d not I no <!rnwn n|?>n hi* Imngmati tn. i- much f ?? the roW" i< ? li t ? i vt walker- alltnicil to are ma 'e up in" lltr ol n ix.tut gii t? tlx iug >n th mit'ii liu'.e vicinity , win. dm li.g 'hr ?hiOi ' iimmCi < wtiing? tt ? <* act to tii^c n ?troll tuc?utid tl'f l',?rk. Kiinfllimi' nrrc?m^f?U'l ?ht Ir nuili* nruufiintMQce*; ??!<! ii- tt g* ii?*rul tiling t!u*ir u K'lttiHttt i ffij ?x?nt|iUir>- liiai l? w 1 viotitcn ?!?? ocru#l' r l?< bf* iin*t urunwi th?- Park ! hnT< n<? i!"uM; ri?l<*c t if wnyM f?r r *rv *trnrj(f?- i iliMl I t jiiitiful i?ml bin J' 1 1 ill v ig? ; at in/ jot rli'Mild In* mi. ilreiv frtf (r?ui, vfiiir jK?Uut? l j?r* enrr h aliuont i %*#? m htioi t ftri'i j U i Jin! lornlit) i" rnorf or lr - nrir?<tc?| \,y Ihem. Witlifji 'he ! ,??t llir?*f? Of four wnlkfr/# hift incitn?eil In tlii* eltr to an ularnilri# *><? ruurh mi ??? to lee ti?tt an intoirrmM'- riui?aa<*?' in runny of our rm.*t j iit'lic u ? Hi a quiet atrpi t.-. i for ono, ho|?< an l lolir.i that \q\>lh ? I, n??t fur distant ?h<n the citi ?? i? of New York w. II ha e to dtri'l*' for th('in?e(fe? w ln? fh?ll !tuv? |o tt* i"fi <f our >?tieet?* at uiirht f?ro*ll tut' . ? i h t> c i til- flfN ii'liojr in their train, or otir wiv and ' pi ter ?and Iu?y?* meh law ? oa< o<la?? will l?rir>i^ tl-i in ai?d 'rtli'-r dl^rdfrly fh?n< ter* more e t r I** 1 1 v under tli? ?ii ?(iHa? '<* of th' . Our Uw*, at pre-^nt, uj on t)*? h I j ei t ar< totally inHBelent. V't liavc I'tiddvonti in tfiU mar?l toabafe f)tf nui^an^, >>ut I te^ret to a< Uuo?l?*dtFv? otir eHTor t- ar# almost fruit Irsn and al) for tin vnnt of prorer lit# Strain M M. elm rgir. ? And ^ii Ihur ?iav l*h' at ~ o'clock A If. hr. itirftll % r? turning fmm a profc-* ria' vl?it ; hf- ? 4" way* la.d end ?truck by ;? *l> ng allot, orodudn#, ll 1^ aid, a c< lof^D fid f met are of thr *kull, from which It i* f^arM l e will not reciiT* r. ' l')M>n (fiiof to tlx Ikiclfr'- Ivmiw thi- mot n n:( V? learn the pat titular* r#l the ad aff.iir mid im|tiiri after hi-t health I wa- agrteatilj urnri ?*d to learn tl at thr I r c'or wai in v?'f% irofrl health and out of town. Tie CHin!l> w ? re Ilk ft* if' much MirprW'd at ruvh it k the account in th* llaitAij*, nothing td th?