Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 30, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 30, 1855 Page 3
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Miiimm m *?ji wh? mai oil uftt UOUUb, Au ?) CASES 01 ALL Wt)t/L FHKXCU I>E LAINKS, VEl'.Y ? rich denigna, will Ik- opened Mil . inoi ni -\g. UfccWLi., PkUlSON & LAKE, 471 U.-twdw.vr. Abcphib stock OF PARIS FEATHER?, Ficncb *, an<l alniw go1 da, of thevnv latent >inuoiiat!"i.u, nro "ITered at reduced juice* (? ! . arli. by 110 ' k a r.TCH I'M, A! m and ti i John street, eo.ner of WlIHsin, V. V. Xll.<?|iirv FALL CLUAKS ? UWlBOK BltUUIb, Sn. 51 II < auj.l aU'l Oa IJ.-|?uar<l itreei. has uow In ,->to.-e a uT7se assortment of novelties In velvet, nlotlk an 1 moire antiqui - and luaulillaa, to whiiv h? iurltea toe' Hon of wholesale cash ami abort rtftie buyera. rAI I. PKMH UOOIH ? I'HSDEl I., I'tliHON A LAKE would reit|?r.:fuUy ini'orw their cun.oraors ail 1 tranoieul vi iler? from other .staled that the/ .vill u,>cn tlii mirnii.g ai> elegant assortment ol' ricli d eji f,i 1- , dc.-igi.ul J.oi the tall rade, c>>.i->ivi?g of tloanced a.lii robe?, biocade. utiijed uu I pLtid ailiia, by <he yard; (dumb, va.-hmerea and de l*iu?.; plud goo d< of every description; trench merinos, voire a, cdiTtos, Ac., &c. IBM fcI.L, J'Hi.SolS i LAKE, t.', Broadway. LAl'IFS* FIJ-(.A>T KMBROliiEitKI) OOU^IW, AT half piicos ? .Inst re eivo ' froin auction, V00 iwin ?i:d caml ric collars Com to lia. e.ica: uUo, CjO em broidtred band*. four, 10a. each; .3 ) at 'U. tid. each. No atccud pi Ice. \l aD"EN, M3 Uu a.iway, reeou^ door above Uleejker afreet. Moire antique wi.ks.-5oo i-iki es ok the rich e?t qt.iility iraniif.icturi-d, of eve J -bade ?r color, ve.y clieap will be op. tied this morning anJ cut in ?ny length, to suit pu.chaae.s IBMKLL, I ElRSON A LAKE, 471 Bro*lvray. "It/fit LINFRS FROM THE COUNTRY, CAN .VOW SEE ill at GAIN'S tazur, 61.. Broadway, tinder St. Nicuo la* Hotel, pattern bonnota, for tho tail, of unusual aud surpaa. iog beauty. Ntw fall goodb. I'pliolstery, Curtain materials, and French |.aj>?r hangings. ISUlJMQS A HAItf No. 24J Broadway. i\re now receiving a full sbppiy of bill good.*, Durable for Curtains, Furniture Covering, and interior decoration, which I hey olTer Wholesale and re. ail I'pon the moat fa-.oruble term*, To which they invite the attention of the ThAI/K AND I'lBLIC. Store cloned on Saturdays. TO WHOIJSA1JC BUYERS? OPENING, .AT MUCH reduced prices, of .00 cases of apleudid uewr fall ri ti ts, na, rich millinery go< ?la, bonnet materials, dri-n and cloak trimming*, oatrlch feaihera, French ttowera, on Monday, August 21, by M. U. L1CHTKNSTKIN, DO Bowery, corner of HeMer street. A HORHK8, CARBU14KS, dKt. 8CPE1II0R BUILT COACH, IN PERFECT ORDER, but moderately until, an l made to order, by J. R. lawrenc* & t n., will be mid chivy If railed for before the 1st of September, at 4w Kant Twenty-first it. A FAIR (II HORfhS WAN fEI>. ? A l'AIR OF HAND pome, well made, sound and gentle horse-i wanted, OO' to cost i ver Address J. H. C., Brooklyn, elating where they can be seen, price, and all particulars. A GIG TOR 8AI.E.? A SECOND HAND (JIG, SI'lTA r\ ble for a physician, builder or o.inlrnctor, for wile, low, for wont of u. e, at thi: siable Court street. near Second place, bouth Brooklyn. Pi Ice, $^5. CARRIAGE WANTVD A SECOND HAND LIGHT trench bret wan ed, with or wituout harness. Ad dien* C. , lirnoi.lyii, staling where it can be seen, price, and all particulars. CARK1A<;I>.? F( R ?ALfc. A SECOND HAND TWO :eui ) bad on, a ?' li'le scut buggy for two or four per ft n*, a good Boston gig, two llffnt tup w*g'>n<, a nurn bti of <io. wl'liout >op<, u good ctioch tuid h now tvru aeat shifting top wagon, &c., 4c., at 8j Kklridge streot, between hn.omr ana Grand. I^OR l-ALfc. ? THREE USE ROAD Oft FAMILY HORSES; one bi?y, JfiJf hi. ads high, 8 years old, can trot a nnle in ics- than tin t e miuute> to a roud wagon; ono black liawk mine, lfi band* hiifh, 5 year* old, a and free driver: one fine Bellfoundcr marc, 15, b in Is high, 8 yearn old, a "mart traveller and lirst ratn saddle maie. Apply at the lumber yard, li'2 Monroe street, near Montgomery. XpUH t- ALE?A l'AIR OF HORDES (ONE 11AY OKIJ?ING JJ and one gray mare) upwards of 15 hand* high, lu.i.nd, kind and iu-i, accustomed to Ix; driven log'thor; can tioi a mile in three minutes, to the polo- the ow jer, being oul of town, hn - no u?e to.