Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 31, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 31, 1855 Page 3
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?09 itlf Italians ItHKWrfc gfKJLl ilil. ? |4.000ri IT* 1 1) -A aiuiTEtX AND EXf'I.rsiVE _ cash manufacturing bu<ine>?, frilling over m*) per cent profit, with a valuibloc intrao.t, Block, tools, Ac., will be sold tor *'.0h), and aaexainiua li-n will prove it aeiiauce unparalleled. wiihout humbug ?r fiction. Apply to i it*. Si A.-' Si bTRl- I Tt . a4>* I'ine ?t. 1prC)p?l ACHES OK IJk.SU IK Ni?W KENT CoPN ? 1 ty. Virginia, tor ill I .umber, timber, cord wood. ? In execution of a dectooof the t . cut ti> ,rt ML Mew Kent county, Virginia, piO.ioince <"i tiio 2ttth TBy of liny, Ifc,'., iu the awe p?u Hug in sal 1 Court. in the *ume and atyie of Terrell and other., vn. Terrell's a Irainiv Irutorand others. I shall. on the lath tiny ot depternVr next (Court tiny), offer for sale. at pn !;1 !i auction, to Uie highest bidiler, at .Vow kcut Court Ho ,me, Virgi tin. the toWm ing tracts ofland, containing. by e? ioa, 1 c> 25 x , acres: ? t rim. Crow, ilt % aero*. This truct (Oris* Crots) m supposed to contain Mru, b hc.tvuy timbered, ?ml* in about mile* of 1'amuukey river. of goo 1 ?oil. and ha* <>u it a large dwelling house. an t tlm usual outhouses, and an oretiard of ?nrlo.i? km Is of goo 1 fruit. Pea Ball, 611 acres. This tract ( I ea H ill) in supno ?e 1 to ?ontaiu 611 arres (about i'> cleure I), of i;oo I quality, the residue heavily timbered, ami lie- in 3 uiiiiv of J'auuarikey Town, and 1 of New Kent Court House. This land, it u believed, him 60 cords of pfne woo l lo tha acr#. Wool Iwtr y, .'-XWncrei. Ibi* trnci (Woodbury) litw on Ciilcka iKwnUiy river, near Providence Forge, In aNo of goal quality, aupposed to contain H00 ocres. and ha* on it. a Kod dwelling house uud a large quantity of i?j jrool tnn r oh any to be found in the Mate. Term* of sile ou a credit of 0, 1 - and 18 months; the whole to carry Interest after the expiration of six month*. Boad an goo I ?e.u rity, anil title retained unui t tie entire p .rcU.iie mo.iey ?liall have been paid. The privilege of getting Umber aul eroding small grain gi?eu when the term- of sale h?*e keen complied with, and lull poasos-don at tiie ead of the year. '1 lie title believed to lie g-iol, hut I shall sell as Commissioner only. K. T. I-ACV, ("omml-'loucr. (JhOKft ?DBCO HTORF. 10R SAI?, AT A -,.V<,I!I jpOt/v'e 'ice. neatly fitted up with a good -"toclt, ?Lit ?utl:rii n'ly long eetaldifhed to do ?> -plendi l b ii>ln?>,s, If pioj^ rly attended to. suitabl ? tor either a physician or dr??.lot. Hud tnuBl be rold in)liu> lialfly. It. W. KICHAItU.-i, W)7 Broadway. 1 AA HUlt?F. POWER ^TKAM KNOIS'K f()K SA1-E.? A new and superior built engine, lonct by nn? mt the boKt London steam engine builders; will be ?<>ld at K barjiain Apply to I ICAIU:. BKllNHTKIN ft PHU.IJP8, 81 liberty st. A RARE CHANCE. ? FOR ,?AIE. THE I EASE. STOCK and tixtuio ol u grotery an I liquor store; Uas be<-n entablhUitd lifleen years. ; ill.cietit rea-on given foe s.'ll iDg by apply ioK on the piemlse- 118 West oe?<>eulh street, ncur .'?eventh aienue. ? BOARDING HOfSE FOR SAIJ-- ? TTfE Fl'IlNTTTRE will b?' aoM on reasonable term*; thi> house arcom mod.'it"-- lorty. and now lias twenty-live regular board r-, and will pay $1,500 to (^.003 per annum; price $2,000; *1,(40 cash renulred For full particular.i apply tu C. R. BOWES A' CO., M *?r?u street. COTTON MB.I. FOR 8AI.E TO CLO.-E AV K-irATC.? The snliM-riber will aell at prirato uale the cotton ?oill at I'aterson, New Jersey, kuown as Harmony Mill, Containing 17 looms, 1 willows, '2 pickers, 19card.i, 'idraw ing frames, & sjK'e?:erh, 1 grinding frame, 10 ltaufortb aplnning frame.-., 2 pairs of Mull's warping inill an-1 reel log fr nines, writ's all other Hxturei and utendU for minu ?tctuiing, ?!i in g(K-t running order. The milt an-1 dwel ling house stand* on leased ground, with light rent and a perpetual lease. Inquire of 1'IKRRK J. BERT INK, A 1 ?ninij-lrator, '24 Warren street, up atulrfi, or JKHX H. HK1.I >.Y, 6V Nassau stre<d. ?kRl (. STORE FOR HALE, NEATLY I ITIED UP WITH f n good ItOek of dri:gf dfiinff a good retail iness, with office praeticc- attached; gold in conse quence of the proprietor almut leaving for Kurope. Ap ply at Hamilton avenue, corner of Woodhull street, South Brooklyn. Term* modcr.-Ue. TvRfIG HTORF. FOR HA IK. ? A I'lfYSICIAN, HAVING I / n large and lucrative prae lee, wishe' to dispose of ?ue of the M--t located and molt protituUlo stoiin up town; the itctipU of the sto e about (10 to S12 daily. Full pH.-ticula' ? on application to C. B. HoVi'KS A CO., 81 jtiasMui at reel. FA1:M FOR 8ALF ? CONTAfNLNG 147 A<1U?. l!> OF which is g< **1 wood bind, situated within three ?xAilern of ? mill from Whit* House depot, on tlio Cen tral liailroui of New Jersey. two ami it half mile illo 6\>m New York; quality of land anil location g 'od, loi jproremcnt* j>oor; price $A,600; terms tiny. Inquire mod ?f K. t>. .