* kind h iv IT <<rurr*<l to bin. In onr inultltndioo ii dutie*, Mr. lilltor, we are rha'|re<l with crime* ?d onn-? "O and run Uiie - i? it nultirii ut ahuoiit to bring tlie niore iin-itire ?morg u< to a preJMtnre graie. lor th. mke of i liuii t? , do not bring rharg ? *gaiu?t u* of which we ar> en tirely Innoeen', I'AMH. CAi'.l I.N rut Captain Fifth Witrlct. The flUInt UlT. Before the fit/ Ju.lg*. Ti.e fa <? of (be (.W iiu League uuaiii-t Mr. <1 charged with a Tkilation of t '>?? Maine law in ?ellinf ?j>irttnou? II jijur* crime up yratiriajr aflern'on for hear ilijf before Jtnljrr Muart, in U?e offlro of the (TI f Jwltf, at No. 37 Chamber* atreet. Mr. Ti/mllri'Ori ap[rf-are.| for the dffmre, ?n.| Mr. (.apron for the j?ro icuUnn. Mr. Toii.!ltiu>n opened the can-. Hr maiutafiieil that lhi? ea?e ahould f> to the Court of tieneral S--*|i.ri far tlie |ur[x ?? < t having a t rial by jury, whir h couM not I* pa'neil in the ?- p? rial he He reel' ?! hr> point upf.n ? rectfon of the Milne law whirh granted to the ?e< u->?i a hearing und trial by jury In the Court of '.itn-al ? ?ion* 11' '? il tlii> w*a not an Important car*. The I law had alieatly l^'n >? ttle I a* unronatliatl /n il |i I. a I lotift -iri. r bten pamlj ted by,the intelhgrnrr <K the people i.nrl by the t|eriai</n? of our court*. Mr. Tumlinaon "poke ? l?tit three mimrtea. Mr. ( apron fi lli. we.l in l.i half of tli? r . <11 I i|(m? II' thought the lii?t remark of th gentleman Itiul ii'thm* to rto ?l?h th?- ce*c II"-, fr.r tme thought the la* eon II tilth ral. It harl been eonrelird tiy tin b> at le/al minda In tiw ta'e. He |.*<l read opinion* agaimit the frohlltl tnrjr U?, hut noi e of them liar! >haken hl > ennMeni-e In lla crnetltuli'.nallty. The <(Uen'.l< n now I- haa Mr. Wal lat. th? drVr.dan* a rlirht to ri,ntr tier- and a k In t?r trl'rl !????? another c urt, Now -lr I -li. il contend 'ha' li b?<MJ> ?ei tu n ? I 'li'- a- 1 < f April 12th' *? t In . n.ur I. h4M i*'? !'?' ? for trial- n >ti< la I an I t?? n. ml ( curKff S ainn? court ?? hir-h not r \ i?t m law. 'Jhi 1 1?!< !? inuo eratlof the rourta thU -ta'i rrwka im mention of a < oi rl of (Jeoeral -e i'i? Tin Value law pii/vlrtea thai Ikeflty Jin g* ?hallM> a rourt of ,?? ial i tp f. r tl e trial id tl.r ? ra ? ? '1 - < . ? n w i.r , (. i ti nl Till# la* (i/nfrri art ? '?!. * ??ro.l at. 'I ?p* >al Ju ri-rl,rti<n U| < n 1 hi- (Ity .lii'i." gl?ln.? h im ? ? 1 1 ? all j i. r ? in three lai ? a><- I r n' ?. I t.j ?'.e r ? ?? n? t,< i . r. ? t rurt<n f 'I. ? If t. " lt<. . j.* ?'