Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 29, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 29, 1855 Page 2
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WE TYLER AND PIE1CE AMDHgTBATIONS. VUlt of President Pierce at White Sulpbw Sprtnci, V?. ? HI* Reception ? Speech of ?? rirtilati.t Tyler? Respouae of nr. Pierce* [Krorn the Bai.imore Sun, Aug. 27.1 Upon hearing of the purpose of the Preaiden t or the Thuted btatea to Visit the White Sulphur Springs, hri&r county, Vs., a number of the visiters assembled 111 Mblic meeting to take steps to tender to him. as a mark cf their high respect, a public reception. On motiou of Judge JU*on, of Maryland, Mr. W. M }'",rc^r' "f Carolina, wag called to the chair, and Col. Abraham Van Karen, of N. Y., was appointed secretary. The object of the meeting having bceu stated l> y tho chair, ou motion a committee was uppointed to make arrangements to carry tato effect the views >nd wishes of the meeting. The cemmittee consisted of the following gentlemen, vt>:_ Ei President Tyler, Hn. W. Boulware and Jamas X.vons Kk<i , of vs. ; Judge Mason, Hon. Johji Nelson, Hon. W. D. Merlrck, of Md. ; Hon. A. Rencher, Hon. W. N >.d wards and Gen. Eaton, N. C. ; Col. A. Van Baronand ju. y. Sanlord, , of N. Y.: Judge Caruthers, ol' Tenn. ; HtD- Kicks, Minn.; (io?. J. L. Manning, Hon. t. W. Pick ens and W. M. I'orcher, S. C. ; John H. Woodfolk, Ksq., of Ky.; Mr. Kiggs, X?. C. ; Mr. Biddle; Ha.; Mr. Chickevlng Masa.: Hon. F. 8. Lyon, AU. ; Mr. Chas. Noncure. La. Dr. Walker. Ga. ; William Calweli, Ea?i., of Va. ; and Major JfoCuUough, of Ten*. Subsequently, upon a meeting of the committee, ex freevlent Tyler waa unanimously chosen l a chairman and an Much was requested to tender to the President the hospitalities of the State, and to receive him on behalf o the visiters at the 8pring.i. At the same time a nub. committee, consisting of Mr. I'orcher, Judge Mason, Col Vsn Buren and Mr. Boulware, were appointed to mert the )*realdent snd his family and friends on the way, and e-t cort them to the place of reception. Gov. Manning was designated to introduce the President individually to such ?f the visiters ax might desire to form his personal ac quaintance. Accordingly, about 11 o'clock on Tuo?iay, the 21st inst., the sub-committee met the President and his |aitj at a hotel about a mile from the Spring*, where he was addressed by the chairman, Mr. Porchcr, as fol lower? Mr. President, we have been delegated by the general Committee at the head of which stands ex President Tyter, to welcome your approach to the Virginia Spring, and to cccort you to that place, where you will be receiv ed by the committee and a numerous assembly ready to 4o honor to a chief magistrate whose patriotism has been ahown, not only in the Senate chamber, but on the Held. Sir, we welcome you. not only in b-hulf of tho?c who sent as, but we welcome you to the land of Washington, Jet fcrson, Madibon and Monroe, who were the friends of con stitutional rights and liberties. To this addiess the I resident brielly replied, and In ?ubriance >-aid that he was deeply impressed with tho honor conferred upon him, and that he would, with great [leasure, place himself in the haniis of the com mittee. The procession, consisting of a number of open ba ronchej one drawn by lour horse*, in which the Presi dent and part of th? committee were seated, Wit then fbrmed. the rest of the President's party, consisting of Mrs. lierce, Mr. Webster, (private secret ?ry,) Senator Mas n, Mr. Hoover, tho I nited States Murslial of the listilct of Columbia, and Mr. John S. Harbor, occupied the other carriages with the rest of the committee. The carriages then proceeded towards the springs, giving the JPre?ictnt ample time to vierr the beautil'ul tc "nury of this lovely spot. The Presi lent was most cordially and enthusiastically received by the nutua.oas vidtersand people from the surrounding counties, who hud assem bled in front ol' the drawing room to do him honor. The venerable ex-Pre-ldunt 'Tyler received him in tho moat graceful and dignilied manner, and addressed him Sins : ? Mr. rBB=iT>KNT? -The citizens here assembled from al ?Mt.tev?ly Mate of the l/nlon. have appointed us n com mlitee to tender you their cordial cotig atulatlons upon ioar safe ariival at this celebrated Watering plnoo. In lie fuct that they have constituted uie the medium for thrinterpretatlon of their feelings and Benthnenb., you -will readily conclude that their greeting are presented without the icmotest referenrsato political parties. I have no place now, such is the working ol our free institu tions, among politicians, and my poaition is entirely in the social circle. There is not one of us all, however, who does not regard you as the rcpr< sentative of a great idea, which, springing from the Ix-som of a confederacy ot State*, constitutes you tho chief magistrate of a glorious republic and in that sentiment, apart from all otner con siderations. entitling you to their deferonc'o and respect, each and all snlnte you. Your journey hliher hat been mpauied by the ostentation and parade which at tend upon the movements of tho chief executive oflicer of other countries. No satire has Hashed, no biyo wet has g'.ii-t ened in the eyc3 of the popalaee, no body 01 at med mercenaries has surrounded your person, and yet your body guard is larger aud strong er than ever in the history of our raco sur rounded tho person ol any other tuan an Amei lean 1'ro -1 dent. A whole people constitutes that body guard, which now amounts to nearly .10,000,000 of Ireetn n. Their destinies under the constitution, are in a great jneaAuxe coiainittcd to your hands, and wo are W'U aware of the many anxieties and carea which necessarily beset you. While we sleep, it is your province to ke-'u watch ? ver the public safety; an. I after mu-h labor and toil yi u c< me hither to enjoy a short repose, anlattbi; heal hgiiing fountain to renew your ability to encoun'er new and new anxieties. Ab'1 where clso upon earth ?an a spot bo found better suited to j'our purpose? N"o Bid e 01 rival tactions disturb.! thit pi1 acefal valley. FI-vo all meet in fot get fulness of party differc nr,c ami unite In one unbroken soeiil circle, animated alone by the Ibeling that thj country over which you preside li oar ?ountiy, and that our true r'ory Is In th > Amoriean name. 1 liat health-giving founMin, like tho pool or Si loam, gi'es stinni'tii to tlie weak .md restores the f.t lei to-e in all its mo uiug pilde to the che-lt b'?n<"li-d by eicit.esH and by pain. To this spot we ten W you a true and cordial welcome, and eftnr tho manne.- of our ta theis. receive you in our midst to all our social enjoy ments as otc o tis. The ! rmidi-nt ot tho T'nited^tate* replied ai follow*!? Be 'lid he had come hi' b-r for relaxation an reiose, but although he could not rcpre** a feeling o regret wh-.n lie lieard, late last evening, of th? purpose to icrciye hint u a pubii ? manner, he neyerth?*?M? dce| ly moved by this warm and eorditl greeting on the pun of hi? countrymen assembled at thH Paradise of wateiiig ) laces, the attraction and charnn of which woie atrikiugly evinced by the pre enve of those from all even the m.Obt din taut portions of tin? Lxnon, who repre sented more tjjuu milliouC of people; and, might he not add, without violation of the m, ^ ? . ?4 - s > _ * alii ^ Wow theeccasmn, ue - for good, which eoul l J were potent fcrcfilb l ( t adorn. He j larje a thai? ot tho Wu\ J tcftn< w . ^ ot vj.; ?tuc\ the Intelligence, (StlioUm C?Fermit me, sir, he said, to ^^riy'^ble'^orthy recompense for duties toXe^'vcw^hj" siCi.leCnow tl'ia- ^"'noUm.s ?r :^vp,,xr ^L'^'ideil'dTd nol'a' 1 to appiecUte t ui wofS of deduce and give b "w.of vigor when vigor was so , ^ need ed. It would have made this glorious c n Mtit ution? voider wh eh we h ive lived to{et tv r an I >rT< wn toge her In peace, under the controlling Iniluen j. ?f which *e h ive ei iovcS lor more than -i*'y years ?u li ad.gte.