-wucMmiiu r, >tvj Agent'* office, IJ8 Chamber* utreet, N. V. J. K LAKGE, While Bout depot, N. J. I ton y\n:?A valuable machine and patent right fur weaving Ogurrd ?Uk. gi aduatcd elutic fcuapemtom, with button Bolt wov. in the faliri", also eastic bandit for ladlf"' dre - belt*, & ?. Tail paten! hns orat ly twtlve ><ara to run wllli ordeia now on band to a laigc firom w tor tbe manufactured work. I'artiej with ?aplfal can realize from (10,000 to S'.'0,000 per annum, with the aixiTt* mentioned patent and machine-, it' tho boalne** ik taken hold of energetically. For term , it v., apply to A. HHAW. at No. <K lk>y stroot. 2jV)B rAIJt? VlRY CHEAP, TWO OSOUTONG SlKAM engine*, of five horso power each, with tubilir ilert, in good order. Inquire of YlKJNG A JA'> M, 4Iii 1'tari Ptrcct. T?Oi!. PAi>? HOl'SE ANT> LOT OS FIFTEENTH JD afreet, at n great bargain. This U an opportunity jnrely "0 be met with, an the aalo in Imperative. It lias all tbe modem tmproremoita, U three atory and hitch baaement. an I 1'uil in tho rnrr beat manner. I.I V I IJCY A HAKsj 1.1., 78 Eighth avenue, corner Fourteenth jrt. Erm HALF OR EXCHANGE. FT RNHHED OR BNFtJR. nifched? < >-\e of the bait built, and mo't pleasant led bMM< in Brooklyn, within Are minute* of Wall ?r ."'outb ferrie*. Lot '-5x100; ?too? front! replete with nil modern improvement*; gw, range, furnace, baiha, hot, cold and shower, water ctoaeta, Ac. : will aell, Iear i?g half or more on mortgage, 6 per cent*, or waubl e* change for a small place or utrm, in or near Rome Til lage depot on New Aaron or Muds-no Hirer ltaiload. Ad dreia, with partleuiara, Andrew, care H. J. BO WEN, Foat t?fflrp. ?JR BAiJ: OR TO LET, OK KX CHANGE "foiTTtTV property, a splendid country realdencv, situated on ty-fonrth etreet and Ninth avenno with a large ftuwer garden, carriage houan hot bouse. Ac. , every thing in eomplvle order. For a person wtaulug U? lira a abort diatanoe from tbe eHr, it preaenta a rare opportu nity, as it will he aold or let on reasonable term-t, and within ten minute* walk of the Huuaon K!?cr cars. Inquire of H. OHTRAKDER. If4 Oanal atruet, ooraer of TarteV. GKOeWtY AND LKJPOW mPORFFOR 8AI JC ? WITH with theatock and Qxture* and Inux*. aituated in ? flrnt rate m Ighboihood. and doing a good hualnes?. For further information Inqu! re on the premUea, aoutheaat corner of Mauton and WUh-tt atreet-k I J ARE CHANCE? a FIR-'T CLAks DAGCERRF/JTTE \ and pboti graph le gallery, in the l icatian in oadwar, will be aold rei v low as tbe or.ncr is poing to Curope. * Ib? gallery is In the beat workinj' nriler. and doing an ex'<*n*i\t bucitu u, Inqviirc at the Duguvrreaa gallery 808 Broadway, corner of boano street. SIX1H AVKM R LOTH? FOl'R LOTH, SlTFAn-ni ON a corner Konth ? f the < rrslsl l'alare, and ail front irg mlbc arenne; an evrellent opi^irtuiity lor Improve ment or speculation, ae they will be sold at a positive ?xiigalii' A. .1 BLI>?VEK k (30..7nro*d street. mFXA- LA NT> FOR HAL.R. ? A TEXA- LAN1' CI'.Kn JL Act te for 1,400 acre* of Inml; mn bo ior-vi. 1 to com mand at least titan aw, For terms, Ac., a;>ply, or ad dreM WM. H. HEATII, 114 Che nut itreot, I'mladelphia. To MdNimp ? \ job I'wvnvc ixrAiiu-nuKNT in ttiir city, doii.g a good bu'ine-ia, la offercl for ssln. A f cat chance for a person po-ve-sin^ ne -i'-sary qnali/l ?m ii ns, Ac, Vnue mhir need innkn in|uirj. l'rlce r<<0 A 4h">s 1 1 cenis, iterald office. i Ji AAfl AtT.Ks OK fNIMPROYKD UNO KOR fi'i .? John Orc'.'iry, tb?ixter>tml*nd ar?nt rdm MII?aeV:lr V*is?f)<in ift-r-tir ssle wMO htw m it eell n' 'ind, aeli 'ed will, care, In 'he fie-.i us re lard pJol leily lo rallrnu Is, itivU' vl " rtver- and risiiiir lowns. t rom n-n I# lb fty ye ,r? gn eu fcr p ut oi he pureh ?<" mon - y. tr anv dercripl.on of property In V-a lfork or V i'l ui v uf -n In i &i hangi'. A* ply to Mr <?Rfvi'#OI! V, f"i \ f> * aa-. s, at 13" n<-nr> - ri ' 1 I rrsikl>n N It.? It- proved ti?ru^ In every onuot) in Wiwuii In iur sale. fVTlA -FOR 8AI.F-K Ktl;>T CLA^s BROWN M M r ? alo'ie h/itsw*. In ".n* M 'fv** * lo ? ?i- tn ks a. Ii i>n*'k)> n |i w 11 it at j w ? at s?i rtfw i'or-.i-ii. Apply oW/IrfTKIfl r<. MKOW .V, a4 William street, risim t>r i.l 1( ?. I iiti.i, atreet, Hror.Ji ,yn. 4>ll nnn -TAU' tlUCAU OS l-OX I UI.XND, SI ?j* v).l "* ?' "? mllea from Mew Vi rl, of IT J aei -**, at) wml i.mi, two laise dweillM ..o .-es, I am anj o itoillldlnj', tn ; ?il ? *d? r. fjne frii o e'uw-ii, j(oo-i w .iU*r, A 'Hie land I* rv.b and p. isit.cilvr 0 ran reoiatn on moiVa:;e h.. A Hl'Nf'K, -li Broa !tear, risvri Va. 5. A- r/IA ? < OLVTHV KOI'HK foil KAf.r -V ItKi'K new country bouse. * ' U fui ;il-'.ii'd liiroo (lii'Ut. rrhfe carnage I ii?e s i<1 beatnlfally oma u? ? I ?rr?rvls, situ an <1 ten ndJi frwm the cfty Will la 1 1 r sa^ " e?r lasy pa> men' M. L HtlKLlHiN, ^5 TO *.,'??< APITAI. ? \ VICR. eSt 'l HI el 9Q|vt 'V Ml-- fbt ^l'-, asialdlahed 13 ??? ir? Ui lb-' pr eni Mere; owner tern-* to K.ur i;*e atut derttaln : buebe ? . A-' li -# \pf o nimeni, lifraU oSi ?lih real name, sU In j wli re an teiervlew era l.e h id. *F"n MLE, WtT.JLKA-K WT?X'K AND s^**?t?