- them, .m l will be rfiild <oi a tail price, i-o) ?1.00U ; or the gelding will )>e noli aepa ately ii wnn od, at a corresponding price, being the faste-t of he two. Apply at the staid", lit West Thir teenth stieet. FOI'. f-Al.r? A BLACK PONY, IN FINE CONDITION, wani.nted sound and gen le, an excellent aaddle hi use. and go? i In hitmen <. Will lie noil ^neap, with wagon and liarnes ?a decided bargain ? the ow ner Hav ing no further uae for him. Apply at 86 Gold street, Brooklyn. For salf? a hamii.ton i an colt fivr year-* old. cau trot in thiee uiiuute-; warranted sound And kind in all harness. Can be neen at Morris' livery triable, liberty street, Brooklyn. T^or m?Z one of the he.-t family a;m? i r In town, a bright bay, 10 hands high, a first rata 1 1 atelier, sound and kind in every respect? an undoubt ed warrantee git en to that effect. Price $360, anil no leas. Any t^rson in want of such a horse is invited te ride. after bur. Inquire at 164 Canal nt. F)B PALE? THE WEIJ, KNOWN CREAM PONY Charley, can trot in v:l&; will be sold, together with a wagon and harness, nearly new; price $(00. Apply to J. WiU'iiT, liberty street stable*, Brooklyn. T^OR 8AI.F A grrtltlOR YOl'NO SORREL MARE, _F s'x yt*?rs tdd, sound and klod in harness or under the raddle. Will he exhibited thi* morning at 11 o'clock, In front of the Merchants' Exchange Wall street. W7*OR t-AIX ? GRAX MARE, WAGON AND BARNKdS a mare 16Jf hands high, six years old. styllsn, sound and gentle, wuld make a desirable fctmily or road horse; wagon has a liglit shitting top, little iuod harness hi ?keeping. Apply to UEORtiE W. FARUfY, corner of Mar ki t and Cherry i-tieets. For sau.? i caycga a yatek 00. of superior style and action, four of them warrantee to trot one mile in three minutes, In single oi double Unr nexf. To lie seen at (he Hip puna stables, 66 and 67 Watts street, comer of (JanaL For j-ai-f? a raoRoroH bred napoleon mare flw j*ars old, li>< hand* liigh, perfi-etly sound and gentle in all haute*, and can trot in minute*, and will l>e hi ild very low, a* the owner ba- no use for her. Apply to J. B. ARMSTRONG, 21 j l'ulbm ntreet, Brooklyn. FOR SAIT? A HORSE, CART, HARNlSf* AND part of the work of one of the lai^est houses on th" n irth aide of the town. Inquire oftt. A. B.. 181 Weat street. 1jV)R -A1 1? A 8JCOXD-IIANI) LIGHT. TRoTBNU ' wngi n. In Rood oider, cheup, at AKMul IV.- carriage hdorr, No. 8.-e?enth areune. For sale? one handpomi bay pony it'. hands hiirh, 6 tears old. warranted *oun<* and kind in Nin.mrii (110. like l >w piiceil, bolt tailed, bio*nhoi?e h viui* old warantcd u- abort, aHu. line fliiiyle set (1 light baim <s, $10. lo be 'een at 73 West Snnlmlk stieet. Tj i iRm- wagon and iiahnk-? for >ai*.? a Ji eotn| leie establis'imeat, consUttngo^a shif ing uip wngoD. new, togt'llier wl!b a cream cobired m ire, kiiin M.rt gen It- nnilei any kiud of liara?*< ; caa trot in ?i'le of e minute- a tieautitul 't of barue-fcr, wl ball the other nip-ninge- "ui able for a ewplele turnout. W.llten lit tor ?ne quarter iti rulje, Oj ap plying to f,LO. I J..\ , 181 Grand street. Srowr WAGON AM' HARXE&J FOR fAl.E? ?i|.D L to consequence of the owner gidng to Europe, fbe ee i ailtiegisy rety n'jlUli -timid and kind andean trot in 2:5i>. lane ne:tt wagon, wl'h (liver pi tted hai nea? b> h near'y new. In |..itt a' th ? Club .liable, cor ner of Utrtitn ai:d Mate niieets, Brooklyn. OiNIl HAND I 1 EA-! RE WAGON, WlfH TOP, AVn light harne/<s. for sale ctieap, at 46 'I 1 earl street. CiH'ONl HANI CARRIAGES'.? TWO R?(CXAWAY.J AND O a M>m)i?r of bu gie- *1 Ii and wiihout t '|H f >r h*1i bj l."AA> 1 1 Ri> k . ON, 11? Ellis Mb street. "TXT ANTFJ ? A (jimi) IlOlfE, IN EXCTIAKOE VuR t? stotk>. He mail be at lenst fifteen h.m 1? liigu, and fiee fr> m Ijirks. Color no olije t. A Idlers M. U., ileeaid "fllce stating when and where (o be seen. "tirANTFD? A HTRnNt RAGt.AGE OR Ir.Kli WAMiV ? f? new ? r m i ortd hand. Apply, ?U. ting pai tieulars. to box . 