-0t aciraueement. prosperity ail 1 tiapi.ineu. tn divif nallv and soeially. ns Mates and as a coiif. leracr, the w oi Id has never y?' v.itne e.t and which only mod fanatic! in would ieck!ejsly destroy? aa Itupossl raid he, to compute the value of thlt neerleu ich^ii tnce both by what U which i. b ,i ahead? ?? v. ?ned, aed s ? . . the b?< u el . iv I n 1 r- :?;??.??? lib- t.v , s he. to p . ,o ( SeTw, aiid bouii-l us their chSl irc. By a " fiance not . nly In lc" but in ^dr V of^aU r,f t ? c? mm' n bond. In a country va so dlvtt li ed in climate, sell, p -4ucU.?ns, lot re taaul -K, ' and jatiioilc, they were eminently wi ? naet al men 'I hey h >w vuln would be the alictn,'t i aeivc the liberties of this country without a eoi Ji i u il >d ni<n all que.t ion. which null not be he t?r ?n?l n nre | Butvlv tTitruKted to the -ta e? und tltey m ?de ths . Srovl lon for ihl* diversity wtvieU h1 man wi. lom c ml t j e?he. 1 1 der that provision, said h?, I can c te i a ml leve as 1 do, the institution, of 'ha ~tate la Wi eto I w. jeaied. You. and tlic?e our rountryinen from wua e.e t gion they may have couie, from the Vladaw iska to th Oij ee of Hori la, can do the tine, aa I tue mi.i ? it ? in teiferet nlih the enjoyment of our rig. it. a 1 1 ,i ivilv I n thu rega d, and tu all others t*il- to k..v , ial.a, ui hi rectennt to the mo t ? icre.l in] i . ..f I it v. It i so matter what our peculiar vi . I ? ? .?t |> e ndlcee may tak* p?- ? i " 1 f "? >' wieiican ci'izens, *? find ? if " W - -.i.t "" 1 !>y ulm bjido r or mote imperative than this . t w, ? ? 1 1>- a t the ohli> ati"ns whi.Ji the constitution bn o ,nl n i hat. ?<? ju^t ctauu W the pruiecUuu aud t>.c in;< wj. : i -to Ue r esident said * g?t te be guarded against at thi p ,j ,tI1 prrvalerce of he.c-lea W.ilch were in A ? with he bai-ls, di ctrlne-- and principle! ? tl^n, atid, lerhnps h. ir'ght saT, a g-ne a , nt ol -- fri nee to the authority of law. lot it be. r?i ?li fe* ed that when i cr in a sta'e or leriitor.v, tj*oj" 1 Atlr.ntic to tl t Va iftr c. a-t. a infie cttlae.i <>r B'dtC I- v'ct tived ef the i tgl.t g't i n p 'l ?" }??" 1 1 , ' ielsa tdow aiine.1 at th? e??i-tl. utien I' self. It matters not whetl er tl at el?'?en he <vrong*l b* avasion or wh lence and let It also be remember- d that be ? iJers _n. n|one The whole ( ame ,erK >.t our ?yat?m, to a Ster ol lea. er ent. be M- .b', t el- -he h , k II u-o Jihediei ce to the fundam. "tal law and to all laws, na* , .(ate local or municipal enacted In euoo-dl ^ton tbweto.'i* he teaeoo Uiat to a an 1 the ^JwiT?marVod in eonehi.i. n -hat alMiough we weie assemble- 1 here f .r relan'on ant t iw. .y t . e ^ TlV ^s^^Thi^we *, n> r c uiM Vtii we would, withhold ?ux chetrfu' grateful t m .| i fit in tLe "mofher of Mates and of statesmen." Her# Pfce m(< od, with sil the glorious memories of the I *?t, and the linrtHng hopes of the futare clns tciirg pie-. aiintnUj aiound the field* rf her victory and the tt uibs of her sages, Here upon her calm hoc ' i? repo-cd the akhes of the great Captain, who, tho rorghly inejlred with the Idea ?f patriotic nationality, rolved, under ti e providence of God. the problem of in indr| endent sovereignty tor thin contlnm! Here, near the seat of learning which he established, rises the mot! eat shaft which points to the burial spot of the bold but sagacious and philosophic reformer who promulgated and dt-veloied in the I eci&iatlon of Independence, and la the act of 1< 87 " to establish religions freedom in Virgi nia," now Incorporated into her constitution, the great principles of civil and religious liberty. Hero, too, lived and died the calm and learned etates mun wno, more than any other, suntributed to the for mation and the perfection of the details of the completed syMtro nl government under winch we live, who may juMly be mi id to have launched the constitution, and to bate been the pilot during the first years of the great (?pet intent. Here was tlie home of that match Ic m ora toi whose tongue -teemed to have been touched us with a live cnsl frcm off the al'ar of liberty, and w tone silver toi sued voice pronounced those inspired sentiments which cheered the hearts of Samuel Adam* and John Hancock in i aneuil Hall. How amazing that in the de velopment of great talents in the world's hlHtory, such an allotment should have foilon to a single State. I<ong mny Virginia maintain her prc-ent position, encouraging | by her precept mid her example hopes of a union which (?ball rever | e: inh. lhe 1 resident an.-ured President Tyler that he should gladly accept his invitation to become better acijiinin'ed with the concourse of his countrymen here assembled, and who had given him a reception so cordial, in a manner so greeafcle. Both (peechea were received with great approbation und enthusiastic npjlau-e. Tho whole ceremony was ccnsidt red one f f deep intern t, most touching ctiarac tei and iuij revive in (lie extreme. Never before In the history ot the country had a similar incident occurred, ol an ex-President being called upon to urtd ess the actual I resident under such circumstances, and never did more cordial feeling prevail. After there addresses, the President entered the draw ing rocm, and was introduced to lhe persons present in a most gractful and courteous manner, by (Joveinor Man ning. A most cordial reception has also been extended to Mrs. 1 lei ce hy the ladles of tho Spring.*. After the company had been presented to the Presi dent, the ci mini i eo escorted him to tho Heath Cottage, where a very elegant collation had been prepared for him and his friends. As soon ss the President entered, Mr. Calwell, the g?nerou? and worthy proprietor of the Springs, raid to him in n handsome manner, ''Sir, con sider yourself at home." The Soft Shell Convention. TUB CALL OF THE STATE COMMITTEE ? NAMES OF DELEGATES. The following is ihe call for the convention: ? At a nuet ingot the Democratic State Central Commit tee, held at the city of Albany on tlie first day of August, 1855, the following preamble and resolution Kern adopted:? Wlie can. in \iew of the existing questioa^ which agi tato the inlnd< of the people of this State, wheh n >t only menace them with a system of continued misgov ernment, oppressive taxation and financial disorder, bat threaten on one i-ide utterly to overthrow the safeguards which ti e constitution has placed over the hborty of individuals, ihe freedom of trade, the san:tiiy of the piivate doinicil, the inviolability of property, and the exemption of the people from the infliction of vexatious and sumptuary laws; und on the other side, which con fpiro to set. up religious test* hitherto unknown to the r< nstitution, and to oignnise a hatctul )>roscription by a sec et political oiguniiulion repugnant to the principles nnddargorous to the welfare of a republican government, it has been urged upon us that a fuller representation irtm each Ac si mbly district to tho State convention, to meet at Syracuse on the 29th day of August, would afford the means of a freer union and co-operation of dcino cratr, and a feller and more just expression of the po pular sentiment? Kesolved, That for the of affording to all tho;o who do.-iro to stand up for the constitution and the doctrines of personal freedom and civil and religious liberty, the opportunity of beli.g more fully represented in such convention, the democrats of the several Assem bly districts be requested to meet and elect two delegates lroin each district, to the said Syracuse Convention. UEAN RICHMOND, Chairman. P. C.didut, Secretary. .VAMB i OF DEI w; tTEB. Albany ? Silas Sayie, Jr., Kich'd (lodley; Hi mm Perry, Wm. J. 11. Hilton; Nicholas Hill, Jr., Win. Cumidy; Da vid ft. CordeU, Thos. Hip^finn. Cattarauffuf ? Wiilllam lion land, Patrick MeMahon; l.t rr.ucl S. Jenks, M. 11. Johnson. < ayu(y ? Alt', ed I .von, 'lhomp-on Kcoler; Flnlay M. King, 1 uuh Wotherell. ' liauta iique ? Ih'.mas B. Campbell, P. Stevens; N. Sack ctt. tfumvv r ? P. W. Frost, Ariel S. Thuston. ClinUr,? Kufu* Henton, George Adgate. Culuml ia ? John Snyder, Or\ ille H. Wilcox John T. HogeboMn !