\'W? * \ one of the hesr an1 aMMt et'mHtttbtt > sr c- mm In fl,i- rtty. Har reflp'i ^liiaday. VtMUlci o THCMAi* CLARK K, 1ST thAUm-. sir. ?:k t .t.>l?'- If. WILLI < W. S !>? r-r-i'r (tf??t AT OAA ?KOR KAI.K, A TOBACCO If ANPfACTOHf, iy l.l'i If '. now In ?u t?(uI oprr?ikm, wttii ?ie*m jvower, and alt 'he t*r~*mrr uiaaslla, torejH r t!Hi Hock o:i hand. Ibla fs a rar? i liani ? tor Aimji to ei, -aje in the l,n atne ?, ?.? I fei well ?a'aldlabetl ami Has reirular t u?tuo;er?. Apply lo C H Ht<^ ?>* A ?t> . M Na' .u-w?t, */T/m-K? R PALK. A Lir.llT. Pl.KArtA>T t'A-t! fnisloi-ss, new paytn? welL sosl on arco.m' of ib ? froprb-UW leavfiu! tb? rtty uer*. week Bse<-lpts irwtff fi ig p^r wesk. Address WH'ismsoo, flerald ofllre, ftir parUculAri, dOAA WW). AND IW -FOR WALK, TTIRKH nn?T ^?rvlF. Bajfes, ai 7 per rsnl, oo lmpr iv*s| real esisle ta norih two or three Pmer the ain utii AditreM, aiaUuK teime, II., b?ii IM Herald ofBee. APOAROINt. |Hor!-K IN BROftKLW FOR RAI-K Isieaiam ronvmv-t,! in the f rrV- ha<t?e?iy flv.- rejelar h?ird? r?. an i run arr..nuni- la'i- fr ?'? iWrtf B? e i . fi^iy pH'-e fc? turn! ore H si u> t?jB, id sntt puri tw >?-r. an t part wtlt h? Njarded oqi, li desired. Appl> Ui C. It. HOwm t ' O.. s| Naaaau sirei i ARARF, i IIAMCr? I'OR HALR, A RCMIfltMl CK* (inatre. I Ht.( p? snted> ihai will pay B*M> per eent cm the aajte m I ear*l>le mann'aeiiired, or a [lar'ner, wlii f riO u? V" . will t e lalc-i. Fereral O.onsanl itol.ars ma? he r<-ail/ ' d m a ahort ttsie. C It flow** A tXi., M K'aasa* fW< er. BLAfl^ MrTf":. f KhMITtl I -LOR (S tl.F. A LOT 4 ,'fi and :k la t etlnwv a??t aa< la, ? lip sin*'. !<??. , rip I- ?- , A ,( n r?p v fi Mlf.TtlV e In * "tfeeS <'i<p -V i !?? a' ai; bv?? iai'uO . 0*W> Ptnau ran nltlliHiOlU. FOB SALE IN P ! II I. A DM'.l'l II A. ? THK tin I kcHIkt, deMroo* to lew v** the Jrtij huxiuftM , otf>xra hi* dniJT >'<>rr, elegant)) Att?*d lip, AO tret dreo, for ??h\ ?w? hu pre paration require* hi* whole attention. IijcHi !?*-1 in the bu 4w.*4 iv iitf retail Huewv of W Hair Ufnrit(*rikir. For p iril'-.i Jjii m addre** M M. W IIITK, 01 fif Murk-'t cu i*h, uIkivc ."'UUfnlli, north hU 1 (* , 1*) iladelplua. For &a k.? a iseai tifti, paj i: of po.vrEs, p;i r. t"n an.t harneaa. The ponies hiv kin I unj gotitie In U%r I i?? or under Ji^ *u?1dl?\ nita nil! be M?Id w Irh or u itiiou' pha* j ton. Apply at W.iahlncton at ablea, corner I'wc(ity4ilvtli vtfM { and Wx'li avenue. Th owm r It an Invalid ?nJ *u hi tb it ?h .? | !uih no farther um* tut iheiu. F'CK RALK-FOt'R FIRST n.ASS If HOWS KTOSK front hou.-cfi.coiiV: niently located on tli we*t *lde of (lie city, rltw to rnilri nd nu t rIh^is. ApplytoJ. K WILU AMSJt &OS, iit'ti Eighth iTtoi<\ or daily, from 2to*l,nt 115 t'hambf?r*iitreet. F^OIt PALE? A bKAUTIPlTI. (MNTRY SKAT. AT Fordhurn. N. Y., nbout tvv-n mlnmes* walk from the it* pot; flic Iioiim', I?m rn. an?l twenty city Iota, well stork*' I *viih fhade inn! Irnit treea. ami a line" vegetable t'nr<1en, Will b<* w?M at a great bargain, if applied lor main, a* the proprietor In about clo>ini( hi* btialnex* to remove WW. for particular* Inquire of It. K. PKEttLKtf, mOrand street. N. Y. I10R HAI.K?A NKW FAST KUMMi RLOOP YACHT, 2t ft et long and 9 feet beam; la well found ina.tll*aai ev< rythlnj{ appertaining to a boat. Tin1 owner uMtlng to lenvc the cliy i* forced to pHI h?*r. For term* apprf) at John Hon & (!ri*n*'a Planing Mill, Kent avenue, corner Aim atreet, Brooklyn. SjtOK KAI,K? A TEA STOKE, DOINU A ( ASH IU SI r??>s?.: ?;;? o ;i wrek; ii In nl<-el> flue-l up an 1 in a ftn?t ru e pja< r to m ike money; l? nearly throe year* o*\aWi.V.i I and v 111 be ,?oM very cheap. Addreys Tea Store, ojfl ??. IJ>OB 8AJ<B? A SPLENDID AND OLD KriTAJUJSil J?l> dnttf alor<\ nituatej on on* of tho t tlmroii ?hur-i la Jk ef'v. and mnM elaborately fltb'd furulshi-d and Atifk-I. Pi lee $2.3410. Huch a rhanco rarely otters. AImo, fiii.ierioi ti uli hiorc, on A'lantle street, Hrooklrii. Location and trade not ?urp?Hn<'d In that city. Prire^tAO. Al?o, mllUn? ry hiore> %i.r4>. Apply at Ml Nassau street, room 12. riOB HAI.R? TIIK GOOD WffX AND FfXTl'RKS OF A X news depot, now doinft a lirrt rate bviyint - . For pariu u lai-i, apply at Uie depot, 56 Ku.-t Broadway. TjlOft RALE CHEAP? THK STOCK AN1> PIXTFIiKM OF A J1 8egar gtnre, 232 Third avenue. Bent low. H? ;i - n fur m IUdi. oul, having other 0u-Iiic->h lo atieud to. Apply on die preinUcK For hale cbka p ? a MFm anils' hoardivo hoitno and larger bier unloon, with well lltt<?d barroom; the la In rood order, if at and eookln? tan*e, and It w!l aitap^ed for boarder*; the bedding and flxutres new; now dottuc a tood bualnesa; to be j*old verv cheap a* the owner h ??< ijot to leave for Cuba. InquUe at UiM?*reer ?tr?et, near Canal. (1 UOCKRY FOR SALE.? THE AOVKBTTSKR, BKlNa JC a1 out to leave the city, oiler* for fa!