Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 30, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 30, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6942. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. fjflWB? MB KElfKWKD ETEEI PAT. raw rmicATiomi AGi*EAT SUCCESS.? n?? oe? anffl by the NitUor of '-Alone" : THE HIDDF* PAffH. Br V iri?? Hurland. of Richmond. Vu. Two e>IJ' : u* ?old; third edition printing. The en -aordinary anccess of Mix* Harlanrt's "Aliue" ? running through edition after edition, with great rapidity, repn Wished in England, with a still larger sale; translated into the French and German language* with ?narked aucce?e ? if. perhaps the bent evidence of the origtnalil/ and popularity of lier writing*. In the lan guage of "an eminent critic, "She may henceforth take rank am tig fie moot successful novelist" of the United -States. one 12mA. rol. 1'ilce HI 2/1. J. I'. DKRBV, Publisher, 119 Nassau street. For a?!? '>jr all booksellers. ADCI.TK-UflON OF FOOD THK CRITIC. Of THB wei's, contain.*, among other interesting matter, the report >t i chemical aunlyxU of bread, calif, Scutch whi?k?>, oUer'v w ine, Cayenne pepper, vinegar, flour, ?Jack an I gt ? "i te.ic, purchased of the following persons -and (inn.- : ? James Kelly, baker; Thomas Hop* 4 Co., grocers; Richard French, hotel-keeper; Howard k Brown, noM-Jteej)*1"' Jonathan O. Fowler, grocer: E. T. Chris ?lan??n flTcr-r ; .lobn A. Currier, baker. For sale at all the new?rboa>? 'HBce No. 8 Spruce street. C1A1.I. AM KXAMINE THE SELECT STOCK OK / >wx.',n ? \<i Htatlonery at 498 Broadway, Helling at coot ; a**<o two :>.i ndnome showcases, gas fixtures, kc., rerj cheati ^Uing off to cloec the business. EAMTaiM '.' Ait. ? JL8T PUBLISHED:? Pocket csii.icm for bookstore.-: and agents ? new sheet, entitled IATt>T MAP* AND V1KWK OF THE EASTERN WAR. Places that'are causing so much excitement throughout th? wot <d, from the most authentic sources. ?^KBASIOIIM , CIUKKA, BI.ACK, BALTIC AND AZOFF SEAS. Showing t he present position of the Allied force- , ICMTAMV), Mrcumutr, ETC. Sl?e of map, twenty-nine by 32 inches. Price 26 cents, ;n sheet or pocket form. A. II. JOCKLYN, Agents wanted. No. <10 Fulton street. N. V. N . B.? Newspaper" copying the above and sending the -ame to the om? ?< will receive three copies . TTAI'fhl > IIONTHLY MAOAZLVE V'OK SEPTEMBER. COTTKNTK. ? Pictures of lii? Russians; Illustrated by nine.ecn en ^Something about the Mosquitoes; illustrated by twcn v ty-two engravings. Rirly Punting und Printer*; Illustrated by sixteen en ^TbelSewcotnes. By W. M. Thackeray. (To be con cluded in the next number.) with si* lllnltratlons by Doyle. Chapter LXX. Chiltern Hundred*. Chapter IjfXI.; In which Mrs. CUre Newcome'* carriage I* order ? d. Chapter LXXII.; Bollaariua. Chipter lJ(XUI.,in which Beltsarius ? etunwfrom exile. What we ltHnl. Why our Minister didn't Marry. The Buccaneers of the Spanish Main. Your Health > Hilly Duee. MoathlyRecotdol Current Eeent?. literary Notices hooks or th>. month. Editor's TabK Editor's Easy C'lair. Editor's Drawer. Mr. 8iim'.i Experience at Sen. Illustration#.? belting -out; In the Rieet : letting aboard; Squally; At theSuto loom Dx>r; in: In the Stateroom ; Position Nuui her One; Position Number Two; l'o-itloa Number Three; At IHnner - After Dinner; Coining on Deck: doing lor ward; A Mishap: The old Keeling aptin; Sea *ick. Fashions for September. Illustrations (furnished by brodie in adrance of their appears n^l ? Equestrian < os fume; Riding Hat and Glorne; Hiding Roots. It has become one of the Uterary wonders of this coun try. Almost ixcluairely composed of the works of Arnc -ican audio rs and artists, it pays its contributors some twcntj'flre liuu?lrfd dollars munthly, nod is h0 wide ? iy sought tor tiiat this enormous outlay does not prevent It from being rt"niineraU*t to it* publisher* . 'tis, /ore, a haratv rircumstance that it ?im? at the lilghes standard ot literature and the purest of morals in all its puges. ? N. V Observer. .... Each month it gladdens us and our household, to say nothing or the neighbors who enjoy It, with tic. twenty lire cents buyi it ? the cheapest, rich' ?t ^nd mo?t Iss'in? luxury for the mooerthat we know. Tfcree doUsr* se urea it fut one vrar: and what three dollars ever went m? fhr* Put the same amoun". in clothe*, eating, drink inc furniture, and liow much of ? euWantial thing is Obtained? If ideaa. fccta and sentiments have a mone tary valu/c; aborr ail, If the humor rhat re.>e,hes. the alMUltriM that bring a geutW lumle, and brighten the aaasaxeot tmtb to vour brain ;and the happy combination 7 ?h? real and the imaginative, without which no one "an live a life sts.vo theaalmal, * e to fc* put Into th .rale opposite to dollars and cents, .hen you may Iw .-er tain U?^il Ha rp.-r aere three or tour times as dear, it would ample repay its price. It is a inaga/inc proper, with the idea and p?r|iO** of amsga/me ? not *, boou. not a sctentittc. periodical. nor yet a supplier <>f l'*h' *?> ?i . and ehettr anecdotes? but a mag*7ine that takes ?>erv form of interesting, dlgnitled and attrao ice literature in ltiirtHQ< ? Southern TudW. Terms.?' Tlie M .g.izine may be obtained o? booksellers, jieriodical u*e?its. or fn/m the publishers a* three dollar* r#ar or tweot v-fire cent* a number. Tbc esmi-snnus ?.iuroe? as completed, neatly bound in cloth, ?re aold two dollars each, and muslin covers are furnished to chose who Wish to hare their back numNrs uniformly siund, at twenty-Hve cents each. Ton volumes are now p$At* bound. . . , The publisher, will supply sr^imen number- itratui iou(ly to agent- aad pnetmaster*. and will make lite-rsl srraiements vrith them for circulating the Magaaiae. ITtey alii also supply clubs, of two person*, at five dollar* a year, or lee !