? ' ? h? ? a j' rr l< ?? ai.rt ?. / :? r,i . t I r n-r . . ?h? li h i I1 | in <? in i r III n ? I t ?r no ? r i. n . h v : I - ii h li li ti l.r irnr it Int.. an. ? h?? ' t I it -tiff lit# 1 I In ?' itu'r. t Ap. I li'h 'h.t ti <? II. ' I a. I ? lert alt It in t *. n ? ; ' ? 'I ' ? ' I air. i ?b#-,l.? r > ? h II luiV# lila r?.i hear-i In th> . 1 n? ;t < 1 1.' ial S" ? - "I ? i . 1 ? n n . n i . ? , ' ? ? I I i ;a ? . t.e.e I" no ... h t>) ? ( a ? hh ir.atti r TI e ilr. it r.| / <i lln p-? .if .<?' my "if/ ? ? i f lia> ? ? I' to lr i ?#? 'ii' . thn? t| ?e. i. "ilBK-v !,..i1 i ' |<, a . r of ? In ? ' I't . r f'rf|e<?u'iite . > ? t|,' ? n ' n/ i-.m/i. ? < 11 !? ( o t> ? ?. ,..M t.f 1 1 a |ii i ? f hi< ?' i ? Mr. T< mlinarn f<Hlowe?l. Mr IVflJ'-nt I ti.ln? tli? n ?! i. )i tin otl.< f . urn < I h*< t , * ?, tr.i ial ll, ? >?? elll I* it j?il"l ? jr ih' t< Ji i.f t? j" Tli ? i-.ntW'' an in . t ?? f . nf b ?e il' ii rt th? art of Alrll !? tipM If It la th#n ah, ilr^? he ai't rrnitrol that tl?* nnfUtrat* I n> 'Hi f al.oobt rail a Jury a??t Uj tl?? ra e? fur tharr la i o la? If lirSii|r the ra ? up t#i th? arterial rmi if IIU? I, h ?er!|.^i ff.-l.t Ni'waetotbe rlftit to e|.t If i .?M.y Jury, ti e J V eani.'it pr ?e-t art u;-,n thi till I e ta r<r.Tto/.r| what roar.e li eo l?ct V.?a thia l<t.? la Jw?? tv a i n* ?a ar? arjulr.r rmi.iMk ? ? ?b? Ji rtf? jr.-. red to ?et ti j ' n It ??<'.fe It ta <U* i4a.t ? hat . ? ? i in take* a?A II th? /n4ge kw Ml y\ 4ttliM a* a hla n in ifartlrn ho* I. a . !),<? ar?i;-?.t to ? hi- 'hr il ?. ?l?rt when the 1 4.?rt haa o'.( jet Vr|.H a pon ttil ' tfhi Mr T* n '(Bar rt he *lto?M nM p ?a 1 W atf le ') I- ea-e at aay i?nfii II- (r?ali|aiH 'h' la? a br ra#e petiM * Ijr plain, an-t )*. th fnt t l.e ( art ? h' r. ? t #?-?"atnl; f"?x to the t h^la.t.Kfi that th' m B ?if the e'aore t., tw trte4 la Court t4 fi??eral *e-< ?? ik'aM ka fT?nt?4 iili a tr'al b| Jur;, a*4 '!?? ??; ;? ra?|tT??i tut b by traa Wrlaf th? :a? W the ( ??rt ?f f eneepl reunai 1h? Ce?f1 a?vi *k? ??***?* be f??frrH CMjr TBK wnta JTKICHKT CCMVMTIOV THE KS < W MOTBINOi OBNOCNCBD, fW. Tb. Conrrntion m^t at tt? MtokJ . a.? tlo i I ??ttu in(f, at 8 o cloc , and orgmun'd, do motion ol H. W ? of (lie Nineteenth wa.d, !?/ tbr choice of Bon ( \ty I . W <?. f tbe hi il *ard, * Ctniiwn )? ? i ??? Wu.ii, of |hr tKiiod n d, moTnl tlmt Jo C. I .'ofkney, of the erent^enth ward, and Horre Vn a Wjck, ?lxth w?rd, I* apnolatod I;.m ii-'.atic. fr? (em, Creden wra then rt plrr l nod racinel? Ailed In to n>r of th "?