0.6 I ust otii e. 8* m.tvKUiKRs HUIUK. C(#s"in' DtAND AND FORT HA IILruV ON AV|) af'er Monday, Amru't 27, the ?t. .m-r NOHWAIAt will mst.e only two tiips a day to F?,rt Hamilton i i l C'oney Isbind. tearing Amos street ai tU and lljf, spring Street at 1-S l""1 'i ? pl''r N,J- 3 N. K., at 10 A A and '? P M . I^arlng ( < ney Island at 12 and in irn lr.g at tort Hamilton each ?ay. Fare for the wuole ex cursion v& rents. I ull Caie lor ehildien. ~ OVAL. CtOAL? MstTlARi.ING ALL THlrt WFJ-: x FROM IftATM j ?? ot i/f liover and Rooserelt ?;re?t-, .t neur. Any pert* n wishing to tmy a i{t?>d artl'-le cal at a f< r j itce, by the ten welglit an I no" l>y t..e I 'd. may call at the l??t< or at the rani, Jimsi street P GARRICK. ?rlW Ci 'AI. TARO?lK CVION KTRCTT BIVI-iKLYV MM tlamil o af' li t fei ry I am te ? i>r> <?. ?<! W. -ell <b. - | aluy ?' "i .i , C'i e aid ? Lit* a>|. *fu an r> 4?e, at *' :i ?' it warrantod -.r furtsit c .al i' '' LAJ*';T > ' THK m?, (iJNTFRYUJJS COURSE, L. J.? lUOTTTNC? T'NF I / t'(A> id'!!1 hc iU; best thn-o in five. in o?"uo?<; t. c mr off <*c eaitier 1 7t ti. l-'m* for nil rotting in <" . 1'urse two aille liftat* to w tgon w.jt.nml driver to weigh '-,6 pounds. Free for all tro ring lior e< to ci me off >C) : euiber 20tb. 'lhi ec or mora in ika a r n n4 two to start in (lie above named rac?*. k-itria* to \ close ?' ] alklaml h Duryee's. eorn?r of Ku't Br Midway 1 and 4 ulheriue atreet. ou Mond ty eve ilng. Se|item!>er ill, ! at 9 o'clock JOEL OUKKU.V, Proprietor. El-n HOUHK H Alt I. KM ? THIS FAVORITE PLACE I of r< sort is uow incomplete order, and ronly to ai commodate the spor'ing noil ridin* public. ThoO> tl.utll urn I 1 altic I'itw Iiall Club* play ou t ii - beautiful g' ei n attached to the house, mil afTird i-i ic'i *p?"t to 1 tin- vL- iters of tliin lieautiful place. The be-t of refresh- : ?cuts always on band. W 1 1, 1 JAM A. BltOWx', Prop, ii-tir. UNION COI'R.-'E, I.. I iRomNU? .-ait:::>ay i-cpt. 1 at 4 P. M Matt h for ?1,W0, two tnilea j uiiil lepcat, in hutieo, It. Woodtulf nino?i bl. -Uilliou licotideioga, M m, Whecbui names b. nUiUIoii lY'Miuth. M1AW h WUirt;, Proprietor. IrVdt SA1J? HIE CELEBRATED TROTTIMC. STAL . lloii.'nliii terris, Uve ycar? olil, dur< ckivnul; his liotlcil a mile in in public, out of (Ix. in a ruse, ii ml lils cl ulli'iiRe I'l'iiiiiim oj?en to trot, txi w %if ni' or hi. i ess, any stallion in t!ie world: warian e l a mnd and l.iiul, ai d U a capital roud lior?o for 11 ny gentle nan. For teiniH apply toSAML'EI. TI! I l'^i'Ki.L. 17 'i Mercer street, oi to JAMES IRVING, '?1 Washington market. fllO Tift. uoVEKb AM) HKKKInCK.- "F f(Na.5'ftjC&.~ J Thn -ei?hrafri ill- .rough nr??l stallion Will IrtsSii':* ? ill Maud for * lirniti-l number n? tnarei. 'he eoauiuff '<"+ eon, ai tht- Red House Stable*, at *AA 'b? aaaaou. Am money* to Vw paid hefcire ?-rviup tk? ?mu? Ml aoe1 ienta a* U?? Hat of the owner* WTLL1AM A. dRoW> Prop-eta* rpKBHUMO. IF JAMFS MURRY, LATELY A RE8WBVT OK TRKV ton, N. J., will wnd his ptMMt aldrMi to rbomM t iivill, of tlie lily of New Hrnuawtck, N. J., lie will lii iir ?if M'Tnethiog to liii advantage. Information wanted.? fF jous murphy, \?ii. Ham Murphy, Mlriiael Murphy, or Pntrirk Murphy, who lefi WooclfU-rry, Lct^biiHiV, htalTordnhirp, biglinl, for New Ynik, will write to I heir fi-ler. Surah ^lui-par. Fiiiniiiigdiiie, rate of Mr. liobcrt llendrickdon, they will oblige j-nrali Murphy. INFORMATION WAN1T.D ? OF MIC11AF.I. Kll.bY, WHO nailed fiom l.iver|iool on the 14th March, 1831; ho ii a unlive of Ibu county Hoaeominon, Irelan l. Any infor nmiinn of him ? ill be thankfully rw.eiviv1 by n fiian I, at the rorner of Smith and ilergen Atroeiii, llrooklyn, at the f arr (ill Hall. Other pa|? rH please copy. Hou s k #, Koontt, mc^ w&irrm Apartmfnw waniki* ? IN THE eighth or fif 'eenth ward, uenr Hroudway, suitable for a dreic* niaker. I letu-e adilrean Mm. t'nluier, Koiad?ay Puiit of fice. Alio, a furnished