*rsons at ten dollars. Clergymen *up Tlied at two dolls"* a year. HAK1HR * Bl'.' iTHKR- 1 ubll-ber-. SAHl'KH-' MI IKY BOOKS fur SEI'1E>IBCT? har per*' Story Books? A monthly eeru'S "t narrates, anhies and Ules. for the iustrurtlen and emtertaln .jieal of the youug By Jacob Abbott. Embellished with j numerous and tieautiful engrarlngs. Term*. Each nnmlier of "Harpers story r**>k-i will ? >4ttain 160 rages in small quaito form, very beautifully i Jnatrate.l .nd printed on snperfl? (?Uudered parier The Serie* mav be obtained of boosjellers, periodical ??eats and iiostmasters. or from the publisher", at three toilers a eear, or twenty-Bee cent-i a number Subscnp none maV commence with sny number, rhe upon ''Harpers' Story Book*. : ' which una be paid qu*r tnAm in |4TIOC0? u two CfOts. ? wfa I. Containing the first, lhr~' numbers, 'Bruno, ?Willie " nod "St Tit (Jate," tastefully Isiund in mu?liii. rrv*lfn. Containing The Utile LouW. ' ? Praak" ?nd ?Wh. Containing "Virginia ' ' Tlmboo ?nd loltti* ?nd ' Tiuit?o and l ?nny," price ?1. Tie uumber* now r?a.iy are 1. Brnno; Or l^e-sons of Fidelity, rati, ace *n,l It 1'nUWil'i'ieand the Mortfage .bosrinq much m >J VlT?h?U^1<l7;.%BOyoV, lb. Hole <<i JK?clu*ion fro,,, W*iV*TV 1 Ittle Lourre; or, the HojC ^nl Hirl-' 'iallery <nz: r>. t'.i? I'hilosorihy of TriaU- and ML-cb ef VI Emma, Three MUfortuaes ot a Belle Vli Virginia ; or a little light on a tore Dark Ssetiig. vni. Tiu'sv sod Jollba; or, th<- Art of being -eful rr Timh<Ki r?*id Fanny : or. tbe Art of r*?ll-Iu*t ruction ? ? ?ubflubm^ni, or. How ^tory Booki a v a- ?*< ? ** ?lv< ^,un'' io cl,jlb- g,!t ' pri ?' ^ v.g,,ine" and "Harpfr'. st?ry will bene'f.. ? be welcomed a- Joint srl?if r? in Tif, J* We hate hei d ?. -mny f.tbe, ? and mothers who r' ,?ra ire -he p> < >nt doty of rildl,>? tl!'' ,min^' ' : -ihSiren ia the pnths of .knowledge *t 1-nme, .pea. In ?eim o" 'he bghest commfndatijn of .bi? serie eim ot ni a . ^ ; to see 'heni uni booka for ehlld' n tnat we " .imte 'he flne-t rersally rea l children. ^,u .eries or ?-r- .V " the young that we ha*' *?eu. * AhV, n tries are preterm d l.y ch Id-., to any e hey contain n.. narrative, of UnprohabU .r,? $ j? ? :r(i;n:~.VT *? tl.e? in ibe h*nds of thel -hlldren, they 'Ot.ld find lese trouble in K..eern.og them v -h- pr,?t and pies, urn -I the Utile people. _|.uth?r?ti t "TuHWB k MOTHKRS, Publisher , iw.-mv of EMPU.YMrvT.-niK W.k ot ?he rear ?From the editors .f th? * i.b la Fost : We tKink we mar safely pron'iunce thl* to {>,. the m'. t thoeonfh and Taluable w..rk on the En.pii Ru, da tin* lis ? ret appeared in the English lang'isge Vrom the editor of the American ( Ititladelph^l Co"'1"'? .^W a -ble w?rk ? the gr.?t te-.k of the dsy -Vn.1 'oi one r< of and try It amoog yous friewN. Wot k all ."?? ? " ' P*'*' ,n w'U'n* ln ?naXV? S, , ? ' iii r new work on the "flussi.n Em 51 ?? .1,1 ot .." popular pictorial book- Term-. eat? KIL.4 -.oI , .eas ing cirtulara torwarded, fiee of post S n,V "? I' ' 'HURT SFARJ PubUsher 1^1 W.l age ? . Vnrk ?'end for on? e. ;.y, - ;Mrle . ? H.m -tree' ^^iTTthe m-^t -lee'/et and o .1 pies of he W . ral^fuiiv eneeb'c In ?XuL Mfto . t. i .t our t -k snd exie n- oy W^Wfee . ,nd torwain* i . 11lt farly ?.n the retelM eMhe ^ u ^ Wotlf?, appMcition is eecw*ary to? , ^o,, ,n,i ,t,. perfect eop,e. r?V^l.^nT.Jo,oe and a a safe bt,?.-i' -s can 'eno ?? k , , ... well bound ? seripti n Vwk. < P ? , ? ? > h- ieV' ? free ot oo.t .<*? ) md obtain lr ' > ( u wut^erlle r*. .1 !? ie.ivered it a " ' ? , c.n, Siy.otl. rt . or f .-y d?}? Ad 'res. |i s' >fKW PUBLICATION!!. '"?T O >K OCT," '-LOOK Ol'T."? A ' BOMBtiHELL. J_j iati the Carmin League I? Will Ik> publl <lnsl, f*pt 1, a book entitled The Temper* nee Pli-dgo Violated bv the Sew York Carson League, by William Herries. I liil. 1). Id this work will be found a true aud unbiassed explication of the circumstances amounting to a viola tion of tli* temj+riinee pledge by the New fork Carson League. 1 hi- writer tiwumei high ground fur liis "mor tar," and his "bumbihell" necessarily scatter Ikt influence with salutary effect amid the encampment* ol the conl . oiling ho*ts. Price l'i% cents. to be of btsiksellers and news agents throughout the country Send in your order*. Copies mailed, jxsit-pai'l, upon re ceipt of price. Address A. RANJi'EY, PuMi-die( , IBS i Broadway, N. Y. \fIKKYAM>8 IN AMERICA ?PtUCK 12 S CENTS, with remark* upon temperance, (it* foundation.) nteniperaure (IN causes and remedies,) th? culture ol the grape Tine In the I'nited States and other matter* (f Importance to rich and poor. IJy John OsIk rn, of ("porta, In Portugal, pnd New York. Pot sal* at No. U Rmw street, New York. Copies transmitted free to iny part or the United States on reoeipt of fifteen cnu m postage stamp*. Book wanted.? a copy t? ^locdoss kkcy. clopedia of Cottage, Farm and Villa Architecture, he." A ?econd hand not objected to if in fair order. Apply toO. S. Francis & Co., 26'i Broadway. BPKCIAXj HOIICKI. A general meetim; op the ktockholdoQ op the Butchers' Real Kot a to Hide Association of the city of New York, will be held at the ofltre of the associa tion, situate on the corner of First avenue and lifth street, In the aaid i-lty, on Monday, th? lOtli day ot Sep tember next, at bilf.pu:>t 3 o'clock 1*. M., when a resolu tion will be offered and voted upon for the dissolution of the said association. By order of the Trustees. S. P. PATTERSON. President. EDWARD PHn.UPS. Secretary. (JKOKGK W. CAMJ'BEIJ., Treasurer. New York, August 20, 1865. FCNEFAL OF REV. DR. CuNE. ? THE FL'.VEKAL servic es of Rev. S. II. Cone, 1>. D., will take place in tho First Baptist church, this day, at two o'clock. A funeral sermon wtU be preached in the name place by the Rev. Thomas Armitage, D. 1)., on Sunday evening, Sept. 16. IRISH All) SOCIETY. ? HIE MEMBERS OF THE Fi nance Committee of thin association are requested to attend a meeting of the committee, at the Astor House, on Friday crcning next, 31st instant, at 8 o'clock precisely. N. B. ? Kvery member U requested to attend, prepared to report hts action and pay over the funds lie has collected. No farther notice will be given. SILAS C. HERRING, ) MICHAEL COX, U'omralttee. PATRICK McELROY, J Masonic notice.? the members of ihh.ak