Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 31, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 31, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6943. MORNING B^ITION-FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 1855. PRICE TWO CESTS. THE RAILROAD MASSACRE. M0ITIONAI PARTICULARS OF THE CATASTROPHE. Til (Htvirs m? EST ? Cenplete List of the Sufferers. TWENTY-FOUE PERSONS KILLED. Between Fifty and Sixty Wounded, mtuBifuitf znoiMurTB. Statement of Dr. Heineker, the Driver of the Carriage. &c., Ac., Jto. Oar Philadelphia Corm|wad?nN. IlaLAUtLPBU. 'August 3?? Miduight . Our rtty wi startled vosterday, by a report which reached it about noon, of a terrible accident on the Cum den und Arot?y I'.ailroad, about n mile above Uurliugt<-n. caused by thecal* coming in collision with a light plea aure wagon iu l hornet, which were attempting to cross the trae* The drst news In thl- iu?tunce made the los? of life trifling compared with what afterward# proved to be tlu fcct. It *>*'? not until a late hour in the day that the de tails were received. The ItaAgrr pent a reporter to the scene or tli? occurrence, and the following facts obtained on the spot, :> >-o derived from tlie passenger* and officers of the railroad, aud are art reliable art they could b? ob tained amid the excitement and dLitres-i which the terri ble occurrence had caused:? Hie train of care which left Philadelphia at ten o'clock. ConsLtlhig of Ave pn-senger earn, bnggago car and loco motive, bad reached Barllngton jimt before 11 o'clock. It then utopj.ed. wailing for the arrival of the 8 o'clock Ner York train f; (mi Jersey City, which pained at this place. After waiting tor from five to ten minutes, and the New York train not u jipearing, the 1'hiladelphia train went for ward slowly, watching for the approach of the downward train. It had gone forward about a mile and a quarter, when the .Vow York train came in night. Tlie whistle "for the breaks nod to reverse the engine wan blown, and the Philadelphia train commenced backing, aud hood got under i j i iid headway for Burlingtou again. lu tbi- reverse movement tho passenger cars, usually placed behind aud coming after the locomotive, were now in front and put-hed forward by the locomotive. The en glneer being witii the locomotive, of coume had not the advantage ^yiceing what was ahead of the backward going trala.^Tt- had run but a quarter of a mile, und a mile from Hurlington, when the Brut passenger car came in collision with n light plea^uro wagon, driven by Dr. ?Htnnegan, ofCotumbus. X. J., who attempted to cros ?the track in front of the cars. Tlie wagon con' allied Dr. Ilannegan, his wife, and two children. I'.ie former, itU Maid, i- hard of heariug, and by thl" inlirmi'y cno>,ed an accident nearly similar, but not no fatal, near Ueverly, about a year ago. The doctor it ad seen the cars pa-* as lie was driving down the road, and *upp< all safe neglected to keep it proper look out. The 8r^t paaaenger car struct the two hums just a* they were cr<Hialn^ the traok, killed theiu instantly, jnd threw one thirty feet on one aid'- ol the track, an ] the other forty yard* on the other aide. The wagon wn turned rouud and upact, non?' ot it* inmitM being injured, except in alight bruiae*. The front ear, A, after atriking the horae?, ran forward and off th< track, about one hundred yarda, and over a aiu tU em banktuen ' . Hie aeoond ear, P, wax thrown dincily ?icroaa the track. The third ear, C, w?-nt through ear It a^jfoppel diagonally acroaa the road, the fourth ear, ft Ibliowed and ran into car C. The tffth puK<u-ng<-r ear and th' >>agguge car atopped without leaving the track, rhe tn> Utter were not injur) 4, hut three of the other p*aaenge> cars were knocked Vo pi<>;ea, and many of their occupant were killed, wouuded and malned. It 1* Impo ?ili!e to deacribo the horrible scene that en ?ued. The car* were piled upon ea ;li other, an<t nnni bera of huucin tieing* were lying among the ruins ? <oai? dead, some il;, ln;r, gome shrieking from pain. T'uo-v ??Ted in t!i* train. and the pu^rr;? ra on the down train tided by citi/en* of Burlington, vho wer- (|ttifkly in formed of the terrible accident, wont to work to rescue the wounded and dying from the rtJua. A' ?<>on na aken out they were conveyed to Burlington, where many ^riTate hov -e<, ?- well m Agnew'e and Kelly'a tasern?, were thrown open to the admi-don of the woundi'd. while the I.yeeum was approprfa'ed for the reception of the dead. ?< mc had been cniilie 1 to death in-tantly. leaving *oarc?ly a trace to reeognl-e tli"in by; ?ome had ??een torn limb f-oni limb by the aplintcra, tjonehei and tioor". anil thei' muaina aeattered in every direction. Many were mffi ' :.ig from crushed llmba, broken backs md inj u ed and iceruted bodiea. The aeenc Wita a heart tokening one. but. amid all It -? terror-, tb?