* the leaae, Mock an I tixiurctof hi?? grocery, Mi*nat?Ml In th? FIim ward. no?v do'mu a pt od bUHlneva; also four upr'n^ carta. The wlinlc will bedi# jawed ot cheap for cash. Inquire at 30 Waobumtou ?t., corner of Korria. TO TEACHERS.? SCHOOL PKMRH AM) HEATS FOR sale very cheap, mahotfanr, very handsome, nearly new. Paton'a ir .nufaetur?\ his laicat Ittjprovement. Also, lar^c out l(ne mat >.?(, for leaching i<efi)erapny. Apply to M. HaRKER, 60 Eh^f Fifteenth street, third houa** from t nion nquaro. fro DRV OOIRTfi, PATENT MEDICI NT. DEALERS AND 1 others. ? Deili'able drug ?tore for sale, In the 1mm- llate v.dnlty <?f the l'ark; la completely and handsomely titled, and doing a uotai bunlnefia. Haitafactory reasona given for Helling by calling on F. MALE, HO Na**au *tr**et. COPARiN ft&RS IliP rtOft'lCftU** lH t)r\ AAA ?A PRACTICAL rARTNKll, OK VjP^U.UUU* p*rtnrr? wnntotl, in n lnrg<- ii>tit>n fi.rtory, which vvns run A dhort time; 2,000 Hplmlkv. 50; thn rardx, fixfnrpH, olmjn, opera tiro hou4ri, oflir?i>. ?t<u?>h<'ui<?, unit from 20 (o 4? aorej or Unit, with c< nl mini's, nmi fi^lurcM fur tuitn'u^, (now in operation sm to l)ip mining.) Th? mill lmtbepn (topped for t*o yntrn, llii> propel tr will be put into a joint atoek company (fur which there I* a pppetual charter Krante-i by Iho Sljite of Kentucky,) nt a Taluatkn. 'Hie machinery wan m:t<io hy Alt' < <t JenkM k Son*, Hridenburjj, I'a. fC lTM to Mei.T.. Vilbtir ti ^eott, 4.1 BeaTer stieet, X. Y.; Walter (i. K<>? binxon. New'irlean*; Alfred Jenk * it Aon, i'h!lad<'lphia ; Hon. 1 liilip AlUn, I'roTidollce, II. I.; I.ei?lit tt Hi r ret, f 1 oulhvillo, Ky., nu 1 to my a|{ent, on tiie piuuiUes. llire? mile. In-low Oweiuboio, Ky., "n th"" Ohio ii?er, and II. J. I i'Mn, Henderson, Ky. A I. EX. II. HAKUKf, by IiJj at t" iiev, Henry J. La.iiin. New Vovk, Anftunt 'J8. ^'OA A A ?TO MERCHANT4. ? A PSSVOK 'V/? having tbi( bum in e*?li, w, hen to lind ni'iue mercantile Arm wan'inu to ^'11 all or pm t of their *to<;k, for liva than m:itkel price, or wanting c ;*li advance* on good > or rh.ittels temporarilr, or wiih II.;/ toe.itabllnh an atfenoy or outlet for fro.nln in lli'm < ily oi utiy tcciion of the eountiy. Willi larn" ca-li advance*, cjiii lmve the ineaiiH and atl"iiti?'n of on? well a<'qaaint ml, ni.d who ran aell for cub Wige qnnntitiei of pood.i, ami who I. willing to umi hhi meana and iiin ? fur ti.e- fm - llieraiire of .*? riy i "r|>o-'' where monejr can IK) made. A l ilre*n Jl'1.11 'S I . MAY, ll< ra tit ofHee, and nay where an liiti : view cim bo had. No notice taken of parlies not ae. tiially iu trmle. Dealer* In gruceriei, bunded ltijuorn. or (itu|le gr.odn prefern d. Any or nil rommuaU'atiou4 -hall and nftist lio considered ?ti ictljr private ,ud coulidential l > lioth jartiiv, (Jh -I AAA ?A FIRST PATF. CHANfT. TO KNTKR an old established busine-^ now (uiy ii.K *'? f l*er hu !?; also, a fruit and confectionery More, very cheap. A)>ply at the booksti. re 14.'i Myrtle avenue Broiklyn. (JJl/*AA ? PARIS" VR WANT!?? A Y"f\i; MAN IlpOty ' Jm wilh the above amount, to Join in a pro In able and jJen^unt bn im n to a young man ot active habit. i this A ill provi' a rare chance ai the busine s Is well established. Apply to C. B. HOWB & CO., 81 Nas iibii atreet. ])ARTNKR W A NTE1 > ? "Tl >'.NT OK A?T1VK, WITH f:orn t-'t OfO Ui 90, lion, in an Wtcluaire ni.iniifurtur ir-x btt?lne*#. The kaI'm, wlioli *?le ami retail, are lirp nn<! bll f?r nn<( th? profit* grout. ICetalillnkeil t< 11 yeitri. Ad'lre?<> with rt-il tuum- and residence, punt paid, to A. K. lleralil othco. PA f - 7 N'F.B -H IP . ? W A NITJI, A PARTNER WTTH PROM 1r> tl.QtQ. tn join a bu#lne?* man tn a loan Mul g?nrral brokerage nBirn. Particular* on interview. I'rlm ipal~ a* abovo and rapahle *Ione treated with. t>)m ?nunlcaliott* cotiQdentlal. Or failing above would j>lna almilar rut* hi i -hivl buaiaea*. Adilre-n K. Jonea, Herald od'ice, (or two daya. TTTANTEn? A PARTNER, WITH $600 TO ?1,000 TO VV take an equal inb rrit In a iiuinafartor) now uuder way, which para proflta < nough to aatiitfy any reaiioa able person. All the tnaoufactuied articloa will be taken by three or four partlra, an 1 the pity '? Mure ax th? *un." I-Ti ry thing about It la plain, atrai/rhtforward and en, ily uDdoretoial, and want <1 mean* the only reaaon why a partner la k> night. Apply from 12 to 2 o'clock, lor three d.iya, at VKO Ilroadwny, room 11, whore thn party can be aet-u, and all d?atrable information obtained. <3fl r,nn -PABTNBB WtNTUMO ENOAOE IV one of the rr:m> fir. .thuti!" and ptm ant bo -I ni < In the country. To a hu -1nr,< man It la au opportunity to r all/" truDi to $('.,1' 11 per annuity il. ? til be <hnire upon an Interview. A.Mr' ? Hi**, bo? 1ZV BltlM ofbee, with name, Ac. l&7rn ? PARTNER W A NTKD WITH TIIM AMWJfT ?pi ?)