Star I.odg? No. 245 F. A. M., are hereby notified to meet at their lodge room. No. 118 avenue 0, on Thursday, the 30th instant, at 1 o'clock P. M.. for the purpose of paying the last tribute of respect to our de ceased Wor. liro. Joseph Stratton. Members of the fra ternit; In good standing are respectfully invited to at tend. By order of the W. M. WILLIAM PENNEY, Secretary. fpo WJSTWARD SHIPPERS. ? TRANSPORTATION I Office, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Baltimore, August 16, 1866.? In consequence of great mlsrepreeen tati Ions be i log been made lit Interested parties, I beg to I Inform the public that the alight obstruction on this road, at Kingwood Tunnel, is now entirely removed; and that freight (as well as passengers) is now forwarded in both directlous promptly on schedule time. The continua tion of this despatch is ensured by the building of an ad dition*! road over the hill at Klniprood, by which the use of Uie tunnel wtU be avoided, until its widening and arch ing is finished. This new track is now in use. The bnsl- I ness community is confidently assured that their freight between the four great Atlantic cities aad the West will be transported by this road, and its connections in time at least as short, at rates as low, aud with as much ?ennal satisfaction as by any other ronte. Shippers at ew York are referred to our agent, H. B. CROMWXI I office of Baltimore steamships, corner of Washington and Albany streets. JOHN, H. DONE, Master of Transportation. IKTELUUKNCK OKFICKH. <OW7 KKOADWAY. CUBNKR ItKAI>K STIlKl.T? AT mO| MORlil-, COHNKKT fcCO.'S, can be obtained r? ? ratable Herman, Kngli-h Scetck and Irl?h help. for ho tel* and private 1'aiuilie*; alao walteri, coachmen, gar decern, famier* and me. homo, at tkla or Uw? branch of fice. 1 OS! Greenwich street. TVsnn* modera'e. HRISTTAN H<>MK FOP. rEMAI.E CFT.\ ANT-' THIRTY eigh'h ItlM V'o'irtli ud I /'Xiutton ; g?**inea?e", liouaekeepera. Alao, nerrant- in every capacity iQpjilM in. 111 the above inxtilution. rrMION SQL ARK ' II I ir hlHi 'i II IK I R^KS, WATr I era; mm othtr 'lome.lioa proYided for re-pentnble I'amille.-, city or couatrv, at I be Employment Agi ncy 1 ifhce. 6? Eaiit Fourteenth troet, I'nlon ai['iiare. N. It.? 1'erMina applying for situation* at tbla oJBca must bring giod reference. J. 0. GALLAliHXB, ipit TI'ASIKI'? A I N o. 4 <:ast VroaI >way77ba5b TT inent.) girl". Rirl-, pirln, a* cook^, chambermaid*, 'eam?tre?*e-, nurv?, Ac., Protr-.tant imil Catholic, for prlTate families; also, ritimtionji (or clerk-, porter.', bar keepers, coachmen, waiter*, boy* for' a and store*. Charge* moderate. Apply to EDWARD lilLI.KV lost and rorro. LtWT? AK,l>T a, AT THK MIDDLE VII. I. AG I, near Williamsburg. nbaj mare, 16.', hand" high, with n?ar on forehead, saddle mark* on N>'h ?idei. o? back short tail, off hind foot white, ne* fere foot a white ring, both kneea gra?'l. Any person bi inging the nU mare to the undersigned n ill be rewarded. WM. II A It r. O-T? OR DI'.Ol'I'KD (iv THi". -TIT* <il So. 7 VAIt ick*ti*<t, an O.M Fello**' ernbl'in brniWn, three link? attached to a ato< ?*. $.'> will be ni?*ri lo th* par* .n ?ho ha- found it. by lea> ing it at No, i Wrick -treet, or No, 84 Beckman ctrret, third ?toiy. <if-T ? <iOIX<> I !!' HI 4M HllfO.V .-TRKCT Tu CHRIS* topher street depot, h gold bracelet, aet With rural bead*. The finder will he lib- rail} rewarded by calllngat 4?A Hudaon atreet, or nl 405 Broadwaj ^ < iROVtaV BAKER k C< ?. PKKw Yv-IS THK JKA-fT RTVK&, ON MONDAY, 10th in: t., a i-ixfci n fe< t row b. a', gre<n bottom, white with re'! ?trenh and (Tern gtinnalr, iwently painted. Apply to ( hu?. Richard*. I'cck -Jip ferry. A CDl'CATIOR. (Cj-I f\ ? HOOKKKEPINfl, WUriiso, ARISIIMMT .? W{Vl.V/a DOl.BEAR'K a,-?dcmy, Cfl# Broadway, e.>ro?r ilouMun >treeU App'l.'unt' may c.mmute f?r N hmiivi at the Aurii't tetnif. True' who ent*r to-day ,?e :un- inrrato i-cai* *Itliout eit? 'harf. The cour e i- |ra<-tieal and unlimited. ladies' prhaui rrv m- open 'l*y '?d e*enlng. tADT FROM KCTIOPE, H UV QCAIJI1KD, 0K iei? le^oD< In < il paintin,". f"'< I, MotmohronMlie and ethrr nrw atyle of drawing al'i l^en'-h * -qiiired in t>ance. Tbi adtertiarr would atter l two or three pu pila for two honra dally, ?- ? rune-- lhfriiac*< of the hlghi'it . rd' r. Trrnia r.i idera'e. ? a, fiee Art 9cbaua, 311 Broadway, wh-i? a j p? n'inf may be ?een. .-I'AM-ll '.I SH>MAS. tlAllllll I' H HO W WKU acnuaintfd with the prin. i la "Wu Ungia# and "p?ak.? I ngll?h, I'renrl. and I'h Uo, Btaadit tod-role a pari of hi- time to gWinfr laatracuon- in the -paniih language. Term* rery mo<lf rate. laid an I gentlemen f ho deaire to learn thi* rich Unguat' , may apply at N?, 163 < bamhera itwrt, ftret Bo- r, "P DC CATION. ?1IR. L. 1)K tiRANP VAI.H C1.A+-ICAL Jrj /?-rgli h Frtttrh and boarding ln<Mtuta, ihidaon Afifl WaVhfngtMi terra.*- Hole 'n N J. A lir^t rla a ,n?tltntion With a Ml < orj ? of i it. lent hM'riK-tflr .md i Tery reijui?lte for braltli and oonfert. ( Ircilara, Ac. at t nr institution. IM?KXf>l DAV ASD BnA'.DlN' ?{i mii. ldTTTTT j by tbe late prole-eora ot Mr. fi i^r?' ? Me>>r* l?? |' an l .-mith ? raiored from K Hamap o 1 atreet ?* Macdouiml utreet, corner <A Clinton | la ? reop aa ^ p umbcr .id. IK?TRTCTION-.? A LADY KXI'M'.at.'CKD IV H"ATB Ing, wiahea for a 'uil ion u the a'lernoon ?? laacb tngll-h. Frwh and rau?ii;. t'??.?-yt i>auhl> city refer ruce?. Addrcw Tuition, 3d" T' nth ?trc t. tTm IffTur^v rRKMH and r*t. i.ixh boariwb and day school for yovinf la^i?', (32 and M We?t Hf venth atree', below Klftk ar- nue,) re-<,pe?j onTbur* ay, September 6. Mr?. Meara will be at h tr.a Ui recelra p? ran-? and guardian* *bo wiah to aoalar with bar, lr?m Hon tat, t-ep'ember S. TbrR-AND"*:' ThaHkH CAVPA'- BOARDIXd aad dai irh'"!! for j'?inj.' ladie- No. IT l^layeMa pla* e, will Ucre-opeDed on Wtdaeaday. s ptialjar IJ. rMK KIT N<i I'll -T MARK - H W Will tt| ____ Op<H her I en. Il an<t Engli h b- ,?r ling and lav ?eiiool lor young 'ladiea. on Monday. Hey*. 