Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 30, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 30, 1855 Page 2
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NEWS FBOM UTAH. <Mc of the fliM^oppm, die., Ac. We have received I he Salt lake Chy ffruv of the 27th ?#June, from wbi h we extract the following items:? The tartner* in the ?outh part of litis couniy had seve tklilevH of rejoicing last week, that ihe iuveK'rai-c enemy ct iheir crop* bad disappeared, many of them having riowed their fields for the third time: bat on Friday arter aoon ?n innumerable xiultjt iute, a cloud of grasshoppers; defended upon ther farm*, learning the proprle eors to ?peculate upon the fable of the fox and the swall iw, while the more hungry swarm devoured the last remain tog i au-hes which had been left by the previous swarms, and devoured the tender blade of the third sowing; any people but L. i?. 8., would be discouraged? the fourth ?owing hait commeuoed. Seed very scarce? some of the fcrmers are drilling the wheat, an seed has failed when ?eweU broadcast bh usual. The Are and ten acre lots south of this city were visited with another legion of grasshoppers within tne last fetv days, devouring the third planting of young corn. Bj letters from different parts of Utah county, wo learn that fre><b arrivals contrive to destroy the young crops nearly as fas as they appear- We regret also to learn that a bug heretofore unnot ktM by the farmers, is doiug consider able ilan.age among the potatoes. On Saturday and Sunday the grasshoppers tilled the sky for three miles deep, or as tar as they could be seen without the aid of telescopes, and somewhat resembling a snow storm, which latter would have been very accept able to the parched grass and cattle. Drouth very scvcro ?the creeks low. and the weather ho:: the common home ?iee ire very thick, and are as troublesome as they usu ally are in September. Nine-tenths ot the wheat crops are destroyed at Fill wiore I balk Creek very low; fresh recruits of gra*shop> Kr* batching on the benches, the fields of Nephi city ik like the seat of desolation. The JVe*M of the 13th June says: ? Within the past week grasshoppers have done much damage In Mavis ?juntv, where some fields bod hitnerto escaped; ami in kbla oily, after eating up young fruit trees and shrub bery, they have barked and killed thousands of apple, peach, pear and other trees two or three years old. and are now eating the peaches, some of which aro as large as pigeon's egg*. Between grasshoppers and drought, the grass is entire ly used up in many places, and distant rai'ges, which now ui der iu the winter, will have to be sougm for all surplus stock, or it mav fare but poorly for feed when the next snows tall. fine city c>ws have almost entirely (ailed in giving milk, on account of tne scarcity of grass. Many pemons are already out of (tour, and we hear Btrui-ge icpott* about some of the dealers in that article, but trufct, tor the sake of humanity to say nothing of its rtgh'eou* uess, that they are not truo; however, we slial noon know. 1 H still behooves every one who vri.-hes to avoid the entititi.g due to negligence, to improve every opportuni ty, locally and circunisianco. in any way favorable to Aie production of sustenance for man and beast. And any cte who has becomt so near to being a Uetid as to turn his animals into another's held of grain or gru-s, ?hoi Id be searched out, and rig.itoously dealt wiih ; for owners should care for tlwlr animals at their wwn expense, mid those lia> ing fields and gardens s'uould aho watch and guard agninsl trespass, if one or two ?f the few lawless and shiftless penU were taken up and 4**1' with HCKirdln* to their deseits, the community would be much benefitted. Ia.i ?wutio or caivi s i<e careful that they are not allow ed to run where they can injure gardens, or tlioy may ?ost tl.eni nv re than they ate worth In sho.t, let every ?n< )'?' h- ln'e*ei< e-t In -uvins as In racing, and nsver permit any waste or destruction that can be prevented. Tui ,u J : V>e mtVe receiver ue .\ltw 1'okk Hr;tt.ii.u from J aich to April -2, except March 'J6 and April ?. Only wo nrmher- of the Hekald bemg wnylald indicates ? cheering reformation in our postal facilities. 1 he bur .<?>'? oi a cloud oo me moun nins about the Aral of June, washed away the house of t.lde - Itenjtmin M. Hulse. iu Cedar City, iu iron county, and injured aevcral others. lion, t alvin C. Pepdleton arrived io this eity from Iron county, on the -Sth; general health among tne peo ple. The (rrnsshnppers have do.stroyed all thu grain at Varngr.oiu.h, nine-tentlis at I 'aro wan, all the wheat at Fort Johnson, and about one-tenth of the grain at Cedar City. Ihe grain at Harmony is uninjured. The lields luck like a dei-ett, and every separu.e bench appears to be hatching out fresh crops of grasstiopprrs. rieveral ?onipanies have started to the l'augwi ch lake, on fisliiug exrursii ,ns. the water is lower than has e.-er beeu known before, and but a small portion of the laud rt aown can possibly be watered. A small party hat alto Matted to vhe f-auta Clara mission ta plant corn. I'no people ot Iron county at e in tirst rate^spirits. Too pub lic itqca e at 1'aruvvan City ('en acres) *]as been planted with potatoes, in the hopes tlia the united e.l.irts of men, women and children, chickens, ducks, turkies, ?iay save a suthciency to have occasionally a little pojuo ?oup next winter. [Correxpondence of the St. umu Republican.] CnKAT (-ai.T tTrv, June .tO, 1866. Nothing of general Interest has In those vaillcyi unco the date of my tut letter. On the lath instant, an exodus ot graxxho|.|.erx commenced. They -poxxed through the air for throe days, in armies of aiyriuda, and were drowned In the lake, tuo shores of which were ?o thickly lined nita tlumi as to produce au ?ffeutixe clllu\ia. 1 eople wero congra.uUtin;; each other ?n their uUappeiuance, but it wax of short dilution, lor b a leu dayo their places weie tilled by others fi om the mountains. and tho new comer* devoured tno little ve getation lett, including the third crop wuicu hud heeu ?own nnd just making its appearance. Iho drought him ?ho beeij excessive, ainl except in the vicinity ot some never failing si reams where the land can be Irrigated, the entire country in parched ami oat tie are compelled 'm aeek lood In the ninuu.uiux. Luiitf.uliim this Kuiuuer will And forage for stock extremely xcace. Tho gieatent humbug of the day is the new mllita y road through thi.- Territory, for which an appropriate i ?>r >s6.w o was made by the lut Cong cm. 1 recently pasKeil oi Or nearly three hundred miles ot'it, nnd could not tec wbeie hint been expended upon it. yet liie f-miie appropriation has been ?\peu<h-d through Various ?hanncls, but will never enter the colters of l/tau, though nbe will mand chargfil with the whole amount. It is to be xgretted that lol. .-teptoe had to le.tve before the well wan ofieted lor inspection, as it is not believed ho weukl ha\ e accepted. ll the guvernnn-ut Intends to quarter troops In these valley * next winter, they will have to transport provisions un i' nij o ti i'in tl e .- late., a- all hope for crops of g.ain ?r grass 1 s blight i d. and tamine prices tnny be expe.'.ie-l to prevail. 