-irilb T. Van Buren. C'c lilaw ? Horatio Ballard, T ?ge Green. Eii' ? til Cook, lurnel T. Match; l.ymau P. Smith, Isaic V. Vatiderpool; John barker, Allen I'ortor. 1'nlUin ami Horn ? John Htewart, BrjtdfirtlT. Simmons, fi'iifw ? I enn Richmond, 11. J. (Jloif.iekt. JlnkimT ? Arpha\ed I.ootnis, F. p. Itcllinger; Hura phiey Hoot. Pean Burgess. Jtfferu.n. ? James J, Marliuck, Joseph P. Greene; Ja son Clink, tarn u?* 1 .1. Pay Ik; Alaosou Skluner, Charles tnnih. A it'i-t ? -tephen A. Podge, J. M. OlUott; Samuel E. Jthnpon, J. unen 11. Corn we'd; Daniel D. Brlggs, Daniel Cirteii. l it inQ'tw ? Ira Godfrey, William I?. Andrews. AWi'.w/d ? Jame.i Parker. S. M. Pot:or; Sidney T. Fair child, Duncan Mel ot-gsll. Monro* ? < lmrlcs H. Clatk, B. F. fiilkeson. -V.te 1 '< rl. ? M. Murray, 1'. Mehnn; P. Matthews, D. Mtoney; Joseph I'ose, Win. Huird; Henry H. HotTinire, Jehu t nighton: Wilson Small, James Murphy; Bcnj* ooln V on), K. W. S. Pnpscll; Jofeph It. Baldwin, John Kicnard spd; Henry D. Johnson, Norman Mcl-eod; Hiram Engle, Ji hu i edit ; W ill'am Henry, Thomas Pearson; Edward C. MeConnrll, Francis B. U'Kcifc; John K?>Uy, Andrew H. ( . reen ; Jolin Van Buren, John B. Ryr; Win McOonkey, ? J )!'?; v'o.l'n Cochrane, George H. Ross; Hubert Kelly, P. B. ihcj aril. ;,}/ 1? Warr'. Hunt, Go^rjjf Graham; Lewis Rider, A\ fied < lair.berlnlo. Ciwvrfa<tr? I ..niel T. Jones, Alonzo Casj; Ukt I.TeITt, 4'lll."U: rbouia;' 0. Al.ord, bcuuii McCarthy; Willis?' 1 \vl* ri ^ W. v?? B ooklla. V?i?l U. SmMK ?<???? i..iam C. Dr itiuan. ? ^uiili'r'1 P. Church, V'tu. J? . Pel 1 . J. Pice, 11. 1J. l?uiy. < n ? Henry F.Jones, Freeman M. Kdson. Jit n*?IaT ? I sitae McConilio, Jr., Mosei Warrei; F/lwl. Pickett, Samuel Douglass ; Schuyler Waterbury, M. Lanrkg. l\it h mi. n<l ? 1'av Tompkins, Teter A. Butts. Eukhind ? A. ft. Conner. Wm. Coran. Si, Lau rnw ? Pavid C. Jtidson, Benjamin K. Pklnner; John I,, r.u.-ell, Jonuh Vnnford, All.-u B. I'liilij". Sm otof.'j ? Win. Shepherd, Joshua M. Todd; Bosw>rth Martin, Joeeph F. A??'y. iih'nntiu i ? R. Kelly, N. Yan.'ebogart; C. B. Cochrane, P. h. ti.nningl iiiii. ." a ? JomuIi T. Miller, Robert R. Pte le. \i'Jt(.ll~l avid C. Floyd, Austin Ro e; Wm. Sidney i mitji. ttepliCn <? Hogei s. ?i ,i;i,r.n ? .'i bn 0. Holley, Wm. H. Curtis. Tii t,t ? Hiram A. Beobe, Uideoii <). Chase. ?/, i , : ? H. Ha -to, Jr., Henry n.e .\e,\ WuthingtLi ? Itoac W. Bishop, Charles Hugh'-*. H ni, in ? I on eroy luekar, .-am.iel K llud -'u. B uU.huUr?4.a\ > in Frost, Frank I-ai kin. vcr Sottllirrn Cnnimrrrlal Convent Iom. Py the following letter it will be *ecu that tho next Hit ting of the Southern Cjminercial Ci>tiv?ti ion Is appcint td at Kici mond, Va., on the 16th of N'ovomber: ? Virssai'R'i, Miss. A.igu-' 10, 1855. To mi! I wm i: or Tint >,iiiinw, Wt-rtK , a.\a South wr ii rv rTATw: Am' ? g ihi- W-t aets < f the Commercial Convention at New lirlcan in January In it, was the adoption of tlie tc?< lutirn ? tteied by tl.c hi v. C. K. Marshall, which is in 'he following word : ? I csolvcil, ihui the acting pre ident of this convention be i < (ji e.ited to a |. point a o< mmit'ei of seri n gen le.n n, wli< ee di f v it l.sli be to tlx <ip<?i the time and place for tl e nei* ni. < i ng of ibi< 1? dy an-l publ'sh the am" in tl.ejiun 'L anT new \ ") ers, for ihe infirtnaiion of the I r < n P" r.nd the raid president fihall be chairman of tiie I- i: mil tee. 'II <? L< ?rd of Trpde of the city of Rl.hmonl, throorrh <h irlnri 'ent 1I< race 1 . Kent , 1 k<}., has corumori -at < l to ;l.e i haii in.. n of the cetnmllteo a < '<py of u < He of roeitii ions ad inted by il.ft Itomd in eis'on on flto I'll day <if Jni.e, lc"f? two of which r< olullom are in the '?IU w h |r wordi vii:? - hcmlved l?y the Board of Tnule of the citpr of Rich mond, 11a; we coidially extend an Invita'fon to the ( < innit-ioial t <'iiv<-n lon of the Koutliern an<l We. 'o n .-lu.c , lo ntc<>t i.i our ci'y. ?n 1 uch luturo day a-, aft <r ci iisul alion, uiojr le decuicsl a<!vl able, for tbelr next ??<?<? ior. li< < Ived, Thai, the President of the board be rei|uc?t"d to f< minvilii< ?!? with the chain. inn tl?e coniml ? <'e t < pointed to ttlect the place for t<<e ens.ilug sestion ot toe coLven'h n. .< nd ttauMnit to him a c<<py of tue abjve re < luiions. In putpvance of the authority vested In the nndcr sigi.Cd by the Commercial Convention at Ve? Irtoms and of the jol.tcand ofVciul Invl atl?n of the Boa d .f Ire dc i f tl.e city of l*ichm><n<l. in Vi glnla. the eoninii lei have selcc'ed the >ai>l ei y of Rlcht^ond its the plt<<.< atdtbe.'il t.opilay in November a< the time ot h?1<litig tl e r.fft session of tl e hon he n and W< to n Connnrtr cial fcnv?Btfo?i? unless the Bnurd of Trule <<f ^ail city ins\ drtni it m> re suitable to It 11 ?ai<l convention <<n s< me o'her di<y of which, of coarse, due notice wilt given th rngb'the press. 1 he cfirmit e?- take the liberty of rr ,ue ting all j ur ml i nd new; nj ers trtcw'ly to the.e conventions to publl h tl l? e mmunica'lon. or such par's < f it u< may 1 i e-| ul-il v to give geneial notoriety of the time and place stlrcled. Re-i eelfully, N. I'. OII.D1AX. Cltaimtan. lU-UK CtlUBS, fey., J No. I.KTI-i, fl., . C. K HARSH A I J., of Mi-., M. T. .i<?IiN.-il>' of To:. as, WM. C. DAW.'OV, of 0?., JAMES f.Y? of Va.. W. B. H. H< ?WA1U>, of Ala. f,nn on Tttr Frontier. ?We havp no news tf I intei ent frt'tii our Irnilier. All 1* qitiet, and not ;i luet ic lndinti haa Uce t *ecu since the uafott itula | occtirit hoe ?t 1 oi tet.elle. j Ah wt Iibvi I t 'ore stated, military po^ti liava U in i stai'lM ctl uf Tck?mah, Ponteiielle i?'iJ 101 k hotti ( it t . and co'iirnniilcatlon is kept up dailjr fr> i Fott (,'alhi i.n \ia ti e a'sivc named points to the u oi t't ?f ti e Horn titer, lit s cr-clti.tllv g .ard n? oi t ffitJte fixi tlcr <ii?l iifftv di'ig protection and ?c ei rify t<? all sitflers in Nebra-ka n >rtli o?" tli*? I'latte. ? Omaha City Xtbratk'.nn, Aug. I f. ADDITIONAL FROM CUBA. Car Havana Correspondence. Havaxa, August 17, 1855. fit ram Derangrmenlt ? TV Catlanedo CotupiraUtrt Invited toPiiim ? T\t Sit knot Anongtt the Troops? Jtdigiotu >Va*? w4n hiih R^JW ? l*e Batik. Cur steam derangements are so perfect that I am com jelltd to call the wings of the wind to taj aid in hopes to gei through a few ittms is advance of the Geo. I aw, which, it ia raid bj the agents, may call here on or about tLe Clet on her Toute from Aspinwall. For fear that seme of your readers may be misled by the' lute l-ublbhcd dicision of the refining court of the military tribunal, I v>ich to get to tbeir knowledge a new trick ol' Justice. l en Juan X.arratabal, gentleman of the royal and mili tary order of Saint Hermcnshildo, captain of infantry, dccorated with the escutcheon of fidelity, and attorney of the i eimaiunt executive military commission of this itlacd, Ac. Being ignorant of the rosidence of Juan Vli go, Foi fliio Valiente, Jose Machado, Manuel Fuentes or i rieto, Jose de Jesus Jlunoz, known as Chucho Mu noz or Minos, and the i-cnoro Kita Uuibin ? they are call ed and eiied under penalty of the usual contumacious clause to thiow thtnif elves into the Quet n's noyiil Tacon prison within three days from the date (13th of ? a little la.e? to cleur themselves. The first as "pcrli dioui" murderer < f l.on Josu Antonio Cas'unedo, Captain ot the l.uial toiiitia ot 1 eidiuuiut "th, In the billiard room of Marte t i 1 eloi a. on the 11th of October last, and the othei * ir ectempliee* in said act. lor thU> ciime home dozen have already been punished under tUnpiiKi. ? and as two of the persons here named, Machado ard tlie lady lialbin, were absolved from all of ei ce by the tiiers end revisers of the Military Court in the natter of the 1 into conspiracy, It may have been but u nitre tiapto get ibem back,1oiusure puni hmentuuder o'.htr lonns and a new process. To be suspee'ed of the ciime and to be caught is quite sufficient: falling to niAke a cafe, 1 ankl.ment ensues, while justice continues to teureh for other n-alignants, fur more examples to iiu pi ess the terior already clouding the minds of honest citizens. It they arenotheie 1 presume they will have >he grod sense to stay where tliey are, It' justice could be usMmd to them there would be no doubt that to '-luce the music" would be right. Tie new levies arrived from Spain have had the usual course oi bairuck disease, diarrhoetic in symptoms, and a tcwdialhs. culled cholera, a few others of fever, not as yet toi.cLing tie gent lal health of liavuna. He leasts ol Ascension atUuunabacoa, the villa which nestles twteily in the fomas to the southeast of Hegla, continued frtui the 14th to the morning of the 17th ? in auguiatcd in had weather and continued through moist <!?)