hoiine to let. ITtllWT CMS8 Ft'KNfcHW) HOUSE WANTED ? Til J, . the Xat of May or longer, Tor a private tamily, with out children, in a pleanant b eat ion. near Rroa lway, be tween Mgtith and Twenty-third xtreets. Adlre^i Cor reriHiDilen', I'nion mjuare l'ont office. HOI SIC WANTED? BY THE FIRST OF DECEMBER. for a Muall family ; mint have all the modem lm pi >\ einents and lie -ilualeil between Tenth and lireiity Ii/Ui ih .?lreet? and 'lhlrd und Sixth avenues; rent from 9700 to t'JOO per annum. Address box 3,070 Office. HOI SE WANTW) TO WENT? FOR SEVERAL YEAR:*. A moderate itizcd bonne, with the mode, n impri.T iiienta. Rent uot to exceed >700. He?t ueterencn gircu. AddietiH. etating | articular. <, box 41d Pout Olllc,-. MANVFACTURINQ DUIUJINO.? WAN1KD, V) I'l'R chaKe, or lenne for a term of yearn, a go. id. aub e antial building of about 50 feel In width and 1-0 fee' In Ii ng'h. four Mories, with water power, aUo a mipjily of pine water, aiiitable lor manufaeturing purno-c?, a.i I convenient by railroad or water communication to the city ot New York. Apply to the nulxrribor, ut ortiee Wall street. J. T. til.KASuN. PM; MIURORS W ANT! JT. ? TI I h EE MXOVD HAND MIR rora wanted, about the following nlwn, incl i ling I Bine'1: ? t <ne ten leet 'lx lnehen by four feat two inche , two wren feet s-even inrliva by ?ix foet twolnelie*. Ad drerti .1. H. I rooklyn, ntuting where they can b? aeen, price, and all particulars. _RT OF A HOl'SE WANTED IS BROOKLYN. ? A _ pmall private family wi lies to hire the ?nllre up,)ei I art if a cottage lnm<e, locaied near Ful on stieet o. in the immediate vicinity of Ful on or Myr'le ave'iues, not i4?> laijAkm the City Hail 1 ent not to exceol flU) p r aiintiii^^VddrcHH lluker, box 160 Herald office. I) ART OF A HOUSE WANTED, BY A OENTI.EMAN and bin wife. Tlio liujsr mult contain all the modei n Improvciuanta, and be 't.iiated b' tween Kigu tecntb ?nd Tbii lieth street-, aud Sixth and Ninth ave nue.". Addie?* box 1,W.!. Poit OOlee. I>ARI.0R AND IiEllROoM, WITH BATH ROOM, WANT ed, by n gentleman and hia v ii'u, (fur the winter,) whcie tliey can tmd 1 1 .fir own provi-ions an I have them cookidby >be party le.ting the raumt; term i uin it he reasonable; west ol Iiri*dway and not above Twenty fifth street. Addreaa, stating terma, location, Ac., box 1,7b I 1 oat office. 61 MAI.L HOUSE WA\TEtv_IN' BRWKI.YN, WITH TWO ) or moic loU attaclied, on a leaaa of three or flic yearn, with privilege of purchasing; rent kot to oafcend location n<ar n avenue. Addre*? bo* ;i, 188 Poat office, atating jirkc and location. WANTTD? A SMALL HOUSE, IN THE UPPER PART of the city, west of Fourth avenue, In a ijui-t and resectable neighborhood. Addreaa S. A. W., Herald office. WANTED? A SECOND HAV1> FIVE HORHE POWER ?team engine Ami boiler ? Ix.ilor and engine at ticbtd. Addreaa K. It. C., at the Wyoming H?tel for two d e/a. WANTU? A ? MAM. HOOK, WITH MODERN IM provemenU; near Fourth nvonuo preferred, rent ubout 3600 per annum or part of a tiouae. with kitchen, hath tornn, kr. Beet of n-iierencea given and required. MbM box M I oa. office. WANTUV-1 WO NICK TURKS STORY HOISFX, IV a gooil loratln*, with modern Improvement . for iinnll family of man and wife. Kant WOO to 3fHR .-ituation weat of Fourth avenue. Appl/ to E. B. KINUHIXElt, 31V Fourth avenue, 3 to 7. WANTED, FCRNfrHED ROOMS ? A FAMILY 1/0 ca'ed In a reapeotable neighborhood In tiiin city, who dealt e to reduce il.eir expetinea by renting a furnished floor ol their houi e, without txierd, to a gentleman and wife, with one *ervant and no children, can now obtain ugnt*l>li t?nanta. Beat of nlHM given. Kent not to exceed 3?i0 per quarter, and paid Invletteeir re <1 oiied. A rrtiti al I'oality and modern improvement* preferred. Addrcaa M. T., box 807 Font Olhcc. "flf ANTE!1? BY A I.ADY, WITH TWO (1BOWN UP Tf childii n end aervant, a unit of turuDhH or un AtTMlhf d ainitmenta, c"n<d*tlng of parlor and two bod ro< nib. wiilt In aid. in the bi>u*e i.f a very genteel private family, wheie no other boarder* will he token. l<o<-a<iiu alive hiitlith ?treet. Iteferencea given and required. Addie?