Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 1, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 1, 1855 Page 1
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j , - . iAWJlIf THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6^44. AUmTUOUSNTS Htfli WLll bfbMI JSAL new praLttATtuns. A GREAT 8U0CSSB.? Tb? new novel by the author of ' Alooe" s THE HUiDEN I ' A I'H. By Marion Harland, of l?chmond Va. Two edition* wtd; third mil ion printing. The extraordinary success of Hl? Ha'lanl's 'AJone" ? ruauinf through edition after edition with great rapidity; republished In Kuglaud, with a still large ri-ile ; translated into the trench aud Ge- man la.iguagtM with marked succeas ? U, perhaps the best evidence of the originality and popularity ol her writings. In the lan Ruage of an eminent critic, "Mm may henceforth take raukaaisng the wont lucce-sful novelists of the United State*. One 12mo. vol. files $1 .5. J. C. DKKBY, 1'uhliiher, 119 N?um street. For sale by all booksellers. "T^INETAKTB IN AMEhiCA ? f ' KICK 12 CKNT8L \ with remark* upon teiuperauce, (it* foundation,) (n!?mperai*>t (it* cau*e? and Mmediua,) the ouLuretrf tlie grape vine in the I'uiKsi states, anil other matters of importanse to rich an<l poor. H.y John Oiboru, of Oporto, In Portugal and New York, For sale ?t No. 46 lleaver street, how York. Copies (ran. milted free to any part cl the United States on receipt of tifteea cents >u (Kinlag* stamps. ''tJRILLLANT, FASCINATING AND TRUTHFUL." . JJ mow hjadt, Thb Fourth Kimtion or LIOUT AND DARKNESS; Oa, The Smauow o? Fat?. a stout or r AtKlllKllU Lire. 1 vol. lltmo. In paper, 60 ccnts, or in extra cloth 76 cent*. (From the Philadelphia Norih American ) This Work Inaugurate* the career ot a new writer who in destined to create a strong senaailou amouij the reader* of He lton. An n story, this production will tieur a comparison with the best of It* class. (from the Pennsylvania Inquirer.) Considered as a work of a' i ti will rank high, evenamnnu the numerous and interesting works of (lotion which are continu ally butting from the press. 1 he narrative is lively, rapid, and always sparkling with animation. ? ? The play of ihe pas sions intense, anil the deuotieinent U so strictly consistent w ith poetical justice as to sutixly an old fashioned novel reader. The personages are not cold, liielcss, Ixm.i fl*; tires, hut living beings, with earnest heart*, with whom the reader instinctively sympathizes. I>. APPl.KTON X CO., No*. 310 and 34H Broadway, New Voi le. JCST PUBLISHED ? II Y O. VALE, NO. 1 BOWERY, UP stair*, the Philosophical Prayer iirs>X, embracing a rational explanation of knocking*. table tlp;>iug, *?.; 00 cents in pap -r, lb cent* bound. For sale also, cheap editions of T. Paine'* Works, Volney'* Ruins, Ac. Ladies should see frank i.eslie's gazette ot Fashion and the beau mondc for September, containing alt the new tail fashions, just received trom Paris, before makiug their purchases. The part just Issued contains numerous beau tiful desUtns for cloak*, drease*. caps, bonnet*. Ac., patterns for needlework, new music, aud the latest fashionable Intelli gence. for sale at all the bookstores. New work on California.? I>. APPLETON a CO., 340 and 348 Broadway, WUI publish on September 5th, *H* ANMA1S or SAH TRANCIBOO, Contain/: a Summary of the history ot the first discovery, Kettlement, proxi es* and present condition of CALIFORNIA, And a complete lilatory of all the Important event* connect ed with its ureal city, to which are added biographical memoir* ot some prominent citizen*. By John Sonic, John H. Ollion, M l' , ?ud Jstnes Nlsbet. 1 largo vol., svo., elegantly Illus trated wltli&CO engravings. Price in cloth, (3 60; roan mar hie edges, >4; ro an gilt edges. It 60. This work is the result ot several years of observation, labor ami research, of genlkuen who have occupied positions af fording ample means for correct Information. The work may therefore be relied upon a* being the only full, impartial and interesting history ot California and Its great city that has ever #ioen liivcn to the public. Agents wanted to sell the above valuable work. N' EW EDUCATIONAL WORKS. Tuts lUv Pcsusmcn bt D. APPLhTON A CO., 348 and 348 iJroad way , New York. THE POLYGLOT READER AMD GUIDE FOR TRANSLATION. Consisting of a series of English extracts with their transla tions into Krench, Gorman, Spanish and Italian; the several parts designed to serve as .MUTUAL KEYS. Br J. A. M. Professor of the Krench language and literature in the New York Free Academy. In ft vols. 12mo. Vol. 1.? ENGLISH TKJT. By Processor Roomer. Vol. Z.? KKKNCH I K XT. Hy Professor RoMiier. Vol. 3. ?GERMAN TEXT. il> Professor Solger. Vol. 4.? SPANISH TEXT. (Nearly ready.) Vou ITALIAN TEXT. (Nearly read/.) Price ot each volume SI. Any volume nold separately. Teachers aud School Committees furnished gratis wlt!i ropies for examination. OTATE POLICE TRIBUNE ?A NEW PAPER, PUBLISH O edat Albany, by S. U 11. Parsons, Police Ms ,'istrat?, an t K. M. Urlflln, kirmcrly editor o! the Dutchman. The laxt imin her received and lor sole at all the news depo's in the city. RMiCAI'lOll. AM ANISH (.KNTUtMAN. MARRIED, WHO M WS1 acquainted with tbc principles of hi* own language ?n(t seceka f iigli-h, French And Italian. intend* to derote a |?it of bi<< tiinc to giving instruction* in t lie .S|*ini*h language. Torino very motieiute. iatdlea uu gentlemen wb<> desire to learn thi* ricti language, ma/ apply at Mo. 3 ,',3 ( hambcr* street, first floor. Mlft. MKAKV' F* f>i fc AM <NUUMii BUAKiHNt ?ad day achuol, lot young la-lle* (3a au(* 30 West Ft' icenth ?tr?e'. below Ki*ii avenue, J r?-open? on Thur?<lay .September ?. Mm. Mear* wft' be at home to receive pa -rente and guardian* who wiah '/? eon'er with bar {roar Monday, September .1, MR. AND MRS. CHARLSU CAXDA'8 HOARDING and Jay acht-ol for young ladie*. No. 17 lAfnyette place, will be re-opened cuWedueaday. September l'J. MME. MIX, NO. 101 ST. MA'tK'-< FLACK, W1IJ, RH. open her French and Uigli'h 1>., aiding and day school for young ladle*, ou Monday, Sept. 3, 184.V MADAMI VANDER WKYDK, KRoM FRANCE. WIIX open her inatitutc for young ladies on Monday, > ept. 10. ]fe*ide* the ciumwn brancnea, a thorough in ?t ruction in K ranch and moaio in her principal purpose .