(? and n'glitc. (.en. t oncha was there for an hour or two, t ti tl.e 15th, hut the weather drove him home ? the mats was black, the spots only pearl. Two Irish friend* a laik, in friend.- hip, to garnish the scene, and the claret Honed in their haternal inductions ? made |>ri -on ers, und reka ed after some hours ? because they were not Maine law men. Tl.e 11 1 o: ado ti still here with her passengers, waiting to go on their way. 'lhey have compl lined lhat they are starved on botud, which may be a mistake ? they aon't it ok so. 'li e tank will not work. Therefore the nrgr>cs will continue to protect wiih their arms the Integrity ol Cuba. il. Havana, August 21, 1855. A Grand liaU at Puentt* Grande*? Beauty of the Ladies? A ATtio Dann?lhe helle of the Erming H-lrothM to a Yankee ? Vregnes if the Laitin and Gentlemen ? Murdert ?The Wiathfr ? A Steamer in Sight. "lbe Bt earner George Law i* hourly expected to arrive here from Aspinwall. She will proceed in a lew hours after her arrlwil to your port, fo long a period lias clap-cd since 1 haJ a direct opportunity of writing, that oUhm gli there ?will in all probability be the Granada fur Iltw York, i >n the 2Sd im>t., 1 cannot suffer the George I aw to depart (should she arrive,) -without writing you. I attended the ball at I'uentci Grandea on Saturday nijrlit a v,ctk ago. It waa nearly ten o'clock when I readied (hat place. The night w as particularly dark. I J.avc rarely beheld a prettier sight than the Glorietta, as the baU room is termed, (biilliantly lighted up as it was.) presented, as tlie carriage defended the hill which leads to I ucntci Giande*. As X entered the ball room, 1 was fairly struck with amazement at tho extreme beauty of almost every lady present. Such dark? black I should have written? lus trous eyes, such fairy-like forms, combined with so much witchii g grace, one might travel the world over andra.e ly see equalled. Ihe favmite .lance appealed to bo a Creole one, of the figure of which I must attempt a description. The ucra stand opposite each other tho cn'.i e length of the rd in. 1 he tlrat and second tou| le perform the "ladles' <1 air," as it u<ed to be culled in loy dancing schooldays II in the two couples, changing partners, wait* slowly ii i.rd; each then lesuuiing their pnrtfccrs, ?walls wry sh.aly to ifccir j lnces. 'Ibis is repeated with encli couple m.d as some l.ali dozen cou| les ha\c been passed, t lie tec* I'd cov | lee. mmenees the "ladles' ehain." ft honal tie roni lea aie engaged in the flow, graceful waltz, a I lettier light It world be difficult to imagine, or one that u flouts a better opportunity Tor whis| eiing into tli<* ear of i i.e's ] ortner tho. e little flatteries v, hich me ever so gralefi 1 to the lair ?ex. jtnu r gst such a ] ei feet blaze of beauty? sui:h a g.ilaxy of bilglii eye: ? it lifrcmes difficult to select ?ne particu lar star as entitled to bear off (ho palm, yet I must make the atum( t. To my *. mewliat uiatuied taste, the Seno lim ( n Y 1 was the most beautiful girl present tint ewnirg. 1 will not attempt it d.-crlptlon of her perten, as I feel my utter Incnfahl'ity t> de cril>e so nn cb l enuty, c.mlilned with so large a sliate of ^race. (?he it- letrothed. I understand, to a citizen of the t nltod t tales, named T 1. Yet but that, alas! the "lovo ttilt g" hi my luart has lor? sir*; 0f Oh sn.lpped la ".wain, it Wi -t'M lave b^cn impassible for me to Inn e l)< <;U ot - . mIso tl i n over teeU and caraiu love. Aa I do not dance, I I had full opt ortt ni(y to notice the numeiotii iun .i-ont fllr1?iicnB liui ?>"" on, audi must say. 'Lax tenor Citi ico tliaV evening appeared to have t.iU SV ay and 1 sit. t.ld hoj e that Hymen * ill soon -"-h Urate tlics, without which, as moralists, we know sueh '"7' in'e m,t?. aid a 'yKable about the attire of the ladies: a- VI.U will suppose, it was tastotul and elegant. Wliltf . cobuel-lll e as regards thinness, appeared to prevail. r,m'rUd , no >o,??k lady .he^^ enUiely in w dte^even 0 Ctlb a o satin flipi era, with a real white ro-t *n 1 nil, who apj cared to as much or rathe, mi ie attention fieui the gentlem-n than any o he. Udy metent. II I nlstnVc nut. with all her seeming inno cence. the is a ad coquette; mi l did 1 know lier name, I \v< v.ld ically send it jou. .... , j 1 must not < mit to mention that (lie gentl -men In.-lud Ii if \.,ur c?.n e?., undent. were all clad in wmie linen en a nl.iu \chts nul conlinvation-. (.1< ves ?vi e n .1 gene inlly w in by the male ?ex. 'Ihus you will pe.-ce ;?? ("? i%cn in the < g I'.nys in (he tropics. with a ???'(?.' ue , M.?,n' \'ci v bice to the uinils , t li s ven dandnn may e it in'i.ed far fi-ni int. -lei able. 1 must not omit to n.ei ticn t! at the'.iful rtre. runt be-lde ' "''il'e. U you can. a more oicnpatlon of a' V. aunfvl Isop'ral n'.glit, than a vtulk on i s banUs with a f-iir ue m your aim whote murmutini;s in her own ' we t fustllicn wnasslngeiitlene.s of tone even tho-e of .1 e btautctius that wends its way so genily t<i "'It 'laving rained heavily e:ich '? y hist week, up' ti wh'ch the g: and bnjanr wr. held a' (Juanabaeoa, I did not attend, ami cannot the,.. lore send you an acc-.u!.. o it. t?n.. ? etrnat. jw.thm.n of this city, rontert a house it i he let in, wheietiey slept during the summe. lti.ii hs. ( ntheevenlng ..t the lTih in-t.nt fout men br. I I into Ihe h? u e, gny-ed the mat.' -e v ant In cl.a :? o. it, or.d (1 >n inilicled ?> ven wounds ..u hi< b >dy, whieli ii^fhe's nine vening a hired voh.n'e was noli-ed. with It ?. nr'tin down l : ? reuilng nh'tig the t iille de 1-u' , t.? \s: . i y. X . n l.m . K' . mtihng hi ... 1 w < ob'c.rvd I :i p In in the vi.l.nfr. it tv.i s-.'ip;et, a id !? i ro. (pos'tllli. n ) <H m -.nTntr, his e . In tl e v . In n e ?as f uuida sn.k which contained tho to i ,,,?tcii .fa human body, that, d?ubtlcs.?, of some por H.n ?Lo bud bnu muvdered. (?, veial legimenta of s. Idlers have been pent to the etiifn. the ih.letH |Tt veiling 'it.iorig?t them. Tie . i ..? i h i. i< nil) again having a sliuh1 te-ilc ot th. j '.ftsoiC r of icnl s> 1. lei log, b. log compelled to ni >uit Wei ave heavy rains almost daily ah tit 1 P.M. In tht ca. livr litui' of '.he day the is in'eus". It. Avocst '? 2 ? S o' ick A. M. A steamer was c (T the J'oro t astle at ? nn-t la-t even irg. hi.t ?h.ther |l the f e-ige law. C.anada, ... Ml her, on i.i known. 1 am. however, tims a' ii, v ne.k to rovcltide tl i leticv. A fe? ?'ays since filieen pi i on?'rs were brought i i from the I ini.r del 1 lo dlati ict. Among th.-in is a person of c n-l.h . able wealth. ... . ? An d. -amp of 'he Captain Gene, H.i daneert.u 1} .11 fr. m a- al'a<-k \ ell. w Ja.-k. C.. ,!.?? have ?> ?; l?( n | . inTMcd lo ja a the nar of the jalace for the hut two day-. Havana, Aug. i t 21, 1855. Arrival of th' Hriti l' Vnil St> nme> ? .W,//'.iry /??? hmt oj Guanabaoia ? Mnny AmxuinaHoixi?Uull P>j I anr in relation to the Prill V .t India m 1 itei. in. i V ye w?? lelli'V. d jeaterday morning by )">.? e . in n this port. f.?m Vei*<Vetand NearOrleana, at r. O'cl. ek. Fi. m 'he last | oint she brought us nothing t ?? s.eak of. oui official intelligence having ah-.orb.-t the news, and (ho |?,ers taken in eharge by the Oplain of tl e I ort? a j.eraoaige re.,ul lug a g. a' dn of luiellectual food, to the detriment of more humble As our last date' from New York were to tho 4th in.t.. ei riO'lty was a little proink'-l by thi. govern, m.ut monopoly j but probably to-day wo shall be al lowrd a apilnkle through the otli. U1 ?ieve., and lie grate. f?l. Ihe captain of tLe Wye hav ng h?d no con .We nUon rlf ur? tiot 1 n to be ihe cloud ahulting ou*. the tua 1 gt,._-we maj not forget our ol.Hgatlons to him and truth He teems a very energetic little fellow, ant m what consequential ; but I have uo doubt Ii i?gt lat g- < d. eletei J. hn Bull sailor. i i n the 17th we had qnite an imposing volunteer mlli.