- tor three d ny? J, N., Broadway font office, TI/AMFT? A SMAI I. ID t -K WITH COWKNISNCB) ff of trot on water, plea-antly ai uate<l In thi? rl y, tit. i abut* TlilitietU ?tte-t. Rvnt ftotu 3-'i"0 to 34<?. AMtmh box 8,873, I "oat oflire. "I* ' ANTI I ? A I'ARI/tR, wnil BEDUoOM ATrAC!IE!>, V? on aecond or third floor*, altuated l < tw.-eri hi/utli a no Twenty llr?t atjeet*, ant Hro&.iw.iy ml Sixth avt riue; no me'uW wanted. Addreaa box 671, Boat Office. "117 AMU? A tiENTVH. HOUPK, A f ?;00 KENT, OR W leea, lur a mioll ?juict hmiljr. Any one having ?i i li, in a good location, not below Fourteenth street, will find a tli-t rate tenant by applying to E. II. KI.S t Hlii> K, 31V tour th avenue, 3 to 7 >tuo H to 10 1'. M. "11 f AjNTH> IJIMKIUATU.Y? FOR A sMAl.l. FA Mil. Y, TV part of a houae, with modern Imp- ifeinnm, ?I e? | y location and t? t m? I xerencca exchanged. Ad dn>? t . I., box IM Ueiatd office. "II " A NTT" I TO HIKE? A ll??f-F, Ai THE RENT < >F $70-1 11 to 31 i On Wouln al?o pnrrhae toe nnuie to tl e anioont ot $| uou or 31&a),it n arly n w. 1 1.< a>>' n beiweeo 1 ourth and 'I wen'y f urth atie i? . we t ride pielernd. Add.e.a A. B l>o* 1,471 I o?t 'Mi e with ranie of the owner. Agent* nee<l not apply. '(?KM <>K O H. WANTO?? A ?i<>?tl> HKf 'iND HAND I one, > iiher Iron or eoj.per, large r\w. Ai'.ieia C. A. i , Herald ofcee. Y1T<?H EN vat OR TANK WaSTTD? AOOODMroSI) fv hatwl one, eepa I !e of h'.Mfrig from two to three thousand galloog. A<l'lre?< A. 1? . Herald ??fflce. V, Rtcu^utm. lNI/i ftlWAKI* Will. HE I'AfD E'?H THE ft-. ei vi ry ol the bat/ of Hen y Ale'P, lo?t from mU.> net Harriet NeweU, up|MMiie iierljkte .urry. on ilie ? <J inat. Iie-a, blue <1 u ti?C* '* l-airil'<0< an I eherk ? fair t . had tad moeata^bea and wnlaaera, about tweuty ?tx yeai> old, JOHN Al>'?p, 37 JetTeraon atreet, Neaark, S. J. REWARD.? I>*T OR KTOttN, I A.-T WKJlVFM ?lay ?- . flung, Auguel Xt, al tbe eu.ra.?? i! the <;way tlie?tie, ? gnithMi'i gold levei waieli, J .? J' bnei.n, makei, Uvmpml. .No. 31,310. I tie u.iler will reci ire the ab">e reward aud tlianke of the owuer, by re It to officer WiJtit, at tlie Itrat iHitrist P'liipt Unit. REWARD.? TA* EN l:Y MI-TAKl', FROM ?O ai<iinilK?t linplre c?ate, on 'onday morning, o in?t , a lari?e liU> t l>a her tra?elH<ijf t? i jr rbe ? win r of a ? ir^ii lai bag left at tlii aanie tin" and place ran l.are It spi n retui ai.ig the a!*. v. to No. 71 iva.l at hi t, or the ab?'.e ft war I ?ill be paid. REWARD.? t'lHT, On' i!K<?ADWAY NEAH Heventb atteet. on T>. ti . ,<ta?jr al.ein -n r?ia * ti ln?t., a pair nf clre Ur g> | ! eyegU 4 1. Tbe tlader a)" 11 teeeive U e aim s reward l>y re'nrnlr.g therrs lo it el ttii.,^,.si No. 1 Na>?au etreet. I'l * A1?I). ? Ii.-T t. ?) I '*l ' i.e , ,.f | on V put i:w>iV' i r i^f H b. : ? i.i b> inert / ? 19V ' Icts3*i I :vv',. t4M?%KI??U*?Hir I0I1CKK. C'OA A A J i ?A I K..CI CAi. 1 AitlNi'n, OK v/V'? partjWhrf .v?ue!, in ?U:-.(OC I I i ly, hlucli ' im a rwort I iJ'im; i.,i JO -p':i !l-'?, 5'J I ?1111', 111# l'? 'IK, IS -!<?* V.J?. t(v ? '.in (.tliiu, Ktlirili' Ulte, till ! i < nil > In 111 AC (?< 0> ' .H I, ? Ml C<ul uiiiio.j end W.Uie ill" un lug, (no* In uparrtu.'li n t<> tlic uiiiiiutE.) The iniil lina iit'i. .wipjo.' ; in t ? y<* r . 'lliif. L/i i ; ?r v will i* ji i fnt . > ii j iint <Wi j.mpuny (l'or whirl. ibe fl a | ipelual cbmn ae'ed by the at,' of I- enluci-y,} at a Vuluatii ii. il.emi /iiiiii y v;n in ? 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I'.. g<, .1, tn i\ii ? / ?i any. ? i;n mil e country w tiligeo*1 n I in rue : ttve 'bo meiiii- and a ien:l o t' o.ii .re!l :x> |ut. i ? e>l, b ud who ?,nu tell It.; i'il i> t< g.. i^.uiiiti.u* ? ! g.iili, and ?!:<? I wiling to i.m- II. menu aud Imi- f >r lh? l'f tbeiance of .iry pur|0< vr .eretnoney ?># nul'.'. Al I'roH II I II .- ? . MAY, lli .nl' oiUo . m I ?... if ? h;i lute Tiew <nn lie liail. So po'lc* iak<>'i of p . I ?? ii?l a.' tuuUj. i'i trade. Ivitle.n in gr?>ce Ib , I?mi1?I I ) mr.i, e wlui Ic g' in! | <.fp ,sl. Ai.y < r II .? ..uin ui i Lhik t!"*ll Irfh* l? . mi i :ore?l *1 icly p. ivt e a.t l eoull ImilUI by bmU i actten. iiiWj To $5,00-1? A^V IEIV-N.N Vfli|H?ll? ?? ?