'I v. o InstimcoB have already come un ier my notice, in which parties paid three dollars, ca h. per i>n?h< 1 fur wheat, in order to obtain dour for their (itiut Be*. 1 have been a '-looker on in I.' tan" since last Sep tember, and may be detainod here sQiue months longer; ai.o i iiii.u.'t conciive why government troops a.e re quired in tMs ieriltory. I be. xettlers are fully khle to m ppn-sx any Indian host ill. lea that are likely toaii-e, jMid if a new Ovvemor should be sent oat he would be au.-tniii&i i>y the people in all his constitutional duties, wiihout the necessity ot a regiincn;. of troops to ?' back hi o." Noone la better au air ol' this fact than Col. Sleti t *?, who ban frequently remarked to me that, if he should finally accept tl.e t.ovn non-hip, he weuld require uo troops to sustain him In the ]>erfoiiiiance of his duties. | ixteni ive arrangemeuls are in preparation to colebrate the commg four h of July. Got \ onng ba? recently returned fr >m a t<?ur to the Noi h. I tie ot the objects of tbi- visit was to establish the line dividing I tali Mini Oregon Territories, which lies la 4? dep. north lat.. and was design*. c<l by erecting a atone slab with the letter t on one side and U on i lie Other. lhe Hon. 1- tJlmver. one of the U. S. Judges of this Trnltory. was found dead in Jiis lied yesterday at 1 1*. M. lie hud i"ng been in miserable health, cnaM no. aleep at night and Ids custom was to set up till near morning and sleep till noon. When discovered, he pre sented the aujeaiance oi a pe.-son in a mtur il sleep, will1 eyes aimfiouUi closed, and n'i distortion offeatuo.. ?r lin.bx from which it is inferred that he umconx.-ioa*ly exiirvd while i almly shaping. ny confining l.lniself to Ins ofl'o inl duties an l pursuing ?n tic epemleut couiae. Judge Shaver commanded the tei-ptct and confidence of these |>eiplc, and nts dea.h ..s ein eiely regretted by all who knew tiie many good qualitiex thm showed couxpicnnuKly lu hlin. Ax r jui i*t. his equal has never been in tids Territory, Ert/^iantU in [Mlfr. Hi* teniainx were Ibis morning remitted to 'he Council lloure. where a eulogy ?u* celivered i>y Ohief .luitice him ev. a fi neral aenuon by Mr. Uraon 1'ratt, and nn ap jtropria e and most beautiful prayer olfered up to tne tlin ne of guice by tiovernnr Young. Hlx fi.lierol to<.k place at II f M., an I eve y reijiect wa. ^h( vn to his memory and to the o.ltoe he tilled, ad coiding to the f dlowing programme 1. 1 a-tal'on <f mountisl life tinardx. V. Nauvoo Hrass Band. 3. lleaixe drawn by four horse-, with pnll U .trers. 4. I eirounl friends. 6. Ilia 1 *cellency toiv. Young and suite. *. Judges of the -upreme and I'robnie Court# Secre tary of Territory, urd Indian Agent. 1 . 1'embers of the bar and officers of ciurtx. 8. 1 hy siciana. 9. CitKena. MARRinn. By Bishop Cunninph im, on the V'4ih June, 18W, Kran Cis !? hlllini? and Mts. Alloy Brown Morton. On Wedne-day, Jane It, IH.%4, by Uder .lohn Be*r, Mrw Wilkin liflf o( f urminxton, and Ml?a Julia Anne Aniclti Vaterman. of ii|(<lt-n Hole. Ke?'|i pure tne heart, and never part, And live ill U've toge'her, And you ?liall kno? tkwjnft that lluw To truthful ouex forever. _ _ , DIED. hi this city, on June 17, lh >i. lllen !'el>ecea, 'laughter ?f Jonathan and Kniuia Moreton, ngi d II months. CUT OFT. On the 27th of last M?y Michael T. lUrr was cut olT front the Second Quorum of .- even. ic?, for goi.ijf to Call fornk without counsi-l an<l leav'a^ no IndxdlitMlMM to th?KK. Fond, for which UU uncle I- here held rM*oii ?tblc. fly orilci tii the t i.uii i(, Affhlra In Kansa* Tecittory. TBS lAWSAd ISO ISLArt'KK VA PHK.i|l>?.sT PHtBOX. The ft;llowing eopeurreut teeuluilm wk- >H down fri m ilie ('ottncil on the 19th in> le it rea?lve<l by the I oui.cil. the llo.i- of Uepre nentatlvea cot, earring therein, 1. That the constitution of th# 1 nt e<l stn es in 1 tin ?; lrit and genius of our govern uent contemplate th \ t.e judl<-lary xi.all 1* nnd Is f ee an . lnd?peo.eut .( the coi irol and nupeiv'siou of the Presldeni, or the appoint ing pfiWtr. 2 Tliat the act known as the Nebraska an I K ?o a. hill,> ed the Wth May, 18ft>, cle . ly du lne- u tenaie of the otHi-e of tli? Ju iKe? of th" Sup eme <'oai> ot the le.iltnry of Kati^t- for the peil ?1 of Ti-ir yei *. . id ootil tl.elr suceesaor tlmll tie n|i)olnted an I q jalltl-' l. 8. lb*' the teuu.e of t Ili e of the Ju 'gi" lieai/ thu? fixed by l?w, tba rrt*ld?ot bus n >t the power or the light to remove at bis will or pleasure. itnJ 'I ? an at tempt xo to do Is, iu thenpkitonof tins lji'(<. utun a violation (flaw, and that it 1 . lUe in- .<ratlve duly of >he V?i ive diperimeet r4 this Teriflo y. ?bu of Ml go^ eltixens, to rwdet thla flag 'ant usurpation o( povcr ttig from whatsoever juarter it m iy. Tl.ti- r*-< lutlon orlgina in the Itgre* ,r InliirnaMo-i rather, of honorable membcn at J ni%e Dmors's di mi-i eal. It was made ihe S|>eci*l order tor the i4l?t inst. an I ?neaox i.tli wax cnt to t?>e Conunitt'-e on JadUiary au l Jurisprudence. Tk* Yellow F?r?r In Tbr^inM. O0B KOHFOLK OOKWMrOMDPNCK. Norfolk, Aug. 27, 1865. Increase of Ike Epidemic? Lut of Hecent DeatUt? Death of Mayor Woodii. Since the last of our papers will be suspended aftur to day, I beg leave through your columns to inform < rie ab sentees from this city, aud others, of the demise of Hunter Woodia, Esq., Mayor of .the city, lie die 1 yesterday, of ftver, at about 11 o'clock A. M., after a brief UlneM of three day a, and was buried at 4 P. M. The funcra wj< attended aa numeroualy aa could have been cxpected undtf the circumstances, and fail necessarily under the management of that little band of uoble Sparta^, tliu Howard Association: the President thereof, W. It. Irrgu. son, and Secretary Jamea Saunders, acting as ehi?f pall bearers, assisted by lUcbardGatewood, it. U. Ball', Dal ton Wheeler, and Wm. Mmrno, Eaqrs. -o Uat> tcnnioatcd the career of one of the nobleat of nature's nuliome:i? a soul ollcred up upon the altar of duty, aud a lining .-lucriduu for the kingdom of heaven. CAL.VilliY. Norfolk, Aug. 27, 1855 It ia my aad tank to chronicle the di*utii of Hunter Woodia, Esq., Mayor of the ciiy ? f Norfolk, of the pre vailing disease. He died at his residence, on Sunday, 2f>th Inst., at 11 o'clock. This ia another instance tiiat death is no respecter of persons or condition*. Gould the sympathy of friends or the solicitude of physicians have sa\ed him, he had not died, "J^ouih crime, and there wus no defence." Aptly dojs the Herald, compai . our city to a ship at sea without rudder or compass, or office - to direct, and with only a few liands at llie pumps to ke"p her from sinking, und these nearly eici>au.s'e l with faUgin. With out a government to dii-eet and provide for the public safety ? a majority of the Court and Con :ictls be in* ab sent ? the Mayor dt-ad? collection of tie re>enue siutpend ofk-and the city treusury lock it 1 u| . * am happy to state that i?r. H;B-gins is much better, and hojes are entertained for l?i- iec:ivery. Kx -Mayor Stubbs' family are ull c< niidered om of danger. The mortality siiiuu tra.urday m '.ulng, ending at 12 o'clock tliia day, consists of the following.? John H. Hall, 10 Water Htreei. Gidei ti A. ft range 18 Cumberland r-trect. June Biooka, Concord stieet. Miss Wielanu, Main street ( i Co rife Jacobs, bO Brewer street. Charles I . E. ltaur, Talbot s.ieet. Mrs. William While, Boush street. Mr. Alphonso, Union street. Mr. Hrnby, leriy Point. lolls ltlx 45 I nion street. Mrs. J. H Kobinson, 42 Ltoush afreet. Sylvanus Lewis, aged 19. Ser\antof H. Kobinson, 30. Servant of Wm. Walk, 4ft. Master Han hi, 12. Wm. <>n:lige: (at Froe man's), 40. Mary K. Graves, 19. Hunter Woodis, 36. Mrs. Sunok. Servant ofC. Ragnal. Seivant of John Little. Servant of I . W. Hinlon. White woman, in 1 epper lane. Margate. Garret, Water street. N. Ktherage, Union sheet. Servant of Mr. Jones. John Freeman, colored. lliiabeth Camp. Master Camp, Cliappcl street. Jilin Chiismn. Mr. Faul, Main street. ? Total, Ml. The Howard Associa.ion ajkujwleoge the receipt of the following amounts: ? From the cltl:-er. of Fi-edeiteka torg, thiougli our Mayor, $b4ti Hi; from liie visiter* at tne i:edS>\eet Spring-, Alleghany couuty, 9310, (ha!.' for PorUlhouth;) from tiie Young lien's Benevolent Assocb tion. ot Savannah. 