* d? Ui{*Ui>n.. The 4rf?fStal wire nwttjr litw; tr? and Jwdirtai fuucti?n-irir ?. Judgr ltmi v of th* T?W>t e li wild, n'.mlnatod e*. lleeordrr I icdrwick A. 3?Uiintl,t> for per>!ixo?nt pre Idiog olA ;er of be ( oxr^ntioiv ? l>Mi carried. Jf )ltC7 (Hi'rlvt At wwj-i in'ivcl for tlip U|)t>'alw nl of tfw tfnjjw*; v; Mcrct&rin fftnuNt ottci'-'i. Currixi. A re?iluth>n *?> c A?riM l.\? * d> I'u i t? to d" *?to nor?i nation ttir * cuudidala for ..'afiJP ??! III. ? ipri-i/'i C?)Ul, which t s wtlUdn w to (ti'v ?? .Two,* !*'<?' h I'tvr t<r nT..r , Hutlon tii?t Tt\?>rUr* ???' adniiVNV ti> Uie Cour'ution. The motion ??? lo?t, l>.*?Toti' afluit to M M' ~crp. ui ?u?i 1'"* i*>n ?i>o!. ?-Ui fu? ? of tM- reio Intloa, uMnh, K tm tt una Cor**.!* ( it. Dli coil' KMIot tliPD Ul i. U J (of iHJHtuti' (v'llt Jl with the In ltrning ivtuit. - Ifd. I'. Cowl# (; I! H. Khauun.,., 7 t'. I'. Klrkl*,4 \ Judur (on l.w was tliia d. i brru lUe uuauliuou* noi.ti a*' of ill con'Mtioa. It ?it ' tlirn iao?rd to re ao ? II. .(In mi mu f Woodruff, for ft* ftapnoi i ?ui, L/i? tianiuiioo T hi* kmiimbM In a uiotioa to tatUi'l. Oirring itu* niaeo" tl >n ? f tbrnt mot i?m I'lMrlct At tin a r 11*11 n"a I u I. t< - addr?a**d to hiimrir IndJlldmJI/, by Jttdgo **. W. C.i n| 1.(11, di . .in ii* h re-UomUaJon. J 1 1 i - I (In ex dip* i <1 Ihp tlmnk at tlir w iltci In hi' " IcUaw rili/' ?? " fni f!i?- conffet irtf upou liiin, I ut no rtli'ifii * ir mail* to the whig party or tin- * 1.1# fonwotlon. TbP Jinljje fcniKJunrrd h'f Intention rpturnii % t.> hli pe?'W ful liuuie at Cherry Valley. TLi ! t r produce' fr?iit excitnnent ant w*t no-. (.1 ?;ihgriu lutffti itlmi by tin' i!i fjpiti" Vurfau- |ii '.(^.-ili .nt am i<?di lor th" dlnporhlon of Chiiii beU'i letter. A motion 1? lay mi the table ?? lout by ? trolr of 17 ??> St). Mimllv It wa> CArilfl Hint t'jp t?ttrr le returned to Jud^. C.iinpbell, 1 u moth n of Mi . 1. liavlon of thi*H*t. nth Juit-. ,iam> i it ff?l li, ol tin' com) wvrd, contended, in hi* irmnkr that Judge Campbell ii-i . ! V?ilh tV' wry h??u? j. r oj.t ir? % ftddrm ft Irttfrlo Um Bard < fc"f' eonvmtlum ! (I )lro?<lWAY Huiim*, Im cihim 1i? )vu\ \>'U(r H|?' r#*H ?lf \ to \h' it wlii^ hii l Ihat lit* IiikI no nulit to i? - um?a a u |>o!to t ian, Hint h nnnn1 wnulil S.? Inou^tl u v ? uii yeotloti; that a ^ ft Juii^t '!ii \ Imcf no i^rcp I' m lo hi r('lidnct, V>m 1 n pulitiflun i^icy ltd*! \u hUn wn? *?