*ni'?*i-k io 1 I ic.aliv ?? inilii'nir Ii k huMD**, om do <? iri'ti ilie tunm h?iiud*, >r > nil ili> u' t tie till ner ot Wbi'v Iil.'i t lm art*'* vcon I U<h>i rum No. 41. Thu bu-liii * in ?? . e\ lu 4 vi? inmi -ij??>ljr ?ecir*' by leitwrr t< u ' wiiloli bur* ' wi-lTf y?r? v ri.n. Cullfio? tt Ui W o'al'fc k. and v to 6 H v. fnr H rw iByn only . Cll AAA ? A r,R T katkchani'. tij r. stick fT) 1 ' ? old e-labii-lif i li? -lin >i our |uy t"j 5' 0 jier week, tl o, u fratt nml cunloi'' lnti?i y ?tn o, leiy el.i-np. A|i|ily at tbe Ixiokntore 1UI Myrtle atri'uua, I'n >klyu. tfl-l A*AA ? A ' 'ARTS' iJl WASTED, IV A CA-!II Jol. Im lnew, tbut i-ayi I'M jie. ci'ttt on ulMht- illlieren1 ar lclA.4 niaiitifiteturM. A N'oru I. kept f< i 'bo fait' nf tbenbi Te, uml al oaMneralra iciy 'it Inn y p. in i. 'I he bu i??e.- ? i well eitttbli?hi.-d. Apjily tu C. II. l!(>Vl I>i & CO., 81 Niixau ? reel. (Ij[/IAA ? CARTKXK VV'AMi:ii_A TOCNfl HAN wi'li 'be aliove aiuuuiit, to join ill !? pro livable nnil i lrai-ant burlnew; In a yuuun man nl aetiva balilta i 111* "ill prow a rare riianne, at tlie biMitim* In well ?i-tabll?hed *ji|.|y Ui C. H. M iW'tis tt IX?., 8t N'a't ??u atit?l. 4^?^r5A PAPTNKU wantkd is a husi^k-m tbut ban lieeu eitabli .lie l teu yaji"-", in ivi lower | art of the cliy . is light, ireutael rune - able nrdri aiyca .il. To an arti?e, ana ge ic ma<i, vrlt i ??an lite oil 9 1 ,'f II 'ii $1 fH I' a yfttr, thin oiTei# K<**at induce Dienta to get into but lueaa C. II. HOWS* h CO., fll N'nt?iM airoet. (JJj-l r A TO ?200? WANTRH, A ABTS'KIt, OK upj.Ox/ ?'? a-ty bahi'n, io take ai mjuil lutanxt in a d attend to the flnnin I ?' bunlii- i<a of a popular exhi bltion. Ibi* is a gi.od clunea'o ?'t- he fan y ml n,;. l.. i' i my. Crtll ntj Mr. Iloldea, at 'eti h A ln^ail'i i, u4a Itriail .? hj. VMII1.-TW COrATNER-HH* IlKilKTOVDKS K.\l-T I i ii g betwi i n I & I aYI.Dk, a i attorney 4 an A counn lloi> tit l.-iw w.if disai.lved on the 1 <t Ina'mi'. I'lifl i Id I'Miine-a will bo "eti led byJoifph K. I aiinar, trim will contlt.ue the piaetii* of hi- profr*?ion a' ilie Kama plai-e, (>o. t!i ( l.aibaui ?troi t.) IJARTXIl! H'A.s'i j | ? ? ? IIJCNT Oil ACTIVE, WITH rum fit, OK) to $A,b0ii. in an exeluaiTa m iuuntriur ii.^r l.ti iD' Ms. H i' nalen, wli"l' <ale and re ail ace la ?ibd i.ll I' r cull, and the p olltn jfii u . ho ibli .be I en yearn. Addie.-* with real name au't reableuce, p .<? ? pal l, to A. K i ... lleiulil "tlice. T> J. C. I.> AKE, MAM KAi ri lUBl < I' -ll.K AND V ? beavei tan, 10 Vaulvu lane. ha? Ikln dtT DM fiuted wilb h i in Jol n W. 1 ? x. The buainM? will here altei N- ci nduc.fei under tl.i fl.-u? ot l.k .u.l>. U l'o.i. New York, AnguHt 15, 1> TI ' AMT 1 ? A VAKTNKll. WITH $&00 TO $1 000 IX) f f tnfcp af i ini*T?'?t in a iiu?nu.arto v n?i*e a <ler \ti>y. *hich pa)* piofit* odd ;<i *a i ity any m > #n* nl It jfiM n. 11 the munufn<- u.v<l attlcl- ill l?o t?.v ?*n by tiirn* or loirr p??r;ie*. bQ'i ib?? pay ' nur$ an *h -iuu " I vuy thing about it U |?lain. wuaitfhtf ?>*.vanl a i i o.i t ri?:? iMi-oii, uimI want mean* the unlv r?* o i vrhy a I nttner i *? tight. Apply from 1. h'ZuM 't!,. I >. tn day at h\* I.ioadaay loom 11, wn?*re ?he pa fly <in bo Men. aii'i all deniable iniortnj?li< n o0tam<<l. MIMICAL. A i:t?WU01* CAB1NKT mNoi'tMT* (NKW) FOR a\ ^aW?> u ha'gnin. I'rl -o $ j0, m ido for t C&. An i xtrllnii toned !n*trtimeiii ?*nd warranted. To Im* n at ib<* r aWrt'iiti) of J. Hi<>kMAN, corner Of iVail an I Htllougliby t4tro**t*, Brooklyn.. A(iKNTI.Kl'ANt TUHII It II* MI-IC, Wol/rib I.IKE to gin- If i?oii- in ? jrira'e family, either in Vaw ^ ork ?r j;r?.??k Ij n, where In* wrmi.l hecon.ili'rr.l if- c< Tn|4'i?atii'ii for board. A'lilmxn Muni.*, bo? t'2H H? laid < flier HAI.SK>' NI W YORK AND IJROWN * Al.l.KVH premium ltonton pian??? detailed at wholesale Idimtircaih. llano. lolly warranted sail guara iteoj in give MtioflMti. il, or J.U1 money n'lnM. A toigo aK -ortment of mti-lcand malnleup.. LOOK & BKuTHER, J 43 Itroa lway. Mk.?. n^riTs acai' ok mvsic, n->. ? it. Clement '? place between Wnn.