3, W-'?. Sv?jrf Hnmoi mwimw pawaoT T abaiiry will open a aelect aehool for yoiin* ;?die^ at <7 Va rieli ?treel on Monday n?xt. Kngli h I reneb. jilann an ) roeal mii ic. '?i?r* " taufV r.n- n- no ilara' e T"~|iV ML -r." (IKVUKI.-IN - HoAltDIVi. AVD riAV n h"d for yoaat ladtea, M We*t Tw nty -lxth ?tree>, will re-op 'i '?? Monday. MHyl. U iMv - Fii n. lor, v"i v. '.r n KJf~ n>, i i?, . So M Ka?t Twwnty-foarth i'. M -IIKCHARIJHi of Pari* <fot?er. '? II ItaWt -eh I' will pen 'i We . ie- lay -ept. Kft'i. _ lifRlfESG ANJi ittKlKHjiNIMM BRf'A.lWAfV?a Vt i;?att*n*n 4a?:ria of aUta nlng w'hi'i1 I .?? V time, a t,ja?tat!> ku aUig*1 of l/ 'Akoej .g e ?g*ri ? ia tienn.n n-bip, lir., art luTtte 1 to can a? i't-.kM t D!XO? e-tal-l)ahi. t,t A{pUtJO'a ha'. . jg. ciueiw u>d obtain rafarau?*a. M Tt AV AMVt A II TERRIBLE CALAMITY. UMni nUMTVt L EilLKOAD ACC1KHT. Massaero of Twenty to Thirty Hnman Beings OB tbf Camden and Amboy Railroad. TWENTY Ofl THIRTY OTHERS INJUREO. THE EXCITEMENT IX THE CITY, Ac., Ac., Ac. TUeie was :t fii^htful tccMroi i?*steriiay, on "h" Cam den and Amboy Railroad. It occurred about two tlii * wKW <>f Burlington, K. J., to the train that left Phila delphia at ten o'clock in the morning, fftv Sew York. Three car.ijupre literally sma hi-d to pieces. lifteeu to twenty pasaenger* were killed outiight, and twenty to tlility 01b r* moie or leas injured. Ilie first intimation we had of thU shocking calamity wn? the following brl?f despatch from Philadelphia:? 8VRI0V8 R All, ROAD ACC1DKNT. 1'hu Ai.tii'HU, Aug. 20, 1865. The train which left here at 10 o'clock for New York, ran over a horse near Burlington, and thrown from the track. It U reported that aix llies were lost, includ ing the engineer, fireman, brakeman. and baggage moo ter. But we have uo particular*. A train has been des patched for the scene of the dUaster, with surgeon* from Camden. The eight o'clock train from New York will come via Taconjr, the road beiDg blocked up so aa to pre vent trains coming this way. The real truth of the extent of the massacre was re ceded a few houra after, and wan in melancholy con trast ? Wh the above short account. The news soon spread over the city, and, as only half a dozen passen gers arrived in town in the early part of the evening, the wildest and most exaggerated rumors were in circu lation. 1?7 the aid of the telegraph and the efforta of our re porters, we are enabled to lay the paiuful particulars before our readers. Annexed ia a list of the killed ami wounded, a> far as ascertained:? KILLED. 1? Catherine Bigelow. ? John Hullam, of Haltlmore. ? ? I). F. Haywood. ?I?' Thorns J. Meredith, ol Baltimore. .* ? fJ. W. Hidgway. e ? C. 31. Barclay. T ? Kalward C. Bacon. 8? Wilson Kent. P? Alexander Kelly. 10 ? A female, (unknown; 11 ? M. J. Htuughton. 12 ? Martin ConneU. of Wilmington, l)rl. 12 ? Jacob Howard, of 1/bauon. Tenn. 14 ? Hwrry Rusli, of (ieorgetvwn College. 1,". ? Captaiu (or Mnjor) ltoyce and wife, V. - Coast Purvey. It ? James l.iucoln, of Ulicntt's Mills, Md. 17? fluiries Holtom, of Trenton, N. J. 18 ? Mis. Margaret I'rescott, ofttalein, N. J. IP ? Baron <le St. Andre, French Consul al PhlUdel phia. i0 ? Catherine Broun. (colored.) VI ? Maatrr Ingerwdl, of Philadelphia. vocmv. 1 ? U ill in hi ('. Muring, of New VorK ex-Vfeabe of CitigrpHf. f 'J ? 11 r l int, of Ci nneoticut. 3? Jvbn P. Ollkwpie. of Natchez. Mi--. 4? Mr*. John K. <;ille*pie. 6? Mr*, kin#, of Cliarleitowo. V* f ? Mr. 8. l!a<k. of Plttabufg, Pa 7 ? Mr. Kent. of Miflmippl. 8 ? Crfmucl Iamb. of Ohio. 9? Hon. Wm. Whelan, Wunhiofftun, I). C. I'J? Commodore Joseph M. Hnil'h 11? cneer M'Coikle, I'. H. foaat Suree? 12 ? Mr '. Ha li in. of Jersey City. 13 ? T> nub O'hiaue. of lHilriet of Columbia 14 ? H. A. Hughry, eiprc-*m*B. l.V ? Charlea W. Oldenberg, ol Philadelphia. THE PARTICULARS OF THE CALAMITY. OCR Kf.TURTZK.s' ACCOUNTS. Tlie railway train ol the Cimdcn and Amtiy I no which loll Philadelphia for New York al 10 oMock j< ?? tr-nlay morning? Ike Van Auxten, conductor. ? met with * dreadful accident at a quarter part 11 o'clock, when n bout hall a mile in tlin New York xide ol Rurllngt<i> bridge. by which an many n? *? *ent??n pe-??-n< Io*t ?.li<ir lire", ami between thirty am! lortj were eitb< r moi tally or very -eriou ??jr wounded. It appear* that tbi? tralu, which e n iited ol c ?r?. ?hottld hare reached tho rurre near Hnr^nglon bri'l^e in time to matt the train o?er (be Vew J?r-> y I Uil r<-ad wliioli left N?-w York at 8 o'cl'rf* 'h' ?<me uiornlnjr, on itn way to PhltAdelpli*. Thii It ntil* <1 j to do. and the .New York train? <Jeorge Ho' per , "ie I ductor? having watted for the u ual period -ent.n naotlooaly, ami in a *liort time wet tb?- Caarfca < n' Arob?r ti.nn whl< h Wil be Mail < u The role* of the road art ib?t ii th# tw*> U*ia- do iv>t RUtt a* th" inirr* near tlif briilfe "f 11 1! I'm ?. II, '( < one which rrache* it |r?t hall wait tea minutf -ml it n j rjo < n r :i<iUou>ly, looking < ?t < lor th* . i p-.?lrg < n?* "lifc-h.when it c< m< ?? in ? ight i.t the adrwmg emgiae, ?hall back m4 <wi'eh f.fl, leaving the- . ?.. 'h? CM* which mad" time. 'lli ?> ^cour-#- a a : 1 1 v I 'i?l )e>terd?} . .Vll' i ib>' 'ilia trcm S?w Yoik tu ' w?i'*.; i< h? i* Mfitd tim1 it went on the rfad, ?n?t ?!i*o the > amd- n I and Am>?> train ob anted it cob tagi '<-* enginee inn* ?I lately c> lUBWBeed to back ?? ?? to eU ?r the r-?d Die cam had not ran tar on he Uri.waid r?,n'< ai.en two h't*? attach' 1 !? c?rrU|e wer? Jm-n. n the rai!- ?ith the lnt?n?b n o' il4in({ a HttJ ?ttaitht ??*' the lin* Howerer, tlie horx-a h*A omly r'-' '')!?" ,,n the liif wl*? 0?? backing bate ru the? dow* ? n