>re wen- noble natance-> of retaliation, a a'-ll'-racritloing spirit from the -liflhrer'", which honored liiitn. in nature. One gentteuian, the Hou. Wm. B. Maclay, ex-metabei ?A Coegren, from New York, who wan ?e? erely Injur. d legged 'ho-e who came to hi* aid to give their attention* to ofhe r? more dangeroualy nuaaded. One individual, with Mi foot eruabed, refused to receive the uld of the ?JGCtori tUl the/ had relieved the aufferluga uf oK)-r-, wfco tteemed more to require medical aaaiata nee. it wa.-. neai'y an hour before all the and wouniled were extriaMed and placed in ihi hands af person* ready to aid them. Mi ven dead b<?lie- were taken out of the ruin*. and oiiien were ?o badly injured that th<-y died at ?oon a? they got to the hotel at Burlington, ft i- -up poaed that from fifty to aixty persona have n wou id*' I, ?onte aerioudy. and other* only Obrhtly. The following ;? a 1H vf the kllle-l and \ounie-i. ? ttlUtt. 1, Mr. floors TV. Ri<]g*way, oil merchant, Philadelphia >tore No. "JO North Iiehiware avenue, 2. Alexander Kelley, queen ware, ?t.jrc 108 M?rk?? ?trcet. de .-t. Andre, rreneh Conaul, f*hllnd?il[ihi:i. ?. FAwartl I' Haeoti, Spring Cartel tr.^, abo? Senth. T*iiil'i<5elp|i!a. 4. WC-on Kent Of th'% firm -f Dyott k Co., 74 -<o itli -s?cond ?,teet. ?. Mr?. Cteneul Barclay, I/Ku-t atreot, >> low Thir twnth. oa her v ,iy to Knropc. 7. Mr-. Margaret t'reacott, of - >l.'m. V. J., wJf ? <w" * Mr. I'rescot' and aMer-ln-law of tlu' hi^t"H i? *. TbomaaJ. Meredith, Baltimore. ?. Mr. Jar?'b Howard, IHuui'in, Teuil 10. John lielljiii. Baltimore. 11. Major Ik ; -e. lulled Con i ^ ttve* W H. * acton. 12. Mi-s Boyee. daughter of Major B. 1?. Per. t'ohu II. Conoi d, l'r? hyt' i ian el<--icym..ii. Dei., died after being n-utov. I t.. Bui lingt..!. 14. Mli-a Jaoe ' mcoin, agi-I 3?. dUi?l at Agu' w - lioV l. 16. 1). T. tla ?r>c?l. Chitrli ton. S. f. 16. llenrj- lti) l?, f.eorgetoan Colkm. I?. C. 17. ("ha-. B-.ftotn, of the Arm of Bottom t 1 < ir n tiuilding inami x (unfa, Trenton. V. J. II. Catharine lligelow, HiiUd' Iphi.i . ?/?. Cathaiin Brown, ct>hw?l ?crs?atof O uuu' >W' ? "Kith. 20. Mr Jar I Ingtf'oll. a n r>f IJeul. Iltrry l?r ?oll. of l"hila telp'jb. ? r<-|?/ri< I t-j b? <wl when tV' t? . ? ? Ml. HI. Mr. MK <rily. of thl- 'lly "ne p*u on i- i porte?l to h?v# d:ol at Bf' l'ir ? n won?i?rt'. M t.. B< nm 1 ('f Khrla>telphia, sllBhtly. Joha I". OiUeapte and wlfr, of Memphis. T' tu., I? llv Mr?. Kln?, t^arlekton. .w. C. rl'> fra?-ture-l. John KelTy, I'tt'aburf. badly injured in the Ko>t i LoWew rtotit dealer, I'luladelphi*, Itijui 'd In the ' ??a?t by "He of the aeata atrlklng him. Ttomi.i ? 1 1'ourth and George atreeta, c?lU? '? nn buArn and oth' rwiae hart. Mi?? I. ' S.i I h<-l|?i and mother from Hlicot' Mil! M. iBimed. 'it*. I ukeit' .iiwt servant, biully injur>'d ? lacktr "uiladelphla leg hroketi ani 01 lie i t-e itjwei Mr-. I*' a$'\ Vork, ?ligtitlv. r h< ai Mi iimi. ianey dry goo-la doalcr Vorth 1 <ii'h htraet. Ilillvh- phia, l ead inJtirH. Caroi v in, colored, sliifhtly Mr. V fV o.e- ticut W twokeo Mr. h'."' 1 !.'??? '"m/leld, H. J., both lega Irroi-n? n t (a Uwn.UirfU.Ln, t sdlv?bo'fc t"g- fractnred PIiCjjd Orm .c huylkifl county. V ev *r. I-irrin, Maeopal rlerfyinaB? eon*i'/ 1 t-, tUahop l<o ? je -eterfiy injured. J. M littit, Ilttaburg, -lightly fcaornf' H Italian, IVclf county Md collar hone Jari Vea, ?n ' ba ll) brn i?d Tvti daughl t* of Oar*- Bo> re "'adly .'a??a M. I'r.troo, rtubd?lplu?, c.oi-ouni fractnr ?( 1 high. Mr 1 S a-Wphia. a'.igh'W Mra. S r?a?it, Mprnre atieet, in.l'ideipt-' <?(.. t VcanicVc *? Jan** C. Wheaton; Philadelphia Hkan'itand, F* press Agent Charles IXokeaMy, 46 Water (trett. Hon. Win. B. Marlay, ex-It C. Nn? York, h^iilir. Opener McCorkle, lacony, I'. P Coast Survey, liUgfiti/. I>r. A. Sorter, Harriabnrg, slight. y. Judge Reeve* Obi o, slightly I>r. Win. Wlitlun, Na\al Medical Bur*?-.i, i-lightly. Chas. W. Oidtn'>urg, Philadelphia. turn'sbing iton Wm. Clarke. IVlauare count/, IV Mr*. Ha-lan. Jersey City. Coniifii .lore Joseph Smith , I'. S. Nar^ Joseph Bulk. Philadelphia, buck broken Rebecca Phillip* and daughter, Phlladi Iphi < Abigail Phillip*. (Colored servant. 1 cnnU 0'Ji;<u?, District of Columbia lord Fia/ier, laliorer, Mauayunk slightly. Chart*. ]? ltouttiUer, Philadelphia, i4ight)y. J. I>. Fisher, 6o Market street Tuniel .