-lojr plaei> and kigAth turret*. ? Wr?. .-eguin be/. to inform Mr pu,dl< ?nil the ladiirof New York, Brooklyn. Ac., alio ?rtll rr-HLmr he- leitron* on Monday, ,-e| .teinber fe. ."tie al'o*, tor tbe arrommuitotlon of the many pupil, nhe ?nf iiiikI le to take Ik t acaaon, that ililjr na t?c n tigngrd to prepare children and beginner*. Ihey will be under the *upervl*lna of Mra. regain, and tbe ciiarga will he made arrordlngly. Our day in tlie week will '* act H| ait tor innt. ui'tl.Tn to trw hrr* and tho^i Int.' ?IM for that biancb. t*o for l?dtr? ?t?. dying f?r ?!.? c'wrb, courert t< 1 m rr ftngo. h't tbr l*ltri, Mrs. .-?-k In ? ?* tenrlvc <11 i iatlc lib. ?iy will Ik la um. ? well a t rocai and rj.i-akinir 'Ibr piano taught, and particular attrntion pa i i to lb# aceoui|.anini>'nt? ot aoug., kr. MEIXH-EOK, MT'fK'AL AM? KXHWrioV HAI.L, Clfvrland ulii' , I.arlng brrn ?linrougiilr vrotUft i-<!, paln'rd and repaired, with ne* iw.-i.%.y, fcr , u to let by the <Uy, ?e?a. nioutb or yaai , or broitUii t?rmi loai'r w.t'i band* of mlnntrW* and *11 lon<W of esbi'iltinlii, l>) ihr ]>rn]>rirtor. Addict. Mrlydaon, CIcTetaot Ohl i. MrWC'AL.? A I AI'Y EXTOtlENOED IS TKACHIV0 wi ll"* to obtain a law mora pupiU fur the p mi". ? bi . e r cjuij ii>g tba ?rr Iffr of a cinyrtent traclie iu .y iM>euie tli?ni uj?'n immediate appliraUon to Huai>. l?u ti er, No. ."-ullaun 't. Irtu.i moderate. MI>I( FoR BOARD? A COHWTTKNT OTOIIAN IIASk Uacb^r wUb*? b<ia dta a r< ?fi?" lalde fa.nlly wiie.c ti.i f< 11 Wi 'ild I 0 tal.M. an pai mrnt, or j.Art pay re, tloi able refen gm 11 Adilrraa l'iaui*<uniu, c^r* ofjobnl. Walter 610 Broadway. 1>R>M1I M I IAM'MiKTV^ k H. RAHM??K. llnrlar atiatt, liavliiK tx*n ?*tru i w. Uaaufit ii.iflu fi r taitly )C*rs, Hiei a Uiya a.?ornn-ulof ele gout iH^ilor i/latM at ikt l>>we? po- pri' IU > It g ill o !<?! f. ' tad ii tie* nj le 'if pianu, Ui? g and din^o Mil, il.ey ?"ulil call pariicuUi eitMtiaBM put (,, S- ?fOM) IIAN'I' IIA.\fM AT A ?M i,r n?e. Nunn'a make. f. r JIt one do. >1 1 one I 1 irk- .1 %, f"t ?? 0, Kiel Otberl (? r rMi $70, t <D 4i'i 9M, >:S iii.d %'.n. Kalodewaa fur M, ?.;4 and ?f <?, all wan nte 1 I ,ari' " 1 ahed or latin in ax^tiang-* a' 10. T?ii.'y ?l:?'h ?tiert, nrar^lxih avenue. ft. GON7.Af.IC7. II ? A>H 1 ? BY A KOI'BANO IN'iER, <>V KIVK \V a aitaatio* In a cb ireb ebuir. f9. 1 1,1 lUuU>i" 1 ply to St< ? iiiaffcn'e-rg it I Ait it >J 1 1' *' wa.i . fid.1 I It A m rro I IIK INM I'KNi LN1 Kl.i ? 1 1 Jit- UK HIK Kn'.'IlTii J ? tbr< i|(li ti.e uriffat i?il" iwt'i n I ouin 'ni.i. 1 bare "'iwnul |o L,laer n y iu>uie If&j. n tO? pui.Jic a m. in. e,. i, mt rundl Ulr |in alln intu >?{ >11 ?a>< , aud ail* iii 1 I I*- i leetKj 1 pie n ' my u >u r U> p"i ' 1 roe 10 g> ml ol'i iieirio. rain piineitle , ?ud to op,?"?e with all my heart and ?oul that iinau..! ?? eiw.'taien . ilie iiaii.e liquor law. JA toK.- Ml hill, .>7 Otirer ?tf* . r|M? I It K QTT/INS <>1 TliK. Ku( KIO-Hfil WA ii J Ibli ty-?ai eatk 1 ' ia< il di.tuct ? Ihrnugb Hie u "ir ?. ,ieli?i|. U 01 01. u.erou? 1 . ?? nd. I li. We e -o ? 1 ? >! Ui ,.!? > - in) 111 lli? lief' 1* tl.e put. lie a. U.e |e-',.l' * i-?.i II ? 1 .r ? ? i reiln.nn i| kai.t dMi let, aid .iioi.ll I be el . ^1 will pro?e to my tiieint< lii;.? -el-' ton *a- ?>t un worth) . Voui obedient M-rrant lli.\Klf II. RiHi'JK eriiAfTt uk CVniAHf AA f i ?A.N n ?t I \||l Kf WAttrlH J AttH llr aitwfcf p itte Hi. SI. Vieb daa llota. t.Alfll A r'lAl I V -ilei fi.i >aie < be oe.-i ??u-iKi?e wrorti. etii of fan <y,'ag. Mi^nielb <t and ?>? i?.i fai qitvre 111 tt.e f uiiOit -t?te? at ra-i e.e pfiaa* ewe ; r? rtely .< n?ilr?.M ^lliaxx l>lll"Wa, i*>Ul?e?, kf a' maonfturtarar'a pr<cea I^t i:\in 10: ok a imAiiMN'; hoi>? i-.u am Louae -<i lei i- ri" ? I .11 .f p>-rmarieiit ii ' piaxnt i rriprW?r miag to Califomir Kor f i'o<rjn tl'uiaia lo<|uire of II. M.ANLAN, awtioooer ilv (anal lllert. ?^i*k tar*. rpo T.tllfiRj- f HTMlhEWV fAlX I'l.A TV "V M Jl ehlewa, U nt well in Uh toll | ? '?( toaUi Mi n' twi ee ? ie i ?>' andiawVed about t >? e< atr/ I aa Va ? -.ew p> lar'a rlxk. a t' ' t?nn e.' ra/ * I i< t iem aid mil Mil '? burnt, gfwt l? if ew >o. A.u ,r l-i ? i< >tllar'le*a r >?i (, t, ? cal) r> uM> i*p"t" m tll< tuuatiy ti- llai- newer a| p ?