them completely frem the rarrtage ami l.Ming >-'-i tie* ia it natojtirfil Jfot ao with the ralU^y ar- IV ?hock ?bi'.h they Wtaiaed tw t?d m ^r? ? .? ne?l IKt hPt?< -i? completely I mimI ?n- Hi'*" ' " h* track Bi ihia the thr?i ai- i.-Jt feib ei?'| ?er ? |.le*?!j da )ie>l to pleee* when ? htrnbla ?cn* I ".ffTirg and coafu-ion MMttM. T?:. pe -nf- ? c >? ,r m d r ? -her j in the ear- and were o?lf teikred trhee nuw-i ?>> per?ona r <- -i.tinr m the neigh b h d C' ll" ^ 1 wa thtB found th.i' th'- tr*?'n>an I I' 0"' ? train with fourt hs u?h?r p< i ? n- Lad " o kille.1 ami that betw.en thirty and fbrty -th- ?- ? wounded. In a iihor* 'iai' nfteen d?al >? ' *' '?ken by a w?g? n into Burliaf' r The mo*' ).? ed ?<?!'< rcnvired Into the nH|fh baring Siu * ? i' who we abl- to ?lt up ?? e ( la ? 'I"1 T " hr th* wey-M'!" Uie whole forming a ee?y t;*eat efri'emen' prT^il'-d MOBg 'he "t><r * pic and at on* ume ri,?ny of ih' ? w?i ' >'d - ? by b<dlng- of borro- iha' 'be lalkcl ' nil ">< man n! ?? t!ie empb.;.- the ' nxt'i ' I Am', y line ? ho trr? ?< al'i ? ?h ? ..i ' w,n< 't> ih 'iff nulaaw h o? V.' eoi ;* i Ne I '.-r'.i i*4 ? . .??'?* ? h | i'b?eric-i the truia b-jclim;, tad* u*tsi * while haulker - chief toward* the driver ol th* carriage, aa a warning U> him n-'l to doe* the road This li* either did not ?ee, or diartgariicd ; and hence the melancholy cwohe^urnces. ACCOUNT r?OM ANOTHER REPORTER. Our of the moot fearful nod fatal railroad accidents ?hat erer occurred In the vicinity of New Yotb. took pla<e on the C aoadeu and Atuboy lUilofltil yr?t*iday mora'ng, about 11 o 'cluck, within hall ? mile of the town of Mbrlington, N. J. As the 10 o'clock train from Camden for New York l>a*#*d through Burlington liehlud time (aliout fifteen minutes), the t o'clock train lrora New York came in Tie*, under lull headway. The Camden train teamed! at fly atop)*,), and the engineer commenced, aa aoon i?? practicable. to reverse the wheels, so a* to return to thu eta Hon he had * few moment* before lelt, and enable the New'S o. k train topa-r, unobstructed. I nlortunatcly. how I ever, II the train wan under headway, going at the rate of at leant 12 or 1} mile* au hour , a two horse wagon driien by a person named Dr. Haunegan, came dowu a road ing the tmck, :ind before the driver could Htcji the speed of the animals, the rear car struck the horses, and was throw u off the rails, and driAn up against au embankment. Thu forre with which the train wax moving when the accident took place, canned a dreadful era ah. Four earn (the rear onr*) were unwished to pieces, and nil the |***engeremore or less injured, or kilted. The two last cam. containing about fifty people, were knocked Into splinter* by the force or the concussion, and It whs the occupants of these car* who suffered most severely. li e scene that followed the dreadful era- h can lie bet ter imagined than descril>ed. Kor more than Hfly yard*, luy scattered around the form-i of the mangled corpse* and the mutilated bvdiea of the wounded, who.* piteous moan - and shriek- for help were enough to make the atonte?t heart qnail. Am soon aa thx confusion attending the calamity had subsided. those who were unhurt egerted ffeiy nerve and muscle 111 rescuing their tellow rmltirci from theruiniu While this sail woik was going on, father- mother- and children might lie seeu wildly rushing from one spot to another, in aearch of thoae dear relatives with whom a few moment- previously they had been converg ing in safety. Many were rejoiced to And their roi?; ^Wng< unfounded, but a K1 eat number, alas ! were destined to find the object i of their aearc h lying mangled corp?e*. or suffei ing the most eicruclatiog tor tuic from broken limbs. The accoewa*. indeed, a hoart sickeuing one. When the new* of the accident ie*ih'-d Hurlingtoii the inhabitant' of the village, like good Samaritan*, harried to the serne of w o* ? ith wagons and litter* lor the ptirp' He of Conveying the wounded to a plaee of - hel ter. The physicians of the place also hastened forward and li at all their aid In ?ootl>ing the agonie. of the auf fcrers. J'evente- n per -on* wi re picked up nuiu* de.<J. while Id a few hours afterwards ei/hi etiieia died from the cll<ct?o( (heir Injuries. "ver thiilj of the passengers ? men, women and clill <lr?n ? wem ilreggfl from th* itilii? ill**. Tli*j wria taken to th?- principal liotal in the rity, and there kindljr I jk<'B c?i( i.r by the tiu?t an<! ki? food Ja?l> A telegraphic deapatnh announcing tha accident w a* ?a-nt to Camden. whin * iiunilier of from I'lii ladflphia atarled r.o Hurlingto? la the 1 w'clurk train, in order to afford all tb* rclirf th' y could to tk> wound i Mjin> ? r rr the liairbrradtb th.?' r?- urr*d. 1 Ml'OlIrMi), named llenjamln ft. MlfN of B< idgepart Coaa. wit* Uii ? k.'ij through th* la/ttoai tal till' ear, and enfajnd with a few rontu?i'Bi. uhll*1 a man named Humph: ev ot I'rorU, 111., ? n hi? wajr to H< *toa. who *?? lining In 'he >jbi'kh1, talking to him, wa< kill* I ? u 1 1 i?r>i t A frapmeut of the wreck atru< k Mm l? tl<* h<ad, producing Ii ? tare of i > kuii. iMlkir ual, f h<?> him ?l <wili mi ? ?.i thrown a dtftane* < I or< r al*ty f< through th* 'Id* oi tl ? ? at id ?i? UniH iaiojor'4 ?a th? twl'l<l? A Mr. and ilr?- I/TJ, "> V w Vatk, ?li :? alt ling in th<- fourth car, were thrown out of the w.ndon and < k|<<! alnoxt unhurt. Mr . b ty lout ? I* * contain ing on* tbon-and tlolla moth id H'mimwI yawt-lir. who k In had in hnr ji .w :? n Ike ll.iladrlphia tram va tuf.. "dot -x ,ra lour ? f which. a |I4 Miorr, *<ra u? I'd almoit to a Tlir ? ond'o-n i ItaacVan Noatrand, ? i ? it U aald, warntd nt U>< apfno?<ii of tin* \>w York tiain l ut dot not heed ib? ?arni?<C un*U h? came within II -fcli i .i i I 1h'? it wan tiai k* ja?e the <rdi r? to !b? i nflw?r. trail Adam* U> wm I n 'Ik it' " liatlkitkii4taW?fc''o in ? harry lh?l nu l? okniite&tild ) - i <. I in 'In rear of tb? train, tb>n going a' a rapid rain; and > I. n <h? r?ar cat ?'i< n Dr. H-nnrgan ' . liortr . thr "nficnr, who wan not -War' of 'Lu far*. di 1 ion ?t?f the NM rlil' i; ?? 'J* ''t? ? Mini n M !J "*8 Coo . ii. wtr? d>>(r' ;??l .u ?' to. 5 'wmtjr i < ? huma t*:m" had b?ni! ?? nt Tn thai liouraa fioui wfcu i ?i tr %ril< *t?.r? 1J?- iBiiiftuilion !li? ?r ?*? *? r.m in loud Uia> u)it i 'l.r r.oc?l ? tei nt <).? 'raia, train >ml Nrkiw tlf K* ' ?> i? ? >' Ijn t. r< 1 i?i ? a il.' o' , I#u1 U M< i j' . inrnl \<r'l natural ii | ol?