^aur'iedi, Alliance, Oh.o, considerably hit; 1. H. J. I.iitrtfDit. wife aud fon. of Carroll place, although In the wreck, wer# uuluj uted. A* *0011 as the ladle* nrr extricated, rofllns were pro cuied for the dead iu uhich their bodies were placed, and the names of the dceMncd marked upon the t?p All tui sinr** in the (hwu was suspended, and there was a con rtant stream of persons going in and coming out the 1 y ceum. who were curious to "P the bodies, while t h s house. in which the wounded had beeu placed were thronged. Fach boat and tral^ arriving from lTilla delphia brought friend.-, of tho^e wh.< were pas*eugct4 on the Ill-fated train, all of whom w re *ocn seeking from house to house for tidings of those who were near and dear to tiieui. The wbol? scene was terrible to wltne*s and will not soon he forgotten. tine car contained ouly seven ladle*. all of whom e*. cuped without injury, except one. Two gentlemen, in one of the car* which wa* broke n up, jot out salriy, but iu what way or manner they could not tell. One of them recollects getting on the out*Ule of the car, an! jumping upon the hank of earth ? this 1* nil he knows of the frightful and tragical affair. Am *o<>n a* information win received in this city, a sfecinl tiain of car* was deapotehed liy Mr. tlati mer, containing Drs. 1'. H. Uoldard, Ed, I.. Huston, ( tillain, ltowund, Fisher and Kchenck ; lire. Grant, Trimble, Butler, Chalmoner, Tuff, I'ugh, of Burlington, and I ir -. Wm. and John Hrlen, of Beverly, and I'm. I'eed slid Stratton, of Mount Holly, all of whom Worked nobly in relieving the suffeiings of the wouuded. Ibe detention of the New York tiain was caused by th" o'clock train from New Brunswick running off the track near that place. As aooii as the new* of the melancholy dl.uistcr reached our cily. a number ot our physicians hastened to the Heme and rendered essential service to the wounded. The phy icians of Builingl on and vicinity were promptly on the ground, and aided the sufferers by their attention and skill. lh?i wounded. dilng ?nd dead were removed, us soon a* they could bo taken from the mass of broken car*, to a number of private hutt en in the imme diate neighborhood. which wen* freely thrown open for their reception. Number* were also conveyed to Ague* > and Kelly's hotels. The citizens of Burling ton, e*pecialjy tho ladle*, exerted themselves to their utmotrt to relieve tho suffe.ings of the Wounded and as suage the agonies of the dying. The Coroner of Burlington county wan preparing to hold nn Inquest at the time we were compelled to leave. It Is hardly proliable that any verdict was rendered last evening, as the excitement among all c Usees of citizens was most intense. Mauy of the relatives and friends in thif city, of the persons who were known to have lefl in the train, pro ceeded a* noon a? po- -iblo to Burlington, while hundreds of others in extreme anxiety and distress were making inquiries from every source calculated to afford lb' in in formation. Mr. (InUmer despatched a (tain at an early hour ill the evening for the purpose of conveying to Hurilogton tlio friends of the aui wounded. end bringing to the city thono who were injured or killed. He subsequently neut off another triiln for the like purpose. Tlit> cause of thlx terrible calamity will no doubt be investigated, to II* the res ponsibility whore It |*<ffXTljr belongs. Whether the conductors of (hi- respective (rains were running according to regulation* in both being on the Mime track at lh? "nine time, and running town ids each other, we do not know, but it place* the Philadelphia train lu a Tory d?ogeruii* position. II the engineer had *een the wagon and had stopped hlx engine the probabilities are that the New York train, following cloae behind, would buy run into bint. Unless u cuui|?ny ha- two tracks to run upon, .1 train delayed beyond It- time should in vuriahly wait t ill the other ha* passed, and with no short a distance between Bui lin jt.jii and It. ?r dentown, neither should lnivo moved before tele graphing to the oilier. A t;.iin that is compelled to back ought to have a courtuetor or i?r-?a to giTe ignals at the end opposite to tlie engineer, nnd tho whistle ought to l><' kept all the time blowing. Above all, person* riding in tie- vicinity of railroad* should cxrrclae more tbau ordinary eir? and dlxeretlon, and never presume tle-y aro (at' till they are ?o for from tlie truck 1 1viit the y are out of 1 he r< ,.eli of ?tangei . poswciun.'hh, Aug. ,0. WV? We learn Iroiu Huilington that no dewth occurred during tli" nir'Ut . tth'Uiam II. Xowbold, broker, w.i- dreadfully injured, and it U cuppowd cannot recover. Mi Maria X' ? bold daughter "f G< rge J\'wbold, wa ib-o -ei ioit-ly lititt. Mr. Meredith, of H?ltlnior> who was killed, was of the firm of Mtreditl) A ^pence: and Vr. f>?llam, of the tuinn city w.i of the fltm of IHilUia k Miller IJotb are while, sale dry good* irerchnnte ADDITIONAL PAIITICULA K? Accorvr mo* ock bpkcial RtroitTtK tr ivn i.ixoto.v. n. Rt rvcrov, Aug 10, 1M5. The ?cen? presented on in/ arrival here ye,ter<Ut) morning waa one painful in tho ixtienie The wreck ol th< ill fated train, though cleared from tbe track, i.s heap* il upon the embankments en < ? h -id?. ? >ad raonu I merit of the dreadful disi?t?r. No idea can b? l-nraed I ||A?4|?