1600. Among tho.e tt'lm a> rived hers on fri !?r to take "are of I the eick, wore i r*. Craycrofl aud .??'a(l Tuom .ion, of ' rhiludelphia, and Mr. K. II. (. a'mru, ul UaUiiu >.n t'ticra of asaistanco are daily puuuug in from .ill quar ter*. In afow days there will be a :t0-..lirly O'gaulzed bo<iy of excellent nui-es. Dr. ; umuel ?tone lemui kod when uboot to leave I'wt it was bin opinion, In forty days from !b'? cour'te,":'- w'nt of the feicr it would a.isume u mllde / >rm oirtc b;n - of the bilious? and yield rea lily to medical iron umu? lo-i!ny is tlio torty-sccond siuce il first broke,, u> uu ingst no and we may expect better thing., in realtor. ?e learn tliut i be yiliow te^e appeared in the con mien of king and vjne.n, Cl'meeitoi and 4i;?tli?ws. I Ihoi e attacked were from Norfolk. I $51 P is on its way from Savannah for II. e guttere.-* of ' oui city. The e.eaths in Portsmouth, up to ?atui ' y evening weie twi -nty-four. Ilje .liscase lj greatly on the iii,vo,L.<o Ibeie. Most of lU. doctors are ~i<-i? aiu. t,!u n> v.- Ho art out almi;,.t i end) 1o give up. l'liysieiasi tnd nuiwi are E' catly in demand. 'lhe doctors of Norfolk who arc now prostrate nr. Hi r. gins, Coiinstablc, Inc. Naah. Herbert Na.-li, Camion and t-nedinan is ju*t abb- in be about. The amount received from liiil !? . re thus fa-, i.n.<uuti to ilO.ft.P. Tlie amount 1'ioiu l.i.-liiuO:i l, 5*,0'w. Ihi number computed to be hie., i.i uurrity i,- ovsr '-00 lhe Nor;olk lJaxvit, with to-iir's hy jv elo-i- < nniii after the nckly sea- on. lhe nnmlier of poor a hr Vm fj.,vy. i 1 Aasocla tliri per day amounts to from th:? to r -r liiind-ed. Mr I. lid two heavy shower* ?l raia, wit i Hum 'e and lightning, on yesteraay. NOJil/?LK. Norfoik, Va., Atigunt 27, 185 j. Tour correspondent. "I- R. P.,? U ijulie rftfit: doubt le?a ihcie are many row suffering and perhaps dylig, for wan' of proper nursing, an 1 should ihu u _ t the eye of filly w ho: c sympathy and moral courage ire o jiial t.> voli nicer, they might reach here in twenty-four hocrf" I believe. ' I left New York on Saturday evening, the Ifi'l, instant, and did not reach bare until Monday evening, the 20th iully eng?g" l ti' eutj hour* out or the twenty-four, and thank 1 an, g,?y| h. all I. and spiille, but my patients admonish men.ttow It mo, o Iully only to -ay both by rail ., n:..\ Mleam?M doc tors and nurse. b?ve a IV. -e pnsaere, nnd am mint guilefully i eeem-d here, UL l ortsinouih a, id (Josuo-I. K.T. RELIEF FOH THE fUFHiP.KitS. At a meeting held on WtilnwDar. Au??14^ 2fl at. No. I". liiKuram-e Buildlnga. the following' c ? ? j lulc.tiioia ntre received, tlx.; from Dr. Pummor, Jersc^ "i.y; Iir f'liap man, It. Mariuus Diamine and Ur. 1-tit Jean oT-.-rin^ t 1llBir 'trvlces as physicians; an ". ?'u -yr.<. C! arb? Hobin son, Albert Iiombnrd. Wm, s. Mav. ntif r. ^d M n- fj. gee oiTeri.i;: iheir re. viee- a-, inir.-i -., to atl'-a 1 the sicl at Noifi lk ano t'ortsmou'li, Vs.; vl.euu ion it va Fi sol.ed, Tliat the copimilt^c u.< not 'eon .i- . r thrnt ' elves aittl.oi im-d to makv an> < ,r III i.ind en.Maie.l ju the applications, eel '.K-iei r.- the saino rc rc.-f t-c<f .lly declined. ( n moiion of ( eoigc I o-iclnss. IV , t?,? ?nm of throo * iioufiiiiwi dollars vrtk# oriipieti tf< i?. n ni i 1 t ,i '???/ ' ? be e, i nilly .livide-l iK-t-e- ii v, rioU mi ? fortum ?uth? '.f een I uu lied dollars fo. each? aru C . .por; to s.icr will, rortrm<nith. tin motion of John I?. Jonm, f>r . ,v. , ,o., h,.| f]i.t thi.i meeting adjourn to W.-div hIiv, fc .lein'.ie- 5, ni l that III the meHntime (tuna ion< !>o cceit'-iii- i Iir V.,-!- . ureL' i,MC - U,e i*e ' vi'er Mtnilftcli. r ' liunk 4ft William sireei. C. ( KiJi, t airman, h. Mkuum. Secretary. PROCLAM ATION BY M W >R W Klil. W lierens, on the ifetli July. lS.ia, l.^ao 'u.-ker i n tl-en ei ting Mayor, by and wiili lhe r a n-,: tlio , i oft.mmissloDera of Heal h i . ,M p. ...bim.-M-n 'le elaring Y.f port, of Vorl.ll: ind T ort - u. ? .i|, i!,? of ?i<g;nia, ns luf. cted ; : re , -i ul " ' ,'l ? !? ' Ing fiom fald ports ho II V. . b'vi ir I !,, jm:? :fce 1st ??ay of :>,.?emhe n s - ?h ,<?'/ Ih 1'sard. f Ileal ii ha., b? a re luf .n , i i ? Inst., drelaret that tl.e'.r.- ,f . mnntine di ign.'cVin " bcpro,lrmaM.nof Mr 1 a ? . , ? ? ? ? . , the l^t o?y of November- i ,, . lin I I...' II, at by ? I; Hie of .. i , /, j ;-.r. | i am o noifl, Mayor of -h? Ity of > . y j? ,_ . . ; l!ii-ii * n. .!? rl in* |i, f;,.. ; , ,i <|i.nianliti<. shad be . ,< .?t- . |i I ; ? , , ? ' , i-nibei, :8f-ft and C'-ii* i?iu ui ? fol, f .... ... til 'hat day. u attl1 fl? !?.] Mven nndei m-. ' n'iJ r<n * at M ro office, ia onr raid city of \e> York An.-n-.t ffl, |?.v, rr; v/. in i Wii ii?, Thrum a KtMbliioni. ns. Ar.wiT ll'KMI f. ?III,,. , f,.. Ihi cremrif. ihefli-<i., . :n:ie; . - J ?? ? u. t (.abrii l l'av-la> Nl.-'-i, .'?? ? |;. . .jj , ' I I eie-l'ia. Ibe , . - ; \ h. ? ,. Pn',iM,^ ?au'y and " e l's " (inltilel . -. ' a iU , , trance* ar ?1m- rwan-- ,!?. ,f . .f^.i menu writ fial.i ??! r.* !\ ?plf ' ? F1<?| j,. nj| NlliU.V O/flw: ? Not?ilh?len?i;,r 11, ,' #bf onr- , r "(, - IU" li... |-n - Vol V , ? il l? T *11" the fcf n e i* rm , .'ve.-y ,,i -h-'ani \lU ?'. .-j|? I yre * rlogir.g rt-war Jed -vi-h tlr-i- . .. ? r.-.eri b- th ' nudieniff. It ?? inn un -f1 !-**in <s ?b. -Ul ?li-g -I,.' boar" ue genile Llk'" 'T B<" ? t 1inyiKi.~ The rent ICMg of ? Thi Piv n ? the 1, mb- " i r? lid iced tin laang-r tn a,i.-i - i, arum lor this rt.n'ng. Tic p;,u ,.t . K with Wr. F. Ji i m?t?u a. Or wj]| , ' thj. cntrrtafnm.n1e. Ma-'an-e I aud Mr. V .Uc'' will slug. ?u<l Mi-, la I olio w:tl d\'i ? Vni.?,f .n.ii Tm-trPs.-'Th:.. > -.'-'.li 1 m? i' l< ,t Will. M . Il eUatl'i. aeiing b. nj adr.iiud I.y e-, y . ,! ler. T--i Ight i le y a .ru.- ive b'il li. 1. rir >ir p ' co i "Jhe I ea'iicV'-.j " Iwc .et a< C.i \ ,r.u WiHt'-r the ne -t il ?- Jin Tmt Ix>, , Mf, ? , 0'(al|p(tia>i: a id ?'le U>.t i ? A l.i anl i.. iT, ? { i'rr| bsing iclVain.ut." ? IJ1- ill# ?.??.. I 1.1 .,'.f Tole ??il ? ei I c' r 1 ' < > I . I ' (!. (.'? 11.^-- ,n:? J , r ? v.!.. !. il,. i B-,U ,t|,o ?,,, v< [, ( ma. Bad ' maul 1 J le.;#--., ' 1 -r > nlrc I a'. i'T', ' " A':,x ~V" " I "* ' ''*r ftr '>'? , , i ? | , * ' ' '? 'I e< t < , tlal'.iiuo. f, and will (">? '..til of t enieoi'ii . iy>- . ' , iSAt lot ytr'a f?ve.