-Le ia aaai*led by the be?t of teacher*. ftoin-- nm-dcale clao*l<|ue tor acholata and relation* every month. Circu lar* are at Mr. IinooLn'* muaic atore ftll) Ilroalway, be low st. Jtichola*. s-cbne! 110 Weet Twenty-fifth street, between Mxtli an<l?c<renth avenue*. rpiu. french issim n; for rorxo okntijcmev, | hoarding nnd day aehool, No. +8 Fast Twenty tourth ntieet. directed by Mr. Kl.IK <"., of I'uri* (former ly H. l'eugnet'a achool), will open on Wednesday, dept. 12th. WRITING AND BOOWUHCPINft? 34? BRoADWAr. Gentlemer. deairoo* M attaining without loa* ee time, a maaterly knowledge of bookkeeiifng elegance ia penmaaahip, fco. , are tnrlted tr, call at FOeTER A JIIXONH eatnbttahnent AppVetnn'a HaUding lnapeet?p? elvena and obtain roferonoea. <*?"1 <1 ? IIOOKKKKPINO. WRITING, ARITHMKTir, ?p 1 *."? k>-. ? Mr Dolbear, fiOB llroadwav. Corner Honaton e'reet, ha* *t* ?pletidtd room* men day and evening for ch> i*p s-laa* and private Insiruetton Thla I* the laai day 10 commute tor leaaona at the rtduced Auguat ictmi Bemetaber thla laat utter. Academy of music and the i.axouaoes.-mrr C. H. < AI.DWK.LI. rwipcrtfuliy inform* the i-itlzi-iia of hrooklyn, lliat on Ibe 23d of Auuiud, ln*t., t.h<- ha* opened a ItioardiiiK ami dayschord for ia?triieti?n In the F.mtllah and all other brant he* of education . She will be as* la U- 1 by aeknow ledged talent ol the Mghe*t order. Marine bi-en a tvarher for m?uv yeara, alio la prepared ia glv-- the TTUmi n*ti*la?tory leall raoniaut of her ability. Term* made known at the Aeademv, ^o. am I'a' ifte Mreet. uear lluyL Kelerenee*; Hnioklyii? l/r. II. t.'nllen. Cliaton *tr?et, roroer Ol Moniaxne; Il.-r l>r. M? tihani. Henry atreet: Her Dr. riae, Sidney ulif .? near J.irol, moo. Mew ITork? Bev. Dr llo iyhlon, So 1 Kn4 Twenly tiltilJi ' reeu Hev Dr. (Tummlnga, Twi-ntv nln'h a'ree1 war Islington avrnne; I IT Wm. DetaoAd. IU3 Ni.'l'h I'r-sl . M>**r*. D A A klnc'lnnd, M llroad atreet; i>r. Trenor, Na I l.'nlver altr place; Dr Wm. Meduian, Oerman'on. N. C.; l)r. f. I? i^ildweii, I/juWrtlle K>.. Wm, Meiga, Hm.< NaahWll*. Tenn. . tireer B. Diuuan. B*'j . if udge Simon. New OrI>-ana, let. ; Hon. W C. Johiuuri. H >n Traeamoad Landry. Donaldnoa, La Dr. hntnoil Heiu-v lUeka'ti. Ilev. Dr. 1.) ncn. lion. Judge Klce Charleston. K. t' COLI.KOK OF HT. FBANCI- XAVIBR? NO. M WfST Kllleectli alreet, betweea flflh vnd Sluh arent?"?. The i i?-?e? will lm reMniOd Id ibt? Inatilnllon on Moi.l?v, th" 'Vl of September Icran*? Fer *ta lenu over nine yeart of at."- $|i (W per 'luarter, lor those aader thai ??e M. DI'sOl., S. J. BjlDCCATlON ? MB U DF flBAND VAI/R CLAM8ICAL j Frcneh ami .sp >nl' h Hoanlln/ In.' n it" ll.i laoo i?t?l V\ ??hirrft->n lerraca, Uot ?,ken, N. J., will r open on Monjlnv. Sci>i?mbir J. HOBOKKN ? THK Ml- F- It'll SSKI.I.B'S IIOAKDINO and (lav ?rbti?>! ter yoanc l?dl-? will re-op-n oo Monday, ilte :4 of Sipiemiper. For card* of tefmo, rafofannee Ac., ap ply al ho. llMdanii plare. oppoelte Franklm terrae-. MIHS R1KKI.FS rKBXCB AND KMOLIHtl I>\Y \N|| beaeihoi aclxiel. for raunfl linllei, So. ft K >?i Thirtleih ireet, hetneeo Mfih anil Madi on avenue*, Will re-open on 1 l,ur?d?y, Ket>i<wnl>er fliii. MBH. FAMARIKS. IIS KAST THIRTY Til I It I > STRICKT. near l*-\ngi?n arenu?-, will re open her Fr-neh an I FnglWi boatdmc and <tay w ?ool lor young ladic* on Monday, Kepi 3 Mich ax mx' ixstittte school, ii oh am b km a'.r'" rr-np*''" S,T' '? M ?' TRACV MKSfRP MASSETT A Ml.l.Rl'UlM KXUI.ffH French arwl elaaateai achool, I.Ufti liroa Iwar? fo ir'h year ? re opena on Mooday. f-eptetnli'-r 3, Numoer ol papUa llmtted H> iw?ny. tn-WT HOARDINO SCHOoI. -PORT RICHMOND Slalen I*land. ? The Ml*"'* Anthfll will r*eelre appllei tiatta tw a few additional ln*rd>ra (younic la.ll.'* in ler twelve )<ara ot age I Tie- number l^hiK vm limned, the children ?t.yoy ihe eontoria a honw. 1 < noa moderate . CO A I*. y~1fiAI RID AND WHITE ASH BK) AND WiVTC, X_/ ar r?e?n?l aod delivered In g?">d order from jrariia or hoata. at U>o loweat maiaet pru e lor eaah at 14'i Kliao ? beth aod IS Stanton etreet by I.. J. Co.-TAit. COAX. $6 26 f'KR T?'W. ITIIHT grAl-ITV. RFD OR White aali Schuylkill Coal. ?*g or *iore ?!?.- deltrer e?l In New York, W illlamaliuig Omoklyn. Jer*ey elty, or liohoken. Apply imnwihat' ly at the I'eople i'?al and 1 l"Ur Agency HB Mr oodaay. C? al by the ?ingl* t??. <?r large, eitra. Hour 110 per barrel. No monopoly, I OKI OOOIlk, ?. BRODIE'S FALL Cl-OAKS.? OiJOKGEBRODlE, NO. 61 Cuoal and N Llspenard *lreet, baa now tu ?V> re a lirn aaMirtment of novelties in wleet, cloth nod moire antique cloak n and mantilla*, to which he lo^tee the 'napcctioti of whulohalr cash and short tana buyars. N ew fall oobpe. l.pholatery, Curtain material*, and French paper hanging*. SOLOMON * HART No. 'J4C1 Broadway. ar* B?w receiving a full ebjiply uf Call good*, null able for Curtain*, Furniture OTetlng, and ia'n lor decoration, wl.Uh the/ offer Wholesale and Wall I'poti the most fa.urable terms, To which the; incite the attention of live THAI >F. AN'1> TTBUC More cloned on Saturdays. LAMES' ELEGANT EMBROU >EKED COLLARS, AT half prleea.?Juat re- eived, from auction, 70V ai.d cambric collars, from 7*. to 12k. each; aba, 500 em broldered bandy, four yard* long, 10*. each; 'J5 ) at it. 6d. each. No second price. J AS'. MADitES, 640 Broadway, secoot1 door above BLeecker street. Bl' WIN'S OPF.NINO FOR THR FALI., On Mo.mmv, Bki-tkuskb 3, IKM, oi a most auperb collection of I A HIS CLOAKS ANI) MANT1LM8. At Bis Newly Arranged and Cotuiuodloun Sbow Rooms, No. Sfll liKOAllWSV. The Inspection of the ladles <4 New York, Brooklyn, Jersey (ity, Hofcokcn, and surrounding neighborhoods. ?? al? of strangers v Un lux the metropolis, l* uw**t respectfully solicited on the above named day, wlu-n will be presented 'or Ihi-lr proval wliat In believed ?i be the iwm recherche and lieautiful array of fashionable novelties tn cloaks and mantillas ever Im ported Into ibis country. OKo. HIJLPI If, l'aris Mantilla Kmportiun, 3ttl Broadway. C<ASll PURCHASERS OF ) PARIS FEATHERS, FRENCH FLOWERS, and STRAW GOODS, Will do well to examine our slock of goods, of our own recent imporation, and which we otter for cash at ;> great discount tr< in time urtce*. At Nos. 04 and 66 John at reel, corner of William, New York. HOMER A KKTUHUM. Grand opening, brilliant display xnd kx tensive variety.? Mnie. DKMAKKST'H opening day of new noil elegant designs for fall and winter fashions, Saturday, Sept. 1, at 376 Broadway. GENTLEMEN'S FASHIONS FOR 8 KPT EMBER, Ift55. F. DERBY A COMPANY Announce amongst their most conspicuous PERSONAL ADORNMENTS FOH GENTLEMEN, '1 liat the tollowing may well be noticed. For morning frock < ouls, I lie Hrlghtun beaver and a new arti cle In line hath coating. They are tioth touud on the edges Willi narrow silk binding. For a walking or riding dren, a hazel nut brown or Russian green roal ; the waistcoat of Tbl bet wool, very tine In texture, and the pattern routined to stars und running sprigs bound with the same color aa the coat. Drria coat* are inadc of blue, green or Bishop's purple, with Murk. For morning coats, a milled kersey In brown, bin* or black, and various double milled medley cloths and undressed Melton*. Overcoat*, a truly Engllah double milled drab great eout, (fcO very useful on most ocraiJons, particularly In wagons or on horseback,) Including a variety Of caster, claret and Olive brown treble milled clotlii* waterproofed, yet evaporuble; all of which we Khali be prepared to exhibit on Monday, August '/!, Together with a superb assortment of nrnlitcoatlngo and trow ?erliigii, an also every article requisite for male attire In novel and elegant design*. 