< ? of Un ir. m< n* >..aj* ? ?i h kit li> Aa M<n ai tfcr uui/M *mati' -f tl>* -ii i? o-d N< ?r V?<ik tt? f*M? ' <?> ' ?> w.i '< It l.j 'it 'Mien :? r !>,' ???'.?Ay '4 irany fa >. n- baW>a(ia* >l,i ?*, who w? kanxn to la on Viol th^ B-Ut'-I 'lain Numbar- Hortifd In .)? ry t i\jr, tj,?n '? (*??. ? n < n ttllk^nc* 1 |'-ili? M * r-.r<- ?! h r o<i killed od ??' nd?J but uo !?'? rn>?'.- n I n| > ould ' 'i'aill"! if? 'b? 'B |!if' ? ' I " la I - ot f. Iif .in ?bo liud ?|" <!> ?'i ?** ? ' * t?KC i f (Ik th'. Aa tj.? ii?u. af>| nm "I b* 'I l??l "I th* ?vk'k tr*is fri-i.i I hi i? ? ? ? ? ? , I V i '{ !t aj (.1, Wan tb(oit?l ? I r r ,1 I i? antlov .. looking 'b * ' ' ? " I ? ??????' f thn <;i ? < ? An,- aft'1' ?'pn-ant *1" h d ? at ? ?i v a ;i 111 ? ?!.'? i a ?? M- at ? ? ' w, Mr la?a ??* t 1-IUtj fliu |*at.?*aa a Wif* ? I 4.a V j *| .n I1,iiadrl{dua i 'i "'tin ai I ? ? i?i ? r ??' ? t 'if aaii< ?, a a ?<>??./ a?M A I J a ? ha . * .II 4u>? ;o, I, '*;agi.)ln <:< I n ai I' . tm| n obi -"It ' I ? < i 11.4 I'M' hi' laW '? I ? ? X Ml*' I ? r JtK. ,^tk I# ? j > Ti I twanft A I nil r~ ? j \n K?4d0t ha* t*rn * t t? -kf ar* I ? ? a' J ; H? ilaf(?. ' "?? i 1b? wor.t and Ua>* a>?* >i> ?- iiiiwl fcjr / ' a ft- ? H| iHaor ?h . wa a ft., i-iaa'a ??" r . Mt'? laf" ftu'^wa at tn 1h? uln"; of 'ha faitt f ?? a ?' it ?a .at, *-J ',y W-. ?*?t f ?? a pftaaenger m tlut UU* Itn, tUnt hi* wxtr ?a? taken from the ruins wf*. but o( th* aat-if ??* Mr chil4,V,?lftit jeara old,) k" conlt |t( Tli# i-utlie Utia>> of the dUa<toi li ?ttriMiW lo tk? careletuuea* of the conductor, wtK* perauted i? the train ahead to th? next atatton beyond when he *m ilrrul; behind time 1 "? conductor o# It" >ew York train. ((.eorfe Hoo)>er,) h?vi*f raited accord iug to the regulation* of the company , trvmiautc*' at tke atation tlii' aide of Hurlingtoo, f?r 'he I'bilVMphta trtiin to r"m? alooy, proceeded toward! Burlington, when the other train' in Ibe New York train ha* i*(r arrired at the hull w:?) pole firnt, the I'hiladeVh** tral* ??? obliged at a Ttrry abort notice lo atop aud r?T<'r?c ?'? at to allow the other car* to pa*-, a tut it ?a> wMIe Sack ing ou the ajritch off raila, tliat the ?olli*UMl with (ha b' laeiand wagon took place. No one in the nugun, M range to *ajr, ?t ? lajniC'l, ;il though tin- horae* ?<ie inatantly rut in two TELEGRAPHIC ACCOUNTS*. he accident OCCUrtd two inilei above Burllngtou TUe up-troia waited at Burlington for the down-tram, (whi'li w?- lielund tliuc.) ten uiiuutea, aud then went <>u itwljr. There mi* a vehicle at the crowing, the driver of which ??ite?i until th? train panned up , when lie ?t*r'e.| to crom tlie track. The eugineer, ?t the ttauie moment, hemtng the down train approaching, iiuddenly reiereed hi* engine, and in coming hack, encountered th? vehicle, which we? iimtantly crushed to ptecen ? lt? Mctipaaii, however, escaping a* by a miracle, without very aertou* injury. 1 be whole train, however wan thrown fiom (he track. One car run completely through the nett car. killing or maiming nearly all the panxenger* in i(. We have the namei of the following among the killed ? i utherine Ulgelow, John lUiIiam, D. K. Haywood. Thorn* ^ J. Meie diih, Mward M. tireen, (J. W. .lildgway, ('. H. Barclay, temale, l dward <? l'ac.ou, WIUou Kent, Aleaander Kelly, (rowt ot the foregoing belonged to Philadelphia ) M J. Stoui(htuu, Mat tin Connnll. of Wilmington, Del.; Jacob Howard, of I elianon, Tenn.; Harry Kunb, ol Georgetown College; Captain Boyce, of the P. N'a?y, together with bin wife; Jamve I inroln, of Mllrott'* Mill?, IM l liarle Bottom, ot Tri nton, X. J. the wounded are *al<J to number ncveuty, .? ? 1. 1 among them we understand are two daughter* of Ilorce, who, with hi* wife wu killed Captain (or Major) Boyce wa? connected with the Coant Survey. Tbtmia* J. Meredith and John Itallam belonged to Baltimore. I dwaid M. <?teen it not among the killed. Mi*. Murgutft Tre^cott of talent, V. J , (wf" "f He*. Mr. Prencott) | Baron de >t. Andre, I rench ? <>n>nl of I'lill adelphla and Catheiine lli<>wn (colored) wcie aloo killed. Among the wounded we have the nauiea of Wll Uui C. Maclay, inctnbet of roagrt"* from Sew Yuik, ?erimi? )y : Mr k'lfk. of Connecticut; John V. t;il|e pla nml wile of Natch cr Mian., tioth oerinualy; Mi- King, of t'b?ile? town, Va Mi ;. Back, ?f VitHhuig; John Kelly, of HtUbwrg. badly; Mr. Kent, of Mimi-'ippi , Statel Uak of Ohio , Hon. William Whelan. <>f tb?* Na>al Bureau, Washington t omniodore Jo eph M. Smith Spent** Met urkle. of the ''"aft Hurler Mi? Ha lan of Jer-ey C|ty, lieani* 0. K lie of the I'irti * t of QtltialiU; II A. lloghe? of Shanktml'aKxprew* ( harh W t'llcnborgh of M,i!.d. )| hi. ilr> l'?r. lay. nan on tb* <]?a<i *? th* ?lf i>l Omnil f Hnrrl*y, of I'fliU ti-lj In.. on h? ??jr To I uro|* Ma?l*r ? lnj?r .oil, ann ol I i*iit. l?(f?T?oll, of rhila'l*l|<bu. itt*J at Uriatni whiT* li?* coOTi-yd niibM>i|urrt to Hi* iliiuaMa-r H'hrj l|i? iloa n train (fmm N'm ViiiV / ?a- .toj.i?.| it *?- aithin on* l.iiBitrf! fn-t < I tb* ?r?rkM, or l"liiU ai!'l|.hia, lulu Hi* Ifhipll whirl* ran .ad tha* .no-nlrat to tb* ii|? Main ? .1* ?Ifui'n by l>r Hawniffmi. atial ""?lain?l, al-'. hi * l? jn'l two rbiTIri n, .ill of *h' m *>< ip<J wlili lint t(l, Hmsf InJuH** I'a'b b?' ?m a*r* toa'antly klll"l. Th? l)r. Wn < bail) o| III.. liu*-. .>B<t <lia| not brar or m lb* r* turning train li.( ??n tkrtnl? |?? ii|> thought alt na< ?at?. l?T*. flaunt, Tna, l.n t baloaa! m.l Hull" .1 Htifling t. II llrotbrra Bryant ol l!* r?r!y in(.'tf?i ml f'nok, of Bordentown ; If ? <*?! ami Htrattoa of Mount Holly lio ran iaii'l Cull?a*1, of (aad'B, ami I'mjIi au>! W?tli?ra||. of I hilaii'l^ku aft* 111 atf' i?.f . '? uMllltfr 1/ A 'll* W'ftl04*J. Ill* I.i- la i f HorJiaffto* w*fa ,!*ti.'*.| to *li" a**!-'*" a I I th' w<tinA"l. Polio lal*HI||rMr ioe rftti'iut. Th'r* ?rr? forty flr* ?rr? ti for 4 runl < on?? 1 )*? ifflMJ, >n he 'b' 'liflai nt jMilirial ili-UKIt, a* (olln?? .. l lr>t I t *i 't I'. Vl- ' * vrt ?.loath" ' omooltj 14 r, il* .|. i|<, Juatir* (Varrjr ... 