|j*4WP* uatu I bo IXIIW !Mta he eyes I tipon tie broken fratffW ?? <?"?. ?n Ut | wonderful that double the nijriW *?'? not killed out ( right. lor. from he appearawc ?t Q>'' -ha' -cn d rn 1 nun** of the train one would ?u|.{<*> thai eifCyttldr> I caj e with till IX lit' * who w re 1* . ctpaot* ol the reft,'. les | at tbe time of the calamity. m KILLED. , TheaHBlber of the killed ha? BOW leaded t veuty thiee of whl> the following t? a corrected IM ? I? r\.!h line Itigelow. !?'? Jefcn r>illam of Pnltimore ' 1> 1 . IliTWIXxl. 4? TI;< nit'X Meresliih of Baltimore. | r? Vi Kliigw?y. . M Rait lay 7 ? (.Vlward < Bacon II? WlJ.on Kent U? Al' .and r Kell;* I 10 ? A f*uta> ( onknow u I 11? M. J>. u|bt. n | 12 ? Slaitin C nneil of Wilmington W 18? J?e<hll ward, of I ebanon Ten* ' 14? Har.vH h .t l.eer./etow f? foil ?? 14 < .; ??. ? II. I '. Coa?t "iirvey , le? ' ,in< ? 1 inc ln 'A IDIicitt'l Mills. Md IT? fliarb- It Mom of Trenton V J 1 l? Mr- t'.i ;i: -t rre-eott, of hi. N. J Its? |htr< d d' -t. Autre, French f"?o-<il at l b I i4*lf ba i0? ('itl'erin' Hrov 11 . 4>d?r*<l). 21? Ma?ter log*r ' U, of l'hU*<l< Iph 1 Mr. )|i Birhfy. of IVoi ia, 111. 2^? Mi-* Mary U see, daughter o? M?jor IV ?y ? ?>! G<- rg '"'?n T'. ? I llo jie- It Je.v. of Pel I ^|| . y,. viie. iai?e leeu reclainie-l by their fnenrf . i ttllhotub aiany '?f 'h m were In .orh ? disttgure-t wmd. ! tion ?- t ? ree inition. with<d?t the ai4 of apparH i worn tiy th? ei^p-e*, a matter of great diM 'Ulty THt WOCMWCP. j l-WHliasii f Malay, >* S' w Vi*k, ?> ? roin^r- ? 9?Mr. ri?k. of CoMMttl- w* U? John V. tillle>p?e niNatchet. M. *- Mr*. Mu r, OUleapie, .V? Mrs King, nt Cbarle-Wiwn, T?. f? Mr. f. Hack, of I'ltUhorg P*. T ? Ur. Kent , of Mississippi. >- filuii'l 1 amb. tA r%.n ?? If W10. ?'o^?a, V.M. l? C. | 1A? (eeaw*?r? . ? -?ffa iiaai'ii 11 ? Sp*ncp' McCorkl*. T f CoMt ry ' 12 ? Mr*. Maseru. of .lerspy City. 1" ? r'enni* O'Ksne, of District ofColumbu 14 ? H A. Ht'ghss. espr?*sinan 1C? Charles W. Oitleulxfrsc, of l'b .nlri U.\. f ? A brnA'-imu), named \ aiiK^e ? fv,;lar !hju? 17 ? Mr. Kelly, of PI ! teburg. Tiert are eight of tlie wound -1 pu 'n^pr- lyinjj *t tli ! City Hotel where they are kiudiy taken care of. Th. h?*pitallty of the BurUng'on peo]? is prai?ed h'lfhiy '?) | tho*e who were wilnekMs to lb'' trying *rene 'Ihe p?i ' taenia ? of the i-of urren. e. a- gtTfu ta yenterdayV ? were very correct, ?od from the evidence adduced |>c<V>ri* tjip Ci roner, will admit of n" material correct ton 'Ui? irv|ue-t will probably occupy two or thru- day?. Co**"!*'*? .hhtmi SMTH. 'rho ??* ?erloualy injur*"! v mi wr of the oldent and moat n?lt;ed othcers tn th? fPrvire. He entered the nar; on th- lrtth of January served through the war of 1812, ami hi" eon>mii--iou W fjp1?ia *?< issued February ?, l&VT, on the same day a- thotp (>f Commodores siont, Hcrry, Skinner and New-ton. Commodore Smltli wa* Ivorn in UifiiMkulP't'. i ?oe commanded th' Navy Var<l at that station, and hi<> been for several year* CHpfol th" Bureau of Con-<tru<'t|ou and Repair#. Hp resided at Wafhliigton. HaRox ii v & i . Ammo', who was kii'.'-don the Camd'-o ami A in boy Railroad, van aliout forty ytra. - of age. Uc actpd an French Con?ul in Philadelphia for thp hut six yesrs, and v>aa, it U said, born in the fulled Stales. H- wan educated here, and he apoko the KnjfH-h language per hup- belter than he did hi? own. Ilia father was Consul General of Krauee in New York, many year* ago, awl lie hat followed the consular career since hi? youth. Pre viously to being appointed to Philadelphia lie was mi aMiirh' to a consulate in the Fast of Kurof P. lie was of retired habits, and as he had some friend* iu your city he spent afe? days every mrntli with them. Up mixed very little in society, even in Philadelphia. Cjut. Wiiuah M. Boyck wai fiirmi-rly an officer in the Cnited States artny, and resigned some years ago to ac cept a position in the Coast Surt'-y, to which branch of the service he wa? attached af the time of hia death. While in the army he wa promoted Second IJeutouanl lit Infantry. July 1, 1 H ."J ; First Ij'-utenant, June :U). 