12 I' A It K ri.U'K Millinery ? especial notice to country mil liner*. ? Mrs. Kalllngs, 67 Canal street, will open cases ol rich French pattern bonnet* on Thursday next, Bin Inst., to which *he Invites their early Inspection. Mrs. HALLINQS, 67 Canal street. New fall ooodh ? j. beck a co? will open on Monday, September a new and splendid stock of fancy and staple dry goods, idlks, velvets, xhatvls, cloaks, me rinos, cashmeres, ladles' cloth, plain mid printed delalnee, plalils, calicos, linens, white tnusllns, bomliaxines, embrol deries, lacea, hosiery, gloves, Ac. The above stock will lie found on inspection to be the largest, richest an. I Cheapest ever offered tn this city, Nos. 365 and 367 Broadway, 7H6 and 7tW Broadway . VT EW FALL DKY OOODB, FROM AUCTION AND IM i.i portallon ?u> pieces English merino. Is. 6d. and 2s. 6d. p?r yard. :M pieces blark alpaca. Is., 2s. and 2s. 6d. per yard. HJU pieces Irish watered poplin, is. fid. per yard. ?Ml pieces (Jros de Afrtatie silk, 3". per yard. ItiO pleeea best Mark silk, 6s.. tis. rtd., M*. anil ll>* per yard. ,"tt<) piece* yard wide French calico, (new stylenj only Is. 0,1. Ifto pleeea Enullsh calico, (new styles,) 1*. per yard. Ol'lVEK MOWBRAi, No. 2ti9Urand street, corner of Fur *yth, and No. 447 Eighth avenue, between Thirty third and Thirty lourth streets. VTF.W FALL DRY OOODS.? OEORO EKYKS,S43 EIGHTH J.1 avenue, ha* lust received Ids llrst lmportaUon nf dy gnoda adapted to the lull trade, consisting of new and beautiful de sign" of BMire antique illka. eaitunere*, de laiues and shawls, French merinos ?nd parKmattss, in every shade; also, carpets, oilcloths, window shades, Ac., Ac. ilOl HKH, BOOMS, &C., WAHTHO. MANUFACTURING Bl'llJtlNM.? WANlED, Tt> PVR ctmw, or I pa hp for n term of yeari, r *oo?J. nub fi uiillal building, of about AO feet in width and 1-0 foot In JtnglU, four fturtcH, with water power, also a itupply of pure water, unliable for manufacturing purport*, uuil convenient by railroad or water communf-.ition to tne city of Mew York. Apply to the ?ub?crih*r, at office 3A Wall Htieet. J. T. OUCAgOK. "ITT ANTED?TWO NICK THREE STOKY HOUSES, IN A v T good location, with modern Improvement*, for (mall family of man an<l wife. Kent $tM?i to $80" Situation want of Fourth avenna. Apply to E. II. KINriHIMKK, 310 Fouitli avenue, 3 to 7. TIT ANTED ? A GENTEEI. HOUHE, AT $700 RENT, OR Vf let, for a umall quiet bimily. Auy oue having ?ueh. lu a good location, bot below Fourteenth atreet, will find a llrat rale tenant l>y applying to K. R. KIN :-HIMER. 31W Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 ami 8 to 10 I'. M. VI f ANTED ? A SKA LI, HOUSE WITH CONVEN!BVCR; Yy of Croton water pleasantly iltuiM In thin city, not above Thirtieth afreet. Rent from $300 to $ll?. Addreait box 3 872, 1'ont tiflice. AIIOl SE WANTED? IN OK NKAR UNWKRMITT place. Any person having one for aale will plea*" apply by leiter, po?t paid, to John Uanplirer, 42 I7nlver?|ty place, mating location and prjae. J. LANPHKKK. FIRNIBIIED PARLOR AND BEDROOM WANTED? BY a Mn^'le gentleman of regular habit*. A private family having Hie above to apare can ?ecore a permanent occnnanl for thr aame. Term* not to exceed fJj per month. AJdr ?* N. T. H., Ilerald ottlce. Immediately TTtlBNWHKD IIOlsE WANTED? FROM THK 1ST OP J7 Ocfoher lo let of May; one of moderate slue, for i> amall lamllv, the hour.*' muat have the modern Improvement, nod be al'natcd In a K<xxl nei*<bh< rhiaat , ^tntiili ward preferred. Forauch a place a dealrahle U-nam may tic obtained by a 1 drcaaliik' a lint' to box * . 1 36 Poet office. atauiiif term?. Ac.; r?nt moderate. Hoihk wanted? bktwkkn sixth and lexino ton avenuea, not ahove Thirty aecond atreet; treah .md clean; rent noi over V.V) or $UW>; ?mtable for a ama)) private family, or, a hire f I jrliJ-lK"! hon e, until apring, wotlkl do; If iinfiit nl?hed, a )e*~e will be taken Addrea* A. II , ho? 1,X61 Po-t Office. HOl'SE AND I.OT WANTED? WITH ALL THK MO d< rn improvement*, hl^h bawmw, la a |?i4 Imukn, worth from $8,01X1 to tl2.ixm Kencrtpiton of property may he left wl!h LIN IJSLEY A HADSELL, ,8 Eighth avenue, corner of Fourteenth rreei. PART OK A IIOI <K WANTED ? IN THE NEIGHBOR bood of the CI t ) Hall, Brooklyn, by a young nnrr: "l cim pie. Satlalnctory reference# given, ii required. v.tdr ??> airting termii and locality, M (J Herald otlb e. 1*> PATENT MEDICINE DflV.ERS OR DRCOtHriTll? Ariv peraon having a patent UNielM th-ti command* a rea noiiabie xale, and wiMie* ui dUpoa*' of the ?atn<- on le.uionahle ?ertiia, can meet wnh a pori haaer by a Idreaaln r l>rn<xlat, lie rain office, matin* article anal lowen't price, Which will he ion tttlt ntfal. UI'ANTKi -AN KNOINE AND BOII.KK, OP TWENTY II home power, either new or <U'C'iiut hand, wit!i all the m<alern improvement*. Any one liavinK ?uch to dlxp '<*e ot < In Hp, i-Hti Mitdreaa T. K , Herald office, nlatlng pariicuiarv. W AM ED TO KENT ? BY A PAMII.Y WITHOI T t H1I ff dren a mirt "f a home, conuiolnif parlor, two t>e<l roome and kitchen. Locattoii, up town preierr d. Rent not to t-xieeil fk'tOl) Addreu .1 N., h< n <wi I'oai Office. tkai ki i.kkv uvunt, CtOM Y Isl AMI AND KORT HAMHAON.? ON AND / after Monday Aaguat 27, the ? tea nor NoKWAl.K will make onljr Iwc, tilpa a day to Fort Ittinilton ami I vary UUnd ieuriug Ane.e ?tieet at 9)4 and IK, Spring ?treet at fc>, and 2 i . M. . pier No .'I N. It. , at 10 A. M and 21* )'? it , leaving Coney laland at 12 an I 5>i touch ing at f ort Hamilton ??ach way. l-are for the whole ** etu>i' n Ui cent*. Full lu e torehil tren. nRil'LAR D^Y BliAT Ptllt AI.IIANY-I.ANUINO AT Ik Yonkl I'lin', M??.vuur*, l*OI. hke pie, Rhliie t "ek. Tai-kt' and Hnit '.?i Meala *c: ? e<l oo h<?4 The atealn.'r an. <1|.' I fnlh?mn?. Will leave New If or? in in | er fool of Jay ? . eet, Hovi lay, We !o"l*) an I Kr lay, a , o'i . ek A M., arrii rn. M All .iri> In iline r u ? . UK. Ke turr'ng will ieaie Alianj every 1 ue?4ay, Iho.lay ami >a ti aj V r f .riber par .ku iiejo-re i 3u^ V> e . ?? i . ??, near Ja; ?ireet. ClM'AV 1RIP TO NKWMl'BO, WEST POINT AND 0 I ? id Sfirtng, landineat Yonkere, lladlne*. Ikthb'a Perrv iHrrytown, Mng Star. Ilaverairaw, Verpianek'a l' nit, (hid well. We', point ind I "Id sprint, '"lehli.ii ?t Anio* ? r*M aaeh *?