-al'i or -,1n? el pre tra v< il ng ii,i.,ugh li country un lor th akivr title. Ve ,1. ., tUtre U u aach eomp .ui} now 'ravi ling. f4irrtv*nj? ItxKm "v Viu 1'ak\h -.a gran 1 . omnli men'aryl ?'? ?t ^UI be M?n , .v.t|, ? for tbe Isnelit of Mr. I'ar?.e. r fa reeelre ! re-boi T i .l rv at .lending'* An*. In I. olaay. Prmn ?l ** t.n b un I m?B\ i loinent artb-'.s hue volnnie?re<l ,m|.? ' 1 V" dink .i.. laUmacie >tiU kio? i.^i. ' ' ^ To Ui? P topic mt the sutt of l?w York, ficn, Utt U?lii mt Jwut ud Bo;urJiu Nevr Yokk, July 31, Hi. You have fwn the communication published in tlic Nkw Yokk iitBALn, July IS current adl.oi-eJ to his Potior Lieut. Governor Raymond and ithera, the Coniiaifctiontw of tlie Lum Office 01 the St.iie oi' New York, Mt Allrauy , proving to these oiU en tf give e ruin npfifi- direction* to the Attorney GtLi in icspcct to the action of C C. Kiented and other* agu i. t the Penile of the State and tlit> Corporation, of fri nty Church of New York city, aw joint uefene'anl ? an a -tiou inat t ittd by u-i and on our behalf to recover our right** of property .wt of the haid? of that noroorati .n, which said <><rpo rati' n hold*, together wr.b other lai^e rv?l estate in l!.e civ of New York, under a lease still aubsiati-g from i he crown of Kn^hmd, the reversion of .ill which real eaUite paxtea by fuce 01 the treity of 17;- It, to you, the people of this State, and wuich >ou van at in y time require the said Church Corpo ration to wiry-nder, ua part of the leaae.iold i?re mlses de-ci Ibed in the crown's lou-e to said Ckareh iu llg and nhich the said Church Corporation liaa held overt ver tin?*, astcunt at w ill ? 11. at un der the crown, and uow under thi* State. Why there honoiuLie c .umi.^u^c. a did not c )rn I 'j, with tic request made io>'?tur beueut as usourb, we are not euubled ty thcui to s.i^. What iLe efli ct of their i'<>ui]>liuu^e wo hi have beea to j ui.r advantage j?, liov?eve>'. tisyt; be undent aid. liud they withdrawn tko d/tuuuer of the Sutt ? hich fienie-x the righ., ?f a citi en to sue in ft court of law lor his propei ty in pr?w?M4i.u >f the Stale, however clem ni*. r''gLt, >.ud lifd tl'rj a cross bill .({?an ft ihe State s oo-defenlftui tb? Gornoratio;: oi Triuity church, Ahe first que.^i .u before the court we uld have Icon whether you, the pe pie ol tin- State, or uot the Hole owner., of u tract of land pot se*e</ hy the church, w..?th from dfteeu to twenty millions oi dollars. hut by persisting in the demurrer, those commissioners have precluded the court fivm uyin? your rigut to this property; aid two of the judges gave their opinion rpon the argument oi tUu demurrer some months ago, that the coiut IniU no power to try the ques tions of property piesenled oy the Oiniplaint, i>e canae a citiwncannct sue; ho people of the State lor property in their poaeeaiiion, however clear the li^ht of the l.luixititf; Ut i.ichclaiiht.nt niu>t peti tion the Legblatuie of the St tie lor leave to sue the people oi the State, and Una the Legislature may grant or deny as they plea e. Now you are a*, competent to judge of this ques tion of political right, which is liieiely a que <tion of politics, as any other* or wurleilow citizens. In deed it la a question o. n Inch you as th ? people iiave the ulterior determination under the con^t.titioa of tlie State. Cut that you may clearly uudontuid this question you muat be put in poseessiou o. tue re?l merits of tlie > use. The fucts which constitute the case presented by the Ueciuner ui t uc Attorney General .vere these: ? I'rior to tlic ccuqi.c; t o: Alanhsttan, QNew i'o.k,) hy the Jlrtti.-u iu HUM, the Uutch government had appropiiated to its own o.?e, aa its owu orxperty. a tnu ioi land which they caiietl the Dutch Weal India Company a i- arm. it wa- bouuUed nortne: ly on a l'.ne extending nom li rood way, westward to the liodron river, midway hfct??een the streets tow known as Cuau.Lcrs anu Warren ata'Cta, Houthsily mi an undent passage way, exteadinz Ironi bioaciway v.eatwurd to Huil-ou river, called W iudn ill Itu e," now eio&ed and Unit up, out a lutle nun tli of Maideu Lite ; eaateily on Broadway be t? ecu tliit pasLa^e way and vue north line aoove dCncribed, and wear, warn on the Hudson river. | ibis truct known m the Dutck Wm ludw Com " ai^aequireu by the fcritlsn crown by tue ; l , ?r MjI,1'"u1a" iri MM, Ml ii.gtd ever u.ter in'i. w - rrmv" d"w to tllc lrc:,ti' 01 17^, uu<l ill j jSC ik was reserved lor the tuiiitaiy use oi the tliantr of Uove..ior Dwi^uu to tue uiyoi mw Yoik, made in tuat year Tae Uorno 't1, '" trinity Ch'iicli wm uoi uieu in ejuateuee, and the hue Chancellor Kent, under retainer of the , ^tWi I <fnIve' In 41111 ri,,t<'* i'i>on tiiat . ':8 ?i,|,'> i<?I),n|(in: that tbU rc to. vation fnrtl lJ i ? . " ?*\ t0 4"e jeur io3U; <V iV' lnc,'8t,l without aiiy .kiteratini), yr- CliuixuJor ivcut, ,ii toe oiicoetdiiij oiiartor io the cnyof hew, Y.nk, mude in 1730 ny O .ver, tor ftioi.tML!? eric; mid in tbU chatter, couunued b\ vronii, (be ranie re.?orvutiou made of tue Out u Weht India Company Kurru t? tue crown ; and Chancellor thereupon na>^. that uuy dirtpo. t ?1 ?i ? i *;li: ';t- 'i?oiib??)Ujiit nitti tue military use w,oi.b ,c -^vM'd, would be unlawful. This was his opinion in 1 30. Jlc W w tueii of iu ac tual pm* cm kjl by tliu Ciia.. h Corporation, a.,d o;' tils .-..rpr, etnm* pietcmiet ,fi,, under a Kr.iut i tan Coveu^r cbwltuiy, a b.gotted tJiu-o. or j olu',.ai tor he had nut the Hlubte.t "V Kli.. UH nil M to. iii ,, u <tiiy. , 1 V '^V,"irob tljai- political pretead ? hib liUtiaoun pecuniary i,ece--i k.f R.i. a obtained ins of your pr<ij?e.-ty xjrreii K 01. r .-cMiWa> fi.,m the in cr .o whi'-li it imd i,. e , earned bj ? or Donguu ivt tue cro^ . Vnkh itfcH v ei? leveitiul.-.s ci iiiiinieti as ubave he (io mnrr Jlentgoi, ?*.. ch KeU J, * I'''45 ?.,,iy l,,elelu!e ' ght t- > ,)os os..ion ,.v <1 c cbiucb, was b) the l<\. 0I i. r tornbLry! ^frant';d fcr .is |.;ng a lime a< mo law a. lowed Nm to iiii.ko :i ieasc, \U: iiiv dur.itio,, 0 liift unn tenia c>. Tui.. exjuttd in 1?.) mm xni,f ,i'7 ? it3 P^ csjior.over the . . I ''i l;f'r,,1i ^i?" ?'i' the ?. ve. it smv 1Vov'' co d '??*" to the t.vaty >AJ!i cl- t. i inii jithni of tha: jwissos 1 r";..' n ^ ebli^'ution Mcre-ider the preml-e to Le uowii at any tin..', ; pun nulioe ot :u\ niontlm, T<n%i- mVn ?" 't' l,Vu,sc?- pairing this sUr hJ 'r ; f ?i'-f"-dfnatc to tin. rcsi-i-vaoiou of u if- j.i . pe. yj to the crown tti d its niU.t ,iv t . aioitfajU. J ? ??" V.1' ".ti,K,,ret'!T ,,AlL"il tL? ri-'-i iw-'.ie h'!,:c'1 ' .'t t ie exchanft'of ruuhcati'.Ls i>, tJie I'catv of 17-3 rvT';'; i'/'i" ' 1 r,ruw- ill do hy *r! over nor forr.l j tb- / icrvMw U " V,,id ? ? J. st < ' ! . "V"I ^ '*?t ?.niy onanl n.ri e<! ^ liiltiiM Lun a-Min.ed . n-. , , ei ,d the r-r,nt oi tl? .<0t.l c 4?- rv ?,rS hi.'u i. dv_i,..tii ,i; ,V, }? ? UU, '"J er ?' li: *??'???*?< "f the r*- vr' vution ot tLc pirroi-.- ((> tli? t u.m ",ul- L> " 've.HH' m i n T- ** W" ' ?r K Jjnies .."J all hi? .-Bcces*?n? tU th.o.^ 0. 1-ii J.,.. | ,i. , to i j-or ie:pi. K ,e cII-uV.w-inI it. 4nd dcc'"'..: ?( oi tor M ii Boyal < ti urii, bt !<? iu tbo n littou ?( v,'<- ,i M'Ri t' r m l/K.toi r Iittevi" r.i'li ; , | ,. II.. cfcct Kl,,lc-oi : h-a! Ibih Op.