/? iinUl M a oio i of I) e a. a ? D a a ? lied, ?a<1 *V I* ! a; ? ' ,i-m.i. a < rt. wr?. re# la tlgeew ? re ../? ?< t u i I, ' , y u p> h. . It ml-, * \ the Ml d : / w ? ' I ii I ? 1 ' '* ?? da l^t ? il _? | , , ' ? . e?i<K. waM, tra eai mm) eu? e^ A s /v 4 i K.n. | 1 12)11*1 11. ? ,\ iii ''I'.n.WH -*tiK'K'; A " ( J\ r..m1 ? ft' e lm. l.j/n r inl", AlHrl'T If. ?!? < (?! A\. vi'l t'U III. ?; i, ,;i ,| ft! r I, o'rliKJk, i? i it* l i? . H. I', fu iccounl of wl. i u it m.ljr C'-W Ji*? I '??* i ? i? ci-rtl i ?' o iioi. \? i tl.JJO . : mi < 1 1 ii. i j- I' ? n Jni.. i , on 1 7 jM?r Inirr f 1<< ' r, cl? 1,30? 6,8ni lii utiu-l ti.niy ? ji. c*il timid i hu .1 ' i i)?l ">J I

AU< |> !tt . ii i . Omn'y, '? wil U? 1/ ??.???. f it. ?.'J in 51, 'I > ! JfMO'iljv i; ami j ci i.nli.... 1 'HK) . J',1# 1# I .???? ? "'.i * nnnt I (/..I (ev.lU've, ini-'tj T(iVK) 1.' rlip.t' I'n-Vm i . ? i I 3>: *i .*h f'rl : fl (!".'?<? it. ni <1 Iiv.ri.m i. ?v ? uti" t.i, i ?. a.. . I"0 H ?'? "V .I.: . p. -i i f! i i' J ' . '1 1 *1. f ?.... '?> I :? ?Jo. Hi'fi'l. , I..I. ti>H and Yi. -ii. l?k) I 1? ill'. J ?ut <V" C'i. li. e. n l ; i.irli . I'M 1 ?? ilc. Tr . ?? in >i . i i.! i i 40 h dr. Attn it !'? I ft ? I 'i ii.ikWi i ?r|i b J >' (? Mt-iiwj !? tru'i ? .>i uf 1 ".V.. tOtluin- Aii' i i u.'.-iiTc '.run Puv?maai. 1 1 ., -ii i . . 60 I W-f di i 1 i i t't/'C ni' in.1, r ch i i / j -I ii rr : i ii V'i ? f i ? ' i V , r i"ti il 1 I If- in i i.l .i- il tiai n. v, n il lln Nil m ' liffi i . ? ?*< i< ;* '"hi- s mi ,t .-n't i ll I I I ti ll t'lillil't "0 *?> I ?? Jilfilli f . Nkt* ^11 ? lm Miir i ? tin ? ? ftjii .niir. ! ? 1 I '.il v. iiui I ii w Jili'n , i i 1 1.. Hi iidI ic .'rjl jtail.i .?! .!wl. A, .. It AliTi'i t PJt ? Tlft'tf-iuv, i - ?*' < ? t r)i runt. ni h ji'- II 1< 111 ?'Mil I-. i ? I'.'il .1 riv .1 c.iu'iiko ? ! . Ill ili?li.j i !ir *f nij'l liimlf ' i ir liy "ii"ufu?r l);?l clll?? c'> i i-i *i A. V1J-1! I!. 'III'MI', \i;< I?I .Vi.l*? " . I')/*" IV1. ill I't ii ;? };? ii Vi i'l ? }i. "v.iii'i w ' t. . ? ;li | i,! ,-h''ii 111 i i'i:.l Mil' i-ik'illltilM Iiliii' nra -. ? . !?* ? lt?v will <"U u.i IMiiivy, A vj. M b: Jli'il'i', 'i i; i' ii>. in 1 1 llriu I .lire: nn ti li-i' ?f i tin rili IJu ru." ?? jlii' -i, r>n 1-liiiKif i)0 en I- 1 1 v. l< i iliii i' I ' r (iii. rtu ttitd i? u t* i uiu i.uo i it it lint. I 1j. nil. . nil. o. , IV tit. 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I, four can bid handle* two rnki c?Wlli'?, t <r? n'y Ixiirt cut tack*, al?o an invoice of fancy ch-k*. Al ht 1; o'clock, one aplcn lid iiou *ule, (fiain A \.a \ i u ' ? . ) In perfect order, for cMb. J I. \ A" I ; IVAilJ-, Al ITIOVKKK.- I -M.VKI'.S , >i.l t I'm- ii' M diamond wok. heavy ami pi tin j?*il \ yiiieiatly g lit unil silver Till* day, lliUinliit .<> '? a ' (.'u*', *i ln'i ocloek, at the ? ile?r<>"tii It: ai'.rn Uiw il.m v. ill h? k1.| a ? nioaMr 'veil auort ?l -tci'k .I rui-f 1 1 ?tliinviwt woik an l U wclrjr k no ally ? Hi > .hi u I ' in d ? lvcr wa'ciioi, l?o Ii I.i lle?'ao'l fit ? , to ell- ? nut M-ci'dlnn t? tin- uriwt ?f tb? ai'i^ irB, inn. i.y ? ;.!? b r c-'ilj cIuh'? kiu! uliifl dium *n-i linjf -r lint " i i ?]> Ill-en*' p'nn, ladow.' it n g.i|>i ?ult? in tmei, nn?!>t i(i'l-i ki Mil, li-li, M-at clmiu* uti'l li.aci'lcl*, l ick- < e i ii r ,ii p . 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W-tai ca?b, l?unk lUtWMK J-IIH IIH.IMAN, AimONKER KUI1?AY, \Cfl. ,,i o> 1" o'clock. A, M., a' tho central aaliMrooma, \> 111' ughliy , corner of I'cail "iri-fit, tlrooklyn, a l*i|i? li le * ill i nor n? lit ?>! K<"?1 nei:ouil luiuil lluu".'bllU tiirnitui c, carpe'a, Ac. JMlilllAllTY. ADTIONWH? WH.1.SKI,I. THIS HAY, t Hi 1*? o'cli'ck, at !7:t i liatliHin aoiiare, an a*?ort n enl i.l fin oil ii i e fniiii it fwinlly v UK Went, c intlntliijf of Inn lea e. nmi l ie lop centre tabio, uiiv t?, tnlrrora, lei tliei t eil.i, lieil trada, "i f.i?, kc k'' ; uUu, Various otlier g> i, tin too niiiiidriiiii. to incutlon MOll.CAflt ~AIJ JdllN W. 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