* 1 be tavorlte ?learner I lloH. R. Ill IMH will leave frora tut! . Jh -in 't evi r> Sunday n> nun k. ?t ;>? o eloek, for Uie al oM- place. Re'nrnlng |ea*e Newburg at I r M V* I I DAY BOAT FOR AI.BAVY ANrT* TROY? Til B fci faei end < on.n ?Ikme Meemer IIEKO J W Haricot, ma? ter, leave* the pter !??>? of Km (neon ?'i eel, every Sunday, a 6 P M., arrtvli R at 4 A M. Sl .NDAY ItOAT KOlt lil.K S IDVI' VKw" H')' H K f. f V. Siraiien|ain - The new aad elegant 1 earner TII'iMAS (I HAI0I1T? Kuttlay, September 2. >ave? North vl'iore .tree at A .? . I'eck "lip at >?: C'aibertne mtrkei ?llp Delan rey fireei e\. Tcri'h etreei. e'<; Twen'le ti Hree'. ??, Thirty Iraflhetrcet Returning h?va Olen Cove at I P. M.. Mew Ri?heli. Mrai'eiiport. 5 Oonil mipply of f*fre?hme., ? ?KMri 1 are UHwmvi aud Ji?w IUe-tMlle. Twetxy Dm cent*; MratMnport, Twelve and a half cenu. CI > DAY TRIP TO OI-EN? OVK. NEW RIK1IEI.I.K AND C? Strattecjmri Sens. 2,-Kare for UM Wtnla irtponiy ?e*n'? ?The "te.inier KIN'J I'llil.n', <.'apt. . Kenhe'ly, <r ,|j leave ( athertM ?re?? a> 7\, Orand rtr et at 8, Teaah "tree *iIT 1 w em MX Hi Mreet *??', and Thtr v f.eir!h ?tree< a> rt \ Return!*! wtll leave ili?new?e w jl ^ew Rie-hetle j? iB^ H'ra'ten'.K^" al ft 1" M . n.aklr wi'ho'it ercep*o?a plea >an<i*> aDdmoe* fceauhf il ev ?r*km el the ?. ?oo Acood a u> pi) of ri. freihwenta on t>?ar j THE RAILROAD SLAUGHTER. Addition! Particulars of the Camden and Anboy Catastrophe. THE COEOHEK'8 INVESTIGATION. Incidents? She Wounded, &0-, Ac., Ac. Mr. Margate' I'rencott, one of the victims of the terri ble (daughter at Hill liogton, was th? widow of the Rev, k/lward G. I're*cott, formerly of Ronton, Miu. Mr. I'rescott tu grandson or Colonel Presoott, who eoto mtinded at liuuker Hill, and brother of William It l*TBM:ott the historian. Ho relinquished th e profession < f 'he It* for that ot the church, and wu rector <M th? Fpicwpul church, at ."uiom. New Jersey, where be wa ? married. Re died sever*! yearn ago at m, on liln return lr< ui Fayal, whither he had been for change of oliraaie. In cine of the badly crushed earn wan Colonel Salumon, of Mobile, with his lady, three cluldreu nu t two not one of whom received the slightest injury, although in the midst ol killed, dying and wounded. 'ihis brings to our mind a similar providential proser vatlou of a eloic during the great fire of that ile stn.yed ho many squares of valuable Irall.ling < from N>uth street up to the Merchants' kxchungc. i'lio next <lay, from about the middle of this great ruin was seen standing unharmed a solitary store. Those immediaSuly adjoining, right and left, at well at tbonc on the streets, front und rear, were levelled with the eurlh. One of the thiee occupants of this store, wis the elder bro ther of this very Mr. Salomon. From the roof of this building thousands worn viewing the next day thlt im mense desolation of acres of burned buildings, all surrounding this isolated and comparatively unharmed structure, which, it appears, had been erected in the same manner and with the same inateilals us the others. From the scuttle on its roof, in the midst of tire and smoke, was seen occasionally by the lire engineers the head of an in dividual, with spyglass in hand, intently viewing some object off in the river on a parallel with the store. That object next day was confessed to lie the mill sloop of this linn, al anchor, laden brim full of gun|>owder ? 2,000 cask*. It appears that the tide* had prevented its coming ? arly enough to be ship|>ed on board a vessel for which it was engaged, for the forts of Maracaibo. The captain and | hands had gone up into the city to lodge, thinking her safe, leaving only the cabin boy a* a guard. It was In vain, after the lire had got under such way, and the Hakes of cinders fulling on ami about her, that large sum* were offered by the Arm to the captain and hands, who had been roused from their beds by the great alarm In the city, and cumo to tho wharf opposite the sloop, to go onward and hoist her anchor and remove her out of danger. They feared every minute her explosion. 1 lie lad on board was seen by means of tho apyglass from Die roof to be engaged In drawing water and wet ling the deck, as those powder sloops, from powder dust fulling out of the cracks of the casks often on deck, ren ders it oftr^rather menacing, es|>eclally if one comes near, smoking tobacco pipes. lliis most remarkable escape in the midst of the com bustible district of that night, brought on the three oceu I ants for a long time the name* of Shadrach. Meshach and Ahednego. alluding to the fact in the book of Daniel, when in the llery furnace the above three individuals were cait by order of the King of Babylon for refusing to fall down and worship his idols, and who were aeen to wall, about in the flames therein unharmed, ou account of which iniraoic he afterwards ackgpwledged the God of the three believers, and afterwards abolished his own worsnip of idols. Ol'It PHILADELPHIA COItRKHPONIIKNCK. I'iuuluxm-hm, Augunt 30, 1856. The number of wounded, no n* to be diaabled, reach 60, nn I learn from 1 ?r. Uuautt, of Burliugton, who ha* visit otl that number, but win unable to furuiah the name* of all. Ilie printed lint contain* tlie name* of 41. A large number of poison* received onljr wound*, and are able to be about. Their name* are not given. Mont of the wounded weie reported thin morning a* doing well. Mr. anil Mrn. tJillesjie, of Nutche*, MIm. ; Mr. I.ukiua, of thla city, an<l Mr. l'iah, of Conn., are considered a* i>a*t recovery, being ?o bediy Injured. Other* will be obliged (o undergo operation* of a d*|jcat? nature, and it l< thought doubtful If they will survive. According to prewnt npj>ean?ncc*, the liat of killed by t hi* melancholy occurrence will not fall nhort of thirty. A number of the wounded will bo ciippled for life, even if they Miccced in ?tea ping with life. Our c< n.munlty in, of coorne, greatly excited, and It t< a* yet almost impo*-Ihle to obtain a fair and uniuipa* sioned r< neiderati' n of the uRulr. S?