^.s l-nne -f r-.xoni to tl i' rh'y . n j web us ? i - ?<c-u! nf And oi!1,! '"'i "e'*t ]*"''? 1 '"> ' vie ','o of ?.i i .ififio in it., m ill fact (kclarcii il.c a- rv -- i i v.;,s JU in ! rone in Lao a^k."nvt tnt Uct.j Hit crow i t.n-u hail t!.e { .T.t-jt right m ?h cl urijt was in actual i?t a t l ' t of tb. mm,., .-.1,1,11-,,., tc l tin.-.oV.'.ui- ,'Ji i* t"!i Oli VX !iM?ih1im prt-ice io (?uit hy ti v < I mr ol the 1 rcvinic. Rut v.- i t u ,t. ;c'^e s ( , ?.* J'et'.i: led t If.,, the ruii.-.-li to t.'i, i -u|<oi the 'u -rs is til-? e-toMl'l " 1 a'.t Ih tb-he, ^ ln\ :1 ?UV'r'r--- ?= ? ".vc ov,a .oil, o. |.M,e.!N j.^niiy lai : t tn.i , r tl'i a; t, an tlier. 1 1 i H' l.t <>f the cvown to r. (i. ;? , 'rr??r, , , '? r ?.'i joe i i lU .>K|l ,.V!|. , j 'in.. l.V.j.tlK -it- ?pla oi N,".v ??)! ti ,r.?u;s i-wht ? T to w , vvV-t nulla "o.npao.v: ' ' *; '! ;>r 'W- ^t..U> .-?? i:,i-.j tbl< .;orp in eilii ' e'w,' :?y I "V 1 l'' " -f<-d iruM the m?? n v?.n T -S:, "r V1 r,'h' l" {h - \Vc-t J, dip. Company's ...nn" Jn ' t c?' Jbat ioirvn.tU.ri wili h.m'' no rtf.i p iJ tl.^en. . i rt.,r ls; or, ru.-? i< ,ni,?v.,i !i X iJ i u. 1,1 1, t,i.rc o..f t ^ . . "! I,y J->rg atd l.rg i - ?U1 tho/t,, ,Ci he :i.jl t ? i iirop^rtj to ihift kVf... t, ,. , .. . ' i. -n i ii- \ lit I i.. j, a * ? ii :? .- v. in. , i 1 1. . th ,i n\ . ' v ?<" '. lav t" iV -?">'!? i. 'ii.'|, t ,. i ? *" ii ilu U, ,ui xl^-. dfu ai-rri. i. t 6*" '"?J vi?r.?e w ho aa 'p.- y: ii r lajii > ? ? ?' ' i.; 1 1, -. i "or, 1o, .iii'l Ci'l'l, h i. the ? i' o l?- . d U'^' ' ' ' . Jl.tgt ?l|,i ;? *' if. , ?,i ... ..r tl.e . oi. t uli, ,, it rta: I,, ulWfi the me .?* ot *?! e people .> t>:le t r'ti '. ' J niti ^i' r "' r'' ' " '"i"-. to.-.? ef lie i. ??! Oil, i "Oiri . j vil, r T ''"""-.rr '!>? AtU.-rev .-.,er In < niflt to tr-; prcpl,. ll \ ? , :. the ?t |! 0 , Vo. , 1(| I- f . i>t \ ludie i. ? o: tl.i k.? !? <i >, i ... i. '' ' of 1' ? dill', i: POip. rrll T ,? v -,r ' , no I nei tto the f="te. Inta en ' t ,r , i!M in i'nt.t'y < bin. h, it 1 N liir ;,f . proj n- mar to to tl, i ri. . .|?tol, v|M.-,.led \ ?. ,Vrt .tr ' '' ' "''?''.?io f t* , the ini?M v n-av not >? on'fr, ,V .pif/ rr v? Ike wo.:,rv CKC. It, t f? - arc ; lH.?-ra .l- n m.- all h..? ml ;, | ,,i,w I M-l^ as theii snccts- n i.i y u ., ,K ; i , < #4 ^l(H| at d |.ioch aa these are now, we would earnestly re? e n.mud that without more delay e.Hoien:. in-a burcH Le t tke.i to get his property o it of tne hands ? f the CLui oh corporation, ami i" t > the pontes -i >n of the State trcasur , , bo that it may be applied wheie itn nii!Hon? may be of substantial use to the fuLl c. Many ? literary. charitable and scieutiic institution might be advanced in their benefice t, hoie-tand honorable purpose" by this fund, aa oro peit) liberally distributed. No one dcnomiii :tl >n of religion should be allowed each vast pred mi nance on surh illegal and onl'ouudcd preteuces of right. 1 his wrong i? getting to be notation*, and tends to the destruction 01 the religion of the soul, and si, I etitution of the religion o imposture. Hut the point of ehie! com eru with you upon this subject is, whether you shall have your own proper ty, and the privilege of trying, according to law.' your rights. Unfortunately, the officers you have pltti ed in power, in i elation to this property, consi der the dignity o; the State aaparuoouut to its Own rights o: property; and instead of an honorable acthity to secure the people s own rights by oo ? peiatlrg with others agaia*t a corporation who eel power and forget right, our eminently d is tin f-ui: Led Bund o! Lai d Commi* i?ne s seem to le ive 'hi rights of I lie people aid the tights of others to tlie tet der mercies of the church, as ii' It wee ira petsil.Ie that Mich a religious cor|ioration could err > !uw and justice an \ more than in Gospel. Butthere sin the people sat'ey troin every wr>ng. Out of ft or t<. live, nnudred diffeient irreconcilable ec tariani-ius of Christianity, the g:? d ouud sense of the citizette ot thi- State, who pioneer the Union in itt c"Uive of intelligence and bower, will not *utler any i' m of any pint; to sacrifice their rights to the bollcw pretence --f u " royal diirnity " aa paramount to right nrd jnstke in onr republic. Of the inconsistency witli our State constitution of this royal f lea to the jurisdiction of the Court i?i the torm of a demi.rrer by the Attorney General, we have the means of perfect demonstration, which wo will produce hereafter. But we must now enable you to understand how the rights w< claim against the church a- tenants in pnn-eiMou, and against you as their landlord, corno to be connected with your rights as landlord to chiini the surrender of y ur Dutch West in'lia Com pany's farm from your tenant, the corporation of Trinity church. And thus it is, in briet terms : ? By the treaty of 1 (>U 4 . commonly called the arti cles of capitolation between the c inqucrcd Dutch :h d the 1- nglish cn.wn of tliat date, thecio vno' Ei ? land stipulated and ag-eed to secure to all D itch Fubjt cts their rights ol pi operty forever. And ac cordingly the English General Nic.'lls, acing as Cr.'.crncrof the o ntjiiered province, executed acts of confirmation to the heirs of Jans and Bogardus, our ancestors, securing to them forever their two tracts of land, known and described therein as the Don inic's Bowery ai d the Dominie's H tok. The e t'riioining tracts were bounded southerly on the Fa'lisi.di rs, then standing upon the north l;ne of the Dutch West, irdia Company V firm, m d way between Warren ar.d Chambers streets, extending as afore said r<m Biw.dwoy to Hn.ison river ; northerly, r.pon the line where now is Christopher street ; we - tei ly , upon Hudson river, between the I'alisadoes, there teririi ating. und the western termination o: said Chii'-tophcr street ; then ea-tcrly, from the can end oi Christopher sticet, by an in-egularand waving line ti .Dunne street, wlieie thi?, coming Ir -m Broad way. enters what is now West Broadway; then neither I \ , upon the north line of l)ua e street, from West Brordwnyto Broadway; then easterly upoi Bn adwiiy, from Duane street t?> the north line of the Dutch West India Company's farm. 'ihe two distinct a- 1-< ot' confirmation made by Gi ncal Nil bolis. as the English Governor of" the province, are now ou lecord in the office of the Seen tmy of State. Ai>d in furtheiance of tliia stipulation fur the se ci ntv ( I there heirs of Jan- and Uo^ardus, then re cognized by said acts ot' couQrmutlou as being in tl>( actual possession of these two tracts, Governor Ar.drop, ti e fltst (iovern.r unpointed by the crow.i ufhr Nxhi'lls, under special written instruction , still rt mrining and re dy to i>e produced to >k into his ucltial possession tiieee tw ?? tracts, the heirs having btm lince the time ot Nicholls driven by perset-u ti eh of i he English and l'aukecs from the lllud o New YeVk to r.orthcrii counties of the province .Mid tins Governor lett ed the e two tracts, together wih ;orr Dntih Wet India Company's farm, t.. Irtedri. k Sfckners i 1077. tor tweuty years fro-n th. t di.te, b\ the gei. description of tue Kinjf'.i Ft int. ii i'l diiifc the t?o tracts of Dominie's Ko*u ry i>i.d 1)< minieV Hook, with yonr Dutch West hid. . I on-| ai ) s farm, by the description and nunc o.