luneial ? an oltlc ?1 ? who hid serv.-d his c ..intry . j, )ns* war. s ege and blockmla, and then .llel i \ i liver (m the IStli ai. Imm< n-e ??- emhUge 'oac m. ai T the l? dy of 'h? t .amiio* y .-ertrano i ota.y | ubiie ..I the Havana. Snnsla/ cloeed llie fca-'a of O jaoaU. w. Oen. and Mra. Concha graced the ball in tbe evening. The (tneral danced, and well; hi* lady not, reding content with the bid of her own gent'e self by ber aide. h even or eight assassination* and t'rurtrated attempt* came off during tbe religious excitement of the week, aud several tbourand dollar* were real-tej for the charity Iiof-i ital inaugurated. A bull figbt, uxmjfad for the day, with the promlae of "six hull* to decflyfeveral borfe shadow* to disappear, and one man to tuHHfle on tbe brink of eternity on the tip of a bull'* horn," did not come off, owing to tbe in clemency of the weather. Ibe (if'h representation of the opera "II Trovatore," at the Taccn, drew a full house, although everybody had gene or wa* ping to Guanabacoa ? the prima "Curauti" carry ing our very soul* along In her truthful expre**ion and harmonious reading, although the critic of the Jour nal charges that one expression wanted force to meet tbe s| irit, passion and agony of the moment and tbe sen'.i mint, "di te, di te foiilai mi," aud others think that mure would have been beyond the touch of nature, even in de?| eration. The Kenora Cacciatorl, with restored health, gov e delight wilh her sweet, voluminous voice of har mony. f ilrriroi rita ? but It Is useless to name ? every (luce and every part **i filled, and the public raid it was good. Ibe "Crimea and fcebiistopol," place* known to lame or infamy, utaumed their usual notoriety, and all sort* of Cances were done there. The locality Is just iu nur of Ihe Tacon theatre. Thus have we worked up all ol holy time on band, and a fraction of the labor week upon which we enter. H(mi About Breadttoft and the Crops. We learn fiom a correspondent In Washington county, Ohio, that along the banks of the Ohio river, at any poin of which tbe farmers always And a ready market, wheat is Felling at one dollar a bmhel, and plenty to be had. Cats are l.eld at twenty-five cents, but would have to full before sales could be effected, and potatoos were offered at present at two bits (shilling i) ; but, says our corres p< ndent, the latter article will soon be down to eighteen ccnts. as the stock on hard is enormous. A Wellsbuig, Va., paper says that Hour Is held at that ? lace at seven dollar* per barrel. A great deal of nats as been broi glit to town andsoldat 26 cents per bushel. 'Jheie have been several sales of wheat at from $1 A5 to $1 U7, but not much activity, parlies being vory flow to Dperate, in view of the uncertainty ot the market. Po tatoes very abundant and dull of sale; oats do., at 20c. to ife. per bushel. We learn. says the Chattanooga Adrnrtiser, from the superintendent of the depot In Chattanooga, that in the month of July there were a hundred thousand bushels of wheat shipped over the Western and Atlan'ic railroad to points below, and all this from East and Mid lie Ferine t ? ce, nut including the vast amount that comes down the fast Tennessee and Georgia railroad, intersecting tbe At lantic rc ail at La It on. And the quantity that will be shipped ficm Chattanooga for tbe month of August will icuih one hundred and fifty thousand bushels ? the aver age amount being over six thousand bushels dally, thus iar, for the present month. We were at the depot yes terday, ii ml were surprised to "ee the depot so densely crammed with this staff of life ? and it was still pouring in and bid fair to bury up tbe depot men. The Worcester, Mass., Palladia in estimates the num ber of acres i lasted with potatoes in the county at thir teen thousand and fifty. Assuming tbe yield to be one hundred busb<b> to the acre, which Is, we believe, belo# an averape crop in the county ? and the Worcester county fanner will pile up this full a pretty little heap of million thiee hundred and sixty-five thousand bushels of potatoes, which, at fifty cents a bushel, will bring $682, 610, provided the crop is not injured by the rot. The Boston Prur Current of the 25th iust., says the re ceipts of potatoes this week ha ve been quite large, and prices have i cached a lower figure than for a l ing time, ibe report of ilie rot in different places has caused con siderable to be thrown upon the market, and stilus at 40c. a et c. per bushel, and in some instance! as low as 50c. per barrel. The Newburvpott EeraUl of 27th Inst., says: ? We bear of but very little potato rot in this v icinity, it being con fined to wet lands, and there, thus far, destroying only a unall portion of Ibe crop. If we get through this week without any sudden and great destruction, we maybe quite sure of a crop better by t?r than has been gathered at auy time within the last ten years. Tlicntrlenl and Sliulnil. Tiikathk.-TMs in anuounced aa^Ue la^t repre sentation of (he " Bed Cinome," Gabriel as the Warrior, 1*. Martinet ti a:i the Kcd Gnome, MI ,a Francos n.s the Fairy Protectress. During the performance of thu pan trnuwe tbeie will be many amusing tran (formations, metamorphoses nnd dunce.-!. 'I he beautiful pan.oiniiue of the "Four Lover*" will conclude the amaseuicntd. Kioto's G.tnnix. ? The beautiful ope;a of ?'Cinderella," which has been go very successful, still continues to drnw laige houses, nnd is announced again for this e. ca ning ? Mrs. I.. I yne will sing her famous song, the skv luik, which in itself is worth the pricc of admission. No doubt the house will be crowded. Bow ei-.t Theatre. ? The benefit of Mrs. Griffiths eomo< off to-night, when, iu addition to the fine company at. tuclcd to the theatre, a great many artists of disiin gniihed talent are announeed to appear. The selection uie " Rlebaid 111," 41 Alretty Piece of Business,1' llie " 1 limb Girl of Cenoa, " tin1 ?' l'avcn of the Tombs.' and the " 1 irate of the lales." This bill cannot fail to fill eieiy department of the old Iiowery theatre. ilRBrrouixv Tiik ctkk. ? Mr. Ifaekett, wliose dramatic pert< ninncc * l ave been no much admired, and which have line houses, announces a lull of groat atfractioo fi r tl>ls e^eiiii g. The '? .Merry Wives of WlniUor" having been recclied willi enthusiasm on Monday, is announced again lor tliis evenii g, Mr. HacUeU as Sir John Fa I '.a J Wood's Mimtkeiik? ' 'the '-Grand Masquerade Hall, ' Which elicits so much laughter and nmusemeut. 