>m? lire MMuring one i>arty, and Mime another. Firwru are anathema Using Dr. Hanntgnn, the portion who attempted to crm* be track, a* tlie author of the calamity which ha^ shrouded uh in itlouin, other* ? cn*ure the conductor* and ? t'giiieera, wiiile othera are loud In their denunciation* of the ri iripany which sacrifice* bum.m life to It* cupidity ? enjoying a mi>no| and the largest ttaveliing bunine-n of any in the country, and yet maintain* a single track ol road, Inviting collision* every day Id the yeir. T w> ot these (artie- are mainly right ? those who ccn*ure the 1 1 in; any and thoM having charge of the train. Kri ni a careful annliiatiou of all the outside evidence in the ca?e I am lend to l?lieye that the accident, if ac iliient we will call it, by courtesy, occurred in tin* wi*e; the down train from New York waa on the time of the up train (mm Philadelphia. Hut It appear* that both train* ininniini tin tbi hallwajr prut end the train from tbi* city bring the lo-er, waa under obligation! to beck tea turnout. Thin it waa doing when the colli don took I luce. The down tiain ia pronounced undoubtedly In tbe wrong, altho'igh an at'einp' ia made to attach blame to the conductor and entflneer of the np train. It I* clear that the di wn train, beii.gout of time had no bu siness on the road at the time ot tlie accident and hence tho-e in charge are rei | on> iblo for the feat fill k>*a of life, I r. Hatiniean wan Inadvertantly, the author of the di* arter, aince hi* being on tbe *pnt at that particular June lure caused it bu' to the train* nut of tune mu*t the real responsibility of th>- affair be traced. Tlie evidence l? fore the Coroner will eatahll h thi* beyond cavil The matter of a double track will claim the attention < < the pie**, editorially. I c< uld obtain m> fact? in relation to the accident t! i* morning, not already In your possession. Kach I have met, whether a pmwenger on the train or an ff\J arrival on the ground, ha* a particular version o? the i Ifiii r but the tenor of all account* ia about the ?u*iio ^ mi have a fair sifting ot the different *torie? air-mly, and t hie day ha? devalued nothing n"?v in reg ird *? th iaU'*-*of tbe disa*ter or the attendant clrcuin*f ?n< e The devil. lenient* before the Coroner'* Jury are njw the only matte r* < f intere*t In connec'lnti with the condition of he wonnde.l The people ol llurllngt. n deaerve great credit for the pro nipt manner In which they hare responded to Mie i alls >if. on 'heir "ymtiathyand Windy o#ce?. Ihey have ? ona n< bly , and in the reflection that a *acri*l duty had been performed, may they find tin ir reward. THE LATKHT NEWS FROM BUB! IK0T0H. KKOM OCR ? PKCIAL RKPOKT'*. Hi BMKi.Tov, N. J., Aug?*t 31, 1 * A Ihe in<iue t ?n the bodie* of thoie klllxl in *hl? ? ?rf'ii rallrond disaster waa re*utn- d tUla nior kU>g, end ?ill ?*' c<ntinued dating the evi n ng. Tli j>,fy are det jrii*?.'.e to conclude it to day, if poaaible. It order U do th ? th?y laive compclfed the *itn? -?e? t ? courine ' kinudfi to fac'?, thua leaving out much irr ?s?ant aid inn" I ?ary te.'lmony. The jury in tin . ??- ??< u to be vo.y Intelligent men. much more -o t! an than tho" ? h ? ar< usually called op<m t/i perform e ?imllar errUeia New Tilt. Tl<e foreman of the jure? not the f'oroti* r? *? in New York, takea the teatimory, the (Xironer acting ?im ply a? a Judge In case a que* t?*>i of r rrancy aria" The evidence given *o dav goo* to ihow? let. 1 bat. tie tram *<?/, t*ei V h'< rate of over ' wonty mile* 4>er ). >. , > much gr<-ater, in the opinion of ?- :ue wit. r.. ,f tl.aft wan ua^al, and inwai taiitable under any c jnumataa. -e*. Sd. Tliat no whlau? blown or hell ru*u In ha- k Ing tbe train, nor, ?, Th' Mas 1'rloe < ? firn. t tlrla/ In the Df lghhr.rhf ?id , who has daririgyeai- pa t n t.'?e train* hack ves j ) |?,ltlrely ? * re, l? it iMual Ibr he >ignel to tm gi- ?n when tbe train do#? thu? hack ? bowing, if, gro** negligence on the part of the ? naj-aoy ,u tbi* meet Important matter? /?r after a ttaln once i" jwe* but few leoiw viiuti la nitll i'ii "im >(ti w *r /rebend Ha return. ' Li - teaiimony waa co? firmed by aeveral di*lntere<t*d '/itnesae* liv ng ia tbe neighborhood ib<. igli three am I |c>. ? on the road aanerted that the bell was rung and

| to|er -Igna's of caution given. TUB Kim OV TIB M*AJT(R. At n'*'a the Jury took a recess to peranmaily etamine be |l*ee?)ete the rataatropbe oernrr^l ? th a <rt*? ? o form an ? t.mate of tbe reliability of the evide at dcecd, an well m* the alleged capability of 'he i nplay ? of (be railroad. 'Jllc giuund ?a? found lo b eutir-ly cltwred; not a pic ^e of rail, or far, or truce of anytnin* ; ?w left, thai wrnld indicate the fearful cn'. i -oph? that had taken |'Wf. Tlie road from ehi?h Dr. HaDBlpil iltlmcM, i i o dtr: lo croae the 1 li(* tmek, was found fe f >rtn an ac <it an > of about thirty degree* with the rwOrna.1 track. forming a lot rxlendlng about lu> yard* up the r??d and >W yurda up the track, uncovered by few he* ant op?ii to i view. Ihc railroad tracli below, townrd* Hurlagt.< i 1' oWcuied from view by raiMin of a hciaa briar fn (ho way, but above from whence the earn b.icke I on t"ii ocesaton. It l? for over two hundred yards >erf<>c'l7 op. n, and It ?a: u matter of grer.f ?UTf.rixe to 0" j try 'hut Or Haunigau did not >ce thr train. Til* place wh?io th* car* rati oil wan nc^t examine 1. This fu found to he miuic t?n feet below th' ipot A-lierf the IMTM* were etruck. The Kind cai there r*u off the track, and jtiodiiiii; Ht;aiuHt a" etnbaui. meat, Hitoved tl? next to t he other cide, than producing the dirniHte ? which han keen before in the-? column- no elaborately de tcriM. The opinion of those who rav- the ground, *>k thn?, however culpable the Company may have been in i> t providing pro|H't guard', there 4i no <|uc4tinn but turn i: must have beeu u muguiur ami unfortunate train of ctr euiustaaei s that caueed Dr. Hsniilgaii not to roe the turning earn. To further test the matter, the locomotive New Jerwy and a lender ?i.i lun ??p and down tno road, in order that the jury might *??