*/. Iji r?kh, for which hi' will kare lull latarwt In a I uataew now thoroughly eetablbhed. and dose f"r rma.'i only: p? viiii/ t2,UU0 > I'lirlr anil may tie fnrreaaed ? tih lie Hah' kind of man. & It HOWKS A CO. *?N. lualreef. tO #700.? PABTNKRriHIP Olt OTlIKRWlyP!.? C'""' An rni-rrell- min, wall poaterl In rliybn-lm ? !u Kimtnil, and tbnrmiiKtily ootivi r*aiu wtih anonniH, kuckku lm ori-ui .itlon f ,i hlm -eif and ;h' ab'.re amount. Beferen ^ ?alial t< u>ry. Addrc-?, v Hh name mil particular", Knt? 1 JlriaJ I ui1'' e. pa numi wakttii, in a <"a-<m m\\ nililH, 11. !? 'urine bO*ui'* - 'tin' p-i>t ino r'T ? - nt on aali a, and doite atrirtly for ra^u A attire 1* t,i*i?t down 'own for t! i' ?'ile of 1 itp arl> i-' m *nuf: ', and Cher 1(00 !?. The pawner I* * nleil ,/ uke rhari;e of the lore. Appl> UI (t II. IIOW I ,V> ? ? ! UoeL A1 -n TO f HO.? WANTVO. \ PARTNKK, OKSTFA0V ?P l'l'/bi' 1 0 1 ike aatn'eny In n?1r?itend toiln tlainelal bu>trtt* part ot .1 i^Qlur fihiiilinm. 'Fhi* Inaj^wlchattre .or any or *Uhlnij toti?Wl and 11 k. tuooi y. 1 nil on Mr. II ? (tcD> at Pe'rh it Incall' W lii !w<y ClOH WA NTBD.? A RVRi: OPPORT<MTV I- NOW ? 1 1 1 1' I . ft 1 1 <_-i ! ?'. ,-i 1 , . : ? . ". 1 . 1 ? )"'n ad*i rUi r in ? ph ?mii>', and pr n'ltahle trat lllni l>u?la" ?. Mn-t I hra -s' ..I,. I "I 'ni 11 1 -I I V '|' irtlrulara ?pi'/ t Mi M.iMs-O.N, at Petrti k W 1'*. SM Ur-? tway. pUTMCR WANTKH? I.N TIIK V A M;P AfTt'RINd I jewelry huaineaa, two >"ari e-tnl?llal M. A ^'i-nl hoai In ? BMUI, Wi ll tZ,O0l) to f' t.WU, eao Blake a lor' me In ? iOit "in ??? f iIMaHwj r?*feri ki-- 1 v r , and ^i( "iii'1 Or U,' U - tot - will be aotd a barculn. AU-ire**a Jr wfi.r, liox litl ll?*i aid aAee. Al'ANIKO? A PAItrw ..WITH A CAPITAL OffHW) it in a t u n'?a? u .*t will -inw % n? t aatn ?t ? kaiidri 1 p r oW.andlM fearardona, Willi ,<?? > rr'arna. Ally per?on n dtfa- I ' in have ail tnt'TTlrw I y falil n- on t . ?? r ni' * Ki ill. ti r'li idt air t, between the tmur< of in audi o'ik ? k ? n f riday. \1'ANTVI> IVM1 ru \rn.Y- \ PARTNKH IN * HR-r fT ataaa ItaaUr ?mr*ry. wHh a eaafc rapl'al of |M0 The ? re la en old a** Wvli eet*bH<hed owe, Wtih B 8r*t ri*^^ rtn ?otii, and 1 ? it <n:? ta-iii'-nf unr (9 Ml p< 1 week, ft l? w J wt rh| ? t aitentl >n. Apply la t )*? iiior * >iil llitdaon, 'orOT 01 J?',i tr' ?<. n?t art*. X'tintr wit w no vL-rn.No, at iiuvfK AvnTtv ll ?inr^a ctftlt in*Ti>*'d at?d pHnO-d in the m >?t fa h loatMi |t?|(; wedding ?n?flo|#?, fine 41*' r plated door at.d nomber 1 lnU*. atalo, A'- Ordera by mail puna tually ,ittend? d to. f pei im< n/i a<'nt if re |ufr?*t. B. I Ji/.tiKTT, i rer, No. 4 John afreet. BOXlABOi. As jviiiicn-k uiJJABO mni. -i w.u nu. na*T to introilure alate and mar Lie l?di. I tan- ejpe |.ei imrnteil mueh to au|>?r?*de tiiijei. ft" ?u?e they cut rlntha mueh ta?t?r) ; being aueee ml. Ha e now two at N Ann and 14U Kullon atresia, ami ehaii ?e the world to f^jtuil t i.etn, for tlU,t)00. Purrhaaera are aure U> buy on trial. We will l.ava on" table, one grand and aijua-e it nt-*t Amerii-an fair, t'ryatai I'aiaee, fur r? m;,? t It ion. V. ill 1 iTiipetitora Vbat wa buy Ju-lg"a a 1 1 Jur'??, If we gvt II rat pr<nilnto for all, aa (Wore a< W .rld a Kaii? AHKAIIAM HAt-lOitl) Ik *>N. 1~7Tt7kPK A.? A PSJOTfT KlT.fjArirT TABI>. at 1AHT. ? liKTlAn. PHH.ANH m^lel W11UH Ublea, with bia new C'ifiiMriati'iO enalil .ri a. the only ' r.ra arer e<>? atr'irte.1 that gt?e rorr^ t angle* Vor aale '<aly at :? Oiamliera atieet, ne*t to Ilurton a theatre, up aUira. lei and aee ihem. Strrnif/u nnjjAiui tahij?, wrni <>t u HATt-H leaa e?ahiona and ererything of the lH>at materlala e< inner u-d with hilllarda ean be had ehaapar than any ?Uler pla r?, at the old e*taMI>bed manabetory uf A (VHJJCNUKB, 41 Am nirfi. f>T^* mail promptly eu?ntad. Bill UK Its WAXTTfi A~* IIOOTT" HOflND II A *D A rwn. an bUiWit tat le Add.-ae P. II, tot I, A* Poal ' r ft H? n, '-rw?. 4r I,' > ? r it r 1 ? '1* - e PlltUT B ATP I II J.I ARI> T t (N m rU 'h Ala'l Ir^'i* mbM r ru?IM"n* O t < tiD'-r'B ? >* 1 iin? 4 '9 st I* ?? I * M. Mk' X'* |? O'' . KM Vu B li i ?# , W" Iktkiftlfi fWf4 "I70R IJVFKPOOI {JOTTED xTATKH MAil. Kir' AM J1 .hip PiCltV', Kara Ny>, n uimaoilur. ? IbU ibitft will de|ai< wl b the Dnile'i M me* mail# for Kur< pe fKiiti' Ivety on Wednesday , tVpi 6 at IV o'clock M , fit n> her bertl> at the foot of (anal ?treel. For freight or pa.-f.ayv, having iiucvju.iili-! Miomtnix'A U'.iib fur eWanee and roinfc't. apply to tXWAKD K. CliMjW, M? ViUKml I'lMriiptk *ri' requented t? U on t' aid at 10', o'cbicfc A. M. Hhippera plense tnke notir. that the ?inp? of thU lit* cannot carry any ginn. contraband of ?rar. All letter* m i?t j.h*. through <he l'o?t (>rtic< ? any other* * ill l>e ittaniM. Hie xte.-imahip Atlantis will au "'-red the I' id, , and Mil !-ept. lu. n?l Njtw TOU AM' UTBtroOL OMIRD BtATK J. mail steamera.? Tha ?h>p? ? <'iujx'*irig lb* tine ?? j the following : ? All ANTIC < apt. W r?1 FA I TIP (ap.. (om<t(K"? PACIFIC, ('apt Nye AiUCIATIC Capt Ihi'M! uLipf have beea tullt bjr contract, ftp! r *ly for government Henrico. F.very our* h.? oeeu iti ihcir countruction, ** also in their engine*, to emu re Hiring. b and (peed, and their acenmmodaiioii?r|!r>r [i^trrgpv* .?i* aiKvinttllcd for elegance ?i,d comfort Price of plunge from New York to Iir*i-|Hol in ?!?