1BL&; AideAle-C'aiup to Major-tieneral Maoouib, lHJH-'Jt*; Captain. October '2.', lt^'.'i; resigned Notemher 14, 1H:H>, Assi?tnnt in the Uetsletic Sum y ol the AtlaDtu' coast of tlie I nltcd Statoa, since 18;.7. ltesldenio, (leorgi'town. I>. C. CORONER'S INQUEST. At 0 o'clock yesterday morning, Famiiel W. Kai I, the Coroner, proceeded to hold an ini|Uf?t upon the Ixidic* of the deceased. A Jury of nineteen per*0M wua impnn mdle.l to meet lit the Court llouite, to inquire into the cause of the dealh of tlm-e tying within the building. (In being Worn tlicy answered to their nume< u*? fnl low? John I!oger?, foreman. William W. Millet Wlllin in A. Itogern, llobertT. Willeta, hlinhu I'eldin, Amoe Hutehin, Ward rope .1. Hull. I .owl* Itothernule Seth Thomaa, Edward Voeete. Hamilton McDowell. Hudd Hterllng, Uconett Kauikenburgh I. . wit C. l<eed*, Mimucl Knilin, I 'rl I chard A. Woolman John Mitchell, John I J rzelere. Treden A. Hacnbritljse, lhe above peraone were culled logalticr l?y th>' Oot'o ner by the following uinrooiiP: ? aih or N?w Jnuqrr. Hi gmarm Coi st v. 7b any ContfaNe of nn>i I'uuuly uf tni-l IhnmiKip ? You ate re.|iie?te<l, immediately iipou night hereof, to j Kumnion twenty -Ion r |(ood .md lawful men of oaid comity 1 of Itui lington, to b?* und appear before me, Sumuel W". Karl, one of the Juatice* ol the I'eace ?( miI.1 county, act- J ing In the ab/otiee ol ibel'oroner of ItuiHngton i-lty, in *nld county on Hie 'JUth .lay of Augint, .it the hour or a!\ o'clock in the attern<M>n of the name .lay, then and there to inquire of, d? and eiecute all ?nch thing* a* on hehail ' of the flute .-Inill I" law fully given in charge touching i the ilentlm of? John Pnllan, WINon Kent, Catherine ltrown (colored), Alexander belly, Mad. Hurand !*t. Andir, Kev. John M. < oinell, Mr*. Margerit Present!, l?. T. Haywoort. C'upt. HntO, 'Ihn-i. J. Meredith George lligiv CfcaclcaH. Patten Mil* IJncoln, II. Itidgewny. Ilemy Burk. Mi ?? (5. M. llarclaj . and Kd. C. Hacon. Jacob Howard. And lie von then ..n?l there to certify what 7011 (hall hnvt to do In the pretnl-er. and lor then to do and exe cute what In lehjilf of Ow raid .-talc -hall be there and j thm i-n jollied upon yon. tiiT.'ti under my hand ami ?cnl Are., 1UMIKI. W. KAltl. Justice of I'eace. TESTIMONY. Mr*. C'*>k bworn, ilejio-ed that ?.he re bled ..Ithe currier ot the Amboy Itallraad and the Ne-k road ftb? j ? pot where the accident oecui red > V. W. re you at homo yeitecia) A. Ye*. air. I). I id you the ciir* run off the track- I A. Ye*. ?Ir. y. Tell the jurv you Aid -ee A. I wa? atimdlng by my aide door, when 1 raw a ar- I riage coming; the curtain- of the carriage we.-? drawn | clow ?; nceing the train coming, 1 put up l<oth hand* and 1 halloed to tho-"- in the vehicle Q. flow neti ?.!<? the earring' to th< nain alien \?u raw it 1 A. 1 coui.i n"t ?ay. y, What wonla did you exclaim A. I paid. 'Tor ti'od'n j;ikc top tf. Why did * on halloa ? A IV* au-e i r? the cnr>. eotnin. i). llo? aer' the car* coming A. t nat?o scaled I ciiunof tell, <J. W hat took wh<-t? you run to the fiout door' A. I niw nlec of the c?r-i Hj ing .ironnd; couM nothing of the hor?ea that were attached to 'he * ig'.n the car* were all ?mii*he<l; I hcl|wd one .1 thr p.n <>n I gci< to gitt out oftbc rulu-. I). W hot.e car'lagi' mi thi? A. l-'i. HannigaiiV. y. floir lar win the carrUge 6 in tie <n ? b< 11 you j halbied to tho-e therein to ib.ji ? A. ! cannot ray po ititely. but probably It tnigbi b.i*c : been one hundrnd feetfroin 'h.' 1- tomotlv 1;. W'a? the ruriiage driving (S t? A. Not near a. fa?tai pi ople n-u?!ly ?tji.?>. Q. (Hit Ilia diivcr <rvui to l>c in -? bnrry to f (. eh t ..t 1 flic c.irpr A. t ?h >mM ruj that be ?!. . 14 IHd vpu the whl-tlc A. I ?U"t not; I nnly In ,?nl the not*, vf U?e rr\t* tlicy tame afbrt*. phe witn< -? U quite deaf. ? )!w J i). Wd Use tralu upt'Cu r In bo x'Ang tait/ A. ft wa?; the rngiiii nj;iii'fr who wa- jii thi< train I* wry good at Mopping hit train, and w,U ofb n (top Sir a ?.<? or other ?ti?'l! atim.l. 0- How cl"'? wa? th> other t a n to the "tie that m< t w 'b the accident, tth tlm< the . liijiion/ A. I -hnttbl ay .llx ot . (i ur-> r .t mi>; It Wu . .-..m. iiitf d<??n <,uit.. la t; I lur not lately Vr,. ?n ny of tiw op or down tiain* bi Mo- ttie road ?Ith ait rinflng the bell or blowing the nholb . 1ho?. V- Antrim Tealtltag in Oe. ?n county, la Ing ily -worn dipo i-l follow*- ? Ilr. flannlgan nl utj-.if ?ere in fl ? arrbi^ *e %'T c to Ing from H ien iu.-t lietore W" t to U.c rallroa<l I?r. Hannl^ a o|,-< rv-l i),.,t *e w? r<- in /o.-l time tocie?i 'he ^.r?, Le in w nit hi- watch, md .id tbeie w?? nothing to feai . W be ? r<I 110 n* l"?* hut in a ffw ** <*00*** ( ril- v ?( 1 li?? t !L# coming; w?? new not nv r>? thun (w?bt , flve frn i-Bl 'hO ^''?"Vlv?; the doctor It -1 u- H 1 h it- ?