> to what dl lane- a jmv -en riding on the ro?d might see a train of cars reluming ! on the track, in this case the uoWe made b\ the engine mid ear. ami the fart that they we. ? ill view of thein for a 4ktaice, sav a lar a;, from the City II .ll to the .it of the l'ark in New York, hcetuetl to confirm the me nbers ??f the jury in the belief that mere than ordinary curlo ii ncMi was manifested tiy the rld< r in tlx. wagon. IATKST KrOM TflK WOUNDHU \NT> ItYlStl. These who were able to be removed, liavo tieen taken away by their Mend to New- York and I'liiladdphia. We karn the following particular* of tho?e remaining here: ? llrr. 1'hclpH. better known n* Mm. Aliotra II. liucolu, nutherex* of a popular work on botany, in badly injured in the leg. and will not I* able to be removed toi some time. 'Ike bodies of hU persons, who died on Thursday, *1* Ma jar Iloyee, Mia* lioyce,"hls daughter, both of WnMiiug ton; Miss I'helps. a daughter of Mm. 1'iielps; Mr. John liullam, of lialtimor*; Mr. John J. Mendlsh of Baltimore; and Mr. Jones, of Newark, I'etaware, wen- taken away on Thursday night, In the steamboat Trenton. Mr. John K. <i lllespl* and hl? wife have both suffered amputation of the left leg. Though in a very weak state, they are both expected to reoover. Mr. J. M. ration, who waa horribly rut about the head and far*, i* *<> far recoiernd that he was taken home to-day. It in related of this gentleman that he was railed upon by two employe* of the railroud company, who, inalead ol bringing a*?i?tance, told him. in a very unconcerned manner, and as If he wan a pauper, that if he acnt to a certain pja. n gratuitous attendance would lie given him. I'ennia O'Kone, a Ijitla teachar lu U<^>rgetown Col hire, D. C., Is getting much bolter. Commodore .Smith and lady nr* still here, much In jured, but aredolug well. Dr. Whelan, who had a splinter from on* of th)' cars run in his leg, mutilating H badly, (a doing wall, though amputation may lie neeoasary. Mr. Cha*. I'lii-y, of I'LiAdelphia, who was severely In Jurod In the back and legs, is murh easier to-day. lMCU>BMTd. there is, of course, groat excitement in Burlington, growing out of this disaster, aud, to the e. odtt of theln habitants, it must be said that they give every attent on to th* Wounded. Mrs. Agfiew ban been particularly noted lor her kindm** in thia respect, lbs woo tide. 1 are under the care of Drs. Cook, thaloner and (iaunt, wh ha%e no far been very sur.ees<nil in their tr. atment. It is related of Mr. Dixey, of I'hiludelphia. that whe the train struck, ha, with great presence of mind, fell on hi* face on the bottom of the car, which presently M through; on looking up his face was spattered with blood, atid he saw, to his horror, that the wheels wei? revolving over his head, mute and paralyia<l he covered his tace wltli his hands to shut out the ho. rihle |mmh billty that threatet??i him. Tliough much injar?l h will probably recover. One young lady ? Mils I'hrlpe ? ha ! her body cut In t*e, and another her head cut otf. ?hen it bouude 1 se veral J aires off. Mr. Jacob Hnydar, of I'hiladelphla, ?ent on a plentiful quantity of liquor for the wounded and dying. UUHIALH IN BALT1MOUK. lUlTmuHn, Auguat 31, lKWi. Hie fun? nil of Me**?. Meredith nod l>iU?m, of tbit lily, who war's killed in tl??* raoeut acvnlent, took pUre Tl) (lay, ami worn largrly atti uile>l All the whob ale ilry (food* hottiu'* wer? rUiMxl in r?? j.?< I to their memory. I.NCIDEbTB .CND lUIHIiRKADTII K.^CATCn? LOCATIOM (IK TIIK ?H0NI?KI> (I- r < ? u th* I biladelphbi Itujuin -, Auk 31. J The total liet of (U-a'be, a liir a* a-i-wruMJin I, I. twenty live. It in fi*r?l, howeTer lliat tin ? or four more of the wounded will die. Tliem wee many narrow e?rap*?. Young Mr. lriger*oll ??? travelling wit (t Mr*. IVinrnt llurrliy at tU<- time i t U.n <il**?'er lli l?. <ly wiva brought to th* ci ty yeaterd ay ni' ruing. Ti.e ait. no lioiiii-liiv ? after the diMater wt* truly appaiiug. >o n?n can tdi ouatfly iIwh'iIM) it. fbe rai. ? fi? m tlrMili dr rribrl. The tiain lioiu PhiMclpbii, In ha-king. In order to wf?w Ifcf Ni*? York tram ran ngjiin*' <ln? vantage ot Or Jiunrugnn. wh< <? hor*e* <<-re kill*-) *??? al ? r* uric tin.* pitehtai oil tli'1 tr?i:K ilown a/i em-.. ikinenl a ? I lb, the awful con tqui'nnn already iIi-m>[IM. H hen the New Voik tiulri ??< ' ' I' f " ' ' " '**" within 0l<? bundled leet ol the wreck of the I'hila .*l|hje train. Mr. J ame* 1. Kay, a merchant of Ne * Ymk, w .a noun * hat Injured, but nut aarloiuly II.- ?,<Uiu?l t i-iit upon the head, and hail M" bream of h? coat cimpb t?ly torn on anil bl* ahotililer .lightly Injured. It wa* wiili mthrulty tliat ha eitnaa'ed hiiri.nlf from 'he wrec* of earn, ami tltenn hi* eaeepa almost mlrnculoua ih' | i"?^iin?*r c un wi.ii li went .!? *rii tin < eml?m*iii< nt *i if lit ?Ally broken i?to tragmentii ami th* wood work ol oil. ofthern ?H| r**\ur*-d to pteee. none ot wlitrh nrr' ? 1 r four Inch** we'.*, e?<-ry |?iriel having ???.? . m-iiH rpnrt. Ao?'*ig thr kill. ^ ??> a mlilil1# agi d I?.'?. who traveii i.g in coiu| i??y with a 'la irlit. r ol ?v?.ut fonrt'en or III < it n year*. Tt>*' body of th.- mother w?* remoml | Iroiu the *|<it on ? td*r. follow**! hy 'he -trlcki-n ? nild, ledaving the | .at it ?h* trod wlvh tr?re oV th? Int. n>^*t griff. A ni hex laily who w?? ?n|.^o*e<| t/> b* from t'at*r?m hail h<*r heail .**? rr/i fri rj thn (kkI* nivl thry w. r" founil a lew f?w? ?[ art, wll'i the hat a II npon th- h?*a'i ami the rilih' j wt >11 iintant.nMl iinm nwui the > k.ln A luan wV' attempted lo t?y jumping w>i (aught b)rt?'?n the <ur? *m they a i r.t oT?r t) a rmbiflk m< nt uxl >tia Uely wa? mih| le.ely ml Is two Jn?t abo?e ' be l,l| .. Ail ' >n 'Jtir injuieil -^?o were ly t v, n the rfe^.t w?* a kfianiard who ?a? Imll; wo ju kJ aud a <r?i! ; tut l.e < .ul'l n t Ji n.(rll?h, m t thar > >t< n<> one (tntnl '? tboia tw C'?M lunik* known ' W | a x ? A yi uDg a>ly in 'own, who h* I th' r.-pu'Ml >ri of U-irig a tna.t' i uf the ?' pi. ? ? h ?ra> > ait for ami ''ame but tne groani aiel Mib* ?iib whli h ti e air rneal, alerted t.oth ?er ner ?e? 4?<J nieti ?ry to mi(h? 'l(*'ee ihal ?be r i ii M m l i |.i-ak ??en her r.a tiwi- U.r^ue in . ii !??? tl.e 'lUi li, and lb* |K*ir H|.ajlkri|, aft" , all waa e<,in(- Ue?l Ui uake knowa hi* wH.w a* l?-?t V' rool I Mt*. Clttii. liarelay. >?( lhil*<t>. la ? ?? kt?te-t amt her wuthei wa.. h jun A but nut atai ir* ?r#ly ll>j< **<? tt?(r? In^iartnl hr a |*??n(?r to h? b he* ?f M. ?. Ia/el ?y,wl . w*? wi ung at wi*?y ( ity < ?. t.. a ??' t*U. II lO-.lliie. 'OB4 Iliilng* bum In* moth, r ih l .i.ier I *?u g i. ?. U"l h? a t?Ugr.. ia p. 1 tu*t hey h^ I I an iiiiured. The i?i-*lf?