14 'ibii'l il" 4" 'ia<. Jv'lf Krtniian , I? Total 44 ilMMRB Ot IlUt *r<U* A TOt M? I I MA Lti. Y'jtrrO) 'Kftnllat) a>il4 an4 -? tr l" r ? < th* tn. rilt ?'|>ia'l, ar?i~'i-?t i uin n .*> '. Mk t " ? Jurja-I ?l*htfl*' iai|! <tt If in '!*?*yi?f a y, i g ar. man It* ii ?<l l/rti ?? fMlffa !?'??? W*w?? -f ffi ?MUtlii* ?ivl tfl>i*4n!>(f??tlr.|b>. r'jln. Tk? -??<?i|oa nar. ?. ? that rh* ii.' ti'to'.hi ill''. ?< '-! ii* -'?V iii ? ?? h l.l h?i ala'.ar wl.oni <a '< bail*'.*- fa "la- a NiwYotk ha' ?' or <r tit f f ?l < ??? la ? ii ??'!<) u?n i?"l Il.niJ I* '? (j 'f r'i U r ?c .-r bl*r ?*!?< r <1 Nn. ^ i U W iliarn ili??l, I* i' ??no la. fir I?1 | - Mifl. t.?' af- nr i?-t I ? >b? ?aa fi ll ijr r< *?oa l in ?! ' ???.?n n h? ? f tli" ll*' a I.. I ?!' '*? lh?l? I ' lot* o?l I y r? a iii.a ? w?i ? I'h I ? i f-lf' I.' a lil, tba' ."I' .. ata'.l n'l.ia.i'u n|i ?? <-lly ?? ? r* "> I , . i a n ? ' ? ?? a ?!.? lb*?aiof* I '"<? -a.' <??> )??.?' . . r t th'.a Hi a h ft i.? ' ' > H> a h ?*?? ??.a ? li'io '?-! ' '* '< n-t l/a ? ia- * ? * ?? I. cl? ?"!.* ? I r/tar'4 *?? H'V'.I Ij. ft 'b* f at' t.y t,ff r . f Jv-tl" ? ? aneily ' b' ti.#ft ti?v n- r-r tin fan' f'< u fib n*?' '? ? "+ I* |*a. ? ?>W as ai w a i ? ' ax 'ftit***'*' ? in**' hi. ?*? f. ??! ' ? < ? lW I >trr 'kr Ibti'?4'i4<i7 IV- ? H U()| (i| DC It'il tut. ? ?* ' ? V ' " ? * ' " I s >.jr >? * - J ,* .-v 1 *li# * ?r4 ? ? ? cb*'|'4 a tb b*< a? hir.U''Hi?lf' n'a *4 'fc? | ?? .'la' rM. ?tl.4Ulitt' ' ?ti't an-lta tk? ? Ij. k .'ii- ldlil| ait .' Tb' 'a-- i ?. iV o tb? < ? aaaiM hi- ?? "HI ti a ? .. a I a ?|* u|-an'. ? bo 4*t*'M 4 bal*/i n'.I'b* ?' ' ' ' '* I <p. * tj.. - ? ? ai. a >4 I "? ' *a ?<? ot ?af ?*tf l? tM a r " i- l? ? It ('* j aa..aj 'o Maitn irov ?*< ntMtt M aitlit *f.f ?'.a -f. <l| fW'laf ki|kt lW I 'ftll a 4* at ? (*?> tb* |**?ia? ~l * .4 * i ta ? '? ' a?. ? i .'"4 ? I th' aim'"-' ?*' f '.??.*? '* ' '? V a ? . I a4i>r* ie#a*a taa?Uy yantaa4a y ?^wy. kf tk? ' m fort - r?fJ * * ? * < r*i- # I ??.. . . i ??? ."? *? ? ? '? ?? ?? ' ??*???< i ,, . \* . ? 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Homing are tha arrangement* forlboft -V,,- .-errfc.-, wt?1 lie h?ld to-day, ?< tfca h<?iar of the Hrtl church, .140 Hr<>om? afreat, ???"'* Itr. ?' I Mago. n, naator of the *>li? *>r atrMt Ci **rr~| (Wht'fc wa? unter thr paat..r ,1 charge of Pr OOMi 'ear?,J will ilrlurr the artdtcM. af'er which tfcr1 bwdy *"a I* taken to Mountain. N.J, th? piaoe whr ,*"' * year nfr< Pr. Cone buried hi* Will <N? Muadav ere ?' l??. the ltftk prnsigm, her lh- Artnltage will itMhnrUia' funeral A on art hit ?f ..or moat illaUMgyiahed girlne*. among whom are |>r? Reibuae. SpriM, FarrU, and IleWitt, wiU participate in the funeral i?>ltintti? W*%msuTut> Cminmu i.tu*. TV Wa.?hft*< ? < onl ineula! (inard, f ap'aiti I eaUn mroi un an Pftcur ?inn to Hw* II oat, on 1 ti^U^ tail. Th* ooraai-Nt v%? ? ?or of wjfflr mtcrckt gr.aing wit of t lac trwun| tow???W thli aunctali?n of Cube mnuifmiol by tha epeftkrri '?? arnr/ilftt the Honk Tha *t?aioU .?t Uwidiiuftla n>t< r#\rdthf < \rur>i?u>u, ?U<. ?.i? ... ? by M<> rhar a Ifand. Thn Cuban laa, vhkl, ?,? (? emoted >.? * number of Cuban ludlea in thu i i'.y, >u hoi*tca, and waa ituly tjallilcd by tha t?u.i<4. Patriotic and aoaeaattow ri>? i^hifi were made by Caplaina llataka <i<na4(Ml, aiaJ (imlall mi't Pnraer V. A lane Tha partj iriurwt late In fbc ilay, much pi< a e?l .mil edifle?l I ?. w ,,< Uu-f lt*4 heard. I'im A'' W\T n> iii> HmuH H nuem. ? Yeaterdap ? mail turned I'utrirk I'arley, we* kllh?l mi the I la i tana railroad, while jumping front a tram "f earn while ta rapid motion, m ar Moiriaauia. Tim iteeaawil waaraujltik under the oheeta ut tha car-. ?ad had l>olh iar> cut u r lie ??? taken lo |]ta N?? York Hoapliui. ?Uare iu> die4 laat eTMilax An in<|ue?t will he liaid U|-oa Um laid/ if davaaeed to -day. I 'a* in |liu.uw*r ? Yealarilay morning, at about X o'clrtk. a fire wan diacorerrd in the liaaamrat of hoo^n 1,06V llroadaay, occupied by Mart hi Kalkin. a( a paiuf. atom and dwelling. (MBcer Itelay of the Twenty A rM. ward aa> ona of tha Ural who iliwifrral tha Are. and a?i?ti<d in putting it out. He ran forthwttb lo the eng^im houae naar t>y, and procured aome hoaa, which h? at tachrii to the hydtaat, and ???ii appliH I atrmm ut water, and abte<t b> the llrrim, the Are waa aoon ntla (iilrhel there waa no alarm bell rang. Tha fire original ? ? d apparently In tha ba?emeiit. Tha oreuannu. 11 ?e+m?, wn? at?ent, and o- atie hHl In etiarga o) the pre tniara. We could not learn the aaw>uat of (nauraoc* on tb? property Ilia origin ot the tire m iinU*' the !?**? titration of tl?> Viie Maiahul Tlie I'M Witt arawuat pm tiably to about >.MKi. A< ' ioknt rana lU' hiiv^ ImivtMi. ? Mi>. I'alVm, raaolliig at No. 70 Weal Twenty nhith atieal. while atli ntpting l? ?tap on toaid one or the IJghtb avenue car*, naar < hr toplier afreet in llud'on. on Tue~lay evening waabwe k i d liown and run irver by nn eiprae* wagon, which at ttw? time wa> drivi n at a iu<t-t ierkte?e rata Mr*. I'aliow ha-t an infant In her arm*, aad fearing It woaW ba hurt aha thiea II fioni her while atill on the ground. thlM Mm%| it from iM'ing run orcr. One of th? vkaele raw ev<r tha la?ly '? b>?ly. procuring injuria* whi< h it la (eared writ re >.ult fatally. Ihe driver da?bed on, and thai a wn|ad ai reat. 'Ihe injured a oHian w? -'.nwyal t.r l?ei Unaae, tigelber alth ber chiM IU; l lltl I ? The (iotliam ' Vie? llin* far tb* tmeeeaatitf ?me of the learua?lua accepted an hi*Hatk>? l<? play <a h a it li Ihe Kropire lliib. The game wi? he p4aye4 on the ground* of thtf latter, at lloboken, ne*t Wednaa| ?lay. Tao weeka fiom to .lay the return tnalch between tbc (luthainitoa and tha Kui?k< ila>< ker* aiU be piaya4al llole>keu. Ibi* match aill be the great affair o* the eea - ?on. a* the Knick> rhwekera are aimoua to tetriaie thai " laut< la and the llothamitra are full a* auilou* to IwlaK tbc game to an and by t>ealiag ihem on Uiele own yrownd. The i.MIiAi t tub e*?ttl?e every Tuea<lay ami Kndwy al tertMNin, al the Hcd llouaa groanda. and the mm ap proach of tha niaU-hea abavemeutluar<1 btlnga out tha men. ber* in full t<.r<e. Theie aie im>w ala liaa< hall rhiba in 'be city ? Ihe i.otbatti, Kutckarl?a> Ler, Ka^e, V-w,.we. Haitic Frktmd, Corantn1 liupMnU. A" 'DLMii lm< W im;.? ' oiona-r t?'l>onii"il '.14.1 aia'u y*atrr<l*y. ? li boa 1 4 I lw irliMMi lalhm A Jw? i, lyinif m th< foot of Munl(tiii,*ry ?trr*t. upant <li? l*aty >4 liHii|> W. Kfaanrar. lb* ?)