King's l utiu, this naOie being given publicly to tin whole ct- n pmtec tioti to the heirs. After li.t tennir.ation ot that lease in 10 (7, the light o pO'Hhfioi- in all the pi emif^e-s comprising ih<se 1h:ce parcels n oiyitd, reverted (as it i r d in law of lease? property after the i< iiniiu-liou of the leme) to the crow tin a ihe crowr. Irutn l?:t7 to 1702. )m?1U it- i.v.i Dutch West IiidiaCom,. atiy's la'tn to it-<o.v u-e, ui:d teid oi r two tract- ot Dominies Bowe ? y and I) mnit's H<ok only by right of pu (p?lon, n- tri ktres for the heirs of Jam and dus; iud!j tenures the crown of Kttglan.l ? <er:,Hir l.ild the .attic in fact and iu to "helnetyot 17 It, when by lorce oi that treat) hr old Yi i t India Company's fa. m wan tuaiisi'emu 0 (be fd }'h i i ti c Slutc. as an absolute n fie at ii the two tracts of Dominic - Jk twry at a Dimiinie's Ho-ik were lran<i'ernd to ibe pe< ple o. the State ot New York, to have and to hold tl o tame ah the crown had held these truck at the n.titknti"i> of said treaty o! 17 -3 ? that is, in tin t for the lu-.irx of Jan.-. and B-ig::rd ;s. llnif, t! in, it happtns, yon, tue people of the o' I*oy Y' ik. lining ass tmed all the oblt^a t;i i.h il the crown incident to the crowns posse t nf.n n; these lean hold picmhcs, ,ind the crown's j.i ; t-.i-ioti i f the. e Leluu trauslemd to you by that innty, yon stand bo'-tid to the lielrs of J.tos and llu fiui ib's. un the crewp stood U>"iul in law and equity tc these heir at the signing thci eof. And lite Si 1 rente Court oi the United will surely tUu detuniir.e, it you y.e-tton your said oblig it ion.' lit dtt that treat) ?, u>r, as the crown of England w* i-lenily bound in uiw and equit) to restore those two ticctn* t the heirs, and for titi* purpose was als i"t.: d to di rout d ?t the Chor-h Coip>inti<m to su tei'der tlicm io the crown, so )ou are butitd, a titirice. ti* make tin- stii';e demand, whether you (".in ni.d ti e surrender of your own pr 'City m not; end )ou arc liound by the uerty to requite o; this corporuti' u, wltvi yon oi tni'r.ti tie sin lender ot your Dutch West fiidi. Ci-uij i jm '(? Ittint, that tltls i orixiratimi sntre nlei al ?? Thcsr tv.' o trai ts so Uint y." in;iy re .tire them to the ..( its. ls the crown was hli^ed ui do, as titeir tr i - t' c. Vriri y nt ? ani.ot dem and the s rretidor of > our ov.i*; niton ot^the Kings r'nrm, leased to the Ch'tifh turpi ration, sad lonve ours in iiiw.-eiwiou of the cbt rtli, cor.-i'tcrtiy with the obligations you a ,-uii Ci! 1 v thai ttei ly ef 17-H. liet ce we hs\e joined ) -n in onr rompl.iiut with tl al corpoiiitioii, now in the act' i d pris^evion o. r. vou property tUiil of our property, held by yoi. ii. tii"jt iti phi' e ot ill it- wn b) lone a;d C'K'.t in lew oi:d evilly, oi the treaty of peace and iude|?eii dCIULOf 17-j. Yon have ro le'.'fll or ctjuit jble ri^ht to set up p. plea i.f the digs. Sty id Sfjito iii ordi'i to tv::d? the o: 11^, itionsof trust. ?nl >i ? In: lnr.i.v i f 17 J ra-.t i.pon yoi.and which y > i v iiil.ti'.t :ly as. i mi l', thcieliy. You < ai.nut by attj n < . r- Jc'ii.t ii i -o ci'li^a'iorn " e piit tble tru-t lini A'f t liter trtir. no a' 'irehenei in tii .t. li e penplu of tin- titiito oi New V -rs mil ever i? ime tod" ? Tl i J eople will d^ naiu t el ? p the "prer?g live d't n'ty oi the < rmvn," wnich tout crown dir fiined l>y ?luuyiiig to its Mih,;eit-> all the rtgutaot i Li< n, iimI yo;. will d"-ilii.n to carry out, unil.-r that ro nl preropative, the like denials of jusli c t.ji.?it"t the rights of you.- lellow-oitizens. Yni v.i ul'.l t ot tn'y defeut tlicir righ.s u) s.? doLg, but y< tr own ahi". Yot:r interest in ?earciiing out tin- ut'jast and tin gi..te'iil spclkition o! your property, with a fitii kik, tit tl ? time it win yni s, put- jri i.i ihe ?eTi e condition of wron-T and i ijmy thitae si.f.f r Kt the h i.ds of this imly ci.rp .t ?tp, *?? emt ici.tly favored bv yui I.egl-htT. ire ever siu'i* on iu<?i oi Mlcrti.. iVe ask your oo- 'pi-ratiou with u? i ? . fever. ngiy, rcdrt-H o?ir con and a >iu it hr hh. , t i' vain e-: sod ii' yo i are i'lvemi'.i. and love. ? Ijerthe .tni light yiu will see tint jitctl c ami right are d t.f, i i del:.ii" c of t owe ilth,t!i ikiwi i ittjd Ivi .iii-k- management o yot.r n l.W-an . The Hvirb o e Jans ano hoi.ARnr-, By their < nu -d, SL".L:V\.S, I. C, r*r O P. -KOflTtitftM Vcr Yowt? Tin- _p frtnTrl olfleerc <f 'l.o i r, : il I^> lgr ,.f .V. i ili. rn .Ni'jr link ij #/*?> Vy *1 ? ( rsnit M ?stf i >ic . ? ? nO 01 epfuln? Ki r. 1-. W. r tuol L ..f Mvlboj. ?;? ,i .1 Mairhi>!?1 iv' I W. Si' v" 1 ef'^ln'o'i l.iaiidCt iduc'o. u;. B. Irns'er. ?f W?- t I Albi-iy f tiljr. i.miii"'''* ?sn? A I'ri"lMiit -ill I'fOr. i'lji)ji l..;i.'I iioriild ? II. Coopr-. of lltmn l'i^* tii e jioT'.fCi ?i!i?ii'ini' 0'- 1 ? l 'k? ivo. . * 1 u'i"n of < f. I . I ' gl'. 1'?T < " ctlSI (I t ???? I f Hie ? hm.kI m "ston t? stjoll-ti <l< li'jr , a ?. . . c ti.. ebul ely I' -tp' ni-t. lie' Hind J r.-nt' pis-nt r.f v r?' -m V-w t'n i. c-.m I nn "Ci1"' Hs .inni lit H'-m. in HufTjI i . n I c 1 ? ? rw uu : ' In-*. ! i' '< 11' wl 'g ;.'?ii<1 oiftrrr* win nl?cu ? ? I f. v 't ! in hi ?. l'( ' i1 iiiii.u', ( . | . /)?. n V reni ott, (A ? i xa. ?>. tl. I'. " ( f. v IV* o! r V. r - i! - V. I v . p. it ? I.- li i.f i?i'i : . .. s. l.iiPai ' lu r;- <?. h ing . (>'. T. A N . raiefiM <f i : "<?>. <?. .1 'X. A. tt . I'm e i.f Vta.i1 on . n v, ./? ihosfn r^wn. tattv-i It (H i. ran. I im1|-, oi t> i'ih f.J Stau-?. \ fre In fotitl. iivl. ' i ,aamt>cro t> lnjt?. nil 1 ' whl. '? r.l . Ibf .',HiH nf (h^ ,\*. fliir, I.? >i"?r ? ill '"t SII.I J.'.tli I'fl I./ h- Hon chijrl. r Cilft.S ti'*mb?i ii.eit of r.-a^n >if / o{ t'.i" |?|?r" In M 1 -oari ??y it mi<? mn" f.nii II I- i n 'i n *"r any I y?ar- h<>*,.r>>. Hii 'huf th ? ?' H'l !?n'l 'h* rv aver:.g?. foriy bu^heli to ra a re. Thagedv At Wamkinoton, Fla.? The quiet tnwn of Warring! a ?u startled from its apathy 011 ? edresdnv m irnn g by a tragic oc-urrence, which j>hoiked alike il.e let-lings or all the inha'iitu its. ?Qial our re idem may understand the particulars, we will relate Hie tale as it was told us. Mr K.J l.anlcrt< n. Po natter at Warrington, discovered ou Tie-day evemgMr.J. C. Jones, a pilot of this port, in a crimi' I connection with his wi'e, but he (Jours) escape! fiom the premises before he coald attm k hm. T e circumstance wrought upon the f eiings ot Mr L 10 such an extent thi the wnndered like a nmuiae al the night of Tuesday, and early >n W edrecday morning be |>roc nod a double-be rreled shot gun, which he loaded with heavy charges of back phot, and lyiig in wait for Jones, discharged one ban el at him as be was crossing the street from liis which did not hit him. Jonea then ti med and went toward hia house, and just as he was entering hia gateway a second shot from Lara berton killed him instantly. Mr. L.. after taking advice, departed Immediately, and ha<* not since been heard from ? Pantaeola Gazette, Aug. 18. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. aOlBI MARKET. WlCTWESDAY, Aug. 29 ? fl P. M. There waa rather a blue stock market this moro ng. With considerable activity among the leading stocks, the tendency, from the opening to the close, wau downward. At the firet board Erie bonds, 1S75 declined 4 per cent; Canton Comptny, j; Nicara gua Transit, 4; Cumberland Coal. 4; New York Central Railroad, 4; Erie Railroad, J; Harlem, 4; Chicago and Rock Inland, J; Reading Riilroad, 14; Michigan Central Railroad, 4; Cleveland and Pitts burgh; Cleveland and Toledo, I. Cleveland, Co lumbus and Cincinnati Railroad advanced 1 per cent, on a small lot sold, and Galena and Chicago 4 per cent. The bottom has not yet been touched. The demand for money is steadily increasing, and the rates to-day are a little higher. The outward move i. cut of specie continues undiminished. The steam ship America, from Boston for Liverpool to-day, car ried out $- 47,400 in specie. This is considerably larger than anticipated. The demands for money for com mcicial pi.rpones are likely to be very large within tbe next sixty days The cotton crop Is nearly rea ly for moving, and capitalists engaged in the exchango business of tbe South are already providing them selves with funds to remit to the important pur chasing points. The grain crops will also for a time absorb a great deal of money, and it must be with drawu from stock investments. The banks are call ing in their demand loans, and stocks hypothecated aie forced into the market for sale. There was a great deal of cash stock sold to-day, and we must look for still greater supplied. Between the boards to-day, there were sold at auc tion 40 shares of Mechanics' Bauk, at 116, and 80 (?bares do., at 115J. At the second board Reading Railroad advanced 4 I er cent, and Cleveland and Toledo declined 4 per ( etit For other etocks the quotations were about tbe tame. The bears continue to put out contracts Iretly, for any stocks in the list, either seller's or buyer's option. Holders of the fancies who are obliged to cell, let them go and pnt down the differ eLce to profit and loss, while those who are forced to t-ell good dividend paying stocks, turn round and n ake their supply good again by purchases on time, bujer's option. Albert H. Nicoluy's regular semi-weekly auction f-ale of stocks and bonds will take place to-morrow, (Thuisdav), at 12J o'clock, at the Merchants' Ex change. The nteanuhip Canada, at Halifax from Liverpool, brings seven dayi- later intelligence from all parts of Kur? i*. There is nothing new or important iu the way of financial or con mercial advices. The cotton u aiket had been more active thau previously re pi ited, at a slight advance in piices. 40 tbe el me quotations weie not so firm. UreadstuAof all dea cri| liens had fallen off a fraction. The harvests v.eie likclv to be abundant. The weather had been fine. Quotations for Consols remain unchanged. At the elote ill a !U4 ruled, which was the same as re puted by tbe previous steamer. T1 e tiai auctions at the Assistant Treasurer s olticc i.-day, were as lollows : ? aid i n 'I i t nnury account $5,050 02 : ecehed " " 1 15,0 0 HO a!ai.ce " " '22 i.ii! fur AitMiy OOre 05 ii d < n ( L burning chechs 28,870 Ofi The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, V. upj-.iiijiton, tbe 27th inst., we.e as follows: ? I or the Irrusury I-ejiartuicat $96.1(10 24 i er tin- Jn.eiior l'C|?irUiieiit. 40,10-1 '20 i or < lit* Custom* a, 28 ? 0!) 'ti oilor ie|>ay trimnti rittifM and entered., lu 085 44 V. i.i warriiniM iei i ived and entered 247.00-4 00 < i veird in ft < m no .-reliant on.- MOu-cen 1,(153 '24 < n account of tie Navy 2,800 do The earning* of the Chicago, Alton on4 'St. Louis Railroad lor the third week in August were as fol lows: ? IKf.ft $28.7t8 BO JFM 20,7 U ,M Incroane M.oli 33 TLc earningn of tlic Michigan Central Railroad for the third week in Auguat were: ? Fa ung*rt. h'. -ioht. lo'nl. 1855 1.7,817 7 fl ?la,to! 17 *41. 7U ltH l?,lal .6 18,8' iO T# 32,904 14 Increare *?,C8H 41 $9:; . 8 $S,77!? > Owing to the lateness or the grain harvest nvich <>i the freight from the West is del.iycd beyond tliu usual time of forwarding. I70CO NY C.'n '78.... ? COT 1 f- C '* '?)*-* .... fi On \ iifrinia i . f ( 01 kihri uii t'l,. . H 00 d. ?. i OC I cuUlana '? d Ton ? '? tV... 1' CO I- 1 ie li Mt Hd*. ' T0C 1 ri? Cos IMt Bi Stock Exchaim*. Wm>.v. d*v. Aatfnn 29, 186ft 120 inx 9VT. 94 9 \ flt or.; locg 80 ?;? < 0 Ki ie Msfif '83. 101 ' 0?0 du.'76 ?l2m 88 ?if 00 do h.; M ' r.OO 11 (en ltR Bd#. 8? 'COOl ill' bSO 80', it 01 111 Ki 1M* w 88 rro N V On KB IV 01 >i <l? 91 U 10< 0 THJr Al2d3Wlid?. S.! icco 1000 do 8VJ3 ?C10> V ( ? n 7'?... 10: H COibufidi Gnk .. 116'4 10<itant>nCo 2> 4? !<0 do 2C*j (0 2 >X 00 do .i"' JMf Nicaragua lr. . "2 It; 00 di> M II H .'.'0 do *'|0 19 ,0:i ?'? h3 lH 7 if SO III. C 1M 76 T>nn Coil Co.... 104 50 (uii.l fi al 27 nh* I .r ie RR c l.u do c 100 do MO '200 do blO K00 do lt>0 do b! 50 Unrlein RK. . . .<'1 100 do li 0 250 do 60 do b''?> 26 Chlc&Kck LillUt 200 do hOO fiO1 Reading KR 200 200 9)0 2<M) B> 10 100 106 ;oo 100 .00 ICO 4 CO KX.O 2i'0 do. do do. .*3 do. . do . do... do . do. . do., do. . do.. ib?. . do. . .bi'i . 'iO 52 ! )y vv. 51 % 28 ? ; 28', 28* 28; a ??!< J?R i i W5 1 2 9ft*4' % 9.r. P5 96 nr,,? mi 05 MX MM 94 '? 94 94 iro ?ro CO (0 4!0 ?10 lio (0 1(0 do... i-SO 27 ?i dr. do. 'IP. do. dr. dr. -7*, 27* 27 S 27 X 87 ? ?.7 2'i 'i 90'* ,. *3 . . WO . . b-0 . . . M _>lo toNYCVnt RK ... 1.0 di a."4) ?8 do 150 do l.fol-0 ICO di bOO 100 UC Erie I'aii.ood . . ?:< 5' ?<o i... uo r (HO d.. 62 ".5 do b<<0 62 KBOOHD ?20(0 MlUOttrl ?*?... 94 .lit do 9f,V nrolwxn ? 'a 90.... tft?, s C*? 1 : t? lb- '76 .1 0 PO M CO do 90 H mi do >>-0 9?H ? lit nCrlll.i'P*.' 8i. 10 I i lMli.dt Co 1 .1 i-O >" ie I ran Co 1" :(Ci do .b^O lftV 1i C Ci nton Co ?c0 2( X S5 Cur.i ' on' Co 2" H 5?i do 2 . t, )M d< M f h 50 Mich C?n KK.h H l it loo do......biO 50 do .... b'.l 10. 'i f>0 d'. b'iO 1 KI 50 do b 0 lOJ^ liriir, Ck tin KK lio 200 Ilia ten RK ... , ?3 50 I'tnuma RK..M0 1:)'! 50 do ... 107 ^ 60 do dflO 10. ?2 10 Clovit I iltn ;ut. . c.y'( 50 do Gi 50 do 07),' 26 I.A1& ; hu RRl. .) Ill l'.Hivv fc t'oi soo 10(1 200 2< 0 100 I'll) 100 .bOO do ...... do 'I do 1? ? do do do do . ..?30 . . :5 ..WO 8'. - 8^i R-,1 i 84?AHP 200 tiha Cum ' 1 Co 1 i 100 do. ioO do. 100 do bCO ?."'0 N Y On R? 300 01 r.ri?> RK ? ? 100 ;'(>0 do M ? li^ ??' lOo Rfi.llnn RR,...a? 5 Ht do.... 100 do...,. ... 60 Her JkTol RR.... .'7 >, 27 X H.i 27 H 27 'i 93 i 1005% 51 H 51 Cjiiy or w Al Cmiwatt, Ai '.CfT '.'tin. 5 5 *ha'** (jnrinoati ?n>l ( lil'-ajo lul i*o do do do and Int. (lMi. a io ? trinf'-n and l^'hf ? do (V liim1in? mid Xr.iia. . t;Moan lMi>al lp[?i nn ! int. .'0 "0 15 11 -.0 200 ro U Uu 1^ 16 1 7 1-78 i"o do do do do do do do ilo d" do do do do (V . Inni K a:..l < bi V^ilV *Bd Ml- t It1 ' Jo do d>/ 1 ,'i iri 12 4 '.ll 11 10^ 1' > 7 i 1% 14 0 CITY TOAD IS REPORT. VV 1DMS1MT, Aug. 'J) ? 1 P. M. Aphw. ? Market unchanged, with sales of 30 a 40 bel?, pots and i earla. I<n*?wmw.? Flour?' The market was easier, and closed with a tendency toward* li ?er price) The sale* em braced about tVOtO a 7 ,000 bbls., inelud!ng cimm >n 'a ext iu State, at $7 ft.? n $8, with a trifle under the iuiide fi^uie for buyers of Inferior Quality; mixed to common and choioe Western at $8a$0; <*tti^an brunts wr? dull, with ralta nt 3?X) a 400 bbls. at W 75 a $'J 75 for good toextia (|uolities. Sou- hern wa* dull and heavy; the sales were confined to about 700 a 800 bbU. at. 98 la a >10 for all grade*, the Litter fi|fure- being tor fcney t? extra. Wheat ? 