*> cabin. JliiO.To necnnd d". . ?1.V exclusive u?e of extm huh *:;itc room from (Jvorpool to New Vork, 30 and 'JO gil'aean. An experlem . d i-uigi-on a'l*. hoi to each ?)? p. So biith Men red until paid tot. moron tun or tumno. nt'in n*w thru m>* uww. tkednewlay,. .July 26, I8."x? .^torday July 28, I8M (Ve<tne?di,y,. . Aag 8, 1866. Haturdar Aug. 11. 1846. Weiluenlay . . . Aif. 22, 1866. Hultuduy Aug. 26, 1866. WeduCMiay,...-ept. 6, I866 Saturday .-Vpt. 8, 18V> ft edtifeday, . . >ejit. IV, 1856. Halurdnv Sept. 22, 1 866. *edii*wlay,..Oct. U, IHofi. Saturday Oct 6, MM Wc?lnciday...tlct. 17, 1866. Saturday ....<lct 'JO. I8j.'?. Wt-iliKMlay t. 31, 1866. h*lurdikjr Not. 8, lM.i.V W?llienlay,..Ni)T. 14, 1864. Saturday,..,. Nor. 17, IfiS.j. Wednoiliiy, . . Kin. Si, 18M. Saturday I ht 1 1H.VV Vi itlni-.-ibiv, . . I fr. 12, 1H6A. ftiUirilny Dec. 16. 1866. W?<lu??d'iy, . .f/?c. 2fl, 1865. Saturday D?c 'JB, 1845 For ficlkbt or paMuigx apply to . UiW. K. OHJJNS, No &A Wall ?trcct" New Tovk. BI'.OWN, .-llll'IJ-rV * CO., Un-r pool. mi'lIM KKNNAHP & ??., 27 Auatin VrUrt, l?nd< ,u B. (i. WAINM'KKJirr k OK, I'arU. GF0H0KU. I tit A I'M: Itarrr Tlii' owner* of *h??u kbipn will not b# i?rnnctal>l? for gold, (Urn. bullion, specie, Jewelry preeiou* atone- or me>uU, unlei>/4 bill* of lading are ?ignn) therefor, ami the Value 'hereof therein expreiMed. (-blppera,> take notice that tho ?hlp? of thit line Cunu-i cany any goode coulrabaud of oar. -|>l AOi Ittl I. l.INT OF PACKFIi FOi: _|j The { aeket ?liin Cttl.L'MlllA, .'1,000 ton-, Captain Iluchin'orf), mil po.-ltitrt-l) nail on Satunlav. the Ut ol SptemUer. Iliiu aliip hint mtpi accommodation.* lor all clu^e of paxi-enger*. For lerma apply on board, l'ier 23, foot of Beektnan iftreet. Ku>-t rin r, or to J At (ill WllfdlN, lllK Soutli ?tr?s V I.tOU UVFRltKH? f A.I.H Os i-ATTRDAY, SF.lTi-M , ler Int. at 12 o'cli'k. the apleuilld new pa kct Miip Al'KOKA, ( apt. Hunting. I an . (h r ind caMo (18. utiemRe, $ltt; aiid found in a llbeial niipply of p,o?i<(<iaH by the nlilp foi cabin, Kee<md caWn or uleerage pawig' . Ati| ly on l?oard I ler No. 20, Jji't river, foot of Burling ?lip. or to the agent, TU"MA.S C. I'.iHTlE, 8.1 Smtb ut. I^OR IJfXHlPOOI Oil) Hl.ACK STAR IJVt.OK PACK [ etJ. ? Ihe nihgnill. ent fa?t failing |?ek<-t nhlpt'<?it NH1A 1 AWl Dlh, (.'aptiun hnat>p, will p"?liiv?-ly B;iil en Friday, Aug. 31. IMr nrronunodatiofia for ???lOiti, ?prond cabin and ?tee.?jre pa<<enger<, are (iitx rior ti any ahip in port. Jor pn*tiagt> apply on board, ot pier 20 Ka ,t rirer, 1'eek nlip lorry, or to WlIJUAMNii (Jno.V, 40 I'ttKon ntreol. FOR OAYP.F VIA .xOlTHAifFTO.V? TTfF VAV1?KR fdlt I'tiri'.Hjtii. line of ?<?amniil;i.. ? Ibe flm' cl*"" ite?ui?iii[j M.'Klfl sl'AK, 2,^00 totni. tiaruouk, macro. , * III eaieNew Vorli from piei ;i0 VortL rlrtu, twit ol Ch?? ocr? iitrcet, ?< noon pr< "ii>ely , 00 tsatorday, Sop'_ I, for Hi re, al'lutf at Moctbaioptos to land matin, pa?<M>mr*rr an I ?|t<ie >'L'Kt jL.ii panMtg? to Havre or Southampton 6110 IKVOUll " " " 80 Tlie Nortu ftar will i-e (>>iJow?<l uy me Arlei, He (it 2"i Ibe owner of ilie?e reeavla otll not l>o accountable tor | gclil, hulliuu, ?i>?< le, jwaellory, pre-ioui- ?'oni*i or | oit uJtt, unle*- t.llU of in'iing m n* <brn->'l therefir. and the . value 'lier?<of 'beieln eipre-w"'. t-pv<'ie and g-xMlf takes a* untiai rauw. No freig.1t re itfvwt to. "ti of 'tie t?> btftlte ?:iiltng S'l tierih ??? nro' until paid 6>i Ije'ier?, ^.-ojialn Ih.*! i ?ent? per half o?., a tit he rccd<e< a' the >?fn ?? u;, to 11 1 A. M. of :h? 'lay o'aailing. 'inrt will l>a arrlo?l In *\f ng ! (ud!:i rul'Vr hag*, un>'er lock. ?n*< on *rH?il ?t South | ampion ane M*?ia. w(" t* 'ciB'^oateiy .\at onitw" to tKiat 1 ofllc ? tiiore Parcela taken, eacr. prepal'i one dollar and opwardn. mn> tut;- Hatu-<. /*?>* .vt:w tokk. rwr* ajrua Nont) Mar 1 itorui Sum At^. 11 Ariel Sept. !?i Ariel f(e| (, 1 *ortb tttar Oct. Ll North Htar .Hept. 22 Aruil.,.. ....Nov. I Ariel .....Oct- li North KLar Not. H Ariel Nov. 24 Iheee atevnahip* are ela? <vt A 1 at thi' In- uranee ofllcee. and rpeije an>l go"!,' will l a ir,-nre.' In thrne ? ' %* low raiee of pretriuc. as in any nthnr aUan^hi|M that atom 'he ori au. For treigbt or pax*aire, appiy ?n fi. TORHA.VC1, No. 0 Bowling t.reea. New Tnrh. AIBiirr N. (TiKYSTO'. S,.. ? IT* -a de b> Itourwe Part*, CTTRYfmf ttfTfi/msMANN, * <?. No. 27 Qual Oaaamlr l?eU?igne, llavra Fm muiivrv via muthamhun? tiii cnttvd Ktate? iriail Htearnol.ip lUJtMAN'.V K Higgliui. eoininander, will m llfor Bremen, touching at ^outham|e ton to land the mail* and paaiengera (or Kngianti and France on .Siturda/. hrptemtxir 8, at 1] o'clraik. M., fn m pier Xa. 37 N.irth rivr. nuts or l Aiaurii nuta >rw row m mrrautrinv on ma un. In flrfft cabtn, mala *al'?