*ll ktioHi) to b? ill tin- habit of hmmiu'I lit l'~ <>'ck? k At ni^ht wUlt u 'lurk I.iuUmu in in !? \iv?t that the* hCntiiitviit of thin (tin c riif*ntM? :t I scr?i' to t>urglhrloii5? po'ltlclftfin l-otuut t??K?*tlt?r by horrid oath . '* Vr*,1 rciU'ratfd th#* nrniio, 1 bv |tom<i oatU>- at tol^nifrht , in tin* oh*? niit) of tin ?!.t .U lmitern." ((-rrii! M-n-nt ion ami ?pp!?iif 3.) I ! dl ' tie* in th<- war t?f iej>ortit?g prevent * om ^ivinc more of tJii% c-florf nf the Jinlgf. Mr. I'aytoirh motion to- r< turn Ju<igo Ca u|<l-? ?l i !( t ? r to A. < ake*j- H/iil. who fi* rn t. w < ?I unaiii ijk-ukIv. Mori /i ? HofTman an?l l+wi* R. W'KxtrufT wr??o then no tuiiiatt-'l by m-clamati?'n, a*? thf wing e. ii'iit! ? i- t. ? i ,fu''fce-? of the SiifM'i (or C'nmt 'Ihe Convention thi n f?r< to ln?lt ?t for Jud/o of the Court of Common I let**- . witli h? folfc. vu?k result:? Chnnrtllor l iving-ton, \\ Allen Ah- 1. N miMIrg Blank Mi i I log on va ' u*l< d. 1 rttrnilH. +>(Ui'l.. for ?fudff* of tlit* Mu n'1 ('nirt, i wntnlu n ? C. K. BinUill 4 J J. Ifancrofl 1 avU? 1** I Fitkfti < H. !.. II. Ward 4 1h* ofRcei - of th* COfivcnHitii vein ipp xntrU eorn iiiittM* to notify 1 1 ?? rand i t .t(4 1. 1 their f?'?ii?ti?u l An < '< in d g<*ntl?-iiiau, n?,t u d< 1 1 *c ? i , n* into 1h? convention and dl*< r,1 - '?}' 1* *?') 1 1 . ? m* of Ui<* fi(uU()ntw> for Street < i Uili>l-*,l??nert but ???> u ? )i(*M ? I out ?-f lie room t?v the < rg'vmt at a i.i 1U- tiltia Venard fu#doni t? rul? d *li t? m iti i. r*'iin of tli* ItroadvBj Hoi and th? f <.r.t t tt? t. t i ri{{ w? ?* ? ? rr* '?? 1 ? ilh houi* ' lifit ??iitlr> l;it|? ?n I ? l?-n ?>] if^ls 1 1 v drunk . whip-* from the <l?if * ? ?*iil in t * 'if/, fc^ttitl/fC till* nation of thf OOliTI At Mill. It **? ?(UilM late t*-for* c!?#?ir adjourned. lWill ' TO WIIIO J-T\TJ: lOKVfcSTlON. 16.. ? Hon. M' f 11. C.ritiin'll deleft** ?f.4f t**' * ?' Twentj-flr*t *.?rd. (tilrbcr in*#! ; al ? m? ADDITIONAL ri^iDIUATM. /r/.? '3. Hi'ft. Bober* M l? n ?hf/ ? itu to. Jw1f(< Wfl*h U tint u ran?t -ial*. II* n. J ? U u J> 1 I on, ? ' ?r?t ? and Tl?*"d<?i? \ U ud ? ? ? al i f.? k Mi of 111 ff?f)IM*r -i'i|| nlth till" ll?mU?? ' l"?i I ! AMi'/ i iikUty 1 a tt/fl * ?' II candidal* ? M ilk w j * ne* ? i ft. *?. Tlmtna* J Mun'Uy poll, /?'?ll'it nth WUril ? JftfOb If. \ m If lit I n? t I ?" Urn n? minattd for Aider man, and William H. n I ? if fo? ( ? nrmlman. In 1 1 ?? I 1 1 1 % ?? ??utj? di ?i?- So noiu ion v% i roa?V in lb# ' ' '?} h <M ' ! * ( b '> Ma ?.ri v ? hool i'i .n?" ff**rri< I ?