1< ai; di unred ngain f< r this eteuing, with voeul and instru mental jerfoi mances. Eumjsvp' SERlctADEM. ? The burle-que opera of " l.u cre>i* Inigta," which was so generally admired who ' first | erfomicd hy this company, is announced for tht evening. TO TUB EDITOR OP Till! HERALD. I pend } ou the following circumstance to paragraph if jou desire, and l:oj c you will add pome comments : ? | 1 <alled upon the agent of M. Felix, in.Wall street, tlil< i nieiiiiig. to irquiie it ladier of the pre would reelCVe ti e i Btue courtesy of fiee tickets which win shown to gmtlcmenof the jness. The agent with much polite I ties? antwMcd in tlie sOirn.fttivc, and my name wu re rste'rtd fin h sent, lie interview vbaracerUs* H Itspvctilil bolitenMS 5U 1E8 part of the gentleman In il c llftce, audi left with a higher esteem for French niun cers tl nn ever. I le tort for the Womtin'i Atii-oca/r, Philadelphia. JOfPHlNE A. 1.<X3AN\ No. 15 I.alght street, Tuesday morning. Health of New Orleans ? We regret to say tl at lie sanitary reports for the iiuat week arc very i.r.f fitiat'netory. We bad hoped that we should 1ms e 1 ten able to auiot nee a decided improve neat in the bllle of mortality, but we nre disagreeably elisap pointed Tlie epidemic is thought, however, to De ut its height, ana well Informed physician*, we .ire t<4d, consider tlmt hereafter it w ill continually de dine. TLe type of the fever just now is very violent, and the i tire st cine in uursing is absolutely i e e< forv. For the last week the total number ot deaths was 517, of which 3: ?4 were from yellow fever, aid 123 Iron other d is- cu es. From the Charity Mospi tal the offkers return 1'27 deaths ' rem the fever. The iucieere ol' inlet incuts for the week >\as 104 Foi tie twenty-foi r hours ending ut six o'clock on Sun <:?y, the liith, there were udiuitteil into the Charitj Hospital, of nil diseases, 51 patients; during the fame interval 16 were discharged, of which K weie ol mellow lever; and 23 died, of whom 31 wer* o; yellow fever. ? New Orient i? Cturier, August 21. Yellow Fever at Xohfolk ? A letter frnrn a Bnltiu oie physiciun officiating in Norfolk, dnted Fnluidiiy hut, cays that the etuteincnta in the uctvv papers resfettiiiK the epidemic in that city, so at lit n> leiUB esnpf-'eruttd. d<> net convey a true idea of the r.cti al tt edition of things. About six huu died tcrsuit- nre down sick with the disease, which is rd a more peculiar diameter than hitherto, nearly ull the cuKe presenting the same symptoms. It es with the indication of a common hiliou foet, lxt the treatment murt be totally different. The 1 cat was intent ear. d the atmosphere oppressive. At niglit the uir is heuvily charged with m tlaria Urtiffs a rd places of boftnesa are all cl mod, two thiids ol the i eoplc lieehig or lied, the streets and mm ket i la< cm uokcrted, uud gljom, fear aiul conyter nation t\er^wheic. Fccctmri. Sbafon at Sar \too a.? Saratoga I ns never enjojed h moie aucce.-sful reason than this. The ugh the int.ux of t-traugera was lighter in June, ai d lie ewly part of J? ly, than during the aanw 1 ciied in one < r two previous years, yet the last h ill oi the teuton lias exceeded anything before knowii. Still, owing to the largely increased r>cilitie< p.o vided. the accommodations oi the town have at no t imc Icen completely exhausted. We find on lo 'k ii*g e:v?r cur liles, that Uie arrivals in June, alter the 54th, xieie about Si ti;in July, a little less than 8,n i. aid in Anpust, a little over* h.imki, up t) Haturdi* last, the 2,'th lntt. All together, they foot up aa lOi :ows ? Coi gross llnll 4,04" l i.itid Stales Hotel 8^5 "> Li irn UnlU 3,102 All others fi.'D'i Total ;...l'i T. lt will be home in mind that the e are the nrt^ ils n* the principal hotels only. We have n > do ibt t'l it time have bun o\et 2o (KiO arrivals d ri^ig the last l ii.eweiks. Nor is the seaaon yet over. The ar iliiils nji lo Satmday had acareely ttegrni to diaii i >h l < 1< v. the hit 1 est fl The ji blic houses on that i veiling de layed even a greater show th in at any pie?i<is time- The sea on bids fair to hold oil w ill out material diminution, for two wc> ks to come. ? &cr<j(<gt'an, Aug. 27. FtJWTtv* Slants m Utica.? A fine looking regioiilont f??ity)e:irs ol age. with his wife and (Mini children, s| int yeaterday at the residence of a c< loied fiieiid in 1'ost sticet. They airived iuthh i it\ 1 y the "tr.ideipiotu d ' < n Satuiday night. The < (guiittte of Safety visit- d tlnrnduii g the die. 'I hey weic to h?ve l?en ent to t anada to day This Inn tly w? te reemtly sold in Kent i ky to go further n nth, btt te< m to In ve pre e red a more northeru eeintrj, N-b'dy fiel- vei} foiry that this fainUy aie "ii dun < d. i<gcien.t?d andd sentlmilled; ' but it tl? t'? n n ittec of Safety ?ot,ld ooca-ioually ?p pi i rriste s? n c of their lu"ds frt ic purpose n eed nt rlotbing aid educut ng tlie wretched nig gtrs. w hite di d l lm k ot Post stret. they wo Id do a n i eh ntedul woik, chmity uro?l to begin at t'hCO Tel'grnjih, Juf il. FINANCIAL AND Q0MMERCIAL4 money market. TmtBDAY, August 2^ ? 6 P. M. There was a very active stock market at the opening this morning. The sales were to an au nt ual extent, principally on time. Not much cash stock appears to be offering, and those who are com pelled to sell for cash torn round and take in the fob e or a greater quantity on time, buyer's option. At the first board to day Virginia 6's declined J per cent; Erie Bond*. 1875,4; Erie Railroad, J; Michigan Southern, 4; Reading Railroad, Cleve land, Columbus and Cincinnati, Galena and Chi cago, j; Cleveland aud Toledo, 1. Canton Corn pan) advanced i per cent; Norwich and Worcester, j. There is no new feature in the Btock market. Stocks generally appear to be gradually settling down, and the probability is that points seve lal per cent lower than those now ruling will in a few days be current. There is a more active demand for money. No change has been made in tbe rates, bat there' is molt nquiry. The capital required to move the crops is unr.sually lurge, ui.d it will be some time before it will find its way back again into Wail street. It mutt go round tbe regular circle of commerce. V Lcn the season is over and trade bccomes quiet rgain, we shall find an accumulation going ?n in the hands of capitalists. Stocks will tben absorb a large amount, and another inflation in prices may be realized. Reading was particularly active to-day at the dei line. In about three months the present fiscal year of this company closes, when we shall have an exhibit of earnings never before shown by any railroad iu this country on the same amount of capital. Eric is gradually settling back aguin to tbe point from which it started a tew days since. Cleveland aud Toledo was offered freely to day at lower prices. The sales amounted to nearly two thousand Mmres. Tbe facts and figures we have given in relation to the finances of this com pany within the past few days, have opened the eyes of those who have blindly purchased the stock, and .the large sales are undoubtedly tbe effect. There are Vlenty of good railroad stocks iu the market for in vestment, without touching those of a doubtful char acter, or which are in the slightest degree tainted with equivocal financiering. The choice of good stccks is so great that men of moderate uis ueed not run the slightest risk iu the investment of their ft.nds, and they should avoid all tho^e which a rc known to be shaky. Once in a while a bad stock will get in good credit, and outsiders will get drawn in at high prices; but as soon as a suspicion is rait-ed, it should be abandoned, upon the principle that the first loss is generally the smallest. The following bonds and stocks were sold at auc tion to-day: ? ?41 0 rix per cent sterling mortgage bomln of the Cincinnati, l,< gan port and Chicago r.ailron<l Company, due in London JSSii. Interest payable May 1 and No vember 1, in I.ondon. ?2'. ft each. 70 (ior ont. 13 share* Chicago and AlL-slas pj.i Kailroad Company stock, $100 eacli --'i 10 sliarca Nassau liank stock, $100 each 1H At the second boaid the market was lower, with quite an active movement in stocks. New York Central fell off jj per cent; Cumberland Coal, J. Erie and Reading closed without change. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's of fice to-day were as follows: ? I uid oil Treasury account $18,0"5 19 I ccehi-d do. 1;j8,7&J 77 Eulnnce do. 4,M0,Ufid 58 I aid tor Afftiy Oflice U01,332 14 J hid on dii-buri-ini; clier-kx &(,lltJ 01 The receiptB include $50,000 from Chicago. The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 25th inst , were as fol lows:? l or the i coemption of stock $7,410 08 for the Treasury Lejariinent. 4,637 6: lor tie Inteiior 1 cpuilinent 98)92 1 or (l.e (Jui-tonin 8,095 38 War wsnnnlH received and entered 10.375 40 I oveied in fi rm iDi.MCll.-iueouH xources 1,1,107 -10 t n nccount of iho Navy 15 (>4d 00 l.e.jmy wuriunto on uo ouut of the Na- y 28,000 00 Bills of the Weare Bank, Hampton Falls, New DampfLiic, altered from two to ton dollars, Lave ap pealed. The alteration of the ligmcs is so neatly done that the bills have passed through bi'iiks without detection. The following is a statement of tolls received on tbe New Yoik canals during the third week in August, nnd also the total amount received from the opining of navigation up to August 22, in the years named: ? Niw Yokk State Cjutai* ? Tolls Coizbctot. first i?*vA- Total Ut in Auguit. A?f/.H. 1847 .... .*101,819 $2,080,5 *7 18-. 8 8j.181 1,5:1.4,576 1849 88.4.'j8 1.681818 )85i . 101,151 1,612,208 It 51 107, .78 1,809,899 if 6: wf3?e i.?o;.7?o Ifcf; 106,771 1,053.58-1 1864 , . 87,ii89 1,600,370 lt.65 91,4'Z'Z 1,362,911 ? Showing a decreafc thna far this year, in compari fon with the light receipts of last year, amounting to $147,450; and in comparison with the receipts of lf-47, a (let i can- amounting to 1727, 5'J6. The tolls received at the Albany office for the third v u k in August, aiiicont to #8,3?;> 71. Tie Chicago Pi tts says:- " Numerous preparato ry ijmptoms are already betokening the speedy ap piouch of oue of the busiest full seasons we have ever hud. Receipts from the uew crop are now ra pidly incieui-ing, and will soon be loading every ave nue of communication to its fulle-t eapat ity. The aniially lecturing conpliint of the inadequacy of the existing tupply of railroads, cars and s'.oro houfcs, to accommodate the requirement.! of bad new, may *ron asain be expected, rising loud and li ng abote the most siicnuous dibits to supply the deficiency." The anwxrd statement exhibits the condition of tl.e 1 ank* of New Orleans for the week ending Sa turday, August IS, 18.55:? Rim;.- of Xrw Om.E.**s. A< tiu Mi. i> mrflti- ? Cinuhltun. />; oti's. Dunlit.Bk. rank ?.f UuIhum *81'..l39 $2,8o0,8 8 $3 8. .MI loui*'im.i Male ltnuk... 9(10.7 5 2,43. ,72<5 281,074 ( aniil 1 aiik 863 *>85 674,i;S3 158,6'iO I*' I ai.k 1,8.5.1(5 l,8 l5.1.VJ 4c, 1 .\ b?.' ilrader*' I auk 3lt> 185 5 >0 4.13 1 , 1 ? . . I in. hi ) .u.l 673,415 216,545 12-! 772 out l.ei ii I auk 185 ,10 185.4'-?1 Vt.aiO iai.kol New Uilenu- . . . 472, 0C0 605,333 20,195 Total $C,0s.8,704 *8 u3o,8,8 U6 Bmunt*. Stifle. 90 'lay ptt)?T. F.xrh'tff. Tank ' f T.ot;l Innn 1,721,439 1,8.4> 3 V7..8W l< i i iai aMa,e bank. . l,U98,fll6 '.\8<>0,...5 lt'lil9 (annirnnl- 8,7.318 1,1)6,517 M'.t.r&J llti en-' 1 1 nk 1.15:, 714 3,08 ? 016 2ti8,707 Kecb i.i i 1 ? 17,711 s ..!<i.o Hit i nil n I'ank 211 ?..?8 715 085 235,98.1 ? outliei n 1 ii nk 124,560 i*84.214 604, "8? laukof New Orleans. . 214.172 91f!,707 14 4 8 8 Total 6,311 816 12 6ol,*17 1,174,010 Ci ikj M ? i iir SliUi iru-tt.' fnr Two I V&kt. Sitntla'j , A ffutl 11. A i?iu I IS K pecie >11,1 3,027 M al ,815 lu<5. . . . $11 V*" (iirulniiin I 116,5.9 ft, 098, .04 l?c... 1 825 iejoitfi *,83 ,47? 8,030 8 , 8 In-.... 8?4i2 I i.i I 1 1 Mi.f 1 ','.7 4.592 1 5 0.387 In'*.... 25 S76 Ix Innire 1 91. 437 1 774,018 le<-.... 138,4 1 I cedLlont llankx 1,0:4,414 979,125 lee..., 4. M I 1 1 B uLd J-lioi t I>wnH, AiiRUit 11 >19,2'.8,748 ?? '? '< 13 19,-18,7 !l ' /cttinl ilecrenKC of I < iin? for the week S11.9.M The New Oi1<iu:s?Vmc??<i f the 21ctimt ,?ny?:? Il-.e tali n cnt ol the Imuku foi tlie ?eek end'ng -utm Hi v, IStli inef., In a fnvornbl'* one, the va.iom iteiu* li wli pile lolJowing v^i iaiion<i for the noek? in re.- -*e In ?| ecle. ??4?. ?118,R88 iictrme in ilefi i'JF.. 8 1, Mfi It i im e In ulioi . 26'1.875 1 iridic in eiieulalloii 1-1,826 liciifi e lne* 13S,4vl I it rrn e in dlMant in, Inner* 4 i,'?8.> TVe lncie??e in* la ? favorable omen, and lmli an-- (1 e (rireial good toi.e of tl.e market. 'Ibe inc -oa " .ii ikort lian* la only ?|-|>aieni ? the actual move nont lnh g tiom be line ofueud reight tolOday piiper, ?Ui h. t * , 11 1 e rl??ivtd, In uina.lj In tbe Canal I'ank, th iug)i < I , | mi-' i". it e?* in for a j'here. The hank of lUiriiiK lm ' ' 1 coonteil about 61. .0.000 outside of 0 try* for th?' week, the *ujij ly of good >hort Ca'ed ,i>|er btiJiF liinl ei'. In tbe npg e^a'e, 'he el^bt tnnk< I I ve t ttitili * i f II ,496.100 aim e ihe i e?inlicmenU o.' the . w, wi.l n. ?i b 4-1.774 016 In exeuani;!-, make? the e ?rial le nmoi nt if 'liiei' n illi n< two liuo l el and h }>D it tli'. ii and doUa-.R of at' nl avnilatitli ic*, a x .11 u ii (('la ei;.*b I' ?< , wl lch a e > ?? o?4t-, Hreu ?' i< n I i d di.'ant I eli n> i-,?. Slllli hi tim"iint the cm ng in 11 bi ilnrii wi'h Ibe eatly eceipt* i f cotton, will i> luce tbvBi in ? ^ -It Ion of tbt strongest kind. Of th* foi emott in 1)m i# 'be Punk of 1 oui-iana, with $670 000' Ctnsl Pink with *.40 WO; CI'lSMa' Bank, with tlWHXX) - the f 'ate wl h SlfO.OCO. The free banks are all, with cit csception, well 'O Je. HjO Southern hMtbiatouo hundred ] er rent in coin in excess of tbe law, with ovtrbtlf a milllinof exchange, wbieb i? a pretty stiff balance. Of couri-e, under the favorable position of tlM banks theie U but little abort da'cd paper otfriing on tbe ttieeta. anil tuch is i?a<lfly <aken, th >ugh butte v lenders are in the city. Of long dates there U not sul&dent of teiirg to-day. ibe bielemge on which would cancel a a m< nih'a < tr ce rent. Bate* are ci niMfuently nominal The following commuakation relative to the af fair s of the Cleveland and Toledo Ballroad Company is from a party liiterested a a a stockholder and bond holder. We give him tbe fall benefit of oar columns, without comment This is the third commnnioatioa we have published in favor of the company to one aguiubt it, which exonerates us from all charges of piejudice or unfairness. We are deposed to give both sides an equal ihance, but must reserve the right of giving our own opinions regarding the points at ssue: ? Cleveland as d Toledo Railroad. Allow me t< give youth* tacia i elating to this road. Iheie aie two ln,e.- ? :he main one, running noarent the ale, una over which all the through travel will paw, is i tit miles long. It cost $3,900,000, or nearly ?8H,0? to lie mile. il.e o hm line runs inland from the lake, and i? to mllen lu g. it co?t $. .500 iM), or a little under ?( ,010 to tLi; mile. this toad has a largo lo'-nl business, ml ct nnecis with tho road from famlusky to Cleveland, t will | jay fts running ixjjeiisert, and interest on ic?s b)n<l-* i nd ? wk. anil do it la.gely, leaving th.' >??. ire receipts on Le mam line 1o go to i he payment of <livid?>u<ls on its i< ck. lieuiy Jiai .in, k?q., tho President, an old and (Bin mid tiieud, assuri-it mo nome time nice, after a > ateiul portciml < samiia-ion of the Bubjeu, of tiie truth' <f tbe above sta . m m. It the i-bou ioa.1 will take care of itielt tl." n m ne niuBt be one of the best in the eountiy. it.s cost, ct n.puianclv, in amali, and its posi tion and connections ui^u. pus eti. the Kile and Wabash, raiix a?i will e.e 1. ng be compleed, wheu a va-it line of rtaii will be oj entd iu .-<i . i.ouin, terminating at Toledo, and pus-togers und freigh' going over >Le Cleveland and 'i'oituu road. 