* 'ap'.ain of lb* abi.aa wim), ali>. ?aa ar. lala iiially dn?*?*M "O lb* V#lh mt , by fa i ln( nfi-rlaar l. Hi' <1* *aaa?1 It appa*"*!- vMtataihln la*trat?il at ill* tint* of th* ? '.bloat lb* m , latrljr ti ttmi?D'l*d by il*a-*a.??1 Mlnruia to Ibltlnpira tivl ha* Jii-t rfi'itrwl fn in ItUi 1V1 I.) Th* Juty. lit tin* rur, lan.laiwf ? ?*r4la-t of ?' ?< .i.|*t>inl '' Lb twied *>? Myrtrt ?( ?c ??.l *?? ? nailrrof Ibr^aiat. "k l liK> Deal* >'<i' ? nar Wllhalln haM an l?a|ia**t ?i. 1li* Ttllll ??rtl l-.ana*, upou th* laaly of a Maaa uimiI I ?ii?l? m h'l i!ii-4 ?uibt*alf n rilffct from <1l'*a?* af lb* h**t Vantw t ?r< oiatuaaly l<a iiumnI ??? M J**r? i f agr, ami ??a 4 nattw of !? aUiiH Iw Mi |)*iiw??t> ? An lni{W>l * a - liakl by I'wua* III on Or 1 1 Ii|x?i III* liviy if a man taawd r*t*r M'taan, who ?r*a lull ml 4roan*<l a( lb* liwl ii/Cllalua alr??l (ait rin r I "-aa *it |ui| lat*lr t?H?rna4 fr.atu ttlaakwall-a talai. I vhi'b*r hi- ?> * 'ml ? a vagrant. II* *%* la llw* liabil "f l.-al.i.f mn uivi lb* 4mIm It! Ihl ? noafbhoilwa-t, ill. I K la ? u||- ? a| that It a fall rbuarl vhll* lafwi '?'"I. Ilia J'i'f inid'n"! a ??fi|lil "I 'laalb by 'Irarvn of l?n?J iM ya*,ra ui ?K an>l w%? teiaativ* i,( IraUn'l K.'iikia r I alii". (Ham 4 II. .a mi.? 4 >roir O'fkooaatl hrlil an i li- j ii ' I yr tar-la; alltinivm at \n 2-'< It**lar -tiral, . (,? n tl.a ' of a ti*rn.a4n nah.M llama V?? f? l. ?kii*|i |" 4?nt?lljr Mll?4 by Ctlllag frota hi* fcnra*, on Jiiflay ru?ht Th* 4i-?*a M l?lorifa4 to-th* *faw Ywt llna-aia Tbinl I'a-^toia^tt s'aa Vnrt Mat* Mttltia, ltd rttmiiM fnm iwriila * b< n t'lrningth* ror?i of tba all< 7* ?jr thai !aa>: ? In hi* ^ ha vaa fin-ala i?ImI lutkf 'Ivaalk iwti'itkui( m? I>aa4 amm-i IHa 'iirb't'na. rrrrlta?1 a a?r? frvl*r*aif tba alio I fiaan II a Hf<- la of ahlrli b* 'Mail filfflaf mwnb^ Tl-aa Jul r lo Ilia M'a >*n4*i*4 a v?r4l*l of a"Mmai 4t-aib -a ?? lit about ' wtnty n o* yarn i ..f a(> Hroalal)ft UU|r Nmi. ) B t?Mi???i, 111" tw<>y of aa ? nkiaoao ina? aa^ I .ij.l .nanf-t yaatrrday at lha l?il of Vatt llrnut ali-^i, l.y i.fti-vr Halr-I of ifca III H ill<trl<*t polfa. |fa la ab*xiL I* inn of ?f, "rill nary alia lltbb halt an* wh.ataaa, ? ml Ha >1 on a ? lilt* h ft a?'l kail nn4'r>hlil hawk aalln aat bla'k I aaia alUia "i*iiM >ltl|* awl b*fb I<?.|> lla ba4 a lata. r??l. in hit <bt<'al,n>M* btiA??, an>l l.'?f> "II . I'tably In?M II* 'a aaw*.*! la b?'?? ?.f lha ir* ri <1 an 1 at llii'lfa'" on 'vnnmy laal I '"-a-f Han 'f. el ba<l ll.a b<-ly ".t*afi4 la lha Mkvaar I it i ?A ll/a a a a >fla tvara*! on W Mna^la/ uiciii i? ala.t! ik fait ir M^feUaa, of IU Hh'MKI 4l(l(?g Im4i ra ia 'hi- liaai ia'a< ? I Mr. Yo ina't ilry ciaMla iliw rarfi if V' lk aa4 I!'i4** atr>rt*. II >a> ? tlar^i. .?li?4 b- f i . r a ii b . ir a -I* mark I ???! *?^ l?* M? l?f *!? a n4 Vali r I ully its?-ji*'V C/ ar tr* t? -Jk? b?*#* -?# Mr HaHMa, )W baa.t a 1 1 1. 1 aa I l.a 1,4 ?> U III I af . 1'iaatAaat ileal vat . i- ?y l.y naaai.a "f tal * b*ya a ail i"ki?i it* '. ibii ll. . uwiur il'l two nl-lin aia4 ia a1' if 'ihitiiia V?? it*t>?iU<a nillltatabNi| Uly Xaati. ?? r|jn ? ? Vtala'ltf MMNMaa, Via ) '4"l/ " ? ?Ufig n ' rib j i?b >' I' V., ?aa ura>'*l w ? a i W? ' .on of <b' Hllk dMrttt, at I ? hargr f ??*?! I *a?.l' ?'.l a caa faaal ia b'l iaai(?i l?aaa < Fiona 1 I unti b. ft .. >? ii in in??t ?' ?' A ? laat.'y ' < a> I ? *aa timt ' i >1 it kw h?'*?* !/*??? r- - if ? a.uilaati ? Kaa|V af a ??M|ipa?ird Ulaira l*aaa Itmmtmm. i n, b? H i. o ! aral^a Aaaaiaal M | I ? I ?? III. a ?'! a l-aj 1 a Waa k ' h .aal lb* s. ? a J, f Ij-j f, . .th-i a/it of I>aaa.4i.a.^l ? 'i ? ? r *a laat>b? i> ? f >h '.?**?a. aai ^aa< aba' at a la ?. . u* . / ???*' -r ? i mm aa |., laaa uau atari a. ' ?? II" > aatb ll . al*"l <baJ ?t laa^tiV I, a a ? <??. ? or <ba . ia traai* A? a a ? . *a**a- '-f ?(y I.'la^af 4a ? tn a. ,? aa ' a?ArH, I . ? thu paaayo.. i , |.| aa. a', l.iHtat) ia a l? h* I'y Wta ?'J? al. Ilati vaa paat an ?t ? .? \ t? la Thr aa.aal > a . n . II. ii'rti ?o I i .lay i a ? < th* aa aa* II ai . a f . 'I,. a?' I laailatb) ?b? |tll< .4 ' ?? I Ul.aa t -4 a.wl. aa IH baa a a aara ' a ? ' : a ?? '? a ? t fa Huatnaa IVJ . b'-icb ata aaaWy la |M)i 1mI( ?? Imm# HE ? i? ?"k *1 '*a> ? ?' l*4aa a I ra-fa k" * ? ' ? >- "I b<* a ?*?? '4,fata ai ? "i g' '* "a IbM l<i Iiaa'*?t4r'<. ?'ft.. >aaa a ' aa- f I*' >taa? 'aa ?' a * 'vat ha <a|-'a a ttUI ia h t ? , ha 'a I '4(1 It- a-. .J. I. a* af^ la ' hf aa A t'-r-aa ? ( ? a*-a?. I .-a. 'M f" aH*4 a, ''la*' ?.*?<??< -a a fr-tarlav* | ,ia?aVia Vrl a i' li' | .*ja ay >af M 'I* tnal ? * ? a . I a a ? (' bi i ( * r an ' a Ka ' *?'? la u- v af a *t?aaaa A a Ha) I'lalal ' b' ?? 'k? trrat If la Ibl a , ? a >4 It' l a' Ui. lha' * ? >? aabrf arraa' a aat h a aaaavt .atia4 ?h* '-alt aa*a* Art tba raptaln vat a "tintplt at vi a- I* Jm a allai ka4 laaa aa Vai.1t 'a I a k I ^ t ta brtaa ika *m - a b If ,i a ' 'tt>aal*ty ii Ibil laa.b bat i *' f fi <? laaa?4 t?. *?<?Va Sa - ? a ? a , a a ' Ibay 14 MM *afaa a atar a v ' a ll ' ??" Ii.<a4 an* pffmm -a l.a t> 1 * ha ' a ft*'* t?a ttv "V '4 a,-, )?; ' HMtta4 VllkUaa Ma' (' a a b? ? * >? -it -larv? th* hai'aa v I a "baa ' * a4 [ l?4 a 4?ilal?M t? ? a 1 ,ra o la ^aa aat Iff ? Vat| a*a ? f aj 1 ? ja |?a Mia *ai b>^t4 th1 t'aatn*" a-a a 14 V lha aa i. 4W*t aV aa . b?" 44 ? a 'a *"a -1' ra?*4lly <ti>tf; 'afM tb^ ?"* a-a la I aatr uaa tb*>> l?1?i? nf^"' I ' ' '? aa-. a l.aaalaal ?! al vhai ha' '* 4 * ' il?a4 a<# aaaat ia ? a'? s?? ' ?? r--***"!' ^ " a ? ' ' * ' ,?a aa |ai*?a< ?aaT<j a ??f k*'" ?* ' ' * *? " at, aat: i a ??*. aai 'b' *??' ,h** " " '* ? 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