<o flSO In firtrt cabin, lower uJonn 110 In necmd cat.ln R4 An expei ieticed ?urge?.n ia attached to each iteamer. Ppeclc delivered In Havre or I^>ndon. All letters moat paaa through the I'nuttifftre. Fo> paanage or freight, ap ply to C. 11. HAND, AgeMt, 11 South William atreet. The at earner Wanhiagtoo wlii luceead tha Hkmm, and sail Oct. 6. For pr>ruw upton asp tiwiu-i? ' nn: emitto Hatca mail attamer AKAG'.', D. Mum, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at -nuthampton to land thamail/ am] |?>?#ng*T? on >*turday, 11, at 13 o'clwk, from pier 37, North river, t<*A of Uracil ?tre<-t. l'ricr of uuKMgr? lit rnbln *1.10 " 2d cabin $;s TTiJ* ?te?m.?hlp in bar conntrurtloli cuiMni'i un ?quailed nafi ty with utrfiiirtli, hitting IHn* water tltf.t artmi nt?, an ! bo Completely protecting :h* englnea that, evri in cfiw of e"lli*?l"n no liijury C'uld occur to endaiijrer lb* Mifr'y Hlhflt of Ihe vc-uel or piwM'rijjem. All ('Xpt'l lenced ntiig?*on on board. I not wanted during tb? voyage ? hntiM bo M>nt on board the day W"ff aiiiling, BirWIVlot," No fi'-'uht taken on board nl or Tburiday, Sept. 'Ml. 1 or freight or pM*?g* a) plv to M. I.tVIM^OS. 6.'! Bror, d?ny. T>.o itenmcr Culon will ?uc?*?d the Arngo, and null f<etol>*r ym. I^hv utowoul ami nuijuinnnA iTF.A*.uin? Conimny Inino WUng 'heir fa ".rite *.o .nip*? f!77 Of MAMIilKllJ ton*. 0npt Wr\J? U7 V Ol HAI HMOftK, (new) i,.V4 ion. Ca|rt crrv of w a.<j(IN(;t?i.V. ,io :,700 to,,- fiapt K iHi du ?lalrx i< ?W. IN! *ni) t'Ji, Mniptloi *o at-i'a mom* A limited number o* '! I"1 -'a' |.u>M<i?g*r- artlJ o? ?Ion rntrn PhllaiMvMa and IJwftoL md ft.nml In ?roH ?1< n>> Fi w rhli/ oe.pnl*, . . . , 910 } rr n. ? ?*0 p lj, - to bring out their frl* nda ear titaJi jrrMli' iK of (a" !?? and draft- ml fiierpoot Ir. .urn if CI ?torilnj> .ml upward* Apply '<> M.tWI VJ. -M'TH ? ft-nt II Vuuul air*-"*. ITjUa-tolUiU, u1 Vo t n;, S>? York I 7?Ofc CAttf d'-N ! A? I ' A. > A ( ? ! V>0 IflltTI I ] Jt' P.l dMtV '. <>f brr*.? .N(? York ari'l 1 alifoi nlo *t*?ir, i.lp Ui.t via Nicaragua tiault 'taniva/ of Nicaragua pr ;rt'>T- ? tbnwgfc in . Ivho. ?? ni tin- trial) ? ?'<> mil. ? ikorln than an; .i<b? itnli avoiding 'tia de*'!lj ' anama fart r and two bIIn of"r'iua i?4'irm in 1 ?Duma l ?/. IUIm of tan. tlirongh to fUn Frsaciwo in. ludlin Ui. I tijintu- ?roa?lnf : ? W #1 ra'iti. ?17 ", w r< oil uMii, H.f<. at> ? r*g<l t'M. lh> aiilc-. lid <1- u!4? i-nfi a*, m-hlp r 7 A J '> Of 7)11 *I)h( *ofi? ti. Captain turn, r, wi'l lam pifr So. * Nortfc rl%f?,at i o'elori V. M M?eU*lf, f r I'na'ft Ar' iut 1 W .<!m *1 pi?"iil?! 6. 1HU> ?n?aM\ln? with Uie imnlii^Mrlti 2.'i0fi ton* banVn. o*fr the Niruaf i. Irniiait font*, bavin* bnt t*r\r" mil. a . f Iao.I lran^fx/r ?a' i' n t.j fit *t fln?? ran U(f~ Fo? ln#>nOatloti or pa> -a^v at the ral< ? apph only to (IIA- MOJUiAN, Agw. t No. 2 lltowfif.g l^Mor bag. nad" up a* flha hiamp*.t l?ttera tak?n for '"'?n'" "?''h. Btr.ffKD nucr kocii hociu* it"m <*t*n to (?c*n. by lan?f..i KaUruad ? M?ali f irol-ho . 11 ><r^rav<. paaaanv* Ml U.f I 'hm.n frw? ? 1 lw hiiodrod lb-, bagyafff frip? Ihroifh t'T .rn? >b? lannrr^ Kafiw^-Nn tleWa o?< tbU ? Ih I'dk 1 ^ta". Mail Mramrhip f'otnpanj lnton-1 'o d?-f?trti for \. pin ? all, on W'do# day M?p*. 6 at II o'dirt P. M prU ?i J fiom pi' r fi o' of Warrfri ?tn?t North rlv? r, tho w. U kn>.wn 1 nd favuri'a a'f.-.malilp OMKl'JI' ItAMT (?p>aln A fj.<>iaj 1'aaf.rnKci' a and ma b1 "ill >i- forward.^ bf ninan * P.:J1 roai' and n iiiwrtat I ai.anvi wlUi on?oftho IVIlf Hall .M<'amahlii '>'? tnntnlllca r:l -t#*m -hlpa wbl<-h will !?? la iradlaeaii and l?avi ImmodU'oIr f.>r "*-io lyanriaco thi-j will nntMirk frt-0 of etp?n-o from th? ??? |4<" of th? IialJioad Company TT.? pnlJIr ar? lihiW 4 that tli?. P. M. K H. Coti.|?iijr alwayt hav? r nr or murf ettr* ?l"nii-r> Inn# at Cnnama raad/ f..r ??, to a?oi i an/ powilil* detention of i or nulbi I >>r ra??Mf? apjly to I. W KAYMONIi, at th' m?It <,?<* of i'i" em* pan! ro, No. 1T7 W??t ?tr?t rorn?r of Warr?n. Saw \. rk. I^IK-T nil UK IO? HAS KHANCKCll? fdAKAV t*H to rati tn or baf.rn 7 uo?.1ay >p'?fr.i*' <t??? 71.* rr aft lUcfnt A 1 flr?t rlaaa ?lit,i-r -Kip III O K W A C. Wf.H, Murjhy, maatw. la dt* taliof it >k? la?t of h*r r?rgt' ai>d will poaitl^iy aall a- a'-o^- fr.?, pt?r * V-at Hv*r ^blptwra will b??r la ailnd that U??- v<^ ?l? of thla litt? ar* rariaoiM to mil or. ir h?'. r? th?l aim ti>td day, and la t?> eaaa- will hr Malw4 a?d that " ill or and foil no fttilfct will br takon %ftrr th f day b?'or? lh* aallln? day. Kni|ia>ata aWuld br ?? ?"? a- pr??lbfc MoraTixmla* ar*t. 4lh a?1 Idll- of ladinf ??ot to th" otH<? for 4fa?tur* 17,- Mark Warrior V mw if th? ahart?4t cljj-j* r. , Vullt, l? '>f tia* .rpa?-?d m~VI a ixl aaillnar ooali'ira . ba- aia.W th* t' JNT I/*di n to Ao#tralua in ni'j *11 day a ual !,?? rntlrc cargo ? I Ixmt <>m dnllat'a claim C ? dam.*' which, rltl. be ' mi'/ and j.Wtha day of aaHlnr maka b? r t n-;u' ?ti<??t.l; t> <? ao>l d?.l a' |. ;ar"? n ? ? rflt.'Bt f r >an I r.'.. 7 ?d o-h rt . A I k. ?ili I ? at t.<r I*r1h in a t*w '?!*, X | ? KUVlllt. 