*?'i.^e earn' ua* a tllof.'tertiB.ii. I t,|<n 'he yioing n.o am] he >11 v</ . ma * on l'? I J??nn h. it ill?, of tl ge^.rt ('.on who w. > one ? f th' injured, ?Ul>. ' h* ' he aiulii the ' ur'h I*. fro n the U*t . ne. is ' oai|*ciy Wlih Mr. I^MiU atel hi* i*ngo about IK yean nt *?>? ti o from l.r.1 /-? I" . bf car itn eJ :1m traea aa>i wan >-i*-lt?l y ?Ik i.t balf way agaln*t th< -mh t<f"ra H H ??<? an I III gill utout the rru'i* Ul <beiar .*>1 . a I hi* by t>* >ly w ira'bed ami attb apraloed, by befog ema^lit In .n? hr< ten ttmt?ra. iii 1 e?'l* Wa* rru*fc?1 <lown bet?"-ri t?o eMtU a ' >e e >. ?iio.i>?<l.otne tiBk* t^tore iwrg eiukai^l Ml in Julie* arte imt ri>n>elere<| imtg' -f *?t .iiMri*ot t /. .-?i :,t In. eoiitlli'iing ? n th* )' U'fiey i 1-n lie-.* e*ca; ?d fr> n. njory in 'be t/v?? ?? -a' -iV >a" m*nrier lb* rt-l* of ti e lar on eUfh .|,? Wa< M' 4 wi" hunt out, and th* aaat beinir rai*?l \r j >1 leol; | r?< .pi a'e.l b'-r out ui-.n tli* froaml 'l?.i f.un. to* ruin* Wllhout tb* aligbtwat laj rj Aro be i man. ?b-*e i^i>.? ae eoukl ty ? a ar. ? ut'o aa> ?hi ?n ? ' l*'?nee </# oeer d?ty to* tt.r ?<. u< -i a -i 11,* r?r a a* lasvl*4 unwij?r?> on the .<*>1 v. A *? r tail ?!? I if. fd Sew *w?h, .hi* i-t-igoa h? fierth r?r, were throWTi out of th? wtrwV *. *?! ??**!?. I a u.'ft unhurt. Mr*. I*?* k*K a ta.a ?MU.lutr>g . , . h< <. ei.d dollar*' worvb ?4 4?n.nn t >-we. y, w , ? b* hat IB I er poaeaaeloa "the 1r?n'on '.??<*<' (l a* th* following ? ? v 'air Iif tnkl* ?*!( 4e?Ui oei arte at ' Ue tliiA A atiia.#a?* w* t<>?lil not le?n>. Ira *. M<M Cll<4, I li VI * )tt?f Uft^er a great aHgh' *???? 'if ?? "i ? l't I.eia'iog *g"ar and whu Mt A taao k ' eg|>?.. who ?er , a' '? aij aa? r Lft't in Ktlending to thr nulfervr . ? rn* to rt iir"? ? lilni I r wM 1.1m tn j aa.i mi, that uthi-r- wrra In |{rw?ti*r >'l liix ??! * Irtt ((??.. I, m?*lf, ? II I although it WM rrldmt tlnl hf ??? ?i tTcitnjf wry ?i?atlr ui-i-tiil *.h >t tltoalil pu-a Mm l?y to Htt?*u'i 'o ?tui-r* Aim in - r?M ?bo that ot ? Uilr, who?? body w\ ?1i uttlfull) linrttdil, and who ell ibrtodp th? *1- 11 cinf'l ({ir? ,-lir t<?>, r- ?????# 'h" tiirfiil cam *w M. id he, . ? n ?1 that other* ini,"ht n??l :h<< m>?n?on mon* tl ar. In-rwlt, dlrr?1id 1Sw )>hyaifi?n ti> lii\? bar mi l go t. ?H lii' Otllc- K ifti-i . r Mkt or w< rt?nv.m. TILiI I.C-IPD' k, AXkJ WHKW ntkY iKJMArVKi 1> mux 1 Tf??, ^ I At >h* I'lljf >1:f 1 ", i 'i 11 1 r *? an ilcljn colored ifiti, Cufliir llviiffta of tr I. I Jeb< iHtein, liii-itaauMd: I). O'Kau*, (????. rg(. town ?! b*V*. i^bnlv*, Aif Ikili ?w?nnt>r In., Win t M; York, X?*ha>?i 1m) I*", New Yorfc; P. So berk All in !.<*<? t bin; Mr 11'ipi?r (Vnn, at l ?T Mi . Hmwi**, ? of Htuiil am) l iwrt-ii. ^ fitrfMP J.V< v#h I uilUn *hi, OtoN?, Ijiwyrr Vf/? At V?in ?%?n. Mnitb *if??a?i?l xi *< e Wn:.i b gk n, I' f . . 1'r. WhM-ba, '1n. A' MBifTB.t ? ujIUi'h. Main *'re<M? -Mr. (*UIf?jiO, fe *?nn *?-r?*ut. ??! NitUhe* Hi , Htury Bennett, (I v At .!???.!# I MiftUfctftftr'n, York #*t i ft*t, it* evo Jtro*?'? -John . , f f ) bt*b i. ?.* ) ?.. At ,Mr-. \*v>r>' . t?< y M<<?et ? .'#? I InU'v, of l.i!a't?*l y. in. At !*v. 'Sr?bW',A Mail 0 Uayvard. of i ba i !e-t. \ i . C. At Mr*. I ahIuo #f Mftiit B&ye# of OfUVI - U wu I t . lit IV ><?< an At Mr ArrtteuV. H t t Hmml rtrcft? W. II. .V#w bi-ld ' ? nit dmtgt.l^r, ? iH.u.'.olj'Inrt At h. inwi? . Hr??A'l ? t n ib? vi? Ynrfc ? Mr*. Ljr*?ns I ari'l <biiil, JuKtAiru 1.. J. At Mia-** i Mtou's, vut ii^r c 1 H. <uduc* ' * <?? ??l Miw!.? I IfiK Anon I tit. ' 't t ha Untr.t, ,v ( ' | At Dr. H. *m, }'??? . Ofllr*" I^hm, t*f ( *nl. n, < )ii? , llnrl/ii'. < <?<?|| ctwity, M?l. Af ' nli'b l! nil 'm, Main m 1 1 r< * t ? JHl* I ">kf of* M?M ? t- s< B . ? 1 4t W. Htcckton'H, rninn f trwt ? Jainc^ M. I'attoa, At t.cmgQ M. ! Uii.v. nV 1'iiioa rti rot, ab<iv<' Voik? Cari ISuc I i iiitfl* of NfW V * ? r !? . At foe*. 1 eUl> Maiu Mrwt, bt?inwf Jli mi4 ? t'harl^ ) ix< y (*i J biUMiffepliift ^ i-i mi ?i of tl.ic hligliUy ?? l)us?- loll Hut I Sn^tou , hi . IJtll^ ?f rHtftlnir.#, lifM- f^nnt- t r* NVtv \ ) ? uj. K . Mil#, i>i lit ULoport Ct , hti* home*. Mr I ;iy, of lladdi ufit-lil, N. ,1., ha- hnrtx*. Mr, 1 h?? nu limni' Mi loi jtau o > v?uUI\ grnU?inan \>** tv n? \>*'tnr Art Itlt n( iir Hi*- BruMklyii CMy HiiilriMfl. otif nf t) ? I '??? v?a<? ? I ? ? tl h ii DO ? Bn*?t )**tn nlx iil bull , Jb-i 1 1 w ?h?' r? V?*iiic vuu ut? i: Mo if n ilfti rent t to K j?nUnn tki#? h |.4>v?i by u??inK t !?. Io.?k? 1 i Mm <:bn ?? j Ht Uittk ?<i to it brokt. on<l tin cn.i iln c . at * f? nr! 1 rate uowu the Uiil. 'lln- drUer, Hjuv?*v l. J' iti .r^, ntno'l to bin i/ft?t mu'I tifi*'*! to b t!?#? ton **?*, wbUt? t\n? con i|v?cu>v, Mi Iry, ulm ?u tliu roar ylfttf?irm, tumol bia bruki* no hutbicnly uk to brmtk tin* chiurk attacin -l In it. 'JLecurrannn notil it rniri?? to KnJimtk ttVCQU<*, wb< ?e it (awe in collision with a c ti*e ^a^in* Hi?y, uu>\ in confKjuenev of a ? t j lu*c t l** ntrv* at t|it? hftn>e tfn?e, it ?n- imi>cMi?ibTo for it t<? tuin out. , Tbr rtilllnion tiirrw tb# hnrni** nttacbd<l t # t tw* r?r an 1 | cart l'E? nail i in* i f the cat li r a- wit* wrWiiu-lr injur o?i, hi- I tin* hack wan ron^lilorahl/ Ufkfti, tuit 111** iti I mutrn, a lu'ty iiml 'brri' cbililri 11 u ? aj>r>! ?lti?ii|t itij 1 > jr ( 'in- aiaa, iihiiiviI Julio Iturtili). ?lu> um f.t ni.:lnK on thf frotit |>lntiorm juinjiod < If whilo tlm r?i w?? Mt lull ?i i e<l, iiud wn- ncrtou?ly lujui?xl. Il<* v an t ('.cm (<? th.i lloiliital atid iloiiht* nro rn.i'rtAiixil it? to hit r< ? iwrjr. .*-< vi tal |.? -MTijfiTK WIT)- In tk><* 1 n lit the tbn<- txit kept Ihtrii whin!.} thajr i*?c?pw<| Irjurjr; l.?^ tlid/ at trmplcd lujuwpi'U <???/ tiialiatily woubj liara not with 1k<- itnir fiiti tin MuTj.hy iUi1. 'I l.i- iIiIm r, Ji tikin , "? ?i?K tlutt ? 0. .111. ion wa-i ! 1- J uui|4il id th*' J ltf 'fui ill. IrU .'in ! liijm ail )u? arm r >uai iU-r?l-lj 'I h>- roiid o t' r an-l all othvr? ??- iitjury. llml it no li< *ii tor ibr |Ivm-ii?o ol miud of I In- roulur Inr and ilrWar, who |>?-r?ii*<)?l thr |?Mii)prii to k op th?ir>raia ami nut attcmiit 'u J nin|> ill, tl.* airfcliot ?iiltlit li?T< turn niotr ?rrlou?. No 1.1 ?iif rnii In- atia< Im?1 '<? tha n tnn IhrttT, m tl ? y did all (h?> eoul'l to av? i-l ? colli-k>tt. 'Ilit- ti vgn* ol I In- rar wax hioki-B. aud tin- Iron' | wan dauia(r<l City Polttka. A Hi??1iiij{ af I hi> Central t'oimultta<> i4 th? American ?leuiorrary wan bi-ld at tbi* Waati-haatAr 1 1 on mi In,1 mi i. iii|T. abi-n Ibe following numiiiM^ wi-ri' ri*|iort?d from varioun diotrirla, and approved k>i o'b A-^mMy dli tricl. la?i'l Ma: all. N-tmiIIi Cnutnil dttrict, t??i. I'. Irrklurd. JOtb l lian .I. hlliott fxi' h I'atrW k I ?