* t.u* ma.!e ? prlng forward and aero -tr'ick by tic v. , motir. '*? UAii ? aa |<H|y wrj -A pblly at the 1 w. t' ? 't. \t -re you <4ttl?if in tha furttt ?.<t A. I ?v. ti -ti- lie op or down \. .hi ?i^e irtaiii- weie 11 j t^. V hen you ?w the car. wjilon 'W'nl r t?* ? n . t ot \ ou did you tlem Infon r ? a it 1' th iiioiii- nt that You St ?t dl ? ov r d tl.? m A I1 vri tb 'hieto** -aid he i-ouli! no' ?*? ' '?e Itnrv Mttlthd id" t| bieh li"*eier I - pulbd op 1 h'' le" .. hut it wa? I la . foi th< ; Jura pel fyr n' a.wl tb' nev I i>'< ?a* tlitir teidie* on the tratk. g Wb ii hi were alnut crov-lmf. eon bl yo'i \ .e a the ca, ?- u 'line *.i bav. pi 1 en ted the a '?iii' n1 A No. Wi on'd not wo did riot or tear anj'hinf fifth'- tni i 1 ntil W ?*? within 1*1117 llie fi ? ? of 11* 'I A* '.11 w re 'Uiiimd wn flu 'old ?' I -i ' ? ' th'- <a/? |B*?ii'g by. going toaarl* New Y 'ik' A. I .'id not. ?# Veil ? Well .?*! tlii > o '?< >|'t 1 the rail I rack A. Ve?. t(. Ho* fmi wr-ayoa Irivlnr A. -I'ven 01 right iaile? an liu'n t#. How nr -raj.n- were In tl 1 ? .ilk.* A. Vour. Q I la' e inn r I. . i ti fi e?|iieo*ly ? itb 1 'r !!.? we ir 1 1 A. '??i.f r twtee I think Q la Dm . anything peculiar at-i' ' ' i- ni '? I dfitingf A. Nofhlng '.i?t I con 1.1 d.-i-ern lie ?P| e I re-| to ti' very -wnti? ?. a d i1 ng 'h< euBi ahich ?a- 0uu{ arnnial*. John T. H Hannigan. the pai'y 10 'y he !a?* witne-?. Ik mr Woin dej^H^d that h? r?-l '. 't fol" in bua I am a ? hy?b Ian l.j pri fraaioti I ?i< In the netgti I><.rhoo4 of ()(?? a<>ri?len? ya.ier^ay V. Be kind enough to tell ih> juo wha' )<?? iw t what 'ribli p.a-e A I drove arotmd l.y Florence to vieit *oriw pat ent at Burlinat -n md tuimd up from the fiver -o ? to et mf' the RoH'-atown road, I l??ard no car ?hi 'J ng ('"* tlie time 1 1H*. the rtvi r until we wert ?tr i?a by th< '.rain; tlrer.. * > - no rinlae in .1 ? '? givlnc wa nm. o; ny ttala'a appr <ch. I w?a very parli. iiiar in looking > b op and down the tra'Ji but I <-.,aid neither ?ew 1 ot hear ?ny car* en^ the road, I remarked a few ir oui?? l?*?tei e we (DOM' to the ?vn.'k af'er U-oieg ?t my waieh 'hi' we alvxild he in tlm t<i clear toe ear*, a- 'he 'line had cUyet for thefr the feral no' Ice i had "f the approach ot the <?>?. w*a a i imt . eg note* ?f a car moving alaag, I iamne.ita'?i? diew th' r< m? with all my f' rra, but ton Ute In pn-vent tlte fallomt I did not *e* the eara, aa I M not mucti time to b?>k about me. all m) attention he4ng aeaapted la <t rawing -,p tba hi *M, I ln?1 thlak I (?w Id kan Itaan mm tbaa 'en or Ufteew f lt\ p the tralg wWa <1 n< I he*< 1*o- r> mMng I ???**+ I Q. IMd v , ?? { V i Co... ? I A I did Q. lii-J y >1. '.k i. til r h.1.1 ? r A- I'lWnnt. I K. Uul . r make aay ui >t. >u ?lth h lnnd.-'' { A- No, ? l.'lnit, ! ?..w ho )< I p*, I and too', mi ' further notir ofher. Q llow f.i <1 .?? r> ymr h >r* fc.atig* A At a fa. I gj.t. ray or uine mitt** ju hour; m? " ?r>ra*> 'hat I rotild not atop theoi Immfdbti' Iv, \'?<l thr impetus with which the Tfblrlt moved lirciopt. * 'ii ( n tho track. n it withstanding all I runlj ilt. to a*v I'1 th* accident , tilt wtb>l might haw been Mim ing from <h'1 iUiGt'orald quarter at the time, m>as t<> pre Tent my hekrh;? |ti or- h<i.h<?i growing here w M*h olmtruct-d tug cirWr 'neabat I up aud down the trwk, and *a? vcrj on anotaer oca-ion I bwl m^ fariinge It ?>??? in Jtnrlingtou rUy, ?>1 wa* eery nil tlou* iu dririug, pirti- ^iail* m. I h.>ie t* CI ??.? ???*> I rm'? almo-t ?'Tfi; day: l*?ii!\? thl" UI.' wM?- i- u Trt} timid Woman, Hod I l?A- t>. l?- ?V-rj ilMpfkU Q. Wli. ii .(>.??'. sie Uiov Imahek Wiat foil talk about | A. Aayowroine up the fj??r <ir Nerk r?*d, aereral clump* of l?t>?he< o.w'rin't thovuwf. to I rotiirf nut dis liugi;nh the tram. It ? T?n I litwil it, nwttt f got quite clohe to thi? rail t uck; the rare www haektog. ih>? ti ? cry rapid!. ; eoaicet Arprnvnurrxii'l t!?ey wer* g">UR at the rate ?t tliii I y mll*? nn hour. If. Her l>ry? wta the triao^el i. tiel l curtai ning the hri-hcn (hat oh tructed vuur . it-M A. I < an' I my. l/. Wrrc there any perrons in thi- (1.1 1" A. Hiere were two m?n mow ? liay. Israel Alaiu*. lb* ewgineer of the tra<o, wu* iW-u placed u]? n :he ?tand, anil dep.. e.1 a- follown: ? I rreij" at v.t w Priin- wirk . I nn ill i nginei r >?y iK>ni pillion, auil am eni|>i?yeil by tin* Camden an 1 Ain'iuy CViin| any. V. Hc>? loud linn- yon l?-eit in t'i?-4r empUiy ' A. Flerw yearn (J. Wer<- v"'i th'- i ngln'-.-r of tlie 10 oVlocV lint4 from 1 hlUidi'l|>hia ; ? i-iday A. Yea. y. D<i yMi kn .w an f Liiijr ibmit thia arcldent If <??, whut in it- yhal tinn- did run arri^rat Iturlington. A. Twenty mJnulcx to cVn n. g What time diil you lea.c Itui Itugti.ii utatioii. A. Tw o Biinnttii pu-t 11 oYlock. i). What *a. the < an r ut' your waitln ; at' ltiirlin .Inn station I'.' ininulrar A. We h.