'llie htiuight hue oi the Michigan sMithern ano Noithern Indiana will soon be completed, when an all line will exi?i be Wien ioieiio and Chicago, and cars will run bit ween the cities in six hours. Lei uiese and otl.ei imj oi uui implements tie made, and we shall see whut the CieviLml uud 'ioleuo will do. i have ea con' teettu with the W?'Biein toads tor many "ears, i under stand the i'uc.g and jhiloBoj hy of them, 1 . .tab; and un lehh mm extiuuioiuaiy ulvi voion of trade lake-i placsy of which 1 nee no Indications ai pie. eut, this road must bo among the iirKt chn>s louds u the country. Tne outire capital stock of the roid i So,400,OOC ? bonds, ?3,500,000: ?tocl>, si,tC0.CUO. lietltiii ii g debt wus on the 1st July, il' '.,010; cash and a .-eis in ..und, ?_41,0o0, besides this thcie 1b a surj li.? < I *108.0 0. mukiug cash and perfectly bc und a>>-ets v..-?W,v?C0. the iecei|>ts ihi? year will beat least $1 ..0,000. 'I his is the cn(iuia<e of Mr. Martin? -a tnore reliable and cfiicicnt mun than whom 1s not to be found. Vxi yiur i hi y ciiunot be lens, with the new cotnmunlco tion? which v. ill he opened, tnan *1600,000. Allowing om I.alf for rum.irg c\, en?e. ? mo..gli Mr. Mania ?ays he can ri.u the rosit toi W6 per 100 ? we have $025,000 net incm.e. 'ibe imorPBt on ? ,.'00,imj ofbondi is $246, CWt, Itiivii g in go, oO.. for dividend on t -,w00,0j0 of stock, that is li per rent, with a sui j.lua of *.?J,OKJ. ,-om? ne gotiatii nt which aie now making, and which will soon be concluded, will ad'i le y consl .eia^ily to the receipts of ihc rcao, ami t?etfadvun age to it in various ways. They will tuibiibly be announced next. week. l?t tuoite who an- inteiesiL-d in the . <.a > wait and hear the report which will ihtn no doubt be m?dc. Il.e road will pay n cash dividend tbe 1st of October, and will haie eu.ntd it. A. B. Stock Exchange. T> H?D4Y, August 28, 1856. ICOCO r S ?'? >?7 . . . . 11?}< 600 shs trie UK . . . sj 62 1M.0 A iiginin fl's. . . 100 do bUO 62Ji ltt(t Har lfct nug bs loO do b>',0 6 2U ICtio tiie bs 76.... bi % '.00 do b'M 62%? IC000 ill ten Kit hits. Hi 100 do siO 5.K JUbU do b. 0 8. X 100 do bd0 621^ 6(C0 ill 1 n e bdB. 91>i 100 Harlem KK. . .bfiO 60 (-lis 1 ank K N Y. 10. JIJ 100 do *3 CO 1 e< pier.' bank.. . lob loO do b<50 28)2 llii.hii Life&'Utto 18 100 do s3 28}? 10 I .ink of N A ma 70 Nor fc Wor KK,?3 31 60 Me ii an Co. . bU) ie>? 160 Uicii Cen UK. 'jOO 100}' 160 do lk'-i loo ?iao&N inKK.bJO 103 ' 100 do ID), 100 do 10.'^ WO do b3 1'. >i VO MichrofcMnCon. 98 1<0 do b5 li 40 heading KK 94 100 do bOO lti>i 100 do sJO 90 HO Cum Ci ul Co.. .c ilj, '.00 do 95Jf 100 do b.> ;h loO do...... s3 96W 110 !8 600 do S3 96>V s00 i8 100 d'. 96'^ 7r'0 do ?i0 ;8 400 do bS 95>i LfO d< bCO '.S?^ foe do b60 98 ? 10 do bo0 :k'i 100 do s30 96% CO '.S'i H?0 do s3 05% IiO do W0 '.*?>, loO d<> b30 96? i>0 do '.h 100 do blO 95 ll 0 do ?.'?'i 100 do 96 % 50 Canton C< 160 do UH) 9-1 10 11 & lid t anuM o 1.1 ^ 1>4 Hudson luy itK.c iOfi i. h uo bun I..Z 60 do SOU 40*? 10N y feu UK 100?i 66 Clev, C& Cin.... 109 1^1 do lot ,V^ (ii) i in 'iima KK... n-'i 107'^ 480 d. It0?< -OOlll Cent KK IW do bto lOUJi iOO do sAO 98 % ao <.0 B' 0 100 6 (iiilena & Cli KR. 110V iO do b. 0 luO il4 C le ft Tul HR . . s3 80 f.0 do ?10 ltOV, 50 do s30 8<i .'0 do blO 1?0'? 60 d> ?10 80 150 do sit IOj 3 .'i0 ao WO 88J? 12 do 1 0>? itoO do s3 85 ? iCC Eiie M 5.'i '.46 d>> 8??tf : 00 bCO 6'. 100 do b'JO 85)2 100 do slO 5 100 do bOO 85?? ;.00 do ? 6 ?, iOO d'. BlO 8W '.<0 do SCO 52 5'? do *30 85 J? 100 do ??0 62 6 Ch it Kl KK 98 SSCVN9 SOAnV. ICO ?bs NlcTrnCo. vlO 1. loo -hs Erie RR. .*10 62 '.(.0 do blO 1C^ 44'OHad l.l? RK..b00 41 100 do 1 xi '.00 do 1)3 40>? '.CO Ctni < < al Co..B.' 0 '-'- H 50 do :co '.8 '.00 do b-l 40 iCO <V ho ft 0 Reading KK. . ?00 96}^ 4(0 bCO '.0 600 do MQ 96 % 1(0 do IVli '/CO do slO 96W 1(0 i dgrwi iib( o.siO '. *< :ort do b3 V6)? 100 Co ltO do blO 9iX (00 Erie KR s60 'j2 '.000 do s30 9i'i 1(0 do 52 'ZOO do bOO 95W ,r,0 do h3 5v',' 100 Cleritol Kit. . ?3 88 .',0 do b3 6 100 do 86 *4 '.CO do bW) 5 100 NY Cen KR 99 *4 4 CO do 5. 100 do b3 WW ICO do b2 62 CITY TllAOE REPORT. 1 1 r day, Augunt ?8?3 P. M. Arnta ? 30 a 40 II, In. were sold without change ia prices. l.i f.'wn?Tf . ? K lour ? Tli e market easier, and prices favrred juichmtTH. ILe tales embraced about 4,600a !. ICO bbl?., iu'.hi'lrg cirnni' n, at |t 68 a $7 78, and >lioii.lit h Ld cloiio biund* al {8; 'mall lota or au M|ulir l?i<y brand* ii.i.ged a< higher figure . West e: n ei n n* n t ? choice biand* at >8 '? ? ?\>. V.xtraOe i e <e ?*? BitTcrt In lelall lot* a Ili>60al12. Canadian w. ? ?|t)let ni i9?S10. tout hern wa* easier. the dales (IiiblBitil about 1 (Of a 1,' 0(1 bbl* at l>-c I ranging In ni vb'.6n 110. Win a ? '.lie Hum actum* emb ?ce?l iiiiui 11,1 00 hi rl el-, ir wl iMng >oulhern rel, at II 90 f. i i o< ii ui.n I ), and II 0; }i for amber colored, and white in in i.ll 1 v, ni at be, nnd 1 ,00i ba^tiola \Inryland *1 i,e, n Id, <.Tii enable in ( c "be a' *1 80. Rye Hour ?m at t- ift a 48 SO. Oi n no al wa ? held at %A ;6 fir ><w J- ify, mid *6 lor Corn? Th? unite ?a> about 1 cent jer buidiel lower wi h ?ales ?.t about 4.'i<t0 a {>(,(100 but-lu'la We-teru ntlxel, al 6fc a He.; rhictlj at fckr. a 88|jc. Bye ? The iiil< - I II I. mill iiIk, ut .< 0i> hii?tii In, at llJc. Oats were iflli I g ir>? i e.o eh , n 6fc. a 60c. Itii'i.? .be mmkei win- ac i ? wt'.h mi leu of about l(,lll ligaifllo ?l |(",'R ? 11M?. (ill' ? ? i hi' m'e* teached about l,/i00 bales, and the ii railier inure buoyun' u ithout change of I I i CF. 1 1 E ( titi .?1 a'e* wr-te henry. To f.lTcrpool 100 bales O' ci I 1 1' * ere ' np aged 5- > d. , and '.00 dn. to All up at ',d.; nun If ,tU bushel* of corn In bulk an I bagi at |?. t. i> In il'ii *(( bbU. i0Mn we.e i-ngaiced at V*. ; Y00 tons i il take.. in bug- *nd In lk at 17*. ? d, and 700 bbl-?. Dour at I?. fd. In I.nvie tatex wcio unchanged. Cotton was jit ',6.; bot e at a*lf ?t c. and 1c. ; rico ?t 1e., ano link at 6c. A v<- < 1 at Baltlmue wo* en;aged to h nil ut < i r 1 1 in! wl h ti liacco for \ e .ice at 6Jc. Hiero ?? noctuigi) to no.i'.e in late- lor California or Aut tii lia. It v. ? Will.ln a <lar or two the nale* have readied th< i \ 1 lit hi h ? f. i >1) i irent. at '.Or. a 76c. l.t < i ? i nu in n ? nd e->ed wa* at *1 70 a 41 80, and ditim' i o *' S .Da t? 40 jer ton. Iki ? ? / t* ut 17d ton* tcoicli t ig were aold at 112 M a m i* mi ' tim. 1 T/l 1 1 eiale- embraced about 100 ton-t .'-pauUh, al (?lt ?;e. ntdll't do ln^li-h. at t '4c. I > i . ? < . n ii i n *n> at Elc.. ntul lump at II 25. > i l/tnr.? Ah. ut 170 hh'l*. ( uha ?fie oil at Jlc; 100 III > e? t-rlean*. at oic., and 1' 0 do. g-.ld color syrup, i t 4: e. N w .'.i >ti sir ? C0O hl>l* npiril* turpen Ine were nMd : t Jlc., snd 40b bbl*. ro?in at 11 70 per olu Ibt., dellv fnd. ( ilf. ? 1 Inircd ?-i* .lull ?nd **le* unimportant. I I ca ?.i m .? 1 ?.il ? 'ihe marl ? t *ai> tinner, with *al?s ot cliut l.itt ? 1,40 bbls., including new mi --, at $1'2 A3 Ii; (C. Inilide.l In tie above weie . 00 (ibl?. umn ?|uTi! a< i :. Oh' mem wae 1 -5. and ma prima at lb fC a ilO t'.'. leel wa Kt.-*dy, wl lu ut ciianga in u< ia .? ?i?; ml?c f l ?f0 a . CO bi.l . country at 111 76 ? 1; hi n nnd 111 lor piimo; o lur dencrlption-t of < el vue tie Ime. o'b cut tnca>* mid Ha-oo wcro i?ite, m <'. 1 e!<: ?i lull j lice-. 1 anl- The ?.le> liielu l ? i cl i li U0 ii <0? hhh.. it 11 <4<v a ll)ic. Ilutter and ? I < e?e wi u- ? ill ( tit ni e n'i n in i ilce?. A * ih1 of 600 I ? at *r r rt #?'e dell- ernblein all the year at IHe. 1 >.--'ili tiatlet *at ni< to ac I e witli noine demand fiir i bit ad. Tie alette cl ed nboot :00 a .60 tyrcaa *t i J,r. i' wa* ?u!d that the aui ply from the ? * r i ii I r lleli i f< r the irit month or t?'?, " u,u"?l h? .a. n.-t l.e\ear. Th. ,.,e?n' let li ie,ort?dtole *?rk Kfoa Mill* told III KrfK D. UObbi*. ? orK "V -V-Atc.t 8,0(0 rack* of Aahtoo'. were -old at 02c. ^e'/elubC-d hh?U. Cuba at 1c Vnd '.lO cnk" 1 u" h i.B-ed, to r. out of tn,rket, - Tt ? ><ewinnd wa? goo<l, wl hont chan** in Itfc Tin. M.W.. 80 bbl.. Virginia a?l I 1 * * 1 r D 10), e.; 342 bal'?. Ilaran^ i-art fur I ni'icki ai I h )(^ jav, b;?le?. totlo RlcO, 'r|.or,-.oc*'<? ?? t<i !??' '<? ? i; 1 tM K*.? ' ??!'" 'jf lto a 900 "tate jrrftoil w?r? nA?le At C,V- ?