>U?n C?..n?taMr?i llcnry Hldmp, .lame#" Mrltf* (\ rj* rti't< n t trftfl ? I aiio i !? *? !__) , of thr I t ? ??-??#* h ward, !?? a . tiaijfht wi ar* I ;<?4 i ? ? ujftthi-t '!? odlii ' li and |l??l?n. ??i .1 ?j ./?' ' v ? 1 Arthur Hoj f , i?n Hi ? ' d< *i t. Jhitt' W. f* wh'ff ?< . n? -i. I l'ndrr, K ti. A ./ H. I? u'?n??- by tb? * N .*?? ! *>),.*<' 1? /? W. .';i lor tin i?. -K ai I ^ ? /' u ?? ( V i ifh.nri T*"nty *>? < ' / 11 .ii> .? . l<ard, aoft, feorUingmtrr* and llqtn . Tit 1. Kill WAV I? IM?f NOT MIMiH IN THOI #!.?"? 1*H'h Ward t'ownHt >?* ?' .1 r?l>y n n ? '?i , j rnifiat* a candidala for A 'f i i ?u f ? r?.t 1 (v* 4l. Nf>tmibcr. A -tior.u ^Otl ?a* ma kO"\.,,.n% '* J?'ff Ciriffith, f ne of t>?? a- r f.r of O,,. ? ?,o n . ' j ' rw?i??d ili^ nofnloatf''n of U.< whl^ (?#. i Hnd, hoaf'Te/ r? rifrs,| V Am'ii ?r? n< t . ml fr?*n |?? i. tin> !<?< liijrf an ?.???? "Iitu KantlllM It J? ?U| : ' la ' ? nv ?HI fct h# rtlcrW, the I. if.' Ui i ^ . . ami lli' fCn/iw Noihln^ I. ? A* ? uku ii m .ari> nt I' i>"' < > ' ? ' . . ? ?rnd?.i l>j# . ? l, i' tu In: tlit *9(t ri"ii ul Uji Al'krii4>i hi') l Clly full J1Ik*i>< ? . Ttir J' ins Finn WrTii"fi??r I .i ?i r-i. ? ? T? M.titut i\ t Mi ?. ? Thru ? . .j ? * Il? (j ,j J- Jin chiirrli ylwii) nirfiMn, on n u <il lb* annual rln li"ii lor lhr*? Iih'i ? t>. r n/ ih< fn?tiln? nr. IVtfi -ll ?? | ? i-. ? Muli ??-,rinu <n mnn On hiuk Ii u; ? n ,? Vt' ?< ? 'Hln I **ti ? I- >1 ? .,? . - . brtltit'n, ? ho th'<' (M <b?< ? wn<' | I b ? "( n 11 v >i,. t? ? n imI n?i? a .. , i.f ii, , ; . . n . a. cor'ili i/l* m??-ii(?-? irr* blm l?> i. I tii* ij> I' ?n tri'*tw? ftl th r <-lrrti.,n j> . ?!??, ? i. , *( fortu i(Hip rcj. rl th?t r?*' i,? I . ???< . t--.lul. U-f ll' .?<? ????? t v * ? , T hif' H*n'i'ii W I |h in* I ;> I " ? ? W m. A <? ?lt J I . ( ?; I . .1. .>? i ? ? . j , , ii . .... Jn ? I'mn- ? I. ? . . o I- | Ibn up (own tr- ?'"*? h?nn*r, ! ??? ill < ?.a, j ..i I f 'O Ilia- ilfl lie i|u?u Ian. ? . ?* ?' klltrlli l*-l annual i,.n II.' l. i ? * a >1, m Hfferiifi'c Willi tit* In* 1 1? ilw f- J ?-! ? in tha ' o' nly Cl*i k I* "jk * *?> ? a r<? l"ir i" <?l?r? l>? !? tuft i if i ii mil ltd Ii nil) i.fd*r i ni? "ii t"f 1 1 r r?niatr.l*v 1 '?* ?? tl,* '.eOi pr-llmn. Tk* 0f? l"Wn?i? 4' ' la ? !**? ? l>- ? ? It.* l??n??'tl. na >1 >*<K/'lnj tii e?l a,) .,?? l;rkrl *?? f?lrlt ? '??> '""I. *" " I ?? T 'I I !<? 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