-nl to wait lor th'- other train- ax ?re w< ir lie hind time. y. What in your time? A. Ught minute* lM-torc II oVIm-k. IHd von wait t" n minute* Iw youd t h?- tim? ' A. We did; the -is o'rlmk uml elpht oVIork traim from New York huvethe iighi ot the load t.i ltnrllngton for tin utlnuti*; till- Xevi York train ??* behind liuie ubout ten niinutea. we w?nt on up tho road. ? J. Iiid you luevt th*- eight o.'?UK-k train Iron* ^ . w York. A. I did at HummeVn awttvh. </. Ilow &ir In. in Hui liu|(toa.' A. Almut two mlli -i. tj. Wlun you m?? lhl< tmiu ?lml did you do* A. I' d the litake* aad ?toi>|w-4 the train. (,> What "iicnal did von rive t^imn" the train mopped? A. I blew the whittle twl.-e, whieb mean* to utop the rare; and then I gave three btuwn of the whittle to lack. y. linw far w?i the eight o'clock train from y.m olien you Rare the ?>|riiul to g" back!" A. It *a< iim-i hall a mile. l). When you hacktd for abnl aiation aereyoi ?w!> injtf A. For Mount Holly V. Mad they th" right of the ro.ol then ? A. They had not. Q, Win dl<l \ o'j ko back then A. Well, tin y |<ot to tin- hall way aU'-e hi -t we were aeeoriiinir tn the rule- obli^-d t? liaek off Q. Ihew Ihey had a right to the road ? A. Ve?. 1 1. What I- the rmde from where you gave ti.e . >'gi a' tu back up lo i b< Mount llolly nwitch Y A. It ii down grad*. atniut at the tale of (> ?Hyfcet lo j Ore mile. ij. How f.i?? were you going win n you were laic .in A. About liflitu ini'e.i per hour t,i Ilow man car" ware Ihere attaehc*' to thai Ira n A. light. * I Q. How many pa full irr <?i A. Ki*. Q. Hn l)i ui:> i t ?-n r th< r? ? A. Y*?. ( Vfk?Hr?? iWt other A. Tin plattk ?? cai wliliMx rinln nn tj. Who wy ? on llir lookout taken l>m kin*- 'b>w n A Xn one M .iijwlf. ? win ii wilbin three I nulrfl , jai'U of die cmae road* ill the car* ?n? fetched up. y. Vr )i?n you IWoiu d ii|> tut jou in.-bl' tin 1 ii|! u ? or fern T*'U looting ii'it ;? A. I ??a ? ai tending tL# ae/im- Talre ij. At till* tirm how fur wh < III -.iihi np< n A. It u a- mil opr ii ; I lind j?i-i -lint it u? 4.1. )<M j'l.i libra tour I A. I did. ' <f. I'or wl .it ? I A. l'i r 1he tin road. <J. IKdlM, llllt 111* long ?lii t Ir .\a- film .Tt 1 ?i? lo br ik ui>' A. I <lid>. ' v. *hr A. We lt?it no ore., foil to hrenk i?|>, ?*'< * wore in Ihr w.i v i/. Do j?u mean to my that ?hntflki sir tb? throttle I ?t tli? (nt litikf ?? ti'l be -uftiri' nt to ?to|? the tram at Mount Holly >wt'rh: A. No. t,?. Hm>' vf>u !?< ? it lien- limine i lie te?tiiv>B} of |)r llani>anv A. Y?. y. I lid TOU ? i'i-)ilnf l lb.' Ii.i ??? .ml ? i'<on with ?b)l ll VOU C.IITI ill 'fltll A. I did not. ZHSR Q. <'ould>i u !'?*? ?? n Hi' * i(iiit i( fu i had rv?Tv? mi l tbe rtrrnl A. Yotl coubi Ml Ihe upper aid* but not on Ii* l"< ?? i I ? ? theie aie pooh tmi in ih< ? ? . i>. At ?li.?' an you bam tr.iT .tin. . n tbe road \. A*"- t : ? ? ii ? ' r?i- knititM > <rJ <J. Whfl 'ti l j i li'it ?oiMipnc to b< ova ?? >t tlia 'i bad lion A When 1 Ii- irly :icf 4 th( tr?>< rout, ni t i found tin' i*?f iftaiiitMt ?|i. 'f la t a i iiiit ii toay Im tra u? to H#*"* it tl. i .(?? < ' t(l> ?n t?i' ? per bout ? A. Y?, I ju y ' : f t-iik 1 rt>r. nn'll 2 .Vt AI'IKtlKOOK l-i.i.lA im i cill'xl? <J. Cpon wbJcit ot ii .iii of 1 bo eiKin< i? ; w pl?'- ? A, ? 'i. ?' <lit, ?). W!i'i li ill' wrre j > u on wb?i tbff -oil ? . n t. 4 ! I.o-r ? A. 'tn 'lie : i.'titi He, brmliiB* 'i'wn I), 1* 1 J eiif'in >n tbf engine after t ... v. I I i. IiB.| j*" .v.. r-ua y \t I... d , ni.i n ?'n !h?' '-nctiK A. xn nt'. wi both t 'if, add went d- ah ' t ,<? rulna. g Vt i'l? h luuir >r tbe 0i< man - A. Samuel -rott. if. NM .it i? 'li - ua?? .f 'bvlii'liuuu A. Maork' *! '*we)|. Q. li.wmin bltlKW >W there ttiJ? i ? i A. One. if. What ? a ? lilt n:.we ? A. ? calkd Ii in Yank- ?. V. Wktnt *ii kb jiiiw^ A If 'Tl ' l.e !-t car. if. I ? n 'fe" 'Otwll. '"f ' .*. r-,? Van Nntnti. t|. Wb> re la \ ^nV' r A In Cun'Wti. ? i. \tM hr ininrH A. V'.i. b) tW if?. ir if. To wh't ccunftiny ik-l ibi. tiain 1-i.u A. fo Um. J' : '.I City Ctmip?nr. ?/ ? f t! -I' bl U III the Mflpl ?> o( lit ? ' i?nr. r f '}r f U aid Aiubo/ C? in; iiny a' "ii lb' J' -T City OmMOf. 0, fa; /"'i r'ia oB lb- Ha l t. -!??? '.'I iti!>* i V, Wlia't ' ' ?3 e Ira.n ?b*ti you f .. s ? Urun- a icW ? 4 The Sen .li'Tf'T <ol?paoy t?li?? clltr -e . f t|j. I ruin Q. |' 't !S.e ' O' ill" from ' li ? ? gh* ban t Mi c nM . i mA a" ?* n :? ?af ? toMltuc iWa th? ni> . fU. I t?l liillU 'l'?" I r tek \, So t . ? ; no' I ?<? BOt "I II ; ill tu ?' l'i ? t '11. I/. W I, ,.!? ,un ; ",ili>#"'i! A V. - <<. ' 'tl tin- r -0 A. V.. if. I- il ? ' a 'lie ?