<-" 52. 1, I rnuiK l.}tr; Mid, Tinn><hy ts?tna, Jr. Mth. I'atrirli haiilth. A riaiv ini-ni* wrrr p?il<-ct?-l for a public iu*<*t Ing om Monday evening nnst. City Intrlllffrncr. To twi Oiri'-nut or m* Mm m ax Wa*.? a iMaioa "f tba olficarn of the army, imrjr, marina. ?nl roloataara wbo rtrtni la Maxicn ilurinff 1 I'" war, will taka pU<? at It Ixmioi'n, corner of O.aintara ?tract ant HroaAway, Na^Tork, <.n Hit" 14th "f natt Ih* tnlv ra ry of tha ?? -riij alion <.l tba ci tjr of Mrxi-<> f..r th' par i.i## of fugst.ulnga M.rirty ami partaking of .a ilintii 'In lata, f< aarh ? to at the cifllra .,7 tha h ?<- ' ur? til (lit 1-th of haptrmbar. ' . ni Wan) H. II irnait N * Vnk Viilimtw ?, TtaprrtrtCktlriMii, IJ.'it Gil I t AbarernmblB, 24 Infantry ,( .ininaniWr H?-nrj h*gl l . f y> ( oamiaadrr Jnhu (NlbooA I'..-. N Pur ?? ' . llama, .Saw >..rl?Na?y yir4,1'ini?i(|r; Tr?a ir> r, Ma lor hhnbatt, lata of tta Infant rv , ?#?-?>. W tlam I >" Aimy. Major lr It s .liihn f'oriar I' H, A,my < <?pt W A T. Mailili i, I". Maun'-" I'ajit. Jna?|ih A ITur ' lata of loth Infantry, Major A. Karnrwortb *?> w Y .r^ Viluntaara, 'Tiiff Kr Km" ? Ja-.a I V ' i .? . ? II <?.ihk S?? Y"tk Vi,lunt??r?, I'apt M. I "???>! I'. 1 1 lili Ai ilUrj , I nut. H Howard Uu nf 1< tl? , riantry. A*<rriii* Cja* or Stabum. ? About '?< << ? I ? * b- t ? miliar wlilla a.m,a yaoitff nan, <1/1 ling w-r- g > g along lanth atrirt, >i?arar<n alt, o< t in am*m>?r I !,oa?? tialU'gl ,m pu? a Ma a 11' 'la iwiy wli ? v . baiiig b*? an t,y a ' num. a a* m ran-ly **a -? ?-i tfea l< ft t> Di| l?, r dinir >?> auil | a")/ ? u>tiii|( t > II ?at ad wan wrli lira-. > 4 b y i r .-iliwali b <f Ta-itai I rf a li*n (.'apt . J . H lla.i at tba Sar< ri aAn'.fi w inl, uo.if .? in 1 r hbappanl, th* 4*mki pbyM >?, anil ?!?? Iu4 ib? I n,i M r br'.i.irb' in iraax t? tlia injural nan wlf '?'?ftiirtni him Biuiwliattly Tba lajnrad tnan la an Iri li n mi t j hirtli all at t*??i'j ?/ r j?n m a ami a ">li> I iilntar ?y trad* b? ra<ttea aritb an <tM la-tjr at ?ll I la?>iiib atiaat. I at ii tbk I'owrmt ?I ttmi-m two an I tbr?a a'tk* k r.iifi' lar ni' ratni: a I n ?a? .i-r rvr~l In tl>a jr?r?l imr "I tl,i Ik una Sa. . *6 JW.wary, r?u hjr '|>. ?ul, i r n? a I laa. bin* >b<4 raitinf lira ta ha MratT bonmrta an I b?t ? pln> a>t itaratn 1%a nharf. ?ltb !?? o'" ??? t. 'alt> iratritt"! l*aa ab?at flia pr t- tjr hat'x.^wt i? Mrc Vary Curlai millinar, WIki li?ai ? a*?rwat tt.? aaM I la. ? Mr>. I>iaaal< jr baa an araoran ? I > r Uirk n ? I a ? !?)?? in tha > iHiunt <?t lam. a lb*- Isr ..*l/n Inau (?nra I IiB|i?) Aitat iir k frMnrl ? SmM FaH ulyi ?? Irali t<"l t.) ti.a f.ian'l Jurj -<.w lu.utV af 6 ' lor^tnn "?* * | ? a a ?? o' * ?aiu?l t- Millar >1 J4l>rm?l h ?tra^i to a 1 ra' Hpt ?iul tli>t|i'>'apal tli'i i?f irrrKta- waa irn'.nj ra a^iturail au'l haU t?* Jiintk* Ao-laraoo btt tl iBl. I I'AIM t or Ijhb ? l"h? Rrawn. 'b *-* Taylor, -i rry Aa*lr?* irry ??r? jWaiJBy an ??(?! eliaifr-t vftb IV**' pttlitfeUM i f k I r#lbr?a harwil"U (o tka knjui y f tba chBraal* r an'l ?< ??m?-a nf 0~ '?? T l?(ai.i?* fi ' i t 1 1 a ' mn ifiVat tfaabsf f ?a W- * ?Uary ?*! l -i -?iit hait.'l'lil ?ith ht?ln| .|./r?urtat . **: t. hf ?itu g thi Bi M>".B<f ala-a ihakria at ir-t . , r>?? il.? *--<;u.a4 waia bakl by Ju-t.? laaxy !??? "lawiaa tlM. A i rnn </? I' * law ? Tfcraa m*n bbbw-I J'J>?i !*.?>?.? I I baa'. * .'pbj an I JTi.ii a? ' It/ ?o a. a ywtaHk^ ar If , | a t' )i <i*f a ? t Tb<ir> ?y W-. mm*4 that*, a bn-^kh-f aarf r-.iili.nj tl,r t'.rt ?f V ilJtaai An4a??'?a lal'"iat atrawl. '? m ?f I i ?? ('? 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It laa ? a ir4 la 1 "i? ,'"B ifaa f,alf U '?? ?f tba M a 1 t" a' tr'aaafi'bat ''J ^ Malta (Mm II By a I , n,. b a * t brt ?**' *atrr.1 h ?rt*t, I'aaib' 4ara a(II f.r^bwltb ???? .?4 </> ha?a ar^. laar ba^t ... t>, a tra4a '?????? t> ia city ka4 l"V??4a aa wa '.I ria '!>' 'ba fBi'rtaa \ ) >.? all ba lw<a Jfta'.aai. to ,, ,a< 'ba a' r-aalof tra*l/? _.f t?rka(.*i Xir-*>f Hi** r?- ? foMr fiMMft ? i*jr a ku?r ra i. a>> jaa 'ilaj 'WW. A t| I wa latra >kai ta? (, ru?: ? la>B baaa warba.', |i,it I'aara. af Ia? ? V -aa b>-4 j Kit , ( a. a?a a^| ka4 la 4W tiarw* >?*' fr??ab' aaa4 ! ? a t it t??^a .-,?a th-aa I.U..T mt wUa> a I ., |.a4 r.ovaaar. MkiM tbaif Aaailaat. ". I m ? 1. . -at Bay aa irai lr 1 tW ir "pa aar# * I a ' walyw -wtA A jaani, , Aw0 II lnrMU?nll<w of Charg** Agulna. th* Mtrwf Com mMoiht. Th? committer ??a.inblr<l /eatnriUf a/Wwn, tn ih< rH*ml*r III th? tl. ar.1 of Coutvlliiwi, 1 o U? ? char*** pi.ti-nr*' atralnif Jumrm Flirty, K*i., fir* 1 Cum mUainnrr. Tl.ara war* (irMrnt '4 lit* tfvanniK*^. fi"im rlltium .Ti.lin *rM?T, chairman, J A. Jirkumt. O. limy, 1) I . I'tnckufy, and H. tnith. l<nm? MH'-arty wa< ti,i> ?r?t >vorn? 4 hiK?w fMhp lolrv I don't 1?<.W anything ahoul Mr. I'otey'a twrtiy p. id Mi K?ff j tHO In i.lailon lo olHaluhig pUot fur an?. rontiacl lot tia Miuk a U>ri?r? Whll. ha iivnrr ?|o tial*d for tlr* paymaat of $T>00, ?? my kn?wt?tg?, auo cc fl'Vg any mtittar* ] dot not k>i lu Mr. Y ulay'a huaN la-i ?*h of July to f>uf an; tn< nay ta any paiM.n, I kit* h?<1 n > <v>n*i>ra?.lnn \*tli Mr I m ry in reMtna to thl< itMttar , IwfWtf I '?? la i * fur Hun root ?%rt wrrv out I l.atl a p-i-oaal tn.n... ti..? ?,IU \lr. k'oi.-y, I Wrow.4 t?<. or ?hr< <- h?i itiwl .filter. ?f f?r wbiefa I l> -? my rl? ik anil>. I bar* mix * |?.d, thU la 0.fM uly iK.uoy ti*n?a<tf?n I rvr, hat ?uh Mr KoUr, Mr. fruity hua nu. ?r apnkan t<> in" aa wl>al I ahnuld |p?tify In k?t.?r< 1 1. . - fiiirmlnn i ( nmlrtrl lm ffrnoing a iliwt uptown, tut I m.lil out Mia . rant llnw or fi ?.r ni'.utlia I1(|?, I Jill'l ki.< ?r i? any in?nrf 1.avinp (laid to if?-t a nalrnd, Ik'-I.Ipi tht. < .ntrar. i ha i?* iMMi'r lin?l i?n f Hil(v?wl mwrk no tinv KlrM what mr, ?ilr?cl^rnr Mi M'trgiiu un<l w.<rw mi vnrtti#* f< i Mr Ko>v iu lit* cntfr.tet. Mr . (??-nrjfr (' Htn on wh ? t)i# ?? xt ?woro ? I *m n ?m tlArinrf L k tow I'll III .f Koloy; I %i*?w Umi ? I iiry ; Mno't kii??w m ?i( Mr. holft Imw ?|f |>?t *t Mr. Furoy aiiv mud i f n>on?) for i?htj? ' ninp h | ?nn ??t a t?>> rn< ? wnll , I ?li'ii't know ? f nny fx?t M?n hnvun* ?})? Cmit to iiiniunrr wn raofM'v fwr dblaltilmi tun/ etmtrnct. I don't u UK-mlH t <?t l.r in/ vrtit ii 4!ic wurk vi* t?? 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