'fhe market wm without de. Uled chun^e. The miles embrace"' about 10,000 a 11,000 bashelx, in cluding Southern red, at SI 80 from- the wharf, for com mon, and $1 8a a ?1 8C. a $1 90 for good rei, an! $1 dik a $1 OS for superior amber colored uo., and sales of '2, 000 bushels of good fair white at $'2 Oft. Com ? The sales < mbiaci d 40,000 a 50, (100 bushels Western mix- i at 87 o. a 88c., cloving steady at the latter ilgure. Itye? ^a'ee of 1 000 bi'th'ls we*e made at $110. Oato were easier,, wlib i-ales at 64c. a MV, for Htate and Western. Ciihix ? 'ihe sales embraced an advance on better grades of fully We. | er lb. The sales embraced about -,000 a 4,4i(Mi bags hio at loj^o. a l'-c. ; 61) Jo. i'orto Kieo at ll%c., ami 600 do. Maractibo at 11 ,*4 c. a 12c. Cotton.? .Before the news, about 1.000 bale-J were sold, without change In pi Ices, after the news came to hana, hoMars became firmer, and n> sale.4 t< .inspired. FftHfilflfc? ' lo 1 lverpotd, alxiut 18,00'l bu-hris of corn were engaged, in bulk auu bags at 3?t"d. a 4'4'd. an ) 100= bales ci.mjiret>ed cotton, to till up. at l?d.. and ujine < op| er oi e al 1' a. To London. 1 000 bbL. spirits turpen tine weie engaged, at Is. Od. per 280 lbs. To Havre, rated' were unchanged. To California, rates varied from 30c. o 26c, 'I*- firemen, 50 tons logwood were engaged at 0s., 700 bbli*. rutin at 2s . , and '^0 tierces measurement goods at 15s. ILtv. ? i-'ulcs were made for shipment at 70c. a 75c. 1?ard continued Arm, wihout change in prices. )lni.AMN. ? .'ales of 75 hh$s. clayed we -e made at 30c., and 150 do. at p. t., and 100 bljls. New Orleans, at 37c. Naval Iww, ? About 1,000 bbls. turpentine wer*> s >lil at 41 Wc., and 300 bbls. rosin at 170c., j*er 310 lhi., de llveied. 1 bo* nar.M?.? 1 he market continued (li m, but at pri-ed ratlirr under ihe h:ghest fgure for new mass ob tained yesterday . Tie Mile* ew braced about 1.500 bbls. at ?. 5 a $iV 37, for new me.i, and new prime at $111 37 a $19 50. Old mc?s was unchanged. Beef was firm, with sales of V00 a o<>0 bbls. at $11 76 a $13. for country mesi, and $11 for prime. Cut meats and bacon wc o unchanged. Ijird was active and higher, with said of about 1,000 bbU. at UJic. a ll??c. fnr good to priino quality. Kit*.? 60 or to ca-ks we re sold at a PJ^c. Hi*j? :<50 bags I imunto were sold for export at 10)^c. and 460 do. tor home use at p. t. Scat.? About 460 boxes were sold at 10?j[c. a lie. Si OSS*. ? The sales embraced 800 a 900 hhd?., including* Cuba llu.-covado at t'J^c. a 7c., with' some lois Porto l\ico, at 7 Jac. ; 1^0 boxe brown Havana wotc sold at 7 !4c. a '. >jC., and o0 do. white do., at R^c. W inkp. ? 100 quarter casks poi t sold at $1 75 a ?$*!, and 50 do. ^herrv . at $1 a $1 80. Wnimrv. ? Market firm. ?ales about 200' bbls. Ohio and ptison at 4;>,'..c. New York Cattle Market. ^ WinsiBiT, August 29, 1W5, At Allcrton ? the supply of b6uf cat' le to*<lay #ua not ?o large am last week, jet priced are y% a 1 per cent per lb. lower, with a very dull market at the concession lh(? supply tocay con-isted of 2,2*0 head, ,ind fur the week B4, of which about 160 were left oyer from last n>a.ket day. I he stock *?, decidedly Ixrtter this week than lust, though tlieie 1* still plenty of room for I nprorc mm:. We noticed home Tery poor droves whic:. looked m- r' like working cattle than Iweves, and the genoral opiri. n permed to ho that some 300 of to. -so Would be loft e ver unsold, a sojourn of a couple of months in the co untry, where the padurnge It good, would vastly im prove '.he condition of these cattle. Butcher# i till pre serve a cauilous policy in their purchases, not wishing to get ' stuck," as many of them bare du.iug the ?ummer. the rarge of prices to day were from 7e. to llO'^c., averaging about Oe. a 9tfc. per lh. 'Ihe, e were oiily >7,ur milch cows received thli week, and these were .u'd nt lull preyions prices. Veal calves hate met with red y pale at &o. to 7c. j-er lb., according to quality. Sheep and lambs have undergone no quotable cwaoge in prices, "and out few would be left over; the qualily generally was p.. or Ihis is accoun ed ibr by the iuxurian' growth of the pM tui age thin sea. on. owing to the g.eai quantity of wet weather we have hod. U being a genernllv well c;iown fact tLat sheep always thriie better in dry nuou, when the crop is short, and sweeter. Ihe mp| ly ot r wine consisted of?&6, aud price* were without material change. PP.ICW. Eecf cattle, extra quality, per 100 lbs $10 OJ a 10 60 l o. guod quality /iO Do. e mmon g ijo a 0 00 lo. inerior 7(Kja 8 00' lows and calves, ex:r* o0 0 > h >;o 00 lo. ?jo. good 4<t(K> a 4 SCO ?Io. do. coujiuon 26 * ) ;* v? 1H) YvrU 5 a) a Z 00 ?o. ?ir? C2c n 7c Sheep and lamb, C1 50 a 5 00 lit f'llowng table shows from wiist part of tlio country, nrid by what conveyance, the i applies cai*? ? r ron Illinois " lum t hio .V.V.".!.'*.*. 8J2 I'M. ml eutucly ot'.2 Irirn ; ew York !!!.'.'! 358 1- n in Indiana " I'M 1- n ni l'i nmy 1? an.a 44 By the Hudson ltiver 1'ailroao ' Mi ly Hi ds. n hlvei boat* 4,^ I'.y Jrie fcalhonu ...\!!!!"?1 ifiO I y liai lem liallr. ad !!.!!!!!!!! 10tf (Ahcr thick. ? Py the Harlem Railroad? c.u*n and c:?lves 4 ? veal calve.:...,- 31.1 _ ' *' " ? sheep and iamtM 1.804 Ty the 1'ie Ileilri ad? -wine 174 L'y Hudson liiv.r boats ? swine .... ............ 797 A* Bro wring's there ha. i-.-en a d*cl;ne in beeves, rtesr lv cones | oi.dlug to that at .4Ue ton's, ihe supply for the w f <k was Uv?, but wl'h a pietiy good 1-maoJ at the ci.nces<i> n U.ev were about all solo, at from 7e. t->tt>^r. fir pound. Mill h erw have been iu rood demaud thin *eek on account <if ihe ic^uuip'lot: of husiaci > l?v the of tl.Li ciiy, liinokltn and Williamsonrg, Which atr< rds Cl.eap ^i.nd poisonous) torsi tor t.iem. I rtces have atWaucci a in corwfcuncnce. Veal cahfn 1 ?t#* bten in good a. mano at. fto. a 7)^c. jer lb. lhete hui- b<en a brisk . emund he e liir sh. en and limbx at raihe' better pilces tor good s nr:? , 4ich is stare*. Ihe oi the tupplus con e tio-r, Uiio and this nute. and about l.tOO were le't in tho iieua t; u foMiioon. I he 'oili w- r g is a mem. riindun iy Jam-* Mc( arl>, ai limvuingV:? -..rboep K lun>bs..^lo*. UO loo irhecp It lamba. $07 'J (17 ,10 4" 00 77 do a".:t 60 '?0 do ;,a4 " 6 30 io it ? 60 ?J"** 'I*1 Pll . 6 58 do 2,w) ,Ji * I? " 190 do ,7U)00 1('3 *? (6 1(8 do 26 *?8 120 Ht nn do a;; :& in do 1.57 60 107 do :i9> H -10 do 67U 87 00 do :;0-J 37 do 1H6 ;6 3jj:i do 1,156 "Q Jlfi do 401 '.6 44 do 138 oO J';0 do UtA 06 17 do 64 60 67 do ltHJ 04 78 In 2.S 00 ?3" do b<9 t.l 176 do 70d 00 40 do ^u7 60 _____ o478^ beep and lauib- at $11 4<wi 47 >vei?(ii jet brad ?3 ii 'ihe lolU wing i' a memorandum o( suLs t>y aic'ira* 4; hn.ith, at l^rinnhiK''.'? 114 sheep A lambs. i 00 1 i ?bpe;i it iambs.. filH 60 110 do ;>4. l<? 100 do .i > 17 lii1 tin (6b 00 ?00 do Ml 37 t 9 d> 182 -6 Ubi 747 37 '?7 d? ?'?? 7" <lo 180 40 71 do -48 -0 80 do WW 01 .'?? do Ill 60 Total pbeep anit lambs. . . 1,004 31.608 M Average | er head $.113 r"ih. t !i g i. a mi moranduin tf sales oy llicnas C. larkins, at i(ro?rli-gN;? 10i sheep/; lamb-.. ?.81 37 1:5T. sbetp k lamba.. ?4?1 86 ?'? ' -'tW 0 74 21'. 00 l'? d. 41'? 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