|i?n '"i " t?i <'in to < .j i I tli. ? ' A. H 'I.e. ? !t not 'op for u. '? bturtof ???' abi I nby ? i t "i' t ?f tlitli i t.i I'M tl :i Tiuaa gi )'?' i "t tl.<- < i ?- ??? | < b' *?*- o? l A > i' W ),i -I' w ? -? }? ??!? ? tW | ftl'I'HlU' O " r*lk '<U# I * v. , ?? I- 'hi ?? i?"t i bu ? ?J" ?!'? ??' I on i ' .i. i ill ' I ' unf'rtb ;'irpoH of beopfeg a look '*ii ' | A V ? j <J. t" 1' h?? <" t? 'lie H' r . ,\. '? ' ? 'j. H? ? it o< ? 'b% tl<ia e"W' i i I' it',m y.?'i i >? yon tb i?ti? A. N>-?r b*l. a miW IM II"' |i?? I' i ?t; Ww A N . II Wb,'1.'! r?'e oftb ? ?!-?- t ????? jou ? I' ?Uo ? ? I i n "O t. ' ?d- k|^ A IlilxtT tl n nrfU- m W> ?I (-?? /<'?' ??*< r '' A. V tilj- Wl.en ?e ?re 1* ' ? 4 Itax >?4li,/tlw< ? l? rrnit' 4 to rtto I# inlb ? an lx?t?r y. Jlo rftu M any ?.ore Uoj?. a |r, )?{, ki a ftt at i;"-l than to k torn ?rt? A. Vw i? ' fmnf b*ek? .i : *. k,,, ^ p, ?i' n '.!? i ? 'Otz-W* i'. umur at tb'tr ',*tb?w4 "? 'h? if?tr?o if ? ?? lb' UeU [Op# io Wd of .Iii ? A. It . 0 V -u 1,1 net >%c 'h? M A M" IJ Wot J oti p??? B to* A ?W ? Jl. le? if. Are tKere m>? tn v ^ s?a ??! >m ? ?S??*e p-wauti.ii U *??,? -4 *?< b'?* - ??t -???? -d ?' '.j t i# trabka* 0. In ct*'? you hare waited totouU- < ?' ? /or d Ute tiBicj to fomo up. *k? you thaa g? hi A? Vjm; and whichever traia geta half ?ay tira* li i? tbo rffv* c( way, ami (hen pwhiw forward Ftminutft ivwry Kn#uie*r ot tL * U o'clock it lin fnui Sew Ynrl. being du4> JworD, d*po*? <1 i# ' Q. Whrre do you rtaide* A. Al N>w Kirun.<wtck. What u your A. 1 jj^inrer. Q By whom ire mu empi-iyM' A ) y f lit* (tiarfffl am) A mi toy K u ? *! C.>i?|?a'i/ <4. Huh I h*vw you tM-fQ euij'?oye?l. A. Heven yvab* U- War? you on oi t tr? i.i tbnt Ifft Ne? Vv? yi'<4t i-riln jr iilorubljf J ran. tj. On w uu?'" A. On o'cb* k on** Q 1 h. I yon not iih^I tL*' <w?nl.?*f ? *t Vuli ?/ t ain whf< li left Aiwfcoy at 10 o'clock. A. I did. Q. W? ii* Vebin I time ? A. W?. ft, IfiJll ioiifl ^ A About t* tut , tniuule*. Q. When you the III o*Cn>d? '.*4n# wfet ??'?I %?ti day A. f ?tnp|,l*<i, Q. il?v fur I (jin it ?fit* you whew >0u *' >pt e?#* A. Aln ut ball * milt. t'id tlsut 1r niu *U'p? A What <1H the) th'*u ?!<? A Started back. U. What did you do v . A. J oiluitd Ibfm on d??'?ii. W. At what rater V At RUmt liUfot) mile* p?*r hour Q. Wlmi i- the grade herer A. It *? nearly level. Q. Wh*re wa? your Irwin when tb? other *ie run -<i tin- truck y A. About half a mile from lloidentowti. Q. Hcfort* you met them did you whialb A. 1 did not, but * bin! led twice af?ei I mw th hi IfHM Q. 1 id Allium blow hi# w f A. I don't know. I could not bur* beard I' if he li ?? I Q. t'otild \ou fi om the platform ul your ??ng4?? <???* t ?? brake* affiled to the othrr carV A. No, i ?'i>ut.t not. Q. At'vi you ion nd out that tUU ac tia?l lua|i; ?? n <d, vtirit bf*c<ino* ol your trains A. \\ i w?*nt >?ark to llordt-ntovrtj. 1 !??** lor>K Wan It Ixtor** you dU'*-?%?*r??d 'U' ? ??! ?1 1 1 f A At Mil bait an hour. ?V* At what iaU? wci? |0U K"'MK *l??n7y"u "??*t tin otlu r trajn V A. Thirty mil''" an hour. tj. W?*n? y?in runniiiK a?T??rdln|f io tiiij rul *" *li?-u <imi c ?t?|?? H?id ih?* olhnr train t?? put back A. I tw . Weir you lor? infc thn oth^r tiain to %ti lu or w t < you (CoitiK at thf juoprr n|'<'?*<1v A. W ? k?*pt at Uu* fame | a ?? t h?* Amt?? y train pi. J* tbTv anyroiMM? lii?n l?) wkiirh tha H o'rl'M-t ti u tiom Nrw York in obli^? ?| to iif? thn H^ht ot tin load? A. V< ?,onthf w?y to Ralftinor<' and hi riiiU<1?d|?liia. Q. Von ?a) you krp? a regular ilitUnn fron> Hi** Aui t?oy train, au*l wcif K'>lnn h\ t>i?- iat?? ..Wout twanty mill a an hour then th< lalt i tr;??n inu^thiivtf ln ' u I?m ? kimc at tli?* r.?t?* of ?? bout A. Yen, I *hoti!d ?ay ?>*%. ^91 Win It not, und?r tbc circiini^tf -1 *ug#?riiui tc run .it Hurli a inpid rafof A. ?Vo?Ufs*ana# tb? tra? k was ((iiito Ifvlioil Ktrai#bJ. Hok't I \ ??? Hrnaalrar, >n|>?*r/iit? ri?|?*ai oflbi* (Jkunlm and A in l/o\ Kali?oi?d, *??? n? \t ruimin*<l IIp ? * { umJiit'd a h I ?lbm * : ? ?/ What do you i duii'** cohpM of* A. Ib'jcolwtirg th?' r< a't taking ca t of (ba pt ipuriy ( and ?ii|ciintcn?liiif the load. i g la it your duty to propait* 0 o ?n? i.?bl : \ I n< i it prrj?air<!. if. To wfioiii are IbfM# tabb-a l^iin) A- T ? the conductor* and ? t ^Iu?m i ?,i 1 1 , . * a?n- il \ f)i6 elation a|<eo#- -lonjf th? i "a?l, ?altcli i?u n ,n.f ,j i t h ??#?!? bnib?(C chargr oi r? |iMiitng tb?* t/n # Whcn*Mthl* tinw tabic, noa i*biblt??! |.uHi?b f cdr A. U took ifb i t on y\u i'lth t1 A ?t|f tn' 1^. Hyth?t time i?b* what i? t lie ttUi.- ??t ?U . w (<m * th? an ivnl ot tb? 10 o'clock I rota l%i) olilnbi.. 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