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V autUiiTiM?l u^ent I. r the fnlr on board the p.)iip. bIh ti Vlnu atreot. to 'J.i? po.t ot KSHM>H '.'I MIA. 17t(i? SAVANNAH AMI 1 I ? M;lliA ? Mil l' NTAT1S mail Hue. ? Tl.o tie .1 anil elegant Kteamdilp Al.A I'AMA Inptain (lei ige It. Hclirnck, will lea?? .New Vm k fi r >ivaoi.:ih, en -atuniaj sej ti mber 1, from pier No. I, N. I! , n! 4 o'cliiek I'. M I ti II.- ofladinff - (f n.' l on b"ar 1. f'1.1 fip.yht fin board or for pan- ye to * \\H'XI. I.. MH< l!ll.I. l.i fltoad ?ay i'-.r l loiHa. (Un.u#li il.kcii, fretn N< * ^ "rk to .liickfOlx illc, * 1, libi'Ka, # l.'l. T.'ie bo. XvUIf, (apt t I'. I.udlotr. trill Mii'rrn! and lea.e on M'?uue-dat , fepl. ?>. ?vronct? --ii.\MMiir jahbtovk^ i. oo i qiiMico i t the i|i a'antinr ri'tfnlallon.< wl'h rejjanl to Nori' lk #tn: I 01 tunou h, ibi iliiji will nail on .s? oaj. J- ej || II.U r 1 il ie. t r< [ Uii hlll'iod. l .i eofjeiK f .1 .Ni.iti.lL will ! 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One i f tbc |.ar:l*? jwi ?!*?: in(^ tl c tl'-kot belou [irt -tmtcd wllh a|e|(tica^ an'! t i ible t- 1 ttaTi 1, the 'Ukel- will t.' -'ibt a a ^llubt dot cit ii* nri- tin n< i'k at* trat -lei made at tii ' | ki n ? I Hi- ? li II f attraction nl tbc J urebaifi ? A l lie n A. W .. '.i.x 1.0 lie. aid otlice. Vff.Tirr. -I <?R 1.IVKHPOOI. Tilt! Cl-ll'l'l d Mill' Jl |i(M\ I-. IP iii.l l.a il It. In Ibc fit ifii, frin, 1 ,. er N'. ^ Nor . t.\cr, tiiflmltit: at 9 o - ikk.and pn? c?.| .nr. .* vn at* i 10 n.orri , inn 'a; nii.rn.nn, a '? o'. ivii, :ti irbleli l.i. ir p i??e,i tet - arc t?|iii - ed to t? a< pti-r No. i Nor*!* river, w tiere tiler e w III I e a ta,i Till oa' ;n ic.'ol m hi *0 toni'i v Ihi 111 'o f l.? nil p A f. % mi.i c > an l.c inkcn I ' applying to ItkMARKr-T A Jti\i'>*, ti> will an. I ,'Vi I I njip. 4 1.1(1 It 8 A V A WA II ? 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Boats.? plkakck* boats or aij. wicRirnoNr* Mn found at tt?n raiabratod ra en. *all t*rgv, and fiifi' V b??at and oar lawr, VAo SoijUi pin*!, N. M ? .Sul *>oat? rm (> b# flu Hi out Ht two daya notice tofp-'hrr ?dtf 200 ntbrr boat*. (ail and rtiunln*. C. U l.VtJi'itnOLi. ]7Wj? j-AJJ. AM> KllK HTiCK ? W.I. TW; HU ifl'K firkin of (Utfrt. ai M# an infallible eur?* f? r *<??? ar.d dl of th* Akin In d??ft?, l*aittlfj(ng arvl pr? rooting tho jri'-wth of hair. aivl ex t#rmi noting flea* >ur >al?* rt 306 Water rtrcet, m roif of Kultoa. f'rtr*, .V) rer.U. liM>R KU.K-A H IJ. HMMil?t;n POl*TKR iMtfl. PfK rr-r?ntJ ? old, and valued nt %**%. I an be lull a? A f. >M(j|.ll \M'H, '?*> Fulton street. The ta>b*r and to m s both imported do#** rpA!f DCO ri.l H RKOATTA. TMK A.VM AL ft K<IAT J ta of On 'l?n |)< * Clyb *111 U>.a fr?#t<i #he '-lttb tu < ollln- f'omt, M.imaronrck. two at tin# north #f .V *r tlorh+JU, on lur-dai i rj. >-r r Wh. IM2ML Th? prU* . to con ?l?f #>f r.r;* | nr r of 940 and "IT* < fc'ai 'I he r*ftHi #?P"ii 'o nil mil U?u of 2>* trrt nfr ifng'h, m.d under. N?# ftnirane* f#*.\ A IJ ' ' a*? to I** ffj'i'fH t>) l9o*rJ'?k on (hi WTnlni'/ftb' r?'"* Ail ml# wan***! #>f ?aro n??oti e? t#? the u> be mad foe differ roe* in I* -tttflb t4 toaU. niea ufiiH ol to he over ill, from th? l#?oe' '? pait H the ?*?' n?. to ihr loo*,***-' | art of ih* #t#*rn. Tfi?* r? ur?r < r *aliinif to t <- d"*l?na' d on the rooming #>f u?< rv?* All I - ??- ?" er roe furnl'h' ?J art h n<n. r iod l?u ?f ?- *hr* ntlll i?lit !'?? ii.^d*- fr#<m anrlMitnK* TVtA VPXL.i?R*' UV'fUK. C'lONrV M \Ml AM' y '<?|CT KAMIMON ? #|V ASI? nl'rr M' r?d % At>/ti?t *i# the oWanw N??HWA1 ? tli n oiiJjr ?%?o t-!f" % #t?7 t'? I ?rt M.imHt. fi iod f ? r fj !-l;ind l'.?rincr Am"? *ti# ? t at 0,^' mid I ^ ?*!?-?? lit \ ?a r ivd'2 . M | i?-r No I'? N. ? . *' 10 A S\ mrS V. K. , l? a' lng y Inlari'I at 12 ?nd ft 1 U)j# li f ?t > t>r* H*nsll r>r> w/?jr Faro f##r ti.e #/? I* . g n V? 'i-nt)* I till fur# Cor cbiMrra, maiudiohi il A Vol 'SO 4 IK MI.KAP..N. Jl Hi ' OMMi'V? IS i I' HO i\ (? ? ?] tlf#? narnt) If--# . <A ?*< -.r. |m h> hi -fi r? |#M?i?l'hr, ?'? rt'TTf ?fwfld wl'U ?n* fuuitg lily ?? . 1 <?? *l! ?<" f ? '*? ?'? IWl'rtlO'mliJ W;tfl"li# 1. A'ldf ? II W hUta N V \VOf N(J lil.MMi.M N Of ritKPO^ ^- INO Af' I'# ?? * u 1 hk' iHjiuiinuttff #4T a >? 11* l%dj Mi#h i tl# w io nmit'Jiumf. !'.?%? ? nidr.-M < 1.*rJ? - Hr#miurn > ?. f ? % 4 A'l K1M< ?,N*I AI/? ANV I.Af>V Not OLhF.Il Tll\N Y> i ? I v # u d ha*?? fK? t/i opr?n a f >rr* i? v*nh a ^rfst ? i. mti '?( *iwl fair |?o*liu?o, a#fl wi> > 'til ? il#1* i " mairtn(?i), rimy In atri^#*' ?? n/i ?kiH? a?l?ii o? 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T il? in M7 KR XO !t VTYIMIOH KT*> >1 If KIT roHk', I J r mi kini iifit kn?n u.' j it .'u ri.%jr t?<? r"> ?oJt#?? at biioM atkr*. wn*rr h* ha* ta w Hr?a*h t4 rti" * n+ t'+ \k*++*il4 ???rm. ?Od ifi?d? n^?-- tS%a ?nt Ml r to th+ rfiy, fc, rruu>f lnj"?r?r o? po rw? #?*> i^ki# fr#i lr.' #-< nhv-fc m ha# o< r U* t ? <?*//' r* nAffm afuWric nod Wi all #?'?*? a fturi^'HI I a?ft*r?t?.~- 1*|r rr w*4y, HwiUf'i f 4 4r*f, UwM fn,,.^f?( 4rft?? H? n^A?r4t mu* a^.t r?n #??!? f# hwl m f#V* 01 tail ?ad f* Uk Moat or t f n*? wi?. Ml t?t?f;VT. 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